My Master Disconnected Yet Again Chapter 151-160

Chapter 151: The Battle With The Eight Emperors

"It's you!" Ge You exclaimed in shock, staring incredulously at Yi Qing. Victims of the Winter Spirit Leaf poison could live for at most four months, yet he was still alive. Moreover, he seemed to show no signs of being poisoned. How was this possible! Ge You started to feel uneasy, but did not show it outwardly as there were people present.

Having recovered from their initial shock, the guests in the hall glared hostilely at the intruder in their midst.

"What insolence! You're just a lowly immortal, how dare you act so disrespectfully in the presence of these exalted emperors?"

"Who are you? How dare you break into the Palace of War Cessation?"

"You're just a lowly immortal. How dare you speak so arrogantly to His Majesty Ge You. I want to see what you are capable of." "Exalted Emperor Ge You, let me help you fix this impudent upstart."

"Fellow Exalted Emperors…" Relieved at these words of support, Ge You regained his composure. Even if Yi Qing had discovered that the Winter Green Leaf had been tampered with, who would believe a lowly immortal like him.  "Fellow Immortal, I believe there is some misunderstanding between us. Why don't we discuss… Huh?"

Before Ge You could finish his sentence, Yi Qing had flashed his sword, directing a powerful stream of Sword Qi towards him. Overwhelmed by the Sword Qi, Ge You vacated his throne hastily. Turning around, he saw that a gaping hole had been struck right through the palace wall causing half the palace to collapse. Even the visiting emperors had to flee the palace on their swords.

Ge You widened his eyes in disbelief. The whole palace was constructed with special materials and had been protected by array formations; yet Yi Qing had destroyed half the palace with a blow of his sword. How could a mere exalted immortal possess such formidable sword Qi? Ge You's heart sank. He suddenly had an ominous feeling. "Fellow Immortal Yi Qing… let's discuss this calmly, why are you… wait, wait, you!"

Before he could finish speaking, Yi Qing struck out his sword again, unleashing a stream of formidable sword Qi that once again enveloped the entire immortal palace. Ge You had no choice but to shut his mouth and focus all his attention on the battle at hand.

If there was one most important lesson that Yi Qing had learnt from being with Master for so many years, it was: Fight first, talk later. Beat the crap out of your enemy first!

To battle!

Within moments, sorcery beams flashed everywhere and the whole palace was filled with sword Qi. The visiting emperors, watching the pair battling it out, felt that they had a duty to help Ge You. They were his guests after all. So the seven immortals also joined in the fight. The sound of swords clashing grew even louder and the light from the sorcery beams became even more blinding. ——————

Three hours later, thousand of miles away.

Lonemoon was on his way to the capital. He had been flying nonstop since morning because he was afraid that a certain someone would act rashly and create a mess that even he could not settle. Feeling anxious and frustrated, he felt like cursing. Who would have thought that Yi Qing, who normally looked as stiff as a block of wood, could run so fast when agitated? No matter how hard Lonemoon tried, he could not catch up with him. Moreover, there was no transportation array that could take him to the capital. He had to fly there himself.

"Don't worry so much, Fellow Immortal  Lonemoon."  Xun Shu, who had been forced to tag along the past few days, said consolingly. "With Yi Qing's high level of cultivation,  it's unlikely he'll get into trouble." Compared to Lonemoon, Xun Shu was much more relaxed. He had wanted to give that scumbag, Ge You a good thrashing for the longest time but hadn't found a good enough excuse. Now that someone was willing to take over the job, he was more than happy to oblige..

"Let's hope that's the case!" said a worried-looking Lonemoon. He still had that sense of foreboding. Suddenly, something caught his attention. He discovered numerous immortals flying past them. Frowning, he muttered, "Huh? Why are there so many immortals leaving the city?" Moreover, all of them seemed to be in great haste, as if they were fleeing from something. And their numbers were increasing. They seemed to be streaming out from the capital city.

Xun Shu had also noticed the unceasing stream of immortals flying past him. Looking around him, he stopped a familiar- looking immortal and asked, "What happened?"

"Young Emperor Xun…!" exclaimed the immortal in surprise before coming to a halt. He saluted Xun Shu and explained, "There's huge commotion in the capital. Someone broke into the Palace of War Cessation. There's a battle going on there now. Everyone's leaving the city to avoid the conflict."

Xun Shu felt secretly pleased. It looked as if Yi Qing was beating up that scumbag Ge You now. Not bad! He had managed to break into the immortal palace in such a short time. He was indeed worthy to be a sword immortal.

However… "Even if Ge You is fighting someone in the capital, you don't all have to leave the city, do you?" After all, Shang Du was the capital city; it was protected by numerous array formations. Even if emperor-level immortals were fighting, it would be confined within the walls of the palace; the rest of the immortal city should not be affected. Why were these immortals running so far away?

"There's more… than one Exalted Emperor involved!"

"What?" Before Xun Shu could recover from his surprise, they heard a thunderous boom.

Some unknown entity seemed to be moving straight towards them from thousands of miles away. Spreading out in every direction, it reverberated in their ears and brushed across their faces.

The two men instinctively set up an array formation using a hand seal to block off the tide of immortal force that threatened to overwhelm them. Turning pale, the immortal who had been stopped by Xun Shu turned around and flew off into the distance. Xun Shu used his perception to  probe  this  force  and discovered it was actually Sword Qi.

To think it could reach them from such a long distance!

Activating his divine perception, Xun Shu saw that a kaleidoscope of colors had shrouded half the sky over the capital city. He could faintly detect about ten different types of Immortal Qi being emitted from the city. Apart from Yi Qing and Ge You, there were…

"What's wrong?" Lonemoon asked, his expression darkening.

Xun Shu seemed deep in thought. Then suddenly recalling something, he lowered his head and started counting. Immediately, his face turned pale. "How could I forget, today is the day of the 'Cessation of War' immortals gathering. At present, apart from Ge You… there are also emperors from various countries. There are eight immortal emperors in total."

"Shit! Why didn't you say so earlier!" Lonemoon turned and flew as fast as he could towards the capital city. However, despite upping his speed, it took him over ten minutes before he reached the capital. The scene that greeted him there left him in shock.

The once majestic immortal city was there no longer, in its place were a pile of ruins. There were broken walls everywhere, floating like meteor rocks in the air. Even the huge city gate was split in two; half of it floated in the air.

Sword Qi and immortal Qi wreaked damage everywhere; there was not even half an intact building left standing. The beams of sorcery light that they had seen earlier were also gone. Obviously, the battle had ended.

Where was Yi Qing?

Filled with worry, Lonemoon flew straight to Palace of War Cessation. Activating his divine perception, he finally found Yi Qing amid a pile of wreckage. He was standing on a collapsed wall, his previously white robes now completely red, his whole body covered in blood. Had Lonemoon not been familiar with Yi Qing's aura, he would not have recognized that he was Yi Qing. Gripping a flickering sword formed from condensed sword Qi, his feet atop top of a pile of something that looked like bloody meat, Yi Qing appeared to question someone in an icy tone.

Several bodies could be seen around the vicinity, some were tangled among the bushes, some were hanging on trees and others even had half of their heads smashed in by stones. Lonemoon found that the aura emanating from these bodies were so weak as to be undetectable except by activating his divine perception to the fullest.

Lonemoon: "…"

Xun Shu: "…"

Don't tell me he has…. defeated them!


One against eight! What was more, his opponents were all emperor immortal level expert fighters! What kind of bloody freak are you!

Chapter 152: Returning Home For Dinner

Lonemoon's mouth twitched in frustration. He felt a sudden impulse to leave. He has had enough of being led on the nose by this cheat. Enough was enough!

Taking a deep breath, he managed to regain his composure. He flew down to where Yi Qing was standing, covered in blood.

"Hey, Chef…" Are you still alive?

Just as Lonemoon was about to continue, he heard Yi Qing ask menacingly, "Tell me how to undo the spell you cast on my Master."

Ge You, the sorry heap of flesh lying on the ground, did not reply. Instead, a fountain of blood spurted out from his mouth.

"Let me ask you once again. How to undo the spell?" Yi Qing stepped harder on Ge You, causing him to spit out even more blood. Lonemoon's mouth twitched in exasperation. Ge You was already so seriously injured, yet that cheat Yi Qing still persisted in questioning him. How the hell do you expect him to talk if you don't remove your foot first?


As he had expected, Ge You, who had been in no condition to speak, lost consciousness.

"Yi Qing, calm down!" Lonemoon stepped in to intervene. "He won't be able to tell you anything if you carry on like this."

"But, what about Master…" Yi Qing looked at him anxiously.

"There's no point worrying. Xun Shu said that the spell won't cause harm to her body." Lonemoon added, "Killing him won't help matters."

After giving the matter some thought, Yi Qing removed his leg from Ge You's body. Then his erect body started to sway. It looked as if he was about to fall any moment.

"Careful!" Xun Shu reached out his hand to steady him. He felt Yi Qing's pulse and exclaimed in astonishment, "How is it you're still alive…!"

Taken aback by Xun Shu's outburst, Lonemoon grabbed Yi Qing's other wrist. He found that Yi Qing's meridians  were badly damaged and the immortal Qi in his body was totally depleted. His abdomen was badly crushed and his immortal bones were broken in several places. If they had arrived any later, he might not be able to lift a wok in the future.

Instead of regulating his meridians immediately, he was interrogating his enemy! Yi Qing must be mad!

"Don't you have any brains?" Lonemoon felt his anger erupting. Pointing to Yi Qing, he scolded, "You should retreat when you're outnumbered. Why do you fight like there's no tomorrow? All you've picked up from Shen Ying is her trouble- making skills, why don't you learn some of her shameless methods?" Yi Qing whipped around immediately, staring daggers at him. Forcing down the blood that had surged up his throat, he hissed through gritted teeth, "Don't you dare… insult Master!"

"Holy Shit!" Will this brain-damaged fan ever be cured? Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Lonemoon said, "Regulate your meridians quickly if you want to live!"

Yi Qing sat down but his eyes were still looking at Ge You, whose bloodied body was now totally motionless.

"Don't worry, he's in no condition to escape."

Reassured, Yi Qing closed his eyes and began regulating his meridians.

Although the injuries Yi Qing sustained had not damaged his foundation, they were serious nonetheless. His opponents had been emperor-level immortals and he had even fought against seven of them all at once. Indeed, it was a miracle that he was still alive. He would not be able to activate his sword Qi until his immortal bones were healed. Yi Qing and Xun Shu set up a few array formations around Yi Qing. The two immortals then worked together to treat Yi Qing. Finally, after six hours, Yi Qing's meridians were more or less restored to normal.

Lonemoon lifted the still unconscious Ge You, saying, "Let's go back now. We'll ask him how to wake Shen Ying up when he comes to." Just as he was about to mount his sword, the message transmission talisman in his robes suddenly lit up. He fished it out and directed some immortal Qi to activate it. Immediately, his mind picked up the sound of Yu Hong's voice. A look of bewilderment flashed across his face on hearing her message.

"Did something happen in the sect?" asked a curious Xun Shu.

"No." There was a complicated look on Lonemoon's face. Lowering his head to look at Ge You, he replied, "Yu  Hong said… Shen Ying has awakened."

There was a whoosh and the next moment, Yi Qing had vanished from sight. Xun Shu: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"


Shen Ying suddenly remembered that she was now a floaty who could not eat anything. So she abandoned the idea of having a barbecue.

Shen Ying then recalled that she had been out for quite some time, it was now time to return home for her meal. She was just about to head back home when the little girl who seemed to have sensed something, started to get flustered.

"Divine Immortal, are you… leaving?" The little girl cried out in anguish and started running towards her. Along the way, she tripped over a twig and rolled down the hill until she reached the base of a tree. She sustained a long cut on her face but she seemed undisturbed by it. Looking straight at the trembling bird on her right, she asked, "Don't you want to protect me anymore? I… I will be very obedient." "…" Shen Ying's mouth twitched in dismay. Is this little rascal stalking me? What a bother! Maybe if I leave quietly, she won't notice.

However, the little girl burst into tears. "Divine Immortal… Divine Immortal, don't abandon me. Everyone… hates me. My parents are gone, I only… only have you now. Don't… Don't leave me!"


"Divine Immortal, Divine Immortal…" Not getting a response, the little girl became even more flustered. She looked everywhere but to no avail. Plucking up her courage, she climbed up the body of the bird whose flames had been long extinguished. She clambered around its body in her fruitless search, crying and whimpering, "Divine Immortal, Divine Immortal… Don't leave… don't leave me."

In view of the fact that she was under the protection of the Exalted Goddess, Wu Hong decided to stay calm and play dead. It was working fine until… she stepped on an unmentionable part of his anatomy. Arh…!

Wu Hong leapt up immediately and threw the little girl off his body. Instantly he transformed back into human form. Crossing his legs, he clutched his injured body part in pain, curling his body up like a prawn.

He glared at the child in rage and roared, "You little rascal… You're really …"

"She's really what?" Shen Ying suddenly interrupted.

Her voice brought Wu Hong back to reality. His flushed face turned pale instantly and his mouth twitched involuntarily. Smiling stiffly, he said, "She's really… kind, lovely  and adorable."


This pain is killing me! What bad luck! If he had not damaged his immortal Qi, fallen down and broken his immortal bones, he would not be in such pain when that mortal hurt his sensitive area…

Ooh, ooh…. He had been defiled by that mortal. He felt that his whole demonic body was no longer chaste.

"Divine Immortal…" The little girl happily stood up. Opening her arms, she started to running to a spot on her right, as if she wanted to hug someone. "I knew you would return…"

Seeing that she was about to plunge into a pit, Shen Ying finally extended her hand to pull her back. "I'm here!" You're headed in the wrong direction!

"Divine Immortal?" The child halted in mid-step, then turned left.

"This way!" Shen Ying steered the child towards her. "Little Shortie, do you really want to follow me?"

"Yes, yes, yes," sniffed the little girl, nodding her head emphatically.

"You won't be able to return here once I take you with me, and life with me will be tough."

"I'm not afraid!" She clenched her fist tightly, looking determined.

"…" Hai! What a bother!

Lowering her head, Shen Ying looked down at the little village hamlet. This led her to frown as she recalled the propensity of a certain someone to attract misfortune. She hoped Father Niu would not blow his top at her decision!

"Yo, Bird!" Shen Ying turned to look at the man clad in green.

"Bird here!" Wu Hong raised his hand weakly. "And that one still pretending to be dead…" She turned and looked down at the pit.

The huge beast at the bottom of the pitch-dark pit shuddered in fright. With tears in its eyes, it turned back into human form. "Exalted… Exalted… Exalted Immortal. What… What are your orders?"

"This child has a weak constitution, it's not convenient for me to take her back with me to the immortal realm. The two of you will deliver this shortie safely to Qu Shuang City's Invincible Sect." She swept a look at the two beasts. "I want to see her there in three day's time. Otherwise… heh, heh!"

Although they could not see her, the two beasts shuddered involuntarily. They chorused in unison, "Understood, Exalted Goddess, no problem, Exalted Goddess!"

"Good." Shen Ying closed her eyes and vanished.

"Exalted Goddess… Exalted Goddess?" Wu Hong yelled a few times but received no response. When he realized that Shen Ying had left, his face immediately slumped in despair.

Exalted Goddess, you haven't told us where in the world this Qu Shuang City is located?


Chapter 153: Rice-Eater

Five days later, Shen Ying had finished what the rainbow sisters had made for lunch and was sitting at the table having dessert. Although the food was not as good as Chef's, it wasn't bad. She was just thinking about whether she should ask them to make more food when a figure landed on the ground in front of her.


"Hey, Chef!" Shen Ying exclaimed. She pushed aside the dessert in front of her and acted like she had not eaten. "You're back!"

"You're… alright?" Yi Qing stared at the woman seated at the table, not daring to blink.

"Huh?" She paused. "What could ha-"

Before she could finish her sentence, Yi Qing ran toward her side in a flash. She clenched her fists and the next moment, she found herself in Yi Qing's arms. Er… it's a little stuffy.

She started to push him aside, but she heard soft sobbing by her ears. "You're alright… that's great… that's great!"

"Er…?" What's happening? "Chef, you… Hey, Chef! Chef?"

The man who had been holding her in a deadlock earlier suddenly slid down toward the ground before Shen Ying could question him.

"Hey, hey, hey. Are you alright?" She caught him just in time and found that he had passed out. Then, she noticed that his entire body was covered in blood and wounds. He looked absolutely miserable.

Shen Ying frowned. She had not seen Chef in some time – how did he become so pathetic?

"Yi Qing, you freaking flew too quickly…" Lonemoon and Xun Shu landed, panting. They looked around the yard and spotted Shen Ying. Lonemoon sighed in relief. "The scourge of the millennium indeed. You're really awake."

"Father Niu, what happened to Chef?" Shen Ying asked, still supporting the unconscious Chef.

"What could have happened?" Lonemoon glared at her, as if blaming her. He stepped forward hand helped to support Yi Qing up, replying as he did so, "He's retarded. He thought you would not come to, so he ran up to the capital and picked a fight with eight other emperors!"

"Then…" Shen Ying tilted her head. "Did he win?"

"…" The corner of Lonemoon's mouth twitched. Was that the point? At least act like a master. Wouldn't your first reaction be to give him a lecture?

Xun Shu, who had been standing beside him, answered quickly, "He won!" "Oh, that's good!"

"Good your ass!" Can you be normal for once? Lonemoon controlled the urge to lash out at her and focused his attention on helping Yi Qing to his feet. "He's seriously injured. I think he will be unconscious for some time. Let's bring him into the house."

As he finished speaking, Xun Shu came to his aid  and together, they brought Yi Qing into the house. They inspected his injuries and finally relaxed.

"How is he?" Shen Ying asked.

"He's alright. He flew for several days, so he's drained of immortal Qi and extremely exhausted. He should be fine after a few days."


"Speaking of that…" He turned to glare at her once more and asked, "What happened to you these few days? You actually woke up on your own. That proves you weren't even affected by that Soul Detachment Spell, right?"

"What spell?" What's that?

"Weren't you under a spell?"


"Then why did your divine perception…"

"Oh, I've always had the habit of sleepwalking," Shen Ying answered matter-of-factly. "But I am always too lazy to move. Just before I fell asleep, I was thinking about the customer you cheated back at the capital. I thought and thought, and then I became… a floaty."

Customer? Shu Jiang! "In other words… you weren't affected at all by the Soul Detachment Spell?"

"That's right!"

Lonemoon: "…"

Xun Shu: "…"

Everyone: "…"

They all glanced at the man on the bed and thought about the eight immortals in the capital who had been beaten to a pulp.

"Then where did your divine perception wander to for so many days? Why did you only come to now?"

"I wandered to the mortal realm." "What?" Lonemoon started. He was about to question her further when Si Yu walked into the hall.

"Reporting to Sect Master – two people have come to send a child here. They say… Sect Master gave them permission to enter."

"Oh, yes!" Shen Ying nodded. She gave Si Yu permission to show them into the hall and then she walked out to meet them. As she was walking, she summarised what happened in the mortal realm.

Father Niu's expression darkened and his glare became cutting. "You mean to say… you've found one more rice-eater? And you've brought her back?"

"Er… Father Niu, have some love! Didn't you always do good things before?"

Lonemoon threw her a dirty look and did not bother to reply. "We'll talk after we determine her quality." If he didn't have such high EQ, he would throw her to the lower realm immediately.

The few of them sat down for only awhile before Si Yu led the small child back into the hall. They had not met for just a few days, but the child already looked much taller. She looked about 12- to 13-years-old. She was no longer dressed in rags. Instead, she looked very presentable  and  sharp.  Those  little  animals were good to her. The only thing  was that  she had fear in her eyes, like a rabbit who was ready to be caught any second.

Lonemoon frowned. For some reason, he really did not like her.

The child raised her head and looked at the group. Perhaps she did not find anyone familiar. She paused, then took a step back in caution. She lost her footing on the ground and fell forward instead, landing on the ground with a loud thump.

Si Yu started. She bent down to help the child up, and the child looked up at the exact same time. Her little head knocked Si Yu's arm and rebounded because of the immortal Qi surrounding Si Yu's body. Instinctively, she hugged her head as her entire body was thrown forward from the impact. She rolled all the way from the entrance to the feet of the group from Invincible Sect. She only stopped when she knocked into the leg of the stone table next to them. Bruises began to form on her forehead.

The beautiful robes she was wearing were now dirtied.

Everyone: "…"

Shen Ying pursed her lips. This unlucky jinx was indeed the original shortie she met in the mortal realm.

"Sor… sorry! I didn't… do it on purpose!" The little child rubbed her forehead and raised her head in fear. Her eyes began to well up with tears. She looked like she was using all her willpower to hold back her tears. The uncle that brought her here told her that if she behaved, she would have a chance to meet the divine immortal who had protected her.

"This is the child?" Lonemoon reached out to support her arm, intending to help her to her feet. Yet, for some reason, his hand slipped so that he found himself only holding on to a portion of the child's sleeve. The child fell down and hit the leg of the
 stone table once more.

Damn it, yet another bruise!

Lonemoon: "…"

At that moment, the entire group was staring at him.

"What are you staring at?" Lonemoon's mouth twitched. Why were they all staring at him as if he bullied the child? "I didn't do it on purpose!" She was wearing a charmed robe, right? Why did it rip so easily? He immediately conjured a spell to mend her sleeve.

"I said before… this child is quite special!" Shen Ying explained. She was extremely unlucky.

Just as she said this, the child started. She looked up immediately and her eyes widened as she spotted Shen Ying. Suddenly, she was filled with joy and excitement. "Divine… Divine Immortal? You're Divine Immortal!" That voice – she must be right! The child could no longer hold her tears back. They began to flow down her cheeks, and she was reduced to tears in at once. She turned and ran toward Shen Ying, crying, "Divine Immortal, Divine Immortal…"

Er… she was not going to wipe her tears on Shen Ying, right?

"You're not to be rude to Sect Master!" At that crucial moment, Yu Hong reached out and carried the child a few steps away from Shen Ying. The child might be their junior sister in future, but she still needed to learn her manners. They had not even had the chance to hug Master!

The child glanced at Shen Ying and then at Yu Hong, who stopped her. She pulled herself together, wiped the tears from her face and obediently retreated further. Yet, she kept her eyes fixed on Shen Ying. They seemed to be twinkling.

"Good girl!" Shen Ying patted her head.

"Child, come here!" Lonemoon gestured toward her and ordered. "You might have been brought here by Shen Ying, but if you want to join Invincible Sect, you must be of the right quality."

He put two fingers to the centre of her forehead and released his divine perception into her spirit root.

"Water spirit root!" As if recalling something, Lonemoon frowned and quickly reached for her hand. He inspected her constitution and his expression darkened at once. "Holy shit! A natural Yin-type body! Shen Ying, what the f*ck are you doing!"

Chapter 154: Living Within a Novel

"Don't care about these details!"

"Is this a problem with the details?" Lonemoon exploded. This body type clearly meant trouble. How could she bring this child back? "No way, I don't agree!"

"Why not?"

"Must I really explain?" He glared at her. "Let's not talk about how much trouble she would bring us. Her spirit root is naturally weak – she's not fit at all to practice with her body. How can she train with the others? She can even forget about making it as a body cultivator…"

He paused mid-sentence, as if recalling something. Lonemoon turned to glance at the child, then at the green-robed Barbie in the Sect. Wait a moment. Why was he thinking about body cultivators as the standard in the sect? Did he not intend to break the curse of body cultivators in Invincible Sect? This was the perfect chance! Water-elemental spirit roots were not suitable for sword cultivation, but it was suitable for Dan cultivation, talisman cultivation, beast training and spell training as well. A natural Yin-type body might be troublesome, but the immortal realm was not as bad as the mortal realm – lacking in immortal Qi. What's more, they had Cheater Shen with them. She could take care of the child.

So… For the sake of making change in the sect, he would have no choice but to accept this child!

"Child, are you willing to train in spells and arrays?" He quickly added, "I'm telling you first – we don't have people who are proficient in these things in this sect. You have to count on having epiphanies on your own!"

The girl paused and glanced at Shen Ying. Hesitantly, she answered, "If I learn… can I stay?" All she wanted was to remain with Divine Immortal.

"Of course." "Yes!" She nodded her head eagerly. "I'll learn!"

"Alright, if that's the case, I won't object any further." Lonemoon turned to look at Shen Ying, his mind preoccupied with how he should begin to train the child. He could not let her get influenced by the other disciples. Suddenly, he asked, "Oh yes, what's your name?"

"Name…" The child pondered for a moment and lowered her head. It has been a long time since she used her name. After she turned three, everybody around her started to refer to her as "Jinx". Later on, after her parents said that they had something to attend to and never returned, she stopped being addressed by her name altogether. She could only vaguely remember what people used to call her. "Mother… I think she called  me… Tong… Little Tong?"

"Oh, what's your surname then?" Lonemoon picked up the teacup in front of him.

"Surname… surname…" She thought long and hard. It was a long time before she finally answered, "Xuan… My last name is Xuan!" Pui…

Lonemoon spat a mouthful of tea out immediately. His expression darkened significantly.

Holy shit!

Xuan! Tong!

He stood up at once and grabbed the girl by her arm. He took two big strides toward Si Yu, swung the little girl at her and shouted, "Throw her down the mountain!"

Everyone: "…"


Lonemoon looked at the foodie who had been burying her head in a bowl of food. He laughed mirthlessly until Shen Ying glanced up from her food. Then, he said, "I'm giving you a chance to explain yourself."

"Er…" Shen Ying pursed her lips. She had no choice but to set the bowl in her hands down on the table. She began to scratch her head. "I mean… If I said I did not know that she was your female lead in the beginning, would you believe me?"

Lonemoon replied, "Ha! Ha!"

Why did she call him his female lead?!

"I really didn't know."

"Then why did you invite her to stay!" Lonemoon felt like he was about to explode from the anger. "Do you know how troublesome the male and female leads are? We went to so much pains to get rid of the male lead, and you turned around and brought the female lead back here."

Shen Ying sighed and said, "She's just a girl." "Just a girl my ass. She's just a girl now but she wouldn't be in future." The more Lonemoon thought about it, the more worried he got. "She's the female lead! Do you understand that? I said this before: The male and female lead are a very troublesome duo. Whoever associates themselves with them would get into trouble. We need to get as far away from them as possible. Look, in a span of just two days, our sect has already lost three arrays, four weapons and five talismans. She's only staying in the yard temporarily and a pit has already mysteriously dug itself there. As she grows up according to the plot, who knows who else might die because of her…"

"Father Niu!" Shen Ying suddenly interrupted him. She stared directly into his eyes and said, "Besides being a little unlucky, what wrong did she do?"

Lonemoon hesitated. He rebutted, "In the plot, she's the female-"

"What about now?"

"Now?" He paused again. "Now, of course… nothing has happened." "So you want to pronounce her guilty even though nothing has happened?"


"Is the plot really that important?"

"It is… right?"


"Must I really explain this?" Lonemoon asked, exasperated. "It tells us what's going to happen in future. Of course-"

"Oh, then are you sure that the plot really does tell us the future?"

"Well, of-" He paused mid-sentence, as if recalling something. Wait! I think…  the plot isn't  that accurate. According to the novel, the male lead should also be only a child at this time. The female lead could not be appearing now. It was also not said in the novel that the male lead was Celestial Emperor Chen Ge. It seemed… Ever since Shen Ying turned up, the plot became a mess.

"Father Niu…" Shen Ying sighed. "If this child was not the person in the plot, would you keep her?"

"…" Lonemoon was at a loss for words, because he knew the answer was yes.

"You said you wanted an explanation. Let me give you one, then. I met this child by chance. She was a child who… was bullied and abandoned by everybody around her. I felt so much pity for her, so I decided to give her some help. It's that simple – there's no other explanation. As for how she might turn out in future, I truly don't know. But before anyone does any kind deed… must they really do a thorough check if the person they're helping will cause any harm in future?"

Lonemoon had no answer. He really was biased against the male and female lead because of the plot. Even though he knew the plot was vastly different from the facts before his eyes, he still greatly despised the people in the plot. All because of a future which he had no way of being certain about.

"You keep saying that they're the male and female leads of the novel, but you're the only one who's really living within the novel."

"…" Lonemoon stared blankly at thin air. Suddenly, he felt a chill in his heart. Reflecting upon himself, he found  that  it true… Neither Shen Ying nor Yi Qing seemed too bothered by the plot that Lonemoon claimed to know. He alone… was obsessed with avoiding the calamities in the novel, even though several events in the novel had yet to happen. He alone was stuck in the novel, unable to escape from it. Suddenly, he felt like he had just been clubbed with a stick – all the illusions and imaginations he had in his mind were suddenly knocked right out. For once, he was seeing clearly.

"What's more…" Shen Ying leaned back against her seat and became a lazy lump of mud once more. "If that little shortie is really going to grow up, as you said, into a love-crazed female lead, then we could always… break her legs!"

Lonemoon pursed his lips and frowned. "Can you be serious for just three freaking seconds?"

"Huh? I'm dead serious." She always had been.

"Give it a rest!" Out of habit, Lonemoon rolled his eyes at her, but a hint of a smile tugged at his lips. "This time… I'll let it go. If you want to be kind, go ahead. I'm washing my hands off this!" After he finished speaking, he tossed a bag over to Shen Ying.

Shen Ying caught it instinctively and opened it. The bag was filled with immortal stones, glittering in the sunlight. "Father Niu… Are you keeping me?"

"Pfft!" He cast her a disgusted look. "Who in this Invincible Sect is not being kept by me?"

"Oh." That's true. "Then this is…" Shen Ying was shocked at the sudden riches she acquired.

"Your allowance for the next two months!" "Huh?"

"I've gained an epiphany." He could not stop himself from grinning, for he had just broken through a barrier in his heart. "I am going to go through the Heavenly Tribulation."


"What is this look? Your disciple can go through epiphanies every day, but I can't?"


"Return me the immortal stones!"

"Congratulations, Father Niu! I'm happy for you, Father Niu! Father Niu, you're blessed beyond measure and you will live as long as eternity!" Shen Ying exclaimed as her grip on the bag tightened. "Get lost!"

Chapter 155: Someone Ascends

"Chef…" Shen Ying glanced at the table covered with freshly cooked dishes, and the corner of her mouth twitched. The person in front of her was still covered in serious injuries. "I think I… just had lunch."

"Master," Yi Qing replied seriously. "These are only pastries. They don't count as a proper meal. If you don't like them, Master, why don't I serve some fruits instead? There aren't many immortal fruits left from the last time: Mystic Phoenix Fruit, Flying Feather Fruit, Exotic Fruit, Bud Fruit… and True Sand Fruit. Do you want to have them for now?"

As he was speaking, he retrieved an entire bag of fruits from the storage bag hanging by his side…

Shen Ying: "…"

Er, it really… isn't much.

"Master, do you not like these?" Yi Qing saw that Shen Ying had not moved an inch and became worried.

"I do, I do…" Shen Ying pursed her lips. This is a bit too much, isn't it? She had already eaten more than ten dishes in the previous meal. If she finished all the dishes in front of her, she might become extremely bloated. Yi Qing seemed to be a bit off ever since he regained consciousness. It was as if he was traumatised. Apart from tending to his wounds, Yi Qing spent all his time in the kitchen, cooking various dishes for Shen Ying.
She was getting a little…

"Oh yes, how is Father Niu's Lightning Tribulation going?" She fiddled with the bag in her hands subconsciously.

Yi Qing raised his head to look at the blazing red land far away from the sect. Then, he looked down and began to count in his heart. After awhile, he answered, "Reporting to Master: Disciple has counted – including the divine lightning that just  shot down, it's a total of… 84 bolts of divine lightning."

"84!" Shen Ying had just taken a bite of her pastry, but she set it down and asked, surprised, "Heaven is cheating again?" Isn't it supposed to be 81 bolts? Cheating? Yi Qing paused, and then understood what she was asking. He quickly explained, "It's not that Heaven has made a mistake in the numbers, but from the looks of it, Lonemoon is probably ascending through two whole cultivation levels. This means that he would have to go through 162 bolts of divine lightning and 72 shots of wildfire. After the Heavenly Tribulation, he'll emerge as an Exalted Immortal."

"Oh." So one could jump through two cultivation levels after an epiphany? Shen Ying suddenly perked up. "How long more is there?"

"He's more than halfway through now. I think he would need another seven days at most."

Seven days!

Shen Ying's eyes twinkled and she stood up immediately. Pointing at all the dishes on the table, she looked at Yi Qing with a sombre expression and said, "Chef! I've thought about it. Your master has been starving over the past few days. Go and cook some more dishes. Cook enough for two… or maybe even three!" As she spoke, she retrieved the bag of immortal stones and shoved it into Yi Qing's hands. I have money! I have  two months' allowance! Spend it all, spend it all!

"Yes Master, no problem Master!"

Yu Hong, who was just about to enter: "…"

The corners of her mouth twitched. She glanced at the blazing sky and walked into the hall. "Sect Master…" Suddenly, she understood why Elder Lonemoon was so passionate about earning immortal stones.

"Hey! Little Red." Shen Ying was now eating without a care in the world. She turned around and gestured toward Yu Hong. "There are pastries here. Do you want some?"

"I've already eaten. Thank you, Sect Master." Yu Hong walked over and bowed to greet Yi Qing and Shen Ying. "Elder Lonemoon is going through a tribulation now. I have two matters that I have difficulty handling, so I have come to ask for advice from Sect Master." "Oh, what's the matter?" Shen Ying asked.

"It's like this: Disciple discovered just awhile ago that there has been some sort of strange movements in the immortal Qi southwest of our mountain. Not only has the immortal  Qi gotten rid of all the demonic Qi around it, it has also begun to condense into a solid form." Yu Hong frowned, as if worried.

"Strange immortal Qi?" Yi Qing's expression darkened as he thought harder. "There's some sort of array or the remains of a spell there."

Yu Hong shook her head. "I went over to take a look but I didn't find anything like that."

Yi Qing frowned deeper. Could there be an invasion?

But the mountain on which Invincible Sect was built had always been protected with an array. On top of the demonic Qi surrounding the mountain, how was it possible that someone would be able to enter? "Master…" He turned to ask the person seated beside him. "This is very troubling. Shall we go and take a look?"

"Oh…" It was really troublesome not having Father Niu around; now she had to leave the house. Shen Ying sighed and patted the pastry dish in front of her. Then, she stood up at sloth-like speed. "Keep the pastries. I'll have them when I'm back."

"Yes, Master." Yi Qing nodded and waved his hand. The dishes laid out on the table all disappeared at once.

"Oh yes!" Shen Ying was just about to step  out  of  the  door when she suddenly remembered something. "Little Red, did you get Floaty to go over and take a look?"

It took Yu Hong several seconds to realise that Shen Ying referred to Bitao. "I didn't do that!" That's right, Immortal Bitao had been in the immortal realm for much longer than anyone else – he should know what was going on. She quickly turned and said, "I'll go and get him right now." Shen Ying nodded and stepped onto the sword which Yi Qing had drawn. Together, they flew to the rear mountain.

From afar, Yi Qing could sense the movement of the immortal Qi ahead. It was indeed rich. It also seemed as though all the immortal Qi was gathering toward the plains on the right side. A white fog was already visible.

When he thought about what happened earlier at the capital,
Yi Qing's heart sank. Could it be that those immortals had found their way here so quickly? Had he not hit them hard enough the last time?

There were several disciples gathered there already. When they saw Yi Qing and Shen Ying flying toward  them,  they bowed in greeting.

"Master, do you see anything?" Yi Qing looked back at Shen Ying. He could not sense anything out of the ordinary within the white fog.

"I think…" There's a hole? Shen Ying was just about to answer when Yu Hong rushed over, Bitao in tow.

"Great… Immortal." He subconsciously greeted Shen Ying, but his eyes were fixed on the immortal Qi. He suddenly started. "Eh? Isn't that a Immortal Ascension Stage? It's appeared so quickly!"

"An Immortal Ascension Stage?" The disciples who had ascended to immortality without much ado looked absolutely terrified. What?

"Fellow Immortal Floaty, have you ever seen such extraordinary immortal Qi?" Yi Qing looked sombre.

Why are you calling me Floaty as well? The corner of Bitao's mouth twitched. He sighed and explained, "This is natural – it's the Immortal Ascension Stage. It's the sign of someone from the lower realm going through the tribulations and ascending to immortality. As long as that person makes it through the lightning tribulation, the immortal Qi would  condense  and form the Immortal Ascension Stage. A white beam of light will shine down from above to welcome the mortal up into the immortal realm." "I see," the disciples sighed in relief. It was not an enemy on whom they could train their skills. What a pity.

"There are over three thousand worlds in the lower realm, so it's quite normal for this Immortal Ascension Stage to appear at different parts of the immortal realm," Bitao explained. "When you all ascended to immortality, a Immortal Ascension Stage appeared here as well." It was just that someone raised the entire sect and busted through the Immortal Ascension Stage.

"Looking at this…" Bitao looked at the fast-forming Immortal Ascension Stage and said, "This person is likely ascending from the Azure World – one out of three thousand independent worlds in the lower realm. But that mystic realm was created from this place afterall. If people from there ascended to immortality, it was highly likely that their Immortal Ascension Stage would appear there.

"You mean this person might be someone we know?" Yi Qing understood what Bitao was implying.

"Very likely!" Bitao nodded. Who exactly is ascending to immortality? Yi Qing thought about the people whom he had met in the lower realm. If anyone was ascending to immortality, it was likely someone from the four aristocratic families. Everybody looked toward the condensing immortal Qi with expectant faces – all but Yi Qing.

No matter who ascended, he was sure that they were going to try and steal his master! Suddenly, he regretted suggesting coming here. Was it too late to turn back now?

Chapter 156: Reunion With Roasted Chicken Gal

The immortal Qi became thicker and thicker. Soon, the silhouette of a white stage appeared. They could see flashes of lightning in the middle of the stage. The immortal Qi condensed as the lightning increased in intensity. The stage broke apart as a bolt of lightning struck the middle.

"Eh?" Bitao started. "The lightning tribulation has increased. It looks like someone brought something up into the immortal realm." Is it characteristic of people from the Azure World to bring something up with them as they ascend to immortality?

The light from the lightning finally dissipated, as did the immortal Qi. Slowly, the immortal Qi condensed back together. After a full minute, the Immortal Ascension Stage formed once again. The lightning was no more. A golden beam of light shone from the center of the stage, straight into the sky.

The golden light illuminated half the skies. The gold mixed with the red in the sky, from where Lonemoon was going through his own Lightning Tribulation. The next minute,  a black figure appeared within the golden light. The figure sped out of the light and ran toward the group. It attempted to land smoothly but it fell to the ground with a loud crash, as if it suddenly ran out of energy. The figure landed just a few metres from the group.

The welcoming light and the Immortal Ascension Stage disappeared.

Everyone took a few seconds to look at the lump on the floor… it was so black. The figure looked extremely burnt, and its body appeared like charred wood. There was smoke and heat emitting from the figure. All around, the smell of burnt meat lingered.

It looked like the Lightning Tribulation was extremely harsh on him. His entire body was curled up. His chest was rising and falling as he panted heavily. He sucked in several deep breaths and tested out his limbs. Then, shaking, he got to his feet.

Everyone stared blankly at him. Who was this companion who made it to the immortal realm? They exchanged looks with one another. One by one, they stepped forward to offer help. Even Shen Ying subconsciously walked forward, behind her disciples. Before they reached the man's side, they heard an extremely familiar and monotonous voice.

[Ding! Spotted Badass! Urgent  mission:  Kneel  down  toward the Badass and express your obsequious feelings!]

Immediately, the black figure who had used up all his remaining energy to stand on his two feet fell to the ground on his knees, facing Shen Ying.

Shen Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Bitao: "…"

Everyone: "…" This immediate elaborate greeting - suddenly, Shen Ying knew who this person was.

"Damn it!" The black figure cursed. He placed his palm on his pounding forehead and looked up. "System, what the hell are you doing? Where the hell are we now… Holy shit! Shen… Shen Shen Shen…"

Was he dreaming? What was this pervert doing here? Was he lost?

"Hey!" Shen Ying raised her hand to greet him out of habit. It had been a long time since she last saw him. What was his name again?

"Perfected Feng Ying!" Yu Hong recognised the man immediately. "No, I should call you Fellow Immortal Feng Ying now!" Who would have thought that he would be the first to
ascend to immortality? When the Invincible Sect first came to
the upper world, he was still a Nascent Soul.

"How are you all…" Feng Ying did not manage to finish his sentence before he spat out a mouthful of blood. His body was already lacking in immortal Qi, but now his immortal Qi was dissipating even more quickly.

Yi Qing frowned and started to step forward.

"Feng Ying!" A woman's voice sounded from behind them. The shadow of a woman floated from his body, back-facing the crowd. Her voice full of worry and guilt, she exclaimed, "Why did you do this… I said it before, you cannot do this! If you listened to me and stopped caring about me, you would be able to ascend by yourself!"

"Little Yu…" Feng Ying reached out and held onto the woman's hand. The corners of his mouth twitched, as if he was trying to smile at the woman. "I'm alright. Aren't we… aren't we up here now?"

"How can you be alright?" The woman sounded extremely anxious now, and her eyes were filling with tears. "If you had not used up all your immortal Qi to protect my soul throughout the lightning tribulation, you wouldn't…" "Didn't I tell you before? I have a secret weapon: the system…" Feng Ying was again cut-off mid-sentence by his own coughing. He could not stop himself from coughing out blood. "System… wouldn't let me die. It definitely has a way…"

Before he could finish, there was a familiar sound.

[Ding! The host's health level is too law. Forceful mission: Host, please get on your knees and place your palms under your forehead. Position yourself in a kowtow position, facing the Badass. Shout a healing spell, "Grandma, save me!". P.S.: Please repeat this three times with 200% volume!]

Shen Ying: "…"

Feng Ying: "…"


Flips table! Is this the time to be playing a fool?  Rotten system, all it's interested in is boot-licking! "Grandma can't save you," Shen Ying answered seriously.

"…" Whose grandma are you! Don't think I wouldn't hit you!

"Chef, you.."

She was just about to ask Chef to take a look at him, but the woman who was back-facing them suddenly turned right around to face them full-on. She had an incredulous expression. "Shen… Ying?"

"Huh?" Shen Ying subconsciously said. Then, she realised this woman looked.. familiar. "Roasted Chicken Gal?"

"Shen Ying! It really is you!" Her eyes became redder immediately. She turned to look affectionately at Feng Ying, then… she let go of his hand immediately and ran to hug Shen Ying. "That's great! You're alright! You're really alright… you scared me."

Yi Qing: "…" Feng Ying: "…"

Little bastard, both of them thought at the same time.

Shen Ying: "…" What's going on?


Feng Ying brought Roasted Chicken Gal up to the immortal realm by force - that was why he had to go through the Lightning Tribulation twice. Although he had the help of the system, he still emerged thoroughly burnt. He clung on to his last breath as he ascended the Immortal Ascension Stage.

What's more, he had already given half of his immortal Qi over to Qi Chengyu during the Lightning Tribulation. That was why his wounds did not heal throughout the process. As for Roasted Chicken Gal, the reason she was with him was related to Invincible Sect's sudden disappearance.

At the time, they were pressed for time to save Father Niu. Lonemoon, who normally took control in desperate times, was unconscious. That was why the retarded master and disciple did not even think to inform others of where they were going. In addition, many immortals were dying in the lower realm at the time. Everybody thought that immortal ascension visions were appearing because of those immortals. Even Rabbit did not know that the Invincible Sect was ascending.

The four aristocratic families looked around for the longest time, but nobody could find any traces of the Invincible Sect. They had no choice but to give up. Later on, only Qi Chengyu and Feng Ying continued to look into these matters. The more they worked together, the more they took a liking toward each other. Roasted Chicken Gal was of a very high cultivation level - Soul Formation. But she was a demon cultivator afterall - the Lightning Tribulation would be harder for her than it would be for normal cultivators. That was why she suppressed her cultivation.

When they finally could not suppress it any longer, she decided that she had no choice but to go through the Lightning Tribulation. As she was becoming a Traveling Immortal, complications arose and Feng Ying did not make it in time to save her. Her bones were completely destroyed and she was gravely injured. She could only remain on the earth in a spirit body. Feng Ying decided to ascend to immortality to look for a way to help her.

"That's right" She suddenly recalled something. "Little Red, didn't you say two matters needed tending to? What was the other matter?"

"It's not a big matter. There are two people at the bottom of the hill who are here to see you, Master," Yu Hong replied.

"Oh," Shen Ying did not bother. She continued to watch Bitao heal Feng Ying. Hopefully, he would turn out alright.

At the bottom of the hill.

The two Celestial Emperor animals: "…"

They had been standing at the bottom of the mountain for almost half a month. Why hadn't the Exalted Goddess come down to see them? Was she angry with them? She must be! Just because they were late by two days… Wa wa wa… What were they to do? They were doomed!

The two of them trembled uncontrollably.

Chapter 157: Chengyu's Wounds

Bitao spent a total of seven days to heal Feng Ying's meridians. His burnt body finally regained some of its colour. He was now looking more alert as well.

Bitao wiped the perspiration from his forehead and started to exit the room. Just as he stepped out, he noticed that there were several people in the yard who were… eating non-stop in the name of waiting for him to finish his work. Didn't they say that Feng Ying was their friend? Why did it seem like only Bitao was worried for Feng Ying's well-being?

"Great… Sect Master," Bitao sighed as he stepped in front of her. "I've already healed his meridians, but the Lightning Tribulation has injured his foundation. Given my cultivation, I cannot treat his foundation now. He will need to rest and adjust his own foundation." Bitao was only a Mystic Immortal, and a newly-ascended one at that. Only Exalted Immortals could help to heal another person's foundation."

"Oh… Thank you for your hard work." Shen Ying nodded and took another bite out of the fruit in her hand. That was when she noticed Feng Ying walking toward them. Indeed, the familiar-sounding system sounded at once. [Ding! Detected: The host's body is 88 percent healed. Mission: showing gratitude is an age-old value. Host, please use the next minute to thank Badass for her benevolence."]

Feng Ying lost his footing and almost fell to his knees once more. However, he caught himself and remained on his own two feet. Inside his heart, he cursed and swore at the system. he turned around to face Bitao, cupped his fists and said, "Thank you for all your help, Fellow Immortal Bitao. I will repay you personally."

"Do not stand on ceremony, Fellow Immortal." Bitao cupped his fists in return and said, "I was only acting on Sect Master's orders."

It was only then that Feng Ying turned around and strode right past Shen Ying. He reached out and held Chengyu's hand, saying, "Little Yu, did I scare you? I'm sorry to worry you, but I'm alright now."

"Er…" Qi Chengyu paused halfway as she was adding food to Shen Ying's bowl. Actually… she was not too worried. She had found Shen Ying afterall. "You.. I'm glad you're alright. It was all thanks to Shen Ying, otherwise we…" She did not finish speaking. She just turned to Shen Ying, heart filled with gratitude. Feng Ying unwillingly faced Shen Ying and mumbled, "Thanks."

"No worries, baby." Afterall, she had not done anything.

Feng Ying's mouth twitched. Who's the baby!

[Ding! Host: Baby. Reading information. Should I present them?]


He hated this parenting system!

"Tower Master Feng[1]," Yi Qing greeted, stepping forward. He intentionally stepped between Feng Ying and Shen Ying.

"…" You are the crazy tower master. Your entire family is filled with crazy tower masters. How many times must I say that I'm Tower Master Ying?"

"Let's talk about her. What are your plans?" Yi Qing glanced at Qi Chengyu. He could not read her situation because she only had a spirit. Feng Ying must not have had the intention of leaving her to remain as a spirit if he decided to bring her to the immortal realm.

Feng Ying frowned and exchanged a look with Qi Chengyu. Then, he nodded and said, "Initially, I helped Little Yu's spirit out of her body in order to save her, but for some reason.. her spirit can't return to her body anymore."

He cast a spell and closed his eyes, touching a finger to his forehead. There was a flash of white light. He waved toward the ground next to him and a red-robed figure appeared, lying on the floor. It was Roasted Chicken Gal's body.

[Ding! Item successfully retrieved from the system storage!]

That position… "You took her body and kept it in your own consciousness!" Bitao exclaimed, looking at him as if he were stupid. The consciousness was such an important place. It was second only to one's very soul. If any foreign object or even aura entered one's consciousness, one would feel unbearable pain.

"No!" Feng Ying shook his head and turned to face Shen Ying. He explained no further. It really was not his consciousness - he only stored the body in the system. He used both his consciousness and his spirit Qi to protect Little Yu's body.

"Floaty, what's the situation?" Shen Ying rushed him, changing the topic.

"Oh," Bitao stepped forward and used his immortal Qi to survey Roasted Chicken Gal's body. The longer he surveyed the body, the deeper his frown became. He turned to face the worried Feng Ying and sighed. "Her body, meridians, dantian and divine perception have all been broken by the lightning tribulation. It's going to be very troublesome but not entirely impossible to heal her body." They just needed to nurture it.

Feng Ying rejoiced, but Bitao continued, "As for why her spirit cannot return to her body - I cannot explain why." When Bitao finished speaking, both Feng Ying's and Roasted Chicken Gal's expressions darkened. Was there no solution, even in the immortal realm?

"Of course, it could be because my cultivation level is low," Bitao added.

They remained looking solemn and disappointed.

"Why not… we wait for Father Niu to come and take a look?" Shen Ying suggested. Chef was still healing and could not help them to look, but Father Niu might have a way.

"Niu…" Feng Ying paused and then finally recalled who Shen Ying was referring to. His heart leapt. Compared to the infuriating Shen Ying, Feng Ying took a much greater liking to her companion. "Brother Lonemoon has ascended to immortality as well!"

"What's wrong with me?" Just as she finished speaking, Lonemoon walked over. He finally finished the lightning tribulation and seemed to be in high spirits. "Hey, Father Niu." Shen Ying waved her hand. He was just in time - she already finished spending all the immortal stones.

She was just about to greet him when Feng Ying stepped forward.

"Brother Niu, you've finally arrived!"

"…" Who's your Brother Niu? Lonemoon frowned and scanned the burnt strangers in front of him. It was then that he realised who they were. "Tower Master Ying, you've ascended?" So he was the reason why Lonemoon had felt strange movements in the immortal Qi while he was going through the Heavenly Tribulation.

He turned around and glared at Shen Ying. His look seemed to say, "All you know how to do is to bring people back to eat our food and then act poor all the time!"

Feng Ying, on the other hand, did not feel an ounce of contempt. He just looked hopeful. "Niu… I mean, Brother Lonemoon, please help Little Yu." "What Little Yu?" Lonemoon turned and saw Qi  Chengyu. Holy shit! He glared at the foodie once again. You've brought back two of them! He decided to deduct her allowance.

"Fellow Immortal Bitao said that your cultivation level is the highest. You are her only hope now." He knelt down immediately.

Hmm, that sounds pleasing to the ears!

"Tower Master Ying, please do not stand on ceremony." Lonemoon reached out and helped Feng Ying to his feet. "Please tell me what's going on?" On account of your great boot-licking skills… "Although I am of the highest cultivation level here, I do still need to know what's going on, right?"

The hurt Yi Qing: "…"

Feng Ying began to tell Lonemoon everything that had happened. Lonemoon checked on Roasted Chicken Gal, then he shook his head and said, "I have no solution either." Feng Ying turned pale.

"I don't understand much about spirits. I have never seen anyone in a similar situation as her." Lonemoon paused to ponder and then added, "But… I heard that there's an immortal herb called the Dry Half-Moon. I heard that it can nourish spirits. It might be of some help."

"Really!" Feng Ying jumped. He was just about to ask where he could find this immortal herb.

"The Dry Half-Moon!" Bitao exclaimed, looking utterly surprised. That's a top-grade immortal herb, and it only grows on top of the Heavens beyond Heaven. That's the realm of the ten Celestial Emperors. Ordinary immortals have never seen this herb." And whatever nourishes a spirit is normally also good for the divine perception - these immortal herbs were all considered treasures.

[1] Meaning "Crazy Tower Master"

Chapter 158: Don't Eat Me

"Forget it," Qi Chengyu said as she stepped forward. "To live or to die is up to fate. Feng Ying, you don't have to-"

"No way!" Feng Ying sounded even more anxious. He ascended to immortality just to save her. How could he give up at this point in time? "Brother Lonemoon, do you know any way to get into the Heavens beyond Heaven? I will pay any price." He had been cultivating for several years yet it was only recently that he met a woman he fancied!

Lonemoon sighed, "Tower Master Ying, it's not that I don't want to help you. It's just that we haven't been in the upper world for very long and we've never been to the Heavens beyond Heaven. We don't know anyone who have as well, so…"

"I know," Shen Ying suddenly spoke up.

Everyone paused for a few seconds before they turned to face her. Each one of them looked shocked. Especially Feng Ying, who had been terribly unwilling to show gratitude to Shen Ying earlier. Now, he rushed to kneel down in front of her. "Shen Ying, I know you are a good person. I'm begging you to save Little Yu. I'll do anything you want me to. I would even give my life."

"Er…" It's not that she did not want to save her. She subconsciously shuffled away from Feng Ying. "It's not that I don't want to save her…" This man was so quick to make such
elaborate gestures all the time. Did the parenting system teach
him this?

Feng Ying thought Shen Ying was unwilling to help him. Suddenly, he began to panic. He thought for awhile, then tried his luck. "Grandma?"

Qi Chengyu: "…"

The crowd: "…"

Shen Ying: "…" Son of a b*tch! "Heh… Tower Master Ying, please don't be anxious!" Lonemoon looked absolutely helpless. He helped Feng Ying to his feet and glanced at Shen Ying. He asked, "Since when did you know anyone who have been to the Heavens beyond Heaven?"

"When I was sleep-walking," Shen Ying answered. "Didn't I tell you this before? The two little animals who wanted to kidnap the shortie were from the Heavens beyond Heaven. They were the ones who helped to bring her here."

"Little animals… The immortals you met were demon immortals?" Lonemoon paused. He had thought she meant spirit beasts, but she actually meant demon immortals. And they were from the Heavens beyond Heaven at that. "Why didn't you say so earlier? Where are they now?"

"I don't know." That's why she did not answer the baby immediately.

Lonemoon rolled his eyes. She's absolutely unreliable! He began to think how exactly they could get into contact with the demon immortals. Yu Hong, who had been standing by the side the entire time, suddenly spoke up, "Sect Master, are you referring to… two males, by any chance? One in a green robe and another in a black robe?"

"That's right!" How did you know that?

"Yu Hong, have you seen them?" Lonemoon asked eagerly.

"I… have." Yu Hong's expression was getting a little strange. "They're the ones who have been waiting at the bottom of this mountain to see Sect Master."


"They've been standing there for half a month."

"…" ——————

Almost as soon as the entrance to the mountain opened, the two figures flew toward the rear hall. In a flash, two strange figures appeared in front of everybody. Like Yu Hong described, one was in green and another in black.

"Greetings, Immortal…" Out of habit, Lonemoon began to greet the two immortals, but he was thrown backward by the gust of immortal Qi surrounding the two figures, which they had not suppressed in time. Lonemoon's eyes widened. Holy
shit! What the heck is that frighteningly intense immortal Qi?
Exactly what cultivation level are these demon immortals at?

"Yi Qing?" He subconsciously tugged at the sleeve of the person next to him, who was more sensitive to auras.

Yi Qing frowned and replied, "Celestial Emperors."

What? "…"

Shit! Little animals my ass! What exactly did this rotten foodie Shen Ying do while she was sleep-walking?

"Greetings, Exalted Goddess!"

Surprisingly, the two immortals bowed politely to Shen Ying.
Not a hair was out of place.

"Hey, it's been a long time since we last met!" Shen Ying waved at the two of them and gestured toward the empty space in front of her. "Come and sit down."

The two of them started, then they immediately shook their heads profusely.

"No, no, no! Little Immortals do not dare to. We are fine to remain standing." "Yes, yes, yes, it suits me well to remain standing. We like to stand."

You must be joking. They were here to ask for mercy. How would they dare to sit down? They had already been punished to stand at the foot of the mountain for half a month before Exalted Goddess' anger finally subsided.

Now, she's asking them to sit. Could it be…

The two of them subconsciously glanced at the table in front of Shen Ying. It was filled with various different types of meats, cooked in many different ways. The two of them began to tremble violently. Was this a threat? Was it a sign that she would cook them into one of these dishes if they did not do her bidding? She must have meant something along those lines!

How scary…

"Alright." Seeing that the two of them were unwilling, Shen Ying did not bother to force them. She continued, "Well… Thanks for all the trouble you went to for the shortie." Indeed, she had not forgotten about this. They were lucky that they refused to sit down.

Blackbird and his companion sighed in relief. They had spent half a month preparing their hearts to do  this.  Finally, Blackbird sucked up the courage and stepped forward. "Exalted… Exalted… Exalted Goddess, please forgive us. It's because… the immortal… immortal realm continent is  way too… too big. We spent four days looking for Qu Shuang City and another day looking for this particular hill. That was why we were late."

"Oh, it's alright." Shen Ying pointed to her side. "I asked you to come here for another matter. Come… Come over here and look at Roasted Chicken Gal's situation."

Roasted chicken!

The two of them exchanged a fearful look and  trembled. Then, they spotted the woman lying on the floor. She looked exactly like the spirit seated next to Exalted Goddess. "Yes!" The two of them rushed forward and took one hand each. The longer they studied her meridians, the paler they became. This person's internal injuries… It's obvious that she was burnt by something. They thought about Exalted Goddess referring to this woman as "Roasted Chicken Gal"…

Once again, they exchanged a fearful look. Horrible images
began to fill their mind. Was this person really roasted alive? Did Exalted Goddess… not even spare human cultivators when she was hungry?


They could not stop themselves from trembling as they continued to study the woman's meridians.

"How is she? Can she be saved?" Shen Ying suddenly asked.

The two of them almost jumped in fright. Fortunately, half a month of preparation did not go to waste. They swallowed the squeak that almost escaped their mouths. Blackbird sucked in a deep breath and replied, "Exalted… Exalted Goddess, this person's body has been burnt… severely, but she can recover. A tenth-grade immortal pill will do the trick. It's just that the life inside her body has ceased. If we want to allow the spirit to return to its body, we must restart the life inside the body." It did not matter what was the reason that Exalted Goddess changed her mind and decided to save the woman. They would just pretend they did not know what happened… Yes, they did not know anything!

"Oh…" So that's the reason why Roasted Chicken Gal could not return to her body. "Go on."

"My Phoenix Cry Palace used to have Dry Half-Moons that could help the spirit return to its body, but…" But the Phoenix Cry Palace had already been destroyed by Biao Ting. He did not know if he could still obtain it.

Biao Ting started and immediately raised his hand. "I have some! I have some! I have Half Dry-Moons! It can definitely help her recover." Stupid bird, didn't we say we would be brothers
through this calamity? How could he think about selling him
out? "Oh, sorry to trouble you, then." Shen Ying sighed in relief.
Finally, everything was settled.

"Exalted Goddess, you are way… way too kind. This is what we should… should do!" Biao Ting wiped the drops of cold perspiration from his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief himself. Suddenly, as if recalling something, he said, "The Half Dry-Moon must be eaten within half a minute of retrieving it for it to take effect, otherwise it would be useless. This… Immortal, if you want to recover, you must follow me to the Heavens beyond Heaven."

"Thank you, Fellow Immortals!" Feng Ying was elated. He had not imagined that the matter would be resolved this easily. It felt just like a dream.

Roasted Chicken Gal immediately bowed in thanks as well. Then, she turned to face Shen Ying and said, "Shen Ying, you have saved me once again."

"Don't worry about it." She had not done anything after all. She remembered something important, then turned to address the two demon immortals once more. "Oh yes, you two seem very proficient in diagnosing illnesses. Why don't you take a look at him while you're at it!"

She pointed to Yi Qing.

"Yes!" The two of them rushed to Yi Qing's side and studied the immortal Qi surrounding him. He had the aura of one who was ascending to become an emperor, but it was clear that he had not made it to the Emperor Ascension Stage. They casually asked, "Fellow Immortal, I wonder who…"

"Oh, he's my chef!" Shen Ying answered instinctively.

There was a strange silence.

Then, a thud.

The two of them were now on their knees because their jelly legs could no longer hold their weight. Che… Che… Chef. She has even prepared her Chef.

Didn't she say she would forgive them?

(; ́༎Д༎`)

Chapter 159: Toward Heavens beyond Heaven

Compared to Roasted Chicken Gal, Yi Qing was recovering faster. All he needed was a little more rest. If he went to the Emperor Ascension Stage and increased his cultivation level to become a Young Emperor, perhaps he would heal much faster, given that the immortal Qi surrounding his body would become richer as well.

It was coincidental that the Emperor Ascension Stage was also located at the Heavens beyond Heaven; only that they were at opposite ends. Since he would have to go there sooner or later, they decided that it was best they all went to Heavens beyond Heaven together- Shen Ying and Yi Qing would separate from the group to go to the Immortal Ascension Stage. Roasted Chicken Gal and Feng Ying would then follow Blackbird and Biao Ting, the two emperors, to obtain the Dry Half-Moon.

Once they left Invincible Sect, the two demon immortals finally relaxed a little. It was great – they were still alive! They had been worried for over half a month, but now they could finally breathe again.

Luckily, they were of use to Shen Ying, otherwise it was likely they would find themselves on Exalted Goddess' table by then. The two animals were so overjoyed that they treated Feng Ying and Qi Chengyu with extra kindness. Not only did they draw their top-grade immortal weapons to accompany them on the way, they even gave them an explanation of the Heavens beyond Heaven so that they would not be bored to death.

"Fellow Immortals, are you tired? Would you like to take a break? It would take us two more days to get to the Heavens beyond Heaven from here. We are in absolutely no hurry."

"That's right, Lady Qi, you're still a spirit and it's not convenient for you to travel so far and wide. I have a Soul Stabilising Pearl here that can help you to recuperate your Qi and energy. You might find it very useful."

"That's right. Fellow Immortal Ying, you're so gravely injured. I have a bottle of top-grade immortal pills here. Please hold on to it, and have one to aid the healing process. You can keep the rest of them for when you need them!"

Feng Ying: "…" Qi Chengyu: "…"

"Thank… Thank you, Celestial Emperors." Seeing as the two emperors were not likely to rest until they accepted the gifts, Feng Ying and Qi Chengyu reached out for the items that the emperors were holding out, thanking them.

"Feng Ying." Qi Chengyu tugged at Feng Ying's sleeve. She glanced at the two people's sincere looks and could not help but ask, "Are these two… really Celestial Emperors?" Are they really the strongest people in the immortal realm?

"They are… right?" Feng Ying was not so sure himself. Are the immortals in the immortal realm all this polite? Feng Ying saw that the two emperors were about to offer them more items, so he quickly said, "Thank you for all your hard work, Celestial Emperors. It is getting late, let us be on our way. We arranged to meet Shen Ying in about ten days at the Invincible Sect, so…"

Before he could finish speaking, the two Celestial Emperors trembled. Immediately, they straightened up and became pale. They no longer looked as relaxed as they did before. "Hurry, hurry, hurry, let us make our way to the Heavens beyond Heaven today!" They almost forgot that they were on a mission. With a swipe of their weapon, they travelled at a speed ten times higher than before.

Qi Chengyu, who almost lost her balance: "…"

Feng Ying, who recalled something: "…"

Did we accidentally wake Shen Ying from her nap?


On the other side.

The master and disciple both looked at the person in front of them in silence.

"What are you looking at?" Lonemoon glared at them. "You opened the Heavens beyond Heaven. Can't I go?" "Er… That's not it." Shen Ying scratched her head. "It's just that I thought you were going along with Feng Ying and the rest."

Yi Qing: "I second that."

Given Father Niu's greedy character, there was no reason he would give up two potential clients and go with them to the Emperor Ascension Stage instead. It just did not make any sense!

"Why would I follow their group?" Lonemoon rolled his eyes. He was not that close to them. "You two create trouble wherever you go – it seems to be ingrained in you. How can I leave the both of you alone?" He did not want to receive news of the mess that they left behind everywhere the next day. What's more, judging from the attitude that Blackbird and Biao Ting took toward them, it was likely that they would meet again often. Even if he wanted to do business with them, he would have plenty of opportunities to do so in future.

He had already instructed Feng Ying to collect information as well. With the help of the system, he would be able to detect even mushrooms growing thousands of miles away. With the hard numbers, he would be able to do his calculations and cheat… Pui! More like do business with them more efficiently.

"Hurry, hurry! Isn't the Emperor Ascension Stage very far away?" Lonemoon hurried them. "We said we would get it settled within ten days. We have more business to tend to once we get back, don't we? Stop wasting time, both of you."

Shen Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

We peasants indeed would never understand the world of the rich.

Although Father Niu rushed them the entire way, the three of them still took about five days to arrive at the Emperor Ascension Stage in the Heavens beyond Heaven. Actually, the Heavens beyond Heaven looked exactly like the Yu Feng Immortal Abode – It was connected to the Immortal Realm yet seemed entirely separate from it. As Yu Feng Immortal Abode was located at the boundaries of the immortal realm but the Heavens beyond Heaven was located right in the centre of it- and above in the skies. If one wanted to go up there, they would have to go through the Nine- Layered Palace Gates. Immortals from different continents guard each level. Only those who held that Celestial Emperor tokens could pass through the palace doors and go to the next level. However, the Emperor Ascension Stage was different; located at the far ends of the Heavens beyond Heaven. There was no need to pass through the Nine-Layered Palace Gates in order to get there.

The three of them flew directly up to the stage. All they saw for a couple of days was white immortal fog all around. After a long, hard journey, they saw a stage standing between two huge clouds. The stage was extremely wide – it looked like the training field back in their sect. There were no special infrastructure around the stage. It stood alone in the skies.

From far away, they could feel an immense pressure emitting from the stage. Lonemoon paused for awhile to prepare himself. He sucked in a deep breath and flew toward the stage.

The moment they landed, a white figure appeared in front of them. "Greetings, Fellow Immortals." The person was dressed in white robes and had a head full of white hair. He was grinning at Yi Qing. His eyes twinkling, he bowed. "Young Majesty."

There were three levels of emperors in the immortal realm. Those who were ascending to become Young Emperors would be addressed as "Young Majesty"; those who were becoming Immortal Emperors would be addressed as "Exalted Majesty"; and those who were becoming Celestial Emperors would be addressed as "Celestial Majesty". The man had been working at the Emperor Ascension Stage for many years. Naturally, he could tell that Yi Qing was the one who had come to ascend into young emperorship.

"Congratulations on your fast-growing cultivation level, Young Majesty." The man smiled kindly at Yi Qing. Without further ado, he stepped forward and said, "I am the immortal who guards the Emperor Ascension Stage. All the Celestial Majesties have sent me here to explain matters to the new Immortal Majesties. Please follow me, Fellow Immortals."

As he led all of them up the Emperor Ascension Stage, he pointed to the centre of the stage and turned to Yi Qing. "Young Majesty, please stand on the heavenly stone in the middle of the stage. A white beam of light will appear. Young Emperor will only need to suck in the immortal Qi and wait for a minute."

"Thank you, Fellow Immortal." Yi Qing nodded and walked toward the center of the stage.

Shen Ying and Lonemoon followed subconsciously, but they were stopped by the immortal guard. "Please stop here, Fellow Immortals. Only immortals who are about to ascend may step onto the Emperor Ascension Stage."

"Oh." The two of them stepped back obediently and looked worriedly at the man standing in the centre of the stage. Afterall, he was not fully recovered.

"Do not worry, Fellow Immortals," the immortal guard reassured them, as if reading their minds. "Young Majesty will be alright. Ascending to emperorship is different from enduring tribulations. There will only be a heavenly light, which will be highly beneficial to his cultivation. There is no danger."

"There's no heavenly tribulation?" Lonemoon stared blankly at him. He thought that the immortal guard stopped them to keep them from getting hurt by the lightning tribulation!

"Exalted Immortal, you are joking," the immortal guard sniggered. "It is a good thing to ascend into emperorship. Why should there be a lightning tribulation? Being able to come onto this Emperor Ascension Stage is considered a reward to those who make it. But… in future when he ascends to become an Immortal Emperor or Supreme Celestial Emperor, he would no longer need to come here again."

"I see." Lonemoon nodded, not thinking much of what the guard said. He turned back to look at Yi Qing in the centre of the stage.

Chapter 160: Becoming a Young Emperor

Yi Qing sat with his legs folded, ready to become an emperor. The moment he closed his eyes, he felt an explosion of immortal Qi. The clouds around him flew upward and a blinding white light shone down from the skies onto his body.

The immortal Qi became thicker and thicker until Yi Qing could feel the pressure all over him. He felt himself being pushed back. The immortal guard, who had undoubtedly seen this countless times before, knew exactly what to do. From out of nowhere, an array appeared, protecting himself, Shen Ying and Lonemoon.

The immortal Qi on the stage was becoming thicker still. Under the golden light, Yi Qing's aura seemed to be expanding before their very eyes. Lonemoon recognised the heavenly light as being similar to the one he saw when he ascended into immortality, except this time was more intense. The suppression that came with the light was frightening. They could feel its effect on their chests even from within the array.

The immortal guard was right – about the Immortal Ascension Stage being a privilege that was only given to people who made it to the cultivation level. Not only was there no heavenly tribulation, he could increase his cultivation immediately. Only… one had to be quite formidable to be able to endure the suppression of Heaven and Earth. Lonemoon knew that he would not be able to endure it yet.

Hmph! This bunch of cheaters!

"What's that?" Shen Ying suddenly looked up at the sky.

"What?" Lonemoon followed her gaze. They did not know when a rainbow-coloured cloud appeared in the sky. Within it, something was glowing. "The lightning tribulation?" I thought there wasn't going to be any?

"It's the Emperor Sealing Lightning!" The immortal guard explained. "It's nothing. It appears whenever someone ascends to become an emperor. Once the Lightning Seal descends, he would become an emperor officially."

Just as the guard finished speaking, they heard a loud crash. What looked like a flash of lightning struck Yi Qing in  the middle of his forehead, who was sitting below the cloud. Yi Qing showed no visible reaction, but a red mark appeared where the lightning struck him. It was just one strip.

Shen Ying frowned and looked up at something in the sky.

This lightning…

"The Emperor Seal is done!" The immortal guard exclaimed.

Indeed, the immortal Qi around Yi Qing disappeared immediately. The heavenly light began fading.

"Congratulations on becoming an emperor, Young Majesty!" The immortal guard bowed.

Lonemoon snorted and said to Yi Qing, who was walking toward them, "I'm letting you get ahead for now, but I will catch up to you soon. Shen Ying, you… Eh? Shen Ying? Shen Ying!" It was only then that Lonemoon realised Shen Ying was still staring at the sky. He nudged her. "Huh?"

"What's the matter? Have you lost your mind? What are you looking at?"

"Oh… Nothing." Shen Ying regained her composure and looked at Yi Qing. "Chef, how are you?"

"Master…" Yi Qing's eyes were twinkling. His Master really cared for him he most. "My wounds are completely healed. And… the immortal Qi in my body feels fuller than ever before." This was the first time he felt the increase in his cultivation level so palpably.

"What about the sword Qi?" Shen Ying suddenly asked.

"Sword… Qi?" Yi Qing paused. He suddenly recalled something and quickly surveyed his own sword Qi. He seemed confused when he said, "I think… it's the same as before." It did not feel any different. "Oh…" Shen Ying narrowed her eyes but did not question him any further. She turned to Lonemoon and said, "Father Niu, can we go back now? I'm really hungry!"

"All you think about all day is eating. Be careful you don't eat to death!" Lonemoon glared at her. Still, he obligingly turned to the immortal guard to say farewell.

"Let's go, Chef!" Shen Ying rushed Yi Qing to draw his flying sword.

"Yes Master, no problem Master!"

The three of them made their way back to the sect.


At Invincible Sect. Shen Ying and her companions walked into the rear hall and bumped into Roasted Chicken Gal and Feng Ying. The two of them had arrived the day earlier. Qi Chengyu's injuries were almost completely healed, and she was no longer just a spirit. She was already good-looking to begin with, but now, dressed in red-robes, she looked exceptionally beautiful. She made Feng Ying, who was beside her, look like a brute.

"Shen Ying!" Once she saw her, Qi Chengyu ran forward and hugged her. She worriedly fired questions at rapid speed, "What took you so long? Did you get into trouble? I was just thinking of going to find you. Did you meet with any difficulties on your way back? Did you get injured? Did anyone bully you? I'll beat them for you!"

Feng Ying: "…"

Yi Qing: "…"

Both of their expressions darkened. Both of them looked at the girls with murderous intent. Little bastard, both of them thought at the same time.

"Er… I'm alright." Shen Ying struggled to loosen Qi Chengyu's grip. She didn't recall Roasted Chicken Gal being this affectionate before.

"Tower Master Ying!" Lonemoon's eyes lit up when he spotted Feng Ying. "You must have had a difficult journey. Did you gain anything from the trip?" Quick, come and  exchange information. Let's see what we can get out of the Heavens beyond Heaven. As Lonemoon spoke, he led Feng Ying to the stone table beside them.

"Brother Lonemoon, please call me Feng Ying." Feng Ying glanced at Qi Chengyu and realised that she was still fussing over Shen Ying. She did not even seem to notice him. Suddenly, he felt bloated with anger. Little Yu no longer loves me, sad…

"It's a good thing that you're alright," Qi Chengyu continued to tug at Shen Ying, scanning her from head to toe. She was acting like Shen Ying's mother. "Are you tired from the journey? Do you want to rest? Yes, why are you always wearing that grey and dull robe? I can cast spells and summon talismans now – I am much better. Do you want me to make a couple of robes for you? I can make inner garments, outer robes, bottoms and even…" She giggled and lowered her voice, "Bras! What colour do you like?"

"…" Why did Shen Ying feel like she was being fussed over by a weird auntie?

"It's… it's alright." Shen Ying frowned and attempted to change the topic. "Well… I'm really hungry. Let's cook in the rear hall."

Qi Chengyu perked up and turned around to open the door. "Alright, let's go in…"

Just as she was pushing the door open, a growl sounded from inside.

"Be careful!" Yi Qing exclaimed. He had been by Shen Ying's side the entire time and was now hugging Shen Ying and retreating. "Master, are you alright?" "I'm fine." Shen Ying looked ahead and saw that a bunch of long and round things covered the floor. Qi Chengyu had no time to react – she was nearly buried under all of it.

"Little Yu!" Feng Ying flew to her side and helped Roasted Chicken Gal up. She seemed to have stepped on something and tripped. He, too, lost his footing and fell down with a thud.

"What kind of secret weapon is this?" He grimaced as he tried to stand up amidst the rolling things. He picked one of them up. Eh, this looks familiar. Is this… a potato?

How can such ordinary things exist in the immortal realm? Is it the potato spirit?

The few of them looked up and saw that there were not only potatoes all over the ground. There were red potatoes, radish vegetation spirits, garlic and many different types of vegetables. What's more, they filled the entire house.

Shen Ying had a bad feeling. She turned to face Yi Qing. "Chef, don't tell me…" you planted these? Yi Qing's expression darkened. In a flash, he disappeared into the rear hall. Within three seconds, he emerged, looking even angrier. He nodded at her and said, "Yes!" He had planted these vegetables. He was planning to use them to cook dishes for Master when he returned.

"How many did you pluck?"

"I plucked every last one of them."


Shen Ying glanced at the balcony and saw the three dandelions that were particularly eye-catching. Suddenly, she knew who brought all the vegetables here.
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