My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 91-100

Chapter91: Don’t Die Anymore

“Master!” Zhu Yao jolted, and was instantly  dumbfounded. She had waited ten days for an answer, but she did not expect that what she waited for was his decision to ascend. The hell, this was definitely a godly development. “I’m getting  along quite well, and I don’t mind who it was who brought me to this world, and what he’s planning to do. There’s no need for master to help me investigate at all.”

“Stupid!” Yu Yan shook his head, yet his expression was especially gentle, as he stroked her head. “I have already lived in this world for nearly twenty thousand years. Even if I don’t ascend, there’s a need for me to enter the reincarnation cycle, and similarly, I will still leave this world that way.”

“…” The hell, she had forgotten that even practitioners had their own lifespan. Was master reaching the end of his lifespan? This was the first time she ever despised her master’s age. She finally managed to enlighten him, yet, they had to once again experience separation. This was only a little worse than being friendzoned. “Master, when are you going to ascend?”

“Tomorrow!” Zhu Yao lowered her head. It was no wonder he went missing so frequently in these recent days, he had been preparing the matters for his ascension. And the reason why so many formations had suddenly appeared on Jade Forest Mountain, was most probably preparations for his ascension as well.

“Alright!” Zhu Yao clenched her teeth, and finally managed to suppress the sourness that was constantly being emitted from her heart. Taking a deep breath, she took a step forward, hugged the back of his head, aimed at his lips, and strongly bit it. “Don’t worry, I will head up to look for you very soon. You just have to wait patiently up in the sky. And I will say this again, if you dare to fool around with flowers and tender grass, I will castrate you when I see you!”

Yu Yan did not say anything, and simply smiled gently. It was the first time Zhu Yao had ever saw his smile in the truest meaning. That smile was something she could not describe with words, she simply felt that the most beautiful thing in the world would still be unable to compare to his current expression. She simply wanted to kiss onto it, and hide that smile, which only belonged to her.

On the day of Yu Yan’s ascension, Zhu Yao watched the entire process from the peak of Jade Forest Mountain. On that day, the sky of the entire cultivation world was covered with heavy bolts of tribulation lightning. Nine types of Ascension Heavenly Lightning. Each bolt of lightning was larger than the entire Jade Forest Mountain, and every single one of them struck towards her master, lighting up the entire sky.

She was standing not far from him, as she dumbfoundedly watch that person who had been standing at the center with a straight back, as though he was receiving those bolts of tribulation lightning without even feeling an itch. Even his clothes did not have a single crease from the strikes.

A total of eighty-one lightning strikes.

A welcoming light of various colors descended from the sky, and it’s as though a heavenly sound could be heard. Countless heavenly laws could be faintly sensed. And hundreds of birds cried out in unison, as they circled around that heavenly light.

That figure she was extremely familiar with, slowly rose towards that sky.

Her heart felt empty, and she was unable to discern what it was missing. Until he lowered his head, and hastily called her out. “Zhu Yao.” It seemed like he had some things to tell her.

She was startled for a moment, before she flew towards that colorful radiance, and stopped a feet away from him. “Master?”

Yu Yan reached one of his hands out, circled around her back, and gently pushed her. She fell into his embrace just like that, and she nestled against his chest.

On the day her master ascended, he told her two things.

The first: “I shall wait for you up above!”

Mn… She kind of felt that something was off?

The second: “Stop dying randomly already!”

Mn… She still felt that there’s something strange here?

After telling her these two things, her master had even done something very embarrassing. With lightning speed, he kissed her, and then, as though he was escaping from the site of crime, he ascended.

Zhu Yao held… her painful teeth which were struck by his forceful kiss, and was left completely speechless. Master, if you don’t know how to kiss, say so earlier. Come back, I can teach you!

In any case, the incident on that day caused a very huge commotion. Because of that ascension event, on that day, seemingly all of the Ancient Hill Sect disciples had came out to spectate it. All of them hoped to comprehend a hint of the heavenly laws during his ascension. Hence, on that day, the entire sect was stunned by the scene. Although they might not have seen that lightning speed smooch, when her master called for her before he left, everyone had heard it extremely clearly.

“Little… Little martial aunt.” Sect Master Zi Mo was currently shocked to the extent where his jaw was about to fall off. He simply looked dumbfoundedly at the person floating in the air.

Though, the little girl behind him had happily stretched out her head, and her smile was especially bright. “Master.” “Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded with a prideful and cold attitude. She knew that currently, the entire sect most probably had the intentions to discuss some gossips. However, naturally, she did not want to explain her own love story, hence, she showed the official expression which her master had most oftenly used. Prideful, and cold.

“Little martial aunt, you… how did you return?” It must be said that Zi Mo was thoroughly shocked. Didn’t this  little martial aunt of his fall two hundred years ago? But why was she currently standing in front of him, alive and well? And he was even unable to determine her cultivation. This was definitely illogical.

“I had some encounters.” Zhu Yao basically did not plan to explain at all, as she glanced at the little bun behind him. “Send my disciple to the Jade Forest Mountain a month later.”

After finishing her words, without even waiting for his reaction, she flew back to Jade Forest Mountain, and along the way, she sealed the formations as well.

That’s right, elder sister is this prideful and cold. Before her master left, he gave Zhu Yao his storage ring. In other words, she had inherited all of his wealth. While managing his remnant- ah pui! While she was managing his wealth, she found a bag filled with mystic weapons and mystic tools. There were even books on Mystic Arts and Secret Skills, materials for refining weapons, and etcetera. Looking at all these, her head began to ache.

The hell, there was basically everything here, but why wasn’t there even a single piece of spirit stone? Weren’t spirit stones the currency used in the cultivation world? Her master was actually poor to the extent that he did not even have a single piece.

Zhu Yao could slightly feel a little squeeze in her heart. Could it be that she had to first sell these weapons if she wanted to spend money in the future?

After confirming that there really wasn’t a single piece of spirit stone, Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and took out a book of Mystic Art. This was the Five Lightning Art which her master had told her to familiarize with as fast as possible. Her cultivating speed was fast, but, there wasn’t much improvements to her Mystic Arts. The reason why her master gave her permission to take in her disciple only after a month later, was to give her this period of time to familiarize herself with Mystic Arts as fast as possible, and to stabilize her current realm.

She did not know if any conflicts would occur while training in human practitioner’s Mystic Arts in her current body, after all, she was now a dragon. However, there wasn’t a single bit of discomfort when she used the Mystic Arts she had learnt before. It seemed like the methods to cultivate were all the same.

Zhu Yao decided to head into close-door training under the cold lake for a month. Only when she saw the water reflection, did Zhu Yao finally understand why Zi Mo was so certain when he called her little martial aunt. The hell, the look of her human form, looked exactly the same as her initial body when she first crossed over into this world.

Zhu Yao missed this look of hers a little, after all, this was her true look. Sesame had said that when a demonic beast take on a human form, it would transform into a look which it thought would be the most perfect. However, she had never thought that she was perfect, at the very least, her chest was not perfect!

Zhu Yao was a little upset. Though, it was good that she knew the Transformation Art. At worst, she could one day change into another look to play around with. A month passed by in a blink of an eye, though, it was still sufficient for her to familiarize herself with all of the Lightning Mystic Arts. In the storage ring, other than the various Mystic Arts, there were also two Jade Arts which caught her attention. One was a Jade Art in regards to the weapon refinement aspect. Using her divine sense to inspect it, she realized that, other than the methods to refining weapons, some of her master’s experiences were inside as well. While the other was in regards to formations of the five elements. Inside, arrangements and the controlling methods of various formations were recorded in detail.

Her master specialized in weapon refinement and formations, and he especially had very deep knowledge of formations. In the cultivation world, there were no formations created by anyone else which could beat her master’s, and even the Great Mountain Barrier Formation of Ancient Hill Sect was designed by her master as well. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and decided to first learn about formations. Her master once taught her a few simple formations, but, after all, she was the successor to Jade Forest Mountain, if her expertise in formations was too weak, wouldn’t that shame her master’s name? Mn, she definitely had to make up for this aspect.

Just when she pulled out that Mystic Art Jade Tablet, she suddenly realized something white was placed at the very corner of the ring, and it even looked rather familiar. When Zhu Yao retrieved it to have a look, she realized it was actually a jade pendant, and it even looked the same as the jade pendant her master used to hide his body back at “Tasyoluk”.

It seemed to be a leftover.

However, this jade pendant did not have her master’s divine sense. With yearning thoughts, Zhu Yao held onto it, and after pondering for a moment, she decided to wear it, as a keepsake.

When Zhu Yao walked out of the cold lake, she sensed a presence approaching, and it seemed to be a disciple from the Sword Mountain. WIlling her divine sense, she unsealed the Jade Forest Mountain’s formations. In but a moment, a disciple wearing the sect’s uniform arrived at the mountain peak.

“This disciple greets grand-martial aunt!”

“What is it?”

“The Sect Master had instructed this disciple to invite grand- martial aunt over to the Main Mountain to participate in the Spirit Vein Ceremony.” The disciple said. Only then did Zhu Yao recall that children born in the cultivation world would have their Spirit Vein tested for the first time when they were five years old. Bao Bao was Zi Mo’s daughter, so naturally, it would be a matter of utmost importance to him. Theoretically speaking, since Zi Mo was a Dual-Spirit Vein Holder, and his wife was a Dual-Spirit Vein Holder as well, their child’s Spirit Veins would not be  that worse off either.

If there’s something to blame, it would be the great fame that Jade Forest Mountain possessed. In history, only Lightning Spirit Vein Disciples had ever been accepted in. So, naturally, a child like this, who had already been accepted as a disciple when her Spirit Veins had yet to be tested, would cause dissatisfaction among the people. Hence, this ceremony that Zi Mo intentionally made, was simply a way to give his own daughter some support.

Zhu Yao understood this completely.

Hence, following that disciple, they arrived at the great hall in the Main Mountain.

When she arrived, there were already many people in the hall. Not only were there the various Mountain Lords, there were the Nascent Soul elders of various sects, and even the three Sovereigns were present as well. Feng Yi was sitting on one of the highest seats. She had once again restored that mountain- top flower look she always had, but, her eyes no longer had the prideful look they once had, instead, they evidently looked dead and solemn.

Recalling the matters of back then, Zhu Yao still felt a little awkward. Forcing herself to bring out an ice-cold expression, she walked over, and unreservedly, sat at the very center. As someone who came from the Jade Forest Mountain, she had to be as mighty as this, after all, since she was taking in a disciple, she was the leading role today.

Other than Feng Yi, the other two Sovereigns were a little surprised as they turned their heads to look at her. Others were unable to see it, but the three people were able to see it all too clearly. The cultivation level of this legendary little junior- martial sister who reappeared after two hundred years of disappearance, had already reached the Demigod-stage. A Demigod in two hundred years? What kind of joke was this?

The two of them silently suppressed their shock. Were all of the practitioners of Jade Forest Mountain this monstrous? The two of them silently made contact, and then, they silently looked at Zi Mo. They began to wonder if the main lead testing her Spirit Veins today, would be raised into a little monster in the future as well.

Zi Mo first acted courteously. After seeing that everyone had arrived, he then instructed a few words, and had someone bring her own daughter out.

Bao Bao’s name was Xia Lewei. That’s right, the Sect Master’s surname was Xia, not Zi. Zi Mo was simply his Daoist title.

Xia Lewei was brought out by the Sect Master’s wife. Initially, she was obediently and quietly holding onto her mother’s hand, but when she saw Zhu Yao, she instantly got excited, and cutely called out. “Master!”

If she had not been held by the Sect Master’s wife, the little radish would have already charged over.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao lightly responded, as a form of reply. Then, she continued to act prideful and cold.

Fool around with flowers and tender grass: Basically, it’s fooling around with women behind Zhu Yao’s back. By the way, I wonder if anyone realized that “Tasyoluk” is actually a pun. Tas-yo-luk… Test your luck!

Chapter92: Pure Yin Physique

Zi Mo waved his hand, and a crystal ball instantly floated in the air. It was exactly the ball used to test Spirit Veins.

“Bao Bao, come, place your hand onto it.” zi Mo spoke to his daughter with a smile. An one year old child could already be tested for his or her Spirit Veins, however, if the child was too young, the test crystal which was filled with spiritual energy might harm the child instead. Usually, most children  would wait till they were five before testing theirs. Hence, even he did not know just what Spirit Veins his daughter possessed. But, he was very confident.

At that moment, the entire place quietened down, their gazes looked towards the little girl in the center one after another.

Probably it was her first time facing this many people, the little girl was a little anxious. She glanced at her own parents, and then, weakly turned her head to glance at Zhu Yao as well. Only when she saw her nod, did she finally feel at ease and place her little hand on the crystal ball.

The entire place stared at the changes in that crystal ball. Beginning from the little girl’s palm, a small amount of blue light leaked out, and it slowly spread in the crystal ball. After but a moment, it had already filled up half of the crystal ball.

Good. Zi Mo silently praised in his heart. usually, the purer a Spirit Vein was, the more space its color would take in the ball. For hers to be able to fill up half of the ball was already considered to be a pretty good Spirit Vein. As long as another type of Spirit Vein appear, even if it was a Tri-Spirit Vein, she would still be able to obtain great achievements in her cultivation.

However… Just when everyone was still waiting with bated breaths, that blue color, slowly, bit by bit, spread throughout the entire ball, until it had filled up the entire ball, and had turned it into a completely blue ball.

Zi Mo’s heart which was still praising her earlier, instantly sank to the depths of the abyss.

Everyone present began to let out gasps, one after another.

“No, this is impossible!” Zi Mo’s expression instantly turned white as snow. He quickly pulled onto his daughter’s hand, and the color in the crystal ball disappeared. Then, he had her pressed onto it once again. However, the result was the same as before, only a single blue color had filled the crystal ball. A single color represented a single Spirit Vein, and blue was…

“Heavens. It’s the Water Heavenly Spirit Vein.”

“It’s the Pure Yin Physique!”

“Pure Yin Physique, then isn’t that a furnace…”

“And it’s even a perfect one…”

The entire place was now filled with the voices of discussions. The people in the sect were still rather well-behaved, as all of them looked at the little girl with a hint of pity in their eyes. While those practitioners outside the sect who were invited to participate, did not have any second thoughts at all. They began to inspect that little girl, who was barely five years old, from head to toe, and their eyes were filled with the luster of greed which they did not even bother to hide.

Zi Mo’s face had already paled to the extent where not a single hint of the color of blood could be seen, as though he had been struck by an extremely huge blow, and was unable to react over it.

While the little child, whom he had been tightly holding onto, had begun to fluster as well. Children were the most sensitive, and adding those eyes that were inspecting her with malicious intents, she was even more frightened. She wanted to hide, yet, she was grabbed tightly onto by her own father. Mists had already begun to form in her eyes.

“Sect Master Zi Mo, this one has a son, who had just  broke into Foundation, and is rather compatible with your daughter.” Finally, a Nascent Soul practitioner, who had been watching for quite a while, could not help but speak up. He was the Sect Master of Nightrise Sect, and claimed that, as son and daughter of Sect Masters, they should be extremely compatible. That was a possessor of a Pure Yin Physique who could only be seen once in several tens of thousands of years. As a perfect furnace, no matter how poor the Spirit Veins was of her practitioner-pair companion, he would still be able to reach the Nascent Soul stage.

After he spoke up, it seemed to have broke the awkwardness of everyone present. The Nascent Soul elders, Sect Masters, or even personal succeeding disciples from the various sects, had begun to speak up and ask for her hand one after another.

Zi Mo was furious to the extent that he had almost puke out blood, however, there was nothing he could do. The daughter whom he had yearned for so many years, was actually a possessor of the Water Heavenly Spirit Vein. Water Mystic Arts could not even be used to protect oneself, which meant that she was destined to be a mere furnace for her entire life. However, that was his daughter, the precious pearl in the palm of his hand. How could he be willing?

The little radish had already been frightened by this scene, as though she had faintly understood the current situation, she bit her lips as beads of water began to fall.

While the rest of the people were still in a heated discussion of the matter of the little girl’s practitioner-pair.

Zhu Yao frowned, and her might was instantly released from her body. Everyone present, except the three Sovereigns, and Zi Mo and the little radish whom she had intentionally bypassed, fell down one after another.

And even a few Azoth-stage disciples, had already puked out a mouthful of blood.

In an instant, the great hall was in a strange silence.

Zhu Yao walked down from the high seats. She did not intentionally circle around the people that was crawling on the ground, instead, she simply had a Wind Mystic Art attached to her legs. Hence, with her every step, as though she was sweeping the floor, the people that were blocking her path were swept to the two sides.

Walking straight towards Zi Mo, she lowered her head and looked towards the radish whose face was still stained with little tears.

And she coldly said. “Kneel, admit me as your master!”

“Little martial aunt!” Zi Mo instantly widened his eyes. Before he could be shocked by the fact that she was actually a Demigod, he was moved by that light, single sentence of hers. Tears could not help but surge out of his pair of old eyes.

Zhu Yao however, did not even looked at him, as she kept staring at the little radish, and said it once again. “Kneel.”

Only then did Zi Mo finally react, as he hurriedly pulled his daughter, and had her undergo the master honoring ritual.

The little radish’s tear stains had yet to dry, however, she somehow understood the situation. After heavily kowtowing towards her, she was no longer as energetic as before, as she looked at Zhu Yao with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded and hinted for her to stand up. Focusing her mind, she tapped on her little forehead. A blood- colored cloud-like marking, then appeared at the center of the forehead.

The mark of a personal succeeding disciple. This time, Zi Mo really cried. He hurriedly rubbed away the tears in his eyes, and for the first time, hugged his fist and bowed towards her. “Thank you, martial-aunt.”

Zhu Yao coldly glanced at him, as she still maintained her cold and prideful look. Don’t be infatuated with elder sis, elder sis is but a legend. Slightly turning her body, she once again strengthened her pressure, especially towards those Nascent Soul practitioners who had once asked Zi Mo for his daughter’s hand in marriage. And, she only stopped when she could faintly see stains of blood at the corner of their lips.

“She’s now my disciple. If you wish to ask for her hand in marriage, look for me in Jade Forest Mountain!” I won’t kill you.

After saying that, she carried her disciple, and disappeared into thin air. This lady is tyrannical like this, come and bite me if you dare.

Only then did the large crowd of practitioners, who crawling on the ground, finally react. That person earlier was actually the Sovereign of Jade Forest Mountain. Heavens, that place which always produced monstrous practitioners. Wasn’t it said that Sovereign Yu Yan had already ascended a month ago? How could there be another Demigod Sovereign? And that terrifying pressure earlier…

Only then did the crowd began to wipe off their cold sweat, as they reflected on their own death-seeking actions earlier. Although the Pure Yin Physique was very enticing, it was still very frightening to offend a Demigod-stage  practitioner, alright? Especially when that person came from the Jade Forest Mountain.

The reason why Jade Forest Mountain was famous, was not merely because of Yu Yan, the number one of the cultivation world who had just ascended earlier, rather, it’s their terrifying strength. Almost every successor of Jade Forest Mountain was the master of the unreasonable, and they were especially famous for their – justification ability.

The reason why they dared to openly ask Zi Mo for his daughter’s hand, was because they knew that, as a Sect Master, he would not do anything out of line. Adding that most of the people asking for her hand were Nascent Soul practitioners like him, for his Sect’s reputation, he would not dare to reject openly.

However, it was different if it’s the Jade Forest Mountain. All of the practitioners produced from there were monsters, if any one of them was irritated, he or she would definitely destroy their entire family. The Nascent Soul Reverends who spoke of having his daughter’s hand earlier, could not help but feel anxious in the depths of their hearts, as they hurriedly bid farewell and headed home. They hoped that person of Jade Forest Mountain would not remember them and collect debts from them in the future.

Zhu Yao brought the frightened little radish back to Jade Forest Mountain. The moment they landed, she started to bawl out. Zhu Yao had never been good with little radishes. The only thing she could do was pat on her head and console her with a few words, yet, they were still unable to stop the little radish from crying out a river.

Just when she was at a loss of what to do, the little radish suddenly stopped crying by herself. As she sniffled, she sadly asked. “Master, what’s the Pure Yin Physique?”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was instantly stunned by this question, as she fell into a difficult position. How should she put it? The explanation of this term was simply too inappropriate for children.

“Is it really, really bad?” The little radish raised up her face which was filled with tear-stains, her eyes faintly looked as though tears were about to flood out once again.

“It’s not that.” Zhu Yao hesitantly explained, as she stroked her little head. The little radish struggled, and once again flew into her embrace, her tone carried extreme sorrow. “Then why does everyone dislike Bao Bao, even though Bao Bao didn’t do anything bad? Why does everyone dislike Bao Bao?”

Zhu Yao sighed. She did not know where she should start explaining from, and could only hugged her even more tightly. “Don’t worry, master’s here.”

Since she had taken in a disciple, then it would be her responsibility from now on. She had a faint premonition, that BUG on her face, might be related to her Spirit Vein. Most probably, because of everyone’s desire to possess the Pure Yin Physique, it caused her personality to distort, and then, ideas of destroying the world began to grow in her mind.

But this time, Zhu Yao was here, and she would definitely not give her the chance to go haywire. When she thought of this, Zhu Yao pulled out the little girl out of her embrace, and began to teach her with a serious expression.

“Bao Bao, no, wait! I should call you Xia Lewei. In the future, you will be my Jade Forest Mountain’s only  disciple. Remember, Jade Forest Mountain never takes in cowardly disciples. No matter what your Spirit Vein is, before you’re strong enough, master will be able to protect you from harm. But that must definitely not become a reason for you to become weak, understand?”

The little radish was startled, although she did  not understand her words completely, she still nodded. Hesitating for a moment, she then weakly asked. “Then… If I’m strong, will everyone like me?”

“I can’t guarantee that everyone will like you.” Zhu Yao told her honestly. “But I can guarantee that people will not dare to bully you.”

The little radish frowned, as she still did not understand her words completely. However, there was no rush, as Zhu Yao could teach her slowly.

After telling her things like ‘study well’ and ‘make progress every day’ in detail, Zhu Yao arranged her to stay in the little straw cottage which she had lived in before. She had the urge to pull out and show off those glorious and beautiful houses which belonged to her master, however, one could only grow in adversity, so she held it in. As for herself, naturally, she slept in the house which belonged to her master.

Zhu Yao looked at the familiar tables and chairs, as she sat on the only bed in the house. The entire house was filled with her master’s scent. Though, this was not the first time she had lived in her master’s room. When she was in version 2.0, in order to conveniently take care of her, master had always slept with her. But, this was the only time which made her feel that, the house was so scarily cold and quiet.

It had only been a month since her master ascended, yet, she had already begun to feel unaccustomed to it.

Chapter93: Jade Forest’s Naming Tradition

On the early morning of the second day, Zhu Yao went straight to look for Zi Mo, and understood the matter about the Pure Yin Physique in detail.

The so-called Pure Yin Physique referred to disciples with only a single Water Spirit Vein. Because the main property of the Water Spirit Vein was gentleness, all disciples with the Water Spirit Vein had great natural comprehensive ability towards the Healing Arts.

If we were to use online gaming terms, she possessed an innate cleric physique. But the clerics of the cultivation world, were not necessary in parties and dungeon raids. Because the method of healing with the Water Spirit Vein, mainly revolved around inserting their own spiritual energy into their targets’ bodies, to heal their injuries. This method was very quick, but, it was extremely dangerous. Because of the mutual clash between the five different attributes of Spirit Veins, if an non- identical spiritual energy were to be inserted to the target’s body, it would bring about the rejection by the target’s innate spiritual energy, and the target might die at a faster pace instead of actually being healed. This was also why, during the Feng Yi Rescue Operation, Zi Mo sent her, whom he thought had the same Wood Spirit Vein as Feng Yi, and there was not a single person who objected to it. It’s because of the fact that their spiritual energy would not clash.

But this rule did this not apply towards the Water Spirit Vein. Water had a gentle property, and was the most stable out of all of the different types of spiritual energy. If the Water Spirit Vein was used to heal, when water spiritual energy was inserted into the target’s body, not only would it not cause rejection, instead, it would be absorbed and fused into the target’s spiritual energy, turning into the target’s spiritual energy.

This was the reason why the Water Spirit Vein was so welcomed, but, this also brought about a malpractice. Because the spiritual energy could be absorbed by the person himself, after inserting the spiritual energy into the target’s body, wouldn’t that mean the healer’s own spiritual energy was taken away? Hence, someone harbored evil thoughts for those who possessed the Water Spirit Vein. By forcefully mating with disciples who possessed the Water Spirit Vein, other disciples could absorb the spiritual energy from their bodies, and raise their own cultivation.

And the people who had their spiritual energy harvested, were termed as furnaces. Most practitioners who possessed a Water Spirit Vein had many other Spirit Veins as well, if one was not willing, during the harvesting process, other types of spiritual energy might be carried along as well. Hence, the more affinity one had towards the Water Spirit Vein, the purer the spiritual energy harvested would be.

As for someone who only possessed a single Water Spirit Vein. Naturally, without saying, there wasn’t a need to worry about harvesting process at all.

However, Heavenly Spirit Veins were very rare, and it was especially so for the Water Heavenly Spirit Vein. Ever since the start of the Ancient Era, practitioners who possessed the Water Heavenly Spirit Vein numbered less than a hundred. And, they had either died under the hands of the harvesters, or died while being harvested.

That was also the reason why Zi Mo was in such a panic when he saw that his daughter had the Heavenly Water Spirit Vein.

Naturally, things like furnaces did not have a good reputation. Though, the act would not be disgraced if they were husband and wife, and only heretic practitioners would illegally raise a few furnaces. However, who could resist the temptation of raising one’s cultivation? Although one in the just faction would not daringly and openly raise a furnace, he could openly, and justifiably marry her.

But, even though it was easy to hide from a visible gun, it was hard to guard against a hidden arrow. Who would be sure that there wouldn’t be any heretic practitioners making their moves in the dark?

Zi Mo was actually a good person with a weak heart, and this fact could be seen from how he still thought about his disciple, who died five years ago, even up till this day.

Hence, currently, Zi Mo did not have any dreams of having her daughter’s cultivation exponentially increase, or seeing her ascend. He simply wished to see her live a stable life, even not departing on the road of cultivation was better than being harvested by someone else. Hence, he requested his little martial aunt, not to teach her any Mystic Arts.

“Are there no offensive Water Mystic Arts?” Zhu Yao asked.

Zi Mo sighed. “It’s not that there aren’t any. It’s just that due to water’s gentle property, the Mystic Arts of this attribute are usually not formidable. Even if it allows one to control water, it’s still not comparable to other Mystic Arts in strength.”

Zhu Yao’s expression sank, as she stared at Zi Mo in the eyes. It allows one to control water, and you call it weak? You’re kidding me, right?

Who gave you this sort of idea? Call him out here, I guarantee that I won’t beat him to death!

Zhu Yao realized that Xia Lewei was a very worriless little radish. She faintly knew that her Spirit Vein was not  really good, after being upset about it for several days, she recovered and reverted back to that carefree little radish. Zhu Yao was a living trash. Back then, when she had not abstained from food, she did not need to worry since there was her master to take care of her. However, she currently had a disciple, so she had to depend on herself now.

But, she did not know how to prepare food, so she simply brought his disciple to Zi Mo’s home every day, and then, brought her back after feeding her. She was his daughter anyway, so it’s his responsibility to feed her, right? Regarding the matter of not teaching her Mystic Arts, Zhu Yao did not agree to it, and would not agree to it. Although it’s said that little radish would not have to be afraid of being harvested if she did not possess cultivation, it also meant that she would not have strength to fend for herself. It’s always better to take the initiative to attack, then to be forced to attack.

Today was yet another day of her routined freeloading.

“Master.” Little radish came running over from afar, and she seemed to be holding onto something in her hands. With a face filled with expectations, she passed it over to her. “This is a Spirit Fruit which father gave me. Here!”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, and she felt a gentle squeeze in her heart. How could she not protect such a cute disciple? She really wanted to pinch her little cheeks… No! She must stay calm, she was a cold and prideful Demigod Sovereign.

“Ahem, master does not need to eat.”

The little radish stiffened, her face was a little pale. A little disappointed, she retracted her small hands, and then, a moment later, she regained her spirits. “Then Bao Bao shall give master something more delicious next time.”

Zhu Yao stroked her head, she was such a considerate little girl. Spreading out her arms, Zhu Yao said. “Let’s head back then.”

“Alright.” Bao Bao responded sweetly, however, she took a step back, and obediently followed behind her.

Zhu Yao whose arms were spread open: “…”

What happened to the promised ‘flying into her embrace’?

Zhu Yao awkwardly kept her hands. Alright then, she was a cold and prideful Sovereign, it would indeed break her image a little if she was seen hugging a child.

Turning around, she began to walk towards Jade Forest Mountain’s teleportation formation. So as to prevent her little disciple from not being able to catch up, she even intentionally slowed her steps, and leisurely walked. The little radish was a good seedling. She had only taught her how to take in spiritual energy two days ago, yet currently, she was already at the second level of Essence. She planned on teaching her a few simple Mystic Arts a few days later.

“I heard that the Sect Master’s daughter has the Water Heavenly Spirit Vein?”

“Then doesn’t she have a potential to be a furnace?”

“That’s right. I never expected that even though the Sect Master had waited for this moment for so many years, in the end, it was all for naught. He actually bore such a daughter.”

“I heard that, any female practitioner who possesses the Water Spirit Vein, looks especially… I wonder how  Sect Master’s daughter looks like?”

“Naturally, it goes without saying, since she possesses the Water Heavenly Spirit Vein after all. I wonder who she will form a practitioner-pair with in the future?”

“That’s right. Her future husband will sure be blissful, though, I wonder if he’s able to protect her well…”

“Hahaha, that’s right. Even I…”

Filthy conversations could be heard faintly from afar. Zhu Yao frowned, she was a little enraged in her heart. She never expected that people within the Ancient Hill Sect would have such thoughts as well. Just when she was about to teach them a lesson, she lowered her head and saw the little radish biting her lower lips, and instantly changed her mind.

A child at her age, was already faintly aware of their surroundings. Although she could not understand the hidden meaning behind their conversation, she could still feel the evil intentions behind them. Furthermore, from the beginning, she had already known that her Spirit Vein was not really good.

“Are you angry?” Zhu Yao did not speak up, instead, she directly transmitted her voice to little radish.

The little radish startled for a moment. Raising her head to look at her, as expected, faintly, there were already mists forming in her large eyes. She tightly clenched her small fists, before nodding her little head. “Have you memorized the Water Controlling Art master taught you?” Zhu Yao continued.

The little radish nodded again.

“We can try it now.”

The little radish’s eyes shone. Turning her head to look at that two disciples who were still engaged in their conversations, she then looked at the pond at the side, and began to chant out the Mystic Art. She tried two times, yet, she was unable to succeed. Clenching her teeth, she chanted it for the third time.

Finally, ripples began to form on the calm water surface. Slowly, the water rose, forming into a big lump of water. The little radish held her breath as she controlled the water, after moving it above the heads of the two people who were still chatting lively with each other, her spiritual energy finally depleted.

‘Shuaa~” Instantly, the two people became two drenched chickens. Just when the little radish was about to celebrate.

The two drenched people suddenly stood up. “Who was it?
Whose prank was this?”

The little radish’s face instantly paled. With a light wave of her sleeves, Zhu Yao hid their figures.

The two of them searched for a long time, yet, they were still unable to find the trace of any human figure. Only then did they blame themselves for the bad luck, complaining as they walked far away.

Zhu Yao brought little radish, and flew straight back to Jade Forest Mountain.

“Master.” The eyes little radish was looking at her  with, finally regained that sparkling luster, and beneath them were filled with the radiance of worship towards her.

Zhu Yao stroked her head, and took the opportunity to teach her. “It’s good to endure in secret. However, if you bottle up too much of your feelings, it’s very easy to result in internal injuries. So, if there are matters you can’t tolerate, there’s no need to tolerate them. Whoever slaps your face, give that person a ruthless slap back, understand?”

“Mn!” The little radish nodded strongly.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt mighty and domineering.

“But… Master, why did we have to hide?” The little radish asked.

“Uh…” If we don’t hide, won’t we be simply waiting for them to catch us? “It’s to… keep a low profile. They’re unable to beat us already, at the very least, we have to leave them some face. Understand?”

“I understand!” The little radish nodded as though she had just received a royal decree. (⊙o⊙)

The corner of Zhu Yao lips twitched. She wouldn’t be raising a little tyrant, right? Mn, that wouldn’t happen. She’s such a kind child. ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Five years later.

Little radish had already become a huge radish. Her cultivation had already raised from the second level of Essence to the eighth level of Essence as well. Among her peers at the same age, she was considered to be extremely fast. Zhu Yao was very pleased, but Zi Mo was very worried.

Whenever he had the opportunity, he would climb up Jade Forest Mountain, and sob and sigh to her.

“Martial aunt, my Bao Bao… Lewei, oh, that’s not right, it’s Yu Luo. I think it’s best that she doesn’t raise her cultivation so quickly.”

That’s right, the Daoist title Zhu Yao gave the little radish was Yu Luo (Rad)… Bo (ish). She was after all, a disciple of Jade Forest Mountain, so naturally, she had to have the surname ‘Yu’.

Speaking of this, there’s something she had to bring up. Back then when she was giving her disciple a Daoist title, she was initially really casual about it. She had wanted to give her the name ‘Di’ (stem). There were only two of them on the Jade Forest Mountain, two flowers which had stemmed themselves and blossomed on this mountain peak. It was a name that was at the level of fresh and modern literature.

However, it was ruthlessly rejected by Zi Mo. He stayed in Jade Forest Mountain and protested, roaring out loud. “Martial aunt, if you dare to give my daughter the name ‘Yu Di’ (Jade Emperor), then I will dare to jump down from the peak of this Jade Forest Mountain as well.”

So as to settle down the internal strife within the sect, Zhu Yao could only reluctantly give up on this name. And in the end, her name was fixed as ‘Luo’.

Zhu Yao had to admit, the name she gave was at a much higher level than her master’s, though she had to blame her disciple for having a father with such poor tastes.


“Martial aunt, your teachings are great, however, isn’t it a little too tiring for you? Why don’t you take a break for a short while?” “Martial aunt, I heard that there’s some problems with the formation at Moonleague Sect, since you have studied formations for so many years, why don’t you head over to give them some pointers?”

“Martial aunt…”

In any case, recently, Zi Mo had been finding excuses to prevent his own daughter from being so eye-catching.  Of course, he was ignored by Zhu Yao. After all, her master had often ignored people this way as well, so Zi Mo should be already used to it.

玉蒂 (Yu Di): The name she wanted to give Yu Luo.

玉帝 (Yu Di): With the same pronunciation, it’s Chinese for Jade Emperor, which is usually the title given to the emperor governing the celestial world in many chinese mythologies.

Chapter94: The Late Precognitive Dream

Zi Mo was indeed used to it, however, he was less calm than before. Initially, his daughter was already eye-catching enough, yet her cultivation was even rising so quickly, wasn’t that clearly wanting people to think about her?

“Master, I’m back.” Just as they were talking, the little radish who was already at her chest-height had already hopped back. Compared to that cute and cuddly look before, the current Yu Luo had completely changed in looks. She was even more daring and livelier… to the point of overboard.

Yu Luo said with an excited look. “Master, today, I went to Weapon Mountain. I saw Xiu Yuan, and then I beat him into a pulp.”

Zi Mo’s heart trembled. What!? Xiu Yuan? Wasn’t that junior- martial brother Zi Yuan’s precious nephew? Although junior- martial brother did not have a practitioner-pair companion, he had an Azoth-stage little brother, who had a son just a few years ago. Currently, he was six years old, and was basically a treasure to them. Why did he suddenly had a fight with his own daughter for no apparent reason? Zi Mo felt like crying as he looked at his martial aunt. You need to teach her properly.

As though she had noticed his earnest gaze, Zhu Yao turned to look at Yu Luo, and finally spoke. “Did you win?”

“Of course!” Yu Luo pridefully waved her own little fists.

“Then that’s good.” Zhu Yao instantly turned cold  and prideful again.

Zi Mo however, was dumbfounded. That’s it? ‘Then that’s good?’ Good my ass! Is there anyone else who teaches disciples like you?

“Yu Luo!” Zi Mo became anxious, and shouted.

Yu Luo was startled, as she finally noticed Zi Mo standing at the side. “Oh, father. You’re here as well.”

Zi Mo silently puked out blood. What did she mean by ‘you’re here as well’? He had always been here, alright?

“Father, I can’t talk to you any longer, master said that I have to break through into the ninth level of Essence in two years, I will be heading back to practice my Arts.” After saying that, she waved her small hand, and then, hopped back into her own straw cottage.

Zi Mo: “…”

Was this still that obedient and polite daughter of his?

“Do you still have any other matters?” Zhu Yao silently glanced at Zi Mo.

Was she chasing him away? Zi Mo could only clench his teeth, and head down the mountain.

He wanted to have a discussion with his wife. Just how did martial aunt bring their daughter up? Not only did she not possess a single bit of the gentleness a girl should have, she even caused trouble for others every day. When she was still young in the past, it was still acceptable. All she did back then were just pranks, and since everyone saw her as a child, they did not fuss about it. However, she was already ten now, and she even possessed cultivation. They were no longer pranks, rather, she made direct moves against others. Usually, she would beat those new disciples whose cultivation level was lower than hers, and make them cry. Although it had yet to cause a huge scene, it was still very worrying, you know?

Especially when it concerned a disciple like Xiu Yuan who had a special status. People naturally wouldn’t head to Jade Forest Mountain and complain to Zhu Yao, they would head over to find him instead.

Haah, as expected, children were the debts of their past lives, and he must have ruined his entire family in his past life.

Zhu Yao, though, had no worries about Yu Luo. Although she was young, she was extremely clever. Her temper could still be considered as extremely good, and would not easily make a move against others, unless others were to say things in front of her, especially when they were regarding her Spirit Vein. And when she made her moves, she measured herself well, she would simply teach them lessons, and would not really cause any harm to her opponents. Zhu Yao gave her a very strict rule, and that was to never harm a human life. No matter what their true intentions were, life was the world’s most precious and fairest thing. Everyone only had this one chance at life, and no one else had the right to take it away.

The reason why Xiao Yi’s three views were distorted, was because he had begun his life in the lowest level of society. Others viewed him as a mere ant, and that was the reason why he climbed up with all his might. The hilarious thing was that when he was standing at the peak, he became the same as the ones he hated the most, and no longer regarded other’s lives as something important. And he had even believed that he was right.

She did not wish for Yu Luo to become someone like that. She did not wish for her personality to twist because of her extremely low self-esteem, yet, she did not wish for Yu Luo to become someone too conceited either. Hence, the little radish had to have her own bottom line, and this bottom line was enforced by Zhu Yao. And that was life.

But in this cultivation world where a human life was like a stalk of grass, it was not an easy matter for Zhu Yao to make her understand that life was more important than everything else. Although the BUG mark on Yu Luo’s face was very faint, and could not be seen unless she looked closely at her, it still had yet to disappear. Zhu Yao did not know if she was educating her in the right direction, on one side, she was afraid that she would not have strength to defend herself due to her being weak, while on the other, she was afraid that she would become too strong and head into the extreme.

Even Zhu Yao was a little anxious. Oh bug, just what kind of bug are you?

On the year Yu Luo was twelve, she had broken through into the ninth level of Essence, and when she was fourteen, she had already reached the level of an Essence Paragon. Even as a holder of the Heavenly Spirit Vein, her cultivation speed was still extremely quick. From what she heard, the personal succeeding disciple of Sword Mountain that had passed on, was a holder of a Heavenly Spirit Vein as well, and he had reached the level of an Essence Paragon at the age of fifteen back then.

What was the name of that person…? She couldn’t remember.

Yet, Yu Luo was even faster than him by a year. Zhu Yao decided to have her wait for a year to stabilize her realm, before allowing her to break through into Foundation. However, on the very night before Yu Luo was to break into Foundation, Zhu Yao’s late-coming precognitive dream, finally arrived.

This time was no exception, she had once again dreamed of a person’s lifetime. However, the strange thing was, this person was not Yu Luo, but a woman named Mu Meiyan. Speaking about this Mu Meiyan, her life could be considered as tragic.

She was not a disciple of Ancient Hill Sect, rather, she was the grand disciple of Azure Melancholy Sect, a second-grade deity cultivation sect. She had an extremely good background, as the daughter of the Sect Master, her reputation was boundless while she was still alive. However, one day, heretic practitioners suddenly came, and her sect was exterminated.

After a narrow escape, following the words of her own father before his death, she sought refuge in Celestial Indus Sect, and was taken in as a disciple of Sovereign Qihan, who was at the cultivation of Demigod. In the beginning, it was still an acceptable life, with things like working hard and studying hard to reach the top going on. And Qihan, on behalf on her father, would bring raging storms for her if she wanted.

Until the day little junior-martial sister Yue Hanxin came up the mountain, and Qihan had taken her as his disciple as well. This Mu Meiyan instantly became an expired daylily. As she was unable to beat her, she used various methods to plot against this little junior-martial sister of hers.

Unfortunately, this little junior-martial sister had various immunity buffs, and was able to save herself at the end of the ordeals every single time. Her protagonist cheat was at full force as well, large number of fans gathered around her, and even her master, Qihan, who was said to have practiced the Emotionless Sword Art, was moved as well. Her Mary Sue power was sure incredible.

In the end, because of Mu Meiyan’s plots, bits of Yue Hanxin’s past were revealed. This little junior-martial sister of hers was actually not just a regular practitioner. She was  Deity Greenjade, who had sacrificed her own life to defeat the Heavenly Devil ten million years ago. A strand of  her incomplete soul drifted in the world for ten million years, before she finally managed to resurrect herself on a female child’s body, and she once again began her cultivation.

Mu Meiyan was like an evil female antagonist, courting her own deaths the entire time. Not only did she help her little junior-martial sister gather a huge number of fans and lovers, she even found her past memories, and she even gained a huge amount of hate in return. People like the number one heretic practitioner, the grand disciple of a sect, a Deity who had encountered difficulties, and even her master Qihan, all hated her to the bone.

Zhu Yao silently gave a thumbs up to this person for her mocking skills. Someone like her, were definitely main tanks in online games, even bosses would chase after her and hit her in the face.

Forget about Mu Meiyan being expelled from the sect, she was even captured by someone. Because she was the holder of a Water and Wood Dual-Spirit Vein, she became a furnace of a heretic practitioner. In the end, she was ooxx by people the entire time, and her Nascent Soul cultivation took a massive drop, to the cultivation of Essence. Before she died, she heard from rumors that her little junior-martial sister who had gathered a bunch of lovers, did not choose a single husband in the end, and ascended by herself. While her master, whom she had been secretly in love with for a long time, was struck to death by the Heavenly Lightning during his ascension, when he tried to follow after her little junior-martial sister whom he was infatuated with.

Zhu Yao pitied this unlucky female antagonist a little, however, there were definitely things to hate when it came to such pitiful people. The entire time, she was the one who courted her own death. No matter how much of a saint the protagonist was, she was unable to stop Mu Meiyan’s own footsteps towards death’s door.

Zhu Yao had thought that the dream would end here. Just when she was about to retort that this entire scenario had completely no relationship with little radish, the sound of thunder roared, and the connection was formed.

Because, the female antagonist was reborn!

That’s right, this was actually a time-reversing rebirth story. And, out of all things, she did not reborn in her own body, instead, she reborn in the body of Zhu Yao’s disciple, little radish.

And the little radish in her dream was a little different compared to the one she brought up. The little radish in the dream, was cowardly and weak, and was suffering from extremely low self-esteem. Because of her Water Heavenly Spirit Vein, she was pointed at by people everywhere she went, unlike the current little radish who was basically feared when seen. The places her little radish passed by, people would simply react in fear. And in the dream, for her own safety, Zi Mo had never taught her any Mystic Arts. Hence, she, who did not have any ability to protect herself, had always secluded herself in the Sword Mountain, and had never stepped out even a single bit. Until that day when she was twenty years old, during the Great Inter- Sect Tournament, a disciple who came from another sect, unintentionally broke into her courtyard, and his lust took over him after seeing her beauty.

The hungry wolf pounced on the lamb, and because the little radish could not bear the humiliation, she bit her tongue and committed suicide.

And then… dun dun dun, the female antagonist resurrected perfectly. Because the little radish was willing to die, the female antagonist did not experience any rejection from the soul of the body’s former owner, and she immediately took over her body.

The craziest thing was, because of this resurrection, the little radish’s Water Spirit Vein underwent a mutation, turning into the Ice Spirit Vein.

After that were events like leveling up by fighting various monsters, and settling scores with the female protagonist. In the end, the female antagonist’s counterattack was successful, as she managed to gather the men that should have belonged to Yue Hanxin, the female protagonist, and the people she gathered were especially formidable. She played rogue the entire time, as they only had ***, and had never spoke about forming actual relationships, including Qihan, her master in her past life.

While Yue Hanxin, her little junior-martial sister, was not to be taken lightly either. She was after all, a reincarnated Deity, and her past life had even defeated the so-called “Heavenly Devil”.

After suffering such a blow from Mu Meiyan, she awakened her past powers, regained her spirits, and swore that she would fight with the female antagonist to the death. Hence, the two people began a war at a grand scale that lasted for twenty thousand years.

One had her powers from her past life, while the other had a large number of male party members. The strengths of both sides were rather equal, and naturally, Mu Meiyan won in the end, however, she then died because of heavy injuries. Though, the entire cultivation world was pretty much destroyed by the two of them, and had basically turned into a dead land. Zhu Yao’s expression darkened from watching this. Although she had seen many novels where female antagonists made their counterattacks, she had never seen one that was so thorough like Mu Meiyan’s. Forget about those bunch of old scores she had to settle, why didn’t she let off Zi Mo and his wife, little radish’s parents? And she even claimed that it was in the name of justice, to exact revenge for the former owner of her body.

Exact revenge, your sister! Helping her kill her own parents was considered as exacting revenge? Just how did this female antagonist get such an idea? Zhu Yao really wanted to consult her about it.

Chapter95: Meeting Cannot Be Compared To Yearning

Zhu Yao retorted as she opened her eyes. Just what kind of retarded female antagonist’s revenge scenario was this? This was clearly an re-enactment of Martial Evil Spirits¹. ‘In my past life, you had more men than me, so I must snatch all of your men in this life.’ The level of this idea was a little too high.

Will you die if you don’t have any men?

Can your taste in men be a little better? Can you be a little more broad-minded? Watch your temperament, dammit! I’d rather you take over the world instead, at least, I will still feel better that way. And, the female antagonist’s first words when she was reborn, was actually, ‘This time, I will definitely make all men grovel beneath my body.’

Allow me to say something impure. Just how big is that thing of yours…

Ahem, I turned evil for a moment there.

I’m a pure child, calm down, calm down! Zhu Yao finally understood why the BUG letters on little radish’s face was so faint. The real BUG was not her, she was simply a vessel for the BUG. And on the day she turned twenty, the body takeover will happen, and that would be the real beginning to the show.

No, I must definitely stop this incident.

Little radish was currently her disciple, if she was unable to protect even her own disciple’s body, then there was no point in being her disciple’s master.

After deciding as such, Zhu Yao called Yu Luo to her own room in the middle of the night. The little radish had already grown into a huge radish now. In this world, a fourteen year old was already considered to be a lady. The current her, had lost a bit of the extroverted liveliness she had in the past, and had instead became a little more introverted. Probably, when every child grows up, his or her personality will all have some slight changes.

“Yu Luo.” Zhu Yao said with a heavy heart. “Master has done a divination for you, and I found out that you will be facing a huge crisis on the year you’re twenty years old.” On Yu Luo’s calm face, the corner of her lips suddenly twitched. Sighing deeply, she said. “Master, stop making fun of me. Tell me, what do you want to eat for supper? I will prepare it.”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was speechless for a moment. Frowning, she tried her best to maintain her cold and prideful look. “Stop this nonsense. Your master is being serious. Am I someone who will wake people in the middle of the night just to eat supper?”

Yu Luo slightly glanced at her.

Alright, she was!

Haah, as she thought, disciples become less obedient the older they grew. As the saying went, a grown disciple could not be kept at home! This little radish, was still rather obedient in the past, how did she become more rebellious the older she grew? Whenever Zhu Yao had anything on her mind, she was always able to see through her with a single glance.

She was not happy at all! ╮(╯﹏╰)╭ “This time, I’m really serious.” Zhu Yao coughed twice, as she did her best to regain her face as little radish’s master. “Your grandmaster has once taught me some Divination Arts.”

Yu Luo’s expression instantly turned quite stern.

Alright then, as expected, her master’s name was more useful than her own. “This Art can only be used once in a person’s lifetime. Earlier, I looked into your fate, and found out that on the year you turn twenty, there will be a huge crisis, and your life will be in danger as well.”

Yu Luo turned solemn.

“Little rad… Uh. Yu Luo, do you wish to become strong?”

Her expression turned severe. “This disciple has always been thinking about it at every single moment. However, my Spirit Vein…”

“In that case!” Zhu Yao interrupted. “Then allow me to have a look at your determination.” There were a couple of things she had experimented with for almost nine years. And it was about time for her to teach little radish.

“Tomorrow, you shall build your Foundation!”

Today, the weather was clear, and the sun was shining bright in the sky. It was a good day for Yu Luo to build her Foundation.

Although little radish was a little suspicious as to why Zhu Yao suddenly allowed her to break through into Foundation, she had always believed in her own master. In the early morning, she obediently followed her master to the cold lakeside at the mountain peak.

Waving her hand, Zhu Yao set up a few spiritual energy gathering formations, and had little radish sit at the center of the formations. This spiritual energy gathering formation was a little special. She had tweaked a few small details in the formation, making it gather only the most concentrated type of spiritual energy in the vicinity, and the most concentrated type of spiritual energy near a lake was naturally water spiritual energy. In these few years, Zhu Yao had read through the Formation Jade Tablet her master had left her. Although not to the point of mastery, she still knew how to place down a few simple formations. Adding that she was a programmer in the past, fixing or tweaking a couple of small details was basically second nature to her. And these alterations, were usually able to stabilize and mature the formations.

However, she was still unable to thoroughly understand the intricacies of large-scale formations, such as the Great Mountain Barrier Formation. She could only faintly sense that there were countless of small-scale formations in the large-scale formation itself, and these small-scale formations work hand-in-hand, allowing them to circulate by themselves, without human support.

It must be known that for regular formations, they must either be supported by the spiritual energy of the formation caster himself, or be maintained by spiritual stones. For a large- scale formation such as the Great Mountain Barrier Formation especially, the consumption rate of spiritual stones was simply at an astronomical figure. However, when it came to the great formation used by the Ancient Hill Sect, it did not need either of these two types of support. As though it was capable of circulating on its own even without anyone managing it. Zhu Yao speculated that within the formation, there must be countless of self-absorbing spiritual energy restoration formations, which thus allowed the formation itself to be so cost-effective. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After all, in her master’s storage pouch, there was not even a single spiritual stone.

“While you’re building Foundation, you will most probably experience a little pain. Don’t be anxious, follow the methods you have been using to absorb spiritual energy, it’s fine to simply take them into your body.” Zhu Yao instructed her based on her own experience. Then, she once again pondered carefully about the explanations her master had told her before, wondering if she had missed out anything else.

She had no choice, after all, she built her Foundation haphazardly herself, and basically had no prior experience she could pass onto little radish with. Little radish had no choice but to rely on her own comprehension.

After giving little radish a ‘I have high expectations of you, my disciple!’ expression, she sat at the side, and began to cast Protection Arts. Yu Luo closed her eyes, and began to take in spiritual energy into her body.

Zhu Yao looked on as those blue spots of light in the vicinity, slowly approached her, and then, they systematically entered the body, as though they had discussed this beforehand, there were no congesting situations at all.

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled those spiritual energy particles that would rush in and congest her body, as though they were hoping to strangle her to death, every single time she took in spiritual energy. She silently sighed. As expected, comparisons were odious.

Zhu Yao had thought that building her Foundation  would only require a little bit of time, after all, it took only a single night for herself.

However, her disciple had sat there for three entire days, and Zhu Yao felt as though grass was about to grow on her body. Yet, there were still no signs of little radish building her Foundation. What happened to the promised  ‘completing within a blink of an eye’? If she had known, she wouldn’t have stayed here casting Protection Arts.

Just when Zhu Yao planned on silently slipping away and only returning when her disciple had really begun to build her Foundation, suddenly, she sensed that the formation in Jade Forest Mountain had a trace of slackening. Willing herself, she instantly arrived at the foot of the mountain.

However, she did not see a single human figure around. Was it just her imagination?

Zhu Yao walked to the part of the formation which acted up. However, she did indeed found a few traces of alteration on the formation. Zhu Yao frowned, squatted down, and then, re- altered the formation. As she pondered who would have such guts to enter the Jade Forest Mountain, she suddenly heard a few heartfelt words coming from behind her.

“Soi Sauz…”

Zhu Yao turned around, only to make contact with a pair of eyes filled with boundless tenderness. She suddenly felt her legs going a little limp, and had almost slipped and fell. It was actually Feng Yi.

“Senior-martial sister… Feng Yi.”

Calm down, she had to calm down. She was no longer Soi Sauz now, Feng Yi shouldn’t be able to recognize her. Mn, where’s her cold and prideful look? Hang it up, got to hang it up.

The moment Zhu Yao turned around, the surprise and tenderness on Feng Yi’s face, instantly extinguished. And then, she returned to her cold demeanor, which even carried a hint of deathly silence.

“Junior-martial sister Zhu.” She lightly sighed, she seemed to be extremely depressed.

“Senior-martial sister, why are you here on my Jade Forest Mountain?”

Feng Yi’s expression sank, as though she was suppressing something. Raising her head to look at the moonlit sky, she muttered. “I don’t know either. Most probably,  if  he  was  still here, this place should be the place where he would have liked to come the most, right?”

Zhu Yao’s heart trembled. The ‘he’ she was talking about, couldn’t be her, right? Oh no. Do not be infatuated with elder sister. Even elder sister’s name was telling you, she was nothing but a passer-by.

Feng Yi smiled lightly, and seemed to be mocking herself a little. “He definitely isn’t willing to see me. After all, it’s because of the disciple I took in, which caused him to…”

Her face was filled with loneliness and guilt. And even Zhu Yao was feeling a little embarrassed looking at her. She couldn’t have been thinking that Zhu Yao’s earlier death, was caused by her, right?

“When one dies, there will be new life. Senior-martial sister, there’s no need for you to think about it too much.” Hurry and look for your second spring, there’s no bliss in being homosexual.

Feng Yi glanced at her, and smiled bitterly again. “I simply… wish to see him again. If… If I had known that it would end that way, back then, I wouldn’t have… Haah. If only the moment we first met could last forever.”

If that moment were to last forever, then my life would be dreary, big sis! I beg you, stop acting like this.

“Senior-martial sister, everyone has their own destiny, I believe that… old friend of yours, will not be willing to see you this sad either.” Zhu Yao persuaded. “Life is short. It’s best that you put down such things and move on. You two might even be able to meet again in your next life?”

In Zhu Yao’s next life, she definitely would not cross into another world again. Just stay as the mountain-top flower as you are now.

Feng Yi was startled for a moment, and only then did she look at her seriously. As though she had came into realization, she sighed. “You’re right. After how he protected me back then, he definitely wouldn’t be willing to see me depressed like this.”

You got it wrong, dear sister. The first half of my speech was just me being courteous, the latter half was the main point, hey. “Thank you.” Feng Yi nodded at her, and then smiled lightly. “Your personality is rather similar to his.”

An alarm suddenly rang loudly in Zhu Yao’s heart. Don’t scare me, big sis. Back then was she Version 2.0, that person said she was similar as well, and then she was exposed soon after. Oh right, who was that person?

Haah, that’s not important. In any case, this time, even if she were to be beaten to death, she wouldn’t dare to expose herself again.

Mn, cold and prideful, cold and prideful, she had to hurry up and wear her mask.

“Junior-martial sister seems to have only entered the Demigod-stage not too long ago. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always find me at Beast-Taming Mountain.”

“Ahem, thank you, senior-martial sister.” Zhu Yao politely bowed. Senior-martial sister, your taste is too heavy for me, even if you beat me up, I wouldn’t dare to look for you and have a chat. Zhu Yao who finally wore back her cold and prideful mask, had even avoided further courtesies, by using the excuse of looking out for her own disciple, she fled.

While Feng Yi still stood at where she was. After gazing at the moon and sighing for a long time, she finally reluctantly returned.

Zhu Yao returned with a head filled with cold sweat, only to realize her disciple’s aura seemed to be a little unstable. She had already begun to perspire, and her expression showed hints of pain.

She was about to build her Foundation! Zhu Yao immediately increased the number of spiritual energy gathering formations, to ensure that she had sufficient amount of spiritual energy.

While little radish’s spiritual absorption rate was still very slow, seemingly, for every strand of spiritual energy she absorbed, the amount of pain her body was feeling increased by a single fold. Her small face began to distort, and it could be imagined just how much pain she was suffering.

Zhu Yao had experienced this sort of pain before as well. But, because her spiritual energy absorption rate was too fast, even if it was painful, it was only at that mere instant. While, for little radish’s case, she was sharpening her Foundation little by little, and she could not stop just yet.

Zhu Yao anxiously looked at her from the side. Little radish’s painful look, continued for an entire day, and her spiritual energy absorption rate evidently slowed down only when the sun began to set on the second day. However, her expression looked as though she was enduring even more pain as time went on, and currently it was the key moment. If she was able to get through it, her Foundation building would be successful, and if she wasn’t successful, then her meridians would be broken , and her Spiritual Vein would be destroyed.

Chapter96: Invincible Water Spirit Vein

As Zhu Yao watched on, the more anxious she became. Little radish’s body had already stopped taking in spiritual energy, and Zhu Yao could not help but remind her. “Yu Luo, don’t you remember what you told me? Don’t you want to become strong? Master shall tell you right now, in this world, there’s no other Spirit Vein that’s stronger than the Water Spirit Vein. If you believe master, then you best endure and keep going.”

Little radish, who felt powerless earlier, suddenly jolted for a moment, as though she  heard  her  master’s  words.  Taking  a deep breath, she gritted her teeth, and began to continue taking in spiritual energy. Just like that, another day passed, the expression on her face slowly relaxed, and her aura began to stabilize as well.

When the sun rose from the surface of the sea on the sixth day, she finally opened her eyes. She still looked a little weak, however, she was carrying that cute and tender expression which she once had when she was young, as she smiled at her master.

“Master, I succeeded.” Zhu Yao reached out her hand to stroke her head, and with her other hand, she gave her a thumbs up and praised her. “Good job, as expected of my disciple.”

When a disciple learnt well, it was definitely because of the great teachings of the master.

Mn, that was the truth.

Yu Luo laughed, and then, with a tilt of her head, she fell into her master’s embrace. She had fallen asleep from her fatigue.

Zhu Yao then checked on her pulse. Sending a strand of her spiritual energy into her body, she found out that although the meridians in her body had expanded by quite a bit, there wasn’t any trace of damage. Only then did Zhu Yao finally feel at ease and brought her disciple back home.

Little radish had built her Foundation, which meant she could slightly heave a sigh of relief. It must be known that, the higher one’s cultivation was, the harder it was to take over one’s body. In her dream, the reason why Mu Meiyan’s takeover was so successful, was entirely because little radish back then was just a mortal. Not only did she not possess the slightest bit of cultivation, she did not have the slightest wish to continue living.

While the current little radish, already possessed Foundation- stage cultivation, and if Mu Meiyan wanted to take over her body, she still had to seek her permission.

Yu Luo rested for an entire day, before she finally managed to restore her spiritual energy.

On the early morning of the second day, Zhu Yao was already mightily standing at the largest grass plains on the mountain peak, waiting for her.

“Master.” Yu Luo respectfully greeted her. Evidently, she was a little excited, as she could faintly sense what’s coming up next would be a fate-changing moment for her.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. Right now, it was the moment of miracles. “Little radish, unleash your strongest move, let me have a look at it.”

“Master, I’m called Yu Luo!” Yu Luo’s expression darkened. Although she knew that her master looked serious on the surface, actually, she would occasionally have some bad taste in jokes that could hardly be understood by anyone else. But, at the very least, she should hide it, right?

Yu Luo sighed, accepting her fate, she took a step forward. Calming down, she focused her mind. She circulated spiritual energy that was much richer and denser than before, and then, she released dozens of icicles with all her might, which struck onto a stone wall not too far away. Then, they shattered and crumbled onto the ground.

As she thought! Zhu Yao shook her head. She knew that little radish would use an Ice-type Mystic Art. Little radish believed that with her Water Spirit Vein, only Ice-type offensive Arts were the most suitable for her.

A thought process like this, could be said to be correct, but it could be said to be incorrect as well. She simply required a little alteration.

“Little radish, how did you release this Ice-type Mystic Art?” Zhu Yao asked. I’m not little radish, hey. Yu Luo’s expression darkened, however, she still honestly replied. “Naturally, I released them after converting the water spiritual energy in my body into ice spiritual energy?”

“Then do you know how ice is formed?” Zhu Yao continued.

Yu Luo blurted out seemingly without any hesitation. “Obviously, it’s from ice spiritual energy.”

“Uh…” She was wrong. Why did Zhu Yao have to explain such a simple physical phenomenon to someone who had no Physics knowledge? Ah whatever, let’s just have her see the truth. With a wave of her hand, Zhu Yao instantly shot out a few icicles towards the stone wall.

“So fast. Master, are you an Ice Spirit Vein holder?” Usually, only Ice Spirit Vein holders could cast this Art with such speed. However, she immediately denied her own suspicions. “No, wait. Master is Sovereign Yu Yan’s disciple, so master can only be a Lightning Spirit Vein holder.”

On a certain meaning, she was right. Zhu Yao was  currently no longer a pure Lightning Spirit Vein holder, rather, she now possessed the Harmony Spirit Vein, and had an entire network of spiritual energy in her hands.


“This is what I wish to tell you.” Zhu Yao explained. “Regarding the differences in Spirit Veins, other  than cultivation speed, there’s naturally Art casting speed as well. With the corresponding Spirit Vein, one can immediately retrieve and use the spiritual energy in one’s body, and if there isn’t, one can only do so after converting the spiritual energy in one’s body. I absolutely approve you in using Ice-type Mystic Arts.”

“Because the Ice Spirit Vein is a mutated form of the Water Spirit Vein.” Yu Luo said. “Hence, compared to other  Mystic Arts, it would be much easier to convert water spiritual energy into ice spiritual energy.”

“Your way of thinking isn’t wrong, however, there’s still a much faster method.” Zhu Yao said. “If you have to convert spiritual energy to use this Ice-type Art, you will first have to gather spiritual energy, then transform the spiritual energy, then guide the spiritual energy out of your body, before giving the shape of the icicles. This require three steps! No matter how experienced and practiced you are, there will always be a fixed CD.”

“fixed see dee?”

Uh… I’m sorry, I accidentally used a term I’m familiar with.

“What I mean is, if you can reduce these steps, and instantly circulate your water spiritual energy to form icicles, isn’t it much faster?”

Yu Luo widened her eyes, as she looked at Zhu Yao with a face of disbelief. How could that be possible?

“Little radish, under what conditions will water turn  into ice?”

“Naturally, when the weather is cold…” Yu Luo had a sudden realization, as she looked at Zhu Yao excitedly. She hurriedly walked over to the lake, and reached out her hand. Circulating her water spiritual energy, the lakewater shook for a moment, and then, slowly, a stream of water rose in the palm of her hand, and at the part where the waterstream was closest to her palm, it slowly formed into an ice pole, inch by inch. “I succeeded, master!”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. It seemed like she had already understood the concept. In truth, the Water Spirit Vein and Ice Spirit Vein had completely no difference at all, it’s just  that there was an additional change in temperature. “You simply have to practice, and you will then be able to use it as you will.”

“Yes, master.” Yu Luo’s eyes were simply filled with excitement. After a moment, she seemed to have thought of a problem. “However, master, if I have to freeze water, I need to first summon water, before freezing it. But earlier, master evidently…” The icicles she saw earlier, completely did not went through the freezing process.

This was a problem that overflowed to the subject of Chemistry. Zhu Yao took a step forward. “Little radish, where do you think water can be found?”

Yu Luo was startled for a moment, before answering. “Rivers, lakes, and naturally, the seas. Oh, sometimes, there’s water underground as well.” “Wrong!” Zhu Yao knocked on her head. “Actually, water, is the same as spiritual energy. They’re everywhere.”

Zhu Yao snapped her fingers, and instantly, a gigantic cubic block of ice fell from the sky. ‘Kadang.’ It then shattered onto the ground.

Yu Luo was dumbfounded. This… Even if she muster out spiritual energy from her entire body, forget about freezing such a big block of ice, it would be impossible for her to gather such a huge amount of water in an instant.

“Master… Where… Where did this come from?”

“From the air.” The air comprised of a huge amount of water vapour, and when water vapour experienced cold, it would turn into water. This was basic knowledge. Of course, hydrogen and oxygen were everywhere in the air, and the composition of water was very simple. H2O. This was the simplest of Chemistry knowledge. She had simply casually put the equation into practice in the air. But it would be rather troublesome to explain this. And she had experimented with this for many times, with the support of her Demigod cultivation, from within the so- called spiritual energy, she had to discern which was hydrogen, and which was oxygen. So she simply decided to use ‘water vapour’, which was a more understandable concept.

“So, as long as you’re able to set down a layer of cold air in the sky, you will be able to receive a large bunch of icicles!” Little radish learnt of this point.

Yu Luo then tried it out according to Zhu Yao’s instructions.
Indeed, above them, several… hailstones fell down!

“Master, really… it’s really possible!” Yu Luo felt like crying from her agitation. She excitedly caught one of the hailstone from the sky. “This means that… the Water Spirit Vein, is not a trash Spirit Vein. Master, what you said was right. You did have your methods.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded while maintaining her cold and prideful look, as she silently waved away the hailstones that were smashing onto her head. Stop raining hailstones, thank you.

“Master, how did you know of these?”

“I thought of it accidentally.” Zhu Yao patted her shoulders, and said with a heavy tone. “Remember, knowledge changes one’s fate!”

“Ah?” What does that mean? Yu Luo looked at her strangely.

Zhu Yao maintained her serious expression. If little radish was so agitated just by knowing these, then she would most likely go insane in a moment.

“From this moment onwards, whenever you practice Ice-type Mystic Arts, you will be able to do more with less effort. However, this simply allows you to fend for yourself. If you encounter a practitioner who has a much higher cultivation level than yours, most likely, it will still be very dangerous for you.”

Yu Luo lowered her head. Oh, that’s true! She possessed a furnace physique. Even if she did not incur anyone’s hatred, there would still be people looking for trouble with her. Master had only pointed her a clear direction, and gave her a direction to progress in. However, if she were to encounter an expert, she would have completely no way to retaliate.

“Master, I will become strong.” As long as she become invincible, then there wouldn’t be any other problems, right?

“I do have a sure-win method.”


With her index finger, Zhu Yao gestured little radish to come forward. She had to pass down a knowledge that must not be made known to anyone else. “Do you know what flows in a human body?”

Flows? Yu Luo pondered for a moment, before replying. “Blood?”

“Stupid!” Zhu Yao could suddenly understand a little how her master felt when she was unable to live up to his expectations. She had already given little radish such a big hint, just why wasn’t she enlightened yet?

“Sesame.” Zhu Yao decided to do another experiment.

Roar~~ ┗|`o′|┛ Sesame resoundingly made its appearance. With a wave of her hand, Zhu Yao sent a ray of light towards it. A wound instantly appeared on Sesame’s tail, and blood began to flow the next moment.

Meooow~~~~~ Orz

Sesame’s tyrannical aura completely dispersed. It looked at Zhu Yao with teary eyes, which were completely filled with disbelief. Master, how can you be so heartless, so immoral, so nonsensical?

Zhu Yao simply ignored its small eyes.

Walking over to that small pool of blood, she reached out a hand, only to see the blood on the ground rising slowly, and in an instant, it froze into a blood-colored pole of ice.

Yu Luo: (⊙o⊙)

“Master, you mean…” Blood comprised of water as well. By directly freezing one’s blood, even if she was unable to kill with a single hit, she would still be able to cause heavy injuries. Yu Luo was dumbfounded for a while. Suddenly, she had understood what this meant. This was clearly an invincible Mystic Art. “Master, back then when you only allowed me to learn the Water-Controlling Art, could it be…”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao continued to nod. She really wondered which bastard came up with the idea that the Water Spirit Vein was a trash Spirit Vein. Come out, I guarantee I won’t beat you to death.

Chapter97: Heading Out To Grab A Male Partner

The hell. She did not dare to say about those Deities who ascended, but these practitioners, were still human. 70% of a human body was made up of water, and a Water Spirit Vein holder could control water. Just in which way was it trash?

As expected, it’s really frightening without education.

“Yu Luo have never heard of these offensive Arts. Did master create these for me?” Finally, Yu Luo’s eyes began to turn misty.

“Uh… Something like that.” Actually, these were all taught by her Chemistry and Physics teachers.

“Master… this disciple will definitely not betray master’s expectations.” Yu Luo respectfully kowtowed in front of Zhu Yao, her eyes were filled with sparkling light.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief as well. Ever since she knew she possessed the Water Spirit Vein, although she did not voice it out, this little radish had always been feeling a little negative about it. Although her cultivation had never fallen behind, in the end, she simply did not wish to disappoint Zhu Yao. She always had this obstruction in the depth of her heart, believing that she possessed a trash Spirit Vein, and not only would she be unable to honor her school, she might even bring about countless of troubles. Hence, it was unavoidable for her to depreciate herself. However, on this day, the trace of uncertainty under her eyes, finally disappeared completely.

With her current willpower, even if what happened in her dream would become reality, and her body would be taken over, she would still fight against it with all her might. However…

“Little radish, to Water Spirit Vein holders, this offensive Art is a little too brutal. You can only use it to fend for yourself, so, unless you’re in desperate straits, do not use it easily. Understand?” Although knowledge could change one’s fate, it could also bring about a disaster as well. There might even be a possibility that it would disrupt the current balance between the different Spirit Veins. She did not wish to stop this bug, only to end up having her own disciple become another bug on her own.

Naturally, Yu Luo knew that this offensive Art was beyond ordinary. Raising her right hand, she said seriously. “At this moment, disciple Yu Luo shall swear upon the Soul Demon Oath. I shall not use this Art unless I’m in a desperate situation, nor will I pass down this offensive Art to anyone else. If I were to violate this oath, this disciple is willing to die under the Soul Demon, and be unable to reincarnate forever.”

Good girl, you have to become a good and upstanding lady, alright!

Zhu Yao then gave her few more instructions before releasing her to practice on her own. After all, since she had only just built her Foundation, her first priority right now was to stabilize her realm as soon as possible.

“Mistress…” Sesame called out unhappily, as it shook its own injured tail. “Mistress, the reason you called me here, is to hurt my tail? Wuuuu… Mistress, how can you treat little beastie like this?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at it. You’re a ninth-grade beast, no wait, you’re a tenth-grade beast now. Do you have act like this?

“Isn’t it nothing more than a small wound!” Zhu Yao waved her hands without a mind. “With such thick skin and huge muscles, are you telling me you can’t even handle such a small wound?” “Even if it’s a small wound, it still hurts.” Even its brittle glass-heart had shattered as well, alright?

“Then endure.” Zhu Yao could not be bothered with it any longer. “Just take it as though your auntie’s husband has came along today.”

Sesame was startled for a moment. Auntie’s husband? What’s that? Its ancestors were all beasties which bore single children, so it didn’t have any other relatives though?

Ever since that one lesson, little radish had been focusing on practicing Ice-type Mystic Arts in these recent days. She had only just built her Foundation, so her realm was not yet stable. Zhu Yao decided to have go into closed-door training for a period of time, to stabilize her realm before continuing.

Little radish knew that she should not be anxious right now either, as she obediently went into closed-door training under the cold lake. Zhu Yao set down a few defensive-type formations in the vicinity. She then casually sealed the Jade Forest Mountain’s formation, preventing everyone from  entering. After pondering for a moment, she went over to greet Zi Mo, had him pay attention to the situation of Jade Forest Mountain, before leaving Ancient Hill Sect. Zhu Yao calculated, it was about time for her to bring back a male partner.

According to her dream, in Mu Meiyan’s harem, there was an especially important figure, and that was a devil practitioner with a Heavenly Devil Physique. He was initially a Tri-Spirit Vein mortal. Following her memories of her past life,  Mu Meiyan searched for him, and saved his life a step before Yue Hanxin. From then on, she became the light in this person’s heart.

However, this person was a little unfortunate. He was captured by a heretic practitioner later on, and suffered numerous tortures. Out of coincidence, he found a tattered ancient scroll regarding the Ancient Devil Cultivation. After practicing in it, he realized he possessed the Heavenly Devil Physique, and from then on, his cultivation rose explosively.

In the end, he even succeeded in stepping into the Ways of the Devil. And, at the end, in order to save Mu Meiyan, he directly succumbed into the Devil. Driven by the Devil’s characteristic, he even opened the seal of the Ancient Devil Race.

Hence, the cultivation world which was initially pretty much destroyed by the great war, once again welcomed a wave of disaster due to the emergence of the raging Devil Race.

Right now, that person should still be in the mortal realm. Although it’s said that little radish’s takeover was the beginning and cause of everything, this person’s darkening and Devil transformation, was the last straw which brought about the end of the world. Hence, so as to prevent all causes, no matter if Mu Meiyan succeed in her rebirth, Zhu Yao had to make two types of preparations.

After Zhu Yao finished her preparations, she made a trip to the mortal realm. Following her memories, she arrived at a small city in the south. Concealing her figure, she used her divine sense to search for that person. Currently, he should still be a child.

As expected, in an instant, she found what she was looking for. That person was at a secluded corner in the west of the city. And, he seemed to have encountered a small trouble as well. Willing herself, Zhu Yao instantly arrived at the roof of the site of crime.

This place should be a tattered old ruins, as it seemed to have been a long time since the house was last occupied. Not far in front of her, three people were confronting a little boy. That three people were three male adults, and currently, their faces were in rage, as they ruthlessly stared at that boy who had already been forced back into a corner of the wall.

The boy was wearing tattered clothes, and there were even several dirt stains on them. He was extremely thin, as though it had been a long time since he had eaten a good meal, and his face was covered in dirty yellow.

“Stinky brat, why aren’t you running anymore!?” A man spat out. Roughly, he pushed the child’s shoulders, instantly throwing the child’s weak and small body onto the wall.

The child seemed to be in extreme pain, as he was unable to crawl back up in a short notice. Yet, he still stubbornly gritted his teeth, not letting out a single sound.

“To actually dare to steal from my body, you must be tired of living.” Another man picked the child up, and ruthlessly gave him a slap, various types of curses kept spouting out from his mouth.

Another man was jeering at the side as well. “That’s right, beat up this brat who doesn’t know his place.” Only then did Zhu Yao realize that the little boy was tightly holding onto a purse in his hands. So he had stolen something, no wonder he was being beaten.

The man who got his purse stolen, gave the child a few slaps. After seeing that blood was oozing out from the corner of his lips, and seemed to have fainted, he then retrieved his own purse. Casually, he flung the child away, and then, carefully inspected the contents of his own purse.

“Big bro, what do we do now?” Another man asked. Although this child was detestable, killing him would be more troublesome.

After taking his purse, he swept a glance at the boy who was still curling up on the ground. Suddenly, he smiled sinisterly, and passed a glance at the two people beside him. “My dear brothers, do you want to release some fire?”

The other two instantly understood, as their eyes flashed with a several specks of light. However, one of them then said a little hesitantly. “But this is a boy?”

“What do you know?” That man who got his purse stolen, slapped on his head. “Do you know? Right now, the most trending hobby among the rich folks is to raise a boy like him. After we’re done playing with him, we can even sell him away, and earn a sum of money.”

“Boss is as wise as always.” The other two men instantly nodded. With lewd smiles, they walked over to the child. With a ruthless jerk, they pulled away the child’s shirt. Although the child’s face was stained with a dirty yellow, his body was very white and clean, causing their eyes to be filled with the light of wolves.

At this moment, the child regained his consciousness. Realizing what these men were about to do, he struggled with all his might. “Release me, release me!”

However, how could a mere child struggle free from three grown men? The man raised his hand, and once again gave him a tight slap, causing half of his face to swell up.

The child began to see stars from the beating, and the strength he was putting in his struggle decreased as well. Yet, at this moment, he was really flustered, and he could no longer help but cry out. However, he was unable to stop these people, as his pants had already been ruthlessly pulled down by these men.

Seeing this, Zhu Yao understood that it was time for her to act. In her dream, the reason why he engraved Mu Meiyan’s kindness in his heart was because she had helped him when he was in a crisis.

Zhu Yao descended from the roof, and with a slight cast of a Wind-type Mystic Art, she flung the three men away. The three men were flung a good couple meters away, and they only managed to stop after smashing onto a broken wall.

Oh courageous youth, stand up now and create miracles!

“Who? Who is it?” The three people crawled up, looking entirely fatigued, yet, they were unable to see a human figure in their vicinity.

Crap, she had forgotten that she had concealed herself.

The three people searched around for a long while, a slight chill began to surge in the depth of their hearts. One of them said. “Big bro, it couldn’t have been a ghost, right? I heard that in the past, this place was actually the old city sector, and usually, there’s those types of things…”

That big bro seemed to much bigger guts, as he spat at his little bro. Not believing in the occult, he once again went forward and grabbed the little boy.

Zhu Yao frowned. Did these people think with their lower halves? Then, they had best not blame her for taking away their thinking tools. With just that behavior of theirs, if she had not been around, they would have really underwent same-sex relationships one after another.

And their target was even a child who was only around ten years old. They were basically worse than beasts.

Zhu Yao once again cast out wind blades. This time, three blades, were sent directly to their lower halves. In an instant, the three of them held onto their blood-flowing lower halves, as they rolled around in pain on the ground.

“A ghost, a ghost, big bro, there’s definitely a  ghost.”  The faces of the three men turned pale. Though, it was unknown if it was because of the fright, or the pain. All three of them tumbled about as they fled.

Only then did Zhu Yao removed her concealment, revealing her figure. Walking to the corner, she saw that child was still sitting over there. His pair of eyes was staring blankly in the air, without a hint of anxiousness.

“You… Are you alright?” Zhu Yao tried to ask. The child had completely no reaction at all, he simply hugged himself even more tightly.

It seemed like he was given quite a fright. Zhu Yao paushed for a moment, before reaching out a hand. “Where do you live? Big sis will send you home.”

The child finally had some sort of reaction. Stiffly turning his head to look at her, Zhu Yao tried her best to respond to him with a gentle smile.

Finally, the child cried out loudly.

She hugged the child up, and helped him wipe his tears away as she consoled him. “Alright, alright. It’s fine now. Big sis has already chased those bad people away. Stop crying.”

Yet, the child cried even more sadly, as he tightly grabbed onto her clothes, and wiped his snot on them.

Zhu Yao: “…”

There’s always a need for a grace period. Zhu Yao decided to not persuade him anymore, and allowed him to cry all his want.

Yet, he actually cried for exactly two hours. Zhu Yao was a little curious, just where did all these tears from? Wasn’t he thirsty?

Chapter98: The Male Partner’s Schemes

“Big sis…” The boy finally stopped crying. Rubbing his large reddened eyes, he weakly said. “I’m hungry.”

Zhu Yao stroked his head. It’s good that he’s no longer crying. She then started piggybacking the child. “Let’s go. Big sis shall bring you to find some food.”

In order to create her brilliant image as his life benefactor, Zhu Yao brought him to the most luxurious restaurant in the city, and picked out a table full of the most expensive food. As expected, the child stared at them with sparkling eyes, yet, he still looked at her a little fearfully.

“Go on, eat. They’re all picked out for you.” She had already abstained from food, so naturally, there was no need for her to eat. And if she were to eat them, she would have to stay in the toilet for quite some time. So, she quietly sat at the side, and watched the child as he hurriedly swept the table.

Zhu Yao then pondered how she was going to prevent this child from stepping onto the path of a Devil Practitioner. She might be able to try changing his fate, give him some money, enough for him to make a living or something like that. With this saving grace as a comparison, even if Mu Meiyan were to be reborn in the future, and she were to save him again, it would simply be icing on a cake. She would no longer become the light in his heart. Or Zhu Yao could even use this goodwill, to instill into him some principles such as ‘everyone has a part in protecting world peace’. Mn, this was very necessary.

Zhu Yao had formed her idea, and the boy had finished eating as well, as his little stomach was bloated up. Yet, he still looked yearningly at the half-finished dishes.

Looking at her a little hesitantly, he then asked. “Big sis, can I bring these remainders back… and eat them later?”

The careful expression of his, caused Zhu Yao to feel  as though her heart string was being pulled. She once again stroked his head, and said. “Of course you can. If it’s  not enough, tell big sis. I will call for a bit more.”

“Thank you, big sis.” The boy looked at her with a face filled with gratitude. Picking up the flask on the table, he wanted to pour a cup of water for her, only to realize that there wasn’t any water left in the flask. He then obediently said. “I will go over to get some water for big sis. Big sis, wait for me.” Zhu Yao nodded, suddenly, she recalled little radish who was on Jade Forest Mountain. If this child possessed a pretty good Spirit Vein, she could bring him back and raise him up along with little radish. However, from her dreams, he seemed to possess the Tri-Spirit Vein. With a potential like this, even if he entered the Inner Sect of Ancient Hill Sect, there would still be risks. Also, she felt that she shouldn’t bring him into the cultivation world.

As Zhu Yao pondered about it, she waited for the child to return. However, this wait, continued for an hour, yet, what returned was not the boy, but a vicious-looking fat lady.

The moment the fat lady came up, she said as she pointed at Zhu Yao. “On the second floor, nearest to the window. It’s her alright, hurry and capture her.” The two men behind her, began to walk over while holding ropes.

Zhu Yao was baffled, however, how could a mortal with no spiritual energy be able to approach her? Before they could even walk up to her table, they were deflected away by the spiritual energy protecting her body.

“You actually still dare to resist.” The fat lady placed her hands on her hips, and then, she said while pointing at her. “Let me tell you. Your little brother has already sold you to our Spring Garden. If you’re sensible enough, then  obediently return with me and attend to your guests.”

Little brother? Attend to guests? After pondering for a moment, Zhu Yao realized what was going on.

The hell, that stinky brat. He had sold her to a brothel. What happened to the promised ‘gratitude for saving his life’? This damn brat.

Zhu Yao was fuming with anger. Her cold and prideful mask, shattered and fell onto the ground. This damn brat, once I catch you later, I will definitely have to smack his buttocks till they burst open.

She casually cast a Forgetting Mystic Art at the three people who were here to capture her, and had them forget the matters about capturing her. Then, she walked out of the restaurant. Just when she was about to use her divine sense to search for him, she suddenly realize that her hand felt empty.

Momma’s egg. That little wimp actually stole the storage ring which her master had left her. That ring had her master’s imprint, and initially, she had to set  her  own  imprint  on  it, before it could be considered as hers. However, she had been reluctant to remove her master’s imprint, and adding  that  she was already able to directly retrieve items from it in the  first place, she had never put this thought into practice.

She did not expect that, because it did not possess her imprint, she actually did not realize it when a mortal child had stolen it. This was so embarrassing.

Zhu Yao released her divine sense, and immediately found the child’s location. He was currently walking into a pawn shop. As expected, he was planning to pawn off her ring.

In the eyes of someone who did not possess spiritual energy, that was nothing more than a regular ring. Only a practitioner was able to recognize that it was actually a storage mystic tool.

Zhu Yao once again concealed her figure, and willing herself, she instantly teleported to that pawn shop. She was just in time to hear that child’s pleading voice.

Zhu Yao was startled. She really wanted to see just what this little brat wanted to do. “Shopkeeper, I beg you. I’m really in need of silvers. My little brother is already bedridden for three days, please, do me a favor. Let me pawn this off to exchange for his medical fees.”

Unfortunately, the person standing behind the counter was not moved at all. “Shoo, shoo. You actually wish to pawn off such a tattered-looking ring. Our pawn shop isn’t a place that takes in broken things. Hurry and leave.”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Tattered-looking? Recalling those mystic tools and treasures kept inside the ring, her master would cry.

The little boy looked as though he was really in dire need of money, as he pleaded that person many times,  yet,  the shopkeeper still did not agree to it. Finally, he started to feel irritated, as he picked up his broom and chased the boy away.

The boy fell to the ground by his constant pushing. He could only stand up using his bluish bruised hands, and limp away regretfully.

Zhu Yao followed after him. Only to see that little boy walking into a secluded alley, and then, he walked towards a broken-down temple. Taking a deep breath, his face which still carried that dispirited look earlier, instantly revealed a smile.

He loudly shouted. “I’m back.”

He opened the door and walked in. A boy who wore the same tattered-looking clothes as him, but was taller than him, walked over. He stared ruthlessly at the little boy, and said. “You still dare to return? Where’s the silvers? Have you managed to get some silvers?”

The little boy’s smile stiffened on his face, as he lowered his head, looking as though he was admitting his  mistake.  “N… No.”

“Didn’t you say you will get some?” The bigger boy became furious. “Then, what will happen to Tiger? He’s already sick to that extent.”

“I… I will think of something.” The little boy explained. The big boy however, did not listen, as he shouted out loudly. “No, it’s been decided that today was the deadline. Since you didn’t manage to bring money, you’re no longer able to stay in this house.”

“Big bro Monkey, tomorrow… I will definitely bring some back tomorrow.” The little boy became anxious.

“Shoo, shoo.” Monkey pushed him away. “You have already said that line for an entire month. This time, no matter how what you say, it’s still a no.”

Their argument, startled the people in the entire temple. Dozens of children walked out in groups from inside the temple, and there were both boys and girls. Most probably, these were the little boy’s companions, and it might be possible that they wouldn’t be very soon.

Because in that group of people, none of them stood out to speak for him. There were no sympathy, and no pity. They simply pointed and chattered about him, and they were filled with inexplicable rage for him.

The words that children used were always more straightforward and more hurtful than adults.

The boy was unable to argue. He simply harbored tears that he could not afford to fall, as he looked helplessly at the group of companions which he had been desperately trying to assimilate into, and anxiously shook his head.

“Big bro Monkey, I saw him on the streets today.” A child who had just entered suddenly squeezed in, and said while pointing at the little boy. “He stole Tyrant Zangjian’s purse today. I coincidentally saw the three of them chasing after him.”

“What!” Monkey’s face instantly paled, and his face was filled with fear. “You actually dare to steal that evil tyrant’s purse.”

“I was only doing it for Tiger…”

“Shut your mouth!” Monkey became even more furious, as he stomped his feet and said. “You’re just causing trouble for us. Hurry, chase him out. We must have Tyrant Zangjian and them see this. We musn’t let them know we’re with him, otherwise, he will drag us down.” “That’s right, hurry and chase him out.”

The rest of the people responded one after another, as they forcefully pushed the boy out of the temple entrance. Standing unstably, the boy instantly fell into the drain outside, staining his entire body with a mud. His clothes which were initially made of thin fabric, were instantly drenched.

However, he simply sat in the drain, dumbfounded, not moving a single inch, as though he had been shocked by how heartless his companions were.

He sat for a long while, before he finally slowly crawled up. Like a wandering ghost he left the broken-down temple. As he walked, he rubbed away the tears that were constantly flowing out of the corners of his eyes, yet, he did not let out a single cry.

Zhu Yao had always been following behind him, her anger had already dissipated quite a bit. She now understood why he did not dare to accept her goodwill, and instead, sold her away. Most probably, he had experienced too many situations like this. He understood the cold and warmth of humans, so he no longer dared to easily believe people. After all, even the companions he had lived with could betray him, much less a person he just met. Zhu Yao followed him for a while, before she realized that he did not have a clear destination, and he was simply wandering aimlessly in the city. When he arrived at the restaurant she had brought him over for a meal, he stopped. Raising his head, he glanced at it, before silently walking away.

Damn brat, now you know big sister’s pain. Hmph. If I don’t have you experience some pain, you won’t know what’s good for you.

From beginning to end, Zhu Yao did not reveal herself, she simply waited for him to think it through  by  himself. Otherwise, if she charged out once again, she believed that he would definitely be able to do something like selling her once more.

The child shakily walked in the city for three days. Most probably because he had became truly hungry, he seemed to be walking a little weakly.

Shakily, he walked towards a farmer’s house. However, behind him, a few people suddenly popped out, blocking his path. “Stinky brat, we finally caught you.” This group consisted of a total of five people, and all of them were adult males. Three of them even looked familiar. They were exactly the three people who beat up the boy the other day. The way they walked, however, was a little strange.

Zhu Yao’s brows twitched. This was the typical scenario where enemies had forgotten the pain after their wounds had recovered!

“If it wasn’t because you stole my purse, stinky brat, I wouldn’t be in this state where I’m unable to bear any sons. Watch me as I beat you to death today.” Tyrant  Zangjian glanced at his little brothers beside him, and the few of them rushed in and circled around him. “Let’s see just which ghost or god will pass by today to save you.”

The little boy took a step back out of fear, yet, his face instantly sank again. He looked despairingly at the people that were already rushing over. He did not even resist, and simply allowed the few people to capture him. This time, no one would be coming to save him. Most probably, death was a form of relief as well.

Their rage, however, did not decrease even the smallest bit just because they were facing a child. Instead, they pushed the child onto the ground, and then, with their wooden bats raised, they ruthlessly smacked towards the child.

Just when one of the wooden bats was about to hit the child, something strange happened. The wooden bat suddenly escaped from their hands and flew away in the opposite direction.

Chapter99: Coming Straight Back After Picking Up The Male Partner

The five people looked at each other. Before they could even make clear of the situation, that man who was about to beat the child earlier, was instantly sent flying away as well, and he fell a couple of meters away.

The rest were frightened. At a loss, they looked at their empty surroundings.

In the next moment, the wooden bats in the hands of the other four people, suddenly flew away out of no reason as well.

“Ghost, that ghost came again.” One of the men suddenly exclaimed, as he tumbled about and fled. The other four people woke up from their shock as well, as they followed that man one after another. With faces filled with fear, they escaped.

Only that little boy was left in that place. He was dumbfounded, and he looked around his surroundings with flustered, yet expecting eyes.

Zhu Yao sighed, and revealed herself. She no longer carried the gentleness in her face, instead, she was carrying that cold and prideful mask of hers, as she looked at that child.

She did not say anything, and simply reached out her hand. That ring which was in the child’s hands then automatically flew back into her palm. Zhu Yao inspected it for a moment, and after confirming that not a single piece of item inside was missing, she wore it back on her finger.

She once again looked at that boy who was staring straight at her, before she turned around and unhesitatingly, she walked away.

After she walked for about a few dozen steps, there were movements behind her. The boy was following after her.

Zhu Yao did not care about him, and simply walked straight out of the city. She was walking very slowly, it was a regular speed for an adult, however, the child was having a hard time following after her. As he followed her out of the city, from beginning to end, he had always maintained a distance of five to six steps. He was not near her, but he was not too far away to lose sight of her either. Two hours later, after arriving at a desolated road, Zhu Yao stopped, and said coldly. “Why are you following me?”

The child moved the corner of his lips, however, he did not answer.

Zhu Yao did not bother to converse with him either, as she continued to walk. In any case, he wouldn’t be able to follow her for long.

They then walked for another two hours. Zhu Yao was a Demigod-stage practitioner, walking a short distance like this was basically nothing to her. However, the child was a mortal, and the route they walked on were bumpy mountain roads, so he had long been panting heavily. Yet, he still stubbornly followed behind her, and when he was unable to walk anymore, he used his hands and legs to crawl.

If he had known it would come to this, would he not have acted thus? Zhu Yao sighed, and finally stopped. She  then turned to look at that child whose face was filled with fatigue.

“Speak. What do you plan on doing by following me?” The child was startled for a moment. Lowering his head, he looked at her with both expectations and guilt in his eyes, yet, he did not know what to say.

“You can’t be thinking of selling me again, right?” Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes.

“No, of course not!” The child anxiously waved his hands. He took a step forward, as he tried to explain. Yet, because he was afraid that his muddy clothes would stain her clothes which were white as snow, he retreated again. Now, he had clearly understood that back then, she sincerely wanted to help him out, yet he himself was…

Gritting his teeth, the child heavily bowed towards her, and said with emphasis on every word. “I’m sorry.”

Zhu Yao frowned. The anger which she had earlier,  had almost dissipated completely as well. Sighing, she cast a Dirt- Removal Art on him. His clothes which had turned into a black lump, instantly regained its former color, and the mud on his body instantly disappeared as well.

The child seemed to be surprised by this mystical moment. With widened eyes, he looked at his own brand new set of clothes, and he had a look as though he wanted to ask about it, yet, he did not dare to.

“I shall forgive you. Go back then!” Zhu Yao sighed. “Haah.
He’s still a child.”

The child’s expression paled, and his joy earlier was instantly swept away. He simply tightly grabbed onto the hem of his clothes, which were evidently a little small for him, and did not say a word.

“What? Are you afraid that those people will come trouble you?” Zhu Yao thought of this possibility, pulling his hand up, she drew an incantation on the palm of his hand. A series of white letters floated above his palm, and disappeared after a flash.

“I have cast an incantation on your body. Before you reach the age of twenty, it can protect you from being bullied, they won’t be able to touch you. Go on now.” This was a passive Wind-type formation, if someone were to attack him, it would activate automatically. Zhu Yao waved her hands, turned around, and continued to walk her own way. Her initial goal was to have the child be grateful to her. Now that her goal had been achieved, and had even gotten rid of his future troubles, she could disappear now.

After walking a few steps, Zhu Yao, however, realized that not only did the child not go away, he continued to follow her closely.

The hell. This damn child, he couldn’t have latched himself onto her, right?

Zhu Yao initial plan was to have him return on his own, and she would follow him in secret. Either she settle him down in the next city, or, she might as well help him find a household that would raise him. She could even use appropriate Arts, to alter his foster parents’ memories. Without a miserable childhood, he would unlikely step into the path of a Devil.

However, this time, as though the child had been enlightened, he knelt heavily on the ground. “Deity, please take me as your disciple.”

Eh, she never had such a plan at all. After the child said that, he began to constantly kowtow, and had a look as though he had no plans to get up unless she agreed to his request.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt her head aching a little. Watching him, she was about to puke out blood. With a wave of her hand, she used a Wind-type incantation to pull him up.

“I already have a disciple, and I have no plans to take in another disciple.”

The child’s expression paled, yet, he once again knelt down, and said the same words. “Deity, please take me as your disciple.”

“Enough, enough. Stop kowtowing.” This was getting troublesome. Recalling his Devil Practitioner physique, if she really took him in, she felt that a huge wave of troubles would come assault her. She was already having a headache just by having a disciple with the Water Heavenly Spirit Vein at home, and now, there’s another person with the Devil Practitioner physique, which was frequently sought and fought after by heretic practitioners. She totally felt uncomfortable now. “Even though I’m unable to take you as my disciple, I can still guide you into a Deity Sect.”

The boy’s eyes shone, and they were filled with tiny sparkling stars. This time, he was really grateful from the bottom of his heart, as he once again heavily kowtowed three times. “Thank you, Deity.”

“However, only those who possess Spirit Veins can depart on the path to a Deity. If you don’t have a Spirit Vein, even if someone were to guide you, it will still be impossible for you to cultivate.” Although she long knew that he possessed the Tri Spirit Veins, she still had to give him this reminder.

The boy was dumbfounded, and he only nodded after a few moments. “I understand, thank you, Deity.”

“It’s nothing much, no need to express your thanks.” Zhu Yao planned on handing him over to Zi Mo.  Joining  Ancient  Hill Sect was a good choice as well, after all, it was her territory, and she could pay attention to him. “Do not call me Deity, I’m just a practitioner as well. My name is Zhu Yao.”

“Yes!” The boy replied. After pondering how he should address her, he recalled that he had always been calling her big sis before. “Big sis Zhu Yao.”

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart trembling for a moment, as a strange feeling surged upwards. She kind of felt this way of addressing her was strange, as though she did not really like him calling her this way. “Just call me Zhu Yao, or you can address me as Sovereign.”

“Oh.” The boy was a little disappointed. As he wondered if the Deity was still angry at him, he obediently called out. “Sovereign.”

“What’s your name?” Zhu Yao changed the subject, as she tried to throw off that strange feeling.

The boy’s eyes shone, as though he was really happy to hear that she was paying attention to him. “My name is Wu Song.”

“Wu Song.” His name did have a nice ring to it. Zhu Yao waved her hands and said. “Let’s go.”

This time, she did not intentionally walk, instead, she took out the transportation tool used by her Sect. That piece of leaf.

Though, in the beginning, she had wanted to fly with her sword. However, because she was worried that a mortal like him might not be able to withstand the speed she would be flying at with her sword, hence, she decided to use this mystic tool which flew a little slower.

Wu Song was very happy. Sitting on the leaf, his face was filled with curiosity. His small hands touched everywhere, yet, he was afraid that he was going overboard, and that she would be unhappy. So, he obediently sat on top, and did not dare to make any casual movements.

Seeing how restricted he was, Zhu Yao found him a little funny, and she casually asked. “Oh right, I forgot to ask. Just how much money did you sell me for?”

Wu Song’s expression paled, as he looked at her a little anxiously.

“It’s just a casual question, just give it to me straight.” She was really curious. Practitioners could change their physique, so, the higher one’s cultivation was, the more beautiful one’s complexion would be. She was, after all, a Demigod-stage practitioner. No matter how she saw it, she should be considered a world-class beauty, right? Mn. When she thought about this, she was a little excited.

“N… None.” Wu Song lowered his head, and clasped his own small hands.

“Ah?” What did he mean?

“I… didn’t ask for money.” Wu Song honestly replied. “Back then, I thought that Dei… Sovereign wanted to harm me, so I didn’t ask her for any money.”

“What?” The hell, so she was actually a free gift. Why didn’t you sell her for a cheaper price than that then, huh?

Zhu Yao was very unhappy. But after thinking it through, if he had silvers on him back then, he wouldn’t have went to the pawn shop, and neither would he have been chased out of the broken-down temple by his companions in the end.

“So… Sovereign’s  complexion  has  always  been  invisible  to me.” Wu Song continued to explain. “Hence I don’t know how much I could sell you for either.”

Zhu Yao was startled, and only then did she remember that all practitioners carried their own spiritual energy. Practitioners with similar level of cultivation or higher, could use this type of spiritual energy to discern others’ level of cultivation. The denser one’s spiritual energy was, the higher one’s level of cultivation. And because mortals did not have spiritual energy in their bodies, if practitioners did not intentionally keep their spiritual energy, they would be unable to see through their spiritual energy. Even if they were able to, it would just be mere faint images in their minds, and they were unable to see a clear picture of their faces.

So it was not because she wasn’t worth any money, it was simply because they did not know their stuffs. Alright, she found back her point of balance.

Zhu Yao concentrated, and kept the spiritual energy surrounding her body, before looking towards the boy. “Is it clear now?”

Wu Song raised his head, and was instantly stunned. His pair of eyes suddenly widened up, as though he had seen an unbelievable sight, he stared straight at her, and could not shift his gaze off her.

Mn, don’t be infatuated with elder sister, elder sister is but a myth.

Zhu Yao suppressed the little glee in the depth of her heart. She wanted him to recognize this face of hers alright, to prevent him from forgetting who’s his life savior was. Zhu Yao once again released her spiritual energy, and blurred her own complexion. Only then did the boy finally regained his senses. Zhu Yao once again allowed him to think of a price for her, only to suddenly sense an abnormal spiritual energy.

There were heretic practitioners, and a lot of them as well.

Zhu Yao looked towards the south-east direction. Just what happened there? Why were there such a huge gathering of heretic practitioners?

Looking towards the terrain over there, the spiritual energy was dense, and there were no signs of dispersal, there should be a Spiritual Pulse underground. A place like that, should originally be a base of a Deity Sect. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, before making a turn towards that direction, and she even increased her speed. Those heretic practitioners seemed to be retreating, as they dispersed and flew in all directions.

Could they have discovered her? That shouldn’t be possible. Those group of people comprised of a few Azoth-stage practitioners, and the one with the highest level of cultivation among them was nothing more than a Nascent Soul practitioner. They couldn’t have sensed her.

Just when she was thinking of chasing after them, suddenly, in the air, an extremely heavy scent of blood suddenly rushed towards her.

Chapter100: Tragedy Of The Destroyed Sect

Zhu Yao frowned. She gave up on chasing, instead, she landed on the ground and walked towards the source of the scent of blood.

Although Wu Song did not really understand what was going on, he still guessed that something must have happened. He did not make any queries, and simply followed closely behind her.

Suddenly, as though he had seen something, he called out. “Sovereign!”

Wu Song pointed to the ground in front, where a cut-off bloodstained arm laid.

Naturally, Zhu Yao had seen it long ago. However, the part where the arm was cut off was very clean, and there was no blood pouring out at all.

This arm wasn’t cut off. Zhu Yao cast an Art, forming a ray of light which charged right towards the front. In mid-air, what looked like a water screen suddenly shook for a moment, and then, like opening curtains, it opened to the two sides. On the other side of the curtains was actually another land. A mountain was currently floating in the sea of clouds, as though it was the realm of deities.

This was a Great Mountain Barrier Formation, however, this mountain barrier formation, was evidently low-grade. It was simply only able to conceal the celestial mountain, compared to the absolute defensive formation Ancient Mountain Sect had, it was simply too weak. Zhu Yao silently gave her own master a thumbs up.

After opening the formation, the place where the severed hand was, revealed an entire person’s body. That person was no longer breathing, his eyes were popped out, as though he had seen something terrifying. Zhu Yao used her divine sense to investigate him, only to realize that he was actually an Azoth- stage practitioner, and his Azoth core had already been shattered.

Looking at how this mountain barrier formation was so casually formed, it was most probably a second-rate Deity Sect, and it seemed as though something grave had happened. Zhu Yao frowned. Summoning her own flying sword, she pulled Wu Song up, and flew towards the main mountain. “Let’s go!”

Wu Song was a little frightened, yet, he did not let out a single sound. He knew something grave had happened as well, and simply quietly stayed behind Zhu Yao as they flew over.

The closer they approached the mountain peak, the heavier the scent of blood was, to the point where it could even choke someone. She had already swept the place with her divine sense earlier, so she was mentally prepared. However, when she personally witnessed the scene, she was still stunned.

The corpses of practitioner disciples filled the entire mountain peak. Some had their chests pierced through, while some had been directly cut into halves. Countless of severed limbs and destroyed organs were even scattered all over the ground.

This scene was simply too brutal. Zhu Yao simply managed to cover Wu Song eyes in time, even she was unable to bear to continue looking at them. “Close your eyes. Without my permission, you’re not allowed to open your eyes.”

Wu Song was stunned for a moment, before he silently nodded his head.

Only then did Zhu Yao release her hand. Just what kind of grudge did those heretic practitioners have with this second- rate Sect, to the point that they wanted to destroy the entire Sect? After carefully investigating the area, she realized there was still a weak presence at the back of the hall.

She immediately used her flying sword and flew over.

However, she was completely dumbfounded by the even more terrifying scene at the back. That was a crater that had been smashed out offhandedly, yet, that crater was piled up with countless of corpses. Not a single corpse was complete, and that fresh blood that was flowing out, filled up the entire crater.

This was like a banquet of massacres. It was so brutal that it could cause one’s hair to stand on ends, and anger suddenly surged out of nowhere within Zhu Yao. “Save… Save…” His entire body was covered in blood. Someone, whose human figure could no longer be distinguished, crawled out from the crater of blood, yet, he only had half of his body intact.

Zhu Yao walked over, suppressing the bitterness in the depth of her heart. She then inserted a little bit of spiritual energy into him. “How are you?”

Although she said as such, she knew that he wasn’t able to hold on any longer. Putting aside the fact that he only had half of his body left, his Azoth core had already been shattered, and his cultivation was destroyed. It was already a miracle that he was able to hold onto that last breath till now.

“Save… Save the children.” That person weakly tugged onto the hem of her clothes, as he took out a jade tablet. “Back… mountain cave.”

After he said that, he collapsed. He was no longer breathing.

Zhu Yao sighed. Looking at the jade tablet that was dyed in blood in her hand, this should be similar to a mystic tool used to open some sort of formation. Earlier he spoke of, the back mountain cave? Could it be that there were still people who were alive?

She hurriedly stood up, and walked towards the final place. After an inspection, she realized that there was indeed a cave residence at the back of the mountain.

The door was simply tightly shut, and there was a gigantic sealing formation on it. This was a Life Source Formation that even a Nascent Soul practitioner would be unable to break with full force. A Life Source Formation was formed with human’s blood as sacrifice, a formation that could only be designed with a human life as a base. So, this formation could not be destroyed from outside, nor could it be destroyed from inside. And, it was even able to conceal the presences inside the formation.

Hence, when she used her divine sense to investigate, she did not sense any trace of people over here.

However, this formation was actually exposed like this out here. It must have been discovered by someone, and that person simply did not dare to break through the formation.

Zhu Yao frowned. This formation could not be entered, nor could it be exited. If she had not arrived here today, wouldn’t that mean that the people inside would be trapped inside to death?

Zhu Yao took two steps forward. Just when she was about to dispel this formation, she suddenly sensed a ripple of another formation at the side.

Eh? When Zhu Yao took a look at it, she realized that was actually a teleportation formation. And it was even a forced teleportation formation? Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition. However, the way this formation was set up was very ingenious. It could not be forcefully broken, and it activation condition, was actually under the situation when the previous formation had lost its effects.

Zhu Yao was a little troubled, yet, she couldn’t not save the people inside, otherwise, they would be trapped to death. Furthermore, the heretic practitioners had undergone such a large-scale operation of destroying an entire Deity Sect. This could be considered as an official challenge towards the Deity practitioners. As the number one Deity Sect, it was not possible for Ancient Hill Sect to simply sit by and do nothing. There might be a possibility that this formation which was intentionally added in, could lead to some clues. Zhu Yao had made her decision. After having Wu Song stand a bit further away, she reached out her hand to break that formation. There was actually a fatal weakness in Life Source Formations, and this fact was found in the books which introduced formations that her master had left behind. A Life Source Formation had the soul of the person who offered his blood as its core. As long as the soul no longer exists, naturally, the formation could be broken.

Hence what she needed to do right now was very simple, provide salvation to that deceased spirit. Zhu Yao cast a few Arts, broke open the formation core, and then, sacred words of the past could be heard. A moment later, within the formation core, a blue-clothed spirit appeared. What he was wearing was exactly the uniform those dead disciples were wearing. Initially, he was filled with hostility, after Zhu Yao chanted out a few sacred words, he slowly calmed down, and returned to his youthful look.

“You?” That spirit was a little suspicious, though, he was able to recognize that she was not a heretic practitioner.

“Ancient Hill Sect.” Zhu Yao simply said these three words.

Only then did that soul reveal a worriless smile. After that, he slowly dissipated.

This was the first time Zhu Yao had ever provided salvation to a spirit, and it was good that she had succeeded. Following the disappearance of that deceased spirit, the formation naturally lost its effect. Zhu Yao took a step back, and returned to Wu Song’s side. Seeing that he was still obediently keeping his eyes closed, she finally felt at ease.

Then, she stared at that concealed formation, and as expected, that formation activated itself. The formation released a huge red glow, and it was even growing bigger.

Suddenly, a loud roar rang through the clouds, a sixth-ranked demonic beast flew out from the formation. It looked like a horse, however, its four hooves emitted out flames, wings were attached to its back, and it had a mouth filled with brutal sharp teeth like a panther’s.

So it was actually a teleportation formation for demonic beasts. Zhu Yao was a little disappointed.

Wu Song, however, was frightened by that sound. His small body trembled, and took a step closer to her. However, he still remembered her words to heart, and did not open his eyes.

Not bad, he was an obedient child. Zhu Yao nodded satisfyingly, and pulled him closer to her embrace.

After the formation transferred a sixth-ranked demonic beast over, it did not seem to stop. Demonic beasts, one after another, ran out from the formation, as though a beast tide had been brought about. Sixth-ranked, seventh-ranked, and there were even eighth-ranked demonic beasts.


Roar~~ ┗|`o′|┛

Sesame immediately leapt out. Looking down at those demonic beasts that were springing out like fleas, with complaints, it turned around and looked at Zhu Yao.

“Mistress, my tail hasn’t recovered yet.” It had no interest, and did not feel like moving at all. Zhu Yao’s expression sank. “I don’t mind giving you a few more auntie’s husbands!”

“No!” Sesame instantly became obedient. It did not  know what an auntie’s husband was, but it had already firmly remembered the pain he felt back then. It was afraid of pain. With a swing of its tail, it slapped away a seventh-ranked demonic beast, and fawned over her. “Mistress, actually, these demonic beasts are simply ranked too low, hence, they’re unable to recognize you. As long as you release your aura, they will immediately become obedient.”

What’s that supposed to mean?

Zhu Yao did not understand, however, she felt there were some hidden meanings in its words, so she transmitted her voice over.

Sesame instantly transmitted back. “Mistress, have you forgotten? You’re a member of the dragon race. As long as you release your dragon’s might, they will immediately become obedient.”

Zhu Yao  suspiciously  narrowed  her  eyes  at  it.  Closing  her eyes, she instantly released her aura entirely. This was not pressure, she simply released a stream of energy that she could faintly feel that had always existed in her own Dantian.

As it had said, in an instant, those demonic beasts that were still acting viciously earlier, suddenly stopped. All of them looked at her with trembling bodies, and unknown to which one had started it, all of them bent down towards her one after another, showing submissive looks.

The hell, it’s actually this useful.

She actually picked out such an awesome body this time?

“Mistress~~” Sesame, with a fluttering voice, came leaning towards her. Shrinking to her waist-height, with an infatuated look, it rubbed against her leg. “Mistress, you’re so mighty. Sesame wants to be your little beastie for your entire lifetime. Please do not hesitate to step on me.” With that look it currently had, where did the might of a tenth-ranked demonic beast go?

“Scram!” Zhu Yao kicked it away, and walked towards that cave residence. Why was this Sesame becoming more and more shameless? “Mistress~~” Sesame persevered and followed after her, with teary eyes, it looked towards her thigh. I really want~ I really want to hug it~

It had no choice either. The dragon race had a natural deterrent force towards demonic beasts. It was a form of inheritance that had carved into their bones, and the moment they see a dragon race, they could not help but want to approach it.

Roar~~ Mistress, love me once more~ o(>﹏<)o

That teleportation formation had finally stopped. Demonic beasts no longer sprang out, and Zhu Yao casually destroyed that formation.

With another wave of her hand, she opened that stone door, only to see a few dozen children standing packed with each other. Some of them even had undried tears on their faces. The eldest among them was just about ten years old, and the one with the highest level of cultivation among them, was merely at the eighth level of Essence. There was actually not even a single Foundation-stage disciple. Seeing Zhu Yao who had suddenly appeared, there were even some that hid deeper inside out of fear.

Zhu Yao frowned. She had thought that the ones hiding here would be the elite disciples of this Sect. However, she had never expected them to have such low levels of cultivation. They were clearly children that had just joined the Sect not too long ago.

That person from this Sect, who used a Life Source Formation to hide these new disciples in here, could be considered as a righteous person.
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