My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 81-90

Chapter81: I Actually Like Men

As Zhu Yao’s tea had yet to flow down her throat, she spat them all out. With her mouth opened up wide, she looked at the shy Feng Yi, and in an instant, she felt entirely uncomfortable.

Big sis, don’t scare me!

“You’re not willing?” Feng Yi’s expression instantly turned pale, and the luster of tears seemed to have surfaced at the corner of her eyes, as she took a step forward. “Why? Is there anything bad about me?”

Zhu Yao was frightened to the point she suddenly leapt up, and she immediately fell off the stone chair. Only after a long while, did she finally crawl back up. “No, no, no. I… Haah! I think you must have misunderstood. I… What’s there that’s good about me? Why did you fall in love with me?”

Please, although he had the shell of a male, she was still a genuine woman, and a straight one at that.

Feng Yi circled around, looking as though she wanted to step forward to hold her up, yet she firmly replied. “Everything.” “I will change, alright?” Zhu Yao took a big step back, and she felt like crying. Big sis, don’t make such a world-class joke, hey.

“You really hate me that much?” Feng Yi instantly showed a face of despair, the tears at the corner of her eyes began to fall down in streams.

“Don’t cry!” Zhu Yao was suddenly filled with a heavy amount of guilt, and at that instant, she felt as though she was no longer human. “I don’t mean it that way. Haah. We… We won’t be blissful if we’re together.”

“Why?” Feng Yi’s face was filled with accusations  for  Zhu Yao, and she completely looked like a little girl who had submerged herself in her own feelings. Not even the slightest bit of her noble and icy demeanor was left. “Since you hate me so much, then why did you risk your life so many times to save me, and even think of me always?”

“When did I ever think of you?” She admitted to saving her, but thinking of her always? Where did that come from?

“You helped me save my disciple, and whenever I look for you, you had never rejected or evaded me as well.” That’s because, she wanted to loaf on the job.

“And… Sometimes, I look for you deep in the night, yet, you would still listen to me patiently.”

Please. That’s the basic code of conduct of a good girl friend. In the modern era, whenever her girl friend broke up, she would always like to call her late in the night as well, and she had never felt like strangling her either.

“If I’m not in your heart, then why did you treat me so well till now?”

“Stop!” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and stopped her brain from functioning. “Sovereign. I really do not  have  any unnatural thoughts towards you. Really!”

You must believe me!

“I don’t believe it!” Feng Yi instantly shattered her expectations, as she looked at her with a hurt expression. “If you don’t, then, since we’re in the same sect, why have you never called me senior-martial aunt.” “Uhh…” Because she was her junior-martial sister, could she tell her this?

“Why do you have to deny it? If you think that it’s not the right time yet, I can wait.” Feng Yi looked at her with an unregretful expression. “However… please do not push me away. If you don’t give me a reason today, I will never believe it.”

Reason. Reason. The hell, where was she going to find a reason? She’s currently a man. Even if she were to take off her shirt for Feng Yi to look at it, she wouldn’t believe it either, would she?

“Actually…” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and  with  great effort, she squeezed out a very serious expression. “I already have someone I like.”

Feng Yi trembled, and took two consecutive steps back, as she looked at him with an ashen face.

When his disciple came rushing in, Yu Yan was meditating. After sensing his stupid disciple’s presence from afar, in the next moment, she had already came charging in like a bull. “Wuwuwuwu.” Lying in his embrace, she began to cry out crocodile tears.

Yu Yan stiffened for a moment, hesitating how he should throw his disciple out, so that she would become less stupid when she falls.

“Master… I don’t want to live anymore.” Zhu Yao rubbed her head messily, attempting to rub off her tears and snot on her master’s white clothes. She could not be the only one frustrated about this, right? “Wuwuwu… I hurt a girl’s pure and innocent heart earlier. But I was really shocked. She actually wanted me to marry her, no, she wanted to wed to me!”

Just when Yu Yan wanted to push her hand away,  anger began to well up inside his heart.

“Who was it?” Which daredevil was trying to steal his disciple away again?

“That’s not important.” Zhu Yao was getting over her head. “See here, I only saved her once, and treated her a little better, how did that cause her to fancy me? I don’t want to steal someone else’s harem, you know.” Even if Xiao Yi’s harem was huge, and would not mind losing one or two.

Yu Yan frowned, as he made guesses on who the person his disciple was referring to. He was considering if he should remind that person, not to have any ideas of getting his disciple.

“Master, I really want to turn back, my current identity is too ridiculous! I only realized this now, and my future looks bleak.” Zhu Yao said with teary eyes and snot coming out of her nose. “See here, if I’m together with her, then it will be yuri. If I were to go with a man, then it will be yaoi. It seems like, no matter which route I take, I can’t get out from being gay!”

Yu Yan frowned. What yuri yaoi?

“Master, tell me honestly!” Zhu Yao wiped her face bitterly. “Do you also think that my current form is exceptionally abnormal, and exceptionally perverse?”

Yu Yan looked at her from top to bottom. Her chicken’s nest- like hair, eyes that were swollen like blisters, and that red nose which was constantly sniffling. No matter how he looked at it, she looked really terrible, however, he still calmly said. “You’re decent.” “Master…” As expected, he was a great master. She was touched.

Yu Yan however, suddenly raised his head, looked outside, and said with a frown. “The person you were referring to, is it her?”

Zhu Yao was startled. She turned to look, only to see Feng Yi, who had followed her without her noticing. Currently, she was standing outside, looking disbelievingly at the two people who were hugging each other.

“The person you like, could it really be…”

A light bulb flashed in Zhu Yao’s mind. She suddenly had an idea that could eliminate all troubles, as she strongly nodded. “That’s right!”

So as to give a stronger effect, she even hugged onto her master’s head, and with a “pachi”, she kissed on it.

The person below her instantly stiffened into a stone statue. Feng Yi looked as though she had been dealt by a serious blow, as her body wobbled. She then once again took another glance at the two people. As glistening tears flowed down her cheeks, she flew away.

Done. Zhu Yao silently gave herself a ‘Yes!’ in her heart. Although she felt a little sorry for Feng Yi, rather than suffering for a long time, it’s best to settle the issue as fast as possible. Instead of allowing her to cling onto hope, it’s best that Zhu Yao could wake her up sooner than later.

As Feng Yi was such a prideful person, if Zhu Yao were to look for a regular person, a girl especially, she would definitely not believe it. As the only Demigod-stage female practitioner in the cultivation world, naturally, there’s no other  female practitioner that could compete with her. However, it would be different if it was a man, especially a man like her master who was much stronger than her.

Of course, she had to thank her master for his good performance. Turning around, she gave Yu Yan a huge hug. “Thank you, master! The matter has been dealt with. I’m taking my leave first. I love you!”

Only then did Zhu Yao return to Beast-Taming Mountain. While a certain person, was still maintaining that  stiff posture, not a single muscle was moved for a short while. Subconsciously touching his lips, that numb feeling, momentarily caused him to be at a loss. Even his heart was in a state of confusion as well. Just what was going on? Could it be that his disciple had cast a strange mystic art on him? However, his disciple was stupid to such an extent, how was that possible?

If that really was the case, then what sort of mystic art, could allow someone to feel something this strange? And that earlier scene even continued to flash repeatedly in his mind, like a demon’s illusion.

However… He did not hate it.

Once again, he touched his own lips. Faintly, in his heart, a strange heat was surging up as well. Yu Yan recalled everything he had seen and heard in the past ten thousand years, yet, he still was unable to find a reasonable answer.

As expected, he had no choice but to ask his disciple.

Ever since Feng Yi ran out of Jade Forest Mountain in tears that day, Zhu Yao no longer saw her. Zhu Yao reflected on herself, yet, she was still unable to think of how she gave Feng Yi the hint that she had some interests towards her.

Although her current form was a male, she had always thought that, other than not having scruples during the times she interacted with Wang Xuzhi and her master, she didn’t treat the rest of the people any different than she usually did.

After pondering for a moment, Zhu Yao determined that it must be the time in the Desolate Ground. So as to heal her injuries, Zhu Yao seemed to have pulled her clothes off. In her precognitive dream, Feng Yi seemed to have half-heartedly submitted to Xiao Yi after their naked bodies were facing each other when she was healing Xiao Yi. It’s just that this time, Zhu Yao was swapped in to fill the role.

The more Zhu Yao thought about it, the more she felt this was plausible. It was no wonder she gave her the Water Spirit that easily, without the slightest bit of hesitation back then. So it was actually because of this.

“Big sis Zhu Yao, big sis Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi stretched out his hand and waved it in front of Zhu Yao. “Ah?”

“What’s wrong with you? Did you hear what I said?” This was already the third time she had lost focus, did something happen to her?

“What did you say?”

Wang Xuzhi sighed, and then, repeated his words. “I said, Sect Master’s wife is pregnant.”

“What? Who did it?”


Wang Xuzhi’s face was completely dark.

“Uh… I’m sorry, it was conditioned  reflex.”  Zhu  Yao scratched her head embarrassingly. “Is it true? I never expected that your master, at his age, would still be so… gallant.” Can the word ‘gallant’ be used this way? Wang Xuzhi shook his head, showing a helpless face. “Master told me personally. Most probably, not long later, I will have a little junior-martial brother, or little junior-martial sister.”

Wang Xuzhi was really happy. Among the inner chamber disciples under the Sect Master, he was the youngest. This time round, he could finally be a senior-martial brother. And, the higher the cultivation a practitioner was, the harder it was for that practitioner to bear children. The chance for a  Nascent Soul practitioner like this old man Zi Mo to have descendants, was basically smaller than striking a lottery.

“When is it due? I want to join the crowd as well.”

“It’s still early!” Wang Xuzhi said. “It hasn’t even been three months for master-aunt, so we have to wait till next year.”

“Ah? The pregnancy period is only a year?” Zhu Yao asked.

Wang Xuzhi looked at her strangely. “A pregnancy period is usually ten months. It’s common sense.” “Uh…” Sorry, she was taking Nezha as reference. Since a practitioner’s lifespan was long, she was thinking that the pregnancy periods would be as long as well.

“Xuzhi, you can’t have ran over here to find me today, just to tell me this piece of news, right?”

A few days ago, he even threw a fit. Why did he look as though nothing had happened today?

Wang Xuzhi’s expression changed, a moment later, he silently pulled out a stack of files and passed it to her. “The documents you wanted me to arrange, I have already settled them. So… I came here to pass them to you.”

Zhu Yao glanced at him. So the reason why he did not visit her in the recent few days was because he was busy with these? And here she thought he had lost his temper!

Chapter82: Disciple, Come, Let’s Do An Experiment

“Good boy!” Zhu Yao happily took them off his hands. Little wimp’s really cute when he’s not throwing a tantrum.

“Big sis Zhu Yao…” Wang Xuzhi’s words paused, but in the end, he decided to speak up. “I feel that, it’s best that you don’t get too close with Sovereign Feng Yi. She’s after all Xiao Yi’s master, and Xiao Yi is…”

“Don’t worry!” Zhu Yao stroked his head. “Even if you were to tie me up and send me to her now, I won’t even dare to approach too close to her.”

That master and disciple duo were really frightening, and she would prefer not to know them in her lifetime.

However, the Metal Spirit was still in Xiao Yi’s hands, hence, she did not have any other choice.

Oh right, speaking of the Metal Spirit, she just remembered, that she had to quickly release the Wood Spirit as well. When she released the Water Spirit, the BUG on Xiao Yi’s face lightened by so much, yet, when she obtained the Wood Spirit, that did not happen at all. This meant that her mission would not be completed just by robbing the Five Spirits off him. Rather, she had to make sure that the rest of the people would not be able to make use of the Five Spirits either.

The Wood Spirit could be said to have followed her for quite a long time, and it was really obedient, she really could not bear to let it go. Adding that the Wood Spirit could not be compared to the Water Spirit, which had the entire ocean as its cover, since it was just a little sapling, the moment it took root, most probably, it would not be able to move. Hence, it’s best that she find a place that’s safe and far from human eyes.

Was there any place that people would not be able to find, and was suitable for the Wood Spirit to stay in?

Got it! An idea flashed in her mind. She instantly thought of a good place, and it was a place that people would definitely not go.

“Little wimp, I have some emergency matters to take care of. I will be heading out, I can’t talk to you any longer!” Zhu Yao informed him, turned around, and began to walk out. After thinking for a moment, she turned her head around again and told him. “Oh right, the new little twerps who just joined the sect are at the front hall. I will leave them to you, so help me inform your master. I won’t be going there today.”

“Big sis Zhu Yao…” Before Wang Xuzhi could even stop her, he could no longer see her figure. He had no choice but to accept his fate. Sighing, he turned and headed for the front hall in the Main Mountain.

The place Zhu Yao wanted to go was Jade Forest Mountain. She was unable to head to the place where she could settle the Wood Spirit down by herself, so she had to seek her master for help.

Passing through the teleportation formation, the moment she arrived at the peak of Jade Forest Mountain, she saw that familiar figure from afar, as he opened the door and walked out, as though he was preparing to leave as well.

“Master!” Zhu Yao waved her hands. “I want to seek your hel-”

Before she could finish, Yu Yan had already begun to walk over with a stern expression. Each step of his was exceptionally firm, and he stopped just one step away from her, as he stared unblinkingly at her face.

Zhu Yao then swallowed her words back down. What was going on with her master?

“Hoho, Master, why are you…”

Before she could finish, Yu Yan suddenly grabbed onto her arm. Lowering his head to her lips, his lips pressed onto hers.


Zhu Yao suddenly felt as though she could hear an explosion, and random numbers crazily scrolled through her mind. Widening her eyes, she looked disbelievingly at the person in front of her.

This person is definitely not my master!

Yu Yan raised his head, his brows furrowed, as he muttered out. “Wrong!” Why wasn’t there that feeling he felt back then?

Mn, again.

Hence, he once again lowered his head, aligned to his disciple’s lips, and then, he kissed again.

It’s still wrong!


And hence, kiss, kiss, and then another kiss.

“Stop!” Zhu Yao who finally managed to recover her senses, pushed away the person in front of her. It was fine if it was just kissing, but why was each subsequent kiss heavier than the previous one? Her teeth were close to being knocked out, you know?

“Master, what are you doing? This disciple sells her body, not her skill- ah pui! What’s wrong with you?” Zhu Yao held on her injured lips, and this was the first time her face reddened in her entire lifetime, as she stared at the man in front of her who kissed her endlessly.

What’s wrong with her master? Was his body taken over? Was he kidnapped by aliens? Or was he infected with an illness that turned him into a kissing maniac? The hell, how could such an illness exist?

Looking at his disciple who suddenly ran a few meters away, Yu Yan was a little unhappy, yet, he still answered with a serious expression. “I wanted to test it out?”

“Test?” Zhu Yao’s mind turned blank for a moment. “Test what?” Test how durable her lips were?

“There wasn’t that feeling.”

“What feeling?”

Yu Yan’s face still looked confused, yet, he  seriously explained. “Yesterday, when you were in the house, that feeling when you pressed your lips against mine.” “Ah?” Yesterday? That time when they acted for Feng Yi?

Zhu Yao suddenly felt her heart shake for a moment. Her master couldn’t be… having a crush on her, right?

Heheheh… heheh… heh…

Zhu Yao felt her face was strangely getting hotter, and it was even beginning to spread at extreme speed. Why was she feeling so embarrassed?

This master who could do everything, actually had a crush on her. And he himself did not seem to know about it.

What to do? She suddenly felt that they could develop these feelings?

No, no, no. She had to remain calm. She still had to return home, return to her own world! She could not be in love so casually.

However, even if she were to return to the modern era, she would only be an old-aged unmarried youth. Then why should she even return?

But, after all…

Zhu Yao’s heart was currently beginning to tackle  the problem of whether she should return, and an intense debate was formed.

Eh, wait a minute. Wasn’t she considering about the matter of her master having a crush on her?

Seeing the disciple whose face was already red like an apple in front of him, a certain master’s heart stirred for a moment, as he walked towards her, step by step.

Zhu Yao simply felt as though her heart had jumped all the way to her throat, as it kept beating incessantly.

Badump. Badump.

Yu Yan finally stopped before her, slowly lowering his head, he reached out his hand…

And touched her forehead. His disciple wasn’t sick, right?

“Mn, it’s a little hot, but it’s nothing serious.”

“Pi~~~~~” The pink fumes that filled Zhu Yao’s heart, was cleanly put out.

Hoho… She just knew that she was a moron for having expectations of this dense master of hers.

“Is there something you need?” After confirming that the incident back then was just an occasional occurrence, a certain master had begun to turn back to normal.

Zhu Yao silently rolled her eyes, before she could vent off the resentment that filled her heart, she recalled the important matter she had to attend to, and thus, had no choice but to hold it in for now.

“Master, have you ever visited the Desolate Ground?” “Mn.” Yu Yan nodded. That was the place where he captured that few purple lightning bolts. That place was very mysterious, although the five types of spiritual powers were not present in the air, there was the presence of Purple Heavenly Lightning, which contained huge amount of powerful lightning spiritual energy.

“I want to plant the Wood Spirit in the Desolate Ground.”

Yu Yan looked at her a little strangely, as though he did not understand why she wanted to do something like that. Zhu Yao thus explained the change that occurred to Xiao Yi, and only then did he nod his head. “Your thinking is correct.  The Desolate Ground is indeed the best place to hide the Wood Spirit. However…”

Zhu Yao turned her head over. Could it be that there’s something she did not factor in?

“Have you ever thought that, while the Desolate Ground is a dead land, what the Wood Spirit signifies is a lease of life.” Yu Yan said. “If my guess is correct, once you plant the Wood Spirit in the Desolate Ground, with just a span of ten thousand years, the Desolate Ground will no longer be desolate, rather, it will be an oasis.” “Then won’t that be great?” Zhu Yao smiled. Only after actually entering that place did Zhu Yao felt how terrifying the place was. Neither was there spiritual energy, nor was there life, only one piece of desolate land after the next.

“But in that case, ten thousand years later, the Desolate Ground might become the next Tasyoluk. People will no longer be afraid of that world, and the Wood Spirit will still be discovered by people.”

“Then have the next world savior save it!” Zhu Yao said with a smile. That’s all she could do to help. “When that time comes, the Wood Spirit can be said to have saved that world. I hope that those demonic beasts in those desolate pieces of land, will know how to show their gratitude, and protect the Wood Spirit from being taken away by outsiders.”

Yu Yan glanced at her, his expression sank. She clearly knew that there was another way, and that was, to completely destroy the Wood Spirit. It itself was formed by spiritual energy in the first place, so, even if it were to die, it would simply return to being a mass of spiritual energy. Given time, it would still be able to form into a Spirit once again.

However, his disciple had rather go through a big trouble, than be willing to use that method. She probably could not bear to do so.

Yu Yan let out a huge sigh. As people who strived to cultivate to deities, those who live for a long time, would long be used to disregard life. Yet only this stupid disciple of his, still kept her former heart. She treated the Wood Spirit this way, and she treated likewise to other people as well.

She said that the reason why she had arrived in this world was because Xiao Yi would disrupt the balance of the world. Yet, she clearly had thousands and hundreds of opportunities to kill Xiao Yi, and if she had done so, the danger would have naturally been removed. Just like right now, if she were to speak up and seek his help, he would, without even lifting an eyebrow, help her remove that person. However, she would not do it, and she had never thought of using this method.

Life, was probably her bottom line.

Zhu Yao released the Wood Spirit, though, it did not seem to be very willing to leave her, as it stretched its soft little vines to entangle her leg, and did not let go. It had lived in her divine sense for a long time, and it had faintly taken root there, so naturally, it was not too willing to move from there. Although Zhu Yao was a little unwilling as well, the longer she kept it, the more she would not be able to let it go. Solidifying her heart, after promising it that she would often come to visit, she left.

The Desolate Ground could only be entered by Demigod-stage practitioners. Even if regular people were to enter it by mistake, the group of tenth-ranked demonic beasts was not something that one could easily mess with. However, in that case,  she could only wait till she was a Demigod before she could see the little Wood Spirit.

When she returned, it was already late in the night. She fled here, as currently, she was basically unable to look straight at her master’s face at all. Recalling what happened in the day, she suddenly felt as though she had been taken advantage of, yet, the one that did it was still as clueless as before. She could feel her body itching all over from the irritation.

“Big sis Zhu Yao.” The moment she arrived at the door, Wang Xuzhi had walked over.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao was shocked. “Why are  you  still here?” “You left before you could finish what you wanted to say, I was worried…” Wang Xuzhi frowned. “Did something happen?”

Zhu Yao’s face reddened, as she firmly shook her head. Even if she were to be beaten to death, she would not tell anyone else that she was forcefully kissed. “I’m alright. Ahem. Go and take your rest for now.”

“Ou.” Only then did Wang Xuzhi turned and headed for the door. However, he still turned his head around to look at Zhu Yao’s terrible expression. Was she really alright?

Obviously, Zhu Yao was not alright. Her entire body felt uncomfortable, alright? Clearly, even though she was the one being crushed on, why was she so frustrated about it? Not good, she must find a chance to get back her pace.

After silently making this decision, only then did Zhu Yao finally turn around, head inside her house and closed the door. However, no one realized that a figure was currently withdrawing the invisibility formation nearby. After standing around for a moment, that person then turned and flew away at high speed.

Chapter83: Male BUG, Female BUG

After releasing the Wood Spirit, Zhu Yao lived a calm and stable life for a couple of months. Zhu Yao was still unsure if Xiao Yi’s ‘BUG‘ characteristic had weakened, because he had gone for closed-door training, and he swore that before reaching the intermediate stages of Nascent Soul, he definitely would not come out of closed-door training. The Sect Master had simply wanted him to not leave Ancient Hill Sect for two hundred years, yet, he went for closed-door training on his own accord. He had just formed his Nascent Soul not too long ago, so to reach the intermediate stages of Nascent Soul, at least, he would only be able to leave his closed-door training after five hundred years. Both the master and disciple were keeping themselves in their own homes at the mountain peak.

It seemed like flirting was not the only thing Xiao Yi knew. He still had a functioning brain, and knew that he had to lay low and keep to a low profile. At the very least, from the surface, he seemed to have broken off completely from Rui Yu. This would also give him a good reputation inside the Sect. However, not contacting Rui Yu, did not mean that he had no connections with the rest of the girls. Everyday, Zhu Yao could see waves after waves of girls casting their arts to send various spiritual grass and medicinal pellets to the mountain peak.

Zhu Yao shook her head. She really could not figure how what these girls, who kept coming one after another, were thinking in their hearts. Even idol fans would not be this crazy, alright? She really did not know what their motives were. Sighing deeply, she turned her head to glance at the mountain peak, and suddenly, an evil idea popped up.

Heheheh, when the time comes, it will definitely be very lively.

Zhu Yao made a firm decision in her heart. However, she lacked of a helper, hence, leaving a trail of dust clouds behind her, she ran to look for Zi Dan. He was definitely the best helper she could find.

Zhu Yao told him her thoughts, and as expected, Zi Dan’s eyes brightened up as well. “That’s a really good idea. Why don’t we find senior-martial brother Sect Master now?”

Just when the two was planning to leave, Sect Master Zi Mo had already came to look for them. Recently, the Sect Master’s mood was pretty good, probably, he’s in high spirits because of the happy event. It had been more than a few thousand years since he cultivated into a Nascent Soul, yet suddenly, he found out he had a successor, as his wife was pregnant. Naturally, Zi Mo was exhilarated by this piece of news, and when one’s too happy, it would be easy to go crazy. Hence, he no longer involved himself in the sect’s matters, and the things he was managing had reduced. Every day, when he had nothing to do, he would stroll around the various mountains, and when he saw people, he would ask these questions.

“Are you a practitioner-pair? Do you have a companion? Do you have a child? Hehe, I do!” Zi Mo smiled like a daisy.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Are all people who are becoming fathers this crazy?

“Senior-martial brother!” Zi Dan sighed. “This is already the third time you’re asking me these questions.”

“Oh? Did I ask them before?” Zi Mo stroked his own white beard. “Haah, junior-martial brother, don’t take offense to it. You know, I’m about to become a father, and I have too many things on my plate. Thus, I will always forget one or two matters.”

If you have too many things on your plate, then why do you still have the time to take a stroll, hey? Zhu Yao  silently retorted. Suddenly, she recalled the bunch of miscellaneous matters he pushed to her. He couldn’t have pushed all of the matters to her, right?

“Congratulations to you! Congratulations for becoming a father!” Zhu Yao said a few words as a small retaliation.

However, Zi Mo completely did not understand the meaning behind these words, and even chuckled and gave an apology. “Much thanks, junior-martial brother. Don’t worry, you will have your chance as we- Uh, seems like you won’t ever get your chance.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

What do you mean by that, hey?

“Oh right, look at your impatient faces, where are you guys heading off to?” Zi Mo asked.

Only then did Zi Dan recall the important matter, and thus, told Zi Mo their thoughts as well. Zi Dan nodded his head after hearing it. “This idea can indeed solve the issue once and for all. However, are you two sure that this is true?”

“Senior-martial brother can be at ease about this.” Zi Dan patted on his fats to guarantee it. “In these so many years, I have always paid attention to matters regarding the Beast- Taming Mountain.”

“Mn.” Only then did Zi Mo give his nod of approval. “Then this matter is decided. Tomorrow, I will bring this up to senior- martial aunt, but, I will have to trouble junior-martial brother to personally make the trip.”

Naturally, Zi Dan did not reject his request. On the morning of the second day, he had already made his preparations to head up to the peak of Beast-Taming Mountain.

Although Zi Mo was a little worthless these few days, he was still dependable with the things he did. When Zhu Yao arrived, the Mountain lords and elders had all been seated in the hall. As for old man Zi Mo, he was currently carrying his daisy-like face, persistently telling the people present about his parenting role. Just when everyone was getting tired of hearing it, Zi Dan returned while carrying a strange expression.

“How did it go?” Zi Mo stepped forward and asked. Zhu Yao was a little anxious as well. He couldn’t have been rejected, right?

“Senior-martial aunt Feng Yi agreed to it.” Zi Dan said.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Since she agreed to it, why did you frown for?

“Since that’s the case, this matter has been decided then.” Zi Mo turned and looked towards Hongchou behind him. “Junior- martial sister Hongchou, when do you think we should  do this?”

“This can be considered to be a happy occasion. When I return, I shall inform Ling Long to make her preparations.” Hongchou smiled.

“Good, good, good.” Zi Mo stroked his beard, his face  was filled with creases from his smile. Lowering his head, he made some calculations. “Incidentally, there’s a very auspicious date five months later. Why don’t we hold junior-martial Xiao’s practitioner-pair ceremony then?”

Hongchou nodded. “I will heed to senior-martial brother Sect Master’s plans.”

That’s right, the idea that Zhu Yao came up with, was to have Xiao Yi marry Ling Long. All he thought of everyday was flirt, although she knew he was a harem master, it’s not good to not bear the responsibilities for his actions. Ling Long could be said to have followed him since young, the woman he knew the earliest. However, in the dream, Ling Long was infatuated with him, but other than sending Ling Long to the Medicine Mountain in the beginning, he did not bring her along during his ascension later on. Even her appearances with him were very little, as though he had forgotten her existence. Simply because she was a Tri-Spiritual Veins holder, and could not keep up with his pace which was guided by a golden finger.

Zhu Yao had also only decided on her after a long consideration. Even with so many girls by his side, he still wished to leave after eating and wiping his buttocks clean? How could it be that simple? Once your debt hits a certain limit, eventually, you will have to return it. A practitioner-pair companion was not just an ordinary wedding. In the cultivation world, there could only be one practitioner-pair companion, unless one of them were to die or was unable to ascend. And practitioner-pair arts were able to bring benefits to cultivation, and it could be said that they could raise their cultivation at the same pace. If, a man were to have an affair with another woman after having a companion, then he will be shamed by everyone in the world, and if he was not careful, he might be mistaken as a heretic practitioner who practiced absorbing someone else’s cultivation.

What she was unable to predict however, was how the rest of the girls would react after knowing that Xiao Yi would be forming a practitioner-pair. She kind of felt that a war of an extremely large scale might happen, especially when there’s that Demigod-stage Rui Yu. Just by thinking about it, she could not help but feel a little excited!

And Xiao Yi was unable to reject it, because his master had agreed to this matter. Also, currently, he still harbored feelings for Ling Long, so he basically could not find an excuse to reject it.

“Little brother, do you have some sort of relationship with senior-martial aunt Feng Yi?” Zi Dan suddenly asked. “Ah?” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment.

Zi Dan continued. “When I went to propose this marriage, senior-martial aunt was initially really happy. However, the moment I said it was for Xiao Yi, her expression sank. And she even asked why it wasn’t you who’s proposing this marriage?”

“Cough cough… cough, cough…” Zhu Yao choked on her tea, and she coughed so much her face had reddened, and her throat had turned coarse.

“Little brother?”

“Umm, about that, most probably, the sovereign has some misunderstanding about me. Hoho.” Holy. Feng  Yi  couldn’t have been that happy because she thought Zhu Yao was asking for her hand in marriage, right? Not good, in the future, it’s best to hide a little further away, and prevent Feng Yi from finding her. It would be terrible to have Feng Yi hate her for life due to love, before watching Xiao Yi’s great show.

The news of Xiao Yi marrying Ling Long, a disciple of Medicine Mountain, was quickly spread within Ancient  Hill Sect. As Zhu  Yao had expected, Xiao Yi did not express  any objections, but, he did not really warm up to the idea either. There were still five months to the wedding, and with closed- door training as his reason, most of the matters were arranged by the Medicine Mountain.

However, in the end, Zhu Yao was unable to attend their wedding, because Sect Master’s wife was about to give birth.

In the early morning, she was dragged to Sword Mountain by Wang Xuzhi, and as they walked, he was excitedly telling her this piece of news.

Although Zhu Yao really resented Zi Mo for pushing a bunch of matters to her, however, she was still rather happy for him for having a child. Zi Mo was the Sect Master, and adding that his relationship with people was great, seemingly at the moment they heard of the news that his wife was about to give birth, all of the Nascent Soul practitioners in the sect had made a beeline for the Main Mountain.

When Zhu Yao arrived at the little house at the side hall, she was shocked by the huge crowd of people inside.

They were either sitting or standing, and only old man Zi Mo, was walking back and forth in the house. He was especially eye- catching, and after a while, he once again casually pulled someone over to ask.

“My wife will be alright, right? Didn’t you say she will be pregnant for ten months? Why was it brought forward by a month?”

“Just how long do we have to wait? Can I see her now?”

“Why can’t I hear anymore sounds? I could still hear them just earlier, though?”

“Do you think it will be a boy, or a girl?”

“Will there be danger? Can I help? Will something happen?”

The face of the person whose hand was grabbed darkened. “Senior-martial brother, sister-in-law, at the very least, is a Nascent Soul practitioner as well, nothing will happen to her. Also… If you were to grab onto me any tighter than this, something will definitely happen to my hand!” Only then did Zi Mo release his hand, and continued to walk about in the house. After walking back and forth a couple of times, he once again asked the same few questions.

So the old man had the potential to be a chatter-box as well. Zhu Yao was silently speechless, as she hurriedly found a place to sit, to prevent Zi Mo who was overly anxious from grabbing her.

Zhu Yao had always felt that women giving birth to children was something very sacred, yet, a little brutal as well. After all, those who were mothers had to experience that degree of pain. But, what’s mysterious was that there was not even a single sound coming from the room.

But after thinking for a moment, she understood. After all, she was a Nascent Soul practitioner as well, if she were to feel excruciating pain like a mortal, then that would be too embarrassing. Most probably, she had a special way to allow the child to be given birth safely, after all, she had never heard of any children dying due to a hard labor among those practitioners with children.

After sitting in the house for less than an hour, the cry of a baby could finally be heard from the room, among the crowd that was quietly waiting with expectations, the sound was especially resounding. Smiles surfaced on everyone’s faces, and everyone congratulated Zi Mo one after another.

Old man Zi Mo was laughing so much, his mouth was unable to close.

A moment later, the door was opened, and the person who came out was exactly the Sect Master’s wife, and in her embrace was a little baby. Everyone gave her their congratulations as well, and Zhu Yao curiously looked at the baby.

The baby is finally born. I wonder if it’s a male bug, or a female bug.

Zhu Yao who had clearly seen the baby’s face: “…”

The hell, why is she a BUG!?

Zhu Yao looked at the three grey letters that were printed on the little face, and at that moment, she even felt like killing herself. The smile that she had brought up earlier had stiffened on her face. Zhu Yao was so furious she wanted to flip tables, and in her heart, she had already cursed and swore all the various vocabulary she had.

Isn’t there supposed to be a single bug, and that’s Xiao Yi? Why is a child who has just been born a bug as well? Can someone explain it to me?

Could it be that he was not the only one who could bring about an apocalypse, and this child could as well? Just how weak was this world, to the point where apocalypses could be brought about so easily and casually?

Chapter84: Xiao Yi’s Godly Logic

“Junior-martial brother Soi, junior-martial brother Soi!” Zhu Yao was suddenly nudged by the person next to her, and only then did she regain her senses.


“What ‘Ah?’ It’s your turn, hurry and take it out.”

Zhu Yao was startled, and asked in reflex. “Take out what?”

Zi Dan laughed out loud, slapped on her shoulder, and quipped. “You can’t have rushed over here too quickly,  and have forgotten to bring a greeting gift for your little niece, right?”

Only then did Zhu Yao realize, that everyone present, had took out either mystic tool or spiritual pellet related items, and handed them to the child’s mother. These were considered as greeting gifts, and even Wang Xuzhi had passed her a spiritual sword. Except her!

Zhu Yao gave a face. She really did not know she had to prepare a gift. Turning her to glance, she glanced at the little baby girl who was still in someone’s embrace, and the three letters on her face were still causing her to feel irritated. Suddenly, an idea came to mind.

Turning around, she looked at Zi Mo in the eyes, and said. “Hoho, senior-martial brother. I really have forgotten to bring a greeting gift, however, the moment I see this little niece  of mind, I exceptionally… like her. Why don’t I take her as my disciple then?”

No matter what kind of BUG this little girl was, right now, she was just a baby who had just been born. The reason why Xiao Yi would bring the Five Spirits away, causing the apocalypse, was because of the experiences when he was young, which caused his three views to be distorted ever since he was young, and could not be reformed. However, this child was still young, she could completely bring her up from young, and have her become a kind person.

“Uh, this…” Zi Mo hesitated a little. “You sure came up with a great idea!” Hongchou from the side suddenly cut in, snorting lightly. “You did not even bring a greeting gift, yet, you still wish to take away their daughter. Senior-martial brother, do not listen to him. I see that I have a better compatibility with your daughter, why don’t she become a disciple of mine?”

Zhu Yao turned her head and stared at her. You damnable lolicon.

Hongchou stared back at him. Miser who did not even bring a greeting gift.

Zi Mo looked at the two forceful people back and forth, and was hard pressed for a moment. He never planned on letting her daughter have a master. And, both him and his wife were Nascent Soul practitioners, so why must his daughter take someone else as her master!?

In the end, Zi Mo could only evade the topic by saying that his child was still young, and the matter could only be discussed after testing her spiritual veins. Then, he chased the two  of them out. After returning, Zhu Yao, however, could not calm down. She had yet to deal with Xiao Yi, yet now, another one popped up. She was really being treated as a GM, huh? With so many bugs around, how could she fix them all?

After that day, Zhu Yao had went to the Sword Mountain to see the little girl for a couple of times. Although she would always encounter that lolicon Hongchou, she had confirmed it, the exact same letters, BUG, were really written on the face of the little child. The only difference was, the one she saw back then on Xiao Yi was much deeper. And, that yellow exclamation mark did not appear above the little girl’s head. Did this prove that she could still be reformed?

She believed that there was no bad people from birth.
However, the main point was, how would she reform her?

“Big sis Zhu Yao, are you here?” From afar, she could hear little wimp’s voice.

When she opened the door, he had once again entered with a big stack of documents. After knowing that she wished to take his own daughter as her disciple, Zi Mo enslaving her had become even more justifiable. Hence, her enslaving little wimp had become even more natural as well.

Wang Xuzhi looked as though he had been born to do great things. The big and small matters between the various Mountains, caused her head to ache, yet, he was able to manage each and every one of them smoothly.

This was something she had to praise him for.

“Why did you come here so late in the night?” Zhu Yao took the documents from his hands, and placed them on the table. “You could have sent them over tomorrow.”

“I was afraid that you might be in an urgent need for them.” Little wimp smiled. Habitually, he poured a cup of tea for her, and then, poured one for himself. “Big sis Zhu Yao, did you just return from Sword Mountain?”


He shook his head. “Big sis Zhu Yao, you should just give up. Master only have this one treasured daughter after so many years, furthermore, master-aunt risked the danger of losing her cultivation just to give birth to little junior-martial sister, so how would they allow their own daughter to take someone else as her master?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. What did this little wimp know? She did not want to bring up their child for them either. Didn’t she have no other choice? And, there was something she was more worried about. Back then when she saw Xiao Yi’s BUG, she had that precognitive dream. Now, even though she had slept everyday, she was unable to dream of the matters concerning the Sect Master’s daughter.

Seeing that she was still not giving up, Wang Xuzhi sighed. Drinking a sip of his tea, he suddenly recalled something, and asked. “Oh right, big sis Zhu Yao. Why did you deactivate all of the prohibition formations at the entrance? Did something happen?”

“Prohibition? I didn’t deactivate them.” Zhu Yao was startled, as she made eye contact with him.

Then, who closed them? Her heart tightened, and just when she was about to stand up and take a look, a cloud of black smoke suddenly flew over. Zhu Yao hurriedly set up a defense formation, yet, she was still a step too late, and was struck by that black smoke.

Wang Xuzhi fainted instantly at that moment.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao became anxious. Just when she was about to circulate her spiritual energy, she felt a pain at her chest. The mystic powers in her entire body, seemed to have been completely sealed, and could not be released.

“We meet again.” A dark female voice rang next to her ears, and then, she was struck with a palm at the back.

In the next instant, she sank into a state of unconsciousness.

It was Rui Yu!

When Zhu Yao woke up, she was at a dark place. Her four limbs were being restrained by talisman chains, and she was being hanged above a huge black pool. That pool was exactly the same as the the pool used to refine demonic beasts she saw at the underground city. The only difference was that the pool before were refining the remains of demonic beasts, while the pool now was floating with human bones.

At that moment, Zhu Yao felt creeped out, and just when she was thinking of struggling, she realized that her mystic powers were sealed, even her four limbs were stiffened a little abnormally. It seemed like someone had casted an art on her.

“Yo, seems like you’re awake?” Rui Yu suddenly appeared in front of her. Stationing herself in the air, her smile was extremely bewitching, as she pointed to the surroundings. “This is a prison designed especially for you, how is it?”

“It’s you!” Rui Yu? Why did she capture her?

“Seems like you remembered me.”

“Why did you capture me?”

Rui Yu laughed, and then, suddenly, gave her a tight slap. “Why? After how you plotted against my Xiao-lang, shouldn’t I capture you?” Plotted against? She’s talking about how she helped to matchmake Xiao Yi and Ling Long?

“I arranged a very good marriage for him, how could you say it’s a plot?” The hell. You captured the wrong person, right? If you have to capture someone, it should be Xiao Yi, shouldn’t it?

Rui Yu’s expression turned cold, raising her hand, she gave her another slap. “Don’t play with my mind, I will never believe it. I have never suspected Xiao Yi’s feelings for me. If you’re the least bit sensible, then take out your treasures. Otherwise…”

Zhu Yao was startled. “What treasures?”

Rui Yu frowned, reaching her hands out, she cast an art. At that moment, Zhu Yao felt as though her entire body was exposed to intense flames, her entire body even began to spasm from the pain.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak.” Rui Yu laughed coldly. “In any case, I have all the time in the world to get you to speak.” After she said that, she disappeared. As for Zhu Yao, she fainted from the pain.

Ever since then, she would come over everyday to ask that question. If she did not get an answer, she would torture Zhu Yao. Sometimes, it was flames. Sometimes, it was lightning. Sometimes, it was ice. The punishment meted out everyday was different.

And her cultivation just had to be completely suppressed, and she was completely unable to resist at all. If she had not once experienced the pain of a shattered Azoth Core, she would have already turned crazy from the torture.

When Rui Yu appeared before her for the eleventh time, and was about to torture her, she finally could not help but curse out.

“Xiao Yi, you motherf***ing coward, you have the guts to capture me, but not to appear before me?”

Rui Yu paused for moment, a hint of fluster instantly flashed past her face, and then, she immediately recovered. “What are you blabbering about? I’m the one who captured you, what does this have to do with him?”

“Do you think I’m motherf***ing stupid!?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at her. “Without an insider, how would you, a  single heretic practitioner, dare to infiltrate Ancient Hill Sect?” In these ten days, she finally understood, why the formation at her courtyard would deactivate by itself. And at that same moment, Rui Yu suddenly appeared in her room.

“Hmph, you’re rather smart.” A white figure revealed himself beside Rui Yu, and as expected, it was Xiao Yi. “No wonder you’re able to plot against me every single time.”

“Are you crazy? What did I plot against you?” Zhu Yao was even about to curse his mom. She saved him for so many times, why did they all turn into plots?

“Stop acting!” Xiao Yi’s expression turned cold, as he said, emphasizing on every single word. “Senior. Martial. Aunt. Zhu. Yao.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. The hell, how did he know about it? “Are you wondering why I knew about it?” Xiao Yi snorted. “If I did not happen to hear Wang Xuzhi call out your name, I really wouldn’t have known, you’re actually Zhu Yao, the personal succeeding disciple of Sovereign Yu Yan, who should have died a hundred years ago.”

Zhu Yao turned solemn. She knew she should not have told little wimp the truth. Although he would always call her ‘elder’ whenever someone else was around, in private, he would still call her big sis ‘Zhu Yao’. But just when did Xiao Yi hear it?

“The matter about you taking over someone’s body doesn’t concern me, but you definitely shouldn’t have plotted against me every single time.”

“Stop!” The more Zhu Yao listened, the more confused she became. “I have never… Taking over a body, and plotting against you, is there even any relations between them at all?”

The hatred in Xiao Yi’s eyes deepened. “Don’t think I don’t know how you despicably stole my Wood Spirit and Water Spirit from my hands.”

Zhu Yao frowned.  As expected,  he had  already known  the matters concerning the Wood Spirit and Water Spirit. But…

“Wait a minute? Stolen from your hands?” Just  where  did that come from?

“Do you really think you could have done everything seamlessly?” Xiao Yi’s face was filled with resentment. “That old man who saved me from the Secret Realm, had long told me of your matters. It was just that my cultivation back then was still shallow, and I did not know that girl was actually metamorphosed by you as well.”

“Then, did he tell you this? Back then when your Azoth Core went berserk, I was the one who suppressed it. Otherwise, you would have already died from trying to maintain your Azoth Core.” At that moment, Zhu Yao felt it was a little funny. “Also, you said I stole them from you. Were the Wood Spirit and Water Spirit ever in your hands? Or are you saying that your name is written on them somewhere?”

Xiao Yi was speechless for a moment, his embarrassment turned to rage, as he said. “Stop denying it. In any case, no matter what, I will never forgive you.” “Who’s the one denying it!? Xiao Yi, do you even have brains at all!? Can you actually think logically!?”

“Shut up.” Xiao Yi once again tortured her, stopping her words. “There’s no point in speaking any further. If you don’t hand me the Wood Spirit, Water Spirit, and your Body- Takeover Mystic Treasure today, I will never let you off.”

In the end, aren’t all these just for your own benefits? Zhu Yao coldly laughed. She wanted to roll on the ground from the pain, however, she was firmly tied.

Chapter85: A Small Universal Outbreak

Most probably, ever since Xiao Yi realized of the existence of the Wood Spirit, he had never given up on the Wood Spirit. Although he had long cleansed off his Wood Spirit Vein, he still wished to possess it. The reason why he did not have the slightest of objection against her suggestion to have her form a practitioner-pair with Ling Long, was probably because he had long known of her identity.

Yet, he contacted Rui Yu in the dark. No, most probably, ever since he returned to the Sect, he had already planned everything well. He wanted to obtain the Water Spirit, only to unexpectedly realize that the Wood Spirit was in her hands as well. Thus, he captured her, and wanted to obtain both of them.

However, clearly, she had already released the Water Spirit, and Feng Yi had personally saw it as well. Seeing Xiao Yi’s look, he seemed to think that it was still in her hands. Could it be that Feng Yi did not tell Xiao Yi about this matter?

“And you don’t have to hope that people will come save you.”

What did he mean? Xiao Yi smiled coldly. “On the day you disappeared, several heretic practitioners had broken into Ancient Hill  Sect. Although all of them had been captured, the strange thing was, Elder Soi Sauz of Beast-Taming Mountain had disappeared. How do you think everyone will think of this?”

Zhu Yao widened her eyes. The hell, this little white wolf.

He was planning to falsely accuse her for hooking up with heretic practitioners.

“So… No one will come to save you. And even there is, most probably, they will be here to kill you, a traitor who have hooked himself up with heretic practitioners.”

Momma’s egg! I really want to bite him to death!

Rui Yu grabbed her hair, and threatened. “If you’re sensible enough, hand over the items now. I can bestow you a quick death if you do?”

“I have already released the Water Spirit and Wood Spirit.” Zhu Yao said honestly. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask your master, she personally saw it.”

Xiao Yi was startled for a moment, revealing a hint  of surprise. After pondering for a moment, as though he had believed her words, he changed his question. “Then, what about your Soul Takeover exotic treasure?”

Zhu Yao suddenly laughed. “That’s something I  stole  from you as well?”

What high-sounding words. In the end, wasn’t he simply trying to steal her stuffs? Xiao Yi had always thought that he himself was always right. And even if he teamed up with Rui Yu, he would still righteously believe that what he did was correct.

Setting a deliberate plan. Capturing her, and imprisoning her. And even forcibly saying that the Wood Spirit and Water Spirit were his, saying that it was all in the name of returning to its rightful possessor. Then what about the matters regarding her Soul Takeover? How was he going to explain that then?

As expected, a trace of a troubled expression flashed past Xiao Yi’s face, and then, waving his sleeves strongly, he  walked away. Having a guilty conscience? Clearly, he was a villain, yet, he liked to call himself a gentleman.

Zhu Yao had planned to ridicule him with a few words, when suddenly, the pain on her body intensified. She felt as though her blood veins in her body were about to explode, and she could not help but puke out a few mouthfuls of blood.

“I have already said it before, we’re very patient.” Rui Yi chuckled.

Zhu Yao decided to simply close her eyes and act dead. In any case, this was not the first time she died, she was already used to it. If you have the guts, then kill me.

Rui Yu and Xiao Yi tortured her for another three days, and every time she felt as though she was about to die, when she opened her eyes, she realized she was still there. Rui Yu was basically a devil, as she seemed to especially specialize in these sorts of torture methods, as though she had practiced this for a few thousand times. It seemed like she had done quite a few things like mistreating people.

“If you don’t wish to be tortured, then be honest about that exotic treasure which allows you to takeover bodies. And it’s even able to maintain one’s cultivation?” Rui Yu said cynically. “Don’t think of dying, we know that you have a Soul Takeover exotic treasure, so how can we release you to take someone else’s body? To tell you the truth, these chains are reinforced with a soul-locking curse. Even if you die, your soul will not be able to escape either.”

The hell? How could these two people be so ruthless? Did they even want her soul to dissipate?

“So you best tell us sooner, otherwise, even if you’re able to withstand it, most probably, that little brother we captured along with you…”

The one who was captured along with her? It’s little wimp!

Zhu Yao suddenly widened her eyes. “What did you two do to him?”

“Yo, looks like he’s rather important to you.” Rui Yu smiled. “If you don’t want him to die, you best tell us honestly.” Zhu Yao clenched her fists, she really wanted to scratch her face. She was both furious and worried. She could care less if they captured her, but why did they have to capture  little wimp? He could not resurrect himself like her.

Taking a deep breath, Zhu Yao told herself to calm down, and then, after a moment, she spoke up. “I do indeed have a divine item. My master gave it to me. However, this divine item recognizes its owner, so it’s useless even if you two possess it.”

It was actually a divine item. Rui Yu’s eyes brightened.

Even Xiao Yi had come over as well. Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he said. “Divine items do indeed recognize their owners. Since your master was able to give it to you, naturally, there’s a way to have it recognize someone else as its owner, right?”

Zhu Yao did not say anything.

Xiao Yi, however, thought that it was a silent consent, and once again used Wang Xuzhi to threaten her. Zhu Yao then suggested. “Release me, and allow me to see Wang Xuzhi. Otherwise, I won’t hand it over.”

“No!” Rui Yu rejected.

“Then at the very least, you can release me and allow me to catch a breather, right? When I’m released, I can first pass you two the divine item, then, you two can lead me to where Wang Xuzhi is.”

Rui Yu and Xiao Yi made eye contact. They hesitated for a moment, and only after a while did they cast an art, releasing the chains that were restraining her.

The moment Zhu Yao fell on the ground, she realized how heavy the accumulated torture on her body was. She had always underestimated Xiao Yi, believing that although his three views were a little twisted, at the very least, he should still have a bottom line. But it seemed like his bottom line had long been twisted beyond repair, and had been completely distorted. He had turned into a person who only had himself as the center, someone who would resort to any means to achieve his objectives. The “BUG” on his face had already lightened by a huge amount. Zhu Yao dared to make a conjecture that, without his Metal Spirit, he would no longer be a BUG that possessed a heaven-breaking fortune.

“Where’s the divine item?” Xiao Yi anxiously asked.

Zhu Yao smiled at him. Then, she took a deep breath, accumulating all of the strength in her body, she shouted out. “Open Sesame!”

A large roar resounded, and a white flash came flying in, turning into a gigantic demonic beast as it landed.

Rui Yu’s and Xiao Yi’s faces changed.

“A ninth-ranked demonic beast.” Xiao Yi was startled. “I did not expect that you actually still have the strength to summon your contracted demonic beast.” Contracted demonic beasts and their masters had a very unique way of communication, and when there’s a need, they could forcefully summon their demonic beasts. However, because the place she was restrained at earlier had a formation that could block off one’s presence, she requested to be released. “Hmph. Do you think a mere ninth-ranked demonic beast, is able to deal with the two of us?”

“No, this isn’t ninth-ranked.” Rui Yu’s face was a little pale, as she closely stared at the demonic beast in front of her. “This demonic beast… is eleventh-ranked.”

“Correct.” Sesame boastfully replied with a swing of its tail.

And then, with a loud roar, it pouched towards the two people whose expressions had instantly paled.

Roooar~~ ┗|`o′|┛

Roooar~~ ┗|`o′|┛

Biting and chasing after the two of them, the pressure of the mighty demonic beast, as though it was playing with them, came pressing down on them.

Although Rui Yu was a Demigod-stage practitioner,  she  was still, after all, an early-stage Demigod. She was basically unable to beat a demonic beast which was equal to an Ascension-stage practitioner. Even if Xiao Yi was helping by the side, they were only able to barely resist it.

“Don’t you want to save Wang Xuzhi?” Seeing that they were already at a disadvantage, Xiao Yi shouted out loud at Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao really wanted to spit at his face. He still did not forget to threaten her in a time like this. Just how stupid was she in their eyes? “Even if I release you, you two still wouldn’t tell me of his whereabouts. So I might as well find him myself.”

Seeing that she did not fall for it, Xiao Yi’s face darkened.
Then suddenly, he began to laugh out loud.

“Do you think that, you’re still able to see him?”

Zhu Yao was startled. “What do you mean?”

“That brat is very important to you, right?” Xiao Yi laughed. “Ever since we entered the sect, you have always stood up for him. But it’s a pity… No matter how much you protect him, there’s no use any longer. He’s already dead! At the very day when we captured you.” Zhu Yao simply felt a buzz in her mind, as though something that had been clamped together tightly, broke. Her vision instantly began to turn blurry.

“Little wimp is dead… Little wimp is dead… Little wimp is…” In her mind, these words kept repeating over and over.

How could he die?

He should always be there for her to worry about. Shouldn’t he?

No, this isn’t true.

“You’re lying!”

“Hmph. If we dared to head over to Ancient Hill Sect to capture you, how could we leave him alive?”

“No, no!” Zhu Yao muttered out these words. However, the more she muttered out, the more bleak that slim thread of hope became. She muttered it out a thousand times, however, in her heart, there were ten thousand voices reminding her of reality.

A pain that was even more severe than torture, suddenly enveloped her entire body. Uncontrollable tears came pouring out, and in front of her were all of little wimp’s figures.

That prideful look he had when he was ten, that look when he said he would definitely not marry her.

That fifteen-year-old youth, that look when he said he would protect her.

After forming his Azoth Core, that look when he said he wanted to exact revenge for her.

And that final day, that look when he passed her a cup of tea.

Even though she remembered them so vividly?

And she was even able to remember clearly what Doctor Wang said to her. “Deities are taking in disciples today in the city. I wish to trouble you to bring my child over.” She clearly promised Doctor Wang, to watch over little wimp.

How could he be gone just like that?

Such a small little child, whom she had protected and watched as he grew up. He was both thoughtful, and obedient.

Even she herself could not bear to scold him.

On what basis could he disappear just like that?

On what basis!?

Zhu Yao simply felt an irregular fury surging from the depth of her heart, as though something had exploded in an instant. In her heart, there was only a single thought.

What’s the use in saving such a world?

In an instant, the mountain shook, and the earth rumbled. The entire prison began to collapse inch by inch, turning into a deep, gigantic crater. The universe which was initially as clear as day, turned completely dark in an instant.

As though apocalypse had arrived, the bird-beasts hurriedly flew away, purple-colored heavenly lightning ruthlessly struck onto the earth one after another, surging up a huge storm.

“Mis… Mistress!” Sesame was frightened by this abnormal change as well. Due to the natural instinct of a demonic beast, he felt as though something of an extremely large scale was occurring, and a terrifying aura of death, was currently enveloping the entire world.

It turned to look towards the ground at the side, only to see Zhu Yao currently sitting there in a daze, as though she had lost consciousness. Her body was being surrounded by a huge amount of spiritual energy, yet, they were not the lightning spiritual energy her Spirit Vein needed, rather, they were chaotic spiritual energy combined by the five types of spiritual energy – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

And currently, Zhu Yao was at the very center of the turbulence. “Mis… Mistress…” It stood still, as it did not dare to move either. This phenomenon felt as though the five types of spiritual energy were going berserk at the same time.

Even Rui Yu was frightened by this strange phenomenon as well. Initially, the reason why they revealed Wang  Xuzhi’s death, was to disrupt Zhu Yao’s state of mind, so as to cut off her connection with the demonic beast.

But right now, just what in the world…

Xiao Yi simply felt a pain in his chest, as he went down on a single knee. The Metal Spirit in his body seemed as though it had received some sort of instructions, as it tried to break out from his body. He could barely suppress it any longer.

Chapter86: The First Cannon Fodder

Zhu Yao still maintained that dazed look, as though she could no longer hear anything or anyone at all.

Yet, from all around, more and more things were being swept into this outbreak, and from the looks of it, it was becoming even more rampant.

A cold voice, suddenly sounded from the horizon.

“Yu Wang!”

The dazed Zhu Yao suddenly jolted, and all of the anomaly, stopped at that very instant. She turned her head blankly, as she looked at that white figure, who looked as though he was walking over step by step from the far horizon.

Bit by bit, his figure slowly showed itself in her eyes, until that person raised his hand, and lightly pressed it on her head.

“Mas… ter.” As though her strings had been reattached, tears began to fall, drop by drop. Yu Yan squatted down, hugged her in his embrace, and said in a low voice. “Don’t cry.”

As though she had been reminded of it, Zhu Yao hugged his neck, and burst out in tears. With her loudest voice, she screamed out with all her might. As though she wanted to cry out her lifetime worth of tears.

“Little wimp… little wimp…”

“I know, I know.” Yu Yan stroked her head, and said with the gentlest voice he ever had in his whole life.

“I don’t want to kill people… I have never thought of that before… Over there, ever since we’re young, our teachers teach us, to be kind, to be brave, to be good people…”

“Mn, I believe you.”

“But… I really can’t hold it in any longer. I wish to destroy everything! Everything!” “Be obedient, you’re tired, sleep.”

Yu Yan raised his head and looked towards the nearby Sesame. Understanding his thoughts, in a flash, its figure entered Zhu Yao’s divine sense.

“Master, I’m so upset…” Her voice sank, she seemed to be extremely tired out.

Then, he lifted her hand, and circulated his spiritual energy, erasing the curse that was imprinted on it.

“Sleep, master will come to wake you up.”

Zhu Yao simply felt a sudden giddiness, and her vision instantly blackened.

At that moment, she saw that familiar conversation window.

Zhu Yao was stunned for quite a while, and simply felt her mind was completely blank. After a long while, she sighed in hindsight. So she was already dead quite some time ago. That was understandable. For someone who was so afraid of pain like her, how could she endure so many days of brutal torture? Most probably, she was already tortured to death a few days ago. Xiao Yi and Rui Yu had simply prevented her from using that so-called ‘divine item’ to “takeover” someone’s body again.

They sealed her soul in her body, and it was unable to come out. However, how could they have known that she had never taken over anyone’s body? Although she was unclear of  the reason, for every body she resurrected into, basically none  of them had a former owner. As though those bodies had appeared out of thin air.

Zhu Yao looked at that conversation window. Probably because it knew that her mood wasn’t good, the notification wasn’t as provocative as the previous two times.

There was only a single, simple sentence written.

Do you wish to resurrect?

Of course, there was only a single option, “Yes”. Sighing deeply, Zhu Yao felt as though she was about to suffocate from that deep sorrow pressing down on her in the depths of her heart. “I’m feeling very uncomfortable, I want to calm down for a moment. Is that possible?”

The conversation window paused for a moment. However, it did not behave like it did in the past, refreshing itself wildly right after receiving her objection. Rather, it shook about, and the words on it disappeared. A single, simple word replaced them.


“Thank you.”

She gave her thanks, and then, that conversation window disappeared. The view in front of her changed to the scene at the moment after her death. She looked at it a little numbly.

When Xiao Yi saw that his matters had been exposed, naturally, he wanted to run.

Yu Yan rooted the two of them to the ground. Feng Yi, however, appeared at this moment. Zhu Yao thought that she was here to save her disciple, however, she looked straight at the corpse in Yu Yan’s hands, her eyes were filled with sorrow.

In the next instant, she actually raised her hand and slapped Xiao Yi. Naturally, he had no strength to resist.

“Master~” Xiao Yi’s face was filled with disbelief, as though he had never expected that his beloved and respected master would act against him.

“You betrayed the sect, and killed a fellow member of the same sect. You have even hooked yourself with a heretic practitioner. As of today, you’re no longer a disciple of mine.” Feng Yi once again waved her hand, erasing the mark of a personal succeeding disciple on his forehead, and also, forcefully retrieving the Metal Spirit from his body.

“They forced me!” Xiao Yi clenched his teeth, and wanted to resist, however, he was pressed strongly onto the ground by Yu Yan’s pressure. Adding that in that outbreak earlier, the Metal Spirit had strangely wanted to charge out of his body in the first place, hence currently, retrieving it was an easy feat. The red Metal Spirit struggled a bit in Feng Yi’s hands, as though it wanted to return to Xiao Yi’s body. Feng Yi laughed coldly. “The Metal Spirit is supposed to be purest of gold in color, yet in your hands, it had turned into a sinister red. Only someone who possesses the quality of a devil is able to bring up such a Metal Spirit. Did someone else force you to do that as well?”

Xiao Yi was startled, as though he had just  realized  this problem. He had always thought that  the  color  of  the  Metal Spirit was irregular, and believed that it turned out this way because it had taken his blood, and recognized him as its owner. The quality of a devil? How could he possess the quality  of  a devil?

Feng Yi no longer bothered to look at him, hugged her fist, and spoke to Yu Yan. “Senior-martial uncle Yu Yan, he killed a fellow member of the same sect, a crime of the extremely heinous degree. Now, I shall hand him and the Metal Spirit to senior-martial uncle, and have senior-martial uncle pass the verdict.”

Yu Yan reached his hand out to take the Metal Spirit from her hands. Frowning, he circulated his spiritual energy and strongly grasped it. Flashes of lightning appeared in his hand, in an instant, the Metal Spirit turned into countless of golden light particles, and disappeared. A devil-corrupted Metal Spirit could not be left in the world, so he allowed it to return to the normal metal spiritual energy flow.

At the instant when the Metal Spirit disappeared, the BUG on Xiao Yi’s face instantly disappeared without a trace as well.

After Yu Yan dealt with the Metal Spirit, he turned his head towards Xiao Yi’s direction, his expression instantly turned as cold as ice. Taking a deep breath, as though he was strongly suppressing the anger in his heart, he waved his hand, and a ray of white light struck into Xiao Yi’s body. Xiao Yi simply felt the spiritual energy in his body dispersing, and he was no longer able to accumulate them.

“I have already destroyed his Spiritual Vein and Dantian, henceforth, there’s no possibility of him ever cultivating into a deity.” That stupid disciple of his had always been soft, and could not bear to take lives. If he were to kill him now, once she regained her senses, she might regret it. “As for that heretic practitioner, similarly, her cultivation has been dispersed. Hand her over to Zi Mo to deal with.”

After saying that, he once again looked at the breathless Zhu Yao in his embrace. In a flash, his figure disappeared. Zhu Yao took a deep breath. Xiao Yi was no longer a BUG, so her mission was accomplished. However, she was unable to feel happy in her heart at all.

Suddenly, the scenery in front of her changed once again. What appeared was a mountain and lush green fields. Beneath the mountain, there were plots of farmland which she was rather familiar with.

Wasn’t that the little mountain village she was at when she crossed over?

“Stop there, you stinky brat, let’s see where you will run off to!” A man was waving a small wooden pole as he charged out of the house, chasing after a child, who was running around the fields.

That was Doctor Wang!

Zhu Yao jolted. Then that person he’s chasing was…

She looked towards that little child, and as expected, it was Wang Xuzhi when he was young. Zhu Yao was agitated, and wanted to step forward to greet them, yet, she suddenly recalled she was in a spiritual state, and they were unable to see her at all.

The only thing she could do was stand at a side and watch them. A moment later, the scenery changed. She saw that running youth growing up bit by bit, as he turned into a big boy.

He was no longer rowdy and mischievous, instead, he was diligently learning medical techniques from Doctor Wang.

That’s not right? Wang Xuzhi had already went with her to cultivate into a deity when he was ten, how could he be learning medical techniques? Could it be… This was his original path in life?

Zhu Yao hurriedly ran back to the Widow Zhu’s house. As she had thought, the widow did not have a daughter, and was alone.

The scenery in front of her changed once again. Wang Xuzhi slowly gained achievements with his medical techniques, and was famous far and wide. Many people came over to visit him for medical treatment. After another few years, he married a wife, and had a wonderful family. Zhu Yao was happy for him as well. However, the good days did not last, as his personality was too stubborn, and had offended the dignitaries.

An argument happened between him and his wife.

The scene once again changed. He was lying on his sickbed, however, no one was safeguarding by his side. Even his wife’s figure could not be seen. After looking around for a moment, she saw his wife, currently packing up, and leaving the house without even turning back for a look.

And Wang Xuzhi who had crawled up from the bed, was currently looking at his own wife from afar, as he let out a sigh.

And then, she saw Wang Xuzhi taking his last breath as he laid on the bed. He was merely thirty six years old.

So this was Wang Xuzhi’s original path?

The scenery she saw before her once again changed. She arrived at a dark and scary place. Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, however, she saw a figure, as translucent as a ghost, currently crossing a bridge.

Was this the Underworld told in legends?

Zhu Yao’s guess was correct, and in the next moment, she saw Wang Xuzhi’s soul. Similarly, no matter how much she shouted, he was unable to hear her at all.

He was simply looking blankly as he crossed that bridge.

And then, he saw a crying male infant. Was this… reincarnation?

Zhu Yao inspected her surroundings. Looking at the degree of luxury, it should be a family with a pretty good background.

A moment later, a gorgeous woman came over. She carried him up and coaxed him softly. There was a man behind her as well, and he was currently looking at his own wife and child with an affectionate expression. Simply with a single glance, one could feel that this was a beautiful family.

Zhu Yao stood there quietly for a few moments, and then, she sighed deeply. She didn’t know what to say? Was the person, who got her to cross over to this place, trying to get her to let go by telling her all these?

But, so what? Even if he was initially only able to live for thirty six years, she had, after all, already changed his life. In the end, he died because of her as well. To her, this was reality.

How could she use things that never happened, to let go of the things that had already happened?

The people of this world, kept talking about deity cultivation, and more deity cultivation. But after cultivating into a deity, so what? In the end, everyone was still as greedy, as haughty, and some of them were even more brutal than regular people, as they held no regard for human life.

She once again lowered her head and  glanced  at  the  cradle. She could not see Wang  Xuzhi’s  facial  appearance  from  that baby at all. She did not know why, but she could not help but feel sad.

So what if he reincarnated? Only Wang Xuzhi himself could be Wang Xuzhi. Even if he reincarnated, even if he were to look the same when he grow up, he would not be the same little wimp as before.

She had never approved of things like three lives, reincarnations and connected fates. With different experiences, and different feelings, how could they be considered as the same person?

That resurrection conversation window once again appeared in front of her, she knew that she had ran out of time. There was another BUG waiting for her at the cultivation world, however, she completely did not have the slightest bit of will to move at all.

Taking a deep breath, she tapped on that “Yes” button. She then closed her eyes, and waited for her resurrection this time.

At that moment when she closed her eyes, a string of red words appeared on the screen. “A great emotional problem has occurred to the target.
Emergency Response Measure Activated.”

Chapter 87: Hello, Zhu Yao 4.0 Has Logged In

When Zhu Yao woke up, she was a little dizzy, and felt as though the entire world was shaking. After adapting for a long time, the dizziness finally eased a little. Her mind was blank for a good while, before she managed to recover.

Recalling her death this time, it was a little too tragic. She was, after all, tortured to death by Rui Yu!

Ever since she crossed over, and even possessed this resurrection cheat, she never had anything to be afraid of. After all, she was no longer afraid of death, so what else was there to be afraid of?

However, she had forgotten that, in this cultivation world, it was easy for a person to die, and it was even easier to experience suffering which was worse than death. She never expected that a mystic art that could seal one’s soul actually existed in this world as well. She was hanged half-dead in the air, and even when her body was dead, her soul was still left in that corpse.

Those few days were like hell. Although, currently, the memories of back then were blurry, her hair would still stand from the thought of it. She herself had to admire her own incorruptible three views, as the thought of destroying the world or anything similar did not bear fruit in her mind.

If her master had not realized her abnormal state, and removed the soul-sealing curse on her body, she herself wouldn’t have known that she had already died, in that case, most likely, she would have been tortured by Xiao Yi and Rui Yu till she went insane.

Probably because the experience this time was too terrifying, she was very drowsy for a period of time. She seemed to faintly recall that after her master had removed her soul-sealing curse, Feng Yi appeared as well. And she even forced out Xiao Yi’s Metal Spirit, and his cultivation was crippled.

In that case, the bug, Xiao Yi, could be said to have been dealt with.

At that moment, Zhu Felt felt as though she was enjoying the moment of bliss after a crisis had past, and the moment she thought this way, her spirits were raised!

Zhu Yao shook her head, and began to inspect her surroundings. She found out the place seemed to a wild plains. The grass and plants were flourishing extremely well, as every single weed was much taller than her.

She could faintly hear the sound of flowing water coming from in front of her. In order to have a clear look of herself, Zhu Yao could not wait to head to the waterside to take a look, hence, she leapt towards the front with all her might.

Wait a minute, why did she have to leap?

Suddenly, she had a bad premonition. Slowly, Zhu Yao turned her head around.

What entered her eyes was basically unbelievable.

No, no, no. There must have been a mistake with the way she turned her head.

Let’s turn the other way. Turning her head back to the front, she then turned her head to the back a second time… And then, a third time…

Fourth time…

Momma’s egg! Who could explain it to her? What’s going on with that thin and long tail? Why was it covered entirely in scales? Why was it reflecting light? And it was even gold in color!


Zhu Yao really wanted to ask her cheat! She, a flowery(?) youthful girl, who was working care-freely in her apartment, could care less about being pulled into this goddamn world to die in varied patterns. In her first resurrection, she turned into an infant. She endured it, after all, she was still female.

In her second resurrection, she wasn’t even female, and every day, she was hovering between the realms of yuri and yaoi.

In her third resurrection, she wasn’t even motherf***ing human anymore, was she heading for the beastiality route now? Heaven, even if you have a unique taste, you can’t pull me into your fetishes as well! If you have the guts, don’t you dare leave after school, dammit!

After roaring out for eight hundred times in her heart, Zhu Yao had no choice but to accept this setting where she was no longer human, and she could only stare blankly at her long tail which was covered entirely in scales. And that four eagle-like claws. Simply thinking about it, she knew she was not just a normal little animal, and was most likely a demonic beast.

And the demonic beasts of this world, were definitely monsters belonging to the Ultraman series. They were targets specialized in getting beaten up. There was even a possibility that she might accidentally get captured and be taken in as a spiritual pet, and even the type which would be enslaved for life.

Simply by thinking about it, her future was completely bleak. In this world, most probably, only a second-rate like Sesame would be so enthusiastic in becoming someone else’s pet.

Speaking of Sesame, she seemed to remember that before she resurrected, her master seemed to have kept it in her own divine sense, hence, she could not help but call out. “Sesame!”

The moment her word fell, she could felt as though something had flown out of her divine sense. With a bang, a demonic beast the size of a mountain had descended in front of her.


The mountain-sized demonic beast meekly let out a sound. Its two eyes looked at her, and it even cautiously took two steps back. It did not have the least bit of the haughty attitude it had before, and it was even showing a hint of respect.

Did it go crazy? Where was its domineering ‘Roar~┗|`o′|┛’ opening scene?

Zhu Yao raised her head, looking towards Sesame which was behaving a little unusual, and she felt her neck hurting a little. She could not help but give a remark. “Why did you turn so huge for?”

Sesame’s body trembled, and with a meow, it instantly shrank by dozens of times, to the point where it was about the same size as her, before it stopped. It glanced at her weakly, its black and shiny eyes were even actually showing a hint of excitement.

Zhu Yao looked at it diligently, and said in shock. “How did you become ninth-ranked?” Could it be that it was suppressing its cultivation again?

When Sesame heard this, its mood instantly plummeted, and even its voice carried a hint of grief. “I don’t know either. When I woke up in mistress’s divine sense, I realized I had fallen to the ninth rank.”

How was that possible? In her resurrection back then, its cultivation did not fall at all.

“Then, what about me?” Zhu Yao held her own claws, and sensed as her own cultivation.

“Mistress is at the Demigod-stage, demigod-stage!” Before waiting for Zhu Yao to find the answer on her own, Sesame answered it before her, and it looked a little excited.

What’s going on with this little second-rate again? Why was it much happier than her when she resurrected? It did not even seem to care about its cultivation falling either.

But, why did her cultivation suddenly improve? Back then, she could understand that she broke through to Nascent Soul after stopping the Metal Spirit, but she didn’t do anything this time though?

Could it be that her cultivation had been set to increase by an entire huge realm every single time she dies? When she dies next time, she wouldn’t immediately be able to ascend, right?

“Mistress, are you hungry? Do you want to drink some water? Do you want to eat meat? Sesame shall head around to beat up some low-ranked demonic beasts for you, alright?” Sesame’s two eyes shone as it suggested.

Something’s off. Sesame’s reaction was completely off. Although back then, it did run some errands for her, it was never this enthusiastic. Could it be that there was something wrong with this body of a demonic beast she had resurrected into?

Zhu Yao  did  not  reply,  as  she  decided  to  make  clear  of  the situation herself. As she was still not familiar with her current body, she habitually raised herself up, used the two claws at the back to stand on the ground, circled around Sesame, and walked out of the extremely tall grass plains.

As expected, there was a small river at the back. Due to resurrection syndrome, currently, she still did not possess any spiritual energy. If she wanted to know what kind of demonic beast she was, she could look at the reflection in the water.

And after looking into the water, Zhu Yao was shocked.

Her head was big. There were two horns on her head. Horse- faced. And at the two sides, there were even two long whiskers. Something that looked like this…

Dragon! She was actually a dragon!

As a Chinese descendant, as the successor of dragons, she seemed to have recognized the animal in the water reflection at first glance.

The answer was a little thrilling. Zhu Yao was stunned for quite a while, and she still had yet to regain her senses.

“Lord?” Sesame anxiously leapt about beside her. “Lord, what happened?”

“I want some peace and quiet!” Although becoming a dragon was a rather domineering matter, but a dragon was still an animal!

“Why are you calling me lord?” Zhu Yao noticed the sudden change in its way of addressing her.

Sesame’s eyes sparkled. “You’re currently a part of the dragon race. As the leader of the beast races, naturally, you’re my lord.”

There’s such a benefit to being one of the dragon race? “Are all demonic beasts the same?”

Sesame nodded. This was a suppression in terms of the demonic beasts’ bloodlines. The dragon race belonged to the race of gods. It was a race born to dominate demonic beasts, so its existence alone was enough to have thousands of beasts to submit themselves willingly. However, Sesame had lived for so many years, forget about this cultivation world, even in the Higher Realm, it had never seen the legendary dragon race.

But right now, there was actually one right in front of it! And she was even alive!

Although she was just a young dragon, and her cultivation was only at the human’s Demigod-stage. However, since it had inherited the bloodline of ancient times, Sesame could not help but wish to prostrate under her feet, and pledge its allegiance to her.

I wish… I really wish… to hug mistress’s thigh, what to do?

Even with Sesame’s explanation, Zhu Yao was still very confused. In her eyes, no matter if you’re a dragon or a beast, they were both little monsters destined to be beaten.

Also, in her current state, how was she going to return to Ancient Hill Sect?

Just when Zhu Yao was troubled over this, suddenly, she saw a white figure currently flying over from the horizon. In but a moment, he had landed in front of her, carrying a gust of wind, which had almost blown her away.

Such a big… master!

Yu Yan was a little stunned as he looked at the ground as well. That thin and long little creature, if not for that aura from the imprint, and Sesame which was standing beside it, he really wouldn’t dare to acknowledge it.


“Your sister!”

Before he could say that stupid name, Zhu Yao hurriedly interrupted with a roar.

“As I thought.”

Yu Yan frowned, and sighed. As I thought? What’s with that? Do you dare to change your method of identifying your relative, hey?

As though he had accepted his fate, Yu Yan squatted down.
Reaching out a palm, he signaled her to climb onto it.

Zhu Yao habitually kept her front claws. With a push, she stood right up, and she even tried to straighten her entire body. Using her back claws, she walked onto his palm step by step. This strange posture had even caused Yu Yan to be startled for a moment.

After climbing up, Zhu Yao then realized that her entire body was actually even smaller than her master’s palm.

So earlier, it was not Sesame which had turned huge, rather, she was the one who was pitifully small.

Suddenly, she recalled the time when Xiao Yi was forming his Azoth Core. The illusory dragon that appeared in the sky, although it was just a phantom, its might and domineering aura were still seemingly boundless. But why was it that, when it came to her, she actually turned into such a small worm? Yu Yan did not hesitate, and once again, brought her back to Jade Forest Mountain.

He placed Zhu Yao on the stone table in the courtyard, and inspected her from head to toe. He, however, was not interested in her cultivation which had suddenly surged, instead, he asked. “Are you able to take up a human form?”

Zhu Yao shook her head. Although she currently had the cultivation of a Demigod, and could be considered a tenth- ranked demonic beast, there was no spiritual energy in her body. Forget about transforming, she could not even turn bigger. When the time comes, she wouldn’t be accidentally stepped to death by people, right?

Yu Yan inspected her for a long time, yet, he still did not know what to do with her? He had made various preparations for his disciple’s resurrection, and had believed that no matter what she turned into, he could accept it no matter what kind of human she turned into.

Who would have known she basically wasn’t even human?

Yu Yan was deeply saddened. Since their races were different, he was unable to determine the situation of her body either. If it was the same as before, where she was stuck in a state between a broken Azoth Core and breaking through into Nascent Soul, how could he go about solving that now?

Just while he was considering how he could inspect his disciple’s body, a demonic beast’s cawing could be heard from the direction of the Main Mountain, and its  sound  was mournful and sad.

Zhu Yao seemed to have been infected by that sound as well, as her heart sank for a moment.

“What’s that sound? What happened over there?” Zhu Yao curiously asked.

Yu Yan’s expression sank. Turning his head, he looked at his own disciple with a pensive mood, as though he was hesitating about something. After a moment, he spoke up. “That’s Zi Mo’s spiritual beast, it’s emitting out a life passing cry from the Main Mountain. Zi Mo is currently mourning over the loss of his personal succeeding disciple.”

Zhu Yao was startled, and asked. “Ah? Have Sect Master Zi Mo ever taken in a personal succeeding disciple? Why didn’t I know about that? What’s his name?”


Chapter88: Where Did This Little Junior- Martial Sister Come From?

“Lord, Zi Mo’s disciple is…”

When Sesame was about to speak up, Yu Yan stared coldly at him, and it instantly swallowed back its words.

Yu Yan reached out his hand to pat on her long figure, and sighed. “It’s fine… this way.”

Zhu Yao was startled. What did he mean? Speak clearly, hey.

Just when she was about to ask for a clarification, right after the cawing at the Main Mountain, the continuous cries of various demonic beasts sounded from the entire Ancient Hill Sect. Even some of the celestial cranes in Jade Forest Mountain were emitting that same sorrowful cry.

She wondered if it was because she had turned to a beast as well, as the depths of her heart began to feel stifling. And, it was even worsening, it was hurting so much she could not even let out her voice. Yet, she completely could not think of the reason why she was feeling this way. Really? What’s wrong with her?

This feeling lasted for an entire day, and she simply sat on the stone table in her master’s courtyard, hearing the cries of the various demonic beasts for an entire day. And she only managed to regain her senses when the sun set.

When Zhu Yao regained her senses, she wondered if it was because she did not take her medicine, as she actually sat like this for an entire day. Her master seemed to have left quite some time ago, and even Sesame had disappeared.

Zhu Yao silently retorted this master of hers, who had a secret crush on her, but was completely oblivious of it. He actually left her (it) there just like that, it was no wonder he was still single after ten thousand years. After pondering for a moment, she decided to return to the house and wait for her master. First, she had to restore her human form.

Sesame said she was currently a Demigod, so she was equal to a tenth-ranked demonic beast. The race of dragons had already disappeared from the world for a very long time, so she was unclear if they had an innate transformation ability, but tenth- ranked demonic beasts were all capable of transforming. Just as she crawled up from the table, she saw a little head suddenly popping out from the bushes outside the courtyard. She was looking around, as though she was looking for something. Wearing a small white coat, from the looks of it, she seemed to be a four or five year old little brat.

Zhu Yao felt it was a little strange. It was very rare for Jade Forest Mountain to have outsiders, and even if the Sect Master had some matters for Yu Yan, he would only dispatch inner chamber disciples to send the message. Just where did this little pudding come from? And looking at how she was being so sneaky, evidently, she did not have any experience in doing bad things. Otherwise, why would she be wearing white in the middle of the night? Wasn’t she clearly telling others that she was hiding there?

At this moment, the little devil in Zhu Yao’s heart had raised its trident, and with a leap, she flew.

That’s right, she had just remembered that dragons could fly.

Flying back to the house, she lighted up the oil lamp, before flying towards that little pudding. “Brat!”

The child who had just crawled out from the bushes, was startled by her. She instantly stuffed her little head back into the bushes, and her little figure began to tremble.

“Bao Bao admits her mistake, Grandmaster, please do not punish me.”

“…” She had yet to say anything, was it really alright for her to be frightened to this extent? Zhu Yao’s heart instantly softened a little, and she no longer held the intention to scare her.

“Little friend, it’s already so late in the night. Why did you run to this Jade Forest Mountain for?”

The little buttocks that were exposed outside moved, after twisting about a few times, she once again popped her head out. After looking around, she realized a long snake-like creature was currently floating and coiling around above the oil lamp in front of her. At that moment, she heaved a sigh of relief. “So it wasn’t him. You scared me. Little worm, are you a demonic beast?” You’re the little worm, your entire family is made up of little worms!

“Little friend. Why are you here in Jade Forest Mountain?
What are you here for?”

“I will be living here sooner or later anyway.” The little girl tilted her head, and said while blinking her eyes.

At that moment, Zhu Yao felt her heart going “badump”. “Where do you live? Here?”

“I live there!” The little girl pointed to the straw cottage at the other side, but after pondering for a moment, she added. “But father and mother said that I’m still young, and forbid me from living there. When I’m older, I’ll be living there every day.”

“Little friend, it’s bad to tell lies, you know.” That straw cottage was clearly her own residence, alright?

“Bao Bao has never told lies.” The little girl instantly made a goldfish-face, as she protested angrily. “I’m really living over there.” Zhu Yao’s expression sank, as a guess surfaced in the depths of her heart. And she did not like this guess at all.

“Little friend, you can’t be a disciple of Jade Forest Mountain, right?”

“That’s right!” The little girl nodded her head strongly.

Zhu Yao, however, felt extremely uncomfortable, as she felt her heart began to ache. So her master had taken in another disciple, and it was not her, but another person.

Master, you can’t be a lolicon, right?

After pondering for a moment, she became very sure of this thought. For someone as incredible as her master, how could he just take in a single disciple? Look at the rest of the Mountain Lords, just counting the inner chamber disciples alone, there were dozens of them. Even the three Demigod Sovereigns had taken in a couple of disciples when they were at the Nascent Soul stage. It’s just that they had simply fallen much earlier.

It was completely understandable for her master to take in another disciple.

However, even though this was understandable, why was she feeling so irritated by it? Understanding it was one thing, but accepting it was another matter.

“When did your master take you in as a disciple?” Zhu Yao asked.

The little girl was startled, and then, she lowered her head and began to count using her fingers. “One day… Two days… Three days… It’s been many days.”

Zhu Yao sighed, and at that moment, she no longer have the mood to tease her. “Oh well, I will send you back then. In a few days, I will introduce your senior-martial sister to you.” She had to change back to her human form first.

“Senior-martial sister?” The little girl was dumbfounded for a moment. Suddenly, her eyes reddened, and she looked at Zhu Yao with an accusing look. “You liar. My father said this before, that master only has a single disciple, and that’s me. I’m the only one. Bao Bao doesn’t have other senior-martial sisters. You’re a bad person!” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Little brat, don’t go overboard, I’m already giving you half of my master, why are you crying? I’m the one who wants to cry!

“I’m not lying to you, you indeed have  a  senior-martial sister.” It was her.

“Wuuuuu…” The little girl finally could not hold it in any longer, and water beads began to fall, as she stared ruthlessly at Zhu Yao. “I don’t care, master only needs me as a  disciple! When master comes back, I will tell master, that I don’t want a senior-martial sister! I don’t want one!”

After saying that, she kicked her feet off the ground, and ran.
Sprinkling little beads of water along the way.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Momma’s egg, she really did not want a junior-martial sister now.

Zhu Yao’s heart was boiling with rage, this sudden appearance of a little junior-martial sister made her feel like scratching her master’s ice-cold face. She hadn’t been here for just a few days, and her master had already brought back a little junior-martial sister. Didn’t he know that in every novel’s settings, little junior-martial sisters were always used to develop adultery plot lines?

She didn’t want to be someone else’s senior-martial sister, she simply wished to become someone else’s master-aunt, dammit!

Oh right, wasn’t there still this master-aunt setting?

Zhu Yao instantly found a bit of consolation.  Lowing  her head, she once again looked at that long body of hers, and suddenly, all her anger dampened.

On the morning of the second day, the moment Yu Yan returned to the house, he was pestered by his stupid disciple.

“Master, I want to restore my human form, I want to restore my human form! Roar~~ ┗|`o′|┛”

Yu Yan lifted his hand, and made it convenient for his stupid disciple to crawl onto his shoulder. “Your current situation is unclear, it’s inappropriate for you to restore your spiritual energy too quickly.”

“If I’m slow, it will be too late.” Zhu Yao glanced at him with an inconvenienced look. Who could be sure that he wouldn’t bring back a few more little junior-martial sisters, or little, little junior-martial sisters, or even little, little, little junior martial sisters.

“Actually, it’s possible for Lord to restore your spiritual energy now.” Sesame suddenly popped out, shrank itself to about Zhu Yao’s size, and looked at the dragon-formed Zhu Yao with sparkling eyes. With a single leap, it jumped onto the stone table. Then, it bounced about, as though it was trying to crawl onto Yu Yan’s shoulder as well, in order to approach Zhu Yao. However, with a single stare by Yu Yan, it was stopped from doing so.

“What do you mean?” Zhu Yao asked.

“Lord is of the dragon-race.” Sesame said with an envious look. “The bodies of dragons are innately strong and sturdy, and even if a problem were to occur during the advancement process, their bodies can completely endure it.” So the dragon-race had such a benefit as well. Zhu Yao instantly looked at her master with sparkling eyes.

Help me, help me, help me!

Yu Yan sighed. After pondering for a moment, he agreed. Bringing his disciple back to the bottom of the cold training lake, he renewed the reinforcement of the formation under the lake, casually threw Sesame out, and then, took out a few purple lightning bolts.

“You can first try absorbing a part of the lightning spiritual energy. If you experience any anomaly, do not force yourself.”

Zhu Yao nodded, closed her eyes, and began sensing the lightning spiritual energy. The moment she willed it, she felt a warm streamflow passing through the depths of her heart. There was now an additional strand of familiar spiritual energy, however, the amount of spiritual energy was pitifully small. It had only stayed in the Dantian for a short while, before disappearing completely.

While that purple lightning bolt which her master had taken out, had already disappeared. “Master, the spiritual energy, disappeared.” Zhu Yao a little stunned. Dumbfoundedly, she raised her head. This sort of situation had never happened before, in the past, when she absorbed spiritual energy, they would always stay inside her body. However, the moment she absorbed them this time, they actually disappeared in a flash.

Yu Yan frowned. “Your Dantian is unable to store spiritual energy?”

Zhu Yao nodded.

Yu Yan’s expression instantly turned exceptionally ugly. If her Dantian could not store spiritual energy, it was clearly a sign where her Spiritual Vein was destroyed. However, she could clearly still absorb the lightning spiritual energy, and her cultivation was at the Demigod-stage as well. So, why?

“Other than not being able to store spiritual energy, are there any anomalies with your body?”

Zhu Yao focused and sensed for a moment. “No!” Other than being a little hungry, there was no other problem she was aware of. “Try again!” Yu Yan said.

Zhu Yao obediently closed her eyes again. The bolt of lightning outside, was instantly absorbed by her. However, just like before, the moment that strand of spiritual energy entered her body, it instantly disappeared without a trace. Zhu Yao felt like crying. Could it be that she had to be a finger-sized dragon her entire life?

“What to do?”

Yu Yan was unable to come up with the reason as well. In the beginning, he was worried that, since she had just entered the Demigod-stage, if she was unable to stop taking in spiritual energy, it might bring about a spiritual energy outbreak. It was better this way, she wasn’t even able to store her spiritual energy, let alone cause a spiritual energy outbreak.

“Let’s return first.” Yu Yan opened his palm, hinting her to crawl onto his own palm. “Your master will think of another way.”

Zhu Yao glanced at his palm, she didn’t why, but she once again recalled that little junior-martial sister she saw last night, and the depth of her heart was flooded with sorrow. Currently, she did not have a human form, and there wasn’t hope for her to restore her cultivation either. As expected, it would save some worry for her master if he were to look for another disciple.

She knew that she was partly the blame for it, but she just could not control herself. She needed to calm down for a while.

Hence, she did not climb onto his palm, instead, she turned her head away and moved her claws to the side, as she began to crawl back the route they came from on her own.

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. He did not say anything, and silently followed her at the back.

The further Zhu Yao crawled, the sadder she became. Probably because her mood was terrible recently in the first place, at this moment, she was especially sad.

Chapter89: Umm, A Forceful Tyrant

After finally managing to crawl out of the water surface, she saw blue spots of light flying about at the cold riverside. Irritated, she whipped her tail towards them.

However, not only did the blue spots of light not disperse from the whip, instead, they entered her body, and even the rest of the different colored spots of light in the vicinity rushed into her Dantian as well, and then, they no longer moved.

Zhu Yao suddenly opened her eyes widely. “Master!”

Master, hurry, there’s butterflies here!

“You…” Yu Yan was following her closely at the back, so naturally, he saw this scene. He looked a little shockingly at his stupid disciple who was raising her own tail. “You grew fatter!”

“Impossible!” Zhu Yao was shocked. Habitually, she wanted to look at her own waist, but what she saw when she lowered her head was her round dragon body. She began to ponder over a very serious question. Which part of my body is my waist? Yu Yan sighed. He instantly picked her up, and brought her to the waterside.

Zhu Yao did not understand, hence, she glanced at the reflection in the water. There wasn’t a change, though? A little round gold-colored dragon, which was the same as the one she saw back then. Wait a minute! Why did she feel as though it was a little bigger?

“Master, master, master…” Zhu Yao was so excited, she was speechless for a moment. “There’s spiritual energy in my Dantian.”

Only then did Yu Yan place her back onto the ground, and his brows furrowed. “Look into your inner body, find out which type of spiritual energy your body has absorbed.”

Zhu Yao obediently closed her eyes, and looked inside her Dantian. The moment she saw her Dantian, there were countless of spots of light currently congregated together, and they were revolving around a single direction. In those spots of light, not only were there her familiar lightning spiritual energy particles, there were red, blue, green, yellow and various other colored spots of light as well. “Master, inside my Dantian… There’s all types of spiritual energy.” Just what the hell was this? Wasn’t she a Lightning Spirit Vein holder?

“As expected.” Yu Yan sighed, and said with confirmation. “Your Spirit Vein has changed.”

“Then what am I now?”

“Harmony Spirit Vein!”

“What?” What did that mean?

“It’s a Spirit Vein which comprises of all elements.” Yu Yan explained. “Every type of spiritual energy in this world, can be absorbed by you. Mystic Arts of every single element can be used by you as well. However, to ensure that the different types of spiritual energy are balanced, correspondingly, your cultivation speed will slow down as well.”

“Then, is that a good or bad?” “Regarding this matter, I cannot say for certain.” Yu Yan frowned, looking at how she was able to take in spiritual energy into her body with just a casual swing of her tail, it seemed like her heaven-bending affinity for spiritual energy did not disappear, it simply turned from just a single lightning spiritual energy, to every type of spiritual energy. “Do not worry too much, although your Spirit Vein has changed, being able to take in all types of spiritual energy is easier than taking a single type of spiritual energy. As long as you do not intentionally prevent it, given a few days, you will naturally be able to restore your cultivation, and take up a human form.”

“Eh!?” Did this meant that, even without intentionally taking in spiritual energy, her spiritual energy could still be restored? Did such a good thing exist?

Don’t lie to me just because I haven’t studied a lot.

Yu Yan once again looked at his excited disciple, his brows furrowed even deeper. This change his disciple had, kept giving him the feeling as though a huge trouble was going to occur. Although he was not afraid of trouble, he no longer have much time left.

Raising his head, he looked towards the sky, and his expression sank slightly. There were too many mysteries regarding his disciple, the more he investigated, the less he understood. He felt as though there were a pair of hands behind her, controlling her, yet, he simply could not find out anything about it. It seemed as though he could only get the answer he needed in that world.

Just as her master had said, when Zhu Yao did not intentionally seal her meridians and reject the entrance of spiritual energy, her cultivation and body size rose very quickly. On the first day, she was still as small as a loach. On the second day, she turned into an eel, and then, on the third day, she turned into a little snake. On the fourth day, she was developing towards the size of a python.

On the fifth day… She crushed her master’s home.

The aura of a dragon began to faintly emit from her body as well, scaring a bunch of little animals of Jade Forest Mountain away from their homes, and they did not dare to return. After that, it was Sesame who told her the method to hide her presence, only then was she able to suppress the dragon aura that she was constantly emitting out.

However, she  was  such  a  big  stone  roller,  and  was  even sparkling gold. Coiling around the mountain peak, if her master had not placed down a formation for her, she would have already been discovered by people. However, if she were to grow any longer than this, she would still be discovered sooner or later. She then recalled the descriptions of dragons, which she got from the ancient scrolls her master had given her to read back then.

Their skin could be used to create clothes. Their blood could be used to create talismans. Their meat could be inserted into pellets. Their bones could be used to create weapons. In summary, from top to bottom, their bodies were all materials. They were basically moving treasuries.

She could already imagine the countless people sharpening their blades as they walk towards her.

Yet, she did not know what her master was busy with these days, after placing down the formation for her, he released her to grow on her own. It had been two to three days since she last saw him, and she did not have the opportunity to seek comfort from him at all.

He could not have went to see that new disciple of his, right? When she thought of this, Zhu Yao felt uncomfortable throughout her entire body.

This could not do. She had to hurry and restore her human form. Wasn’t there this saying? ‘Strike the metal while it’s hot.’ She had to take the opportunity while her master, this piece of meat, was still warm and hot, and gobble him back into her mouth while she still can.

On the sixth day, Zhu Yao realized her body had once again grown by a single fold. This time, not just her master’s small house, even the courtyard could no longer hold her body. In the early morning, she felt her neck itching, and she really wished to roar out a few times to clear her throat.

She endured, controlling the voice that was trying to escape her throat. However, the longer she endured, the more unbearable her body felt.

Sweeping her divine sense across, she was still unable to find her master’s figure. Zhu Yao instantly felt depressed. Could he have went to where that little disciple was again?

She suddenly felt unbearable in the depths of her heart, as though her heart was being squeezed. When she relaxed her state of mind, at that moment, the roar of a dragon escaped from her throat.

The loudness of this voice of hers even frightened her herself. As though it carried a might capable of tearing through space, it charged through the clouds, and then, it was as though the sky and earth was echoing that resounding roar of hers, as it spread in waves.

Following after she released this voice of hers, the unbearable feeling in her throat instantly disappeared without a trace. However, her body felt even more unbearable, as every single dragon scale began to glow with a gold radiance, enveloping her entire body within a gold light. A moment later, a phantom was formed. It flew towards the sky, swam in the air for a couple of moments before it slowly disappeared.

While the light that enveloped her body, began to slowly fade as well. Zhu Yao felt her body was undergoing a change, as she slowly began to form a pair of hands and legs. Could this be transformation? Zhu Yao instantly felt excited, as she  was finally able to turn back into a human.

Finally, the gold light faded, and she had turned completely into a human as well. When the last strand of gold light faded away, Yu Yan who had sensed the disturbance, had finally returned.

“Master.” Zhu Yao gave him a very big smile. “Quick, look, I finally turned back into a human.”

“Mn.” Yu  Yan,  however,  was  not  as  excited  as  she  was.
Instead, his expression sank a little, as he nodded.

“How is it? Am I a woman this time?”

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. Sweeping his gaze at her, he continued to nod after a few moments. “Mn.”

“Am I beautiful now?”


“Do I look nicer than before?”

“Mn.” “Great!” Zhu Yao instantly felt limitlessly satisfied.

Yu Yan silently walked over, reached his hand out to his storage pouch and took out something. Then, he passed it over. “It will be even better if you wear clothes.”



Zhu Yao felt as though her entire lifetime worth of morals had already fell off, and completely as well. Just earlier! Just fifteen minutes earlier, she was actually stark naked in front of her master.

Zhu Yao buried her head under the blanket. I’m so tired, I feel like I will never be able to love anymore.

“Give me your hand.” The eyewitness grabbed onto his stupid disciple’s claw with a calm expression, and began to diligently inspect her. Did he have to be this calm? He did see the naked figure of his crush, was her charm really that low? This would make her very sad, you know?

Zhu Yao was irritated now. At that moment, she no longer cared anymore, and instantly retracted her own hand.

“Master, there’s a question which I’ve liked to ask for a very long time. Do you actually have a crush on me?” If she were to hold it in any longer, she would go crazy.

Yu Yan was startled. Looking at his stupid disciple who suddenly adopted a stern expression, he was completely clueless. Crush? What’s that?

A certain master, who was already used to his disciple’s occasional irregular behaviour, replied with a stern expression as well. “Stop fooling around, I have yet to finish inspecting your meridians.” As he said that, he once again wanted to grab her hand.

“The hell.” Zhu Yao’s patience had finally disappeared. Using his momentum, she pulled her master onto the bed as well. And then, with another attack, she pressed strongly onto his body. “Yu Wang!” Yu Yan frowned, and was instantly boiling with rage. However, Zhu Yao immediately sealed his lips.

With her own lips!

Yu Yan suddenly widened his eyes, and his entire body stiffened. That feeling, which he had always thought was strange, had returned. As though he was struck lightning, that numbing feeling spread across his entire body, and even brought about a ball of blazing flames in his heart.

Zhu Yao strongly pressed on his lips, and in the end, she even strongly bit him as well.

And only then did she speak up with a ruthless tone. “I shall say this once again, my name is Zhu Yao! You best remember it! This isn’t your disciple’s name, but your woman’s name! You best remember this in your heart.”

Zhu Yao breathed heavily as she waited for his reaction. Yet, Yu Yan simply looked at her with a dumbfounded expression, and was speechless for a long while. Only then did she feel a little embarrassed after thinking it through. This was also her first time being a forceful tyrant, she did not have any experience at all.

Umm, why don’t we study  the  postures  to  adopt,  before  we try this again?

Zhu Yao gained the intention to retreat, and just when she was about to crawl out of the bed, Yu Yan suddenly regained his senses at this moment. Pulling onto his disciple in front of him, he reached out his hand to the back of her head, and pressed her towards him. Straight until their lips tightly pressed together once more, and between their teeth, it was filled with his disciple’s fresh and sweet taste. That numbing feeling which he never had before once again returned. It was very strange, however, he liked it very much, and he wished to have it stay with him as long as he could.

A moment later.

It was unclear who was the first one to end the kiss first. The moment their lips departed from each other’s, their heavy breathing could be clearly heard. Zhu Yao’s body felt entirely weak, as she laid on top of her master. She heard his heart, which was beating in the same rhythm as hers. Her mind was momentarily blank. If her master acted this way, did that mean…

“Master.” She felt that she needed a clarification. “Do you… like me?”

Yu Yan looked even more dumbfoundedly at his disciple, who looked different than before, and his face was filled with confusion. Like? Naturally, he liked her, otherwise, why would he have taken her as his disciple? However, he could faintly feel that the ‘like’ his disciple was referring to, had a different meaning compared to the one he had in mind.

“I don’t know.” He honestly replied.

Zhu Yao simply felt a jolt in her chest, as her glass heart shattered into pieces. Momma’s egg, so you still do not wish to admit it after you’re done eating me up, is that it!?

Chapter90: Master Is Leaving

At that moment, Zhu Yao felt as though a fire was blazing, to the point where her restraints, morals, and three views were all burnt away and forgotten. ‘Shuaa!’ Pulling his clothes apart, she lowered her head and gave him a bite, as she anxiously announced.

“No matter if you like me in the past or not, I shall officially tell you this now. This lady here has laid her sights on you, and you will be mine in the future. If you dare to have other girls touch you, I don’t care if you’re my master, this lady here will castrate you all the same!”

Probably because she was speaking in a very serious tone, Yu Yan was slightly stunned. His blurry eyes instantly cleared up by quite a bit.

Staring at his disciple who was still lying on his body unmoving, a moment later, he thought of a possibility.

“You… want to form a practitioner-pair with me?”

“What else do I want otherwise?” Zhu Yao once again smooched, leaving another mark on him. “Have a discussion about the importance of the development of human reproduction?”

“…” Yu Yan did not reply, however, his face suddenly began to heat up out of nowhere. Unclear feelings began to surge up haphazardly from the depths of his heart. Happiness? Joy? Or was it excitement? He was unable to discern them, and he simply felt as though his face was glowing hot.

However, to form a practitioner-pair with his disciple, did not seem… to be a very unacceptable idea.

However, Zhu Yao was dumbfounded by his current look. Why was her master’s face red? And it was even turning redder, as though he was about to burn up! He couldn’t still be an innocent virgin, right?

Master, say something. Don’t just make your face red.

If your face stays as red as that, as you look at me with eyes filled with expectations, I basically won’t be able to resist thinking of you every minute and every second, you know!? Zhu Yao instantly felt her wolf’s blood boiling. Her hands moved, she could no longer contain her morals, as she began to take advantage of his stark naked chest. You forced me!

Just when she about to begin eating, a certain master seemed to have suddenly reacted. With a light push, Zhu Yao was pushed down the bed.

In an instant, Yu Yan had already tidied up his clothes, and stood up.

However, he still did not cast his gaze at her, there were still some red blushes that had yet to fade from his face, and he strived to maintain a stern expression as he spoke. “Stop this nonsense. How can such things be decided so easily?”

Zhu Yao rubbed her buttocks which was hurting from the fall, and when she crawled up, he had already disappeared.

She shivered from the cold wind which blew in from the open door.

She suddenly had the impulse to flip a table. Momma’s egg! This lady here has already taken off her pants, and you tell me this!?

Ever since Zhu Yao acted that tyrant role, her Consort Yu had never returned to Jade Forest Mountain. She flipped over the entire Jade Forest Mountain, yet, she was still unable to see his figure at all.

Was he angry? Was he freaked out? Or could it be that he did not have any feelings for her at all, so he ran?

The more Zhu Yao thought about it, the less she figured out. Clearly, the atmosphere they had between them on that day was pretty good. Although he ran away in the end, she could not believe that her master had no feelings for her at all. However, even though she searched the entire Jade Forest Mountain, she could not see his figure at all. And there were many newly placed formations in Jade Forest Mountain, as though  they were placed to completely isolate the mountain itself. Even though her cultivation had already been completely restored, as someone who had never researched on formations at all, she was unable to leave this Jade Forest Mountain, and thus, could do nothing but wait.

After waiting at the mountain peak for ten days, her master, who had ran away from home, finally returned. Zhu Yao’s eyes shone, and instantly leapt down from the roof of the house.

Yu Yan however, slightly shifted his body, and pulled out a small little child from behind him, and this child was  even damn familiar. She was exactly the little pudding she saw half a year ago, who claimed she was her own junior-martial sister.

Zhu Yao’s legs froze, and at that moment, she felt something stifling had stuffed the depths of her heart.

Yu Yan however, held onto that child, and walked towards her with big strides. Stopping two feet before her, with a gentle expression, he said. “Yu… Yao. Your master shall introduce someone to you.”

He pulled the little girl forward, and the child looked at her sheepishly.

This was the first time she had ever seen her master adopt such a gentle expression, and he had even remembered half of her name, which was rarely seen. Yet, it was because of this disciple beside him. Her heart cramped, and in an instant, she felt like crying. “There’s no need.” Zhu Yao glanced at that child. “Bao Bao, right?”

“How did you know?” The little girl’s eyes shone, and she looked at Zhu Yao excitedly.

Zhu Yao lightly raised her lips, and smiled. However, she then raised her head and looked straight at Yu Yan. Was this his way of rejecting her? Because he now had a new disciple? But… She still wanted a clarification. “Master, tell me honestly. Do you like me or not?”

Yu Yan’s expression stiffened, and then, he hurriedly shifted his gaze. “Ahem… Stop with the nonsense. Finish hearing what I want to say. This child is…”

“The new disciple you took in, right?” Zhu Yao once again interrupted his words. “I know.”

Yu Yan looked at her a little strangely.

Yet, Zhu Yao looked at him even more seriously, and continued with her questions. “So, do you like me or not?” Momma’s egg, give me a straight answer.

“…” Yu Yan was once again speechless due to her straightforward words. After a moment of silence, he acted as though he was angry, and said. “Stop fooling around!”

You’re fooling around, your entire family’s fooling around.

Yu Yan coughed twice, and finally managed to gather back his calm. “Since you two already know each other, then, bring her around to have her familiarize herself with the area.”

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a chill in her heart, and she seemed to now understand why her girl friend would always like to call her in the middle of the night after a break-up. Because she really wished to make a call now as well.

“Go on, she’s the one!” Yu Yan nudged the child beside him.

The little girl instantly gave a flowery smile, and charged towards Zhu Yao. Hugging onto her leg, she shouted out loud. “Master!” Zhu Yao was pushed two steps back by this little twerp’s charge, and she suddenly widened her eyes, as she looked at this little girl with a face of disbelief. “What did you call me?”

“Master, master, master!” The little girl excitedly called her three times. As though she was still not satisfied, she even rubbed her face against Zhu Yao’s leg with all her might. “I have waited for a very long time. Master, you’re finally back. I finally get to see master.”

“Wait a minute… Chotto matte!” I’m lacking in brain juice, let me first recharge them. “Who did you call master? Who is your master again?”

The little girl was startled. Her face which was still like a little sun earlier, instantly turned cloudy with a small rain shower. “Master… Master, don’t you want me anymore? Bwaaaa….”

“Don’t… Don’t cry!” As she had thought, children were definitely her life’s nemesis. Zhu Yao squatted down, and with clumsy hands, she began to console her. However, the little girl was like a bull, as she stuffed her head into Zhu Yao’s embrace, and began to cry harder. “Master…” Zhu Yao could only silently seek help from Yu Yan beside her. Just what the hell was happening? Wasn’t she her junior-martial sister? How did she become her disciple?

Yu Yan gave a calm look, as though he had nothing to do with it. “I have already handed you the person herself. You shall handle the arrangements for her yourself, however, she’s still not allowed into the mountain for a month.”

Just what was he going on about? Zhu Yao gave an inexplicable expression. “Just who is she? I don’t even know anything about this?”

Yu Yan gave her a contemptful glare. Earlier, didn’t you say you knew?

“…” Alright, I was courting death. Master, please tell me.

Yu Yan glanced at that crying creature, who was said to be his grand-disciple, and was evidently getting a little impatient. He never had patience for anyone else, and that included his grand- disciple as well. “Back then, didn’t you suggest to take her as your disciple in front of Zi Mo? In the days… you weren’t here, your master have already helped you make the arrangements, and have her enter the Jade Forest Mountain when she’s five years old.”

Zi Mo? Disciple? Zhu Yao desperately searched through the memories in her mind. She seemed to have told Zi Mo about this matter, but the person she wanted to take in back then was…

Wait a minute!

Zhu Yao pulled the little girl away, and only then did she seriously inspect that small little face of hers. After a closer look, she realized there really were the faint letters, “BUG”, on her face. “She’s Zi Mo’s daughter!”

The hell, how did she grow so big in a blink of an eye? But why did the letters on her face become lighter instead?

“Mn.” Yu Yan frowned. “In these recent years, she have been slipping into the Jade Forest Mountain several times to find you. So I got her to see you today, to save the trouble.”

“…” So the master she spoke about that day, was her. Because she had never seen her own master, so she decided to climb up in the middle of the night to see her in secret?

Stroking the soft little dumpling who was in her embrace, her heart instantly softened to the point of turning silly. So cute! Gently helping to wipe her eyes dry, she persuaded with a gentle voice. “Be a good girl, don’t cry.”

“Master, will you not want me?” The little dumpling was fearful.

“Of course not!” At that moment, Zhu Yao felt her earlier frustrated self was simply stupid, as she kissed her cheeks. “Bao Bao is so cute, master can’t wait to spoil you, you know.”

After saying that, she coaxed her with a few more words, and then, kissed her a couple more times. Only then was she finally able to console her disciple’s little injured heart, and she no longer cried. Zhu Yao still wanted to continue coaxing her, however, standing at the side, Yu Yan’s expression turned dark, as rage began to surge out of nowhere.

He coldly spoke up. “Since you have met her already, then head down the mountain! Remember my words, you’re not allowed to climb up the mountain on your own for a month.”

The little disciple fearfully glanced at her own grandmaster, looked at her own master with reluctant eyes, before she finally turned around and walked down the mountain step by step. Before she left, she did not forget to turn her head and loudly shout things like ‘master, you must definitely remember me!’

Zhu Yao’s heart softened from hearing these words. It really was great to have such a good and obedient disciple. She silently decided that, even if the little dumpling was a BUG, she would definitely save her completely.

“The things… you spoke of the other day.” Only when he sensed that the little girl had already left Jade Forest Mountain, did Yu Yan finally hesitantly speak up.

Zhu Yao was startled, as she turned her head over. The other day? The day when she was a tyrant?

Seeing that serious expression of his, Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little anxious. Yu Yan however, had calmed down. Even the red blushes on his face that Zhu Yao forced out earlier with her daring words, had faded quite a bit. Taking a step forward, he said with a stern expression. “Right now, I’m unable to promise you.”

“…” Momma’s egg, after such a long time, you still want to reject me? At that moment, Zhu Yao was a little upset.

Yu Yan, however, raised his head and looked towards the sky. As though he had decided on something, he took a deep breath, and slowly spoke. “The initial reason why I wanted to take in a disciple, is to simply pass down the Arts of my Jade Forest Mountain. And when you were successful with forming your Azoth Core, and could fend for yourself, it was supposed to be my time to ascend. However, I never thought that…” He never thought that his disciple would be so worrisome, and that he would be unable to put her down.

Yu Yan took two steps forward, looked straight into his disciple’s eyes, which were evidently showing a hint of sadness, and habitually reached out his hand to stroke her  head. “There’s too many strange things surrounding your body, I’m afraid that I’m unable to find out the cause in just a  short notice, and I feel powerless because of that. So… I have decided to ascend!” Nanii!!??
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