My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 71-80

Chapter71: Could Not Be Described

Zhu Yao nudged Zi Dan, signalling to him to take the opportunity while it was chaotic to leave.

“To inform my queen, earlier, these three people were looking for a beast practitioner named Chen Zi as well.”

A mystic tool trafficker pointed straight at them.

The hell bro, do you have some sort of grudge against me?

As expected, in the next moment, the Demigod-stage pressure came pressing down straight at the three of them.

Zhu Yao who did not get a good footing, was instantly pressed onto the ground. The other two were not in any better shapes, as they half-kneeled on the ground, cold sweat flooding out.

They were only weaker by a large realm, she did not expect that the difference would be so big. Forget about resisting, they could not even try to stand up. “Who are you people? Why are you looking for Chen Zi?” In a flash, the woman had already stood in front of them.  Eyes which were like daggers swept across them, and then, she suddenly laughed. “Hahaha, so you people are actually deity practitioners. I did not expect that practitioners from the Deity Sect, would court death and send themselves up to my doorstep.”

In front of a Demigod, the three’s disguise were basically futile, and instantly, they reverted back to their original figures.

“Men, bring them back.” When the woman gave the order, a light fog floated over, and instantly turned into three men. Taking one each, their little rescue squad was exterminated.

Zhu Yao instantly felt like crying. That guy called Chen Zi, he must have destroyed Earth in his previous life. How did he offend people everywhere he went?

In her entire lifetime, this was the first time Zhu Yao had entered a prison. Her prisonmates were a fatty, and someone who carried a buff that kills his party mates. Outside, there was even a perverse queen regnant who could sentence them to death at any time, and anywhere. “Little brother, do you have a way to escape from this place?” The fat prisonmate squeezed over, and looked at her with a constipated expression.

Initially, she had one, if she could have brought her master alongside her. However, the higher-ups of Ancient Hill Sect did not give her this opportunity.

“No.” Zhu Yao sighed, and pointed to the prison door. “You have seen it yourself earlier. Earlier, that female heretic practitioner had set up a restriction seal on the door, and it will explode when touched. Even if we were to forcefully break out of here, it will startle that heretic practitioner.”

“What about using your ninth-ranked demonic beast to swallow that door?” This way, even it exploded, it would not produce any sounds.

Zhu Yao continued to shake her head. “The size of my demonic beast is too big, a prison cage as small as this basically isn’t able to contain it.” Actually, she had another consideration to take note of. Xiao Yi had seen Sesame before on that door in the Tasyoluk Secret Realm. Although back then, it was sealed on the door, and currently, its appearance was  slightly different, she could not be hundred percent sure that he would not recognize it after seeing it a couple of times.

“Since that’s the case, we can only wait and see then.” Zi Dan had initially thought that even if the three of them Nascent Soul-stage practitioners were unable to find Sovereign Feng Yi, they would still be strong enough to deal with the heretic practitioners in the city. However, he did not expect that the city lord had actually broke through into a Demigod.

“Senior brother Zi Dan, looking at your expression, you seem to know that heretic practitioner earlier.” Xiao Yi suddenly asked.

Zi Dan sighed, nodded, and began to talk about her origin.

Zhu Yao, curious, began to hear as well. The more she heard, the more she felt that this was a a huge dramatic show.

That city lord was called Rui Yu, and she and Chen Zi were actually martial sister and brother. They were actually disciples of the Hundred Harmony Sect, a Deity Sect, in the past, and their Sect specialized in practitioner-pair arts. However, for some unknown reasons, the Sect was destroyed, and they were only the two left. Hence, due to various drama of mutual dependence, Chen Zi admitted into a Devil Sect, and turned into a heretic practitioner.

Chen Zi became a beast practitioner, while Rui Yu still stayed with her roots and upholded the name of a deity practitioner. Due to her relationship with the piggish teammate, Chen Zi, she was seeked by various people who were looking for revenge against him. Later on, she even began to like someone who did not even like her, and after being rejected by him, due to a fit of anger, she strayed to the wrong path.

And the strayed path she took was really unique. She did not turn into any type of heretic practitioner, rather, she mended the practitioner-pair arts that came from her Sect, turning them into a set of heretic arts which specialized in absorbing the essence of men, and by using their essences, she raised her cultivation.

Your guess is correct. Specifically, the core of this method, was to have intimate bonding on the bed. With two or more men as the basic point, a form of harmonious exercise with certain parts which could not be described under the neck.

From then on, Rui Yu was labelled as a heretic practitioner, and after that, she caught up, and even surpassed Chen Zi in cultivation. Two people with similar fates, once again got closer to each other. However, Chen Zi had his eyes set on Sovereign Feng Yi of a Deity Sect, and so as to see Feng Yi, he had even thought of various ways to enter the Deity Sect several times to court his death. Hence, the two martial brother and sister were completely torn apart from then on.

Speaking of which, Zhu Yao had suddenly recalled that strange phenomenon that happened earlier on the streets. Those black fog, were exactly the same as the ones they saw on Ancient Hill Sect. It could be seen that those few dead heretic practitioners, were precisely Chen Zi’s doings.

While that Rui Yu did not even think about it, and immediately gave the order to capture Chen Zi, was because she was very familiar with his arts.

But clearly, he was already in hiding, so why did he still have to risk coming out to kill people? Was he not afraid of exposing himself?

A bunch of suspicions filled Zhu Yao’s mind, but what she could confirm was, Chen Zi was indeed within Yucang City. “Hurry up, come out.” While she was pondering, the guard walked over, and opened the prison door.

The mystical powers of the three people were sealed, and after making countless turns and bends, they were brought to a half- opened door. They were forcefully pushed inside, and then, the door was closed.

Zhu Yao barely managed to stabilize herself, and did not roll onto the gourd like the other two.

This was a very big, yet extremely spacious room. White and red light veils hung everywhere, and a stench filled the air, causing them to feel utterly disgusted. Just why did those guards bring them here?

“There seems to be people over there.” Xiao Yi pointed to the front.

After hesitating for a moment, as the guards could not have pushed them in here without a reason, the three of them cautiously walked forward, and went deeper into the room. The room was exaggeratingly large. Only after they had walked for several dozens of meters, did they finally see there were faint shadows of people moving behind the light veil in front of them.

The stench was, however, getting even heavier, and the sounds of happy and painful groans instantly entered the ears of the three people.

When they realized what those sounds were, the expression of the three of them instantly darkened.

The guards really had hardcore tastes. What’s the meaning for inviting them here to view a live porno? Could she get a refund?

Zhu Yao turned and wanted to leave, suddenly, she was pulled by an extremely huge absorbing force, and she flew towards the opposite direction. At that moment, her blood turned and surged, and the three people who could not cast their arts to resist, all puke out a mouthful of blood. They then stopped at the front of an extremely, extremely large and luxurious bed, and knelt down with their two knees.

And a woman who was currently moving the part of her body which could not be described forcefully on the bed, and was doing something which could not be described with a man in a position which could not be described, and was currently could not be described. Sounds that could not be described, were drilling into the ears of the three people. ( == )

Without saying, the bold and unrestrained woman was precisely Rui Yu. After casting her art to fix them at the front of the bed, she did not care about them anymore, and focused on could not be described with the man on the bed. After a careful look, Zhu Yao realized that there was actually not just a single man on the bed, but four. Every one of their faces looked obsessed as they looked at Rui Yu. The four of them played out their respective roles perfectly, and every one of them was in- charge of each part of Rui Yu’s body which could not be described.

This scene was so extraordinary, even Zhu Yao who had seen movies with R18 ratings in the modern era, was dumbfounded. It was no wonder she wanted people to call her Queen. If she were to be holding onto a leather whip and a candle, she would be an actual Queen.

The people on the bed were really focused in their acting, while the audience below were really focused in puking out blood as well. Momma’s egg, even if they did not buy tickets, there was no need for her to release her pressure to restrain them, right!? And it was even loosened and then tightened occasionally, creating manual 3D effects.

After two hours, a certain episode, sounds, 3D effects, and the show of R18 queen finally came to an end. As for the four men who were initially healthy, strong, and handsome, were getting thinner at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, and they seemed to only have left with a single breath.

Rui Yu kicked away the man at the side who was still holding onto her round lump, picked up a light veil at the bedside and stood up, effortlessly sliding out her part which could not be described from the man’s part which could not be described.

“The three of you, with just the cultivation at the Nascent Soul-stage, you dare to enter my Yucang City. Are all of the people of the Deity Sect as stupid as you three?” Rui Yu’s voice held a hint of laziness. Wearing her light veil, she walked over bare-footedly. Stopping in front of Zhu Yao, she bent her body over, raised Zhu Yao’s chin, and said with a smile. “You look pretty decent?”

The hell, earlier, she had watched the show for too long, and had forgotten that she herself was currently a man as well, she seemed to be in a moral crisis.

Rui Yu smiled, and then in an instant, her eyes turned cold, and she slapped strongly onto her face. “This queen hates good- looking men the most.”

This pervert! Not only was she in a moral crisis, her life was in danger as well.

This slap which clearly carried spiritual energy, directly screwed up Zhu Yao’s face. Her jaw instantly dislocated, and it hurted so much, her tears even began to fall.

If you did not like good-looking men, then say so earlier. Why the hell did she have to vent her anger on her face? Were you bullying her for not being born a woman!?

After Rui Yu vented off her anger, she walked over to Xiao Yi beside Zhu Yao. Similarly, she raised his chin, and her smile was even colder. “You’re not bad as well!”

Raising her hand, and it looked as though her slap was about to land on his face.

“Have you always used ruthlessness to disguise yourself?”

“What did you say?” Rui Yu’s palm unexpectedly stopped beside Xiao Yi’s ear.

Xiao Yi sighed, and then, actually used a pair of pitiful eyes to look at her. “Aren’t you? Hating men, that’s only an intentional disguise.”

“Disguise? You call this a disguise?” Rui Yu laughed coldly, turned, and with a wave of her hand, the four expressionless men who were as thin as firewood, instantly turned into ashes. Her expression became even more dark and cold, as she ruthlessly stared at Xiao Yi. “Good-looking men, should all die!”

Xiao Yi, however, actually let out an even deeper sigh, and looked at her even more pitifully. “You have simply… been hurt too deeply! Slaughter isn’t your true nature.”

“……” Rui Yu was speechless, as  though  she  was  shocked  by his words. For a moment, she did not know how to react, and the actions of her loosening and tightening her fists, repeated for several times, and only then did she finally let out a cold laugh. Rui Yu turned to sit back on her bed, and  stared straightly at Xiao Yi. “Hmph, you seem to be  a  little interesting.”

The situation changed too quickly, Zhu Yao was a little unable to keep up with the pace.

As though she could faintly hear this entering her ear: ‘Successfully conquered Rui Yu. Xiao Yi obtained a girl.’

The hell, something like this works too!? His stud halo is blinding the world!

“I really want to hear, what’s really my true nature! Men!”

The guards outside opened the door and entered.

“Bring those two back into the prison!”

The guards did not say a single word, and picked up the two light bulbs, Zhu Yao and Zi Dan. Zi Dan thought that the queen would do something unfavourable to Xiao Yi, and wanted to resist, however, Zhu Yao passed him a ‘it’s alright’ expression, and the two of them were thrown back into prison by the guards.

Feng Yi Little Rescue Squad had obtained victory in their first battle. The squad had accumulated a loss of a jaw, and squad member Xiao Yi had been rewarded with a girl.

Chapter72: Three Heads, Four Heads, Are Better Than One

Zhu Yao had never felt so grateful for Xiao Yi’s protagonist cheat. Thinking back to the queen’s earlier reaction, there should be completely no danger at all in regards to his life, and he might even be able to help his squad mates.

To actually even mesmerize a Demigod-stage female practitioner, Xiao Yi, as expected, was using his entire life to flirt, huh.

A specialized piggish teammate could actually  be  of  use  as well, the world was changing too  quickly,  and  she  wished  to calm down while nibbling on a packet of spicy gluten, if her jaw was fine.

In the next two days, Zhu Yao and Zi Dan spent their time especially calmly, and there were no longer any guards bringing them out to view a live version of an R18 movie. Although it hurt a lot, she still successfully connected back her jaw.

Just when they thought that they were about to be forgotten by the queen, the queen loftily appeared. This time, she no longer wore those types of see-through light veils, rather, she was wearing regular clothes. Although she still looked flirtatious, at the very least, she was wearing shoes.

The queen coldly looked at the two people in the prison cell, and lazily spoke. “Initially, I had wanted to kill you two to prevent getting eyesores, but he said that you two were his senior martial brothers. Although I hate the relationship of martial brothers and sisters the most, since I promised him to let you two go, then I will give you two a chance to live.”

With a wave of Rui Yu’s hands, the restriction placed on the door disappeared. “Why aren’t you two hurrying out?”

Seeing the two of them walking out, Rui Yu cast an art, and their sealed mystic powers instantly began to flow again. The first thing Zhu Yao did, was to cast a recovery mystic art on her jaw, soothing the pain she felt for two days because of the forced connection of her jaw.

Rui Yu threw a pair of scornful eyes at Zhu Yao for  her actions. A big man was actually afraid of such a little pain.

Zhu Yao curled her lips without minding about it. She had experienced things that were even more painful, but she was unable to bear the pain for two days, after all.

“Let’s go. He wishes to see you two.” Rui Yu once again stared at her, before turning and walking outside.

Out of the three, only Zi Dan’s face was still at a loss. Zhu Yao, however, knew that the person she was going to meet was definitely Xiao Yi.

They arrived at a flower garden, and Xiao Yi was standing by the pond, neatly dressed, while on the other hand, the two of them were covered in blood, and looked fatigued.

“Senior martial brothers.” Xiao Yi walked over. Rui Yu, however, moved towards him, instantly held onto Xiao Yi’s hands, and provokingly looked at two people in front of her.

“Little brother Xiao Yi, what is this you’re…” Zi Dan frowned, and looked at the two of them back and forth. His expression was full of disagreement. Could it be that Xiao Yi wanted to associate with a heretic practitioner?

A hint of discomfort flashed passed Xiao Yi’s face. He explained to them the things that happened back then, and the contents were actually all about how Rui Yu’s life was so pitiful. She basically had no other choice but to turn into a heretic practitioner, and after his persuasion, she already had the heart to repent. He hoped that the two of them could put down their prejudice, and forgive her for what she had been forced to do.

Zhu Yao was shocked, so back then, he was not acting. The words Xiao Yi had said back that in the room, were all his true feelings, and were not something he thought on a whim. In other words, he had really struck onto the pitiful heart of this heretic practitioner who specialized in absorbing the essence of men.

Zi Dan was completely dumbfounded from what he heard as well, and after hearing the entire thing, his face had turned as black as the depth of a pot.

Although Zi Dan was a happy-go-lucky fatty, who usually did not have any temperament issues and was someone anyone could strike a chord with, he was still a Lord of a Mountain, one of the backbones of Ancient Hill Sect. Living and growing under the red flag, his roots were in the Deity Sect, and was a genuine hard-line deity practitioner. The way Xiao Yi put it, he basically wanted Zi Dan to betray his Deity Sect. The color of Zi Dan’s face turned from black to purple, and on his fat and plump hands, even his veins were about to explode out. Just when he was about to rush up towards him and have a standoff, Zhu Yao hurriedly stopped him.

“Senior martial brother, don’t forget the reason why we’re here.”

Zi Dan looked at her in the eye, and only then was he able to suppress the storm in his eyes. He turned around and no longer looked at Xiao Yi.

Seeing that the two people did not resist, Rui Yu snorted coldly. “Hmph, at least you two are tactful.”

The veins on Zi Dan’s hands once again rose up.

Zhu Yao, however, had already gotten used to it. When Xiao Yi was ten, she had already known of the problem with the kid’s three views. However, when he said such flowery words, Zhu Yao was indeed still a little shocked. No matter how pitiful Rui Yu’s life was, no matter how forced she was to make that decision, it was still the truth that she had cultivated using the essence of men. Now that she had raised herself to a Demigod, behind her, just how many bones had been accumulated? With just a single ‘she was forced to do so’, how could her past be cancelled out?

Her life was pitiful, however, the number of people in the world that were as pitiful were like the number of strands of hair on a cow. If every one of them was like her, then what would the world have become? As the saying goes, life was given by the heavens, however, the path one takes is set by oneself. People that live in the heavens, can walk the life of a devil, while people that live hell, can live in the extravagance of the heavens as well. One’s decision has always been in one’s hands, the so- called ‘forced to do so’, is just an excuse to fall into despair.

“We can discuss this matter another time.” Zhu Yao said. “Have you found a way to save your master?” She did not care about him flirting with girls, as long as he still remembered his own master, then that would be fine.

Xiao Yi was startled, and only then did he realize that he had actually placed Rui Yu’s matter at the top of his mind, and had forgotten about his own master. His face surfaced several traces of guilt. Then, he replied. “The territory of Yucang City is too vast, this matter about locating her, I’m afraid there’s a need to look at it from a long-term perspective.” “There’s no need to look at it from a long-term perspective.” Zhu Yao waved her hand. “We don’t have that much time, though, I have a plan that we can try.”

There were too many people in Yucang City, and if they were to investigate them one by one, their investigation would take forever. And since Chen Zi dared to come in, then he must have a way to prevent being discovered, otherwise, he would not have fearlessly killed people in the city.

Zhu Yao’s method was very simple. Since there were  too many people, then, would it not be fine if they were to just let them out? Of course, not all of them would exit the city, rather, all of the heretic practitioners who possess the Wood Spirit Vein. Feng Yi was a Wood Heavenly Spirit Vein holder, so her body would definitely be entirely filled with wood spiritual energy. Under the situation where there are no Wood Spirit Veins in the entire city, she would have the Wood Spirit sense which area where the wood spiritual energy was the most concentrated at, and Feng Yi would be there.

Of course, the fact that she possessed the Wood Spirit was something she could not tell them, hence, the person who could sense such a thing, would be her, who similarly possessed the Wood Heavenly Spirit Vein as well. This was also the best plan she could think of in these two days.

When Zhu Yao finished describing her plan, Xiao Yi and Zi Dan felt that this method could work as well.

Although Rui Yu was a little unwilling, she still issued down the order as the city lord on Xiao Yi’s behalf, and had all of the people in the city with the Wood Spirit Veins to leave the city, preventing them from entering within the next three days.

In just a single afternoon, there were not even a single heretic practitioner with the Wood Spirit Vein left in the city.

Zhu Yao sat in the lotus position, and gave a look as though she was sensing the wood spiritual energy, but actually, she was entering her divine sense.

“Wood Spirit, try sensing it again. How many places in the city are there that possess wood spiritual energy?”

“Chick~” The Wood Spirit tilted its head, pondered for a moment, and then, obediently stretched a vine. “Chick!” This was the method of communication they decided upon earlier. A single vine meant one.

“Very good. Now, tell me, which direction is it?”

“Chick~” The vine speedily turned into an arrow, and pointed to the left, which was the western direction.

“Good job!”

Zhu Yao praised it, and only then did she open her eyes, and tell her squad mates in front of her who were waiting for the news.

“It’s in the western direction.”

Xiao Yi and Zi Dan looked at each other in the eye, and then, one summoning out a mystic tool, while the other summoned a spiritual beast, the two of them headed outside the door. Naturally, Zhu Yao followed after them as well, and they flew towards the western part of the city. As Zhu Yao communicated with the Wood Spirit, she leaded the way, and a moment later, they arrived at an especially worn- down house.

This had to be the secluded area within the city. There was not even a single person in the vicinity, and inside the house with two rooms, they were actually as empty.

“This is the place you sensed.” Unknown to when  it happened, Rui Yu had followed after them, and she coldly smiled at Zhu Yao.

Xiao Yi frowned. “Why did you follow us?”

Rui Yu looked at him in the eye, and said with a flighty tone. “Obviously, I’m worried about you.”

Xiao Yi did not reply. Looking at his expression, he seemed to enjoy it a little.

Zhu Yao silently rolled her eyes, pulled onto Zi Dan at the side who was about to explode, took a step back, and had a small chat with him. After all, Xiao Yi did save them, and no matter how he disagreed with the entire thing, it was not their place to speak up.

“I have indeed sensed a dense amount of wood spiritual energy in this direction.” Little Wood Spirit basically did not develop the ability to lie. The direction it pointed to naturally could not be wrong.

Zi Dan rubbed his head, and said a little anxiously. “Little brother. We can see everything here with just a glance, let alone inside this house. Even in a radius of several kilometers from here, there’s no human presence at all either.”

Zhu Yao once again entered the house to take a look, and then, right after, went to the next room to take a look.

“Don’t you people feel that…” Zhu Yao pointed to this house. “There’s a little problem with the structures of the two rooms?”

Two rooms, and the space each of them had was not even fifteen square meters, however, the entire house took up nearly forty square meters of land. An estimate of at least five square meters of spare had disappeared. “You’re saying…” Zi Dan’s eyes sparkled, and after making eye contact with Xiao Yi, they reacted at the same time.

Flying to the top of the roof together, they removed a large pile of roof tiles at the center, and then, joy was expressed on their faces at the same time. “There’s another room in the middle!”

Rui Yu retracted her ridiculing expression as well, and with a wave of her hand, she summoned a huge gust of wind, instantly removing the entire roof. With the two on the roof, they leapt into the room in the middle that did not have a door.

Zhu Yao flew and followed after them as well.

“Little brother, you’re really good. You actually managed to even discover something like this.” Zi Dan patted on her shoulder and praised.

Zhu Yao jolted from the patting of his big fat talon, and immediately stood further away. Could she say that it’s experience from looking at modern-day houses? In the modern age, it was extremely difficult to buy a house, and there were even black-hearted pioneers who often cut down on the sizes of rooms. All of these were something she had trained from her experience.

“So what if he discovered a hidden room?” Rui Yu continued to activate her ridicule skill. “In the end, it’s still as empty, with not a single thing lying around.”

Zhu Yao inspected the surroundings, and indeed, it was still an empty room. Compared to those worn-down rooms outside, other than being filled with dust, there was not even a trace of wear in the room, as though no one had ever entered this place before.

She walked along the corners of the room, and did not discover anything, however, she could faintly feel there was something knocking under her feet. Dusting away the floor, she found out the floor was actually a stone floor, and there was even something engraved on it.

“There’s something on the ground.”

When Rui Yu heard this, she immediately did hand-seals with her two hands, casting out a large-range wind mystic art. Instantly, a huge wind blew in the vicinity, and the walls were instantly blown away as well. When the wind stopped, the initial small house with three rooms, was only left with the floor.

Did you have a grudge with the house or something? Have you ever considered the feelings of people who can never earn enough to buy a house in their lifetime?

“What’s engraved here?” Xiao Yi asked.

When the dusts were blown away, the thing engraved on the floor was revealed. There were nine engraved pieces, and they were neatly arranged. The pictures were different from each other, and they were not any form of symbols, nor was it a formation, and, they had never seen them before.

Rui Yu, Zi Dan and Xiao Yi stared at them for a long while, yet, none of them was able to see what in the world was engraved on the ground.

Chapter73: Hehe, Ancient Secret Technique

“Little brother, have you seen these diagrams before?” Zi Dan asked.

Zhu Yao shook her head. These engravings were everywhere, it would be strange if she did.

“There seems to be one lacking over here.” Xiao Yi walked over to the right of the nine plates of pictures, and as he had said, there was a concave spot, as though it had been dug by someone. Xiao Yi reached out his hand to touch it, suddenly, that empty slot actually emitted out a silver light. “It’s actually able to light up here!”

The three of them were stunned.

Zhu Yao looked at that glowing squarish empty slot, and she then strongly turned her head back to look at those other nine plates at the side. There seemed to be something broken up in her mind, and then suddenly, with a ‘ting!’, the  two  broken ends instantly connected. The hell, this was actually a picture puzzle. It was no wonder she felt the diagrams were everywhere, they were actually messed up.

“Move aside!” Zhu Yao pushed away Xiao Yi who activated the empty slot. “This should be a ga…… a mechanism.”

Zhu Yao had almost said it was a game. Squatting down, she pressed on the plate next to the empty slot, and pulled it. Without even using any strength, that diagram plate automatically moved to the empty slot, and the slot which the picture plate was initially at, began to glow a silver-white light as well.

Zhu Yao looked at the other eight stone plates, and began to concentrate on solving the picture puzzle.

Less than ten minutes later, a complete picture had been formed. Zhu Yao moved the final picture plate to its intended position, and the empty slot finally no longer lighted up.

The ground suddenly began to shake, the complete picture suddenly emitted out a red glow, just like that of a formation’s, and there were even unrecognizable words floating above it. “It’s done!” Zi Dan, with an excited expression, looked towards Zhu Yao. “Little brother, I did not expect that you were actually proficient in the mechanisms and formations of the Ancient Era as well.”

A low IQ game like this, ancient?

Zhu Yao replied him with a smile. “Hehe, just a little, just a little!”

Could she tell him that she began playing this sort of thing when she was three years old?

“This is a teleportation formation!” Shocked, Xiao Yi took a step forward. “Master must definitely be at the other side of the formation.”

After saying that, he was the first one to enter it. Rui  Yu curled her lips, a hint of dissatisfaction appeared on her face, yet, she still followed after him.

Zi Dan nodded towards Zhu Yao, and they walked towards the center of the formation. The red glow suddenly brightened up greatly, and the scenery in front of her was covered entirely by the red light. However, a moment later, it slowly dimmed down.

Looking around her vicinity, they had already arrived at an unfamiliar place. The surroundings were dark and grey, broken rocks and shattered walls could be faintly seen at the front. The surroundings were lonely and not a single sound could be heard. It was so quiet, it was a little strange.

Zhu Yao cast out an ember, and the surroundings instantly became clearer.

There was actually a city in front of them, however, it was actually a barren and dead city. Looking at the style of those houses, they should be very ancient and old. And there were even some strange inscriptions engraved on the walls, which seemed to look a little like those words that could be found on the walls of Yucang City.

“Could this be the underground city?” Rui Yu muttered. “So there really is an underground city under Yucang City.”

When they heard of this, the other three were all stunned. The underground city was actually a legend. It’s been rumored that Yucang City was the residence of a huge Deity Sect in the Ancient Era. Disciples in that Sect were proficient in Ancient Secret Techniques, especially research regarding formations. And then, the Sect fell. Right at the final moments before the Sect’s fall, the disciples who were fortunate to survive, pooled in their strength to sink a part of the Sect underground, so as to hide from their enemies’ pursuit.

However, after so many years had passed,  many  people  had dug several meters into the grounds of Yucang City, yet, not a single person have discovered this city. After such a long time, everyone began to think that the legend was just a lie.

Zi Dan had spoke of this legend to Zhu Yao when they were still in the cell as well. It was understandable, though. How could a city which had been hidden by a Deity Sect that was famed for its secret techniques and formations, be found just by casual digging?

However, the entrance to such an underground city, was actually a picture puzzle. Was it not too easy!?

Zhu Yao gave a face. “Little brother, are you able to sense the direction of the wood spiritual energy?” Zi Dan asked.

Zhu Yao closed her eyes. A moment later, she opened them, and shook her head. Little Wood Spirit had waited for too long, and actually went to sleep. It was really too unreliable.

“There’s that black fog here as well.” Xiao Yi’s expression suddenly turned cold, and pointed to the wisps of black fog not far from here.

“Seems like that villainous thief is indeed hiding here.” Zi Dan shook the fats on his body. “Let’s look for them by heading towards the source of that black fog.”

Zhu Yao increased her pace, following after the rest,  they went deeper into the fog at high speeds, and the black fog became denser as well. She could even faintly smell an unbearable stench, as though something was decomposing.

The few of them went deeper and deeper, gradually leaving the underground city, and arriving at a pathway. The road became narrower as they went deeper as well, and a few minutes later, the black fog in front of them was so dense, they could no longer clearly see the direction they were heading.

Yet, that stench became dense to the point where it could pierce their noses. The senses of practitioners were strong in the first place. Zhu Yao could not help but feel nauseous, and hurriedly sealed a part of her sense of smell, before she could feel a little better.

“Little brother, be careful!” As Zhu Yao was numbly heading forward, suddenly, Zi Dan pulled her, and she retreated two steps back.

After a closer look, in front of them was actually a gigantic and deep crater. The size of the crater was basically more than four to five football fields, and within the depths of the crater, black fog was currently being emitted out endlessly. While at the bottom of the dense fog, was a pool of black water. Like a volcano, the pool was emitting out air bubbles, and there was even big and small flesh of blood floating on the surface of the water. On a closer look, they were actually all decomposed, or half-decomposed corpses of demonic beasts. Zhu Yao was so shocked, she took a couple more steps back.
Fortunately, Zi Dan had pulled her earlier.

Patting on her chest, she calmed down her shock, yet, she incidentally received Rui Yu’s cold smile.

The depths of Zhu Yao’s heart turned cold for a moment. Incidentally, the one who were walking ahead of her earlier was Rui Yu, yet, Zi Dan was the one who pulled her in the end. She clearly knew there was a crater there, yet, she did not remind her. She was doing it on purpose!

This queen did not harbor any good intentions at all!

This must be a place to refine demonic beast puppets.” Zi Dan analyzed, turned, and brought everyone into a small passage. “Chen Zi is not here, so it seems like we can only split up and find him.”

After the four had discussed, they decided to split into two groups, and find their target separately. Xiao Yi and Rui Yu would return to the underground city to take a look, while Zhu Yao and Zi Dan would continue to enter deep into the cave. Zhu Yao could only follow along this narrow passage and walked over. The passage was still densely filled with black fog, so Zhu Yao could only release her divine sense, and carefully inspected the passage. The strange thing was, this passage was unexpectedly long, even with her Nascent Soul-stage divine sense, she was unable to inspect its depth, and the further they went, the darker it became.

Zhu Yao held up a ball of flames, and after walking in the passage for two hours, yet they were still unable to see the end, she finally realized something was wrong, as she pulled the person in front of her.

“Senior martial brother, don’t you think… we have been walking in circles?”

Zi Dan was startled. “But earlier, in the places we walked past earlier, I intentionally left behind a few strands of spiritual energy. However, I did not sense any similar ripples of spiritual energy.”

Although Zi Dan was fat, he had never been muddle-headed when it came to actual work. However, Zhu Yao was confused. It had already been the third time she stepped on a slippery stone, and had almost slipped because of it. And every single time, the slipping sensation felt exactly the same. Using her morals as guarantee, she was definite that it was exactly the same stone.

“Senior martial brother, try releasing a little spiritual power again.”

It would not do them any good even if they were to keep on walking. Zi Dan nodded, and released a strand of spiritual energy as per requested. The two of them did not continue to move, and simply stood at the same spot.

A few minutes later, Zi Dan’s eyes were suddenly opened wide, revealing an expression of disbelief. “The spiritual energy disappeared?”

That strand of spiritual energy actually dissipated without a trace. A spiritual energy marker released by an actual Nascent Soul-stage practitioner, actually disappeared so strangely.

As she thought, they had indeed been walking in circles. Zhu Yao enlarged the ball of flames in her hand, and lighted up the surroundings even more. The first thing she did, was to kick away the stone under her feet. Then, she carefully inspected this strange passage.

“There’s inscriptions engraved here!” Zi Dan pointed to the stone walls at the right of the passage. Zhu Yao took a closer look, and they were those strange words that could be found on the city walls again. She completely could not understand them at all.

Zhu Yao reached out her hand as thought of rubbing off a bit of the dust, to get a clearer look. The inscriptions suddenly released a ray of light, and she suddenly felt numbness in her hand, as though she was electrocuted, while the ball of flames on her other hand which was used to light up the surroundings, instantly extinguished as well.

“This wall can absorb spiritual energy!” Zhu Yao immediately retracted her hand.

Zi Dan cast a Clearwind Art, and sent it passing through the entire passage. The gusts of wind which had filled up the entire passage just earlier, were instantly absorbed completely. On the stone walls on both sides, they were actually densely engraved with the same type of inscriptions.

“It seems like, as long as a Mystic Art is cast, and makes contact with the inscriptions, its spiritual power will be absorbed.” Zi Dan pointed to the front. “Let’s go for another walk around, and search for any peculiarities.”

Zhu Yao nodded, it would not be good for them to stay trapped here anyway. They had to find an exit.

As expected, after walking for a while, they discovered a peculiarity. The passageway was made of pieces of rectangular yellow stone materials which were exactly the same. However, on the wall in front of them, was a piece which was shaped in a square, and was even blue-colored. It was especially eye- catching.

Was this not clearly telling people, that this was the exit? Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little worried of the IQ of the person who made this passage in that person’s place. That person could not have been color-blind, right?

Zi Dan pressed on that blue stone plate, and circulated his spiritual energy. As expected, it did not get absorbed. The blue stone plate suddenly shook for a few moments, and the surrounding yellow stones suddenly began to move, as though they were given life. They formed a picture of a formation on the entire wall, and emitted out a red light.

“So there’s another passage here.” Zi Dan looked at Zhu Yao. “Little brother, you’re more familiar with formations.  Why don’t you take the lead?”

Zhu Yao gave a face. How did he determine that she was familiar with them? But, it was fine if she walked ahead as well, after all, with such a huge blob walking in front of her, he was really blocking her line of sight.

Hence, without rejecting it, she directly entered the formation on the wall.

Behind the formation, was another passage, and it was even the same shape and type as the earlier passage. Zhu Yao instantly felt a little tired in her heart. Why did she have a feeling as though they had entered a dungeon?

Casting out a ball of flames to light up the area, Zhu Yao released her divine sense completely, as she resigned herself to her fate and continued to explore. She was especially attentive in inspecting the differences in the surrounding walls.

However, there were no such square-shaped stone plates anymore. The only change was that  the  passage  became narrower the further they went in. And at the end, even she needed to walk with her head lowered, let alone Zi Dan, whose body shape was developing in the horizontal direction. He was quickly about to squeeze himself into a ball.

After an hour, they finally arrived at the end. There was a wall, and three diagrams were engraved on it. One, was phoenix-shaped, the other was dragon-shaped, while the last was turtle-shaped. The positions of the three diagrams were really scattered, as though they had been casually engraved on the wall.

“Little brother, what mechanism is this?” Zi Dan curiously asked.

“I don’t know either.” It was just three diagrams, so how would she know what game it was?

“Eh, there’s a stone chest here!” Zhu Yao turned to look, and as expected, there was a rectangular stone chest. Sweeping it through her divine sense, she did not discover any trace of formations.

Opening it to take a look, there were many similar small tiles with engravings on them, and the sizes were exactly the same as the ones on the stone wall. Yet, there was an additional tiger- shaped plate.

The two broken ends in Zhu Yao’s mind, once  again connected with a ‘Ting!’ sound.

I challenge you to a game of Gomoku, do you dare to accept?

Chapter74 – I Accidentally Fooled You

The person who designed this mechanism formation must be a primary school student, right!? Haah!

I dare you to have a game of picture matching next, hey!

“Little brother, do you have a clue?”

Zhu Yao nodded while she felt like crying. She did not want to play a low IQ game like this in the least, you know?

Heaving a long sigh, she resigned to her fate and stuck the plates on the wall.

Actually, calling it Gomoku was not right either, because, it was an even more low IQ single-person game than Gomoku, it was a picture-sticking game. The rules were simple. Nine boxes, four types of pictures. The puzzle would be completed as long as there’s no repetition of picture plates horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

As for the intellect requirement… primary school level! Zhu Yao spent a mere ten seconds to complete it, and with a tired heart, she looked at the wall which once again shone with a red light.

This time, it was not a teleportation formation. The entire wall separated into small little cube blocks, and then, parted to the two sides, directly revealing the passage behind.

“Let’s hurry up and head over!” Zhu Yao took the lead and entered. After walking for two steps, she realized there was no movements behind her. When she turned her head to take a look, a gigantic meatball, was currently stuck between  the walls, and was currently trying his best to squeeze his fats, like toothpaste, towards the side where she was.

Zhu Yao: “……”

“Hehe, little brother, I’m stuck again.” Zi Dan looked at her apologetically, and struggled to squeeze into the passage.

Such a hard-working fatty. Zhu Yao approached forward and wanted to pull him out, only to realize that he basically could not move at all. “Why don’t you use the Instant Movement Art to enter?” Zhu Yao suggested.

Zi Dan nodded, and cast an Art single-handedly, a moment later, he shook his head. “Can’t do. This wall can  absorb spiritual energy. Since I’m currently stuck in-between, before the Art takes shape, the spiritual power has already dissipated.”

The hell, a passage like this actually has a characteristic that discriminates races as well. A fatty is human too, alright!?

“Little brother, head in first. I think that the end of this passage should be right in front.” Zi Dan said. “You head in by yourself, and see if the Sovereign is there. If she isn’t, it’s still not too late for you to come back and help me then.”

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, and accepted his suggestion. Although he was trapped here without any power to resist, this passage could absorb spiritual power, which would prevent Mystic Arts with high offensive power to be activated. Zi Dan was an Nascent Soul Paragon practitioner, so regular attacks would not be able to harm him either.

By herself, Zhu Yao continued to walk towards the end. What Zi Dan said was correct, as the end of the passage was just right in front. Her divine sense had already inspected that there was no other passages in front of her.

In less than the time needed to completely burn an incense stick, she had already arrived at the end of the passage.

This was another spacious room. It was so clean, forget about the furnishings, there was not even a single speck of dust anywhere. Zhu Yao was a little disappointed. After getting tossed around for half a day, there was not even a single thing here. She suddenly had a feeling as though she had been fooled.

Heaving a long sigh, just when she was about to turn back and save the fatty who was stuck in-between the walls, the ground began to make crackling sounds, tearing open a hole that was a few meters long.

Zhu Yao reflexively hurriedly flew up using her sword, before she could even heave a sigh of relief, suddenly, a huge suction force caught her, and in the end, she was still sucked into the hole.

The hell, it should not have been like this. Zhu Yao fell. A moment later, with a ‘pachi’ sound, she sprawled on her back. My waist, ow!

“You don’t have to bother, this Sovereign will definitely not accept you.” A clear and cool lotus-like voice sounded in her ears.

“Feng Yi!” Oh my mother, I finally found this mountain-top flower.

The woman who was currently meditating, opened her eyes, a hint of astonishment flashed past her cool face. “You?”

“It took me forever to find you.” Zhu Yao rubbed her painful waist. “I’m Soi Sauz, the Sect Master told me to inform you to head home for dinner! Ah, pui. He told me to save you.” She was used to saying it.

“You’re the new Elder of Beast-Taming Mountain?” Feng Yi asked.

Zhu Yao nodded. Hurry and give your thanks. “You’re here to only waste your efforts.” Feng Yi clearly was not on track, forget about giving her thinks, she did not even cast her gaze at Zhu Yao. She really hated this master and disciple duo, what to do?

“Since I was able to find you, how could my efforts be wasted?” Speak clearly, hey. If I had known you did not want people to save you, I definitely wouldn’t have come.

“I say, umm, you… Sovereign, let us pack our stuffs, and leave as fast as possible!” The fatty was still stuck over there, you know.

Feng Yi frowned, as though she was a little unhappy with Zhu Yao’s casual tone. “Do you think that it’s that easy to leave and enter this place casually?” She cast a cold glare at Zhu Yao. “This place is filled with mechanism formations. If you’re not good at them, it’s hard to maneuver in this place.”

Mechanism formations? Is she talking about those picture- matching and picture puzzle games? You should not underestimate my IQ, after all, I did graduate from university.

“Not to mention those inscriptions all around which could absorb spiritual power. You’re basically unable to attack. Also…” Feng Yi pridefully swept her eyes at Zhu Yao, and then looked at the position behind her. “Even that ancient formation on that door is intricate and complicated, it’s impossible to bypass it.”

Zhu Yao turned and looked at that so-called ancient formation, the corner of her lips began to twitch.

Feng Yi once again closed her eyes, as though she was ridiculing Zhu Yao’s overconfidence. “Every single time Chen Yi comes over, that formation will always change. I have used the Five Ways Disable Art, yet, up til now, I still have yet to see through the essence of this formation. Unless you know of the Secret Arts of the Ancients, there’s basically no way of getting out.”

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh. “I do know of it, though!”

“What?” Feng Yi opened her eyes forcefully.

Zhu Yao gave a face as she stared at that door, she suddenly had the impulse to scratch the door. Who couldn’t solve magic squares? A formation centered around additions and subtractions of the numbers inside the grid? I will spit soda water on your face, I tell you!

“Are you serious? You’re able to solve this  ancient formation?” The mountain-top flower was finally willing  to look straight in her eye, however, her expression still carried a little suspicion.

Zhu Yao did not ever bother about her. She walked to the elementary-grade magic square, and began to derive the answer.

The magic square could be considered as a comparatively easy Mathematics game. Inside the 3 by 3 grid, one could put up the numbers 1 to 9. As long as, horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, the three numbers add up to 15, it’s considered completed. Usually, the puzzle would have about three numbers in the grids beforehand to serve as hints. As a game designer, she would often design such mini-games inside the games she program, so as to serve as barriers.

So, a mere magic square in front of her, was completely no pressure at all. Seemingly, with just a glance, she was able to know the answer. Zhu Yao circulated her spiritual energy, and wrote  the missing numbers on the grid.

Feng Yi walked over as well. Seeing his serious look, there was really a part of her which believed that Zhu Yao indeed know how to open this door.

Zhu Yao wrote the final number, yet, the door did not have any reaction at

Hence, she could only try pushing the door, yet, the door did not have the slightest hint of budging.

Ah, she embarrassed herself.

“That’s strange, the answer isn’t wrong, though?” Zhu Yao was unsure as well now.

Feng Yi sighed, and shook her head. Her expression began to become even more indifferent, clearly, she was feeling regretful for actually believing in him. Turning her body, she decided to meditate again. Zhu Yao stared attentively at the words again, and finally discovered what was wrong.

“Why are these numbers written so strangely?” Zhu Yao touched the number, and murmured. The numbers she wrote were in a completely different style compared to the three numbers that were initially there. Could it be that the magic square could even recognize a person’s handwriting? It was that high-tech?

“That’s runes.” Feng Yu coldly said. “In every construction of talismans and formations, all of them require the usage of mystic power-imbued runes.” He did not even know about runes, and actually dared to say he knew how to break this ancient formation?

Zhu Yao’s eyes flashed. In other words, it did not recognize handwriting, rather, it’s the font. Say that earlier! Then I will change the font…

Wait a minute, she seemed to have never learnt how to construct talismans.

“Uh… Sovereign, I wonder if I can request you to change all the numbers I wrote into runes?”

Feng Yi frowned. She really wished to ignore this pretentious junior. If not for the fact that he came here to save her, and that there was no way out of here, she would have already thrown this irrational person out of here.

Feng Yi waved out her hand, a cool wind swept past. The Chinese numbers that Zhu Yao wrote earlier slowly twisted and changed in shape. Although they were still the initial numbers, they had an additional bit of elegance.

Almost at the same time the final number changed in shape, the entire door creaked. The four sides of the door emitted out a white light, and then, the door rumbled as it parted to the two sides.

Zhu Yao was speechless in her heart. As expected, it  was  a magic square that she could do even with her eyes closed!

“……” Feng Yi strangely looked at that youth who was in a daze. Zhu Yao was already used to this sort of shock. Actually, it was not that these mechanisms were hard, nor was it that they did not know how to solve these mechanisms, rather, they were simply used to thinking of the aspect of how the formations and techniques work, and over-complicated the simplest of things.

“Let’s go!” Zhu Yao waved to the back. “It’s best that we hurry and leave, otherwise, we will be in trouble if we’re discovered.”

Feng Yi gently rose, and she looked at him with a complicated expression, yet, she still followed after Zhu Yao. Probably, he was just lucky for a moment. There were too many ancient formations in this underground city, how could a single person solve all of them?

However, in the next few moments, this youth in front of her whom Feng Yi had underestimated, had actually overturned her understanding. As each mechanism opened up one after another, the road which was initially filled with heavily complicated and hard mechanisms, were actually unable to stop them from moving past. Her thoughts had also begun to change from her initial contempt, to shock, and even more shock.

“You… how did you know of these removal methods?” Could it be that he was the descendant of that Ancient Sect which disappeared?

“You want to learn as well?” Zhu Yao turned to look at her, and casually replied. “Don’t worry, I can teach you!”

“……” She was a dignified Demigod-stage practitioner, why would she covet…

“Don’t worry. This is actually really simple.” A childish game like magic squares, she could solve them even with her eyes closed. “But that will have to wait till we get out of here. We have to first return to save that fatty.” Zhu Yao added.

“……” So he really wanted to teach her! Feng Yi’s expression instantly changed again, and that mountain-top flower earlier could no longer be found.

Zhu Yao solved four to five magic squares along the way. Even she had begun to suspect, if there were other otherworlders who had crossed over. Otherwise, why would such familiar barriers be designed?

They finally returned to that spacious room earlier. Probably because of solving the mechanism earlier, the ground which was initially teared open, returned to its former look. Not even a trace of the former huge hole could be seen.

So as to prevent the tragedy earlier from happening again, Zhu Yao leaned against the surrounding walls this time, like a crab, she side-stepped towards the passage at the other side. Feng Yi who was following behind her, was unclear of the situation, she thought that this was another sort of mechanism, and silently began to follow her exact side-stepping movements.

Zhu Yao who accidentally fooled this goddess: “……”

Chapter75: Optic Fiber-Like Cultivation

To tell the truth, when Zhu Yao saw this mountain-top flower leaning against the wall in a crab posture, this scene… was unexpectedly refreshing.

“Ahem… The fatty is right in front.” Zhu Yao faked a few coughs, struggling to hold in the wild laughter that was about to be exposed. Acting as though she was anxiously sprinting towards the fatty, when she saw that Zi Dan who was still stuck between the walls, she finally could not restrain her wild laughter any longer.

“Hahahahaha…” It seemed like, for the rest of her life, as long as she were to encounter Feng Yi, she would think of her as the crab goddess.

Feng Yi, who was behind, was startled. Looking at Zi Dan in front who could not even budge, as though she had found the reason why he had lost his composure, on her cool-looking face, the corner of her lips could not help but curve up as well.

“Little brother, stop laughing at me already.” Zi Dan who was still stuck between the walls, had similarly thought that he was the main cast as well, a few hints of embarrassment surfaced on his face. “I have already been stuck here for nearly two hours, hurry and push your big brother out of here.”

This was really a beautiful misunderstanding.

“Wait… Wait a moment! Hahahahaha…” What to do? She simply could not stop laughing.

Feng Yi shook her head, directly raising her hand which was filled with spiritual energy, she pushed her palm out, instantly pushing the unbudging Zi Dan, who was stuck between the walls, out. He did two consecutive rolls, before he finally stopped.

Fatty Zi Dan crawled up unharmed, patted off the dirt on his body, and then, clasped his hands and bowed. “Thank you, senior-martial aunt.”

“Mn.” Feng Yi nodded as a response.

Zhu Yao finally had laughed enough as well. “Let us go then.” She wondered how Xiao Yi was doing on his side. Zhu Yao’s team did not encounter Chen Yi, however, it did not mean that they had the same luck as well.

“Wait a minute!” Feng Yi, however, suddenly frowned, a hateful intention flashed past her face. “Someone’s currently coming over, it’s Chen Yi.”

“It’s good that he’s coming!” Zi Dan snorted coldly, and he was afraid he was unable to find Chen Yi. He sure picked the right time to come.

“Senior-martial brother!” Zhu Yao pulled him. “This  is  still his territory, it’s best that we don’t have a direct confrontation with him. Quite a huge amount of your spiritual energy had been absorbed by that stone wall earlier, currently, it’s not definite that you’re his match either. Also, the Sovereign is injured as well.”

Zi Dan turned to look at Feng Yi, and nodded. Their mission was to save Sovereign Feng Yi, and this place was not suitable to heal Feng Yi either.

“There’s another passage nearby.” Feng Yi spoke out, a little hesitantly. “However the ancient formations over there, are even more complicated and difficult to solve…” “Sovereign, be at ease. Little brother Soi is proficient in these sorts of mechanism formations, there’s absolutely no problems at all.” Before Zhu Yao could even speak up, Zi Dan had already patted on his own chest, causing his fats to tremble.

Hey, hey, hey. Don’t promise people so easily. If the ancient formations aren’t magic squares, I’m going to fight it out with you, I tell you.

Feng Yi nodded. She turned to look at the wall which fatty was stuck in earlier. Pressing onto the tile which had a different color from the rest, a teleportation formation instantly appeared on the wall. So the teleportation formation was actually hiding there, it was no wonder she did not see it. As expected of a Demigod, Feng Yi’s divine sense was formidable, she could even sense a passage hiding behind a formation.

Not long after the three people enter the teleportation formation, they could hear an abnormal rumble, then, it was the sounds of large amount of demonic beasts running, the movements were very large.

It seemed like Chen Yi had discovered that Feng Yi had escaped, hence, he released demonic beast puppets to chase and search for her. After the three people had discussed, they decided to first meet up with Xiao Yi, and leave the underground city before making any other decisions.

Feng Yi was right. This passage did indeed have more mechanisms than the earlier passages, basically, after every half the time it takes to burn a joss-stick, they would encounter one, and, they were no longer the low-grade picture-puzzles and Gomoku. Rather, they were picture-matching and puzzle bobble, ah pui! No, there were even more three by three grids, and even five by five, and seven by seven grids had appeared. The difficulty level had increased by a little, and they were no longer the simplest magic squares.

However, to Zhu Yao who was a Science graduate, it was only the difference of spending two to three minutes more, she completely did not have to waste too much effort. If the magic squares were not a type of Mathematics game that originated from the Ancient Era, she would have really suspected that someone from her hometown had crossed over as well.

However, Zi Dan and Feng Yi was actually even more shocked, when they stared tightly at her face, it seemed as though all they could see was a blur. Forget about Feng Yi,  even  she  did  not know when Zi Dan had ever learnt how to talk so  much,  as various exaggerated praises smashed freely onto her body. Zhu Yao suppressed the corner of her lips which had constantly wanted to rise up. Mn… Praise her once more, and she would definitely feel embarrassed, just one more…

Wait a minute, what’s there to be happy about solving primary school mathematical questions!

Zhu Yao instantly felt conflicted.

“In front of us should be where the center of the underground city lies.” Feng Yi pointed to the last five by five grid, her tone, compared to before, was much warmer, and the eyes she looked at Zhu Yao with contained an additional hint of admiration, however, her pride still remained.

Zhu Yao spent three minutes to solve the last five by five magic square, the sealed wall opened to the two sides, and as expected, it was the buried city they saw when they first entered the place. As long as they were able to find that picture puzzle formation, they would be able to return to Yucang City.

Just when the three of them planned on leaving the passage, they suddenly heard a familiar voice. “After I find my master, and settle everything here, I will bring you out of this Yucang City, and head to an otherworldly realm.”

“You’re really willing to bring me out of here?” A bewitching voice asked.

At the exit of the passage, two figures, one white, and one red, appeared.

In Zhu Yao’s mind, the background music ‘dun, dun, dun’ sounded, and she suddenly felt as though a huge drama was about to be broadcasted again.

Zhu Yao silently glanced towards Feng Yi beside her, and as expected, currently, her face had paled a little.

“Ahem… junior-martial brother Xiao!” Zhu Yao took the initiative to greet him. In an enemy camp, it’s best to prevent internal conflicts, she, after all, had a life of a cannon fodder.

Unfortunately, the target did not even give her any face, and completely ignored her, rather, he took the initiative to hug the red-clothed woman in front of him, and continued to express his affectionate thoughts. “Of course I’m willing. In this life, how could I ever let you go?”

When she heard this, Rui Yu’s face reddened, and she shyly lowered her head.

“Hey, hey, hey, Xiao Yi! Xiao Yi.” Zhu Yao waved her hands. Please, even if he wished to act out the drama, he had to look at the situation first as well. Feng Yi was present, you know!

However, Xiao Yi still did not have any reaction, as he hugged Rui Yu even more tightly, and the scene… began to move in that direction.


“He can’t hear you!” Zi Dan angrily shook his fat cheeks, and pointed to the passage’s exit at the very front. “There’s still another formation here that has yet to be dispelled. It probably has a presence-concealment function, hence, although we’re able to see them, they’re unable to see us.”

Zhu Yao took a closer look. As he had said, a few nearly transparent numbers were floating in the air, it was another magic square. Just when she was about to solve it, she took another closer look…

Momma’s egg, this magic square is a little too big, don’t you think? The grids even go up to the walls up above. Zhu Yao rubbed off her cold sweat. She would have to take at least half an hour to solve this.

Zhu Yao silently lighted up a candle for Xiao Yi.

And the huge show outside was still in progress, and it was even a porno.

In the beginning, Xiao Yi simply hugged Rui Yu. The more he hugged, the lower they went. And slowly, he headed to the part of the body which could no longer be described.

The entire scene instantly became extremely hot and erotic.

Panting sounds, one after another, freely spread over to them as well. The faces of the two other people in the cave, instantly turned as dark as the bottom of a pot.

“Hmph! Shameless!” Zi Dan could no longer bear it, and scolded out.

Feng Yi did not retort, she simply shifted her line of sight away as well, her expression was unclear.

“Umm…” Seeing that Feng Yi’s face was a little ugly, Zhu Yao could not help but try to persuade her. “Actually, Xiao Yi is rather worried about you as well. Initially, Sect Master arranged for senior-martial brother Zi Dan and I to save you, he was the one who strongly requested to participate, and thus, he came together with us as well.” Since they were both women, the only thing she could do was do her best to comfort her.

As expected of a mountain-top flower, Feng Yi was actually able to control her explosive emotions, and simply frowned even deeper.

“Xiao-lang, aren’t we going to find your master?” Rui Yu used her legs to wrap about Xiao Yi’s waist, and moaned as she asked. Xiao Yi was currently excited, and casually replied. “No rush.”

Feng Yi’s face once again darkened.

“Uh…” He should not tear apart her words like this. Zhu Yao gave a face. “Hoho, actually, he’s very concerned for your safety.”

“Xiao-lang, your master and I, who is more important to you?” Rui Yu once again asked.

“Naturally, it’s you!”

“……” Alright, she tried her best. “Ahem, it doesn’t matter. In any case, your life is yours. No matter if someone else cares or not, in actual fact, it doesn’t really matter too much to you, right?”

Zhu Yao gave a few more words of persuasion, and no longer stepped in, as she began to seriously solve the magic square.

As she tried to solve it, she could hear the constant sounds of ecstasy, and was drunk in them as well.

In the entire process, Feng Yi did not say single word. She tried her best to maintain her image as a mountain-top flower, however, the hands next to her body which became even tighter, had exposed her inner thoughts. Zhu Yao had long known that the relationship between these two master and disciple was not normal. Although it had yet to reach the surface, there was definitely quite a bit of love. In this sort of scene whereby she was currently personally witnessing a man’s betrayal, not being able to stay relaxed about it was normal.

Feng Yi calmed down the fury in her chest. Although she had known that her own disciple always liked to play around with girls, most men were like this. However, that woman’s  body was filled demonic aura, she was actually a heretic practitioner. Why would her disciple entangle himself with her?

In the past, she had never minded about his private affairs, however, she did not expect that he would be this unabashed to this extent. In an instant, layers of surging fury filled her heart. In the beginning, her heart which was usually calm began to stir. Only when that person beside her who was proficient in mechanism formations, called out to persuade her, she finally managed to calm down. Lowering her head, she looked at the person who was currently squatting down, writing and drawing to dispel the formation. What he said was correct. Her life was her own, why did she have to be concerned if others cared or worried about her? Closing her eyes, the waves that rose in her heart earlier finally subsided, and her heart had even become calmer than before.

Zhu Yao who was focused on attacking the magic square, with just her casual words, she was actually able to extinguish the wishful thoughts towards Xiao Yi that Feng Yi had hardly managed to give birth to, and had even given rise to a barrier. Such wishful thoughts would no longer appear once again.

The magic square was about to be solved, and the free show outside had already finished as well. The two people had already worn their matching robes neatly, and was currently sitting on the ground.

Zhu Yao wondered if it was just her imagination. She kept feeling that the spiritual energy between them was a little rich, especially Xiao Yi’s face, which had become even more radiant.

No, wait! When did Xiao Yi’s cultivation reach the third level of Nascent Soul? Two days ago, he was at the first level, like her. In just two short days, he actually consecutively rose two levels. His cultivation must have been transferred using optic fibers, right?

Chapter76: Crowd Of Completely Unaware Onlookers

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled the former Mystic Arts Rui  Yu used, could it be that he had used the Practitioner-Pair Arts? Rui Yu was a Demigod, and was at an entire Realm higher than Xiao Yi, it was not impossible for the Practitioner-Pair Arts to cause Xiao Yi to rise in two levels consecutively.

It was no wonder why he wanted to seize every opportunity to have *** with Rui Yu, to the point where he could even throw aside the mission to find his master. It seemed like he was not simply being controlled by his own bestial tendencies. Then, were his feelings for Rui Yu real, or fake?

Zhu Yao could not derive an answer, and she momentarily felt a slight headache. She was really not good with things like reading one’s heart and motives, rather than thinking about these, she would rather solve magic squares.

Just as she had Zi Dan change the final digit to a rune, a loud sound suddenly came from outside, a sixth-ranked demonic beast popped out of nowhere and pounced towards Xiao Yi and Rui Yu. A mere sixth-ranked beast was naturally unable to harm them, in a flash, the two of them had retreated three feet away. Rui Yu unleashed a wind blade, and that demonic beast was sliced into two.

“Chen Zi, you’re finally willing to show yourself!” Rui Yu laughed coldly, as she looked towards the mass of black miasma up in the air.

A skinny, bony-figured man appeared from the black miasma, on his dried-up facial skin, there were multiple faint black scars as well. He was actually Chen Zi.

Zhu Yao recalled the moment at Ancient Hill Sect when he was conducting his abduction. Clearly, back then, he was not like this. In a span of just a few days, just how did he become like this?

“What about Feng Yi? Where’s Feng Yi? Where did you people hide her?” Chen Zi’s pair of eyes popped out, his face was crazed, as he kept interrogating them.

Rui Yu looked at his current state, a ruthless intent flashed in her eyes. “I had long told you before. That’s an incomplete set of Mystic Arts from the Ancient Devil Race, which corrodes the user’s body. How is a human practitioner able to practice it? Yet, so as to obtain that woman, you forced yourself to continue practicing it, and even acted against me! You deserve your current looks, which can neither be described to be that of a human’s or a devil’s.”

“Shut up! Shut up!” Chen Zi became even more crazed, black miasma once again gathered in his hands, and  instantly, another four demonic beasts were formed, as they attacked towards them.

With Rui Yu and Xiao Yi taking two each, they once again dealt with the attacks easily.

“Since you don’t like to hear these words, I shall continue saying them!” Rui Yu laughed coldly, ridiculing him without restraints. “Look at what you have currently become? Forget about Feng Yi, a mighty Sovereign of the  cultivation  world, even regular people will feel disgusted when they look at you.”

“No, that won’t happen. Feng Yi will love me, she will!” Chen Zi had already turned completely insane. Grabbing onto his loose facial skin, suddenly, as though he had thought of something, he pulled out something from the side of his body, and muttered to himself. “I have this. It will definitely heal me, as long as I gather enough people, I will be able to create a body that will never ever corrode.”

“Water Spirit!” Xiao Yi’s eyes brightened, he could not help but let out an exclamation, and a hint of ecstasy flashed past his face.

Zhu Yao was able to discern it as well, because the moment he pulled out the Water Spirit, the Wood Spirit in her divine sense, woke up with a “Chick~”.

“Hurry and tell me where she is. If neither of you tell me her location, I will kill both of you!” Chen Zi’s expression changed, circulating the black miasma around his body, it attacked towards them. Xiao Yi and Rui Yu dodged in the nick of time, when the ground made contact with the black miasma, in an instant, a large crater was corroded out, engulfing half of the underground city, black bubbles were even being emitted out from the crater.

Zhu Yao was shocked as well. Earlier, she basically did not see him circulating any spiritual energy. Just what was that? Xiao Yi and Rui Yu had no choice but to fly up, and Chen Zi once again attacked them. Although he was merely a Nascent Soul Paragon, and his cultivation was far from being able to compare to that of Rui Yu’s, unknown if it was due to the overly strange Mystic Arts he was practicing in, Rui Yu was unable to hold a good advantage over him, especially that dense black miasma, which neither of them dared to approach.

However, a Realm’s suppression was absolute. As time passed, Chen Zi revealed a state of fatigue, his breath had began to turn ragged as well. Waving his hand, he once again formed out dozens of demonic beasts to restrain the two’s advances. Retreating a short distance, he took out the Water Spirit, and circulated his spiritual energy, as he planned to recover the spiritual power he lost.

Rui Yu saw through his intentions, with a cold expression, suddenly, she summoned countless of icicles, and sent them over. A large portion of them were blocked by the demonic beasts, yet, there was an extremely small ice blade which had bypassed them, which had coincidentally struck onto the Water Spirit in Chen Zi’s hands, and instantly, it froze  the  Water Spirit.

A hint of a smile spilled from Rui Yu’s lips, retracting her hand, the Water Spirit instantly flew over towards her. “Return me my Water Spirit!” Chen Zi was in explosive rage, summoning his black miasma, he struck it directly towards the Water Spirit. The ice instantly melted, yet, the black miasma did not disperse from there, as it flew directly towards Rui Yu, and she had no choice but to retreat to dodge it.

The Water Spirit fell from midair.

Coincidentally, Zhu Yao had just solved the final  magic square. The passage was too narrow, she was really worried that a mass of Chen Zi’s black miasma would have been thrown towards them, their group would have been exterminated. The most important thing is, little Water Spirit, here I come.

Just when she was planning to head out, a figure suddenly flashed past from her side, and the Water Spirit which fell down, was caught by Feng Yi.

Zhu Yao: “……”

“Master!” Xiao Yi joyfully took a few steps closer.

“Feng Yi… Feng Yi, you’re back.” Chen Zi was even more exhilarated, to the point where his drooping facial skin began to shake, as he infatuatedly looked at Feng Yi who was in the air.

Feng Yi frowned tightly, she did not care about Xiao Yi, and simply looked coldly at the other person below who could no longer be reasoned with. In the next moment, the might of a Demigod was boundlessly released.

Zhu Yao had just only left the passage, and then, she was pressed down the ground with a ‘pachi’ sound.

The hell! Even if you’re exacting your revenge, don’t attack indiscriminately!

Even Chen Zi was forced to kneel on the ground due to the mighty pressure, yet, as though he did not feel anything at all, he still looked at Feng Yi infatuatedly with his head raised. As he chanted out her name, he struggled to stand up, wanting to approach her.

The killing intent on Feng Yi’s face became even stronger, as she said, with emphasis on every single word. “You. Deserve. To. Die!” “Feng Yi…” Yet, Chen Zi still looked at her, as though he had not heard her words, and he even revealed an extremely estranged smile.

Feng Yi instantly summoned her willed sword, a crimson sword of light, with a swing of her hand, it ruthlessly flew straight towards Chen Zi.

Chen Zi, however, did not retaliate, and he did not  even dodge, simply allowing the sword to penetrate his chest. His estranged smile still hung on his face, and smile even began deeper. “This is fine as well. We can finally be together now, hahaha…”

Flames strangely emitted out from his body, yet they were black flames, and his estranged laughter resounded everywhere in the air.

At that instant, Zhu Yao had a bad premonition.

The instant when Chen Zi was burnt to ashes from the black flames, the Water Spirit in Feng Yi’s hands, suddenly flashed with a black light. A gigantic black hole appeared behind her, and at the moment when everyone was unable to react to the sudden event, she was sucked into it.

“Master!” Xiao Yi was greatly shocked, the hand he stretched out, however, caught empty air.

The hell, my Water Spirit!

“No!” Zhu Yao flew up, and with a pounce, she coincidentally grabbed onto Feng Yi’s hand… where the Water Spirit was.

And then. They fell into it together!

Feng Yi’s eyes were greatly widened, as she looked at him, unable to believe what she just saw.

Just when she was about to say something, a big bulk of fats suddenly smashed her back, causing her to almost puke out blood.

The hell, fatty, what are you doing? The moment they entered the black hole, a colossal might suddenly pressed towards them, and the three of them lost consciousness.

In the recent few days, Yu Yan’s mood was a little bad. That stupid disciple of his, so as to find the Water Spirit, had decided to hide her identity to seek an opportunity. Although he could not relax, at the very least, she was still in his own Sect, so he was still able to look after her, hence, he allowed her to do what she wanted.

However, in the starting few days, every day, his disciple had always found opportunities to report her situation to him, yet, suddenly, no reports had come in the recent days. For four consecutive days, he did not even see the shadow of his stupid disciple’s figure. This master was really angry, and the consequences were going to be very severe.

After a careful consideration, he decided that to still have a celestial crane call for her. In the end, after the celestial crane quacked and circled around the Ancient Hill Sect, it flew back, and his disciple still did not appear.

Yu Yan’s brows furrowed deeper, and finally could not help but release his divine sense. At that moment, Ancient Hill Sect’s entire scene entered his eyes, yet, he was still unable to discover his disciple’s presence.

She was not in her house, not in Beast-Taming Mountain, nor was she in Ancient Hill Sect.

Yu Yan felt his heart skip a beat. It seemed like… he had once again lost his disciple.

As for Zhu Yao who had just woken up, she saw a complete grey view in front of her, and could not help but pound her chest and stamp her feet.

She knew. She just knew that nothing good would ever happen when she followed that Xiao Yi. With his passive “All Partymates Will Die” buff, the life she was living was definitely that of a cannon fodder’s.

So, was this time for Zhu Yao 4.0 to appear?

“You’re awake?” A gentle female voice sounded from beside her, and her tone carried a hint of hesitation. Zhu Yao turned to look, and it was actually Feng Yi. It can’t be, party resurrection?

No wait, Zhu Yao looked at her surroundings, and incidentally saw a big lump of meatball pressing strongly on her leg.


In that case, she did not die? In hindsight, Zhu Yao thought of this possibility. She was actually still alive, and both sorrow and joy intersected in that instant. She did not even know how she should react, it was too overly touching.

“You… Why did you follow after me and jump into  this place?” Feng Yi suddenly asked this question strangely as she looked straightly at Zhu Yao, as though the answer to this question of hers was very important to her.

“Ah?” Zhu Yao turned her head back to face her.

Feng Yi’s expression changed, as she continued to ask. “Both of us are not even related to each other, nor do we even have any form of friendship. Just why did you…” “If I don’t save you, could it be that I have to watch you die instead?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at her. Was there a need to ask a question like this? Obviously, her main goal was still the Water Spirit, saving her was just something she would do in passing.

Feng Yi was speechless from his words. Her expression changed, and just when she was about to continue with her questions, Zi Dan suddenly woke up, the big-sized layers of fats momentarily shook a few times, and a head rose.

“Little brother?” Zi Dan was startled. “Are you alright?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “If you were to move away from my leg, I will be fine.”

Her leg was about to be crushed, you know!

Only then did Zi Dan realize that he had incidentally fell on her small leg. Smiling embarrassingly, he crawled up.

“Little brother, do you know where we are?” Zi Dan was a little dumbfounded as he looked at the grey surroundings in front of him.

Zhu Yao rubbed her numbed leg, shaking her head. “That Chen Zi must have done something to the Water Spirit, thus, we were transported here. No matter how much I think about it, this place isn’t anywhere good at all.”

This place was completely barren, between the heaven and earth, it was completely grey. There was not even a single presence of life, that was why she misunderstood and thought that she had died another time, and had returned to the moment with the resurrection loading bar.

“There’s no spiritual energy in this place.” Feng Yi spoke up.

“What!?” Zi Dan was startled, his eyes were suddenly widened up. “How is that possible? How is it possible for a place without spiritual energy to exist in this world? There are only differences in the strength of spiritual energy, unless we have… Could it be!?”

Zi Dan’s eyes were widened even more, his face showed utter disbelief. Feng Yi, however, nodded. His face instantly turned ashen.

“Can you guys explain? Just what is this place?” There’s still a crowd of onlookers here who are completely unaware, hey.

Chapter77: Don’t Worry, Leave It To Me

“Little brother… Haah!” Zi Dan sighed heavily. “This place is the Desolate Ground.”

Desolate? What?

“The Desolate Ground was the battlefield of the Ancient Gods and Devils.” Zi Dan explained. “Ever since the Ancient Era, this place had been sealed. This place is devoid of spiritual energy and it’s barren, a dead land. According to legends, no man or beast is able to survive here. In the Ancient times, Yucang City was initially connected to this place, however, after this world was sealed, no one had ever discovered the entrance.”

“In other words, we can’t get out?” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. Then, she might as well die right there and then.

“Mn.” Zi Dan nodded confidently.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a little yearning for version 4.0.

Ever since the Desolate Ground was brought up, Feng Yi no longer spoke, rather, she began to meditate at the side, recovering her former mountain-top flower look.

Zhu Yao sighed lightly. That Chen Zi had long became crazy, as he had been wishing for Feng Yi all this while. Just when he finally managed to obtain her after putting his everything into it, in the end, not even a few days later, she ran away again. It was no wonder that, even when he had to die, he still wanted to give her another blow, and thus sent Feng Yi to this place which had no exits. He must have been holding onto the thought of dying together with her, however, he never would have expected that two cannon fodders would be added into the mix.

Cannon Fodder No. 1 nudged Cannon Fodder No. 2. “Senior brother, since that Chen Zi can send us in here, then there must definitely be a way to get out, right?” She remembered she was sucked in here by a black hole, and the shape of the black hole, looked a little like a formation.

“Originally, there’s one.” Zi Dan sighed. “Sovereign Feng Yi is a Demigod practitioner, if she were to use all her strength, she can tear through space, and return to the cultivation world. However, currently, senior-martial aunt Feng is heavily injured and has not fully recovered, there’s no spiritual energy in this world either, so it’s impossible to heal senior-martial aunt’s injuries.” “In other words, as long as we’re able to heal her injuries, we can return?” Zhu Yao asked.

“Little brother, could it be that you have a plan?” Zi Dan was excited.

“Seems like you have forgotten, I’m a Wood Spirit Vein holder as well. If there’s no spiritual energy, I can transfer her my spiritual energy.” Was this not one of the reasons she was sent for this mission?

“You definitely can’t!” Zi Dan said. “With your Nascent Soul cultivation, it’s basically impossible for you to fully heal senior- martial aunt’s injuries. Also, this world is devoid of spiritual energy, you will be in danger as well.”

That serious? Zhu Yao gave a face. She seemed to have emptied her spiritual energy for quite a number of times, however, nothing had ever happened to her.

“Haah, if we had known, we could have healed senior-martial aunt’s injuries at the passage before coming out.” Zi Dan sighed. Unfortunately, who would have known? “That Chen Zi is really vicious though, even in his death, he wanted to pull senior- martial aunt to follow him in his grave as well.”

Zhu Yao glanced at Feng Yi who was currently acting as though she was meditating. Suddenly, a bright idea flashed in her mind.

“Senior-martial brother, can we use the Water Spirit to heal her injuries?” Zhu Yao suggested.

Zi Dan slapped his head. “Oh right, how can I forget about that?”

Water spiritual energy was the most serene, it’s the most suitable for healing. With the Water Spirit’s support, this little brother of his might be able to heal senior-martial aunt without using all of his spiritual energy.

“Let’s not tardy, we will begin now.”

“Little brother, be careful. Just try your best, do not force yourself.” Zhu Yao nodded, walked over to Feng Yi’s side, and sat cross- legged. “Sovereign, I wonder if I can borrow the Water Spirit to use it for a moment. I shall first help heal your injuries, after that’s done, I will return it to you.”

Feng Yi opened her eyes. She had naturally heard the conversation earlier as well, so, she did not hesitate, and passed the Water Spirit over. Then, she closed her eyes again.

Zhu Yao unreservedly took the Water Spirit from her hands and kept it into her divine sense.

The moment the Water Spirit entered, the Wood Spirit excitedly began to circle around it, making ‘chick chick chick’ sounds as it turned about. However, the Water Spirit did not have any reaction, it was quiet like a blue gem.

She finally managed to pacify the Wood Spirit, after telling it to change her body’s spiritual energy to wood spiritual energy, she then turned it into the water-attribute healing spiritual energy via the Water Spirit. Stretching out her hand,  she wanted to pass it into Feng Yi’s body.

However, it was blocked by the mystic robe she was wearing… Zhu Yao frowned. She subconsciously leaned forward, and with a “huaa” sound, she pulled apart the clothes in front of her chest.

Feng Yi instantly opened her eyes, and completely without any hesitation, a big slap was thrown to her face.

“The hell!” Zhu Yao could not but curse out, and she gave her a slap in retaliation.

“You…” Feng Yi looked at her with a face of disbelief, it was unknown if it was due to the shock from him pulling apart his clothes, or the fact that he had just slapped the number one beauty in this cultivation world in the face. “You actually dare… Do you want to die?”

“You’re wearing so many goddamn clothes, how am I going to heal you? Even though you want to be healed, you’re not even willing.” This lady was not willing to serve her any longer. The fact that she was initially forced to save Feng Yi had caused her to feel displeased enough, and ever since meeting her, she had been giving the ‘It’s your blessings to have you guys save me, why aren’t you kneeling before me yet?’ attitude. No matter who she met, she would offend them. She’s basically asking for a slap in the face. “Senior-martial aunt, don’t misunderstand.” The moment Zi Dan saw that the situation had turned for the worse, he immediately came out to pacify the crowd. “Your mystic robe is able to block off healing mystical arts, there’s nothing little brother can do about it either.”

Only then did Feng Yi’s expression softened. Still holding onto a little anger and a sense of injustice, she glanced at the man in front of her. As though she was suppressing the anger in the depths of her heart with all her might, , only then did she remove a corner of her outer garment, revealing a piece of palm- sized inner garment, as she turned her head away resentfully.

Zhu Yao silently rolled her eyes. It’s not like she was Chen Zi, did she think that she bothered looking at her? Whatever you have, I once had them as well, twice!

Mn… Other than the breasts!

Taking a deep breath, she then once again gathered a little water and wood spiritual energy, once again casting out the healing mystic arts. Reaching out her palm, she planted it below Feng Yi’s shoulder, and she diligently mended the meridians that were damaged in her body. Zi Dan had long already turned his body around to avoid arousing suspicion, casting out protection arts at the side.

Only after Zhu Yao had transferred spiritual energy to Feng Yi’s body did she find out how deep Chen Zi’s obsession for Feng Yi was. His actions were absolutely ruthless, the several important meridians around her body had been completely damaged, her spiritual energy were in a chaotic mess, and it was fortunate that she was able to walk along with them throughout the underground city while enduring this level of injuries.

It was no wonder she was a practitioner that was capable of cultivating to the Demigod-stage, she sure had a very good endurance.

The reason why she forcefully summoned her sword intent to kill Chen Zi while her body was in that state, was probably her pride as a Demigod-stage practitioner as well. Most probably, this captivity was considered to be a huge humiliation to her.

Zhu Yao silently retracted the scornful eyes she had earlier.
For that point, Zhu Yao respected her as a man!

She began to diligently mend her meridians. After spending a total of six hours, only then did Zhu Yao mend a large portion of her meridians. Only the last long meridian had yet to be connected. This meridian was extremely important, the moment one began to mend it, it must not be interrupted, otherwise, the efforts would be wasted.

However, when Zhu Yao had only mended half of it, loud bangs gradually came from afar. In the beginning, they were only faintly hearing mixed noises, at the end, they became louder like booming thunder, as though a huge army was pressing forward and tens of thousands of horses were galloping.

Zi Dan suddenly stood up. “This is… a beast tide! A demonic beast beast tide!”

The hell, what happened to the promised Desolate Ground, and the fact about humans and beasts not being able to live here?

You’re screwing with me!

“Little brother, don’t be anxious. It’s just a mere crowd of beasts, leave it to me.” Zi Dan patted his chest, giving a ‘you can always rely on me for everything’ expression. “Concentrate on healing Sovereign, I will definitely not allow those demonic beasts approach a single step.”

After saying that, he summoned his sword, and hurriedly moved a few dozens of meters.

Before Zhu Yao could even feel touched, a few seconds later, Zi Dan came running back, shouting as he ran. “Little brother, hurry and flee!”

The hell, what happened to the promised ‘I can always rely on you for everything’?

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded!

“Tenth-ranked, tenth-ranked demonic beasts…” Zi Dan ran as he turned his head back, shouting. “A large crowd of tenth- ranked beasts!”

Tenth-ranked! And it was even a crowd of them. Zhu Yao made a prompt decision. Grabbing onto Feng Yi beside her, as she constantly transferred spiritual energy, she summoned her flying sword, and fled while riding on her sword.

Zi Dan who was still madly sprinting, slapped his own head. “I forgot I can fly as well!” And began to ride on his sword as well.

However, the crowd of demonic beasts behind, seemed to have locked onto them, roaring as they chased after the three of them. The strength of their momentum, had even  brought about a storm of sand and dirt in the sky, as though the entire world was shaking.

Zhu Yao basically did not dare to turn back. Initially, it was already very difficult to ride a flying sword in this world devoid of spiritual energy, however, she just had to bring along another person, and even worse, she was still constantly transferring spiritual energy, slowly, her power was being drained.

The crowd of demonic beasts however, did not give up in their chase. After flying for an entire hour, they still did not shake the demonic beasts away. “There’s a glen in front.” Zi Dan pointed to the barren cliff in front. “Let’s hide in there.”

“Alright!” Zhu Yao followed after him, however, right before entering, she quietly released Sesame. A mere glen was most probably unable to block a crowd of tenth-ranked demonic beasts. She simply hoped that Sesame, with the identity as an eleventh-ranked, could scare them.

Zi Dan leaded the way to the very depths of the glen, and hurriedly set a formation that could hide their presences.

The moment Zhu Yao landed, Feng Yi who she had been holding onto, suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

This was bad. Zhu Yao hurriedly sat down again, wildly circulating the spiritual energy in her body to wrap about the broken meridian. Zhu Yao was already dog-tired in the first place, currently, undoubtedly, she was losing more of her spiritual energy, her head had long been drenched with sweat.

Feng Yi opened her eyes, unknowingly glanced at him, before closing her eyes again. Fortunately, she had made it in time, and the spiritual energy did not go rampant, lose control and attack the rest of the mended meridians. Zhu Yao quietly heaved a sigh of relief. Calming her heart down, she began to complete her final job.

After an hour, the glen suddenly quietened down, to the point where those terrifying beast roars could no longer be heard.

“It seems like the crowd of beasts have already left.” Zi Dan heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhu Yao finally completed the healing too. The spiritual energy in her body had been consumed by a large amount as well, and the moment she tilted her body, she laid motionless on the ground and was no longer able to get up.

“Little brother!” Zi Dan hurriedly held him up.

Feng Yi opened her eyes, glanced at Zhu Yao, and then, cast a mystic art for relief. Biting her lower lips, after a while, she then said. “Many thanks.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao was already tired to the extent that she no longer had the energy to speak.

“Senior-martial aunt, please, hurry and cast the mystic arts used to return to the cultivation world.” Zi Dan anxiously said. “This place is devoid of spiritual energy, I’m afraid little brother isn’t able to hold up for long.”

Feng Yi clenched her fists tightly, turning, she did a set of hand seals. The spiritual energy in her body began to circulate, and a gust of wind began to blow. With a swing of her hand, she forcefully sliced towards the air, only to see a black hole floating five inches away from them.

Feng Yi who had used up all of her spiritual energy was a little unable to withstand it either, as she took two steps back. After that, she walked over to the black hole.

“Let’s go.” Once again she turned her head to glance at Zhu Yao, before entering the black hole.

Naturally, Zi Dan held onto her as they walked over. At the very moment before they entered the black hole, Zhu Yao paused for a moment. Only after seeing a white light flying into the spiritual beast pouch that was by her side, did she then follow after Zi Dan and enter the black hole.

Chapter78: Hu Hansan Has Returned

The black hole this time, however, did not possess that irresistible pressure like last time. Seemingly, in a blink of an eye, they were standing on a beach, in front of them was a boundless ocean.

The air was filled with spiritual energy, immediately, it allowed Zhu Yao to feel alive again.

She, Hu Hansan, had returned.

Feng Yi who had came out before them, was already meditating on the ground, recovering her spiritual energy.

Zhu Yao, copying her, sat down to recover as well. Zi Dan was casting protection mystic arts at the side.

Fifteen minutes later, the color on everyone’s face recovered a little.

Feng Yi stood up, and looked at Zhu Yao. Clenching the fists at the side of her body, it seemed as though she was hesitating about something. Finally, she still walked over, retracting that prideful aura of hers. “Thank you very much… for saving me.”

Seeing Feng Yi thanking her so seriously, Zhu Yao became a little embarrassed. “You’re welcome, I was on the orders by the Sect Master anyway.”

“I still want to thank you.” Feng Yi looked at her straight in the eye. “If… If there’s something I can do for you, I will give it my all as well.”

“Really?” Zhu Yao suddenly thought of something.

Feng Yi nodded.

“Then, give me the Water Spirit.” Although the Water Spirit was still in her divine sense, it was after all, still Feng Yi’s.

Unexpectedly, Feng Yi did not even have the slightest of hesitation, rather, she replied with a slight smile. “If you want it, naturally, I won’t reject your request.” “Thank you!” Zhu Yao thanked her sincerely. She did  not think that taking the Water Spirit this time would be so successful. She had even expected that she had to face a hard battle.

After pondering deeply for a moment, she once again took the Water Spirit from the divine sense. Walking to the ocean in front, she placed the Water Spirit directly into the water.

“Water Spirit, hurry and go. Return to the ocean.”

The moment her words fell, the Water Spirit which was still obediently lying on her hand like a blue gem earlier, suddenly emitted out a blue light, turning into an actual water droplet, and instantly leapt up. Floating in the air, it seemed as though it was blinking its eyes, looking at her with a puzzled look.

“Chick?” It let out a sound similar to the Wood Spirit.

Zhu Yao laughed. She just knew that it was the same as the Wood Spirit, something that was capable of understanding a person’s words. It was just that this Water Spirit was quieter, and was not as lively as the Wood Spirit. “Return to the waters. No matter what, do not appear in front of people ever again.”

Human greed could not be changed. Just like the Xiao Yi in her dreams, even though he was just a Metal and Wood Dual- Spirit Veins holder, normally speaking, he would only require two types. Yet, he actually wanted to have all five Spirits in his hands, and even when he ascended, he did not bear to let them go.

Most probably, it would be the same for anyone else, it’s just that, the rest of the people did not have Xiao Yi’s fortunate encounter, hence, Xiao Yi was a BUG. Then, as long as the five Spirits exist, this world would have a BUG that could never be fixed. Only when people could never find the five Spirits, could the root of the problem be resolved.

“Chick~” The Water Spirit was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, as though it had understood something, it bounced twice on the ground. It suddenly flew right towards  her, “pachi”, kissed her,and then, sank into the ocean. Its  figure could no longer be seen.

“You… Why?” Feng Yi looked at her with a face of disbelief. She did not expect that the reason why he wanted the Water Spirit from her, was just to release it.

“Little brother, why did you release the Water Spirit?” Zi Dan was dumbfounded as well.

“Hoho, I’m not a Water Spirit Vein Holder, even if I have it, I have no need for it. I might as well release it.” Zhu Yao said without a mind.

“Even if you’re not, that’s still a treasure that’s hard to come by. Not only did you release it, you even told it not to appear before people. You…”

“To prevent others from using it for bad things.” Zhu Yao explained. “How do you think Chen Zi managed to practice such terrifyingly evil mystic arts? And how did he break the Ancient Hill Sect’s Great Mountain Barrier formation from the ocean? Most of all these were due to the Water Spirit.”

“This… That’s true.”

Feng Yi moved her lips, as though she wanted to say something. In the end, she still simply sighed. “You… you’re really an idiot.” After saying that, the smile formed from the corner of her lips deepened.

Zhu Yao suddenly trembled uncomfortably. Shaking her head, she shook off that strange feeling.

“Hahahaha, little brother, you’re really broad-minded!”  Zi Dan gave a word of praise, slapping her back out of habit.

She suddenly felt a stir in her chest, and with a splat, she spat out blood on his entire face.

“What happened to you?” Feng Yi was the very first to react, hurriedly grabbing onto her, who was wobbling. Her face was no longer calm, and even the hand she was using to inspect Zhu Yao was trembling a little. “Why aren’t you restoring your spiritual energy?” After an inspection, his body still did  not even possess a single strand of spiritual energy. Adding that they were chased by the crowd of demonic beasts earlier, and he had even mended her meridians, he had already suffered a very huge mystic power rebound.

“Heheh, it seems like I’m unable to restore my spiritual energy.” Feng Yi and Zi Dan was stunned, and they did not know how to help her either. They had never heard of people being unable to restore their spiritual energy after suffering from a mystic power rebound.

For a moment, the two of them were at a loss.

Feng Yi was a little flustered, as she kept transferring her own wood spiritual energy over, yet, they dispersed the moment the spiritual energy entered her body. “What to do? We must hurry and restore your spiritual energy!”

Zhu Yao’s hand was turning purple from being grabbed by her so tightly.

She was a Lightning Spirit Vein Holder, wood spiritual energy was completely useless to her!

It was not that she did not want to restore them, it was just that she did not dare to casually take in spiritual energy into her body. If she was careless, she might bring about another spiritual energy turbulence. Hence, she could only wait for her spiritual energy to restore by itself. Back then she was just at Foundation-stage, it was still alright, as the amount of spiritual energy in her body then was not huge, and could be recovered after good night sleep. After that, when she was at the Azoth-stage, she had to spend ten days. Now…

It seemed like without a few months, it’s impossible to be restored.

She really missed her master… who had the purple lightning bolts!

As though he had heard her summons, after Zhu Yao spat out her third mouthful of blood, a familiar figure descended from the sky. He was dressed entirely in white, with a face that was as cold as ice, his two eyes stared right at that person who was currently puking out blood.

“Senior-martial uncle Yu Yan.” Feng Yi was stunned, before she could even react, with a wave of his hand, the youth in her embrace had already flew into his hands. And then, without even saying a single word, he turned and flew off. Leaving the two people on the ground who was still completely unable to understand the situation.

“Why did ancestral-grand master…” Zi Dan froze, and then, a glint appeared in his eyes, as he made a guess. “Could it be that he has a way to save little brother?”

A hint of joy flashed past Feng Yi’s face as well. If it was that person, then there’s definitely a way.

“Many thanks to ancestral-grand master for lending a hand!” Zi Dan happily charged towards the direction of where the person disappeared to, and shouted.

And currently, a certain master was currently fuming with anger. Looking at his stupid disciple who was still puking out blood while in his embrace, he could not wait to immediately teach a ruthless lesson. The moment he let his eyes off of her, she actually wrecked her own body to such an unbearable state. Was there ever a disciple like this?

“Masteeer…” Zhu Yao felt like she was about to cry. Earlier, no matter how hard or tiring it was, she did not really feel anything, but, the moment she saw him, she suddenly felt very troubled. Hugging his neck, she buried her head in his embrace. “Master… It hurts a lot.”

A certain master turned his head, casting a glance at her, he coldly said. “Bear with it!”


Could she still happily fool around?

Recently, Zi Mo was a little troubled. As someone who took up the job of the Ancient Hill Sect’s Sect Master, Zi Mo expressed that it was hard being a parent. He had to intervene in no matter how big or small the miscellaneous stuffs were, when nothing was happening, he had to even mediate between the various Sects, and there were also problems such as member allocation. Let’s just talk about the new elder who had just joined not long ago, if not for his sharp, glowing eyes, which discovered his abnormal relationship, a relationship which could not be known to the world, with his ancestral-grand master, he might have really taken him as just another random elder.

However, this person was not just anyone. Since ancestral- grand master had left this person to him, it meant that ancestral-grand master believed in his abilities. He definitely could not fail his ancestral-grand master’s expectations. Hence, he arranged him to the Beast-Taming Mountain, which he was specialized in. So that he could gain a larger reputation, he even assigned him the glorious mission of saving the Sovereign.

As expected, they successfully rescued the Sovereign, and the Sovereign had great praises for him as well. Although he suffered a few small injuries, all these could be overlooked. The most important thing was, from this incident, his reputation in the Sect rose greatly, and he had swiftly, and smoothly, integrated into this big group. Praises for him could be heard from everywhere he went. Zi Mo felt that his plan had worked, ancestral-grand master would definitely realize his diligence, and then, appreciate him much more than before. If he was fortunate, ancestral-grand master might even throw him one or two treasures, and just by the thought of this, he could not help but be a little excited!

Zi Mo thought merrily, and just when he was planning to rest, a white figure, appeared soundlessly in front of his bed just like that. An ice-cold face was currently staring coldly at him. Zi Mo shivered, and he almost rolled down his bed.

“An- An- An- An- An… Ancestral-grand master!” His expression was not of Zi Mo’s expectations.

Yu Yan had a little bad temper recently as well, he carelessly took in a disciple who was a bundle of worry, worrying him to death. Not only did he have to take precautions to prevent her from courting death every day, he had to even take precautions to prevent others from sending her to court death.

His disciple loved to head outside in the past, and he could forget about that, however, this time, he simply placed her in the Sect. It was right by his home, yet, she’s actually able to return in a half-dead state as well. He basically could not take any absolute precautions at all, and the culprit was actually Sect Master Zi Mo who had always been very prudent.

Yu Yan felt that this was something he could not tolerate. Zi Mo had a bunch of disciples he could trouble, so why did he have to bring trouble to his one and only disciple? Hence, after treating his disciple’s injuries, Yu Yan immediately crashed into Zi Mo’s house to condemn him. However, after arriving at his destination, he recalled that this time, his disciple was hiding her identity. Zi Mo was basically not in the know at all, and he had simply treated her as a regular elder. For a moment, he had no reason to condemn him for, yet, his heart was filled with irritation. Hence, without speaking a single word, while releasing a huge amount of killing intent, he could only stare at him… stare at him… at him… him!

Zi Mo who was having merry thoughts earlier, was drenched in cold sweat by the stare, yet, he still could not understand what he did wrong. As the one who managed an entire Sect, Zi Mo could be considered as someone who was used to a large crowd. However, after being stared at by someone who was pouring out killing intent for an entire hour, he would still be frightened to a certain extent, his legs even began to turn jelly.

Just when he planned to risk his life to ask what his ancestral- grand master was up to, just like how he had appeared, Yu Yan once again disappeared in an instant.

Zi Mo: “…”

Although he did not understand why ancestral-grand master was here for, Zi Mo heaved a deep sigh of relief, and he had a feeling as though his life was saved. Unfortunately, he celebrated too early, because on the second day, Yu Yan once again appeared in his room. Like before, without saying a single word, he stared at Zi Mo for an hour, and then, left without making a sound.

And so, again, came the third day. Zi Mo was about to go crazy.

Ancestral-grand master, just what did I do wrong? Just say it.
I can change, alright?

’I, Hu Hansan, has returned.’ is a quote that came from a Chinese TV Drama.

Chapter79: The Sect Master’s Thoughts

After his careful analysis, and diligent investigation on his ancestral-grand master’s actions, Zi Mo finally came up with a conclusion. Could it be that he felt that it was still not enough? Elder Soi Sauz’s current reputation had yet to reach the standard he was expecting? Of course, with ancestral-grand master’s title as the number one in the cultivation world, the achievements Elder Soi Sauz had currently made, were indeed not enough to grab his attention.

The more Zi Mo thought about it, the more he felt it was plausible. He silently decided to grab every opportunity, and even if there was no opportunity available, he would create opportunities to raise Elder Soi Sauz’s influence in the future.

Hence, when Zhu Yao, whose injuries were healed only recently and had been ruthlessly taught a lesson by her own master, returned to her own cave residence, her head began to spin in all directions by the bunch of documents regarding the sect’s affairs, which were brought there by Wang Xuzhi.

The hell, what happened to the promised leisurely Elder life?

The number of deaths of spiritual plants and the amount of medicinal ingredients used in the Medicine Mountain, the number of talisman papers wasted by the Talisman Mountain, and even the number of spiritual beasts birthed in the Beast- Taming Mountain? Why was there a need for her to manage situations like these? It’s not like she knew how to deliver a child!

“Big Sis Zhu Yao?” Wang  Xuzhi looked a little worriedly at Zhu Yao, who was already at the brink of collapse. “Are you alright?”

“Hoho, do I look fine to you?” Zhu Yao replied him with a bitter smile. This could not do. She had to discuss this with Zi Mo, after all, she still had the heavy responsibility of saving the world.

“I heard that you suffered injuries two days ago.” Wang Xuzhi looked at her a little hesitantly, and a little guiltily. “I’m sorry. I only knew that you went to such a dangerous place today.”

Zhu Yao turned her head, and rolled her eyes at him. “Even if you find out about it earlier, what can you do about it?” The rescue operation was something decided by the Nascent Soul higher ups, he, an Azoth-stage practitioner, naturally would not know about it. “If I knew about it, naturally, I wouldn’t have allowed Zhu Yao to take the risk.” Wang Xuzhi was a little agitated. Yucang City was the city of heretic practitioners, so how would he be at ease and allow her to go?

“Little wimp.” Zhu Yao pressed on his head, and began to rub it vigorously. “This is a matter between adults. You just have to do well in your cultivation, what’s there for you to worried about?”

“Big Sis Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi exploded, angrily pulling her hand down. He then said with a stern expression. “I’m  no longer a child, stop treating me like one.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re an adult now.” Zhu Yao casually replied. Staring at the various documents in front of her, she suddenly had an idea. Piling all of them up, she pushed them into his hands. “Here, I shall give you a chance to prove that you’re an adult.”

“…” Wang Xuzhi was startled for a moment, and then, he sighed deeply. “Big Sis Zhu Yao. You can’t have planned on pushing all these to me since the beginning, right?” “How can you call it ‘pushing to you?’ This is to train you.” In any case, she was dead-set on not admitting to it. Patting on his chest, she said. “A big man must take on responsibilities. Go! The time to prove yourself has come! You can do it!”

“You…” Wang Xuzhi’s face revealed a complicated expression. Only after a moment did he finally let out a sigh, submitted to his fate, took over the small mountain of documents, and kept them within his storage pouch. “As always, you will only acknowledge my abilities when you’re bullying me.”

How could that be? No matter how many times she bullied him, she had never felt he had any sort of abilities. He’s still a child! – Rubs his head! –

This time, however, Wang Xuzhi did not resist, and allowed her claws to ravage his own head. Glancing at that familiar, yet unfamiliar face of hers, he tightened the grip of his hands, as though he had decided on something. “Big Sis Zhu Yao. The words you told me on that day, I have considered it.”

“Ah?” What did I say?

He pulled down Zhu Yao’s trouble-making hand, yet he did not release it, instead, he tightly held it by the palm. The temperature of his palm was a little blazing hot, Zhu Yao awkwardly tried to struggle out, yet, she was unsuccessful.

“An unfaithful person will never be welcomed. So, I decided to fulfill my promise.”

“Ah?” Just what is he trying to say?

“I have decided.” Wang Xuzhi’s hand suddenly tightened, to the point where Zhu Yao felt it began to hurt. “No matter what you turn into, I will still take you as my bride, and take care of you for this entire lifetime.”

Zhu Yao suddenly lost balance, and had almost fell off her chair. “What?”

The hell, back then, she was just joking with him. He couldn’t have treated it seriously, and pondered deeply about it, could he?

“I know, with your current form, other people will definitely have many misunderstandings about us.” Wang Xuzhi still explained with a serious look. “However, no matter what others say, I will simply ignore them.”

“…” Zhu Yao’s face darkened from hearing it.  He  even actually placed these secular opinions into his considerations. Just what the hell had this little wimp been thinking about during the few days she had not seen him?

She could not help but stretch out her hand and placed it on his forehead. “It’s not burning up though?” Then why was he talking such nonsense?

“Big Sis Zhu  Yao,  I’m  serious!”  Wang  Xuzhi  became  anxious, as he stared deeply into her eyes. That expression was as serious as you wanted it to be.

Zhu Yao felt her head aching. With a little wimp who always take things seriously by her side, it really was terrifying.

With lightning speed, she raised a finger and strongly flicked it at his white and clean forehead. So as to achieve a better effect, she even added spiritual energy into it. Little wimp Wang instantly broke away, releasing her hand, his hands moved to hold his own forehead. It hurt so much, even tears were about to flow out.

Zhu Yao glanced at him in contempt. “I was only joking with you back then. I was only kidding with you, why did you treat it so seriously? If you make fun of this old woman again, I’m going to spank your buttocks.”

“Big Sis Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi held onto his forehead, and looked at her with teary eyes. “Could it be you think that my words earlier, are simply a child’s banter?”

“What else can it be?” Zhu Yao shrugged.

Wang Xuzhi’s face instantly turned red. His widened eyes stared ruthlessly at her for a few moments, as though he was suppressing his anger with all his might. After a few moments, he suddenly stood straight up, snorted heavily at her, and then, walked away furiously without even saying his goodbyes.

Yo, is he rebelling now?

This time, after Wang Xuzhi had left, he had not came over to see her for about a week. This little wimp’s temper really big, huh. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and felt that he had already entered the rebellious phase. It was exactly the period when a child especially liked to go against his parents. After silently considering the factors, she wondered if she change her method of education?

As she thought of this, the cry of a mythic bird sounded. Sovereign Feng Yi suddenly descended from the top of the mountain, riding on that mythic bird of hers, she stopped at her courtyard.

Why was this mountain-top flower at her place? She could not be here to settle scores, right? Zhu Yao faintly felt a bad premonition.

“Greetings, Sovereign Feng Yi.” Zhu Yao stepped forward and bowed.

“No need for the courtesies.” Feng Yi nodded. After inspecting him from head to toe, she hesitantly spoke up. “Your injuries…”

Zhu Yao laughed. “They’re completely healed.” Her master, who could take on multiple enemies at once, stepped in, after all. “That’s good.” Feng Yi seemed to heave a sigh of relief, and her expression soothed by a bit as well. As though she had never conversed with others like this before, she seemed a little constrained.

“Sovereign, if you do not mind, why don’t you come into my courtyard and have a seat?” Zhu Yao suggested.

Feng Yi nodded. Following him into the courtyard, she sat down on a stone chair, and only then did she hesitantly speak up. “Do you mind if I inspect your injuries?” After all, he was injured because of her. If she did not personally inspect it, she would be unable to be at ease.

Zhu Yao unreservedly stretched out her paw. Look all you want then. After all, every single person that came to visit her all wanted to grab her hand. The Sect Master was like this, Zi Dan was like this, and even little wimp was like this as well. It caused her to feel like stretching out her paw whenever she were to see people. All’s that left was to reply with a ‘woof’.

Feng Yi looked at it for a moment, and only then did her expression soothe a little. However, when she retracted her hand, she turned around and pulled out a large bunch of items, and then placed them in front of her. There were medicinal pellets, spiritual grass, and there were even a few unknown mystical tools. They filled up the entire table, and every single one of them faintly carried traces of spiritual energy. With just a glance, one could tell every single of them were valuable treasures.

What was she trying to do? Show off her wealth?

“The reason I’m here today is to especially thank you.” Feng Yi looked at him, as though this was the first time she had ever done such a thing, her expression was a little uncomfortable. “These gifts are my thanks to you.”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. She had never expected that this Feng Yi could actually be this humane. Looking at the gold and sparkling treasures that filled the table, she really felt like keeping all of them into her waist pouch. However, she was unable to discern when she would die, so if these items were to be given to her, they would be completely wasted.

“It’s fine, there’s no need.” Zhu Yao pressed on her twitching paws. “I didn’t save you because of these anyway. It’s best that you take them back.” Feng Yi was dumbfounded, and was a little anxious. “If these aren’t up to your standards, just tell me what you need. I will definitely find them for you.”

“There’s really no need.” When she put it that way, Zhu Yao became a little embarrassed. “Didn’t you give me the Water Spirit? What else is more valuable than that?”

Feng Yi pondered for a moment, and realized that was true! She no longer insisted, and kept everything back. She let out a sigh, however, the next moment, a smile rose. “You. You’re really strange.”

“Aren’t you as strange as me?” Seeing that her expression had warmed up quite a bit, Zhu Yao’s guts suddenly fattened. “To tell you the truth, in the past, I hated you quite a bit.”

Feng Yi looked at him with widened eyes, her expression looked somewhat depressed.

Zhu Yao continued. “In the past, you would always show that prideful look, preventing anyone from coming close to you, as though everyone should exalt you. After I finally managed to crash into that secret hideout to save you, I didn’t expect to still be given the cold shoulder.” When she recalled what happened at the passage, she could not help but retort. Seeing her lowering her head in guilt, she then continued. “But after interacting with you for a long time, I found out that you’re actually not that bad. Deep in your heart, you’re still rather kind.” At the very least, she knew how to show her gratitude, otherwise, she would not have given her the Water  Spirit, right?

Only then did Feng Yi’s expression looked better than before. The hands she put on her thighs, began to tug on her skirt, as though she became a little nervous. After hesitating for a moment, she spoke up. “Then… What do you think… of the current me?”

“Not bad.” Zhu Yao replied with a huge smile. “If you continue like this, we might even become…” Good girl friends.

Before she could finish her words, a Sword Mountain disciple suddenly descended. Hugging his fist, he bowed before the two people, and said.

“Grand-martial aunt, Elder Soi, the Sect Master had this disciple to inform the both of you of a meeting in the great hall.” “Meeting?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched for a moment. That old man couldn’t be pushing a bunch of documents to her again, right? “What’s the issue?”

The disciple replied. “Senior-martial uncle Xiao Yi has returned. Currently, he’s at the great hall.”

Zhu Yao glanced at Feng Yi, and then nodded. Right after, they went towards the direction of the great hall in the Main Mountain together.

It had been ten days since they returned to the Ancient Hill Sect. Back then, when Feng Yi tore through space, the exit was incidentally at the Lin Seas, which was very close to the sect. Hence, the three of them returned to the sect much earlier than Xiao Yi. However, although Yucang City was far from Ancient Hill Sect, if one rode his sword, at the very most, one could reach in seven days. He, however, spent a total of ten days to return.

Chapter80: Big Sis, Don’t Scare Me

Her doubt was cleared when she saw Xiao Yi standing alone with the rest of the Mountain Lords in the great hall. Rui Yu was not by his side, so he must have spent the extra three days to appease her.

“Master!” Seeing them entering the hall, Xiao Yi welcomed them with an excited expression. To be precise, he was welcoming Feng Yi. “It’s great that you’re fine and well.”

“Mn.” Feng Yi responded blandly, and then,  brushed  past him, walking over to the higher seats. At that moment, Xiao Yi’s expression turned a little ugly. A gap had opened up between them.

Zhu Yao stroked her nose, and found herself a seat as well. Having some bad thoughts in her mind, she found this scene to be really amusing.

She carefully looked at Xiao Yi’s cultivation, and as expected, it had rose by quite a bit again. Earlier, he was at the second level of Nascent Soul, but now, he’s at the peak of the second level, and it faintly looked as though he was about to break through into the third level as well. It seemed like in these ten days, he did not forget to do the thing he had to with Rui Yu.

His own master’s life and death was uncertain when she was trapped in the Desolate Ground, yet, he submerged himself in a couple’s bliss. Thinking it this way, he really deserved losing Feng Yi’s trust.

Wait a minute, why was she able to see his face clearly now? It seemed as though the word BUG on his face had lightened a little.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, and then, she raised her head. The hell! The exclamation mark on his head had disappeared as well!

Could it be because she released the Water Spirit, it resulted to a part of the BUG being fixed? The more Zhu Yao thought about it, the more she felt this was plausible. In her dreams, Xiao Yi obtained the three Spirits, and then, with his senses for the Five Spirits, he summoned the remaining Earth Spirit and  Fire Spirit.

Currently, he only had the Metal Spirit in his hands. In other words, the Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit would never be in his hands. If she were to take the Metal Spirit off his hands as well, without his only golden finger, naturally, he would no longer be a bug. When she thought of this, Zhu Yao momentarily got excited.

“Senior-martial brother, he hooked himself with a heretic practitioner. Ever since the ancient times, good and evil has never been able to co-exist, this issue cannot be prolonged. Sect Master senior-martial brother, please handle this matter impartially.” Zi Dan spoke up with a furious expression.

Xiao Yi frowned deeply. “Senior-martial brother Zi  Dan, please do not slander me. You say that I hooked myself up with a heretic practitioner, do you have evidence?”

“Evidence?” Zi Dan snorted coldly, it seemed like the anger in his heart was not light. Walking towards Zhu Yao, he said in agitation. “You want evidence? Little brother, tell them. Back then in Yucang City, was he together with that devil woman?”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao could only nod her head.

So it was because of this matter. It was no wonder she and Feng Yi was called here so hastily. Heretic practitioners and Deity practitioners had fought for so many years, and they had long been divided like water and fire. It was thus no wonder Zi Dan would be this furious till now. This time, Xiao Yi  had landed himself in deep trouble.

Xiao Yi’s expression became even uglier, yet, he still rebutted with a just attitude. “Both of you are biased against Rui Yu, your words cannot be easily taken for truth. And, even if  I’m together with her, it doesn’t prove that I have hooked up with a heretic practitioner, does it? Rather, you two…” He coldly looked at the two people in the eyes, his expression revealed a hint of disdain. “Don’t forget that the reason why you two are still alive was because she released you two back then in Yucang City. Not only do you two not know how to show  your gratitude, you still wish to frame me?”

“You… You’re really unreasonable.” In an instant, Zi Dan was furious to the point where fumes were about to rise from his head.

Zhu Yao was even more dumbfounded by this twisted concept of his. Show Rui Yu gratitude? Did she hear him right? The one who caught them was her as well, and instead, she had to thank her? What kind of joke was that? “Alright. Since little brother Soi’s and my words are not trustworthy, then your master’s words should be trustworthy, right!?” Zi Dan took in a deep breath. Looking towards Feng Yi who was seating at the higher seats, he said with a bow. “Senior-martial aunt, you saw that scene for yourself as well. In the underground city, wasn’t he hooking up together with that heretic practitioner?”

Zhu Yao sighed. Not only did she see it, she was even given a free ticket to watch a “There’s Only Me in Your Heart, and You’re the Only One in My Heart” movie.

Feng Yi recalled that live pornographic scene as well, and her expression instantly darkened quite a bit. Her delicate brows furrowed deeply, and only after a moment did she helplessly nod.

“Master!” Xiao Yi widened his eyes, and looked at Feng Yi with disbelieving eyes. His expression instantly sank to rock bottom, and his entire face was filled with the “how can you not understand me?” look.

Feng Yi did not bother looking at him, and instantly turned her head away. Xiao Yi’s face was instantly ashen.

Although he saw that Xiao Yi had suffered a setback, Zhu Yao still felt rather refreshed. However, in the end, he would not be sentenced to death. If he was really judged as someone who had hooked up with an heretic practitioner, most likely, he would no longer have a footing in the deity cultivation  world. Although he was quite a playboy, and would always open his legs whenever he see beautiful women, generally, he could not be said to be too nasty of a person. Adding that in Yucang City, he had once saved her before, so to speak.

“Xiao Yi, did you really hook yourself up with that heretic practitioner?” Zi Mo’s expression sank as well. This matter was too grave, although he was the disciple of a Sovereign, for the sake of the Ancient Hill Sect, he could not afford to be soft.

“Umm… I think there’s some sort of  a  misunderstanding.” Zhu Yao stood up, stopped Zi Mo, and cleared her throat. “Actually, when we were at Yucang City, the three of us were captured by that heretic practitioner. And she was a Demigod- stage practitioner.”

The moment these words fell, the great hall was momentarily in an uproar. Heretic practitioners had never been easy to deal with, and all of them had their own methods at their disposal. However, the reason why the deity sects had been able to suppress them for so many years, was exactly because of the Demigod-stage practitioners in the deity sects. And although heretic practitioners, through relying on their heretic practices, could cultivate faster than the disciples of deity sects, none of them were able to reach the peak. However, currently, a Demigod-stage practitioner appeared, which everyone could not help but exclaim about. To the deity sects, this was definitely a big threat.

“Back then, the three of us were unable to defeat her, and we almost disco- uh… I mean, we almost died in her hands.” Zhu Yao continued. “In the end, Xiao Yi, with his quick wits, bewitched that female practitioner, and thus, was able to save all of us.”

“But he clearly, with that woman…” Zi Dan was still furious, and wanted to speak up.

Zhu Yao tugged him. “Senior-martial brother, back then, heretic practitioners were everywhere. I believe junior-martial brother Xiao had no other options as well, so he had to put an act that entire time. If he had really betrayed the sect, why would he return, and walk himself into a trap?” Zi Dan frowned and thought for a moment, and then, he no longer argued.

“Hence, junior-martial brother Xiao was only putting up an act, to fool that heretic practitioner.” Zhu Yao looked towards Xiao Yi who was in the center. “Isn’t that right?”

“Yes!” Xiao Yi gritted his teeth, before blurting out an answer a moment later.

Zi Mo frowned deeply. He kind of felt that this incident was not as simple as this. After pondering for a moment, he said. “Junior-martial brother Xiao, since you have already returned, it means that you have completely broke off from that female practitioner. You should not have continued discussing about the matter of that heretic practitioner, which even caused junior-martial brother Zi Dan to misunderstand.”

Xiao Yi simply lowered his head, and did not reply, as though he was silently agreeing to his words.

“Since the truth is clear, then there’s no need for us to investigate it any further.” Zi Mo continued. “However, to prevent all circumstances, even more so to prevent that heretic practitioner from taking the opportunity to seek revenge, junior-martial brother Xiao will not be allowed to head down the mountain for two hundred years.”

This was the best way to deal with the situation. First, he had given face to Sovereign Feng Yi, and second, he could prevent any implications of him being with the heretic practitioner.

“Do you have any objections?”

Xiao Yi was silent for a moment, before he hugged his fist and replied. “I shall comply with the Sect Master’s orders!” Raising his head, his eyes, however, moved to Zhu Yao who was behind him. At that moment, his gaze turned cold, a hint of hatred flashed past his eyes.

Zhu Yao’s heart shook! The hell, what’s the meaning of this expression of his? She saved his life, you know? Hey? Why did her hatred parameter rise every single time she saves him?

With Zi Mo’s order, he announced that the meeting was adjourned. In this happy and satisfactory ending, Zhu Yao was the only one who felt terrible.

Feng Yi was the first one to leave. When she passed by Zhu Yao, she cast a grateful glance at her, and only then did Zhu Yao found some comfort.

As expected, there were still understanding people in this world.


Probably because Zhu Yao had saved Xiao Yi, Feng Yi, the mountain-top flower of Ancient Hill Sect, had recently warmed up to her. Since they were both at the Beast-Taming Mountain, they were quite near each other. Feng Yi would occasionally come down to converse with her. Coincidentally, little wimp had entered the rebellious phase, and it was unknown what the old man Zi Mo was thinking, every bunch of documents pertaining to the Ancient Hill Sect were pushed to her. She was extremely busy, and when Feng Yi came, she could finally find an excuse, to pat her own buttocks and disregard them.

When Feng Yi came to look for her, she was currently giving a lesson to the new little turnips who had just entered. Zi Mo’s explanation was, these were the future of the sect, as an elder, she had the responsibility to supervise them.

Momma’s egg, it’s not like she was taking in any disciples, the hell she needed to supervise them for?

Looking at these bunch of naive little turnips circling around her, and because she had to maintain her reputation, she could not hit them and could not scold them, it was very terrifying, alright?

“Elder, elder, what’s your name?” Number one turnip asked.

“Elder, elder, you can fly, so is your name flyman?” Number two turnip asked.

“But, my father said that those that can fly, are called birds though?” Number three turnip asked.

“Then, is your name birdman?” Number four turnip asked. “……”

Zhu Yao squatted down, pulled the bunch of curious little turnips, and sighed. With a heavy tone, she explained. “Little buddies, this elder’s name, is not flyman, and not birdman either. I’m called Superman!”

That’s right, I’m the Superman tasked to save the world.

“Oh!” The little turnips had a sudden realization, and  the place was filled sighs of admiration.


A light laughter came from afar, the mountain-top flower had came here to converse with her again. Zhu Yao finally had an excuse to dodge this affair. After casually picking out a disciple, she handed the bunch of little turnips over, and then, pulling along Feng Yi, she ran away.

Little kids or whatever, were too terrifying. “How can you trick those little children?” Feng Yi sat down on the stone chair in the courtyard.

“How can you say that I tricked them?” Zhu Yao poured herself a cup of tea, and explained with a serious expression. “I’m giving them a very important lesson, ‘loose lips will sink ships’… Really!”

Feng Yi shook her head, however, she did not continue to argue. After taking the cup of tea from him, she expressed her thanks.

Zhu Yao: “…” It wasn’t for you, though.

Alright, she felt embarrassed taking it back, hence, she could only pour herself another cup.

Feng Yi seemed to have something to say. While glancing at him for a couple of times, she kept biting her lips. “Soi Sauz…”

“Ah?” “What… What do you think of me?” Feng Yi suddenly asked.

“What?” Zhu Yao gave an air-headed answer.

Feng Yi, however, lowered her head. Lightly glancing at him from the corner of her eyes, as though she had something that she could not bring herself to say, her face began to redden bit by bit.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so strange today?”

After conversing with her for so many days, Zhu Yao had already treated her as a good girl friend. This was still the first time she had seen her with such an expression.

“Are you willing… to form a practitioner-pair with me?”

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