My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 61-70

Chapter61: Zhu Yao Version 3.0

Zhu Yao went silent for a moment, clenching the fists next to her. “Then what about him? If the Secret Realm collapses, what will happen to my master?”

“He’s just a thread of divine sense, as long as you have a chance to get out, there will always be a way to fix one’s divine sense.”

“And what if it can’t be fixed?”

“Uhh… Uhh… Then  probably,  during  the  Ascension Lightning Tribulation, he will have to suffer quite  a  bit.”  If one’s divine sense was incomplete, forget about suffering, even if he was a Lightning Spirit Vein Holder, probably, he would still be zapped to the point where his ashes would not even remain.

Zhu Yao instantly felt her heart aching. As expected, her master had already resolved himself to death, hence, he was so anxious to have her leave.

Taking a deep breath, she held in the surging heart-plugging feeling. “Old man, what other ways are there to stop the berserk Metal Spirit?”

“Unless there’s a spiritual power, equivalent to the strength of the Metal Spirit, suppressing it, we only have that Demigod- stage practitioner to stop that metal spiritual energy disturbance.”

“Spiritual energy disturbance…” Zhu Yao muttered these few words, she seemed to have…

Zhu Yao had already made her decision in her heart. Circulating her spiritual energy, she summoned vines and pulled over Lu Cha from not far away. This gay old man, as she thought, he did not care about the lives of women.

Placing Lu Cha beside Xiao Yi, she ignored the old man’s look of despise, took down the jade pendant her master gave her from her neck, and placed it in Lu Cha’s pocket.

“Tasyoluk” had a formation outside that prevented practitioners whose cultivation level were above Azoth from entering. Hence, her master could only reside in this jade pendant. As long as this jade pendant were to leave the Secret Realm, her master would naturally be sent back.

Zhu Yao sat in a lotus position, and sensed the lightning spiritual energy she was most familiar with from the surroundings.


Let’s have this spiritual energy disturbance kick up a notch!

That’s right, she was taking in the spiritual energy into her body.

In her experience as a practitioner, she had only recklessly taken in lightning spiritual energy once, and that one time had brought about a lightning spiritual energy disturbance. After that, when she was forming her Azoth Core, her master had only allowed her to take in energy from those purple bolts of lightning.

It’s just spiritual energy disturbance, right? Metal Spirit? So what! This lady here knows how to do it too!

As Zhu Yao willed it, the surrounding lightning spiritual energy particles, carrying sparkling little tails, began to pour crazily into her body, endlessly. Her meridians once again gave out that familiar pain, and Zhu Yao could only clench her teeth and hold on. She recklessly circulated her Azoth Core, suppressing the spiritual energy.

In an instant, the sky which was initially dim, became as dark as the night. Within the tumbling clouds, lightning flashed and thunder roared.

In an instant, Yu Yan noticed his disciple’s abnormality. He turned and looked shockingly at his disciple who was on the ground. This stupid disciple, what is she thinking?

“Stop now!” Yu Yan struck away that pestering mystic beast with his sword, and flew towards his disciple. However, he was blocked by the layers of lightning spiritual energy, his cold face carried anger that he never had before. “Yu Wang, you have only just formed your Azoth Core, and you’re unable to endure such amount of lightning spiritual energy.” Zhu Yao looked at him, and could not help but spit out a sentence. “Your sister’s Desire…”

Remember your own disciple’s name well, hey!

“Be obedient.”

Zhu Yao still ignored him. Disciples had their rebellious phases as well, you know.

Releasing her divine sense, the pouring of lightning spiritual energy became even more wild, and in an instant, a white gigantic flash of lightning, as though it was a gigantic dragon, charged towards the sky, as if it was trying to tear apart the entire sky.

“Yu Wang!” Yu Yan’s frowned deeply. He had decided to circulate all of the spiritual energy inside him to break apart that ray of lightning, and forcefully pull his disciple out of it.

In an instant, the entire Secret Realm twisted. “Now!” The old man’s expression carried delight, and instantly, he activated the formation. The formation brightly lit up, and the three figures began to disappear. In just a moment, they had already been sent outside.

Yu Yan, who was just about to charge out and save her, in a flash, disappeared without a trace as well.

At that moment, Zhu Yao finally heaved a sigh of relief. Great, I still made it in time.

However, the Metal Spirit did not stop.

She could feel her cultivation level rising explosively. However, with every increase, the pain in her body would increase. Her veins all over her body had already been torn apart, and the severe pain was almost causing her to lose sense of her four limbs. However, the pain seemed to have been coming from her divine sense, and it was basically unable to subside. She could already sense her Azoth Core shattering apart.

Squeezing out her last bit of consciousness, she struggled to control the lightning spiritual energy, wrapping them around the Metal Spirit’s pillar of light.

Rooooar~~ ┗|`o′|┛

A roar sounded, that mystic beast suddenly came out from nowhere, yet, when it was unable to find his earlier opponent, it became even more furious. Hence, it roared and growled at Zhu yao, the only living being on-site.

Why would Zhu Yao even have the mood now to care about it?
She instantly turned her head over and scolded.

“Shut up!”

When those words fell, a bolt of Heavenly Lightning zapped towards it, emitting out a heaven-trembling roar. However, it did not land on the mystic beast, but on the sea waters which were severed off at the side. In an instant, a large half of the sea waters dried up, revealing a big piece of empty land.

“Meooww….” The mystic beast seemed to have been frightened that tyrannical strike, and even the sound it made had changed. Its stomach laid on the ground, its tail was shivering, and its two paws held onto its head, as it no longer dared to look at her.

Zhu Yao no longer had the energy to care about this freak. Her consciousness had already begun to blur, and the spiritual energy in her body had already reached its peak. Her cultivation had already rushed towards that of an Azoth Paragon’s, and the spiritual energy was still rapidly increasing.

Her Azoth Core could not endure such spiritual might, and had already shattered. She knew that the best way to keep herself alive now was to form her Nascent Soul.


The hell, she did not know how. Her master had yet to teach her that! This was largely equivalent to someone who managed to skip grades and entered the high school that one had dreamed of, only to have the teacher tell her that what was taught here was the university curriculum!

Haah, did her life have to be this unfortunate!? Hence, she could only have the lightning spiritual energy particles wrap about that berserk metal spiritual energy particles with all her might. She saw the two making contact with each other, and began to disperse. Only when the entire pillar of light was wrapped around by the white lightning, did that pillar of light, as though it had been blown away, along with that wild ray of lightning, disappear without a trace.

The surroundings were instantly utterly silent.

Zhu Yao fell onto the ground. She had completely turned into a bloody person, and no longer had the ability to take in spiritual energy into her body.

She was actually still alive. As  she  thought,  heavens  cared about good people. Even though she was unable  to  move,  Zhu Yao had the silent impulse to give heavens a thumbs up. Like a bloody pile of mess, her body spread on the ground. She looked at the Metal Spirit floating in mid-air, as it disappeared from the sky with a flash of light. It seemed like it had returned to Xaio Yi.

Zhu Yao felt that she had to sleep for several days and nights before she could get up. Suddenly, she heard loud bangs. When she turned to look, at a place to her right, it had begun to cave in at a large scale. At the place where the ground was, a large piece of black region. She completely could not see anything clearly at all, yet, it looked as though it was a gigantic black mouth, currently swallowing this Secret Realm.

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled the words of that Sharkman – Severed Lands!

The hell! If she had known she would leave, why the hell did she arrogantly force her master back?

Is it too late to regret my decision? Master… Come back!

Unfortunately, facts had proven that, even a prized treasure could not be used to buy medicine for regrets.

The caving in spread to where to she was lying at, and then, she felt into the deep abyss. She continued to fall, however, she did not feel any pain.

Zhu Yao could not help but rejoice a little. She was fortunate that she was only falling, at the most, she would only lose some arms and legs. According to the no-death rule when one were to fall from a cliff and enter another world, she would still be alive.

As she thought of this, suddenly, in front of her, with a sizzle, a familiar dialogue box appeared. And this was written neatly on it.

Congratulations, you have thoroughly died once again. It’s time for you to resurrect. Please choose: Yes or Yes!

Haah~ This is getting on my nerves!

What happened to the promised no-death rule?

This lady here has yet to die, this lady here is still living, and I’m still breathing.

However, that dialogue box completely did not care about her objection, and began to crazily pop up one after another in front of her.

Zhu Yao’s angry! So as to prevent the tragedy last time from happening again, Zhu Yao decided to close her eyes.

However… why did they pop up in her mind as well!?

Not choosing. This lady here isn’t going to choose at all.

Even when the dialogue boxes had filled up her entire vision, Zhu Yao did not have the intention to choose.

The dialogue boxes finally stopped their wild pop-ups, and then, another dialogue box appeared, carrying a red exclamation mark, and a warning.

You have went past the time limit. Your choice will now be automatically selected! Countdown in 10 seconds…


The hell! What happened to your humanity? Do you believe that I will ask for your bank account number? 3……2……1

In the next second, Zhu Yao once again saw that damn loading bar!

The protagonist Zhu Yao is dead!

The story has… Your sister’s story has ended! – flips table –

Once again, when she saw light, the first thing Zhu Yao did was inspect her body. Great, long arms, long legs. Very normal, not an infant, and there’s nothing suspicious stuffed inside her mouth.

She looked around for something that could reflect light. Incidentally, there’s a clean and smooth rock that was even shining light in front of her. Zhu Yao instantly sprinted over, and inspected herself in the reflection.

Great, very complete. Inside the reflection was a very upright young girl, wearing a navy-colored gown. Her hair was not very long, yet, it was nicely bunned up on top of her head. Her eyes were filled with heroism, and the most important aspect was that her height was around hundred and seventy centimeters. Zhu Yao, who had been a person of short stature for several years, expressed her satisfaction.

The only flaw was, she was still flat-chested. Touching in her chest, it was even flatter than the little bun back then. Zhu Yao silently retorted that it might be because all of her nourishment had went to her height, hence, the flatness.

“Little brother, mind if I ask if ‘Ancient Hill Sect’ is written here?” Just as she was inspecting her new body, suddenly, a youth appeared next to her, and patted on her shoulder.

“Of course not! The Ancient Hill Sect is…” Zhu Yao said as she shook her head, yet, she swallowed back her words after seeing the three big words stated on the stone.

The hell, it really was the Ancient Hill Sect.

“Little brother?” The youth saw that he was stunned, and could not help but pat on his shoulder again. “I’m sorry, I’m a wandering practitioner, so I don’t really recognize words. I’m just about to seek admittance in the Ancient Hill Sect. I heard from rumors that there’s a teleportation formation here, so I came here to take a look. Little brother, help me look at it, is this the place?”

“Uh, it’s here alright.” Zhu Yao rubbed off the cold sweat off her head. She did not expect that she resurrected right at the doorstep of her own home.

“Thank you, little brother.” The youth returned him a bow, and then, walked towards the right of the stone. The formation lit up, and his figure began to fade, yet, he did not forget to bid her goodbye. “Little brother, see you.”

Chapter 62: Identity Verification

Zhu Yao sighed, and was silently disgusted with that person’s eyes. How could he think that she was a man!?

Unconsciously, she used her hands to tidy up her clothes, however, she felt there was something additional in between her legs, and suddenly had a bad premonition.

She turned, and silently pulled out her pants…


No, no, no. There must definitely be something wrong with the way she pulled out her pants. How could she have an additional organ? Let’s try again.

She pulled her pants out again…

And closed it! She must definitely be seeing things.

Rubbing her eyes, she once again pulled out her pants… And closed it.


Zhu Yao screamed out.

Why!? Why!? Why!? Why!? Why did I change into a man!?
This doesn’t make sense!

The reason why she resurrected next to a rock, was so as to make it convenient for her to knock herself to death?

Zhu Yao instantly felt terrible, and could deeply sense the evil intentions of this entire world.

Whoever you are, come out! Let us talk about life!


In front of her, a green light flashed, and a  green-colored thing leapt out. Zhu Yao looked at this bonsai which just appeared right in front of her, and it was even not even rooted in soil. It gave a quite a scare.

“What the heck is this?”

That bonsai leapt forward, curled its little branch, and rubbed it against her leg. “Chick~”

This familiar voice…

“You’re Wood Spirit?”

“Chick!” The bonsai nodded.

“Why are you here? And you even grew up so suddenly?” Zhu Yao stared at it a little shockingly. Back then, when it was  in that chest, it was still a little beansprout, and it even only had two leaves. How did it suddenly turn into a bonsai?

“Chick, chick chick chick chick chick…” The Wood Spirit strongly waved around its little branches, as though it was explaining to her.

Unfortunately, she did not understand a single thing.

“Forget it! It’s fine as long as you’re still alive!” Back then, as she was panicking, she placed it into her divine sense. She did not expect that it would follow her along with her after her resurrection. Zhu Yao stroked its little leaf. It couldn’t really grow into a tree, right?

“Chick!” The Wood Spirit stretched out two little vines, forming two small arcs. Then, it connected them together, forming a heart shape.

Was this… giving her praise?

Zhu Yao felt it was a little funny, and strongly stroked its leaf, yet, she touched something slippery.

“Meoow~” A little beast head popped out of the leaf, it’s a miniature-sized ferocious face. It was actually that mystic beast. Reflexively, Zhu Yao’s stroke turned into a slap, and the slap swung right towards it.

And then, a ‘pa’ sound was heard. Gurururu. The mystic beast rolled a dozen of rounds, was sent a good few meters out, and only stopped when it struck onto a tree trunk.

“Me…ow…” The miniature-sized mystic beast crawled  up with a pitiful look, as though it was hurt from the fall, it limped its way back to her.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and activated all of her defensive mechanisms. She had not forgotten how ferocious this mystic beast was in the Secret Realm. She habitually thought of summoning her own flying sword, only to realize that she did not have a single thread of spiritual energy in her body. The hell, damnable resurrection debuff.

She turned around and carried up the rock beside her. Even if she did not have any spiritual energy, she still had physical strength. “Don’t come near me! If you come any closer… I will smash you to death!”

The mystic beast was startled. Its pair of black slippery eyes looked directly at her… looked at her…

And then, slowly, a layer of mist rose, as though it was about to cry in the very next moment.

Zhu Yao who was carrying the rock: “……”

Hey, you’re the one bullying people. What are you trying to pull here?

“Wuu… wawawa…” As expected, that mystic beast laid on the ground, pedaled its paws, and began to wail out loudly.



“Stop crying!”

“Waawaa….” “I won’t smash you anymore.”


“I really won’t smash you, alright?”




“Shut up!”

“……” The crying stopped.

It just had to make her angry. Zhu Yao felt a  terrible headache. Walking over, she squatted next to the miniature- sized mystic beast, and poked its little head. “Tell me, why are you here?” “Meow~”

“Why are you following me?”


“Just what are you planning?”


“Meow, your ass!” Zhu Yao raised her hand and gave it a slap. “You’re still acting? Don’t think I’m unaware that you’re able to speak.” That old man in the Secret Realm had already said it, this thing descended from the Higher Realm. Demonic beasts that did not possess the ability to shapeshift, would be able to change its form after reaching the tenth-rank. At the very least, it was an eleventh-ranked demonic beast, so it was impossible for it to be unable to speak.

The mystic beast used its two front paws to stroke the part of the head she smacked, while it continued to look at her with a pitiful look, and weakly squeezed out a response. “It hurts~” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. She hugged and cracked her fists, emitting crackling sounds, as she said with a cold smile. “Do you believe that I will hurt you even more?”

The mystic beast’s expression paled, and instantly properly knelt down. Fearfully looking at her, its little eyes rolled. “I dropped into the Severed Lands as well, that’s why I’m here.”

“Lies!” Zhu Yao once again gave it a slap. “The number of things that fell into the Severed Lands were many, why are you the only one here then? Are you thinking I’m dumb!?”

It lowered its head, and looked as though it admitted its mistake. “Before I fell, I… I hid inside your divine sense as well, so…”

Zhu Yao frowned, this might be a possibility. Back then, she was only holding onto her last breath, if someone were to take that opportunity to enter her divine sense, it would be absolutely easy.

“Then why did you become like this?” The mystic beast’s tone was filled with even more sadness. “I don’t know either. My cultivation is still present, yet, there’s not a single strand of spiritual power in my body.”

That’s because you did not charge your batteries. Zhu Yao instantly understood that its situation was the same as hers. They just had to get struck by lightning, and the issue would be solved.

“Then why did you hide inside the Wood Spirit?” Zhu Yao continued to ask. “Since you’re already out here, shouldn’t you take the opportunity when I’m unprepared, and run far, far away?”

“I… I wish to follow you.” The mystic beast embarrassingly scraped the floor with its claws.


“You’re very strong!” Its pair of eyes suddenly looked towards her, as though it had seen its idol, sparkling stars filled its eyes.

He had never seen anyone capable of reviving from the dead, even if it was in the Higher Realm, he had not seen one either. And at the moment when she resurrected, he could faintly sense the presence of a thread of Heavenly Will. “If I were to follow you, I will definitely be able to return to the Higher Realm sooner. I can help you, and I can even become your contracted beast.”

Zhu Yao replied it with a simple “Hoho!”

No matter how friendly he looked, it was still a demonic beast. Earlier, it was still her enemy, and had fought with  the intention to kill.

What she could not forgive the most was, it even injured her master. That was simply unforgivable.


“You… Don’t go!” The mystic beast became a little anxious, and directly hugged onto her legs, as it was dragged along as she walked. “I’m really useful. I’m an eleventh-rank. There’s very few demonic beasts in this world that’s capable of going against me.” Continue walking…

“My nose is very sensitive, I can help you find spiritual herbs…”

“I don’t need it!”

“I can help you find spiritual weapons…”

“No need!”

“I can even help you rein in demonic beasts.”

“I don’t care!”

“I… I can even help you warm up your bed.”


Zhu Yao felt she had been marked by that mystic beast. No matter where she went, it would follow. And as it followed, it would let out very pitiful ‘wuuwuu’ sounds. She could not bother to deal with it, in any case, currently, it did not have any spiritual power, so it was unable to hurt her.

Keeping the Wood Spirit in her divine sense once again, Zhu Yao planned on returning to Jade Forest Mountain first. At the very least, she had to inform her master of her well-being. And, according to her previous experience, another hundred years should have passed again.

Back then, when she was killed by the fox demon, her master had actually destroyed the entire Silent Melancholy Forest out of anger. This time, she forcefully sent her master out of “Tasyoluk”, he might even be more furious.

What she was even more worried about was Wang Xuzhi. That little wimp had always acted on impulse, without caring about the consequences. She was afraid that if she was not looking, he would run to find Xiao Yi and seek his own death again.

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. After inspecting her vicinity, this place should be one of the teleportation formations that were set up by the sect in various locations. The actual distance to Ancient Hill Sect was actually really far. Looking at the three large words “Ancient Hill Sect” that were written on the rock, she walked into the teleportation formation beside it.

With a flash of light, she had arrived on an island in the seas. And in the sky above the island, were several floating mountains. This was exactly the scenery she was familiar with.

She had returned.

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at the tallest mountain that was floating there, and instantly felt a peaceful sensation. She really wanted to immediately fly over, and hug that stupid and lacking master who had always played a fool out of his own disciple.

Then here came the problem…

How was she going to go back? Her Dantian was absolutely empty, and did not have even a single thread of spiritual energy. She was completely unable to fly at all! Raising her head, she looked at the disciples flying about in the sky. Zhu Yao felt deeply saddened, as she hoped for a disciple to notice her, and bring her up the mountain, before finding an excuse to return to the Jade Forest Mountain.

However, she had waited for half a day, although there were many people flying about in the sky, not one of them took a look at the island here. Every single of them was rushing in and out.

Especially that one who was flying especially fast, with a flash of his white figure, he disappeared without a trace. Not even his figure could be clearly seen, before he disappeared with a whoosh.

And with another whoosh, he returned.

Ehhhhhh! The hell! He really came back!

The white figure flashed, and a figure dressed in snow-white clothes stopped in front of her. That face, which looked as though a thousand years of ice had covered it, was emitting out a cold aura, as though she would obtain frostbites if she were to go take a single step closer. Yu Yan stared straight at the unfamiliar youth in front of him, and did not say a single word for a long time.


No wait, why is he male?

However, on his body, there’s clearly the presence of a strand of his own divine sense. His disciple had all along been stupid, and was even specialized in courting death in various ways, it might be just a disguise.

Master. Zhu Yao felt so moved, she was about to cry. As she thought, her master was reliable, he was here to pick her back again. Her voice choked out, and she was just about to charge forward and hug his legs.


Before she could even finish, Yu Yan suddenly took a few fast steps, and stood a step away from Zhu Yao. He gently reached out his hand to hold onto her collar, and then… With a whoosh, it was pulled open. The action was crisp and without the slightest of hesitation.

Zhu Yao, whose clothes were pulled apart: “……”

Flat!? Yu Yan felt a little conflicted. He inspected her chest twice, and then, his light of sight slowly moved towards her lower body.


Reflexively, Zhu Yao tightly grabbed onto the top of her pants, and screamed. “If you dare to take off my pants, I will dare to destroy you, my master.”

Even if she had turned into a man, there was no need for him to strip her naked in their first meeting, right!?

Yu Yan frowned, and only then did he take back his hand. He stared at the unfamiliar man in front of him, and was still uncertain.

Chapter63: Making A Fool Out Of A Beast Without Discussion

“Yu Wang?”

“Your sister’s Desire!”

“Seems like I’m right.” Yu Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhu Yao expression darkened. Was there a need to use this type of method to identify her?

“Let’s return.” Yu Yan sighed, picking up his own disciple, he rose in the air. In an instant, they returned to the peak of Jade Forest Mountain.

Looking at his disciple’s new look from head to toe once again, he could not accept it no matter what. She actually turned into a man. An unclear knot surfaced deep in his heart for some odd reasons.

“How did you become like this?” Zhu Yao shook her head. “I don’t know either. I fell into the Severed Lands, and after I woke up, I became like this?”

Master, we’re no longer able to become good girl friends, I wonder if you’re looking for a gay friend?

“Severed Lands?” Yu Yan frowned even deeper. Recalling everything that happened in the Secret Realm, his heart was filled with unrestrained fury, and the cold aura he emitted became even more evident.

Zhu Yao could not help but feel a chill down her spine. Master looks so scary, is he about to burst out? She silently took a step back.

And another step back.

“Not complying to your master’s orders, and acting arbitrarily, you need to be punished!”

Zhu Yao’s little heart trembled. “Umm… Is it alright if you don’t hit my face?” “Come over here!”


Yu Yan did not say another word, it’s just that the cold aura around his body was becoming even more rapid. It seemed like she was unable to escape from this. Zhu Yao could only slowly, and slowly, moved towards him, and heroically stretched out her left hand.

Hit me then, as long as you don’t hit my face.

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. Looking at the hand in front of him, his brows furrowed. With a wave of his hand, he moved a piece of rock over and sat down on it. Then, he strongly pulled his disciple’s hand, and had her entirely pressed on his thighs. Aiming at a certain part of her body, he began spanking.

The hell, why is he hitting my buttocks? Zhu Yao felt like crying, as he was not being lenient in the slightest, and her lips curled from the pain. “Aiyo, stop… stop. Master, I admit my mistake.” If he were to continue spanking, her buttocks would bloom.

Yu Yan paused for a moment, and was hesitating if he was putting enough strength into his punishment.

Rooar~~ ┗|`o′|┛

At this decisive moment, that mystic suddenly popped out of nowhere, and, ignoring the difference in strength, charged at Yu Yan as it began to roar.

With a wave of his hand, Yu Yan slapped towards it. The mystic beast was instantly slammed a few dozen meters away, and once again, struck towards a tree.

It crawled up miserably. As expected of a master and his disciple, even the way they attacked was exactly the same.

“This demonic beast…” Yu Yan recognized this demonic beast as well. Holding his disciple up and protecting her behind him, he looked as though he was about to attack. A certain mystic beast, which was hurt from the fall, cried out. “Waaaah, mistress, he bullied me!”

“He bullied me as well.” Zhu Yao rubbed her own buttocks, and gave it a helpless look.

Master: ……

Master sure was ruthless, her buttocks were about to split into four.

“You subdued this mystic beast?” Yu Yan turned and looked towards his disciple.

Zhu Yao shook her head. “I did not. It wanted to follow me on its own accord.”

Yu Yan’s expression instantly turned cold, and he raised his hand, as though he was about to summon a bolt of lightning. That mystic beast trembled, hugging its head with its two paws, it miserably shouted. “I’m her beast, I’m her beast…” Zhu Yao looked at it scornfully. At the very least, it was an eleventh-ranked demonic beast, did it have to act so pitiful?

When the mystic beast saw that she did not have any reaction, it became even more saddened, and began to roll around the ground, crying. “Wuuuuu, you even know my true name, yet you still don’t admit me as your beast. Bad person, wuu… I don’t care. I want to be your beast, I want to be your beast.”

“……” Zhu Yao was exasperated, and she almost responded it with this line. I don’t want to be on top!

She could forget about becoming a man, but was there a need to go on the Boy’s Love route!?

“When did I ever know of your true name?” She was straight.

The mystic beast stopped, leapt up, and replied with a serious look. “When we were at the Secret Realm, didn’t you call me? You even had me open the door.”

Open the door? Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, and suddenly recalled that joke password. The corner of her lips twitched.

“You… can’t be called Sesame, right?”

The mystic beast tilted its head. “That’s right!”

The hell! Why were you named so casually? Does your parents know about this?

“Although a demonic beast’s true name has a very strong binding characteristic, it’s only restricted to demonic beasts below the tenth-rank.” Yu Yan’s expression turned cold. “Just what is your goal for following my disciple?”

The expression of the mystic beast, Sesame, instantly stiffened, however, it immediately returned to that utterly shameless look it had earlier, and it said even more miserably. “Obviously, it’s because mistress if very strong, by  following her, I’m able to return to the Higher Realm much sooner.”

Yu Yan waved his hand and summoned a bolt of lightning, striking it right next to the mystic beast. Instantly, a large crafter appeared, and his expression became even colder. “Tell the truth.”

“What I said… was the truth.”

Bang! Another bolt of lightning struck. This time, however, it directly struck onto its tail. That long tail, instantly turned into two sections.

“My tail!” Sesame cried out in pain, and turned to hug its tail which had lost half of its form. However, its feet slipped, and it tumbled into the huge crater that was formed earlier, its entire body was now completely stained with dirt.

When it had finally managed to stop rolling, it turned and looked at its half severed tail which was still oozing with blood. Baring its teeth, it roared out loud, and went to pounce on Yu Yan regardless of its current state. “I’m going to duke it out with you!”

With a wave of her hand, Zhu Yao slapped right towards it, and once again, slapped it away. Hearing her master say as such, she had thought about it as well. The reason why it was following her was definitely not as simple as just ascension. Yu Yan used an Art, and had Sesame, who was still flopping about, fixed at its position. Zhu Yao walked over, and with her palm, she patted on its beast head. “Speak, what’s your goal? An eleventh-ranked demonic beast can activate the Ascension Tribulation Lightning on its own, there’s basically no need to rely on others to ascend.”

Sesame paused for a moment, and then, refuted angrily. “When we demonic beasts face our tribulation, there’s only one out of ten chance to survive. Lightning naturally suppresses us demonic beasts, and it’s even more so if it’s the Tribulation Lightning of Ascension. I will be zapped to death.”

Yu Yan slightly narrowed his eyes, and coldly spoke. “It might be the case for other demonic beasts, but if it’s you, that’s impossible.”

“……” Sesame was startled, and instantly stopped its struggle.

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled what that old man once said. Sesame was a mystic beast that came from the Higher Realm, which meant that it had once faced the Ascension Tribulation, and had reached the Higher Realm alive. Then, even if it had fell back into the Lower Realm, even if it were to face another round of Tribulation Lightning, it would absolutely not pose any danger to its life.

Having realized this, Zhu Yao slowly rose and took a step back. Little animals are too smart, there’s a need for humans to make up for their IQ.

Sesame looked at the two people back and forth. As though it felt that it could no longer hide it any longer, it instantly retrieved the cutesy and pitiful expression it had earlier, and its voice carried a hint of provocation. “Hmph, I didn’t expect to be seen through. As expected of a Demigod-stage old monster.”

Old monster?

Yu Yan frowned, and responded. “Takes one to know one.”

If a Demigod-stage practitioner was considered old, then this demonic beast which had ascended long ago, was as old as the horizon. He turned to looked at his own disciple. Mn, he was not old in the slightest.

Sesame’s expression stiffened, and once again clenched its teeth. It took a deep breath to hold it in, and leisurely said. “Indeed, I’m capable of ascending, however, I caused some trouble in the Higher Realm back then, and it’s inconvenient for me to be exposed. So, when this little lady… uh, this little kid ascends, I wish to use the name of a contracted beast to return to the Higher Realm, so as to prevent being discovered.”

What’s the meaning of that pause earlier, hey!

“Why me?” If it only had to find someone that could ascend to bring it along, then would it not be faster if it was her master?

“Because you’re easily fooled!”

Pa! Zhu Yao once again gave it a slap. The hell, why do I feel that people that who speaks the truth, are always asking for a beating!?

“Stop hitting, stop hitting!” Sesame dodged her hand in a panic, and explained. “The words I told you earlier are not lies! The reason why I’m following you, is because you’re really strong. You have a great fate that an average person do not have.” Great fate? Why did she not know about it? Other than dying frequently, was there any other fates?

“Even if my disciple can ascend.” Yu Yan took a step forward. “She does not need to risk doing this. She does not need to offend deities of the Higher Realm right after her ascension.”

Only then did Zhu Yao realize this. The hell. This Sesame was clearly using her as a shield.

“But before that, I will use all my abilities to help her become a deity.” Sesame looked at Yu Yan. “And in any case, even if I wish to stay here, you can’t do anything about it.”

Yu Yan’s expression sank, and instantly, killing intent rose in all directions.

However, Sesame completely did not mind at all, and continued to provoke him. “If I’m not mistaken, the reason why I’m like this, is because I do not have a single thread of spiritual power in my body. As long as I charge up my spiritual energy by taking in spiritual energy into my body, I will naturally restore myself to my previous form. I had just tried it earlier, and restored a bit of my spiritual power. You’re unable to kill me.” Taking in spiritual energy? Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Did she not have to be struck by lightning? Back then, her master said that the lightning had incidentally charged up the spiritual energy inside her body, and hence, restored her cultivation. So, she only had to replenish her spiritual energy, and did not need to be struck by lightning.


She wanted to cry for her own IQ’s sake.

Yu Yan went silent, and tightened his fists. Although it was impossible for him to lose, currently, they were not in the Tasyoluk Secret Realm. If they were to fight, he was afraid that it would pull the entire Ancient Hill Sect into it. But to have such a threatening individual staying by his disciple’s side, he was unable to stay unworried.

“Lay down the Life and Death Contract.”

“Fine!” Seeing that he had compromised, Sesame was joyous, and agreed to it very happily. Closing its eyes, its four limbs were placed on the ground. It circulated the single strand of spiritual power in its body to summon its own core, and a blue pearl could be seen flying out of its mouth, floating right about its head. Sesame raised out its front paws to touch it, and the core instantly flashed a hint of blood red, and a drop of red liquid was taken from it.

“This is my essence blood!” Sesame turned and looked towards Yu Yan, and then, returned its core into its own body.

Yu Yan spread out his palm, and the drop of blood automatically flew towards him, floating right above its palm. He turned and looked towards his disciple beside him. “Take out your hand.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao was a little dazed from the scene, yet, she still obediently reached out her hand. What is this for?

Yu Yan stretched out his hands and rolled up her sleeves, revealing her entire arm. He pressed the drop of blood into the back of her hand, and instantly, there was an additional red dot on her hand, blood red and dripping.

Why did she feel like she was being tested for her virginity? Sesame was a little unhappy. Clearly, Life and  Death Contracts had always been tapped on the forehead, why did he pressed it on her hand? Recalling that he was its mistress’ master, it held his comments back in.

“Alright, from now on, I’m yours.” Sesame rolled around on the ground, and returned to its former shameless look. “You have to properly pamper me, alright?”

She felt like beating someone.

“Mistress, I’m going to recover my spiritual energy for now. You must think about me!” After saying that, it took the half of its tail that was severed earlier from the lightning strike, and with one leap and another, it had ran far away.

Zhu Yao: “…..”

Just what the hell happened? Can someone explain it to me?

“This is a blood contract!” Yu Yan rolled down her sleeves, and explained. “As long as this contract exists, if you’re injured, the same injury will be applied on the body of the contracted. This is a contract for mutual death with demonic beasts.”

“So, if I’m injured, it will be injured as well. Then if it’s injured, will I…”


In other words, it’s an one-sided suppression?

“Then if I were to die?” She recalled something.

“Naturally, it will die as well.” Yu Yan calmly replied.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and bitterly raised out two fingers. “Master, I have already died twice, because of this, you can’t have…”

Yu Yan’s expression became even calmer, as he reached out his hand to stroke her head. “Return to the cottage, let me help you inspect your injuries.” “……”

Master, is it really alright for you to divert the topic like this? Clearly, you’re making a fool out of that mystic beast, right!? And, where did you see that I’m injured? There’s absolutely no need to inspect, right!?

Chapter64: The Stuck Cultivation

After a few minutes, Zhu Yao then realized how necessary it was to inspect her body.

“Your Azoth Core has been shattered.” Yu Yan retracted the divine sense he used to inspect his disciple’s Dantian, and his expression was heavy.

“Then, I…” If my Core has been shattered, shouldn’t it  be game over?

“Although your Core has been shattered, your realm is actually at the Azoth Paragon level.” Yu Yan deeply frowned. “It’s a little similar to the shattered Core right  before nourishing one’s Nascent Soul, but, because you currently don’t possess spiritual energy, there’s completely no trace of you forming your Nascent Soul.”

“What master means is… I’m stuck?”

Yu Yan nodded. “……”

The hell, when others nourished their Nascent Souls, either they would die from their Cores being destroyed, or they would successfully raise their cultivation. What’s the meaning of hers being stuck right in the middle?

“In this period of time, refrain from taking in spiritual energy to recover your cultivation.” Yu Yan instructed with a stern look.

“What happens if I recover my cultivation?”

“If your body possesses spiritual power, you will definitely be forced to form your Nascent Soul. When that time comes, your spiritual power will be insufficient. If you were to take in spiritual energy then, it will cause a spiritual energy disturbance, but if you don’t take in spiritual energy, your Nascent Soul formation will fail.” When that time came, she would definitely die from her Core being destroyed.

“Then, what am I supposed to do?” Zhu Yao felt like crying. She had the cultivation, yet, not the spiritual power. Did she have to quietly become a cripple for the rest of her life? “No need to worry.” Yu Yan stroked her head. “Wait out as I find a place with abundant lightning spiritual energy, you can directly nourish your Nascent Soul then.”

Although that was the case, Zhu Yao knew her situation wasn’t optimistic. The spiritual energy in this world  all followed a certain rule. For example, water spiritual energy was abundant at the waterside, wood spiritual energy was abundant in forests, fire spiritual energy was abundant in volcanoes, metal spiritual energy was abundant near mines, while earth spiritual energy, even more so, was everywhere.

Yet, she just had to be a Lightning Spirit Vein Holder. She had never known of anywhere abundant with lightning spiritual energy, and a place like that was simply only found in legends. Of course, other than this method, it could be possible with having the various Spirits by the person’s side as well. An example would be Xiao Yi’s Metal spirit. As long as he willed for all of the metal spiritual energy in the world, he would be able to use it. However, in this world, there were all five of the different Spirits of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, yet, the Lightning Spirit simply did not exist. Isn’t this a complete bullshit setting!?

“Chick~” As though it had sensed her depressed feelings, the Wood Spirit leapt out of her divine sense. Stretching a soft green vine, as though it was to console her, the vine wrapped around her wrist. “Chick?”

“This is… the Wood Spirit?” Yu Yan looked at the little tree which suddenly leapt out.

Only then did Zhu Yao realize that she had yet to tell her master about the things regarding the Wood Spirit. “I encountered it in Tasyoluk. Back then, it and Sesame hid in my divine sense, and when I resurrected, they came over as well.”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded. Actually, he had already guessed most of it. His disciple had changed her look, yet, that mystic beast could actually appear instantly by her side, so it had definitely came along with her. If it had hid in her divine sense back then, then it could be understood completely.

“Master, I have something that I need to tell you.” Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and decided that it was still best to clearly explain everything to her master. When she hid  the truth from him, it had always caused her to feel a deep guilt and remorse. And, it was not like it was something shameful, so why could she not talk about it? “Actually, I’m not a person from this world.” “Oh.” Yu Yan calmly replied.

“…..” Oh? Just an oh, and that’s it? This reaction  wasn’t right. “Master, I’m saying, I’m not a person of the cultivation world. I came from another world, a place completely different from here.”

“I know that.”

“Ah! Ah!?” What did you know? “When did you know about that?”

Yu Yan turned his head and pondered for a moment, before answering. “The first day when you climbed the mountain.”

“The hell!” Zhu Yao could not help but swear. The hell was this? Then why the ass was she so anxious earlier for?

“Your words and actions are different from ordinary people.” Yu Yan calmly analyzed. “Back then, I guessed that you came from a certain unknown place, and adding your affinity towards Lightning Spiritual Energy that exceeds ordinary people, I’m even more sure about it. Not to mention that you have resurrected twice.”

“……” Why did she feel like she was the only idiot in this world?


Raising her head, she shot a resentful lightwave at her master.

However, Yu Yan calmly continued to mess up her hair persistently. “Is there anything else?”

“……” Do not speak to me, I’m very sad now. With my IQ, I might as well catch chickens!

“Although I know of this, do not speak of this easily to anyone else. Understand?”

“Of course! I’m not…”

Oh no, why did she suspect that she was really an idiot!? A certain master continued to stroke her head.

Zhu Yao might as well tell her master about everything. Beginning from her work in the modern era, to  the irregularities after she crossed into this world. However, they had a generation gap of an entire world, so, a lot of effort had to be put in to fill in the gaps.

Hence, the main point had completely derailed.

“What’s a computer?”

“Uh… A tool used to calculate.”

“The people of your world isn’t able to count?”

“No, it’s just that using a computer is much faster.”

“What’s koukou?”

“It’s QQ, a tool used to chat.” “You people need to use a tool to chat? Are your bodies naturally crippled?”

“==, no. It’s just that it can be used to send messages through long distances.”

“Sound Transmission Talisman?”


“Then, what’s a net game?”

“An online game that allows people from all around the world to play as a pastime, at the same time?”

“On line? A game that connects lines together?”

“Line is just a metaphor. Generally speaking, it’s a game that allows people from all around the world to play together, even without leaving their own homes.” “A large-scale Sound Transmission Talisman?”

”“Mn, something like that.”

“The people of your world, used so much effort to make such a large Sound Transmission Talisman, just to play a game as a pastime?” Yu Yan calmly looked at her, and gave her a  ‘are there huge pits in your brains’ look.

“……” What to do? Why did she feel that the people of her world was very silly?

“Master, what happened to Wang Xuzhi?” Zhu Yao decided to change the topic. She really worried that without her around, that little wimp had did something stupid again.

The hand on her head stopped, and a certain master’s expression sank. “Tasyoluk has already been closed, naturally, he’s on his way back here.”

“Tasyoluk!” Zhu Yao was a little shocked. Was it not supposed to open once every five hundred years? Could it be that, this time, her resurrection has costed her five hundred years of time? “When did he set out?”

Yu Yan looked at her strangely. “Naturally, he  went  with you.”

“With me?” Zhu Yao was startled, and suddenly had a guess. “Then master, the place you were heading to earlier…”

“Half of the divine sense that I left with you was forcefully ousted from ‘Tasyoluk’.” Yu Yan looked at her with a slightly furious expression. “Hence, I decided to rush over to take a look. I did not expect that, the moment I left Jade Forest Mountain, I would sense you on that island.”

He was thinking of rushing over to save her, right?

“I admit my mistake.” Zhu Yao hurriedly admitted her wrongs. The moment she recalled that punishment earlier, her buttocks ached. Deep in her heart, she was a little moved, but happiness filled most of it. She did not expect that her resurrection this time would be so timely, and there was basically not any difference in time. She gave a thumbs up. Yu Yan rose. Walking away a few steps, he reached out his hand and chanted an incantation. Not a moment later, a white light flashed, and a white jade pendant laid on the palm of his hand. It was exactly the jade pendant in Tasyoluk he hid his divine sense in. Since his disciple had returned, naturally, his divine sense did not need to be left inside any longer.

He gripped his hand, and the pendant instantly shattered. A white light floated out, and slowly returned into his body.

Zhu Yao went forward to look, and did not see any difference. Originally, she had wanted to learn this sort of cloning technique, however, her master did not have any intention to teach her. He then explained the situation of nourishing a Nascent Soul in detail, various methods to react to them, and his experiences. After pondering for a moment, he explained the various states of a Demigod as well, while he was at it.

Although the time spent from the Nascent Soul stage to a Demigod would take at least a thousand years, or even a few thousand years, this disciple of his had always skipped levels. A month ago, she had just stabilized herself at the early Azoth realm, yet, now, she was beginning to form her Nascent Soul. This speed of skipping three levels, it was still best for him to make early preparations. Zhu Yao became a little dizzy from his words. The so-called Nascent Soul formation her master spoke of, was actually to use her spiritual energy to refine her divine sense, to the point where her divine sense could be firmly congregated, and also to the degree where it could leave her body. Her master’s divine sense clone, was actually the result of his divine sense refinement.

Back then, when she stopped the Metal Spirit in Tasyoluk, she brought about a spiritual energy disturbance. The expanding spiritual energy instantly shattered her Azoth Core, causing her to not be able to form her Nascent Soul. So it was because she did not guide the spiritual energy into her divine sense. As expected, there was a mistake in the way she handled it.

Divine sense was a person’s most important part, and was an existence equivalent to a soul, so it could be imagined how much pain one had to endure when one had to refine his or her soul. Zhu Yao silently lit a candle for herself, who was about to form her Nascent Soul.

With this single lecture, it lasted until evening, and only then did her master released her. As someone who had no ability to defend herself, naturally, she was confined by her master. This time, she herself was willing. She did not know where Sesame ran off either, as it had never returned.

Just when she was about to sleep, suddenly, she heard a familiar voice.

“Sword Mountain’s Wang Xuzhi, wishes to meet ancestral- grand master.”

Little wimp was back!

Before waiting for the person inside the cottage to respond, Wang Xuzhi who was wearing the sect’s uniform flew down. His figure was a little fatigued, and his clothes were still stained with blood that he had yet to clean off. His hair was in a mess, and what he now lacked was just the word “exhausted” on his face. However, his pair of eyes was exceptionally spirited as he stared at Yu Yan.

“This disciple greets ancestral-grand master.” Wang Xuzhi gave Yu Yan a bow.

Yu yan frowned, and was clearly a little irritated. Only after he sat down on the stone chair, did he finally nod expressionlessly.

Wang Xuzhi glanced at Zhu Yao who was at the side, and suppressed the curiosity in his heart. “This disciple has something to ask ancestral-grand master about. Ancestral-grand master, please solve this disciple’s confusion.”

Yu Yan did not reply, his line of sight was not even directed over at him. He never had any patience towards other people.

Wang Xuzhi could only grit his teeth and continued asking. “This disciple wish to know about the little infant Little Bun you brought back ten years ago, whom you had taken as a disciple. Was she actually your previous personal succeeding disciple, Zhu Yao?”

Zhu Yao was shocked. It seemed like the last call she gave him back then at Tasyoluk had exposed her. It was good that she had currently changed into another character.

“Ancestral-grand master, please tell this disciple the truth.” “What does that have to  do  with  you?”  Yu  Yan  raised  his head, and cast an expressionless look at him,  and  replied  with this sentence, as though he was  asking  for  a  beating.  As expected, he hated other people’s disciples the most.

Wang Xuzhi choked, and a hint of anger surfaced on his face, yet, he was unable to let it out. Gritting his teeth, he took a deep breath. “This disciple simply wish to tell ancestral-grand master, your second disciple is currently trapped in the ‘Tasyoluk’ Secret Realm. I request ancestral-grand master to land a helping hand, and tell this disciple if there’s any other way of entering the Secret Realm?”

Yu Yan did not answer. He simply turned his head and stared at Zhu Yao.


The spectator is innocent.

Chapter65: Nascent Soul Formation Period

“Ahem!” Zhu Yao could not help but step out. “Umm… This little brother, that ‘Tasyoluk’ Secret Realm will only open once every five hundred years, if she did not come out in time, then she will have to wait for another five hundred years for the entrance to open. Not to mention practitioners who are above the cultivation level of Azoth are unable to enter the place. The way you put it, you’re making things a little difficult for him.”

Wang Xuzhi tightened his fists, as though he was suppressing something with all his might, and completely did not look as though he bothered about her. After a moment, he hugged his fist and bowed to Yu Yan. “If that’s the case, this disciple is afraid to have offended you. The reason why this disciple has come here is to simply confirm if big sis Zhu Yao had returned. But now it seems… Since ancestral-grand master does not have a way to enter the Secret Realm, then I will find one myself. This disciple takes his leave!”

As though he had decided on something, his expression was even more firm, as he turned and left without the slightest of hesitation.

Seeing that  expression,  Zhu  Yao’s  heart  shook.  This  little wimp could not be thinking of forcefully entering ‘Tasyoluk’, right? The barrier outside the Secret Realm could even block against Demigod-stage practitioner, if an Azoth practitioner like him were to forcefully enter the place, he would definitely be crushed into smithereens.

As she suddenly had a bad premonition, the words to stop him blurted out just like that. “Little wimp, you’d better come back here, right now!”

Just as he was about to step out, his feet stopped. He suddenly turned his head over, his pair of eyes stared widely at her, and his expression was filled with disbelief.

“……” Uh, is it too late to regret?

“Big sis… Zhu Yao!?”

As expected, it’s too late.

A certain master turned his head over as well, and threw a pair of scornful eyes at her, as he shook his head with a disappointed expression. Uh… Just why could she not change her habits of having a cheap mouth?

“Big sis Zhu Yao, you… why are you…” Wang Xuzhi, sprinted back like the wind, and swept his gaze at her from top to bottom.

“Don’t ask me. I want silence.” If you ask me who’s silence, I will beat you to death.

Wang Xuzhi’s eyes fixated on her chest, and he raised his hands as he wished to pressed on it.

With her palm, Zhu Yao slapped away his claws, and then, she raised her hand and gave him a huge bump on his head. “Stinky brat, what are you doing!?”

“No… Nothing. I just… just… Big sis Zhu Yao, You… Why did you turn into…” Probably because of the blow from the truth was too large, Wang Xuzhi began to speak incoherently.

Did she not just simply switch a character? Was that so hard to accept? However, Wang Xuzhi was even more confused, and even more anxious. “I… I couldn’t find you in the Secret Realm. And after coming out, I still wasn’t able to find you. You… You returned… You finally returned…”

“Why are you crying?”

“I’m not!” Wang Xuzhi hurriedly rubbed his eyes, and he said those words rather smoothly.

“You’re still denying it!?” Seeing this big youth whose words were becoming messier, and had begun to shed tears, Zhu Yao felt her heart aching a little. “I’m fine. Your big sis is an unkillable machine, I simply changed my form, that’s all.” She stroked the back of head which she had knocked onto earlier. So this little wimp actually returned into the Secret Realm to find her. At least you’re considerate, I didn’t pamper you for  so many years for nothing.

“Form? Then, right now, big sis Zhu Yao is really…”

“That’s right, I’m a man!” “……” Wang Xuzhi opened his eyes wide, and his hand trembled as he pointed at her.

Zhu Yao patted on his shoulder, and in her heart, the thought of bullying someone had resurfaced once again.

“Now that I have turned into a man, will you despise me?”

“Of course not!” Wang Xuzhi loudly answered.

“You’re still the best.” Zhu Yao acted like she was moved, and rubbed the corner of her eyes, as she threw a flirtatious look at him. “Little wimp, do you still remember what you said when you were little? That you will definitely marry me. I believe we have all grown up, and it’s about time to fulfill your promise. Take me as your bride then. If not, I’m fine with taking you as my bride too.”

“Ah? Ah?”

Wang Xuzhi suddenly took a step back, and looked at her with a conflicted expression. His face turned from red, to white, and then green, it was so fascinating, she could not shift her gaze away at all.

“Enough.” As though he was unable to endure this irritating thousand-mile reunion, a certain master was in a bad mood, as he coldly stared at Wang Xuzhi. “You have trespassed into the Jade Forest Mountain. I will not fuss about this matter. Leave!” Someone else’s disciple, hurry and scram! Don’t teach my disciple bad things.

Wang Xuzhi looked at Zhu Yao, and his expression was conflicted. As though he had encountered a huge problem, he could not bear to leave.

“If we get the opportunity in the future, I will discuss with you about it again in detail…” Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes, approached the side of his ear and said with emphasis of each and every word. “The. Things. Regarding. Our. Marriage.”

“……” His legs turned limped, and left Jade Forest Mountain like he was flying.

Zhu Yao’s stomach began to ache from laughing. He really could not handle scares. Was her turning into a man something that he could not accept that much? Look at how calm her master was…

Not only did he not despise her, he even stripped off her clothes directly the moment he saw her.


No, wait. That was not something that she should be happy about.

The second day after her return, a certain master, so as to prevent other disciples from suddenly trespassing and teaching his disciple bad things, silently activated the formation of Jade Forest Mountain. Wang Xuzhi was completely unable to enter, and Zhu Yao’s only entertainment had disappeared as well.

However, the heavens seemed to be purposefully not allowing her to stay idle, as she felt strange in the early morning. The sky above the entire Ancient Hill Sect was a little dark, which seemed to be a precursor for a huge storm. Even the heavenly cranes on the Jade Forest Mountain began to cry out crazily.

As though something had brought about their uneasiness. The pressure of the air was very unbearable, and Zhu Yao felt strangely flustered, and kept feeling as though something was about to happen. Raising her head, she looked at the sky, only to see the tumbling dark clouds, and something seemed to be brewing inside the layers of clouds.

Normally, the Ancient Hill Sect was a blessed land, and would always be bathed by spring sunshine, a large-scaled gloomy weather like this rarely happened. The more Zhu Yao stared at those clouds, the more muffled she felt her heart was. She kept feeling as though something was in the middle of the clothes, something that she felt very intimate to.

“Someone’s forming his Nascent Soul.” Yu Yan frowned as he looked at the tumbling lightning clouds in the sky. “With such a huge heavenly might, it seems like the Lightning Tribulation will be falling soon.”

“Lightning Tribulation?” Could it be Xiao Yi? However, he had only formed his Azoth Core not too long ago. Even if he had hidden his cultivation, it could not possibly allowed him to reach the level of an Azoth Paragon in just a single month. Unless….

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled that berserk Metal Spirit. Although the Metal Spirit stopped its disturbance, it had taken in a huge amount of metal spiritual energy. If it had returned to Xiao Yi’s side in that state, it was not impossible for him to instantly form his Nascent Soul. So the one forming his Nascent Soul  was really him?

Zhu Yao instantly felt a little depressed. She seemed to have unconsciously helped him out.

Raising her head, she looked at the mass of black clouds, and suddenly recalled back then when Xiao Yi was forming his Azoth Core. She thus made a joke. “Master, do you think the Heavenly Lightning this time, will come zapping at us again?”

Yu Yan was startled, as though he had thought of something, he suddenly turned towards his own disciple, and his eyes instantly shone.

“Master?” What happened to him now?

“Follow me.” Yu Yan summoned his flying sword. Turning to look at his stupid disciple who had yet to understand, as though he seemed to despise her slow movements, he picked his disciple up by the collar, and rose into the air. His figure flashed, as they
 flew towards the eastern direction.

“Master, we can always discuss things first.” Was there a need to pick her up this way?

Yu Yan did not say a single word, he simply flew towards the very edge of the Tribulation Clouds, and stopped at a small island far from the Ancient Hill Sect.

Placing Zhu Yao down, he did not explain, and simply, like a hard-working little bee, began to set up various formations on the island. Although Zhu Yao was not very familiar with formations, she could faintly see that, the formations he had placed down were all concealment-related formations.

“Master?” Give me an explanation!

After a few minutes, Yu Yan finally stopped, and threw a bombshell. “You shall form your Nascent Soul here.”

“Eh?” What kind of situation was this? Forget about lightning spiritual energy, the amount of spiritual energy on this island was very sparse as well. What kind of national level joke was this?

Stupid. Yu Yan shook his head, and pointed to the Tribulation Lightning up in the sky. “Can you sense the lightning spiritual energy within those lightning clouds?”

Zhu Yao nodded. Not only was she able to sense it, she had a feeling that the thing inside the clouds were especially trying to come to her, yet, they seemed to be restrained by something.

“When the bolts of Tribulation Lightning descend, you shall do your best to guide them to this island.”

“What master means is…” Zhu Yao finally understood. His intention was to have her form her Nascent Soul by taking in the lightning spiritual energy from the Tribulation Lightning. What else could have more abundant lightning spiritual energy than Tribulation Lightning? Her master was very smart, and she gave him a thumbs up. “I understand.”

“Your master will use the Lightning Guiding Art as well, to aid you in guiding the Tribulation Lightning over. You shall form your Nascent Soul with all your might.” “Mn!”

Zhu Yao instantly sat in a lotus position, closed her eyes, and calmed her emotions. She attentively sensed the Tribulation Clouds over there, and could faintly see the sparks within the layers of tumbling clouds.

The sky had completely turned dark, and suddenly, a thunder roared, and a bolt of white lightning flashed from within the layers of clouds. Hurry, over here. Hurry, over  here.  Hurry, over here. Zhu Yao silently thought.

That bolt of lightning struck down, and just when it looked as though it was about to land on the person in Ancient Hill Sect who was facing the Tribulation, it suddenly did a curve, headed straight for the little island, and impartially struck onto Zhu Yao’s body.

A large amount of lightning spiritual energy instantly poured into Zhu Yao’s body. An indescribable pain ached through her entire body, to the point where she could not even straighten her hips. Especially the place where her Dantian was, as it looked as though it was about to be shattered apart. Only then could Zhu Yao really feel what it felt like to shatter her Core. This pain was exactly the same as how she felt right before she died at Tasyoluk. After resurrecting, she did not have any spiritual energy, so naturally, she could not feel the pain of her shattered Core. Now, the pain, as though it had suddenly fragmented, came attacking once again, and she seemed to be unable to hold on, as the pain she was experiencing was as though her heart was crumbling down.

“Pay attention, and guide the spiritual energy into your divine sense.”

Yu Yan’s words sounded.

Zhu Yao instantly regained quite a bit of consciousness, and instantly used all of her might within her body, to guide the lightning spiritual energy particles that was going rampant in her body, into her divine sense, however, this brought about an even more unbearable pain. If the pain of a shattered Core could be taken as a pain on a physical level, then this time, it was her soul which was in pain. However, she simply could not stop, and could only continue to guide the spiritual energy and refine her own divine sense. Zhu Yao even began to have thoughts of swearing. She was actually still clearly conscious right now, it was definitely a miracle. Just when she thought that she was able to hold on, even without her guidance, the second bolt of Heavenly Light actually came striking towards her, and the spiritual energy in her body increased explosively.

The hell, was there a need to be this quick?

Zhu Yao had no choice but to crazily guide the lightning spiritual energy into her divine sense, causing the sense of pain to intensify. Immediately after, the third bolt, the fourth bolt, every bolt was stronger than the previous one. Those bolts of Tribulation Lightning seemed to have grown eyes, as every bolt struck was smoother than the one before. In the end, they even saved the step of making a curve from Ancient Hill Sect, and directly zapped towards her.

Chapter66: Admitting Into Ancient Hill Sect Once Again

Zhu Yao was about to cry. If this zapping kept up, she might actually die, and enter the palace a third time!

Yu Yan stood at the side, and worriedly looked at his disciple. Unfortunately, he could nothing to help. The path to forming a Nascent Soul was beyond difficult, many people had fallen here during their path to being a deity, and the success rate was not even one in ten thousand. Yet, the current situation his disciple was in, she had no choice but to form her Nascent Soul, and the bolts of Tribulation Lightning were her best chance.

However, these bolts of Tribulation Lightning were simply too straightforward with their zappings. Earlier, he was even worried that those Tribulation Lightnings could not be guided over, and had planned on forcefully guiding the bolts of lightning. From the current looks of it, there was basically no need for him to take action. As those bolts of Tribulation Lightning struck one after another, it felt like they were having a festival. He suddenly had a little doubt in his mind, was his disciple’s bizarre affinity to lightning spiritual energy good or bad?

Zhu Yao had begun to feel a little numb from the pain. Her consciousness was beginning to blur as well, but she could only mechanically take in the spiritual energy.

“Chick~” A clear and crisp voice suddenly rang from deep in her heart.

It’s the Wood Spirit, crap. I have forgotten to take it out. It won’t be oppressed to death by the lightning spiritual energy, right? Zhu Yao worriedly looked into her inner world, and what she saw was, at the corner of her divine sense, a small little bonsai was currently at a loss as it watched a large amount of lightning spiritual energy suddenly pouring in.

Zhu Yao thought of taking it out, however, currently, she no longer had any strength to spare. Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little guilty. Sorry, little Wood Spirit.

“Chick… Chick…” The Wood Spirit seemed to have her heard her inner thoughts. Waving its little tree branches, it suddenly flew out of that small corner, stretched out two little vines, pulled a small mass of lightning spiritual energy, and then, fly back into her divine sense.

Like a small little porter, it began to busily go in and out. Zhu Yao: “……”

It was actually not afraid of lightning spiritual energy. Could it be that, after staying in her own divine sense for so long, it had gotten used to it?

With the Wood Spirit’s participation, the rate of her taking in spiritual energy had improved. However, the Heavenly Lightnings that were becoming even more saturated, continued to charge her up.

“Chick chick chick chick chick…” The Wood Spirit was a little anxious. Two vines were no longer enough to satisfy the requirement, hence, it stretched out four vines.


Such a moving porter, Zhu Yao silently gave it a thumbs up.

She finally had the spare strength to refine her divine sense as well, in other words, to train her Nascent Soul. She could only use the lightning spiritual energy to constantly train her divine sense. Time ticked by, and her divine sense began to become even more condensed, it slowly gained the rough shape of an embryo, like a little infant, and it began to look clearer as the time passed. The pain on her body had slowly subsided as well.

The lightning spiritual energy no longer needed her guidance and could now freely enter her body.

Only then did she have the spare strength, and she looked at the Wood Spirit.

Wah. When did it become a tree? What happened to the promised little bonsai?

Could it be that because it was in contact with a large amount of lightning spiritual energy, it grew up?

“Chick…” The Wood Spirit which was waving its countless vines seemed to be extremely tired. After weakly calling out, it retracted its own vines, and flew deep into her divine sense. And then, it reached the side of her Nascent Soul, and as though it was sleeping, it no longer moved.

Thanks for the hard work! Zhu Yao silently said.

Her Nascent Soul had been completely formed, and coincidentally, the Tribulation Lightning had stopped as well. After restoring her damaged meridians, she opened her eyes.

Looking at her surroundings, it was not too much of an exaggeration to call it the place unrecognizable, as everywhere was filled with the charred traces. If her master had not placed down the formations beforehand, this entire island might have been sunk by the lightning strikes.

And Yu Yan was standing at a position five steps away from her.

“Master, I formed my Nascent Soul.” Zhu Yao complacently waved her hands, and she felt absolutely brilliant!

“Mn.” He sized her up for a moment, satisfyingly nodded, and then, he relaxed his furrowed brows.

Raising her head to look in the direction of the Ancient Hill Sect, the Tribulation Clouds had already begun to disperse. Earlier, with such a big commotion, and those curving bolts of Tribulation Lightning, it could be believed that everyone in the Sect had sensed it. After the Tribulation Clouds were dispersed, they would definitely come forward to investigate. They had to think of a good counter-measure.

“Mistress, I’m back. Did you think of your cute beastie?” Sesame suddenly popped out of nowhere, and with a single swoop, it pounced towards Zhu Yao, and was slapped away by Yu Yan along the way.

With a crash, its entire body was stained with soot. Sesame crawled up with a hurt expression, bared its fangs at Yu Yan and roared, and then, it once again changed into a pitiful expression as it looked at Zhu Yao. “Mistress, he bullied me. You have to help beastie.”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at it, recalling that the Wood Spirit had struggled to help her form her Nascent Soul earlier, when comparing the former and the latter, this savage beast was completely firing at the horse after it had bolted.

“Eh, mistress, you formed your Nascent Soul.”  Sesame seemed to have just realized the difference in Zhu Yao, and like a little puppy, it ran and jumped around her a few rounds. “That’s great. I knew my mistress was incredible.”

Zhu Yao pinched its face, and pulled it to the two sides. “Why are you back?”

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!” Sesame shook its head and struggled out of her hands, as it used its own paws to rub the sides of its face. “I just miss you, my mistress. Hence, the moment I recovered my spiritual energy, I immediately rushed back. Mistress, how can you be so heartless!”

“I can even be vexatious too!” Zhu Yao pressed onto its head, and used even more force as she rubbed its little head.

“Wuuuu, it hurts, it hurts…” Sesame did not have anywhere to hide, and could only allow her to rub it. Tilting its head, it looked towards Yu Yan at the side, and roared. “Hey, hey, hey! Manage your disciple!”

A certain master instantly ignored it, seeing that his disciple was a little lively, he absolutely did not have any opinions on it.

“I wonder which Daoist friend is practicing his arts here? I’m Zi Mo from Ancient Hill Sect. I wonder if esteemed one is willing to see me?”

Zi Mo, the great family head of Ancient Hill Sect was a little saddened recently. A strange movement happened at the Secret Realm “Tasyoluk” which only opened once every five hundred years, and nearly half of the fifty odd disciples the Ancient Hill Sect sent over were lost. This was the biggest lost they had since the beginning of the Sect. This was not the thing that he was most worried about. During the accounting of numbers of the disciples who returned, a female practitioner with unknown background, and was called “Bun” by his personal succeeding disciple, was missing.

If he had investigated, he would not have known, but after investigating it, even his soul shook from fright. This Bun was actually that little infant his ancestral-grand uncle had brought back ten years ago, the second disciple of Jade Forest Mountain. He really wondered why a ten year old little girl would actually like to play with her life, and not anything else. With just the thought of his ancestral-grand uncle’s wrath, he could every part of his body aching.

Haah. When thinking of this ancestral-grand uncle of his, Zi Mo thought he was rather unfortunate. For more than ten thousand years, his only wish was to take in a disciple, and just when he finally managed to find one, he took a disciple in, and she died. Then, he took another in, and she died again. There was basically no room for him to breathe! Zi Mo even began to suspect if his ancestral-grand master was really the bane of his… Ah pui!

He thought long and hard for an entire day, yet, he will still unable to think of how to explain to his ancestral-grand master.

And then, another problem just had to appear again.

When Sovereign Feng Yi’s disciple came back, he was suddenly forming his Nascent Soul. This was originally a very happy event. Yet, just when he was supposed to experience a Tribulation, an abnormality occurred. The bolts of Tribulation Lightning crackled and struck for a long time, yet, none of them zapped onto the person who was forming his Nascent Soul. Rather, every single one of the bolts very merrily struck towards the east of Ancient Hill Sect.

He had lived for so many years, yet, he had never seen Tribulation Lightnings that could zap mistakenly, and, in the east, an abnormal spiritual power wave was even being spread. Zi Mo instantly could not idle any longer, calling up a few disciples, he decided to personally take a look. Mn, it was definitely not to avoid his ancestral-grand uncle.

In the end, when he reached the point of the Tribulation Lightning’s descent, he found many exquisite formations being set there. He had originally thought of using the principle of being polite before resorting to force, and roared out. He did not expect that the people inside would actually open the formation for him.

Zi Mo looked towards the place, and when he clearly saw who it was that was standing there, his legs gave way, and he had almost fell off his flying sword.

“An… An-An-An… Ancestral-grand uncle!” Why was this Sovereign here? He did not even have a single precaution prepared at all.

Wait a minute!

Who was that especially good-looking youth with delicate features standing beside his ancestral-grand uncle? His ancestral-grand master seemed to be, consciously or unconsciously, protecting him as well. He could not have suffered too big of a blow regarding the incident of his disciple, and then… accidentally, went astray, right?

Zi Mo was instantly overwhelmed by his thoughts, and a moving tear fell, yet, he could not allow this dog-blood story to be revealed to the world.

No, no, no. There must definitely be a mistake in his thinking process. How could his ancestral-grand uncle have this sort of hobbies? Hohoho~

Zi Mo silently looked towards that “person who cannot be revealed to the world”, and was shocked to discover that he was actually an Nascent Soul Reverend. Ancestral-grand uncle’s eyes were really high!

Only after he asked, did he discover that he was actually a wandering practitioner, and had planned on admitting into the Ancient Hill Sect, yet, when he coincidentally passed this island by, he discovered this demonic beast. When he was unable to beat it, ancestral-grand master had fortunately rushed over, guided the Tribulation Lightning on the fly, and aided him in subduing in this demonic beast.

Ancestral-grand uncle who rarely stepped out of his house, actually moved to save someone on his own accord? Who was this youth, who was given such a honor? As expected, the relationship between these two was definitely not so simple, right?

Zi Mo looked towards the demonic beast which was as tall as a small mountain behind them, and only after careful inspection did he realize that it was actually a ninth-grade demonic beast. It was no wonder there was a need to guide the Tribulation Lightning over to subdue it. However, why did he have to help an outsider subdue it? And he even simply gave it to him just like that. This was a ninth-grade demonic beast, that was comparable to an elementary-stage Demigod! Ninth-grade! What happened to not letting one’s fertile water flow into other’s field?

Even if he was “someone you could not reveal to the world”, this was too much, right!?

Zi Mo took a deep breath, and was just about to tactfully express a few words of discontent to his ancestral-grand uncle.

Yet, he actually simply turned to look at the youth behind him, without even leaving a single explanation, with a whoosh, he flew off by himself. Zi Mo: “……”

Haah, as someone who was experienced in cleaning up others’ mess, what could he do about it? But when he thought that this person was here to admit into the Ancient Hill, and was one of them in the future, the ninth-grade demonic beast would naturally be in their own field as well. Zi Mo suddenly felt relieved once again, and with a courteous face, he invited this youth who was even younger than him back.

The age of practitioners who were above the Foundation level could not be discerned by looking at their faces. Although he looked like a youth, Zi Mo who had seen and experienced many things, did not dare to address him as an elder. And this person might even be that person whom his ancestral-grand uncle “could not reveal to the world”.

“I wonder what’s Reverend’s Daoist name?”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Back then when Zi Mo called out to them, she had already guessed why her master wanted Sesame to revert to its original form. Hence, she muddled her way through explanations, other than her identity as a wandering practitioner which she had thought up at the spur of the moment. Evidently, her master was a little discontented with the last bit, hence, he angrily went off. That’s right. He was angry. Though, she was the only one who was able to discern that.

“Uh… I do not have a Daoist name.” Zhu Yao chuckled. “My surname is Soi… and my given name is a single word Sauz.”

“So it’s Daoist friend ‘Soi’.” Zi Mo smiled courteously,  and then, only after hearing a bit more regarding his identity, was he able to disperse his worries.

Zhu Yao had already gave herself the name ‘Soy Sauce’, so obviously, she would sauce her way through regarding the rest of her information.

Entering the palace a third time: The third time is just additional, the real phrase is ‘Entering the palace a  second time’. It came from a drama that has the same name. The first time, the protagonist? was sent to prison for being a traitor. After he was released, he did something unlawful again, and was sent to prison again. So, it just means that Zhu Yao might die ‘a third time’.

Chapter67: Promotion Ceremony

Naturally, Zi Mo would not mind such details. Wandering practitioners seeking admittance into Sects was a common occurrence, it was just that Nascent Soul Reverends were extremely hard to rein in. Usually, the lives of wandering practitioners were extremely difficult, and those who were able to cultivate into an Nascent Soul stage practitioner were extremely few, most of them would be used to living their own way, and would not think of being bound by Sects.

Hence, if there was a Nascent Soul Reverend thinking of admitting into a Sect, only an idiot would not agree to it. And, in Ancient Hill Sect, other than the Mountain Lords who were Nascent Soul Reverends, there were only another few dozens of them. With another Nascent Soul Reverend, their position would be more stable.

“For Reverend to choose to admit into our Ancient Hill Sect, is my Sect’s greatest honor. I wonder which Mountain in my Sect is Reverend thinking of entering?”

“I have not thought about that yet.” Zhu Yao honestly replied.

“Then  does  Reverend  has  a  specialized  field?  For  example, refining pellets, refining weapons, or creating talismans.”

“Refining pellets, refining weapons, creating talismans, I…” Zhu Yao lowered her head and pondered for a moment, and answered with serious look. “don’t know any of them!”

Zi Mo’s legs gave way, and he almost fell off. There’s actually people like you who haughtily express their incapabilities?

The corner of his lips twitched for a few moments, and Zi Mo’s face instantly darkened. Every Nascent Soul-stage practitioner, no matter how hard they cultivated, they would at least need a hundred years before they could form their Nascent Soul. They would be at least be proficient, or had learnt much of a particular craft in a hundred years, yet, he actually did not know any of them! Just how did he live till now?

“Then… Then which Mountain does Reverend prefer to create his cave residence in?”

Was she allowed to say Jade Forest Mountain? After all, she had lived there for so many years, and she had developed feelings for it. However… Looking at Zi Mo’s expression, if she were to say the truth, she would most probably be beaten to death, right!

“I have a few interests in taming beasts, and coincidentally, I had just taken in a ninth-ranked demonic beast. Why don’t I head to the Beast-Taming Mountain? What does Sect Master think?”

“That’s a very good idea!”

Zi Mo had planned on this as well. Hence, he quickly called a disciple to inform the Mountain Lord of the Beast-Taming Mountain to prepare a new cave residence, to welcome a new Elder. Then, he headed to the various Mountains to inform of this matter as well. While he was at it, he informed everyone that Xiao Yi had successfully broke through into Nascent Soul as well, and selectively informed the various Sects, that they were going to host a promotion ceremony.

Ancient Hill Sect had gained two Nascent Soul-stage Elders in an instant, and Zi Mo felt that he could finally have a good sleep at night. Oh right, they even gained a ninth-ranked demonic beast. Zhu Yao was very satisfied with her new residence. Compared to that cottage on Jade Forest Mountain, this cave residence was basically an imperial palace. Not only did it have a three small three-floored houses, there was a courtyard at the front and a small field at the back. There was even a big flower garden, a small bridge and a pond in the middle. It basically did not have a sense of narrowness at all.

Her room was at that house which was deep inside the flower garden. She heard that the two houses in front were used for the disciples she would take in in the future. With her characteristic of experiencing near death in three days, and an actual huge death in five days, she would only be able take in corpses instead of disciples. It seemed like that place over there would be empty forever.

Ancient Hill Sect’s treatment to Elders were really good. Almost every Mountain had one or two Nascent Soul-stage Elders, and usually, they need not care about matters regarding the Sect. There were naturally the various Mountain Lords who were in-charge of these matters, and there were a regular supply of nourishment provided by the Sect. However, if a big incident were to occur in the Sect, and there was a need for the Elders to come forward, the Sect would not be courteous about it.

Actually, she  had  her  own  plans  for  choosing  the  Beast- Taming Mountain. Because, the Beast-Taming Mountain’s position was at the south-west, and the one with the highest cultivation was not the Mountain Lord, but Sovereign Feng Yi who lived at the peak of the mountain. She was Xiao  Yi’s master, and was the most important member of his harem.

Originally, according to the timeline in her dreams, Xiao Yi should have only formed his Nascent Soul fifty years after he left the Secret Realm. And when he was facing his Lightning Tribulation, he encountered an Inner Demon Tribulation in his heart, and had experienced a narrow escape before his Nascent Soul formation was successful. Yet, because of this, he was extremely injured, and when he needed to restart his cultivation all over again, he was saved by his master’s “Water Spirit”.

That’s right, it’s one of the five that could summon Shenlong when all five were gathered… ah pui! It was one of the five spirits that could bring about the end of the world – the “Water Spirit”! She did not know why the Water Spirit was  in Sovereign Feng Yi’s hands, and even more so, did not understand why she would take it out only when her disciple was about to die, and when he had only a single breath left.

Because in the dream, the main point lied in… Feng Yi had to be naked to treat her disciple’s wounds. As often as it gets, this cold-hearted and expressionless flower that could only be found up high in the mountain peak, was easily taken down by Xiao Yi. Then, during the treatment, there were developments of unhealthy and disharmonious movements that could not be written down.

Of course, these were all from the initial timeline. But in reality, Xiao Yi had formed his Nascent Soul fifty years earlier, and the Lightning Tribulation he should have gotten, was guided to herself, and had her own butt bloom from all the zaps. Not only did he not experience the Inner Demon Tribulation he should have gotten, she had even allowed him to successfully form his Nascent Soul without any pain and worry.

Recalling everything that she had done, the first time, so as to save them, she killed a demon fox, she died, and then, Xiao Yi formed his Azoth Core. The second time, so as to stop the berserk Metal Spirit, she saved them again, she died again, and Xiao Yi formed his Nascent Soul.

The hell, she was actually Xiao Yi’s golden finger, right!? How could the Metal Spirit compare to her? It’s basically weak to the max! When she realized this truth, tears fell from her eyes!

Zhu Yao decided to return to her house, eat a packet of spicy gluten, and calm down.

I wonder if my life hacking master knows how to make them?

In the early morning, Zhu Yao was woken up by Zi Dan. Zi Dan was the Mountain Lord of Beast-Taming Mountain. His biggest hobby was to raise demonic beasts in his own mountain, if there was not a need, he would not leave his home. Hence, back then, she was not that familiar with him.

Zi Dan was riding an absolutely imposing, an awe-inspiring… pig! That’s right! What this dignified Mountain Lord of Beast- Taming Mountain was riding on, was actually a wild pig. Zi Dan treasured this pig-like demonic beast more than a priceless gem. Every day, he would sleep and eat with it, and even his figure was developing to match its long horizontal figure.

That’s right. The Mountain Lord of Beast-Taming Mountain was a fatty. He was a live and kicking fatty who had an estimated weight of three hundred kilograms. When this fatty leapt down from the pig beast and sprinted over to her, she suddenly had the imagination that the entire mountain was shaking.

“Little brother~” Zi Dan smiled like a cheerful chrysanthemum flower, and as he sprinted over, he raised his leg and strongly crossed over the door’s ledge, and his figure squeezed into her home.

St… Stuck!

He was actually stuck at the door!

“Little… Little brother.” Zi Dan’s chrysanthemum flower-like smile stiffened, and pleadingly reached out his hand. “Help out your big brother for a bit.”

Zhu Yao sighed, and resigned herself to grab his hand, and pull the radish out! She finally managed to pull out of the doorway.

Zi Dan, as though this was his home, poured a cup of water and gulped it down. “I say, little brother. I have already told you this a long time ago, and told you to change it into a wider door. Yet, you just don’t listen.”

You were stuck at the door.

Why are you blaming me for that?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Senior brother Zi Dan, why are you looking for me?”

“Oh right, I almost forgot!” Zi Dan patted on his big thighs, and his fats instantly shook two to three times. “I’m here to call you, so that we can head to the promotion ceremony together. You’re a newcomer, so it would be a little awkward if you were to head there alone. It’s best if you were to head there with me.”

So Xiao Yi’s promotion ceremony was today. Zhu  Yao instantly felt a little excited.

“Let’s hurry, let’s hurry. The various Sects and Clans have already arrived, we’re the hosts, you know. It’s not good to be late.” As he said that, he pushed her forward. “Since that’s the case, thank you, senior brother. Let us go now then.”

Zhu Yao thought of the matter regarding the Water Spirit, and walked out unhesitantly. After only a few steps, she suddenly heard Zi Dan’s voice again.

“Little brother…” Zi Dan once again reached out his hand, and weakly spoke up. “Help… Help your big brother again.”

He’s stuck again…

Zhu Yao: “……”

Forming the Nascent Soul was the most important step in the path of cultivation. The path to cultivation was very, and extremely difficult. Firstly, one’s Spirit Veins were the ticket to entering the cultivation world. As long as you possessed Spirit Veins, you would be able to take in spiritual energy and reach Essence. However, among the Essence-stage practitioners, only one out of a hundred people would be able to successfully build their Foundation. And out of a thousand Foundation-stage practitioners, only one or two were able to reach the Azoth- stage. And, for Azoth-stage practitioners to promote to Nascent Soul, less than one out of ten thousand of them was able to do it. Hence, it could be seen how difficult it was to form a Nascent Soul.

But in Ancient Hill Sect, following after the mighty Sovereign Yu Yan, there was actually another person who was able to form his Nascent Soul successfully in a mere hundred years or so. The various Sects and Clans naturally felt hatred when they had gotten these news. However, what could they do about it, when the target of their hatred was the number one Deity Sect? No matter how much they were biting and breaking their teeth deep in their hearts, they would have to swallow them into their stomachs, and show their faces at their promotion ceremony. In reality, it was a show-off ceremony.

When Zhu Yao arrived at the great hall, everyone had already arrived. Inside the great hall, it was not like outside where everywhere was decorated and illuminated, the people standing there were all Nascent Soul-stage practitioners of her Sect – the Mountain Lords of the various Mountains, and the few Nascent Soul-stage Elders. It was a rare occasion for the three Sovereigns to be present as well, and sitting at the center was Sovereign Feng Yi.

She still had the prideful mountain peak flower look, and did not even bat an eye at “him”, the stranger who had suddenly appeared. Xiao Yi was standing behind her, mn, and the word “BUG” on his face was still as clear and refined.

Zi Mo however was rather enthusiastic, as he immediately walked over. Then, he introduced her, the new Elder with the “ninth-grade demonic beast”, to those Elders who did not usually appear much. When everyone present heard of this, their attitudes which were initially still a little cold, instantly became enthusiastic.

Zhu Yao silently felt that she seemed to be incomparable to a beast!

However, Reverend Hong Chou did not seem to care. After lightly glancing at her, she snorted coldly and turned back, her face was filled with disdain.

What happened to the promised true love? When she was a little infant back then, Hong Chou would bring her to watch the moon and stars, and call her cutie. Now that she had changed her character, Hong Chou actually snorted at her.

Damn lolicon! “So it was Senior brother Soi, this little one here is Xiao Yi.” Xiao Yi walked over, and courteously bowed to her. In the cultivation world, strength was what mattered. The two  of them were both at the elementary Nascent Soul-stage, so their positions were equal. However, he had a Demigod-stage master, yet, he called her ‘senior brother’. He sure had given her quite a lot of face. Even Zi Mo satisfyingly nodded at him, and felt that he had good eyes.

However, a trace of dissatisfaction flashed past Feng Yi’s face, and a moment later, she recovered her expressionless face.

There’s always a need to give some face to newcomers, after all.

“Little brother Xiao Yi!” Since he was giving her such enthusiasm, she obviously would not so illogical to not take it. “So you’re little brother Xiao Yi, the one who had just formed his Nascent Soul. Congratulations, little brother Xiao Yi.”

With just a few words, she had stably gained her position as a ‘Big Brother’.

The corner of Xiao Yi’s lips twitched for a moment, and he hurriedly hid it right after. After giving a few polite words, he once again returned to stand behind Feng Yi, and he looked like a good well-dressed role model.

Zhu Yao, however, was attentively inspecting him, yet, no matter where she looked, she felt there was something amiss. Ever since the Wood Spirit had followed her, her ability to sense Wood Spirit had become extremely strong. However, currently, she was actually unable to sense even a hint of wood spiritual energy in his body. Didn’t he have the Metal and Wood Dual- Spirit Veins?

She suddenly recalled that Heavenly Pulse Lotus. Could it be that he had taken the Heavenly Pulse Lotus that could reconstruct his meridians, and had washed off his Wood Spirit Vein, becoming a single Metal Spirit Vein holder?

Chapter68: Cat Fight When There’s Nothing To Do

After pondering for a moment, it was extremely possible. When a disciple with multiple Spirit Veins wish to raise their levels, they had to take in a balanced amount of spiritual energy corresponding to each Spirit Vein at the same time. A Dual- Spirit Veins Holder had to take in two types of spiritual energy, while a Tri-Spirit Veins Holder, naturally, had to take in three types. He was a Metal and Wood Spirit Veins Holder, yet, because of the disturbance caused by the Metal Spirit, he had only taken in metal spiritual energy, and he did not have the Wood Spirit to help him take in wood spiritual energy. If he wished to form his Nascent Soul, his only way was to wash away the useless Wood Spirit Vein.

He was the protagonist after all, he’s blessed with luck and benefits everywhere.

Recalling back then, because he hid away that Heaven Pulse Lotus, her body was filled holes made by the demonic beast, and had almost lost her life. However, in the end, she still earned from it.

As expected, she was given birth from the second wife, right?
It must be, right!? Zi Mo saw that everyone had arrived, and passed down the instructions to open the hall door, welcoming the Daoist friends from the various Sects and Clans, that were here to congratulate them, into the hall.

In but an instant, following after the resounding notification, people from various Sects and Clans walked in one after another. There were Nascent Soul-stage Elders from the various Sects, and there were also many elite disciples that were here as errand boys. All of them came forward with congratulatory gifts. First, they walked forward to the three Sovereigns  to make their greetings, and then, had a small polite chat with Xiao Yi, before they were brought away by the disciples arranged by the Sect Master.

This process continued for a long time, and was completely monotonous. Zhu Yao was extremely bored watching this, and the smile on her face had already stiffened. However, as a named Elder, she had the responsibility to keep up her appearance. She could not even use the wondrous move of going for a toilet break, as, after she had set up their Foundation, she no longer had to eat, drink or head to the toilet.

After this boring ceremony had persisted for six hours, she finally understood why her master hated participating in group activities in the Sect so much. I’m so bored! I wish for something to happen! A cat fight is fine too!

Suddenly, a bang sounded. The ground severely shook, and Zhu Yao who was bored to the point where mushrooms were about to grow on her, did not stabilize her footing, and had almost slipped.

The hell! Something really occurred!

Heavens, if you satisfy my demands so much, I will be very wilful!

This strange trembling lasted entirely for fifteen minutes before it finally stopped. Other than the Nascent Soul-stage practitioners on-site who were still sitting in their original positions, most of the other disciples were staggering from the trembling. The entire place was in chaos.

“Quiet!” A Nascent Soul-stage pressure covered the  entire hall, and the people in the hall finally quietened down.

Zi Mo stood at the center, and solemnly said to the people outside. “What happened?”

“Sect Master!” A disciple hurriedly entered, his face was still filled with fear and anxiety which had yet to recede. “Due to the unknown reasons, the Great Mountain Protection Formation had suddenly collapsed.”

The Great Mountain Protection Formation was one of the strongest defenses Ancient Hill Sect possessed.

Zi Mo’s face paled, and in a flash, his figure had flew out. The faces of the various Mountain Lords present were terrible as well, as they followed after him one after another. As a named Elder, naturally, she was not an exception, and followed after everyone to the open square outside the Main Mountain.

Raising her head to look, she could see, what was originally a blue sky, suddenly shook. A layer of membrane-like thing, was being dispersed bit by bit, as though it was being slowly torn apart.

Zi Mo deeply frowned, and was both shock and furious. He called over the disciple who was protecting the formation’s core. “Who was it who dared to destroy our Ancient Hill Sect’s Great Mountain Protection Formation?”

“This disciple… doesn’t know.” The disciple bowed and replied. “Before the formation collapsed, no one had appeared in the vicinity of the formation’s core.”

“Are you sure there isn’t anyone?” Zi Mo asked.

The disciple recalled for a moment, and once again, decisively shook his head. “Other than this disciple, absolutely no one has appeared.”

Zi Mo went silent for a moment. The Great Mountain Protection Formation of Ancient Hill Sect was named as the number one formation in the cultivation world, because this formation was not set by just anyone, but by that person on Jade Forest Mountain. In the current cultivation world, other than that man himself, there’s basically no one else who had the capability to forcefully break this formation, unless the formation’s core was destroyed.

But, on this very day, in front of the various Sects and Clans, Ancient Hill Sect was given a huge slap in the face. He was afraid that if the reason for this could not be found, from then on, it would turn into a joke in the cultivation world.

“Senior brother, the formation is about to  collapse completely, it’s more important to protect the formation for now.” Zi Yuan took a step forward, and reminded Zi Mo who was submerged in his own fury.

Only then did Zi Mo suppressed his anger, and turned to instruct the disciples at the side. “Hurry to the Jade Forest Mountain and have your ancestral-grand master come over.”

And then, he signaled to the few Mountain Lords and Nascent Soul-stage Elders to cast and stabilize the formation, preventing it from collapsing any further.

Only when Zhu Yao took action did she understood why this formation was named as the number one formation in the cultivation world. The astronomical amount of spiritual energy needed, was basically nothing she could compare to. When she inserted her spiritual energy, it was like a drop of water in an ocean, it was completely ineffective at all. She was initially absolutely confident with her own cultivation, but  instantly, she was slapped hard in the fact by cruel reality. When she was just about to be unable to hold on any longer, the disciple who had went over to seek Yu Yan had returned, and he had a look as though he was about to cry.

“To inform Sect Master, ancestral-grand master has activated Jade Forest Mountain’s formation, this disciple wasn’t able to enter.”

“Then, what about message paper cranes?”

“The paper cranes weren’t able to enter either.”

Zhu Yao’s face instantly darkened. Just what the hell was her master doing?

Zi Mo who was initially already utterly exhausted, had became even more utterly exhausted. This ancestral-grand uncle of his was initially hard to deal with, after he had taken a disciple, he got a little better. Just when he was about to return back on track, in an instant, two of his disciples died consecutively. He was able to understand if he were to vent out some of his emotions, but why the hell did it have to be in a time like this? Zi Mo even felt like crying right in front of him. Just when he did not know what to do, suddenly, he saw that youthful and handsome young man at the side.

Suddenly, a plan rang out in his heart.

Oh, young man who “should not be made known to the world”, the time when Ancient Hill Sect needs you has come.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a chill down her spine, and when she turned, she coincidentally saw that strange gaze Zi Mo had.

What is this old man thinking of doing?

“I say, young man who shouldn’t be… ahem, junior brother Soi.” He almost exposed himself! Zi Mo faked out a few coughs to cover up. “I recall that you have some form of friendship with my ancestral-grand uncle. Can I trouble you to head over and request him to come over?”

“Uh…” If it was a request, then so be it. But what’s with those eyes of yours which have been constantly twitching? “It isn’t a problem for me to head over there, but I’m afraid if I were to pull my hand back now, the Great Mountain Protection Formation will…”

Zi Mo’s face darkened, and had only just reached this line of thought.

They had only managed to prevent the formation from collapsing so quickly by having this many Nascent Soul-stage practitioners insert their spiritual energy together, otherwise, the entire Ancient Hill Sect would have already fell onto the sea. If they were to pull out one of them now, it would be game over.

“This Sovereign shall take over!” A cold female voice sounded.

When Zhu Yao turned to look, behind them were the three Demigod Sovereigns, and the one who voiced out was actually Sovereign Feng Yi.

Zi Mo was startled, as though he had just recalled that the three Sovereigns were here as well, and silently wiped off his cold sweat. It was not his fault, these three people had not managed affairs for too long, even he had forgotten that they were Demigods. “I will have to trouble the three Sovereigns.”

With the participation of the three Demigod Sovereigns, the collapsing formation instantly stabilized, however, the damage was still very large.

Feng Yi waved towards Zhu Yao, and Zhu Yao simply felt she was instantly bounced back by a ball of energy, and her spiritual power was withdrawn.

“Do what you need to do!” Feng Yi coldly spoke up, and she did not even turn her head to look at Zhu Yao at all, her face was filled with immense pride.

Zhu Yao rubbed her nose, and she planned on hurrying to the Jade Forest Mountain to haul her master here.

However, suddenly, a change occurred. A few dozens of steps away, in the vicinity of the formation’s core which was still rather calm earlier, a black fog suddenly emitted out. The fog was especially dense, yet, it did not disperse in all directions, rather, it slowly gathered and took shape. It actually turned into a gigantic demonic beast, and there were actually several dozens of them. The constant roars instantly resounded through the clouds.

“They’re sixth-ranked demonic beasts!” The place had instantly sank into chaos.

“Disciples of Ancient Hill Sect, follow me to battle.” Xiao Yi, who was the only one who did not take action to maintain the formation, shouted loudly. Releasing his pressure, the place had finally managed to calm down. Casually summoning his own sword, he swung it and slashed towards the nearest demonic beast.

Zhu Yao’s legs instantly stopped as well. Summoning her spiritual swords, she activated a sword formation and threw it at a demonic beast which was currently rushing towards where the people were maintaining the formation. This  demonic beast, however, was especially strange. With just a single slash, it actually reverted back into a mass of black fog.

When she looked around, none of the other demonic beasts that fell turned into fog. What the hell was this demonic beast? And these demonic beasts, seemed to have found its target as well, as they crazily attacked towards the few people who could not move due to them maintaining the formation. And among the few people that were around them, only she was the nearest, and her cultivation level was the highest as well. Although, to her, a sixth-ranked demonic beast was nothing to be afraid of, she was unable to hold herself against a large number of them. Clenching her teeth, Zhu Yao could only summon Sesame over.

“Sesame, clear the field!”

~~ Rooooar ~ ┗|`o′|┛

The moment Sesame appeared, it instantly sat a demonic beast to death with its butt, and with a sweep of its tail, it blew another one away. Then, it complacently looked towards her in the eye.


Meow your sister. Be a proper beast, what are learning to cry out like a cat for?

Although Sesame was suppressing his cultivation, and looked like a ninth-ranked demonic beast, however, after all, it was an eleventh-rank demonic beast. Fighting sixth-ranked demonic beasts was like chopping vegetables to it. With its participation, the entire scene instantly made a reversal, and they had finally managed to protect those people who could not move.

Zhu Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

Yet, suddenly, she heard a strange laughter coming from behind. She suddenly had a very bad premonition.

“Hahahahaha, I have finally found the opportunity…”

When Zhu Yao turned to look, the demonic beast which she had slashed to death, turned into a black fog and was beginning to gather. It actually gathered into a shape of a man, and had coincidentally stopped right behind Feng Yi.


Zhu Yao was unable to warn her in time, and that man had already took action. With a palm filled with a dense black aura, he had already struck towards Feng Yi. Feng Yi instantly spat out a mouthful of blood, and before she could even retaliate, she had already collapsed.

All of these happened in an instant, basically no one had the time to react. Before Zhu Yao could even turn her body around, Feng Yi had already collapsed.

“Master!” Xiao Yi roared out out of panic, and wanted to rush over. However, he was heavily stopped by the demonic beasts.

That man, however, did not allow Feng Yi to fall onto the ground. Rather, extremely gently, he held her body, and carefully embraced her in his arms. Using his face which was filled with black scar marks, he buried into her bosom, and gently muttered out a few words. Just like how he appeared, along with Feng Yi, they turned into wisps of black fog, and disappeared without a trace.

The man’s voice was very soft, however, it was loud enough for all of the Nascent Soul-stage practitioners to clearly hear.

What he said was: “I have finally obtained you.” Instantly, in Zhu Yao mind’s, a word popped out. Fanboy?

Following after the man’s disappearance, the demonic beasts that suddenly appeared, just like how they appeared, began to turn into masses of black fog and disappeared as well. And, they were even environmentally friendly, as even all the corpses of the dead demonic beasts were brought away as well. Everything had disappeared cleanly, and without a trace.

Chapter69: Little Rescue Squad

This inexplicable big battle, ended in an inexplicable way.

Although their side did not have any cannon fodders who had lost their lives, they lost a Demigod Sovereign. To be exact, she was kidnapped.

As Feng Yi was taken away, the formation once again began to collapse. Zhu Yao could only bitterly go over to hold it again. And wasn’t the consumption of this formation was too large? She was quickly being sucked dry.

Zi Mo silently passed her a pair of eyes, saying ‘Help me’.

Zhu Yao felt like crying. Don’t look at me. I can’t leave right now either, unless you want me to shout?

It seems like I can try that…

“Sovereign Yu Yan, help us!” Zhu Yao at that moment, was possessed by Xue Yi. “Sovereign, hurry up and come out! Come out, come out, come out! Don’t hide inside quietly, I know you’re at home.” If he did not come anytime soon, she would die.

When those words fell, with a flash of white light, Yu Yan who was emitting out an icy aura had already stood right in front of her.

The hell, he really came!

Not only Zhu Yao, even Zi Mo was shocked. He did not expect that with just a cry from his junior brother, he was able to invite him down.

As expected, he’s ancestral-grand uncle’s “someone that can’t be revealed to the world”, right? He’s definitely it, isn’t he!?

Yu Yan coldly stared at his disciple. His face which never had any warmth in the first place, was not even more chilling.

“Mas… Sovereign!” Zhu Yao was startled by him, and had almost exposed herself. She could only chuckle and give him a silly smile. “‘Disciple Soi Sauz, greets Sovereign.” Zhu Yao obediently greeted him, and heavily emphasized on the word ‘disciple’.

“Mn.” Only then did Yu Yan nod his head, and his expression soothened. He was already irritated for being called out by his disciple in the early morning, and because of his own stupid disciple’s stupid plan, she refused to identify him as her master, he really had the right to be angry.

With Zhu Yao’s greeting, it reminded everyone, and a series of greetings sounded out.

“Disciple greets grand-uncle.”

“Disciple greets ancestral-grand master.”

However, he did not respond to anyone else. He simply raised his head to look at the sky, at that formation which was damaged to the point of unsightly.

“Ancestral-grand uncle.” Zi Mo kept away his shock, and recalled the important business they had to attend to. “The Great Mountain Protection Formation of Ancient Hill Sect has been damaged by someone. We have already put in all our effort, yet, we were unable to stop the formation from collapsing. I hope ancestral-grand uncle can step in and fix it in time, and protect our Sect from danger.”

Yu Yan nodded, and single-handedly performed a series of hand-seals, and then, he waved his hand. The formation which was still endlessly absorbing everyone’s spiritual energy earlier, instantly stopped, and the formation had stopped collapsing as well. All of those who were casting their Arts, were bounced back.

Zhu Yao and the rest of her little companions were shocked speechless.

Just how did master do that? What are those hand seals? Why is it so strong? Teach me, teach me, teach me! With a pair of sparkling eyes, she looked towards her own master.

Unfortunately, she was instantly ignored. Yu Yan simply reached out his hand and stuffed a paper bag to Zhu Yao.

“The formation’s core under the sea has been damaged.” Yu Yan simply informed with a bland voice, and then, turning into a ray of white light, he flew down into the waters.

Zhu Yao blankly grabbed onto the paper bag her master gave her, and opened it.

This long shape, and bright red color.

It’s actually spicy gluten!

Why did he give her a bag of spicy gluten? Haah~

Wait a minute. Two days ago, because she was unable to get used to sleeping on her new bed, she seemed to have went over and asked her master, if he knew how to make spicy gluten. After she received a negative answer, she seemed to have casually told him the method to make it.

Then the reason why her master went into isolation this time was…

The answer to this was really too destructive to the three views! Master, tell me honestly. Just what level have you reached with your life skills!?

The promotion ceremony ended with a slap in the face.

Facing this high-ranking personnel kidnapping incident, all of the other high-ranking personnel of Ancient Hill Sect opened an emergency meeting. After a series of discussion, they had made a decision. They could not bear to throw this face, hence, they had to definitely give a good slap back.

Firstly, during the meeting, the crime suspect had been confirmed. He was a man who had a crush on Sovereign Feng Yi since a thousand years ago. His name: Chen Ze. Class: Heretic Practitioner. And, he possessed the cultivation level of a Nascent Soul Paragon. This person had always loved Sovereign Feng Yi, yet, because of suffering a series of rejections, hatred and resentment was born in his heart. He then took the opportunity of this promotion ceremony, to create chaos and kidnap the Sovereign.

His actions were hideous, and had even went back on the basic principle of free love in the cultivation world. He should receive the condemnation of society and punishment from the heavens. The other high-ranking personnels of Ancient Hill Sect expressed outrage to this action of his, and immediately established a small squad for this incident. This squad had to capture the criminal, if not, eliminate him on the spot! At the same time, save the innocent victim – Sovereign Feng Yi.

Zhu Yao expressed a hundred and twenty percent of her support to this.


Momma’s egg, why me?

What’s the meaning of dispatching her?

Regarding this move, Ancient Hill Sect’s highest  leading figure, Zi Mo, president of the student council, gave this explanation.

“Little brother Soi!” Zi Mo patted on her shoulder, and spoke to her with extreme earnestness. “You have seen the situation back then yourself. It all happened too quickly, and you had clearly seen that person’s face. Also, Sovereign Feng Yi should be seriously injured right now, and incidentally, you have the Wood Spirit Vein, which is compatible to hers. You’re the most suitable for treating Sovereign’s injuries.”

Zhu Yao gave a face. Why did she have to hide her identity, and say that she had a Wood Spirit Vein? Was it too late to regret?

“Don’t worry. As long as Sovereign recovers from her injuries, I believe that, no matter how strong that heretic practitioner is, he won’t be able to do anything against all of you.”

Do you really think so? Earlier, didn’t he completely make a fool out of a group of Nascent Soul and Demigod practitioners? Zhu Yao could not help but roll her eyes at him.

“I will entrust Sovereign Feng Yi to you, then!” Before she could even resist, Zi Mo had already hammered down his decision.

The small special task force for saving Sovereign feng Yi had been officially established, and was formed by three people, Zhu Yao, Beast-Taming Mountain Mountain Lord – Zi Dan, and Feng Yi’s disciple – Xiao Yi. The plan was to head to the base of heretic practitioners, Yucang City, which was near the Wild Lands, gather intel of Chen Ze’s location, and execute the rescue mission.

Sovereign Yiran swiftly executed hand-seals with his two hands, and opened a teleportation gate. “The position of Yucang City is hard to be determined. So as to prevent you three from going in the wrong direction, this Sovereign will directly send the three of you outside the city. You must remember,  that place is the territory of heretic practitioners. You must proceed with caution.”

Before Zhu Yao could even express her statement, she had already been pulled into the teleportation gate by the hot- blooded Zi Dan.

“Wait a minute, I have yet to…” she had yet to agree to this, hey. At the very least, allow her to give her master a call.

Unfortunately, no matter how much force he used, she was unable to win against a fatty in a pulling match.

The scenery in front of them instantly changed, and the three of them was already standing on a patch of grassland. Zhu Yao: “……”

She did not say a single word from the beginning to end, why was she dispatched to carry out such a dangerous mission?

What’s worse was…

Turning her head, she looked at student Xiao Yi beside her, who would always be a piggish teammate. She felt like crying.

This time, she was going to die as well, right? She definitely would, right?

She was not sure if Xiao Yi was really a bug, however, on his body, he definitely had a buff called “All Party Members shall Die”, and it especially had a 100% damage bonus on her.

She suddenly felt that living was especially tiring.

“Little brother, hurry, look.” Fatty student Zi Dan, with his bulky arms, nudged Zhu Yao. Being pushed by an excessively large figure, Zhu Yao lost her balance, and had almost fell flat on the ground. The fatty pointed to the front. “That place must be Yucang City.”

Zhu Yao silently took two steps back, and maintained a safe distance. Then, following his finger, she looked over. At a distance of about five hundred meters away, there was an ancient-looking city. The city wall was filled with countless scars and holes, and felt it had stood for a very long time. It’s just that the entire city was actually floating in mid-air. Occasionally, there would be groups of three to two people, riding various types of demonic beasts, or riding various strange mystic tools, towards the city entrance, and then, enter the city.

“Let’s immediately enter and gather news of master.” Xiao Yi anxiously said, and summoned his flying sword with a wave of his hand.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao stopped him. “You can’t use your flying sowrd!”

Xiao Yi’s expression changed, and was about to vent out his anger.

Zi Dan,  however,  said  with  a  smile.  “Little  brother  Soi  is right.” He pointed to those people entering the city. “This is the gathering point of heretic practitioners, and only deity practitioners specialize in using swords. If you fly over with a sword, your identity as deity practitioners will be immediately exposed. Haven’t you realized that, among those group of people who have entered the city, none of them flew in with swords?”

Only then did Xiao Yi calm down, and kept away the flying sword in his hand.

“My contracted spiritual beast, however, can be of use.” Zi Dan summoned his own mount.

That’s right, it’s that pig.

“Little brother Soi, if you don’t mind, why don’t I give you a ride?” Zi Dan sat on his own pig, and stretched an enthusiastic pig’s trotter towards her.

I do mind!

“Alright.” She  had  never  rode  on  a  pig  in  her  life,  and  it seemed to be bearable.

“But as for junior brother Xiao…”

“I shall use a mystic tool.” Xiao Yi pulled out a jade flute, and changed it into a size which allowed him to stand firmly on. When he stood on it, she had an imagination of him being sage- like. As expected, flutes were tools that could raise one’s acting ability to flirt with girls.

“Alright, let us enter the city!” Zi Dan announced, and with a wave of his hand, the fat figure lowered his body into an arc…

And squeezed Zhu Yao down.

Zhu Yao: “……”

Xiao Yi: “……”

The hell, what happened to the promised two-seater mount? “Hohohoho…” Zi Dan’s face was filled with apologetic intentions. “I’m sorry, little brother. I had forgotten to change the size of my spiritual beast.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Then why the hell did you invite me up?

My buttocks, yo… oh, it hurts!

Zi Dan increased the size of the demonic beast below him by two times. Only then did Zhu Yao once again climbed up, and sat a little further away out of fear.

She had no other options, she was poor after all. With her setting of constant resurrection, no matter what treasures she had, they were destined to all be of one-time use only. Currently on her, other than a normal spiritual sword, she did not even have a single mystic tool. Originally, she had thought of plundering a few from her master, however, no one gave her the opportunity to do so!

As two rode on a beast while the other rode on a mystic tool, in but a moment, the little rescue squad had arrived under Yucang City. From up close, this city looked even more ancient. On the city wall, there were countless scars that were left from battles, yet, at the top of wall, there were various word talismans placed everywhere, and they filled the entire wall in a packed manner.

Zi Dan explained her to that, the sigil on this city, was an ancient sigil. They were present in all four walls of Yucang City, and it was unknown who was the person who left them. However, the strength of the sigil was something no one could break. There were no restrictions on leaving the city, however, if one wished to enter the city, that person could only enter from the entrance of the city. Only leaving, and not entering, it could be said that it was a city that no one could break into.

This was also why, even though all of the Deity Sects knew of Yucang City, the gathering spot of all heretic practitioners, none of them had attacked it.

“Who goes there?” The moment they approached the  city gate, a heretic practitioner with a ghastly face and with only a single eye, asked with vigilance, and inspected the three of them from head to toe. “What’s your business in Yucang City?”

Xue Yi: She’s a character from a TV drama. A very beautiful woman, and has a very straightforward character.

Chapter70: The Queen Regnant

The three of them were startled. He looked like the city gate’s guard, but why did he not stop the rest, but them?

“We’re here to avoid being hunted down for revenge!” Zhu Yao quick-wittedly said.

“Revenge?” This person was exactly a heretic practitioner who was in-charge of guarding the gate. He looked at the faces of the three people in front of him. “Who are you people running away from?”

“Naturally, it’s a Deity Sect.”

“So it’s another bunch of idiots who are here to seek protection after offending a Deity Sect.” The  heretic practitioner laughed with scorn. “Do you know the password?”

“Password?” Zhu Yao was completely stunned. The hell she would know the password?

Wait a minute, could it be: “Open Sesame?” ~~ Roooooaar ~~┗|`o′|┛

Before waiting for the guard’s reply, Sesame had already spontaneously leapt out, its two eyes looked at Zhu Yao excitedly, implying: ‘Mistress, you called me?’

Zhu Yao: ……

However, that guard did not look even the least bit scared. He quickly got used to looking at Sesame, and had a face as though he had a clear understanding of what was going on. “Oh… So you people are beast practitioners, with those immoral things that you people do, it’s no wonder you people would be chased after by the Deity Sect. Go in then, don’t waste this big man’s time.”

“Thank you, brother.” Although she did not understand why, since they were able to enter, then it felt absolutely brilliant.

Zhu Yao instantly called Sesame to return, and had him kept back in a Spirit Beast Pouch her master had given her. Then, she brought the two others and entered the city. Only when Zi Dan explained to her, did she know that the so- called beast practitioners were heretic practitioners who refined the corpses of spiritual beasts into corpses that could be manipulated and used to attack. However, this Art, lacked a little morals, because, a corpse of a regular demonic beast could not be used to refine, spiritual beasts that had been subdued by people must be used. However, by nature, beast practitioners and demonic beasts were never fated. As beast practitioners often refine corpses of beasts, they carry a smell which demonic beasts especially hate, and would cause the demonic beasts to go crazy, let alone subduing them. Hence, beast practitioners could only steal spiritual beasts from others, then, kill them before turning them into puppets. Usually, puppets which  were refined successfully would be a rank higher than when the spiritual beasts were still alive.

Killing others’ spiritual beasts while it was still very much alive and well, and even go around openly after refining them into puppets, beast practitioners were definitely heretic practitioners who gained the most hate.

Earlier, when Sesame suddenly appeared, and it was even a ninth-ranked, that guard must have definitely thought that they had stolen an eighth-ranked spiritual beast from some Deity Sect, and had even turned it into a puppet, hence, they were being chased by that Deity Sect. She really had to thank the hole in the big brother guard’s brain, it really opened at the right time.

The moment they entered the city, the three of them went to indirectly gathered some information. However, heretic practitioners were after all not regular people, and had very strong wariness, so, they would not continuing talking with others without reserve. In an entire day, the amount of information they gathered were only a handful, and, not many of them were reliable.

Chen Zi was also a beast practitioner. As people who cultivate into deities, no matter were they heretic practitioners or practitioners who come from the Deity Sect, which would not like to bring up one or two spiritual beasts? Even her master was bringing up that bunch of stupid divine cranes. One could imagine, how much contempt people would feel about a beast practitioner, who specialize in stealing spiritual beasts from others, such that, when these beast practitioners try to speak up, they would always usher a few rolling eyes and glares.

In a day, they completely did not make any progress.

The three of them discussed, and decided to stay a night. Chen Zi brought that many demonic beasts to attack Ancient Hill Sect, and it could be seen that they were all his puppets. With that huge number, the number of people who had lost their spiritual beasts were naturally relatively the same as well. As long they inquired about it for a few more times, it would be impossible for them to not find any useful piece of information.

When the sky turned dark, the three of them found an inn. After cutting off fatty Zi Dan’s request to stay in the same room with a firm attitude, she returned to her own lodging.

There were a few things she needed to confirm about.

After setting up a barrier to prevent inspection, she called out the Wood Spirit from her divine sense.

“Wood Spirit, do you know where’s the Water Spirit?” There was a certain connection between the five Spirits, so it should be able to sense the Water Spirit’s existence.

“Chick~” When the Wood Spirit woke up, it had already returned to its little bonsai-look. Hearing her question, it tilted its head, and then, waved its branches about for a moment. “Chick, chick, chick, chick, chick~” She… did not understand a single word.

“Alright, alright, stop chicking.” It seemed like communication was a big problem. “I shall ask, and you shall answer. If it’s right, nod, and if it’s wrong, shake your head. Today, at the great hall, did you sense the Water Spirit on someone else’s body?”

Currently, Xiao Yi was not injured, so naturally, Feng Yi would treat his wounds with the Water Spirit, so, the Water Spirit should still be on Feng Yi.

Although she was forced into this rescue mission, she might have a chance at obtaining the Water Spirit.

“Chick~” The Wood Spirit tilted its little head, and  then, began to crazily shake. It even dropped a table full of leaves from its shaking.

“No? It’s really not on anyone among that group of people?”

“Chick!” It continued to shake its leaves. Then, where was the Water Spirit? Zhu Yao was completely stunned as well.

Wait a minute!

“Then, did you sense the Water Spirit today?”

“Chick!” It nodded.

It sensed the Water Spirit, yet, it was not from anyone in the great hall. Could it be…

When the sky had just lit up on the second day, the little rescue squad had already begun their overtime work. This time, the three of them headed to the city’s most bustling marketplace. This was the first time Zhu Yao had came to a practitioner market in the cultivation world, yet,  she completely did not have the heart to stop and stroll around. She raised a hundred and twenty percent of her spirits, and went to look for Sovereign Feng Yi’s whereabouts.

So as to integrate into the masses better, the moment they entered the city, they had already hidden their Nascent Soul- stage cultivation level. After all, if three Nascent Soul-stage practitioners were to walk together, and even inquire about certain things in all directions, it would easily raise one’s suspicion. It would be different, however, if they were three Azoth-stage practitioners.

After gathering a round of intel did they find out that, Chen Zi had basically never appeared in Yucang City. Or, it should be said that he did not dare to appear here. It was rumored that two hundred years ago, Chen Zi courted his own death by stealing the City Lord’s sixth-grade spiritual beast which the lord had bitterly managed to subdue, and he had even turned it into his own puppet. Ever since then, he had been list as wanted in the entire city, and he no longer dared to step into a single step into Yucang City.

Zhu Yao was a little disheartened. Yucang City was Chen Zi’s only shelter. If he did not even dare to come here, then where else would he dare to hide at?

No, wait. He dared to cause such a huge incident at Ancient Hill Sect, and it was even when the promotion ceremony was being held, in the situation where various Sects and Clans were present, and kidnapped Feng Yi away. Then, he must definitely have a place to hide that he felt completely safe in. And the most dangerous place, usually, was the safest place. In other words, there’s an extremely high possibility that he’s hiding in Yucang City by hiding his identity.

Thinking up to this point, Zhu Yao instantly felt  spirited again. Telling her thoughts to the other two, she switched her target. Giving up on Chen Zi, rather, she began to inquire about Sovereign Feng Yi’s information. Although the amount of information they got was not many, yet, it was sufficient to determine that, Feng Yi had indeed came into Yucang City. According to one person, he saw her traveling alongside a man, and had headed in the northwestern direct.

The three of them were excited, and just when they planned on heading to the northwestern direction, suddenly, a commotion occurred on the streets, as the crowd suddenly began to congest.


A scream suddenly sounded at the front, and the crowd squeezed towards where they were one after another.

The three of them still had no idea what had just happened, then, another few screams sounded again at the front. A few wisps of black fog could be faintly seen rising up as well.

“Let’s leave here quickly.” Zi Dan immediately decided to leave.

Zhu Yao and Xiao Yi nodded. After all, they smuggled themselves inside the city in the first place, it would be bad if they were discovered.

Just when the three of them turned, the heretic practitioner who was trafficking spiritual beast eggs, who they had just inquired their information from earlier, his two eyes suddenly largely widened up, and he let out a miserable scream.

Dense fog, which was as black as black ink, endlessly emitted out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. His body was even disintegrating at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, and instantly, he had already turned into ash, even his bones could not be found.

Such a terrifying killing method, forget about Zhu Yao, even Reverend Zi Dan had never seen it before. Before, this was still not the end. Immediately after, the same screams once again sounded constantly from all directions. In an instant, five to six strong and healthy male practitioners, with the same method, died on the streets, in everyone’s eyes.

Several fearful voices instantly sounded from the crowd. Heretic practitioners treasured their lives the most, and the street which was still crowded with people earlier, those who flew with mystic tools summoned their mystic tools, and those who rode on spiritual beasts summoned their spiritual beasts, and they began to flee for their lives one after another.

Zhu Yao made eye contact with the other two, and planned on leaving as well.

“What’s everyone getting worked up for!”

Suddenly, a Demigod-stage pressure came from the sky, and the crowd who were still chaotically fleeing in all directions earlier, instantly quietened down.

Many of the people who had already flown up in the sky, lost their balance, and instantly fell. A few of those Foundation- stage heretic practitioners who did not have high cultivation level, had even began to bleed everywhere under the mighty and strong pressure.

An extremely beautiful woman, suddenly descended from the sky. She wore a layer of very revealing light, translucent veil. Her feet were bare, and the two round lumps on chest were bulging even more. Her facial appearance was even more perfect, compared to Sovereign Feng Yi.

Zhu Yao could not help but sigh. This was definitely an outstanding creature, whom men would not be able to shift their line of sight away from after glancing an eye at her.

The strangest thing was, none of the heretic practitioners present dared to raise their heads. Their expressions, rather than respectful, they could be said to be fearful. Not even the cry of a crow could be heard in the entire place.

“What’s with you lot crying out like ghosts in the early morning? Disturbing my sleep.” The woman batted an eye at the crowd on the streets.

Hearing her question, a tall heretic practitioner at the side hurriedly replied. “To answer city lord, earlier, a strange thing happened in the city, a lot of people…”

The woman cast a cold glare at him, and with a wave of her hand, that heretic practitioner who replied suddenly flew out, and heavily smashed onto the ground a few meters away, spitting out a good few mouthful of blood.

The woman once again waved his hand, and that person flew back here, kneeling right in front of her. With the woman’s slender jade foot, she heavily stepped on the back of the man. Then, with one of her hands, she raised the man’s chin, her eyes narrowed, and she said with a smile. “Why don’t you know the rules? What city lord? Call me queen!”

Zhu Yao gave a face. So this city lord, was a queen regnant.

The man who replied was evidently heavily injured, yet, he still clenched his teeth and replied. “Yes, your majesty, the queen. This little one did not know the rules, I hope your majesty will forgive me.”

Zhu Yao gave another face. This ‘your majesty, the queen’, crossed over from a movie, right? “Mn.” Only then did the woman release his chin. However, she turned, and sat on the man’s back, casually pointing out to another person at the side. “You, tell me. What big deal happened here?”

“City… To reply to my queen, earlier, on  this street, there were many people who suddenly turned into piles of ashes, with their corpses and bones nowhere to be found. Before they disappeared, their bodies were emitting out black fog as well.”

“Black fog?” The expression of the woman sank, suddenly, she lifted a hint of a cold smile. “So it’s that traitor, Chen Zi. I didn’t look for him, but he actually still dared to return. Everyone in the city, listen up!” The queen regnant stood up, and once again released her pressure, and said with a cold smile. “Find me that beast practitioner named Chen Zi. Whoever is able to catch him, this queen will heavily reward you!”

Everyone present began to go into an uproar again. All of their faces were a little excited, and they looked extremely eager. There were even some who could not wait and began to move.
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