My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 51-60

Chapter51: What Grass Is That?

Following her line of sight, he curiously looked over. He instantly understood, and explained to her. “Currently, little fatty Zhao is Weapon Mountain’s chamber disciple. His talent is pretty good, but he’s too overly anxious, and frequently uses medicinal pellets to raise his cultivation. Although he barely managed to form his Azoth Core, his realm is still unstable. I really wonder why Reverend Zi Yuan allows him to come to the Secret Realm.”

“Then what about that one over there?” Zhu Yao pointed to that girly called Lu Cha a little curiously.

“That’s Lu Cha, a chamber disciple of the Medicine Mountain, with the Fire and Earth Dual-Spirit Veins. She had formed her Azoth Core long before little fatty Zhao.” Wang Xuzhi’s tone contained a certain amount of praise. “I heard that the Medicine Mountain Lord has the intention to betroth her to little fatty Zhao, and have them form a practitioner-pairing companionship. However, it had yet to be officially announced, and from the current looks of it…”

Wang Xuzhi did not say any further, however, Zhu Yao had already understood. So there was actually such a thing going on, it’s no wonder little fatty Zhao stuck to her that much. In the sect, the number of people forming practitioner-pairing companionships were not in the minority, and even the Sect Master had a practitioner-pairing companion as well, however, it was rumored that she had been in isolation training to nourish her Nascent Soul, and Zhu Yao simply had not gotten the chance to see her.

Their group consisted of ten people, including her, there were five other female practitioners. The one leading the group was actually a disciple from the Medicine Mountain, and his name was Chen Yi, an Azoth Paragon. He counted the number of people, made sure that there were no mistakes, before leading them into the forest. “Let’s go!”

Zhu Yao pulled onto Wang Xuzhi and followed after them, occasionally, she would pay attention to Xiao Yi in front. Because, in the dream, he found the “Wood Spirit” by himself, in other words, the time for the Wood Spirit to appear, was when he was all alone. She had to put him on a close watch.

Xiao Yi seemed to have realized her gaze, as he turned his head over and gave her what he thought was an elegant smile. Zhu Yao instantly choked, and almost puke.

It was certainly not because Xiao Yi was ugly, rather, as long as he made an expression, the BUG word on his face would distort accordingly. And, as a technical staff, when she saw this word, her first reaction was to definitely think of patching up his face!

However, because of that one smile of his, Zhu Yao instantly felt killing intent, and it was even coming from the few female practitioners beside him, as their eyes were as though they could not wait to swallow her up alive. Hey, hey, hey, can you girls please not misunderstand? I’m really not interested in your

“There should be many ‘Fresh Green Herb’ nearby, everyone, split up and gather a few of them. We will gather back here in two hours.” Chen Yi took out a piece of map and examined it for a moment, before telling the other nine people. Nobody had any objections, and dispersed in all four directions.

Zhu Yao curiously asked. “There’s a map for the Secret Realm as well?”

“That’s a map drawn by our seniors who have entered ‘Tasyoluk’ in the past.” Wang Xuzhi explained. “Every sect has them, and every Azoth Paragon disciple, before entering the Secret Realm, could receive one from the Sect Master.” This was also why an Azoth Paragon disciple must be the one leading the group.

“However, there’s only the map for the outer area of the Secret Realm. The core of the Secret Realm has many demonic beasts, and it’s very rare for practitioners to come out of there alive.”

I see. In that case, she temporarily did not have to worry that Xiao Yi would find that ancient ruin first. After all, every sect had copies of this map, and if there’s a ruin, it would have already been found long ago.

“Let us head there and take a look.” Wang Xuzhi pointed to an empty spot in the east. Fresh Green Herb was an ingredient for refining pellets, and could be used for making Stopcolor Pellets. These herbs could be found outside, yet, they were not really usually seen, hence, the price of each was not a small amount. However, it was different in the Secret Realm. The medicinal herbs here seemed to flourish extremely well, and they had already found three stalks after walking for just two hours.

Zhu Yao did not really have knowledge on pellet refinements, her master did not allow her to eat medicinal pellets casually either. Hence, she was completely ignorant when it came to things related to medicinal herbs. If Wang Xuzhi had not said that small stalk of grass were Fresh Green Herb, she would have almost stepped onto it.

Wang Xuzhi carefully dug out that small stalk of fresh and tender grass, and then, placed it into a special container. He explained to her, all spiritual grass possessed spiritual energy, if they were not placed into unique containers, even if they were brought out, they would become useless due to the loss of spiritual energy.

Zhu Yao felt a little bored from his explanations. In the modern era, she was actually someone that could even cause a cactus which was under her care, to die. She really did not have any love towards plants. Looking all around for a moment, she still could not differentiate those green grass. However, she was still a studious child, and would ask things that she did not know.

“What’s that stalk of grass?”

“That’s Purple Moss, it can be used to refine Blood-Growing Pellets.” “What’s that stalk of grass?”

“That’s Flowind, a common herb. It can be used to stop the bleeding of meridians.”

“What about that stalk of grass?”

“That’s Bishe, it possesses a deadly poison.”

“Then what about that grass over there?”

“That’s… really just grass.”

Wang Xuzhi felt his head aching a little from the questions. Were these not basic knowledge learnt when one just entered the sect? Why was she unable to even recognize medicinal grass? Was grand ancestral-martial uncle teaching his disciple seriously? “Little Bun, can you be quiet for a moment, that stalk you’re pulling right now is the Fresh Green Herb.”

“Ou!” Zhu Yao silently retracted her claws of ignorance, and suddenly, her eyes shone. “Hey, Xuzhi, I have a final question?” “What is it?” Wang Xuzhi speechlessly turned his head over.

Zhu Yao weakly pointed to the front. “That patch of grass, why is it glowing?”

Wang Xuzhi turned to look, and his eyes instantly widened. He saw, on a spot not far away in front of him, there was a large patch of small grass glowing with silver light. Their leaves were half-translucent, and they looked crystal clear. Looking from afar, it was as though the ground was covered with a layer of glass floor.

The two of them walked towards it, Wang Xuzhi carefully scrutinized it for a moment, before he agitatedly said. “These… These are See-Through Leaf Grass, and there’s such a large patch of them…”

See-Through Leaf Grass were necessary ingredients in refining Foundation Pellets. Foundation Pellets were very rare medicinal pellets, and even in Ancient Hill Sect, not all Essence Paragons were able to obtain Foundation Pellets, and only very few unique difficult quests would have them as rewards. Although he was already an Azoth practitioner and no longer needed it, with such a big patch of See-Through Leaf Grass, to the Ancient Hill Sect, it meant that a large number of Essence disciples could break through into Foundation.

“See-through Leaf Grass?” This name sounded familiar, and she seemed to have heard it from somewhere before. “What’s the use of this herb?”

“This is an ingredient used to refine Foundation Pellets.” Wang Xushi, a little excitedly, took out the container, and was planning to gather them.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao instantly grabbed onto his hand. “What you’re talking about is the See-Through Leaf Grass that’s accompanied by the Heavenpulse Lotus?”

Wang Xuzhi was startled, and after pondering for a moment, he nodded. “Indeed, I have heard that the See-Through Leaf Grass accompanies the Heavenpulse Lotus, but I have not heard of anyone finding the Heavenpulse Lotus beside the See- Through Leaf Grass.”

Zhu Yao finally recalled where she heard the term See- Through Leaf Grass from. It was Medicine Mountain Lord Hong Chou who incidentally said it, and as she was the Medicine Mountain Lord, she was obviously very familiar with medicinal herbs.

Back then, her body was still not of an one-year old infant, so her Spirit Veins could not be determined yet. That lolicon advanced-stage patient, had once joked about it before. Even if she had the trash Penta-Spirit Veins, Hong Chou could still find a Heavenpulse Lotus that could wash off her Veins, and help her clean out a nice Spirit Vein, at the same time, she could receive the See-Through Leaf Grass that accompanied it, allowing her to make contributions to the Sect.

If translated into human words: Gather a stalk of Heavenpulse Lotus, and you would receive a bunch of See-Through Leaf Grass as freebies.

Chapter52: Treasure Protecting Demonic Beast

“You’re saying there’s a possibility for the Heavenpulse Lotus to be here.” Wang Xuzhi’s expression became a little tense as he swept his gaze through the big patch of See-Through Leaf Grass. The Heavenpulse Lotus which was capable of reconstructing meridians was only recorded in legends, and no one had actually seen it. However, since the air in this place was moist, and there were even so much See-Through Leaf Grass growing here, with every stalk looking spirited and lush, there might really be a pond with an exotic treasure growing right in front of them.

However, a place with an exotic treasure, other than a bunch of spiritual herbs accompanying it, there would be demonic beasts accompanying it as well. In other words, there might be at least a sixth-ranked demonic beast here, or maybe even an entire horde of them.

“Let us return first, and discuss with senior-martial brother Chen Yi whether we should investigate the place.” Wang Xuzhi gathered and place the spiritual grass inside the container, his face no long carried the initial excitement, rather, it was a little tense.

Naturally, Zhu Yao would not object, the more people there were, the easier it was to get the job done. After all, sixth- ranked beasts were equal to late-stage Azoth human practitioners. The two of them, an early-stage Azoth practitioner and a mid-stage Azoth practitioner, when encountering a sixth-ranked demonic beast, even if they did not die, they would still suffer serious injuries. And, with  their Spirit Veins, their meridians did not need to be reconstructed in the first place, so the Heavenpulse Lotus did not mean much to them.

However, before they even returned to the gathering point, they bumped into someone coming from right in front of them, and she was even Lu Cha, the girl little fatty Zhao was interested in. She was walking pretty hastily, and looked as though she was about to break into a jog. When she saw the two of them, she was startled as well. As though she was trying to hide something, she looked around for a moment, before nodding her head, as a way to greet them.

“Junior-martial sister Lu, what happened to you?” Wang Xuzhi casually asked.

Her expression instantly paled, and her smile looked a little forced. “No… Nothing, we just encountered a demonic beast, that’s all. Senior-martial uncle Xiao has already dealt with it, and I’m currently planning to inform senior-martial brother Chen.”

Zhu Yao became even more suspicious, and turned to look at the direction she came from. “You guys can’t have possibly entered that place filled with a big patch of See-Through Leaf Grass, right!?”

Lu Cha’s face turned even more pale, and revealed an expression as though her thoughts had been guessed correctly, yet, from afar, suddenly, an extremely loud roar sounded. The roar rang through the clouds, the three of them could not help but feel shaky for a moment, and even the ground began to tremble with them.

“It’s the sound of a demonic beast.” Wang Xuzhi stared towards Lu Cha with a reprimanding look, as every one of them had clearly realized what she was planning to do. Earlier, she was moving with Xiao Yi, the two of them had definitely seen that patch of See-Through Leaf Grass from the other side, and they had even entered it. However, they did not expect to startle the demonic beast accompaniment inside. Xiao Yi could not defeat it, hence, he had her come out to look for help.

But, just from hearing that roar earlier, that demonic beast was definitely not ordinary. As expected, not even a moment later, loud running footsteps could be heard, even the bird beasts in the trees dispersed and fled, as something was chasing over towards them.

“Senior-martial uncle Xiao?” Lu Cha anxiously looked at the direction of the sounds, as though she had just realized the severity of the situation.

“Let’s inform the rest, hurry!” Zhu Yao summoned her flying sword, pulled along Wang Xuzhi beside her, and with her eyes, she signaled Lu Cha to catch up to them. Only after flying towards the sky, could they finally see, on the ground not far away from them, a gigantic beast that was even taller than a house was currently running towards them.

The three of them speedily flew, and when they finally managed to reach the gathering point, Chen Yi and the other martial brothers and sisters were already standing there.

“What happened?” Chen Yi realized the situation was strange as well, as he hurriedly ran over.

Wang Xuzhi walked forward and explained the situation to the rest of them. Before he could even finish, suddenly, another roar was heard, and Zhu Yao simply felt a gigantic shadow looming over towards her.

“Little Bun!” Wang Xuzhi anxiously shouted, with an ashened look, he looked towards… the direction behind her.

Only then did Zhu Yao slowly turned her head a little stiffly. Behind her, was a gigantic monster. It looked like a bear, yet, it’s covered in scales, and there were even three horns that looked like metal blades on its head. It stopped for a moment, and suddenly opened its mouth towards her, revealing teeth that were even longer than her legs.

And then, it stretched out its tongue,

and licked her.

Zhu Yao whose body was filled with saliva: “……”

She was not ice-cream! Haah!

All these happened in a blink of an eye. The rest of the female practitioners were all frightened from the sudden appearance of a demonic beast, shrill screams rang through the air, and it was unknown who did it, but a gigantic fireball was cast and thrown over.

When Zhu Yao was about to get burnt, Wang Xuzhi instantly rushed over, caught her, and they tumbled away.

The demonic beast seemed to have been angered by that fireball, as it roared and charged towards the group of people. Everyone had no choice but to summon their weapons one after another and engage it in battle. Various Mystic Arts were thrown towards the demonic beast.

Wang Xuzhi pulled Zhu Yao up, and summoned his  long sword as well, shielding in front of her. Zhu Yao looked at that crazed demonic beast at the center. She was unsure if it was just her imagination, but she felt that earlier demonic beast did not seem to want to kill her.

As she thought of this, the demonic beast shot out a fireball, and it was flying exactly towards her direction. Zhu Yao flew to dodge it, and when she turned to look at the place she was standing at earlier, it had already turned into a crater of fire. Alright, she had confirmed it, it wanted to kill her now. “Risefire Beast!” Chen Yi looked strangely at that demonic beast in the center. Risefire Beast was a very mystical beast, it had the fire element, yet, it liked to stay near sources of water, hence, it was resistant towards both water and fire. A newborn was a fifth-ranked demonic beast, and when it matured, it would be sixth-ranked. It had to be said, Chen Yi did have some talent in leading, as, when he recognized the identity of the demonic beast, he immediately loudly reminded everyone. “Do not use fire and water Mystic Arts. Risefire Beasts are resistant to both water and fire.”

When everyone heard this, they hurriedly stopped using fire and water Mystic Arts, and changed to other Mystic Arts. There were even some who had flown directly towards it, and used sword techniques. Out of everyone present, Wang Xuzhi’s sword techniques were the strongest. By himself, he rushed to the very front, the sword skills he threw out completely left no openings, preventing the demonic beast from advancing even another inch.

“This is a fifth-ranked demonic beast.” Chen  Yi  became elated, as he realized that this was just a newborn beast. Although a matured Risefire Beast was comparable to an Azoth Paragon, at the very most, a fifth-ranked would just be comparable to mid-stage Azoth. Even if demonic beasts were innately stronger than human practitioners, with so many people present, taking down this newborn beast would still be a simple feat.

Zhu Yao wanted to help as well, however, other than Wang Xuzhi, no one knew she was a disciple of the Jade Forest Mountain, and it was inconvenient for her to use her skills. Hence, she could only follow the rest of the  female practitioners, and stand at a spot a little further away. Occasionally, she would cast out chaining and binding arts, to restrict the demonic beast’s movements.

Chen Yi’s estimation was right, it was a newborn beast, and basically could not fight against the combined attacks. After a short while, the demonic beast had already fallen onto the ground from the slash of his sword. Fresh red beast blood flowed onto the ground.

Everyone cheered, and heaved sighs of relief. Chen Yi counted the number of people, and realized, other than three disciples suffering from light injuries, the rest were fine.

“Just what is going on?” Chen Yi asked Wang  Xuzhi.  Just when he heard the term ‘demonic beast’, this demonic beast appeared. Wang Xuzhi moved to the back, making way for Lu Cha.

Lu Cha’s expression changed, before she said softly. “Senior- martial uncle Xiao, senior-martial brother Zhao and I, found a lot of See-Through Leaf Grass over there, however, for some unknown reasons, this demonic beast suddenly charged out. We did not dare to fight it, hence, I had no choice but to come back and inform everyone.”

“Then, where’s senior-martial uncle Xiao and junior-martial brother Zhao?” Chen Yi continued asking.

Lu Cha’s expression paled, as  though  she  had  only  realized this problem. Logically speaking, the demonic beast had already been slain by them, so those two should have returned as well. Unless…

Before everyone could even ponder about the problem, that ‘unless’, fell from the sky just like that.

The first who fell on the ground was little fatty Zhao whose body was covered in blood. His waist seemed to have been pierced by something, and was currently gushing out blood. His white robe had already been stained blood-red. Before everyone could even investigate what happened, suddenly, a red wall of fire fell from the sky, blowing towards everyone. Two injured disciples, before they could even dodge, had already turned into ashes.

With a loud bang, a gigantic demonic beast that looked exactly the same as the one earlier, yet, was at least three times larger, had already stood right in front of them. The extremely thick smell of fresh blood filled the noses of everyone present, and its mouth still contained small flames that had yet to be extinguished.

Xiao Yi landed on the ground as well, looking entirely fatigued. Although he was not as severely injured as little fatty Zhao, he still had several small wounds on his body.

When that huge Risefire Beast landed, it immediately saw the small Risefire Beast lying on the ground nearby. Throwing aside the bunch of people present, it anxiously sprinted over. Using the horns on its head, it gently touched the corpse. As though it had realized it had already died, it let out sad ‘wuuu’ moans. It seemed like it was a mother beast.

Zhu Yao’s heart could not help but tighten, this could not be the mother of that small Risefire Beast, right!? As expected, after the huge Risefire Beast moaned for a while, it suddenly let out an ear-piercing roar. It turned its head and looked even more angrily at the human practitioners on the ground. It heavily dug into the ground with its claws, opened its huge mouth, and spit out a ball of flames that was even larger than the one earlier.

“Not good, hurry and dodge!” Chen Yi who was still helping little fatty Zhao to close his wounds, shouted out loudly.

As though they woken up from their dreams, everyone quickly flew up on their swords. The place the fireball landed at, had already turned completely charred. Clearly, it was a hundred times stronger than that small Risefire Beast earlier.

Lu Cha waved her hand and summoned a gigantic icicle, and it flew towards the demonic beast. The moment the icicle made contact with the demonic beast, it instantly created a huge layer of ice, as though she was planning to freeze the demonic beast, and restrict its movements. However, the demonic beast was extremely quick, and a part of the place the icicle covered had already been shaken off by it. When another female practitioner saw this, she summoned countless of spiritual swords, attacking the demonic beast from all directions. Although they could not pierce through the demonic beast’s scales, it still increased the speed of the freezing process. Just when the demonic beast looked as though it was about to completely frozen over, the Risefire Beast suddenly roared loudly, and the scales on its body began to perk up one after another. With a ‘huu’ sound, huge flames were released from inside the scales, and as though its entire body had been caught in fire, the ice on its body instantly melted completely.

“Mutated Risefire Beast!” Chen Yi exclaimed out.

Before everyone could even react, that Risefire Beast whose entire body was emitting fire, suddenly disappeared, and then, nearby, a scream rang out. Earlier, the female practitioner that was using spiritual swords to attack it, was already being bitten in its mouth. It’s mouth closed, and the female practitioner’s screams came to an end, only the fresh stains of blood could be seen flowing out of the demonic beast’s mouth.

Everyone was shocked from that frightening scene. In just a blink of an eye, three people were dead. And, the demonic beast was completely unharmed. Mutated demonic beasts had always been one ranked higher than ordinary demonic beasts. This was a seventh-ranked demonic beast, and its movements seemed to be especially quick as well. Earlier, they did not even see clearly how it managed to reach behind that female practitioner.

Chapter53: Piggish Party Member Strikes Again

“We… We… We can’t defeat it!” In the group, there were already people with the intentions to retreat. Two female practitioners had already summoned their flying swords, turned and planned to flee.

“Do not move!” Chen Yi planned on stopping them, however, in the end, he did not make it in time. The demonic beast leapt, and instantly, it disappeared once again. A moment later, it appeared right at the front of the two fleeing female practitioners, and spew out a ball of flames from its mouth.

The two practitioners did not even have the time to scream, and had already turned into ashes.

It seemed like this mother beast was truly enraged, and would not forgive any single person here. Zhu Yao tightened the fists next to her body, and tried her best to suppress the fear in her heart. Using the opening after the demonic beast shot out the flames, she cast out a wood Mystic Art, summoning countless vines, restricting the demonic beast’s four limbs. The demonic beast was caught unaware for a moment, and fell onto the ground. “Now!” Zhu Yao loudly said. “Do not allow it to teleport to somewhere else again.” The small group which was initially made out of ten people, was now left with only Zhu Yao, Wang Xuzhi, Lu Cha, Xiao Yi, and the injured little fatty Zhao.

That two times earlier were extremely quick, and just by looking, they would seem as though it had ran to each location. However, Zhu Yao realized, it basically did not have a sprinting posture each time. It was not that its speed was especially quick, rather, this Risefire Beast knew how to teleport.

Wang Xuzhi and Xiao Yi were the first to react, and they summoned their Sword Intent one after another, attacking towards the demonic beast. Only at the Azoth-stage could practitioners comprehend Sword Intent. Compared to spiritual swords, Sword Intent carried the caster’s strong will, and seemingly with just a single slash, the Risefire Beast bled.

The Risefire Beast appeared to have become even more enraged, and began to struggle with all its power. Zhu Yao felt her strength slowly fading away, after all, how could a few vines restrict a seventh-rank demonic beast for a long period time?

“Lu Cha!” Zhu Yao shouted to the person beside her who was still in a daze. “Hurry and help!” Lu Cha was startled for a moment, and then, she hurriedly raised her hand and summoned an icicle.

“The hell! Don’t use ice!” Zhu Yao almost could not restrain herself from scolding her mom. This lady must have forgotten to bring along her brain when she left her home, right!?

Unfortunately, it was already too late, that piece of icicle had already struck directly on the demonic beast. The moment it made contact with the demonic beast’s body, the flames on the Risefire Beast instantly increased explosively, and the vines she painstakingly summoned were burnt completely. The Risefire Beast’s figure flashed, and had already teleported behind Lu Cha while spewing out a fireball.

Lu Cha instantly widened her eyes, her face had already turned ashened as death approached, her eyes were filled with despair.

The Risefire Beast had already opened it mouth towards her, and suddenly, a blood-colored figure charged out, crashing Lu Cha aside, and had taken her place in getting bitten.

It was actually little fatty Zhao! Even Zhu Yao was shocked, yet, this was evidently not the time to stay dazed, as Zhu Yao flew over with her quickest speed. Pulling up Lu Cha who was already frightened silly on the ground, she quickly distanced themselves far from the Risefire Beast. Before little fatty Zhao could get a single glance of Lu Cha, he was bitten into two pieces.

Lu Cha who was saved still looked terribly frightened. She did not even dare to turn back to look at little fatty Zhao who was already dead with his unwholesome corpse, and was simply frightened to the point where her tears were flowing out. Even her entire body was trembling.

Zhu Yao finally could not help but send a slap to her face. “Are you motherf- stupid? Don’t you know Risefire Beasts are resistance to water and fire!?” Did she actually understand why she was unable to freeze the demonic beast earlier!?

“I… What I used was ice!” Lu Cha replied, and sounded as though she was not in the wrong.

“Ice is water as well, idiot!”

She clearly knew that it was her ice which forced out the Risefire Beast’s flames, yet, she still dared to throw ice at it. You motherf- must be a joke sent by the monkeys, right!?

Zhu Yao no longer had the mood to lecture the brain-deficient child. Summoning her flying sword, she once again cast a defensive barrier on herself, and warned the rest. “Everyone, put up your defensive barriers, the Risefire Beast can still teleport.” Currently, she could no longer bother about hiding her identity. First, live this through, then talk.

This time, Lu Cha was actually not in a daze, and obediently set up her barrier. Zhu Yao silently glanced at the little fatty Zhao on the ground, and suddenly felt a little afflicted.

With the circulation of her spiritual energy, Zhu Yao’s sword was instantly filled with purple lightning. Without hesitating, she rose to the skies, and slashed towards that demonic beast.

“That demonic beast’s scales are extremely sturdy, you’re unable to…” Before Chen Yi could finish his reminder, he saw the demonic beast emitting out a cry. With a bang, Zhu Yao’s sword followed through and fell towards the ground, and a palm-sized wound on its body was currently gushing out blood. “Junior-martial sister Bun, you…” The hell was junior-martial sister Bun? Zhu Yao glared at him, and suddenly recalled that she did not seem to have told them her name. Wang Xuzhi had never asked either, and had always been calling her Little Bun. They could not have thought that her name was actually Bun, right!?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, she turned and began to seriously go against the demonic beast. That strike earlier was purely coincidence, probably, that demonic beast did not think that the blade of her sword was imbued with lightning that was especially strong against demonic beasts, hence, she was able to slash it. She could not be this lucky another time.

As expected, the Risefire Beast on the ground once again disappeared. Zhu Yao’s heart tightened, unsure of where it would appear from next.

“Little Bun, are you alright?” Wang Xuzhi flew  over,  and stood with a posture of his back leaning against hers. “You wounded it, so it will definitely attack you first. You have to be careful.”

As expected, in the next moment, the demonic beast appeared right above her. A large blood-filled mouth came falling towards them, yet what it bit onto was a defensive barrier. What blocked it, was the sword tassel her master gave her. After blocking this life-threatening attack, she could not be this lucky again next time.

Zhu Yao and Wang Xuzhi speedily retreated, and Chen Yi and Xiao Yi rushed over as well.

Xiao Yi was already extremely skillful with his Sword Intent through training. A golden sword circled around him, as though it possessed life itself, and it emitted out a very cold sword aura.

The demonic beast, however, did not attack them head-on.
Rather, its body flashed, and it once again disappeared.

“We must force it out!” Chen Yi tightened his fists. This demonic beast probably wanted to drive them to death. Although they could use their own barriers to defend, they could only use them to defend against a single attack. If a few more attacks were to come, none of them would be able to hold out.

“I have a way to force it out!” Zhu Yao raised her sword and said. Only then did everyone seem to have realized the lightning glow on her sword, especially Chen Yi. “You… You’re a disciple of Jade Forest Mountain?”

Zhu Yao did not deny it either. In any case, they would find out eventually. “I think that, even if that demonic beast teleports, it should not be more than a radius of two and a half kilometers. I shall use my lightning to force it out, however, we only have three seconds. The three of you must kill it within that period of time.”

The expressions of the three people were a little heavy. Even if she was able to force the demonic beast out, it was, after all, a seventh-rank, an existence at the early-stage Nascent Soul level.
Just the three of them Azoth practitioners, it might…

“We have to try it out!” Unexpectedly, the one who agreed was Xiao Yi. “Let junior-martial sister Bun force the demonic beast out, and I will strike it with all my might.”

“……” Your sister’s a bun!

After the few of them had discussed the plan, they went into formation on the ground. Lu Cha awkwardly moved over, and stood at the center of the four. Zhu Yao curled her lips, and did not care about her.

Stabbing the longsword in her hands into the ground, she grabbed onto the hilt with a single hand, circulated the lightning spiritual energy in her body, and activated the Lightning Guiding Art towards the ground.

The quiet ground earlier began to be covered with lightning in all directions, and expanded quickly in every direction.  Not even a moment later, the lightning had already filled a radius of two and a half kilometers. Zhu Yao attentively prevented  it from continuing to expand outwards, rather, she began to directly guide the lightning.

Instantly, countless of lightning soared towards the sky from the ground. Like a growing tree branch, it stretched directly towards the sky, and everyone’s vision were filled with white lightning.

A long howl sounded, and a gigantic beast appeared in the skies above them. Its entire body was filled with lightning, and it looked to be in extreme pain as it struggled. “It’s out!”

Chen Yi immediately summoned countless of spiritual swords and attacked towards it. Xiao Yi and Wang Xuzhi did not hesitate either, circulated all of the spiritual energy in their bodies, and attacked.

Zhu Yao reduced the output of her spiritual energy, shrinking the range of the lightning, so that it would only surround the vicinity of the demonic beast, restricting its movements.

The attacks from the few of them finally bore results. The body of the demonic beast was already filled with wounds, however, this was still not sufficient to obtain victory. Xiao Yi’s expression turned cold, and the shard of Sword Intent which was still pretty small earlier, suddenly turned into countless sharp blades, and attacked towards the demonic beast, leaving no openings behind.

Zhu Yao was shocked. To actually have Sword Intent of such strength, as expected of a protagonist who had activated his cheat, his level growth was especially quick. Her lightning had already disappeared. This large-scaled Lightning Guiding Art could only last for three seconds, any longer and she would not be able to hold out. However, from the current looks of it, Xiao Yi’s Sword Intent could achieve the same effects as well.

Zhu Yao powerlessly sat on the ground, and she could only occasionally supplement a few lightning strikes during the openings between their attacks. Clearly, that demonic beast could no longer beat them. Unable to control its figure any longer, it began to fall from the skies.

“Now!” Chen Yi shouted out loudly. Xiao Yi and Wang Xuzhi gathered two gigantic Sword Intent at the same time, and directly struck towards the demonic beast.

It looked as though victory was just a step away. The Risefire Beast had already suffered heavy injuries, and was definitely unable to dodge those Sword Intent.

It suddenly emitted out a huge roar, and its two bloodstained eyes, instantly emitted out a red glow, the flames on its body suddenly began to grow explosively. Those flames actually turned from the color of red to black, even Xiao Yi and Wang Xuzhi’s Sword Intents were scattered by the flames.

The two  of  them  spit  out  a  mouthful  of  blood  from  the rebound of their Sword Intent. Earlier, they had used a large amount of strength, and hence, the rebound was especially serious. Currently, it seemed they no longer had the strength to move any further.

“It’s trying to forcefully make a breakthrough!” With a face of utter disbelief, he stared at that demonic beast. The surrounding spiritual energy had already begun to move violently.

If a demonic beast were to forcefully make a breakthrough, it would definitely bring about a violent disturbance of spiritual energy. If the demonic beast were to succeed in its breakthrough, it would bring down Tribulation  Lightning.  If the demonic beast were to fail, the demonic beast would die from self-destruction. Was this Risefire Beast planning to perish together with them?

“What… What are we going to do?” With an ashened face, Lu Cha looked towards the demonic beast whose entire body was burning with black flames. Her face was filled with tears, and she tightly grabbed onto Xiao Yi beside her. “Senior-martial uncle Xiao, are we no longer able to leave? I don’t wish to die here.” Xiao Yi did not reply, even Wang Xuzhi and Chen Yi went silent. They were currently in the middle of the spiritual energy disturbance. Leaving aside the fact that the two of them were heavily injured for now, and were basically unable to circulate their spiritual energy and leave with their flying swords, even if they were completely unharmed, with such a huge spiritual energy disturbance, they did not have the energy to leave either.

Zhu Yao tightly gripped onto the hilt of the sword, stood up, strongly pulled it out, and with a stern expression, she walked towards the direction of the demonic beast. Sitting while waiting for her death, was never her style.

Chapter54: The Chrysanthemum After The Demonic Beast Conclusion

“Little Bun, what are you trying to do?”  Wang  Xuzhi anxiously grabbed onto her hand.

“If we simply wait like this, we will only lose. We have to try something.”

“You will die!”

“I won’t!” Zhu Yao turned her head, smiled, and habitually stroked Wang Xuzhi’s head. “Wait for me, little wimp!”

When he heard this, Wang Xuzhi suddenly widened his eyes, as though he had just heard something shocking, he stared right at her. That name in his heart resounded greatly.

His grip suddenly tightened for a moment. “You’re…”

With a turn of Zhu Yao’s sword, the sword hilt in her hand easily knocked onto his nape. He was already severely weakened to begin with, hence, he instantly fainted. “Chen Yi, take care of him!”

Not caring the three’s shocked expressions, she shakily walked towards the demonic beast which was making its breakthrough. If there’s one thing she learnt from desperately practicing her sword techniques with her master for these three years…

That would only be the perseverance… of seeking to get beaten!

Zhu Yao circulated all of her spiritual energy, and gathered them onto the sword in her hands. With the supplement of spiritual power, the lightning on the sword’s blade grew even bigger, and continued to extend, to the point where a gigantic lightning sword was formed.

In situations like this, any deep and profound Mystic Art would be of no use. All she could do was to go head-on.

Zhu Yao rose to the skies, and swung her sword, striking towards the Risefire Beast which was in the center of spiritual disturbance. When the purple lightning made contact with the black flames, sparks instantly flew in all directions, and it actually suppressed an entire half of the black flames. Lightning was the bane of all demonic beasts. Other than natural lightning beasts, no demonic beasts possessed resistance against lightning. Currently, she could only rely on this fact to make a last stand. However, that large-scaled Lightning Guiding  Art had already used up too much of her spiritual power, and currently, she could only use the tiny bit of the strength she had left to make a death struggle.

And, the more she  approached  the  demonic  beast,  the stronger the resistive force. She felt that her body was already left with only a small amount of spiritual energy, and her entire body was in severe pain. However, she  no  longer  had  the thought to mind about it. Even if blood were to pour out from her hearts and lungs, and blood were to spew  out  from  her mouth like a water tap, she knew that she could not afford to retreat.

If she were to take a step back, the people behind her would only have death waiting for them.

She was not a heroine. Even more so, not a saint. She did not have the interest to sacrifice herself for the sake of others. The reason why she was struggling so much, was because she really would not die. She did not know why, but she felt that her resurrection that time, was not by coincidence. Even if she were to die again this time, she could return all the same.

Ever since she knew the reason why she was in this world, was to fix the “BUG” Xiao Yi, she was all the more undoubtful of this fact.

Probably, she completely did not have to this. Because, no matter if the demonic beast’s breakthrough is successful or not, the people here will all die. The moment Xiao Yi dies, the BUG will naturally disappear, and the five elemental Spirits, will not be brought to the Higher Realm by him. Naturally, her mission will be completed, and she might even be able to return to her former world because of this.

However, Xiao Yi was not the only person here. There was Chen Yi, there’s Lu Cha, and especially, there’s Wang Xuzhi, the kid she watched growing up since he was young. To have her give up on little wimp’s little life for an unclear “BUG”, forget about Doctor Wang, who had entrusted little wimp to her, strangling her to death as a ghost, she herself would even cast herself away. She was not that much of an asshole.

This did not have to do with morals, nor did it have to do with the bigger picture. This was simply the most basic conscience of being human, and it was also the last line she would not cross. She was never anything like a heroic person, the reason why she swung her sword, was simply because she was still human!

No matter if she had seemingly exhausted her spiritual power, limitless fighting spirit was surging from Zhu Yao’s heart, as though a string in her heart was suddenly pulled, causing her to find something that she had never been able to find, which had suddenly became open and clear.

The sword in her hands lost its lightning due to the exhaustion of spiritual energy, and Zhu Yao’s figure of a woman carrying a sword, was instantly engulfed by the black flames. Even Chen Yi and the two others could not help but lower their heads. As expected, they were still unable to escape.

Suddenly, a bird cry rang throughout the clouds. A white flash of lightning suddenly broke through from within the black flames, soaring towards the high skies. And then, a gigantic phoenix was formed, its body was circled with sparks of lightning. As though it was a divine bird which had  been directly formed by lightning, it had an enchanting, imposing aura that could sweep everything away.

“This is…” Chen Yi stared blankly at this phoenix which had suddenly appeared. “It’s Sword Intent!” WIth a subtle look, Xiao Yi  raised  his head and looked at that phoenix, a divine bird, which had a vast imposing aura. “She comprehended it.”

“Sword… Sword Intent?” Chen Yi was even more shocked. Was Sword Intent not supposed to be a sword? Why did it have a shape of a phoenix?

The phoenix in the sky opened up its wings which were flashing with sparks of lightning, and charged down from the sky, flying straight towards the demonic beast on the ground. The black flames which would not bulge even by an inch, was swept by the lightning, and was instantly extinguished, while the demonic beast in the middle had already been pressed unmoving onto the ground by the phoenix’s pressure. The phoenix scratched with its claw, and instantly, the  Risefire Beast which was forcefully breaking through, was torn into several pieces.

The phoenix once again cried towards the sky, before its white figure slowly disappeared.

The spiritual energy disturbance instantly quietened down as well, and only Zhu Yao’s body which was filled with blood could be seen standing beside the stack of that demonic beast’s scattered meat.

Zhu Yao, who finally could not hold on any longer, took a deep, deep breath. Her mouth, and her body, were all bleeding out blood which could not be patched up even if she tried. The jade pendant on her neck, which was flashing with a soft white light, slowly reverted to its original color as well.

This was the first time she found out that someone could even bleed like this. Clearly, she felt that her blood was almost drained out, yet, there were still fresh blood pouring out continuously.

Her body swayed for several moments, before collapsing towards the ground.

Chen Yi and the rest finally reacted, and hurried over. Chen Yi reached out his hand to hold her, preventing the fate of her face being planted onto the ground. He carefully investigated, and found out that her meridians had seemingly been torn apart, and even her Azoth Core was at the verge of shattering.

“Can you still hold on!? Junior-martial sister Bun!” Zhu Yao almost spat out a mouthful of blood on his face. Your sister’s a bun!

Seeing that he himself was barely able to hold on, yet, still sent her his spiritual energy, she held it in.

Seeing Zhu Yao who only had a  single  breath  left,  and  her body was covered entirely in blood, the expressions of the three people present were actually different.

Chen Yi was shocked. This little martial sister was the weakest in their group, with the cultivation of an early-stage Azoth. In the beginning, he was a little worried that she would pull everyone down, but he never expected that the one who saved him in the end was actually her.

Xiao Yi was silent. Recalling that lightning phoenix earlier, he tightened his fists. He had always believed that the so-called Sword Intent, was another sharp sword in a  practitioner’s heart, yet, he never expected that Sword Intent could actually possess such a shape as well.

As for Lu Cha, she had completely yet to regain her senses from her earlier fright, and her entire body was still trembling. As for Wang Xuzhi…

Mn… He was still unconscious. He had not woken up.

Zhu Yao silently thought about that earlier strike of hers, if she was actually a little too ruthless with that knock.

“Senior-martial uncle Xiao, just how did you offend this demonic beast?” Seeing Zhu Yao had gotten a little better, only then did Chen Yi recall the reason for this situation. These two demonic beasts were mother and son. The higher the rank of a demonic beast, the harder it was to give birth. Just like a demonic beast such as this Risefire Beast, it would not easily leave their newborn beast by itself. And, if they had not encountered something special, the demonic beasts would not have attacked while putting their lives at stake.

A hint of fluster instantly flashed past Xiao Yi’s expression, and he immediately reverted to his serious look. “We have indeed found See-Through Leaf Grass over there, and because of a moment of carelessness, we startled the mother beast. Junior- martial nephew Zhao and I was unable to fight it, and just when we planned on retreating, we did not expect that the rest of you had already killed the newborn beast. Probably because of this reason, the mother beast unleashed her brutal personality.” Chen Yi frowned. “You guys really did not  find  anything else?”

“Indeed, we did not.” Xiao Yi firmly shook his head.

Yet, Zhu Yao felt a slight chill in her heart. She was definitely sure that he had already obtained the Heavenpulse Lotus, otherwise, that demonic beast would not have chased after the three of them so anxiously, and it would not have let her newborn beast to follow Lu Cha either. She had not forgotten, that newborn beast appeared while following after Lu Cha. Looking at how Xiao Yi was behaving, he would not be taking out the Heavenpulse Lotus no matter what.

Realizing that he could not get any answers from his questioning, Chen Yi did not push it any further. He looked a little desolately at the corpses of his sect brothers and sisters not far away. Danger was lurking everywhere in this Secret Realm, there was even a seventh-rank demonic beast at the outer area.

“I did not expect to encounter two high-grade demonic beasts the moment we enter the Secret Realm.” He turned his head and looked at the corpse of the two demonic beasts. “Looks like we have to put even more caution as our highest priority.” Zhu Yao nodded in agreement. “Fortunately, it’s only a newborn beast, if it was…”

Wait a minute! A scary thought popped out in Zhu  Yao’s mind, her face instantly paled. She shakily pointed at the corpses of the two demonic beasts. “Earlier, we killed a newborn beast, and a mother beast. Then… where is it’s dad?”


As though it was to answer her query, a familiar roar resounded from the forest.

The faces of the other three instantly ashened as well.

The hell! Is there even an end to this!?

“Chen Yi, bring Wang Xuzhi and head for the exit.” Zhu Yao said solemnly. “Xiao Yi, Lu Cha, the two of you head to the left, I will head right. We will separate into three directions, run!”

Xiao Yi nodded, and seemingly did not hesitate to pull Lu Cha who was still in a daze, and flew quickly towards the left with his flying sword. They no longer had any battle strength, if another demonic beast were to come, forget about a seventh- rank, even if it was a fourth-rank, they would not have the strength to retaliate either. Splitting up and running was their only chance at survival.

“Junior-martial sister Bun, then, you…” Chen Yi had already summoned his flying sword as well, and looked a little hesitantly at the heavily injured Zhu Yao.

However, Zhu Yao did not even turn her head around. While summoning her own sword, she sharply said. “Head out of the Secret Realm immediately, no matter what happens, do  not turn back.”

Chen Yi sighed, before holding the unconscious Wang Xuzhi, and flew towards the exit.

Seemingly at the same time, Zhu Yao flew in  another direction with her flying sword as well. Earlier, when she forcefully used her Sword Intent, it had seemingly tore and disfigure her meridians to such a state. When she once again forcefully circulated her spiritual energy, her wounds burst apart, and fresh blood endlessly flowed out. Currently, she could only pray that demonic beast fails in the intelligence department. She purposefully separated everyone apart. One, it was to shift away the demonic beast’s attention, and two, Lu Cha was not injured, as long as she did not seek death, it should be more than enough for them to flee. As for Chen Yi and Wang Xuzhi, the direction they were heading to was the Secret Realm’s exit, the distance was not far, and the demonic beast was unable to leave the Secret Realm as well. And she’s only a single person, a small target, the demonic beast should not simply chase after her…


The hell, it really came chasing after her!

Zhu Yao turned her head and looked at the demonic beast which had a three-stories height behind her. As he chased, sand and rocks scattered in the air. She instantly thought of lighting up a hundred candles for her own luck.

The hell was it chasing after her for? Your mother! She was only a single person, why did it even chase her? Was it trying to bully a single lady? Lighting up a candle: Giving a moment of silence.

Chapter55: Compact, Practical, Suitable And Portable

Zhu Yao instantly felt like crying, you know? However, she could not stop her feet. The moment she were to stop, it would mean she was giving up on her chance at survival. She managed to kill that demonic beast by struggling to her death, before obtaining the “Wood Spirit”, she definitely could not die now.

However, her physical strength had already began to sing the exact opposite tune, and the speed of her flying sword was becoming slower as well. She could no longer squeeze out any spiritual energy, and instantly fell from the sky, slamming hardly onto the ground. Yet, she did not have the strength to even crawl up, and even her consciousness had begun to blur.

That humongous demonic beast had already rushed out of the forest, sprinting toward her with its bloody mouth wide open. Suddenly, the jade pendant on Zhu Yao’s chest emitted out a blinding white light, and at the moment when the demonic beast was about to swallow her whole, she could faintly see a white figure blocking in front of her. With just a simple raise of his hand, he grabbed onto that crazed demonic beast. Crackling bolts of lightning resounded in every direction, and then, he swung his hand away. The demonic beast landed heavily on the ground, with completely no signs of life. Zhu Yao strived to see clearly the person in front of her, yet, her eyelids began to become heavier, and could only hear that person sighing deeply before she sunk into darkness.

Looking at the disciple who had already fainted, Yu  Yan’s deep frown instantly became a little deeper. Holding up his stupid disciple who had already turned into a bloody woman, he could not help but sigh again. He reached out his hand to check on her pulse, and then, internally visualized her cinnabar, his frown was unable to relax at all. All of her meridians were torn apart, her spiritual energy was depleted, and even her Azoth Core was already at the verge of collapse.

He really could not let this stupid disciple of his off of his sight for a single moment.

Standing back up while carrying onto the person on the ground, he turned and walked towards a nearby cave. When the demonic beast in the cave sensed a foreign presence, it leapt out while wailing~~┗|`o′|┛ loudly, exerting a majestic presence. A certain master did not even look at it, and released his pressure from his body. It frightened that demonic beast to the point where it cried ‘myaaa’ and crawled on the ground. It obediently let the cave to him, turned tail, and hid away. A certain master who had forcefully taken a territory, placed his stupid disciple on a stack of dried grass in the cave. Then, he sat in a lotus position behind her, as though he was a hardworking little bee, he began to fix his disciple’s torn meridians with great effort. By common sense, if the meridians were torn to such extent like Zhu Yao’s, even if her life could be saved, she would no longer be able to cultivate to be a deity. However, her master was Yu Yan, after all! As the number one in the cultivation world, if he could not even save his disciple, his so many years of cultivation would have been for naught.

Yu Yan closed his eyes, and summoned his own Sword Intent. Instantly, a white dragon coiled around his body, swam about a couple of rounds, before slowly wrapping Zhu Yao in front of him. The white light emitting it became even brighter, and under the white dragon’s coiling, the wounds on Zhu Yao’s body were disappearing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eyes.

Hence, ten days passed.

When Zhu Yao woke up, she realized the wounds on her body had already disappeared, and even her spiritual energy had recovered. She was currently sitting in an extremely large cave, and she was the only person in the vicinity. While not far away from the entrance of the cave, a demonic beast which looked like a tiger yet had a pair of wings, was currently making sorrowful cries.

That actually was an eighth-rank demonic beast!

Zhu Yao almost let out her voice out of fright. And, when the demonic beast saw her sitting up, it looked as though it had received an even bigger fright.

With a ‘puchi’ sound, it dove into the bushes beside it, as though it was trying to hide itself the best it could. It struggled hard to stuff its humongous body into the bushes, revealing only a smooth, round head. It blinked its large eyes, and looked at her with a fearful expression.

What kind of situation was this?

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Earlier, she felt like she was fleeing from the entire world when she was chased by a seventh- rank demonic beast, yet, why was a mighty eighth-rank demonic beast frightened to such an extent for? Could it be that, the higher the rank of demonic beasts, the lower their intelligence? She shook her head, recalling the white figure she saw at the moment before she fainted. Why did she feel as though her master had came here?

Sensing attentively for a moment, the cave seemed to carry lightning spiritual energy that had yet to disperse, and it felt very familiar.

“Master?” She probed.

“……” There was not a reply for a long time.

She slapped onto her chest, and smiled naively to herself. “I knew it!” How could it be possible for her master to silently follow her? “As expected, I’m thinking too…”

“What is it?”

“……” Her smile instantly stiffened on  her  face.  Master, you’re the devil, right!?

She looked at her surroundings for a moment, yet, she could not see that figure of his. “Master, where are you?” This ends of the cave could be seen with just a single glance, and his figure was basically nowhere to be seen at all.

Seeing that she had already begun to flip over the demonic beast’s old lair, his cold voice once again sounded. “Lower your head.”

Zhu Yao lowered her head, only to see the white jade that her master had given her before she left, was currently emitting out a blinding light. A white mini-sized master popped out of that pendant, and he floated to about three feet away from her.

He was Yu Yan.

“Master!” Zhu Yao instantly widened her eyes, and looked at the mini-sized master. “How did you turn out like this?”

“What you’re currently seeing is just a part of my soul.” Yu Yan explained. “Practitioners with cultivation above that of Azoth cannot enter ‘Tasyoluk’. So, I could only have my divine sense dwell inside this jade pendant, before I could enter this Secret Realm.” “Then why?” Was there a need to turn into such mini-sized?

“Although it’s only a part of my divine sense, I’m, after all, a Demigod. If I were to appear oftenly with my original body, it will definitely be sensed by the formation in place. I will not be discovered only if I’m in this form.”

“Master, the reason you’re here is?”

Hearing her bringing up this topic, Yu Yan coldly glared at her, and instantly begun to enter his teaching mode. “Your Azoth Core was shattered, and your meridians were torn apart. This master has never taught you to risk your life to fight with a demonic beast.”

“…..” Zhu Yao obediently lowered her head.

“If not for my appearance, I’m afraid your life would have ended right there.”

“Was it master who healed my wounds?” Yu Yan did not answer, and simply looked at her even more sternly.

Zhu Yao revealed a smile, and instantly, she felt her heart was warm, as though she began to feel that it was not really that bad to have a master who liked to stalk his disciple.

“Thank you, master.”

“…..” Yu Yan was startled for a moment, yet, he still gave a straight face. “Stupid!”

“Yes, my liege!”

“Next time, think thrice before doing anything.”

“Alright, my liege!”

“Live within your means, that’s the way of cultivation.”

“That’s right, my liege!” “And…”

“Are there any other instructions, my liege?”

“Your Azoth Core has yet to recover completely, do not easily act for the next few days.”

“Understood, my liege!”

“Shut your mouth.”

“Yes, my liege. No problem, my liege!”


Through the few days of rest, Zhu Yao’s injuries were finally all healed. Yu Yan found the determination to train her, and had especially picked out places with demonic beasts for her to go to. In the beginning, when Zhu Yao saw demonic beasts, she would have the thought of running away. Now, she would numbly pull out her sword, charge out, and slash about while getting herself beaten. Zhu Yao never had much battle experience in the first place, hence, she was basically the one who would always get beaten up. However, with Yu Yan by her side, other than taking a few light injuries, there were no threats to her life. After a long time, her sword techniques had already been sharpened to the point where she was extremely familiar with them, and she could even unleash her Sword Intent at will.

Her Sword Intent was a lightning phoenix. Usually, when she summoned it, it would simply be tiny, and its size was not that much different compared to a pigeon’s. It no longer revealed itself as the gigantic figure it had when she first used it.

Master said that her Sword Intent was the manifestation of her cultivation. When one comprehended Sword Intent, the Sword Intent would form into the most similar shape to one’s thoughts at that time. Back then, she simply wanted to claw out a single chance at survival from that demonic beast. Hence, her Sword Intent, was a Phoenix which could rise from the ashes.

Master’s Sword Intent, which she had seen before as well, was a white dragon. Zhu Yao silently thought to herself. Could it be that back then, her master wanted to become an emperor? Hence, his Sword Intent had a shape of a dragon? She silently imagined him seated on a dragon seat. Forget it. Clearly, the style is completely wrong. However, the two of them, one was a dragon, while the other was a phoenix. As expected of a master and his disciple, they were rather compatible. When she thought of this, she was still a little excited.

With Sword Intent, Zhu Yao’s sword techniques  had improved greatly. In the beginning, she could barely defeat fourth-rank and fifth-rank demonic beasts. However, after that, with just her alone, she was able to defeat a sixth-rank demonic beast as well.

Zhu Yao raised her longsword. She had successfully dealt with a sixth-rank demonic beast, yet, her body was already dog-tired, her spiritual energy, was even more so, depleted to the point where not even a single drop was left.

Sitting right down on her butt, she heavily gasped for air, and was completely unable to move.

A certain master popped out half of his body from the pendant in front of her chest, a hint of satisfaction surfaced on his ice- cold face. “This time, you’re faster than the previous time by fifteen minutes. However, you could have been much  faster with that sword strike earlier.” “Master…” A certain amount of awkwardness flashed out of Zhu Yao’s expression, as though she wanted to say something.

However, Yu Yan continued on. “Demonic beasts which are incapable of transforming, usually have much large body figures, hence, their movements will always be much slower. You have to obtain victory speedily and decisively.”

“Not that…”

“Your control of spiritual energy is insufficient, and your grasp towards Sword Intent is still not enough.”


“You did well with your offense, but, your defense is insufficient.”

“I’m trying to say…”

“You have to train more. You’re not allowed to slack off.” “Master!”

“What is it?” A certain master finally realized the tone his stupid disciple used was off.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened, pointed to his position, and her own chest. “Can you talk after releasing my chest?”

It’s true that you’re hiding in the jade pendant, but what’s with the meaning of designing it as a necklace!? And master, if you want to come out, then do so. Why did only half of your body show itself? It felt like he had suddenly squeezed out of her chest. That’s too immoral, was it not?

ps, Where do you think your hand is currently being placed on!? Hey!

“Chest?” Yu Yan tilted his head, and subconsciously looked at his surroundings.

Zhu Yao instantly felt terrible. The hell, even though she was flat-chested, it was not to the point where it could not be found at all, right? It really feels terrible if you’re looking around like this for it, you know?

Don’t think that I don’t dare to smack you because you’re my master!

Yu Yan looked towards the person in front of him who had suddenly been enveloped by a depressing aura. Just what happened to his disciple this time? Why could he faintly feel killing intent? Yu Yan felt even more odd, and finally, he once again concluded that his disciple was being stupid again.

Fortunately, he was able to hear that his disciple did not seem to be very happy to see him in his current location. Although he did not understand the reason, he still completely floated out, and slowly turned into his regular size.

Waving his hand and forming a few hand-seals, he set up a presence concealment formation beside his disciple, before sitting next to her, and cast his Mystic Arts on her.

Seeing that she had recovered to a certain degree, he was finally at ease. Sizing her up for a moment, his brows deeply creased again. “Strip your clothes.”

“Kuh… Kuh kuh kuh?” Zhu Yao could not stabilize herself for a moment, and choked. She stared at him, unwilling to believe what she just heard. “What did you say?”

Chapter56: When Heading Out, Bringing Along Your Master Is A Must

“Strip your clothes.” Yu Yan reiterated.

Out of reflex, Zhu Yao hugged her chest with her two hands, and looked at the person in front of her with widened eyes. What happened to being just girl friends?

“Mas… Master, this is wrong, isn’t it?” This disciple sells her body, not her skills… Ah pui! I’m a pure and innocent lady.

Yu Yan ignored her stupid actions, silently took out a bracelet and passed it to her. “Change into this.”

She hesitantly took it, and only then did she realize it was a storage bracelet. The moment she wore it, it automatically shrank to the size fitting for her wrist. When she used  her divine sense to inspect it, she realized the space inside was huge, and her own storage bag was completely unable to compare with it.

Taking a good look at the things inside, other than some regular talismans, the rest were several clothes for women, and it seemed like they had been prepared for a long time.

In the recent days, Zhu Yao only bothered about gaining experience by killing monsters with her life at stake, and basically did not have the time to take care of herself well. The white sect school uniform she was wearing, had already been torn with a couple of holes. Although she could use the Dirt Removal Art to wash it clean, the holes could not be patched up.

So she wanted her to change her clothes. Say so earlier! It caused her to think her master had some impure and indecent thoughts about her.

Zhu Yao hid her earlier actions by faking out a few coughs. Only after taking out the clothes did she realize how completely prepared he was. It came with a full set of inner and outer wear, and there were different types of colors and styles. As expected, he was a good master.

“Thank you, master!” After saying her thanks cheerfully, Zhu Yao did not think twice and took off the outerwear that had already been torn with several holes, and began to change.

Zhu Yao had never been an attentive person, and adding that she had never thought of master as an outsider, she took off one of her underwear as well. Although she still had another underwear on her, a woman’s underwear had always been rather thin, and would always vaguely reveal some things that should not be revealed.

Yu Yan’s expression stiffened, and turned his head somewhere else out of reflex, his face strangely began to rise in temperature. He himself did not understand  either? Supposedly, the one in front of him was his stupid disciple, so caring more about her should be his duty. However, why did he feel that, right now, it should be time for him to avoid her?

“Done!” Zhu Yao patted on her new clothes, and severely smugged. As expected, it was great to wear different clothes. A uniform set of clothes or whatever, simply did not have any aesthetic feeling.

“Mn.” Yu Yan responded. He silently picked up the school uniform that had been abandoned by her. He rubbed the wrinkles on the uniform, trying to look for the torn places.

And then… He took out a set of needle and string… “……”

Zhu Yao instantly felt that this image was simply too disillusioned.

You actually brought along needles and strings with you when you left! Master, does your master know about how “wifely” you are?

As expected, her master was a genius at life skills. Not even fifteen minutes had passed, and the holes on the clothes had already vanished. Zhu Yao took it, and inspected the places that were sewn. She completely could not see any traces of them. She could not help but silently think to herself. In these ten thousand years, did master spend them all on raising his life skills? Hence, he had not taken in any disciples till now.

Keeping the school uniform, Zhu Yao suddenly realized, other than clothes, there were some irrelevant cloths in the storage bracelet, and they looked rather familiar. She then light took one of them out.

“Master, what is this?” It was long and rectangular, and it was even emitting out a faint silver glow. Yu Yan raised his head and glanced at her. “It’s the remaining pieces of what you used back then. After that, because of the change in materials, I simply put them in.”

Zhu Yao touched the smooth cloth, and suddenly had a bad feeling. “Remaining? Remaining pieces of what?”

“Sanitary pads.” He said so seriously.

“……” Why is my mouth so cheap? Why do I have to be so curious?

After separating from everyone, Zhu Yao was a little worried that she was unable to catch up to Xiao Yi, and hence, unable to find the “Wood Spirit”. After pondering for a moment, that “Wood Spirit” was at the core of the Secret Realm, and currently, her master was by her side. Even if she were to encounter a formidable demonic beast, she would still be able to retreat with her body intact. And, she would be able to find that ancient ruin, where the “Wood Spirit” was placed, much faster.

However, she never expected that Tasyoluk’s map would be as large as this. When she entered, she thought that the forest, which she could not see the ends of, would be all, yet, when she exited the forest, an ocean actually appeared in front of her. And, it was the type which looked endless.

In an ocean like this, how was she going to find the ruins?

Zhu Yao felt a little saddened, yet, she could faintly hear a singing voice coming from nearby. The voice was  very beautiful, as though the singer was weeping and complaining, it sounded like a lover was whispering his grief beside her, and she could not help but feel her heart aching from hearing it.

“It’s the singing voice of a sharkman.” White light emitted out from the jade pendant in front of Zhu Yao’s chest, and Yu Yan’s cold voice sounded. “A sharkman’s singing voice has the ability to manipulate one’s mind, do not be trapped within it.”

The moment Zhu Yao heard that, she immediately regained her senses, and escaped from that singing voice. After looking at her surroundings, as expected, on a rock not far from her, she saw four to five figures. From afar, they looked like human figures, however, unexpectedly, they had fish tails, and their blue long hair flowed down onto the ground.

The first thing she thought were the beautiful mermaids in fantasies, and was filled with curiosity. Carrying a slight excitement, she took a few steps forward.

When she just thought of getting a sneak peek and vanishing right after, those Sharkmen seemed to have sensed something, and they turned their heads over one after another. Zhu Yao, who saw clearly the looks of those Sharkmen, her three views instantly shattered and fell onto the ground.

The body parts below the Sharkmen’s head were still considered normal, however, those faces were simply too shocking. Two extremely dark eyes, as though two rocks had been embedded on each of their faces, their pupils were large, yet, there were no white parts of the eyes. Their noses were not upright, and they looked as though two holes were drilled into each of their faces. And their mouths took up an entire half of each of their faces, when the two corners of their mouths tear open, they instantly reach the back of their ears. With just a slight open of their mouths, their sharp metal nail-like teeth were revealed. They were extremely terrifying.

Zhu Yao was rooted to the ground out of shock, as though she could hear the sound of her fantasies shattering. Return me my mermaids! Sensing an intruder, the Sharkmen on the rocks let out threatening roars one after another, and they revealed their mouthful of sharp teeth. As though they were about to pounce over in the very next moment, only then did Zhu Yao understood how idiotic it was to approach them. Sharkmen were eighth-rank demonic beasts, and any one of them was enough to beat her, let alone a group of them.

As expected, if one did not seek trouble, trouble would not come!

Just when she was about to skillfully retreat, the leading Sharkman suddenly startled for a moment. After carefully smelling her body, it suddenly retracted its killing intent. “Which tribe are you from?”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao was startled. What was it talking about?

When that Sharkman saw that she was unresponsive, it continued to ask. “Just which tribe of Sharkmen are you from?”

“Uh…” Sharkman? Her? “I… passed by here.” “Passedbyhere? I never heard of this tribe before though?” That Sharkman was startled for a moment, and then immediately after, it said with a stern look. “You passed the boundary. Do you know that?”


“This place! Is our Harmonic Ocean Tribe’s territory, understand? This place!” He strongly pointed to a rock at the side which was fully covered with shells. “This place has already been marked by us. If you wish to hunt, head somewhere else.”

After saying that, the group of Sharkmen behind it nodded one after another.

Zhu Yao was a little weirded out. It seemed like these Sharkmen had taken her as one of them. But… Just where the hell did they see that from? Her image was clearly different from them, alright?

“Kuh kuh, sorry, I got lost.” Zhu Yao probed. Since she was able to avoid a terrible battle, she would not mind acting as a Sharkman for a short while. “Lost?” That Sharkman’s face was immediately filled with contempt, as though it was looking at her as though she was an idiot. “Just who the hell sent you here? How could you even get lost like this?”

“Uh… I was sent here by a monkey.”

“Monkey? Is that the name of your tribe leader?” That Sharkman began to look down on her even more. “Are all of your tribe members as stupid as you?”

“……” You’re stupid. Your entire family’s stupid.

“Nevermind!” That guy sized her up for a bit, and suddenly, its eyes shone. Slapping its chest, it’s expression changed into a righteous one. “Seeing that we’re of the same race, I shall send you back. My name is Fishhere, the tribe leader of Harmonic Ocean Tribe.”

“Hoho, wouldn’t that be too much of a trouble?” She could not wait to flee, so how could she bring along a fish?

“Do not be modest.” That sharkman said with its arms crossed. “Since you’re so stupid, I’m afraid you might not return home even after three days.”

“Really, there’s no need.”

“Don’t worry, I’m very familiar with the vicinity.”

“No need.”

“I said I’m sending you!”

“It’s really unnecessary.”

“Are you going to have me send you, or not!?” It bared its teeth!

“…… Alright, send me then!” You can’t force people like this. These hot-blooded ‘fish’-youth nowadays, are really hard to please.

When the Sharkman saw her yielding, it was finally satisfied. Slapping its tail, it moved towards her. Stretching its hand, it wrapped around Zhu Yao’s shoulder, demonstrating a brotherly look. “Tell me then, where do you live?”

“Uh……” Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, and suddenly, she thought of a plan. Why not have him bring her to that ancient ruins? After all, no human was more familiar of the terrain of this Secret Realm than a demonic beast. “I don’t really know that place is called either? It’s just that there’s a very ancient palace over there. It’s really big inside, and the spiritual energy there is abundant as well. Oh right, there’s a very strong barrier set up outside, and normally, people are unable to approach it.”

Hearing her finish her explanation, the the Sharkman’s expression became a little strange. Looking at her from top to bottom, it’s long and thin sharp teeth made ‘guchiguchi’ grinding sounds. “You’re sure that you people live over there?”

Zhu Yao was exhilarated in her heart. As expected, he knew about it, however, she could not allow him to raise his suspicion. “We have always lived near it, however, tribe leader has never allowed us to casually head outside. This is my first time out here, hence, I got lost.”

Fishhere stared at her for a while, before dispersing its suspicion. It lightly said. “Why would you people live in that sort of crazy place? I heard that, near those ruins are “Severed Lands”, if you were to get sucked into it, your soul would be scattered.”

Zhu Yao could only smile and nod.

“Alright then, seeing that I’m in a good mood, I will bring you home today. But, I shall put this out first, I will only send you to somewhere nearby. I won’t approach the ‘severed lands’.”

“Thank you, big brother Fishhere.” Zhu Yao immediately nodded.

Fishhere explained to the rest of the Sharkmen, before signaling to Zhu Yao that they could leave.

“Wait a minute, where are you going?”

Zhu Yao had only taken a single step, before she was pulled back by him. He pointed to the front, where the endless seas were. “This way.” After saying that, with a ‘plop’ sound, he leapt into the sea.

They were using the water route!

Zhu Yao: “……”

Zhu Yao instantly let out cold sweat, and felt the sense of danger where she was about to be exposed. Because… She did not know how to swim!

Chapter57: Experiencing The First Marriage Proposal

“Hurry up, didn’t you want to return?” That Sharkman saw her idling around the shore for quite awhile and not heading down into the waters, and could not help but hasten her.

Zhu Yao was even more flustered. I’m doomed, I’m doomed. This time, I’m really dead. I wonder if it’s fine if I tell him that I don’t know how to swim?

Pui! Which Sharkman wouldn’t be able to swim?

“Water Repelling Incantation!” Suddenly, a cold voice sounded next to her ear. It was her master!

Her flustered heart instantly calmed down. Oh right,  she could use the Water Repelling Incantation. That way, she could walk in the water like how she would do it on land. Zhu Yao instantly cast the Water Repelling Incantation on herself, and her body was immediately encased in a transparent air bubble.

After entering the waters, the water flow automatically bypassed her. The Sharkman stared at her for a long while before it said with disdain. “Why do you like this ugly human look so much? Even after entering the waters, you don’t wish to change back at all?”

Although Sharkmen were able to transform since birth, due to living in the waters most of the time, usually, they did not love to transform into the shape of humans.

“Hoho, my hobby is a little unique.” Zhu Yao could only follow it up with a laugh.

“Whatever.” Fishhere waved its hand without a mind, moved its fish tail and began to swim into the deep waters. Zhu Yao hurriedly followed after.

After a short journey, until they were unable to see the rest of the Sharkmen at the seaside, Fishhere finally took a deep breath. Stretching its waist, it began to complain. “Finally, I’m able to take a break. This big brother here has been protecting the shore for many days, and I almost turned into dried fish from the heat.”

So it was just trying to be lazy. It was no wonder it was so enthusiastic about “sending her home”. “I wonder what big brother Fishhere is waiting there for?”

When Fishhere saw that she was interested, it began to chatter. “I don’t know where those people heard the news from, but they said that human practitioners would be passing by in these few days. Initially, I had planned on catching one or two to taste them. Unfortunately, it’s been so many days, yet, not even a ghost figure was seen.” As though he had thought of something, it suck in its saliva. “I heard that the flavor of those human practitioners, are absolutely fresh and delicious.”

The human practitioner who was absolutely fresh and delicious: “……” Fortunately, it was blind, and had taken her as one of their kind.

Fishhere turned and looked at her, a hint of sympathy surfaced on his face. “Just by looking at how you seem to lack of bones, probably, you would simply flee if you spot human practitioners, right? If not for the rawsilk you’re holding onto, I wouldn’t have admitted that you’re a part of our race.”

Rawsilk! Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. She did not have such a thing on her body though? She only had a couple of clothes and… She suddenly recalled the the few auntie pads she had in her storage bracelet.

The hell! Bro. You’re really hardcore!

“You don’t have to be so disheartened. “ When Fishhere saw that she was a little depressed, it consoled her. “Although you’re a little unfortunate, to not have been born well, however, as long as you’re hardworking enough, you will still have an opportunity to break through.”

It seemed like he had taken her as a sixth-ranked Sharkman which had a few deficiencies. Sharkmen were born as eighth- ranked demonic beasts, and if she were to be seen that way, she was not just your average unfortunate Sharkman then.

“But you still have to amend that strange hobby of yours.” Fishhere looked at her from head to toe, his face was filled with scorn. “Which Sharkman doesn’t like to have a strong and beautiful fish tail? Yet, you actually like to change into such an ugly form. If this keeps up, you will never be able to find a wife.”

“I’m a woman. I don’t need to find a wife.” It was enough to have mistaken her as one of their race, why the hell did it have to mistake her gender as well?

Fishhere was shocked. As though it had heard something unbelievable, it instantly widened its pair of eyes, staring straight towards her chest.


The hell! Little buns are still buns, alright!? Are they to the extent where they can’t be seen?

“You… You… You, you……” As though it had finally admitted it, Fishhere pointed at her out of astonishment. Instantly, it was at a loss of what to do, while that deep brown-colored fish tail was strangely turning red at a quick rate.

Not even a moment later, a perfectly steamed fish turned roasted.

“Why… Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Fishhere retreated far away, its face which was still mixed with a few thousands of expressions earlier, instantly turned into one that showed as though he was not at fault. Lowering its head, it carefully peaked at her.

Was it so strange for her to be a woman? Why the hell are you being so embarrassed for? The image of a tyrannical CEO turning into a small and timid wife, was very terrifying, you know?

Rumors had stated, that the number of female Sharkmen in the Sharkman Race were extremely small, and in a single tribe, the number of female Sharkmen would not exceed ten. Hence, ever since they were born, they would be existences that were protected by the entire race, and, female Sharkmen would also have absolute authority among the Sharkmen. A few Sharkmen might not even be able to see a single female Sharkmen in their entire lives. Hence, it could be seen that encountering a lone female Sharkman was such an unbelievable sight. Though, Zhu Yao was only a counterfeit.

Ever since Zhu Yao had stated her gender, Fishhere became extremely awkward, and no longer dared to speak to her loudly. It only dared to steal a few glances of her from the corner of its glowing eyes. Its fish tail had also stayed in the roasted fish state throughout the entire journey, and it would even occasionally cast a shy look at her. However, when that expression, was placed on a scary face, the effects could not be described using the word ‘terrifying’.

“Kuh, how much further is it?” Zhu Yao could not help but change the topic, her hair was already standing on ends. Do not glance at me with that sort of expression anymore, if I had known, I would have quietly be a male fish with no chest.

Fishhere pointed to the front, and replied while suppressing its voice, as though it was afraid of scaring her. “It’s… It’s just right in front!”

Zhu Yao raised her head and look. In front, not far  from where she was, was a shining ray of light. It was especially obvious in this dark seabed. She could even faintly see the shadows of shattered rocks and broken walls inside the light.

“Thank you, then I will be heading there by myself now.” Zhu Yao hurriedly bade farewells.

“Would you really be fine alone?” However, the Sharkman Fishhere became a little worried. “There’s a very strong barrier over there, and there’s not even a drop of water in there. It’s very dangerous.” Zhu Yao shook her head. “It’s fine, I will know my way once I’m inside, so I can return by myself.” She could not always bring along a fish with her, right?

“Oh!” Fishhere nodded a little disappointingly. It worriedly looked at her a few times, and instructed. “Next time, do not run about randomly, otherwise, you will lose your way. If… If you’re lost again, you can look for me again.”

“Mn.” If I’m lost, how am I supposed to find you?

“Be safe on your way back.”


Fishhere then finally hesitantly turned and swam away. Suddenly, as though it had thought of something, it quickly ran back, and stared at her with misty, glowing eyes.  “Umm…  I wish to ask, have you found a partner yet? If you haven’t, what do you think of me?”

“Eh?” What kind of godly development was this? Fishhere waved its roasted fish tail. “I’m very muscular and strong, so I will definitely be able to protect you.”

“Uh…” Why was she in such an odd situation of being proposed by a fish?

“I know how to hunt, no one in my tribe is able to compete with me.”

“……” However, she no longer needed to eat.

“The rawsilk I weaved is also the most beautiful among all of the Sharkmen.”

“……” Could she use it as auntie pads?

“My ‘ability’ is really strong too. I’m definitely able to have you bear seven or eight little Sharkmen.”

“……” Why did it turn into a yellow-zoned topic, hey? “I’m even able to…”

Before he could finish, a ray of blinding white light was instantly released by the jade pendant on Zhu Yao’s neck, which instantly charged towards Fishhere who was still chatting her up without rest. Instantly, it was sent flying away. Before it even had the opportunity to wail, its figure could no longer be seen.

Master… is so violent.

The miniature-sized Yu Yan floated out of the jade pendant, and sat on Zhu Yao’s shoulder. His face which was usually cold, currently felt as though it was covered by another layer of ice. His entire body was even emitting out cold air.

A mere eighth-ranked demonic beast, dared to crave for his disciple!

“Go!” He spoke up. Even though it was just a short, single word, it was so cold that it felt as though it was about to drop scraps of ice. Zhu Yao sensed that her master was angry, and his anger was not light either. But, why was that so? Rubbing her arm which was about to stiffen from the cold, Zhu Yao could only shut her mouth, and walked towards the direction of the ruins. Eyyy, master is so scary.

These ancient ruins were very strange. It was in the deep ocean bed, yet, as though it was being enveloped by a gigantic formation, inside the formation, was as though it was a piece of open land. Inside, there were even flourishing plants and trees, and a structure which looked like a old palace was situated in the center, exactly like the one she saw in her dream.

Regarding the “Wood Spirit”, Zhu Yao did not tell her master about it, because there would be too many implications. However, Yu Yan had never asked her why she wanted to head to that ancient ruins, nor had he asked why she knew of such a place. He simply gave her the free will to advance, and helped her deal with some troubles during the appropriate times.

With a master like this, Zhu Yao felt relieved, and was a little guilty as well. However, even she was unable to determine if everything that happened in the dream, was real. Hence, actually, a large reason for her seeking this “Wood Spirit”, was to prove her suspicions. “Master, what are ‘severed lands’?” That Sharkman had emphasized on the dangers of the severed lands along the way, hence, Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little worried about it.

Yu Yan pondered for a moment, before answering. “It’s probably the very ends of this Secret Realm. Those demonic beasts that live here, unless they were to ascend, they are unable to leave this realm. Hence, they would not casually approach the edges of the realm.”

“Then what if we enter it?”

“I have no idea either. I have never heard of human practitioners entering it before. Probably, if we enter, either we return to the cultivation world, or our souls would most likely be scattered.”

He was so uncertain about it? It seemed like this place was very dangerous. If she could, she would not be willing to approach that place. However, the surroundings of the ancient ruins were rather safe. She had investigated them, and there was completely no presence of demonic beasts.

Just when she was about to enter that palace, suddenly, she heard a familiar voice.

“Senior-martial uncle Xiao, what in the world in this place?”

This voice was Lu Cha’s!

Zhu looked at the two people who were currently walking right over from not afar, and they were exactly Lu Cha and Xiao Yi who she had not seen for a long time. They did not have any traces of bodies being soaked, nor did they look like they had went through a terrible battle, as though they had suddenly appeared in this place. Taking a closer look, she saw the glow of a formation that had yet to disperse underneath their feet.

The hell! So there was a teleportation formation here. Then why the hell did she walk for so many days for?

She hated the protagonist’s cheat!

“This should be an ancient ruins.” Xiao Yi answered, while pointing to the structures in the vicinity. “Looking at  the designs of the buildings here, they are designs that only the Ancient Era would have.” “Then will there be great opportunities here?” Lu Cha’s eyes instantly shone. The Ancient Era, was the time where both Gods and Devils existed, and was something the current cultivation world could never attain.

Xiao Yi was a little excited as well, as he nodded his head. “Since this place is so hidden and secretive, if not for those wicked people who trapped us in a cave, we would not have coincidentally encounter this teleportation formation, nor would we have entered this place. It seemed like the person who was designed this place, must definitely be a very powerful existence.”

Chapter58: Sesame Opened A Door

“Haven’t we encountered a blessing in disguise,  then?”  Lu Cha was happy for a moment, then, as though she had suddenly recalled something, her expression was instantly dyed with resentment. “Those senior-martial brothers from Weapon Mountain were really too much. I already told them senior- martial brother Zhao’s death was unrelated to me. Yet, they did not believe it at all, and even acted against us.”

Looking at the cute girl who was in tears, Xiao Yi instantly felt his heart aching. “Little sister Lu, do not be  disheartened. Justice lies in the human heart. Why is there a need for you to care about those who could not differentiate the right and wrong?”

“But… I’m very sad about senior-martial brother Zhao’s death as well.” Lu Cha rubbed the corner of her eyes. Although his death is unrelated to me, after all, we were still martial brothers and sisters, why wouldn’t they believe me?”

“Don’t cry, I’m still here. I will definitely not let anyone harm you.”

“Really? Big brother Xiao?” “Of course, my good little sister.”

Looking at the two people cuddling with each other, Zhu Yao really could not help but roll her eyes. After listening to their conversation, clearly, the two of them fell down here due to the Weapon Mountain disciples’ attempt to exact vengeance. She had already long since understood Xiao Yi’s personality, however, she never thought that Lu Cha would actually be such a disgusting person as well.

Little fatty Zhao was madly in love with her, and even died to save her. It’s fine if she simply did not feel any gratitude towards him, however, she actually turned and flew into Xiao Yi’s embrace, and even said that his death was unrelated to her. Zhu Yao even began to feel a little suspicious, back then, when she was given a name, Zhu Yao wondered if her parents had forgotten to register another word.


Green Tea Bitch!

She instantly began to pity little fatty Zhao, and prayed that in his next life, he would not once again get to know such people.

And at that moment, Zhu Yao no longer had  the  interest  to meet up with the two of  them  either,  and  walked  into  the depths of the palace. If she were to go with them, it might be possible that she would be stabbed  in  the  back  by  that wonderful duo, and in their eyes, they would even convince themselves that she deserved it.

Yu Yan did not have the slightest of objection towards her decision. He was someone with a cold personality in the first place. Other than his own disciple, he was completely uninterested in everyone else.

Using his divine sense to investigate in an instant, the entire layout of the palace immediately appeared in his mind. It seemed that a certain barrier had been set up at the center of the place, and even he was unable to see it clearly.

“In the most inner area of this palace, something seems to be there.”

Zhu Yao shockingly turned to look at the miniature-sized master on her shoulder. “Master, are you a human-shaped detector?”

Human-shaped detector? What was that?

“This place isn’t big. By using my divine sense to investigate the place for a moment, I was able to know everything.”


This was not big? Zhu Yao was a little speechless. Although her divine sense allowed her to see a distance of a few kilometers away, currently, what she could see here were just walls. Just how did her master do it?

“Go right!” Yu Yao reminded.

Zhu Yao turned into the right passage, and pondered deeply about the place her master spoke of, which should be where the “Wood Spirit” was located. Although Xiao Yi had the protagonist’s cheat, it could not hold a candle against her own master, who was a human-shaped cheating device. She was even arriving there faster than them as well, so she could definitely be able to take it before them. When she thought of this point, she could not help but increase her pace by a bit. What was mysterious about this was, throughout the entire way, she actually did not encounter any obstructions, and walked towards the most inner layer smoothly and unhindered.

Yet, she was stopped by a gigantic door.

It was a very unique door. A very strange demonic beast was engraved on it, and looked as though it was alive, swimming continuously above. The entire door was even glowing with a faint silver light. Even though it was a door, it did not have an opening, nor was there anything like a handle, that she could use to push it open with.

“Master?” Zhu Yao could only seek assistance and looked towards her own cheating device.

Yu Yan was also looking at this strange door with a frown. He pointed to the demonic beast on it and said. “An ancient mystic beast is sealed in this door, and it was most probably done by the owner of this palace. So as to protect the things inside this place, the owner purposefully used a formation to trap it within.” “Then how do we go in?” Zhu Yao was already a hundred percent sure that the Wood Spirit was inside this place.

“This formation is too complicated. Within the formation, there’s still another three thousand lesser formations.” Yu Yan said with a frown. “If one were to casually touch it, that person will activate the mystic beast on the door, which will swallow the trespasser whole. Unless one knows of the password, or if it’s the owner of this formation, this door can then be opened.”

“Then is there really no other way?”

“Unless we were to forcefully dispel this formation. However, from the complications of this formation, dispelling it isn’t something that can be done in a day.” He turned back and looked towards Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao sighed. She understood her master’s words. By the time they dispel the formation, Xiao Yi and Lu Cha would have arrived. It seemed like it was impossible to not bump into them anymore. Damn protagonist’s cheat.

Since she had to wait for Xiao Yi, Zhu Yao was no longer in a rush. Sitting in front of the door, she inspected the door closely. The mystic beast on the door looked very strange. It had a pale face, sharp teeth, a panther-like figure, yet, it had two pairs of long horns on its head. It’s claws were like that of an eagle’s, yet, it had a rough and stout tail like that of a snake’s. The strangest thing was, it had wings, and even three pairs of them, yet, they were not like that of a bird’s, rather, they looked more like a bat’s. It’s huge figure took up more than half of the door, and it looked extremely clumsy when it swam about.

Zhu Yao stared at the door for six entire hours, and her master, who had been studying the formation, then looked towards the end of the passageway. “They’re here.”

From afar, she could already hear their footsteps. Her piggish party members were running late.

“Yo, long time no see!” Zhu Yao,  who  was  sitting  on  the ground, supported her head with one of her hands, and greeted them. The moment Yu Yan had discovered them, he had already returned into the jade pendant.

Xiao Yi and Lu Cha was stunned, and various mixed expressions surfaced on their faces at the same time. There were awkwardness, shocked, and, a hint of suppressed unwillingness. “Why are you here?” Lu Cha spoke up hesitantly, the smile on her face was a little forced.

“Fate, of course!” Zhu Yao waved her hand about with a smile, and said with utmost sincerity. “Back then, when I was chased by that demonic beast, I just knew you people will definitely find me. Haven’t we bumped to each other now?”

Xiao Yi’s and Lu Cha’s expressions became even more awkward. Zhu Yao was saying all these purposefully. Lu Cha no longer cared about little fatty Zhao dying for her, so why would she even think of saving Zhu Yao? In their hearts, they might even be calling her an idiot.

“It’s great that you’re fine.” As expected of the protagonist, Xiao Yi immediately regained his senses. Looking at Zhu Yao from head to toe, he realized she was clean and tidy, and looked as though she were completely free from wounds. Looking back at themselves, when they entered the palace, they encountered many traps and formations along their way here, and had already been especially fatigued. He could not help but grow suspicious.

“Junior-martial niece Bun, how did you manage to escape?” Your sister’s a bun! Zhu Yao held in her urge to roll her eyes at him, and began to make up a story made out of both truths and lies. “I don’t know either. I was chased into a mountain cave by that demonic beast, and then, I seemed to have stepped on a formation-like thing, when I woke up, I was already outside this palace. The layout of this palace is especially complicated.  I have already been trapped here for dozens of days, yet, I was still unable to find a way out.”

So she was already here for many days, it was no wonder why she completely did not look flustered. Xiao Yi then calmed his suspicions.

“Junior-martial niece Bun, do you know what’s behind this door?” Xiao Yi discovered that strange door as well, and asked.

Zhu Yao shook her head. “I don’t know either. But, this door is fully covered with formations, and can’t be opened easily.”

“What a strange door.” Lu Cha’s attention was brought onto the door as well, and with a swing of her hand, she went to touch on the door.

“Don’t touch it!” Zhu Yao shouted out loudly, however, it was already too late. Lu Cha’s hand had already touched on  the door.

At that moment, the entire palace began to tremble, as though some sort of mechanism had been activated, that door began to shine with a blinding light. The mystic beast began to struggle strongly as well, and from the looks of it, it was about to break out of the door.

Even Zhu Yao instantly had the thought of destroying Lu Cha, as she stared ruthlessly at the culprit. As expected, she’s a piggish party member!

Lu Cha knew it was her mistake, and weakly hid behind Xiao Yi’s back. She looked at Zhu Yao with an aggrieved face, as though she was the one who was in the wrong.

Accursed Green Tea Bitch!

There was already no point in seeking accountability for this issue. Zhu Yao could only try her best to stabilize her body, while tensely waiting for what was about to happen with bated breath. Hopefully, that mystic beast was not the one being awakened. Fifteen minutes later, the trembling finally stopped.

And the light emitting out from the door began to slowly dim as well, yet, nothing happened. The three of them heaved sighs of relief.

At this moment, the mystic beast on the door suddenly stretched out its head, as though it had penetrated through from the other end of the door. Opening its huge mouth, it led out a huge roar. It’s roar was very sharp, and it could not be described clearly, however, it carried a heavy air of brutality. When the roar entered their ears, they momentarily felt giddy and their visions were blurred. That mystic beast’s pair of bell- like eyes swept past the three of them, and then, stared right at Zhu Yao, who was the closest. “Password?”

Zhu Yao was startled. Password? What password!? Only a ghost would know! Earlier, she was not the one who knocked the door anyway, so why was it asking her?

Seeing her not answering for a long time, the beast’s head approached closer and closer, with its mouth slowly opening wider and wider. Zhu Yao simply felt a fishy smell was assaulting her from all around, and it looked as though it was about to bite her.
 Password, password, obviously, it could never be…

“Open Sesame!” Zhu Yao blurted out.

It would be strange if it worked!

The beast’s head stopped. It stared ruthlessly at her, and then, it’s mouth instantly closed, and it returned back into the door. With a loud bang, that huge door, slowly opened while moving to the left.

The hell!? It really worked!

This mystic beast couldn’t be called Alibaba, right?

Before Zhu Yao could even feel shocked, a huge gust of wind suddenly blew from the other side the door, sucking her straight inside. Zhu Yao had not prepared any defenses, and even Xiao Yi and Lu Cha were swept inside by the wind as well.

Darkness instantly filled her vision. She felt as though she had fallen into a bottomless abyss, and she descended constantly. A humongous pressure engulfed over, and Zhu Yao instantly felt her as though her chest was about to be torn apart and her cinnabar was about to be shattered. The huge strength of that pressure, was simply causing her to be powerless, leaving her with no energy to resist, it really hurt! Even her consciousness was beginning to waver.

“Concentrate, calm your spiritual energy, protect your Dantian.” A cold voice sounded. The pressure on her body suddenly slackened, and she was finally able to relax.


Zhu Yao immediately circulated her spiritual energy to protect her own cinnabar and keep her consciousness clear. Only after a good long time did she finally heave a sigh of relief.

They were currently in a barren land, and her surroundings were only filled with dim light. Xiao Yi and Lu Cha were laid down beside her. They most probably fainted due to that pressure earlier.

Suddenly, an old, hoarse voice sounded. “This old man has waited for so many years, and finally, the destined ones are here.”

Turning her head to look, a white ghostly figure was suddenly floating in front of her. That person was an elderly with white hair and brows, and his face was covered entirely by his beard, causing his expression to be invisible. However, his pair of small eyes narrowed into a line, as though he was extremely happy.

Lu Cha sounds like Lü Cha, which stands for Green Tea. Green Tea Bitch: An internet slang used to  describe  a  young  woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent (ie: like green tea). However, in reality she is a gold-digging slut that  won’t  think  twice  before she sells her own body or steps on someone’s throat to get to a higher place (aka a bitch). First popularized by Chinese netizens when a whole bunch of female models and actresses  were revealed to be paid escorts/prostitutes for the rich and powerful during a fashion expo in 2013.

Chapter59: The Shameless Deity

“It’s been so many years, finally, there’s someone who can take on my mantle.”

Zhu Yao guessed that this should be the owner of these ruins, and the “Wood Spirit” should be in his hands. However, he did not have a physical body, it seemed like he was just a strand of divine power left by the former owner.

“Master?” What should she do now?

“Wait and see.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yao returned to lying on the ground, and continued to act dead.

The white old man stroked his beard, and floated over. After looking on the ground, he was suddenly stunned. “Why are there three?”

The old man frowned, and seemed to be in a difficult position. “Then let’s choose the one with the best Spirit Vein!” First, he looked at the most left, where Lu Cha was, and muttered to himself. “Fire and Earth Duo-Spirit Veins. Although she has qualifications of the upper tier, she’s not suitable for my Arts.”

Hence, he shifted his gaze to Xiao Yi, and his eyes momentarily shone, revealing a hint of delight on his face. He then inspected his Spirit Vein, and the delight in his eyes grew even more. “Metal and Wood Duo-Spirit Veins! Good, good, good!” He said the word ‘good’ three times in a row, his eyes had already narrowed into a pair of lines, and then, finally, he looked towards Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao figured that this old man should be thinking of choosing the disciple with the best Spirit Vein, and he will then pass down his Arts and “Wood Spirit” to the selected individual. After all, this was how it always worked on TV.

She was not the least bit worried of her own qualifications, after all, what she had best was her Lightning Spirit Vein.

As expected, the old man reached out his hand to inspect her qualifications, and again, as expected, he revealed a shocked expression on his face, and seemed as though he was about to blurt out. “It’s Lightning…” The old man looked at her, and then, looked at Xiao Yi who was at the center. Then, he decisively turned and walked towards Xiao Yi. “Let’s still pick this child instead.”

The hell!?

Do you have to be that bias?

Zhu Yao could not help but jump up. “What happened to the promise of picking the best Spirit Vein?”

“You… How are you awake?” The old man was stunned for a moment, and looked disbelievingly at Zhu Yao who suddenly rose. “Impossible. How could an Azoth-stage practitioner defend against my pressure?”

“There’s no need for you to care about that!” Zhu Yao could not help but roll her eyes. She had a hot temper in the first place, and hated unfairness the most. Also, he was just a spectre, so he would not be able to do anything to her. “Didn’t you want to choose the one with the best qualifications? How can his qualifications compare to mine?” “Uh… Kuh kuh!” The old man cough out a little awkwardly. “Little girly, don’t be agitated. Although your qualifications are good, I’m a little more destined with this boy, so I decided to pass down to him.”

“You’re already dead, what do you need destiny for?” Zhu Yao did not believe him in the slightest. Earlier, when he inspecting their Spirit Veins, she had already felt it. Clearly, he very despised both her and Lu Cha, yet, he behaved solely different towards Xiao Yi. It was as though, the moment he saw him, an expression of delight appeared on his face. Unless…

She looked at the spectre from head to toe. “You can’t be gay, right?”

“Gay? What this ‘gay’ thing?” The old man was startled for a moment.

The more she thought about it, the more Zhu Yao felt that it was a possibility. “In other words, you’re into men.”

When those words fell, the old man was instantly flustered. “Y-Y-You… You’re… You’re wrong!” “Then why is your face red?” His face had  reddened  to  the point where his white beard could not cover it, alright?

“Th… Th-The… The weather’s hot!” The old man used his hand to fan himself in a panic, while he tried to defend himself. “How could this old man… this old man… be interested in this… this little brat.”

She did not say he was interested in Xiao Yi. Could this could be considered as a confession he made by himself?

Zhu Yao was already hundred percent sure. So he was really gay, it’s no wonder he would not pick her nor Lu Cha.

“Little… Little girly.” This old man faked out a few coughs. His face was filled with embarrassment from being seen through. “This old man sees that you possess pretty good comprehension ability. To be able to meet you here, we can be considered as fated as well. Although I’m unable to pass down my Arts to you, I have a few treasures here, why don’t I gift you one?”

“Was this a bribe? Incidentally, she did not have an excuse to obtain the “Wood Spirit”. “Is that true?”

“Of course it’s true!”

“Then I want the ‘Wood Spirit’.”

“…..” The old man was instantly at a loss, and looked even more shocked as he stared at her. “How did you know I have that!?”

“You don’t have to know how I know about it. Just give me an answer. Are you giving it to me or not?”

“This…” The old man looked even more hard-pressed, and turned to look at Xiao Yi who was on the ground. “It’s not that I’m unwilling to give it to you, it’s just that this spirit of the wood element, does not easily admits someone as its master. Furthermore, this ‘Wood Spirit’ can assist my disciple in his cultivation.”

“If you don’t give it to me, I will tell everyone in  the cultivation world, that you’re gay.” The old man instantly softened. “… We can always talk things out.” Gritting his teeth, he then turned and waved his sleeves. The surrounding fog scattered by a bit, and in front of him, six wooden chests appeared. “Little girly, this ‘Wood Spirit’ has followed me for many years, yet, I’m still unable to make it submit. It could be seen that only someone who is fated can wield such a spiritual item. Over here, there’s six chests. Pick one. If you’re… Ehhhhhh!!”

Before waiting for him to finish, Zhu Yao had already walked over, and picked up the one on the furthest right.

The old man was filled with unretractable shock, as he looked at Zhu Yao was calmly holding onto the chest. “Y-Y-You… How did you know that the Wood Spirit was in that box?”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened as well. It was hard for her to not recognize it, alright? Because the two words “Wood Spirit” were floating above that chest. And, they were in the same font and same boldness as the word “BUG” on Xiao Yi’s face. Even if she did not want to recognize it, it was difficult for her not to, alright?

“Could it be that, in this world, there’s really such a person of great luck!?” The old man mumbled to himself, and the eyes he was looking at her with began to be filled with envy and hate.

Zhu Yao, however, did not bother to care about him, and opened the chest.

What’s hilarious was, the chest only had a small tree sapling inside, and it was even bud with only two leaves. It was currently twisting its white and tender branches, twisting it to the left, and then, twisting it to the right, as though it was dancing.

Probably because it was suddenly interrupted, that small sapling paused for a moment. It slightly raised its head, and then, let out a gentle…

“Chick?” (With changing tones!)


Are you a chicken?

Zhu Yao was speechless. Yet, that little sapling covered itself with its two leaves out of extreme embarrassment, giving a shy look as though it’s dark secret had been exposed.

“Are you the Wood Spirit?” Zhu Yao asked.

Only then did that small sapling slowly unfolded its leaves. Tilting its body, as though it’s to answer her, it let out another sound. “Chick…”

A little sapling with such good spirituality. Zhu Yao could not help but poke its leaves, and gave it a praise. “You’re pretty cute!”

When those words fell, with a ‘pupu’ sound, between the leaves, a small red flower instantly bloomed.

“……” Zhu Yao had a subtle feeling.

Yet, that little sapling held onto that small red flower in the center with its two leaves, and with a strong pull, it picked the flower out of its body, and then, passed it over to her. “… Thank… Thank you!”


Why did she feel that this “Wood Spirit” was a little weird.
Was it this friendly to every person it meets for the first time?

Zhu Yao had an inexplicable expression as it turned around the little red flower she was gifted with, yet, the old man suddenly moved in, and said with a stern expression. “Little girly, you have to be careful. This ‘Wood Spirit’ isn’t as simple as it looks on its surface…”

Before he could even finish, the little sapling suddenly grew out the leaf on its left, instantly turning it into a size of a palm, and strongly slapped towards the old man’s face.

Before the old man could even cry out, he had already been thrown dozens of meters to the back by its slap.

“……” The little sapling returned to its original size. Twisting its white and tender branches, it acted cutesy towards her. “Chick~”

As though the one who sent him flying was not it.

Zhu Yao: “……”

Seeing that she was not responding to it, the little sapling became agitated. It instantly leapt out of the chest, jumped onto the lid of the chest, and even used its two leaves to hug onto one of her fingers, and rubbed her finger with its body.


So cute. Alright. She gave in.

“Do you want to leave with me?”

The little sapling tilted its body. “Chick!” In that instant, Zhu Yao was a little hard-pressed. She had obtained the Wood Spirit, but now the big problem was, where was she going to put it? After all, it was not good to put a spiritual item in her storage bracelet, and the most important was to prevent Xiao Yi from discovering it.

“Little girly, you can’t bring this ‘Wood Spirit’ out.” As she was hesitating, the old man suddenly floated over. The affectionate expression on his face had disappeared without a trace, rather, it was now dyed with a bit of haziness.

What did the Wood Spirit signify? The control rights to all of the wood spiritual energy and spiritual plants in the world. No one would easily hand such a treasure to someone else, moreover someone who had cultivated for ten thousands of years like him. Although he had already fallen long ago, he was still unwilling.

With a wave of his hand, the chest in Zhu Yao’s hands instantly closed, and flew into his hands.

She knew it would not be this simple. Zhu Yao could not bother to speak to him either, and summoned her flying sword. “I can’t even bother to argue with someone like you who doesn’t keep to his words. Show your hand!”

When he was alive, this old man might be a  famous individual, at the very least, he was a practitioner at the Nascent Soul stage, and he might even be a practitioner of the Ancient Era. However, no matter how powerful he was, currently, he was just a spectre. She just could not believe that she would not be able to beat him.

“Hoho, you’re extremely arrogant for someone of such a young age.” The old man looked at her with belittling eyes. His entire face began to distort, and even his voice began to turn ghastly. “You don’t know how big the world is.”

He suddenly did a hand-seal with a single hand, summoning a fire dragon. Zhu Yao was just about to block it head-on, but the old man actually turned, and attacked towards the strange door in the sky above where they came from.

Zhu Yao was stunned. Why the hell did he not think  it through and decide to smash his own door?

Very quickly,  Zhu  Yao  realized  what  he  was  trying  to  do. Under his attack, the door still looked completely unscathed. However, it was not as quiet as before. The mystic beast on that door, began to struggle out from inside the door.

He was trying to release that mystic beast!

Zhu Yao was extremely shocked. First, a head popped out of the door, immediately after, a large half of its body got out of the door. As it struggled, it roared out with extremely huge force, and with every inch of its body escaping, its figure grew twice as big.

Zhu Yao’s heart trembled. Even from such a far distance, she was still able to feel the bloody smell coming from that mystic beast body. It’s ferocity could be clearly seen.

Finally, that mystic beast broke out of the formation. Facing towards the sky, it emitted out a long roar, and was even more ear-piercing that the previous one it made. Even though she had tried to defend against it will all her might, her blood flow was still scrambled by it.

Zhu Yao spat out a mouthful of blood, and was no longer even able to stand steadily. Once again, she fell onto the ground, and pain filled her entire body. She could feel that even her breathing had gotten difficult. This pressure was the same as when she first entered this place. She had thought that this was released by the old man, but it had always been this mystic beast who did it.

The mystic beast seemed to have discovered her. With a leap of its four legs, it came running towards her.

The hell, why the hell did animals like to chase after her to play? She hated little animals!

Chapter60: Master Will Wait For You At Jade Forest Mountain

In the nick of time, the jade pendant on Zhu Yao’s neck emitted a white light, and Yu Yan flew out from inside, summoning his spiritual sword and attacked towards the mystic beast.

Zhu Yao’s body relaxed, the pressure was completely dispersed, only then did she regain her breathing.

“A Demigod-stage practitioner!” The old man’s expression changed, and was filled with utter disbelief. “Impossible. How could a Demigod-stage practitioner appear here? Just who the hell are you?”

“Your grandma!” Zhu Yao once again raised her own sword.

“You…” The old man was extremely furious, his face had turned pale. He took a deep breath, as though he was trying to suppress his own anger. Only after a moment did he laugh coldly. “Little girly, don’t be too complacent. Do you really believe that with a Demigod-stage practitioner here, you’re able to beat me? All of you shall die here.” “What do you mean?” She suddenly had a bad premonition.

The old man snorted coldly. “Who do you think these ruins belong to?”

Zhu Yao was instantly stunned.

The old man began to laugh even more arrogantly. “It was simply a coincidence for this old man to obtain this ‘Wood Spirit’, however, because of someone’s plot, I died. And then, it just happened that my soul was absorbed into this mustard seed dimensional space that fell from the Higher Realm. And by fate and coincidence, I then dwelled in these ruins. That sealed mystic beast is the owner of this place.”

“What did you say?” Zhu Yao’s heart tightened.

“That’s a mystic beast that came from the Higher Realm. Do you think a mere Demigod-stage practitioner from the cultivation world can go against a divine beast that came from the Higher Realm?”

Master… Zhu Yao raised her head towards the sky, yet, she was unable to see the figures of her master or the mystic beast, she was only able to see occasional black and white specks of light flashing past. She could not help but feel a little flustered. In the cultivation world, a demonic beast required to reach the eleventh-rank, comparable to a late Demigod-stage practitioner, and experience the Ascension Lightning Tribulation, before being able to ascend to the Divine Realm. If this mystic beast came from the Higher Realm, then it was at least an eleventh- rank mystic beast. However, in usual situations, she would never believe that her master would lose, however, currently, her master only had a part of his divine sense, he was basically unable to use his full strength.

“Hahaha……” The old man laughed very complacently. “Little girly, when up against this mystic beast, you people have completely no chance of victory.”

Zhu Yao’s heart tightened, and stared at that gloating  old man, flames of fury began to rise within her. Haaah, this hot temper of mine!

She did not care what she was holding onto with her hand, and simply threw it towards him with a swing of her hand. With a ‘Dong’ sound, it landed right on target. With a ‘bu’ sound, the old man smashed onto the ground.

“I don’t have any chance at victory against that thing, however, I have all I need to deal with you.”

When Zhu Yao got angry, she forgot all of the Arts and Techniques she had. Raising her fists, she began to pummel them at the old man’s face. “This is what you get for being a big mouth! This is what you get for speaking nonsense!”

The old man seemed to have never expected that she would be so unclassy and directly use her fists either, and he basically had completely no way to retaliate. In just a few moments, his head were all filled with buns from her bashing.

“Aiyo, aiya, I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying! Stop!”

“Only your sister would stop, you’re already dead. I don’t mind if you were to die even more thoroughly.” Zhu Yao began to bash with even more force, and neither did she forget to step on his butt with her feet, strongly grinding them a few times. You damn gay old man! “Little girly, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts… How can you do this to an old man… Aiyo, gentler, gentler!”

“Speak. How can we seal that mystic beast again?”

“I don’t know that either.”

“So you’re not telling?” She continued her bashing, her target, was his face!

“Aiyo, little girly, young lady, gentler! I’m dying, I’m dying!”

“So are you going to speak?”

“I… I really don’t know!”

Continue bashing…

“Even if you beat me to death, I wouldn’t know either.” “Then why is it that, earlier, when we entered, it did  not break out of the seal?”

“This… I don’t know either.” The old man felt like crying. “After I was trapped in these ruins, I regretted. Because, no one could get past that formation on the door. I had waited for several tens of thousands of years, and there were countless people who had arrived outside the door. Yet, all of them were eaten by that mystic beast. You people were the first to enter here.”

Zhu Yao recalled Xiao Yi’s protagonist cheat, and determined that what this old man said was not false. Could it really be that only he could enter this place? Zhu Yao picked the chest that the old man dropped at the side.

The “Wood Spirit” was still staying inside obediently.

“Little sapling, I’m bringing you out of here. Are you willing to follow me?”

“Chick~” The Wood Spirit in the chest raised its branches, doing a cheering action. At that moment, Zhu Yao found some comfort. Picking up the sword on the ground, she raised her head and looked towards the sky. If they were unable to beat it, then she would flee with her master. She had already found the thing she needed anyway.

As to something like reputation… What’s that? Can it be eaten?

Zhu Yao took a big step forward, yet, suddenly, a golden light shone at the side. Turning her head to look, Xiao Yi’s body was currently emitting out a golden-colored light. A golden-colored layer suddenly floated out of his body, slowly forming into the shape of a sword.

The color of that sword was actually extremely unusual. It was dyed entirely in red, just like fresh, flowing blood.

“Metal Spirit!” The old man who had just crawled up, looked at that sword with a shocked expression. “This… This is the Metal Spirit! But… Why is it red?”

That’s the Metal Spirit? Zhu Yao had always known that Xiao Yi managed to comprehend his Sword Intent because of his possession of the Metal Spirit. However, only now did she know that the Metal Spirit was actually sword-shaped as well. But, clearly, Xiao Yi was still unconscious, so why would the Metal Spirit appear by itself? And it did not seem to be very friendly.

The light emitting out from the Metal Spirit became even brighter, and it’s color was still that unusual red. It was formed by the spiritualization of spiritual energy in the first place, so it should have been the purest and cleanest existence in the world. However, it’s current state, forget about purity, it looked as though it was demonized.

“Chick?” The little sapling seemed to have been infected by that red aura as well, and it’s initial white and tender branches were slowly dyed in red, even its green leaves were beginning to change in color. After shaking for a moment, it actually floated up, and flew towards the Metal Spirit.

That Metal Spirit was calling out to it!

“Little sapling!” Zhu Yao called out, however, the Wood Spirit did not have a single reaction. As though it had been mesmerized, it continued to float towards the Metal Spirit. In a panic, Zhu Yao kept the Wood Spirit within her own divine sense, isolating it from the outside world.

Only then did the redness on the Wood Spirit’s body begin to fade, returning to its initial color. Because of this short moment, it seemed to have tired itself out excessively, the entire sapling curled, slowly shrinking into a ball.

Zhu Yao’s instincts were telling her, there was something wrong with that Metal Spirit.

The Metal Spirit which had lost its guiding target, became even more violent, and began to take in a large amount of metal spiritual energy from the surroundings. In an instant, stones and sand flew, the surrounding air began to surge, and even the the sky began to sway.

“Not good, the formation here has been broken.” The old man’s figure began to fade for a bit.

Amidst this, a bang was heard. A mystic beast fell from the sky, and it’s gigantic figure was covered entirely in blood. Immediately after, a white figure flew down as well, his clothes were as white as snow, and was not tainted in the least. “Master.” Zhu Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief, and could not help but step forward and praise him.

Yu Yan coldly said. “Leave this place.”

Zhu Yao’s sprinting steps paused, and after a careful look did she realize that her master’s presence was very unstable, and even his figure had begun to fade.

“Master…” He was injured.

While that demonic beast had stood up once again, it’s entire body emitted out an even stronger pressure than before, roaring as it charged towards Yu Yan. As though it had been utterly angered, it’s pair of bloody-red eyes stared straight at him.

Just as it was about to pounce over, suddenly, the sky and ground suddenly shook. Earlier, what Zhu Yao saw was a barren land in front of her, and when the scenery changed again, they were actually still standing in the ruins.

The palace was collapsing at the speed visible to the naked eyes, and a ray of golden light surged upwards, breaking through the ceiling and rushed straight towards the sky. The metal spiritual energy from all directions drew towards that pillar of light.

The mystic beast seemed to have caught itself within that pillar of light, and was unable to stand steadily. Hence, it could only jump to and fro, leaving the radius of the pillar of light.

“Metal Spirit?” Raising his head to look at the pillar of light which suddenly appeared, Yu Yan began to frown deeply.

He formed a hand-seal with a single hand, yet, he did not attack, rather, he summoned a flying sword. He still did not turn his head back, and simply said this with a tone that was filled with sternness he had never used till then. “Fly out of this place with this sword. This sword will protect you until you reach the entrance of the Secret Realm.”


“The metal spiritual energy particles have gone berserk, I’m afraid this entire Secret Realm might even sink under them.” Yu Yan said. “Remember to fly out with all of your strength, do not hesitate!” “Then what about you, master?” Clearly, he was already injured.

Yu Yan finally turned around, stretching his hand, he stroked her head, carrying that face which was still as cold as ever. “Hurry and leave. I’m just a thread of divine sense. Even if I disappear, there wouldn’t be a problem.”

“How could you be fine?” Are you taking me as a three-year- old child? One’s divine sense originated from the real body, and was a part of one’s soul. If one’s soul was missing, how could the real body be fine? “If master isn’t going, I’m not going either.”

“Be obedient.” Yu Yan’s expression sank. “Master will wait for you at Jade Forest Mountain.”

“Lies! I’m not a child, you know!”

It looked as though Yu Yan was about to say something, however, the mystic beast had already charged out of the metal spiritual energy’s grasp, persistently pouncing towards Yu Yan.

The hell, this damn hateful little animal. “Hurry and leave!” Yu Yan waved his hand, and Zhu Yao had already been sent dozens of meters away, as he turned around and took it on.

That spiritual sword that had been summoned by Yu Yan, stopped right before Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao tightly clenched her fists. She was basically unable to help at all, however, she was unable to leave behind her master and go off alone.

There must be another way.

After looking around the surroundings, she realized, that old man whose head had turned Buddha-like after being bashed by her, was carrying Xiao Yi and sneakily moving towards a pillar on the right.

“Damn gay old man.” Zhu Yao picked up a rock, and threw towards him. With a ‘pa’ sound, she struck on target.

“Aiyo!” The old man cried out. “Little girly, I have already given you the Wood Spirit, what else do you want?” “Why are you being so sneaky for?”

The old man’s expression changed, yet, it instantly returned to normal. “Hoho, little girly, you have misunderstood  me.  I was simply afraid that this kid would get injured, so I pulled him out.”

Zhu Yao did not believe in the slightest, and coldly stared at him. Hugging her fist, she strongly cracked it, emitting out a crackle. Are you telling or not?

The old man swallowed his saliva, and only then did he answer honestly. “Uh… Little girly. Look, that berserk Metal Spirit doesn’t seem it will stop anytime soon, and instead, will charge right out of the Secret Realm. When that time comes, the Secret Realm will collapse. If, by then, the Metal Spirit still doesn’t stop, there might be a possibility that it will implicate the entire cultivation world. I see that Demigod-stage practitioner has a high cultivation level, if he were to make a gamble with his full strength, he might be able to stop it…”

Zhu Yao ruthlessly stared at him.

The old man’s shrunk his neck. “Uhh… I’m saying that under this pillar, incidentally, there’s a teleportation formation. Although it’s unusable now, if this Secret Realm collapses, or when the disturbance of the metal spiritual energy reaches its peak, the natural laws of this place might slacken for a moment, and when that time comes, we can be automatically transferred out of here.”
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