My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 391-393 (End)

Chapter391: Realmspirit’s Return

After she returned to Realmspirit’s side, the two pieces of paper she brought back turned strings of characters and flew off to the distance. They had automatically gone to find Yu Yan and Yue Ying to activate the permits. That so-called Plane Imprint had directly entered her divine sense, openly floating at its very core.

A shoe print of size 42 was floating in her primordial spirit, Zhu Yao simply felt uncomfortable all over. This  feeling  of being stepped on by someone at every moment was simply heartstopping. Because of this point, she was never going to accept that lowly person being together with Guoguo. Even she had to tear the two of them apart, she was going to object to their relationship to the very end!

Hmph! She was a serious person like that.

“Yaoyao, even though it looks a little… It’s still an imprint.” Realmspirit patted on her shoulder, and suddenly suggested. “If you really dislike it, why don’t I… modify it for you?”

Zhu Yao turned around. “Modify?” How are you going to modify it? Realmspirit chuckled. With a wave of his hand, a light breeze swept past. A new mass of light appeared in Zhu Yao’s primordial spirit, and the light slowly gathered and stretched. Then…

It turned into another shoe print.

Realmspirit had a satisfied look. “Now it’s better!”

“Better, your sister!” Flips table! One shoe print is already troubling enough, why the hell did you want to make it a pair? “Do you believe me when I say I’m going to slice you to death?”

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…” Realmspirit breathed in cold air as he screamed. “Don’t hit my face… Aiyoyoyoyo…”

“Hurry and remove that shoe print.” Momma’s egg. Earlier I was stepped on, and now I was stepped on a second time. Also, one of them is size 43, while the other is size 42? Even if the new one is colorful and has more patterns, please pay attention when you’re stepping on someone, alright?

“This is something very useful, the Three Realms Imprint…” Realmspirit said innocently. “Three Realms Imprint? What’s that?” Zhu Yao loosened her grip. She suddenly had a bad feeling. She calmed her  heart down and then looked at the new shoe print. She saw the curvy lines around the center of the imprint form three letters – CEO!

“The hell’s with this CEO? You best explain to me!” The hell, stop giving me weird things!

“Calm down, calm down!” Realmspirit looked at her with a pair of sparkling eyes. “This is the ultimate reward pack! Three Realms Imprint! With this, my powers are for you to use, and your friendship level with the Three Realms is instantly maxed out. Your journey to the Three Realms will be worriless and painless! It’s an essential product for travelling between planes, you know?”

“Why does it sound rather unreliable?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “Say it again in human language!”

“In other words, you can freely move about in the Three Realms with this.”

“Really?” There’s something that good? “Are you certain there’s no side effects?” “Hohoho, why would there be?”

“If there isn’t, why are you standing so far away from me?” Zhu Yao glanced at the distance between them. They were suddenly three meters apart.

“Uh…” Just as Realmspirit was planning to take another step back, he stiffened. After a while, he said. “Well, there is that really small side effect…”


“When it comes to the matters of the Three Realms in the future, there’s a need for you to temporarily manage them in my place.” His smile grew even more sly. “In other  words, you’re the manager of this plane now! How awesome is that!”



So she had been forcefully signed into doing a labour contract. Awesome, your sister! Who told you I want to become a manager now?

“Take back the imprint. Immediately. Now!”

“This imprint can’t be withdrawn. At the very least, before I awaken again.”

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. “Awaken? What do you mean?”

Realmspirit smiled with a satisfied look on his face, as his body began to turn transparent bit by bit.

“Hey, hey, hey… What’s happening to you?” Her heart sank as she grabbed onto his hand. “Why are you turning transparent all of a sudden!”

“It’s fine…” She said without a mind. “This is normal.”

“How is this normal? You’re about to disappear! Don’t scare me, hey.” Though he was a little detestable, she never thought that he would disappear. “At the very most, I won’t have you remove the shoe print for now. I will become a manager and help you with stamping papers.”

“Yaoyao…” Realmspirit held onto her hands. “I came into this world as a spirit and gained sentience because of this plane’s crisis. Now that you have helped me construct a brand new Heavenly Dao, I naturally have no need to continue existing.”

“What do you mean by ‘no need’? You best not die!”

“Don’t worry. I’m the Three Realms. As long as the Three Realms exist, how can I possibly die?” Realmspirit said without a mind. “Now that order has been restored, there’s no longer a need for a spirit of the realms. I will just be returning to the main body of the Three Realms.”

How’s that any different from dying?

Zhu Yao clenched her fists. “It’s all because… I changed the Heavenly Dao?”

“Yaoyao… It’s fine. I will always be here.” Realmspirit smiled. “The Three Realms in their entirety are all me. I was incredibly sick in the past, and you helped me find the cure. Right now, I am just returning to my healthy state.”

Zhu Yao was silent for a moment. “Is there a need for you to disappear?”

“I am the manifestation of the old Heavenly Dao. Only after my return can the new order truly begin.” His body grew even more transparent, and only a faint image of his body was left. “That’s why, I’m requesting this of you. Before the awakening of the new Realmspirit, please help me safeguard this world, alright?”

Zhu Yao could not express the feelings in her heart in words, though something bitter was surging within her. “Are these like your final words?”

“You can put it that way!” He smiled. “This is my final request, alright?”

Zhu Yao took a step forward and hugged him. She was only able to suppress the emotions in her heart after taking a deep breath. “Realmspirit, thank you.” He was dumbfounded for a moment. Right after, he revealed a brilliant smile that was as warm as the sun of dawn.

How could Zhu Yao not understand the true purpose behind her managing the Three Realms? He was the spirit of the Three Realms, and the moment he were to disappear, no one would possess the ability to move across planes. In order words, she might not be able to return to her former world, let alone bringing her master over. After all, without a guide, the permits would be useless. That was why he entrusted the entire Three Realms to her and have her become their manager. That way, she would have the ability to cross planes.



“Are we still friends?”

“Of course. We’ve always been.”

“Great.” Zhu Yao continued to embrace him like that, until his figure grew fainter and finally turn into tiny spheres of light, disappearing before her eyes. She stood still for a few moments before regaining her senses. Her heart suddenly felt a little empty. She could sense that Realmspirit had truly disappeared this time.

No, disappearance wasn’t it. He had returned to his main body
– every single plant, tree, and everything in the Three Realms. Just as he had said, he was everywhere.

However… He could no longer bicker or chat with her.

Speaking of which, there were times where Realmspirit’s actions had made her feel disgusted, but in the end, all of them were excusable. Just as he had said, the Three Realms were walking on a path of ruin, and he had simply sought help from her as a friend.

Now that she thought about it, she had known him in the modern era for five years. There were clearly countless opportunities for him to have her transmigrate over, but he didn’t. Rather, he only transferred her after obtaining her permission. Though there were some cover-ups, she could understand the reasons behind them now. If Realmspirit had told her of his identity right from the start, she most likely wouldn’t have seen this world clearly. She would simply be an outsider giving a few suggestions. She wouldn’t have been able to experience it with her own body and see things with her own eyes. Even if she had the opportunity to walk across the Three Realms, she would have simply done it in the perspective of a player.

That way, the opinions she give would most likely be limited, and there wouldn’t have been a guarantee that this world’s Heavenly Dao would be completely fixed. Furthermore, Realmspirit only had one chance. He was the spirit of the Three Realms, the materialization of the Heavenly Dao. If  the Heavenly Dao had to be reconstructed, then he would definitely disappear.

Realmspirit made a very huge gamble by taking her in. He betted himself and the lives of all the living beings in the entire plane on her. Even if he couldn’t see the results now, he still betted everything without turning back.

How could she possibly dare to fail such huge trust that was placed on her? That’s why… seeing that they were friends, she had no choice but to continue working for him. ***

Zhu Yao took a deep breath and carefully sensed the Three Realms Imprint in her primordial spirit. Everything in  the Three Realms was displayed before her, and at that moment, she felt like she could control everything. This was different from pure power. Rather, it was like a form of will. Everything could be controlled at her whim. It’s as if she was looking at… a game’s main engine. All of the living beings here were like player accounts, while she had entered the game’s back-end control system. She could alter any of the data and even change the game’s modes.

Zhu Yao had a simple glance before immediately withdrawing from it. This authority was too huge, and she had to take her time to study it. She was truly a little worried that she would end up collapsing the game entirely if she changed something.

This was something that Realmspirit did not dare to casually change back then, so naturally she wouldn’t make huge changes either. Back then, Realmspirit simply called out the Light of Purification to exterminate resentment, but it ended up birthing side effects such as the rumours of the Realm of Gods being in the Lightning Divine Tower. This led to Deities being washed away of their seven emotions and six desires, along with their qualifications of entering the reincarnation wheel. As a newcomer, there needn’t to be said. Furthermore, the new Heavenly Dao had already been formed, so this was not the time to make changes either.

She just had to safeguard it properly, and if she were to be in a good mood, she would just have to fix a few of the remaining bugs. However, just how would she find out what were bugs?


Suddenly, a familiar notification bell could be heard. The size 43 shoe print in her primordial spirit suddenly shot out a blue ray of light. A conversation window instantly appeared before her. This time, the choices and words on it were a lot more than before, and after looking at it properly, she found out that it was actually a long form. Written on it with large and bolded font was: System’s New User Registration Form.

Below it were a dozen rows of cumbersome fields that required her account name, password, name, etcetera.

Zhu Yao: “…” Is this a census?

Wait a minute!

She recalled that Realmspirit once mentioned the system was gifted to him by the manager of her plane. A certain unknown creature living in Guoguo’s apartment suddenly flashed in her mind. The hell! This thing is actually made by him.

No, this can’t do! I’m definitely going to head back and launch a complaint.

Zhu Yao resentfully filled up the form. At that moment, the screen flashed, and a few windows appeared before her eyes. All of the windows were different, though the same string of white words was written on them: Suspicious case of a bug! Not a threat as of now.

It seemed like it was an smart system of some sort that could predict and monitor the loopholes of the Three Realms.

She then sent a will and the screen disappeared, returning into her primordial spirit. With this, she no longer had to worry about finding bugs. Taking a deep breath, she suddenly felt her shoulders being a little heavy. Realmspirit had handed the Three Realms to her. She could not guarantee that she could do her job well, but she did not want to let down the trust he had that made him bet everything on her. Clenching her fists, she accepted this role of CEO!

Until… the new Realmspirit awakens.


Wait a minute! Remove that horizontal line for now!

She just recalled something…

Realmspirit seemed to have mentioned that she was born as a spirit because the Three Realms were on the verge of collapse. Then, for the new Realmspirit to be born, wouldn’t it only happen when…

The hell, why do I feel as though I have been tricked again!?

Chapter392: Divine Realm Management Plan

The Lightning Divine Tower had fallen. All of the Deities within had been sent out, and for a period of time, the Divine Realm had fallen into a state of chaos. No one know what happened, but all of them had a faint feeling that from then on, no one could become Gods.

To Deities, this shock was undoubtedly immense. Ascending to Godhood was the life goal of all Deities. Now that the opportunity was gone just like that, which one of them wouldn’t feel depressed? This was especially so for those who had entered the tower early and had struggled to climb to the ninth floor of the tower. They merely had to climb one more floor to attain Godhood, but the tower suddenly collapsed just like that and even ejected every single one of them.

Yet no one had the ability to build it up again. These Deities were utterly dispirited and devastated! With nowhere to vent their frustration, they could only aim their fury at the people of Lightning Divine Palace.

In the past, no one in the Divine Realm dared to offend the Lightning Divine Palace. Other than the facts that the disciples of Lightning Divine Palace had incredible cultivation and possessed lightning-type arts that boasted the most powerful offensive power, the most important reason was that they managed the Lightning Divine Tower.

Now, the tower was gone and tons of old ancestors had made their way out. Every single one possessed over-the-top cultivation and could casually suppress ten High Deities. Furthermore, since the reason behind the collapse of the Lightning Divine Tower was unclear, the main suspect would naturally be the people that managed the Lightning Divine Tower. Thus, every single one of them pointed their spears at Lightning Divine Palace.

No matter if they’re disciples of Demonic Immortals, disciples of divine sects, or even Wandering Deities, everyone believed that Lightning Divine Tower should provide them an explanation. Altogether, they came right to their doorsteps.

Actually, rather than seeking them out for an explanation, which one of them didn’t harbour intentions of taking this opportunity to suppress Lightning Divine Palace? After all, everyone knew that the reputation behind Lightning Divine Palace was built upon real skills and abilities. Though they had now lost the backing known as the Lightning Divine Tower, based on the aptitudes of the disciples of the sect alone, they would be able to regain their composure in due time. If they were to miss this opportunity to make a move on the Lightning Divine Palace, they were afraid that they would still have to be suppressed in the future. After all, among these people who had entered the tower, who would be willing to stand beneath others?

Ever since the beginning of the Divine Realm, this was the first time the three factions had come together. With boiling rage, they were here together to have Lightning Divine Palace pay their debts, surrounding the sect in its entirety. They had even directly destroyed the lightning formations outside.

However, they did not expect that the disciples of Lightning Divine Palace that came to meet their challenge actually numbered more than ten people as well. Furthermore, every single one of them had incredible cultivation. Even the lowest among them had the cultivation of a High Deity. Other than the present Floor Master who was taking the lead, the rest possessed powers at the third floor and above. The person next to the Floor Master even possessed power at the tenth floor.

That was cultivation that only those who could enter the highest floor of Lightning Divine Tower could achieve! The crowd of Deities were utterly astonished. Yet, they couldn’t not feel sorry for him either. After all, he had already climbed to the highest floor, yet he wasn’t able to become God either. Just how unfortunate was he!? He was definitely the most pitiful person in the tower, second to none!

A shred of caution rose in the hearts of the Deities, though they did not feel fear. Though power of a tenth floor achiever was incredible, he was only a single man. There were dozens on Deities who had reached the ninth floor on their side. Furthermore, the difference in power between floors in the tower was not as huge as a difference in a large cultivation realm. The more people there were, the less impossible it was to go against someone of a higher level. At the very most, they would have to spend a little more time. This battle was definitely a stable win for the side of the crowd of Deities. Lightning Divine Palace was going to disappear from the face of this world at this moment.

The crowd of Deities was filled with confidence,  and Lightning Divine Palace sternly awaited their move.

Yu Jin could not help but feel a little worried as well. This was surely the biggest threat to Lightning Divine Palace yet, and even the joy from reuniting with his master could not suppress the heaviness in his heart. Lightning Divine Palace was going to meet its downfall on that day, unless a miracle were to occur. And then… a miracle really occurred!

Yu Jin did not know what happened. He watched as the crowd of Deities charge forward with their surging killing intent as the huge war began. The moment he raised his sword, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a ray of light flash across his eyes. It instantly entered Yu Yan’s forehead, and he couldn’t even get a good look at it due to its sheer speed. A never-before-seen ∞ symbol suddenly floated out of Yu Yan’s forehead.

Yu Yan was startled as well, as he touched his forehead in an understanding manner.

“Little Yanyan…” Just as he was about to ask, the crowd of Deities before them were already launching their attacks.

The situation after that was a complete reversal…

In just a single instant, Yu Yan released an incomparable might from his body. Terrifying pressure enveloped everyone present, and everyone felt as if the entire sky could collapse on them at any moment. It was so powerful, they did not even dare to think of resisting it. Like drop dumplings, the crowd of Deities all fell down from the sky. Loud booms followed as every single one of their bodies sank thirty percent into the earth. They couldn’t move at all. And this included… the people of Lightning Divine Palace.

The hell! Yu Jin felt like cussing out. Little Yanyan, this old man is on your side!

Possibly because he received his retort, the pressure on the people of Lightning Divine Palace disappeared the moment before they were about to sink into the earth.

Yu Yan was the only one remaining in the sky. Like usual, he simply stood there expressionlessly, though a golden halo seemed to be faintly shining behind his head. It sprinkled his entire body with lustrous light, as though he was a God of the Nine Heavens of legends.


Could it be that someone of Lightning Divine Palace have attained Godhood, and have yet to ascend to the Realm of Gods? In an instant, the hearts of the crowd of Deities crumbled. Facing such terrifying and heavenly pressure, why in the ass would they still fight!? He had hundreds of methods to kill them if he wanted to.

However, this was not the end. The entire Lightning Divine Palace suddenly shook immensely. At the ruins of the collapsed Lightning Divine Tower, white light suddenly shone. The white shattered rubbles began to fly up and gather together.

Yu Jin who had just returned to the skies was stunned. This… Could it be that the Lightning Divine Tower is able to reconstruct itself automatically?

The rubbles continued to pile up, but they did not form the structure of a tower, but instead gathered to form a platform, and the center of the platform was actually empty. White light glittered at the center like a well of light, and if one were to look at it from above, he or she could see the shadow of the Three Thousand Worlds. Furthermore, strings of white runic symbols were flashing all around.

An enormous white stone monument was erected on the right of the platform, and several red lights flashed across it. Three huge words then appeared on it – Divine Punishment Platform! Yu Jin was stunned.

To think it was actually divine punishment! First it was the tower of ascending to Godhood, and now it was a platform for punishing Deities. This change was a little too big.

“Little Yanyan, this…” Just what is going on over here? Give me an explanation, yo.

“I don’t know.” Yu Yan shook his head. He simply felt like he had received a foreign power all of a sudden, and it seemed like it could overpower countless Deities. As for the Divine Punishment Platform that suddenly appeared, he was completely oblivious.

Yu Yan frowned, and only then did he turn to look at the “dumplings” on the ground.


An incredibly simple command, yet overpowering like thunder, entered the ears of every single one of the “dumplings”, causing their hearts to tremble. Yu Jin was dumbfounded. Just how long had it been since he entered the tower? When did Little Yanyan possess such incredible cultivation? Why wasn’t he aware of it?

“Little Yanyan, you… Eh? Where are you going?” Before Yu Jin could finish, he saw Yu Yan flying towards Lightning Divine Palace.

Yu Yan did not stop, and simply replied as he flew. “My disciple is returning soon. I’m going to make dinner!”

People of Lightning Divine Palace: “…”


The crusade against Lightning Divine Palace led by countless Deities ended in failure. The various sects and clans had no choice but to hide their tails and behave themselves for a while, afraid that Lightning Divine Palace would slaughter their way in because of a moment of irritation. Though several ancestors had returned to the various sects from the Lightning Divine Tower and pulled up their strength by a huge margin, they could not hold a candle against an opponent who possessed overpowering strength akin to that of a God’s! With the terrifying power he possessed, he merely had to release his pressure, and he would be able to strike fear on them to the point they wouldn’t dare to raise their heads. Not to mention, the people that went to find fault with Lightning Divine Palace were the people that returned from Lightning Divine Tower!

Though that person had let them go back then, everyone could not help but stay tensed, fearfully waiting for him  to settle the score after fall. However, this wait continued on for several months, and yet, not a single movement could be seen from Lightning Divine Palace. It was as if he had completely forgotten about this incident.

From the initial worry, anxiety, and helplessness, they were finally able to calmly accept the outcome. Most likely, he basically did not take this matter to heart at all. With that person’s strength, he might really not have taken these people of the Divine Realm seriously. Mn. Though it was a little depressing just from thinking about it, at the very least, the crisis of the various sects and clans had been averted.

Thus, everyone’s tension began to loosen, and they calmly continued with their lives. They were now busy dealing with their internal affairs. Before, everyone had a common target, and so they could band together to fight with the Boss Monster. Now that the Boss Monster leveled up, the hidden troubles within the various sects appeared.

There was a considerable number of Deities who came out of Lightning Divine Tower back then. Every single one of  them had a place to return to in name, after all, they just had to return to their own sects. However, it must be known that these people weren’t all kind. Them coming out together, did not mean they had entered together. These people who could enter the Lightning Divine Tower back then, were all renown figures to begin with. Every single one of them was someone who had gotten used to giving orders. Now, here came the problem. Who should listen to who? Since they were in the same sect, there should be a hierarchy, right? Though they could use their strength to determine their positions, these people were not harmonious within the tower. Either too much time had passed and they did not recognize anyone, or they had harboured grudges in the tower. Without a common target like the Lightning Divine Palace, internal conflicts instantly erupted.

Almost every single sect and clan faced the same problem, while the Demonic Immortal Continent was faring a little better instead. After all, they were tied by bloodlines. Other than the pressure from the difference in strength, they merely had to conduct a few battles. They couldn’t possibly lead to a huge fuss at all. Deities were however different. Be they strategies at day or schemes at night, every single  one  of  them  displayed  their divine abilities. For a  short  while,  the  entire  Deity  Continent was covered in smoke as a huge war erupted. No one was willing to submit to the other. Just as a huge chaotic battle was about to ensue in the Divine Realm…

Suddenly, a voice transmission resounded through the skies.

“Ahem… Hey! Can you all hear me?”

This voice felt as if it had come from breaking through space, and it was clearly a female voice. It wasn’t loud, but for some reason, it was clearly transmitted to every corner of the Divine Realm. For a moment, all the restless Deities were stunned, as they dumbfoundedly listened to the voice transmission that seemed to be coming from everywhere around them.

“Hello, friends of the Divine Realm! I’m calling from the broadcast station of Lightning Divine Palace! I’m now announcing an emergency notice. In order to create the perfect Divine Realm, build a harmonious society, and maintain the stable development of the Three Realms, the ‘Lightning Divine Palace High Level Deity Court’ shall officially be established today. The court is the highest legal institution of the Divine Realm, and has the authority to act on everything that happens in the Divine Realm. The court verdicts will be fair, justified, and open to public. Its goal will be to exterminate all evil in the Divine Realm. I shall now recite the first rule of the first section of the first paragraph of the Divine Realm Laws. From this day forth, as long as one is a citizen of the Divine  Realm, irregardless of your sect or race, one is forbidden from all slaughtering activities. One who commits killings, will be meted with the highest form of punishment. He or she will be charged on the ‘Divine Punishment Platform’, stripped off their divine physique and celestial bones, and be banished to the mortal realm for reincarnation. This emperor… ah pui! Sincerely and respectfully, Lightning Divine Palace Advertisement Department. Day *, month *, year **.”

Deities: “…” The heck?

Chapter393: The Final Finale

The heavenly voice came too suddenly, and it was even a female voice. The crowd of Deities and their little companions were all dumbfounded. After staring blankly in the air for a short while, they then regained their senses. The moment they digested the information, the entire Divine Realm instantly exploded.

The hell was a high level court? What’s this authority to mete out punishments? And where was this Divine Punishment Platform? When did Lightning Divine Palace start managing such things? Not to mention not a single discussion was made about this at all? Were they trying to take over the Divine Realm?

And what’s with this forbidding of all slaughtering activities? Though on the surface, the number of people killed for no reason in the Divine Realm was few, among those who could ascend and become Deities, who hadn’t stained their hands in blood? Furthermore, in secret, putting aside taking  others’ lives, the number of measures they had taken to scatter souls and stop people from reincarnating were countless. Killing people and taking their treasures happened everywhere. With just a single announcement made by Lightning Divine Palace, they think it was possible to prohibit them from happening? However, after experiencing the battle with Lightning Divine Palace back then, everyone knew that Lightning Divine Palace had birthed someone whose cultivation was comparable to a God’s. With this experience still fresh, for a moment, the Deities maintained a doubtful attitude. After all, cultivating was tough. If they were truly going to be banished to the mortal realm with their cultivation crippled, they couldn’t guarantee that they could make it back.

With thoughts of better being safe than sorry, the various Deities abided to the law for a period of time. The various sects in the continent had all commanded their disciples to restrain themselves, and even the Scattered Fif Hall that was formed by Wandering Deities issued several warnings. The internal conflicts within the sects were now kept rather low-key. Though there were several verbal conflicts, there hadn’t been a case where they actually truly made a move against each other.

The Divine Realm calmed down for a period of time, but this peace did not last for long.

As time passed, Lightning Divine Palace did not make anymore movements. Three months later, some people could no longer contain their urges, and there were traces of conflicts sprouting. Another three months passed, yet there still wasn’t any movement made by the Lightning Divine Palace. The Deities felt at ease now, so they went and did anything they wanted. They had completely thrown the strange heavenly voice they heard on that day out of their heads, believing that this was all an elaborate display made by Lightning Divine Palace to exaggerate their authority. How could controlling the entire Divine Realm be an easy feat? Furthermore, who would know if someone committed murder? Unless Lightning Divine Palace  could follow behind every single person every single day and watch their every move?

However, just when everyone felt at ease and began to continue on their quest to level up, fight monsters, kill Deities and rob treasures, a new heavenly voice resounded across the skies once more.

“Disciple of Advent Cloud Hall, Zhao Xiangyan, disciple of Thisthower Mountain, Wei Junxiang, disciples of Fluorescent Wind Clan, Ji Bo and Qian Ning, disciple of Soaring Enlightenment Palace, Chai Yunliang, and Wandering Deity Dongfang Xi. These six abovementioned people robbed the belongings of their victims and led to the deaths of the victims. They are convicted of murder, and shall receive their punishments at the Divine Punishment Platform of Lightning Divine Palace at noon tomorrow.” These words were straight to the point, and there was not the least bit intention to give any further explanation. The Deities were only stunned for a short moment, and they immediately exploded right after. Putting aside those that came from the prestigious Deity Sects, among the names listed, there were two of them who came out of Lightning Divine Tower. Among the various Deity Sects, their names were widely known. Even if they were to make mistakes, they should be dealt with within their own sects. What right did Lightning Divine Palace have to convict others? Furthermore, they even had to have their celestial bones removed and be banished to the mortal realm. How could they allow that to happen?

No, they could not agree to it at all.

The various sects clamoured exasperatedly, and they were not going to hand over the convicts at all costs. There were even voices declaring another massive attack on Lightning Divine Palace. However, the clamour did not last for long. When the various sects investigated, they realized the six people had all disappeared.

Everyone was dumbfounded, and only then did they recall that the heavenly voice did not request them to hand over the convicts at all. They made the move on their own.  What shocked the people even more, was the fact that some of them had seen the six people right before the heavenly voice rang. However, after the declaration made by the heavenly voice, they disappeared. What did this prove? This proved that Lightning Divine Palace could mysteriously bring away six people at different locations in an instant, and without anyone noticing either. Such capabilities were simply out of the Deities’ imagination.

The various sects began to feel a little afraid at that moment, and the thoughts of launching another attack on Lightning Divine Palace died down. Just like that, they made a ruckus for an entire day, and on noon of the second day, everyone headed towards Lightning Divine Palace while carrying different sentiments.

It wasn’t for trouble this time. Rather, they wanted to see just how big this trouble was. Naturally, there were many who harboured intentions of taking this opportunity to snatch whoever they could. There were after all two people among them who were High Deities that had entered Lightning Divine Tower, how could the Deity Sects bear to let them go? After all, even if the heavenly voice said that the six people had committed murder, evidence of their acts were still needed. Lightning Divine Palace wouldn’t possibly throw just anyone up onto the Divine Punishment Platform, right? The various Deity Sects had been in the Divine Realm for so many years, and each one of them had their own countermeasures. As long as they did not admit to their crimes, Lightning Divine Palace couldn’t possibly do anything to them either.

Lightning Divine Palace was rather generous this time, as there was not the slightest bit of obstruction, and had even openly brought down their barrier, allowing Deities to enter and exit freely. However, the moment the crowd arrived at the so-called Divine Punishment Platform, all of them were dumbfounded. The rebuttals that they had spent an entire day preparing, had all been swallowed back into their bellies.

It’s not because from witnessing the rumoured Divine Punishment Platform, but it was rather due to that white stone wall erected on the platform. It stood on the right of the platform, and six groups of videos were being played on loop on it. The main characters of the videos were the six people on the stage who had been binded like a dumpling with mystic arts. The videos that were being broadcasted were scenes of the six people murdering their victims and stealing their treasures.

The Deity Sects that were initially filled with confidence of getting back their disciples, instantly broke down. They silently looked for a corner to stand on, and acted like spectators among the crowd. Other than the six convicts on the Divine Punishment Platform, a dozen other people were present as well. Other than a pink-robed woman at the back, the others were all people of Lightning Divine Palace that stood against them during the assault back then. Standing next to the woman was the person with immeasurable cultivation, who rained “dumplings” down onto the ground with just his power alone.

Strangely however, he was not the one in-charge, and the person standing at the center was instead the former Floor Master Yu Jin. Yu Jin did not seem to be in a good mood, as his expression was filled with bitterness. He was completely ignoring the increasing number of spectators, let alone giving them a warm welcome.

He raised his head and looked at the time. Right after, he solemnly said. “The time has come.” Then, with a wave of his sleeves, he straightforwardly pushed the six convicts to the center of the Divine Punishment Platform.

The six of them did not even have time to let out a scream when they disappeared without a trace. The auras of the six convicts had instantly been severed.

The Deities felt really conflicted. “Why are you all still here?” Yu Jin’s tone was extremely venomous, as he swept a cold glance at the crowd. “Do you all wish to stay behind for lunch?”

The faces of the crowd stiffened. Those who rode on swords rode on swords, and those who rode on clouds rode on clouds, as every single one of them hurriedly left. The questions and suspicions that they had prepared for an entire day ended up stuck in their throats. Everything the heavenly voice had declared was true! Lightning Divine Palace really had a Divine Punishment Platform! Just by entering it, one would be sent into the recycling center. Furthermore, the heavenly might emitted from the platform could even leave the past Lighting Divine Tower to dust. It had to be known that heavenly might would only appear in places that were heavily influenced by the Heavenly Dao, and since the Divine Punishment Platform possessed heavenly might, it proved that it was birthed from the Heavenly Dao. Since Lightning Divine Palace did not seek the opinions of the various sects and pulled out such a stunt, they must have comprehended bits of the heavenly path from it.

The Deities could go against the Lightning Divine Palace, but who had the ability to retaliate against the Heavenly Dao? Thus… The Divine Realm’s second Lightning Divine Palace retaliation operation was once again declared a failure. From then on, the Deities understood that the prohibition was not a joke, and the number of deaths in the Divine Realm had a beeline drop. From that moment forth, the Divine Realm began to develop in a harmonious and beautiful direction.

Other than single person.

“Why me? Why is it still me? Why is it me again?” Yu Jin felt uncomfortable all over. The old ancestors of other sects were busy fighting to gain authority, but why was Lightning Divine Palace the exact opposite? “Why is Lightning Divine Palace still being managed by me? Even if we rank our aptitudes from top to bottom, or from bottom to top, I wouldn’t even get a turn, right?” With a face filled with bitterness, he tugged onto the person next to him who had the highest seniority around here. “Old ancestor, you have already returned from the tower, and since we are all your disciples and grand disciples, this Floor Master position should be returned to you, right?”

The old ancestor stroked his beard with a smile, and then patted on his shoulders. “I say, Little Jin! Though I’m the oldest here, my cultivation isn’t the highest. Furthermore, are you willing to see me continue working at my age?”

I’m willing! “Also, it can be said to be fate that the Divine Punishment Platform appeared in our Lightning Divine Palace.” He said with a stern expression. “Furthermore, didn’t Little Yan and Little Yao explain to us? The heavenly path that they sensed was the reorganization of Divine Realm’s order. We Lightning Divine Palace are duty-bound to see it through.”

“What does whatever they sensed have to do with me?” Why am I executing everything? I want to cry so much.

Zhu Yao immediately turned around. “You’re our mighty and wise Floor Master, aren’t you? Who should we pass this important duty of protecting the Divine Realm to if not you?”

“Now that the tower is gone, why do I still have to a Floor Master?”

“Uh…” He made a lot of sense. “Why don’t we change the tile to… Platform Master?”

His expression turned darker. You’re the main character, your entire family is made of main characters! “No, that can’t do. In any case, I’m done with being a Floor Master. Little Yanyan, the divine imprint is on your forehead, and you have the highest cultivation as well. No matter what, you should be the one taking this responsibility.” He switched targets and looked at Yu Yan, determined to not carry this burden. I want to escape, I want freedom, I want to live unrestrained.

“No, that can’t do!”


Yu Yan glanced at him, and coldly said. “Because you can’t beat me.”

“…” He was shot in the chest!

The hell, I really hate this type of people that goes according to facts.

“Then why not little little grand-disciple…” “No, that can’t do!”


“Because you can’t beat my master.”

“…” The hell! This two husband and wife are bullying me!

“Master, let’s leave now! Otherwise, we won’t make it in time. They are about to close.” Zhu Yao pulled her master, and then turned and walked off.

“Mn.”Yu Yan nodded and held her hand in return.

Yu Jin was startled. “Wait a minute! Where are you two going?”

“Civil Affairs Bureau.”

Civil Affairs Bureau? What kind of Secret Realm is that? Before he could even ask, the two had already completely disappeared.


Altering the Heavenly Dao was similar to changing the main engine of a game. Everything had to be changed. The Lightning Divine Tower had disappeared from the face of the Divine Realm, but there was now a Divine Punishment Platform that maintained order. However, the changes in the mortal realm could not be seen with the naked eyes.

Because of the closure of the Heavenly Doors, there was no longer anyone in the Three Realms who could breakthrough the Demigod stage and ascend. However, they slowly began to realize that after the Foundation stage, with every breakthrough, they had to face a heart-discovering trial. The content of the heart-discovering trial differed across people, and it usually came along with the lightning tribulations. There was only a single meaning behind this trial – do not forget your initial beliefs.

Other than that, with every improvement of a huge realm, the practitioners would also face a tribulation of karma, and they would all be absorbed into a karmic illusory realm. Those who conducted evil acts would receive the consequences of their actions in the illusory realms, and they would never be able to escape from the illusory realms. Instead, people with pure will and intentions who be able to clear the trial easily.

Furthermore, this trial was comparable to a heart demon, and could not be intervened in any way. Those who passed the trail would naturally grow further, while those who failed would easily lose their cultivation completely, with the worst case scenario being loss of life and entering the reincarnation wheel once more.

Cultivation reached an incredibly high level of difficulty for a short period of time. Practitioners labelled these two trials as the ‘cultivation of the heart’, and only by growing their state of mind together with their cultivation could they step into a higher cultivation realm.

Zhu Yao suddenly understood why Realmspirit decided to close all of the Heavenly Doors. If practitioners could hold fast to their beliefs and were unafraid of karma, then why would they be incapable of comprehending the path of ascension? The Heavenly Doors were indeed closed, but as long as one comprehended the path of ascension, then he could open the Door of Ascension himself. However, one would have to face more difficulties and spend even more time to study it, that’s all. This was especially so for the practitioners who were living in the era where the Heavenly Dao had just been updated.

However, time was something the current Three Realms had.


Modern era.

Two years later.

“Master, add two more dishes!” Zhu Yao put down her phone, turned to the kitchen and shouted. “Guoguo is coming over later for dinner.”

“Mn.” The person in the kitchen nodded.

Zhu Yao looked around. “Where’s Yue Ying? He was still here earlier.”

“Went out to buy soy sauce.” Yu Yan casually replied. Zhu Yao was a little shocked that he took the initiative to buy soy sauce. He was making improvement. Back then when she first brought Yue Ying over to this world, probably because the environment was too foreign, he followed her around like her little tail like how he did when he was young. He was completely different from her master who had incredible curiosity and wanted to dismantle everything he saw.

However, two years had passed, and Yue Ying was much better now, and he could even go out on his own. She had all along known about Yue Ying’s problem, and had even though of many solutions as well, but she was not a professional. There were, however, professionals in her world!

Back then when she decided to make a movement permit for him, she had considered this point. That’s why, when they arrived on this side, she brought him to a psychologist several times. She had even crammed tons of knowledge regarding psychology into her mind, before she was able to slowly alter Yue Ying’s extremely stubborn personality.

Though he still did not like to talk to others, at the very least, he was not entirely rejecting everything outside of his world. He was becoming more of an actual little brother. Even the empress of her family liked Yue Ying a lot, treating him like her own son. Though when it came to Zhu Yao, the empress gave her many cold shoulders, as though she was the one who was picked up from the streets instead.

Yue Ying’s and Yu Yan’s identification problem was solved by the manager on this side. With Guoguo’s divine aid, he agreed without a single blink of his eyes. This proved how important it was to have a good homosexual buddy.

The matters over at the cultivation world were more or less solved. With Lightning Divine Palace being the legal authority of Divine Realm, the number of deaths had a beeline drop, and cases of murder and looting rarely appeared now. The number of opportunities for her master to make an appearance had decreased as well, and he had basically become the mascot-like existence in the Divine Realm. He would only show his face every once in a while when a stubborn convict were to appear. The number of fights in the Divine Realm reduced dramatically. Though there was no guarantee that these people who had gotten used to killing had truly changed for the better, at the very least, they were now behaving more like actual Deities.

Compared to her master, Yue Ying was walking on the path of an idol. Just as Realmspirit had warned, with the changes in the Heavenly Dao, when there was extreme kindness, there would be appearances of extreme evil as well. As the final boss monster of all Devils, Yue Ying had never appeared before a Devil, instead, he used the inheritance of devillic energy to directly imprint the existence of a Devil God in their minds. He thus became an existence to revere to, while at the same time he prevented the Devils from rebelling. It was similar to the bloodline inheritance of demonic beasts.

As for Zhu Yao, she was still running around the frontlines fixing bugs, and they were even bugs that Realmspirit had left behind back then. When she first started, dying from overwork was a legitimate concern of hers, and only recently did things finally calm down. It had been a long time since the system that checked for loopholes rang.

“Yaoyao.” A knocking sound could be heard from outside the door.

“That quick?” She had just dropped the call, right? Zhu Yao immediately opened the door. “Guoguo, you…”

Before she could even finish, Guoguo had already walked in and pulled her into the house as well. Her brows were furrowed, looking a little angry.

“Yaoyao, I’m going to live here for a few days. I won’t be going back for a while.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao was stunned. What’s this now? “Does that person in your house know about this?” It had to be known that the manager in her house was not someone to be messed with.

“Don’t bring him up already. I want some peace and quiet in your home for two days. I don’t want to see him.”

“You guys got into a fight?”

Guoguo glanced at her. “You think the two of us would even get into a fight?”

“Uh…” Indeed. The person in her house was a typical wife’s slave, and the type that was completely without any morals as well. The eyes that he had for Guoguo looked as if he would kneel down and lick her feet at any moment. “Then why?”

Guoguo picked up a cup of water from the coffee table and gulped it down. Zhu Yao casually filled it up for her once more, and then poured one for herself. “He brought back a person.” Guoguo said with a strange expression.

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. “Male or female?”

She pondered for a moment, and after awhile, she said. “Female…”

“The hell, he’s cheating now?” Zhu Yao suddenly stood up.
This old lady shall castrate him!

“No.” Guoguo’s expression turned even weirder. “He said… she was his child.”

“Ch… He was married in the past?”

“No.” Guoguo said with a stern expression. “What he meant was, that was ‘our’ child.”

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, and could not help but reach out to touch Guoguo’s belly. “You… When did you give birth?” Why wasn’t she aware of it? Yesterday, they still went to shop on the streets, and she actually did not see anything amiss at all.

Guoguo instantly slapped away her hand. “I’ve yet to give birth.”

“Then where did that child come from… Wait  a  minute!? Yet?” Zhu Yao suddenly widened her eyes. “You can’t be trying to tell me… that she’s your child from the future, right?”

“Mn.” She nodded. “I don’t know where he learnt the term ‘shotgun marriage’, but ever since then, he thinks that I will marry him once we have a child. Then…”

The hell! Such things are actually possible!? Guoguo was in the staying unmarried faction, and Zhu Yao knew of this point.

In order to chase after a wife, that person sure is putting out all the stops! Zhu Yao had to drink down a cup of water to calm her nerves.

However, when she thought about his identity, controlling time and seeing their future daughter might not be impossible after all.

“You don’t believe that she’s your child?”

“I do!” She nodded.

“Then why do you need to hide over at my place?”

The corner of her lips twitched. She turned around and carried out a round object from her bag, and then carefully presented it to Zhu Yao. “The main point here is… my child looks like this!”


Zhu Yao spat out a mouthful of warm water.  “Kuh  kuh… You… You gave birth to a ball!”

“No!” Guoguo shook her head, and explained with a stern face. “I wasn’t the one who gave birth to her, he gave birth to her.” “…” Nani!? He was the one who gave birth!? He!? May I ask if it’s that ‘he’ without an ‘s’ in front?

Oh my god! Is this still the Earth that I’ve lived all my life in?
I’m waiting online, I need an answer, quick!


Zhu Yao felt like her mind was in a mess, and Yue Ying came back with a bottle of soy sauce in his hand at this moment. “Big sis…”

The moment his voice fell, the round ball that Guoguo was hugging suddenly flashed brightly white. It began to inflate at a speed visible to the naked eyes, and in a blink of an eye, it grew from the size of a rubber ball to that of a basketball. Pong! It bounced and then fell onto the ground.

“Baby!” Guoguo was frightened, and hurriedly held out her hands to grab it.

At the same time, Guoguo’s man appeared inside the house in a flash. Just as he was about to grab the ball, it did a turn and rolled towards Yue Ying. Pa. It bumped into his foot and stopped. Immediately after, crackling sounds could be heard. The ball actually split open! A white and tender little hand suddenly reached out and firmly tugged onto the corner of Yue Ying’s pants.

A small little head popped out from the ball’s interior, and she shouted crisply at Yue Ying. “Papa!”

Everyone present: “…” All of them turned to look at Guoguo.

Guoguo looked at the person next to her with narrow eyes. “What are you looking at? Aren’t you the one who gave birth to the child?”

Manager: “…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Yue Ying: “…”

Yu Yan: “Where’s the soy sauce?” Why did it feel as if a storm was brewing…

(Story End)

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