My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 381-390

Chapter381: Second Battle – Cob Cannon

Though there were many rows of sunflowers, with the three people’s speedy harvest, in less than fifteen minutes, almost all of the sunflowers were brought down. After the sunflowers were reclaimed by the grass field, there were no signs of them growing back. The moment the final one fell onto the ground, the Pea Shooters that were attacking so wildly suddenly stiffened. As though the pause button had been clicked, they no longer shot out their peas.

The Chompers, Squash and the rest that were swaying about had also stopped moving as well. A few  dozen  seconds  later, while making loud rumbling noises, they suddenly began to sink back into the ground. In just a short few minutes, they could no longer see a single figure of those strange plants above the field. Even the craters that were created from the explosions had all disappeared without a trace, restoring its previous plain and flat surface.

“We won!” Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu happily ran over, they faces were filled with the light of joy. “Dongfang  girly, those strange flowers have retreated. Does that mean we’ve cleared this stage?”

“I don’t know either!” Zhu Yao was stunned as she looked at the boundless grass field in front of her. For some reason, she felt that things weren’t that simple. Earlier, they had just destroyed the sunflowers, so theoretically speaking, there were no reasons for the Pea Shooter to disappear as well!

“The Light of Guidance isn’t far off.” Zhonggu Lu pointed at the path in front of them. From where they were, they were about five kilometers away from the golden pillar of light. “I think we should hurry over! If we stay here for too long, those strange flowers might resurrect.”

Zhu Yao nodded. Indeed, they had to hurry over. Thus, she no longer hesitated and walked forward. However, after just walking a few steps, the ground began to shake tremendously, and it was more intense than before. Even Zhu Yao could barely stabilize herself. A hundred meters in front of them, dirt and mud flew as something enormous slowly rose.

The five of them gripped their weapons tightly as they stared in front of them. The thing from the ground first showed a hint of yellow. As its height increases, it then revealed a green body. Compared to the plants before, it was clearly much taller. It continued to rise, and rise…

Two meters…  Three  meters…  Four  meters…  Finally,  after reaching a height of three storeys, it revealed its entire body.

“Corn?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

“Such a huge corn cob!” Nangong Huang said.

“Can corn cobs grow so big?” Zhonggu Lu asked.

Immediately after, the corn cob suddenly straightened itself. In the next moment, the place where the five of them stood shone greatly, as a white circle of light that looked like a formation appeared on the ground. At the center, there was even a cross that looked like a target marker.

This is…

“Cob! Cannon!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto the people next to her with each hand and ran out of the glowing circle. “Run!”

She unleashed the strength she had from all the milk she had drunk in her lifetime and desperately ran out. With a swoosh, that enormous corn cob had already flown into the air, and was smashing down in the direction of that circle of light.

A loud boom could be heard as an enormous force assaulted from behind. She was pushed all the way forward by the shockwave of the explosion, and the ground beneath her feet began to crumble inch by inch. She used all of her strength to prevent herself from falling, and continued her mad sprint, barely escaping the Cob Cannon’s attack range. Her bones were already beginning to rattle, and before she could even catch her breath, a white object came smashing at her the moment she turned her head around. She was basically unable to dodge in time, and her chest began to hurt. It was as if she was smashed by a enormous bolder. She immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, yet she could smell a charred scent with her nose.

When she took a look, the thing that smashed onto her body was actually an enormous popcorn.

Zhu Yao once again spat out some old blood. Next time I’m watching a movie, I’m never going to eat popcorn again.

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan was startled. He pushed away the popcorn from her body, held up his disciple and then cupped her wrist. Yue Ying was frightened as well, and even his face had turned pale. He hurriedly squatted down and stopped her from bleeding.

“Don’t care about me!” Zhu Yao pulled her  hand  back. “Hurry! That Cob Cannon requires some time to fire off another corn cob, take this opportunity to destroy it! Hurry!”


“I’m fine, hurry!” Zhu Yao pointed at the Cob Cannon that merely had its leaves left. “We must not allow it to fire off a second corn cob.”

Yu Yan frowned. He then gripped onto his sword tightly and ran over with Yue Ying. The Cob Cannon was now in its weakened state and was basically unable to attack at all. However, it was simply too big, and Yu Yan could only strike its stem a slash at a time.

Zhu Yao turned to look at the two homosexual buddies Nangong Huang and Zhonggu Lu. Their injuries were not light as well, as they sat on the ground unmoving. Next to them were a few popcorns that they barely managed to push off from their bodies. Beneath her feet, soft rumbling sounds could be heard. A large crater of about ten meters wide appeared from where the corn cob struck, and it was now beginning to be restored. Suddenly, the grass at the sides found an opportunity to use their automatic restorative abilities, and were beginning to cover up the empty spaces.

It was as if ghosts or gods were being involved in this. Zhu Yao really wanted to know what’s underneath this surface. She took a deep breath, stood up, and then looked into a hole that yet to be completely restored. However, she suddenly held her breath, and she stood rooted to the ground.

“Dongfang girly, what’s wrong?” Nangong Cheng saw her strange behaviour and struggled to his feet as well. He walked over to her side, but he widened his eyes immediately after. “This… This is…”

Black. Entirely black. Beneath the surface was actually a layer of boundless black substance. The substance was tumbling and bubbling, as if water was flowing out of a water tap.

“Resentment!” She never expected that resentment was buried underneath the entire surface. As she had thought, the plants were materialized from resentment. Nangong Cheng unconsciously took a step back, his face instantly darkened. “What should we do?” If they were formed by resentment, then those plants could not be killed at all.

Before Zhu Yao could even answer, rumbling noises from the earth once again rang. Several meters away from the Cob Cannon, following after a few popping sounds, four plants popped out. Wearing yellow petals, they continued to grow.

The hell! The sunlight-gathering sunflowers again!

Nangong Cheng had an anxious look as well. The Cob Cannon had yet to be removed, but the sunflowers had once again appeared. Yet, they couldn’t move at all either. If Yu Yan and Yue Ying were to ignore the sunflowers, Pea Shooters would most likely fill the land again. If they were to let go of the Cob Cannon, once it were to completely regain its strength, they wouldn’t be able to endure its next corn cob either. Unwilling to admit defeat, he gritted his teeth as he walked wobbly towards a sunflower. However, after taking just two steps, he fell onto the ground again, puking out a mouthful of blood.

“Dongfang… girly…” What do we do? The ground had already begun to shake, and Zhu Yao fell onto
the ground from the tremors. We’re going to die, we’re going to die, we’re going to die. From the strength of this tremor, the one drilling out from the ground definitely isn’t a Pea Shooter, but the next Cob Cannon!

Do they really have to play it this way? Why did the weapons suddenly upgrade, hey!?

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. Calm down, calm down! There must be other ways. Sunflower, sunflower, sunflo…

The hell! She suddenly recalled that these plants require sunlight!

“Yue Ying!” She used all of her strength to shout towards where the Cob Cannon was. “Hurry and use your devillic energy to cover the sun! Do not let the sunflowers absorb sunlight!”

Yue Ying was stunned for a moment, and then he immediately began to release a dark aura to the surroundings. Large masses of dark devillic energy emitted out from his body and rose into the air. Like clouds, they began to cover up a large half of the sky with layers upon layers. The area suddenly dimmed, as if time had instantly turned from high noon to sunset. The surroundings had already begun to turn darker.

As expected, in the next moment, the sunflowers that were still swaying about earlier lowered their heads after another, as though they liveliness had been seeped out. The intense tremors had instantly stopped as well.

The two zombies Yu Yan and Yue Ying finally destroyed the Cob Cannon. They then turned around and sprinted towards the row of sunflowers behind. They then continued their harvesting act.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief, and even her legs were beginning to give way.

“Dongfang girly, you sure know a lot.” Nangong Cheng pulled her up and even held onto Zhonggu Lu next to him. The three of them then limped towards Yu Yan’s and Yue Ying’s direction. “You’re actually able to see that those sunflowers need sunlight.”

“Hoho… I simply played a lot of games, that’s all.” As a professional game designer, she had especially spent some time to research on these games. “Furthermore, sunflowers are plants that direly need sunlight in the first place. As long as it’s night, we will be fine since there’s no sunlight to absorb. Unless there’s the appearance of…”


“That’s right! Sun-shrooms… What?” Nearby  in  front  of them, a row of yellow mushrooms suddenly popped out.

There’s really sun-shrooms here, hey! Have we cut straight into night mode now!? Do you have to be this professional!? The ground shook once more. Clearly, the Sun-shrooms had already begun to generate sunlight.

“Pull them out directly!” The Sun-shrooms were closest to the three of them. Zhu Yao had no choice but to suppress the pain from her injuries, grit her teeth and run over. She hugged onto one of the bucket-sized yellow mushroom and pulled with all the might she gained from drinking milk. However, it wasn’t effective at all? The Sun-shroom did not even budge.

Instead, it blinked at her in a cutesy way, and then suddenly dove into her embrace, emitting out a crisp sound. “Chi?” Zhu Yao was stunned. It’s this sound again. Just what did it mean?

“Dongfang girly, these mushrooms are rooted too firmly, I can’t move it!” Nangong Cheng was also looking at her with a regretful expression. “I even tried moving it with my weapon, but it doesn’t even budge. What do we do?”

Yellow heads was already beginning to pop out from the surface. After a closer look, there were actually five of them.

Yu Yan and Yue Ying had already chopped off all the sunflowers and were rushing over. Zhu Yao lowered her head and looked at the blinking and unmoving Sun-shroom. Gritting her teeth, she shouted to Yue Ying. “Yue Ying, retract your devillic energy and release the sunlight.”

Yue Ying stopped his feet. With a wave of his hand,  the devillic energy in the sky scattered, and the boundless sunlight scattered down. Coincidentally, it first shone right down at the Sun-shrooms.

She heard a weak cry from the mushroom in her embrace. “Chi…” Its pair of crystal-bright eyes began to slowly close, as if it was about to fall asleep. The tremor instantly stopped as well.

The mushrooms then began to sink down into the earth. The one which Zhu Yao was hugging suddenly shone with a bright golden light right before it sank, and a mass of yellow light flew towards her, entering her chest.

Zhu Yao instantly felt a warmth in her chest, and this heat instantly spread to all four of her limbs.

She stroked her chest in slight confusion. Her injuries… were healed!

Chapter382: The Sunflower Welcoming Group

That Sun-shroom healed my injuries? Why? Zhu Yao was a little confused as she instinctively sensed the conditions of her body, and realized that there wasn’t any anomaly. Theoretically speaking, the Sun-shrooms were formed by resentment, so even if she carried the World Favourable Impression ability, as resentment was something without sentience, it should not harbour any favourable impression of her. Also, what was the light that flew into her body? It definitely wasn’t resentment, otherwise it wouldn’t have healed her injuries but shot a hole through her.

“Dongfang girly, are you fine?” Nangong Cheng looked at her worriedly.

Zhu Yao shook her head.

Yue Ying and Yu Yan walked over as well. They had initially wanted to check her pulse, but realized that not only weren’t there any injuries on her body, even the bloodstains had disappeared.

There weren’t any plants on the grass field now. Even the Cob Cannons that were exposing their yellow tips earlier had all returned to the earth.

“Do you feel any anomaly?” Yu Yan looked at his stupid disciple and could not help but feel worried, checking her pulse once more.

“I don’t know what’s going on as well.” Zhu Yao shrugged as she explained her situation earlier.

Yu Yan frowned as he tightened his grip on the hand he was holding. “Do you have any plans?”

“I believe the plants here must be separated by regions. The further we go, the bigger the difficulty.” Zhu Yao solemnly said. “We can’t use mystic arts right now, and Little Yellow and Little Teal are both injured as well. Most likely, it will be really hard for them to reach the Light of Guidance.”

“It’s all our fault.” Nangong Cheng said with a self- reprimanding look. “We’ve dragged you guys down. Why don’t you three continue on while fellow daoist Zhonggu Lu and I recuperate here. After we’re done, we will catch up with you three.” “Little Yellow is right.” Zhonggu Lu nodded and said. “Only the three of you have hopes of becoming Gods. In our current situation…”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Zhu Yao did not like to listen to such things. “Who said we’re going to throw you two aside? We were together since the first floor. If we really have to split up, this isn’t the right time either.”

“But…” Nangong Cheng frowned and turned to look in front of them. “We won’t know what will appear before us. Our injuries are too severe, and we will simply be burdens.”

“Even if you’re burdens, we’re carrying you two on our own will.” Zhu Yao squatted down and solemnly said. “Don’t worry, we won’t throw you two aside. Even if I have to carry you two, I will carry you two over to that side.”

Nangong Cheng was stunned. He exchanged glances with Zhonggu Lu, and then suddenly leaked out a laugh. “Dongfang girly, you’re a really… really different Deity practitioner.” Putting aside Deity practitioners who were usually heartless, even among Demonic Immortals, they would have been thrown aside in such situations, let alone in this top floor where dangers could be found everywhere. Everyone said that the Heavenly Dao was heartless, and ever since they began on this path, they had already gotten used to slaughter and betrayal. With how long they had lived, the concept of this so-called friendship had already turned faint. Never did he think that in such a situation, that there would actually be someone who would say that she would carry them over if she had to.

“Just recuperate your injuries here for now. After your injuries are better, we will set off.” Zhu Yao patted on Nangong Huang’s shoulder and said. “If my guess is correct, there shouldn’t be any danger nearby now. But…” She raised her head and looked about two hundred meters away. “If we cross the sunflowers’ boundary from earlier, I’m afraid another wave of new plants will appear.”

Yu Yan frowned and held onto her hand. “You’ve already made your decision.”

He said affirmatively, and not in a questioning manner.

Zhu Yao chuckled. “Master, I have an idea. I want to step  out of that sunflowers’ boundary alone and take a look.”

“Nonsense!” Yu Yan’s expression turned cold. “That place is definitely even more dangerous. How are you going to deal with it alone?”

“Master… I have a feeling that these plants don’t really wish to harm me.” She stroked her healed chest.

His frown grew deeper. “If that’s the case, why were you injured before?” Though he knew that his disciple’s body was abnormal, from the situation earlier, the Cob Cannon and Pea Shooters did not have any intentions of avoiding her in their attacks in the least.

“Uh…” He made a lot of sense. “Actually, I’m talking about those sunflowers and mushrooms. Master, you saw it yourself, right? Those two plants gather sunlight… Uh, I mean, they’re formation cores. They are the keys behind the appearances of all the other plants, that’s why they are intentionally planted in such faraway positions. However, I feel that those plants are friendly to me. They must be different from the rest of the plants. Even if they’re formed by resentment, they’re definitely mixed with something else. I might… be able to speak to them.”

Yu Yan was still frowning. Clearly, he could not agree to her risking her life. “We have no other way now, and we can’t possibly sit here and await death.” Most importantly was that “chi” noise. She felt that this was a little strange. In the past, Wood Spirit was the only one who would call out in such a way. However, the Wood Spirit was in the faraway Desolate Land and it had long gained a human form. How could she possibly appear here?

Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu spent an entire two days to recuperate, and their bodies were finally in acceptable conditions. Though her master had already agreed to Zhu Yao taking the lead and let her enter the next region alone, he still stood guard at the boundary, so that he could provide aid the moment things were to go awry.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath before finally walking out of the place where the sunflowers last appeared. She had only walked a few steps when the earth began to shake once more. The others behind her instantly tensed up, instinctively gripping onto the swords in their hands.

A moment later, with a poof sound, a sunflower appeared as expected. However, it was not a hundred meters away, but had instead appeared right next to Zhu Yao. Its large petals spread open, and it looked at her while blinking its eyes. It seemed to be stunned for a moment. Suddenly, it let out what seemed to be a joyful sound. “Chi!”

Zhu Yao stiffened and then waved her hand at it. “Hi~”

“Chi?” The sunflower let out a confused sound, as though it did not understand her words.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to change into the language of Chis, and let out the sound she learnt from it. “Chi chi?”

That sunflower instantly replied with incomparable joy. “Chi chi chi.”


“Chi chi chi chi?” There’s nothing wrong with this reply right?

Thus, the conversation between a human and a sunflower began to develop in a strange direction. “Chi chi chi chi chi.”

“Chi chi chi chi chi chi.”

“Chi chi chi chi chi chi chi.”

“Chi chi chi chi chi chi chi chi.”

Wait! What am I doing?

Why are we comparing who has more “Chi”s, hey?

“Incredible!” The unknowing spectator Nangong Cheng had a revering look. “Dongfang girly isn’t actually able to understand the sunflower’s words!”

Spectators: “…” I really want to break off relations from him!

“Haah! Umm…” Zhu Yao instantly found back  her  own mother tongue. Though she said she wanted to chat with the sunflowers about life, she actually didn’t know where she should begin, hey? “I say, Sunsun!”

“Chi!” The sunflower straightened up like a pole, looking as if it was listening seriously.

“Umm… Just what are you? Also, do you know me?”

“Chi…” It tilted its head, letting out a long sound. Suddenly, it stretched out an enormous leave and wrapped around her wrist. It then let out a crisp voice. “Lord!”

‘Lord’ again?

“What do you mean by ‘lord’? Why are you calling me that?”

The sunflower began to sway left and right. As if it was shouting out a slogan, it called out. “Lord, lord… Sunlight, sunlight… Lord, lord…” With every movement it made, it would shout out once.

As though spring had appeared after the rain, even more sunflowers began to pop out form the ground. They lined up on her left and right, as though they were a welcoming group. Then, they began to sway as well.

At that moment, the entire grass field was filled with their echoes. “Lord, sunlight…” The same voice, their neat movements, and their uniform slogan made them look as if they were conducting a parade.

Zhu Yao was a little confused. It seemed like she had just received an incredible welcome.

The number of sunflowers continued to grow, and they were even spreading all the way forward, opening up a path all the way to the region where the Light of Guidance was. She suddenly felt as if she was making a friendly visit to the kingdom   of   sunflowers.   Now   this   is   a   true   green   VIP
passageway! So should she walk? Should she walk? Or should
she walk?

The group of four spectators at the back were stunned as well.
What’s with this friendly and harmonious scene?

“Dongfang girly…” Nangong Cheng shouted out. “This… Just what is this?” “I don’t know either.” Zhu Yao shook her head. “The intelligence of these sunflowers isn’t high. Most likely, most of them are just moving on instinct. I’m not sure if I can speak through to them either. Master…” Zhu Yao looked at Yu Yan. “You’ve never eaten a single medicinal pellet, so their hatred for you should be the least. Why don’t you try walking over?”

Yu Yan nodded. He glanced at the surroundings before stepping out of the boundary. Almost at the same time, the sunflowers that were still happily welcoming her earlier, instantly quietened down. They turned to look at Yu Yan one after another.

Zhu Yao’s heart tensed. However, in the next moment, those sunflowers once again turned around and continued to sway and chant out, “Lord… Sunlight.” Yu Yan safely arrived next to Zhu Yao.

As she had thought, these plants would only react to people who had eaten too many medicinal pellets.

Yue Ying was up next. Different from Yu Yan who was ignored, when Yue Ying walked over, all of the sunflowers seemed to have leaned backwards in disgust. Zhu Yao guessed that the devillic aura emitting from his body was making them avoid him out of instinct.

Nangong Cheng and Little Teal remained. Zhu Yao could not help but push her focus up to a hundred and twenty percent. Yu Yan and Yue Ying were different. These plants were formed by the resentment of plants and flowers. The sunflowers ignored the two of them was because they had never eaten a single pellet, so they did harbour any hatred for the two in the first place. As for Nangong Cheng and Little Teal however…

“Nangong Huang, you take the lead.” Zhu Yao solemnly said. “Be careful…”

Nangong Cheng naturally realized the situation as well. These plants most likely were targeting the two of them the entire time. In an instant, the guilt in his heart grew deeper. If the two of them weren’t here, most likely, the three of them had already arrived at their destination. The moment he thought of this, he could no longer bear to cross over with his raised foot.

“Dongfang girly, why don’t… you three leave first.” If one can pass through, then he should head on first.

“The hell!” Zhu Yao felt like cussing out now. “What kind of nonsense are you spouting now? You’re being wishy-washy here. Are you still a man?”

“… I’m a male beast!” He’s not a human in the first place.

Chapter383: Friendly Visit to the Sunflower Country

“The hell!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “Don’t play coy in front of me right now, alright? We’ve already made it all the way here, and it’s already too late to split up. You best thicken your skin and rush over to the Light of Guidance in a single breath. You’re thinking of staying here with Zhonggu Lu and live in your romantic world? No way! There’s no future for the both of you!”

Zhonggu Lu: “…” Why am I still dragged in when I’m so far away!?

Nangong Cheng’s eyes reddened. Momma’s egg. Dongfang girly, in such an emotional time, can you speak in a better way? We’re clean and pure! He turned to look at Yu Yan and Yue Ying, and then sighed. It seemed like they really weren’t going to leave them behind.

After taking a deep breath, Nangong Cheng gritted his teeth and then walked into the new region. Almost at the same time his foot landed on the ground, the ground reacted with a loud rumble, as if something was about to burst out. Zhu Yao betted a cucumber that that definitely wasn’t a sunflower, but some sort of weapon of mass destruction. The sunflowers that were still harmonious like little suns suddenly stopped shouting out their slogan, and looked towards Nangong Cheng altogether. Though they were still blinking, Zhu Yao could see the lustre of vengeance in their eyes.

Oh no! It seems like it’s going to turn into Plants VS Zombies again! What to do, what to do? These plants are about to go into berserk mode!

Out of anxiety, Zhu Yao grabbed onto the flower head of one of the sunflowers on the side. “Calm down, calm down my fellow friend! Give me some face!”

Suddenly, the tremors really stopped…

Uhh… It seems my face is really important!

The yellow and brilliant flower in her hands blinked its eyes extremely slowly. In the next moment, the entire flower was dyed with a strange hint of red.

Is it embarrassed? Please! You’re just a flower, hey! The hell! Why is its stem red as well? Do you have to be this humanized?

Eh! Wait a minute!

She recalled that plants seemed to be pollinate from the flowers to give birth to the next generation. Then the flowers were their… unspeakable parts.

“…” She suddenly felt uncomfortable all over.

Her eyes blurred for a moment, as the sunflowers nearest to her suddenly bent their stems over. Every one of them was leaning their flower heads closer, their little eyes constantly blinking in joy. It was as if they were saying: Touch me… touch me…

She wanted some peace and quiet.

Even more sunflowers began to lean their flower heads closer. Zhu Yao had to pass this stage through developing friendship ties with the sunflowers, otherwise, she was really afraid that they would go berserk if she rejected. However, she couldn’t lay her hands on their huge flower heads, so she had no choice but to take a step back and silently pull one  of  their  leaves.  She shook them as if she was shaking  hands,  which  can  be considered as her greetings to them, but even that’s the case…

Why are all your faces still red, hey? Aren’t you all sunflowers? Then face the sun like you’re supposed to, hey! Why are you all lowering your heads in embarrassment? And the one over there that’s using your leaves to cover your face! I’ve not done anything to you at all!!

Zhu Yao suddenly felt as if she had fallen into a sexual predator concentration camp of pure teenage girls, while she seemed to be the uke. She immediately hugged onto her master next to her to suppress her shock. Phew, fortunately, I still have my master.

Zhonggu Lu walked over as well. In the beginning, there wasn’t any reaction from the grass field. However, as he moved closer to Nangong Cheng, the ground could no longer  stay silent. No matter how Zhu Yao tried to form relationships with the sunflowers, they couldn’t be suppressed. Half a Cob Cannon had already popped out of the ground nearby.

Zhu Yao’s heart tensed. Could it be that hatred was additive? She immediately had the two of them stand further away from each other. As expected, the tremors of the ground finally stopped. Zhu Yao silently glanced at the two of them. See! This is why I say there’s no future for you two!

It seemed like the situation had calmed down. Zhu Yao began to bring everyone forward. There was a distance of about three meters between each one of them, while there was at least a ten- meter distance between Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu. Zhu Yao was walking at the very front. As she walked, she did not forget to shake the hands of the sunflowers on her left and right.

The sunflowers were rather well-behaved. The moment they saw her passing by, they would extend their leaves by themselves. After the shake, they would hurriedly use their leaves to shyly cover their flower heads, looking as if they were both excited and embarrassed.

As Zhu Yao continued to shake hands, she began to feel like a country representative who was visiting an ally nation.

Hi citizens of Sunflower Country, I am a representative of the Human Country. Hello fellow comrades, it must have been tough for you comrades. Just like that, they progressed forward smoothly without any obstructions. Probably because her ‘friendly visit’ was truly effective, after using the power of her reputation, weapons of mass destruction no longer appeared in this wide grass field.

Mn, she loved peace! However… Her hands were about to break from all the hand-shaking, hey. Though shaking hands was not a hard work, one couldn’t possibly shake hands for four hours straight! Yet, she did not dare to stop. She was afraid that the sunflowers would flip sides the moment she do.

The further they walked, the number of sunflower appearances grew. Initially, there were only two rows – one on her left and one on her right. Further back, the number of rows grew to three, four and five rows. When she finally reacted, other than the path they especially let off on the grass field, the place was filled with sunflowers.

There was too much sunlight stored, but because they had already made a compromise with the zombies, there were too many unused space, so they decided to just plant sunflowers… was that it?

Wait a minute, sunlight! The plants here were formed by resentment initially. Resentment was inclined to darkness, while sunlight was inclined to light. The resentment underneath required the sunflowers to absorb sunlight in order to produce various weapons that could harm them. However, light and darkness could not complement. Light was supposed to be similar to spiritual energy and divine energy, the purest form of energy in this world. Though sunlight could not be used to eliminate resentment, it should at the very least suppress resentment. That was most likely why darkness filled the place where she first woke up. Also, no matter the shadows formed by resentment or these plants, they could not be seen as the resentment that she witnessed in the Netherworld. Back then, she had become a Demigod, but she was still unable to do anything to resentment. It seemed like the yang energy of this world had been suppressing these resentment.

In the beginning, she treated everything as something similar to the brainless Gomoku and Sudoku settings, a real-life upgraded version of Plants VS Zombies. That was why she did not think about it too deeply. However, this was after all the final stage to becoming a God, so it couldn’t just be a mere game. Furthermore, the sunflowers were such a fatal weakness. Adding the non-complementing nature of yin and yang, why were the sunflowers able to summon the other breeds by absorbing sunlight? It couldn’t just be due to the settings of the game. Then the reason could only be… Zhu Yao’s heart sank. She suddenly recalled her master’s words… Natural Law! Was the non-complementary of yin and yang the law here? Because of the law’s limitations, the resentment here could only take form when the sunflowers take in sunlight. However, sunlight could suppress resentment. The sunflowers were so friendly to her because they had sunlight in them?

She was very familiar with the Wood Spirit, and because she had once placed it in her divine sense, it could be understood why these sunflowers, which were also plants, to be intimate with her as well. Furthermore she had also gone through Yi Ling’s instance where she turned into a tree demon. Back then, she could hear the voice of plants and trees, and those trees were strangely friendly with her as well. Not to mention, the lower the cultivation of the spirits and demons, the better their relationships. When it came to Nangong Cheng and Zhonggu Lu who had already cultivated into Deities, especially with those demonic beasts and spirits in the Lightning Divine Tower, this form of intimacy no longer existed. They could only be treated as regular people or friends.

It was the same back when she ventured into Demonic Immortals’ continent. The red and yellow Demonic Immortals she encountered in the beginning still threw her into jail as they should, even though they had a favourable impression of her. They were completely different from the demonic beasts that acted cute and wanted to protect her with all their hearts in the Lower Realm. When it came to why those demonic beasts treated her well, rather than attributing it to the World Favourable Impression ability, it was rather due to… instinct! It was a form of subliminal suggestion that could not be resisted, where they would unconsciously treat her well.

This instinctive suggestion thus allowed these sunflowers, which had taken in sunlight and had suppressed the resentment in them, to regain the slightest bit of sentience to express their kindness towards her. Could this be why these sunflowers liked her so much?

However… Why did they call her ‘lord’? She just couldn’t understand this point.


The distance from the Light of Guidance was already shrinking, and Zhu Yao’s hands were already turning numb from the handshaking. She could barely feel them now,  let alone raise them up. Her master who was closest to her could still grab onto her hands to help move them in the beginning, relieving some of the numbness. However, this action would always result to the rejection of the plants. Every single time when she was not paying attention, they would either push her master away, or intentionally use their leaves to block him. It was as if they were a disapproved couple, and had to cross several “Sunflower Mountains” in order to meet. Later on, even Yu Yan had lost all strength as well. At the very end, she didn’t have to take the initiative at all, as every step she took after that, the sunflowers on her left and right would automatically stretch out their leaves to wrap around her hands, treating that as handshakes.

Her heart was tired!

Momma’s egg! Who wants to try shaking hands for three days and nights straight!?

In the beginning, it was still fine. However, the number of sunflowers continued to grow. Looking afar, other than  the path that intentionally left empty, the place was filled with sparkling golden sunflowers, and the view was simply blinding to her eyes.

Yet, only the two rows of sunflowers next to her would get to shake her hands. Those which couldn’t, could only blink their eyes and look at her with resentful expressions. Hey hey hey… Don’t turn sour now! You’re all sunflowers, so even if you didn’t get to shake my hands, don’t change to something else now! Also, the one over there that’s lying on the ground. You’re planted too far away. Even if you lying on the ground, you won’t get to grab my hand. Don’t waste any more efforts already!

The passion of the “Sunflower Country” citizens had really
made her from the “Human Country” speechless! Let’s give it our all to dedicate to the friendship between the countries of Sunflowers and Humans! I will shake, I will shake, I will shake, shake, shake…

Zhu Yao’s repeated actions were however extremely meaningful and sincere, as they actually had a smooth journey, and the Light of Guidance was soon right before their eyes. Of course, there were slight mishaps in-between, but it was largely due to a problem of distance. The distance between Zhonggu Lu and Nangong Huang before was very delicate. Being too far would be bad, as her favourable impression would be rendered ineffective and cause the plants to initiate attacks. If they were too close, the two’s hatred would be added upon each other, and the plants would attack indiscriminately as well.

That was why there accidents would always happen on the way. Occasionally, one or two Pea Shooters would appear, constantly shooting peas at them. Whenever this  happened, Zhu Yao had no choice but to increase her pace in saluting the army and leave the attack range of the Pea Shooters. However, she did not initiate any attacks, in order to prevent them from pulling even more hatred.

Chapter384: Undefeatable Enemy

Four days later, though there were a few surprises, the group safely crossed “Sunflower Country”. Zhu Yao could finally see the Light of Guidance before her eyes. Compared to the Light of Guidance in the Divine Realm, there were barely any differences compared to this pillar of light. However for some reason, even though it clearly looked golden from afar, it was actually pure white when seeing it from such a near distance.

Furthermore, the ground surface about twenty to thirty meters away from the pillar of light was actually completely white. She unconsciously looked at the ground, and realized that it wasn’t tiled with white jade, but rather, it was  just empty, as if even dust and dirt could not stain it. The surface was sacred and elegant, as though it was the purest object in the world. Just by looking at it, her heart would feel at ease.

Is this… the Light of Guidance for ascending to Godhood?


Zhu Yao finally shook the leaf of the final sunflower. She raised her head to look at the pillar of pure white light, and then once again looked at the receding greenery on the ground. They finally arrived at their destination. However, for some reason, she was not the least bit excited. Instead, an uncertain feeling rose in her heart.

She hesitated for a long while and did not proceed forward, until Zhonggu Lu and Nangong Cheng behind her came rushing over.

“So this is the Light of Guidance!” Nangong Cheng had a surprised look on his face. He stared a little blankly at the light as he walked in, and then he unconsciously stretched out his hand, as if he was trying to touch something. “I’ve never… seen such a pure colour.”

Zhonggu Lu had a similar expression as well.

The strange feeling in the depths of her heart  grew  even heavier, and for some reason, she felt a little anxious. Feeling uneasy, she turned around to look at the path they came from. The long field of sunflowers suddenly began to return  to  the earth, starting from  the  very  far  end.  Like  falling  headlong down onto the ground, they disappeared without a trace.

When the sunflower that she last shook hands with saw her turning back, it tilted its large flower head and responded with a joyful look. “Chi!”

As it called out, it once again stretched out its leaf, wanting to shake hands with her once more. Zhu Yao wanted to respond out of instinct, but suddenly, she realized that the leaf it stretched out was beginning to disappear, as if it was being devoured by something. Its green leaf turned pale white inch by inch, and then it fragmented and disappeared. When Zhu Yao regained her senses, half of the leaf was already gone. What remained was a neat slice, as if it was cut off by something.

“Chi!” The sunflower cried out in shock, and then it shrank back into the ground, as if it was terrified by something.

The sunflowers… can’t enter this region?

Before she could figure everything out, she suddenly heard a thud. Yue Ying was raising his fists and hitting something in the air. “Big sis… I can’t get in!”

“……” “…”

When she turned around to look, Yue Ying seemed to be blocked out by a transparent barrier and could not take another step forward.

“How’s that possible?” Zhonggu Lu turned around and carefully looked at the surroundings as well. Then, he walked back and forth a few times. “There isn’t any formation  or barrier here though?”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and she walked back and forth to inspect the area as well. There indeed wasn’t any trace of mystic arts. “Just why is this so?”

“It’s because I’m a Devil.” Yue Ying lowered his head slightly with a depressed look. With a self-mocking tone, he muttered. “I never had the qualifications to become a God in the first place.”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and everyone else turned silent as well. “There must be another way.” Zhu Yao stroked his head. “Don’t worry, I said that I won’t throw anyone aside.”

Yue Ying finally raised his head, and his eyes seemed to glisten. After a moment, he carefully asked. “If… If you become a God, will you still come back?”

“Of course.” She said matter-of-factly. “I’m only here to clear the tower, and not to become a God…”

After speaking halfway through, she was stunned for a moment. Wait a minute, clearing the tower!?

Something instantly flashed in her mind, but she was unable to grasp it in an instant. Just as she was pondering about this, a green vine suddenly shot out from the ground, appearing right before them. Like a hemp rope, it split into two and came charging forward with their sharp tips.

“Big sis!” Startled, Yue Ying instinctively pulled Zhu Yao and they rolled onto the ground, dodging the vines. One of the vines instantly split into two once more and swept over towards Zhu Yao and Yue Ying. The vines however were instantly burnt into ash by the devillic energy which Yue Ying materialized. The vine on the other side had directly struck Zhonggu Lu, sending him flying several meters. He then fell into the midst of the sunflowers that had yet to completely disappear.

“Zhonggu Lu!” Zhu Yao cried out. She wasn’t in the grass field right now!

Almost at the same time he fell onto the ground, five Cob Cannons immediately appeared from the grass field. Five overlapping cross-hairs instantly appeared beneath Zhonggu Lu’s feet.

“Hurry and run!” Zhu Yao shouted out  with  all  her  strength and wanted to charge over to save him.  However,  she  was already too late. Five enormous corn cobs had already been shot out. Even when Zhonggu Lu desperately ran out, he was  still struck by the combined force of five corn cobs.

Five explosions rang out, and the place was instantly filled dust and white popcorns. Zhonggu Lu was already lying on the ground with a body covered entirely in blood. His legs were already a mesh of flesh and blood, while a large hole had already been pierced through his chest. Not the slightest bit of his human figure could be discerned. “Hahahahaha…” A sinister and crazed laughter rang out several meters away. At its source was a person enveloped by thick tree barks. Her body was dyed entirely in blood-red, and streams of dark-red blood would occasionally drip out of the tree trunk. The face at the core of the tree could no longer be seen as human, as what remained was a pair of terrifying black holes. However, everyone present could recognize her at first glance.

“Mei Xue!” The hell, why is she still alive?

“Brother Zhonggu Lu!” Nangong Cheng’s eyes reddened and immediately wanted to charge out to save him. Zhu Yao desperately held him back. “What are you doing? Release me!”

“Calm down.”

“Calm down my ass!” He was instantly enraged. He immediately raised his hand against her, wanting to beat her hand off. “I’m going to save him!”

Zhu Yao instantly stepped on his feet and lectured him while he was still tasting the pain. “Those plants harbour immense hatred for you in the first place, if you head out now, isn’t he just going to die even quicker? If you want to die, don’t motherf**king drag us in!”

Nangong Cheng was startled, and then he immediately calmed down. If he were to head over, there was a chance that another five Cob Cannons would appear.

“Master, Yue Ying!” Zhu Yao shot a glance to the two of them, and then she and Yu Yan hurriedly ran towards Zhonggu Lu’s direction. Yue Ying immediately responded by releasing his devillic energy to cover the sunlight in the sky as well.

As expected, all of the sunflowers lowered their heads in the next moment, while the loading speed of the five Cob Cannons slowed down as well. Zhu Yao, along with her master, took this opportunity to carry out the disfigured Zhonggu Lu to the sides of the boundary.

“Yue Ying, hurry…” The moment they placed Zhonggu Lu down, Zhu Yao had Yue Ying immediately stop his bleeding. He was the only one here who could save him now.

Mei Xue on the other side had already gone insane. The pair of black holes was constantly leaking out blood, but she still glared at them with all her might. It was as if the hatred within those eyes wanted to swallow them whole. Her laughter continued to grow even sinister. “Hahaha… Even I’m in such a deplorable state, what makes you all qualified to become Gods? Die! All of you must die!!”

“I’m going to kill you!” Nangong Cheng charged towards Mei Xue with his weapon raised. However, before he could even approach her, three enormous red man-eating flowers appeared in her surroundings. They were completely different from the ones they saw before, though they looked exactly the same as the few men who were swallowed along with Mei Xue.

“This…” He was stunned for a moment. Mei Xue could control these plants?

“Nangong Huang, return!” Zhu Yao shouted at him.  She turned to look at Mei Xue and her expression sank. “She… is about to be completely swallowed by resentment. In essence, she’s already not much different from those flowers outside. The her now, most likely doesn’t even know who she is anymore.”

Nangong Cheng clenched his hands tightly, suppressing his intent of exacting revenge no matter what. He then turned to look back at his good friend on the ground, his eyes were instantly filled with incomparable pain.

“Kill, kill you all!” Mei Xue on the other side was crazily motioning her hands, yet there wasn’t the slightest bit of anxiety in her eyes. Several vines stretched out around her, flailing around meaninglessly as she strangely laughed out. “Hahahaha… I’m favoured by the Heavenly Dao, how could I possibly lose? I’ve never lost before! Right! I will never lose! It’s all your fault! It’s all because of all of you… All because you obstructed me despite the recklessness of it all! Those who obstructs me… shall die! Hahaha…”

She laughed crazily for a moment, and then she suddenly saw the pure white Light of Guidance. Her wilted face began to stretch open inch by inch, as if she was pulling a smile. She then stretched out a wilted branch. “Light of Guidance… I  can become a God now… I can finally become a God…”

She suddenly began to move recklessly towards the Light of Guidance. However, she had already completely turned into a plant. With these movements of hers, her body began to crack even more. However, it was as if she was not feeling those cracks in her body as she desperately crawled over. The tree barks and leaves on her body immediately disappeared the moment they came into contact with the white surface. She desperately crawled over, as though she was severing out a layer of skin out of her plant body,  leaving  behind  a  long  trail  of blood. However, she did not stop. It was as if too much madness was entangled inside that pair of black hole-like eyes.

A moment later, she was severed out of her initial plant body. She was swallowed for too long, and her body had long been meshed together with resentment. Her bones and skin were severed off, and not even a moment later, what remained on the ground was a cracked skeleton.

Yet, she continued to crawl. Slowly, towards the Light of Guidance. In the next moment, even that skeleton could persist no longer and crumble apart. Right at that moment, her body actually began to condense, and even her former features could be seen on her face.

Zhu Yao turned to look at the crumbled skeleton, especially the pair of black holes in the skull. She then looked at Mei Xue who was already a step away from the Light of Guidance, and sighed. Just how strong was her desire to become God? To the point where she couldn’t even sense her own death and had to crawl in even with just a soul?

Mei Xue had made her way right before the Light of Guidance. With crazed joy in her eyes, she immediately crawled up and unhesitantly walked in. Zhu Yao thought that nothing would happen, but with a flash of bright, white light, what remained of Mei Xue’s soul began to slowly rise within the  ascending light. Joy filled her face, but that smile merely lasted for an instant. As she ascended even higher, the emotions on her face instead grew dimmer. Forget about happiness, not even a shred of hatred could be seen from the eyes she was looking at them with.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, as though she had realized something.

Could it be…

Chapter385: Ascend to Godhood, or Fall into Devilhood?

“Brother Zhonggu Lu.” Nangong Cheng’s voice was solemn. Looking at Zhonggu Lu whose aura was growing weaker by the second, his hands tightly clenched.

Zhu Yao’s heart tensed up as well. Though Zhonggu Lu had avoided the core of the Cob Cannons’ attack and was not struck directly, the combined force of five explosions held incredible power in them. It was already a miracle that Zhonggu Lu was holding onto his last breath.

However, his Dantian had already shattered and his primordial spirit had already scattered. There were even traces of his soul leaving his body. His injuries were incredibly severe, and even if everyone expended their divine energy, they wouldn’t be able to save him, let alone in a situation where they could not use any divine energy at all.

“Yue Ying…” Zhu Yao looked at the expressionless Yue Ying. Though after looking closely, his brows were actually a little creased. “Can you save him?” He was the only one who they could rely on right now. Yue Ying raised his head and looked at her. Then, he once again looked at the gasping, disfigured Zhonggu Lu who merely had his upper body left. After a moment, he solemnly said. “There’s only a single way.”

“What is it?” Nangong Cheng immediately looked at him, his eyes instantly shone as he agitatedly reach out to pull Yue Ying’s hand. “Daoist Yue, you have a way to save him? Is that true?”

Frowning, Yue Ying immediately dodged. After throwing Nangong Cheng a glare, he then continued to look at Zhu Yao and said. “Flower Deities have frail bodies in the first place. Now that his primordial spirit has scattered and his inner core is destroyed, his soul will leave his body in less than fifteen minutes. Unless…”

“Unless?” Zhu Yao pushed for his answer.

A hint of hesitation flashed across his face as he showed a slightly uneasy look. After a moment, he gritted his teeth as if he had made a decision, and said. “Unless he falls  into Devilhood like me.”

“Fall into Devilhood!” Everyone was stunned, and even Nangong Cheng had a shocked look on his face. Almost out of reflex, he said. “No way! He’s a Deity… How can he possibly…”

“Then I can’t help him either.” Yue Ying immediately stood up and stood behind Zhu Yao once more, looking as if he had washed his hands off this matter.

Nangong Cheng looked at Zhonggu Lu who was holding onto his last breath as he clenched his fists even tighter. That’s right. If he were to fall into Devilhood, Zhonggu Lu could indeed recover immediately with the aid of devillic energy. However, Devils were often associated with slaughter, heartlessness and evil. In the first place, conducting evil acts was in nature of Devils, and they were the common enemies of the Three Realms. No matter if it’s demons or humans, they did not harbour any favourable impressions towards Devils. Though not many had actually seen once, it was a sense of disgust that seemed to have been ingrained in their blood, something they were born with.

Though Yue Ying was a Devil, and that they had indeed saw him unleash devillic energy as well, he had always been helping them throughout this journey. That was why they basically did not treat him as an unscrupulous, evil Devil from the depths of their hearts. However, the moment he heard that his good friend had to fall into Devilhood, he finally realized the difference between he and Yue Ying. Falling to Devilhood! Then Zhonggu Lu would be standing on his opposing side. Furthermore, devillic energy was the darkest form of energy in the world, he could not imagine if Zhonggu Lu would remain the same after falling into Devilhood.

“There’s not much time left.” Yue Ying reminded. Zhonggu Lu’s aura continued to grow a lot weaker.

Nangong Cheng’s hands were already beginning to bleed from the clenching, and his heart was in an utter mess. “Maybe… Maybe he can be like Mei Xue…”

His eyes instantly shone and he said with an excited look. “Right, that’s right! He can ascend into Godhood, just like Mei Xue earlier. Even though she only had her soul remaining, she was able to pass through the Light of Guidance. Brother Zhonggu Lu will definitely be able to as well. I shall bring him over now.” As he said that, he immediately lowered his body and carried Zhonggu Lu up.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao took a step to the side and blocked him. “Dongfang girly!” Nangong Cheng grew anxious and solemnly said. “If you have anything to discuss, we can talk about it after Brother Zhonggu Lu become a God.”

“If I’m you, I won’t do such a thing. It’s best that we don’t get close to this Light of Guidance.” Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at the pillar of light. “Ascending to Godhood… might not be a good thing.”

“What do you mean?” Not just Nangong Cheng, everyone else looked towards Zhu Yao as well. Wasn’t their goal here to ascend to Godhood?

“Yu Yao…” Yu Yan took a step forward and looked at his own disciple. “Did you discover something?”

Zhu Yao was silent for a moment, then, she solemnly said. “I think… we might not be able to enter the Realm of Gods from here. Rather, I suspect that… the Realm of Gods… might not exist in this world.”

Nangong Cheng was stunned. “Dongfang girly, what are you talking about? Isn’t this the Light of Guidance towards the Realm of Gods?” “This is a Light of Guidance alright. But who can be sure that it will guide Deities to the Realm of Gods?”



“I wish to ask you guys a question.” Zhu Yao pointed at their surroundings. “Just what in the world is this Realm of Gods? And what do Gods look like? Has anyone seen one? Deities carry the same lifespan as the heaven and earth, and which one of them hadn’t lived several tens of thousands of years before entering this tower? However, even after so many years, why haven’t anyone seen these so-called Gods? Everything regarding Gods had been merely legends of their origin.”

“This is one of the laws of the Heavenly Dao.” Nangong Cheng guessed. “It’s just like how people of the Divine Realm are unable to easily head down to the Lower Realm. Most likely, there’s no access from the Realm of Gods to the Divine Realm?”

“Even if that’s the case, the Lightning Divine Tower has existed for so many years, and this Light of Guidance has always been here and has never been closed. Is there really not a single curious God who wanted to come back down here for a look?”

“The laws of the Heavenly Dao cannot be broken so easily.” Nangong Cheng said.

“You’re saying Gods are not able to override the Heavenly Dao? And they are still given restrictions?”

“Y… Yes.”

“Fine, if that’s the case…” Zhu Yao looked at the group seriously. “Then why do we still wish to ascend to Godhood?”



“We are Deities. We possess eternal life and boundless mystic powers. Other than the Heavenly Dao, is there anything else a Deity can’t do? If the Realm of Gods is still a place governed by the Heavenly Dao, then what difference is there between the Realm of Gods and the Divine Realm?” Zhu Yao continued her analysis. “I’ve always had this doubt. If we become Deities in order to obtain eternal life, then why do we strive to become Gods? Why do all Gods treat entering the Lightning Divine Tower as an honour? Why do all Deities wish to become Gods? What’s the meaning in becoming Gods? Have you all thought about it?”

For a moment, the three of them were stunned, Yu Yan as well had a confused expression.

“Nangong Huang, tell me. Why did you enter the tower?”

“Back then, I did it to…” Halfway through his answer, he paused, and suddenly, cold sweat trickled down his body. At that moment, he realized that he really did not have any reason to become a God. It was as if ascending to Godhood was an instinct engraved in him. After obtaining a high cultivation, he naturally wanted to become a God. Not just him, this was the same for the rest of the people in the Divine Realm as well. No one had truly thought about the reason behind it. Why was this so?

If becoming Deities was for eternal life, then what’s the purpose in becoming Gods? Could increasing one’s cultivation simply be the reason? However, ever since they entered the tower, there wasn’t any significant improvement to their cultivation. Especially when  they arrived in  this final floor, all of their divine energy could not be used at all, let alone their cultivation. Legends mentioned that in the Realm of Gods lived people that could wield the laws of the Heavenly Dao, and that they could control fate. However, even after such a long time, not a single person had seen a true God. If they could really wield the Heavenly Dao, why hadn’t a single one of them returned?

After thinking about it carefully, cold sweat began to drip down the three’s bodies.

Zhu Yao was a little shocked as well. She merely had a faint guess before, but the more she thought about it, the more afraid she became. It was as if this so-called Lightning Divine Tower, and this so-called ‘ascension to Godhood’, were part of an incredibly large fraud. It was as if this setting had been implanted in all of the Deities. As long as their cultivation were to reach a certain point, they would enter this tower.

Recalling the countless stages and difficult tests to get here, they could all lose their lives at the moment of carelessness. Everyone knew that they could become Gods by passing these tests, but no one knew about the actual benefits of becoming a God were. Deities had limitless lifespan in the first place, so what if they couldn’t become Gods? Even the God races did not seem like they could manage the Divine Realm, so why would everyone come here to seek death for no reason?

It seemed as if there had always been a hidden hand pushing everyone forward, a hand called the “Heavenly Dao”.

For some reason, after Zhu Yao’s speech, the fiery will to ascend into Godhood in the depths of Nangong Cheng’s heart was suddenly extinguished. However…

“What do we do about Zhonggu Lu?”

“Nangong Huang…” Zhu Yao solemnly said. “No matter if it’s becoming a Devil or a God, I won’t reject your decision. I just want you to think carefully before making that decision. No one exactly knows what the Realm of Gods is like, but when it comes to Devils…” She turned to look at Yue Ying. “At the very least, you’ve witnessed one for yourself.”

Nangong Cheng lowered his head and looked at his good friend in his arms. Zhonggu Lu’s breath could no longer be heard. Gritting his teeth, he raised his head. As he looked at the Light of Guidance that was as white as snow, he said in a soft voice. “Dongfang girly, I know you said that for our own good. However, our goal here is to ascend into Godhood, and no matter what lies behind, the both of us wish to try stepping in.” He took a deep breath. “Since this is what the Heavenly Dao dictates, then I don’t wish to deny it.”

The hell! Zhu Yao really wanted to cuss out now! Just how was this any different from choosing death?

“You saw Mei Xue’s expression earlier yourself.” Zhu Yao took a step forward. “She clearly did not look like she had become a God. No one knows just what’s the purpose and consequence of entering this Light of  Guidance.  Even  whether  it  truly  brings one to the Realm of Gods, is something no one knows. Are you truly going to take this risk?”

“Dongfang girly…” Nangong Cheng turned around and looked at her. The clown-like look he usually carried had completely disappeared, and it was replaced with incomparable seriousness. Though, his eyes carried a hint of guilt. “If I was alone, I would have definitely trusted you, without a shred of hesitation. I also believe in Daoist Yue Ying, that it would be nothing much even if one turns into a Devil. However brother Zhonggu Lu… I know his personality very well. He is a Flower Deity birthed from the spiritual energy of nature. He has a simple personality, but isn’t tough enough. If he falls into Devilhood, he definitely won’t turn out like Yue Ying who has kept his sanity. He might not even be able to recognise me, and he might even do something irreparable. If that’s the  case… Why not follow the will of the Heavenly Dao?”

“…” Zhu Yao turned silent. Indeed. Falling into Devilhood meant igniting all of the evil intentions in the depths of one’s heart, and expanding them boundlessly. Because Yue Ying was born a God race, he was able to suppressed the instincts of a Devil and was willing to change. However, this did not mean that Zhonggu Lu could do the same.

Nangong Cheng did not explain any further as he slowly walked towards the Light of Guidance with Zhonggu Lu in his arms.

“Nangong Huang…” Zhu Yao still wanted to try dissuading him.

Chapter386: Lightning Divine Tower Ceases to Exist

In the end, Zhu Yao failed to stop Nangong Cheng. She could only watch as he slowly walked into the white light. With every step he took, Zhonggu Lu’s body would fade. Finally, his body disappeared, and a complete Zhonggu Lu appeared next to Nangong Huang. Presently, they were already enveloped by white light, as they arrived inside the Light of Guidance.

Nangong Cheng joyfully turned to look at him, but Zhonggu Lu’s eyes were but an empty void.

He seemed to be stunned for a moment, but right after, the light in his eyes disappeared. Like Mei Xue, the two of them slowly rose with expressionless faces. Zhu Yao could not help but run a few steps forward, but they had already disappeared within the pillar of light.

“Big sis!” Suddenly, Yue Ying’s anxious voice sounded from behind her.

Zhu Yao turned to look. The person next to her slipped past her, and was moving towards the white light. At that moment, she could hardly breathe as she pulled onto that person. “Master!”

Yu Yan however ignored her and continued forward, his eyes were looking straight at the Light of Guidance before him. Zhu Yao forcefully pulled him back. “Master, wait a minute! What’s wrong with you?”

His feet paused, and only then did he turn to look at her. Though, his expression shook for a moment, and what rose from it was a completely foreign furious expression. “Let go!” He immediately stretched out his other hand and swept hers off.

She simply felt a sting in her heart, as a feeling of anxiety which she had never felt before surged. She immediately blocked his path. “Master?”

“Move!” His voice instantly turned cold.

Zhu Yao was shocked, her eyes greatly widened. Her master had never before been this furious with her, even when his anger was at its peak. Why now? Could the Light of Guidance be the reason? She immediately reached out her hands to block his vision. “Master, what happened to you? Don’t scare me. You can’t head over there right now. That light…” Before she could even finish, she was fiercely pushed away by Yu Yan. The ferocity of the force behind the push was not the least bit forgiving. She instantly fell down due to her moment of unpreparedness.


He still did not reply as he moved directly towards the Light of Guidance. His eyes grew even more focused, as if he was being summoned by something.

“Don’t go over there, master!”



“Yu Yan, you best stop right there!”

However, it was useless. No matter how she called out to him, he seemed to have suddenly changed into an entirely different person, as he constantly moved towards the Light of Guidance. It’s the light! It’s that Light of Guidance!

She hurriedly crawled up and tried several times to pull his arm or to block his path. However, every single time, she was pushed away. The furious look he carried even sent chills down her spine.

Just as he was about to enter the Light of Guidance, the void expressions of Nangong Cheng and Mei Xue instantly appeared in her mind. It was as if everything in the world had already disappeared, their eyes were so hollow and devoid of emotions. Zhu Yao felt as if her heart had been stabbed by a knife. No! Master definitely can’t end up that way! Definitely not! Her instincts were telling her that the Realm of Gods was not a good place.

Zhu Yao immediately pounced towards him, and used all of the strength in her body to hug his waist. “Master, wake up! Don’t go over there! Look at me. I’m Yu Yao, I’m Yu Wang…” Don’t be bewitched by that light.

His feet finally stopped. The eyes which had been staring intently at the light finally landed on her face. “Master…”


A palm strike without a shred of hesitation instantly landed on her back. A heart-wrenching pain immediately spread throughout her body, and at that moment, she felt as if her organs were splitting apart from the shockwave. She puked out a mouthful of blood, and the person before her dressed in a snow-white robe was instantly dyed blood-red.

“!” His face was expressionless, as if he was not able to see the blood on his robe. His tone felt as if it could freeze the blood in her entire body.

He had no intentions of stopping and continued to move forward. Zhu Yao hugged onto his waist tightly, not letting up a single bit. He once again raised his right palm and struck her hands. She could even hear the sounds of her bones shattering.


“……” “…”

Thus, one palm strike connected with another…

“Big sis!” Yue Ying madly struck the invisible barrier, wanting to charge in. However, no matter how much devillic energy he materialized, they would all dissipate within the white light before approaching them. He could only desperately knock against the invisible obstruction between them. “Big… sis… Hurry and come out! Stop getting in his way, big sis…”

Zhu Yao had never been in this much pain, a pain that burned through both her heart and body. However, no matter how she shouted, there was nothing else other than fury towards her in his master’s eyes. No! It wasn’t towards her, but the action of stopping him. There was no one else in his eyes.

Just what was this light? Why was even her master unable to resist it?

“Master…” Wake up. Don’t leave me alone.

Yu Yan still raised his hand with an expressionless face and forcefully pushed, instantly sweeping her away. Zhu Yao had long received severe injuries, and unable to stand stably any longer, she fell onto the ground. Yu Yan had already taken this time to walked forward.

“Master… Yu Yan!”

He still did not hear her words.

“You best stop right there!” She crawled a few steps forward.

He still did not stop, and just as he was about to step into the Light of Guidance, Zhu Yao felt as if her heart was about to stop beating as an immense fear surged within her. It was as if someone was digging out her heart. “Realmspirit! If you motherf**king dare let my master walk in, this old lady here will destroy my own soul right now, and I will never ever forgive you!”


A familiar sound rang. In an instant, everything stopped. It was as if the entire world had paused. The shuffling of the wind disappeared, the mystical melody of the Light of Guidance stopped, and even Yue Ying who was still knocking onto the barrier earlier had stopped shouting, his face still maintaining his former expression. Her master stopped moving forward as well. Suddenly, golden symbols appeared from empty air one after another, circling around Yu Yan’s body. Those symbols were not were neither the runic symbols of talismans nor formations, but rather, they were like horizontal ‘8’s. They were ‘infinity’ symbols!

Those symbols were constantly circling around him, slowly and unhurriedly. Zhu Yao felt a familiar feeling from them, a feeling similar to the Light of Guidance.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, took a deep breath, and then slowly crawled up. With wobbly legs, she walked over a step at a time. After looking at the circle of ‘infinity’ symbols for a short while, she directly reached out to grab them. The circle of symbols felt alive, as it began to wiggle about in her hand.


The notification bell once again rang, and a notification window instantly popped out. However, there wasn’t a choice to be made on it this time, but merely a row of blinding red words.

Warning: Law restriction is being released!!! Please pay serious attention when operating it!!!

Zhu Yao slightly raised her head and looked at the person before her. His eyes were completely cold.

In an instant, she no longer hesitated and squeezed her hand. With a crisp ring of the notification bell, the circle of ‘infinity’ symbols shattered resoundingly.

Zhu Yao immediately threw out a forceful palm strike, sending her master out of the white space and returning him to the grass field. The initially paused world was restored at this moment as well.

Yu Yan was stunned for a moment. In that pair of eyes that was emotionlessly cold, a hint of light flashed past. He turned to look at Zhu Yao. “Yu Yao…”

“Don’t come  over  here!”  Zhu  Yao  loudly  stopped  him.  Yet another mass of blood tumbled within her, and then she puked out a mouthful of blood.

Yu Yan’s feet stopped as he looked at her body that was dyed in blood. “Yu Yao, you…”

“Master… I’m fine. Don’t come over here.” If he were to come over once more, she could not guarantee that Realmspirit would intervene again.

“…” Yu Yan stopped his feet, though he was clenching his fists hard as they trembled slightly. Even he did not know why he harmed her. Ever since he entered that white space, he was no longer himself, as though his thoughts were no longer in his control. “Yu… Yao…”

“I know…” Zhu Yao smiled. “There’s no need for explanations between the two of us.” I’ve always believed you, just like how you’ve always believed me.

She turned to look at the person next to him, whose eyes were already red. “Yue Ying, be obedient and help look after my master… Don’t let me come in again. You too!” “…” Yue Ying tightly clenched his fists, and after a moment, he nodded.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan had an anxious look. “What are you trying to do? Hurry and come out of there. Not just the Light of Guidance, there’s a problem even with this surrounding white domain!”

“Don’t worry.” Zhu Yao waved her hand and said. “Nothing will happen to me. I’m just going to see an old friend.”



“Though before that…” With a twist of her hand, she held onto that red ‘patch’ sword and took a step forward, her gaze fixated on the Light of Guidance. “I must first complete a small quest.”

She then walked into the light. With her two hands holding onto the hilt of the sword, she then stabbed it downwards on the base of the Light of Guidance with all her might, where that enormous ‘infinity’ symbol was.

In an instant, the pillar of light that shot through the skies disappeared, as if it had never appeared before.

Zhu Yao turned to look at the two people next to the grass field, and waved her hand. “Wait for me at home for dinner!”

Suddenly, crackling noises could be heard as the entire white domain began to crack open. Crack lines spread in all directions. Even the grass field next to it and the sky looked as they were about to shatter apart as lines of cracks appeared.

The heaven and earth shook. As if layer after layer of the sky and earth surface were being peeled apart, they began to collapse bit by bit. These cracks had spread throughout the entire Lightning Divine Tower. Even the scenery before their eyes was beginning to distort and change. Some sort of formless energy was presently pulling Yu Yan and Yue Ying out. Similar to a collapsed Secret Realm, people were being forcefully ejected.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan wanted to call out to his stupid disciple, but at where the pillar of light once was, his disciple’s figure was no longer there. What remained was an entirely red sword.

In the next instant, he had already appeared inside the Lightning Divine Palace. Before his eyes was the Lightning Divine Tower that could reach the high skies. However, the body of the white tower was collapsing, as large cracks began to tear apart, along with that immensely huge ‘bug’ word.

Occasionally, rays of light would shoot out from the tower, and many foreign figures instantly appeared in the Lightning Divine Palace.

Everyone was ejected from the tower! And from that moment on, Lightning Divine Tower… ceased to exist in the Divine Realm.


There’s nothing here? The crimson sun shone upon the great land, bringing to light the dry scars that filled the ground. The surroundings were barren, and looking afar, it was entirely flat. There was no wind, no water, no greenery, and not even the slightest bit of sand. Other than the countless shuffling expressionless human figures. They looked like they were dreamwalking, as they walked about with neither a goal nor the slightest bit of sentience. Their eyes were completely hollow.

“This is the Realm of Gods?”

A long while later…


Chapter387: Become a CEO

Countless human figures brushed past her, yet not one of them stopped for a single moment as they continued to walk without a goal. Zhu Yao could not help but feel a chill in her heart. Though she had already mentally prepared herself when she destroyed the Light of Guidance, telling herself that the Realm of Gods was not a good place, it was still an astonishing sight when actually seeing it first-hand. This place was even worse than the Netherworld. Though the Netherworld was filled with ghastly air, at the very least, it wouldn’t be as barren and cold as this place. Furthermore, though there were many human figures around, it was terrifyingly quiet. It was like a soundless movie, and one without any subtitles at that.

A familiar human figure walked past her. Zhu Yao’s  heart sank as she instinctively pulled onto him. “Nangong Cheng.”

He turned around, but his two eyes were hollow. He seemed like he was looking at her, but there clearly wasn’t any reflection in his pupils. And, Zhonggu Lu wasn’t next to him.

Even though he cared about his homosexual buddy so much, he basically wasn’t by his side right now. Zhu Yao’s hand shook for a moment, and she unconsciously released him. Nangong Cheng however simply changed a direction and continued walking forward. He did not reply, neither did he get angry, nor was there the slightest display of emotions. He was like a precise instrument walking on a predefined path, with neither sadness nor joy in him.

She suddenly recalled his final smile when he walked into the Light of Guidance. It was clearly filled with hope and expectations, as if he was obtaining a new lease of life. But now…

“What happened to him?” Zhu Yao fiercely turned around.

“He has lost all awareness of himself.” Realmspirit materialized into a look similar to hers, and then took a step forward to stand next to her. “The light above the Lightning Divine Tower is the first strand of light that scattered throughout the Three Realms at the very beginning of the creation of this world. It is also the purest light in this world… the Light of Purification.”

“Purification!” Zhu Yao was stunned. “Purify what?” Realmspirit turned around and looked at her seriously. With a gentle voice, he said. “Resentment, obsession, love, joy, sadness, desire, fear, and everything else…”

She suddenly widened her eyes. “Their… seven emotions and six desires were purified!?”

Realmspirit nodded.

Zhu Yao took a step back and then looked at the human figures before her once more. No wonder… It’s no wonder these people looked as if they’re puppets.

“Why create a Realm of Gods such as this?” Zhu Yao’s chest felt heavy, as if something was pressing against it, preventing her from breathing properly. “Is there a need for this? Could this really be cultivation’s final stop? Is this the truth behind the Heavenly Dao?”

“Yaoyao…” He sighed. The scenery before her eyes instantly changed, and she arrived at place filled with flowers, a place that was as beautiful as the realm of fairies. “This is their own choice. Becoming Deities or Gods, they had chosen this path on their own.” “But aren’t you the one guiding them onto this path?” Zhu Yao solemnly said. “Realmspirit, you’re the spirit of the Three Realms. The Three Realms are you, and you are this entire world. Aren’t all of the living beings in this world  your children? Is it your wish to see their final resting place to be a barren land like that Realm of Gods?”

“It’s naturally isn’t my wish to see that!” Realmspirit turned to look at her, as he pulled up the corners of his lips and smiled. “That’s why… I found you. My friend.”



“Yaoyao… I’m the spirit of the Three Realms, so naturally, I cherish this world.” He frowned. “However, all of the living beings in this world are the same. No matter if they’re humans, plants or demons, as long as they are able to gain sentience, they will be harassed by their seven emotions and six desires. As long as they have desires, they will never be satisfied. After becoming Deities, they will want to become Gods, and after becoming Gods, they will most likely wish to cultivate even further to become something else…” He sighed. “Though I am the spirit of the Three Realms, what I can do is however very limited. Luck, spiritual energy, and even the Heavenly Dao can all be changed according to my will. I’ve always wanted to change and save this world, but no matter what I changed, there will always be new problems surfacing.”

“New problems?”

He sighed. “Do you still remember those bugs?”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, and then she nodded, puzzled. Why did you suddenly bring that up?

“Actually, from the very start, they were not actually loopholes that could destroy the world. Rather, they were patches I made to save this world.”

“What!?” You’re motherf**king kidding me? Those Mary Sues and Gary Stus are patches!?

“I know you won’t believe me, but that’s the truth.” He waved his hand, and in an instant, two screens appeared in mid-air. What were being displayed were the bugs that she had fixed, though the two screens had different words labelled above them. On the left it was written ‘Predicted Outcome’, while on the right was ‘Actual Outcome’.

“Take Xiao Yi for example.” Realmspirit pointed, and the screens immediately displayed the scenes of the first bug she fixed. “He was born poor and frail, and he grew up from the very bottom. He understood the pain of practitioners of the lowest level the most, that was why I bestowed him immense luck. I hoped that, with this level of understanding, he could stop slaughters and prevent the birth of resentment. That way, it would reduce the burden of the Netherworld. However, I never expected that…” What were shown in the two screens were completely different. On the left, Xiao Yi was a great saviour, saving the injured and aiding the poor everywhere he went. Upholding justice, he walked on the path of a saint. On the other “Actual Outcome” side, it was the scenario that she received back then. He gathered the five spirits and ascended to the Higher Realm, resulting in the collapse of the world. “He directly destroyed a world, and the resentment that would have been accumulated was estimated to be several million times more.”

“Uh…” This patch was indeed a little upsetting.

“Then there’s Mu Meiyan.” Realmspirit continued. “Her rebirth was initially to suppress the resurrection of the Devil. As long as her soul is undying, then the Devil will never be able to completely resurrect. The world will thus avoid a tribulation.”

“Yi Ling as well. Her existence was initially to have the Devil, that taken over Lin Qi’s soul, develop feelings. As long as Lin Qi develops feelings for her, then he would be able to suppress the Devil’s nature within his body.”

“Let alone Yi Ling, whose existence is a patch itself.”

“And then…”

“Stop!” Zhu Yao did a stop gesture, and then scratched her head a little irritatedly. “In other words, these bugs were actually all made by you?”

“Mn.” He nodded innocently.

“…” The hell! So she wasn’t here to save the world, but to help cover up his ass.

“Yaoyao, you must believe me. I really had no other choice but to call you here.” He said with an expression that looked as if he was about to cry. “I’ve looked for many people, but no matter if they’re humans or beasts, or even a living being that had awakened its sentience, they would all become the bugs of their respective worlds. The more powerful they were, the more they were possess, and the more severe the consequences would become. There had never been a person like you who stood fast to your beliefs.”

“Enough. There’s no need to let me wear a tophat. Just tell me your ultimate goal.” Zhu Yao waved her hands.

Realmspirit paused for a moment. Clenching his fists, he looked at her seriously in the eyes, and finally said with a heavy tone. “I want you to redraft the procedures of the Three Realms, rewrite the Heavenly Dao, and change everything in its entirety. I want you to become the manager of this Three Realms.”



The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. With widened eyes, she sized him up from top to bottom, and then reached out to touch his forehead. “You’re not having a fever, right?” Though she’s a main game planner and could be considered as a small supervisor, she had never been a CEO.

“Yaoyao…” He immediately pulled down her hand,  and  he had a stern expression which she had never seen before. “You’re the only one who can stop the Three Realms from walking to its destruction.”

“Don’t make it sound so certain, hey.” Zhu Yao grew a little anxious. “I’m someone who only knows how to make games, and I really haven’t done anything like this before.” What’s going to happen if I make a mistake?

“I believe you!”

“I don’t even have confidence myself, just where is your confidence coming from?”

“You can do it.” He revealed a brilliant smile. “Actually, ever since you came, this world has been changing in a good direction. You’ve already been to all of the Three Realms, so you should already have sufficient knowledge of this world. It’s fine as long as you speak out your thoughts.” This is… He’s making me handover my post-experience reflection on my tour around the Three Realms?

Zhu Yao was silent for a moment, and then she slowly started. “Actually, I’ve already said the things that’s needed to be said. You’ve already understood the problems of this world, right?” She raised her head and looked at him. “When you closed all the Ascension Heavenly Doors of the various worlds, wasn’t that recognition for what I said about people who conducted countless slaughters basically not being worthy of becoming Deities?”



“Realmspirit, you mentioned that you once dispatched many people to fix bugs, but all of them would turn into new loopholes in the end. Because they lost their beliefs on their journey, they then began to walk on the most extreme route. Then why didn’t you request everyone to hold fast to their beliefs right from the beginning?” She patted on his shoulders. “Actually, I just don’t get this practice of the strong eating the weak of this world. Because if we look at it from another perspective, slaughters enlarge people’s greed and desires. The hearts of people do not amount to just that. As they say, ‘man at birth is fundamentally good in nature’, kindness actually exists in the depths of everyone’s hearts. However, after they  lost their beliefs, they abandoned this kindness. Yet, the Heavenly Dao has never cared about this point. That’s why those who can ascend, ascends, and those who can become Deities, become Deities.”

She took a step forward and looked straight into Realmspirit’s eyes. “Realmspirit, have you ever thought that maybe, they didn’t lose their beliefs on their journeys? Rather, right from the beginning, the Heavenly Dao that you designed, has never requested them to maintain their beliefs?”

“…” He was stunned.

“Realmspirit, actually, all of the living beings in this world are the same. They are all born the same way, and there’s nothing different about them at all. It’s merely there experiences that influence their choices. If the world tells them that there’s no need to stick true to their beliefs, then they will throw them away without a shred of hesitation. If the world tells them that it’s the most important thing, then they will hold onto them forever.” Zhu Yao smiled. “You said that I’m the only person in this world who can save them, but that’s not right. I’m actually the same with everyone else. The only difference is that I lived in another plane, and my world tells me that slaughter, stealing, and scheming are all wrong. Such acts will be met with prosecution. My conscience tells me that they’re acts of utmost evil and cannot be forgiven. That’s why even if I die,  I  will never do such things.”

“Realmspirit, what this world lacks isn’t someone who can hold fast to their beliefs, but a power that can guide everyone to holding fast to their beliefs.”


“Or should I put it this way? There hasn’t been anything in the world that clearly tells everyone that they have to hold fast to their beliefs.”


Realmspirit was silent for a long while, before he slowly began to reveal a smile. Even though they had the same face right now, his smile looked as if the sun had finally come out of the clouds, brilliantly… blinding. Uh… Why do I feel like I’ve lost? Can you change to another face?

“I understand what you mean now.”

T/N: Realmspirit is currently borrowing Zhu Yao’s appearance, but I will be referring Realmspirit as ‘he’.

Chapter388: Realmspirit’s Plans

Zhu Yao did not know how long she had spent talking to Realmspirit. She merely told him all the things that she thought to be unreasonable, which she had seen and heard of. She could not guarantee that whatever she had said were true, but she simply felt that the world shouldn’t just center around strong people, but also benevolent people. There was nothing wrong with the initial Heavenly Dao that guided living beings to the top. After all, without conflict, there  wouldn’t  be improvements. If people did not have progressive mindsets, then the Three Realms will forever be stuck living in a prehistoric society. But during progression, people should not abandon their beliefs. As they say, ‘when one drinks water, one must not forget its source’. No matter how powerful a Deity one is, he or she was still once a human.

“Realmspirit, there’s still something that I don’t understand.” Zhu Yao looked at Realmspirit and said. “If my guess is correct, that is the final bug, right? I understand why you wish to severe the seven emotions and six desires of those who become Gods.” If Gods truly had the power to fight against the Heavenly Dao, then ‘Gods’ would truly be too dangerous. Furthermore, according to the principle of the strong eating the weak, among these people who had climbed to the very top, which one of them wasn’t someone who would use all possible means to obtain his or her objective? With just the slightest birth of evil intentions, the Three Realms would  be faced  with countless tribulations beyond redemption.

“But… If you do not wish for them to become Gods right from the start, then why come up with the Lightning Divine Tower? By doing so, you’re giving the Deities the opportunity to become Gods, and you’re guiding them to cultivate into Gods.” Her master’s irregular behaviour earlier was because of the Heavenly Dao’s control, wasn’t it? The seal of ‘infinity’ symbols that she broke was actually a law of the Heavenly Dao. All of the Deities revered the Lightning Divine Tower so much, and even desperately wanted to enter it to become Gods. They would unhesitantly throw away their opportunities to hold onto their eternal life. Other than suggestions made by the Heavenly Dao, she really couldn’t think of any other reason behind such behaviour.

Realmspirit sighed. “Yaoyao, have you ever thought that actually, the Realm of Gods might have never existed in this world in the first place?”

“What? Never existed!?” Zhu Yao was shocked. “Then the place I just saw was…” There was that barren place. She wasn’t blind after all.

“That place is simply a temporary dimension, that was opened to accommodate the people that had been unexpectedly purified of their seven emotions and six desires. Realmspirit seriously said. “Yaoyao, I told you before. I’m the spirit of the Three Realms. Three realms, not four.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. Divine Realm, Human Realm, and Netherworld. From what he said, there was truly only three realms. If the Realm of Gods was included…

“Just what are you trying  to say? Speak clearly, hey.”  Why was he making her even more confused now?

“Yaoyao, within the Three Realms, what do you think is the main cause that would result in the immediate collapse of the Three Realms?” Realmspirit posed a serious question.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and she then suddenly widened her eyes. “It’s resentment!”

“Mn.” Realmspirit nodded. “Resentment is  birthed  from living beings, yet they cannot die along with living beings. It is undying, indestructible, and filled with malice. If it enters any one world, it can result in the collapse of that world. Before you helped me with finding a method to eliminate resentment, even the River of Forgetfulness had to suppress it beneath the river. If we wanted to exterminate resentment then, there’s only a single way…”

“Light of Purification!” Zhu Yao continued.

Realmspirit nodded. “The Light of Purification is the first strand of sunlight at the beginning of the world’s creation. It is the purest thing in the world and can purify everything in this world, including the seven emotions and six desires. That’s why I designed the Lightning Divine Tower and led the River of Forgetfulness into it. It’s all in order to purify the ever- expanding resentment kept under the River of Forgetfulness and prevent it from entering the Three Realms. However, I am after all an existence formed by the will of the Three Realms. Since the Lightning Divine Tower is designed by me, the tower naturally contains the aura of the Heavenly Dao. Furthermore, all of the practitioners in the world cultivate in order to reach the Heavenly Dao. That’s why…”

“The people of the world then believed that the Lightning Divine Tower that you designed is actually the passageway to raising their level. That’s why they entered the tower to seek a beating?” He nodded.

The hell. In the end, it was all because those Deities were courting death on their own.

“Those souls who have their consciousness purified have no other places to return to, and because of the Light of Purification, they are unable to return to Netherworld through the River of Forgetfulness to reincarnate. That was why I opened up an accommodation, which is the Realm of Gods you saw back there. As long as they regain even the slightest bit of sentience, they will be able to follow along the River of Forgetfulness and reincarnate.”

“…” What’s drawing water with a sieve? This is! So there wasn’t a Realm of Gods to begin with. A God’s final resting place was simply reincarnation all over again.

“Then what’s with the previous Realm of Gods?”  She suddenly remembered about the God races. Those races which were met with such a tragic end.

Realmspirit was silent for a moment, and then solemnly said. “They are survivors from the former world.” “Former world?”

“Yaoyao, this plane of ours has once met with destruction, and not just once…”

“What?” What did he mean by ‘not just once’? Wasn’t  the great war between Gods and Devils the only one? That was why the Human Realm was split into the Three Thousand Worlds.

“Ever since the world’s creation, this plane had always been in a cycle of rejuvenation and destruction.” Realmspirit frowned, as if he had recalled something saddening. “Every ending was the same. Living beings would fight against each other,  and then resentment would be birthed, which finally led to world collapses, and then its rejuvenation. This plane had been restructured in many, many different ways, and many different races had once existed in it. However, all of their endings were met with destruction, again and again, never-ending. Finally, this plane is no longer able to bear many more rejuvenations of such scale, and I appeared.”

He took a deep breath, and then continued. “Because it does not wish such an ending to repeat, the world materialized a spirit and wanted to stop this entirety. However, I realized that even if I gain sentience, I was unable to walk out of this cycle. That world with the God races was the first world I experienced after I awakened. However, it was still destroyed. After the rejuvenation, I had the world split into Three Thousand Worlds, all in order to reduce the casualties to the very minimum. I believed that even if one collapses, I can still save it in time. However, resentment continued to accumulate, and I can already foresee the final ending. That’s why I sought help in another plane.”

“Wait a minute…” Zhu Yao was a little confused. “You mentioned that resentment causes world collapses, but back in the time where God races existed, there wasn’t any resentment though?”

“Resentment is just a term used in this world.” Realmspirit said. “In the previous world, it didn’t use the same terminology.”

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, and then her heart sank. “Devillic energy!”


“The hell!” Zhu Yao’s head ached. In the end, devillic energy and resentment were one and the same? The only difference between them was that one of them was birthed in the former world, while the other was birthed in this world.

“Devillic energy was also the most fundamental reason behind that world’s collapse.”

“That’s not right…” Zhu Yao frowned. “If devillic energy is just a remnant from the former world, then what’s with those people who fall into Devilhood? Putting aside Yue Ying, what about Fa Yu? He clearly was a resident of this world, so was he still able to become a Devil?”

“Yaoyao, resentment is birthed from the feelings of unwillingness and hatred during a person’s death. However, what if someone is able to give birth to this form of hatred before his death?”

“You’re saying resentment comes after death, but one will fall into Devilhood when experiencing it before death?”

Realmspirit nodded. “Though, falling into Devilhood is better than giving birth to resentment. Because at the moment of death, what disperses is just devillic energy, and it will not give birth to resentment.”

“But a Devil might cause even more innocent deaths, so the amount of resentment birthed would be much larger, right?”

“Indeed! Especially after the change in the Heavenly Dao, if future practitioners need to hold onto their beliefs, then there will definitely be people who lose their beliefs as well. I’m afraid that there will simply be even more people who fall into Devilhood, so there’s a need for someone to constrain them.”

Constrain? Zhu Yao was startled. “You’re saying Yue Ying!?”


“Why him? He’s still a child. Furthermore, he doesn’t have any relations with the other Devils…” Halfway through, she suddenly stopped. With widened eyes, she continued. “He’s of the God race.”

Realmspirit nodded. “His existence is necessary. He’s neither a God nor a Devil. He’s a Devil God.” “……”


“Devils are initially people who walk on another extreme path that’s out of the Heavenly Dao’s domain. They are the darkest side of living beings, a race that abandons their humanity.” Realmspirit sighed and said. “Without the restraints of the Heavenly Dao, they might turn into an existence similar to ‘resentment’. That’s why only a Devil can restrain a Devil, and Yue Ying is the only Devil God in the world. He is the only one who can control the Devils.”

“But a Devil God is still a Devil.” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “And from what you’re saying, the Devil race is a race that ignores the laws of the Heavenly Dao and walks on an extreme path, then a Devil God would be the same, right? How are you so certain that a Devil God will listen to the words of the Heavenly Dao?”

Realmspirit smiled, and looked at her seriously. “Isn’t he already following the will of the Heavenly Dao?”

Zhu Yao  was  stunned,  and  then  she  immediately  had  an answer. “Me?”

He revealed an even cheaper smile.

“The hell, why am I being pulled into this again? I just wish to see him become a good child…” Uh, now that she thought about it, she was really the only one who could restrain Yue Ying’s devillic nature. Even in front of her, other than that one time where he attempted to kill little wimp, he did not lose his sanity like other Devils and become slaughter machine.

Zhu Yao swept a glance at Realmspirit, and then stared at him intensely. “This can’t possibly be your plan right from the start when you sent me to the God races, right?”

Realmspirit stiffened, and then let out a silly laugh. “Aiyaya, young maiden, don’t be that way. I just wanted you to show your face around, I never expected that you would really be able to do it. You’re awesome!”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao threw a kick at him. “Hurry and speak.
What other things were your schemes?” “Young maiden…” He showed a crying face. “How can you call them schemes? Aren’t they just friendly support between friends? I simply foretold the endings a little.”

Zhu Yao grabbed onto his cheeks and strongly pulled them to the sides. “Stop changing the topic. Hurry and talk!”

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts… Young maiden, this is your face, you know. How can you do such a thing?”

“Tch, I’m not the one hurting anyway.”

“…” She made so much sense he actually had nothing to refute with.

“Hurry and talk!”

“Alright, only one.” He weakly stretched out a finger. “It’s related to the aftermath.”

“Aftermath?” Zhu Yao released her hands. “Yaoyao, just as you’ve said. There has already been changes to the Heavenly Dao. Only those who doesn’t lose their beliefs will be able to open the Door of Ascension, but… “ He rubbed his cheeks. “What are we going to do about those people who are still in the Divine Realm?”

“…” Indeed. The Divine Realm now was filled with Deities who slaughtered their way up here.

“Lightning Divine Tower has been destroyed now, and the Light of Purification has been withdrawn. These Deities can no longer cultivate into Gods, so will they truly stay in the Divine Realm peacefully?”

“…” Naturally, they wouldn’t.

“I can’t throw them all into the reincarnation wheel for reconstruction, so I can only provide constraints.”

Constraints again!

Zhu Yao paused for a moment. As though she had thought of something, she immediately exploded. “Greedy beast, what else are you trying to do to my master?”

Chapter389: A Very Mysterious Plane Management Office

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…” Realmspirit pulled onto her hands, wanting to have her let go of his cheeks. “Calm down, calm down… I just want him to manage the Divine Realm and constrain the Deities, while leading them to adapt to the new Heavenly Dao. Merely that.”

Startled, Zhu Yao loosened her grip. “You want my master to manage the Divine Realm?”

“Mn, mn, mn…” He nodded.

“No way!” Zhu Yao frowned. “Master’s cultivation is indeed incredible, but you should know what sort of place the Divine Realm is. Even if we put aside those Deities that were ejected from the Lightning Divine Tower, among those outside, which one of them would be willing to listen? It would’ve been possible when Lightning Divine Palace was still the manager of the Lightning Divine Tower, but now that the tower is gone, if those Deities were to come together… Furthermore, there’s only a couple of us in the Lightning Divine Palace.” If every one of
them were to simply spit water at us, we can still die, alright? Let alone manage the entire Divine Realm. “Yaoyao…” Realmspirit once again patted on her hands, hinting her to let go.

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes before releasing her hands.

“Other people might not be able to, but Yu Yan can definitely do it.” As he rubbed his face, he took in some cold air and said. “Though the current Divine Realm isn’t ideal, all of the Deities are still under the Heavenly Dao.”

“Tch, you sound as if my master isn’t under…” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, and then she suddenly widened her eyes. “The hell, you did that on purpose, didn’t you?” Indeed, the people of the Divine Realm were under the control of the Heavenly Dao, but there was one person who wasn’t, and that’s her master. Because the Heavenly Dao’s control on him had just disappeared, and she was the one who personally shattered it – the circle of ‘infinity’ symbols that was swirling around him.

Back then, her hands were itchy because she wanted her master to be free of the Heavenly Dao’s control and prevent him from walking into the Light of Purification.

Back then, to while away time, Yu Jin released the Disciplinary Order and declared that the Lightning Divine Palace was a place that enacted punishments in the Divine Realm. In the end, Realmspirit really began to treat Lightning Divine Palace as Divine Realm’s management office.

Thinking about it, it was a rather tragic story. Among the two people next to her, one was going to become the future manager of the Devils, while the other one was immediately about to take up the position of chairman of the Divine Realm. So she was sent here to this world to help Realmspirit pick out talents? What was she? A HR manager?

“Realmspirit, you can’t possibly have counted me in as well, right?” Zhu Yao looked at him with narrow eyes. I don’t wish to work for you any longer.

“Hohohoho… How can that be!” Realmspirit chuckled. Why did she feel she was about to be trolled? “Oh right, Yaoyao. Your mission this time has been completed. It’s time to receive your mission reward!”

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. “You’re talking about the Plane Movement Permits!?” “That’s right. You can freely choose to travel between two planes limitlessly, you know?”

“Wasn’t that something you made up to trick me? Weren’t you the one who controlled my movement between the planes?”

“Of course not!” Realmspirit said with a serious face. “Though I’m the spirit of the Three Realms, I’m only limited  to  this plane. Other planes have their own managers, and I have no authority to enter them. In order to cross between two worlds, I naturally have to obtain permission from the plane manager from your side.”

“Manager?” Why did she think of a president of a country or a chairman of some sort? There couldn’t really be a management office or an agency like that, right?

“Yaoyao, the world you live in is actually really vast as well, and it’s not smaller than the Three Thousand Worlds. The things you understand on earth are just a small part of it. Though, when I sought help back then, your manager recommended you to me. It seems like it has been proven that he’s right.” “You know the manager of our world?”

“But of course!” He said with pride. “Isn’t this just for the sake of developing friendly ties between planes?”

Friendly ties, your sister! Are you trying to build harmony between planes? Then what am I? A representative sent for a friendly visit to your plane?

“Stop with the bullcrap. Where’s the permits?” She immediately stretched out her hand. “Hurry and give them to me!”

“Uh…” Realmspirit’s expression stiffened. “Yaoyao, actually, if you’re coming from that world, I will definitely welcome you with open arms, and I won’t even need a permit from you. The difficult part starts when we have to send you to your plane from here. That’s when the permit is needed. That’s why when you’re going back and forth from here to your plane, there’s actually no need for a permit. The permit is actually issued by your plane to the citizens of my side. I don’t have the authority to hand new permits.”

“Speak human.” What do you mean? “In other words, I can’t make this permit. You have to look for your world’s manager.”

“The hell!” Zhu Yao raised her hand and slapped the back of his head. “If you can’t make it, why the hell did you spout so much nonsense?”

He pitifully rubbed his head. “I can’t make it, but I can bring you to the manager of your plane to make it!”

Zhu Yao’s hand stopped. “How are we going to get there?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already set the route.” He raised his hand with an excited look, and instantly, the two screens merged into one. Then, it slowly enlarged itself, and the numbers 1 and 0 constantly flashed within the combined screen. They looked especially familiar. Were they similar to binary codes?

“What is this?”

“This is a mystic treasure that your plane manager gifted me.” He said with an expression of reverence. “It can analyze the routes of all matters that happen in the Three Realms in advance, and find the loopholes almost instantaneously. It even has various other features. Do you still remember the conversation windows that you often see? They were all displayed by this mystic treasure. The cheats that you carry are all sent by it as well.”

The hell. So those stupid conversation windows and the cheats that were filled with potential retorts to be made, were all made by this object. Why did she feel like she had entered a
game world? This object was clearly a high-tech, intelligent piece of equipment, wasn’t it!? Just what kind of person was the manager of her plane? Why did she feel like he was becoming even more incredible?

“Done!” Realmspirit excitedly said. “The route towards the management office has been constructed.”

Zhu Yao raised her head to take a look, and her face instantly darkened as the corners of her lips twitched.

Why the hell did it turn into a door? And a pick one at that, hey? Do you think this is Doraemon’s Anywhere Door?

“Oh right, we have to stick an address on it!” Realmspirit pulled out a pen and a piece of post-it note out of nowhere. In a flash, he wrote a row of words on it, and with a raise of his hand, he stuck it onto the door with a slam.

Destination: Plane Management Office.

Zhu Yao: “…” Let me think where I should start retorting from!

It really was the Anywhere Door, hey! One could navigate through just by sticking a paper on it. As the manager of  a plane, was it really fine for it to be this easy?

“Yaoyao!” Realmspirit pulled onto Zhu Yao, his face was filled with never-before-seen seriousness. “The Management Office is right behind this door. My abilities can only be applied on this plane, and I am unable to intervene in your world’s matters. You can only rely on yourself to obtain the permit.”

Hey, why did you suddenly turn so serious? You’re making me anxious too, hey.

“Just what kind of person is my world’s manager?” Realmspirit was silent for a short while, but his expression continued to sink. He looked at Zhu Yao tremblingly, and after a long while, he said. “I can only say… he’s  a  very…  stern person.”

Stern! In other words, he wasn’t a good person to speak with.
Then would she still be able to make the permit?

Why don’t I… first present a gift?

No matter what, she definitely had to obtain the Plane Movement Permit. She did not want to be seperated from her master for all eternity. Zhu Yao took a deep breath, prepared herself mentally for a long while, and then finally held onto the door handle. She turned it strongly, and the door creaked.

A ray of white light instantly enveloped her, and the scenery before her changed, revealing a room.

Along with the warm decorations, the place was furnished a complete set of tables, chairs, coffee table, shoe rack, sofa and television. There was even a man dressed in an apron with his hands holding onto a mop, and was mopping the floor seriously. He took steps back as he mopped, and when he reached the entrance, he even coldly shouted. “Raise your feet.”

“Ou!” Zhu Yao instinctively took a step back and stood on the entrance mat.

She silently stood there for several minutes, looking blankly at the foreign-looking man as he mopped the floor twice. He even cleaned the tables, wiped the mirrors, dried the clothes, and even made breakfast.

Zhu Yao then thought that something must had been wrong with the way she opened the door. Why don’t she try going back to open it again?

How could the Plane Management Office be such a homely place!? Furthermore, it even had a two rooms and a living room.

Eh, wait a minute! Why does this place looks so familiar?

Why were the two cups on the table so similar to the pair she bought from a street stall? Also, the floral cloth on the coffee table, the sofa that was filled with scratches, and even pot of chlorophytum placed next to the television was so similar to the
 one her best friend Guoguo was growing.

“Time to eat!” The man placed down the bowls and chopsticks, and then shouted out loud. Compared to the tone he used when he told her to raise her feet, it was basically filled with gentleness.

When his  voice  fell,  the  door  on  the  left  creaked  open.
Walking out of it was a girl dressed in a panda pyjamas.

“Guoguo!” Zhu Yao widened her eyes.

The girl turned her head around and was stunned for a moment. “Yaoyao, when did you arrive? Why didn’t you  give me a call? Have you eaten breakfast yet?”


“Then come over.” She said as she pointed at the table.

“Ou.” Zhu Yao changed her shoes, washed her hands, and settled down on reflex. Wait a minute! Something’s off?

“The hell!” Zhu Yao suddenly leapt up from shock.  She pointed at the foreign-looking man who was sitting on the other side and nibbling on a bun. “Who is he?”

Her good friend Feng Guoguo calmly glanced at her, and then said. “A passerby… who likes to court death?”

“You casually brought a passerby into your house to clean and make food for you?” And what’s this about liking to  court death? That’s right. This place was the home of her good friend Guoguo in the modern era. It was the place where she settled down in after moving out.

“I didn’t bring him back here!” Guoguo still had that stiffened expression on her face. “He followed me here.”

“Guoguo, are you alright?” Zhu Yao held her forehead. “He followed you here and you let him stay? What if he’s a bad person? No, I’m going to call the police.”

She picked up the cellphone that Guoguo placed on the table. Just as she was about to call 110, the cellphone suddenly made crackling noises as sparks flew out. The screen instantly turned black.

“It’s the fourth one now.” Guoguo suddenly said.

“…” What’s with that ‘fortunately, you’re rich’ expression on your face? The cellphone isn’t the point here, hey!

With nibbling buns as his main profession, and sneaking glances at Guoguo as his sub, the man who had been silent the entire time suddenly raised his head and glanced at Zhu Yao. His eyes were as cold as ice. Zhu Yao unconsciously began to tremble. She looked at the wrecked phone in her hand and instantly understood.

“You’re… the Plane Manager.”

Chapter390: The Manager of Guoguo’s Home

The man did not reply, acting as if he could not hear her. He simply picked up a small soup dumpling with his chopsticks and carefully placed it in Guoguo’s bowl. After seeing Guoguo eat it, the smile he carried was as if his entire being had bloomed.

Hey, your character setting has collapsed!

“What is a Plane Manager?” Though Guoguo grew curious and asked.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, and then pulled Guoguo, who was still grasping onto a bun, into the room. With a click, she locked the door. “Guoguo, I have something very serious to tell you. That person outside, he might not… be a regular person.”

“I know!” Guoguo said with a calm look.

“Hah?” “He was still a fish when he first came here. Today…” Guoguo thought of the breakfast on the table. After hesitating for a moment, she said. “He’s a ‘Mister Snail’, right?”

The hell is a Mister Snail? And the first time these two met, the man didn’t appear in his human form either? Guoguo, just how thick are your nerves to actually stay this calm, hey!? This man definitely has some ulterior motives!

“Guoguo!” She grabbed onto her shoulders and shook her. “Just what is going on? How long have you known him? What has he done to you? Tell me everything!” My only good friend is about to be taken away by an unknown and dangerous creature!

“Stop… Stop shaking already. I will tell you… Actually, it’s three months ago.” Guoguo sighed and said. “When I came back from my vacation, didn’t I tell you about it?”

“Three months ago…” Zhu Yao dug into her memories. It should be the time when she returned from her transmigration, as Guoguo did indeed just return from her vacation back then. Back then, she seemed to have suddenly asked her a very strange question. (Chapter 262) “Mermaid!?”

She remembered now. Guoguo seemed to have suddenly asked her if mermaids actually existed in this world. Back then, she wondered if Guoguo had crossed over to another world as well and had seen a sharkman? After that, she had to head out because of her master’s incident, so she had forgotten about this matter.

“Could it be… you really saw one back then?”

“That’s right. When I was on my vacation back then, I saw him dragging his huge fishtail, and was this close to dying dry next to the road.”

“So… you saved him?”

Guoguo turned to look at her, and calmly said. “I didn’t?”

“Hah?” Zhu Yao felt her jaw had dropped. “You… didn’t save him?”

“That’s right!”

“Why?” “After seeing an unknown creature collapse by the road, if I don’t run away, what else should I do? Stay behind and have lunch?”

Uh… She makes a lot of sense. That’s a human’s normal reaction.

“Then… After that?”

“After that, I came home?”

“…” Why don’t you act according to the usual script? “Then why is he here?”

“On the night you moved out, he suddenly appeared in the bathtub. His fishtail disappeared as well.” Guoguo raised the little soup dumpling that was still clasped between her chopsticks, and with an ‘ahm’, she swallowed it down.

“A man suddenly appeared inside your house’s bathtub. Don’t you think it’s strange?” Where’s your common sense? Where are your nerves? “It’s indeed rather strange.” Guoguo nodded and said with a puzzled look. “If he’s a fish and the place he was lying on did not have any water, why was he still able to run over to my house for water before being dried to death?”

“…” Was that the main point here, hey?

“Yaoyao, don’t worry. Compared to you, I have my own measures.”

“…” Why do I feel like I’m being looked down upon?

Guoguo immediately pulled her to the bed and settled her down. “Why don’t we talk about what’s happening to you instead?”

Zhu Yao turned to look at her. After hesitating for a moment, she still gritted her teeth and told her everything about how she was transmigrated to a cultivation world.

“That’s the story. Realmspirit told me that this place is where the Plane Management Office is, but that guy was the first person I saw the moment I got here. So he definitely isn’t normal.”

Guoguo looked at with a strange expression for a moment. “So what you’re saying is that you found a part-time job in another plane, brought back a man while doing it, and even solved your problem of being a leftover woman. The reason why you came back today is to obtain a visa for your boyfriend?”

“Uh… You can put it that way.” Her explanation was well- covered.

Guoguo’s expression turned even weirder. As though she was about to say something, there was a knock on the door at that moment.

“Guoguo, do you want to drink a cup of milk?”

It’s that man’s voice.

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. A mighty plane manager suddenly appeared here to wash clothes and make food for her best friend. She wondered just what was his motive? For a moment, she grew a little anxious. No, I must think of something…

“Guoguo, what are you doing?”

Before she could even clear up everything in her mind, Guoguo had already pulled open the door. The diligent housekeeper was standing outside with a cup of warm milk in his hand. He was currently looking at Guoguo with sparkling eyes. “Milk…”

Guoguo took it and proudly drank it all in one gulp. Then, she immediately went straight into the main point. “Yaoyao told me that you’re a Plane Manager?”

“…” If you’re asking so directly, it would be strange if he replies truthfully, right?

“That’s right!” The man nodded.

The hell! He really went and answered her, hey! Do you have to be that direct!? “Can you grant a plane visa?”


“Then grant Yaoyao a few. It’s really difficult for her to find a man at her age. They can’t break up just because they’re in different places.”


Zhu Yao: “…” Uh, was a long-distance relationship the problem here? It’s two Plane Movement Permits, you know? If it’s solved so easily, I don’t feel any sense of achievement!

The man pulled out a pen and a book out of nowhere, and then wrote down a few things. As he wrote, he even raised his head. “How many?”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao weakly stretched out two fingers. “Two.”

Guoguo suddenly widened her eyes as she swept them across Zhu Yao. “One for my husband, and the other for my little brother!” Zhu Yao hurriedly explained. Withdraw that ‘you’re sitting on a fence’ expression of yours, hey!


“Yu Yan, Yue Ying.”




“Uh… Temporarily unemployed.”

“Inch sized passport photographs.”

“…” Why is there even a need for photographs as well? Flips table! Realmspirit didn’t tell me that! “Genetic information or soul fragments are fine as well.”

“Uh… I don’t have them!” Who the hell will carry someone else’s genes and soul fragments, hey!?

That man raised his head and coldly glared at her. With a smack, he closed the book in his hand.  “Incomplete information, review on hold.”

“…” Don’t! The hell you mean by ‘review on hold’, hey!? Just how hard do you think it takes me to cross over to another world, hey? Zhu Yao looked at her best friend next to her with a pitiful expression.

Guoguo received her SOS signal, and immediately asked. “Are photographs really necessary?”

That man’s face instantly bloomed with the warmth of spring, as he looked at Guoguo shyly. “Not… Not really.”

Then why the hell did you put my review on hold, hey!? “Then Yaoyao doesn’t have to hand them over for her two applicants then.”

The man immediately nodded. “Alright!” He replied ever so readily.

Zhu Yao: “…” So, he was intentionally making things difficult for her?

The man tore out the two pages that he had just finished writing on, but instead of passing them to her, he presented them to Guoguo. “Done.”

Guoguo then passed them to Zhu Yao.

Written on lined papers were one large word: Movement! On each of the papers’ right corners, Yu Yan’s and Yue  Ying’s names were written on them.

“This…” It’s done just like that? Isn’t this too simple? What happened to the promised luxurious movement permit issued by authorities? At the very least, provide me with guidelines on how to use them? “Effective immediately.” As if he had guessed what she was thinking about, the man explained, though he was looking at her with a scornful look. “A guide must be present during a plane transfer. The permit holders can only come over when you return.”

In other words, her master and Yue Ying could only cross over with her at the same time. That was fine.

“The permits must be activated in two hours through verification. Otherwise, they will be invalid.” The man said, still with the ice-cold tone.

“Activate? How to activate them?”Could it be that her master still needed to send a verification SMS?

The man frowned, and his expression grew even more scornful. “They will automatically activate once they make contact with their targets.”

In other words, she just had to hand the permits to her master and Yue Ying. Fortunately, she still had two hours. “Guoguo…” Seeing how this person listened to Guoguo’s requests, it seemed like he was treating her sincerely? Otherwise, flowers wouldn’t bloom the moment he land his eyes on her. However, as her only good friend, she still had to instruct her on some matters. After all, this person had an incredible identity.

Before she could even speak, the man suddenly interrupted. “They will be invalid if they’re not activated.”

“Isn’t there still two hours?”

“One hour.”

“Hah?” Zhu Yao was startled.

The man’s expression turned colder, and continued to correct his own words. “Half an hour.”

“The hell, you can’t actually be chasing me out, right?”

“Twenty minutes…” “Hey, hey, hey. Do you have to be that fickle?”

“Ten minutes.”


“Five minutes.”

“You’re ruthless, alright!” Zhu Yao turned and headed for the door. “Guoguo, I will come back and look for you once the permits are activated.”

Only then did the man’s expression look better as he followed Yaoyao to the door.

Zhu Yao opened the door directly, only to see the familiar staircase. She then turned to look at that dangerous manager. “How am I supposed to return?”

The man did not reply and instead walked hurriedly over. She did not know what he did, but when he closed and opened the door again, the view outside had already been replaced by a white portal.

The hell, it turned into an Anywhere Door again!

Just as Zhu Yao was about to enter, an idea suddenly flashed in her mind. As though she had just understood something, she turned back to look at the person whose face was filled with the words “hurry and scram”. She suddenly recalled Realmspirit’s words, that the reason why he chose her was because someone recommended her. Then…

“You can’t possibly the person who recommended me to Realmspirit, right?”

The man’s reply was… kicking her directly into the portal.

The hell! It really was him! She had always been a normal person without any incredible powers or identity. She had never stepped on any dog poop, nor was there any mysterious birthmark on her body that represented her identity or anything? Even if she were to participate in a lottery, she wouldn’t win at all. So why was she chosen to transmigrate to another world? In the end, it was all to have her move away and use that opportunity to get close to Guoguo. It had to be known that Guoguo was a girl that was even more shut-in than her.

As a Plane Manager, do you think you’re a man by playing these kinds of tricks? Just you wait! This old lady will  return and expose your true face of a lowly person in front of Guoguo!

Szz… Aiyo, my buttocks!

His kick was really ruthless!

“Young maiden, you’re back so quickly?” Realmspirit sprinted over with an excited look. He glanced at the two papers in her hand. “You really obtained them, you’re so incredible. As expected of the woman I chose.”

Zhu Yao just wanted to say, “Hoho…”

“Eh!?” He was stunned for a moment, and then she said ecstatically. “Your Plane Manager actually gave you a Plane Imprint as well.” “What imprint?”

“It’s the authority to freely move between two planes. Initially, movement between two planes require a thousand years cooldown. With this imprint, then there’s no such restriction.”

“Where is it?” She glanced at the permits in her hand. I don’t see any imprints?

“Over here.”

Realmspirit waved his hand excitedly, and Zhu Yao simply felt a golden light flash behind her. Slowly, what rose was a… shoe print with the number 42 on it.



The hell! Mister Snail: There’s this Chinese folklore called ‘The Snail Girl’. A man brought back home a snail one day when he saw it by the road. In order to repay the debt of saving her, she turned into a girl and began caring for his house. So ‘Mister Snail’ is like a genderbent version of the story.
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