My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 351-360

Chapter351: Floor Master’s Dignity Recovery Plan

Yu Jin sounded calm, but his heart felt as it had been scratched by a cat. He didn’t know how his little little grand disciple ended up in this person’s hands. He somehow managed to force him into a place like this where no one else was around.
Hurry and return my little little grand disciple, so that I can at
least negotiate terms with Little Yanyan!

“What!?” Xue Yi was instantly enraged after hearing this. “You’re telling me to give divine sword maiden to you? In your dreams! I finally managed to find a female type, and she’s the partner that I’ve decided on! We love each other and will never be apart! You want us to separate? You will have to kill us!”

“Partner!?” Yu Jin was stunned. He silently turned to look at the sword. Little little grand disciple, do you still remember Little Yanyan of Lake of Great Splendour?

“The hell, who’s your partner!? Speak clearly.” Zhu Yao grew anxious. “Can you please cure your delusions?”

“Divine sword maiden, don’t worry.” His automatic word shielding ability once again activated, and with affection and no regrets, he said. “At this moment, I finally recognized my true feelings. I won’t allow him to harm you even the slightest bit. We will be together forever.”

“Together my ass. Who wants to be with you?” Zhu Yao wanted to zap him herself now. “Don’t mind me, please zap him to death. Immediately. Right now.”

“Divine sword maiden…” Xue Yi was however moved, and he was this close to crying tears from joy. “You actually want to elope with me!”

Zhu Yao: “…” Heartaches always occur so suddenly.

Yu Jin: “…” (⊙▽⊙) Little little grand disciple actually has a change of heart.

Xue Yi sniffled, and then his expression turned cold. In an instant, he resolutely stared at Yu Jin and said. “Come with all your might! We will never separate!”

“Don’t say things that will cause others to misunderstand, hey!” I want to die so much. Oh my master who’s in the faraway Mars, please come and save this disciple’s morals.

“As you wish.” The lightning clouds in the sky gathered once more.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Are they really going to fight? “Please let me finish what I have to say!”

Unfortunately, no one listened to her, as the two began to fight once more in the sky, as though they were addicted to fighting. It was evident that Xue Yi was on the disadvantageous side, while Yu Jin seemed to be toying with him. His only goal was to snatch Zhu Yao back from Xue Yi’s hands.

Xue Yi saw that he was unable to beat him and suddenly cast an art. He sliced his palm and drew a blood formation. Zhu Yao’s entire blade suddenly began to shine with a white light. Large amount of divine energy entered her body as she slowly rose into the air.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. “What are you trying to do?” She suddenly had a bad premonition. “Divine sword maiden, I will take you in as my Life Artifact.
We will have the power to fight him that way.”

“What? Life Artifact!” A portable summoned beast?

After binding her to my life, maiden will then be able to appear in my divine sense. Our feelings will bloom after a long period of time, and we will then get married and give birth to monkeys. Just thinking about it makes me a little excited!

“Excited, my ass!” Please don’t speak out your inner thoughts at a moment like this. “Wait, no! I don’t want to become your Life Artifact, stop!”

Her rejection was instantly ignored by a certain someone.

“Little little grand disciple!” Yu Jin was stunned as well. He saw through Xue Yi’s plans as well and his expression instantly changed. If he allowed Xue Yi to succeed, then it would spell trouble. If Little Yanyan’s wife gets binded to someone else? I will definitely be burnt to ashes, right!? At that moment, he regretted wasting so much time earlier.

He immediately summoned tribulation lightning bolts in an attempt to stop him. However, it was already too late. The formation was about to be completed, Zhu Yao was about to turn into a ray of white light and enter Xue Yi’s forehead.

A white bolt of light suddenly tore through the sky and blew across Xue Yi’s forehead, instantly interrupting the cast of the art. Xue Yi simply felt an immense might directly assaulting the center of his forehead and his divine sense was in intense pain. It was as though someone had sliced him apart alive. No longer able to maintain his stance, he knelt with one knee on the ground.

He unconsciously searched for Zhu Yao and when he raised his head, he saw another person in the sky. With an upright posture in the air, he wore a white robe and had an ice-cold look on his face. In his hand was that second rank divine sword.

“Masteerr…” Zhu Yao was about to cry. Oh my loved one, you’re finally here!

Yu Yan glanced at the sword in his hand and ascertained that it was his stupid disciple. He then looked at the person who was half-kneeling on the ground and recalled that scene earlier. In an instant, a chilling aura filled the place. The air seemed to have fallen to extremely cold temperatures, as every word he spoke felt like it create ice out of thin air. “You actually want to take her into your divine sense!?”

Yu Yan had never felt as furious like right now, as he felt like he could decimate the earth and destroy the sky at any moment. He had searched for so long, had ended up empty-handed so many times, and even right before this, he was just about to flip the entire ocean over. When he finally managed to find his stupid disciple, he discovered that she was just about to be taken into someone else’s divine sense and become his Life Artifact.

A Life Artifact was linked to the divine sense, and the moment the bind was formed, it could never be removed. They would be linked forever. He hadn’t done it himself, yet this  brat  that came out of nowhere actually dared to touch his disciple! At that moment, the pressure in the air alone seemingly felt like  it could suffocate people to death.

Xue Yi was receiving a rebound from the failure of his art in the first place, and now, he was this close to lying flat on the ground. Though it was said that a difference in level could suppress one to death, he had never seen something this terrifying. Unable to sustain any longer, his vision darkened. He had gorgeously fainted. “Uh… Little Yanyan.” Yu Jin could not  help  but  call  out.  If this were to go on any longer, that person would be pressed onto the ground to death. “Umm… Calm down.”

Yu Yan turned to look at him, the ice shards in his eyes changing their target.

“Uh…” Yu Jin silently took a step back, and then another step back. Little Yanyan looks so scary, even my little heart is shivering. “As you were. I didn’t say anything.” He immediately retracted his statement.

He suddenly felt that the Little Yuyan that he competed with above the Lightning Divine Palace back then, when compared to right now, was as gentle as a light drizzle.

“Master…” Zhu Yao called out in time. Though Xue Yi wanted to take her in as his Life Artifact, his initial goal was to save her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen a second rank divine sword as his Life Artifact. “Let us return.”

Only then did Yu Yan turn to look at the sword in his hand. He retracted the chilling aura, and then, gave Yu Jin a ‘I will settle scores with you later’ look, before making his way back to Lightning Divine Palace with his disciple. After such a long search, he finally found her. He had to hurry and return his disciple’s soul back to her body, otherwise, there would always be bastards wanting to snatch his disciple away!

Yu Jin was thus left behind. Lowering his head, he looked at the living corpse on the ground and helplessly sighed. He grabbed him up and then followed after them. Looking at the faraway figure, Yu Jin felt a little sour in his heart. Why did he feel that his status as a mighty Lightning Divine Palace Floor Master, was falling lower and lower with each passing day?

He pondered for a moment. When did this situation begin? Mn. Back then when Little Yanyan just ascended, though he was still as cold, at the very least, he was a good child who respected his elders. However, ever since his disciple appeared, he grew even more terrifying. Every single day, he would pull out his sword at a moment’s notice! Especially after that, when he requested instructions from that disobedient grand disciple and decided to marry little little grand disciple, Yu Jin’s dignity as a Floor Master had completely turned into mush.

So, the conclusion was because of some unspoken rules with his disciple? Mn… Maybe, I should consider taking in a female disciple or something? Then, I can logically escape being single, and maybe I can raise my social status a little too!

The longer he thought about it, the more he felt that it all made sense. He felt that he had just found the key to the recovery of his dignity. Now… the only problem he had was to find out where he could find an obedient female disciple that he could take in.

The quote: “Do you still remember …. of Lake of Great Splendour?” comes from the drama My Fair Princess, where the emperor was asked by Zi Wei if he remembered ‘Xia Yuhe of Lake of Great Splendour from eighteen years ago’. In the drama, Xia Yuhe back then was promised that she would enter the palace, but the promise wasn’t fulfilled. Zi Wei was the child of Xia Yuhe.

Chapter352: The Promised Blissful Life

She was finally legally retrieved by her master. Zhu Yao thought that her sad exile in the Divine Realm was about to end, the next step was to bind herself to her former body, and from then on, with her master, live a shameless and immoral… Ah pui! She meant living a blissful and lovely life with her master. However, when they returned to Lightning Divine Palace, she realized her thoughts were truly naive.

Her soul returned, but… her avatar had disappeared!

“Where’s my body?” Did she had to go through something so saddening?

“There’s no traces of living people around.” Yu Yan released his divine sense and searched through the entire Lightning Divine Palace. However, he did not find his disciple’s body at all.

They both turned their heads back and with eyes that were as sharp as blades, looked at a certain someone who left his guard duty. “Uh…” Yu Jin was dumbfounded as well, and then he weakly took a step back. “She was here just earlier.” It was not even an hour since he left, how did his little little grand disciple’s body disappear? “The formation outside has no traces of being activated. Logically speaking, others are unable to enter this place either. It’s impossible for it to disappear.”

“So you’re saying I disappeared into thin air?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. I’m an ethanol! I must have vaporized!

“Little little grand disciple, don’t be anxious.” Yu Jin smiled and said. “I placed a tracking formation on your body. As long as I activate it, we will naturally know where your body is.”

He threw Xue Yi down and then cast an art that materialized a water mirror that had the height of an adult. He brushed his palm against the surface of the mirror, and after a flash of light, what appeared slowly within the mirror was… a mass of white fog.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Yu Yan: “…” What happened to the promised security footage? Your wireless technology clearly can’t make it, hey!

“Uh…” Yu Yan’s face stiffened, and then chuckled in front of them. “Hoho… This is a miss… Umm, I suddenly recalled that I was still barbecuing the corn in the backyard! Let’s meet up again later.” After he said that, he ran off, leaving a trail of dust clouds.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Where’s the promised trust between people in the same sect?

“Master…” What to do?

Yu Yan frowned. He carefully placed his disciple on the table and glanced at the water mirror that was still as foggy, to the point that nothing could be clearly seen. With a sunken voice, he said. “The water mirror is unable to display the location, which means that the formation is in a place with extremely great security. This person who has the ability to infiltrate Lightning Divine Palace, bring your body away and leave unharmed, is not simple either. There’s a need to look at this from a long-term perspective.” “Then do I still have to stay as a sword?” Zhu Yao felt like crying.

“That’s not the case.” Yu Yan lightly sliced his  finger, squeezed out a drop of blood and had it drip onto the blade.

“Master?” In an instant, the smell of blood once again filled her senses.

“Don’t resist.”

Just as Zhu Yao was about to puke it out, she stopped. She had no choice but to fight back the discomfort and swallow it. In an instant, the discomfort disappeared. Instead, familiar divine energy began to pour into her, and she felt that her blade had lightened quite a bit.

Yu Yan cast an art, causing a formation to flash past. The row of symbols on her blade suddenly began to gather, slowing converging at the bottom of the hilt. When the light of the formation finally scattered away, a familiar lightning cloud mark appeared. It was the mark of Lightning Divine Palace. “What is this?” Just as Zhu Yao was about to ask, the blade suddenly emit out a white light. She felt that her entire being was floating up, and when she regained her senses, she was already standing next to the table, while the sword was still on the table. She subconsciously wanted to touch the sword on the table, but unexpectedly, the moment she touched the blade, her fingers passed through it. “What’s going on?” Did she return to the soul state?

“Yu… Yao. This sword is not your main body.” Yu Yan spoke up solemnly.

“Not my main body!” Zhu Yao was stunned. “Then, I was possessing this sword?” When did a second rank divine sword become so incredible? It actually had the capabilities to lure in souls.

Yu Yan shook his head. “No, you’re a part of this sword.”


“You’re just a sword spirit of this sword right now.” He glanced at the sword on the table. “The reason why you weren’t able to leave the sword earlier, was because you had insufficient divine energy, thus you weren’t able to maintain your appearance. Earlier, I inserted divine energy into your body, which aided you in manifesting your corporeal form.”

Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment. This was actually quite plausible. Back then when she was picked up by Miao Bo, he couldn’t hear her talk at all. After that, she was thrown into the sea and suddenly others could hear her, and right before that, she had indeed taken in a lot of divine energy that leaked out of Miao Bo’s body in that mysterious Secret Realm. In the end, the reason why people couldn’t hear her was because she had insufficient battery.

Eh? Wait a minute…

Zhu Yao pointed at the mark belonging to Lightning Divine Palace on the blade. “Master, since I can make an appearance when divine energy is inserted, then what’s with this mark?” Was there a need for the sword to recognize a master first before inserting divine energy?

Yu Yan stiffened for a moment. After blanking for two seconds, he suddenly stood up. “Your divine energy right now is still unstable, and you can’t manifest your corporeal form for a long period of time. Your master shall first bring you to the Lightning Abyss Pool to stabilize your divine energy.”

“Ou…” Why did she feel something was off?

Yu Yan immediately held his disciple and flew towards the mountain peak. Stamping his disciple in order to prevent her from being taken away, was a very common thing to do, wasn’t it?


This was already the second time Zhu Yao had entered the Lightning Abyss Pool. Compared to the first time she came here as a rock, it was clearly much better this time. Putting aside how she wasn’t feeling any pain, she had a family member keeping her company for the entire process.

She bathed in it for exactly ten days before the divine energy in her slowly started to stabilize. She could finally maintain her corporeal form for twenty-four hours a day without a single interruption. However, she still couldn’t hold onto the sword, as a sword spirit was a part of the divine sword in the first place. Strictly speaking, the sword was the main body, while she was just an accessory. Thus, she naturally could not control the sword. Furthermore, she could only appear in half a kilometer radius with the sword at the center. Any further than that and she would return to the sword.

There were still no news on her body. Her master had reinforced the formations surrounding Lightning Divine Palace. Those dense layers of formations were enough to make Zhu Yao a little dizzy. Even a fly would most likely fail flying in here, let alone a human being.

As for the culprit great great grandmaster, fellow comrade Floor Master Yu Jin, on the very first day she entered the Lightning Abyss Pool, he reported that he would personally search for her body. After leaving behind his greetings, he hurriedly left Lightning Divine Palace. No matter how she saw it, it seemed like he was desperately trying to flee.

However, with that somewhat unreliable personality of his, Zhu Yao did not harbour any hopes at all.

Though she was used to having her avatars changed, the one that was misplaced was the original version! She had to find it and get it back no matter what. “Master, are there many places where great great grandmaster’s formation isn’t able to track?” Zhu Yao crawled out of the Lightning Abyss Pool as she asked.

Yu Yan pondered for a moment. “Not more than three.” The Floor Master had the cultivation of a High Deity Paragon. The number of things that could escape his tracking art was extremely few.

“Let us head to those places to take a look then?” Zhu Yao suggested.

Yu Yan did not reject her idea. With a wave of his hand, he cast an art on his disciple and on that divine sword, removing the excess lightning energy in her body. He then held onto his disciple on one hand, and then grab the sword with the other, before flying into the air. Her master was a High Deity, so he didn’t need support from any mystic artifacts to aid him in flying in the air. In just a flash, the two had already left Lightning Divine Palace.

When she turned back to look, lightning clouds shrouded over the place, as the dense layers of formations began to close. Eh? Why did she feel as though she had forgotten about something?

She couldn’t recall anymore…

Haah, whatever. Most likely, it’s not that important either.


Foot of the Mountain of Lightning Divine Palace

A certain someone that was unconscious for ten days slowly awakened. He looked at the surroundings blankly, only to find out that the place was covered in dark, scorched earth.

“Where is… this place?”


Zhu Yao thought that she could find her avatar very quickly. However, she never expected she had hit another miss. The three places that her master brought up did not have any traces of her avatar at all. Yu Yan had his divine sense filled more than half of the Deity cultivation continent, and he meticulously searched for about five days, yet he still did not find any leads.

This was illogical! Could Realmspirit have retrieved her avatar? He couldn’t have not greeted her before doing so, right?

Wait a minute! She suddenly recalled that before this, she could switch between the two avatars. However, in these few months, the phenomenon where she would switch her avatar in real-time had completely stopped. Could there be a unique set of rules for this switch to occur?

She carefully recalled the experiences with the two avatar switching incident. During the first time, she seemed to have returned after being placed in the storage pouch. On the second time… she seemed to have suffocated quite badly. If there was any similarity between these two incidents, then… the switch occurred when she was completely devoid of divine energy!

Zhu Yao simply felt a bell ringing and a candle lighting up in her mind. She hurriedly tugged her master. “Master, I know how I can return to my original body. Hurry and place me inside the storage pouch.” She meticulously explained to him whatever she had thought of.

Yu Yan however frowned and was clearly rejecting her proposal. “Though the method you proposed makes sense… even if this method works, we don’t know where your body is right now? If you were to wake up, and if there was any sort of danger, you will be held in a disadvantage.”

“Don’t worry, master. I will be careful.” Zhu Yao patted on her chest and guaranteed. “It won’t take long. Just place me inside your storage pouch for a while should be fine. At the very most, you can pull me out fifteen minutes later. After that, my soul will naturally return. Isn’t the problem solved now?”

He hesitated for a moment. He was still completely rejecting such a risky endeavor. Zhu Yao uttered out all of her excuses and persuaded him for a long while, before she was finally given a bare pass.

“Remember, do not move recklessly.” He instructed her repeatedly. “Only act after discussing with your master when your return. Just in case, I will just put you inside for three breaths of time. “Ah! That’s a little too short a timeframe, right?” Three breaths. In other words, it was only three seconds. How could she possibly see anything through with such a limited timeframe?


“Alright then!” You’re the boss.

In a flash, Zhu Yao’s figure returned to the sword. Yu Yan held onto the sword tightly as he still harboured a hesitant look. A short while later, he finally opened the storage ring on her palm, and Zhu Yao instantly turned into a ray of white light and entered the ring.

One second…

Two seconds…

Time’s up. She could be retrieved now. With a wave of his hand, Yu Yan had the second rank divine sword once again appear on his hand. On the pure-white blade, the lightning cloud mark was especially eye-catching. He hurriedly called out in a solemn voice.

“Yu… Yao.”

“…” There was no reply.

“Yu Yao!”

“…” There was still no reply.

“Reply your master.”


“Yu Wang!”

“…” Complete silence.

On Yu Yan’s former light and bland face, dark clouds began to surface. The dark clouds turned cold, and finally brought down a hailstorm…

Chapter353: The Worries of Beasties

After entering the storage mystic artifact, Zhu Yao’s vision darkened. In the next moment, the howling of the winds brushed past her ears. When she raised her head to look, she saw the great blue sky and white clouds were moving behind her at incredible speeds.

She was flying, and next to her were three pairs of large bat- like wings. Their dullness looked rather familiar. Reaching out beneath her, she felt a leather-like hardness.

She had initially held her breath on purpose, so that she would not expose herself. Yet, he cautious heart instantly sank right down.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Then she ruthlessly stomped her feet and sat right up.


“Eh…” Sesame who was still in the midst of flying  was stunned for a moment. Excited, an enormous beast head twisted back and it looked at her with hot and teary eyes. “Mistress, you’re finally awake… Aiyo!”

As it did not watch where it was flying, it instantly crashed into a cliff with a loud thud and fell down. Fortunately, it instantly remembered about its mistress who was right on its back and curled its body, in order to use its belly to shield Zhu Yao.

Seeing that she had landed on the ground safely, it then flashed with a bright white light and took up its human form. It hurriedly hugged onto Zhu Yao’s legs and cried out loud. “Mistress… You frightened this beastie. The moment I woke up, I saw you lying over there motionless. I searched the entire Lightning Divine Palace yet I was unable to spot the Sovereign at all, so I thought… Uuuuu, this beastie’s heart received a great shock.”

“You were the one who brought me out of Lightning Divine Palace?” Zhu Yao tried to shake it off her legs, but to no avail.

“That’s right. Beastie’s little heart was this close to jumping out, you know?” It had a pitiful look as it rubbed against her thighs. “Do you know how frightening it was just now? Your heart wasn’t beating and you didn’t carry any aura. Beastie wanted to look for the Sovereign, but I did not find him. I then looked for the Floor Master, but I didn’t see his figure either. I had no choice so I brought you here to look…” It stopped right there, and then cried out even more forcefully than before. “Fortunately, you’re awake now, mistress. Otherwise this beastie would have become a child without a master. Uuuu…”

Child… Am I your mother?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. It was no wonder Floor Master and her master was unable to find out where her body was. Sesame was her spirit beast, so when it flew out of Lightning Divine Palace with her body, the formation outside naturally did not stop it.

“Let go of my thighs first.” Why are you, a big man, hugging onto someone’s thighs? Don’t you feel any shame? “Let’s have a proper chat.”

“No way…” Sesame shook its head wildly,  completely unaware of what shame was. “Mistress, don’t you know what kind of shock my frail and young heart has received? You completely frightened this little beastie. Promise me that you wouldn’t let me become a child without a master.” “Scram!” This old lady don’t have such a huge child.

Zhu Yao turned and looked at the surroundings. The place was covered in huge mountains and dense forests. Huge boulders were erected all around, and the scenery was incredibly mystical. She had never seen such a scenery even after being in the Divine Realm for so many years. Recalling Sesame’s words, she could not help but ask. “Where is this?”

“This is the continent of Demonic Immortals.”  Sesame replied.

“What!?” Demonic Immortal Continent. “Why did you bring me here?” It was no wonder that they couldn’t receive any signals from her body on the other side of the Divine Realm then. She had actually stepped out of the map. Without data roaming activated, how were they going to track her?

Sesame paused for a moment, and then shamelessly continued to tightly hug her thighs, as he rubbed his snot and tears on them. “I couldn’t locate Sovereign and the Floor Master, so I wanted to return to the Demonic Immortal Continent to find out if there was anyone who could save mistress.” “Wait a minute.” Zhu Yao became a little confused. “You mentioned that you woke up in Lightning Divine Palace?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” He nodded. “I was in your divine sense the entire time, and had only woken up just earlier. In the end, when I came right out, I saw mistress lying on the bed. I thought that something might have happened to you which caused your resurrection to fail.”

“Uh…” Should she mention about her completely forgetting about Sesame being in her divine sense? She didn’t bring it along for several missions in the past, so she had long forgotten that it was bundled up with her this time. “Ahem… There isn’t anything wrong with my body. The reason why I wasn’t awake was because my soul flew out.”

She explained to it about the situation of her turning into a second rank divine sword.

As Sesame listened to her, its expression instantly crumpled. It looked so pitiful, as though it had been abandoned. “Mistress actually forgot to let me out…” Its beastie heart shattered. It was angry! It wanted to vent! “Uh…” Why did she feel as though she was a trashy woman? She couldn’t help but stroke its head. “About that… It’s not that I didn’t let you out. Look, after my resurrection this time, I’m just a mortal. I don’t have divine energy nor do I have any cultivation, how can I let you out of divine sense then? You’re so obedient, the one and only good beastie in this entire world. You definitely understand your mistress, right?” Mistress still loves you~

Sesame pondered for a moment, its face seemed to have brightened a little. Mn. I’m such a good beastie alright.

“Was your lack of cultivation truly the reason?”

“Really really! You must believe me, my good beastie?”

Alright, its glass heart had been repaired. “Then… Then what about now?”

“I don’t have any cultivat… The hell!” Zhu Yao circulated her divine energy out of habit, and a purple lightning spark actually appeared from her palm. Even she herself was shocked. “How?” She carefully sensed her body, and realized that the cultivation level of this body had actually risen directly to that of a Profound Deity. This was a little too illogical, wasn’t it? Was sleeping her body’s secret art for cultivation?

“Mistress?” Sesame which was waiting for comfort saw her being dumbfounded all of a sudden, and could not help but nudge her. Continue praising me~

“I suddenly possess cultivation.” Zhu Yao frowned. When it came to situations like this where a pie had fallen from the sky, she felt that a trap was definitely laid out at the back. “This matter is too strange. Let’s first return to Lightning Divine Palace and ask my master.” Zhu Yao wanted to fly on a sword out of habit, only to realize that she did not have any transportation tools on hand. Thus, she pulled Sesame up from her thighs. “I don’t have any mystic artifacts so I can’t fly. Turn back into your original form and bring me back.”

“Ou.” Sesame turned into that six-winged demonic beast in a habitual manner, and with Zhu Yao on its back, it flew up.

Eh, wait a minute!

Where’s the promised comfort? ——————————————

Sesame bringing her out was like kicking an own goal, and she had no idea why her body suddenly possessed cultivation. It was a coincidence that Sesame woke up the moment the unreliable Floor Master was taken away by the Disciplinary Order. Seeing that Zhu Yao stayed unconscious the entire time and there was no one in the Lightning Divine Palace, it grew anxious  and called 120… Ah pui! It brought her to the Demonic Immortal Continent. This matter was really easy to settle. Since she was brought out, then she just had to be brought back.

However, when they arrived at the borders of the continent, the two of them were dumbfounded.

“What’s that?” Zhu Yao said as she pointed at the large amount and densely compacted wind blades, that were even more concentrated than infrared sensors. Her face darkened.

“Realm Tide.” Sesame felt like crying as well.  “The  Realm Tide will appear once every hundred years between the Demonic Immortal Continent and Deity  Continent.  Anyone who enters it will be injured by the wind blades and be sliced to the point where their corpses and bones wouldn’t even be left intact.” “Then what about defensive barriers?” Zhu Yao continued to ask. Since they were wind blades, they could be blocked, right?

Sesame shook its head. “These wind blades are different from the rest. They are materialized from the aura emitted by the Presenceless River. Barriers are basically ineffective.”

“What do you mean? Speak human.” The hell’s the Presenceless River?

“Presenceless River is the heavenly  river  that  separates  the two continents.” Sesame said with a bitter look. “Above the Presenceless River, all divine arts or divine techniques will disappear, that’s why the wind blades can render divine arts ineffective too. No divine arts can be used against them.”

That incredible? They’re basically the DEL button.

“Then when will this wind stop?”

Sesame raised one finger. “An hour?”

Sesame shook its head.

“One day? It can’t be a month, right?”

It still shook its head and weakly said. “One year.”

“The hell.” Zhu Yao became irritable. “As expected, it’s more reassuring to keep you in my divine sense.”

“… Mistress.” Its glass heart shattered once more. “How can you say that to me…”

Its nose began to itch and its eyes were reddening. The acting skills of a moviestar were unleashed in an instant. Just as it was about to cry and complain, it was startled all of a sudden. Looking towards a certain direction, its expression instantly changed, becoming miserably pale. In a flash, it suddenly returned to her divine sense.

“What’s wrong?” It really returned just like that? When did it become so obedient?

“Mistress, hurry and retract your aura as a Deity! Hurry!” Sesame’s hurried voice resounded, carrying an anxiety that she hadn’t seen before.

Zhu Yao frowned. Though she did not know what was going on, she still retracted it as told. Immediately after, two astonishing pressures came assaulting in an overwhelming manner. Even she could not help but hold her breath, and had almost sat on her butt.

Two figures instantly appeared before her. After having a closer look on their faces, the corner of her lips could not help but twitch. One red and one yellow. The red one was bright red, and even his hair was red. The yellow one was light yellow, and even his fingernails were yellow.

These two were Demonic Immortals at the Heavy Deity level.

“Why a Deity?” The red Demonic Immortal was stunned for a moment. He looked straight at Zhu Yao, his gaze grew even more focused as time went by. The longer he looked, the brighter his eyes grew, and the more he wanted to lean closer to her.

“Hi~” Zhu Yao could not help but raise her hand and greet them.

That red Demonic Immortal exhaled a little, and even his face reddened. He awkwardly tugged onto the corners of his robe and then pulled his sleeves a little. His voice instantly turned a little lower, and he even began to stammer. “It’s… It’s even… a little… a little sister.”

He turned to look at the yellow Demonic Immortal at the side and nudged him a little. “Hey, what do you think we should do?”

“Ah!?” When that yellow Demonic Immortal was nudged, his legs wobbled and he almost fell. Only then did he regain his senses. He suddenly stepped forward and said with a stern look. “Little sister, hello. I’m Yellow Qi. My original form  is  the Despis Beast from the feathered races, a Realm Protector of the Demonic Immortal Continent. I’m of the fourteenth rank with the cultivation level of a Heavy Deity. I have three cave residences with beautiful sceneries and boundless divine energy. I can be considered as someone with achievements to my name. I even have the special authority to freely enter the Demonic Immortal Palace. Why don’t we… first become friends?”

“…” What’s with this feeling of being in a blind date?

“I’m Red Qi!” After hearing Yellow Qi’s  words,  he immediately added. He had a look filled with regrets. Why did he forget to do a self-introduction earlier? What a pity. He actually lost the initiative! He quietly shot daggers at his little companion with his eyes.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. It seemed like the absolutely evil World Favourable Impression ability was effective on Demonic Immortals too!

“The hell, you two bitches! Let go of my mistress. She only belongs to this beastie.” Sesame began to wildly scratch on the screen inside her divine sense. “I want to! Immediately! Right now! Beat these two blind beasts up!”

Come right out then, what’s the point in shouting in  my divine sense? Zhu Yao had a dark expression. “Oh right, Deity little sister!” Red Qi was still looking at her with a pair of shining eyes. “Why are you here? Are you lost? Where do you want to go? Do you want this big brother to send you there?”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao quietly took a step back. Please retract that perverse look of yours first, alright? What happened to the promised conflict between Deities and Demonic Immortals? “Hoho, fellow great Demonic Immortals. I’m just here to look at
the scenery. I’m done now, bye.”

She raised her leg and was just about to run, when the two Demonic Immortals finally regained their senses. They first exchanged glances, and then in a flash, blocked her paths as expected. “Little sister, you can’t leave.”

“Fellow big brothers, is there anything else?” Zhu Yao tried her best to maintain a friendly expression.

“Little sister, I’m sorry for forgetting to mention this. Deities can’t traverse freely on this side. Big brother Red isn’t trying to make things difficult for you.” Red Qi looked at her a little embarrassingly. “It’s just that this is an order from the king. Of course, we are certain that you’re not a bad person. However, we have no choice but to first bring you back.” “Little sister, don’t be afraid.” Yellow Qi immediately added. “I shall bring you somewhere else to live for a few days, and simply ask you a few questions. Once the questions are done, if you want to see the sceneries, big brother can bring you around.”

As expected, they were here to capture her! It seemed like though the effects of the World Favourable Impression ability were incredible, they were still not as effective as the times in the Lower Realm. Though these two people were courteous to her, they were not treating her well for no reason.

Left without a choice, Zhu Yao could only follow them. She did not dare to do anything in another person’s territory either. Furthermore, she was just a Profound Deity while those two had the cultivation comparable to Heavy Deities. They could turn her into dust whenever they wanted.

“Oh right. Little sister, have you seen a six-winged Demonic Immortal with a pitch-black body?” Yellow Qi suddenly asked.

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Sesame?

“He looks like this when transformed into a human.” Seeing her dazed look, Yellow Qi materialized the man’s image in the air.

As expected, it was Sesame. Her heart trembled a little, and then she calmly shook her head. “I’ve just arrived here, I’ve never seen it.” Seeing the two of their frowns, she casually asked. “Who is this beast? Why are you two looking for it?”

A disgusted look instantly flashed past Yellow’s and Red’s face, and Red Qi even let out a cold snort as he ruthlessly said. “This beast is simply the shame of our Demonic Immortal Continent. He’s the model of betrayals! Our princess loves him so dearly so, yet he actually discarded her and fled the wedding in front of everyone. That’s why our great king issued an order to the entire Demonic Immortal Continent to capture him and judge him for his sins!”

“Ou…” Zhu Yao nodded, and then she intentionally made her voice heavier. “Discard huh… That’s truly a scummy beastie.” She never expected that Sesame had such a honourable status.

“Of course not!” Sesame grew anxious, as it began to bounce up and down in her divine sense. “This daddy here basically doesn’t like her, alright? I don’t want to marry a two-legged beastie.” Yellow and Red began to exchange condemnations on him as well.

“Right? Our princess is the number one beauty of Demonic Immortal Continent, you know? Yet he still could make the heartless decision to abandon her. Just by this point alone, we can’t endure it at all!”

“That’s right, that’s right!” Yellow Qi responded as well. “It doesn’t even want the number one beauty. How can single puppies like us live then?”

“Does he think it’s easy for beasties like us to find wives!? This daddy here has cultivated for hundred thousand years since my time in the Lower Realm, and I have yet to touch a female beastie’s paw. On what basis did he reject her!?”

“You’ve only cultivated for a hundred thousand years. I’ve already cultivated for more than a few hundred thousand years. Let alone a beast paw, there’s barely been any opportunities for me to strike conversations with one.”

“Haah, I really wish to find a female beastie to chat about life and talk about my ideals with.” “Haah, I really wish to find a female beastie and bring her home for the holidays and the New Year’s!”

Zhu Yao: “…” So the beast world was actually facing a serious single population problem.

Chapter354: Sesame is Trash

It was the second day since Zhu Yao arrived at Demonic Immortal Continent, and only then did she realize that she actually hadn’t turned back into that divine sword yet. Logically speaking, since her master had explicitly said that he would only place her inside the storage mystic artifact for three seconds, one and two seconds were fine, but he definitely wouldn’t go past three seconds. However, right now, let alone three seconds, three hundred, three thousand, and even more than thirty thousand seconds had passed. Yet, she was still staying in her body live and well.

This could only prove that either her guess was incorrect and had played herself, or… she was too far and the signal had been cut off. In any case, she wouldn’t be returning to that sword anytime soon. She did not know if this was good news or bad news, but being locked here definitely wasn’t good news in any way. After the two Demonic Immortals brought her to the Demonic Immortal Palace, they simply threw her into jail. What happened to the promise of becoming friends!?

“Little sister, after the investigation is over, we can see each other again~” Leaving those words, the yellow and red Demonic Immortals waved their sleeves and left, leaving their beloved behind. cao!

The hell!

Zhu Yao stayed in the jail that was filled with formations for two days, yet no one came to investigate her. It wouldn’t do if things kept on like this. She had to get out.  Though  she wouldn’t be able to leave the Demonic Immortal Continent, she should still send her master a message and report about her wellbeing.

“Sesame, have you studied this formation before?” She looked at the surrounding formations for a long while, yet she was still unable to determine their properties. Left with no choice, she sought Sesame, who was familiar with the terrain, for help. That’s right. She wanted to break out of prison.

“Mistress, Sesame doesn’t know either. However, the formations of Demonic Immortal Palace are very unique. Even the strongest of Demonic Immortals won’t be able to break out of them.” Sesame replied, its voice faintly carried a small amount of pride.

“Are you certain?” “Of course. I heard that the formations here were all constructed by the former Demonic Immortal Palace’s Demon King, and they’re run with bloodlines. No one… Ehhh!?” Before he could even finish, Zhu Yao stood up, patted off the dust on her robes, and walked straight out. Easily, and without any pressure at all. Sesame looked like he had just seen something illogical. “Mistress, how did you get out?”

“Didn’t you say that all Demonic Immortals aren’t able to get out?” Zhu Yao clicked her tongue. “I’m not a  Demonic Immortal.” What does formations that are placed down with bloodline restrictions have to do with me!?

“…” The Demon King is going to cry in the toilet.

Though Zhu Yao had gotten out, she did not dare to leave the prison gates so casually. The formations inside were all duds, but the entrance was being tightly guarded by large number of troops. Before she even release her divine sense, she sensed the might of Gold Deities standing on the left and right of the entrance. Charging out with brute force was not an option. Furthermore, the Realm Tide would only end a year later, so even if she got out of here, she wouldn’t be able to return to Lightning Divine Palace. For a moment, she did not know what to do. “Mistress, go south then.” Sesame suddenly suggested.


Sesame paused for a moment, before he gently said. “Because… I have a friend over there. He’s incredible. He might know of other methods to enter the Deity Continent.”

“Really?” Zhu Yao felt suspicious.

“Of course it’s true.”

She sized up Sesame who was in her divine sense. “A beastie like you has a friend too?”

“… Mis… tress!” Though this one doesn’t have any morals, I still have the rights to make friends, alright!? “How can you be so unconfident of your beastie, I’m after all still…”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted it. “Let’s first figure out how to leave.” Zhu Yao felt a little troubled. When comparing martial strength, she definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat them, and her reinforcements were even a few thousand kilometers away. Not to mention, this place was the Demonic Immortal Palace, which had the most concentrated numbers of Demonic Immortals. Unless she activated hacks, she shouldn’t even think of leaving.


A conversation window suddenly popped out.

The hell, he’s actually truly thinking of giving me hacks, hey!?

The words on the conversation window this time were rather simple and written nicely: Friendship Hack Concealment System (Trial Pack). Activate, or Cancel?

“Concealment!” Zhu Yao grew excited and she immediately tapped on the ‘Activate’ button on the screen.

In the next moment, her body began to fade inch by inch. From her legs, to her waist, and then slowly, her entire body disappeared. After that… poof. Sesame was thrown out. Zhu Yao: “…”

“Mistress… what’s going on?” Said the flustered Sesame, unaware of situation.

Uh… She didn’t know either! She tried and realized that she wasn’t able to put Sesame back into her divine sense at all. Could this be the limitation of the trial version? The features were too limited, weren’t they?

Before she could figure everything out, Sesame’s cry lured in the guards at the entrance.

“Who is it?” The two Demonic Immortals charged in. They saw Sesame on the ground, and looked as if they had just seen a ghost. “Your highness!”

The hell’s with this ‘your highness’?

While she was in doubt, Sesame had already been neatly tied up like a dumpling. “Release me, hurry and let me go! I’m a beastie with a master!” Sesame struggled for a long while, yet to no avail. With the two Demonic Immortals holding onto each end of its body, Sesame was carried out.

Since it was after all her family’s beastie, Zhu Yao had no choice but to follow after them.

Because of her concealment hack, she was not discovered along the way. The two Demonic Immortals happily carried Sesame into the highest temple of Demonic Immortal Palace. As they walked, they even shout out their lungs to announce to the entire world. “Hurry and inform the princess! Your highness Sesame has returned!” It lured in a crowd of spectators.

Sesame’s entire face turned green and its struggle grew stronger. “Release me! What are you two greedy beasts going to do to me? I will never go along with it!”

“…” Can you please not drop your morals at a time like this?

However, no matter how it shouted, its cries had no effect. The two Demonic Immortals joyously carried it into a large hall, threw it on the ground, and then knelt to pay their respects. “My king, we discovered your highness Sesame in the heavenly prison earlier, and so we brought him here.”

“Mn.” A mighty voice sounded from above. “Well done. You two may leave.”

Only then did the two Demonic Immortals  stand  and  make their way back, leaving behind Sesame who was tied into a dumpling. Zhu Yao raised her head and  saw  an  elderly  with white hair and white beard sitting at the throne above the tall stage. He wore a  dark robe,  and blood-coloured  patterns  could be seen embroidered on it. His cultivation level was hard to discern, it was most likely above that  of  a  Heavy  Deity.  He should be the Demon King that the people spoke of.

He lightly swept his eyes towards the “dumpling” on the ground. Even though she was under concealment, Zhu Yao could still feel the pressure emitted from his body. She could not help but feel worried that he was going to do something to Sesame.

“Stinky brat, you’re finally back…” He lightly spoke up and then walked down the stage. An unseeming smile raised from the corners of his lips. “It’s the second time now.” “The hell, if you have the guts, then release this daddy!” Sesame struggled like a fish that had been washed ashore. “Old man, give up. I will never marry that precious daughter of yours.”

The Demon King’s expression darkened, frowning. He raised Sesame up and furiously said. “You’ve already gone done to the Lower Realm twice, yet why can’t you just learn how to be obedient? As long as you agree to marrying Gong Lan, this position of the Demon King would be yours.”

“You sound as though I really want it.” Sesame rolled its eyes. “This daddy doesn’t like her, and so I don’t want to marry her. I like to be unrestrained and free.”

The Demon King’s expression sank, but he  patiently continued to persuade Sesame. “What’s bad about Gong Lan? You two grew up together since young, and you two even ascended together. Just how is she unworthy of you?”

“Everything about her is unworthy of me?” Sesame continued to be stubborn. “I don’t want to marry a two-legged beastie.”

“You…” The Demon King became furious. “Gong Lan is of the feathered race! Have you ever seen a feathered race with four legs?”

“I don’t care!” Sesame said with a shameless look. “I don’t like two-legged people. I only want to marry a little sister of the same race…”

“You… You’re basically being heartless, unreasonable, and nonsensical!”

“You’re the heartless, unreasonable, and nonsensical one!”

“No matter how heartless I am…”

Uhh… why are things developing in such a strange direction, hey?

Wow! Looking at these two’s informal manner of  talking, their relationship isn’t that bad as I thought? It seemed like she was worried for nothing.

“Your race is hard to come by in the first place. Since you really want to find someone from the same race that much…” The corner of the Demon King’s lips twitched, and it looked as though he wished he come bash him up at this moment. He panted heavily and said. “Then find me one!”

“I found one.” Sesame’s eyes instantly shone.


Sesame signaled him to release its bindings. The Demon King hesitated for a moment. Seeing that it wouldn’t play any tricks in front of him, he released his bindings with a wave of his hand. With a flip of its hand, Sesame instantly brought out an enormous egg next to him.

Zhu Yao was stunned. It was that Spirit Guiding Beast’s egg from the Lower Realm. The chap Sesame really brought it to the Higher Realm.

Hugging onto it like it was treasure, Sesame said with shining eyes. “Look, old man! This egg has the same aura as mine. I found it in the Lower Realm. It definitely is of the same race as me.” “An egg like this!?” The Demon King frowned. Just as he wanted to comment further, a Demonic Immortal entered and reported. “My king, Princess Lan wishes to see you.”

Zhu Yao clearly saw Sesame trembling for a moment. Its two hands that were initially tightly holding onto the egg even loosened a little, as though it subconsciously wanted to hide. Is the female lead about to make her appearance? Zhu Yao became excited. After realizing that the Demon King did not have ill intentions for Sesame, she unconsciously fell into drama- watching mode.

“Allow her in.” The Demon King hesitated for a moment, before he said with a wave of his hand.

In just a few moments, footsteps could be heard from the entrance. A handsome and heroic-looking woman entered. She was dressed in a battle armor, as though she had yet to have the time to remove them. There wasn’t any other expressions on her face. With a calm look and an upright stance, her entire body was radiating with unspeakable might.

So… So cool! Even Zhu Yao could not help but give her praise. She had never seen a woman who could be this handsome before. Seeing how Sesame was rejecting this princess so intensely earlier, she even thought that the princess had very terrible looks. In reality, not only wasn’t the girl ugly, she was actually this handsome.

Sesame, are you blind?

Gong Lan slowly walked in, her eyes narrowed at Sesame on the side. However, it had only been for an instant, and she turned her eyes away right after. Clasping her hands, she greeted the Demon King. “Your daughter pays respects to father.”

“Raise your head, raise your head.” Compared to Sesame, the Demon King was clearly being gentle, like the drizzling rain in spring, towards this princess. He personally went up to hold her up. “How’s your mission to Cold Imperial Forest this time? Are you injured anywhere?”

“Thank you, father, for your concern.” She replied with a serious look. “Fortunately, I have already restrained the Sharpice Beast, and it’s now being sent to the heavenly prison.” “Good, good, good.” The Demon King grinned as he patted on Gong Lan’s shoulder. “It’s great that  you’re  back. Coincidentally, Sesame is here as well. Let’s use  this opportunity to set up your marriage ceremony then.”

Gong Lan was stunned. Sesame however immediately exploded. “Are you serious!? Old man, you have gone crazy! I already told you so many times that this daddy here doesn’t like her one bit! I don’t want to marry her.”

“Shut your mouth!” The Demon King glared at him. “This matter will not be discussed. Even if you don’t want to, you have to.”

“This daddy here isn’t going to marry. If you have the guts, then kill me.”

“Do you think I don’t dare to!?”

“Come then!”

Watching the two about to turn their verbal argument into a physical conflict, with a frown, Gong Lan arched her body and said to the Demon King. “May I request my king to cancel his marriage with me.”

“What?” The Demon King was shocked. He looked at Gong Lan with eyes of disbelief. “You… Ever since you were young, didn’t you wish… Lan’er, you must think over this carefully, don’t make such decisions in haste. Don’t worry, if this brat dares to bully you in the future, this old man will be the first one to beat him up.”

Gong Lan turned to look at Sesame with a complicated expression. Heavy-hearted, she looked as though she was concealing many things that could not be put into words. Looking at Sesame’s slight shiver, she awkwardly turned her head back.

She shook her head with a light smile. “No need. It’s  all playful banter from our younger days, it can’t be treated as real. Now… Let’s treat it as though this engagement has never happened.”


“Father!” Gong Lan still continued with a humble tone. “He’ve gone down to the Lower Realm twice. He has already paid a suitable price. Even if we continue to push him regarding this matter, what’s the point?”

The Demon King sank into silence.

“This… You said it yourself.” Sesame weakly leapt up. “You musn’t regret it! I will be leaving now. You’re not allowed to chase after me.”

Gong Lan turned to glance at him, the complicated feelings in her eyes had already disappeared, becoming clearer than before. “Your highness, be well.”

Sesame choked, as though it had just heard something that he it could hardly believe. It’s face was filled with complications.

“Stinky brat! You want to run now? Do you think it will be that easy?” The Demon King was furious, looking as though he wanted to settle some debts. However, Gong Lan stopped him.

Sesame sprinted out of the large hall and left the Demon King’s palace without turning back. Because it was too sudden, Sesame had even forgotten that it could fly. Zhu Yao had almost lost track of it, and when she caught up, Sesame was already lying tired on the ground, panting like a dog. However, a gleeful smile was all over its face, looking as though it had struck a jackpot. “Hahahaha… I finally no longer have to marry that ugly thing! Awesome! Mistress… Mistress…” It danced about for a long while, and then began to look around for Zhu Yao. Though it couldn’t see her, as a contracted beast, it could still sense that she was by its side. Mistress, hurry and come out. Accompany this beastie in its joy.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to cancel the concealment buff on the top right corner of her peripheral vision, a red figure suddenly flashed in front of her. Gong Lan who was still in the large hall earlier suddenly appeared. Sesame was shocked, and then it looked at her cautiously. “You… What do you  want now!? I’m telling you… you were the one who said that you wanted to cancel the engagement. Don’t… Don’t even think of regretting your decision! I don’t like you one bit…”

Gong Lan did not speak. She simply passed Sesame a pearl-like bead.

“What is this?” Sesame was confused. “Tasyoluk.”

Zhu Yao blanked. Tasyoluk? Isn’t that the Secret Realm where I first met Sesame?

Gong Lan gently said. “This is something your mother gave me back then. When you were punished and thrown down to the Lower Realm back then, I had it follow you to the Lower Realm. When you returned the first time, I had it return. Now… Since it’s something that belonged to you in the first place, I’m returning it to you.”

“…” Sesame was dumbfounded for a moment. It hesitantly looked at the bead in her hand, as though it did not know if it should take it back.

Gong Lan however simply stuffed it in its hands. “Father is already at the level of a late-stage High Deity. In just a few more years, he will have to head to the Lightning Divine Palace and enter the tower. He doesn’t have much time left here… You should come back to see him more often. After all, you are the one who truly harbours his blood.” Immediately after, she turned around and materialized a pair of enormous red wings. With a flap of her wings, she did not hesitate, disappearing without a trace. Sesame held onto the bead and stayed motionless for a short while.

A moment later, it then spoke with a blank expression. “Mistress, I… why do I feel so uncomfortable?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at it.

“Hoho… Trash!”

Chapter355: Realm Escaping Godly Artifact

Sesame was really depressed. It clearly did not like Gong Lan, yet when it saw her return the dimensional space that its mother had given her and then leave without a single shred of hesitation, its heart felt numbed, sour, and it even ached a little.

It completely did not understand this situation at all, not to mention it had no experience on this either. It thus decided to seek Zhu Yao, its mistress who had abundant experience, for guidance. However, its mistress, who had always been considerably kind and reasonable, was looking at it with scornful eyes. For a short while, her glare made the hair all around its beastly body to stand. She then chuckled with an ambiguous smile, and patted strongly on its head. With a solemn voice, she said. “Sesame, male chauvinism is a disease which must be cured!”

What is male chauvinism? Why are mistress’s words always so deep and profound? I can’t understand at all, hey!

Zhu Yao sighed. Looking at how Sesame wouldn’t understand even if it scratched its head off, she said. “Let’s put it this way then. Why don’t you want to marry her?” “Naturally, it’s because our races are different. How can we…”

“Speak the truth!” Zhu Yao interrupted it. Don’t even think about using the matter of having two legs and four legs to fool me. Even the Demon King doesn’t believe such words, alright?

Sesame lowered its head, and after a while, it said with a low voice. “I’m… I’m a little… afraid of her.”

“Afraid?” Now this is fresh and new.

“You don’t know how scary she can be.” Sesame complained. “When my mother picked her up, she scratched and tore my face. Because she was a rank higher than me, she bullied me since we were young. When I was young, I was always beaten and injured by her. After that, when I finally managed  to ascend, the moment I make a mistake, she would still beat me up. Just because her cultivation is higher than mine, she thinks she’s incredible! Hmph! I don’t want to marry a female beastie like that!”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. You can’t even beat a woman, and you’re trying to reason with it? “Then she doesn’t have anything good points?” Zhu Yao felt doubtful. “Has she never helped you?”

“Never!” He said angrily. “She would only complain about me in front of my old man, and then they would beat me up together. Yet, both father and mother like her, and pays more attention to her. She’s simply sinister, sly, and shameless…”

“Are you certain?”

“I’m certain!” Sesame gritted its teeth. Suddenly, as though it had thought of something, it muttered. “Unless…  her preventing others from beating me counts as a good point.”

“Others? What do you mean?” Oh, juicy details. Let’s take out a chair.

“In any case… In any case, not only does she beat me up, she beat up other beasts too. She doesn’t allow other beasts to cause trouble for me either.” He frowned and said. “She made everyone afraid of her, and I end up not having a single friend, no matter if it was in the Higher Realm or the Lower Realm. It’s all her fault.” Zhu Yao sized Sesame up for a moment, as though this was her first time seeing such a wonderful piece of work.



“Do you have a brain?” That was clearly a protective behaviour, alright? Didn’t he know how cruel the world of demonic beasts in the Lower Realm was? Because of the lack of sentience, beasties would always fight each other for territories and power. With just the slightest bit of discord, it would be a fight to the death, alright? Yet it still wanted to make friends with other beasts. You’re an idiot, aren’t you?

You have a good girl that protects you wherever you are, and you still have the face to despise her?

“Sesame, I think we should just cancel our pact! I’m afraid that a beastie like you will influence my intelligence.”

“Mistress…” Sesame made a distressed look. “This one is truly pitiful.” “Scram.” Trash, don’t infect my master. “Aren’t we going to the south to find your friend?” She diverted the topic.

“Mn.” He helplessly responded.

“You can’t figure out this matter within a short time, and when it comes to feelings and relationships, outsiders can’t interfere. Why don’t we instead make a move while you think things through?” Zhu Yao looked at it and said. “But you must figure it out yourself. Do you really hate that Gong Lan that much? To the point where you don’t want to see her at all? You need to understand this… There are some things that can’t be found again after missing it once.”

She did not know about Sesame’s thoughts, but that handsome woman earlier did not look like a beast that would treat feelings that casually. She must actually liked Sesame very much, which was why she wanted to marry Sesame. However, with its continual rejections of their marriage, Zhu Yao was afraid that it had already harmed her deeply. One’s heart was not invulnerable after all, it could not endure damages over and over again. If Sesame were to miss this opportunity, even if it were to turn back in the future, it would most likely be too late.

Sesame was silent for a while, and then, as though to evade the topic, it turned away its eyes. “Mistress’s matters are more important. Let us head south.” As it said that, it turned into its original form and lowered one of its wings, hinting her to climb onto its back.

Zhu Yao sighed and climbed up. Right after, Sesame rose into the air. However, it was clearly a little absent-minded this time. Though it did not slow down, it had clearly activated auto-pilot mode.

“Sesame, there’s a stone wall in front. If you continue in this direction, we will crash.”

“Sesame, there are lightning clouds up front. Do you want to be fried?”

“Sesame, there’s a Demonic Immortal ahead. Do you want to be involved in a car crash?”


Even with her constant reminders, it could not stop its death- courting heart. Fortunately, she still had the concealment hack which prevented her from being discovered by the Demonic Immortals. Otherwise, she would have long been caught several times over. Sesame was absent-minded the entire journey, stumbling towards their destination.

She wondered just how incredible its friend was, but in the end, they stopped next to a straw cottage. There was a courtyard in front, and it was entirely empty. Not even a single strand of weed could be seen either. The door of the straw cottage creaked as the wind blew, and the word “poor” could only be used to describe the place.

Though the surroundings were surrounded by mountains and rivers, divine energy was in abundance as well. The environment was pretty decent.

Sesame landed on the ground and took up its human form. It then directly pushed the door open and entered. Zhu Yao followed behind it, but the house was empty without a single figure in sight.

“He’s not here.” Sesame looked around, a little disappointed. However, when it turned its head, it saw a black club on the table. “Eh? This is… Mistress, mistress. Come and take a look.” It suddenly said with an excited look. “With this, you will be able to cross the Realm Tide and return to the Deity Continent.”

“What is this?” Zhu Yao glanced at the object in its hand. It was metallic and had a cylindrical shape, however, it did not have any divine energy circulating around it. It did not look like a divine artifact, and was rather normal without anything unique about it.

“This is an ancient mechanism formation.” Sesame glanced at the club as it focused its senses on it. It then made a few creaking sounds, as though something had been activated. With a swoosh, the cylindrical object that was still just an arm length earlier, suddenly began to pull open. In just a few moments, it wrapped Sesame up.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao was shocked.

“I’m fine.” It responded. The creaking noises sounded once more, and then, that black sheet once again returned to its cylindrical shape. “Mistress, with this, the wind blades of the Realm Tide can be shielded against, and we can return to the Deity Continent.”

“How do you know that this object is useful?” Sesame sized up the club for a moment. It sure looked like a mechanism technique and not constructed by divine arts. It was no wonder it did not have any divine energy.

“I saw my friend use it once.” Sesame explained. “This thing is really sturdy, the wind blades basically aren’t able to damage it at all. Also, it’s not a divine artifact, so it  wouldn’t  be dispelled by the Presenceless wind blades.”

It sounded really incredible. “Then what are we waiting for?
Let’s go!”

Zhu Yao pulled Sesame out of the door.

Eh! Wait a minute.

“It’s not good to just take it away like this, right?” Why did she feel a little guilty as though she had stolen something?

“It’s fine!” Sesame patted on its chest and guaranteed. “In any case, he has a lot of things, so he won’t mind.” “…” To actually make friends with someone like Sesame, it sure is that person’s three lives’ worth of misfortune!

Chapter356: Go and Seek Abuse, Young Man!

The two returned to the borders of the realm, the wind blades there were still slicing the air resoundingly. Before this, she did not feel anything unique about the wind. This time, she unconsciously released her divine sense, only to realize that her divine sense would scatter automatically the moment it were to make contact with the wind blades. As expected of the all- purpose DEL key.

“Let’s go.” Zhu Yao stepped towards Sesame, signalling it to activate that strange machine in its hand.

After waiting a short while, she realized there wasn’t any response. When Zhu Yao turned back to look, it was actually in a daze. This restless idiot could actually be in a daze too!

She had no choice but to knock her fist onto its head. “What are you doing? Open it!” After all, she recalled that there were two guards, one red and one yellow, nearby. What if they were discovered if they dragged this out?

Sesame choked from her knock, as though it had only regained senses  just  now. “Ah!?  Ou!”  It responded  and  then twisted the black tube in its hand. With a few swooshes, a black metallic ball instantly appeared around them, enveloping them inside.

Zhu Yao thought that it would be really dark inside, but unexpectedly, it was actually transparent when looking out from inside. Everything in the surroundings could be clearly seen. She could not help but poke the fabric, and its sturdiness was comparable to scales. In Sesame’s hand, what remained was a black square block, similar to a small toy block.

“This is the formation core. Pressing on it will revert everything back to its original form.” Sesame explained.

“Ou.” Zhu Yao nodded. She did not say much, and simply continued to walk forward. Sesame immediately caught up to her. As they moved, the entire defensive cover moved forward as well. It was rather intuitive. Zhu Yao became a little excited. After all, this was advanced technology! It was a little similar to the technology used in the modern era. It seemed like ancient mechanisms were not limited to just sudoku and gomoku!

They walked directly into the Realm Tide and realized that this defensive cover was really functional. When the wind blades struck it, they would immediately scatter without even making a single echo. Occasionally there would be strong winds, but all they result to were soft and dull thuds.

Zhu Yao’s cautiousness instantly dissipated. She did not know how long the Realm Tide was, and she wanted to get back as fast as possible, but she realized that a certain beastie holding onto the switch was walking slower by the minute. Occasionally, it would turn its head to the back, and then back to the front right after, looking as though it was hesitating about something. Their hurrying pace turned into a light walk, and then finally, comparable to a turtle’s crawl.

Zhu Yao decided to simply stop and let out a deep sigh. “Sesame!”


“Come over here.” Zhu Yao picked up the person next to her, turned around and walked back towards the direction they came from. When they walked out of the Realm Tide and arrived at their starting point, she grabbed the switch from its hand and had it return to its cylindrical shape. She then pointed in the direction of the Demonic Immortal Palace and said. “Go back. I will head to Lightning Divine Palace on my own.” “Mistress…” Sesame was stunned for a moment, and then immediately showed a pitiful look. “Are you going to abandon beastie again?”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “If you’re unwilling to let her go, then go back to her on your own and admit your mistake. It’s fine even if you have to shed off your thick skin, after all, you specialize in it. If you like her, then go f**king woo her back! With how you’re being so wishy-washy and hesitant over here, can you still call yourself a man?”

“Of course not!” Sesame said with a serious look. “I’m not a man, I’m a male beastie.”

“…” The hell! “”Is this the time to mind such details? This old lady here wants you to make a decision, don’t divert the topic here. You’re making my head hurt. Just tell me if you like Gong Lan or not?”

Sesame’s entire face crumpled, looking sad and confused. “I… I don’t know either. I… really hate her.”

“Just because she’s stronger than you, and she bullied you when you were young?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “Mn.” Sesame’s head lowered even further, and a moment later, it replied with a solemn voice. “Even after we’re older, the bullying didn’t end…”

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh. This idiot with low EQ. “Sesame, have you ever wondered why you’re so mindful about her treatment towards you?”

It was stunned for a moment, and then it raised its head.

Zhu Yao said with a sunken voice. “You’re a demonic beast. In order to become a Demonic Immortal, you will definitely have to experience a large number of fights and slaughter. She’s not the only one who has been beating you up, right? Why do you solely hate her then?”

“That’s different.” Sesame argued.

“What’s different?”

“I’m not familiar with other beasties, so I don’t even care about hating them. Furthermore, in the end, I’m the one who ended up beating them up later on.” “Then what about me?” Zhu Yao looked at it. “I’m stronger than you too, and I beat you up a lot as well. Do you hate me?”

“That doesn’t count, you’re my mistress! We have a contract.”

“Fine!” Zhu Yao nodded. “Then how about my master? He utterly abuses you whenever he sees you, do you hate him?”

“I do hate him!”

Zhu Yao sent a slap towards it. “This old lady here is being serious.”

Sesame pitifully rubbed its head. It was being serious though?

“Then let me put it another way.” Zhu Yao said with a low voice. “Gong Lan girly is indeed stronger than you, but it’s not like you can’t catch up to her cultivation level. If there comes a day where your cultivation surpasses hers, what are you going to do?”

“Of course it’s to beat her.” Sesame’s eyes shone. “And then?”

“And then…” Sesame frowned. After pondering  for  a moment, it said. “And then… And then, I will do everything she had once done to me.”


“Like snatching away her enemies and chasing away all of her opponents, so that she won’t ever get the opportunity to make a move again. Then, I will chase away all the male beasties that approach her! How dare they often show off their might in front of me. Everyday, they would stare at her, and whenever she encounter some trouble, they would immediately charge out, not giving her any opportunity to enjoy the limelight. Then I will…” He then stopped halfway through, as though he sensed something was amiss with his words. His face blanked.

Zhu Yao smiled, as she directly lay its thoughts bare. “You want to protect her.”

“…” Its eyes suddenly widened, its face was filled with utter disbelief. How’s that possible? I’m not… “Have you ever seriously thought about why you’re specifically treating Gong Lan so differently?” Zhu Yao continued. “You said that you hated how she would always charge right out in front of you, hated how she stole your limelight, and hated how her cultivation level is higher than yours. These reasons were all due to your cultivation being weaker than hers. If your cultivation level is higher, then you would do the same for her. You’re just dissatisfied that the person charging right at the front isn’t you. You don’t dislike her, you just dislike the feeling of hiding behind her. Sesame, you actually don’t hate her. You just hate the powerless you, right?”

“…” It turned silent, looking absent-minded as though it had sunk into a daze.

When it came to such a dense person, Zhu Yao had no choice but to throw another piece of wood into the fire. “But, you don’t have to worry about it now. She has already decided to draw a clear line between the both of you. In the future, no one else will charge out in front of you, no one else will steal your limeline, and no one will beat you up again… Oh, of course.” She smiled and continued. “She might do it again in the future, but… the beastie behind her will no longer be you.”

“No!” Sesame looked anxious. “Why not? The number of female beasties among  the Demonic Immortals is very few. Without you, she still has a lot more choices. Most likely, she can find one that’s stronger than you, and in the future, there will be someone else protecting her.”

“I can too!” Sesame anxiously argued. “My cultivation  had long caught up to hers. But because I had been going down to the Lower Realm… As long as I recover…”

“So what if you recover? She doesn’t care anymore.”

“…” Its face instantly paled.

“Sesame…” Zhu Yao patted on its shoulders. After all, it was still her family’s beastie, so she could not endure seeing it stay single for life. “Admit it! What you hate isn’t her, but the distance between the two of you! You’re afraid that she’s too far out of your reach, where you can’t catch up to her. What you hate is merely you who hide behind her back, you’re afraid of not being worthy of her. However, have you ever thought that she might’ve just been waiting for you all this while, and that she’s standing at a spot where you can reach as long as you turn around? Don’t let your self-esteem become the weapon that harms your relationship with her. Once the cut is deep, even she will feel hurt.”

“Mistress…” Sesame raised its head, looking even more confused with those teary eyes. “The things you said… I don’t understand any of them at all!”

“The hell!” Zhu Yao wanted to pinch it to death. The chicken soup that she had boiled for so long had all gone down the drain.

“Mistress, what should I do?” Sesame looked like it was about to cry. “What if she really find someone else to bully? The moment I imagine such a thing happening… my heart will feel weird… She’s so violent, other beasties might not be able to take her blows. Only I can… I don’t want her to bully other beasties.”

Great, it still could be salvaged!

“Then go and snatch her back.” Zhu Yao said. “Go back and hug her thighs. Just do all those shameless things that you had done before to Gong Lan.”

“Will that stop her form bullying other beasties?” Zhu Yao nodded. After pondering for a moment, she however shook her head. This stupid beast that could not make any turns still needed another push. “That’s still not enough. You must have an well-known identity in order to remove all future troubles forever.”

“What identity?”

“Marry her!”



Sesame was silent for a moment, but its eyes had grown clearer. As though it had understood something, it immediately reverted back to its original form. “Mistress, I can’t accompany you back to Lightning Divine Palace anymore.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded as she waved her hand. Go and seek abuse, young man! Sesame flew a circle in the sky. Suddenly, it thought of something and turned back. A gigantic egg instantly appeared in front of Zhu Yao. “Mistress, I will give you this egg then.”

As it said that, it flapped it wings and hurriedly returned. In an instant, its figure disappeared into the distance.

Zhu Yao: “…” Do I look like a warehouse?


Zhu Yao turned and looked at the egg next to her. As though she had just figured out something, her expression darkened and she deeply frowned. She looked at the mechanism in her hand, and immediately switched it on. She did not look at the egg behind her and immediately walked into the Realm Tide.

Only when Zhu Yao’s figure was about to disappear into the wind blades did the white egg suddenly move. It hurriedly rolled after her, and then, after reaching about three steps away from her, it steadily followed her pace.

Zhu Yao naturally heard the noises behind her, but did not care about it, nor did she even turn around to look at it. She increased her pace into the Realm Tide, but the frown her face had grown even deeper.

As I thought…

The Realm Tide was very wide. Adding that she could not cast any arts nor fly on her sword, Zhu Yao walked for exactly six hours before she was able to see green spots in front of her. She was finally reaching the other end, and she heaved a sigh of relief. Increasing her pace, she walked out and arrived a familiar yet foreign forest.

She walked a short distance away from the Realm Tide before releasing the defensive cover and have it return to its cylindrical shape. That white egg came rolling out of the Realm Tide as well, stopping about three steps away from here still.

Zhu Yao simply felt a little irritated in the depths of her heart. As she could not fly on a sword, she cast an art and sped into the forest. However, no matter how fast or slow she went, the egg still continued to follow her while keeping the same distance between them, without letting up a single bit. Finally, Zhu Yao could not endure it any longer and stop at the exit of the forest. Letting out a long sigh, she said. “Just how long are you going to follow me…” She turned around and looked at the egg. “Yue Ying.”

The egg stiffened for a moment, stopping in its track.

A moment later, a black light flashed in Zhu Yao’s hand, as that cylindrical mechanism turned into a ray of black light and entered the egg. The initially white egg slowly turned black and the egg that merely had a soft aura earlier suddenly began to contain the essence of life. Lines of cracks grew along the shell while making creaking sounds, and a pitch-black Phoenix appeared from it right after.

In the next moment, that black Phoenix turned into a familiar young boy. Dressed in black clothes, he was extremely skinny, as though he was that Yue Ying who had just gotten out of the iceberg for the first time, while at the same time, he looked similar to the Shao Bai who walked out of the place that was filled with devillic energy. He opened his mouth, as though he wanted to say something.

However, Zhu Yao did not want to hear it. She did not feel bothered to care, simply turning around and going on her way. Yue Ying lowered his eyes with slight disappointment. He did not voice out his sadness, yet he did not dare to fall behind, following after her from afar. If she hurried, he would too, and if she slowed down, he would slow down by the same pace, as though he did not existed.

Zhu Yao intentionally chose the hardest paths to walk. From flipping over large rocks to stepping across swamps. In the end, she was the only one who tired herself, while a certain someone was still keeping pace with her. Yet, she could not vent out the fury in her heart, and merely chose to ignore him.

She walked for a day and a night, before finally spotting a small town in front of her. She instantly heaved a sigh of relief. She decided to find a transportation tool, and even if she couldn’t fly on her own, she should still make a call… Ah pui, she meant using a voice transmission talisman to inform her master to pick her up.

The town was pitifully small, with only about four stalls set up on the street. There wasn’t one that sold voice transmission talismans, though there was one that was selling divine artifacts. She chose the weakest first rank divine sword, and when she touched her pocket, she realized she was a poor beggar. “Dear senior.” The stall owner was an Earth Deity, and he was rather courteous. “It’s fine if you don’t have any divine stones, you can exchange it with something of similar value.”

“Exchange?” They actually offered exchange services.

“Heheh, this is a small business after all.” The stall owner had a wonderful thought in his mind. As his customer was a Profound Deity, someone who was a rank higher than he was, she definitely must have a couple of good items. He might even be able to make a profit. “I’ve just opened the stall today. As long as senior has something to trade, anything can be exchanged.”

A true poor beggar – Zhu Yao! She touched all around her body, yet she couldn’t even take out a single piece of hair. Did she really have to walk back to Lightning Divine Palace on foot? Her legs would break, right? She turned around and glanced at the “tail” behind her. Frowning, she once again confirmed with him. “Can I really exchange anything?”

“Of course!” The stall owner patted on his chest and guaranteed. “Alright then!” Zhu Yao turned around and walked towards the tail behind her. While the stall owner had an excited glow in his eyes, she hugged the tail up and placed it on the stall table. “I shall exchange it with this child then. In any case, we’re not blood-related.”

Chapter357: Let’s Chat About Life

Countless ‘what the hell’ ran across the stall owner’s mind.
You’re playing me for a fool?

“Se… Senior…”

“You can’t?”

“This… This is…”

“He’s a Phoenix! A God race, you know?” Zhu Yao said with a stern look, though it was a black one.

“Hoho… Senior, you’re joking.” Don’t think because you have a high cultivation level, I don’t dare to beat you up, hey!

“If you don’t want to make the exchange, then fine!” Zhu Yao pouted, and then her tone changed. “Then I will give him to you.” After saying that, she turned around and left.

“…” The stall owner was utterly confused. Someone, come over here! There’s an unfeeling beast throwing away her child!

When Zhu Yao was about to walk out of the town, the child that was still obediently sitting on the stall table earlier leapt up and followed after her.

After this ruckus, the fury in Zhu Yao’s heart quelled by about half. As expected, bullying people is the best way to reduce stress!


With her anger vented, Zhu Yao felt that she could make a calm and peaceful conversation now. After rushing a certain distance out of the town, she then went to the side and meditated a little to regulate her energy. Just like that, four hours went past, and her cultivation seemed to have faint traces of making a breakthrough. It looked like in short while, she would be able to become a Gold Deity.

She then turned around to look at the child that was a considerable distance away from her and sighed. “Speak, what happened?” Use this opportunity while I’m still calm. Yue Ying raised his head, looking as though he could not believe that she would actually start a conversation. His eyes reddened and the reflection of the tears shone. Carrying a heavy nasal sound, he called out. “Big sis… Yao.”

The irritation in Zhu Yao’s heart once again slaughtered its way back in. Taking a deep breath, she continued. “You were in that egg the entire time?”

A hint of anxiety flashed across his face, but he still nodded. “Mn.”

“When did you get together with Sesame?” Zhu Yao’s eyes turned cold, frowning. “You two worked together to fool me?”

“No, not that…” He became even more anxious and shook his head strongly, looking as though he was about to cry.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath as waves of anger emitted out from the depths of her heart. If Sesame did not intentionally leave the egg with her, she wouldn’t have linked the egg with Yue Ying, which was why she purposefully left the egg on its own then. When it began rolling to her on its own, she finally ascertained her guess. Back then, when Sesame woke up and saw her body, its first reaction wasn’t actually to wait in Lightning Divine Palace for her master, but instead bring her all the way to the Demonic Immortal Continent for help. She felt it was strange. In this Higher Realm, who had cultivation higher than her master or the Floor Master, to the point where Sesame would unhesitantly bring her over?

Furthermore, Sesame clearly said that because of its relationship with Gong Lan, it did not have a single beastie friend. Yet, it mentioned that it had a friend in the south and that it knew of a way to go across the Realm Tide. Wasn’t this a contradiction? Most likely, the so-called friend it wanted to look for in the Demonic Immortal Continent was Yue Ying himself.

And I actually went my way to help it woo its beloved. To think that it would join forces with someone else to trick me. That ungrateful beast!

However, what she could not figure out was how Yue Ying ended up being inside the egg the entire time. After all, the egg had always been with Sesame.

“What’s with that mechanism?” She suddenly thought of the black cylindrical object that protected her through the Realm Tide. 
“Big sis Yao…” Yue Ying raised his head and replied a little anxiously. “I… wanted to find big sis, but I wasn’t able to… So I thought of a way to cross realms and head to the Divine Realm. I know for a fact that no matter what happens… big sis will definitely find the Sovereign.” His expression darkened, looking a little powerless. “Just that, something happened during the realm crossing.”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank, an answer faintly appeared in her mind and her heart began to ache all of a sudden. However, she immediately reminded herself not to be soft.

“And then?”

Seeing that she still had a calm look, Yue Ying lowered his head in disappointment. Glancing at the corner of her robe, he tightly clenched his fist to suppress the impulse of tugging it. “The World Crossing Door can only stay open for a limited time. Because I couldn’t make it in time, I could only detach my soul. My soul came up, but my body was still left behind with Sesame in the Lower Realm.”

“That’s why you turned into an egg?” Did all God races have emergency management mechanism implanted in them? Back then, during Yi Ling’s instance, that stupid Dragon which smashed her to death reverted back to its egg form to recover after being injured as well. How did Yue Ying know about this method too? She finally understood how Yue Ying, who still harboured the trash spirit veins back then, could cross realms and enter the Divine Realm. Most likely, the reason was not limited to him turning into a Devil, but because he harboured Shao Bai’s memories and had even recovered his status as a God race. This was also why he was a Phoenix when he popped out of the egg earlier. “The mechanism that protected me across the Realm Tide was materialized from your soul?”

“Mn.” He obediently nodded.

It was no wonder Sesame had to head over to the Demonic Immortal Continent. Yue Ying was not in his complete form yet.

“Why did Sesame help you? When did the two of you hook up?” Sesame, you traitor. Just you wait.

“In the Spirit Realm.” He replied truthfully. “It wanted to find you too, so…” So you two hooked up into adultery, ah pui! I meant hooked up for a wicked scheme. Sesame knew that Yue Ying was in the egg the entire time, and still hid it from me. Your guts have grown, brat!

She took a deep breath and looked at the anxious Yue Ying. Only then did the fury in her heart slowly dissipate, as she tightened her fists to suppress her rumbling emotions. Actually, she did not know how she should face Yue Ying either. Naturally, she was furious about his actions. Even when she recalled it now, she really wanted to give this troublesome brat a sound beating.

Especially when it came to what he did in the Spirit Realm, her heart would simply turn cold thinking about it.

That was why when she returned from the modern era, she subconsciously did not want to care about his matters anymore. Even when Sesame intentionally brought him up, she did not want to hear it. However, in the depths of her heart, she understood that escapism was not the way. With his incredibly twisted personality, he would definitely find his way to her sooner or later.

“Yue Ying… I won’t forgive you!” Zhu Yao stared directly at him. “I can never forgive you for what you’ve done in the Spirit Realm.”

His face instantly paled, without a single strand of life to be seen.

“I will never in my life forgive you for wanting to kill little wimp.”

“…” He opened his mouth as though he wanted to say something, but he could not voice it out at all.

Zhu Yao frowned. She stood up and walked straight towards him. Then, she squatted down and looked straight into his eyes that were slowly dyed in despair. With emphasis on every word, she said. “Do you feel sad?”


“Big sis is really sad too.” At that moment, she could barely control her emotions. “Big sis has always thought that you were a good child. Even if you make mistakes sometimes, I believed you, that it’s fine as long as you mend your ways. But your mistakes continue to grow bigger… to the point where they have pierced my heart cold. I can forgive you for anything. Even when you took my life twice, I can treat them as if those incidents had never happened. However… I can’t accept how you use my name to harm those people who love me the same way I do to them. You are constantly trapped at the same spot, unwilling to take that one step. You enclosed yourself in your own small world, expelling everyone else that approaches it. It looks like you’re only willing to open that door for me… But you aren’t willing to come out yourself. Instead, you think of keeping me inside.”

Chapter358: How to Abandon Delusion Treatment

“…” Biting his lips, his little figure began to tremble.

Zhu Yao however did not want him to continue  escaping. “Yue Ying… No, Shao Bai. It’s time for you to grow up. I’ve already told you this many times, that it’s time for you to grow up! You must walk out on your own. In the past, I felt that I could pull you out, but in the end… I’m sorry! There’s nothing I can do now. I can’t forgive your mistakes forever. That’s why, even if you follow me from behind for your entire life, I can never trust you again. It’s because I’m afraid that if I forgive you this time, you will do something that will pierce my heart even deeper next time.”

“Big sis Yao… I’m… I’m wrong.” He raised his head, his eyes were filled with anxiety, regret, and even deep despair. He wanted to grab onto the corner of her robe, but he was afraid that it would make her even angrier.

“I don’t want to hear this.” Zhu Yao shook her head. “I can no longer distinguish truths and lies from your words. However, Yue Ying…” Her expression turned cold, and in an instant, she released a killing intent which he had never seen being emitted from her before. “If there comes a day where you do something similar once more, I won’t mind killing you with my own hands!”

His figure stiffened, as though he could fall at any moment. However, he could not stop Zhu Yao from saying those heartless words.

“That’s why, from now on, I won’t rule out using the most cruelest method to condemn all your actions. You are no longer my little brother, and I don’t want to become your big sister again.”

“Big sis…” His voice was filled with so much despair, that it could scatter with a light breeze.

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh. “Yue Ying, you’ve disappointed me too much, disappointed me to the point of despair.”

“I… I really know my wrongs now… Big sis Yao, you must believe me…”

Zhu Yao shook her head. “If you really know your wrongs, you wouldn’t plead me to believe you, but prove it with your actions.”




After making it clear to Yue Ying, Zhu Yao no longer paid attention to him. Though, she wondered just what was going through his mind, as he still continued to follow after her without making a sound, like a wandering ghost. However, he was no longer that skinny and frail child, instead, he reverted back to the heaven-defying looks that Shao Bai once had.

Zhu Yao wanted to scratch his face in her anger. However, even if she tried to chase him away, he wouldn’t leave, even if she were to scold him, he wouldn’t refute, and even if she fought… she wouldn’t be able to beat him. Someone who can only deal five damage can’t hurt a single thing.

She walked for half a day, and when the sun was right in the center of the sky, she finally stopped. Though she was a Profound Deity and walking did not pose any sort of stress to her, even if she wasn’t tired, she would still get bored of it. After walking in such a mechanical manner for half a day, her lazy bone did not feel like moving any longer. She wanted to hitch a ride with a fellow Deity or a spirit.

However, before the ride could even come, the ambulance had arrived instead. Looking at the two red and white figures flying towards her from afar, Zhu Yao felt like her body was rejuvenated all of a sudden.

“Master…” You’re finally here to pick me up.

The moment Yu Yan landed, he received her embrace. “Yu Yao.” He sized up his stupid disciple for a moment and after realizing that not only was she fine, her cultivation had risen as well, he finally felt at ease.

“See, I already told you that nothing will happen to little little grand disciple.” Yu Jin shook the fan in his hand, his brows curved with his smile. “Her body is marked with my tracking art, so how can I possibly lose her? Look at how anxious you’ve gotten, pulling me out here immediately to look for her. Even if we don’t come, she would have returned on her… Hey, listen to me you, you two.” Do they have to hug that tightly? Can’t they see that there were still two single puppies standing at the side?

Eh? Wait a minute! Two!

“This is?” Yu Jin looked at the black-robed man that was at a considerable distance away, his heart could not help but skip a beat. Just earlier, he actually did not sense his presence at all.

Yu Yan noticed Yue Ying at the back as well, and he unconsciously hugged Zhu Yao even tighter. His expression instantly turned cold. When did he come to the Higher Realm?

Yue Ying still stood there in a daze. He neither replied nor moved, simply staring straight at Zhu Yao.

“Master…” Zhu Yao tugged the person in front of her. She had no intentions to explain either. “Let us return.”

Yu Yan frowned, not probing any further. With a nod, he rose into the air and carried his disciple back.

“Hey, wait for me!” The corner of Yu Jin’s lips twitched. What kind of situation is this? Why did then suddenly leave? He once again glanced at the black-robed man. Would it kill you all to explain? Why are the both of them ignoring him?

Letting out a long sigh, he had no choice but to follow after them with a resentful look.

In the next moment, Yue Ying’s figure instantly disappeared without a trace as well.

With this extravagant VIP transportation tool that was her master, they arrived back at Lightning Divine Palace in less than a quarter of an hour. Not far away behind them was Yue Ying who had followed after them without making a single sound. Zhu Yao could not be bothered about him either, as she followed her master to the courtyard where the stone chairs were.

Yu Yan immediately reached out his hand to check her meridians carefully, and then intentionally asked a string of weird questions. Even Yu Jin stepped forward to check her meridians several times.

“What is it?” Zhu Yao was a little confused. Yu Yan was silent for a moment. With a wave of his hand, a divine sword appeared on the table. Strange marks filled the sword, though the blade was on the verge  of  shattering  and divine energy was scattering away from it. It even looked a little familiar. “This… Isn’t this the divine sword that I was possessing? Why did its rank drop?” She recalled that it was still a second rank divine sword just earlier. Right now, it could not even be considered as a first rank. It would not take long for it to turn into a piece of scrap metal.

“When I retrieved this sword from the storage mystic artifact back then, it began to slowly degrade. These strange marks appeared first, and then, divine energy began to scatter as cracks appeared on it…” Yu Yan frowned and solemnly said. “Initially, your soul was the sword spirit of this sword. Your master had thought that… if a problem had occurred to the sword, something might have happened your own body. Looking at you now, you seemed to be unharmed.”

“Ou.” It was no wonder these two were so tensed. Zhu Yao thoroughly sized up her former avatar that was quickly turning into scrap metal, and then flipped over the blade to have a look. On the other side, the marks were rather neatly gathered at the center, forming a small symbol. Squinting her eyes, she took a close look at it, and the corner of her lips began to twitch. “Not only is she unharmed.” Yu Jin continued. “Little little grand disciple was just a mortal earlier, and she returned as a Profound Deity Paragon. This is simply miraculous. Though this sword on the other hand is about to be destroyed, as though…”

“As though the cultivation from the sword is  being transferred to me!” Zhu Yao continued in his stead.

The two of them blanked for a moment.

Zhu Yao placed the sword down with a darkened expression. That’s right, she finally found out the origin of her cultivation and why she had suddenly turned into a Profound Deity. It was all transferred over from this strange sword. Because a string of words were written clearly on the blade: Data is being transferred, please wait… (70%)


Why was cultivation transferrable? And wireless at that? She was not able to receive a single roaming signal from the Demonic Immortal Continent, so why was she able to receive wireless signals then?

Suddenly, she felt her body turning light, and the sound of something being broken through resounded in her mind. In the next moment, the richness of her divine energy rose by more than twice, and even her Dantian was completely full.

“Little little grand disciple, you’re now a Gold Deity.” Yu Jin was stunned. What just happened? Why did her cultivation suddenly rise just by sitting there?

Zhu Yao silently glanced at that sword. As expected, the string of words changed. Data is being transferred, please wait… (80%)

It’s actually still transferring! Hey, that’s enough from you. Is the Bluetooth cut now?

“What happened to you in the past few days?” Yu Yan asked, his eyes inadvertently swept towards Yue Ying who barely had any sense of presence. “And how did you leave Lightning Divine Palace back then?” “I went to the Demonic Immortal Continent.” Zhu Yao talked about her stay in the Demonic Immortal Continent in the past few days, and then added in her guess about why her cultivation had suddenly risen. Naturally, she included the matters about that traitor Sesame.

After hearing her story, the two were a little dumbfounded. They had heard of sharing cultivation between humans, between Deities, and between humans and Deities, but they had never heard of swords being able to share cultivation with humans.

Just what is this lady made of?

“This incident is strange, but seeing that little little grand disciple now possesses cultivation, her soul must have been stabilized.” Yu Jin said with a serious tone. “In the future, her soul would not leave her body all of a sudden. However, as preventive measures, you should still carry some soul suppressing tools on you.”

“Makes sense.” She did not want to experience switching between two avatars again. Just as she was about to exploit a few divine artifacts, a figure suddenly came charging in, cutting across her at extreme speeds, and then he picked up the sword on the table. Not staying for a single moment longer, he had already risen into the air and flew in the opposite direction they came from.

Zhu Yao was stunned. When she regained her senses, that sword burglar had already flown far away. Strangely,  that figure even looked a little familiar.

“Wait a minute, Aunt Xue, there’s a formation over there…”

Before she could even finish, dozens of lightning bolts thunderously descended together, immediately blasting him back.

A fried and crisp fragrance floated in the air… Mn, and a part of him even looked a little scorched.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Yu Yan: “…” Yu Jin: “…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Didn’t this idiot know that formations would automatically close after entering them?

She hurriedly walked towards where the charred piece of meat had fallen to. Before she could even approach him, Xue Yi had already regained his senses. He let his charred hair sway, and in a flash, he looked at them cautiously.

He gripped onto the divine sword tightly with one of his hands, and said a little anxiously. “Divine sword maiden, don’t be afraid! I will bring you out of here. This daddy’s cultivation is incredible, you know? They’re just High Deities, let me show you how I’m going to smack them down!”

Zhu Yao: “…” You have already turned into charred meat, just where are you getting all that confidence from?

“Divine sword maiden, respond to me? Why aren’t you replying?” Xue Yi’s expression changed. Not caring about the three people in front of him any longer, he shook the sword strongly. “What’s wrong, maiden? Don’t scare me, hey! Wake up…” He shook it for a long while, yet when he realized there wasn’t any reaction coming from the sword, his eyes instantly reddened and his face was filled with grief. He began to hysterically roar out. “Maiden! Maiden, what happened to you? You better not die! Didn’t we promised that once you turn back into a human, we will accompany each other to dust, gallop on horses together, and enjoy the extravagance of the Divine Realm with one another?”

“Who promised you that!?” Flips table! Can this idiot’s delusions be cured at all!? “Master… Listen to me, I haven’t done anything!”

Yu Yan’s expression turned cold as he silently pulled his disciple into his embrace. He really wanted to throw out lightning bolts out of irritation, what to do?

“Divine sword maiden… Sword maiden… Maiden!”  Xue  Yi still persisted in shouting at the sword, but it was all a fruitless effort. Instead, as he continued to shake, Zhu Yao felt that her cultivation had risen quite a bit again, rising straight to the level of a mid-stage Gold Deity.

Chapter359: Your Sister’s a Life Artifact

Xue Yi furiously turned his head around, glaring ruthlessly at the three of them. “You greedy beasts, just what did you all do to my divine sword maiden!?”

Greedy Beast One Zhu Yao: “…” Who’s yours? Faints!

Greedy Beast Two Yu Yan: “…” I’ve already done whatever I should’ve done.

Greedy Beast Three Yu Jin: “…” An innocent bystander who got dragged in.

“Divine sword maiden, I will avenge you!” Xue Yi kept that tattered divine sword, summoned his weapon, and glared at the three of them with an enraged look. “None of you shall even think about escaping today.”

Like I said, where the hell did he get all that confidence from, hey? “Xue Yi, calm down. I’m actually…”

“Shut up!” He coldly glared at her. “This daddy doesn’t want to hear any crap from you lot.”

“…” The hell!

Pointing his sword straight, killing intent instantly burst into the surroundings. “Which one of you is going to come at me first? Step forward!”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She made eye contact with her master, and then… both of them took a step back.

Yu Jin who was now standing in front. “…”

“Good luck, great great grandmaster.” Zhu Yao did a cheering pose.

“Why me?” What happened to the promised love between sect members?

“Haah! We can’t blame him for being alone, right? It’s not good for two of us to bully one of him, and coincidentally, the numbers match if you go up.” Zhu Yao chuckled. Flips table! Is a single puppy not human!?

“Those who are skilled get more work, after all. As they say, friendship first, competition second, don’t be too hard on him now. Now go, Pikachu!”

The hell is a Pikachu?

Xue Yi had already flown forward and launched an attack with a swing his sword. In an instant, icicles shot out from the ground, yet Yu Jin did not even bother moving at all. With a wave of his hand, the icicles shattered inch by inch and turned into water.

Xue Yi once again materialized countless spiritual swords and had them smashing down in an overwhelming manner. However, the moment they touched the ground, they suddenly changed their direction and shot towards Zhu Yao’s direction.

He was actually planning a sneak attack, but it seemed like he picked the wrong target.

Yu Yan frowned. With a release of his pressure, forget about the spiritual swords, even Xue Yi was slammed onto the ground. He was no longer capable of moving. Instant kill!

Haah. He clearly said he wanted a solo battle, yet he went for a one against three instead. Why the trouble?

Yu Yan took a few steps forward. Just as he was about to pull out the divine sword from Xue Yi’s robe, Xue Yi who was still lying on the ground suddenly broke into a smile. Zhu Yao instantly had a bad feeling.

A gust of wind swept over from behind her. When she turned to look, Xue Yi suddenly appeared behind her out of nowhere. It was a clone!

Everything happened too quickly. When she regained her senses, Xue Yi was already slashing his weapon at her. She could even see the cold light reflected by his blade, along with the burst of overwhelming and dark aura behind him.

Zhu Yao’s heart shook and immediately shouted. “Yue Ying!” Stop! In the next moment, a lightning phoenix charged out from her body. With its claw, it struck Xue Yi onto the ground and the crackling lightning sparks blasted Xue Yi, as though he was thrown into a steaming hot pot. The dark aura that filled the sky earlier disappeared without a trace. She instantly heaved a sigh of relief. “Lucky!” It was lucky that Yue Ying had retracted his aura. Otherwise, Xue Yi’s soul would have already been scattered by now.

“Lucky my ass!” Xue Yi could not even move from the pressure emitted by her sword intent, and so he had no choice but to let his mouth run. “What’s so incredible about bullying me with numbers? If you have the guts, let go of this daddy!”

“If you have the guts, then come fight me one on one? So what if you’re the Lightning Divine Palace!”

“This daddy isn’t afraid of you lot. This daddy will avenge divine sword maiden.”

“You lot basically aren’t this daddy’s opponent at all.”

“If you have the guts, then come at me one by one.” His true body and clone happily helped connected each other’s sentences, as though he was not the person responsible for giving up on the one-one-one, and turning it into a sneak attack only to fail and made it a group battle.

Where’s his shame?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Willing her mind, the claw of the lightning phoenix gripped tighter and scattered the clone, turning into two wisps of smoke that returned to Xue Yi’s body. Though he was considerably smart. He knew that he could not defeat Yu Jin and her master, and so she was his target from the start. He had placed a cloning art here from the very beginning, and was simply waiting for her master to leave her side before initiating the attack.

However, he most likely did not expect that she would react so quickly and summon her sword intent!

Zhu Yao could not help but turn around and glance at the figure that was two to three steps away from her. Taking a deep breath, she turned her head back.

Xue Yi could no longer move, and Zhu Yao thus immediately pulled out her “former avatar” from his hands. As expected, the percentage on the sword had already turned to 90%. Just earlier, she instantly leapt from the cultivation level of a Gold Deity to that of a Heavy Deity.

“What are you doing?” Xue Yi grew anxious, yet he could not move at all. “Return me my divine sword maiden.”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes, and then he knocked his head with the sword. “Are you blind!? Can’t you let me talk for a moment? Look carefully. I’m this sword.”

“Ah?” What did she mean? Xue Yi was confused. “You’re… divine sword maiden?”

“Mn.” She nodded. “I’ve already turned back into a human.”

“Don’t you think about lying to me.” Xue Yi instantly grew agitated as he looked at her scornfully. “Hmph, how could my divine sword maiden possibly look like you? She definitely has a graceful figure, peerless beauty, a set of healthy thighs and powerful arms, and also a sincere heart that’s filled with infatuation for me. She can also be wrapped around with me till the end of the world…” Hey, your morals are gone!

“I don’t care if you believe it or not. In any case, I am this sword.” Zhu Yao could not be bothered with him any longer, as she turned around and walked away.

“Hey, don’t go. Return me my sword!” He still persisted.

Zhu Yao glanced at the 95% count on the sword. She tried to use divine energy as a guide, and as expected, a large amount of energy was pouring into her body. This speed was comparable to dropping off bluetooth and connecting to a LAN port directly for data to be directly retrieved. The number on the sword also increased from 95%, to 96%… to 97%… to 98%…

Oh right, at the very end, this string of text flashed. MIssion Complete!

Zhu Yao immediately rose into a High Deity.

The sword was letting out crackling sounds as it began to shatter. “Divine sword maiden…” Xue Yi’s face was filled  with sadness. It was unknown where his strength came from as he suddenly charged right out and snatched the sword in her hand. “Return her to me!”

“Wait a minute.” Don’t move!

Zhu Yao could not stop him in time, yet when Xue Yi touched the sword, he was fiercely deflected away with an incredible force. Xue Yi instantly fainted.

At this moment, the blade that was initially about to shatter suddenly shone a bright red.

Yu Yan realized something was amiss as well and his expression sank. Just when he wanted to step forward, he realized that he could not move at all, and this was the same for Yu Jin. The two of them were rooted to the ground. “Yu Yao!”

Zhu Yao did not know what was going on either, but the sword in her hand began to peel itself layer by layer. The blade that was initially as wide as her palm was now as thin as her finger. The sword flashed with a bloody red glow while endlessly reverberating a sharp noise. All of a sudden, the depths of her heart began to resonate with it, as though her heart was following the beat of the reverberations. The sword intent that she had yet to retract earlier charged upwards, slicing through the skies with a long cry. After circling around the sky, it suddenly entered the sword in her hand.

In the next instant, the sword left her hand as it turned into a red ray of light and entered her forehead. The irresistible suppressive force in the surroundings then disappeared without a trace.

“Yu Yao…” Yu Yan pulled his disciple over and checked her body. The incident earlier was too strange. He was actually unable to resist that light himself, and he could not help but feel a little anxious. “How do you feel?”

“Master, I’m fine…” Zhu Yao was confused herself as well. “But… in my divine sense… there seems to be sword in it now.”

Yu Yan was stunned, frowning. “Life Artifact!”

“Life Artifact?” Is it the same as master’s divine artifact? As she exerted her will, a red light suddenly flashed and an entirely red sword appeared in her hand. Different from the other weapons she had wielded before, it felt like it was in sync with her mind and was a part of her body,

“Eh? Why can’t I sense the rank of this weapon?” Yu Jin walked over with curious eyes. He looked at his little little grand disciple’s red sword, and he grew even more puzzled. The sword was actually not emitting any aura, as though it did not exist. Yet, it faintly carried an indescribable pressure, that made it hard for people… to look straight at it!?

Yu Yan said with a sunken voice. “This sword is neither spiritual, divine, nor a godly artifact…”

“Then what is it?” Her former avatar twirled around and turned into her Life Artifact. Just this incident alone  was already profound and mystical on its own. Why was there a need for things to be this complicated?

Yu Yan exchanged glances with Yu Jin, and they both shook their heads. They did not know either.

“Little little grand disciple, finding a Life Artifact is already impressively fortunate event.” Yu Jin smiled as he reached out his hand in an attempt to stroke her head, while giving her a few consoling words. However, he received a “cold glare” attack from the side. Left with no choice, he weakly retracted his hand. “Don’t worry, this sword is now in sync with your mind and heart. It can only be of aid to your cultivation.” Though she was already a High Deity now.

“Really now?” Zhu Yao felt at ease. Actually, she long wanted a weapon of her own. Those days without a single transportation tool was incredibly tiring, you know? Furthermore, this was her Life Artifact, and it would be stored in her divine sense in the future. Even if she were to change avatars, it would be binded to her. The thought of not needing to hitchhike any longer made her a little excited. Though, the colour of the sword was a little strange, the blade itself was a little small, its properties were a little unclear, and even though the two words on the blade were a little ugly…

Wait a minute!


Zhu Yao looked at it carefully. At the center of the blade, two bolded arial-font words were written on it – Installed Patch! …

Her smile stiffened, and her expression instantly darkened. She pushed out her hand and threw the sword on the ground. As though she was venting her anger, she stomped her feet strongly on the ground. Then, she turned around and entered the house.

Realmspirit, I will cuss at your granddaddy!


Xue Yi woke up after being unconscious for three days. No matter what Zhu Yao said, he did not believe that she was that sword. Zhu Yao could not be bothered to explain anymore either. Initially, she wanted to release him out of Lightning Divine Palace as he wished, but great great grandmaster Yu Jin’s Disciplinary Order unexpected shone again.

The one who sought for help was once again the Gold Deity that wanted to kill Xue Yi. Furthermore, he was not the only one this time. The entire Divine Realm was now looking for Xue Yi. Xue Yi’s initial plan was to take the divine sword and flee this place, but now, Lightning Divine Palace had unexpectedly become his safe haven.

“Little little grand disciple, what do you think we should do?” Yu Jin smiled as he shook the glowing Disciplinary Order in his hand. Ever since he accidentally got teleported back then, he altered all of the Disciplinary Orders and implemented the manual teleportation mode.

Zhu Yao sank into silence for a moment, before she solemnly said. “Let him out of Lightning Divine Palace.”

Yu Jin was stunned and found it a little strange. “I thought… you would want to protect him.”

Chapter360: Let’s Clear the Tower Together, Young Maiden

“I indeed thought like that in the past.” Zhu Yao frowned. “Because from my perspective, Xue Yi did not do anything extremely vile. Though there were many people who came hunting him down and sought trouble with him, claiming that he’s an evil Deity, I did not see those acts with my own eyes. So it’s natural that I don’t resonate with them. Instead, as a weapon, Xue Yi did take care of me considerably well. Though his words were a little irritating, at the very least, he did not use me to attack his enemies.”

“Then why…” Yu Jin became even more confused. “If he leaves Lightning Divine Palace now, even if I don’t cause trouble for him, the various sects and clans may not let him off easily. It can be imagined just how hard his life will be. If you do this…”

“Then, from what you’re saying, I should let him stay and protect him under the Lightning Divine Palace’s name? After that, chase away or kill all those who are looking for him for trouble?”

Yu Jin frowned and did not reply. “I understand Floor Master’s intentions. I indeed  had thoughts of helping him in the beginning. Though we were together for merely a few days, we are still acquainted to a certain degree. If I simply left him to die, it will indeed hurt my conscience a little. That was why I didn’t stop great great grandmaster from bringing him here back then.” Zhu Yao sighed. “There was even that one moment when I thought that it would be great if we could have him stay in Lightning Divine Palace. That way, no one will be able to find him. However… If I do that, Xue Yi will still be Xue Yi, and no change would occur to him like this. The people that died in his hands cannot be revived, and the sins he had committed cannot be cleansed. There’s an even a possibly that it would worsen in the future, that more lives would die in his hands and he would become even worse than now. In that case, if I truly decide to help him, I will become the executioner that’s handing him the  knife. With every blood he spills, half of it will be on me.”

“Xue Yi indeed did not do anything bad to me in any way, but he’s not a good person either.” Zhu Yao said solemnly. “At the very least, in the eyes of the various sects, and in the eyes of all the people hunting him down, he’s most likely an evil Deity whose hands are completely stained in blood. This point cannot be changed just because he treated me well. A wrong is a wrong. This cannot be changed even if the motive for doing the act is correct. This is the same as how a murderer’s sin cannot be removed just because he once saved someone. A rapist cannot be forgiven just because he truly loves his victim. Taking that Gold Deity from before as an example, he and his wife were innocent, yet Xue Yi killed his wife just for a single cave residence. Even if this matter doesn’t concern me, I don’t recognize his actions. Though the Divine Realm is built upon the law that strength reigns supreme, I feel that in this world, nothing is more important than life itself. Since he had actually done it, then he should shoulder the consequences.”

Yu Jin let out a long sigh. “You’re planning to hand him over to the sects and clans?”

“Nope!” Zhu Yao shook her head. “I’m not an attorney. I don’t have the authority to judge someone’s sins. And it’s not just me, this goes the same for the sects and clans as well. Xue Yi had done many bad things, but out of all of these Deities that had ascended, who could say that they had never done a single wrong? And which one among them do not have their hands stained with blood? They had all done the same once, so who could judge others on what’s right and wrong? Even those that came forward to hunt Xue Yi today might not be doing it for the sake of justice either.”

“Then, you…” Yu Jin was utterly confused.

“Let them  tear  up  their  own  matters  between  themselves. Since neither side is good, then I might as well not bother myself with either side.”



“So, Floor Master, please release Xue Yi. I will not protect him or help him carry his debts of blood. Because I do not wish to become an accomplice. I will not hand him over to the sects either, because they do not have the authority to judge or punish others. If Xue Yi wants to hide, the sects might not be able to locate him either. If the sects truly have the intentions to hunt him down, they will have the ways to do so. Only time can tell everything, while I… will simply be myself.”

Yu Jin was stunned for a while. Suddenly, he laughed, and his laughter continued to grow louder. “Little little grand disciple, you… sure shock me quite a bit.” Taking the opportunity Yu Yan wasn’t here, he reached out his hand to stroke her head. For some reason, he could faintly see something that that could not be found in the  entire Divine Realm, something known as an “untainted heart”. Though it was a little silly, it was unexpectedly something that could make people envious. Zhu Yao awkwardly stepped aside and then slapped away his hand.

He did not mind either, and simply shook his head as he waved his hand to cast an art. In an instant, the heavy lightning clouds that surrounded Lightning Divine Palace scattered as one formation after another was released. Right at that moment, a blue figure turned into a ray of light and flew straight out.

It was Xue Yi.

“Haah, it seems like even if you want to save him, he seems eager to head out?” Yu Jin said smilingly.  “Most  likely,  he would seek you out to avenge that ‘divine sword maiden’ or something. Even if that’s the case, will you still persist on staying your hand?”

“Who can tell the future? What I can do is simply hold on to this self of mine of this moment, and prevent it from being changed by this world.” Zhu Yao glanced at him and then suddenly smiled. With a joking tone, she said. “If everyone had held onto their own selves, maybe the world could have changed by now?” “…” Yu Jin was stunned. Suddenly, he felt as if his heart quivering, as though the sun had appeared after the clouds had scattered.

Before he could even understand what this feeling was, the earth and heavens suddenly shook. The entire Lightning Divine Palace began to tremble. Rays after rays of blinding light appeared above its peak, instantly shining the entire floating mountain with a spectrum of colours.

“Lightning Divine Tower!” Yu Jin’s expression changed, and in an instant, his figure disappeared without a trace.


Zhu Yao was a little confused as well as she watched the sudden burst of strange light rays raining down. The light consisted of all sorts of colours.

This… Is the sky raining down rainbows?

The light did not have any offensive capabilities, and when bathed in it, she instead felt a comfortable and warm. Why did she find it a little familiar though? Before she could even ponder about it, she heard a light buzz. Her Life Artifact suddenly flew out on its own and circled around her. When she reached out her hand, it then returned to her grasp. No matter how she looked at it, it seemed a little excited.

“The light is coming from Lightning Divine Tower.” Her master walked out from the house as well. He looked at the sky and said. “An unforeseen event must have occurred. Wait for me here, don’t run off.”

“Wait!” Zhu Yao pulled onto her master. “Let’s go together.”

Yu Yan hesitated for a moment, before he finally decided to grab hold of his disciple and fly to the peak.

The moment they arrived, they were stunned by the tower in front of their eyes. The tower that was initially as clean and white as jade, was beginning to open up from the very bottom, as though a layer of its skin was being ripped apart. The tear slowly rose upwards, leaking out colourful streams of light.

Zhu Yao once saw the Lightning Divine Tower opening up before, but the tower was being more open this time. The tear in the body of the tower was constantly rising up, and slowly, what they could see with their naked eyes were just the colourful streams of light.

“Great great grandmaster…” She could not help but call out to Yu Jin who was standing in front with a stern expression.

“I don’t know the reason either.” He sighed and said. “I did not activate the Floor Master’s divine token, yet the Lightning Divine Tower opened up by itself. Furthermore, the way it’s opening itself is…” Too strange.

If what the Lightning Divine Tower was doing now was considered as opening its tower gates, then what they had been doing in the past was just digging holes. It was as though the entire tower was shedding its skin, as its white parts were slowly being replaced with blinding rainbows. Presently, not just Lightning Divine Palace, even the entire forest below was being showered by the light.

The three of them were dumbfounded. They did not know if this was a good or bad thing either. They could only watch as the white portion of the tower rise higher and higher, and finally disappearing into the horizon. What was revealed in the end was a tower body with dazzling colours, and an enormous ‘bug’…


Why are the three letters ‘bug’ written on the tower surface!?

When did the Lightning Divine Tower become a bug? It clearly wasn’t just before! Is it hinting her to enter the tower?

You’re treating this as a MMORPG, hey!?

“Yu Yao…” Yu Yan at the side suddenly turned his head and looked at her, his hand tightly held onto hers.

Zhu Yao was startled, and she suddenly widened her eyes. “Master, don’t tell me you too…”

“Mn.” He nodded.

It can’t be? Why is master able to see it too? Realmspirit, what are you trying to pull? Ting!

Suddenly, a string of red words flashed in front of her eyes: Your vacation has ended. Brave young maiden, it’s time to begin on your final journey!

Vacation? So the reason why she hadn’t seen a single bug before, was because she was still on vacation. Then what was with switching her avatars back and forth? Who the hell would wear their work clothes daily during their vacation? Zhu Yao was instantly enraged, and she seriously wanted to pull out that shameless person behind the string of red words.


The string of red words in front of her flashed, changing into
another set of words: Congratulations on completing the ‘Correcting the Source Code’ Quest. You are rewarded with a catfight expert. You are rewarded with the title: Pui! Let’s just say I was blind!


“…” What does these all mean? Are you certain you’re not cussing at me? Is this ‘catfight expert’ referring to the case with Xue Yi?


Before she could even reach, the string of words once again changed: Final Quest has now been activated. Description: Enter the tower! Clear Reward: Plane Movement Permit (Amount: 2).


Zhu Yao could barely control herself and she had almost crashed into the string of red words. With widened her eyes, she ascertained herself that she was not seeing things! Putting aside how she was informed about the quest beforehand and that it was clearly stating that this was the final quest, the key thing here was that clear reward, the Plane Movement Permit! She wasn’t seeing things, right?

“Master, can you pinch me a little?” Please tell me it isn’t a dream?

The hand Yu Yan was holding onto hers with tightened. Though he could see the word ‘bug’ on the tower surface, he could not see the string of red words. Looking at his disciple’s tensed expression, he could not help but pull her a little closer and said with a sunken voice. “Are you sure?”

Zhu Yao nodded. No matter if this was truly the final quest or not, she had to clear it for the sake of the Plane Movement Permits.

Yu Yan sighed. Reaching out his hand, he habitually stroked her head and said with a low voice. “Your master shall accompany you.”

“… Mn.” Zhu Yao hugged her master. This time, they were not going to split up again.


“The cause behind this situation is still unknown.” Yu Jin inspected it for a short while, but he still could not figure out any clues. “I think it’s best for us to return… Eh? Where did they go?”

He looked around, yet he was about to find their figures. A cold breeze blew…

He turned around and looked at the Lightning Divine Tower which had its doors wide open. As a Floor Master who had guarded the tower for n thousands of years, he suddenly had a bad premonition.

He recalled that… his little little grand disciple seemed to have just reached the cultivation level of a High Deity.



Can I ask something? Can I cuss at someone?


The moment they entered the tower, Zhu Yao’s vision was occupied by darkness. Everything in her surroundings had disappeared. She grew anxious and she subconsciously looked for her master, but she couldn’t see anything at all.

At this moment, it was as if a lantern had swept across her mind. Flashing past was everything that had happened to her ever since the first day she came into this world. Not a single detail was missed out, including those long forgotten memories… and those memories that were “intentionally” forgotten.

She trembled at that moment. Things that she couldn’t figure out before were suddenly all clear to her as she linked up every single clue she had. The anxiety in the depths of her  heart instantly disappeared without a trace.

Looking at the surroundings, she found it a little funny. She actually took so long to guess this out, and she found herself quite stupid.

Taking a deep breath, she called out. “Realmspirit.”

The moment her voice fell, the dark space suddenly flashed. A familiar QQ chat window was hanging in the air with the same familiar interface. Realmspirit: Yo, young maiden! I missed you so much. How was your vacation? Did you have fun? Did you get me a souvenir?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. As expected, he deserved a beating for daring to bring up that troll of a vacation. She had to take a deep breath in order to suppress the irritation in the depths of her heart. She glanced at the chat window with the corners of her eyes and sighed. “Are you sure you’re going to talk to me like this forever? Realm! Spirit!”

The screen did not have any reaction for a while. After a long time, a question appeared on the screen.

Realmspirit: You found out?

“You didn’t keep it from me since the very beginning, did you?” Zhu Yao pouted. “Realmspirit, Realmspirit! The moment you first contacted me on that very day, you had already clearly told me your identity. Realmspirit… The spirit of the Three Realms.”

The moment her voice fell, the chat window disappeared with a flash. Even the entire space underwent a change. Like curtains rolling up, an immensely beautiful scenery appeared in her surroundings. Beneath her feet was a sea of flowers, and divine mountains and blessed lands could be seen afar. Mountains shrouded in divine energy were floating in the air above, and there were even waterfalls flowing down like silver silk. A pleasant scent was suffused in the air.

The scenery here could not be compared by any of the places she had seen in the Divine Realm.

Five steps away from her, a figure was slowly appearing. Dressed in a snow-white robe, he possessed a peerlessly beautiful appearance. With just a small smile, he could turn overshadow everything in his surroundings. He walked over to her with a smile, and the surrounding flowers and plants split to the two sides on their own, making a path for him. They even bent their stems, as though they were worshipping him in silence.

Her appearance was reflected  within  his  ink-black  eyes,  and he reached out a hand towards her. “Zhu…”

Before he could even finish, Zhu Yao grabbed onto his arm and pulled him. Stepping to the side, she then held onto the back of his head and heavily slammed him into the dirt on the ground.

“Aiya! It huuuuuurts…” The flowers at the sides instantly moved several meters away.

“The hell did you take up my master’s appearance for?” Don’t think I won’t dare to bash you up if you take up that appearance. I’ve endured you for far too long!
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