My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 341-350

Chapter341: Become One with the Darkness, Single Puppy

Everything happened too quickly, and not even seven minutes had passed. When they regained their senses, only the drizzling sprinkles of golden light remained in the sky.

“They disappeared…” People from the various sects that were present watched the entirety with dumbfounded faces. The scene earlier was simply too astonishing, and even now, they still could not figure out what just happened.

“It’s Ling Tian. As expected, Ling Tian is a Devil. She disappeared along with the black holes.”

“That’s right. That must be it. Her disappearance appeased the anger of the Deities of the Higher Realm.”

“The light earlier must have been the mystic arts of an incredible expert.”

“See, I told you that Reverend Fan is the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace. She is the one who bears the fate of the heavens. That Devil Ling Tian truly deserves her death.” The crowd threw their opinions among each other, and the more they conversed, the more they ascertained their guess. They actually made it such that the phenomenon earlier was Ling Tian’s deserved retribution. There were even some who were persuading Fan Zhishan to inherit the position of Sect Master as soon as possible.

“The heavens are watching over us! The Devil Ling Tian’s death isn’t even worth sympathizing over!”

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao grew even more furious as she listened, and she exploded out with a voice transmission enveloped with godly energy. In an instant, the crowd of practitioners in the sky could not resist against the pressure. Those with high cultivation levels puked out mouthfuls of blood, while those with low cultivation levels instantly fell off the sky.

Zhu Yao made her way out of the courtyard and towards the plaza at the center of the main hall. Her  Gold  Deity’s  divine energy circled around her, as she looked the pale-faced  crowd who looked all honorable just earlier. She could  not  help  but smile coldly. Ling Tian sacrificed her own life to save  such  a bunch of people. “I have seen stupidity before, but I have never seen people who are hopelessly stupid like you lot.” “You… Who are you?” The practitioners that were still in the sky all had frightened faces. A pressure that was as terrifying as hers was something none of them had seen before. Even a Demigod could not resist it. When did such an incredible practitioner appear in the cultivation world?

“Who am I?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed, the anger in her heart could not be suppressed no matter what she did. She turned to sweep her eyes across the crowd of self-righteous people in the sky. “Didn’t you lot say that the phenomenon earlier was because of the wrath of the Deities of the Higher Realm? Then, I shall let you people witness, what a Deity’s wrath really looks like.”

The moment her voice fell, she let out her will. In an instant, tribulation lightning bolts descended from across the huge skies. Bolts after bolts of lightning struck down like spiderwebs, enveloping the entire earth. Lightning sparks filled the place, and every lightning bolt seemed to carry power that could destroy the heavens. The mountains and earth shook, and the light of the sun and moon could not be seen.

The lightning display was too astonishing, and even the tribulation lightning faced by a Demigod could not be compared to a tenth of the might exuded by a single one of these lightning bolts. Even though none of those lightning bolts struck them, this display had already shaken them to the core. Even the Demigod Pi Shi’s arms could not help but lightly tremble. One bolt. Just any one of theses lightning bolts here definitely could definitely turn anyone here into ashes. This was something that no one would suspect. Power like that was basically not something mortal practitioners could achieve.

In an instant, everyone had the same answer in their minds. That person was a Deity. No one dared to speak, let alone dare to refute. They simply stood there stiffened, and they did not even dare to breathe too forcefully. They were afraid that the lightning bolts would curve due to a moment of the Deity’s anger.

Zhu Yao struck down the lightning bolts for over fifteen minutes, before she was able to suppress the impulse to exterminate them, into the depths of her heart. She slowly retracted the encirclement of tribulation lightning bolts, but the surroundings of Grandhall Sect had long been destroyed beyond recognition.

The entire site was instantly enveloped in a strange silence.

Unexpected, the one who made the first move, was Bai Li who had been standing next to Fan Zhishan the entire time. He seemed to be in a slight daze, as he looked blankly at Zhu Yao who was on the ground, muttering. “Lo… Lord…” In an instant, he felt as if the blood in his entire body was crying out, the slightly uncontrollable desire to approach her was pouring out.

Fan Zhishan wanted to pull onto him on reflex. “Bai Li!”

However, he completely ignored her and immediately flew down, his face was a little red from embarrassment and fluster. Though, most of it seemed to be due to a strange irresistible conviction, as he unconsciously knelt in front of Zhu  Yao. “Lord.”

Zhu Yao simply gave him a cold glance.  She  did  not  have  a good impression of this beastie.  The  reason  why  he  was kneeling in front of her now, was merely  because  of  her  real body – the Sacred Dragon Scale, and the influence of the World Favourable Impression ability. The resulting suppression in bloodlines led him to think that she was of the Dragon Race.

“Bai Li, someone else will naturally come and settle some scores with you regarding your betrayal towards your race.”

Bai Li did not retaliate. He simply prostrated with even more respect, yet his figure was trembling slightly after hearing her words.

“Bai Li…” Fan Zhishan called out worriedly, however, the other party did not respond to her at all. Her face instantly paled. Looking at the cold Zhu Yao, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

Among the shocked crowd, there were finally some who began to regain their senses. One of them spoke in a docile manner. “Hono… Honourable deity, you have misunderstood! We are not here to seek trouble with Grandhall Sect.” This person saw that she appeared from within Grandhall Sect, and naturally thought that she was giving Grandhall Sect support. How could the cultivation world possibly offend a Deity? He had no choice but to bite the bullet and explain. “Regarding today’s incident, it’s simply because someone impersonated as the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, and we’re here to capture the culprit.”

“Impersonate?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed. She looked towards Fan Zhishan and said. “Are you saying she’s the true  Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace?”

“Yes, that is correct.” That person hurriedly nodded. “Open your stupid eyes and watch carefully!” Zhu Yao immediately threw a piece of spirit stone into the air. After a closer look, that was a normal Visual Recording Stone, the size of a regular palm. She chanted an incantation and instantly, that Visual Recording Stone emitted out a brilliant glow, shooting out an enormous holographic screen in the sky.

The scenes being broadcasted were something that people found unsightly, with their faces reddening and their hearts racing. In the scenes, three men and one woman was currently in intense interlock. Though there wasn’t any sound, the obscene images still made everyone unconsciously turn their heads away. Not to mention, among the main actors inside the video, other than one who had already lost his life, the other three were all present on-site. This fact had made them feel all the more ashamed.

Pair-practitioner arts naturally existed in the cultivation world, so desires for the physical body were not something to be restrained. However, the masses had always respected relationships between one man and one woman, while this form of “mob” cultivation, was rarely seen in the  world. Furthermore, every single person inside the video was a well- known practitioner, and this fact was enough to shock the masses. The crowd could not help but turn to look at the female lead Fan Zhishan and the troupe of male practitioners behind her. Their eyes gradually carried slight intents of disdain. Suddenly, they began to understand why Fa Yu had shouted those words.

“Honourable deity, you… this… what’s the meaning of this?” Cao Qi finally could not help but speak up. He had a furious look on his face, however, he did not dare to go over the top either, to prevent offending her out in the open.

The crowd was doubtful as well. It would be understandable of she could not get used to Fan Zhishan’s private affairs and simply wanted to expose her a little. However, they were clearly talking about the topic of Spirit Heaven Palace’s Sect Master earlier. Though there were very few people in the cultivation world who had chaotic private lives, and especially so for female practitioners, it was not like there were none. After all, cultivation was a lonely path, and there would always be people who wished to find some fun. If it’s just because of this point, it’s not enough to prove that she was not the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace.

“Shut up.” Zhu Yao glared at him, and her pressure was once again released, rooting the crowd still. “Watch on!”

Probably because the tone she used was too cold, the crowd could not help but once again fixate their lines of sight on the holographic screen. In the beginning, everyone was still trying to dodge looking straight on. After all, they were not exactly beautiful sceneries. However, as they watched on, they realized something was amiss.

“Eh, what are those lights behind them?”

“Why are there such strange lights? All of them have them!”

“The other three only possess lights of a single colour, why does Reverend Fan’s look so strange?”

“What’s that strand linking them in the middle?”

“That strand comes from Reverend Fan’s body. She’s absorbing the lights of the others!”

“… Just what in the world is that mystic art?”

Zhu Yao swept her gaze at the stunned practitioners, and coldly laughed. “For the sake of a heretic practitioner that absorbs the luck of others for her own cultivation, you people furiously came here to exact justice. On the other hand, the saviour that sacrificed her own life to save this world from the verge of collapse became the Devil that you claimed her to be. With such inability to determine right from wrong, you think you people are actually worthy of becoming Deities!?”

Everyone widened their eyes. Absorbing luck! The light that they saw earlier was actually luck! There was actually a heretic practitioner in this world that could absorb people’s luck! In an instant, the faces of everyone paled, as they all thought of the meaning behind this turn of events. Even the female lead’s harem members had faces of utter disbelief as well.

Fan Zhishan’s face had turned especially dark. The biggest secret in her heart was exposed in front of everyone here, and the evidence was even right there in the sky. In an instant, she felt her entire body turning ice-cold, as she truly felt that she had already lost this time. Even if she were able to somehow flee, she would not be able to escape the pursuit from all the clans and sects.

Gritting her teeth, she instantly regained her senses. Before the crowd could even react, she suddenly escaped Zhu Yao’s pressure and flew straight towards her. With a flip of her hand, an enormous scythe-like weapon appeared and she swung it towards Zhu Yao. The three letters ‘bug’ that covered the entire weapon were especially evident. She no longer had any path of escape, so why not pull off a final desperate struggle? The moment this Deity appeared, she saw it. That special luck that Zhu Yao possessed was an unique-shaped luck that she had never seen before. Just by looking at it, Fan Zhishan could not help but tremble. For some reason, she suddenly had a feeling that as long as she could obtain that luck, she could do anything.

Zhu Yao basically did not dodge at all, instead, she flipped her hand and a weapon with the exact same looks appeared in her hand, just that the word ‘bug’ was not on it. With a swing of her arms, Zhu Yao instantly shattered the three letters in Fan Zhishan’s hands.

Fan Zhishan was instantly deflected several meters away, and she puked out one mouthful of blood after another. Her eyes were widened, as she looked at Zhu Yao with a face of utter disbelief. “This… This is impossible!”

“It’s strange that I can do it too, right?” Zhu Yao walked over. Ever since she saw that special bugged weapon that Fan Zhishan possessed, Zhu Yao knew that it was formed by a certain part of her body. Luck existed in everyone’s body like how a soul did, yet, it was the most ethereal of them all. If one wanted to steal it, then only something similar or exactly the same could possibly slice off luck. She had always been trying to figure out what it was. Only when she was ousted out of Ling Tian’s body by Fa Yu, did she figure out that it was divine sense! During her unlimited reincarnations, only the things in her divine sense had always accompanied her in her reincarnations. This was sufficient proof that divine sense was something at the same plane of existence as luck.

“Remember my words.” Zhu Yao raised the weapon her hands. “When you come out to make a mess, there will always come a day when you have to pay for it all.”

With a swing of her hand, she instantly swung down while relying on the positions of the spiritual energy in her memories. That weapon did not touch her body in the slightest, yet Fan Zhishan let out a heart-wrenching miserable cry.

“No!” Her face paled. She turned around in a fluster,  as though she wanted to pick up something from the ground. She grabbed them several times, yet, as though the objects she picked up could flow away, she constantly tried to hold onto them firmly, her eyes were dyed in complete madness. No, no, no… My luck. They are all mine! Mine!”

Zhu Yao let go of the divine sense she materialized, and had it return into her body. With one hand, she cast an art and then slammed her palm towards the female lead’s body. Her Dantian was instantly shattered, and all of her cultivation crippled. She had even casually left a seal in her body, preventing her from stealing anyone else’s luck ever again.

All of the spiritual energy in Fan Zhishan’s body instantly scattered, yet she looked as if she did not feel any of her injuries at all. She had already fallen into madness, as she crawled on the ground, desperately attempting to pick up the luck on the ground.

Zhu Yao’s eyes sank, the anger in her the depths of her heart finally began to disperse. She raised her head and glanced at the sky, not a single one person dared to speak up for Fan Zhishan, and that included the men inside her harem. Their eyes were either dodgy or showed slight confusion, as if they did not understand why they were so infatuated with her before.

The moment the female lead’s luck was destroyed, the feeling of bonds that was stolen from them naturally disappeared as well.

“I’m not going to kill you.” Zhu Yao lowered her head and looked at Fan Zhishan on the ground. The hands of the crazed female lead paused for a moment, before she continued her earlier picking actions. Zhu Yao coldly laughed. “I’m not killing you because I’m different from you, but because everything that you have just suffered still isn’t enough to make up for your past wrongdoings.” She waved her hand, and just as she was about send Fan Zhishan sweeping across the sky…

A black figure suddenly appeared in a flash from behind her, grabbing onto the flying female lead. Then, he picked her up by the hair.

“Fa Yu!” Where did he appear from? She actually did  not sense him at all.

“Of course she shouldn’t be killed!” He suddenly smiled rather ominously, as he slowly raised the female lead up into the air. With her eyes facing directly his, Fa Yu’s voice was ominously cold and piercing to the bones. “If you die, who else should I settle the debt with?”

His laughter grew louder, yet bits of red were beginning to dye his pupils. Black marks were actually beginning to crawl up from her face.

Devil’s Marks! “Fa Yu!” Zhu Yao’s heart sank. He was about to sink into the path of a Devil. “Don’t do anything rash. The reason why Ling Tian didn’t want you to follow after her, was because she wanted you to live on well.”

“Of course I will live on well.” The black marks on his face grew further, and even the sides of his body were beginning to emit out a devillic aura. His voice seemed to be carried by the most ominous wind of all. “I will live on for the  sake  of avenging her, taking revenge on those people who harmed her, and the heavens that took her life!”

Zhu Yao had no choice but to cast an art with her two hands, attempting to stop him from turning into a Devil. However, she was still a step too late, as the devillic aura from his body instantly exploded forth, scattering to the surroundings. The sky and earth suddenly shook, followed by the withering of the surroundings trees and plants. Even the spiritual energy surrounding Grandhall Sect had all been scattered. A former blessed mountain was instantly filled with a hurricane of raging devillic energy.

She frowned. With a flip of her hand, she changed into forming a sealing incantation. As she circulated the godly energy in her body, an enormous gold formation appeared in the skies. Just as she was about to descend and seal Fa Yu who had already matured into a Devil…

With a flash of black light, all of the devillic energy suddenly disappeared. Even Fan Zhishan’s and Fa Yu’s figure had disappeared without a trace.

What remained was just the crowd’s frightened faces, and also the debris that filled Grandhall Sect.

Chapter442: Awakening Notice

Zhu Yao was confused for a moment. She had finally dealt with a bug, yet was another one about to be born? Could she actually catch a break? Before she could even figure out how she should deal with this chain of events, a column of heavenly light suddenly descended, piercing through the layers of clouds and instantly shining upon this dark world.

Light of Guidance! Now!?

Her body lightened as her entire being flew towards the sky. She was only able to call out to Sesame in time and have it return to her divine sense. In the next instant, she ascended to the boundaries of the worlds, but just as she was about to cross, a familiar darkness descended. She had returned to that space once more.

The hell! I can never go through the standard process of becoming a Deity, is that it!?

A QQ chat window popped out as usual, and the entire screen was filled with exploding flowery fireworks. Realmspirit: Welcome back, young maiden! Congratulations on splendidly fixing yet another bug! Even I am about to become your die-hard fan.

Zhu Yao looked at him with narrowed eyes. “Scram!”

Realmspirit: Ouu… Young maiden, you’re so cold,  so heartless, so nonsensical.

“Enough with the crap, just what happened this time? The beginning act was ridiculous, and the ending act was even more ridiculous? What happened to Fa Yu and Ling Tian?” Putting aside Ling Tian, Fa Yu actually turned into a Devil.  Was  a mortal able to become a Devil?

Realmspirit: Young maiden, I’m innocent! That world was about to approach all-round collapse in the first place, so there were many instabilities. So, it’s understandable that you did not descend in the correct avatar. It’s out of my control, after all!

(¬_¬) Doubtful gaze.

Realmspirit: It’s true, it’s true. Young maiden, that was the reason why I rushed you.

“Then Ling Tian…” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, as she still felt a stifling feeling in her heart. “Did she really…” have to die?

Realmspirit: Ling Tian is the patch for that world in the first place, and sooner or later, she would be needed to completely mend that world. That’s also the reason why her aptitude and abilities worsened as she reincarnated over and over again. Theoretically speaking, someone like her who accidentally gained awareness shouldn’t develop feelings of love in the first place. However, it’s exactly because she accidently developed such feelings in this lifetime, which gave birth to desires within her. Thus, it caused the disaster she had in this lifetime, where she was on the brink of death before the right time, yet no longer possess the ability to enter the wheel of reincarnation.

“You mean, she’s not a human in the first place?” Zhu Yao frowned.

Realmspirit: Initially, yes. But… Ever since her previous reincarnation, she became one.

If that  was  the  case,  it  would  have  been  better  if  feelings hadn’t budded in the beginning. At the very least, it wouldn’t have ended that way in the end…

Realmspirit: Yaoyao… Does her death break your heart?

“It’s not to the degree of heartbreak, but more of sadness and sympathy.” Zhu Yao took a deep breath. “I can’t deny that Ling Tian is a full-fledged saviour of the world. She saved the entire world, and had even sacrificed her most cherished feelings. I sympathize with her, and also feel sad about her death. This is human nature, but not to the degree of a heartbreak.”

Realmspirit: Then…

“But… she might be a great heroine and a good role model, or even barely be considered as a good girlfriend. However, I have never treated her as a good friend.” She shook her head. “Since the beginning, she was never frank with me. She might have various reasons in doing so, but the fact that she had lied to me cannot be changed.”

Realmspirit: … “Feelings are mutual! Maybe, if we got to know each other a little longer, she might tell me the truth, and I will most likely become as furious as Fa Yu.” She sighed. Probably because Ling Tian had forced her to stay within her body, Zhu Yao felt as if something was tying her heart down. However, now that she was dead, there was no longer a need to be frustrated about it. That was why, though she sympathized with her plight, she was not as sad as the time when she witnessed Ying Luo’s death.

“Oh right, what happened to Fa Yu?” Zhu Yao suddenly recalled. “He had clearly become a Devil. Can mortals become Devils too?”

Realmspirit: Haah… Young maiden. All living beings carry the nature of Devils in their hearts. The only difference is whether they are willing to let that nature loose.

“The hell!? Wouldn’t that mean there would be a never- ending amount of bugs?” Zhu Yao wanted to cuss out. Among the bugs that she had fixed, most of them were related to the Devils, you know? “Wait a minute… Fa Yu had clearly turned into a Devil, yet you pulled me back here. Could it be that he isn’t a bug?”

Realmspirit: Congratulations,  young  maiden!  Your  IQ  has logged on!

“Speak human.”

Realmspirit: Uh… Actually, the reason why those ancient Devils that you faced in the past were bugs, was due to the fact they were initially out of the boundaries of the Three Realms. However, Fa Yu is different. He is a resident of the  Three Realms in the first place, and even if he turns into a Devil, it’s within the boundaries of the Three Realms.

“…” There were actually differences between ancient Devils and earth-born Devils. So was this racial discrimination? However, after pondering for a moment, though Fa Yu did indeed possess devillic energy, he seemed to be weaker than the ones she had seen in the past. Was that why he did not face her in a direct confrontation?

Whatever. Since Realmspirit said that he wasn’t a bug, then why should she be frustrated over it?

“What about Fan Zhishan?” Zhu Yao continued to ask, as she felt that the female lead wasn’t that simple. “She can’t possibly be a regular person who has awakened to a hidden talent, right?”

Realmspirit: Young maiden, you’re so smart! Actually, she’s an accident too.

“What do you mean?”

Realmspirit: She was initially born with a soul that was fragmented due to the erosion of resentment, and she had to go through several lifetimes in order to restore her soul to completion. However, her resentment which was exterminated before had unexpectedly returned to the world of the living, and possessed her body. This caused a shift in time by a certain degree and made her possess memories which she shouldn’t have, and thus developed a mutation of a certain degree.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Can you speak human?” The hell, she couldn’t understand at all, hey.

Realmspirit: Ou, to put it simply, she thought that she had reincarnated.

The hell! Another reincarnation! It was no wonder her cultivation rose so swiftly. That mutation must have been her ability to see luck.

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at Realmspirit’s chat window. For some reason, a strange sensation rose in the depths of her heart. Luck, soul, and resentment. These were  all ethereal things to practitioners and even Deities. However, Realmspirit could speak about them this casually.

Furthermore, no matter if it’s Ling Tian or the River of Forgetfulness, to put it simply, they were all extraordinary existences themselves, yet they all trusted him to a irregular degree.

No, that’s not right!

Rather than trust, they were all… abiding by his orders.

Zhu Yao was stunned as she took in a deep breath. She suddenly had an incredible thought in her mind.

“Realmspirit… Who in the world are you?” The screen flashed a few times, and after a long while, a row of words appeared.

Realmspirit: Geez, I’m your friend, of course! Oh right, regarding the overtime work this time, your reward is a one- time vacation. Young maiden, do you want to use it now?

“Vacation?” Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. “Is that true? Is there no need to fix bugs anymore?”

Realmspirit: Uuuu… Young maiden, how can you suspect my sincerity… my sincerity… sincerity… sincerity!

“You’re blaming me?” She rolled her eyes. “Tell me,  when have you ever been reliable?”

Realmspirit: It’s true this time! Let’s use it immediately!

A familiar loading screen suddenly appeared in front of her, and it was loading really quickly. Zhu Yao’s figure flashed, and she instantly disappeared from this dark space. A long while later…

Rows of red words popped out.

Notice! User’s awakening has been detected!

Do you wish to activate it automatically?

Selected Choice: Hide information on awakening.

Awakening has halted.

The chat window flashed, and another row of words appeared.

Realmspirit: It’s not time yet.

Chapter343: Curse of the FFF Inquisition

When Zhu Yao opened her eyes, she saw a familiar ceiling. It was really similar to the mass-produced  straw  cottage  her master would make with his mystic arts. It was so simple and succinct that the ceiling was almost all the room had. Underneath her was a hard and solid bed, just that there was a little too many blankets covering her. From her estimate, there were over ten of them.

She seriously suspected if she had actually woken up because of the heat. After not being able to nudge  them  after  a  few pushes, she had no choice but to flip over and crawl out.

The door was blasted open with a bang as a white light flashed. A white figure stood tall and straight in front of the bed.

Zhu Yao’s heart that was filled with bitterness instantly leaked out. Her nose began to itch as she reach out her two arms. “Master…” I request for hugs, I request comfort.

Yu Yan frowned. After sizing her up for a moment and realizing she did not have any problems, he let out a long sigh and stepped forward to embrace his stupid disciple. “Do you feel uncomfortable in any part of your body?”

Zhu Yao turned her head and buried it into his chest. It would’ve still been fine if he didn’t ask, but the moment he did, she could barely control her emotions and felt like being childish for a moment. “I’m uncomfortable everywhere.”

The moment he heard this, Yu Yan was stunned for  a moment. He habitually reached out for her wrist and inspected her meridians seriously. After thoroughly checking her body back and forth, he was then able to feel relieved.

If her master was here, it meant that this was the Divine Realm. Realmspirit was finally reliable for once.

“You were unconscious for half a year.”

“Ah!? Half a year!?” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Half a year, wasn’t that the time she took to complete the previous quest? Did her dandelion avatar from before succeed in her ascension? Just that what ascended was a bare machine without any software installed? With these thoughts, she tried to circulate spiritual energy to look at her facial features, only to realize her Dantian was empty. “Why?” Yu Yan seemed to know what she wanted to know. With a wave of his hand, a water mirror was materialized.

She looked at the reflection, and her face instantly darkened. “Isn’t this my initial looks? Could it be…” Even her hairstyle was modern. This couldn’t actually be her real body, right? The one with zero battle power? Then how the hell was she going to play around in the Divine Realm!?

Yu Yan nodded, as he combed his disciple’s short hair without a mind, the corners of his lips slowly raised. “You look… pretty good this way.”

Pretty good? She quietly lowered her head. What was pretty?

Uh, no. What her master meant was she was pretty good to recognize, right? You’re face-blind.

“Master, what is going on? Why did I return to my original body?” Logically speaking, when she returned from the modern era, her body should have been stored with Realmspirit.

“Your master isn’t sure.” Yu Yan frowned. “On that day, I waited for you at the Heavenly Door for a month, yet I didn’t see you ascend to the Higher Realm. Thereafter, I suddenly sensed your presence, only to realize that your body has returned to Lightning Divine Palace. You have only woken up today since then.”

So it was truly a bare machine that logged in first! It was no wonder her master did not look for her in the Lower Realm this time. Most likely, he was afraid that she would head back up right after he were to head down, and thus waited for her to wake up. Thinking about it, she sure had a sad story. She had after all kept her body’s purity for so many years, and when she finally managed to find love, she was tossed to foreign lands. Her heart-aching tears could even fill the Three Realms now!

“Just what happened to you?” Yu Yan hugged her even tighter.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to inform her master the matters concerning Ling Tian in detail, including how Fa Yu became a Devil. “Realmspirit mentioned that he was a citizen of the Three Realms in the first place, and even if he does succeed in becoming a Devil in the Three Realms, he won’t become a bug. I don’t exactly know what kind of plans he has in store, but I kind of feel something is off?” Yu Yan’s expression sank. This was his nth time  regretting not smashing his disciple’s heavenly book (Laptop). The reason why her disciple would court deaths in such a manner, was all because of that person.

“Oh right, master. I have something important to discuss with you.” Zhu Yao said with a stern look. “Do you think Realmspirit…”

Her words paused right in the middle, a hint of dazedness flashed across her face.

“Mn?” Yu Yan asked in doubt. “What about him?”

“He…” Zhu Yao’s mind suddenly emptied, as she wondered why she had suddenly forgotten the matters she thought about. “Eh? What did I want to inform you of again?”

Yu Yan stroked her head. “If you can’t recall it, then nevermind.”

“Ou.” Was it her imagination? Why did she feel something was off? ——————————————

Realmspirit said that it was her vacation now, so naturally, there weren’t any irritating bugs that she had to fix. She had nothing to do all of a sudden. Adding that her real body avatar had logged on, no matter what, she had do something meaningful.

For example…

“Master, do you remember the betrothal gift that you were preparing all those years ago?” Marry me, marry me, marry me!

A certain master who was presently preparing food suddenly stopped his hands. A thought quickly flashed across his face as he quietly responded. “Mn.”

“Are they prepared?” Marry me now!

Yu Yan calmly took out the dishes and placed them in front of his stupid disciple. Then, he passed her a pair of chopsticks. “Mn, I have them prepared. Two of them.” “What, two!?” Zhu Yao leapt up in an instant, as she pounced onto her master. The hell, this old lady here hasn’t even gotten mine from you, yet you’re already thinking of scoring another one, and marrying two at one go? “Speak, who’s the mistress?” I will kill her!

Yu Yan moved away the dishes on the table and then leaned his body backwards, letting his disciple feel more comfortable throwing herself across the table. Then, he held onto her waist and carried her down from the stone table, frowning. “Eat properly.” She can’t even stay still when eating, and not to mention she’s a mortal right now.

“Eat my ass!” Her man was about to run off, how would she still have the mood to eat? “Explain. What’s with the two sets of betrothal gifts?”

He glanced at her weirdly. “One dowry, and one trousseau.
Naturally, two sets.”

So it was like that, alright, I forgive you. I knew it. See, for someone who has late-stage face-blindness like master, picking me up is already a miracle. How can he possibly have sights for another woman? I must be the only one. Mn. Just  thinking about it makes me a little excited. The moment she’s excited, she would have the thoughts of doing something a little bad.

“Master, I heard that around twenty-eight years old, it’s the golden period for women. Such a coincidence! My real body is twenty-eight years old.”


“Master, I heard that the stress being accumulated in modern society is rising, and the restrictions are rising too.”


“Master, I heard that the Family Planning Commission just announced a new policy, and it’s even stricter than before. It’s about to be implemented too.”


“Master, I heard that the birth rate in the Divine Realm is near zero, and it’s reaching new world-breaking lows every year in the Three Realms. I think that everyone has a responsibility to uphold the honour of the Divine Realm. We should change it a little.”


“Master, I heard that after becoming a Deity, abilities in… ahem… certain aspects will be restricted. Such a coincidence! I’m a mortal right now, and there’s no such restrictions.”

“… Eat your meal!”

“Master, eating my meal here would be a waste of this beautiful scenery, why don’t we instead do some meaningful exercise?” Come, Little Red Riding Hood. Let this old grandma have a bite.”



“Master, I heard you like monkeys…” Zhu Yao felt that, since they were already about to get married, then they should prepare for their life after marriage as soon as possible. For example, taking the opportunity of vacations to bear a monkey or two? Thus, she decided to use all her charms to subdue him into agreement. Even if he were to disagree, she would come up with terms to force him into agreement.

However, she never expected that a certain master did not have the slightest intentions to reject his disciple’s suggestion at all, just that he had to remind her about something in an extremely serious manner.

“Yu… Yao. You’re in your real body right now.”

“Ah!” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. “I know.”

“Since it’s your real body, then you’re human. Only monkey demons can bear monkeys.”

“…” She actually had nothing to refute with.

Yu Yan looked at his disciple’s earnest eyes.” If you really like one, why don’t your master catch you one?”

“The hell.” Who wants you to catch one? This old lady here wants to bear kids for you! As expected, when conversing with her master, she should not even make a single detour. She directly pounced onto him and pressed against those irreproachable lips of his. With a twist of her arm, she directly pulled apart the waistband from the side of his body. Since she couldn’t converse in words, then she should express her intentions with actions.

Strangely, he was unexpectedly cooperative, just that he was stunned for a few seconds when she came pouncing at him in the beginning. After that, he actually did not resist her in the slightest, and had even hardworkingly explored the side of her body for her waistband. He pulled hers off almost at the same time as her, while his other hand began to hug onto her even tighter. Probably because men were born with natural talents in this area, even though a certain master did not have sufficient experience, he was able to take the dominant role in an instant. As expected of a genius.

With a slight shift of his body, he easily had Zhu Yao pressed beneath him. She simply felt her eyes blurring as a ray of white light flashed past…


Late in the night.

Zhu Yao sat at the bedside. She wanted to cry, but tears weren’t falling.

Yu Yan pulled the blanket over for the person lying on the bed, as he looked at his disciple on the bedside silently.

The person lying on the bed was her! To be exact, it was her body, while the person on the bedside was her soul.

Recalling what happened earlier, Zhu Yao still could not collect all of her calm.

Just earlier, the atmosphere was perfect, with flowers in full view and moonlight shining down. The scenery was beautiful, enough to feast one’s eyes on. When she thought that the two of them could already be considered an old married couple,  she could no longer hold back and bit him  with  an  “ahm~”.  The scene went from first base to second base, and then from second base to third base, and finally… a miss.

When she was just a foot away from the door, she felt her body turning light as her soul flew out… flew out… out… out!

When she regained her senses, she was already floating the air.

Was this a curse from the FFF Inquisition?

The hell, I’m to be blamed for others being single?

“Master…” I really want to cry.

Yu Yan sighed. Looking at the translucent disciple, a hint of red flashed across his face when he recalled the scene from earlier. He lightly coughed and said. “Your master doesn’t know why your soul would suddenly fly out.” His eyes swam around for a short moment before he continued. “Don’t move about, I will bring over the Floor Master.” After saying that, his figure flashed and left. No matter how she looked at it, he seemed to have fled.

In less than fifteen minutes, he brought back a man wearing a silk robe.

“Yo, little little grand disciple, long time no see. Congratulations on recently…” Yu Jin waved at the person lying on the bed. Before he could even finish, he then saw the other Zhu Yao on the bedside and flinched. His pair of amorous eyes squinted. “Her soul flew out!”

“Floor Master…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips  twitched.  Is that supposed to be how people congratulate others?

“What happened?” And here he thought that he was invited to drink celebratory wine for their marriage.

“Her soul suddenly left her body. I used a soul escorting technique, yet I was still unable to send her back in.” Yu Yan explained.

Yu Jin frowned. He stepped forward to check the pulse of the body lying on the bed, and then reached out to tap on the soul- state Zhu Yao’s forehead with his two fingers. Yu Jin retracted his cynical smile, replaced by a slightly imposing look. He turned to look at Zhu Yao. “Your life isn’t severed, nor is your living soul scattered. There are no problems on both ends, so this shouldn’t happen… What did you do earlier?”

“Uh…” The master and disciple duo stiffened. Their eyes met, and then they silently turned their heads away. Could she say that she was moralised after being unsuccessful with a slightly immoral act? “Umm…”

“Dinner!” Yu Yan instantly interrupted his disciple’s words, and replied with a what seemed to be stern and serious look, if not for his blood red ears.

The single puppy Yu Jin naturally did not notice the two’s little erratic behaviours. The upright citizen Floor Master, with his great morals intact, asked about the dishes in detail and had even tested them personally. The entire investigation lasted till dawn, yet they were still unable to figure out the reason behind Zhu Yao’s soul flying out of her body.

“This matter is mysterious.” Yu Jin frowned. “It’s most likely just because her soul had left her body for far too long before this, and her soul has not gotten used to the body yet. We can only wait and see.”

To summarize: I don’t know either, you guys deal with it yourselves. Maybe she might even return on her own after waiting for awhile longer.

What happened to the promised upright citizen Floor Master?

“Oh right!” He suddenly recalled something. “I remember there’s a Soul Attracting Pearl in the palace’s treasure pavillion. For souls, it’s…”

Before he could even finish, a white figure flashed. Yu Yan had already disappeared.

The corner of Yu Jin’s lips twitched. He hadn’t said anything about lending it out yet! Where’s the most basic respect for the Floor Master?

He turned to look at Zhu Yao, and earnestly said. “I say, Jadeflower! You best not learn from your master.” “Your sister’s Jadeflower!”

“Haah…” Great, it’s too late. She’s already been brought up bad! He wore a pained expression on his face. Suddenly, as though he had recalled something, his eyes sparkled. “Oh right, Jade… Uh, little little grand disciple, are you  two  really planning on getting married?”

“That’s right.” Do you have an objection?

“Hoho.” He suddenly revealed a  chrysanthemum  smile. “Since you two are already husband and wife, they you’re naturally no longer his disciple. Once this personal succeeding mark disappears… Are you interested in becoming Floor Master?”

He hasn’t given up yet!

“Not interested.”

“Come on, don’t decide so quickly!” He continued to persuade her. “Look, you now only possess the body of a mortal. If you wish to cultivate into a High Deity, you will need to spend a long time to do so. This cultivation path is extremely dry and bland, are you certain you don’t want to take up the role of Floor Master for some fun?”

“No need.” Zhu Yao strongly shook her head and seriously said. “I have master!” Why would I be bored?

“…” The single puppy received ten thousand damage.

The corner of Yu Jin’s lips twitched. His resentment meter shot up at high speeds, instantly breaking out of the charts. “Little little grand disciple!”


“Flaunting love will only lead to fast break ups!”

“Heh, at the very least, I am able to flaunt. It’s better than only having a right hand to flaunt.”

“…” You’re heartless, alright! “Let us discuss the problem about your soul leaving your body instead.” Yu Jin gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. He took a step forward, attempting to check on her soul’s condition once more. Just as he reached out his hand…

Suddenly, Zhu Yao’s soul suddenly shook like rippling water. Her translucent figure flashed, and in a blink of an eye, she disappeared without a trace, as though she never existed in the first place. Even the slightest bit of her presence could no longer be sensed.

Yu Jin: “…”

Suddenly, he had a bad feeling, as though he was about to be bashed up by a certain person. He wondered if it was too late for him to run?

Chapter344: Stupider Than an Idiot

This was a room. There were very dim rays of light seeping through, and occasionally, ashes would fall from the ceiling. There were several large chains all around, intersecting and straightened, filling up the entire room. Though countless broken divine weapons filled the ground, there were still faint traces of them emitting out minuscule amount of divine energy. This seemed to be a weapon storage, and looking from its degree of tear-and-wear, it had already been a long time since someone came.

Zhu Yao blanked out for exactly ten seconds. Where was she? She tried touching her strangely heavy body. Did she change avatars again? The hell, what happened to the promised vacation?

Before she could even figure out the situation, a loud bang was heard. The stone door in front slowly rose and the entire room began to shake. Following after a few crackling sounds, lines of cracks began to appear and dusts began to fly around in the room. Eye-piercing rays of sunlight shot in, blinding her in an instant.

A man came running in. He had a fatigued look, and his entire body was covered in dirt and soot. His right arm seemed to be injured as well, as it was currently dripping fresh blood. He anxiously looked around, as if he was looking for something. Suddenly, his line of eye fixated on her.

“Yo! Good morning!” Zhu Yao greeted.

The man was stunned for a moment. A strange  luster instantly shone from his eyes right after as he exclaimed. “Swuack!”

“…” The hell, is he cussing at me?

The man suddenly charged over.

“What are you trying to do?” Zhu Yao’s heart  shook.  That man however ignored her, and with a turn, he actually stood behind her. Just as she was about to express her anger, he actually balled up and squatted down.

What’s this for?

“Where is  he?”  A  few  furious  voices  could  be  heard  from outside, and there were even some cusses mixed within.

“We clearly saw him heading this way, how did he disappear?”

“He must be nearby. Search carefully.”

So he’s actually hiding.


“Why are you hiding behind me?” Was it really fine to deceive himself like this? “It’s not like they are blind, they will notice right away, you know? Also, who are you?”

As expected, in the next instant, three Deity practitioners, two men and one woman, appeared at the doorstep. They looked as if they were possessed by the gods of fury, and all three of them were Gold Deities.

Great! She immediately surrendered. “Hi~ If I say I’m just a passerby, will you guys believe me?” I’m not related here, I don’t know anything.

The three of them furiously walked in, their eyes fixated on her, and then… moved away.

“Why isn’t there anyone? This tattered stone building is the only thing around this place.”

“We can look through this place with a single glance. He’s not here. Let’s head back and look again.”

Thus, the three of them turned around… and left… left… left!

The hell, there are actually people who are that blind!

When the three people left, the man behind heaved a long sigh of relief. He sprawled on the ground like mud, and then turned to look at her. On his face that was filled with dirt, a smile surfaced. “Thank you.”

“…” No, you should be thanking those three people for being blind. The man sized her up for a moment, the luster in his eyes grew even brighter. “I knew that you would be a good swuark.”

“The hell, who are you cussing at?” Zhu Yao was instantly enraged. “You’re a swuark, your entire family are swuarks!”

The man laughed out loud and then suddenly reached out for her.

“What are you doing?” Zhu Yao’s heart sank. She wanted to dodge on reflex, only to realize she could not move her body at all. She was stuck?

She actually did not have the slightest bit of energy to resist, and could only watch as he raised her up. Then, she was held up by his two hands, as he swept his eyes across her. He flicked his finger at her, emitting out a clear and crisp ring. “It’s actually a second rank. I knew you would definitely be a peerless divine sword.”


What did you say? Zhu Yao was stunned as she looked into his eyes. What reflected within those sparkling pupils was a pitch-black second rank divine sword covered in rust. The “stup” from the word “stupid” was even engraved on the hilt of the sword.

The hell!


Hello everyone, I’m Zhu Yao. Just a few hours ago, I was still enjoying my perfect vacation. I sipped on divine wine, ate a lovely meal dedicated to me, and even picked up a handsome guy. Just as I was about to do something embarrassing to develop our feelings further than just friends, and had even stripped down our respective pants, I died.

Then, I turned into a low-grade second rank divine sword with a stupid front. Furthermore, I was even picked up by a male Earth Deity even stupider than her.

The idiot had most likely never seen the vastness of the world, as he held onto her like treasure and quickly flew out of that dark room. Fortunately, he had his own flying  sword, otherwise, even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn’t want him stepping on her. He flew very quickly, exiting that forest and passing through two small cities in short while. Only when the sun was about to set did the idiot stop by a small riverside. He began to size up Zhu Yao thoroughly, and the more he looked, the more excited he became. He looked at the blade over and over again, and even his breathing was becoming a little ragged. Growing a little impatient, he cast the Dirt Removal Art.

Zhu Yao simply felt her body turning light as the rust that were stuck on her blade began to peel off inch by inch, revealing a bright and pure-white blade, along with the numerous ancient yet simple marks: Stupstupstupstupstup…

Zhu Yao seriously wanted to retort: Heck, heck, heck, heck, heck, heck…

“This sword definitely possess an ability to conceal presences.” The eyes of the man shone. “Great, I finally have my own weapon from now on.”

“Hey, who says I’m going to become your weapon?”

The man gazed at the blade a little agitatedly, his eyes were filled with the luster of excitement. Great! It seems he can’t hear me at all.

His excitement grew as he looked at the sword, and he unconsciously pulled up the corner of his robes and rubbed it a few times. Because of that… her entire face was now plastered with mud.

The hell, if you know how to use the Dirt Removal Art, don’t you know how to use it on yourself? As I thought, this person must be an idiot, right!?

The man was stunned for a moment, as though he had realized he had instead dirtied the sword. He immediately cast a Dirt Removal Art, but still decided to use it on the blade first. Seeing that the dirt that stained it had all disappeared, he then moved to tapping on himself.

“With this, on this day, I will definitely…”

“Definitely what?” A dark and solemn voice suddenly rang behind him.

The man’s body shook, and even the mystic symbols on his finger had all scattered. He stood rooted to the ground while the colours on his face drained, tightening the grip on the sword hilt.

“I never expected that you would actually return alive!” That voice continued. “Not bad.”

Though they were affirmative words, there was not the least bit intent of praise within them.

The man tightened his grip on the sword further as he began to slightly tremble and grit his teeth. A moment later, he took a deep breath and bent down, respectfully greeting the incoming person. “Master.”

“Mn.” That person coldly responded.

Only then was Zhu Yao able to see his face clearly. He was an elderly dressed in a long, navy-blue robe. He looked extremely skinny and deep wrinkles filled his face, exuding a gloomy and unkind demeanour.

“What’s that in your hands?” The elderly narrowed his scornful eyes at the man.

The man frowned for a moment, his hands continued to tremble. Finally, he took a step forward, dragging his hands up, he passed it to the person in front of him. “I hope master can forgive me, this disciple failed to find the Divine Spiritual Herb during my trip to the Forest of Separation this time. I merely found this divine sword by accident.”

With a flip of his hand, the sword that was once in the man’s hand was now held by the elderly. “Second rank divine sword?” He frowned, a hint of scorn flashed across his eyes. He suddenly struck out a palm at the man, instantly blowing him a few meters away, and he landed merely an inch away from the river. “Useless thing! I told you to look for divine herbs, yet you brought back something tattered like this. A mere second rank divine sword has actually made you giddy with excitement? To the point where you would ignore the mission your master has given you?”

The man crawled up from the ground, and evidently, he had received grave injuries. Yet, he still knelt down with head close to the ground. “Master, please forgive me. This disciple knows his wrongs.” “Hmph!” The elderly snorted. “Continue with your search.” After saying that, he no longer cared about the man on the ground, as he summoned out his divine sword and flew off. Yet Zhu Yao, the divine sword which he claimed to be tattered, was held onto by him, with no intentions of returning to the man.

It seemed like these two did not have a good master-disciple relationship! Wasn’t the Forest of Separation the place that connected the Demonic Immortal Continent and Deity Continent? The level of danger there was far from norm. Zhu Yao could not figure out the identities of the two people.

That elderly brought her to a celestial realm, a place filled with divine mountains that were as tall as the sky, enveloped by auspicious clouds. He flew straight towards the peak, and the place was actually filled with solemn looking pavilions and mansions.

He flew straight down and then made a right turn towards the side mansion. Zhu Yao faintly saw the word Thisthower written on the mountain gates.

As the elderly made his way to the side mansion, the nearby several disciples dressed in the long same navy-blue robes would bow down and greet him. “Greetings to Pavillion Lord Fan.”

“Mn.” The elderly seemed to have instantly retracted his cold gaze and was actually responding with smiles. He walked straight towards a cave residence and stopped at the front door. Glancing at the divine sword in his hand, he then turned towards the courtyard at the back, pulled open a door, and threw Zhu Yao in.

Zhu Yao felt her body turning light and her vision blurring. With a few clanging sounds and a few rolls, she then crashed into something and stopped. After having a closer look, she realized this was a weapon storage. The place was filled with various divine artifacts, from the first to fifth rank.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt like crying. Was she going to be to stored here? Wouldn’t it be better to be with that idiot from earlier then? At the very least, she would be able to go to different places. She couldn’t move at all right now!

Master… Where are you? Your disciple has fallen off!

“Hey, you’re pressing on me.” Suddenly, a  grumble  was heard. Zhu Yao was shocked. She looked around, but she couldn’t see anyone at all. Was she hearing things?

“Hey, I’m talking to you, newcomer!” That voice once again sounded.


“Here, here! Below you.”

Zhu Yao lowered her head to take a look. Pressing beneath her blade was a fourth rank hammer-shaped divine artifact.

“You can talk?” Zhu Yao was utterly stunned. It turned into a spirit?

That hammer flashed with a divine glow for an instant. “If you can talk, why can’t I? Hurry and roll off this great one’s body.”

“Uh…” The hammer sure had a haughty attitude. “Enough, Skybreaker! Stop bullying the newcomer already, can’t you see it’s just a second rank divine artifact? It’s already tough enough for her to talk.” A female voice sounded from the side. Zhu Yao turned to the source of the voice, and it was actually a wooden comb.

“Hmph!” The hammer snorted. The divine glow from its body grew brighter, and then, it flew while lifting Zhu Yao off it. It then flew onto a weapon rack and no longer spoke.

“Don’t be afraid, newcomer.” The wooden comb kindly said. “We are all neighbours now.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Newcomer, are you a sword?” The dagger at the side said.

“We have very few swords here, you’re the only one here right now.” A fan divine artifact said.

“That’s right, you’re the first sword I’ve seen since I came out of the furnace.” A silk veil divine artifact said.

“Sword, what’s your name?” “Sword, I’m Saber. What’s yours?”

“You dummy. She’s a sword, so of course she’s called Sword.”

“…” You guys are swuarks, your entire families are swuarks!

“Hi Sword, I’m Spear.” The long red spear at the entrance said.

“Hi Sword, I’m Flute.” The flute on the rack said.

“Hi Sword, I’m Fan.” The fan on the rack said.

“Hi Sword, I’m…” The black rock at the corner said. “Material!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Can anyone let me know what’s going on with this room? Why are there so many weapons and even materials here that can talk? Did I unlock some sort of unique ability again? “Sword, ignore Skybreaker. He has a bad temper like that.” Seeing that she wasn’t talking, the wooden comb softly consoled.

The other divine artifacts began to follow up as well.

“That’s right, that’s right. He’s just jealous.”

“Our names have such nice rings to them, he’s the only one which is slightly irregular.”

“That’s right. He’s actually called Skybreaker. It’s extremely terrible to hear, you know.”

“It’s not as pure as my name ‘Club’.”

“Uh…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “It’s pure alright!”

“Isn’t it, isn’t it? I think so too. Your name ‘Sword’ sounds really good too, though it can’t be compared to mine, it’s already pretty decent.” “…” Why, thank you!

“Enough!” Skybreaker which was on the rack suddenly flared up. It leapt down and then roared its lungs out. “Skybreaker is the name that old man came up with, my real name is Hammer! Hammer! I’m a hammer!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

The divine artifacts seemed to have already gotten used to the hammer’s roars, as they continued to chat up the newcomer Zhu Yao with zeal.

The dagger flashed and spoke. “Sword, do you like to emit light? I like to emit light the most. Let us be friends.”


The dagger was stunned, and in an instant, it dimmed quite a bit. “Why?”

“Have you never heard of this?” Zhu Yao nobly said. “Do not mess with swords.”




Zhu Yao blanked out in the divine artifact storage for  an entire day. Other than the various divine artifacts which wielded otherworldly common sense, she did not spot a single human figure at all. She suddenly grew a little anxious, as she wondered how her master was doing. She tried to take in divine energy like how she did when she was a divine jade back then, only to realize that she couldn’t cultivate at all. Forget about taking in divine energy into her body, she couldn’t even sense any divine energy at all. She then tried to bathe in moonlight, yet she realized it was still ineffective.

In a few moments, she lost all motivation. How was she going to play now?

Could it be that she had to stay here, till someone takes her away or till her master finds her?

From the looks of the Deity practitioner with the surname Fan, he seemed to scorn a second rank divine artifact like her. Furthermore, he he was a stingy person that would not let go of a single cent, seeing how he would even snatch away his disciple’s weapon. The possibility of him gifting a weapon to someone else was basically zero.

What to do?

Suddenly, an extremely soft creak sounded from the door. A black figure entered in a flash. He looked around anxiously, and then, his line of sight landed on her. In an instant, his eyes shone.

Idiot! Why is he here?

Chapter345: Barrierless Two-Way Switch

Idiot did not idle for too long. After he found his target, he walked over, picked Zhu Yao up, and left. Along the way out, he cautiously avoided various disciples. He wondered if it was because of his incredible luck, as he was actually able to leave Thisthower Mountain successfully. When he reached the mountain gates, he then daringly took out his flying sword and fled at high speeds. After flying for over an hour, he arrived at a piece of wilderness plains.

The man then panted heavily and stopped.

Looking at the sword in his hand, a joyous smile surfaced on his face, making him look even sillier than before.

Zhu Yao could not figure out this person’s thoughts at all. He might be simply unwilling to let go of his divine artifact and thus stole it back during the night. However, there were so many divine artifacts in the weapon storage room earlier, and he could easily scoop up a huge bunch that were all ranked higher than her. Yet, she was the only one that he took. This was simply too abnormal. The man looked at the divine sword in his hand, and then turned to look in the direction he came from. His brows furrowed as he lightly muttered to himself. “With this, I can definitely…” His words stopped halfway once more. He took in a deep breath, as if he had just made some sort of resolution.

Before Zhu Yao could even figure out the situation, he had already impatiently began to chant an incantation and cast an art. He had even used divine energy to scratch his finger, mustering out a drop of blood and had it drip onto Zhu Yao.

This was the mystic imprint for a divine artifact to recognize its owner, and he was even freaking using his own blood to guide the flow of the incantation. When that drop of blood landed on her blade, she suddenly felt as if someone was stuffing her mouth with a bunch of things, and they  even carried the taste of blood. It was especially disgusting, and she spat it out without a moment’s hesitation.

The mystic imprint on the man’s hand shattered resoundingly as well.

“Eh?” The man was stunned. Looking at the drop of blood that was deflected, his face was filled with doubts. “Before, it could conceal my presence, so it should be an ownerless artifact. Why would my mystic imprint be rejected then?”

He investigated front and back, but did not notice anything strange. His brows furrowed even further, and something seemed to have flashed across his eyes. He had no choice but to give up for now. He pulled out a storage pouch from his side and opened it.

The hell, this idiot can’t possibly be thinking of putting me in the storage pouch, right?

As expected, in an instant, the man stuffed her into that pitch- black pouch.

Yamete, return me my fresh air!

She simply felt her vision darkening, and in an instant, the senses of her entire body disappeared. Her consciousness began to swim in the next instant, and she suddenly felt an incredible headache. She instinctively raised her hand to knock at her head, and only then did the pain disappear.

This was really strange. She was a sword, so why would her head ache?

Wait a minute!

She just raised her hand!

Zhu Yao forcefully opened her eyes, and what entered her vision was not darkness but a familiar cottage. She was currently lying on the bed, and the blanket was neatly covered over her. Next to the pillow was a spherical bead that was presently emitting out a gentle silver glow, making her feel extremely comfortable.

Did she… return?

Zhu Yao hurriedly sat up and looked around. As expected, it was her master’s cottage. Where was her master?

Suddenly, thunders rang through the clouds, frightening her. Where did the thunders come from? Logically speaking, though there were lightning formations all around Lightning Divine Palace, there was an isolation formation within, so sound shouldn’t be able to seep through. She deftly crawled down the bed. When she opened the door, all she saw was a sky filled with tribulation lightning bolts. White and red bolts mixed and flashed. Other than the several dozen meters of area surrounding the straw cottage, the place was filled with lightning flashes and roaring thunder. The flowers and trees were burnt and destroyed, and charred smell filled the air.

In the sky, two figures, white and red, were moving at speeds that could not be seen with the naked eye, and they were rather focused in their fight.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Why were the two of them fighting again? Putting aside how they would occasionally fight outside the palace and harass the indigenous people in the past, why were they now fighting in their own home?

“Master…” She could not help but call out.

The tribulation lightning bolts in the sky suddenly stopped, and all of the lightning sparks instantly extinguished. In the next instant, Yu Yan, dressed in red robes, appeared first before her. “Yo, little little grand disciple, you’re finally awake.” If you had stayed unconscious any longer, I would have died an innocent death. “Come, let your great great grandmaster have a look.”

Just as he was about to step forward, a white figure descended from the skies and kicked him away. He hugged onto Zhu Yao extremely quickly and she fell back a few steps.

Yu Yan held onto Zhu Yao with one hand, and a sword emitting out lightning sparks in the other. It felt as if his body was enveloped by a block of ice that had lasted for over a thousand years, infecting the surrounding air with an icy chill.

“Little Yanyan, you were basically bullying your ancestor. At the very least, I am still your master’s master’s master, you know.” Yu Jin barely avoided his kick, as he kept his slovenly attitude. “Though our cultivation level is the same, you actually used your life artifact to attack me. Now that, is something that you shouldn’t have done.”

Yu Yan simply ignored his complaints, as he checked the disciple in his embrace over and over again. “Do you feel any discomfort?” “No… nothing.” Zhu Yao shook her head. She glanced at the two people back and forth. Just what happened to these two?

“Haah, I already told you I was innocent. The disappearance of little little grand disciple’s soul was really unrelated to me, yet you still didn’t believe me.” Yu Jin shook his head as he looked at the surroundings with a pained look. In an instant, he restored his role as the Floor Master and denounced Yu Yan’s behaviour. “See for yourself… Just how much of the millions of years of foundation of Lightning Divine Palace have you destroyed?”

He sounded as though he played no part in its destruction.

“Floor Master…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Before saying that, can you retract that expression that looked as though you’re enjoying this moment?” Can you not bully my master for not being talkative!?

Yu Jin’s face stiffened. Should someone even strip an elder’s dignity like that? “Little little grand disciple, let’s have a chat!”

“Sure, but before that… Can you please wear something to cover your lower half?” She wanted to mention it for a long while. What was with wearing a robe that had its lower half burnt away? Did he want to see his leg hair sway with the wind?

Only then did Yu Yan realize that the bottom half of the other party’s robe had been burnt off, revealing a pair of snow-white hairy legs. He quietly turned his disciple’s head away. Mn, his disciple was his. He definitely wouldn’t lend her away to another master to look at his leg hair.

“…” Yu Jin’s heart stopped. A buff named  “Dignity  of  the Floor Master” instantly dispersed as he received a 1000 reflective damage.

Yu Yan had already kept his weapon and pulled up his disciple’s hand to check her meridians a few times. As he probed, he asked. “What happened? Were did you go?”

Zhu Yao had no choice but to thoroughly explain how she turned into a sword earlier. The longer she explained, the deeper his frown became. Even the Floor Master Yu Jin who had a slovenly attitude just earlier, had a heavy look on his face.

“This situation…” Yu Jin pondered for a moment, and then solemnly said. “Doesn’t seem to be due to the instability of the soul.”

Yu Yan’s expression turned heavy. Carrying his disciple, he headed into the straw cottage. “Return to the cottage first!”

He carefully checked Zhu Yao, from outside her body to inside it, yet he still could not find any anomaly. Yu Yan’s frown grew deeper.

“Most likely, it’s because she doesn’t possess any cultivation.” Yu Jin guessed. “Without the slightest bit of cultivation, if her soul is unstable, then there’s no divine energy suppression present, which thus makes her soul easy to drift away. But…” He glanced at Zhu Yao and solmenly said. “There are  many cases where the souls of humans will possess another human body. Cases where one would possess a sword, as mentioned by little little grand disciple, is however rarely heard of.”

“Then what should I do?” She wouldn’t be swapping back and forth often, right?

“Stabilize your soul.” Yu Yan picked up the Soul Attracting Pearl and placed it on her hand. “Remember that this object must not leave your body.” Zhu Yao nodded. She did not want to become that idiot’s sword again.

“By my estimates, the Soul Attracting Pearl isn’t enough by itself!” Yu Jin waved his hand at her with a kind look. Little little grand disciple, come over here.”


“What’s with that expression? Do you think this Floor Master will harm you?”

“That’s right!”

“…” His heart felt stuffy.

Yu Jin flipped his hand and then pulled out a pile of items from his storage ring. “When it comes to divine treasures that can maintain souls, I have a lot of them. Come come, hurry and pick one.”

“What’s the condition?” “Aiyaaa, how can you see me as such a person? As long as you…”

“I won’t take over the role of Floor Master!” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted him.


“My master won’t take it either.”

“…” Yu Jin took suffered two gunshots in consecutive succession. As expected, this pair of master and disciple was too hateful. “Fine, fine. I will just give it to you for free this time, with no strings attached, alright!? Come and pick one.” He kind of felt that he was making a loss here.

Only then did Zhu Yao put down the Soul Attracting Pearl in her hand and doubtfully walk over.

“Little little grand disciple, you see how good I am to you?” Yu Jin did not forget his insistence to brainwash her. “How can you find such a good Deity like me anywhere else? How would I possibly harm…” Before he could even finish, just as Zhu Yao wanted to reach out for the divine artifact on the table, her vision darkened. A familiar headache assaulted her as she immediately fell down.

Yu Jin who was caught in the act: “…”

He quietly raised his head and looked towards a certain someone who was already beginning to overflow with lightning sparks. “If I were to tell you I’m not related to what just happened, would you believe me?”

In an instant, thunders from tribulation lightning bolts once again rang out in the broad skies.

Ouch, the other side of my bottom half…


In just a blink of an eye, a white light flashed and the scenery in front of her instantly changed. She once again could  not move her body. The hell! Why did she turn into a sword again!?

Zhu Yao looked at the idiot male near her, and she suddenly felt like cussing out now. Presently, he was currently holding onto her, with the blade flat in front of chest, forming a preparatory posture for offense.

The hell happened?

Zhu Yao turned to look at the other side of the idiot. That’s right, as a sword that looked the same from the top and bottom, the only benefit she had was her three hundred and sixty degrees vision with no blind spots. After looking from the top, she could look from the bottom, and vice versa.

Standing in front of him was two men and one woman, and after a closer look, they were even familiar faces. They were the three people that were chasing after the idiot.

“And here I wondered what it was?” The woman among the three coldly laughed, a hint of disdain flashed across her eyes. “So it’s just a second rank divine artifact. Only someone like you who barely passes as an Earth Deity would treat it as treasure.” Idiot didn’t reply, and simply gripped on the sword in his hand even tighter.

“Junior-martial sister, stop talking crap with him already.” The man on the female Deity’s left took a step forward, and he said with a furious tone. “Miao Bo, if you understand your position, then hurry and hand over the Meal Devouring Herb that you stole from us back then. We will then consider if we should spare you.”

Idiot Miao Bo glanced at the three people and his eyes sank. “I have long used the Meal Devouring Herb, where am I going to find another one!?”

“You!” The female Deity was instantly enraged, her teeth noisily gritting. “You’re courting death!”

Following after, she summoned a rain of countless swords and attacked Miao Bo. The other two male Deities threw out fire- type and ice-type divine arts as well.

Miao Bo dodged and deployed barriers to defend himself with all his might in the beginning, but how could he possibly match three of them? In an instant, he was injured by them, and wounds appeared all around his body. The female Deity took this opportunity to summon her divine sword and slash down at him. Miao Bo simply did not have time to react at all.

Zhu Yao simply saw a pillar of blood spewing out in front of her. One of Miao Bo’s arms fell off and half of his body was stained in blood. This was basically an instant kill.

Miao Bo dragged his dilapidated body and immediately flew several meters back, his face was already miserably pale.

“Hmph, you overestimated yourself!” The female Deity’s face turned cold as she walked towards him. “Today, I shall let you know the type of people you shouldn’t offend.”

Miao Bo had a pained look, and just as he was about to flee, two thorny vines suddenly broke out of the earth, restraining his two legs. Blood flowed incessantly from his legs, and he could no longer move an inch. Miao Bo was close to kneeling down onto the ground, yet he still forced himself to stand straight.

He held onto the sword in his hand tightly. Gritting his teeth, he circulated the divine energy from his entire body and poured them all into the divine sword in his hand. He was planning to unleash a final attack containing all his might.

Zhu Yao simply felt a large amount of divine energy pouring into her body. It carried a berserk and frantic aura, and she instinctively wanted to expel the excessive divine energy, releasing out ten bolts and nine circulations of tribulation lightning on reflex.

In an instant, lightning sparks appeared from the entire blade, accompanied by several roars of thunder. Ten bolts and nine circulations of tribulation lightning struck towards the Gold Deity at the front, and before she could even react, her chest was torn through with a large hole. She instantly fell onto the ground, blood flowing incessantly.

“Junior-martial sister!” The other two male Deities were shocked. They immediately went forward to hold the female Deity up and hurriedly sealed the several meridians and protect the Nascent Spirit in her body. They then looked towards Miao Bo. Compared to their earlier haughtiness, the looks on their faces were now replaced with fright.

“Lightning-type divine arts!” The two  men  exchanged glances, their eyes were filled with fear. “We never expect that you would actually be related to the Lightning Divine Palace. You best be thankful that luck is on your side today.” As one of them said that, the two hurriedly flew off with the unconscious female Deity, not daring to stay for a moment longer.  How could they possibly offend the Lightning Divine Palace?

When the three of them left, Miao Bo could not hold on any longer, immediately blacking out and falling onto the ground.

“Hey, idiot, are you alright?” Even if you want to faint, don’t press me against a pool of blood! It’s really disgusting, alright? People will misunderstand that I have just experienced the most brutal auntie in history, ok? Zhu Yao called out twice, yet he
didn’t react at all. Only then did she recall that no other human could hear her words. She sure had a bad life!

Zhu Yao however was not worried about the idiot’s injuries. After all, they were not familiar, and not to mention he was still an Earth Deity. With the quality of a divine body, he wouldn’t just die because of a loss of an arm. The reason why he had fallen was because of exhaustion from pouring out all of his divine energy into her body. In just a few hours, it was guaranteed that he would be alive and jumping.

Recalling the  situation  from  before,  Zhu  Yao  was  a  little confused now. Logically speaking, she was just a divine artifact, and strictly, she would simply be a tool. Even if the idiot were to pour all of his divine energy into her body, in usual situations, he should have been the one guiding the divine energy to unleash an attack. In the end, weapons had to be wielded by people to be usable. However, the nine circulations of tribulation lightning earlier were clearly unleashed by her. The idiot was not involved in the entire process. This was akin to the weapon charging out to slash at someone before the user even moved.

This was not logical at all.

Chapter346: I Dare You to Try Being Impudent

The idiot Miao Bo was unconscious for a full hour, and Zhu Yao bathed in blood for a full hour as well. Just as the fresh blood was about to coagulate, he slowly regained consciousness. He struggled to crawl up, gritted his teeth and sealed several meridians on his body. Then, he sat in a lotus position and began meditating.

The hell, at the very least, pick me up! What’s with plastering my face with blood?

Miao Bo meditated for half a day before finally opening his eyes. After recovering a little divine energy, he looked around, stood up, and left.

It can’t be? You’re throwing me away because I’m dirty now?

Miao Bo walked about two steps and stopped, as if he had recalled something. Then he turned around and picked Zhu Yao up.

Phew, at least this brat has a conscience. Though his legs were still a little wobbly, he walked quickly and stopped right where his severed arm was. He placed Zhu Yao at the side and then sat down again. This time, he did not meditate for too long. After recovering a slight amount of divine energy, he cast an art that connected his severed arm back to his body.

This was the first time Zhu Yao saw an art that reattached limbs. Though she knew the art herself, she had never used it before. After all, she did not have a hobby of severing her own limbs.

The part where his arm was sliced shone, and then, he pressed his arm into the joint. The sliced area began to heal on its own, and in just a few moments, the joints were connected. Not even a single scar could be seen. Zhu Yao could not help but applaud the medical techniques of the Divine Realm. They were more technologically advanced than any modern medical techniques, and they were available to all citizens as well.

Miao Bo tried moving his reconnected arm, and it moved no different from before. He turned to look at Zhu Yao on the ground, cast an art to clear off the bloodstains on her body, and then sized up the blade for a moment. With a smile on his face, he said. “Fortunately, I had you.” Mn, I feel the same way too!

“I must hurry now.” His expression sank. Taking a deep breath, he ignored the injuries on his body, forced himself up and summoned his flying sword.

Is he about to head on a long journey? Zhu Yao glanced at the storage pouch by his side. She recalled that before she returned to Lightning Divine Hall, she was placed in the storage pouch. Most likely, if she was placed back in, she could return once more. She instantly felt a little excited. Hurry and put me in, hurry and put me in.

However… He did not do it.

She wondered just what was Miao Bo thinking this time around, as he simply carried Zhu Yao along as he flew. He did not have any intentions of storing her at all.

The hell!

Though his wounds were healed, his divine energy were still not completely restored, so he was flying very slowly this time around. However, he did not have any intention to stop at all, as though he was rushing to a very important location. Feeling bored, Zhu Yao looked around, only to realize a familiar forest was right below her.

Wasn’t this the Severed Forest from before? Why did he return here?

Miao Bo flew into the depths of the Severed Forest. Four hours later, he then stopped above a cave. He placed a concealment talisman on himself before descending into it.

Only then did Zhu Yao have a clearer look. It was a humongous cave entrance reaching dozens of meters high. Though it was extremely broad, it was pitch-black inside, and there were faint traces of a revolving formation. Sharp stalagmites were hanging in the ceiling of the cave entrance.

Rather than a cave, it was more like a gigantic mouth.

“Who is it?” Suddenly, a loud roar resounded, and the cave entrance slowly closed. Two eyes with the size of wells appeared right above where the cave entrance initially was. The hell, it really was a mouth!

The two eyes above the cave emitted out two red light rays, scanning the front of the cave like X-rays.

Zhu Yao simply felt Miao Bo tightening his grip on her hilt for a moment. He was even dripping with cold sweat as a he stood there unmoving.

The red light swept through their bodies and then retracted, as though no anomaly was discovered. Immediately after, the pair of eyes closed and its mouth began to widen once more, restoring its former cave look. This x-ray vision  technology can’t make it at all. It’s clearly not as good as infrared sensors.

Miao Bo felt his entire body turn loose, and only then did he carefully moved into the cave with his hand tightly  holding onto Zhu Yao. He walked extremely lightly, without making use of a single divine art, as he moved into the cave.

The insides of the cave were not as dark as Zhu Yao thought it would be. Instead, red and white glows of formations were everywhere. Various types of formations filled the cave. Zhu Yao took a closer look, and discovered that there were several offensive formations among them, encompassing various types. Tripping one of them would ignite all the others.

Miao Bo cautiously scanned his surroundings and did not activate a single formation. He seemed to be looking around for something in particular. Suddenly, joy filled his face as he walked towards a small inconspicuous formation at the right corner.

It seemed to be a teleportation formation, though it seemed to be mixed with some sort of spatial arts. Miao Bo walked directly into that formation, yet did not activate it straight away. Instead, he observed his surroundings for a moment first. Then, he heaved a deep sigh of relief, before circulating all of the remaining divine energy in his body, activating the formation in an instant.

A bright red light flashed. Everything within the cave suddenly underwent a change. What seemed to be stiff and hard rocks earlier, suddenly turned into fibres of muscles. The cave shone bright, as the surrounding stone walls turned into walls of meat. Traces of dripping liquid could be seen as well, as the ground turned into a large and soft meat which began to move a little. This was actually really the mouth of a beast!

This idiot came here to serve himself as food?

“Who!?” A furious roar resounded all around.

Miao Bo directly inserted his last strand of divine energy, and the formation activated at the same time as well. The scenery in front of them changed, and they arrived at a room lighted up by candles. Miao Bo’s legs gave way, as he fell and sat on the ground. His head was drenched in cold sweat and his face was miserably pale. His expression was filled with fear.

He panted for a long while before finally regaining his senses. He looked around, and then, he suddenly laughed. His laughter grew louder, and his expression was slowly replaced with excitement and joy.

“Finally… I’ve finally entered!” He spread out his four limbs as he laid on the golden floor tiles. After a long while, he managed to suppress the madness in him, stand up, and walk towards the front. Only then did Zhu Yao finally regain her senses. She finally understood why this person wanted to hold onto her all this while. He must had known that there was something he wanted here right from the start, but the entrance just had to be that rock-like monster’s mouth. Coincidentally, she seemed to have a concealment ability, and he was then able to infiltrate in while using her to conceal his presence.

So the idiot isn’t stupid at all. This plan of his sure is well thought out.

Miao Bo rested for a while, before he began to search the place. He seemed to be aware that this place did not pose much danger to him. He did not conceal himself at all as he moved forward. The place was huge, and though the place was really extravagant, it was very empty. He turned to the right in an instant and walked deep in, where he opened an ancient and exquisite door.

The furniture set-up inside was extremely simple, with just a single square-shaped table. A bottle with a green jade  bottle within was placed on top of it.

Miao Bo’s eyes shone, his face was filled with ecstasy. He hurriedly walked forward and grabbed onto that bottle. “Divine Will Condensing Dew!” He exclaimed out, his hand held tightly onto the bottle.

The hell is a Divine Will Condensing Dew? I’ve never heard of it!

Miao Bo had already lost all patience as he pulled out the bottle cap and gulped down the content. He then immediately sat on the ground in a lotus position, meditating and adjusting himself. The divine energy around his body began to condense, while at the same time, a few impurities were expelled out.

It was actually a medicine for purifying the body and condense one’s divine will. Zhu Yao finally understood. In the beginning, she was wondering just why was Miao Bo’s divine energy so scattered despite being a Earth Deity. He did not seem to have experienced the refinement of the  lightning tribulations, and was incredibly weak.

There was only one possibility under such circumstances, and that was… he snuck up here! He did not experience the refinement of the lightning tribulations. This could explain why he had such a low standing here. Furthermore, to regular Deities, they would have no use for this “Divine  Will Condensing Dew”, yet he desired it so much. Most likely, he simply wanted to use it to expel out the impurities within his body, and become a true Deity!

Wait a minute!

Expel impurities…

She recalled the Dirt Removal Art she learnt in the beginning. It had the same effects as well. And usually, the way to cleanse a body was… take a crap! Miao Bo isn’t going to take a crap too,
right!? There isn’t a toilet here, hey! Is he going to deal with it
right here and now?

No! Her entire blade felt uncomfortable all over.

She did not have any interest in spectating others ‘picking flowers’! She was just an innocent and naive sword, please let her go.


A soul-consuming background noise rang out. Here it comes…

Miao Bo’s expression changed, as though he had just thought about this serious physiological problem. He held onto his stomach and looked around, his face was filled with anxiety. Realizing that his surroundings were clean and spotless without a single tissue to be found, the background noise from his stomach rang out even clearer. At that moment, he could no longer care about anything else and charged right out of the room.

Fortunately, he did not pick her up. Zhu Yao heaved out a sigh of relief, when suddenly, the door was slammed open again.

The hell. Warrior, why are you back here?

Miao Bo’s face was already green from holding back. As he walked in, with every step he took, a sound, that could only be made when a pungent odor were to leak out of a human body, would ring out. Pupupu. They rang out as clear as ever.

At that moment, Zhu Yao even had the thought of dying. The hell is this idiot trying to do? He can’t possibly want to take her along even when he’s picking flowers, right? Is there a need for such heavy tastes!? Miao Bo had a complicated look as he looked around, a mist of shamelessness floated within his eyes. The  intervals  between each unique background noise grew  shorter.  He  finally  gritted his teeth, turned towards a corner of the room, and  then… swaaah! He pulled down his pants!

He actually stripped his pants! He actually stripped his pants without a hint of internal struggle to speak of!

Eh! His buttocks are rather white… Ah pui! The main point was, he actually chose to deal with it in this room for real!

Uncle Policeman! There’s a ruffian here!

An intensely venomous chemical gas instantly filled the room. Zhu Yao held her breath with all her might. She was wrong, she shouldn’t have left that weapon storage room right from the start. She shouldn’t have helped him defeat those three Gold Deities. Otherwise, she wouldn’t need to encounter such a dangerous biochemical weapon.

Zhu Yao risked her life to hold her breath, and her  heart began to turn a little stuffy. Finally, her vision darkened. She pushed herself too hard… ————————————

When she once again opened her eyes, Zhu Yao saw Yu Jin’s irritating face. She instinctively blurted out, “Buttocks!”

Yu Jin who was still carrying a smile on his face earlier, instantly darkened.

“What did you say?” He instantly flared up. “You actually said this face with world-class beauty looks like a pair of buttocks? Which part of it looks like a butt to you?”

Uh… She didn’t say his face look like one though?

Zhu Yao pushed his face away and sat up. She looked around, realizing that she had once again returned to the straw cottage at Lightning Divine Hall. “Where’s my master?”

Yu Jin summoned a water mirror and seriously checked his face. Mn, it’s still beautiful! Only then did he feel relieved and reply her. “Little Yanyan went to look for you.” “Look for me?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

“Mn. Didn’t you say you turned into a sword previously? He went to look for the object that you possessed.” Yu Jin nodded. He sized her up for a moment, and then a hint of  doubt surfaced. “I say, little little grand disciple! Is there something special with your soul? Why are all of the soul suppressing objects and techniques ineffective on you?”

“Special?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “It’s especially weak, does that count?” She gets disconnected like how often backend servers do.



“When is master going to come back?”

“When he finds the sword that you’re possessing, he will naturally return.” Yu Jin reached out his hand, wanting  to stroke her head. However, his hand was slapped away by Zhu Yao in disgust, and he sighed. “Oh right, how did you return this time?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She didn’t want to talk about it!

“Let’s not bring up the past.”

“Uh…” What did she mean? “Oh right, before Little Yanyan left, he left behind a voice transmission talisman. If you have urgent matters, you can try sending him a message with the talisman.” He passed her a golden talisman paper.

Zhu Yao joyfully received it. Just as she was about to insert spiritual energy, she suddenly recalled this body of hers had zero levels, and she immediately returned it. “Activate it.”

“…” Why do I feel as though I have turned into this master’s and disciple’s follower!? I’m clearly the senior here!

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Zhu Yao nudged him in disgust.

Only then  did  Yu  Jin  reached  out  and  tap  it.  The  voice transmission talisman released out a white glow.

“Master.” She immediately called out.

Yu Yan’s voice instantly rang out. “Yu… Yao. You’ve returned?”

“Mn.” She nodded. She suddenly recalled that this was a phone call and he could not see her at all, so she continued. “I just woke up. Master, where are you?”

“Thisthower Mountain.”


Thistower Mountain Sect Master Feng Jin deeply felt that this was the definitely the most exciting day he had since he started cultivation a few tens of thousands of years ago. A hundred years ago, he felt that his cultivation had crossed the bottleneck and had signs of making a breakthrough. He finally chose this very day to make a breakthrough into a Heavy Deity, and had resisted all eighty-one tribulation lightning bolts. The moment he officially rose into a Heavy Deity, he felt his divine energy had all turned golden and sparkly.

He decided right at that moment that he would host a celebratory event of some sort, and invite those old farts from all four great continents, so that he could gloat in front of them for once. However, the moment he crawled out from the lightning tribulations, before he could even express that joy of his, a white-robed man, who was releasing a chilling aura that enveloped the entire three hundred and sixty degrees of his surroundings, appeared next to him.

“Thisthower Mountain Sect Master?”

When that person spoke, it was as if his voice could form ice. It was so cold, Feng Jin could not help but shiver for a moment.

Who is this? How dare he talk to me in such a manner? He instantly grew a little furious. As a Sect Master who was a rather renowned expert in the Southern Continent, how could he possibly endure being belittled like this?

“How dare you! Who are you?” However, that white-robed man did not even look at him, and simply selfishly said. “I want to investigate all of the divine artifact storage rooms of Thisthower Mountain.”

Divine artifact storage rooms? Is this person here to seize the divine artifacts of Thisthower Mountain? And his first request is even all of the divine artifact storage rooms.

Feng Jin immediately refuted. “Impudent!”

Then… That person really showed him what impudence really was.

Chapter347: Heaven or Hell, Look for My Disciple I Shall

Lightning bolts that were even more terrifying that the Heavy Deity tribulation lightning bolts that Feng Jin just faced came striking down. The sky was filled with oppressive might that could almost stop one’s breath. Feng Jin could not even have a good look before he was struck back down to the surface, sinking deep into the earth’s crust, along with that once proud heart of his.

The terrifying lightning bolts did not all land on his body. Most of them flew towards Thisthower Mountain. The Thisthower Mountain that was claimed to be the backbone of the Divine Realm, instantly shattered with a bang.

Shattered… Shattered…

Thisthower Mountain, the number one divine mountain in Divine Realm, actually shattered just like that.

No, no, no. This can’t be real. There must  be  something wrong with the way I opened my eyes. Feng Jin turned into a Spartan. Wasn’t he just here to ask for directions? Was there a need to be this ferocious? Trembling, he reached a hand out of the crater, and pointed in a direction. In a flash, that white figure disappeared without a trace. Only then did three words flash across the depths of Feng Jin’s mind. Lightning Divine Palace.

Why would a High Deity of Lightning Divine Palace make an appearance here? What happened to the promise that the members of Lightning Divine Palace did not show themselves outside easily?

Feng Jin spent tons of effort before he was able to pull himself out of the crater.

He suddenly felt that it was great to be alive…

Turning his head, he looked in the direction of Thisthower Mountain. He suddenly recalled the sheer number of divine artifact storage rooms in Thisthower Mountain. Not to mention every single one of them was assigned a guard. There would definitely be some who would be blind and attempt to stop him… His Thisthower Mountain’s millions of years of foundation!

“High Deity, wait! Do you need a guide…”

Promise me, leave me half of the mountain, please?


This time, as expected, Zhu Yao did not stay for too long. In a blink of an eye, she once again returned to that stupid-looking sword. As a worthy cause for celebration, she was no longer in the room filled with “venomous gas” from before. Miao Bo was currently strolling all over the place with her in hand. The divine energy in his body was much richer than before. It seemed that his cultivation of an Earth Deity was already stable. He successfully removed that ‘stowaway’ brand of his, and officially became a legal citizen of the Divine Realm.

Miao Bo was evidently really happy, as he leisurely strolled this strange place. Smiles were plastered all over his face the entire time. Zhu Yao wondered if it was because his cultivation had risen, or because he was feeling refreshed after all of the poison were expelled. In any case, compared to seeking the “Divine Will Condensing Dew” being his one and only goal earlier, he was simply having a blind stroll right now.

He turned into a long hallway, the two sides were filled with one room after another, and every single one of the doors had a different colour from the rest. Deep and profound formations were even placed above the doors, and behind them, rich divine energy could be felt leaking out. Furthermore, the deeper he went, the richer the divine energy.

Miao Bo stopped at the first doorstep, and looked at the formation above the door carefully. Looking at his frown, he did not seem to be familiar with its activation method at all. He looked around, and he suddenly spotted a concave bottle-shaped slot on the side of the door, above where the candle holder was.

Why did Zhu Yao feel like it was a mechanism?

Naturally, Miao Bo thought that way as well. After pondering deeply for a moment, his eyes brightened. He pulled out the jade bottle, the one where the “Divine Will Condensing Dew” was stored in earlier, and placed that bottle into the slot. It was a perfect fit.

The moment he released his hand, the formation on the door instantly disappeared, and the door opened with a creak. The place inside was once again an extremely simplistic room, with the exact same square-shaped stone table placed at the very center. A jade bottle was placed on top of the table. Though there was an additional bed on the right side of the room, and it made the room look like a cave residence for closed-door training.

Miao Bo entered. Just as he picked up the bottle, the door closed with a bang. Miao Bo grew worried, yet no matter what he did, he could not open the door. He had even used arts of various types, yet the door did not budge in the least.

He frowned. He could not help but look at the bottle in his right hand. When he pulled out the cap, a rich divine aura came assaulting him. Miao Bo instantly grew excited. When  he poured the bottle down, a Melissin… Ah pui! A divine pellet laid on his palm.

Miao Bo became a little hesitant. The divine pellet did not look simple at first glance, but because he had never seen it before, he did not dare to try it out so easily. After hesitating for quite a while, he finally gritted his teeth, sat down on the stone bed, and ate the pellet. Zhu Yao seemed to have witnessed the divine energy in his body expanding rapidly in an instant, as though there was an incredible force leaking out endlessly from within his body. The force drilled into his meridians, causing his expression to be filled with pain and sweat dripping down. His face grew even more distorted with pain, and when his meridians started spitting, blood began to flow out. In a few moments, the clothes on his body were dyed with fresh red blood. His loss of blood looked like it was caused by his aunt. It seemed like that pellet was a divine pellet that accelerated one’s cultivation. It carried a rich amount of divine energy, but unfortunately, it seemed to have a rather high dissolving rate, and Miao Bo clearly could not suppress it. He was about to explode.

As a sword with no movement capabilities, Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad feeling.

As expected, Miao Bo could not even maintain the art he was using while meditating, and puked out a large mouthful of blood. His hand unconsciously fell onto the ground next to him as support, and he directly pressed onto Zhu Yao’s blade. In the next instant, boundless divine energy came charging into her.

The hell! Your grandfather! Zhu Yao felt uncomfortable all over.

The sudden excess of divine energy was like a dam opening up to release flood water, gushing into her body. She could faintly hear her blade cracking, yet the divine energy continued to pour endlessly.

She really wanted to shoot out lightning bolts to release the divine energy, but because this room was enclosed, she might destroy the infrastructure and bury themselves alive if she did. No, I can’t release them.

She suddenly recalled her method of refining artifacts, where spiritual energy was needed to be inserted. When she thought about it, divine energy was rather similar as well.

Right now, she could only try it out. She immediately guided the divine energy, arranging and making them flow  steadily into the blade, using the artifact refining method.

Strangely, the moment she made the attempt to guide, the chaotic divine energy earlier suddenly quietened down, as they orderly entered the blade. “Eh?” Miao Bo was stunned, as though he had just realized that it could absorb his excess divine energy. With a glowing face, he finally sat down properly and placed the sword on his lap. Taking up a good posture, he then continued to raise his cultivation.

After a long while, when Miao Bo finally no longer had any excess divine energy in his body, he and his sword finally stopped the absorption of divine energy. Miao Bo’s cultivation instantly rose that of a Profound Deity, while Zhu Yao who was once a second rank sword… was still a second rank sword. Just that the XX marks on the blade had suddenly turned into YYYY.

Uh… What did this mean?

Creaak. The door that Miao Bo could not push open earlier even with all his strength, actually opened on its own.

Yo. This secret room actually has a time limit? A renewal fee needs to be paid to open the door again, is that it?

Miao Bo did not continue staying either. He cast a Dirt Removal Art on himself and then got out of the room with Zhu Yao. Just when he returned to the hallway, the door of the neighbouring room opened automatically with a creak.

The room inside was exactly the same as the previous one. A bottle was placed on the stone table, and there was nothing else except for a stone bed.

Zhu Yao suddenly thought of a phrase – “Training Rooms”. These rows of rooms here can’t possibly have a rule like that, right? A bottle of pellets on the table, and then, you will rank up based on your level. After ranking up, you can then enter the next training room.

Miao Bo evidently thought of this point as well, and this time, he walked in without a shred of hesitation. He picked up the bottle on the table, poured the pellet onto his palm and ate it. Then he turned around and sat on the stone bed, beginning to meditate. His divine energy once again expanded rapidly…

Zhu Yao was once again treated as a buffer.

Your grandfather!

-flips table- Why do I have to witness the entire history of someone raising his level? Unsurprisingly, every single one of the rooms here was the same, just that the divine pellet placed on each table held even richer divine energy with each subsequent room. The amount of divine energy Miao Bo absorbed grew, and it was as if his cultivation was riding on a rocket. His cultivation surged from a mere early-stage Profound Deity to a late-stage Profound Deity, to a Gold Deity, to a middle-stage Gold Deity, late-stage, Paragon… While the marks on Zhu Yao’s blade changed with each room as well. From XXYY, to SSOO, and then to CCDD. It was as if all the letters in the alphabet were about to be used up, when finally they stopped at BBBB.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Miao Bo finally reached the final room, and the divine energy in that divine pellet was even denser than the one right before. Zhu Yao clearly could sense him breaking through something with all his might, as the colour of his face swapped between green and purple. The marks on Zhu Yao’s blade as well, would occasionally turn into SSS and then back to BBB.

When the rich divine energy finally began to shrink and condense, Miao Bo’s aura changed. His breakthrough into a Heavy Deity was successful! He’s a winner of life! He reached the summit so quickly.

Zhu Yao sighed in awe, with the letters SB carved on her blade.

Miao Bo was really excited as well, laughing out loud. In an instant, the entire space resounded with an audacious laughter. “Heavy Deity… I actually cultivated into a Heavy  Deity!”  He took a deep breath, as though he was suppressing the excitement in his heart. Suddenly, his eyes sank, as if he had just recalled something. He coldly said. “Fan Jian, it’s time you pay the debts that you owe me.”

Fan Jian? Who? He actually has such a refreshing name. (Bitchy)

His expression turned cold, and in an instant, even his entire being had turned gloomy. “Master, once this disciple returns, I will definitely treat you well.”

So this Fan Jian is actually his master! Then isn’t it that Pavillion Lord Fan from earlier?

It seemed like his resentment had piled up really heavily! Miao Bo stood up, picked Zhu Yao up and left, heading in the direction they came from.

He immediately returned to that strange cave where the teleportation formation was. This time, the cave was closed, and what appeared beneath his feet was not hard rocks, but a gigantic tongue. Most likely, after he entered, this cave was closed right away, in order to capture him.

However, Miao Bo was no longer the same as before. He was already a Heavy Deity, and this cave could not stop him at all. With a twist of his hand, he materialized millions of spiritual swords, striking them downwards. With a loud bang, a hole was blasted open, and he immediately flew out.

He turned to look at the large mouth where blood was flowing out endlessly from. With a cold laugh, he swung the sword in his hand.

Zhu Yao simply felt a wave of divine energy entering her, forming a fire type formation. Just as the formation was about to be fire…

He wants to kill that cave guardian beast! Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. The formation that was about to released earlier was now suppressed by her.

Miao Bo who had now risen to a Heavy Deity, was completely different from the idiotic-looking man from before. It was as if he had suddenly expelled out all of his weakness and self- loathing, turning openly impudent. However, his expression was filled with hostility, his entire being was covered in gloom.

She did not like this Miao Bo a little, and she unconsciously birthed to a hint of rejection towards him.

“Eh?” Miao Bo was stunned for a moment, as though he was really displeased that the sword did not release out the attack according to his wishes. A hint of scorn even surfaced in his eyes. He was no longer the person that treated a second rank divine artifact as treasure.

He glanced at the sword in his hand, and then looked at the severely injured cave guardian beast once more. With a disappointed look, he got onto his flying sword and left.

Zhu Yao looked at the direction they were heading in, and they were moving straight towards Thisthower Mountain where they departed from. It seemed like he had returned to get his revenge on Fan Jian.

In less than fifteen minutes, he flew out of the forest and arrived above a beach. Miao Bo once again looked at Zhu Yao in his hand. Frowning, he muttered. “As expected, is the rank too low?”

After saying that, he actually flung out his hand without the slightest strand of sentimentality. Zhu Yao drew an arc in the air, before landing in the sea.

Your sister!


Miao Bo believed that all his misfortunes were caused by Fan Jian. Back then, he was still a Nascent Soul practitioner in the Lower Realm, a considerably respected individual. Yet, Fan Jian took a fancy to him, and when he ascended, he forcefully absorbed Miao Bo into the Demigod Bead, and brought him along into the Higher Realm. He unexpectedly achieved a divine body, but because he did not experience the refinement of the lightning tribulations, he could only be barely considered as an Earth Deity, taking in the countless taunts of others. Though Fan Jian had taken him as his disciple, he had never cared about Miao Bo’s life and death. He merely wanted someone who would willingly work for him. Furthermore, because of the scattering of divine energy, Miao Bo’s cultivation could not rise no matter what. After thousands of years had passed, Fan Jian had already achieved the cultivation of a Gold Deity, yet Miao Bo was still a lowly Earth Deity. Not to mention he had many times dove deep into dangerous grounds to locate various treasures.

He could not accept this! Just why could Fan Jian rise to even higher heights, while he was stuck here as a speck of dust? By chance, he received a secret scroll, and it was detailedly recorded within it that there was a mustard seed dimensional space containing “Divine Will Condensing Dew” inside the mouth of the strange beast. At that moment, he understood that his chance had arrived. Thus, he had countlessly entered the Forest of Separation to search for that place, and unexpectedly, he obtained a divine sword that could conceal presences.

Thus, unnerved, he entered that mustard seed dimensional space. There, he successfully tempered his divine body and became a true Earth Deity. However, the surprise did not end there. He actually discovered divine pellets inside that could raise one’s cultivation. They were actually able to raise his cultivation to a Heavy Deity in an instant.

What’s a Heavy Deity? Even Thisthower Mountain Sect Master, located in one of the four great continents, merely had a single Gold Deity Paragon practitioner. The number of Heavy Deities in the Divine Realm could be counted with fingers alone. No one in Thisthower Mountain could possibly block him.

Thus, he wanted revenge! He wanted blood! He wanted to tear him apart!

The more he thought about how he should settle these evil deeds, the more he felt that Fan Jian would deserve his death, and subsequently, he began to grow excited, becoming overly complacent by the minute. It was as if he could see that terrified face that Fan Jian would have the moment he realized that Miao Bo was already a Heavy Deity. He definitely had to settle these debts.

The corners of Miao Bo’s smile curved upwards into a complacent smile, while his heart was filled with hatred towards Fan Jian. However, he was not aware that with his aptitude in the Lower Realm, there was no guarantee that he could ascend. Ha accelerated his flying sword. The route that he initially took a day and a night to travel, could now be cleared with just a few flashes. He had returned to Thisthower Mountain. With a heart enveloped with vengeance, he simply did not notice Thisthower Mountain’s anomaly. With the might of a Heavy Deity in full force, he flew straight towards Fan Jian.

As he had wished, he was able to see that person’s shocked expression. Walking a step at a time, it was as if he was a life- taking Death God, someone that could take away the life of an ant on a whim.

Just when he was just a few meters away, a white light suddenly flashed in front of him. He suddenly felt his side turn chilly, as an ice-cold voice resounded.

“Where’s my disciple?”

Chapter348: The Hell is a Female Sword?

Disciple? What disciple?

Miao Bo frowned. He was extremely furious at this reckless chap who suddenly appeared. His mind was filled with revenge, and when his enemy was just right in sight, he was stopped by someone unrelated to this entire situation. It was natural for him to be enraged.

“What does your disciple have to do with me!? Scram!” He charged out. “Those who stop me, shall die!” Without even thinking, he flung out a mystic art. He was a Heavy Deity, and yet there was actually someone who was blind enough to dare stop him. He needed to let this chap know his place.

In the next instant, he truly understood his place.

Before Miao Bo could even react, he was bombarded silly by the tribulation lightning bolts that rained down from the sky. Like fried fish, he was zapped at the front and the back, three hundred sixty degrees with no dead angle to escape to. His entire body was completely numbed. When he regained his senses, he, a Heavy Deity, was zapped back to his original form – an Earth Deity. Like a pile of carbon lying on the ground, he no longer had the strength move.

However, he wasn’t the saddest person here.

“High Deity…” Thisthower Mountain Sect Master Feng Jin hugged onto Yu Yan’s leg with tears and snot coming out from his nose. “What happened to the half of the mountain that you promised not to touch?”

Only then did Yu Yan stop the tribulation lightning bolts that filled the sky. With the same icy tone, he asked. “Where’s my disciple?”


The moment she was flung out, Zhu Yao finally understood what the idiom “tearing the bridge apart after crossing it” meant. When Miao Bo was still an idiot back then, he would still bring her to look at the stars and moon, and even call her little sweety. Now that he had become successful and rich, he actually threw her away without a shred of hesitation. Thinking about this, Zhu Yao’s sword heart received ten thousands damage. Zhu Yao had already made the preparations to enter the waters. Just as she was falling straight down and nearing the surface of the sea, she heard a dull thud. That’s right, it was not the splash from entering waters, but a thud.

“Aiyo!” Immediately after, a pained cry sounded. “Which bastard threw at me?”

“Eh? It’s a divine sword.” In the next instant, she was grabbed and raised in the air. The person who appeared before her was a blue-robed man wearing a jade crown on his head. His face was presently filled with anger. He looked up into the air and searched around. Then, he immediately cussed out. “Your granddaddy! Which bastard schemed against me and dared to assassinate me with a sword? If you have the guts, come and fight this granddaddy here in a fair match. What kind of a man are you by hiding yourself? Come right out here! Scram out in front of this granddaddy! Don’t you hide and keep your mouth shut. I know you’re there! Come out, come out, come out here!”

“The hell. Are you Aunt Xue?” His lines were  exactly  the same.

The man was stunned for a moment, and then he stared at the sword in his hand. “You can talk? There’s actually a divine sword that can talk? It can’t actually be the true form of some sort of spirit, right? Oh right, how did you know I’m Xue Yi?”

“The hell, you’re really called Aunt Xue, hey!?” Zhu Yao and her avatar were utterly stunned. “Wait a minute, you can hear me?”

“This daddy isn’t deaf, so why wouldn’t I be able to  hear you?” Xue Yi glared at her, and then shook her about by the hilt. “Hurry and speak, who’s your owner? Why did he throw you at me? Hurry and call him out. If he has the guts, then come and fight me in a fair match.”

“Uh…” This guy is actually a violent maniac. “It’s not that someone threw at you, rather, I was thrown away by someone. When I fell, I bumped into you.”

“Lies!” Xue Yi instantly flared up. “This daddy has been in closed-door training for several hundred years, and I have never been discovered before. How could there be such a coincidence where you could land on me in a single throw?” He snorted, looking all cool and tyrannical. “Hmph. A second rank divine sword like you actually thinks of tricking me? Furthermore, a barrier has been placed on this sea floor. Your owner must have used some sort of method to throw you down here.” As he spoke, he walked towards the transparent barrier that separated the seawater and pointed at it. With a proud look, he said. “I personally set this barrier up. Even if a late-stage Heavy Deity might not even break through it, let alone a terrible divine sword like you.” He then swung her towards the barrier, as though he was trying to prove the quality of his formation.

Zhu Yao’s blade slashed towards the front. Then, a crackling sound could be heard. It was the sound of something being slashed apart.

In the next instant, large amount of seawater gushed in as the barrier shattered resoundingly. It quickly flooded the entire isolated area.

A few moments later…

Above the boundless sea, the intense winds swirled into dark clouds, and between the dark clouds and the surface of the sea, Haiyan… ah pui! A human head popped out, with one hand clutching onto a floating log and a second rank divine sword with the other, his face was filled with shock!

He raised the sword up. A human and a sword silently stared at each other for ten seconds.

Something called ‘resentment’ began floating in the air.

“Uh…” Zhu Yao gave him a few seconds of silence. “I already told you, I was thrown down here.” If you don’t listen to the words of a divine sword, you will regret it, young man!

Xue Yi’s expression darkened. He gritted his teeth, and then stubbornly replied. “This granddaddy believe you!”

He cast the Light Body Art, and then leapt up from the wooden log. He moved quickly across the water surface, heading towards the northern side.

Wuaah, he’s using qinggong to float atop the water! At that moment, she felt that this unfortunate youth was pretty cool.

Xue Li leapt across the sea like a waterfly for half a day before arriving on dry land. The place he stopped at was an island.

“Why don’t you fly on a sword?” Zhu Yao asked. “He turned to glare at her ruthlessly. “Do you think  this daddy doesn’t want to? This daddy’s belongings are all in the water, alright?” It’s not like he did not want to fly on a sword, he had no swords to fly on!

“…” That’s what you get.

Xue Li rested for a short while, and then looked at Zhu Yao. “Hey, just what in the world are you? Clearly you’re a second rank divine sword, yet you’re actually able to break my barrier.”

“Uh… This is a tricky question.” Let her think of something to muddle her way through. “Actually… I’m not a sword.”

“Mn?” Xue Yi sized her up for a moment. “You can’t possibly be trying to tell me you’re a sabre, right?”

You’re the sabre, your entire family is made of sabres.

“I mean, I’m not a weapon at first.”

“Then what are you?” Zhu Yao sighed, as she used all of the acting skills that she had learnt throughout her life. “Actually… I’m a princess…” Then she altered the ‘princess and the frog’ fairytale into a ‘prince and the divine sword (PS: a second rank one)’ story, and narrated it to him affectionately and enthusiastically. “So… As long as I can find the kiss of true love, I will be able to return.”

Xue Li’s face was like this: (¬_¬)

“It’s true, young man. You must believe divine arts!” Zhu Yao continued to brainwash him.

The corner of Xue Li’s lips twitched, and then asked seriously. “Is there the word ‘idiot’ written on my face?”

“Uh…” She hated intelligent people the most. When she was in the modern era, not a single one of the little brats on the street wouldn’t believe her.

“I think you must have been struck with a soul assimilation art right?” Xue Li analyzed. “And then, you were sealed in this sword?” “Eh.” He sure made a precise guess.

“You want to return to your main body?”

“That’s right, that’s right, that’s right.”

“You want me to send you back?”

“That’s right, that’s right, that’s right.”

“Not going!”

“Hell.” Then why the hell did you lead me on just now!

“Why do I have to send you back? There’s no merit for me at all.” He stretched his waist and said with a slovenly expression. “Furthermore, you were the one who destroyed my barrier. I don’t even have a place to stay in now.”

“…” You were clearly the one who slashed at it with  your itchy hand. “There were a good amount of treasures inside, you know? They were all there to prepare myself for the future. Even if you return to your divine body, you wouldn’t be able to pay… Wait a minute!” His words halted there, as though he had just thought of something. He turned to look at Zhu Yao on the ground, and then pointed at her with his trembling hand. “You… Y-Y-You’re a female sword?”

The hell is a female sword? Zhu Yao rolled her eyes and asked back. “You’re a male human?”

Xue Li did not reply, his entire figure was rooted to the ground. His entire body was stiffened tight, and that bronze- coloured face was beginning to be dyed with a strange red, which spread all the way to his ears.

“What happened to your face?” Zhu Yao asked.

However, it was as if he was startled, leaping up all of a sudden. He took a few steps back, and his eyes began to swim around. He glanced to the left and looked to the right, but he did not dare to look at the sword on the ground. “N… N… N-N-N… Nothing.”
 “Why are you stammering now?”

He grew even more flustered and decided to turn around with his back facing her. His two hands crossed, and his two thumbs twiddled between each other. Female type. She’s actually the
female type that mother spoke of. What should I do? I’m so
anxious. This is the first time I’m interacting with their  kind this close. Will she love me at first sight? She must definitely like my muscles, right? She definitely will.

“Hey!” When you’re muttering to yourself, don’t let me hear you, hey! What’s a female type? And who the hell likes your muscles?

“I… I… I…” He finally turned around, yet he was still stammering his words. “I will… s-s… send you b… ba… back.”

“No thank you!” She had a bad feeling.

“N… N… N-No need to be courteous.”

“…” Who wants to be courteous with you? Heheh. She might like me after we develop our feelings on this journey.

“Who will like you? I have a man already, alright? Also, those inner thoughts of yours, can you please keep them to yourself?”

“W… Where do you want to g… go?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t hear me, hey! I don’t want to go anywhere!”

He however had already walked over to her. He wanted to reach out to hold her, yet he figured that it wouldn’t be prudent enough. He tore out half of his long robe, placed her on the fabric, and then carefully tied her up.

“Is… Is… Is it… to the east?” He held up Zhu Yao with a shy face. Then, he once again circulated the Light Body Art, and headed in the eastern direction.

Zhu Yao: “…” She seemed to have been kidnapped by a single puppy.


“Divine sword maiden, there’s a divine city over there. Shall we snatch a house and stay there for a while?” Xue Yi said to the sword in his hand fawningly.

“Snatch?” Are you a bandit?

“Don’t worry, I came here before.” Xue Yi explained with a serious look. “The houses here are really easy to snatch.”

“…” What did you do in the past?

As Xue Yi spoke, his figure flashed and arrived at the gate to the divine city. In order to prove his words, he enthusiastically greeted the Deity practitioner protecting the gate. “Yo,  long time no see!”

That Deity practitioner’s face instantly paled and he immediately ran into  the city, as  though he had  just seen a ghost. As he ran, he shouted loudly. “Hurry and run! That bastard surnamed Xue is back!”

The city that was still bustling with activities earlier instantly quietened down. In the next moment, every single person did the same thing. They took out their flying swords, rose into the air, and fled wildly in all directions. Not a single one of them turned around to have a glance.

In just a few minutes, not even a single human figure could be seen in the small city.

This escape speed they displayed was even faster than a regular evacuation drill.

Zhu Yao glanced at the person next to her. “Please hold onto your chest and tell me, just what did you do to these people?”

“Nothing much.” Xue Li said innocently. “I’ve only came here thrice. During the first time, I wanted to stay in the city lord’s residence, but he didn’t let me, so I beat him up. The second time, I wanted to try some wine, but that person said to pay him divine stones for it, so I beat him up too. The third time, they didn’t allow me to enter the city, so… I beat up everyone in the city. Just like that. I didn’t really do much either.”

“…” Don’t treat beating people up like eating a meal, hey! If that isn’t much, just what in the world would he do if he put in a little more effort?

“Divine sword maiden, which house do you want to live in? Pick whichever you want!” Xue Li spread out his arms. At that moment, it felt as though he was possessed by a tyrannical CEO and the entire divine city was his territory.

Is this guy in the mafia? Can I resign please? “Aunt Xue, I’m a divine sword, I don’t need to rest.”

“Ou!” He lowered his head in  disappointment.  So unfortunate, mother told me that if I give a female type something, she will like me, love me, and desire me!

“… Call your mother out, I want to talk to her about life.” I already told you many times not to speak out your inner thoughts! Don’t think that I can’t hear you without those quotation marks!

“Then, divine  sword  maiden.  Let’s  replenish  some  of  our necessities, and then continue on our way.”

“…” Did you activate the ‘Automatically Shield Off Anything That I Don’t Want to Hear’ ability?

Xue Yi walked into a divine artifact store and glanced around. He took away a fifth rank flying sword from the most sealed cabinet that was furthest away from the store entrance. Then, he leisurely returned to the lobby and casually took away all of the fourth rank, third rank, second rank… and first rank divine artifacts.

Before he left, he even took away the storage rings inside the counter’s drawers.

Zhu Yao silently lit a candle for the store owner.

Zhu Yao had thought that he would fly on his sword and leave the city, but he instead made his way into a pharmacy on the left, the talisman store on the right, and the formation store in the opposite street. Finally, he even entered a material store. Like sweeping away the autumn leaves, he swept everything into the storage rings in his hands. Only when he was no longer able to store them in, did he stop with a regretful look. He stroked the rings in his hand. “Haah, it’s lacking a little.”

“…” Zhu Yao really wanted to cuss out in place of  the residents of this divine city: Your sister!

“Divine sword maiden, we can leave now.” Xue Lin found a white divine yarn handle, and hung her on his body. It was not on his back, but right in front of his chest. It looked especially stupid. “Oh right, where do you want to go?”

“East!” Zhu Yao had already given up all form of resistance, after all, he would automatically shield away anything that he didn’t like to hear. She thought that she might as well go along with him until she return to Lightning Divine Palace.

“Alright!” Xue Li summoned the fifth rank flying sword he stole. Just as he was about to leave, a Heavy Deity pressure suddenly assaulted in their direction. Xue Li wasn’t able to stabilize himself, and he ended up kneeling onto the ground.

“Shameless heretic Deity, you actually dare to act so wantonly here.” A mighty voice resounded from above their heads. Aunt Xue(雪姨): She is a character in Romance of the Rain, a Chinese drama filmed in 2000. The character’s full name is Wang Xueqin, a devious and power hungry woman. The pun here is that the Chinese for aunt(姨), Yi, sounds the same as 夷 in Xue Yi’s name 血夷.

Chapter349: Let Me Quietly Get Zapped

The person was a middle-aged man wearing a long robe that alternated between white and black colours. With a slender and tall figure, between his sharp brows and starry eyes, an expression filled with rage could be seen. He ruthlessly glared at Xue Yi and the pressure on his body turned heavier. “Today, this throne shall exterminate you, tyrant.”

The moment his words fell, a rain of swords fell on Xue Yi. Just as he was about to be pierced into a bloody hedgehog, Xue Yi gritted his teeth and dodged, retreating a few meters back. He then summoned a weapon and charged at the enemy.

That person was a late-stage Heavy Deity, while Xue Yi was just a Paragon Gold Deity. With the suppression from the level difference, he was already a talented individual seeing how he was able to escape the pressure control so quickly. However, a Heavy Deity’s cultivation level wouldn’t be so simple. Before Xue Yi could even approach him, he was already stopped by the enemy’s formation. Immediately after, a sky full of icicles came flying down. Xue Yi did not dodge, instead, he swung his sword and slashed them down. In an instant, six human-sized icicles were slashed apart, and thenafter, he smashed another one into pieces with his fist. Using the momentum of his body, he charged towards that person. Wuaah… (⊙o⊙)

It was rare to see such a direct charging method. Zhu Yao was a little stunned. Usually, because most people use spiritual energy to cultivate, human practitioners would all be very good long-range fighters. They were of a class with low HP and high MP, and it was very seldom to see them fighting in close- combat. Though everyone’s HP increased after becoming a Deities, their MP bar grew even thicker as well. In the end, they could not get rid of their habits of throwing long-range attacks.

However, Xue Yi directly charged forward, and it was evident that he was more used to throwing fists than slashing swords. He could already be considered as a irregularity among the Deities.

That Heavy Deity instantly materialized two ice dragons and threw them at Xue Yi. Wherever the ice dragons went, layers upon layers of ice would fill the area. Xue Yi’s nimble figure immediately leapt over the back of one of the dragon and once again swung his fist at its body. However, he did not expect that not only did he fail to shatter the ice dragon, his hand was instead encapsulated by layers of ice. Furthermore, the ice was spreading towards his body. His expression changed. Just as he was about to  retract  his hand, it was already too late. The spreading  ice  had  already linked him to the dragon body, and he was unable to break free. The other ice dragon had already turned around, its mouth wide open and ready to bite him.

Even Zhu Yao was able to sense the bone-piercing chill from that dragon, enough to make a frail second rank divine sword like her feel as though she was about to shatter apart.

Xue Yi did not hesitate to swing the sword in his right hand, instantly chopping away the other arm. He then retreated a few meters back and hurriedly sealed the surrounding acupoints, stopping the flow of blood in his arm.

(⊙o⊙) Why do people like to chop down their own limbs in this day and age?

That Heavy Deity snorted. “Xue Yi, don’t you even think about leaving this place alive today. Die!”

The atmosphere around him changed at that moment. A thousand kilometer freeze was released. In an instant, the air was as cold as ice, and large amount of snowflakes floated about. Ice began to grow all around the city, inch by inch. Layers of glaciers encapsulated the entire city. Xue Yi turned around and retreated, yet he was unable to move faster than the freezing ice. Very quickly, he no longer had any ground to stand on. He had no choice but to fly on his word and charge out of the divine city. However, the encroaching glacier did not stop, and instead grew faster. The snowflakes in the air would turn into ice the moment they land on the ground.

Xue Yi barely maintained his defensive barrier, yet the moment those snowflakes landed, layers of ice began to appear above the barrier. If this were to go on, even if he wasn’t sealed in ice, he would be dragged down by the snowflakes.

“Xue Yi, take me out and insert your divine energy into the blade.” Zhu Yao could not help but speak out. If this were to go on, not just him, she would be frozen as well.

“No!” Xue Yi strongly shook his head. He had his own principles. “How can I possibly let a female type do the job!? Don’t worry, I will protect you. “Heheh, there might  be  a chance that after she sees my courageous figure, she would immediately revere me, love me, and desire me.”

“…” What courageous?  What  hour  do  you  think  it  is  right now? Can you please stop muttering out your inner thoughts?

The ice on Xue Yi’s barrier grew thicker, and then, it could no longer maintain itself and felt apart. Zhu Yao simply felt that his aura had instantly disappeared, and even his body temperature was beginning to disappear. His heartbeats and breaths were gone as well.

The hell, it can’t be, right? He died just like that? Zhu Yao’s heart sak.

Only then did the snowflakes in the sky stop falling, and that Heavy Deity had already flown over on his sword. Taking a few steps forward, he glanced at Xue Yi who was sealed in ice, and snorted heavily. “You overestimated yourself!” He waved his sleeves, and just as he was about to turn around…

Xue Yi who had lost all signs of life earlier suddenly moved. His broke through the layers of ice with his fist and struck directly onto the Heavy Deity’s chest. In an instant, fresh blood sprayed in all directions, his skin was torn and his flesh ruptured. If he hadn’t retreated quickly, his chest might have been penetrated through. “You… swindler!” The Heavy Deity retreated, as he hurriedly sealed the meridians on his body. He carried a furious expression that looked as if he could not wait to pounce on Xue Yi and give him a few bites.

“I simply changed my battle tactics, who knew you’re that stupid?” Xue Yi flew out from the glacier and smiled irritatingly.

“Shameless little brat!” He cussed out.

“Whatever you say.” Xue Yi shrugged. “It seems  like  you won’t be capturing me today. It’s a pity about that city that was sealed in your ice… Haah, I rather liked a few of them, you know?”

That Heavy Deity grew even more furious, his face was already reddened from anger and the veins on his hand were protruding out. The gnashing of his teeth was loud and resounding. He took a deep breath, as though he was suppressing the anger that was on the verge of breaking out, and coldly said. “Hmph, do you think you can escape so easily?”

He turned around and looked at Xue Yi’s remaining arm. “Do you think you will be fine after shattering my ice?”

Xue Yi was startled for a moment. When he turned to look, there were still a few remaining pieces of ice on his right arm.

“Ice Seal, activate!” The Heavy Deity once again cast an art.

In an instant, large number of ice began to crawl his arm, spreading throughout his entire body. The ice was just about to occupy his chest area. This time, Xue Yi was truly anxious. He couldn’t possibly give up another aram again, and it was already too late right now in the first place.

Just as he was about to sink within the deep glacier, Xue Yi frowned, gritted his teeth, and immediately fell onto the ground to meditate. In an instant, the ice on the ground crawled up his legs.

“Courting death?” The Heavy Deity snorted.

Zhu Yao thought the same as well. If this kept up, with how there were even more ice on the ground, the spread would be even quicker. In the next instant, Xue Yi released his divine sense. At that moment, the divine energy in the air began to rapidly concentrated at where he was. Winds blew and clouds gathered.

“Forbidden art!” That Heavy Deity was stunned, his eyes widened as he looked at Xue Yi with utter disbelief. “You’re thinking of forcefully raising your cultivation,  and  charging into the realm of a Heavy Deity!?”

As expected, as though they had been attracted by something, the divine energy in the surroundings rapidly poured into Xue Yi’s body. His initially torn-down body was instantly slashed with cuts after cuts of blood. As the intense winds blew, the ice sheets that were dyed in blood cracked and shattered apart as well.

Even that Heavy Deity had to take a good few steps back. “Lunatic, you lunatic!” In the path of cultivation, one would always speak of it being a step-by-step process. It was not as simple as taking in divine energy. The divine energy in the Divine Realm was rich and dense, but guiding them into the body and into the Dantian was extremely difficult. It was really easy for the divine energy to deal a rebound, where meridians would be shattered and one’s Nascent Spirit would be damaged. The Nascent Spirit was akin to the existence of a soul. If the Nascent Spirit was damaged, even if it’s a Deity, it wouldn’t be possible to heal it. Those with good luck simply would not be able to advance in their cultivation, while those with bad luck would be exterminated. Yet Xue Yi was actually using the forbidden arts to guide in a large amount of divine energy to forcefully raise his cultivation! How was this any different than suicide?

Xue Yi did not have any intentions to stop at all. Instead, his rate of absorption grew even faster, as he forcefully took in divine energy into his meridians. Within a few meters around him, divine energy turned into a enormous vortex, blocking off everything outside. The sky darkened and dark clouds rolled about, blotting out the sun. His skin was already torn and his flesh was exposed, almost becoming a bloodied body.

Zhu Yao grew a little anxious as well, yet she was not in the position to stop him. He was presently at a critical juncture. If he was interrupted at this moment, he would most likely end up losing his life.

This outburst of divine energy lasted for exactly an entire day, and even those people who left the city returned to watch this spectacle. Zhu Yao silently looked outside the vortex of divine energy, at the “citizens gathering around to watch how that bad person is going to die” lively scene. She silently lit a candle for Xue Yi. Look, this is what you get for not being a good person! At this moment of crisis, there will always be people wishing to see you die.

All of the Deities thought that Xue Yi was undoubtedly going to die. All of the Deities thought that no one would be able to suppress such a huge outburst of divine energy. All of the Deities thought that the bad person would definitely die! However, everyone was shocked that Xue Yi was actually able to walk out of that outburst of divine energy completely unharmed. Not only did his severed arm grow back, even his cultivation level had leapt to that of a Heavy Deity.

He succeeded!

The Heavy Deity and the gathered crowd were all stunned.

Xue Yi chuckled as he released his pressure as a Heavy Deity. Other than the late-stage Heavy Deity, the gathered crowd slammed onto the ground.

He did not release it for too long, instead, he pulled up the corner of his bloodstained clothes and swung it. In an instant, several hundred blood-coloured wind blades flew towards the crowd. The place was in utter chaos. Some erected barriers, some retreated, and some dodged.

It was completely a drama where the main protagonist settled his debts after autumn with a domineering counterattack!

Looking at the chickens fly and dogs jump, Xue Yi laughed irksomely. He held onto Zhu Yao tightly, summoned his flying sword, and shouted out loud. “Run!” He leapt up and then flew in the opposite direction. Zhu Yao simply watch as streaks of light flashed across her eyes, and she no longer saw the crowd of Deities.

“…” What happened to the promised domineering counterattack?


Xue Yi flew out several kilometers till he felt tired. Then, he sat flat on the ground, panting heavily. “Fortunately,  I  ran really quick!”

“……” “…”

He suddenly thought of something, as he raised Zhu Yao up and stared at her silvery white blade. With sparkling eyes, he said. “Divine sword maiden, did you see the battle earlier? I suddenly broke through into a Heavy Deity. Wasn’t I really incredible, domineering and cool!?” And really worth to be entrusted for life?

“… I only saw how incredible, domineering and cool you were when you were fleeing! Also… “ Entrust your sister! “I have a partner already.”

Xue Yi’s face reddened, and he immediately activated his automatic word shield. “Aiyaa, if you praise me like that, I will feel embarrassed!”

Who praised you, hey!? You clearly ran because you have just risen to a Heavy Deity and can’t beat your opponent, right?

“It’s rare to find someone like me who doesn’t like to fight nowadays!” “…” Can you be even more shameless than this?

Xue Yi stood up with a satisfied look on his face. He investigated his surroundings for a moment, and then he established a barrier at a rather concealed spot. After that, he placed Zhu Yao inside.

“Divine sword maiden, wait here for me.”

“What are you doing?” Zhu Yao asked.

Xue Yi raised his head and looked at the sky, frowning. “I forcefully pushed my cultivation into the realm of a Heavy Deity, so the tribulation I’m about to face will definitely be a little stronger. You’re just a second rank divine sword right now, and you won’t be able to endure by my side. I will first put you here, and I will pick you up after I finish facing my tribulation.”


Only then did he walk away and found a place to settle down. Then, he did not forget to turn his head around and worriedly instructed her. “You must be obedient, alright? Don’t run around, alright?”

“…” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. She had to have the ability to run first!

Eh? Wait a minute!

Tribulation? Lightning tribulation!?

She raised her head. Dark clouds were already gathering densely, thunders roaring…

The hell, young man! Chotto matte!


A bright tribulation lightning bolt shot out from the clouds and struck straight down… and then… it twisted!

Your sister! This old lady is already a sword, and yet you still don’t let me go!

“Divine sword maiden…” Xue Yi was stunned as well. Why did the lightning bolt strike her? He hurriedly sprinted over. With a self-blaming look, he said. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have placed you here. Let me help you change location.”

Thus, he moved her several meters back.

Boom! Another lightning bolt…

Once again struck Zhu Yao.

“Sorry, sorry! Let me change your location again.”

The third strike…

“Don’t be anxious, I will switch it again.”

Fourth strike. “There’s a cave here, it’s definitely safe here.”

Fifth strike.

“… I will switch again!”

“Young man!” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips  twitched.  “No need to switch anymore. Please let this sword quietly get zapped, alright?”



Once, Zhu Yao had seriously pondered about her problem of being zapped by lightning every so often, though she could never find an answer. However, on this day, she finally understood. It was because… she had already gotten used to it.

All eighty-one tribulation lightning bolts, without a single exception, landed on her blade. Fortunately, Xue Yi placed her on the ground, so most of the electricity had all seeped into the earth instead. She was a qualified lightning rod, as there wasn’t a single crack on her blade after that. The only change was that the letters on her blade actively swapped around again. From a single row of BBBBs to a single row of SSSSs, and finally back to a mix of SBSBs. The blade had gone through every single combination of letters, and finally when there were no more unique letter combinations to be made… symbols came out…

Zhu Yao looked at the scrambled mess on her blade: *—……%#

Zhu Yao felt uncomfortable all over. Did her  programme crash from being zapped too much?

“Divine sword maiden…” After the lightning tribulation, Xue Yi immediately popped out and looked at her worriedly. “How are you? Does it hurt? Why don’t you…” He hesitated for a moment. “Drink a little more water!”

“…” Drink your sister’s water? Can drinking water cure a hundred illnesses? Also, how can a sword like me drink water!?

“Don’t you worry, I am now a Heavy Deity. I will definitely protect you.” He patted on his chest and guaranteed with an arrogant look. “If anyone dares to bully you, I will bite him!”

Are you a dog?

“Thank you very much…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched as she was filled with hundred and twenty percent doubt. “Bring me to the east, thank you!” She simply wanted to return to her master’s side immediately. The world outside was so terrifying.

“Alright!” He nodded. Just as he picked her up and was about to fly off on his flying sword…

A furious voice suddenly sounded.

“Xue Yi! I finally found you! Forfeit your life!”

The hell, again!?

Chapter350: I Have Just Hit Menopause, I Want Some Peace and Quiet

Zhu Yao deeply felt that she must have destroyed the Milky Way in her past life, which resulted in her meeting such an unreliable person. Ever since she was picked up by him, there were neverending number of incidents occurring. Occasionally, people would appear to settle debts with him. Some of these people once had their divine treasures robbed, some had their cultivation cave residences taken away, while many of them were once heavily injured by him. Every single one of them hated him to the very core, as though they wanted to swallow him alive.

In any case, not a single one practitioner that they passed by on the way wasn’t acquainted with him one way or another. This was the first time Zhu Yao had seen someone who had such a wide aggro range. Almost every short distance they covered, there would be people charging out to fight him. Some came alone, while some came in groups of three to five. She was rather shocked in the beginning, but she had already become completely calm at the end.

In any case, every so often, there would be people leaping out and shouting: “Evil Deity, return me my treasures!”

“Evil Deity, return me my cave residence!”

“Evil Deity, return me my…”

And other things along those lines, until a delicate Profound Deity that looked like a frail scholar pop out. “Evil Deity, return me my wife!”

Zhu Yao silently glanced at Xue Yi. “Yo, I never expected your private life to be this fulfilling.”

Xue Yi was stunned for a moment, as though he never expected that he would utter such a thing either. At that moment, he grew anxious. “Nonsense! Who stole your wife?”

“What does this have to do with me?” Why are you giving me an explanation?

“To tell you the truth, I’m…” His face reddened and he shyly turned his head away. He tapped his fingers together and said. “I’m… I’m… I’m still a virgin!”



A moment later.


How is this my business!? -flips table-

“You still dare to lie.” That Profound Deity was immediately enraged. He pointed at Xue Li with a pained expression and accused. “If you hadn’t forcefully broken into my wife’s closed- door training location in Cloudspill Sea, would she have died from self-implosion!?”

“Cloudspill Sea?” Xue Yi was dazed for a moment.

“That’s right.” The man gritted his teeth and said. “It’s that cave residence at the bottom of the sea.

Bottom of the sea? Wasn’t that the place where she was picked up by Xue Yi?

“My wife and I spent a thousand years to build that cave residence. I never expected…” That man denounced him with a pained look. “You greedy beast! You took the opportunity while I wasn’t around, to my wife… You made her die from self- implosion! Today, I shall take your life and help her take revenge!”

What did he do to your wife? Speak clearly, hey. How can you leave out the most important details?

“I didn’t.” Xue Yi forcefully shook his head and said in a serious tone. “I robbed that place off a male Deity. I am a Deity with principles. How can I possibly attack a frail female type? You can wrong me, but you can’t insult my tastes.”

Zhu Yao; “…” The hell does this have to do with your tastes!?

The man  snorted.  With  a  wave  of  his  sleeves,  an  illusory figure appeared in the air. That person had a burly figure, with tiger-like back and a bear’s waist. Even the black hair could not conceal those firm and thick muscles, which looked as though they could explode at any moment. That person looked like a professional bodybuilder. “Evil Deity, do you recognize this person?”

“Eh!?” Xue Yi looked carefully, and blurted out. “Isn’t that the person who wouldn’t move out of his home in the seafloor even in death?”

The man’s anger peaked, shouting out. “This is my wife!”

Zhu Yao: “…” There’s actually such a delightful woman in this world.

Xue Yi: “…” So a female type actually looks like that. It’s no wonder I can never find a partner.

“My wife and I… our feelings are as deep as the ocean, and we had always relied on each other since the times we were in the Lower Realm. We never let each other go.” He said with a pained expression. “Now, i’m the only one left living in this world.” His eyes reddened. As though he had dove into some memories, his face was filled with despair and yearning. “It’s all because of you! From now on… there will never be anyone else who will keep the candle on for me late in the night, there will never be anyone else who will sleep on the same bed as me, there will never be anyone else who will hug me tight. No one will ever again smack my body with a whip, and no one will ever again use the candles to… Uh, in any case, I want you to pay with your blood!”

The two people in front of him: “…”

They seemed to have just found out something incredible.

This person is a masochist right!? He must be, right!?

“Give me your life!” That male Deity raised his sword and hacked it towards Xue Yi.

Unexpectedly, Xue Yi did not directly attack him with simple brute strength like before. Instead, his figure flashed, dodging his attack.

“You really killed her?” Zhu Yao could not help but ask. Xue Yi’s feet stopped, and then nodded a while later. “Mn, back then, I was in dire need of that cave residence.” He pondered for a moment, and then added. “I really didn’t know the person living there was a female type.”

“…” Zhu Yao did not reply. She had a vague feeling in her heart, where she faintly felt that the key problem here wasn’t about differentiating between man and woman.

That man after all was still just a Profound Deity, and he was basically unable to injure Xue Yi even the slightest bit. With a light wave of his sleeves, Xue Yi easily deflected his attack. Frowning, he shouted out loud. “Hey, seeing that you have lost your partner, I can give you ten moves. After these ten strikes, don’t blame me for being rough.”

“Don’t act arrogant!” That man trembled from anger. Gritting his teeth, he unleashed all of the divine energy in his body and attacked Xue Yi without a regard for his life. He even threw out all of his talismans, treasures and divine artifacts. “In the past, because you altered the formation in the sea depth, I couldn’t do anything to you. Since you came out here today, don’t even think I will give you the opportunity to hide again.”

Loud booms resounded. The place was filled with the sounds of divine talismans and divine treasures activating, their might shaking the sky.

As he had declared, Xue Yi did not resist and simply dodged all of his attacks. While doing so, he carefully counted his opponent’s moves. “One, two, three, four…”

With the absolute advantage from the difference in levels, the man was basically unable to harm Xue Yi at all. Just a short while later, he was already panting out heavily, while Xue Yi was not even scarred at all. The man’s expression turned severe. With a swing of his hand, he sliced his own arm and used his fresh blood to condense a formation.

“Blood Condensing Formation.” Xue Yi was stunned. He took a few steps back and immediately erected a defensive barrier. At the same time, a bloody divine sword that enveloped the sky and earth came attacking him. Even the barrier that he had erected was beginning to show lines of cracks. Finally, the barrier shattered resoundingly. Earlier, the man failed to even touch him, but now, the bloody divine sword drew lines across Xue Yi’s body, and there were even times when Xue Yi’s vital points were almost struck. However, the Blood Condensing Formation was after all a unique formation that made use of one’s essence to activate. In other words, if it was used to harm a thousand, then eight hundred would be sacrificed. In just a few moments, the man could no longer hold it up. His figure shook and then he fell with one knee on the ground. His face instantly became as pale as paper. He had a frail scholar appearance in the first place, and yet now he  looked  as  if  he could be scattered apart with just a small breeze.

Xue Yi then shouted out the final number at this moment. “Ten.”

With a wave of his hand, he summoned a divine sword and walked towards that person a step at a time. He had a cold look on his face, instead of the silly expression he had just before. In that pair of sharp eyes, lingered true killing intent. Zhu Yao felt her heart tremble, and she unconsciously shouted out. “Xue Yi!”

His feet stopped, as though he was asking her what’s wrong.

She knew she had no basis for this, but she still could not help but call out. “Can you… not kill him?”

Xue Yi frowned, and determinedly shook his head. “Impossible!” He said as he approached the man. “If I don’t kill him today, my death might come another day. I can’t leave behind any snake in the grass.” “……”


He stopped three steps away from the man, and with the sword in his hand raised, he was just about to strike, when that man suddenly raised his head. He had a smile on his face. Xue Yi’s heart shook, and a bright white light suddenly glowed in the surroundings at this moment. When he dodged to the side, he saw a ray of white light shot towards the sky, instantly breaking through the clouds.

“Do you think that I will come here alone without being completely prepared?” That man suddenly laughed out loud. “I know that I’m not your match, but so what if your cultivation level is high? There will naturally be someone capable of defeating you.”

Xue Yi looked towards that pillar of light. He had a bad premonition, and he unconsciously tightened his grip on Zhu Yao’s hilt. “What mystic artifact is this?”

“You actually don’t recognize the Disciplinary Order!?” That man coldly laughed, his eyes looked as though he had been freed. With a long sigh, he said. “Well, whatever! Evil Deity, you have done many vile acts, and it’s now time for you to pay the price.”

That white light grew brighter as the surrounding talismans shone. A figure slowly appeared from the center, and the person grew clearer. Boundless pressure assaulted Xue Yi and he was unable to maintain his stance, kneeling right down and puking out a mouthful of blood.

The white light scattered. In the middle of the formation, a sloven-looking man appeared. He was dressed in a red robe and wore a jade crown. With a pair of sword-sharp eyes, he held onto a jade-mounted red fan in his hand. That person was first stunned for a moment, as he looked at Zhu Yao in front of Xue Yi’s chest.

Zhu Yao was stunned, and she could not help but leak out. “Great great…” The person in front of her hurriedly raised his fan to cover his lips, hinting her to keep quiet. She had  no choice but to alter her words. “… tonic water.”

“What?” Xue Yi lowered his head in confusion. “Hohoho… I have just hit my menopause, and I need some peace and quiet.”




Zhu Yao was a little confused.

When did the Floor Master become someone else’s summoned beast? Why did he appear here? What happened to the promise of helping her master to protect her body? Was it really alright for him to appear here?

The sorrow in Yu Jin’s heart could already form a river. He didn’t want to be here either, but why was there still people who would look for a Disciplinary Order? And why did the Disciplinary Order have to be linked with the Floor Master’s divine imprint?
 A second earlier, he was still protecting his little little grand disciple’s body, and in a blink of an eye, he was here in this ghastly place. He even patted on his chest and guaranteed that he would look after his little little grand disciple well, before he was finally able to escape Little Yanyan’s demonic claws. Now that he had left his post, he was going to be zapped to death, right? It will definitely happen, right!?

The problem here was that his little little grand disciple was being held captive there too. My heart aches, I feel so hurt, I really want to bully people!

Yu Jin swept his cold eyes around, an indescribable tyrannical might could be felt. His usual leisurely and casual demeanour could no longer be found. “Who activated the Disciplinary Order?” Come out here and let me smack you for a bit.

“High Deity of Lightning Divine Palace!” The Profound Deity stumbled about as he bowed towards Yu Jin. “This person is a Evil Deity who has been wrecking havoc in the Divine Realm…” Thus, he began to list down all of Xue Yi’s crimes. When he brought up his wife, his words were filled with even more indignation. Finally, he added. “This lowly one unhesitantly risked everything to find this Disciplinary Order. I hope High Deity can judge this vile Xue Yi for his crimes, for this lowly one and for the people of the Divine Realm!” As he said that, he knelt down.

Yu Jin frowned. He turned towards Xue Li on the other side. Though Lightning Divine Palace was a place that governed the order of the Divine Realm, it had been a long time since he maintained justice or whatever! Putting aside how unfamiliar with the work he was, this Disciplinary Order was something he made for fun because he was bored to death a few tens of thousands of years ago. In addition, he put out the word that as long as the Disciplinary Order was found, the user would be able to have the Floor Master of Lightning Divine Palace to exact justice and punish evil.

To put it simply, it was just something he did on a whim. He had been a Floor Master for so many years and had long thought of quitting. Yet, he was unable to find a successor to succeed him. That was why he intentionally linked the Floor Master’s divine imprint with this item. His goal was to secretly toy with the next Floor Master. In the end, he failed to make fun of others, and ended up toying with himself.

To summarise: If you don’t court death, you won’t die!

Haah! He clearly hid this Disciplinary Order at such a deep place. How did this person find it? Could he have some peace as a Floor Master for once?

He had long cussed out in several hundred different ways in his heart, yet he had no choice but to keep up that proud and cold demeanour. With a stern look, he asked. “Is what he said all true?” Even if he had to cry, he had to bury this own hole that he created to the very end.

“Yes, I did them.” Xue Yi admitted it really straightforwardly. “I don’t see myself as a good person, but this world is as such in the first place. I believe that whatever I’ve done, has been done by every single person in the Divine Realm. In order to expand a territory, stealing one needs to be done, and when in conflict with others, it’s natural to fight. When it comes to people that can’t be beaten, it’s either run, or face death. This is the laws of this world in the first place.”

Expand territory? Conflict? Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Why was this tone familiar…

“In that case, I will accept this Disciplinary Order today.” Yu Jin reached out his hand. The divine imprints that was still shining earlier on the ground began to rise and converge, before disappearing within his palm. The might of a High Deity was fully released, and the sky above was instantly filled with dark clouds and rumbling thunder.

White a flash of white light, a bolt of heavenly  lightning struck down.

The hell, Floor Master, you’re doing it for real!

Xue Yi gritted his teeth as he desperately used all of the divine energy in his body to push back the High Deity’s pressure. In a flash, he left his former spot. However, that lightning bolt creaked and split itself into halves, where one of it came chasing after him. He had no choice but to block it with his divine sword. A fifth rank divine sword turned into ashes under this incredible lightning might.

He had no choice but to pull out a new one, as he fought and retreat. He fled for about dozens of kilometers, yet he was still unable to escape the lightning flashes that enveloped the sky and earth. Fortunately for him, he scavenged quite a bit of divine artifacts from that divine city earlier, allowing him to expend so many of them as consumables. However, his stock of divine artifacts was after all limited. In the beginning, he could still pull out fifth rank ones. Immediately after, he took out fourth rank ones, and finally, he had no choice but to pull out the third rank artifacts. A fifth rank divine artifact could not even block it, let alone a low grade artifact. He watched as another lightning bolt came striking at him, immediately destroying the third rank divine artifact in his hand, however, it had only resolved a fifth of the lightning bolt’s original lightning power. Just as the lightning bolt was about to strike his chest, it suddenly twisted and struck heavily onto his body.

A hint of doubt flashed across Xue Yi’s face. However, in the next instant, he felt his blood tumbling, the meridians in his body breaking apart, and his Dantian felt as if it was about to shatter.

“Divine sword maiden…” He suddenly pulled her out.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know why, but I realized… that person seems to be avoiding you intentionally. He must be afraid of you for some reason.”

“Uh… You’re thinking of using me to face the enemy?” “No!” He shook his head. “I want to…”

Before he could finish, Yu Jin’s figure appeared in front of him in a flash. He looked at the sword in Xue Yi’s hand and said. “Xue Yi, give me that weapon and admit defeat. This Sovereign can consider letting you live.”
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