My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 331-340

Chapter331: Contracting the Spirit Guiding Beast

Pi Shi nodded. A joyous cry suddenly sounded from the sky. “Master!”

Fan Zhishan came flying down from above, and then she walked towards Pi Shi with hurried steps. With slight astonishment and shyness, she said. “Why are you here?”

“How can your master not be present for your succession ceremony?” Pi Shi however had a serious look.

“Thank you, master.” Fan Zhishan looked  at  him  lovingly, and then turned to look at the masses from the various sects. She courteously welcomed them, and then led everyone into the hall.

Pi Shi was walking at the very front while Fan Zhishan was following closely behind. Just as she was about to step into the hall, for some reason, her eyes swept towards Zhu Yao’s direction. With widened eyes, she suddenly stopped her feet.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. She had a bad premonition about this.

“What’s wrong?” Pi Shi was the first to realize his disciple’s weird behaviour. He followed her gaze and spotted Zhu Yao not far away. While carrying a slight unpleasant look, he released a short probing divine sense.

The hell, she couldn’t have been exposed, right!? Zhu Yao instinctively held onto the mystic artifact in her hands, suppressing the anxiety in the depths of her heart as she stood still with her usual expression.

“It’s nothing. I simply spotted a disciple that I seemed to be really fated with.” Fan Zhishan lightly replied, a gentle smile surfaced from the corners of her lips as she walked straight towards Zhu Yao. “This little sister, I like you really much the moment I saw you. I wonder which sect are you from? Are you willing to take me as your master?”


Not just Zhu Yao, everyone present felt that things had taken a strange turn. Wasn’t this a succession ceremony? Why did she suddenly want to take in a disciple? Furthermore, the other party was a disciple from another sect!

However, she simply chuckled and said with a harmonious smile. “Don’t be afraid. We practitioners have always relied on fate. We can be said to be fated to encounter each other today. I really like you and want to take you under my wing as my personal succeeding disciple.”

When she spoke these words, everyone present finally understood. Practitioners could only have a single personal succeeding disciple, and thus had always treated taking personal succeeding disciple really seriously, unless one were to encounter someone whom she or he felt destined with. As such, choosing personal succeeding disciples did not depend on aptitudes alone, but fate as well. With how hard it was to encounter someone of fate, it was no wonder she had to snatch the girl as quickly as possible.

Zhu Yao’s heart loosened, right after being tensed just earlier. Just what is this female lead doing? Did she recognize her or not?

“Oh right, I have yet to ask of your name yet.” “Hoho, I’m Ma Liang.” As she was uncertain of the truth, she had no choice but to rely on her acting skills.

“Ma Liang…” Fan Zhishan sized her up for a moment, and the more she looked, the more heated her eyes became. Cold sweat dripped down Zhu Yao’s back, as for some reason, she felt her eyes were a little off. She can’t possibly be into both men and
women, right? Yamete, this old lady sells her body, but not her

“Which sect are you from? Are you willing to become my personal succeeding disciple?”

“Uh…” If I were to reject your offer, can you not slap my face?

“She’s a disciple of my Grandhall Sect.” Before she could even speak up, Fa Yu’s voice resounded. Zhu Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief. As expected, when it came to acting skills, it just had to be the acting emperor to go against the acting empress!

Fan Zhishan was a little startled at first, but she immediately let out a tender cry. “Big brother Fa Yu…” Fa Yu turned to glance at her, his eyes carried a complicated glow, as if they were mixed with love, pain,  and disappointment, and other emotions. The quality of his acting skills was so great, Zhu Yao expressed that she was unable to measure it at all.

Taking a deep breath, Fa Yu retracted the emotions in his eyes, restoring his former cold look. He profoundly took up the role of a man whose heart had been hurt and had no choice but to draw a clear boundary.

Zhu Yao was the only one who could see that the cold face of his now was his usual expression. Most likely, he was already beginning to form insults of her in his mind.

“Present here today are all of the elite disciples of my Grandhall Sect. I apologize, but my sect do not have any plans of exchanging disciples with Sect Master Fan.”

Fan Zhishan immediately looked at him with a pitiful look as she gently called out. “Big brother Fa Yu…”

Fa Yu however had already turned around and entered the hall, completely ignoring her expression. Her face stiffened. She had no choice but to suppress her thoughts in the depths of her heart as she led the crowd into the hall, continuing with the procedures of her succession ceremony. However, she did not forget to turn her head back a couple of times, throwing a few reluctant glances at Zhu Yao.

At this moment, Zhu Yao felt even her hair were standing straight and still. The female lead was unaware that Zhu Yao was brought here by Fa Yu, which meant that she did not recognize her at all. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have chosen to take such a roundabout way and use the excuse of personal succeeding disciple to take her in.

However, why was the female lead able to spot her at first glance? Not to mention she developed an extremely great interest in her. With how scheming the female lead was, there was definitely a reason behind her actions. Either for fame, or for her own benefits! However, what did a mere Foundation disciple like her have that could be worth her attention? Why did she look at no one else but her? Unless… There was something on her, and it was something only the female lead was able to see?

Just what was it? Zhu Yao felt that she had managed to grasp onto something, but she just could not grab onto the key behind all this. The succession ceremony had already begun in the hall. Three out of four of the Hall Master were already sitting next to the throne, while Cao Qi was loudly reciting the official speech as he held onto the Sect Master Token. Just as he  was  about  to solemnly pass it over to Fan Zhishan…

“Wait!” Fa Yu suddenly stood up and interrupted.

Cao Qi turned to look towards Fa Yu with a displeased expression. “Fa Yu, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Nothing, I’m just a little curious.” Fa Yu  still  carried  that cold look. “I’ve heard that Reverend Fan is the twin sister of the former Sect Master. Because of a mistake the wrong child was brought back, and she had only returned to Spirit Heaven Palace today?”

“Of course. This is something everyone is aware of.” Cao Qi said with a nod. This matter had already been announced to the entire world, and the entire cultivation world was already aware of this.

“Then, that’s strange.” Fa Yu coldly snorted. “Since they are twins, on what basis does Spirit Heaven Palace believe that the former Sect Master is fake, while the Sect Master standing before us now is the real one?”

Cao Qi instantly flared up, as though someone was intentionally trying to find fault in them. “Is there even a need to say this? Zhishan is able to awaken our sect’s guardian sacred beast, the Spirit Guiding Beast. Is there a better proof than that?”

“Oh… Is that so?” Fa Yu scanned his  surroundings.  “Ever since I stepped in here, why haven’t I seen that awakened guardian scared beast then?”

When he said this, the crowd from the various sects began to discuss this as well. The position of  the  Sect  Master  was suddenly handed over when the former  Sect  Master’s  lifespan had yet to be depleted. This was  already  a  rare  occurrence within the various sects in the first place, let alone something as preposterous as picking up the wrong  twin  or  whatever.  This was something that the masses found hard to believe.

“You…” Just as Cao Qi was about to burst into rage, he was held back by Fan Zhishan who shook her head at him. Instead, she turned around and looked at Fa Yu with a saddened look. “Big brother Fa Yu… Are you still blaming me?”

The corner of Fa Yu’s lips twitched for a moment. Just as it looked as if he was about to break character, he immediately turned his head around in a cold manner. He was this close to cussing out at that trash.

Fan Zhishan on the other hand thought that he had affirmed it with his silence. With a long sigh, she turned to look at the crowd in the hall. “Haah, I am aware that everyone has their suspicions. Initially, this lowly one has planned on initiating the life-death contract with the Spirit Guiding Beast after I succeed the role of Sect Master. If everyone holds doubts about me, then let us first contract with the Spirit Guiding Beast.”

As she said that, she turned around and led the crowd out of the hall. Flying on her sword, she headed towards the largest mountain out of the range of mountains.

When Zhu Yao saw that the crowd had exited the hall, she knew that Fa Yu had already played his part as she immediately flew after them. Fan Zhishan stopped a little distance away from that floating mountain and pulled out a tablet. She flung the table into the air, and that lush green mountain began to recede its greenery a layer at a time, like an egg having its shell peeled. Revealed behind it was a white mountain that looked as if it was formed by crystals.

“Spirit Stone Mountain!” Someone cried out in astonishment.

Sighs of praise resounded in the air. The entire floating mountain was actually formed out of spirit stones. It was no wonder the spiritual energy of Spirit Heaven Palace was this rich.

Fan Zhishan was very satisfied with the sighs of the crowd. Smiling, she flew towards the very center of the entire mountain. The crowd followed after her, and only after getting close did they realize that there was an enormous cave residence at the very center of the mountain. It was the area with the richest spiritual energy in the entire Spirit Stone Mountain. The surrounding spiritual energy felt as if it was about to gain substance even.

A man stood in front of the cave residence. Donned in a long azure blue robe, he had extraordinary facial features. Just that, the corners of his eyes were slightly arched. Even though he was clearly a man, he carried an inexplicable bewitching charm. Seeing the approaching crowd, he frowned at first, his eyes carried unconcealed scorn. When he turned to look at Fan Zhishan, he smiled again.

“Bai Li?” Fan Zhishan called out, her eyes were filled with questioning intentions.

That man reached out his hand and pulled her into his embrace as he carried a wanton smile on his face. He slight nodded, seemingly to respond to her. His eyes traced towards Sovereign Pi Shi behind her.

Naturally, Pi Shi began to frown.

Zhu Yao silently watched everyone’s little actions. It seemed like this Bai Li was that tenth rank demonic beast in question. The female lead sure had heavy tastes.

However, it seemed like this beast did not actually have an especially harmonious relationship with the rest. No matter how incredible a protagonist’s cheat was, it seemed like it wasn’t able to beat the instincts of beasts. She could faintly guess the method the female lead used to awaken the Spirit Guiding Beast. Most likely, the tenth rank demonic beast played a role in it.

“Everyone.” Fan Zhishan stepped out of Bai Li’s  embrace. With her hands cupped together, she turned to the crowd and said. “Today, I request that my fellow like-minded practitioners bear witness to what I’m about to do. I shall now summon the guardian sacred beast of my sect, the Spirit Guiding Beast.”

She cast an art with a single hand, and then swung her palm out into the air. White formation lights began to shimmer in front of that enormous spiritual cave. Within it, there seemed to be a gigantic figure raising up high. When it landed, the entire Spirit Stone Mountain even trembled a little. That was actually a single footstep of that demonic beast. Before the crowd could see the true body of that demonic beast, immense pressure came assaulting them, causing their hearts to stir.

“Ling Tian girly!” Zhu Yao sent a message into her body. Zhu Yao planned to pass the authority to control the body to her the moment the demonic beast were to appear. If the Spirit Guiding Beast could only form contracts with the Sect Masters of Spirit Heaven Palace, then Zhu Yao wouldn’t be able to do it. Ling Tian had to do it herself. “Mn, Saintess, I understand.” Ling Tian replied. The next moment, Zhu Yao began the procedures to release the control of the body, and planned to dwell in her Dantian.

At the same time, the Spirit Guiding Beast that attracted the astonished sighs of the crowd slowly walked out of the cave as well. Its figure began to look clearer.

Fan Zhishan was filled with smiles. When the demonic beast completely walked out of the cave, it revealed its sharp green teeth. It was an enormous demonic beast with six wings on its back. Facing the heavens, it let out a long roar, stirring up the crowd and causing their blood to tumble. “┗|`O′|┛Roooar~~”

Chapter332: Five Words Floated in the Air

The female lead raised her two hands up into the air, and loudly said. “Spirit Guiding Beast, my most loyal companion. Are you willing to form a contract with me?”

Zhu Yao’s action to release control paused. She turned around and then squeezed Ling Tian girly, who was just about to log on, back down.


Just as that beastie was lowering its head and was about to speak out human words… “I…”

Zhu Yao’s face was filled with astonishment!

“Sesame!” She could not help but call out.

That demonic beast stopped halfway. Its entire body suddenly shook, and even its three pairs of wings trembled a little. It hurriedly turned its head around, and with its widened bell-like eyes, it looked straight towards the direction of the crowd. Its entire beast head began to distort, as if it was stretching out a smile. However, it revealed a mouth of sharp beastly teeth, making it look terrifying instead.

“Ouu~~” That beastie leapt up, suddenly pouncing towards the human crowd. With a boom, several practitioners were injured from its rush. It finally stopped when it arrived in front of Zhu Yao, staring straight at her. “Mis… Mistress…”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. It really was Sesame!

“Mistress…” Sesame looked as if it was glowing, as it pounced onto her. It did not care if it was crushing her, as it constantly nudged (pressed) against her body with its beast head that was even larger than her entire body. It’s roars were filled with grievances. “Mistress, mistress… It really is you! This beastie isn’t dreaming, right? When you weren’t around, I missed you so much… Auoo… How can you cast beastie aside? I’m born as your beastie, and I will die as your beastie. I don’t want to leave your side~” It complained as it cried, completely ignoring the crowd of people at the side whose chins had already crashed onto the ground from shock. Crowd: … Is this really a high rank  demonic  beast?  I  have never seen such a shameless one though?

Sesame sized up Zhu Yao with its sad, teary eyes. “Mistress, with these looks of yours, I can’t recognize you at all… Eh? Mistress, you have a chest this time! So mysterious.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Raising her leg, she kicked at him. “Scram!”

Mysterious, your brother-in-law! Would it kill you not to bring up this old lady’s sad situation? I finally managed to have a pair of boobs this time! And they are even borrowed, you know?

Imbued with spiritual energy, her kick struck Sesame and instantly sent it rolling. However, Sesame was not the slightest bit furious, and instead crawled back with a joyous face. “Ouu… Mistress, your kick is still as vigorous as ever, it sends me into ecstasy! This feels so nostalgic. Come… Don’t be courteous, kick me again~” After saying that, it instantly shrank back to the size of a large dog, rolled on the ground and revealed its white belly. “I’m prepared. Mistress, come… Don’t pity me for the frail flower that I am, kick me with all your might.” Zhu Yao: “…”

Fan Zhishan: “…”

Crowd: “…”

Five words floated in the air: The hell is going on?

Zhu Yao felt like the veins on her forehead were about to explode. Taking a deep breath, she chuckled in front of the crowd. “I’m sorry, please give me five minutes.” She had to adjust her family beastie’s power mode.

She picked up Sesame by its neck, and then cast an art that erected four earth walls around them, blocking everyone’s line of sight. A moment later, ear-piercing miserable screams could be heard from within.

“Mistress… Ah! You’re actually hitting me for real! Yamete… It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

“Aiya, I’m going to die, I’m going to die…” “Don’t… Don’t hit the face~~!”

“Wait, you can’t hit me there! Ouuu~~~ I was wrong, mistress!”

His screams lasted for exactly five minutes, with each scream sounding even more miserable than the one before. Those who heard the screams would be beyond saddened, and those who listened would shed tears. Yet, among the practitioners present, no matter what cultivation levels they possessed, not a single one of them released their divine senses to investigate the situation inside the walls. Instead, they turned their heads away with tacit understanding.

Five minutes later, the walls finally disappeared, revealing two human figures. One was a refreshed young woman, while the other was a young man with a swollen face.

“Spirit Guiding Beast…” Fan Zhishan finally regained her senses, and she looked at Sesame with utter disbelief.

Sesame which had taken up a human form behaved more normally than before, and simply did not bother to glance at her. All he did was hold his pig-like swollen face and let out a chilling breath.

The demonic beast Bai Li next to her however took a step forward. With a slightly perturbed expression, he looked at Sesame. “Your honor… How can you…”

Sesame glared at him. “Shut your mouth. Can’t you see this one’s harem is in flames?” Do you think it’s easy to locate my mistress? I even had to be endure this domestic violence.

“Harem?” Zhu Yao looked at him with narrowed eyes.

Sesame’s face stiffened. “No, no, no. How can mistress possibly be in my harem? You’re at the top, at the very top. I’m the one in the harem. I’m the little beastie in your harem~”



“Your honor…” Bai Li was still unwilling to let this go. “Didn’t you promise to form a contract with Zhishan?” “Contract?” Zhu Yao turned to look at Sesame with an inexplicable smile. Her thoughts were clearly written on her face: Your wings sure have grown, along with your own views. You actually dare to form a contract with someone else?

Sesame’s body shivered. It immediately glared at Bai Li. This thing here is wrecking his reputation on purpose, right!?

“Who promised you that? Back then, I simply said that I will pretend to see her as my owner, to give you guys some help. Like hell I will want to form a contract with you! I only have a single owner!” After saying that, it immediately turned to look at Zhu Yao with flattering eyes. It then said with a soft vibrato. “Right? … Mistress~”

Can you motherf**king speak while standing up? Stop hugging onto my legs!

Zhu Yao reached out her hand to turn that distorted pig face away. Looking at his face anymore than that could cause nightmares.

With how the scene had played out, even an idiot could guest that this Spirit Guiding Beast had taken this unknown young lady as its owner. “You… Who in the world are you?” Cao Qi stood out with a furious look. This proper succession ceremony was just about to be completed, yet it was actually cut off by someone.

Zhu Yao did not bother to continue her act either, as she instantly removed the mystic artifact that was concealing her looks, revealing her former beauty. In an instant, different mixes of emotions could be seen on the faces of Fan Zhishan and the few people of Spirit Heaven Palace. The female lead especially had turned deathly pale.

Zhu Yao chuckled at Fan Zhishan. “Long time no see, my good sister. Oh! Right, I forgot to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Ling Tian, the former Sect Master of Spirit Guiding Hall!”

She intentionally emphasized the word “former”. In an instant, it was as the place was an exploded boiler, as everyone began to discuss among themselves. Fan Zhishan and her group of men however, all had darkened expressions.

“I heard that I suddenly gained a younger sister.” Zhu Yao swept her gaze around, and then looked at Fan Zhishan smilingly. Letting out a long sigh, she said. “Haah, seeing that I have cultivated for several decades, I will naturally feel joyous to have a new relative. Though you look…” She intentionally sized her up for a moment, and all she was lacking now was calling her ugly. “Though you look so very… different from me, I will still believe you. But as for your claim that Spirit Heaven Palace had taken the wrong child back then, I don’t agree to it at all. It’s not like they were blind… Uh, of course, I’m not saying that you’re ugly!”

Crowd: “…” You’re obviously saying that.

“If you want to enter Spirit Heaven Palace, then say so directly! Why the need to come to my Spirit Stone Mountain and offend my contracted spirit beast? You need to know that though Sesame is already a tenth rank demonic beast, he has very small guts. He can’t bear to lay eyes on faces, uh… with poor features. What if you scare him? Oh, isn’t it, Sesame?”

Sesame immediately nodded heavily in concert. “Mistress is the most beautiful, mistress is the best, mistress is marvelous!”

The discussions from the various sects and clans grew louder. Clearly, this was a good drama piece where the fake was trying to impersonate the original, and take over her authority. The condemning eyes of the crowd shifted towards Fan Zhishan’s direction. The few Hall Masters of Spirit Heaven Palace had the biggest reaction out of everyone present. Other than Cao Qi, everyone single of them was glaring furiously at Fan Zhishan.

“Just what is going on here?”

“Sect Master Fan, you best give us an explanation. Back then, we believed you because you said you awakened the Spirit Guiding Beast.”

“What Sect Master Fan? The Spirit Guiding Beast basically don’t acknowledge her. She’s just an imposter.”

“She had almost destroyed the inheritances that had been passed down in our Spirit Heaven Palace for so many years.”

As expected of the female lead. In a situation like this, she was still able to reveal a frail look with tears welling up in her eyes. She looked at the crowd with an innocent face. “I… I didn’t… You have all misunderstood.”

Unfortunately, the people of Spirit Heaven Palace were all fuming and ignoring her frailness. There were even some who summoned their weapons and wanted to step forward to capture her.

Suddenly, a demigod-stage pressure instantly enveloped the crowd. A few of the agitated Spirit Heaven Palace disciples especially had been slammed directly onto the ground.

The area instantly quietened down, as everyone raised their heads and turned to look at the only Demigod practitioner present – Sovereign Pi Shi.

“Sovereign, what’s the meaning of this?” A Hall Master of Spirit Heaven Palace asked in a displeased manner.

Sovereign Pi Shi stepped forward and instantly shielded Fan Zhishan. His cold eyes swept across the crowd and finally stopped on Zhu Yao’s figure. Frowning, he unconsciously leaked out a hint of killing intent.

Sesame who was still hugging onto her leg earlier, instantly flared up and similarly released its pressure in full power, pushing his pressure back. Pi Shi was stunned. Clenching his fists, he retracted his pressure and solemnly said. “Fellow practitioners! The matter today is merely a misunderstanding. My disciple simply got too excited in meeting her relative, which led to these chains of events. It was this one’s fault for not teaching her properly. However, Zhishan is after all still my disciple, and I will punish her myself. There’s no need for fellow practitioners to do it on my behalf.”

“You…” The crowd from Spirit Heaven Palace turned furious.
He was clearly trying to protect her.

Pi Shi simply let out a cold snort. Other than that demonic beast which was a little hard to deal with, he did not actually take anyone else here seriously. It was not that he could not battle it out either, but they were after all the ones at fault today. If he were to make a move, he was afraid that the reputation of Sleipoup Sect would take a blow. “If fellow practitioners think that there’s anything inappropriate, please feel free to look for me.”

Before waiting for anyone’s response, he arrogantly left with Fan Zhishan.

The tenth rank demonic beast called Bai Li followed closely behind the two of them and left as well.

Leaving behind the various sects and clans with mixed looks.

Zhu Yao shook her head. It was truly impulsive for Pi Shi to protect her in such a manner. He was a little too arrogant. If his strength could suppress the entire cultivation world, it would have gone well. Zhu Yao’s master was strong to the point where no one would dare to make a single noise, and if he had similar strength, the crowd might indeed endure it. However, he was merely a Demigod. Though there were very few Demigod practitioners, he was still not the only one in this cultivation world. Other first-rate deity sects could still push out three or four of them.

This blatant act of shielding his disciple had undoubtedly ignited the anger of the masses. Though it was true that no one had spoken up back then, this debt was still clearly taken note of.

Chapter333: Cheat has Disconnected

When it came to something as serious as Fan Zhishan impersonating as the Sect Master of a sect and had almost caused the destruction of its foundation, even if Spirit Heaven Palace wanted to kill her, it would have been completely justified. Yet, Pi Shi still protected her regardless of the consequences, so naturally it would bring out the dissatisfaction of the masses. Most of the people that were sent here as spectators by the various sects, were all people with authority. Every single one of these people were naturally shrewd and would be willing to ponder about matters even a little bit more.

Though this incident happened at Spirit Heaven Palace, the other sects had to ponder deeply about the meaning behind the incident and the consequences. They had to suspect if this was all a scheme crafted by Sleipoup Sect. A single Nascent Soul practitioner was dispatched, and with just a mere lie, she had almost sat on the Sect Master’s seat. Then, would they also dispatch others to take up the seats of other Sect Masts as well? If that was truly the case, then the appetite of Sleipoup Sect was not just large, but rather, they were thinking of uniting all of the sects!

In an instant, the various clans and sects began to distance themselves from Sleipoup Sect, both in the surface and in the dark. Out in the open, the various sects still looked harmonious. In the dark however, little movements were constantly being made. There were even second-rate and third-rate deity sects that began to approach other first-rate sects, looking as if they were collaborating to resist Sleipoup Sect.

Though Sleipoup Sect was the number one deity sect with abundant resources, when faced with the collaborative suppression of the other sects, they were barely coping as well. It was not that obvious in the beginning, but given time, the effects would grow. If they were to push this matter for later, falling off from the number one position would definitely not be far from sight.


Spirit Heaven Palace – Jadeflower Pavillion

“Mistress…” Sesame stretched out its head, desperately blinking its eyes at her with a pitiful expression.

Zhu Yao slapped down, instantly slamming its head onto the table. She looked towards the person in front of her. “You know this would happen right from the start?”

He looked at her with cold, scornful narrow eyes. “I simply calculated that Pi Shi would definitely stand up for that trash. I never expected that he would be so stupid to bring her away in the face of the various clans and sects as well.”

“It’s no wonder you feel at ease in bring Ling Tian back.” Most likely, Sleipoup Sect was definitely very busy around this time, and the female lead would no longer have the time to care about Spirit Heaven Palace either.

“However, that trash will not forgive Tiantian so easily.” Fa Yu frowned. “Back then, you concealed your identity. Though she was unable to discern you, she was still able to see you at first glance. Furthermore, she had several probes in her words. Most likely, Tiantian has something which is she definitely in need of.”

Zhu Yao recalled about this as well. The scene where Fan Zhishan insisted on taking her as a disciple in the hall, was indeed really strange. “In any case, it’s best that you don’t make any rash movements in these few days.” Fa Yu solemnly said. “As for the people in Spirit Heaven Palace… I will naturally think of a way as well.”

After saying that, he did not care about Zhu Yao’s reply either, and left out of the door.

“Mistress…” Sesame weakly called out again, refreshing his sense of existence with a pitiful face.

Zhu Yao lowered her head and looked at it, retracting the hand she was using to suppress him. “Speak. How were you injured?”

Sesame was stunned. “Mistress… found out?”

She immediately replied with circling eyes. “With that showy attitude of yours, when have you ever learnt how to walk seriously? You have always made your entrance by leaping out. This time, you actually obediently walked out of the cave a step at a time. That’s not normal coming from you, alright?” Not to mention it did various stunts like rolling and acting flighty after seeing her. Even after turning into human form, it had to hug onto her leg. That wouldn’t have happened just from her beating it into a pulp. Most likely, its injuries were too severe, and its was simply unable to stand properly!

“Mistress…” Sesame’s eyes reddened. Looking touched, it crawled over with the support the table and wanted to enter her embrace. “Wuu, beastie is so pitiful. My rank dropped again.”

Zhu Yao once again pressed against its face, pushing it back to where it was before. “Then, why are you still wasting the spiritual energy to maintain your human form?”  Was  it thinking that it’s lifespan was too long?

Sesame’s figure flashed, instantly returning to the size of a pup and laid on the table.

“Speak, what happened?”

“I was initially cultivating rather desperately in the Spirit Realm, so that I can meet you in the High Realm. But Yue…”

“Enough!” Zhu Yao interrupted its words, and immediately stood up. “Let’s get to the main point. Why were you with Fan Zhishan?”

“My inner core was damaged when I attempted to cross realms, and my rank dropped consequentially. I managed to make my way to that spiritual cave from earlier, wanting to use the rich spiritual energy within to recover from my injuries. In the end, I encountered that tenth rank demonic beast, which is that Bai Li from earlier.” Sesame said in a complaining tone. “I’ve always known that it isn’t a good beast, but she said she was willing to listen to my biddings, and had come to look for me several times. After that, she said she wanted me to help her partner a little. Back then, my injuries had yet to be completely healed yet, and I did not want them to see through my condition either, so I ended up agreeing to it. I never expected that mistress is actually here!”

“If you simply do not want them to see through your condition, why didn’t you change locations?” It just wanted to tend to its injuries, so anywhere else could have been fine too.

Sesame chuckled, and then scratched its head a little embarrassingly. “I naturally have a reason not to leave.”

As it said that, it suddenly forced itself to stand up. With an ‘aaah’ sound, it opened its mouth. A beam of light flashed out, and a human-sized egg suddenly appeared on the table.

Sesame stroked the egg shell as if it was touching a piece of treasure, and Sesame’s face was sparkling. “Mistress, isn’t it really beautiful?”

Zhu Yao was shocked. After blanking for a short while, she said. “You’re actually able to lay eggs!” Wasn’t it male?

“…” Sesame immediately leapt up. “It’s not my egg! No, it is my egg, but it’s not laid by me. It’s an egg that I found.”

“You stole someone else’s egg?” (¬_¬) You beast trafficker.

“I didn’t steal it! I picked it up! Picked it up!” Sesame immediately raised its claws to express its innocence. “I saw it all alone in that cave. I sensed the presence of my race within the egg, and so I picked it up.”

“Your race?” Could it be that unborn Spirit Guiding Beast which Fa Yu spoke of? She did not know about the details of Sesame’s race either. Initially, she had thought that it had such features because it came from the Higher Realm, but it seemed Sesame was a Spirit Guiding Beast as well. Not to mention, it was coincidentally in the cave, and thus Fan Zhishan had thought that she had awakened it herself, believing that Sesame was the guardian beast of Spirit Heaven Palace.

Sesame carefully stroked the egg shell. “There should be a beastie with the same looks as mine inside it, and…” Its eyes dazzlingly shone, a strange red flush suddenly appeared on its faint-black body. “I can sense that it’s a female beastie~”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. That was the reason why it wanted to protect the cave so desperately. Is Sesame on heat right now?

“Mistress, can I…” You know.

“Why are you blinking at me? Your father-in-law just left!”


If you want to marry Ling Tian’s spiritual beast, then bring up the engagement to Fa Yu. ————————————————

Zhu Yao inspected Sesame’s body for a moment, and realized that it wasn’t as simple as having its rank dropped. Even its inner core had pretty much shattered. Though on the surface it did not look any different, the spiritual energy within its body was extremely chaotic. Furthermore, it was still continuing to leak out. If it could not be mended in time, its rank would continue to fall. Most likely, it would fall back to ninth rank before long.

On that day, she bashed Sesame as a cover to seal several of its disarrayed meridians. However, she had merely temporarily slowed down the leakage of its spiritual energy. After all, she merely possessed the cultivation level of Foundation, how could she possibly heal a tenth rank demonic beast whose strength was comparable to a late-stage Demigod? Those suppressions would immediately be broken through.

Zhu Yao was a little anxious, and was truly a little dispirited about her present state. Her body was Ling Tian’s. No matter how much she were to cultivate, it would be of no use. If only she had her own body. At the very least, she could form her Azoth Core and summon her sword intent to help mend its meridians. Right now, she basically had no other options. “Mistress, you can keep me in your divine sense. We are under a contract, so my injuries will immediately mend themselves inside.”

Zhu Yao shook her head. “This body belongs to Ling Tian. When we exchange the authority to use her body, I could merely hide in her Dantian, how can I possibly send you into my divine sense?” She didn’t even possess a body, let alone divine sense.

Sesame sunk into silence for a moment, and then it laughed without a mind. “Don’t worry. It’s just a drop in rank. Sesame can still cultivate it back.”

“Stop acting!” It clearly minded it a lot. “Don’t  worry,  I’m your owner. I will definitely think of something.” It was extremely difficult for demonic beasts to raise their ranks. It was not an understatement to say that they only had one out of ten chances of surviving from it. Saying that it would cultivate it back was just easy to say.

She did not understand why Realmspirit would actually resurrect her into Ling Tian’s body, and not provide her with a new avatar. Even if she was given the avatar of a tree or dandelion like before, it was still much better than the present condition. Wait a minute!

Didn’t she have the magical brush? WIth how mystical the brush was, she could make herself one!

Zhu Yao excitedly reached out for her pouch, only to pick up two short sticks. She was dumbfounded!

“The hell!” She could not help but cuss about. When did it break? How was she unaware of it?

“What is that?” Sesame latched its two paws onto her hand and glanced at it.

Why did the brush break just like that? Its quality was a little questionable, wasn’t it?

Zhu Yao recalled for a moment. She did do any intense exercises though? Unless it was yesterday…

She was stunned for a moment, as she suddenly recalled the moment when Fan Zhishan wielded that bugged weapon and slashed down on her. She seemed to have heard the sound of something breaking. Could that have been the brush? However, she had clearly dodged that attack, while then brush was still being held onto. Then what did that sword break?

Could it be…

Zhu Yao felt something tingling in her heart, as an absurd thought popped out in her mind.

She suddenly stood up, picked up the curious Sesame and charged out. She instantly kicked open Fa Yu’s door to  his room.

Fa Yu was startled. He raised his head up and looked at her scornfully. “Why are you here?”

Zhu Yao immediately reached out and held onto his collar. “Fa Yu!”

“What are you trying to do?” He moved backwards on reflex, his hands held onto his chest. “The hell, I’m not your little sister Tiantian, what will I do to you?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “Get up, I have something urgent to talk to you about!”

Only then did Fa Yu get up. He glared at her and said. “What kind of matters do you have deep in the middle of the night? Even if you don’t sleep, my Tiantian has to rest too, you know?”

Zhu Yao could not be bothered with his poisonous tongue. “Let me ask you this. You mentioned that Fa Zhishan has an unique mystic power inside her, right?”

“Mn.” Though he did not understand why she brought this up, Fa Yu still nodded.

“Then how did you come to realize that mystic power of hers?”

Fa Yu glanced at her, baffled. “Why are you bringing this up?”

“Don’t ask for the reason for now.” Zhu Yao said with a stern look. “I just want to confirm my guess.” He frowned, and then said with an impatient look. “When I first met that trash, she was arguing with that idiot Cao Qi. During that heated argument, that trash even emitted out her killing intent.” As though he had recalled something, his brows furrowed. “Back then, I clearly saw her pierce something into that idiot Cao. However, after that, not only was I unable to discern what kind of mystic artifact she used, even Cao Qi remain unharmed. It was as if nothing had happened, and they immediately reconciled.”

He turned to look at Zhu Yao and said. “That was why I guessed that she possessed a mystic power within her that could bewitch others.”

Zhu Yao’s face paled. She instantly felt uncomfortable  all over.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Fa Yu asked.

She chuckled with a helpless look. “The attack she used on Cao Qi… She had used it on me as well.”

“Ah!?” Fa Yu was shocked. “You… You can’t have grown to like as well, right?” He seemed to have suddenly recalled something, and then, swooping over like the wind, he held tightly onto her hand. “Then what  about  Tiantian?  Has Tiantian been bewitched? Her heart is mine!”

“The hell!” If not because your cultivation is  higher  than mine, I would have kicked you, you get that? “This old lady here is a woman!”

“Who knows whether that trash go both ways? My Tiantian is so wonderful after all.” He still had a suspicious look.

“That attack of hers didn’t land on me.” Zhu Yao pushed his hand away. “But… She had indeed sliced onto something.”

He frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Fa Yu.” Zhu Yao said slowly. “Before she sliced me back then, she mentioned that I was someone who bore great luck.”


“If my guess is correct, Fan Zhishan is able to see everyone’s luck.” Zhu Yao said seriously. “The unique mystic power you sensed, was her spell which could snatch away another person’s luck!”



Luck was formless and ethereal. It was something similar to fortune or a form of fate. Everyone possessed different amount of luck. Just like how there were people who were born into rich families, there were some who would be on the verge of collapse. Practitioners had to possess a degree of luck, otherwise, even with incredible talent and extraordinary aptitude, he or she would be nothing if there was no one to guide them onto the path of cultivation.

Furthermore, the cultivation world was incredibly dangerous. Though spiritual treasures filled the lands, other than  the ability to obtain them, one had to possess the luck to actually discover them.

That was why people with incredible luck would always be able to obtain results with minimal effort, and most ascended deities were people who carried great luck. Naturally, the more luck one had, the better.

Zhu Yao had not thought about luck right from the start. When she thought about Fan Zhishan’s luck, she had always believed that it was due to her being the protagonist. However, a protagonist’s cheat could be a form of luck after all. If luck could be materialized, then it was evident that the luck meters of protagonists would be much higher than average. There were definitely some that had even gone off the charts.

Though it was really hard to believe that Fan Zhishan could see luck. When thinking about it carefully, Zhu Yao herself had even encountered something as ethereal as the Heavenly Dao. Furthermore, Realmspirit had even mentioned that Heavenly Dao could be altered as well, so why couldn’t something like luck be snatched away?

When she saw the female lead in the prison back then, she had the face that looked as if she was there to snatch something away in the first place. After that, she had even summoned that weapon which was made out of bugs. With just a slight swing, her magic brush broke. Now that she had recalled about it, a part of her luck must had been sliced away, and thus her cheat had disconnected.

Chapter334: Let Me Conduct Some Research

Something such as luck, like spirit veins, should be a part of one’s body, and they should be able to mutually sense each other. This was also probably why there were so many men surrounding the female lead. Most likely because the lucks from their bodies had been taken away, and thus they grew to feel something for her, right?

“The scene you saw back then was most likely Fan Zhishan’s process of taking his luck away.”

“That shameless trash.” Fa Yu looked as if he could charge out and give her a few bites at any moment. “From  what  you’re saying, the reason why she’s doing this to Tiantian, is because she wants to snatch away the luck from her body?”

Zhu Yao nodded. “Also, the luck on Ling Tian girly’s body is something she yearns greatly for. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come for me even after I have switched looks. Most likely, she didn’t see through my identity, but was drawn in by the luck within my body.” As this world’s patch, it was a given that Ling Tian girly’s body possessed immense luck. “…” Fa Yu sank into silence. He had initially thought that Fan Zhishan wasn’t someone to be feared, and believed that the ones they should be on guard against were the men beside her. However, the situation now had changed. The one who was the most difficult to deal with was actually Fan Zhishan herself. If this were to go on, even if all the men next to her were dealt with, she could still create another batch of them at any given moment.

“Is there possibly no way to deal with that unique ability of hers? Do we have no choice but to let her steal luck away?” Fa Yu clenched his fists.

“I don’t know. There might be one?”

“That evil ability of hers is unstoppable. Who knows what kind of tricks that trash can pull? Not to mention we aren’t able to see luck ourselves.”

Zhu Yao sighed. “That’s right, we can’t see… Wait a minute!” She suddenly recalled the moment when Sovereign Pi Shi first appeared outside the hall. She saw that strange light, which looked as if it was missing a half of itself. Could that light be… She suddenly stood up. “I think I have a way to see luck!”

“What?” Fa Yu was stunned. “How?”

Zhu Yao did not immediately explain. She turned to glance at him and said. “I have not ascertain the method yet. Before that, I need your help with something.”

Fa Yu frowned. “What help?”

Zhu Yao picked up the beast that had been lying on the table like a piece of decoration. “No matter what method you use, no matter what price I have to pay, please help me cure it!”

“It’s injured?” Fa Yu looked at Sesame with narrowed eyes, his expression was cold. He had always thought that Sesame was the guardian sacred beast of Spirit Heaven Palace, and was a little displeased with how it recognized Zhu Yao as its owner, even though she and Ling Tian was using the same avatar. “Isn’t it a tenth rank demonic beast? I’m just a Nascent Soul practitioner, how can I possibly heal its injuries? The moment I try to send spiritual energy over, I will receive a backlash.” “Aren’t you a sword practitioner? Haven’t you comprehended sword intent yet?” Zhu Yao threw a set of scornful eyes at him.

“How’s that possible!?” Fa Yu coldly snorted. “This great one has already comprehended sword intent the moment I formed my Azoth Core, alright?”

“Then why don’t you directly use sword intent to heal its injuries?”

“Sword intent can be used to heal injuries!?” Why hadn’t he heard of it before? Wasn’t it used for offense?

“You don’t know?” Zhu Yao sized him up for  a  moment. “Don’t worry, I can teach you!”

Fa Yu: “…” Why was he feeling irritated?

Zhu Yao roughly explained the concept of the method, and after confirming that he had understood everything, she then pushed the beastie onto him. She then left him with some words, that whether she could see luck would depend on Sesame’s recovery. After that, she turned and left to research on the method to seeing luck.

Fa Yu lowered his head, and looked at the beast which was said to be the key figure to this operation. Their eyes met.

Large eyes against small eyes.

After a while, similar noises were heard from both ends.



The two of them turned away in disdain.

Fa Yu: Why do I have to save this stinking beastie regardless of the costs? PS: Someone else’s even!

Sesame: Why do I have to healed by dead-fish-eyes no matter what? PS: Someone weak even! ————————————

Zhu Yao returned to the entrance of the hall, to the position where Pi Shi first appeared. However, even after she stood still for a long while, she did not feel any anomaly in her body. Thinking that it might be because of angles, she grabbed a few passerby disciples, and had them stood at the same position as experiment. She then retreated the place she was standing at before as well. However, no matter where she looked from, that strange light did not appear once more.

Theoretically speaking, that shouldn’t be the case. Could it be that the light wasn’t luck, and was just her imagination?

She repeatedly called a few disciples over to experiment, and had even called over a Nascent Soul Elder. After that absurd succession ceremony that day, she was now the officially recognized Spirit Heaven Palace Sect Master who was not doubted by anyone. Fa Yu seemed to have used some sort of method to expel the main culprit Cao Qi from Spirit Heaven Palace as well. The other Hall Masters understood that they had wrongly mistreated Ling Tian as well, and were now treating her especially better. Though it was unclear how sincere they were, naturally, no one would openly reject her order. That Elder was unsure of the situation either, but still cooperated with her and stood at her designated spot. However, it was still of no use. She was no longer able to see the light from that day.

Zhu Yao was a little frustrated now. If that light was truly luck, usually, experts who could nourish their Nascent Souls, though not an incredible amount, would still definitely possess considerable luck compared to regular disciples. If she could not see it from a Nascent Soul Elder, it only proved that there was something off with her method.

She recalled the situation from back then. It was noon, and the sun was right on top of them. Could this be related to time or weather? She had no choice but to wait till the exact time, where the sun was similarly shining from right above, before pulling another disciple towards that spot.

As expected, there were no results.

Were there still anything that she could have missed? She pondered deeply. That day was  the  succession  ceremony,  and the various clans and sects were all present. Though a large number of them had already entered the grand hall, there were still a considerable number of people before the entrance. Could this be related to the number of people and angles?

She hurriedly grabbed a few more strong men, and arranged the crowd of disciples to stand in roughly similar positions from on her blurry memories. Then, she had an Azoth Core disciple, whose cultivation level was the highest among the crowd then, to stand at Pi Shi’s position. She then retreated to her original position.

Still nothing?

She persistently directed the disciples and altered their positions several times. This went on for more than half a month, yet to no avail. The light she saw back then no longer appeared. Even the disciples that were caught by her began to grow displeased, and now, the disciples of the sects avoided her when spotted.

Even the Elder from back then could not stand it any longer. “Sect Master…” He greeted as he flew over on his sword from afar, as if he was trying to stop what seemed to the disciples’ punishment in disguise that lasted over half a month.

“Don’t move!” Zhu Yao suddenly roared out. Shocked, the Elder creaked to a halt in mid-air.

Zhu Yao’s eyes widened as she stared intently at that Elder in
mid-air. Two words continuously swept across her heart. The hell. So thi was what the light at the end of the tunnel meant? So this was what ‘when the tides go down, the rocks emerge’ meant? So this was what  ‘adding insult to injury’ meant? Ah pui!

Light! She saw that unique light once more. At the position where the Elder was a few centimeters off the ground, she saw that unique halo. Compared to what she saw from Pi Shi’s body back then, the aura was much softer. However, the Elder’s was much more complete, as if a figure of light was being reinforced on his entire body, as an oval-shaped aura surrounded his body.

She finally found it. Zhu Yao instantly felt like crying, as she held onto the Elder’s hand in excitement. “Elder, what’s your esteemed name?”

‘Ah!?” The Elder was stunned. “I’m Qi Wu, Elder of the Disciplinary Pavillion. Sect Master, you…”

“Thank you! Thank you! As the representative of the entire world, I give you their thanks, fellow comrade!” Zhu Yao firmly shook his hand a few times. “The citizens will never forget your great contributions. You will forever be the greatest person in our hearts. I will remember you for all eternity.”

“…” The Elder was confused. Why did he feel as if his lifespan was about to be depleted and was about to return to the heavens?

“Alright, everyone, you can all leave now. It has been hard on you all today!” Zhu Yao carefully remembered every disciple’s position and then waved them goodbye. After they had all left, she once again looked at the Elder and sincerely said. “Really, thank you, Elder Wu Qi. Don’t worry, I won’t call them over again.”

“…” I’m called Qi Wu.

“I still have matters at hand, so I will be leaving now, Elder Wu Qi!”

“…” I already said I’m Qi Wu.

“Goodbye, Elder Wu Qi!” “…” Qi Wu…

Zhu Yao finally understood the key when the Elder came charging in. Back then, Pi Shi was flying over from away as well, and that light disappeared after an instant. The actual position where the light could be seen was in the air, and not where he stood on the ground later on.

Thank you, fellow Elder. He’s simply the hero that saves this world! Eh, what is his name again?

Haah, whatever. The main point was that she had discovered the reason she could see luck, and now she had to find a way to make this method of seeing the light of luck, which only happened at that place, practical. Also, there was a need to make a portable version out of it. Actually, in this half a month of research, the reason why she could see the light was closely related to the angles, environment and etcetera. This could go into questions related to math and physics.

She had calculated all of the angles, distances, time and other factors. However, as long as she switched to another location, the light would not appear, as though it could only be seen right at the entrance of the hall. Zhu Yao could not believe this. There was definitely something she had yet to consider. Thus, she once again returned to the hall entrance and looked at the surroundings carefully. She circled around a few times, and looked for the differences between the new location and this place.

If there is something different, then it can only be… the floor?

She squatted down and touched the stone plates. They were smooth and shiny, and a little blinding to the eyes.

Wait a minute! Blinding?

Zhu Yao raised her look and looked at the sun in the sky. Then, she stared back at the stone plates on the ground. This is… reflection?

Could it be due to the light rays? Zhu Yao immediately stood up and inspected the surroundings. She realized the entire plaza outside the grand hall was made up of these white, reflective stone plates.

She then pondered deeply about the positions of the crowd, and realized they had coincidentally formed a circle. Adding the angles of the sun rays and the distance from where she stood…

Zhu Yao immediately circulated her spiritual energy and drew a formation in the air. She then calculated everyone’s positions in, and then added in the sun rays. A formation which she had never seen before appeared in front of her eyes.

Could this possibly be a formation that allowed one to see luck?

She felt excited from the bottom of her heart. Immediately, she circulated her spiritual energy and condensed the exact same formation on the palm of her hand. She then looked at the passer-bys through the formation. Nothing! She was still unable to see it. Right, it definitely wasn’t a formation that was made naturally. The angles of the floor were all factors as well. It was just like how one could see the rainbow through a prism. Most likely, the many reflected sun rays could form an unique formation. Zhu Yao was enlightened. She roughly understood how she should go about making that mystic artifact.

Chapter335: Open (the Path) Sesame

As a tenth rank artificer, Zhu Yao was very confident in refining a mystic artifact that could see luck. Almost in the instant she was clear of the principle, she had already pictured the prototype mystic artifact in her mind. What’s left now was the materials needed to refine it.

“None!” Fa Yu rolled his eyes, and then went back to take up a meditative stance to recover his spiritual energy.

“Eh?” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, and then she continued. “Just one palm-sized Rising Symbol Rock is enough. Why are you so stingy?”

Fa Yu still replied in the same way. “None!”

“The hell!” Zhu Yao grew anxious. “This is a very good opportunity to get a clear view of Fan Zhishan’s actual capabilities. How about you cooperate for the sake of your Tiantian?”

He raised his head and glared at her. “Do you think the Rising Symbol Rock is a rock that can be found in your home’s squats? Something you can get as many as you want?”

“Uh…” Her house only had a toilet seat, and no squats. “Are Rising Symbol Rocks rare?” From her memories, the storage ring her master gave her contained a mountain of it though? While she was learning to refine artifacts, she had often burn them up for amusement.

“Rising Symbol Rocks are found in the Regretless Crossing Edge at the depths of Horizon Forest. According to rumours, only a single piece is birthed every several ten of thousands of years.” He sized her up for a moment. “How rare do you think that is?”

“Then let’s head over to Regretless Crossing Edge to find one.”

Fa Yu then glanced at her as if she was an idiot. “Do you know what kind of place Regretless Crossing Edge is?”


The corner of his lips twitched. After taking a deep breath, he said with a sunken voice. “High rank demonic beasts roam Horizon Forest, and from rumours, there are often many strange phenomenons occurring there. It’s a place which even Demigod Sovereigns do not dare to enter carelessly, let alone Regretless Crossing Edge which is found in its very depths. No one knows what could be waiting over there. There hasn’t been anyone who has escaped from that place alive. When one crosses into that place, then there’s no space for regrets! That’s why it’s given the name “Regretless Crossing”!”

It sounded like a very incredible place.

“Without complete preparations, heading into Horizon Forest is undoubtedly nothing but death-seeking!”

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao turned around and left. Patapata. After a while, she came running back, with her hands grabbing onto a six-winged demonic beast which was still hugging onto an egg. “There, preparations are complete.”

Fa Yu’s face darkened. “You… You’re really planning to go?”

“Young man, you must have an adventurous spirit!” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. “Didn’t you say that the Rising Symbol Rocks are found at Regretless Crossing Edge? Then we just have to head there and leave after grabbing the materials. Sesame is an eleventh rank demonic beast initially. Though it has currently dropped a rank, with its might as a tenth rank demonic beast, I believe demonic beasts won’t easily approach us even in Horizon Forest.”

“…” She made a lot of sense for some reason.

“Let’s go, young man!” Zhu Yao said with a stern look. “For the peace of the world!”

“I’m doing this for Tiantian.” Fa Yu rolled his eyes. The hell world peace had to do with him!

“Uh… Alright then. For Tiantian!”

Thus, a certain someone unwillingly followed them on their journey. They made a beeline towards the skies of Horizon Forest.

Eh, wait a minute! If she could already be safe and secure with a tenth rank demonic beast around, why the hell did she have to call him over too?

“…” Why did she feel as if she had been played?


Fa Yu was right. Horizon Forest was simply the playground for demonic beasts. It had only been a short while since they entered, yet they had already spotted three eighth rank demonic beasts, five seventh rank demonic beasts, and over dozens of fifth and sixth rank demonic beasts. Just how good were the nourishments in this forest, to the point where so many demonic beasts liked it here?

Fortunately, they had brought Sesame over. Though Sesame was unreliable at times, bringing it over to act tough and shake up the other lower rank beasties was still something it was good for. If only it wasn’t hugging onto that egg which was even larger than it was with a stupid look on its face, that is.

“Mistress!” Sesame suddenly leapt right in front of her eyes, its face was filled with excitement. “The egg moved… It moved a little just now. Did you see it? It was moving.”

“…” Why did she feel as if a husband was witnessing the movement in a mother’s womb for the first time? It’s not like the egg was birthed by her, so the hell did she have to look at it!?

“Sesame…” Zhu Yao took in a deep breath. “If you don’t keep that egg now, do you believe I will find some green onions and fry it right this instant!?”

Sesame immediately leapt back a few steps with the egg, bearing a complaining look on its face. “Mistress… You’re so ruthless. This beastie has always been infatuated with you, so much so that even if I have to be on the same rocky boat as you for several lifetimes, I will have no regrets. I will accompany you even if you venture into heaven or hell. You actually… actually… would do such things to us lonely beasts. Wuuuuu…”


“What happened to the promise of living and dying together, and never abandoning each other?” “Two…”

“I will keep it now, immediately! I will keep it right this instant.” Sesame’s paws nudged, and in an instant, that huge white demonic egg disappeared. “I shall go investigate the path ahead.” It then leapt up and hastily went forward to bully the beasties that were of lower rank that it’s. Haah, the days where I don’t get to openly see my future wife are so lonely.

Only then did Zhu Yao release her hands that were preparing an art. She turned her head around, only to be met with Fa Yu’s strange eyes. “What?” Those eyes of his looked rather horrifying.

He frowned. After a moment, he said. “Your true form can’t possibly be a demonic beast as well, right?”

“Ah?” How did you come up with that conclusion?

“No wonder you’re so similar.”

“Similar to what…” Speak clearly, hey. How am I similar to that second-handed good Sesame? Fa Yu did not seem to have the intentions to continue explaining. With a cold snort, he passed her and walked at the front, with an expression that looked as if other than his Tiantian, everyone in this world was nothing but trash.

She suddenly had the urge to take revenge on society!

The forest was Sesame’s main stage. With it paving open the path, they basically did not encounter any danger along the way. Occasionally, one or two demonic beasts with strange eyes would leap out, but they would all be sent flying away with a smack of its paw.

Adding that it had already recovered from its injuries, those cracks on its Dantian had disappeared as well. However, in order to restore its former eleventh rank, it had to rely on its own to slowly cultivate it back. Though Fa Yu had a poisonous tongue, he was still rather reliable in his work. Regarding the matter of familiarizing with the use of sword intent to heal injuries, she had merely explained the concept once and he was already able to use it fluently. Though he would use a longer time than her to do so, having to spend about a month, the results were still incredible.

After entering Horizon Forest, they had flown on their swords in the beginning. When they dove deeper in, they changed to moving on foot. With the Sunken Ground Art active, they walked like this for eight hours when Sesame suddenly stopped.

As though it had discovered something, it no longer looked like a playful husky. It’s body stiffened as it stared intently at the dense forest ahead.

“What’s wrong?” Zhu Yao and Fa Yu stopped as well.

“Ahead of us…” Sesame raised one of its paw and pointed at the front. “I can sense the might of a tenth rank demonic beast, and… not just one.”


Sesame shook its head, and even the wings on its back had straightened. “Many… Incredibly many.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. Tenth rank demonic beasts, and even a group of them. This forest sure was abundant with properties! Demonic beasts were conscious of their territories. In the demonic beast forests which she ventured in back then, at the very most, there would only be a single tenth rank demonic beast in a forest. The occasional two she saw were definitely couples. Sesame actually sensed a lot of them. This was not logical.

What to do? Zhu Yao turned to look at Fa Yu.

He frowned. Turning coldly towards her, he gave her a “I knew you pieces of trash were unreliable” expression. With a swing of his hand, he threw her a talisman. He then took one piece for himself and patted it on his chest. He instantly disappeared before their eyes.

Concealment talismans! Zhu Yao lowered her head to take a look. It was actually a high rank conceal talisman! She immediately patted it on herself as well, and the disappeared Fa Yu once again appeared before her eyes.

“Tenth rank concealment talismans which only  Grandhall Sect possesses. If we don’t get too close, Demigod Sovereigns won’t be able to sense us either.” He coldly explained.

Tenth rank! Zhu Yao was a little excited. It looked rather incredible! Fa Yu thought for a moment and then added. “When we get back, I have to remember to calculate the spirit stones that you have to pay.”

“…” The hell, so it wasn’t free. Can’t you just put it on Ling Tian girly’s tab?

“Tiantian is Tiantian, you’re you!” As if he had thought  of what she wanted to say, Fa Yu immediately refuted.

Zhu Yao really wanted to meet with his parents!

After sticking the talismans properly, two humans and one beast then entered the forest ahead. They had merely traversed a short distance, when Zhu Yao and her little companions reached out to push away the branches in front of them and were instantly stunned.

A small town actually appeared in front of them, a town that was a little similar to practitioners’. However, demonic beasts were the ones moving to and fro. Some had taken up human forms while others kept to their beast forms. Though, without a single exception, all of them were tenth rank demonic beasts. The town was incredibly simple. They were all sheds simply formed by stacks of branches and tree barks. There was either a person or a beast squatting inside the shed. Furthermore, the trading of goods here was simple and straightforward, to the point where… they were only trading in fruits and spiritual herbs. Furthermore, there wasn’t any common currency being used between them. They were basically trading goods with goods, like fruits for spiritual herbs, and spiritual herbs for fruits. However, without any exceptions, those spiritual fruits and spiritual herbs were all things that practitioners dreamed of obtaining.

This was basically the demonic beast forest’s native product exhibition, where things were of high quality but sold for dirt cheap. Not to mention these demonic beasts were not like practitioners, things like bargaining simply did not exist! They were usually magnanimous exchanges, where the traders would leave once after the exchange was completed. The slightest sight of being a cheapskate and wanting to get a bit more from their money could not be seen at all! It was no wonder they did not hear any hustle bustle before they got this close.

Zhu Yao suddenly remembered Chen Ning, the tenth rank demonic beast that was incredibly successful with his merchant business. It seemed like beasties indeed had talent for business. “What do we do?” Zhu Yao transmitted her thoughts to Fa Yu next to her. There were too many tenth rank demonic beasts here. Even if they possessed conceal talismans, there was no guarantee that they wouldn’t be discovered. “Shall we make a detour?”

Just as Fa Yu was about to reply, he was suddenly startled for a moment. He then looked behind with a stern expression.

“What’s wrong?” Just as she was about to turn around, Fa Yu suddenly pressed her down. She was instantly pushed onto the ground and ended up eating dirt.

“Why are they here?” He muttered solemnly. “Could  they have followed us?”

Zhu Yao whose face was being buried in dirt: “…”

Your mom! Can you talk after releasing me? The hell. This old lady isn’t a potato that needs to be planted in the soil, okay? She kicked Fa Yua couple of times before he released her head without the slightest of guilt. Zhu Yao wiped away the dirt on her face. I shall endure!

She turned to follow his line of sight. When she saw the three men and one woman afar, Zhu Yao only wanted to say…

The hell!

The ghost still lingers around me, is that it!?

Chapter336: All Roads Lead to the Female Lead

She actually spotted Fan Zhishan. Though she was the female lead, there’s too many scenes with her appearances, weren’t there? She was appearing everywhere they went. Couldn’t she give this side character some leeway? Among the three men next to her, one of them was very familiar. He was exactly the tenth rank demonic beast Bai Li that they met at Spirit Heaven Palace back then.

The other two were Cao Qi and a unknown man.

“That’s Cheng Yufeng.” Fa Yu coldly explained. “He possesses the cultivation of the Azoth Core Paragon and the mutated wind spirit vein. He’s been referred to as the number one genius of the cultivation world.”

Zhu Yao curiously glanced at him. Even though they were praises, why did they sound so… irritating when it came from his mouth!?

“What are you looking at?” Fa Yu glared at her. “Those trash sects had always liked to praise and sell themselves. What number one genius? It’s been two hundred years and he hasn’t been able to nourish his Nascent Soul yet. Even the trash next to him had nourished her Nascent Soul. He’s even worse than trash.”

“Ou… Then what about you?” She casually asked. “When did you nourish your Nascent Soul?”

Fa Yu choked, and his eyes flashed a little. Then, he turned away and said. “Let us discuss how we are going to go about finding the Rising Symbol Rock!”

“…” This change of topic is too obvious, don’t you think!?

“There are too many demonic beasts here. Earlier, I discovered that there’s only a single entrance and exit to the town.” Fa Yu pointed to the right. “As long as we make a detour to the left without flying on our sword and circulating our spiritual energy, we shouldn’t be discovered.”

Zhu Yao nodded. They waited for the female lead and gang to walk a little further away, before proceeding to detour around the back and heading into the denser area of the forest. She could not help but turn to look at the four people. Though she did not know why the female lead was here, she obviously knew that she was up to no good. It was best that they did not bump into each other head-on.

They made a huge detour around, and finally managed to avoid that town with large number of high rank demonic beasts. They spent over two hours and arrived at their destination. However, when Zhu Yao saw the situation of the actual place, she was completely dumbfounded.

“What’s that?” Zhu Yao pointed to that enormous spatial passage. In the azure blue sky above, it was as if someone had dug a hole, and it was completely pitch-black within. There were some what seemed to be torn spatial voids, yet but they were not maintained by any spiritual energy in the surroundings. Instead, the place was shrouded in the aura of death.

“That’s Regretless Crossing.” Fa Yu said. “The moment one steps into it, he or she will not make it out alive.”

Zhu Yao looked at it a couple of times. Strangely, she felt a little uncomfortable.

“Saintess…” Ling Tian who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly said. “That place… is really strange.”

“I can see that.” Zhu Yao replied. “It’s fine as long as we stay away from it.”

Right below the black hole was a stone mountain. Fa Yu said that the Rising Symbol Rocks could only be found nearby. Just when Zhu Yao had folded up her sleeves and was about to flip the entire mountain to search for them…

“Found it!” Fa Yu suddenly bent his body and picked up something. Then, he threw it over.

Zhu Yao caught it with her hand. A snow-white rock laid atop
her palm, and it was the Rising Symbol Rock alright. The hell, how did he find it so quickly? What happened to the promise that it’s only born every several tens of thousands of years?

“What are you looking at? We found the thing, so let’s go.” Fa Yu said impatiently. “I’m a metal spirit vein holder. Do  you think I’m like the other trashes that need to run around the mountain to look for something they need? I just had to directly spread out my spiritual energy and the mountain would already been thoroughly explored.” He suddenly thought of something, and then turned his head around to size Zhu Yao up. “You can’t possibly have thought to look for it in the mountain, right?”

“…” Trash Zhu Yao was struck head-on!

Zhu Yao carefully kept the Rising Symbol Rock. Just as she was silently turning her body around and was planning to leave, she suddenly heard incoming footsteps from in front of them.

“There’s someone!” Fa Yu reached out his hand in an attempt to pull her.

Zhu Yao immediately leapt a step back, hiding behind a piece of rock with a swoop. If I let you slam my face into dirt again, then I’m your granddaughter!

They placed down a few concealment formations, and a short while after they had hidden themselves well, four people appeared in their view.

Zhu Yao wanted to cuss out. Enemies always cross each other’s paths! Just how much disastrous fate did she have with the female lead? They were actually bumping with each other everywhere.

Big brother Bai Li, what do we do?” Fan Zhishan and the gang stopped not far away, her face was filled with panic. As though they had found out that Regretless Crossing was just in front of them as well, they stopped progressing.

The tenth rank demonic beast Bai Li frowned. He looked at his surroundings, and then consoled her. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here after all. At the very most, we can just return the item.”

“We can’t!” Fan Zhishan immediately refuted. Seeing  the gazes of her three companions, her expression changed as she immediately explained. “I mean… Big brother Bai Li used so much effort to help me obtain this item. If we were to return it back like this, wouldn’t that be letting down your goodwill? Furthermore…” She turned to look at the two others, and tears began to well in her eyes. “Big brother Yufeng was injured because of this… How can I… I’m to blame! I harmed all of you.”

“Zhishan!” That Azoth practitioner said with a gentle look. “My injuries weren’t your fault, I can only blame my lack of skills. How can you put the blame on yourself?” “That’s right!” Cao Qi persuaded. “You’re just too kind. This wasn’t your problem in the first place, and furthermore, we were the ones who were willing to accompany you on this dangerous adventure. How can this be your fault?”

Bai Li nodded as well. He reached out to grab her waist and gently consoled her. “Zhishan, you don’t have to worry. This place is a dead land. Even a tenth rank demonic beast would not dare to approach it so easily. We just have to hide here for a day, and after searching for us to no avail, they will naturally give up.”

“Really?” The female lead naively asked.

Bai Li nodded heavily.

“Now you can be ease, right?” Cao Qi tapped on her nose. “I already told you there isn’t a need to worry.”

Fan Zhishan’s face instantly flushed, embarrassed. “Big brother Bai Li, big brother Cao, Big brother Yufeng…”

“Silly little sister…” Zhu Yao’s face darkened from hearing their conversation as she pieced together the situation. This four people took something from someone, and fled here after being chased. Also, this item seemed to be extremely special and the female lead did not want to return it at all. To actually act so righteous for stealing something, Zhu Yao really had to hand it to her.

Zhu Yao could not help but feel like wanting to pick up their three worldviews for them. She then turned her head, only to see Fa Yu’s constipated look next to her.

“What’s wrong?” Zhu Yao transmitted her voice over, but he did not reply. Zhu Yao had no choice but to follow his line of sight.

And then, she was stunned!

The hell, these four people… how the hell did they end up broadcasting an age-restricted video after a conversation like that? It had only been a few minutes, and their clothes were already half-stripped, hey.

“Immoral!” Fa Yu coldly snorted, as he turned around and meditated to calm himself. She’s a an R18 female lead after all, so R18 scenes were naturally in the main route. Such things could be understood. “Mn… Though her taste is a little heavy.”

This was after all a foursome. Even among Japanese films, there were only a few that cater to tastes as heavy as this, and this is live-action even. Mn… Just from thinking about this, she was beginning to grow a little excited?

“Aren’t you afraid of turning blind?” Fa Yu glared at her.

“Once foreign, twice familiar after all.” I have even watched the original movie with your wife, you know? “In any  case, these aren’t my eyes.” It’s Ling Tian girly’s~

“…” His face was filled with crap.

“It’s the live-action version, are you certain you’re not going to look?” Don’t all men have such tastes?

“…” His face instantly darkened. “Why don’t I… swap with Ling Tian girly?” So that you two can watch it together.

Fa Yu suddenly glared at her. If you dare to raise my Tiantian improperly, I’m going to exterminate you.

“Uh…” She seemed to have already made her watch something improper once.

Whatever, I will watch it myself.

“Yo, they’re stark naked now.”

“…” Fa Yu instantly closed his eyes.

“Wow, to begin with two people on top. Such heavy tastes.”

“…” Fa Yu cupped his ears.

“Yaaaa, it’s a foursome now.” “…” He puked.

“Ehhhh, why did he turn back to his beast form?”


“Ehh, there’s even bestiality. What the hell!”

Sesame puked as well.

At first, Zhu Yao was watching it with the attitude of a scenario reviewer, until the broadcast continued on for three hours and the sky was even beginning to set. The four people… no, while three people and one beast were still cultivating with great efforts, even Zhu Yao began to feel that it was becoming aesthetically difficult to watch.

Yet the squealing noises of the female lead continued to sound out. If her voice were to be brought to the modern era, she would definitely be popular. If that time were to come, even Cang-sensei would have to give in, alright? Every male shut-in would have one copy of her film, and they would carefully treasure it… Eh, wait a minute!

Zhu Yao glanced at the Rising Symbol Rock in her hand, and suddenly had an evil thought.

“Hey, hey, hey. Tiantian’s childhood friend.” Zhu Yao nudged Fa Yu, and said with a mysterious look. “Let me borrow something from you.”


The action film on that side broadcasted for an entire night, and Zhu Yao felt it was in a serious state of aesthetical depreciation. During the latter half, she had already lost all interest in viewing it. Bored, she took the opportunity when the few of them were still concentrated in their broadcast to place down a few spiritual energy concealment formations. Circulating the fire spiritual energy in her body, she began to refine the artifact.

Rising Symbol Rock was a rare material, but its rank was not entirely great. Its only benefit was its flexibility. Mystic artifacts from the third rank to the eighth rank could be made from this material, but the grade of the artifact made by it was based on the artificer’s skills alone. The mystic artifact that Zhu Yao planned to make was not dependent on its rank. In the first place, it was not going to be used for battle. The reason why Rising Symbol Rock was needed, was simply because it had the best light reflective property out of all the materials she knew.

Zhu Yao crafted the exact same composition, based on the positions of the stone plates in the plaza, into the melted Rising Symbol Rock. In the end, she made a cylindrical… telescope!

Even Zhu Yao herself did not think that the mystic artifact would turn out like this after refinement. Furthermore, it was the monocular collapsible type.

Fine, classical wins. The only difference was that the average telescope only had two lens, while hers had dozens of them, where they were pieces of the Rising Symbol Rock placed in different angles.

However, during the formation engraving, she hesitated. If she directly engraved the formation onto it, then anyone could use it to see luck. That, in essence, wouldn’t be any different from the female lead.

After pondering for a moment, she decided not to directly engrave the formation she had calculated beforehand. Instead, she directly inserted a strand of spiritual energy into it. Through the Rising Symbol Rock pieces, she slowly corrected the circulation flow of the spiritual energy to outline the formation.

Then, she looked at the four people that were entangled together through the telescope.

Chapter337: The Young Man Still Has Two Other Faces

What she saw was a myriad of colours. Each of the four people had his or her own unique aura, though the colours were a little strange. The demonic beast Bai Li’s was faint green, Cao Qi’s was a shallow yellow, while Cheng Yufeng’s was light blue.

The most dazzling one belonged to the female lead, whose aura comprised of several colours. It was as if she was wearing a flower-patterned jacket filled with patches here and there. Compared to the complete oval-shaped aura she saw on the Elder’s body, hers were filled with lights of irregular shapes and sizes. Zhu Yao meticulously counted, but realized that the lights were overly complicated and she could not count them all at all.

Even with the three others combined, theirs were not even larger than her light. Furthermore, the lights of the other three people seemed to be a little fragmented. They looked as if they were being blocked by something, missing bits and pieces. Cheng Yufeng’s aura especially only had a single tip remaining, as if it could extinguish at any moment.

Zhu Yao frowned. If she had suspected her own guess earlier, then the present situation of the female lead had completely proved her conjecture. “What’s that?” Fa Yu woke up from his meditation and stared at the telescope in her hand. “This can’t be the mystic artifact that you have refined, right?”

“It is!” Zhu Yao waved the telescope in her hand.

Fa Yu’s face instantly darkened. “You pulled me this far off to look for materials, all in order to refine a broken toy that could not be considered a first rank mystic artifact?”

Seeing that he was about to explode, Zhu Yao sighed. “Young man, don’t be so anxious. ‘Artifacts’ cannot be determined by their looks. Who cares if they’re seventh, eighth or ninth rank if they’re useful?”

“This isn’t even a first rank.” Fa Yu had a scornful look.

Zhu Yao immediately pushed the mystic artifact to his eyes. He glanced into it suspiciously, and was shocked the next moment. “This… is luck?”

She nodded. Fa Yu’s expression sank even further. “So she can truly steal people’s luck.”

So this boy did not believe her all along till now? What happened to the promise of being people standing on the same boat? Zhu Yao was a little disappointed. Fa Yu however did not
speak any further, though his expression had turned even colder than before, as if he was coming up with countermeasures.

Zhu Yao continued to inspect Fan Zhishan through the telescope. Now that they could see luck, she believed that there would definitely be a way to stop luck from being stolen.

Eh, what’s that?

Three thin strands of different colours circled around the female lead, and they wouldn’t have been easily discovered unless one looked carefully. The source of the three strands were actually the three male leads, as if several transmission tubes were linking the four of them.

Was the female lead stealing luck right now? She looked carefully, and though it wasn’t obvious, the auras of the three people had indeed turned smaller, while those thin strands were becoming larger as well. They could hardly be seen from how thin they were earlier, yet they were now as thick as a finger. Correspondingly, the auras of the three men were flowing away at immense speed, and in just less than a moment, a fifth of their auras had disappeared. Cheng Yufeng’s light blue aura had even extinguished in a blink of an eye.

The female lead suddenly let out a unique moan. Her voice carried a slight sharp tone, and it was especially obvious amidst their gasps for air. However, the others who were immersed in lust did not notice it at all. Instead, they moaned a few times in concert before ending this day-and-night long heavy taste exercise.

Almost at the same time, those three transmission tube-like strands disappeared into the air, and the faint green, blue and yellow lights on the female lead’s body strengthened a little. The faint blue aura of hers especially seemed to have taken up half of the rest of the other auras combined.

Zhu Yao simply felt as if a  lightbulb  had  lit  up  in  her  mind. She suddenly understood why this was an R18 scenario. The female lead was actually seizing the luck of others through the exchange of yin and yang. It was no wonder she had so many male leads around her. Wait a minute!

That shouldn’t be all to it. Didn’t she also pull out that bugged weapon to attack her? Could there be different methods to seize luck for different sexes? Or could it be that the female lead still had other considerations?

Zhu Yao could not figure it out, while the passionate men and woman over there had already begun to wear their clothes and leave the place. Zhu Yao could not help but look towards Cheng Yufeng. She did not know if it was because he had lost all of his luck, but she actually saw a strand of the aura of death between his brows.

Just as she was about to look even more carefully, Fa Yu suddenly reached out his hand and pressed her into the dirt once more.

The hell! What happened to the promised love between teammates?

“They’re leaving.” Fa Yu transmitted his solemn voice. Only after the sound of their footsteps grew further away, did he release his hand. Zhu Yao whose face was once again covered in dirt: “…”

This asshole definitely did it on purpose!

Fa Yu dispelled the surrounding formations and walked out. Zhu Yao stood up and caught up to him. The high grade concealment talisman instantly lost its effects at this moment, turning into ashes. The time was just right!

“Let’s return.” Zhu Yao bit down two mouthfuls of dirt during this trip, and her heart ached.

“Wait a minute.” Fa Yu coldly narrowed his eyes at her. “Are you sure you’re not going to bring back a few more Rising Symbol Rocks, just in case?”

“Didn’t you say that only a single piece is born every several tens of thousands of years?” Zhu Yao glanced at him. Could there actually be a second piece?

“A single piece is born every several tens of thousands of years, but I didn’t say there’s only one right now! This place has already existed for hundreds of thousands of years.” Fa Yu looked at her as if she was an idiot.

“…” She wanted to exterminate this teammate of hers, what to do?

He pointed at the highlands behind her. “There’s one right above you?”

Zhu Yao raised her head to look. As expected, not far away from her, there was a Rising Symbol Rock that was four to five times bigger than the previous one. There was no harm in being prepared, and furthermore, she could not guarantee that Fa Yu would be this nice to accompany her again.

Thus, she did not hesitate and turned to walk towards the stone mountain. Just as she took two steps, her feet suddenly turned heavy as a powerful pulling force came from below. Because she did not have a stable footing, she was slammed onto the ground and was unable to move. The radiance of a formation around her shone brightly. Her heart clenched as she suddenly thought of Fan Zhishan who just left. Could they have been discovered? She turned back her head hoping to warn the others. “There’s a formation, hurry…” Before she could even say run, she saw Fa Yu’s cold expression. The ‘everything in this world was trash’ look was missing from his face, and instead, his entire being had turned even colder than before. Zhu Yao was stunned. “You were the one who placed down this formation?”

Fa Yu did not reply, and simply walked over towards her with a solemn expression.

“Roar…” Sesame sensed the danger as well as it roared out loud. Just as it was about to turn back to its original size, Fa Yu simply snorted and cast an art. Something flashed from Sesame’s core and it instantly slammed onto the ground. No matter how it struggled, it could not take a single step. A large fire instantly lit up around it, covering its entire body.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao was frightened, as she turned to look at Fa Yu who had suddenly changed in personality. “What did you do to it?”

“It’s too difficult to handle, so I simply added a few small formations in its Inner Core.” He replied without a mind, yet his voice was chilling to the bones. Inner Core? Could it be when he was healing it? Zhu Yao’s heart sank. “Just what are you planning?”

Fa Yu however did not reply. He walked straight towards her and then cast an art with both his hands. Seals flew out of them and circled around her surroundings.

These mystic seals are…

Soul Expelling Art!

“You’re planning to expel me out of Ling Tian’s body!?” Zhu Yao widened her eyes.

“It’s been so many days, you have stayed for long enough.” Fa Yu said solemnly. “How can I allow you to stay in her body any longer?”

“Fa Yu, I’m not…”

“Shut your mouth!” Fa Yu glared at her with cold eyes, as if he could not wait to devour her alive. “You understand the concept of luck and is even able to create a heaven-defying mystic artifact that can view luck itself. You must have been an incredible expert in your past life. With the capabilities you possess, is your reason for possessing her body truly to simply save her? In this world, are there any vile ghosts that don’t think of taking over the living bodies? Those words of yours can only fool Tiantian. When the time comes, will you really give up on the opportunity to take over her soul?”

His expression grew colder the longer he spoke, his eyes were filled with hatred, as if he had turned into another person.

No, this was his true self. The person he had been in  these recent days was just an act.

“You never believed me right from the start?” As expected of the emperor of acting, she actually did not spot anything off, and had been wholeheartedly helping Ling Tian girly deal with the female lead. She never expected that he would pretend to cooperate with her while planning to expel her.

Ling TIan girly’s explanatory work was clearly not enough, hey! “In this world, I only believe in myself!” Fa Yu flipped his hand, and the surrounding mystic seals began to circulate even faster. She could feel a force desperately pulling her out of the body.

“Fa Yu.” She suddenly felt a little panicked in her heart. Just who in the world did she offend, hey? “Have you ever thought about what would happen to Ling Tian after I leave?”

His expression turned colder. “Naturally, I will protect her!”

“Are you sure you can protect her?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed. If he truly could stop the female lead, then there wouldn’t be a need for her to be in this world. When she first arrived, Ling Tian girly was trapped to death within Spirit Heaven Palace.

“…” A hint of hesitation flashed across Fa Yu’s face.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to explain further, beastial roars suddenly came from afar one after another. Following after, the earth began to tremble as large explosive noises moved towards their direction. Even Fa Yu could not get a stable footing. Fan Zhishan, Cao Qi and the demonic beast Bai Li came flying back from the forest. Seeing Zhu Yao and Fa Yu in  front  of them, they were clearly stunned.

“It’s you people!” Her expression changed, and a hint  of killing intent flashed across her eyes.

In the next moment, one figure after another appeared in a flash. A huge concentrated crowd of demonic beasts suddenly came into the scene, surrounding Fan Zhishan, Zhu Yao and the rest. Within the beast crowd, there were human-shaped ones dressed in various clothes, and there were even beasts of various sizes. They were all ninth or tenth rank demonic  beasts, without a single exception.

Furthermore, all of them looked furious, their pair of bloodshot eyes glared intensely at the few people in front of them. Their immensely fuming growls were deafening to the ears.

A black-robed man walked out of the beast crowd, and he flung out his hand.

With a ‘pa’ sound, a bloody object fell right in front of them. After having a clearer look, Zhu Yao took in a deep breath.

That was actually a person. A person who had been bitten into shreds. He was one of the male leads who was still playing restricted-level games with the female lead – Cheng Yufeng.

He’s dead!

Zhu Yao instantly felt her stomach churning.

Fan Zhishan’s face instantly turned as pale as snow, as she took a step back in panic. She hurriedly turned her eyes away, as though she wasn’t willing to see the corpse on the ground. Even Cao Qi’s and Bai Li’s expression carried a hint of panic.

That black-robed man first glared at Bai Li with vicious eyes, and then turned to spit onto the ground. “Pui, traitor! Hurry and hand over the Sacred Dragon Scale.”

Chapter338: Avatar Download Complete

When the voice of that black-robed man fell, the demonic beasts roared out loud like an orchestra of a hundred beasts. As a Foundation trash, Zhu Yao could feel her Dantian trembling, and the sound of it shattering could be faintly heard. Yet, Fa Yu still wasn’t stopping the formation. He paused for a mere moment, before continuing to cast the art.

Bai Li clenched his fists, feeling at a loss. The demonic beasts in the surroundings began to close in. Some had even lost restraints of themselves and came pouncing at them, looking so ruthless as if they wanted to tear the people into shreds.

Fan Zhishan’s face had already turned pale. Bai Li hugged onto her and dodged the attacks from the few demonic beasts. Suddenly, her expression changed. Gritting her teeth, she threw something towards Zhu Yao’s direction. “If you want the Sacred Dragon Scale… Then find her!”

In an instant, all of the attacking demonic beasts stopped in their tracks. They turned around and changed targets, running straight towards Zhu Yao’s and Fa Yu’s direction. Fan Zhishan however escaped in the opposite direction on her flying sword. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. This female lead wanted to kill her with a borrowed knife. “Fa Yu!” Zhu Yao wanted him to stop this restraining formation. This was not the time to fight each other.

He however pulled out a talisman, a positioning talisman of the highest grade!

Zhu Yao widened her eyes. So he had long made the preparations. Placing down the positioning talisman, he planned on directly send them back to Spirit Heaven Palace.

He activated the talisman. With a flash of white light, the positioning talisman immediately activated. Just when they were about to be teleported away…

However, he suddenly accelerated his hand seals, and then slammed his hand onto Zhu Yao’s chest. Zhu Yao simply felt her consciousness instantly being pulled out of the body. Her body was as light as mist, and her five senses instantly disappeared. The formation beneath her feet disappeared at the same moment as well, along with Fa Yu and Ling Tian’s body.

Zhu Yao in her soul state was what remained, along with Sesame which had just released itself from his control, and a large crowd of furious high rank demonic beasts that were pouncing towards them.

For the very first time in her life, Zhu Yao understood what ‘removing the bridge after crossing the river’ meant. She came running to this world from far away, did he think it was easy for her? Putting aside losing her avatar, the key thing was that she had wholeheartedly worked to save a person. In the end, someone still suspected her for harbouring ulterior motives, and had even dug an extremely large hole waiting for her to jump into it. Her entire mind was in flames, as she was fuming to the point of wanting to bash a certain someone. She suddenly have the impulse of not caring about anything anymore,

She raised her head and looked at the vicious demonic beast crowd that were roaring out wildly. Zhu Yao simply felt like there wasn’t anywhere she could vent off her immense anger right now, as waves after waves of burning anger made her want to bite someone. At that moment, she no longer cared about bugs, demonic beasts, and everything else. Turning her head around, she roared out at the demonic beasts as if she was venting. “Shut up!”

A wave of energy seemed to have spread throughout the air. Almost at the same time, it was as if the furious demonic beast crowd had pressed on the pause button, stiffening in their place. There were even some which could not step on the breaks in time in the sky, as they crashed into the ground like a dumpling.

It was as if the crowd of demonic beasts which still had bloodshot eyes just earlier was splashed with cold water. They stood rooted in their spots, looking blankly at Zhu Yao who was floating in the air.

A moment later, various beasties uncontrollably let out the same sound.


“Meow your sister, meow! Can’t you see this old lady is angry right now?” Zhu Yao gasped for air several times, but the more she thought about it, the angrier she got. “Let this old lady have some peace and quiet for a moment.”

In an instant, the entire beast crowd felt terrible.

Beast one: Who is that? She looks pretty likable.

Beast two: I suddenly feel like rubbing against her, what to do?

Beast three: But she seems to dislike us a lot.

Beast four: Wuuu, so sad. I feel like crying.

Beast five: The hell is a Sacred Dragon Scale?

For a moment, all the beasties did not dare to make a single noise. The entire place was awkwardly silent, as dozens of pitiful eyes glanced at Zhu Yao who was floating about in rage. All of them had infatuated looks on their faces. Mn. She might like us again after her anger quells.

In the end, it was Sesame, which had abundant experience in hugging her thigh, that reacted first. Amidst the hateful and envious eyes of the crowd of beasties, it sprinted over. “Mistress… It’s been a long time since I witness your tyrannical aura leaking out!”

Tyrannical your ass. In a certain sense, I’m currently stuck in the avatar selection screen, alright? Zhu Yao looked at it with narrowed eyes, and then floated back and forth a few dozen more times before she was able to calm down. When she turned her head, she was shocked by the beasts that were obediently squatting on the ground. This is…

Her power of friendship with the beasties had returned?

She pondered for a moment. Presently, she was merely a soul that had yet to latch onto anyone. Could it be that the World Favourable Impression ability only took effect when she was completely herself?

This sure is good news… my ass!

She was only able to float about here because the sky had yet to turn bright. Once the sun were to rise, she had to return to the Netherworld. How was she going to fix the bug after that?

Her thoughts flowed, and she once again thought of Fa Yu,
making her lose all motivation in an instant. Why should I care about him!? Return to the netherworld, I shall! This old lady is not going to accommodate any further.

She turned to glance at the demonic beasts that were looking at her cautiously. In the end, she could not help but ask. “Just what happened? Why were you all chasing after Fan Zhishan? I’m talking about that female practitioner earlier.”

When her words fell, several paws and hands were instantly raised, as each one of them competed to answer her question.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened, as she pointed at the black-robed man at the very front. “You, speak.”

“Lord, it’s like this.” The black-robed man cleared his throat, ignored Sesame’s warning gaze, and took a step forward. “We do not know where they came from, but those human practitioners from earlier stole our beast race’s treasure, the ‘Sacred Dragon Scale’. Then, they were discovered by us, and in order to retrieve it, we chased after them without end. Furthermore, they had a traitor of the beast race among them, and he is familiar with the terrain. That was why we had to spend two days to find them.”

“Sacred Dragon Scale?” Zhu Yao turned to look for the item that Fan Zhishan threw to her earlier. A dragon scale sparkling with golden light was stuck between a stone crevice on the ground, and it even possessed a rather unique aura. It was actually godly energy. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “This… can’t possibly be a dragon scale of the Dragon Race, right?”

“It is.”

“…” Just for a single scale of the Dragon Race, you beasties will actually spare no efforts in retrieving it? Demonic beasts were truly die-hard fans of the God Races.

The man looked at with a pair of sparkling eyes as he said with an excited look. “The Sacred Dragon Scale is made of a scale from a Dragon’s body. According to legends, it’s even the most important scale that protected its heart, and thus contains immeasurable godly energy. It’s the most important sacred relic in the hearts of the entire beast race!”

If it’s important, they hurry and pick it up, the hell are you staring at me all this time for? The scale has been left sitting there for such a long time, yet I haven’t seen any of you beasties coming to pick it up. It’s colour is even beginning to fade.

Zhu Yao sighed. She turned around and floated towards the dragon scale that were stuck in the stone crevice. Out of habit, she said as she reached out to pick it up. “Since it’s  so important, then you guys best keep it safely next time. Do not…”

Before she could even finish, the moment she touched that dragon scale, a blinding radiance shone before her eyes as an immense pulling force assaulted her. Her  entire  being  was sucked into it. In an instant, her vision turned dark, and below her line of sight, a familiar loading bar hanged right there.

However, that loading bar did not start from the beginning, but instead, it was already at the very end.

The ‘99%’ on the loading bar flashed, and it turned ‘100%’ the next moment.


A familiar notification bell resounded next to her ears, and a row of words suddenly appeared as well.

Downloading of missing soul has been completed, the avatar has been completely activated. Brave young lady, hurry and create a miracle! Then…

She turned into a scale.


Zhu Yao blanked for a whole thirty seconds before regaining her senses.

This is an avatar?

Why the hell is it a scale, hey!?

And what’s with that 99% to 100% loading bar? That’s clearly the loading bar that appeared just before I reincarnated into Ling Tian girly’s body, right? Why wasn’t the loading from back then completed? Why did the loading bar stall, hey? Then, does that mean she has been using the wrong avatar all this time?

So, she should have reincarnated here at the very start. This scale was the one that was truly prepared for her? Zhu Yao who found out the truth simply wanted to raise her middle finger.

Has Realmspirit’s intelligence disconnected? Even if she had her own avatar, how was she going to fix a bug by being a scale? Blind the female lead to death with light? Right now, she couldn’t even move because she was stuck in a crevice, alright?

Just as she was thinking about this, a powerful energy suddenly surged inside her body, and the energy was endlessly gathering at the very center of the scale. It was as if energy that had been concealed for a very long time, had suddenly been activated. This is… godly energy!

Zhu Yao calmed her heart down and directly circulated the godly energy. Two small hand-like lightstreams were formed on the scale’s two sides, and they held onto the two sides of the stone crevice. Then, with a strong push…

Pop, she pulled herself out from the stone crevice.

Fortunately, there weren’t any cracks on her! The crowd of beasties that watched the entire process: (⊙o⊙)

They seemed to have witnessed something incredible.

“Mistress…” Sesame was dumbfounded as well. It did not understand what just happened at all. In a blink of an eye, Zhu Yao turned into a scale, and she had even pulled herself out of the stone crevice.

Zhu Yao however did not have the time to reply it, because the godly energy within her body was continuing to grow. It was as if incredible energy was sealed in every inch of the scale, and the moment Zhu Yao entered the scale, the energy began to pour out endlessly. In the beginning, she was still able to gather the godly energy in the center through her guidance. However, slowly, she realized she was unable to catch up with the godly energy’s speed of emergence.

She decided to directly take up a human form, after all, she had so much godly energy to spare. The light from the scale grew brighter, and in an instant, the area within a radius of several dozen meters was covered with golden light. At the very center of this golden light, a human form was slowly being formed. First, it was the body, and the four limbs came after. Fifteen minutes later, a youthful lady with delicate features appeared beneath the stone mountain, and the surrounding golden light slowly dimmed as well. Human form materialization complete!

Zhu Yao unconsciously lowered her head to take a look… Flat as the plain flatlands.

(¬_¬) As expected, this was her avatar!

“Mistress.” Sesame pounced over with an excited look, its two paws hugged tightly onto her thigh. “Your new image is simply too beautiful. Sesame wants to bear monkeys for you.”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “What about your egg?”

“Uh…” It stiffened for a moment, and then helplessly said. “Mistress, if you like eggs, then I can bear them for you too!”

“…” Who the hell wants your eggs!? The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She could no longer be bothered with this beastie which had lost all sense of its morals, as she raised her head to take a look at the rest of the demonic beasts. “Everyone… Uh, fellow beasties, I wish to find a place to rest. I wonder if any of you is able to lend me a cave residence to stay in?” Though she had already taken up a human form, the godly energy in her body was still in a chaotic state. There were even traces of the energy running rampant. She had to immediately head into meditation to regulate the energy.

“Lord, lord. Mine… You can take mine!” A  beastie immediately replied.

“Tch, how can a small place like yours accommodate her? Lord, lord, head over to my place. It’s spacious enough.” Another one refuted.

“How can that cold and torn-down place be compared to mine? Lord, lord, my house is the most comfortable. Come over to mine.”

“Your cave is filled with grass, it’s beyond dirty! Lord, lord. I have the most beautiful house, come over to mine.”

“Stop fighting. None of your houses is better than mine. Lord, lord. Come and take a look at mine.” “…”

Uh… She just wanted to find a place to meditate, was there a need to fight over it? Furthermore, when did she become the lord of these beasties?

The beasties that banded together to fight a common enemy earlier, were beginning to argue for the sake of one person’s accommodation. There was even a possibility that they might start fighting for real if the discussion were to break down. With a darkened expression, Zhu Yao had no choice but to pick a cave residence of a tenth rank demonic beast. The reason was simply. His was the closest.

After bading the other beasties goodbye, Zhu Yao and Sesame followed after that tenth rank demonic beast back to its cave residence, and officially took residence in the place.

The tenth rank demonic beast that was most fortunate to be picked, was beyond exhilarated. It looked as if it was floating as it walked, passing through the crowd of demonic beasts with its head held boastfully high. That behaviour of his looked as if it had struck the lottery, and it garnered several jealous eyes along the way. At the entrance of the cave, it suddenly pointed at its own bashful face and said. “Lord, actually… I can lay eggs too.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Sesame: “…”


Zhu Yao was only able to control the godly energy within her body after meditating for half a month. Compared to true Dragons, the amount of godly energy within her body was considerably small. However, she was just a piece of scale after all. It was still fine when the energy was sealed, but now that it had been ignited, she was basically unable to contain them. Yet, she could not cultivate using the methods of the God Races. After pondering for a moment, she directly used godly energy as a replacement for spiritual energy and tried cultivating with the methods of a human practitioner, where she guided godly energy into her Dantian. However, she never expected that her cultivation would begin to rise at extreme speeds. Furthermore, there wasn’t any obstruction by the changes of her physical body like a completely human avatar would. She simply crossed each cultivation level step and rose in strength without any setbacks. When she had her godly energy completely in control, she realized that her cultivation had directly made a breakthrough above the Demigod stage, reaching the range of a Gold Deity.

Her first reaction was to look at the sky, yet she realized nothing happened.

This was illogical. What happened to the promise that all beings above the Demigod stage had to ascend? She had already reached the level of a Gold Deity, and she did not especially concealed her own cultivation either. Let alone the Light of Guidance, not even a single trace of lightning clouds could be seen in the sky.

For some reason, she had an inexplicably strange sensation, faintly feeling that this was not a good sign.

She unconsciously let out her divine sense, and instantly, the entirety of Horizon Forest was within her sight. Even that huge hole at Regretless Crossing could be seen clearly. However, when she tried to dive deeper into that hole, she could not sense anything at all. She strangely began to become a little mindful of that hole. “Mistress, what’s wrong?” Seeing that she had raised her head, Sesame looked up at the sky as well.

Zhu Yao frowned. Throwing aside those strange feelings, she turned to look at Sesame. “Sit, I shall help you mend your Inner Core.” Fa Yu dared to place formations inside its Dantian, so he might have made other tamperings as well. She could only feel at ease after taking a closer look herself.

“Ou.” Sesame immediately returned to its human form and sat in front of her. Suddenly, as if it had recalled something, it said. “Mistress, actually, back then when I left the Spirit Realm, it was Yue…”

“If you don’t want to end up injured, then focus!”

“… Ou.”

Chapter339: A Godly Development Suddenly Unfolds

Only after Zhu Yao summon her sword intent did she find out that Sesame’s Inner Core was not mended at all. Fa Yu had simply placed down a few concealment formations on Sesame’s Inner Core, and other than that, there were barely any other effects. Adding that the concealment formations could shield themselves from Sesame’s five senses, it created the signs of recovery. When her divine sense dove in, those concealment formations shattered on their own.

When she saw its shattered Inner Core, Zhu Yao instantly felt angered to the point of wanting to kill someone. This move of Fa Yu’s was simply too huge, yet she did not realize it in the slightest. If not because her current avatar had logged on, and that her cultivation had broken through the Demigod stage once more, there was most likely no one in this world who could heal Sesame well.

Zhu Yao spent an entire three months to patch up Sesame’s Inner Core to full recovery, barely stabilizing its cultivation at the tenth rank. She then walked out of the rented cave residence. Fortunately, it did not drop another rank.

She initially wanted to thank the landlord beastie, only to see it running over with a flustered look.

“Lord, lord…” Because it ran so quickly, it had even forgotten to turn back to its beast form. With its hands and feet on the ground, it sprinted over. “Lord, something bad has happened.”

“What is it?” Zhu Yao asked.

Landlord beastie pointed towards the far distance. “The hole in the east has suddenly grown really huge. It has already swallowed up the entire town.”

“In the east?” She was stunned for a moment. “Regretless Crossing?”

The beastie nodded.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition. Flying on her sword, she headed in that direction. After only flying for a short while, she felt a powerful pulling force assaulting her, pulling her entire being directly forward. When she raised her head up to look, she saw an enormous black hole appearing in the sky. Compared to the Regretless Crossing she had seen before, it was at least ten times larger.

The hole was situated between the sky and earth, and it was even enlarging constantly. The surrounding trees and plants were being pulled off the ground one after another, entering the darkness within. Even the earth on the ground was beginning to disappear inch by inch.

“This is?” Sesame was stunned as well as it looked at the endless darkness. “Isn’t this…”

“The Severed Lands.” Zhu Yao continued in its stead. Back then, the secret realm “Tasyoluk” which Sesame was in, had such a place as well. It was located at the very edge of the secret realm. Only pitch-black nothingness was within, and even she knew that she had no choice but to reincarnate after entering it.

However, Horizon Forest was not the edge of this world. Logically, the Severed Lands should not appear in such a place. It could be best compared to a complete piece of paper. It could have its own edges, but these edges should not appear at the center of the paper. Presently, the Severed Lands had appeared right here, and it was even beginning to spread all around, devouring and growing larger. This could only mean that cracks had appeared in this world, and it was beginning to collapse. Zhu Yao’s first reaction was that something had happened to Ling Tian. She instructed the beasties a few things, prevented them from approaching that place, and then turned to head towards Spirit Heaven Palace.

Back then, she had to spend an entire day to get there. Now, she had merely taken fifteen minutes to reach Spirit Heaven Palace. She initially pondered how she should bash that two- faced Fa Yu up, so that she could relieve the foulness in her heart.

However, when she saw the same large black hole in the skies above Spirit Heaven Palace, she was dumbfounded. Why was it here as well?

Most of Spirit Heaven Palace had already been devoured by the black hole. Only a small half of the floating mountains were still floating in the air, and they were still constantly being drawn into the black hole. Not a single disciple remained in Spirit Heaven Palace.

She concealed her cultivation and made her way to a nearby practitioner’s town to get some information, and found out that the black hole appeared four months ago. No one know what it was. It suddenly appeared in the sky, and it was initially just the size of a wellhead. However, it continued to grow, and seven days later it became even larger than a floating mountain.

Spirit Heaven Palace lost quite a number of disciples, and because there was simply no options left, the sect was moved to Grandhall Sect.

“I’m certain that Spirit Heaven Palace must have angered the Higher Realm, which led to the sudden appearance of such a strange phenomenon. It might be an act conducted by the Deities of the Higher Realm.” That practitioner said mysteriously. “That black hole produces not a single ripple of spiritual energy, but merely the aura of death. How can a practitioner of this world possibly summon such a thing? Furthermore, there are numerous other places it could appear in, yet it appeared right above Spirit Heaven Palace. It must be related to the Spirit Heaven Palace.”

Zhu Yao frowned. Wasn’t four months ago the time when Fa Yu ousted her out of Ling Tian’s body? It seemed like she had to make a visit to Grandhall Sect.

She rushed over to Grandhall Sect, only to realize that she was not the only who was making a visit. Disciples from various sects and clans were actually gathered around Grandhall Sect with furious faces. They were armed with weapons, and looked as though they were here for a fight.

Grandhall Sect’s Great Mountain Barrier Formation was activated in full force, keeping the various sects outside the mountain.

Zhu Yao took a closer look. Leading the pack was the number one deity sect – Sleipoup Sect. The female lead Fan Zhishan and Sovereign Pi Shi were standing at the very front, and there were eight extraordinary-looking men standing around them as well. Was this the female lead’s harem exhibition? It seemed like the death of that Cheng Yufeng did not affect the female lead in the slightest!

“Sect Master Fa, please hand over that menace.” A Nascent Soul practitioner loudly shouted at the Great Mountain Barrier Formation. “As long as you hand over that menace, we will let go of your Grandhall Sect. Otherwise… We have no choice but to go to war for the sake of this world.”

What was going on? The various clans and sects were actually here to launch a crusade against Grandhall Sect? Furthermore, Sleipoup Sect was actually taking the lead! The various sects would not even wait to avoid them before, how did the situation change in just a few months?

“As long as you hand over that Devil Ling Tian and quell the anger of the Deities of the Higher Realm, I can guarantee that the various sects will not look into what happened today.” That Nascent Soul practitioner continued to transmit his voice out loud. “It’s exactly because she has impersonated as the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace that brought about this misfortune that is this crisis. As humans who cultivate on the path of deities, we must do justice in place of the heavens!”

When did Ling Tian become a Devil? Zhu Yao grew even more confused the longer she listened. Don’t come up with such a godly development after I’m offline for just a day!

It seemed like she could only understand the situation after meeting Ling Tian and Fa Yu. After pondering for a moment, she intentionally circled around to the back of Grandhall Sect. Though she had concealed her figure and that let alone a Demigod, even an Earth Deity could not sense her, she could not fend against the female lead’s ability to see luck after all. It was best to take a safer route.

Though the Great Mountain Barrier Formation of Grandhall Sect could not stop her, she did not break it apart directly either. Instead, she found the formation core, did some slight alterations, and calmly crossed through it.

Sweeping her divine sense throughout the place, the entirety of Grandhall Sect instantly appeared in her mind. Ling Tian was in a room at the back of the Main Mountain.

In a flash, she appeared within the room. However, Ling Tian was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. Zhu Yao did not intentionally hide herself, and Fa Yu, who was sitting by the bed, was stunned for a moment. He immediately summoned his sword and looked at her vigilantly. “Who are you?”

Zhu Yao swept a glance at him. He had long lost the wilful temperament and the scornful look he had for the entire world that he had when they first met. As though it had been a long time since he took care of himself, his hair was dishevelled and he had a fatigued look. Even this spiritual energy in his body had traces of scattering apart. He was in an incredibly weak state, to the point where his cultivation had even fallen to the Azoth Core stage.

Knowing that he hadn’t been well, Zhu Yao felt better. She felt that the anger she had held onto for several months had eased a little, as she turned to look at Ling Tian on the bed. “What happened to her?”

Fa Yu was stunned. With widened eyes, he recognized her the next moment. “It’s you!”

She simply rolled her eyes. “Who else can I be?”

“You… How can you possibly?” He had a look of utter disbelief. “Then the body that you have right now is?”

“It’s mine, of course!”

“Then why…” He had a confused look, but suddenly,  as though he had recalled something, he raised his sword and furiously said. “Just what did you do to Ling Tian? Why isn’t she awake even till now?”

“What did I do?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed. “What  can  I possibly do? Weren’t you the one who forced my soul out that day? Now that a problem has occurred, you’re blaming me for it?” Anxiety flashed across his face. “I simply do not wish for her to be controlled by you. She can only be Ling Tian when you’re out of her body. How can she possibly be in a coma because of it? It’s you! You must have done something.”

Zhu Yao did not wish to spare someone who was crippled in the mind at all, as she released her pressure directly at him. Fa Yu was instantly pressed against the ground, puking out a large mouthful of blood.

“You best wake up!” Zhu Yao took a step forward and picked him up by the collar. “I told you right from the start that I’m here to help her. Ling Tian herself had even told you that I’m here to help her as well. It was your own self-assertion to expel me out. Now that she has turned out this way, it’s all  your fault.”

“No… No.” He desperately shook his head. “I just wanted to save her. I just wanted her to be out of harm’s way. I didn’t…”

Zhu Yao coldly laughed. “Save? At best, you’re  just  a murderer disguised as a good person.”

She swung him away and walked towards the bed where Ling Tian was. After taking a closer look, she could not help but take in a deep breath. Though Ling Tian girly was still breathing inaudibly, a thick aura of death was floating about her entire body, as though she could stop breathing at any moment.

Zhu Yao clenched her fists, and then picked up Fa Yu again. “What happened?” Logically, this shouldn’t have happened. Though she possessed Ling Tian’s body, her body was still extremely healthy. It was simply impossible for something like the signs of death to appear out of nowhere.

Fa Yu’s entire body shook a little, as though he had lost himself in something terrible. His entire face was miserably pale, with no traces of the slightest tint of blood. Hearing her question, he simply shook his head. “I don’t know… Ever since we returned from Horizon Forest, she hasn’t woken up at all… No matter what method I used, she never woke up.” His entire body trembled as deep despair filled his face.

Zhu Yao frowned. She reached out her hand to check Ling Tian girly’s pulse, and had even intentionally sent a strand of divine sense into her. The conclusion she received was however rather unexpected. Ling Tian girly’s body… was actually completely healthy! No matter if it was her Dantian or her meridians which were not damaged in the least, even her circulation of spiritual energy was normal. It was as if the aura of death on her body had appeared out of thin air.

“You can save her, can’t you?” Fa Yu suddenly raised his head, as if he had finally managed to grab hold onto a floating wooden plank in the middle of a large ocean. He stared at her intensely and said. “Your cultivation is this incredible now, so you can save her now, right? Save her, please? In the past… It’s all my fault. Ling Tian is not involved in this. I don’t care how you treat me, I’m even willing to have my soul dispersed as long as you save her… Please… Save her… please?”

“…” Zhu Yao frowned. If you had known of this, would you have done what you had done before?

“You don’t believe me?” Fa Yu was startled, the anxiety on his face worsened. “Then place a life-death curse on me, or even a truth curse is fine! That way, I won’t be able to escape. As long as you save her, I will do everything you ask of me. I can cast the art now.” After saying that, his flipped his palm and the seal of the life-death curse appeared above his hand. Without even looking at it, he pushed it towards his own forehead.

Not able to stand watching it any longer, Zhu Yao waved her head and interrupted his art, pushing him onto the ground at the same time. “No need.” She turned to look at him and said with a sunken voice. “Because I’ve never thought of forgiving you.”

“…” His entire being turned ash-grey.

“Fa Yu, you’re only aware that Ling Tian is important to you. But when you used me and schemed against me, have you ever thought that other people have their own important people in their lives as well?” Zhu Yao said solemnly. “I can understand you expelling me out of Ling Tian’s body, after all, that doesn’t belong to me in the first place. I would have left sooner or later. Even if I was expelled earlier than scheduled, I can only blame myself for being stupid enough to not be able to see through you.”

She laughed in self-mockery. Then, her tone changed, as she coldly said. “However… I’m unable to forgive you for the acts you did on Sesame. If you didn’t want to fix its Inner Core, then you should’ve told me straight. Yet, you just had to worsen his situation, and had even place down several formations on its Dantian to fool us in believing that it had already recovered. If not because I was cautious and investigated its injuries, its Dantian might have lost all hope of recovery because of those formations, and even its life might have been at stake. You’re aware that Ling Tian is important to you, but have you ever thought that Sesame is important to me as well?” His face was filled with despair.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. She suppressed the anger in the depths of her heart and continued. “As for Ling Tian… I will do my best.” He suddenly raised his head when Zhu Yao continued. “However, it’s not because of your pleas. Ling Tian is Ling Tian. You are you. I’m saving her because she is different from you. She did not betray me, and I won’t place your mistakes on her head. Similarly, I won’t forgive you because of her.”

After saying that, not caring about the expression he had, she raised Ling Tian girly on the bed, and then sat in a meditative stance behind her. After instructing Sesame to keep watch at the side, she took a deep breath and released all of her divine sense into Ling Tian’s body.

Ling Tian was in a coma the entire time, and the aura of death was spread across her body. Since her body itself was fine, then the problem could only be her soul. Actually, after Zhu Yao helped her retrieve her position as a Sect Master, Ling Tian girly seldom spoke to her anymore. She did not think of it as a concern before, but after pondering about this, the problem must have already started then. That was why after being ousted from her body, Ling Tian girly did not have any reaction at all. When Zhu Yao’s divine sense entered her body, she did not encounter any resistance, not even the slightest bit of her body’s instincts acted as an obstruction. Zhu Yao felt that the situation was much worse than she thought, and thus directly made her way into her Dantian.

The moment she entered it, the scene in front of her felt like it had changed, as a blessed celestial mountain appeared before her. It was a floating mountain that floated high in the skies with a mighty pavillion sitting on it. It was actually the Spirit Heaven Palace!

Suddenly, two small figures came flying over from her left and right. They were a boy and a girl, whose age seemed to be between twelve and thirteen. The girl had a happy face as she flew at the front, her bell-like laughter resounded along the way. The boy worriedly followed behind, chasing after her while worriedly shouting his concerns.

“Tiantian, you have just learnt how to fly on your sword, don’t fly so quickly.”

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Was this a scene of Ling Tian’s and Fa Yu’s childhood? “You’re here?” Suddenly, a light call sounded behind her. When she turned to look, she saw Ling Tian girly with a gentle smile on her face.

Zhu Yao could not help but look at the playful and noisy little girl on the other end, and the Ling Tian before her.

Was this… a dreamscape?

Chapter340: It’s Time to Disconnect

“That’s me…” Ling Tian pointed at the girl in front and smiled from the nostalgia.

“You and Fa Yu?” Zhu Yao asked in response.

She nodded. Looking at the scene in front of her, a hint of yearning surfaced in her eyes. “We grew up together since young, and those days were the happiest in my life.” She pondered for a moment, and then shook her head immediately after. “No… I should say they were the happiest days in all of my lifetimes.”

“All of your lifetimes!?” Zhu Yao was stunned, her eyes widened. The memories from all of her lifetimes? However, before entering the wheel of reincarnation, one had to cross the River of Forgetfulness. How could she possibly still remember them?

She smiled, yet her eyes were filled with indifference. “I can’t even recall clearly just how many reincarnations I have gone through, it’s just that, the moment I’m aware of my surroundings, I understood that I exists for the sake of the stability of this world. This is my mission and fate, and it’s forever impossible for me to leave this world and ascend. That was why I had always intentionally distanced myself from others. But… In the end, I’m still human. How can I possibly be completely unfeeling?”

Her expression sank. She looked as if she wanted to raise the corners of her lips, yet there was not a single smiling intent appearing on her face. She turned to look back at Zhu Yao and softly said. “Fa Yu is that accident. When I came to know him, he was still a child…”

When her words fell, the chasing scene before them flashed, turning into view enveloped by loud thunderstorms. A frail child was presently holding onto a dagger, facing off against a group of wolves. His entire body was covered in blood, and bone-deep injuries could be seen all around him. His stance was crumbling and unstable, yet he still held tightly onto the dagger, glaring at the bunch of wolves furiously. However, how could a child possibly go against a bunch of hungry wolves? Very quickly, the number of injuries on the child grew, and  the falling rainwater dyed the ground with his incessantly flowing blood. Finally, he was pounced on by a wolf and knocked onto the ground, his small arms no longer had the energy to raise the dagger in his hands. Just when he was about to be eaten by the wolf… A spiritual sword suddenly descended from the skies, directly ending the life of the hungry wolf that pounced on him. The immense sword aura exuded from the spiritual sword chased off the rest of the whimpering wolves. Almost at the same time, the storm ended, and the dark clouds quickly dispersed. A white- robed woman appeared in the skies above. Her facial features were extraordinary, yet she held a cold look on her face, as though anything that tried to approach her would feel hurt. Though she looked really foreign, Zhu Yao felt that she was Ling Tian.

As expected, Ling Tian next to her said. “Though I understood that there would be no meaning behind this action, in the end, I couldn’t become that heartless…”

What happened next was easy to guess. Ling Tian girly brought the child back to Spirit Heaven Palace and took him in as her disciple, giving him the name Fa Yu and taught him personally. Probably because of the events he encountered when he was young, the child had the tendency to be alone, and he only depended completely on his master who saved him. However, this dependency ignited a subtle change the older he became, developing into feelings between a man and woman.

However, the lifespan of that Ling Tian’s lifetime was close to its end, while Fa Yu’s aptitude was extraordinary and would definitely achieve great heights in the future. Realizing  this, Ling Tian naturally was unwilling to delay his progress, rejecting his confessions in all ways possible. She had even intentionally suppressed him, yet, all her efforts could not extinguish the small flame in Fa Yu’s heart. Furthermore, in order to help Ling Tian make a breakthrough into a Demigod, he did not hesitate to venture into dangerous depths several times to seek opportunities for her, completely ignoring the harms to his own life.

“But, how could he have known that my lifespan is not something that can be extended with cultivation alone?”  A bitter smile surfaced on Ling Tian’s face. “My existence is linked to this world, and no matter how many opportunities I receive, it’s of no use to me. Cultivation… I can never become a deity in the first place, yet he…”

She took a deep breath, as if trying to suppress the flood of emotions in her heart. After awhile, she said. “I was afraid that something would happen if he went on like that, so I had no choice but to inform him of my reincarnation situation. I thought that after my looks have changed, and as long as I deny it, he will naturally understand I’m no longer me. I thought that as time passes, his feelings will naturally fade.”

Zhu Yao frowned. “Did he not believe you?” “That child is too smart.” Ling Tian laughed bitterly, not knowing if it was out of joy or self-mockery. “He saw through me at first glance. Ever since I reincarnated, I had  never brought up a single thing from the past, yet he was certain of who I was. Not to mention, in order to accompany me, he used some sort of method to damage his Nascent Soul cultivation and re-cultivate with me. Furthermore, because of something I said on the fly, he raised Grandhall Sect with his own hands. How could I possibly stay unmoved from such dedication and affection?”

Zhu Yao was silent for a moment. “In that case, why are you unwilling to wake up?” Zhu Yao was no longer in her body, so if the two of them liked each other, shouldn’t it be a happy end?

She suddenly showed an especially brilliant smile, yet Zhu Yao felt a sharp tingling in her heart. “Saintess… Because my time is up.”

“What?” What did she mean?

“I have been born for this world, and I will also disappear for this world.” “…” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. “But… I came to save you, I…”

“You’ve already saved me.” Ling Tian girly still smiled. “Of course, if not because you possessed my body, it would have been impossible for my final strand of life to last till now.”



“Saintess… When you came, I was already dead.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. Then why had she been going around for so many days?

“Before you came, for the sake of this world, I froze my final strand of life. However… I kept having regrets – my desire to see him.” Ling Tian took a step forward, hugged her, and then immediately released her. “Thank you. If not for  you,  I wouldn’t have been able to see him one last time. I hope that you won’t blame me for taking action with my own hands, and forcing you to possess my body. But… In the end, what’s stolen is stolen. It’s fine… this way…”

“You’re saying, the reason why you’re in this state right now is because I left your body?” Zhu Yao was a little flustered. After taking a closer look at the girly’s figure, she was sure that it was much fainter than she first saw her before. “Then… if I come back, you will be fine, right?”

“It’s no use.” She shook her head. Looking at the sky of this dreamscape, she solemnly said. “This world is already beginning to collapse. My time is already up…”

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled of Regretless Crossing, and that black hole above Spirit Heaven Palace. “I don’t understand. Shouldn’t the world stay uncollapsed as long as you’re here?”

“Saintess… I’m supposed to mend this entire world in the first place.” The girly said solemnly. “In your words, I’m just a patch, and it’s time for the installation.”


“…” —————————————————

When Zhu Yao retracted her divine sense and regained her senses, Ling Tian girly was already awake. Fa  Yu  was  hugging her, crying like a little child. His two arms wrapped around her tightly as he called out her name over and over again, as though he was afraid she could disappear in the very next second.

“Tiantian… You’re awake. You’re finally awake. Tiantian… Tiantian…”

Ling Tian still carried the same gentle smile, consoling him with her soft voice and conversing mushily as though there wasn’t anyone next to hem.

“Little Yu, don’t worry. Aren’t I fine?”

“Mn. You’re fine, I will never let anything happen to you again!”

Zhu Yao quietly turned around and left the house. Only then did she let out the waves of sour feelings in the depths of her heart. It was stuffy and a little unbearable, as tears faintly began to well in her eyes. It hadn’t been long since she knew Ling Tian girly, at most, it had only been a month. The number of times they conversed were not even in the three digits.

However, when she saw her wake up and the three letters ‘bug’ that appeared on her face, she could not help but feel a little unbearable. Only now did she understand why Realmspirit said that the world was already at the verge of collapse.

When she first woke up in Ling Tian’s body, she was already dead. The world had long begun to collapse. When Ling Tian said that she had frozen her final strand of life, she was merely waiting for the right time to wake up, in order to awaken this life of hers to fulfill her destiny.

Realmspirit’s initial plan was to have her reincarnate into the Sacred Dragon Scale. With her powers as a Gold Deity, protecting Ling Tian’s body till the right time would be an easy feat. Unfortunately, she could not let go of Fa Yu,  and  thus when Zhu Yao came into this world, she had Zhu Yao reincarnate in her body.

Who would’ve known that in the end, Zhu Yao would be expelled out of her body by Fa Yu, and return into the Sacred Dragon Scale? She wondered what would happen if Fa Yu knew of the truth?
However, the past could no longer be changed.

Zhu Yao sighed. Suddenly, she heard a loud bang. The entire Grandhall Sect shook and rumbled, as a gigantic magnetic field suddenly appeared in the sky. Everything began to float in the air and fly towards the sky. Mountain rocks, tiles, and various miscellaneous objects flew up one after another.

It was as if the once clear sky had been punctured with a hole, as a circular cave entrance appeared. The objects that flew into the air earlier were all sucked into the darkness. From the immensity of the pulling force, even entire mountains were beginning to approach the hole.

“It’s the same phenomenon as Spirit Heaven Palace!” Someone suddenly exclaimed in the air, and the various clans and sects had already gathered around. Because of the black hole, the Great Mountain Barrier Formation of Grandhall Sect had already disappeared. Fa Yu had sensed it as well as he flew his sword over. He looked at the crowd from the various sects with a solemn and dark look.

The sudden appearance of the black hole stirred the various sects a little, yet they became even more determined to capture Ling Tian.

“As expected, Ling Tian is a Devil. We must capture her.”

“That’s right. No matter where she goes, that strange phenomenon will appear. It must be her doing.”

“Kill her! Appease the fury of the Deities of the  Higher Realm.”

“Kill her… Kill her!”

“Shut up!” Fa Yu glared at the crowd, his eyes bloodshot. “None of you shall think of touching her.”

The crowd simply did not put Fa Yu in their eyes, as they summoned their weapons one after another.

“Sect Master Fa!” Leading the pack, Fan Zhishan took a step forward and said with a look of justice. “It’s not that the various sects wish to trouble your Grandhall Sect, rather, you have seen it for yourself the mysterious appearances of these black holes. Spirit Heaven Palace was the first occurrence, while Grandhall Sect is next. This is sufficient proof that someone has angered the heavens. The inheritance of Spirit Heaven Palace has started since the ancient times, and the Sect Masters have always been people who bear the fate of the world. The term ‘Spirit Heaven’ is closely linked to the heavens, and thus upholds the will of the heavens. This is why the selection of the Sect Master must not be changed. I have already said this before, we have initially wanted to restore the order after the wrong person had take up the position, but Sect Master Fa stopped us. Now that the heavens have been angered, if we do not fix this now, I’m afraid the consequences aren’t something which Sect Master Fa can bear alone.”

“Nonsense.” Fa Yu coldly glared at the crowd, and then finally glared intensely at Fan Zhishan. “What anger of the heavens? Who can prove that? Clearly you’re just fishing in troubled waters, yet you people dare to use such a ridiculous excuse. If Ling Tian isn’t the Sect Master, could it be that a shameless and loose prostitute like you is worthy? Stop joking. For a schemer like you who absorbs others’ luck to cultivate, you dare call yourself someone who bears the fate of the heavens? Pui! Stop staining my eyes!”

Fan Zhishan’s expression changed. She was clearly stunned when she heard him talking about how she was absorbing the luck of others. Her face instantly paled and covered in fluster. The thought of refuting never crossed her mind.

Sovereign Pi Shi behind her however, frowned. He took a step forward and summoned his own weapon. “Enough bullcrap. We must eliminate the plague today, and all who blocks our path shall die!”

Fa Yu did not plan on continuing this nonsense either, as he charged out at the crowd with the disciples of Grandhall Sect. Flashes of mystic arts instantly filled the sky.

Zhu Yao however did not have the mood to care about these battles, instead, she looked at the ever-enlarging black hole. The rate of its expansion was clearly much faster than the one she saw at Spirit Heaven Palace. She intentionally released her divine sense, and realized that other than this place, there was another similar black hole a few hundred kilometers away. It was as if another black hole would appear every short while.

The world was truly beginning to collapse.

“Ling Tian…” Zhu Yao could not help but look towards Ling Tian who just walked out of the house. For a moment, she did not know what to say. Ling Tian however had an eased smile on her face as she looked at the black hole in the sky. After awhile, she turned around and said. “I no longer have any regrets.”

Zhu Yao clenched her fists. “There might be… another way?”

She shook her head. “It’s already enough. What happens next… I’m leaving it to you.”

Zhu Yao felt as though something was blocking her heart, yet, she nodded her head under Ling Tian’s expecting gaze.

She slowly walked towards the courtyard of the main hall. As her entire being began to emit out a brilliant golden light with ever-increasing intensity, she closed her eyes. Suddenly, an enormous illusory figure appeared between the sky and earth, and it was none other than Ling Tian herself. The light surrounding her body grew brighter as she began to float in the air. A calm spiritual pressure instantly enveloped the entire world. The objects that were still constantly being absorbed into the black hole suddenly stopped. As if the scene had been paused for a moment, the objects floated still in the air.

Even the crowd that were locked in furious battles stopped as well, as they turned to look at this strange phenomenon.

Fa Yu’s face was the only one that paled, as though he had guessed something. He frantically flew towards the center of the golden light. “Tiantian, what are doing? Hurry and stop.”

However, Ling Tian did not respond, and continued to rise towards the black hole.

“Tiantian!” Fa Yu frantically tried to stop her, throwing various mystic arts to no end, yet they were all completely ineffective. No matter what he did, his powers were all deflected by the golden light. From using his sword, to mystic arts, to finally using his bare hands to knock against the light. Fresh blood began to flow from his hands, yet no matter what he did he could not break through the light. His face was first dyed with anxiety, then with anger, and finally with utter despair. “Tiantian… Tiantian, hurry and stop. Didn’t you just promise me that we won’t ever be apart again? Didn’t you promise me?”

Ling Tian however did not respond still.

“How can you be so ruthless!? Didn’t you say that you definitely won’t throw me aside in this lifetime? You said it yourself… So why… why!? Master!!” His eyes turned bloodshot, filled with despair and craze.

Ling TIan however did not pause for one moment, as she slowly sank into the darkness. Fa Yu unhesitantly flew towards it as well.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth as she materialized a chain of lightning and pulled him back the moment he was about to enter the black hole.

“What are you doing? Release me!” Fa Yu began to struggle desperately, wanting to follow after her. “Tiantian! Master!”

In an instant, a golden light suddenly flashed from within the black hole. Even the rest of the black holes began to release out the same eye-piercing light. The moment the light appeared from within each hole, they began to shrink, little by little, and finally disappearing into thin air. It was as if they had never appeared.
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