My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 321-330

Chapter321: Don’t Want to be a Good Girl

Zhu Yao did not hold back with this lightning bolt of hers. It was a Nine Heavenly Profound Lightning bolt, and adding the suppression in levels between a late-stage Demigod and an early- stage Demigod, ‘Wu Hua’ was basically helpless as her meridians were completely severed from the lightning strike. Even the surrounding practitioners could sense the pressure and intensity, as they unconsciously took a few steps back.

‘Wu Hua’ raised her head with all her strength, glaring ruthlessly at Zhu Yao. Her eyes were filled with hatred and intent to rip her into shreds. Her face which was already charred crisp and indiscernible was constantly distorting, looking especially frightening. However, she still managed to utter out. “Mistress will definitely not forgive you!”

Zhu Yao stopped her feet, and she asked with a solemn voice. “Who is your mistress?” This was already the second time she heard this term. Could it be that there was still another secret final boss behind her?

She however simply laughed in an ominous manner. It was clearly a male body, yet it was letting out a female voice, and it grew even off-putting as time went by. “Do you want to know who my mistress is?” She coldly snorted. Suddenly, a red light began to seep out of her entire body, and it continued to grow even brighter. Even the surrounding spiritual energy was beginning to rumble. “Find out yourself in hell!”

The hell, self-destruction again! Can you use another method for once? Zhu Yao’s hands moved quickly, instantly casting an art to shatter her Dantian, wanting to scatter all of the spiritual energy in her body to prevent her self-destruction. Just as she was about to activate the art, ‘Wu Hua’ suddenly reached out
her hand.

“Yu Yao!” Her master’s anxious call suddenly sounded in her ears.

A green formation instantly appeared beneath their feet. With a bright flash of green light, before she could even react, she simply felt empty air beneath her feet. It was as if the space beneath her had suddenly been sliced open as she fell right down.

Zhu Yao felt her body lightening. The surrounding scenery changed, and in an instant, she landed on the ground.  Her vision was instantly covered in darkness. Lustrous green light could be faintly seen all around, fluttering in the air, as though they were like fireflies in the night sky.

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. ‘Wu Hua’ next to her however, had begun limping towards the direction behind her. As she ran, she continued to shout out. “Mistress… Mistress, save me! Save, save me…”

Zhu Yao turned to look.

Tree. An enormous tree.

Though it could not be compared to the Parasol Tree that inhabited the Phoenix race back then, it was still outrageously tall and very ancient. It was impossible to see its peak with a head held high, and even the tree bark was at least as thick as a football field. The entire tree was even emitting out green glimmering lights which were slowly flying up into the air, lighting up this entire pitch-black world.

“A parasol tree…” Little Eighth who had been sleeping on Zhu Yao’s shoulder the entire time, suddenly woke up. He used his little wings to rub his eyes. “I got a whiff of a parasol tree’s scent. Am I home?” Zhu Yao was stunned. This was a parasol tree?

Little Eighth however immediately gave a definitive no. “Eh, it’s not a parasol tree? It has such a similar scent! Seventh elder sister, what is this?”

Zhu Yao shook her head. She did not know either, but she strangely felt that it looked familiar. Had she seen it somewhere before?

On the other side, ‘Wu Hua’ had already reached her destination, and she shouted out loud at the tree. “Mistress, hurry and wake up. She wants to kill me! Save me…”

Her mistress was this tree?

Suddenly, that tree moved, shaking the earth for a moment. One enormous root after another shot out from the ground. The glimmering lights that were still calmly floating up into the air earlier suddenly began to rampage, gathering at the center of the tree.

The hell. Could this possibly a tree demon!? Zhu Yao’s heart clenched as she hurriedly placed down a defensive barrier.

More green glimmering lights began to gather, and they slowly condensed into a bright human figure. The surrounding spiritual energy began to grow chaotic as well, making the spiritual energy rampage she caused back then look like nothing. It could be seen just how strong this person was. ‘Wu Hua’ grew even more excited, looking as though she had suddenly found her pillar of support. She was already beginning to laugh softly to herself.

She did it on purpose. She clearly knew that she incapable of defeating Zhu Yao, and had thus sent her here, wanting to make use of that ‘mistress’ to kill her.

Zhu Yao began to grow a little anxious. She tightened her grip on the sword in her hand. Looking at the surrounding spiritual energy that was so concentrated it could liquefy at any moment, her heart began to tremble. She did not want to face the final boss so quickly! Was it too late for her to flee?

The figure formed by the glimmering lights began to grow clearer. In a few moments, a young lady dressed in a light green robe appeared beneath the tree. She looked extremely beautiful. Compared to Zhu Yao, her skin was even whiter, her hair was even darker, and her lips were even redder. The hell! Even her breasts were bigger!

Zhu Yao felt as if her life had been struck with a blow. Why don’t I just slip away now?

“Mistress! You’re finally awake, mistress!”  ‘Wu  Hua’ hurriedly knelt down, paying her respects with incredible excitement. An instant later, her eyes sank as she pointed at Zhu Yao. “She is the person who obstructed our plans.”

That young lady had her eyes closed this entire time. Looking as if she had just heard ‘Wu Hua’, she took in a deep breath and then slowly opened her eyes. Her deep green eyes locked onto Zhu Yao.

“Mistress, it’s her!” ‘Wu Hua’ stood up and pointed straight at Zhu Yao, unremittingly telling on her.

The young lady with overbearing aura looked straight at Zhu Yao. A strange smile broke from her lips as she slowly opened her arms wide. Zhu Yao felt her heart skip a bit. Turning her feet, she was just about to run when suddenly…

A light, tender voice sounded in her ears. “Yaoyao!”

In an instant, a light breeze blew as a green figure came charging over. Along the way, she had even kicked away an unidentified object. Before Zhu Yao could even react, her body was already tightly wrapped by the green-robed young lady’s pair of steel-like arms. Like a doll, she was carried up and twirled around in various manners.

“Yaoyao! Yaoyao! Yaoyao… I finally got to see you. I’m so happy, I’m so happy!”

As she said that, she even rubbed her face strongly against Zhu Yao’s. Zhu Yao felt as if a layer of her skin was about to peel off.


What kind of situation was this? What happened to the promised final boss of the villains? The atmosphere changed so quickly!? Give me an explanation first, hey!

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao… You finally came to see me. I miss you, I miss you so much! I want to hug, I want to kiss, I want to hug you even tighter!” The young lady seemed to be uncontrollably excited as her two slender yet strangely strong arms wrapped around Zhu Yao intensely.


Something similar to bones breaking in her body could be heard.

“Bre… Breathe…” If she were to continue hugging her, she would die. As expected of the final boss, her killing power was top-notch.

I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!

Suddenly, a white light flashed from her chest. Her master, Guanyin who saves people from misery, finally appeared. Putting one hand on each side, he broke the two people apart as though he was breaking an apple.

Zhu Yao only managed to calm herself down after taking several deep breaths. The hell, is this young lady Nezha? I was about to suffocate to death here.

“Yaoyao…” The young lady was unwilling to separate from her, as she raised her hands and tried to pounce on Zhu Yao once more.

“Don’t come over!” Zhu Yao immediately leapt two steps back from fear, retreating behind her master. The girls of this world are so scary.

The young lady was stunned. After being dumbfounded for two seconds, her face which was still glowing with the light of spring earlier, instantly collapsed. “Yao… Yaoyao…”  Tears began to well up in her eyes, and then she cried her lungs out. “Wuaah… Yaoyao doesn’t like me anymore… Yaoyao hates me now! Wuaaaah… I knew it… I don’t want to be a good girl anymore, I want to rebel against society… Wuaaaaaahhh…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Chapter322: Packing Up and Heading Home

Looking at the young lady on the ground crying as if her world was growing dimmer and dimmer, Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Who are you?

“Don’t cry already?”

“Wuaahh…” She began to cry even louder.

“…” She’s the one who wanted to cry, alright? Comrade, you took the wrong set of scripts, right? “Who in the world  are you?”

The young lady was startled for a moment, and then tears began to flow out even more violently than before. This was the first time Zhu Yao understood what “cry me a river” really meant. “Wuaah… Yaoyao has forgotten about me. So sad… So heart-aching…”

“D-don’t… Don’t cry!” The hell, there’s no way to persuade her, is there? Her cries were filled with incredible sadness, and she had even begun to hiccup. The anxiety in Zhu Yao’s heart melted. Taking a few steps forward, she reached out her hand and stroke her head. “Don’t cry, alright? Tell me, who are you?”

Only then did the young girl sniffle and stop her heartbreaking cries. Her pouting lips could even be used to hang a piece of bacon right now. After a few hiccups, she finally managed to control her emotions. Raising her reddened eyes, she pitifully glanced at her and then let out a sound.


“Eh?” Zhu Yao was startled. What does this mean?

The young lady instantly grew a little anxious again. Tugging onto Zhu Yao’s hand, she pointed at her own nose. “Chick… Chick chick!”

“The hell is Chick Chick?” Why did she suddenly start to use foreign language, when they were conversing fine just earlier? You’re bullying me for my poor education, aren’t you!? “She’s the Wood Spirit!” Standing by her side, her master suddenly spoke up.

“What?” Zhu Yao quickly turned her head back, her face was filled with disbelief. “Master, she… she…”

Yu Yan nodded. “She is the Wood Spirit that you planted in the Desolate Ground back then.”

“This is the Desolated Ground?” Zhu Yao looked around. As expected, other than the tree right in front of them, the place was a desolate wasteland. She lowered her head and glanced at the young lady in front of her. She indeed possessed a body of wood spiritual energy, and her aura was extremely familiar as well. “You’re really Wood Spirit?”

“Chick…” The young lady pitifully called out again.

“ You cultivated a human form?” Zhu Yao was pleased. She never expected that she would still be able to meet the Wood Spirit here.

“Yaoyao…” She buried her head into Zhu Yao’s chest, her two arms hugging tightly onto her waist. “I really miss you… I really miss you. You said that you would come and see me. I waited for so, so long…”

“Uhh…” She couldn’t be blamed for this. Her work itinerary was always full. Furthermore, she wasn’t able to buy a travel ticket back either.

“I finally got to see you. As I thought, Realmspirit did not lie to me. You’re really here!”

“Realmspirit!” Zhu Yao was stunned. “You know him? Was he the one who said that I will be coming over?”

“Mn.” Wood Spirit nodded heavily. “He said that you’re in the vicinity, and that I will definitely get to see you this time around. Just as he had said, I got to see you.”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank, a strange feeling rose in her chest. “When did Realmspirit tell you this?”

Wood Spirit was startled for a moment, her beautiful brows furrowing. “He told me right after I woke up.” “When did you get to know him?”

“I knew him right from the start!” She said with a matter-of- factly expression.


“Mn…” She tilted her head as she pondered, yet she did not seem to be able to find a term or phrase to describe it. “In any case… I know him. I knew him when I began to understand things.”

Then when did she begin to understand things? Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Other than the River of Forgetfulness, this was the second time she heard of Realmspirit from someone else. However, his identity continued to grow even more mysterious, and she could not find a single lead about him at all.

She once again rubbed the Wood Spirit’s head. Zhu Yao used a lot of effort before she was able to bring down the arms that wrapped around her waist.

“Wood Spirit, I have something I wish to ask you!” Zhu Yao’s expression sank as she sternly said. “Tell me honestly. That Soul Assimilating Banner in the cultivation world, and the matters concerning the construction of puppets with people’s souls sealed inside them, were they all your doings?”

She tilted her head and pondered about this question, and then said with a curious look. “Yaoyao… What’s a Soul Assimilating Banner?”

“You don’t know?” Zhu Yao was shocked.

“Wood Spirit only wants Yaoyao!” Wood Spirit waved her arms at her. “Hug.”

“Then why did that ‘Wu Hua’ call you mistress?” Zhu Yao turned to look at ‘Wu Hua’, wanting to seek confirmation. “Where did he go?”

She looked around for a long while, and then raised her head, only to see a body hanging on a certain tree branch. The spiritual energy in her body had already completely scattered, whites showing from her eyes. Her face was facing the sky, and her mouth was like a small fountain spitting out blood. “……”


When Wood Spirit sprinted towards her, she seemed… to have… indeed pushed a little something away?

Uhh… It seemed like she used quite a bit of force.

A sense of helplessness  instantly  overwhelmed  Zhu  Yao.  It was as if she had prepared a bunch of  equipment  to  defeat  a boss, only to see him commit suicide before she could even raise her sword.

“Yaoyao, are you talking about Sesame?” Wood Spirit pointed at ‘Wu Hua’ on the tree branch and said.

“Sesame?” How was that thing like Sesame?

“He called me mistress, so he is Sesame.” Wood Spirit explained with a serious look. “Uh…” So there was actually a relationship called ‘Mistress and Sesame’ in this world? Just what did you learn in the few years when you were in my divine sense? “How did you get to know… this Sesame?” Zhu Yao asked in another manner.

“She came in on her own and I knew her then.” Wood Spirit explained. “Realmspirit said Yaoyao will be coming, so I waited here. While I was waiting, she came in.”

Wood Spirit told her about their entire encounter, and Zhu Yao’s face darkened after hearing the entire story. In summary, this was a story of a naive young lady being tricked. Realmspirit said that Zhu Yao would appear in a world near the Desolate Ground. In order to meet her, Wood Spirit opened an entrance in the cultivation world – that stone wall in Tranquil Valley. She waited for Zhu Yao to come into the Desolate Ground to see her. In the end, before she got to meet her, she met this heretic practitioner who took over Wu Hua.

Wood Spirit was the manifestation of wood spiritual energy itself, and possessed the purest of heart. After a short chat, the heretic practitioner found out about her desire to look for someone. In order to leave this Desolate Ground, the heretic practitioner pretended to revere her as her mistress, and promised to head to the cultivation world to search for that person. It would have been fine if that was all, but Wood Spirit had even split a part of her own source energy and gave it to the heretic practitioner. The consequences were thus imaginable. This heretic practitioner however sure possessed incredible technical talent, as she was capable of unleashing the source energy to its fullest potential and had actually discovered the arts of soul control. The puppets of human practitioners, Soul Assimilating Banner and even the heart demon grounds were all things she came up with.

However, her luck was just terrible. In the end, Zhu Yao saw through her, and coincidentally, she transferred her here.

“This Sesame sure is a good Sesame! As expected, she brought Yaoyao over to me!” Wood Spirit did not seemed to have realized that she was tricked, as she waved her hands at ‘Wu Hua’ with an incredibly brilliant smile. “Sesame, thank you so much.”

Wu Hua’s reply was: Puaah… She spat out even more blood than before.

Right at this moment, Zhu Yao did not know if Wood Spirit was the one she should be pitying, or ‘Wu Hua’. ——————————————

Zhu Yao did not stay in the Desolate Ground for too long and returned to Office Shell Sect. If she had stayed any longer, most likely, ‘Wu Hua’ would have surely died. Though she had done many evil deeds, Zhu Yao was still not  the  one  who  should decide her fate. No matter what, she should be handled by the members of Office Shell Sect, whose sect was destroyed by her hands.

She had Wood Spirit retrieve the source energy from her body, and then instructed Wood Spirit not to hand over such power to anyone else ever again. Not even Zhu Yao herself. Wood Spirit agreed with teary eyes. Then, she hugged onto Zhu Yao’s thigh and cried for a long time, not wanting her to leave.

Zhu Yao’s lips were even beginning to dry up from all the persuading she did, yet Wood Spirit was still unwilling to let go. She continued to cry her lungs out.

“Wood Spirit doesn’t want to be alone, wuaahh…”

“I will stay behind then!” Little Eighth suddenly spoke up. Then, he flapped his wings and flew towards Wood Spirit’s shoulder.

“Little EIghth!” Zhu Yao was stunned, immediately rejecting his proposal. “You can’t.” When did he become so  kind- hearted?

“Seventh elder sister…”

“I’m telling you no, and it means no!” Zhu Yao frowned. “You’re presently still a fledgeling. I don’t feel at ease leaving you here.”

“Tch. You sound as if it’s really safe staying by your side.”

“Uh…” His reasoning made so much sense, she actually had no words to refute him with.

“Seventh elder sister, I’m no longer young. I even possess the memories of two lives, so nothing will happen.” Little Eighth said. “Furthermore, Wood Spirit here carries the scent of a parasol tree, and it’s really beneficial to us of the Phoenix race. Other than this place, I really have no idea where else I should go. There’s even a chance… that one day, other Phoenixes will sense this place and come over as well. When that time comes, I will no longer be alone.”

“…” Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, she had nothing to follow up with. In her heart, she faintly understood just how low the chances of two Godbeasts appearing in a single world were.

“Seventh elder sister, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me.”

Even after Zhu Yao tried to persuade him for a long while, Little Eighth seemed to have made a resolution to stay here. He was right. Staying by her side was the most dangerous thing he could do. Who would know just how many bugs were there left for her to fix? In this Desolate Ground where only demonic beasts would roam, it was the safest place he could be in. Wood Spirit was the life force of this domain, and no creature could harm her. If a human practitioner were to barge in, as Little Eighth had already gotten tricked once, he would not get tricked so easily again.

In the end, she had no choice but to let him stay behind.

A tree  and  a  bird  stood  there  as  they  waved  their  hands (wings) goodbye. Only when Zhu Yao’s figure slowly disappear into the spatial tear, did they finally put them down.

They stood still for a long while.

“She’s gone…”


“Will Yaoyao still come back?”

“… She will.”

“I really want to cry, what should I do?”

“Shut up!”

“That’s my Yaoyao…”

“That’s my seventh elder sister!” “… Wuuwuu.”

“Stop crying, don’t you know tears are contagious!?”




A long while later…

“Little Eighth Eighth, are you going to make a nest on my body?”

“Not going to!”

“Then how are you going to sleep?”

“You’re annoying!” ——————————————

After returning to the cultivation world, Zhu Yao immediately handed ‘Wu Hua’ over to Sect Master Gu. As to how she was going to be dealt with, Zhu Yao was unaware of it.

However, the various clans and sects of the cultivation world conducted a meeting that lasted several days, their agenda being the investigation and study of this huge incident, and the drafting of a series of emergency deployment programmes. They had even summarised several of the experiences and lessons learnt.

Ness Cesary Sect received an immense blow from this incident, and even their base was crushed.  Coincidentally, Office Shell Sect’s base was still present, yet they no longer had anyone occupying it. Zhu Yao did not know how the discussion between Qu Jiang and Sect Master Gu went, but the two sects actually merged in the end, taking up the name Officesary Sect! One provided the human resources, while the other provided the base! It was a rather harmonious move. Furthermore, the one to take up the title of Sect Master, was not Qu Jiang, but Sect Master Gu.

Because of  Ye  Qingcang’s  exemplary  performance  in  this campaign, he became the sect’s foremost target for nurturing, and his fame began to spread even more. Little tyrant had even more so became an idol. Not just Ness Cesary Sect, even the other sects and wandering practitioners were praising him to no end.

Initially, Sect Master Gu wanted little tyrant to stay in Officesary Sect, but he did not agree to it. Instead, he followed Hua Lin back to Wandering City. A choice like this was beloved by all. Ye Qingcang was already in Officesary Sect. A cave could not hold two tigers, unless one was gong (on top) and the other shou (bottom)… Ah pui, she meant male and female.

Zhu Yao recalled about the incident. The disappearance of the ‘bug’ on Ye Qingcang’s face was most likely related to the transformation of his self and thoughts. Even till today, she still could not figure out just which words of hers had stabbed right into his sore point, making him give up on the opportunity to become a brutal role model.

“Granny, are you going to return to Wandering City?” Ye Qingcang asked.

“Mn, maybe?” The bug was gone, and she suddenly felt she had nothing to do. “What about you? What are your plans?” His smile was incredibly dazzling, as he showed a magnanimous look. “I created a new set of cultivation arts for penta spirit vein holders. I plan to teach this to all of the disciples in the sect who hold the penta spirit veins.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. She was aware that Ye Qingcang had a net set of cultivation arts, as the scenario had brought it up once. It was also the reason for his incredible growth as well. She never expected that he would take it out so easily and teach it to others.

“Just as granny had said, I must learn to trust someone with all my heart.”

“…” Zhu Yao blanked for a moment. After a long while, she patted on his shoulders. “Good luck!”

She suddenly felt a sense of achievement, as though her own son had all grown up!

“When are you planning to take in disciples?”

“When the mountain gate opens once more.” “Not bad, fellow student Little Cang! You’re about to become a teacher. Then, in the future, should I call you…”


○ | ̄|_

“Little Cang, are you really going to take in disciples? There’s still time to go back on your word! Aoi-sensei isn’t someone that anyone can become. You must be cautious, young man!”




Zhu Yao suddenly felt a clear aura coming from the sky above, and she could even faintly hear a crackling sound. The sky had even gotten a little brighter. “The Heavenly Door has opened.” Yu Yan suddenly said.

Zhu Yao was startled. “Heavenly Door?” What did he mean?

White light flashed from her chest, and her master suddenly appeared above her sword. He raised his head and glanced at the sky. “The Heavenly Door of this world has just been opened.”

“Ah!? Has the Heavenly Door even been closed before?”

Yu Yan reached out his hand and stroked his stupid disciple’s head, sighing. “Do you know why not a single person has ascended from this world for so many years?”

“I don’t know.” Could it be because they all looked ugly?

“Presently, in the Higher Realm, the Heavenly Doors leading to the Lower Realm had all collapsed.”

“What!?” Zhu Yao was stunned. She was somewhat aware of the Heavenly Door collapse incident, as she saw it once in the Higher Realm herself. However, that was just one example. Just how long had it been since then, that all the Heavenly Doors of the Three Thousand Worlds were now closed?

“However, the Heavenly Door of this world has just been opened again.” Yu Yan frowned. He found it incomprehensible as well.

Before the two of them could even figure it out, the Light of Guidance broke through the skies and landed right on the two of them.

“Master!” Zhu Yao grew anxious, as she hurriedly grabbed onto his hand.

The lot which was just about to return to Wandering City was also shocked by the sudden appearance of the Light of Guidance.

“Grandma…” Little tyrant looked dumbfoundedly at the two people enveloped within the heavenly light.

Yu Yan sighed. He wrapped his arm around Zhu Yao’s waist, and held her in his embrace. Lowering his head, he pressed down on her forehead. “Yu… Yao. The matters concerning this world have been settled, you shall accompany me back to the Higher Realm.” It was best to bind his disciple to his side.

Zhu Yao nodded. The bug was already dealt with, and her master’s divine sense could not be away from its main body for a long period of time either. Furthermore, it’s been a long time since she broke into the late-stage Demigod level. She turned to face little tyrant and waved her hand. “Little tyrant, hurry and come up here to look for me, alright?”

Chapter323: Forced Disconnection

Zhu Yao felt her body loosening as she flew towards the depths of the light.

This was the first time she was ascending into the Higher Realm through the standard passageway, and she could not help but feel a little anxious. She really wanted to give an acceptance speech of some sort. It continued to grow brighter in front of her eyes, and white was the only thing that she could see above her.

Her master’s figure next to her was growing  fainter. Suddenly, he turned around and pressed on her lips. Then, he said with a sunken voice. “Return to Lightning Divine Palace with haste. Your master shall be waiting for your return.”

Zhu Yao nodded, and only then did his figure completely disappear. Most likely, he had returned to his main body.

The light continued to grow brighter, and Zhu Yao’s little heart was beating rapidly. As long as she were to cross this white light, she would arrive in the Higher Realm, and she would then be able to reunite with her master. Finally, she could spend time loving for real. She suddenly felt the world had become even more beautiful than before!

Zhu Yao’s entire being was enveloped by the white light, brighter… brighter… and even brighter…


Everything went dark!

What happened? Was the electricity cut off? Where’s the promised beautiful new world?

Ting! A conversation window popped out right at this moment.

You have disconnected. Please choose one of the following options:

[Login with a new avatar] or [Give up on login] or [Retort]

Zhu Yao: “…” -flips table- Realmspirit, wait right there with your neck cleaned!

The conversation window flashed, and a new row of words instantly appeared. User has chosen [Retort], switching to conversation mode.

The screen shook, and a familiar QQ chat window immediately popped up.

Realmspirti: Welcome back! Young maiden, the bug was fixed perfectly! You shall receive a five-star rating, yo!

Realmspirit: Eh? Young maiden, what’s wrong? Why is your face so dark?

Realmspirit: Young maiden, why are you taking off your shoes… Ah! Don’t throw… Don’t throw it at my face!

Realmspirit: Why are you still throwing… That’s Bai Yuan’s inner core! Hey… Young maiden… Realmspirit: Stop throwing already! If you can, then throw your chest pads at me too!

Realmspirit: The hell! You’re actually throwing them!

A moment later…

Realmspirit: Young maiden, I was wrong!

“Speak, what the hell’s wrong with you? Why did I end up in this stupid place when I was ascending so perfectly?”

Realmspirit: I’m just worried that young maiden might be a little tired. You must watch out for your health and log off on time. It’s work-life balance, you know?

Zhu Yao cracked her knuckles, emitting out resounding crackling noises. “Speak human!”

Realmspirit: An urgent bug has appeared, that’s why I forcefully disconnected you. “The hell! So I was murdered by you this time!?”

Realmspirit: Haah, young maiden, I don’t have a choice this time around. You know this, right? Spirits have three urgent needs!

“Piss off!” There’s something wrong with me if I believe your words! What’s this urgent situation you had to disconnect me for? Do you know how exhausting maintaining this avatar was? Yet, you disconnected me like it’s nothing!” Back then, Cheng Qingdiao had broken her avatar to an incredibly sorry state, yet she was still able to live past that. One will grow attached to an avatar after using it for a long time, you know?

Realmspirit: Young maiden, the bug this time is really special.
That world is already at the verge of collapse.

“Then what can I possibly do if I were to head…”

Before she could even finish, a video player suddenly appeared on the screen. Within the screen, the place was in complete chaos. The earth was shaking and spiritual energy was running amok. It was like an apocalyptic film. Even the practitioners that were flying in the sky were unable to escape. The entire world was enveloped in fear of death.

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled the moment when the world of the God races was at the verge of collapse. This was a very similar scene. However, back then she was able to open the World Crossing Door in time, while this world no longer had any presence of life.

“This is the world where the next bug is in?”

Realmspirit: That’s right! This is a scene from not too  far away in the future. Young maiden, if it wasn’t because of an especially urgent matter like this, I wouldn’t have needed to forcefully disconnect you. Please work overtime!

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “Among the scenarios you have given me, which world wouldn’t have ended up like that?”

Realmspirit: Young  maiden…  It’s  really  different  this  time.
This is extremely urgent. Please consider, kajima…

“Do I even have a choice to make here?” Zhu Yao smiled coldly. Realmspirit: …

The screen was silent for a moment. After a long while, the next row of words finally showed.

Realmspirit: Yaoyao… I’m sorry!

“You don’t have to apologize!” Zhu Yao smiled. “Because I won’t accept your apology.” This time, she was truly angry. In my past reincarnations, at the very least, she got disconnected because of her own fault most of the time. She had always told herself that in a certain sense, Realmspirit was actually saving her each time.

But what about now? Was he dissatisfied that she was taking too long to die, and thus made the move himself? Then what was he treating her as? A puppet that could be disposed of at anytime? People shouldn’t behave this shamelessly!

“Realmspirit! You have always told me that we are friends, but does real friends actually act like this?” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, the flames in her heart could not be quelled no matter what she did. “If things go on like this, I don’t know how far this so-called friendship can truly last.” The screen was quiet for a very long time. The next row of words did not appear even after a long while.

After a long while, the screen flashed and suddenly disappeared. A human figure took its place, and this time it was actually the figure of a woman. The woman’s face was very familiar, because she looked exactly the same as Zhu Yao herself.

“Yaoyao…” She called out.

Zhu Yao did not have any reaction. She simply turned her head away, and no longer gave her another glance.

Realmspirit lowered her head, and walked over with a guilty look. “I’m sorry…”

“I already told you, I won’t accept your apology!”

She was silent for a moment, and then gently said. “I know you have a lot of questions, and that you’re very angry as well… But there are some matters that I still can’t reveal to you yet, it’s still too soon for you. I was… too impulsive this time. I shouldn’t have done this to you, I apologize. I guarantee that this won’t happen again.”

She looked sincere, and the anger within Zhu Yao finally quelled a little.

Realmspirit smiled, and then, with her eyes looking straight at Zhu Yao’s, she said. “But, Zhu Yao… Please believe me. I have never thought of harming you. If there comes a day when you truly do not wish to continue, even if I have to use all of my power, I will send you back.”

“…” Zhu Yao clenched her fists, and finally after taking in a deep breath, she could not help but push her face away. “Don’t say something so disgusting with my face, hey!”

“Hoho… Young maiden, you’re clearly enjoying it!”  Seeing that her anger was quelled, Realmspirit instantly returned to her rough attitude.


“Don’t be  like  that~  Help  me  fix  this  bug  of  mine  again~ Because of the increase in difficulty, I will be providing you with all-round technical support, along with great rewards~”

“What kind of support specifically? And what are the rewards?” Everything you gave her had always been shocks, alright!?

She suddenly snapped her fingers, and a screen once again appeared in the air. A certificate could be seen in it. “Do you still remember that Plane Movement Permit?”

“Are you going to help my master make one?” After all, she returned to this place because of this exact reason.

“Uhh…” Her face stiffened. “I can help you submit an application to the Plane Transmigration Inspection Bureau!”

“Tch!” One glance and Zhu Yao knew she wasn’t that reliable.

“Really, young maiden, you must trust me! I have a pretty great reputation, and there’s a very huge possibility that the application will be successful. The success rate is as high as 3.8%!” “Scram!” She actually dared to bring up a measly 3.8%.

“Young maiden… Don’t be so heartless!”

“Are we going to fix that bug or not?” This person sure had lots of nonsense to talk about.

“Fix, fix, fix, of course! Immediately!” Realmspirit hurriedly nodded. That reincarnation loading bar instantly appeared before her eyes.

Realmspirit had an unwilling look. Out of nowhere, she pulled out a small handkerchief, and waved it frantically at Zhu Yao. “Hurry and come back, dear!”

“…” She suddenly had a bad feeling.

The Plane Movement Permit was mentioned in chapter 269 if you guys are wondering.

Chapter324: All-round Technical Support

When Zhu Yao woke up, she found herself in a spacious room. There weren’t any other furniture in her surroundings other than a single bed. The bed was carved with spiritual jade, looking especially exquisite as spiritual energy flowed out of it in abundance. The floor was paved with an unknown stone material that was seamlessly snow white. With one glance, it could be seen just how rich the owner of this room was.

However, not a single other person was in the room, and Zhu Yao… was lying on the ceiling supporting frame.

Setting her resurrection point on a ceiling supporting frame was truly a little too ‘high’-end. The moment she opened her eyes, she had almost fallen onto the ground, you know? Fortunately, she managed to grab onto the frame with her quick reflexes, otherwise with the height of this ceiling, at the very least, her lower body would have been paralyzed. After looking at the room for a short while more, she then slid down the pillar and onto the ground.

With Realmspirit’s, sense of morality, the first thing she did when she landed on the ground, was investigate her avatar. At the very least, she had to ascertain its gender! She grabbed onto her waistband, and just as she was about to pull it out and verify her lower body, she saw two bundles of erect, snow-white peaks.

What were these?

Zhu Yao pinched them with slight disbelief.

They hurt! They’re mine!

Breasts! I actually have breasts! And I can even see them when I look down!

Having flat plains for several lifetimes, Zhu Yao felt weight from the breasts in front of her for the very first time and was beyond ecstatic.

Looking at these wavy curves and towering elevations, they were at least E!

This isn’t a dream, right? If it’s a dream, let me gently pinch them a little. She suddenly felt like she could forgive Realmspirit for anything now!

Eh, wait a minute!

Looking at her past experiences, since her points on her body figure were off the charts, her face couldn’t have been hit with demerit points, right?

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. She calmly circulated spiritual energy in her body, and realized that her body had already built on its Foundation. She immediately summoned a water mirror, and then looked at her face as she closed in on it.

After looking at it, Zhu Yao took in a deep breath.

This incredible face was completely illogical! Even Zhu Yao felt like she was incapable of describing what kind of face it was. Even the four beauties of ancient China couldn’t possibly compare to her present look! Even when she reincarnated as one of the God races back then, she wasn’t this beautiful either. If she really had to describe it, then ‘dreamy’ was the only word she could think of. Did Realmspirit finally found his conscience? He was treating her so well all of a sudden! She couldn’t adapt to this at all, hey.

Let me enjoy my beauty to my heart’s content for a little while more…

She glanced at the face in the water mirror, and then pinched on her breasts again. She could play like this all day.

Recalling that she had a mission on hand, Zhu Yao had no choice but to unwillingly retract the water mirror. Presently, she had yet to receive the scenario, so she decided to first head out for a look.

The room was huge. Zhu Yao had to walk a few dozen steps before arriving at the door. Just as she was about to pull it open, she suddenly heard a chime as a conversation window popped up in front of her.

“Congratulations on activating the ‘Five Minutes Timed Trial’ mode.”

(This is a passive skill with no cooldown.) Zhu Yao: …

The hell was this Five Minutes Timed Trial? Math Olympiad?

Before Zhu Yao could even figure out the situation, the conversation window flashed and disappeared. She did not really pay it any mind either and instantly pulled open the door. A white flash of light appeared in front of her eyes as it shot straight towards her. It landed heavily on her chest. She felt a piercing pain as her entire body flew backwards.

“Puaaah!” She puked out a mouthful of blood.

Her vision blackened!

Ting! A conversation window appeared again.

“Congratulations on unlocking the ‘Disconnecting in the Shortest Time Possible’ achievement. The time you spent online was five minutes. You disconnected the moment you came online! Title Unlocked: Black Face!’ Zhu Yao: “…”

-Flips table- What’s with this ‘Disconnecting in the Shortest Time Possible’ achievement? Why was there an explosion talisman outside her door? Why did she reincarnate in such a dangerous place? She finally managed to attain a beautiful lady avatar. She had the breasts, and even the gorgeous face. She just wanted to quietly spend a little time enjoying her beauty… And the hell, she really spent a very little time enjoying it alright!

Realmspirit, come out! I shall bash you to death right here and now!


“Five Minutes Timed Trial” mode passive activated.
Countdown begins. 5… 4… 3… 2…

In the next instant, the scene before her eyes flashed. Just as she was about to take a step forward, her feet touched on empty air. When she looked like she was about to fall, she immediately reached out her hand to the side and managed to hug onto something which saved her from the fall. When she looked around. The hell! She returned to the ceiling supporting frame!

Wait a minute. Five minutes timed trial. Time couldn’t have been rewound by five minutes, right?

She immediately crawled down with support of the pillar and summoned a water mirror. As expected, it was that beautiful face from before. She clasped down below. Phew! The breasts are still here.

So there isn’t a need to change avatars! Say so earlier! You frightened me!

Zhu Yao immediately heaved a sigh of relief and once again arrived at the doorstep. Recalling her experience of being bombed to death, she did not open the door instantly this time. Instead, she circulated her spiritual energy to sense the location of the explosion talisman, poked a hole straight through the paper panel door, and tore it down.

Only then did she open the door!

Rich spiritual energy instantly poured towards her. Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and what entered her eyes were sheets of white misty clouds. Occasionally, spiritual cranes would  fly past. With just one glance, it could be seen that this place was a celestial mountain with blessed lands. Other than the clouds in front of her, there seemed to be a human figure as well.

Just on time. She could ask about the situation regarding this avatar of hers. Her heart was filled with excitement as she stepped out. “May I ask…”


Zhu Yao stepped on empty air, falling straight down.

Her vision once again blackened.


Congratulations, you fell to your death!

Ting! “Five Minutes Timed Trial” mode passive activated.
Countdown begins, in 5… 4… 3… 2…

The scene in front of her flashed, and she returned to that ceiling supporting frame.

Zhu Yao: “…”

The hell. Her door was right at the edge of the  cliff.  Just which idiotic architect would come up with a design like that!? If you have guts, then don’t you dare leave after school!

Her third resurrection…

She first tore down the talisman. Then, she quietly stood in front of the door and stared outside for five minutes. Just as she was planning to look for a usable mystic artifact…

A disciple dressed in a green robe suddenly came flying from afar. He looked at her with a shocked look, and his expression seemed to have changed a couple of times, before he hurriedly bowed in front of her. “This disciple greets Sect Master. Sect Master, you… have ended your closed-door training?”

Zhu Yao was startled. Sect Master? A Foundation disciple like her? The summit of life of this world was a little too short, don’t you think?

Though she had long guessed that this avatar most likely had a scenario attached to it, she never expected that her identity would be this incredible.

“Uh… About that. What sect am I Sect Master of?” Zhu Yao asked.

That disciple was stunned for a moment. Then, he straightened himself up and replied. “Naturally, you are  the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace.”

“Ou.” With the power backed by the scenario, it would be useless even if she tried to deny it. She might as well admit it. “Oh right, what’s your name?”

The disciple frowned, as a thought seemed to have quickly flashed past his face. With a smile, he replied. “Sect Master sure is forgetful. I am your junior-martial nephew, Luo Shi!”

Junior-martial nephew? In other words, she had a senior- martial brother as well?

“I wonder what instructions Sect Master have for me, since you have ended your closed-door training ahead of time?” This disciple named Luo Shi asked, his attitude indeed looked respectful, but for some reasons, she felt that something was off.

“No need!” She had enough of staying in the room. It was time to start her job of locating the bug. “Do you have  a  flying artifact on you? How about lending me one?”

“Yes! Sect Master!” Luo Shi turned to pull open the storage pouch by his side, and said. “I wonder where Sect Master is heading to?”

“I’m not sure. I will just be looking around.” Zhu Yao turned to look at the snow-white clouds outside. With how high her house was at, she wondered what it would look like below. “In that case, why don’t junior-martial nephew send you off?”

“Ah?” Before Zhu Yao could even react, she heard an air- tearing sound next to her. LUo stood in front of her with a sunken face.

A dagger stabbed straight into her chest.

The hell!

What was this situation? Why did he make a move against her without giving a single explanation!?


“Victories and defeats are natural occurrences in the art of war. Great deity, please try again!”

“Five Minutes Timed Trial” mode passive activated!

She once again returned to that ceiling support frame. ……

The hell, just what kind of ridiculous scenario did Realmspirit arrange for her this time!? -faints-

Why did she die three times consecutively before she could even step away from this room? Was this the price of having a gorgeous face? Could she get a refund?

An unprecedented sense of danger rose in Zhu Yao’s heart. This time, she did not dare to step out of the door so easily again. The world outside was too dangerous. She looked around the room carefully, hoping to see if she could locate a usable mystic artifact. In the end, the room was so clean, not even a speck of dust could be found.

Seeking help from others was not an option. She did not know if she would encounter someone like Luo Shi who would stab her, after all.

What should she do?

Suddenly, she focused her line of sight on the silk blanket on the jade bed. When she picked it up, she realized that it was made of Hibre Thread, a second rank refining material. She immediately pulled the entire blanket out and cast the Fire Control Art, slowly refining the silk.

After a while, a silk handkerchief the size of her palm was refined to completion. Probably because of the strength of her flames, the product was just a first rank mystic artifact. However, she was already satisfied that she could fly with it.

She immediately tore down the talisman, opened the door, and flew out. This was a dangerous place, and she did not wish to stay there for even a single moment longer.

Just when she had merely flown for several meters, she suddenly crashed into something.

A formation!

Before she could even react, the formation instantly shone. Several hundred icicles immediately tore through the skies and shot in her direction. Ting!

‘Congratulations, you have died stupidly!’

The hell! This old lady won’t believe it! I will leave this house no matter what!

Zhu Yao once again refined the Hibre Thread.  This  time, when she left the door, she did not charge out in a hurry. Instead, she took a deep breath and circulated out spiritual energy to investigate the formation. After taking a closer look, she realized that there was a circular defensive formation several dozen meters away in the sky. The formation surrounded the house she was in.

The formation was ice-type, and would only activate when one attempted to leave, and not enter. In other words, this formation was used to defend against her.

Just who was this avatar of hers? Why were there so many traps and mechanisms outside?

After scanning  the  entire  formation,  Zhu  Yao  then  began perform calculations on it. A short while later, she found the formation core, and it happened to be right on the roof of the house. Zhu Yao flew closer to take a look, only to realize that it was actually a mirror.

After pondering for a moment, she decided against breaking the formation core. Instead, she directly held onto the corner of the mirror and temporarily disabled the formation. As she had expected, the surrounding formation shook for a moment and then disappeared. She took this opportunity to release the mirror and fly out with all her strength.

The moment she flew out, the formation was once again restored.

After escaping, she flew all the way down, and she flew through the cloud layer in a few moments. What she saw was a forest, and not far away from it was a range of overbearing floating mountains. A towering palace could be seen up above as well.

Most likely, that was the Spirit Heaven Palace Luo Shi mentioned. Zhu Yao, who was completely unaware of the scenario, decided that it was best to stay further away and immediately rushed into the forest. Just as she was about to head in the opposite direction, a loud furious roar could be heard from within the forest.

A large demonic beast fiercely leapt out.

It was  actually  a  beastie.  Zhu  Yao  heaved  a  sigh  of  relief.
Demonic beasts were of her own kind, after all! So touching!

She stepped forward, wanting to give it a hug filled with love.
She watched as that beast leapt towards her.

“Hi, beas-”

The demonic beast opened its huge mouth, ahhmuu…


‘Congratulations, you were bitten to death!’ Zhu Yao who returned to the ceiling support frame: “…”

What happened to the promise of being each other’s angel?

Chapter325: High-Level Scenario

Realmspirit mentioned that this world was at the verge of collapse, forcing her to disconnect in order to fix the bug here. She did not know for sure if this world would actually collapse, but she herself was about to collapse very soon. As someone who had rich reincarnating experience, she realized at this very moment that her past experiences were nothing at all.

There were actually this many methods of death in this world. Death by exploding. Death by falling. Death by stabbing. Death by formation’s activation. Death by biting from a  demonic beast. Death by walking into a pit and ended up being pierced. Death by activating a trap and being smashed. Death by choking on water. Even when she was just walking, she would even be suddenly slammed by a falling tree.

Zhu Yao who had countlessly rewound time by five minutes, was deeply suspecting whether if this avatar was carrying a innate talent for suffering, and a talent that surpassed all records at that. If this were to keep up, she could even write a book when she finally get to head back. The title of the book would be:《My Hundred and One Ways to Die》

Zhu Yao heavily panted as she observed the terrain in the surroundings. Phew, safe! Only then did she sit on the grass. Let me make a save file first! She silently counted five minutes in her heart. File saving has been completed. If she were to die again later on, at the very least, she did not have to return to that ceiling support frame.

She raised her head and looked at the place she came down from. For some reasons, this Spirit Heaven Palace was constantly giving her a dangerous feeling. She faintly sensed that she shouldn’t continue staying there. This feeling  was really strange, and she did not know what reason was causing it either.

The various mechanisms and formations outside the room earlier had especially shaken her heart. She wondered just who was trying to deal with her. However, from the looks of the present situation, if she were to continue on like this, she would definitely be embroiled in the entire matter. She decided it was best that she leave as quickly as possible.

Zhu Yao stood up. Just as she was about to continue forward and leave this forest, she suddenly heard wails from the side…

Who the hell is crying in broad daylight? She cautiously scanned her surroundings, yet she couldn’t see a single human figure. She could not sense any presence of life around her at all.

However, the wails grew louder.

“Who is it?” She could not help but ask, yet she did  not receive a reply. She couldn’t have encountered a ghost, right? She instantly recalled various midnight horror movies, where ghosts had severed heads, were dressed in red gowns, or had long tongues. Immediately after, memories of her time in the actual Netherworld flashed in her mind. Instantly, her fear was dispelled. Uh… With the intellect of those ghosts, they are most likely nothing to be afraid of.

Just as she was in doubt, she suddenly felt a chilling sensation crawling on her arm. Several drops of water appeared on her skin. She wiped her face out of reflex, and realized her hand was now wet.

The hell, she was actually the one crying? When did she start crying? Why wasn’t she aware of it at all?

Zhu Yao strongly rubbed her eyes, only to realize tears were dropping faster than before. She might not even stop at this rate. Just what was going on?

Could it be…

Her heart clenched. After calming down and sensing her own body, she realized that the wails were coming from within her body. She instantly felt a chill rising from the bottom of her heart.

She immediately sat down in a meditative posture, and then looked into her Dantian.

At the very corner of her Dantian, a ghost dressed in white robes was squatting there. Her two arms were wrapped around her knees, and her head was buried within her thighs. With her arms trembling, she constantly let out her cries.

“Who are you?” Zhu Yao was shocked. “Why are you in my body?”

That female ghost was stunned for a moment. She slowly raised her head, unexpectedly revealing a face with flowery features. Eh? Why does she look a little familiar?

The hell! Doesn’t she have the appearance of my current avatar?

“No… I’m not… inside your body.” The maiden sniffled and said. “You’re the one… in my body.”

“Eh!?” Zhu Yao instantly felt like she had been struck by lightning. “Y-y-y… You’re saying the body I’m in right now, is yours?”

“Mn.” The maiden nodded her head strongly.

“The hell!?”

And here she was wondering why Realmspirit was treating her so well all of a sudden, giving her such a high quality avatar and all. So this avatar was actually owned by someone else! Then what was Zhu Yao? Did she take over this girl’s body? And she was about to strip herself naked too! “I’m sorry, I shall return this avatar to you immediately.” Realmspirit, come out here right now!

“No!” The maiden suddenly turned anxious, as she stepped forward to hug Zhu Yao’s thigh. “I… I, I’m not going back! I beg you, don’t leave!”

“…” There’s actually a weirdo in this world that begs others to take over her body. Girl, your resolve is a little too strong, don’t you think?

“I don’t want to be a pillar anymore! Realmspirit told me… that you can help me. I beg you, help me!”

“Realmspirit?” Zhu Yao was stunned. Could this girl be the scenario herself? Pulling apart the arms that were clinging onto her thigh, Zhu Yao then sat down next to her. “Tell me, just what is going on? What did that bastard Realmspirit tell you?”

Only then did the girl rub her eyes and stop her tears. She pulled out a crystal-like transparent small ball and passed it to Zhu Yao. “Realmspirit gave me this. He mentioned that you will understand once you see it.” “What is this?” Zhu Yao received it, and with a bright flash of light from the ball, a lightscreen instantly appeared in front of her. Yo, it’s actually a projector. This screen… Is the scenario about to be played?

Zhu Yao straightened herself and immediately turned serious.

Three minutes later…

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She glanced at the lady next to her. “I say, girl… Did you take out the wrong disc?”

“I didn’t?” The girl had a serious look on her face. “This is the only one I received from Realmspirit.”

“Are you certain?”

“I’m certain!”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened! Certain, my ass! These action scenes involving a woman and a man, or a woman and two men, or a woman and n number of men, in various indescribable postures, were obviously part of an AV film! Where’s the scenario in here?

“Girl…” Zhu Yao took in a deep breath. “Do you have a boyfriend?”


“It’s fine if you don’t have one, I do!” She said earnestly.” Haaah! I can understand you single little kitties possessing one or two special collections like this, but if you want to learn these moves from observation, at the very least, find another man to watch these with you! What are you trying to pull by making me watch this with you?” Even fellow lesbians won’t watch something like this together, my friend!

The girl had a dumbfounded look, as though she was unable to comprehend the situation at all. She kindly glanced her in direction. “Eh? Realmspirit clearly mentioned that you would understand after watching it… Ah, you held it wrongly.”

“Ah?” The girl immediately reached out her hand to turn the direction of the ball, and then she said with a naive and pure look. “It’s correct now.”

Zhu Yao wasa stunned. This disc had different recordings on different sides?

After a closer look, the scenes were clearly purer than before. Like the past scenarios, a young girl appeared on it. Most likely, the young girl was the bug in question this time. Zhu Yao watched the scenario unfold seriously, all the way to the end.

Immediately, a disgusting feeling welled up inside her, as though she had sneakily watched an extremely controversial movie while being drenched in dog’s blood.

The first part of the scenario was till rather normal. The female lead with the bug this time was called Fan Zhishan, who was part of a well-known aristocratic family. Aristocratic families were always good at producing babies, and Fan Zhishan was a daughter birthed by a concubine. Because she was mentally ill, she was not highly regarded by the family. Then, when she was six years old and was tested to possess quad spirit veins, she was cast away even more so than before. She was basically left to fend on her own. Adding that was she mentally deficient, she was naturally bullied by other children. However, on the year she turned ten, everything changed.

Her mental illness was suddenly cured, and she turned smart and sharp. She was actually able to recite poems with ease and converse with a linguistic tongue. Often, the arguments  she gave would even stun the adults. Her talent was instantly spotted by a manager of the main family, and he made the decision to bring her into the school of the main  family, marking her start in cultivation basics. The female lead was very hardworking. Though she had aptitude of quad  spirit veins, her cultivation level rose to the fifth level of Essence in just three years.

Thus, along with a pair of sisters of the main family, she was fortunately chosen by the main family to head over to the number one deity sect – Sleipoup Sect, to look for a master. During the entrance examination, because she broke through a profound mechanism of one of the checkpoints with her Dao of Language, she was actually fancied by a Demigod Sovereign of Sleipoup Sect and was taken in as his disciple.

After that, Fan Zhishan journeyed towards the summit of life. She tamed beasts, obtain treasures, cleansed her meridians, her cultivation rose, and she finally dominated the world, before ascending into the Divine Realm… Uh… Fine then, that’s how the regular path should look like. However, Fan Zhishan was a female lead, and female leads had never taken the regular path to the summit. That’s why, on her fifteenth birthday, with a “smack”, her entire style changed along with a incredible turning point. She activated the ‘heavy taste’ mode. As though some sort of seal had been broken, her charm level rose explosively, attracting a large number of fans. Furthermore, she did not go for the ‘uncertain’ play, but instead went for physical relationships.

Thus, on the screen, the scenes from earlier appeared.

Fan Zhishan was taken in by a master, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan had a new junior-martial brother, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan encountered a genius of the cultivation world in a tournament, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan picked up a tenth rank human transformed beastie, and then… papapa~ Fan Zhishan encountered a heretic practitioner, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan got to know a Hall Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan’s spiritual artifact birthed a spiritual consciousness, and then… papapa~

Fan Zhishan encountered…

“Girl… Can we fast-forward this part?” Zhu Yao nudged the girl next to her.

She had confused look. “What’s ‘fast-forward’?”

“Uh… Nevermind, forget I said anything.” Zhu Yao hardened herself and watched through it.

The screen was already beginning to show the scenes of forbidden realms, and those n number of male leads who had an… no, a lot of affairs with her, still loved her to death in the very end. Even though they were fully aware that she was a public bus, they were still willing to find their own place in her heart.

If that was all there was to it… Zhu Yao would just treat it as though she had just watched a movie with an especially heavy taste. PS: Along with another girl.

However, this female lead actually inserted an advertisement in such a movie!

The female lead said:

Master, senior-martial sister doesn’t seem to like me very much, and she often prevents me from bothering master… I’m helpless… Uuuu… I can’t have master kick her out of your tutelage, right? No, of course not! She’s my  senior-martial sister, everything is my fault… Master, don’t blame senior- martial sister. I will work hard… and become a good junior- martial sister.

And then, that senior-martial sister suddenly died from going overboard in her cultivation. The female lead said:

Junior-martial brother, I met your cousin.  She  mentioned that she’s engaged to you since young… Uuuu… How can you cheat my feelings? It’s best… that you return to her side. Let us never meet ever again…

And then, that cousin encountered an assault and was eaten by a beast.

The female lead said:

Senior-martial brother Lang Chen, you’re the disciple of Everday Clan, and your Sect Master strongly rejects us being together. He says that I’m not worthy of you… It’s best that we break up!

And then, Everday Clan was annihilated.

The female lead said:

Hua Hao, you move my heart so incredibly so, but… the other beasties of Seero Forest all looking so terrifying… I don’t dare to look at them.

And then, the other beasties  of  Seero  Forest  were  chased away.

The female lead said: Hall Master Cao…


In any case, no matter who was advertised by the female lead, murder would definitely occur in their surroundings. Countless cannon fodders were sacrificed. She was simply a mass murdering machine. With just her single word, a river of blood would flow.

Zhu Yao was simply dumbfounded. Isn’t this a little too unreal? She suddenly recalled the girly Yi Ling who had walked on a similar path, where both their harems were made of countless men. However, Fan Zhishan’s was clearly of a much higher level. At the very least, the men by her side were not of the shallow ‘love at first sight’ type, but unconsciously grew attracted to her after getting to know one another. Though Zhu Yao still found it a little ridiculous.

Just like that, Fan Zhishan grew her harem while raising her cultivation and inserting advertisements. And then… the world collapsed.

At the very final scene, the female lead finally stood at the summit of the cultivation world. Suddenly, the earth shook, and the entire world began to collapse, turning into nothingness at the very end.

What was this situation?

Zhu Yao was shocked. She did not understand at all? Though Fan Zhishan was a bug and had shot at a few cannon fodders, she did not bring about a world war, nor had she done anything remotely close to cause something as serious as the collapse of the world. Why did this suddenly happen?

“What’s going on here?” Zhu Yao pointed at the screen and asked the former owner girl by her side. “Why did the world collapse just like that?” The girl’s lips curled up, and she suddenly cried again. With a saddened look, she said. “I died!”

“Ah?” What did she mean?

“Over there… I’m already dead.” The girl once again said.

“I know!” Zhu Yao had a puzzled look. Within the scenario, the girl was also one of the crowd of cannon fodders. In the action film, Fan Zhishan advertised her to Hall Master Cao of Spirit Heaven Palace: Little sister Ling Tian became a Sect Master at such a young age, she’s truly amazing… I can’t even be compared to at all. She definitely doesn’t like me…

Thus, that Hall Master Cao instantly overthrew the girl and had the female lead become the Sect Master. From this event, it proved that the female lead was the only shining moon in his heart, and other women could not even be compared to the toenails on her feet. Only the heavens knew that Sect Master Ling Tian had never even met the female lead.

That’s right, Ling Tian was this girl’s name, and she was the final cannon fodder that was sacrificed in the scenario. “But what does that have to do with the collapse of the world?”

The girl rubbed her eyes, and said while sobbing. “Because I’m a pillar of the world, it’s final pillar.”

“What?” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. She sized her up for a moment. Does a new term have to pop up here and now?

“You don’t look like a pole at all.”

“Not a ‘pole’.” The girl grew anxious. “I’m a form of existence that maintains the world’s balance, preventing it from collapsing. If I’m gone, this world will no longer be balanced.”

So she’s not a pole, but a balancing scale?

“In other words, you’re not human?”

She shook her head. “I’m human!” “…” Zhu Yao grew even more confused. Then what’s with this pillar deal?

“Realmspirit told me that because a piece of this world was missing, as it was destroyed once before.” The girl said seriously. “Then, this missing piece was patched up before the world finally gained a new life. However, the patched piece after all did not belong to this world, yet it was something that could not be lacked. Thus, after this piece gained a spiritual consciousness, it went into a reincarnation cycle. The purpose was to make use of this method of reincarnation to slowly integrate the piece into this world. Coincidentally, I am that piece in this stage of reincarnation cycle, and it’s also the final stage of integration. As long as this stage passes, this world will be complete.”

“Then, the integration this time is interrupted?” Zhu Yao asked. “Your death will cause the world to lose a piece, and thus cause the collapse of the world?”

“Mn.” The girl nodded, her face looked a little saddened. Suddenly, as though she had recalled something. “Not just that…”

“…” Don’t tell me there’s something even worse than this…

Chapter326: The Magical Brush

Zhu Yao finally understood what the more dire situation was. It was not her prone-to-death physique, nor was her avatar which was actually another person’s body, and nor was it turning into cannon fodder. It was actually… the fact that more than half of the scenario had already been gone through, and the cannon fodder was about to lose her life!

She looked at the scenario again, and then only found this out after carefully piecing the timeline together. Momma’s egg! The scenario has already begun playing, and the female lead Fan Zhishan’s harem had already been officially established since ages ago. That Hall Master Cao of Spirit Heaven Palace was beginning to get rid of this cannon fodder called Ling Tian.

Those formations and traps outside her house back then were all placed by them.

She finally understood why she would wake up on the ceiling supporting frame. The girl hid up there because she was afraid!

Then what’s the point of passing this scenario to her!? She had lost the initiative completely, alright? When she thought about how the girl Ling Yian was just a fodder with Foundation cultivation level, she suddenly felt her organs were aching with pain.

Since Realmspirit was able to reverse five minutes of her time, why didn’t he return her back to fifty years ago at one go!?

Wait a minute! If she were discovered by others when she left her closed-door training site earlier, wouldn’t that mean…

The hell!

Zhu Yao immediately woke up from her inner view, and then released her divine sense with all her might to investigate the area. As expected, there were presences of practitioners nearby, and she were unable to discern their cultivation levels. Most likely, their power towered over hers, and from the direction they were heading, they were clearly coming straight towards her.

It was already too late for her to run now. What should she do? Was dying once more the only option left? The hell, what happened to the promised all-round technical support? “Ling Tian girly, other than this projector, did  Realmspirit give you anything else?” Zhu Yao calmed down, and then she sent a voice transmission to the former owner girl within her body.

“Realmspirit said that this was everything you need.” The girl replied, and she had even kindly brought the ball out of the body, making it appear in Zhu Yao’s hands.

“What’s the use of a ball!?” -faints-

Wait a minute!

It wasn’t that simple.

Realmspirit said that he would provide all-round technical support. She didn’t believe that a five minutes time reversal skill and a projector were all he had prepared. With that trolling mind of his, he definitely still had something up his sleeves.

Zhu Yao carefully inspected the ball in her hands. Could this projector possess several features as well? For example, turning into a mass murdering machine or something similar. After willing it, that ball actually began to light up. Unlike the projection earlier, it actually emitted a green light like a fluorescent ball this time, and it’s shape began to change right after.

This is actually electrocardiographic!

Zhu Yao grew a little agitated, and she began to be more cautious while holding onto the ball. She silently hoped for the weapon that was about to appear to be easy to wield, and it would be even better if it was a peerless godly artifact. Oh right, it must not have any level restrictions either. A safe-to-use, ultimate universe-class slaughtering weapon fit for all ages and gender. Only a weapon like that could enable her to retreat safe and sound.

The light grew brighter, and the ball began to stretch out as its shape constantly changed. With a final sizzling sound, it seemed to have completed its transformation, revealing a snow- white cube. On it, there was a neatly written word – Vinegar!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Why vinegar!? Do you think we’re in an anime!? This old lady here is encountering a pursuer, not SARS! What’s the use of vinegar here!? No wait, vinegar is useless against SARS too, alright!?

Realmspirit, your sister! Why don’t you just give me a brush, so I can just write us off as dead!?

The vinegar cube that that had been splattered all over the ground flashed with a green light… and turned into a brush!


Give me a moment to think of where I should begin retorting in order to make it sound classier.

Realmspirit definitely wasn’t sincere about wanting to save this world, definitely!

“Eh? Saintess, there’s wordings on the brush.” Ling Tian girly’s voice suddenly resounded.

Zhu Yao picked up the brush. With one glance, it could seen how cheaply made it was. It was covered in dark spots, and the tip of this brown brush was not even sharp to begin with. On its shaft, two words were printed on it in Times New Roman font – Magical Brush!

Hoho, and I’m Ma Liang!

“Saintess, they’re here.” The girl once again called out.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Whatever, let’s do this! Using the dew on the leaves from the tree next to her, she wrote two words on her body – Passerby A!

In the next moment, five Azoth disciples suddenly appeared in the sky above her. Dressed in blue and white uniforms, they looked at her with arrogant faces.

“Who are you?”

“Hi!” Zhu Yao tremblingly raised her hand. “Hello, I’m Ma Liang!”

“Why did you trespass into our Spirit Heaven Palace’s Misty Forest?” The disciple asked again.

“Uh… I’m lost.” Do you believe me?

“Lost?” The disciple frowned. “To actually be lost in a place like this. As expected, wandering practitioners sure are stupid.”

The hell, he actually believed it! Is your surname Stupid?

That disciple seemed to be extremely impatient. Just as he was about to repulse her, he was stopped by the other disciple next to him. “Senior-martial brother, why the need to waste so much of your breath on a wandering practitioner? Looking at him, he most likely wishes to come under our Spirit Heaven Palace. No need to care about him any further, we have to find Sect… that demonic woman, that is our main priority.”

Only then did that disciple calm down a little. He glanced at Zhu Yao below and said. “Hey, the one surnamed Ma!”

“Yes!” Surnamed Stupid, is there something you want from me? “Did you see a Foundation female practitioner pass by here?
She dresses… in a white robe with a green top.” He asked.

Zhu Yao tugged her own white robe with green top a little uneasily, and wildly shook her head. “Nope! Definitely not!”

The disciple frowned, whispering. “Strange, she shouldn’t have run far, why haven’t we found her yet?” He once again looked at Zhu Yao with a scornful glance, and  coldly  said. “Spirit Heaven Palace does not welcome outsiders, you can leave by heading east. Hurry and leave, otherwise, I won’t be courteous again the next time we meet.”

After that, he spoke with the other martial brothers, before leaving in a mighty manner.

“Thank you!” Zhu Yao waved her hands at the crowd. “Have a safe trip…”

Only when she no longer saw their figures did she pull out the first rank mystic artifact she just refined. With trembling hands and legs, she crawled on top of it and flew wildly to the east. In a few moments, she had already exited the forest. Phew~ That was close!

Zhu Yao pulled out that cheap and dirty brush. She never expected that it was actually an actual godly artifact! She wrote ‘Passerby A’ on her own body, and those people actually treated her as a passerby! It was as if the possibility of her being Ling Tian had been automatically removed from their brains. Realmspirit was finally reliable for once!

“Saintess, we managed to flee. That’s wonderful! You’re so incredible!” Ling Tian girly excitedly said. “With this item, we no longer have to be worried about being discovered.”

“That might not be the case!” Zhu Yao glanced at the three words that were about to dry on her body. She added a little more water to the brush and then patched it up again. If her guess was right, the effects of this brush should be similar to Word Enchantment which Qu Qu had mentioned before. However, the scope of the Word Enchantment brought about by this brush was a little broader. “Those few people earlier are just at the Azoth cultivation level, I can’t guarantee that people with higher cultivation levels will be fooled by this.”

Ling Tian girly was silent for a moment, before gently speaking up. “At the very least, Saintess and I are safe right now.”

“Why are you calling me Saintess?” Zhu Yao had wanted to ask her this for a long while, though she did not manage to find the opportunity earlier.

“You came here especially to save me, so naturally you’re a Saintess.” The girl happily said.

“Just call me by my name. I’m Zhu Yao.” When called a Saintess, Zhu Yao automatically thought of its nearest synonym
– virgin!

“Alright, Saintess! Then where are we going now, Saintess?
Do you have any other plans, Saintess?”



Zhu Yao felt that the final goal of this mission was to protect Ling Tian girly and prevent her from dying. As long as the girly’s alive, this world would not collapse, and there would not be many similar incidents happening after that. However, looking at the present situation, this goal was difficult to accomplish.

Firstly, that Hall Master Cao of Spirit Heaven Palace would not let her go, otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent such a large number of disciples to capture her. Clearly, he had already torn down his entire face for this.

Speaking of which, Zhu Yao could not help but look down at the girly a little for her management skills. She was being abused by her subordinates, yet she did not have the strength to fight back. It sure was saddening to see how bad she was at her job as a Sect Master. Zhu Yao wished that she could get Zi Mo, who had abundant experience as a Sect Master, to give her some lessons on how to become an incredible leader.

Furthermore, looking at the scenario, the female lead Fan Zhishan became the new Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, so how could she possibly let former owner girly off? With the vast number of men on her side, and every single one of them was an elite with huge forces backing them, a Foundation fodder who had just came online was basically the chopping block. She basically had no strength to retaliate at all. So, the most important thing to do right now was to power up. Only the strongest fist could beat sense into others.

Zhu Yao was filled with confidence. To her, cultivation was just a matter of time. However, when she tried drawing in spiritual energy into her body, she realized she was simply too naive.

She could not draw in spiritual energy!

Earlier, she clearly could control the spiritual energy inside her at will and use arts, but when she tried guiding spiritual energy into her body, there was not a single reaction coming from the spiritual energy in the surroundings!

“What’s going on?” This was illogical.

“Saintess, that’s because… this is my body.” The girl’s voice weakly resounded. “Though you can control it at will, but… my soul is still present. You are unable to help me raise my cultivation.”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “In other words, it will only work if you cultivation on your own.”


“Then, how long have you cultivated for?”


“Five years?”

“Fi…fty years!”

The hell, she wanted to cuss out at her mom. This speed was simply too slow.

“Saintess…” Ling Tian suggested  a  little  guiltily.  “Why don’t… we seek help from Grandhall Sect? Grandhall Sect and Spirit Heaven Palace has always been on good terms, furthermore, Reverend Fa Yu and I are old acquaintances. If I inform him of the matter concerning Hall  Master  Cao’s betrayal, he will definitely exact justice for me.” “Are you certain?” Why did Zhu Yao feel that this was a little unreliable? “You must think this through. That one surnamed Cao and the female lead from Sleipoup Sect… that Fan Zhishan, they are already hooked up together. Will Grandhall Sect really go against Sleipoup Sect for your sake?”

Ling Tian grew a little hesitant after hearing that. “If this doesn’t work either… We will have no choice but to go to Itshavenwill Secret Realm. I heard from rumours that there’s an ancient technique there that can instantly raise someone’s cultivation to that of a Demigod, though it is surrounded by danger. Even its borders are being guarded by tenth rank mutated beasts, I’m afraid…”

“Let us talk about seeking help from Grandhall Sect then.”



In the end, Zhu Yao decided to head over to Grandhall Sect. From what she heard from the girl, the relationship between Grandhall Sect and Spirit Heaven Palace is indeed far from shallow. The Spirit Heaven Palace in the early ages was the strongest deity sect in this world. Because of the reincarnation of the Heaven’s Pillar, every generation of Sect Masters was someone with extraordinary aptitudes, and all of them were called Ling Tian. However, the Heaven’s Pillar was a patch for this world in the first place. Following the subsequent reincarnations, the patch upload was beginning to near its completion. Thus, the aptitude of the reincarnated Sect Masters began to worsen, with every subsequent generation growing weaker than before. The Ling Tian girly now was the final one, which was akin to the patch upload from the previous Sect Masters totaling to ninety- nine percent, while Ling Tian girly was that final one percent.

Thus, Spirit Heaven Palace no longer enjoyed its former glory. Furthermore, compared to other sects where power was revered, Spirit Heaven Palace neither chose their Sect Masters through popular vote nor through judging of one’s strength. Instead, at the moment of each Sect Master’s lifespan was about to be depleted, they would first prophecise where and when the next Sect Master would appear, and have the sect disciples look for him or her. Thus, Ling Tian girly was already a Sect Master at the moment of her birth.

Of course, in the cultivation world, no matter how great someone’s status was, it was all but a false image without absolute strength. The past Spirit Heaven Sect Masters were revered in altars by the masses, and this could be understood due to their incredible aptitude and future impressive cultivation levels. This was why the masses accepted Spirit Heaven Palace’s method of passing down leadership back then. Not to mention, it faintly added some flavour akin to legends. However, as the quality of the Sect Masters continued to dip in a straight line, this method naturally began to garner suspicion from the rest. This was especially so for people with actual strength, and division was something that was bound to happen.

Grandhall Sect was once one of Spirit Heaven Palace’s branches. Later on, it slowly grew larger and stronger, gaining independence. However, it still had a subtle relationship with Spirit Heaven Palace. The Reverend Fa Yu that the girl spoke of was presently the Sect Master of Grandhall Sect. From what Zhu Yao heard from the girl, he was also her childhood friend, though it had been a long time since she they last met. However, they seemed to be the type with a tight relationship.

When the girl spoke of this, even her tone had become rather spirited, carrying a flavour of pride that even she didn’t realize herself.

Zhu Yao frowned. That unreliable feeling grew heavier. Speaking from her experience, childhood friends would all die and all that would be left were memories of them. Thus, when they finally managed to infiltrate into Grandhall Sect and saw that man conversing happily with the female lead Fan Zhishan in the hall, Zhu Yao did not feel shocked in the least at all.

“Then I will entrust this task to Sect Master Fa Yu.”

“Little sister Fan is too courteous, this one naturally believes little sister. To tell you the truth, I had long seen through that demonic woman Ling Tian. She’s dangerous and sly, possessing a deep scheming heart. She has been acting for these few years. This one has never understood how such a person is worthy of becoming the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace. I have to thank little sister Fan for the reminder, as thanks to you, I was able to receive an enlightenment.”

“Big brother Fan Yu, you’re too courteous! I just find it unbearable to see the masses being lied to, so I came here especially to inform you. I was born at the same time as her, so it is understandable that the entrusted Elder that came to pick me up took someone else by mistake. Big sister Ling Tian can’t be blamed for this… I had been wandering outside for many years, and I finally… I have never resented big sister Ling Tian.”

“Haah!  You’re  just  too  kind-hearted.  You’re  actually  still speaking on her behalf. If not because she deliberately concealed this fact, why would I only find this out now? You’re the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace. If not because you incidentally awakened the Spirit Guiding Beast, no one would have been able to expose that fake. Don’t worry. Everyone knows about that poisonous woman now. My Grandhall Sect will also use all available resources to aid you in capturing her.”

“Big brother Fa Yu…”

“Little sister Fan…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. It was as if she could hear an in-game announcement:

Congratulations, Female Lead has received Number Nth Male Lead x1

Harem Members +1. Current Total: **

The life of a R-18 female lead sure was blinding to the eyes! It seemed like this help-seeking route was a dead end. Just as Zhu Yao was about to retreat, she felt a chill on her cheeks, as water began to flow out of her eyes. The water droplets dripped straight onto the ‘transparent’ word written on her chest, instantly smudging the stains. “The hell, Ling Tian girly, don’t cry!”

“Who is it!?” A loud roar sounded from the hall.

We’re doomed!

1. The name Ling Tian is actually the same as the sect (Spirit Heaven Palace) itself.

2. Ma Liang is actually the main character in an old stop- motion film named ‘Ma Liang and his Magic Brush’. Basically, whatever he draws with the magic brush, it would come to life.

3. During the SARS outbreak in 2003, many people in China believed that vinegar fumes were able to disinfect the virus. The price of vinegar surged due to panic buying, going up to about 200 to 300 yuan per 200g bottle, when it’s usually about 6 yuan (USD$1) for one.

Chapter327: A Clown That Could Topple Countries

Zhu Yao had completed all preparations before arriving here. Furthermore, in order to become a well-fledged Ma Liang, she even tested the effects of the magical brush at a practitioners’ town nearby. After ascertaining that Nascent Soul practitioners were unable to find her out either, she then headed towards Grandhall Sect. She never expected that even the most perfect of plans could be rendered useless in the face of a single piggish party member.

She was captured, firmly tied up like a large dumpling. The female lead Fan Zhishan and Sect Master Fa Yu were presently looking at her coldly.

“I never expected you would actually be so stupid to send yourself here.” Fa Yu coldly snorted.

“I never expected that either!” Zhu Yao felt like crying. “Why don’t you let me go now, so that you can capture me again in the future? You might feel a sense of achievement that way.”

“Let you go?” Fa Yu’s face stiffened, and he instantly raged. “I have yet to make you pay the price for harming little sister Fan, and you want me to release you? Are you taking me as stupid?”

“…” Fine then, I now know you’re not the slightest bit stupid.

“If I let you off now, when your cultivation improves in the future, wouldn’t you seek me out for revenge?”

His words had so much sense in them, she actually had nothing to refute with.

“Big brother Fa Yu…” Fan Zhishan gently spoke up, carrying a tone filled with endless sadness. “Don’t be angry! Little sister Ling Tian actually came back on her own, as long as she apologises to me, I can let bygones be bygones.”

“Little sister Fan.” Fa Yu’s face softened, and then he said in a pampering manner. “You can’t be this kind. You have already suffered for so many years, and everything was because of her. If you forgive her here, aren’t you just fueling her arrogance? We finally managed to capture the culprit, so we can’t let things slide just like that.”

Fan Zhishan had a complicated look. “I know big brother Fa Yu is doing this for my sake, but she is after all my biological sister… How can I possibly be this heartless?”

“Haah, how can you think that way? You treasure your sibling love, but have she ever thought about you in the slightest? No matter what, I will have her held accountable today!”

“Big brother Fa Yu… I believe she didn’t do this on purpose.” Fan Zhishan suddenly began to cry like rain droplets falling off pear blossoms. Turning around, she walked a few towards Zhu Yao and said with a regretless look. “Big sister… This little sister has no other request. As long as you apologise, I will forgive you.”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was startled. She looked at the female lead in front of her who was crying her lungs out. “Auntie, who are you?”

The female lead’s face stiffened a little, but she quickly regained her composure. Turning around, she pounced into the Reverend Fa Yu’s embrace, and cried as if she had suffered a heartbreak.

Nth flower guardian instantly exploded. He pointed at Zhu Yao’s nose and reprimanded. “As expected, you have a poisonous heart. Little sister Fan is willing to let go of the past, yet you actually do not know what’s good for you.”

Please. I just asked her who she was, how is that poisonous at all? Why don’t I know what’s good for me?

“If you guys want to pour dirty water on my name, at the very least, let me know what’s going on, right?” Please stop with the wilful double act, alright? “I have never met your little sister Fan, alright?”

The two were stunned for a moment, and they only regained their senses a short while later. Fa Yu’s fury grew fiercer. “You still dare to lie even now!” Fa Yu glared at her and said. “Little sister Fan and you were born under the same mother. Little sister Fan was supposed to be the Sect Master selected by Spirit Heaven Palace, yet you posed as her and become the one who entered Spirit Heaven Palace instead. Not only are you but a dog in the manger, but you have also suppressed her with your evil doings! You made her youth miserable, and when before she was six years old, she was even treated as a mentally ill child! With a poisonous heart such as yours, you’re simply not worthy of being a Sect Master.” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded for a moment. She faced the female lead Fan Zhishan and carefully inspected her.

“Big brother Fa Yu, there’s no need to go any further…” Fan Zhishan however turned her head away, the tears on her face flowed even more than before. She looked as though she could no longer bear to bring the subject up again, and was willing to keep all her sadness in her own heart.

Zhu Yao could not help but praise her acting skills! She had finally encountered a bug of the highest level. In order to become the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, she sure had gone all out. She was actually able to come up with such an absurd story. Not to mention she did not hesitate to forsake her own identity and become the twin sister of Ling Tian girly. She came up with a drama of a child being mistakenly carried away, and wanted to take up the position of Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace right and proper. It was truly a shame that this lady was not in showbiz.


“Umm… Sect Master Fa.” Zhu Yao sighed. “You’re saying, I intentionally posed as her back then, so that I can become the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace and harm her at every possible moment?”

Fa Yu frowned. He did not reply and simply let out a disdainful snort.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Then, may I ask, how old was I when I arrived at Spirit Heaven Palace?”

Fa Yu said impatiently. “The Sect Master succession of Spirit Heaven Palace has always been done swiftly. Naturally, it’s on the day you were born.”

“So, in other words, I was in Spirit Heaven Palace right after I was born?” Zhu Yao said in a sunken voice. “You’re  saying, when I was still a baby, I intentionally swapped with her? You sure think highly of my intelligence!”

Fa Yu’s face stiffened, as though he had just thought of this point as well. “Then what about the pain she had suffered?”

“How would I know?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “She was unable to retaliate when she was being harmed before she was six years old, are you saying that I knew how to dispatch people to harm her when I was six years old? Even if my IQ is off the charts and am truly smarter than all of you, if I truly wanted to pose as her from the very beginning, since we are born on the same day, I would have to concoct this scheme in my mother’s womb!”

Where are your logic and reason? Have they all disappeared from the ‘papapa’?

The two of them were stunned from this line of questioning! Fan Zhishan’s face had especially turned miserably pale for an instant, a hint of fluster flashed across her eyes. Immediately after, she regained that gentle and frail flower look, looking as though she was suffering from grievances, yet tried her best to squeeze out some words of goodwill. “Big sister… It’s alright. It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it. It’s my fault… It’s all because of me. I shouldn’t have gone to Spirit Heaven Palace, I shouldn’t have awakened the Spirit Guiding Beast, I…”

The suspicion on Fa Yu’s face was instantly swept away. He held onto Fan Zhishan and said with an even angrier tone. “Ling Tian, you can stop lying now. Little sister Fan treats you so well, yet you actually still wish to frame her! Putting aside the past incidents, from the fact that little sister Fan was able to awaken the guardian beast of Spirit Heaven Palace, the Spirit Guiding Beast, it’s sufficient to prove that she’s the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace!”

The hell. Zhu Yao could not be bothered with these illogical people. Looking at them, they were definitely not going to let her go today. Zhu Yao began to calculate as she wondered if that ‘Five Minutes Timed Trial’ passive skill was still in effect.

“Big brother Fa Yu…” Fan Zhishan glanced at Zhu Yao, her eyes were completely red. “It’s fine… No matter how big sister treats me, I won’t ever blame her. Let the Hall of Law of Spirit Heaven Palace… judge her sins! I shall bring her over now.”

As she said that, she walked towards Zhu Yao who was bound tight.

Fa Yu however suddenly stopped her tracks and sighed. “Little sister Fan, I know you are soft-hearted, and that you’re still trying to protect her even now. However, your kind  deeds might not be rewarded. Since you are unwilling to do  it yourself, I shall be the one to judge this vile person. Let me handle her!”

“No!” Fan Zhishan blurted out, a hint of fluster flashed across the depths of her eyes. She immediately regained her composure, and then, she spoke with the same gentleness and frailness. “She’s a member of my Spirit Heaven Palace, and according to the rules, she has to be handled by Spirit Heaven Palace. I have already owed big brother Fa Yu so much, how can I trouble you even further than this?’

“Little sister Fan!” Fa Yu however suddenly became angry, and he looked at her as though she was being stubborn. “You’re thinking of letting her go secretly, aren’t you?”

“Ah?” Fan Zhishan was dumbfounded.

Fa Yu frowned deeply. “Little sister Fan, you can’t be too kind, you must make your decision decisively!”

“I’m not…”

“You don’t have to speak further. I will definitely not let you bring this person back. You will definitely release her.”

“I…” “That settles it then. Since you cannot bear to judge her, I shall do it myself. I will definitely exact justice for you.”

Filled with indignation, Fa Yu did not wait for Fan Zhishan’s reaction and had already called over two disciples. He pointed at the “Dumpling Yao” on the ground and said.  “Throw  this person down to the lowest pits of prison, and put her on a strict watch. understand?”

“Yes!” The two disciple nodded in unison. Before Fan Zhishan could even regain her senses, they had already dragged Zhu Yao out.

Zhu Yao  silently  turned  to  look  at  the  speechless  Fan
Zhishan’s miserably pale face. See, this is what you get  for acting too far! He truly sees you as a gentle and frail flower who can’t bear to make a move on your enemies now!


Zhu Yao was imprisoned in Grandhall Sect’s prison. She spent more than two hours to release herself from the mystic arts that sealed her movements. She wondered if it was because of their confidence in the prison’s formation, as there was only a single restriction placed in the cell. She tried to condense the gather energy within her body, attempting to break out of the formation, only to realize that she was simply unable to circulate them at all. It seemed like this formation comprised of something that could restrain spiritual energy, preventing one from breaking it.

Recalling Fan Zhishan’s earlier attitude, most likely, she was not going to have Zhu Yao killed here, and Zhu Yao felt that she had a goal in doing so. She seemed to have other plans other than snatching Ling Tian girly’s Sect Master  position. Otherwise, why would she still anxiously wish to capture her after she had already obtained Spirit Heaven Palace, and even bring her back?

No matter what, Zhu Yao had to make her escape first.

Zhu Yao pulled out the brush which she had been hiding all this while. Just as she was about to play the character of Ma Liang again, tears began to fall uncontrollably.

“Don’t cry  already…”  Zhu  Yao  simply  felt  a  deep  sense  of
helplessness. Isn’t it just falling out of love? And the girl is even going out of hand with her tears because of it. Her eyes are all swollen now, you know? “He… Little Yu wasn’t like that in the past.” Ling Tian weeped as she spoke. “He was so obedient in the past… and so cute. No matter what… he would always listen to me.”

Obedient? Cute? Recalling the female lead fanatic Fa Yu’s look earlier, the corner of Zhu Yao’s lips could not help but twitch. She only had a single thought in mind… Ling Tian girly, you sure was blind in the past.

“He even said that he won’t ever allow anyone to bully me. But now… Just from listening to her side of the story, and not listening to my explanation, he… Why?”

“There’s no ‘why’ for such things!” Zhu Yao said in a sunken voice. “He just doesn’t like you anymore!”

“…” Ling Tian girly turned silent, though the tears on her face were flowing even fiercer than before.

Feeling helpless, Zhu Yao had no choice but to let her cry it out. Dipping the brush gently on her own tears, she planned on activating Ma Liang mode. Suddenly, the restriction on the cell’s exit shook for a moment, as the sound of footsteps grew closer.

The hell! People were already coming for her. Zhu Yao immediately hid the brush.

A moment later, someone walked in. As if it was not unfortunate enough, it was actually Fa Yu himself. With a dark look, he walked straight towards the pillar of light in front of the cell, and stood there! He glared at her with a ruthless expression. He did not move, and simply stood there. Yet, his expression continued to grow colder by the minute, and even his eyes were beginning to glow bloody red.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat as a chilling intent rose. This grandson’s expression isn’t right at all. Compared to that brain- dead fanatic she saw in the hall earlier, he basically looked like a different person now. He couldn’t really be thinking of killing her for Fan Zhishan’s sake, right?

Her heart was instantly sent into a fluster as she thought of ways to escape this place. Suddenly, he reached out his hand and opened the prison cell’s door. Before she could even react, the black figure in front of her flashed, and a hand was already grasping on her neck in the next moment. Zhu Yao wanted to retreat on reflex, but he simply dragged her all the way to the wall. Furious and crazed light could be seen flashing in his eyes, as though he truly desired to tear her into pieces.

The hell, this crazy brain-dead fanatic! He’s actually truly thinking of killing her!

Her breathing was stopped at that moment. Just as she thought it was about time for the passive resurrection skill to activate, his hand suddenly loosened a little, allowing her to catch her breath. His eyes however grew even colder and fiercer than before, and even his voice was filled with chilling intent.

“Speak! Who the hell are you?”


Before Zhu Yao could even gasp for air, she was stunned by his question.

“You’re not Ling Tian, who are you?” The redness in his eyes grew denser, as though he was sinking into madness. “Where’s Tiantian? What did you do to her? Why are you possessing her body!?”

The hell! How did he see through her? Could it be that he knew she wasn’t Ling Tian right from the start?

“Where’s Ling Tian?” He placed emphasis on every word, as a few strands of black wisps faintly appeared around his body. “You best speak the truth, otherwise… I will scatter your soul.”

As he said that, his grip once again tightened.

Zhu Yao slapped on his arm heavily. The hell, are you going to let me speak or not? I’m about to suffocate here!

Fa Yu’s face was quickly turner darker by the second. After taking a deep breath, as though he was trying to suppress the madness in his heart with all his might, he flung her onto the ground.

She coughed out coarsely a few times before she was able to catch her breath. As she glanced at Fa Yu who seemed to have suddenly turned into a different person, she pondered about the situation. From his looks, it seemed like he was extremely concerned about Ling Tian’s whereabouts. Then who was that brain-dead fanatic in the hall earlier?

“Saintess…” Ling Tian suddenly spoke up. “Let me speak with him, is that alright?”

“Are you certain?” Ling Tian was a frail girl. Facing this Fa Yu who seemed to have activated his tyranny mode, Zhu Yao could not help but worry.

Ling Tian girly’s voice sank a little. “There’s something I wish to ask him personally.”

In the end, Zhu Yao still agreed to her request. Relaxing her mind, she suddenly felt her entire being was sucked out. In a flash, she arrived in that snow-white space where the girly was staying before. Releasing her will, a large screen appeared in front of her eyes, and the situation outside was being shown.

Seemingly in an instant, the atmosphere surrounding Ling Tian on the ground changed. Zhu Yao had to admit that, Ling Tian girly was more elegant and refined, a true beauty that could topple countries, while Zhu Yao herself was at most a clown that could topple countries.


“Little Yu…”

The girl lightly called out. When her voice fell, it was as if Reverend Fa Yu, who seemed to have activated his tyranny mode with his pair of scarlet red eyes and a body covered in killing intent, had a bucket of water poured over him.

Zhu Yao could faintly hear a sizzling sound in the air, as if something was extinguished.


Chapter328: Female Lead’s Night Assault

In a blink of an eye, the fury, darkness and tyrannical aura exuding from Fa Yu’s body retracted completely. Even his pair of reddened eyes had begun to clear up and sparkle. He anxiously sprinted over to hold Ling Tian girly, his eyes were filled with unease.

“Tiantian, is it you? You’re still here?” He carefully held up Ling Tian girly. He seemed to be overly anxious, as even his hands were trembling. “Your soul wasn’t taken over!”

“Little Yu…” Ling Tian looked at him dazedly, and then grabbed onto him in return. “I didn’t harm that lady with the surname Fan, she’s not…”

“I know.” Unexpectedly, Fa Yu actually did not refute her, and was nodding his head strongly instead. Frowning, as though he had just recalled something, his face began to contort darkly. “With that face of hers alone, she dares to say that it’s on par to yours. I simply wish to puke from her ugliness! She even dares to spout that you’re twins given birth by the same mother! Does she really think everyone is blind? To think an indecent woman with loose morals actually dares to covet the position of Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace!” Eh?

What happened to the promised brain-dead fanatic of the female lead? There’s something wrong with this opening sequence!

“Tiantian, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you. I will aid you in recovering the position of Sect Master.” Fa Yu immediately turned back his head towards her, reverting back to that youth with clear eyes as he guaranteed with a serious look.

“Then, earlier…” Ling Tian girly was stunned as well.

“Though Fan Zhishan alone isn’t to be feared, the forces she has behind her are complicated, it would be unwise to fight them head-on. Those words of mine earlier… I simply wished to gain her trust, please… don’t be angry.” Fa Yu explained. Recalling everything that happened in the hall earlier, his face once again revealed a disgusted expression, as though he had eaten a housefly.

This development was happening too quickly, as if a tornado had descended. To think this Fa Yu was actually a double agent! “Oh right, how are you? You’re not injured from earlier, right?” Fa Yu anxiously held onto Ling Tian girly and began to inspect her. He pulled here, and then glanced over there. After realizing that she was clean without a scratch, he then heaved a sigh of relief. Immediately after, as though he had just recalled his improper actions, he hurriedly took a step back. “Tiantian… I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” His ears were beginning to dye in red, acting as though he was at a loss.

Ling Tian girly laughed, the suspicions she carried in the depths of her heart were put down right after. She looked at the person in front of her with blurry and teary eyes.  While sobbing, she said. “Little Yu… You’re still my Little Yu alright.”

Fa Yu raised his head, and looked straight into the depths of her eyes. Their eyes met, as though the interaction. “I’ve always been.”

Zhu Yao, who was still squatting within the Dantian, was shown a face of true love… Master, where are you?

Presently, a certain master who had been keeping watch near the Heavenly Door for a very long time: Why isn’t my disciple here yet? ——————————

Ling Tian girly explained to Fa Yu everything that happened. She heavily emphasized that Zhu Yao was not here to harm her, nor to take over her soul and body, and that she was one of their party members. Fa Yu frowned, but he still accepted the girl’s explanation in the end.

Zhu Yao actually suspected Fa Yu in the beginning. This person changed too quickly, after all. Earlier, he was still a brain-dead fanatic of Fan Zhishan, and an instant later, he became Ling Tian girly’s loyal follower.

However, as they conversed, these suspicions slowly disappeared. The eyes he were looking at the girl now with, were completely different from earlier where he was looking at Fan Zhishan. Though they both carried colours of infatuation, his gaze on Ling Tian girly was much purer. It was as if the girl was the only one in his eyes, and the rest of the world was filtered off.

Let’s not forget about his careful attitude. He was afraid of bumping into and touching her, and though he wanted to lean closer, he was afraid that it would make her displeased. He was so uneasy and fidgety like a young fellow who on his first love. Even those small unconscious movements were hidden with incredible worry and unease. If he was actually acting all this out, then his acting skills were simply superb. Most likely, he would have even fooled himself.

Because she saw through these, she did not stop Ling Tian girly from explaining everything.

The girl explained to Fa Yu a little more, before returning to the Dantian, returning the body to Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao’s vision flashed, and Fa Yu who was still behind the screen earlier, was now right before her eyes. He was presently carefully holding onto her hand, his handsome face carried a shy smile, and his eyes were so focused it looked as if he was looking at the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Zhu Yao instantly felt chills climbing down her spine. She wondered if it was possible to become allergic to display of true love?

“Hi, Little Yu!” Zhu Yao smiled awkwardly. “Hello, I’m Ma Liang.” The gentleness and sweetness that filled his face instantly disappeared with a swoosh. He once again carried that cold and numb look, and almost at the same instant, he raised his hand and flung her away.

As Zhu Yao did not balance herself well, she instantly fell off the chair, and her face was covered in soot.

The hell! The difference in treatment is simply too  great, don’t you think!?

“I don’t know where you came from, you wandering ghost.” Fa Yu coldly glared at her, as he pulled out a handkerchief and desperately wiped the hand he touched her with earlier. It was as if he had made contact with something dirty. “But I’m warning you. If you dare to mistreat her, or dare to think of devouring her soul, I will never forgive you!”

Zhu Yao rubbed her aching hand as she sat up. This person seriously changed his attitude very quickly. “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in your childhood friend’s body!” As she said that, she could not help but lower her head and look at the 36E chest… Alright, she was a little interested. “It best be that way!” Fa Yu coldly snorted, his eyes were as cold as ice itself. Not a trace of the cautiousness and anxiety he had earlier when facing Ling Tian girly could be seen, and expression he now had was filled with the looks of a cool tyrant. “For these few days, be good and stay here. Once I shoo away that trash with the surname Fan, I will naturally let you out.”

“…” Trash? Wasn’t he calling her little sister Fan in  an intimate manner earlier?

Fa Yu seemed to have recalled that incident as well, as he looked as though he had just ate cow dung and was rubbing his hand with the handkerchief even more forcefully than before. With a cold tone, he continued. “That woman with the surname Fan is very strange. In just fifty years, she was able to nourish her Nascent Soul. She definitely made use of some abnormal methods. Her desire to bring Tiantian back to Spirit Heaven Palace definitely isn’t simply because of the Sect Master’s position.”

His words were sound. Earlier, Zhu Yao had thought of this point as well.

“Her body is enhanced by a unique mystical energy.” He frowned as his expression sank. “That mystical energy is actually capable of influencing the circulation of the surrounding spiritual energy. The higher one’s cultivation level is, the easier one would be affected.”

“You’re saying that all the men by her side are being controlled because of that reason?” Zhu Yao was stunned. She felt as if she had just unlocked a hidden scenario.

Fa Yu gave her a “it seems you’re not that stupid, and is a little better than trash’ look. “This mystic power is similar to the charming arts of heretic practitioners. It is capable of confusing one’s mind and heart, yet it doesn’t carry any evil aura which made it hard for others to sense it. Furthermore, it seems like she is born with this passive mystic power… as there are no traces of spiritual energy being manipulated due to that power itself.”

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled her past encounter with Yi Ling. It seemed as though all of the men she encountered with, all developed fond feelings of her. Even with Sesame took up a human form, he was unable to resist it. In the beginning, Zhu Yao had thought that it was just the cheat of a main lead. Now that she thought about it, what if the cheats of these main leads could be trained? Did Fan Zhishan possess such powers as well? However, in the scenario Zhu Yao saw, the men in her harem did not love her at first sight, and instead only developed fond feelings of her after several interactions over a long period of time. Only after that, did those feelings become extreme to the point of taking their own lives if doing so was the only way to save her. However, from Fa Yu’s words, these people were influenced by that unique mystical power from her body. It certainly sounded plausible if their feelings were to have grown deeper only after being influenced by it over a long time.

After all, as long as one was a practitioner, he would carry pride that was somewhat larger than a mere mortal, how could he possibly be willing to share a wife with other men? Furthermore, they were actually able to coexist peacefully. This was simply too irrational. Not to mention there was a tenth rank demonic beast among them. Putting aside the stubbornness demonic beasts had in monopolizing their own partners, the reason why Yi Ling became a bug back then, was because she incurred the wrath of a demonic beast, didn’t she?

Fa Yu coldly laughed. His hands clenched tightly as he said with a dark and cold voice. “With that measly status of his, Cao Qi actually dares to touch my woman. It’s about time for them to suffer some of the consequences, otherwise they will truly think that I, Qiong Yu, am afraid of them!” Why did Zhu Yao feel as though some people were about to go bankrupt.

“I will deal with disgusting woman sooner or later.” Fa Yu said in a tyrannical manner, and his voice instantly turned cold. He turned to look at Zhu Yao. “Within this period of time, you best know your place and do not harbour any evil thoughts. Otherwise, I will not forgive you either.”

“Uh…” What happened to Ling Tian’s promise  of  being friends with me?


“Understood, chairman! No problem, chairman!”

Fa Yu coldly snorted as he gave her a ‘at least you know you’re sensible’ look. With a swing of his sleeves, he walked out in big steps. Tyrannical, cool, overbearing, it was as if these words were written all over his body.

Zhu Yao: “…” “Saintess…” Ling Tian’s voice once again resounded. “See, didn’t I tell you? Isn’t Little Yu really cute?”

Cute, my ass! -flips table- He’s clearly really scary, alright?

Ling Tian girly, why call me over when you already have such a tyrannical and loyal childhood friend? So that I can watch you two go at it?


On that night, Zhu Yao finally understood the reason she was here. It was all in order to defend against the female lead’s night assault!

While she was meditating, she suddenly felt a light breeze. The prison gate that was formed by a light pillar above a formation, suddenly disappeared. She looked the empty prison entrance in front of her for several minutes, as she silently sat on the ground, unmoving.

After an hour, as though she could not bear it any longer, a human figure appeared at the door. “So it’s you.” Zhu Yao waved her hand.

Fan Zhishan looked at her with a cold expression, not a trace of the frailness from before could be seen. “Why didn’t you leave?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “Clearly, someone is trying to lure me out by opening the prison gate so suddenly. Do you think I’m stupid? Like I would send myself out even after knowing this.” This was clearly saying, ‘Hurry and come out, I have a wolf’s den over here.’ A brain-dead scenario like this had already been played out several times in movies, alright? There definitely wasn’t going to be any good outcome from leaving.

“You’re rather smart, at the least” Fan  Zhishan  coldly laughed. “It’s no wonder you bear such incredible luck.”

“Luck? What do you mean?”

“Hmph…” Fan Zhishan did not have the intentions to explain. She stared straight at Zhu Yao, with eyes that looked as though someone had found an oasis after desiring it for a very long time. Her eyes were glowing fiery red, filled with immense greed, as she broke out into wild laughter. “Unfortunately, everything is about to be mine soon.” As long as I have this, no one will be my match. “Well, since you aren’t willing to come out, it doesn’t matter what I do it.”

Chapter329: Spewing All Over Your Face

As she said that, she summoned a few chains of light and came charging over. From what she was doing, she did not seem like she was trying to kill Zhu Yao, but snatch something from her?

Zhu Yao did not move and simply watch her flying towards her. However, when she was left with just an inch away from Zhu Yao, she crashed into something with a “dong”, and could not move a step further.

“What is this?” Fan Zhishan pushed the air in front of her, realizing that something transparent was blocking her. A formation? No, there wasn’t any flow of spiritual energy in the surroundings, and there were only faint traces of spiritual energy in the air here in the first place. A formation being erected here was impossible.

Zhu Yao glanced at the few wobbly words on the ground – Invincible Wall. She silently gave a thumbs up to the Magical Brush. She just loved cheat equipment the best!

“You are actually capable of summoning such a mystical barrier.” Fan Zhishan could not enter, yet not only did she not get angry, the flames in her eyes burned even brighter. “Wonderful! Incredibly wonderful!” It was as if she was on steroids, as she looked at Zhu Yao even more fervently than before. Her eyes were sparkling with incredible light.

Zhu Yao frowned. She felt that there was something strange with her expression.

Fan Zhishan however began to cast an art, summoning a large fireball in an attempt to burn away the layer of obstruction. However, it was useless. She then summoned icicles, earth spikes, vines… She used all five types of mystic arts, yet she was unable to break through at all either.

Her expression turned from shock, to greed, and finally, to unsuppressable excitement. Suddenly, she stopped all her actions, and with an incredibly deep smile, she said. “Do you think by hiding inside here, I will be all out of options?”

She raised her hand and red light instantly flashed. A red glow emitted out from all around Fan Zhishan, as if something was slowly seeping out of her body. A moment later, a ‘B’ popped out. Then, a ‘U’, and then, a ‘G’. Slowly, they gathered in the palm of her hand, forming an enormous sickle-shaped… BUG! “…”

Why a bug!? -faints- Was the female lead’s body made up of codes? They were in complete English too!

With a complacent smile, she strongly swung down the ‘BUG’ in her hand. Ma Liang brand’s barrier instantly made a crackling sound as a large hole broken open. Zhu Yao was almost smashed in the face by the ‘B’ of the ‘BUG’ sickle.

The hell? What happened to the promised ‘invincible’?

Zhu Yao hurriedly retreated at full speed in order to dodge her attack. She faintly felt something had been chipped off by her side, as a cracking sound resounded. She did not have time to ponder as she slammed her palm onto the ground, and earth thorns began to charge straight towards the female lead.

The entire prison emitted out a large boom. Fan Zhishan simply shifted her body to the side to dodge them. After all, she was a Nascent Soul practitioner, while Zhu Yao was merely a Foundation trash. She was not her match at all! With just a wave of her hand, the earth thorns had all turned into ashes. This was the moment she was waiting for!

Zhu Yao cast an art with her two hands, circulating the spiritual energy in her body. In an instant, a metal-type mystic art was activated. The crumbled earth that had just turned into ashes earlier instantly formed metal-like thorns, and they flew towards Fan Zhishan in a overwhelming manner. Because she had just shattered all of the earth thorns earlier, her surroundings was filled with ashes. Now that they had suddenly turned into metal thorns, Fan Zhishan simply did not have anywhere to dodge, and even a scratch was made on her body when one of the thorns flew across her.

However, in the end, she was a Nascent Soul practitioner. With just her will, a defensive barrier was summoned, blocking the attacks that were coming from all directions without a single exception. She coldly laughed. “Hmph. With just this much, you still think of…”

Eh, where did she go?

When she  reacted,  Zhu  Yao  had  already  flown  out  of  the
prison. The hell, who wants to fight with her? Clearly, we are standing on different levels, so naturally we have to run off as fast as possible. Zhu Yao flew very quickly, reaching the exit of the prison in an instant. However, Fan Zhishan was even faster. Before Zhu Yao could even leave Grandhall Sect, a figure flashed before her eyes, and Fan Zhishan was already blocking her way. She had a sarcastic smile on her face, as if she was mocking Zhu Yao for her overestimating herself.

“Little Sister Fan!?” Fa Yu’s voice of utter disbelief suddenly resounded, and Fan Zhishan instantly stiffened. On the other hand, Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. He’s finally here.

“You… What are you?” Fa Yu looked at Zhu Yao, and then looked at Fan Zhishan. A heart-aching expression instantly surfaced. “Little Sister Fan… As expected, you still wish to save her, to the extent of breaking into the prison itself!”

Fan Zhishan’s expression changed several times, before immediately restoring that frail and stubborn look she had before. With a bitter-looking face, she looked towards Fa Yu. “She’s… after all my elder sister!”

When Fa Yu heard this, he grew even sadder, looking as though he did not manage to live up to her expectations. Even his body began to tremble a little. “I merely wanted to help stand up for you. If you do not wish to take her life, then tell me so and I will make the promise. Why go through the trouble of stowing her away? Am I someone that’s not worth your trust?”

“Big brother Fa Yu…” Fan Zhishan stiffened for a moment. She was truly beginning to grow a little anxious. “You misunderstood, I’m not…”

“No need for further words!” Fa Yu raised his hand to stop her. He powerlessly hanged his shoulders, as if he was submerged in intense pain. If not because she had seen how Fa Yu looked when he was facing Ling Tian, Zhu Yao would have truly believed that he was depressed from being misunderstood by the person he loved. “I have known for a long time that I have never held a place in your heart… I… I just wish to help you do something, no matter how small it may be, so that I can treat you even a little bit better. Are you telling me, I can’t even do that?”

“…” Fan Zhishan was dumbfounded. This time, she was truly troubled. Her night assault was definitely something she had planned on her own. However, she never expected that after a short exchange of blows, she would actually lure Fa Yu. Furthermore, he even believed that she had snuck in to save the prisoner. On one hand, Fan Zhishan was worried that her plan would be exposed, so she had no choice but to admit that she was here to save her elder sister because of the deep sisterly love she supposedly harboured.

On the other hand, Fa Yu was actually here to save the Ling Tian for real, and was intentionally acting as an infatuated follower whose good intentions were trampled.

Zhu Yao glanced at the two Oscar winners in front of her.
Uh… Should I chime in too?

“Big brother Fa Yu, I don’t mean it that way.” In the end, the female lead could not let go of the image she had built for so many years, as she attempted to calm the flames within Fa Yu.

“Enough!” Fa Yu let out a long sigh. “This Fa Yu simply do not have the fate to be with you…” He looked at the female lead with a pained expression. “Return to Spirit Heaven Palace. I will stop being so thick-skinned to keep you here.”

“Big brother Fa Yu…” “Go!” He roared out, looking as though he had just made a difficult decision. “Don’t come here anymore.”

Fa Zhishan stiffened, her eyes swam towards Zhu Yao at the side. Just as she was about to speak up, Fa Yu suddenly said.

“As for Ling Tian…” His expression turned cold and he said with a heavy tone. “Just treat it as the final thing that I will do for you. I will never give her the opportunity to harm you.”

As he said that, he suddenly waved his arm. A chain instantly struck onto Zhu Yao.

The hell! Before Zhu Yao could even dodge, she was wrapped. She deliberately struggled a little and even cussed out a few times, coordinating with the two Oscar winners. She had no choice. Life is an act, and everything is dependent on one’s acting skills!

“Shut up!” Fa Yu simply gave her a slap. With a resounding smack, Zhu Yao was slammed onto the ground, crashing into the prison below. With a loud boom, a large crater was blasted open.

Zhu Yao could still hear his words that carried deep affection along with despair. “Little sister Fan, leave. Stop making it so painful for me…”

I really want to award him with the Best Actor award, what to do!?

A moment later, she could no longer hear any movements above. Only then did Zhu Yao finally crawl up from the crater.

Raising her head, she looked at Fa Yu, who was looking into the distance with a painful expression. The rays from the sunset shone onto his body with indescribable loneliness, coincidentally striking at the perfect angle for an infatuated supporting male lead. ‘Acting’ was all that could be felt from his entire body!

In the next moment, he flew down. All of his previous emotions had receded, and he was now giving Zhu Yao a pair of dead fish eyes. “Hey, are you dead yet?” The hell! So my treatment was not an act!?

Zhu Yao shook off the dust from her body and stood up. She slapped off the shattered defensive artifact in front of her chest, and rolled her eyes back at him.

He had indeed used all of his strength in that slap earlier. Forget about a Foundation disciple, even an Azoth Core practitioner would not have been able to take that slap. However, at the moment he was about to hit her, he placed a defensive artifact on her which directly blocked against all damage. It looked as if she had died of certain, but other than having a mouth full of dirt, there wasn’t a single injury on her.

Zhu Yao seemed to have understood his intentions right away, and thus had immediately retracted all of her aura, along with her consciousness, deep into her Dantian where Ling Tian was. Thus, she successfully played dead!

“Your acting is pretty good, young man!” Zhu Yao habitually reached out to pat his shoulder.

She did not expect that he would suddenly shift his body to the side to evade her, causing her hand to pat on air, and she was this close to stumbling onto the ground.

“Don’t touch me. Disgusting.”

“…” The hell. Your despise for me is too obvious, don’t you think!? We’re already teammates right now,  you  know? “Hmph. Earlier, you were still clinging onto little sister Fan and not letting go of her. I didn’t see you feel disgusted by that though?”

His face instantly distorted, looking as though he had just ate shit. Cusses came thundering down the moment he opened his mouth. “If not because Tiantian was in danger, do you think this daddy would approach a woman like her who is as dirty as a toilet stool? This daddy can smell the disgusting stench of a trash like her from three hundred kilometers away! If I were to throw someone like her into the toilet, I would be afraid of staining someone else’s shit! She’s cancer when alive, and I’m even afraid that she would spread that disease of hers to the other ghosts when she’s dead! She dirties the earth spiritual energy when she’s walking, she dirties the water spiritual energy when she’s drinking water, she dirties the metal spiritual energy when she’s practicing her sword arts, she dirties the fire spiritual energy when she’s lighting up a fire, and if she were to sleep on a wooden bed, even the wood spiritual energy would despise her, alright? Just by living in the same realm as her, this daddy feels that bad odour is all this daddy is breathing in…”

He was full of hot air with endless cusses to throw.

“…” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded the longer she listened  to him. Thank you for simply despising me for being disgusting! What’s with this feeling of striking the top prize in the lottery?

Ling Tian girly, are you sure you’re not blind?

Fa Yu cussed at Fan Zhishan for two whole hours, and there was never once did he repeat the same cuss. His cusses were brilliant, enough to awe the masses of both in the past and present eras. If Fan Zhishan was present to hear all his cusses, either she would directly die from anger, or she would feel that she was mistreating her own ears.

Only when the sun was disappearing in the horizon, did Fa Yu finally wave his arm and say. “I’m going to drink some water!” He finally stopped that slow, unceasing chain of cusses.

Zhu Yao had a darkened expression. She had no choice but to follow after him, but she was quietly maintaining a three meters distance from him, afraid that his spit would land on her.

Chapter330: I Can Read

Fa Yu gulped down three cups of water, before he was finally able to calm down and heave a long sigh. When Zhu  Yao thought that he was about to continue cussing, he suddenly turned his around and looked at her with a ‘you trash’ expression. With a cold tone, he said. “That trash will succeed the Sect Master position three days later.”

“Eh?” What trash? This change in topic came too abruptly, give her some buffer time to calm down.

“I don’t know what method that trash used either. She was actually able to awaken the Spirit Guiding Beast.” Fa Yu said with a cold look.

By ‘trash’, he was referring to the female lead. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and she then modestly inquired. “What’s the Spirit Guiding Beast?”

Was it a demonic beast? She had never heard of the existence of a demonic beast like that.

“The Spirit  Guiding  Beast  is  the  guardian  beast  of  Spirit Heaven Palace.” Fa Yu threw a “are you an idiot?” glance. “It’s born as a ninth rank, and after maturing, it can advance into the tenth rank. As long as it goes through the lightning tribulation after that, it can ascend to the Higher Realm. The Spirit Guiding Beast can only be awakened by every generation of the Spirit Heaven Palace Sect Masters, and they will only form contracts with the Sect Masters.”

“Ling Tian isn’t able to awaken the Spirit Guiding Beast?” Zhu Yao asked.

“How is that possible!?” Fa Yu glared at her. “Tiantian is the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace. However, the Spirit Guiding Beast lives in the Heaven Profound Cave, and it will only break out of its shell in a hundred years. When Tiantian was in Spirit Heaven Palace, that beast was still in its egg! It’s not even close to day of hatching yet, so naturally it shouldn’t be awakened by force. Who knows just what method that trash used to make the Spirit Guiding Beast break out of its shell prematurely.”

Just what was going on here? Zhu Yao naturally did not suspect Ling Tian’s identity, otherwise the world wouldn’t collapse after her death in the scenario she was showed. She was worried about what the female lead was after. “My Tiantian is the true Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, the true daughter of fate! The hell is that trash!?” Fa Yu said matter-of-factly. As though he had a recalled some beautiful memories, he muttered in a fragmented manner. “Back then, when my Tiantian arrived at Spirit Heaven Palace for the first time, I knew she was the best in the world. How could any other trash be compared to her? If the other trash wants to act as a cushion for my feet, I would feel my feet would be stained, you hear me? The position of the Spirit Heaven Palace Sect Master? She deserves the best in this world, of course. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for me to be considerate by damaging my own cultivation to grow up with her. If not because I had to shut the mouths of those old geezers and prove that I’m worthy of her, would I have left her and come to a stupid place like this Grandhall Sect to become a Sect Master or whatever? This man here only wants to protect, safeguard, and watch her every single day…”

Zhu Yao silently turned her head away. She seemed to have just listened to something incredible.

His complaints came to an abrupt halt, and he suddenly turned to look at Zhu Yao, as though he had just recalled that she was just by his side. ‘Oh. Shit.’ was all over Zhu Yao’s face.

“You…” He gave her a death glare, killing intent surged out of him like a hurricane as he warned. “… are not allowed to tell Tiantian, otherwise, you will get what’s coming to you!”

“Yes, President! No problem, President! Even if you beat me to
death, I won’t let it slip!” Zhu Yao immediately swore an oath. I won’t tell the girly about how you’re secretly in love with her and how you planned an entire loli-raising plan since you were young. “But…”

“What?” His killing intent grew heavier.

“Umm… Ling Tian girly seemed to have been listening to our conversation the entire time!”



The cool and tyrannical President Fa instantly turned into an exploded tomato, with his face turning completely red. In the next instant, as though he was a fleeing soldier, he charged out of the door. As though there was a ghost chasing after him from behind, he even accidentally tripped over the door sill and smacked onto the ground. However, he then immediately crawled up and ran far away, till his figure could no longer be seen.

“…” What happened to the promise of letting me get what’s coming to me?

A long while later…

Ling Tian: “Little Yu is so cute…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Hey, which part of that was cute? I only see a huge pervert, alright? For his loli-raising plan, he damaged his  own cultivation to become a child so that he could play the role of a childhood friend. That’s simply too heavy a taste, alright?

It was no wonder Ling Tian was just at the Foundation stage, while Fa Yu was already at the Nascent Soul stage. Him being a childhood friend was just a roleplay.

—————————————— Ever since Fa Yu found out that Ling Tian girly was an audience to every single one of his conversations with Zhu Yao, he grew uncomfortable. Probably due to awkwardness or whatever, he did not appear for two consecutive days. Because of her status as the former Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, she could not casually wander about either, and had no choice but to stay in the house from before in order to prevent getting exposed.

On the third day, Fa Yu appeared with a perturbed look. However, rather than the expression he had as if he was looking at dirt when facing Zhu Yao, it was much normal than before… No, it was incredibly more so than before.

“Tiantian…” He looked at her sheepishly with a tensed expression. “Are you angry at me?”

“I’m sorry, I’m Ma Liang!” Zhu Yao raised her hand.

His expression stiffened, but he immediately grew his gentle smile back. It was as if flowers had bloomed within his eyes. “Lady Ma, I’m sorry. My attitude towards you in the past few days was bad. I apologize.” Yo, is the Sun rising from the west now? This pervert with a poisonous tongue has such a drastic change in attitude! Also, the hell is Lady Ma?

“You are here to help Tiantian, so you’re considered as a benefactor of ours. I should be thanking you.” He said with a sincere look. Suddenly, he took out a bottle from his side, and passed it ot her. “Back then, I didn’t hold back myself well, so I don’t know if I have injured milady. I hope this healing sacred medicine is enough to express my goodwill.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She stared at the bottle he was passing to her, but did not reach out to grab it.

“Are you certain it’s a healing sacred medicine?”

His smile was filled with pure sincerity. “Of course. This is the best healing sacred medicine in Grandhall Sect.”

“Then why is the three words ‘Soul Extracting Soup’ labelled on it?” Are you treating me as blind!?

Fa Yu’s smile retracted. “Tch.” He had forgotten to tear it off! In an instant, he returned to the numbed expression from before. The changes in his expressions were like flipping through a book.

“…” The hell, this bastard is definitely doing this on purpose, right? He’s trying to make me leave Ling Tian girly’s body, isn’t he?

Realizing that he had been exposed, Fa Yu was no longer interested in continuing his act. “Hey, wear this!”  With a wave of his hand, he threw over an item.

Zhu Yao grabbed it on reflex, and realized it was a bracelet. The bracelet was covered with large number of formations, and the spiritual energy it was exuding was incredible. It was a seventh rank mystic artifact. When she wore it, a circle of light instantly swept across her entire body.

“This mystic artifact can conceal your looks.” Fa Yu explained impatiently. “Demigod Sovereigns might not be able to see through it either.”

Zhu Yao summoned a water mirror with a wave of her hand. As he had said, her looks had changed. Her facial features now leaned closer to average, belonging to the type which, if she was thrown into a crowd of people, she would not  be  easily recognized by others.

“What’s the catch behind this?” Fa Yu would not give her something like this for no reason.

“Tomorrow, that trash will summon the various clans and sects to bear witness to her officially becoming the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace.” Fa Yu rolled his eyes, his face was filled with scorn. However, compared to before, his attitude was much better. Back then, the eyes he looked at her with had always been: You disgusting slug. Now, when looking at her, he first asked if Ling Tian was watching through his eyes, and then he changed his eyes into: You slug.

Though both slugs, she was now no longer disgusting. Mn, Zhu Yao was a person that was content with just what she had.

“Though Cao Qi came up with the excuse of twins, those old geezers of Spirit Heaven Palace aren’t stupid either. They are definitely aware that though the trash is able to awaken the Spirit Guiding Beast, it might not definitely take her as its owner. If we want to take back the position of Sect Master, we have to make use of this opportunity.” “You’re thinking of having Ling Tian return to take in that Spirit Guiding Beast, in order to prove her identity?”


This was indeed a good opportunity. Now that Fan Zhishan believed that Ling Tian was already dead, she definitely would not set up much defenses. Furthermore, she definitely would not have guessed that Ling Tian would be so daring to charge back in. However…

“If you do such a thing, it’s akin to breaking off from Fan Zhishan. You must be aware that she was born in the first-rate deity sect – Sleipoup Sect. She has still many people backing her up. Spirit Heaven Palace is just a small part of her forces. If she were to turn back and attack Grandhall Sect…”

“We can talk about future matters in the future. Tiantian must not be sullied by her for nothing!” Fa Yu frowned, and he said with a furious look. “If she were to truly become the Sect Master of Spirit Heaven Palace, Tiantian will have nowhere to stay in the future either.”

Zhu Yao did not persuade any further. Sure, hiding was good and all, but why not declare a fallout with her in the open? At the very least, by doing so, Fan Zhishan would not be able to make her move openly for a short period of time.


In the early morning of the second day, Fa Yu brought a large number of disciples to Spirit Heaven Palace. He intentionally picked out a portion of the disciples from various levels, including those with Essence and Foundation cultivation levels, and Zhu Yao was mixed among the Foundation disciples. With a total of thirty or so people, it seemed sufficient enough to sustain the face of Spirit Heaven Palace.

When they arrived at Spirit Heaven Palace, they were welcomed by Cao Qi. This was the first time Zhu Yao met nth member Cao Qi, and she had to admit that he had good looks. With mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivation level, he looked like a true gentleman. With utmost courtesy, he led Fa Yu into the inner hall.

Because Zhu Yao’s status was insufficient, she could only follow the rest of the disciples and stand by outside the hall. She then sized up Spirit Heaven Palace. Similar to the other deity sects, Spirit Heaven Palace was built upon several floating mountains. The place Ling Tian lived was the main mountain the very center, but it was not the largest one. Not far in front of her, there was a floating mountain that was even larger than the main mountain. However, compared to the cave residences here that were abundant in spiritual energy, the spiritual energy there was so dense, the mountain was surrounded in condensed wisps of spiritual energy, yet not a single human presence could be felt there. Zhu Yao felt this was a little strange. Generally speaking, that place had much thicker spiritual energy, so why wasn’t the main mountain built there, but build it  in  the present location it was in?

This doubt flashed past her mind, however, she did not dwell in it much further. She could not help but raised her head and look at a cloudy place in the sky. She could faintly see the shadow of a pagoda. That was the cave residence of the Spirit Heaven Palace Sect Master. It possessed the densest spiritual energy, and it was also the place she first woke up in.

“Sovereign Pi Shi of Sleipoup Sect has arrived!” Following after the passing of the message, someone flew over from afar. His body was exuding incredible radiance. Dressed in blue robes and bearing a straight back, he was filled with endless magmanity.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. This person carried his own lighting special effects during his own entrance. It seemed like this was Fan Zhishan’s first member – the female lead’s master. It would have been incredibly shocking, if not for half of the lighting going missing. As if it was blocked by something.

Eh, wait a minute!? Just what in the world was that radiance?

Zhu Yao took a closer look, and the light exuding from Sovereign Pi Shi disappeared again. Was this an illusion caused by the Sun?

When she finally regained her senses, that person had already landed on the ground. The various clans and sects, that had come to participate in this succession, moved over to welcome him, and gave Sovereign Pi Shi their respects and greetings.
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