My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 31-40

Chapter31: The Common Nauseating Act

Zhu Yao’s and Wang Xuzhi’s rooms were on the third floor, while the rest were on the second floor. Only when the other three had left far enough, did she pull Little Wang over with a gossiping look.

While looking downstairs with an ambiguous expression, she said. “Hurry and spill it out. Does that Su Zi of yours have feelings for…”

“Big sister Zhu Yao, don’t misunderstand. We’re just brothers and sisters of the same sect.” Wang Xuzhi hurriedly explained.

“Really?” Zhu Yao was a little suspicious. Then why are you being so agitated for?

“Really! It’s my first time seeing her today!” Wang Xuzhi became even more anxious, and with a serious expression, he raised out his hand and swore. “I will definitely not like any other girls.”

“Don’t be so anxious.” Zhu Yao pulled his hand down. As a parent, she was really open-minded. “I don’t have any intention to stop you. If you like her, then go for it! Big sister will support you!”

“Grand. Martial. Aunt!” Wang Xuzhi pulled a long face, and he looked at her angrily. With his current expression, it was extremely similar to the expression he gave when he was young.

“Alright, alright. I will stop.” He actually got angry so easily, he’s not fun at all. Zhu Yao hurriedly changed the topic. “Oh, right. Earlier, I heard Su Zi calling Xiao Yi senior-martial uncle. Did he build his Foundation?” Although Xiao Yi had the exotic treasure to hide his cultivation level, looking on the surface, he was still at Essence-stage.

Wang Xuzhi shook his head. “After the  Inter-Sect Tournament, Sovereign Feng Yi took him in as her personal succeeding disciple.”

In the cultivation world, strength reigned supreme. In the same sect, as long as they were practitioners of the same stage, they would address each other as brothers and sisters, and if one was a stage higher, his position would be one level higher as well. But, Demigod Sovereigns were exceptions. As to give Demigod Sovereigns the respect they deserved, as long as one was a personal succeeding disciple of a Demigod, his seniority would only be one position lower than his master. Hence, although Zhu Yao’s cultivation level was lower than the Sect Master and the various Mountain Lords, her seniority was higher than theirs. It was because she was Yu Yan’s personal succeeding disciple, and naturally, the same went for Xiao Yi.

Zhu Yao was a little stunned. He was actually taken in by a Demigod as her personal succeeding disciple so quickly, as expected of the protagonist’s treatment. Promotion. Rise in salary. Becoming a CEO. Marrying a rich and beautiful girl. He was basically heading straight towards the summit of life.

Wait a minute! Master had told her that, even a Demigod, if one did not look carefully, would not be able to find out the exotic treasure Xiao Yi possessed. In other words, it’s not entirely possible for him not to be found out. And back then, other than her master, there were three other Demigods!

Then, Feng Yi…

“What happened? Big sister Zhuo Yao, big sister Zhu Yao?” Wang Xuzhi nudged the person who suddenly went into a daze. “Ah?” Zhu Yao’s expression was dark, she had accidentally went into deep thoughts of the possible conspiracy theories occurring. “I’m fine. Oh right, Xuzhi. I’m sorry for interrupting your match during the Inter-Sect Tournament.”

“Don’t worry, I know big sister Zhu Yao did that because you were worried about me.” Wang Xuzhi replied without a mind. Suddenly, he seemed to have recalled something, and went silent for a moment. His pretty brows creased, and he was a little hesitant when he asked. “Big sister Zhu Yao, actually, on that day, I felt it was a little strange. The spiritual sword senior- martial uncle Xiao Yi summoned, I keep feeling that, there was something off about it…” A practitioner’s sixth sense was very keen, and at that moment, he actually felt the aura of death approaching him. He really suspected, if Zhu Yao had not intervened, he might really be…

“Don’t think about it too deeply!” Zhu Yao stroked his head. It was best if she did not tell him the truth. No matter was it luck or scheming ability, he was not Xiao Yi’s match. And, whenever someone goes against the male protagonist, that person will never have a good ending. “If you do not like him, in the future, just stay further away from him.”

Wang Xuzhi nodded his head obediently. Zhu Yao then told him a few more things, before they finally separated and returned to their own rooms to rest.

On the early morning of the second day, the five of them split up and went around inquiring information. However, even after three days, all the clues they found were exactly the same as the one they heard from the inn owner, and they did not make a single progress at all. And, another person disappeared in the city once again.

Zhu Yao instructed them to not be anxious, and told them to take a good rest before investigating about it the next day. However, she never expected that, Wang Xuzhi who had evolved into a good boy, would actually assault her in the night!

When she saw a black figure sneakily entering her room, and even had the intention to crawl onto the bed, Zhu Yao, who had coincidentally woke up, almost sent a Heavenly Lightning down at him. With fast reflexes, he immediately held onto her hand, and spoke up with a suppressed voice. “Big sister Zhu Yao, it’s me.”

“Little wimp?” With her other hand, she sent a fist to his head. “What are you doing this late in the night? You got the wrong room, right?” The Su Zi girly is on the second floor, you know.

“Big sister Zhu Yao, I have something I need to discuss with you about.” Wang Xuzhi took out a veil and a paper crane from the storage pouch next to him.

“What’s this?” Zhu Yao picked up the veil from his hand. It was a red-colored veil. It’s color was very common, and even the peony embroidered on it was rather common as well.

“I found it in the room of one of the missing men.” Wang Xuzhi explained with a stern expression. “Back then, I sensed a hint of the remains of demonic aura. So, I cast a tracking incantation on the aura. However, the paper crane did not return for an entire day and night. I thought it was just my imagination, but, just then, the paper crane returned. It must have found the owner of the veil.”

“So you’re saying, you have found the culprit who caused the disappearances?”

Wang Xuzhi shook his head hesitantly. “I’m still not entirely sure, but, by heading into the direction the paper crane guides for us, I believe we will definitely find some clues.” “Good work!” Zhu Yao immediately leapt out of the bed, and casually wore over her clothes. She then signaled him to release the paper crane. “Let’s follow after it and take a look.”

“Wait a minute!” Wang Xuzhi took out another two paper talismans from his clothes. “These are Presence Hiding Talismans master gave me before we went down the mountain. As long as we place them on our bodies, we can hide our presence, and practitioners with strength lower than the Nascent Soul-stage will not be able to sense us.”

It’s actually able to hide our presence? Zhu Yao curiously took it from him. Suddenly, she recalled her own master, and heaved a long sigh. Master, look what his master did for him!

A few thousand kilometers away, a certain master, who was currently meditating, sneezed. He looked around strangely for a moment, before he closed his eyes again.

Zhu Yao and Wang Xuzhi followed after the paper crane. After leaving the inn, they stopped at a small forest not far away. There were no traces of any humans in the surroundings, though, several cottages were scattered around the forest. Some of them were still lighted up, and most probably, they were simply ordinary folks. “It seems like the owner of this veil, must have stopped here before.” Wang Xuzhi said as he pushed away the bush in front of him. “The owner must be finding the next target.”

Zhu Yao pointed to the scattered cottages in front of them. “The next target must be someone in one of the houses in front. Let’s find somewhere to hide for now, and wait for the fish to take the bait.”

Wang Xuzhi nodded. The only thing they could do now was wait. The Presence Hiding Talismans could only last a single night, they could not be wasted.

The two people found a good bush to hide in, and just when they were about to sit, a commotion was heard from within the forest.

“Little sister Zi, listen to me.”

“I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening!”

Uh… What’s with this common and nauseating opening cutscene? Zhu Yao turned to look, and saw two figures, one in black, and the other in red, walking out of the forest. They were actually Su Zi and Xiao Yi. Why were they walking together? And they actually came to such a secluded place. And wasn’t Su Zi a fan of Wang Xuzhi? She changed her allegiance  this quickly?

Chapter32: Good Things Come In Pairs

“Little sister Su, let me explain.” Xiao Yi pulled the person in front of him. “I grew up with Ling Long.  She’s  my responsibility, I have to take care of her.”

“You’re lying! What childhood friends? Evidently, you’re in love with her.” Su Zi cried a fountain of tears.

Heh? It’s actually a love triangle. Zhu Yao immediately activated her drama-watching mode, she then turned to glance at Wang Xuzhi beside her, and silently patted on his shoulder. Don’t worry, you will have your own fans, and you will have your own girls as well.

“Tell me, do you want her, or do you want me?” Su Zi interrogated him.

“Little sister Su.” Xiao Yi did not answer her directly, rather, he pulled Su Zi by the hand, and pressed her against his chest. “Don’t you understand my heart at all? Ever since I first met you at the square that day, my heart had fallen for you, and it will never return to its former calm.” “Big brother Xiao Yi…”

“Your every word, your every movement, and even  your every smile, move my heart. I’ve almost forgotten, if there’s no you, how would my heart beat once more? I want to treat you well for my entire lifetime. Do you really not believe me?”

Yo, it’s a pity that this Xiao Yi isn’t acting  in  the  dramas which old aunties watch. Zhu Yao silently took out two steamed buns, she handed one over to Wang Xuzhi beside her, while she nibbled on one herself.

As expected, the girly’s fury extinguished in a second, and felt entirely moved. “Big brother Xiao Yi… I, I do. I do believe you. I’m just envious, envious that the person who was by your side for so many years was her, and not me. I’m the one who loves you the most.”

“Little sister Su…”

“Big brother Xiao Yi…”

The two of them got closer to each other, finally, their bodies made contact, and then, they tumbled around.

The bun in Zhu Yao’s hands instantly fell onto the ground. This… This development is a little too quick. Why did it suddenly jump from lovetalk mode to meal-eating mode? And the first dish that comes up is the main dish! You two are only in your early teens, and not adults yet, hey!

In front of her eyes, Xiao Yi had already begun to cleanly strip off every single one of the girly’s clothes. His pair of big hands swam up and down her body, causing the girly to continuously moan seductively.

“Big brother Xiao Yi… Ah, I… I, Xiao… Big brother… Please, give it to me!”

Xiao Yi smiled sinisterly. While using his tongue to trace the girly’s figure, he replied charmingly. “Little sister Su, don’t be anxious. Big brother will give you the best.” And then, he slowly took off his own clothes.

When Zhu Yao was watching the situation intensively, her vision blackened, a hand had covered her eyes. The hell, what are you doing, little wimp? We’re about to see the main event, and you actually turned my lights off.

Wang Xuzhi’s voice was husky, having an indescribable awkwardness. “Grand-martial aunt, do not watch such indecent things!”

Do not watch, your sister! Zhu Yao’s inner heart was roaring. This damn little wimp, only in times like this when he would never compromise, would he call her grand-martial aunt. In the modern era, she was considered to be someone who had went through all sorts of large scaled films, a rare opportunity to watch it live was right in front of her, and he actually prevented her from watching it.

However, although her eyes were blinded, she could clearly hear every single thing that was happening.

“Ah… Mn. Big brother Xiao Yi… it feels good, more…”

“Relax, my little cutie-pie, I will make you feel even better.” Uh… It seems like I can never see the phrase ‘little cutie-pie’ in the same light from now on. “Big brother Xiao Yi… Please… Give it… Give it to me.”

“Dont’ be anxious, You. Little. Demoness. Of. The. Devil.”

“Big brother Xiao Yi…”

“Little sister Su…”

It was fiery hot on that side, while it was actually awkwardly dead silent on Zhu Yao’s side. The voice in Zhu Yao’s  inner heart was roaring and requesting for the pictures. No matter how perfect the sound effects were, without the motion pictures, it would still be a lousy movie. I want to watch. I want to watch. I want to watch. I want to watch. Yet, Wang Xuzhi’s hand was covering her eyes ever so tightly.

“Little wimp, take your hands away!”

“Grand-martial aunt, it’s indecent, do not watch it!”

“My ass. Aren’t you watching it too?” “I’m not. I turned my head away.”

“I don’t believe you. I will only believe you if you release your hands.”

“Big sister Zhu Yao, I won’t fall for that.”

“You single little bastard.”

“It went in!”

“What!?” Zhu Yao forcefully pulled down his hands. “How many inches was it? Was it huge!?”

Wang Xuzhi: “……”

Zhu Yao: “……”

The atmosphere around them was dead silent for a moment, and only an inharmoniously unlawful sound could  be constantly heard from afar. Papapa…papapa… Wang Xuzhi sighed deeply, as though he had given up, and pointed to the cottage furthest away from them. “Earlier, I saw a red figure entering that house. The figure was extremely quick.”

Only then did Zhu Yao recalled the  business  they  were  here for. “Let’s go and take a look.” The fish finally took the bait.

The cottage seemed to only have a single resident, as it only had a single room. Since there was still light inside the house, Zhu Yao and Wang Xuzhi carefully approached it, and listened in while holding their breaths. Because they were still not clear with the situation inside, Zhu Yao did not dare to release her divine sense to investigate.

“Little brother, why don’t this humble lady service you?” An extremely bewitching female voice could be heard from inside the house.

And then, it’s the sounds of clothes being stripped off.

What the hell, again!? What day is it today? Why did everyone suddenly feel like getting things moving? Could it be  that having an affair was trending now? She recalled a certain saying in the show ‘World of Animals’, ‘Spring has come, it’s mating season again!’

But it’s currently the winter season, hey!

It seemed like they were not able to find anything today. Zhu Yao tugged onto Wang Xuzhi, and was planning to leave. However, Wang Xuzhi did not move, and even gestured her to keep quiet. Yo, this brat, he’s actually addicted to it. And earlier, he even denied that he was watching them!

Wang Xuzhi, who had realized that her thoughts had once again drifted somewhere else, pulled her hand over, and gently wrote three words on her palm. “There’s demonic aura!”

Zhu Yao’s eyes widened, and calmly sensed her surroundings. As he had said, she caught an irregular aura, which carried a dark feeling. This is demonic aura?

The two of them carefully took a few steps forward, and appeared before the window. Then, they stretched their necks and looked inside the house. In the house, there were a man and a woman. The man was lying on the bed, while the other extremely bewitching lady was currently sitting on the man, moving up and down. The two of them were completely *****. Before Zhu Yao could even gasp out of shock from their cowgirl position, layers of black miasma began to circle around the lady, and they fluctuated with her every movement.

A while later, a red light flashed in the lady’s eyes, and the surrounding miasma became thicker. As for the man below her, he was slimming down at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. She was absorbing his essence. The lady emitted a long howl, and three long tails suddenly emerged behind her.

“A fox demon!” Zhu Yao could not help but utter out.

“Who is it?” The fox demon felt movements, and ruthlessly pushed out her palm. With a bang, the wall in front of them instantly collapsed. If not for their great speeds, they  might have been trapped under the rubble. The female figure flashed, and had already walked out of the house with her clothes over her. However, the clothes she was wearing, was just a piece of thin red chiffon, it basically had no concealing function, thus, her attractive body was clearly shown. Zhu Yao and Wang Xuzhi did not move. They had  the Presence Hiding Talismans on them. As long as they did not make any sound, people who were below the cultivation levels of the Azoth-stage, would basically not be able to find them. And this fox demon, if she was not wrong, should be a fifth- grade demonic beast, which was comparable to a practitioner at the elementary Azoth-stage.

As expected, after the fox demon looked around for a while, and did not see anyone suspicious, her expression suddenly turned cold, as she flew towards the small forest nearby.

Crap, I forgot about that pair of wild mandarin ducks!

Chapter33: Talented Acting School

“Yo! And here I was wondering who it was? So it’s a pair of passionate little mandarin ducks!” The fox demon looked at the two people who were entangled with each other, the corner of her lips revealed a hint of an odd smile.

The two people on the ground woke up from their excitement, and hurriedly separated from each other. Su Zi shrieked, and began to find her clothes to cover herself in a fluster. While Xiao Yi was actually completely calm, as he summoned a flying sword with his hand, and pointed it at the red-clothed lady in the sky.

The fox demon, however, smiled even more arrogantly. With a wave of her hand, a light blade was immediately sent flying towards Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi completely did not have the strength to retaliate, and was forced back a couple of meters. The fox demon did not seem to have the intention to kill him, as she uttered a binding incantation, and restrained Xiao Yi.

Descending from the sky, her smile became even more enchanting as she walked towards him. Raising her hand, she cupped onto his jaw. “Little brother, is she not  satisfying enough for you? Why don’t this big sister help you!” The fox demon’s eyes were beautiful as silk, the yang energy in practitioners were very beneficial to her, and she did not expect to have such good luck today.

“Let go of big brother Xiao Yi.” Su Zi summoned an ice blade, attacking her with it. The fox demon’s figure dodged, and the ice blade struck directly onto the tree behind her.

The fox demon snorted coldly. “You’re overestimating your abilities.” With a wave of her hand, Su Zi was blown away in an instant, fresh blood was spat from her mouth, and she fell onto the ground, with no longer any strength to retaliate.

“Little sister Su!” Xiao Yi struggled forcefully, yet, he was still unable to escape the bind. He could only stare ruthlessly at the fox demon in front of him. However, she looked as though she was not bothered in the slightest, which caused his imposing air to weaken quite a bit.

“Yo, little brother, don’t worry. I won’t kill you.” The fox demon smiled even more bewitchingly. A cultivation level at the elementary Azoth-stage had a definite suppressing ability towards them, and they basically could not retaliate at all. The fox demon once again walked closer, touching his ***** upper body. “Big sister will treat you very well.” Just when the fox demon was about to leave with Xiao Yi, suddenly, a pressure of the catastrophic level suddenly descended upon her. The fox demon’s figure wobbled, and she then directly knelt onto the ground. Her inner heart was in a state of great bewilderment. It was a Nascent Soul-stage practitioner.

“A little female demon actually dares to be this impudent!” An ethereal voice sounded from the skies, and the fox demon saw a woman in white standing straight on her flying sword, her figure was fixed in the sky. Her eyes were like glaciers, as she looked at the fox demon below her.

The fox demon’s heart instantly tightened. The white robe she was wearing was the signature of the Ancient Hill Sect, it was not possible for her to not recognize it. She was actually so unfortunate to encounter a Nascent Soul-stage practitioner from the Ancient Hill Sect. “This little demon was unaware that senior was here, and had unintentionally acted offensively, I hope that senior will forgive me.”

The fox demon instantly kept her demonic bewitchment and arrogance, and respectfully bowed.

“You still dare to lie!” The woman’s expression turned cold. With a wave of her hand, a ray of Heavenly Lightning was sent flying down, striking a place not far from the fox  demon, leaving a huge crater. “You harmed a disciple of my Ancient Hill Sect, and you still dare to say it was unintentional?”

The fox demon was momentarily anxious, and her legs began to slightly wobble uncontrollably. A demon practitioner was naturally stronger than a human practitioner of the same rank, but, it was very hard for them to increase their rank, so, of course, she would naturally fear the Heavenly Lightnings. And when the fox demon saw that she was capable of summoning a Heavenly Lightning with just a simple wave of her hand, her face instantly turned pale.

“Senior, you have misunderstood. This little demon was just playing a joke on them.” The fox demon carefully replied, and felt she was fortunate to not have harmed that girly too heavily earlier. Also, she silently wished that this Nascent Soul-stage practitioner was just passing through by sheer coincidence, and hoped that she did not know of her actions in the town.

“A joke?” The white-clothed woman was startled, as though she was really considering her words.

The fox demon realized this was her chance. “If senior do not have anything else for me, this little demon shall first take her leave.” The moment those words fell, the demon had already used her fastest Mystic Art, and speedily fled the scene.

The white-clothed woman stood in the air, yet, she completely did not have the intention to chase after her. A while later, her flying sword gently descended onto the ground. She heaved a long sigh, that imposing air of an extreme expert she once had instantly disappeared without a trace, and she fell flat on her butt without any considerations to her image. That terrifying pressure of an Nascent Soul-stage practitioner instantly disappeared completely as well, as though it had never appeared.

“What the hell, that scared the hell out of me!” The white- clothed woman heaved a long sigh, and this person was exactly Zhu Yao.

“Big sister Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi walked out of the bushes at the side as well, and supported the person on the ground. “Are you alright?”

“What do you think?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. The entire situation earlier was just a ploy set up by her and Wang Xuzhi, and its purpose was to frighten the fox demon away. A demon at the Azoth-stage was not something they could go up against even if all of them were to gang up on her. But, with an Nascent Soul-stage practitioner, it would be completely different. Hence, she had Wang Xuzhi cast an illusion art from the shadows to simulate the pressure of an Nascent Soul-stage practitioner, while she herself would stand on the flying sword and use a Heavenly Lightning to scare the fox demon off. However, with her cultivation level, just that single ray of Heavenly Lightning earlier had used up all of her spiritual energy. If she had not desperately persevered, she would have either fell off due to her fear of heights, or fell off due to the depletion of her spiritual energy. Currently, she no longer had the energy to even stand.

“Thank you grand-martial aunt for saving my life.” Xiao Yi finally reacted as well. She was the one who saved him, although he was not contented about it, he gritted his teeth and still gave his thanks.

Zhu Yao turned and swept him a glance. “Can you say that after wearing your clothes?”

Conversing with a naked man, her pressure was huge, you know? “……”

“Big brother Xiao Yi?” And it just happened to be at this sort of time, Ling Long felt the disturbance, and ran over from the inn. Seeing Xiao Yi who was stark naked, she let out a scream. “Big brother Xiao Yi, you…” She turned her head  away, however, she actually saw the messily dressed Su Zi who had fainted at the side, and suddenly understood something, as her small face instantly turned snow-white.

Unfortunately, Zhu Yao no longer had the strength to witness the big break-up that would happen next. She had initially wanted to watch a live love action movie for free, but, in the end, the one who was dog-tired was actually her, and she was groggy as well.

She had Wang Xuzhi send her back. She had to rest and recover her spiritual energy.

Hence, on the scene, the people who were left were, the stark naked Xiao Yi, the messily dressed Su Zi, and Ling Long, whose tears were flowing out like  an  unstoppable  flooding  Yellow River. In the early morning of the second day, Zhu Yao decided to return immediately to the sect, because she suddenly recalled something. Although the plan yesterday worked out with a hitch, successfully scaring away the fox demon, it did not guarantee that the fox demon would not realize anything suspicious after thinking carefully about it.

Only when she returned to the sect immediately without looking back, then everything would really be settled. The main point was, what she used yesterday to scare off the fox demon, was “Heavenfall”. This Mystic Art, a lightning-type Mystic Art with such speed, other than using a Lightning  Guiding Talisman, only Lightning Spirit Vein holders could do it. And in Ancient Hill Sect, the only person who had high  cultivation level, and possessed the Lightning Spirit Vein, was only her Demigod master. As long as the fox demon could think of this point, she would realize that, they had disguised her cultivation level to fool her.

Fox demons were very unique demonic beasts. They specialize in Bewitchment Arts, and by nature, they did not like to fight and cultivate. Most of them were third-stage demonic beasts, and they could shapeshift the moment they were born, yet, they had always lived deep in the forests, and they would never reveal themselves easily. However, evidently, the one they encountered  was  different. Not only had she raised her  level  to  a  fifth-ranked  demonic beast, she even treat a man’s essence as her favourite food. Regarding the incidents about the disappearance of men in the town, they were definitely her doing. Those people did not disappear, rather, they died due to their essences being sucked dry, causing them to disintegrate into dust.

With the strength of the five of them, they were basically unable to deal with her. They had to leave as fast as possible, return to the sect, and report to the Sect Master about the news of the existence of the fifth-ranked fox demon in the town.

Chapter34: A Pig-Like Party Member

When the five people gathered, while Zhu Yao explained, she urged everyone to return to the sect immediately. Of course, Wang Xuzhi did not have any objections. He pulled out  the sect’s common spiritual tool, and requested to fly the tool. Although the other three had doubts, they still went along with the Zhu Yao and boarded the leaf.

The strange thing was, Ling Long and Su Zi were holding hands as they climbed up the leaf while following behind Xiao Yi. That deep sisterhood image almost stabbed her eyes blind. What happened? They made up so quickly? What happened to the promised big break-up scene?

The way things are progressing, Xiao Yi is basically creating a harem! As expected, she did not understand Xianxia worlds.

Zhu Yao worriedly raised her head to look at Wang Xuzhi, who was concentrating on flying the tool in front of them. She expressed deep concern for him.

“Big sister Zhu Yao, you don’t have to worry. Flying this tool does not use up that much spiritual energy.” Wang Xuzhi thought that she was worried he was working too hard, and explained. “Your spiritual energy has yet to recover. You should rest up more.”

Who’s worried about that? I’m worried that you might do stupid things. Zhu Yao kept her gaze and closed her eyes, as she began to meditate and recover her spiritual energy.

Not long after the start of their flight, the sky slowly brightened up, as the sun gently rose. Only the did Zhu Yao feel a little at ease, they should be able to rush back in time now.

“Yo? What’s the rush? Where are you guys planning to go?” A voice which carried a certain degree of ridicule suddenly sounded. The hearts which they had just managed to put at ease, tightened up once again in an instant.

Fox demon!

That familiar red figure blocked the path in front of them. She was still wearing that red chiffon, which could be considered to be negligible, and behind her, her three fox tails were currently swaying leisurely. She turned to look at Zhu Yao who was in the middle, and her voice turned cold in an instant. “So senior was here as well. Your complexion looks terrible, this little demon wonders if there’s anything she could do to help.”

Zhu Yao tightened the grip in her hands beside her, and replied with a smile. “I really wish that you could help me too, but unfortunately, you’re not a male fox!”

Realizing that Zhu Yao was implying about her sexual acts, the fox demon’s expression instantly changed. “Hmph! Stinky brat! You actually dared to fool me!”

With a wave of her hand, she took out a white chain, and it attacked towards Zhu Yao.

“Spread!” Zhu Yao shouted loudly, leapt out, and flew towards a certain direction. The other four people found their own directions as well, as they flew and left the large piece of leaf.

And under the fox demon’s attack, the leaf-shaped flying mystical tool had shattered into pieces.

The five of them landed on the ground, and summoned their own weapons to fight her. Currently, there was no longer time to flee, and they had no choice but to confront her. But, with three at the Essence-stage, one at the Foundation-stage, and one hiding his Foundation cultivation level, how could they possibly go up against an Azoth-ranked demon?

When the fox demon realized her attack missed, she was not anxious, as she leisurely descended from the skies. Looking at the five juniors in front of her, she smiled sarcastically. They sure are underestimating me. With a wave of her hand, several wind blades, which carried a black demonic aura, were thrown out, and they flew towards the five people.

“Locate the gaps, dodge!” Zhu Yao shouted loudly, and everyone instantly understood. They looked for the gaps between the wind blades, the wind blades barely grazed past them, and none of them was actually hurt.

The fox demon was a little startled. In usual situations, the first reaction one always had after seeing an attack, was either retreating to the back, or dodging to the side. And her wind blades were extremely quick, with their cultivation levels, they definitely could not have been able to dodge all of them, so, they were sure to suffer injuries.

But they actually dodged by locating the gaps between the wind blades. For now, let’s put aside the fact that the wind blades were released continuously, and they were in sequence. Wind blades were basically arc-shaped in the first place, and between blades, there were definitely large gaps. They did not have to retreat, nor did they have to dodge to the side, they simply had to slowly move between the blades with small steps, and naturally, it would be impossible for them to get hurt.

After the attack, everyone was a little delighted, and Wang Xuzhi was even looking at Zhu Yao with sparkling eyes. Even Zhu Yao felt it was a little weird, earlier, she simply reacted instinctively. Before she crossed into this world, she had developed net-games for many years, to the usage of skills, and their movement patterns, she was extremely familiar with them. Earlier, she simply recalled one of the patterns in net- games, and blurted it out. She did not think it would actually work.

In that case, the rest of the patterns should be linked as well. At most, she could treat this fox demon as a Boss, and defeat her with that in mind.

“Hmph, you’re a little smart! But that’s not enough!” The fox demon coldly snorted. This time, her hands turned into claws, and slammed them on the ground. With her position as the center, huge flames began to willfully spread. The huge flames raged, and wherever they went, the grassland would turn into ash.

“Fly up.” Zhu  Yao  commanded  everyone  to  fly  with  their tools, and she calmed herself as much as possible as she assessed the current battle situation. They had five people in their team, but other than Zhu Yao, Wang Xuzhi and Xiao Yi, the other two girls could be completely ignored, as one of them was  at  the eighth level of the Essence-stage, while the other was at the seventh level of the Essence-stage. To actually fly up with their swords under the pressure emitted by an Azoth-ranked demon practitioner was already impressive enough, they could not be counted as battle power at all.

Three versus one. Although it looked as though they had the advantage, their strength was being suppressed one-sidedly. Zhu Yao became a little anxious. No, this can’t do. Calm down. There’s definitely a way.

She was only a Boss, after all. Although Zhu Yao’s level was not as high as hers, but in net-games, which Boss would not be of a higher level than the players? Hence, what’s important was their coordination and their attacking methods, and also sharp decision-making skills. Even if their team did not have a healer, at the very least, they had three pretty good DPSes. The experiences in net-games had told her that, in a situation with no tanks or healers, the only way to fight a Boss, was to kite!

“Fly away from this flaming circle!” Zhu Yao commanded, and bringing along the four others, they quickly moved out of the flaming circle.

“Trying to run? It’s not that easy.” The fox demon flew to the skies, and chased after them.

Zhu Yao summoned a ray of lightning, and threw it towards behind them, blocking the fox demon momentarily. “Xiao Yi, use an Earth-type Mystic Art below us! The bigger the range, the better.”

When Xiao Yi heard this, he reacted instantly, an Earthsand Art was sent directly downwards. In an instant, mud and sand flew about, and the flames which were still spreading earlier were instantly extinguished. When they landed on the ground, their vicinity was only left with small and tiny flames.

The fox demon dodged the ray of lightning, and became even more infuriated, summoning countless icicles and shot them towards the five people.

“Spread, the further, the better! Then, find the opportunity to act!” Zhu Yao once again summoned a ray of lightning, signaled to the other four to dodge in different directions. Then, they would occasionally pop out and attack the fox demon.

The fox demon lost a concentrated target, and was instantly furious, attacking wildly in all four directions. The surrounding people just had to occasionally pop out and attack her, with a fireball from the left, a wind blade from the right, a ray of lightning from the front, and another icicle from the back, making it hard for her to defend.

Out of a few, one or two attacks would always make contact, and a fireball had just heavily struck on her right hand. Not only did it burned half of her sleeves, it even burned her arm. The fox demon’s eyes turned bloodshot from fury. She  no longer bothered looking from left to right, and no longer bothered about the attacks coming from the rest of the directions, rather, she directly pounced towards the source of the fireball.

“You ants!” And in the direction she was heading, was exactly where Xiao Yi was. Xiao Yi seemed to have not expected that she would pounce towards him without caring about anything else either. For a moment, he was a little stunned, and when he had finally thought of using his sword to block, it was already too late, as the fox demon’s palm had heavily struck onto his body. Xiao Yi was instantly sent flying, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Big brother Xiao Yi!” Seeing Xiao Yi was injured, Su Zi and Ling Long ran towards his direction.

“Don’t go!” Zhu Yao basically could not stop them in time, and the fox demon’s targets which had spread apart, finally gathered together again.

Zhu Yao thought of what she could do to pull the fox demon’s hate back to her, and hence, she blurted out. “Hey, granddaughter!”

The fox demon, who was about to deal the killing blow, suddenly turned, and stared ruthlessly at her. “What did you say!?”

“……” Net-games did not fail her, as this sentence completely pulled the fox demon’s hate towards her.

Seeing the fox demon, who had thrown aside Xiao Yi and the two other fledglings, flying towards her, Zhu Yao turned tail and ran. The hell, it’s easy to increase hate, but it’s difficult to decrease it!

“Big sister Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi showed an anxious expression, as he threw dozens of high-grade talismans at the fox demon. As they were all blocked by the fox demon, he had no choice but to use his strongest technique, the “Countless Sword Formation”. Gathering all of the spiritual energy in his body, he summoned hundreds and thousands of spiritual swords.

But, spiritual swords such as these, in an Azoth-ranked demon’s eyes, were basically nothing. Although the spiritual swords could block the fox demon’s attacks for a moment, the large expenditure of spiritual energy was something Wang Xuzhi could not hold out long for, unless they could kill the fox demon with a single decisive blow.

A Mystic Art that could kill an Azoth-ranked demon with a single blow, unless… Zhu Yao suddenly thought of an idea. “Xuzhi, use a sword formation to restrain her!”

It might… really work. We have no other options anyway, so we might as well take this gamble!

When Wang Xuzhi heard this, he immediately moved the sword formation, forming a wall of swords to restrain her. The fox demon used the white chain in her hand to attack the surrounding spiritual swords. But, the moment she destroyed a set, a new set of spiritual swords would take their place, preventing her from breaking through. Zhu Yao took the opportunity to get to the closest spot to the sword formation, circulated her lightning spiritual energy, enchanting Wang Xuzhi’s spiritual swords with lightning.

As expected, spiritual swords which were enchanted with lightning were hundred times stronger and firmer than regular spiritual swords, and lightning was demons’ natural enemy.

The fox demon cried out from the constant attacks. “Curses, you bunch of ants, dare to harm me…”

The ferociousness of the fox demon was revealed, and black demonic scars began to surface on her face and body. She looked absolutely terrifying. Her small cherry-like lips earlier tore open from two sides, revealing a mouthful of ferociously sharp teeth. For a moment, her demonic aura rushed towards the sky, and the black demonic aura heavily expanded, causing the formation to soon break.

Wang Xuzhi spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, the sword formation showed signs of collapsing.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao was anxious. If the fox demon were to escape from the formation, they would definitely die! Screw this! She rapidly circulated all of the spiritual energy in her body. Even though her spiritual energy was not fully recovered, she had no choice but to risk using another “Heavenfall”.

Zhu Yao raised her hands up high. The clouds began to surge, white flashes of lightning could be faintly seen, and it looked as though the Heavenly Lightning was about to come striking down. However, just a single Heavenly Lightning, was incapable of killing the fox demon.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to turn her head, and shout towards the person at the back. “Xiao Yi, release your Sword Intent!” After saying that, she stretched her hands towards the sky, and a ray of Heavenly Lightning descended from the skies.

Xiao Yi was stunned. Looking at her with a face of disbelief, he stood there dumbfoundedly.

“What the hell are you looking at, hurry and release it, I… Puah!” Before she could finish what she wanted to say, she felt a chill at her chest. The fox demon which had been struck by a Heavenly Lightning earlier broke through the formation, and pierced through Zhu Yao with her claw. Only then did Xiao Yi’s sword intent with carried absolute sharpness descend from the skies.

The hell you hesitated for!?

What a pig-like party member. This was the only thought Zhu Yao had before she died.

Zhu Yao collapsed! Series end!

My ass!!

Chapter 35: Human Trafficker

Zhu Yao died. She never had a moment where she was clearly aware of the truth that she had died.


The hell!? Why were there the four words “Dead to the Extreme” on her corpse!? Why was the fatal injury on her chest covered in mosaic!? Was this a prank made by the Creator? Show yourself, I guarantee I won’t beat you to death!

And what was up with the chat window that suddenly popped out in front of her? It really looked exactly like the chat window on a computer. Such a thing suddenly appeared before her eyes, and on it, it clearly stated. “You’re already dead to the extreme, do you wish to return to the resurrection point?” And below it, were two buttons. ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’.

This sort of net-game visual sense, what happened to it being a Xianxia? And the hell was it playing at with the two ‘Yes’ options? Was there really a point in having these options?

Zhu Yao, who was in the soul state, roared. But the rest who were present, did not seem to be able to see her current situation, nor were they able to see the words on her corpse. The fox demon was already dead, while Wang Xuzhi was currently hugging her body, rapidly inserting his spiritual energy into her wound, as though he was trying to heal her injuries. Unfortunately, she was already dead, so what use was there in healing her? The spiritual energy that he inserted, was basically unable to stay in her wound, and instantly dispersed into the air.

“It can’t be. Big sister Zhu Yao, nothing can happen to you.” Wang Xuzhi robotically repeated his actions, as he murmured to himself, he completely did not have the intention to stop at all. It was as though as, other than doing that, he could not think of any other options. However, the body in his hands, became colder by the second.

Only when he could no longer release any spiritual energy, did his mind finally begin to collapse. “Big sister Zhu Yao, you promised that you would protect me forever. You promised me! How could you…”

This was the first time Zhu Yao saw Wang Xuzhi cry. No matter was it the cheeky and mischievous spoiled brat in the past, or the current shy and firm young man now, he had never shed a single tear in front of her. And now, he was crying like a little child.

Zhu Yao walked closer, and thought of stroking his head, however, the chat window which had been ignored by her began to tremble violently. As though the system had entered an endless loop, more and more of the same chat window constantly popped out.

Not even a moment later, her entire vicinity was completely filled with layers and layers of chat windows. Hey, even  if you’re trying to exert your presence, you can’t do it this way. What’s with this broken system!?

Zhu Yao reflexively waved her hands about, trying to push away the chat windows in front of her, however, she heard a “Ting” sound next to her ear. One of the “Yes” button on a chat window was pressed down. Zhu Yao simply felt her a tremble in her heart. No, wait. I didn’t choose anything, it’s an operational error. Is there still time to withdraw my selection?

Evidently, it was too late, because, in an instant, everything in front of her was cleared off. Not only the chat windows, even Wang Xuzhi and the rest had disappeared. Her surroundings were completely dark. Only a single thing was left. Below her vision, was a faintly running… The hell!? Why is there a loading bar!?

Zhu Yao felt that, ever since she had crossed over into this world, the possibility of the limits which she had to constantly break through, might be endless. Her heart was tired!

The loading bar progressed very quickly, and not even a moment later, she simply felt a white light flashing past.  A white wall suddenly appeared in front of her, and above the wall, was a face that took up half the sky. The face was currently looking at her very kindly. She curiously reached out her hand, wanting to touch that face. However, her hand actually made contact with the wall, and then, her hand sank into it,  her mouth was suddenly poured with large amount of liquid.

She choked for a moment, and wanted to ask what was going on. However, what she let out was the weak sniffling cry of a little child.


“Alright, alright, don’t cry. You little child,  there’s  no  one here that will snatch it away from you, why the rush?” The woman gently wiped her lips, and softly coaxed her. Only then did Zhu Yao finally realize her current situation. She actually turned into an infant! The meat wall she touched earlier, was actually the woman’s breasts, and the thing that was contained in her mouth was… Zhu Yao reflexively spit it out, and momentarily felt like she had molested a good and honest woman.

What happened to the resurrection point she was promised with? Shouldn’t her resurrection point be that little village? Currently, she was evidently given a new life. From crossing into another world with her body, to crossing with her soul, was it really alright to change her setting like this?

“Eh? Why aren’t you drinking anymore?” The  woman  saw her dodging away, and persistently tried to stuff her “breast weapon” into Zhu Yao’s mouth. Why would Zhu Yao be willing? Hence, she constantly dodged. When the woman saw Zhu Yao like this, she thought that Zhu Yao was full, then, she began to wear her clothes properly.

After helping to arrange Zhu Yao’s clothes properly, she then placed her into the cradle at the side.

Zhu Yao curiously inspected her surroundings, and realized she was still in ancient times. The room had an ancient color and smell, but it was more superior than the one she had in the little village back then. Because, just by this cradle of hers, it looked extremely exquisite.

“Attendants!” The woman, who seemed to had the role of her mother, shouted to the door, and four to five people who looked like maids walked in and greeted the woman.

It seemed like her household was very rich.

“Take the little miss for a walk around the courtyard, I will come over in a moment.” The woman instructed, and then, she brought one of the maids as she walked into one of the rooms. It seemed like she went to change her clothes.

Zhu Yao had always been someone with great adaptability. To her current situation, as an infant, she had no ability to resist, hence, she calmly decided to adapt.

Although she would still occasionally think of her master and Wang Xuzhi, perhaps, they were no longer in the same world. Her current life was rather good as well, as she was a daughter of a rich family. Her parents treated her like she was a treasure, and they would not even leave jobs like feeding her milk to others.

She imagined that, when she grow up, she could completely walk with her head held high. Back then, the Xianxia world was filled with killing motives everywhere, and she could be killed by demons, monsters or whatever if she was not careful. When she thought of this point, she momentarily felt extremely at ease.

She comfortably rolled around on the patch of grass. She was about to live a new life. For a moment, she felt as though the flowers had begun to smell great, the grass had become greener, the clouds had become whiter, and the person flying in the sky was…

The hell!? Why the hell was there someone flying in the sky!? What happened to leaving the Xianxia world she was promised with!?

Wait a minute, that figure, seemed to be charging towards her!

Not a moment later, standing five steps away from her, was someone in a familiar white robe. Although he was world- breakingly handsome, he always had that icy expression on his face, and had never revealed a single emotion.

Master… (For a moment, she had a lot of things to retort about, but she did not know where to begin. )

Yu Yan looked directly at her in the eyes.

She looked directly at her master in the eyes as well.

The two of them looked at each other.

None of them spoke up.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt that there was completely no point in looking at each other like this. Although she did not know why her master would suddenly appear her, looking at his expression, he had yet to recognize her. She was currently an infant who was not even a year old, so, she was basically unable to speak, let alone explaining her situation.

“Were you abandoned?” Yu Yan finally spoke up. Zhu Yao was startled. Eh? What do you mean?

“Are you an orphan?” Yu Yan continued to ask.

“……” Zhu Yao’s expression completely darkened. Have you ever seen an orphan in her own house’s courtyard?

“Don’t worry, I will be your family.”

What? Her mother was currently sitting not far away, you know.

“I shall take you as my disciple.” Yu Yan completely did not have the intention to wait for her answer, and walked over to her.

Zhu yao finally understood what he was trying to do, as she began to pedal her small legs, planning to crawl away. Mama, there’s a strange uncle here, trying to abduct your daughter.

But, how could the small arms and legs of an infant crawl faster than a practitioner who had cultivated for ten thousands of years? In the next moment, she was already carried up, and the certain master announced with a stern expression.

“From today onwards, I’m your master.”

Hey, don’t decide for someone else. At least, ask for my mother’s opinion first.

“Mn. Since you have agreed as well, then follow me back to the Jade Forest Mountain.”

What? Who the hell agreed!? Haa~

Master, is it really alright for you to abduct an immature infant during broad daylight?

Unfortunately, Yu Yan could not hear the roar in her inner heart. Summoning his flying sword, his figure flashed, bringing along Zhu Yao who was in an infant state, they instantly disappeared into the skies.

Zhu Yao, who completely did not have the strength to resist, simply could not hold it in any longer. Raising her small leg, she stepped on her master’s icy face which remained unchanged for ten thousand years.

I don’t want to cultivate into a deity at all, hey!

Chapter36: A Baby Treats Food As Heaven

Zhu Yao once again returned to Jade Forest Mountain. The same place. The same room. The same master. Zhu Yao felt like crying. Recalling the scene earlier, she could not help but step on his face again.

“Mischievous!” Yu Yan calmly pulled down her small leg, placing the small little person who could not even stand steadily, on the bed. He watched as she restlessly crawled about, and when she was about to crawl down the bed, he had no choice but to pick her up and put her back onto the bed. Hence, the process of picking her up repeated for many times.

Yu Yan looked at this mischievous little dumpling, and for a moment, he did not know what to do. He had never taken care of little kids before, let alone this one who did not even know how to talk.

His only experience of taking care of someone, was that stupid disciple who had already passed away. Recalling this, Yu Yan was a little saddened. After waiting for ten thousand years, he was finally able to take in a disciple, whom he had carefully taught, and painstakingly cared for. However, his disciple was killed by a fox demon when she went out for the first time for outfield experience.

The moment his disciple was injured, he had already known about it, and he rushed over with his fastest speed. Although, with his cultivation level, as long as her soul had not left the vicinity and reincarnated, he would have the ability to save her. However, what’s strange was, no matter how he cast his Arts, his disciple did not have any signs of waking up. And the divine imprint of a personal succeeding disciple he had left on his disciple’s forehead, actually did not disappear. This was something that was extremely irrational. A person’s death was like an extinguished candle, other than using Mystic Arts like Soul-Calling, there were no other Mystic Arts that could be effective on a dead person, unless she had yet to die.

Today, he had simply incidentally past by the mortal realm, and, he suddenly felt that divine imprint of his. Rushing over, he saw this female infant, who was wrapped like a white dumpling, and was even crawling about while being chased after by a bunch of maids.

For soul reincarnations, usually, at the very least, it would take a few thousand years, while at the most, it would take more than ten thousand years. Hence, the first thought that came to his mind was a soul takeover, however, taking over one’s soul was something that could only be accomplished by someone whose cultivation was at least the Nascent Soul stage. No matter how heaven-bending his stupid disciple was, it was impossible for her to break through into Nascent Soul in just a few days. And, with her pure and simple personality, even if she were to die, she would not lay her hands on an infant.

He hid his figure, and cast an Art to have the mortals automatically ignore the existences of him and the infant. He then carefully inspected her soul sea, the soul and body were linked very closely, and did not look like she had been taken over. Hence, the talk of him taking her as his disciple, was blurted out just like that, and he even brought her back on impulse.

However… What now?

Looking at the little dumpling who had already begun to crawl up his body, and even pulled his hand and stuffed it into her mouth, he momentarily understood something.


Zhu Yao raised her head and glared at him in the eyes. She simply wanted to bite him out of anger, but she had forgotten, she did not have any teeth. And her master’s hand was hard, her gum began to hurt.

“Sit here obediently, I will get you some food.” After saying that, he walked out. Not even a while later, he brought in big and small plates of rice and vegetables.

“…” Zhu Yao looked at him with a poker face. Was it really logical for an infant to eat rice? Momentarily, she felt her gum hurting even more.

“You don’t like it?” Seeing that she was turning a blind eye to the rice and vegetables, a certain master was a little troubled. This disciple seemed to be even harder to bring up than his previous one.

Zhu Yao had already speechlessly begun to  crawl  down  the bed, and was once again heartlessly picked up by  a  certain master. Yu Yan raised her round figure, glanced to the left, and looked to the right, as though he was thinking of what to feed her with. In the end, he let out a long sigh. Hugging her tightly, he used his flying sword and flew to the Main Mountain. It was still best to ask someone who had rich experience in raising disciples. Hence, Reverend Zi Mo who had rich experience in raising disciples, was once again shocked by the ancestral-martial uncle who suddenly appeared in his own room.

“Ancestral-martial uncle, you have returned?” Ever since his little martial aunt had fallen, ancestral-martial uncle had changed his behaviour of being a ten thousand year hikikomori, and had frequently ventured outside. Why did he suddenly return again now? And the thing he was carrying… “Eh, ancestral-martial uncle, this infant is?” Could it be… A huge drama suddenly appeared in Zi Mo’s mind.

“Disciple!” Yu Yan calmly spoke up, shattering Zi Mo’s imagination.

Zi Mo was even more shocked. “Ancestral-martial uncle, you took in another disciple?” After thinking deeply for a moment, it was understandable, there was a need for another person to succeed the Jade Forest Mountain. However, he never thought that, he actually found another disciple who possessed the Lightning Spirit Vein so quickly.

Eh, wait a minute. The child did not even look like a year old, logically, it should not be possible to test for her Spirit Veins yet. Yu Yan completely did not have any intention to explain, and simply stuffed Zhu Yao into Zi Mo’s arms. “She’s hungry.”

Ah? Zi Mo was startled, his feet rooted to the ground. Why did you find me when she’s hungry? It’s not like I’m able to feed the child milk.

“Ancestral-martial uncle, I…”

Zi Mo was about to explain, however, Yu Yan cast a cold glance at him. Evidently, this was written in his eyes: ‘If you don’t settle her, I will settle you.’ Reverend Zi Mo trembled, silently swallowing down the latter half of what he wanted to say.

He carefully inspected the infant in his hands. She was round, white and tender, her facial features were extremely delicate, and she was particularly obedient. She did not cry nor make a fuss, and was simply looking at him with her round, glistening eyes. Zi Mo was instantly moe-fied. So… So cute, she’s completely different from ancestral-martial uncle, I really want to steal her over.

“Kuh kuh… Ancestral-martial uncle, this baby is still young, and should still need to be fed with milk. However, you can feed her food like porridge.” Although he had the thought of taking her away, due to his identity as his ancestral-martial uncle, he silently held back. Holding onto the child tightly with a single arm, he took two sacks from the storage pouch by his side. “This disciple has two sacks of spiritual rice, it’s softer than regular rice, so it’s exactly…”

Yu Yan nodded, and bluntly, he waved his hand and stored the two sacks of spiritual rice into his own storage ring.

Alright, something like forcefully taking things or whatever, he was already used to it.

Just when he was pondering how he could earn them back, a red-clothed woman suddenly walked in from the entrance. “Senior-martial brother, back then, the bunch you speak of…” The person who came was exactly the Mountain Lord of Medicine Mountain, Hong Chou. Seeing Yu Yan  in  the  room, she startled for a moment, and then, she hurriedly bowed. “This disciple greets ancestral-martial uncle.”

Yu Yan nodded, he did not have the intention to ignore her. Hong Chou then saw the infant in Zi Mo’s arms, and her eyes momentarily sparkled. “Which household is this baby from? She’s so cute.”

Probably it was natural for women to love children, before Zi Mo could even react, Hong Chou had already carried Zhu Yao away from his arms. Pinching her small arms and legs, Hong Chou gave an incredibly lovable expression.

Even Zhu Yao was a little startled. In her previous life, this woman either hated her or hated her to death, and this time, she actually revealed such an expression. The contrast was too big, she was completely unable to react to it. An older sister character turning into a loli or whatever, it was too unprincipled.

“Senior-martial brother, could this child be sister-in-law’s…?” Although it was hard for two practitioners to have a child, it was not impossible to have one. She did not expect that, in only the short while she did not see them, they actually had a daughter.

“Of course not!” Zi Mo refuted. As expected, it was not only him who would think of it that way. “No?” When Hong Chou heard that, she became even more happy, and her eyes were filled with an excited glow. “If she’s not, then give this baby to me. I will take her as my disciple.”

Zi Mo did not answer, but Yu Yan who was at the side instantly gave a cold expression. It felt as though the temperature in the room had suddenly dropped by a few dozen degrees, and now, the room only lacked the floating snowflakes to complete the scene.

Chapter37: The Rubbed-Off Principles

“Kuh kuh, junior-martial sister, this is ancestral-martial master’s new disciple.” Glancing at Yu Yan who had already begun to emit killing intent, Zi Mo could only remind the woman who was carrying the baby and was not letting go of her.

Hong Chou was stunned for a moment. She turned to look at the ancestral-martial uncle whose expression was looking very bad. Unwillingly to give her up, she tightly held onto the little dumpling in her arms. “So it was ancestral-martial uncle’s disciple. I wonder what’s her name?”

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. After pondering for a while, he then said. “Naturally, her surname will follow mine, Yu, her first name… Two!” She’s his second disciple, after all.

Dumpling Zhu  Yao  instantly  felt  like  scratching  his  face.
You’re two! Your entire family are twos!

“Yo. The little girl is acting spoilt in front of me.” Looking at the dumpling who was waving her hands about in Hong Chou’s arms, Hong Chou began to like her even more, and she could not help but kiss on her small cheek. Zhu Yao whose face was pasted with saliva: “……”

“But this baby is still too young, and seems to still need milk. Coincidentally, I have recently caught a spiritual beast that could breast-feed, so I can feed her. Why don’t I help ancestral- martial uncle raise her for a few years?”

Yu Yan simply waved his hand, the little dumpling automatically flew from Hong Chou’s arms back into his, and he coldly replied. “No need.”

Hong Chou sighed in frustration, and still did not give up, as her two eyes sparkled, looking towards the little dumpling. “A child so young, she still needs milk to grow up.”

Zhu Yao trembled, turned her head and snuggled into her master’s arms, using all her strength to rub off the saliva on her face. There’s so many weird uncles and weird aunties in this world, it’s still safer being with master.

Eh? Wait a minute. Wasn’t it master who abducted me in the first place? Yu Yan was very satisfied with his little disciple’s act of reliance, straightening her small clothes, he continued to speak with Hong Chou. “Since that’s the case, send that spiritual beast to Jade Forest Mountain tomorrow.”

After saying that, before waiting for them to react, he had already flown back to Jade Forest Mountain with his new little disciple.

Zhu Yao felt as though she was about to become a pig. Every day, she would sleep after eating, and eat after waking up. Master single-handedly took care of all her life necessities. What she ate was the porridge he cooked, what she wore were the small clothes personally made by him, and where she slept, was even his bed.

Of course, she was the one sleeping. Master was simply meditating at the side.

The only thing that she could not bear was, why did he have to personally wash her as well? Although she was currently a little wimp, but an infant had her own sense of shame, you know? Every day, she would be stripped off by a man, thrown into water and be rubbed left and right, things like these were… were… she had gotten used to them as well. With a poker face, Zhu Yao raised her head and looked towards the sky. Scrub, scrub harder. In any case, her principles had already fallen by a large amount, not much of them were left.

Yu Yan carried his dumpling disciple out of the water, and wiped her body dry. As he helped her wear her clothes, he stared at the round face of hers, his mind was filled with doubt. This disciple of his, was really strange. In the first few days he brought her here, she would frequently throw tantrums and cry. Why did she grow quieter the longer he brought her up? Currently, forget about crying, she no longer even had any expressions on her face. She would only raise her small head, and look at the sky with her pair of widened round eyes. He even suspected that her face might have suffered some sort of injury that even he was unable to find out, and hence, the poker face.

Yu Yan released her, and then, Zhu Yao who had been neatly dressed pedaled towards the bottle that was filled with spiritual beast milk. Carrying it up, guruguru, she finished it with only a few mouthfuls. Alright, she’s full now, it’s time to sleep. Tilting her head, she laid on the grass plains. In any case, her principles were gone, so she decided to peacefully become a pig.

Daddy Yu  Yan  sighed.  Carrying  the  little  dumpling  on  the ground, he entered the room, gently placed her on the bed, and covered the blanket over her.

Thinking that the little dumpling did not have any signs of waking up in a short while, he then turned and got out of the door. The children of the spiritual beasts Hong Chou sent had already stopped relying on milk, and the mother beast would not produce any more milk after the breastfeeding period. He had to find another one.

The infant’s rest period was very strange. Even if Zhu Yao was a middle-aged auntie inside her heart, she still could not control the needs of her body. When Zhu Yao woke up, it was evening. The room was empty, and she could not see master’s figure. Zhu Yao waited for a moment, and she still did not see her master. Hence, she decided to crawl out of the house to take a look.

Although, currently, she had small arms and legs,  her crawling speed was still pretty fast. Not even a while later, she had already crawled out of the courtyard.

It was very quiet outside, and she could faintly hear the sounds the crickets. Her surroundings were very dark, but what’s strange was, she was able to clearly see everything in her surroundings. This sort of feeling was the same as when she broke through into Foundation. Could it be that her cultivation level followed after her when she reincarnated?

Zhu Yao was a little excited, and thought of circulating the spiritual energy inside her, only to realize her cinnabar was currently completely empty. There was not even a single strand of spiritual energy she could circulate.

What? I got all excited for nothing. So, she did not have any spiritual energy in the first place. Zhu Yao felt a little defeated, aimlessly, she crawled forward.

In front of her, she suddenly stepped on empty air, and her body uncontrollably tumbled forward, guruguru, she rolled down the mountain. I’m doomed!

Zhu Yao reflexively hugged herself into a ball, to prevent injuring herself. Hence, she who had a plump figure in the first place, rolled down even more merrily. Following down  the path, she stained herself with lots of mud, and only after she bumped into a soft object did she finally stop.

“Eh!” A soft voice suddenly sounded next to her ear, and in the next instant, she was carried up by someone. “I picked up a little bun.”

In front of her was a white-clothed man. He was handsome and firm, and was even someone she was familiar with. “Little wimp!” Zhu Yao blurted out, but what she let out was only the “Iya” sounds of a baby. By randomly rolling down, she was actually able to roll down towards him, this sure was fate.

Eh, wait a minute, why did little wimp look different? Although he had the same face, evidently, he was more matured than that unripe young man before. His face was a little more sharpened, and there were even a few short stubbles on his chin. She did not see him for only a few months, wasn’t this change a little too big?

Naturally, Wang Xuzhi did not recognize her, and lightly smiled. Carrying her in his arms, he casually cast a Dirt Removal Art, cleaning the dirt stains on her, then, he gently pulled her messy hair. “This sure is a cute little bun.”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. She was simply a little round, how was she a bun? Like he was the one to talk. It’s good fortune for little kids to be a little round, when he was ten years old, he looked like a bun as well. Hmph! “What, you’re not satisfied?” Wang Xuzhi evilly pinched her small cheeks. “You’re so round, so white, and so tender,  if you’re not a bun, what else can you be?”

Zhu Yao struggled out of his demonic claws. Hmph. Little wimp, you have better remember this. When this big sister is able to talk, I will expose all of your dark history.

Seeing that she, very evidently, wanted to let out her fury, but still did her best to not show it on her face, Wang Xuzhi felt even happier, as though he had found his conscience, he helped her rub her reddened little cheeks. “Alright, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Senior-martial brother is only joking with you. It’s already so late, why is a little bun like you still running about?”

Zhu Yao turned her head to the side, ignoring him. She did not run out here, she rolled down here!

“Which Mountain are you a disciple of? I will send you back.” Wang Xuzhi asked.

Zhu Yao babbled as she pointed to the mountain peak.

Chapter38: Regarding The Bringing Up Of A Disciple

“You live in the Jade Forest Mountain?” Wang Xuzhi was startled, but a moment later, he calmed down again. “I heard from master that, ancestral-martial uncle has recently taken in a disciple. So… It’s true.”

Earlier, Wang Xuzhi was still in a happy mood, but he suddenly became solemn. His furrowed eyebrows were filled with unimaginable amount of melancholy, and his voice seemed to be suppressed by something as well. “So you’re his new disciple, heh… Do you know? I know your senior-martial sister. We were very close… so very close!”

And he seemed to be talking sentimental tosh, as his voice became softer with every word. Zhu Yao suddenly felt her heart was becoming heavier as well.

“But…” He took in a deep breath, as though he was trying to suppress something within him. “Everyone had forgotten about her. Even your master has… Haha. Back then, when he was unable to save her, he destroyed the entire Silent Melancholy Forest with a single breath. But, so what? It’s only but a hundred years, and he took in another disciple, even he had forgotten his previous disciple.” The hand Wang Xuzhi was using to carry her became tighter, as though he was holding in his anger with all his strength. Only when Zhu Yao felt a little pain from his strangling and she started to struggle worriedly, did he finally regain his senses, and slackened his strength. He then turned to smile at her. “It doesn’t matter. Even if the entire world has forgotten about her, I will still remember her, and will forever remember her.”

He took in a few deep breaths, before he stood up and began to walk towards the mountain peak. “Little bun, I will send you back.”

Zhu Yao did not make any sound, and simply stared at the little wimp who had grown up in front of her. The image of his mournful and saddened smile, which even carried a little amount of despair, surfaced in front of her. She really had never expected that, her death would deal such a big blow to him. Until now, she had thought that her resurrection was just something that happened in a blink of an eye, but hearing his words earlier, she was actually dead for a hundred years.

And even though it’s been a hundred years, he still brood about her death?

She really wanted to tell him that she did not die, and had resurrected. But she was basically unable to say anything, and finally, she could only spread out her small hands, using her small, small body, she tightly hugged onto his neck.

Little wimp, I’m back.

“Was someone here?” The moment Yu Yan returned, he felt the presence of a live being. After passing the warm bottle of spiritual beast milk in his hands to the little dumpling who was sitting upright on the bed, he waved his hands to cast a Mystic Art used for inspection. After realizing who it was, his brows furrowed deeply. It’s that stinky brat again. It was not enough for him to abduct one of his disciples, now he’s even thinking of abducting a second one.

Yu Yan carried up the little dumpling on the bed, and warned with a stern expression. “In the future, do not casually make contact with people that do not concern you.” To prevent his disciple from learning bad things again.

Zhu Yao’s response was, carrying the milk bottle in her hands, she planted it onto his face. No one can say bad things about my family’s little wimp, not even my master. She was a child. She’s that stubborn.

A certain master: “……”

Zhu Yao had spent an entire four months living the lifestyle of a pig, and finally had the small sign of heading towards the development of a regular work-rest cycle. Because of Reverend Hong Chou’s one visit, she had expressed that Zhu Yao  no longer needed to rely on milk, and she had grown out a pair of teeth as well. Hence, master had begun to feed her with only porridge. She had also begun to speak a few complete words, but she was still unable to say a complete sentence.

Of course, in a situation like this, Zhu Yao was actually very anxious about it. Not being able to talk, not being able to walk, and was only allowed to eat porridge, when compared to her mental age, it was comparable to a first-rate disability. She wanted to cultivate as well, however, her master seemed to have forgotten his intention of taking in a disciple, and had completely immersed himself in the joy of bringing up a daughter.

Zhu Yao felt that her body was a little weird. Although she did not have any spiritual energy in her body, her senses were still the same as when she was at the Foundation-stage. And, when she met Wang Xuzhi the other day, she was actually able to see, at first glance, his Foundation Paragon cultivation level. Even she did not know why.

Wang Xuzhi would occasionally see her as well, but he had never went up to the mountain peak, and simply sat on that piece of rock in the forest.

Every time, he would bring over a few things for her. There were food, and there were even toys, he had the look of completely treating her as a child whom he had to coaxed into. Zhu Yao silently planned in her head how she would ridicule him back at full force when she regained her ability to speak.

Obviously, Yu Yan had objections, but, he found out that his little disciple seemed to especially like that brat. Whenever Yu Yan brought him up, whatever his little disciple had in her hands, she would plant them in his face, her temper was especially bad.

Although it had been a hundred years, to a deity practitioner, a hundred years were only a blink of an eye. With Wang Xuzhi’s outstanding talent, logically, he should have formed his Azoth Core much earlier, yet, he was still stuck at the cultivation level of a Foundation Paragon. She then wondered what happened to that Xiao Yi kid?

When she thought of him, Zhu Yao could not help but paste the label ‘Pig-Like Party Member’ on his face. Back then, if he had not hesitated for that one moment, she would not have the need to resurrect.

Actually, after she pondered deeply about it, she was able to understand why he would be stunned back then. After all, to him, only he knew that he was keeping an exotic treasure, and his Sword Intent was, even more so, something he managed to achieve due to his exotic treasure. It was his secret. But, this secret of his was suddenly shouted out by her. No matter who it was, he would not have been able to react instantly, right?

However, in that situation back then, how could there be any moment of hesitation? And, there was not any time for her to slowly walk over and whisper it into his ear, right?

Hence, her death was really no one’s fault.

But, Wang Xuzhi did not think as such. From what he had occasionally revealed to Zhu Yao who was in her dumpling form, from the bits and pieces of his words, she realized he harbored deep hatred towards Xiao Yi, and he even had the belief that the responsibility for Zhu Yao’s death was all on Xiao Yi. To the point when, every time he brought up the topic about her, he would subconsciously look towards the southwestern direction, with eyes filled with hatred. And in the southwestern direction was exactly Sovereign Feng Yi’s cave residence. And, ever since seventy years ago, Xiao Yi had been in isolation training, forming his Azoth Core.

One of the reasons why Zhu Yao wanted to start cultivating as fast as possible, was because of Wang Xuzhi. When comparing scheming ability, luck and cultivation, he was basically unable to beat Xiao Yi in any of these aspects. She was really afraid that, he would pick a fight with Xiao Yi out of impulse. Hence, it would be best if she could keep watch of him.

But, even if that’s the case, as of yet, Zhu Yao did not have the intention to tell anyone of her resurrection. After all, things like resurrecting after a sure death, in this world, it was still considered as a strange event. It would be hard for anyone to not suspect that she had some sort of treasure in her hands. However, the key thing was, even she was not entirely clear why this was happening to her.

And, when she died, she seemed to have the strange incident of suddenly transporting into the internet, which was something that she could not even explain to anyone else, even she was a little muddled about it. For a short while, she suspected that she might have been transported into some sort of game, however, she had, after all, lived in this world for so many years, and the people she encountered were all living beings. If this was a game, at the very least, there should be an NPC, right!?

Zhu Yao let out a long sigh, and she sadly begun to contemplate about life.

And when Yu Yan rushed out with a bowl of porridge in his hands, he saw a scene of a little dumpling, who could not even sit steadily, lying on the grass plains, trying to hold onto her small little head, only to tumble down over and over again.

Yu Yan began to seriously ponder, how he could bring her up, so as to gain a disciple who was not as stupid. After all, it was no longer possible for him to make up for her natural deficiencies.

Chapter39: Trust Between Master And Disciple

The two of them were immersed in their own respective thoughts, when suddenly, the entire sky around Ancient Hill Sect darkened, and even the spiritual energy in the surroundings began to uncontrollably gather in the sky. In an instant, a huge storm brew, stones and sands flew about.

Zhu Yao who was currently trying to take up a thinking pose, also rolled backwards due to the wind blowing against her, fully using the advantage of her rounded figure. When she was just about to be sent flying into the sky, a figure flashed in front of her, and she was caught by Yu Yan who was behind her, entering a world filled with warmth.

“Mas… Mas, ter!” Zhu Yao spout out two syllables with great difficulty, smearing saliva on his face while she was at it. It was inevitable, her teeth were not fully grown yet.

Though, Yu Yan seemed to have gotten used to it, as he cast a Dirt Removal Art on her. Raising his head, he looked at the strange sky, then, he lowered his head and looked towards the southwestern direction, to the place where the cause of this activity was, and murmured. “Someone’s forming his Azoth Core.” Zhu Yao seemed to have reacted instantly. Azoth, and in that direction, could it be that Xiao Yi? Is breaking through into another realm such a big incident in the cultivation world? It’s similar to filling the entire Ancient Hill Sect with formations.

Yu Yan frowned. He was a Lightning Spirit Vein holder, and his sensitivity to Heavenly Lightnings was particularly keen. The lightning pressure hidden within the layers of clouds were incredibly evident, and if he did not guess wrong, they should be the heavy lightnings when one had formed his Azoth Core. However, why would it bring about such a huge disturbance? Could it be that the person forming his Azoth Core was unordinary in some way?

Not giving him time to think, the surrounding disturbance had already stopped. Immediately after, the first ray  of lightning struck down from the sky. Sunlight was blocked off by the dark clouds in the sky, and the ray of lightning, as though it was a gigantic dragon that would tear the sky and earth, flew directly towards the mountain peak in the southwest, ruthlessly striking on the person who was tackling the tribulation.

And, the Mountain Barrier Great Formation of Ancient Hill Sect instantly activated the moment the first ray of Heavenly Lightning struck down. Although the Tribulation Lightning would only strike the person tackling the tribulation, the Tribulation Lightning contained heavenly might and the purest of energy, which could very easily cause harm to low-ranked disciples who did not possess strong minds.

Zhu Yao sternly watched the chains of Tribulation Lightnings striking down. Such loud roars, were as though every single one of them was capable of bringing about the loudest of reverberations deep in her heart. They were even causing all the hair on her body to stand on ends. So this is the Lightning Tribulation, as expected, it’s very tyrannical. However, why did she feel a sense of intimacy towards it?

The Azoth Tribulation Lightnings struck a total of eighty-one times, and the might of every ray of lightning was stronger than the previous. Once the eighty-first Tribulation Lightning had struck down, it meant that the target had completed his formation of the Azoth Core. Zhu Yao evidently felt that, when the last ray of Tribulation Lightning struck down, the entire Ancient Hill Sect was shaking, and even the Mountain Barrier Great Formation trembled slightly.

Finally, it had finished striking down. Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. This was the first time she had ever seen such a tyrannical scene. “No, it’s not finished!” Yu Yan said coldly.

Zhu Yao was startled. No? She was after all, a science student, and she did pretty well with her mathematical studies. Earlier, it had evidently struck down eighty-one times, though?

The moment she raised her head, as he had said, the Tribulation clouds were still gathered in the sky with no signs of dispersing, as though they were preparing something. Could it be that, the heavens had gotten too thrilled with their lightning strikes, and was thinking of striking down once more? As expected, the treatment to male protagonists was different.

As she thought as such, in the sky, a ray of purple light flashed past. A ray of lightning filled with purple light, which was much thicker than the Heavenly Lightning earlier, directly struck down from the skies.

Zhu Yao, who had already activated her show-watching mode, calmly watched, it was not going to strike her anyway. Eh? Why does it seem like that ray of lightning knows how to bend? Why does it feel like it’s heading this way?

The hell, it’s really coming this way! It was someone else’s tribulation, what the hell did it have to do with her!?

“Master!” Zhu Yao grabbed tightly onto her master’s collar. If her hands had not been too small, she would have definitely shook him a few times, shouting at him to save her.

Yu Yan felt it was a little strange as well. This was the first time he had ever encountered a Heavenly Lightning that could strike a wrong target. However, it was good that his reaction was quick, as he had seemingly cast a protective barrier in an instant. It was just a Azoth-stage Heavenly Lightning, he definitely could…

Bang! The lightning instantly pierced through the barrier, landing directly onto the two of them.

Zhu Yao, who was instantly struck charred black, turned her head and looked towards a certain master. What happened to the most basic of trust between a master and disciple?

A certain master who had not yet retracted his hands after forming hand-seals earlier: …… “Kuh, earlier, it was a Nine Purple Heavenly Lightning!” As though he had felt his disciple’s resentful eyes, Yu  Yan explained a little embarrassingly.

Neither had he expected that this Tribulation Lightning, would actually be a Tribulation Lightning that only a Demigod- stage could have. And the difference between a Nine Purple Heavenly Lightning and normal Tribulation Lightning was, it was free-for-all, and could bypass all Mystic Arts and defenses. It was commonly known to strike whoever it wanted, and its might was stronger than a regular Tribulation Lightning by a hundred times.

Earlier he had made a wrong estimation, however, if he had not hugged her, and shielded off most of its might, she would not have simply suffered from mere burns.

However, even he was unable to understand why a Nine Purple Heavenly Lightning would be among the Azoth-stage Tribulation Lightnings, and it actually even struck the wrong target.

Casually casting a Dirt Removal Art on his disciple again, his disciple, who had turned into a black bun, whitened. He then raised his head and looked towards the sky. “Such strange Tribulation Lightning, the person undergoing his tribulation must possess astonishing fate, and will definitely bring about a worldly phenomenon.”

Master, are you sure you’re not trying to change the topic? Zhu Yao resentfully glared at him again, before raising her head to look at the sky.

The sky was still very dark, it simply no longer possessed that terrifying feeling earlier, and everything had returned to calmness. Rays of light fell from the several spots at the center of the dark clouds, and they slowly converged.

A worldly phenomenon was referring to something brought about by someone who possessed great opportunities, great fate, and great fortune. Usually, people like these were like favourites of the heavens, and when the first ray of Tribulation Lightning fell, the sky would definitely display irregularities. The rarer the phenomenon, it meant the more unordinary the person was to be in the future. But, a phenomenon like this, according to legends, it would only frequently appear in the Ancient Era.

As expected, her master was spot on. The gathering spots of light, slowly formed a figure, and not even a moment later, the figure was fully formed by the gathered spots of light.

Zhu Yao looked at the sky with widened eyes. That was actually a dragon, a gigantic white dragon, a dragon that she had only seen in books. The gigantic dragon flew and rolled around in the sky, as though it was able to fly to the heavens and dive towards the earth in but a mere instant, and even flying towards her was…

The hell, it’s really flying over here. Please, aren’t you a phenomenon caused by the person forming his Azoth Core? Why are you running in the wrong direction?

And, even though earlier it was still tyrannically and mightily rolling through the clouds and rain, it was currently flying towards their direction while its long body twisted up and down.

And what’s the meaning of you roaring ~ouh~~ouh~~ouh ┗|`
o′|┛ while you’re flying here?

Zhu Yao instantly recalled the Heavenly Lightning caused by this crow-dragon, and she reflexively shouted out, “Don’t come here!” And that dragon actually really stopped in the air with a screech. It looked towards her with pitiful eyes, and it even cried out “Wuuuuu” aggrievedly.

For an instant, Zhu Yao could not locate her jaw. Are you a dog or a dragon!?

The white dragon seemed to have understood that she did not have the intention to allow it to approach her, and  finally turned and tumbled far away. It’s figure became faint as time went past, and finally, it disappeared in the air. And the thunderclouds that had gathered for a several hours began to slowly disperse as well, and a moment later, a clear sky was revealed.

Zhu Yao: ……

Yu Yan: ……

After being stunned for a moment, a certain master then slowly lowered his head and looked at the little disciple in his hands. Zhu Yao covered her face. Don’t ask me, I don’t know what’s going on either!

A moment later.

“Yu Wang?”

“Your sister’s Desire!”


Hearing this, the corner of his lips gently raised, and for a moment, it felt as though the ice had melted, everything had come to life again, and spring had blossomed.

“It’s good as long as you’re back.”


Chapter40: Prehistoric Monster Infant

A conditioned reflex was really a very life-threatening thing. Because, it would occasionally cause you to say the things you should not be saying, do the wrong things, and go out of character.

Zhu Yao’s identity, because of the words she said out of reflex, was stripped off unscrupulously by a certain master.

Zhu Yao covered herself with the blanket, she was too ashamed to see anyone.

“Reason?” He pulled out the stupid disciple who was attempting to hide herself in the blanket, and strongly looked at her. The incidental Lightning Tribulation  yesterday,  caused him to suddenly think of the violent storm of spiritual energy when his stupid disciple broke through into Foundation. Hence, with slight suspicion, he called out her name, however, he did not expect that it would actually be her.

Zhu Yao struggled to squeeze out a pitiful expression, however, because of the aftermath from keeping a poker face for such a long time, she could not squeeze out any expression other than her poker face. Hence, she could only wave her two small hands about. “Mas-ter-ter~”

Yu Yan’s expression did not change, as he stared directly at her.

Evidently, acting cutesy was of no use.

“I don’t know either.” Zhu Yao acknowledged her mistake, as she lowered her head and twiddled her thumbs. “I realized I was like this the moment I woke up, and then, master, you came to get me.”

Seeing her aggrieved look, Yu Yan instantly believed her entirely. A short while later, he seemed to have thought of something, as his brows began to furrow again. “Why did you not tell master right from the start?”

Zhu Yao hanged her head down even lower, as though she was attempting to roll herself into a real dumpling.

“You don’t trust your master?” “Of course not!” Zhu Yao instantly raised her head, and then, she shook it strongly.

“It’s master’s fault.” Yu Yan frowned deeply, as he stretched out his hand to stroke her head. “I did not protect you well, it’s normal for you to not believe me.” On that day, when he saw her corpse, it was the first time he had ever felt anger, and because of the loss of control, he destroyed the entire Silent Melancholy Forest. However, even if he did that, he was still unable to save his disciple’s life. He was not a competent master.

“That’s not it!” Zhu Yao became a little anxious. The incident back then, her master was not on-site anyway. A faraway water stream could not put out a fire nearby, it completely did not concern him at all.

As to why she did not reveal her identity, it was because…

“I had thought of telling you in the first place, but I don’t even know why I became like this. And also, in my current state, I can’t talk either… Eh? I can talk?”

On hindsight, Zhu Yao rubbed her face, she really was able to talk now. Earlier, she was still like a regular one year old, unable to say a complete sentence. Now, when she talked, there were completely no hindrance. Had she not grown too fast?

“Your cultivation has recovered.” Yu Yan calmly said. As a Foundation Paragon, naturally, talking should be of  no problem.

Eh? Zhu Yao was startled. She tried sensing for a moment, and as he had said, there was spiritual energy flowing. She then circulated the spiritual energy, forming a ray of lightning, with a bang. The white ray of lightning, then struck directly… on Yu Yan’s head.

“Uh, my hand slipped!”

“Mischievous!” Yu Yan coldly glared at her, yet, his tone did not sound reproachful in the slightest. A ray of lightning cast by a mere Foundation-stage practitioner, obviously could not harm him. Actually, before that ray of lightning made contact with his body, it had already been dispersed by his pressure.

“This disciple acknowledges her mistake!” Although it did not land on him, acknowledging her mistake was still something she had to do. This was a problem regarding one’s attitude. “Master, how did I suddenly recover my cultivation? Even though, back then, when I tried it out, it wasn’t there.”

Yu Yan sat at the side. “In fact, your cultivation has always been there. It’s just that because your body did not even possess a single strand of spiritual energy, hence, you were unable to cast Mystic Arts. Earlier, when you received that ray of Heavenly Lightning, it coincidentally filled you up with the lightning spiritual energy you required. Now that you have spiritual energy, naturally, your cultivation will recover.”

In that case, she really had to thank that Heavenly Lightning for striking her so suddenly. Zhu Yao felt a little strange. “Master, even though I changed my look, why is my cultivation still here?”

“This… I do not know either.” Yu Yan shook his head slowly. In fact, not just her cultivation, even the divine imprint that he had placed on her when he took her in as his disciple, was still on her body. Logically, be it cultivation, or divine imprint, they would both disappear when one died, and it was impossible for it to be transferred along with one’s soul. Even if it was a soul take-over, that person would still have to start cultivating from scratch. Just who had such ability to reincarnate her, and keep her cultivation as well? And what was that person’s intentions behind this?

“Before this matter is clearly investigated, you shall stay in the Jade Forest Mountain. You’re not allowed to leave.”

“Ah! I have to be confined again.” Don’t, master. Just one confinement of yours lasted five years, your dear disciple can’t hold out that long.

“The matters regarding your body, are too unusual! And your cultivation raising speed is too quick, to prevent yourself from bringing in unnecessary trouble, staying here will be safest for you.”

Zhu Yao went silent. Currently, indeed, it would not be wise for her to appear before people in her current situation. A Foundation-stage one year old, who would believe it? People might think she was in the possession of some heaven-bending mystical treasure. It was still best for her to keep to a low profile.

“Yu… Yao.” Yu Yan stretched out his hand to stroke her head, which had grown short strands of hair. “No matter if you still believe in me now, master will do all he can, to protect your well-being.” He would no longer allow her to disappear in front of him.

Zhu Yao raised her head. Seeing that there were no impurities in his eyes, which was still as gentle and calm as ever, she could feel the cautiousness in his words. Was it due to the guilt for not protecting her well back then? Even though it was clearly not his fault, he actually placed all the blame on himself, and seeked her trust once more.

Momentarily, her eyes felt hotter, some warm liquid was about to flow out of her eyes.

Zhu Yao took in a big breath through her nose, and roared back loudly. “It’s Zhu Yao! My surname’s Zhu!”

Remember your own disciple’s name well, bastard!

“Let’s still call you Yu Wang then!”

“Your sister’s Desire!” Although Yu Yan was determined to thoroughly investigate the matters that happened to his disciple’s body, sometimes, plans could never catch up to the changes, as another new situation had occurred on Zhu Yao.

She was woken up by some heat. On the Jade Forest Mountain, it was spring throughout the year, yet, Zhu Yao woke up with her body covered in hot sweat. It was as though a fire was burning in her body, and the flames were unbearable. Ever since the showdown with her master last night, she finally returned to her own cottage to sleep. With her small hands and legs, even if she wanted to open the windows to disperse the heat now, she was unable to do it.

Zhu Yao pushed the blanket away. She thought of crawling down the bed, and feel the breeze outside. But, she felt that burning heat earlier had disappeared, a mass of air had suddenly stagnated in her chest, and the blockage was causing her to feel uncomfortable. Hence, she could only circulate the spiritual energy inside her body, attempting to disperse that mass of air somewhere else.

However, she did not expect that it would actually work, as that mass of air, following the circulation of spiritual energy, was slowly moved to her leg. Before Zhu Yao could feel happy about it, creak, her leg which looked like a small lotus root earlier, suddenly grew by several times.

Zhu Yao strangely looked at her elephant leg. No, it should not be elephant leg, it looked more like the leg of an adult woman. It was slim and slender, and completely did not have the baby fat like earlier.

Just what is going on? Why did it suddenly grow big? And why was it only a single leg!? God, get out here, let us have a talk about life!

Zhu Yao carefully thought about where the problem came from. Could it be that mass of air earlier? She tried to slowly retrieve that mass of air, and then, that adult leg disappeared, restoring to its former little lotus root.

She then tried to guide the mass of air to her arm. As expected, creak, her arm instantly became the size of an adult’s, while the rest of her body was still that of a child’s.

Zhu Yao was a little excited, as she guided the mass of air to her head. Creak, she gained a huge head. She then continued to test it out, constantly rotating the mass of air around the various parts of her body. Hence, suddenly, a weird scene appeared in her room. The dumpling-like child on the bed, for a moment, turned into an infant with a huge head, an infant with a huge leg in the next moment, and an infant with a huge arm in the next.

And when a certain master, who came over to investigate after sensing an anomaly, saw his disciple who had already gotten addicted to it, silently turned around and returned. What am I going to do with my disciple’s ‘chicken’ IQ?
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