My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 301-310

Chapter301: Please Give a Proper Croak

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. She then instructed little tyrant and Little Eighth to wait for her outside, before entering that extravagant palace. Along the way, she stepped on several flowers, and when she finally closed in, she realized that the palace seemed to be constructed with gold. The moment the sun shone on it, that dazzling light…

Even Zhu Yao wished she could wear sunglasses right now!

Her master was right. There really wasn’t any  other formation placed here, and she was actually able to walk over smoothly without any obstructions. When she was finally left with about two hundred meters from the palace, she saw that huge dazzling golden door suddenly open with a loud boom.

With a flash of red light, something seemed to have rolled out, and it stopped right beneath her feet. Zhu Yao was dumbfounded…

It was actually a red carpet!

Was some sort of award ceremony being held right now? Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. Gritting her teeth, she decided to walk on that red carpet. After halfway through, a human figure suddenly appeared on the other side of the golden door. Could it be a prince…? I have a boyfriend, hey!

That person had white skin and beautiful complexion, his lips were glossy red with perfectly white teeth. His black hair was neatly tied in a bun above his head, and he had considerably handsome features… if only he wasn’t dressed in golden robes, golden pants, and golden shoes.

Zhu Yao simply felt the words ‘Prince Charming’ shatter in an instant, revealing the words ‘Nouveau Riche’ behind them. If he had rows of golden teeth, then it would have been perfect.

That person seemed to be in a little rush, as he had a very agitated look. In an instant, he had already arrived in front of Zhu Yao. Before she could even react, he had already pulled onto her hand, looking at her with sparkling eyes. “Miss, are you married? Do you want to marry me? Give birth to my son, please?”

“…” Were lunatic bosses trending right now!?
“Don’t worry, I can give birth in your stead, too!” He changed his words. “Why don’t we first…”

Before he could even finish, a ray of white light suddenly shot out from Zhu Yao’s chest, instantly deflecting him away. With a bang, he smashed back onto the gigantic golden door, shattering the door into smithereens. A white figure appeared in front of Zhu Yao, chilling aura emitted from his body. Even the surrounding flowers seemed to be closing their petals from the chill.

“┗|`O′|┛Ouu~~” A furious roar resounded from the destroyed door. Green light suddenly flashed, and with a loud boom, what appeared in front of the palace was a humongous, golden, winged… frog!

“…” Zhu Yao suddenly understood why the palace was golden.

That frog first roared furiously at Yu Yan, then its eyes shifted towards Zhu Yao at the back. In an instant, its little wings trembled as if they were electrified, and with a tilted head, it called out. “Meow~~”

“……” “…”

Meow, your sister! You’re a freaking frog, please croak properly, hey!

The chilling aura emitted from Yu Yan’s body grew heavier. With a twist of his hand, explosive thunder began to resound in the sky. Bolts of lightning mixed with red and purple came crashing down in a wide area. The frog was still rather arrogant in the beginning, but in the next instant, it had already turned into a stir-fried frog from the zaps. After its front was completely fried from the lightning bolts, its back was next, and after its back was completely zapped, its front was next to be zapped again. It was truly heated in an even manner, and the fragrance of its meat suffused in the air. Even the dazzling golden palace behind it was struck by the numerous heavenly lightning bolts, turning into smithereens. Zhu Yao’s eyes instantly felt a little more comfortable.

Zhu Yao weakly took a step back, and another step back…

What happened to master? So terrifying!

These heavenly bolts which could be comparable to ascension tribulation lightning bolts, continued to pour for  an  entire hour. When the lightning clouds finally scattered and the sky regained its clarity, the fairy realm earlier had already completely turned into a scorched earth. A certain frog… was already seventy percent burnt.

Her master’s frown finally loosened a little. A mere demonic beast dared to think of having his disciple!

He turned to look at his own disciple.

“Hi~~ Master.” Zhu Yao greeted him from several tens of meters away.

His loosened brows earlier once again furrowed. “Come over here!”

“Master, you’re done zapping?” Then can you scatter that chilling aura as well?

Yu Yan’s expression sank, extremely unhappy at her unwillingness to move. With a wave of his hand, Zhu  Yao simply felt a force of energy assaulting her, as her body uncontrollably flew towards her master. She directly landed right onto his chest which was still emitting out a thick chilling aura.

“Yu Yao…”


“You’re not allowed to give birth to children for others.”


“You’re my disciple. If you want to bear a child… You can only bear your master’s child.”

“Uh…” Was her master jealous?

Seeing that she was taking a long time to answer, a certain master grew unhappy as he tightened his arms. “This is your master’s order! Do you hear me?” “I heard you, I heard you! If I want to bear a child, I will
definitely, only bear yours! We will bear one tonight!” So, please protect my waist well, alright? Any tighter and it’s going to break.


“Speak, is the Soul Summoning Banner in your hands!?” Zhu Yao stepped on the seventy percent burnt frog, the aura of a queen exploded forth.

“Meow~~” The frog returned to making that same cry. It did not look like it was in pain, as though  it  was  saying:  Ahh~! It feels so good~

This perverted beast!

At that moment, Zhu Yao felt like burning it a little while more, to eighty percent, ninety percent, hundred percent…

With a thunderous boom, a heavenly lightning bolt landed on the ground not far from it. Yu Yan coldly glanced at it. The frog instantly trembled.

“Owuu.” Only then did it weakly return to its human form. It pitifully glanced at Zhu Yao. “This beastie doesn’t know about any Soul Beckoning Banners.”

“You’re lying. While we’re venturing here, only your place contains the presence of yin energy.” There were still remnants of ghostly aura on its body as well. “The Soul Beckoning Banner is definitely on you.”

“On me…” The beastie was startled. It then began to throwing out stuffs. Golden rings, golden necklaces, golden bracelets, golden utensils… Everything that were golden instantly piled up on the ground. “Do you want them?”

“…” She was witnessing a tycoon, a live one!

“Not these? I still have others!” He then buried his head again as he continued to pull out stuff after stuff. The golden things on the ground grew in number, and faintly, they could soon blind the eyes of others once more. “Enough, enough…” Stop reminding her how poor she was. Zhu Yao hurriedly stopped its gold rummaging actions. “I’m looking for something similar to a flag.” She roughly explained the looks of the Soul Beckoning Banner.

The eyes of the frog instantly shone. “Oh, you’re talking about this!” He pulled out a yellow scroll from its robe, and after shaking it a little, a golden flag revealed itself. A large word “soul” was written on it in runic symbols. Though it was golden in colour, yin energy was encircling it. At least several hundreds of ghosts were captured in it.

“And you still denied it earlier!?” Zhu Yao glared  at  it. “What’s with the ghosts within it, huh?”

“But… I picked this up!” The frog said with an innocent look.

“…” Could something like this be picked up so randomly?

The frog however explained in a self-serving manner. “While I was strolling in the forest back then, I encountered two human practitioners. Then… they died.” “…” What did it mean by they died? “Did you kill them?”

It shook its head strongly. “Human practitioners stink, I don’t like to eat them at all! Little sister crane smells nicer, and it even comes over to the pool I materialized every day for a bath. Those pure white feathers, slender body, and…”

“Hey!” Just what kind of image are you imagining?  You’re even beginning to drool! Though you’re a frog, there’s no need to think about a crane this dedicatedly, right?

“Cough cough… I’m sorry, let me continue.” He straightened his face. Sizing Zhu Yao up, his eyes began to wander off again. “But… beauty, you’re naturally more fragrant than little sister crane. Why don’t you come bathe in my pool as well!?”

A loud thunder boomed…

Eighty percent burnt!

“I was wrong!” “Continue.”

“I saw that male human practitioner stab that female human practitioner. Then, that female human practitioner took over that male human practitioner. After that, the female human practitioner that turned into the male human practitioner was scared off by me.” The frog waved the golden flag in its hands after saying that. “I saw that this flag suited me a lot, so I took it back here after thinking it would be a waste to throw it.”

Though Zhu Yao was a little giddy from the chain of male and female human practitioners he used to describe the two, she somehow understood the gist of it. It seemed like it was the usual kill-and-loot ruckus. However, in order to take over others, that person should have the cultivation level of Nascent Soul at least. What the frog saw was most likely a Nascent Soul practitioner. Zhu Yao carefully inspected that Soul Beckoning Banner. Though there was a thick amount of yin energy on it, it was still glowing gold. This proved that the banner had yet to be dyed in evil energy and had yet to take someone’s life. Furthermore, the yin energy within was calm, with very few traces of violent aura. Most likely, a Ghost King had yet to be born.

“frog, there are several hundreds of ghosts inside this Soul Beckoning Banner. Their souls will scatter if they do not return to the Netherworld within three days, so I have to take this banner away.”

“Alright!” Not only did the frog not object to it, it even excitedly pointed at the pile of golden objects next to it. “Do you want anything else? I still have many, many things here? If they don’t meet your standards, why don’t I give myself to you? Free of charge.”



“Seventh elder sister, what happened?” Seeing that she hadn’t returned after a long time, LIttle Eighth and little tyrant could not help but come over as well. “Did you find those ghosts?”

The frog was startled. It looked at the red feathered little bird on little tyrant’s head, and its eyes instantly shone. It sprinted right towards the front of little tyrant like the wind, and stared at Little Eighth with blinking eyes. “This lady, how old are you? Are you engaged? Why don’t you marry me? I have money…” “…” Little Eighth was stunned. It wiggled up to a standing posture, opened its mouth, and spat out a huge ball of fire, instantly burning that frog back into its original form. “I’m male!”

Ninety percent burnt!

The stomach of the giant frog convulsed a little, its face twitching. That abused expression of his, looked as though what he had just experienced was not torture, but a reward.

Ah~ I really want to be a hundred percent burnt…


The frog was the lord of Peaceful Spiritual Forest, a tenth rank demonic beast, and single! Usually, it had a great personality. Other than sneaking peeks at the bathing crane and gathering golden items, it did not have any other special hobbies. Unfortunately, it had been single for several thousand years, yet it still had not been able to find a female beast that would be willing to be with it. It was very sad. Even after reaching the cultivation level needed to ascend, it was still unwilling to head up to the Higher Realm. No matter what, he wanted to get a girl before going into the Higher Realm.

This thus continued for more than a few thousand years, and it still remained as the same “golden” single frog. The life he had every day was extremely boring, until one day, he encountered the goddess (Zhu Yao), the god (Little Eighth), and the death god (Yu Yan) of his life. Thus, he changed and became a guard frog.

The goddess said. “Frog, I see that the spiritual energy over at your place here is very rich, a place where the five types of spiritual veins in Peaceful Spiritual Forest gather at. It’s very suitable for nurturing my disciple. Why don’t you lend it to me for a while?”

Frog: “Okay! Okay! Okay!” ~(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

The god said. “Why are you so ugly? You don’t even have feathers. Stop going about naked in front of my eyes.”

Frog: “Okay. Okay. Okay.” (? _ ?)

The death god said. “Scram!” Frog: “Okay… Okay… Okay…” ┭┮﹏┭┮

Thus, the place which the frog painstakingly set up for several thousand years, had its owner swapped so easily. It hopped back into the forest in tears, and could only look at the gods and goddess from afar. In order to relieve the sadness in its heart, it had decided to snatch away the territories of the ninth rank beasties!

Chapter302: A Radish in a Single Hole

After finding out that this place was a spiritual pulse, Zhu Yao immediately decided to stay here. The frog’s house which could destroy the scenic view of the place, had already been smashed into a pile of golden smithereens. Though a few spots were burnt here and there, it was still a place with a considerably wonderful scenery.

Thus, a certain master, with his especially good tastes, constructed a few straw cottages! After Zhu Yao instructed the little tyrant to tidy up the place, the sky was already dark. Only then did she pull out the Soul Beckoning Banner. After casting a few arts, the Soul Beckoning Banner instantly emitted out a golden light. White illusory figures floated out one after another, numbering several hundreds.

Those ghosts all had confused looks on their faces, as though they had no clue where they were. They blankly floated in the air.

One of the ghosts suddenly shouted. “Look, a person’s over there!”

In an instant, as though something was broken, several hundreds of green lights came looking in her direction. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched.

“It’s really a person, and she’s alive!”

“This is great, I found a person. Time to scare her, time to scare her!”

Among the several hundreds of ghosts, some took down their heads, some pulled out their bones, while some light up ghastly flames. The place was bustling, as they excitedly made the preparations to scare her.

Zhu Yao’s expression back then was like this: o(╯□╰)o

Sighing, she immediately circulated her spiritual energy and chanted the Afterlife Incantation. In an instant, a large Afterlife Formation appeared in the skies above, shining with a bright white light. The formation immediately sent the bunch of ready-made ghosts back to the Gate to the Netherworld.

The only one who remained was a male ghost with his limbs scattered all over. The male ghost glanced left and right. Though he did not understand why his little companions had gone missing, he still professionally continued set up balls of ghastly flames, and floated over with his legs, head, and body separately. In an ominous tone, he said. “Little miss, I’m a ghost… Are you afraid?”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “Chen Zhen!”

“Eh!? You know me?” He was startled.

“You don’t remember me?”

“You…” He circled around her. Suddenly, his eyes shone, and he excitedly said. “Huo Yuanjia! It’s actually you? You have actually reincarnated, and this quickly as well?”

“Uh… Right!” She could only nod to that question.

“It’s really you!” With a poof, he extinguished the two balls of ghastly flames, and sighed. “Nevermind. Seeing that we know each other, I won’t scare you. Let me tell you this, I’m really incredible at scaring people now!” “…”

“Oh right, didn’t you become a ghost officer?” Chen Zhen said with slight disappointment. “Why did you go ahead and reincarnate? Being a ghost officer is great, you know? It’s a job with an incredible future ahead of it!”

What future?

Whatever! “Chen Zhen, your soul has been scattered apart by the Soul Beckoning Banner. Let me help you reattach them?”

“Don’t want to!” She never expected that Chen Zhen would reject is so strongly, as he instantly leapt a few steps back. “I managed to turn into several pieces after so long, if I were to reattach my parts, my scaring prospects would reduce. I look rather handsome like this, you know?”

Alright, it seemed like she was being bothersome. She had even kept him back here on purpose.

Since he was unwilling, Zhu Yao did not force it upon him either. In any case, as long as he were to return to the Netherworld, his scattered souls would naturally reattach themselves. Thus, she chatted with a little more, before sending him back to the Netherworld with the Afterlife Incantation.

Chen Zhen waved his hands at her while flying towards that Afterlife Formation. He even occasionally rubbed off the little beads of tears at the corners of his eyes, looking really sad and everything. Mn, if he wasn’t crying tears of blood, it would have been even more touching.

“Huo Yuanjia, remember to come see me often.”

“…” Who would go to the Netherworld to see you!?

Zhu Yao wondered just what that frog had buried underground, as the flowers above this spiritual pulse grew especially quickly. In but a single night, the land that was once burnt, had turned back into a sea of flowers.

Probably because her words from back then had incited him, little tyrant became even more diligent in his cultivation. He was already meditating in the early hours of the morning. In just two days, he rose from the first level to the third level of Essence. “Not bad, little tyrant.” A good teacher would never refrain from praising his or her students. “You’re already at the third level. It seems like you can return to your former cultivation level really soon.”

Little tyrant smiled as he scratched his head. “That’s but the first three levels of Essence. I had experience before, so it’s natural for me to spend less time cultivating in  them. However… Penta spirit veins require five types of spiritual energy. It’s really time-consuming to guide in one of them at a time. I’m afraid after the third level, it will be…”

“Guide in one at a time?” Zhu Yao grasped onto this key phrase. “What do you mean?”

“Grandma, I’m have the penta spirit veins.” Little Bai’s expression sank. “Spiritual energy can’t be guided in while mixed. When I had duo spirit veins back then, I merely had to take in one type of spiritual energy, and then another type, in order to make a breakthrough in my cultivation. Now that I have penta spirit veins, a longer time is naturally needed.”

“Wait a minute.” Zhu Yao frowned, as she realized a key problem. “You’re saying, you can only take in one type of spiritual energy at a time, and only after one type has reached its critical point, will you then guide in another type. Only after five types of spiritual energy are filled, can you then finally make a breakthrough?”

“That’s right?”

“Right, my ass! Who told you that?”

“The cultivation method has always been like this though!?” Little Bai was confused. “Strange… Is it wrong?”

“Wrong, of course it’s wrong!” Zhu Yao had always wondered why various sects revered the heavenly spirit vein holders. In the beginning, she had thought that it was because of the amount of spiritual energy needed. Indeed, penta spirit veins would require more spiritual energy than the heavenly spirit vein, so she had never pondered deeply about it. Now that she thought about it, this difference wouldn’t influence one’s cultivation speed. She possessed many different types of spirit veins with her various avatars, and though her cultivation speed was indeed faster when she had the lightning spirit vein, when she possessed the penta spirit veins or even the harmony spirit veins, her cultivation speeds did not drop that much though? Of course, putting aside her death-seeking actions of starting spiritual energy storms to rapidly raise her cultivation, even with her regular speed, it was not that much slower either.

But, within the cultivation world, why did disciples  with penta spirit veins find it hard to establish their Foundations in their entire lifetimes, while those with heavenly spirit veins could do it in at most thirty years, and at the earliest, in ten odd years? The difference here was a little too huge.

Now that she heard little tyrant’s explanation, she suddenly realized that this was most likely unrelated to the amount of spiritual energy needed. Rather, it’s the difference in the paths of cultivation.

“Little tyrant, why do you have to take them in one at a time, and not take all five types of spiritual energy at the same time?”

“Eh? Is that possible?” He was stunned.

“How is it impossible?” That’s how she did it all the time!

“But…” Little tyrant frowned “The spiritual energy in the air is mixed, and the five types of spiritual energy are in conflict with one another. Not to mention there are the three mutated spiritual energy – wind, lightning and ice, to consider as well. If I don’t have the corresponding spiritual energy, I will definitely die from taking in spiritual energy that isn’t compatible with me.”

What he said was true as well, as little tyrant did not have the harmony spirit veins. “Then what if you only have to take in five types of spiritual energy at the same time? Use the method you’re using to take in spiritual energy, but just exclude the three mutated spiritual energy!”

Little tyrant’s eyes instantly shone, excitement filled his face. “Grandma, you’re saying… If I take in five types of spiritual energy together at the same time, my cultivation speed will be…”

“The same as someone who has the heavenly spirit vein.”

If a spirit vein is compared to the path towards the Dao, then the heavenly vein was a single driving lane, while the penta spirit veins were five driving lanes. While both followed the same traffic rules, the only difference was the amount of traffic. The driving speed of the vehicles should not be affected at all. Bai Zhiyuan blanked for a moment, light of hope filled his face. A moment later, he suppressed the excitement in the depths of his heart, took in a few breaths, and said. “Grandma, let me try!”

“Mn!” Zhu Yao nodded, as she then sat down at the side to watch over him.

Bai Zhiyuan meditated for two entire days since then, and when the surrounding flowers had bloomed twice, he finally slowly opened his eyes. However, there wasn’t the slightest bit of increase in his spiritual energy, as he shook his head in slight disappointment. “Grandma, Little Bai… can’t do it. Distinguishing one type of spiritual energy is already depleting all of my concentration. I really can’t… sense five types of spiritual energy at once.” Let alone taking them into his body. “I can’t distinguish them.”

Can’t distinguish them? Zhu Yao was startled. That can’t be?

“Aren’t the colours of spiritual energy different?” Little tyrant couldn’t be colour blind, right?

“Colours?” He was startled. “What colours?” “The colours of spiritual energy!” Zhu Yao grasped the air, and pointed at the center of her palm. “Look carefully, this green one here is wood spiritual energy, the golden one here is metal spiritual energy. Water spiritual energy is blue,  the yellow one is earth spiritual energy, and the fire spiritual energy is the same red as Little Eighth’s feathers. And then this pointiest one that carries a tail and likes to tangle around my fingers is lightning spiritual energy.”

Little Bai opened his eyes wide, his face looked completely blanked.



“I don’t see anything at all.” There was clearly nothing in her hand.


Zhu Yao felt that something was really amiss, very amiss. The spiritual energy in this world was  clearly  floating  everywhere like air. As long as she focused, she would be able to see them. She had thought that this was a necessary basic  skill  that everyone should have in order to take in spiritual energy  into their bodies. She had believed that even  as  Essence  disciple would be able to see them.

However, little tyrant was telling her that he didn’t know what colours spiritual energy had. He had even never heard that spiritual energy had colours.

Could it be that the various colours of spiritual energy that was fluttering in the air, were something only she could see!?

This wasn’t logical!

Thus, she spoke of this problem to the cultivation professional
– her master.

The answer she received was actually the same as little tyrant’s, her master was not aware that spiritual energy had their own respective colours either. “But master, when you taught me how to take in spiritual energy into my body, you spoke of sensing spiritual energy. Didn’t you mean seeing the colours of spiritual energy?”

Yu Yan nodded. “Do you still remember how I guided lightning spiritual energy into your body and circulate them in a single revolution around your body?”

“I remember.”

“My goal back then was in order to have you familiarize yourself with the aura of lightning spiritual energy, so  you could guide the same spiritual energy into your body.” He explained. “What is meant by sensing spiritual energy, is but a type of senses. I have never heard of spiritual energy possessing their own shapes and colours as well.”

Then what was she seeing? A colour palette?

“Master, don’t move!” Zhu Yao stuffed her head towards his chest, circled around his neck, and then lowered his forehead to touch hers. Then, she used her divine sense to look into his body, only to see a bunch of white gaseous bodies. Gah, she had forgotten that her master was a High Deity. His body naturally would not have spiritual energy, but divine energy.

Just as she was about to turn around and look for little tyrant, Yu Yan had understood her intentions and pulled her back in. With a twist of his palm, various coloured spiritual energy instantly gathered on his palm. “If you are thinking of checking if the spiritual energy in others’ bodies have colours, here.” You can touch your master’s forehead, but not others’.

Chapter303: Even in Death, I Must be Beautiful

Zhu Yao was a little suspicious. Was being able to see the colours of spiritual energy a specialized skill which Realmspirit had given her? This was why she could raise her cultivation so quickly every single time. However, with something like Realmspirit’s personality, he couldn’t have given her a cheat without informing her. Even something as heaven-defying as the World Favourable Impression was openly hanging above her head, let alone something like this. Not filling up  her  vision with screens would have already been pretty nice of him, there wasn’t a reason for him not to inform her of such a setting!

Furthermore, the things Realmspirit gave her were always different for each avatar, and they would disappear along with the avatar. This was the same for World Favourable Impression as well. Though it seemed like its effect was still active, the button above her head to toggle it was indeed gone. Yet, this setting where she could see the colours of spiritual energy, had persisted till now since she officially began cultivating.

Then there was only a single possibility…

The colours had always been there, while the difference was being able to see them. Back then, she had after all spent five years before being able to see them. Since she was able to see them, then others should be able to too. This was most likely related to a person’s IQ.

Zhu Yao felt that such an important cultivation  method should not be wasted, as she carefully recalled the feeling she had when she first saw spiritual energy. She gave little tyrant a rough explanation, before seeking out a place where the five types of spiritual energy were the most concentrated and letting go into closed-door training.

“Little tyrant, you can try sensing the five types of spiritual energy while taking them into your body. Use your heart to feel them. I can’t guarantee that you will be able to see them like me, but I hope you won’t give up easily.”

“Mn!” He heavily nodded.

Zhu Yao stroked his head satisfyingly. “No matter the outcome, I hope that you can establish your Foundation in five years, can you do it?”

His expression sank, yet his eyes slowly turned determined. “Grandma, I will work hard!” “Good, grandma shall await the day you’re out of closed-door training!”

Only then did Zhu Yao walk out of his cottage and place down formations in the surroundings. She blankly stared at the cottage that shrouded with spiritual energy.

Suddenly, a slightly chilly hand landed on her head, stroking her hair. “Worried?”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao turned around and closed in, her head buried in his chest. “Master… Tell me. What should I do if he won’t be able to see spiritual energy no matter what?”

Yu Yan was silent for a short while, before he reached for her waist and said in a solemn voice. “If he can’t see it, will you give up on him?”

“Of course not!” Zhu Yao raised her head. “Am I someone that irresponsible? Since I have already decided on little tyrant, naturally, I will take responsibility till the end. If he really can’t do it, then there’s really no way to solve the bug in this world. Of course, even if it’s not for the bug, I will definitely cover for little tyrant.” “Then what’s there to worry?” He stroked her hair and asked back.

Zhu Yao was startled as she raised her head to look at her own master. The dispiritness in the depths of her heart was swept away in an instant. She tightly hugged him back, and nodded heavily. “Mn, I’m not worried. With master here, I have nothing to worry.”

When he heard this, his face which was as cold as ice, gradually loosened. He lightly raised the corners of his lips, and at that moment, it was as if spring had returned to the lands, revealing beauty that was beyond compare. “Stupid.”

A moment later…



“When are you going to make me a monkey?” “…”

“Ah… I really want to get pregnant.”


Little tyrant was in closed-door training, the frog was chased towards the forest to watch over the place, and her master was pulled into the room. Zhu Yao who felt relaxed all over, believed that she should do some unique exercises in this dark, windy, and lonely night, in order to progress their master and disciple relationship.

“Yu Wang, what are you?” A certain master looked at his stupid disciple’s hand which was grasping onto his waist belt, frowning disapprovingly.

Zhu Yao chuckled. “You’re already calling me ‘Desire’, so I should live up to the name. Otherwise, I would be disgracing the name, you know?” Clothes, strip, strip!

“Your master is now but a strand of divine sense.” “I don’t mind!”


“I don’t care. You said that you wanted to make a monkey with me.” Ever since they returned from the modern era, they hadn’t been doing anything embarrassing. This was her fighting for regular welfare.

“Yu… Yao.”

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao pulled apart his outer garments. “Even if you cry your lungs out today… Ah pui, in any case, I won’t let you go! No matter who comes, it won’t happen! So why don’t you obediently obey me…”

“Seventh elder sister! Seventh elder sister! Hurry and open the door!” Suddenly, bangs resounded from the door.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Feng Xiaoba, you’re dead meat! Zhu Yao’s fury instantly surged, her teeth grinding. Yet that stupid bird outside which could not read the situation was still knocking the door to no end. It felt as if he wouldn’t relent till the door was open. She had to take a few deep breaths before she could stop her thoughts of eating his fat and juicy meat.

She walked over with heavy steps, strongly pulled the door open, and freaked out. “Little! Eighth!”

“Seventh elder sister…” A red fur ball came charging towards her chest like a cannonball. Before Zhu Yao could even react, Little Eighth had already begun crying out loud. “Seventh elder sister… Seventh elder sister, what should I do? Wuuaaahh… I don’t want to live anymore.”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank, her fury instantly dissipated. “What happened?” She had watched him grow for such a long time, yet she had never seen him cry like this. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Tell your seventh elder sister what’s wrong?”

When she asked, Little Eighth began to cry even sadder than earlier. “I’m going to be as ugly as seventh elder sister now, I might as well die.” “…” Stinky brat. He was already this saddened, yet he still did not forget to step her in the foot. This thing was definitely not related to her.

“What’s wrong? Did the beasties in the forest bully you?”

“Wuu…” He shook his head.

“You fancied one of the beasties, but was rejected?”

He continued to shake his head. “I wouldn’t court a beast.”

“Your auntie’s husband came?”

He still shook his head?

“Then what’s wrong?”

He nudged a little while, before finally stopping his wails. After a while, under her concerned gaze, he weakly stretched out one of his wings and pitifully said. “Look…” Zhu Yao curiously closed in, only to see it was entirely covered in red feathers, and nothing else. “Look at what?”

“This… This!” He anxiously used his other wing to point at it.

Zhu Yao carefully looked at it once more. “Nothing’s there at all!”

Little Eighth instantly grew anxious. “Look carefully, at the top! Top!”


Left without a choice, he strongly waved his wing and did a throwing action. What she saw next was a fluff, the size of a fingernail, fluttering down from the air. Before it even landed on the ground, Little Eighth immediately grabbed it as if it was treasure, and then carefully held it with his wings. “See that?”


“Mn.” He  nodded.  In  an  instant,  dispiritedness  began  to surface again. “Feathers. I’m shedding feathers. Seventh elder sister… I’m actually beginning to shed feathers. Wuaah… What should I do? Becoming a ball is already pitiful enough. If I were to shed feathers as well, I will become as ugly as seventh elder sister. I don’t want to become a phoenix with naked buttocks…”

“…” She really wished to cut off ties with him!

Zhu Yao took a deep breath and managed to suppress her fist. She picked up a certain bird which was still crying, flung him out, and then closed the door with a bang.

“Scram!” Go get someone prettier as your elder sister.

In the next moment, the desperate knocking sounds resounded again.

“Seventh elder sister, seventh elder sister! Come out, seventh elder sister!”

“I’m your only little brother, seventh elder sister!” “You can’t just toss me aside, seventh elder sister!”

“I don’t want to die ugly!”

“I promise that I won’t despise you for being ugly anymore!
Please help me think of something!”

“What if people don’t acknowledge me as a Phoenix after all of my feathers are gone?”

“Seventh elder sister… Seventh elder sister…”

“Being ugly is death itself!”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips were twitching to the point where it could even break out of a certain net novel author’s computer. Only after a long while did she finally manage to suppress the impulse to kill her biological younger brother. “Scram! You’re just freaking molting, the hell  you’re  crying for?”

“Molting?” That  certain  Phoenix  who  had  long  forgotten memories of his faraway youth, was startled for a moment. After a short while, even louder knocks resounded from the door.

“Seventh elder sister, what’s molting? Is it really fine for me to shed feathers right now?”

“Will they grow again? Seventh elder sister!”

“When will they grow back? Seventh elder sister!”

“Will the newly grown feathers look even more beautiful than now? Seventh elder sister!”

“Am I still the most beautiful Phoenix? Seventh elder sister!”

“Do all Phoenixes go through the same thing? Seventh elder sister!”

“Will I still be able to return to my past form? Seventh elder sister!” “Shut up!” Are you treating me as Zhao Zongxiang? Someone who’s specialized in explaining the world of animals? And a Xianxia version at that!

Only then did the knocking finally stop. Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. When she thought that this worry-filled little brother had finally walked off, his faint voice sounded once more.

“Seventh elder sister, I can’t sleep. Why don’t you accompany me on a talk about feathers?”

“How do you think my new feathers will look like?”

“Will they look the same as before? But I’m not really satisfied at the sixty-fifth feather at the third row of my left wing.”

“Do you think they will look better after they are regrown?”

“What if I end up growing up to look like some other Phoenixes?” “Mn. If it happens, I want to become like second elder brother, or third elder brother, or even fourth elder brother…”

“As long as it’s not seventh elder sister.”

The hell, don’t stop me. I’m going to pull out all of his bird feathers!

Ever since he found out that his feathers would regrow, and discovered that new and completely clean feathers would appear on his own wings every few days, Little Eighth had stopped worrying about shedding feathers. However, his feather shedding problem grew even worse, and the process seemed to be pretty long. In order to conceal this uglifying process, he no longer caused problems for the demonic beasts that filled Peaceful Spiritual Forest. Before this, every day, he would snatch away the spiritual herbs that demonic beasts were protecting, or burn away the treasures that belonged to them. Yet, those demonic beasts that were being harrassed all looked as though it was their honour for such acts to have occured on them. She had to be the one feeling embarrassed in her little brother’s stead.

And so, Little Eighth made a nest… That’s right, he knew how to make a nest. Inside it was filled with various soft spiritual herbs. That’s right, they were all snatched away from those demonic beasts as well. The nest wasn’t huge, and it was placed in the courtyard of her home. He had even added in a lid, shutting himself inside like an egg shell. He had even swore that before his feathers were completely changed, he definitely would not disgrace himself by showing himself to others.

He wouldn’t even budge when Zhu Yao used melon seeds to lure him out, swearing that even if he were to die, he would die beautifully.

Zhao Zhongxiang (赵忠祥): He was the host of the show ‘Animal World(动物世界)’, that talks about animal wildlife.

Chapter304: Picking Up Beasts Everyday

Zhu Yao felt that the forest was a little strange recently, as there would always be demonic beasts wandering nearby. Little Eighth should have already instructed the beasties not to approach this place casually, and ordinarily, with the absolute suppression of the God race’s bloodline, the demonic beasts should not actually be approaching as told. Not to mention, there’s a tenth rank toad watching over the entrance!

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and ended up deciding to take a look. Something might have happened, after all? Little tyrant was presently at an important point of his isolation training, and she did not want her education plan to be interrupted by anyone. Thus, she instantly walked out of the sea of flowers. The moment she stepped out, the scenery behind her immediately turned into a lake.

The forest was bustling with activities. After taking a closer look, she realized that a large number of demonic beasts had actually gathered, squeezing about, and they all had high ranks as well. Most likely, because they had intentionally suppressed their voices, she could not clearly hear what they were roaring about. The toad was presently blocking the crowd of demonic beasts with its huge figure, roaring something. “What happened?” Zhu Yao asked.

The crowd of demonic beasts instantly quietened down.
Dozens of large sparkling eyes swept towards her.

Even someone like Zhu Yao was frightened by the stares.

Their eyes were filled with excitement and agitation, and a while later, they were dyed with fluster. The crowd of demonic beasts began to cause an uproar. One beast after another, be they big or small, as though they were frightened by something, began to flee in all directions.

They ran in an especially anxious manner. Some stepped on claws, some fell, and some had even crashed into large trees. A series of cries and wails resounded, and clouds of dust and sand flew about in the forest. When she regained her senses, not one beast remained in front of her.

Was she that terrifying?

“Guruguru.” Suddenly, something furry came rolling over, bumping onto her feet. When she looked down, she saw a little beastie that looked like a mix of a fox, cat, and rabbit. It had the size of a little puppy, and its fur colour was not really uniform either. It was clear that it was a young beast at first glance.

“Which one of you left your child here, hey?”

The forest, was dead silent…

“…” They could even forsake their own child. Just how afraid were they?

Zhu Yao sighed. Bending down, she picked the little demonic beast up. It was presently staring at her curiously with its pair of large, black and shiny eyes.

“Meow~” It tilted its little head, exuding incredible beastly innocence. “Meow~ Stroke… fur…”

She suddenly recalled the fat cat that she treated like it was her first love, even though it abused her over a thousand times back in her office in the modern era. In an instant, she was caught by its cuteness. She placed it on the ground, and then patted its head. After careful inspection, she realized that there were some bruises on its hind legs. Most likely, it tripped over during the rush of demonic beasts earlier. With a flip of her hand, she instantly cast a healing art on it.

She then lightly patted on its furry little head again, and then pointed at the forest. “Go home now, little fellow. Don’t come out here so casually anymore. The world of adults is very dangerous, alright?”

“Meow~” It approached her hand, and its little head leaned against her palm. “Stroke again… Fur…”

Zhu Yao happily stroked its little head again. Haah, her World Favourable Impression sure was a timeless treasure! It seemed like there was no need for her to worry about beasties at all. Thus, with her mind at ease, she returned to the sea of flowers.

Fifteen minutes later.

Under large trees, inside the bushes, and behind the boulders, one beast head after another slowly popped out, their eyes shining bright. “Lord’s elder sister sure is kind. I like her.”

“I like her too, I really want her to stroke my fur.”

“Me too…”

“You don’t have any fur in the first place!”

“Then I want her to pat my head.”

“I want her to smile at me.”

“I want to bear monkeys for her.”


Zhu Yao, who unintentionally raised her favourable impression once again, had no idea about this at all. However, in the sea of flowers on the second day, she picked up a ninth rank beastie whose leg was injured, and it was presently looking straight at her with large, sparkling eyes. “Lord’s elder sister, beastie’s paws hurt…”

The hell was ‘lord’s elder sister’?

Zhu Yao sighed. Seeing that it was a die-hard fan of her little brother, she decided to help heal its injuries. Then, she let it leave.

On the third day.

She spotted another demonic beast at the exact same spot.

“Lord’s elder sister, I’m hurt as well…”



Were they treating her as a hospital? The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Seeing that it seemed to have worse injuries, she decided to heal it as well.

On the fourth day.

Same place. Another beast.

“Lord’s elder sister, hurry and look at my paw…”

On the fifth day.

Another beast.

“Lord’s elder sister, both of my paws hurt…”

Sixth day.

Yet another beast.

“Lord’s elder sister, my three paws…” Eighth day.

Again, beast.

“Lord’s elder sister, my six…”

On the ninth day.

Zhu Yao cancelled her strolling activity.

A certain eight-legged demonic beast was waiting at the patch of flowers. Heheh. Which paw will lord’s elder sister heal first? So excited, what to do?

Zhu Yao felt that the cultivation method of differentiating spiritual energy through colours was possible, after all, she was a living example. However, as a Game Master, her body possessed too many cheats, unlike a regular player. Though the theory was sound, she was still worried that it could not be put into actual practice.

This worry  worsened  as  little  tyrant’s  closed-door  training continued. In a blink of an eye, little tyrant had been in closed- door training for almost a year. However, she was still unable to sense any abnormal activities within the room. Little tyrant’s cultivation, though, had risen to the fourth level of Essence, but this also meant that he most likely had yet to discover the method.

Zhu Yao felt like giving up, when suddenly, she sensed abnormal movements from the surrounding spiritual energy. However, it did not come from little tyrant’s direction, but from her own cottage!

She immediately sprinted in, only to see her own master leisurely standing within a pile of spiritual energy of all five types. His surroundings were glowing with colourful lights, looking especially eye-catching.


Yu Yan waved his hand at Zhu Yao, and then swept a glance at the surrounding bunch of spiritual energy. “Yu… Yao. You’re right, the spiritual energy of this world is indeed differentiated by colours.” Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. “Master, you can see them now too?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded. “I had a sudden thought of verifying it, so I meditated for a short while. Then, I could see them.”

“That’s great!” She stepped forward to hug him out of excitement. “Since master can see it as well, it proves that it’s possible to directly take in five types of spiritual energy at the same time. People who possess the penta spirit veins can cultivate as fast a those who possess the heavenly spirit vein, and their cultivation will immediately…”

Eh, wait a minute!

The person with penta spirit veins is little tyrant, and the one who should raise his level of cultivation is little tyrant as well, then…

What’s the use if her master could see it!? -faints-

o(╯□╰)o Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. If master can see it, it means that little tyrant can do it as well. Recalling the events then, she spent a whole five years before being able to do so!

“Master, how long did it take you to see them?”

A certain master pondered deeply for a moment. “Four hours.”

“…” Shot in the chest!



“Tell me honestly, you have cheats activated as well, right?”


Her master was able to see spiritual energy. Looking at it from a broad perspective, it was good news. It meant that the spiritual energy in this world indeed possessed colours. Furthermore, by differentiating them through their colours, it was the fastest and most convenient method to take in spiritual energy. Zhu Yao listened to her master’s experience, and then recalled her own. Then, she once again imparted these knowledge to little tyrant, as descriptively, as seriously and as thoroughly as possible. She completely reformed her teaching policy.

Since the structure was already given to him, all she could do now was wait, and see if he could apply these knowledge.

“Little tyrant, don’t be anxious, work on it slowly. Seeing spiritual energy is a very complicated matter, and you’re still young. Spending seven to eight years is understandable.” After all, I myself spent five years.

“Mn. Grandma, I will work hard.” Little tyrant obediently nodded, and continued his closed-door training.

Three years later…

“Grandma, grandma! I see them, I see many spots of light!” Zhu Yao: “…”

One used four hours, while another spent three years. Zhu Yao of the Five Years Party suddenly felt that she had retained in the same school year twice in a row! Why did she feel so irritated?

“Grandma, what should I do next?”


Geniuses like you two should leave, don’t speak to a retainee like me.

She had to admit that little tyrant was a gifted child. After truly being capable of sensing spiritual energy, his cultivation rose like a speeding rocket. Adding that he had once attained the Paragon level, he was extremely familiar with the arts at the Essence stage. After cultivating once more, there was not even a need for his meridians to expand again. In just a short one year, he returned to the cultivation level of Essence Paragon.

Zhu Yao decided to have him establish his Foundation right away.

“Little tyrant, whenever and wherever you fall, you have to lay… ah pui, you have to climb back up right there and then. Establishing Foundation isn’t terrifying, rather, the most difficult part is overcoming your fearful heart. Humans should spend more of their time looking at the future, and not dwelling within the mistakes made in the past. Remember what you’re trying to achieve at the very end.”

Little tyrant was silent for a short while, and then he nodded his head. The worry in his eyes instantly scattered away. He failed once before, causing a knot to form in his heart. Without untying this know, he would most likely be stuck here for his entire lifetime.

He spent a full five days before he walked out of the cottage. Though he looked entirely fatigued, and that there were even traces of his meridians being damaged, he did not disappoint her and was able to successfully establish his Foundation.

“Grandma.” His eyes clearly carried dazzling lights that were never there before. Only today, ever since he turned even a penta spirit veins holder, did that strand of gloom hidden at the depths of his eyes finally disappear for good. “Not bad! As expected of someone I taught.” Zhu Yao stroked his head as she praised. In four years, he had already turned from a childish looking youth into a tall and sturdy young man with a manly demeanour. Now, whenever she wanted to pat on his head, she even had to tiptoe.

Little tyrant scratched his head out of embarrassment. On his slightly resolute face, he revealed a simple and honest smile. “Grandma, do I still have to continue my closed-door training and raise my cultivation?”

“There’s no need to rush!” Zhu Yao shook her head. She had him establish his Foundation quickly because his mental state had already reached that level in the first place. If he were to cultivate blindly forward, and if his mental state could not keep up, it wouldn’t be good either. After all, working behind closed doors was not something good. “It’s time to put things into practice now.”


Zhu Yao signalled him to follow her, and then brought him to that “demonic beast collection point”. As expected, there was already a seventh rank beastie waiting there with its limbs injured due to some unknown reason. The beast looked like an ape, but it had six limbs. Pinching onto one flower with one paw, it was presently plucking out one petal at a time, and it was even murmuring softly.

As it pulled one petal out, it spoke.

“Lord’s elder sister will come…”

Pulling out another one, it then said.

“Lord’s elder sister will not come…”

Chapter305: Towards Wandering City

Question. What was  the best  method to raise  one’s skills?
Answer: Practical experience!

The training method which Zhu Yao had taught of, was through actual battles. When she recalled the time she was training her sword techniques, she refined her skills through the daily abuse of her master, where even her face would swell and her nose would turn green. Now, it was little tyrant’s turn. Naturally, it would only be fair if she were to beat him up till he had a greener nose and a more swollen face than her.

Then, she invited a bunch of thugs… ah pui, partners. Just who was more suitable as sparring partners than demonic beasts which had lived in the forest since they were young, and had lived their lives just for battles? After she had treated the injuries of quite a bit beasties, so she should receive some visiting fees, right? Though, a large part of their injuries came from themselves trying to cripple… themselves.

With helpers, Zhu Yao officially turned into a spectator. Every morning, she would head over to the “demonic beast collection point” and heal a beastie. Then, she would task them to be a sparring partner for little tyrant. After completing it, she would reward them by stroking their fur, before bringing the lifeless little tyrant back home.

Thus this continued on and on…

Three months later, she was rewarded with an undying little tyrant, and a crowd of loyal beastie fans.

“Grandma…” A certain youth who had already been cruelly treated by the beasties, felt like crying.


“Do I really have to defeat this beastie?”

“Of course!”

“Can’t we change it with another one?”

“This is to train you, young man!” “But, this… is a third rank Weeping Spirit Beast.”

“Don’t underestimate your enemy, young man!”

“…” This was not a problem of underestimating it, this spirit beast did not have any offensive abilities at all, alright?

“Don’t hesitate, defeat this monster! Go, all in order to save Earth! Ultraman!”

The hell is an Ultraman? Little tyrant had no choice but to take two steps forward, and then, threw a punch straight at the furball that was looking at him with watery eyes. His fist, instantly sunk into the furball.

A moment later…

“Wuaahhh…” An earth-shaking cry resounded through the skies.

This Weeping Spirit Beast was indeed a spirit beast with no offensive capabilities, it’s only unique trait was… it was great at crying! Known as the proudest demonic beast in history, it would cry if it was cold, would cry if it was hot, and would cry if it was in pain. Just offending it a little would make it cry in front of you!

Furthermore, its cry was certainly the sound of a devil to one’s ears, with its reverberations being capable of lingering for three days, no matter how cute or how frail it looked. Furthermore, it had a pure personality. Just by being slightly nice to it, it would cheekily follow after you. However, it was a beastie that neither practitioners nor demonic beasts would dare to offend the most. Without a single exception.

If other demonic beasts were hard to handle, there would still be methods to deal with them. However, the moment  a Weeping Spirit Beast were to cry, its tears of sorrow would definitely be capable of reversing the flow of a river. It would not stop till it was satisfied. Yet, it just had to possess defensive capabilities that other beasties could never have, resistant to all type of attacks.

The Weeping Spirit Beast’s ultrasonic wave attack was still persisting…

Shaking the two surrounding audience. “Grandma…” What happened to the promise of beating demonic beasts?

“Uh…” It seemed like she had gone too far this time. “Ahem… Little tyrant, I say!” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. Mustering a stern and heavy tone, she said. “You must understand that there always many accidents in one’s lifetime. You must learn to be firm and strong. Just treat this as a test. I shall leave this Weeping Spirit Beast in your hands. Gambatte!” It  was definitely not because she wanted to experience the cries of a Weeping Spirit Beast due to her utter boredom, it definitely wasn’t!

After saying that, she ran out with dust clouds trailing behind her. Mn, she went back to place down noise cancellation formations.

Little tyrant: “…” He was fooled, right!? He definitely was.

Turning his head back, he glanced at the furball which had already turned red from the crying.

“Don’t cry, okay?” “Wuaahh…”

“I was wrong, alright?”


“I won’t hit you anymore.”



The Weeping Spirit Beast’s cry lasted for an entire day and night. When Zhu Yao went to check up on little tyrant again, he was already hugging onto white furball. With a face that looked like he wanted to cry to death, he was waiting at the courtyard for her.

“Eh? Little tyrant. Is this the spirit beast that you just took in?
You have great taste!” “Meow~”

A certain youth who sold his body to stop the wails of a beast: “…” Can I overthrow my master?

A year later.

Through the cruel acts… ah pui. Through the enthusiastic spars of the crowd of demonic beasts, little tyrant’s actual combat capabilities had improved leaps and bounds. He was already capable of dealing with a fifth rank demonic beast. Though he might not be able to beat one, at the very least, protecting himself from one was no problem at all. Back then, she was once thoroughly abused by a fifth rank fox demon when she was already a Foundation Paragon practitioner, which directly resulted to her first disconnection.

It could be seen that little tyrant’s comprehension abilities and IQ were really high, far surpassing hers. When she thought about it, she really felt a little… envious!

Haah, the radiance of a genius was definitely far out of her reach. In order to calm her heart… ah pui. In order to ensure the peace of the world, Zhu Yao decided to begin her role model raising project.

“Going to Wandering City?” Little tyrant was  startled. Keeping the sword in his hand, he said with a puzzled look. “Why?”

“Little tyrant, I say!” Zhu Yao began to lead  him  on.  “You have already cultivated for so long, it’s about time to check on your results. It all boils down to this, in order to see if you’re able to apply what you have learnt.”

The corner of little tyrant’s lips twitched, his face was cold. “Grandma, are you certain it’s not because you want to head out and play?”

“Uh… Little tyrant, how can you say that about  your grandma? Do I look like someone that playful?”


“…” She was actually unable to refute it. As expected, the older a child was, the less cute he would become. “Nonsense, grandma is doing this for you.”

“Yesterday, you were even talking about trying out the spirit fruit which Wandering City is known for.”

“Uh…” Why did you remember something like that so clearly? Where did that obedient and cute little tyrant go? Why did every single disciple she raise end up having such cold faces?

“Haah!” Little tyrant let out a long sigh, and with a helpless look, he said. “Forget it, let’s go then. Let me make some preparations…”

“What’s there to prepare?” Zhu Yao asked on reflex.

Little tyrant stopped, and then he looked at her with a ‘when will she ever learn’ face. “Grandma… Do you know where Wandering City is? Do you know how many spirit stones it costs to stay a night there? Do you know much a kilogram of spirit fruits costs?”

“Uh…” She was stabbed in the chest. “Haah… Let me prepare.” Little tyrant turned around and left with a sad look.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Why did she feel like the disciple she raised was looking down on her? It was as if her forehead was plastered with the word “Useless”!

Her position as a parent was in danger of crumbling, what to do? Emergency, I’m waiting online for an answer!

Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment. In the end, she found the answer. Mn, it was definitely because her master did not teach her well.

She then silently turned to look at the white-clothed figure next to her with a resentful look.

Receiving the resentful lightwaves, light swirled within a certain master’s eyes, and then, he lowered his head. Smooch! He sealed his disciple’s lips. Alright! Her master taught her really well!

In the morning of the second day, without knowing where and how little tyrant managed to gather a pouch of spirit stones, he prepared all the required items needed for the trip and then informed her that they could depart.

The few people gathered at Zhu Yao’s courtyard, and little tyrant’s furball spirit beast was responsible for the headcount.

It first leapt in front of Zhu Yao and obediently called out. “Meow~”

“Good boy!” Zhu Yao stroked its head.

It then leapt in front of Little Eighth, and called out. “Looord…”

“Ou.” Little Eighth who had successfully grown out all his feathers and finally had the look of a bird, responded in a proud manner. It then leapt in front of her master. “…” It did not dare to let out a sound.

Finally, it leapt back to its own master’s side, and looked away. “Tch~”

Little tyrant: “…”

Was this really his spirit beast? What happened to the promised contract between master and servant?

The lot of them then flew in the southern direction. After flying for an entire day, they managed to arrive at Wandering City.

Wandering City was where most wandering practitioners were gathered at, and it was also the biggest city for them. It was bustling with activities. There were rumours that the city lord was a Demigod Sovereign, and he was the only person among wandering practitioners who had managed to become a Demigod. Though his lifespan was approaching its limit, it was still because of him living here that no one dared to easily offend Wandering City. A long while after that, this city became the largest gathering site for wandering practitioners. Over here, birthright was of no importance, only strength and abilities mattered. Wandering practitioners and regular sect disciples did not discriminate against each other. Let alone heretic practitioners, even the various clans and sects were unable to exert their influence here.

However, the reason why Wandering City was famous was not just because of this. This city was the only place where the “Scentless Fruit” could bear fruit. It was said that this fruit was formed by chaotic spiritual energy. No matter what spirit veins one possessed, after eating it, the fruit would turn into the person’s corresponding spiritual energy. Compared to spirit fruits of other types, this fruit could be eaten by anyone of all ages. Though the spiritual energy improvement it provided was not large, it was still a rare fruit that many practitioners would fight over for.

It was unfortunate that the Scentless Fruit Tree could only grow within Wandering City. Even if one tried to forcefully move it, the fruit tree was unable to survive outside the city. Thus, this fruit became the specialty of this place.

Of course, the reason why Zhu Yao was here in Wandering City was for this fru… Ah pui, it was of course not because of this fruit. A mere fruit was naturally unable to allow this city hold the title of number one city for wandering practitioners. What practitioners are truly excited about, was the Great Wandering Practitioners’ Tournament held here once every ten years.

That’s right. The various sects had their sect tournaments, while wandering practitioners had their own tournaments as well.

Similarly, they were split into three groups – Essence, Foundation, and Azoth. The difference was that the Great Wandering Practitioners’ Tournament was a sports competition completely, and purely for the common masses. Though the scale was not as huge as the Great Inter-Sect Tournament, it was still very popular among many wandering practitioners.

Zhu Yao felt that compared to idols that experience regular growth paths in clans and sects, these heroes of the common people were much more able to engrave themselves in people’s hearts.

“Little tyrant, good luck! Don’t be careless, become the champion of the Foundation group!” Zhu Yao patted on Little Bai’s shoulders. “The champion’s prize awaits you!” Little tyrant’s face darkened. “Grandma… You’re not just thinking about obtaining that ‘Scentless Fruit’, right?”

“Hohoho…” Zhu Yao rubbed his head. “How can you think of your grandma that way? It’s a very important event. Something like the ‘Scentless Fruit’ or whatever… it’s not like I really want it that bad!” Geez~!

“…” She clearly wanted it really bad.

“Go, Pikachu! You must become the champion, alright?”

“…” What’s a Pikachu?

Little tyrant let out a long sigh. Forget it, he indeed needed to test out his abilities, after all. He handed over Little Eighth and the furball, who had gotten used to lying on his shoulders, to his grandma. Then, with a light push from his feet, he flew into the participants’ venue.

Because there were simply too many wandering practitioners, and that this was also the most authoritative tournament among wandering practitioners, the degree of enthusiasm people had was no less than the olympic games. This was why the preliminaries of the tournament were very easy, and no registration was needed either. The participants simply had to head over to the corresponding competition stage. The way to advance? A battle royale!

Chapter306: Practitioners’ Great Tournament Reality TV

Zhu Yao was really confident in little tyrant. Though his cultivation level was not really standing out in the Foundation category, his actual combat experience was more than sufficient. Him being beaten by various high rank demonic beasts all these years were not for naught.

As expected, an hour later, little tyrant easily advanced into the next stage. Among the several hundred Foundation practitioners, only twenty or so of them remained, and little tyrant was the one and only early-stage Foundation practitioner among them.

The groupings for the other two categories were all decided as well. In the Essence category, there were forty-two participants, twenty-one in the Foundation category, and Azoth being the smallest, with only sixteen participants.

At this moment, the organizers from Wandering City came. A tall, red stage was casually erected in front of them, and it suddenly began to slowly rise. The red sheet was removed, revealing a stage made of white jade, and a row of exquisite- looking chairs were placed on top of it, emitting out an immensely overbearing aura. However, there were no one seated on them. Above the chairs, there was another empty floating square platform.

A middle-aged man, possessing the cultivation level of late- stage Azoth and wearing the Wandering City’s staff uniform, flew on his sword and landed on the stage. He took a step forward and swept a glance at the practitioners who were densely packed together, and with a solemn voice, he transmitted his voice throughout the entire tournament venue. “Fellow daoists, welcome to Wandering City. Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of you for advancing past the preliminaries.” He looked at the practitioners that advanced, and began to voice out large paragraphs of official statements. “Our Wandering City was built many thousand years ago with the support from many daoists, and also the protection from our old ancestor, even till now… bala bala…” After singing a string of praises, his tone changed as he began to introduce the sponsors. “This tournament is brought to you by Tower Master Zhao of Treasure Passing Tower, Pagoda Master Li of Source Spirit Pagoda, and Boss Yuan of Treasure Retrieving Mark. All who advanced past the preliminaries will be awarded with one ‘Scentless Fruit’. The top three Essence practitioners will be awarded with…”

He continued to introduce a row of prizes. For each prize he introduced, a practitioner would take up a seat on the stage and greet the various people present with a smile. Though, the cultivation levels of the practitioners were really varied, with some being at the Foundation stage, or even the Nascent Soul stage. However, every single one of them was seated in a row on the stage.

Zhu Yao faintly felt as if she was spectating a reality TV programme, and the introductions she was hearing instantly changed accordingly.

“Welcome everyone, you’re presently watching the TV programme ‘Wandering Practitioners’ Great Tournament’ sponsored by “Treasure Passing Tower”, “Source Spirit Pagoda” and “Treasure Retrieving Mark”. We like to thank Source Spirit Pagoda, your great companion for spiritual herbs, and great guarantee to the quality of medicinal pellets. We would also like to thank Treasure Passing Tower, your wisest choice for mystic artifacts for a smooth cultivation journey, for  greatly supporting the programme. Lastly, we like to thank Treasure Retrieving Mark, the professional escort services that’s worth your money, for sponsoring the prizes today. The tournament this time is fair, just, and open to the public! It is hosted entirely by Wandering City, and is split into three categories. The matches are randomly assigned, and ultimately the top three will be greatly awarded. For this programme, Wandering City holds the say in all the rules! Now, let us welcome the judges of this tournament with a warm applause! Tower Master Zhao of Treasure Passing Tower, Pagoda Master Li of Source Spirit Pagoda, Boss Yuan of Treasure Retrieving Mark, and their close friends!”

Clap clap clap…

Zhu Yao clapped her hands on reflex.

The entire place was instantly dead silent.

Several hundred eyes swept towards her.

Zhu Yao, an audience who had the courtesy to clap for the performance: “…”

“Hohoho…” The hell. Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “Umm… My hands were dirty, hoho, so I was dusting the dirt off…” Thus, she had no choice but to strongly patted her hands under the intense gaze of the crowd. See, this is the trouble you get into for acting on reflex! Know some shame!

In an instant, she received several hundred stares that felt as if they were looking at an idiot. So uncomfortable!

The silence of the crowd did not persist for long, as their attention was drawn away an instant later by a growl coming from the not so distant skies.

That roar could be heard wide and far, and it felt as if it carried endless might. Though it was not releasing any pressure, it could not help but stir the hearts and senses of people, causing them to feel at awe.

Zhu Yao frowned. Why did this roar sound so similar to the roar of a dragon?

As expected, not even a moment later, a humongous beast came flying over from the horizon. Its entire body was covered in pitch-black. It had the looks of a snake did not have any legs. Its pair of eyes were like lightning, and horns grew above its head. It constantly swirled about in the shy. It was actually a ninth rank demonic beast.

“Scaled Dragon! A ninth rank Scaled Dragon!” The  crowd cried out in awe. “It’s Sovereign Hua Lin of Wandering City.”

“Sovereign Hua Lin has arrived.”

The crowd was instantly in an uproar. With revering eyes, they looked above the Scaled Dragon where the Demigod Sovereign, dressed in azure robes, was standing.

The Scaled Dragon seemed to have intentionally circled around in the sky twice, before coiling towards the highest seat.

“Sovereign Hua Lin is actually able to tame a Scaled Dragon as his spiritual beast. He’s really amazing.”

“That’s right. That’s a Scaled Dragon! It’s said that its species carry the bloodline of the Dragon race, and that it’s the species of demonic beasts that’s closest to the God race.”

The crowd began to fervently discuss about that Scaled Dragon.

Little Eighth who had been lying on Zhu Yao’s shoulder like a corpse shifted his head away in disdain. “Tch!” Stupid humans, just which part of that looks like a Dragon?

That Scaled Dragon seemed to be extremely satisfied with the commotion it caused. After arriving at the highest seat, it did not rush to make a landing, but instead, it brought its master up in the air and once again flew a perfect circle in the sky, showing off its demeanour. With its mouth wide open, it let out the same draconic roar from before.

Zhu Yao frowned. “So noisy.”

Little Eighth was even more direct. “Shut up!”

His voice was not loud. The practitioners next to them were most likely unable to hear him either. However, that Scaled Dragon which had yet to show off completely suddenly twitched, and fell straight onto the stage with its face planted onto the ground. Even the Demigod Sovereign on its back wobbled, and had almost fallen off its body.

Hua Lin desperately clung onto his reputation as a Demigod practitioner. What happened to this spiritual beast today? The Scaled Dragon however, opened its large, black pearly eyes as it looked straight at Zhu Yao’s direction. Its eyes first shone from excitement, and then it dimmed right away. Finally, it began to shiver, emitting out an unclear growl.

“Heisha, what’s wrong?” Hua Lin asked a little  worriedly. After all, it was a spiritual beast he managed to tame through great difficulties.

The Scaled Beast however ignored him, and had instead began to shiver even more, like a leaf being blown by the wind. Its voice grew even sadder, and tears began to well in its eyes.

No one else could understand, but Zhu Yao heard it really clearly.

“Wuu… Lord hates Tiaotiao now. Tiaotiao is so sad. Tiaotiao wants to cry. Wuu…”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Tiaotiao? Wasn’t it called Heisha? To have such a distasteful name for a demonic beast, was it named by its parents? Hua Lin inspected his spiritual beast for a long while, but was unable to find out what was wrong. Sighing, he had no choice but to leapt down from its body. The Scaled Dragon however immediately coiled up into a spiral, and then occupied the stage like a round flat pie. A pair of broken-hearted, black pearly eyes were what’s left that could be seen at the center, and the surroundings were suffused with a low and dispirited atmosphere.

Little Eighth, the culprit, glared in that direction for a while, and muttered. “Stupid.”

That Scaled Dragon immediately shivered even more than before.

“Wuuu… I’m being hated. I really want to die!”

Zhu Yao immediately pressed on Little Eighth, and whispered. “Stop scaring it already. If you scare it any further than now, you will cause a commotion.”

Can’t you see that even Hua Lin is being pushed to the very end of the stage due to its large figure? Anymore than that and he’s going to fall. #Informed on the importance of the God race’s bloodline#

“Ahem…” Hua Lin finally regained his senses from his spiritual beast’s anomaly. He secretly felt fortunate that these practitioners had never seen a Scaled Dragon before and believed that this coiling of its body was the usual stance it would always take. Not a single person suspected it. His reputation was kept safe, but because of this commotion, he no longer had the mood to say the speech he had initially prepared. Thus, with a wave of his hand, several types of formations were placed on the wide tournament venue. With incredible seriousness and might, he said. “Let the tournament begin.”


The layout of the wandering practitioners’ tournament was actually really simple. Two people would face each other and the winner would move onto the next round. The number of Azoth and Essence practitioners who advanced were coincidentally an even number, while only the Foundation category had an even number of twenty-one people. Probably because little tyrant was the only early-stage Foundation practitioner and had the lowest cultivation level in the Foundation category, he had the honour of directly skipping through two of the rounds. When the third round  finally started, including him, there were only six people left. Without doing anything, little tyrant had the honour of advancing into the top six.

Zhu Yao consoled the fortunate participant who was about to head onto the arena. “It’s fine, little tyrant. Luck also plays a part in competitions.”

“…” Grandma, can you not say such things while nibbling on melon seeds? You’re not even the slightest bit persuasive that way, alright?

“Good boy. Win this round, and you will be in the top three!” It’s so fortunate of him to enter the finals straight away!

“Haah…” Little tyrant sighed. “But, I have never exchanged blows with the rest, so I don’t know the depths of their power. What if…”

“Little tyrant, do you really think that when you encounter an enemy, he will give you time to understand his abilities completely before making his move?”

He was stunned. “…” “The importance of competitions lie in your own personal growth. The competitions themselves are of no concern.”

The worries in his eyes instantly swept away. “I understand now, grandma.”

“Mn, remember to win a few more Scentless Fruits!”

“…” In the end, it’s still for the Scentless Fruits, isn’t it? It felt so saddening to have a senior who did not go by the book!

“If I’m right, you’re facing an intermediate-stage Foundation practitioner in your upcoming match.” Zhu Yao pointed at a practitioner in grey clothes not far away from them. He was the only intermediate-stage Foundation practitioner in the top six, while the rest were either at the late stages or at the Paragon level. Unlike little tyrant who was seeded into the semifinals, he advanced with his own strength. “As someone who is able to stand above many with just his intermediate-stage cultivation level, he is most likely really hard to deal with compared to other practitioners. Watch out, and don’t underestimate your opponent.”

Little tyrant nodded. “Mn, I understand.” After the break at half-time, the tournament between the top six drew its curtains. Zhu Yao’s guess was right. Little tyrant’s opponent was the intermediate-stage Foundation practitioner.

If her eyes proved reliable, his opponent should possess the fire and wood spirit veins. In the previous matches, he had been using mystic arts of these two types.

Little tyrant had the penta spirit veins, so he was not afraid either. Adding that his opponent had just gone through two matches, while this was little tyrant’s first match, little tyrant had the advantage in terms of stamina. However,  his opponent’s abilities should not be limited to just these, and that he was still hiding some.

The match between the two was the third and last match of the round. When the front two matches had just ended, little tyrant rose in the air and landed at the center of the arena. Zhu Yao instantly felt a sense of pride welling inside her.

Watch. A new star is about to be born.

Chapter307: Rising New Star

Almost at the same time, that intermediate-stage Foundation practitioner descended from the air as well. The two of them landed on the arena at the same time.

“Fellow daoist, please advice.”

The opponent courteously hugged his fist and returned a greeting. In the next moment, he summoned a spiritual sword and initiated an attack. It had to be mentioned that he was a participant with great techniques. Every single one of his attack and art was used at the most opportune moment, maximizing the effects of his attacks. Little tyrant, on the other hand, was a power-type participant. His attacks and methods were after all largely developed through countless matches with various demonic beasts. They were quick and ruthless, with great force behind them. Compared to flashy moves, most of them were practical and efficient attacks.

Both of them had their strengths, and it was hard for either of them to gain an advantage on the other. Zhu Yao however was not worried. Though little tyrant only had the cultivation level of at the early-stage Foundation, his abilities were capable of resisting a fifth rank demonic beast. Furthermore, the demonic beasts that sparred with him were different every day, and they all had various abilities. This way, he was not reliant on a specific element, and he was now able to deal with various types of mystic arts handily. Almost at the same time he were to realize that his opponent was using a certain element of mystic art, his body would on reflex use a mystic art of the opposing element.

Thus, in just a few moments, the technique-type practitioner was slowly driven into a disadvantageous position.

He could not help but look flustered. He had initially thought that this would be the easiest match so far, as, after all, his opponent’s strength was a level lower than his. Never did he expect that he would instead be suppressed by his opponent instead. He had believed that his usage of mystic arts could already be considered unparalleled, but he never thought that his opponent could use various mystic arts faster than him, as if he was using them on instincts alone. Furthermore, his speed on casting any type of mystic art was incredible. Could he be a
penta spirit veins holder? Is a penta spirit veins holder supposed to be this terrifying?

If this were to go on, he would most likely lose! The practitioner’s expression sank, bringing out his hundred and twenty percent of concentration. With a wave of his hand, he constructed a wood-type mystic art – Heaven-Earth Net. In an instant, countless vines grew at rapid speeds, speeding towards little tyrant in all directions.

Bai Zhiyuan leapt far into the air, wanting to dodge them. Those vines however immediately followed after him, growing all the way to the skies and grabbing hold of his legs, which restricted his movements. One sharp thorn after another approached his figure.

Little tyrant’s expression sank as he instantly summoned a large fireball to burn away the vines restricting him. Furthermore, the flames were even spreading towards the ground. His opponent immediately cast a water-type art.

Huaaaa. A heavy rain came pouring down, extinguishing the huge flames in an instant. When little tyrant landed on the ground, the ground was already completely wet.

A good opportunity! The practitioner’s eyes shone, as he immediately unleashed the formation which he used the vines to construct earlier. In an instant, a great white light flashed beneath little tyrant’s feet, and the surroundings began to freeze up. Little tyrant was quickly frozen in ice. It finally ended.

The practitioner heaved a sigh of relief.

This was all completed in a mere instant. His speed of casting was extremely quick, and before everyone could even react, little tyrant was already frozen.

So he had the fire, wood and ice spirit veins. Zhu Yao understood and nodded, it seemed like the thing he had been concealing till now was his ice spirit vein. However… no matter how fast he was, it would not be any effective at all.

Before the practitioner could celebrate his victory, that iceberg suddenly made a crisp, crackling sound.

A figure flashed past. In the next moment, a regular second rank sword was already held right at his neck. In the face of absolute strength, speeds would just be paper tigers.

“Fellow daoist, good fight!” Little tyrant courteously spoke, as shattered pieces of ice scattered onto the ground behind him. “That’s… That’s impossible!” The practitioner looked at Bai Zhiyuan, who had charged out from the ice, in complete disbelief. His cultivation level was clearly lower than his own, so how could he possibly be able to charge out of it?

Little tyrant slowly retracted his sword. No matter if this practitioner believed it or not, this battle was won by little tyrant. The practitioner was however, still standing on the arena with a dazed look.

The entire place was in an uproar.

“Tch, idiot!” Little Eighth silently spat out.

Even the Demigod practitioner, who had been standing on the highest point of the stage and was unable to escape from being squeezed by his own spiritual beast, nodded in satisfaction as well. He stroked his slightly white beard, and said. “Mn, such a talented youth.”

Zhu Yao silently shifted her eyes away. This was why she said little tyrant was a power-type participant. Every day, he was beaten up by various types of demonic beasts with various attack patterns, so it would be impossible not to gain a rough skin and hard muscles from that, and it would not be unexplainable if his resistance stat was maxed out either. The iceberg of a mere Foundation practitioner could not possibly block the tail of a fifth rank demonic beast, right? Furthermore, it was the type where he would be smashed by tails without knowing that those demonic beasts were capable of doing that. Zhu Yao had initially wanted to raise him up into a sword cultivator, but unknowingly, she had instead raised a physique cultivator.

Uh… This was definitely an unexplainable mistake on the side of operations.

Fortunately, little tyrant had a good base. Even when his physical parameters were raised, he did not turn into a bulky man with muscles filling his face. He still had the same little white face with unlimited potential.

Little tyrant won beautifully in that particular round. At the very least, the group that were in the finals, had all been successfully stunned. Other than the Azoth practitioners who felt a little disapproving of him, every Foundation and Essence disciple was dumbfounded.

Initially, to  all  practitioners,  they  would  put  emphasis  on training their arts, while those who cultivate their bodies were of a miniscule amount. Using gaming terminology, practitioners were ranged magic users with high intelligence, high magical power, and high magical defense, but incredibly terrible stamina and physical defense. Little tyrant however was an abnormal case. While raising his three main stats at the same time, he had even unlocked the physical route of the skill tree. This was why the rest were this stunned.

In the following finals, he had undoubtedly suppressed the Foundation Paragon through sheer force, and was able to successfully become the champion.

The exciting award ceremony began. Only nine practitioners remained in the arena, being the champion and runner-ups for the respective categories. Filled with spirit and valiance, they walked onto the podium. Standing on the podium were the various sponsors and leaders, and they personally awarded and encouraged the practitioners. Furthermore, they took a group shot together to mark the occasion. At this moment,  the winners represented the backbone of the new cultivation world. They were the honor and pride of the cultivation world, each and every single one of them was a rising star. Ah~ My country…

Ahem! Stop there! Everything above was just an imagination on her part.

The actual scenario was different. Someone that seemed to a manager chuckled as he handed a storage pouch to every single winner, while not forgetting to ask each one of them a question. “Congratulations, fellow daoist. Do you have any intentions of joining our Wandering City? We have great salary,  few missions, and we will arrange a cave residence with rich spiritual energy for you. Every month, we will even issue Scentless Fruits.”

Everyone: “…”

The manager asked every single winner, but unfortunately, not a single one of them gave a positive answer. Then, he sighed as he returned to the stage, and just as he was planning on ending this tournament…

“Wait!” The Demigod Sovereign above suddenly called out. With a wave of his hand, a light breeze blew towards the few people who had just received their prizes. Little tyrant’s figure lightened and his body flew towards the tall stage.

Sovereign Hua Lin raised him towards his own seat at the tall stage, then, he glanced at the stage which was already being completely occupied by his spiritual beast. He had no choice but to give up and place little tyrant on the stage beneath his, where the sponsors were.

With a stern and esteemed look, he said. “Practitioner, are you willing to become my disciple, and come under my tutelage?”

When these words were spoken, everyone on-site held their breaths. A Demigod Sovereign wanting to take in a disciple was a huge matter, and it was even Sovereign Hua Lin the number one wandering practitioner no less. Never did anyone expect that a mere wandering practitioners’ tournament would make a Demigod practitioner think about taking in a disciple. Envy appeared in everyone’s eyes, as they looked at Bai Zhiyuan with excitement.

“I’m not willing.”

“In that case, let’s… what?” Hua Lin was stunned, and only then did he realize what Bai Zhiyuan had just said. Unwilling. Someone actually rejected the proposal of becoming a disciple of a Demigod practitioner! Everyone on-site began to gasp at this moment.

“Have you truly thought about it?” Pass this village and there won’t be anymore stores. “I don’t take in a disciple often!”

“Thank you, Sovereign, for your goodwill.” Little tyrant hugged his fist and said. “However, I already have a master, and my abilities were cultivated by my master. Bai Zhiyuan is unwilling to do something that’s akin to betraying her.”

Only then did Hua Lin understand the situation, however, he was still unwilling to give up. “May I know who your master is?”

“She’s right here.”

“May I see her?” As a wandering practitioner, stealing disciples or whatever, was something he was best at.

Little tyrant turned his head and looked in Zhu Yao’s direction. “Little Eighth, stop eating. It’s time for us to shine.” Zhu Yao brought down the pouch of melon seeds from Little Eighth’s foot, and then flew towards the tall stage. Little Eighth was unable to stabilize his footing in time, and a corner of the pouch under his other foot loosened, causing melon seed shells to scatter along the way.

“Grandma.” Little tyrant happily took a step forward.

“Not bad, little tyrant. You’re simply incredible.” Before Zhu Yao even landed, she had already raised her thumb and praised him.

“You are his master?” So she’s just an Azoth practitioner. Hua Lin was relieved. When she landed on the ground, he was planning on saying something when the Scaled Dragon that had been acting dead the entire time suddenly trembled, as if it had received some sort of shock. Its tail slammed towards him just like that.


Sovereign Hua Lin, the number one wandering practitioner who was still carrying the demeanour of a celestial deity earlier, fell.

With his face planted on the ground!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Little tyrant: “…”

The various sponsors: “…”

“Hohoho… May I know how I should address fellow daoist?” Sovereign Hua Lin stood up at lightning speed, and looked towards Zhu Yao with a harmonious look. It was as if that tragedy earlier had never happened.

Zhu Yao: “…” If you want to act, at the very least, wipe away the dirt on your face first, hey.

This instant face-changing quality could already be considered top-tier. “Yu Yao.” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, but she still returned an answer.

Hua Lin nodded. “So it’s fellow daoist Yu. Do you specialize in the arts of beast taming?” He glanced at Little Eighth and said.

“Uh… You can put it that way!”

“What a coincidence. I am proficient in the arts of beast taming as well.” He stroked his beard as pridefully glanced at the Scaled Dragon above which was still trembling.

“…” Please remove the word “proficient”. Earlier, you were clearly smacked down here by your own spiritual beast, hey.

“Since both you and I are wandering practitioners, and we are familiar with these arts, it can be said to be fate. Why don’t you come under my tutelage as well?” If his master were to come under him, then her disciple would naturally become his grand- disciple, and he would still be considered as one of his people. Mn, Sovereign Hua Lin was quick-witted as expected.

“No need…” Just how much does this person want to take in a disciple? “I have a master as well.”

“What!?” Hua Lin was stunned. He never thought of this possibility. “How can you possibly have a master as well? Where is he? What’s his cultivation level? Call him here as well, and have him come under…” Eh? Why is the surroundings so cold? Did the temperature drop?

Zhu Yao held onto the pea that was about to charge out from her chest. Master, you must calm down, bullying the elderly is wrong!

Chapter308: Hua Lin, Don’t Cry

Hua Lin sincerely wanted to take in the youth called Bai Zhiyuan as his disciple. As a good owner that loved his spiritual beasts and a Demigod practitioner who had focused on the spiritual beast taming business for several hundred years, Hua Lin could not resist a good youth who had a tenacious body akin to a spiritual beast. He was itching to take him in, and wanted to nurture him properly, train him meticulously… Eh, things are starting to sound weird?

As for spirit veins, the hell were they?

It had been many years since he encountered a good seedling that could stir his heart in such a manner. No matter what, he had to take him in under his tutelage. In order for that to happen, he would not hesitate to do anything, even if it’s taking in his master, or his master’s master under his tutelage as well.

In any case, being a master, grandmaster, or great grandmaster was of no concern. He felt that he could still accept those titles.

“Daoist Yu, just who is your master? Why don’t you call your master out? Don’t worry, I’m a really good master.” In the world of wandering practitioners, he had a very big say in things.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. If I call him out, you’re dead meat!

Even little tyrant silently turned his head away as well.

“Ahem, Sovereign Hua Lin, come over here for a bit.” Zhu Yao sighed, as she waved her hands at him with a darkened face, motioning him to come over.

“Mn?” Hua Lin was startled. Could it be that she was troubled with something? Thus, he curiously leaned over.

“I say, Hua Lin…” Zhu Yao brought him towards a corner of the stage, and patted on his shoulders. In an instant, she released her Demigod pressure, while restricting it to the area they were standing in.

Hua Lin’s legs trembled, and he was this close to kneeling down. Late-stage Demigod!

Zhu Yao chuckled. “Who do you think my master could be?”

“…” His expression turned deathly pale. When did a late-stage Demigod appear among wandering practitioners? No one had informed him about it!

“Do you still want to meet my master now?”

He shook his head wildly!

“Hoho… Fellow daoist’s master has the blessings of a celestial, and the lifespan of the sky!”

“Mn, good boy!” He just had to force her hand. She was a kind person in the first place, you know? “Oh right, this is a secret. You understand, right?”

Hua Lin: “I understand.” ┭┮﹏┭┮ When Zhu Yao brought him back to the center of the stage, Hua Lin’s legs were still trembling a little. The girls now sure are brutal. As I thought, am I already outdated?

“Haah…” He looked at Bai Zhiyuan with a resentful look. If you already have a Demigod practitioner as your master, say so earlier! You made me lose face. “Daoist Bai, an encounter is still a form of fate. Though we do not have the fate of being of master and disciple, why don’t we… become friends?” Is it too late to mend our relationship?

Little tyrant was startled for a moment. He turned to look at Zhu Yao, and when he saw her nodding her head, he nodded as well.

Hua Lin instantly revealed a flowery smile. Since they were friends, then let the matter of stealing away a disciple earlier be bygones.

“Oh right. Earlier, I saw that you address yourself as Bai Zhiyuan during the tournament. I believe that must be your mortal name. May I know what is your daoist title?”

Little tyrant was startled, and then, he turned to look at Zhu Yao.


The hell, why did she forget about this matter?

Isn’t it just giving a name? Giving a name or whatever, is something she’s best at.

“He’s my disciple, so he naturally has to carry my surname Yu. His name is Yu… Ba!”

Hua Lin: “Yu Ba! Mighty and domineering! Such a good name!”

Zhu Yao: “Hoho, you have good eyes!”

Bathroom Heat Lamp (Yu Ba) Bai Zhi Yuan: “…” Why did he feel something was odd?

Hua Lin chatted with the two of them for half a day. Only then did Zhu Yao realize that this Demigod Sovereign, was a chattering box. If she had not interrupted him, she believed that he could have continued on for the entire day, all the way to the next morning. When Zhu Yao finally clearly expressed her intentions to leave, he unwillingly let them off.

Presently, the people around the arena had long gone off.

“Remember to come back often to play!” Hua Lin waved his hands at the two of them.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to fly off on her sword, from the corners of her eyes, she glanced at the Scaled Dragon which had been crying all day long on the tall stage. Sighing, she could not help but walk over.

“Stop crying.”

The Scaled Dragon was startled for a moment, and then he raised his head from the spiraling coil. Its large, reddened eyes glanced in her direction, and in an instant, they sparkled.  It then let out a frail sound. “Meow~”

“Good boy!”

The Scaled Dragon’s sadness finally began to dissipate, as it weakly stretch out the tip of its tail.

“Not angry?”

Finding it funny, Zhu Yao held onto the tip of its tail, and then shook it twice. “Mn, not angry.”

Its body instantly shook about…

It no longer kept its body in a coiled state, recovering its demeanour as a tyrannical Scaled Dragon, and it began to playfully twist and turn.

Hua Lin: (⊙▽⊙)

As expected of Daoist Yu! She really had skills in the arts of beast taming! Even this Scaled Dragon of his was no longer throwing a tantrum. As expected of a late-stage Demigod Sovereign.

Seeing Zhu Yao who had already flown off on her sword, admiration instantly filled Hua Lin’s heart.

Eh, wait a minute. What was that black figure following behind her?

The hell, it was his Scaled Dragon.

Come back! You’re my spiritual beast, hey!

Reputation Establishing Achievement, unlocked!

Zhu Yao had initially decided to return to Peaceful Spiritual Forest, but the spiritual energy within little tyrant’s body suddenly began to stir abnormally, and there were traces of him making a breakthrough. She had no choice but to change her plan in an instant and rented a cave residence to settle down in. A week later, little tyrant successfully broken into the intermediate-stage Foundation level. It seemed like this tournament had greatly influenced the growth of his mental state. Just this single trip alone had risen his cultivation. In the future, she had to consider putting study trips and the like into her education plan.

“Grandma, let’s return to Peaceful Spiritual  Forest tomorrow!”

“What’s the rush?” She was planning on going on a study trip now!

The corner of little tyrant’s lips twitched, as he shook the storage pouch in front of her eyes.

“What does that mean?”

“It’s empty!” He let out a long sigh. “Grandma… We don’t have any spirit stones left.”

“Uh…” That was a huge problem. “What happened to  the spirit stones we brought out?” He silently lowered his head, and looked at her hands.

She was holding onto a basket filled with Scentless Fruits.

“… Hohoho. Aiya, don’t mind such small details.” It was just that her mouth was itching a little, so she bought a little more than expected.

Little tyrant looked at her resentfully. “The spirit stones we brought out were gathered by demonic beasts.”

“…” Why did she feel like she was being seen as a prodigal?

“Why don’t… I refine some mystic artifacts and sell them?” She was rather confident in her crafting skills.

“We don’t have the materials.” (ˇ?ˇ)

“Why don’t… I craft a few talismans…”

“We don’t have the materials.” (ˇ?ˇ) “Then let’s sell a few formation banners…”

“We don’t have the materials.” (ˇ?ˇ)

“Alright, let’s go home!” Let’s go and oppress that rich tycoon frog!

Just as they stepped out of the cave residence they rented, they bumped into a joyful Hua Lin who came to look for them. His dimples showed when he smiled, as he enthusiastically waved his hands at the two of them from afar.

“My dear little sister!”

“Little sister?” Who’s your little sister?

“Uh… Dear elder sister!”

Little Eighth spat out a mouthful of flames. She’s my elder sister! “Uh… Dear friend!”

Cold air enveloped the surroundings. A certain master: A friend like this will steer my disciple astray.

“…” Then what should I address her as?

A while later.

“Fellow daoists, where are you two planning to go?”

“We ran out of money, so we’re returning home.” Zhu Yao replied.

Hua Lin was startled. A moment later, he let out a smile again. “So it’s because of such a small matter. Fellow daoists, say so earlier! If you don’t have spirit stones, I do!”

“…” You’re just here to flaunt your wealth, aren’t you?

Seeing that the two of them were not looking too good, he realized the ambiguity in his words. He immediately attempted to save himself. “What I’m meaning to say is, every single small or large establishment belongs to my Wandering City. If fellow daoists wish to stay, putting aside the cost of renting them, it isn’t even a problem to gift a cave residence to fellow daoists.” As he said that, he waved his hand. The formation core at the entrance used to place spirit stones with instantly flashed green.

“Thank you, Hua Lin!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto his hand in excitement. “We are friends from now on.”

“It’s my honor!”

“In that case, can you return me the rent we spent the last few days?”



Seeing that Zhu Yao did not look as if she was kidding, Hua Lin pulled out a pouch for storing spirit stones with a darkened expression. From it, he took out a high-grade spirit stone. Before he could even pass it to her…

Zhu Yao casually swiped away… the pouch he was holding.

“Thank you. You’re truly a good person.”

The good person who was left with a single spirit stone: “…”

Zhu Yao immediately passed the pouch full of spirit stones to
little tyrant, her household finance manager, and  winked. Hurry and keep it. If it’s still not enough, we can ask this old man for more. In any case, he’s stupid and has lots of money.

“Ahem. Oh right, why are you looking for us?”

Hua Lin was startled, and only did he regain his senses. He suppressed the pain from losing a pouch of high-grade spirit stones, and said. “It’s like this. This one has a presumptuous request, which requires the help of daoist’s… disciple. This matter concerns the reputation of all wandering practitioners, and the face of my Wandering City. This is why I have no choice but to seek aid from fellow daoist.” “Oh?” Zhu Yao was a little curious. “Tell me more.”

Hua Lin straightened his expression, and said with a stern tone. “Daoist Yu, do you know about the Great Inter-Sect Tournament?”

Zhu Yao nodded. “Of course! But what does that have to do with wandering practitioners?” The Great Inter-Sect Tournament naturally involved the participation from various sects and clans, but it did not have any relations with wandering practitioners which did not belong to any faction, right?

“In the past, yes. However, it’s different now.”

“Mn?” What did he mean?

Hua Lin sighed, motioning them to enter the residence. With a wave of his hand, he placed down a few formations before he began to explain. “Us wandering practitioners have always been on the weaker end, and most of us consist of disciples with a terrible mix of spirit veins. This led to us not being fated to enter the various sects, and had no choice but to take the four seas as our home. This was an ill fate in the first place, yet we still had to succumb to the pressure by the various sects and clans, leading to our ever dwindling resources. If we were to start calculating, we are basically worse off compared to heretic practitioners.” At the very least, heretic practitioners could still openly snatch what they wanted, while wandering practitioners had to take care of their own reputation. “When I constructed this Wandering City back then, I merely wanted to provide wandering practitioners a peaceful and safe haven. However, in these few years, though the various sects did not dare to do anything in the open, they had constantly made small movements in the dark. Not to mention, they are always watching my Wandering City. It’s still fine if I’m around, but once my lifespan is depleted, I’m afraid that no one will be able to protect this city.”

Zhu Yao frowned. Wandering practitioners were indeed experiencing the worst lives out of all practitioners. Many of them were people who were disqualified by the various sects due to their terrible spirit veins. However, because they did not want to reduce themselves to mere heretic practitioners, they continued to live on without feeling embarrassed. Naturally, they would be oppressed everywhere they went.

“Then, what plans do you have?” Could it be that he wanted to seek revenge against the various sects and clans?

“I wish to prove the power of wandering practitioners to the various sects.” Hua Lin smiled, his old face seemed to be emitting a radiant glow. “I wish to prove to the various sects, that even with poor aptitudes, we are not just targets that can be bullied easily. So, in this upcoming Great Inter-Sect Tournament, my Wandering City will participate as well.”

“You’re thinking of having my disciple, represent Wandering City in the tournament?”

玉霸 (Yu Ba) – 霸:Domineering/tyrannical

浴霸 (Yu Ba) – Or Bathroom Master, a term coined by the Chinese, is short for Heat/Fan/Light 3-in-1 products made for bathrooms. Usually they are heat lamps though. Something like this: here

Chapter309: Run, Little Tyrant

“Fellow daoist Yu, this concerns the future of all wandering practitioners. To tell you the truth, I have already made the utmost preparations, and have already found the participants for the Essence and Azoth category. Presently, a Foundation practitioner is all I’m missing.” Hua Lin’s expression sank, and then sighed. “I am aware that my lifespan is running out, and though I do not regret dying, I am unwilling to see wandering practitioners stay in such a low standing forever.”

Zhu Yao was a little hesitant. Hua Lin’s thoughts were good, and they were all for the sake of wandering practitioners as well. Just by looking at this Wandering City alone, he indeed had thoughts of expanding the wandering practitioner business into greater heights. Towards an elderly with such enthusiasm for public service, she really found it hard to reject him. However, unfortunately, the place where the Great Inter-Sect Tournament was being conducted in had to be Ness Cesary Sect out of all places.

Zhu Yao unconsciously tapped her fingers on the table, and after a moment of silence, she said. “I have to consider this matter for a while more, I can’t give you answer right now.”

Hua Lin’s enthusiasm instantly extinguished, and he glanced at her with slight disappointment and regret. With a bitter smile, he nodded. “Alright! Three days later, the disciples and I will set off from Gathering Frust Mansion. Hua Lin shall patiently wait for fellow daoist Yu’s good news.” After saying that, he turned to look at little tyrant with a face filled with unwillingness. His mouth moved up and down, yet he still kept his words to himself and left through the door.

Only after they were no longer able to see his figure, did an inquiry sounded behind Zhu Yao.

“Grandma, why didn’t you agree to it?”

Zhu Yao turned her head around, looked at little tyrant for a moment, and lightly smiled. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that? The one participating isn’t me, but you.”

He was stunned for a moment. “But… You’re my master.” Shouldn’t such matters usually be decided by one’s master? This was why Hua Lin asked for her opinion earlier.

“A matter as huge as this naturally has to be decided by the one involved in it.” She valued human rights greatly, after all. Zhu Yao immediately pulled him over to sit, and spoke in a serious tone. “Then tell grandma… are you truly prepared to return to Ness Cesary Sect once more?” As part of the wandering practitioners’ faction.

Little tyrant was stunned. He slowly lowered his head, and his hands cycled between loosening and tightening. After a while, he finally spoke up. “I don’t know either…”

“What? Are you afraid of losing?”

He shook his head. His brows furrowed, showing a complicated look.

“Then… Do you still hate Qu Jiang and the rest for ousting you out of the mountain?”

“Of course not!” He strongly shook his head. He had long since thought those things through. “I can’t put them into words either.” He just did not want to return to that place.

“I know now. Something like that is rather understandable.” Zhu Yao nodded in a profound manner. “…” I’m not even clear of it myself, grandma, just what did you understand?

“This is called post-traumatic stress disorder.”

“Ah?” Little Bai was puzzled.

“This is a very professional term.” Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. “To give an example somewhat…”

“What? Nut!?” The glutton Little Eighth who was sleeping on her shoulder immediately woke up. “Where?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she pressed Little Eighth’s bird head back down.

“The meaning of post-traumatic stress order, is a condition when even after one has fully recovered from injuries, he or she would still unconsciously try to protect one’s injured spot.”

“…” Was grandma trying to tell him that there was a knot in his heart? “Little tyrant!” Zhu Yao stroked his head. “I understand that you have already put behind those things from a few years ago, but a scar has already been formed in the depths of your heart. However, you can’t possibly turn your eyes away from people of Ness Cesary Sect all your life, right?” You must not become a shut-in, alright? “To give an analogy, let’s say you once have accidentally fallen into a latrine, no matter how averse you are to latrines from then on, you can’t possibly hold it in forever and never take a dump again, right?”

Little tyrant: (﹏)~

What kind of analogy was that, hey?

“Grandma, I have already abstained from food.” So there’s no need to take a dump anymore.

“Uh…” Alright, she had forgotten that practitioners were all ‘clean’. “Why don’t I give you another analogy?”

“No need, grandma!” Little tyrant immediately stood up, the corner of his lips twitching. “I already understood.” “Ou…” What a pity. She had actually wanted to use the taste of vegetables as an example!

Eh? Why did she say taste?

“Since you have already understood, then think about it carefully. No matter what your decision is, grandma will respect it.” Zhu Yao gave him a thumbs up. After pondering for a moment, she added. “However, I hope that the decision you make is an outcome of your deliberation, and not just to vent out your frustration.”

Little tyrant’s figure twitched for a moment.

Zhu Yao had nothing else to add, so she turned around and left the room.

This time, little tyrant began to ponder about it seriously. Just like that, he stayed in his room for three whole days pondering about this issue. Zhu Yao was even planning to pack up and head on home, when he suddenly opened the door to her room. It seemed like the depressing atmosphere surrounding him had been swept away, as he looked more refreshed than before. It was as if the dark clouds had scattered, revealing the warm sun behind them.

“Grandma, I want to participate in the tournament, in the name of Wandering City.”

“You have decided? You’re not going to change it?”

“Mn.” He smiled, as though he had returned to being that sunny and handsome youth of five years ago. “I’m a wandering practitioner. No matter if I take a good position in the tournament or not, I just want to prove that penta spirit veins are not trash spirit veins.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Zhu Yao pulled him out. “Hurry and inform Hua Lin, he might even give us some money for taking part.” After all, he was a star practitioner who had just become a champion in the recent tournament.


“…” ————————————————

The Wandering City today was especially bustling, with people filling every corner of the streets. Most of them were in groups, just that those practitioners did not comprise of just wandering practitioners, but uniform wearing sect practitioners as well. Wandering City was located at a rather central position in the cultivation world. These sect disciples were heading to participate in the Great Inter-Sect Tournament as well, and were here to take a break or to replenish their supplies.

As Zhu Yao and little tyrant made their way over, they saw several waves of people. Compared to the leisureliness of wandering practitioners, these uniform wearing disciples evidently looked more excited. Some would occasionally bring up the matters concerning the tournament, basically making it impossible for others to not recognize them as participants for the tournament.

“I heard that an Azoth Core practitioner with penta spirit veins appeared in Ness Cesary Sect!”

Zhu Yao’s feet stopped. Penta spirit veins? It couldn’t be fellow student Ye Qingcang, right? “Penta spirit veins, are you serious? Isn’t it hard for penta spirit veins holders to even establish their Foundations?”

“I know right? And I heard that he had merely used twenty years.”

“Isn’t that even faster than heavenly spirit vein holders then?
Who is it?”

“He seems to be called… Ye Qingcang.”

“I have also heard that this senior-martial uncle Ye is proficient in the arts of pellet refining as well. Presently, he is already a fifth rank Pellet Refining Master.”

“Isn’t that a little too heaven-defying? Can a penta spirit veins holder truly become this incredible?”

“I have also heard that the Peak Lord of Talisman Spirit Peak has betrothed him his personal succeeding disciple.”

“The personal succeeding disciple of Talisman Spirit Peak? Are you talking about junior-martial sister Qu Yi?”

“That’s right! A hero is worthy of a beauty, after all! Even I want to get to know someone like him. That way, I will be able to rub off a cup of wedding wine from him too.”


The people in front slowly walked far off, and in a few moments, Zhu Yao and little tyrant could no longer hear their voices. Zhu Yao could not help but glance at little tyrant next to her.

“Sad?” I can lend you my shoulder, you know.

Little tyrant was startled, and asked back. “About what?”

“Qu Yi…” Zhu Yao reminded him. His childhood friend was about to get married, and the groom wasn’t him.

He instead smiled it off. Let alone any pain or dejection on his face, not even a hint of regret could be seen. He shook his head and said. “Grandma… I have long seen through that matter five years ago.”

“Are you really alright? Not sad? Not frustrated?” Zhu Yao bore a suspicious look. “Don’t worry little tyrant, no matter of you smack your love rival to a pulp, or spit at him with a mouth full of cola, I will always… cheer for you.”

“…” Is she not going to help him? “I really am fine!”


“Really!” He nodded heavily, and sighed. “Actually, thinking back about it now, back then, I might not have truly loved junior-martial sister Qu Yi. Most of my feelings came from wanting to take care of her as my sister, just that it had already become a habit of some sort after being with her from young. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have realized that she liked junior- martial brother Ye.” His eyes shone, as he spoke with slight envy. “Though, junior-martial brother Ye sure has startled me. I never expected him to form his Azoth Core so quickly.”

“Alright, I believe you now.” It seemed like little tyrant truly did not love Qu Yi, and she suddenly felt things had become rather boring. “Why don’t we still try to crash their wedding and steal the bride or something?”



“I shall lay out the plans for you. I promise you that you won’t get beaten to death~”



“It will be perfect. It will be safe, reliable, and no damage to public properties will be made!”

Little tyrant immediately left.

Haah, as expected, the older he gets, the less cute he becomes. ————————————————

When they arrived at Gathering Frust Mansion, Hua Lin clearly broke down from happiness, as he left a trail of dust behind him to welcome them from afar.

“Dear…” When he recalled the addressing problem, a series of words appeared in his mind. From, little sister, to elder sister, to friend, and finally, he decided. “Daoist!”

“…” The hell was ‘dear daoist’? Why did she feel like he was calling out to a pair of fake fortune tellers!?

“I knew you two will definitely come.” He was thoroughly moved. Just when he was about to start singing praises and give his leader’s speech, Zhu Yao immediately stopped him from chattering.

“Let us just hurry to Ness Cesary Sect.”

Hua Lin was startled. Looking at the sky, it was indeed getting late. Only then did he suppressed his tongue and turned to ask the Azoth Core practitioner next to him. “Has Wu Jia not arrived yet?”

That practitioner’s face paled, as he replied with a bow. “To reply old ancestor, this… Wu Jia promised that he would send it over at this time. It should be soon… soon.”

“What’s wrong? Is there still a participating disciple who hasn’t arrived yet?” Zhu Yao asked.

Hua Lin’s expression stiffened. “He’s not actually a participant.”

Then what was he? Zhu Yao had yet to ask when suddenly…

A fatty came running over noisily from the other side of the streets. As he ran, he gasped heavily for air. “I’m… I’m… I’m here, old ancestor. This lowly one is here.”

“Mn.” Hua Lin nodded. “Where’s the thing?”

“Here!” The fatty pulled out  an  item  from  the  storage  pouch on his body. It was a jade scepter embedded with various gems, and it was dazzling to the point of being overboard. Evidently, it was the mark of an arriviste.

“It’s this!?” Hua Lin opened his eyes wide with scorn.

The fatty chuckled, as he tried to fawn over him. “Old ancestor, this is the one and only eighth rank mystic artifact which this Wu has seen all these years. There isn’t any other than this!”

Hua Lin stared at the jade scepter for a while with a complicated expression, and in the end, he simply gritted his teeth as he made a compromise. “Nevermind. With how things are now, there’s no other way left.”

After saying that, he received the scepter. Throwing it into the air, he chanted a sword flying art, and the jade scepter instantly turned several hundred times later. It looked even more luxurious and dazzling. Zhu Yao felt that she was about to be stabbed blind.

“Jiang Cheng, call over all of the participating disciples now.
We will depart immediately.” “Yes!” The Azoth Core disciple next to him nodded, and then left while leading the fatty to their destination.

Wait a minute!

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Old man, we can’t be riding on this mystic artifact to Ness Cesary Sect, right?” Even if you beat me to death, I won’t do it, alright? This will simply make me lose fans!

Hua Lin had a complicated expression as well. He glanced at his surroundings, and then spoke with a suppressed voice. “Daoist Yu, you should be aware of this as well. We wandering practitioners, since the start… do not have any sort of reserves. Furthermore, I can only refine talismans, and not artifacts. This mystic artifact is already the one with the highest rank which I can find.” He had a dispirited look. In order to hold some face during their entry, he went through a great deal of trouble. “Furthermore, this one is merely a rental, and he had only managed to get it through his connections.”

“…” He had to find a sponsor for something like an eighth rank mystic artifact!? “You guys are seriously not doing well at all!?” “There’s no other choice…” He shook his head. “We can’t possibly have the wandering practitioners fly over on their own, right? That Scaled Dragon of mine is indeed shocking, but unfortunately, it isn’t in a good condition recently. If something were to happen there later on because of it, in front of the various sects, the wandering practitioners will be even more…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

For this wandering practitioner business, he sure had taken quite intense pain and worry.

Raising her head, she looked at the jade scepter which was still emitting light and heat…

But she really did not want to lose any fans!

“Master, master! Emergency, please reply.” Zhu Yao immediately transmitted her voice in order to look for support.

“Speak.” “Please assist me by sending a transportation tool which many people can ride, one that exudes a quiet extravagance, which looked as if there’s meaning behind it. It would b best if it is of a higher rank.” After pondering for a moment, she added. “Other than a brick!”

The moment her words fell, the storage pouch on her body shook.

“Master, I love you. Muuacks!”

Zhu Yao immediately pulled it out, and realized it was a green- coloured jade boat. He immediately passed it to Hua Lin.

“Daoist Yu, this is…” Hua Lin was startled.

“The return gift for the spirit stones from before.”

Only then did Hua Lin carefully inspect the article in front of him. As he looked, he took in a couple of few cold breaths. “Tenth… Tenth… Tenth rank mystic artifact.” “To be more precise, it is a tenth rank mystic artifact of the extreme grade.” If her master was the one who created them, then their qualities were ensured.

Hua Lin’s hands trembled, and was this close to dropping it with his unstable hands. Tenth rank. An extreme grade even. This was not logical. He had lived… for so long, and though he had seen a tenth rank mystic artifact before, one with an extreme grade was just a legend, right?

“Daoist Yu…” Hua Lin’s eyes were a little red. I really want to cry, what to do?

“Uh…” Old man, do you have to be this moved? Wipe off your snot, hey!

Hua Lin sniffled. “Daoist, please feel at ease. Once this Great Inter-Sect Tournament ends, I will return this artifact with my own hands.”

“No need.” Zhu Yao waved her hand without a mind. “I have a lot of it at home.” “Ah!?”

“Uh… I’m speaking about reciprocity! You gave me something a few days ago, so I returned you a gift.”

This gift is a little too expensive, isn’t it!? I feel like I’m in a dream. Though he knew that she was a late-stage Demigod Sovereign, and that she would most certainly have several good items on her, he never expected that she would take out something like this so casually.

Hua Lin fiercely rubbed his nose. His heart was feeling a little sour, and even the hand he was holding the mystic artifact with felt slightly heavy. This was the friendship between him and Daoist Yu!

A moment later.

“Daoist Yu…”

“What is it?” “Can I hug you?”


Chapter310: Hua Lin Sent a Friend Verification Notification

The so-called Great Inter-Sect Tournament was actually a convention for the various clans and sects to display their strength. The ones who took the top three positions for each category were usually talented disciples from the first grade sects, and in these hundreds and thousands of years, disciples of Ness Cesary Sect always had the most abled people that could take the top spots. In every tournament, there would always be one or two incredible individuals making their names known.

However in the recent years, because of matters concerning Skybond Peak, many sects were dissatisfied with Ness Cesary Sect. Though Ness Cesary Sect now had five more Nascent Soul practitioners and their overall power had risen, this situation had even more so deepened the people’s desires to obtain Skybond Peak. There would always be people wanting to snatch away the treasures within, be it openly or secretly.

As the Sect Master, Qu Jiang was piled with worries that could seriously shatter his heart. Just a few days before the Great Inter-Sect Tournament, he had even sensed the presences of heretic practitioners. Furthermore, he had no idea how they managed to sneak in, and all the formations protecting Skybond Peak had even lost their effects. Though the formations now were personally constructed by their Demigod Sovereigns, and their effects were naturally stronger than before, there would always be possibilities of leaks. Compared to constantly mending and patching the formations, he would have rather not be able to enter it like before!

Not to mention ,this Great Inter-Sect Tournament might looked the same on the surface, anyone would be able to figure out that the goal of the various sects was basically not the tournament itself, but Skybond Peak. He had no choice but to put forth hundred and twenty percent concentration to deal with the tournament while staying vigilant, afraid that a leak somewhere would cost them Skybond Peak.

Compared to these worrisome days, he would rather have the days when senior-martial aunt Zhu was still here!

Qu Jiang sighed deeply. He wondered just how his little martial aunt was doing now.

Eh? Was he hallucinating? Why was he seeing his  little martial aunt flying over here?

Aaaaaaah! It really is her! “Sovereign Hua Lin of Wandering City arrives!” A resounding announcement sounded, stunning the crowd on the grandstand.

In the sky that was clear of clouds for thousands of miles, space suddenly distorted, and an enormous spiritual ship instantly appeared before everyone’s eyes. The ship was jade green, and glossy lights were faintly flowing around its surface. It was enveloped by auspicious clouds, and abundant spiritual energy filled its surroundings. It was actually a tenth rank mystic artifact. Standing atop the deck of the ship was two people, one old and one young. The man had the cultivation level of Demigod, while the woman had the cultivation level of a Azoth Core Paragon.

For a moment, the entire crowd was stunned still by this overbearing entrance. Even the disciples who were fighting on the ring all looked up towards that spiritual ship one after another.

Hua Lin desperately maintained his might as a Demigod, but in actual fact, his heart was already blooming with flowers of happiness, and he could not wait to transmit his voice towards Zhu Yao. “Daoist, fellow daoist! What happened just now? How did we arrive at Ness Cesary Sect in a blink of an eye, the moment we entered the ship? This speed is too incredible.” Zhu Yao glanced at him. “Mystic ability.”

Hua Lin’s eyes shone even brighter, as though light  itself could shoot out at any moment. “Mystic ability! You’re talking about the special skills which all extreme grade artifacts above the seventh rank are born with? Then the mystic ability of this celestial ship is…”

“Void Break.” The ability to slice through the void and immediately arrive at one’s destination. Just that it required a considerably long casting time, and it even had a twenty-four hours cooldown as well. It could only be used once a day.

Hua Lin could not help but hold his breath. It was actually Void Break! It was a skill which only Demigod practitioners could use. This mystic artifact was actually able to use it! What to do? I really want to jump in excitement for a bit!

“Qu Jiang of Ness Cesary Sect, welcomes Sovereign Hua Lin.” Qu Jiang stood at the spectator stand not far away from them and greeted loudly.

Only then did Hua Lin finally suppress the thoughts of jumping with joy. Mn. I’m an esteemed and mighty Demigod Sovereign. I can jump in excitement when we get back.

He controlled the spiritual ship and left it above the grandstand. Then, he shrank it into size of his palm, before leading his group of disciples towards Qu Jiang who came forward to welcome them.

Qu Jiang first bowed in front of Hua Lin. “May I ask for what purpose has Sovereign made his visit here for?”

Hua Lin stroked his beard, and said with a smile. “Today is the day of the Great Inter-Sect Tournament. This Sovereign has naturally brought disciples to participate.”

“Wandering practitioners wish to participate in the tournament!?” Qu Jiang was startled.

“What? We can’t?” Hua Lin frowned.

“Of course not!” Qu Jiang immediately recovered. “The Great Inter-Sect Tournament is but a means for the various sects to interact and learn from each other. If Sovereign has this interest, then Ness Cesary Sect will naturally welcome your participation. Are these the disciples who will be participating this time?” He turned to glance at the few dozen of people behind Hua Lin, and his line of sight stopped at Zhu Yao.

“Little… Daoist Zhu, long time no see.” He quickly change his way of addressing her at the end. “Are you here to participate in the tournament as well?”

“Nope.” Zhu Yao shook her head. “I’m purely here as a spectator. The one truly participating is little tyrant.”

“Zhiyuan?” Qu Jiang then looked at little tyrant behind her, and his eyes instantly shone. A hint of excitement could be seen within his eyes. “You… Y-You established your Foundation!”

“Sect Master.” Little tyrant bowed in front of him.

“Great, great, great!” Qu Jiang sized little tyrant happily. His face was filled with joy. He never expected that little tyrant would still establish his Foundation successfully, and he had even risen to the intermediate stages as well. He could finally heave a sigh of relief. Qu Jiang instructed the disciples of his sect to arrange the wandering practitioners’ participants into the tournament, before leading Hua Lin and Zhu Yao onto the grandstand, onto the spectator stand where leader-level people are situated at.

Zhu Yao’s appearance had made the entire place fall into a strange awkward atmosphere. A few Elders of Ness Cesary Sect especially, had incredibly darkened expressions. Most likely, other than Qu Jiang, there really wasn’t anyone else  who wished to see this former senior-martial aunt whom they had for only five years once more.

Though the other sects have heard rumours of her departure from Ness Cesary Sect in these five years, Ness Cesary Sect did not openly acknowledge these claims, so the other sects could do nothing about it either. Furthermore, when she formed her Azoth Core back then, Ness Cesary Sect had especially hosted an introduction ceremony. A large portion of the Nascent Soul practitioners all recognized her.

Now that she had openly made her way to the tournament with Hua Lin, this paper wall had finally been completely torn apart. The various sects were not saying anything on the surface, but their hearts could not help but scorn of Ness Cesary Sect’s action of killing the donkey the moment it left the millstone. Even Sovereign Wu Fu’s face sank as well.

Hua Lin did not care about such details though. Along the way here, Zhu Yao had already informed him of these broken matters she had with Ness Cesary Sect. To Hua Lin, Ness Cesary Sect throwing away a late-stage Demigod, and he picking her up after that, was not just a bad thing, but a heavenly good fortune. He could not even wait to thank the eighteen generations of ancestors of Ness Cesary Sect. Thus, he openly brought her towards the highest seats, where the highest level of personnels were made to sit. There were already five Sovereigns sitting there.

Hua Lin sat right at the chair that was just added in, and unconsciously glanced at Zhu Yao.

Eh, this isn’t right. If there’s only one chair, what about my good friend?

Seemingly in the next second, he stood right up again.

Should I let her sit? But my good friend is presently concealing her cultivation level, wouldn’t I be exposing her? He had no choice but to sit back down again.

But, my good friend has already helped me so much. If I sit down here alone, while she remains standing, it still hits on my conscience a little.

Thus, he stood up again…

But, my good friend already mentioned that her cultivation level was a secret.

So he sat down again…

This continued on for seven to eight times.

The row of Demigods… were all looking at this lunatic.

Zhu Yao finally could not hold it in any longer, and sent him a voice transmission. “Are you constipated or something?”

Hua Lin stopped, maintaining his half sitting posture. With a complicated look, he replied. “My good friend… why don’t you… sit on my lap?”

“Scram!” You old pervert, are you trying to take advantage of me?

“But if I let you stand, my heart won’t feel at ease! Why don’t you…”

“Shut up!”


He finally settled down and obediently sat on the chair, looking all awkward.

“Junior-martial sister Zhu, long time no see. I never expected that you would go under Sovereign Hua Lin’s tutelage so quickly.” Sovereign Wu Fu suddenly spoke up, as he looked at Zhu Yao with a kind face. However, the meaning behind his words was not as kind. He was clearly saying that she had betrayed her sect. “Sovereign Wu Fu, not only have you grown older, have your eyesight worsened as well?” Before Zhu Yao could even speak up, Hua Lin rushed in head-on. He glared at Wu Fu, and then said with a cold smile. “Who told you that Daoist Yu is a disciple under my tutelage?”

Wu Fu was startled. “Is she not?” Then why did you parade her around?

“Of course not.” Hua Lin said with a proud look. “Daoist Yu has an extraordinary aptitude, and is furthermore a genius in the arts of beast taming. This Hua can’t even compare, and to be able to friends with her, is already a blessing worth three of my lifetimes.”

Wu Fu however did not take his words seriously, and had thought that he was merely speaking that way to protect her. “Why didn’t I know she’s capable of taming beasts as well?”

“I found it strange as well. Ness Cesary Sect had actually lost such a dazzling pearl.” Hua Lin looked at him mockingly, and said that he was blind right in his face.

Wu Fu’s expression stiffened, and he had no choice but to quell the fury in the depths of his heart. He turned back and continued to spectate the tournament, snorting coldly. “I sure wish to see just how bright this dazzling pearl of Wandering City can be.” Though, he was still a little cautious of Hua Lin. However, this Great Inter-Sect Tournament pitted  disciples with cultivation below Nascent Soul against each other. Mere wandering practitioners with trash spirit veins actually dared to participate as well. They truly did not understand the difference between heaven and earth.

The other practitioners seated actually had the same thoughts as well, and had thought that Hua Lin was merely here to flaunt his might. Some even thought that he might be here  for Skybond Peak. However, those disciples had nothing to be feared of.

However, just a few hours later, these proud, arrogant and famed sects finally felt the taste of being smacked right in the face.

The Essence category was the very first to end its battles. The one who won at the end, was not a disciple belonging to any clan or sect, but a quad spirit veins disciple at the level of Essence Paragon who was brought over by Hua Lin. If this was just a fortunate victory, then the battles in the next Foundation category had stunned them even further. Among the two finalists, one was an earth heavenly spirit vein disciple with the late-stage Foundation cultivation level, but he was beaten into a pulp by a disciple with penta spirit veins. That earth wall which said to boast the strongest defense, was sliced like tofu by his opponent’s spiritual sword. No matter was it speed, mystic arts, or strength, he was basically unable to gain even the slightest bit of advantage. Furthermore, his opponent’s cultivation was a level lower than his, a mere intermediate-stage Foundation disciple.

“It sure is rare to see a disciple with such a robust figure.
Could he possibly be a physical-type practitioner?”

“However he is especially proficient in mystic arts as well, so he can’t be a physical-type practitioner.”

“To think there’s actually a talented individual in both the physical and mystical arts. Though he possesses the penta spirit veins, he can still be considered as a genius.”

“To actually have such a helper, it’s no wonder they would dare come to the Great Inter-Sect Tournament. I wonder who this person is? Does he has a master?” The people of the various clans and sects began to look at this penta spirit veins disciple with shining eyes. All of them had stunned looks, and had long forgotten that they were being slapped in their faces.

The people of Ness Cesary Sect were the only ones who had darkened expressions. Because the genius everyone was talking about, was exactly the disciple they personally chased out five years ago.

This was especially so for Qu Ying, who had an especially tough stance back then. The sound of a face-slap was ringing especially loudly in his ears.
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