My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 291-300

Chapter291: Kill a Mob Right Before Disconnection

Zhu Yao simply felt a bundle of flames burning in the depths of her heart, searing to the point she thought of destroying everything. Even her initially white-coloured lightning phoenix, was slowly being dyed in red. However, that cultivation wacko was clearly not taking her seriously. Though the sudden disappearance of those few people earlier had shocked him a little, he had merely been stunned for a short while, before he began to unleash his attacks.

The pressure of a Demigod was instantly released, as though he was intending press Zhu Yao onto the ground.


It was completely ineffective!

Zhu Yao was still standing upright.

“How is this possible?” His face carried utter disbelief. A mere Azoth Core practitioner was actually able to resist the pressure of a Demigod. The so-called ‘pressure’ was actually an aura unleashed by the spiritual energy in one’s body, which was why the higher one’s cultivation was, the stronger the pressure would become. And, to improve a practitioner’s cultivation, one had to absorb spiritual energy, so based on a practitioner’s instincts, one would be suppressed by fear of someone who possessed an even denser amount of spiritual energy than his or her own. Basically, other than the suppression from the amount of spiritual energy, more of it was due to a person’s will and fear.

However, Zhu Yao was currently filled with rage. Other than wanting to bash the person in front of her to death, she basically had no other thoughts. Afraid? My ass!

The lightning phoenix which had been completely dyed in red let out a long cry, before charging straight over once again.

The man was startled for a moment, before giving up on increasing his pressure on her. He summoned the black serpent, the materialized form of his own sword intent, and met her attack. The two sword intents clashed. Sand and rocks flew into the air, and the entire floating mountain began to rumble. Shattered rocks fell off the ceiling, allowing light from the outside to seep through the cracks. The man frowned. He had initially thought that he  could easily deal with his opponent. Forget about her not fearing his pressure, what caught him off guard was her sword intent which actually carried such powerful might.

The interior of the floating mountain was empty in the first place. With such a huge disturbance, signs of collapse had already appeared. A hint of worry crossed through the man’s voice, as his main body was still within the pool of blood. If the mountain were to collapse, it would definitely influence him. He had no choice but to split some of his attention on protecting the blood pool beneath.

The moment he split his attention, the control of his sword intent weakened, and her sword intent was actually capable of matching his. The phoenix and serpent battled for a long while in the sky, yet neither was able to subdue the other. Every single time he scattered the lightning lights, they would once again regenerate in the next moment.

Though Zhu Yao had already circulated all of her spiritual energy, her cultivation was still two large realms beneath his opponent’s. She was desperately holding on by relying on the fury in her heart, but her spiritual energy was close  to depleting. In just a few moments, she would definitely die under her opponent’s sword intent. Only then did her reason which had been burned off by her anger return bit by bit. Puking out a mouthful of blood, her red sword intent flashed for a moment, showing signs of collapse.

The man coldly laughed, a hint of ridicule flashed past his eyes. A mere Azoth Core practitioner actually dared to challenge him. Such a preposterous person she was.

Zhu Yao’s situation grew even more difficult. In about seven minutes or so, her spiritual energy would be depleted completely.

Was she regretting her actions?


She did not regret staying here alone! Little Eighth was the youngest treasure of her Phoenix family, and in her heart, he was still but a child. Yet, he was imprisoned alive by this lunatic for so many years, and he died in such a miserable fashion. No matter what, she could not forgive this murderer.

If this was the modern era, she would have called the police and have the law seek justice for Little Eighth. However, this was a xianxia world where the strong was revered, and furthermore, her opponent was a Demigod, a supreme being in the Lower Realm. No one was able to put him in his place. Then, she will be the one! If the world was unable to seek justice for Little Eighth, then she will!

She came too late and was unable to save Little Eighth. The only thing she could do, was punish this murderer with her own hands.

Little Eighth, look! Your seventh elder sister will definitely make this bad person pay.

Murderer! Forfeit your life!

If her cultivation was not sufficient, then she will raise it! If her spiritual energy wasn’t enough, then she will take in spiritual energy! Zhu Yao’s heart sank. As she inserted even more spiritual energy into her sword intent, she focused her mind and gathered spiritual energy into her body.

In an instant, the lightning phoenix which had been wrapped around by the black serpent fiercely grew by a two times its original size. With a back slash, it slapped the black serpent onto the ground.

The man retreated a step back, his face was filled with shock as he looked towards Zhu Yao. “What are you planning to do?” He then realized that the surrounding spiritual energy was beginning to stir, and they poured towards Zhu Yao. “Taking in spiritual energy into your body… Are you seeking death?”

The spiritual energy that was directly taken in was extremely disarrayed. If one were to lose focus in guiding them into his or her Dantian, the spiritual energy would rampage continuously in his or her meridians. She had actually had the insane idea of taking in the spiritual energy she was missing while battling him. This was basically suicide.

“I had thought that you were a smart one, but you were actually such a moron. You actually seek your own death.” The man coldly laughed. With a flick of his hand, his sword intent once again charged towards Zhu Yao. “If this continues on, you won’t live either.”

Zhu Yao did not reply, and simply controlled her  sword intent, desperately willing it to approach his opponent. The streaks of lightning on the phoenix’s body zap thunderously onto the surroundings, and the collapse of the mountain grew even more intense. Some of the rocks had even begun to smash towards the pool of blood, but they were blocked by the formation protecting it.

The moment his focus loosened, the lightning phoenix faintly begun to overwhelm the black serpent.

A hint of fury flashed across his face, as he said with a frown. “Hmph! If you continue to rampage like this, don’t even think about leaving this place alive yourself.”

“Leave this place alive!?” Zhu Yao glared back. “I never planned on staying alive the moment I stayed behind. My only goal, is to prevent you from ever crawling back up.” As the saying goes, hardness beats softness, sharpness beats hardness, and recklessness beats sharpness. She currently possessed that recklessness!

The man was stunned for a moment, varied emotions appeared on his face. A moment later, he calmed down, and said with a sunken voice. “So what if you’re not afraid of death? Do you think your desperate attempt at taking in spiritual energy into your body will be effective? You’re basically too late!” If taking in spiritual energy was such a fast process, then there wouldn’t be people spending several thousand years yet be incapable of ascending. “Your intake of spiritual energy is basically unable to catch up to your consumption…”

Before he could even finish, the atmosphere in the entire space completely changed. As if a spiritual energy whirlwind had suddenly risen, the surrounding flourishing spiritual energy began to rampage. As if they were being attracted by something, they began to wildly poured in his opposite direction.

The various types of spiritual energy turned into a spiritual whirlpool, charging into the skies and breaking apart the mountain peak. Before the sun rays could shine down, the hole at the top had already been completely occupied by the flow of various spiritual energy. The entire floating mountain instantly turned into something similar to an active volcano.

However, actual volcanoes blast out magma, while the one here was pouring out spiritual energy.

A spiritual energy turbulence! And it was even a turbulence of five different types of spiritual energy! “How… How is this possible?” She was simply taking in spiritual energy into her body, so how was she able to attract this much spiritual energy?

The man was stunned, the emotions on his face changed several times. Suddenly, the thought that she might actually kill him surfaced.

No! He had plotted this for so many years in order to defy the heavens and change his fate. He did not hesitate to offend the God race, and had even captured so many demonic beasts. He had conducted so many experiments and was just a single step away from succeeding. As long as he were to obtain the inner core of a God race, he would be able to ascend to the Higher Realm. How could he possibly fall short now!?

His heart was in a fluster, and his eyes were filled with ruthlessness. Taking the opportunity while the spiritual energy had yet to be completely absorbed, he waved his hand and summoned countless icicles, attacking her in an overwhelming manner. He was after all a Demigod, so how could he possibly lose to a practitioner who was merely at the Azoth Core stage? Earlier, he did not directly deal the killing blow was all in order to retrieve the method of obtaining the inner core from her. Presently, it was evident that he could not allow this person to live. Dense packs of icicles came flying over, and there was basically nowhere for her to flee to!

Since she was unable to flee, she decided to stay. Zhu Yao cast an art and slammed her palm onto the ground. Countless lightning streaks rumbled and charged into the air. Half of the mountain body which was damaged by the spiritual energy instantly collapsed.

Little Eighth’s body which had been pinned to the mountain fell onto the ground at this moment as well.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, yet she had already turned numb from the pain of wildly pouring various types of spiritual energy into her body. Spiritual energy occupied every inch of her meridians, wildly destroying her body which was restored not too long ago. Every corner of her skin was torn with flesh protruding out, and every corner of her body was in intense pain.

The long-awaited turbulence of spiritual energy! Ever since she possessed the Harmony Spirit Veins, spiritual energy turbulences had no longer occurred whenever she took in spiritual energy into her body. Initially, she had thought that because she only had great affinity with lightning spiritual energy, there would be no such turbulences when absorbing the five elemental spiritual energy. Later on, she slowly realized that spiritual energy and affinity was not separated by the types of spiritual energy at all. She was merely subconsciously taking note of the types of spiritual energy when guiding them into her body in the past, and so did not take in the five elemental spiritual energy.

With those restraints now removed, the other spiritual energy were no longer rejected. As expected, the phenomenon of spiritual energy turbulences would still occur, and this phenomenon was exactly the thing she was looking forward to.

The five elements clashed against each other, and the spiritual energy wildly destroyed her body. Yet, Zhu Yao did not have the strength to spare to control these rampaging spiritual energy, and simply used them right away.

The sword intent which was still covered entirely in red just earlier, was slowly being dyed in the colours of various spiritual energy, and in but just a few moments, it expanded several tens of times in size. Her opponent’s black serpent sword intent was no longer able to suppress it. Instead, it was immediately suppressed, and with a long cry, the black serpent disappeared in the air. Puaah…

The man spat out a mouthful of blood. The rebound from one’s sword intent was not something even a Demigod could go unscathed from. His expression instantly turned as dark as the bottom of a cauldron. He looked at Zhu Yao who had already been covered entirely in blood, surrounded by the rampaging spiritual energy. An Azoth Core. He had cultivated for so many years, yet he actually lost in the hands of an Azoth Core practitioner!

His expression turned even more sinister, his eyes grew even more venomous, and his entire body was filled with bone- piercing hatred. He dodged the lightning streaks that filled every corner of his surroundings as he watched the lightning phoenix whose size was already approaching to that of the dead Phoenix on the ground. With an annihilative force, it charged straight towards him. Gritting his teeth, he instantly materialized countless swords and fended it off.

He could not die! How could he die? He was someone who had crawled back up from purgatory, so how could he possibly die in the hands of an Azoth Core practitioner? Since he had already defied the heavens once, then naturally, he should be able to defy the heavens again! A black aura instantly emitted out of the man’s body, and it slowly crawled up to the sides of his face, making him look exceptionally ominous. Casting an art with a wave of his hand, the blood within the blood pool, as if it was being attracted, gathered towards his hands, revealing an enormous blood-red formation. The formation then flew straight towards the lightning phoenix in the air.

The moment the blood formation made contact with her sword intent, the lightning phoenix emitted out a screeching cry.

Zhu Yao felt as if her organs were burning, as though there was something slicing her very soul. She used all of her willpower to endure the pain and prevent herself from fainting.

The hell, this old lady is going all out!

She immediately accelerated the guidance of spiritual energy, allowing her own meridians to be shattered to nothing but smithereens. In any case, she was no longer able to feel any pain.

Her sword intent instantly expanded once more. As it let out a long cry towards the heavens, it slashed through the blood formation. With the whistle of the wind, it directly penetrated through the lunatic practitioner’s body.

The man simply felt her divine sense dispersing from the charge, blood from the corner of his lips splattered onto the ground. His face was filled with utter disbelief.

He really was defeated by an Azoth Core…


His eyes fiercely widened as he looked in shock at Zhu Yao, whose human appearance could no longer be discerned.

Nascent Soul… early-stage Nascent Soul… mid-stage Nascent Soul… late-stage Nascent Soul… Demigod…

Her cultivation was still rising rapidly!

A hint of fluster flashed across his eyes, as he fled towards the mountain peak. With such a wild expansion of spiritual energy, that old hag would not be able to hang on for long. As long as he dragged the time out, she would die on her own. He merely had to leave this place temporarily, as long as he could fly out of this mountain…

Suddenly, his leg tightened. A streak of lightning had chained his leg, and with a powerful pull, his entire body was immediately yanked back.

With a bang, he was smashed onto the ground. Next to him was the enormous head of a phoenix, its fiery red eyes were looking straight at him. Probably due to his mind playing tricks on him, he was actually able to see the bone-piercing hateful intent seeping out of its pair of eyes, as if it could swallow him whole the very next moment.

He crawled a few steps away immediately out of fear. His arrogance was long gone, and what replaced was the fear of imminent death.

The lightning phoenix in the air cried out, and a purple lightning bolt came striking straight down, causing his skin to tear and his flesh to bloom. He felt his Dantian scattering, and he was no longer able to gather spiritual energy. “No… Don’t kill me.” Just as the sword intent was about to pounce onto him once more, it disappeared in the instant it made contact with him.

Zhu Yao was no longer able to hold on either, as her legs gave way and her body collapsed onto the ground. The rampant spiritual energy scattered into the air as well.

The entire site quietened down in an instant.

The man was first stunned for a moment. Suddenly, as if he had understood something, he began to laugh out wildly. “Hahahaha… This is the will of the heavens! Even a God race was in the grasp of my hands, so what if you’re powerful? In the end, you still couldn’t beat me.”

His Dantian was destroyed and was no longer able to use spiritual energy. Picking up the flying sword that fell on the side, he dragged his body which was in a wrecked state comparable to Zhu Yao’s, and limped over towards her. Hi smile was filled with incomparable arrogance. “Aren’t you going to take revenge for that stupid Phoenix? I really want to see just who… Puaah…”

Before he could finish, several blood-coloured icicles pierced out from within, immediately penetrating his entire body. His eyes widened greatly, as if he completely did not understand what had just happened. Carrying a heart filled with unwillingness and resentment, he let out his final breath.

Zhu Yao loosened her hands after the cast of her final art. A water-type mystic art, the life-saving mystic art which she taught Little Radish back then. She never expected that she would use it right here.

She won in her gamble! She had exacted revenge for Little Eighth, obtaining the justice he deserved.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Her body no longer had even an ounce of strength, and even her consciousness was turning a little blurry.

She was going to disconnect now, right?

Suddenly, the ground shook. As if the pool of blood was boiling, it began to emit out blood-red bubbles. The man who had turned into a bloody hedgehog in front of her eyes earlier, instantly disappeared into thin air. In the next moment, that cultivation wacko once again slowly rose from within the pool of blood.

His sinister laughter instantly resounded through the entire mountain depths. “Heheheheh… You thought you could kill me off so easily?”

Three words surfaced in the depths of Zhu Yao’s heart.

What the hell!

Chapter292: Just Throw Away the Opportunity for Reincarnation

Zhu Yao presently did not even have the slightest strength to move her fingers. Scarlet-red blood seeped into her eyes, causing her entire world to look as if they had been dyed in crimson red.

Yet that lunatic who should have died earlier, had risen up from the blood pool completely unscathed. His sinister wild laughter resounded in front of her.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth in hatred. This person is a cockroach, right?

“As expected, the blood of a God race has the power to defy the heavens. As long as the blood pool exists, I can resurrect endlessly.” His face was filled with ferocity and lunacy.  “So what if it’s the Heavenly Dao? I shall walk on the path that defy the heavens! Wang Shang was unable to kill me a million years ago, neither can you. So what if I can’t ascend? I am still able to enjoy eternal life. I, Cheng Qingdiao, is destined to stand above the Heavenly Dao.”

Cheng Qingdiao!! The hell, so he was that bitch!

He isn’t actually dead!?

Daoist Wang Shang, you’re too unprofessional!

Or could it be that he had long known he would be killed by Wang Shang, so he made all the necessary preparations, and used Little Eighth for endless resurrection?

It’s no wonder Daoist Wang Shang wanted to his name to stink for tens of thousands of years after his ascension. As he had said, he was a bitch among bitches!

Cheng Qingdiao had already completely risen from the blood pool, his laughter grew even sharper. A large amount of black aura began to surface from his body. Distorted and ominous black marks slowly extended from his bone-like hands, crawling throughout his entire body.

This was… the Mark of a Devil! He had fallen! True. For someone as perverse as him, he was truly befitting for a Devil.

Unfortunately, she no longer had the power to stop him.

The devillic aura from his body grew, and his cultivation surged as well. As the Mark of a Devil spread onto his face, he had completely turned into a Devil. As if he had sensed the sudden surge of power within his body, he laughed sinisterly as he raised his hand towards Zhu Yao on the ground, black gas gathered in the center of his palm. “You have indeed astonished me, but unfortunately… You encountered me! You are destined to die here!”

His palm flashed, and that condensed devillic energy was just about to take her life… Inevitably, Zhu Yao would not be able to avoid it. Earlier, he was but a Demigod, yet it had already made her turn into such a monstrosity, let alone now where he had turned into a Devil. Accepting her fate, she closed her eyes. At the very most, she could just change her avatar. Then, she would come back to kill him! Another heroine would step onto the stage!

“What’s going on? How is this possible? Ah…” Cheng Qingdiao let out a shrilling scream. The situation had changed all of a sudden.

Zhu Yao could not help but open her eyes, only to  witness purple flames beginning to burn throughout the entire pool of blood. As if the flames possessed consciousness  of  their  own, they  pounced  towards  pervert  Cheng,  instantly  turning  him into a man of flames.

He desperately patted the flames on his body in a fluster, but he was unable to stop the spreading of the flames at all. It was as if the flames were growing on his body, burning even more vigorously as time went by. Even the devillic aura on his body were being burnt to nothingness.

“No… No. Just what is going on?” He screamed and patted his body endlessly, as he began to fluster about. However, the more he moved, the further and faster the flames spread. The places where even the slightest of Little Eighth’s blood were at, had all materialized those huge flames.

Cheng Qingdiao was burnt to the point where even his human figure could no longer be discerned. With intentions of fleeing, he flew into the air. At this moment, the flames within the pool of blood grew fierce, releasing flames that extended towards the skies. As if they were trying to prevent him from escaping, a flame tongue wrapped around Pervert Cheng who was in the midst of flying away, instantly dragging him back. He once again fell into the pool of blood, but it had already turned into a sea of flames. In a blink of an eye, he was engulfed by the searing flames, and his figure was no longer in sight. The entire mountain was echoing with his screams.

“No… T-This is impossible! I’m undying… I’m undying…”

He constantly roared out these words, yet his voice grew hoarser as time went by, and finally, all voice was lost. The huge flames were extinguished at this moment as well.

This change had occurred too suddenly. In merely fifteen minutes, Pervert Cheng was burnt into nothing but ashes.

For a moment, Zhu Yao did not know if she should cry or laugh. This damn pervert could turning into anything he wanted, but he just had to fall and become a Devil. Gods and Devils were in endless conflict with each other, and these conflicting elements were ingrained in the blood of every God race, while a God’s blood was the originally the sacred medicine that allowed him to resurrect. However, the moment he fell and became a Devil, the blood of a God’s race would naturally burn him into ashes. Now this was quite the irony!

It was no wonder even though he was this perverse, his face still did not carry the mark of a bug. He did not have the qualifications to become a bug himself in the first place. Ever since he laid his hands on Little Eighth, this ending was set in stone.

Could this be considered as his retribution? Could this be considered as the Heavenly Dao exacting justice for Little Eighth?

Pervert Cheng was dead. He died from his own greed. And, it was also time for her to disconnect as well.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to allow herself to fall unconscious, a change once again occurred. This place was just not letting her rest.

Following after Pervert Cheng’s death, the formations he placed down all collapsed instantly. Little Eighth’s corpse was suddenly set ablaze. Golden flames brightened the entire interior of the mountain.

This is… Flames of Nirvana!

The flames burned even brighter, and suddenly, it formed the shape of a phoenix, charging towards the skies.

Its long cry resounded through the clouds, before finally disappearing into the horizon. The flames on the ground grew smaller at this moment, faintly revealing a small figure.


Zhu Yao widened her eyes as she felt her heart was being tugged. How could she have forgotten? Phoenixes were undying birds! Even if they were to die, they could still rise from the ashes, though… he would no longer be Little Eighth.

In the next moment, the entire mountain shook. Gigantic rocks began to fall from the top. The place was about to completely collapse. No! Not just this place, the entire space was collapsing as well. She could sense cracks appearing the sky. This space was created by Little Eighth, and after his rebirth, naturally it could not be maintained any longer. When that time comes,  this entire space would shatter apart!

But what about the reborn Phoenix? That was just a fledgeling and was basically unable to flee. It would perish along with the dimensional space.

Though it was no longer Little Eighth, she could not allow it to die here.

Zhu Yao instantly felt anxious. Yet, she herself was at the verge of death, let alone saving others. Calm down. There must be a way. There must be.

Realmspirit, where the hell are you at this critical time!?


A conversation window popped out. She was instantly elated. After looking at the words on it, her expression turned cold again.

Congratulations on unlocking Deaths of Eight Avatars achievement! You are rewarded with the opportunity to reincarnate. Please select:

Disconnect immediately. Seize Version 9.0.
Die before disconnection. Let me feel the pain for a little while longer.

Disconnect, my ass! Is there any difference between dying now and dying a little while later!?

No, she still couldn’t die yet. If she were to die, the reborn little Phoenix would die as well.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath and desperately maintained her consciousness. She looked within her own body for a moment, and realized that everything was destroyed to the point where even she couldn’t recognize anything at all. To put it professionally, the degree of destruction was at ninety-nine percent. She was this close to dying!

Within her body, other than the place nearby her shattered Azoth Core was considered stable, the rest of the places were still in a rampant mess. But why was that place left intact? She carefully inspected it, and realized that it was surrounded by those strands of transparent spiritual energy.

Is it because of them?

She suddenly recalled when her spiritual energy first expanded, they seemed to have been calmed down by these strange strands of spiritual energy as well. For now, she had no time to think about the reason behind it, but since this transparent spiritual energy could calm down the rampaging spiritual energy, then she would just circulate them.

She guided the transparent spiritual energy into the places where those spiritual energy that were high on drugs were. As expected, the moment the transparent spiritual energy came, the nearby rampaging spiritual energy would automatically stop. As if they were being called out, they actually began to split in order based on their types. They began to enter her Dantian in a systematic manner.

Her Dantian had long since been smashed into smithereens. Even if these calm spiritual energy try to enter it, they would immediately scatter the moment after. And those transparent spiritual energy was truly limited. Even if they could calm down the other spiritual energy, when it came to her body which was already as messy as a stirred congee, it was merely a piece of hair on the back of a cow. Not to mention this dimensional space was immediately about to collapse, so even if she was able to hang on, there was basically not enough time.

Zhu Yao grew anxious. The calmed spiritual energy instantly lost their sense of proportion, and the five elemental spiritual energy which had been separated just earlier once again mixed together.


She waited for the imminent spiritual energy rampage, only to realize the five elemental spiritual energy that had mixed together again, had suddenly turned white, entering her shattered Dantian. Furthermore, they did not seem to have any intentions of dissipating.

This is…

Zhu Yao simply felt a bell ringing in her mind. The things which she had not been able to understand till now, had suddenly cleared up.

The merging of the five elemental spiritual energy could actually create a new type of spiritual energy, and that transparent spiritual energy was…

She immediately added the three mutated spiritual energy – wind, lightning, and ice, into the five separated elemental spiritual energy. Eight types of spiritual energy merged together.


That transparent spiritual energy was actually the merged product of eight types of spiritual energy. Zhu Yao felt as if she had opened the door to a whole new world. This discovery was no less than Yuan Longping discovering the first hybrid rice varieties!

Zhu Yao immediately circulated the newly created transparent spiritual energy. As expected, it merged with the previous small batch of transparent spiritual energy. The leading group instantly grew stronger, and the amount of spiritual energy separated grew as well.

Zhu Yao immediately used the same method to merge even more transparent spiritual energy. In just a few moments, the rampage in her body had stopped. There was no need for her to guide them, as the transparent spiritual energy had begun to fix the meridians in her body on their own. Putting aside her Dantian, even her damaged divine sense was being healed as well. The influence from her shattered Azoth Core had completely disappeared, and because she had skipped over the Nascent Soul stage, she was freed from the influence of her Nascent Soul as well. She merely had to have her divine sense fixed. Adding that the spiritual energy turbulence earlier had made her take in incredible amount of spiritual energy, she was not lacking in that department in the slightest.

In just fifteen minutes, she had actually crawled back up from the line between life and death.


The conversation window that had been floating in front of her eyes the entire time shook. The words on it flashed, revealing new ones. Detected that target avatar has activated its second spring of youth.

Opportunity to reincarnate is now ineffective!

Just throw it away already!

Zhu Yao: “…”

The hell was this second spring of youth? And who in the world would care about this reincarnation opportunity? Even without it, she would still have to switch avatar, wouldn’t she?

The conversation window shook. It did not disappear like it did in previous cases, instead, it turned into a white ray of light and flew towards the Flames of Nirvana behind her.

In an instant, the fire was extinguished, and the gigantic Phoenix turned into a pile of ashes. Amidst the black ashes, a red little bird covered in soot trembled as it crawled out.

“Chi~” It suddenly called out. Zhu Yao felt a sour feeling in her heart. She endured the pain from her body which had yet to completely heal up, and walked over with a bloody face. Yet, she saw that little one waving its little wings in disdain, and it suddenly called out with an extremely tender voice. “Why did I turn into this ugly form? Now I’m even uglier than my seventh elder sister!”

Zhu Yao stopped in her tracks, her eyes fiercely widened. She looked at that fuzzy little bird. “Little Eighth!?” How was this possible?

The little bird turned to glance at her, and seemed to have been stunned for a moment. Then, it sternly said. “Who are you? I’m telling you, my seventh elder sister is much uglier than you. Even if you dress like a ghost, you wouldn’t be able to frighten me!”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She could not help but raise her hand and slap onto the bird’s head. “You’re ugly, your entire family is… you’re the only one that’s ugly!”

The little bird had an astonished look. “Seventh elder sister, it’s you! Why are you…” “Wait!” She held onto its beak. If you say the word ‘ugly’ once more, I’m going to exterminate my very own relative!

She held him up and sized him up for a moment. After realizing that he was not lacking any feathers or legs, the frustration in the depths of her heart, instantly disappeared entirely as she heaved a sigh of relief. As she hugged him tight, her voice uncontrollably began to choke.

“Little Eighth… You’re finally back.” Welcome back. It’s great that you’re back.

The little bird stiffened for a moment, and a moment later, with a flap of its wings, he shrank in her embrace. His little figure was clearly trembling, yet his mouth was still as stubborn as ever. “Seventh elder sister, if you hug so tight, the ugliness will spread.”

“…” This damn pride of yours! I will forgive you today.

“I’m telling the truth. I’m so ugly now, most likely it will spread.” A moment later…

“Seventh elder sister.”


“… Thank you for finding me.”


“Seventh elder sister.”


“I will try my best not to despise your ugliness.”

“…” She still wanted to beat him to a pulp, what to do?

The dimensional space finally collapsed. Though Little Eighth was the one who created this dimensional space, he was no longer the same Phoenix after his rebirth. His godly energy had naturally reverted back to zero, and he was basically unable to maintain this space.

Though the Phoenixes were undying, they would lose all their memories at the moment of their rebirths,  forgetting everything from their past lives. Everything after their rebirth would no longer be the same as their past. Yet, Little Eighth was reborn with a complete set of his memories. Regarding this point, Zhu Yao guessed that it was caused by the reincarnation opportunity Realmspirit threw.

At the very last moment, she sliced through the dimensional void and carried Little Eighth who was still a frail bird back to the cultivation world. At the instant she left, she could not help but turn back to look at those demonic beasts created by Pervert Cheng.

However, she realized that all of the demonic beasts were instantly burning with the same golden flames during Little Eighth’s rebirth process. The place was filled with fiery lights. The unintelligent yet extremely ferocious beasts had turned into ashes. They were initially puppets created by Pervert Cheng with God’s blood in the first place. With Little Eighth’s main body reborn, they naturally would disappear as well. She could not help but heave a sigh of relief. Probably, to those beasties, this was a form of relief as well. They were birthed from being forcefully pieced together, though they were able to move on their own, they did not have souls which living creatures should have. The only thing they possessed, was the bit of hatred left behind by the demonic beasts before their deaths. They basically could not be labelled as a living creature.

Cheng Qingdiao had died once before. Though he had resurrected, he could barely be considered as a living dead, as only his divine sense could freely move at will. In the end, the reason why he could appear from the pool of blood was because of his fall into Devilhood. She wondered just what he was trying to prove by creating these demonic beasts?

Chapter293: Glamorous Reformed Body

The bad man had received his just desserts, and not only did the entire team retreat with their lives intact, she had even received a prideful little Phoenix as reward. It would have been an absolutely perfect happy end, if she did not have to face a certain master who seemed to be this close to freezing the entire Ness Cesary Sect!

Zhu Yao had never seen her master in such an angry state, and it was as if she could faintly see the crackling streaks of lightning within his eyes. If not because of her strong resolve, her good attitude towards admitting mistakes, and her swearing never to do it again, he might possibly blast the entire Ness Cesary Sect into a flatland for real.

This is what all of you deserve for teaching my disciple bad things!

Of course, the dead could escape punishment, but the living could not. In order to have this stupid disciple remember her lesson well, a certain master expressed that a punishment was needed. Zhu Yao quietly accepted, as she meekly brought up one final request. Not my face, please?

Yu Yan agreed. He truly did not hit her face, instead, he started smacking her buttocks.

She was the mighty grand-martial aunt of Ness Cesary Sect Master himself. She held such a grand status, and not to mention she was of such an elderly age. Yet, she was pressed against her master’s thighs like a little child, with her buttocks smacked over and over again.

Her face wasn’t smacked, but her face was all gone!

Furthermore, he had even sealed her spiritual energy and he was not soft with his blows in the least, every single smack was as resounding as it could be. It was as if the entire world could hear her misery.

Fortunately, there were not many people who would visit Skybond Peak, otherwise she would really feel like dying.

Little Eighth was not faithful either. When he discovered that her master was the Ancient Far Highgod himself, he actually firmly stood on her master’s side. While she was suffering such an inhumane punishment, he silently turned his head away.


Thus with no surprise, she was unable to crawl up to her feet the next day.

No one could understand the misery of an elderly whose buttocks were smacked swollen.

“Are you awake?” Yu Yan pushed open the door. Glancing at his disciple who was still laying on the bed, though his face was still pretty cold, at the very least, it did not carry the intense fury from yesterday. It seemed like his anger had faded quite a bit.

“Master…” Zhu Yao immediately crawled up while holding onto a supporting rod, she looked at him with teary eyes. Her entire face was filled with grief. Master, you domestic  abuser. “It hurts…”

Yu Yan stopped his feet. Looking at that pitiful expression of his disciple, the flames in his heart instantly disappeared without a trace. In the end, he sighed as he walked to the bedside. Reaching out his hands, he hugged his disciple. White light flashed within his palms, and he slowly held onto her injured areas. As he healed her, he said. “Next time, will you still act on your own accord like this?”

When he recalled the moment where she forcefully sent him out of the secret realm during such a dangerous situation, in order to face the enemy alone, he wanted to beat her to a pulp again.

“There’s no next time.” Zhu Yao immediately raised her hand and expressed her faithfulness. “I promise.”

One time was enough for a such a stupid act, how could there possibly be a next time? Now that she thought  about  it,  she clearly had her master by her side, so  suppressing  the  boss would have been easy peasy. Yet, she just had to decide to court death by staying back alone. Her IQ must have had logged out back then!

“Yu Yao, remember…” Yu Yan hugged her even tighter. Lowering his head to her forehead, he looked at her straight in the eyes as he slowly said. “No matter how big the matter is, your master is here.” Don’t deal with it alone.

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, and it was as if something warm was floating up from the depths of her heart. Hugging him back, she nodded strongly.


Only then was Yu Yan satisfied. He then tapped his finger on her forehead. Zhu Yao simply felt an energy entering her divine sense. At the same time her spiritual energy was unsealed, he even circulated the spiritual energy in her body to transform and adjust the state of her body.


“Don’t move. I shall aid you in reforming your body.”

As expected. In the next moment, she clearly felt the change of her own body. Her waist was no longer aching, her thighs were no longer bent, her skin now had a more most, springy texture and the wrinkles on her face had all disappeared. Even her hair had turned darker and more silky than before. In less than fifteen minutes, the fifty years old or so old granny turned back into a young maiden of eighteen years old.

Zhu Yao joyfully materialized a water mirror to take a look…

= =!

Correction. She had turned back into a young maiden of twenty-eight years old.

Your mom, isn’t this my appearance in the modern era? Not even the slightest of skillful techniques were applied on this reformed body at all!

“Master… Tell me honestly, did you despise my elderly appearance?” Hurry and tell me you love me, to compensate for the damage to my heart and soul.

Yu Yan blanked for a moment, before replying seriously. “Yes.”

“…” Eh!? Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. There was something wrong with
this scene! Shouldn’t you take this opportunity to confess, and tell me just how deep your love for me is? Like how the moonlight represents your heart?

Yes. His answer was actually ‘yes’!?

I was feeling proud of you for once, would it have killed you to cooperate with me a little!?

Zhu Yao’s pure young maiden heart crackled as it shattered into pieces.

“Master…” You’re heartless, unfaithful, and nonsensical!

Looking at his disciple who was suddenly in a solemn mood, Yu Yan was a little confused. He was merely not used to remembering another face, why did his disciple look so depressed? Then… should he make the effort to remember it?

“If you really like that look earlier, your master can aid you in transforming back?” “…” You already despised it, why change it back? “I want to break up with you.”

“Nonsensical!” Yu Yan frowned. Though he did not  know what breaking up meant, he instinctively hated it, consoling. “Haah, then… your master shall accompany you?”

What did he mean?

In the next moment, his figure began to change. He grew shorter, his skin loosened, and even his hair turned white. From a divine handsome man, he had turned into a divine handsome old man.

Zhu Yao: “…” Were they going to become an elderly couple?

She had to admit. Some people just had a good base from birth, even after turning old, he was still as handsome as before.

Haah, why did she have a feeling as if she had lost to the point where she even had to give up her underwear? She was now even more depressed, what to do? “Seventh elder sister.” A little fuzzy red bird came crawling in from outside. His two little chicken wings were presently hugging onto a green pea that was about his own size. As he strided in, he called out in a loud voice. “Can you turn this pea a little smaller, I can’t nibble…”

Before he had even finished his words, he looked at the two strangers on the bed, and was stunned for a moment. “Who are… you two?”

Yu Yan had investigated the unique transparent spiritual energy in his disciple’s body, and the conclusion he came up with, was that it was most likely the legendary Chaos Origin spiritual energy. It contained the spiritual energy of all elements at the same time. In other words, no matter what type of mystic art she wanted to throw, there was no need for her to go through the process of conversion, and immediately circulate the Chaos Origin spiritual energy. Furthermore, because her body was filled with this type of spiritual energy, she did not have to circulate a single type to cast an art like before. Based on casting speed alone, it was now twice as fast.

As for its other effects, there was a need for further probing.

But in  general,  it  was  pretty  overpowered.  Otherwise,  she would not have instantly broke through into the Demigod stage.

Regarding the fact that she had already become a Demigod, Zhu Yao did not report to the sect. Though she had gone into closed-door training for five years, directly becoming a Demigod from the Foundation level in just five years was a godly speed that could move the entire the cultivation world. It was too frightening. To prevent bringing in unnecessary troubles, the almighty master Yu Yan had helped his disciple conceal her cultivation. Unless there was someone whose cultivation was higher than Yu Yan’s, in the eyes of others, she was merely at the early stages of Azoth Core.

However, even if that was the case, successfully forming her Azoth Core within five years was still enough to stun Qu Jiang, her fellow friend and principal of Ness Cesary Institution. After receiving this piece of news, his smile was filled with delight and youthfulness, and he had prayed to the heavens from his excitement. Thank the heavens, thank the earth, thank the
moon for letting senior-martial aunt and Skybond Peak come together! Senior-martial aunt has formed her Azoth Core, the treasures of Skybond Peak can now be kept! The life of a deity is simply too wonderful!

He initially wanted to personally give his congratulations, but because Zhu Yao was being given ideology training by a certain master for the last few days, he had waited for her appearance outside Skybond Peak the entire time. Principal Qu Jiang had no choice but to come back again a second time. All who carried the license to teach in Ness Cesary Sect came to send their congratulations as well.

— Senior-martial aunt. I heard that you have formed your Azoth Core. Come, let us have a feast! No worries, I will pay the bills!

He had even dispatched little tyrant, this close friend whom she had a rather good relationship with, to invite her several times.

After all, she still had to stay in Ness Cesary Sect for the time being, so Zhu Yao felt that she had to give Qu Jiang some face. But the problem was… Master, when are you going to let me off from school?

Ever since she failed in courting death back then, her good master who had always kept things concise, seemed to have awakened an incredible characteristic of some sort. Every day, he would give her various forms of ideology training, seemingly wanting to pull her back from the path of her courting death without even turning her head back. She suddenly regretted returning to Skybond Peak. Because of the formation at the entrance, there was not even a single person that could enter to interrupt him. She had no choice but to bite the bullet and listen on every single day.

Now that this had occurred, she could not help but criticize the designer of this palace. Dear fellow student Wang Shang, where’s the promise of this formation being incredibly heaven- defying and that she was the only one who could enter? Why was her master able to easily dispel the formation? Why did even Little Eighth understand the method to dispelling it? Why was it that after her master broke through the formation, he had even established a formation that not only prevented people from coming in, it even prevented people from going out as well!?

Fellow student Wang Shang, you have truly disappointed me!

As for Little Eighth, recently, he was fascinated  with  Bai Yuan, that little pea. Probably because of his instincts of a bird species, Little Eighth firmly believed that Bai Yuan, which had turned into a pea, was edible. Everyday, he would ponder about how he could eat it. Zhu Yao was unable to stop him at all. Without the slightest shred of mercy, he began to hug the pea and nibble on it. As expected, even after rebirth, this one is still a glutton.

Yu Yan lectured her for five entire days. Only after Zhu Yao promised that she would bring him along if she ever were to court death again, did he finally accept reluctantly and let her go.

The moment she left prison- ah pui! The moment she left Skybond Peak, Zhu Yao felt as if it had been a long time since she last saw the sun.


“Grandma, what happened? Why are you so  depressed?” Little tyrant curiously asked.

Zhu Yao heavily patted on his shoulders. “Haah, this is a trouble between a married couple, you don’t understand.”

Single dog Little Bai: “…” Why did he feel as though he was being mocked? “Gran… Grand-martial aunt.” Ye Qingcang had  initially wanted to call her granny, but after looking at her new image, he instantly changed the way he addressed her. “About your wounds?”

“They were healed long ago!” Zhu Yao waved her hands.

The two little ones heaved sighs of relief, and only then did they respectfully explain their reason for being here. “May we request grand-martial aunt to head over to the Grand Hall at Main Peak.”

“I understand, I understand.” A celebratory feast to refresh herself right? She understood! However…

“Why are you two together?” She could understand little tyrant inviting her, but Ye Qingcang was an Outer Sect disciple. For matters like this, he shouldn’t be called.

“It’s master and Sect Master who called the two of us over.” Ye Qingcang replied.

Zhu Yao widened her eyes. “Master? You have a master now!” This was illogical. Wouldn’t he only be taken under the wings of a Demigod Sovereign after the Inter-Sect Tournament five years later?

He blanked for a moment, but he still honestly replied. “Grand-martial aunt, Qingcang has been under the tutelage of my master since five years ago.”

Five years ago? Wasn’t that when he first joined the sect?

“Your master is?”

“Qu Qu of Talisman Spiritual Peak.”

“…” Why was it that cricket again? Wasn’t he a gerontophile?
When did he change his preferences?

In other words, he had always been an Inner Sect disciple?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Was it really alright for them not to follow the script? “Grand-martial aunt?”

“Nevermind, let’s go.” Let the scenario go haywire then.

Zhu Yao sighed as she walked towards the formation at the foot of the mountain.

She did not explain to the little ones much about the matters concerning that dimensional space. Adding that it was a huge mess back then, they were not aware that Little Eighth was a God race, and neither did they see her master. They had merely treated it as though they had entered a secret realm by mistake, and then managed to escape with their lives intact. Though, they were pretty frightened on the day when she returned with a body drenched in blood.

The two of them guided Zhu Yao to the Grand Hall. At first, she had thought that Principal Qu Jiang simply wanted to celebrate her Azoth Core formation. She did not expect that it was actually to show off.

The Grand Hall was actually packed with Nascent Soul leading figures from the various clans and sects. The moment she stepped in, dozens of Nascent Soul practitioners swept their eyes towards her one after another. She had almost released her Demigod pressure out of reflex, but fortunately she endured it in time.

However, the feeling of being locked on by dozens of divine senses was definitely not a good experience.

“Junior-martial sister Zhu, you’re finally here.” Sitting at the very top, Sovereign Wu Fu, one of the two Demigod Sovereigns of Ness Cesary Sect, spoke up. In an instant, all of divine senses that were inspecting her, retracted back one after another.

Zhu Yao immediately walked over with great strides, and then she greeted the two people on the high seats. “Senior-martial brother Wu Fu, senior-martial brother Wu Hua.”

After seeing the two nod in response, Zhu Yao did not bother about the rest and instantly sat next to Qu Jiang.

This unceremonious action had evidently brought  about much dissatisfaction of the other Nascent Soul practitioners, their eyes carried hints of disagreement. Though, Qu Jiang was nodding his head satisfyingly. It was as if he could shout out at any moment. Little martial aunt, well done!

Though her cultivation level was at the Azoth Core stage, her status was vastly different. If she were to take the initiative to greet the Nascent Soul practitioners of the various sects, she would be the one losing her value. In moments like this, she should get on her high horse. At first, he was still a little worried, wanting to remind her in private.

He never expected that his little martial aunt would be this understanding, and had long known seen through this entirety. A sense of pride rose in the depths of his heart. Our little martial aunt is so tyrannical and awesome.

She had merely wanted to simplify methods, but Zhu Yao had unintentionally become the center of attraction. She continued to sit expressionlessly. Acting cool and mighty or whatever, was an inheritance passed down to her, she was professional in it.

“Everyone!” Great Patriarch Qu Jiang stood up, and spoke on behalf of the officials. “Thank you for coming  over  from faraway lands to congratulate our sect’s little martial aunt for forming her Azoth Core. Our Ness Cesary Sect and the various sects have always been of the same breath and branches, seeking the path of immortality. Till now, it has been many million years, and due to the blessings of our ancestor, Skybond Peak was left in this realm to aid the many people of our sect. Presently, little martial aunt wields the Skybond Peak, and she has also successfully formed her Azoth Core as well. It’s truly a blessing to our sect.”

When his words fell, he swept a glance at the crowd meaningfully. In an instant, those who still  had  slight objections towards Zhu Yao earlier, retracted the dissatisfaction in their hearts one after another, their faces grew a little pale. How could they have forgotten that even though this young lady was but an Azoth Core practitioner, she was the successor of Skybond Peak? She should not be offended easily. Who could know what kind of heaven-defying artifact the ancestor of Ness Cesary Sect had left behind?

The faces of the crowd changed, none of them had the scorn they had earlier. They began to reveal courteous smiles one after another, but it was unclear if they were sincere or with probing intentions.

Chapter294: Someone Else’s Love Triangle

Zhu Yao continued to act cool and mighty. In any case, she was merely a mascot for the sect. Even when there were people planning to make some courteous talk with her, they were pushed back by the great nanny Qu Jiang without fail. It was as if he was saying that his little martial aunt was a saint that could not be offended, and that she would not be bothered with mere mortals like them.

Throughout the entire event, Zhu Yao merely maintained her cold expression, while watching everyone going back and forth with their mind games. In the depths of her heart, she quietly wondered just when this mascot revealing event was going to end. Suddenly, a resentful gaze swept straight over from the other end.


Zhu Yao frowned. This old lady has yet to settle the scores with you regarding Ye Qingcang, what’s with that accusing look of yours?

She immediately sent him a voice transmission. “What’s wrong with you?” You know you look very invasive right now?

Qu Qu blanked for a moment, and after a while he sent back his own. “Little sister-in-law… How did you end up becoming like this?”

“Become like what?”

“Where’s your sexy hunchback and soul-hooking wrinkles? In the past, you were so fresh and refined, and had such a dreamy figure. How did you end up becoming like this after forming your Azoth Core?”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. “Scram!” Weirdo, please distance yourself far away from my world.

“Hah…” He looked as if the illusion in his heart had shattered. “I can’t even calmly call you little sister-in-law now.”

Who’s your little sister-in-law!? Zhu Yao ruthlessly glared at him, and could no longer bothered about this person who was in dire need of a change in his perspective of beauty. Diverting away from the topic, she asked. “Tell me the truth. Why did you take in Ye Qingcang as your disciple?”

“Cang’er?” His face looked puzzled, and asked back. “Wasn’t this your instruction?”

“When did I tell you to take him in as your disciple?”

“Five years ago!” He said confidently. “Didn’t you tell me to take care of him a little before you went into closed-door training?”

“Uh…” She seemed to have mentioned it before, but what she intended back then was to simply prevent the boy from being bullied too much in the Outer Sect, so as to stop him from darkening. She never mentioned about cricket taking in him as his disciple. You sure have carried out that instruction to the fullest, huh?

She might as well lift a rock and smash it onto her own feet right now! Raising her head, she looked behind him. Ye Qingcang was presently standing behind with his head turned, speaking to a girly wearing a pink dress. They seemed to be chatting about a happy topic, as the girly would smile every now and then. Ye Qingcang however had a stern look the entire time.

As if he had sensed her line of sight, Ye Qingcang raised his head and looked towards her. He gave her a light smile and nodded as a greeting. Zhu Yao smiled back on reflex, but she instead received the scrutinizing eyes of the pink girly.

This girly…

Zhu Yao frowned, instantly recalling who she was. She immediately turned to look at little tyrant behind Qu Jiang. As expected, he was watching the girly with a tight frown, faintly carrying a melancholic mood.

The hell. The girly was actually the female lead, Qu Yi.

Why was a love triangle about to be revealed on-stage with a bang? Did little tyrant pick up the script for a supporting male role? Zhu Yao was in closed-door training for five years, so the topic of the appearance of the successor to Skybond Peak spread for exactly five years as well. The number of people among the various clans and sects who coveted the treasures within were countless, yet the so-called successor from Ness Cesary Sect had never shown her face even once. For a moment, rumours began to spread, and there were even people who suspected that a successor to Skybond Peak did not exist in the first place. Rumours of the treasures being pocketed solely by Ness Cesary Sect existed as well. Qu Jiang pulled Zhu Yao out this time to show off, was simply in order to stuff all their faces. In the past, he was afraid that her Azoth Core cultivation level was too low and unsafe. Now that she had unexpectedly received sudden enlightenment and broke through into the Azoth Core level, adding that previous bottle of Nascent Soul Pellets, he was completely confident in aiding his little martial aunt in nourishing her Nascent Soul. Naturally, he did not have any scruples regarding this either.

Now let’s see who still dares to claim that Skybond Peak doesn’t belong to our Ness Cesary Sect. Qu Jiang’s face  was filled with prideful and refreshing smiles, chuckling throughout the entire event. All that’s left was to write ‘show off’ on his face, as he passionately conversed with the various clans and
sects. Our Ness Cesary Sect’s luck is that good, if you have the guts, come beat me then? The hearts of the various sects carried various forms of envy and hate, yet they still had to courteously give their congratulations.

This one-sided face-slapping harmonious scene was however broken the moment a disciple of the Soul Guiding Hall broke into the hall hastily.

“Sect… Sect Master…” A disciple came sprinting forward, his face was deathly pale, as he knelt down soon after his legs gave way.

“What’s with the rush?” Qu Jiang who had  already  turned into a show-off monster, frowned with dissatisfaction. He had yet to finish, you know.

“Soul… Soul lamp…” The disciple’s expression paled even further. “Reverend Qu Jing’s soul lap… has been extinguished!”

Qu Jiang blanked, dumbfoundedness flashed across his face as he hurriedly turned to face Bai Zhiyuan behind him.

Little tyrant’s  expression  instantly  turned  as  pale  as  snow. “Master…” Turning about, he charged out with haste.

The hall instantly quietened down.

A soul lamp was a lamp which every disciple would use their essence blood to light up after entering the sect. As long as one’s life was still intact, the soul lamp would not extinguish. If one were to be extinguished, it would prove that the lifespan of the lamp owner had reached the end, and the owner had returned to the heavens. And Reverend Qu Jing… was little tyrant’s master who had gone into closed-door training for many years.

“I never expected that senior-martial brother Qu Jing would still be unable to make a breakthrough into a Demigod.” Qu Jiang shook his head with a complicated look, melancholy rose in his heart. Though, the others in the hall began to gloat a little. With one fewer Nascent Soul practitioner, Ness Cesary Sect’s overall strength would naturally weaken. This was something that they were happy to see. Unfortunately, not long after their happiness sprouted, Qu Jiang’s tone changed. “It is indeed painfully unfortunate for our sect to lose a Nascent Soul practitioner, so I will need the various Reverends to humbly take their leave. In a couple of days, in the upcoming grand ceremony celebrating the success of five of our sect’s disciples nourishing their Nascent Souls, I hope that everyone will give me some face and come.” Five! Everyone present was stunned!

Nourishing Nascent Souls was not an easy feat, so why was Qu Jiang so confident that five of his disciples would nourish their Nascent Souls at the same time? Could it be!? Nascent Soul Pellets!?

Everyone exchanged glances. In an instant, they were able to guess the intentions behind Qu Jiang’s words from each other’s eyes. Their gloating expressions earlier instantly turned nasty.

One Nascent Soul practitioner left, yet five more were about to appear. Were they being played like fools? The heavens were treating Ness Cesary Sect a little too favourably, huh?

Zhu Yao paid no attention to the infighting between them, and was instead a little worried about little tyrant who had just charged out. Before he could settle the loss of his love over here, he lost his master right after. His luck was truly bad. Zhu Yao worried about what he was going to do in such a saddened state.

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. After the crowd had scattered, she greeted Qu Jiang, and then, instead of returning to Skybond Peak, she released her divine sense to scan Ness Cesary Sect. Then, she found little tyrant’s presence at the entrance of a cave residence in Talisman Spiritual Peak.

Zhu Yao immediately charged over on her flying sword, only to see little tyrant blankly standing in front of the entrance, unmoving. As though he had become dumb, his eyes were hollow and hazy.

“Little ty- Little Bai.” Zhu Yao changed her way of addressing him, and called out to him.

However, he did not have any reaction.

Zhu Yao sighed as she took a step forward. Grabbing on to him, she turned him around.

“Grandma?” It seemed like it was only then did he realize she was here, as he muttered out. It was hard to discern if the expression on his face was actually filled with sadness or loss.

She could not help but reach out her hand to stroke his head. “If you want to cry, then cry.” Little Bai stiffened for a moment. He pulled the corner of his lips, seemingly wanting to smile, but not a single trace of a smiling intent could be seen. As though he was trying to hide something, he said. “Grandma, what are you saying? I’m no longer a child, so why would I cry? It’s natural for master to leave after his lifespan is depleted, so there’s nothing to be sad about. Furthermore… Furthermore, although I’m his disciple, I have only seen him once. In this many years, he had been in closed-door training… and has never stepped out even once. How… How could I… possibly… cry? If that really happens, won’t I… become… a joke?”

The longer he spoke, the lower his voice became. At the end, he couldn’t even finish what he wanted to say.

Zhu Yao did not expose him either. With a wave of her hand, she placed down a concealment formation. “Don’t worry, no one can see you right now. If you’re sad, Grandma will temporarily lend you her shoulder.” After saying that, she turned around in order to not look at his face.

After a while.

She heard the sound of him approaching. A hairy head came leaning against her, and her shoulder was slowly being dyed with dampness.


Zhu Yao let out a long sigh. It’s great that he’s crying it out. This silly child. He’s clearly really sad, and yet he’s saying he’s not. Though his master was in closed-door training for many years, he treated Little Bai really well. Otherwise, Qu Jiang wouldn’t have always had him by his side. Though he was filled with regrets, he still respected that master of his greatly even if he was unable to see him. If not, he wouldn’t  have  that colourful expression whenever he told her about his master.

After a while…

When Zhu Yao felt her shoulder was a little stiff, he finally sniffled and spoke with a nasal voice.


“Mn?” “Master… is the best master.”

“I believe you.”



“You are the best grandma as well.”

“… Ou.”

“Can you accompany Little Bai for a while more?”


Little Bai was depressed for an entire night. As a good “elderly”, Zhu Yao had no choice but to accompany him for the night. When the sky finally turned bright, Zhu Yao had long been drenched throughout her entire body. Haah, as expected, being popular is not a good thing, isn’t it? Fortunately, Little Bai’s emotions had stabilized, as he revealed the long-awaited smile.

Zhu Yao still wanted to give some encouraging words, when a celestial crane came flying from the skies. Like a duck, it quacked and called out. “Meal… Quack quack… Go home. Quack… Go home.”

“This celestial crane can actually speak?” Little Bai curiously stared at that bird. “I wonder who is it trying to call?”

“Hohoho…” Zhu Yao’s face darkened. My dear  master,  can you change your communication tool?

“I wonder? Umm… It’s getting pretty late.”

“The day has only just begun.”

“… Alright, it’s getting pretty early. There’s heavy dew in the morning, let’s head back for now.” She cast a Dirt Removal Art to clean off the dew on their bodies, and then patted on his shoulders. “Don’t think too much. Get a good sleep back home, and then you will feel better after waking up.”

He obediently nodded. “Don’t worry. Grandma, I… am already fine now.”

Zhu Yao inspected him closely. After realizing that he was truly fine, she felt at ease. Just as she was about to send him back to the principal and release the surrounding concealment formation, she saw two people, one in front and one behind him, running in their direction.

“Junior-martial brother Ye, wait for me.” The girly behind anxiously called out. It was actually Qu Yi.

Zhu Yao’s hand paused. Taking a closer look, the person walking anxiously at the front was actually Ye Qingcang.

“Junior-martial brother Ye… Junior-martial brother Ye!” Qu Yi panted as she grabbed onto Ye Qingcang. With slight resentment in her tone, she said. “Why are walking so hastily?”

“How can I not be hasty?” Ye Qingcang’s brows furrowed deeply, as he could not bear to yank off Qu Yi’s hand. “Senior- martial sister Qu, regarding the matter of Reverend Qu Jing being senior-martial brother Bai’s personal succeeding master, how can you only tell me about it now? Sect Master said that he hasn’t returned for the entire night, what if something happened to him?”

“What could possibly happen to him?” Qu Yi pouted. “Senior- martial uncle Jing is indeed his master, but he was in closed- door training the entire time. Senior-martial brother Xiao Bai had only seen him once. Don’t worry, he wouldn’t mind. He wouldn’t think of doing anything stupid because of the matter concerning senior-martial uncle Jing.”

Zhu Yao frowned. She turned back to glance at little tyrant. As expected, his expression looked a little ugly, and it faintly carried a trace of disappointment.

“Senior-martial sister Qu Yi!” Ye Qingcang frowned as well, as he glanced at Qu Yi with slight fury. “How can you speak that way? You and senior-martial brother Bai grew up together, so you should be extremely clear of his personality. Reverend Qu Jing, in the end, was still senior-martial brother Bai’s personal succeeding master. To people who cultivate, do you understand the importance of the relationship of a personal succeeding disciple and master? How can senior-martial brother Bai not possibly be bothered by it?” Ever since he came out of the secret realm back then, he and senior-martial brother Bai could be said to have gone through life and death together. Even he was able to see that senior-martial brother Bai was someone who valued relationships, so how could senior-martial sister Qu speak in such a manner?

Qu Yi’s eyes reddened, as she looked at Ye Qingcang a little pitifully. “Junior-martial brother Ye, I… I didn’t mean it that way. I was just worried seeing that you have been searching for him for a long while…”

Ye Qingcang blanked, and only then did his expression turned gentle. With a slightly guilty tone, he said. “Senior-martial sister… I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have been furious at you.”

If he hadn’t consoled her, it would have been fine. However, now that he had done it, Qu Yi looked even more pitiful, as tears began to fall the next instant. She pounced into his embrace and began bawling out loud.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she turned to look at Little Bai, before glancing at the two people in front of them again. Why did she feel that the atmosphere was a little strange? She felt as if she held the reins to breaking these adultery offenders apart. On one end, it did not seem fine to remove the concealment formation, and on the other, it did not seen fine not to remove it.

“Senior… Senior-martial sister!” Ye Qingcang  however politely pushed Qu Yi away. “It’s… not appropriate for us to be like this. Senior-martial brother Bai will misunderstand if he sees this.”

Qu Yi’s expression stiffened for a moment, before turning into a frown. “What does this have to do with senior-martial brother Xiao Bai?”

“You… You two aren’t?” Ye Qingcang was stunned.

“We have simply grown up together since young.” Something flashed past Qu Yi’s face. In a blank of an eye, she approached him. Without further explanations, she looked at him with sparkling teary eyes. “Junior-martial brother Ye, do you hate me?”

“Of course not!” Ye Qingcang shook his head on reflex, and for a moment, complicated feelings arose. Just as these two were about to continue, Xiao Bai who had been standing at the side suddenly tugged Zhu Yao. “Grandma, let us return.”

His expression was unclear, yet his line of sight had never turned in that direction the entire time.

Zhu Yao sighed, nodding. “Mn.”

With a wave of her hand, she released the concealment formation, and appeared before the two’s confession scene.

With the sudden appearance of two people, the two of them were given a fright.

“You… You two!”

“Granny, senior-martial brother Bai!”

As though the were jolted by electricity, the two of them hurriedly separated, a trace of embarrassment flashed across both their faces. Xiao Bai took a step forward, and informed with a sullen voice. “I’m fine, there’s no need for you two to worry.” After saying that, he walked off without turning back.

Chapter295: You’re a Good Person

“Senior-martial brother Xiao Bai…” Qu Yi frowned, a trace of complication flashed across her face. She took a step forward, as if wanting to tug him.

Zhu Yao took a step to the side, cutting in. It blocked her line of vision from Little Bai.

“You…” Qu Yi glared at her a little furiously, feeling irritated from being blocked.

“I say, fellow junior-martial niece.” Zhu Yao chuckled in her face, and then glanced at Ye Qingcang at the side. “As a human, you shouldn’t be too greedy. If there are things that you can’t give, then you best state them clearly, don’t be ambiguous till the end. From where I come from, there’s a special way of addressing such people, and it doesn’t sound good. You definitely won’t like it at all.” It’s called ‘Green Tea Bitch’, and I hope you’re not one. “So, if you can’t give promises, at the very least, give him freedom. If you don’t like him, don’t destroy him either, alright? After all, he has been a senior-martial brother of yours for more than ten years.” This sort of ambiguous attitude was the most hurtful of all. “I…” Qu Yi’s expression was a little pale, as if she had understood something. Slowly, she lowered her head. “I will tell him clearly.”

“Mn.” It seemed like there was still hope.

“Grand-martial aunt…” Ye Qingcang was a little anxious as he took a step forward. “Don’t misunderstand, I and…”

“Stop!” Zhu Yao raised her palm, signalling him to pause and stopping his attempt at explaining. “There’s no need for you to tell me, you should be telling Little Bai instead. You guys decide on your own, it doesn’t concern me. However… You best tell him clearly. If you delay it for too long and make Little Bai cry…” Her tone suddenly turned chilly. “I will smack you!”

After saying that, without  looking  at  the  expressions  they were making, she turned around and followed after the stupid celestial crane that was still circling in the sky.

Qu Yi was destined to be Ye Qingcang’s girly. Even though there was a change in the scenario, the two of them still ended up walking on the same path. This meant that Little Bai was destined to be cannon fodder as well. They were still young, and their feelings had just budded. Rather than feeling pain and bitterness in the future, he should instead extract himself before his feelings grow deeper. After all, it was best to suffer for a short while than an eternity.

Not to mention that it was not appropriate for her to step directly into this matter as well. The only thing she could do was give pointers at the right time. And, she was able to see through the girly’s heart with a single glance. On one hand, she could not bear to disregard her feelings for Little Bai as childhood friends, and on the other, she was beginning to love Ye Qingcang. She was confused as well, yet she did not want to let go of either side. Initially, she had wanted to let things drag on like this till she could make a decision on her own. However, when that time comes, most likely, someone would be hurt to the very end. This was why Zhu Yao stimulated her a little.

And it seemed the girly Qu Yi was not a bad person in nature, as she understood Zhu Yao’s words.

“Seventh elder sister, catch it!” The moment Zhu  Yao returned to Skybond Peak, she was met with a green ball pouncing at her.

She caught it with a swipe of her hand. “Peapea?”

“Pea…” The pea cried out, desperately rubbing her chest. As it made ‘pea pea’ sounds, it began to emit streams water, drenching her entire body.

Was it… crying?

“What’s wrong?”

A short-clawed little Phoenix, clad in red feathers, came charging out of the house. Its two eyes shone as it looked at the pea in her hands. It pushed its little wings towards its plump belly and rubbed it. After a long while, a fiery light flashed. A ball of flames the size of a fist was summoned, and the little Phoenix immediately waved its wings and flapped them towards her. “Seventh elder sister, hold it tight. I’m going to fry and eat it.”

“Pea…” The pea trembled, even more water streamed out of its body, instantly turning her into a drenched chicken.

“…” Zhu Yao simply snapped her fingers, extinguishing the fiery spark which Little Eighth on managed to ignite after much effort, and looked at him with a deadpan look. “Little Eighth, stop fooling around.”

“Seventh elder sister, you’re so biased!” Little Eighth complained, as he pointed at the pea in her hand and said. “You don’t even let me eat a pea. You’re mistreating an underaged little animal.”

Zhu Yao flicked her finger on his forehead, and Little Eighth was flipped away like an angry little bird. Mn, the same red one.

“Enough. Peapea has just awakened its spiritual intellect, so it has limited intelligence. Don’t scare it every single day.”

Little Eighth only managed to crawl up after rolling a few rounds. He furiously glanced at the pea which was pouring out water on her hand. Then, he coldly snorted and turned his head around, yet he did not come chasing after it any further.

“I will let you go for today!” He looked as though he was saving his elder seventh sister some face. Zhu Yao felt her head aching. She wondered just what was wrong with Little Eighth? When she was looking after him, he had behaved pretty well. From how he had lived through two lifetimes, even if had yet to turn into a mature adult, he could still be considered as a teenage Phoenix. However, whenever he were to spot Peapea, he would go crazy, thinking of all methods possible to scare it, making it run and jump about. It was still fine in the beginning, as he was just the size of her palm. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to bite through it, and the pea was not bothered by his actions either. In these few days, he had doubled in size, and he had restored some of his godly energy as well. And it was only then did he begin to have some twisted thoughts.

“Seventh elder sister.” Little Eighth came to rub the little pea again with his claw, and said in a mysterious manner. “When do you think will the Far Ancient Highgod come out from this stupid pea?”

When? When she calls for her master, of course. Zhu Yao inspected Little Eighth for a moment. “Why are you asking?”

He slightly turned his head away, and said in a slightly flustered tone. “I… I have a few matters, that… that I want to ask, that’s all. He’s a Highgod, so he should know everything.” Zhu Yao frowned. “Little Eighth, he’s not the Far Ancient Highgod.”

“Ah! Ah?” Little Eighth was startled for a moment, and then he anxiously said. “He’s clearly the Highgod, and elder seventh sister calls him master as well. So how is he not the Far Ancient Highgod?”

“He is indeed my master.” Zhu Yao sighed, explaining. “However, he’s not my teacher. He’s my master, Yu Yan, not the Far Ancient Highgod. Teacher, he…” She paused for a moment, before continuing shortly after. “Teacher… is  no longer here.”

Little Eighth lowered his head in disappointment, his entire being looked a little greyish as he softly muttered. “If the Highgod isn’t here anymore, who should I ask?”

“Just what do you want to know?” Zhu Yao stroked his feathers. “Tell seventh elder sister. I might know about it?”

Little Eighth raised his head and glanced at her, before turning away again immediately after. He continued to mutter. “Tch, even a smart and handsome Phoenix like me doesn’t know about it, how can you know when you’re this ugly?”

Zhu Yao raised her hand and slapped at his little bird head.
Watch what you’re saying!

“Aiya!” Little Eighth hugged his head with his two wings and sprinted a few steps away, carrying a complaining expression. “Seventh elder sister, you can’t blame me for being ugly though?”

Haah, look at this temper of mine!

“If you have the guts, don’t run!”

The little red bird sprinted away, immediately disappearing from sight.

Don’t let me catch you again!

Zhu Yao glared at the direction he ran off too, and then looked at the pea in her hand. Just as she was about to call her master out to discuss some matters, her divine sense unconsciously picked up the presence of someone outside the door. Furthermore, it was someone she knew.

“Grand-martial aunt, disciple Ye Qingcang wishes to consult you on a matter.”

Why was the bugged student here? Didn’t they separate just earlier?

Zhu Yao’s heart was filled with doubts. Keeping the pea, she walked out.

Ye Qingcang was presently waiting outside the door, though his brows were tightly knitted, looking as though he had heavy matters in his heart. It can’t be something related to the girly
Qu Yi right? Could it be that the girly Qu Yi gave up on him and
chose Little Bai? This isn’t in the scenario!

“Grand-martial aunt!” Seeing her appearance, Ye Qingcang’s brows relaxed a little, as he then proceeded to give her a respectful bow.

“Is there something you need from me?” Speak then, is there something you’re not happy about? Speak about it  and entertain me a little. I specialize in comforting broken-hearted youths the most.

Ye Qingcang hesitated for a short while, his face carried a complicated expression. “This disciple has a matter that has been swaying within his heart. I hope that grand-martial aunt is able to point me out of this maze.”

“What is it?”

His brows furrowed even further, as he scanned his surroundings a little anxiously. It looked like he was a little afraid of something?

Zhu Yao waved her hand and placed down a formation, isolating their auras and figures. She secretly shook her head in her heart. Youths and their need to save faces these days! Why
can’t they think about it logically? They’re not even superstars,
so why would anyone be interested in their love lives?

“Can you speak now?”

Ye Qingcang gritted his teeth. As though he finally managed to resolve himself, he took out round cup-shaped mystic artifact from his robe.

“Eh!?” The token of love with the girly Qu Yi? Why did she feel it looked a little familiar?

“Granny, to tell you the truth, I picked this up after separating from you and senior-martial brother Bai in the secret realm back then.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. She sternly stared at the cup-shaped mystic artifact. “Medicine King Furnace!” The hell, wasn’t this the male protagonist’s pellet refining divine artifact?

“Granny, you know about this artifact?” Ye Qingcang had a stunned look.

“Mn.” Not only was she aware of it, she had seen it countless times during her precognitive dream, alright? “The Medicine King Furnace can increase the chances of refining pellets by three times, and it can be considered as a divine artifact. Since you are able to turn it so small, most likely, you have already formed a blood contract with it. You can now store it in your divine sense, right?” Ye Qingcang was startled for a moment, as though he never expected that she would know about it so clearly.

“You picked this up at that secret realm. A place like that…” Zhu Yao glanced at him, and continued. “You want to ask if anything will happen to you after forming a blood contract with it, right?”

Ye Qingcang paled, as he explained immediately. “Granny… I did not hide this from you intentionally, I simply had yet to make certain of what it was, and my blood accidentally sprinkled on it. I have only discovered it in my divine sense recently.”

“No need to be this anxious!” Zhu Yao felt he was a little hilarious. “It’s not like you have a duty to report every single thing to me. I won’t blame you.”

“Granny…” He had a complicated look, as though he did not know what to say.

“Enough!” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. It was something that should belong to him in the first place. Even after making a detour, he still ended up picking it up. “Don’t worry, that pervert from the secret realm… Uh, I’m talking about  the heretic practitioner who refined beasts. Even though he’s not a good person at all, this is a good artifact, so you should keep it with an ease of mind. There isn’t any bad aura emitting out from it, so it shouldn’t affect you in any bad way. In the future, you must become a Pellet Refining Meister, alright?”

Ye Qingcang was stunned for a moment, as though he never expected that she would so easily dispel the worries he had for such a long time. Actually, ever since he bound this furnace, he faintly sensed that it was an extraordinary artifact. However, because he was truly afraid that it would adversely affect his body, he had been hesitant talking about this matter. He was afraid that it would arouse the greed of others, and there was not many people he could trust around him either. After hesitating for a long while, he realized that he could only consult the granny who had constantly protected him in the secret realm.

Initially, he had thought that even if she would not have greedy intentions, at the very least, she would be angry at him for concealing this matter. He never expected that she wouldn’t mind in the slightest and would easily gloss over it. Not even the slightest bit of desire could be seen in her eyes, as if she would still stay unconcerned no matter how heaven-defying an artifact he were to pick up. For a moment, he was joyous in his heart, yet he faintly felt an indescribable disappointment as well. “Granny… Actually, other than this furnace, I picked up something else as well.” He could not help but blurt out the words which he had never prepared to say even if he were to be beaten to death.

“Something else?” He couldn’t be referring to the inheritance of that Pellet Hall, right?

He then took up that small jade tablet as well. “There’s a few pellet recipes and pellet refining techniques within.”

“Ou.” It was that inheritance alright. “Then work hard, youngling!”

Ye Qingcang was stunned. He was unable to believe his ears a little. “Just like that?”

Confused, Zhu Yao inspected him a little. What else do you want? You can’t possibly want me to sponsor you, right? Right, he has been calling me granny after all.

Gritting her teeth, she silently pulled out a spirit stone tile. After pulling it out from the floor of the great hall with great effort, she stuffed it in his hands, and said in a meaningful manner. “Youngling, I can only support you this much. Go buy some medicinal ingredients used to raise your cultivation then?”

“…” He looked at her dumbfoundedly.

Could it be that it still wasn’t enough? Hey! Learn how to be content with what you have, youngling!

“I really don’t have anymore!” It’s really troublesome to pull out another tile back there!

Ye Qingcang looked at her dumbfoundedly for a moment. Suddenly, he burst into laughter, and it grew even louder as time went by. In the end, he ended up bending down from the pain caused by the unceasing laughter.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Why did she feel irritated?

“Hey, youngling, that’s enough.” Give this elderly some face.
What’s with you? Laughing in such a manner. “Granny, granny…” He finally managed to curb his laughter. As he shook his head, with slight clear-mindedness and self- depreciation, he said. “Granny, you sure…  made  this Qingcang… feel ashamed, really ashamed…”

Earlier, he was actually worried that she would lust for his possessions, afraid that she would kill him and snatch away his treasures. Looking at it now, it sure was laughable. Most likely, only those who had darkness in their own hearts would feel that others were the same, right?

“Is there anything else?” Zhu Yao glared at him a little irritatedly.

He took a deep breath, straightened his face, and bowed respectfully. “Thank you, granny, for your teachings.”

“Eh?” What did I teach?

“This disciple shall take his leave.” However, he did not plan on speaking any further, as he turned around and headed down the mountain. Leaving behind a confused Zhu Yao. The hell did he come here for? Just to flaunt his cheats?

So what!

As expected, bugs are really hateful.

“What… plans do you have this time?” A white figure appeared next to Zhu Yao.

Yu Yan glanced at the figure that just left, and then stroked his disciple’s hair. Just as he was about to release his hand, he pondered for a moment before reaching out to her hand at the side, their fingers intertwined.

“Master…” Zhu Yao turned around and pounced into  his chest. With a tired heart, she leaned on his shoulder.  She needed to draw in some energy. “Haah, the younglings today are getting harder to manage.”

“Why?” Zhu Yao pouted. “He’s a good person.”

“Because he can’t be said to be a bad person, you can’t make a move on him?” Yu Yan sighed. Even if he were to be a bad person, as long as her bottom line was not crossed, this stupid disciple of his would still not bear to make a move, right? He once again turned to glance at the youth who had just left, frowning. The eyes that brat had for his disciple earlier, were something he did not like very much.

Chapter296: Radish Sweeping Movement

“It’s not that!” Zhu Yao shook her head. “I have a faint feeling that even if Ye Qingcang doesn’t exist, someone else will take up the same role. The meaning of that bug isn’t as simple as this.”

Yu Yan frowned.

“Don’t worry, master!” Zhu Yao patted on her chest and guaranteed. “I have already thought of a foolproof plan. It’s definitely safe and environmental friendly, and it’s very effective as well, alright?”

Yu Yan lowered his head and looked at her, signalling her to continue.

Zhu Yao chuckled. “It’s very simple. The reason why Ye Qingcang is a bug, is because he became a wrong, or a misdirecting role model for the masses. Everyone else learnt from him, and what they learnt turned worse as time went by, which resulted in the destruction of the world in the end. To deal with this once and for all, wouldn’t it fine if we let the masses learn from an even better role model? Better than him in cultivation, better than him in luck, better than him in fame, better than him in following the mainstream. It would be best if that person can ascend straight-away. With a piece of jade in front of them, no matter how heaven-defying he is, as long as the masses compare the two of them, they will naturally stop learning from him.”

Yu Yan pondered for a short while, before nodding his head. This was indeed a good plan. He looked at his disciple’s excited look.

“You’re planning to be… the new role model?” With his disciple’s cosmic-level heaven-defying luck, it could indeed be achieved very easily.

“I can’t be the one!” Zhu Yao shook her head. “When it comes to role models, they must be down to earth. Many people coveted Ye Qingcang because he was initially a penta spirit veins holder, and had even risen from being an Outer Sect disciple. He climbed his way to the peak a step at a time, and only by defying the will of the heavens in such an extremely difficult manner can resonate with the masses. Others will think that if a penta spirit veins holder like him could do it, then they will be able to too. If we want to raise a new role model, at the very least, that person must have the penta spirit veins as well, or even worse than him. Though I’m a penta spirit veins holder as well, everyone knows that I’m the successor of Skybond Peak.” Yu Yan’s expression turned cold, correcting. “You’re the successor of my Jade Forest Peak!”

“Uh…” Master, do you have to mind such little details? “What I’m trying to say is, if one’s status is too great, the masses will feel that the person isn’t down to earth, not to mention I’m a dandelion! We’re not even the same race, so I won’t be able to bring about any resonance. In the eyes of everyone else, I’m a rich and beautiful girl.” When she thought about it this way, she felt a little giddy inside. “The me right now can’t do.”


“So, I have to find a bumpkin youth with correct three views of the world, and raise him.” With her many years of experience in fixing bugs and her successes in bringing up little radishes, teaching another motivated good youth shouldn’t be that hard, right? Furthermore, master was here.

Yu Yan frowned even deeper. Just the thought of seeing a distracting, stinky brat by his disciple side from now on made him feel extremely irritated. As expected, when he was in his disciple’s world back then, he should have disassembled that book of prophecy (laptop). That way, his disciple would not have to bother about this stupid issues anymore. “Do you have someone in mind?”

Zhu Yao’s face instantly collapsed. “Nope!” If she had one, she wouldn’t be this frustrated. She felt that a radish could only be raised with the correct three views of the world if she were to raise one from young. With this many disciples in the sect, there should always be one that could be suitable. If not, she could head down the mountain to look. The world was huge. There should be at least one suitable radish.

Several months later.

“Little fellow, how old are you? Shall I test your spirit veins for you? Do you have a master? Are you willing to follow this auntie?” With a kind smile, Zhu Yao looked at the child who was nibbling on a candied fruit.

The little radish was startled, the hand he was holding onto the candied fruit with trembled. In his huge, clear eyes, tells began to well. With a loud wail, his cries shook the earth. “Ah~~~ Mommy, there’s a strange auntie here.”

Zhu Yao stiffened. She began to console him in a fluster. “Hey, hey, hey. Why are you crying? I didn’t hit you?” “Guaaah, mommy… This strange auntie wants to hit me!”

“…” When did I say I want to hit you?

“Stop crying, hey!”

“Guaaah… Mommy, she even scolded me… Guaaah!”


“Who bullied my Er Gou!?” A peasant woman came charging out with a farming hoe.

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart skip a beat, as she stood right up and ran. Only after sprinting wildly for several kilometers did she finally shake off the murderous peasant woman.

With a shakened heart, she panted out a few breaths. Master, humans are terrifying. I want to return home and become a quiet and peaceful dandelion. Ever since she decided to raise a good role model, Zhu Yao began her painful journey of searching a target suitable for raising. Initially, she had planned on picking one from Ness Cesary Sect, as she had believed that there should always be at least one with good three views. In the end, after strolling around, she realized that the sect only took in disciples once every ten years. The last time it occurred was five years ago, and the little radishes then had all long turned into mature, huge radishes. The next batch of radishes would only be imported five years later.

Left with no choice, she could only head down the mountain and try her luck in the villages of mortals around Ness Cesary Sect.

At first, she thought that it would be really easy. After all, although these mortals were not practitioners, they were influenced by deities for many years, so they should be aware of the matters concerning practitioners as well, unlike mortals who were completely unaware of the existence of practitioners.

However, her abundant confidence was slapped in the face by reality.

“Big sister, I see that your son has wonderful bones, a good material for taking up the mystic arts. Why don’t you let him follow me on the path of the Great Dao?”

“This here is my daughter.”



“This big brother, I see that this little one of yours is smart and hardworking, and he carries spirited eyes. He must definitely have impressive comprehension abilities. Why don’t you let him follow me on the path of a deity?”

“He’s mentally retarded.”



“This grandfather, this grandson of yours is so thoughtful at such a young age, he must be someone who possesses immense luck. Why don’t you let him come under my tutelage on the path of a deity?”

“This is my son, he’s thirty years old this year.”



“This grandmother, does your little one here possess spirit veins? I’m the grand-martial aunt of Ness Cesary Sect, here to take in a disciple!”

“You’re crazy!”



“This auntie, does your family have a child below an age of ten years? Shall I help him test his spirit veins?”

“Everyone, hurry. That con-woman is here again.”



“This auntie…”

“I’m going to beat you human trafficker to death!”


In half a month, she had finished walking around the surrounding villages. Putting aside the fact that she did not manage to even take in a single disciple, she had even been treated as a human trafficker to be highly guarded against. No matter which villager spotted her, without even speaking another word, they would chase after her with bricks and knives in their hands. Not to mention she could not lay her hands on mortals either. Imagine how pitiful she was! As a mighty Azoth Core, no wait, a Demigod practitioner, it should have been easy for her to personally take in disciples, right? In the end, everyone treated her as a pervert. These mortals who can’t tell the value of the goods in front of them!

“See, I told you you’re ugly already. You scared the little fellows off, right?” Little Eighth laid on top of her head, and spoke such sarcastic words in a gloating manner.

Zhu Yao was instantly enraged. She instantly picked him off her head. “If you can do it, then go!”

“Fine, I will!” Little Eighth’s bird face puffed, and he  then leapt out of her hand. Even though he clearly could not fly, he still flapped his wings as he walked towards one of the house.

The house belonged to a peasant family, and their courtyard was only surrounded by fences with height at an adult’s waist level. Little Eighth fluttered his wings as he climbed up, and then lightly coughed. Facing the child who was playing with the mud inside the courtyard, he said in an especially haughty tone. “Mortal, this mighty one is a Phoenix of the God races, and I have the intentions to take you in…” “Bird!” Before he could even finish, the eyes of the child instantly shone as he looked at Little Eighth with an excited look.

Little Eighth was a little unhappy. “I’m a Phoenix! Don’t treat me like those lowly feathered races, I’m…”

“Bird… There’s a bird!” The little wimp raised his mud-filled hands as he sprinted over with an excited expression. Pushing out his two hands, he grabbed onto Little Eighth’s wings, smudging his entire body with mud while he was at it.

Little Eighth was instantly dumbfounded, as he began to struggle. “Ah, release me! You stupid mortal… Ah! My feathers!
… Don’t pull my feathers!”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Sighing, she had no choice but to save that stupid Phoenix who was soon about to be broken by that irritating child. “Little fellow, it’s not right to bully little animals!”

“Bird…” Little wimp was a little dissatisfied that the little bird he caught was snatched away by someone, as he reached out his hands wanting to snatch it back. When he raised his head, he was startled for a moment. He stared at her hair, and said outright. “Nest!”

“…” You’re a nest, your entire family is made of nests.

“Bird nest, pull out the bird nest…” The child excitedly reached out for her hair.

“What are you doing? Hey… Don’t pull my hair, hey! Release me… Aiya, it hurts, it hurts… I’m going to hit you now! I’m really going to hit you now! Aiya…”

Ten minutes later…

The two who finally managed to flee.

“Seventh elder sister…”


“Mortals are so scary.” “Mn mn mn mn mn!” She nodded furiously.

Little Eighth: My feathers…(┭┮﹏┭┮)

Zhu Yao: My hair… (┭┮﹏┭┮)

Zhu Yao whose body was crippled before even taking in a disciple, decided to first put aside the matter of raising a little radish for now. Dragging her fatigued body, she returned to Ness Cesary Sect. Her heart and soul were tired. She did not feel like looking at irritating children for the rest of her life.

“I heard that the penta spirit veins holder of Talisman Spiritual Peak established his Foundation.”

“Ah? Are you talking about the disciple whom Reverend Qu Qu took in five years ago?”

“That’s right. It has only been five years! Even a duo spirit veins holder isn’t that quick?”

“So what if he has established his Foundation? He’s but a penta spirit veins holder. He’s going to stay at the Foundation cultivation level his entire lifetime.”

“That might not be the case. I heard that Reverend Qu Qu regards him highly!”

“Haah, who isn’t aware of Reverend Qu Qu’s personality? It’s most likely just a whim of his. That boy was only able to go under his tutelage due to his luck.”

“Hahahaha… That might be so! But, I heard that senior- martial brother Bai has gone into closed-door training to establish his Foundation as well.”

“Inner Sect disciples sure have good lives!”

The voices of the two disciples gradually grew further away, yet their conversation entered her ears without a single piece of it missing out. Zhu Yao’s feet stopped, startled. Ye Qingcang had established his Foundation?

The last time she saw him, he was still at the eighth level of Foundation. It had only been a few months since then. Wasn’t this too quick?

He was five years faster than the scenario itself! Little Bai had actually gone into isolation training to establish his Foundation as well. She even thought that the reason why she hadn’t seen him for so many days was because he had a bad mood from being dumped after Qu Yi clarified with him, and thus did not want to leave his home! However, was it really alright for him to attempt at establishing his Foundation with such an unstable heart?

Why did she have a bad premonition?

“Granny, you’re back.” Just as she returned to Skybond Peak, she saw Ye Qingcang waiting at her doorsteps, greeting her with a brilliant smile.

“Yo, fellow student Little Cang!” Zhu Yao returned a smile and waved her hands. She inspected him for a moment. He had indeed successfully established his Foundation, and the spiritual energy surrounding his body was much richer than before. “Congratulations on establishing your Foundation.”

He scratched his head, embarrassed. “Regarding this, I have to thank granny for your words back then. Those words enlightened Qingcang, and made me rediscover my heart and conscience, which enabled me to successfully establish my Foundation so quickly.”

“Aaahh!? What did I say?” Why wasn’t she aware of it, hey? Don’t scare me, my friend. If you put it that way, you will make me feel as though I’m the one raising the bug with my own hands, you know?

Ye Qingcang smiled, as though he did not feel like explaining further. However, the ones he were looking at her with now had a trace of reverence within. Scratching his head, he said a little embarrassingly. “Granny, I wonder if this disciple can visit you often to chat with you?”

“…” Can I refuse? “I’m very busy!”

“I don’t mind. I can come when granny isn’t busy?”

Hey, what’s with that tone that sounds like you have latched onto me?

His eyes were even sparkling. “I feel that granny knows a lot… of very important things. Ye Qing wants to become someone like granny.”

Someone like me, then you might as well go on a flight to Thailand.

“Ahem, so you’re here just to thank me?”

He was stunned for a moment, as if he had just recalled something. He pulled out a red bottle from the storage pouch next to him, and passed it to her. “Granny, this pellet is something I have just recently refined. Though it’s not really that impressive, it represents my goodwill.”

“What’s this?” As someone who had never taken medicine, she did not recognize it at all.

“Barrier Breaking Pellet.”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment as she looked at his calm expression. Barrier Breaking Pellet! Third rank pellet! Just how many days had it been since he started pellet refining? He was actually able to refine a third rank pellet this quickly. “Not bad,
 little one. You have a promising future!”

He smiled a little embarrassingly. “Granny, if you like them, I can refine even more medicinal pellets for you in the future.”

“You don’t have to be that courteous, actually I… Aiya!” Just as Zhu Yao received the pellets and wanted to take a closer look, she suddenly felt a chill in her chest. It was as though an ice cube had penetrated her heart, causing her heart to fly! She even began to bend her waist from the cold.

“Granny, what’s wrong?”

“No… Nothing!” Zhu Yao immediately straightened herself. Master, what’s wrong with you? Why did you turn Peapea so icy cold all of a sudden? “Hohoho… Thank you for your medicinal pellet! Aiya…” Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! Why is  it  suddenly burning now?

“Granny…” Are you really alright?

“I’m fine!” Zhu Yao gritted her teeth and withstood it with all her might, revealing a slightly distorted smile. “Hohoho! Umm… I suddenly recalled that I didn’t turn off the gas  at home! I’m going back now, goodbye!” Pushing off her feet, she charged right into the hall.

Leaving behind a confused Ye Qingcang. What gas did she mean?

The moment Zhu Yao entered the building, she immediately pulled out Peapea from her chest area. The pea was still emitting out heat, like a roasted potato fresh off the oven.

“Master… I did not plan on eating the pellet.” Zhu Yao explained, wanting to cry. Just how much hatred does her master have towards medicinal pellets?

A white light flashed from the pea, and its temperature finally dropped. Dressed in snow-white robes, a man with an ice-cold expression appeared before her. The words ‘I’m not happy’ were clearly written on his face!

She raised her hand, and did a swearing pose. “I have never eaten a single pellet behind your back, I’m serious!”

Chapter297: The Little Tyrant’s Aptitude

A certain master frowned. She turned to look at the hand she raised, and then glared straight at it!

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at the thing in her hand.

The hell!

With a wave of her hand, she threw out the bottle. “It’s true!”

Only then did his expression soothed quite a bit.

Haah! It was truly tiring to have a master who was on odds with medicinal pellets.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Yu Yan however suddenly took a step forward and pulled her into his embrace.

Before she could even react, her vision was assaulted by a dark figure, and her lips were heavily pressed onto. A familiar scent instantly filled her nose. Eh!?

Why did she suddenly receive a blessing?


Just when she was about to speak up, a certain someone had already came charging right in in a familiar fashion, tender and lingering. She had to admit, though a certain someone was not enlightened in this aspect, his ability to learn was pretty impressive.

Though she did not understand why her master was being this abnormal, since she could not resist, then she should just enjoy it!


Let the blessing grow even more ferocious then.

Little Eighth who had settled down on her head and was watching the entire scene: “…” Should he leave for a while?

Zhu Yao was a little dispirited throughout the day, sensing that something was about to happen. Even when it came to trafficking… ah pui! Even when it came to searching for little radishes, she could not lift up her mood to do it either. Only after she sensed abnormal movements with the spiritual energy within the sect did her sixth sense became reality. The abnormal activity with the spiritual energy there was not very obvious. If not for her powerful divine sense, even she wouldn’t have been able to sense it. The thing she was truly worried about, was the fact that the ripples of spiritual energy belonged to the little tyrant.

She felt her heart skip a beat as she turned around and flew back to Ness Cesary Sect. When she arrived at the cave residence where little tyrant was isolating himself in, about seven people had already gathered there.

Sect Master Qu Jiang and three Nascent Soul Elders. Even Sovereign Wu Fu was among the crowd as well.

“Haah, what a pity!” She could hear Qu Jiang’s sigh from afar. Zhu Yao immediately squeezed in. “What happened to Little Bai?”

Little Bai was sitting at the center with a pale complexion, and the spiritual energy surrounding his body was considerably chaotic. There were even faint traces of them scattering and leaking out. An Elder was presently sitting behind him, healing his injuries.

“Greetings to senior-martial aunt!” Qu Jiang and the several Elders greeted her in unison.

“What’s going on?” Zhu Yao looked towards Qu Jiang.

His expression changed, and he said with an unfortunate tone. “Zhiyuan… failed in establishing his Foundation.  Fortunately we realized in time, so his fundamentals shouldn’t be damaged.”

“He failed!?” Zhu Yao was stunned, unable to believe what she just heard. “Little Bai’s aptitude is pretty good, isn’t it? So how could he possibly fail?”

“This… disciple doesn’t know.” Qu Jiang had the same doubts as well. This child’s fundamentals had always been rather firm, and he was the one who suggested to go into closed-door training to establish his Foundation in the first place as well. Yet, he still failed. Fortunately, it was just Foundation establishment, so even if he failed, at the very most he would simply lose two levels of cultivation. He just had to re-cultivate once more.


Suddenly, little tyrant spat out a mouthful of blood. His chaotic spiritual energy earlier instantly scattered completely, and his complexion grew even paler. His cultivation instantly fell from the Essence Paragon level back to the third level of Essence.

“Little Bai!” Zhu Yao took a step forward and quickly held onto the little tyrant who was about to collapse. She placed her fingers on his pulse, making it look as casual as she could. Fortunately, though there were damages to his meridians, his Dantian was still rather intact.

“Grandma…” Little tyrant raised his head and looked at her, his expression looked a little dazed. Just as Zhu Yao was about to console him, the Elder sitting behind him stood up with a stunned look. “How… How is this possible!?”

“Junior-martial brother Qu Ying, just what in the world happened?” Qu Jiang frowned. Normally, a Nascent Soul practitioner like him should have been able to easily suppress the chaotic flow of spiritual energy belonging to a Foundation disciple. How could he possibly fail?

Immense anger instantly surfaced on Elder Qu Ying’s face. Pointing at Little Bai, he said. “He… He’s not a duo spirit veins holder!”

When these words fell, everyone looked at him with a confused expression.

“Junior-martial brother, what do you mean by those words?” Qu Jiang had a faint guess, but he still asked, unwilling to accept the thoughts he had.

Qu Ying coldly snorted, as though he had suffered from some sort of huge prank. Trembling in fury, he glared at Little Bai. “Hmph, when I was helping to guide his spiritual energy earlier, I discovered that there were faint traces of other spiritual energy mixed within his body, and they were not as pure as that of the duo spirit veins. I harboured some suspicions, so I inspected his spirit veins. I discovered that there were still three other spirit veins sealed within his body, and they were exposed after his failure in establishing his Foundation.”

“Three others! Then wouldn’t that mean…” He possessed the trash penta spirit veins?

“That’s impossible.” Little tyrant had a face of utter disbelief. Disregarding the heavy injuries on his body, he refuted. “I clearly possess the metal and fire duo spirit veins. How could they possibly turn into penta spirit veins?”

“I will have to ask you that.” Qu Ying’s fury  grew  even further. “You’re clearly a trash penta spirit veins holder, yet you impersonate as a duo spirit veins holder, what’s the point of that?”

Little tyrant grew even more anxious as he explained. “Impersonate? No, I did not!”

Unfortunately, no one present believed him. Even an idiot would know the differences between duo spirit veins and penta spirit veins. A sect would spend a large amount of resources to raise a duo spirit veins holder, but never raise a penta spirit veins holder.

In an instant, everyone looked at Bai Zhiyuan with disappointed and enraged eyes.

“Umm…” Zhu Yao held onto Little Bai who was moving haphazardly about, and spoke. “Can I ask something? Under what sort of situations can one conceal his own spirit veins, preventing the Spirit Testing Stone from testing them?”

Qu Ying replied. “Either seal the spirit veins before he begins taking in spiritual energy into his body, or his cultivation level exceeds that of an Azoth Core…”

When he spoke till there, he paused. Only then did the crowd finally realize something was amiss. Bai Zhiyuan was merely at the Essence stage, so it was naturally impossible for him to conceal his own spirit veins. Another method was to seal his spirit veins right before he even began to cultivate. Bai Zhiyuan grew up in the sect since young, and he had his spirit veins tested before three years old. No matter how talented a child was, he could not possibly have such a scheming heart at three years of age, right?

“So what if he’s not the one who did it?” Qu Ying still could not let this go. He possessed the metal and fire duo spirit veins as well, which was why he was helping Little Bai who had the same spirit veins curb the chaotic spiritual energy. Who would have known that after making his move, he discovered that he actually possessed the penta spirit veins. Adding that he was not mentally prepared, even he received some repercussions with his cultivation as well. This was also the reason why he was enraged, and that he made been made a fool out of. “Even if the person who sealed his spirit veins isn’t him, he plays a huge role in it. I simply don’t believe he isn’t the slightest bit aware of it before this. A disciple with a greed of a wolf should not be underestimated!”

“Senior-martial uncle…” Little Bai’s complexion was already pale to the point where not even a single trace of red could be seen. His eyes were filled with pain from suffering such a huge blow, yet he still wanted to explain himself. He turned to look towards Qu Jiang. “Sect Master, you must believe me. This disciple definitely doesn’t have anything to conceal in his heart. I truly am unaware that… I’m actually a penta spirit veins holder.”

“Zhiyuan…” Qu Jiang believed him, after all, he watched this child grow up with his own eyes.

“Senior-martial brother Sect Master!” Qu Ying continued. “This wind can’t blow too long! Otherwise, where’s the prestige of our Ness Cesary Sect? How will the various sects see us? Think about it. If everyone is like his sort, how can our Ness Cesary Sect keep its foothold in the cultivation world?  This time, because he only cultivated two types of spiritual energy, it created a false image of an Essence Paragon, and then he was only discovered after he forcefully tried to establish his Foundation. If he were to cultivate in all five types of spiritual energy now, who will be able to realize it? Wouldn’t that be a waste of our sect’s resources? No matter if he knows about it before this or not, we can’t just leave things unsettled like this.”

Little Bai’s figure faintly trembled as he clenched his fists at the side. A while later, he spoke with great pain.  “Senior- martial uncle, please be at ease! This disciple will personally leave the Inner Sect…”

“Hmph!” Qu Ying coldly snorted and turned his head away.

Qu Jiang had a difficult expression as well. Qu Ying was right. Concealing spirit veins was usually a taboo in the cultivation world. As a Sect Master, responsibility laid with him, and he indeed could not take it as if he had just seen nothing. Sighing, he stepped forward and said. “Zhiyuan, after this, pack up and leave the Main Peak!”

“Then come under my tutelage, and go to Skybond Peak!” Zhu Yao continued.

The crowd turned their heads one after another and looked at her as if they were looking at an idiot. Qu Ying’s reaction was even more intense. “If he heads to Skybond Peak, how is that a punishment anymore? He’s a disciple who holds penta spirit veins, how could he possibly have the qualifications to enter Skybond Peak?”

“But I’m a penta spirit veins holder as well!” Zhu Yao childishly pointed at her own nose. Before despising others, first consider the person taking the bullet, can you?

“This…” Qu Ying was backed into a corner, his face was flushed red from anger.

Little Bai turned his head around, his eyes reddened in an instant. “Grandma…” “Good boy!” Zhu Yao stroked his head. This grandma shall cover you.

“Little martial aunt, you… how can you be this nonsensical?” Qu Ying’s beard fluttered in fury, yet he did not dare to argue with her head-on. He looked around, and then he looked pleadingly at the only Demigod Sovereign at the side. “Senior- martial uncle Wu Fu, how do you see this matter?”

Wu Fu frowned as well, a little disapproving of Zhu Yao’s clear protective behaviour. Sighing, he spoke. “Junior-martial sister Zhu, it is indeed not appropriate to take him in under Skybond Peak. Skybond Peak is left behind by our ancestor of Ness Cesary Sect, and should only benefit descendants who comprehend his intentions. As for this child, based on this matter alone, even killing him wouldn’t be excessive. Not only is taking him in under Skybond Peak not a punishment, it has instead turned into a reward.”

“I don’t see it that way at all!” Zhu Yao patted on Little Bai’s head as she looked at Wu Fu and said. “You people want to punish him for his mistake, but that can only happen when he did make one! He basically wasn’t aware of his spirit veins being sealed at all, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken in only two types of spiritual energy all these years, no matter how stupid he is. Not to mention he wouldn’t have court death by establishing his Foundation this way either. As they say, those who are unaware are innocent, so even if he is in the wrong, he can only be faulted for not discovering the problem with his spirit veins in time. If that’s the case… as his elders, all of your experiences are richer than his, and all of you possess more knowledge than him as well. Since none of you realized this till now, on what basis can you blame him then? If he’s wrong, all of you are in the wrong too.”

The crowd exchanged glances. Qu Jiang’s face especially, had a trace of guilt flashed across it.

“Furthermore…” Zhu Yao continued. “All of you state that penta spirit veins holders are not qualified to enter the Skybond Peak, then may I ask Sovereign Wu Fu and the various Elders this? Is it because of my poor memory? Among the rules in Ness Cesary Sect, is there any written rule that states a spirit vein restriction when it comes to a disciple joining a Peak or Hall?”

Crowd : “…”

This time, even Wu Fu was left speechless. Indeed, though the various sects took spirit veins in high regard, there truly wasn’t such a rule. For a moment, the crowd grew a little hesitant. Qu Ying at the side grew even more anxious. He had an explosive temper in the first place, and he hated being made fun of the most. Adding that he had a stubborn personality, he no longer cared about his status and immediately burst out. “This is plan sophistry! No matter what you say, I see that there’s no redemption for the wrong made by this Bai Zhiyuan, and he has to be ousted from Ness Cesary Sect. I will never agree to having the resources of Skybond Peak be used on someone like him.”

When his words fell, it looked as if everyone else had woken up as well as they all began to grow hesitant.

Zhu Yao’s expression instantly turned cold. To the very end, he simply could not bear to have those things from Skybond Peak be privately used on little tyrant, right?

“Sect Master, what’s your decision?”

“This…” Qu Jiang had a complicated look as well.

“Grandma.” Little tyrant tugged on her sleeves, and shook his head in despair. “Forget it.” Turning around, he gave Qu Jiang a heavy bow. “Thank you, Sect Master, for your many years of teaching. This disciple… Zhiyuan, will now leave Ness Cesary Sect.”

After saying that, he heavily kowtowed three times, and then struggled to stand up.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao’s heart ached, holding onto him. “If you want to go, then let’s go together.”

He suddenly opened his eyes wide. “Grandma!”

“I already told you I want to take you under my tutelage, so I will naturally have to stick to my words, and it takes effect immediately. Since you’re my disciple, then your wrongdoings are my responsibility. Why don’t we get ousted out together then?”

“Little martial aunt!” This time, it was Qu Jiang who grew anxious, as he reached out his hand to hold her back. “How can you possibly leave?”

“Junior-martial sister Zhu, do not act impulsively!” Wu Fu persuaded as well. “If you leave, what are we going to do about Skybond Peak?” Qu Ying blurted out.

See, as expected, she was just a gate guardian. Zhu Yao sighed. After scanning the crowd, she said. “If I were to say, that the formation of Skybond Peak has already been dispelled?”

“Even if it’s dispelled, you can’t… What!?” Qu Jiang opened his eyes wide, as he looked at her in disbelief. “Y-Y-You… You’re saying, Skybond Peak is now…”

“You can now enter and exit it freely.”

The place turned silent for two seconds. Glows of excitement seeped out of everyone’s eyes. There were even some people who impatiently turned to look in the direction of Skybond Peak.

With the formation dispelled, the treasures in Skybond Peak could now be taken out freely. Those artifacts were all left behind by the ascended ancestor. Just how many were there, they wondered? “Senior-martial aunt, is the formation of Skybond Peak really dispelled? How did you dispel it?” Qu Ying took a step forward, once again confirming.

“When I was tidying up the mystic arts and techniques inside, I saw a description related to the formation. I merely wanted to test it out, and I didn’t expect it to actually dispel the formation. In the first place, the reason why I’m here today is inform you all about this.” Zhu Yao glanced at the crowd that could hardly conceal their excitement, and casually continued making up her story. “Since the formation is already dispelled, I’m going to return Skybond Peak to you. That way, there shouldn’t be any problems with me leaving Skybond Peak, right?”

“Grandma…” This time, it was Little Bai who grew anxious and wanted to speak up. Zhu Yao shook her head, signalling him to keep quiet.

How could Qu Ying still possibly refute her now? His head was filled with thoughts of what treasures there could be inside. Qu Jiang however had regained some of his calm, as he took a step forward and said. “Since little martial aunt is able to dispel the formation, this further proves that you share a fate with Skybond Peak. Why mention returning it?” “Senior-martial brother, now what you said is wrong.” Before Zhu Yao could even speak up, she was interrupted by an Elder at the side. “This Skybond Peak was left behind for our sect by our ancestor in the first place, and it does not belong to a single person. The trial of bestowing Skybond Peak to the person who could solve the riddle back then was just a wild speculation by the descendants as well. Though senior-martial aunt Zhu carries the merit of dispelling the formation, she has simply done what she was ought to do. Furthermore… With her aptitude of penta spirit veins, it’s already a heavenly fortune for her to form her Azoth Core in just five years.” The meaning behind his words were: She occupied Skybond Peak for five years, and had even
formed her Azoth Core. She has already been treated well enough, so returning it was something she ought to do.

Chapter298: Return to its Former Owner

“Junior-martial brother!” Qu Jiang was a little infuriated. Wasn’t this simply killing the donkey the moment it left the millstone?

“Junior-martial nephew Sect Master.” Sovereign Wu Fu suddenly spoke up as well. “Now that the formation has been dispelled, it will definitely arouse greed from various places. Junior-martial sister Zhu is just an Azoth Core practitioner as well, so her staying in Skybond Peak is even more inappropriate.”

Qu Jiang was stunned to the point of swallowing back his rebuttals. Indeed, now that the formation was dispelled, the excuse of only his little martial aunt alone was able to enter the hall could no longer be used. The moment this news were to be spread, the various sects and clans would definitely have reddened eyes. As to what would happen then, no one would be certain. Even if he had the heart, he could not allow Zhu Yao to continue carrying the title of the owner of Skybond Peak.

Turning his head, he glanced at Zhu Yao who still looked as calm as ever. Guilt instantly filled his heart. In the beginning, he accepted her identity as his little martial aunt mostly due to convenience. Among the people in the sect, including him, they refused to recognize her in the depths of their heart.

However, after so many years, he had truly come to like this little martial aunt. In these few years, no matter was it in the sect or outside, she had truly played her part as his little martial aunt, and she had even done better than he hoped. She had never brought up a single request, but when it came to things he brought up, she would accept them all as is. He even had a feeling that she was born suitable for this status.

Qu Jiang was frustrated without end, while the others had already begun to excitedly discuss about the matters concerning Skybond Peak, and they even wanted to request Zhu Yao to bring them over to take a look.

While they were discussing, Zhu Yao took the opportunity to ease little tyrant’s injuries. After hearing such a request, she did not reject either. Bring the crowd of people, she mightily returned.

Everyone was unable to hide the excitement on their faces, and even their pace was so quick they could almost fly. Zhu Yao suddenly imagined herself leading a bunch of irritating children out to set off firecrackers during the new year. However, the moment they arrived at the entrance, they were dumbfounded.

“Senior-martial aunt Zhu, this formation…” The  formation was clearly still on the door, when was it dispelled?


The hell, how did she forget about the formation which her master had placed?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She immediately sent a voice transmission to Peapea within her robes. “Master, how do you dispel this formation?”

“Five Element Profound Lightning Formation.” Master’s clear voice resounded in the depths of her heart. Some sort of image instantly appeared within her mind, including the incantation to dispel the formation, the structure of it, and also the basic steps in establishing it.

Zhu Yao attentively looked through them, and immediately understood. A learning method like this was simply too awesome.

“This is a formation that was added after.” Zhu Yao took a step forward. Following the method taught by her master, she easily dispelled the formation. She turned around and looked at Qu Jiang. “Alright, now Skybond Peak is officially handed over to you.”

The eyes of the people present instantly shone as they impatiently walked in. Qu Jiang was the only who remained with a guilty look.

“Little martial aunt…”

“Are you constipated?” His face was distorted into a mess.

The corner of Qu Jiang’s lips twitched, sighing. “I hope that little martial aunt can forgive us, this Skybond Peak…”

“No matter.” Zhu Yao waved her hands, as she said without a mind. “This is something Wang Shang left behind for  you people in the first place. What I did was simply look after it for a few years. Don’t worry, everything inside is still there, I haven’t moved a single tile… Uh, alright, I did pull out one tile.” And I had even given it to someone else. “I don’t think I can return it anymore, let’s just treat it as my wages for these five years.”

“…” An entire building filled with treasures, yet she only pulled out a single tile? “Haah! Since little martial aunt dispelled this formation, if you wish to take Zhiyuan as your disciple, then I…”

“No need, I’m planning to leave with him.”

Qu Jiang grew anxious. “Little martial aunt, are you really planning to leave Ness Cesary Sect?”

“Leaving is the better option.” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders and said in a meaningful manner. “Haah, Little Bai is also victim in this incident. Even if you don’t pursue this matter in the end and protect him with everything you can, the blame for concealing his spirit veins will definitely be put on him. From then on, his life will most likely be more difficult than those disciples who possess penta spirit veins in the first place. Though you and I can look after him to some extent, we can’t possibly watch over him at every instance.” Public opinion was a very terrifying thing. “I don’t wish to see him walk on the wrong path because of this.” She wanted to find a disciple with penta spirit veins in the first place, and raise him into a much better role model than Ye Qingcang. After finding out that little tyrant carried the penta spirit veins, she felt he was basically a pie than fell from the heavens. No matter what, she had decided to craft him into a world idol.

She was just applying him for a school transfer right before the start of the idol cultivation plan.

Qu Jiang was solemn. What his little martial aunt said was right. From a duo spirit veins genius to a penta spirit veins trash, Zhiyuan could be considered to have been destroyed. Rather than letting him stay in the sect and be discriminated for the rest of his life, why not let him search for an opportunity outside? The heavens might not be blind?

Thus, Qu Jiang stopped persuading and followed the crowd into the hall. He turned his head back to look at Zhu Yao who was waving him goodbye outside. A strange feeling instantly filled the depths of his heart.

As he walked into the hall, he saw many strange and mystical treasures left behind by the ancestor in the various rooms. He was happy alright, but he was not as excited as he had thought he would be. When he arrived at the main hall, on the floor that was tiled with spirit stones, only a single square-shaped piece was missing at the very center. It was especially conspicuous. He once again recalled what little martial aunt Zhu had said, that she had not touched a single item inside, except for a single tile. It seemed like it was true. But why? Why did he feel so constricted, as though he had picked up a sesame but had thrown away a watermelon?

This constricted feeling peaked when he was no longer able to see Zhu Yao and Bai Zhiyuan, but his attention was immediately robbed away by the pile of miscellaneous tasks he had to do after.

Ness Cesary Sect had now obtained Skybond Peak in its truest sense. With this amount of wonderful items, they naturally had to use them. But who was going to use them, and how? These had brought about more difficult questions. No matter how they were to split them, there would be people with opinions. Patriarch Qu Jiang’s head was now comparable to the size of two. Putting aside his inner dilemma, he still had to account for external factors. By distributing so many items down, there would definitely be people who would raise their eyebrows, after all, the various sects and clans were not blind. In an instant, the number of people coveting Skybond Peak grew. With how this situation had developed, they did not dare to spread the news that Zhu Yao had already left, nor did they pursue Little Bai’s matters further either. Adding that Qu Jiang was letting this matter go intentionally, other than the few higher-ups who were present on that day, the matter concerning Little Bai’s spirit veins was not disclosed. Other than than one fewer disciple and a senior-martial aunt in-name, there were not many huge changes to the daily lives of the people in the sect.

However, in this world, there were no walls which wind could not seep through, a slip would occur long enough. There would occasionally be various types of idlers coming to probe the place, and the various sects and clans would come up with many reasons to make their visits. It was impossible for Ness Cesary Sect to avoid these.

With how things were, it would have been better if they did not obtain Skybond Peak in the first place.

Of course, Zhu Yao who had left the sect was completely oblivious to this. She was presently deftly stepping on her flying sword, with a pea on her left hand, a bird on her right, and behind her was even a fat d- ah pui, young man! Initially, she had wanted to return to Tranquil Valley. However, seeing the heavily injured little tyrant, she had no choice but to find a town to settle down. She decided to just treat this as a sightseeing trip. Before they had yet to reach the nearest practitioner’s town, her new follower little tyrant spat out a beautiful stream of blood. She had no choice but to stop, planning to heal his injuries.

Though his injuries were easy to heal, the spirit veins sealed in his body was difficult to solve. It seemed to be a unique formation that prevented others from sensing it. If she were to make an error in dispelling it, suffering a rebound would be the lightest of consequences, while the immediate destruction of his spirit veins would be the heaviest. Though Zhu Yao was very confident in her formation techniques, she could not help but hesitate at this moment. So, she decided to seek help from the audience, uhh… her master who was in the pea.

Yu Yan did appear, but he did not agree nor disagree to help. He simply stared coldly at little tyrant who was sitting on the ground puking blood. The cold aura emitted from his body was even about to condense into actual ice itself. A single word was glaringly written on his face: Irritated!

Putting aside that he had to always heal his half-dead disciple, who the hell was this brat? On what basis should he save him? As expected, his disciple’s disciple or whatever, was really hateful!

Little tyrant trembled from the stare. Instantly, he felt that surrounding temperature had lowered quite a bit, and the chilling wind was even about to freeze him. Who is this person? So scary!

“Grandma…” He could not help but call out to Zhu Yao. He was frightened to the point that he had even forgotten about puking blood. “This… This senior is…”

Only then did Zhu Yao recall that he had never met her master. Thinking that he was going to be with her from now on, she decided not to conceal the facts. “This is my master.”

“Mas… Could it be Wang Shang…”  He  naturally  thought about Skybond Peak.

“Of course not!” Zhu Yao shook her head. “This is my master whom I met long before entering Ness Cesary Sect, my one and only master.” Little tyrant was still confused. Wasn’t his grandma a dandelion demon? If that was her master, then… was he an even older dandelion?

“Alright, little tyrant.” Zhu Yao patted on  his  shoulders. “From now on, we are all on the same boat, so let me introduce them to you. This is my little brother.” She pulled  out  the stupid bird who was still laying on her headdress.

Little Bai: “…” Putting aside her master, what’s the deal with her little brother? That was clearly a bird! Were there blood relations between a dandelion and a bird? The world of demons was really hard to understand.

“He’s called Feng Ba, just call him Little Eighth.” Zhu Yao continued her introductions. “As for my master, you can call him… Grandpa!”

“Aahh!?” Shouldn’t he call him grand ancestor? The hell was grandpa? Were the levels of seniority among demons this messy?

Little tyrant still had the same confused look, while Yu Yan however was instantly healed by that ‘grandpa’ word. Grandma, grandpa. Just by hearing them, they sounded like a pair. Mn, he liked it!

Instantly, he was no longer that against to releasing the seal, and his expression soothed a little. Making a hand seal with one hand, he chanted an incantation. Then, waving his hand,  a white ray of light seeped into the center of little tyrant’s forehead.


“Ah!?” Little Bai hurriedly sensed his body condition, and realized that restricted spiritual energy in his body was indeed flowing smoothly now. There were now three more foreign sources of spiritual energy, and they were all empty and spacious. Wasn’t this too quick? Even a Nascent Soul practitioner did not dare to dispel it without any preparations, yet he with a single wave of his hand, he was able to… Were all old dandelions this incredible?

Just as Little Bai wanted to express his feelings of reverence, the grandpa who just took office suddenly looked at the sky. “It’s late, sleep!” Indeed, the sky was already dark, with the moon hung high up surrounded by stars. However, there was still quite a bit of distance from the town. It seemed like they had to camp outside today… Ehh!?

With a wave of Yu Yan’s hand, the empty plot of land in front of them shook, and in a few moments, a straw cottage began to automatically build itself. Little Bai opened his eyes wide as he watched this scene unfold. He was actually able to build a house by combining earth and wood mystic arts in an instant. The abilities of this grandpa were unfathomably deep. It seemed like they did not have to sleep in the wilderness today.

Little Bai was excited. However, he simply watched as that powerful grandpa pull grandma into the house, and then… he closed the door with a bang.

Injured personnel Little Bai: “…” This went different from what he imagined it to be!

Suddenly, the door creaked open, a fiery red thing was thrown out. He caught it with his two hands, and it was actually a fiery red little bird. It was Little Eighth. A man and a bird, stared at each other! Little Bai: What happened to being master and disciple?

Little Eighth: What happened to being siblings?

Zhu Yao glanced at her master who pressed her down onto the bed right after entering the cottage, yet did not do anything outrageous at all, and did not even forget cover  her  with  a blanket before returning back into the pea.

Zhu Yao: What happened to being a couple?

The moon was as cool as water.

Bai Zhiyuan adjusted his inner breathing, never had he experience a scarcity of spiritual energy as he had presently. A trace of piercing pain flashed across the depths of his heart. He grew up in Ness Cesary Sect ever since he was young, and he had always been working hard to become a good disciple that could make his master proud. When he was young, he did not understand what it meant to go into a life-death closed-door training. He thought that his master did not like him, and thus was not willing to come out to see him. That was why he worked even harder than the rest of his senior and junior martial brothers, wanting to raise his cultivation, and wanting to establish his Foundation faster than anyone else.

Who would have known that in just a few days, he lost his master, he lost his cultivation, and had even been ousted by the sect. Not to mention he had even dragged his grandma into this…

“Hey, I’m warning you, don’t touch my feathers.” A tender voice suddenly sounded from next to him. “If you dare to pull a single one, I will fry you!”

Little Bai was startled, as he dumbfoundedly look at the fiery red bird next to him. “You… You can talk?”

“So what if I can talk?” Little Eighth rolled his eyes. “I’m even fluent with the languages of demonic beasts, demons, God races, and various other languages.”

Little Bai inspected him for  a  moment.  Initially,  he  had thought that he was just a bird with bright coloured feathers. Though he was a little fat, but the spiritual energy he possessed was not rich. At the very most, he could  be  considered  a  first rank spiritual beast. He never expected that the  bird  could actually speak, and he seemed to have awakened his spiritual intellect.

He curiously stroked the bird, but was slapped away by Little Eighth’s foot. “What do you want? Don’t touch my noble feathers. If you touch them and they become as ugly as my seventh elder sister’s, how am I going to live then?”  The feathers of a Phoenix could not violated. “If not because my seventh elder sister begged me to look after you, I wouldn’t waste my time talking to a mortal!”

“…” Even though he was clearly thrown out here as well.

“Are your injuries better now? If you’re fine now, I’m going to sleep.” Little Phoenixes need their sleep.

So the bird had been staying here because grandma was worried about his injuries. He nodded. “I’m already fine, just that my cultivation…”

“You lost your cultivation?” Little Eighth interrupted,  and said without a mind. “Don’t worry, though my elder sister is ugly, she possesses lots of knowledge. With just the little bit of cultivation you human practitioners have, with her here, you will be able to cultivate it back in no time.” Little Bai bitterly smiled. If only it was that easy. “I now… have penta spirit veins.”

“Isn’t that great?” Little Eighth nodded and said. “My elder sister is too.”

“That’s different.”

“What’s different?”

Little Bai was stunned, for a moment he did not know how to answer either. Indeed, his grandma had the penta spirit veins as well, and even Ye Qingcang had them too.

Chapter299: Little Tyrant, You Must Become a Good Person

“I really do not understand you human practitioners.” Little Eighth shook his bird head. “Is a long life really that important? You humans will do anything to achieve this goal. From the moment you people are born, you people will fight for resources, fight for opportunities, all of you will fight with your lives on the line wanting to ascend and attain the Dao.” He suddenly recalled Cheng Qingdiao, the person who dared to kill a God for longevity.

“But, isn’t attaining the Dao and becoming a deity all practitioners wish for?” Little Bai sighed. “I was admitted into a deity sect ever since I was young. Other than cultivating, what else can I do?”

“Anything.” Little Eighth’s mood instantly worsened. “In any case, if my seventh elder sister wants to help you, then I can only comply with her wishes. However if there comes a day where you dare to hurt her…” His tone turned cold, as he continued with emphasis on every word. “I will definitely destroy your soul.”

He said with such affirmation, that even Little Bai could not help but tremble. It was as if he could really do it. He could not help but feel puzzled as he stroked his scratched hand. “Just what kind of beast are you?”

“Your sister’s a beast!” Little Eighth immediately bestowed him with another scratch. “You stupid human, I’m a Phoenix, one of the God races, alright? Don’t label me as one of those low-grade beasts.”

“Phoenix… A Phoenix looks like this?” Little Bai evidently did not believe him. Would a Phoenix be so round? Not to mention his entire body was covered in fluff. Clearly, he was a bird that had just broken out of his shell.

Little Eighth however was not conscious of it in the slightest, as he intentionally shook his own wings. “How is it? Are you shocked by my elegance? How can a mortal beast be like…”

Little Bai did not refute, instead, he immediately materialized a water mirror in front of Little Eighth, reflecting a fiery red ball.

Little Eighth: “…” What is that stupid-looking bird? He turned to look at Little Bai, only to see his pupils reflecting the exact same fiery red ball.

“Ah———!” His scream instantly pierced through the skies.

Little Eighth: “…” Could it be that he had never seen himself in the mirror before?

When Zhu Yao woke up in the morning, she felt things were strange. Little Eighth was completely gloomy, and occasionally he would glance at his wings, revealing a dreary expression. Little Bai was in a similar state as well, as his face was filled with the word ‘dispirited’.

Zhu Yao glanced to the left, then to the right, and instantly began to piece up everything in her mind with the hundred and eight unspeakable things that the two of them could have done last night. Just what in the world happened to them last night? Don’t do anything stupid while I’m not here, hey!

“Grandma…” Little tyrant took a step forward and said with a stern look. “My injuries have already healed. Do we now… leave?” He could not help but turn to look in the direction of Ness Cesary Sect, his eyes were mixed with complicated emotions. There were worry, pain, and traces of resentment and perplexity.

Zhu Yao frowned, patting on his shoulders. “What’s wrong?
Can’t bear to leave?”

His eyes sank, and he only spoke up a moment later. “I grew up there since I was young… Now that I have such an aptitude, I most likely won’t be able to cultivate anymore…”

His head lowered even more, his hands unconsciously clenched tight. Even his body was beginning to tremble.

“…” Zhu Yao frowned.

“Grandma…” He suddenly raised his head and anxiously asked. “Why… Why don’t anyone trust me? Even Sect Master Master… I truly did not intentionally conceal my spirit veins. If I had known about it… I would have…”

“If you had known about you possessing penta  spirit  veins, what would you have done?” “I…” Little tyrant was startled, a trace of fluster flashed across his eyes. Yet, he could not give an answer.

Zhu Yao sighed as he turned to glance at Ness Cesary Sect. “Little tyrant, are you angry?”

“…” He did not speak, instead, he dug his nails into his palms.

“You’re angry, right? You’re angry at them for their injustice towards you. You’re angry at the Sect Master who had watched you grow up for not understanding you either. You’re angry at them for ousting you out of Ness Cesary Sect and treat you as a nobody the moment they realized the truth regarding your spirit veins.” Zhu Yao looked straight into his  eyes.  “You’re even angry at them for making me hand over Skybond Peak because of that, and you hate yourself even more for possessing penta spirit veins, right?”

“Could that be wrong?” Little Bai instantly grew agitated. “Grandma, I don’t know what I have done wrong. Is possessing penta spirit veins really such a heinous crime?”

“Haah…” Zhu Yao stroked his head and looked sternly into his eyes. She suddenly felt a little glad that she had left with this child. Otherwise, with this experience of falling from such a high standing, and without anyone to guide him at the side, he would simply lean even more to the extreme. In the end, either he would become crippled, or he would become a new bug who would take revenge on society.

“Little Bai, grandma can’t say for certain if it’s wrong for you to be angry at them. However, I just want to say that no one in this world has a definite obligation to treat you well. Though betrayal is indeed really shameless, it had still gone into foundation you had made the effort to build. You mentioned that it would have been fine if you had known about being a penta spirit veins holder. However, if you knew about it right from the beginning, would things really not end up like this?”

Zhu Yao said in a sunken voice. “You know more about the rules of Ness Cesary Sect than I do. If you possess penta spirit veins right from the beginning, then you wouldn’t have entered the Inner Sect. You wouldn’t have your master, nor would you be taught by the Sect Master. Furthermore, you might possibly be suppressed by others, living a worse life than now. You obtained a lot more things than others in the beginning, and they probably don’t belong to you. Now that these things are taken away from you, are you going to blame them for not continuing to give those resources to you?” “…” Little Bai did not speak as he grew even more confused.

“Little Bai… When looking at things from a human perspective, they are indeed too much for doing things in such a manner. However, based on logic, it’s completely understandable. Qu Jiang and you indeed have a relationship of master and disciple, but at the same time, he’s the Sect Master of Ness Cesary Sect. It’s not like he doesn’t believe you, rather, he has no choice but to do things this way. As for the others, they were all outsiders in the first place. When discussing about this matter, they chose the prestige of the sect and sacrificed you! No one can criticize them for what they did either.”

“In the end, you are just on unstable footing. In the past, you were standing at high ground, now that you’re down here, you will naturally feel that there’s a gap. But what you should truly be thinking about how you should climb back up again, and not blame on the people who pulled you up and ended up letting you go.”

“But… But what about grandma…” Tears began to well in his eyes, the streams guilt within seemed to have joined and formed an ocean. “Then what about grandma? Little Bai can be ousted from the sect and be left with nothing, but… grandma clearly did nothing… but still… What about grandma?” This child. He was actually most worried about her. Zhu Yao’s heart instantly softened, as she went up to hug the young man who had already begun to cry.

“You think that grandma minds about that?”

He raised his head, his reddened eyes were filled with questions.

“Those things in Skybond Peak are not mine in the first place. I have simply returned them to their rightful owner.” Back then when she entered the hall, the old man Wang Shang had explicitly said that the things inside were left for Ness Cesary Sect. She had never seen them as hers. “They respected me as their senior-martial aunt, allowing me, a Foundation disciple, to carry the same status as a Demigod Sovereign. Since I enjoyed this status, I helped them guard Skybond Peak. Now, they no longer me to take care of it, so naturally I have to return the status as well. Silver in exchange for goods, it’s very fair! Why do I have to mind?”

“But… But… Little Bai still felt that there was something amiss, however, he could not point out what it was. “You feel that they shouldn’t have treated me that way, but that’s because you simply care too much about the opinions of others.” Zhu Yao continued. “However, cultivation is after all, still a personal matter. In this world, if you’re flawed, it doesn’t mean you can’t progress. Without Skybond Peak, does that mean I can’t seek the Dao? You’re no longer in Ness Cesary Sect, does that mean you can’t cultivate? When did the Heavenly Dao have such a rule? Or could it be that everyone who wishes to become a deity, needs to have the same resources found in Skybond Peak, and join a huge sect like Ness Cesary Sect? Little Bai… This world is really huge, and Ness Cesary Sect isn’t the only sect out there. Head on out and look at other sceneries, don’t let your hatred hinder your footsteps on the path to the Heavenly Dao. Do not allow your sense of inferiority to become your excuse for not progressing onwards.”

Little Bai’s eyes regained their clarity, as if he had understood something. He clenched his fists and said. “But I presently have the aptitude of penta spirit veins, how could I possibly have any hope left…”

“Are penta spirit veins really bad?” Zhu Yao rebutted. “Or do you feel that its unfortunate that you have been born with them?”

“Is that… not true?” “Little Bai…” Zhu Yao sighed. “How many people  do  you think there are in the world?”

Little Bai did not understand why she asked this question, but he still honestly replied. “Ten million?” With the various sects, clans and wandering practitioners, that should be a good estimate.

“Are you certain?”

He was startled for a moment, and only then did he understand she was talking about humans as a whole, and not just practitioners. “If we add the mortals, it’s countless…”

Zhu Yao smiled. “See… Among the countless humans, there are only ten million practitioners. No matter how weak of a practitioner you are, you are still ranked within this ten million. If you feel that you’re unfortunate, then wouldn’t those mortals be incredibly unfortunate at the time of their births?”


“Little Bai, you must see beyond what you can see with just your eyes, don’t restrict yourself to just what’s right in front of you.” Zhu Yao stroked his head. “Penta spirit veins do not mean much? Nor does it represent the Heavenly Dao.”

After saying that, she immediately released her power as a Demigod. In an instant, he watched as the surrounding trees and plants receive some sort of immense pressure, as they collapse one after another. The earth shook immensely, and under this pressure, even insects and beasts had stopped their cries. Their surroundings were in complete, utter silence.

This… This is…

Bai Zhiyuan had a stunned look. The power to topple the mountains and split the seas, the might of a Demigod!

“Grandma, you… y-y-you…”

Zhu Yao nodded, as she slowly spoke. “Little Bai, don’t forget.
I have penta spirit veins as well.”

Little Bai was stunned, wave after wave of excitement surged in the depths of his heart. Something called hope began to slowly sprout. It was as if a door to a brand new world had opened in front of his eyes.

Maybe… Maybe he could do it too, just as grandma had said!

A long while later…



“You actually did it on purpose, right? You wanted to leave Skybond Peak in the first place.”

“Uh… Hohoho, children shouldn’t say random things.
Grandma here just wanted to give others a chance to perform.”

That’s clearly the case, right!?

“Grandma, I’m already fifteen, I’m no longer a child.” “So what if you’re fifteen? A fifteen-year-old is just a little wimp in secondary school, someone who has yet to complete his nine years of compulsory education. On what basis can you tell me you’re grown up, huh!?”

“…” What’s nine years of compulsory education?

Zhu Yao initially wanted to return to Tranquil Valley, but when she recalled that pitiful amount of spiritual energy in the valley, she instantly changed her mind again. Because the seal on his spirit veins had been removed, little tyrant’s cultivation had directly fallen from the third level to the first level of Essence. This meant that his cultivation had been completely reset.

Since she had already decided to raise little tyrant into a new role model, naturally she had to greatly supervise his cultivation. And, finding a place filled with spiritual energy was the most basic of basics.

Once his cultivation is raised, his name will be known throughout the world and shake the four lands. It’s simply so easy! Just the thought about it made her feel a little excited. “Grandma, Cold Imperial City is just right in front.” Little Bai pointed at the large floating city in front. “Cold Imperial City is the largest practitioner’s city in the western continent. Should we rest there for today?”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded.

Finding a place filled with spiritual energy was not easy! Furthermore, most of the spiritual pulses had already been occupied by the various sects and clans. They had no choice but to do this slowly.

The moment they entered the city, they were welcomed by an Essence disciple who looked like he was a waiting staff.

“Fellow daoists, are you looking for a place to stay? The cave residences in our shop are spacious and comfortable, and safety is guaranteed. Not to mention a spiritual pulse is located at the back, with spiritual energy supplied the entire day!” He inspected the two people in front of him, and had his line of sight focused on Zhu Yao whose cultivation was the highest. “I see that this is the first time fellow daoists have visited Cold Imperial City. Peaceful Spiritual Forest is just five kilometers from this city, no matter if you’re searching for treasures or beasts, our shop has various talismans and spiritual pellets on sale. Fellow daoist, do you want one?”

“No need, we just want to look for a place to rest.” Zhu Yao rejected.

“Alright! Then this little one shall bring fellow daoists over to look at the cave residences?”

Thus, the waiting staff led the two of them into the city. The inns in the cultivation world were different from the mortal realm, most of them were cave residences, and there were no so- called management by storekeepers. At the entrance of every cave residence, several formations were placed. If practitioners wanted to stay in one of these cave residences, they just had to insert spirit stones in the formation cores at the entrances to head in. A low-grade spirit stone for a single night, and after time was up, the formation would automatically transfer the residents out. They were all automatic equipment, convenient, efficient and pollution-free. Inside, all necessities were accounted for, and spiritual energy was being supplied twenty- four-seven. It was simply a sacred must-stay accomodation for tourists.

Provided that, she must have the money. “Little tyrant.” Zhu Yao nudged Bai Zhiyuan. “Pay up!”

“Grandma…” He said with a guilty look. “I… didn’t even bring out my storage pouch. So…”

“It can’t be? Not even a single spirit stone? A low-grade will do too!”

Little tyrant shook his head.

“Hohohoho… Fellow daoist.” Zhu Yao chuckled at the waiting staff. “Why don’t you us a discount?”

The waiting staff’s expression instantly darkened.

“A lottery! One that gives rewards will do!”

The waiting staff’s reply was… chasing out the two of them out of the city.

Thus, they had no choice but to silently set up a straw cottage outside the city. They felt as if their lives could no longer improve. If she had known about this, she would have stripped off a few more floor tiles!

She placed down a spiritual energy guiding formation for the five elements for little tyrant, gave him a few instructions, and then returned to her own cottage.

She had no choice but to enter a meditative state, to seriously calculate the cost needed to raise an elite, a huge problem at the level of an imminent national economy crisis.

Just as she have entered the meditative state, she suddenly sensed a few traces of yin energy in the surroundings. They were very weak, as though they could scatter with a small breeze of the wind. A voice sounded outside the cottage.

“It’s night, let’s scare her!” A female voice resounded.

Chapter300: I Feel Like My IQ Will Fall

“What if it ends up like last time?” The man rebutted. “That person’s yellow paper was really incredible, even my leg went missing.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. Look, she’s not even moving. She will definitely be afraid. We will soon become a ghost officer.”


“If you’re not going, I will.”

That strand of yin energy floated into the building. Zhu Yao opened her eyes and looked at the white clothed female ghost who suddenly appeared in her cottage. Her hair was disheveled and her face was covered in blood, her long tongue dragged across the ground. She had a rather terrifying look in the first place, but her tongue just had to get stuck at the seams of the door.

“Aiyo!” The female ghost only realized she was stuck after floating halfway into the room. With her two hands grabbing onto the long tongue, she stomped on the door and acted as if she was competing in a tug-of-war. After pulling for a short while, she finally managed to save her tongue. Yet, because she did not have a stable footing, she ended up falling flat on her buttocks.


She rubbed her buttocks as she crawled up, her eyes coincidentally met Zhu Yao’s stare. She was instantly stunned silly.

“You came up to the mortal realm to scare people?” Zhu Yao asked.

The female ghost obediently nodded. “Mnhm!”

“How many more to become a ghost officer?”

The female ghost blankly stretched out three miserably pale fingers. “Th… Three.”

“Ou…” Zhu Yao nodded, and stopped speaking. The female ghost blanked for a while. As though she had just recalled her goal, she immediately swayed her tongue and spread out her hair. With two resounding crackles, two ghost fires lighted up on the left and right, looking as though she was anxiously giving herself makeup to look even more terrifying. Then, he plucked out her two legs, and they slowly began to float. With an ominous voice, she said. “Look, I  don’t  have legs… I don’t have legs…”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Was having no legs really terrifying? She immediately stood up and patted on her own chest. “Look, I don’t have breasts, I don’t have breasts…”

Female ghost: “…”

The room was silent for two seconds…

“Guaahh…” The female ghost seemed to have suddenly collapsed. She laid on the table and cried out loud. “I’m actually less scarier than a human being, being a ghost is too hard!”

Zhu Yao: “…” Was she sent here from the Netherworld to sell her cuteness?

“Enough, stop crying.” Why did she feel as though she had just bullied a teenage female ghost. “You’re really scary, really scary, is that good enough for you?”

“But… But…” She raised her head from the table. Her face was filled with blood in the first place, but now the blood was scattered all over. “In the end, you still weren’t scared. I can no longer become a ghost officer, wuuuuu…”

You’re blaming me?

Zhu Yao’s face darkened, as she looked at the ghost who didn’t
seem to be stopping anytime soon. She heaved a heavy sigh. Alright, looking at how I was once a ghost, I shall lend her a helping hand this time.

She cleared her throat, took a deep breath, and then, with the most delicate voice in her life, she screamed. “Ahh~~ You’re so scary! You scared me to death!”

The female ghost was startled. As expected, she stopped her cries. Dazzling light emitted out of her eyes as she looked at Zhu Yao. Uh… If only they weren’t actually emitting out green light. “This is wonderful. Now I’m only left with two more.”

“Grandma!” The door opened with a bang, as little tyrant and Little Eighth appeared at the doorsteps. “What’s going on, I heard… a female ghost!”

Little tyrant’s expression gravely changed. Forming a hand seal, he was just about to launch an attack. Even Little Eighth was beginning to converge a fireball.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao immediately stopped the two of them. Though the female ghost looked terrifying, she was actually weak beyond compare. If their attacks were to land, her soul would most definitely scatter. “This is a misunderstanding.” Thus, she lightly explained to them the ridiculous setting of a ghost needing to scare ten people in order to become a ghost officer.

The two’s expressions: 囧

“Yet another one!” The female ghost who lacked nerves however had an excited look. She was completely unaware that she had almost lost her life just a second ago. After touching up her own ghastly looks, she gently floated towards Bai Zhiyuan. “Wooo… I’m a ghost… A female ghost.”

Little Bai: “…” Are all the ghosts in the Netherworld like this?

Little Eighth: “…” Are you certain that she didn’t die from stupidity?

Zhu Yao: “…” Just forget what I just said. I don’t know this idiot.

The female ghost demonstrated her scaring tactics for a long while. She realized that Little Bai was not even taking her seriously, let alone being scared. With her teary green eyes, she glanced at Zhu Yao, as though she was quietly complaining: See,
even he isn’t afraid of me. As expected, I’m not terrifying at all.

You’re blaming me!?

“I still need two more…” She pitifully stretched out two fingers in front of Zhu Yao. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She turned to look at Little Bai. “Brother, play along for a bit.”

“…” Little Bai’s face stiffened, twitching for a few moments. After a short while, with a monotonous tone, he finally said. “Ah! You’re so scary!”

The female ghost instantly celebrated, spinning circles in the air. She then stopped and straightened her index finger. “One more… Just one more left.”

Zhu Yao quietly looked towards Little Eighth. Does a Phoenix count?

“Don’t even think about it!” Little Eighth turned his head away. “I, a mighty God race, isn’t even afraid of a Devil, how can I possibly… Aiyo, seventh elder sister, you actually plucked my feathers!”

“See, it got scared!” Zhu Yao blew off the bird feathers on her hand, and looked at the female ghost.

“Ten. Ten! I got them all, I can become a ghost officer now.” The female ghost was immensely happy as she raised her chest high with pride. “I just knew that I look really terrifying.”

The three people at the side: “…”

“I’m returning to the Netherworld now,  goodbye!”  The female ghost waved her hands at Zhu Yao. “In the future, be careful. Don’t be frightened by other ghosts!”

Take care of yourself first!

Zhu Yao sighed. She watched as the female ghost float out of the building. Recalling the matters in the Netherworld at the Spiritual Realm, she could not help but clench her fists. She wondered what happened to Wang Xuzhi? Since he had already become a Demigod, he should be able to ascend before long.

And there’s… Yue Ying.

“Ghost Chen, where are you…” Suddenly, the anxious calls of a female ghost sounded outside. Zhu Yao felt it was a little strange. When she headed out to take a look, she saw the female ghost anxiously circling around the straw cottage. “Have you guys seen Ghost Chen? The one that came along with me.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yao then recalled that she did indeed hear the voices of a male and female earlier. “He most likely already returned to the Netherworld?”

“Impossible!” The female ghost shook her head. “Ghost Chen was scattered by a yellow paper before, and from then lost his leg. He can’t return to the Netherworld on his own, so I wanted to bring him along.”

Yellow paper? It must be a talisman! Could these two have met other practitioners before this? Also, a ghost could have his or her soul scattered in an instant. He sure was extremely fortunate to escape with his life intact.

The female ghost looked around worriedly, and continued to ask. “Are you guys certain that you haven’t met him before? He’s a ghost who was hanged to death, surnamed Chen. He’s called Chen Zhen.” “What!? Chen Zhen!?” The hell, wasn’t he her neighbour in the Netherworld? “Speak clearly. What yellow paper? What was scattered?”

The female ghost was startled. As though she was frightened by Zhu Yao’s anxious look, she meekly said. “It’s… back when everyone came to the mortal realm. We were blown here by a huge, huge wind. Many ghosts were sucked into that yellow paper. I was standing the furthest, so I wasn’t sucked in. Chen Zhen was standing a little closer, so bits of him were torn off and sucked in.”

“Wind…” Zhu Yao frowned. “You’re saying, you guys weren’t here in the beginning, but was blown here by wind?”

“Mn, mn, mn!” She nodded hastily. “This place is too far from the gate to the Netherworld, we wouldn’t even think about coming here! But that wind was too huge. When we regained our senses, all of the ghosts were taken in by the wind.”

“Grandma…” Little Bai’s expression paled.

Zhu Yao nodded. “Soul Beckoning Banner.” Only the Soul Beckoning Banner could gather ghosts from far away. She felt it was strange since earlier. Though ghosts were supposed to scare people, they wouldn’t dare to offend practitioners. Most of them would just scare mortals. Yet this female ghost openly ran into her cottage to frighten her. In the beginning, she thought that this female ghost was stupid in a unique way. So it was actually the work of a practitioner.

“Do you still remember where that yellow paper blew you guys off to?”

“I came floating from that direction!” The female ghost pointed in the western direction.

“That place is…”

“Peaceful Spiritual Forest.” Little Bai replied.

Zhu Yao frowned. No matter what, she couldn’t leave Chen Zhen alone.

“Female ghost, hurry and return to the Netherworld. Remember, do not show yourself and scare people anymore! Ghost Chen will return soon as well.” Zhu Yao instructed the female ghost, and then bringing little tyrant along, she flew towards Peaceful Spiritual Forest on her flying sword.

Initially, she had wanted to leave little tyrant here. However, she thought that it would be good to have him face a few situations to strengthen his heart.

“Little Eighth, look after little tyrant.” Zhu Yao turned and cast a glance at Little Eighth on her shoulder.

“I understand.” Little Eighth unwilling leapt onto little tyrant’s shoulder, crawled onto his head, and laid still there.

The one using the Soul Beckoning Banner was most likely a heretic practitioner. Using souls to cultivate was a very ominous and dark matter. An ordinary famed and upright sect would condone such acts. Furthermore, though the Ghost King refined by the Soul Beckoning Banner was incredible, the usual souls of ghosts would carry yin energy to some extent. After a long while, these yin energy would seep into the practitioner’s body and corrode it. This was why very few people would practice such heretic arts. The moment they entered Peaceful Spiritual Forest, Zhu Yao released her divine sense in order to search for clues of the Soul Beckoning Banner. However, even after her divine sense covered a large half of the forest, she did not sense even the slightest of yin energy, let alone the Soul Beckoning Banner itself.

“East.” A familiar voice resounded in the depths of her heart.


“In the east, there’s a practitioner’s aura.”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched as she immediately flew in that direction. Then, following her master’s instructions, she stopped in front of a lake. The surroundings were quiet and the scenery was beautiful beyond compare. Surrounding the lake were fresh flowers of various colours, as though they carefully cultivated. Even the nearby trees and plants were especially lush. The sky was shrouded with white-cotton clouds, as beautiful as the realm of fairies stated in fairy tales.

With a gentle breeze, it was as if flower petals were sprinkling down. “This place…” Zhu Yao and her little companions were stunned.

“Master?” Are you certain this is the place? This doesn’t look like a place a villainous boss would be in! It’s more like a place where Disney princesses would love to be in!

“Right, nine meters.” Yu Yan said with a solemn voice.

Zhu Yao turned and walked to a flower patch on the right. After walking for a short while, she discovered a formation core concealed within the bundle of pink flowers. It was an exceptionally bright flower that looked like a rose. If not because she sensed ripples of spiritual energy from it, along with the faintly circulating runes on its stem, she wouldn’t have realized that it was a formation core.

With a formation core present, it proved that there was a formation nearby. Zhu Yao bent down and instantly pulled out the flower.

Almost at the same time the flower left the ground, the huge lake which reflecting silvery light in front of her, instantly disappeared, revealing an even larger sea of flowers. The flowers extended beyond her line of sight, and at the end of the sea of flowers was a dazzling gold palace. It had even almost blinded her eyes.

Zhu Yao silently rubbed her eyes. This scene was simply more like a fairy tale than an actual fairy tale itself. If a white horse were to appear now, she would dare to ascertain that a prince would be riding on it. Just how childish was the person who built this sea of flowers?

“Master?” What do we do now? Do we enter? I feel like my IQ will fall!

“There’s no other formations in the surroundings.”

In other words, she could enter and have a look!
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