My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 281-290

Chapter281: Starting the Main Protagonist Dungeon Raid

Though he was a little dissatisfied with this type of life, Ye Qingcang did not give up on the hope of becoming strong. Because of a fortunate opportunity, the Inner Sect disciples received a mission to subdue a fourth rank demonic beast. That demonic beast was extremely cunning, and was hiding within a cave. Furthermore, it specialized in concealment and required someone to lure it out. Though these disciples had already established their Foundations, not a single one of them was willing to become the bait. Thus, with rewards promised, they went to look for an Outer Sect disciple.

A fourth rank demonic beast was comparable to an early-stage Azoth Core practitioner. To an Outer Sect disciple who merely possessed regular Essence cultivation, it was simple too dangerous. Though the amount of resources in the Outer Sect was small, those who dared to risk their lives for more were even fewer. Not a single one of them was willing to become cannon fodder. However, Ye Qinghang accepted it.

He placed all his bets on this single mission, risked his life to lure that demonic beast, and aided those Inner Sect disciples in completing the mission. However, after the mission, he did not want any of the rewards promised by those few disciples. He returned with nothing in hand. It had to be recognized that Ye Qingcang was someone who knew how to invest. He did not take anything, but instead had those few people owe him a favour. Their favourable impression of him rose greatly, and whenever they were free, they would see each other and have some light chit-chat or whatever.

The crowd in the Outer Sect were also people who could trim their sails as well. Seeing that he was familiar with the people in the Inner Sect, no one dared to bully him again, and the miscellaneous chores he had to do decreased as well. He finally could begin to cultivate seriously.

He spent two years to cultivate from the first level of Essence to the fifth level of Essence, and it was at this moment he encountered a bottleneck. His cultivation could no longer rise. There was a need for a third rank medicinal pellet – a high-grade Spirit Gathering Pellet, in order to make a breakthrough.

However, it was very rare for even a first rank medicinal pellet to appear in the Outer Sect, let alone a third rank pellet.

And coincidentally, become of an accident, he received the inheritance of the Pellet Hall. Putting aside how he became a pellet encyclopedia, he had even received a pellet refining divine artifact. He relied on these long-lost pellet recipes to pull himself up, and began to walk on the path of a great pellet refining meister. With the divine artifact in hand, refining pellets was as easy as making balls of mud, and every day, he would chomp on medicinal pellets like they were candy.

His cultivation had also immediately rose from the fifth level to the ninth level of Essence.

Then, he was stuck again. Though he had already prepared the Foundation Pellet, he was unable to obtain the opportunity to make a breakthrough for a long, long time. He understood that this was a problem that rose from his aptitude, and there weren’t any cultivation techniques that could allow him to break through the restrictions of his spirit veins.

However, as a protagonist who had been blessed by cheats, how could he possibly admit defeat? Since there wasn’t such a cultivation technique in the world, then he just had to create one himself. Thus, student Ye Qingcang began his trial  and error on a new cultivation technique. And, he managed to do it! He broke through the limits of his spirit veins, and he was able to quickly absorb all five types of spiritual energy. Even though he possessed penta spirit veins, he could cultivate like someone who possessed the heavenly spirit vein. His cultivation had also begun to improve by leaps and bounds, and in just ten years, he established his Foundation and entered the Inner Sect.

After that, in the Internal Sect Tournament, he had  even taken first place in the Foundation disciples category, comprehended sword intent during the tournament, and henceforth began to walk on the path of swords. This blinding heaven-defying talent had even been favoured by one of the Demigod Sovereigns in the sect, and Ye Qingcang was taken in as his disciple.

From then on, it was as if hacks had been activated in his life, as his began to quickly grow. He fought heretic practitioners, broke into secret realms, and took in spiritual beasts. He had even subdued an ancient evil dragon and took it in as his mount. He merely spent two thousand years to make a breakthrough into a Demigod, and from then on stood at the summit of life.

He was able to clearly distinguish between friend and foe, and was heartless towards his enemies and heretic practitioners. You give me an inch of respect, I shall return you ten inches. If you offend me the slightest bit, I shall exterminate the grass from its roots. However, he took extremely good care of the sect. Though he had suffered many bitterness for a short while, he understood that this was normal in the cultivation world and did not carry any resentment. Instead, he safeguarded Ness Cesary Sect the entire time, till his lifespan depleted, going into reincarnation.

That’s right, he did not ascend. Even when he had reached the Demigod Paragon stage, he was unable to obtain the opportunity to make a breakthrough and ascend, and neither did he forcefully bring down the ascension  lightning tribulation.

Furthermore, he wasn’t a stallion like Xiao Yi who  would leave seeds everywhere he went. He was sincere to his practitioner-pair companion, and had never given another woman a glance, let alone having immoral acts such as raising furnaces or whatever. Zhu Yao had to give him a thumbs-up for this fact.

His wife was a chamber disciple under a Nascent Soul practitioner in the sect, and her name was Qu Yi. That’s right. She was that junior-martial sister Qu Yi whom Little Bai was infatuated with, the cricket’s disciple! She became the male protagonist’s woman in the end.

Little Bai was also one of the characters in this scenario as well. However, he was not the main protagonist’s best friend, nor was he an acquaintance, and neither was he a cannon fodder. He was but a background character. There was no opportunity for him to appear in this scenario at all. The only time he was even mentioned was when Qu Yi recalled of her past, and she simply stated. “When I was young, I had a senior- martial brother called Little Bai, and he took care of me at all. But unfortunately, when he broke into Tranquil Valley back then, he never returned.” This was clearly different from present time, or a change might have occured due to her appearance.

As for Ye Qingcang, in the end, he became the supreme lord of the cultivation world. Whenever his name was brought up, the people would raise their thumbs and say, “a true hero!” And because of his iron fist policy, a short period of peace appeared in the cultivation world. Basically all of the heretic practitioners that had always been up to no good were left without anywhere to hide. The cultivation world was peaceful for ten thousand years.

The longer Zhu Yao watched, the more she could not understand. From how things were playing out, how could this person possibly be a bug? At the very most, he was a person with quite a temperament! There was not the slightest trace of him wanting to take revenge on society. Not only did the world not collapse, it had instead grew more stable. That ‘bug’ mark couldn’t possibly have been misplaced, right?

Just as Zhu Yao was in doubt, the scene changed. Several hundred years had passed since Ye Qingcang’s death. The present cultivation world was in chaos. The place was filled with blood and massacre. It was as if every person was on steroids. Just because of a single word, they would actually fight with their lives on the line.

Even Zhu Yao could not believe her own eyes. Was this the same stable cultivation world she saw earlier? She could faintly hear a few cries, the same words Ye Qingcang had. You give me
an inch of respect, I shall return you ten inches. If you offend
me the slightest bit, I shall exterminate the grass from its roots.

Was this an effect of an idol?

She finally understood why Ye Qingcang was a bug. It was because of his Dao. He was once under suppression, and then he worked hard to retaliate, so he paved his way through blood. Towards heretic practitioners or those who violated the rules, a pious practitioner like him would exterminate them heartlessly. Though his resolve was stable, the amount of people he killed was more than ten times the average practitioner. Most likely, this was also why he did not ascend in the end.

However, a famed person was like a role model to many, and many descendants would like to learn from him, wanting to pave their way into cultivation through blood. Once one had killed a huge number of people, his or her body would carry heavy evil energy. In the beginning it might give that person a false image of being powerful, and thus drowning him or her in massacres. They were similar to the soldiers on the battlefield with bloodshot eyes, but these practitioners were different Ye Qingcang. He had a definite measure in his heart, and  the people he killed were all he thought should be killed. His goal was to kill to stop more killing, and had never easily created conflicts on his own. However, the others were killing only to kill even more.

To the point where at the late stages, people began to believe that as long as they were to kill more people, they would be able to grasp the Dao. With his own tattered hands and feet, Ye Qingcang built himself a wonderful ending. However, unintentionally, he had lead the masses into the devil’s path.

At the very end, Zhu Yao couldn’t bear to watch any longer. There were limits to the population of the cultivation world. If these killings continued, in just a few short hundred  years, there would only be a few practitioners left. However, there were still people who remembered the story of grasping the Dao through blood, and they had even begun to reach their hands out to the mortal realm.

When unarmed mortals were faced with practitioners, there was no need to even guess what the outcome would be. The destruction of the world was something that would occur in due time.

Zhu Yao woke up from her meditative state, her head drenched in cold sweat. She was frightened by that hell on earth scene at the end. She only managed to calm down after taking a few deep breaths, and after pondering about the bug this time, she felt uncomfortable all over.

How was she going to fix this world-level bug? The bug this time was not caused by Ye Qingcang alone at all! In the end, his three views were normal, and  there  wasn’t  a  single  problem with him at all. The reason why the world was destroyed at the end was because those descendants had courted  their  own deaths, right?

Could it be that she had to run over to Ye Qingcang and talk about how beautiful the world was, and stop him from paving his way to the Heavenly Dao through blood? And have him pave his way through love?

She would most likely be treated as a crazy person, right?

Furthermore, there were countless paths, and every single person had their own Dao. These paths were decided based on everyone’s own experiences and enlightenments. She was basically unable to intervene at all. Seeing how powerful this scenario was, in the end, Ye Qingcang would most likely still tread on the same path.

What should she do?

A bug like this where no one was in the wrong, was something she did not know how to fix. Did Realmspirit really have to give her an even harder mission every single time!?

Zhu Yao felt as if she was presently facing the most difficult test in her life!

Just from looking at this scenario alone, she was completely unable to determine any problems with Ye Qingcang. She was basically unable to locate anywhere to start from. When it came to things she could not figure out, Zhu Yao had no choice but to… leave it alone for now!

No matter the case, she had to first raise her cultivation, and then make friends with the male protagonist after that. Then, she would find the appropriate time to help him, and see if she could pull him back from the path of bloodshed. The scenario only kick-started when the male protagonist faced the fourth rank demonic beast. There was still time. Calculating the time from now, there was still five years.

She had use this opportunity to raise her cultivation as soon as possible. Only when she were to possess strength would she have the power to help others.

Zhu Yao began to focus on her cultivation. She was not sure if it was because she had that transparent spiritual energy in her body, but her present cultivation speed was comparable to the time when she merely had the lightning spirit vein in her body. Furthermore, she realized that no matter what type of spiritual energy it was, all of them were especially intimate with the transparent spiritual energy. The situation where the five elemental spiritual energy would conflict with each other did not happen at all. She secretly wondered if this transparent energy was similar to the World Favourable Impression ability she had back then, a cheat that Realmspirit had given her. When she thought about this, she had a premonition that she would be trolled by it one day in the future.

Five years later, her cultivation level had risen to the intermediate stages of Foundation.

Just as she woke up from her meditative state, a white light suddenly flashed by her waist side. She pulled open the storage pouch to take a look. It was a familiar voice transmission talisman, and a familiar male voice was resounding  from within.

“Yu Yao, I’m Fudie. Where have you been? Once you hear this, hurry and reply! There’s huge business!”


She suddenly recalled that Profiteer seemed to have passed her a voice transmission talisman the moment they entered the third test. Thus, she circulated spiritual energy into it and responded.

“It’s me. What is it?””

The voice transmission talisman immediately shone again, and Profiteer anxiously asked. “Fellow daoist Yu… You have finally responded. I have been looking for you for two years. Just where have you been?”

“Uh…” Could she say that she had long forgotten about him? “I went into closed-door training, and have only just came out.”

“I see…” He heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh right, in the end, which Peak of Ness Cesary Sect did you enter?”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and in the end decided not to speak the truth. “Talisman Spirit Peak.”

“Ah! Talisman Spirit Peak? Didn’t I say not to go there? You… Haah, nevermind.” He said with a sympathizing tone. “There’s a huge business. Do you want to participate?” “What business?”

He said mysteriously. “One senior-martial brother of mine received a mission, and the reward is four hundred mid-grade spirit stones. He merely have to subdue a fourth rank demonic beast near Loz Forest. Coincidentally, you specialize in the art of taming beasts. With you around, this mission will definitely be easy-peasy.”

Fourth rank demonic beast! Loz Forest! It couldn’t be that coincidental, right? Wasn’t this the mission which the male protagonist took for the first time?

“Fellow daoist Yu, how about it? With you, there will merely be a total of six of us. We will be able to earn a few tens of spirit stones.”

“Sure, I will go!”

“Alright, we are already at the mountain gate. Hurry over!”

“Mn.” Just as she was worried about how to approach the male protagonist, she never expected that Profiteer would coincidentally be one of the people involved in the mission.

She left Skybond Peak and immediately walked towards the mountain gate. From far, she could see a few people gathered together, and at the very side stood Profiteer himself. He evidently spotted her, and waved his hands energetically. Just as Zhu Yao was about to greet him, a startled voice rang from the side.

“Grandma!” In front of her, a youth in azure robes had just gotten down from his sword, looking as if he had just returned from a mission. He was about fifteen to sixteen years old and had a very tall figure. Though, his face looked kind of familiar.

“Little tyrant!” Zhu Yao was stunned. It had been five years since she last saw him. He sure had grown too quickly.

“Grandma, you have ended your closed-door training already? Sect Master…” Zhu Yao hurriedly covered his  mouth, preventing him from continuing his words. Though she was a duck chased onto the chopping board and had become Qu Jiang’s senior-martial aunt, the number of disciples who had truly seen her with their own eyes numbered few. She still wanted to be familiar with the male protagonist after all.

“Junior-martial sister Yu, this is?” Profiteer walked over as well, as he looked them, puzzled.

“Hoho…” Zhu Yao smiled. She definitely could not allow little tyrant to expose her avatar, otherwise, she would not be able to leave. “This is my… distant relative.” Zhu Yao winked at Little Bai, before letting him go.

Little Bai frowned, his face was filled with disapproval.
However, he still cooperated and replied. “Bai Zhiyuan.”

“So it’s junior-martial brother Bai!” Profiteer looked towards Zhu Yao. “Is he here for the mission as well?”

Just as she was about to refute, Little Bai quickly spoke. “Yes, I’m going with grandma.” After saying that, he gave her a ‘if you don’t let me go, I’m going to report to the principal’ expression.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to grit her teeth and endure it. The unbearable child has grown up, and his wings have grown wider, huh!

Profiteer was a little hesitant. Little Bai however continued. “If I don’t go, grandma will not go either.”

Only then did he nod reluctantly.

“Junior-martial brother Jian, has the person you spoke about arrived?” The four people who had been waiting at the other side began to crowd around as well. Two men and two women.

One of them was a Foundation female practitioner, and seemed to be the one leading the group. With a suspicious look, she sized Zhu Yao up. “She’s the person you spoke of?”

“That’s right!” Profiteer nodded.

Chapter282: Catch That Beast!

The suspicion on the female practitioner’s face grew heavier. She then turned to look at Little Bai at the side, a little dissatisfied that he merely possessed cultivation at the tenth level of Essence. However, after seeing that his sleeves were embroidered with the mark that only elite disciples could have, she was startled for a moment. In the end, she did not express any disapproval, and said with a sigh. “Since she’s here, then let’s go. We have already wasted quite a bit of time earlier. We have to rush there by noon.”

As she said that, she instructed everyone to fly on their swords and head northwards.

“Little tyrant, lend me a flying sword!” Zhu Yao immediately snatched a flying sword from little tyrant and used it as her own transportation tool. Then, she followed right after them.

Bai Zhiyuan sighed. He did not retaliate, instead, he took out another mystic artifact and caught up to her.

“Grandma, there’s so many mystic artifacts in Skybond Peak, why do you have to use mine?” he could not help but retort through voice transmission. Zhu Yao made an awkward look. “You don’t understand. Grandma has very expensive tastes!” Use the artifacts in Skybond Peak? She did not wish to cuss out ‘bitch’ all day long.

“Grandma, if you slip out of Skybond Peak like this, Sect Master master will be angry.”

“I have no choice. I have matters to attend to.”

“No matter how huge the matter it is, you can’t slip out like this.” He said with a disapproving look. “What if you encounter something dangerous?”

“Don’t worry, I will protect you well!”

“…” This was not what he meant! Haah, whatever. He just had to watch over grandma a little. Once an opportunity were to arrive, he would still inform the Sect Master.

Zhu Yao sized up the group of people. Ye Qingcang was very easily recognizable. The person with the poorest cultivation was him, at the first level of Essence. Like little tyrant, he was around fifteen to sixteen years old. He had very average and common looks, belonging to the category where if she were to throw into a large crowd, it would be impossible to distinguish him from the rest.

If not for the clear ‘bug’ wordings on his face, she really would not have connected him with the past bugs she encountered. There was not the slightest of indication on him that showed that he was a main protagonist.

The group flew for about half an hour before arriving at the edge of the forest.

The leading girly was surnamed Qin, and she possessed cultivation at the late stages of Foundation. The other girly was at the mid stages of Foundation, while the other two male practitioners were also at the late stages of Foundation as well.

Group Leader Qin gathered everyone together, and explained the situation surrounding that demonic beast in detail. It was a fourth rank Concealed Rock Beast, and it had the dual attributes of metal and earth. It was extremely capable in concealment, and it lived in one of the caves in the edge of the forest.

The terrain of the cave was very complicated. If one were to enter it by mistake, it would most likely be impossible for that person to find his way bag. This was also why the best plan was to lure the Concealed Rock Beast out. Naturally, she had already prepared the male protagonist as bait.

“This is Firefly Scent Lure.” The girly Qin passed Ye Qingcang a green stone. “Take this and enter this cave. Within six hours, the path you tread will glow with white firefly lights. If you happen to lose your way inside, you can come out by following the lights.”

Ye Qingcang took it, and nodded with a heavy expression. His eyes, however, were unexpectedly firm.

“Why don’t we use a Positioning Talisman?” Little tyrant interrupted. “If we use a Positioning Talisman, we can immediately position it at the entrance. Isn’t that better?”

When his words fell, one of the male practitioners glared at him, and said with a sarcastic tone. “Hmph! Positioning Talisman? Do you know much does one Positioning Talisman costs? Catching one fourth rank demonic beast isn’t even enough to buy two Position Talismans.” Little Bai’s expression paled, a hint of embarrassment flashed past his face. He was indeed unaware of this fact.

That male practitioner however grew even more tactless. “You elite disciples simply do not know of the pain of regular disciples. Do you really think the streets are filled with talismans?”

Zhu Yao frowned. These words were indeed a little too much! This person was surnamed Zhao was dissatisfied with the newly joined Zhu Yao and Little Bai ever since the very beginning. Along the way, he had not given them even the slightest smile.

“Enough!” Group Leader Qin’s expression sank as she glared at Zhao Li. “It’s already pretty late. Before dark, we must lure that Concealed Rock Beast out.”

Only then did Zhao Li shut his mouth.

The group walked to the entrance of the cave. The cave was really huge, similar to a gigantic highway tunnel. A few low growls of demonic beasts could be faintly heard from within, accompanied by the whistling of the wind. The sounds were not exactly clear. The girly Qin cast a glance at Ye Qingcang. He took a deep breath, before walking into that cave.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao took a few steps forward. A white light flashed in her palm, and she slapped him at the back. She said with a chuckle. “Be careful.”

Ye Qingcang had a confused look, but he still gave her a nod before walking in. In just a short few moments, his figure was no longer in sight.

“Junior-martial sister, just how confident are you with subduing this fourth rank demonic beast?” Profiteer asked.

“I don’t know either.” Though her World Favourable Impression was really convenient to use, there was still that bugged main protagonist at the side. She was truly worried that something might happen. “We can talk about it again after seeing the demonic beast.”

Profiteer nodded as he pointed to the entrance of the cave. “With how huge the cave is, most likely, that junior-martial brother might not be able to return that quickly…” Before he could even finish, a loud roar could be heard from within. The entire cave entrance began to rain down shattered rocks.

The crowd was stunned. None of them had expected that Ye Qingcang would encounter that demonic beast so quickly.

“Scatter, be prepared to battle!” The girly Qin shouted out with a sunken voice. The group did not have time for idle chatter either, as they hurriedly scattered and summon their weapons.

In just but a few moments, running footsteps could be heard from the entrance. Ye Qingcang sprinted out, and though his hair was slightly dishevelled, he was not injured at all. Before the group could even feel joyous, a gigantic figure suddenly appeared behind him, and it was charging out of the entrance.

“Get down!” Zhu Yao shouted.

Ye Qingcang hurriedly rolled in response, as he exited the cave. Immediately after, the sharp howl of a beast reverberated. The loudness of its voice resounded through the clouds. Probably due to the echoes in the cave, even the entire ground seemed to be shaking a little.

With a bang, a demonic beast which had rocks grown all over its body appeared before their eyes.

It seemed to be extremely furious. After its howl, it faced the nearest Ye Qingcang and slammed its claw towards him.

Though he had rolled quite a distance away, it was still impossible for him to dodge and the sharp claw was about to reach his body. In the scenario, Ye Qingcang was heavily injured because of this claw, and he had almost lost his life in result. However, it was different this time.

An earth wall suddenly erected in front of his body, blocking that ferocious claw. He felt a little heat on his back, as an earth- type defensive talisman flew out. He was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he recalled that right before entering the cave, that newly joined granny had slapped him on the back.

“Granny?” He turned back to look at her, flabbergasted. “What are you looking at? Hurry and run!” Zhu Yao glared at him. You’re a granny. Your entire family is made of grannies!

Ye Qingcang rolled and crawled out of the demonic beast’s attack range.

“Little tyrant, look after him!” Zhu Yao turned around and instructed Little Bai. With a flick of her hand, the earth wall summoned by the earth-type defensive talisman earlier instantly expanded, blocking the demonic beast’s movements.

The demonic beast’s eyes grew crimson red, evidently, it was enraged beyond compare. Zhu Yao had planned on first restricting its movements and have it calm down before chatting with it.

Who would have known that in a blink of an eye, the gigantic figure of the demonic beast that was surrounded by the earth wall, would disappear without a trace.

“It disappeared!” Zhao Li said with a startled look. He searched around, before glaring at Zhu Yao. “Old woman, you can’t possibly have scared it back into the cave, right?” The flames in Zhu Yao’s heart instantly erupted.

Group Leader Qin’s expression changed. “Stay focused, the demonic beast is still here!”

At the moment her words fell, that demonic beast suddenly appeared right above Zhao Li, and it was pouncing straight at him. Zhao Li quickly dodged, but he was still slammed head-on by the demonic beast’s claw. Though he had long erected a defensive barrier, he still received some injuries. He was thrown a few dozens of meters away as he puked out a mouthful of blood.

“Junior-martial brother Chen!” The Qin girly cried out. She instantly summoned several dozens of spiritual swords and threw them at the demonic beast.

However, a scene that could shock everyone occurred. The body of the gigantic demonic beast began to turn transparent in a blink of an eye, disappearing from its spot in an instant. The spiritual swords struck the trees behind it one after another.

“The demonic beast can conceals itself!” Profiteer shouted out loudly. “Be aware of your surroundings.” Only then did the group calm themselves down and focus their senses at the movements in the surroundings. Unfortunately, because they were merely practitioners at the Essence and Foundation level, they were unable to expand their divine sense. They were basically unable to see through the demonic beast’s location.

In the next moment, that demonic beast once again appeared next to the male and female Foundation disciples. They were practitioner-pair husband and wife, and they had been both slammed onto the ground, watching as the demonic beast bite towards them. At this moment, Profiteer summoned hundreds of icicles and threw them at the demonic beast.

That demonic beast dodged to the side, jumping up from the spot it was from, its figure once again began to  turn transparent. Right before it disappeared, it faced the sky and let out a suppressed growl.

Zhu Yao heard it clearly this time. The meaning behind that growl was…

“It hurts…” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, a thought instantly emerged in her mind.

Before she could piece everything up, that demonic beast instantly appeared right behind her.

┗|`o′|┛ Oouu~~ As it roared, it pounced at her.

However, at the moment it was about to land on her, it blanked for a moment. Unable to stop the momentum on its feet, it bent its knees and ended up twisting itself, smashing onto the ground right in front of her.

Then, it simply laid there in a daze.

That pair of crimson red eyes grew a little clearer, as it mumbled in front of her. “It hurts~~”

Zhu Yao asked on reflex. “Where does it hurt?”

It suddenly voiced out ‘ah’ in front of her, opening its large mouth. It was even larger than her entire body. Zhu Yao simply felt a fishy stench pouring towards her, its heaviness made her feel dizzy.

Ugh… Such heavy bad breath!

Even if you’re a beastie, please take care of your hygiene, hey!

“Grandma!” Little tyrant was frightened. Just as he was about to charge out, he was stopped by Profiteer.

“Wait a minute.” He pointed to Zhu Yao and said. “She’s presently taming that demonic beast. Don’t worry.” He had experience with something like this. Back then when she tamed that fifth rank demonic beast, she was also standing unmoving like that.

Mn. Junior-martial sister Yu is not dodging. She’s definitely using that unique beast taming technique of hers. She definitely is.

The group exchanged glances, a hint of hesitation appeared on their faces. Little Bai’s heart was even clenched tightly. Zhu Yao looked at that beastie closing ts mouth in front of her, and it was still crying out with a teary voice. “It hurts… It hurts so much…”

“Just where in the world does it hurt?” If you don’t say it, how would I know? Zhu Yao pinched her nose. The spiritual intellect of a fourth rank demonic beast was very limited. Though it had already calmed down, she really could not figure out from its answer for a moment.

That beastie however grew even more depressed. Tilting its head, it signalled with its paws. “It hurts… It swelled. It hurts so much…”

Swell? Zhu Yao was stunned a little. She took a closer look at its lips, and only then did she realize that there was indeed a lump on its lips. However, because its entire body was made of rocks, the swelling was not very obvious.

“Over here?” She touched the lump.

The beast jolted, as if a sore spot had been touched. Tears began to flow out, drenching Zhu Yao’s entire body, as though she was bathing in a warm bath. “…”

“It hurts… It’s stuck. It hurts… A bad guy threw it in. Beastie hurts so much…” It grew even more depressed, as it told her in a complaining tone.

Only then did Zhu Yao begin to understand the situation. “You’re saying… Something is stuck in your  mouth?”  That’s why it’s swelling!

The beastie nodded.

Her face darkened. “Open your mouth!”

With another ‘ah’ sound, it opened its mouth. Pinching her nose, Zhu Yao carefully inspected its mouth which looked like a mountain cave itself. As expected, she saw a trident hook on the right of its sharp teeth. The circulation of spiritual energy could be faintly felt from it as well. It was actually a low rank mystic artifact.

“Don’t move, I will help you get it out.” Zhu Yao leapt up and entered the demonic beast’s mouth. This scene had completely frightened the group behind who could not hear their conversation.

“Grandma!” Little Bai simply felt a bell ringing in his mind, and everything was blank. That demonic beast actually ate grandma!

Profiteer was dumbfounded as well. Though he had once seen junior-martial sister Yu tame a demonic beast, he had never seen such a situation where she was obviously serving herself as food!

Little Bai pulled out his sword and charged towards the demonic beast.

Before he had even reached the demonic beast, he heard the demonic beast letting out a cry of pain! A pillar of blood was shot out from the corner of its mouth like a geyser. In the next moment, Zhu Yao walked out of that demonic beast’s mouth, in her hands were a trident hook mystic artifact and… a white tooth!

Little Bai’s feet stopped, his face was filled with shock. He could faintly hear grandma speaking to that demonic beast. “I’m sorry, I used quite a bit of force, and ended up pulling too much.” In truth, she was dizzy from its bad breath, and for a moment, she could not clearly see that she actually pulling onto a tooth as well. “Yo, little tyrant, why are you here?”

Bai Zhiyuan: “… Grandma.” Why did he feel as if he was being played for a fool?

With the thorn… and tooth gone from the beastie’s mouth, the pain instantly dissipated. In an instant, the beast felt refreshed.

It excitedly bounced around, shaking the earth. Then, it showed Zhu Yao a grin, revealing a beautiful hole in its set of teeth. Lowering its head, it rubbed against Zhu Yao, letting out the signature cutesy sound in the beast realm. “Meow~~~”

Mn. If not because air was slipping out of its teeth, its intonation would have been more perfect.

“She has tamed that demonic beast.” Profiteer said with an excited look. The group then heaved a sigh of relief, before carefully approaching Zhu Yao. Even Zhao Li who was on the ground began to crawl up, and he looked at Zhu Yao with a greedy look. “Junior-martial sister Yu… Hurry, hurry and have this demonic beast enter the spiritual beast pouch. With it captured, the rewards we receive will most likely double.”

Zhu Yao frowned, as she looked towards Profiteer. “You guys want to bring it back?”

Profiteer was a little awkward as well. “The mission simply stated to deal with this demonic beast, and prevent it from harassing the nearby practitioners again.”

“This is a fourth rank demonic beast!” Zhao Li  continued. “The disciples who bring it back to the sect will be heavily rewarded. Even if we don’t bring it back now, since it’s already tamed, anyone can form a contract with it. It will definitely sell for a good price.”

Zhu Yao frowned. Why did she feel so irritated?

Chapter283: Top Excellent Youths

“Who says I’m going to sell it?”

Zhao Li was stunned for a moment, anger swelled on his face. “Are you thinking of taking the credit all for yourself?  I’m telling you. This beast is caught by everyone here, everyone here has…”

“Roar…” Before he could even finish, the Concealed Rock Beast suddenly roared at him, spitting saliva all over his face. If you try to be noisy again, I will eat you!

“Meow~~” Stroke my head, stroke it again!

Zhao Li paled from fright, that roar had shook even  the depths of his heart. He hurriedly leapt a few steps back. “You… Didn’t you tame it?”

“So you understood that I was the one who tamed it as well?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “It wasn’t you!”

Zhao Li shut his mouth, his face was a mix of green and white. The Qin girly sighed. She had no choice but to mediate in this situation. “This… junior-martial sister Yu. This demonic beast was tamed by you. I wonder what you’re planning to do with this… spiritual beast.”

Zhu Yao turned to look at the beastie which was beginning to act cute and roll towards her. She really had no idea. She took a few steps forward, and asked with a soft voice. “Beastie, are you willing to sign a contract with human practitioners?”

“Meow?” Beastie stopped its rolling, and with a tilted head, it looked at her with a puzzled expression.

“When you sign a contract with someone, you will forever be together with that person.”

“Meow, beastie likes you!” It playfully rolled around. “Beastie wants to be together with you, together, together…”

“Not me, I’m talking about other human practitioners.”

“Others?” It was startled for a moment. “I only want to slap others away, slap, slap…” “…” Alright, it seemed like it wasn’t willing.

In the end, she was the only one under the effects of the World Favourable Impression. She was unable to guarantee that it wouldn’t chomp down on the person contracting it if she were to bring it back.

Zhu Yao turned to look at the others. “I have decided. I’m going to release it.”

“What!?” Zhao Li leapt up again. “You’re crazy! This is  a fourth rank demonic beast! Even if you’re unwilling to sell it, once we leave, what are we going to do if this demonic beast heads out to harm the nearby residents again!?”

“Harm?” Zhu Yao coldly smiled, as she threw that trident mystic artifact onto the ground in front of him. “This demonic beast was in such a crazed state because a practitioner used this mystic artifact, wanting to capture it alive. However,  the capture was a failure, and this mystic artifact was left in its mouth. Because the artifact hurt it too much, it continued to cause a commotion. In the end, this blame falls on us human practitioners, doesn’t it?” Just who is harming who here? “I can guarantee that after it’s released, it will no longer appear at the edge of the forest again.” When Zhao Li realized that he was unable to refute, he choked out. “These matters are related to us… We are here on a mission. We have to bring it back, no matter if it’s dead or alive. If this mission ends up being evaluated as a failure, wouldn’t we have worked for nothing?”

“I can explain to the Sect Master.” Little Bai took a step forward and said. “Senior-martial brother can rest assured about this matter. When that time comes, someone from the sect will naturally come to investigate.”

“That sure sounds nice, but the spirit stones we could have gotten is flying off just like that.” Zhao Li was still a little dissatisfied.

Zhu Yao said. “At the very most, I can forfeit my part of the reward.” In any case, she was presently a tycoon. A random brick on Skybond Peak was worth a hundred times more than these people, you know?

“I don’t want mine either.” Little Bai immediately followed up.

“I don’t need mine either.” Unexpectedly, Ye Qingcang stood out as well, shooting her with a smile of gratitude.

This time, Zhao Li was truly speechless. Seeing that everyone no longer had any other opinions to voice, Group Leader Qin ended the conversation as such.

Zhu Yao spoke with the Concealed Rock Beast for a long while, before it unwillingly returned to the cave, promising that it would no longer leave the cave.

The group had initially planned to return to the sect, but the sky was already dark. However, because their present location was close to Loz Forest, there were occasional appearances of heretic practitioners, so everyone decided to stay the night at the nearby practitioner city. They would return to the sect in the early morning the next day.

Zhu Yao was indeed a little tired. After bidding Little Bai and the rest good night, she began to meditate and recover. However, in the middle of the night, she suddenly sensed a familiar suppressive presence, and woke up. She searched around, but the surroundings were calm and quiet, without a single anomaly to be seen. However, she felt that something was amiss, her heart feeling a little strange. Opening the door, she happened to bump into Little Bai and Ye Qingcang who had coincidentally left their rooms as well. Just as she was about to greet them, the furious roar of a beast reverberated from the outside. In the quiet night, it was exceptionally clear to hear.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, as if something was tugging it.

The rest  of  the  group  came  out  of  their  rooms  as  well.
Evidently, they had all heard that noise.

“Grandma, this roar is?” Little Bai looked at with a stunned look.

“It’s that Concealed Rock Beast from the afternoon!” Zhu Yao grew even more worried. That roar was filled with despair and fury, which was completely different the roars in the afternoon that were mostly from irritation.

“Where’s senior-martial brother Zhao Li?”  Ye  Qingcang asked. Only then did the group realize that they were missing a single person. “Not good!” Group Leader Qin cried out.

Zhu Yao had already stepped on her sword, flying hastily towards the cave they were at in the afternoon, and her heart continued to sink. She had underestimated the greed of the human heart. A few Foundation disciples dared to challenge a fourth rank demonic beast, so naturally, they would naturally dare to return to this place to reap even larger rewards.

The suppressive aura in the air grew even more intense. From afar, she could already see the surging fiery lights in the direction of the cave. Within it was a mix of the screams of a demonic beast and the cries of human practitioners. Even though she was still quite a distance away, she could already smell the piercing stench of blood in the air.

Though she was already mentally prepared, when she saw the scene, Zhu Yao was still stunned by what she saw. The place was filled with blood, and even the entire wall of rocks was painted in blood red. That Concealed Rock Beast was trapped in a corner of the wall by dozens of practitioners, its body was now lacking several of the rocks that initially covered it, revealing  the bloody flesh and white bones within.

It seemed to have already fallen into a certain state of craze and had completely lost its reason. Its eyes were bloodshot, and its claws were furiously scratching the ground. However, it continued to stand in its original spot, allowing those practitioners to throw various mystic arts on it. It did not take a single step away, tightly protecting the item behind it.

Behind it was a Voice Recording Stone, and floating above it was an image. It was the image of an old woman in azure robes.

Zhu Yao simply felt a bell ringing in her mind, as endless rage surged within her heart and soul, blazing to the point where her entire body began to tremble.

They had actually made use of an illusion of her to lure that beastie out!

“Hurry, this demonic beast can’t hold on any longer. Hurry and capture it!” Amidst the human practitioners, a familiar voice loudly rang out.

A contract formation rose into the air and flew towards the demonic beast. The contract runes were drawn in black lines. This was… a death contract! According to rumours, it was a malicious formation used to forcefully capture demonic beasts. If a demonic beast dare to resist even the slightest bit, the formation would immediately swallow the demonic beast’s inner core, causing it to die from the shattering of its core. Even if the capture was successful, the demonic beast would forcefully drop a rank.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. She crazily drove the flying sword under her legs. Before she had even arrived before them, she had already summoned her own sword intent and threw an attack at the death contract formation. The cry of a lightning phoenix reverberated, and it directly scattered the formation. The long cry then disappeared into the horizon.

“Beastie.” Zhu Yao presently wished that she could turn around and give Zhao Li a good thrashing, but had to first summon back the Concealed Rock Beast’s consciousness.

However, that injured beastie could no longer hear her.

“It’s you!” Seeing that this incident was exposed, Zhao Li’s expression changed. A hint of fluster flashed on his face. Just as he was about to speak, the Concealed Rock Beast suddenly released a long roar, its entire body began to emit out a red glow. The surrounding metal and earth spiritual energy began to crazily pour into its body. An immense pressure suddenly came swirling forth, and all of the practitioners were losing their balance.

“This is…” Zhao Li was stunned.

“That demonic beast is trying to make a forced breakthrough!” A practitioner cried out in fear.

At this moment, Group Leader Qin and the rest had arrived as well, and they were similarly stunned at the present situation. She turned to glare at Zhao Li at the side. “Junior-martial brother Zhao, how can you go back on your words? You actually took advantage of the night and called wandering practitioners over.”

“I never promised to let go of this demonic beast.” Zhao Li snorted. “The ones who promised that are you guys. Furthermore, this demonic beast has already gone insane. In this sort of situation, we have no choice but to kill it before it ranks up, otherwise, not a single one of us will be able to escape. I’m doing this for you…”

Boom! Before he could even finish, Zhu Yao immediately threw a bolt of heavenly lightning on him.

Zhao Li simply felt his entire body aching in pain, and his skin was instantly charred black. His Dantian was in immense pain, and the spiritual energy within scattered in an instant, causing him to kneel onto the ground. He could not help but puke out a mouthful of blood, as he looked towards Zhu Yao in fear. “You… How… How dare you?”

“Why won’t I dare?” Zhu Yao looked at him coldly as she slowly continued. “Zhao Li, seeing you, I understand what true shamelessness is! Someone like you basically don’t deserve to cultivate. From this day forth, you are no longer a disciple of Ness Cesary Sect.”

Zhao Li’s expression paled, and after sensing it carefully, he realized he was no longer able to gather spiritual energy within his body. The cultivation in his body was rapidly falling. “You… How can you destroy my spirit veins? I’m a disciple of Main Peak, what rights do you have to do so?”

“What rights?” Zhu Yao stared at him straight in the eyes, and slowly said. “My rights as your ancestral grand-martial aunt, Ness Cesary Sect Master’s senior-martial aunt, and the owner of Skybond Peak! Even with my cultivation at the middle stages of Foundation, I can still blow you into bits with just a mere second!”

She once again summoned her own sword intent. A gigantic lightning phoenix suddenly appeared in the air. It flapped its immensely broad wings, and several thousands of lightning streaks struck devastatingly onto the ground.

Everyone present was dumbfounded by this scene. Though they weren’t unable to discern that it was sword intent, just by looking at those streaks of lightning, their hearts could not help but turn cold. Was… Was this really the strength of a mere mid- stage Foundation practitioner?

Zhao Li was completely stunned. Being glared at by that lightning phoenix, his body instinctively shivered. He basically did not clearly hear what she said at all.

Zhu Yao swept her eyes at the dozens of practitioners gathered by Zhao Li, and slowly spoke. “You guys, is there anything you guys want to say?”

The practitioners  exchanged  glances,  and  a  short  moment later, a late-stage Foundation practitioner walked out with a shivering body. “We do not dare to intervene in a mission of Ness Cesary Sect. We have merely been misguided by this person. Since your group already has ideas on dealing with this demonic beast, then we will first take our leave.”

After saying that, the crowd of wandering practitioners left without a trace, none dared to give Zhao Li another glance.

“Junior-ma… Grand-martial aunt.” The Qin girly took a step forward. Even now, she still could not believe that this elderly was the rumoured grand-martial aunt in Skybond Peak. However, seeing the expression of the elite disciple Bai Zhiyuan, she understood that Zhu Yao was not lying. “I wonder how should we deal with the demonic beast now?”

This demonic beast had clearly lost its reason, and if it were to make a forced breakthrough now, it would most certainly lose control and self-destruct. When that time comes, the people within a ten kilometers radius would not be able to escape from the blast.

“I will try stopping its breakthrough. You guys hurry and leave this place.” Zhu Yao did not speak any further. She took a deep breath, and instantly controlled the sword intent such that it flew towards the demonic beast that had already been completely surrounded in a red glow. Turning into a white gaseous body, it enveloped the entire demonic beast.

The Qin girly and Profiteer hesitated for a moment, before grabbing onto Zhao Li who had already completely lost his cultivation, and flew off on their swords.

While Zhu Yao suppressed the demonic beast’s crazed aura, she split out a strip of spiritual energy to seep into its mind and summon his consciousness. Unfortunately, the other party was a fourth rank demonic beast, and did not have high spiritual intellect in the first place. Adding that it was at the brink of life and death just a few moments ago, wanting to wake it up was extremely difficult. Zhu Yao worked hard for a long while, and she was losing focus really quickly.

She hated this body which merely carried cultivation at the Foundation level. If her cultivation was even a little bit higher, or was able to expand her divine sense, then it wouldn’t have been this difficult.

Suddenly, a gush of spiritual energy entered her body from her back. Zhu Yao turned to take a look. “The hell, little tyrant, didn’t I tell you to hurry and leave!” “Grandma, how can I possibly leave you here alone.” Little tyrant said with a righteous look. “Furthermore, if anything were to happen to you, Sect Master will definitely blame me for it.”

“Then why are you here?” Zhu Yao glared at Ye Qingcang at the side.

Ye Qingcang smiled, and said with a serious look. “I have yet to thank granny for saving my life in the afternoon?”


“So I can’t leave grandma here alone.” Little tyrant’s face was firm.

“And I have to pay this debt of gratitude.” Ye Qingcang’s face was determined.

The two exchanged glances, and smiled at each other. They were truly a pair of righteously good youths, and they would definitely be able to obtain the Young Pioneers Award based on their top-tier excellence. In regards to such excellent youths, Zhu Yao naturally felt moved with all her heart… like hell!

-Flips table!- The hell, you two staying back here is even worse, alright? At the very least, if she was alone, she could still make a gamble. Even if it was impossible, she could still swap avatars. Now that there were two additional children dragging her down, she no longer had the chance to disconnect, you

Top-tier your granny, excellent your grandma!

“Please hurry and scram for me, alright? Stop causing  a mess.”

“We won’t leave!” The two young pioneers heavily nodded.

The hell!

Zhu Yao wanted to pinch the two of them to death.

The Concealed Rock Beast’s aura began to grow rampant. The barrier created by Zhu Yao’s sword intent was suddenly broken through, and a ray of fiery light blasted out. Her sword intent was completely shattered. Zhu Yao simply felt an intense pain in the depths of her Dantian, as she puke out a mouthful of blood.



The two young pioneers cried out the same time.

“The hell are you guys calling out for? Run!” Zhu Yao picked the two youths up, and was just about to flee on her flying sword.

That red glow however suddenly grew even brighter, and it looked as if it was about explode towards the surroundings. Crap, they’re doomed!


Suddenly, a green light flashed from her body. A little green ball flew out and grew in size. In a blink of an eye, it hard already turned into a gigantic pea! It took up an entire half of the sky, and immediately after, that round pea let out an ‘ah’ sound. Like Pacman, with an ‘ahm’ sound, it swallowed the rampaging demonic beast.

The three people present: “…”

The entire silent was silent.

Who could tell them what just happened?

Chapter284: Good Enlightenment Helper

“Pea…” The pea let out a celebratory sound. In a blink of an eye, the pea reverted back to the size of a basketball and flew towards her.



Zhu Yao sized up the pea from left to right. It was really the pea that she picked up.

Just what did it do earlier? It swallowed the rampaging demonic beast? She had raised it for so many years, and had yet to see it eat anything. Did it need to have such a heavy taste right from the beginning?

Zhu Yao grabbed onto the green ball and shook it wildly. “Peapea, you’re alright, right? Don’t eat something as strange as that, hey.”

“Pea.” “That is a demonic beast! Hurry and spit it out! What if you’re allergic to it?” She began to locate its mouth in a fluster. However, she could not see even the tiniest of slit around this round pea.

The pea struggled for a few moments. “Pea…”

“Be obedient, hurry and spit it out. I will water you in the future, is that enough for you?”

“Pea pea pea!” The pea shook and leapt out of her hands. It once again grew large, and opened its mouth in an instant.


Her vision suddenly turned dark.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Little Bai: “…” Ye Qingcang: “…”

The pea, had swallowed the three of them as well.

I’m sorry, it seems I have been raising something strange.

Zhu Yao was swallowed.

She was swallowed by the pea she was raising.

When she regained her senses, her surroundings were pitch- black, without the slightest hint of light. The strange thing was, she was not feeling any pain. Rather, she was feeling really comfortable.

It was soft under her feet, and it felt pretty good. Not to mention it had a slight elasticity to it. She could not help but step a few more times. Just this texture quality alone could beat every branded carpet. Just as she wanted to look at it carefully, a cry sounded.

“So heavy…” Zhu Yao was shocked, as she immediately left that carpet.
Why was this voice a little familiar?

“Little tyrant?”


Zhu Yao cast an fire art, and the surroundings instantly brightened. Little tyrant was lying next to her, and his chest was printed with two familiar footprints.

“Are you alright?” She pulled little tyrant off the ground.

Little Bai shook his head. “I’m fine. I simply felt that I was pounded on a few times earlier.”

“Hohoho…” It definitely wasn’t her!

Zhu Yao patted on his chest, destroying the crime evidence. “It’s fine as long as you’re alright. Where’s the other one?”

“Granny, I’m over here.” Ye Qingcang’s voice sounded from the side, as he stood up as well. There wasn’t the slightest injury on his body… nor were there any footprints!

Very good, the entire party was at full health! Only then did Zhu Yao begin to inspect her surroundings. It was really deep, like the passageway of a cave.

“Weren’t we eaten? Why are we here?” Ye Qingcang asked.

Zhu Yao touched the stone wall, faintly sensing the energy ripples left by a teleportation formation. “We seemed to have been transferred to another place. This seemed like an underground passage. If my guess is correct, this should be the depths of that cave earlier.”

“Within the cave!” The two young pioneers were stunned. That cave had a complicated terrain. How were they going to get out?

“What’s that?” Little tyrant suddenly pointed to an area in front of them.

The passage that was still pitch-black earlier faintly emitted out a red glow. They took a few steps forward, and realized that a demonic beast with the height of an average human was presently curled up like a ball at the center. It seemed to have fallen into deep slumber.

“Isn’t this that…” Ye Qingcang’s face was covered in astonishment.

“Concealed Rock Beast.” Zhu Yao hurriedly stepped forward and used her spiritual energy to inspect it. She realized that the aura within its body was calm, nor were there any serious injuries within. At that moment, she heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it did not self-destruct.

Little tyrant walked over as well, and carefully inspected it on his own. “Why did it turn red? And why is it much smaller than before?

Zhu Yao carefully looked at this beast. Its body had turned red, and its figure was several times smaller than before. However, the spiritual energy emitting from its body was much firmer, and even the wounds on its body were beginning to heal. However, because the injuries it suffered were too heavy, it would most likely take more than a year for it to awaken.

This was…

“It mutated!” Zhu Yao said firmly. “Its breakthrough failed and it fell to a third rank demonic beast. However, because its breakthrough was forcefully stopped, it led to a mutation which made it red.” Haah, she wondered if this was a good outcome. Mutated beasts were much stronger than regular beasts, but it had fallen a rank and had sunk into deep slumber. It seemed like it was going to spend its time sleeping for a long time.

“Pea…” A green pea rolled out from the red demonic beast’s claw. As though it had shrunk, it turned into the size of a pearl.

“It’s that pea from earlier!” Little tyrant was shocked, as he immediately summoned his own weapon.

However, that pea merely rolled on the ground for a short while more, before it stopped moving completely. Zhu Yao stepped forward, squatted down and picked up the pea. She gave it a close inspection, yet she did not discover any anomaly.

“Grandma, what is this?”

“I don’t know either!” Zhu Yao shook her head. Back then when she picked it up, it was indeed a regular pea. However, it never expected by swallowing the Concealed Rock Beast, and sending it here, it could suppress its rampage. She faintly sensed that there was something irregular with the pea, yet it did not have that much spiritual intellect at all, and could only repeat the word ‘pea’ over and over again.

“Most likely, it just wanted to bring us to where the Concealed Rock Beast was earlier, it did not have any evil intentions.” Furthermore, it seemed to be the one which suppressed the rampage of this demonic beast. However, as to how it did it, she had no clue.

“Let’s hurry and leave this place then?” Zhu Yao kept the pea. “The terrain of this cave is complicated, and we have no idea where the exit is. You two are unable to abstain from food yet either, so we can’t stay here for long.” “What about that demonic beast?” Little Bai pointed at the beastie on the ground.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. Shen then reinforced it with a few defensive formations. “There shouldn’t be any problems now.”

Only then did she bring the two young pioneers along with her on the passageway.

After going deeper did they truly realize just how huge the cave was. The place was filled with several forks, with each passage splitting to another tens of passages. They walked and turned, to the point where they were beginning to go dizzy. They basically had no idea where they were.

They themselves were unaware of how long they had walked, to the point where even Zhu Yao, who held the highest cultivation out of the three, was beginning to feel a little tired as well. “Let us rest for a while.”

Only then did the three finally stop. Zhu Yao turned around to take a look. Little tyrant was already drenched from sweat, while Ye Qingcang at the back had a miserably pale complexion, panting heavily. He had the lowest cultivation among the three, so it was extremely difficult for him to keep up with her pace. Yet, he did not complain at all during this entire journey, nor did he signal to stop. He truly was a man among men.

Zhu Yao sighed. She set down a spiritual energy gathering formation in the surroundings, and instructed them  to replenish their spiritual energy. The two youths obediently nodded, and began to enter a meditative state.

She pulled out the pea and inspected it for a while, yet she was still unable to find anything different about it. It was exactly the same as described by the girly Little Qian. Forget about awakening its spiritual intellect, it did not have a soul of its own.

“Granny!” Ye Qingcang who was meditating at the side suddenly called out. He was presently looking at her with a confused expression.

“Mn?” What is it?

He said with serious look. “Qingcang has a question which he has been really wanting to ask for a while.” “I have never loved before!”

“Ah?” He was stunned.

“Uh… Sorry.” This was all purely on reflex. “Continue.”

“May I ask granny why you wanted to save that demonic beast?” He said, perplexed. “Demonic beasts and human practitioners are in opposing factions in the first place. Though we can take them in as spiritual beasts, generally, it’s either we die or they do. Even if granny has saved that demonic beast today, most likely in the future, it will still be killed by other practitioners.”

“Mn… That’s a very sophistical question.” Zhu Yao stroked her chin. She pondered for a moment  before  replying. “Actually, I didn’t actually have any reason. When I first saw that beast, it clearly could swallow me instantly, but it didn’t do so. It had sufficient trust in me, believing that I wouldn’t have it. I simply wanted to repay the equal amount of trust it had for me, that’s all. It didn’t kill me, so I helped him pluck out his tooth… I mean, pluck out the trident.” Believe me, that tooth was an accident. “As for what happened next, you saw it for yourself as well. Zhao Li used an illusion of me to lure it out. The reason why even though it was injured to such an extent, yet it still continued to hold its ground, was because it wanted to protect that false image. What it wanted to protect with its life was me. Since even a demonic beast can hold such heavy sense of righteousness, as a human being, why can’t I do it as well? So, saving it with my life on the line is something I ought to do too. As for the future you mentioned…”

Zhu Yao smiled. “As for what the future holds, it’s all in the future. Probably it will still die one day, or because it’s still alive it might even harm other practitioners. The cause and effect of the world is unclear in the first place. If we have to think about so many causes and effects before we do anything, then when will we ever have the time to do anything? What I can do, is follow one’s conscience. At the very least, I did not betray my conscience earlier.”

Ye Qingcang seemed to have some enlightenment, as though he had understood something. However, the next moment, it was as though he grew even more perplexed, his eyes turning hollow as he silently chanted. “Follow one’s  conscience… Follow one’s conscience…”

What’s happening to him now? “Hey, are you alright?” Zhu Yao planned on patting him.

A dense gust of spiritual energy suddenly blew out form his body.

“Woah…” Zhu Yao was astonished, her palm turned a little numb.

The spiritual energy in the surroundings suddenly stirred in disarray. As if they were being attracted by something, the five elemental spiritual energies madly poured towards Ye Qingcang.

“Granny…” He had a perplexed and flustered look on his face. The overwhelming spiritual energy had caused him to feel a little unbearable, as his face began to turn pale. Beads of sweat fell off from his forehead.

This is…

“Hurry and calm yourself, guide the spiritual energy into your body.” Zhu Yao said with a sunken voice. “Focus your senses, don’t need to panic. You just have to keep thinking about what you comprehended earlier!”

Only then did he cross his legs and sat back down. Taking in a deep breath, he guided the gathered spiritual energy into his body.

Little tyrant was also startled awake by this sudden change. “Grandma, this is?”

“He received a sudden enlightenment.” Zhu Yao explained simply as she pulled Little Bai a little further away. After adjusting the spiritual energy gathering formation a little, she helped keep a look out for him.

Little Bai had a perplexed look on his face, as he blankly looked at Qingcang for a while. A hint of envy flashed past his eyes, before sitting next to Zhu Yao to keep a look out for him as well.

Ye Qingcang meditated for about eleven hours, before the surrounding spiritual energy slowly calmed down. Furthermore, his cultivation had also leapt from the first level of Essence to the fifth level of Essence. As if he was sitting on an aeroplane, his speed of improvement was beyond compare. When he opened his eyes, a day had already passed. Taking a deep breath, she sensed the expansive spiritual energy in his own body. A smiling intent flashed past his plain face, as he looked at Zhu Yao excitedly. “Granny…”

“I saw it, I saw it.” As expected of the main protagonist. He leveled up five times in an instant.

“Congratulations, junior-martial brother Ye.”  Little  Bai smiled as well.

Ye Qingcang took a deep breath, as if wanting to suppress the excitement in the depths of his heart. Standing up, he respectfully bowed in front of Zhu Yao. “Thank you granny for your guidance. Qingcang was about to break through this mental barrier and strengthen his state of mind because of it. Qingcang will never ever forget his eternal gratitude for granny.”

“There’s no need for to be so exaggerated.” Zhu Yao waved her hands and then patted on his shoulder. She could not help but feel a little excited in the depths of her heart as well. “I simply said a few casual thoughts of mine, being able to receive an enlightenment was all your own efforts. Little one, not bad. Your future prospects are looking good.” He then smiled shyly.

She never expected that she had the ability to allow others to receive sudden enlightenments. For a moment, Zhu Yao felt she was pretty awesome. Her acting power had risen a level, you know? She suddenly had thoughts of taking in disciples, what should she do? The main protagonist rose by five levels just from her saying a few words, if she were to take in disciples, wouldn’t that…

Wait a minute!

The main protagonist seemed to be a bug. If he were to raise his level too quickly, wouldn’t that mean that he had  taken huge steps towards his goal of becoming a global idol? The date of the residents wanting to walk on the path of bloodshed to deityhood would then be…

The hell!

Just what had she done?

“I say, fellow student Cang…” Zhu Yao pulled onto Ye Qingcang’s hand, her face looked as if she wanted to cry. “If I were to say… What I said earlier are all lies, would you believe me?” Promise me, alright? Let’s try this all over again?


Was it too late for regrets now?

There was only one sickness in the world that couldn’t be cured, and that was blabbermouth-ism!

Because she did not control her mouth for a moment, she allowed the main protagonist to receive a sudden enlightenment. Realizing this truth, tears fell from Zhu Yao’s eyes. Along the way, she could not help but shoot resentful lightwaves at a certain someone.

“Granny…” He began to look a little uneasy. “Was there somewhere which Qingcang was unable to do well?”

“No, it’s exactly because you have done too well!” It was way too much. He grew even more flustered, thinking that she was dissatisfied with him. “Granny, don’t be angry. My spirit veins are of poor aptitude, and has only risen to the fifth level of Essence in a single moment of sudden enlightenment. Don’t worry, I will continue to work hard in the future.”

“You must not!”


“Uh… I mean, you have already done really well.” Don’t continue to raise your level, it’s really scary, alright?

Only then did he nod doubtfully.

In regards to Ye Qingcang, Zhu Yao really did not know what was best. From what she’s seeing, she was really unable to suppress a good youth like him who possessed the correct three views on life. The key thing here was, even if she forced herself to be heartless, she did not know just which aspect of him she should begin from.

According to the scenario, during the rise of this inspirational youth, the only thing that could be considered as a cheat, was the Pellet Hall’s inheritance. However, if not for his own comprehending abilities, even if he had an inheritance it wouldn’t have been of any use.

In the modern era, there were five thousand years worth of knowledge that anyone could pick up and learn, yet not many people like Edison came into prominence. In the end, the reason why he became a renown pellet refining master, was truly because of his own capabilities and comprehending abilities. Not to mention the set of heaven-defying cultivation technique he crafted on his own later on.

Presently, she was encountering a dead knot that could not be untied at all.

“Grandma, there’s light up front!” Little tyrant pointed towards the front, and as expected, rays of light could be faintly seen. Though it was really dusky, a faint fresh scent was in the air.

Chapter285: Where’s the Trust Between Humans and Peas?

Zhu Yao raised her head to take a look. As expected, a spot of light appeared in front of them, and it was growing even brighter. Zhu Yao was ecstatic. Could that be the exit? Just as she was about to head over to take a look, that ray of light suddenly split into two. Furthermore, they were closing in… closing in… emitting out a faint green glow.

Eh? Why did she feel that these two rays of light were like two eyeballs?

The hell, they really were eyeballs! Only after approaching did she realize what light it was. It was clearly a gigantic caterpillar, a gigantic caterpillar blocking the entire pathway.

“Run!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto a wonderful youth on each hand, and then wildly sprinted in the direction they came from.

That caterpillar seemed to have already discovered them, and was actually chasing in their direction. As it chased, it leaked out slimy, sliding sounds. It closed in pretty quickly, and in just a few moments, there were merely only a few meters between them. The hell, this caterpillar must have mutated, right? I have never seen a caterpillar that can run so quickly!

Zhu Yao had no choice but to circulate her spiritual energy to release a wind-type mystic art to aid in their sprinting. They made countless turns wanting to throw it off, however that caterpillar seemed to have marked them, as no matter where they turned, it could precisely find the direction they turned to. As it chased after them, it let out a roar and its entire head began to split apart, revealing a dark hole. Its surroundings were filled with round teeth which stretched all the way into its innards. A bad stench instantly suffused into the air of  the entire passageway, and a green liquid was even filling the entire ground.

The hell, she must had been transferred to a horror film, and not a xianxia world! This was too much, wasn’t it!?

“Grandma, just what in the world is that?” Little tyrant was flustered as well. Turning his head around to take a look, his expression turned deathly pale.

“I don’t know either.” That caterpillar had neither spiritual energy nor demonic energy. It was not a demon nor was it even a beast, as if it was merely a pure overgrown caterpillar! “It doesn’t matter. Hurry and run! Run as fast as you can!”

That caterpillar approached even closer, and just as that gigantic mouth was but a few meters away from them, Zhu Yao no longer had any choice. “Fly on your swords!”

As she shouted out loud, she summoned her own sword and cast a wind-type defensive formation with a flip of her hand, temporarily stopping that caterpillar. Then, she placed down a barrier around her before standing on the flying sword.

The two of them reacted at the same time as well, as they immediately got onto their swords and placed down barriers of their own. The path here was too narrow, so it was indeed really difficult to navigate with their swords. However, with a barrier, they could expand the passage. As they flew forward, the stone walls that collided with the barriers would create a pile of shattered rocks. The three of them was presently speeding forward like a bulldozer.

This method ended up being pretty effective. Though it carried its own dust cloud effect, their fleeing speed was twice faster than before. An hour later, they could no longer hear the sliding sound of that caterpillar. “Did we throw it off?” The two young pioneers were stilled in a soul-shaken state.

Zhu Yao stopped her “bulldozer”, and heavily panted. “Probably!” She felt as if she had fled across the entire world.

Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang were tired as well, as they slammed onto the ground with their buttocks. The spiritual energy in their bodies had long been expended with almost nothing to spare.

“Let’s rest for a while!” Zhu Yao heaved a long sigh of relief. Just as she was about to sit down, she heard a rumbling sound from within the stone walls.

What is that?

Before she could even react, the entire stone wall fell apart with a bang, and a gigantic caterpillar head broke out the wall. In its wide-open mouth was a few shattered rocks that had yet to be chewed into tiny bits.

The hell. This caterpillar sure loved them very much! It was even willing to drill through the walls just for them.

“Hurry and dodge!” Zhu Yao merely had the time to pull onto the nearest Little Bai, while Ye Qingcang was forced to roll to the other side of the passage. The caterpillar appeared right in the middle just like that. Disgusting liquids dripped off its gigantic mouth as it wriggled towards them.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. Dealing with this caterpillar was not difficult, but the problem here was that they were within a cave. If she were to make a move against it, the cave would collapse and they would still be buried here alive.

However, in this present situation, they would still be eaten alive as well. She had no choice but to make a gamble. Gritting her teeth, the mystic art in her hands were just about to materialize.

“Pea~” The pea which had been kept in her robes the entire time suddenly woke up. With a swoosh, it once again grew into a gigantic ball, instantly occupying the entire passageway.

Zhu Yao was ecstatic. “Peapea!” It’s awake? “Pea~~” The pea called out again, and suddenly, with an ‘ah’ sound, it opened its large green mouth towards the caterpillar.

Could it be that it was about to swallow that caterpillar like before? Great! Her heart was instantly filled with excitement. Peapea, I won’t ever blame you for your heavy tastes anymore.

The pea’s mouth grew larger, larger…

And then…

It lowered its head, and with a ‘guaaah’ sound, it vomited onto the ground.

Zhu Yao: …

Bai Zhiyuan: …

Ye Qingcang: …

Zhu Yao’s mood instantly plummeted onto the bottom of a valley. This… Was he disgusted with the ugly look of its opponent?

Was it really time to be concerned about appearances!? - faints- Where’s the most basic form of trust between humans and peas?

“Pea…” The pea’s voice weakened as well, as its entire body instantly shrank into the size of a basketball. Even the jade- green colour it had earlier was beginning to dim a little. The pea looked entirely disheartened.

Just how much is it disgusted with that caterpillar, hey!?

The caterpillar was instantly enraged. It’s figure instantly accelerated, and with a turn of its head, it pounced towards their direction.

“Peapea!” Zhu Yao called out, but it was already too late. That caterpillar had already swallowed that basketball-sized pea, and just as it was about to disappear into the caterpillar’s mouth…

Suddenly, the pea’s body instantly grew out long green thorns. Before the caterpillar could even close its mouth, the thorns instantly pierced through the caterpillar’s entire head.

The pea which was smooth and round just earlier, had instantly turned into a hedgehog. While it penetrated the caterpillar… it continued to puke.

Alright, it seemed like it was truly disgusted with this caterpillar.

Receiving this attack, the caterpillar began to desperately struggle right before its death. Its gigantic body began to rampage, and the stone walls were thrashed and destroyed like tofu by its movements. Instantly, the earth  shook tremendously, and the passageway began to collapse.

“Not good, it’s going to collapse!” Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. As she cast an art with her hands, she shouted in Ye Qingcang’s direction. “Set down a defensive barrier.”

Just as they had finished the preparations, the stone ceiling above collapsed as large amount of rolling stones came crashing down. The passageway was beginning to be buried by even more destroyed rocks, and she could even hear the cracks of the solid rocks above her. Just when Zhu Yao thought that they were about to be buried alive, unexpectedly, large rays of light suddenly scattered down.

An exit!

Zhu Yao immediately summoned her sword intent and directed it towards the direction of the light. In an instant, a path was created.

“Hurry and get moving!” She shouted in the direction of the two youths, and then turned to look at the mouth of the caterpillar. “Peapea.”

A green ball of light flew out, and only then did she finally charged through the exit.

In the next moment, immense crashing sounds could be heard. A large crater had been formed below from the collapse.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. How fortunate. “Grandma.” Little Bai suddenly called out in fear.

“What is it now?” Zhu Yao raised her head, and was stunned by what she saw.


The entire ground was filled with gigantic caterpillars, forming an immense sea of white caterpillars as they constantly rolled and squirmed. They seemed to have barged into the nest of caterpillars.

Zhu Yao simply felt chills all over her body. In a situation like this where they were outnumbered, they could only…


After confirming a direction, they quickly flew on their swords over. Behind them, countless squirming sounds could be heard. Zhu Yao flew even faster.

“Grandma!” Little tyrant tugged her. “What is it?” She continued to fly at mad speeds.

“Why are we running?”

“If we don’t run, wouldn’t we be waiting to be swallowed?”

“But we’re no longer in the cave!”

“Eh!?” Zhu Yao halted in mid-air. The hell, she had gotten used to running, and had forgotten this fact. “Attack them with fire!” Zhu Yao cast a fire-type mystic art with her hands, instantly materializing a sea of fire which blazed through the group of caterpillars that was chasing relentlessly after them.

Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang materialized large amount of fireballs as well, throwing them straight in their direction.

In an instant, miserable cries rang out. A large half of the dense pack of caterpillars earlier had been exterminated. The rest did not dare to chase after them either, as they hurriedly fled off. Smell of charred meat paste floated in the air. The faint rancid stench that was lingering as well made it extremely disgusting.

“Grandma, these caterpillars… just what in the world are they?” Little Bai panted heavily. His spiritual energy  had already been completely expended from the fireballs earlier, and Ye Qingcang was the same. However, their expressions were filled with shock. “I have never seen such demonic beasts?”

“Those aren’t demonic beasts.” Zhu Yao sat cross-legged, and spoke after catching her breath. “No matter how low ranked a demonic beast is, it will still carry demonic energy. However, I did not feel even the slightest bit of it within those caterpillars. Not just demonic energy, there wasn’t even the presence of spiritual energy within them either.”

“Granny, you’re saying… Those are just pure caterpillars!?” Do they even grow that big?

Zhu Yao nodded. “That’s a possibility.” She looked around. “This place isn’t safe either. It’s best we hurry and leave.” Who could know just what would appear next? Without any spiritual energy and without a spiritual beast with her, not to mention she was just a Foundation practitioner, she was basically unable to sense the presence of others in advance. Though those caterpillars were weak, they might sneak up on them after all.

Zhu Yao signalled to them. Just as she was about to move, something rolled over to her feet.

“Pea. Pea.” The basketball-sized pea was presently following her footsteps. This time however, it did not return to the size of a fist, but continued its basketball figure.

It puked out so much earlier yet it was still able to grow in size, it must had gone through a lot. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She suddenly felt that she had gained a strange pet. However, while the others were raising spiritual beasts, she was raising a pea!

Zhu Yao faintly sensed that this foreign land was not safe, but she had never expected it to be this unsafe. As they went further in, the number of strange creatures increased. Bees, mosquitoes, worms, spiders, and even ants had appeared. Furthermore, they seemed to have all taken some form of drug, as they were all inconceivably big.

They personally witnessed a three-meter tall mosquito sucking an entire pool of water dry, and as though it was still not satisfied, flew over to the river at the side. Zhu Yao felt that her worldview had suffered a severe blow. Should she celebrate for the fact that this mosquito was not interested in blood?

Just what in the world was this place?

Chapter286: Green Doraemon

There actually existed such an transcended place in this world. She must had transmigrated into a world of insect wars or something, right?

“Grandma, why is this place so, so…” Xiao Bai’s complexion paled, his face was filled with shock.

“Probably because the food here is especially good, which led to them grow excessively?”

“…” Even if it’s excess, they shouldn’t grow this big, right?

“Let’s first move further ahead.”

Zhu Yao instructed them to retract their aura, and continue forward. The dense forest before their eyes grew wider, and the number of gigantic insects decreased. Just as she had thought that they were about to reach the exit, a gigantic demonic beast appeared in front of them.

It seemed to have sharp fin growing at its back, and its figure was like a lizard. However, its claws were flowing with lava-like red light. Its cry was very strange, as if it was screaming with a broken voice. It was neither sharp nor piercing, but the main problem here was, she was unable to understand its voice.

A furious, flaming aura rose in the air. That demonic beast continued to spit fire at its surroundings, though the area in front of had long turned into charred ground.

“This… What is this?” Ye Qingcang was dumbfounded. He pondered deeply for a moment. “I have neither seen nor heard of such a demonic beast. I wonder what rank it is?”

Zhu Yao had never seen it either. Even in the beast wave from one of the previous worlds, she had never seen such a species.

“Grandma, can this demonic beast be tamed?” Little tyrant asked.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat all of a sudden. For some reason, she instinctively disliked this beastie, faintly sensing that it was different from the rest of the demonic beasts. Not to mention she was basically unable to understand what it was screaming about. “I don’t have any confidence.” She shook her head. “The creatures in this place is too strange. It’s best that we don’t offend them.”

“Let’s take a detour!” Zhu Yao pointed to the side, and walked over from one of the sides of the dense forest. She wondered if it was because the rank of the demonic beast was too low, as it actually did not sense them at all.

However, the number of demonic beasts they encountered later on grew, and they were all species which they had never seen before. They all had strange appearances. Some of them looked similar to certain beasts, but because of their attributes, sizes and the locations of their claws, they were all different.

These demonic beasts all occupied territories of their own, and without a single exception, all of them were extremely irritable. Either they were burning down trees or digging through rocks, harbouring intense enemy intent towards every creature that approached them.

She had once thought of wanting to talk with one of the beasts, but she had almost been pierced through by an icicle it spat out, which led them to fleeing for several kilometers. Zhu Yao was finally certain that the World Favourable Impression was ineffective on these strange beasts.

The doubts in the depths of her heart grew deeper. She faintly sensed that there was something strange with this land, but she was still missing a connecting piece. No matter how she thought about it, she was unable to figure it out.

“Granny, there seems to be something up front?” Ye Qingcang pointed to somewhere in the sky and asked.

Zhu Yao peered, and just as Qingcang had said, far away, nearing the horizon hanged a fine white line, as if there were double eyelids in the sky.

“Let’s take a closer look!” Zhu Yao summoned her sword and flew in that direction. The other two hurriedly followed after her.

After approaching it did they notice that the white line was actually a light-emitting translucent wall. The wall was like a gradient layer, the part connecting the surface was pure white, and it grew dimmer as it extended towards the sky. With its circular shape, it encased a large territory. There seemed to be a tall palace tower within. It was as if the gigantic barrier was enclosing the thing inside, and on the wall floated several golden runic characters.

Zhu Yao subconsciously sensed that inside this wall laid the answer behind this strange land.

“This… seems to be a very ancient Great Mountain Barrier Formation.” Little tyrant looked at the runic characters on the wall.

“You have seen this before?” Zhu Yao was a little astonished.

Xiao Bai frowned. “I have once seen this on a certain mystic record in the sect, it’s named Dawncloud Formation. According to legends, this formation cannot be broken, and the formation core is within the formation as well, so it’s basically undispellable. However, this formation can only be used for defense, with absolutely no offensive properties.”

“You’re saying, we can’t enter it?” Little tyrant nodded. “This formation only has a single formation core. It can only be opened from within.”

“Formation core?” Zhu Yao suddenly recalled a certain person’s dudou. Maybe…

“Xiao Bai, did you bring a dudou?”


“Ah pui, I meant do you have any defensive mystic artifacts on you?”

Little tyrant shook his head strongly. No matter if it’s a dudou or mystic artifact, he did not have either!

Zhu Yao then turned to look at Ye QIngcang!

“I don’t have that sort of hobbies either!” He shook his head even more wildly. Zhu Yao: …

“Pea~~” At this key moment, a certain pea leapt out. It flew at a height horizontal to her line of sight and then suddenly let out a ‘ahmu’ sound, spitting out a… brick.

Zhu Yao casually caught it. Why are you throwing this at me?
The ones who were immoral were those two, not me, hey!

“Seventh rank mystic artifact!” Ye Qingcang pointed at the brick in her hands with an astonished look.

Zhu Yao gave it a closer look. The hell, it was really a seventh rank mystic artifact! So the thing that the pea threw at her was not a brick, but an iPhone+!

However… She couldn’t use a seventh rank mystic artifact either! She was presently just a Foundation trash.

“Peapea, do you have one with a little lower rank?”

“Pea…” Peapea called out again, once again letting out the same ‘ahmu’ sound, spitting out a sixth rank… brick!

Just how much do you love bricks?

“It’s still too high of a rank, do you have one with an even lower rank?”

“Pea!” Fifth rank brick…

“Even lower…”

“Pea.” Third rank brick…

“This is enough.” Zhu Yao carried the four bricks of various ranks, and a sense of a tycoon who had bought all the iPhones from series one to six instantly welled within her. “Come, come, come, don’t be shy. Everyone gets one.” She turned around a stuffed the few bricks to the youths at the side, and then left herself with the third rank brick.

“Pea…” The pea suddenly called out, once again opening its mouth. “Eh? You still have something for me?”


Zhu Yao excitedly spread out her hands, preparing to receive the goods. Could it be an iPad this time? What came floating towards her was a red dudou.

Zhu Yao: “…”

The two little ones: “…”

“Pea?” Seeing that she wasn’t reacting to it, Peapea spat out a few more of various colours and designs. It looked as if it was saying: Do you want more? Do you want more? I can spit out a lot more!

Who wants something like this!? -faints- There’s still two youths behind me, you know? Don’t teach little children bad things!

○ | ̄|_ “Pea…”

Zhu Yao clamped onto the pea’s mouth, her face darkened. “Enough, enough. I know you’re Doraemon now.”

With how it could spit out anything she wanted, this pea’s mouth must be the fourth dimension, right?

In order to prevent it from spitting out anything immoral again, Zhu Yao immediately used the third rank defensive mystic artifact as the formation core to cross the barrier, charging in with other two youths and one pea.

Chapter287: The Pea is About to Give Boons

“Little tyrant, have we entered the barrier?”

“Uh… Yes!”

“Are you certain?”

“Certain… I think?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. The breakthrough detachment had finally escaped those strange beasts outside and successfully entered barrier. Then… They saw even more strange beasts.

-Flips table!- Why are there so many terrifying creatures, hey!?

“Hohoho… Why are you two looking at me? Run.” Zhu Yao threw away the iPhone N and hurriedly got onto her flying sword. Pulling the two youths who had long expended their spiritual energy, she began to flee with her family in tow. In her mind, she was already throwing over a hundred curses at the person who created the barrier. When normal people place down barriers, they were either used to protect something, or to hide something. This barrier? After they managed to enter through great difficulties, they realized both inside and outside of it were the same. She really wanted to ask the person who created this barrier just what in the world was he thinking? Was he bored? Or was bored he? Or bored was he?

However, after flying wildly for a few kilometers, Zhu Yao had stopped pondering about such a philosophical question, because she had run out of juice too. The spiritual energy in her body was already in a severely depleted state. In just a few more moments, she would no longer be able to hold on either.

At this moment, a floating mountain could be faintly seen in front of her, and a spiritual light was actually flashing at the mountaintop. Ever since they came into this barrier, the spiritual energy was extremely scarce, yet the mountaintop actually carried spiritual light. It could be seen just how dense the spiritual energy was over there.

Zhu Yao did not ponder for a long, as she immediately flew in the direction of the floating mountain. The moment she landed, the dense spiritual energy in the surroundings came circling their bodies, and even the fatigue on her body had dissipated quite a bit.

Just as she was about to find a place to hide and recover her spiritual energy, Little Bai suddenly pointed to the back and said with a stunned look. “Grandma, look. The  demonic  beasts are…”

When she turned around to take a look, the large amount of demonic beasts that were still chasing after them relentlessly earlier, had suddenly stopped two to three kilometers away from the floating mountain. They no longer approached, and were simply roaring with rage while facing in their direction.

“What’s wrong with them?” Zhu Yao carefully sensed her surroundings. “There’s no formation on this spiritual mountain blocking them though? Why don’t they dare to approach us?”

Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang exchanged glances as well.

“There might be something in this mountain that they are afraid of?”

“… I don’t care anymore.” Zhu Yao sat cross-legged. “This place is safe for now, let’s first restore our spiritual energy. This way, we can flee faster later on.”

The two youths nodded and followed her lead, taking up their meditating positions.

“Pea~” The pea rolled towards Zhu Yao. It suddenly opened its mouth and spat out two bottles.


Doraemon gave a boon again!

“What is this?” Zhu Yao picked up the bottle and shook it. Realizing that a liquid was stored in it, she opened to bottle cap. A fragrant scent suffused into the air, instantly lifting up her spirits, and even her spiritual energy had recovered by ten percent in an instant.

“Could this be Spiritual Spring Jade Dew?” Ye Qingcang said with an astonished look. “You recognize this?”

Ye Qingcang said. “I have merely heard others mention it before. It’s spring water formed by compressing spiritual energy. It’s more than a hundred times denser than regular spiritual energy.”

“It’s that mystical?” Zhu Yao stroked the pea. “Nobita sent you, right? Why do you have everything on you?”

“Pea!” The pea leapt up, landing on her thigh.

“Also…” Student Ye continued. “Unlike  spiritual  energy where we have to refine and guide it into our own bodies, there’s no need to do so for this spiritual water. Just by drinking it, it can immediately replenish the spiritual energy in our bodies.”

It’s that effective? Isn’t that the mana potions in games then?
And it’s even instantaneous. She must give it a try!

“However…” Student Ye recalled with all his might. “I have heard the spiritual energy of spiritual water is too powerful, and usually, a single drop of it is comparable to the amount of spiritual energy needed for the Foundation level. That is why it shouldn’t be drunk too…”

Zhu Yao who had already drunk it all: …

“Young man…” Zhu Yao pulled Student Ye’s collar. “Do you know you can kill someone if you don’t speak everything at one go?” I have already drunk down the entire bottle, yet you’re telling me I’m only supposed to drink a single drop!?

“I… I never expected that granny would drink it so quickly?” He said with an astonished and self-blaming look. “Granny… you drank it all?”

“What do you think!?” Gaah! Do you think it’s oreo!? I have to first lick it, and then dip it!?


She puked out a mouthful of bad blood. “Grandma!”


Zhu Yao immediately sensed the expanded spiritual energy in her body wildly charging into her Dantian. Zhu Yao had no time to explain philosophies with the youth any longer, as she hurriedly meditated in order to digest the spiritual energy within her body.

The two youths were left with no choice but to sit next to her to keep a lookout.

Though the spiritual energy in Zhu Yao’s body was of immense quantity, it was not like the spiritual energy from before. The spiritual energy presently was much gentler than before, and it was obediently staying within her body, constantly charging into her meridians and Dantian. Just like a very orderly traffic jam, what constantly shrank was the distance between the cars, no one was crossing through the tight passages or turning out of the way.

So though Zhu Yao felt that her expanding meridians were a little unbearable, it was not like the previous time where she had to hold on in a state where her blood and flesh were meshed together. Instead, her cultivation was beginning to rise at a rhythmic pace. From the fifth level of Foundation, to the sixth, seventh… all the way to the Paragon level.

And up to this point, not even a tenth of the spiritual water she drank had been digested. She decided to just form her Azoth Core. She converted all of the spiritual water in her body into spiritual energy at one go, and then began the forming process.

To someone like her who had formed her Azoth Core countless of times, like an university graduate going back to take a primary school examination, it was simply too easy. Her Azoth Core began to grow firmer. However, the strange thing was that the transparent spiritual energy that had been staying within her body the entire time, had also seeped into her Dantian as well. In the beginning, she did not feel any anomaly. However, after the shape of the Dantian was formed, she realized that the Dantian which was supposed to be of varied colours, had actually turned into a transparent glass ball.

Could it be that the strange spiritual energy was used as a dye?

Unfortunately, she no longer had the time to think. Because after the formation of her Azoth Core, the spiritual energy in her body was actually still expanding, and it expanded all the way till she was at the Azoth Core Paragon level. Only eighty to ninety percent of the spiritual energy from the spiritual water was expended.

Now, here came the problem. Should she continue to nourish her Nascent Soul? Or should she die from self-imploding due to the expansive spiritual energy?

However, if she were to nourish her Nascent Soul now, this bit of spiritual energy was far from enough. Not to mention she had just finished forming her Azoth Core. If she were to shatter her Dantian now to nourish her Nascent Soul and guide the spiritual energy into her body, her frail meridians would not be able to bear them. It would basically fail.

Both her advance and retreat paths were sealed. Could this be the price for being a glutton? She had rather wished that she could fatten up by three kilos!

The spiritual energy was beginning to fill up, and even if she wanted to suppress the expanding spiritual energy with all her might, she was unable to stop the intense pain within her meridians and Dantian. She was done for. It seemed like she had truly eaten to death this time. “Pea…” Suddenly, the pea, that had been quietly laying on her leg the entire time, called out. In a blink of an eye, the incantation of some sort of mystic art could be faintly heard within her mind. The pea began to emit out a green light. She simply felt the spiritual energy that had been squeezing tightly in her meridians was being pulled away, scattering out of her body and entering the pea’s body.

In but a few moments, the pain she was feeling had completely dissipated, and her meridians had been restored to normal. She felt as if she had taken a laxative after being constipated for several days. Her entire body felt relaxed, and even her spirits were refreshed.

After surviving this tribulation, she definitely had to eat more oreos in the future.

Taking a deep breath, she woke up from her meditative state. She looked at the pea that had grown considerably, her heart was filled with excitement. “Peapea, tell me honestly. Do you still have another name called Doraemon. Dorbemon is fine too…”

The mystical Peapea’s reply was, “burp…” It let out a resounding burp.

“Grandma!” Little tyrant ran over with an agitated look. “Grandma, you’re awake. I even thought… Fortunately you formed your Azoth Core.”

Zhu Yao stroked his head. “Don’t worry, grandma’s life is pretty sturdy!” Speaking of which, this seemed to be the most relaxed formation of her Azoth Core. “How long was in a meditative state?”

“Five days!” Little tyrant said.

Zhu Yao was astonished. “Five days!? Then you…” Wouldn’t that mean they had starved for seven to eight days?

“Grandma, don’t worry. I still have one final  Hunger Dispelling Pellet. Furthermore, while you were forming your Azoth Core, the spiritual energy in the surroundings was very rich. My cultivation had risen as well.”

Zhu Yao took a closer look. As he had said, he had already reached the Paragon level of Essence, and was just a little off from establishing his Foundation.

“Not bad, little one.” She patted on his back. “Oh right, what about Ye Qingcang?”

Little tyrant was stunned for a moment, before looking towards her back. “Junior-martial brother is still  in  a meditative state.” His tone carried slight envy. “Two days ago, while grandma was forming her Azoth Core, junior-martial brother Ye comprehended a hint of the Heavenly Dao, and thus went into meditation. He instantly leapt from the fifth level of Essence to the eighth level!”

As expected of the main protagonist. He could actually raise his cultivation just by watching someone else form her Azoth Core.

“Though junior-martial brother Ye’s aptitude isn’t  really good, his comprehensive abilities are phenomenal. Even I… can’t compare to him.” After saying that, he glanced at Ye Qingcang.

Zhu Yao however could faintly sense a hint of desolateness, as she patted heavily onto his shoulder. “Little tyrant, what are you thinking about? Are you envious of him?”

His expression stiffened, and his eyes moved about for quite a while. “He’s… indeed really incredible.”

“You have merely seen his present capabilities, but you have not seen his past hardships.” Zhu Yao strongly stroked his head. Little tyrant was an Inner Sect disciple from birth, and his aptitude was above average as well. Yet, he was set to roam free on his own by his master, and he had been lacking a senior that could guide him the entire time. This was why he had such a strong personality. This was obvious just by looking at how fast he was cultivating compared to his peers of the same generation. However, after suddenly seeing Ye Qingcang whose cultivation was shooting up like a rocket, it would be hard not to possess unbalanced feelings about this. Furthermore, he held the penta spirit veins. It was very normal for him to give birth to self-doubts. However, if such doubts continued to stay buried within, it might possibly turn into inferiority complex one day. Zhu Yao did not wish for such unbalance to become the knot in his heart in the future.

“Listen to me, little tyrant.” Zhu Yao sighed. “Do you think Ye Qingcang is really incredible for being able to raise from the first level of Essence to the eighth level in just half a month with his penta spirit veins?” “Mn.” He obediently nodded.

“Then how long did it take you?”

“Three years!” Furthermore, he was cultivating daily. He never dared to slack off in the least, which led to him possessing such speeds.

“Then what about from the first level to the second level of Essence?” Zhu Yao continued to ask.

Little tyrant was stunned for a moment, as he looked at her a little perplexedly. “The first three levels of Essence are extremely easy. It is possible to reach the third level just by taking in spiritual energy into the body for half a month. Back then, I naturally used only two days to reach the second level.”

“Oh.” Zhu Yao pointed to Ye Qingcang on the ground. “But he took five years.”

Little tyrant was dumbfounded for a moment, before regaining his senses and refuted. “This is different!” “What’s different?”

“…” LIttle tyrant was unable to point it out. Indeed! Mortal disciples usually entered sect at the age of ten, and just a few days ago, Ye Qingcang was still at the first level of Essence. In other words, he had indeed spent five years.

“Little tyrant…” Zhu Yao said with a stern look. “That’s why I said that you have merely looked at the achievements he had made today, yet you have not seen the view behind it. He had similarly worked hard for many years. You are about the same age as him, yet you’re already at the Essence Paragon level, while he is merely at the eighth level. The one who should be envious is him, not you.”

Bai Zhiyuan looked down and pondered for a moment, as if he had understood something, yet was still a little confused.

“Furthermore.” Zhu Yao continued. “You are envious of him reaching the eighth level from the first level of Essence in just a few days? Why aren’t you envious of me rising to the Azoth Core Paragon level from intermediate stages of Foundation in the past five days then?” Little tyrant instantly widened his eyes.

Zhu Yao laughed, pinching his cheeks and pulling them to the two sides. “Little tyrant, what’s important is not to be envious of others, but understand what you yourself possess. Look at yourself more. Your Dao is built by you alone, not others. No matter how talented he is, it’s not going to help you walk your own life.”

Little tyrant raised his head and looked at her, the confusion on his face disappeared bit by bit. His eyes brightening bit by bit, and were much clearer than before. A smile slowly surfaced on that face of his which still carried a bit of innocence, as he nodded his head. “Grandma, Little Bai understands now.”

Only then did Zhu Yao heave a sigh of relief. These feelings of being envious of other children were something she greatly understood, after all, she had lived under a shadow like this since young.

Wait a minute!

Other children… Zhu Yao’s eyes brightened. She was a little agitated for a moment. The hell! I know how I should deal with the bug now!

So it’s like that!

“Granny.” Ye Qingcang woke up at this moment as well, as he respectfully greeted her.

“Hi, other child… Ah pui, Little Cang.” After finding  the method to deal with the situation, she instantly felt that the main protagonist looked more pleasing to the eye than before! “Speaking of which…”

“Pea…” Just as Zhu Yao was about to speak up, Peapea stepped in, squeezing right between the two of them as it playfully rubbed against her chest. Zhu Yao simply felt her arms sinking, and even her legs were about to collapse.

When did this pea become so much fatter? She could barely hold it up now.

Pea pea pea pea pea!” It nudged wildly. Zhu Yao felt as if her arms were about to break. Suddenly, it flew out of her embrace, and then flew in a direction for a few moments, before flying back.

Was it telling them to go that way?” What’s over there?”


Zhu Yao frowned. Summoning her flying sword, she instructed the two good youths, and then followed Peapea in that direction. She wondered what the pea had found, and she had to head over to take a look. Maybe it was an exit!

When they entered earlier, they flew straight to the mountaintop, the pea was bringing them towards the foot of the mountain. They had only flown for a while, yet Zhu Yao was stunned few moments later as she stopped in mid-air.

“Grandma?” The two youths turned back with a puzzled look.

Zhu Yao clenched her fists, and said with a sunken voice. “Establish defensive barriers, hurry!” Scent of blood!

She caught wind of a very heavy scent of blood!

Even during the battle between Gods and Demons, she had never smelled such a thick scent. Furthermore, when  she caught a whiff of it earlier, she even felt a sense of desolateness enough to suffocate her.

That emotion was very inexplicable, and it was as if her heart was clenched tightly by someone or something, causing her mysterious pain and agony. It seemed like there was something waiting for her upfront, something absolutely depressing.

Chapter288: Cultivation Straight A’s Student

Zhu Yao spotted a lake that was entirely red, and even everything in its surroundings were dyed in red. Floating above the lake surface were countless gold formations, and even further above them, it faintly looked as if something was being restrained, occasionally part of it could be seen through the thick mist.

The nearer they approached, the denser the scent of blood was. Even though there were formations in the surroundings that were concealing the aura emitted, they were unable to stop the thick scent of blood. Only after they had reached did they realize that the lake was not made of water.

It was clearly a lake of blood.

There was not the slightest of ripple on the surface of the lake, as if it had long been solidified. Its colour of red was incomparably dark.

This was not a lake that was dyed red by blood, but a lake formed by blood itself. “This… This is…” The three of them  were  dumbfounded. Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang could not hold it in as they turned around to puke as well.

A piercing pain unknowingly rose in the depths of Zhu Yao’s heart, and for a moment, she found it hard to breathe. Just where did so much blood come from?

“Grandma… What’s… What’s over there?” Little tyrant suddenly pointed somewhere to the right. That was an empty patch of grass, but at the center of it was a large amount of fresh blood flowing into the blood lake. Occasionally, the air above the grass patch would suddenly distort.

Zhu Yao frowned. There was a concealment formation over there, and it was very unstable! She quickly materialized a spiritual sword, and immediately sliced through the illusion. As if curtains were drawn, a purgatory-like view appeared above the grass patch.


The corpses of various demonic beasts littered the surroundings. They piled up into a huge mountain. Not a single one of the demonic beasts’ bodies was completely intact, as dismembered arms and legs filled the place. The ones at the very bottom had also begun to decompose and emit a foul smell. At the top of the corpses, there were still dismembered beasts that were still breathing, roaring in their exhausted states.

For a moment, their endless screams resounded through the clouds.

In the sky above the pile of corpses was an enormous formation, and it was presently emitting out a piercing  red light. When the demonic beasts bumped into that red light, as if they had met with the sharpest of blades, their bodies began to slice open, preventing their escapes. They could do nothing but to scream miserably.

She understood them now. They were shouting out…

“Kill me!”

Among those demonic beasts, there were seventh rank ones, eighth rank ones, and even those of the tenth rank. However, within that enormous formation, they did not have any power to resist at all, as they get sliced apart alive.

All three of them were frightened to a standstill by this scene, unable to believe their own eyes.

“Be… Behind…” Ye Qingcang trembled as he pointed at the back of the pile of corpses.

Zhu Yao turned to look, only to see dozens of similar formations behind, though those formations were double- layered. Under the red formations were white teleportation formations. Suddenly, a few of the formations shone. A moment later, one confused demonic beast after another appeared above the formations, and they were then swallowed the red formations above.

In the end, they appeared above the gigantic pile of corpses, and were sliced alive.

“Those formations are sending demonic beasts here!” Rage instantly surged within the depths of Zhu Yao’s heart, as she instantly materialized a spiritual sword and flew off. “Destroy those teleportation formations!” She immediately materialized countless swords, attacking the nearest few teleportation formations and stopping the teleportation of demonic beasts.

The two youths were startled for a second, before reacting in the next moment. They hurriedly stepped forward to help destroy the cores of the other teleportation formations. It was her first time seeing such a grand-scale of one-sided demonic beast slaughter. Just what in the world was that enormous red formation used for?

There were dozens of teleportation formations, but because they did not possess any offensive properties in the first place, the three destroyed them in a blink of an eye. Without the teleportation formations, the corresponding red formations above immediately collapsed as well. No more demonic beasts were being transferred.

Though the earlier few had still landed in the pile of corpses.

Eight demonic beasts were fixated under the formation, and some had even turned to look towards Zhu Yao, their eyes evidently carried a hint of fluster and pleading intent. Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, as she then immediately proceeded to attack that strange gigantic formation. However, the moment her spiritual sword made contact with that formation, they were shattered instantly. The rebound made her hands numb. Just what in the world was that formation?

The formation was already beginning to shine and activate again, if she was delayed any further, those demonic beasts would face certain deaths. Zhu Yao gritted her teeth and immediately summoned her sword intent. A gigantic lightning people flew straight towards that formation. However, the moment it made contact with the formation, it was shattered, disappearing instantly.

Zhu Yao simply felt a powerful rebound assaulting her. An immense pain struck her chest, as she puked out a large mouthful of blood.



Bai Zhiyuan and Ye Qingcang cried out as they hurried over. That gigantic formation grew even brighter, as rays of red light came shooting down at the demonic beasts. Like laser weapons, they sliced towards the bodies of the demonic beasts.

Zhu Yao’s eyes fiercely widened, as she struggled to get up. “We must save them!”

Just as she got up, she puked  out  a  few  mouthfuls  of  blood. She could faintly hear the crackling sounds of her Azoth Core shattering. She had never  experienced  such  powerful  rebound, as if her sword intent was deflected several times back into her body.

“Grandma…” Little tyrant held onto her hand, and said with a solemn look. “It’s too late.”

In the next moment, terrifying screams rang through their ears, causing their hearts to tremble. The limbs of the newly entered demonic beasts were sliced inch by inch by the red light. Their painful cries. Their agonizing screams for help. All of them reverberated into their ears.

Zhu Yao had never thought that being able to understand the language of demonic beasts would be such a painful experience. They were crying out their agonizing pain, all of them asking her for help.

She… was unable to do anything.

She was not even able to turn her head around and cover her ears. She could only watch blankly as though demonic beasts were sliced into bits and pieces, their blood and fleshing meshed together. The pairs of clear eyes, from the initial fluster, turned into fear, pleading, and then complete despair.

Until not a single sound could be heard any longer did that large formation finally stop.

She had even clearly watched a beastie reaching out to her with its remaining paw, whimpering a tuneless, “meow…”

For a moment, Zhu Yao could not catch her breath. Powerlessness filled her entire body, and the depths of her heart were filled with an unbearably  sour  feeling.  Heavy  sorrow surged upwards, making it difficult for her to breathe. It was as the screams of those beasties were still echoing in her ears. Just what in the world was that terrifying formation?

However, the nightmare did not end.

“Grandma…” Little tyrant’s face instantly paled, as he shiveringly pointed in the direction they came from. “Above the blood lake…”

When she turned back to look, the few formations that were quietly floating above the blood lake earlier had suddenly activated. Something was presently surging upwards. In the next moment, a foreign and strangely-shaped demonic beast appeared, roaring as it flew away from the floating mountain.

Zhu Yao felt a chill in her  heart,  as  she  hurriedly  turned  to look at the pile of corpses. As expected, a few of dismembered limbs were missing, and the pile of corpses had turned smaller. After a closer look, at the center of the  dismembered  corpses were a few unique formations. The dismembered parts of the demonic beasts had disappeared within that formation.

A bell seemed to have rung in her mind. Ever since she saw that caterpillar, she had gotten a strange feeling. She suddenly understood now. Those strangely-shaped demonic beasts that looked as if they did not carry any intelligence, but were unexpectedly brutal… were actually “chimeras” created using formations!

This thought is too crazy. Just how is this possible? In this world of cultivation, why is a plot that would appear in sci-fi movies here!? Could this strange place possibly be a work of science… No, a Jurassic Park created by a cultivation wacko?

“Hoh. It seems a few rats came in!” A solemn male voice suddenly rang above their heads.

Zhu Yao felt her heart skip a beat.

In the next moment, she was pushed against the ground by an immense pressure. She was unable to move even a single inch of her body, and her Azoth Core was even shattering bit by bit. Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang instantly puked out blood and fell onto the ground. If not for the defensive barriers that they had established earlier, adding that Zhu Yao had been desperately transferring them spiritual energy in order to protect their Dantians, they would have already lost their lives.

This was actually… the pressure of a Demigod! The hell! This cultivation wacko is actually a Demigod straight A’s student!

Sounds of footsteps approached, and only a moment later could she clearly see his appearance. He was a man who looked to be in his twenties, his facial features tended to the feminine side, though his brows were dyed with ruthlessness. He coldly glared at the three people on the ground, muttering out with a cold laugh. “It’s been a good long while since I last saw a living person in my illed grounds. A mere Azoth Core practitioner and two Essence practitioners were actually capable of breaking into this place. Not bad, I have to say.”

Who is this guy?

The man turned to look at the pile of corpses, and his eyes swept towards the dozens of destroyed teleportation formations. His brow instantly turned into a frown, and his voice instantly turned chilly. His killing intent flashed. “You lot actually destroyed my formations, you lot deserve to die!”

The pressure from his body instantly turned heavier, and the cracks on Zhu Yao’s Azoth Core were now more than the wrinkles on her face. That man slowly walked over. He suddenly reached out his hand to clutch Zhu Yao’s neck, raising her up into the air.

“What are you doing?” Little tyrant was in a panic. He gritted his teeth as he raised his head up. “Let her go.”

“Let her go?” He coldly laughed, his eyes were like that of a snake’s. He sized her up for a moment, the corner of his lips stretched to a side, revealing a sinister smile. “How can I possibly let go of such a wonderful ingredient? I have yet to try using a human’s body to refine beasts. It seems I can try it out today.”

“Refine beasts?” Little tyrant was stunned for a moment, and he suddenly came into realization. “Those strange demonic beasts outside were your work?”

“It seems you’re not too stupid.” The man coldly said. “Unfortunately, those are all failed products. It might possibly work with a human practitioner added in.”

“By sacrificing so many demonic beasts, just what are you trying to refine?” Zhu Yao struggled to ask. The man glanced at her, but did not give an answer.  He turned around and dragged her to the pile of corpses, as though he was really planning to refine her into a demonic beast. Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. No matter how she struggled, she could not escape his control.



Little tyrant and ye Qingcang wanted to come over, but they did not even have the ounce of strength to even crawl.

Zhu Yao was left with no choice but to desperately use all of her strength to gather all of the spiritual energy in her body to temporarily resist his pressure. She grabbed onto his hand and immediately materialized a lightning bolt, sending it right at him.

The man loosened his hand out of reflex and retreated a few steps back. He was struck directly by her heavenly lightning, but there was not a single scar on his body. Fortunately, the pressure had disappeared. “You guys hurry and leave! Immediately!” Zhu Yao took this opportunity to shout at the two youths behind. She circulated all of the spiritual energy in her body, once again summoning her sword intent. Facing an overwhelming enemy like him, she was left with no choice but to take a gamble!

“Grandma…” Little tyrant still wanted to say something, but he was dragged away by Ye Qingcang who immediately left on his flying sword. He understood Zhu Yao’s intentions.  Over here, they would just pull her down.

At the same time, the lightning phoenix charged towards the air, releasing out a long cry that tore through the skies.

The man raised his head to look at the sword intent. As though he was stunned for a moment, a hint of shock flashed past his face. “Phoenix!”

He had merely hesitated for a second before releasing the pressure from his body. He coldly laughed. “Hmph, a mere little trick!” Just as he was about to scatter her sword intent, he suddenly sensed a powerful spiritual energy disturbance next to him. He looked at her with widened eyes. “You’re trying to self- destruct!” That’s right. Zhu Yao was not trying to fight him off with her sword intent, she had planned on self-destructing her Azoth Core right from the start. The difference in levels was too great. No matter how heaven-defying she was, an Azoth Core practitioner could not hope to match a Demigod. What she could do was to buy time for the two youths to escape. Though self-destructing an Azoth Core was not enough to kill a Demigod Sovereign, at the very least, he would suffer some injuries that would prevent him from giving chase.

Zhu Yao had already gathered all of the spiritual energy in her body, and was preparing to explode the next instant.

“If you want to self-destruct, you will still have to see if I permit it!” The man coldly snorted, as he slammed his palm onto her chest. In an instant, a strange formation appeared in the center of his palm, and Zhu Yao simply sensed the spiritual energy that was about to explode earlier had instantly dissipated. Her Azoth Core shattered resoundingly, and even her sword intent had instantly disappeared. Not only did the detonating momentum not cause an explosion, it instead returned to her body, destroying her meridians completely.

The hell, and what’s this formation? Why was it able to even stop her self-destruction? This definitely isn’t a mystic art? Intense pain instantly swirled up her entire body. Zhu Yao simply felt her vision darkening, and she fell into unconsciousness the next moment.

The man laughed in disdain. Raising his head, he looked at the two youths who had already flown far away, yet, he did not immediately give chase. After all, they could not escape this place. Instead, he turned around and walked towards the pile of corpses. Just as he was about to throw the woman in his hand into the pile…

A green ray of light, carrying an overwhelming pressure, came shooting straight at him.

The man was stunned, immediately releasing the person in his hands and retreating several meters away with haste. However, it was too late. A swoosh sliced past his ear, as a sharp sword-light instantly pierced through his body.

The man puked out a mouthful of blood. “Who?”

A chilling intent unknowingly rose in the depths of his heart, as he looked in fear at Zhu Yao who had already lost consciousness. Her entire body was presently wrapped around by a green light, and was  slowly  floating  upwards.  The  light grew even brighter, and with a flash, she suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if she had never been there in the first place.

The man took in a few deep breaths in fear, a streak of blood flowed out from the corner of his lips. His expression grew even darker. Suddenly, like a image from a cassette tape, his body twitched a little. Gritting his teeth, a hint of  ruthlessness flashed past his eyes. In the next moment, he disappeared.

In an underground cave.

Enveloped in green light, Zhu Yao suddenly appeared.

The light on her body slowly receded, gathering into a green ball.

The green ball rolled next to her, and quietly stayed next to her for a moment, as if it’s inspecting something.

A long while later. A white light suddenly leaked out of the green ball’s body.

A sigh echoed out…

Chapter289: Peapea, Beastie and Master

The pea grew even brighter, and that white light floated above the ball-sized pea. It slowly gathered together, and in but a few moments, a figure dressed in a snow-white robe appeared in the underground cave.

His body was emitting a chilling intent. Looking at the person on the ground who was on the verge of death, the chilling intent from his body seemed as if it was about to materialize. Frost was even beginning to condense in the underground cave.

“Pea~” The pea on the ground suddenly called out, weakly rolling away a little.

Only then did the raging fury on Yu Yan’s body was suppressed bit by bit. If not because time was limited, and adding that he was worried about his disciple’s injuries, he had really wanted to head back and settle some debts with a certain person. Taking in a deep breath, he raised his own stupid disciple and cupped her wrist, beginning to inspect her injuries. The frown on his face grew even deeper, the chilling intent from his body began to grow heavier, and the thoughts of wanting to bash up that person earlier rose even more. Her meridians were shattered. Her Azoth Core was shattered. Her Dantian was shattered. There was not a single bit of her body that was whole.

He had to admit that for his disciple to still be holding on this last breath was already a miracle. If he had not made it in time, most likely she wouldn’t have been keep this final breath either.

Yu Yan’s expression sank even further, as he sat cross-legged behind her. After taking in a deep breath, a white dragon instantly flew out of his body, and it began to encircle his disciple. The injuries in Zhu Yao’s body began to rejuvenate on its own. First, it was the meridians, then the  Dantian,  and finally her organs. Just as he was about to help restore her Azoth Core, the spiritual energy within began to circulate and condense on its own, with hints of forming the Azoth Core.

Yu Yan opened his eyes in shock. His disciple’s body was actually able to form the Azoth Core on its own! Frowning, he retracted the white dragon and placed down a few formations. He turned around to look at the green ball that had been sitting there quietly.

“Spiritual spring water.” Peapea immediately opened its mouth and spat out a bottle.

After feeding his disciple half a bottle, he circulated his spiritual energy to break down the spring water inside her body. In an instant, five elemental spiritual energy directly entered her Dantian. As if it could circulate on its own, the spiritual energy began to condense the Dantian, and in just a few moments, a new Azoth Core was formed.

He carefully inspected his disciple’s injuries. Only after discovering that there were no longer any problems, he heaved a sigh of relief. However, this stupid disciple was still unconscious.

Yu Yan sized up this unconscious disciple of his, and then glanced at that blood-stained dress. He could not help but frown. As a good master who was also cleanliness freak, he definitely could not allow his disciple to be this dirty. He casually cast a Dirt Removal Art on her, and the dress was instantly restored to its former dark-green colour.

He then looked at her again. Something still felt a little off.

Thus, he casually combed his disciple’s messy hair. He glanced at her again. Something still felt strange.

Thus, he casually changed her shoes which were filled with dirt and mud.

He gave her a final glance, but still felt uncomfortable. Mn, it was definitely the fault of the dark-green clothes. His disciple had always worn either white or pink in the past.

Then, how about changing her clothes?

Thus, when Zhu Yao, who had been unconscious for six hours due to heavy injuries, opened her eyes, she not only realized that her injuries had been healed and her Dantian had been stored, she also spotted her snow-lotus master playing a bastard on her with a serious look.



“I’m an old woman.” “Your master is aware.”

“Then what are you being so serious for?”

“Strip.” With a swoosh, he pulled apart her waistband. His action was so smooth, as if he had been well trained. With just a single glance, it’s obvious that she had taught him well!

“Master!” Zhu Yao cried out. Though I’m really happy, but please wait till I regain my body and turn back into a youthful woman. This is too heavy a taste, isn’t it!? As an oxen eating a tender grass, it’s giving me a lot of pressure, you know?

Unfortunately, her rejection was denied!

While his disciple had a complicated and a flustered look, a certain master had already stripped her naked with two to three moves. Then, she picked up the white robe which Peapea had spat out, and had his disciple wear it. Then, he carefully straightened up all of the creases on the corners of her clothes, before letting her go with a satisfied look. During the entire process, he was looking at her straight on, without finding it strange in any form or shape. Only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses. Oh, so he was just not used to seeing that piece of tattered robe. Say so earlier! She had thought that her master suddenly awakened to an unique hobby.

She knew it all along, how could her master like an old granny…

Wait a minute!

Old granny = her

Why did she feel even more irritated now?

“Master, how did you get here?” She clearly remembered that Realmspirit had sent him back to Lightning  Divine  Palace. “How did come to the Lower Realm?”

“Do you remember the pearl I gave you back then?”

“Pearl?” Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. “Are you talking about the one you gave me in the Netherworld?” “Mn.”

“What does that have to do with master descending upon the Lower Realm?”

Yu Yan flipped his hand, and the image of a white pearl appeared above the center of his palm. “Do you find this white pearl familiar?”

Confused, Zhu Yao looked at it, and her eyes instantly widened the next moment. She did not recall anything when her master talked about it, but after looking at it, she realized just how familiar the pearl was. Familiar to the point where she had seen a huge pile of it. “This… Isn’t this Bai Yuan’s inner core?” This pearl was exactly the same as the inner core which Bai Yuan had stuffed her with.

Wait a minute! Realmspirit had once mentioned that the pearl was the purest source of water of the River of Forgetfulness, and it could cleanse all things. Bai Yuan, was the source of the RIver of Forgetfulness. The hell. It was no wonder it could spit out so many inner cores.

“The River of Forgetfulness connects the Three Realms and takes in all spirits. Bai Yuan naturally has the ability to cross through various worlds.” Yu Yan said. “You and I both have its inner cores, so I am naturally able to sense your situation. Though, even with this item, I can only split a strand of my divine sense into the Lower Realm.”

Zhu Yao took a closer look. Her master’s figure indeed did not look completely materialized. Her master’s main body was still in the Divine Realm. “Then master’s present divine sense is merely residing in Bai Yuan’s inner core?”


“I recall that Bai Yuan’s inner core is placed in my divine sense… No wait. I presently can’t even access my divine sense. Then that inner core is…”

“Pea…” Peapea suddenly flew up, and like before, it wanted to pounce onto her chest. However, Yu Yan caught it, cutting it off mid-way. He finally managed to clean his disciple nice and tidy, he could not allow any random thing to dirty it. Not even a pea.

“Master… It’s just a pea.” If you pinch it anymore, it’s going to shatter! The jade and shiny pea that was initially so round, was now… Wait a minute! Round? Why was this shape so similar to…

“Bai Yuan!?”


The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Master, this can’t be…”

“The inner core Bai Yuan gifted you.”


The hell! The pea was Bai Yuan’s inner core! Then why in the world did it run off into a peapod, and even dyed itself green?

Here came the problem. Bai Yuan’s inner core was the pea. Her master could understand her situation through the pea, and he was presently residing in the pea. Then her master would be… “…”

“Your injuries are healed now, let’s go!” Yu Yan pulled onto his disciple’s hand, and was just about to walk out…

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “Master. Can you first explain about the matter with the dudou?”

Yu Yan was startled for a moment, before he spoke with a serious look. “It’s yours.”

“Nonsense! This old lady has never worn… Ah pui, what I wear is a ****.” In order to maintain her bun shape which was not exactly huge in the first place, she had never used a dudou that had neither quality nor shape.

Yu Yan frowned, sighing. He looked as if he was planning for a long conversation.

“When I returned to Lightning Divine Palace back then, I coincidentally met my teacher who came out of the tower.” “Ah?” Was he diverting away from the topic?

“I informed my teacher about us practicing the pair- practitioner arts.”

“Ou.” What did this have to do with the dudou?

“Teacher mentioned that if we wish to be pair-practitioners, we have to go through the official wedding process.”

“And then…?”

“Teacher mentioned that within the wedding dowry I have prepared for you, a dudou was missing.”

“…” Oh dear grandmaster, you’re too thorough with your checking, don’t you think?

“Teacher mentioned that all women have to wear these, so I hurriedly made a few.” “Uh…” Hurriedly made a few? Then those pile of dudous of various colours were actually her dowry!

Yu Yan sighed, and continued. “Haah, your master doesn’t understand why you need one piece of clothing more than me? Even though you look the same as I do.”


Look… the… same… as… he… does!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh! Five sharp blades came stabbing into her chest!

-Flips table!- How are we the same!? Small buns are still breasts, hey!

So the reason why he had never made a single dudou in the past, was because he figured that she wouldn’t need it!?

Only later on did Zhu Yao find out that she had yet to leave that floating mountain. Rather, she entered it. The entire floating mountain was actually hollow on the inside. She had simply made a turn, walked out of that cave, and a spacious room appeared before her eyes.

Her master was presently just a strand of divine sense and could not maintain his human form for too long, so he returned into Bai Yuan’s inner core. Probably because it had entered the peapod, the inner core also possessed Bai Yuan’s consciousness as well. In other words, the present pea was actually Bai Yuan itself.

Her master mentioned that this place was not in the world she was in before. Most likely, this was a secret realm, or a mustard seed dimensional space. Back then when Bai Yuan swallowed them, it had actually cut through dimensional space and transferred them here.

In other words, if they wanted to return, either they were to find the exit to this secret realm, or have Bai Yuan swallow them again.

She had initially planned on regrouping with little tyrant and Ye Qingcang, however, her master said that their two auras were right inside the floating mountain. Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, as she could not help but worry. Those two little things couldn’t have been captured by that cultivation wacko, right?

The moment she recalled that the person had once wanted to refine them into chimeras, a sinister chill ran down her spine.

“They are not captured.” Yu Yan’s voice resounded from the pea. Earlier, that person was injured by him, so it was impossible for him to recover so quickly, let alone capturing others. “Their positions had been constantly moving. Most likely, they are searching for you as well.”

The hell, those two wimps, they have too much guts. They still dared to come? She sighed, and then walked in the direction her master pointed to.

“Yu… Yao. The formations here are strange, I am unable to completely discover their danger levels, so take heavy precautions.”

Zhu Yao’s feet stopped. “Even master isn’t able to recognize these formations?” “Mn!” His voice sank. “I have not once seen  though formations either, and their circulation of spiritual energy is extremely unique, as if… there’s a unique energy within.”

Unique energy? “What’s that?”

“It’s neither divine energy nor spiritual energy, I am unable to discern it either. Be cautious.”

Her master’s voice grew even weaker, and then it disappeared completely at the end. She called out a few times, but did not receive a response. Her master was just a strand of divine sense presently, so the time he could be out here was extremely limited. She had no idea how long it would take for his next appearance.

Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little tensed, as she established a few defensive barriers beforehand, before heading into the depths.

The interior of the floating mountain was extremely spacious. Initially, she had thought that it was a palace inside, but unexpectedly, the rooms were extremely plain, as if they were dug out randomly. Though the place was really big, there was not much order to it.

An unbearable stench floated in the air, a little similar to the smell of the corpse pile earlier. As she went further in, the space grew even bigger. Even the roof itself was going out of sight. The surroundings grew even darker and sinister. If only she had light.

Just as she was thinking this, a ray of formation light flashed past the surroundings. In but a few moments, the entire walls were suddenly filled with intertwining red strands of light that looked like bright electrical wires. The light strands charged upwards, and if one took a closer look, one would see red flowing lights flashing through, as if they were stretching upwards.

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at this strange scene, blanking out for a moment. Why did she feel as if the shape formed by these red strands of light was similar to a tree? Just that the tree was growing upside-down.

Suddenly, something tore through the skies.

Just as  Zhu  Yao  regained  her  senses,  dozens  of  spiritual swords came flying towards her. She immediately materialized a wind blade to block them, and then she hurriedly retreated. “Who?”

The other side seemed to have paused for a moment, and immediately after, cries of surprise rang out.



The two figures came running from the back of the red lights.
They were little tyrant and Ye Qingcang.

“Little tyrant, Little Cang!” She never expected to meet them so quickly. She sized the two youths up for a moment. Great! They were not lacking any limbs.

“Grandma, are you alright?” Little tyrant heaved a heavy sigh of relief. “Earlier, we snuck back to the place where the beasts were being refined, yet we were unable to find you. We even thought… Fortunately, you’re safe.” “Fortunate my ass! Why are you two back here?” Zhu Yao glared at them. “Through great difficulties, I managed to  by time for you guys to flee, yet you two came running back to seek death?”

Little tyrant frowned, his face was filled with displease. He gritted his teeth and said determinedly. “In any case… I won’t throw grandma aside. Even in death.”

“Yo, he’s pretty righteous!

“Are you stupid!?” Zhu Yao knocked him on the head and rolled her eyes. “Who told you to throw me aside? After leaving, you could have returned to ask for reinforcements, at the very least you could have stayed alive. Now that you’re back, sure! You’re going to die for sure now.”

“I…” Little tyrant’s face stiffened. His righteous expression collapsed completely. “I… I didn’t think that far!”

“That is why I said you’re stupid!” Zhu Yao was too lazy to lecture such a moron, and immediately continued. “Nevermind, let’s cut the chit-chat. Let’s hurry and leave, before we’re discovered.” She was truly afraid that the cultivation wacko would leap out from somewhere again.

Furthermore, there wasn’t any response from her master. If that person were to appear again, their party would basically be wiped out. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, before immediately bringing the two of them towards the direction she came from. Suddenly, her vision darkened.

“Eh? Why did the red lights disappear?” She casually asked.

The two little ones were startled. “What red lights?”

Chapter290: I Have to Personally Beat This Person Up Myself

“You guys didn’t see the red lights earlier? As if they had formed the shape of a tree?”

The two little ones shook their heads. “Grandma, this place is completely dark, and we can’t even completely discern anything in our lines of sight. Earlier, we had only managed to recognize you because you called out. Along the way here, we did not see any red light at all?”

“…” Then what did she see earlier? Were her eyes blurred?

Zhu Yao faintly sensed that something was amiss. No matter was it the strange formations from earlier, or the red lights.

“Let’s head out for now!” No matter what they were, they could be settled after leaving the floating mountain.

She instantly brought the two back the way she came. She did not take long to come here, as long as she take a turn here and enter this pathway… The hell, where’s the pathway?

Earlier, she had clearly come from this direction, yet all she could see now was a stone wall. There wasn’t any pathway at all.

“Granny?” Ye Qingcang voiced out, puzzled.

“Hell!” Zhu Yao really wanted to curse out. “We have been trapped.”


Her master had mentioned that there were many unknown formations here. Now that she thought about it, there was a great chance that they had fallen into a formation the moment they entered the mountain.

“Grandma, what do we do now?” Little tyrant frowned, a hint of worry surfaced on his face.

They could  only  take  it  a  step  at  a  time  now.  “You  guys establish your defensive barriers, and follow behind me. Be extremely cautious.”

The two little ones nodded. They summoned their flying swords and cautiously followed behind her.

Zhu Yao looked around, and suddenly discovered that beneath her feet, the red strands of light from earlier had appeared once again, and they were stretching straight in a single direction.

Were they… giving her directions?

She pondered for a moment. She then cast a fire-type art, brightening up the surroundings a little as she carefully walked along the guided path. Right now, they had no choice but to take a look.

The further they went in, the more spacious the surroundings grew, and sounds of water dripping could be heard. That unbearable stench in the air had dissipated quite a bit, and she caught a faint whiff of the scent of floras. For some reason, an uneasy feeling instantly surged from the depths of her heart. This scent… She seemed to know this scent from somewhere.

“Yu… Yao, stop!” Her master’s voice suddenly  resounded from the depths of her heart.

Zhu Yao was stunned as she immediately stopped her feet.

A few meters away from her, a large amount of purple flames suddenly began burning out of nowhere, and even the mountain rocks next to her were beginning to melt.

“Grandma!” Little tyrant grabbed hold of her hand, and immediately pulled her a few steps back.

“This is…” The three of them were all dumbfounded. They had never seen flames of such colour.

What’s even weirder was, they were actually unable to sense even the slightest bit of the searing heat.

Zhu Yao’s mind was in a mess, a thought seemed to be flashing within it. She felt as if she was about to recall something, but she just could not grab hold of it.

The purple flames burned for exactly an hour, and then, as if it had not appeared before, disappeared without a trace.

A bloody red mark suddenly surfaced on the ground.

“Why does this diagram look so much like a bird?” Little tyrant voiced out.

Ye Qingcang continued. “It seems… to be a Phoenix.”

Phoenix! Zhu Yao was startled. She took a step forward and carefully inspected the mark. It was as if a bell had rung in her mind.

Blood formation, strange scent, red strands that others could not see, purple flames. Instantly, everything  connected together.

Extending out her legs, she printed to the very front. The hell, why did she forget about this? Shao Bai had clearly taught her this.

“Grandma?” Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang exchanged glances, before giving chase right after.

Zhu Yao headed straight in the direction of the red strands, furthermore, she had even used mystic arts, wildly sprinting forward. When she arrived at the end of the red strands, on a gigantic stone wall, what she saw was a gigantic diagram of a phoenix formed by these red strands.

She blanked a little from seeing this diagram. Divine Charm!

An art of attraction unique to Phoenixes. With their souls as guides, they provide directions. Only people whom the caster wished to see could see them.

It was no wonder that formation earlier had such impressive power. It was no wonder though there were so few teleportation formations, an endless amount of demonic beasts could be transferred in. It was no wonder no matter how high ranked the beasties were, they could not resist against the formations. Those were blood formations. Formations established with the use of blood from a God race.

And that God race…

She hoped that her guess was wrong.

A hoarse voice suddenly resounded from the back of the stone wall. “Under the Heavenly Dao, no one can resist it. Even the God races are no exception…”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank, as she immediately summoned her sword intent and charged into the stone wall.

With a loud bang, the wall with the diagram of the Phoenix collapsed, revealing a dark space.

After clearly looking at the man standing amidst the shattered rocks, Zhu Yao felt as if she was smashed head-on by an iron basin falling from the air.

The hell, it really was him! “Phoenix with a lightning attribute, Seventh…” Excitement flashed across that man’s face. When he turned to look at the entrance of the hole, he was startled for a moment, and then his face instantly drooped. “Why is she so old? Who are you?”


The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She clenched her fists, the thoughts of beating him into a pulp surfaced in her mind.



Little tyrant and Ye Qingcang caught up at this moment. Seeing Little Eighth within, they were startled for a moment, subconsciously clenching onto the swords in their hands. Zhu Yao waved her hands at the two of them, hinting them not to worry.

She took a step forward, and sighed. “Little Eighth…” That’s right. This was the youngest Phoenix in her  family back then, who was tamed with just a single melon seed – Little Eighth.

“Seventh… Seventh elder sister?” His face was filled with disbelief, as he stared blankly at her old face. Tears seemed to be welling in his eyes. “It’s really you?”

Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little moved. How long had it been? She never expected that he could see him once again. Just as she was about to step forward and give him a hug filled with warmth and love…

He suddenly said. “How did you become so ugly?”

“…” Can you make conversation? What do you mean by becoming ugly? I have merely gained a few life experiences.

“Are you really my seventh elder sister?” Little Eighth circled around her, his face was filled with worry. “What to do? You were already extremely ugly without a tail, now you have turned into this. I wonder if you have turned so ugly to the point it’s beyond the realm of Phoenixes, and had ascended to the realm of mortals?” “Scram!” Zhu Yao threw a kick, yet he simply dodged to the side, instantly stepping a few feet apart. His smile was filled with joy.

“Seventh elder sister, your personality is still the same as ever. Even though you’re ugly, you don’t allow others to mention about it, geez!”

“…” May I ask if my cultivation will drop if I beat this stupid little brother into a pulp?

He retracted his smile, and then sized her up for a moment. The light in his eyes however dimmed little by little, and an unclear emotion surfaced. Then, he lightly called out again.

“Seventh elder sister…”

“Mn?” If you say one more word about my age, I’m going to beat you!

However, he suddenly gave her a brilliant smile, his eyebrows gently curving. “Great. To be able to see seventh elder sister one last time. Little Eighth is really happy.” Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, faintly sensing that something was off with his expression. She took a step forward, wanting to reach out her hand to grab him. “Little Eighth, why are you being so strange? And why are you here?”

However, he suddenly retreated, avoiding her hand. He said with slight resentment. “Seventh elder sister, I’m serious. Though you have always bullied me since young, I really missed you.”

“Little Eighth…” She frowned. For some reasons, hearing him sound so lovely made her worry in the depths of her heart. She had a bad premonition. “Just what happened?”

He was startled for a moment. With a sunken expression, he said with an extremely forced smile. “Seventh elder sister, I… seemed to have… thrown the face of the Phoenix clan.” Though he was smiling, his tears suddenly began to fall, and they streamed down faster as time went by. The little Phoenix who was once extremely prideful and had always scorned her, was actually in tears right in front of her. His face was filled with grievances. “I shouldn’t have believed the words of mortals. That human practitioner tricked me, and had me use my soul to create this dimensional space, imprisoning me here forever. He even wants to take my inner core.” Her heart trembled. Imprison! He was imprisoned here as well?

She suddenly thought about that cultivation wacko. Could it be him?

Initially, she had thought that he was a pure maniac, just like those perverted scientists in the many movies she had watched, where they would unhesitantly kill so many beasties to create chimeras. She never expected that not only did he kill so many demonic beasts, he had even laid his hands on a God race!

“Little Eighth, how’s your body?” She anxiously stepped forward.

Little Eighth still continued to avoid her. “I was actually imprisoned by a human practitioner. Seventh elder sister, are you going laugh at me… for not being a good Phoenix?”

“Little Eighth…” Zhu Yao’s heart tensed. She had never seen him carry such an expression, and the uneasiness in the depths of her heart grew even heavier. “Your seventh elder sister is here… No matter what, don’t worry. I will definitely save you.” She stepped forward wanting to pull him, yet her hand landed on nothing but air. Her hand had actually passed through his body.

Zhu Yao was stunned!

That was impossible! She went to try grabbing again, but without any exception, all her attempts had passed through his body.

This was…

“It’s too late.” Little Eighth laughed bitterly, his figure began to turn faint like a dissipating image. “Seventh elder  sister, Little Eighth was too stupid, and died due to his stupidity… very, very long time ago…”

The entire space suddenly shone brightly in red. Only then did Zhu Yao realize the situation around the room. It was as if an explosion had occurred next to her ears, as she stood rooted onto the ground. She looked at the front wall with widened eyes. There was a red Phoenix. A Phoenix that was no longer breathing. Its large figure covered the entire gigantic body of the mountain. On its fiery feathered body, dozens of gigantic black nails were pinning it onto the walls of the mountain, and on the surroundings of the mountain body, countless blood-red formations were engraved.

Large amount of fresh, fiery-red blood was endlessly flowing out of those black nails, dripping onto the blood pool beneath.
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