My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 271-280

Chapter271: All Children are Unbearable

“Heh, heheh, heheh…” With a weirded out look, Zhu Yao stroked that gigantic peapod. “This… These children, sure grew up well!”

“Grand Qian, you’re flattering me!” The woman said with an embarrassed look. “I had simply made sure to drink plenty of dew water.”

I didn’t praise you, hey!

“We wish that Grand Qian will give this child a name, so that we will be able to be showered with a little of your blessings as well.” The peapod dad said with a sincere look.

“Ahem…” Zhu Yao straightened up her expression, and said sternly. “Which one is the eldest?”

“This one!” The peapod mom pointed to the pea at the very left. “He was the first one to ripen. The ones next to him are number two, number three, and number four.” “Ou.” Zhu Yao sternly inspected that pea, and simply could not see any differences at all. “I see that he looks like a sleek round jade-coloured pearl, while exuding overflowing spirit. Why don’t I name him… Little Pea then!”

Little Qian: “…”

The entire room was silent for a minute.

“Grand… Grand Qian, what about the ones next to him?” The peapod mom asked.

Zhu Yao swept her eyes at the peapod, and pointed at the peas one at a time. “Little Pea… Big Pea… Gigantic Pea… Extraordinary Pea!”

“Grandma…” The corner of Little Qian’s lips twitched. Just as she was about to speak up…

“That’s wonderful!” The peapod dad excitedly slapped his thighs. “As expected of Grand Qian, the eldest dandelion in a hundred miles. Many thanks to Grand Qian for bestowing our children these names.” The peapod mom looked as if she was about to cry from excitement as well. “Thank you Grand Qian, for bestowing such good-sounding names to our children.”

“Hohoho…” Zhu Yao patted on their shoulders.  “You  two have good eyes. There’s not many people who can match my taste in this world!” As expected, there were still people who understood her taste in this world. She had to tell her master about this when she gets back.

“Little Pea, Big Pea, Gigantic Pea, Extraordinary Pea, hurry and thank Grand Qian for the bestowal of your names.” The peapod mom faced the peapod and said.

Suddenly, white light glowed from the pea pod. Four green streams of light shot out from within and neatly landed next to Zhu Yao. In a blink of an eye, four white, tender and chubby little boys popped out naked. They stood right in front of her.

“Thank you, Grand Qian, for aiding us in breaking from our shells.” Four similar-looking children raised their heads up as they expressed their thanks to Zhu Yao.

“Very obedient!” Zhu Yao waved her hands at them. Only then did the children pounced towards their own father and mother. The six of them looked as if they were celebrating the new year, exuding out immense joy.

The peapod dad and mom once again expressed their thanks to Zhu Yao. “Many thanks, Grand Qian. If not for you, we would still be wondering just when our children would break out from their shells.”

“Hoho, it’s something that should be done.”

The two of them expressed countless more thanks, before bringing the four children back home.

She glanced at the family who understood her tastes, and suddenly, a question rose in her mind. “Little Qian, a pea can only break out of its shell after receiving a name?”

She nodded. “Not just the peapod, all demons need to have a name to materialize into a human form.”

So a name was used to materialize a human form. “Only demons who have lived over a thousand years have the ability to bestow names. The peapod husband and wife was really happy because grandma was able to bestow four names at one go.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Was giving a name that hard? Lowering her head, she looked at the pod which was flattened due to the children breaking out of their shells, and observed that a green light was faintly flashing from within. She tugged open the pod, and retrieved a fist-sized pea that was located at the furthest right.

Was this… missed out?

“That’s a dis seed.” Little Qian glanced at the pea in her hand.

“What does that mean?”

Little Qian explained. “It’s a seed discarded by them.”

“Discarded?” “Grandma, the peapod clan is different from ours. Within every peapod, there would always be a dis seed that’s used as nourishment for the other peas, to enable the other children to grow. A dis seed only has a physical form, but not a soul. This one is a dis seed.”

Zhu Yao was startled. There was such a rule as well. “Then is this pea still alive?”

“A dis seed isn’t living.” Little Qian affirmed.

Zhu Yao frowned. However, she clearly sensed life energy within this pea though. Was it just her imagination?

In the end, Zhu Yao still kept that pea, and casually placed it in the wood spiritual energy gathering formation. What if it ended up growing up?

After making the preparations, Zhu Yao began to meditate and cultivate. Though she was unaware of what bug she was supposed to fix this time, with her present cultivation level, even if she encountered a bug, she would most likely be suppressed. Raising her cultivation was her path to victory. Her master was presently not by her side, and this place did not seem to be the Divine Realm either. Only by raising her cultivation level could she hope to look for her man.

For some reason, though the plants and trees in her present location could become demons, the spiritual energy was very scarce. This was especially so for wood spiritual energy. Even after placing down a spiritual energy gathering formation, the wood spiritual energy gathered was still really limited.

Just by raising to the first level of Essence took an entire night of meditation. Three days had passed, yet the spiritual energy gathered was barely enough to push her to the second level of Essence. Zhu Yao who had never experienced such difficulties in cultivation, encountered her first wall.

It seemed like she had to be more ruthless now.

After reinforcing the spiritual energy gathering formation in the surroundings, she greeted the Qians, and went into closed- door training.

In order to draw in more spiritual energy, she made use of her old method of revolving the spiritual energy in her Dantian, spiraling them in a single direction, so that the inertial oscillation could bring in even more spiritual energy. As expected, this method was much better than waiting blindly for spiritual energy to be drawn in by themselves, and the spiritual energy in her body began to fill up.

Time flowed.

The amount of spiritual energy grew, and her cultivation rose correspondingly as well. Third level, fourth level, fifth level…

“Pea~” An heavy impact suddenly struck her chest. As Zhu Yao was not in a stabilized state, her old bones were this close to being shattered. When she opened her eyes, she saw a green ball tightly leaning on her chest.

The hell, which bastard threw a ball at her while she was in a meditative state!? Do you know that you have to respect your elders and love the young!?

“Pea…” The green ball suddenly moved, leaking out a clear single-syllable sound. Zhu Yao was shocked and had almost thrown the ball away.
After taking a closer look, she found it a little familiar.

“Pea~” It let out a sound again.

Pea? Zhu Yao was stunned. Only then did she recall about the pea that she placed in the spiritual energy gathering formation. She turned around to take a look, and as expected, it had disappeared.

It couldn’t be, right? She had merely meditated for a short while, yet it had grown so huge? That’s way too much nourishment.

“Pea…” That gigantic pea lightly called out again. It looked far larger than the four peas that were in the peapod previously.

What should she do now?

Oh right, a name. It could only materialize a  human  form after receiving a name. “Ahem, I say, little green pea. You shall be called Peapea from now on, alright?”

“Pea!” The pea responded determinedly.


Nothing happened.

The hell, what happened to the promise of materializing after receiving a name? Could it be that she was in the wrong state for bestowing a name? Let’s try again.


“Bean?” …



Alright, no reaction at all. Even though it was born in  the same peapod, why was it unable to materialize a human form?

Zhu Yao picked up the green pea ball and scanned it with her eyes. Other than being a little fatter, there was no difference at all!

“Pea~” It called out again, before rolling into her embrace. As though it was fatigued, it stopped completely after a short while. Slowly, it reverted to its former fist-size state.

Zhu Yao faintly sensed that something was amiss. However, her present cultivation was too weak and had yet to cultivate a divine sense, so she was basically unable to inspect the pea’s situation. She could only put the matter aside for now, as she kept the pea. Just as she was about to inspect the formation before continuing with her cultivation, she heard a few cries outside, followed by faint, flustered footsteps.

“What happened?” She opened the door, and was faced with Little Nthqian running over. They looked so similar it was hard to distinguish them from each other.

“Grandma, the Heavenly Fire, the Heavenly Fire has come!” The girl pointed at the sky with a flustered look.

Zhu yao raised her head, only to see a sky of fiery light. A red formation was presently revolving in the sky, and with every passing second, that fiery light grew brighter.

Flame Guiding Formation!

An elementary-level fire type art.

The formation was not huge, but it was pointing straight at her home! “Grandma, hurry and leave this place. The Heavenly Fire is about to set this place ablaze.”

As expected, in the next moment, the fiery light descended from the skies, charging straight towards her home.

The hell. It couldn’t be! Her property! Her wealth!

Startled, Zhu Yao cast an art, and a formation materialized the next moment. A triangular formation enveloped the top of the building in the instant the fiery light was about to reach. She no longer had any face, so she couldn’t let her property disappear either.

“Eh? There’s actually a demon who knows mystic arts.” A tender voice rang out from the skies.

An exquisitely dressed child was presently standing atop a feather-shaped mystic tool, as he stared at her curiously. His hands which were used to cast an art earlier had yet to be placed down.

She understood  where  the  Flame  Guiding  Formation  had come from now. It was by this unbearable child!

“Hey, what demon are you?” The unbearable child pointed at her, and said with a cocky look.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. This little wimp looked like he was merely seven or eight years old. At such a young age, he actually dared to set the forest on fire. He sure was unbearable.

“I have never seen a demon  who  knows  mystic  arts  before. Tell me your name, and I shall take you in as my pet!” The little wimp rubbed his nose, and said with an esteemed tone.

Who wants to be your pet!?

Zhu Yao took in a deep breath, suppressing the fury in the depths of her heart. “Little one, burning someone else’s house is wrong. Hurry and go back home.” Watch out, otherwise I will smack your buttocks.

The child descended from the sky, and sternly said. “Be my pet, and I will go home! Though you’re a little old… No, you’re really old. As long as you’re able to run decently, I won’t despise you.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. How on earth could there exist such a child that deserved to be spanked?

“Hoho… I’m not going to be your pet.” Demons have their own pride as well!

Zhu Yao did not feel like arguing him. This child was at the fifth level of Essence as well. That Flame Guiding Formation took up considerable amount of his spiritual energy earlier, so she was not worried that he would throw it again.

“Eh, wait a minute! I’m serious.” The little wimp was anxious as well, as he chased after her.

Little Nthqian seemed to be extremely afraid of him as well, as she leaned closer to her in fright. “Grandma.”

“So you’re called Grandma!” The little wimp showed a joyful look. “I know now.” What do you know? Zhu Yao turned around, only to see that he had already begun to cast an art. A formation instantly materialized, and in the center of the formation, a summoning contract inscription could be faintly seen. She had seen such an inscription once. It was during the time when her master made Sesame sign the contract with her.

The hell, this little wimp was truly wanting her to become his summoned beast. No, a summoned demon!

This was simply unbearable!

Chapter272: Subduing the Little Tyrant

That contract formation was already flying towards her, instantly wrapping her like chains. The contract inscriptions in the middle began to float up as well, shooting straight into her core, as if it wanted to forcefully infiltrate her divine sense.

Zhu Yao was startled. She instinctively wanted to resist it, but she was simply unable to stop the inscription from entering. Just as that inscription was about to enter her divine sense, a gold ray of light suddenly flashed from the depths of her divine sense, instantly scattering that inscription.

She suddenly recalled the new divine sense mark which her master had placed on her back in the Netherworld. The Floor Master Yu Jin once mentioned that one could only possess a single divine sense mark.

“Eh?” The child was stunned for a moment, as though he had not expected that the contract would be scattered apart.

The flames in Zhu Yao’s heart surged. This unbearable child actually dared to use such a forceful method. If a tiger does not display its might, you’re treating it as a sick kitten, is that it!? “Little one, come here!”

“You’re willing to become my pet now? Then why haven’t you knelt down yet?” He pointed at the ground haughtily.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She dragged the child over, pressed him against her thigh, and cast an art to restrict his movements. Aiming straight at his small buttocks, she threw slap after slap at them. Pak! Pak! Pak!

A small child like you is not being taught well! Coming out here to play with fire and everything! Do you know that it will cause a forest fire? Not to mention, you still want me to become your pet!? Do you know what are manners? Do you know how to respect your elders?”

The little one blanked for a moment, before beginning to desperately struggle. “Release me, you old demon!”

Haah, look at my temper. Zhu Yao began to put even more force into her smacks.

After seeing that he was unable to break away, the lips of the unbearable child curved downwards, and began to cry out loud. “Wuuaah, you bully! You baddie! Wuaaahhh…”

Hey, who’s the one who started the bullying first? “Stop crying!”

“No. I will cry all I want! I will cry till you become my pet!” He began to put more force into his cries.

Your logic sure is flawless!

Zhu Yao sighed. Just who in the world raised such a little tyrant?

“If you continue to cry, I will continue to smack you!” Zhu Yao waved her hands and materialized a blade of wind. She threw it at a gigantic rock several meters away, and instantly sliced the rock into half. After that, she coldly glared at him.

The little tyrant stopped. As expected, he was frightened. Looking at her with a fearful look, his tears stopped flowing, but continued to well in his eyes. Only then did Zhu Yao retract her hand and pulled the little tyrant up. With a sunken look, she said.

“Speak, who are you, and where did you come from? Why do you want to burn down my house?” When dealing with a little tyrant like him, one naturally had to be more tyrannical tham him. “You better give a good explanation, otherwise I will make sure your buttocks bloom red.”

“Wuuu…” His expression paled. Tightly biting his small lips, he looked like he wanted to cry, but did not dare to do so. “M- mas… ter, save me.”

“No one can save you. Hurry and speak!” This unbearable child needed to be lectured.

Only then did he begin to speak in bits and pieces. “Xiao… Xiao Bai, junior-martial sister… Qu Yi likes. So I’m here to look for it.”

The hell is this mess?

“You’re saying you’re called Xiao Bai? There’s something here which that whatever junior-martial sister of yours like? So you’re here to look for it?” Zhu Yao guessed.

“Mn.” He nodded, desperately holding back his tears.

Yo, that’s unexpected. Just how young is he right now? He already knows about sending gifts to please a girl.

Zhu Yao sighed, as she then squatted down and looked at his small face at his eye-level. “Little one, it’s not wrong for you to look for gifts for your little companion, but why did you want to set a fire? Fortunately, the house you wanted to burn down was mine. If it was anyone else, what if there’s a little child like you inside it?”

“But… But you are all demons.”

“That’s right, we are demons, but do demons deserve to die?” There were many problems with this child’s education, huh. Zhu Yao really wanted to have a chat with the adults in his family.

His little brows furrowed as he weakly refuted. “But master said… demons are not humans, and they are all very weak. Their deaths are of… no concern.”

“Then do you find me weak?”

He strongly shook his head.

“See, I’m a demon as well.” Zhu Yao said in a sunken voice. “The strong and the weak do exist in this world, but being weak does not mean one can determine that person’s life and death. We have already cultivated a human form, which means we’re people like you. We cry, we laugh, and we can feel pain as well. If being strong means he or she can bully others, then if I kill you today, does that mean it’s well-deserved?”

His expression instantly turned as pale as snow. No longer able to contain his large drops of tears, they began flowing down. He was young, so he was unaware of the concept of death. However, the moment he recalled about the stone that was sliced into half earlier, he began to shiver from fear.

Zhu Yao instantly softened a little. No matter what was being said, he was still a child. As long as he were to be taught well, his mindset could be fixed. “Enough, stop crying!” She reached out her hand to stroke his head. His entire body was already stiffened straight. Only when he realized that she was not making any other movements, he began to relax. Zhu Yao helped wipe away his tears. “Don’t worry, I won’t harm you. I was just giving an example.”

“Re… really?”


“You won’t smack my buttocks either?”

“… I won’t.”

Only then did he smile with snot coming out from his nose. He strongly rubbed his nose, and said. “Then… Then I won’t capture you and make you my pet either.”

“Then will you still kill demons in the future?”

“I won’t!” He shook his head strongly. “My  buttocks  will hurt.” “…” After everything she said, he only remembered about his buttocks.

“But… What am I supposed to do about junior-martial sister Qu Yi’s gift?” His small face frowned again. “If I don’t find it, she won’t play with me either.”

Yo, it seems like he has pretty deep feelings for that little childhood sweetheart. He’s already crying in such a manner. He sure thinks about her a lot.

“What are you looking for?”

“A treasure of Tranquil Valley.” He said sternly. “Junior- martial sister says that there’s a treasure in Tranquil Valley that she really wants. That’s why I’m here.”

“…” This can’t be his only clue right? “What’s that treasure called? Where is it located? And what is it used for?”

The little tyrant pondered for a moment, and then shook his head. “Junior-martial sister did not mention them.” Then why the hell are you looking for it!?

Alright, as expected of a child. “Then find out more about it before looking for it.”

“But junior-martial sister Qu Yi’s birthday is tomorrow.” He said with an anxious look.

“You can give her another present.” Zhu Yao suggested.

“What present?”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. “Girls usually like flowers.
She will definitely like it if you give her some.”

“Really!?” The eyes of the little tyrant shone, and then he suddenly turned to face that Little Nthqian. “Are dandelions considered flowers?”

Little Nthqian trembled. She was about to burst into tears. “I already told you that those who have turned into demons can’t do it!” Zhu Yao pinched his little cheeks. “After leaving the valley, find ones that are in full bloom. You can pick up those of various colours, and then gather them into a bundle. She will definitely like it if you give that to her.”

The little tyrant pondered for a moment before nodding his head. He looked eager to try. “Alright, I will listen to your suggestion.”

“Hurry on then!” Zhu Yao nudged his hand.

Only then did the little tyrant pull out the feather mystic tool and fly up high in the sky. Just as he was about to float away, he turned around and waved his hands at her. “Grandma, I’m leaving now. Thank you. Although you’re ugly, you’re a good person.”

“…” Ugly!

You unbearable child, if you have the guts, come back here.

After that little tyrant left, Little Nthqian was frightened for a good few days. Everytime Zhu Yao saw her, she would cry and speak of how terrifying humans were.

Mn, she agreed.

After this incident, Zhu Yao realized that the defensive abilities demon had were too weak. She had to find a way to raise everyone’s battle capabilities. Thus, she passed on the cultivation methods to the eldest Little Qian. She ordered Little Qian to tell all of the demons to cultivate according to the methods she were taught in.

Probably because for the mighty respect for the creases on her face, the demons did not actually suspect her in the least, and immediately followed her instructions. However, there was little success. The spiritual energy in this place was incredibly scarce. Zhu Yao felt that there was a problem with this so-called Tranquil Valley. However, she could not find a single thing that was amiss after looking around.

On the third day, little tyrant returned. Compared to how he arrogantly set a fire the other time, he had much more manners this time. He had even begun to wave his tiny hands at her from afar. “Grandma!” He excitedly ran over, his eyes were filled with stars. “I followed your instructions and gave junior-martial sister Qu Yi flowers. She really liked it! Grandma, although you’re ugly, you’re really amazing.”

Can you please not mention the word ‘ugly’!? If not because you are a child, I will really get pissed, hey.

“But…” His joyful look retracted a little. “Junior-martial sister says that she still like the treasure here more.”

“Just what kind of treasure is there over here?”

“Senior-martial uncle Qu mentioned as well…” He  sternly said. “He said that there should be a mystic tool here, it’s like… an umbrella. It’s really, really huge. He witnessed it last year.”

Last year’s umbrella? The hell? She even bought a watch last year, hey?

“Grandma…” The little tyrant tugged the corner  of  her clothes with a hopeful look. “What else… do you think I can give junior-martial sister Qu Yi?” “You want to give her more presents?” You’re not a tyrant, but a tycoon right? “Hasn’t her birthday already passed?”

“But… But…” He twiddled his fingers, and said with a complicated look. “Junior-martial sister says that she really likes the gift I gave her, and hopes to receive more.”

Alright, you’re not a tycoon. You’re an idiot!

“Then what are you planning to give?” Haah, she could not shatter apart the pure friendship between children.

“I have lots and lots of peachwood swords.” He said with a serious look.

“That can’t do.” Little girls should like more delicate gifts, right? She took out a wooden hairpin from her home, and passed it to him. “Give her this.”

“You’re giving this to me?” He said, a little dumbfounded.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. “Go on then.” Hurry and deal with your childhood sweetheart, don’t bother me anymore. She still had to bring the dandelion family over to shine under the sun.

“Grandma…” The little tyrant suddenly had reddened eyes. Like a little bull cow, he charged right into her embrace. “Other than master, Grandma treats me the best. Little Bai will always remember Grandma. Even if I’m turned into ashes, I will remember Grandma.”

What’s with that last bit? That’s too frightening.

“Alright, hurry on then. In the future, introduce me your junior-martial sister Qu Yi.” Zhu Yao stroked his head.

“Mn!” Little tyrant said with a confident look, and only then did he get on his feather and float away.

Phew. He was finally settled with. She had to continue supervising the self-improvement programme of the demon world.

However, she did not expect that the little troublemaker would float back the next day. This time, he was pulling a long face. His little hands were holding onto his chest, as he pitifully floated towards her.

Was she stuck with this unbearable child now?

Chapter273: Surging Cultivation

“Grandma…” He sniffled, tears pouring out. He weakly reached out his two tiny hands, only to reveal a wooden pin that had already been split into two halves. It was the one that she gifted him the day before.

Zhu Yao frowned.

“Junior-martial sister says that other than the mystic tool in the Tranquil Valley, she doesn’t want anything else.” He rubbed his tears, and said with a pitiful look. “Senior-martial uncle Qu even broke it…”

“It’s alright, don’t cry.” Zhu Yao’s heart instantly softened.

Little tyrant however grew even more saddened, as he pounced into her embrace and wailed out loud. “Grandma, Xiao Bai got your wooden pin broken. Are you not going to like Xiao Bai anymore?”

Stupid child, you’re actually worried about this. “I won’t. It’s fine if the wooden pin is broken. I’m not angry.”

“Really?” He raised his head, tears flowing abundantly.


Only then did he calm down. Sniffling, he stopped his tears, and said in a complaining tone. “Senior-martial uncle said that if I fail to find the mystic tool, I won’t be allowed to meet junior- martial sister Qu Yi again.”

That mystic tool again. It was already her third time hearing the little tyrant mention it. She could not help but suspect that senior-martial uncle Qu’s motives. It was very likely that they had been using this child this entire time.

“It was your senior-martial uncle who wanted you to find that mystic tool since the very beginning?”

“Mn.” He nodded.

Zhu Yao frowned even deeper. “Then why isn’t your senior- martial uncle looking for it on his own?” He was instead forcing a child to do it.

“Because senior-martial uncle can’t enter this place!” He said matter-of-factly.

“He can’t enter?”

The little tyrant took two steps forward, and pointed towards the sky. “There’s something blocking above. Other than Xiao Bai, no one else can enter this place.”

Blocking? Barrier? Why wasn’t she aware of it!?

“Xiao Bai, lend me your flying mystic artifact for a moment.

“Ou.” He obediently pulled out that feather.

Bringing him along, Zhu Yao rose into the air. When she reached mid-air, she realized that the place she was at was a gigantic valley of several hundred kilometers in width. Furthermore, the entire territory was encased in a barrier. After a detailed observation, this barrier seemed to be some form of restriction that was specially used to restrict human practitioners.

However, for some reason, little tyrant could enter and exit it freely.

Zhu Yao returned to the surface. That barrier was clearly used to protect the demons within.

It seemed like that senior-martial uncle or whatever knew that Xiao Bai could enter and exit freely, so he had been making him enter the place several times to look for an item. Furthermore, he even used the name of that junior-martial sister.

He actually dared to use the pure friendship between children, so detestable! Zhu Yao’s favorability meter towards senior- martial uncle Qu had plummeted by a 100 points.

However, just what in the world was the mystic tool little tyrant spoke of? “Little tyr- Xiao Bai, do you know just what is the mystic tool your senior-martial uncle is making you look for?”

“It’s an umbrella. A really huge umbrella.”

“What kind of umbrella? Do you know?”

“I do.” He nodded. Lowering his head, he pulled out a scroll from the storage pouch next to him. “Senior-martial uncle was afraid that I would forget, so I drew it out for me.”

He sure was well prepared.

Zhu Yao took it and rolled it out. What she saw was a drawing of a lifelike, colourful… veil.

How was this an umbrella!? It was clearly a bed canopy!

Eh? Why did she feel that this canopy look so familiar?

The hell, wasn’t it the one that was hanging in her home? Why did his senior-martial uncle want her bed canopy? Could he possibly have some strange fetish?

“Xiao Bai, how old is your senior-martial uncle?”

“Ah?” He was stunned for a moment, then he began using his fingers to count. “One hundred… Two hundred… Three hundred…”

That shameless bastard! He’s actually eyeing an old woman’s bed canopy!

“Come with me.” Zhu Yao pulled the little tyrant’s hands, walked to her own home, and turned towards her bedroom. She had to take a closer look.

When the little tyrant saw the light veil next to the bed, his eyes instantly shone. “Umbrella!”

“That’s a bed canopy!”

He then  hopped  towards  it.  “Grandma,  so  the  umbrella  is yours.”

“It’s a bed canopy.”

“Grandma, why did you hang the umbrella above your bed? Is it going to rain later tonight?”

“I already told you that’s a bed canopy.” Why can’t he just forget about the matter of it being a fan? Whatever, a fan it is then. Zhu Yao returned him the scroll that was in her hands. “Look, is this the mystic tool you’re looking for?”

The little tyrant looked at the scroll carefully, and then looked at the colourful light veil again, before nodding his head heavily. “That’s right, this is it.”

Zhu Yao looked at the light veil carefully, and realized there was a faint ripple of spiritual energy from it. Though it was a very small amount, it was indeed spiritual energy. Furthermore, it looked like it was made out of a rainbow of colours before, but it had now turned into a faint green.

She reached out her hand to touch it. She realized it had a soft texture, with a slight stickiness in it. This feeling… Why was it so similar to the barrier outside?

“Little tyrant, let’s take a look up there again.”

“Grandma, I’m called Xiao Bai…”

“Aiya, don’t mind such minor details.” Zhu Yao kept the bed canopy and pulled the little tyrant out. Taking the feather from his palm, she leapt into the air and once again flew upwards.

Zhu Yao carefully inspected the barrier above, and as expected, it was exactly the same as the bed canopy in her hands. The difference was that the barrier was transparent, while her canopy was faint green in colour. Furthermore, spiritual energy was flowing above the barrier, but it was impossible to distinguish its attribute.

She took a deep breath, and then carefully reached out her hand to touch the barrier. However, she immediately passed through it, and in an instant, large amount of spiritual energy rapidly poured into her body. Her Dantian which was empty just earlier, was instantly filled completely. It was so immense she could barely maintain her posture. Crackling sounds rang in her mind, as if things were being broken. Her cultivation instantly surged, and when she wanted to retract her hand, she was simply unable to move.

“Grandma!” The little tyrant was shocked as well, as he took over the control of the flying mystic tool. In a fluster, he tried to pull her, but his attempt was unsuccessful. Anxious, he pushed her out of the barrier.

The pouring of spiritual energy stopped, but the rapid movements within her body were still intensifying. Countless disorderly spiritual energy was filling her entire body. Several bloody scars had already appeared all around her body, and in an instant, she her entire being was covered in blood.

“Grandma… Grandma, are you alright…” The little  tyrant cried out of anxiety. Most likely, this was his first time seeing such a terrifying sight of a human covered in blood. Tears of worry and fear poured out.

Zhu Yao desperately restrained the spiritual energy in her body, gritted her teeth, and mustered out a few words. “Bring me… back… to a safe place.” She had to meditate and digest the spiritual energy in her body. “Safe place… Safe…” The little tyrant pondered in  a  panic, and then heavily nodded. “Okay!”

Then, he controlled the feather and brought her to a faraway floating mountain.

Wait a minute, where are you going? She meant to bring her back to the valley, why was he running off somewhere else?

Unfortunately, she no longer had the strength to resist. She was a pile of old bones in the first place, yet she was struck and bashed by various spiritual energy in such a disorderly manner. She was barely able to breathe.

The little tyrant flew at high speeds, bringing her into a small mansion as fast as possible.

Zhu Yao was about to lose her consciousness from the pain. She used up all her strength to sit in an upright position, and forcefully entered the meditative state.

She wouldn’t have known if she didn’t look, but after looking at it, she was shocked speechless. Her body was filled with a myriad of colours. Red, blue, gold, yellow and green. She had all sorts of spiritual energy in her, to the point where it could look like a steamboat. Furthermore, these spiritual energy were scattered in all directions, bashing violently at her meridians.

She had to go on a large-scale cleaning here! Zhu Yao took a deep breath and calmed herself down. First, she carefully split apart the spiritual energy according to their colours. Then, she placed the spiritual energy of the same colour together, arranging them nicely. Finally, she guided them into her Dantian.

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, ice… eh?

What’s with that transparent one? Why is there a transparent spiritual energy, hey?

Isn’t this a rise in difficulty level?

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. She couldn’t be bothered anymore and simply put them in a cluster. Otherwise she would definitely die from body implosion due to the abundant spiritual energy in her meridians. As she guided the five types of spiritual energy and mutated spiritual energy into her Dantian, she carefully inspected that unique transparent spiritual energy. She realized that the transparent spiritual energy was very miniscule in amount, to the point where it was merely about a hundredth of the other types of spiritual energy. She did not dare to guide this unknown spiritual energy into her Dantian either. After all, what if it were to cause an allergic reaction? She had no choice but to temporarily leave it in her meridians.

A large portion of her focus was on splitting the spiritual energy. As the five elements conflicted with one another, the violent spiritual energy instantly quietened down after being split apart. By guiding them on her own, she was able to insert them orderly into her Dantian.

There wasn’t any abnormal reactions or any rebounds coming from her Dantian as well. This could only mean that her old- aged avatar this time was a trash penta spirit veins.

Oh wait, she carried ice, lightning and wind spirit veins as well. It’s the harmony spirit veins. This was her second time encountering the harmony spirit veins after her dragon avatar.

Splitting spiritual energy apart was a very time-consuming and tedious work. She could not even sense the flow of time either. Most of the spiritual energy had already been split, but a new problem had arisen. Her Dantian was full.

She was now bloated again.

She was about to establish her Foundation! However, on one end was a bloated Dantian, while the other was a set of meridians filled with disorderly spiritual energy. If she were to establish her Foundation now, at the same time of her Dantian expanding, the spiritual energy inside would be stimulated as well.

If the two ends were to go berserk at the  same  time, suppressing them was something she couldn’t possibly do!

However, if she were to resist establishing her Foundation, she would either be killed by the rampant spiritual energy smashing her meridians apart, or she would be killed by her Dantian shattering. Either way was a route to death!

The hell. Realmspirit, you freaking bastard! What kind of ridiculous avatar did you give me!? Since no matter which choice she take would result to death, hell, it was all or nothing.

Zhu Yao focused her mind and immediately established her Foundation, guiding the clustered spiritual energy into her Dantian at ten times the speed. Immense pain instantly filled her entire body, while her Dantian began to expand outwards and the abundant spiritual energy within began to be stimulated as well. Even the spiritual energy outside began to rapidly squeeze within like administering chicken blood therapy.

Furthermore, the disorderly spiritual energy in her meridians went out of control, and began smashing onto her meridians more violently than before. After a short while, she was no longer able to feel a single complete meridian. They were not damaged, but had simply shattered into smithereens.

Not only that, her Dantian did not make a breakthrough even after a long while. The spiritual energy that was split into clusters initially had begun to mix again. The endless pain filled her entire body, to the point where her consciousness was even beginning to blur.

Zhu Yao wanted to cry. Realmspirit, you did this on purpose, right? Giving her an avatar like this, and not to mention how old she was, it was all to have her return to the soil, right?

Chapter274: Wife, It’s Me!

She was no longer able to squeeze out even a hint of energy. The faint thought of simply switching to a new avatar rose in her mind. Mn, before that, I should first bash Realmspirit up.

Just when her consciousness was about to  completely disappear, the transparent spiritual energy which had  been quietly staying in her meridians and  could  not  be  easily arranged, began to swim about in her meridians.

What was even more mystical was, everywhere it flowed, the surrounding spiritual energy would quieten down and would automatically begin to separate itself by colour.

Zhu Yao was stunned. All she could do was watch as that transparent spiritual energy calm down the raging spiritual energy in the meridians, like a group leader. Even the disturbance in her Dantian had also ceased as well.

In the next moment, she simply felt as if something had rung in her mind, as though something had broken through. Her Foundation establishment was successful. Such a godly turn of events!

Just what kind of divine power was that transparent spiritual energy?

After the establishment of her Foundation, the transparent spiritual energy did not stop. Instead, it began to slowly flow within her meridians. Wherever it flowed, the meridians which were damaged by the spiritual energy began to recover, while the separated spiritual energy entered her Dantian in an orderly manner.

After a long while, the meridians in her body had all been completely restored, and her meridians had also grown wider after the rise of her cultivation. She even felt that her old bones had gotten a bit stronger.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath and sensed the unprecedented vigorous energy that was in her body. Just as  she  opened  her eyes, she was faced with a pair of fish’s buble eyes that were welled up with hot tears.

“Grandma…” Little tyrant sniffled, as he forcefully rubbed his eyes. “You’re finally awake.” It seemed like she had frightened him bad. Zhu Yao’s heart softened, as she stroked his little head. “Good boy.”

“Grandma, you have already slept for an entire day  and night.” He said pitifully. “I didn’t even dare to look for Qu Yi to play with. Fortunately, you’re awake. I can head out  again now.”

“…” So the thing you were about was actually this, hey!?

“Where are we?” Only then did she notice her surroundings. This place was a regular room. There were not many things around, but they were really neatly arranged.

“This is my home.” Little tyrant replied.

“Your home?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Little Tyrant was a practitioner, then his house should be…

“Ness Cesary Sect!” Little Tyrant proudly raised his chest.

Your sister! She was a dandelion demon! Furthermore, the relationship between demons and the practitioners of this world was not even the slightest of harmonious, alright? He actually brought her openly into a sect of practitioners. Zhu Yao felt her heart clenching.

She stood right up. “Not good. I have to leave quickly.” Otherwise, she wouldn’t even know when she could die.

“Little Bai!” An heavy male voice sounded from outside, and the door creaked open from the outside.

She’s finished!

“When will you…” A stern-looking man dressed in an azure robe entered the building, and was stunned!

Zhu Yao: “…”

“You…” The man was dumbfounded, as he looked straight at Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao’s heart was in a fluster, as the depths of her mind began to flash out several vegetable dishes. Stir-fried dandelions, steamed dandelions, boiled dandelions…

She wondered just how she should run in order to make her escape look a little more convincing?

Let me go! “Oh hero…”



What? What did you just call me?

“Wife!” The man’s demeanour suddenly changed, as he pounced towards her and hugged onto her thighs. Sniffling and with tears in his eyes, he cried out. “You’re finally willing to see me. This husband has waited you for such a long time. You’re finally out here.”

“…” -Flips table- What kind of scenario is this!?

“Dear gentleman, who are you? You picked up the wrong script, didn’t you?” This person here has a girlfriend, hurry and let my thigh go, hey.

“Wife.” However, he was like an octopus, clinging tightly onto her thighs. “I was wrong, I really was wrong. I shouldn’t have despised that graceful body figure of yours. Neither should I have despised your ecstatical creases and sexy skin.”


“Even if you’re so ugly to the point where your human- I mean, dandelion features can no longer be seen, I will still love you.”

“Are you certain you’re not being sarcastic?”

“Return to my side, my wife. I will no longer be angry at you.”

“Ghosts are about to return to the surface, I tell you. Who the hell are you?”

“It’s fine if you don’t acknowledge me. I will continue to wait for you. I love you, my wife!”

“Your sister’s your wife! Who the hell is your wife!? Let me go, hey.”

“No, I will no longer leave you. My heart is a rock that cannot be easily turned by others.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “A rock cannot be turned, but it can roll!” She could not endure it any longer, as she raised her leg and kicked.

That man however still had the same determined look, as he looked at her affectionately. “Hit me then, my wife. As long as it can make you feel better, please feel free to ravage my body.”

“…” Who wants to ravage your body? Don’t speak of something so immoral in such a righteous tone, hey. What if someone misunderstands? “Senior-martial uncle?” Little tyrant looked at the man dumbfoundedly, and then glanced at Zhu Yao. “Grandma?”

Don’t look at me. I don’t know what’s going on either? Why isn’t there an explanation of this present scenario at all?

“Junior-martial nephew Bai.” The man crawled up from the ground, and patted on the little tyrant’s head as he spoke in a grateful tone. “You have done very well. At first I had thought that you would only be able to take away my wife’s umbrella. Never did I expect that you would bring her directly out here. You sure are senior-martial uncle’s good nephew!”

The little tyrant’s face reddened. “I didn’t actually do anything. It was Grandma who…”

“No, in the future, you have to call her senior-martial aunt.”

“Hey hey hey…” Zhu Yao pulled the little tyrant back. I’m still alive and well, don’t make decisions on your own! “Just who in the world are you?”

“My wife…”  The  man’s  eyes  reddened.  “Are  you  still  not willing to forgive me?”

The little tyrant raised his head as well. “Senior-martial aunt, forgive senior-martial uncle already!”

“Forgive my ass. I don’t even know him.”

The man looked even more pitiful. “My wife, as expected, you still aren’t willing to forgive me.”

“Grandma…” How can you be so heartless and cruel?

Zhu Yao: “…”

Just what was this sense of defeat she was feeling for being unable to clarify herself? She would have rather been stir-fried, steamed or boiled.

“Wait!” Zhu Yao heavily slammed onto the table. With a bang, she directly smashed the table into pieces. The two others were stunned for a moment. The place instantly quietened down.

She took a deep breath, cleansed herself from the irritable thoughts of wanting to kill people, and earnestly said. “Why don’t we settle down and talk things out?”

The corner of the man’s lips twitched, as if he wanted to say something. “Wife…”

“Shut up!”

“Ou.” He immediately knelt back down.

Zhu Yao was feeling a slight headache, as she took a deep breath. “First of all, I don’t know you, and neither have I met you before. So, I can’t possibly be your wife. Secondly, I already have a man. That person isn’t you. Understand?”

The man was startled, and instantly, his face turned as pale as snow. With a expression of disbelief, he said. “You… You got yourself another man behind my back?” The little tyrant looked over with a dissatisfied expression as well.

Behind your back, your sister! Don’t automatically ignore the first point, hey.

For the first time in her life, Zhu Yao felt communication was such a difficult skill. “Alright, I shall ask in another way. What’s the surname of your wife, and what is she called? How did you two know each other?” No matter what, she would not believe that Realmspirit would give her a wedded avatar, otherwise, she was going to spit all over his face.

“Wife, what’s wrong? Are you perhaps injured? You  have even forgotten your own name?”

“May the counter defendant please directly reply the question!” Do not diverge away from the question!

The man was stunned for a moment, before replying. “Naturally, you’re surnamed Zhu…”

Zhu Yao sucked in some air. “What’s her name?” “Yao…”

She felt her vision darken.

The man nodded with certainty. “Zhu Yaoyao!”


Do you know how scary an unfinished sentence can be!?

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Thinking back on the dandelion family’s naming sense, it was completely normal for her to have a sister with completely identical looks or something, right?

“I’m absolutely certain now that you have mistaken me for someone else.”

“That’s impossible.” He said with a determined look. “Even if I do make mistakes in recognizing some people, I won’t ever mistake you for someone else. Your entrancing creases and slightly hunchbacked figure makes up the one and only beauty in this world.”

Creases! Hunchback!

Old Woman Zhu Yao – was stabbed twice!

“I must thank you, really!” She had only heard of pedophilia.
This time, she had actually seen for herself a gerontophile!

“Wife…” He looked like he was about to burst into tears. “What’s wrong? I’m your beloved husband, Qu Qu!”

Qu Qu (Cricket). Why not Guo Guo (Grasshopper)?

“I say, Guo Guo!” Zhu Yao stepped forward and patted on the infatuated man’s shoulders. “I understand your feelings.”

“I’m Qu Qu!”

“It’s fine, they’re both the same thing.” “…”

“Come. Let us talk about life.”

Zhu Yao spent three hours explaining in various angles. From science, to technology, and to feelings. She spoke of the trait of the dandelion family, discussed about how a peapod could have several seeds, talked about the genetic traits of twins and of multiple births. She explained that given how huge the world was, there would definitely be a few idiots who would look exactly like him. She had even brought up about the research of the diversity of appearances of elderly as verification. The conclusion she was trying to make was: You mistook me for
someone else. I’m a pure young maiden. Don’t look at me with eyes that looked as if you’re looking at your wife. Go back to where you belong.

And, the conclusion the student Qu Qu gave was, “Impossible.
Wife, you must be lying to me.”

Zhu Yao: ‘…”

If not because you looked handsome, I would have bashed you right here and now, do you believe it? In the end, Zhu Yao had no choice but to bring up about how the Qianqianqianqians looked identical as well. With the little tyrant as witness, his determined expression finally loosened a little.

“You’re… really not my wife?”

“Really, really!” Zhu Yao nodded.

He looked as if he had suffered the most painful blow in his lifetime, his entire being was in gloom. Raising his head, he glanced at her old face. “There are actually still other demons who look just as divine as my wife?”

“…” Please stop using the word ‘divine’, it’s already outdated.

With the misunderstanding cleared, Zhu Yao found out that the reason Qu Qu had Little Bai head to Tranquil Valley was all in order to search for his wife. That special thin veil was part of her original form – a transportation tool used by dandelions to float around. It was actually really an umbrella.

She had planned on returning, but the barrier of Tranquil Valley was too strange. When she crossed it back then, she had almost lost her life. If she were to return this time, she wouldn’t know what would happen. Suddenly, she realized that she had no home to return to.

“Why don’t we do this, dear maiden?” Qu Qu suggested. “Though you are not my wife, you are still greatly related to her. Don’t worry, I will take care of you in the future.”

“…” Why did she feel even more uncomfortable than before?

Chapter275: Do You Want to Hitch a Ride?

“Why don’t you join our Ness Cesary Sect?” He patted on his chest as he gave a “I will cover for you” look.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, reminding him. “I’m just a dandelion demon!”

“I know!” Qu Qu nodded. “My wife was as well. Such a coincidence.”

Coincidence, your sister!

“Aren’t practitioners and demons at odds with each other?” Little tyrant even wanted to kill her when they first met. Wouldn’t she be courting death if she entered a sect of human practitioners?

“Oh, right!” Qu Qu nodded, as if he had just thought of this problem. Suddenly, he pulled onto her hand and cast an art with a single hand. Then, he brushed his finger about her palm, and said. “Done. It should be fine now.” Zhu Yao lowered her head to take a look, only to see four words neatly written on her palm – ‘I am a human’!


Zhu Yao glanced at him with a darkened expression. People will treat me as a human with just a few words on my hand? Are you a joker? If this actually works, I shall take up your surname, alright?

Just as she was about to make a  fuss,  she  suddenly  felt  the aura all around her body beginning to  retract.  All  the  signs  of her being a demon had disappeared without  a  trace  in  an instant!

(⊙o⊙) It actually works.

“Oh hero!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto his hand, and said with an excited look. “What is that mystical art you just used? Can you teach me? I didn’t tell you this earlier, but my grandfather is surnamed Guo- I mean, Qu as well.”

This was too mystical. If she were to learn this trick and write the name “Li Gang” on her palm, would everyone call her ‘father’!?

“This is Word Enchantment!” Qu Qu replied. “This is not a mystical art. It was a coincidence for me to receive its inheritance as well. Initially, I had planned on passing it on to my wife, but you…”

“Then forget it!” The hell, so it was a body selling contract.

“Senior-martial uncle Qu!” The little tyrant tugged onto Qu Qu’s sleeves. “If Sect Master finds out that you have once again taken in a disciple randomly, he will be really angry.”

Qu Qu’s expression darkened a little. “In any case, he makes a fuss every two to three days, I’m used to it.”

“It’s not that.” The little tyrant shook his head. “I’m referring to the fact that today is the day where we open the gate to the mountains once every ten years. If…”

“You’re right!” His eyes shone, as he pulled Zhu Yao and ran outwards. “Where are we going?”

Before Zhu Yao could even react, she was pulled into a formation. With a white flash of light, she was standing in front of a gigantic white boulder a moment after. Two words could be seen floating about above it – Ness Cessary.

This is the mountain gate of Ness Cesary Sect?

Qu Qu instructed. “My sect has always been pretty strict with taking in disciples, and we are not allowed to privately take in people into the sect. All those who wishes to become a deity and question the Dao must climb up the mountain gate themselves.”

“I say…”

“This is a defensive mystic tool. This is a water weakening talisman. This is a fire weakening talisman. This is a light body talisman. And this is a blood supplementing pellet…” He opened up his storage pouch, pulled out a large number of items, and pushed them all into her hands.

“Umm…” “Good luck. With these, you will definitely be able to reach the mountaintop.”


“Go, I will be waiting for you at the mountaintop~! When that time comes and you choose to become my disciple, no one will dare to bully you.”

“I never thought of…”

“Good luck, little sister-in-law!”

Who’s your sister-in-law!?

Qu Qu patted her on the back, and she was immediately pushed into that gigantic mountain boulder.

The hell, I never have the thought of joining Ness Cesary Sect, hey! Does the Consumers Association know of your hard sell tactics? Zhu Yao simply felt her a bright white light flashing in front of her eyes, as her entire being was absorbed into the white light. In a blink of an eye, a different scenery appeared before her.

A large field of grass could be seen in front of her eyes, though there was a large concentration of people as well. Most of them were children of about ten years old. Some were alone, and there were adults as well. With a large pile of items in hand, she appeared so suddenly in front of this large crowd.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes swept quickly towards her. Every single one of them looked as if they were watching a conman.

Zhu Yao: …

“The deities are here!” Someone among them shouted, and the crowd was instantly in an uproar as they began to squeeze towards the front.

From afar, two disciples dressed in azure robes flew over from the sky, both of them were of the early-stage Foundation level. They did not land on the ground, instead, they were sweeping their eyes below while standing atop their flying swords. When their eyes landed on Zhu Yao, they evidently paused for a moment, as if they found it strange that such an elderly “talented person” was actually here. Their faces stiffened for a moment, before immediately returning to normal.

They pointed at the two paths at the end of the field of grass, and said in a loud voice. “Those who wish to enter our Ness Cessary Sect have to climb the mountain with their own abilities. Wandering practitioners who already possess cultivation shall take the Path of Clarity on the right, while mortals shall take the Path of Beginning on the left. Those who reach the great hall before sundown will pass.”

After finishing his words, they waved their hands. In an instant, two barriers were erected around the two paths – one red and one blue. Most likely, they were used to verify one’s cultivation level. The two disciples did not idle any longer, as they turned about and flew off.

The crowd immediately moved, and Zhu Yao was pushed forward by the others. Along the way, she had dropped several talismans and medicinal pellets, and when she regained her senses, she had already been brought before the red barrier on the right. Just as she was about to cross, from the corner of her eye, she spotted a skinny figure on the left. A strange feeling suddenly arose in the depths of her heart.
Had she seen this child from somewhere in the past?

“Fellow daoist, hurry. If you don’t enter now, you won’t make it in time.” Before she could even take a clearer look, a person behind her casually gave her a push, and she fumbled into the barrier. The scenery before her changed again, and she found herself in the depths of a thick forest.

It seemed like the barrier was not simply used to distinguish if one possessed cultivation, but also carried the ability to send participants to a random location.

When she raised her head to take a look, she saw that the floating mountain that was just close-by earlier, was now merely a single spot in the sky.

The hell, how did I get transferred so far away? Being able to reach there before the sky turns dark like this is impossible, right?

She lowered her head to search through the pile of items Qu Qu forcefully pushed onto her, and realized that she had everything, but a transportation tool. As expected, someone else’s man was not reliable at all.

Why not give up then? After all, she had no intentions of joining Ness Cesary Sect in the first place.

“Fellow daoist, do you want to hitch a ride on my flying sword?” A male voice suddenly resounded from the back.

When she turned her head to take a look, she saw a middle- aged male practitioner holding onto a transportation tool in his hand. Filled with smiles, he was presently looking at her… hands which were holding onto a bunch of talismans.

Zhu Yao subconsciously tightened her hands.

“Fellow daoist, do not misunderstand.” The male practitioner chuckled. “I simply saw that you have been standing here all alone for quite a while, so I figured that you might not have a flying sword and came here to ask. How about it? Do you want to take a seat on my flying sword? It’s only five low-grade spirit stones for a single ride. It’s a fair price and fair trade~”

So he was here to do business. “I don’t have money.” “Don’t worry, using talismans to trade is fine as well.” He pointed at the talismans in her hands. “I shall take one talisman per kilometer travelled, how about it?”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. That’s daylight robbery, isn’t it!?

“How about this then? If you don’t think it’s worth, I shall give you a discount for being an elderly. Five talismans and I will bring you to the foot of the mountain, how about it?” He said while looking as if he was going to make a loss.

The hell was an elderly discount?

“Fellow daoist, let me tell you this. This flying sword of mine is of the second rank. It’s consumption is small, but it’s speed is phenomenal. It’s a great life necessity, and I’m afraid you might become too satisfied with it.”

“…” What’s with this ridiculous advertisement? “Fine then, then I will have one… Ah pui! Then I will have to trouble you.”

“Alright!” The man cast an art, and the flying sword instantly grew larger. He got up onto it first, before signalling Zhu Yao to climb on it as well. He then happily flew in the direction of Ness Cesary Sect. “Oh right. Fellow daoist, you must be preparing to join Ness Cesary Sect as well, right? I have yet to inquire about how I should address you?”

“Yu Yao.”

“So it’s fellow daoist Yu.” He chuckled. “Like you, I’m here to join Ness Cesary Sect as well. In the future, if you have any miscellaneous errands such as running, sweeping or engraving mystic arts, please feel free to call upon this little brother. I promise to arrive as soon as I am called, and I will give you a loyalty member discount. Oh right, I’m called Po Fude.”


“Alright…” He sure lived up to his name.

“Of course, if fellow daoist has anything that you want to see, know or understand, you can ask me as well. This lowly one will definitely know of everything, and I will keep the incident quiet as well. As long as a small amount of spirit stones is paid.”
 In the end, he’s still a profiteer, right? “Are you very knowledgeable about Ness Cesary Sect?”

“But of course. Putting aside the small details, regarding this entrance examination geared towards wandering practitioners, it’s split into three portions. The sword flying technique is merely the first segment. There are still two other segments after this.”

“What are the other two segments?”

“About that…” He glanced at the talismans in her hands.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. She pulled out a piece and patted it onto his hand. He instantly revealed a sunny smile. “The second segment tests one’s mystical arts. Most likely, once we arrive on the mountaintop, there will be a battle to test our abilities to adapt to situations. The third segment is the most simple, and the most mystical test. We merely have to cross the door at the top of the mountain. It’s rumoured that the door was  left behind by one of the ancestors who created the sect, who have already ascended. An incomparable amount of comprehended Dao is left on that door. Fated ones who can sense even the tiniest bit of the Heavenly Dao on that door might be able to receive a sudden enlightenment, and their cultivation will suddenly rise. It’s a great benefit to practitioners.”

“In other words, the final test is a welfare pack.”

“That’s right!” He nodded. “It’s said that many disciples from other sects would even come to pay tribute to this famed door as well. However, the number of people who receive sudden enlightenments are but a very small few.” He paused for a moment. As if he had suddenly recalled something, he said with a mysterious look. “It’s rumoured that the old ancestor has even left behind a riddle. As long as someone is able to guess the answer, that person can receive the cave residence left behind by the old ancestor, along with the various treasures within. However, it’s been so many years. There have been people who receive sudden enlightenments, but none has solved that riddle.”

There actually existed such a mysterious door. Zhu Yao’s curiosity was piqued.

They flew for exactly an hour before arriving at the foot of the mountain. After entering the Great Mountain  Barrier Formation, they could no longer fly on the sword and had to walk on foot. Along the way, Profiteer constantly imparted her with various knowledge of Ness Cesary Sect. Naturally, she had to pay for these information. When she regained her senses, the items in her hands had all entered his pockets.

He was like a know-it-all. If not because she had nothing left on her hands to trade with, he most likely could have even revealed the colour of the underwear the sect master was wearing today.

“Seeing how we have such a pleasant cooperation so far, I shall give you another piece of information.” He said mysteriously. “Among the Three Peaks and Six Halls of  this Ness Cesary Sect, you can join any single one of them, as long as it’s not the ‘Talisman Spirit Peak’.”


“I have heard rumours that the Peak Lord of Talisman Spirit Peak is a little… abnormal.” He pointed at his own head, and hinted.

“What is the name of the Peak Lord of Talisman Spirit Peak?”

“I heard that he’s surnamed Qu, and bears the name Qu… Qu Qu!”

“…” It seemed like it was already too late for her.

Chapter276: I Will Eat You~!

Initially, Zhu Yao had thought that she and Profiteer would go their separate ways after arriving at the second test. After all, she was an old woman. Even though she had established her Foundation, generally speaking, her combat ability was not high. However, Profiteer actually suggested to head on together.

The two of them headed up the mountain through a small path, and after a short while, they heard cries for help. “There’s people over there!”

They passed through a curve on the path, only to see dozens of living vines suddenly appearing before them, and they were waving their vines in the air. At the center of the vines, there were two practitioners in azure robes presently being trapped, unable to escape from within.

“They’re trapped!” Profiteer’s eyes shone with faint excitement, and he took a few steps forward.

Zhu Yao thought that he was about to save them, only to see that he had actually stood at a place far enough where the vines could not reach him. Then, he spoke with a loud voice. “Fellow daoists, do you two need some explosive talismans?” “…”

“Save… Save us!” The two of them had been tortured for long enough by the vines. When they spotted the two of them, they began to cry for help.

Profiteer chuckled as he pulled out the talisman he received from Zhu Yao earlier, and said. “One mid-grade spirit stone per piece, and it even includes self-detonation properties!”

“We want them, we want them!” They were not in the state of mind to bargain in the first place, as they hurriedly nodded. “Hurry and release them!”

“Alright~” He circulated his spiritual energy and activated the talisman. In an instant, fiery light charged through the skies, instantly burning away those vines, not leaving a single trace of them.

The two of them were saved, and they bestowed him with countless thanks. They even took the initiative to hand him a mid-grade spirit stone. Profiteer’s lips turned crooked from joy. After both parties gave their names, the two of them walked into a teleportation formation, and headed to the mountaintop for passing the test.

Profiteer waited for the two’s figure to disappear, before silently pulling out a small red notebook and writing their names on it.

“What are you doing?” Zhu Yao asked.

“Recording them down.” He said with a stern look. “In the future, we will be part of the same sect. They might after all become repeat customers.”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. He was even aware of client marketing strategies. This person would definitely become rich one day.

“Alright, let us hurry to the mountaintop as well.” Profiteer finished noting down the details and kept the notebook. Just as he was about to follow after the two and enter the teleportation formation, Zhu Yao pulled him back.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao pointed at the formation and said. “That’s a single-use teleportation formation. If you enter it now, not only will you not be able to reach the mountaintop, you will activate the vine formation from earlier as well.”

“You know about formations!” Profiteer’s eyes suddenly widened, his face was filled with shock.

“I know… a little.”

He said with an excited look. “Then do you know how to dispel this type of formation?”

Zhu Yao nodded. Vine formations were not really incredible formations in the first place, so dispelling one was really easy.

“Daoist Yu!” Profiteer suddenly held onto her hands, his eyes looked as if he was looking at spirit stones. “Why don’t we become friends?”


“Look at it this way. There are many participants this time around, so there will definitely be a large number of people who would fall into danger and be unable to escape free. Don’t you think we can provide them with a little support?” He said with a sincere look.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “For free?”

His expression stiffened. “Hoho… Daoist Yu, you sure know how to crack jokes.”

She knew it. He was treating her as a tool to strike riches.

“How about this then? We shall split between thirty and seventy percent.” He gritted his teeth. “You take the thirty percent, while I take seventy. How about it?”

“I take seventy, you take thirty.” She was one who would be doing all the work, why did she have to take the smaller portion!?

He gnashed his teeth again. “Forty and sixty?”

Zhu Yao turned around and took a step forward. “Fifty-fifty. Fifty-fifty should be  enough  now,  right?” Profiteer shouted anxiously. “Let’s both take a step back. Not to mention my cultivation is a little higher than yours, so my senses are stronger than yours. I will be the one searching for customers, how about it?”

Zhu Yao’s feet stopped. “Fine, let’s do it.”

Thus, Profiteer began to search through the entire mountain for people who were experiencing difficulties. He took the opportunities when they were facing danger to reach out his friendly fee-collecting hands and save them from crises.

He was in-charge of negotiating the prices, while Zhu Yao was in-charge of dispelling the formations.

Never did they expect that business would be this lively. In but four hours, they had made a clean total of twenty mid-grade spirit stones. The names of the customers filled up two pages of Profiteer’s customer notebook.

Profiteer painfully pulled out ten mid-grade spirit stones and handed them to her. “This is your payment. Out of our friendship, I shall give you a storage pouch as well, and it will be for free. In the future, once we enter the sect, remember to keep in touch regularly! If there’s ever such a good business opportunity again, I will call you.”

Zhu Yao received her first wages. As a former tycoon, her feelings were a little complicated. “Are we not going to continue?”

“It’s getting dark.” He pointed to the sky and said. “We were so busy helping others dispel their formations, we had yet to complete our own tests. Though making money is important, we still have to first enter the sect in order to have a much brighter future, right?”

A brighter money-making future, you mean!

Zhu Yao nodded. She was so happy making money that she had almost forgotten they were here to take an entrance examination.

Only then did the two of them begin to head for the mountaintop. Probably because he was too confident with her formation dispelling abilities, Profiteer did not feel any sense of danger at all. Along the way, they discussed about various methods on how to strike riches after entering the sect. Suddenly, a low beastly growl could be head from the front.

Profiteer’s body stiffened, and his expression instantly turned deathly pale. “Damn it, we are so unlucky.”

“What is it?” Zhu Yao could see that he was growing tensed as well.

“It’s a demonic beast. I have long heard that the second test of Ness Cesary Sect would sometimes involve high-ranked demonic beasts. Never did I expect that we would meet one.” Profiteer pulled open his storage pouch, took out the talismans and medicinal pellets he earned from her earlier, and passed her half of them. “Hold them! These can be used to save your life later.”

“Uh… Most likely…” She wouldn’t have to use them.

“Stop being stubborn. Once we encounter it, do not hesitate, and run! It’s just an entrance examination, there’s no need to risk our lives.’ He instructed with a stern expression, before running off wildly in the opposite direction. Suddenly, as if he had thought of something, he turned back and said. “Oh right, we will settle the price for those items later!”

“…” So she still had to pay him for these, hey.

The roars grew closer, and Profiteer’s expression grew even more tensed as well, as he stuck an earth-type defensive talisman on his body. Then, a gust of wind could be heard from behind them, and he hurriedly pushed Zhu Yao to the side. “Move! Split up!”

With a bang, a gigantic demonic beast appeared before their eyes. Its body was shaped like a lion, and it was covered in white fur. Its four claws were similar to an eagle’s, and on its back was a pair of wings. The moment its wings flapped, a wild gust of wind would blow. Before it even landed on the ground, it roared wildly at Profiteer and slashed its claw at him.

An earth wall instantly erected in front of Profiteer’s body, but neither it could block the demonic beast’s claw and was instantly shattered. It was actually a fifth rank Winged Windbeast, which was comparable to the Azoth Core cultivation level. How were they going to fight it? Profiteer was greatly shaken, as he took the opportunity to retreat several dozens of meters away. He summoned his flying sword and planned on fleeing for his life. Unexpectedly, he turned to glance at his former business partner, only to see her still standing dumbfoundedly at the same spot.

Also, for some reason, he shouted out. “Hurry and run!”

During this half a second worth of hesitation, the Winged Windbeast had already reacted and charged towards him who was already in the sky, roaring out loud. Profiteer simply felt his head spinning, as he fell straight down from mid-air. Just as he was about to be slashed to death by the demonic beast…

A wall of fire instantly erected before him, blocking the Winged Windbeast. Profiteer raised his head to take a look, only to see Zhu Yao holding onto a defensive fire talisman. She saved him!

A bundle of complicated feelings rose in his heart, as he reminded. “It’s a fifth rank demonic beast!”

The Winged Windbeast noticed Zhu Yao on the side as well, as it turned its head back to look at her. Its eyes instantly widened into circles. Turning its body around, it then sprinted wildly towards Zhu Yao. She’s done for! Profiteer’s heart sank.

Just as that demonic beast was about to pounce on  her  and open it wide mouth, he closed his eyes, not daring to watch the scene. However, a sound reverberated in his ears.

“Meow~~~” It was so sweet and tender, it even carried some playfulness behind it.


Po Fude carefully opened his eyes, only to see the most shocking scene he had ever witnessed in his entire cultivation life. The imposing fifth rank Winged Windbeast which carried a menacing aura earlier, was presently laying in front of his former business partner. It playfully rolled about, flipping its white belly happily. As it rolled about, large number of trees at the side came crashing down.

And that elderly called Yu Yao, was presently standing at the side with an indifferent look, watching that beast being playful.

Mn, she was already used to it! A young and tender voice resounded next to her ears. “Stroke fur fur… Stroke fur fur… Stroke fur fur… Me wants my fur fur stroked!”

As it spoke, it rolled even more joyfully than before, circling around her while doing Thomas Flares. It rolled back… and it rolled forth! The trees that it brought down were quickly shaping into crop circles. It shouted out its catchphrase resoundingly, as if it was following a beat.

“Stroke fur fur, stroke fur fur… stroke fur fur, stroke fur fur…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She wondered if every single one of her plant-type avatars carried an automatic translation function for the various races, as she was still capable of understanding the demonic beast’s words.

The Winged Windbeast rolled about for a long while. Seeing that she was completely ignoring it, its glass heart shattered resoundingly into pieces.

Its pair of eyes curled, and tears began to well up. Even its voice had begun to sink a little. “Wuu… You don’t like my fur fur… I’m so sad. I don’t want my fur fur anymore… I’m going to burn it away!” After saying that, it really got up, and seemed to be rushing towards the fire wall by the Profiteer’s side.

“Come back here!” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She sighed as she reached out her hand to stroke the gigantic beast head.

The Winged Windbeast was instantly satisfied, as it rubbed against her palm while closing its eyes, calling out in a pampered manner. “Meow~~”

Po Fude instantly felt uncomfortable all around his body. He had never seen a demonic beast that had such a lack of dignity. Even if one was taken in as a spiritual beast, he had never seen one that was such obedient towards its master.

He felt a little dumb for getting worked up. After casting an art to extinguish the wall of fire, he walked towards Zhu Yao. “Daoist Y… Senior Yu, you are knowledgeable about… the art of taming beasts?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. No, she had merely forgotten to turned off the World Favourable Impression from her past-past life.

“A… A little!”

Just by knowing a little, she was able to subdue a fifth rank demonic beast! Then, if she were to master it, then she would definitely be incredible. Po Fude secretly decided that he definitely had to keep a good relationship with her no matter what. “I have heard rumours that demonic beasts are very hard to train. If senior has free time in the future, do you mind training a spiritual beast for me? Naturally, I will pay for your services.”

“Uh… We can talk about it in the future!” She really did not know about it.

With an envious expression, Po Fude looked at the obedient Winged Windbeast in front of his eyes. The fear he had earlier was instantly swept away, and he could not help but want to stroke it.

The Winged Windbeast however suddenly turned around and let out a loud roar towards him. While it was doing so, it did not forget to spit a mouth of saliva on his face. “If you dare to touch, I will eat you~!” It fiercely glared at him before turning back to face Zhu Yao. Its attitude instantly changed. “Meow~~ Stroke again, stroke my fur fur…”

Po Fude: …

Zhu Yao: …

Chapter277: He Must Have Been Really Rich

“Ahem… Umm, this beastie!” Zhu Yao’s hand was getting a little numb from the stroking, as she asked seriously. “We want to head up to the mountaintop, do you know the way?” Earlier, she was pulled along by Profiteer as they ran, and they had already lost their direction.

“I do, meow~” The Winged Windbeast turned around and stood in front of her. While it moved, it used its buttocks to squeeze the Profiteer away. Then, it slowly knelt down, hinting her to sit on its back. “Beastie will bring you there, meow~”

“Thank you.” Looking at the colour of the sky,  it  would indeed be too late if they were to walk up now. Zhu Yao climbed onto its back, and just as she was about to pull Profiteer up as well…

The Winged Windbeast kicked him away, and let out a threatening growl.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to spend some time to change the beastie’s mind. Only then did the Winged  Windbeast unwillingly carried Profiteer with its claws, and with a flap of its wings, it flew towards the mountaintop.

Most likely because they came a little too late, they were the only ones there when they reached the mountaintop. Fortunately, the teleportation formation had yet to close.

Zhu Yao bade goodbye to the Winged Windbeast before heading into the teleportation formation with Profiteer, teleporting to the main hall in the floating mountain above them.

The Winged Windbeast stood at its original spot depressingly, as it looked at the floating mountain above it. It began to think about its life as a gatekeeping beast. Mn, it seemed like it could be understood even if it took an occasional absence.

Zhu Yao was instantly teleported onto a platform. All of the successful participants had all gathered here, no matter if they were wandering practitioners or mortal children. With a glance, there were actually more than a hundred people. It seemed like Ness Cesary Sect’s range of enrolment was pretty broad!

When they arrived, the disciples coming to lead the participants had just arrived as well. Expectedly, they were the two Foundation disciples at the foot of the mountain earlier.

Though, compared to the coldness they had earlier, they were presently filled with more zeal.

“Congratulations. From this day forth, you are all disciples of our Ness Cesary Sect. As long as you cross the Trueheart Door, you will be considered to have officially joined our sect.” He exchanged glances with the disciple next to him, and then waved his hand. In an instant, several hundreds of white jade tablets flew to the various participants. “These are Barrier Breaking Stones. Engraved inside are a few elementary grade heart techniques. When crossing the Trueheart Door later on, you will all enter an illusion. The illusion is birthed from your heart and cannot be controlled. If you can break through it, you will receive an enlightenment and henceforth use these heart techniques to raise your cultivation. If you do not have the strength to break through, do not forcefully break your way through, as you can use the Barrier Breaking Stone to leave the illusion.”

The crowd of people grasped onto the jade tablet tightly. The wandering practitioners seemed to have all heard about the Trueheart Door, as every single one of their faces carried a little excitement. The children who have yet to cultivate however, all had blank looks on their faces. “Fellow junior-martial brothers and sisters, head on to take the final test then!” That person cast an art, and right after, the heavy fog behind him began to scatter. An ancient and majestic arched stone door appeared before their eyes. The crowd headed towards the stone door, and everything in their surroundings began to turn a little blurry.

Zhu Yao raised her head, wanting to discern the few words that were written above the arched door. But no how she looked at it, she was unable to clearly see it.

Just as she was about to ask Profiteer next to her, with a ‘poomf’ sound, he fell straight onto the ground.

“Profiteer!” She was shocked. An even weirder scene appeared. The squeezy crowd earlier, like bowling pins that were struck down, began to fall onto the ground one after another. Finally, she was the only remaining person standing. What was this situation!?

Zhu Yao hurriedly checked Profiteer’s pulse, only to realize that there was no abnormalities with his body. Rather… he seemed to be asleep? Could it be because of the door’s influence?

She looked at the door in front of her seriously, only to realize that the dense fog that rose earlier was beginning to scatter. A gigantic figure faintly appeared behind the door, and the figure began to grow clearer, clearer, and finally…


“Beastie!” Wasn’t this that Winged Windbeast earlier? When did it come up as well?

“What’s going on?” A slightly furious voice resounded from the other side of the door. “Why is the Winged  Windbeast which is supposed to protect the mountain here?”

“Sect Master, this… this disciple has no idea either.”

“Ridiculous! Hurry and bring it back down.”

Suddenly, five pillars of light appeared around the Winged Windbeast’s body, trapping it within. The Winged Windbeast began to struggle furiously.

Its furious roar pierced through the clouds. “Roooar… This beastie doesn’t want to go… This beastie wants its fur fur stroked… Roar…”

Unfortunately, it was of no use.

The boundary of the pillars of light began to grow smaller, finally turning it into a ray of light which flew into a person’s spiritual beast pouch.

Only then did Zhu Yao have a clear view. Behind the door sat a row of people. Looking at their demeanours, they seemed to be the higher-ups of Ness Cesary Sect, and Qu Qu was sitting at the top, looking at her with a dumbfounded look.

“Eh? There’s actually someone who gave up so quickly and got out of the illusion.” The middle-aged man sitting at the very center frowned, sighing. “Haah, yout- elderly these days!” He sized up Zhu Yao for a moment, and immediately changed his words. Zhu Yao: “…”

“Nevermind!” He said with a wave of his hand. “Since she’s already up here, then she’s considered a disciple of our sect. Stand at the side!”

Qu Qu winked at her, and then stood up. “Senior-martial brother Sect Master, I wish to take her in…”

“Nonsense!” That man turned around and glared at him with an exasperated look. “As the lord of a Peak, how can you take in… such an elderly person as a disciple?”

“I don’t care, I want to take her in no matter what.” Qu Qu said shamelessly.

The corner of Sect Master Qu Jiang’s lips twitched, as he wished that he could open up his junior-martial brother’s brain and check if water had actually entered it. “Junior-martial brother, I can put aside your past nonsense, but taking in a disciple is a huge matter. Putting aside the fact that his person’s lifespan is diminishing, just from her activating the Barrier Breaking Stone in less than fifteen minutes after crossing the Trueheart Door…” His words paused again, as he stared dumbfoundedly at the completely undamaged Barrier Breaking Stone in Zhu Yao’s hand. He suddenly jolted to his feet.  “Y- You… You didn’t use the Barrier Breaking Stone?”

Zhu Yao lowered her head and glanced at the rock in her hand. “You’re talking about this?” How do I use it?

With a twist of his palm, Qu Jiang had the Barrier Breaking Stone fly into his hand. He repeatedly checked it, and the longer he looked at it, the more shocked he became. This was impossible! No one had ever passed through the illusion so quickly. Just how long had it been? It had barely been three minutes, right!?

“You… How did you get across the illusion?”

“Illusion?” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. What’s that?
Was there such a setting?

“This lord is asking you, how did you get here?”

“I walked in, of course!” “…” Qu Jiang was speechless. Could it be that his eyes were mistaken, and that this person actually had extraordinary aptitude? Because of her pure heart and soul, she was able to cross the Trueheart Door so quickly? Unfortunately, she had started her cultivation path a little late.

She was too old!

“Senior-martial brother…” Qu Qu hurriedly squeezed  in again.

“Fine then.” The Sect Master found a reasonable explanation, and was no longer as opposed as before. A miracle might actually happen as well? “If you want to take her in, do it then. However, she must not become your personal succeeding disciple.”

“Thank you, senior-martial brother. You sure are a good person.” Qu Qu gave his senior-martial brother the good person card. Facing Zhu Yao, he waved his hands at her and gave her a ‘you should know what to do’ expression. Little sister-in-law, come over here quickly.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. If she were to reject his invitation, she wouldn’t be bashed to death, right?

“Wait a minute.” The awe-inspiring senior-martial brother added. “Since she’s the first to get across the illusionary realm of the Trueheart Door, then she naturally has the privilege to solve the riddle. You…” He was stuck for words.

“I’m Zhu Yao.”

“Mn, Zhu Yao… On the right of the Trueheart Door, there’s a riddle. You can try solving it.” He continued. “It’s fine if you can’t solve it.”

Zhu Yao nodded. It should be the riddle Profiteer was talking about, right? Solving riddles or whatever really isn’t my specialty, but I will just see it.

Turning around, she looked at the door, and realized there were indeed words written on the door frame.

The first line wrote: Cheng Qingdiao The second line wrote: Hell dragon’s lake, filled with gold.

The third line wrote: You who seek bitterness, in the middle of the sky.

The fourth line wrote: Beach of jade, overflowing with sadness.

The fifth line wrote: Good time to look back, but ever late.

The sixth line wrote: By eyes, unseen.

The last line wrote the name of the author:  Daoist Wangshang, was here!

Ah, so it was Classical Chinese. As a Science student who did not take learning language classes seriously, she hated Classical Chinese to the very core. She was already very used to the various mathematical quizzes, and were also used to logical thinking. Something as sophistical as this was truly…

Eh, wait a minute! Speaking about logic… Why did the first word of every line look so familiar? If she were to link them all up…

She could not help but recite them.

“Cheng Qingdiao, hell, you bitch, goodbye!”

The hell, aren’t these just vulgarities?

When her voice fell, the entire stone door suddenly emitted out a blinding white light, instantly brightening up the horizon that had long turned dark. The words on the doorframe gradually faded as well, and what remained eres the first and fourth line. Finally, all of them disappeared!

“The riddle, was solved…” The Sect Master and his little companions were all dumbfounded, as they stood up one after another and looked at Zhu Yao with disbelieving eyes.

“Uh… This is an accident!” Please forgive this mathematical puppy’s logical OCD. “Sect Master, hurry and look at the lake at the front mountain…” Someone shouted.

Everyone turned to look at the huge lake next to Ness Cesary Sect. The lake water looked as if it was boiling, as it began to surge wildly. An earthquake immediately followed after, and even the entire sect began to shake.

Zhu Yao instinctively grabbed onto the door frame next to her to prevent herself from falling.

The lake water surged even more incredibly than before, and it began to split towards the two sides. Something seemed to be rising from the center of the lake. Before its outline could be seen, an eye-piercing golden light shone, and its radiance grew even larger.

“It’s Skybond Peak!” Someone excitedly said. “The ascended ancestor’s Skybond Peak has surfaced!”

Zhu Yao squinted her eyes with all her might, before being able to see a golden palace rising from within the lake waters. In the beginning, it was just a corner. As it rose, she realized that it was a gigantic floating mountain. The size of its territory was seemingly close to the Main Peak she was present at. A palace that could not be described with just ‘luxurious’ took up the entirety of its mountaintop, revealing right before everyone’s eyes.

The owner of this mountain must have been really rich.

Zhu Yao secretly thought.

The mountain rose even higher, and had even surpassed the highest Main Peak. It went several thousand meters above it, before stopping in mid-air. The entire palace was like a lighthouse fervently making its presence known in the dark night sky.

What’s missing now were the few words: This old man has all the money, come rob me if you can.

Everyone presently on-site all had the  same,  dumbfounded look: ( ⊙ _ ⊙ )

Chapter278: I Will Never Forgive That Person

“Sect Master…” Everyone carried stunned and excited eyes, as they looked at the person-in-charge.

Qu Jiang frowned, and said with a wave of his hand. “Let’s first go take a look.” He summoned his flying sword, and as if he had suddenly recalled something, he turned to look at Zhu Yao. “Umm… Fellow elder, come with us.”

Everyone’s eyes then focused on Zhu Yao one after another.

Fellow elder Zhu Yao: “…”

With a wave of his hand, the Sect Master had Zhu Yao fly towards him and stop above his flying sword.

“Sect Master, about those new disciples who have yet to wake up…” Someone asked.

“Who cares about what disciples right now!?” He said with a wave of his sleeves. “We can talk about it tomorrow.” Thus, bringing along the various higher-ups, they flew towards the mountain that had been unsealed earlier – the Skybond Peak!

In a blink of an eye, several higher-ups plus one elderly had already arrived in front of the brilliant and luxurious palace above Skybond Peak. Strangely, though the mountain had risen from the waters, there was not even a single droplet of water on it. It was clear and clean, not to mention the spiritual energy here was exceptionally abundant.

The palace’s huge door was tightly shut, and a golden formation was presently circulating on the door. Countless complicated runes were flowing within, and even though they were quite a bit distance away from it, they could sense the incomparable pressure from the formation. They could faintly sense slight stuffiness in their hearts.

“Senior-martial brother, about this…” The crowd looked at that formation with a slight loss.

Qu Jiang frowned. He turned to look at his unreliable junior- martial brother Qu Qu. “Junior-martial brother Qu, you have always been proficient at formations and talismans, are you able to find out what kind of formation this actually is?” Qu Qu sized up the formation placed on the door. After inspecting it for a long while, he said. “Five Speech Chaotic Element Formation. It’s an ancient formation. It can be said to be easy to enter it, but it can be difficult as well.”

“What do you mean?” Qu Jiang frowned.

“To be precise, a correct password is needed.” Qu Qu continued. “Only the person, whom this formation acknowledges, speaks the correct password, can one enter it. Furthermore, this formation cannot be dispelled. If someone dares to forcefully break into it, those who have weaker cultivation levels than the person who crafted this formation will definitely have their divine senses injured by the formation. If there is someone who possesses a higher cultivation level than the one who crafted this formation, then the formation will immediately activate and destroy the entire Skybond Peak.”

Everyone exchanged glances. There’s a need for a password to enter it, but the palace had been buried for over several hundreds of thousands of years. How could there be anyone who would still know of it…?

If there really was one, then… Everyone was stunned for a moment. As if they had all just recalled something, they turned to look at Zhu Yao.

What are you guys looking at me for? I don’t know the password either, hey.

“This fellow…” The Sect Master stepped forward, his attitude was more respectful than before. With his fists cupped, he approached Zhu Yao. However, he seemed to have forgotten her name again, and was stuck for words once more.

“Zhu Yao! She’s called Zhu Yao.” Qu Qu leapt up with proud look, and excitedly said. “She’s my little sister-in-law!”

“…” Sister-in-law, your sister!

“The riddle of Skybond Peak was solved by her, so she definitely knows of the password to open the door.” Everyone’s eye were instantly shining with snowy-white light. Qu Qu winked at her, and said with a confident look. “Right, little sister-in-law?”

Zhu Yao wanted to kick him in the knee! Right, your sister! How the  hell  would  she  know!?  Only  a ghost would know the password to the door!

“Fellow daoist Zhu.” The Sect Master finally found a suitable way to address her. “You can just give it a try.”

Was she allowed to refuse?

She glanced at the surrounding pairs of shining, large eyes. If she were to refuse, she would be bashed to death, right?

Zhu Yao had no choice but to bite the bullet and stepped forward, glancing at the formation. Password,  password… Could it be…

“Open sesame?”


No reaction. Alright, as expected, she was too naive. There could only be that one beastie who was called Sesame in this world. Taking a deep breath, she continued with several tries.





“Jack Ma?”


“Ma Huateng?”

“…” Orz

I did my best.

The crowd’s excited expressions instantly turned chilly.

Qu Jiang pondered for a moment, before suggesting. “Fellow daoist Zhu, why don’t you use that incantation which you used to solve the riddle earlier?”



Zhu Yao made a face. Are you forcing me to speak vulgarities? You are the principal of Ness Cesary Institution, is this really alright when there’s students in front of you?

Left without a choice, she took in a deep breath and said with a huge puff. “Cheng Qingdiao, hell, you bitch, goodbye!” She roared out a total of three times!

The formation on the door still did not react in the slightest.
The crowd’s faces were already dyed with despair.

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled the moment when this tycoon’s mountain rose, the words that disappeared last on Trueheart Door.

Could a simplified version of the incantation be needed? The two rows of words that disappeared last were…

“Cheng Qingdiao, bitch?”

When her words fell, a ray of golden light instantly shot out of the formation, shining right onto her arm. Zhu Yao simply felt her hand growing warmer. When she rolled up her collar, she saw that there was an additional umbrella-shaped diagram on her neck, and it was faintly flashing with golden brilliance.

Before she could even retort, the luxurious door was opened after a rumble. The hell, that sentence earlier was actually the password. Just how much hatred and resentment did the owner of this palace have towards Cheng Qingdiao?

That door was not completely opened, and had instead only opened a slit big enough for a single person to go through. In the next moment, the formation shone with a golden light once again, and Zhu Yao simply felt her body becoming light. With a flash of white light, her entire being disappeared from her original position, and the door closed with a bang.

What’s left were the dumbfounded faces of the crowd.

When Zhu Yao regained her senses, she was already standing at the center of a large hall.

The large hall was extremely extravagant. The floor tiles themselves were carved with white spirit stones, while the surrounding stone pillars were also made of artifact refining materials. Even the curtains were also made of… auntie pads!

No, that’s not right. They were the material her master used to make her auntie pads – Rawsilk Yarn. Zhu Yao suddenly felt that it was impossible for her to look at these Rawsilk Yarn directly again.

She carefully walked forward, when suddenly, a translucent image appeared in the air above the center of the large hall she was standing on earlier. It was the image of a youthful, handsome man with a stern look on his face. Zhu Yao guessed that he should be the owner of this mountain.

However, that was merely an image which did not have a physical body. This should have been something the man left behind before his ascension.

As expected, a heavy male voice resounded in the hall the next moment.

“I, Daoist Wang Shang, had seeked the Dao for several millennium, and have finally managed to have a slight peek at the Heavenly Dao, achieving the peak of cultivation. I have especially left behind this hall in this world for the one fated person, and to provide benefits to the descendents of Ness Cesary. This hall contains the techniques that this one has practiced throughout his life, three thousand mystical arts, medicinal pellets…” Following after was a large chunk of description regarding the territory of Skybond Peak and its various goods. Zhu Yao felt a little sleepy as she listened. In summary, this person called Daoist Wang Shang was a rich tycoon in his life, and had gathered various strange mystical treasures in the world. After that, he ascended and had no use for these items anymore, so he stored them here. Then, he was afraid that others would steal them, so he sealed them up and waited for a fated person to pass them onto.

He hoped that the descendant would put them to good use, and stuffs like that.

Up till this point, Zhu Yao felt that he was really normal. Because, in usual scenarios, powerful practitioners would all do the same thing.

Just as she thought that it would be the same old scenario as in all cultivation stories and would no longer have anything new to take note of, the man in the projection suddenly had a change in tone. His tone began to be filled with immense fury.

“One who entered this hall, you must remember one single matter. You must not form good relationships with the people of Protective Wind Clan. The moment a person of this clan is sighted, that person must be exterminated at all costs. Recalling the several millennium I, Wang Shang, has cultivated for, I have crossed through the entire cultivation world, and have only once been hoodwinked by Cheng Qingdiao, Clan Master of Protective Wind. This person was treacherous, cunning, less than a dog…”

Eh, wasn’t Cheng Qindiao the name of the person in the password? What drama! Zhu Yao’s eyes shone, as her gossipping mode instantly activated.

“Back then, we met each other when I possessed Azoth Core cultivation. Seeing that person’s gentle and frail personality, feelings of pity instantly welled in my heart. I protected that person for several thousand years, my heart was solely that person’s, and never did my heart have a slight moment of waver. No matter if that person encountered dangers in a secret realm, no matter how much difficulties that person experienced during cultivation, and no matter how much that person was troubled by heretic practitioners, I would jump into the fire and dive into the ocean depths to protect that person, afraid that that person would be bullied or be wronged in the slightest.”

Yo, so it was a love story. It seemed like this Cheng Qingdiao girly betrayed him in the end. “For that person, I was willing to reject my childhood friend and junior-martial sister, be abandoned by my master, all in order to be with that person. I wandered outside for a total of two hundred years, forbidden to return to the sect, but I had never harboured any resentment. Furthermore, in order to be together with that person openly, I had almost birthed to an inner demon.”

It seemed like he was the infatuated type too.

“Risking my life, I successfully nourished my Nascent Soul, and only then did I receive my master’s forgiveness and return to the sect. In order to make that person happy, I had even gathered various mystic artifacts and medicinal pellets, all for the sake of seeing that person’s smile. I protected that person without any single moment of betrayal. And because of that person’s single word, I had even taken in a disciple which I had never done so till then, nor had I ever have a successor.”

The man’s voice grew even more bitter.

“And because that person did not like people knowing the relationship between the two of us, we had always hidden it from the masses. With all my effort, I cultivated into a Demigod, and with my status as a Demigod Sovereign, I proposed to that person with all my sincerity…”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank, faintly sensing how it all ended up. He must have been rejected, right? And then love became hate or something?

As expected, Daoist Wang Shang’s voice grew louder, to the point where he seemed to be shouting.

“I had thought that the reason that person did not  want others to know about our relationship, was because that person was afraid of pulling me down. Never did I expect that when I joyfully headed over to propose and had even stripped down my pants, that person actually told me, he was a man! Momma’s egg, he was actually a man!”


“Hell, can you understand my pain? The person I was infatuated with for several thousand years, was actually a motherf**king man! Can any single one of you understand my broken heart? Where’s the most basic trust between humans? I felt like I was played like a fool by the entire world. Cheng Qingdiao, you’re a motherf**king bitch. I will never ever forgive you in my entire life, and even I’m left with nothing but ashes, I will still curse you. Slut, bitch, bastard… (Please insert three thousand vulgarities below)”

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded as she listened to his raging curses. He had basically turned into a Spartan.

Now that she knew what happened… The vulgarities-filled incantation that he crafted was completely understandable now.

Zhu Yao listened to that image curse for two hours, and during the two hours, there was actually not a single repeated phrase. Even Zhu Yao was beginning to sigh in awe at how well his language skills were! It was no wonder the answer to the riddle at the door was so fresh and refined.

That image seemed to have finally felt relieved after all that cursing. That otherworldly dignified demeanour he had earlier had long disappeared from existence, and what’s left was the image of a handsome man with his hands on his waist, gasping for air. Not even bothering about the impression of himself, he waved his hand in the air and said. “Wait a minute, let me catch my breath.” Zhu Yao: “…”

Chapter279: Please Study Well

Wang Shang’s tone had even lost that poetic sense it had, as he said with in a rather friendly manner. “In any case, it was such a ridiculous matter. That person has already been exterminated by me, but I just can’t keep these thoughts bottled up at all. So, right before my ascension, I set this up all in order to have that bitch’s name rot for tens of thousands of years. Though I’m unable to see it for myself, just the thought of it makes me feel refreshed. In any case, the person who can understand that incantation of mine and open this door is definitely not any ordinary person. At the very least, you should be the same type of person as the one who taught me these unique words and phrases years ago. Let’s leave it at this then, you can do whatever you want with the palace.”

After saying that, the image flashed, disappearing without a trace.

However, Zhu Yao’s heart shivered at his final words. Since the beginning where she first saw the riddle on Trueheart Door, she had felt that something was amiss. She finally found out why. Those vulgarities, were too modern! How did someone who had ascended tens of thousands of years ago know about them? Also, from what he said, those phrases seemed to have been taught to him by someone else, and it was something no one else knew about. Then, who was the person who taught him? Could it be someone like her, who had transmigrated into this world?

Zhu Yao exited the large hall and looked around. She realized the tycoon’s palace was huge beyond comparison, and would have believed it to be an entire sect itself. The various mystic arts and techniques kept within were very complete, and there were even specialized medicine storage facilities, artifact refining rooms and talisman refining rooms. The place was filled with various items that could stir the greed of practitioners.

As someone who had once lived her life in the Divine Realm, Zhu Yao was not really interested in them. After all, she was someone who had seen better things, so these things could not enter her eyes at all.

She casually picked up a bottle of seventh rank medicinal pellets and an eighth rank artifact, and realized that a unique formation was engraved on the medicine bottle and artifact. When she realized what the formation was, the corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and her face darkened.

She suddenly understood what that Daoist Wang Shang meant by having Cheng Qingdiao’s name rot for tens of thousands of years in his final words.

This Daoist Wang Shang… sure had a very good idea.

I really want to give him thirty-two thumbs-up.

Zhu Yao sighed and shook her head. She then turned around and headed outside. It was time to leave and report to the crickets.

Just as she opened the huge door, the dozens of higher-ups that had been waiting outside for a long while bowed towards her in unison.

“These disciples greet senior-martial aunt!”

“…” What was this situation? Zhu Yao’s feet froze, shocked. Her eyes darted to the only person she was familiar with – Qu Qu. Explain, my dear friend!

Qu Qu turned to look at the side. He seemed to look displeased. “Senior-martial aunt.” Principal Qu Jiang  stepped  forward and began to explain. “Ancestor Wang Shang left behind an order before his ascension. The person who is able to enter this palace shall be named as his successor, and the items in the palace will become part of his or her possessions. You are presently the disciple of Ancestor Wang Shang, so it’s a must for us to refer to you as senior-martial aunt.”

Can I reject this? I already have a master of my own.

“Sect Master, you are too polite.” Zhu Yao chuckled. She, who merely possessed Foundation cultivation level, was being referred to as senior-martial aunt by a bunch of Nascent Soul practitioners. If this wasn’t courting death, what was? This was not Ancient Hill Sect and her invincible master was not by her side either. “I am but a mere Foundation practitioner, how can I possibly take on such a high position?”

“Senior-martial aunt Zhu, this is an order by our  ancestor, and as descendants, we do not dare to forget.” He said with a determined look.

At the rate this was going, it was like a duck was being chased onto the chopping board. “Sect Master, it is merely a coincidence for me to have entered the palace, and I do not dare to take the things within for my own personal greed, let alone being your senior-martial aunt. This palace belongs to Ness Cesary Sect in the first place, and I shall now hand it over to Sect Master.” After saying as such, she had even pushed onto him the artifact and medicinal pellets which she took earlier.

Qu Jiang was stunned, as if he could not believe that she would so easily hand over such a humongous treasure chest. Furthermore, she really had the intentions of slipping away right after. His heart was filled with both worry and joy.

“Senior-martial aunt, please wait!” Qu Jiang walked over and sighed. With a suppressed voice, he said. “Senior-martial aunt, to tell you the truth, no one other than you is able to enter this palace. The door will only recognize the first person who gives the password.”

“…” So the reason why they were calling her senior-martial aunt, was all in order for her to become their porter. “Then give me a few storage pouches, I shall bring out all the items inside for you. Is that good enough?”

Qu Jiang’s eyes shone for a moment, but they dimmed again immediately after. “That can’t do. If Ness Cesary Sect suddenly receives that many treasures, it will definitely become a target of greed. Keeping the treasures within the palace is the safest option.”

So I have to help you look after the treasures as well, is that it?

“I humbly request that senior-martial aunt take the long-term situation into account, and look after our Ness Cesary Sect.”

“I am merely at the Foundation cultivation level.” This one here was but a newcomer, is it really alright to have her carry such a heavy responsibility? Furthermore, she still had to look for the bug, and had no time to look after the treasures here.

“Senior-martial aunt, please be at ease. As long as you are willing to stay here, our Ness Cesary Sect will deploy all its manpower to ensure senior-martial aunt’s safety.”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. The news of her solving the riddle and entering Skybond Peak today would definitely be spread through the entire cultivation world before  long. Though there were indeed countless treasures in the palace, they were not enough to cover for her terribly weak cultivation level. She indeed needed some backing. Qu Jiang’s suggestion earlier was great, and she merely hesitated for a moment before finally nodding her head.

Thus, after Ancient Hill Sect, she had once again become the senior-martial aunt of a Sect Master.

The only difference here was, the past senior-martial aunt was extremely justified, while the present senior-martial aunt was but a mere watchdog, a watch-aunt!

Qu Jiang joyfully bowed in front of her, and then took a look at the medicinal pellets she gave him earlier.

“Senior-martial aunt, how do we dispel the formation on the bottle?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she pointed at the formation on the door to the palace. “Like the formation on that door, you simply have to shout the password I used earlier to dispel it.”

Qu Jiang was a little startled. After carefully pondering for a moment, he raised the bottle with a stern look, and shouted with incomparably seriousness. “Cheng Qingdiao, bitch!” Cough cough cough…

Zhu Yao could not help but choke on her own saliva.

The formation on the bottle was dispelled on command, and when he took a look at the medicinal pellets inside, his eyes suddenly widened. “These… These are Nascent Soul Pellets!” And there were six of them. These were medicinal pellets used to raise one’s cultivation from Azoth Core to Nascent Soul. With these pellets, it meant that the sect would have six more Nascent Soul practitioners.

Qu Jiang’s excited hands began to tremble, as he raised the artifact on his other hand. It was actually a seventh rank artifact, though it was still sealed by the formation. He once again looked at Zhu Yao.

“Senior-martial aunt?”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “The password to dispel it is the same as the one earlier.”

Thus, Qu Jiang once again shouted out loud. “Cheng Qingdiao, bitch!”

The formation on the artifact was dispelled!

That’s right! The method that would have Cheng Qingdiao’s name rot for tens of thousand years that Wang Shang thought of, was to engrave the exactly same formation on every single item he left behind. If someone wanted to use one, he or she had to first throw vulgarities at Cheng Qingdiao.

Bottles of medicinal pellets and talismans could be put aside, after all, they were one-time consumables, so the users merely had to throw vulgarities once. The people who use the artifacts and the mystical art scrolls however had the short end of the stick. Every single time they had to use the artifacts or take a look at the scrolls, they had to call out ‘bitch’. This was especially so for those who were going to choose these artifacts as their Life Artifacts. They would have to help Wang Shang curse at Cheng Qingdiao for their entire lifetimes!

Daoist Wang Shang was definitely a very incredible person, without any explanations needed!

After pondering about it for a while, she realized that before long, the entire cultivation world would most likely have a new trending phrase: Cheng Qingdiao, bitch!

No matter if it was during a battle, no matter if it was when eating medicinal pellets to raise one’s cultivation level, or no matter if it was during a meditative state to improve one’s cultivation, every single person would curse at him for no reason. It was no wonder Wang Shang would point out how refreshed he felt just by imagining this scene. This feeling of having the entire world curse at his most hated individual was definitely incredibly refreshing!

“Senior-martial aunt, I wonder what does this ‘bitch’ mean?” Qu Jiang looked as if he was pleading for knowledge. “This disciple has cultivated for so many years, but I have never of such a beach?”

It was such a sophistical question, she had no idea how to answer.

“Haah, Sect Master… Junior-martial nephew, the meaning within is too profound, and even I can’t fully grasp its entirety. However, it was this incantation that was revealed after solving the riddle on Trueheart Door. It seemed like if we wish to know the answer, we have no choice but to ask the ascended Daoist Wang Shang himself.”

Qu Jiang nodded as he directed his gaze to the  sky. “Ancestor’s comprehension of the Heavenly Dao is truly of unfathomable.”

Zhu Yao: “…” It’s not even the slightest bit deep, alright?

If I were to tell you that he did all these to throw vulgarities at someone, you will definitely fall apart, right?

Just as Qu Jiang was about to sigh in awe again, he received a voice transmission from a disciple at the Main Peak, informing him that all the new disciples that had crossed Trueheart Door have woken up and was requesting him back to host the disciple acceptance ceremony. Only then did he recall about the new disciples who had all fallen flat on the ground.

While he was returning, he pulled Zhu Yao along to join in the commotion, and her aptitude could also be tested while they were at it as well.

Qu Jiang had absolute confidence in Zhu Yao. After all, she was someone who could solve the riddle of Trueheart Door, and had even received the recognition of Skybond Peak. Her aptitude could not be in any way bad. Even if she was considerably old, he firmly believed that it was because she had started late in her cultivation. With the power of his Ness Cesary Sect, there was a good chance that she could form her Azoth Core before her lifespan depletes. When that time comes, her body will be rebuilt, and her age would no longer be a concern.

He was filled with confidence for his senior-martial aunt Zhu.

However, the moment her spirit veins were tested, he was immediately dumbfounded. Trash penta spirit veins!

No, this can’t be true. He wanted to climb towards the sky, and have a chat about life with that ancestor of his!

Poor aptitude meant low cultivation level, which meant short lifespan, which meant that no one would be able to enter Skybond Peak, which meant that they would no longer be able to obtain the treasures within.

After understanding this cruel truth, Qu Jiang felt depressed all over.

“Sect Master, the newly admitted disciples have already been waiting for a long while.” A disciple entered and bowed, reminding him. “Should I first have  the  wandering practitioners proceed on first?”

Qu Jiang glanced at Zhu Yao at the side, his heart felt like it was being clenched. He then said with a wave of his  hand. “Have the mortal disciples proceed here first.” He presently did not feel like looking at wandering practitioners at all.

Zhu Yao rubbed her nose. It was not her fault for having poor spirit veins, it was set up by Realmspirit.

“Umm, if there’s nothing else, I will take my leave for now.” At this point in time, it was best for her to leave this place and stop traumatizing people.

“Senior-martial aunt!” Qu Jiang grabbed onto Zhu Yao, and with an expression that looked as if he wanted to cry, he spoke. “From this day forth, may I please beg you to go into closed- door training?” For Ness Cesary Sect, please study well, and aim for the top! “…” Yes, Principal!

“Junior-martial brother Qu, immediately bring senior-martial aunt to the Hidden Arts Pavillion. No matter which level of mystic arts they are, no matter what kind of restrictions they have, allow senior-martial aunt to freely learn them.”

Qu Qu nodded, and stood up as well.

Zhu Yao quickly headed out. If she were to stay any longer, she was really afraid that the Principal would stuff her with an intense high school curriculum or something.

Chapter280: My Childhood is so Miserable

Because Zhu Yao was in a hurry, she did not watch where she was going. When she exited the grand hall, she bumped into several little radishes. They should be the new disciples who were admitted in this time, and they were about ten years old. Walking at the front were three children, and most likely because this was their first time visiting such a mystical place, their expressions were rather vivid. The first child’s face was filled with excitement, the second child’s face was filled with excitement, and the third child’s face was filled with… the word ‘bug’!

Zhu Yao stopped her feet all of a sudden, and had almost slipped within the hall.

“Little sister-in-law!” Qu Qu held onto her hand, preventing her from falling flat on her face.

Who’s your sister-in-law!?

No, that shouldn’t be what she should be concerned of right now. Zhu Yao turned around to look at the group of children who had already walked to the center of the hall, the depths of her heart were like the tumbling waves. The bug had once again appeared in such a sudden manner, without any notice whatsoever.

“Cricket, who’s that child over there?” She pointed  to  the little boy on the right.

“Isn’t he one of the newly admitted disciples?” Qu Qu gave her a ‘how would I know?’ look. “However, since he’s standing at the front row, he must have broken through the illusion at Trueheart Door. Unfortunately, they had never cultivated before their admission, so even if they had received an enlightenment, they were unable to raise their level of cultivation. Merely their convictions have strengthened.”

“The people standing at the front row are the ones who have received enlightenment?”


Receiving a sudden enlightenment at the moment of admission was clearly the mark of a cheat! She suddenly recalled Xiao Yi. As expected, all bugs walked on the path of fortunate encounters. This child couldn’t possibly be the same as Xiao Yi, right?

She could not help but turn back and look into the hall. They had already begun testing spirit veins. Among the children who had received enlightenment, one possessed tri spirit veins, and one possessed duo spirit veins. Both of them had considerably good aptitudes, and even Qu Jiang’s expression had softened a little as well.

It was now that bugged child’s turn. He placed his hand onto the crystal ball, and instantly, one… two… three… five colours appeared in the ball.

Qu Jiang’s joyful feelings instantly plummeted to the depths of the valley once again!

Penta spirit veins!

Zhu Yao was stunned as well. There was something wrong with this setting! What happened to the promise of the bugged male protagonist being overpowered? Why did he possess penta spirit veins? Could it be the setting had changed, and he had to walk on the path of hard work!? With doubts in her heart, she was pulled back into  Skybond Peak by Qu Qu. Because she  could even  think of  a reason  why this bug was different from the rest, she was submerged into a hectic academic life.

Fellow award-winning Principal Qu Jiang personally came to supervise her revision. Everyday, he would come to stare at her cultivate, determined to raise her into a kind, smart and beautiful… ah pui. He’s determined to raise her into a high-end talent who could use all five types of mystic arts fluently. The eyes he had every single day were filled with fiery passion.

Even when she occasionally yawned, Qu Jiang would give her a long bitter lecture, wanting to guide her on the right path at every moment. With a heavy tone, he would say, “Senior- martial aunt… there’s not much time left!”

To the point where even she felt that half of her body had already returned to the earthen soil.

Can’t you let an elderly have a regular elderly life?

Whenever she encountered the slightest of problems with her cultivation, Qu Jiang would treat it as a huge matter concerning the sect and would gather all of the higher-ups with Nascent Soul cultivation and have a focused meeting. They would discuss and dwell deep into investigation, before finally coming up with perfect methods to solve the problems, afraid that she would take a detour. This degree of importance had even startled the grand committee’s… Demigod Sovereigns to make a move.

According to legends, one could see the head of a dragon, but not its tail. The two famed professors – Demigod Sovereigns of Ness Cesary Sect, were even taking turns to counsel and nag at her. Uh… That’s not right. They were imparting their various cultivation experiences to her. They had even especially written all of the possible difficult problems in a binded book- no, in a jade tablet, allowing her to check through them whenever she wanted.

This feeling of the entire population wishing for her to live a long life was truly scaring this old grandma.

“Grandma, Sect Master Master is doing what’s best for you.” Little tyrant said with a serious look.

Zhu Yao stroked the little head of the child who was acting like a mature person. “What do you know? According to scientific studies, there’s a need for moments of relaxation. The idea of pulling the saplings to make them grow is wrong.” She strongly protested, requesting a leave of absence.

“Grandma…” Little tyrant glanced at her face. “You’re already very old. There’s no need to grow anymore.”

“…” She felt like a knife had stabbed into her chest.

That’s not the meaning of the idiom ‘pulling the saplings to make them grow’, hey!

Pinching his chubby little cheeks, she then pulled them to the two sides. “What did you say!?” He actually dared to look down on her old age.

“Grandma… it hurts, it hurts!” He rubbed his reddened little face, and said with a wronged look. “What Little Bai said is right! There’s no way for me to get master to teach me even when I want it!”

Zhu Yao was stunned. She then carried him up and place him on her thighs. “What do you mean by no way? Isn’t Qu Jiang your master?”

“No, he’s Sect Master master, he’s different from my master.” He shook his head.

What did he mean by that? Only after Zhu Yao asked further did she find out. Apparently, Little Bai was the second generation of a pair of practitioners, and his parents could be considered to be in the middle-high tier in the sect with Azoth Core cultivation levels. However, both of them had fallen when he was still young. He possessed the metal and fire duo spirit veins, so he was taken in by one of the Nascent Soul higher-ups as a personal succeeding disciple. However, not long after admitting into the sect, his master had went into life-death isolation, and he had yet to come out of it. In order to prevent wasting the talent of possessing duo spirit veins, Principal Qu Jiang took him in to guide him, which was why Little Bai was addressing him as Sect Master master. However, the Sect Master was after all helping out to guide someone else’s disciple, so in regards to Little Bai’s cultivation, he naturally  wasn’t strict like an actual master would be.

Compared to her intense lectures, Little Bai could be considered as an existence with free reins. “No matter, just learn with grandma from now on.” Zhu Yao was decisive, and made a copy of all the materials Qu Jiang taught her for Little Bai. After all, she could not be the only one suffering.

In the beginning, Little Bai was still rather happy. However, as the things she gave her grew, his little face began to look complicated. There were too many materials, and as a child of ten years old, it was simply a little too hard for him to digest everything. She had no choice but to add a little of her own cultivation experience, especially the details that he had to take note of when establishing Foundation and forming the Azoth Core.

“Grandma, after learning all these, will I really become very strong?”

“Of course, you will become as incredible as grandma.” You must believe me, young man.

His eyes shone, but as though he had suddenly recalled something, he wavered again. “But isn’t it enough to simply eat a Foundation Pellet to establish my Foundation?” Zhu Yao frowned. As a good successor to Jade Forest Peak, she instinctively hated pellets. “Little tyrant, when it comes to things like medicinal pellets, it’s best not to eat them!”

“Why?” “……”
“Because…” Zhu Yao activated her children scaring mode. “Think, what are medicinal pellets made of?”

He lowered his little head and pondered for a moment before replying. “Spiritual herbs.”

“Right, spiritual herbs. Then think carefully again, what is your grandma’s original form?”


“You see, dandelions are herbs as well. If medicinal pellets are made of spiritual herbs, then aren’t they made of lots and lots of plant-type corpses similar to grandma…”

Before she could even finish, little tyrant’s expression had already turned deathly pale. He looked at her fearfully, and as though he had recalled something, he covered his mouth while looking as if he was about to puke. Standing up on his feet, he then ran far away.

From Qu Jiang’s accidental slip of tongue, after little tyrant returned to his place, he had puked for exactly two hours, and the little tyrant even had several nightmares.

Zhu Yao felt like she was a criminal for harming the national flower! From that day forth, Little Bai began to distance himself from all medicinal pellets.

Mn, the effects sure are very evident.

After Principal Qu Jiang gave her another three months worth of theoretical and basic course materials, he forcefully requested her to go into closed-door training to digest them. He forbid every single person from coming to Skybond Peak to disturb her, including little tyrant and cricket. Zhu Yao simply did not have the opportunity to hear about the matters concerning the bug. Adding that she had yet to receive the precognitive dream about the scenario, she did not dare to move on her own.

It was rumoured that he was placed in the Outer Sect. Through her estimates, that child was ten years old at the very most. Even if he wanted to do something like destroying the entire world, it would still only happen when he grows up.

He instructed Qu Qu to pay more attention about that unknown bugged child. If he were to ever face any danger, she would step in and prevent him from turning into someone like Xiao Yi with all her might, while correcting his three views.

After finishing these preparations, she officially began to cultivate with all her effort. Though she did not really agree with Qu Jiang’s hasty actions of wanting her to raise her cultivation level as soon as possible, with her present body, there was indeed a need for her to improve herself. Though she was much better than a regular elderly who would start panting after three steps and take a break after five steps, compared to other practitioners, she was presently too weak and her bones were rattling.

The palace of Skybond Peak was a very good place for closed- door training. Probably because of the entire floor being tiled up with spirit stones due the former owner’s money spilling behaviour, the spiritual energy within was more than ten times denser than anywhere else. She could even skip the step of setting down spiritual energy gathering formations and immediately search for a place where the five elemental spiritual energies were at their richest. Then, she began to meditate and close off her senses.

During this meditation period, though she did not form her Azoth Core, she had actually dreamt. If she was not wrong, then it would most likely be the nonsensical precognitive dream.

Compared to the previous scenarios, what she saw this time was an inspirational drama.

The main protagonist was called Ye Qingcang, and his plight was rather similar to the first bug, Xiao Yi. However, he was not an orphan. His family was extremely poor, and he was just a regular village boy that herds cows. Because of his skinny figure, he was often bullied by others, so he was a male protagonist belonging to the same “my childhood is so miserable” category.

Because of a fortunate encounter, he met a Foundation practitioner that was close to death, and he found out about cultivation and deities. As such, the brave young man packed a few large flatbreads and went on his way. After experiencing several trials, he finally entered a first-rate deity sect – Ness Cesary Sect. However, because of his poor aptitude of penta spirit veins, he was placed in the Outer Sect. The Outer Sect was basically a gathering of people who had no hopes of reaching the Heavenly Dao, especially in a first-rate sect such as Ness Cesary Sect. The Outer Sect disciples were left on their own. Some of them could not even be considered as mere labourers, and the cultivation resources they received were fewer than few. No matter how hard they worked, they could only stop at the Foundation level. Furthermore, a large portion of the disciples could not establish their Foundations in their entire lives.

Ye Qingcang had believed that he was fortunate in the beginning, as he had stepped on the path of longevity. However, slowly, he realized that this path was more cruel than the one he had before. There were a large number of Outer Sect disciples, but because of poor resources, the higher-ups of the sect had never set their eyes on these disciples, which thus led to a few chaotic mess on the management side. Various hidden acts of bullying and pressuring often happened, yet no one managed them.

Thus, Ye Qingcang once again raided the “my childhood is so miserable” dungeon. Putting aside the resources given by the sect, even the Hunger Dispelling Pellets that were given every month would also be taken away by the other disciples through various means. His cultivation thus grew even harder to progress, and he had experienced every form of hard and dirty work.
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