My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 261-270

Chapter261: The Problem Child Who Suddenly Freaked Out

The next day.

When Zhu Yao was waving to Wang Xuzhi who was flying over, he lost his footing for a moment, and had almost fallen off the sword.

“Big sis Zhu Yao… You, your cultivation!?” His eyes must be blurry. Clearly, she was still at the Foundation stage a few days ago, how did she suddenly become a Demigod Paragon just like that?

“Haah, little wimp, life is just that unpredictable!” She patted on his shoulders.

Wang Xuzhi had a complicated look. A moment later, he sighed. “Then big sis Zhu Yao, when are you planning to ascend to the Higher Realm?”

“Tomorrow. I’m afraid that unforeseen incidents may occur, so I’m telling you now.” Zhu Yao looked around. “Oh right, do you know where Bai Yuan is?” It had been quite some time since she last saw that beastie. In the past, it would even run to her window to give her some flowers. Yet, in these last few days, it had completely stopped its antics.

“I don’t know. Highlord Bai Yuan’s whereabouts have always been indeterminable.” Wang Xuzhi sank into silence for a moment. “But, recently, he had been together with Sesame.”

When had Sesame ever been so friendly with other beasties?

Just as she was about to look for Sesame, Yue Ying appeared and walked over to her. “Big sis Yao, you came out of your closed-door training.”

“Yue Ying, you’re just right on time.” Zhu Yao waved  him over, and told him her plans to ascend the next day.

Yue Ying’s face instantly darkened, as he stared straight in her eyes. He tightly clenched his fists, as though he was suppressing something. After a long while, he said. “Big sis Yao, are you going to throw Yue Ying aside again?”

Zhu Yao was startled. She reached out her hand to stroke his head. “What nonsense are you talking about? I’m just going to ascend. Can’t you go to Divine Realm too?”

“Divine Realm…” He suddenly raised his head and grinned, however, there were no hints of joy under his eyes. “Big sis Yao, if I were to say, I can’t go to Divine Realm?”

“Ah?” What did he mean? Zhu Yao could not comprehend for a moment.

Wang Xuzhi however frowned. He suddenly took a step forward and changed the topic. “Yue Ying, do you know where’s Sesame?”

Yue Ying did not reply, and simply looked at Zhu Yao. Like a stubborn little child, he pulled onto the corner of her robe, wanting an answer from her no matter what.

“Yue Ying?” Zhu Yao faintly sensed that something was amiss with him, but she couldn’t quite put it into words. Sighing, she explained. “Master can’t stay in the Lower Realm for too long. He had already fainted before back then, which is why I want to rush back to the Higher Realm. Be obedient, I will wait for you in the Higher Realm.” His brows furrowed, as he began to throw a tantrum like a child. “Big sis Yao promised not to throw me aside again. If he wants to return, then he can return by himself.”

“Yue Ying, stop playing around!” Zhu Yao was a little furious. Pulling his hands away, he turned to look at little wimp. “Let us first look for Sesame!”

“Mn!” Wang Xuzhi nodded as he stood on his sword and rose into the air with her. Turning around, he glanced at Yue Ying who was still standing on the same spot, and he realized that Yue Ying was staring straight at him. His heart suddenly felt chilly for a moment, and even his sword flight was becoming a little unstable.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao smoothly grabbed onto him. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing…” He smiled, and then hesitantly spoke.  “Big  sis Zhu Yao, before you arrived in Spiritual Realm, have I met Yue Ying somewhere before?”

“Why are you asking something like that?” It doesn’t make sense for him to have such yearning look on his face. Suddenly, she thought of something. “Don’t tell me you really have… for my family’s Yue Ying…”

“Big sis Zhu Yao!” He suddenly exploded.

“I said nothing.”

Wang Xuzhi sighed. After pondering for a few moments, he said. “I just feel an extremely familiar connection with him, as if… as if we have met in our past lifetimes.”

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao glanced at him, and said. “Thing like everything is predestined or whatever, are all lies. Don’t believe the things written on books. Finding a girl is the true path of a king.”


Zhu Yao searched for an entire day, yet she was still unable to locate the silhouettes of those two beasties. Gnashing her teeth, Zhu Yao directly used the contract to forcefully  summon Sesame over to her. Initially, she had planned on asking it for Bai Yuan’s whereabouts, in the end, it became a buy-one-get- one-free deal, as the power of the contract had directly pulled both the two beasties over.

Baam, the two of them smashed onto the ground right before her, with Bai Yuan on top, and Sesame below. The two beasts, with one facing upwards, and one facing downwards, fell down while sandwiched together.

Their postures…

Are a little shady!

No, wait!

Bai Yuan is a male beast. As two male beasts, what kind of shameful things are you two doing!?

“Mistress…” The moment Sesame saw her, it crawled up after a making a groan, and then hid behind her at lightning speed. With a distressed look, it said. “Lord Bai Yuan is too much, no matter what, he wanted to leave that thing inside my body. This beastie was just about to become violent!” What did she just hear? Just what kind of things that cannot be described have you guys done!?

“What!?” She instantly grabbed onto its tail, and shouted. “Then is your chrysanthemum still there?”

Bai Yuan: …

Wang Xuzhi: …

Sesame: Did mistress say something immoral just now? Why did it feel its chrysanthemum tightening?

Bai Yuan shyly glanced at Zhu Yao, and then walked towards her in small steps. The beast which was initially all white earlier, began to turn pink.

These shy little eyes, this shady reaction, something must have happened! Zhu Yao felt as if her entire being had been blown into a mess by the wind. She instantly hugged onto Sesame’s beast head, and said with a heart filled with guilt. “I’m sorry, your mistress did not protect your chrysanthemum well.” Bai Yuan: …

Wang Xuzhi: …

Sesame: …

“Ouu~~” Bai Yuan suddenly bared its teeth, roaring at Sesame. Seeing that Sesame had escaped from Zhu Yao’s embrace out of fear, it then made an “ahmu” sound, and spat a pearl out of its mouth.

That pearl was at least the size of a fist. It was smooth and round, and had a pure-white colour. Furthermore, it was even emitting out a faint silvery light. As though it was glowing, a warm and refreshing aura faintly seeped out of it. It would have looked extremely beautiful, If not for its saliva that was still covering all around the pearl.

“Inner core!” LIttle wimp stared at Bai Yuan with a stunned look. “Highlord, you…”

“Meow…” It used its head to push the pearl and rolled it towards her, with a face that looked as if it was hoping she could pick the pearl up.

“For me?”

Bai Yuan strongly nodded.

“You’re crazy!” Zhu Yao glared at it. “Is an inner core something you can simply give to others?” The inner core was the crystallization of its cultivation, it would die if it randomly spat it out, right?

“Uuuuuuu…” Sesame took the opportunity to cry and complain. “Earlier, Lord Bai Yuan wanted me to bring his inner core to the Higher Realm with you no matter what. I wasn’t willing to, and he even bit me because of it…”

Uh… So you two weren’t doing something kinky earlier?

“Hurry and keep it!” Zhu Yao reached out to stroke its beast head. It seemed like it had long known she was about to ascend. “I don’t have any use for your inner core!” “Ou~~ Oouuu~~” It swung its head about.

Sesame took the role of a real-time translator. “Lord says, if you carry his inner core, he will then be able to look for you and play games with you at any time.”

“…” Who wants to play games with you? “If a demonic beast doesn’t have an inner core, it will die!”


“He says, he has a lot of these. You can play with it however you like.”

“Ah!” He’s joking, right?

In the next moment, Bai Yuan let out an “ahmu” sound, and then “hwaaah”, a row of white pearls that looked exactly the same was spat out. It then pushed them about.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She turned to glance at little wimp. “Are you certain… these are all its inner cores?” You’re kidding me? Who could actually spit out a large pile of inner cores in an instant? You think you’re Peashooter!?

Wang Xuzhi: “…”

In the beginning, when Bai Yuan wanted to give her its inner core, she rejected it. However, she could not win against it when it began to roll on the ground and let out such desolate cries. Not even a shred of its pride as a Guardian Beast remained. In the end, Sesame could not stand watching any longer, as it hugged onto her thigh.

“Mistress, just promise him already! Otherwise, even I feel like I’m about to roll on the ground too! Don’t worry, Lord Bai Yuan is not a regular beastie, there won’t be any problems. I can guarantee with my chrysanthemum!”



Has your chrysanthemum long been thrown away along with your morals?  
She casually picked up one, and returned to have her master appraise it. The pearls that were spat out earlier, were really inner cores alright. Zhu Yao felt that she needed to supplement her own common sense.

After thinking for a moment, Bai Yuan was evidently a demonic beast raised by the River of Forgetfulness, and River of Forgetfulness even knew Realmspirit. In that case, it possessing an ability like that could be considered normal.

Wait a minute!

Bai Yuan, Whitesource…

It couldn’t be the source of River of Forgetfulness, right?


Why were all the NPCs in this world named so casually!?

Her master allowed her to place Bai Yuan’s inner core into her divine sense to nurture it. This way, it would not result in Bai Yuan losing its spiritual energy.

The next day, she was already well prepared to ascend.

Bai Yuan had arrived very early. With just a single “ahmu” sound, the entire sky looked as though it was being torn apart, as several layers of the sky faded away. When Zhu Yao and her master released the spiritual pressure of a Demigod Paragon, above the torn sky, tribulation lightning began to rumble.

Eighty-one, multiplied by two, bolts of Nine Heavenly Lightning crackled as they came striking down.

That’s right, all of them struck on her body!

After eighty-one multiplied by two, an additional bolt was just about to strike down.

Zhu Yao glared at the tribulation lightning bolt which had evidently gone high from all the zaps. “Hey, are you done!?” Can you even count!? Only then did that lightning bolt flash a white little tail, and extinguish itself with a poof!

Then, a pillar of golden light broke through the clouds. The Light of Guidance instantly struck their two bodies. Zhu Yao felt her body had become light, and just as she was about to rise up, something tightened next to her.

“Big sis Yao!” Yue Ying suddenly reached out his hand to grab on the corner of her clothes, and he looked at with hazy eyes. “You promised that you won’t throw Yue Ying aside.”

Zhu Yao felt her heart turning sour, as she stroked his head. “Be obedient. Sesame will accompany you. Once you’re able to head up to the Higher Realm, it will naturally bring you to my side.”

He stiffened for a moment, but his grip instead grew tighter. Suddenly, he smiled. It was not the warm and harmonious smile he always showed, instead, it carried hints of  crazed infatuation. “Big sis Yao… You lied to me again. Why even you want to throw me aside as well…”

Her heart clenched. Suddenly, she had a bad premonition, and wanted to reach out her hand to pull him. “Yue Ying…”

“Big sis, I always wanted to ask you. Just what is Yue Ying to you? You said I was your little brother, your family. But, you can risk your life for Yu Yan, and you can even die for Wang Xuzhi’s sake, so why have you never turned back to look at me?”

“Yue Ying, I…”

“You said that you don’t like Yue Ying killing people, so Yue Ying stopped killing. You told Yue Ying to first learn how to be human, so Yue Ying desperately cultivated in the cultivation arts of human practitioners. But why, why do you still throw me aside…”

“The previous time, it was for Wang Xuzhi. This time, it’s for Yu Yan. Who will it be next then? Was Yue Ying abandoned by you this entire time?”

“No! Of course not!” Zhu Yao was a little flustered, as she stepped forward to pull his hand. This child had always been selfish and had an inflexible mind. She suddenly regretted a little for not spending more time to explain to him. She clearly knew just how sensitive of a child Yue Ying was. “Listen to me. I’m not abandoning you…”

“I don’t believe you anymore!” Yue Ying smiled to her, with a smile that looked as if the world had lost its colours. “Big sis Yao had always said that you would return, but every single time, you threw Yue Ying aside. I will no longer believe you, I will only believe myself!”

His voice sank, and suddenly, the devilish aura instantly exploded out of his body. The earth rumbled, and sand and pebbles flew in this lightless world. His face which had always been filled with warmth was now filled with hostility, as clear black marks were crawled up his face. The sinister and cold aura around his body was causing her to feel cold. He grabbed onto her hand and leaned closer to her. “Big sis Yao, do you know why I can’t go to the Higher Realm?”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. She had never seen a Yue Ying like this before.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan flew over and instantly grabbed his disciple. With a turn of his body, they had already retreated a few meters away. With a vigilant look, he stared at Yue Ying who had already been enveloped by devilish energy. Little wimp and Zi Mo were shocked as well, as they looked at Yue Ying with dumbstruck expressions. “Big sis Zhu Yao, he’s… he’s a Devil?”

“Yue Ying, calm down.” Zhu Yao’s mind was in total chaos.
This selfish child actually went berserk like he said he would!

Yue Ying smiled even more audaciously, as he coldly glanced at Yu Yan. Suddenly, he began to slowly walk towards them. With every step, the demonic aura around his body would become an inch thicker, and the surrounding flowers and trees would instantly wilt to nothingness.

His smile instantly lightened, and in a flash, he had suddenly appeared behind Wang Xuzhi, clasping onto his neck with a single hand and raising him up. Little wimp instantly lost all strength to retaliate, as his body was enveloped by the devilish aura. “Big sis Yao, will you able to see me after I kill all these hindrances…”

“Yue Ying, stop!” Zhu Yao’s heart was even about to pop out. She wanted to fly over, but was held onto by Yu Yan behind her. She had no choice but to shout out loud. “Don’t be reckless, hurry and release little wimp.” “Release him?” He was startled for a moment. Suddenly, it looked as if he had recalled something. “Big sis Yao, have you ever wondered, why I can’t go to Divine Realm?”

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded, unable to understand why he would suddenly ask such a question.

“Divine Realm is a place where mortals ascend to. I’m a Devil. Unless I open the World Crossing Door, I basically can’t head to Divine Realm. I studied for a long time, before I was finally able to find the method to open the World Crossing Door and look for big sis. However, I realized a problem. I can’t open  the World Crossing Door again, because my soul is incomplete.” He spoke these words as though they were just idle chatter, but the devilish aura emitted from his body continued to grow thicker, and it even looked as though it was about to solidify. “In the past, I didn’t know why that was so? But now I know. Little sister…”

Zhu Yao’s heart trembled, as she fiercely widened her eyes. “Shao Bai!”

“Right now, I’m still not him. Once I kill this person, the missing part of my soul will return to my body, and I will become him.” “Big sis Yao, didn’t you wish for me to hurry up to the Higher Realm to reunite with you?” He suddenly said with a serious look. “My soul is just not gathered yet, and he is exactly the part of the soul that I’m missing. By killing him, I will be able to open the World Crossing Door and find big sis.”

Xuzhi was Yue Ying’s missing soul? Zhu Yao was stunned. Suddenly, she recalled the scene Realmspirt showed her, where two masses of light were split from each other when Shao Bai left the Banished Land.

“Yue Ying, can’t we have a nice talk? There’s nothing that can’t be settled with a little chat. Let go of little wimp for now. Big sis promises you not to head up to the Higher Realm yet.”

Yue Ying blanked for a moment. Suddenly, he shook his head. “It’s too late!”

Chapter262: Fortune To The Empress

Yue Ying suddenly tightened his hand, and slammed his palm onto the defenseless Wang Xuzhi. A black imprint instantly appeared on Yue Ying’s body, carrying a soul devouring might. It grew large in an instant, and the black mystic patterns on it were like a sharp blades, as they pierced straight towards Wang Xuzhi’s chest.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao fiercely widened her eyes, as if she had returned to that moment when Xiao Yi said Wang Xuzhi was already dead. Her heart instantly stopped, and as though it was out of reflex, she immediately activated a mystic art which she had left in little wimp’s divine sense before this.

At almost the same time, when the black mystic patterns were just about to penetrate into little wimp’s skin, his  figure blurred, and the person who was enveloped by darkness, had instantly turned into Zhu Yao.

The black devilish formation was struck on her body, and the pain that came from her bones and limbs was something she had never experienced before.

“Big sis Yao…” Yue Ying was stunned right there and then. “Yu Yao!” Yu Yan cried out of shock, and he immediately summoned his own sword intent. An enormous white dragon flew straight forward while carrying immense pressure. Yue Ying was defenseless for a moment, and was instantly struck a few meters away. Yu Yan held onto his heavily injured disciple, and even his hands were shaking uncontrollably. “Yu Yao…”

Various light particles suddenly appeared, as they slowly scattered out from within her body, and then, they disappeared without a trace. He inserted spiritual energy into her body, only to be scattered the moment it entered.

Yu Yan grew even more anxious. The black formation Yue Ying used earlier was probably targeted on the soul. He had a premonition, that if his disciple were to leave this time, she

“Big sis Zhu Yao!” Little wimp pulled onto her hand, and tears instantly poured out. Body Movement. When had she planted a mystic art like this in his own divine sense?

“Master…” Zhu Yao felt that the corner of her lips was leaking out blood, and it felt like something was pulling her entire body, as if she was about to be torn apart alive. “Yue Ying?” “Big sis Yao…” Yue Ying was just standing three steps away, wearing a blank look, as if he was trying his hardest to deny
something. “Why? Is he really that important to you?” To the point where you would not hesitate to save him even if your soul scatters? Soul devouring. The mystic art he activated earlier could swallow one’s soul.

“Just what did you to big sis Zhu Yao?” Wang Xuzhi madly walked over to Yue Ying, grabbed his collar, and threw a fist at him.

After being given a punch, he lightly moved his fingers and fixed Wang Xuzhi on the spot. Then, he suddenly laughed. “Soul devouring… That’s fine… That’s fine as well! In the future, big sis’s soul shall merge with mine, and we will never be apart.”

“You…” Wang Xuzhi was stunned, as the colour of despair emitted out from his eyes.

Yu Yan hurriedly cast an art. Several mystic imprints flew out, restricting the flow of the black mystic symbols in her body and binding her unstable soul.

Zhu Yao was no longer able to feel anything around her, as the sense organs in her entire body were enveloped in pain. After taking in a single breath, she shouted. “Yue Ying… Come here.”

Yue Ying was startled, and he obediently walked closer a moment later. He stopped next to her, but his eyes were ash- grey. “This is fine as well… Big sis can finally accompany Yue Ying forever.” He wanted to express a happy look with all his might, but not the slightest of joy could be seen under his eyes.

Zhu Yao stiffened her hand. With all the strength remaining in her body, she raised it and swung it over.

Pa. Giving him a resounding slap in the face.

“Yue Ying… It’s time for you to grow up!”

“Big sis Yao…” He looked at her confused, and then, his eyes carried madness that he never once had before. “Did you slap me because of Wang Xuzhi? As I thought, he’s the only one in big sis’s eyes. Even a mystic art like Body Movement which required the continuous consumption of your divine sense was left in his divine sense as well.” “Body Movement, there’s one… in your divine sense too!”

“…” Yue Ying was stunned, and he widened his eyes in disbelief. Instinctively, he reached out his hand to touch his own chest. As she had said, he could feel a strand of divine sense that did not belong to him, and also… it seemed to have been there for a very long time. It seemed to have been left there at a much earlier time than Wang Xuzhi’s.

His eyes instantly flashed with panic, as he looked at her in a fluster.

Did she not… abandon me?

With a sunken voice, and emphasis on every single word, she said. “You have never been alone. No matter if it’s the past or present, you have never been. No one has abandoned you, the person who has truly abandoned you is yourself.”

“Big sis… I only have big sis…”

“Do you still remember Little Radish?” “…” He was startled.

Though she had saved Yue Ying, Little Radish was was the one who raised him up, taught him mystic arts, and taught him everything he knew. He said that he was abandoned the entire time, did not wish to be abandoned again, and did not want to be alone. However, where in his heart did he place Little Radish then? It was not that there wasn’t anyone who treated him sincerely, but he was simply completely oblivious to them all. He trapped himself in the circle he drew, and even if others took the initiative to walk ninety-nine steps, he still would not be willing to take that one step.

With the way he was, where he  would  only  be  willing  to follow alongside her and would go crazy the moment he was separated from her, how different was  he  from  a  child  who could not leave his parents’ side?

“Yue Ying… Why can’t you grow up?” Zhu Yao said with a sunken tone. “Don’t just focus on yourself… Otherwise, I will never ever see you again…”

Yue Ying was stunned, and finally, he could not help but reach out his hand to grab the corner of her robe. As if he was pleading, he said. “Don’t… Big sis Yao, I’m at fault. I know my wrongs.”

Zhu Yao’s vision was already turning blurry, and this time, it was different from before. She felt a silence as if everything was returning to nothingness, and even the voices next to her began to sound illusive.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan’s face paled. The black mystic symbols on Zhu Yao’s body were sinking deeper, and even the few mystic symbols used to stop them were being engulfed, as the black mystic symbols spread towards her chest.

“Stop the formation, now!” He turned to glare at Yue Ying at the side.

How, his face was completely blank, as he muttered. “I can’t stop it… It’s basically impossible to stop this formation.”

With a flip of his palm, Yu Yan struck towards Yue Ying’s chest, and a white dragon penetrated through Yue Ying’s body. What he used was a killing move, and he did not hold back in the slightest. However, even if that was the case, he had merely cleansed a little of the devilish aura on Yue Ying’s body, and had merely injured him heavily. He really wanted to take his life right at this moment, however, his disciple’s condition was worsening, and had no choice but to gnash his teeth. He had tried all of the mystic arts that could be used. Mystic arts, divine arts, sealing arts, and he had even thought of extracting her soul and switching to another body in the future.

However, they were basically ineffective. The light particles scattering out from his disciple grew. With each scattering particle, her soul would weaken by a certain extent. In the end, even the body he was hugging onto, was beginning to turn transparent.

His eyes were crimson red, as a heart-wrenching pain exploded out from the depths of his heart. This was his disciple, his only disciple whom he had been holding onto with his hands. There were still many things he had yet to teach her, so how could she disappear just like that?

“Yu Yao, Yu Yao…” Wake up, don’t disappear, give  your master a response.

The light emitted from her body grew even more, and just as the black imprints were about to gather at her chest. Suddenly, the two Lights of Guidance, like searchlights, instantly turned and shot straight in Zhu Yao’s direction. The constantly scattering light particles earlier began to madly pour back into Zhu Yao’s body.


A string of red words surfaced.

“Target has received damage that has gone beyond her resistible threshold, forced rollback initiates!”

In a blink of an eye, Zhu Yao’s entire body released out a powerful purple radiance, spreading throughout the entire world. A rich voice, as if it had come from the Nine Heavens, resounded.

“Yao Yao, my friend, I’m sorry!”

The moment those words fell, that purple light suddenly retracted, and then, it disappeared along with the person who was enveloped within the purple light, as if that person had never existed.  
“Yao Yao, wake up, wake up!” A plain, monotonous voice sounded next to her ears. Zhu Yao felt her shoulders being nudged by someone, and when she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar refreshing face.

“Guoguo?” Zhu Yao sat up, but she felt an aching sensation all around her body. She could not help but suck in  some  air. “Aiyo, my back… Ouch ouch ouch ouch…”

“You were lying asleep on the table, how can it not hurt?” Feng Guoguo sighed, as she passed her a cup of plain water. “Why are you hiding at my place again? What did the empress back at your home do to you?”

“The empress back at my home?” Zhu Yao felt a little confused. Her mind was in a mess, and she had a slight migraine. After drinking the cup of water and calming down, she slowly remembered everything.

Yue Ying, little wimp, master…

She suddenly stood right up, and looked around. “Why am I back here?” This development was strange. Even if she had died, at the very most, she would switch to another avatar. Why did Realmspirit send her directly back here?

“How would I know?” Guoguo looked at her with a slight puzzled look.

“It’s not that. I was at Spiritual Realm in the first place, and I was about to ascend, in the end…” She blurted out.

Guoguo however reached out her hand to touch her forehead, and said with a concerning tone. “You’re not having a fever, right? I already told you to quit that dayless and nightless job of yours.”

“…” Zhu Yao was stunned. Was everything she experienced just a dream?

She turned around to look at her own computer, only to see the game’s event details which she had left half-completed, and her QQ interface was hanging at the corner of the screen. Just as she was about to search for Realmspirit’s QQ ID to ask about this matter, she reached out her hand. “Where did my mouse and keyboard go?” “Enough, stop working! Is there a need for you to be this desperate? If you had thrown them away, just buy new ones.”

No! Those were all real. She remembered when she first transmigrated, she was holding her mouse in her hands. It was not thrown away, but was instead brought to the cultivation world.

Feng Guoguo’s cellphone suddenly rang. “Hello? Oh hi, auntie!”

“Mn, it’s me, Guoguo.”

“Yes, I’m back from my trip.”

“Yao Yao, is it? She’s not here. She might have gone to work… Uh, she often works overtime on Saturdays.”

She turned to lookat Zhu Yao, and did a hush gesture. “Your empress back at home is on the phone.” I shall help cover for you. Before she could even finish, for the first time, Zhu Yao had instead snatched the phone from her hands. “Mom…”

At that moment, yearning, sentiment,  and  grief overwhelming smashed into her, and her desire to meet the person on the other side of the phone grew. Her voice unconsciously began to choke.

“Damn brat, you’re finally taking my call.” A familiar voice sounded from the phone. “I’m warning you now. If you don’t come back home soon, I will skin you.”

“Mom.” Tears began to flow from the depths of her heart. “Mom, I miss you.”

“…” The person on the other side of the phone paused for a moment, as if she had found her reply a little unexpected. A moment later, she gently said. “What is it? Did you get bullied at work? You’re already a grown adult, yet you’re still acting spoilt in front of your mom.”

“No… Nothing, I just miss you, that’s all.” “Haah, nevermind. If you really don’t want to go match- make, mom will not force you either. Come back home when you’re free.”

“Mn, mn. I will come back immediately.”


Zhu Yao continued to chat with her for a short while, before hanging up the phone reluctantly. It had really been a long time since she last heard the voices of her family members.

Guoguo looked at Zhu Yao a little strangely. “Your mom is calling you back home for dinner?”


“Why are you not afraid of your empress back at home all of a sudden?”

“She’s my mom.” The corner of her Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Those distant memories instantly returned to her mind, clearly and brightly. Her mom was a typical idle old woman. After retiring, whenever she had nothing to do, she would love to urge her sons and daughters about their marriages. However, her family did not seem to have any affinity for the opposite sex. Between her and her brother, she was twenty-eight, while he was at the independent age of thirty, yet both of them were still single. Zhu Yao could imagine the pile of handsome  and talented youths that would be waiting for her when she gets back.

“Alright, it’s fine as long as you have thought it through. It’s about time for you to find a partner too.” Guoguo carried a concerned look, and said with a heavy heart. “You’re not that young anymore. If you keep on staying here, it would be hard for me to find another tenant to share the place with!”

“…” You’re just trying to chase me out right, and it’s not like this old lady isn’t giving you rent! I made a wrong friend!

“Speaking of which… You’re one year older than me yourself, right?” What qualifications do you have to talk about me?

“I’m different from you.” Zhu Yao stepped forward. “How are we different?” Other than our chest, what’s different?

“I have money!”

“…” Poor-ass – Shot right in the heart!

Speaking of Feng Guoguo, her entire life was like a legend. They had been classmates ever since they were in primary school, and had always been good girl friends. However, she was an orphan, and had to rely on government policies to study all the way to university. When she became an adult, she was then found by her parents’… lawyer. Back then, her family members had already passed away several years ago, and nothing was left behind, except for money!

From what she said, the number of zeroes on the bank account, could be counted to the point where her fingers would start to numb.

This house which Zhu Yao was renting was hers!

Zhu Yao had her own house as well, but it had only been renovated just recently, and required some time to air. Furthermore, because of her empress’s intrusive matchmaking arrangements, she wanted to move out even more.

“Nevermind, I’m not going to compare wealth with you.” She couldn’t win anyway. “Oh right, why did you return so quickly? Didn’t you say you were going to leave for half a month?” She looked at the time on computer. It had only been a week, right?

A strange emotion flashed past Guogo’s face, as if she had recalled something incomprehensible. Suddenly, she mysteriously asked. “Yao Yao, do you believe there’s mermaids in this world?”

“Ah!?” Zhu Yao was startled, as she reached out her hand to touch her forehead. “You can’t possibly have transmigrated as well, right?”

She slapped away Zhu Yao’s hand. “You sound as if you have transmigrated yourself!”

“…” But she did transmigrate though. “Nevermind, it’s best that you continue thinking  about finding a hunk somewhere and bring him back home to give your empress back home an explanation.” After saying that, she walked out of the room.

The room instantly quietened down.

Zhu Yao collapsed on her bed. Like lanterns, the incidents in the other world flashed past her eyes, her heart would occasionally twist in pain.

“Master…” Would she be able to see him again?

This couldn’t do. She had to hurry and buy a mouse and keyboard, so she could ask Realmspirit clearly. She couldn’t allow herself to be forced to break up with her first love, especially in such an unclear manner as well.

Chapter263: There’s A Strange Person Outside The Door

“Yao Yao…” The empress of the Zhu Family stretched out her head from the kitchen, and waved the bottle in her hand. “There’s no more soy sauce in the house, buy me a bottle downstairs.”

“Ou!” Zhu Yao responded. She then changed into her shoes and left the house as ordered.

“Isn’t this Yao Yao?” Just as she reached the stairs, an auntie walked over towards her.

“Aunt Chen.” Her house was located in a rather old and small district, and her surroundings were filled with old neighbours who had lived there for several dozens of years, all of whom were extremely familiar with each other.

The auntie nodded, and asked with a smile. “Yao Yao, when did you get back? How many days of leave did you take? Do you have a boyfriend yet? When are you planning to get married?”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao had an awkward look, as she diverted from the topic. “Aunt Chen, my mom is currently cooking and is waiting for me to buy some soy sauce for her, I will chat with you once I get back, alright?”

“Oh.” Only then did she nod and step away. Suddenly, she recalled something, and informed her. “Oh right, Yao Yao. You have to be careful outside. I heard that a strange person has appeared at the entrance of the small district. He’s dressed in a strange attire, and has been standing for an entire day.”

“Thank you, Aunt Chen. I’m just going over to  the convenience shop downstairs, there won’t be any problems.” Zhu Yao replied and then hurriedly went downstairs, afraid that Aunt Chen would stop her again for a heart-to-heart talk of some sort.

Faintly, she could hear Aunt Chen sighing behind her. “Haah, youths these days! Not learning the good, and end up doing all these strange things…”

Zhu Yao did not mind about it, and directly sprinted towards the convenience store downstairs. It was presently lunch hour, yet a crowd was unexpectedly gathered in the store. She lowered her head and found the soy sauce. After paying for it, she heard the heated discussion by the people outside. “That guy can’t be a bad person of some sort, right? I heard that there’s recently some lunatics going around chopping people.”

“With looks like that, how could he possibly be a bad person?
Though, he’s dressed a little strange!”

“We can’t say that for certain, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Even if he looks handsome, he might still be a bad person.”

“This is a society where face is the only thing that matters. As long as he has the face, anything can be forgiven.”

“That person is dressed in ancient attire, and he’s not speaking either. He’s just standing there. He can’t be mute, right?”

“He shouldn’t be. Didn’t the guard Xiao Li mention this? That person is here to look for someone, but he doesn’t have the access card, and he doesn’t know where she lives, that’s why he’s just standing outside the gate.” “Oh? Then who is he looking for?”

“She seems to be surnamed Yu… And her name is Yu… Yu what again?”

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, as she fiercely turned to look at the few people. “That person you people are talking about, where is he?”

They gave her a strange glance, and then pointed to the right. “Right at the entrance to the small district.”

Zhu Yao lifted her feet and charged out, sprinting towards the entrance of the small district. From afar, she saw a large crowd gathering at the side, and all of them were pointing at the center, having heated discussions. Some had even taken out their phones to take pictures.

And at the center of the crowd, a man in a white robe was coldly watching everything. His ice-cold expression had forcefully shunned everyone, creating a vacuum zone within a radius of three meters from himself. The soy sauce in Zhu Yao’s hands fell onto the ground. She was simply unable to believe her own eyes.


“Miss Zhu, you’re back.” The gate guard Xiao Li waved at her, and followed her line of sight. “What? You know this strange person?”

Zhu Yao’s eyes reddened, as she heavily nodded. With a louder voice, she shouted. “Master!”

“Mister? What mister?” A taxi mister? Xiao Li was startled. Wearing an ancient robe to attract customers? Taxi drivers nowadays sure are going all out!

Just as Xiao Li was about to clarify this, Zhu Yao had already charged into the crowd and broken through that vacuum zone, hugging onto that snow-white robe.

“Master.” The person in front of her startled for a moment, and tightly return her hug an instant later. A familiar voice rang in her ears, carrying a feeling as if he was heaving a sigh of relief. “Yu Yao, I found you.”

Never in her dreams would she have expected that her master would come to the modern era. Even now, she still could not believe everything was real, as she carefully pulled his hand, touched his face, and then pulled it, and then rubbed it, and then…

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan pulled down her mischievous hands. “It’s me.”

“Master…” She was simply surprised to the point of wanting to cry, alright? She had been looking for Realmspirit through QQ for an entire day, but for some reasons, that QQ account had never lighted up, showing that he was offline the entire time. If not for the QQ chat log that still existed, she would have begun to suspect if she actually knew such a friend online, and if she had actually experienced those incredible things.

She was also becoming a little uncertain if she could actually see her master again. However, in a blink of an eye, he was properly standing before her own eyes.

The voices of discussion in the surroundings grew even louder, as the crowd curiously sized the two people up. Only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses. She suddenly recalled that her master was definitely an unregistered citizen on this side. In order to prevent a news article popping out tomorrow titled ‘Amazement! Strangely-dressed Man at the Entrance to ** Small District’, she immediately corrected her words.

“Why did you rush over here right after the drama shoot? You gave me a fright. Come in for now then.”

Only then was the spectating crowd enlightened. He was actually an actor. But the drama crew was a little too  rich, right? That hairstyle and costume were simply too professional and appealing to the viewers’ eyes.

Zhu Yao took the opportunity to pull him and sprint all the way back to her own home. Then, she heavily closed the door.

“Why are you so slow?” The empress walked out from the kitchen with a potato in hand. However, the moment she raised her head, she dropped it on the ground.

Crap, I have forgotten that there’s still two esteemed buddhas at home.

The empress took in a deep breath, and then turned to face the dining room, roaring out loud. “Her dad, come quickly, Yao Yao brought a man back home!”

“What!?” A cry resounded from the dining room. In a blink of an eye, a middle-aged man, carrying a broom charged out, filled with killing intent.

Zhu Yao: “…”

“Dad…” What are you trying to do?

“What are you doing?” The empress had already snatched the broom off his hands, and glared at him. “Yao Yao brought her first man back home at the age of twenty-eight, what are you going to do if you frighten him away?” As she said that, she looked at her daughter with a face that looked as if spring had bloomed. “Yao Yao, how did you suddenly get enlightened after a short trip downstairs? This is?”

“Uh…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “I bought soy sauce, and this came for free!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”  The  empress  raised her hand and sent a slap towards the back of her head. She then lowered her head and looked at her hand. “Where’s the  soy sauce!”

It dropped earlier!

“Forget it, hurry in and settle down.” The empress waved at the two people with a passionate  look,  gesturing  the  two  of them to enter. While she was at it, she picked up the potato on the ground.

I wonder if we run out now, will it still be too late?

She wondered if all girls would experience the three sessions of trials when they bring their boyfriends back home for the first time. During the meal, Madam Yang wanted nothing more than to gather information about someone’s family and his eighteen generations of ancestry. The key thing was, a certain master was someone without a keen sense on things, and when it came to something like facing parents, he had completely no experience whatsoever. Though, from the time he came into the house, he had already guessed that the two people in front of him were his disciple’s parents.

As to how he was supposed to interact with his disciple’s parents, his own master did not teach him about it though?

“This mister, what’s your name?” The empress flashed a harmonious smile.

“Yu Yan.” Yu Yan replied.

“Surnamed Yu? Now that’s a very rare surname. Where do you work?” The empress continued.

Yu Yan blurted out. “I’m Jade Forest Peak…”

“Jade Forest Peak… Industrial Corporation!” Zhu  Yao instantly intervened and filled the hole. “Mom, he undertakes nature-related work.” “Oh!” Madam Yang nodded. “Then what do you do specifically?”

Yu Yan replied with a stern look. “I cultivate in lightning…”

“Lightning… electrical energy harvesting and its usages.” Zhu Yao’s face was drenched in cold sweat. “Hoho, mom. It’s a study that concerns the field of new energy sources. You have never heard of it.”

“Oh…” Mother Yang was puzzled as expected, but it sounded rather important and expensive. “Then what position are you holding in your company?”

“Position?” Yu Yan pondered for a short while. She might be referring to his level of cultivation. “I’m presently a High…”

“High… Level Manager!” Zhu Yao continued to intervene. “Mom, he’s really incredible. In their company, other than the boss, no one has a higher position than him.”

“I’m asking him, not you!” Mother Yang glared at her, expressing dissatisfaction at her interrupting behaviour. Zhu Yao felt like crying. How could she not interrupt? With someone like her master who was naturally slow-witted and cute, and had never known what a lie was, if he were to speak honestly, it would be strange for people not to think he was a lunatic.

Thus, with Zhu Yao forcefully stepping in at the right moments, this Q&A dinner session finally concluded.

Questions related to work and family were brought up in the beginning. Then, Mother Yang pushed all the way to topics like what kind of wedding he was planning to have, and how many children they were aiming for. Zhu Yao could only use the excuse of there still being a lot of work to do in the company, and then pulled her master back to A City.

This time, she had no choice but to move into the new home which she had long renovated properly.

In regards to Zhu Yao, who had taken up her guest room for an entire year, being enlightened all of a sudden, Feng Guoguo sent a congratulatory message, and asked with absolute seriousness. “Are you certain you don’t want to head over to the hospital for a full body check-up, or go for a brain scan or something?” This was simply a sign of their friendship collapsing at any moment.

After working busily for an entire day, she finally dragged her master back to the nest- ah pui, back to her own  home. Thinking that she would from now on go off for work, while she would have a husband staying at home to warm the blankets, it was simply the peak of life. Uh, something’s a little off here?

“This is the world you live in?” Yu Yan adopted the serious attitude of an academic researcher, and inspected his disciple’s little nest. He discovered many mystic artifacts he had never seen before, and strangely, he was unable to sense the circulation of spiritual energy within them.



“If you dismantle it any further, that clock will spoil.”

Before she could finish, the clock in Yu Yan’s hands, with a crack sound, broke into pieces. The gears fell off the casing, rolling onto the ground.

Yu Yan: “…” He had never seen such a frail mystic artifact.

Zhu Yao: “…” Fine, she could still afford  another  clock,  as long as he did not dismantle…

“Master, what are you doing? Hurry and release that television!” That was the newest 50-inch model with liquid crystal display, costing over tens of thousands of dollars!

That white figure was startled for a moment, and then slowly retracted his hands. He was simply curious why his disciple wanted to embed a pitch-black stone onto the wall, and it looked so glossy too. Could it be? “This is Glazed Stone?”

“No, that’s a television?”

“What’s a television?”

“Television is a terminal used to receive radio waves. The radio waves received by the satellites will be transmitted here, reverting back to the original images and sounds.”

“What’s a radio wave? And what’s a satellite?”

“Uh… These matters are very complicated. In any case, people first film and record their performances or the events that happened. Then, they change them to various types of waves, and then broadcast them to machines like this one through the satellites, allowing countless of homes to view them.”

“And what’s film?”

“Uh…” Are you ‘Hundred Thousand Whys’?

Hundred Thousand Whys: It’s a popular general encyclopaedia in China, with many renditions.

Zhu Yao decided to simply click on the remote. The television instantly brightened, and it was presently show the newest episode of 《Where Did the Silly Person Go》.

Yu Yan stared for a few moments, and then nodded with an understanding look. “So it’s a Voice Recording Stone.”

“…” Why did she feel that a television that costed tens of thousands of dollars, had instantly plummeted in quality!?

“It can record sounds and images, if it’s not a Voice Recording Stone, what else can it be?”

Uh… Fine, Voice Recording Stone it is then.

Then, he walked to the right. “What is this?”

“Refrigerator… No, it’s a large-scale ice type mystic art, one at the first rank.”


“It’s a Blazing Fire Stone, third rank.” – Induction cooker.

“The one next to it?” “It’s a second rank mystic artifact that makes use of a water type Dirt Removal Art.” – Washing machine.

“The one in your hand?”

“This is a multi-purpose voice transmission talisman.” – Mobile phone.

Only then did Yu Yan nod. “Why are all the mystic artifacts in this world so low class?”

“Uh… right.” After learning to  let  things  be,  she  discovered that the world had suddenly become a happier place!

“The thing on the table?”

“Now this thing here is incredible. This is a celestial book of records. Inside, a large portion of the knowledge of the world is recorded within.” – Laptop. “Of course, there are more information concerning entertainment. As long as you have things you wish to find out about, you can search for them inside.” “Mn.” Yu Yan had completely satisfied his curiosity and walked back, sitting next to her on the sofa. Probably he felt that it was too soft, he was a little unaccustomed to it and nudged a little. Pulling up her hand and interlocking her fingers with his, he held onto her hand firmly. “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere after returning here?”

Zhu Yao shook her head. “No, I don’t. Oh right, master, how did you come to this side?”

“I don’t know.” He frowned. “Back then, you were damaged by Yue Ying’s Soul Devouring Devil Formation, and even after your master had tried every possible method, I was still unable to hold back your quickly dispersing soul.” His hand suddenly tightened, a few hints of anger surfaced on his forehead.


Zhu Yao called out to him, and only then did he regain his senses. He reached out his hand to stroke his disciple’s head, and then casually pulled her into his embrace. Only then did that restless heart of his slowly regain its calm. “After that, the Light of Guidance shifted from its original position, and struck onto your body. Your master recalled that a form of energy seemed to have torn space apart, sweeping the two of us within it. After that, I sensed your aura in front of that building…”

Back then, Zhu Yao had already fainted, and basically did not witness the incident her master spoke about. When she regained her consciousness, she had already returned back to Guoguo’s place, sitting in front of the computer, like how she was before she transmigrated.

“Yu Yao…” As if he had recalled something, he reminded with a frown. “Before entering this world, I seemed to have heard the voice of someone apologizing to you. Within that voice, faintly contains the energy of the Heavenly Dao…”

Apologize? Could it be Realmspirit? Why did he apologize to her?

Zhu Yao immediately moved the laptop to where she was, connected to the internet, and picked out Realmspirit’s QQ chat window. However, his avatar was still showing a grey colour. Realmspirit was not online.

Chapter264: Master, Promise Me, Alright?

“This person is the one who allows you to reincarnate countless times?” Yu Yan stared coldly at the  word ‘Realmspirit’, and it looked as if frosts were about to appear within his eyes. In his hand, it seemed like a mystic art was about to materialize.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t! Master!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto his hand, and sternly said. “This is a voice transmission talisman he passed me, it’s not the person himself.”

Master, don’t act recklessly!

Only then did he put down his hand, though, he seemed to have subconsciously hugged her a little tighter than before.

“Are you able to find out where the voice transmission talisman originates from?”

“Where else can it come from? Obviously, it’s the other Q…” Wait a minute! Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. She suddenly recalled that even QQ would have login addresses stored, and as long as she could find his IP address…

“Master, I know of a way to locate him!”

She opened up the technical team’s colleagues chat group, and everyone’s avatars were greyed out. Because it was the weekend, basically not a single one of them was online on QQ. She instantly swept out her phone, found the number of a colleague, and called him.

The phone rang for several dozens of times, yet, no one picked up.

Yo, this little one is rebelling, huh!?

She immediately typed out a short message over: Within a minute, return my call! Otherwise, I will cancel your right to have end-of-year leaves, forever.

The moment the message was sent, her phone rang in less than five seconds. I knew you were acting dead!

“Hey, Mouse!”

“Boss…” A teary voice sounded from the other end of the phone. “Do you have to be this inhumane? Today is a weekend, please let me go? If I work overtime now, my girlfriend will kill me. For my lifelong happiness, please be merciful, Boss!”

“Shut up, the hell you talking about?” Zhu Yao’s  face darkened. Was she that inhumane? In the past, at the  very most, she had only called him in for overtime two… three… four… five times a month. Mn. It was not serious in the least. “I’m only looking for your help, not for overtime.”

“Eh!?” Mouse was stunned for a moment, and then he suddenly became spirited. “Boss, speak. As long as it’s not overtime, Mouse will climb a mountain full of blades and swim in a sea of fire for you, without the slightest of hesitation. I will do my best till my heart ceases to beat!”

“Do you have a computer near you?” “Yes!”

“Help me investigate a QQ account. Look for its most recent IP, and clearly investigate the specific location of the IP.” Zhu Yao sent over Realmspirit’s QQ logs.

“So it’s a small matter like this!” Mouse heaved a sigh of relief. “Don’t you worry. Give me five minutes, and I will quickly help you ha… Oh I mean, investigate it. Looking at the friendship between us, do you want the service to include hacking his computer? Like infecting it with several hundreds of viruses or something.”

“…” What’s with this vengeful tone?

The ‘patapata’ keyboard tapping sounds came from the other side of the phone.

“This IP…” His voice sank. “Sunlight Small District. Block 11.
Boss, this is your house’s address, right?”

Sunlight Small District, the small district she lived in with Guoguo? How could that be possible!? A chill suddenly ran down her spine. It couldn’t be that scary, right?

“Eh, these addresses are…” Mouse suddenly exclaimed, and his voice instantly carried hints of resentment. “Boss, you can’t be making fun of me, right? I checked the login records of this QQ account, and the login addresses are basically centered at two places. One is the small district you rented a place in, while the other, is the company’s address.”

“…” !!!

“Looking at the login times, all of them coincides with Boss’s work schedule. This can’t be your own smurf account, right?” Mouse said, while feeling as if he was about to cry. “Boss, I understand your feelings as a single old-aged young lady, but I’m only going out for a tour with my girlfriend. Can you not damage a couple’s relationship like this? Valentine’s’ Day is still far away!”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao’s voice sank. This old lady has already escaped that label, alright? “Send me the information of the IP. After that, you can be on your way.”

“Yes!” Mouse dropped the call, and a moment later, the QQ interface shook for a few times. A picture file was sent over.

As Mouse had said, most of the IPs belonged to her home’s and the company’s, and even the login times were all exactly the same. Why did she feel this was a little frightening?

“The numbers here, are they dates?” Yu Yan suddenly pointed at the final record, and asked.

“Mn, it’s in the order of year, month, date… Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao fiercely widened her eyes. “7/19? Isn’t that today? 23:14…”

Zhu Yao turned to look at the time stated at the bottom of the screen, and was stunned. Wasn’t that right now!?

She flipped open Realmspirit’s QQ chat, and his avatar was still greyed out. Instantly, flames of fury surged within her.

She instantly sent a message over. Zhu Yao: Realmspirit, get your ass out here now. I know you’re there! You’re actually playing a game of invisibility with me.

There was no response from the other side.

Zhu Yao: I give you three minutes to reply me. Otherwise, I’m going to smash this computer.

To be using the same IP as her as, and even at the same time without the slightest of deviation, there was only one possibility. Realmspirit was not hiding in some physical location, but right within her computer.

Zhu Yao: Three…

Zhu Yao: Two…

Realmspirit: What happened to the promised three minutes?
Why did it become three seconds?

Zhu Yao smiled. You’re finally revealing yourself? Realmspirit: Young maiden, you’re too cunning. You actually played with my frail and weak heart.

Zhu Yao: Your sister’s frail and week! Confess now. What’s with all this?

Realmspirit: Haah, isn’t all this for the sake of our pure friendship? You were injured from soul devouring, if I hadn’t sent you back here, your soul would have scattered. Even someone like me can’t resurrect a scattered soul belonging to another world.

So her situation back then was so dangerous.

Zhu Yao turned to glance at her master, and instantly clicked on the voice communication option. The other side paused for a short while, but it got through a moment later.

“Young maiden.” Realmspirit’s voice sounded from the computer, and electrical current noises could be faintly heard. “You don’t even know how hard it was to send you back here. Uuuuu…” “Then what’s going on with my master?” Zhu Yao  asked. “Why did you bring him over as well?”

“Uh…” His voice paused for a moment, and an instant later, he reverted back to his cheap personality. “Aiya, don’t mind such small details. The timespan to activate the spatial transfer was a little limited, so the occurrence of slight mistakes should be completely understandable. Just treat it as a buy-one-get- one-free offer.”

“…” Why did she feel as if she had been treated as goods? “So you’re saying, we still have to return?”

“Of course, young maiden. This is a just a  short  vacation. Once your soul has completely stabilized, the heavy responsibility of saving the world is still waiting for you! Could it be that young maiden doesn’t want to return?”

Zhu Yao sank into silence for a moment. She really did not know. She was not someone with high ambitions in the first place, and had never felt that she should do something earth- shakingly huge. Other than her attachments to that place, she really could not find any aspect of that cultivation world that was better than her own world. Though the people here were selfish as well, had their own shares of problems too, and that there were lunatics who set fires and kill people as well, similarly, here were various types of good people too. As someone who had been raised well and properly, she believed that there were still many good people in this world. Unlike the cultivation world…

“Young maiden, don’t be like that. You said you would help me.”

“This time is just an accident. If not, I can write you an apology statement of two thousand words? Three thousand words should be fine too?”

“Don’t give up, my dear friend. The white hole and a whiter tomorrow are waiting for you.”

“Even if you don’t return, your master still has to return too, right?”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, before turning to look at the person behind her who had an indifferent expression. “Master…” Yu Yan tightened the hand which was wrapped around her waist, and his chin leaned down on her head. “There’s no need to worry. If you don’t want to leave, your master shall accompany you.”

She was instantly moved for a moment. Emotions filled her chest, and felt as if they were about to burst out. As expected of a good boyfriend. I request rubs, I request hugs.

“Young maiden… you can’t be this inhumane!” Realmspirit wailed out. “My world cannot go on without you!”

“Scram!” This old lady doesn’t want to live in your world.

“I’m telling the truth. You saw it yourself. Those worlds were all at the brink of collapse.” The voice that had always sounded easy-going, now carried a heaviness that had never been heard before. “If this continues, the worlds will collapse one by one, and will finally meet their complete demise. You’re the only one who can help me.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but you have seen it yourself as well. No matter which world, slaughter and schemes were widespread, and all practitioners even viewed killing stealing treasures as common occurrences. It’s as if as long as they could raise their own cultivation and ascend, everything they do is right and proper.” She heaved a deep sigh, and sternly said. “Realmspirit, I have long wanted to ask you. Just what does the so-called ‘cultivation’ in that world,  actually cultivates? And the Heavenly Dao they strive towards, what kind of Dao is it? Why are those people who kill countless others able to live an enjoyable and long life, while good people like the girl Ying Luo are not treated well, causing even their future lives to be implicated as well?”

“Could it be that the so-called Heavenly Dao, is the Dao of massacre? I just can’t understand! IN the world I live in, there’s nothing more important than life itself. Killing others, to people like us, is something very terrifying, and something that we can never forget or tolerate. But in that world, in the eyes of most practitioners, it has already become part of their daily lives. The aspect of life is the same, but why is it that on this side, it’s prioritized over all others, while on that side it’s being looked down upon to such an extent?”

“It’s as if kindness and tolerance are seen as disgraceful by the common people. Realmspirit, don’t you think there’s a very huge problem with such a world? Be it Xiao Yi or Yi Ling, no matter how extreme their beliefs are, when traced back to the roots, they are both influenced by that world. If the world is as such, then there will similarly be another bug existence that can destroy the world in the future. The girl Ying Luo was right. The true Devil isn’t the Devil Race, but in the hearts of all practitioners.”

“Realmspirit, if you want to talk about bugs, then the true bug is the Heavenly Dao that created all these and connived them. If we see the Three Realms as a game, the problem lies in the main engine. No matter how well the additional procedures are fixed, it’s impossible to stop the entire game from collapsing. Realmspirit, what are getting me to fix? The Heavenly Dao?”

“…” He went silent for a short while. Then, his voice suddenly sank a little, as he said with emphasis on every word. “Then… What if I tell you that the Heavenly Dao can be altered?”


Realmspirit said that the Heavenly Dao could be altered, but Zhu Yao was suspicious of it. Was he really thinking that it was a game, and could be reprogrammed!? In the end, she still did not promise Realmspirit, but he did not seem to be in the rush either.

“Young maiden, you can think about it slowly. There might come a day when you’re bored to death, and decides to pay a visit?”

Was he treating transmigration as a tour? Something that can be done as long as she wanted to? Zhu Yao did not care about him, and instantly turned off the computer. However, she seemed to have faintly seen through his methods. It seemed like as long as she was still in a disagreement, Realmspirit could not force her to return.

Regarding Shao Bai’s issues, she had asked Realmspirit about them as well. Wang Xuzhi was indeed a part of Shao Bai. Back then, Shao Bai was split into two after entering the Heavenly World Crossing Door. One part of him was Yue Ying, while the other part was Wang Xuzhi.

However, the part that belonged to Yue Ying was merely a spiritual body, and he had only managed to reincarnate after wandering in the Underworld for many years. On the other hand, the other part of him did not pass away, due to him possessing the physical body of a phoenix. This was how the ruin in Ying Luo’s world came about. Shao Bai had already become a Devil the moment he realized she had opened the Heavenly World Crossing Door. However, because his soul was split into two, his Devil attribute was greatly weakened, allowing him to regain his sanity. Thus, he expelled all of the Devil attribute within his body, and sealed it within that ruin.

It could be said that the Devil which the girl Ying Luo had exterminated in the end, was actually Shao Bai’s Devil side which he had sealed. This was also why Wang Xuzhi was not a Devil, while Yue Ying was one.

Zhu Yao felt a little stifled in her chest. She had never seen Wang Xuzhi and Yue Ying  as the same person. Though they both belonged to the same soul, they were two very different parts of it. It’s the same as how she would be forever unable to treat the two of them as Shao Bai. Wang Xuzhi was just and cheerful, like a little brother next door; Yue Ying was extremely stubborn, like a child with autism.

Though she cared and worried for both of them, she indeed did was not prepared to once again return to that world. She did not prepare to continue using that laptop either, and opted to buy a new one.

Ever since her return, she requested for a half-month long leave from the company. Using this period of time,  she crammed her master with the knowledge and common sense of this world. Though, as expected of her genius master, his learning speed was as fast as being on board of a rocket. Adding that he carried twelve hundred thousand percent passion towards everything to this world, though he still had the same ten-thousand-year unchanging icy look, as long as he discovered something new, his eyes would brighten like lightbulbs, and he would look as if he desired it. The questions he asked, had elevated from ‘what is this?’ to the basic working principles behind the object.

Only a ghost would know how a refrigerator creates ice, it’s simply stated as such on the television.

Her master was definitely a technology geek, right!?

Thus, a week later, she decided to head over to the company and cancel her leave. Before she went off, she repeated her instructions, removed all of the dangerous elements, and then reluctantly left the house. The moment she stepped out of the door, she could not help but turn back, pull on her master’s hand, and say with sincerity. “Master, promise me,  just  like how Erkang promised Ziwei, before I return, do not tear apart the television in the house, alright?”

How Erkang promised Ziwei: Erkang and Ziwei are characters in the popular television show: Princess Returning Pearl (还珠格 格). In this particular scene, Erkang was drafted in a war, and he promised Ziwei, his lover, that he would return.

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. Turning around, he glanced at the Voice Recording Stone known as a television, his fingers twitched a little. He let out a sigh, and nodded. This Voice Recording Stone seemed to be very important to his disciple, he would leave it be then.

After sending his disciple to that teleportation formation (elevator) that could not even be classified in the lowest of grade, he returned to the house. His eyes were fixated at that ice type mystic artifact. Mn, his disciple did not seem to have mentioned that this could not be touched.

Chapter265: Common Enemy Of Little Animals

Zhu Yao reached the bottom floor and subconsciously tried to cast an art to summon her flying sword. Then, she realized she had already returned. After making an awkward face, she silently pulled out her car key, and walked to that second- handed worn-down car. The entire journey was a bumpy ride. It had been a long time since she drove, so she basically drove at a turtle crawling speed, and ended up being honked by the cars behind her till she reached the company.

Unsurprisingly, she was late!

The game company she worked at was rather tolerant to their employees, being late by… a few minutes would not result to a cut in salary. Following her memory, she directly went to the human resources department to cancel her leave, before heading over to the planning department. The moment she walked through the door, she saw that fat cat lying on the cabinet at the side.

Zhu Yao had never been liked by animals since young. When she lived in her old home back then, she would often be chased by the neighbours’ dogs down several streets. She was bestowed with the title: Dog Go Crazy. Mn. The moment dogs were to see her, they would immediately go crazy. When she was young, the number of times she was scratched and bitten by cats and dogs was countless. Thus, she raised the habit of retreating automatically the moment she were to spot a furry animal.

For some reason, she unexpectedly gave that fat cat another glance today. When she recalled the days in the cultivation world where she was sought after by various beasties, and that heaven-defying World Favourable Impression, maybe… Her strange physique had improved for the better? At a moment of impulse, Zhu Yao could not help but experiment a little.

She weakly reached out her hand, stretching towards that fat cat. “Meow Meow.” Come, let me stroke you.

Strangely, that fat cat actually did not resist, nor did it walk away. It instead narrowed its eyes and leaned towards her hand.

It’s effective, it’s really effective! Zhu Yao had an excited look on her face.

Just as she was about to touch the fat cat’s head, the cat suddenly opened its mouth, and “ahmu”, bit on the gap between her thumb and her index finger. “…” Alright, as expected, there wasn’t any change at all. That was why, she hated little animals the most. “Aiya. It hurts, it hurts…”

“Boss, why did you offend this fat cat all of a sudden?” Mouse walked over, and looked at her with an expression that seemed as if he was looking at an idiot. “You already get scratched by this cat five times a month, yet you still dare to touch it on your own accord. You sure have guts!”

“Stop with the nonsense.” Zhu Yao glared at him. “Hurry and think of a way to make it release me. My hand is about to tear off.”

“Alright!” Mouse refreshingly responded, and then he lightly patted on the cat’s head.

“Meow~” That damn fat cat instantly loosened its mouth, and rubbed against his palm with a satisfied look, displaying various cutesy and flighty behaviours.

The hell, this pervy cat which preferred men over women! Zhu Yao hurriedly retreated a few steps back.

“You’re bleeding.” Mouse hugged onto the fat cat with one arm, and pointed at her hand with his other available hand. “There’s medicine in the lounge. Go and treat it for now. It’s best that you get yourself inoculated or something.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded.

“Haah, I really wonder what the Big Boss is thinking. He clearly knows that you’re afraid of animals, yet he still wants everyone to raise cats.”

There was an unreliable boss in her company. He would often come up with ridiculous policies, and this cat was one of them. A year ago, it was unknown what kind of crazy thought flew into the boss’s mind, as he wanted to cram a cat into every department no matter what, saying that it was to attract fortune. The one in her department was raised the fattest of them all, and it was also the most tyrannical one. The first few days it arrived, it scratched every single colleague in the department. After that, when it had gotten used to the environment, it then began to treat people a little better, other than Zhu Yao. She hurriedly cleaned off her wound, and realized that only a thin layer of her skin was cut off, nothing that serious. She casually stuck a band-aid on it, and then prepared to head back to work. However, she realized that her boss was presently waiting in her office, and in his hands, was that fat cat.

Zhu Yao had the impulse to storm out of the building.

“Yao Yao, you’re here.” The man sitting on the chair picked up one of the cat’s paw and waved it at her, his face was filled with smiles.

“Fatty, why are you here again?” Zhu Yao glared at him.

“Aiya, isn’t it because I missed you after not seeing you at work for a week?” Fatty threw her a flirtatious look, the fats on his face trembled a few times.

Zhu Yao could not be bothered to deal with this damn fatty, as she turned around to pour a cup of water for herself. “If you have something to say, say it now. If you want to fart, then do it quickly.” “Hoho, I indeed have something important to inform you.” He pointed at the chair in front, hinting to her to have a seat.

Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes. “Sure, throw that cat out first.”

Fatty had a complicated look. Stroking the pet which was extremely smooth to touch, he stood up with a reluctant look, and hugged the cat out. “Meow Meow, this emperor shall patronize you later.”


“Yao Yao!” Fatty sat back on the chair. “Actually, it’s not a big issue. It’s just that during the period you were on leave, I made a very important decision.”

“What decision?” Zhu Yao sat down.

Fatty scratched his head, and said with a chuckle.  “It’s nothing much actually, just that the company requires a few technical adjustments for its future.” “Mn?”

“I sold the company!”


Zhu Yao immediately spat his entire face with water, and then slammed the cup onto the table. “What did you say? Fatty Yu, if you have the guts, say it once more!”

“Calm down, calm down.” Fatty stood up, picked up the document folder on the table and fanned her.

“How am I supposed to calm down?” Flames of fury instantly surged, and Zhu Yao charged right up to him. Though this company belonged to Fatty, the games operated by the company were all made by them from the ground up. Their current state of affairs was excellent, yet he actually said he sold it. “Fatty Yu, do you believe I will kick you?”

“Aiyo!” Fatty hid to the side. “Let me finish. The games in our company had such good prospects, that’s why we have to take this opportunity to sell for a huge price. Yao Yao, you must know that although this game company belongs to an organization, the organization mainly deals with real estate. No matter how well we do on the internet here, we won’t make that big of a progress. Wouldn’t it be better to accept the organization’s suggestion, and incorporate ourselves into an internet figurehead? We’re still making games, so it doesn’t make a difference to you, just that your boss has changed.”

“…” Zhu Yao calmed down. What Fatty said was not illogical. Though, after working for so many years, to suddenly hear that the company was sold, she would still feel a little unsatisfied. “Nevermind, I don’t understand operational matters. Since you have already sold it, let it be then.”

Fatty was a little unexpected to find her flames quelled so easily. Seeing that she was no longer flaring up, he heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh right, the new company will be bringing forward a general manager to take over my position. I will be returning to my old home tomorrow.”

“Ou!” Zhu Yao nodded.

Fatty’s expression instantly sank. “We are after all old classmates. Before I go, don’t you have something to say  to me?” “Die early, and go to the afterlife early!”


“Reincarnate properly, and be a human again.”


“Oh, right. Fatty Yu, I will have the colleagues send those cats in the company back to your home.”

“I’m called Yu Banban.” Why had he never heard her call his name correctly ever since they were young?

“It’s about the same. In any case, they both sound girly!”

“…” Being friends with her was a terrible mistake.

Probably because she had transmigrated once before, Zhu Yao’s persistence towards the company had dampened quite a bit. Back then, she had only pulled in a few little companions. They made a few small games, and established an unknown small company. Then, she encountered this old classmate Yu Banban, a rich second generation, and ended up selling the company to him. With funds in hand, they slowly made the company bigger. Now that Yu Banban said that he wanted to sell it, as a worker, she indeed did not have the qualifications to say anything. Though Fatty was a little unreliable, his business sense was still pretty good. Since he felt that selling it was a good idea, then naturally, he had his own reasons.

After thinking it through, the resentful thoughts within Zhu Yao had all disappeared. Presently, most of the people in the company were handing over their work, and as a game planner, she suddenly had some free time. Thus, she idled for while, before deciding to leave early.

Her master was still at home after all, and she could not put down her worry at all. Though she had taught him several things  in  the  past  few  days,  she  could  not  help  but  worry.
Nothing  will  happen  if  he’s  left  alone  at  home,  right?  What
should I do if he accidentally gets electrocuted? What if I have forgotten to turn off the gas? What should I do if someone had come over to check the water meter?

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became.
Thus, she bade farewell to Fatty, and hurriedly left for home. While she was journeying back home, she even took notice of her surroundings, afraid that she would hear news of an accident occurring at a certain place. Fortunately, she returned home safe and sound. Opening the door with an uneasy feeling, she actually saw a certain master, sitting on the chair quietly.

He had already changed into modern attire. Dressed in white shirt and black slacks, she simply could not bear to cut off that black silky hair of his, and had in the end combed it into a bun and tied it at the back of his head. Sunlight shone on him, and it felt as if a white gentle light was sprinkling down from all over his body. It was presently afternoon, and he was sitting on the chair next to the dining table, looking at her with his head raised.

The usual ice-cold face, was emitting out a few hints of warmth, as if he was someone from a painting for a moment. He was beautiful to the point where it was hard for people to breathe.

“Master…” Emotions instantly surged within her heart, as she pounced right towards him. “I miss you so much.” I really want to gobble him up!

Yu Yan put down the cup in his hand, and reached out his hand to stroke her head. “You have only gone out for four hours.”

“Four hours, two hundred and forty minutes. It’s a very long time, master!”

“Are you done with your work?” He casually pulled her over to sit on his thigh.

“Mn!” Zhu Yao wrapped around his neck, and hugged a little tighter. “Master, did anything happen at home?”

A light flashed in Yu Yan’s eyes, and then he shook his head. After pondering for a moment, he said. “But your master has a few doubts.”

He looked as if he was about to materialized into ‘Hundred Thousand Whys?’ again. Her heart skipped a beat, as she diverted the topic. “So thirsty. Let me first get some ice water.” After driving all the way back, she was indeed a little thirsty.

She hurriedly rose to her feet, and casually pulled open the refrigerator door… Klang. The refrigerator that was still standing tall earlier, instantly turned into countless components, crashing onto the ground. Only the refrigerator door remained in her hand.

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. Just what happened?

“I was just about to ask you, where do I install this part of the mystic artifact?” Yu Yan passed her a large circuit board.

A long while later.

“Master, can I discuss something with you?”


“Can you not be prodigal?”

His eyes swam away for a while, before he said with a stern look. “I fixed it back.” “…” The circuit board is still outside, and you’re telling me you fixed it!?

My heart hurts so much!

What’s a prodigal? A certain master did not understand. However, he had sensed his disciple’s depressed emotions. Was it because she was unable to drink ice water? Mn, as a good, qualified master, he should take good care of his disciple. Thus, he poured a cup of water, and with a twist of his hand, the entire cup was instantly filled with frost.

“Here!” Drink this.

Zhu Yao had face that looked as if she was about to cry, as she received it. “Master…”


“You can’t drink unboiled tap water, even if it’s frozen!”

Chapter266: Passive Pet Dispersing Buff

Ever since the refrigerator in her home gloriously died, Zhu Yao had forbidden her master from tearing down any electrical appliances. Fortunately for her, the refrigerator was still covered under warranty. Even now, she still remembered the expression the maintenance expert had when he came to pick up the refrigerator which had parts scattered all over the ground. It looked as if he was looking at a lunatic.

Don’t look at me, I’m not the one who tore it apart!

Just in case, Zhu Yao introduced a new toy to her master – the computer. She then told him that the answers to all his doubts could be found on the internet, and forbid him from tearing the computer apart. This, this technology geek, had completely become obsessed with Auntie Baidu, and was even absorbing the knowledge within day and night. However, his eyes on all the electrical appliances, had turned even more fiery than before.

Whenever he had free time, he would stare at the television, air conditioner, washing machine and various electrical appliances at home. The thoughts, “I already know what kind of mystic artifact you are, but my disciple is forbidding me from dismantling you”, were written all of his resentful face. It even made Zhu Yao felt that she was presently bullying her master.

“Master, why don’t we head out tomorrow?” She had  to divert the attention of this technology geek!

“Don’t you have to go for work tomorrow?” Yu Yan asked, his
eyes were still staring at the television. Mn, after his disciple leaves for work, he can then dismantle a small corner of it. Dismantling a single corner should be fine.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Holding onto her master’s head, she turned it around. “Tomorrow is a weekend, I’m taking a break. Accompany me out to do some sight-seeing, will you?” After all, they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they had to go out for dates or something, right?

He sank into silence for a short while, before nodding his head. “Mn!”

Only then did Zhu Yao heave a sigh of relief. Without making any preparations, she immediately pulled him out of the door, took the elevator down, and headed to the carpark. However, he stopped right before the car again, his eyes glistening – such a huge mystic artifact.

“Yu Yao?”



“You really can’t for this one!”


“Definitely not!” Even if it’s still a second-hand, it’s still a car!
Don’t tear it apart and fiddle with it, hey!

“Haah…” Yu Yan sighed. Then, he said with a stern look. “What’s the use of this mystic artifact?”

“It is a mystic artifact used for land transportation. It’s comparable to a horse carriage, I guess.” Zhu Yao hesitated. “A very fast horse carriage.” Yu Yan nodded, his interest instantly dwindled by half. “Why don’t you people use flying mystic artifacts?” Isn’t flying faster?

“We have ones for flight as well!” There’s planes, of course. “But those mystic artifacts can’t be created by regular people. Furthermore, only large comp… large sects have the capabilities to refine them.”

Yu Yan was stunned. “Even a mere transportation mystic artifact has to be refined by sects. The technology of this place is actually this backwards?” It was no wonder even those mystic artifacts in the house had such sophisticated designs, they were merely of first to second ranks.

Backwards? The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and she silently nodded. Mn, compared to flying swords, planes were definitely a little backwards.

She suddenly realized she had been living in a backward era.
Such a sour feeling. What to do?

The so-called ‘date’, naturally could not miss out on dining, shopping, and movie watching. She planned on first going to the nearby mall to buy some life necessities, and most importantly, to find some equipment and a few clothes for her master. What he was presently wearing, was something she bought in haste on the day of their reunion.

Though her master had maxed out all life skills, even if he had to make his own clothes in a modern style, he would still be able to make them flawlessly in a maidenly manner. However, in her master’s storage were cloth materials that did not belong to this world. She really did not dare to allow her master to go about wearing them on the streets. Who could be sure that they would not bump into people with expert eyes?

For some unknown reason, though her master had transmigrated here, his cultivation remained unchanged. She on the other hand had reverted back to her original form. Zhu Yao guessed that this was most probably related to the laws of this world. Realmspirit had once mentioned that since she transmigrated there, she was not bound by the laws of that world, which was why she was capable of doing things that many others could not.

Most likely, the reverse was true as well, though it was her master who was not bound by the laws this time. The mall was not far. Zhu Yao simply drove for a few minutes, and she had already arrived at her destination. Just as she was about to head in, she was held onto by Yu Yan.


Zhu Yao was confused, as she looked at Yu Yan, who was staring straight at the entrance to the bazaar with a frown. “What is it?”

“Spiritual energy.” He said these two words with a solemn voice.

“Ah?” Zhu Yao could not understand.

Yu Yan pulled her closer, and solemnly said. “Yu Yao, spiritual energy is not present in this world of yours. However… I saw ripples of spiritual energy earlier.”


“Follow me.” Yu Yan did not enter the mall, and had instead walked towards the park next to it. The park was not huge, but trees flourished all around it, and not far away, there was even a large grass plain. Yu Yan brought her to a place where trees were especially lush. Because it was still late morning, there were not many people in the park. Occasionally, they would walk past a few who were doing morning exercises.

Dog barks could be faintly heard from that direction. A middle-aged woman was presently dragging away her husky, as it continued to bare its teeth and bark at a small fork road. The sounds of other dogs barking could be faintly heard from that direction as well.

“Be obedient, stop barking.” The middle-aged woman was currently persuading that dog with all her might, but evidently, her efforts were in vain. “Haah, what’s wrong with this dog today? Really. It’s not even moving after being pulled.”

The moment they approached, the dog that was still barking crazily earlier, suddenly stopped. It turned to look at Zhu Yao, slowly revealed its white teeth, and then pounced towards Zhu Yao. Its owner was unable to react in time, and her grip on the leash had actually loosened.

The hell, it can’t be, right!? Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and was frightened for a moment.
Just how much did the little animals of this world hate her?

As she watched that dog pounce towards her, she suddenly felt a grip on her waist. Yu Yan casually pulled her behind his back, and then glared at that husky.

The menacing dog that was still acting all  domineering earlier, screeched to a halt. However, that did not stop its forward charging momentum. With a “bang” sound, it somersaulted, and tumbled onto the ground, covering its entire body with dirt.

“Ouuu…” The husky crawled back up in a fluster, as  it sprinted back to its owner’s back with its tail between its legs. Its entire body was shivering from fear, and it was even making weeping sounds.

Zhu Yao’s eyes instantly shone, as she looked at her own master with a worshipping look, and hugged his arm. “Hero!” She never expected that her master actually carried a passive pet dispersing buff.

Zhu Yao’s  eyebrows  curved,  as  he  reached  out  his  hand  to stroke his stupid disciple’s head. “Don’t be afraid.”

“Mn, mn, mn!” She heavily nodded. Hero, please accept my knee. In the future, she definitely had to bring her master along with her.

Please accept my knee: It’s a Chinese meme, used to express that you’re willing to kneel down in front of a gifted person.

“Little miss, I’m sorry!” The dog’s owner tugged the husky a few times, as she wanted to walk over to apologize. However, the dog continued to lie on the ground, unwilling to move. Left with no choice, she could only wave her hand at Zhu Yao from afar. “Did it frighten you?”

“I’m fine.” Zhu Yao smiled without a mind. With her all- purpose master by her side, in the future, she no longer had to be afraid. She no longer had to be afraid at all!

Yu Yan hinted that the spiritual energy was coming from the fork road, and the two of them walked towards it. That husky grew even more afraid. Before they even approached it, it suddenly trembled, escaped from its owner’s leash, and sprinted crazily in the opposite direction. “Haah, be obedient. Hurry and come back.” The owner had no choice but to chase after it.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt sort of refreshed, as if she had just achieved her revenge.

Hmhmhm. All you little animals in this entire world, tremble as you wait in fear! Muahahahaha…

Wait a minute, why was she fussing with a dog?


The two of them walked along the stone pavement of the fork road. Probably because there were very few people who usually pass by here, there were especially many weeds in the surroundings, and they were flourishing as well. As they headed deeper, the dog barks began to sound even louder. Faintly, the barks of seven to eight dogs could be heard.

After making a turn with great difficulty, they finally saw the crowd of dogs barking wildly under a tree. After a closer look, there were several dozens of them, and of different breeds as well. Most of them had collars on their necks, so they should all be pet dogs raised by the people in the vicinity. Standing in an arc, they were presently barking wildly while facing the tree.

This was the first time Zhu Yao had ever encountered so many dogs, and she could not help but hide behind her master’s back in a fluster. Master, please cast your dog dispersing buff on me.

When she stretched out her head to take a look, she saw that under a tree sat a hunk in a well-ironed suit, who was crying out bitterly with snot coming out from his nose.

This was the first time Zhu Yao had never seen a hunk crying this miserably, his face was covered in tears and snot. His shirt was still fine, but his pants had long been bitten into several pieces. On his snow-white thigh, there were green and purple bruises everywhere, looking especially miserable.

“Master…” She could not help but tug her master,  as sympathy instantly flooded out from her. It was indeed a little too miserable to have been bullied by a crowd of dogs to such an extent.

The moment her words fell, that hunk suddenly raised his head and look towards her. For some reason, his tears began to pour out even more. In an instant, as if he had eaten spinach, he charged out of crowd of dogs and pounced towards her at lightning speed. Hugging onto her thigh, he bawled out loud.

“Guah, mistress… I finally found you.”

Yu Yan was just about to fling him away, and even Zhu Yao had widened her eyes fiercely as well. With slight hesitation, she said. “Sesame?”

“Guaaah…” He raised his head with teary eyes. “I’m Yuanyuan… Yuanyuan…”

“Yuanyuan… Yuan!” Zhu Yao took in a deep breath. “Bai Yuan!?”

“Mn mn mn.” He heavily nodded. Like floods bursting out, tears poured out of his eyes. “Mistress, the beasties here are so scary. They bit me.”

When did I ever become your mistress? No wait, the main problem here was, Bai Yuan had actually made his way here as well! This was completely illogical!

Her master was placed with the transmigration buff because he was too close to her, and was thus brought to the modern era. What was going on with Bai Yuan then? Because of its shy nature, it embarrassingly ran away the moment it opened the door to the Spiritual Realm. It was basically several tens of thousands of kilometers away from her, alright?

With so many people transmigrating, was this place passing into a sieve?

“Let’s return for now!” Yu Yan suggested.

Zhu Yao nodded. Pulling onto Bai Yuan whose face was covered entirely in tears, she glanced at his pants which had long lost its concealment ability. If he walks out like this, he will be treated as a pervert, right?

She thus requested help from life’s little know-it-all. “Master…” Fix it up a little, please? Yu Yan’s expression sank. Why did an almighty High Deity have to fix the pants of a male demonic beast?

With a wave of his hand, he picked out a pants from his storage ring, and threw it over. “Wear it.”

Bai Yuan sobbed as he wore it. The pants were designed in ancient style, so they were large in the first place. Wearing it was like wearing a skirt.

His upper half body was a well-ironed suit, while his lower half was a light-coloured long dress. Walking on the road, the number of heads which turned around was two hundred percent.

What was worth rejoicing about, was that no one treated him as a pervert. Because everyone simply took him as a lunatic.

Chapter267: Turning Into A Sieve

Zhu Yao’s apartment.

“Speak. What’s going on? Why are you here?” Zhu Yao passed him a piece of tissue.

Bai Yuan received it. Though his tears had stopped, he still had a depressed look. Biting his lips, tears constantly flowed, as his pair of hands held tightly onto one of her hands, unwilling to let go. He was like a child whose body and heart had been hurt, filled with fear and unease.

“Yuanyuan… doesn’t know… either.” He sniffled. “Yuanyuan missed Mistress Yaoyao, so… I used the pearl… with the thought of finding Mistress Yaoyao, in the end… I became like this… Those… Those beasts even bit me…”

Zhu Yao sighed as she stroked his head. The feelings of being hated by little animals, were something  she  understood  very well! Back then, she was also someone who was chased down several streets by alien dogs!

Bai Yuan’s tears poured out again, as he cried even more sadly than before. “Beasties don’t like me… Wuuuu…”

“It’s alright…” She stroked his head.

Haah. When Bai Yuan was in Spiritual Realm, he was a beastie who could hold his head high. No matter were they demonic beasts or human practitioners, there was not a single one who did not revere him like an idol. However, the moment he came here, he was chased and surrounded by a few dogs to such an extent. Just thinking about it made her heart sour.

After transmigrating into a foreign world, he was despised by little animals. The shadow in Bai Yuan’s heart grew.

Even after Zhu Yao pacified him for a long while, Bai Yuan continued to cry and wail. She felt as if her sofa was about to be submerged in tears. She had to also comment on the fact that consoling a hunk, who was more than a hundred and seventy centimeters tall, was definitely a strenuous physical activity.

In the end, a certain master, who had long found this unpleasing to his eyes, reached out his hand and slammed the greasy alien unconscious. Peace finally returned to the world. “Master…”

“Sleep, we will speak tomorrow.” After saying that, he immediately pulled his disciple back to the room, and tightly hugged onto her as they laid on the bed. Mn. His disciple was still his. Pets or whatever, raising too many of them was too much of a hassle.

After pondering for an entire night, Zhu Yao was still unable to figure out how Bai Yuan came over. If it was just purely the ability of his inner core, she felt that it was impossible. Putting aside the fact that she basically did not possess the so-called divine sense after returning here, it was hard to say if the inner core which Bai Yuan gave her was still with her. Furthermore, though Bai Yuan was a mysterious beastie, his abilities could not possibly surpass Realmspirit’s. Realmspirit found it really hard to send her back here, let alone Bai Yuan. If transmigrating was really that easy, this side would have long turned into a sieve. There was no need to wait till now.

Bai Yuan was frightened, and he was unable to speak clearly either. So she decided to ask him in detail another day.

On the early morning of the second day, she dexterously got up, only to realize that Bai Yuan had long woken up, and he was inspecting his surroundings with a confused look.

“You woke up?” Zhu Yao passed by him and poured a cup of water.

“Where is this?” He asked.

“Where else can this be? This is my home.” Zhu Yao passed the cup to him, and just as she was about to console him again.

However, he did not receive it. Instead, as if he had figured everything out, he pulled out his wallet from his clothes, took out a Grandfather Mao, and threw it at her. “Take this.”

Grandfather Mao: Usually refers to China’s dollar note. Because Mao Zedong’s face is printed on each and every single one of them, they are referred to as such.

Zhu Yao was stunned. She was unable to understand what he was playing at. “What are you trying to pull?”

He coldly laughed, as he then threw the money on the table. “We are all mature adults. We were just playing, I urge you not to treat it so seriously.”

Mature adults? Seriously? She suddenly thought  of something, as she then sized up the person before her.

“Bai Yuan?”

“What Bai Yuan?” He frowned, as he looked at her with slight scorn. “This can’t be your first time, right? You’re merely selling your body, yet you’re trying to play a game of true love?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. With a swing of her hand, she splashed the cup of water onto him.  “You  didn’t brush your teeth in the morning, right? Want me to help you?” Knock out your teeth or anything like that?

“You… You…” With a stunned look, he wiped his face. “I already gave you money, what else do you want? You’re just a prostitute, you can’t be thinking of having me take responsibility, right?”

“Responsibility? In your dreams!” Zhu Yao even threw the cup at him.

“You crazy!” That man dodged to the side, and looked at her with a startled look. “If not because I was drunk, do you think I will fancy you? Let me tell you this, my standards are very high… Oi oi oi, what are you doing? Put that teapot down!”

With fumes going right up her head, Zhu Yao raised the teapot up, and was about to smash it on his body.

“What happened?” Yu Yan walked out of the bedroom, still dressed in his pyjamas. His face still carried a hint of sleepiness, and his black hair scattered behind his back, unknowingly emitting out an alluring look.

That person’s eyes instantly widened, as he stared at Yu Yan with an infatuated look. His mouth slightly opened, and he suddenly spoke. “Mister, may I ask if you’re gay?”

Zhu Yao simply felt as if a string in her mind, had resoundingly snapped.

“Scram!” She threw a kick at him. She could put aside him mistaking her as one of those particular workers, but he actually dared to cover her man! Zhu Yao instantly threw a flurry of punches and kicks at him. Arming herself with a broom, she chased him out, and then closed the door with a bang.

That man however was still shouting out loud outside the door. “Haah, wait a minute. If you’re not gay, we can still become friends!”

When she walked back, her master had already changed out of his pyjamas, and was sitting on the chair.

“Master, he…” Even though he clearly had the same face, why did he turn into someone else after the course of a single night?

“He’s not Bai Yuan.” Yu Yan said with a sunken voice. “The spiritual energy on his body has disappeared.”

Then, did Bai Yuan transmigrate over, or did he not?

“Most likely, Bai Yuan’s soul has merely dwelled in that person’s body for a short while. Presently, he should have already returned.” It was no wonder Bai Yuan was dressed in such  a way  right from the start.

“Then, can Bai Yuan still return?”

Yu Yan shook his head. “I do not know.”

Zhu Yao sighed. Initially, she had even  wanted  to  ask  him about it. Never did she expect that he would disappear after a single night. Forget it, Bai Yuan after all do not belong to this world. Just from making  a  small  trip  here,  his  heart  has suffered such damage. It’s good that he has gone back.

After the person, whom Bai Yuan possessed, left, he did not appear in the following two days of the weekends. Zhu Yao urged her master to love the house appliances, and told him things like everyone had responsibilities to uphold, before heading for work like usual.

The moment she arrived in the company, Mouse ran over to her to pass her a message, informing her that the general manager wished to see her. Whenever a new manager takes up the position in a company, he or she will naturally want to make his or her presence known. As the overseer of the planning department, the manager would look for her sooner or later. Without carrying any worries, Zhu Yao headed straight up. The office was still in the same location, though the person inside was no longer her fellow classmate Fatty.

Zhu Yao sighed, before knocking on the door. After hearing the response from inside, she then pushed the door open and entered.

Only to see a purplish face with green nose and swollen cheeks. Mn… And he looked a little familiar.

Coincidentally, that person raised his head as well, and instantly, he spat out his tea.

“It’s you!”

“It’s you!”

They spoke in unison. “Why are you here?”

“Why are you here?”



As expected, something like fate, was simply a bitch! Never in her dreams would she think that the pervert who cover her man just two days ago, was actually her newly appointed superior. As expected, fate was really a motherfucking bitch.

“Ahem…” The newly appointed bitch faked out a few coughs, easing the awkwardness between them. Then, he immediately picked back up his demeanour as a general manager. “Umm… Hello! I’m Yu Tian.”

“You’re surnamed Yu as well?” Zhu Yao was stunned. “Who is Fatty to you?”

“You’re talking about Brother Ban? He’s my cousin.” “The hell!” This damn fatty is simply too unethical. So the person he sold the company to, in the end was still someone from his own family.

“You must be Zhu Yao, right?” He stood up, and reached out his hand towards her. “We are colleagues from now on. I hope that Overseer Zhu will continue working for the company like before. Looking forward to cooperating with you.”

Zhu Yao glanced at him, and did not reach out her hand. Who wants to become friends with a love rival? Scram!

The corner of Yu Tian’s lips twitched. He knew that she was still angry about the matter of that day. “Ahem… About that. It was my fault back then. I was a little… over-the-top drunk that day. Mind telling me how did I end up on the sofa in your apartment?”

“How would I know how you found your way there?” Zhu Yao began to make up a story. She could not possibly tell him that he was possessed by a beastie, right? “On that day, I saw you leaning against my apartment door. You would not leave no matter what, and even hugged onto my thigh, crying for an entire night. I then relented and brought you in, letting you sleep on the sofa for an entire night.” Yu Tian frowned. That’s not right. He was pretty good with alcohol, and had never done such an embarrassing thing in his life. Furthermore, he could not recall that he drank any alcohol last night at all. But, when he woke up, his eyes were indeed swollen red, looking as if he had cried for a long while.

“General manager, is there anything else?”

“No, you can return now.” Though he was still a little suspicious, Yu Tian had no choice but to accept this reason.

Zhu Yao turned around and walked towards the door.

“Wait a minute.”

Zhu Yao turned her head around, only to see him ask with sparkling eyes.

“Umm, let me ask about something. That person in your apartment is…”

“My husband.” “… Oh.” With such extent of beauty, he was actually really a man. He was really disappointed.

“General manager?”


“I’m really familiar with Fatty’s mother. Do you  think  I should send her a message, about your sexual preference?”


Zhu Yao observed this new boss for a few days, and realized that Bai Yuan was indeed not appearing again.

This person named Yu Tian was similarly unreliable. As expected of a relative of Fatty. Though he no longer raised cats, he began raising dogs instead. She had seen him pulling along a Samoyed puppy several times after work. Bai Yuan fortunately did not return, otherwise it was unimaginable how frightened he would become. After a few weeks, Zhu Yao was finally certain that Bai Yuan would not appear again.

Before she could even feel at ease, a few days later, while Zhu Yao was conducting a department meeting, Yu Tian suddenly charged in. Hugging onto her thigh, he painfully cried out and shouted. “Little martial aunt!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

People in the meeting room: “…”

This world would not turn into a sieve, but Yu Tian was about to turn into one.

“You guys continue the discussion, I will return  in  a moment.” Zhu Yao picked up the person on the ground, and pulled Yu Tian all the way towards his office. After slamming the door shut, she locked it.

“Who are you?” “Little martial aunt, I’m Zi Dan!” He said with a sincere look.

“Zi Dan?” Zhu Yao was stunned. “You’re the fatty of Beast- Taming Peak?”

“…” What fatty? He was just a little wealthy looking.

“Nevermind. So, how did you arrive here then?” Zhu Yao sighed.

“Naturally, I arrived here after my lifespan has depleted. Initially, I had wanted to investigate the place, but I never expected that I would encounter little martial aunt.” Zi Dan looked around with a curious expression. “Could this possibly be the Netherworld? I wonder where can I enter the Path of Reincarnation?”

“If you jump down from the window here, you can be reincarnated.” This place was situated on the thirtieth floor.

“Really?” He was actually eagerly walking towards the window. “Hey, come back!” He really believed it, hey!

Chapter268: Release My Master

“Come back, I have something I want to show you.”

Zhu Yao instantly pulled him to the mirror at the corner, and had him look clearly at his own reflection.

“Eh?” As expected, he was startled. As he touched his face, he said with a stunned expression. “Could there actually be a formation that automatically slims you down when enter the Netherworld!?”

“Slim down my ass. Look clearly, this isn’t you at all, hey!” With your fat figure, no matter how you slim down, you can’t possibly slim down into a lightning bolt so quickly, right?

“Not me?” Only then did Zi Dan understand the situation. He looked carefully at the person in the mirror. “Little  martial aunt, you’re saying that my soul has possessed this person?”

Zhu Yao nodded.

He frowned. “But why do I not sense any ripples of this person’s soul at all? Could it be that he has already died?”

“That’s not it!” Zhu Yao patted his shoulders. “Believe me.
Just a moment earlier, this person was still alive and well.”

“Then, why?”

“I can’t answer you right now.” Zhu Yao sighed. “Everything can only be explained tomorrow.” Who could be certain that he would not return a night later, just like Bai Yuan? “Just stay here for now. Once I have settled the things here, I will figure out a way to investigate your current situation.”

Zi Dan nodded.

Only then did Zhu Yao walk out. Before she left, she could not help but instruct him again. “Oh right, do not touch anything here unnecessarily. Some of them might be really dangerous mystic artifacts.”

After saying that, she returned to the meeting room. After giving all of her instructions in a hurry, she then brought Zi Dan back home. Unfortunately, the high-end technological genius was unable to figure out just what was going on either. Though, the energy attached to Zi Dan’s body this time, was not the spiritual energy emitted by Bai Yuan, but ghostly energy.

It seemed like Zi Dan’s lifespan had indeed depleted, but was unable to reach the Netherworld because of some mistake while entering the Netherworld, and had instead arrived in the modern era.

In his former life, Zi Dan’s cultivation had already reached the Demigod stage, however, he failed his ascension. She then heard from him that Little Radish was already a Demigod as well, and her cultivation level seemed to be even higher than his. Zhu Yao was slightly able to feel at ease now.

They chatted for an entire day.

In the early morning of the second day, she heard a gasp the moment she woke up. “The hell, why am I here again?”

As expected, Zi Dan had returned as well. “The door’s over there. See yourself out!” Zhu Yao pointed to the door.

Yu Tian left through the door with a confused look. No matter how he racked his brains, he could not recall why he was here in his employee’s apartment again. Could it be that he had a sleepwalking habit?

He returned to the company with a confused look, only to strangely discover that every single staff seemed to be looking at him with strange eyes. He felt that things were amiss.  It couldn’t be that he had done something embarrassing while he was sleepwalking, right?

He pondered for a few days, yet he could not recall anything concrete. He wondered if it was just his imagination, but their gazes seemed to be turning even weirder, and occasionally, there would be small chatters behind his back. This feeling of being the only one in the dark was simply too terrible. He was anxious to the point of grasping his heart and lungs. Finally, he could no longer endure it any longer, and called Zhu Yao to his office.

Presently, it had been a week since he last woke up in Zhu Yao’s apartment. “Nothing much? You simply hugged onto my thigh and called me martial aunt a few times.” Zhu Yao nonchalantly explained. This was something the entire office saw, there was nothing she could do to cover it up.

“Impossible!” Yu Tian refuted without a second thought. Was he someone who lacked principles to such an extent? How could he possibly do something like hugging someone’s thigh? Furthermore, he did not have the slightest of interest in flat- chested women, you know?

“Hey! I have to trouble you not to verbalize your retorts.” What do you mean by flat-chested? Your entire family is flat- chested, alright?

“Ahem…” It slipped out of his tongue at the spur of a moment. “There’s nothing else, you can leave now.” In any  case,  he would not believe her in the slightest.

Zhu Yao curled her lips, turned around and left.

Ever since then, Yu Tian would appear before her with different identities, once every week. Bai Yuan, Zi Dan, Little Radish, Sesame… Basically, anyone whom she knew of would appear. Every single time, they would appear for a day, and punctually disappear in the early morning of the second day. They were basically more punctual than aunties, and they came four times a month!

With her boss being constantly possessed, Zhu Yao felt that his life would not go very well in the future.

Even Yu Tian felt that something was amiss with him. Whenever he looked at her gaze, it would always be filled with various emotions.

“Overseer Zhu…” Yu Tian felt that it was time to speak his heart out to his employee. “Do you think that something is wrong with me recently?”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. “General manager, what are you referring to?”

“Look, in these few months, I have been unknowingly waking up on your apartment’s sofa. Do you think…”

“What?” “It’s because your apartment’s sofa is especially comfortable?”


“Oh right, what brand is it? Introduce it to me, can you? You can even directly sell it to me too.”


Was the sofa the main point?


“Wait a minute, we can always discuss the price…”

Zhu Yao immediately walked out and slammed the door shut. She, who was worried that he had realized the truth, had truly been thinking too much.

However, if he was going to continue being possessed like this, even if Yu Tian were to continue to stay oblivious, others would still be able to notice that something was amiss. Just what should she do?

“You can ask Realmspirit.” Yu Yan suggested.

“Realmspirit?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

“Since he was able to send you back here, then others are no exception.”

“You’re saying, this is Realmspirit’s doing?”

He nodded.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. Indeed, Realmspirit was the only one who possessed this ability. Flames of anger instantly surged. The hell, he was actually plotting against her behind her back. She charged into her room, and carried out the laptop that was stashed at the very bottom of a box.

The moment she turned it on, before she could even connect to the internet, Realmspirit’s QQ automatically popped out. Realmspirit: Dear friend, you have finally remembered me.
Wuuu… If you were any later, I would have run out of battery!

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Even you will run out of battery?”

Realmspirit: Of course, my dear friend! Hurry and plug me into an electrical outlet! Hurry! Save me!

Three exclamation marks instantly appeared on the screen!

Zhu Yao’s face darkened, as she turned around and plugged the laptop into the electrical outlet.

“I’m saved…” A familiar voice sounded from the laptop. “Please take good care of your electrical appliances, hey.”

You’re a virus which infiltrated a laptop, who are you to talk about taking care of electrical appliances?

“Speak. Bai Yuan, Zi Dan and the rest, what’s going on with them? Why are they possessing my boss?” “Aiya, I simply figured that you might be lonely. That is why I’m pulling them over to chat with you.”

“Chat with my sister! A normal, functioning human being is about to turn into a lunatic because of you, alright?”

“Don’t worry!” Realmspirit said without a mind. “I chose him because he is someone with firm and strong willpower. He will not be defeated by such small matters.”

Because he had a firm and strong willpower, he had to suffer being possessed? “Don’t fool around, hey.”

“Could it be that young maiden doesn’t wish to see them?” Realmspirit asked in return.


“Young maiden, you must understand the pain I’m going through for you.”

Zhu Yao was stunned. She had indeed been exhilarated from seeing people she knew. Everyone had his or her own selfish desires, and she was no exception.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan pulled her into his embrace, and only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses.

“Realmspirt, don’t sneakily twist my way of thinking.” She was this close to being drawn into his scheme. “My wish to see the people I’m familiar with, and your actions of constantly having others to possess Yu Tian’s body, are two separate matters. Don’t think I’m unaware of what you’re doing. Aren’t you simply trying to summon my unwillingness, and have me return?”

Realmspirit turned silent. After a while, he said with a solemn voice. “Young maiden… You’re truly the only person who can help me.”

Zhu Yao instantly grew a little furious. “Realmspirit, I don’t owe you anything. Helping you is not my responsibility, nor is it an obligation of mine. Putting aside the fact that I have yet to decide if I’m going to return, even if I do return, you can’t force me either.” “…”

“I have already told you this once before. The bugs you made me fix, were all problems originating from the Heavenly Dao itself. The setting of ignoring and stepping on lives is the root of the problem that causes the birth of bugs. And right now, you’re sending one person after another to possess Yu Tian’s body. Did you ask for his own opinion on this? Is there any difference between what you’re doing now and those bugs?”

“But… I’m doing this to…”

“Don’t tell me you’re doing this to save the world. Does saving a world mean that you can ignore the lives of others in another world? What does Yu Tian have to do with your world?”

“…” Realmspirt was silent for a moment, as if he was contemplating on her words. After a long while, he said with a low voice. “I’m sorry…”

Zhu Yao had always believed that he was different, so even if she had been trolled by him over and over again, she had never blamed him. After all, he was the only one who was aware that a problem existed in that world. People who introspect themselves have never been bad people. This time however, he had indeed gone overboard. Even if she could be said to have an obligation towards Realmspirit due to being his friend, who did Yu Tian offend then? Why must he be pulled into this mess? “Realmspirit, you can think of saving your world, but you must first make sure that what you’re doing is clear and right!”

“I understand…” Realmspirit’s voice turned soft, and he said with a heavy tone. “Thank you, Zhu Yao. You’re  right.  That place over there is my world, and we should be the ones who are responsible for it, not you. I shouldn’t use such methods on my friends.”

Zhu Yao’s fury instantly sank by a little.

“In the future, there won’t be any souls being sent here.”

“That’s better.”

“I will eliminate all the influences on this world.”

“Mn.” “Regarding those people that were sent here, I will bring them all back as well.”

“That’s right.”

“Yu Yan too.”

“Mn… What!?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

A golden light suddenly flashed from the laptop, and her waist suddenly slackened. Her master who was still sitting next to her earlier, instantly disappeared without a trace.

“The hell, Realmspirit, what did you do to my master?” She clasped onto the laptop and shook it about. “Return me my master!”

“Wait… Wait a minute… Dizzy…”  Realmspirit  pleaded. “Young maiden, don’t be agitated. Listen to my explanation, the laws of the world…”

Her master was kidnapped, what else could be said about that!?

“Wait a minute… Young maiden, release that electrical cord. Don’t pull it, we can always discuss things out!” She actually wanted to stop his battery supply. That was too frightening.

“Where’s my master?” Zhu Yao turned to glare at him. After all, her master did not possess anyone and had come to this world with his own body!

“He’s here, he’s here!” The display on the laptop screen changed, and a video interface appeared. The foot of the mountain was showed. Flowers bloomed and the willows flourished, and two familiar straw cottages could be seen as well. Her master, who was still dressed in modern attire, was standing in front of the cottages. This place… was the foot of the mountain situated at Lightning Divine Palace?

Zhu Yao’s heart felt empty. “You sent him back?”

“No, no, no. I wasn’t responsible for this.” Realmspirit’s conversation window wildly shook.

Chapter269: Plane Movement Permit

“What do you mean?” Earlier, he clearly said he was going to take Yu Yan back.

“Young maiden, I have no choice as well.” Realmspirit sighed. “Your master would have to be deported back sooner or later, it was just a matter of time. It’s not something I can control.”

“Deported?” What was he trying to say? Was he treating Yu Yan as an illegal immigrant?

“Young maiden, your world is completely different  from mine. This place is too stable.” Realmspirit sighed. “Every plane has their own set of laws, and laws are the basic guidelines for world formation. All the living creatures in the plane must be within this set of guidelines in order to maintain the stability of that plane itself. If a deviation were to appear, then it will cause a collapse in every aspect.”

“You’re saying my master is that deviation?” Zhu  Yao clenched her hands. “In order to fix this deviation, you sent my master back.” “I already told you I wasn’t the one who sent him back.” Realmspirit sounded like he was about to cry. “Theoretically speaking, anything that does not belong to this plane is considered as a deviation. If a deviation appears, it’s a grave matter that will influence the stability of a plane. But, your world is different.”

“What’s different?” Can you finish everything that  needs  to be said in one go?

“The plane here is very, very, very stable!” He said with heavy emphasis, and within his words, slight hints of envy and jealousy could be heard. “It’s stable to the point… where I can be issued with a permit!”

“…” Haah?

What permit? You’re really treating this as  immigration, huh!?

“Really, I could only come over because of a permit.” Realmspirit shook the conversation window. Suddenly, an image window suddenly popped out from the table. On the image, words written in a formal manner could be seen: Plane Movement Permit

Checked Otherworld Immigrant Realmspirit

Gender: <Secret>

Age: <Presently Immeasurable>


Has been very compliant with laws and rules during the otherworld survival period, records are clean and excellent. No bad behaviour to speak of! Has cleared all requirements for plane movement, and thus this permit has been issued!  
Zhu Yao: …

Flips table! What the hell was a Plane Transmigration Inspection Bureau? Why had she not heard of it!?

Where did this strange department pop up from?

“Saw that?” The image window flashed and then disappeared. Carrying a prideful tone, Realmspirt said. “My appearance complies with the plane management pact, and I have gone through all the proper procedures. I’m certified, you know?”

“Then how is this related to my master’s disappearance?”

“Of course it’s related.” His voice suddenly rose. “Your master was brought here along with you during your return, so he was not audited. Without a permit issued, he was categorized as someone who was smuggled in, and could only stay for three months. He was thus forcefully sent back since the time was up.”

Her master was actually an illegal immigrant. “Where is that Plane Transmigration Inspection Bureau?” She shall head over to apply for a permit then.

“Uh… Young maiden.” His voice carried some hesitation. “Without being at a sufficient level, it’s impossible to apply for a permit. If you want to apply for a permit, then you have to work hard in raising your level. For example, helping me with bug fixes or something. Slowly, you will gain the qualifications to apply for a permit.”

“…” Why did she feel as if she was being trolled? She raised her head and glared at the conversation window. “You’re not lying to me, right? That inspection bureau or whatever basically doesn’t exist, right!?”

“You must believe me, young maiden!” He said in a sincere tone. “Why do you think I can only appear in a computer? It’s because of the laws of the plane. In your world, I can’t appear with my physical body, which is why I have no choice but to stay inside your computer.” “Then why am I able to go to your world?” If laws truly existed in this world, why did she not encounter any obstructions at all when she transmigrated? No matter how it was, she would still be obstructed a little, right?

“Ahem… That’s because…” Realmspirit’s voice instantly became hesitant. “Young maiden, you are aware of this. Movement between planes are comparable to taking trips to other countries. During trips, everyone would always like… to bring back a few native products and the like. These are never checked.”

Native products?

The hell, she was actually that native product he was speaking of!

“Young maiden, knowledge that concerns planes is still too early for you, and right now, I can’t exactly give you a detailed explanation on it either. You will slowly come to understand it in the future.”

“…” She felt that something was amiss. “Young maiden, how is it? Are you interested in coming over to raise your level? Applying for a permit is not a  dream, hmm?” Realmspirit said in a relaxed manner.

“Can I really obtain that whatever permit for my master if I help you fix bugs?” She felt that this was really unreliable.

“Of course, I shall swear on my principles.”

“Do you still have principles?”

“Uh…” Realmspirit paused for a moment. “Why don’t I swear on my chrysanthemum then?”

“…” Chrysanthemum my ass. What’s your chrysanthemum? Your battery charging port, or the usb port? They will all be busted with a single plug, alright?

Zhu Yao sighed deeply. She was completely defeated by this unprincipled and unscrupulous Realmspirit. After hesitating for a moment, she said. “Why didn’t you tell me all these when I returned back then?” “Aiya, you were still in your honeymoon phase back then.
How can I possibly have the heart to bother you!?”

The hell, this time you’re not just bothering, you have basically bashed apart a pair of mandarin ducks, alright? The moment she imagined that her master was sent back without knowing anything at all, she felt irritated to the point where she could kill people. Only a ghost would believe that that was his
only motive! “Speak human!”

“Uh…” After a moment of silence, he said. “Your soul was not stable back then, and it had to be nurtured back in your former world. Only the origin energy of this world can stabilize your soul. If I were to send you back to my world back then, your soul would not have been fixed. To put it simply… you would not have been able to acclimatize.”

Acclimatization could be used to explain such a situation?

“In other words, you think that my soul is already fixed now.”

“Mn mn mn, your body is now perfect, and you won’t feel breathless while climbing five floors at one go!” He sniffled a few times. “Young maiden, you aren’t even aware that my permit was this close to being cancelled when I sent you back here back then! My credibility fell by exactly twenty percent. Fortunately, I supplemented it back with my great show of character. That manager of your world… In any case, he’s really frightening!”

“…” Someone’s character can actually be used to supplement such things?

“On the behalf of me paying such a terrible and miserable price, young maiden, please love me once more.”

“…” Why did she feel like bashing him up?

“Transmigrate, young maiden! As long as you  say  ‘I’m willing’, I will return you a wonderfully embroidered tomorrow!” Realmspirit instantly released fireworks within the computer screen. “If you sign up for the luxury package now, you can even be gifted with a free boyfriend, you know?”

Do I need you to send me that? That’s mine in the first place, right!? “Haah, nevermind.” What else could she say? Her master was deported back already. Now that she did not have the hunk with her, how could she not head back to retrieve him?

Zhu Yao called back home, and spoke a few words with her parents. In the end, she still managed to hold back and did not tell them the truth.

“I can still return, right?”

“Of course! Plane Movement Permits are issued by the authorities themselves! Moving across planes with a single permit is not a dream! Also, whenever you transmigrate, the time you return to will be the same as well! Our goal is to prevent any deviation!”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Enough, let’s go!”


“Realmspirit!” Young maiden?”

“Stop lying to me. Otherwise… I don’t know if I will still be able to believe you in the future.”


Suddenly, the entire room darkened.

Who turned off the lights?

A running loading bar suddenly appeared not far away from her. In an instant, the interface shot to 100%.

In the next moment, she fell unconscious.

A long while later…

“Alright!” When she woke up again, Zhu Yao saw an illusory veil that looked like an aurora in the sky. Furthermore, it could constantly change its colour, making it look  extremely beautiful. Zhu Yao stared at it for a full five minutes, only  to then realize that she seemed to be a little silly.


When she sat back up, she realized she was sitting on a bed made out of white jade. The light veil earlier was actually a thin curtain hanged above the bed. The surroundings were extremely luxurious. Every object was carefully selected to make this wonderful masterpiece.

Even the floor beneath her was made of jade.

Zhu Yao’s first thought was… So rich! It felt as if her entire being was walking on the path to the summit of life!

Realmspirit finally gave her an owner role!

When she raised her head to look at herself, she realized that she had changed into another avatar again. The thing she was wearing presently was not the pyjamas of the modern era, but a female long dress that was wrapping her firmly and conservatively.

However, looking at the decorations, the surroundings, and this rich aura of a young maiden, no matter how everything looked, she had the perfect configuration of a great beauty. Zhu Yao’s heart stirred, with intentions of wanting to see her own looks, only to realize that there was not even the slightest strand of spiritual energy in her body, let alone being able to summon a water mirror. She looked around for a mirror, but after circling around, not even the slightest piece of something reflective could be found, let alone a mirror.

Just as she was finding it strange that such an extravagant room was lacking an important object like a mirror, the door creaked open.

Dressed in a pink dress, a girl that was as beautiful as a fairy walked in. She looked at Zhu Yao with large, widened eyes, and an expression of pleasant surprise surfaced. Excitedly, she said. “Grandma, you’re finally awake.”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. The hell’s a grandma? She sized  up  the  girl  for  a  moment.  “You  can’t  be called Xiaoqian, right?”

Xiaoqian(小倩) and Grandma(姥姥) are characters of an old 1987 HK movie, called ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’. In the plot, Xiaoqian is a female ghost being controlled by ‘Grandma’, a tree demon, who uses Xiaoqian to lure in mortals for her to eat.

The girl had a joyous look, as she hurriedly nodded. “That’s right, that’s right. Grandma, I am Xiaoqian.”

It can’t be? You’re actually really called Xiaoqian, hey? This is not a ghost horror film, refute it a little!

“Grandma…” The girl’s eyes reddened, and she  suddenly burst into tears. “You’re finally awake. Do you know while you were asleep, how harsh of a life the clan was living? Xiaoqian had been looking forward to your awakening day and night.”

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao felt that was a need to supplement her principles for a moment. “What is this place? And what is this clan you speak of?” Don’t push scenarios onto her every single time, hey! “Grandma, what’s wrong? Could it be that your injuries have yet to heal?” Xiaoqian has a worried look. Her peerlessly beautiful face grew even more delicate and pitiful. “Don’t scare Xiaoqian?”

“Young lady, you have mistaken me for someone else. I’m not your grandma!” No matter what kind of scenarios were pushed onto her, she could not possibly be the grandma of a young girl, right?

The girl, however, grew even more anxious. “No, I have to get junior-martial sister over to see you. Only she is proficient in the medical arts within the clan.” After saying that, she turned around and ran out.

“…” Why did she have a bad feeling about this?

Chapter270: Grandma, Listen To Me

Not even fifteen minutes later, the girl came running back with a clickety-clack, and she was pulling onto someone else. That person was also a girl with peerless beauty. She was peerless to the point… where she looked exactly the same as Little Qian.

Peerless twin beauties?

“Junior-martial sister, hurry and take a look at grandma, she has even forgotten who she is.”

“I’m really not…” I’m really not your grandma, hey.

“Don’t worry.” The other girl glanced at  Zhu  Yao,  patted Little Qian, and consoled her. “Grandma has simply been  in deep slumber for too long, and has forgotten a few things. We just have to stroke her head, and she will recall them soon enough?” After saying that, she pulled out a brick with a stern look.

“…” What happened the promised stroking of the head? What happened to the promise of being proficient in the medical arts? What are you trying to do with that brick over there?

“Grandma, it won’t hurt in the slightest.” Peerless beauty number two walked towards her with a sincere look.

Zhu Yao made a prompt decision, and clasped onto the hand which was holding onto the brick. “I’m your grandma! I’m your dear grandma!” I shall immerse myself into this role, is that enough for you?

“I knew it!” Little Qian immediately heaved a sigh of relief. “Grandma, how can you play such a joke on Little Qian?”

Heh, heheh, heheh…

Only then did girl number two silently keep the brick.
Sighing, she muttered in a soft voice. “Haah, such a pity.”

What’s with that disappointed look of yours? What’s a pity? Speak clearly, hey. What happened to the promise of the tradition respecting the elders and loving the young?

“Grandma, the  junior-martial  sisters  are  all  aware  of  your awakening, and are presently anxious to see you. Let us head out.” Little Qian suggested with a sincere look.

Zhu Yao looked at girl number two who was still holding on the brick, and silently nodded.

Little Qian joyfully held onto her hand, and girl number two automatically held her other hand as well. Zhu Yao was beginning to feel that she was like a tree demon which had lived for a thousand years.

After heading out of the door, they walked on a small pathway along the courtyard, and a plaza appeared in front of her eyes. Standing on the courtyard were seven girls who had the same hairstyle, clothes, ornaments, and even face as Little Qian.

Four… Five… Six… Seven…

The hell! Just how many girls were born in a  single pregnancy, hey!? This is too terrifying!

“Grandma!” Seven girls with exactly the same looks bowed towards her in unison. Even the angles in which they were arching their bodies at, were exactly the same.

She instantly felt a little fearful.

“Grandma, you’re finally awake. That’s wonderful.”

“Grandma is awake. We will no longer have to be afraid in the future.”

“Our clan’s status can finally be raised.”

“That’s right, our clan is even stronger now!”

The girls began to discuss among themselves, every single one of them had excited looks.

Zhu Yao tugged onto Little Qian next to her. “Little Qian, grandma has just woken up, why don’t you introduce me these junior-martial sisters of yours! Of course, it’s not that I have forgotten. I just want to test you.” So, girl number two, can you put that brick away, please? “Grandma, this isn’t difficult for me  at  all.”  Little  Qian smiled, and pointed to every single one of her junior-martial sisters in front of her.

“I’m Little Qian, so naturally, that junior-martial sister  is Little Qianqian.”

“…” Isn’t this a little too sloppy? Another ‘qian’  was  just added at the back.

“As for third junior-martial sister’s name…”

It can’t be Little Qianqianqian, right?

“Third junior-martial sister is Little Thirdqian. Fourth junior- martial sister is Little Fourthqian. Fifth junior-martial sister is Little Fifthqian…”


Their names were too ridiculous, to the point she was unable to retort at all. Wait a minute!

“Then, what am I called?”

“Grandma naturally is surnamed Zhu, with the name Yao!”

Phew, that’s great. She was the only one who was normal.

“Because you are our clan’s grandma, so everyone refers to you as Grand Qian!”


Flips table! You deserve a beating! Your entire family deserves a beating!

Zhu Yao deeply felt that she had transmigrated to a world where not a single person had the slightest naming sense. On the second day she was here, she found out just what in the world was the ‘clan’ Little Qian had been talking about. She was actually… a dandelion which had cultivated in the mountains for a thousand years! Ps: A floret!

That’s right. It was that type of flower with really low ornamental value, which couples would occasionally pick out to act cool.

When she found out this truth, tears fell.

She finally understood why all these Qians looked exactly the same. Because they were all florets from the same dandelion, and their true forms were even umbrella-shaped.

The identities Realmspirit were giving her, were becoming even more adventurous. It had been a long time since she was an ordinary person. From what Little Qian had said, Zhu Yao found out that she was a rather incredible demon. Zhu Yao was a little excited about this fact, though she did not know what her cultivation level was. Though her body did not carry the slightest of spiritual energy, was this not the standard configuration after changing her avatar? Everything would be settled just by guiding spiritual energy into her body.

Thus, Zhu Yao calmed her heart down, closed her eyes, and sensed the surrounding spiritual energy. Taking her present state in mind, she did not guide in lightning spiritual energy right from the beginning, but had first begun with  guiding wood spiritual energy. She first did the necessary preparations, and had even prepared a spiritual energy guiding formation, afraid of a situation where there was insufficient spiritual energy around her.

She wondered if she was at the Azoth Core stage? Or Nascent Soul stage? Or even a Demigod? After mentally preparing herself to stay in isolation for a long period of time, she willed her mind, and green spots of light in the surroundings began to gather within her body. One… Two… Three… Filled!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Her spiritual energy was restored in three seconds. Then, her cultivation level was… at the first level of Essence!

Flips table! What happened to the promise of being impressive and incredible?

Why was an old demon which had cultivated for a thousand years still at the first level of Essence!? No, that’s not right. She had only just guided spiritual energy into her body, and possessing spiritual energy was the first level of Essence. In other words… She had never cultivated before this in the first place! Then just how did she gain a human form?

She could sense the evil intentions from the entire world.

“Grandma, are you awake?” Little Qian knocked on the door.

“Mn.” She really wanted some peace and quiet.

Little Qian opened the door and came in, carrying in her arms was a washbasin filled with water. After placing it at the side, she hesitantly said. “Grandma, Young Master Pod from the mountains have come to visit you. Do you wish to see him?”

The hell was Young Master Po?

“I will see him then.” After all, he was already here. It would be good for her to get some fresh air as well.

Little Qian was overjoyed. “Then, after Grandma has washed herself, Little Qian shall bring you to the front hall.”

Zhu Yao nodded, her mind was still filled with thoughts on how she was going to raise her cultivation as she took the towel from Little Qian’s hand. Lowering her head, just as she was about to soak the towel in the washbasin.


“Little Qian!”


“Did you place a bittergourd in the water?”

“Bittergourd? I didn’t though!”

Then what were those wrinkles that could squash houseflies within them?

Little Qian was startled for a moment. She then stepped forward and glanced at the water. “Grandma, other than your reflection, there’s nothing else in the water!”

“This is… me?” No, no, no. This couldn’t be true. That white- haired, pale, old face that was filled with wrinkles, was definitely not hers.

“Grandma, your wrinkles have grown even more beautiful than before!”


A long while later…

“AAAAAAHHH…” A scream instantly pierced through the skies.

“Grandma, what happened to you?” Little Qian leapt from fright. “Girl!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto her shoulders. “Tell me, we’re actually all bittergourd demons, right? It must be, right?” Otherwise, how could she possibly have a face filled with such vicissitudes of life?

“Grandma, are you sick again? We’re dandelions!”

“This can’t be true!” Why did she turn into an old lady!? So the reason why they were calling her grandma, was because she was truly really old!

Little Qian’s face was filled with anxiety. “Grandma?”

“Hush. Let me quietly stay old for a moment.”


Little Qian said this. The usual lifespan of dandelion demons was five hundred years. As a dandelion which had lived for a thousand years, she could already be considered as a centenarian. Little Qian said. In their world of demons, they competed on who had the longest lifespan, and the older one was, the better one would be treated. The older one was, the more authority she or he would have.

Little Qian said. In their territory of demons, they valued on which oldest person in the clan was the oldest.

Little Qian said. What was this thing called ‘cultivation’?

Little Qian said. Grandma, your wrinkles are so unbelievably beautiful.

Little Qian said…

Little Qian spoke about many things, however, no  matter what was said, it could not change the fact that she had turned into an old woman. Instantly, she felt that her entire body was aching all over!

At this moment, Little Qian spoke again. “Grandma, are you still going to see Young Master Pod and his family? They have already waited for over six hours.” She was not in a good mood, but she still had to work.

Zhu Yao gathered her thoughts, got back into her role, and then followed Little Qian out of the door to show her old face.

Ever since she saw her own true appearance, she began to faintly hear the crackling of her bones. They passed through a few small paths, before arriving in the great hall. She slowly sat at the highest seat in the hall.

Little Qian called them in.

A man and a woman then appeared at the entrance, and in her embrace was even a gigantic, green peapod. Zhu Yao was a little curious as to what it was.

The two of them respectfully bowed in front of her. “We pay our respects to Grand Qian.”

“…” You deserve a beating! Both of you deserve a beating!

“Mn, raise your heads!” Contain the anger, contain the anger. The man took a step forward, and said while cupping his fist. “This lowly one has heard rumours that a thousand-year grandma has awoken in De Clan, and has thus came to make a visit.”

“Young Master Po sure is thoughtful!” Zhu Yao chuckled. So their clan was called De Clan. Why was it not Dan Clan or Lion Clan? Not a single one of them in the clan was male!

“Other than this…” That man scratched his head a little embarrassingly. His gaze met his wife’s, and then hesitantly spoke. “This lowly one still has a presumptuous request, and I hope that Grand Qian will accept it.”

Grand Qian expressed that she did not want to accept his request at all. “Young Master Po, please speak.”

“It’s like this.” He said with a joyful look. “Coincidentally, my wife has given birth to a child a few days ago, so we have the brazen thought of wanting Grand Qian to bestow a name to this child.”

So it’s giving a name. She was extremely good at things like giving names, but… “Where’s the child?”

“Here!” The woman who had been standing silently at the side the entire time, walked over with an excited look, and brought out the huge peapod in her hands.


This is a child!? You’re kidding me, aren’t you!?

Wait a minute, Young Master Po? Pod…

The hell, so this is a family of peapods! I dare you to be more straightforward than this, hey.

Grand Qian/太倩(tai qian) sounds like 太欠(tai qian), which is derived from 欠揍(qian zou), which basically means someone who deserves a beating.
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