My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 251-260

Chapter251: Old Man, Don’t Be Too Depressed

“Hey girly.” She bumped into her arms and raised her eyebrows. “I have to really thank you for earlier. What’s your name? Let’s become friends, yo. I’m Ying Luo.”

Why did Zhu Yao feel like she was an honest and naive lady being teased? “Auntie, it won’t work out!” She was straight.

“Ah?” The girl Ying Luo blanked.

Zhu Yao took a few steps forward, and cast an art to restore the formation on the pond back to its original look. Then, she took out an advanced grade substitute talisman, and pulled the girl’s hand over. “Let me borrow your hand.” A white light flashed at the tip of her finger, instantly slicing a thin line of blood on her hand, and then had it drip a drop of her blood onto the talisman.

“Huu…” The girl breathed in. She did not resist, and was instead looking at her actions with a curious expression.

Zhu Yao threw the talisman towards the pond, and it instantly activated. A red light flashed, and that talisman paper instantly materialized into the girl’s appearance as it laid above the pond with closed eyes like she was before. The severed chains earlier, as though they had been revived, heavily wrapped around that girl once again.

This substitute talisman was something she had long prepared, and she had planned to use it to deceive everyone once the girl were to awaken.

“Oh~~” ( ⊙ o   ⊙ )

The girl exclaimed out, as she looked at Zhu Yao’s actions with sparkling eyes. “Not bad, you’re actually this incredible? Oh right, what’s your level of cultivation?”

Zhu Yao turned around to glance at her, and just as she was about to answer.

The girl patted on Zhu Yao’s shoulders, and supplemented with a prideful look. “Oh, right. I was a Nascent  Soul practitioner before, but because my soul has left my body for too long, my cultivation is just at the Foundation stage right now.” “Demigod.”


“My cultivation is at the Demigod stage.”

The girl slipped, kneeling onto the ground with a “pachi” sound.

“Girly, come here. Let’s talk about life.” Zhu Yao waved her over.

The girl instantly turned submissive, as she looked at Zhu Yao with an embarrassed look.

“So… Sovereign. Thank you very much for saving me, Sovereign.” She respectfully bowed in front of her.

“Enough, your character has already been exposed.” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Acting all respectful now was a little too late, wasn’t it? She pulled the girly to the side and squatted down, activating her ‘intimate big sister’ mode. “I know you’re Ying Luo who sealed the Devil. I just wish to ask what plans do you have from now on?”

“I’m a disciple of Forgotten God Palace, so naturally, I will return to the sect.” The girl said with a matter-of-fact look, and she continued with a smile. “After all, that place is my home.”

“I don’t have any qualms about you returning to Forgotten God Palace, but you can’t use your identity as Ying Luo.”

“Why?” She looked confused.

“Girl.” Zhu Yao patted on her shoulders, and said  with  a heavy heart. “It has already been nine hundred over years. The impression people of the world have on you, is someone who has long perished together with the sealed Devil. If you reappear now, what do you think others will think?”

The girl was startled, and then her eyes fiercely widened. “But the Devil’s seal isn’t…”

“I know the seal isn’t broken.” Zhu Yao looked straight at her. “But will others believe that?”

“…” The girl went silent. She was not stupid, so she naturally understood what Zhu Yao was trying to say.

“You must know that fear is a very terrifying emotion.”

The girl sank into silence for a moment, before letting out a deep sigh. “You’re very right. I indeed cannot return to my past identity.” Raising her head, she looked at the incarnation above the pond that looked exactly the same as her. “Then, Sovereign, what do you think I should do?” Naturally, she was able to guess that everything this Sovereign had done, was in order to help her conceal her identity. However, she just could not figure out why she wanted to help her.

“There’s no need for you to suspect me, I naturally have my own reasons for doing this.” Zhu Yao pulled out the fan she obtained from Illusory Realm Island, and opened the leaf of the fan, revealing the faintly drifting devilish energy within it. “You should be able to recognize this, right?”

“This is!” Ying Luo was stunned. Wasn’t this a mystic artifact she used to seal the Devil? Why was it in her hands? Zhu Yao turned her head, and looked at her with a stern expression. “If I say I’m a God, would you believe me?” She had long figured out a good excuse.

She was startled for a moment, and then she fiercely widened her eyes. She sized Zhu Yao up with a look of disbelief, and could not help but reach out her hand to touch Zhu Yao’s forehead. “Sovereign, you’re not sick, right!?”

The hell!

“I’m being serious here!” She instantly slapped away her hand.

“Sovereign, I don’t cultivate much, don’t lie to me. A true God wields the sealing arts. If you can wield them, back then, there wouldn’t be a need for me to…”

Before she could even finish, Zhu Yao flipped her hand. A golden imprint surfaced on the leaf of the fan, and the devilish energy which was still flowing about the fan earlier, was instantly dispelled completely. Even the black leaf had instantly reverted back to white, returning to the look of a regular mystic artifact. “Your esteemed mom, you really can wield them!” Ying Luo was completely stunned.

Can you please remove the profanities when praising people?

“I have merely restored the seal on this fan to perfection.” Zhu Yao continued to dupe her. “To tell you the truth, the reason why I’m helping you is to simply locate all of the five mystic artifacts. I have a way to deal with this Devil once and for all. As long as the Devil is dealt with, you will be able to openly appear in front of everyone.”

She looked at the leaf of the fan, and then glanced at Zhu Yao. After pondering for a long while, she gritted her teeth and slammed her hands onto Zhu Yao’s shoulders. “Alright, big sis. This old lady shall work under you!”

Why did she feel as if she had established a mafia? This was definitely her imagination.

“I will find the mystic artifacts myself, you just have  to  be careful not to be discovered by people.” The girl smiled. “This matter concerns me after all, so how can I possibly let you go alone? Don’t persuade me. No matter what, I will have to put in some work.”

“…” Why did she feel as though a troll had stuck onto her?

Zhu Yao stuck a concealment talisman onto the girl, and since she was passing by Sword Seeking Peak to retrieve the Metal Spirit, she gathered some materials there, and stopped the chaos of the spiritual swords. She then openly returned to Forgotten God Palace, and then cooped herself in the artifact refining chamber, spending three whole days to refine a bracelet to conceal the girl’s former appearance.

After she wore it, she immediately sprinted next to a pond. Reflected in the water was a girl around twenty years old, and the face was not as soul enchanting beautiful as it was before, but it could still be considered pleasant-looking. Her height was a little shorter than before, and her line of sight shifted downwards, stopping at the chest which did not experience the slightest of change. Then, she forcefully raised her head and looked at Zhu Yao’s, before satisfyingly retracted her gaze.

Momma’s egg, why the hell am I feeling so irritated? Just as she got out of the artifact refining chamber, she bumped into Wen Yu who had an excited look on his face. “Old Ancestor, you’re back.”

“I’m about to leave now.”

His face immediately sank right after. “Old Ancestor, the new batch of disciples is about to step foot onto the mountain. Why don’t you take in a disciple for fun, before leaving?”

The hell was ‘for fun’? Zhu Yao pulled over Ying Luo by her side as shield. “I have already taken in a disciple.”

“Aaahh!?” Wen Yu was dumbfounded. He sized Ying Luo up from head to toe. “She… She is…”

“I’m Ying…” The girl who was casual with anyone stepped forward, and just as she was about to speak up, Zhu Yao immediately covered her lips, and the words she uttered out instantly changed. “Yingyingying…”

“Old Ancestor?” Wen Yu looked at the two people back and forth, unable to understand the situation for a moment. “That’s right, she’s called Ying Yingying.”

“…” The corner of Wen Yu’s lips twitched. Yin Yinying? Such a strange name.

“I say, Wen Yu!” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders, and said with a heavy tone. “This disciple of mine, you see, is someone I picked out after many difficulties. Putting aside her having great aptitude, achieving the level of a Demigod in the future is not even a problem for her.” Wen Yu’s eyes instantly shone. “I have decided to raise her up with meticulous guidance.”

“All shall go according to Old Ancestor’s words.” He hurriedly nodded, carrying an excited look. So the reason why the Old Ancestor left the previous time, was in order to select a disciple for the sect. He’s so moved right now, what should he do?

“You too are aware that I’m a wandering practitioner in the past, so the cultivation techniques I learnt are different. That’s why, in order to raise a good disciple, I need to bring her out to gain some experience.” Zhu Yao continued to dupe.

Wen Yu immediately took a step back, no longer stopping the two of them. He even wished that she could immediately head out, and then return with two Demigods. “Old Ancestor, may your journey be smooth-sailing.”

This time, Zhu Yao was no longer in a hurry to leave, as she said with a complicated expression. “The matters of cultivation have always been difficult. Opportunities, aptitude, and luck, not a single one of these must be lacking, I believe we will encounter several difficulties in this journey. Furthermore, I was a wandering practitioner in the past, so I’m afraid the amount of properties I have… would prove to be a great inconvenience.” So give me some wages, hey?

Not even following up a single word, Wen Yu took out the storage pouch next to him and shoved it towards her. “Old Ancestor, feel free to leave with this, I shall handle everything in the sect.”

“Then I will leave it to you, Palace Master Wen.” Her face was filled with seriousness.

“Mn!” Wen Yu heavily nodded.

Zhu Yao pulled onto the girl Ying Luo, rode on her sword, and fled.  
They were heading straight towards the west. As Zhu Yao controlled the sword, she pulled out a spiritual sword and passed it to her. “Hold onto this. This is something I refined at the side while refining that bracelet of yours.”

Ying Luo was stunned for a moment. Then, after finally regaining her senses, she received it.

Zhu Yao turned to glance at her, and nudged.  “What’s wrong?” Why did she suddenly become so quiet? She was really not used to this.

“Wen Yu, is the Palace Master of Forgotten God Palace?” She suddenly asked.

“Of course.”

“Then… What about the former Palace Master?”

“Isn’t that just unnecessary talk?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at her. “Naturally, either that person has ascended, or is already dead.” “Dead…” Ying Luo frowned, and only after a long while did she let out a deep sigh. “So she is already dead.”

Zhu Yao was startled. Looking at the girl’s relieved expression, she suddenly recalled that in the scenario, the girl seemed to be the biological younger sister of the Forgotten God Palace Master. Though it was said that familial love between people were cultivating into deities was shallow, this girl was a good, proper young lady after all. She finally managed to awaken, yet her only relative had already passed away. Her letting out a sigh was something Zhu Yao could understand.

“Do you know where’s the next mystic artifact is located?” Zhu Yao diverted the subject. She had only heard that it was in the west, but she was uncertain of the concrete location.

The girl did not stay depressed for a long while, and had instead instantly recovered. “If I did not guess wrong, it should be with the Heavenly Feather Race.”

“Heavenly Feather Race?” What’s that?

“The Heavenly Feather Race lives within a barrier located at the west of the continent. Rumours say that they are descendants of the Phoenix God-beasts, bearing feathers the moment of their births, and had the power to soar towards the Nine Heavens.”

Descendants of phoenixes? Why were descendants everywhere in this world? Was it really alright to be this chaotic?

“The Heavenly Feather Race always have terrible temper, and they are not at comfortable terms with human practitioners. If we break into their place like this, we will definitely be attacked by their crowd.”

“Why didn’t you say that earlier!?” It would have been good if she had done some preparations.

“You didn’t ask either!”

“…” Could she return this stupid person back to the sacred pond?

“We’re here!” She suddenly called out. A gigantic continental land suddenly appeared in the air, and it was impossible to see the other end with a single glance. It was floating as if it was a city in the sky. They immediately stepped onto that piece of land. Before they could even walk a few steps out, they were blocked by a transparent barrier and could not push forward.

Zhu Yao walked back and forth next to it several times, yet, she was still unable to discern just what kind of formation it was. For a moment, the two of them did not have any ideas.

“What should we do?”

“If we forcefully break through it, it will definitely be sensed by other people.” The girl pondered for a moment, before suggesting. “Why don’t we directly used a defense related mystic artifact, converge it with one of the defensive formations placed on the barrier, and then make use of the idle time while the formation attempts to link with the artifact, to charge right through it?”

“You’re saying, we should make use of the opportunity from converging in the mystic artifact, to forcefully add another formation core into the barrier?” The girl nodded. “If it’s just a defense related mystic artifact and not an offensive one, it would not be sensed by anyone else.”

“A good plan.” Zhu Yao stretched out her thumb and praised her. “But… I don’t have any defensive mystic artifacts.”

“Didn’t you receive a storage pouch from Wen Yu earlier?”

Oh right, she had forgotten she received her wages. She hurriedly took out that pouch, and pulled out every single object.

Spirit stones – Mn, I don’t have a use for them right now.

Medicinal pellets – Mn, these can be given to the girly for life- saving purposes.

Talismans –  Intermediate  grade  talismans,  not  much  use.
Let’s give them to the girly as well.

Fourth rank  flying  mystic  artifact  –  Spiritual  sword,  low grade.

Fifth rank defensive mystic artifact – A dudou1!!!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Ying Luo: “…”

Wen Yu’s taste, was a little intense, hey!

“Kuh…” The girl Ying Luo took that bright red cloth, and said with a stern look. “This shouldn’t belong to him.  Look,  the mark embroidered on the dudou doesn’t belong to Forgotten God Palace, it definitely belongs to some other female practitioner…” When she was halfway through her explanation, she stopped, and her expression carried even wider cringe than earlier.

If it did not belong to him, it’s even worse, alright? If it did not belong to him, then who could it belong to? Did a female practitioner give it to him? Or did he snatch it from someone else? A piece of clothing like this that sticks close to one’s body, just how did he snatch it? And just what were the basic principles behind the method to do so? What should she do? The hole in her brain was too huge, no matter how she tried to fill it in, it was not enough.

She never expected that even given Wen Yu’s age, he was still following the trends!

“Why don’t we, take a look at what else is there inside?” Zhu Yao said.

“Sure!” The girl’s eyes instantly shone, activating her gossip mode.

The two of them overturned the storage pouch with excited looks. Unfortunately, other than a few low rank spiritual swords, and a few sets of male mystic robes, there were no other unknown objects.


The two sighed at the same time. Such a pity. (Wen Yu: …)

“Let’s use  this  then.”  Zhu  Yao  picked  up  the  dudou,  and placed it at the side. Circulating her spiritual energy, she activated the defensive formation within, and then guided the formation towards the barrier. With a flash of bright light, A round, light image with the height of a man suddenly appeared on the transparent barrier.

“Now!” Zhu Yao shouted, and along with Ying Luo, charged into it.

A moment later, the barrier had already been restored to normal. Though, above the transparent barrier, there was now an additional dudou fluttering in the air.

Zhu Yao: …

Ying Luo: …

Mn, hopefully, Wen Yu won’t feel that depressed.

Chapter252: We Can Always Run If We Can’t Win

Several hundred kilometers away, in Forgotten God Palace.


Wen Yu fiercely sneezed! Could it be that his wife who had long since passed away, was thinking of him again? Their fate together was too short, and in a blink of an eye, it had already been a few hundred years. He seemed to have kept a keepsake with him still. Reaching out to the side of his waist, he however grabbed onto empty air instead.

Eh? His storage pouch seemed to be…

Old Ancestor, get back here now!!!!

The sky above this continental land was extremely huge. The two of them walked straight for four hours, before they could get a faint glimpse of human figures. No wait, they were bird figures. The people here all had a gigantic pair of wings attached behind them. There were white and black wings, and also wings with bright colours like yellow and red. Every single one of them was different. When they flew in the sky, they looked like a bunch of huge… birdmen. However, when they landed on the ground, those wings would disappear without a trace.

To prevent themselves from being exposed, they had no choice but to walk on foot throughout their entire journey.

As they walked further in, the number of birdmen grew, and the faint silhouette of a city could finally be seen. The city was humongous, with an endless stream of birdmen walking back and forth, exuding a bustling atmosphere. The moment the two entered the city, they split up to gather information. However, after asking around for exactly an entire afternoon, they could not find a single birdman who knew of it.

“Yu Yao, I think this place is simply too huge. It seems we won’t be able to find it in a short span of time.” Ying Luo panted a few breaths. Back then, when she activated the seal, she simply sensed that a mystic artifact had fallen somewhere near here. However, with how many years it had been since then, she could not concretely tell where it was. “This is too hard to find.”

Zhu Yao stopped at the city gates. “Girly, do you still remember the appearances of the five mystic artifacts?” “Of course I do!” After all, she personally sealed them herself.

“Then was one of them a piece of jade tablet?”

She nodded. “That’s right! How did you know?”

“On that jade tablet, were the two words ‘Azure  City’ engraved on it?”

Ying Luo was startled. “You have seen it before.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she reached out her hand and pointed at the city gates. “I haven’t seen it before, but I have seen it now.”

At the top of the city gates, a pitch-black plaque was hanging up high, and there were traces of black miasma circulating in it. The two red words ‘Azure City’ that were engraved on it, were extremely striking to the eye, and around the jade tablet, there were even faint traces of golden sealing runic symbols flashing about. The second mystic artifact!

Momma’s egg, why did every single mystic artifact had to be openly placed in such eye-catching locations? Were they really not looking down upon the intelligence of the people looking for them?

“What should we do?” Ying Luo said with a suppressed voice. This mystic artifact had evidently been treated as the city gates’ plaque by the birdmen of the city. It seemed like this city was exactly given the name ‘Azure City’. “Why don’t we, directly dig it out?”

“…” If we dig it out right in front of everyone’s faces, we will be beaten to death, right!?

Just as she was frustrating what she should do, a loud ringing sound suddenly reverberated within the city, and it seemed to the sound of a horn. A sunken and heavy sound instantly spread throughout the entire city.

In an instant, all the birdmen in the city scattered in all directions. Every single one of them entered their own homes with anxious looks, and they even closed their doors and windows. In just a few moments, not many bird figures were left on the streets.

Was that a curfew alarm? Zhu Yao raised her head to look at the sky, and indeed, it had already begun to darken.

“I have a plan!” Ying Luo winked at her. “Isn’t there still some concealment talismans in Wen Yu’s storage pouch? Let’s first conceal ourselves and head up the city wall. Then, once everyone has left, we will make our move.”

“Is this plan reliable?” Zhu Yao expressed her doubts.

She patted on her surging buns. “When it comes to tasks I’m in-charge of, you don’t have to worry.”

Zhu Yao nodded, and then first pulled her over to an empty alleyway. Sticking the concealment talismans on themselves, they then returned to the city gates. Currently, there was not even a single figure left on the streets, while all of the homes were shining with candle lights. The two of them went up the city wall together, and to their surprise, they discovered that there was actually no one keeping watch. Just as Zhu Yao was about to fly her sword over and retrieve the mystic artifact, she was pulled by Ying Luo.

“Wait a minute! There’s a formation on the wall.” A row of faint yellow runic symbols floated above the city wall, and if one did not pay attention, they were impossible to spot. “You can’t pull out the jade tablet. You can only push it inwards.”

“Inwards?” On the other side of the tablet was the wall, how was she going to push through it?

Zhu Yao carefully scanned the city wall. “There’s  a  door here.”

At the right corner of the city wall was a wooden door, and after pushing the door open, she discovered that this city wall was a little different from the rest. The city wall was very tall, yet there was still space within the wall itself. Like a mezzanine, there was still a small flight of stairs that lead all the way to the roof, and at the very top, there was actually a huge platform for unknown uses.

At the front of the platform was that mystic artifact. “We finally found it, let’s hurry and take it down.” Ying Luo anxiously urged.

“Are you certain we can take it down?” She felt that things were a little too smooth-sailing.

“Don’t worry, there’s no problemo.”

Zhu Yao took a step forward, performed a light set of hand- seals, and that gigantic jade tablet slowly grew smaller. When the jade tablet was the size of a pendant, it flew towards her palm. On the wall which was covered with the jade tablet earlier, it now had a hole half the size of an average adult. Through the hole, it was also possible to see the light of the moon and stars shining upon the city streets, filled with a dense crowd of… birdmen. Furthermore, every single one of them was even carrying objects that looked similar to sacrificial offerings.

Zhu Yao: …

Ying Luo: …

The birdmen stared straight at the two people. The two people stared straight at the crowd.

A moment of silence.

“They stole the city plaque, capture them!”

It was unclear who shouted out first, but instantly after, rows of birdmen swooshed into the sky, pouncing straight towards them.

“Run!” Picking Ying Luo up, she stepped onto her sword and madly flew in the direction they came from.

The hell, what happened to the promised ‘no problemo’?

Ying Luo winced, as she tried to justify herself. “I heard from rumours that the Heavenly Feathered Race had a custom of offering sacrifices during a certain night, but I never expected that it’s today. And here I was wondering why not a single person could be seen right after the sky had gotten dark. It’s an oversight, it’s definitely an oversight.” “Oversight, your sister. Can’t you be a little more reliable?” She got them in such big trouble.

“Uh…” Her face was filled with embarrassment.

Why the hell did she encounter piggish teammates everywhere she went!?

“They are human practitioners, kill them!” The birdmen that were chasing after them saw they were flying on a sword, and they grew even more furious. They forcefully flapped their wings, instantly shooting out streams of feathers. In a blink of an eye, some of those feathers turned into flames, some turned into icicles, and there were even some that turned into sharp blades, as they all attacked the two people in an overwhelming manner.

“Yu Yao, behind you, behind you!” Ying Luo’s face paled from fright.

Zhu Yao circulated her spiritual energy, and with a wave of her hand, a stream of cold wind swept towards the back. In an instant, ice began to form in the air, freezing all of the attacks behind them. Zhu Yao did not stop there. She circulated even more energy into the spiritual sword beneath her feet, and just as they were about to reach the barrier they entered from.

The sound of a horn once again reverberated behind them. From the initially quiet forest in front of them, five birdmen popped out, blocking their path.

“Catch those two human practitioners!” One of the people shouted out, and then came pouncing towards the two of them.

“The hell!” Zhu Yao shifted her body to evade them, and had almost flung out the girl Ying Luo who was behind her.

“Big sis… Big sis Yu Yao. Calm down, calm down.”

Zhu Yao turned to glare at her. Just as the other four people were about to charge towards them, she gnashed her teeth and instantly summoned a bolt of heavenly lightning. With an explosive roar, the bolt zapped straight down and grazed the four people. For a moment, the five birdmen had pale expressions, as though they were frightened by the heavenly lightning bolt that suddenly descended. “Hurry and go!” Zhu Yao took the opportunity to fly to the barrier in a crazed manner. The small red dudou was already passionately waving at them.

Zhu Yao immediately descended, circulated her spiritual energy, and inserted it into the dudou-shaped defensive mystic artifact.

The five birdmen behind them had already come chasing after them. With a flap of their wings, several icicles were shot straight towards them.

“Aiyo! My buttocks!” Ying Luo, who was standing behind, was struck dead-on, as her buttocks were now stabbed with an icicle the width of two fingers.

“Forget about your buttocks, let’s hurry!” That dudou had already activated, and the exit appeared. Zhu Yao pulled onto Ying Luo, and hurriedly scrammed. While leaving, she slammed her palm onto the ground, and in an instant, countless lightning lights pierced out from beneath the ground, forming a wall made of lightning.

Zhu Yao took the opportunity to step on her sword, and then, carrying the piggish teammate who was injured backstage, she madly flew for several hundred kilometers.

“Aiyo, it hurts so much.” The girl cast a fire type art to melt the icicle, and rubbed her buttocks, wailing.

“Does it really hurt that much?” She was not even bleeding, wasn’t she? Zhu Yao reached out to check her pulse.

“Haah…” Ying Luo glanced at her dejectedly. “Do you know how important buttocks are to women? There’s a saying like this – Women with big buttocks are great at childbirth. If this important body part of mine is injured, there’s a possibility that I might not get to marry in the future… You don’t understand!”

“…” What kind of twisted logic was this? And why wouldn’t she be able to understand? This old lady here is a woman too, hey. And since you wish to marry someone, why the hell are you still cultivating!? “Don’t worry, a small injury like this won’t affect your female functions. Auntie will still make her regular visit next month!”

“Auntie? What’s that?” She said with a curious look. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Menstruation.”

“Oh~~~” She was suddenly enlightened, but a moment later, her expression paled once more, as she said with a complicated look. “Sovereign, but… it’s a few hundred years since my auntie visited me, this… would it have an influence on me?”


She really wanted to kick her off the sword, what should she do?

In the end, the two people still returned to Forgotten God Palace. They were not worried that the Heavenly Feathered Race would come chasing after them. After all, this was the territory of human practitioners, and the loss of a plaque was not enough to start a fight.

Wen Yu looked a little dumbfoundedly at the two worn-out people.

“Old Ancestor,  you  two…  came  back  from  your  training journey so quickly?” It had only been a day and a night, right?

Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. “Life is just this unpredictable.”

Just as Wen Yu wanted to ask about something else, Zhu Yao silently pulled out that dudou, and stuffed it back to him. “I say, Wen Yu. Next time, when it comes to this sort of private hobbies, it’s best not to show it off to the world. If people from other sects were to find out, it would be bad on your image.”

“…” Wen Yu was instantly petrified. When he regained his senses, the master and disciple had already disappeared.

What private hobbies? Wait! Old Ancestor, listen to my explanation!

“I’m tired to death!”

The moment she stepped through the door, Ying Luo spread herself out on the bed, looking half-dead. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. You’re tired my ass. All the fighting and flying were all done by me, hey.

“Oh right, hurry and store that mystic artifact away.” She twitched a little before sitting up, picking up the storage pouch which Zhu Yao threw onto the table. “Where’s the jade tablet?”

“Here!” Zhu Yao passed it over.

Ying Luo immediately stored it in. However, just as she was about tighten the strings, the jade tablet came falling out.

“Eh?” She was startled for a moment, before she once again threw the jade tablet in. In the next moment, that jade tablet fell out again. She threw it in once more, and it continued to fall off. “What’s going on?”

Ying Luo reached her hand into the pouch, and suddenly cried out. “Aiya, so hot! Yu Yao, what did you place inside?”

Yu Yao received the pouch and took a look inside it. “You took the wrong one, it’s not this pouch.” She then  immediately pulled out the Metal Spirit. “Chick… Chick…” The Metal Spirit cried out pitifully, as it rolled around her palm. Zhu Yao sighed as she grabbed onto the other storage pouch and threw it over to Ying Luo. “Place the jade tablet in there then. This little one doesn’t like to stay with other mystic artifacts.”

“What’s that? It looks really pretty.” Ying Luo  curiously looked at her palm. “Is it an egg? What kind of egg is it?”

“Chick!” The Metal Spirit let out a protesting sound.

“Chicken egg?”

“Chick chick chick chick chick…” The Metal Spirit was instantly enraged, as it leapt and smashed towards her face. Ying Luo was unable to evade in time, and was smacked dead- on.

“Yo, it sure is arrogant! I’m going to cook you today.” Ying Luo motioned to grab it.

The body of the Metal Spirit flashed, emitting out a golden glow from all around its body. “Chick—” In an instant, all the mystic artifacts on their bodies flew out and floated in the air. Every single one of them was pointing at Ying Luo with surging killing intent.

Ying Luo was instantly dumbfounded.

“Enough, enough.” Zhu Yao hurriedly extinguished the fire, and placed Metal Spirit back into the pouch. The  mystic artifacts then fell onto the ground. “Don’t anger it, it doesn’t have a good temper.”

“Wa!” Ying Luo patted on her chest, and was basically unable to believe her own eyes. “Just what in the world is that?”

“Metal Spirit.”

“Metal Spirit?” She had a puzzled look. “This chicken of yours is amazing, it’s actually able to control mystic artifacts!”

I already said it’s not a chicken!

But, control? Zhu Yao was stunned. The Metal Spirit was the materialization of metal spiritual energy, and a large portion of mystic artifacts were indeed made of metals, so it was very normal for Metal Spirit to be capable of controlling them. In that case, then those five mystic artifacts were…

“I know how to find the remaining ones now.” Zhu Yao suddenly stood right up. “Ying Luo, where are the remaining three mystic artifacts located?”

“One is located in Point Formation Clan, one is located in the ancient ruin where the Devil first appeared, and there’s one in Sword Seeking Peak.”

“Sword Seeking Peak?” Zhu Yao was startled. “That Sword Seeking Peak over there?”

Ying Luo nodded.

Zhu Yao was filled with joy. She took out the Metal Spirit, and seriously said. “Metal Spirit, is there a mystic artifact that has a Devil sealed in it, within Sword Seeking Peak?”

“Chick?” The rock on her palm tilted. Zhu Yao had no choice but to pull out that jade tablet and fan. “It’s a mystic artifact which carry a similar aura as these two.”

“Chick…” It let out a long sound, as though it was pondering about this matter. A while later, it rolled about. “Chick chick chick!”

“There’s one?”


“Where is it? Can you bring me there to retrieve it?”

The Metal Spirit rubbed her hand, and then its entire body began to emit out a golden light. Suddenly, it let out a long chick sound. “Chick…”

That sound travelled far into the distance, as though it was summoning something.

Before the two could even react, three door knocks could be heard from the door. “Kong, kong, kong!” They were neither light, nor heavy.

Zhu Yao waved her hand, and the door opened. A completely pitch-black sword flew in, and then obediently landed on the table.

“Chick!” The Metal Spirit instantly let out an unsatisfied sound.

That sword once again flew back to the door, used its hilt to close the opened door, before returning back to the table.

This sword sure has manners!

Chapter253: You Fancy Him?

“This sword turned into a spirit, right?” Ying Luo said.

“…” The one who had turned into a spirit should be the Metal Spirit!

Zhu Yao picked up the sword from the table, and carefully inspected it. Like the other two, it was flowing with devilish energy, along with sealing runic symbols.

“Three!” Quest completion rate was at sixty percent!

The girl sighed, a hint of worry flashed past her face. “Yu Yao, just what in the world is the method you spoke of that can eliminate the Devil once and for all?”

“Devil Smiting Inscription.” Zhu Yao said with a sullen voice. “This is the one and only inscription technique in the world that can annihilate a Devil.”

“Annihilate?” Ying Luo was stunned. “Aren’t Devils supposed to be undying and indestructible, and could only be sealed?” “Believe me!” Zhu Yao patted on her shoulders.  “There’s never any absolutes in the world. This method is definitely workable.” She had after all personally used it before.

“…” Ying Luo sank into silence for a moment, and finally let out a sigh. With a smile, she said. “Alright, since I have already boarded this pirate ship of yours, then I have no choice but to believe you till the very end.”

Pirate ship…

Was it too late to swap teammates now?

“Where are we going next? Why don’t we go to Point Formation Clan?” She suddenly said with an excited expression. “That place is closer to Forgotten God Palace, and I have long heard that Point Formation Clan has an Elder who is a rarely- seen handsome gentleman. No matter if it’s his personality, cultivation, or appearance, they are top tier in the cultivation world.”

Zhu Yao looked at the girl with narrowed eyes. “You fancy him?” “Ah?” Ying Luo was startled for a moment. A moment later, she then scratched her head, and chuckled. “Hoho, I have seen him a few times in the past, we’re not really that… familiar with each other!”

“You fancy him?”

Her face reddened. “Uh… Do you know? He’s a tetra spirit veins holder, yet he was still able to form his own Azoth Core with his own strength. It’s really incredible.”

“You fancy him!”

Her face was bright red like blood itself. “I’m a penta spirit veins holder myself. Though my cultivation speed is pretty good too, it’s also because I possess the bloodline of the ancient races.”

“You fancy him.”

Ying Luo: “…” A few seconds later.

“That’s right, I fancy him.” She revealed a determined look. “This old lady thinks of him every minute and every second! What about it?”

“Tch! Say so earlier.” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “I have experience in matters like this!”

“Aaaahh!?” Ying Luo’s eyes shone. “W… Wh… What experience?”

“Is there a need to say it?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes even more cheerfully. What else could it be? The experience of attacking, of course. She had so many experiences of pushing down her master. She did not push him down for nothing.

Ying Luo’s expression instantly turned stern, and she respectfully said. “Sovereign Yu Yao, please do not hesitate to bestow me your teachings.”

“It’s not a difficult matter.” Zhu Yao courteously waved her hands. She poured herself a cup of tea, and casually asked. “First, tell me. What is the name of that Elder?”

Her face began to turn bright red again. As though she had instantly retracted that natural coarse and rough character of hers, she revealed the look of a delicate and shy young maiden. With sparkling eyes, she said. “He’s called Ding Chunqiu1.”


Zhu Yao spat a mouthful of tea all over her face!

You NPCs, please give yourselves better names, hey!

Zhu Yao went to inquire Wen Yu about it, and found out there really was someone called Ding Chunqiu in Point Formation Clan. However, he was no longer an Elder of Point Formation Clan, but their Clan Master. In these few hundred years Ying Luo was sealed, he lived a pretty good life. Not only did he nourish his Nascent Soul, his fame in the cultivation world was really widespread as well.

Even Wen Yu, this old man who had been harbouring hatred for other sects, only had praises for him. Indeed, if a tetra spirit veins holder wished to nourish his Nascent Soul, it was simply as hard as ascending into the heavens. This Sect Master Ding was the symbol of hard work. Furthermore, under his leadership, Point Formation Clan had firmly taken root within the ranks of first-rate sects.

Point Formation Clan specialized in formations, and belonged to the neutral faction. They would not participate in any conflicts between sects and clans, and it was exactly because of this fact, many sects and clans would invite people from Point Formation Clan to set up formations or provide pointers for their important facilities.

This was also how the name ‘Point Formation Clan’ came about.

From rumours, the next Great Inter-Sect Tournament would be hosted in Point Formation Clan as well.

Zhu Yao had wanted to locate the fourth mystic artifact quickly, but after hearing Wen Yu’s words, she changed her mind again. The formations in Point Formation Clan were refined and profound, if she were to charge through them with brute force, she would risk the danger of having her identity exposed. Of course, she did not mind it, but Ying Luo would be put in a miserable situation.

She decided to wait till the Great Inter-Sect Tournament happens, and take the opportunity to infiltrate the place while there were many people from various clans and sects. At that time, it would be more convenient for her to look for  the artifact as well.

Fortunately, the next Great Inter-Sect Tournament was in about five years, and she could take this time to allow the girl Ying Luo to restore her cultivation.

“In five years, you must nourish your Azoth Core!”

“Aaaahh!” Ying Luo was stunned. “Five years, is a little too short, isn’t it!?”

“You have already formed your core once, what’s there to fear?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. It’s not like she was cultivating from the start all over again. Her meridians had long been at the level of Nascent Soul. Forget about five years, three years should be enough. “Work hard! Don’t you fancy that guy with the surname Ding? The higher your cultivation level, the larger your chances at success will be.” “True!” She was instantly motivated, as she sat down in a lotus position and began to meditate.

Zhu Yao notified Wen Yu that she would be in closed-door training, and then sealed the entire mountain peak. She then placed down the respective spiritual energy guidance formations for all five different types of spiritual energy. Whenever she entered a trance state, the spiritual energy on the mountain peak would become several dozen times richer than normal. Zhu Yao was unsure if it was because of the presence the Metal Spirit either, but the amount of metal spiritual energy was richer than the rest.

Actually, it was really easy for the girl to raise her cultivation. Because she had practiced it once before, she basically did not experience any bottlenecks while raising from the early stages of Foundation to Paragon. What she lacked was merely spiritual energy. With her spiritual energy replenished, naturally, her cultivation would rise really quickly. In less than three years, she had already reached the Paragon level.

Next was to form her core, which would have to depend on the girl’s comprehension. On the fourth year of her closed-door training, Zhu Yao faintly sensed the abnormal movements with the spiritual energy. She was about to form her core. She reinforced the surrounding spiritual energy guidance formations and released the Metal Spirit, in order to maintain the abundance of spiritual energy. Ying Luo’s complexion however grew worse, large beads of sweat dripped from her head, as though she was suffering from extreme pain. Even the surrounding spiritual energy was growing a little chaotic.

Zhu Yao stood guard by her side. Initially, she had thought that everything would go without a hitch. However, she saw that her complexion was worsening, and spiritual energy was actually scattering away at an immense rate, as though they were being dispersed the moment they entered her body. Her deeply furrowed brows tangled together, and there were even hints of the aura of death surfacing from her.

What was going on? This was different from the script.

“Ying Luo, girl!” She anxiously shouted out.  This  situation was evidently the consequence of her lack of focus. “Extinguish all unnecessary thoughts, focus your mind and calm your heart. Concentrate on forming your core, don’t think of ridiculous things!”

Just what was she thinking about during this key moment? Her condition however continued to worsen, and blood was already trickling down from the corner of her lips. The spiritual energy in her body had already turned into a mess.

“The hell!” She was here to save her, not to prematurely end her. Taking a deep breath, Zhu Yao put aside the backlash that she would face, as she immediately materialized a strand of divine sense and forcefully entered her meridians. She guided those chaotic spiritual energy into circulation, and then took the opportunity to enter the location she was forming her core. However, she discovered that the spiritual energy there were in an even more chaotic state.

The moment she entered, those chaotic spiritual energy looked as though they had found a common target to attack, as they began to wildly attack Zhu Yao’s divine sense. Zhu Yao was about to puke out blood from the pain, but she had no choice but to grit her teeth and continue on. If this girl died, then she would have come here for nothing.

Gritting her teeth, she controlled those berserk spiritual energy with all her might. Then, following the method she used to form her own core, she guided the spiritual energy to revolve in a single direction, forming a swirl. In the beginning, it was really difficult. After all, it was not her own body, and whenever she lost control of the spiritual energy, the backlash would increase in intensity. After she finally managed to complete several revolutions, order slowly began to appear. There was no longer a need for her to forcefully guide them.

At the center of the swirl of spiritual energy, there was already a faint little dot of five colours, and it was slowly growing bigger, taking up a solid form.

Zhu Yao then retracted her own divine sense, only to puke out a mouthful of blood right after. Earlier, she did not feel that much pain, but now that she had retracted it, the sensation of pain instantly spread throughout her entire body. It felt as though several bits of her soul were bitten off.

Taking a deep breath, she had no choice but to close her eyes and meditate. Circulating her spiritual energy, she slowly nourished her divine sense. It hurt too motherf**king much, it felt as though she had died again. It hurt even more than that time she was a Demigod.

After meditating for exactly a day, Zhu Yao finally managed to soothe herself. As for Ying Luo at the side, she had coincidentally completed the formation of her Azoth Core, opening her eyes. She turned to look at Zhu Yao, and seemed to have blanked for a moment. Her expression sank, and there seemed to be tears flickering in her eyes. “Yu Yao… I… Thank you.”

Zhu Yao waved her hands. “As long as you’re fine.  Geez, you’re only forming your Azoth Core, but you can’t let someone feel at ease. Why did you suddenly lose focus?”

Her expression changed. Only after a while later, did she give a serious reply. “There won’t be a next time.”

“Next time!?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at her. “Do you think there are others like you who would form their Azoth Core twice?” Of course, she herself was an exception.

“True.” She smiled, and then, like a crude man, she gave Zhu Yao a smack. “I can’t be that unfortunate.”

With a “puuah” sound, Zhu Yao once again spat out  a mouthful of blood from her smack. “Pay attention to the disabled, hey!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She hurriedly apologized, her face was filled with guilt.

“Nevermind.” She had wanted to puke out that blood anyway. “Are you certain your Azoth Core is already formed?”

“Of course!” She nodded. “I’m perfectly fine now.”

“Then that’s good. I have to stay further away from you.” Zhu Yao crawled away.

“Wait a minute!” Ying Luo instantly dragged  her  back. “You’re already injured, where are you heading? You should be going into meditation to nurse yourself.”

“I can’t sit here.”

“Why not?”


Boom— An Azoth Core tribulation lightning bolt descended from right above Ying Luo’s head, but at the instant it was about to land, it twisted, and landed on the person next to her instead.

Zhu Yao, who was zapped charred black: …


Puking out a mouthful of smoke, she looked towards Ying Luo with dead fish eyes. “This is the reason!”

Ying Luo: “…”

Immediately after, the second bolt of tribulation lightning came zapping down with a thunderous roar. Just as it was about to zap Zhu Yao again, she raised her head and glared at it. “Are you done?”


The tribulation lightning bolt stopped in mid-air, as though it did not know whether it should retreat or advance. It really had gotten addicted to zapping her, right? “Who’s the one forming her core, huh?”

That tribulation lightning bolt seemed to be in a huge dilemma. At one moment, it would crackle and twist above Ying Luo, and in the next moment, it would crackle and turn back to where Zhu Yao was. As though it was dancing, it went back and forth several times.

A moment later, as though it finally found a compromise, it suddenly turned into a thin streak of lightning that was hardly visible.

And then, it poked her cheeks.

It then disappeared, feeling satisfied.

The tribulation lightning bolts that came after it followed by its example, and after a total of eighty-one bolts had descended, everything finally calmed down.

Zhu Yao: “…” This lightning tribulation definitely has some form of vendetta against me. Even like this, it doesn’t let me off. Ying Luo: “…” So this is the lightning spirit vein. So mysterious.

Ying Luo finally formed her Azoth Core, yet the one who took the zaps was still Zhu Yao!

There were still three hundred and sixty-five days till the next Great Inter-Sect Tournament.

Zhu Yao made use of this time to improve a few of Ying Luo’s arts, and also strengthened her sword techniques. Unfortunately, the girl did not comprehend sword intent. Thinking about it, something like sword intent depended on luck too. Recalling her past experience, she had only managed to comprehend it at the borders of life and death.

Of course, just in case, Zhu Yao taught her a few sealing arts as well.

“Using spiritual energy to forcefully activate the seals will cause great harm to your body. Unless absolutely necessary, do not use it.” “I understand, girl.” Ying Luo patted on her chest. “Oh right, does the same go for the Devil Smiting Inscription?”

“The Devil Smiting Inscription is different  from  the  rest.” Zhu Yao explained with a sunken voice. “Even a God can only use this seal once in his or her entire life. Once we use it once, we won’t be able to use it anymore.”

“It’s that incredible?” Ying Luo was startled, nodding right after. “When I’m in-charge, you can feel at ease.”

Why was she feeling even more uneasy then?

A year later, the Great Inter-Sect Tournament.

“Ying Luo, this is Point Formation Clan.”

“That’s right, the mountain rear of Point Formation Clan.”

“Do you know where’s the mystic artifact?” “I don’t, but usually, mystic artifacts are all held  in  the artifact treasury.”

“Then where’s the artifact treasury?”

“I say, my girl Yu Yao. A mighty first-rate deity sect naturally has countless artifact treasuries. How could finding it be so easy? You must have some patience.”

“I do have patience, but can you explain to me, is there any relation between finding the mystic artifact, and us lying over here, peeking at someone else’s bath?”


The corner of Ying Luo’s lips twitched, a hint of embarrassment flashed past her face as she chuckled. “My girl Yu Yao, this just happened to be in the direction we’re heading. Giving our eyes a ready-made treat is also an extremely good thing.”

Zhu Yao looked at her, and then pointed to the opposite direction. “But from the information we acquired, the artifact treasury is that way.”

“Uh…” Her face stiffened, and then she waved her hands. “Don’t mind such details.”

It’s really hard to not mind them, alright!? Mother freaking hell. This old lady here has already squatted next to the bath for an hour, yet you did not have the intentions to find the artifact right from the start. You’re here solely to peek at  others bathing, right?

“I’m leaving!” If you’re going to be fanatic over a hunk, do it yourself. Please do not step on the pride of this pure and honest girl.

“Eh, don’t, don’t, don’t… If you leave, I  will  definitely  be found out. Just treat it as if I owe you a favour. My girl Yu Yao, big sis Yu Yao, Sovereign Yu Yao, Aunt Yu Yao…”

Your sister’s your aunt! She definitely could not endure this!
Zhu Yao walked even faster than before.

“Yu Yao…” While the girl was still desperately struggling, she suddenly got distracted. “Eh, someone’s here.” Hmph, like hell she was going to look.

“Ah, he stripped his top!”

Hmph hmph, she did not have any interest in a man’s body, alright?

“Ah, he even stripped his pants!”

Hmph hmph hmph…

“Where? How’s his figure? Does he have an eight-pack?” Like a gust of wind, Zhu Yao zoomed back and squatted next to Ying Luo.


Chapter254: Don’t Fancy Him!

Ying Luo chuckled as she pointed at the pool in front. As she had said, a man appeared. With his back facing the two of them, his clothes had already been taken off, ‘exposing’ his copper coloured skin. His figure was considerably tall, and his upper body revealed a perfect inverted triangle. Presently, he seemed to be taking off his pants, and only a moment later did he pull out his waistband.

Zhu Yao could clearly hear Ying Luo breathing in cold air, and the corner of her lips twitched. She silently passed her a handkerchief. “Wipe off your nosebleed!”

“Ou.” Ying Luo mechanically received it, but ended up wiping her blood all over her face.

Is there a need to be this exaggerated? Isn’t he still wearing his underwear?

Zhu Yao shook her head, as she looked at that figure with slight scorn.

Mn, his figure was not as tall as her master’s. His skin was not as white as her master’s.

His muscles were not as firm as her master’s.

Low grade. Appraisal complete!

Half of the curiosity she had earlier had already dispersed, though Ying Luo’s breathing was becoming even more hurried, wearing the look of a nympho. The hell, do you have to start drooling too? At the very least, you’re a girl with goddess-tier looks yourself, hey. Don’t walk on the strange path of  a nympho!

“So he’s the hunk you like?” A light of inspiration flashed in Zhu Yao’s mind, and she asked.

Ying Luo was stunned for a moment. Only when the hunk they were looking at had already submerged himself in the water with only his head sticking out, she then turned her head around, and gave her an embarrassed tee-hee.

The hell, this really was that NPC called Ding Chunqiu? “Isn’t he the Clan Master of Point Formation Clan? Why is he not entertaining the various clans and sects, but over here?”

“It’s afternoon break right now.” Ying Luo said with a serious look. “This pool is filled with spiritual energy, and every afternoon, he would submerge himself in this mountain spring for two hours.”

“How do you know that?” Zhu Yao sized her up. “You best fess up. Just how long has it been since you first snuck up here to peek at this guy?”

“Uh…” Ying Luo’s face stiffened, and she only replied a while later. “Hoho, something like this isn’t important.”

“…” What did you say was not important?

“It actually hasn’t been that long…” Her face reddened as she stuttered. “It’s only been since he first admitted into Point Formation Clan.”

The hell, it began since then? Then it had already been a few hundred years, right? And you still dare to claim that it hasn’t been that long? Evidently, she could no longer be considered a nympho, but a criminal!

“Then why haven’t you tried pursuing him directly?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. She was a former Forgotten God Palace Hall Mistress, a status merely second to the Palace Master. Not to mention she had such a gorgeous appearance, any reasonable man would find it hard to refuse her, right?

Ying Luo scratched her head. “In the past, his cultivation was weak, so I… I was afraid that it would affect his reputation. And now…”

She just did not want to him to be known as someone who relied on a woman to attain higher heights, right?

Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, unable to understand the thought process of these people. In her eyes, matters regarding feelings were very simple. If you like someone, then you like someone.
Are the opinions of others really that important? It’s not like
they haven’t been with someone else before either. If your other half is really concerned with such intangible things, and treat them more importantly than feelings, then that would only prove that you’re blind, and make sure you look more carefully next time. Why the need to shrink back and torture yourself? “My girl Yu Yao, I only wish to look at him from afar, just treat it as though you’re helping me with a favour.” Ying Luo patted on her shoulders, and said with a prideful look. “At the very most, if you like any hunk in the future, I can help you peek at him too!”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao could not endure it any longer as she threw her a kick. Like hell this old lady will want your company when looking at my hunk. She had long eaten her fill!

“Iya!” Ying Luo lost her footing, and her figure tilted. Adding that she had squatted for too long, her legs were a little numb. Unable to react in time, her feet slipped, and with a splash, she fell into the pool, splattering water all over.

With such a loud noise, no matter how strong their concealment talismans were, they would definitely be exposed.

As expected, a clear male voice sounded from the side.

“Who is it?”

Zhu Yao reached out her hand, wanting to pull the girl out and flee. However, the girl who was still struggling in the water earlier, instantly stood right up from fright after hearing his question, and loudly said. “We did not peek at you while you’re bathing.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Ding Chunqiu: “…”

Ying Luo: “…”

Zhu Yao wondered if it was too late to pretend that she did not know her?

A fierce gust of wind blew, and instantly, several wind blades attacked the two of them. Zhu Yao immediately waved  her hand, materializing a defensive barrier. She then quickly raised the girl Ying Luo from the water.” The wind blades struck the water surface, splashing out water up to several meters high. They were blocked by the barrier in time.

“Who are you people?” The voice earlier once again rang out. On the other side of the splash of water, a man, who evidently had already dressed himself properly, was walking over.

Ying Luo stiffened for a moment, and with a swoosh, she instantly hid behind Zhu Yao like a little mouse.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. You coward!

As the splashed water fell, the true appearance of the man, who had his back against them the entire time, was revealed. Zhu Yao however was stunned, as she looked straight at him with fiercely widened eyes. The hell!

“Which sect are you disciples of?” The man looked at them. She was unsure if it was her imagination, but a hint of shock was actually emitting out from the depths of his eyes, and after a while, he continued. “I wonder why you two ladies have come to the mountain rear of our Point Formation Clan?”

Zhu Yao did not speak, and was simply staring at his face unblinkingly.

Ding Chunqiu could not help but frown a little unhappily. “I…” Probably because Ying Luo herself had sensed that Zhu Yao was behaving abnormally, she nudged her from the back. Seeing that she still did not have any reaction, she intended to confess out of anxiety. “We… We didn’t intentionally… pe…”

“We’re disciples of Forgotten God Palace, and we have gotten lost.” Zhu Yao suddenly regained her senses, and began to lie with a straight face. Before she arrived, she had long changed her appearance and concealed her cultivation level. In others’ eyes, they were just two Azoth Core disciples. “We made several turns and we found ourselves here, and ended up disturbing Clan Master Ding. We seek senior for your forgiveness.”

Ding Chunqiu once again looked at the two of them, and only a while later did he reveal a slightly courteous smile, as though he had accepted the two’s explanation. “So you’re actually disciples of Forgotten God Palace. Speaking of which, Forgotten God Palace and I can be said to be quite close, as the former Hall Mistress of your esteemed sect and I were… Such a pity!” His eyes suddenly blanked, as though he had just recalled something. He then let out a sigh.

The girl behind Zhu Yao was grabbing onto her sleeves, and Zhu Yao could clearly feel her grip tighten for a moment. “Since you two ladies do not know the terrain of this mountain, follow me then.” As he spoke, he turned about and motioned them to follow him, and then led the way in front of them. His dark black clothes still carried a slight warmth, and there were even water pearls still dripping down. Yet, an unexplainable amicable warmth could be felt.

Ying Luo however could no longer hold it in and sent her voice transmissions, wildly filling up her entire mind. “My girl Yu Yao, he remembers me, he actually remembers me!”

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao turned around to glare at her, casting an art on her at the same time. After drying up this drenched chicken, she then pulled her along and caught up with the person in front.

The depths of her heart however felt incredibly and uncomfortably stifled. She looked at Ying Luo’s infatuated expression, and anger began to surge all of a sudden.

That Ding Chunqiu brought them to the front hall, pointed to the place where the disciples of Forgotten God Palace were staying during the course of the tournament, before bidding farewell. He did bring up their disgraceful act of peeking in the slightest, exuding the look of an upright gentleman. Ying Luo’s eyes were fixated on him till he disappeared, and the blush on her face did not recede still.

Zhu Yao finally could no longer hold it in and took a step forward. Pressing on her shoulders, she pulled her back. “Ying Luo, if… if I were to tell you to give up on him, forget about him, and stay away from him, will you listen?”

“Ah?” Ying Luo was startled, as she sized Zhu Yao up for a moment. Seeing that she did carry any intentions to joke around, her heart sank as she anxiously said. “My girl Yu Yao, you… you can’t have started to like him too, right?”

“Momma’s egg!” Zhu Yao glared at her. “How can  this  old lady possibly fancy him!? Only an idiot like you will treat him as treasure.” She gave her a smack. She wouldn’t want him, alright?

“Then why…”

“No matter the case, you two definitely can’t be together.”

“My girl Yu Yao…” She looked straight at her. Suddenly, as though she had thought of something, her eyes widened even more, and she said with a stunned look. “The… The person you like can’t possibly be me, right?”

Zhu Yao raised her leg and threw her a kick. “Scram!”

“Then just why?” Ying Luo rubbed her buttocks which were aching from Zhu Yao’s kick, her face was filled with doubt. “At the very least, you must give me a reason, right?”

“…” Zhu Yao sank into silence, the irritation in the depths of her heart grew even more. After a long while, she slowly said. “There will come a day when you will be killed by him.”

And she would literally be killed. Because in the scenario, she had once clearly seen that man they saw earlier, leading the various sects to surround and attack the girl. Furthermore, he had even pierced through the girl’s chest in a single strike. Zhu Yao could even feel that desolateness and despair back then.

If the betrayal of the people was the reason the girl gave birth to resentment, then that Ding Chunqiu was the fuse that triggered everything. Before this, she could not understand why even though the girl in the scenario had showed her everything that happened, the faces of everyone present, other than that Ding Chunqiu’s, were blurred. Only his face could be clearly seen in the scenario. Looking at things now, it was not because that person had dealt her the fatal blow, but because this person held a very important place in her life.

The girl Ying Luo not promising her was within her expectations. No matter who it was, if a big speech, similar to calling the idol they had been having a crush on trash, was made, anyone would want to tie up and bash that person. She should celebrate the fact that Ying Luo did not break ties with her, but had instead begun to chat with her about her past with a heavy tone.

“Yu Yao, you don’t understand. We are different from the rest of the practitioners.”

“Yu Yao, you don’t understand. I did not live a good life in the past. He’s actually the same as me. We belong to the same group of people.”

“Yu Yao, you don’t understand. On the very first day he admitted into a deity sect, I had decided to help him with all I can.”

“Yu Yao, you don’t understand just how difficult it is for someone to live without anything to look forward to…”

Zhu Yao indeed did not understand them. However, she understood just how big of a price this silly child would have to pay for her trust.

“Ying Luo, then let me ask you. If there comes a day where he objects to you searching for the mystic artifacts, and stops you from dealing with that Devil with all his might, how would you choose?” Zhu Yao simply asked this question.

“That’s different. This is a huge matter concerning this world. No matter what, the Devil has to be dealt with.” Her face was determined, as she said with emphasis on every word.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She was still that good girl with proper and upright three views.

Chapter255: Onwards To Fall Spirit Peak

Ever since then, the two of them had sealed away the matters concerning Ding Chunqiu, coming into a tacit agreement not to bring up that person again. They began to focus on locating that mystic artifact in Point Formation Clan.

There were a huge number of people attending the Great Inter-Sect Tournament this time. In order to conveniently search for the mystic artifact, Zhu Yao and Ying Luo had followed them here in secret by concealing their identities, and Wen Yu was not aware of all this.

However, for some strange reason, they were unable to locate even the silhouette of that mystic artifact.

She even had the Metal Spirit search for it, but to no avail. The girl said that the mystic artifact this time was a bamboo flute, a wood type mystic artifact crafted with a Thousand Year Emerald Bamboo, so it was natural for the Metal Spirit being unable to sense it. Just as they were worrying about this, they once again bumped into that trash.

“Fellow daoists, we meet again.” Ding Chunqiu nodded to the two of them, his face was filled with a courteous smile. Ying Luo’s face naturally reddened, as she habitually hid behind Zhu Yao.

“Why aren’t you two ladies watching the tournament at the front hall?”

“We were just about to head there.” Zhu Yao replied, as she sized him up. “Clan Master Ding, why are you not managing the tournament, but instead having a stroll here?”

He laughed, as though he was not the least bit mindful of her discourtesy, and slowly said. “I’m just about to head to the front hall as well, and I coincidentally encountered you two ladies. So I passed by here to give a greeting.”

“…” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe that he had such good intentions.

“This one simply feels a sense of intimacy when looking at disciples of Forgotten God Palace.” He sighed, as though he had recalled something from his past. “Back then, I was just a mere Foundation disciple, and due to a fateful coincidence, I received pointers from an expert of your esteemed sect. I have not forgotten it till this day. Unfortunately, that benefactor of mine was harmed by the Devil.”

When Ying Luo heard this, her eyes instantly shone. “Clan Master Ding, the person you’re referring to, could it be… Hall Mistress Ying Luo?”

“That’s right.” Ding Chunqiu took a step forward, and said with a sincere expression. “Not only is Hall Mistress Ying Luo my benefactor, she is even more so the benefactor of this entire cultivation world.”

The girl instantly smiled to the point where even her eyes were slanting. “Clan Master Ding, you gave her too much praise.”

“No, she deserves it.” He said firmly. “This one has always hoped to see her again, if only she could… Haah!” He sighed with a heart-aching expression.

Just as the girl was about to say something, Zhu Yao stretched
out her hand to stop her. Don’t be rash, girl. Don’t put your trust in trash so casually. The reason why he wishes to see you again, is simply to kill you. “Clan Master Ding, you sure are a good person who knows how to repay gratitude!” Zhu Yao smiled, intentionally putting emphasis on the words ‘repay gratitude’.

Ding Chunqiu smiled, evidently, he did not catch her sarcasm. “Unfortunately, my benefactor has already passed on, and only sadness is left behind. Even if I wish to repay her, it’s no longer possible to do so. Presently, the only thing I can do is to protect the mystic artifact that my benefactor had used her life to seal the Devil with.”

Zhu Yao was stunned, as she turned back and exchanged glances with Ying Luo.

“Sect Master Ding, could you be referring to one of the five mystic artifacts?” Ying Luo stepped forward and asked.

“That’s right!” He nodded. “The emerald bamboo flute which our clan is safeguarding.”

“It must have been hard on Clan Master Ding. The Devil is an extremely dangerous creature.” Ying Luo acted as though she was simply following the flow. “Even our Forgotten God Palace was left with no choice but to place our piece within Sword Seeking Peak, and have it suppressed by the sword energy emitted by the countless spiritual swords.”

“The Devil has already been sealed, what’s there to  fear?” Ding Chunqiu frowned, as though he was extremely unhappy of her immense worry. “With how extraordinary senior Ying Luo is, how could the Devil possibly escape after being sealed by her? Furthermore, with our Point Formation Clan’s Heavenly Handle Descent Formation, wanting to escape Fall Spirit Peak is easier said than done.”

Fall Spirit Peak! Done!

Zhu Yao silently gave the girl a thumbs-up. After continuing to speak courteously with Ding Chunqiu for a while more, the two of them departed. They finally managed to find out its concrete location.

“Yu Yao, I think that we can probably tell Clan Master Ding the truth about this whole matter.” Ying Luo said a little hesitantly. “I believe that with his character, he will be able to understand.”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. She pulled onto the girl, and sternly said. “No, you must never let him know your identity.” Girl, don’t act stupid now.

Ying Luo sighed, and similarly, said with a stern look. “Yu Yao, he really isn’t a bad person. You were even able to believe me when we first met, so why can’t you believe him too?”

Because this old lady here is here to save you in the first place!

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh, and felt that it was time to chat with the girl about life. Otherwise, she would really be afraid that the girl would suddenly act on impulse, and charge courageously onward in the name of love.

“Girl, it’s been almost a thousand years. I believe that, in your mind, he’s a good person. However, how are you so certain that he still is now?” Zhu Yao said with emphasis on every word. “People change.”

She frowned. After a long while, she said. “I know what you mean, but earlier… you saw it yourself. When he spoke of me, he was truly grateful of me, and wanted to repay me. This can’t be fake. Though there might possibly be some hidden agenda, his intentions were honest and true.” “Fine, I admit, his words earlier were indeed his true feelings.” Zhu Yao nodded, and Ying Luo’s eyes brightened a little. However, her tone changed right after. “But, how are you so sure that after knowing everything, he will trust your words?”

Ying Luo was startled. Isn’t this really obvious? Since he will believe me, then naturally, he will…

“Girl!” Zhu Yao said with a heavy heart. “Gratitude, doesn’t mean it will be repaid with another gratitude. There’s still a saying in this world, and that’s ‘gratitude will be repaid with vengeance’.”

Ying Luo’s eyes widened, as she looked at Zhu Yao with slight fury. The corners of her lips twitched, and just as she was about to refute her.

“I know you’re trying to say he wouldn’t do that.” Zhu Yao interrupted her. She did not mind speculating the people of this world as people who carried heavy evil intentions, because she had long seen the future. However, Ying Luo was not aware of it. “No one can tell for sure what will happen in the future, so I will not argue with you about things that haven’t happened yet. Let’s talk about the past. He personally said that you’re his benefactor, and he had always wanted to repay you, but unfortunately, he didn’t get the opportunity to do so? But, is that really true?”

“…” I was dead before, so of course he didn’t?

Zhu Yao continued. “He then said that felt a sense of intimacy with disciples of Forgotten God Palace, because you came from Forgotten God Palace. Don’t you feel there’s some complications here?”

“…” Ying Luo looked confused.

“Ying Luo, if it’s you, if someone is a benefactor to you, but that person is already dead, if you wish to repay his gratitude, what will you do?” Zhu Yao smiled.

Only then did Ying Luo understand, and her eyes instantly dimmed.

“You will take good care of his family, and will do everything you can to help the people your benefactor cares about. But…” Zhu Yao continued. “Forgotten God Palace was suppressed by the various sects for so many years, and had fallen from the leading position of the cultivation world, to the point where even their position as a first-rate deity sect could not be kept. Has there been any sect that stood up to speak up for Forgotten God Palace?”

“As a master of a first-rate clan, on one end, he feels a sense of intimacy with Forgotten God Palace, but on the other, he acts blind and deaf, leaving them to die. Is this truly what he meant by paying back his debt of gratitude?”

“If he simply wishes to repay you alone, then why would he bring up the talk about especially favouring Forgotten God Palace?”

“In the end, he simply knows of gratitude, but never thought about repaying it.”

“Ying Luo, calm down and think carefully. If he finds out that you have already resurrected, will he truly stand at your side without any hesitation?”

“Or should I ask, if he finds out about everything, will this sense of gratitude of his still exist?” Ying Luo sank into silence, and for a long while, she did not utter a single word, her brows deeply furrowed. Zhu Yao understood that it was impossible for her to think it through in such a short span of time. Wanting to completely overturn the faith of someone you had known for such a long time, let alone Ying Luo, even she herself would find it difficult as well.

If she heard from someone that her master or little wimp would treat her unfavourably, she would probably charge towards that person who started the rumours and give that person a sound beating.

Ying Luo simply keeping her silence was already a show of very good temper.

Ying Luo thus took an entire day to think it through. Only when the curtains of the night descended, did she finally come to look for Zhu Yao.

“I have pondered about it.” She regained her playful young lady look, and sent a slap right towards her back. “I know you have your reasonings, but I’m still unable to believe that is so. After all, I have yet to personally witness it, so I will still hold onto my trust. I won’t tell him the truth. I will first find the mystic artifacts before thinking about all these messy things.” Zhu Yao nodded. She understood that everyone had their own beliefs and principles.

“Furthermore!” She said with a tee-hee. “I haven’t had any developments with him, so it’s still too early to talk about all these. Haah, why is it so hard to find a hunk that is pleasing to the eye in this world?”

Zhu Yao patted on her shoulders, and said with a stern look. “You must believe that there’s still true love in this world. As long as you swing your hammer properly, there’s no wall that you can’t br… Ah pui! No, that’s not right. It’s, as long as you put in the effort, even an iron pestle can be sharpened into a needle.” Eh, why does it sound a little weird? “There’s still a large bunch of good hunks waiting for you.”

“You’re right.” She rubbed her own cheeks. “There’s  no reason for someone like me with flowery beautiful looks, to be incapable of finding a hunk!” She suddenly turned her head and sized Zhu Yao up. “You on the other hand, might be in danger.”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao threw her a kick. “Let’s hurry and head over to that whatever Fall Spirit Peak.” “Understood!”

In the day, they had already inquired about it. Fall Spirit Peak was a forbidden ground within Point Formation Clan, a place where even the clan disciples could not casually approach. Thus they could only wait till it was night before moving out. Zhu Yao had concealed herself to investigate the terrain earlier. The mountain was filled with formations, and on the  mountain peak, there was only a single tall building. Inside the building, it was concentrated with even more formations. The mystic artifact should be inside there.

Bringing Ying Luo along, they entered directly from the mountain rear, and they carefully evaded the countless formations along the way. Finally, after many difficulties, they arrived in front of the building.

The formations placed on the mountain were still at an acceptable level, but the formation placed on the  building’s gate, was the Heavenly Handle Descent Formation which Ding Chunqiu mentioned. It was constructed by the combination of several hundreds of formations of different sizes, and it was basically impossible to enter without spending a few days to dispel it. Zhu Yao studied it for a short while, and was uncertain what she should do. “Maybe, we can try that method we used before? Merging in a formation core on our own?” Ying Luo suggested.

“We can’t!” Zhu Yao shook her head. “This formation is different from the barrier back then. Though barriers are powerful, they only carry a single obstruction property. However, this formation is constructed with the combinations of several hundreds of formations in the first place. Just by pulling a single one of them would trigger the entire thing. With just the slightest change, it will immediately activate.” Though she, who possessed the cultivation of a Demigod, was not afraid of this formation, the alarm later would definitely attract the people from the various sects.

“Then what should we do?”

Chapter256: Got Tricked

“Let’s first look for a considerably weaker spot in the formation!” Since this formation was covering the entire building, then there would definitely be a backdoor, in other words, the weakest spot in the formation.

Zhu Yao thoroughly looked around the entire building, and then she heard Ying Luo sending a voice transmission from above her. “Over here!”

Riding on her sword, she flew up, and as expected, she saw a place at the rooftop which evidently had scarcer amount of spiritual energy compared to the rest. Though, that place had a Wind Chime Formation in place.

“Your granddaddy!” Ying Luo could not help but cuss out.

The Wind Chime Formation was different from the rest of the formations, as it seemingly did not carry any offensive properties. However, if the formation was triggered, it would release a loud chime-like sound.

If they were to enter from this place, it would be akin to the two of them telling the rest of the people that they were breaking in to steal the mystic artifact, and to have the guards come over.

“My girl Yu Yao, what do you think…” What do you think we should do?

“I recall that this building is made out of wood.” She suddenly spoke of something completely unrelated.

Ying Luo was stunned for a moment, and then she nodded. “That’s right.”

“Are you good with wood type mystic arts?”

“Not… I’m not bad with it.”

“Great then.” Zhu Yao said. “You just have to directly impart life into this wooden building and awaken all the wooden materials. Then, speed up their growth rate.”

“You’re saying…” Ying Luo’s eyes shone. Zhu Yao nodded. The defenses outside the building were very solid, making it difficult to enter from the outside. However, opening it from the inside was a different matter altogether. Since this building was constructed with wood in the first place, and the formation would not have any defenses prepared against the building itself, if the wooden materials within began to grow, then the formation would not be triggered. As long as the wooden building opened up an entrance on its own, then the formation would be akin to a dud.

However, this method could only be used by someone with the wood spirit vein. Even if her lightning spirit vein could convert spiritual energy, it would still carry a slight presence of lightning spiritual energy, which would be easily sensed by the formation. Ying Luo on the other hand had all five spirit veins, so it would be just right if she made the move instead.

Ying Luo cast a wood type mystic art, and circulated her spiritual energy. In but a few moments, saplings began to grow on the wooden materials on the entire rooftop, and they grew longer and more abundant as time went by, as they slowly gathered in their direction. They then began to intertwine with each other, forming a circular shape, which ended up turning into a passageway made by trees and wood. They directly stretched out from the rooftop, as though they had stretched open a hole right in the center of the formation. “It’s enough now, let’s go!” Ying Luo turned joyous, as she took the lead in flying inside.

Zhu Yao paused for a moment. She looked at the passage, and then at the terrifying formation that were still present below the entrance. She suddenly felt that everything had gone a little too easy. Was it just her imagination?

“My girl Yu Yao, hurry!” Ying Luo urged her from inside.

Suppressing the suspicion in the depths of her heart, Zhu Yao followed after her.

Because they entered from the rooftop, they arrived at the top floor the moment they arrived. Several spiritual swords were placed there, but none of them was their target mystic artifact. The two of them searched all the way down, and only when they reached the first floor did they see the dark green bamboo flute placed at the top of a pedestal. There were miasma constantly flowing around the flute, and golden coloured symbols could be faintly seen.

“Found it.” When Zhu Yao looked at that flute, the bad premonition in the depths of her heart grew even more intense. “I kind of feel that this has been a little too smooth-sailing.”

“Didn’t things go pretty smoothly with the previous mystic artifacts too?” Ying Luo said.

That’s true!

Ying Luo stepped forward. Just as she was about to take the flute, a formation suddenly flashed in her surroundings.

“Watch out!” Zhu Yao quickly reached out, instantly pulling her away. Four chains immediately appeared from the spot she was standing on earlier, rising into the air and wrapping around the center. If not because she had pulled her away quickly, Ying Luo would have already been chained up.

“This…” She was similarly stunned as well. While they were in the building, not a single formation ripple was felt the entire time. Just how did the formation here appear then?

“Hurry and dodge.” The four chains from earlier did not stop, and had instead come chasing in their direction.

Zhu Yao gave her a push, pushing her several meters away, before taking a step back on her own. Coincidentally, she backed up to the exit, and just as she was about to cast an art to restrict the four chains, Ying Luo suddenly shouted with a pale look.

“Yu Yao!”

Unable to react in time, Zhu Yao simply felt  something rushing towards her in the next instant, striking heavily on her back. The gate to the building had opened all of a sudden, and a large ray of red light shone, instantly brightening up the entire building. Zhu Yao puked out a large mouthful of blood, and simply felt a tingling noise resounding in her ears. The noise was especially piercing to the ears, constantly stirring one’s mind and soul.

Ying Luo could no longer endure it any longer, puking out blood.

“Girl!” Zhu Yao endured the pain, and just as was about to head over. A copper bell suddenly flew in, ear-piercing sounds endlessly rang out. Furthermore, that copper bell grew even larger, and in the next moment, it took up the entire floor. Zhu Yao had no choice but to fly out of the building, only to see the Nascent Soul practitioners of the various sects had long gathered outside, and leading them was Ding Chunqiu.

The hell, she just knew that this one called Ding Chunqiu was up to no good.

She finally figured out what felt amiss. The formations of the building were all used to prevent people from going in, but not preventing people from coming out. If the formations  were truly used to guard a mystic artifact, the defenses should not have been one-way only.

Ding Chunqiu had long designed it properly, and waited for them to send themselves to his doorsteps.

At the moment Zhu Yao flew out, the building had already collapsed. That copper bell flew out, and its height had already grown to that of an average human’s. The bell ringing reverberated, and that copper bell actually began to slowly turn transparent, revealing an absolute beauty dressed in an azure top and green skirt. “Girl!” Zhu Yao was stunned. When was she enclosed in the bell? And she had even reverted back to her original appearance.

“Ying Luo, it’s as he had said, she’s really that Ying Luo who once died!” Someone in the crowd exclaimed out.

“Then how could she possibly come back to life? Wasn’t her soul long scattered away?”

“What about that Devil? Did he come back to life as well?”

“Heavens, that woman over there can’t be a Devil, right?”

“It’s no wonder she wants to steal away the mystic artifact.”

“Everyone!” Ding Chunqiu suddenly shouted. “Ying Luo has already been bewitched by the Devil, and has turned into a Demoness! For the countless lives under the heavens, we definitely mustn’t let off these two servants of the Devil!”

When the crowd heard this, they fearfully pulled out their weapons one after another, and had expressions that looked as though they were preparing to go out with a bang.

Zhu Yao puked up blood from anger. She just knew that the moment the girl’s identity was exposed, these people would crowd together and attack her. If things were as usual, she really wouldn’t place these people in her eyes. However, her Dantian was instantly shattered by that strange copper bell earlier, it was already considerably good that she was still holding on.

“Yu Yao.” Ying Luo’s voice transmission suddenly rang in the depths of her heart. “Take the emerald bamboo flute and go! Remember what you promised me, and completely eliminate the Devil.”

The hell, girl, do you have to be such a saint!? Right now, the Devil is actually all you can think of? Those people are out to kill you, you know?

“I’m… someone who should have died long ago in the first place.” As though she knew what Zhu Yao was thinking, she said with a sunken voice. “Hurry and go, if your identity is exposed, it will influence Forgotten God Palace.” Zhu Yao turned to look at the flute in the ruin, and then turned to look at Ying Luo, who was trapped in the bell and was already being surrounded by the various sects. Gritting her teeth, she swung her sword and attacked one of the Nascent Soul practitioners that was approaching her.

She instantly summoned her sword intent.

A lightning phoenix instantly charged through the skies, and its sharp cries resounded through the clouds, completely suppressing the sounds of the copper bell. With a twist of her hand, the lightning phoenix charged towards the copper bell. With a crackling noise, a crack appeared on the copper bell.

She immediately flew over and reached her hand into the crack. Instantly, it felt as though her right arm was being pierced by millions of metal needles, causing her to be filled with unbearable pain. However, she had no choice but to hold on, as she desperately yanked out the girl Ying Luo. When she looked at her arm again, it had already been meshed with flesh and blood.

It really is motherf**king painful. Zhu Yao recalled her sword intent. With its wings wide open, the lightning phoenix suddenly turned and pounced straight towards the other practitioners. The lightning pressure that filled the sky, forced the crowd to kneel onto the ground one after another. Taking this opportunity, Zhu Yao pulled the girl, and flew wildly towards the east.

“Yu Yao, you shouldn’t have… saved me?” Ying Luo suddenly spoke.

“My ass!” Zhu Yao really wanted to turn around and spit all over her face. She no longer cared if she believed her not, and immediately said. “This old lady here shall tell you the truth now. I’m basically not here for whatever merit or whatever Devil, this old lady’s goal is to save your ass.”

“…” The girl was stunned.

After a long while…

“Yu Yao.”

“Mn?” “As I thought… You like me, right?”

“…” Don’t make me kick you off.”

In the first place, the spiritual energy in her body had pretty much scattered away due to her shattered Dantian, and then she forcefully summoned her sword intent earlier as well. As Zhu Yao wildly flew, she felt an unprecedented fatigue, and the spiritual energy in her body was seemingly about to deplete. After flying for a short while, she handed over the task of flying the sword to Ying Luo, but their speed had evidently slowed down.

But fortunately, there were no longer pursuers behind them. With the speed they were travelling at earlier, it was hard for the various sects to catch up.

“What’s that place in front?” Zhu Yao could faintly see a floating mountain in front of them, however, she could not understand why they wasn’t any spiritual energy drifting around its surroundings. On the mountain peak, a palace-like structure could be faintly seen.

“It’s that ancient ruin.” Ying Luo’s eyes brightened, as she explained. “It’s the one where the Devil resided in back then.”

“Let’s go in!” Zhu Yao was decisive. Not only was the final mystic artifact inside, due to it being related to the Devil, not many practitioners dared to approach it.

Ying Luo naturally understood her intentions, and instantly flew the sword into the palace.

That palace was extremely huge, and the surroundings were filled gigantic stone pillars that were at least three stories high. Ying Luo found a flat land and then placed her down. She pulled out a few Energy Restoring Pellets, and passed them to her.

“No need.” Zhu Yao shook her head. “My Dantian has shattered, medicinal pellets are basically useless now.”

Her hands trembled, and her expression was instantly a little pale. “Yu Yao…”

“I’m fine, it’s not the first time my Dantian has shattered anyway.” After having it shattered so many times, she was already used to it. Zhu Yao looked at her teary face, and glared at her. “Don’t look as though I’m going to die.”

“But…” Wouldn’t a practitioner die if his or her Dantian was shattered?

“Don’t worry, I can restore it.” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and then sat in a lotus position. She then casually added. “I never expected that copper bell to be that incredible either.”

“Yu Yao, I’m sorry.” Her expression grew even paler. A while later, she said. “That’s the Sealing Bell of Truth. It’s a…”

“God’s Artifact?”

“You knew?” She had a stunned look.

“I guessed.” Actually, she saw it back then. When that copper bell grew large, three black, bolded words were clearly written on it – ‘God’s Artifact 3’. However, the quality of this God’s Artifact was not as good as the previous ones, as it was instantly shattered by her sword intent. It was no wonder it did not have the word ‘bug’ on it.

Chapter257: Familiar Ancient Ruin

“The Sealing Bell of Truth is a God’s Artifact capable of seeing through all disguises, and it can even conceal its own presence.” Ying Luo turned to look at Zhu Yao, her face was filled with guilt. “That was my weapon in the past.”

“Then you gave it to Ding Chunqiu?” Zhu Yao asked.

Ying Luo looked down. “Because the God’s Artifact is in a life- bound contract with me, it should have been rendered unusable the moment I died. I should have long figured that following my revival, that God’s Artifact would naturally be brought back to life as well. He must have already seen through my identity the moment we first met back then.” She said with a slight ridiculing tone. “Back then, I bestowed him the God’s Artifact in order to protect him from being harmed by crooks. I never expected that he would use it against me in turn.”

“I already told you.” That ass was not a good person. Zhu Yao coldly snorted.

Ying Luo revealed a bitter smile. “You were right. Ever since we first met, everything you said came true. Be it the reaction of the masses, or…” Her voice suddenly sank incredibly low, as though she had lost all her vigour. Her pair of eyes were blank, and it sounded as though she was muttering to herself. “But, I did not believe them… nor did I want to believe them. I was bullied when I was young, and was shunned away while I was cultivating into a deity. When I finally managed to find a home of my own, I was disliked by my elder sister. Back then, I was still able to tell myself, that it’s fine as long as I have a clear conscience. When living in this world, everyone would start off being alone, and everyone would also leave alone in the end. So, even if I had to sacrifice my life to seal the Devil, I did not have any regrets. But… I don’t understand. I had clearly saved this world. I don’t wish for others to feel gratuitous in the depths of their hearts, but why did it end up attracting hatred instead? They didn’t even give me the opportunity to explain myself, and immediately ascertained my sin. Then, was everything I did… right, or wrong? I only seek a clear conscience, so why are others, who clearly do things that go against their own conscience, able to stay safe and sound? And just for what reason have I returned to this world?”

She suddenly went silent, and her eyes were slowly exuding emotions of despair.

“Ying Luo.” Zhu Yao grabbed onto her hands. “You still have me, I believe you.” She was startled for a moment. After blanking for a short while, she finally smiled and nodded her head heavily. “That’s right, I still have you!”

A long while later…

“Yu Yao.”


“As I thought, you have been coveting my beauty, right?”


“Aiya, just honestly admit it already! Though this goes against the order of the world, we have both turned into two rats that had crossed the street. Why don’t we make do with it? I won’t despise you!”

“But this old lady despises you, alright? Back when you first reincarnated, your mouse pointer trembled too much and you ended up clicking on the wrong gender, didn’t you?” “Mouse pointer? What’s that? I’m serious. If you don’t choose me, you will be alone for the rest of your life.”

“This old lady already has a man, so scram!”

“Aaaaah! That’s impossible, you don’t even have any breasts.”

You’re the one without breasts, your entire family do not have breasts.

“Ying Luo!”


“The reason why your elder sister, the former Palace Master, did not like you, could it be because you had some indecent thoughts of her?”


 Zhu Yao adjusted herself for a while, before calmly going into meditation and restoring her Dantian. Taking a deep breath, she slowly released her own sword intent. A white phoenix slowly flew out of her body, and with its gigantic wings spread open, it tightly wrapped about her body.

The spiritual energy in her body instantly quietened down. She then proceeded to guid them bit by bit towards the location of her Dantian, and slowly began to restore it, filling and polishing the shattered spots with spiritual energy over and over again. After she was finally able to form its basic structure, she then guided spiritual energy into it.

However, the moment spiritual energy entered it, the Dantian which was fixed earlier, like an easily breakable chicken egg, once again shattered apart. The spiritual energy she accumulated through sheer difficulty instantly went out of control, and chaos appeared within various parts of her body.


Zhu Yao puked out a mouthful of blood.

“Yu Yao!” Ying Luo was startled, as she woke up from her trance state. Her injuries were not light either, however, she could no longer bother about healing her own injuries as she looked at Zhu Yao with a worried look. “How are you?”

“Impossible!” Zhu Yao was frightened by her own condition. Nothing was wrong with her method though? Everything was conducted according to her master’s instructions, and this was not the first she fixed it either, so fixing it was not impossible. However, why was the spiritual energy in her body flowing out even faster than before, to the point where spiritual energy would scatter the moment they entered her body?

She once again went into meditation and tried two more times. However, she realized that her situation remained the same. Her Dantian could not be fixed at all.

Zhu Yao was a little confused.

“My Dantian can’t be restored anymore…”

This was illogical. Could that God’s Artifact be part of the reason? However, she clearly could not sense any anomaly within her body. Ying Luo frowned, as she was unable to think of anything in such a short time either. “Don’t worry, slow and steady. This place is very safe, you can have some rest for now.”

Zhu Yao nodded, and then she tried several more times, only to land in the exact same situation. If this persisted,  her spiritual energy would only continue to deplete. Right now, she had no choice but to end everything quickly. She cast an art to seal a few of her meridians, preventing spiritual energy from flowing out too quickly.

“Girl, are your injuries better now?”

“About half of them have healed.” She said with a low voice.

“Good, then let’s first search for the final mystic artifact.”

“But, your injuries…”

“We can talk after finding it.” Zhu Yao stood up and walked into the depths of the ruin. After pondering for a moment, she pulled out the Metal Spirit, and had it sense the concrete location of the mystic artifact. This time, the Metal Spirit leapt onto the ground, and then rolled towards a certain direction.


“It found the place.” Zhu Yao glanced at Ying Luo, and then hurriedly followed after it.

The braziers in the surroundings began to light up, brightening up the entire palace. A stone door appeared not too far away, and the top of door was further than the eyes could see.

“Yu Yao, this ruin is dangerous.” Ying Luo said with a stern look. “The place behind this door is filled with even more dangers, with formations that could send people to various terrifying boundaries. Back then, I was transferred to a dark forest filled with countless ferocious beasts.”

It’s that terrifying? Even Zhu Yao’s heart could not help but skip a beat.

“Chick chick chick…” The Metal Spirit seemed to have gotten tired of waiting, as it bounced a few times on the ground.

“No matter the case, let’s first take a look inside.” Zhu Yao took a step forward and reached out her hand to touch the door. As expected, in the next moment, a teleportation  formation next to the door shone.

Ying Luo was still endlessly admonishing her actions when Zhu Yao directly pulled her into the formation. The scenery before her eyes then changed.

“This ruin is intricate and complicated. Though the Metal Spirit is guiding us, finding that mystic artifact definitely won’t be that ea… Ehhhh!?”

She suddenly widened her eyes and stared at the pitch-black dagger on the table in front of her. She was utterly speechless for a moment.

How was this possible? Previously, she had to risk her life entering here. Yet this time, putting aside how they did not encounter any danger, they even found the mystic artifact the moment they entered? “Yu Yao, I’m not seeing things, right?”

Neither did Zhu Yao expect that they would find the mystic artifact so easily. The moment they teleported, they were sent right in front of the dagger, it was simply too much of a pleasant surprise. “It’s probably because we were guided by the Metal Spirit.”

She pointed at a certain rock which had already leapt onto the table and was planning to push the dagger off it.

Ying Luo reluctantly accepted this answer.

“Chick…” The Metal Spirit suddenly sounded out, and that black dagger instantly flew over. Zhu Yao casually pulled open her storage pouch, yet, that dagger paused for a moment, before turning and flying towards Ying Luo instead.

Uh… It couldn’t be, right? The Metal Spirit had actually changed its target of affection this quickly.

“Chick…” It suddenly called out again. Three mystic artifacts instantly flew out of the storage pouch, and they then headed towards Ying Luo as well.

“Chick chick chick chick…” Only then did it roll back to her. As though it had encountered something that was worth being happy about, it joyfully circled around her and made endless “chick” noises.

Chick chick, the mistress is now mine. Chick chick. All of you mystic artifacts, scram. Chick chick…

Zhu Yao: “…”

Ying Luo who was buried under the mystic artifacts: “…”

“Girl… You should hold onto those four mystic artifacts for now.” She felt that if she carried them with her, they would one day be smashed apart by the Metal Spirit.

Ying Luo nodded before keeping them.

She scanned her surroundings for a moment, and realized that this was a stone chamber. Placed at the center were only a table and a chair, making it look like a study room. Diagrams of phoenixes were faintly engraved on the table. However, strangely, there actually wasn’t a single book lying around.

Zhu Yao touched the diagrams on the table, and felt that she had seen them before somewhere.

“Yu Yao, that teleportation formation had already disappeared. How are we going to get back?” Ying Luo said.

“Since there’s a formation that teleports us here, then naturally there will be one that teleports us out.” This stone chamber was actually not locked, so they directly walked out and began looking for an exit. Outside the chamber was a passageway, and on the sides of the passage were a few similar stone chambers. “Let’s look around for now. Be careful.”

This was after all an ancient ruin, so they could not let their guard down. Zhu Yao directly had the girl Ying Luo place down defensive barriers, before opening the door to a stone chamber.

“Wa, there’s so many clothes.” Ying Luo exclaimed out. Walking in, what entered their eyes were clothes of various colours, which filled up the entire room. Some were neatly stacked in the cabinet, while some were scattered all around. “It seems like the owner of this ruin was a woman.”

Zhu Yao nodded. She casually swiped up a piece, and looked at it carefully. The piece of clothing was pink, its size was about hers, and similarly, the familiar phoenix diagram was embroidered on the sleeves. Compared to other clothes, the sleeves of these clothes were especially short, as their openings had only stopped at her wrist. Though, she was a little used to such designs. She had always felt that the sleeves of ancient robes were bothersome, and were not as convenient as the straight sleeves of modern clothes. Thus, whenever her master gave her clothes, she would pull back the sleeves.

A strange sensation flashed in the depths of her heart. She never expected that someone else other than her would have such habits as well.

“My girl Yu Yao! Quick, over here!” Ying Luo stretched out her head from another stone chamber, and waved her hand at Zhu Yao with an excited look.

“What is it?” She walked over. The girl pushed her inside. “Hurry and look, there are many things of various colours here.”

When Zhu Yao took a glance, she saw the room was placed with a few dozen large crates, and each single one of them was filled with various types of dried fruits. There were also what looked like formations used for preservation cast atop the crates, which prevented these fruits from receiving any sort of influence after so many years, and still emitted a tempting aroma.

“They smell so good.” Ying Luo wiped away her saliva. “I wonder what they are?”

“Dried fruits.” Zhu Yao replied.

“Dried fruits!” Ying Luo’s eyes shone. “Doesn’t that mean they can be eaten?” As she said that, she picked up a purple dried fruit and bit on it, only to let out a scream the next instant. “Aiya.”

That dried fruit suddenly burned with purple flames, and she flung it onto the ground with trembling hands. Half of sleeves were even burnt away. The girl looked as though she was about to cry. “What happened to the promise that it can be eaten?”

“Your method was wrong.” Zhu Yao sighed. She stepped forward and similarly picked one up. Forcefully pinching it, the purple shell instantly shattered, revealing a deep purple kernel, and passed it to her. “The shell of this dried fruit will ignite if it touches water. The kernel inside can be eaten.”

Ying Luo took it curiously. “There’s actually such  a mysterious dried fruit. What is it called?”

“Purple Flame Fruit.” Zhu Yao said.

“Then what about this?” She pointed at the crate of snow- white dried fruits at the side.

“Snow Will.”

Then she picked up another red one. “This?”

“Soft Red.” “Woah…” She had a stunned look. “My girl Yu Yao, you’re so incredible. How do you know all these? I have never seen these dried fruits before.”

“How is that possible? Don’t joke around, aren’t these often stored by the Phoenix Clan…” Her words once again paused halfway through, and her eyes fiercely widened. A daring conjecture suddenly emitted from the depths of her heart, causing her to fluster instantly.

“Eh? There’s an especially big crate at the center.” Ying Luo held onto one crate with one hand, and then leapt closer to the big crate. “This crate is so big, I wonder what’s placed in it?”

Zhu Yao raised her head to take a look. As expected, a phoenix with spread wings was also engraved on the crate, but that beautiful phoenix body lacked a feathered tail. In an instant, the answer was revealed in the depths of her heart.

Ying Luo had already torn open the crate lid, and instantly, a golden light emitted from within. Plump golden seeds of various sizes filled the entire crate.

“Melon seeds, and they’re golden!” Ying Luo exclaimed. Zhu Yao simply felt hard to breathe, as her pair of legs powerlessly took two steps back. Diagrams of phoenixes, clothes with unique sleeves, and various types of dried fruits. All the clues lined up together.

This ruin…

“My girl Yu Yao, what happened to you?” Seeing that she had suddenly turned pale, Ying Luo hurriedly crawled out with a shocked look. “Has your injuries worsened?”

“I know who’s the owner of this ruin.”

“Ahhh?” Ying Luo was a little dumbfounded. “Who is it?”

Zhu Yao did not reply, as she turned around and left through the door, heading towards the end of the passageway.

“Ehhh… Yu Yao, wait, wait for me.” Ying Luo chased after her.

However, her jog turned into a sprint, as the sour feeling in the depths of her heart burst out, carrying an anxiety that she found hard to suppress. Those things, the things in the rooms, were things she was  too  familiar  with.  Too  familiar  to  the extent where, with a single glance, she was able to guess  that those things were prepared for her. And, there was only one person who would go this far.

She ran for about seven minutes, before she managed to reach the very depths of the palace. In front of her was a stone door of several dozen meters in height, and above the stone door engraved a gigantic tree. Its roots touched the ground, and its leaves shrouded the sky, as though it was connected between the entire sky and earth.

Parasol Tree, the habitat of phoenixes.

“Yu Yao.” Ying Luo caught up to her. “A dead  end?”  She looked carefully at the door. “There seems to be a word activation seal on the door, and only a specific incantation can open it.”

Zhu Yao raised her head to look at the tree. It was both familiar, and foreign to her. Heaving a deep sigh, she lightly called out. “Shao Bai.” When her voice fell, the door suddenly rumbled, before slowly opening itself. A fragrant scent instantly poured towards them, as a world of flowers was revealed before their eyes.

Chapter258: How About Becoming My Master?

It seemed to be a place that was carefully cultivated. Its surroundings were planted with various fruit trees and the ground was a sea of flowers, and a man was floating at the very center of the sea of flowers. Dressed in snow-white clothes, he possessed an appearance with peerless charm, and the corners of his lips stretched into a smile, as though with a single glance of him, one would feel the warmth of spring.  Presently however, his eyes were tightly shut, as if he had fallen into deep slumber.

Zhu Yao walked into the place a step at a time. With every single step, her heart would sink a little, and a thin sensation of pain would spread throughout her entire body. Her mouths opened a few times, before she was able to find back her own voice. Before she voiced out anything however, she let out a sigh. “Shao Bai…”

Strangely, gusts of wind suddenly blew. The soft winds blew through the entire realm, and petals fluttered throughout the entire sky. Under the falling petals, the man’s figure, as though it was being dispersed by the wind, slowly disappeared without a trace. How could she not have thought that the owner of this ruin would actually be Shao Bai? Back then when he crossed through the Heavenly World Crossing Door, he must had arrived in this world, and then he built a place like this.

The things in those rooms must had been prepared for her. Unfortunately, she came a little too late. The things still remained, but he was no longer here. The injuries he received when crossing through the Heavenly World Crossing Door back then must had been really severe. In the beginning, she sent him inside in order to save his life, however, she never expected that things did not go as she wished.

“My girl Yu Yao…” Ying Luo glanced at her a little carefully, and hesitantly said. “You… know that Ancient God from earlier?”

Zhu Yao took in a deep breath before she was finally able to suppress the hurtful feelings in the depths of her heart. She then nodded heavily and said. “Mn, that was my elder brother.”

“Ah?” The Ancient God is your elder brother? There must be something wrong with my listening method. “Enough, let’s leave.” Zhu Yao waved her hands. Shao Bai was now Yue Ying. He was gone for a long time now.

They directly passed through the flower patches in front of their eyes. According to Shao Bai’s habits, “the teleportation formation should be over there somewhere.”

As expected, not long after, they found a teleportation formation next to a large rock.

Ying Luo was completely dumbstruck, as she sized Zhu Yao up. “Yu Yao, I kind of believe you’re a God now. In the ruin of an Ancient Highgod, putting aside how we did not encounter a single danger, you even know where the teleportation formations are.”

“He’s not an Ancient God.” Zhu Yao corrected.


“The owner of this ruin is a phoenix of the God Race.” “…”

Zhu Yao took the first step forward in entering the formation, and said as she turned around. “We already have four mystic artifacts now. Once all five have been gathered and the Devil is dealt with, there’s no longer a need for you to go around hiding with me.”

She giggled and followed after her. “Hope so.”

I really hope tomorrow will really go as perfect as we wish.

She had once heard that one must always have dreams, because if things couldn’t come true in real life, then one would just have to dream about it!

Zhu Yao really did not expect that once someone started to become unlucky, that person’s teeth could even fall off just by drinking water.

That teleportation formation was really great, and furthermore, the range of the formation was fast, far, and precise. It directly transferred them… into the encirclement of the various sects and clans.

Dozens of Nascent Soul practitioners and countless Azoth Core practitioners surrounded them in several layers.

Leading them, was naturally the Ding Chunqiu who had gone on about paying back the gratitude he received.

That’s why, everyone with that name definitely could not be a good person.

“They came out from the ruin. As expected, only the Devils can…”

“Clan Master Ding was right. Their hearts and wills have been bewitched by the Devil.”

“Could the Devil have resurrected as well?” “Ying Luo can’t possibly be a spy for the Devil ever since the beginning, right?”

“We can’t allow the Devil to bring chaos to the world.”

“They have already turned into Devils!”

The crowd was in a panic, but still, every single one of them drew their weapons, looking as though they were planning to risk their lives in a gamble.

“We are not Devils!” Ying Luo loudly said. “And neither is the Devil’s seal broken. The reason why we’re gathering the five mystic artifacts is to eliminate the Devil once and for all.”

“Since the Devil’s seal is not broken, isn’t finding the five mystic artifacts again superfluous?” Ding Chunqiu took a step forward, looked at the two of them, before speaking with a sullen voice. “Hall Mistress Ying Luo. You claim that you’re not a Devil, then I dare ask how did you come back to life? If the soul of a common person were to split into five, even if the pieces are able to gather once again, resurrection is still impossible. In this world, other than Devils, just who else possess such power to resurrect from the dead?” Ying Luo frowned, as she looked at Ding Chunqiu a little suspiciously. “Clan Master Ding, whether I’m a Devil or not, as the person who possesses that bell, you should be even more aware of the truth than I am.” That God’s Artifact was in a life- bound contract with her. If she had turned into a Devil, the bell, as a God’s Artifact, couldn’t possibly be activated.

Ding Chunqiu’s expression changed, but it immediately recovered right after. Carrying a hint of anger, he  said.  “A bunch of nonsense. How would I be aware of your affairs?”

“Clan Master Ding, haven’t you always been saying that Hall Mistress Ying Luo is your benefactor?” Zhu Yao said with a cold smile. “Is this how you repay her?”

With the same righteous look, he said. “It’s exactly because she’s my benefactor, I’m unwilling to see her walk in the Devil’s path.”

“Devil’s path?” Zhu Yao continued. “As the descendant of a God Race, she resurrected in the sacred pond, and it’s also exactly because the sacred pond is engraved with ancient formations, which converted her soul into a living  soul, allowing her to reawaken. Could it be that Clan Master Ding thinks that what the Forgotten God Palace had been passing down for millions of years, was the Devil’s path?”

When her voice fell, some of the crowd began to look at each other.

A hint of fluster flashed past Ding Chunqiu’s face. Sending a crusade against Ying Luo was something he brought up, if the crowd was to be convinced now, then Point Formation Clan’s reputation would definitely plummet. Right now, there was no turning back. No matter what, these two had to die here and now.

“Even if you two aren’t Devils, You two must have ill intentions for breaking into Point Formation Clan  and gathering the five mystic artifacts. No matter what, for the countless lives under the heavens, we cannot forgive the two of you.”

Ying Luo instantly turned furious. “Hmph, what countless lives under the heavens? In the end, you people simply can’t get used to seeing me alive.”

“The resurrection Hall Mistress Ying Luo will naturally bring joy to our hearts.” The killing intent in Ding Chunqiu’s eyes flashed. “But that if it’s only the true Hall Mistress, the Hall Mistress whom everyone admires for sacrificing herself to save the world. Unfortunately, she can never return again. While you’re but a demoness who had been bewitched by the Devil.”

Zhu Yao coldly laughed. From the intentions behind his words, he would only recognize the dead, but not the living.

“My ass!” Ying Luo was trembling with anger.  “If  we’re talking about becoming Devils, Ding Chunqiu, you’re the true Devil here.”

“Everyone, there’s no need to speak anymore with them.” Ding Chunqiu turned around to face the various sects, and said. “For the countless lives under the heavens, we must not let these two leave here today. Otherwise, once the Devil breaks out from the seal, then things will truly be irreparable.”

After saying that, he had already grasped onto his sword and charged over.

With someone taking the lead, the rest naturally summoned their own spiritual swords and attacked the two of them. Ying Luo carried Zhu Yao and hurriedly retreated a few steps back, while Zhu Yao placed down a defensive barrier. However, one of them was seriously injured with a shattered Dantian and unstable spiritual energy, while the other was half-crippled with half of her spiritual energy expended. As a sea of people came attacking, they could do nothing more than simply dodge and evade.

“What do we do?” Ying Luo blocked the attack of a Nascent Soul practitioner, and transmitted her voice.

Zhu Yao gnashed her teeth. “There’s no other way now. Ying Luo, do you have those four mystic artifacts?”


“First release their seals, then escape as far as possible.”

Ying Luo was stunned for a moment, and her eyes fiercely widened. “You’re saying…”

“That’s right, with Ding Chunqiu’s personality, he definitely would not believe anyone else. The final mystic artifact is definitely somewhere on his body. “Zhu Yao said with a sunken voice. “I will restrict him in a moment. You  take  the opportunity to release the seals.”

She sank into silence for a moment, before nodding her head.

A Nascent Soul practitioner materialized countless of spiritual swords, and attacked the two of them. Zhu Yao pushed Ying Luo away, took a deep breath, and released her pressure as Demigod in a flash. In an instant, all the practitioners stopped their movements. Some had even fallen off the sky, puking out large amount of blood as they laid on the ground, unable to move.

“Demi… Demigod practitioner.” The crowd revealed shocked expressions one after another.

However, Zhu Yao was barely able to hold on. Even if it was just releasing her pressure, the pain brought by the chaos within her body was already making it hard for her to breathe. Her meridians felt as though they were being torn apart inch by inch, but she had no choice but to grit her teeth and hold on, as she said with a sunken voice. “Girl, now!”

Ying Luo had already begun to cast an art. Golden sealing formations rose from her fingertips, and just as she was about to release them.

Behind her, a black figure suddenly appeared, and he slashed his sword straight down. “I really have to thank you for the God’s Artifact you gave me.”

The hell, that trash!

“Ying Luo!” Zhu Yao exclaimed out. Pushing aside  all thoughts, she immediately circulated the spiritual energy in her entire body and summoned her sword intent. With her fastest speed, she attacked in the direction where the girl was.

By a hair’s breadth, she directly smashed away the trash who snuck up on Ying Luo, and he fell onto the ground puking out a mouthful of blood. From his body, a copper bell rang as it rolled out, shattering in the next moment. Evidently, he had used that copper bell earlier to evade her pressure.


Zhu Yao could no longer hold on, as blood flowed out profusely from the corner of her lips. The pressure of a Demigod disappeared at this moment as well. With both her spiritual and physical powers overused, her cultivation began to regress extremely quickly.

“Yu Yao!” Ying Luo’s expression paled.

A hint of loss flashed past her eyes. She looked at Zhu Yao who was at her dying breath, then turned to look at Ding Chunqiu who was on the ground, along with the crowd from various sects who had already begun to crawl up, with faces that looked as if they wanted to rip their corpses into thousand pieces.

She twisted her fingers, increasing the speed of spiritual energy circulation. The seal was immediately released, and the four mystic artifacts in her storage pouch flew out at the same time. The mystic artifact next to Ding Chunqiu flew out as well, and the five mystic artifacts soared towards the sky. They circled above the sky twice, before crackling noises began to sound out.

The five mystic artifacts shattered at the same time. Devilish aura blasted through the skies, spiraling in mid-air. The sky instantly darkened, and sinister winds began to blow, giving people bone-piercing chills. The trees in the surroundings instantly began to wilt as well, and terrifying ear- piercing cries filled the entire world.

“Devil. The Devil has resurrected.”

“Dear heavens, this world is doomed.”

“What do we do? What do we do? We’re all going to die, we’re all going to die…”

The crowd was instantly thrown into a state of panic, and none still remembered to capture the two of them. There were even a few of them who had already flown far away to escape.

Zhu Yao took in a deep breath, and forced herself to stay conscious.

She was already on the last step. Everything would be fine as long as she used the Devil Smiting Inscription. No matter what, she could not fail here. “Girl, leave this place, don’t turn back.”

Ying Luo was stunned, as she turned to look at Zhu Yao.

“Why are you still standing around? Hurry and go!”

“Where to?” She suddenly asked.

“Wherever is fine, live on properly. Leave the Devil to me.”

She blanked for a moment, before asking her again. “Yu Yao, after eliminating the Devil, will I really be able to return to my former life?”


She smiled, as though she had already received her answer. “You see. Before the Devil had even appeared, already, they could not tolerate my existence. Even if we managed to deal with the Devil now, later on in the future, they might place the next, or even the next, next sin on my shoulders. Yu Yao, the true Devil isn’t here, but in the hearts the people.” “You… can leave. Hide far, far away. As long as you’re alive, there’s still hope.”

“Live?” She still stood there unmoving, her eyes began to turn misty, and she suddenly spoke. “So what if I’m alive? Yu Yao, I really can’t understand, just what have I done wrong? I have never let this world down, not even the tiniest bit. But why must people of this world treat me this way?”

She suddenly took a step forward, and a golden imprint suddenly shone between her hands.

“Don’t do anything silly!” Zhu Yao grew anxious, puking out several mouthfuls of blood. Her vision had already begun to blur.

However, she suddenly smiled. Her smile carried immense joy. She possessed peerless beauty in the first place, and with a single smile, it was as if the world had lost its colours. “Yu Yao, in this lifetime of mine, I never knew what hope is, because I never had it. But, you taught me that… Thank you. When even the entire world has betrayed me, you still stood unwaveringly by my side. But… I’m really tired, and I don’t wish for this to continue any longer. I have never done anything that goes against my conscience, and I don’t wish to continue living under a conspiracy either.”

The speed of her hands were quick, and the light of the Devil Smiting Inscription faintly began to shine. Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. The girl was going to risk her life. Zhu Yao wanted to cast an art to stop her from activating it, but just as she was about to stand up, something rang in her ears.


In an instant, she realized she could no longer move. Her entire body felt as if it had been petrified, as though it did not belong to her.

The hell! Girl, stop now!

She wanted to shout out loud, yet, it felt as if she had lost the rights to control her body, and was unable to open her mouth.

The hell. Realmspirit, what the hell are you doing?

Zhu Yao was burning with anxiety, yet, all she could do was watch the light in the girl’s hands growing brighter and brighter. As she smiled, she spoke her final words, sounding both grateful and regretful.

“Yu Yao, thank you. If possible, I really wish I can call you my master.”

In the next moment, an eye-piercing light scattered towards the surroundings. Like a shockwave, it spread throughout the entire world. The stagnant devilish energy immediately disappeared without a trace.

The scene before her eyes began to shake, becoming unreal like a canvas, as though her soul was being twisted within her. Her vision suddenly distorted.

The scene changed. She had returned back to sea of flowers within the scenario. That dishevelled, horrid-looking woman who was covered in resentment, once again appeared in front of her. Her body was filled with scars that looked as though she had been ripped apart.

Filled with desolateness and despair, she was still asking the same question, over and over again. “Why… Why…” Zhu Yao simply felt her heart aching, the fear she had before had disappeared. She unconsciously took a step forward and pulled onto the woman’s hand. Tears could not help but fall.


The girl who was still roaring out earlier, suddenly blanked. The resentment surrounding her body stopped spreading at this moment as well. As she slowly raised her head, within her cloudy eyes, clarity began to surface.

“Yu Yao?”

She nodded strongly.

The resentment surrounding her body suddenly began to disappear, in but a few moments, it had already disappeared from sight, and even the scars on her body had disappeared without a trace. She once again reverted back to that woman with peerless beauty. Revealing a smile, the sea of flowers in their surroundings instantly bloomed, and she softly mumbled. “Master…” In the next moment, her figure grew faint, and finally, disappeared from sight. Even the sea of flowers was gone. The surroundings had turned into a familiar darkness.

Chapter259: History Can’t Be Altered


A QQ chat window popped out.

She simply heard celebratory noises, as the entire screen began to shoot out fireworks.

Realmspirit: Congratulations, young maiden. You have successfully eliminated 1x resentment. You have opened the door to a brand-new world, you know.

Zhu Yao’s heart was feeling unbearably stifling, as the flames of fury which she had been suppressing with all her might began to sizzle and explode. “What was that just now? I clearly could have saved her, so why was I unable to move all of a sudden? Why was I unable to repair of Dantian? Don’t think I’m unaware they’re all your doings. I heard that notification bell.”

Realmspirit: Uh… Young maiden. You must know that we were on a tight schedule this time, so having some defects in the product quality should be understandable. You can just treat it as a one-use avatar, so it’s very natural for it to be unrestorable! Zhu Yao glared at him. “Don’t use such reasonings to confuse me. Tell me the truth.”

Realmspirit: Young maiden, the past can’t be altered.

“The past?” Zhu Yao was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Realmspirit: Young maiden, resentment truly exists. The reason why history is called history, is because it can’t be altered. You must know that though you have returned to the past, the things that you can alter are limited. When there’s a cause, there will also be an effect. You can alter the process, but not the result. Ying Luo is destined to die at that time, this is history. If everything changes, the butterfly effect produced will be immeasurable.

“Then what about back then?” Zhu Yao continued to ask. “During the time disruption back then, there weren’t any problems, were there?” Back then when she reincarnated into a Black Tortoise, didn’t she participate in a prologue as well?

Realmspirit: Then how are you so certain that everything you have experienced, aren’t the results caused by a butterfly effect? “…” Zhu Yao was stunned. She suddenly thought of Shao Bai, and Yue Ying.

Realmspirit: My friend, you weren’t able to understand, because you first experienced the ‘effects’, before finding the ‘causes’. It’s exactly because you opened the Heavenly World Crossing Door in the beginning and saved the God Races, were you then able to encounter those incidents later on.

“From what you’re saying, if we’re using a timeline to explain, my first quest was actually that time with the God Races?”

Realmspirit: (Sprinkle flowers) Let me give you thirty-two thumbs-up.

She was feeling a little stifling in the depths of her heart. Though they were together for a long time, she had truly regarded that girl Ying Luo as a good girl friend. She had always believed that she would be able to save her, and she was there on the quest exactly because of this reason as well. However, she never expected that Realmspirit would tell her that Ying Luo’s death was pre-determined, and could not be altered.

“Then why did you let me make this trip?” He first gave her hope, then denied her completely. This was really too cruel.

The screen was silent for a short while, before Realmspirit typed out the next line.

Realmspirit: Because I believed that you’re able to eliminate resentment and save the Three Realms.

Realmspirit: Yao Yao, why don’t you think in another perspective? Because of your appearance, Ying Luo was able to receive a bond of friendship, and you became the only spot of light in her tragic life. And it was exactly because of this spot of light, she did not have to despair after her death and resentment was no longer born. Resentment has always been birthed from resentment, hatred, unwillingness and other negative emotions of people while they were alive. Due to bearing high hopes, their disappointment ended up as despair. This is why resentment is undying and indestructible. This entire time, I have been looking for a method to destroy it, but to no avail. However, you found it.

Realmspirit: Being unwilling to be ordinary is human nature in the first place. Giving hope to despair, is the method to destroy resentment. Yao Yao, you were the one helped me find this answer. You must know that resentment is birthed from people, and it and a human soul are a single entity in the first place. Even if resentment is being suppressed by the River of Forgetfulness, being forcefully separated from the souls of people, in the end, resentment is still part of a soul. This is also why resentment is undying and indestructible. If the soul is undying, then resentment is indestructible. Souls with resentment suppressed are incomplete entities in the first place. Even after reincarnating, with such thin souls, naturally, their lucks would be frail. Most of them merely live their lives as cannon fodder.

Realmspirit: Speaking from another point of view, you have eliminated Ying Luo’s resentment, which ended up restoring her soul entity. In her next life, she will no longer be mere cannon fodder.

“But, in the end, I was still unable to save her. So what if she has a next life? In her next life, or even the one after that, she will no longer be Ying Luo.” She couldn’t understand. Shouldn’t good things happen to good people? Why did someone like this girl still end up becoming a bug-like existence? She had clearly done no wrong, while those people filled with vile intentions could still reign supreme, grasp the Dao and become deities.

“Young maiden…” A sunken male voice suddenly rang out, and it faintly carried a hint of fatigue. Realmspirit finally abandoned the chat window and spoke. “You must know that this is also the girl Ying Luo’s own choice. In that situation, even if she survives, she might not have lived a better life than her next lifetime.”

“But if a soul with suppressed resentment reincarnates, doesn’t that person’s luck become weak, and can only end up becoming cannon fodder?” Zhu Yao glared at the screen. “How can her next life be any better?”

“Initially, yes. But young maiden, you have already eliminated her resentment. This way, her soul has already been perfected.”

“What do you mean?” I don’t understand.

The screen window rang out, and suddenly, a video interface popped out.

On the screen, a gentle female practitioner was currently hugging onto a female infant, coaxing her softly. Naturally, that female infant was Ying Luo’s reincarnation, and the  woman who was hugging her looked a little familiar. For a moment, she was unable to recall where she had seen her before. “My wife, it has been hard on you.” Suddenly the door was pushed open, and a figure dressed in white hurriedly walked over. “Let me see our child.” As he said that, he carried the female infant. He then turned around and raised his head, revealing a familiar middle-aged face.

“Zi Mo!” Zhu Yao widened her eyes as she took a step forward. And she was wondering why that woman looked so familiar. She was actually Zi Mo’s wife. Then the female infant in his arms was…

“Little radish is Ying Luo!”

“Congratulations, you got it right!”

“How… How is that possible.” Zhu Yao was a little confused.

“Young maiden, have you forgotten what Ying Luo told you before she died?”

Zhu Yao was startled. “She  said… she wanted to call me…” The hell, she had really become her master. “Zhu Yao, this is why I said history can’t be altered. If Ying Luo didn’t die, then she wouldn’t have reincarnated into little radish, then you two naturally wouldn’t have the bond of master and disciple.”

Zhu Yao frowned, however, she was still unable to accept it completely. “In other words, little radish’s soul was incomplete in the beginning?”

“Right. Initially, her luck was weak, and would have been taken over when she turns twenty. However, because you accepted her as your disciple, it was prevented.”

After thinking about it, little radish’s initial life was truly the life of a cannon fodder.

“So, you don’t have to feel guilty for being unable to save Ying Luo. It was all her own decision. No matter how well you do, she will still make the same decision in the end. Even if you insist on saving her, the result might not have been better, and it might even cause Yu Luo to disappear.”

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh, as the frustration in the depths of her heart dispersed a little. Raising her head, she looked at the chat window which was no longer being updated, and smiled. “So you’re finally willing to speak?”

“Aiya. Aren’t I doing it all for you?” He cheaply replied. “I was afraid that the young maiden would think of doing some silly things. Haah. For your sake, I really have broken my own heart.”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Rolling her eyes, she said. “Stop acting cheap, aren’t you at fault for everything here? In the end, I still don’t even know how you look like?”

“Young maiden, you wish to see me?” His voice raised.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. “Eh!? Can I!?”

“If you wanted to see me, just say so. I have long known that young maiden has been coveting my beautiful looks.”

Coveting your sister!

“Alright then! Since you have already requested it so sincerely, coming out to see you for a moment isn’t that much trouble.”

“You’re serious!?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

The QQ chat window which had not been updated in this short while suddenly flashed, disappearing in an instant. An orb-like figure suddenly appeared in mid-air, looking all round and smooth. Just as Zhu Yao was thinking that he was a fatty, that figure suddenly grew clearer, revealing a snow-white belly. Its back was as black as ink, and its four limbs were small to the point of being hardly visible. Its mouth was a pointy yellow, and circling around its neck was a red scarf. It was a gigantic… QQ Penguin1.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Why is it a penguin, hey!? Just how much do you love Tencent!?

“Young maiden, how is it?” That penguin winked at her, looking all complacent as it said. “Isn’t my image very refreshing?” “Your sister’s refreshing!” Just which part of it  was refreshing? “What are you doing transforming into something like that?”

“Aiya, I simply felt that I would feel more  intimate like  this.” It scratched its penguin head with a shy look.

“…” Which part of it is intimate? It’s more like seeing a ghost, alright?

“Don’t you have the impulse to charge some q-coins2 into me?”


“You don’t like it?” It supported its head and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, it pulled out a red bowtie out of nowhere, and stuck it on its head. “How about now? After turning into its female version, do you have any thoughts of charging q-coins now?” Even his voice had automatically turned into a female voice.

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Veins popped out from her hands, as she tightly held onto her fists. After taking in several deep breaths, she gritted her teeth and waved her hand at it. “You, come here.”

“Ah?” The penguin trudged towards her. “Young maiden, q- coins… Ah!”

Before it could even finish, Zhu Yao had already raised her fists, and bashed them towards its round and smooth body. Whichever part became more apparent, she would strike her fists there. Using strength from her entire body, she continuously connected one fist after the next.

“Aaaahhh… Young maiden, wait a minute,  violence  is wrong… Aiya!”

For a moment, a certain someone’s screams repeatedly echoed in the entire space.

Only when Zhu Yao was tired to the point of being unable to raise her fists, did she finally stop. Realmspirit was completely swollen into a round, filled with black and white bruises everywhere. “Young… maiden…” It tremblingly raised its small wings. What happened to the promised friendship? It felt that both its mind and body had suffered a serious blow.

Zhu Yao swung her head. “Mn, I feel refreshed now.”

Realmspirit: “…” The penguin head tilted, and right after, it stopped breathing.

“Enough, stop acting dead. Hurry and send me back.” Zhu Yao kicked the penguin which was still acting like a corpse on the ground. If it was injured so easily, it wouldn’t be Realmspirit.

As expected, in the next moment, it had already bounced up. The injuries on its body had all completely disappeared, and it said with the look of an underling. “Dear friend, are you satisfied with my method of death earlier? If you feel that your hatred has yet to dissipate, you can still try again. Based on our friendship, I can provide you with various methods of deaths that you can choose from. You can use a sword to slice me to death, use rocks to smash me to death, or even kick me to death. Quality is guaranteed, and a definite fair trade. If you pre-order now, you can even receive a large reincarnation package that is extremely worth the money.” “…” Just how much do you wish to die? “Scram!”

“Don’t be so heartless, my dear friend! If you buy now, you get a cashback bonus for your good reviews, you know?”


“Service that is absolute worth the price. It’s an intelligent choice. You can walk pass it, but you must not miss it!”


“Young maiden, why don’t you try one out? If you pre-order now, it comes with a free vacation.”


May your journey be smooth-sailing!” It waved its small handkerchief.

A loading bar flashed before Zhu Yao’s eyes, and it instantly disappeared in this dark world.

That gigantic penguin was standing unmoving in its original spot. In but a moment, it shook like a movie scene, and then disappeared.

Rows of red characters floated in the air, as though data was being changed, faint yet visible at the same time.

“A large emotional problem has once again occurred on the target. Will emergency measures be deployed?”

“Deployment has been suspended.”

“Target continues to load.”

“Activate, passive emergency mode.”

“Main body restoration process, 80%.”

“Dungeon restoration rate, 10%.” “Widespread effect reduction rate, 150%.”

“Target confirmed.”

“Setting target’s priority level.”


When Zhu Yao woke up again, she saw a peerless appearance carrying a fulfilling smile, and the warmth in his eyes looked as though it had gained substance itself.

“Shao Bai!” She was startled, but after a careful look, she changed her way of addressing him. “Yue Ying. Why are you here?”

“Sis Yao…” He pulled onto her hand. “You’re finally awake. I was unable to find you when I woke up, and when I finally managed to find you, you just wouldn’t wake up.”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Only then did she recall she seemed to have planted Yue Ying at the courtyard, and then forgotten about it. Oh heavens, just how long has it been? He can’t have grown bad again, right!? She hurriedly grabbed onto him and carefully inspected him. Great, great, it seemed he was still normal.

“Yue Ying, I’m sorry, I…” Just as she was about to explain, suddenly, an unknown black entity came charging into her embrace.


She simply felt her chest sink, and the pain had almost made her puke. She reflexively sent a slap towards it. The hell, they aren’t huge in the first place already, is there a need to harm me like this? She rubbed them strongly. Fortunately, they were not flattened.

“Mistress…” The black ball that was slapped away crawled back again, its two front paws tightly grabbed onto the edge of her clothes, and it cried with tears and snot everywhere. “This beastie finally found you, uuuu… How can you abandon your cute beastie like this? This one is born your beastie, and will die as your beastie.” “Sesame!” Zhu Yao picked up the black ball. Why was it here too? “Why did you turn so small?”

Sesame was stunned for a moment. As though she had poked right at the heart of a depressing matter, it began to cry even louder than before. “This one had no choice but to turn small because of injuries.”

“Injuries?” Why did she not see any?

“In order to look for mistress, we forcefully crossed the Abyss of Eternity, causing our cultivation to regress.” It looked at her with a pitiful look. “Mistress, Sesame is so pitiful.”

“Aren’t you still a tenth rank demonic beast?” It thought she was blind? Just how had its cultivation regressed?

“This is all because of Lord Bai Yuan, which allowed me to recover.”

“Then you’re fine now?” “Uh…”

Zhu Yao casually flung it down, and then snatched back the corner of her clothes from Sesame. She then turned to look at the person next to her. “Yue Ying, come closer.”

She reached out her hand to cup Yue Ying’s wrist. “How are you feeling? You’re not injured, right?” The Abyss of Eternity was the border between the Netherworld and Spiritual Realm, and little wimp mentioned before that one had to be brought by Bai Yuan before he or she could cross over.

Chapter260: Can I Get An Advance On My Rewards?

Yue Ying flipped his hand and pulled onto her hand instead. “Big sis, are you going to throw Yue Ying aside again?”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. Sighing, she reached out her hand to stroke his head. “I’m sorry, I won’t anymore!”

The corners of his lips raised, as he smiled with a satisfied look. “As long as big sis is here, then Yue Ying is fine.”


“Mistress, I’m not fine…” Sesame crawled back and raised its two front paws, standing straight up. “This beastie’s mind and soul have both been hurt, I request to be consoled, I request hugs.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Scram! Are you a child?” Only children will request for hugs, alright?

“You’re awake?”  The  door  suddenly  creaked  open,  and  a figure dressed in a snow-white robe instantly appeared before the bed.

Zhu Yao’s heart warmed, and sentimental feelings endlessly poured out. “Master… This disciple’s mind and soul have both been hurt, I request hugs!”

Sesame: …

Yue Ying: …

Yu Yan’s hands which were just about to reach out to check her pulse suddenly jerked to a halt. With an ice-cold expression, he gave her a stern glare, as if surging flames of fury were about to explode. With emphasis on every word, he said. “Why did you guide resentment into your body without my discretion?”

“Uh…” There was something wrong with how things were developing into a punishment scene! What happened to the promised reunion with tears and hugs, followed by the finale on the bed?

For the first time in his entire life, Yu Yan felt that his heart was burning with so much fury he wanted to bash someone, as he turned to look at the two hindrances.

Sesame: “Mistress, I suddenly recall that Lord Bai Yuan is looking for me. I will take my leave first.”

Yue Ying: “Big sis Yao, I will look for you later.”

The two of them disappeared into the distance.

Hell, they’re very reliable alright!

“Master…” Zhu Yao’s voice weakened, and it faintly carried the sound of tears, as she decided to try save herself. Raising and moving both of her hands, she took up Sesame’s earlier posture. She pitifully gazed at him… gazed at him… at him… him!

A certain someone’s anger gradually dispersed under her focused gaze. The face that looked as though it was frozen for a thousand years in ice earlier, began to crack inch by inch, and he finally let out a sigh. He reached out to pull the hand she stretched out, and followed up by pulling her into his embrace. Only then were those chaotic emotions appeased. Zhu Yao hugged onto him tightly, to the point where her nose was filled with the chilling scent emitted from his body. She strongly rubbed against his chest, and the depths in her heart slowly began to warm. “Master, I miss you.”

He was dumbfounded for a moment. A while later, he then stroked her hair and lightly responded. “Mn.”

“…” That’s it? An ‘mn’? Zhu Yao raised her head, and stared at his emotionless face with a dissatisfied look. Circling her hands around his neck, she approached and landed a kiss on his lips.

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. He did not resist, nor did he respond.

She decided that she might as well kiss till she had enough, getting back all the time they had been separated for through kisses.

That face which looked like an ice mountain which had stood for ten thousand years, then revealed a slightly different colour. He held onto her pressing body, and said with a stern tone. “Yu Yao!” “Master.”

He sternly said. “You have just woken up.”


He said with a serious look. “Your body has just recovered.”

“…” So?

He continued. “You even fainted last time.”

“What?” What did he mean by she fainted?

“Now is not the appropriate time for practitioner-pair cultivation.”

“…” He couldn’t be thinking…

“Don’t do such dangerous things again.” “…” So, savouring on a piece of meat was a dangerous thing to do? No wait, she just wanted to kiss him, and had never thought of rolling under the blankets! Master, may I ask just how huge is
the hole in your brain now? Hurry and come back, return me
my kind and pure master!

According to a reliable source, Zhu Yao had been unconscious for a month before waking up. Furthermore, the resentment she guided out from little wimp’s body, had suddenly disappeared on its own. Yue Ying and Sesame arrived in Spiritual Realm while she was still unconscious. Because Sesame was in a contract with her, it being able to find her location was not strange at all. However, Yue Ying actually had a way to directly cross from the Mortal Realm to Spiritual Realm, which gave her a fright. However, after recalling that he was able to head to the Divine Realm back then, him being able to travel to Spiritual Realm was not the least bit unexpected.

“Big sis Zhu Yao, you’re really too reckless.” Wang Xuzhi said with a fearful look. “How can you guide resentment into your own body?”

“It’s all in order to gain a deeper understanding of resentment. Look, isn’t it all dealt with now?” She patted on his head. “Though that’s the case.” He frowned. “Accidents may still occur. You don’t even know just how my master was this close to being torn apart by Grand Ancestral Master when he woke up.”

“Uh…” Actually, she knew that her accomplice Zi Mo was slammed into a wall by a certain someone. It must had taken a long time before he was pulled out, right? Whenever the old man looked at her now, he would look as though he was seeing a ghost, and flee even faster than a rabbit.

What a friend he was. I ended up saving your daughter’s past life, you know?

“Big sis Zhu Yao, do you have any plans for now on?” Wang Xuzhi asked.

“I don’t know.” She shook her head. The method to eliminate resentment had been found by her. Realmspirit did not send her to the next quest location, but had instead sent her back here. He couldn’t be tasking her to deal with the remaining resentment as well, right? Recalling the river of resentment within River of Forgetfulness, even if she spent several lifetimes, she still wouldn’t be able to eliminate them all, right? “It’s rare that I have free time. I will think about it after I return to Divine Realm and have a stroll with master.”

“…” The corner of Wang Xuzhi’s lips twitched. She sounded as though the Divine Realm was her own backyard.

“Master can’t stay in the Lower Realm for too long. It’s best that he returns back up there as soon as possible.” Her master’s act of forcefully descending upon the Lower Realm went against the Heavenly Dao in the first place, which was the cause of him randomly turning into a child and falling unconscious  back then. Though he now carried the pearl given by the River of Forgetfulness, she was still unable to feel at ease. Who knew if there was an expiry date on that thing? What if it suddenly lost its effects?

“Grand Ancestral Master possesses a divine physique in the first place, so it should be easy for him to head up to the Higher Realm.” Wang Xuzhi suggested. “If he informs Highlord Bai Yuan, and have him open the World Crossing Door,  the lightning tribulation will descend on its own.”

Zhu Yao chuckled. “If only master is willing to head up to the Higher Realm.” If he had felt at ease leaving her in the Lower Realm, he wouldn’t have come running down right after heading up. This time, no matter what she were to say, he would still bring her up there with him.

Letting out a long sigh, she patted on little wimp’s shoulders, and said with a heavy tone. “Haah, little wimp. This is the frustration of a having a better half. A single man like you will never understand.”

“…” The corner of Wang Xuzhi’s lips twitched. Why did he feel as if he had been mocked? Also, what kind of mystic artifact was this “better half”? Was it really incredible?

“The only thing I can do now, is to hasten my cultivation, work hard together, so that us husband and wife can return to our home.” Zhu Yao sighed once again. “I’m going to stop here, little wimp, it’s time for me to cultivate. Don’t miss me, I will always live on in all of your hearts.”

“…” Just how much do you hate cultivation!?

“Oh, right. Help me inform that child Yue Ying. Forget about Sesame, don’t interrupt him and Bai Yuan while they’re enjoying their gay time.” “Uh… alright.” Wang Xuzhi nodded. Suddenly, as if he had recalled something, he hurriedly called out to her. “Big sis Zhu Yao!”


“Yue Ying, he…” He hesitated for a moment, before continuing. “Is he really big sis Zhu Yao’s little brother? I kind of feel he’s a little… I kind of feel… some sort of special connection with him, as if…”

“What!?” Zhu Yao was stunned, as she swooshed back like the wind and grabbed onto little wimp’s shoulders. She heavily shook him a few times. “Are you serious? Little wimp, you can’t possibly have your eyes on my family’s Yue Ying, right? You definitely can’t! He’s still a child!”

“…” The corner of Wang Xuzhi’s lips began to twitch. Why had he never felt that Zhu Yao was this abnormal in the past? “Big sis Zhu Yao, I’m male too!”

“It’s exactly because you’re male that makes it terrifying, and makes it dangerous.” Zhu Yao hysterically shook a few more times. “Though you can’t clearly discern feelings between an elder sister and a little brother, at the very least, you should be able to discern feelings between a male and a female. I definitely won’t agree to you two going gay for each other.”

What does ‘gay’ mean? “I don’t like him!”

“Are you certain?”

“Cer. Tain!”

“Oh. I feel much better now.” Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief.

Wang Xuzhi simply felt his liver aching. “What I mean is… Haah, forget it. Big sis Zhu Yao, go into closed-door training then.”

“Oh.” Zhu Yao suspiciously swept a glance towards him, before leaving with a worried look.

As a proper good big sister, she did not forget to turn back and repeat her instructions. “Little wimp, there are countless girls under the heavens, do not give up on rehabilitation.”

“Gay relationships don’t conform to the basic laws of human reproduction.”

“Look forward, and you will realize that the OTP formed by a boy and a girl is the most beautiful pair.”

“Little wimp, if you were to bend to that side, I won’t have the guts to face your father and mother.”

“Big. Sis. Zhu. Yao!” He was starting to freak out…

“I’m going now.”

Zhu Yao was really deeply worried. Wang Xuzhi’s words had frightened her to the point her heart was leaping out of chest. The two little brothers whom she had brought up with her own hands, actually wanted to love each other. There must be a problem with her education methods. She felt that there was a need to help these two boys analyse their feelings deeply, and the best outcome would be to eliminate the symptoms while they were still at an early stage.

She had even prepared a huge pile of resources, with plans of drilling into them analysis and tests of various depths and angles. Importance of OTPs between a male and a female, the views of society towards non-heterosexuals, the history of human reproduction, hundred reasons why little brothers should not be gay for each other and more. Furthermore, she had even planned for scenarios where they were determined not to listen to her. She could still start by breaking through the most obedient Yue Ying, and build his resolve of not being easily swayed by little wimp.

Mn, this was a masterpiece of a plan. Simply thinking about it made her a little excited.

Unfortunately, before her plan could even be initiated, it died while it was still in her belly.

A certain outstanding representative who had been left to his own devices, Sovereign Yu Yan, had suddenly gained enlightenment. There was an inseparable relationship between his good-natured education methods and his disciple’s acts of flowery death courting. Mn, he was too kind!

Strictness cultivates one’s body, while looseness raises worries. He had to become stricter!

Thus, Zhu Yao was then watched over strictly, with no openings to escape from. Even while meditating in a trance state during closed-door training, a certain master would personally keep watch of her at the side. The moment she were to lose concentration, a certain someone would unhappily emit out a cold aura, until the moment she recognized her own mistakes.


Master is so terrifying.

Regarding this, a certain master had also made a long-term plan. His goal was: Forming Azoth Core in  five  years, nourishing the Nascent Soul within twenty years, and becoming a Demigod in a hundred years. A few years after that, he would be rewarded with a disciple who would have ascended into a deity. This way, he could prevent her from making flowery deaths wherever and whenever. After thinking it through, he felt that it was actually rather simple.

“I don’t want to, master!” Zhu Yao hugged onto a certain someone’s waist, bawling out loud. “This concubine can’t do it!”

“No need to worry.” Yu Yan habitually reached out his hand to mess up his own disciple’s hair, and said with a sunken voice. “No matter what, your master will always accompany you.”

“…” She was becoming even more worried, alright? “Master, why don’t you ascend first?”

Yu Yan’s expression sank. He cold glared at her, and  the words he spoke felt as if they were about to freeze into ice. “Last time, it’s exactly because I ascended first.” In the end, in a blink of an eye, you went to court death.

“Uh…” I’m wrong! ○| ̄|_

Having zero faith in his disciple or whatever, was too depressing. Zhu Yao had no choice but to close her eyes, meditate and circulate her spiritual energy. In the depths of her heart, she could not help but wish to drag Realmspirit out and beat him into a pulp again. He could already restore her avatar, so why could he not raise her cultivation a little?


Suddenly, a familiar notification bell rang in her mind. Zhu Yao was shocked for a moment, and when she opened her eyes, a familiar chat window appeared in front of her. On it, a large chunk of words that looked like an advertisement appeared before her eyes.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she weakly glanced at a certain master who was staring focusedly at her. “Master…”


“I might not need a hundred years. I can become a Demigod now.”

“…” Written on the chat window was –

“Dear friend, are you still frustrated about your mediocre lifestyle? Are you still feeling ashamed for having such poor cultivation?《Throw Link》Newcomer Gift Bag shall eliminate all your worries, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of raising your levels in a second! No matter if it’s from Essence to Demigod, or even from an Earth Deity to a High Deity, with just  a single click, a single click can fulfill your elitist dream! Level up in the instant you click, and receive an all-round Divine Realm VIP treatment. A plebeian becoming a goddess, will no longer be a dream, and it will not be a dream! Come, pick up your phone now… Ah pui, pick up your little paw now and click on the confirmation button! 《Throw Link》Newcomer Gift Bar, is your wisest choice! The final rights to interpretation of the contents of this gift bag, belong to Realmspirit. If there’s any similarities, you’re just blind.”

Please choose –

Set A: Essence to Demigod, comes with special effects – cute nine types of lightning bolts!

Set B: Earth Deity to High Deity, comes with special effects – brilliant nine revolving tribulation lightning bolts! Set C: High Deity to Godhood, comes with special effects – lightning strikes, lightning strikes, lightning strikes till you turn into ash!

Set D: Random to Random, comes with special effects… I haven’t thought of it yet, random then.

Ps: Once confirmed, goods will be bound for life, and cannot be refunded, yo.

Zhu Yao: “…”

《Throw Link》? When said it out loud, it’s evidently ‘trolling’, right!?

Realmspirit, tell me honestly, how much does each half a kilogram of your principles cost?

She let out a long sigh. Though the chat window was a little cheap, she had to admit that this had come right on time. With resentment dealt with, most probably, Realmspirit wanted her to kill mobs in a different map as well. After hesitating for a moment, she still tapped on ‘A’. In the next moment, Yu Yan witnessed the cultivation of his stupid disciple, who clearly had heaven-bending luck but would always end up courting death, rapidly change in a strange fashion. First, her cultivation fell from Foundation to Essence, then, from Essence to Foundation. Following after that, it rapidly sped up to Azoth Core, Nascent Soul, Demigod, Earth Deity, and finally, it was suppressed back to the cultivation of a Demigod Paragon.

Even with her cultivation raising in such a strange manner, there was not the slightest of spiritual energy fluctuations in the surroundings, let alone tribulation lightning bolts falling.

A certain master expressed that regarding matters like this, he had already gotten used to them after seeing them so many times.

“Master, your concubine has done it!” Zhu Yao pulled onto her master’s hands, and sincerely said.

Yu Yan flipped his hand and cupped onto his stupid disciple’s wrist. After checking her pulse for a while, he then reached out to tap on her forehead to inspect her body with his divine sense. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with her, he then heaved  a sigh  of  relief. “We  shall return  to  the Higher Realm tomorrow.”

“Alright, my liege!”

“Inform Bai Yuan.”

“No problem, my liege!”

“And inform the rest as well.”

“I shall heed your orders, my liege!”


“My liege!”


“Are there any rewards for completing the mission early?” I request rewards, I request praises, I request a small red flower. Yu Yan sank into silence for a while. He then suddenly lowered his head, and sealed his disciple’s lips which were chattering endlessly.



A long while later…

“My liege.”


“Can I get an advance on my rewards as encouragement?” Love spans the mountains and seas, can I get another one please?


Bai Yuan(白源) if translated, is ‘Whitesource’.
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