My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 241-250

Chapter241: You Shameless Human

“Do you know your wrongs?” Zhu Yao glared at it.

“Ou…” That demonic beast let out a cry, as though it was saying it was being wronged.

“Big sis Zhu Yao…” Wang Xuzhi glanced at that  demonic beast, and then looked at Zhu Yao. His face was filled with utter disbelief. “You… He. How can you…”

“How what?” And here she wanted to ask about it too? After all, he was still a Sect Master, right? Why did he have to be this courteous to a beast raised in his own home?

Wang Xuzhi tugged onto her sleeves with a tensed look. “Big sis Zhu Yao, he is…”

“Roar…” The demonic beast reverted back to its former demeanour and roared at Wang Xuzhi.

Zhu Yao turned back to glare at it. “Shut up!” “Ou…” It instantly became submissive.

Zhu Yao sent a slap towards the beast’s head. “As a domestic beast, you must promote unity and love, and be close to humans, understand? If I see you bullying my family’s little wimp again, I will thoroughly skin you.”

“Owuu…” Its eyes turned misty. (?_?)

“Also, stop following me. Otherwise, I will really beat you.”

The beastie stiffened for a moment, and then, as though he could finally bear it no longer, like an opened tap, tears began to flow onto the ground. “Wuuuuuu…” (┭┮﹏┭┮)

The corners of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “You’re crying again!?”

The demonic beast trembled, though its tears did stop, it suddenly choked. “Kuh!” It hiccupped.

“You’re still not leaving!?” As it hiccupped, it looked at her with sparkling teary eyes. The mist in its eyes accumulated, and accumulated…

“Wuaaah…” Finally, it broke. Sprinkling the entire road with tears, it cried as it sprinted into the forest, without even turning back.


A familiar chat window instantly popped out in front of her. Congratulations, you have unlocked the Achievement: ‘Harmed a Pure and Innocent Realm Guardian Beast in an Inhumane Manner, Shattered the Pure Heart of a Beast’.

Achievement Title Unlocked: Pui! You Shameless Human!

Zhu Yao: “…”

He was cussing at her right? He’s definitely cussing at her, right?

“Big sis Zhu Yao…” Wang Xuzhi looked at her with a face that looked as though he was about to cry.

“Just what in the world is that?” She was really just an innocent bystander who was unclear of the truth, hey.

“Big sis Zhu Yao, when you came into Spiritual Realm, did you not encounter Highlord Bai Yuan?” Wang Xuzhi  curiously asked.

“I only met that ridiculous beast in the forest near Ancient Azure Sect.” And I was this close to being swallowed by it too!

“How is that possible?” Wang Xuzhi was stunned. “High Bai Yuan is the Guardian Beast of the entire Spiritual Realm. Without his permission, no one can enter Spiritual Realm from the Underworld. Big sis Zhu Yao, just how did you make your way here to Spiritual Realm?”

It sounded rather incredible, but…

“I came over by flying straight up in the sky!” Only a ghost would know passing through it would require the permission of a beast? Wang Xuzhi became even more stunned. “But when crossing into Spiritual Realm, there’s the Abyss of Eternity one  must pass through. Did big sis Zhu Yao not see it?”

Was there such a thing? “Nope!”


According to Wang Xuzhi’s words, between Underworld and Spiritual Realm, there’s a place separating the two called the Abyss of Eternity. That was a dead land, and anything entering it would be swallowed into it, including souls. The only way to safely pass through it, was to be led by Bai Yuan, titled the Realm Guardian Beast.

As to what kind of beast it was, where it came from, and the strength it possessed, no one knew exactly for sure. However, every single person who entered Spiritual Realm was led in by it. Nor did anyone know just what rank of a demonic beast it was. The only thing they understood was its name, Bai Yuan! It held a position which no one could replace in Spiritual Realm. No matter how dazzling of a human practitioner one could be, he had to respectfully refer to him as Highlord Bai Yuan. This was also because why the relationship between human practitioners and demonic beasts were especially harmonious in Spiritual Realm.

Zhu Yao was a little dumbfounded from what she heard. She was simply unable to connect that demonic beast which had a few screws loose earlier, with such an incredible status. Rather than calling it a Guardian Beast, Zhu Yao felt it was more like a mascot character of Spiritual Realm. One that would keep the place safe and secure.

“Highlord Bai Yuan had always been rather easy-going, and would often travel between various clans and sects, or stay for a short period of time.” Wang Xuzhi explained. “When the Ghost King appeared back then, the reason why I went to the Underworld was also due to Highlord Bai Yuan coincidentally residing in Ancient Azure Sect at that time.”

“…” She seemed to have offended a beastie that was sort of incredible.

“Spiritual Realm is different from other cultivation worlds. No matter if it was ascending to the Higher Realm or entering the Underworld, he or she must receive approval by Bai Yuan. Otherwise, one would fall into the Abyss of Eternity. At best, your soul scatters, at worst, you will forever be unable to reincarnate.” “Uu…” Zhu Yao felt even guiltier the longer she heard his explanation.

“Though Highlord Bai Yuan is in the form of a beast, rumours state that ever since the birth of Spiritual Realm, he had existed in this land. His strength is deep and profound.”

“Little wimp…”


“If… I apologize to it now, would it be too late?”


Evidently, it was too late. Because that beast had long disappeared without a trace. Whatever. In any case, it wasn’t the first time she had offended that beast. Furthermore, was it really suitable for the setting of a demonic beast to be this incredible? The God Races express their dissatisfaction!

After walking for another half an hour, the horizon suddenly grew dim, and the spiritual energy in the air was now scarce to an incomprehensible degree. It felt as though that the further they walked, the amount of spiritual energy would decrease as well.

“Big sis Zhu Yao…” Wang Xuzhi suddenly called out.

“Mn?” When she turned around to look, she saw that his forehead was covered in heavy sweat, and his face was pale, giving a pained look. “Little wimp, what happened to you?”

Zhu Yao was frightened, as she hurriedly held him and sat him down. Wasn’t he still alright earlier?

Wang Xuzhi shook his head, his face had a frail look, yet he still pointed to the front and said. “Big sis Zhu Yao, the place in front should be the land at the end of the horizon.”

Zhu Yao focused her eyes, and she saw a place that looked like a huge chasm appearing in the sky.

The green forest looked as though it had been firmly cut off. On one side, it was lush green, while on the other, there was an empty void. Nothing could be clearly seen, and the surroundings were strangely quiet, as though the noises in the entire world had completely disappeared.

Zhu Yao split a strand of her spiritual energy into his meridians, and after a while, she suddenly widened her eyes. “Why is the resentment in your body in such a disarray all of a sudden?”

“I’m uncertain as well.” Wang Xuzhi shook his head. “It’s just that the more we approach the land at the end of the horizon, the resentment in my body would stir even more.”

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. Could it be that really was something that could influence resentment in the land at the end of the horizon? Calming her heart down, she cast an art to first aid Wang Xuzhi in suppressing the resentment.

For a moment, she was hesitating if she should actually continue going forward.

“Big sis Zhu Yao, since we’re already here, we must investigate the cause.” Wang Xuzhi said. “Don’t  worry,  I’m fine.” “You’re already like this, and you’re still trying to act tough?”


“Shut up!” Zhu Yao knocked on his head. “In your present state, even if you enter the place, you will just be holding me back.”

“…” He lowered his head.

“Alright, I shall first head over there to take a look. If the resentment in your body goes berserk again, you can make your way back first. There’s no need to wait for me.”


“No buts!” Zhu Yao glared at him. I’m this authoritative alright!

That void was not even a hundred meters away from them. She had not felt it earlier, but as she approached the place, even Zhu Yao was beginning to feel an oppressive feeling. Even the spiritual energy in her body was scurrying uncontrollably, as though they wanted to break out of her body.

Her chest was feeling incredibly oppressed, and she was having difficulties breathing. Clearly, she was in a dense forest, but huge winds were blowing from all around her. She was beginning to feel chills from the winds. The feeling that something was a little amiss grew as the winds blew even stronger, and even her face was starting to ache. With every blow of the wind, she could feel her body turning colder by a certain degree, as though she was not being protected by her spiritual energy in the slightest…

Wait a minute, spiritual energy!

Zhu Yao was startled, as she circulated the spiritual energy in her body. However, she realized that not much spiritual energy was left in her Dantian.

The winds were actually able to scatter away the spiritual energy in her body!

Zhu Yao immediately upped her pace and hid into the forest. However, the winds seemed to have eyes grown on them, as they immediately changed their directions and blew straight towards her.

Big sis Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi realized her anomaly as well, as he chased after her.

“Don’t be blown by the winds in the surroundings!” Zhu Yao reminded out loud. “The winds will scatter away the spiritual energy in your body.”

Little wimp’s feet paused, and he immediately reacted after. He instantly made a turn and avoided the winds that were blowing at him.

For a moment, the two people had no choice but to crawl and jump about within the forest.

However, winds were shapeless and formless. They were basically unable to be seized hold of, and the two of them had no choice but to rely on their senses to dodge them. It was still manageable in the beginning, but after a long while, they would still end up being blown. Zhu Yao could barely feel the meagre amount of spiritual energy in her body now. As she hid in the east and concealed themselves in the west, unknowingly, she had gotten closer to that void. At that moment, she was unable to circulate even a single strand of spiritual energy in her body, she dodged, and beneath her foot was empty air. She suddenly realized that she had already reached the edge. Next to her feet was an unfathomably deep chasm, and behind her was the void.

Zhu Yao breathed in cold air. Mamamiya, fortunately, she managed to step on the breaks in time. Otherwise, she would have fallen down.

So fortunate, so fortunate…

Suddenly, a white figure leapt out of the forest, and came pouncing right towards her.

A familiar beast roar sounded next to her, along with little wimp’s terrified voice.

Zhu Yao’s entire body fell backwards from the pounce, and she felt straight into the void. The hell!

A phrase could not help but surface in her mind: A beastie’s revenge, even ten years wouldn’t be too late… my ass!

Just what kind of grudge did she have with this demonic beast!?

Zhu Yao fell into the void at the land at the end of the horizon, and it even came with the demonic beast which played the scapegoat. That void was very deep, and she felt her entire body was soon about to fall apart. Every single one of her bones were painfully creaking, while nothing was happening at all to the culprit beast.

Probably because it had to settle its great grudge, it had circled around her several times, happily leaping about. Voices of excitement were also emitted out from its mouth.

“Ou ou ou… She’s down here. She’s down here. She’s finally down here.” That voice was soft and tender like a child’s. After circling a few rounds, it actually began to roll on the ground. “Shut up!” Zhu Yao ruthlessly glared at it, and had managed to sit up straight only after putting in a lot of effort into it. She did not even bother thinking about how it suddenly knew how to talk, and simply felt that she would hurt even more if it made even more noises.

As expected, Bai Yuan stopped, and obediently sat next to her. Its gigantic white beast head stretched out, and its two large bell-like eyes were staring straight at her.

“Yao Yao…”

“What is it?” Zhu Yao was given a shock, and had a bad premonition.

That pair of eyes grew even brighter, and the tender and soft voice once again resounded. “I want to kiss you!”


Bai Yuan opened its mouth wide, ahmu, Zhu Yao entered its mouth. It grinded her up and down several times, and then, puuf, it puked out Zhu Yao whose entire body was covered in saliva.


As she rubbed off a portion of the sticky saliva, Zhu Yao’s hands trembled. She felt that the chord that was  named ‘reason’, was being snapped apart, and was presently making creaking noises.

Yet, Bai Yuan which had plastered her entire face with saliva earlier, was licking its lips. Then, its beast face twisted into a lump, as it turned around and retched out.

“Ouu… Hair, stuck, the hair got stuck…” It puked out for a short while, and then with a wronged look, it turned back. “Hair… Hair isn’t washed!”


The chord named ‘reason’ shattered apart.

“Wash your sister!” She instantly pulled that flowery white beast head over, grabbed onto the whiskers next to its mouth, and then ruthlessly pulled them outwards. “What rights do you have to be disgusted at me! This old lady has yet to settle the debt of you pushing me down here. And here you are, disgusted with me!? This is what you get for being disgusted with me, this is what you get! You’re the one who hasn’t washed its hair, your entire family has unwashed hair.”

“Ouuuu…” Bai Yuan let out a miserable cry, as it began to roll on the ground. Its paws waved about in the air, yet it did not dare to wave them in her direction.

Only when Zhu Yao had completely pulled out all of the whiskers without leaving a single one, she then kicked away the huge beast body, and stopped to gasp for air.

“Wuuuu…” Bai Yuan used its front paws to hold onto its swollen beast mouth, and then laid on the ground like a quail. Its eyes were filled with complaints towards her vile actions.

“What are you looking at!?” Zhu Yao returned with a glare.
Just by looking at it, anger would swell within her.

“Ee…” “You’re not allowed to cry!”

“…” The ‘ee’ crying noises instantly stopped, and they turned into muffled sobs instead.

Zhu Yao could not be bothered with it as she inspected her surroundings. It was completely dark, as though the sky and earth had connected into a single entity. She did not see any reincarnation chat windows, which proved that she was still alive. But just what was this place? The land at the end of the horizon? Why wasn’t there anything here?

Staying here was not an option either. Taking in a deep breath, she dragged her painful body and slowly walked a step at a time. She had tried it earlier, and realized there wasn’t a single strand of spiritual energy in her body. Not just that, she was unable to sense the presence of spiritual energy at all.

This proved that her cultivation had regressed, and it had even regressed back to her pre-awakened state, becoming a regular mortal. The strange winds earlier had not only scattered away the spiritual energy in her body, but her cultivation as well. In her present condition, if she did not find an exit, she would starve to death here.

She aimlessly walked for half a day, yet she was unable to find a single thing. Her surroundings were abnormally quiet, and the only sounds she could hear were breathing noises, two sets of them.

“Why are you following me?” Zhu Yao turned to glare behind her.

A certain beastie, which had been maintaining a distance of five steps, trembled. There were still undried tears within its large eyes. It weakly glanced at her, and then hurriedly sprinted over to her.

A white paw stretched out towards her, and its face looked as though it wasn’t afraid of death itself. “Give… pull!”


“Paw, lots… of fur!” It waved its paw, and large amount of tears filled its eyes. “Pull fur, don’t go…” What was it trying to say? Let her continue pulling its fur?
You’re a masochist, aren’t you?

Seeing that she was not moving even after a long while, it turned anxious. It instantly stuffed its paw into her  arms. “Pull… Pull. Bai Yuan not hurt. After pulling… friends! Don’t ignore me.”

“…” Why did she feel a sense of guilt from bullying a child?

“Can we, be friends?” It sniffled, as though it was desperately trying not to cry. It then used that paw to nudge her hand. “I will let you pull. If one isn’t enough, I still have three paws.”


Zhu Yao instantly felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Chapter242: River Of Forgetfulness Is Too Deep, Throw Some Sand

Looking at the snow-white paw in front of her, the fury that initially filled Zhu Yao’s heart, instantly disappeared without a trace.

She took a deep breath, and managed to suppress the irritable emotions in the depths of her heart.

She understood that her emotions were in a disarray. She being furious at Bai Yuan, most of it was also because she was angry at herself. Her master was unconscious, the resentment in little wimp’s body had yet to be expelled, and she had even fallen into this ghastly place with her cultivation destroyed. In this sort of situation, forget about having a good temper, her irritation had gotten to the point where she even wanted to kill people, you know?

So, even though she clearly knew that Bai Yuan did not harbour evil intentions, she still lost control and became furious. Furthermore, it was even the one which pushed her down here.

“Sorry!” Zhu Yao sighed, as she reached out to pat on its beast head. “Bai Yuan, let’s talk about life.”

“Ou?” It opened its large misty eyes. It glanced at her, and then looked at its own paw.


“I’m not going to pull anymore.” It was already acting like this; how could she possibly still have the heart to pull its fur?

Its misty eyes then brightened up a little. Putting down its paw, it carefully squatted next to her.

Where should she start? Oh right. “Why have you been following me?”

Bai Yuan seemed to be stomping its front paws in a helpless manner as it stammered. “Like… Like Yao Yao. Said before… Friends… Want be.” Its head sank even lower, and it became a little bashful. Zhu Yao was actually able to see a hint of shyness and timidness on that furry face. She must have gone blind! “Then why did you push me down here?” Are there anyone like you who make friends this way?

This time, it replied really quickly. “Because there is a place you must see, and I have to bring you there.”

“See?” Zhu Yao was startled. “See what?”

Bai Yuan nudged a little before standing up. It ran a few steps to the direction on the left, and then happily ran back. “Go. Take a look, take a look…”

“Wait a minute.” Zhu Yao followed after it. “What are you going to let me see?”

“Yao Yao, faster… faster. It’s just up front.” It evidently had such intentions from the beginning, as it excitedly leapt and bounced while leading the way in front of her. “Look. Look…”

“Just what am I supposed to see?” Wait a minute! A light bulb flashed in Zhu Yao’s mind. “You came here before?” “Ou~~~”It nodded its beast head.

“Then do you know the way to leave?”

“Bai Yuan knows!” It lifted its chest with a proud look.

“…” Would it have killed you to say that earlier!? She even thought that she was going to die here. What she was using now was her original avatar, dying would feel really hurtful, you know? “Are you very familiar with this place?”

“Bai Yuan knows everything about this place.” It bounced and leapt as it led the way in front of her.

“Then is there any person or object that can exterminate resentment here?”

“Person?” Bai Yuan paused for a moment, and looked at her while tilting its head. It then said a little embarrassingly. “There’s only one person here.”

“Who is it?” There actually was one. It seemed like this was not a wasted trip.

“I will bring you there.” Bai Yuan happily ran to the front.

Zhu Yao did not waste time either, as she immediately followed after it. After walking for fifteen minutes, a streak of light suddenly appeared within this dark horizon, a silvery white thin line appeared at the front. It was a single long line with unlimited length, as though it had split this world into two.

After taking a closer look, she realized that was actually a river, and its entirety was silvery white. The river was so broad, it was impossible to see the other side with a single glance. She had only seen such a mystical river once. “River of Forgetfulness?”

Why did the River of Forgetfulness appear here? Had she returned to the Underworld? But the scenery was evidently wrong though?

Bai Yuan turned, and ran up a few steps. “Move upwards, to the source… We’re reaching really soon.” Source! With how broad the river was, she really could not imagine just how far the source could be. It would still be fine in the past, but now, she did not have the slightest bit of cultivation. She was going to die walking, right? Zhu Yao despaired as she followed after it. For a moment, she felt that her steps had gotten a lot heavier than before.

“We’re here!”

Eh? So quick? She had only walked for about ten minutes or so, right?

Zhu Yao raised her head to take a look. Above the river surface in front of her, a gigantic white palace appeared, and it occupied across the entire width of the River of Forgetfulness. That palace was extremely refined, with every single spot built by piles of stone materials of the purest white colour. From afar, it looked like a snow-white curtain draped on the sky, and it was a little eye-piercingly bright.

It’s so white, I will definitely contract snow blindness, right?
Zhu Yao silently retorted.

“Bai Yuan, you’re saying that person lives here?” “Ou!”

“Then how are we going to get there?” That palace was floating above the river, and she did not know how to swim.

“Fly, ouu~~” Bai Yuan roared out and suddenly rose into the air, flying straight towards that palace.

“Wait!” Bring me along, I can’t fly, hey.

Bai Yuan had already turned into a streak of white light, instantly disappearing without a trace.

“…” What happened to the promise of becoming friends?

Looking at the grand and vast river surface, Zhu Yao felt like crying. Just as she was hesitating if she should swim over doggy-styled, a green round spot suddenly appeared in the river, and it was especially obvious on the snow-white river surface. That green spot grew larger, and after a closer look, it was actually a flower bud. Zhu Yao walked closer to it, and that flower bud suddenly bloomed. Its petals opened wide, and  it  finally  turned  into  a lotus flower that was as large as a wash basin. A golden arrow that was pointing upwards was floating above the very center of the lotus.

This… Was it hinting her to step on the lotus?

She tried tapping on it with her foot, and after hesitating for a moment, she stepped on it. She did not expect that the lotus would actually be this stable. Forget about falling over, it was not shaking even in the slightest, and was stable like solid ground. Zhu Yao did not know what kind of breed it was either, and had the sudden impulse to bring it back to plant it.

Just after she firmly stood on it, at a distance a step away from her, another lotus flower bloomed. Could these lotus flowers actually belong to a chain store?

Zhu Yao stepped on it with a heart filled with doubts. Hence, with every step she took, in front of her, a similar lotus flower would bloom, as though the lotus flowers were paving the way for her, all the way to that palace above the river. She arrived at the front of the palace smoothly and without any obstructions. The moment she stepped on the stone steps, the row of lotus flowers behind her instantly wilted and sank beneath the river. This must be a wood type formation of some sort.

Zhu Yao walked up the stone steps, and the entire white palace was now right in front of her. It stood towering tall, exuding a majestic atmosphere. Strangely, it was a little suspiciously quiet. Forget about any people in the surroundings, not even a single fly could be seen. She did not know where Bai Yuan who arrived before her had ran off too either?

Arriving in someone else’s territory like this, she wondered if it would give the owner a bad impression too.

Passing through the plaza in front of the hall, Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. She decided that it was still best to give her greetings. “Umm… Is there anyone here?”

“…” Complete silence.

She could not help but raise her hand and knock on that huge door. Initially, she thought there wouldn’t be any response, but that huge white door suddenly rumbled, and slowly opened inwards. The insides of the palace were completely snow-white as well. Zhu Yao walked into it, and at the deepest area of the palace, there was a huge stage. The only seat on the huge stage was presently being seated by a man. He was dressed in a white robe, white outer garment, and white shoes. Even his hair was silvery white in colour.

Seeing that she had entered, he smiled, revealing a complete set of white teeth…

Zhu Yao subconsciously shifted her head away. Just how much does this person like the colour white? Even my eyes are about to go blind from the sparkles.

“Hoho. Hi~” Zhu Yao habitually gave her greeting.

“You’re here.” A voice as calm as water resounded. His voice was clearly not loud, yet it felt as though it had come from right next to her ears, as it distinctly passed into the depths of her heart. Zhu Yao had a faintly sensed that this voice was a little familiar, but she could not recall where she had heard it from.

“You know me?” His smile grew deeper. “Zhu Yao. I have been waiting for you the entire time.”

“Ah? Waited for me?” What was he going on about?

He stood up and walked down the tall stage. Only then was Zhu Yao able to clearly see his appearance. With straight sword- like brows and starry eyes, though he was not stunning, he constantly exuded a feeling of warmth and gentleness.

“Realmspirit mentioned that you’re the only person able to help me.”

“You know Realmspirit!” Zhu Yao was stunned. She had fixed so many bugs, but this was the first time she heard of an NPC who knew Realmspirit’s name.

He paused for a moment, and then slowly nodded his head. “You can consider it that way.”

What did he mean by ‘consider’, hey!? “Do you know what kind of person is he? Where is he? Why does he want me to fix these bugs or whatever?”

He smiled even gentler than before. “You will know in the future.”

The hell. He might as well not have said anything.

“What do you mean by I am able to help you?”

His expression sank for a moment. Suddenly, he stretched out a hand, and she saw a mass of  miasma  formed  by  the  words ‘bug’ appearing in the palm of his hand.

“Resentment!” Zhu Yao was able to recognize it at first glance. “Why is there resentment here? Could it be… You were the person who exterminated the Ghost King that day? You’re able to exterminate resentment!”

“No.” He shook his head. Clenching his hand, that mass of resentment instantly disappeared. “I’m only able to seal it temporarily.” “Seal?”

“Resentment is shapeless and formless, undying and indestructible. Even if it’s me, I am only able to seal it temporarily.” He frowned. “However, there’s quite an amount of resentment in this world. In the beginning, everything was still fine. However, trillion years have passed. Even if it’s me, there will come a day where my power will become insufficient.”

“Trillion years!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto this keyword. Did he mean that he had already existed for a trillion years? That was the time when the universe had only just begun, the time where even the Ancient Gods had not yet come into existence. He was alive ever since then? “Just who in the world are you?”

He still carried that same warm smile, and softly said. “My name is, River of Forgetfulness.”

“River of Forgetfulness!” Zhu Yao widened her eyes. “Hoho, it can’t be… that River of Forgetfulness, right?” Don’t joke with me!

He waved his hand, and instantly, that large white palace disappeared just like that. Beneath their feet was that silvery white River of Forgetfulness that was flowing ever so calmly. They were presently floating in the sky above the river surface.

The main softly said. “Just as you surmised, I’m this River of Forgetfulness.”

“…” Zhu Yao felt that her brain had crashed. River of Forgetfulness, he was the River of Forgetfulness. This river was seeking help from her, what could she do? Throw sand into it?

“Ever since the beginning of the universe, I have resided in the Underworld, removing the marks of all living beings in this world and reverting the souls back to their original forms.” River of Forgetfulness continued. “But among these marks, some can be removed, while some can’t.”

“You can’t remove resentment?”

He nodded. “Resentment influences souls, and souls which carry resentment into their reincarnations will recall their past lives. With resentment unscattered, it will cause several unforeseen events, bringing about the collapse of the worlds of the living. That is why I can’t allow resentment to stay in spiritual bodies. However, even if resentment has left the souls, it will still not dissipate. The only choice I have is to seal it.”

He once again waved his hand. This time, the silver river suddenly split into two sides, revealing the bottom of the river. However, the bottom was covered in deep black, dense to the point where its depth could not be clearly seen. That deep blackness was constantly tumbling, and occasionally, a strand of it would leap out. Zhu Yao took a closer look, that mass of darkness, was actually densely packed with the words ‘bug’.

The river bottom was actually filled with resentment. Just how many years did it take to accumulate such a terrifying amount!?

Underneath such a clean and pure river, was actually the location used to seal resentment.

River of Forgetfulness placed down his hand, and the two sides of river surfaces once again joined together, reverting back to the former silvery white colour. Turning his head around, he looked at her with a warm look, his eyes were filled with sparkles.
 “Uh…” Why are you looking at me with such hopeful eyes? “I really don’t know how to exterminate resentment. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here looking for you.”

“Since Realmspirit said that you’re able to, then naturally, you’re truly able to do it.” River of Forgetfulness had  a confident look.

“But I don’t even have the slightest of idea with regards to resentment.” Otherwise, little wimp would have been fine long ago.

He shook his head. “You don’t know now, simply because the opportunity has not yet arrived.”

“Then how would I know if the opportunity has arrived?”

He smiled and did not give a reply. Instead, he looked at her with an even more focused gaze than before. “You can do it.”

“…” Don’t put so much confidence into me, hey. What if I screw up? “Before that day comes, I will continue waiting.” He raised his hand, and Zhu Yao saw a formation instantly appearing beneath her feet. She felt her body turning light as the formation shone greatly.

“Wait a minute.” She was still not done with her questions. “I still have something to ask!”

In the next moment, she was enveloped by white light, and next to her ears, a phantasmal voice resounded.

“Don’t worry, regarding the matter concerning the person you’re worried about, it’s unrelated to resentment.”

“Big sis Zhu Yao!” Little wimp’s voice sounded in her ears. Her waist tightened, and in the moment, she had already risen into the sky.

Wang Xuzhi flew several meters away while carrying her, and he said with a worried look. “Big sis Zhu Yao, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Zhu Yao turned back her head to take a look. She had once again returned to the land at the end of the horizon, where the chasm was.

“Why were you standing there? That was so dangerous. What if you fall into it?” Little wimp said with a worried look.

“Fall into it?” Zhu Yao widened her eyes. Didn’t she already fall into it earlier?

“This place is too dangerous. The winds are actually able to scatter spiritual energy. It’s inappropriate to stay for long.” He suggested with a stern expression.

Zhu Yao felt that it was a little strange. She had clearly fallen into it for such a long time, why did little wimp look as though he was completely unaware of it? Could time have flowed differently between the land at the end of the horizon and Spiritual Realm? Suddenly, she felt that there was something in her hand? When she looked down, she realized it was a silvery white pearl, and its colour was extremely similar to that palace. What was this? Was it given by River of Forgetfulness? She clenched her hand, and then realized her own cultivation had actually recovered.

“Big sis Zhu Yao, this place doesn’t seem to have a way to remove resentment. Why don’t we return?”

She nodded, and followed Wang Xuzhi as they returned to Ancient Azure Sect.

Regarding the matter of the bug this time, she finally had some sort of hint. Back then, she had thought that the bug was that Ghost King, or the resentment carried by the Ghost King. Only now did she find out that Realmspirit wanted her to deal with all the resentment. Beneath the River of Forgetfulness, if the inventory that had accumulated for trillion years were to break out, let alone the Underworld, even the Three Realms would be affected. This was simply an ultra-grade bug.

However, she just did not have any hints on the way to basically deal with it. This was not comparable to making a game, where problems can be directly removed with the ‘DEL’ button. Most probably, even Realmspirit himself did not know how to deal with it, otherwise, he wouldn’t have let this go on for such a long time.

She felt that she had encountered the biggest problem she had to face ever since she transmigrated. Her master was still not awake, and little wimp’s condition was worsening as well. The resentment in his body was beginning to go out of control, acting wantonly  in  his meridians, which prevented his spiritual energy from condensing. It had even endangered his Dantian, which made him fall into a coma once again.

Time was growing tight. Zhu Yao gritted her teeth as she decided on something risky.

Chapter243: Scenario Mode, On

Zi Mo had been a Sect Master his entire lifetime. No, that’s not right. He had been a Sect Master for two of his lifetimes. It had always been smooth-sailing. Though he did not manage to make a grand step into deityhood, he was still satisfied. The disciples in his sect had absolute confidence in him, and the sect he resided in continued to thrive. No matter if it was in the cultivation world he formerly lived in, or in the  present Spiritual Realm, as long as the name Zi Mo was brought up, anyone would raise up his thumb and shower him with praises.

However, in such a perfect human (ghost) life, two anomalies surfaced, and these were anomalies that he could not escape from even in his death. That’s right, they were the two master and disciple of Jade Forest Peak.

“Little martial aunt, the plan you spoke of is really improper.” Zi Mo said with a heavy heart. “Putting aside the possibility of you guiding out resentment out of Xuzhi’s body, even if you succeeded, with your present level of cultivation, the injuries you will suffer will just be worse than his. If the resentment goes berserk at that moment, the situation will go out of hand.”

“You must have some faith in me!” Zhu Yao patted on Zi Mo’s shoulders. This is not a problem of faith, but a problem of you sending yourself to death, hey. “Little martial aunt, it’s not that this disciple is making things difficult for you. Xuzhi is my disciple, so I’m naturally extremely anxious as well. But if I end up dragging you into it because a moment of impatience as well,
then it isn’t worth a candle.”

“Don’t worry, I will be careful.”

“Resentment is very ferocious and dangerous, it’s not something that can be dealt with just by being careful. Little martial aunt, I absolutely disapprove of your plan to guide the resentment in Xuzhi’s body into your own.”

“Oh.” Zhu Yao replied especially seriously. “I didn’t ask for your opinion though.”

“…” An arrow was shot into his knee.

Disciples of Jade Forest Peak or whatever, he hated them the most.

Zi Mo  felt  like  crying.  If  he  really  allowed  her  to  guide resentment into her own body, once his ancestral-grand uncle wakes up, he will definitely kill him, right? He will, right!? Recalling a certain person’s frosty look, he could not help but shiver. In an instant, the room turned quite cold, as he decisively pulled onto Zhu Yao. “Little martial aunt… no matter what, you must not carry out such a self-sacrificial act. If you remain stubborn like this, I… I will die in front of your eyes.”

“Die then.” Zhu Yao was becoming a little annoyed from his pestering. “Let me see how you plan on dying!”

Zi Mo was stunned. For a moment, he did not know how he should proceed.

Zhu Yao carried Wang Xuzhi up from the bed, and sat in a lotus position behind him. Looking at the man who seemed to have been dealt with a deep and severe blow, she sighed. “Old man, don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” She took out a white pearl from within her, and passed it over. “If I end up falling into a coma like little wimp, pass this to my master in  my stead.” This was given to her by River of Forgetfulness, and she was unable to discern what it was either. Though, she faintly sensed that it might be useful to her master.

Zi Mo took it from her, and seemed to still have something to say. However, Zhu Yao had already closed her eyes, and began circulating her spiritual energy into Wang Xuzhi’s meridians.

She had done many game plans in the modern era, and the number of bugs she fixed was larger than the number of times she died. She just wouldn’t believe that there was really no way to exterminate this so-called resentment. As long as it’s a bug, then there’s definitely a patch that can deal with it. As the saying goes, as long as the pickaxe is swung well, there are no walls that cannot be dug. Uh… Something sounds strange here?

However, to patch it, one must first figure out where the loophole was. That was why she thought of guiding the resentment in little wimp’s body into her own, so that she could deeply understand the composition of resentment. Only then would she be able to find a method to counter it. Even a divine doctor would have to try hundreds of herbs to figure out their medicinal effects after all.

Taking a deep breath, Zhu Yao continued to circulate her spiritual energy and inspect little wimp’s meridians. From his Shenting to his Danzhong, his body was filled with pure fire spiritual energy. Only when she approached the location of his Dantian did she faintly sense strands of black gaseous bodies. The black miasma and fire spiritual energy were entangled together. The miasma was just a step away from gathering in his Dantian, the source of his spiritual energy. At the entrance to his Dantian, there were several rows of talismans floating around, and they were preventing the miasma from entering with all their might.

It was no wonder little wimp was unconscious. If resentment ended up entering his Dantian, if he wanted to forcefully expel it, he would have to shatter his Dantian and had no choice but to destroy his own cultivation. The remnants of little wimp’s consciousness were most likely used to stop this resentment.

Zhu Yao did not hesitate any further, and immediately guided the miasma towards her. Contrary to her expectations, the miasma seemed to have fixated on little wimp’s body, not even bothering to move towards her in the least.

The hell, you resentment, you actually have preferences for men over women! Willing her thoughts, she materialized a few thin lightning streaks, which struck and crackled all over. Along with the fire spiritual energy, the lightning streaks directly scattered the miasma.

Though she  could  not  exterminate  it,  hitting  it  till  it  was unable to retaliate was still possible. The moment the resentment scattered, Zhu Yao immediately used her spiritual energy to trap it, and then retracted it back towards her.

At first, she had wanted to control the resentment and then deal with it slowly. However, the moment the resentment she scattered entered her meridians, as though it was injected with hormones, the resentment excitedly skipped and jumped about, and began to scurry wantonly within her body.

It was clearly so quiet back in little wimp’s body, why did it suddenly go crazy when it came into hers?

Zhu Yao lost control for a moment, and her meridians ended up flowing in the reverse direction. Opening her mouth, she puked out a mouthful of blood.


“Little martial aunt!” Zi Mo was frightened, as he hurriedly sprinted over.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Taking the opportunity the resentment had yet to swim all the way to her Dantian, she circulated the spiritual energy in her entire body to seal the surroundings of her Dantian. As expected, when the resentment had reached near her Dantian, they could not take any step further.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to heave a sigh of relief,  the miasma that finally stopped, suddenly turned around and drilled into her divine sense.

The hell, this plot development was evidently not going according to the script!

Because the spiritual energy in her entire body was safeguarding her Dantian, that miasma seemed to have directly seeped into her divine sense without facing any obstructions. Zhu Yao instantly felt her vision darken.

Momma’s egg, she had gone and done it now!

For a moment, Zhu Yao could not feel her own existence, but only thick darkness. She was feeling suppressed all around her to the point where she was finding it hard to breathe. There seemed to be something in the depths of her heart, rumbling and tumbling, wanting to break out.

Following after, the scene in front of her eyes changed. She suddenly saw a place filled with lush green mountains and clear rivers. Fresh flowers in full bloom filled the land, while the sky was even more so brightly lit, with auspicious clouds floating about.

A white-robed woman was standing within the hundreds of flowers, and she slowly turned her head towards her.

Zhu Yao inhaled some air. That was an astonishingly beautiful face. In the cultivation world, the beauties Zhu Yao saw were as many as the number of hair on a cow, and the human forms of the God Races were even more so heaven-defying beautiful. However, none of them could compare to this woman. Four beauties of ancient China? When comparing them to her, they were simply too crude. If she had to be described with a single phrase, then it could only be – She’s too motherf**king beautiful, she’s inhuman!

That beauty was looking straight at her, and then suddenly gave her a light smile. In an instant, the ground that was filled with flowers, along with the brightly lit sky, suddenly lost all their colours. “Why?” She suddenly spoke. She sounded as though she was asking out of curiosity, yet at the same time, she sounded like she was interrogating her as well. “Why… why…”

As she constantly questioned, her voice grew solemn, and the expression on her face slowly turned into despair. It was like colours had suddenly faded away from a wonderful scenery. On her beautiful face, a eye-catching astonishing scar suddenly appeared. It spread across her entire face, and blood was still seeping out of it. Her white robes were slowly dyed in red.

In a blink of an eye, a beautiful fairy had turned into a vile ghost of hell. Even the hundreds of flowers on the ground had slowly wilted away, and the sky were filled with thunders and flashes of lighting.

Zhu Yao trembled from fright, however, in an instant, the scene in front of her changed.

Next, she witnessed the life of a miserable girl through the method of direct transfer. It was exactly similar to the scenario mode in the past.

The girl’s name was Ying Luo, and she was said to be the descendant of the ancient God Race. However, this girl was rather unfortunate, as she was abandoned when young. She was then picked up by a pair of human traffickers, and was often bought and sold by people. Never able to eat to her fill, and never able to wear any warm clothes, she managed to reach the age of ten through great difficulty. At that time,  she encountered a deity sect which was taking in disciples, but because she possessed the weakest penta spirit veins, after arriving in the deity sect, she was arranged to the outer sect to do miscellaneous chores.

Though her luck was on the poorer side, it could not stop someone who possessed the bloodline of a God Race. Cultivation was completely a breeze to her, and she would basically learn anything on her first try. And it was exactly because of this she had brought about the envy of others in the same sect. It was uncertain just how many times she was plotted against in the dark.

Through great difficulty, she managed to build her Foundation, and her life became a little better than before. She was taken in as a disciple by an Azoth Core practitioner in the inner sect, and officially entered the core authoritative circle of the cultivation world. Because of her spirit veins, people did not set their eyes on her in the beginning. However, she was a good learner, and adding that she was a hard worker as well, she managed to reach Foundation Paragon in just ten short years. A mere penta spirit veins holder actually possessed a cultivation speed comparable to a heavenly spirit vein holder. Naturally, this would arouse the suspicions of others, and there were even people who felt that she carried an exotic treasure.

Even if she had done nothing, she still ended up pulling in lots of hatred. As long as she stepped outside, people would frequently leap out and stab her with a sword or slice her with a sabre. And among these hatred, there was also her master who had been stuck as an Azoth Core practitioner for a hundred years.

In the first place, this Azoth Core practitioner did  not willingly take her as a disciple either. The rules of the sect stated that as long as one was a Foundation disciple, he or she had to be admitted into the inner sect. Ying Luo was among the people who was pushed to a practitioner, who did not meet the minimum requirement on the number of disciples to be taken under his tutelage.

That was why this Azoth Core practitioner did not really plan on teaching her wholeheartedly, and simply threw her a few books on techniques and arts. In the end, this disciple attained enlightenment, and ended up cultivating faster than himself. In just a blink of an eye, she was about to surpass him and form her own Azoth Core. This master quitted. He applied pressure on this disciple of his both openly and secretly, and when he heard the rumours that she possessed an exotic treasure, he even grouped up with others, wanting to kill his own disciple to steal her treasure.

However, the girl’s luck suddenly exploded forth. Not only did she manage to escape a tribulation, while surrounded by the crowd of people, she suddenly had a sudden comprehension, instantly forming her Azoth Core. Instead, the people who surrounded her and attacked her, ate their own bitter fruits. They were wiped out.

Cultivating from the Foundation realm to the Azoth Core realm in just ten short years, an aptitude like this had finally garnered the attention of the sect. The girl was then raised by the sect with heavier care and attention, learning  alongside with those heavenly spirit vein geniuses.

Though she now had high level resources and cultivation techniques, because she did not have any background and backing behind her, she was still that little cabbage who was constantly being bullied. It was as though the girl’s body was stuck with slips of paper labelled ‘Come, beat me then’, everyone wanted to go up and bully her. However, towards these scorns and disdains, the girl did not mind them at all. Probably because there hadn’t been a single person who was nice to her since young, she never had any thoughts in that aspect. Instead, she gotten used to all the bullying. Not to mention, in such an environment, the girl actually did not have any steered views in life. She was still that little cabbage who constantly aimed higher in an upright manner. As she dealt with the evil intentions of the people in the same sect, she continued to put in effort in her cultivation.

Until the day when the sect encountered the assault of heretic practitioners. Their Mountain Barrier Formation was broken through, and large waves of demonic beasts attacked. Yet, coincidentally, the few Nascent Soul practitioners and the only Demigod Sovereign of the sect had all rushed to a newly surfaced secret realm, and were not present in the sect at all.

The only ones who could be termed as battle forces in the sect, were the few Azoth Core practitioners. Though the girl was young, her sense of justice was off the charts, as she fought with the crowd of heretic practitioners in a desperate manner while waiting for the management level leaders to return and rescue them.

However, these heretic practitioners were not just talk either, and their methods were extremely heinous and ruthless. There were even some who practiced heretic arts that cultivated the souls of the dead. Many disciples turned timid, and only the upright little girl remained to safeguard the sect to the death. She desperately activated the sect’s mountain barrier mystic artifact, and managed to stop the heretic practitioners.

When the management level leaders returned, she only had a single breath remaining.

Probably because her actions were too moving, the Sect Master personally healed her injuries, took her as his chamber disciple, and began to teach her wholeheartedly. With resources and background, the girl spent two hundred years to cultivate into a late stage Azoth Core practitioner.

After that, an ancient secret realm surfaced. All practitioners above the Azoth Core realm had gone over to investigate it, and the girl was also one of them. They found out that it was a mustard seed dimensional space left behind by an ancient God, and it was in this space that the girl suddenly awakened her bloodline of the ancient God Race. She immediately nourished her Nascent Soul, and charged all the way to the cultivation level of a Nascent Soul Paragon.

Her identity had also surfaced as well. The true descendant of an ancient God Race, biological sister of the Palace Master of Forgotten God Palace. Her godly power had even more so surpassed the Palace Master’s. As the descendant of a God Race, the girl naturally could not stay in her former sect, and was welcomed to Forgotten God Palace, becoming the master of one of the halls.

However, she did not live a blissful and happy life.

Because, the Devil Race surfaced.

Zhu Yao deeply felt that the God Race and Devil Race was like an OTP that could not be torn apart no matter what. And it was even the kind where they would love to kill each other.

The ancient God’s mustard seed dimensional space which the girl had inspected back then, had a Devil sealed in it. When the crowd of people entered the dimensional space, he took the opportunity to escape. Furthermore, the conventional scenario of a Devil began. With nothing else better to do, he ran around causing havoc, and his ultimate goal was obviously, to destroy the world.

The girl Ying Luo, the true descendant of the ancient God Race, who was newly appointed as a Hall Master, carrying an overflowing sense of justice, and was bound by her duty, was naturally dispatched by the Forgotten God Palace Master to save the world. Because she was the reason behind the release of the Devil, the girl fought with immense effort. However, a descendant of the God Race was not equal to an actual God, no matter how much effort she put in, how could she possibly defeat an undying Devil?

The cultivation world lost! Fifty or so Nascent Soul practitioners, dozens of Demigod practitioners, all collectively laid on the ground.

In the end, the girl gritted her teeth and directly used her body as a sacrifice. With her soul as a guide, she turned into five mystic artifacts and resealed the Devil.

The world was saved, but the girl died. Furthermore, her soul was split into several pieces, bound to seal the Devil forever, never to be able to reincarnate once more.

Zhu Yao sighed. This could totally be considered as a weeping heroic tale. This girl was someone who could truly be referred to as a world saviour, though her ending was a little too miserable. Zhu Yao could not help but sigh once more. Suddenly the scene in front of her changed. The scenario was not complete, there was actually a continuation. Zhu Yao seriously watched on, and the further she watched, the more desolate she felt. That suppressing feeling that made it hard for her to breathe returned, causing unquellable rage to unconsciously surge within her.

What the scene showed was, the thousand years after the girl had saved the world.

She woke up!

Probably because the Heavenly Dao felt that it had mistreated her, a thousand years after the Devil was sealed, the pieces of the girl’s soul slowly left the mystic artifacts and began to gather.

Then, she was revived.

Though, her cultivation was lost, she was once again standing on this piece of land with a new life. It was the first time she felt the priceless value of life, and had so much love for everything in the world. This had also made her feel that everything she had done, was all worth it. But, good people would not necessarily be rewarded. She died!

She died in the hands of the people of the world, whom she had used her soul to protect.

Chapter244: Starting The Extended Instance Dungeon

The reason why heroes were heroes, were exactly because they only lived in legends. The girl sacrificed her life to seal the Devil, so everyone admired her, respected her, and revered her as their saviour. Because she was already dead, the dead would not be able to argue or fight with the living. No matter how high her prestige was, she could not be considered as a threat.

However, if she was alive, this situation would no  longer exist. Her high prestige would definitely influence the other deity sects and threaten those people with high statuses. On the surface, the various sects celebrated her revival, but in their hearts, a faint suspicion grew. If she was revived, then wasn’t there a possibility that the Devil would revive as well?

The various sects feared the Devil Race. After all, in that battle, a large portion of the deity sects and clans suffered huge blows to their foundations, and even given ten thousand years, it was impossible to make a full recovery.

They worried, and they feared. These emotions ran deeper and deeper, and their fear surged every single day. They then pushed the reason for their fear, onto the girl who was revived – Ying Luo. Why did she have to come back to life? Wouldn’t it have been better if she had sealed  the  Devil  for  all  eternity? Since she had already chosen to die, why did she have to go back on her word and come back to life? As time passed, none remembered that she had once saved this world  of  theirs.  All they wanted was for her to return to those seals, so that  they could stop the Devil’s revival.

Thus, in order to save the world, and in order to prevent the Devil’s revival, the various sects collaborated together. Before the girl could even enjoy her new life, they killed her in the name of justice. They, they had even split her soul into five, and resealed them onto the five mystic artifacts. While they were still completely uncertain if the Devil would be resurrected, they killed their former world saviour.

The girl died. She died at the hands of the people she once used her life to protect.

Zhu Yao sensed that surging fury, and she felt an oppressing pain the depths of her heart, for that girl, and for those ignorant practitioners. She had even wanted to rush straight in to stop them. However, there was nothing she could do, as she watched that girl die. She watched as the girl’s soul was torn apart from the formation, and she watched as they were imprisoned into the five mystic artifacts. The scene in front of her eyes changed, and she had once again returned to that field of flowers.

The young maiden that looked like a vile ghost of hell was still standing amidst the flowers, her entire body was covered in blood. However, Zhu Yao suddenly lost all her fear of her, because this was how the girl looked like right before her death. That bloody scar that cut across her face, was exactly the wound where her soul was sliced apart.

“Why?” She asked, tears in the form of fresh,  red  blood flowed down from her eyes. “I have never mistreated this world in the slightest, so why did the people of this world have to treat me in such a way?”

Zhu Yao could not answer.

The blood on the girl’s clothes grew even redder, as her entire being sunk into boundless despair. Suddenly, the blood turned into streams of black gaseous bodies, enveloping her entire body like a fog.

Resentment! So this was the cause behind resentment. Because of such treatment by the people of her world, how could she not hate? How could she not resent?

Zhu Yao felt that she was soon about to sink  under  that immense sadness and desolateness, and  thoughts  of  despair came up in her mind. As though the entirety of the world had already disappeared far away, her entire being felt like it was falling into an ice cellar, and even her heart was about to freeze, with no ability to escape. Even death itself  had  turned  into  a form of desire, as the thought of giving up on  everything constantly poured into her mind.

Ting! The clear sound of a bell suddenly rang in her ears.

The scene in front of her changed.  Instantly,  her surroundings were filled with a familiar darkness, and a QQ chat window immediately popped out. On it, several rows of words appeared in an instant.

Realmspirit: Young maiden, are you alright?

Realmspirit: Wake up, young maiden! Realmspirit: Don’t scare me, hurry and regain your senses!

Realmspirit: Young maiden!

Realmspirit: Zhu Yao!

Realmspirit: Princess Taiping!1

Realmspirit: Airport!2

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and her face instantly darkened. “You’re an airport, your entire family is an airport.”

Realmspirit: (⊙_⊙)

Realmspirit: Yo, brave young maiden, let’s create a miracle together!

“Create your sister!” Zhu Yao habitually refuted. She  then took a deep breath. The despair and desire for death she felt earlier had already receded like the ocean tide, none of their traces could be found. The emotions earlier were most likely the influence of resentment. She turned around and looked at her surroundings. “Did I die again?”

Realmspirit: Nope, young maiden! At the very most, your soul is just experiencing an out-of-body experience.

“Out-of-body experience?” Zhu Yao was stunned. “Then, what about my body?”

Realmspirit: Your body has already been taken over by resentment, and it’s currently in a state of deep slumber.

“You’re saying I can still return?” That was her  original avatar, she had feelings for it!

Realmspirit sank into silence. After a while, he typed out a row of words.

Realmspirit: … Unless the resentment in your body is removed, you will be devoured by the resentment if you return now. “Oh…” Zhu Yao really did not expect that the situation was this serious.

Realmspirit: Hoho, young maiden, your mission this time seems to be too difficult. This work arrangement is my mistake. Why don’t we switch to an easy and comfortable bug for you to fix?

Were there bugs ever that were easy and comfortable to deal with? Zhu Yao gave a scornful look.

“Whatever, since I have already started fixing it, then I shall fix it till the end!”

Realmspirit: Eh?

He seemed to have been startled for a moment.

Realmspirit: Young maiden, are you still planning to return and deal with resentment? Dear friend, do you need a top-up on your intelligence? One top-up with every five bugs fixed, and you will be charged the moment the top-up is processed. Do you need one? “Scram!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “I simply have a feeling that, I might have found a way to eliminate resentment.”

Realmspirit: (⊙o⊙) (Earlier, she was still utterly abused by resentment, why did she say that she has a way to deal with it now all of a sudden? The resentment couldn’t have burnt away the young maiden’s brain, right?)

“Hey, can you not type out your retorts!?” Do you really think I won’t be able to see them because of those brackets? -Faints!-

Realmspirit: Don’t mind such details! Young maiden, are you certain that you wish to continue fixing this bug?

“That’s right. Regarding the concrete details of eliminating resentment, I’m still not exactly certain. I have to personally verify it myself.” Zhu Yao said with a low voice. “And I need your help.”

Realmspirit: Oh… Come then, young maiden. Don’t take pity on me just because I’m frail, use me however you like! “…” Would it kill you not to act stupid? Zhu Yao sighed as she ignored his immoral words. She then gave her analysis. “Usually, when fixing a bug in a game, we would point at the original infrastructure and add a patch there. However, if we encounter mistakes that can never be repaired, in other words, a life-threatening mistake, if we want to save it, there is only a single method – delete and recode. Back then, when the resentment entered my divine sense, I saw the cause behind the birth of resentment. I must say, she does indeed have the right to resent. Also, there’s basically no way to remove her resentment. To remove the bell, the one who attached the bell is needed. If we want to solve this problem, we must first begin from the source. So, I wish to go to that world, and find that girl.”

Realmspirit did not reply, as though he was considering her suggestion. After a while, a row of words was displayed.

Realmspirit: You’re planning to remove her resentful heart, and have her put down her hatred towards the people of her world.

“You can put it that way.”

Realmspirit: However,  though  her  soul  still  resides  in  the world, the resentment has long left her spiritual body. Now that it has arrived in the Underworld, it might not be influenced by her soul.

“At the very least, we should give it a try.”

Realmspirit: … Fine then, I believe in you. I choose you, Pikachu!

“…” Pika your sister! The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She suddenly recalled something. “Oh right, what happened to my master? Why is he frequently turning into a child? Is his comatose state also influenced by resentment?”

Realmspirit, That’s not it, young maiden. One must always pay a certain price for defying against the Heavenly Dao.

“What do you mean?” Speak human.

Realmspirit: He forcefully descended upon the Lower Realm with his power as a High Deity, and then forcefully stayed in the Lower Realm, so naturally he would not be tolerated by the Heavenly Dao. “You’re saying the reason for his comatose state is because of his decision to stay in the Lower Realm.” The depths of Zhu Yao’s heart tightened, and she was instantly filled with guilt. If not because of her, how could her master possibly…

Realmspirit: Haah, young maiden! All this is  because  of… love. As expected, men and women in love are all blind!

“Scram!” Zhu Yao glared at him, and her heart was instantly filled with anxiety. “Is there a way to deal with this problem? … No! This old lady wants to return!”

Realmspirit: Don’t be anxious, young maiden.

“How can I not be anxious?” That was her man.

Realmspirit: Kuh… I’m saying, the problem has already been settled.

Zhu Yao was stunned. “What do you mean?”

The window flashed, and suddenly a video interface appeared. On the window, the scene right after she fainted was shown. Her master dressed in a white robe was currently sitting next to her, his expression was suffused with a cold aura. Wang Xuzhi was standing at the side, as though he had just woken up, his complexion did not look that good. As for Zi Mo…

Zi Mo was currently stuck in a wall. Looking at the angle and depth he was embedded into it, it was definitely her master who slammed him into it.

Zhu Yao: “…”

“How did my master wake up?”

Realmspirit: Did you forget the pearl River of Forgetfulness gave you? It contains the purest of water from the source of River of Forgetfulness, that had yet to make contact with any souls. It’s capable of cleansing away all objects and beings. That’s why, as long as he carries it on his body, the Heavenly Dao will acknowledge his existence, so he will naturally wake up.

As expected, that pearl was for her master’s use. Zhu Yao turned to glance at her own master, and suddenly felt a little discomfort. Every single time, she had to depart like this without saying goodbye, her heart was tired as well. However, if she did not go, she wouldn’t know which world Realmspirit would reincarnate her into. It would be best if she directly eliminated resentment and then return to her own original avatar.

“Can I send him a message?”

Realmspirit: Young maiden, I’m not a postman!

What a friend you are!

“Whatever, dispatch me for the mission then.”

Realmspirit: Alright, young maiden!

“Can you give me a more reliable avatar this time? Don’t make it as weak as trash, alright?”

Realmspirit: No problem, young maiden! I hear your call, young maiden. “Then I’m off.”

Realmspirit: Alright, young maiden! In order to raise your chances of success, I have decided to tune some fine adjustments to the scenario. Good luck, young maiden.

Wait a minute, what did you adjust, hey?

The view in front of her flashed, and a familiar loading bar appeared. The bar moved at lightspeed, and in the next second, Zhu Yao had already sunk into unconsciousness.

She suddenly had a bad feeling, that she was about to get trolled.

When Zhu Yao woke up again, she was on a stone bed. Her entire body was so stiff, it felt like she had been petrified into stone. She spent great effort into sitting up. As she got used to her body, she inspected her surroundings. This was a stone chamber, and it was even sealed tight. Several formations used to concentrate spiritual energy were placed inside, which made the spiritual energy in the air abundant. She sat for exactly an hour before she managed to smoothen the flow of her meridians, and her stiffened body slowly began to relax as well.

Zhu Yao inhaled some air, wanting to circulate the spiritual energy in her body. However, she realized that her Dantian was completely empty.

The hell, what happened to the promised overpowered avatar? She couldn’t possibly have to start cultivating again from scratch, right?

Wait a minute!

It wasn’t that simple. She calmed her heart down, and immediately went into her inner view. She realized that although her body did not carry spiritual energy, her divine sense was as broad as the ocean. The hell, this divine sense was evidently comparable to a Demigod’s.

Zhu Yao instantly grew a little excited. So it was simply because she did not have sufficient battery charged up. She finally did not have to start cultivating from scratch again. Thus, she directly guided spiritual energy into her body. In an instant, the spiritual energy guiding formations in the stone chamber began to circulate wildly. Large amount of spiritual energy began to pour into her body, and her surroundings were filled with sparkling streaks of lightning. The chamber looked as though it was attacked by a tornado, and occasionally, flashes of lightning would occasionally appear and make crackling sounds, as they struck the stone walls. It was unclear what materials the stone wall was made of either, as not a single scratch was left on it.

The amount of spiritual energy the formations could gather was extremely limited, and in just a few moments, they had already been completely absorbed. It was simply not enough to restore her cultivation. However, after the formations had stopped, even more spiritual energy came transferring endlessly into her body from underneath the ground.

It seemed like there was even a spiritual pulse hidden under this stone chamber. Zhu Yao instantly felt at ease, as she began to absorb the spiritual energy with a peace of mind.

Exactly ten days passed before her empty Dantian was completely filled with spiritual energy. Her cultivation had also successfully restored to the Demigod Realm. Zhu Yao casually cast a Dirt Removal Art on herself, and then immediately materialized a water mirror to look at the appearance of her current avatar.

She had no choice. After all, she did not have that much faith in Realmspirit’s character.

The face of a woman surfaced in the water mirror. She looked really stern, and not much beauty could be seen from her entire figure. She could only be considered as average and proper. Her height was so-so, her clothes were so-so, her looks were so-so, and her chest… was so-so as well. She seemed like a female practitioner without any unique traits, and had a face that would be unrecognizable when thrown into a human crowd.

Zhu Yao pouted. Normal it is then. She did not hold much hopes towards her own avatar now, as long as she did not turn into something strange, she was fine with it.

She silently planted a suggestion in her own heart and accepted her new avatar. Keeping the mirror with a wave of her hand, she recalled the mission this time. Firstly, she had to first retrieve the five mystic artifacts and release the soul remnants of the miserable girl. Then, she had to have a good chat with her about life. Even if she could not eliminate her resentment, at the very least, she could send her into reincarnation.

With her ability as a Demigod, Zhu Yao felt really confident.

After carefully inspecting this stone chamber, she spotted a formation on the right wall. It seemed like that was the exit. Zhu Yao did not hesitate and inserted a strand of spiritual energy into it. With a rumbling sound, the entire right wall slowly split into two and slid open in opposite directions.

Before she could even take a step out, she saw an old man standing outside. With a cultivation level at the early Nascent Soul stages, he was dressed in a long blue robe and had grown a long white beard down his chin. He held on a whisk in his hands, exuding a very sage-like demeanour.

There was a large bunch of disciples behind him. There were men and women, old and young, and they densely occupied the entire mountain slope where the cave entrance was.

Zhu Yao’s heart trembled. What were these people doing?
Fighting a group battle? Seeing that she had come out, the eyes of the old man with a sage-like demeanour brightened. Taking a step forward, his sage-like demeanour resoundingly snapped as he bowed in front of her. With an imposing aura, he loudly said. “This disciple greets Old Ancestor!”

When his words fell, the disciples behind him all knelt down one after another. Voices that could pierce through the clouds resounded. “Greetings to Old Ancestor!”


I dare you to stand up and say it again while stroking your beard!

Chapter245: Adjusted Timeline

Wen Yu had always believed that he was a qualified Palace Master, and even one that was extremely motivated. Though the Forgotten God Palace he inherited was in a terrible state, he still did not give up and abandon his duties, and instead wanted to bring the sect up to a healthy condition, no, he wanted to bring it onto the path towards great prosperity.

He had an overflowing amount of helpless dreams, but reality was cruel to the bone. Though Forgotten God Palace had the mighty descendants of the ancient God Races, even the most trendy and hottest brands, could not stand the test of time. In the beginning, by relying on the additional godly energy they were blessed with, this attribute that could be nearly considered as a cheat, Forgotten God Palace was the unshakable leading goat of the cultivation world. In the recent years however, due to the thinning of their bloodlines, this attribute grew weaker and weaker. Presently, other than the Palace Master who still carried that little hint of bloodline which he himself was unable to sense, and did not have that much godly energy that could be used at all, the other disciples of direct descent basically only had a single descendant of the God Races under each of their names.

In order to retain the blessings of godly energy, it was unavoidable for the previous Palace Masters to take some xenophobic measures, which brought about extremely dire consequences. The most direct exemplification of this was – foreign talents could not enter, and the management turned corrupted, the overall aptitude of the sect took a dive, to their present state where there was basically no disciple that could possibly be called decent.

When he realized the severity of this problem and began to consider accepting talented disciples from outside, it was already too late. Putting aside the fact that disciples with good aptitudes were hard to find, even if there were, they would have long been snatched away by the other clans and sects. How could their turn possibly come?

Especially during the previous great war that implicated the entire cultivation world, Forgotten God Palace had suffered heavy losses. Almost all of the practitioners who could hold their ground had already fallen in that battle. Out of the dozens of Nascent Soul practitioners, merely five remained. The strength of Forgotten Gods Temple plummeted once again, to the point where it was hard for them to raise their heads in front of the other sects.

Wen Yu was worried about this matter every single day, hardly being able to sleep at night. Yet, at this critical juncture, the various sects stabbed another dagger into his heart, by inviting their Azoth Core disciples to participate in the Great Inter-Sect Tournament. However, Wen Yu was aware that this glorified spar between clans and sects, was actually a meeting to measure the strengths of the various sects.

A problem occurred in this competition. The ten Azoth Core disciples dispatched by Forgotten God Palace, were all beaten to a pulp. Putting aside the fact that they did not get into the rankings, not a single disciple entered the top ten. Furthermore, their results were not even comparable to an average first-rate deity sect.

Wen Yu had almost puked out a mouthful of blood. After this competition, forget about being the leading goat, their position as a first-rate deity sect might be at stake, and from then on completely lose their right to speak. Wen Yu even had the desire to die now. At this unsalvageable, irrecoverable and helpless moment, a miracle appeared!

The spiritual light of a Demigod suddenly descended upon the Heaven Returning Forest behind the mountains, and the entire Forgotten Gods Temple was enveloped by tribulation clouds. The thundering tribulation lightning bolts actually struck for a total of ten days, and following after, in a certain stone chamber within the forest, the pressure of a Demigod was emitted out. A Demigod practitioner was in Heaven Returning Forest behind the mountains. There was actually a  Demigod Sovereign! After that battle, there wasn’t a single Demigod left in the entire cultivation world, however, they had gained another one here, alive!

Wen Yu was instantly excited to the point where even his beard was shining, as he gathered everyone outside the stone chamber to personally welcome this Sovereign out of her closed- door training. With a Demigod practitioner stationed,  just which sect would still dare bully them?

Wen Yu’s fantasies grew even wilder, and he grew even more excited as he thought about them. And, the more he thought about them, his impression of that Sovereign in the chamber
grew even better. You sure have come at the perfect moment. You are that most beautiful rainbow in the sky, and I will have you stay with fragrant wine… Eh, something sounded strange here?

However, when that Sovereign walked out of the stone chamber, he was dumbfounded. Who… is she? Her face looks very foreign.

The Heaven Returning Forest, situated behind the mountains, was the place where the sect disciples go into life-death isolations. Every single practitioner who entered would be near the end of his or her, with the intention of making a desperate attempt to break through. However, a large number of disciples never returned. Those who did return had slim chances of living on as well, and they were all existences who were easily forgotten by others.

However, this was a Demigod Sovereign. In other words, before she entered, she was at least a Nascent Soul practitioner. But, how could he not have seen her before either?

Wen Yu gritted his teeth. He couldn’t be bothered about it anymore. The sect could not lose this Sovereign. Let’s just take it as though the heavens have gifted her to us.

Thus, without hesitation, pata, he knelt on the ground and loudly shouted. “This disciple greets Old Ancestor.”

Hence, the young maiden Zhu Yao, who had a youthful appearance and had only gotten a boyfriend just recently, became their ancestor just like that.

“Old Ancestor, may I ask which blessed land does dear elderly wish to have as your cave residence?” Wen Yu welcomed her with a chuckle, and he was grinning to the point where his eyes could barely be seen.

Elderly Zhu Yao: “…”

Can you please not address me as your ancestor? She still wanted to marry, you know! “Just call me directly  by  my name.”

“That definitely can’t do.” Wen Yu’s expression sharpened, and he said with a stern look. “There are orders when it comes to seniority and ranks. As the Palace Master of Forgotten God Palace, this disciple naturally has to lead by example. May I ask Old Ancestor not to decline.” His face was filled with the ‘you’re stepping on my pride as your junior’ look.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, silently enduring it. If not because of how aged you look!

“Just choose a place at random then. As long as I can take residence in it.” She did not have any demands to make when it came to a place to stay. In any case, her goal was just those mystic artifacts. When Wen Yu heard this, he did not take her for another blind stroll either, as he directly headed to a lush green mountain peak.

She wondered if it was a coincidence, but that was the highest mountain among all of the floating mountains here. Next to it was the Main Peak, and a forest was situated on the right. Though, several kilometers away, there was actually  a mountain dyed completely in pitch-black. Not a single grass or tree was present on that mountain, and spiritual energy was not emitting out from it either. Yet, it was still stably floating in the sky.

Zhu Yao was a little curious. “What’s that?”

“That’s the Sword Seeking Peak.” Wen Yu explained. Suddenly, as though he had recalled something, he said. “Soon, the Day of Sword Seeking for the various sects will arrive. When that time comes, may I look forward to Old Ancestor protecting our sect.”

“Sword Seeking? What’s that?” Zhu Yao casually asked.

Wen Yu was startled for a moment, as he looked at her a little strangely. “Sword Seeking is naturally an event  for practitioners to find weapons or forging materials that they are compatible with.” Just how long had the Old Ancestor gone into isolation for? She was not even aware of something like this. “This Sword Seeking Peak rose into the air on its own several thousand years ago, and residing within are countless materials used to forge mystic artifacts. However, because this mountain resides above our sect’s spiritual pulse, the weapons forged by the materials here are naturally birthed with spirituality, and they will choose their owners on their own. Before finding a suitable owner, even if the weapon has been successfully forged, it will make its way back here to wait for the destined individual. This is why our sect organizes the Sword Seeking Convention every ten years.”

It was that incredible? Then wouldn’t the other clans and sects be envious to death? After all, the other clans and sects could only visit once every ten years, while they were just at its doorsteps.

However, after listening to his explanation, Zhu Yao began to look forward to it a little. She might be able to use this Sword Seeking Convention to find out the locations of the five mystic artifacts and borrow them for a while. Even if they were unwilling to lend them to her, she could still snatch them! Zhu Yao stayed on the mountain peak for five days, and she inquired about the current state of the world from the few disciples who came to serve her. She wouldn’t have known if she did hear about them, but after hearing them, her entire body felt uncomfortable.

Initially, she had believed that Realmspirit had given her another avatar which had its own backstory, however, that was not the case. In this sect, there was not a single person who knew her. Though, because the location she appeared in was coincidentally in a stone chamber at the back of their own mountains, by logical deduction, that Palace Master took her as one of their own.

It was no wonder that old man wouldn’t call her by her name no matter what. It was not because he did not want to, he basically did not know who she was. Because he was afraid of offending a Demigod practitioner, he had no choice but to exalt her with ‘Old Ancestor’ and even more ‘Old Ancestor’. As expected, people who could become Sect Masters were all thousand-year-old foxes. He was evidently trolling her.

After realizing the truth, Zhu Yao immediately headed over to Wen Yu to express that she did not wish to stay in this sect. Wen Yu however stopped her with tears in his eyes and snot coming out from his nose. As he cried, he spoke of the sect’s heart-aching history. From the establishment of the sect, he cried his way to the sect’s glorious era, and then cried all the way to their current embarrassing predicament. All this while, he was hugging onto her thigh without letting go.

A white-haired old man who looked like he was above his fifties, cried, shouted, and pleaded for her to stay. He begged her to overthrow their current situation, and become a good young maiden with five disciplines and four graces. She really could not bear to kick him away, and in the end, gave her consent.

Wen Yu instantly became energetic. His waist was no longer sore, his legs were no longer aching, he stopped hugging onto her thigh as well, and the tears and snot had all been retracted. “May I ask for Sovereign’s Daoist title?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Yu Yao.”  Face changing was definitely an essential skill which all Sect Masters had.

“So it’s Sovereign Yu Yao.” The old man respectfully gave her a bow. “For Sovereign to face her Demigod tribulation in our sect, and have even chosen to stay in our sect, it can be said to be the work of fate. Forgotten God Palace definitely will not forget Sovereign’s grace and kindness.”

Zhu Yao replied him with two words. Ho ho.

Forgotten God Palace. If she was not mistaken, it should be the home of that Yi Luo girl, the main base for all descendants of the God Races! Were they not really incredible in the given scenario? Why were they in such a miserable state now? They did not even have a single Demigod Sovereign in the sect either.

As though he discerned that she had doubts, old man Wen Yu proactively explained. “Sovereign may not be aware of this, but in that battle a few hundred years ago, dozens of Nascent Soul practitioners from our sect fell. That incident destroyed our foundation, which thus led to us falling into such a predicament.”

“A few hundred years ago?” Zhu Yao was stunned, what kind of battle would cause the deaths of so many Nascent Soul practitioners? “Even the combined forces of dozens of Nascent Soul practitioners were not enough to achieve victory?” Wen Yu sighed. “How can the Devil possibly be so easily defeated?”

“Devil?” Zhu Yao widened her eyes, a  thought  flashed through her mind. She had a faint feeling that her reincarnation this time was amiss.

“Sovereign must never have thought that the Devil Race would resurface, right?” Wen Yu shook his head with a sunken and heavy expression. “If the former Palace Master’s sister, Ying Luo, did not risk her life to seal the Devil, how could a peaceful world like this still exist? In just a short few hundred years, the various sects have already begun to plot against our Forgotten God Palace.”

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao was a little confused, as she looked at the old man sternly. “You said that Ying Luo sealed the Devil a few hundred years ago?”

“That’s right!” Wen Yu nodded. Looking down, he pondered for a moment. “Let me recall just how many years it has been… About nine hundred years or so?”

“The hell!” She finally realized what was wrong. The resentment birthed by Ying Luo appeared a thousand years after the Devil was sealed, while Realmspirit had actually sent her to the time period before Ying Luo was revived. Not only had she arrived at the girl’s world, she had even crossed through time, arriving in the past.

“Old man, then are you aware, where is the girl’s… no, that Palace Master Ying Luo’s body?”

“Obviously, it’s on the God Sacrificial Altar.” He said in a matter-of-fact manner. “Only by using one’s own body as sacrifice, can the ancient sealing arts be activated.”

“Where is that place?”

Wen Yu pointed to a spot in the south. “It’s located at the sacred pond just behind our Forgotten God Palace… Eh?” When he turned back, Zhu Yao’s figure was no longer in front of him. There was merely a white figure flying in the southern direction.

It seems like Sovereign is very curious about that world saviour. It seems like she won’t be leaving anytime soon. He instantly felt at ease. Zhu Yao immediately arrived at the location Wen Yu pointed at. In front of her was a pond so clear its bottom could be seen, and formations were revolving all around it. Above the pond water, laid a young maiden dressed in a blue robe, and chains formed by spiritual energy were wrapping all around her body.

As expected, she was that girl from the scenario. She had not resurrected yet.

She finally understood what was the fine adjustment Realmspirit spoke of. He adjusted the timeline!

Back then, she said she wanted to deal with the source of the problem, and she did not expect that Realmspirit would really send her back to the source. The source where the girl had yet to be betrayed by the people of her world.

The hell, it seemed like all of her plans had to be adjusted.

Initially, she had thought that her main mission was to gather the mystic artifacts and release the girl’s soul. Then, she would engage in psychological counselling with her that might not have a high rate of success, have her put down her resentment and reincarnate properly. From the looks of things, her main mission had changed to how she should prevent people from betraying her, and how she would reverse her miserable life.

In an instant, she felt a large wave of troubles that was about to assault her.

Presently, Zhu Yao had no choice but to stay in Forgotten God Palace. She did not know when Ying Luo would awaken, and she had to save her before the various sects find out about her awakening. Otherwise, a frail girl who had lost all her cultivation could only suffer at the hands of others. Also, she had to hurry and collect those five mystic artifacts.

Those five objects were also part of her misery.

Her journey to another world to give a psychological counselling, had instantly turned into saving that miserable, frail girl. This sour and refreshing taste was simply unbelievable!1

As for the Sword Seeking Convention Wen Yu spoke of, was about to open in full swing in five days’ time as well. The practitioners from various sects and clans had all gathered at Forgotten God Palace. Though in his heart, Wen Yu resented the methods used by these clans and sects, he still welcomed them with a courteous expression.

However, the number of people who came this time was especially huge. Inside, the numerous Nascent Soul Reverends who led their groups here, explained that they were bringing disciples over to seek swords. Though, they might as well say that they were demonstrating their might. Evidently, the drinker’s intentions were not on the wine.2

Though Wen Yu was able to endure his anger and did not immediately run up the mountain to seek help from Zhu Yao, as he kept welcoming the disciples from the various sects in a passionate manner. When all of the famed deity sects of the cultivation world had arrived and all of the leading figures had settled down, he walked back to the hall.

The various sects were evidently getting impatient, as a practitioner immediately stopped Wen Yu and made clear of his intent in an instant. “Palace Master Wen, it has truly been laborious for Forgotten God Palace to safeguard Sword Seeking Peak for so many years, and it has also been extremely troublesome for our disciples to seek their swords once every ten years. So, the various sects had come to a conclusion, why not have this Sword Seeking Peak be managed by other deity sects from today onwards? It will also relieve Palace Master’s worries.”

Wen Yu turned to glance at him. Sword Seeking Peak was something which belonged to Forgotten God Palace in the first place. Opening it once every ten years was also because of the ability to choose their own owners which the artifacts in the mountain possessed. The artifacts were unwilling to stay buried, which was why the various sects were invited to enter. They were clearly here to snatch something away, yet they even wanted to use the excuse of relieving Forgotten God Palace’s worries.

Wen Yu coldly laughed, and walked to the main seat of the hall. Suddenly, his eyes shifted. He did not sit on the main seat, but had instead waved his hand to have one of the disciples add another seat in the position below it. He sat down and scanned the people present. When he thought of the certain someone at the top of the mountain, his back instantly  straightened upright.

The time to blow off steam had arrived!

Chapter246: Sword Seeking Convention

“Sect Master Li, I wonder which sect you believe Sword Seeking Peak should be managed by?” Wen Yu intentionally said.

When that person heard this, he thought that Wen Yu had already agreed to hand over Sword Seeking Peak, and his smile instantly grew even more complacent. “Sect Master Wen, in the present cultivation world, Clearflower Sect has the strongest capabilities. Furthermore, Sect Master Zhao of Clearflower Sect even possesses late stage Nascent Soul cultivation. It is more appropriate for Clearflower Sect to manage it.”

Wen Yu looked towards Zhao Yiyang, Clearflower  Sect Master, who was keeping silent at the side. “Sect Master Zhao, you too believe that Sword Seeking Peek should be handed over to Clearflower Sect?”

Zhao Yiyang smiled, and said with a gentle voice. “If the various sects have faith in this lowly one, and believes that Clearflower Sect is able to take up this responsibility, then this Zhao naturally take up this duty.”

With his modest appearance, the rest of the sects felt even firmer in their decision, as they gave him their confident looks one after another.

Wen Yu however grew even more furious. Clearly, Clearflower Sect had already discussed with the other sects, and was merely using the Sword Seeking Conference as an excuse to bring it up, pushing him to the point where he had no choice but to agree. If it was before, he really would not have any ideas on how he should refute this, and would have no choice but to agree under pressure. But now…

He let out a cold laugh. The more furious he was, the calmer his expression became. “Sect Master Zhao made a great point. Such an important place like Sword Seeking Peak, indeed requires sufficient strength to safeguard it. Otherwise, it will be extremely easy to fall for the schemes of heretic practitioners and ‘lowly people’.” He especially emphasized on the two words ‘lowly people’. Sweeping a glance at the people present, all he could see were unfazed looks. The scorn in the depths of his heart grew.

“Sect Master Wen, please feel at ease!” Though Zhao Yiyang carried a serious expression, as he spoke. “Our sect will safeguard this Sword Seeking Peak with all of our might.” “I naturally have faith in Sect Master Zhao’s strength, but…” Wen Yu’s tone changed, and he now carried a complicated look.

“If Sect Master Wen has any concerns, please feel free to say it outright.”

“To tell you the truth, a few days ago, a senior from our sect has suddenly come out of closed-door training after many years of isolation. Furthermore, she’s extremely proficient in the arts of refining artifacts, and she wishes to refine a weapon that suits her.” Wen Yu sighed. “I saw that she has extraordinary aptitude, and I did not wish to miss out on her talent, so I handed over the key to open the formation core of Sword Seeking Peak to her. Presently, Sword Seeking Peak is still under her management, if Sect Master Zhao truly wishes to take over the worries of our sect, then you would have to first seek her permission.”

Zhao Yiyang frowned. This was clearly Wen Yu trying to evade the matter. Anger unconsciously swelled within him.

The supportive Sect Masters from the various sects could not endure it any longer either, as they stood up one after another and censured him. “Who is she? Call her out here now. We will speak with her then.”

“That’s right! This Sword Seeking Peak opens only once every ten years, why does she have to be first to enter?”

“Even if she’s a disciple of Forgotten God Palace, you can’t be this easy-going, right?”

“Simply get her out here and hand over the key face-to-face. How can Sword Seeking Peak be handed over to some random person?”

“Could her strength possibly surpass Reverend Zhao? I really do wish to see who has such huge guts.”

“That’s right, get her out here.”

Everyone began to discuss by throwing their statements out one after another, yet, Wen Yu still had the same calm and firm look. He instead looked towards Clearflower Sect Master at the side. “Fellow daoist Zhao, what’s your take on this?” Zhao Yiyang smiled. “Naturally, I wish to see this manager of Sword Seeking Peek as well.”

Wen Yu sighed. This performance had gone long enough, it was time to serve the main dish. Not delaying any longer, he waved a disciple over and said. “Head over to Heavenridge Peak and invite Old Ancestor down the mountain. Tell her that Clearflower Sect Master wishes to see her.”

“No need.” A clear and cold voice resounded, and the moment it fell, the pressure of a Demigod instantly enveloped the entire great hall. The crowd who were still clamouring earlier, instantly quietened down. The Nascent Soul practitioners were still fine, but the rest of the disciples had already knelt on the ground as they were unable to withstand such pressure. Every single one of them widened their eyes in utter disbelief. A Demigod Sovereign!

A white light flashed, and a figure suddenly appeared at the center of the great hall just like that. “I’m already here.”

“Greetings to Old Ancestor.” Wen Yu took a step forward in an especially flaunting manner, and then bowed towards Zhu Yao. The smiling intent revealed from the corners of his eyes looked as though it could fly out at any moment. Zhu Yao’s divine sense had actually been paying attention to the situation here the entire time, so when she heard Wen Yu asking a disciple to invite her over, she knew that the time to put on airs was here.

Thus, the pressure emitted from her body did not carry any intentions of holding back. Her tyrannical aura was released at full force, and she was even giving special care to the Clearflower Sect Master on the right.

She had even especially walked two steps in his direction, and said in a face-slapping manner. “I heard you wish to see me?”

Zhao Yiyang was pouring out cold sweat which kept dripping down. He was using all his might to prevent himself from kneeling down to the pressure, and at that moment, his intestines had all turned green from regret. When did another Demigod Sovereign appear in Forgotten God Palace? Why was he not aware of this?

“Sovereign, please pardon my mistake. This lowly one was unaware that Sovereign is the manager of Sword Seeking Peak, that was why… This lowly one should be the one to visit Sovereign.” Zhu Yao sat down at the highest seat in the hall. She swept her eyes through the hall, and when her eyes fell on  them,  every single one of them looked as though they had swallowed some feces.

With a twist of her palm, a small sword with the width of a fingertip floated above her palm. “It seems everyone has a lot of opinions about me becoming the manager of Sword Seeking Palace? Fine then. If you lot feel that you’re  more  qualified, then look for me to take the key to the formation core.”

How could the crowd possibly dare to take it? Wouldn’t that clearly mean they would offend a Demigod practitioner? They would be smashed into smithereens, right?

Every one of them expressed that this was just a misunderstanding one after another, and they could not help but silently resent Clearflower Sect for instigating their sects.

“Since that’s the case, I will be keeping this key.” And here she was thinking why old man Wen Yu stuffed the key to her yesterday, so it was actually used for this face-slapping moment.

”Seeing  that  she  was  not  pursuing  the  matter,  the  crowd finally heaved sighs of relief. “However…” Zhu Yao’s tone changed. “It’s too troublesome to have this Sword Seeking Peak open every ten years, not to mention I don’t always have the time to wait and open the door for you people. So, the timing for the Sword Seeking Convention will have to change. In the future, it will be once every fifty years then.”

The faces of the crowd instantly darkened. What was called ‘going out for the wool and coming home shorn’? This was. However, they were wrong in the first place, so they did not have the right to retort. They could only glare at Clearflower Sect, the main culprit, with resentful eyes one after another.

Sect Master Zhao felt even more stifled. The Demigod pressure was still pressing down on his body, being able to stand properly was already an amazing feat, how could he possibly still have the mind to care about the feelings of the other sects?

Thus, a wide open resource snatching convention, ended with Zhu Yao’s half-hearted threats. Putting aside the fact that the various sects did not gain any benefits from this incident, the Sword Seeking Convention that was supposed to happen once every ten years, had even been altered to once every fifty years. They basically could not feel even more stifled than now. “If everyone do not have any objections, then let’s begin today’s Sword Seeking Convention.” Wen Yu walked out. Not giving the rest of the people basically any time to react, he looked at Zhu Yao gratefully, and said. “May I request Old Ancestor to activate the formation on Sword Seeking Peak.”

Zhu Yao nodded. She did not have the patience to play mind games with the crowd of people here either, as she directly brought the crowd over to that pitch-black mountain.  Only after looking up close did she realize that this Sword Seeking Peak was more like a spiritual mine. However, instead of spirit stones, various materials used to refine artifacts were produced here.

The entire mountain was filled with various formations. At first glance, it was a mountain that looked a little ugly, but after taking a closer look, she realized that the surroundings of the mountain were covered in floating talismans. Zhu Yao lightly sighed in astonishment at the formations in this world. They looked really deep and profound.

The crowd stopped at the foot of the mountain. A strand of spiritual energy was inserted into the key in Zhu Yao’s hand, and the key instantly released a dazzling golden glow as it flew straight towards that mountain. Not even a moment later, the entire mountain shook like a 3D image, and then, the virtual image flashed, revealing its true appearance.

Different from the former pitch-black charred mountain, the mountain before her eyes was filled with various types of spiritual swords stabbed into it. In the surroundings, there were even several spiritual swords flying and dancing in the air.

“The spiritual artifacts of Sword Seeking Peak will be awarded to the destined ones. Everyone, please.” Wen Yu loudly said, and only then did the disciples of the various sects walked into the mountain with excited faces. In this Sword Seeking Convention, the only ones who were truly happy, were probably these low rank disciples that could only enter the mountain every ten years.

Only the Nascent Soul practitioners who were leading the parties for their sects, were left standing on the same spot. Though there were many spiritual artifacts in Sword Seeking Peek, every single person could only choose a single spiritual artifact in his lifetime. People who had already chosen one, would not be able to receive the acknowledgement of new artifacts even after entering again.

“Old Ancestor, are you not going in to take a look?” Wen Yu squeezed over. Speaking of which, he was a little curious as well. This Sovereign Yu Yao seemed to be especially poor. Even the flying mystic artifact she was stepping on was actually taken from his hands as well. He really wondered just how she managed to live till she became a Demigod.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. After pondering for a moment, she did indeed require a weapon of her own. She looked at her surroundings, and coincidentally, there was a piece of Dark Ore at the side. “I’m fine with refining one on my own. I will take this then.”

The corner of Wen Yu’s lips twitched. “Old Ancestor, are you not going in to choose one? The materials in the mountain all possess spirituality, and they are more compatible with their owners.” Why did she choose the most normal Black Ore? This completely did not fit her almighty status at all. “Furthermore, the materials in the mountain, no matter their quality or quantity, are all in the high numbers.”

“I guess you’re right!” Zhu Yao nodded. “This Black Ore is a little small, and isn’t enough to refine a sword, then let’s head in to choose a bigger Black Ore.”

“…” Can you please let Black Ores go? Zhu Yao however had already entered the mountain in a flash. She did not have much interest in high grade materials. With her trend of courting flowery deaths, even the best of materials would just be wasted. When it came to a weapon, it just had to be comfortable to wield.

Black Ores were very common materials, and after walking a short distance, she found one of suitable size. Just as she was about to reach her hand out to pick that Black Ore, a white round stone suddenly rolled over from the side and knocked away that Black Ore, appearing next to her hand.

Zhu Yao frowned. Not even thinking deeper about this, she thought it was just the wind and a mere coincidence. Thus, she walked forward another two steps, still with the intention to pick up that Black Ore. Just as she was about to reach out her hand, that white rock once again rolled over. With a smack, it knocked away that Black Ore again.


Why did she feel that this stone was being intentional? Zhu Yao frowned. Not believing in the supernatural, she continued to head over to pick up that Black Ore. As expected, that white rock once again rolled over. This time, it crashed into the ore even more ferociously, instantly smashing the Black Ore one to two meters away.

The white rock quietly stopped beneath her hand, looking as though it was saying, ‘hurry and pick me up!’

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. She really did not feel like picking it up now. Casting a wind type art, she blew the white rock several meters away, and then turned around to pick up that Black Ore. This time, without even waiting for her to bend her waist, that white rock was already rolling back in a fiery manner. It rolled extremely quickly, but its route was blocked by a withered tree.

Chapter247: Story Of Chicks

Bang bang. It collided with the withered tree several times, however, after seeing that it was basically unable to move the withered tree, it felt uncomfortable all around its rock body. It anxiously rolled back and forth next to the withered tree, leaving several marks on the ground. As though it had suddenly thought of a plan, it rolled several meters back, and then, fiercely accelerated down, smashing ruthlessly onto the tree. Then, with a ‘pa’ sound, it leapt up. It had used the reaction force to leap over the tree.

However, at this moment, Zhu Yao had long successfully picked up that Black Ore.

White rock: …

It stopped beneath her feet, as though it was in a daze. In an instant, its entire rock body turned ash-grey. The rock that was initially as white as a jade, instantly changed into a heavy grey colour, as though it had just suffered the most unbearable blow in its entire rock life.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She could not be bothered with that rock, as she kept the Black Ore properly and planned on heading back. That white… no, that ash coloured rock stiffened for a moment, and then rolled closely behind her. Like a little tail, as it rolled, it bumped away the rocks, twigs, weeds and whatever next to it, loyally following behind her.

“Stop following already.” Zhu Yao sighed. This rock did not just possess spirituality, but evidently, it had awakened its spiritual consciousness as well. “Even if you follow me, I won’t choose you. Hurry and return into the mountain.” The city is very dangerous, you know.

The ash coloured rock turned into a deeper grey colour in an instant, looking so depressed to the point where it might shatter apart. However, it still did not give up and continued to roll after her. When she took a step, it would roll for an instant, and then when two steps were taken, it would roll an even longer stretch. Even if it encountered an obstacle, it would think of all ways possible to keep up with her pace.


Just why in the world was it being so persistent?

Zhu Yao was left with no choice, as she looked at that stupid rock trying to evade a large tree. Just as it was about to roll into the small river at the side, she could not help but reach out her hand to grab it.

That rock was dumbfounded for a moment. Then, as though it was exhilarated, it instantly reverted back to its snow-white colour, and it even grew even brighter and brighter than before. Furthermore, it was rubbing against her palm, wanting to be spoilt. Zhu Yao felt that there was a need to chat with it about life.

About how it could become a rock with principles.

“Kuh… Little rock, I know you have already awakened your spiritual consciousness, and is able to understand my words.” Zhu Yao said with a stern tone. “I have come into the mountain to find materials to refine an artifact. Artifact refining, do you know about it? Rocks have to be melted down, and their bodies will shatter apart, you know? You have already awakened your spiritual consciousness, so if you continue with  your cultivation, you might become a spirit. Why the need to be refined into an artifact then?” Even if you’re able to become a sword spirit after being refined into an artifact, don’t give up your pride as a rock spirit, hey. “…” That rock instantly stopped its palm-rubbing fawning action, as though it was frightened by her words.

Zhu Yao continued to implant some suggestions into it. “Do you want to be shattered apart, or become a happy rock spirit? Properly return into the mountain and continue with your cultivation. In the future, don’t come out for a blind stroll any longer, and don’t be found by other practitioners.”

There was completely no reaction coming from the rock. It seemed like it had digested the information it was given. Just as she was about to place it down and allow it to happily roll its way back, that rock suddenly make a creaking sound. The sound of something cracking apart. On that jade-white rock body, a crackline suddenly appeared, and there were traces of it spreading throughout the entire rock body.

“What are you doing?” Zhu Yao was shocked. “Don’t take it too hard, hey.”


That rock continued to crack apart. Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. It couldn’t be wanting to shatter itself in front of her after she said that rocks had to be melted to refine artifacts earlier, right? She was just chatting with it, did it have to take it that seriously?


The rock continued to crack apart.

“Don’t… Stop shattering, the hell!” This thing was actually committing suicide. “Fine, fine. You win. I will bring you back, I will bring you back, alright?”

That rock stiffened for a moment. Then it finally stopped its cracks from spreading, and continued to rub against her palm, acting spoilt.

Zhu Yao: “…”

This Sword Seeking Convention lasted for an entire day, and as the sect mascot, she had no choice but to safeguard the mountain for the entire day. After the various sects took their leaves, she finally greeted Wen Yu before returning to her residence on the mountain peak. The facilities in her cave residence here was rather complete, and it had its own specialized area for refining artifacts.

Taking out the Black Ore and that strange rock, she placed them on the table. She then cast an art to heat up the furnace. Controlling the fire spiritual energy, she first let the flames in the furnace burn vigorously. When the preparations were about done, she then turned her head around and planned to pick up the Black Ore.

However, she saw that the  Black  Ore  which  was  initially placed at the center of the table, had actually rolled on the way to the right side of the table without her noticing, and half of its body was already suspended in the air. Next to it, the white rock which was a size smaller than it, was currently desperately pushing it down the table.

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She reached out her hand to pick up that mischievous white rock, and glared straight at it. “What are you doing?”

The white rock stiffened, and its entire rock body suddenly began to turn pinkish, looking as though it was caught doing bad things.

Zhu Yao sighed. She placed the white rock back onto the center of the table. Then, she picked up the Black Ore that was about to fall off, and threw it into the furnace with a twist of her hand. She then circulated spiritual energy to envelop that piece of ore.

Suddenly, a crashing sound came from behind her. That white rock had rolled down the table without her noticing, and was currently rolling to the entrance of the furnace, looking like it was about to sacrifice its life.

“What are you doing!?” Zhu Yao was shocked, as  she hurriedly picked it back up. “You’re crazy! You will die if you roll into it!”

The white rock struggled, wanting to pounce into the furnace.

“Stop fooling around, I didn’t bring you back to refine you into an artifact.” The white rock was startled for a moment, and it instantly turned ash coloured, looking very depressed.

“You awakened your spiritual consciousness, and you will die if I refine you into an artifact, understand?”

The rock grew even more depressed.

“Haah…” Zhu Yao sighed. “Don’t worry, I won’t throw you away.”

Its appearance finally looked a little better. On her hand, it turned about to the furnace, and then it turned back to face her, as though it was wanted her guarantee.

“Enough, I will bring you around in the future. Even if you’re not refined into an artifact, I will still bring you along.”

Only then was the rock satisfied, and it finally stopped making a ruckus.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Why did she feel like she had picked up an ancestor? Haah, whatever. For the fact that she had once been a rock spirit, she would put up with it.

She began to concentrate on refining the weapon. The white rock was also leaning next to her foot, following her around like a little tail.

A day later, Zhu Yao finally completed the final step of engraving formations onto it, and a seventh rank artifact of penultimate grade was successfully refined.

With the material restrictions of the Black Ore, refining it up to this level was all that could be done.

The white rock was still leaning next to her foot, not leaving an inch away from her. Even Zhu Yao felt that her foot was growing numb from it pressing down on her.

Keeping the mystic sword, she picked up the white rock.

Looking at the cracks on the rock, she instantly recalled the days where she was treated as a leg-supporting rock by a certain immoral Floor Master back then. She could not help but materialize a strand of spiritual energy and insert it into the white rock’s body, wanting to aid its recovery.

The moment spiritual energy had entered, it was suddenly deflected by an immense power which even shook her hand to numbness.

“This is?” Zhu Yao was stunned. How could a rock which had just awakened its spiritual consciousness, possess such powerful and pure spiritual energy? It could even deflect her own spiritual power. This was completely illogical.

Unless… It was not a rock in the first place.

Zhu Yao’s heart sank for a moment, as she looked straight at the white rock in her hands. “Little rock, what in the world are you?”

The rock did not speak, and was simply happily rolling about on her palm.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, before she decided to sit in a lotus position and close her eyes. She immediately split a strand of her divine sense and transferred it into the little rock’s body, only to witness a gold and sparkling domain, the entire place was surrounded with warm, golden light. Inside the rock, it was actually filled with metal spiritual energy, and the spiritual energy grew purer as she approached the core, it was so dense it could solidify at any moment. Something with the shape of a rhombus seemed to be floating at the center. Before she could even see it clearly, she suddenly heard a crisp and youthful voice ringing in the depths of her heart.


Zhu Yao shook, and she fiercely retracted her divine sense. With widened eyes, she looked at the snow-white rock in front of her in utter disbelief. Such familiar formula, and  such familiar scent.

“You’re the Metal Spirit!”

“Chick~~” The same voice once again rang in the depths of her heart, and the white rock happily circled around her.

“The hell!” Zhu Yao could not help but cuss out. She actually encountered the Metal Spirit again. Wasn’t this Xiao Yi’s cheat? Why in the world did it appear here?

No wait, Xiao Yi basically did not belong to this world. Since the spiritual energy in that world could materialize into spirits, then it was naturally possible in this world as well.

However, it seemed like this Metal Spirit had only just given birth to its spiritual consciousness not too long ago. “Metal Spirit, have you always been staying in Sword Seeking Peak?” Could the reason behind the swords and materials in Sword Seeking Peak possessing spirituality, and their ability to choose their own owners, were all because of the Metal Spirit’s influence?

“Chick… Chick chick, Chick chick… Chick.”

What’s the meaning behind all those chicks, hey?

Forget it. In any case, she could not hope for this little thing which only knew how to act cutesy to help her out. The Metal Spirit could be said to be a cheat to practitioners who held the metal spirit vein, but to someone with the lightning spirit vein like her, it really did not have a single use. She kept the Metal Spirit into the storage pouch she was carrying. With a weapon in hand, she could finally set off for her mission. After doing some preparations, she had to inquire about some important clues.

The five mystic artifacts used to seal the Devil was respectively placed at the five most dangerous, but also the safest places. One of them was not far off from here, in a deep sea abyss. Zhu Yao calculated the time. There was still a few dozen years before the girl’s resurrection. She had to do her best to find all the mystic artifacts before her awakening.

“Old Ancestor, Old Ancestor, a grave matter occurred!” Several anxious voices suddenly sounded from outside the door.

“What is it?”

“Old Ancestor, the Sword Seeking Peak…” That  disciple’s voice grew even more anxious. “Palace Master has assigned me to invite you over. Something grave happened to Sword Seeking Peak.”

Zhu Yao immediately released the seal on the artifact refining chamber and walked out. Just as she reached the door, she suddenly sensed a disturbance to the spiritual energy coming from the southern direction.

The spiritual swords in the entire Sword Seeking Peak seemed to have suddenly received some sort of stimulation. All of them had flown up, and were beginning to gather in a certain direction in the sky. They flew in a revolving manner, and the sword energy emitted out by the countless swords instantly cracked the barrier surrounding Sword Seeking Peak, and there were traces of the crack spreading out.

Chapter248: First Mystic Artifact

Zhu Yao immediately flew to Main Peak. Wen Yu was already walking in circles from anxiety, and the moment he saw her, he immediately welcomed her over. “Old Ancestor, this Sword Seeking Peak suddenly ran amok due to unclear reasons. If this continues, I’m afraid it might implicate our sect.”

“Activate the Great Mountain Barrier Formation, I’m going to take a look.” Zhu Yao instructed, and then flew towards Sword Seeking Peak while riding on her sword. She had a faint guess that the rampage of these spiritual swords was most likely related to the Metal Spirit in her hands.”

The closer she went, the more she could sense the sword energy emitted by the spiritual swords. She placed down a defensive barrier before stopping about five steps away from the spiritual swords. Then, she took out the Metal Spirit.

As expected, the spiritual swords which were still making a commotion earlier, suddenly stopped. The chilling sword energy had also calmed down by a certain extent.

“Metal Spirit, it seems you can’t accompany me anymore.” “Chick?” The rock tilted to the right, as though it looked a little doubtful.

“These are swords with spirituality.” Zhu Yao pointed to the front. These swords had definitely gone a rampage earlier because they realized that the Metal Spirit had disappeared. “It’s you which allowed them to possess spirituality, and if you leave, they will revert back to normal mystic artifacts. Unless you have a way to settle them down, I can’t bring you out.”

“Chick!” The Metal Spirit bounced for a moment, and then instantly grew agitated. It faced the swords that were flying in the sky, and let out a wild stream of chicks. “Chick chick chick chick chick… Chick chick chick… Chick…”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. No matter how many chicks you sound out, it’s no use right? These spiritual swords evidently did not want the Metal Spirit to leave.

“Chick…” The Metal Spirit then let out another long sound.

Suddenly, the swords that were floating around, looked as though they had lost their momentum, as they came flying down like a rain of spiritual swords. Not even a moment later, all of them had completely fallen onto the ground, and even the chilling sword energy earlier had disappeared without a trace.

The hell.

It was actually effective!

So the conversational language in the realm of weapons was the language of chicks?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. To tell the truth, she truly did not wish to bring the Metal Spirit along. This thing was evidently a cheat of the ultimate grade, and no matter who were to pick it up, that person would become a bug. Leaving it in the Sword Seeking Peek was still fine, after all, there were so many spiritual swords here. Unless the Metal Spirit itself was willing, even if someone were to discover it, no one could bring it out.

However, it just had to stick to her. I’m not a metal spirit vein holder, hey.

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh, and she had no choice but to keep the Metal Spirit.

Because she had easily dealt with the spiritual swords’ rampage, the eyes Wen Yu were looking at her with even sparkled. Zhu Yao grasped the opportunity to bring up the matter of her making a trip outside. Her reason? The world was so big, she wanted to do some sight-seeing.

Wen Yu’s expression instantly sank, as he once again wailed with tears and snot all over his face. “Old Ancestor, don’t leave. If you leave and throw Forgotten God Palace aside, what are we orphaned disciples going to do?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. He sounded as though she was being ungrateful.

“Enough, I will come back as soon as possible.”

“Old Ancestor…”

He still wanted to say something, but Zhu Yao’s figure had already flashed and deftly left. If she were to continue talking with him, she wouldn’t be able to leave any longer. Before Wen Yu could even pour out the grievances that filled his heart, his target had already disappeared. Instantly, a sense of danger surged in the depths of his heart.

It seemed like this Sovereign Yu Yao did not carry a sense of belonging towards Forgotten God Palace, which was why she could leave so decisively. Not good, he had to come up with a plan in order to make her stay here forever.

Mn, all for the sake of the sect!

Zhu Yao flew several hundreds of kilometers in her mad sprint, and when she finally saw a large body of water, she slowed down her speed. Wen Yu had once inadvertently revealed that the girl Ying Luo had sacrificed herself to activate the ancient sealing arts. As the containers that carried the Devil, the five mystic artifacts were scattered to five different places by the spare energy of the sealing formation. One of those places was nearby these ocean waters.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, before deciding to cast an art to change herself into her modern era appearance. Furthermore, she concealed her own level of cultivation and instead displayed Azoth Core cultivation, before heading towards an island at the center of the ocean. The island was very quiet, as though there were not many traces of humans here.

But this was not right. Didn’t Wen Yu say that this island was a large-scaled market for deity practitioners? There should be many practitioners here, so why was it so quiet?

She headed in the direction of the island center, before the surrounding people gradually increased. Though, every single one of them was hurrying in a certain direction, and their faces even looked strangely excited.

“This fellow daoist.”Zhu yao stopped a Foundation practitioner, and asked courteously. “I wonder why you people are in such a hurry? Are you people heading somewhere?”

That Foundation practitioner was a little furious due to someone stopping him, however, seeing that the target’s cultivation level was higher than his, he could only reply with a stifled tone. “The auction hosted by the Treasure Gathering Pavilion is about to begin, so I’m naturally rushing there to participate. If I’m any later, I won’t be able to see it.”

Treasure Gathering  Pavilion?  Zhu  Yao  was  stunned  for  a moment. Just as she was about to question further, that Foundation disciple however had already walked far away, as though he would not be able to make it if he was a single moment later. Was that auction really that great? Compared to whatever auction it was, she was more worried about finding that mystic artifact.

Turning around, just as she was about to head somewhere else to take a look, a man dressed in an azure robe walked towards her, and said with a warm smile. “Fellow daoist, are you not going to take a look? This is an event that will only happen in the cultivation world once every hundred years. It is usually filled with exotic and mythical treasures.”

Zhu Yao sized up the youth. He looked around twenty years old, and possessed early stage Foundation cultivation. Dressed in an azure robe, a copper coin emblem was embroidered on the cuffs. She then understood, and immediately said. “You’re a stripe?”

“Strip1?” That person was confused.

“What I’m meaning to say is, you’re someone from that whatever Treasure Gathering Pavilion, and you’re here to rein people in.” His expression stiffened for a moment, but then, he recovered in the next instant. “Hoho, fellow daoist, don’t misunderstand. This lowly one simply sees that you’re unfamiliar with the event, and wishes to give you a simple introduction about it.”

“Thank you!” Zhu Yao turned around and left. “I’m not interested.”

“Fellow daoist.” That youth instantly turned anxious, as he once again blocked her path. “This auction is only hosted once every hundred years, you know.”

Zhu Yao shrugged. “I have no money!” She was poor to the point of only having coppers dangling on her, alright?

“Fellow daoist, that sure is a funny joke.” His face was filled with the ‘you’re just joking’ look. “Our Treasure Gathering Pavilion always carries wide opportunities, and we are always well-informed. Not to mention, we have been on this island for several thousand years, so the treasures we have collected are countless. Fellow daoist, even if you don’t go to the auction, it will be an extremely good idea for you to take a look at other products.” Well-informed? Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Then would she be able to inquire about the location of that mystic artifact? She instantly grew interested. “Let’s take a look then.”

“Fellow daoist, please!”

Zhu Yao followed behind that youth, and finally realized that there were indeed a large-scale city in the center of the island, but it was just hidden by a formation in the surroundings which could not be easily sensed from the sky. She stepped into the formation enveloping the city, and the view in front of her completely changed. The place was filled with practitioners walking about, and bustling streets appeared on her two sides. The sides of the streets were filled with stores that were selling various talismans, medicinal pellets and etcetera. However, every single one of these stores had a copper coin emblem on its entrance. It seemed like this Treasure Gathering Pavilion was even a chain store.

That person brought her into a store selling mystic artifacts. There were not many customers in the store. Two people dressed in the same uniform as that youth welcomed them over, and then bowed towards that youth. However, he simply waved his hands, and personally brought her around. It seemed like this person was even a leader figure.

“I wonder how I should address fellow daoist?”

“My surname is Pass2, with a single character ‘By’ as my name.” Zhu Yao casually came up with something random.

Pazz By? Why did it sound kind of strange?

“So it’s Daoist Pazz.” He still courteously bowed towards her. “This lowly one is Zhen Yuan, and this is the store with the most complete collection in Treasure Gathering Pavilion. Daoist Pazz, feel free to take a look around.”

Zhu Yao walked over while being led by him. She was uninterested with these mystic artifacts, after all, they were all below fifth rank. In her mind, she was wondering how she should inquire the situation about the sealing mystic artifact without leaving any traces of suspicion.

“Daoist Pazz, feel free to roam around. It’s not that this lowly one is exaggerating, but when it comes to penultimate grade mystic artifacts, our Treasure Gathering Pavilion is the only one which is capable of finding them in this world. Furthermore, they come in various types, and we have everything that one wishes to have.”

Zhu Yao swept her eyes over. This person sure knew how to advertise. They had everything one wished to have? Then let her see the one used to seal the Devil…

The hell!

That pitch-black fan. And what’s with the sealing runic symbols floating above it? She couldn’t be seeing things, right?

“Fellow daoist, you have good eyes!” Zhen Yuan hurriedly squeezed over, and picked up that fan. “This is one of the artifacts used to seal the Devil back then.”

“…” It really was, hey!? Wasn’t this too easy-going!? “This… It’s really that mystic artifact used to seal the Devil?”

“Naturally, it’s real.” His face was filled with sincerity. “And it is even a fifth rank mystic artifact. Though because of the sealing arts, it is unable to unleash the power of a fifth rank mystic artifact, it’s the one and only… out of five Devil sealing mystic artifacts in the world. It really carries a commemorative significance. How is it, fellow daoist? Do you want to have one? It’s only costs one hundred intermediate grade spirit stones.You will make a loss if you don’t buy it with a hundred, and you will be a fool for not buying it with a hundred!”


Was it really alright for a mystic artifact used to seal the devil be so casually sold? Did they really have to be so casual about it, hey? Where are your principles, hey?

Seeing that she did not reply for quite a while, Zhen Yuan gnashed his teeth and said. “Why don’t we do this, fellow daoist? If you really like it, I can give you a discount. Fifty intermediate grade spirit stones. How about it?”

“…” Zhu Yao felt that there was a need to adjust her worldview.

“Fellow daoist, this is already the lowest price. I can’t give you a lower price.” “…”

“Why don’t you say it straight out, how much do you want for it?”


“Fellow daoist, we’re after all running a business, if it’s any lower, we won’t be able to make a living.”


Zhu Yao carefully inspected that fan. A godly might  was faintly emitting out from the sealing runic symbols, and black devilish energy was also revolving within the base of the fan. This was indeed one of the five mystic artifacts.

She never expected that she would be able to find her target so quickly. She really had the intentions to buy it, but the main problem was, she really had no money on her. Because she was rushing earlier, she had completely forgotten to get her wages from Wen Yu. After pondering for a moment, she immediately summoned out the flying sword Wen Yu gave her before. “How about this? Because I rushed out of my home, I did not bring any spirit stones. Though this flying sword of mine is only a fourth rank mystic artifact, it’s actually of a high grade. How about I use this to exchange for that fan?”

Zhen Yuan was startled. A faint sparkling light flashed past his eyes, but it disappeared without a trace in the next moment. Smiling towards her, he said. “Fellow daoist, exchanging my fifth rank artifact for your fourth rank artifact, it’s not really that good of a deal, isn’t it?”

“Then forget it.” Zhu Yao  turned  around  and  left.  Was  he really treating her as someone blind? This artifact had  clearly been here for a very long time, and the reason why it had yet to be sold, was most probably because it could not be used due to the Devil’s seal, right? How could it possibly still be considered as a fifth rank mystic artifact?

Chapter249: There’s A Fraud Shop

“Wait a minute!” As expected, Zhen Yuan called out to her, and continued with a difficult expression. “Fellow daoist, my shop truly does not have rules on trading items. Why don’t we do this? You can first head to the back chamber for a short rest. Once I have asked my boss, I will then give you a response?”

“Fine.” Zhu Yao agreed straightforwardly. After following Zhen Yuan through twists and turns, she arrived at a courtyard and then sat next to a stone table.

After Zhen Yuan informed her of some things, he retreated away. Zhu Yao sat for exactly an hour, yet only a servant-like girl had served her with some tea and snacks in the middle, and the rest of the time was whiled away in silence. Zhu Yao faintly sensed that there was something amiss, and just as she was about to head out to ask some people.

Suddenly, a formation shone underneath her feet. A large number of vines shot out, instantly trapping her firmly.

What was this situation? “You human practitioners sure are stupid.” Zhen Yuan suddenly appeared in the courtyard, and looked at her with a complacent smile, on his shoulder stood little demonic beast with looks similar to a rat and a bird. He then waved his hand. “Take it.”

That demonic beast instantly materialized into a flash of light, and then an instant later, returned onto Zhen Yuan’s shoulder. In its mouth, it was biting on her storage pouch.

The hell, so this was actually a fraud shop.

Zhen Yuan took the storage pouch, and weighed it in  his hand. “If you’re tactful, then eliminate the imprint on this storage pouch on your own. I will then allow you to die a more straightforward death.”

“Who in the world are you?” Zhu Yao said with a sullen voice. “That artifact used to seal the Devil, why is it in your hands?”

“Me?” The man laughed. “You dared to break into this Illusory Realm Island, but am actually unaware of my identity?” “Illusory Realm Island?” Zhu Yao was startled.

“There’s actually people who do not know about Illusory Realm Island.” Zhen Yuan smiled even deeper. With a wave of his hand, the new and exquisite looking courtyard earlier, as though its colours were fading away, began to change. The stone table turned into a stone rock filled with moss, while the trees turned into a man-eating flower with its bloody mouth opened wide.

While those houses had all disappeared, turning into a dense forest.

“How is this possible?” Zhu Yao widened her eyes. Although she had suppressed her cultivation, her divine sense had been paying attention to her surroundings. She actually did not realize that everything was an illusion.

Zhen Yuan coldly laughed. “When you appeared in the sky, I spotted you right away. As long as you land on the ground, you will definitely be struck with my illusion technique.”

“What’s with all those human practitioners?” She had clearly saw the huge number of people in the streets, and every single one of their cultivation levels and appearances were all different. She had even spoken to one of them. If this was all just an illusion, it was impossible for something like spiritual energy to be imitated as well.

“They are all actual human practitioners, and not illusions.” Zhen Yuan patted his sleeves without a mind.

“…” Actual human practitioners!

“That is why I said you human practitioners are all too stupid. Even though you all clearly know that this ocean region is dangerous, you still have to send yourselves here.” Zhen Yuan gave her a scornful look. “The moment they hear treasures are being auctioned here, they would rush over like a nest of bees. So I casually crafted this illusion, and have them experience the day of the auction over and over again, trapping them within this illusion forever. After their deaths, their souls won’t even be able to escape. This way, their everything will be mine.”

So those people were all souls of human practitioners who were tricked here, and their material bodies were formed through the illusion. It was no wonder her divine sense did not sense any anomaly. “Initially, I had wanted to use this method to deal with you, but unfortunately, your luck is pretty bad. You’re just so unwilling to participate in the auction and step foot into the core of the formation, so my illusory realm is unable to deal with you. This is why I have no choice but to personally deal with you myself.”

“You trapped so many practitioners just to steal their mystic artifacts and treasures?”

He looked down at the storage pouch in his hands, and then kept it. “It’s your fault for carrying so many treasures, isn’t it? When you were flying on your sword earlier, you used a seventh rank penultimate grade mystic artifact. Though there are many seventh rank mystic artifacts, penultimate grade mystic artifacts are rarely seen. Since you have already sent yourself here, how can I just let this opportunity go?”

“I don’t think that’s the case!” Zhu Yao looked straight at him, no, at it! “The reason you have trapped these practitioners here, are most likely to feed on their lifeforce, right?”

Zhen Yuan was startled, a hint of fluster flashed past his eyes. He then angrily said. “A bunch of nonsense. How can I possibly be interested in the lifeforce of humans?” “Is that so?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed. “Earlier, you mentioned ‘you human practitioners’ twice, which proved that you’re basically not a human. No matter if it’s a demon, spirit, or a demonic beast, mystic artifacts are completely of no use to them. By trapping so many human practitioners, if it’s not to feed on their lifeforce to raise your cultivation, could it be that you’re raising them just for fun?”

His expression sank, and killing intent flashed in his eyes. In an instant, he summoned several icicles and swung them towards her. “Since you found out, then I can’t let you live.”

With a twist of her hand, Zhu Yao summoned a mass of flames, turning the vines entangling her into ashes in a blink of an eye. Even those approaching icicles had turned into steam under the high temperatures.

“You didn’t eat the snacks?” His face was filled with shock.

“Snacks?” Zhu Yao dug through her memories for a moment, and only then recalled that a servant-like girl had served her those snacks earlier. “So those carried poison? I’m sorry, but it’s been a long time since I ate anything other than the food my master makes. Because they’re just too unbearable to eat.” Her appetite had long been tamed. “…” The corner of Zhen Yuan’s lips twitched, as he was showed a face filled with affectionate love.

“Hmph, so what if you’re able to use mystic arts? You’re still going to die here today.”

He coldly snorted, as his sleeves fluttered without any winds. His hair began to wildly fly, and his cultivation which was just at the Foundation stage earlier, suddenly began to skyrocket. From Azoth Core, to Nascent Soul, and then it actually broke through into the Demigod stage, finally stopping at the early stages of Demigod. Evidently, he was concealing his cultivation earlier. In an instant, the pressure of a Demigod filled the entire island.

“As an Azoth Core human practitioner, I wonder what you’re going to use to fight me?”

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao sighed, as she too released the restrictions on her own cultivation. The pressure of a Demigod human practitioner instantly pushed back.

“Y-Y-Y-Y-You…” His face was covered in shock. “How is this possible? You’re actually one too.” “Hoho. Concealing cultivation or whatever, I know how to do it too.” Moving her hand, Zhu Yao reached out her arm and summoned her own spiritual sword. She then flew up and slashed towards the enemy. “Stop with all the nonsense, if you want to fight, come!”

Only then did Zhen Yuan regain his senses. His body flashed as he evaded her attack, and in the next instant, countless tree vines drilled out from underneath the ground, entangling towards Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao dodged in a flash, but those vines looked as if they had eyes grown on them, as they followed her wherever she went.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to fly even higher, while casting arts to burn away those vines with flames. However, just as she had burnt a portion of them, another bunch of even more vines pounced towards her. Because she was unvigilant for a moment, her right leg was entangled by a thin vine. Turning around, she hacked it apart with a wave of her sword.

However, the half that was sliced off suddenly had buds opening from it, and in a blink of an eye, they exploded. Zhu Yao felt pain from her leg, as large amount of venom was shot out from the buds, and half of her lower robe was completely corroded away. She hurriedly summoned spiritual flames to burn away that half-sliced vine, but still ended up receiving damage with her leg turning bright red. It motherf**king hurt.

“It’s no use. You’re definitely not a fire spirit  vein  holder. Your flames are basically unable to catch up to the speed of growth of these vines.” Zhen Yuan smiled arrogantly, looking as though his victory was ascertained.

Zhu Yao was instantly enraged. “Momma’s egg, you  could have chosen to burn anywhere else, but you actually had to burn my clothes! My master isn’t by my side, and this old lady here only has this single set of clothes used to keep up appearances, yet you still burnt it!” Flames of fury instantly surged all the way up, and for a moment, she was furious to the point of wanting to slice someone into pieces.

Forget about loving nature and its trees and flowers, she immediately performed hand seals and cast Heavenfall. In an instant, countless bolts of lightning came descending down, blasting the exterior of the entire island into charred crisp, while its interior was left tender and soft.

Zhen Yuan was instantly dumbfounded. He simply could not believe his own eyes. “You… Y-You. You’re a lightning…” “Even if you find out now, it’s too late!” Zhu Yao raised her hands, and an especially thick and large lightning bolt charged straight towards it. With a loud blast, it struck straight on its target.

The vines next to Zhen Yuan instantly turned into ashes, and it directly fell down the sky. With a “puaah” sound, he puked out a large mouthful of blood, and his eyes dimmed. He suddenly cast a wind type mystic art, blowing up the sand and ashes on the ground, and blew them towards Zhu Yao.

Then, its figure flashed, turning into a ray of green light. It was flying into the horizon.

It was trying to flee!

Zhu Yao erected a defensive barrier to block the approaching sand and ashes, waving the spiritual sword in her hand at the same time. It materialized into a long whip formed by lightning, and instantly wrapped onto that ray of green light. With  a swing of her arm, it was yanked back with sheer force, and it fell onto the ground with a “pata” sound.

Several bolts of lightning descended, he had completely lost the strength to retaliate.

“St… Stop!” Zhen Yuan no longer had the arrogance it once held, as it shouted out with a flustered look. Holding up something in his hands, he loudly said. “Let me go, otherwise… Otherwise, I will destroy this mystic artifact.”

In his hands was exactly the fan that sealed a part of the Devil.

“Don’t come over, otherwise I will destroy it!”

Zhu Yao stopped, frowning.

Zhen Yuan was joyous, as he thought that his threat was effective. “Didn’t you come here looking for this? Don’t force me! It’s either the fish dies, or the net splits!”

When his voice fell, a white light however flashed next to it. An object flew out from the storage pouch Zhu Yao snatched back.

“Chick~~~~” A voice resoundingly rang out. He simply felt his hand heating up, and he then instinctively relaxed his grip. In the next instant, that fan had already flown into Zhu Yao’s hands.

“Good job!” Zhu Yao held onto the fan and Metal Spirit that flew over.

“Chick chick, chick chick…” The Metal Spirit happily rolled around on her palm. I was praised, I’m so happy, I’m so happy.

When Zhen Yuan saw that both his escape and threat had failed, his face instantly paled. It then gritted its teeth. Not knowing what it had done, its entire body began to emit out an azure light, and even the entire island began to rumble. The ground surface which was still charred black earlier, began to protrude out a large number of vines. Long green thorns could be seen on top of them, emitting out cold glints, and they were even dripping with purplish juice. Large ferocious  and terrifying man-eating flowers drilled out from the ground with their mouths wide open, looking as though they could pull people in as food at any moment.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to fly into the air, while Zhen Yuan was already enveloped entirely by an azure light. Its figure began to grow, and in an instant, it had already occupied a sixth of the size of the island. It seemed like not that it had already been exposed, it planned to risk its life fighting her, and was now wanting to reveal its true form.

As expected, in fifteen minutes, that azure light dimmed, and a gigantic demonic beast that was a storey high appeared on the ground. It looked really similar to a gigantic toad, and its four limbs were lying on the ground. On its back however was a gigantic purple bud, and poison gas was faintly emitting out from inside. This shape however looked a similar to a creature she had once seen in an anime – Bulbasaur.

Though, this one was even more ugly.

It spat out a breath of poison gas, and the entire island was then covered in purplish poison gas.

Zhu Yao cast an art, once again summoning countless of heavenly lightning bolts that struck and scattered the poison gas. The bud at the back of the demonic beast suddenly opened, materializing vines that swung in her direction. These vines were completely different from before, as they were evidently much faster, and even she was having trouble dodging them. Just as she evaded one, she was faced with another one swinging straight towards her, and it struck straight on her defensive barrier. She felt a pain surfacing on her chest, and there were faint traces of the barrier collapsing. Gripping onto the sword in her hand, the blade was instantly filled with a purplish lightning glow.

Swinging it out, she slashed one apart, and then, turned around attempting to dodge the remaining ones. However, a beastly roar suddenly sounded behind her.



As expected, it was still just a toad!

A black figure instantly came pressing down from above her head. Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, but she realized that there was nowhere to retreat to. That gigantic toad came pressing straight down, and she had already done the preparations needed to summon her sword intent. Just as that demonic beast was about to approach her and squish her into a meat pie. That gigantic figure suddenly tilted to one side, and then, landed next to her feet with a “thud” sound. As though it was possessed by the Devil, it rubbed against her leg with an infatuated look, calling out.


Zhu Yao: …

Just what the hell was this situation?

Zhen Yuan, who materialized into a gigantic frog, was startled for a moment. With a swoosh, it fiercely leapt a few steps back, as it looked at her with a terrified look, as though it could not understand its abnormal behaviour earlier either. “You… What kind of mystic art did you cast on me?”

“…” How would she know? Evidently, you’re the one who went mad, right?

In the following situations, things began to develop in a strange direction. Zhen Yuan, who had materialized into a demonic beast, seemed to have activated some sort of hidden attribute. As long as its beastly figure approached her, it would mysteriously turn into an infatuated beast for a second, meowing out in various voices, pleading for hugs, and begging to bear her monkeys.

However, in the next instant, it would then regain its senses and leap away filled with regrets.

This situation happened over and over again, and it never seemed to get tired, as if it had split personalities.

Zhu Yao: …

She turned her head to look at the beast which constantly sprinted back and forth without end.

First it approached her and meowed out…

Then it ran a few steps back: You vile beast, what did you do to me…

Even she was beginning to feel worried for it. She felt that this sort of situation seemed to be a little similar to the World Favourable Impression Achievement she once had, but its effective range seemed to have shrunk. However, when it was in its human form, this situation did not occur though?

Could it be that it was only effective on demonic beasts in their beast forms?

Wait a minute, when she was squished to death by that stupid dragon back then, it looked like… seemingly… most probably… she did not turn off the World Favourable Impression Achievement.

In that case…

Her entire body suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“Meow~~~~ I want to be touched, I want my fur to be stroked, please?” Bulbasaur looked as though it was about to rub against her leg.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. You don’t have fur in the first place, alright? What fur am I supposed to stroke! She did not like scaly toads in the least, alright? Especially ones like this which released poison gas!

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth.

She instantly summoned her sword intent, and at the moment it regained its senses, a phoenix charged into the skies and directly penetrated it. Lightning flashes filled the sky, and even the entire island was filled with various lightning lights.

Chapter250: The Girl’s Revival

All the man-eating flowers on the island had turned into ashes in an instant. The poison gas scattered completely, and the main culprit beast was emitting out the aroma of roasted meat.

Zhen Yuan was zapped to the point where his four limbs were facing the sky, revealing its white belly skin. Its gigantic figure shrank at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, and in just a few moments, it was already the size of an average little puppy. Zhu Yao basically did not hold back in that strike of hers, instantly shattering its inner core. It was definite that its cultivation would suffer a regression.

Zhu Yao walked over. Its four limbs twitched a little before it flipped about. It then trembled as it laid on the ground, pleading for its life. “Great deity, please spare my life, great deity. This little beastie knows its wrongs, I won’t dare to do it ever again.”

Zhu Yao frowned, and said with a cold voice. “What wrongs have you done?”

“Wrongs… My wrongs are…” His body trembled. “This little beast did not have eyes to see Mount Tai, and ended up offending great deity. Great deity, you have a magnanimous heart, please do not fuss with this little beast, and let this little beast go.”

He cried while making pitter patter sounds, and its little figure was trembling like a leaf fluttering in the wind, looking extremely pitiful. Zhu Yao sighed. “I’m not going to kill you.”

Zhen Yuan instantly turned joyous, as it raised its two grape- like black eyes and carried an excited expression.

“But I can’t forgive you either!” Zhu Yao’s tone changed, and Zhen Yuan’s face turned miserably pale.

“Zhen Yuan, you don’t even know what you have done wrong, so what right do you think you have to be forgiven for everything you have done?”

“No, I… I really know my wrongs now. I regretted doing them now.” He explained with all his might.

Zhu Yao coldly laughed. “The only thing you regret, is the person you met was actually me. You regret being caught by me, and regret offending me. However, you don’t think imprisoning the souls of those practitioners is wrong at all.”

“…” Zhen Yuan was startled.

“If you regret doing so from the bottom of your heart, then you wouldn’t be pleading me to forgive you today.” Zhu Yao said with emphasis on every word. “So, I can’t forgive you. I’m not killing you, because I don’t have the right to decide the life and death of someone. You’re a ninth rank demonic beast, and has already cultivated a human form. You entered the realm of humans and learnt the ways of a human being, but you have forgotten the purity found in one’s heart. In order to cultivate, you feed on the lifeforce of mortals. The ones you should be pleading for forgiveness isn’t me, but the ones who have died on this island because their lifeforce was eaten by you. If I forgive you today, then a part of the sin of killing those people will be pushed onto me as well. I will be murderer who have connived with you.”

Zhu Yao’s expression turned cold, and in an instant, she performed a set of hand-seals. A gigantic formation instantly enveloped the entire island, and she gently said. “Zhen Yuan, I don’t want to kill you, but I will imprison you forever on this island. You will no longer be able to see anyone else, and make contact with anyone else, just like how you have imprisoned those souls. Only once you have truly regretted from the bottom of your heart, will you finally be freed.”

“No…” He instantly became agitated, wanting to struggle and crawl towards her. Not being able to see anyone, and not being able to make contact with anyone else, how was it any different from being a ghost? “You can’t do such a thing to me. I really know my wrongs, you… You clearly carry an aura that all beasts adore, shouldn’t you be protecting me? Why…”

“Since you have the guts to commit wrongdoings, then you should have the resolve to accept your punishment?”

“Punishment, why am I the only one getting punished?” He began to hiss out in an exhaustive manner. “How is it even possible for those human practitioners of the cultivation world to not sense my presence after being here for several thousand years? They let me loose, so they asked for it themselves. It’s not a mistake made by me alone…”

Zhu Yao did not speak any further, and the formation directly activated. Zhen Yuan disappeared instantly from the ground, and various runic symbols were just floating in the air, before disappearing without a trace in a few minutes. Zhu Yao sighed, as an indiscernible emotion surged from the depths of her heart, feeling a little uncomfortable from the stuffiness. All of the demonic beasts she had seen before were probably too simplistic. Either they were kind to her to the very end, or they would show endless ferocity towards her.

Either they would want to eat her at first glance, or they would want to lean next to her on their first encounter. Thus, in her heart, demonic beasts had always been simplistic and direct, without much twists and turns in their personalities.

However, Zhen Yuan was different. When  comparing demonic beasts, his thoughts and actions were more like a human’s. The entire time, she had felt that it was strange for a demonic beast like it to be interested in the mystic artifacts and treasures of human practitioners. In the beginning, it  too simply just wanted to snatch her mystic artifact away, and it would even use such gimmicks to lure people into his trap.

After pondering for a moment.

Behind the demonic beast, there definitely did not lack the shadows of human practitioners, and most likely various sects and clans were involved in this matter. Everyone knew that this ocean region was dangerous, but Treasure Gathering Pavilion had evidently existed in the cultivation world for a long while. Not just that, they must had other branch shops in other places. Zhen Yuan was simply snatching treasures, and it would then be transferred to other practitioners. While it fed on  their lifeforce, the cultivation world could bear witness to various mystical and strange treasures.

Zhen Yuan was right. The human practitioners of the cultivation world were not exactly unaware of everything that was transpiring, they simply let him loose. Everything all came down to a single word – benefit. Zhen Yuan was wrong, while the other practitioners who made use of this and let it loose, were similarly in the wrong.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little depressed. Clearly, these so- called practitioners were not any different from regular human beings, and they would compete to their deaths for glory, benefits, and their cultivation. However, because of  the almighty status of a ‘deity practitioner’, they rationalized all their actions, and would commit wrongdoings with a peace of mind. Yet, they were still able to continue onwards and upwards, ascending to the Higher Realm and obtaining eternal life.

Just what kind of world was this? And this so-called  Dao, what kind of ‘Dao’ were they treading on? Just why was she unable to spot even a single bit of positivity in it, and merely ugliness and annihilation? With such a deformed Dao, she thought that something like resentment being birthed was actually very normal now.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, suppressing the irritation towards this world that was faintly surging in the depths of her heart. Circulating her spiritual energy and performing hand- seals, she chanted the Afterlife Incantation.

In a few moments, a large formation appeared in the skies above the island, releasing out a golden radiance stretching out to dozens of kilometers. In but an instant, streams of white light slowly rose from the ground and began to fly towards the horizon. These were all souls which Zhen Yuan had trapped for over thousands of years. Though Zhen Yuan was sealed and could no longer imprison them, a large number of souls had been trapped for too long, and had long been unable to enter the Netherworld. This was why she had no choice but to send them off herself.

The streams of white light grew in number, and like a meteor shower under bright daylight, they slowly flew towards the sky, and finally disappeared without a trace. The entire island was enveloped by white light for exactly half an hour, before the final stream of light rose and disappeared. It could be seen that the number of souls trapped here was phenomenal.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and then retracted the formation. The Afterlife Incantation was a very simple mystic art, and the amount of spiritual energy consumed by it was small as well. However, it did not mean she could last for an entire half an hour maintaining it, not to mention she had expended a large half of her spiritual energy when dealing with Zhen Yuan.

Zhen Yuan was a ninth rank demonic beast, just half  a  step away from being a tenth rank. If not because she wielded the lightning spirit vein which  had  a  naturally  affinity  in suppressing demonic beasts, she really had not many ways to obtain victory. After sending off all those souls, she was already exhausted to the point her limbs were turning a little weak. Just as she was about to sit down and adjust her breathing.

In her hands, the mystic artifact that sealed the Devil suddenly shone. Something while floated out from it, and then, after a flash, it disappeared without a trace. Zhu Yao simply felt a chill at the back of her palm, and in a blink of an eye, she saw the figure of a girl.

Why did the image of a girl appear from the fan? The hell!

It’s that tragic girly.

Zhu Yao was stunned. She could not be bothered to rest any longer, as she stepped on her sword and flew in the direction of Forgotten God Palace.

According to the original scenario, the girl’s soul would only return several dozen years later, and then reawaken. However, now that this butterfly Zhu Yao was here, she was not certain if changes would occur. No, changes had definitely occurred.

She suddenly recalled the soul imprisonment formation Zhen Yuan placed on that island. At the same time it imprisoned the other souls, she wondered if this one-fifth of the girl’s soul was imprisoned as well, leading to the girl staying dormant even after a long time. As for later on, either that mystic artifact had ended up outside the island, or Zhen Yuan had ascended and no more energy remained to imprison the souls, which allowed this part of her soul to return.

That’s right. That white figure earlier was one-fifth of the girl’s soul. The direction it disappeared towards was exactly where Forgotten God Palace was. Right now, it should have already returned to the girl’s body.

Zhu Yao grew anxious, as she flew back while wildly circulating her spiritual energy.

Just as she arrived at Forgotten God Palace, she sensed a very obvious spiritual energy turbulence in the direction of the rear mountain. Even though she was far away, she could still sense it. Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. There was no time left. If the people of Forgotten God Palace realized that the girl was about to wake up, then the entire cultivation world would find out. If that happened, it would then lead to an irreversible tragedy again.

What should she do?

Zhu Yao tried to think of a countermeasure. Her line of sight then turned to the Sword Seeking Peak at the side. She got one!

“Metal Spirit!” She took out that piece of rock  from  her pouch. “Chick~” The Metal Spirit rubbed against her palm.

“Can you have those swords on Sword Seeking Peak go berserk once more?”


“It’s fine to just make the commotion bigger, and a little more exaggerated.”

“Chick chick chick.” It rolled forward, making a nodding expression.

“Alright, then go over to Sword Seeking Peak.” Zhu Yao nodded to the rock. “Once the matter is settled, I will come over to fetch you. Remember, don’t hurt anyone.”


Raising her hands, Zhu Yao performed a hand-seal, turning the Metal Spirit into a ray of light and sending it to Sword Seeking Peak. In just a few moments, the entire Sword Seeking Peek was like an exploding wok. Countless spiritual swords flew out and began to dance about in the sky in a wild manner. As though they had gone crazy, they sliced rocks and hacked trees, making such a ruckus that calling it a “commotion” was an understatement.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched as she silently wiped off her sweat. This was a little too exaggerated. It was like an active construction site.

Though she had to admit, she heaved a sigh of relief. The sacred pond and the Sword Seeking Peak were situated in the same grounds, and there were only about two kilometers between them. With this ruckus, Forgotten God Palace would simply believe that the mountain was in a frenzy again, and their attention would not be on the sacred pond when the girl reawakens.

Turning around, she flew over, only to witness the formations on the sacred pond beginning to collapse. The chains that were initially binding her body had already begun to shatter, and the pond water was beginning to rumble. The girl was currently slowly rising. The formation shone brightly, as lines of cracks appeared on the formation. An illusory image that looked exactly the same as the girl, was presently merging with her physical body. Most probably, this was that one-fifth of her soul which escaped from that mystic artifact. According to the situation of the pond, at the moment her soul returns to her body, the girl would then soon awaken.

Zhu Yao immediately placed down countless concealment formations in the surroundings, preventing anyone else from discovering the anomaly here. Then, while making sure she would not destroy the formation, she cast an art to aid the girl’s body in escaping out of the pond.

An hour passed, that illusory image finally merged completely with her physical body, and the cracks on the pond’s formation disappeared as well. The girl slowly rose up, her hair fluttered without the presence of wind, and the sleeves of her robe flapped about. Presence of life began to appear on that absolutely beautiful face, with slight hints of red on her complexion, making her beauty stir the hearts and souls of people even more so than before. After a while, she gradually opened her eyes, and the corners of her lips lightly raised. That one simple and light smile, was enough to strip the entire world of its colours.

Even though they were of the same gender, Zhu Yao was stunned. Even using ‘fairy-like’ would not be able to describe her heavenly throbbing beauty. For a moment, she had forgotten about the time and her surroundings, and was simply watching with a throbbing chest as that dream-like lady slowly walked over to her. From her delicate lips, a voice, that sounded like an oriole flying out of its valley, flowed out.

“Your esteemed mom, which bastard turtle’s grandson threw this old lady into the pool here.”


She could hear the sound of her dream shattering.

The girl even picked up the corners of her dress with her hands, while looking at the pool of water with a scornful look. “My grandpa, this old lady hates having my dress wet the most. If this old lady finds out who placed me here, I will curse him to have terrible luck for all his life, curse his entire family to have terrible luck for all their lives!”

“…” The contrast here was to the extent where people would find it hard to retort to.

“Eh, so there’s a living person here!” The girl finally saw Zhu Yao by the side of the pond, and sized her up. “Though he is a little ugly.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

The tragedies this girl experienced in the first half of her lifetime, was caused by her cheap mouth, right? It’s definitely so, right?

“Yo, broski.” The girl waved her hands at her and greeted, as she ran over to her side. Just as she took a step forward, as though she had suddenly tripped, with a splash, she fell down from the center of the formation, she fell into the water head- first. In the water, she began to flap her hands about in a fluster. “Save… Save me… I don’t know how… Water…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. With a wave of her hand, a clear breeze blew, instantly pulling out the drenched girl.

With her frightened look, that esteemed and cold-looking fairy image had already disappeared. The drenched body of this funny youth was emitting out a thick aura of a country bumpkin living in the city. “Thank ya.” She spat out a mouthful of water, as she laid on the ground like a corpse and gasped for air, looking as though she would not be able to recover for a short while. She panted for exactly five minutes before finally turning to look at Zhu Yao with a joyful look. “It’s all thanks to you,  big  bro. Otherwise, this old lady would have drowned here. I never expected that the freaking pond would be so deep given its small size.”

What’s with this ‘big bro’? “I’m a woman.”

“Ah?” She sat up and sized her  up  for  a  moment.  Then,  her line of sight stopped at her chest, with an expression that looked as if she was saying ‘stop with the jokes’.

The hell, small breasts were still breasts!

“I. Am. A. Woman!” Her teeth were gnashing.

She suddenly stood right up and stretched out her two hands. Plop, she pressed on the soft meats on Zhu Yao’s chest, and rubbed them for a moment. “…” It was her first time being molested by someone, and the other party was even a motherf**king girl!

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and no matter how she thought about it, she was definitely suffering a bit  of humiliation here. She definitely could not endure this. Thus, her brain flared up, and she reached out to grab onto the girl’s chest as well. However, she ended up feeling huge surging waves.

She lost. ORZ

No wait, why the hell were they molesting each other here?

The girl finally released her hands, and as she stroked her own aching chest, she voiced out in a doubtful manner. “You’re so flat! Are you sure you’re a woman?”

“You have any opinions on that!” Zhu Yao glared at her. “Why don’t I pull down my pants and show you?”

“Sure!” “Sure, your sister.” As a girl, is it really alright for you to be this coarse?
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