My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 231-240

Chapter231: The Great King Brought Me To Patrol The Mountains

What came out of the formation was also a ghost officer, and it was evident that he had a really high rank. He immediately pulled Zhu Yao into the formation, and she had already arrived in another realm in the next instant. The ghost officer named Ning Yun gave her a simple explanation as they walked.

The place she was at before was just a very small part of the Underworld. Because of the existence of the Door to the Underworld, a large number of fallen practitioners would appear there. However, most fallen practitioners had frail souls, and though they kept a little of their human intellect, they were usually fragmented and incomplete. This incompleteness was not only manifested on the ghost body itself, but also on their intellect. No wonder she felt that the ghosts she saw were acting strange, their spiritual consciousness was not completely intact.

With an incomplete spiritual consciousness, a ghost had two choices. One, to reincarnate and build their spiritual consciousness again starting from a child. Two, return to the mortal realm to recall his past life. Only then could they truly begin cultivating their spiritual body.

That strange rule of needing to scare exactly ten people in the mortal realm before ghosts could become a ghost officer, was set up to aid the  ghosts  in  awakening  their  spiritual consciousnesses and restoring their intellect to normal.

She wondered if they were to scare several more people, would it raise their intellect even more?

“We’re here!” Ning Yun suddenly stopped.

In front of her eyes was a long, silvery white river. It was very broad, and the bottom of the river could be seen due to how clear the river water was, as though it was a gigantic piece of silver coloured silk. Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. There was actually such a beautiful scenery in the Underworld, this was simply illogical.

“That’s the River of Forgetfulness.” Ning Yun brought her towards the riverbank. The place was densely packed with several ghosts, and surrounded by them were about five other ghost officers dressed like Ning Yun, who were attempting to maintain order. Those ghosts looked ferocious and terrifying, different from those which were lacking brains back at the Door to the Underworld. These ghosts were filled with hostility and were extremely deranged, occasionally letting out some terrifying wails. These were the true evil ghosts of hell. Seeing them coming over, the eyes of the ghost officers at the front sparkled.

“Ning Yun, you’re finally back.” A man came running over. As he gave Zhu Yao a scrutinizing eye, he said. “Is this a ghost who had just awakened her spiritual consciousness?”

“Mn, my luck was pretty good. I encountered one the moment I left.” Ning Yun nodded.

“That’s great, we finally have another helper.” The man heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at the crowd of ghosts at the front, he said with a resentful look. “This is why I say I hate heretic practitioners the most. They could cultivate whatever they want, but they just had to cultivate these ten-thousand- ghosts banners and gather these many evil ghosts, causing the entire space to be filled with murderous intent. It’s fine if he falls, but leaving behind so many evil ghosts really creates so much trouble for us.”

“Don’t complain anymore.” Ning Yun waved his hand. “If you have the time, might as well hurry and cleanse these evil ghosts.” That man pouted, and then he looked at Zhu Yao with a smile. “Newcomer, you have only just birthed your spiritual consciousness, so you’re not suitable to come into the waters. Stand at the side and keep these ghosts under watch. It’s fine to scare them a little to stop them from running around.”

“… Alright.” She really was here to scare ghosts, hey.

After the man finished his instructions, he brought Ning Yun towards the river in front of the crowd of ghosts.

Zhu Yao took a closer look. There were indeed more than ten thousand evil ghosts in the crowd, lining up in several dozen queues. Though their looks were terrifying, they were still obediently staying in their lines. Occasionally, there were a few who would cause some disturbances, but as long as she stood in front of them, they would immediately turn quiet and obedient, as they tried to hide away from her with fearful looks.

Zhu Yao touched her own face. Was she really that scary?

After pondering for a moment, she figured that it was because of the word ‘Officer’ on her hand, causing these ghosts to instinctively fear her. Ning Yun and the rest were standing at the very front of the riverbank, pushing these ghosts into the river one after another. After those ghosts entered the water, they would stay in the water for about seven minutes at most before floating out. The ghosts who came up anew had completely different looks. The murderous intent on their bodies had completely dispersed, their expressions turned peaceful and calm, and they even carried a slight form of sluggishness. Not to mention their clothes had turned snow-white in colour as well, and not even one of them had the slightest appearance of an evil ghost.

This water was really too mysterious. It’s basically a powerful detergent, and after a wash with it, even the type of clothing itself would change.

Zhu Yao curiously inspected the new ghost for a moment, and then turned to look at the evil ghost at the side. She stared at him attentively, looking for any differences.

The evil ghost at the side shivered for a moment, as though he was frightened. His ghastly head lowered, lowered, and lowered even more. In the end, as though he was unable to stand her burning gaze any longer, he weakly stretched out a hand and passed her something all of a sudden. Zhu Yao was startled. “For me?”

The evil ghost quickly nodded.

“Thank you!” Zhu Yao curiously received it. The object was snowy white and had a reflective surface. It only had the size of a pencil, and a small portion of it was delicately carved. What was this?

Zhu Yao was doubtful, and then she saw that vile ghost plucking out something again from his hand. Then, he passed a similar object over to her. And now, two fingers were missing from his left hand…

“Uh…” Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “This can’t actually be your finger bones, right?”

That evil ghost gave her a quick glance, and then immediately looked down.

The hell, what’s with the reddened face? Why are you giving me your bones, hey?

Seeing that she was not rejecting them, the ghost decisively broke his entire left hand, and then orderly placed each section of it onto her palm.

Then, he raised his head and stretched the corner of his lips, as though he wanted to give her a smile. However, he ended up pulling out a ferocious grin, and even let out a strange laughter. “Kekeke…”

Looking as though he was desiring praise.

Chills ran down Zhu Yao’s spine. When he was about to tear down his collarbone, she stopped the ghost who loved to give people his bones.

You’re an evil ghost, being evil and showing tricks are different, hey!

Pushing her hands, she stuffed his bones right back into his hand. “Hold them yourself.” If you don’t want to be crippled in your next life.

The evil ghost’s expression instantly sank, and tears began to fall. He would have looked heartbroken, if not for the tears made of blood flowing down his face…

Zhu Yao hurriedly walked away. Why did these ghosts like to take out parts of their bodies and give them away randomly? To act cute? It’s not cute at all, alright!?

In truth, the so-called ghost officers were existences that do miscellaneous chores in the Underworld. Occasionally, there would be missions sent down to help maintain the order in the Underworld. Different from the myth she knew of,  ghost officers did not belong to any department, and there wasn’t any leading figure called King Yama or whatever in the Underworld either.

All of the ghost officers were left to fend for themselves.

When Zhu Yao asked Ning Yun how should ghost officers go about in cultivating spiritual bodies and ascending to Spiritual Realm, Ning Yun’s reply was – Patience!

That’s right, it was patience. There’s nothing else to do but wait. No one knew how spiritual bodies were formed, just that when ghost officers had stayed in the Underworld for a long time, they would naturally have them one day. Just like people with mixed qualifications, they would naturally be promoted after a long time.

This setting was really too random.

It’s no wonder these ghost officers would be willing to maintain order in the Underworld or extradite evil ghosts without any payment. This was all because, they had nothing better to do.

Of course, there were many people who could not endure this long wait, and directly chose to reincarnate. Thus, the number of ghost officers had always been maintained at a stable amount.

And the appearance of this batch of evil ghosts this time was because of a fallen heretic practitioner. That  heretic practitioner cultivated a ten-thousand-ghost banner when he was alive, and captured countless of evil ghosts with it. When the heretic practitioner died, the countless ghosts returned to the Underworld, and they had even arrived at Ning Yun’s territory. Because they killed people under the heretic practitioner’s control, the murderous intent on these evil ghosts were too heavy. If they were to stay in the Underworld in their present state, chaos would definitely ensue. Thus, the bunch of ghost officers had a discussion, and decided to send them directly to reincarnation.

After working for an entire day, they cleansed off a large half of the ghosts, and sent them across the River of Forgetfulness. Because Zhu Yao was a newcomer, she did not carry a great amount of spiritual energy in her body, and thus could not approach too close to the River of Forgetfulness. She could only watch from the side, and work on matters such as helping this ghost pick up his bones, and helping that other ghost pick up his eyeballs.

The number of ghosts decreased as time went by, and now, less than a hundred of them remained. Suddenly, the sky which was bright as day earlier, as though someone had turned off the switch, turned dark. In an instant, a cold wind blew, and  a dense fog that could not be blown away began to appear in the surroundings. “What’s going on?” Ning Yun and the rest were startled as well.

The remaining hundred or so evil ghosts became restless as well. Even though there were ghost officers next to them, they were unable to suppress their violent actions.

Suddenly, a strange, hoarse roar resounded, and it scattered in all directions like a shockwave. Zhu Yao simply felt her soul stirring, and even her ghost body shook for a moment, feeling as though she was being scattered.

“Not good, it’s a Realmless Ghost King!” Ning Yun’s expression changed, and he instantly became anxious. “I never expected that within this ten-thousand-ghosts banner, there’s even a Realmless Ghost King as well.” It even came so late. This was bad.

That furious roar once again erupted. This time, the remaining hundred or so evil ghosts, as though they had received commands, released out various terrifying ghost wails at the same time.

“This… What should we do?” The other ghost officers were in a fluster as well, as they looked at each other in the eyes.

“What else can we do?” Ning Yun said. “A single Realmless Ghost King can dominate ten thousand ghosts alone. How can we possibly hold on against it? Let’s hurry and leave!”

After saying that, he called everyone to dash to the road they came from before.

“Hurry and leave, the Realmless Ghost King is coming.” He especially dragged Zhu Yao along. “Newcomer, run faster. You have just awakened your spiritual consciousness, if you hear that roar a few more times, you will also be attracted by that Ghost King.”

Before Zhu Yao could even figure out the situation, she was already following after the ghost officers, fleeing for their lives.

Not far away, there seemed to be something approaching. Its figure was extremely huge, and even though there quite a bit of distance between them, that bone-piercing chill could still be felt. The six ghost officers wildly sprinted towards the teleportation formation.

When Zhu Yao turned to glance at the riverside, she saw that the remaining hundred or so ghosts were still roaring out madly. Not even a moment later, they began to turn into beams of green light, flying into the distance, including the evil ghost who gave her his bones.

“What’s going to happen to those evil ghosts?” She could not help but ask Ning Yun.

“Obviously, they will be swallowed by that Realmless Ghost King.” Ning Yun replied. “The Realmless Ghost King is formed by smelting ten thousand ghosts in the first place. It basically does not have any spiritual consciousness, and unless it falls into the River of Forgetfulness, it will just swallow other ghosts.”

“Then are we just going to leave this be?” If it could swallow other ghosts, and was left as it is in the Underworld, there would come a day where it would eat all the ghosts, right?

“Don’t worry.” Ning Yun patted on her shoulders. “Spiritual Realm will not just stand idly by. I believe that they will dispatch someone quickly to defeat it… Look! He’s here!”

Ning Yun pointed at the sky. The sky which was still pitch- black earlier, seemed to have been sliced apart by something, exploding forth a beam of light that stretched out to ten thousand meters. A gigantic spiritual sword pierced across the skies and descended in a direction far away from them, causing a loud explosion.

From afar, she could see a gigantic human figure. Though she couldn’t see clearly due to how far away she was, she could discern that it was the figure of the Realmless Ghost King. It was more than a hundred times larger than an average evil ghost.

When the spiritual sword descended, it instantly pinned the Realmless Ghost King to the ground.

Riding on his sword, a white figure stopped in the air and seemed to have cast an art. The water of the River of Forgetfulness stirred, forming two water dragons that then rained down on the Realmless Ghost King. In an instant, like a deflating balloon, the Realmless Spirit King became smaller and smaller. It let out an enraged roar that resounded through the clouds. “Newcomer, stop watching. Let’s hurry and leave.” Ning Yun immediately pulled Zhu Yao into the formation.

She saw a flash of red light, and then she arrived at a foreign street. There were manors orderly aligned at the two sides, and every manor looked pretty much the same. Ning Yun pointed to the manor at the very far end, and said. “Newcomer, you will live here from now on. We will call you when there’s tasks to do.”

So ghost officers were allocated their own houses? That’s pretty good welfare.

Ning Yun seemed to be extremely tired, and did not give much instructions before returning to his own home. Zhu Yao entered her courtyard. The Realmless Ghost King earlier looked pretty powerful, but it was still lacking in front of practitioners. It might pose a threat to those who had yet to form their Azoth Cores, but if it encountered someone of the Nascent Soul level, it was just something that could be easily thrashed.

She suddenly thought of that white-robed practitioner. Though she was too far away and couldn’t see him clearly, she felt that the figure looked a little familiar? In the early morning of the second day, she heard Ning Yun’s voice. Something seemed to have happened as he was fuming with anger. As he walked, he angrily said. “Those bunch  of turtle grandsons, they’re really such bastards. We were the ones who clearly spotted the Realmless Ghost King, but in the end, they took all the merits.”

“That’s right, that’s right, it’s simply intolerable. So what if they were able to receive that lord? It doesn’t mean they will definitely enter a great sect.” The ghost officer at the side seemed to look furious as well.

“What happened?” Zhu Yao walked out at the same time.

“Newcomer little missy, it’s great you’re here.” Ning Yun waved his hands at her. “Let’s all go greet that lord who came from Spiritual Realm.”

The ghost officer at the side nodded. “That’s right. Let’s go together. We must definitely expose their schemes.”

“Hmph, those bunch of bootlicking ghosts, they’re aren’t frightening in the least.” “They actually dare carry out such shady acts behind our backs, they will never form their spiritual bodies no matter how long they work as ghost officers.”

“We can forget about all the past incidents, but we definitely can’t tolerate them this time.”

“That’s right. We must settle this score.”

The ghost officers became more agitated and furious as they spoke, and they looked like they could eat the other party at any moment.

This felt like a group fight was about to happen!

Though there weren’t any management behind ghost officers, most of the ghost officers in the Underworld were thrown together in the first place. Ning Yun and this crowd,  for example, were made of about seven or eight ghosts, so that they could conveniently look out for each other in times of crisis. As for the method of hiring newcomers, it was very simple. Whoever finds one first gets one. Evidently, Zhu Yao was picked up by Ning Yun, and so she naturally belonged to their bunch.

Zhu Yao spent about half a day before she was finally able to figure out the situation from their conversations. When they were cleansing the bunch of evil ghosts yesterday, they spotted a Realmless Ghost King, and they had to retreat in advance in fear of being involved with the Ghost King. After the practitioner from Spiritual Realm took down the Ghost King, another wave of ghost officers came and took the merits of cleansing the evil ghosts instead.

Adding the fact that the Spiritual Realm practitioner seemed to have intentions of staying for a short while, they took the opportunity to receive that practitioner in their own home.

It must be known that ghost officers would cultivate spiritual bodies one day, and they would become newcomers the moment they enter Spiritual Realm. Once they build up a good relationship with people of Spiritual Realm, they would have a pillar of support in Spiritual Realm as well. No matter how talentless they were, they could still manage to join a sect or clan, and they would not have to end up as wandering practitioners. Evidently, their pillar of support was robbed away from them.

This was simply intolerable!

This was why Ning Yun was so furious and wanted to bring people over to greet that practitioner of a great sect. He hoped that they could make it in time to give him a good impression.

Zhu Yao felt a little nauseous when it came to such bootlicking actions, and from the looks of it, there was a great chance that a group brawl would occur. As a newcomer, she truly did not feel like participating in a group brawl or whatever. But in the end, she was told by Ning Yun that it was a good chance to “gain experience”, and was brought along with them.

The group of people furiously charged right into their home base.

But to find nobody there.

Reason: The great king brought them to patrol the mountains. That Spiritual Realm practitioner went to the River of Forgetfulness to enjoy the scenery, and incidentally brought along a bunch of ghost officers.

Chapter232: All Of You Have Been Surrounded

Thus the crowd of ghost officers could only charge towards the River of Forgetfulness. Unfortunately, the place was empty as well. They had already headed over to the Bridge of Judgment by following along the riverbank.

Zhu Yao couldn’t float any longer, and she silently cursed at the practitioner who was on vacation using public expenditure. That practitioner really had nothing better to do, huh? They best not let her encounter him, otherwise… she couldn’t do anything to him either.

Ning Yun however did not give up, giving a face that looked as though he wouldn’t stop until he managed to bootlick the practitioner. Moving along the riverbank with the crowd of ghosts, they walked for more than two hours, before they could finally see a bridge that stretched across the entire River of Forgetfulness.

It was a stone bridge, yet it was constructed with black coloured stones, and when positioned above the silvery white river, it looked exceptionally distinct. Before they could even approach it, they were stopped  by others. The one leading the other pack was a muscular looking ghost officer, dressed in a black robe with many red flower patterns embroidered on it.

“Ning Yun, you crossed the boundary. This place isn’t your territory.” That person smiled arrogantly, giving a face that looked like he was not going to let them pass.

“Ling Lin, you best hurry up and call your boss over.”

“Our boss is busy.” That person simply wasn’t going to let up.

Ning Yun instantly flared up. “You bunch of lowly men, don’t think I’m unaware of your unhonourable act.”

Ling Lin’s expression darkened, giving him a glare. “So what? That lord said that he simply wanted to take a look at the Bridge of Judgment. He doesn’t want to take a look at your piece of land, what can I do?”

“You…” Ning Yun was extremely furious. “If you have  the guts, let us cross. I shall personally give the lord an explanation.”

“This is our territory, why should I let you come over?” Ling Lin seemed determined, not only was he not making way, he even called over a few ghost officers over to block the road.

Fumes blew out of Ning Yun’s head, yet he had no idea on how to deal with this. After all, the Bridge of Judgment was indeed part of the other party’s territory. The two sides entered a stalemate, with neither giving way to the other.

On this side, the people were anxiously going about in circles, trying to find ways to break through, while on the other side, they were blocking the road perfectly tight. An hour passed, yet there wasn’t any result to be seen.

Zhu Yao could not help but lose focus, and was now inspecting that bridge. There were many ghosts next to the bridge. Some were dressed extravagantly, while some were improperly dressed. There were all types of ghosts there, but all of them had hollow looks, without the slightest of sparkles in their eyes.

Zhu Yao guessed that they were probably the souls of regular mortals. Souls which usually arrive in Underworld, unless they harboured heavy resentment in their former lives, would not have any spiritual consciousness to speak of. The souls of practitioners were usually stronger, so even if they arrived in Underworld, they would still keep part of their former lives’ memories and spirituality, though not a lot.

Even though they were all ghosts, the ones she saw at the Door to the Underworld was much livelier than the ones here.

Zhu Yao then measured the bridge with her eyes. The bridge itself was really huge, with half of it submerged within the mist. This bridge was the only structure above the River of Forgetfulness. It was called the Bridge of Judgment, and also referred to as the Bridge of Regrets. On the other side of the river was the road to reincarnation.

She heard from the other ghost officers that only souls which completely did not carry any attachments from their former lives could pass this bridge. Otherwise, they would fall into the River of Forgetfulness, had everything of their former lives cleansed away, before they could reach the other side of the river.

Zhu Yao summarized everything that she learnt. The entire River of Forgetfulness was like a large-sized database reset program, and it even had a forceful nature. Though she was a little curious where this river started from, and where was its end destination?

“Newcomer, why are you spacing out? Hurry and  shout!” Ning Yun suddenly nudged her.

“Ah? Ah?” She came back to her senses and was confused.

“You’re a woman, so you have the loudest voice. This mission shall be handed to you.” Ning Yun said with a stern look.

Zhu Yao was stunned. What? She simply did not hear listen to their conversation earlier. “Shout… What am I supposed to shout?”

“Since we can’t go over, we can only lure that lord’s attention over here.” He patted on her shoulders. “Don’t be afraid, just shout as loud as you can. If you manage to get him over here, I will note this down as your merit.”

She understood now! “Alright!” Zhu Yao patted on her chest. Wasn’t  it  just shouting at someone? Just leave it to her!

Zhu Yao cleared her throat, got into a proper stance, and loudly shouted. “The people inside listen up. All of you have already been surrounded. Put down your weapons and surrender. All of you do not have the rights to remain silent, if you do not come out now, this old lady here will smack your buttocks till they bloom.”

How’s that? Was that tyrannical enough? Eh? Ning Yun, why is your face so black?

Ning Yun really wanted to cry now. Missy, you’re a spy sent by the other party, right?

“Like hell he would come over if you shout like… Ehhhh…” He really came!?

Before he could even finish, suddenly, a human figure came charging from the other side. Only a flash of white light could be seen, as though a gust of wind had wildly swept over. Even Ling Lin behind them exclaimed in surprise. “Lord…”

In an instant, Ning Yun became excited. Just as he was about to speak, that white figure disappeared without a trace.

“…” His stomach-full of words instantly returned back into his own stomach. So, was this considered a success or not?

When he turned around to look.

Eh? Where did the newcomer missy go?

He couldn’t have come to settle the scores with her for what she shouted earlier, right? In an instant, his heart was in a fluster.

Oh right… What was that missy called again?

Zhu Yao was a little dumbfounded. She simply felt something had come towards her like a gust of wind, then her waist tightened, and her entire body was now flying backwards at extreme speed. After that, the sounds of the whistling wind made her feel a little dizzy.

She finally stopped, but she was already turning a little light- headed from the dizziness. As a new ghost, a high-intensive exercise like this was really an unbearable pain to the soul.

She needed time to calm down.

After gasping for air, she saw a head with pitch-black hair was presently pressing against her small buns on her chest. They were not huge in the first place, and now they were like a plane runway after being pressed down.

“My buns…” Zhu Yao cried out miserably, as she reflexively raised her leg and sent him a kick. Instant Kill Technique – Breaking Offspring Breeding Kick!

“Ow!” That person cried out miserably, as he was hit right on target. In an instant, his body curled up like a shrimp, and he slid off her body. Rolling on the ground, one of his hands was actually still grabbing onto the corner of her robe.

“The hell, you dirty bastard!” You actually dare press against my little buns. Though the buns are small, they are still assets. There’s a possibility that they still have room to develop too! Hss… It hurts this old lady so much.

Zhu Yao tugged the corner of her robe, yet she was unable to get him to let go. Thus, began to pull with all her might!

“Big sis Zhu Yao…” He suddenly groaned, carrying a suppressed and coarse voice.

Zhu Yao’s hands stopped. This voice… sounded familiar! She looked down at the person who curled into a ball, only to see him holding onto his bottom part with his two hands, and he was slowly raising his head to look at her.

This was the face of a youth. Every part of it was familiar to her, but a little youth seemed to have faded from the part between his brows, and it was replaced with a little vicissitudes that were foreign to her.

She stiffened, and then probed. “Mushmush?”

The youth’s expression sank, and the pain on his face deepened even more. He focused his gaze on her, and as he blinked, a droplet of water fell out of those eyes which seemed to be filled with countless emotions. The sound he choked out was barely audible. “… Big sis Zhu Yao.”

Zhu Yao completely stiffened, as though there was something which had instantly struck her. Her eyes unconsciously opened wide, and for a moment, she could not find her own voice. “Little… wimp…”

He tightened the grip on the corner of her robe.

“It really is you!” Zhu Yao squatted down, and pulled up the person on the ground. He measured this familiar face in detail. This was impossible! “Why are you still alive… Ah pui!” This seemed to sound strange. “Why haven’t you gone to reincarnate… Ah pui!” This sounded even weirder. “You… Why are you here? Am I seeing things?”

“It’s me.” He nodded. He seemed to want to say something, yet he kept having his words choked in his throat, and the mist in his eyes instantly welled up. He gone up to hug Zhu Yao in an instant, and then buried his head into her embrace like a little child. “Big sis Zhu Yao, I finally get to see you.” It really is him! Little wimp…

“Why are you crying?”

“It… It hurts!” Wang Xuzhi tightened his grip, as he went deeper into her embrace.

“Serves you right for taking advantage of me.” Zhu Yao could not help but lecture him, yet her heart was feeling an unbearable pain. With her sleeves, she rubbed the tears off his face. “When you were young, didn’t you say a grown man only bleeds, and never cry?”

“But… It really hurts.”

Alright, she really did kick him a little heavily. Let me apologize to your wife!

“Damn brat, stop crying! Don’t you know tears are contagious? Even I want to cry now.” Zhu Yao could no longer hold it in, as her tears began to go out of control and flow down her face. It definitely was not because she was frail and weak, it was just because of how contagious it was. It definitely was! Little wimp. Her little wimp. That brat whom she raised when he was young. Prideful and stubborn, causing her to worry all the time. That little brat whom she had to watch out for  at every moment.

He finally returned.

Realmspirit promised that he would allow her to see little wimp again, and he was finally keeping his promise for once. Zhu Yao had once imagined what would happen if she were to meet him again?

But it was definitely not like this where she gave him a kick. Mn. And it was right at a certain part which cannot be described. Then, the two of them cried out painfully for an hour in each other’s embrace. His was due to the pain, while hers was because of how contagious it was.

Tears flowed down endlessly, and Zhu Yao was even moved by her own self. Just as she was about express the might of motherly love to this child whom she finally got to see again, a female ghost came drilling out of the ground.

“Hey, are you two done yet? You two have already been crying all day, and your tears are already drowning my home. Can’t a ghost get some sleep?”

Wang Xuzhi: “…” Why was the ground her home?

Zhu Yao: “…” What a stupid place you chose.

The two of them weakly crawled away. As expected, being sad like this was not their style.

“Oh right, little wimp, why are you here in the Underworld?” Zhu Yao only then recalled she wanted to ask Wang Xuzhi about what happened. “Didn’t you reincarnate?”

Wang Xuzhi was startled. “Big sis Zhu Yao, how did you know?”

“Uh… Don’t mind how I got to know about it, so why are you here now?” She clearly recalled Realmspirit showing the scene of him being reincarnated back then. But looking at him the way he was now, he looked exactly the same as back then. He sank into silence for a moment, before he slowly said. “I did indeed enter the wheel of reincarnation, but for some reasons, when my lifespan ended and I returned to the Underworld, I regained the appearance of my past life. Then, my spiritual consciousness awakened and I remembered big sis Zhu Yao, so I went ahead to cultivate a spiritual body and entered Spiritual Realm.”

Wasn’t it said that the water of the River of Forgetfulness would cleanse off everything of one’s past life? So how did he recover them?

Haah, I don’t care anymore. Being able to see him again was enough to satisfy her.

“In other words, you have once again begun to cultivate into a deity?” Zhu Yao measured him for a moment, and nodded satisfyingly. “Not bad little brat, as expected of my son.”

“Big sis Zhu Yao… I’m not your son.”  His  expression darkened. He never was after all.

“Aiya, don’t mind such details.” Zhu Yao waved her hands. “So, how are you doing in Spiritual Realm? Is there anyone bullying you? Tell big sis, this big sis will add him into the blacklist.”

“I’m doing really well.” Wang Xuzhi nodded. Looking at her, he heaved a long sigh of relief. As though he had recalled something, he slowly said. “When I awakened my spiritual consciousness, I remembered big sis Zhu Yao. So, I would often stop by at the Bridge of Judgment, hoping that I can see you, and at the same time, hoping I won’t get to see you.”

He wanted to see her, but this place was the Underworld after all. Seeing her here would mean that she would have fallen, and now…

Wang Xuzhi was stunned for a moment, and seemed to have thought of this point, as he anxiously started to console her. “Big sis Zhu Yao, don’t be sad. Even if you have fallen, it’s not a big deal. We can go to Spiritual Realm and start over again.”

“Enough.” Zhu Yao patted on his head. “It’s not like I have not experienced death before.” She was already used to dying, alright?

He stopped speaking, though he looked a little guilty. Zhu Yao’s heart could not help but tingle, as she hurriedly blurted out. “Little wimp, I’m sorry!” She was the one who should clearly feel guilty, after all, she promised Uncle Wang that she would take care of him, yet she failed to do so.

“That wasn’t your fault, big sis Zhu Yao.” Wang Xuzhi smiled, and after pausing for a while, he continued. “I have never blamed you.”

When she openly returned with Wang Xuzhi in tow, Ning Yun and his companions were stunned.

“Hi!” Zhu Yao took the initiative to greet them.

“Lord, spare our lives!” Ning Yun blurted out. He then knelt on the ground and loudly shouted. “This little ghost has no intentions to disrespect you, this is all that newcomer missy’s doing.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

What happened to the promised love between co-workers?

Chapter233: Bugs Everywhere On The Ground

“Lord, she has only just awakened her spiritual consciousness and doesn’t know the rules, thus she was muddleheaded enough to display such disrespect towards you.” Ning Yun accounted as his tears fell and snot coming out from his nose.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. You’re pushing the blame too quickly, don’t you think? “Speaking of which…”

“Lord, this matter doesn’t concern this little ghost in the slightest!”


“It’s all this newcomer’s idea. Lord, please do not vent your anger on us.”

“He’s my…”

“This little ghost swears to you, she isn’t related to us in the slightest.” Ning Yun raised his hand. “If I’m lying to you… then I’m a little dog!”

“…” Was there a need for this?  Anger  began  to  swell  within Zhu Yao. She had thought that  by  bringing  Wang  Xuzhi  over, they would receive a warm welcome. But in the end, they had thought that she was brought somewhere else to confess for a crime, and now she was betrayed just like that.

“In that case, I’m not going to pull you down either.” She was fine on her own after all. Zhu Yao then waved her hands at Wang Xuzhi. “Little wimp, let us go.”

Wang Xuzhi nodded in concert. “Alright.”

Ning Yun was stunned, as though he had only just realized there was something wrong with the two people. With a startled look, he said. “You… You two know each other.”

“Let me grandly introduce him to you.” Zhu Yao patted on Wang Xuzhi’s chest. “He’s my son!”

“Ah! Ah?” He was instantly dumbfounded. “Big sis Zhu Yao…” Wang Xuzhi frowned. He already said that he wasn’t her son.

Ning Yun’s eyes instantly shone. No matter if he was her little brother or her son, the two of them seemed to have a pretty good relationship. With this level of relationship, then joining a famous sect and cultivating into a deity would be within grasp. “Newcomer missy, is what you said true?”

“No matter if it’s true or false, it doesn’t concern you any longer.” Zhu Yao turned around and left.

“Wait!” Ning Yun then pulled her out of realization, and said with a smile. “It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding.”

“Hoho…” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “You already swore that you’re a little dog if you lied, if I stay here  any  longer, won’t things be difficult for you?”

“Woof woof woof…” Ning Yun instantly threw away his morals.

Zhu Yao: “…” Wang Xuzhi: “…”

Crowd of ghost officers: “…”

You’re shameless alright!

Zhu Yao made a compromise, and Ning Yun excitedly welcomed them over, anything more would have been welcoming them with everybody lined up in two rows. His eyes shifted, and he began to inquire about Wang Xuzhi. “I wonder which sect are you from, lord? Mind if…”

“Boss Ning, not good!” A ghost officer came running over like the wind, and he had a shocked look. “River… At the river…”

Ning Yun evidently wasn’t happy with his conversation being interrupted, as he gave Wang Xuzhi a smile before asking. “Why are you so flustered? What happened at the river?”

“Ghost… Ghost King.” Trembling, that ghost officer pointed in the direction of the River of Lethe’s teleportation formation. “A Realmless Ghost King appeared again.” “What?” Ning Yun was startled. He then looked  towards Wang Xuzhi. “Lord…”

Wang Xuzhi frowned, as he looked towards Zhu Yao. “Big sis Zhu Yao, I’m going to take a look.”

After saying that, his figure flashed. Turning into a ray of flowing light, he disappeared towards the sky.

Zhu Yao could not help but whispered. “Why did another Realmless Ghost King appear?” Was it Underworld’s native specialty?

“No…” The ghost officer who came to report said with a pale expression. “That Ghost King seems to be the one from back then.”

“How’s that possible?” That Realmless Ghost King was clearly already exterminated. Everyone saw it with their own eyes.

“It’s true!” That ghost officer same with certainty. “I did not make a mistake. It’s really the one from yesterday.” Zhu Yao’s heart sank. She faintly felt that something was amiss. She then turned around and ran to the teleportation formation. “I’m going to take a look.”

She hurriedly floated into the teleportation formation. The scenery in front of her eyes changed, and she arrived not far away from the riverbank.

A shrilling ghost cry rang out. She saw a mountain-sized ghost standing not far away. With a muscular figure, its entire body was filled with a sinister ghostly aura, and it was accompanied by an extremely horrendous face. Little wimp was riding on his sword, and it was stopped in mid-air. He was presently casting a water type mystic art, and two water pillars instantly shot out of the River of Forgetfulness, heading straight towards the Ghost King.

But a strange thing occurred. That Ghost King was not the least bit affected, as though it was not afraid of water from the River of Lethe at all. It continued to send attacks in Wang Xuzhi’s direction.

Wang Xuzhi summoned countless spiritual swords, and they descended towards the Ghost King like rain. It seemed to be effective this time. Seemingly almost none of the spiritual swords missed their target, and they pierced directly into the Ghost King’s spiritual body. Multiple  slash scars instantly appeared on its body.

Good work! Zhu Yao gave him a thumbs-up.

However, that Ghost King let out a shrilling cry once again. In an instant, the ghostly aura grew denser, and his body which was pierced through earlier, was actually beginning to restore itself. In less than a minute, those large and small wounds disappeared without a trace.

The Ghost King suddenly opened its mouth, as it wide as it could, to the point only a flat circular surface could be seen. It looked as though half of its brain was sliced off, and what remained was only its mouth. That strange shrilling cry once again resounded.

In an instant, large amount of black ghostly aura spat out from its mouth, and they flew towards Wang Xuzhi.

The little wimp hurriedly flew and dodged. His speed was extremely quick, and in a flash, he had arrived behind the Ghost King. However, the ghostly aura seemed to have eyes of their own, as they directly turned around and chased after Wang Xuzhi. As the ghostly aura chased after him, various horrifying ghost cries could be heard.

While Wang Xuzhi was dodging, he once again circulated the waters of the River of Forgetfulness, wanting to purify the ghostly aura.

However, no matter how the river water rained down on them, the ghostly aura was not affected in the least.

He thus could only switch to other types of mystic arts.

Fire type… No use!

Earth type… No effects!

Wood type… Was swallowed.

Metal type… It regrew after being cut down. The ghostly aura of this Ghost King seemed to be resistant against all types of mystic arts all of a sudden, as nothing could hurt it in the least.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat from this development. How was this possible? Putting aside the other mystic arts, the water of the River of Forgetfulness was actually unable to scatter the ghostly aura.

Unless… That’s not ghostly aura at all?

Zhu Yao calmed herself down and carefully analysed it. The more she looked at it, the stranger she felt it was. Though the Ghost King looked exactly the same as the one yesterday, the aura it’s emitting from his body was completely different. Yesterday, it was still filled with a violent aura, and she would feel her soul shake just by hearing its roar.

However, she had clearly listened to it several times now, and though its voice was even more terrifying than before, nothing happened to her at all. It was as though its roars were completely ineffective against her.

Just what was that black miasma? Wang Xuzhi dodged the black miasma with all his might. Though his speed was extremely quick and was not being caught by it, he was simply dodging and not launching any attacks. He fell into a passive stance in an instant. He thus had no choice but to summon his weapon, and charged in the direction of the Ghost King, attempting to end the Ghost King as quick as possible.

Large amount of black miasma instantly gathered together, and it struck towards him in an instant. Wang Xuzhi raised a defensive barrier, and just when he was about to forcefully charge in, Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. She suddenly had a bad premonition.


Just as her voice fell, that black miasma directly ignored the barrier and seeped through it as though it was not being obstructed at all. It pierced directly through Wang Xuzhi’s body.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao was startled. She swung her hand out of reflex, and then, there seemed to be some strange energy being released from her body all of a sudden. At that moment, a loud thunder boomed. A heavenly lightning bolt tore through the skies and descended, striking straight at the black miasma, instantly scattering a large portion of it.


Earlier… She was the one who brought it down?

She clearly had yet to possess a spiritual body, so why was she able to use a mystic art?

“Big sis Zhu Yao?” Wang Xuzhi was dumbfounded as well, as he looked at her with a stunned look. “Why are you?”

I don’t know why I’m suddenly able to use mystic arts either. Just what the ghost blazes is going on? No wait, just what kind of ghost am I?


The Ghost King cried out once again. Just like before, its mouth began to open up as wide as possible and his body was surrounded by black miasma. Looking as though it was about to launch a large attack, it was now in a loading process. “Little wimp, move away. Allow me!” She couldn’t  be bothered about why she was able to use mystic arts anymore, but evidently, her lightning type mystic arts could restrain it. Let’s first deal with the situation at hand for now.

Wang Xuzhi nodded and flew next to Zhu Yao. He had indeed suffered some injuries from earlier.

Zhu Yao hurriedly performed hand seals and cast an art. As expected in the next instant, some sort of energy was being guided out of her body, and it dissolved into her mystic art. She really wanted to know what that black miasma really was. She did not attack immediately, and instead drew arcs made of strips of lightning around her and little wimp, enveloping the two of them at the center.

The Ghost King had finished loading, and once again, spat out large amount of black miasma from its widened mouth. As she watched the lump of darkness approach them, she was able to clearly see that it was no longer a lump of pitch-black darkness, but rather, it was actually shaped. And furthermore, it was shaped into a gigantic word – ‘bug’!

Faints~! Why is it a bug!? Why in the world is that Ghost King spitting out the word ‘bug’?

It was clearly just a ghost, and its face was very clean as well, so why was it able to spit out bugs from its mouth? You think you’re a monitor or a processor!?

Zhu Yao suddenly had the intentions of asking Realmspirit’s ancestor what in the world was going on with this bug? Was there anyone who knew how to fix this strange bug? Could it be that she had to help the Ghost King fix his bad breath?

The word ‘bug’ was about to fly straight towards her, but it crashed into the lightning formation and was instantly dispersed. As though it had been directly shattered, it broke into countless small-sized… bugs. Zhu Yao glanced at her surroundings with a darkened expression.

What she saw were ‘b’s lying down over here, ‘g’s lying down over there, and then behind them were even more ‘g’s.

The target which she had to fix had shattered all over the ground, just like Realmspirit’s morals. Zhu Yao felt that there was a need to find him to talk about life.

The Ghost King once again roared out, and the black miasma surrounding it began to grow thicker. Probably due to the ground filled with shattered morals, she suddenly had something to compare to, and was finally able to clearly see what the black miasma next to the Ghost King was.

That’s right, it was a bunch of ‘b’s… ‘u’s… and ‘g’s…

Zhu Yao: “…” Please let me think where I should start retorting from.

“Big sis Zhu Yao?” Wang Xuzhi frowned, looking a little worried. “At this rate, I’m afraid it won’t ever end.”

Zhu Yao looked down and saw the black miasma that she dispersed earlier. A large portion of the letters seemed to have received some sort of summons, as they were being dragged straight towards the Ghost King.

Indeed. She was only able to disperse them, and not able to completely eliminate the bug.

Just why was this happening?

Zhu Yao was a little anxious. When she was cultivating in the past, she had also heard of people mentioning the Realmless Ghost King, but she never heard of them being this incredible. This one was clearly mutated, right? If this was a regular one, then a single strike would have completely been enough to deal with it.

Wait a minute, a regular one?

“Little wimp, usually, how do heretic practitioners control Realmless Ghost Kings?”

“Soul-beckoning.” Wang Xuzhi replied. “Ghost Kings are sealed in soul-beckoning banners, and if practitioners want to use them, they would just have to…” He was a startled for a moment, and then he suddenly opened his eyes wide. “Big sis Zhu Yao, you mean…?”

Zhu Yao nodded. Little wimp’s eyes instantly shone.

Chapter234: It’s Time To Dine

This Ghost King was exceptionally ferocious, but in the end, it was merely a puppet cultivated by a heretic practitioner. Since it was a puppet, there would definitely be a string that could be severed to stop it. It appeared in the Underworld because of the destruction of the soul-beckoning banner, but as long as it was a soul, then it could be beckoned upon. They just had to directly beckon the Ghost King itself, and then seal it up after that. It was comparable to renewing the string that allowed one to control puppets.

However, this task could only be done by Wang Xuzhi. She did not have a material body, and there wasn’t any life energy present on herself. As a ghost herself, it was impossible for her to beckon another soul.

“In a moment, I will restrict the Ghost King and disperse the miasma around its body.” Zhu Yao informed.

Little wimp nodded. He pulled out a talisman and said with slight worry. “But… I only have a regular spiritual talisman, so I won’t be able to stop it for too long.”

“Sealing it is good enough, we can come up with the rest after that.” If worst comes to worst, they just had to set down a few formations to trap it.

Zhu Yao immediately performed an art, summoning millions of lightning bolts. In an instant, the entire River  of Forgetfulness was covered in snow-white. Countless lightning rays radiated, with shapes of humongous dragons, they charged straight towards the Realmless Ghost King.

Lightning was the nemesis of all evil in the first place, let alone the Ghost King, which was a creature which carried extreme amount of yang energy.

The Ghost King emitted out an even more terrifying roar. Its roar was extremely piercing to the ears, while carrying a sinister aura, causing Zhu Yao to feel uncomfortable all around her body all of a sudden. She calmed herself and maintained her art, as she willed the lightning bolts forward.

However, the miasma was simply too thick. Just as a bunch of it had dispersed, the miasma would once again gather together. There was no end to it.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth as she increased the output of the lightning bolts, instantly establishing a lightning formation. Then she gathered energy and slammed her palm onto the ground. The surface of the ground was instantly enveloped by purple lightning sparks, and following after, the sky and earth were filled with bolts of heavenly lightning.

The endless miasma surrounding the Ghost King was also dispersed at this moment.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao turned her head around and shouted.

Wang Xuzhi had completed his hand seals as well, as he sped over on his flying sword. With a wave of his hand, a spiritual talisman flew out, instantly materializing into a gigantic formation as it flew towards the top of the Ghost King. Countless runic symbols danced as they encircled the formation.

That Ghost King suddenly stopped its roars, and its movements stiffened as well. Then, its entire figure began to twist and turn, along with the scattered miasma. Like a spiral, it began to revolve at high speeds, and then it turned in a blob of darkness before entering the formation. The formation instantly released a bright red light, and the runic symbols revolved at high speeds. As though there was something making a desperate struggle, there were undulating movements at the center of the formation, and black miasma would occasionally ooze out.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth as she established another layer of suppression formation on top of that soul summoning formation. She desperately guided out the energy within her body and suppressed the Ghost King with brute force.

Finally, the formation runic symbols  gathered  within, forming a gigantic ‘Ghost’ word. The soul  summoning formation began to slowly dim as well. In a short span of a few breaths, that formation grew ever so smaller. It finally returned to the size of the talisman and flew into Wang Xuzhi’s hands.

Zhu Yao felt relieved from the depths of her heart. Her entire ghostly body was exhausted.

Little wimp was not better off either, as he instantly fell from the sky. His breathing was a little unstable, yet he still smiled to her excitedly. “Big sis Zhu Yao, we succeeded.” “But of course!” Zhu Yao instantly felt cocky for how incredible she was, as she waved towards him. Just as she was about to call him over.

A bright red radiance suddenly lighted up in her surroundings. A gigantic formation had appeared beneath her feet. This formation even looked a little familiar, not only in shape, but also the runic symbols flying about in the surroundings were completely the same as the one they used to subdue the Ghost King.

The hell, this was a soul summoning formation! Who in the world was summoning her soul?

“Big sis Zhu Yao!” She simply heard little wimp’s cry, before her entire being was enveloped within the formation light the next moment.

Zhu Yao felt that her body was a little heavy, unlike before where she couldn’t feel the least bit of weight at all.

When she once again opened her eyes, she saw a pig head. A pig head that was completely swollen, with bluish and purplish marks all around it. There wasn’t a single spot where its face was completely intact.

Seeing her open her eyes, the eyes of the pig head that had already swollen into buns, instantly emitted out eye-catching sparkles. “You’re awake!”

Right as his words fell, with a swoosh, he was kicked away like a rubber ball. He smashed onto the door and then let out a miserable cry.

Zhu Yao simply felt a gust of wind sweeping over. Her body lightened as she was embraced within a pile of white. Instantly, a familiar feeling filled her surroundings, along with a slight ice-cold scent. A slightly ragged breathing sounded in her ears.

“Master?” What was going on? She came back to life?

The person hugging her paused for a moment, before hugging her even more tightly. As though she was trying to confirm something, he tightly held onto her without the least bit of opening to spare.

A long while later… “Yu… Yao.”

It really was her master! Why was he here?

“Little Seventh!” The pig head that was kicked away earlier came crawling back. On that colourful face, tears and snot scattered about, as he wailed out in a complaining tone. “You’re finally awake. If you return any later, I would probably be beaten to death. You don’t even know just what kind of life I had been living this past few days. Your master is simply a pervert. He’s definitely not the Far Ancient Highgod, he definitely isn’t.”

Yu Yan frowned, and the peripheral light in the corners of his eyes swept towards him.

The pig head trembled for a moment, but he gritted his teeth and composed himself. He decided to complain to the very end. “Little Seventh, it’s him. He’s the one who beat me up like this. You must stand up for our God Race!”

“You can leave now.” Yu Yan turned to look towards him, the cold aura on his body suffused into the air. All who dared to snatch his disciple away were enemies. The pig head instantly felt as though two metal blades had stabbed into his heart, yet he still pushed onwards with his thick skin. “I’m not going. Come, beat me then. Little Seventh… Look at him, look at him!” He’s bullying me.

Zhu Yao carefully inspected that pig head, and asked with a serious look. “You… Who are you?”

“…” The pig head stiffened, tears instantly burst out like a flood and they poured out without end. “You… You… Little Seventh… It’s me.”

Yu Yan once again kicked him out. When he was about to crawl back up again, a heavenly lightning bolt instantly struck on his buttocks. The pig head instantly materialized into a dragon, as he fled far away into the distance. While it fled, he shouted out. “I will return.” Behind his buttocks, a bolt of heavenly lightning was chasing after him.

That dragon… looked really familiar. Where had she seen it before?

Before Zhu Yao could even figure it out, her chest area suddenly felt empty, as she was instantly carried up by someone. A white light flashed in front of her eyes, and in the next moment, she was already lying on a wooden bed.


Yu Yan however, suddenly pressed his body downwards, a familiar cold and charming face instantly enlarged. Her lips instantly cooled, as a kiss carrying slight hints of fluster and anger had already come pressing down. His kisses were still the same as before, without the slightest of technique involved in it. As though he was extremely impatient, the kisses carried both smooches and bites, plastering her entire face. Furthermore, the bites were even moving downwards, looking as though he was going for a development below her chest area.

(⊙o⊙) Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. My master can’t be this proactive?

“Master…” Though she was really happy, it still hurt a lot. She uncomfortably pushed him a little, wanting him to get up. It’s fine if you don’t know how, I can teach you!

“Don’t move!” His body stiffened, as though something had ignited within him, he pressed down even firmer than before, tightly hugging onto her body. He buried his head next to her neck, and even his breathing was a little heavier than before.

Zhu Yao was stunned. She could feel the anxiety he had. His entire being was about to collapse, as though he could break apart at any moment. She had never seen her master in such an uncontrollable state.

She did not dare to move all of a sudden, and could only allowed him to hug onto her. Until the breathing next to her ear slowly regained its calm.

After a long while…

The sound of his sigh rang next to her  ear.  “I  sensed  the sudden disappearance of your personal succeeding imprint.”

Personal succeeding imprint. Was he referring to the divine sense imprint he left on her body?

“Your master thought…” He did not continue, and simply hugged her slightly tighter than before. Zhu Yao understood. Her master had thought that she was really dead this time. Was that why he beckoned her soul?

“Master…” Her heart ached, and she could  not  help  but  hug him back. She had instantly turned into a ghost this time, so she could be considered as a dead person, and the disappearance of the imprint was very normal as well. She had reincarnated for too many times, so she  had  never  thought  that  her  master would be so worried. “I’m sorry.”

Yu Yan raised his head. Looking at his guilty-looking disciple, his expression sank. He then let out a sigh, as though he had accepted his fate. He lowered his head and lightly pressed against her lips. “Yu Yao… Don’t always give your master worries.”

Zhu Yao felt moved from the depths of her heart as she heavily nodded. Reaching out her arms, she seized his neck and instantly pulled the man back.

As their lips intertwined, it felt as though there was a warm stream flowing between them. Yu Yan was a complete newcomer, and he only knew how to press finely down onto his disciple’s lips, till the point where his cold lips were even beginning to be dyed with blazing warmth. His show of affection lasted for a long while, until that moment when he seemed to have found an opening, as he slid his tongue inwards.

He seemed to have stiffened for a moment. As though he had found a new toy, he began to investigate, and was submerged in infatuation. It was as though electric current was passing through his entire body, causing him to feel numb all over, which made him desire even more. His hands unconsciously began to uncontrollably swim about.

It couldn’t be made clear who ended the kiss first, but after they separated, the breathings of the two people were messy and heavy.

Zhu Yao took in a few deep breaths. Her master sure lived up to his title of number one in the cultivation world, as he could actually become a genius at this sort of long kisses through self- learning. She gasped for air for a few more times before she was able to calm down, only to suddenly hear a query coming from next to her in a low tone.

“Zhu Yao, let’s practitioner-pair?”

Eh!? Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. In an instant, she felt as though a large number of red flowers had bloomed and filled the land, her heart was overflowing with the season of spring. Fiery emotions were released from the depths of her heart, their blazing heat boiled her wolf’s blood. The latent energy in her body instantly erupted, as she lifted herself up and immediately pressed the man down beneath her body.

“Are you serious?” She didn’t mishear, right? Was this really her master?

Yu Yan did not reply, though that seemingly emotionless face of his began to redden inch by inch, and the redness was spreading at an irregular speed. As for that pair of ice-cold eyes, it was as though a mountain of ice was beginning to thaw, and a strange warmth was surging from within it.

Zhu Yao simply felt as though an arrow had struck right on her heart, and the string called ‘reason’ located in the depths of her heart was severed. Losing control of herself, she instantly turned into a wolf and clutched onto the collar of his robe. She unhesitatingly used her spiritual energy and as she pulled apart that snow-white upper garment of his, she loudly proclaimed. “This time, even if you scream till your throat breaks, this old lady will not let you go.” Awoooo~~

Time to dig in!

She pounced on top of him, and started off with her wolf’s bite!

Yu Yan stiffened for a moment. Looking at his stupid disciple who was messing his chest up like a little puppy, he sighed. Moving his figure, he easily retrieved the initiative. Lightly moving his hands, he began to remove her clothes just like how she did it to him.

Zhu Yao was pressed at the bottom: “…”

Alright, since her master liked to be the one on top, she would then gracefully accept her position.

In an instant, the room was filled with a pleasant atmosphere.

Yu Yan encountered his biggest problem since the start of his cultivation journey. Regarding practitioner-pair!

When it came to the cultivation arts, practitioner-pair arts were the harmonization of yin and yang. During cultivation, the man and woman just had to be naked while exchanging their yin and yang energy. Yu Yan had never doubted his comprehension ability. So, after he had stripped down both of their clothes, though he felt that his disciple’s appearance was… kuh… a little… kuh, he still planned on sitting in  a  lotus position to guide out his spiritual energy to exchange his yang for his disciple’s yin.

However, his disciple seemed to be very disapproving of this method, and had even begun to throw a tantrum.

“Haah, this old lady has already stripped naked, yet we’re just chatting on the bed with blankets on top of us.” Zhu Yao furiously scratched the bed. She just knew, she just knew that things would turn out this way again.

“No.” Yu Yan glanced at her, only to be met with a jade-like… kuh… He hurriedly retracted his gaze, and said with a stern tone. “We did not cover ourselves with blankets.” “…” Zhu Yao kicked him out of extreme fury. “I don’t care! Yu Yan, if you dare bring up whatever cultivation arts again, this old lady shall die in front of you.”

“Yu Yao!” His expression sank, as he hurriedly brought his disciple into his embrace. “Don’t fool around.”

“That practitioner-pair thing, you must use  my  methods.” You don’t even know how it works, yet you still want to teach your disciple the wrong way? This old lady doesn’t want to play purity with you all my life.

Yu Yan frowned. Looking at his disciple’s decisive look, he could only temporarily put down his dignity as her master, and nodded. “Mn…”

Fortunately, he could still be saved.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She hugged him back, and then pushed her body on top of his. Their skins touched, intimately and inseparably.

Yu Yan simply felt something soft in front of his chest, and his entire body lightly trembled for a moment. A scent that could only belong to a woman filled his sense of smell, and his heart began to beat at an incredible rate. In an instant, a foreign fiery emotion rose. He habitually wanted to cast the Heart Clarity Art, yet his hand was clutched onto by his disciple.

“Yu… Yao.”

“Shh…” Zhu Yao gently muttered next to his ear. “No talking.”

That voice was delicate and gentle, as though a feather had stroked part his heart. Yu Yan felt that he was trembling lightly, and his body instantly stiffened. His hands unconsciously began to hold onto his disciple’s waist. At that moment, he realized that his disciple’s body was unbelievably smooth, and… he couldn’t bear to let go.

Zhu Yao’s hands gradually moved down, and was beginning to develop towards a certain place that cannot be described. At that moment when she had made contact with it, her hands were grabbed onto by someone who was being uncooperative.

“Yu Yao?” His voice carried doubts and anxiety. “Master, didn’t you say you will go along with my methods?”


“Be obedient.”


Right now, it’s your disciple’s physiology lesson. You, who is devoid of common sense, must learn it seriously!

Hence, Zhu Yao spent an entire night teaching Yu Yan what practitioner-pair was all about in the traditional sense. The basic operations could be interpreted as a radish planting game. First, you have to loosen the soil. Then, you place the radish in the soil. Adjust and find a comfortable position, then water it. When spring comes, you can then pull the radish out. The process is that easy and simple. Once taught, you will guarantee to learn!

After an entire night of hard work, her only student, Yu Yan, successfully graduated. Regarding this, the educator Zhu Yao simply wanted to say…

Never ever provoke a man who had been a virgin for tens of thousands of years.

Chapter235: Irreparable Bug

What would happen if someone who had abstained from meat for several tens of thousands of years, suddenly started eating meat?

Zhu Yao was now experiencing it personally. Seven times in a single night? That’s just a legend. Her master had only done once in a single night, but that one time lasted the entire night.

Zhu Yao finally understood what was truly called ‘you won’t die if you don’t court death’!

On the second day, she was already lying on the bed like a dead fish, and there wasn’t a single spot on her entire body that wasn’t feeling sore. She did not even have the strength to raise her hand.

Yet a certain culprit was in high spirits and filled with vigour. He continued to carry that ice-cold expression as he seriously checked her pulse.

“Your body is just feeling weak, and your mind is simply a little fatigued. It won’t pose a problem after having a good rest.” “Master…”


“Before that, can you first get down?” You clearly know my body is weak, so why are you still pressing on my body?

Yu Yan was stunned for a moment, and a seemingly undetectable hint of redness flashed past his face. With a shift of his figure, he carried his disciple into his embrace.

After a slight cough, he said.

“Yu Yao, you… fainted earlier.” That was why he inspected her pulse at that moment.

“…” They did it for an entire night, how could she not faint after that? Who could possibly plant radishes for an entire night?

Yu Yan cast an art and tapped on Zhu Yao’s forehead. She instantly felt her body relax, and the fatigue on her body was swept empty. Even those bluish and purplish bruises had disappeared without a trace.

“Feeling better now?”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao vaguely responded. She was tired to the point of being unable to open her eyes.

Yu Yan glanced at the person in his embrace. Recalling the matters last night, a blazing heat instantly surged on his face. He hurriedly turned his head away and silently chanted the Heart Purity Art. He was just practitioner-pairing. This was a very serious cultivation method. He simply displayed a responsible attitude towards his disciple’s seriousness. He was just slightly stricter towards his disciple last night… Just slightly.

He took a deep breath and suppressed those unfamiliar emotions in his heart with all his might, along with his extreme desire to wake his disciple up again. He silently circulated the spiritual energy in his body, and realized there wasn’t much difference to his cultivation after last night. Recalling for a moment, according to the description of the arts, while engaging in practitioner-pairing, they had to circulate their spiritual energy, swap their yin and yang, and merge their souls and physical bodies into one, in order to advance their cultivation.

Last night… He seemed to have… forgotten about it.

Yu Yan: “…”

Should he, wake his disciple up again, and practice it once more?

On the third day of Zhu Yao’s return, she picked up a dragon corpse at the backyard. Though it had turned exceptionally small, it still took up a large half of the grass field with its belly showing. It was lying on the ground with its four limbs raised towards the sky, looking as though he was not experiencing any love in the world.

“Hey hey hey, are you dead yet?” Zhu Yao nudged it with her stretched foot.

“Little Seventh…” That dragon pitifully twisted its head over, and slightly swung its dragon tail about. “If you’re not dead, then get up. Don’t block my way.”

“…” He felt that his dragon heart had suffered damage. With a flash of his body, he changed back into that purple-robed man. The swells on his face had finally dispersed,  and  he  no  longer had that pig face, rather, it had turned into a face with palette colours. “Little Seventh, at the very least, we still belong to the same race. How can you do this to me?”

“Who’s the same race with who?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “I’m a phoenix, while you’re a dragon. We’re not the same species, alright?” Furthermore, she was presently not a phoenix either.

His expression stiffened, and he then said aggrievedly. “We’re both of the God Race, so we should be helping each other out, right?”

If he had not brought it up, everything would have been fine. However, the moment he did, flames of anger within Zhu Yao instantly surged.

“Ao Jiang!” Zhu Yao sent a kick towards him. Ever since he turned into that azure dragon, she recognized that he was that piggish teammate who squished her to death. “Help your sister! If not because I helped you, would I have been squished to death by you?” This was simply the most troll method of death in history, with nothing else to compare to.

“Wasn’t I just a little too excited back then? It was an unintentional mistake, unintentional mistake!” His face was filled with embarrassment. “Furthermore, didn’t I help beckon your soul? You’re looking really great right now too.”

“You were the one who helped beckon my soul?” Zhu Yao was startled. She thought it was her master this entire time.

“Of course it’s me!” Ao Jiang patted on his chest with a confidently look. “Other than our God Race, who else is capable of beckoning living souls directly?”

“Living souls?” What did he mean? Wasn’t she just a ghost?

“Living souls are naturally souls that can be resurrected.” Ao Jiang explained. “If it’s just a regular soul-beckoning, even if you return to this realm, you will merely stay as a ghost, with no chance at possessing a body.” So that’s the case! She was wondering why she had suddenly returned to life, not to mention having a body. However, after pondering for a moment, she felt that something was amiss.

Soul-beckoning alone was not enough to resurrect someone after death, right? Though the God Race was powerful, they should not have such abilities. Otherwise, the God Race would not have so much trouble finding heirs. “How were you able to beckon a living soul?”

When her words fell, Ao Jiang’s  expression  instantly stiffened, and then he said while looking at her with an accusing look. “Isn’t it obviously because I lent you my dragon pearl? You haven’t returned it to me yet! With the protection of the dragon pearl, even if your physical body is obliterated, your soul will still carry life energy.”

Zhu Yao sensed for a moment, and indeed, within her Primal, there was something additional in there. “Why is it in my Primal?”

“How should I know?” Ao Jiang looked as though he wanted to cry. “When I lent you my dragon pearl to exterminate the Devil back then, you promised you would return it to me? But you directly merged it within your Primal, and my abilities were greatly weakened after the loss of the dragon pearl. Otherwise, when you were heavily injured back then, it wouldn’t have been impossible to save you.”

“Uh…” So he was saying the reason she died back then, was because she courted it herself? Back then, in order to guide out even more godly energy, she subconsciously wanted to merge with the god-soul, and so placed the dragon pearl in her Primal. It was no wonder she was able to freely use mystic arts when she was a ghost. It seemed like the dragon pearl was the reason.

“If not because I lost my dragon pearl, how could I be beaten up like this by that master of yours?” Recalling this, Ao Jiang felt sadness welling up. Thinking back on how he, a mighty dragon, was beaten by a human practitioner to the point where he had to search for his broken teeth on the ground, it was simply too shameful. “Little Seventh, are you sure you don’t want to look for another man? Your master is too violent.”

“…” Mn, he was very incredible in that aspect too. Once in a single night, one that lasted the entire night.

“Little Seventh, I’m for real here, alright? What do you think of me?” Ao Jiang winked at her, and he began to dig the corner of the wall with all his might. “I have a strong body, and my godly powers are incredible too. Living for tens of thousands of years with a single breath is not a hard feat, and I can even incubate eggs. Why don’t you…”


Before he could even finish, a heavenly lightning bolt came striking down, instantly zapping him charred black.

Yu Yan suddenly appeared five meters away, and the chilling aura from his expression suffused into the air. He walked over with slow steps, and every step he took, ice plains would form underneath his feet.

Recalling the days when he was beaten into pig heads, Ao Jiang’s legs instantly gave way, and with a plop, he knelt on the ground.

“What are you doing?” Zhu Yao took a step back.

“Hoho…” The corner of Ao Jiang’s lips twitched, and in an instant, he said with a stern look. “I feel that while in a kneeling position, your master looks exceptionally mighty!” “…” Where are your principles? “Earlier, who was the one who said he had a strong body, powerful godly powers, and was even capable of incubating eggs?”

Yu Yan had already arrived next to Zhu Yao. Hearing his disciple’s words, his eyes instantly floated towards Ao Jiang on the ground.

Ao Jiang trembled, and at that moment, his entire face was filled with cold sweat. “Hohoho… Little Seventh, you misheard. I said, I’m weak, ugly, and do not carry the slightest of merits.”

“…” Can you be even more tacky than that?

Zhu Yao sighed. Circulating her spiritual energy, she directly forced out the dragon pearl from her Primal, and passed it over. “Here, I’m returning it to you.”

Ao Jiang was startled, and in an instant, he was utterly moved. He looked at Zhu Yao with eyes that appeared as though he was looking at an angel. “Little Seventh…”

“Although you’re weak, ugly, and do not have the slightest of merits, at the very least, your judgment is correct.”


Ao Jiang said that because of the dragon pearl, she did not die thoroughly, so she was able to be resurrected using her living soul. Theoretically speaking, she was directly revived. But why did she faintly sense that something was amiss? The reason of this strange feeling was because of her cultivation level. “Master, my cultivation level seems to have fallen to the Foundation stage?” Back then, because of the dragon pearl, she had not actually noticed it. After returning it to Ao Jiang, she realized her cultivation had returned to its pre-awakening state.

Yu Yan however had a calm look, as he reached out his hand to comb the hair by the side of her ear. “Your cultivation level was at the Foundation stage in the first place.”

“Hah?” What did he mean?

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, and then,  she immediately materialized a water mirror. What she saw was the face she had used for twenty odd years in the modern era. “How did this happen?” Shouldn’t she be that tree demon after her resurrection? How did it turn out like this?

“The damage to your former body was too severe. Even if your soul returns, it’s not possible to resurrect you.” Yu Yan explained. “So I had you return to your initial body.”

“Initial body?” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded, and then, she suddenly widened her eyes. “You’re saying, this is my initial body?”

Yu Yan nodded. “This is the appearance you had when your master first met you.”

It really was the original package she brought from the modern era! Then…

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Master… Can you tell me why my body is in your hands?”

Yu Yan expression changed, and then he replied while shifting his gaze. “When you were killed by the demonic fox back then, your master realized that the personal succeeding imprint did not disappear, so… I had been preserving it.” “…” Preserving? Her avatar!? Master, tell me honestly. Just how deep is your love for your disciple?

Back then, he had thought that she would awaken once more. Who would have known that she would walk on the irreversible path of courting flowery deaths?

“Then I realized. Though your soul wasn’t present, this body of yours was actually capable of restoring itself on its own.” Yu Yan said with a stern look. “Then, when that dragon was beckoning your soul, your master decided to directly attach your living soul to it.”

Zhu Yao touched her chest. Complete and flawless, without the slightest of scars. The reason why her body was able to restore itself automatically was probably due to Realmspirit’s doing. Could it be that this was the return package he spoke of?

-_-||| Using recycled goods?

Speaking of soul-beckoning, Zhu Yao suddenly recalled that Ghost King in the Underworld. That miasma bug was evidently the target of her mission this time. Though she did not know if there was a scenario behind it this time, the danger of that bug was something she personally witnessed.

She tightly clenched her fists, and took a deep breath.

“Master, I want to return to the Underworld.”

Yu Yan stiffened for a moment. Turning to look at her, his brows deeply furrowed.

After a while, he said in a sunken voice. “Yu Yao…  Your master can’t always make it in time.” He couldn’t always make it in time to save her.

Zhu Yao felt a tinge of guilt in her heart. Taking a step forward, he hugged onto the slightly chilly figure. After a moment of silence, she slowly said. “Master… I  saw  little wimp.”


Who was little wimp? In Yu Yan’s memories, there was only one. Someone else’s disciple. And the creature he hated the most, was someone else’s disciple! Furthermore, this creature was even the knot in his disciple’s heart. What’s even more infuriating was, just what rights did he have to make his disciple, whom he had raised with all his efforts (several times), save him at all costs? Even when she was finally resurrected, she still wanted to lose her life again to save him.

Not happy! He expressed that he was really unhappy.

In an instant, he really wanted to return to the cultivation world, pull out Zi Mo, lecture him and question him just how in the world did he raise his disciple.

“Master, I’m not going back dead.” Zhu Yao looked at him helplessly. That natural cold air conditioning had been emitting out for the entire day, if this continued, even winter would probably arrive in advance. “The formation you two used to beckon my soul is still here. We can directly reverse that formation, and I can then be directly sent back. I don’t have to die again.” And she could even bring along her body this time.

“Your master shall accompany you.” Yu Yan said in a sunken voice. “Ah?” Zhu Yao was startled. “But…” Would it overload with an additional personnel?

Yu Yan however did not reply as he instantly pulled Zhu Yao into the center of the formation and activated the formation. In an instant, the formation shone with a red light, enveloping the two people within. Countless runic symbols danced in the surroundings. A moment later, they stopped, and began to revolve in the opposite direction. Furthermore, that red light slowly turned white.

The scenery changed before her eyes, and they had arrived in another realm. A silvery white river appeared in front of them.

She had returned!

Zhu Yao was a little dazed. Initially, she had thought that reversing that soul-beckoning formation would take quite some time, yet her master completed it in an instant. Was this the gap between master and disciple?

“Where?” That someone else’s disciple. Though his tone sounded the same as usual, Zhu Yao faintly sensed a hint of anger within it.

The banks of River of Forgetfulness were quiet and serene, with not a single ghost to be seen. Though, there was still remains of the traces of battle on-site. Zhu Yao guessed that little wimp should have already returned to Spiritual Realm. That Ghost King had already been sealed, and it wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon.

She scanned her surroundings, and realized there were strands of miasma scattered about above the riverbanks. After a careful look, she saw a string of the words ‘bug’, which should have been left behind by that Ghost King. Zhu Yao wanted to move closer to inspect it, but was held back by Yu Yan behind her.

“Don’t move.” Yu Yan’s expression sank, his brows furrowed. With a stern appearance, he looked at the scattered miasma. “If my guess is right, that’s resentment!”

“Resentment?” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. This was a term which she often heard of.  Usually,  only  ghosts  who carried resentment would carry  spiritual  consciousnesses  of their former lives. She had always thought that the so-called resentment was referring to a form of obsession which humans possessed, and was nothing more but a term describing it. She never expected that it actually had substance too.

“Resentment is birthed from a human’s  hatred, unwillingness, vengeful thoughts, and various other emotions.” Yu Yan explained. “They are formless and shapeless, yet at the same time, they are undying and irremovable. The moment one is stained by it, that person will be controlled by various emotions and can no longer escape from its grasp.”

Zhu Yao was startled. “Is there no way to exterminate it?”

Yu Yan shook his head. “I have only seen descriptions of it through the various records and legends, it’s my first time seeing its substantial form. If not from seeing it calmly floating above the River of Forgetfulness, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize it either.”

The water of the River of Forgetfulness was even capable of cleansing away all memories of a ghost’s past life, yet this miasma was not even the least bit affected. Thinking about it carefully, it could only be resentment itself. Zhu Yao was put in a slightly difficult position now. It seemed like this resentment was an aggregation of all negative emotions. The water of the River of Forgetfulness was ineffective, and lightning could only disperse it for a short moment, this resentment was a little too heaven-bending, wasn’t it!?

Just how was she going to fix this bug?

Chapter236: Friendship That Transcends The Barrier Of Species

Zhu Yao returned to ask the ghost officer Ning Yun, and as expected, little wimp had returned to Spiritual  Realm. Naturally, he brought away that sealed Ghost King as well. She could not help but feel a little worried. If the bugs she saw were truly the manifestations of resentment, then she was really uncertain how long that soul-beckoning seal could last. She had to meet up with little wimp as soon as possible. But…

“Just where is that damn Spiritual Realm?” She only knew that one could enter Spiritual Realm after attaining a material body, but just how was a ghost supposed to get there? She was presently a human, so it was uncertain if she could even enter it too.

Though Ning Yun standing at the side was stunned for a moment, before pointing upwards. “Spiritual Realm is naturally in the sky.”

“Ah?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she raised her head to look at the auroras in the sky. “The sky you speak of, can’t be referring to what’s above us, right?” “That’s right!” Ning Yun nodded in affirmation.

Wasn’t this a little too easy? After all, they were two different worlds, was there even a meaning behind them being this close? It’s no wonder little wimp returned to Spiritual Realm without leaving behind a message for her. Spiritual Realm was just next door.

Yu Yan frowned. What that ghost said was not false, as he had just released his divine sense and had indeed sensed that there was a frail barrier up above the sky. Thus, he immediately held onto his disciple, rose into the air and flew towards the horizon.

They stopped in mid-air. Zhu Yao raised her head to look at the broad and boundless sky in front of them, and was a little puzzled why they had stopped.

“This is the place.” Yu Yan hinted that the border between the two worlds was just right above their heads.

Zhu Yao curiously reached out her hand, and simply saw that what seemed to be a boundless sky earlier, began to produce ripples similar to a water surface, spreading to its surroundings. Her fingertips even felt a tinge of icy chill. This is water?

Why is there water in the sky? And it’s even upside down.

“I believe after crossing it, we will arrive in that so-called Spiritual Realm.” Yu Yan said with a stern look.

Zhu Yao: “…” At the very least, it was still a World Crossing Door, so how could it be randomly hanged in the sky? She felt that it was kind of unreliable.

“Let’s go.” Yu Yan said.


“Don’t be afraid.” Yu Yan reached out his hand to stroke her head. “Your master is here.”

“…” Fine then!

For precaution sake, Yu Yan imbued the two of them with a layer of defensive barrier, before flying directly upwards.

Zhu Yao felt that something had flashed past in their surroundings, and her body seemed to be dragged by something, unconsciously pulling her forward. Things similar to streaks of flowing lights were in her surroundings, and she was flying backwards at high speeds. In a blink of an eye, the scenery in front of her changed, and the spiritual energy in the air suddenly turned richer, giving her entire body a comfortable feeling. A large, lush green field appeared above their heads, and there were even various celestial mountains floating upside down.

Before Zhu Yao could even comprehend why the mountains were upside down, she suddenly felt her head feeling heavy while her legs had turned light, as she charged towards the green field.

No wait, she was falling onto the green field!

The mountains were not upside down, she was!

“Master!” Zhu Yao flustered as she shouted out, however, it could not stop her from continuing her fall. She habitually wanted to fly up with her flying sword, only to recall that she basically did not have a transportation artifact on her at all. After that, she wanted to cast a wind type mystic art, but it was already too late…

Boom. Her head was planted into the dirt, and her face was even facing the ground.

A certain master who descended a step later: “…”

Haah. No matter what he did, he couldn’t stop his disciple’s death courting footsteps. What to do?

Yu Yan sighed. Casting an art with his hands, he materialized a strand of divine energy and pulled out his disciple who was covered in dirt. Fortunately, he had placed a defensive barrier on her, allowing her to be unscathed. Mn, other than… being a little dirty.

Zhu Yao spat out a mouthful of mud and  dirt.  “Puuf, master…” Can you stop trolling your disciple? What happened to the promised ‘Your master is here’? You liar! Yu Yan cast a Dirt Removal Art on her with a calm look, instantly reverting her into a clean stupid disciple. Then, he said with a serious and stern look. “Don’t stray too far  from me.”

Clearly you were the one who had his teleportation delayed alright?

He looked at her messy hair.

Yu Yan frowned. He could not help but pull down her hairband. “Sit down here.” Taking a few steps back, a wooden comb suddenly appeared in his hands. He waved her over, and looked as though he wanted to take care of her hair.

“…” Why does master carry a comb with him at all times?
Your living skill toolbox is a little too complete, isn’t it?

As an expert at life, his technique was truly refined. Her hair which was like a bird’s nest earlier, under his master’s nimble hands, reverted to a bun in just a few moments. Zhu Yao shook about for a moment, it seemed to be rather firm too. Yu Yan sized her up for a moment, and as though he was finally satisfied, he slowly said. “Done!”

Zhu Yao stood up. Raising her head, she saw a familiar blue sky above her head, and though there wasn’t a single irregularity, she knew that on the other side of the sky was the Underworld. “Master, what do you think about this Spiritual Realm?”

Theoretically speaking, the separation between the Three Thousand Worlds were very distinct, and breaking through these barriers were very difficult. For example, when ascending to Divine Realm from the mortal realm, one had to experience countless tribulations before they could reach Divine Realm through the Light of Guidance passageway. Not to mention, as a Black Tortoise of the God Race back then, she even had to expend an entire world’s worth of godly energy, along with the cost of her life, to forcefully open the World Crossing Door.

However, the way to cross into Spiritual Realm from the Underworld was too easy. Other than experiencing a slight delay, it was basically similar to going on a vacation, where one just had to take a car ride to reach his destination.

“Your master does not  know  either.” Yu  Yan  sighed. “I speculate that the connection between this world and the Underworld is extremely intimate, where the two worlds rely on each other. Most probably, they are a single entity in the first place.”

A single entity? But clearly the two worlds are completely different though?

“But.” Yu Yan’s tone changed. “The spiritual energy in this realm is extremely rich, and though scattered in all directions, there is hardly any difference in density to speak of.” Compared to the Underworld, which did not have a single strand of spiritual energy at all.

Rich spiritual energy, did that not mean that one could progress through their cultivation quickly as well? She wondered just what was little wimp’s cultivation level. She seemed to have forgotten to ask him about it back then as well.

Though they had already arrived in Spiritual Realm, finding a person in this vast world was truly not easy. After discussing for a moment, the two decided to first head to the nearest practitioner’s town to make inquiries. The grass plains they were in were extremely vast, but fortunately, there was a practitioner’s town just a few dozen kilometers away. Yu Yan simply released and swept his divine sense around, and instantly found its relative position. Then, he brought his disciple and flew directly over.

That town was not huge, and was different compared to the practitioner’s towns which Zhu Yao had encountered before. There wasn’t a single concealment formation established in this place, as though they were not worried that mortals would mistakenly enter at all. Though, the sky above the practitioner’s town was really lively, with practitioners flying here and there all around, and they even brought along various spiritual beasts next to them.

Zhu Yao felt a little curious. Practitioners raising spiritual beasts was very common, but it was rare to see practitioners bringing them outside so openly. After all, most demonic beasts did not carry spiritual consciousnesses, and practitioners were generally afraid of inciting unnecessary conflicts. But it seemed that the people here had already gotten used to such a sight. Towards these spiritual beasts next to the practitioners, most of them would not even bat a glance. Furthermore, most of the demonic beasts were obediently staying next to their owners, and there did not seem to be any conflicts arising at all. Most of the practitioners on the streets seemed to be selling non- imprinted demonic beast eggs too. It seemed like demonic beasts were trending in Spiritual Realm, huh.

Zhu Yao went around to inquire information about little wimp. Strangely, the moment she spoke of the two  words ‘Wang Xuzhi’, the eyes those practitioners looked at her with were really weird.

She faintly sensed that something was amiss, but after asking several more people, she still did not obtain any results.

“Are you certain that the person is surnamed Wang, and his name is Xuzhi?” A practitioner selling talisman papers repeated to confirm her question.

“Yes, have you seen him?” Zhu Yao’s eyes brightened.

He sized her up with a glance, and then, with probing intentions, questioned. “You can’t be talking about that person from Ancient Azure Sect, right?”

“Ancient Azure Sect?” The Spiritual Realm sect which little wimp was in? “I’m not exactly certain.” “I wonder… what are you to him?” That practitioner asked.

“My s…” She was just about to say ‘son’, but after pondering for a moment, she corrected herself. “He’s my little brother.”

The moment that practitioner heard this, he was suddenly enraged. He scornfully waved her away and said. “Shoo shoo shoo, a mere Foundation dolly actually dares to make fun of this old man. Leave, don’t interrupt my business.”

“…” Why did he suddenly have a mood swing?

Zhu Yao pouted, and had no choice but to turn around and leave. Though, she did receive some useful information. No matter the case, let’s first head over to that Ancient Azure Sect and take a look there.

Information about Ancient Azure Sect was rather easy to inquire about. Just by asking a random person, she was able to find out its relative location.

She no longer dilly-dallied and immediately located her master. Then, she told him the strange things that happened earlier, and was faintly a little worried. Could that little wimp Wang Xuzhi have offended someone in Spiritual Realm?

“Furthermore, I can’t see through the cultivation levels of those practitioners. They are most likely above the Foundation stage.” She was beginning to worry about little wimp even more.

“No.” Yu Yan suddenly refuted.

“Ah?” What’s no?

He shook his head, and sternly said. “Yu Yao, the crowd of practitioners in that town, all possess cultivation levels above the Nascent Soul stage.”

“Ah? Ah!?”

Zhu Yao instantly widened her eyes. She couldn’t have misheard, right? Nascent Soul? The hell, just which  Nascent Soul practitioner would set up stalls, and sell talisman papers and spiritual beasts? Her outlook of the world had received an unprecedented blow. “With how rich the spiritual energy is in this realm, it’s normal for cultivation to progress quickly.”

But that’s a little too quick, isn’t it!?

“Furthermore…” Yu Yan continued. “I sensed a practitioner with a cultivation level above the Demigod stage residing in the town.”

“Above a Demigod?” Zhu Yao was startled. “An Earth Deity?”

“It shouldn’t be!” Yu Yan frowned. “Without a divine body, his abilities are most likely incomparable to an Earth Deity. However, he is indeed above a Demigod.”

“Then why hasn’t he ascended yet?” Wasn’t it said that after the Demigod stage, one had to ascend?

“This is also a problem which your master is unclear of.” Theoretically speaking, that was indeed the case.  However, after inspecting with his divine sense, that person indeed did not carry traces of having faced any tribulation, in other words, he couldn’t have his body remodelled into a divine physique by the Light of Guidance. “It seems like the Heavenly Dao has allowed existences with cultivation levels above the Demigod stage to reside in this world.”

“…” This Heavenly Dao is a little too easy-going, isn’t it? Putting aside the heaven-bending bug, did mortals have to be this heaven-bending as well? In this world, where Demigods could be found anywhere and Nascent Soul practitioners numbered more than dogs, how the hell was she, a mere Foundation practitioner, going to survive here!?

Was it too late to regret now?

After finding out the laws of this world towards a practitioner’s cultivation level was especially lenient, her master said that he would release the suppression of his own cultivation level. Naturally, Zhu Yao raised both of her hands in approval. He was a High Deity in the first place, and in order to prevent bringing down the Light of Guidance, he had been suppressing his cultivation level to the Demigod stage. In the world they were in now, it was evident that the upper limit of a practitioner’s cultivation level was extremely lenient. Thus, he no longer had the slightest of worry.

With a higher level teammate, Zhu Yao’s chances at victory in battles would be higher. After finding a quiet place and setting down a few formations, Zhu Yao sat at the side and watched her master slowly release the suppression.

In order to prevent himself from releasing over the limit and end up ascending instead, Yu Yan raised his cultivation level a step at a time. First, he raised up to the Profound Deity level. Then, the Gold Deity level. And then, he raised it to the Ink Deity level before stopping. He explained. “I faintly sense the loosening of the Heavenly Dao. I’m afraid that if I raise it any more than this, I will bring down the Ascension Lightning Tribulation.”

It seemed like the limit of this world was the cultivation level of an Ink Deity.

“Let’s go to Ancient Azure Sect.” Yu Yan stood up.

“Alright.” Zhu Yao nodded. Walking over, she sized up her master whose body was emitting out an even purer aura than before. With a wave of his hand, he summoned his  divine sword, and when he turned around, his ink-black hair swept passed Zhu Yao’s face. A strange feeling instantly rose in the depths of her heart. “Master, why I do feel that… you have gotten a little shorter?” Yu Yan turned to glance at her, and then reached out his hand to stroke her head. “Don’t be nonsensical.”

“…” Was it just her imagination? But her master was a head taller than her, so his hair clearly shouldn’t be able to touch her.

Yu Yan instantly rose into the air on his sword, and then flew in Ancient Azure Sect’s direction.

Zhu Yao however kept feeling that something was amiss. The sky was already beginning to darken, as the sun was slowly setting in the west.

Yu Yan’s sword flying speed however suddenly slowed, while the huge figure in front of her was shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eyes.

“Master!” Zhu Yao exclaimed, as she pulled onto the person in front of her.

His figure shook. Like a punctured balloon, the sword shook about. Sometimes it would go up high, while sometimes it would go down low. “Master, what happened?” Don’t scare me, hey.

The sword shook for a few moments, and then it lost control and fell downwards. She had no choice but to take over in mid- air, and was able to barely land safely on the ground. She tensely hugged onto the person in front, and what she was holding onto with her hands was… a child of about five years old in age. This was… her master?

This was not logical!

Why did he suddenly turn into a child, hey!?

“Master, master!!!” Zhu Yao’s heart clenched in an instant, as she worriedly called out a few times.

Responding to her was a set of light and gentle breathing sounds.

Zhu Yao: “…”

She cupped his wrist, found out that his pulse was normal and his breathing was stable. Other than turning small, there wasn’t anything irregular about his body.

He was just purely… sleeping!

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Was this the after-effects of releasing his cultivation suppression? It seemed like he couldn’t be woken up for quite a while.

Presently, she had no choice but to head towards Ancient Azure Sect for now. Heaving a deep sigh of relief, she resigned to her fate and carried her miniature master.

Just as she was about to continue forward.

Suddenly, ┗|`O′|┛ Ouu~~, a black figure leapt out of the forest. A gigantic demonic beast suddenly blocked her path.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and at that moment, she suddenly felt like cussing at its mom. Did it had to be so coincidental? She was just a Foundation trash, hey! Wait a minute! Calm down! Thinking about it, ever since she became a dragon, a large half of the demonic beasts carried feelings of friendship towards her that transcended the barrier of species. It might be the same for this one too?

Zhu Yao felt slightly relieved from the depths of her heart, as she sternly stared at this demonic beast. We’re friends, right? Right, right?

That demonic beast walked forward a step at a time, and then…

Ahmu. It swallowed both master and disciple in an instant!


What happened to the promised friendship that transcended the barrier of species!? -Faints!-

Chapter237: Beast With Pitifully Low Intelligence

Zhu Yao encountered a beast. Then… she was eaten.

Though she was merely a Foundation trash, she had after all cultivated for so many years, so her basic reflexes were still present. That was why she buffed herself with a defensive barrier at that very instant, and with a wave of her hand, she was planning to cast an ice type mystical art to retaliate.

That demonic beast however suddenly loosened its mouth, and stared at her with widened curious eyes. It even blinked several times. It then approached her, and sniffed.

In an instant, as though it was frightened, it leapt a huge step back. It gave her another glance, and then opened its mouth wide…


Huaaaa~ It puked. “…”

Just how terrible did she taste that it had to puke in such a manner?

“Hey hey hey!” Zhu Yao shouted with a darkened expression.

That demonic beast was given a fright, and all its fur were standing straight on ends like a hedgehog. It looked as though it wanted to retreat, but because of a misstep, its feet slipped and had almost fallen on the ground. In a fluster, it leapt a few meters back.

Yo, it sure was cowardly. It seemed like it was a beast whelp.

The tension in the depths of her heart was instantly swept away completely.

Recalling before, it seemed like she was able to understand the demonic beast language in the past, and she wondered if this skill was still present. She then took a step forward. “Umm, little beastie, can you tell me where’s Ancient Azure Sect?” That demonic beast did not reply. It simply stared at her nervously. Then, it shifted its paws, and decisively took a step back.

Was she that scary?

“Is Ancient Azure Sect close by?” She took another step forward.

The demonic beast moved two steps back.

“How big is this forest?” She continued to take another step.

It took another three steps back.

“Do you have to be that frightened of me?”

Another four steps back.

“Stop retreating!” Five steps…

“Behind you, there’s…”


A scream pierced through the skies!

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she finished what she was about to say before. “A hole.”

Where’s your intelligence as a demonic beast?

Sighing, Zhu Yao directly walked over.

That hole was very deep, and there were even formation ripples in the surroundings. It was most likely a trap which practitioners especially set down to capture demonic beasts.

That demonic beast with pitifully low intelligence was currently desperately struggling within. From the fear he had in the beginning, it slowly turned into anger and rage. At one moment, it was desperately digging into the walls, while on other moments, it would crash into the surrounding formations with all its might. However, it was simply unable to leave that hole, and its claws were mainly deflected by the formation, leaving several scars on its body.

If this continued, it would torture itself to death.

“Hey!” Zhu Yao could not help but call out.

The demonic beast was startled. It suddenly raised its head, and when it saw that it was her, it instantly quietened down as though it’s ‘pause’ button was pressed. Its body trembled, and it no longer dared to dig the walls and collide with the formation. It began to weakly shrink in the corner of the walls, as though it wanted to conceal itself. Yet, all its rubbing merely caused dirt and soil to slide down the walls.

Finally, when it realized there was nowhere it could hide in, it curled itself into a ball and began to let out soft, sniffling sounds. Its gigantic body continued to tremble.

“Uh…” Was it crying? Owuu… owuu…

Its voice grew louder. That pair of large, pitch-black eyes released a huge amount of water, drenching its beautiful looking white fur.

“Stop crying!”


“The hell you’re crying for? I’m the one who was almost eaten by you, right?”


“Furthermore, you fell down on your own, right.”


It began to cry even sadder than before, and in the end, it was actually rolling about in the depths of the hole. Yo, it’s even gasping for air now. Zhu Yao’s face darkened.
Haah, forget it, it’s only a beast.

Zhu Yao glanced at the surroundings. Then, she cast a wind type mystic art, swirling up the fallen log at the side and dragging it into the hole, perfectly pressing onto the formation core in the depths of the hole. With a flash of white light, that formation instantly lost its effects.

“Stop ou-ing, come up!”

That furball blanked for a moment, and then a moment later, tilting its head, it looked at the log which had turned into a bridge. It then glanced at the formation which had lost its effects. Its pair of eyes brightened as it happily leapt up. Its front paws stepped on the log, and it climbed out with just two trots. It then happily bustled about on the ground.

Raising its head, it glanced at her, before it turned about and ran deep into the forest. In an instant, it disappeared from sight.

Great. This ungrateful little beastie bitch. It seemed like she shouldn’t hope for it to lead the way. She raised her head and looked at the night sky. Zhu Yao had no choice but to carry her miniature master and head into the depths of the forest. From the information she received from the town, Ancient Azure Sect should not be too far away now.

Walking in the forest on foot was different from flying on a sword. The things she had to look out for in the surroundings were many, and it was very easy for her to lose her sense of direction. She really wanted to fly, but unfortunately, she did not have a transportation artifact! But, as long as it’s a deity sect, it should be located above a spiritual pulse. There should be nothing wrong with walking towards the place with rich amount of spiritual energy.

After walking for about two hours, she finally saw what looked like a mountain gate.

On a gigantic stone wall, the two words ‘Ancient Azure’ was written. Next to the stone wall however, was a vast ocean.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief, as she immediately walked towards the ocean. The moment she went past the stone wall, the scenery in front of her twisted. The ocean suddenly disappeared, and what materialized was a range celestial mountains and blessed lands. Gigantic mountains floated in the sky, the place was filled with vibrant lights, and auspicious clouds filled the sky.

“May I ask what matters this Daoist has come to Ancient Azure Sect for?” A male voice rang from the left. A man dressed in a light robe walked out from the teleportation formation, and his face carried a courteous smile.

Zhu Yao guessed that he should be a disciple of the sect who was in charge of guarding the mountain gate, though she was still unable to see through his level of cultivation. It seemed like his cultivation level was above hers as well.

“Fellow Daoist.” Because she was carrying a person on her back, she could only give a courteous nod. “This one is named Zhu Yao, and I’m here in your esteemed sect to look for an old acquaintance.”

That man said with the same courteous tone. “May I ask who fellow Daoist is looking for?”

“He’s surnamed Wang, and his name is Xuzhi. I wonder if he’s presently in the sect?” The man was startled for a moment, and an estranged look flashed past his face. He sized her up for a  moment,  and  his brows sank into a frown. His expression no longer carried the courtesy it had before, and he said with a hint of anger. “I have seen many women like you, it’s no use. Leave! If  you  wish  to enter our Ancient Azure Sect, you must first have the aptitude to do so?”

“Eh?” What did he mean?

However, as he waved his hands irritatingly, he continued. “Leave, hurry and leave.”

“Fellow Daoist, I don’t wish to enter Ancient Azure…”

“Scram, scram!” He waved his hands with an irritated look. “If you don’t leave now, then don’t blame me for being discourteous.” As he said that, he really reached out his hands and pushed her outside.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to explain, a furious roar suddenly resounded from behind them. With a swoosh, a white figure cut between them, and in an instant, the gate guardian disciple was pushed onto the ground by a paw. It furiously bared its teeth at him.

It was that cowardly little demonic beast earlier. Why was it here?

“Heavenly Honourable Bai Yuan.” That disciple suddenly exclaimed. He looked at the ferocious beast, and then turned to glance at Zhu Yao. In an instant, he had a look of sudden realization, as he hurriedly crawled up and bowed towards that demonic beast. “This disciple was blind, and did not recognize that this lady was Heavenly Honourable’s esteemed guest. I seek Heavenly Honourable’s forgiveness!”

That demonic beast blew a blast of hot air at him, as though he was extremely furious. It turned around, not batting him another eye. However, the disciple was still throwing out apologies one after another.

What was this situation? Could it be that this stupid beast was raised by Ancient Azure Sect? Furthermore, it seemed like it had a rather high status, to the point where even human practitioner disciples did not dare to offend it? Zhu Yao curiously sized the beast up, and that beast trembled from her stares. Earlier, it was filled with a tyrannical aura when it was bullying other people, but when given stares by her, it instantly shrank back. It timidly glanced at  her,  as though it was somehow frightened by her. With a thud, it once again ran off, disappearing from sight.

Zhu Yao: “…” Just how afraid of her was it?

“This esteemed guest, I was unaware of your identity earlier and had ended up offending you. I hope you will forgive this lowly one.” The disciple instantly changed out of his furious temper earlier, and was now passionately welcoming her. “Esteemed guest, please follow me to Main Peak.”

Zhu Yao nodded, as she followed him into the teleportation formation. The formation light flashed, and she had already arrived at the front of the towering main hall.

“Where’s Wang Xuzhi?” She had thought that he would immediately bring her to where little wimp was, but she never expected that the gate guardian disciple would courteously guide her to a seat in the hall. That disciple explained. “Unfortunately, our Sect Master is presently in closed-door training, and it’s inconvenient for him to receive you. The sect affairs are presently being temporarily managed by our Grand Elder. Esteemed guest, please wait for a short moment, this lowly one shall inform Elder of  your arrival.”

After saying that, he left the hall, most probably heading off to inform that Elder. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. If Wang Xuzhi was really a disciple of Ancient Azure Sect, and she wanted to look for him, greeting the manager was indeed very necessary.

Then she should just wait patiently!

Her master had yet to awaken, and it wasn’t a good idea to carry him on her back the entire time. Thus, she pulled two chairs together and placed him on the chairs, allowing him to lie down comfortably.

Only then did she begin to inspect this great hall. The longer she looked at it, the more familiar it felt.

No matter was it the shapes of the chairs, the looks of the tables, the curtains hanging within the hall and even that person coming in through the door was…

“Junior-martial nephew Zi Mo!” Zhu Yao exclaimed.

When her words fell, the person, who had just stepped into the hall, slipped, and had almost planted his head onto the ground.

“Little… Little martial aunt!” Zi Mo looked at her with widened eyes. “You’re still alive… No, you’re already dead?”

“…” Why did these words sound so strange?

“Why are you here?” He had a face of utter disbelief.

“Not just me, my master is here as well.” She pointed to the person sleeping on the chairs.

“What? Ancestral-martial uncle is dead as well?” “Uh…” Was there a need to curse people to death straight after seeing each other?

Zhu Yao really did not expect that she would encounter someone familiar again. Furthermore, it was even the former Ancient Hill Sect Master Zi Mo.

Similarly, after he fell, he went to the Underworld, awakened his spiritual consciousness, achieved a spiritual body and made his way to Spiritual Realm. Then, he joined this Ancient Azure Sect and cultivated a step at a time. Finally, he managed to take up his old job as a Sect Master. Until a hundred years ago, when he passed on this responsibility to his disciple and took the back seat.

Furthermore, his disciple was none other than little wimp Wang. Wang Xuzhi was presently the Sect Master of Ancient Azure Sect, and it was thus no wonder everyone would look at her with such eyes when she brought up his name. He was actually a Sect Master. Most probably, they had all treated her as someone wanting to hug his thighs, right?

“Where’s little wimp?” Zhu Yao asked. Zi Mo’s expression sank, and only a moment later did he speak up. “When he returned from the Underworld back then, he unknowingly carried severe injuries. Presently, he’s in isolation, tending to his injuries.”

“He’s injured?” Zhu Yao’s heart clenched, and after recalling for a moment. “That’s not right. Back then, his injuries were not serious. So why did he need to go into isolation?”

“Little martial aunt, you’re aware of why he’s injured?”

Zhu Yao recounted to him the incident in the Underworld, and then brought up the matters about resentment.

“But back then, when he returned, his injuries were indeed of great severity.” Zi Mo said with a heavy expression. “Most of his meridians were damaged, and I had many times wanted to treat his injuries in his stead, but none of my treatments were effective. They were basically irreparable.”

“How is that possible?” Her meridians had shattered into smithereens several times, but she would always still be able to fix them up. Could it be that her meridians could be recycled, while little wimp’s had a one-time characteristic? Wait a minute, the thing that injured little wimp back then seemed to be that Ghost King.

Could it be…

“Where did little wimp place the talisman that had the Ghost King sealed in it?”

“Talisman?” Zi Mo was startled, his face was filled with confusion. “What talisman?”

The hell! As she had thought, he had yet to deal with it.

She instantly grabbed onto his collar. “Bring me to him, now, immediately!”

Zi Mo understood that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. Without the slightest of hesitation, he turned around, and just as he was about to lead her out of the hall.

The earth suddenly shook. Sharp ghostly cries reverberated one after another. At the front-right of the mountain peak, a pillar of black miasma rose into the sky, piercing straight through the skyline. The black miasma slowly gathered together, and a gigantic savage human figure was formed in an instant.

“Xuzhi!” Zi Mo exclaimed. Summoning his flying sword, he flew in the direction of the miasma.

“The hell, wait for me!” She did not have a transportation artifact, hey!

Just as she was chase after him, something tugged her waistline, and when she turned around, she collided into a chest that carried a chilling aura. “Master! You’re awake!” Even his height had returned to normal.

“Mn.” Yu Yan responded. Hugging onto his disciple, he flew towards Zi Mo’s direction.

In a flash, they had already arrived at the entrance of a cave residence. That place was exactly below that Ghost King. Strands of miasma were floating about within the residence. Compared to those in the sky, the miasma was a little thin here. However, the ‘bug’ words could still be seen very clearly. These were the resentment left behind by that Ghost King.

Zhu Yao walked in, and sitting within the building was little wimp. He seemed to have suffered grave injuries as he was puking out a mouthful of blood. Some black wisps of air were even encircling his body. His face was pale to the extent where not a single strand of red could be seen, and Zi Mo was presently behind him treating his injuries. However, it seemed to be ineffective.

“Little wimp!” Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. Why did it turn out like this?

Wang Xuzhi weakly raised his head. Seeing that it was her, his eyes shone, and he pulled the corners of his lips. “Big sis Zhu Yao, it’s great that you’re alright.”

“The one who’s injured is you. Just what happened?”

He did not reply. It seemed like he did not have much strength remaining.

Yu Yan however stepped forward and pulled up his hand to check his pulse. With a cold tone, he said. “Resentment has entered his body.”

“What?” Zhu Yao was stunned.

The horrifying cries outside were growing even louder. Yu Yan frowned, and instructed. “Yu Yao, seal it.”

Zhu Yao’s eyes shone, and at that moment, Yu Yan’s body had already flashed, as he flew straight towards that Resentment Ghost King in the sky.

“Little martial aunt?” Zi Mo’s face was puzzled. “What did ancestral-grand uncle mean?”

“Leave it to me!” Zhu Yao did not reply him directly, and instead sat in a lotus position behind Wang Xuzhi. The injuries on little wimp’s body was never healed the entire time, most probably due to the influence of resentment. There was basically no way to exterminate resentment, and if left as it is, little wimp’s injuries would only worsen, and small injuries would turn into heavy injuries as well. Since resentment was the embodiment of all negative emotions, then it’s rather similar to devilish energy. That was why her master reminded her that she should try the sealing arts.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and immediately sensed the presence of resentment within little wimp’s body. Circulating her spiritual energy, she gathered the resentment at a single spot, and then activated the sealing arts. In an instant, golden runic symbols flashed, which then seeped into Wang Xuzhi’s body and firmly sealed the bundle of miasma.


Chapter238: Warrior, You’re Pregnant!

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She immediately proceeded to circulate her spiritual energy and mend little wimp’s meridians. They were not severe injuries in the first place, and without the influence of resentment, he was recovering very quickly. The miasma that had been encircling around him had also gathered in the seal above his abdomen as well. It slowly condensed, and finally turned into a three-lettered word – bug.

Zhu Yao’s hands trembled, and she had almost choked.

This was illogical! Why did little wimp turn into a bug? - Faints!-

“What kind of imprint is this?” Standing on the side, Zi Mo stared at the seal that floating in front of Wang Xuzhi as he asked in a perplexed manner.

Zhu Yao was startled. “You can see it?”

Zi Mo nodded. “The mystic arts little martial aunt demonstrated is indeed extraordinary. I have never seen a formation imprint like this. I wonder what kind of runic symbol is this?”

“This isn’t a runic symbol.” Zhu Yao’s heart was in a mess. She had a faint feeling that this bug was different from the rest that she had encountered in the past. She carefully inspected little wimp. She might as well take the opportunity while he was unconscious, and immediately strip off his clothes.

“Little martial aunt, what are you doing?” Zi Mo had a fearful look.

“I’m checking if he has another similar imprint on his body.”

Zi Mo’s expression darkened even further. “Then… Then there’s no need to take off his pants, right?”

Zhu Yao’s hands paused, and then released her hands from his underpants. “…”

The hell! She had gotten used to it!

After carefully inspecting little wimp’s naked body, as expected, there was another three-lettered word ‘bug’ below his abdomen. “Hey, old man. Then are you able to see this?”

“Naturally!” Zi Mo nodded. Earlier, little martial aunt had sealed something, so Xuzhi having runic symbols on his body was very normal as well.

As expected, Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Since Zi Mo was able to see this as well, it proved that this bug was not like the ones before where only she was capable of seeing them. The reason why little wimp had these words on his body, was because of the resentment in his body! The true bug was resentment itself, and not little wimp.

Wang Xuzhi was already beginning to slowly open his eyes, and his face now carried a hint of blood redness. Big sis Zhu Yao?”

“Little wimp, how do you feel?” Zhu Yao went  forward  to hold him.

He smiled. “I’m much better now, I…” His words paused halfway through. He lowered his head and looked at his body which merely had a single pair of underpants remaining. He instantly stiffened. His entire being was dyed in red like a prawn, and his voice began to tremble. “Zhu… Zhu, zhu, zhu… Big sis Zhu…”

“I’m telling you, I didn’t do anything!” Zhu Yao leapt back, and raised her hand up to swear.

Zi Mo threw a scornful glance at her. He silently looked at her right hand, and in its grasp, was a robe designed for men.

“I can explain this.” Zhu Yao hurriedly threw it back to him.
This truly was just a mistake! Listen to my explanation!


Wang Xuzhi, however, suddenly opened his mouth and puked out a mouthful of old blood.

It can’t be. He puked out blood from anger.

Believe me, I’m not a pervert, hey. “Xuzhi!” Zi Mo frowned. Taking a step forward, he cupped Wang Xuzhi’s wrist and checked his pulse, while not forgetting to turn his head around to glare at her. Wang Xuzhi however still had a flushed red face, not caring that he was still puking out blood. He threw the robe onto himself in a fluster.

Zhu Yao: “…” Why did she feel that she was a trash of a man?
There’s something wrong with this scene!

Zi Mo carefully inspected for a short while, and his expression grew even weirder. His face was green in one moment, and purple in the next. Finally, it turned completely pale, as though he had just realized some terrifying matter. His entire body stiffened.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. “Old man, what happened to him?” Theoretically speaking, she was very focused in her treatment, so there shouldn’t be any problems with little wimp.

The corner of Zi Mo’s cheeks twitched, and he replied stiffly. “His… The flow of his pulse is smooth and refined, like a pearl rolling on a plate…”

“What does that mean?” Speak human, can you? “This is…” His face had already twisted into a blob, and he said with emphasis on every single word. “A sign of pregnancy.”


The robe in Wang Xuzhi’s hands instantly tore into two pieces.

The place was instantly filled with silence.

Zi Mo raised his head and his face was filled with a pleading look. “Little martial aunt, this…”

“I didn’t do it!” Zhu Yao said on reflex.

Zi Mo: “…”

Wang Xuzhi: “…”

“I’m saying, I didn’t get the opportunity to do anything.” “…”


“Ah pui… The child really isn’t mine!”

Zi Mo: -_-#

Wang Xuzhi: -_-|||

“No, that’s not it. I’m not going to take responsibility!”



The hell, her words were becoming messier the more she spoke, hey.

“What responsibility do you need to take?” An ice-cold male voice sounded. A certain someone who had just defeated a mob, suddenly appeared at the door.

Master, kajima…

Listen to my explanation!

Wang Xuzhi was pregnant, and the child was not hers! The child was not hers! The child was not hers! Important matters must be said thrice. A setting like this that obliterated the three views, she rejected it right from the beginning! However, from the discussion she, Zi Mo, and her master had, the three specialists confirmed the reality that Wang Xuzhi was becoming a (mother).

Now then, here’s the question. Where’s the father?

Ah pui… How did the child come about?

After the three specialists consulted among each other and carefully investigated this matter, they came up with a conclusion. The signs of pregnancy found on little wimp’s body was due to resentment. Back then when it was being sealed, the resentment accumulated in the position of abdomen, and was then sealed nearby his Dantian. The signs of pregnancy on little wimp’s body were actually ripples emitted from the sealed resentment.

If they wanted to scatter away the resentment in his body, they had to first release the seal. If they could not instantly expel the resentment, the resentment would spread throughout his entire body again. Though little wimp’s injuries had more or less recovered, he did not have the lightning spirit vein, and was basically unable to expel resentment. If her master landed a hand, his body would not be able to endure the lightning might either.

All they could do was wait till his injuries had completely recovered.

To summarize, the conclusion was: Let it be for now.

But two days later, though Wang Xuzhi’s condition was a lot better, his belly had suddenly grown big. He already had the look of a usual four to five months pregnant woman. A good young man with talents in both literature and arts, suddenly had an additional beer belly. His distressed master Zi Mo immediately invited Yu Yan and Zhu Yao over for a meeting.

Yu Yan seriously checked his pulse.

Zhu Yao stood at the side and stared straight at little wimp…’s belly. She really could not restrain her sinister hand from touching it, and strangely, there were really movements coming from inside. “Warrior, you’re about to give birth!”

“Big sis Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi’s expression darkened, as he glared at her resentfully.

Yu Yan’s eyes swept towards his disciple’s disobedient claw, and his brows furrowed. Releasing the hand he was using to check Wang Xuzhi’s pulse, he pulled back his disciple’s claw in passing.

“How is it?” Zhu Yao immediately shifted her attention, and asked. “Is it a boy? Or a girl?”

Everyone else: “…” “The resentment is simply trying to break out of the seal.” Yu Yan coldly said. “There’s no need to worry. The more it wants to break out, when we’re going to expel it in the future, it will become easier to do so.”

Looking at this, this ‘pregnant’ condition was actually a good phenomenon. Zhu Yao and Zi Mo heaved sighs of relief.

“Thank you, ancestral-grand uncle.” Zi Mo’s face was filled with smiles.

Yu Yan did not respond, and simply tightly held onto his disciple’s claw. He immediately pulled her out of the door, as though he did not want to stay for even a moment longer.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to turn her head around as they walked, and waved her hands at little wimp. “Little wimp, nurse your injuries well. I will come again tomorrow to see you… and your child!”

Eh, there seemed to be something strange with her words?

Yu Yan  directly  sealed  that  Ghost  King  above  a  floating mountain in Ancient Azure Sect, and then placed down countless formations suppressing it. Unless the entire mountain was obliterated, it was basically impossible for the Ghost King to escape. Naturally, Zhu Yao did not have any opinion on this. The main reason why she was here in Spiritual Realm was because of this Ghost King in the first place. The techniques behind her master’s formations far surpassed hers, and since he made a move, everything was naturally well and proper.

For precautions sake, she and her master was living on that mountain peak itself. One, to observe it, and two, in order to scatter the resentment after Wang Xuzhi had fully recovered.
Three was…

“Within a month, you must form your Azoth Core.” Yu Yan said with a stern look.

“Ah?” Zhu Yao felt like crying. “Great King, please let me go.” After every reincarnation, she had to always start cultivating again from the beginning, it was really wounding her heart, you know? Though she was a good student with good academic performance, she had only gone through the college entrance examinations once, alright?

“Begin closed-door training right now!” “Master…” Kajima.

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan stroked her head. After pondering for a moment, he grabbed onto her hands interlocked his fingers with hers. “You’re currently merely at the Foundation stage, if you don’t hurry and raise your cultivation, how are you going to follow me back to Divine Realm?”

But she was truly frustrated with cultivation. Just how many times had she gone back and forth with her cultivation already?

Yu Yan bent down and hugged her in his embrace. With a sunken voice, he said. “Zhu… Yao, you always have your own intentions, so your master has never stopped you from doing anything. But you can’t let your master wait forever.”

His voice was calm, just like any other day, and it carried a hint of chilling intent as always. However, Zhu Yao faintly sensed a piercing pain in the depths of her heart. After a long while, she replied. “Alright.”

“Master!” “Mn?”

“In the future, can you always call me Zhu Yao?”

“Yu Wang is pretty good.” He said with a serious expression.

“Your sister!”

Zhu Yao felt that the ‘Ghost King Peak’ was a little strange recently. Every time she woke up from her trance state, she would always see some foreign objects above her windowsill. In the beginning, they were just a few stalks of fresh flowers, and they were placed on her windowsill with dirt and soil still on them.

She had thought that it was her master who sent them, and was even excited for the first half of the day. Her master had actually begun to understand romance. However, when she brought the potted plant-like flowers to a certain master for confirmation, he sternly denied it.

“Flowers? One, they cannot be added into medicine, and two, they cannot be used to refine pellets. Even the most regular of insects have some practical use. Where’s the need for such weeds?”

Zhu Yao who liked weeds: “…”

She, who believed that her master had understood romance, was truly stupid.

But if it wasn’t her master, who could it be? She did not know that many people in Ancient Azure Sect either. It was impossible for Zi Mo to send it, and Wang Xuzhi was… taking care of his pregnancy. It couldn’t be that she had sleepwalked and picked them up on her own, right?

Unable to think of anyone, Zhu Yao decided to throw away these thoughts and continue with her cultivation. However, the number of objects on her windowsill in the following days grew. Not to mention, they were no longer restricted to flowers. Slowly, various spiritual herbs and spiritual medicine appeared. Furthermore, there were even spiritual beast… meats!

Waking up in the morning, she saw a huge pile of fresh, bloody spiritual beast meat hanging outside the window. As the wind blew, blood even dripped down from them, making pitter patter sounds.

Were these gifts, or new year celebratory goods, hey?

Zhu Yao began to grow suspicious and curious of this item gifting weirdo. After cussing out loud a few times, she silently threw away all of these spiritual beast meats. Later on, she left a strand of divine sense behind to take notice of the activities outside the window while she was in a trance state. However, she was never able to see even the shadow of the person who sent those items.

Though, outside the window, that bloody scene from last time no longer appeared again. The items became even more creative, and was even developing in the direction of practical usage. For example, hairpins, bracelets, jade ornaments and other little accessories for women. Furthermore, every single one of them was an artifact, either for defense or storage purposes.

Zhu Yao, who presently had zero assets, unceremoniously accepted them. Then, she calmly continued to cultivate. If only a transportation artifact could be sent next. Though, there was one person who could no longer keep his calm.

Yu Yan stared at his disciple’s windowsill. A newly appeared handkerchief. He was a little speechless. His expression grew colder, colder, and colder…

For some strange reasons, he was feeling really unhappy.

It seemed like, someone was trying to take away his disciple.

This was basically intolerable!

His finger moved, and that handkerchief was  instantly ignited, turning into ash. A formation instantly appeared on the windowsill. Turning his head back to glance at his disciple who was still in a trance state, he turned around and left.

In the end, Zhu Yao encountered some slight difficulty in her cultivation. She did not know of the reason. Though she was still a lightning spirit vein holder, her cultivation speed was evidently not as fast as before. Forget about igniting a spiritual energy turbulence, even with the most common way of taking in spiritual energy into her body, she was unable to absorb that much spiritual energy at all. Her cultivation progress had also stalled as well. She felt as though she was a fallen academic genius who had turned into an academic trash.

Half a month had passed, and still there was hardly any progress.

There was something wrong with this setting.

Zhu Yao opened her eyes. Just as she was about to find her master to discuss about this, she suddenly heard a scream outside the window.


“Who is it?” Zhu Yao immediately opened the door and got out, only to see a snow-white demonic beast outside the window desperately slapping its own paws. Above the gigantic meaty paws, there were still few sparks of flames that had yet to be extinguished.

“It’s you!” Wasn’t this that cowardly little beast she encountered in the forest back then?

That demonic beast stiffened for a moment. Raising its head, it looked at her weakly. Then, as though it was frightened, it turned about and wanted to flee. However, because of a misstep, it slipped, and then it rolled itself away to safety.

“…” Was she really that scary?

She turned to look at the position of the windowsill. A small sword with the length of an index finger was hanging next to it. It was actually a transportation artifact.

Could it be that, all those items placed on the windowsill in the past few days, was all it’s doing?

Clearly, it was afraid of her to death, so why send her these items? Were the brain circuits of all demonic beasts strange like this?

Pondering for a moment, this demonic beast seemed like a beast that was raised by Ancient Azure Sect as well. Zhu Yao felt that there was a need to ask about that beast’s situation the next time she were to see little wimp.

Before Zhu Yao could even ask, that strange beast suddenly sent itself to her doorsteps.

Zhu Yao did not make any progress with her cultivation, so she decided to practice her own sword techniques, while Yu Yan was giving pointers at the side. She was initially practicing fine and well, but in an instant, her master’s expression turned cold. Casting an art, a heavenly lightning bolt was sent flying in the direction of the forest.

“Oww…” A scream sounded, and a pitch-black beast  fell down.

Half of its white fur was charred black from the lightning bolt, though it sure had a fast reaction speed. Roaring out loud, it immediately leapt up and pounced towards Yu Yan.

“It’s you again!” Zhu Yao exclaimed.

That beast seemed to have only just noticed her, as it instantly fell from the sky with a plop. In an instant, it turned weak-willed, as it looked at her with frail eyes. Its entire body trembled as it scanned its surroundings in a fluster. Then, while making ‘pata pata’ sounds, it hid… behind Yu Yan.

A certain someone was not the least bit courteous, striking another lightning bolt at it, which ended up frying its white fur on the other side as well.

Zhu Yao: “…”

This beast’s intelligence was truly a little pitiful.

Chapter239: Sleeping Beauty Who Cannot Be Awakened With A Kiss

Unexpectedly, that beast seemed to be completely fine. After growling for a moment, it stood up, and then furiously roared at Yu Yan.

The two parties faced each other. One was desperately roaring out, while the other was desperately emitting out his cold aura.

Onlooker Zhu Yao: “…”

Thus, these two glared at each other for an hour, neither of them dared to move a single step. Even Zhu Yao was beginning to worry that some sparks were going to start flying between this man and beast.

Finally, that demonic beast turned its head and weakly glanced at Zhu Yao, its claws then shrank back. Turning about, it once again ran off, disappearing without a trace.

Just why in the world was it here for? From then on, the demonic beast seemed to have started pestering them. No matter what formations were set down, it could always mysteriously appear, but it would always be unfortunately caught by Yu Yan, and then be sent out with a lightning bolt. Yet, it was unclear why this demonic beast was actually so fearful of her. As long as she appeared, it would then run off at a speed even faster than a hare.

Even Zhu Yao was beginning to suspect if she had actually done some immoral things to it, which thus led to an unremovable darkness being left in that beast’s heart.

A month later.

Little wimp’s injuries were finally completely healed, and his entire being had recovered its former aura. Dressed in a handsome azure robe, his face even carried a healthy red. If not… for the large belly he had. Zi Mo stood next to him worriedly, with one hand holding onto his back, while the other holding onto his belly.

Zhu Yao was barely able to suppress herself from shouting congratulations. “Little wimp, don’t need to worry.” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders and consoled him. “There will always be a moment like this in a person’s lifetime…”


“It won’t hurt at all, alright.”

Wang Xuzhi’s face darkened. “Big sis Zhu Yao.”


“I’m not pregnant.” It wasn’t like he was giving birth to a child!

“Don’t mind such details!”


Yu Yan immediately placed down countless formations, and had Wang Xuzhi sit at the very center of the formations. With a sunken voice, he said. “In a moment, I will guide down the heavenly lightning bolt. You must use all your strength to resist a single strike.”

Wang Xuzhi nodded, and began to circulate the spiritual energy in his Dantian.

Yu yan performed a set of hand-seals, and his robe began to flutter on its own. Suddenly, the sky darkened, and countless enormous lightning clouds filled the horizon. In just a moment, they encompassed the entire sky. Raising one of his hands, lightning streaks flashed past the sky, as though something was being condensed and taking form. He lightly waved his hand, and at the same time, he looked towards Zhu Yao. “Yu Yao, release the seal!”

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. The spiritual energy that she had long prepared connected to the seal in Wang Xuzhi’s body, and at the instant the heavenly lightning bolt descended, she released the seal.

At that moment, a mystic formation as tall as a human appeared in front of little wimp. The sealing runic symbols danced, and after a flash of light, they shattered resoundingly. The miasma within Wang Xuzhi, as though it had finally escaped from its bindings, instantly exploded forth. His initially bloated belly was also reverting back to its former look at a speed visible to the naked eyes. A bolt of purplish red heavenly lightning bolt sliced through the air and struck down, instantly scattering off the creeping miasma.

Though Wang Xuzhi had already used all of his power to resist against the heavenly lightning bolt, he was still feeling that forceful lightning might, as though sharp blades were piercing right into his organs. He was left with no choice but to protect his heart pulses with all his might. Though it looked as though everything happened in a blink of an eye, it felt as though ten thousand years had passed.

Finally, the tribulation lightning bolt disappeared. Zi Mo, who had been waiting at the side the entire time, flew straight into the formation in a flash, dragging the person whose body was covered in lightning sparks out.

“Little wimp, are you alright?” Zhu Yao ran over.

Yu Yan tapped on his body with his finger. Those lightning spark remnants turned into lightning spiritual energy, and directly seeped into his fingertips. Wang Xuzhi’s expression instantly looked much better as well.

“Thank you, ancestral martial grand uncle.” Wang Xuzhi opened his eyes.

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded, and just as he was about to seal the resentment that was within the formation.

The entire earth suddenly began to shake. With a loud bang, countless cracks appeared on the surface of the ground, and they were spreading in all directions.

“Scatter!” Yu Yan reached out his hand to grab onto his disciple next to him, and instantly flew up. Zi Mo and Wang Xuzhi left the surface one after another as well.

From the center of the formation where little wimp was sitting on earlier, the entire floating mountain was splitting apart.

“Not good, that Ghost King is breaking out of  the seal.”  Zi Mo’s expression changed. As he had thought, in the next second, the entire floating mountain shattered into million pieces and fell apart. A large amount of miasma was breaking out from within,  gathering into the shape of a gigantic human figure.

Yu Yan frowned. No longer holding anything back, sounds of thunder brought by the heavenly lightning in the sky roared, and countless purplish red lightning bolts descended at the same time. They were sent striking towards the Ghost King. Between the sky and earth, the place was filled with lightning sparks, and the Ghost King was scattered apart by the heavenly lightning bolts before it could even completely materialize.

In an instant, the entire surroundings were filled with scattered resentment.

“What’s that?” Zhu Yao pointed at the center of the resentment. That was a bundle of white light, and it was especially obvious within a mass of pitch-black darkness. A large amount of miasma was present in the surroundings, but under the lightning sparks, the miasma continued to scatter. On the other hand, that bundle of white light seemed to be slowly rising up.

“Those are the souls absorbed by the Ghost King.” Yu Yan frowned.

That bundle of white light continued to rise, and had already escaped from the scattered miasma completely. Suddenly, it exploded apart like fireworks, scattering into countless spots of light, before disappearing into the horizon.

The surroundings had instantly quietened down.

Zhu Yao blanked. “Did we win?”

“Not yet.” Yu Yan replied with a sunken voice.

Following after the disappearance of those spots of light, the miasma that was still scattered in all directions earlier, had suddenly charged right up into the sky, and it was impossible for anyone to react to its speed. It felt as a black curtain had instantly been hanged right in front of them, as the miasma charged right up into the skies. Even one of the lightning clouds in the sky was engulfed by the miasma. Large amount of darkness began to spread in all directions.

Rays of light grew dimmer. When Zhu Yao took a closer look, what she saw were the words ‘bug’ filling up the entire sky in an encompassing manner.

Zhu Yao was instantly dumbfounded. What kind of godly development was this?

The entire world was filled with bugs!

“Master.” Zhu Yao habitually turned her head around to look at Yu Yan. Suddenly, her back sank, as Yu Yan had collapsed onto her. “Master!”

Zhu Yao was shocked, as she held onto him reflexively. However, she saw his entire body shrinking into that of a child’s in a blink of an eye.

He turned small again. Wasn’t it cured back then? Why would he turn small again!?

Taking the opportunity where she could still see, Zhu Yao found a place to land on. “Little martial aunt.” Zi Mo flew over as well. Looking at her miniature master, he instantly dumbfounded. “Ancestral- martial uncle… What happened to him?”

“I don’t know either!” Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at that strange sky. Earlier, when the resentment blasted towards the sky, her master turned small the next instant. When they came to Spiritual Realm back then, her master crossed the skies as well, and not longer after that he turned small. Could this be related to either the World Crossing Door or resentment?

The miasma in the sky grew in size. As though it was being infected, the entire sky had already been enveloped by it. If this continued, the entire Spiritual Realm would probably be enveloped by the resentment.

What should she do? What should she do? If this kept up, Spiritual Realm would truly be doomed. Damn Realmspirit, at least give me a hint.


A familiar conversation window popped up. Zhu Yao instantly felt joyous from the bottom of her heart. She excitedly looked at the description written in the window, only to be faced with an eye-catching string of bold, red words.

Congratulations, you have received 1x All-Purpose Dispersal Incantation.

Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. All-purpose dispersal! It looked really mighty. Hurry, hurry. Tell me what’s the incantation?

The string of red words flashed, and instantly changed into another line.

Description of usage method: Please circulate all of the energy in your body and shout out —

What is it?

Save me!

Zhu Yao: “…” Save your sister! -Faints!- Her all-purpose summonable beast, her master, had already gone to sleep. What’s the use of shouting for help!?

You’re making a fool out of me, right? You’re definitely making a fool out of me, right!?

Zhu Yao’s inner heart was collapsing.

All the disciples of Ancient Azure Sect had already made their way outside. The surroundings were filled with practitioners casting out illumination mystic arts. Everyone looked at the sky with confused expressions, as the entire world looked as though it was enveloped by complete darkness. As the sky grew even darker, even fire type mystic arts were no longer of much use, as there were faint traces of them extinguishing.

“Little martial aunt.” Zi Mo’s face was filled  with  anxiety. “The resentment is soon spreading throughout the entire Spiritual Realm. What are we going to do?”

If Spiritual Realm was filled with resentment, the practitioners of this world would be tainted by resentment, and everyone would become puppets like the Ghost King. Zhu Yao gnashed her teeth. She couldn’t be bothered about it any longer.

A fool it is, then.

Taking a deep breath, she circulated all of her spiritual energy. With the loudest voice in her life, she raised her head towards the sky and shouted out. “Save me———!”

The scream reverberated in the surroundings, and it did not die down even after a long while. The entire Ancient Azure Sect was filled with the echos of “eeeeee….”.

The entire place which was still in a ruckus earlier, instantly quietened down.

Crowd: “…”

Countless disciples shuffled their heads and looked at Zhu Yao collectively.

Ps: With eyes that seemed as though they were looking at an idiot!


However, nothing happened.


Realmspirit, this old lady has a bone to pick with you.


Suddenly, a loud roar reverberated. It sounded like the roar of a beast, yet it carried a slight clarity and spirituality. It felt as though it was coming from afar, yet, it also sounded as though it was ringing next to her ears. Though it clearly sounded extremely loud and was reverberating throughout the clouds, it was not the least bit ear-piercing. Instead, just by hearing it, the stuffiness in the depths of one’s heart would clear up and disperse completely.

When this roar fell, as though it had issued an order, responses from countless demonic beasts in the surroundings reverberated. One roar after another rang out continuously. For a moment, various sounds could be heard without end.

Within the sky which was still pitch-black earlier, rays of heavenly light scattered down, as though the miasma was like a curtain with countless of punctured holes. The sky grew brighter, and it looked as though the ‘bug’ words that filled the sky were being wiped away, as they slowly disappeared.

In just about seven minutes, the bright sky had been restored, without the slightest bit of darkness. The miasma that filled the sky earlier, as though it had never appeared in the first place, had disappeared without a trace. The change came too quickly, and everyone could hardly regain their senses. They simply watched as that world decimating crisis mysteriously disappear just like that.

Zhu Yao’s face cramped.

Calling for help… Was actually really useful.

Hoho~ Why didn’t she feel any sense of accomplishment at all?

The disappearance of the bug this time was a little mysterious. In a situation where she completely did not understand what was going on, it disappeared just like that. Zhu Yao felt that the entire incident was a little unrealistic, and was certain that things were not that simple. However, she just could not figure out just what she had missed.

What frustrated her even more was the resentment on little wimp’s body. Though the heavenly lightning bolt back then had scattered a huge half of it, there were still a small half of its remnants in his body. She had tried many ways, even using the lightning spiritual energy to cleanse his meridians, yet she was unable to expel the last strands of resentment out of his body.

“Big sis Zhu Yao, don’t worry. This little bit of resentment is of no concern, I can suppress it.” Wang Xuzhi said unmindfully.

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him, as she slapped on his head. “What are you acting tough for? Is resentment something fun? Of no concern my ass. You may be fine now, but who knows what will happen in the future!” Wang Xuzhi lowered his head.

More importantly…

Zhu Yao turned to look at her sleeping master. Ever since that day, he had not woken up. When he turned into a child back then, he had merely slept for a single night. But this time, three days had already passed, yet there weren’t any traces of him waking up. Yet, no matter how she checked his pulse, she could not figure out the reason behind it, as though he truly was just sleeping.

Holding onto his chilling hands, she could not help but feel anxious. She had a faint feeling that the reason why her master would occasionally turn into a child, was related to resentment. She had to quickly find a way.

“Old man, is there really no way to completely eliminate resentment in this world?” She turned to look at Zi Mo at the side.

He shook his head. “There’s indeed none. Resentment is born from the heart in the first place. It’s shapeless and formless, and thus its naturally uncontrollable by the countless beings in this world.”

“But the resentment that filled the sky back then had clearly disappeared. It proved that there’s something that can restrain resentment.”

Zi Mo frowned, and only after a while did he speak up. “That voice which dispersed resentment came from a mysterious origin. Even I do not know where it came from.” The roar that suddenly rang out back then, was as though it had come out of thin air. It was basically impossible to determine the direction it came from.

“Since it was able to get the responses of demonic beasts, then even if that roar did not come from a demonic beast, it would still be highly related to one.” Zhu Yao analysed. “Old man, you should be aware of someone who can do something like this.”

“If we’re talking about practitioners of this world, there’s no one with such capabilities.” Zi Mo sank into deep thoughts. As though he had thought of something, his expression suddenly changed. “But rumours say that at the very end of the horizon, it’s the origin of all beasts, and it’s a sacred land which demonic beasts had submitted to. Probably over there…” Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. “You’re saying the roar that eliminated resentment, came from there?”

“There’s a possibility!” Zi Mo nodded, though his expression sank a little heavier. “It’s just that, this so-called sacred land, is merely a legend. No one has actually seen it. Furthermore, the land at the end of the horizon, is also the borders of Spiritual Realm. Located there is an absolute abyss, and falling into it will cause one’s soul to scatter.”

“We can talk after seeing it.” Zhu Yao stood up. Waiting any longer was not an option after all. The longer her master were to sleep, the more worried she would become.

“I’m going too.” Wang Xuzhi held onto her hand. “Big sis Zhu Yao, I don’t feel at ease if you go alone.”

“Like hell you’re going. You still have resentment in your body.” Zhu Yao forcefully stroke his head. “Little  wimp,  you will just be a bother.”

“I have long stopped being a little wimp!” Wang Xuzhi instantly exploded. Standing up, he was instantly a head taller than her. “With big sis Zhu Yao’s present cultivation, I don’t feel at ease.”

Yo, this little wimp is rebelling. He’s actually belittling my cultivation level. Do you believe I will whack your buttocks?

“Let him go.” Zi Mo stood up and smoothed things over. “If there really is such a place, if he goes there, it will be convenient to disperse the resentment in his body as well.”

“…” That’s actually very logical.

She reluctantly nodded. Alright then, for the sake of  him being so tall.

Zhu Yao thoroughly instructed Zi Mo various matters that he should take note of, and also left behind a voice transmission talisman so that he would be able to inform her directly if anything happened. Then, she brought little wimp out. Just as she was about to step through the door, she pondered for a moment, and then turned to head back into her house. Looking at her master who was lying on the bed, she wondered if…

She lowered her head. Pachi. And kissed him. There still wasn’t any response from the person on the bed.

Alright, she gave up!

He was not sleeping beauty, so as expected, he would not wake up from a kiss.

Leaving behind the petrified Zi Mo, she got on her flying sword and flew off.

Zi Mo: I seemed to have witnessed something incredible? His gossiping heart suddenly burned wildly.

Chapter240: Land At The End Of The Horizon Is This Way

Zhu Yao flew northwards with her quickest speed, the sceneries in her surroundings whistled behind her, forming streaks of flowing light. They had been flying for several hours, but they had yet to see the land of at end of the horizon which Zi Mo spoke of.

“Big sis Zhu Yao.”


Wang Xuzhi suggested. “Let’s take a short break, we have already flown for an entire day.”

“No matter.” Zhu Yao waved her hand. “This big sister can hold on.”

Wang Xuzhi’s expression sank, as he pulled onto her. “Big sis Zhu Yao, we’re already not that far from our destination. The land at the end of the horizon is filled with dangers, it’s best that we take a short break before heading there.” Zhu Yao suppressed the anxiety in the depths of her heart, and nodded. “Fine then!”

Below them was a lush forest, and Zhu Yao immediately descended into it. Sitting under a huge tree, she sat in a lotus position and adjusted her breathing, recovering her HP and MP or something.

Wang Xuzhi sat next to her, and considerately passed her a flask of spiritual water.

“Thank you.” Zhu Yao gulped it down in an instant, and at that moment, her entire body felt comfortable.

Wang Xuzhi glanced at her with his mouth open, looking as though there were words stuck in his throat.

“What is it?” Zhu Yao reached out to stroke his head. “If you have something to say, then say it quickly. Don’t hold in the fart.”

He clenched his fists, and after a while, he squeezed out a smile. “Big sis Zhu Yao, you treat Sovereign Yu Yan so well.” “But of course!” After all, she’s her man, you know?

Wang Xuzhi looked down. After a moment of silence, he carefully said. “Big sis Zhu Yao, I want to ask… you  and ancestral martial grand uncle, you two…”

Zhu Yao turned her head around, and said with a smile. “You want to ask, if there’s an affair between the two of us?”

He was stunned for a moment, raising his head in an instant, as though he never expected that she would be so direct.

Zhu Yao held onto her chin, and pondered for a short while before replying. “To be exact, we already had a lot of affairs.” Even the attempts were considered!

“…” His face instantly paled, as though he had suffered a blow of some sort. The redness on his face drained. After a while, he said in a fluster. “But… But you two are master and disciple.”

“Did the Heavenly Dao make a rule that a master and his disciple can’t be practitioner-pair companions?” There were many master-disciple OTPs in the cultivation world, right? “…” He sank into silence, as though he had fallen into a swirl of emotions he could not escape from. His clenched fists tightened even further, as though he was about to pinch out traces of blood. “But… Big sis Zhu Yao, you clearly… Why… Why?”

Zhu Yao sighed, as she pulled onto his hands. Not accepting any refusals, she carefully broke apart his clenched fists finger by finger. “You want to ask why I did not promise you, but have chosen my master instead?”

He blanked for a moment. He looked at her eyes, and mist slowly began to form on his own, making a look that seemed like he was about to cry. “You… knew?”

“You already said it so clearly yourself, and I’m not stupid either!” Zhu Yao shook her head, as she looked straight into his eyes. With emphasis on every word, she said. “But… Little wimp, are you certain that the love you have for me, is truly the love between a man and a woman?”

“Of course.” He nodded heavily, as he grabbed onto  her hands. “Ever since young… Ever since I was ten years old, I wanted to marry you.” Zhu Yao laughed. “Ten years old? Take me as your concubine?”

He gulped, and then hurriedly explained. “That was just a joke I made when I was young. If it’s possible… I will naturally be satisfied taking you as my only wife.”

“When you were young?” Zhu Yao said with a sunken voice. “Then why did you want to marry me when you were young?”

“That’s naturally because…”

“Because I took down your pants, and smacked your buttocks?” Zhu Yao interrupted. “You believed that you should take responsibility for that, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to marry?”

After a moment of silence, he nodded.

“See, the reason why you wanted to marry me since you were young, was not because you loved me. You already said it yourself that it was a joke, so naturally, it cannot be taken as real.” “In the beginning, that was certainly true. But later on, I truly wished to be together with big sis Zhu Yao.”

“Later on? What later on?” Zhu Yao asked.

Wang Xuzhi was startled for a moment. After pondering for a moment when exactly his feelings towards her had undergone a change, he spoke. “Later on, when I grew up and you came out of Jade Forest Peak. I don’t really know the specifics either…”

“You don’t know, but I know.” Zhu Yao stroked onto his head which was already a head taller than hers. “It’s that time, when I was killed by that demon fox. It began ever since I died in front of your eyes, right?”

He blanked. After pondering for a moment, he realized it had truly begun from then.

“Haah… Little wimp, do you actually understand what  are true feelings between a man and woman like? When you entered the sect at ten years old, the person closest to you was me, but those weren’t feelings between a man and a woman, but just a form of reliance. We couldn’t meet, and when we finally able to meet each other, I died in order to save you.” Zhu Yao analysed it little by little. “Just how old were you back then? Fifteen? You have never witnessed death, let alone one that you were involved in. Guilt of being powerless, along with the self- rebuke of not being able to save me, was the knot in your heart that you couldn’t dispel at that time. Until I was reincarnated, your knot was finally dispelled. But, your inner heart had firmly remembered the will to protect the things that you managed to get back. You believed that will is the feelings you have for me, but in actual fact, it’s just your guilt towards me.” She deeply sighed. “Little wimp, you never had any feelings of love for me.”

“Big sis Zhu Yao…” Wang Xuzhi was a little flustered, as he shook his head and said. “No… That’s not true! I…”

“Xuzhi!” Zhu Yao held onto his shoulders, and seriously looked into his eyes. With emphasis on every word, she said. “If you really do have feelings for me, then ever since we have reunited, you clearly had many opportunities, but you had never brought up the talk of wanting to be together with me. Yet, only after knowing that I’m together with my master, did you finally speak up. Why is that?”

“…” He was suddenly stunned still, a hint of fluster flashed past his face. “I… Because…” “Because this thought did not cross your mind at all, right?”


“Little wimp, till the very end, you have only treated me as your big sister, and liking someone has never required a reason to do so. It’s not a responsibility, nor is it guilt.”

He appeared to be in a trance,  looking  as  though  he understood it, yet did not understand it at the same time. He looked straight into her eyes, and after a while, he said with a sullen voice. “Then big sis Zhu Yao, are you certain that  the feelings ancestral martial grand uncle and you are feelings between a man and a woman?”

“Of course!” Zhu Yao nodded and said. She was after all a certain someone’s first love.

“Why?” He anxiously said. “How are you so certain that he’s treating you as just his disciple?”

“There’s no need to ascertain it.” Zhu Yao pointed to  her heart. “As long I know for certain over here, he’s the man I wish to be bound with for my entire lifetime. From his body to his heart, all of the authority must belong to this lady surnamed Zhu. And that’s enough.”


After this heart-to-heart talk, Wang Xuzhi was much quieter than before, and throughout the entire journey, he looked as though he was in deep thoughts. His face would occasionally frown, and then look distracted a moment later. Zhu Yao understood that he wouldn’t be able to think things through in such a short amount of time, so she did not bring up the topic again either.

Actually, she had long seen through little wimp’s intentions. In the past, she did not mind it, as she had thought that he would be able think things through on his own. However, she never expected that he would continue to fall even deeper. He looked soft on the outside, but he had always been a stubborn child ever since he was young.

He entered a deity sect when he was ten years old, and children relying on adults was a regular occurrence. Furthermore, his only relative back then was just her. Adding the joke of taking her as his concubine, he had naturally treated her as his only person to rely on. Yet, right from the start, she was isolated in Jade Forest Peak, and they could only contact each other through letters. Not being able to meet, naturally he could only rely on his imagination. He drew a perfect image of her in the depths of his heart.

After that, she was let out of the mountain. Initially, such imagination would return to normal, but she just had to die for his sake right after. The pain of losing a loved one, and his own powerlessness, had led to him forming a knot in his heart. After that, though she managed to help him dispel it, the former pain was still there. Like someone who had once been injured, even if he had fully recovered, he would still habitually take note of the spot of his previous injury. The more he looked at her, the more he would remember it. He treated this guilt as his feelings for her, and was unable to discern the difference between the two.

He died because of her, and came to Spiritual Realm. As the two of them were apart, he buried this guilt he had.

If he said that the feelings he had for her was love, she wouldn’t believe it even if she was beaten to death. She and her master had been in Spiritual Realm for so many days. Not only were they together all the time, they had also several times displayed affection for each other while together as well. Things like hugging each other’s waists and holding hands were done several times too, not to mention they lived together at night.

If it was true love, just how blind must he be to not see all this happening? Even if he did not want to be honest with himself, there should have been some changes to his emotions to some degree. Yet, he did not behave even the slightest bit different, and had only asked her for the truth now. In the end, he was just a little brother showing some attitude when his only big sister was stolen away by a man.

Zhu Yao sighed. Little wimp was not a dumb child. He merely needed some time to think things through.

Along the way, out of tacit understanding, they did not bring up this topic again.

The forest they were in was huge, yet strangely, the spiritual energy here was very scarce. In order to save time, they had been walking into the forest depths, recovering their spiritual energy as they walked. For precautions sake, the two of them had erected defensive barriers, as they passed through it cautiously.

However, unexpectedly, the entire journey was smooth without any obstacles. Forget about encountering some sort of danger, there wasn’t even a single rock that was slightly bigger than the rest on the ground.

“Little wimp, are you certain that this place is very dangerous?”

“I have indeed heard from rumours that this place is filled with many ferocious beasts, and they are extremely hard to deal with.” Wang Xuzhi was confused as well. “Most probably, it’s because of our good luck.”

Zhu Yao pouted, and did not mind it too  much  either. Though, the further they walked, the smoother their journey became. Forget about ferocious beasts, even a single rabbit did not land in their lines of sight. The place which was initially flourishing with thick weed, looked as though they had all been swept away cleanly. What came into sight were just the flowers that bloomed in the presence of the wind, and the new sprouts within the fragrant soil.

A short while later, a small road evidently appeared within the forest. And then the small road became a huge road.

The huge road then became a broad road.

Then the broad road became a road with dual lanes. The ground was so flat, there wasn’t even a single footprint on it.

If things continued to develop like this, an expressway couldn’t be next, right?

“We can’t have taken a wrong turn, right?” Zhu Yao pointed to the front.

Wang Xuzhi became a little uncertain as well. “The direction is indeed this way…”

Before he could even finish, suddenly, something seemed to have flashed for a moment in front of them. After going closer to take a look, a directional signboard had actually appeared out of nowhere, and written on it was a row of black quaint words. Land at the End of the Horizon – Walk Straight → → The two people: “…”

Why did she feel as though they were going for a picnic, and there was even someone directing them the way there?

“Big sis Zhu Yao?” What should they do?

“Let’s take a look for now.”

They continued to walk along the road. However, the further they walked, the number of strange occurrences increased. Various directional signboards would often appear next to the road. Distance from the Land at the End of the Horizon – 10 Kilometers… 5 Kilometers… 4 Kilometers.

Slowly, various fresh flowers, spiritual springs, and even resting tree stumps, which evidently did not belong anywhere near there, would appear by the roadside.

This service was a little great, wasn’t it? There couldn’t actually be a ‘5-Star Land at the End of the Horizon Scenic View’ signboard next, right? “With such great service, I wonder if they include meals too?” Zhu Yao joked.

However at the next moment, not even fifty meters from where they were, a big pile of spiritual fruits appeared at the side of the road. Some were even still rolling about.

The two people: “…”

“Big sis Zhu Yao!” Wang Xuzhi’s expression changed, as though he wanted to say something.

Zhu Yao gave him a glare, and then picked up two fruits. Pushing one to him, she then pulled him over to sit on the tree stump at the side. Rubbing on the fruit, she shouted out. “I wonder if this fruit has been washed? Little wimp, do you still have that spiritual water from earlier?”

Wang Xuzhi instantly understood her intentions, and shook his head. “We finished it earlier.”

“Then what do we do? How can we possibly eat fruits that haven’t been washed yet?” Wang Xuzhi revealed a complicated expression.

Then, a ‘dong’ sound was heard. A bamboo basket used to store water came rolling out of the forest. As though it was being blown by the wind, guruguru, it rolled straight towards where they were.

“Over there!” Zhu Yao stood up, and sent a heavenly lightning bolt in the direction of the bamboo basket.

Wang Xuzhi materialized a set of chains between his fingers, instantly forming a net as it landed on the location where the heavenly lightning bolt struck.

Under the lightning glow, a huge tree tore from its trunk, and a white figure made an appearance.

“Bind!” Wang Xuzhi’s net instantly moved to trap that figure.

Unfortunately, that white figure was even faster, as it flew out as a flowing light. Landing on the ground, it materialized into a snow-white demonic beast, and it roared out furiously. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Wasn’t this that stupid beast which came to harass her on the mountain peak every single day? Just how much hatred did it have to chase her all the way here?

“Highlord Bai Yuan!” Wang Xuzhi strangely called out all of a sudden. “Why are you here?”

“Rooar—” That demonic beast bared its teeth in dissatisfaction.

This attitude was a little off!? Why was little wimp so courteous to this beastie? “Little wimp, is it raised by your sect?”

“N… No. He is…” Wang Xuzhi shook his head, however, he did not know where to begin explaining from either.

“So is it or not?” What was going on?

“Highlord, he… He’s not a normal demonic beast.” Not normal? Exceptionally stupid then?

Wang Xuzhi gave her a ‘I will explain later’ expression, and then flew into the forest on his flying sword. He respectfully bowed towards that white demonic beast. “This disciple did not know Highlord has made his grand arrival, and hence made such an offence. Highlord, please forgive me.”

“Roooar…” That demonic beast was evidently not having it, as even the fur on his tail looked like they had exploded from its fury.

“Highlord, we entered the sacred land out of helplessness as well, and we hold no intentions to offend you.” Wang Xuzhi had an anxious look. “This matter is solely my mistake. If Highlord wishes to seek responsibility, then please punish me alone. This disciple will definitely not express a single word of resentment.”

“Rooooar…” That demonic beast really raised his paw, and it then slammed it towards Wang Xuzhi.

The hell. Zhu Yao’s fury instantly erupted, as she roared out loud. “You dare!?” That beast stiffened, and its paw instantly stopped right above Wang Xuzhi’s head.

Zhu Yao roared as she ran over. “If you dare slam it down, this old lady shall rip your skin off!” You dare bully  my  family’s little wimp?

That beast seemed to have only just seen her, as its eyes widened even larger than before. Before even waiting for her to walk over, that white figure flashed, anxiously fleeing away. It crawled up the nearest huge tree and hugged onto the tree bark, shaking like a lighted candle being blown by the wind. It even tried to hide itself by desperately pulling the branches to conceal its extraordinarily snow-white beast body.

The entire beast looked as though it was saying: You can’t see me, you can’t see me, you can’t see me!

The corners of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Recalling that paw which was about to slam onto little wimp earlier, her fury instantly erupted once again.

“Get down!” The tree bark shook…

“Are you going to come down?”

The tree bark desperately shook…

“I will count to three.”

It shook as though it was being blown by heavy winds…


Shook like a torrential rain had struck…


Shook as though it was about to be torn apart…

“Three…” Before her voice could completely fall, swoosh, a snow-white beastie had appeared right in front of her. Like a large dog which had undergone training, it obediently crouched, and it did not even dare blink its eyes. Imagine how obedient you want it to be, and it would display that level of obedience to you.

If not for its body which was trembling like it had been electrocuted.
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