My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 211-220

Chapter211: World Favourable Impression

“Sesame, how was it?” The moment Zhu Yao entered the house, she immediately began to inquire about the experiment results.

Sesame however suddenly leapt up, and pounced behind her with a loud roar. “I can’t endure this anymore, I want to bite him! I really want to bite him!” With its mouth opened wide, it aimed to bite Yue Ying.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto its tail, and pulled it back. “What’s wrong with you?”

Sesame was stunned for a moment, before it bared his teeth at Yue Ying again. After a short while, it said. “I don’t know… I just want to bite him!”

“Stop fooling around, he’s Yue Ying.” Zhu Yao frowned.

Sesame was startled, and after pondering for a moment, it said. “Yue Ying? That little twerp from back then? Why is he here?” So it wasn’t because it had recognized Yue Ying. “It’s a long story, I will tell you later.” Zhu Yao placed Sesame on the table, separating the two of them. “Hurry and speak, did you find out anything about Yi Ling?”

“I didn’t!” Sesame honestly replied. “There’s nothing on her body, even that intimate feeling I had when I first saw her had disappeared as well.”

How was that possible?

Could it be that her Mary Sue cheat could only take effect on the same person once? But in the great hall earlier, clearly the rest of the men still had the sense of longing in their eyes when they looked at Yi Ling.

“Yue Ying, what about you?” Zhu Yao turned towards him. “Do you feel anything out of sort with Yi Ling’s body?”

Yue Ying tilted his head, unclear of the meaning behind her question.

Zhu Yao could only add. “I’m saying, do you feel your heart racing, or are there feelings of fondness towards her when you see her?”

“Yue Ying only likes Big Sis Yao.” Yue Ying smiled even more innocently. “I’m fine with just Big Sis Yao.”

Alright, it seemed Yue Ying was completely immune to her.

Just what was going on? Or was there something wrong with her hypothesis? There were finally some developments, but the clues suddenly got cut off again.

“Mistress…” Sesame tugged onto her sleeves, and eagerly said. “Please let me bite him? Just one bite.”

“…” That’s enough of you! Was this really the time to play?

“Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying pitifully tugged onto her as well. “It hurts!”

“…” Hurt my ass. It hadn’t bite you yet, okay? Zhu Yao immediately kicked the two of them out. She required a world without jokers in order to calmly ponder about this matter.

She felt like she had missed something out. If she had to point out a difference between the two times Sesame had met her, then there was one. The first time, it was in its human form, while it was in its beast form in the other. Could it be that the Mary Sue cheat was only effective on humans?

Sesame said her Mary Sue cheat was similar to dragon’s might. She carefully recalled the time when she was in her dragon character, but those beasties’ willingness to submit were not based on their forms either.

Wait a minute, even though she wasn’t a dragon, she was still quite similar to one, right? That Risefire Beast seemed to like following her too. Could it be that there was  something different with her character this time?

Zhu Yao immediately formed a water mirror of her height, and carefully inspected this current character of hers.

A young girl of about eighteen years old immediately appeared in it. Looks very normal though? There’s no special wordings on her face, and her hair was jet-black and beautiful as ever. Above her head, there’s also that…

The hell. What’s with that drop down arrow that suddenly appeared above her head?

Why did such a thing suddenly appear on her character?

Zhu Yao waved her hand, only to have it pass through the drop down arrow. It seemed like this was similar to the word ‘bug’ she was familiar with, and it was something only she could see.

Gritting her teeth, she could not help but tap on that drop down arrow. And then, like a sliding screen, a row of words appeared.

World Favourable Impression: [On] or [Off]

Why did something like this appear? And what’s this world favourable impression about!?

This was an online game right? It definitely was, right?

She suddenly recalled Realmspirit’s last words right before her resurrection, he seemed to have said… that he was going to gift her an achievement!

It couldn’t be this thing, right?

She suddenly had a feeling that she got played. After hesitating several times, she decided to tap on that ‘On’ button with her shaky hand.

Zhu Yao held her breath as she waited for three seconds!

Nothing happened.

Eh, could it be that it was really just a simple achievement, and did not have any use at all? Just like those awards for lifetime achievements, this was the type of achievement where she could just have it on display to feel good?

Just as Zhu Yao was thinking it was strange, suddenly with a loud crash, the door was kicked open by someone.

Sesame who had taken up its human form came charging like a rocket launcher, and hugged her leg. With a low and obsessed tone, it said. “Mistress… I just came into realization of how ‘divine’ you are.”

She stomped her foot right onto its face. “Get away! What’s with your sudden change of attitude?” Don’t use that word to describe me, hey.

Sesame immediately crawled back, and continued to hug onto her thigh. “Mistress, your kick is so ‘divine’ too.”


“Mistress, the way you’re scolding me is so ‘divine’ too.” “Do you believe that I will smack you?”

“Come, mistress…” Sesame actually laid on the ground in a shameless manner. “You don’t have to pity me, smack  me hard!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Had Sesame gone crazy? Although it was very shameless in the past as well, there was a limit to how shameless it was. Wake up, hey. You’re very scary this way, alright?

She still had yet to consider the cause of Sesame’s irregular behaviour, when a few crane cries and the sounds of various animals suddenly resounded outside her home.

The moment she stepped out of the door, what she saw was a darkened sky, filled with the silhouettes of birds of various kinds. The forest in front of her was suddenly filled with clouds of dust and dirt, and various kinds of small animals were running towards her direction. Even the plants in her courtyard were instantly thrown into excitement, as they began to tweet and chatter loudly. “Oooouu… I suddenly like her very much, what should I do? Although I already like her in the past, I like her even more now.”

“Me too, I really wish she could stroke my leaves.”

“I really want to bloom a flower for her.”

“I really want to bear a fruit for her.”

“I really want to bear a little tree for her…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

In an instant, among the plants and trees in her courtyard, those which could bloom flowers, bloomed flowers, and those which could bear fruits, bore fruits. There were even some which grew fresh saplings, as though they had suddenly been injected with hormones. Zhu Yao was dumbfounded from this scene.

Just as the situation in front of her eyes were about to spiral out of control, with quick hands, she immediately tapped on the ‘Off’ button above her head.

All of the irregular behaviour finally stopped at this moment. The large crowd of birds circled around the sky for a short while before flying off in separate directions, and the small animals scattered as well. Other than the plants that went amok regardless of the four seasons, and Sesame which was still hugging onto her thigh without letting go.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt her head aching, as she finally understood just what this achievement was all about. The so- called ‘World Favourable Impression’, was truly the world’s favourable impression towards her in the most literal sense. Though this cheat was incredible, it would definitely incite chaos if it was activated. Then what’s the use of it then? And this thing did not seem to be effective on humans.

And also, this heavy weight on my leg, are you done hugging?
Do you believe I will kick you!?

She immediately cast a water-based art, and drenched a certain beast with cold water. Sesame was shocked. Standing up, it looked at her with a pitiful look. “Mistress, how can treat beastie this way?”

“What happened to you earlier?”

“Earlier?” Sesame was startled, and then it once again thought of coming forward to hug her thigh. “Beastie wants to bear monkeys for mistress.”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened.

“This beastie is speaking the truth real though?” Sesame weakly twiddled with its fingers. “Beastie really, really likes mistress. I like mistress the most.”

“Just like how you first met Yi Ling?” Momma’s egg, Realmspirit couldn’t have gifted her a Mary Sue cheat, right!? (ps: animal and plant based)

Sesame shook its head. “Different, of course it’s different. The feeling mistress gave me just now…” He was in a daze for a moment, and then suddenly, its body shook. It slowly widened its eyes, and said in a slight befuddled tone. “It was very intimate. Naturally, it also carried an indescribable might and was irresistible, as though it was… the Heavenly Dao. “


Yi Ling’s Mary Sue cheat had yet to be dealt with, and Zhu Yao seemed to have landed herself with a strange cheat herself. She really wanted to ask Realmspirit what was his purpose for gifting her this achievement. The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt. In the past, she was toyed badly by him, and nothing he gifted her was good.

Speaking of this, she suddenly recalled the sidequest. That bugged god’s artifact had turned into her master’s Life Artifact. Then her sidequest was considered complete, right?


With a look filled with expectations, she grabbed onto her own chest, only to make contact with a familiar flat surface.

The hell, what happened to the promised long-lasting cup increase after completing the sidequest? Realmspirit, you best come out now!


Suddenly, a screen of scattering fireworks appeared before her, and a familiar conversation window floated in front of her.

Oh yeah~~┗|`o′|┛

Was he handing out the reward? Zhu Yao was instantly excited. Holding on her chest with her two hands, she stared intensely at the constantly increasing numbers, as she silently chanted: Big… big… big… big…

The numbers in front of her eyes rose with increasing speed.

80%… 90%…

And finally!


Zhu Yao immediately held her breath, as she focused her entire mind and soul to feel the changes in her chest.

The conversation window flashed and suddenly released a ray of white light which begun to twist and spiral, forming something similar to a white transfer portal.

And then…

With a plop, something fell out. Zhu Yao reached out her hand to grab it out of reflex. Raising it up to take a look, what she saw was a pair of small pink cloth with a curved design. A small paper tag hanged on the cloth, and written on it were simplified chinese characters: A City’s Pretty Underwear, Size: 70A

Zhu Yao: “…”

She felt as though she had received the evil intentions of the world.

Flips table!

This lady here wants a cup! Why the hell did you give me a breast cover!? And it’s even A-cup! Do you really think that just by switching the order of the words it’s considered done!?¹ You’re bullying me because of my poor language skills, aren’t you!?

This lady wants to go on a strike! I’m definitely going on a strike! Realmspirit, just you wait!

Zhu Yao was listless for a number of days. When she suddenly felt that her chest was small or something, her entire world turned grey. What Mary Sue? What bug? Hoho! That doesn’t concern me! I’m no longer going to love anymore!

She was depressed for a good couple of days, until Lin Xiang paid a sudden visit, and informed her that the rumor of the ruins containing treasures was spreading like a wildfire. Presently, the various clans and sects had suddenly gathered at that forest, wanting to force their way through. Furthermore, Blue Parasol Sect was no longer able to sit back, and wanted to head over for a share of the cake.

The moment Zhu Yao heard this, she was instantly furious.

The hell, those bunch of greedy beasts! Release my master, take me instead!

Chapter212: The Entire World Is Begging For Hugs

When Zhu Yao rushed over to the forest, the place was already filled with several people from various clans and sects. Earlier, she was still a little worried that with so many people surrounding the place, it would cause some trouble for her master. However, after arriving did she realize that she had overthought this.

Forget about forcing their way in, these people could not even approach the lightning formation. The moment someone even approach it in the slightest, that lightning formation would strike that person charred black without discrimination. Thus, the large crowd of people could only look at the towering palace floating in the sky from afar.

Zhu Yao and Lin Xiang greeted the Sect Master, before silently standing within Blue Parasol Sect’s crowd.

“Sect Master Lin, among the sects, Blue Parasol Sect has the most disciples, and the most capable people.” A middle-aged man walked out, and spoke to Blue Parasol Sect Master. “This place was also found by the disciples of Blue Parasol Sect, I wonder if there’s a method to enter?” Lin Yu was carrying a difficult expression as well. Initially, these ruins appeared within Blue Parasol Sect’s domain, and it was already really uncomfortable to have various clans and sects force their way in to hunt for treasures without notifying him. Now, after realizing they did not have the capabilities to enter the place, they even wanted Blue Parasol Sect to stand out and take the lead? He was really unsatisfied with the behaviour of the various sects.

“Sect Master Wu, my apologies.” He courteously smiled. “If we had known about any methods to enter the place, why would we have waited till now? Though I have heard that Rise Point Sect had already arrived two days ago to investigate this place, I believe you must be more familiar with the place.”

Rise Point Sect Master was struck with a reversal, and also found out that his opponent did not know of any methods to break through the sword formation either. Not to mention, the other party seemed to grown even more cautious of him now. Thus, he no longer spoke up about having Blue Parasol Sect taking the lead, and turned around to discuss about other possible tactics with the rest.

However, with the sheer large number of clans and sects, the number of opinions were large as well. For every suggestion spoken, there were definitely people who rejected it. The various sects continued to discuss about this matter, and even after a long while, there still wasn’t a single conclusion. Instead, their arguments seemed to be grow even more intense as they spoke.

Seeing that they weren’t united, Zhu Yao felt at ease. It seemed like these people wanting to break her master’s Five Way Nine Circulation Heavenly Thunder Formation was simply a joke. She really was worried for nothing. Just when were they going to stop arguing? She was about to fall asleep soon.

“Big Sis Yao.” Yue Ying suddenly appeared behind her.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. “Why did you come?”

“I followed master here.” He replied.

Zhu Yao looked at her surroundings. Ho? She realized Blue Parasol Sect seemed to have expended quite a generous amount of manpower this time, as their three Nascent Soul practitioners were all here. It seemed like this place was something they had to obtain no matter what. “Big Sis Yao, come over here.” Yue Ying pulled Zhu Yao back a few steps. Leaving the crowd, he suddenly reached out to grab her waist, flew up, and landed on a branch. “It’s clearer to see from up here.”

He pointed below where the crowd of people of various sects were arguing without end. The position they were in was pretty high up, and it was possible to see every single person present with a single glance. It was indeed a good spot. Zhu Yao gave him a thumbs up. “Good job!”

Yue Ying gave a gentle smile, as he turned around and passed her a bag of snacks. “Do you want to eat something?

Such good service? Zhu Yao’s eyes instantly brightened, as she stroked Yue Ying’s head. Good son!

Opening the bag, she took a look inside, and was dumbfounded a moment later.

What was stored inside was none other a bunch of golden melon seeds of consistent size that filled the bag to the brim. The seeds were all plump and ripe, releasing a familiar sweet scent. Zhu Yao’s hands trembled. She suddenly raised her head, and unconsciously called out. “Shao Bai…”

“Big Sis, what happened?” Yue Ying was startled, as he said with a confused expression. “Who’s Shao Bai?”

“No… Nothing.” Zhu Yao suppressed the shock in her heart, and casually asked. “Why did you suddenly think of bringing me these?”

“While we were on the way here, we passed by a market run by mortals. I spotted a stall at the roadside selling these, so I bought it.” A hint of disappointment surfaced on Yue  Ying’s face. “Why? Big Sis Yao doesn’t like them?”

Zhu Yao hurriedly shook her head. “No, I love it… I love it very much.” So it was just a coincidence? That’s true. Yue Ying was Yue Ying himself, how he could possibly recall the matters of his past life?

“Is Big Sis Yao worried about Yu Yan?” Yue Ying spoke up coldly. Zhu Yao nodded. She did not hide the fact that her master had regained his cultivation from him.

“Big Sis Yao, you don’t have to worry. Based on these people’s abilities alone… “ He swept his gaze below with narrowed eyes, as though he was taking this seriously, but at the same time, taking this lightly as well. Closing in on Zhu Yao’s ear, he whispered. “None of them is capable of breaking that sword formation.”

She naturally knew that her master’s sword formation wasn’t simple, but she couldn’t deny that one in ten thousandth probability of it breaking. After all, there was already that Mary Sue bug present in this world, there might even be something that could break sword formations in a single second.

“Alright, then we will do it this way.” Over on that side, someone suddenly said this out loud. As though they had finally came up with a basic plan of action, everyone went back to their respective camps.

Blue Parasol Sect Master Lin Yu returned as well, but he first headed in the direction of the three Nascent Soul sovereigns, greeted them with a respectful bow, and began speaking about the results of their discussion. Zhu Yao wasn’t sure of the details they discussed about, but she could hear the Sect Master speak these words. “I humbly request the three Sovereigns to give their fullest aid.”

The expressions of the three sovereigns changed, looking as though they were hesitating. A hint of dissatisfaction could be seen from the creases of their brows. However, in the end, Xuan Xu was the first one who nodded, and the other sovereign agreed as well. Though, the only female sovereign Xuan Yin seemed to be hesitating a little.

She wondered if it was her imagination, but Zhu Yao had the feeling that Xuan Yin seemed to have looked in their direction, and from her eyes, it looked as though she was seeking for help.

Zhu Yao felt it was strange. Who was she looking at? Yue Ying?

Zhu Yao could not help but look at Yue Ying, however, he was still peeling off the melon seeds for her with a gentle smile, and he did not even bother raising his head. It must be her imagination. Yue Ying was her disciple, and the disciples had always been the ones listening to their masters, just when was there ever a master who would ask for his or her disciple’s opinions? In the next moment, the three Sovereigns had already rose into the skies on their swords, and they flew towards the lightning formation. At the same time, there were people from the various sects who simultaneously followed their lead, and after counting, there were eight of them. Furthermore, she was completely unable to see through their cultivation level, which proved that their cultivation level were all above hers.

Eight people, with one person in each direction, stopped at the corners of the ruins, and they took up art casting stances one after another.

Only then did Zhu Yao realize what they were trying to do, and she hurriedly stood up.

The hell, these people were trying to break the formation together!

Yue Ying however pulled her back, and said with a smile. “Big Sis Yao, it’s fine!”

Zhu Yao glanced at the eight people, and then looked back at Yue Ying, before she was able to endure the urge to stop them. The eight of them had already begun to cast their arts. Eight eye-piercing rays of light struck the boundaries of the formation at the same time. A glaring white light was released from the surroundings of the ruins, and one could hardly open his or her eyes from the blinding light. They could only hear a series of loud explosions constantly trembling in their ears.

Thenafter, the mighty pressure which had been enveloping the surrounding area suddenly disappeared. Even the gigantic lightning sword that had been encircling the ruins suddenly stopped moving as well.

“Success!” Xuan Xu’s face was filled with excitement, and his eyes instantly brightened. The faces of the other seven were filled with joy as well.

Just as they were about to fly in with their swords, that gigantic lightning sword seemed to have been affected by something, as it began to glow much brighter than the white light before. A pressure that could envelop the sky and topple the earth instantly came pressing down on the eight people.

“Not good! Hurry and flee!” Xuan Xu’s expression changed, as he turned and attempted to flee. However, it was already too late. Eight gigantic swords suddenly flew out from the formation. They instantly turned into eight lightning rays of light, and with an irresistible force, directly flew in the directions of the eight people. Before they could even react, they had already been struck off the sky by the heavenly lightning bolts, and were pinned to the ground.

Their dantians shook from the lightning strikes, and their divine senses turned unstable. Even their nascent souls were faintly aching from the attack, and some even had their cultivation fall by a small level. The once almighty Nascent Soul practitioners were presently lying on the ground together, unable to move an inch.

The smell of charred meat faintly suffused in the air.

Let alone the various disciples, the various sect masters themselves were unable to react to this sudden group collapse situation. None of them expected that the Nascent Soul practitioner team that represented the strongest force of this world would be eliminated this easily.

“This… How is this possible…” Some rubbed their eyes in disbelief. But this was not the end.

Before the crowd could even react, a terrifying pressure had already enveloped them. The venue which was still loud and bustling earlier, like toppled onions, fell onto the ground one after another. As though they were suddenly pressed by something, every single one of them crawled on the ground, unable to move an inch.

Some low-leveled disciples with poor foundation had even puked out blood and fainted right after.

Other than Zhu Yao and Yue Ying who were still on the tree. That terrifying pressure seemed to have especially detoured around the two of them, not affecting them in the slightest.


Though she understood that her master was a little overprotective, wasn’t this too obvious?

Should she… try to go along with everyone? “Aiya!” Zhu Yao lightly called out, fell onto the branch below and hugged onto it. She turned to look at Yue Ying who was still sitting upright, and then casually pulled him down as well.

Low-key, do you know what low-key means?

A cold voice transmitted from the skies. The voice wasn’t loud, yet it clearly resounded in everyone’s ears.

“Today’s matter will only be dealt with a small punishment. If such offense is made once again, there will definitely be heavy consequences!”

That voice carried spiritual energy, and with every word he said, the many people present could not help but puke out another mouthful of blood. After a single sentence, a large half of the disciples on the ground had already fainted. This terrifying strength was truly unheard of.

The Blue Parasol Sect Master was drenched in sweat. Suddenly recalling Zhu Yao’s words, he finally felt fearful. She mentioned that the person who could set up such a formation must definitely be a powerful expert, which he did not believe in the beginning. Now, he had no choice but to believe her words. He never expected that there was still a cultivation level in higher than the Nascent Soul realm, and it was so terrifyingly higher as well. For a moment, he was so regretful that his intestines were turning green. Among the people that came here today, Blue Parasol Sect had the most people. If they had truly angered that person today, then their sect would have been destroyed.

Fortunately, from the meaning behind his words, this powerful expert did not plan on pursing their offense.

However, that pressure had still yet to be retracted. Was there still something else?

As expected, a fiery red figure suddenly flew out from the ruins. A man dressed in a profound robe appeared before the crowd.

The pressure on the crowd instantly disappeared.

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded for a moment, and then, she suddenly widened her eyes. This person… Who was he?

Just as the crowd of people were making guesses if this person was actually that powerful expert, he said. “My lord has an order. A tribulation will soon befall upon this world, since you people have found this place, then it can be considered as the work of destiny.” The profoundly dressed man swept a glance at the crowd. “He will bestow a mystic artifact to the world in order to pass this tribulation.”

Mystic artifact!

The crowd’s eyes instantly shone. Who would have expected that a situation like this would happen? They began to crawl up one after another. After all, they were all here to search for treasures. They never expected that after kicking a metal plate, a treasure would unexpectedly fall off from that metal plate.

“Fellow daoist.” Lin Yu greeted the man, and courteously said. “May we know of your lord’s name? And what is the name of this palace?”

The man raised his head and said without a mind. “My lord is Lord Yu Yan of Jade Forest Peak.” Zhu Yao: “…”

She finally believed that this person was dispatched by her master.

But if you want to act cool, at the very least, change your name, hey! Is it really alright to use the name Jade Forest Peak like this?

Jade Forest Peak was a mountain, but this was clearly a palace! Only ghosts would believe you, right!

“I see!” Lin Yu said in an understanding manner. “Earlier, we have made countless offenses, and I hope your esteemed lord would forgive us.”

The hell, there’s someone who actually believes his words!

“Fellow daoist, about the mystic artifact which you said your lord will bestow us…” Finally, he came to the main point. In an instant, everyone’s eyes shuffled over one after another. “Choose a destined person to follow me into the palace to retrieve it.” The man said.

Lin Yu turned joyous, and just when he was about to volunteer himself. “Then I shall…”

“Choose her then!” That man looked around, and when  he saw Zhu Yao on the tree, his expression instantly brightened. He walked over with huge strides, and then waved at her while standing under the tree.

As though his image had suddenly changed, his eyes shone as he looked at her. “It’s you then. Come, follow me  into  the palace, meow~”


The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she finally recognized this person before her.

This habit of wanting to reach out his paw towards her, wasn’t this that Risefire Beast? When was it capable of taking up a human form? And what was with that “meow” earlier? What happened to that esteemed and cold image earlier?

Don’t look at me with drool on your face, hey!

“To the palace, to the palace!” The Risefire Beast raised its two hands towards her. In front of her eyes, it was as though she was looking at that four-legged beastie, reaching its two front paws towards her, and pleading her to hold its paws with sparkling eyes.


Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Lin Yu who was at the side was casting glances at her, hoping that she would agree immediately.

Zhu Yao sighed, and understood in a second that her master must have something to instruct her with. Thus, he came up with an excuse, and dispatched the Risefire Beast to find her.

So, she immediately leapt down from the tree. “Then I will have to trouble fellow daoist to lead the way.” With slight disappointment, the Risefire Beast looked at its two paws which merely caught empty air. Pouting its small lips, it looked as though it was about to cry, but it still obediently turned into a ray of white light and flew in the direction of the ruins.

Riding on her sword, Zhu Yao followed close behind.

The huge sword that was encircling the ruins automatically split itself, revealing a passageway behind it.

When the Risefire Beast returned to the ruins, it turned back to that huge beastie, and brought her to the teleportation formation. Those pair of bell-like beast eyes finally could not endure it any longer and large amount of disheartened tears came pouring down, as though it had suffered the worst of grievances.

A familiar, tender voice resounded. “She doesn’t  like  me… She doesn’t want to hold my paws… Doesn’t want to hold my paws… Wuuuuuu….”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Sighing, she stepped forward and hugged its four hoofs, before walking into the teleportation formation.

The scenery changed, and she once again returned to that mustard seed dimensional space.

A figure dressed in a snow-white robe appeared before her eyes. With a light smile, he reached out his two hands towards her.

Another one!?

Chapter213: I Want To Bear Monkeys For You

When did master become so abnormal like the Risefire Beast?

But, even if he’s abnormal… I like it!


“Master!” Zhu Yao pounced, and hugged onto the person in front of her. As expected, when it came to taking the initiative for a hug, her master still did it the best.

Yu Yan’s body stiffened, as he raised his hands to pick off the leaves on her head. Was his stupid disciple acting on her bad habits again? He sighed, but rather than pushing her away, he embraced her even tighter. Suddenly, he felt that getting along like this was actually rather comfortable, so he did not feel like letting her go.

“Master, were you looking for me?” Zhu Yao rubbed about.

“Mn.” Yu Yan stroked her hair, and lightly said. “Your master has sensed an anomaly with the spiritual energy at the northern edge of this continent. Something seems to be gathering there, and in less than ten days, chaos will ensue.”

Zhu Yao was startled, as she hurriedly raised her head and took a step back. “The extreme north? What’s gathering over there?”

Seeing that his arms were now empty, Yu Yan frowned with dissatisfaction. He glanced at the distance between the two of them, and then, pulled his disciple back. “The spiritual energy in that direction is disoriented, and carries a malicious aura. They are most probably demonic beasts.”

“Demonic beasts… You’re saying…”

“Yu Yao… a beast wave is approaching.”

Beast wave!

This soon? Wasn’t it said that a beast wave would only occur once every hundred years? She clearly recalled in the scenario that the next wave would occur fifty years later. And it was because of that wave, the Beast Lord was unexpectedly injured and saved by Mary Sue, thereafter, the main route of constant death courting and world destruction would be activated.

Why was it pushed forward by such a large extent all of a sudden?

“With the beast wave assaulting, every clan and sect must face them with their entire force.” He slowly said. “Yu Yao, have you done your preparations?”

“Uh…” Could she say that she simply did not expect this event at all?

Yu Yan sighed, as though he had already guessed it. “Though you have already formed your Azoth Core, you are still not completely safe from the beast wave.” With a wave of his hand, a familiar red fan then appeared on his hand. “In these few days, your master has refined this weapon for you.”

“This is…” Zhu Yao’s eyes shone.

“Back then at Jade Forest Peak, you were most proficient with this weapon. So I have prepared this for you.”

“Master…” As expected, he was the best master who could move the world, for him to have even considered this for her. This fan-type weapon looked exactly the same as the first weapon her master had given her back then. However, back then, it was just an elementary rank artifact, while this one was sixth-ranked. Look at the streaks of lightning that were faintly flowing at the base of the fan, this was actually even imbued with the lightning attribute.

So moving. She had arrived in this world for so many days, but even her current flying sword was the uniformed one provided by the sect, and it had long been incredibly damaged as well. Presently, she finally had a weapon of her own.

“Thank you, master.”

“Mn!” Yu Yan nodded. And then, as though he was acting out a magic trick, he took out a storage pouch, and began to take items out one by one.

“This is a flying sword, engraved on it is a defensive mystic art which is capable of suppressing a Demigod practitioner’s full frontal attack.”

She indeed required a transportation tool. Received.

“This is a seventh ranked talisman formation. If you are in trouble, you can use this.”

There was actually a talisman formation too. Received.

“This is a Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning Talisman. I sealed an Ascension Tribulation Lightning within it.”

A talisman? She probably wouldn’t be able to use it, right?

“And there’s several mystic robes as well. Didn’t you like your master’s robe back then? I made a similar one.”

“…” No, I just wanted to strip you.

“And there’s several others. You can choose to change into them too.” “…” Why did she have the feeling that she was going for a vacation?

“And there’s a few snacks. If you ever get tired from killing demonic beasts, you can try them. Don’t eat medicinal pellets, they are not good for your cultivation.”

“…” Master, I’m going to kill demonic beasts, not going for a vacation, hey.

“Yu… Yao!”


“Do you still have… periods?”


“If you still have them, then your master will have to prepare…” cloth menstrual pads. “I’m returning now, bye!”

Zhu Yao finally understood why her master’s life skills were so top-notch. He was lonely.

She had only been gone for a few days, and he had already prepared a huge bunch of stuffs. In order to prevent him form taking out anything shameless, Zhu Yao wisely fled.

The beast wave happening in advance was definitely a huge matter. Zhu Yao instantly told this piece of information to the various clans and sects, and their faces sank a little after hearing the news.

“The beast wave have always happened once in a hundred years, why is it happening earlier than usual for no reason?” Xuan Xu was the first to bring up his doubts, and his tone even faintly carried a hint of suspicion.

Good question, she wanted to know too.

“It’s the lord inside who personally told me this. I don’t know the actual reason behind it, but if you harbour any suspicions, you can ask him yourself.” Zhu Yao sent his suspicions back at him.

As expected, Xuan Xu’s face immediately darkened. Evidently, he recalled that embarrassing scene of being unable to even get through the formation earlier. He had always disliked Zhu Yao, and asking this question was actually to make things difficult for her. However, he never expected that he would be the one who would get the short end of the stick.

“Since the lord has this prophecy, then it shouldn’t be false.” Sect Master Lin Yu came forward to mediate the situation, and said while looking at Zhu Yao. “Junior-martial sister Zhu, earlier, the lord said he would bestow a mystic artifact, I wonder…”

When he asked this, the rest of the people instantly straightened their ears, and looked at Zhu Yao with sparkling eyes.

Zhu Yao did not hide it either. Loosening the storage pouch, various mystic artifacts numbering in the high hundreds instantly flew out with the wave of her hand. Mystic artifacts, from third to seventh ranked, were kept within. Furthermore, the key point was that these were all mystic artifacts of the extreme grade.

The crowd stared blankly at this scene. Refining artifacts below the fifth rank was not difficult, as long as its a sect that was above third-rate, then there would be people who would be capable of refining one. However, extreme grade artifacts could not be refined by any regular person. Even if it was a seventh ranked artificer, he might not even be able to refine an extreme grade artifact after refining several thousand times. However, there were actually more than a hundred of them here!

There were already practitioners beginning to pinch their own faces, to ascertain they weren’t dreaming.

“The lord said that these artifacts have a certain degree of spirituality, and would choose their most suitable wielders on their own. So, only the destined ones will be able to receive them.” Zhu Yao explained.

As expected, in the next instant, several hundred weapons began to dance in the sky on their own. After spiraling a few rounds, each one of them flew to the people’s sides, and all those who obtained one had excited expressions on their faces. The rest could only sigh at their bad luck of not being chosen by the artifacts. Zhu Yao suddenly felt like she was a tycoon scattering money on the streets.

Willfulness comes with riches!

Actually, these weapons were not prepared by her master. It had only been a month since she returned to Blue Parasol Sect, even if her master was so incredible, it was impossible for him to refine so many artifacts in a single month. These were all artifacts that originated from the ruins itself. She was just leading away a goat in pa… Ah pui, she was just presenting a borrowed flower to Buddha.

As for this choosing their owners on their own situation, it was just something she came up with. She had merely set down a formation, and allowed the artifacts to fly randomly before falling back down. Otherwise, looking at the personalities of the people in the various sects, they would argue again over the ownership of these artifacts. Wasn’t this a better option? There’s no rush, nor the need to fight over.

Zhu Yao satisfyingly looked around for a moment, only to see a fourth ranked red damask was flying towards the right, and the person standing there was… Mary Sue! Yi Ling carried an excited expression, and her eyes had already begun to shine. Just as she was about to reach her hand up to grab it, Zhu Yao’s fingers moved, and that red damask spun, landing in Lin Xiang’s hands instead.

Yi ling’s face instantly darkened, and that pure and kind face of hers was close to collapsing.

Mn, that’s right, she’s that short tempered!

“Big Sis Yao, what about me?” A voice transmission suddenly sounded in her mind. Yue Ying stood behind her with a gentle smile, as though he had seen through everything.

Zhu Yao turned around and passed a bag of spicy gluten onto his hands. “Good boy.”


“Junior-martial sister Zhu.” Lin Xiang received an extreme grade sixth ranked artifact as well, and he kept it with a joyful expression. He asked. “Did you find out the cultivation level of the lord who bestowed us these artifacts?” “Demigod.” To be exact, he was a High Deity.

“Demigod?” Lin Xiang was stunned for a moment. “What is a Demigod?”

“The large realm after the Nascent Soul realm is the Demigod realm.”


A large number of people suddenly held their breaths, as though they had no idea how to react. Though they faintly guessed that the lord’s cultivation level was definitely above the Nascent Soul realm, no one had expected that his cultivation level was higher by a large realm. In this world where the highest cultivation level was merely the Nascent Soul realm, the crowd was a little fazed by this incredible information. Could it be that ascending into deities was not a myth, and could actually be done?

The remains distr… ahem, the artifact distribution activity thus harmoniously ended. In the end, Blue Parasol Sect became the largest winner as they had the most people present. Because of that lie she came up with, about the destined ones would receive them, the thoughts of fighting over the artifacts were quelled. After the distribution, not only did the crowd not begin a fight, they even began to merrily discuss about the arrangements for the beast wave.

This was the first time Zhu Yao was facing the so-called beast wave. She was unclear if it was because of the butterfly effect, but the scenario had already intensely diverted away from the former route. Though, the number of harem  members  Mary Sue collected did not decrease because of it.

But, the beast wave had actually been brought forward by fifty years. Initially, Yi Ling would meet the Beast Lord after she had built her Foundation, and because the two of them would conduct practitioner-pair activities, she would immediately form her Azoth Core. From then on, she then walked on the path towards the summit of life.

Yi Ling was however presently still an Essence realm disciple. No matter how ferocious the beast wave would be, the various sects would not dispatch an Essence realm disciple to the frontlines. With this thought in mind, she suddenly felt that she had gotten it off easy this time.

However! Five days later, a piece of news came, allowing Zhu Yao to truly experience the incredible power of plot. Yi Ling successfully built her Foundation. An elementary-stage Essence realm disciple suddenly built her Foundation within five days. This piece of news came too quickly, and was simply unbelievable.

The official explanation was: On that day at the ruins, she was enlightened, and comprehended the intricacies after her return. Then, she immediately built her Foundation.

Zhu Yao had a feeling that this trip was not going to be simple.

Eight days later, news came from the north. The demonic beasts had already begun to gather, and were soon about to launch an attack.

Blue Parasol Sect dispatched all their disciples who were at the Foundation realm and above. Among the Azoth practitioners, other than the Sect Master who remained, all of them had gone over, and leading the party was Sovereign Xuan Xu.

When Zhu Yao pulled Yue Ying to the gathering  location, Xuan Xu was already leading everyone at the square in front of the hall for preparations. She wondered if it was her imagination, but she felt that Xuan Xu’s mood today was especially good. Even that dead creased look he always had, had turned gentler by quite a bit. When he saw Zhu Yao, he merely frowned before diverting away his line of sight, and did not intentionally made things difficult.

As expected, Yi Ling was present as well. However, what was different was there weren’t a bunch of men surrounding her like usual. Instead, she lowered her head, and closely followed behind Xuan Xu.

Xuan Xu loudly declared their departure, and summoned his own weapon. Then, he turned around a cupped Yi Ling’s waist, and the two of them rode on the same sword. The two of them were master and disciple, so this was not a matter to be usually concerned about. However, Yi Ling’s face flushed from shyness. She pressed her two hands on his chest and abnormally struggled a little, but there wasn’t any effect, instead, she seemed to have leaned even closer to Xuan Xu.

Zhu Yao  widened  her  eyes,  and  her  heart  skipped  a  bit.
Suddenly, she thought of a possibility.

These two… they couldn’t have done it, right? She glanced at Xuan Xu who was full of spirits. This development was a little too quick, right? She suddenly recalled a certain someone who was trapped in that mustard seed dimensional space…

Many years had already passed, and he was still completely pure.

-scratches wall-

Master, learn a thing or two from this person!

“Big Sis Yao.” Zhu Yao felt her artifact sink a little. Yue Ying seemed to have stepped on her artifact with one of his feet, and he looked at her with a hopeful look. “Can you bring me along? I don’t have my own artifact yet, and I don’t have sufficient spiritual energy, so I can’t fly that far.”

“Ou.” Just as she was about to agree.

With a flash of white light, her fan suddenly opened. It traveled a short distance and immediately shot Yue Ying away. On the red fan, a row of words suddenly appeared. “The Devil and dog are not allowed on the fan!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Hoho, master, you’re so childish.

In the end, Zhu Yao could only pull out a flying artifact which she had additionally prepared, and passed it to Yue Ying. This would save him some spiritual energy.

I’m sorry Yue Ying, for not being able to have you look cool by riding on my artifact.

This journey had them fly for eight hours before arriving at their destination. However, it was where the beast wave was located, but a town governed by practitioners. The various sects and clans had already agreed to converge at this place. When they arrived, many practitioners were already there.

The various sects spoke some courteous words, waited for all members to be gathered, before heading off together to where the beast wave would occur. As they approached their destination, Zhu Yao felt the air was growing heavier. She could feel the pressure coming from in front of her, and her emotions began to stir a little.

“Sesame, can you sense those demonic beasts? Are there many of them?” Zhu Yao internally viewed her divine sense.

“There’s many…” Sesame carried a look of uncertainty.

Zhu Yao frowned, and could not help but ask. “Those demonic beasts can’t possibly act like the Risefire Beast, and like to have people grab their paws, right?” If that was the case, forget about stopping the beast wave, she definitely wouldn’t make a move at all.

“They won’t!”

Phew, that’s good to hear.

“If mistress releases that the aura back then, their only desire would be to bear monkeys for you.” “…”

“Mistress, can you promise me?” Sesame suddenly said with a serious tone.


“Let me give you your first monkey.”

“Scram!” Go find your own ‘divine’ partner.

This lady doesn’t like monkeys! She made a decision. She would definitely seal this World Favourable Impression forever.

“Mistress! You’re so heartless, so unrighteous, and so nonsensical.”

“… Do you believe I will take you out and throw you over to Yi Ling?”

“No!” Sesame let out a miserable cry. “I don’t like two-legged beings.”


A long while later…


“What is it this time?”

“I forgot to mention this. From my senses, the aura of the beast wave over there is a little chaotic. It’s very unnatural.”


Would it have killed you to this tell me this important piece of information earlier!?

Chapter214: War Between Humans And Beasts

Only after arriving at the edge of the border did Zhu Yao truly understand the difference this world had. A forest was in front of her eyes, yet it was split into two. On this side, it was lush green, while it was withered and old on the other, as though there was something deliberately separating them, forming two completely different worlds.

From afar, she could already hear the loud thrashing noises, accompanied by constant voices that resounded through the clouds. On the other side of the forest, it was densely packed with various types of demonic beasts, occupying half the entire skyline. They were presently thrashing against the barrier at the center in a desperate manner.

The barrier was huge, as though it was enveloping across this entire world, forming a gigantic transparent firmament keeping all of the demonic beasts isolated outside. She never expected such a huge barrier actually existed in this world that could protect the entire deity practitioner’s territory. Even her master couldn’t possibly design a formation as enormous as this one.

“The demonic beasts are about to break through, everyone, safeguard the formation core.” She didn’t know who shouted this, but according to the discussed plan, the various sects scattered in their own respective directions.

Zhu Yao followed the Blue Parasol Sect disciples and immediately descended at the front of the forest, in front of her eyes was that transparent barrier, and further up front was a gigantic demonic beast desperately thrashing against the barrier. That was actually an eighth ranked Earth Swallowing Beast, an earth-based demonic beast with tremendous strength.

“Prepare to engage.” Xuan Xu kept his command short and immediately had everyone summon their weapons, as he sternly watched the other side.

Zhu Yao was however a little curious of that formation. This was still the first time she had seen such a huge formation, and strangely, she was standing so close to it, but she couldn’t feel the least bit of spiritual energy flowing about. It must be made clear that the larger a formation was, the amount of spiritual energy required would correspondingly increase. In regards to this one which enveloped the entire continent, for spiritual energy to be undetectable, just how talented must that formation expert be to actually make this possible?

Although this formation was exquisite, under the desperate thrashing from that Earth Swallowing Beast, there were faint traces of it being broken through. The barrier that was initially transparent began to grow cracks, and the barrier wall was even concaving by a little, as though it was being drilled into.

The hearts of the disciples on the scene instantly tightened, as they firmly grasped the mystic artifacts in their hands.

Finally, right after several dozen thrashes, that demonic beast broke out a small entrance, and speedily sprung towards the other side of the barrier. With a flash of bright light, a gigantic figure descended upon the human crowd. Its entire body was sparkling with flowing light, as it roared towards the sky. Its voice resounded across the clouds, causing stirs in the people’s hearts and minds.

Xuan Xu was the first to act. A gigantic fire ball instantly enveloped the entire demonic beast, and he sliced down his spiritual sword straight towards it. However, the demonic beast dodged, and immediately appeared ten feet away from him. The flowing light on his body began to dim as well, revealing a gigantic black seventh ranked demonic beast.

Zhu Yao widened her eyes, and was in a little disbelief. “Sesame, do you see this?”

“How did this happen?” Right from the start, Zhu Yao had been broadcasting everything that was happening outside to Sesame. “This… This beast dropped a rank.”

“Do you have an idea of what’s going on?”

“I don’t know either.” Sesame’s face was filled with doubts as well, and a while later, it said. “It’s probably due to that layer of flowing light on its body.”

Flowing light? That layer of light only appeared after the demonic beast broke through the barrier. Was it due to that formation then? But just what formation could forcefully drop a demonic beast’s rank?

Zhu Yao turned back to take a look, only to see the barrier that was broken through by that demonic beast earlier had already been restored, as though it had never been damaged in the first place. This barrier could repair itself on its own?

Before Zhu  Yao  could  even  ponder  about  it,  that  demonic beast had already begun to pounce towards them.

She was standing quite far behind in the first place, afraid that her beast luring physique would cause a mess. However, because of Xuan Xu’s attack, that demonic beast seemed to have realize that it couldn’t defeat him. Hence, he  immediately turned about and charged towards the area with the most people.

This place mostly consisted of Foundation disciples, so how could they possibly retaliate against a seventh ranked demonic beast? Everyone had no choice but to scatter away on their swords one after another. Zhu Yao grabbed onto Yue Ying and flew up like everyone else.

However, probably due to her bad luck, that demonic beast was actually still hot on her tail, as it pounced in her direction.

The hell, this vile beast luring body!

Zhu Yao summoned several thousands and hundreds of vines to entangle that demonic beast, preventing it from moving. The rest of the disciples took this opportunity to smash it with their mystic arts. However, the demonic beast, with its coarse skin and thick muscles, was simply unafraid of those mystic arts, and instead was enraged by the crowd.

A wild roar sounded.

The ground began to collapse inch by inch, and it split apart like an earthquake. Wood-based mystic arts relied on the earth in the first place, and now that they had lost their rooting support of the ground, Zhu Yao’s vines couldn’t be maintained any longer and loosened themselves. The demonic beast escaped from the entanglement, and as though it was carrying flames of fury that could surge through the skies, it jumped.

In her direction!

Why was it her again? There are others who played a part in the attacks earlier, you know?

She wanted to dodge, however, a pressure that was comparable to that of an early stage Nascent Soul practitioner came pushing forward. Zhu Yao stumbled, and instantly felt an aura that turned her breathing heavy. With widening eyes, she looked at that fast approaching demonic beast. This was… killing intent!

A killing intent so dense it sent chills down her entire body.

This demonic beast was different from the Risefire Beast, it really wanted to kill her!

With heightened senses, Zhu Yao summoned her own weapon, and waved the open fan. In an instant, several hundreds of wind blades that carried along lightning sparks were formed, and they struck directly at that seventh ranked demonic beast.

Loud explosions rang constantly, and that demonic beast instantly released an ear-piercing cry. Several charred black wounds appeared on its body, and it immediately fell from the sky.

The pressure on Zhu Yao’s body was removed, and she speedily brought Yue Ying away from that clearing.

That demonic beast struggled, and it madly wanted to give chase and attack her. Suddenly, a gigantic spiritual sword fell straight from the sky, piercing the demonic beast in an instant. The madness in the demonic beast’s eyes then began to gradually disappear, until they finally lose all their light. Riding on his sword, Xuan Xu stopped above the demonic beast. Looking down at the demonic beast, after confirming that it had lost all signs of life, he then retracted his own sword intent.

“Mistress, this demonic beast… is a little strange.” Sesame suddenly spoke.


Zhu Yao naturally realized this as well. She felt that this demonic beast was intentionally targeting her, as though it wouldn’t stop till she was dead. Yesterday, she was still a good girl beloved by beasts, why was it completely reversed today? You beasties are really fickle, aren’t you?

Before she could even understand the situation, there was once again a commotion at the barrier.

This time, outside the barrier, there were about five demonic beasts thrashing against it at the same time. They were  all demonic beasts of sixth to eighth rank, and were desperately attacking the barrier as though they were incited by some sort of command. A moment later, several rays of white light flashed once again, and those few demonic beasts appeared before their eyes.

And like before, their ranks had all dropped, and some even fell by two ranks.

The moment they landed on the ground, they came charging wildly at the crowd.

Zhu Yao faintly realized that after all the demonic beasts had landed on the ground, their first reaction was to charge in her direction.

So it was not her imagination, these beasties seemed to be treating her as the target with the highest aggro, and every single one of them wished to give her a good bite.

The hell, what happened to the promised harmony between humans and animals?

Fortunately, there were many people here, and none of them realized this anomaly. However, she couldn’t bring someone along with her any longer.

“Yue Ying, stay further away from me.” Zhu Yao turned her head and instructed. Presently, Yue Ying was merely at the Foundation realm, and Zhu Yao had initially wanted to protect him. However from the current situation, it would be more dangerous to have him by her side.

“Why?” His expression sank, looking as though he was about to cry as he held onto her sleeves. “Big Sis Yao…”

“It’s not safe by my side. Find a place to protect yourself well.” Zhu Yao stroked his head. “Don’t make a move unless you’re confident of yourself, understand?”


After instructing as such, Zhu Yao did not care if he approved of her decision, as she turned about and went in the opposite direction. One fifth ranked demonic beast instantly changed its direction, and flew towards her. Yue Ying silently stood on the ground, and simply stared intensely at that figure who was battling with that demonic beast. With a sunken expression, his eyes slightly narrowed, and it felt as though there was boundless anger scattering forth. That demonic beast which was full of vim and vigor earlier, suddenly tilted its body fell from the sky. The surrounding disciples did not miss this opportunity, and swarmed towards the demonic beast to kill it.

Everyone spent a total of more than an hour, before they finally cleared off the second wave of demonic beasts.

However, even more demonic beasts had appeared to thrash the barrier.

“There’s actually still more of them!” There were already disciples who were heavily injured, and some began to discuss with fatigue expressions. “Why are there so many demonic beasts this time?”

“That’s right, usually, there isn’t a situation where five or six of them appear at the same time.”

“Even seventh ranked demonic beasts have appeared, aren’t they usually fifth rank at most?”

“We still have no clue of what demonic beast will appear after this.”

“That’s right, if only we’re able to see the situation over at the demonic beasts’ side.”

“If only we could see them…”

Zhu Yao was startled, as she looked at those gigantic demonic beasts which were simply thrashing against the barrier. It was clearly a transparent barrier, and the ones outside were seventh ranked as well.

They… can’t see them?

“Prepare yourselves, the next wave of demonic beasts is coming.” Xuan Xu loudly reminded, as he stared intensely at the barrier which was ringing constantly, while protecting Yi Ling behind his back. The rest stopped their idle chatter as well, as they prepared to battle with all their might.

The following waves gave Zhu Yao a stronger feeling that this matter was really strange. The demonic beasts kept growing in numbers. In the beginning, there were only a few of them. Later on, the number of demonic beasts breaking through the barrier grew. Initially, with their superiority in numbers, Blue Parasol Sect was still able to barely cope with the situation. However, as time passed, injuries and deaths began to occur.

The demonic beasts began to grow even wilder as well, as they began their massacre the moment they entered. The battle was tragic beyond expectations, and the ground was already completely stained with the blood of the disciples and demonic beasts, to the point were it could soon form a river. However, the number of demonic beasts gathered outside the barrier grew even more, and when Zhu Yao took a look, her heart almost stopped.

It was completely dark and ominous, the entire place was filled with demonic beasts thrashing about.

As the battle prolonged, even Xuan Xu’s face was turning a little pale. Evidently, this situation was out of his initial expectations as well.

Zhu Yao felt that something was wrong, even more so than before. It shouldn’t be like this. Theoretically, though demonic beasts were united, they were undisciplined and free-minded. Ones that wildly attack human practitioners such as these were still rarely seen. Furthermore, they were breaking in without the slightest of hesitation, even if their ranks would drop.

Unless there were some sort of reason behind their actions.

With a loud blast, a fourth ranked demonic beast fell onto a place not far from her.

It only had single breath left, yet its bell-like eyes were glaring straight in her direction, its eyes were filled with wild killing intent. Suddenly, a sunken and coarse male voice resounded in her ears.

“Kill! Kill! Kill… Kill…”

As though it had fallen into an infinite loop, this single word constantly repeated without end. Zhu Yao was dumbfounded, only then did she recall that this character of hers seemed to be able to hear the voices of demonic beasts. The battler earlier was too chaotic, and she had neglected it for a moment. Taking in a deep breath to calm herself down, she attentively listened to the surrounding sounds.

However, in her amazement, she realized that not just that demonic beast on the ground, no matter if the demonic beasts were outside or had already entered the barrier, they were all repeating a single word.

“Kill! Kill! Kill… Kill…”

“Kill! Kill! Kill… Kill…”

“Kill! Kill! Kill… Kill…”

This… What’s with this feeling of deja vu of a viral infection situation?

After a careful look, even the crazed look in those demonic beasts’ eyes were similar, as though… they were being controlled.

When these thoughts came about, a clear sounds faintly resounded in her ears. It sounded similar to a  flute,  yet  more crisp than a flute. That sound was concealed within the  angry roars of the beasts, and could be heard at random intervals. If not because she had especially calm herself down to hear the voices of the beasts, she simply wouldn’t have found this out.

Zhu Yao immediately released her divine sense, and headed towards the direction of the whistling sound.

On the other side of the barrier, behind the dark and ominous herd of beasts, a black figure was mixed within. It was actually a human figure! And in his hands, he was holding onto an instrument-like object and was presently blowing it, releasing rhythmic sounds. And with every sound, the demonic beasts thrashing the barrier would put in more effort than before, and the demonic beasts that entered would be crazier than the ones before them. Furthermore, there were even demonic beasts that had begun to self destruct their own demonic cores.

The hell, this bitch is controlling this herd of demonic beasts! Ting!

Zhu Yao who found out the truth, had a conversation window pop out in front of her.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. What’s this sidequest? When did she accept it? And what’s with that ‘2’? Why was it written on its own separate line, hey?

This is vulgarity, right? You’re cursing at me, right? You’re definitely cursing at me!

The conversation  window  flashed  for  a  moment,  before  it disappeared again. It even forwent the part of asking her to accept the quest.

Was he betting that she definitely wouldn’t reject it?

Well… She was indeed unable to reject it.

Momma’s egg. That black-robed man is holding onto a god’s artifact in his hands, right? That’s why he’s able to control the beast wave.

Turning her head back, she saw the tragic battlefield on this side. It seemed that only by seizing the god’s artifact from that man’s hands could this truly end.

The main problem was…

How was she going to get there!?

That person was on the other side of the barrier, and she was not a demonic beast either. With how high-end this barrier was, even if she dug through the ground, she wouldn’t be able to drill her way to the other side!

Just as Zhu Yao was in a panic, she looked towards a demonic beast that had just passed through the barrier. Maybe…

“Big Sis Yao.” Just as she was dazed for a moment, a demonic beast came pouncing forward. In a flash, Yue Ying carried her away from her original spot and inspected her with slight anxiety. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” No matter what, she had to try. “Yue Ying, shield me for a moment.”

“Alright.” Yue Ying habitually nodded.

Zhu Yao patted a high ranked defensive talisman onto his body. She then first placed down a barrier around herself, and used lightning spiritual energy to envelop her entire body. Focusing her entire mind, she stared at the barrier, until that moment when a demonic beast broke through the barrier and flew in with flowing light enveloping its body.

At the same time, she soared into the skies, and before the barrier could restore itself, she took the opportunity to pass through it!

However, the barrier restored itself very quickly. Before she could fly through it, it had already begun to recover.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. Anxiously, she circulated all of the spiritual energy in her body, and accelerated herself. For a moment, it was as though her entire being had turned into a firecracker.


Boom. She fell within the herd of beasts!

Raising her head, her entire vision was filled with pair after pair of crazed, bloodshot eyes.

Hoho… She wondered if they would believe her if she said she was just passing by?

Chapter215: May I Ask Who’s Soon?

Though the way she fell had some problems, Zhu Yao still weakly raised one of her hands.



Replying her were numerous beastly roars, and her eardrums shook from the shockwave.

“There’s actually someone stupid enough to send herself here to seek death.” A sinister voice sounded. The herd of beasts suddenly split into two sides, spontaneously making a path at the center. A black robed man then confidently walked over. In his hands was an instrument that looked like a combination of a fan and flute, and rainbow flowing lights were faintly emitting out from it. The man first glanced at her with disdain, and then revealed a dark and dangerous smile. Waving his hand, he commanded. “Kill her!”

The demonic beast herd pounced at her at the same time. “Sesame!” Zhu Yao immediately released Sesame who was in her divine sense. In any case, the people within the barrier couldn’t see the situation here, so she didn’t have any worries.

“Ouuu~~ ┗|`o′|┛”

Sesame appeared from thin air and squashed about five eighth ranked demonic beasts to death. Then, with a sweep of its tail, it toppled a bunch of them, and then pounced towards the man.

The black robed man coldly laughed, and then flew into the skies, dodging Sesame’s attack in a flash.

Now! Zhu Yao grasped onto this opportunity, and pulled out that Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning Talisman, pouring spiritual energy into it to activate it.

Naturally, she wouldn’t send herself out to die, she had long prepared a detailed plan. She would first immediately release Sesame. Though there might be a huge number of demonic beasts, they were all below ninth rank, while Sesame was an ascended demonic immortal, so naturally it wouldn’t be afraid of these little beasties. The one she had to pay attention to the most was this man. He was a demonic beast as well, and he could already take up a human form, proving that he was a tenth ranked  demonic beast.

She really had to thank her master for giving her this talisman, as sealed inside it was an Ascension Tribulation Purple Extreme Lightning, and no matter how incredible a demonic beast was, it was impossible for the demonic beast to block against it.

So, when Zhu Yao saw that he was approaching this way, she immediately pulled out the talisman, and circulated her spiritual energy. “Heavenly Lightning…” Fall!

The sound of a flute resounded, as that man suddenly lowered his head and blew into the instrument in his hands.

Zhu Yao’s talisman was in the midst of activation, when suddenly, the air and blood in her chest began to surge and tumble. A pressure so powerfully irresistible came assaulting her from all directions, and she instantly puked out a mouthful of blood. Sesame, who was still arrogantly sweeping through the herd of demonic beasts earlier, loudly crashed onto the ground by that pressure as well, and after struggling for a few moments, it couldn’t move any longer.



Zhu Yao was shocked to find out that her own spiritual energy had stopped circulating, as though the circulation had been deliberately stopped. Just what was that sound?

“You sure do have some skills.” That man stopped the music, and inspected Zhu Yao with a pair of narrowed eyes. In an instant, his expression turned cold. “Then, I can’t let you off.”

He slowly descended from the sky, and walked towards her a step at a time.

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. This time, she had miscalculated. The man stopped two steps away from her, the smile on his lips grew even more sinister and dangerous. He slowly raised the instrument in his hands.

Only then did Zhu Yao clearly see what that object was. It was actually a gigantic feather. The rainbow colors on it looked as though they could move on their own, as they constantly flowed about. On the white stem of the feather, a row of words were clearly written on it. Bug (God’s Artifact 2).

As expected, this object was the target of the sidequest.

Zhu Yao clearly knew that he was going to harm her, and understood that she had to move away. However, her body didn’t listen to her commands, she was simply unable to move an inch. She could only watch as that feather tapped on her forehead. In an instant, searing heat filled her entire body, and even her divine sense was faintly hurting.

With emphasis on every word, he said. “Tell me your true name?”

Zhu Yao was startled, a irresistible feeling suddenly rose from the depths of her heart, and subconsciously, she was about to answer.

“Mistress! You can’t say it!” Sesame suddenly roared out. “This is a curse, he wishes to bind your soul! If you answer him, you will have to obey his every whim your entire life!”

The hell!? It was this malicious?

The man’s expression sank. Evidently, he was dissatisfied with Sesame disclosing his intentions. With a twist of his palm, Zhu Yao felt the pressure turning heavier, and even her consciousness was becoming a little blurry.

Who wants to be bound to you? You pervert! You’re hurting this old lady to death! Can I say a fake one?

“Mistress, hold on. You must never answer him.”  Sesame grew even more anxious. As it stood against the pressure, it struggled to call out. “As long as you give a reply, no matter if it’s your true name, the soul contract will take effect… puah!”

Before it could even finish its words, the pressure on its body rose, pressing it even deeper into the ground. “Speak, what’s your name?” The man’s expression instantly turned stern, as he ruthlessly stared into her eyes.

Zhu Yao felt as though her soul was about to be incinerated by the searing heat, and she was already losing control of  her mind, carrying a strong impulse to answer his question. Even if she desperately bit onto her own tongue, she was unable to stop the words that were about to leave her mouth.

“Mistress… You must not answer. If you say it, from today onwards, as long as he calls for your name, you will have to obey his orders.”

So one’s name was the key to invoking the contract. But… wasn’t something like this a setting of western fantasies? This is a completely different studio, hey!

“Hmph!” The man coldly snorted, and looked at her in disdain as he confidently said. “You’re just a mere Azoth practitioner. You think you’re able to resist me?”

That impulse to say the truth in the depths of her heart was growing stronger, and Zhu Yao felt she was about to explode from bottling it up. Thus… She decided to yield. “I’m…”

The man’s eyes brightened, showing an ‘as expected’ look, as he waited for the completion of the contract.

As expected, Zhu Yao spoke her own name with emphasis on every word. “I’m… Einstein the Fourth’s Sri Lanka’s Artermis’ Lin Zuoyue’s extraordinary talent that came from ten thousand husbands and sons living in Yangtze Mountain who went to the clouds to battle whose name is too incredible and cannot be remembered clearly I dare you to remember this if you can hoho if you’re able to recite this name I will address you as my ancestor or something you unprofessional black sheep China has five thousand years of rich history why the hell did you use a western fantasy setting whereby one’s soul can be bound with the calling of one’s name it’s not like there’s any use to bind the RMB next to you alright if I speak anymore than this the readers will think that I’m just making up for the word count so I will just use the periods to replace the words below period period period period period period five thousand words have been omitted stomach is bloated from the drinks and food from supper motorcycle Levskey.”

Didn’t you want a name? I will give you a name! As long as you’re able to remember it. Man: “…”

Sesame: “…”

Beast herd: “…”

“Do you need me to repeat it?” Zhu Yao suggested especially sincerely.

The man was stunned for two seconds, before he regained his senses from that ridiculously long name. His face instantly turned hideous. “You’re making fun of me!”

“That’s right!” Zhu Yao shamelessly nodded, and the talisman in her hand activated at the same time. Thunder rumbled and a gigantic dragon formed by purple lightning bolts descended from the skies, carrying a mighty pressure that was impossible to face head on. All of the demonic beasts looked towards the sky at the same moment.

Utilizing an escape talisman, Zhu Yao teleported several dozen meters away. The pressure on her disappeared the moment she started reciting her name, so there was enough time for her to activate the lightning talisman.

A lightning dragon came striking down on the man. Purple lightning lights instantly radiated across the entire skyline. Though Zhu Yao was already far away, the lingering might from the Ascension Tribulation Lightning still stirred her heart and soul. Even her Azoth Core was turning a little unstable.

The demonic beasts present were even more so slammed onto the ground by the immense heavenly might.

Ten seconds later, that light finally began to dim down.

What was left of the place the man was standing on earlier, was a huge, charred black crater. At the center of the crater, rainbow flowing lights flashed.

Zhu Yao flew back at this moment, and the thing that was emitting light was exactly the objective of this sidequest. Bending down her waist to pick it up, not only did she realize that there wasn’t even a slight damage to the feather, it’s radiance was as dazzling as ever. Even the Ascension Tribulation Lightning was unable to damage it, as expected of a god’s artifact. But why did she feel that this feather was a little familiar?

“Hmph, I never expected that I would lose to an Azoth practitioner.” Suddenly, the man’s voice once again sounded, and it faintly felt as though he was gritting his teeth.

Zhu Yao was startled, as she cautiously looked at her surroundings. However, she wasn’t able to see his figure.

Suddenly, a black fog slowly gathered in the air, forming a black illusory image. This energy was…

Ah~ It’s another Devil.

Why didn’t she think it was even the least bit strange at all?

“Don’t be conceited. In any case, I will definitely have my revenge for today.” His sudden laughter was filled with an ominous air, emitting out an aura that was even colder than the black robed man’s earlier. With an indiscernible look, he said. “Little brat. We… will meet again, soon.” “Who’s soon?” She asked on reflex.


She could faintly hear the sound of him puking blood.

“Arrogant brat, this daddy here shall kill you now!” The Devil immediately unleashed his power, seething with rage, it pounced towards Zhu Yao.

“Uh…” What did she say?

Just as she was about to take him head on, in the instant he jumped on her, that bundle of darkness disappeared without a trace.

At the same time.

In a cave residence at the demonic beasts’ territory.

A man dressed in a profound robe puked out a mouthful of blood, and the devillic aura scattered from his body. As he heavily panted, he pressed his hand onto his chest area, his entire body was trembling without end, as though it had seen some terrifying creature.

Just who was it? To actually be capable of exterminating a strand of his god’s will in an instant? His god’s will couldn’t even be resisted by that person back then, so why was it so easily…?

If he had not instantly cut the link with his god’s will just now, even his main body would have…

He instantly grew fearful. Just when did such a terrifying individual appear in this world?

Zhu Yao placed down her hands which were in an art casting stance, released her divine sense to sense her surroundings for a moment, and only then did she ascertain that the Devil’s aura was indeed not present around her. As expected, antagonists that speak too much were all just paper tigers. If you lost, then admit defeat, you just have to leave behind an image to say some words out of spite. You think you’re Grey Wolf!? Grey Wolf: The main antagonist of “Pleasant Goat and Grey Big Wolf” in a Chinese cartoon with over 500 episodes. He always set up traps in an attempt to catch goats, only to always fail in the end. His favourite phrase is “Darn goat, I will  be back!”

However, that man earlier was probably not the Devil’s main body, but a demonic beast possessed by a strand of his god’s will. There might be a time when he would appear again to settle debts with her.

Haah… Yet another troublesome matter.

“Meow~~” A furry thing suddenly came rubbing against her leg.

When she lowered her head to look, a fourth ranked young beast was hugging her leg with its two paws, lightly rubbing against it with a satisfied look.

Zhu Yao was startled, and she immediately took a few steps back. She had forgotten that she was still within the herd of demonic beasts. “Meooow…” Seeing her suddenly retreat, that small young beast carried a disappointed look as it cried out. Tears seemed to be welling up in its eyes, as though it had suffered an immense grievance.

“Uh…” What was this situation?

Zhu Yao looked around, and only then did she realize the area was abnormally quiet. Forget about the howls of demonic beasts, even the barrier thrashing sounds had stopped as well. Evidently, they were controlled by that god’s artifact earlier, causing them to lose their minds. Now, they were wide awake.


Why were they all staring at her? Was there a need to look at her with such thirsty eyes? Hey, hey, hey… they’re even drooling now, what’s going on? Where’s your pride? Where’s your shame?

“I like her… I like her so much, like like like like…”

“I really, really want to lick her.” “I like her too, I really want her to hold my paws.”

“I really want to have her brush my fur.”

“I really want to bear little beasties for her.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Have you guys really returned to normal? Don’t learn from the Risefire Beast, hey!

“Ouu~~ ┗|`o′|┛” Just when she was at a loss, Sesame leapt out, and with sweep of its tail, it blew away that young beast which was about to rub against her again. With a “you bunch of weaklings” expression, it swept a glare at the beasts in the area. “Every single of you scram! I’m Mistress’ true contracted beastie. Ouu~~”

In an instant, the tyrannical aura of a tenth ranked demonic beast blasted forth, slamming the beasties onto the ground.

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at it. You cannon-behind-the-horse, when you were crawling on the ground earlier, why didn’t I see you act so mighty?

Cannon-behind-the-horse (马后炮) refers to someone who appears to help after an entire ordeal is already over. The phrase originates from Chinese Chess, where the Cannon chess piece right behind a Horse chess piece, while the Horse is in front of the opponent’s general, it’s a definite checkmate, and since the opponent’s loss is undeniable, complaining or calling it out has no meaning at all.

“Enough, Sesame.” Zhu Yao stepped forward, a swept a glance at the demonic beasts. “Is anyone aware of that black robed man who controlled you guys earlier?”

The beasties looked at each other, and then shook their heads in unison.

“When we came into realization, we already found ourselves here.”

“That’s right, that’s right. When I woke up, mistress was the first person I saw.” “I like mistress.”

“Me too…”

“Ouu~~ ┗|`o′|┛ She’s my mistress!” Sesame instantly exploded.

Haah, it seemed like I won’t be able to get any clues. Zhu Yao sighed. “Alright, everyone scatter then. If there’s nothing else, don’t blindly stroll around the human practitioners’ territory. If possible, call back those beasties that are outside as well.”

“Alright, mistress.”

“No problem, mistress.”

“We will listen to mistress’ commands.”


Sesame: “…” She’s my mistress, hey! Why the hell are you all addressing her like that?

The beasties which have regained their senses were rather obedient. After promising her, they raised their heads in unison and emitted out summoning howls one after another.

“Come back home, it’s time to eat…”

“Come back home, it’s time to eat…”

“Come back home, it’s time to eat…”

The barrier shook for a moment, and thereafter, demonic beasts came flying back from outside one after another.


She felt as though her three views had suffered a serious blow.

As expected, it’s best not to understand the demonic beasts’ language. The demonic beasts continued to fly back from outside the barrier. However, unlike how difficult it was for them to break through it, as though there wasn’t even a single obstruction, they easily crossed through the barrier. Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. Could it be that this barrier worked single-way? One had to break through to get out, while returning could be done very easily. That meant she could…

Zhu Yao was overjoyed, as she was still wondering how she would get back just moments ago. This would make things extremely easy.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao kept the god’s artifact, and kept Sesame while she was at it. Then, she immediately rode on her sword and flew to the opposite side. As expected, the barrier merely shook when she crossed it, and she passed it without any obstructions.

Before she could even heave a sigh of relief, a fireball suddenly came flying towards her. Zhu Yao turned about, and immediately did a three hundred sixty turn with her transportation artifact, before she was finally able to dodge that fireball.

So close. “Senior-martial sister Zhu, it’s you!?” The culprit Yi Ling suddenly exclaimed, successfully attracting the attention of all the disciples. With a surprised expression, she looked at her. “Why did you appear from the demonic beasts’ side? Could it be…”

She took a deep breath, and had an expression that looked as though she had caught onto something incredible. After a short while, it then looked as though she wanted to hide something, as she explained to herself. “Im… Impossible, I must have made a mistake. Why would senior-martial sister Zhu…”

The hell, Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to stomp this Mary Sue death. She would die if she didn’t push aggro onto her for even a single day, was that it?

Chapter216: Divine My Ass!

“What happened?” Xuan Xu noticed the commotion on this side, and when he saw Zhu Yao, his brows furrowed.

“No… Nothing?” Yi Ling hurriedly shook her head, yet, she still meaningfully glanced at Zhu Yao. “I… I didn’t see anything at all. Everyone, please do not misunderstand senior-martial sister Zhu.” It would have been better if she hadn’t said these words, but the moment she said them, it was as though Zhu Yao had certainly done something bad. The disciples’ eyes on Zhu Yao were instantly filled with suspicion.

“Yi Ling, don’t be afraid, your master is here.” Xuan Xu released his own Nascent Soul pressure, and with sharp blade- like eyes, he glared at Zhu Yao. “No one in this world has the capabilities to threaten my disciple.”

”“Master…” Yi Ling was moved, yet her expression showed even more hesitation. After a while, she gritted her teeth and stubbornly said. “No, it’s really nothing. Senior-martial sister Zhu treats me so well, I can’t… I really didn’t see anything at all.”

Looking at  this  master  and  disciple  duo  who  had  already entered two-person skit mode, Zhu yao simply wanted to roar out. Are you people blind? I haven’t even said a single word!

Xuan Xu’s frown deepened, and his body was already faintly emitting out killing intent. “Just what did you do Ling’er?”

“I really want to know too.” Zhu Yao nodded approvingly, and she turned to look at Yi Ling. “Yi Ling, just what did I do to you?”

Yi Ling was startled, her tears were like disconnected pearls, running off like a stream. Her sad and frail look lead to the aching hearts of everyone present. As though she was frightened, she shrank in Xuan Xu’s embrace, and said while feeling a lump in her throat. “I… I really didn’t see anything.”

From this frail look, it was as though Zhu Yao had really done something to her. The hell, I’m just asking you a question, why the hell are you crying?

“Don’t take this too far.” Flower protector Qi Ping was the first to rush out, and he glared at Zhu Yao with a furious look. “You were the one who did something wrong, yet you actually dare to threaten junior-martial sister Ling!?” “What did I do?” These people must have tofu for brains, right?

“I don’t care what guilty acts you have done.” Qi Ping turned ever more furious, and he looked as though he could charge out and slice her at any moment. “Yi Ling treats you so well, putting aside how you always go against her, you’re actually threatening her in front of everyone now? Don’t think just because you have formed your Azoth Core, we can’t do anything about you.”

Zhu Yao smiled out of anger. “I really do want to know, just what have I done? Why don’t you people say it out loud so that I can feel guilty about it?”


“Senior-martial brother Qi…” Yi Ling charged out again  to pull Qi Ping, and added another matchstick into the fire while she was at it. “Don’t blame senior-martial sister Zhu. I… It’s my fault.”

“Ling’er, you don’t have to worry.” Xuan Xu once again took Yi Ling in his embrace, and with a sunken expression, he coldly looked towards Zhu Yao. “Your master has already made a decision.” As he said that, he no longer suppressed the pressure from his body, as it came pressing towards Zhu Yao.

The hell, this master and disciple wanted to kill her.

Zhu Yao’s heart sank. It seemed like in front of Mary Sue, there was no logic to speak of. She could always flee back to the demonic beasts’ side, at least, it was better than being with this brain-deficient bunch of animals who only thought with their lower halves.

“Mother!” Just as she was about to set up defenses, Yue Ying walked out from the side, as though he was completely oblivious of the atmosphere around them. Tugging onto her sleeves, he said. “You came back safely?”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao habitually nodded.

“Junior-martial brother Yue!” Yi Ling looked at Yue Ying worriedly, and reminded out of goodwill. “Hurry and get away from there, senior-martial sister Zhu… She…” Her words stopped halfway through, her face was filled with pain and disappointment. Though she didn’t say anything, it was as though she had revealed everything.

Almost all of the disciples had determined that Zhu Yao must had done something grave akin to betraying the sect.

However, it was as Yue Ying did not hear them, as he continued to look at Zhu Yao. “It’s great that you’re alright. Earlier, when mother risked her life to charge out of the barrier, Yue Ying was really frightened, you know?”

“…” Zhu Yao turned to glance at him, only to see Yue Ying smile even gentler than before. His face was becoming like Shao Bai’s in the first place, and now, it seemed like soft light was being emitted out in all direction from this smile of his. For a moment, it was as though the slightly dim battlefield had brightened a little.

“I just knew mother will be fine.” He slowly said. “Earlier, that bolt of heavenly lightning flashing in the horizon was personally summoned by mother, right?”

Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. In an instant, she realized this little one’s intentions, and nodded in concert. “That’s right! The lord of that dungeon told me that demonic beasts wouldn’t usually appear in a group. If a beast wave occurs, there will definitely be a cause.” She intentionally amplified her voice, glanced at everyone in the surroundings, and then, with some lies mixed within, she said. “So I decided to find an opportunity to cross the barrier. As expected, I realized there was a tenth-ranked demonic beast commanding them. Fortunately, the lord bestowed me with a Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning Talisman, and I was then able to retreat unscathed.”

The moment her words fell, the entire place was thrown into an uproar.

“Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning! It’s actually the Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning!”

“Isn’t that the tribulation lightning one must endure during ascension?”

“Such a talisman actually exists in this world.”

“That must be a talisman treasure, right!”

“No wonder there was such a huge surge in spiritual energy in the sky earlier, and the moment the thunder roared, all of the demonic beasts retreated.”

All of their faces were filled with excitement, and even Xuan Xu’s expression was slightly affected as well. However, in his embrace, Yi Ling’s face darkened. Initially, when she saw Zhu Yao return from outside the barrier, her first thought was naturally Zhu Yao had colluded with the demonic beasts and betrayed the sect. However, she never expected that the entire matter would suddenly turn around. The disdain everyone had for Zhu Yao in the beginning was instantly turned into adoration. An uncomfortable feeling instantly rose in the depths of Yi Ling’s heart, as she unconsciously tugged  onto Xuan Xu next to her.

Xuan Xu who was stunned by the revelations of the Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning finally regained his senses, a few suspicions rose in his heart yet again. “You’re saying you frightened off the beast wave by bringing down a tribulation lightning bolt? How can Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning talisman exist in this world?”

“How would I know?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “Go and ask that lord yourself!” “…” Xuan Xu’s expression instantly darkened. Evidently, he recalled the incident where he couldn’t even get across that person’s sword formation.

“Oh right, junior-martial niece Ling’er, what did you see earlier?” Zhu Yao looked at Mary Sue with a smile.

Yi Ling’s expression paled, a hint of fluster flashed past her eyes. After a while, she awkwardly said. “Ling’er’s eyes must have been blurry? I thought…”

“You thought?” Zhu Yao chuckled, looking as though she wanted to hear an answer no matter what.

Naturally, Yi Ling couldn’t say she had thought Zhu Yao was a traitor. Thus, she once again exposed that pitiful look of hers. “Senior-martial sister Zhu…”

“You best don’t start crying again…” Zhu Yao coldly smiled. “Earlier, I didn’t even say anything, but the moment you started crying, I was blamed for doing something that supposedly goes against my conscience. If you start crying again, there might even be people blaming me for destroying the world.” On the side, Qi Ping’s expression instantly stiffened, and then it paled at the next moment. Yi Ling felt that she was even more unjustly treated than before, and her tears were at the brink of falling.

Evidently, everyone recalled her earlier accusations that came out of nowhere. Her harem members were still alright, after all, they had all lost their brains, and were simply looking at her saddened look with aching hearts. The rest of the disciples were looking at her with hints of doubts.

Yi Ling tightly clenched her fists, and after a while, she said with her head lowered. “I’m sorry. Senior-martial sister Zhu, I…”

“I’m not your senior-martial sister!” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted her words, and in an instant, brought about the glares of all the men in her harem. Zhu Yao could not be bothered with these morons, and instantly pointed out  the facts. “You should be calling me senior-martial aunt.” It had been so long since she formed her Azoth Core, yet Yi Ling was still calling her senior-martial sister. She wasn’t a male lead after all. Why would I want to be at the same level of seniority as you? I want to be a level higher, pressing down on you, what can you do about it huh? Turning her head, she looked towards Xuan Xu who was glaring coldly at her. With a heavy heart, she said. “Sovereign, now this is a wrong on your part. There’s really a problem with your education methods! She’s this old now, yet she is still unable to distinguish levels of seniority. It’s best you stop thinking about romance, and spend more time teaching your disciple. There’s a saying like this. No matter how poor you are, you musn’t make your disciple poor, and no matter how hard it is, education is a must!”

She was saying these especially sincerely, and even she herself was being moved from her own speech, you know?

Xuan Xu’s and Yi Ling’s expressions instantly darkened one after another.

Zhu Yao successfully made a reversal, and her mood instantly turned pleasant. Secretly, she gave her obedient son Yue Ying next to her a thumbs up. Though all of her words were true, from that situation earlier, if not for Yue Ying’s reminder, she really had no idea how to make a turn around. That god’s artifact of hers would have definitely been exposed.

The beast wave this time thus ended. Because of everyone’s fear of the dungeon’s lord, not a single person suspect Zhu Yao’s words. Just as the disciples were about to tabulate the number of deaths and return home, an unforeseen event suddenly occurred.

The transparent barrier that separated the two continents suddenly emitted out a faint red light. As though it was being covered with a layer of red plastic film, it shrouded the entire continent. That red light flashed for a moment, and shockingly, there were faint traces of the barrier breaking. Like spiderwebs, crack lines began to appear at the top.

“Not good! The World Protection Barrier is disappearing.” An Azoth elder exclaimed.

Fluster and fear instantly surfaced in all of the disciples’ faces.

“The moment the barrier breaks, the demonic beasts will no longer have a need to fear and will definitely cause havocs everywhere. When that time comes, I’m afraid we will  no longer have any means to fight back.” All of the people present were walking back and forth from anxiety.

Zhu Yao clenched her fists. What she was worried about wasn’t the demonic beasts. Though demonic beasts were fierce and brutal, they would not take the initiative to start a conflict with humans. What she was truly worried about was that Devil!

A Devil existed in that continent, and Zhu Yao was still uncertain just how many there were. However, seeing him control the beast wave, she knew that he definitely wanted to come over to this side. If the Devil had made an appearance here, then that would truly become the moment where they would have no means to fight back!

“Is there no way to fix the barrier?” Zhu Yao asked.

Xuan Xu coldly snorted. “This barrier existed here since the ancient era, and its inheritance has long disappeared. Presently, in this world, just who would know the method to fix it?”

Ancient era? Why was it when she heard the words ‘ancient era’, she felt that it was a heavy joke?

“No matter what, we can’t just sit around and wait to die. Where’s the core of this formation?” Only after looking at the core would she know if she could fix it. “…” Everyone turned silent.

It can’t be right? This barrier was here for so many years, yet not a single person knew where the formation core was? Should I say, these people deserve this? Or these people deserve this? Or these people deserve this?

“First, find the formation core. We will speak later on.” Zhu Yao could not be bothered to waste her breath with them. Bringing along Yue Ying, she began to ride her sword and search the surroundings.

The other disciples looked at each other for a moment, before they too got up and searched for the formation core.

Zhu Yao swept the entire forest three times, yet she was completely unable to see any trace of the formation core. Theoretically speaking, the formation core would be located at the spot with the strongest fluctuation in spiritual energy. However, no matter how she released her divine sense, she couldn’t sense it in the least. She was already getting a little anxious. Was there really no hope left for the barrier?

“Mistress…” Sesame who was in her divine sense suddenly called out. “I sense there’s something in front…”

“In front?” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. In front of them was the exit to the forest, and theoretically speaking, the formation core shouldn’t stray very far away from the barrier itself. “Can you sense anything concrete?”

“I don’t know.” Sesame’s voice carried a hint of confusion. “I keep getting the feeling that there’s something calling me over.”

What could it be? Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and decided to go along with Sesame’s words and flew over there.

“Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying however tugged onto her sleeves all of a sudden.

Zhu Yao turned back to look, and only to see him perspiring profusely, and his face was as pale as paper. “Yue Ying, what happened?” Cupping his wrist to inspect him, she realized there wasn’t any anomalies in his body, but he merely had tiny strands of spiritual energy left in his body. Only then did she recall that Yue Ying had only just built his Foundation recently, and he had just experienced a great war, so he didn’t have much spiritual energy left. After that, she descended. Carrying him to the side,  she settled down and sent him a little spiritual energy.

“You rest here for now, don’t follow me!” Zhu Yao stroked his head. “I will take a look ahead, and I will come back in a while to get you.”

“Mn.” He obediently nodded. “Big Sis Yao must come back quickly.”

“Alright!” Zhu Yao once again flew up, and the further she headed in the direction Sesame spoke of, the more she felt a certain premonition. That place was definitely the key to this formation. They then arrived at a practitioner’s town.

This was the nearest town from the barrier. Because of the beast wave, the people here had already scattered and was now empty.

“Mistress, at the very center.” Sesame agitatedly said.

At the center was the town square, and within it, stones with various engravings were laid out, forming a simple round diagram. Painted on them were also messy looking symbols. The place looked just like a normal flat ground, but presently, a blue robed man was sitting on that said ground, and the symbols on the stones were emitting out a white formation light.

This was the formation core!

Zhu Yao and her little companion was dumbfounded.

It was no wonder no one could find the formation core even after so many years. Who would have guessed that something this important would be placed so openly, at the center of a town of practitioners, in a place where everyone could see?

And that man…

Zhu Yao took a closer look. That person sitting at the formation core seemed to have already entered a meditative state. The formation on the ground was presently emitting out a dissolved light. Probably because it came from a long bygone era, the formation diagram seemed to be incomplete. However, mystically, the dissolved areas within the white light seemed to be slowly being restored. He was restoring the formation!

Although she did not know who he was, she did not have any plans to interrupt him.

In just a few moments, the formation became more complete, and the white light emitted out a stronger radiance as it slowly rose into the sky. Like a virtual projection, a strangely shaped object gathered above the man. The object looked unclear, though it looked like a gigantic demonic beast, and its four hooves could be faintly seen.

Zhu Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief. This was the last step to restoring the formation. As long as this phenomenon was complete, then the formation would…

A loud explosion sounded.

Right at the moment when the phenomenon was about to be completed, a fireball suddenly descended from the sky, instantly smashing that phenomenon and scattering all of the white light.

The hell! “A demonic beast actually fled to the town.” Riding on her sword, Yi Ling appeared above with look of righteousness. Casting an art with her fingers, she once again summoned a fireball. “Die, demonic beast!”

“Stop!” Zhu Yao summoned a stream of water and struck the fireball, extinguishing her art.

Lowering her head to take a look, that man had already puked out a large mouthful of blood from the formation rebound and fell onto the ground. She suddenly had the impulse to squish that Mary Sue to death.

“Senior-martial sister Zhu, how can you…” Yi Ling descended with a censuring look. She’s actually protecting a demonic beast?

“Are you blind!? Can you study a little more in your free time? That earlier was a phenomenon brought about by the formation!” Now they were really doomed. Now that this person was half crippled, who was going to restore the formation now? As expected, this Mary Sue was a bug!

Yi Ling was stunned, and only then did she realize there was a person on the ground. “He… How?”

Zhu Yao immediately flew down. “Hey hey hey, are you alright?” She worriedly carried him off the ground to take a look.


The hell… It can’t be, right?

While he was panting, the man opened a slit of his eyes and looked towards Yi Ling’s direction. Suddenly, his eyes shone. As his puked out blood, he muttered to himself. “This world actually has such a div-”


Zhu Yao raised her hand and sent a forceful strike to his nape, instantly knocking him unconscious.

Divine my ass!

Chapter217: Mary Sue’s Gary Stu

“Senior-martial sister Zhu!” Yi Ling had a startled look, and with criticizing eyes, she said. “How can you deal such a heavy blow? He’s already injured.”

Zhu Yao chuckled in her face. “Don’t forget, how did he get injured? I knocked him unconscious to lessen his pain. Also, call me senior-martial aunt, where’s your respect!”

Yi Ling’s expression paled, and she once again began to give the wronged look that Mary Sues specialized in. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone here to buy it.

Zhu Yao cupped the man’s wrist, and realized that he had just fainted. The meridians in his body had twisted greatly, but were restoring themselves on their own. There wasn’t any threats to his life.

“Senior-martial… aunt Zhu.” This time, Yi Ling managed to catch a full glimpse of the man’s looks, and her eyes instantly brightened. She then probed. “Do you know this fellow daoist?”

She did. Of course she did. She knew him too well. Even the word on this man’s face looked exactly the same as the one on Mary Sue’s face, you know? The word ‘bug’ could blind a dog’s eyes with how bright it was! At the very moment she saw his face, she knew that this was the male lead in the scenario. That Beast Lord which would destroy the world.

Now here came the problem. As the Beast Lord, king of all demonic beasts, why did he run all the way to the human practitioners’ territory and help the human practitioners restore the barrier?

He had nothing else better to do after eating his fill? Came out here for a vacation, and then gain some merit points in the tourist attraction he happened to pass by?

Zhu Yao had the impulse to drop him here and let him fend for himself. After all, keeping him alive would just lead to the destruction of the world. However, Mary Sue was  currently next to her. If she were to just abandon him here like this, there’s a possibility that Mary Sue would pick up this second- handed good the moment she turned her head away.

Furthermore, this formation was currently more important. “The barrier’s not going to last any longer, we must immediately restore the formation core.” Zhu Yao looked at the formation diagram on the ground.

“Formation core?” Yi Ling was startled, and suddenly understood the situation. Looking at the ground, she said. “This is the formation core?”

“That’s right. Earlier, he was restoring the formation core.”

Yi Ling’s expression paled, and she explained with a look of grievance. “I… I didn’t know.”

It would have been worse if you knew. Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at her. “Hurry and request the Sovereigns and elders over. Tell them we have already found the formation core.”

“But…” Yi Ling looked at the person on the ground with slight hesitation.

“Hurry and go!” Zhu Yao’s expression sank. Only then did Yi Ling leave on her sword with a reluctant look.

“Mistress, hurry and save him.” Sesame suddenly transmitted his voice over.

Zhu Yao’s figure jolted, and she felt this was a little strange.
When did Sesame become so kind-hearted?

“His meridians have been damaged, I can’t restore  them.” This person’s cultivation level was higher than hers. “So I can only…” Wait till he restores them on his own.

“Then use my inner core!” Sesame suggested with an excited look.

Zhu Yao was stunned. “Sesame, have you gone crazy?” The inner core was like a demonic beast’s life, and it actually suggested taking it out so easily?

“It will definitely heal him this way.” He seriously answered, and in an instant, white lotuses bloomed in the background. The hell, this is definitely illogical.

“Sesame, do you know this person?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Then why the hell are you sacrificing yourself to save him!” And this person simply does not need your help, alright?

“I… I don’t know either.” Sesame’s voice carried hints of agitation and confusion. “I just really want to save him all of a sudden. Mistress, please let me out.”

“…” Like hell I will release you. This is illogical, it is definitely illogical. When did Sesame start walking on the path of a saint? Why wasn’t I aware of it? Could it be that this Beast Lord is similar to Yi Ling, and carries the Gary Stu cheat? And he is also capable of moving people’s hearts with a single glance?

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and then cast a forced awakening art on him. She then poked the stiff corpse on the ground. “Hey, wake up… Hey. Wake up, it’s daytime!”

In an instant, the person on the ground frowned. Opening his eyes, he first surveyed the surroundings confused, before looking at Zhu Yao. His expression gradually turned cold. “Who are you?”

“I should be asking you that. Who are you?”

The man’s expression turned even colder. He sized her up with a glance, and his frown deepened as he asked back. “Were you the one who interrupted me while I was performing an art?”

“Nope!” Zhu Yao shook her head.

“You still dare to deny it!” That man was suddenly enraged. “I clearly sensed your presence earlier. Since you dare to sneak up on this king, then you should have prepared for the consequences.”

He stood up, and a white light flashed on his palm. Killing intent filled the air.

The hell. Telling the truth didn’t help. Was there a need to have such an explosive temper? Zhu Yao leapt a step back, and prepared to take him head on.

However, the man suddenly choked and puke out a mouthful of blood. In an instant, he once again fell unconscious with a thud.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Zhu Yao lowered her head and carefully inspected the formation on the ground. The more she looked at it, the more complex it felt. There actually wasn’t a single diagram on the ground that she could understand.

She could only make rough guesses. The diagram contained several different formations, and she could only recognize a type of teleportation formation among them. Furthermore, it was a one-way transfer, and the distance it could cover was not more than fifty kilometers. Zhu Yao instantly made a guess that it was used to teleport to the demonic beasts’ continent, so that it would be convenient for him to return. And she was pondering how she should deal with this Gary Stu too. Great, she could now directly throw him back.

As for the others, she couldn’t understand a single one. Though the arrangement of this formation looked a little like…

Wait a minute!

Why did it look so much like the Offering Seal? It was the sealing art her teacher taught her back then, and it was also the first type of seal laid out in the Devil Sealing Grounds. But what was with this diagram then? Wasn’t the Offering Seal Art supposed to written in runic characters? This was…

Chotto matte!

If the lines on this diagram was a little straighter, and the curves were a little smoother…

The hell. Earlier, she had thought that these were pictures, but after a closer look now, they were clearly runic characters. ==!

I really want to know which handicapped person came up with this seal? The words are so ugly, does your master know about it? If I say these were written with a dog’s paw, I will be degrading dogs, you know?

After she understood what this formation was, Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She tried her best to decode those twisted, crippled handwriting, and the more she looked  at them, the more shocked she became. After she had completely looked through the entire formation, she simply could not believe her own eyes.

This Seal Offering, was actually in reverse!

Seal Offering was a formation used to seal Devils, so she naturally thought that this was designed to combat the demonic beasts on the other side. However, from the way this seal was arranged, the ones being sealed were actually… human practitioners!

The entire cultivation continent was sealed in this formation. How was that possible?

There was completely no reason to do this. A seal used against Devils was completely ineffective against human practitioners, and even if there was an effect…

Wait a minute!

Could this be used to protect the mortals here instead? Devils were unable to break the Seal Offering, no matter if it was inside or outside.


A crackling noise sounded. The damaged area of the barrier was growing larger.

There was no time left. No matter if this seal was reverse or not, it had to be fixed. With the experience of almost screwing it up back then, Zhu Yao did not dare to enter it directly. She simply cast an art from afar, and activated the seal. In an instant, the circular formation once again shone with an piercing white light.

Zhu Yao cautiously inserted a strand of spiritual energy, but it was unexpectedly deflected back, and was instead pouring even more spiritual energy into her body.

This was…

She had never seen a seal that wouldn’t consume spiritual energy, and would instead gift its own spiritual energy.

Was it because the seal was reverse, and thus the flow of spiritual energy was reverse as well? Not only would it not consume, but instead it would supplement her spiritual energy?

Zhu Yao closed in to inspect it. As expected, she could sense a dense amount of spiritual energy in the seal. Wasn’t this too convenient? This formation core was clearly the absolute best cultivation grounds. However, with such a dense amount of spiritual energy, normal people was simply unable to absorb them. There might even be a possibility that they would die from their bodies exploding. “Wu…” A groan sounded from the stiff corpse on the ground. It seemed he was going to wake up soon. Zhu Yao raised her hand, and with a bang, she gave him another punch. The dead corpse once again fell unconscious.

It was time to deal with this guy.

Zhu Yao instantly activated the teleportation formation within, cast a wind-based art to raise this Gary Stu, and sent him into the formation.

Just as the man was about to be slowly enveloped by the formation light.

Suddenly, a scream resounded.

“Ah! Senior-martial sister Zhu, what are you doing?” Yi Ling suddenly returned, looking at her with a shocked face. She did not bring a single person with her.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition. “Hurry and release that daoist!” She charged forward like a cannonball, and Zhu Yao wondered it was intentional or not, but at the same time Yi Ling reached out her hand to pull the man, she bumped Zhu Yao into the formation as well.

In an instant, white light greatly shone, enveloping the three people within.

The hell, this brat was definitely her nemesis!

At the next moment, spiritual energy so dense that it was hard to breathe in, enveloped the two of them.

Because of the two people’s sudden intrusion, the spiritual energy began to stir violently and greeted their bodies with sharp-like blades. A mere moment later, her body was already filled with slits of blood.

“Ah!” Yi Ling let out a real scream this time.

Zhu Yao was better off, as her cultivation level was higher than Yi Ling’s. Her master had especially inscribed a formation onto her clothes, and other the faint piercing pain she was feeling on her skin, she did not receive any injuries.

“Ah! Master… save me…” Yi Ling began to call for help, but she couldn’t walk out no matter what. Furthermore, the surrounding spiritual energy turbulence grew even stronger. This time, there weren’t just scars on her body, spiritual energy directly charged into her Dantian, causing her to puke blood.

Zhu Yao sat in a meditative posture. As she guided spiritual energy into her body to relieve the spiritual energy pressure, she continued to restore the seal.

“Master… Master…” Yi Ling’s tears began to flow, and the amount of blood she puked out grew.

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao threw out a wind blade, which  slapped her straight in the face. “If you don’t want to die, sit down and guide the spiritual energy into your body.”

Yi Ling was startled, and she finally stopped that ghostly wail of hers, though there was still fear carried in her eyes. After a moment, she hesitantly sat down, and began to absorb the spiritual energy as told. The spiritual energy into formation then slowly began to stabilize, pouring into the two’s bodies. Truthfully speaking, they were pouring into Yi Ling’s body. Though there was a huge amount of spiritual energy within, most of them were spiritual energy of the five elements, while lightning spiritual energy was pitifully scarce. Zhu Yao sat for a short while, and had only managed to guide in a tiny bit of spiritual energy. Though, a part of the seal was not restored.

A moment later, Yi Ling encountered a bottleneck, and her head was covered in beads of sweat. Her face was a little pale, as though she was enduring immense pain. The spiritual energy in the surroundings once again began to destabilize, and there were traces of them at the verge of exploding forth.

Zhu Yao was a little anxious. If this continued, before she could completely restore the seal, the two of them would die from the spiritual energy turbulence. However, before the seal is completely restored and the phenomenon stops, it was impossible to pause it from within.

What should she do?

Turning her head, she looked towards the stiff corpse at the side. Right now, the only way out was to wake him up and have him help out. However, was it really alright to have him meet Mary Sue? This was clearly treading on the main plot route. However, if this continued, both of them would die and the seal would be destroyed. The ending would be the same if Devils were to enter the moment the barrier was down.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Momma’s egg, there’s no other choice. Casting a water-based mystic art on the still corpse on the ground, she directly drenched the man with chilling, cold water. Hopefully, the scenario doesn’t betray me. Among the Mary Sue’s harem members, the male lead was the only one whose intelligence did not degrade.

“You are!?” The blue figure on the ground, like a gust of wind, swooped towards Mary Sue. With a pained and anxious expression, he looked at Mary Sue who was drenched in sweat. “Young lady, what happened?”


Haah! She just knew she shouldn’t expect anything like ‘intelligence’ when it came to Mary Sue and her companions.

“What did you do to her?” The man suddenly turned his head to glare at Zhu Yao.

Are you blind?

“Can’t you see she’s guiding spiritual energy into her body?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “There’s too much spiritual energy, and she can’t make a breakthrough either, so she’s in that state.”

“Spiritual energy?” The man was startled. Understanding the situation in an instant, he immediately sat down at the side.

In a mere moment, the turbulence of spiritual energy once again calmed down. All of the spiritual energy was pouring towards the man, and the formation became even more complete.

Zhu Yao retracted her own spiritual energy, and then heaved a sigh of relief. Raising her head, she looked at the sky. As expected, the cracks in the barrier were disappearing bit by bit.

Finally, the formation light dimmed down as well. The seal was complete. However, a red light shone all of a sudden.

Zhu Yao’s heart sank.

The scenery in front of her eyes changed, and they were instantly sent to a spacious hall.

“Now it’s time to settle our debt!” The man slowly stood up, and glared at Zhu Yao furiously.

When did she owe him anything? “I don’t think I have done anything to you?”

“You interrupted me casting my art, causing me to suffer a rebound from the seal, then you struck me unconscious twice. You call that nothing?”

“Please! The one who interrupted you wasn’t me!”

“You still dare to deny it!” The man coldly snorted. “Today, I shall allow you to witness the consequences for offending me – Lin Qi.” When his words fell, his expression turned cold. In an instant, a mighty pressure came enveloping towards her. Zhu Yao was simply unable to react in time, and was directly pressed onto the ground. Even cracks were appearing on Azoth Core, and immense pain instantly filled her entire body.

This was the pressure of a Demigod.

With a twist of his hand, a white lightning bolt appeared on his palm. With a forceful aura and sharp killing intent, he came walking towards her a step at a time.

The hell, this guy must be crazy.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao shouted loudly.


A gigantic mythical beast appeared in  the  air,  and  that crushing pressure then quickly disappeared  as  she  heavily gasped for air. “A tenth-ranked demonic beast!” Lin Qi was startled for a moment, and then, he suddenly laughed in an impudent manner. “Hahaha… Using a demonic beast against me? Such extreme stupidity!” He turned around and looked at Sesame. A red glow flashed in his black pupils, and suddenly, he loudly said. “Citizen of mine, you dare to act so presumptuously!?”

When these words fell, it was as though a certain energy was released.

Sesame’s body suddenly trembled, and with a groan, he suddenly turned into his human form and crept on the ground. His entire body constantly trembled.

“Sesame?” What happened?

Lin Qi coldly snorted, as he pointed at Zhu Yao and said. “Kill her!”

Sesame stood up for real, and then started walking towards Zhu Yao.

“Sesame, have you gone crazy!?” Sesame’s face was filled with uncertainty, however, he still continued to walk over a step at a time, muttering out. “Mis… Mistress, I’m sorry. It’s… It’s the Highlord’s order.”

“Highlord?” Zhu Yao was startled, and then looked towards Lin Qi. “You’re a God!?”

Chapter218: Don’t Force My Hand

“How do you know that?” Lin Qi was startled. “Clearly you’re just an Azoth practitioner, but you’re actually able to see through my true form?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “You’re a Qilin?”

Lin Qi was even more stunned, as he sized her up with a glance. “How do you know that?”

“It’s hard not to figure out, alright?” Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “Please, when you’re trying to conceal your identity next time, first change your name, alright?” Lin Qi, Qilin? You’re thinking the entire world is illiterate, is that it?

And earlier, he had just admitted to it himself!

Lin Qi’s expression sank. With a slightly anxious look, he glanced at Yi Ling at the back. Seeing that she was still breaking through a bottleneck and had not awaken from her trance, he heaved a sigh of relief. With a wave of his hand, he added a layer of protection barrier on her, and then glared at Zhu Yao. “So what if you found out? As an offender of a God, I will not let you live in this world either.” His expression turned cold, and a red light shone in his eyes.

“Mistress…” Sesame’s head was instantly covered with sweat. With a pained expression, its hands stiffly cast an art, and several icicles instantly appeared in the surroundings, aiming at her. However, they did not move even after a long while. Suddenly, it gritted its teeth, and a streak of red blood flowed out from the corner of its lips. “Mistress, hurry… hurry and leave.”

“Sesame!” Seeing it like this, it clearly still had its reason and did not want to attack her either. Sesame was simply being controlled, and Zhu Yao instantly felt something was wrong.

Lin Qi however loudly said. “Kill!”

In an instant, like arrows which had left their bowstrings, the icicles flew straight towards her. It was basically a three hundred sixty degrees concentrated shot without any blind angle to take advantage of.

Zhu Yao retreated in a flash and erected a defensive barrier. She desperately circulated the spiritual energy in her entire body, and was barely able to block against those icicles. Raising her head, she saw that even more icicles had risen around Sesame.

Sesame’s actions were stiffening even more than before. It was clearly the one launching the attacks, but it seemed to be the one suffering the worst damage. Blood flowed profusely from the corner of its lips. “Hurry… Hurry and leave…”

The hell, you’re already in this shape, how are you expecting me to possibly leave you here and leave on my own?

It seems like this is the only way.

“Sesame, endure for a moment.” Zhu Yao released her divine sense, and sensed all of the water spiritual energy in the air. Then, she gathered them together. At the instant the second wave of icicles came attacking, she activated the art. “Ice Seal of a Thousand Miles!”

In an instant, thick layers of ice spread throughout the hall, and was headed straight for Sesame. In an instant, Sesame was sealed in a gigantic rectangular block of ice. Zhu Yao cast an art, and immediately drew a seal on the ice. This was one of the seals Yue Gu taught her back then – Absolute Seal. It was similar to a binding formation, but more powerful. Even Devils would be unable to escape from within.

However, she had always used godly energy to establish this seal, and she presently had no choice but to use spiritual energy to activate it.

Though it had succeeded, the moment it activated, she suffered a rebound from the seal. She could seemingly hear the crackles from her Azoth Core cracking, as she puked out a large mouthful of blood.

“You sure have some capabilities, but…” Lin  Qi  coldly snorted, as lightning flashes once again appeared in his hands. “You’re destined to die here today.”

After saying that, with a grasp of his hand, dozens of purple colored lightning streaks came flying towards her from all directions like earthworms.

Zhu Yao wanted to flee from reflex, however, realizing that Sesame was behind her, she could only erect a barrier. But in the middle, the lightning streaks suddenly turned into purple ball of flames that flew straight towards her. That Demigod might once again came assaulting her from all directions, and Zhu Yao was rooted in her present spot, not able to move an inch.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. It seemed like she had no choice but to resist it head on.

Just as that fireball was about to envelop her, a black figure suddenly came cutting in from the side and hugged her in an instant, shielding her from the blow.

Zhu Yao suddenly widened her eyes greatly. Watching as the youth who was smiling ever so gently being submerged in the flames, a voice so light, as though it came from the distant skies, sounded. “Big Sis Yao…” She felt as though she was looking at that scene back then when she opened the World Crossing Heavenly Door. The scene where that white-clothed youth was reaching out a hand towards her, speaking to her with a pleading tone. “Little sister, be obedient! Come out, alright?”

“Yue Ying!” Zhu Yao grabbed onto the youth who was falling in her direction, and in an instant, she was so anxious she couldn’t feel her own heartbeat. However, he was still carrying that gentle smile, as though he was completely oblivious of his miserably burnt state. Green light flashed from his body, and a moment later, a charred black fruit landed in her hands.

“Yue Ying… Yue Ying!” She could feel the presence of Yue Ying’s soul within the fruit, however she was still trembling from fear. If anything were to happen to Yue Ying… If anything were to happen to him…

She was simply unable to picture that possibility.

“Big Sis Yao, I want to nap a little.” After a while, a familiar voice sounded from the depths of her heart. Only then did Zhu Yao’s anxious heart calm down a little.

“Hmph, there’s actually still someone who dares to activate the teleportation formation and sends himself here to die!” Lin Qi coldly snorted with a belittling look. “You practitioners sure are stupid.”

“Are you done?” Keeping Yue Ying who had reverted back to his true form into her divine sense, she then slowly stood up. In an instant, she could only feel anger creeping up from the depths of her heart, and then, a pop sounded in her mind. Something had snapped. She had lived for so long, yet she had never been this furious in her entire life, as though every single cell in her body was clamoring, wanting to vent her frustration, to the point where boundless and endless energy suddenly surged from within her body. Coldly glaring at the man who was smiling complacently, she took a deep breath. “Then, are you prepared to kowtow and apologize?”

“What did you say?” Lin Qi’s brows furrowed, as he stared at her with flaming eyes.

“Initially, seeing that you were a God, I didn’t want to make this a huge fuss.” Zhu Yao raised her hand, and said with emphasis on every word. “But in this world, there’s always a few bastards who don’t know why flowers are so red without being taught a lesson!”

Zhu Yao’s eyes sharpened. The fury and spiritual energy within her entire body were released in an instant. With a twist of her hand, that rainbow feather appeared on her palm, and a gigantic lightning phoenix had already appeared above her without her summons.

That rainbow feather seemed to have suddenly been activated, and with a flash of red light, a crimson fireball instantly covered it entirely, causing its shape to undergo a change. A moment later, it turned into a flaming long sword.

“That’s… the Ruling Plume!” Lin Qi was startled, as he looked at her with a face of disbelief. “This… How is this possible? You’re actually able to activate the Ruling Plume of the Phoenix clan. Could you be… a God as well?”

“I’m your mother!” Zhu Yao’s body flashed, and with a swing of her hand, monstrous flames assaulted Lin Qi. That lightning phoenix let out a long cry as well, as it flew towards him at the same time.

Lin Qi’s first reaction was to dodge, shifting to the side. Unfortunately, the crimson flames were like chains, instantly entangling his legs and pulling him back with an abrupt jerk. An irresistible pressure instantly came pressing down on him, preventing him from moving even a single inch.

And at this moment, that lightning phoenix had already flown over. Transforming into countless streaks of lightning,  it zapped his body charred and crisp. Lin Qi puked out a mouthful of blood, and simply felt as though his organs were being torn apart. “How… How is this possible?” He was a God, one of the God race! How could there be possibly anything in this world that could harm him?

Forget about the Ruling Plume, since it was a God’s artifact after all, but were these lightning streaks capable of harming him?

Lin Qi was thrown into disarray, as he immediately released a defensive barrier. Circulating the spiritual energy in his body, he summoned the purple flames that appeared before, and attempted to suppress the Ruling Plume’s godly flames. However, they were completely ineffective. With a single wave of Zhu Yao’s sword, the purple flames were instantly scattered.

He could only attack while being pushed back. Gritting his teeth, he instantly resorted to using his own Life Origin Fire – the purest form of energy belonging to Qilins. As expected, when the flames appeared, half of the surrounding godly flames brought upon by the Ruling Plume was extinguished. He expression looked joyous for a moment.

Suddenly, with a long sharp caw, the lightning phoenix once again charged straight down and directly swallowed those unique flames. Then…

It burped!

“…” This was illogical!

That lightning phoenix paused for a moment. Instantly, other than the lightning sparks on its body, purple flames began to appear as well, as though it had completely assimilated with his Life Origin Fire. Furthermore, on Zhu Yao’s palm, a  small bundle of purple flames appeared as well.

Lin Qi was instantly dumbfounded. His… His  Life  Origin Fire…

This definitely wasn’t real!

Zhu Yao did not care about the warmth that suddenly appeared within her body. Currently, her entire mind was focused on wanting to beat this bastard in front of her eyes, to the point where his mother would not be able to recognize him. Seeing him stunned, she directly raised her leg, and kicked him away. Making a groaning sound, like a shower head which had been sent flying, Lin Qi flew several meters away while puking out blood.

However, at the instant he was about to land, he was once again pulled back by the bundle of flames. Then, the lightning phoenix once again zapped him charred black. The situation repeated as such. For a moment, the place had turned into Zhu Yao’s one-sided slaughtering ground.

Lin Qi expressed that he had already been completely abused and turned into a dog.

After a long while later, Zhu Yao finally retracted her own sword intent, and walked towards Lin Qi a step at a time.

Lin Qi was totally shaken, as he fearfully looked at the woman who had a completely darkened face, his entire body was trembling without end. Mommy, why hasn’t anyone told me that human practitioners are this terrifying?

What demeanor? What pride? What respect for his own race?
In an instant, he ate them all up. With a thud, he knelt down with all his joints touching the ground. “Great goddess, I was wrong!”

Zhu Yao’s feet stopped three steps away from him.

“Great goddess…” Lin Qi no longer had that mighty demeanor he had just moments ago, and his entire expression showed that he was filled with regrets. With snot coming out from his nose and blood flowing out of his mouth, he raised his head. “I was really wrong, great goddess please forgive me!”

“Wrong?” Zhu Yao stabbed her long sword to the side, and raised the corners of her lips, giving an especially gentle and kind smile. With a gentle voice, she said. “If apologies have any use, what’s the need for police officers then!?” Her voice suddenly turned cold, and with her hand raised, she sent a punch to his face. Using strength from her entire body, she pummeled her fists onto that face of his, and every attack of hers sank deep into his skin.

“How dare you bully my Sesame!? How dare you motherfu*king harm my Yue Ying!?”

“Apologize? Do you think an apology can make up for their injuries?”

“I’m telling you, no way! The way you injured them, I will have you return everything back!”

“With the shoddy look you have, you dare call yourself  a God!? If you dare call yourself a God again, I will beat you down to the point where you can’t live on your own!”

“This is what you get for bullying people! This is what you get for acting all so tough!”

Zhu Yao had seemingly abandoned the use of any mystic arts completely, and was simply sending him fists after fists, giving him a ruthless beating as though he was trying to vent off her steam. She vented all of the earlier worries, fear, sadness, and pain onto that face of his, punching it from all different angles.

Chapter219: Saving The World In Another Way

Lin Qi’s face was already swollen to the point where his nose and eyes could no longer be properly distinguished. Mn. It was definite that his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him now. Only after Zhu Yao’s hands had begun to numb and no longer had any strength left to throw her fists, did she finally stop while panting hard.

“Wuuwuu…” Lin Qi raised his piggy face and when he groaned, he received a glare from her. In an instant, his entire body released a white glow. It seemed like he had expended too much energy and wanted to revert back to his original form. As expected, not even a moment later, a puff sounded. That blue- robed figure disappeared, and in front of her, there was now a…

Chow Chow!

Zhu Yao: “…”

What happened to the promised Qilin?

“Aren’t you a Qilin of the God race?” What’s with this look of his?

。“Ey em! (I am!)” Chow Chow shrank its body.

“You think I’m blind!?” I didn’t go to school, don’t lie to me. “You think I haven’t seen an actual Qilin? How can it possibly look like… a dog like you? Where are your scales? Your horns? Your hooves?” Although she was rather fierce with her punches earlier, it couldn’t possibly mutate him, right!?

“Ey…Ey really am!” The Chow Chow pitifully sniffled. “Ey am the final beast with the Qilin bloodline. Mei haze (My race) had passed the bloodline down through so many generations, so it’s natural to have some changes in our appearances.”

“…” This change is a little too much, right? You have basically mutated into another species, hey! “You’re saying…  You  only carry the bloodline of a Qilin?” The heirs of the God race were never interested in other species before. Back then, when she opened the World Crossing Heavenly Door, she sent the Gods to different small worlds. Could it be that because it could not find someone of its own race, it got married with someone from a different species and then… Uh… Why did she feel that it was a little scary?

“So you’re not a true God?”

“Ey em! (I am!)” The Chow Chow desperately nodded.

“Your ass!” As someone who was once a true God, she simply did not want to be a relative to a Chow Chow, alright? “I’m warning you, in the future, if you dare to address yourself as God, I will pull out your skin!”

“…” Chow Chow Lin Qi shook. Suddenly, within his  doggy eyes that were swollen like buns, tears swelled. As he sniffled, as though he had found something to vent on, he began to bawl out loud.

“Wuaaah… How can bully a Godbeast like this? You’re so inhumane! I don’t want to live on anymore…”

“Shut up!” The hell, what happened to your noble and cold demeanor? Do you have to cry this shamelessly? “Wuaah… I simply wanted to hook up with a girl, yet you beat me up to this state. How are you expecting me to flirt now? I might as well die?”

Hook up with a girl? Yi Ling?

“Earlier, you wanted to kill me!”

“I just wanted to give a performance in front of the girl, would it kill you to just let me hit you a little!?”

“It would!” Zhu Yao coldly replied. “Earlier, you clearly wanted to kill me, right.”

“Who says so!” Lin Qi was crying even sadder than before. “Earlier, I just wanted to frighten you a little. If I really wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t have controlled your demonic beast in the beginning while I simply stood at the side and watched the show.”

He’s sounding a little logical. “But you injured Yue Ying.” “That’s because that person suddenly appeared, and I wasn’t able to withdraw…” Lin Qi argued.” I can’t be blamed for that.”

“Then why did you say that you won’t allow me to leave this place alive?”

Lin Qi lowered his head, and was suddenly fidgeting a little. “I… I just wanted to act a little domineering. All girls like that type. There’s a possibility that after she wakes up from her trance and see that scene, she might think of giving her heart to me, you know?” After saying that, he  even  meaningfully glanced at Yi Ling who was still in a trance state, and sighed. “You don’t understand the sorrows of a single beast at all.”

“…” I don’t want to understand, alright? If you just want to flirt with Yi Ling, why did you drag me along too?

“Now that the truth is clear, can you return me my Life Origin Fire?” His face was filled with a pitiful look. “The Life Origin Fire is the source of a Godbeast. Without it, I’m just a regular demonic beast.”

Zhu Yao was startled. If it was truly as he said, then she seemed to have really misunderstood him, but… “No!”


“Everyone must take responsibility for his or her own actions.” Zhu yao coldly said. “I don’t care if what you said is true or false. Sesame and Yue Ying, they are both my closest people, and it’s true that they are injured because of you. You can’t simply say you didn’t intend for it to happen and everything will be resolved. Even if you didn’t have any evil intentions in the beginning, it’s true that you attacked me. I’m not your mother, and I don’t have the obligation to look over your mistakes. A mistake is a mistake. As long as the end result is a mistake, no matter how you good of a standpoint you started out from, you can’t change the fact that it’s a mistake. If you had the guts to do it, then you should have the courage to shoulder the consequences.”

“…” Lin Qi lowered his head, his face was filled with despair.

“Finally, I will give you an advice. Yi Ling is not suited for you, she already has someone she loves.” And it’s not just one.

Lin Qi shook, and he suddenly widened his eyes. His face was filled with disbelief.

“Enough, hurry up and remove your control on Sesame.” Zhu Yao did not have the time to manage his feelings.

Lin Qi carried a heart-broken expression. “I can’t remove it.”

“What?” Zhu Yao instantly picked him up from the fur on his neck.

“Rea… Really…” Lin Qi trembled. “I’m… I’m not a purebreed God, so I can only control, and do not have the powers to remove it. Furthermore… Furthermore, I have already lost my Life Origin Fire, so I have already lost my right as a God.”

Zhu Yao was startled. As he said, the word ‘bug’ on his face had disappeared. He was no longer the Beast Lord? Then… The crisis of world destruction has been resolved?

That’s too easy and random, right? She was just venting off steam. “Then, how can the control on Sesame be removed?”

“Unless… Unless there’s a bloodline suppression by someone who has a higher purity of a God’s bloodline than me, or suppression by someone who is of a similar level.”

Suppression? The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She had one!

But, for safety’s sake…

“You… What are you trying to do?” Lin Qi shrank from her stares.

Zhu yao recited an incantation, and with a wave of her hand, she sealed the Chow Chow in ice.

After looking around and confirming that there  wasn’t anyone else, she heaved a huge sigh of relief. Haah, it seemed like she had no choice but to activate that vile World Favourable Impression ability. Summoning a water mirror, she tapped on the button above her head.

Then, Zhu Yao walked towards Sesame who was sealed in ice, and snapped her fingers.

Seemingly in an instant, that thick block of ice completely turned into water.

“Mis… tress…” In an instant, the person the ice was stunned for a moment, and then, its eyes began to shine. With wide steps, it pounced towards her.

And then, with a flash of white light, her right thigh sank, and a figure came clinging onto her. “Mistress, I feel that you’re so tragically beautiful.”

Before she could even react.

A tender and frail voice stole her opportunity to reply. “I feel the same way!” Her left thigh sank at the same time. Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat.

Lowering her head, she saw a tender pink figure was tightly hugging onto her left thigh like Sesame. Using a tone filled with overflowing tenderness, she affectionately said. “I have never seen such a divine-looking woman like you.”



Zhu Yao felt as though lightning had struck her.

Ho… Hoho… Hohoho…

She must be dreaming! Definitely!

Chapter220: Long Live My Empress

“Senior-martial sister Zhu.” The pink figure raised her pair of star-filled eyes, and said with affection. “To be in the same sect as you, it must be a blessing cultivated from my previous three lives.”

“Hohoho…” Imagination, this was definitely her imagination.
Why was she seeing Yi Ling hugging her thigh?

Zhu Yao raised her hand and desperately pressed on the ‘Off’ button for her World Favourable Impression ability. Hurry and revert back to normal, hey.

Though the World Favourable Impression ability had turned off, Yi Ling did not undergo any change at all. She shyly raised her head and glanced at Zhu Yao. “In this vast sea of people, for us to be able to meet, Ling’er has no regrets in life!”

“You made a mistake, right?” Don’t say such strange things, hey!

“How is that possible? I can make mistakes recognizing everyone in this world, but only senior-martial sister Zhu…” Her face was ripe red like an apple. “Ling’er… will never forget her entire life.”

Zhu Yao simply felt her skin crawling from the bottom of her feet all the way to the top of her head, and her entire body trembled. She grabbed onto Yi Ling’s shoulders, and instantly shook her back and forth.

“Yi Ling, are you alright? Hurry and wake up! Don’t scare me!” What happened to the promised Mary Sue? This is not a yuri novel, hey.

Her eyes were instantly filled with gratitude, and her smile was now overflowing with gentleness. “Senior-martial sister Zhu be at ease, Ling’er is now alright. All thanks to senior- martial sister protecting me at the side, Ling’er was finally able to successfully form her Azoth Core.” After saying that,  she shyly looked at her. “You’re… actually so worried about me… I’m… so happy.”

“…” Why the hell are you happy!? I’m not happy, alright? “I beg you, act normal! Behave like the Mary Sue you are!”

This girly  is  definitely  infected  by  the  World  Favourable Impression ability, it has to be, right!?

Yi Ling was wildly shaken by her, and even her hair bun had collapsed as well, however, she still said without any regrets. “Since senior-martial sister doesn’t allow me to say it, then… The good things that you did for me, Ling’er will remember them by heart.”

What do you want to remember? Don’t remember some strange things, hey!

Zhu Yao even had the thought of stomping her feet  now. Could anyone explain to her why the World Favourable Impression ability did not discriminate its targets!? At the very least, consider the other party’s gender!

Sesame was also shocked by this incredible development, as it glanced at the two of them back and forth. “Mistress?”

“Don’t ask me right now!” Zhu Yao placed her two hands on her head, then proceeded to squat down at the corner of a wall and draw circles. Her entire body emitted out an aura of fatigue. “I only want peace and quiet right now.” Yi Ling’s face instantly paled, and within her eyes, tears began to swell. “Who is Peacent Quiet?”


Please let me puke out blood in peace!

“Ahh… Master! I don’t want to live anymore.” After throwing Yi Ling back to the crowd of practitioners, Zhu Yao flew back to the mustard seed dimensional space Yu Yan was in, and pounced into her master’s arms. The various grievances and frustration came tumbling out from her lips. “Master… I feel that my morals have received hundred percent damage, directly shattered into pieces, and can never be restored!”

Yu Yan casually caught her, and habitually combed her messy hair with his fingers. WIth a stern look, he said.  “Morals? What’s that?”

“…” She was actually left speechless.

“Aaah! I don’t care anymore, whatever the case, my heart has suffered a severe blow.” Zhu Yao sniffled, and buried herself in his chest, forcefully rubbing about. She then casually pulled over his wide sleeves to wipe her face. After a long while, she finally found some comfort.

Yu Yan whose entire body was covered with tears and snot: “…”

He helplessly sighed, as though he had already gotten used to his disciple’s strange antics that occur from time to time, and then cast a Dirt Removal Art on himself. He habitually pulled his stupid disciple’s hand, and checked her pulse. He then asked in passing. “How’s the situation of the beast wave?”

Before Zhu Yao could reply, Yu Yan’s expression suddenly changed. “What’s the object within your divine sense?”

Raising his finger, he tapped onto her forehead. Then with a wave of his hand, two rays of light instantly flew out, and a black fruit and a rainbow-colored feather floated in the air.

She had almost forgotten about the exact matter at hand!

Zhu Yao hurriedly recounted everything that happened. “Master, help me take a look, will Yue Ying be fine?” The reason why she was here was mainly for Yue Ying. Although she could feel his presence within the fruit, she was unable to feel at ease.

Yu Yan frowned. Looking at his stupid disciple’s worried expression, he was feeling irritated for some reason. The cold aura from his body unconsciously began to suffuse into the air.

So unhappy. Why did he have to attend to an irrelevant… fruit?

“Master?” Zhu Yao tugged onto his sleeves. Why did she suddenly feel a little chilly?

Yu Yan furrowed his brows, and only after a while did he coldly voice out. “He has simply depleted his spiritual energy, and has reverted back to his true form. He will naturally be fine after recovering his spiritual energy.”

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like she had to once again bury Yue Ying back into the hole. “It’s good that he’s alright.” “Yu… Yao.” Yu Yan glanced at Yue Ying who was in a fruit state, and his expression instantly turned cold. With a stern look, he said. “Divine sense is where the core of human life resides. In the future, remember not to simply store anything within your divine sense.” Especially if it’s an irrelevant man.

“I was just anxious.” Back then, she simply wanted to find a safe place to settle Yue Ying down, so she unconsciously stored him within her divine sense.

Yu Yan stroked her head, and said sternly. “There must not be a next time.”

“I understand.” Zhu Yao nodded, and with a wave of her hand, that feather in the air flew towards her palm on its own. “Master, take a look at this too. Just what is this? Back then when I saw that Devil use it, it seemed to be a flute, but when I was using it, it turned into a sword.”

Yu Yan lowered his head and inspected it for a moment. “This feather… Seems to be a feather of a certain species of birds. The spiritual energy stored within can’t be estimated, and it’s also another god’s artifact… If your master did not make a mistake, then this should be the tailed feather of a Phoenix, and Ruling Plume is its name.” “The tail feather of a Phoenix!” Zhu Yao was  startled.  She then carefully inspected this feather. With her master’s reminder, she began to find it even more familiar. Recalling the appearance of a Phoenix’s true form, there was indeed a tail feather like this. As someone who was a former false Phoenix with naked buttocks, she not being able to recognize it at first glance could certainly be said to be… acceptable! ORZ

“This tail feather has left its original body, but it still contains spirituality. Most probably, this artifact is refined by gathering all of the energy within the body of the original Phoenix who possessed it back then. And your strength has increased because of this god’s artifact as well.”

“Ah?” What did he mean?

“Yu Yao, you’re already a Demigod.”

“What!?” Zhu Yao was startled, and then she hurriedly looked within her. As expected, the Azoth Core in her body had disappeared, and her divine sense was as vast as a sea. Now she understood a little why that Chow Chow Lin Qi could be beaten into a pup by her. Recalling that prior event, her master seemed to have also restored his own cultivation because of obtaining that god’s artifact, then… “This tail feather has turned into my life artifact as well?”

Yu Yan’s expression sank. “No, it did not!”

+_+ What’s with this special treatment!?

“The only owner that this tail feather recognizes, is the God that it got plucked out from!”


Mn, she really wanted to find the bird that shed this feather, and chat with him about life!

Returning to Blue Parasol Sect, Zhu Yao once again buried Yue Ying in the hole at the back, removed the weed in passing, and sprinkled some water. Then, she reinforced the surrounding spiritual energy gathering formation. Confirming that Yue Ying was slowly recovering his spiritual energy, he heaved a sigh of relief. Though he had turned back into his original form, at the very least, his Foundation was not damaged. As long as recovery was done well, he would still be a good fruit in the upcoming year. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, then she added another defensive formation at the side. Now it was perfect. Yue Ying, my obedient child, hurry and grow up into a healthy and handsome young man.

Raising her head, she glanced at the surroundings. She wondered if it was her imagination, but she felt that the two trees at the side had turned a little greener. Furthermore, they didn’t seem to be bearing fruits earlier, so why were the trees filled with fruits now?

“Ah, she’s looking at me, she’s looking at me now! I want to bear fruits for her!”

“Me too!”


In an instant, red fruits came dropping down like raindrops, smashing onto Zhu Yao’s head.

Zhu Yao: “…” Do you two have a grudge against me? The moment I return, you two smash my head with fruits.

“Ahem, umm…” Zhu Yao used her legs to sweep the fruits on the ground, and walked over. Looking towards the tree on the left, she said. “You’re called Tree on the Left, right?”

“Aaaahh… She’s talking to me, she’s actually talking to me.” The tree on the left wildly shook its leaves from excitement, while its branches were wobbling left and right like they were suffering from spasms, acting as though it was a fan who was looking at an idol of hers.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and had no choice but to look at the one on the right. “You’re called Tree on  the Right?”

“Aaah… She’s talking to me too. I like you, you know? I really, really like you.” The tree on the right waved its branches, but at the very least it was calmer than the one on the left, and it replied. “In the past, I was called Tree on the Right, but I have already changed my name. I’m now called Tree on the Right Side of the Hole.” “I’m called Tree on the Left Side of the Hole!” The other one excitedly replied.

“Uh…” With you two combined together, are you two called Trees with Holes on Both Sides of the Brain? Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “Umm… I have presumptuous request, and I wonder if I can ask that of you two… trees.”

When these words fell, the two trees were startled for a moment. Then, in the next moment, the trees were blooming with little red flowers.

“Ah, she’s actually saying that we can help her. Aaaaah… I’m not dreaming, am I?”

“We will help, we will help. We want to help you.”

“Uh…” Did they have to be this excited about it? “You two saw it as well, I buried a fruit into the hole. He’s someone very important to me, so I hope you two can help look after him, and prevent anyone else from approaching. Is that alright?”

“No problem!” Tree on the Right Side of the Hole instantly straightened itself.

“We will definitely look after him well.” The Tree on the Left Side of the Hole silently stretched its roots out.

“We will not allow anyone to dig it out!”

“Don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake!”

“Then that’s good, thank you!” Zhu Yao heaved a  sigh  of relief. With this two trees keeping watch at every moment, she felt more at ease.

Just as she was planning to return back into the house, an extremely gentle voice sounded from outside.

“As I thought, Senior-martial sister Zhu, you have returned?”

Zhu Yao’s feet slipped, and had almost fell onto the ground. Looking at the happy figure running towards the door, her skin began to crawl again. “Don’t come over!” Zhu Yao erected a defensive barrier on reflex. “What do you want?”

Yi Ling was startled, a hint of pain flashed past her eyes as she looked at Zhu Yao with a wronged look. “Senior-martial sister Zhu… Do you have to be this cautious around me?”

“Of course!” Zhu Yao nodded sternly.

Her expression worsened even more. “Back then… they were all Ling’er’s fault. I… I didn’t have a clear  mind  back  then, that’s why… Senior-martial sister Zhu…”

“Stop!” Please, stop saying anything that’s  immoral  again. Zhu Yao wanted to cry, but no tears were flowing. “Just why are you looking for me?”

Yi Ling was startled, and only then did she recall her business here. With an excited look, she said. “It’s master and the Sovereigns. They had me request Zhu Yao… request Lord to the main hall and discuss some serious matters.”

“Lord? Me?” When did she change her title? Yi Ling nodded, her expression was filled with adoration, and she looked at Zhu Yao with sparkling eyes. “Lord, please do not blame me! I know you’re trying to conceal your identity, and help our Blue Parasol Sect secretly, so you have always showed yourself with Foundation and Azoth cultivation levels. But the incident where you… saved me, I have already told my master. And when you sent me home back then, you didn’t conceal your cultivation level, so everyone witnessed it. You’re a Lord at the Demigod cultivation level.”

“…” So they actually think that the reason I’m suddenly a Demigod, is because I have been concealing my cultivation level the entire time, and was just intentionally acting like an Azoth practitioner!? She had to hand it to them, the holes in their brains… had widened at just the perfect time!

Then, calling her to the main hall this time was  most definitely to rein her in. After all, till now, she had yet to see any sect or clan with a Demigod practitioner. She suddenly felt she could act a little proud now?

“Ahem… Let’s go then!” Although she had already dealt with Lin Qi, for some reasons, the word ‘bug’ on Yi Ling’s face had still yet to disappear. In other words, Zhu Yao still had to stay in Blue Parasol Sect. Then, she could just treat it as though she was going to give face to the master of this land, and see what they were up to.

“Lord, this way.” Yi Ling became serious and polite as well, as she respectfully brought her towards the teleportation formation to the main hall.

WIth a flash of red light, the scenery in front of her eyes changed. In an instant, they had arrived at the square of the main hall.

Zhu Yao was instantly frightened by the scene in front of her. The entire square was littered with black dots, filled with standing disciples. By her estimate, there were at least more than five thousand people, and they were moving the same way, wearing the same uniform. They stood straight in a disciplined and orderly manner.

The entire square was completely silent. Xuan Xu and the other two Nascent Soul practitioners, along with Sect Master Lin Yu, were standing at the very front. Seeing Zhu Yao’s appearance, their eyes evidently shone. The four of them hurriedly stepped up, cupped their fists, bent their waist ninety degrees, and loudly shouted in unison. “We disciples greet the Lord.” When their words fell, in an instant,  as  though  the loudspeakers were turned on, the several thousands of disciples in the square were like toppled onions, as all of them knelt onto the ground, and loudly shouted  in  unison.  “We  disciples  greet the Lord!”

The magnificence of this scene and their deafening voices simply could intensely stir the hearts of people from inside out.

Thus, Zhu Yao unconsciously stretched out her hands and waved, and she replied with overflowing kindness. “My faithful subjects, raise your heads!”

Lin Yu: “…”

Xuan Xu: “…”

Xuan Yin: “…”

The other Nascent Soul practitioner with an unknown name: “…” The crowd of disciples: “…”


The hell, it was on reflex! She even thought that she was stepping up to take the throne!

“Umm… All of you please rise?” Zhu Yao wiped away the beads of sweat that were falling from her forehead due to awkwardness.

“Yes!” The leading four people straightened their waists. Sect Master Lin Yu then waved his hand to the back, and the crowd of disciples finally stood up one after another.

“Is there something you people are seeking me for?” Once again she wore that proud and cold mask of hers, as though that idiot earlier wasn’t her.

“Lord.” Lin Yu respectfully bowed, and with his hand raised, he did a ‘please, this way’ posture. “This disciple indeed has things to consult about, and I hope Lord will enter the hall.” The large group of people in front of her suddenly created a path in the middle, which was directly leading her all the way to the entrance of the great hall.

Zhu Yao raised her feet and walked over. After walking up the steps, she then turned around to look at the crowd of disciples who were still as excited and curious as before. Waving her hands, she said.

“The audie- Uhh… The rest can leave now.” The hell, she almost told them that the audience with the empress had ended!
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