My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 201-210

Chapter 201: Dug A Hole

Zhu Yao wondered what happened to this world? When did a single Spirit Vein become a trash Spirit Vein, while having five Spirit Veins was the aptitude with the highest caliber? In the results of this Spirit Vein test, she and her master were both thrown aside, and theoretically speaking, they should have been assigned to the outer sect. As for Yue Ying, he was being auctio-, no, fought over by the three Sovereigns present in the hall, in order to take him in under their tutelage. Naturally, this included Yi Ling’s master, Xuan Xu.

As for the final outcome, seeing that Yue Ying was still “young”, it would be decided who would take him when he turns ten years old. And because of him, Zhu Yao was temporarily assigned to a cave residence in the inner sect.

In regards to this, Zhu Yao expressed as such: All of you are blind as hell!

The place they were staying in was extremely secluded, yet the spiritual energy was very rich. It could be seen that the Blue Parasol Sect was indeed paying very great attention to Yue Ying. Zhu Yao felt a little glad for this arrangement. Recalling the scenario, she had to set up camp for quite a long period of time here. The rich spiritual energy would aid them in quickly restoring their cultivation. Before gaining absolute strength, she had to do all she can to avoid that Mary Sue, Yi Ling.

After scanning the surroundings, she felt that there’s a need to set down some defense-related formations.

“Master, what kind of formation do you think should be placed here?” She habitually turned to ask her master for aid, only to be frightened by the little dumpling at the side.

His face was deathly pale, and he was holding his abdomen with one of his hands, his little face was covered in cold sweat.

“Master, what happened to you?” Zhu Yao hurriedly squatted down, and held onto his swaying body, her heart instantly tensed up. He couldn’t possibly be facing some aftereffects from her resurrection, right?

“…” Yu Yan frowned, his expression was a little dazed, and his breathing was a little ragged as he shook his head. “Your master is unsure either… Though my abdomen is aching faintly.”

Abdomen? Zhu Yao blanked, and in the next moment, she suddenly heard a growl.

Her eyes reflexively stared at a certain someone’s little belly.
This sound couldn’t be…



It growled out a few times consecutively.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Master. You… Are you actually hungry?”

This was clearly the miserable cry of a hungry stomach, right?

“Hungry?” Yu Yan who had abstained from food for several tens of thousands of years expressed as such: What’s that?

Zhu Yao: “…” “Mom.” Yue Ying immediately raised up his hand to make his existence known. “I’m hungry too.”

As expected, his stomach was emitting out the same growl.

“I shall go find something to eat…” Zhu Yao sighed. Only then did she recall that it had already been three days since she left the forest, and it seemed like they really hadn’t eaten anything since then? Since she had built her Foundation, she no longer needed to consume food. However, her master and Yue Ying were still at the Essence stage, so going hungry for three days must had long passed their limits.

“Oh right, master…” Zhu Yao who just walked into the kitchen, once again turned around. “I forgot to ask. Do you guys still need breast milk?”

Yu Yan: “…”

Yue Ying: “…”

Yu Yan felt really depressed lately. Forget about turning into a fruit, after gaining his human form, he actually could only turn into a child. Yu Yan, who had already been an adult for several tens of thousands of years expressed that he was really uncomfortable with this body. Although his cultivation still existed, the spiritual energy within his body was pitifully little, and was merely comparable to the mid Essence stage. It had been a long time since he experienced this feeling of possibly depleting all of his spiritual energy in his body with a casual cast of a mystic art.

And yet, he still could not restore his spiritual energy either. His current body was still too young, only about five to six years old, which was basically unable to endure too much spiritual energy. Even if he wanted to build his Foundation, he would still have to wait till he was ten years old. What he was even more worried about was that a Devil was tagging along beside him.

He did not have much contact with Devils, so he couldn’t figure out why this Devil wanted to follow his own disciple no matter where she goes. His disciple was so stupid, what could he do when she were to get trick by this Devil? Fortunately, until now, Yue Ying had yet to make any moves that would harm his disciple.

And his disciple was so soft as well. For now, he could… “Mom, I’m tired. I want a hug.” Yue Ying reached out his small hands towards Zhu Yao.


“Mom, my leg hurts. I need a rub.”


“Mom, I want a kiss.”


That thin line in Yu Yan’s mind snapped resoundingly. That chubby little face was instantly emitting out cold air.

Yue Ying pouted, and did not continue forceful demands any longer. Tugging onto Zhu Yao’s sleeves, he pitifully said. “Mom, I’m hungry!”

Zhu Yao  could  see  that  he  was  doing  it  on  purpose  as  well. Pinching his small cheeks, he pointed at Yu Yan. “Find your dad!”

Yu Yan: “…”

Yue Ying: “…”

Her own master had after all mastered all life skills. Even if he had turned into a child, his cooking skills were still on the professional level. Ever since Zhu Yao made that first meal for them, she then gave this honorable and arduous task to her own master.

Mn. She was in-charge of miscellaneous tasks such as placing a small stool in front of the stove while he was cooking.

Though, she wondered if it was because malnutrition, as even though they had never skipped any of the three meals every day, they would still feel hungry quite often. Until when she heard the conversation between the little trees outside her courtyard by chance, did she finally realize this problem.

She was a tree demon, and her master and Yue Ying could barely pass as two fruit demons. As plant-type demons, though human food had a certain degree of effects, it was still not the main source of nutrition for them.

What they required was… sunlight!

That’s right, although they had already turned into demons, they still needed to undergo photosynthesis.

Thenafter, the first thing Zhu Yao did every morning, was to bring her master and Yue Ying out to the place in the courtyard which was exposed to the most sunlight, and bathe in the sun! And even with a method that covered every corner of their bodies.

This had indeed proved very effective. At the very least, she no longer heard her master’s belly growling hungrily again.

However, a new problem surfaced. After bathing in the sun consecutively for a month, the two chubby dolls suddenly slimmed down. Even Yue Ying’s double chin had disappeared.

Zhu Yao felt that  there was definitely a  problem with her method of raising children, as she recalled about the various methods of growing plants. She then finally came with an answer.

“Master, why don’t I dig a hole and bury the two of you? And see how it goes?”

Yu Yan: “…”

Yue Ying: “…”

Although this method seemed really nonsensical, theoretically speaking, it was still possible. After all, ever since they gained their human forms, what they had been carrying out was soilless farming.

Hence, Zhu Yao began digging…

Yu Yan and Yue Ying were standing at the side, watching with darkened expressions.

Until when they jumped into the hole that was twice the size of their bodies, both of them were stunned. A warm energy flowed into their bodies, and it felt as though the fatigue that had piled up the last few days had been swept away.

“How is it?” Zhu Yao squatted next to the hole, and asked worriedly.

Yu Yan nodded. “This method is plausible.”

“Big SIs Yao, I feel more spirited now.” Yue Ying answered as well.

As expected!

Zhu Yao felt at ease.

“Then let me bury you two even deeper.”

She spilled a little bit of soil downwards, and just when she had covered their feet… The two people who had slimmed down earlier, suddenly recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye, to the point when they were chubby in the past. And they had even grown two centimeters in height.

“This is?” They grew up after she spilled in some soil, if she were to spill more than this, would they directly sprout?

Yu Yan’s expression sank. “It seemed like our current form is not our true state.”

“True state?” Zhu Yao was a little confused.

“What he means is.” Yue Ying followed up. “Our transformed state is not complete.”

Zhu Yao inspected the two dolls. They did not lack any arms or legs. Pretty complete if you ask me.

“Just like how mortals have to experience a few long years to grow.” Yu Yan continued. “We most likely have to be buried deep into the soil to gain our complete form.” “I don’t understand.” In other words, they could only grow in the soil?

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan sighed. “Our cultivation is being restored.”

In other words, they basically did not need to take in any external spiritual energy. Just by staying in the soil, they could restore their cultivation while they grow up at the same time? That’s too convenient.

Even Zhu Yao did not think that the method she spouted out of without thinking would actually reap such unexpected results.

“Then I’m going to add more soil.”

She was suddenly filled with vigor. Casting a wind-type art, she showered lumps of soil into the hole, instantly filling half of the entire hole. Just as she was about to continue…

Suddenly… “Ah!!!!” A scream interrupted her.

The wind whistled, as she felt something was charging towards her, carrying a sharp killing intent. Zhu Yao reflexively waved her hand, summoning a vine towards the direction where the whistling was coming from.

“Ting.” A clanging sound reverberated.

An icicle fell onto the ground, stabbing shallowly into the soil.

“How can you do this!? Hurry and release junior-martial brother Yue!” Bug female lead Yi Ling was standing at the entrance, staring at her furiously. “You don’t even let off your own son. You basically aren’t fit to be a mother.”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Why did  she always leave her house without taking her meds?

“You actually bury such young children in the soil. Are you still human?” With a pained expression, Yi Ling looked at the children whose bodies were still half-buried in the soil, and said with a lecturing tone. “What are you doing here?” After experiencing that framing incident in the great hall, Zhu Yao no longer had the slightest of good impression of Yi Ling.

“If I’m not here, how would I have known how vicious your heart is?” Yi Ling ruthlessly glared at her. As though she was extremely furious, her face was flushed red.

“How am I vicious?”

“The truth is laid before your eyes, and you still dare to deny it!?” Yi Ling pointed at that huge hole which was half-filled.

“What did I do?”

“You… You actually want to bury them alive. You… You’re simply a lunatic.”

“Bury them alive?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and then let out a sigh. “I say, girly… You have paranoid personality disorder, right? Who told you I’m burying them alive?” “Enough!” Yi Ling interrupted her words. “Hurry and release junior-martial brother Yue, otherwise I won’t be courteous.”

Haah, such bad temper!

“I’m not releasing him.” Come bite me then.

Yi Ling’s expression sank. Pulling out a spiritual talisman, it seemed like she was going to throw it towards her.

Zhu Yao’s hand flipped, and that vine earlier turned about and whipped forward, instantly whipping that spiritual talisman into two pieces. That spiritual talisman was half- activated, and since it was suddenly interrupted, it immediately blew itself up. A loud boom could be heard.

Yi Ling, who was the closest from it, was within the disaster zone. With a miserable cry, her hair was instantly  charred black.

Zhu Yao immediately used the vine to firmly entangle her. She had controlled the angle earlier, so that talisman did not really hurt her. She still wanted to struggle, so Zhu Yao directly cast an art and tapped on her forehead, sealing her spiritual energy. In the face of absolute martial strength, all cheating devices were merely paper tigers.

Zhu Yao could not help but retort. She was an Essence-stage practitioner, and her combat ability was terrible to that extent, just where did this girl find the confidence to make a direct move against her?

Should she call her stupid, or stupid? Or maybe stupid?

“Release me!” Paper tiger saw that she was powerless to resist, and could only begin to bluff her way out. “If you dare to harm me, my master will not forgive you.”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes, as she looked at the two little ones in the hole whose faces turned cold from hearing her words.

Mn, my master will not forgive you either.

But, what should she do about the present situation? Zhu Yao was a little conflicted. No matter if the incident today was a misunderstanding or not, the grudge had already been formed. She could be considered to have completely offended this bug. Currently, even if she tell her the truth, it would instead reveal her own trump card.

“Junior-martial brother Yue, don’t be afraid.”  Yi  Ling suddenly turned her head towards Yue Ying who was in the hole, and she instantly changed into a gentle expression. “Senior-martial sister will definitely save you.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Was this young lady blind? There were clearly two people in the hole, yet she’s only looking at Yue Ying?

“In a moment, my master will make his way here. I will definitely save you out of this bitter sea.” After saying that, she even meaningfully glanced at Zhu Yao.

‘Bitter sea’ Zhu Yao: “…”

It was indeed impossible to communicate with Mary Sue.

However, it seemed as though there was something wrong with Yue Ying’s antenna, as he did not even spare her a glance. Instead, he looked towards Zhu Yao, and sweetly said. “Mom, this hole burying game is so fun. Hurry and bury us even deeper.”

“Game!?” Yi Ling blanked, her earlier flames of arrogance instantly sizzled down, her face was filled with disbelief. This was actually just a game?

Good job. And there she thought she couldn’t get out of this situation. She gave Yue Ying’s wits a thumbs up.

“Junior-martial brother, you… you’re…”

“Mom…” Yue Ying still ignored her, as he reached his little hands out of the soil, waving at Zhu Yao. “Come quickly, come quickly.”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao released Yi Ling’s restraints and walked over, stroking Yue Ying’s head while she was at it. He really was too quick-witted.

“Mom, bury me inside.” “Mn.”

“Mom, dig me out.”


“Mom, hug.”


“Mom.” Yue Ying suddenly pouted his lips. “Kiss.”

“…” She just knew that this little bastard was no good.

Zhu Yao flicked her finger on his forehead, and then dug the two of them out. They had been buried for quite a while now, she decided to continue tomorrow. For now, it’s time to clean them up.

“Zhu… Senior-martial sister Zhu.” Yi Ling voiced out awkwardly. “Oh, you’re still here!” Zhu Yao turned to glance at her.

“I…” Yi Ling seemed like she had something to say.

“Bye!” Zhu Yao instantly carried the two of them, and entered the building.

“…” Yi Ling then held back the words which she was about to say. With an embarrassed look, she tightened the grip of her hands, and instantly after, she felt incredibly wronged. The reason she was here today was because her master had the intention to take Yue Ying as his disciple, and thus she wanted build a good rapport with her future junior-martial brother. So, the moment she saw that junior-martial brother Yue was being buried into the hole, she believed that Zhu Yao wanted to harm him. She was merely worried for her own junior-martial brother.

It was clearly that Zhu Yao’s fault. Which mom would play with her son by burying him into the soil?

Looking at the tightly shut door, Yi Ling snorted and stomped her feet. After a while, with a sunken expression, she turned and left.

Chapter202: Don’t Talk To Me

Zhu Yao really did not have any opinions about Mary Sue. How people lived were their own problems, and she was not interested in interfering either. However, she hated bitches, especially one such as Yi Ling. She didn’t know what Yi Ling told her follower Qi Ping, but on the second day, he had already furiously came knocking on her doorsteps, saying that she wanted to seek justice for her.

In regards to such idiots, the only way was to ignore him, and allow him to throw whatever tantrum he wanted. She had long placed down a formation at the entrance, so no matter how fiercely he roared, he wasn’t able to enter. The noise outside thus quelled in just a few days.

Zhu Yao’s plan was simple. Before Yi Ling’s main death- seaking event happens, she had to restore as much of her cultivation as possible. When it came to her master and Yue Ying, they were transformed from fruits, and in a certain sense, fruits were similar to seeds. This also explained why they could only grow while buried in the soil.

In regards to this, she planned to make a long-term plan. Using isolation training as the reason, she was going to bury the two children into the soil. In order to prevent encountering idiots such as Yi Ling again, she decided to dig the hole at the backyard.

Today, she was going to plant two little children, and when spring comes, she would be rewarded with two handsome men.

Heheh. When thinking about it, she became a little excited.

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan frowned. “We will fall into deep slumber during this phase, you must be careful on your own.”

“Don’t worry, I have already greeted the manager of this place, and told him that we will be in isolation training for the next few years. No one will come.” So you two can just grow up with a peace of mind.

Yu Yan was still worried. After all, he was very aware of his disciple’s death-seeking abilities.

“Before your master recovers his cultivation, you’re not allowed to act rashly.” “Understood.”

“Yu Yao…”


Yu Yan habitually reached out his hand to stroke her head. Suddenly, he raised his head and smooched on her lips, and said with a solemn voice. “Be obedient.”

“…” Her master actually took the initiative to express his love.
She still feel excited about it.

If only he could have kissed her without first place a chair under his feet.

She watched as the little shota ran off to bring a chair, place it heavily in front of her, and then used both his hands and feet to climb up. After a long while, pouting his small lips, he then landed a smooch on her lips.

Other than  expressing  thanks  for  his  hard  work,  Zhu  Yao really couldn’t bring up any romantic thoughts.

She had to hurry and let her master grow up. She must! And immediately!

Zhu Yao thought that with the growth speed she saw back then, her master’s and Yue Ying’s cultivation would recover their cultivation really quickly. She never expected that after burying them for five years, the two four to five year olds had only grown up to about twelve to thirteen years old, and their height had merely doubled.

Her master’s face already had the look she was familiar with, only Yue Ying’s was different. He was no longer that the tall and skinny man she knew, rather, he was becoming even whiter and moist, looking even more like… Shao Bai.

Although she knew that they were the same person, this change still made her feel a little strange.

In these five years, they had been in a state of deep slumber. Although she had placed down formations in the surroundings, she was still worried, and thus decided to guard them by the side while raising her cultivation. Because of this half- heartedness, her cultivation level naturally did not increase much, and had merely rose from the first level of Foundation to the second level.

Though her master had instantly reached the late stages of Foundation.

“…” This feeling of being surpassed by someone from the back, was simply too irritating. The authority she had as their mom was gone just like that.

“Big Sis Yao…” The young man on the left suddenly opened his eyes.

“Yue Ying, you woke up.” Zhu Yao walked over and hurriedly dug the person out. She never expected that Yue Ying would be the first one to wake up. “How are you? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Yue Ying replied her with a smile, his entire face turned ever so gentle. “Big Sis Yao, don’t worry, I’m already in my complete form.” He already had a faint image of a young man, and his head had already reached her shoulders. The moment he smiled, it was as though flowery light effects were blooming all around him, an astonishingly beautiful scene.

Zhu Yao’s heart ached. He was becoming more like Shao Bai.

“Big Sis Yao?” Seeing that she was in a daze, Yue Ying tugged her sleeves. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing much.” Only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses. Concealing her thoughts, she pulled up his hand and checked his pulse.

After her resurrection, she had subconsciously prevented herself from thinking about Shao Bai. Back then, when she forcefully sent him into the light of guidance, it was merely to save his life. However, she never expected her actions were counterproductive, not only she not save him, she had instead made him fall even deeper into the Devil’s path.

Yue Ying was, at the same time, him, but not him as well. She could not forget Shao Bai, and she was unable to treat Yue Ying as him either. Just like how Mushmush had the exact same look as Wang Xuzhi, she was unable to treat Mushmush as him.

“Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying held her face with his hand, and his expression instantly sunk, a hint of something flashed past his eyes. “Why are you sad?”

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. She lightly coughed, and then slapped away his hand. “Don’t be nonsensical. Your body is fine, and your cultivation has already reached Foundation as well. But master…”

She worriedly looked at the person who was still in the hole. Yue Ying was already awake, so why wasn’t there any reaction from her master?

Theoretically speaking, she was at the Foundation level when she transformed, and now even Yue Ying was awake at the Foundation level, yet her master was already at the late stages of Foundation, so why wasn’t he waking up?

Could it be that she had to sprinkle some water?

She’s not growing flowers, hey! Before she could even figure this out completely, the Sect Master had already dispatched some people over.

“The Sect Master has an order, please bring junior-martial brother Yue Ying to the main hall.” The disciple who came to send the message looked at her with an irritated and disdainful look, as though he scorned her to the extreme.

Zhu Yao did not know how she had offended him, but she could guess the reason why the Sect Master had called her. It was most probably regarding Yue Ying’s tutelage matter. After hesitating for a moment, she then followed the disciple towards the venue. Before that, she once again reinforced the formations around the courtyard.

Just as she was about to enter the hall, a pink figure came forward, and with an enthusiastic look, she sprinted towards… Yue Ying, who was by Zhu Yao’s side.

“Junior-martial brother Yue, you’re finally here.” Yi Ling’s face was filled with joy of having their long-awaited reunion. After sizing Yue Ying up, her eyes instantly brightened up several times, and her face actually revealed a hint of shyness. Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. This Mary Sue couldn’t be thinking of hooking up her family’s Yue Ying right? He’s still a child!

“It’s been five years, junior-martial brother Yue, have you been well?” Yu Ling suddenly turned her head to give Zhu Yao a meaningful glance, and gently said. “Don’t be afraid. If you have any grievances, please feel free to tell your senior-martial sister, I will help you.”

Was Yi Ling trying to say that she would mistreat Yue Ying? Zhu Yao frowned, as she pulled Yue Ying behind her and stood in front of Yi Ling, blocking her line of sight.

“Junior-martial sister Yi, it’s been awhile.” You Mary Sue with no restraints, don’t touch my son. “I wonder if your talisman techniques have improved?” Would it still self- destruct?

Her expression stiffened, as though she had recalled that incident when the talisman she used exploded on its own. She then unwillingly greeted. “Senior-martial sister Zhu.”

“Ling’er, so this is junior-martial brother Yue you have often talked about, the one with the All Elemental Spirit Veins.” A green robed man walked out behind Yi Ling. He looked about twenty years old, with a rather dashing face, he wore a crown on his head while holding onto a jade flute  in his hand, giving an elegant gentlemanly look.

He sized up the two people in front of his eyes, and then turned to look at Yi Ling with a gentle look.

“Lan Qi.” Yi recovered her naive and charming expression, and looked towards Yue Ying. “This is Yue Ying, the disciple whom my master is taking in this time.”

The man’s expression sank a little, giving Yue Ying a serious look, before saying with a smile. “At such a young age, he already possesses a Foundation cultivation level, his aptitude is indeed outstanding.”

When hearing this, Yi Ling’s face was filled with shock, and the eyes she were looking at Yue Ying with turned even brighter. “Junior-martial brother Yue, you built your Foundation! When did it happen? Why didn’t you inform me?” She suddenly looked towards Zhu Yao with a lecturing gaze. “Senior-martial sister Zhu, now this is a wrong on your part. Building one’s Foundation is a huge matter, how can you not at least inform the sect about this? If something happened, do you know of the consequences?”

Lan Qi nodded as well, and the eyes he were looking at Zhu Yao with carried a hint of dissatisfaction.

The hell! This Mary Sue is sick, right!? She really can’t stop framing me at every moment. What does my son’s Foundation building have to do with you? Why is there a need to inform you?

“There’s no need for junior-martial sister to worry. You should be aware that my family’s Yue Ying has a good aptitude, so building his Foundation could be said to be an easy feat, unlike someone else…” Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes at her. If her eyes were seeing things right, she was still in at the Essence stage. It had already been five years, yet she had yet to build her Foundation!

Yi Ling’s expression paled. Evidently, she understood the meaning behind her words.

“Senior-martial sister Zhu… You…” Her eyes reddened, as though she just suffered the heaviest of grievances. “I’m merely worried about Yue Ying, that’s why…”

Seeing that a certain someone was suffering, the knight, Lan Qi, naturally became unhappy as well. He looked towards Zhu Yao with a frown, and faintly released his Azoth might. “This junior-martial sister, why the need to harm someone with your words?”

The hell, just which pair of eyes of yours did you see me harm her? As expected, all men that approached Mary Sue had their intelligence degenerated?

“Forget it, Lan Qi.” Yi Ling sniffled, and put up a strong front. “Master and Sect Master have already been waiting in the main hall for a long time. Junior-martial brother Yue, today is the big day where you will be taken under a master’s tutelage. Let’s hurry along.” After saying that, she reached out his hand to pull Yue Ying.

“Ah!” Before her hand could even make contact with said person, it was deflected by a spiritual pressure.

“Ling’er!” Lan Qi’s figure flashed, as he grab onto  her deflected body. His expression instantly sank, and with flaming eyes, he glared at Yue Ying. “You…”

Just as he was planning to lecture him, he was interrupted.

Yue Ying who had been keeping quiet the entire time, finally turned his head to look at the two people. “I don’t like people touching me.”

Those eyes were cold to the point where not a single emotion could be seen. It was clearly a face which did not carry a single expression, yet, Lan Qi suddenly felt a cold intent instantly seeping into his bones. Fear unknowingly surged within him, and cold sweat trickled down from his head. And just like that, he swallowed back the words he were about to say.

“Mom, let’s go in.” Yue Ying turned his head back. When he pulled onto Zhu Yao’s hand, a blooming smile appeared on his face.

“Ou.” Zhu Yao did not feel like entertaining this pair of idiots either, as she entered the hall with Yue Ying.

The two  people  were  thus  left  behind  with  dumbfounded expressions. Yi Ling never expected that she, who had been surrounded by men who had never treated her badly, would encounter Yue Ying’s rejection.

Lan Qi tightened his fists. He could still feel that his hands were still trembling slightly. He was clearly merely a Foundation disciple, yet why did he have such a terrifying aura?

Chapter203: Catching A Beast

Zhu Yao’s guess was right. The reason why the Sect Master called them over was indeed to decide who Yue Ying’s master was going to be. After discussing within themselves, Xuan Xu stepped out. In other words, Yue Ying was going to be under the same tutelage as Yi Ling.

If it was in the past, Zhu Yao wouldn’t have objected to it, and simply take it as though she was assigning him as a spy. However, after the incident at the entrance, she suddenly became a little worried. With just a glance, it could be seen that Yi Ling wasn’t a good seedling, and she even possessed the aura of Mary Sue.

Though she wouldn’t stop Yue Ying from falling in love with a girl, she objected to having him fall in love with a Mary Sue. She had rather Yue Ying love a ma- ah pui!

In any case, when it came to a Mary Sue who would lay her hands on someone underaged, she had to insist on her objection, even if she had to be seen as a vile old lady.

“I have a master.” Before Zhu Yao could even express her opinion, Yue Ying rejected the proposal himself. The Sect Master of Blue Parasol Sect was stunned. “How is that possible? Who is your master?”

Yue Ying raised his head to look at Zhu Yao, and his smile turned even warmer than before.

Me? Zhu Yao blanked. After recalling for a moment, she seemed to have indeed gave him a few pointers on cultivation back in the cultivation world. However, she had always been in isolation back then, the one who truly taught him mystic arts was Little Radish, right! Could it be that Yue Ying had always been thinking of Little Radish?

The Sect Master quickly understood the situation, believing that he must be treating his own mother as his master, and hence persuaded him a few more times. After all, with such a good aptitude he possessed, it would be too much of a waste if he was taught under the tutelage of a Foundation disciple. However, Yue Ying was still unmoved.

The faces of the upper echelons in the great hall all darkened, and the atmosphere turned tensed in an instant.

“Yue Ying,  just  pick  one.  We  still  have  to  stay  here,  you know!” Zhu Yao had no choice but to send him a voice transmission.

“Big Sis Yao wants me to be taught by someone else?” Yue Ying frowned.

“It’s temporary, just temporary. Be obedient.” Zhu Yao could only try coaxing him. When it came to Yue Ying, it was a slight headache for her. Although he looked like he only possessed a Foundation cultivation, his true form was a Devil, and whether the mystical arts which human practitioners use were all he could do wasn’t something she knew either.

Yue Ying gave her a smile. “Alright, I shall listen to Big Sis Yao’s words.”

“But, don’t pick Xuan Xu, and don’t get close to that Mary Sue, Yi Ling, alright?” She really didn’t want to imagine him really coming to like that Mary Sue, and then stand at her opposing end.

“Alright!” He smiled from ear to ear. Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief.

In the end, Yue Ying picked the only woman among the three seated Sovereigns, Sovereign Xuan Yin, as his master.

With his face being slapped in everyone’s presence, Xuan Xu’s face had already turned as black as the depths of a cauldron. Furious at Yue Ying for failing to appreciate his good intentions, he coldly snorted, before flying away in a flash.

Zhu Yao however was not worried. After all, she hadn’t done anything, yet Yi Ling was already targeting her at every occasion. So, she might as well throw his face completely.

“Alright, since you have already chosen your master,  Yue Ying, I hope that you work hard in your cultivation and achieve great things soon, in order to bring fame to our Blue Parasol Sect.” The Sect Master then added a few courteous words, before turning to look at Zhu Yao. “Zhu Yao, it’s been awhile since you entered the sect. And since you’re a Foundation disciple, and Yue Ying no longer requires your care, head out for a sect mission tomorrow then!”

Eh? The hell was this sect mission about? Why wasn’t she informed about it?

Sect missions were corresponding annual missions which all disciples with cultivation of the fifth level of Essence and above were required to complete. Only by completing missions and earning sect merits could then one exchange them for sect resources. In these past few years, because of her relationship with Yue Ying, she had been staying in that house for free. Now that Yue Ying was under a master’s tutelage, naturally, he had to move to where his master was. If she wanted to continue living there, she had to complete missions.

In other words, sect merits were the currency of Blue Parasol Sect, and she needed them to pay rent.

Zhu Yao was a little troubled. Presently, her master had yet to wake up, so she could not afford to move too far away. Just as she frustrating on what mission she should take, someone took the initiative to seek her out.

And this someone wasn’t just anyone else, but the person she threw face completely with just earlier, the Mary Sue female lead, Yi Ling. Girly, I’m actually the person you secretly admire, right? Why are you always lingering around me, huh?

Yi Ling gave a very pure smile. “It’s just subduing a demonic beast, it’s nothing difficult.”

“Not going!” Zhu Yao immediately rejected her. She wasn’t stupid, you know? If she were to tag along with this bitch, she wouldn’t know what she would to do to her.

Yi Ling persuaded with all her might. “It’s your first time doing a sect mission, isn’t it better to have more people around?”

“No, it’s not.”

She glanced at the man beside her. “Senior-martial sister Zhu, Sect Master Lan Qi will be coming with us as well. Do you still remember him? He possesses a high level cultivation, so there’s no need to worry about any danger.”

Of course she remembered. The idiot who stopped her from entering the hall, right? He was also one of those certain Sect Masters who loved her at first sight. The nth member of her harem. But…

“Not going.”

Yi Ling’s face was instantly filled with sadness. “Senior- martial sister Zhu, do you really hate me that much?”

Zhu Yao sized her up with a glance, and said with a stern look. “That’s right!”

Yi Ling: “…”

The nth harem member who had been standing at the side finally could not contain his himself. “Fellow daoist Zhu, junior- martial sister Ling’er is sincerely inviting you, do you have to be this unreasonable?”

“Yes, I have to.” Zhu Yao answered especially shamelessly.

Lan Qi: “…” “Senior-martial sister Zhu, are you really not going with me?” Yi Ling still did not give up.

Zhu Yao turned around, and just as she was planning to head back inside the house, a conversation window suddenly leapt up in front of her eyes.

Dear friend, you have received a side-quest, please complete it timely and accordingly. Side-quest 1: Accept the target’s mission request, and complete the sect mission.

[Accept] or [Accept]

What’s with this sudden intervention by the system? And it’s even a side-quest! Did he really think that she had no other choice just by giving her two exact same options?

This old lady isn’t going to accept it, what are you going to do about it?

The conversation window shook for a moment, and an additional row of words suddenly appeared. Mission reward: Complete one side-quest to enlarge your bust- size by one cup!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Hmph, did he really think that she would take the bait when it came to enlarging her breasts? After all, it’s just breasts. Her breasts being small or what-not, she didn’t really mind it at all! She had long gotten used to the life of a flat princess, so she wouldn’t take the bait!

That conversation window shook once again, and another bracketed line was instantly added under the mission reward.

(Enlarging effect will be effective on all human-shaped characters.)

“When are we leaving?” Zhu Yao turned around and grabbed hold of Yi Ling.

Morals? What were they? She had no clue! Yi Ling blanked. “Senior-martial sister Zhu, you… agree to come with us?”

“Mn!” Zhu Yao nodded with a stern look. “All for the sect’s honor!” All for the breasts.

The mission location was not very far from Blue Parasol Sect. While Zhu Yao headed over to the service hall to receive the mission, she picked up a set of the sect’s uniform mission equipment – a bottle of Essence Recovery Pellets, a bottle of Clear Spirit Pellets, and a low-grade flying sword.

Before she left, she once again placed another unique formation around her master, instructed Yue Ying to take note of her master’s situation whenever he can, before meeting up with Yi Ling.

Back then, Yi Ling said that they were going to suppress a low- ranked demonic beast, so she had thought there wouldn’t be many people tagging along. Only when she met up with them did she realize, there were three more people other than the two of them. Yi Ling’s follower Qi Ping, the fox demon Bai Yi, and another girl whom she did not recognize. It had been a long time since she last seen Bai Yi, and evidently, he hadn’t been doing well recently. His forehead which was initially free of worries, was now dyed with a few strands of gloom. In the past, he loved gathering good-looking clothes, but he now had to wear the sect’s plain school uniform. Though, his eyes were still infatuatedly fixated on Yi Ling.

Mn. Knowing that he hadn’t been doing well, she felt at ease!

Haah, it seemed like this silly fox really fell in love with this Mary Sue.

“Senior-martial sister Zhu!” Yi Ling was already waving towards Zhu Yao from afar with an enthusiastic look. “Why did you only arrive now? Everyone was already here waiting for you. Fortunately, I’d especially gone to inform you yesterday, otherwise it wouldn’t be good if you arrive any later.”

Her words which seemed harmless, actually made it sound as though Zhu Yao was late on purpose, even though she was right on time. This person was really increasing her aggro meter at every given moment, huh!

“Let’s go!” Zhu Yao didn’t want to care about this bitch. In any case, she just had to silently complete her own side-quest, and was uninterested in having catfight with her.

Zhu Yao summoned her flying sword.

The rest summoned their own flying tools one after another as well. Qi Ping and that unnamed lady both used swords, Bai Yi’s was a white spiritual plume, while Lan Qi and Yi Ling was riding together on a single jade flute, that exact one which he was holding onto back then to act cool.

Hence, a group of six people, with chit-chats and smiles, headed off, except for Zhu Yao who simply did not wish to talk. Even if Yi Ling had the intentions to make her talk, she pretended not to hear, and after a long while, she no longer asked her.

Though she did gain some information from their conversations. The other girl was called Lin Xiang, and she was actually the daughter of the Sect Master. For some reasons, she didn’t seem to be really happy, and she did not speak much during the journey. However, she seemed to be, either intentionally or unintentionally, looking towards Yi Ling’s and Lan Qi’s direction the entire time. Zhu Yao faintly sniffed the scent of gossip.

After flying for about an hour, they finally arrived at their destination. It was actually a huge forest.

Theoretically speaking, it would be very normal for a demonic beast to appear in a forest like this. However, this world was not normal! Because of the opposing relationship between demonic beasts and human practitioners, all of the demonic beasts were outside the barrier. That’s right. There was a large barrier enveloping the living space of the human species. If demonic beasts wanted to enter, they had to break through the barrier. This was also why she did not spot any demonic beasts in that forest she woke up in.

The barrier would weaken once every hundred years, and the demonic beasts would then take the opportunity to attack. In other words, the wave of beasts.

Their mission this time was concerned the fourth-ranked demonic beast in this forest. A fourth-ranked demonic beast was comparable to late-stage Foundation cultivation. Though several of them possessed Essence cultivation, Lan Qi was at the Azoth cultivation level, and was a master of a sect as well, so he most probably possessed several mystic tools. Defeating a fourth-ranked demonic beast was easy-peasy.

Zhu Yao couldn’t understand how an Azoth practitioner was able to become a Sect Master? She felt something was off, but she just couldn’t figure it out.

They flew around the forest for a day. Though they had sensed the demonic beast’s presence several times, they couldn’t even spot its shadow every time they rushed over.

In the end, Lan Qi could only suggest everyone to take a break, and continue their search after restoring their physical strength.

Chapter204: That Familiar Beast

“Senior-martial sister Zhu, where do you think the demonic beast is hiding?” Yi Ling moved closer to her, and looked as though she wanted to discuss and analyze this situation with her.

Zhu Yao immediately stood up and walked away, not even giving her a single reply.

Qi Ling brought contempt upon herself, and her expression changed for a moment, before turning  around  to  converse happily with Lan Qi. As for Lin Xiang who was actually talking to Lan Qi before that, she turned her darkened expression to the side.

Actually, Zhu Yao had nowhere else to head off to. She simply wanted to avoid making contact with Qi Ling. Qi Ling was like a chemical weapon, even if a person did nothing of note, she would still be able to push a large amount of aggro onto that person. After looking at her surroundings, she decided to walk towards Bai Yi whom she was familiar with.

“Hey, make some space.” One must pick the softest persimmon to pinch on, and Zhu Yao decisively chased the fox out of the shade of the tree, squatting there herself.

“Gr… Great deity!” Bai Yi, who was pushed off the shade, finally turned his line of sight back from Yi Ling’s face, and looked at her with a dumbfounded look. “Why… Why are you in this forest as well?”

“…” This idiot actually did not know she was in the party all this time. So this was what people called caring nothing for what was happening outside, except for the person one’s interested in.

Taking the opportunity when he had regained his senses, Zhu Yao decided to inquire about some gossips. “Let me ask you something. Is there something going on with that Lin Xiang and Lan Qi?”

“Spiritual Master Lan Qi was once senior-martial sister Lin’s fiancé.”

Really? She had never considered this aspect.

“Was once?” She noted these words. “Spiritual Master Lan Qi was once engaged with senior- martial sister Lin. After that, Lan Qi was successful in condensing his Azoth Core. Since his cultivation level is now higher than senior-martial sister Lin, and he had even taken up the post of Sect Master, he was no longer compatible with senior-martial sister Lin. Thus, the reason he came to Blue Parasol Sect this time was to break off the engagement.”

So he was trash as well!

“A mere Azoth practitioner can become a master of a Sect?” Zhu Yao casually asked.

The fox looked at her strangely, and said with a matter of fact. “The number of Spiritual Masters who formed their  Azoth Cores are small in the first place. The Sect Masters of the various sects are all Azoth practitioners, and the same goes for Blue Parasol Sect as well.”

Wait a minute!

“You’re saying that the Sect Master of Blue Parasol Sect is only at the Azoth level as well?” Bai Yi nodded.

“Then what about the three Sovereigns?”

“They’re naturally at the Nascent Soul level!”

“The hell!” Zhu Yao finally understood what was wrong. Because she was at the Foundation level, she couldn’t recognize the depths of the cultivation level possessed by people stronger than her. She kept hearing others calling them Sovereigns, so she had always thought that these so-called Sovereigns, like the cultivation world back then, were referring to Demigod practitioners, and that the Sect Masters were Nascent Soul practitioners. Never did she think that…

“Then what about the Demigod stage? Are there no Demigod practitioners?”

“What’s a Demigod?” The fox looked confused.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Are there no cultivation level higher than the Nascent Soul stage?” “Of course not.” The fox nodded. “If one possesses cultivation higher than the Nascent Soul stage, isn’t that akin to ascending?”

“Has no one ever ascended?”

The fox chuckled, as though he had just heard a joke. “Ascending and becoming a deity are just legends, there’s no evidence to prove they exist.”

“…” Hello, I am legend!

She couldn’t believe it. The level of cultivation of this world was actually this low?

“Last question.” Zhu Yao asked softly. “Do you know why it’s better to have more Spirit Veins?”

“The more Spirit Veins you have, the more mystic arts you can learn!” The fox said seriously. “If one only has  a  single Spirit Vein, then one can only learn mystic arts of that one element. For example, Fire Spirit Vein Holders can only learn arts of the fire element, so naturally, the more Spirit Veins, the better.”

“Who said that?”

“That’s how it is!” The fox raised his hand, and instantly, a ball of flames appeared above his palm. “For example, I have three Spirit Veins of Fire, Wood and Earth, so only have three types of spiritual energy in my body, which also means that I can only use mystic arts of three elements. It’s not possible for me to use mystic arts of the water element.”

Zhu Yao finally understood where the problem was. The people of this world did not know how to convert their spiritual energy! To put it more precisely, they did not hold the concept of converting their spiritual energy at all. Could it be  that there’s differences in their physical bodies?

Zhu Yao silently circulated her spiritual energy for a moment, converting her wood spiritual energy into water spiritual energy. In an instant, several droplets of water appeared in her palm.

Since the body was not the problem, then that meant that they simply did not know the matter about converting spiritual energy. It was no wonder they treated the Heavenly Spirit Vein as trash.

In battle, naturally, the more mystic arts one could use, the more of an advantageous position he would be in. Especially when your opponent possessed a Spirit Vein that countered yours, if you’re only capable of using mystic arts of a single element, you would suffer a definite loss.

However, the mystic arts of the five elements reinforced and suppressed one another. The people of this world only knew about the theory of suppression, but did not understand the theory of reinforcement.

Zhu Yao, who unexpectedly found out the truth, could only say: Hoho!

As expected, an uneducated world was truly frightening!

You people deserve to have such poor cultivation.

Fortunately, she found out in time. Otherwise, when they were to finally encounter the demonic beast, and she were to habitually use her lightning-type mystic arts then, people would definitely surround her and treat her like Godzilla.

“Yi Ling, you best not take things too far!” Suddenly, with a ‘pa’ sound, something fell onto the ground. Nearby, the girl Lin Xiang was presently glaring at Ms. Mary Sue with a  furious look.

“Senior-martial sister Lin, please, don’t be angry? If Ling’er has done anything wrong, isn’t it fine if I apologize to you?” Yi Ling sat on the ground with an innocent expression, teary light can be faintly seen in her eyes.

Zhu Yao turned her head to look. Was the catfight finally about to begin?

“Lin Xiang, what are you doing?” The follower Qi Ping rushed over in an instant and pulled Yi Ling up from the ground. He then glared at Lin Xiang. “Why did you push Ling’er?”

“I didn’t even touch her. She fell on her own!”

“What a pack of lies! This place is a plain field, so how could junior-martial sister have possibly fallen on her own? Do you think we’re blind?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Mr. Follower, you’re really blind alright.

“I don’t care if you believe it or not, I did not push her anyway.” Lin Xiang said, still in a furious tone.

Qi Ping became even more furious. “Lin Xiang, you have always been this unruly. Yi Ling has never bothered you, so why do you have to always attack her so?”

“Me? Attack her?” Lin Xiang widened her eyes, her boiling anger drove her to laugh. “Just who’s the one attacking who, I believe she knows in the bottom of her heart!”

“Senior-martial sister Lin…” Yi Ling was once again hesitant with her words, the expression on her face was filled with even more grievance.

“Junior-martial sister Yi, you don’t have to care about her.” With an aching heart, Qi Ling consoled her. “She’s just spoilt by the Sect Master, that’s why she is this imperious.”

“Qi Ping, speak clearly. Who’s imperious?”

Yi Ling: “Senior-martial brother, forget it.”

“Senior-martial sister, don’t be afraid!” Qi Ping was now enraged as well, as he glared towards Lin Xiang. “If you dare to bully Yi Ling ever again, I will not be courteous with you.”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Lin Xiang instantly summoned her spiritual sword.

“What happened?” At this moment, Lan Qi who went to investigate the area finally returned. He looked back and forth at the two people, and when he saw the wronged look Yi Ling had, his expression instantly sank. He hurriedly walked over, and instantly pulled Yi Ling into his embrace. “Ling’er, what happened?”

“I…” Yi Ling did not speak, instead, she turned to glance at Lin Xiang at the side. Lan Qi’s expression sunk even more, and without even thinking, he spoke to Lin Xiang.  “Xiang’er,  apologize  to Ling’er!”

Lin Xiang was stunned, as she looked towards Lan Qi with a face of utter disbelief. “Even you believe that I pushed her?”

“…” Lan Qi’s expression grew even sterner.

Lin Xiang suddenly laughed. Her laughter was filled with desolateness. She coldly glanced at Yi Ling, and took a deep breath, as though she was trying to suppress the anger in the depths of her heart. With emphasis on every single word, she said. “Fine. Yi Ling, didn’t you want him? If you like him, then go ahead, take him! From now on, the two of us are strangers.”

After saying that, she turned around, and walked towards the forest alone. And not a single person present took a step forward.

Zhu Yao sighed. As expected, a large crowd of cannon fodders would always be laid behind every single Mary Sue’s back. “Senior-martial sister Lin will be fine, right?”  Yi  Ling suddenly asked with a worried look.

Just as Lan Qi was about to console her, Zhu Yao, who had been watching the show the entire time, could no longer help but speak up.

“If junior-martial sister Yi is worried, why don’t you chase after her to take a look?”

“…” Yi Ling’s expression stiffened, and no longer spoke.

Zhu Yao silently rolled her eyes. She knew all along. If Yi Ling really wanted to have her stay, why would she wait till she had walked so far away before speaking up?

“Wait! I’m going with you.” Zhu Yao deftly chased up to Lin Xiang.

When she spoke, everyone present was stunned.

“You…” Lin Xiang was even more shocked than the rest, as she looked at her.

“I believe that you didn’t push her!”


“Because…” Zhu Yao turned to glance at Yi Ling, and meaningfully said. “I have experience when it comes to incidents like this, right?  Junior.  Martial.  Sister.  Yi!”  When they first met back then, didn’t she use the same method?

Yi Ling’s expression paled, however, she acted as though she did not hear anything, as she buried her head into Lan Qi’s chest.

Zhu Yao did not care about her reaction either. She had long wanted to find an opportunity to leave the team. Compared to a fake lotus like Yi Ling, she was more willing to accompany an explosive lady like Lin Xiang. After all, she might become the next cannon fodder.

Roaarr… Roaaarrr… Before her plan to leave the team could initiate, a loud roar suddenly reverberated. A gigantic shadow suddenly appeared before their eyes. Zhu Yao’s heart sank, as she grabbed onto Lin Xiang who was nearest to her, and dodged to the side with her fastest speed.

On the plain field where they were resting on, a gigantic demonic beast was presently baring its teeth in the direction where the four people were standing.

This demonic beast was at least three  storeys  tall,  and  its entire body was covered in scales. Its outer appearance however looked a little like a bear, and there were even three metal blade-like horns on its head.

The hell, what happened to the promised fourth-ranked demonic beast?

Seeing this beast, Zhu Yao simply wanted to say a single word: “Run!”

She picked up Lin Xiang in passing, summoned her flying sword, and soared desperately into the skies. “Senior-martial sister Zhu!” Just as she was about fly away, she was blocked by Yi Ling who was flying on her own sword, and even grabbed onto her hand. “Now that the demonic beast has appeared, we should be killing it with our combined hearts and strength, how can you flee before the battle even begin?”

“Battle your sister! Move away, if we don’t flee now, we won’t be able to escape in time!” The hell, Zhu Yao even harbored thoughts of killing her now.

Yi Ling’s face however was filled with excitement. “Could it be that senior-martial sister Zhu recognize this demonic beast?”

Recognize? She totally recognized it alright! Among all demonic beasts, Zhu Yao was most familiar with this one. After all… this was the Risefire Beast which crippled her all over back then in Tasyoluk!


A loud roar once again reverberated. The gigantic figure that was on still on the ground earlier blurred, and instantly appeared before the two of them. Zhu Yao’s heart instantly turned cold. Oh crap!

Yi Ling however turned about and cast an art, and a icicle instantly appeared in the air.

“Don’t use ice!” Zhu Yao sent a slap towards her, instantly interrupting her from completing her art. Yi Ling’s feet became unsteady, and then, she fell from the sky.

The Risefire Beast had already pounced towards them, and Zhu Yao could only fly downwards with Lin Xiang in hand as well, barely dodging its attack.

“Junior-martial sister Yi!” Qi Ping soared and caught the falling Yi Ling. With boiling fury, he began to lash out at Zhu Yao. “Are you crazy? Why did you interrupt her when she was casting an art? And you even push…”

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao ruthlessly glared at Qi Ping, stunning him with her roar.

Zhu Yao did not have the  time  to  care  about  him,  because… the Risefire Beast disappeared again. “Everyone, prepare your barriers, hurry!”

Other than Lin Xiang who followed her instructions, the rest looked confused.

“Just what are you planning to do?”

Zhu Yao couldn’t care less, as she desperately released her divine sense to sense the position of the Risefire Beast. Unfortunately, the difference in their levels was too large, and she was simply unable to sense it at all.

“Listen to her!” Lan Qi flew over, and his expression sank quite a bit. His cultivation level was the highest among the people here, so naturally he could sense that something was amiss. “That one is most likely not a fourth-ranked beast.”

Only then did their expressions change. Yi Ling then asked with a startled look. “If it’s not fourth-ranked, then what rank is it?”

Lan Qi turned to look at Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao clenched her fists. “Risefire Beast, resistant to water and fire, sixth-ranked demonic beast.”

Everyone present instantly held their breaths at the same time.

Sixth-ranked, it was comparable to an Azoth Paragon. Lan Qi, who had the highest cultivation level among them, had only just formed his Azoth Core. Adding that demonic beasts were naturally stronger than practitioners of similar  cultivation level, they basically had no shot at victory.

Zhu Yao was someone who had truly fought against a Risefire Beast before. Back then, even with so many Azoth practitioners present, they still did not have an advantageous position over the Risefire Beast, let alone now when they were merely Foundation and Essence practitioners. That was why her first reaction was to flee, but that bitch of a Mary Sue…!

“What do we do now?” Qi Ping was panicking as well, as he summoned his weapon and looked tensely at his surroundings.

Lan Qi did not reply, and instead looked towards Zhu Yao again. Everyone’s line of sight was guided over as well, as they all stared at her.

What do we do? Wait for death, of course. This time, her master couldn’t save her, as he was still buried in the soil.

“Junior-martial sister Zhu, you’re the only one here who has met this demonic beast before. How do you think we should approach this?” Lan Qi asked.

“Buy time with the best of our abilities while ensuring our measly lives are intact.” Zhu Yao looked towards Yi Ling at the side. “You have a voice transmission talisman, right? Hurry and send a message back to the sect, have them dispatch a Nascent Soul practitioner here.”

Yi Ling’s expression changed, and meekly said. “But master is currently in isolation…”

“Then we will just wait for our deaths!” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted her words.

Everyone’s face ashened, and Yi Ling once again revealed that grievanced look. Though this time, no one bothered about her, as everyone was tensely waiting for the Risefire Beast’s next appearance.

Only then did Yi Ling unwillingly take out the voice transmission talisman. Raising her hand, just as she was planning to activate it, her sleeves slightly trembled for a moment. They were fluttering upwards, as though a  light breeze had swept past them. Zhu Yao who had been focusing on the surrounding situation instantly noticed this.

“Scatter!” Zhu Yao shouted out and pushed Yi Ling in the opposite direction, while she flew backwards on her flying sword with extreme speed. In almost a blink of an eye, a black shadow appeared from above, descending right towards the place where the few of them were before.

As she realized it in time, she had managed to dodge it. Yi Ling was also out of the attack radius due to her push. Lan Qi was after all an Azoth practitioner, so his reaction speed was the quickest. Bai Yi was after all a demon, so he was able to escape with his strong sense of danger. As for Lin Xiang, because Zhu Yao had grabbed onto her earlier and had forgotten to let go since then, so she naturally escaped as well.

The only one who did not react in time was Qi Ping.

Chapter205: That Beast With Strange Brain Circuits

Zhu Yao could seemingly see the cold glint being reflected from the claws of the Risefire Beast, as it swung straight down onto Qi Ping without the slightest pause. He was instantly slammed a few dozen meters away, puking out a mouthful of blood, and his entire chest was already meshed with flesh and blood.

Everything happened in a blink of an eye. By the time everyone regained their senses, Qi Ping only had a single breath remaining.

“Senior-martial brother Qi!” Yi Ling called out, blood was completely drained from her face. She looked as though she was pained by the sight, however, she did not even move a single step.

This is why I hate bitches the most!

Taking the opportunity when the Risefire Beast had not disappeared, Zhu Yao cast an art, summoning dozens of vines to restrain its body. While doing so, she hinted Lin Xiang. “Check if he’s dead yet.” Lin Xiang responded, and flew towards Qi Ping’s direction.
Taking out an Essence Recovery Pellet, she then fed it to him.

The strength of the Risefire Beast was immense, and Zhu Yao’s vines were simply unable to restrain it for long. Lan Qi naturally realized this problem. He summoned hundreds of spiritual swords and had them assault the Risefire Beast one after another.

However, only a series of clanging sounds could be heard, as all the spiritual swords were deflected and fell onto the ground. The scales of the Risefire Beast were impenetrable, and he was simply unable to harm it even the least bit, instead, it was enraged and began to put up a stronger struggle.

Zhu Yao was about to puke blood from controlling it, as she turned her head and shouted. “Use your sword intent.”

Lan Qi’s expression instantly paled, as he looked at the Risefire Beast a little blankly.

“You’re not going to tell me you haven’t comprehended your sword intent, are you?” Zhu Yao widened her eyes. His expression instantly turned even more embarrassed.

The hell, then what use do you have! He had yet to comprehend his sword intent, how could he have the face to call himself an Azoth practitioner?

Zhu Yao was already beginning to feel that her stamina was diminishing. In just a few minutes, out of the several dozen vines, the Risefire Beast had already broken out of half of them, and only the ones that were restraining its limbs were left intact. Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. She no longer cared about exposing her powers.

Immediately converting into lightning spiritual energy, she began chanting a Lightning Guiding Art, and just as she was about to invoke it…

“Let me help you.” She heard Yi Ling shouting with her delicate voice, and a huge amount of heavenly fire suddenly began to discharge downwards.

Zhu Yao widened her eyes, and she only managed to say a few words in time. “What the hell!” What a piggish teammate!

The flames burned fiercely, instantly enveloping the Risefire Beast, and it conveniently burned away all of the vines she summoned as well.

“I did it!” The pig celebrated.

Zhu Yao: “…”


A furious roar that reverberated throughout the clouds suddenly sounded from within the flames.

The huge flames that were still furiously burning earlier, began to diminish at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, revealing the red-scaled demonic beast inside. The flames were being absorbed by its scales.

“This… How is this possible?” Yi Ling looked completely baffled. Please, when you have nothing to do, read some books, alright? I already told you that water and fire don’t work on it. Since ice is ineffective, then flames are naturally ineffective as well!

The Risefire Beast was already completely enraged. After a loud roar, it shot out a ball of flames from its mouth, aiming straight towards Yi Ling.

Yi Ling was simply unable to dodge it in time, and was enveloped by the flames.

“Ah!” She let out a miserable cry, however, with a flash of light from her body, the flames instantly disappeared. The mystic robe she was wearing most likely possessed a fire- repelling formation. However, even if her clothes were fireproof, it did not mean it could prevent fires anywhere else. Her hair was crisply burned, and there were still flames burning on her ponytail.

“Ling’er!” Lan Qi flew over worriedly. Water was the most suitable in extinguishing fires, but Lan Qi did not have the Water Spirit Vein! Hence, he could only use an earth-type mystic art to bury Yi Ling’s hair in sand, and it looked as though he had turned a beautiful woman into a terracotta sculpture. Zhu Yao: “…” Why did she feel that they were going to break up soon?

The Risefire Beast instantly rose into the skies, and Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. Crap, it was too close to Lan Qi and Yi Ling! The Risefire Beast would definitely…


The hell, why was it heading towards her!?

She was clearly the farthest from it, this beast threw away its close targets and was aiming for the one farther away, did she look like she was easy to bully?

Ouuu~~ ┗|`o′|┛

The Risefire Beast approached menacingly. Flying on her sword, she dodged towards the side. Just when it looked as though it was about to miss her, the Risefire Beast’s figure flashed, and it suddenly disappeared again. The hell, it concealed itself again!

Zhu Yao felt like cursing out, however, she suddenly felt a gust of wind sweeping towards her from her back.

At that moment, she felt her heart turn cold…

In a mere instant, a beast paw pressed onto her barrier, and an immense pressure came assaulting her. Zhu Yao was instantly slammed towards the ground from the sky.

Why was she always the one getting hurt!? What’s so great about the Mary Sue’s cheat, huh!?

A loud boom resounded. Zhu Yao felt a weight her  life couldn’t possibly endure.

This demonic beast sure had strong tastes, it actually wanted to crush her to death with its bodyweight. Zhu Yao simply wanted to give her final retort, when she suddenly felt the ground below her turn empty, and she immediately sank down. In the next moment, she felt her entire body falling, and her surroundings were pitch-black. She could only hear several loud booms reverberating all around her, as though they were sounds of something collapsing.

The hole was very deep, and Zhu Yao only smacked onto the ground dozens of seconds later. When she finally stopped, her defensive barrier shattered resoundingly the instant she made contact with the ground. She and the beast had still yet  to regain their senses after experiencing this sudden change.

Zhu Yao however knew that this was an opportunity. Without a single hesitation, she instantly circulated all of the spiritual energy in her body, and summoned her sword intent. A lightning phoenix soared upwards, instantly lighting up the entire space. Zhu Yao could faintly see several palace-like stone pillars.

The Risefire Beast was still pressing on her body when the lightning phoenix charged downwards. Just when it looked as though it was about to strike its target…

A fiery red light suddenly shone from the ground, as a formation glowed. The beast’s and her figures flashed, and they disappeared from their original positions a moment later. The lightning phoenix struck empty air, and it let out a long cry before slowly disappearing without a trace.

Zhu Yao, who was sent towards another location, simply wanted to quietly curse out.

Your brother-in-law!

Zhu Yao simply did not have the time to inspect her current location, as the Risefire Beast had already regained its senses. With one of its paws still pressing on her, its gigantic head slowly lowered. She could even feel the cold air coming from its long, sharp teeth, as a rich smell of blood came pouring towards her.

She no longer had a single strand of spiritual energy in her body, and simply could not resist. She could only watch as that gigantic beast head approach closer, and closer.

Then, it opened its large, blood-stained mouth wide, and…

Licked her? “…”


Zhu Yao’s heart which was tensed all the way up, fell back onto the ground in an instant.

What’s with this “meow”? -Slams on the ground!-

That gigantic beast tilted its head and rubbed against her body while closing its eyes, even her body was beginning to move to the side from all its rubbing. Toddler-like sounds resounded in her ears.

“Like. Like. Like. I like you…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

What’s with this completely unforeseen godly development!? What happened to the promised domineering, impenetrable Risefire Beast? What happened to her only childhood nightmare in the cultivation world? Was it really alright for it to change its role like this?

“Like. Like. Like. Like. Like you so very much…”

However, it felt as though the Risefire Beast was saying its catchphrase, as it constantly repeated these words. The tail on its back looked as though it had turned crazy as well, as it wildly swept left and right, releasing several loud booming sounds.

Are you a dog?



The Risefire Beast was still happily rubbing against her, and Zhu Yao was simply being dragged across the ground by its rubbing.

“Stop!” Zhu Yao had no choice but to stop its expression of goodwill, and sighed deeply. “Let me go for now.” Why did she feel that this scene was a little familiar? “Meow!” The Risefire Beast obediently released its paw. Lying on the ground, its pair of large copper bell-like eyes sparkled and it looked at her.

And as it watched her, it constantly repeated: Like. Like. Like.
Like. Like you so much…

Looking at this beast which suddenly changed its style, she was speechless. When she was of the dragon race in the past, she could understand the innate favourable impression the demonic beasts had towards her, but presently, she was clearly a tree demon. So why was she still being liked by beasts?

Zhu Yao crawled up with a dark expression, and patted off the dirt on her body. The Risefire Beast tilted its head. It enthusiastically approached her, stretched out its long tongue and licked her body, plastering her face with saliva.

“Lick clean! Lick clean! Help you, help you! Like, like!”

That immature voice sounded once again.

“No need!” Zhu Yao pushed away its beast head. How are you helping me like this?

“Meowuuu…” Its erected ears drooped down in an instant, as it glanced at her with a depressed look.

Zhu Yao ignored its sad little eyes, and began to inspect her surroundings. This place seemed to be an underground ruin, which was most likely a gigantic palace in the past. Stone pillars of several meters in height were placed all around the place, and the walls were embedded with Fire Spirit Stones that were used to light up the area, though it was still a little dim. The place she was standing on seemed to be a corridor. The corridor was very long, and it was impossible to see the end at first glance.

“Beastie, do you know of this place?”

“Meow~” The Risefire Beast tilted its head.

“You don’t know?” And here she was thinking that it was the guardian beast of this place?

“It’s an important person’s place!” It suddenly said. Zhu Yao blanked. “Which important person does this place belong to?”

The Risefire Beast closed its eye, and once again began to rub against her body. “Beastie likes you. Like. Like. Like…”

“…” The spiritual intelligence of sixth-ranked demonic beasts were still incomplete, so it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to get anything more from asking. She had no choice but to take a look herself.

“Are you familiar with this place?”

“Meow~~” The beast nodded.

“Then can you guide me to that important person?”

“Meow, meow, meow~~” It continued to nod.

“Then let’s go!” Just as she was planning to walk forward, a gigantic paw was suddenly stretched out in front of her eyes. “Paw, hold.”

The Risefire Beast looked at her with sparkling eyes, its face was filled with anticipation. It then began to repeatedly chant out. “Hold paw, hold paw, paw, paw…”

“…” You must have come from another world as well, right? You even know about the need to shake hands when working together.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Left with no choice, she took a step forward, and hugged onto the gigantic beast paw in front of her. As though she was moving furniture, she moved it left and right a couple of times.

The Risefire Beast’s eyes turned even brighter, as it began to howl out excitedly with its paw raised, as though it had suddenly received a huge reward.

“Paw, she held my paw. Oouuu~~ I’m never going to wash my paw ever again.” Enough!

Can you beasts have proper brain circuits?

“We’re going!” Zhu Yao’s face darkened, as she headed for the end of the corridor.

As though it was cherishing that one paw, the Risefire Beast raised it up, and then, came hopping forward with only its three other legs.

Zhu Yao: “…”

The corridor was long. Even after Zhu Yao had walked an hour, she had still yet to reach the end. However, the surrounding pillars were fully engraved with various types of runes and diagrams. She felt that these runes looked a little familiar, yet she could not recall where she had seem  them before.

Chapter206: Seeing The Old Beast Again

As she headed inwards, the light rays grew even brighter, and she did not encounter any sort of mechanisms on the way. She was even secretly celebrating how lucky she was, when suddenly, a white light flashed in her surroundings. Spiritual swords appeared in mid-air one after another, and they flew towards her.

The hell!

She wouldn’t be able to dodge them this time.

In the nick of time, the Risefire Beast which had been quietly hopping the entire time, leapt forward and shielded Zhu Yao. Those spiritual swords clattered as they struck its scales, and then, they disappeared after falling onto the ground.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you!”

“Meow~~” The Risefire Beast was filled with a prideful look. When it lowered its head, it realized that the paw which it had been carefully protecting was placed onto the ground, and its ears drooped down in an instant. As though it had received some sort of damage, it began to weep. “Paw… My paw…”

“…” It’s not even broken, did it have to be like this? “Enough, once we get out of here, I will hold onto all four of your paws, alright?”

Its eyes instantly brightened up again.

Zhu Yao began to carefully inspect the corridor. At the moment those spiritual swords appeared, she clearly sensed the fluctuations of a formation. She searched her surroundings for a moment, and realized that an offensive formation was engraved on the left stone pillar. It was exactly the formation, which gathered spiritual energy to spiritual swords, that hit her. However, the runes on the formation were a little ancient, and did not look like the runes that were used in the present. Rather, they looked a little similar to the sealing runes which her teacher taught her back then.

Zhu Yao frowned. It seemed like this place wasn’t really safe either. As she pressed inwards, her vigilance rose by a little. As expected, another different formation was spotted on a pillar in front of her. The further she went, the more complicated those formations became. She carefully detoured around every one of them, and things grew quite tense. She walked for about another hour and finally reached to the end. A gigantic stone door appeared right in front of eyes. Seeing the realistic-looking gigantic demonic beast on the door whose eyes were closed, Zhu Yao could sense the vile intentions of the entire world.

“Master, master, master…” The Risefire Beast excitedly hopped up and down in front of the door.

A blinding white light was suddenly released from the door, and that terrifying demonic beast that was engraved on it turned alive. A horrifying pressure came spreading all around in an overwhelming manner, and even the entire ground was shaking. That gigantic demonic beast suddenly opened its eyes widely, revealing a pair of blood-red eyes which were several times larger the Risefire Beast’s.

“Who has come?” That beast spat out the  language  of humans, and its voice was resoundingly loud, its echoes endlessly rebounded back and forth the surroundings. An incredibly rich smell of blood suffused into the air.

“…” Zhu Yao did not reply. That gigantic beast on the door glanced at its surroundings, and its line of sight fell on Zhu Yao, killing intent  filled  the place. “It’s actually a practitioner. A mere Foundation practitioner is actually capable of reaching here as well, then…” The killing intent suddenly turned stronger, and the pressure grew even more overwhelming. Its blood red eyes gradually narrowed, and it said with a heavy voice. “I will eat you to my heart’s content.”

That terrifying beast head suddenly reached out from the door, and opened it’s mouth wide in front of Zhu Yao.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she gathered the spiritual energy she managed to accumulate earlier, and sent a slap towards it.

A ‘pa’ sound lightly resounded.

The gigantic beast was instantly enraged.

“Roar~~~” Opening its mouth, it aimed to bite her.

Zhu Yao sighed. At the moment it was about to reach her, she shouted. “Sesame!”

“…” The beast head was stunned, and its eyes suddenly widened to the extreme. It tensely stared at the person in front of it, and even blinked its eyes in disbelief.

“Why are you here?” Zhu Yao felt a slight headache.

“Mis… Mistress?” The demonic beast’s voice instantly toned down quite a bit, and its pair of blood red eyes began to turn misty. “It’s… It’s really you?”

Zhu Yao looked at her surroundings. “Why are you imprisoned in a door again?”

“Mistress…” As though Sesame had finally confirmed the person in front of its eyes, tears began to fall. One drop, two drops… In just a few moments, like a faucet being opened, its tears flowed outwards. It wailed out loud, as though its liver and intestines were being sliced into pieces. “Wuaaah, mistress… You finally came to look for this beastie. Wuaaah… This beastie thought that I’m no longer able to see you, mistress… Mistress… Wuaaah…” “Enough, enough, stop crying!” It was such a huge beast, if it cried any more than this, a flood would occur, you know?

“Wuaaah…” Sesame however selfishly began to announce his grievances, crying to the point of being out of breath. “Mistress… You don’t even love this beastie at all, only now did you decide to come and find me. Wuaaah…”

Uh, could she reveal that she wasn’t here to find it?

Glancing at its unrestrainable saddened look, in the end, Zhu Yao decided not to tell it this cruel truth.

“Alright, alright. Aren’t I here now?” She stroked the beast head. “Tell me, just what happened? Didn’t you return to the demonic continent?”

Finally, Sesame stopped its weeping. As it sniffled its nose, it spoke with a complaining tone. “Mistress… The beasties of the demonic continent bullied me. They despised me for once signing a contract with a human practitioner, and carrying the scent of a human practitioner on me. This beastie has once returned to look for you, but mistress couldn’t be found anywhere. After that, this beastie had nowhere else to hide, was captured, and was then thrown down to the Lower Realm again by the Palace Master. And he even said never to ever return.”

She was pretty sure that he was chased down here because of his own fault. Wait a minute!

“Again?” Zhu Yao caught onto this keyword. “You have some old grudges with that so-called Palace Master?”

“Uh…” Sesame’s face stiffened, and his eyes began to swim around.

Zhu Yao’s expression sank. “Speak the truth.”

Sesame’s huge mouth flattened, and she looked at her with a pitiful look. “There’s… There is a little misunderstanding…”


“The most important point is because this beastie is simply too handsome.” It shook its head. “I accidentally caught the sights of a princess. The Palace Master forced me to marry her, and I was unwilling, so he chased me down to the Lower Realm…”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Are you certain that it’s someone else admiring you, and not because you’re conspiring against them?”

“How is that possible!” Sesame said with a stern look. “Why would I like her? You don’t know this, but although she’s a princess, she’s a beastie with only two legs. I’m a handsome beast with four legs, so I won’t ever marry two legs!”

“…” What did this have to do with legs? “Are you certain that you didn’t fool around and let her down, hence leading to her father sticking up for his own daughter?”

“I have only seen her once.” Sesame said with an unfortunate look. “And that time, because I fled from the wedding, I was sealed in that mustard seed dimension and thrown to the Lower Realm. I never expected that even after so many years have passed, she still covet my charm… Wuuuuuu, mistress, this beastie has such a hard life!”

You Godzilla, just which part of you look charming!? Zhu Yao sighed, pointed to the place he came out from, and continued to ask. “And then? Why were you sealed in this door again?”

“I don’t know either.” Sesame shook his head. “When I came to the Lower Realm, I simply felt something was guiding me towards it, and then I found myself in this door when I woke up. I have tried several times, but I’m only capable of sticking my head out. I’m not able to escape at all. So, I wanted to gather several demonic beasts of my species to help break this seal. In the end, I waited for two hundred years, and only managed to encounter a Risefire Beast.”

“Meow~~” The Risefire Beast obediently responded.

“And then, I planned on luring human practitioners over, and see if they have any methods to help me escape. In the end, mistress came.” The longer it spoke, the sadder it became, and tears seemed to begin welling up in its eyes again. “Mistress, this beastie is so pitiful.”

“Don’t you have yourself to blame for this?” Back then, it would have been better if it stayed in the Lightning Divine Hall, but it just had to return to the demonic continent to seek a beating. “This beastie knows its mistake. Mistress is so incredible, you definitely know how to remove this formation. Mistress, save me…”

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at those circulating words on the door. Sesame sure guessed right, she really knew how to remove this.

“This isn’t a formation.” Zhu Yao frowned.


“This is a seal.” Those familiar words were seal characters. With this arrangement and aura fluctuation, it was evidently a “Devil Restraining Seal. This is a low-grade sealing art used to restrain Devils.”

“Devils?” Sesame was stunned for a moment, and then it twisted about. “But beastie is of the Beast Race.”

This was also something she couldn’t understand. Though the Devil Restraining Seal was low-grade sealing art, it would only respond to Devils, unless… “Sesame, when you were sealed within, you have yet to fully recover from your previous injuries, right?”

Sesame nodded.

As expected. Back then, it suffered heavy injuries from Yue Ying. Yue Ying was a Devil, and its wounds naturally contained remnants of a Devil’s aura. And this coincidentally was a low- grade sealing art, so it immediately recognized it as a Devil and sealed it within.

Sesame, such a hard life, you have!

“I will release you now, retract your head back!”

“Alright, meow~ I just knew that mistress is the best, meow~” Sesame happily retracted its head.

Zhu Yao sat cross-legged, and took a deep breath. During the time she spent walking here, the spiritual energy in her body had already recovered a little, yet she had to release them all over here again. She circulated the spiritual energy, and turned them into thread-like spiritual strands. They wrapped around those sealing characters, and then intertwined along the flow of the seal. After that, they dragged in the opposite direction.

A moment later, the door began to release a white light, and it grew brighter and brighter. The circular formation, like a projection, suddenly revealed itself from the door and constantly rotated. When those characters could no longer be seen, a ray of light flew out from inside, and the circular formation slowly dimmed, until it disappeared.

A doll-faced male youth appeared before Zhu Yao. On the sleeves of his white robe was a familiar auspicious cloud diagram, it was exactly the uniform of the past Ancient Hill Sect.

“Mistress…” The youth leapt up, and pounced towards her.

Zhu Yao sent a slap straight to his face. Exerting some strength, she stood up.

Sesame slammed onto the ground with a ‘pa’. As though he had already gotten used to her violence, he changed to hugging her thighs, and began to rub them with a satisfied look… “I’m finally out. As expected, mistress loves beastie the most.
Ouuu~~~~ This beastie wants to bear monkeys with you.”


Zhu Yao kicked away this idiot, and took a careful look. The door earlier had disappeared, and two pillars similar to those in the corridor appeared in its place, along with six forked paths in front of them. Every path was unfathomably deep, and it was unknown where they lead to.

Was this, the part where she would head into a dungeon?

Chapter207: Sidequest Item

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she turned around and headed in the direction she came from. Did he treat her as stupid? The high mortality rate of a place like that could be seen with a glance. She, as a Foundation practitioner who had depleted her spiritual energy, would not send herself to death. Not to mention Sesame had already been saved. With a tenth- ranked demonic beast like him, returning to the surface would be easy peasy.


Just as she turned around, a conversation window suddenly leapt up in front of her.
What’s with this treasure locating system? This was simply the same navigation system as back then, right? If he wanted the name to be changed, then he shouldn’t have revealed the word ‘navigation’! Did he really believe that by adding brackets, she wouldn’t recognize it? Even if he was doing perfunctory work, this shouldn’t be how it was done! He must had typed wrongly, right?

If you have the guts, I dare you to name it Invincible of the East!


Zhu Yao: “…”

Flips table! This old lady isn’t going to look for treasures, why don’t you come bite me then!? Ting!


Ah~ Her chest was hurting.

Zhu Yao sighed deeply, as she silently tapped on the [Begin] button. Everything was for the breasts! ╮(╯▽╰)╭ She’s just that adaptable.

All of the conversation windows instantly disappeared, and a green arrow appeared in her line of sight.

 “Sesame, let’s go.” As she dragged the person who was still hugging onto her thighs, she walked towards the third passage. After pondering for a moment, she stopped, turned to look at the Risefire Beast following behind her, and said. “You stay here.”

“Meow~~” The Risefire Beast was instantly drowning in tears.

“Your figure is too big, and you don’t know how to take up a human form either, it will be very dangerous if you follow us. You can either wait here, or go play on your own. Understand?”

“Meow.” The Risefire Beast nodded, as it looked at her with starry eyes.

“Be obedient~” Zhu Yao reached out her hand  to  stroke  its huge head.

“Meow~” The Risefire Beast’s expression instantly turned soothened, and that tender voice once again sounded. “Ah~ She stroked my head, stroked my head. Beastie will never wash its head again.” “…” Get away from me!

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened, as she hurriedly walked into the passage with Sesame.

Along the way, Zhu Yao heightened her senses to a hundred twenty percent. She had Sesame as her trump card, and the cultivation level of the practitioners of this world was low as well, so there shouldn’t be any sort of danger. However, that Devil Restraining Seal earlier had worried her a little. That was a sealing technique which only the ancient gods knew, and she was even taught by the authentic Highgod Yue Gu herself. However, there was still such a seal in the Lower Realm, which made her suspect if it was actually related to the God race?

She had thought that the mechanisms and formations would become even more complicated and incredible as she walked further in, but unexpectedly, their walk was smooth without a single interruption, everything was pretty smooth-sailing. Though, she had a faint feeling where she was heading further and further down into the depths, and their surroundings grew even dimmer as well.

After she selected the path, that treasure locating system had only changed the direction twice, and it no longer moved as they walked straight forward.

Two hours later.

The final hint appeared on the treasure locating system.

Walk three meters forward…

My ass!

It was clearly a wall in front of their eyes, where did the system want her to walk forward to!? This was actually a dead end.

This treasure locating system must be a pirated version, right? “Mistress, there’s no road from here on. Are we going to turn back?” Sesame asked.

“Let me think!” Zhu Yao stood next to the wall, the arrow in front of her eyes however had still yet to disappear. Also, a large portion of it had even merged into the walk in front of her. Could it be that there was something behind this wall? “Sesame, shine a light!”

Sesame twisted his palm, and in an instant, a ball of flames appeared in his hand. The place that was still dim earlier, instantly brightened up quite a bit.

Zhu Yao continued to look at the wall in front of her, and realized it was built from square blocks of similar size. Zhu Yao placed her hand onto it, and faintly felt that the wall was uneven, as though something was engraved on it.

“Sesame, use a wind-type art and try to blow away the dust.”

Sesame nodded. A wild gust of wind blew, and the dusty wall earlier was instantly completely cleaned, revealing a wall that was filled with words written on it. A character was written on every single square block, and it was in a language which she completely did not recognize at all. They did not looked like runic characters, nor did they look like seal characters.

Zhu Yao took a few steps back, and after staring at them for a long while, she still couldn’t figure out what was written. And, those characters were very spread out, they were like grids used for elementary school students to practice writing on, with a single character on every single grid box. Then, after an empty row, there were another set of similar characters.

A strange wall like this was either a formation or a mechanism.

She was proficient with formations, but as for mechanisms, she only knew…

Wait a minute!

Zhu Yao looked at the wall back and forth, a ridiculous thought suddenly sprouted out in her mind. This grid looked a little like…

When this thought came about, she immediately shook her head.

Heheh, how could that be possible? Words written in such a high-end language couldn’t possibly be used for such an idiotic game.

However, she could not help but reach out her fingers to tap on two similar characters.

Suddenly, with a creaking sound, the two characters flashed, and they instantly disappeared along with the blocks they were written on… Yes, they disappeared… they disappeared… disappeared…


The hell, this is really a game of ‘find the pair’, hey! What happened to the promised mechanism? What happened to the promised high-end language? The final obstacle is actually just a ‘find the pair’ game? Aren’t you embarrassed?

Zhu Yao felt that her intelligence was being severely scoffed at. “Mistress. This is…”

“Don’t bother me, I want some time alone!”

Zhu Yao quietly calmed herself down for five minutes, before she finally resigned to her fate and stood up. She began to pair up the characters and eliminate those blocks.

In just a short while, only two blocks remained out of the entire wall. In an instant, the positions, where the disappeared blocks were at before, released a white glow, instantly lighting up the entire space. Just as Zhu Yao was about to eliminate the last pair, she was stopped by Sesame.

“Mistress…” Not knowing when it started, Sesame’s face was already filled with fear, and his entire body was even trembling as well.

“What is it?”

“Be… Behind the wall…” He pointed at the white light with his trembling fingers. “There seems to be… something scary… It’s frightening!” Frightening? Zhu Yao calmed her heart down and sensed for a moment. She wondered if it was because her cultivation level was low, but she couldn’t sense anything scary. Instead… she felt a sense of familiarity.

“Mistress, don’t go!” Sesame pulled onto her hand.

Zhu Yao frowned. She had known Sesame for such a long time, but this was still the first time she had seen him this frightened. Could it be that there was something incredible behind this wall?

She was a little hesitant. The arrow of the treasure locating system was still pointing in the same direction, and its distance was still maintained at three meters.

She took in a deep breath. She had already walked all the way here, no matter what, she had to test it out.

“Sesame, wait for me here.” Zhu Yao instructed, before she reached out her hand to tap on the last two blocks.

Suddenly, a strong ray of light swept over, which disappeared right after. A vast view appeared before her eyes. Behind the wall was a lush field with mountains and rivers decorated around, filled with the songs of birds and the fragrant scent of flowers.

Zhu Yao was a little stunned. Never did she expect that a place like this was actually behind the wall, as though she had entered another land.

This was actually small sized mustard seed dimensional space.

The treasure locating system turned off at the same time.

Zhu Yao walked into that land.

Boom… Suddenly, thunder roared. A ray of lightning struck down, landing a few meters away from her. Zhu Yao was given  a fright, as she raised her head to take a look.

In an instant, all sorts of curses ran through her mind.

The word ‘bug’ was actually suspended in the sky right above the center of the land!

No wait, it was a sword with the word ‘bug’ written on it.

That sword was as huge as a mountain, and it was floating in the sky. Countless lightning sparks enveloped the blade of the sword. Looking from afar, it looked like a sword which was formed by lightning itself. Even her forehead was faintly aching from its intense, cold sword aura.

It seemed like this sword was the target of her sidequest this time.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, and flew towards it. After approaching it, she realized that other the word ‘bug’ that was on the sword, there was a bracketed ‘God’s Artifact 1’ next to it.

The hell, forget about it being a god’s artifact, what’s with that number ‘1’ next to it? So was it indicating that there were still two, three, or even dozen more of them? Just how many sidequests were there, hey?

Zhu Yao really wished to ask Realmspirit for his family registry!

She found the bug, but what could she do about such a large sword? It was a god’s artifact, so she couldn’t possibly destroy it, then did she have to eat it? Don’t give me such an impossible mission, hey!

Zhu Yao felt like crying. After circling around the sword several times, she still couldn’t find where she should start biting from?

Just as she was about to return, the sword suddenly shook. In an instant, the world trembled. As Zhu Yao failed to stabilize herself on her flying sword, her hands flew, and she pressed onto the blade of the sword.


She had a bad premonition.

The trembling instantly stopped. Intense lightning spiritual energy suddenly began to pour wildly into her body.

As Zhu Yao did not prepare herself, she puke out a mouthful of blood. However, the spiritual energy still continued to freely pour into her body.

“Mistress!” Sesame flew into the place, and carried Zhu Yao back to the surface. “How are you?”

The lightning spiritual energy in her body did not stop circulating, and they were even crashing and colliding wildly within her body. As though they had held a grudge with the wood spiritual energy in her body, they completely engulfed the remaining wood spiritual energy. Zhu Yao felt her meridians were beginning to tear apart inch by inch, and it pained her to the point where she could barely stand. A certain switch seemed to have turned on within the bug god’s artifact, as it began to rampage. Crackling bolts of lightning struck all around the place.

Zhu Yao was already unable to suppress the lightning spiritual energy which suddenly appeared in her body, and her consciousness began to blur as well.

Suddenly, a red formation light shone beneath her, and in the next instant, a figure donned in a snow-white robe appeared next to her. He had a face that she was extremely familiar with.

“Master…” Zhu Yao was instantly a little more clear-headed. “How did you…?” How did he appear in this place?

“The Spirit Rhinoceros Formation you placed!” Yu Yan casually explained. “When I woke up, I sensed that you were in danger, so I activated that formation.”

I see!

When she left, she was a little worried, so she placed down a unique Spirit Rhinoceros Formation. That was a formation Shao Bai taught her back then. With the formation  setter’s blood as guidance, if the target of the formation encountered harm, or the target himself activated it, the formation would directly transfer the target next to the formation setter. The term ‘Spirit Rhinoceros’ implied that hearts of a common beat were linked.

Chapter208: I Recovered My Cultivation

Yu Yan formed a seal with one hand, which protected Zhu Yao’s divine sense. With a solemn voice, he said. “There’s too much spiritual energy in your body, you have to make preparations to form your Azoth Core.”


Form her Azoth Core? She was only at the entry-level of Foundation, why must her level be raised in such a forceful manner!? The surrounding thunders roared even louder, and the sword, which was even taller than a mountain, was filled with lightning sparks in an instant, as though it carried a might that could destroy the entire world.

The lightning spiritual energy in the air grew even richer, carrying a oppressive force that made it hard for people to breathe.

“Calm your inner thoughts, and focus on forming your Azoth Core.” Yu Yan placed down several formations used for stabilizing spiritual energy, and sat next to her. Behind him, an illusory image of a white dragon was summoned. It circled around the two of them, and aided her in restoring her damaged meridians.

The lightning spiritual energy in Zhu Yao’s body was running wild, to the point where it seemed as though they wanted to break out from her body. Her present character merely possessed the Wood Spirit Vein, so if she wanted to absorb these wild spiritual energy to form her Azoth Core, she would first have to convert the lightning spiritual energy into wood spiritual energy, before guiding them into her Dantian.

But it was exactly because the lightning spiritual energy had barged in so suddenly, her conversion speed was far behind the rampant speed of the spiritual energy within her body. The moment she converted some into wood spiritual energy, before she could guide them into her Dantian, they would already be dispersed by the rest of the lightning spiritual energy. She could feel the meridians in her entire body were about explode from the abundant lightning spiritual energy, and blood was even constantly trickling down the corner of her lips.

The hell, did these lightning spiritual energy have some grudge against her? Why were they so uncooperative every single time?

If this continued, even if her master was aiding her next to her, her meridians would still be destroyed by these rampant lightning spiritual energy.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Giving up on her initial plan, she no longer cared about converting them, and instead directly guided lightning spiritual energy into her Dantian.

In an instant, a heart-wrenching pain spread across her entire body, and Zhu Yao’s entire body began to tremble.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan sensed her sudden action as well. Just as he was about to stop her, he was suddenly thrown into a shock. “How?”

The rampage of the lightning spiritual energy had stopped!

The moment lightning spiritual energy entered her Dantian, the spiritual energy that had been attacking her meridians had finally settled down. As though they had received some sort of order, they began to smoothly flow into her Dantian.

Yu Yan frowned. He did not try to stop her again, but instead retracted the avatar of his cultivation, and began to seriously watch the changes in his disciple.

Though, Zhu Yao was not feeling that well off. Though her meridians were now fine, her Dantian was about to explode. Because foreign spiritual energy had intruded in, she was experiencing pain to the point where her senses were shut off. She could only guide them in a mechanical manner.  Her Dantian which was initially soft and smooth, began to slowly turn hot and agitated, looking a little like the time when she possessed the Lightning Spirit Vein.

Could it be that Spirit Veins were convertible?

This thought suddenly occurred in Zhu Yao’s mind. With the attitude of ‘treating a dead horse like a live one’, she accelerated the guidance of spiritual energy into her Dantian. Suppressing her heart-wrenching pain, she tried moving the lightning spiritual energy inside. Unexpectedly, there was really a reaction from them. The spiritual energy which had entered her Dantian were obediently circulating under her thoughts.

She instantly enveloped these spiritual energy around her Dantian, slowly converting them into something she was familiar with. Then, she guided the remaining spiritual energy to envelop the various meridians in her body, forcefully expanding them to absorb the spiritual energy.

In the beginning, the damage to her meridians was immense, but gradually, the lightning spiritual energy that were enveloping her meridians automatically began to restore her meridians. When the spiritual energy had all been consumed by the Dantian, her meridians were as good as new. And, the lightning spiritual energy that had been giving her a oppressive feeling earlier, turned incredibly intimate in an instant.

Yu Yan then removed the surrounding formations.

In an instant, a large amount of lightning spiritual energy, as though they had finally received an order, wildly poured into Zhu Yao’s body. In just a moment, her Dantian which was completely emptied earlier, was filled up once again. This time, when the lightning spiritual energy entered her body, she no longer felt that heart-wrenching pain. Instead, she felt a sense of comfort.

However, with the increase in spiritual energy, a swelling sensation rose once again. She was very familiar with this sensation, it’s the sign of making a breakthrough in her cultivation. She did not stop either, and continued to guide the spiritual energy into her body. In just a few minutes, a ground- breaking sound could be faintly heard, and her meridians expanded twice their former size.

Furthermore, her cultivation was rising at a speed visible to the naked eye. From the second level of Foundation, to the third, fourth, fifth… all the way to the Paragon level. The bottleneck grew even clearer, and the spiritual energy in her entire body was full to the point where they seemed like they could leak out. Finally, the moment where she could form her Azoth Core had arrived. Forming her Azoth Core again was very simple to Zhu Yao. Following the method in her memories, she circulated and condensed the spiritual energy in the same way.

Just by merely using six hours, her Azoth Core was formed. However, the surge in her cultivation did not stop there. First level of the Azoth stage, second level, third level, fifth level… and her cultivation finally stopped when she reached the Paragon level of the Azoth stage.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath and stopped guiding spiritual energy into her body, before opening her eyes.

“Master.” “Mn.” Yu Yan responded. Pulling onto his disciple’s hand, he cupped her wrist and checked her pulse. Then, he sent a strand of spiritual energy into her body, and heaved a sigh of relief only after he realized that she was perfectly fine.

“Mistress.” Sesame pounced onto her as well, as it rubbed his snot and tears onto her body. “Wonderful, you’re alright! You worried this beastie to death.”

Zhu Yao pressed her palm right onto his face, and pushed him back. “Get away!”

“Uuuuu… Mistress, how can you be this heartless.” It showed a grieved look.

“Scram, search for your four-legged beastie.” This old lady only likes my two-legged Master.


“Master, my Spirit Vein…” She recalled the changes in her body. Yu Yan nodded. “You currently possess the Lightning Spirit Vein.”

The hell, she really made the right bet. “Master, can all Spirit Veins be changed?”

“Initially, it’s impossible.” Yu Yan frowned. Spirit Veins were all innately birthed. Although there there were mystical earthen treasures which could wash away one’s Spirit Vein, he had never once heard a Spirit Vein could be changed out of nowhere. “Most likely, because you have always been familiar with the Lightning Spirit Vein, you were barely able to pull this off. It might not be possible for anyone else.” His own disciple seemed to always discover things which no one else would know, was this good or bad?

Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment. Indeed, earlier, she was just following her memories when guiding the lightning spiritual energy to convert her meridians and Dantian. If it had not been lightning spiritual energy which she was drawing in, she would most likely already turn into minced meat.

Yu Yan then asked about the current situation. Zhu  Yao clearly informed him about her encounter with the Risefire Beast, her fall into these ruins, and then her encounter with Sesame.

Just when the two of them were deep into  their conversations, no one noticed that the mountain-tall sword behind them had suddenly stopped its thundering cry, as it gradually rose upwards. Suddenly, its blade straightened itself, and flew towards their direction.

“Yu Yao!”

Yu Yan’s heart clenched. He carried his disciple and was just about to dodge, but was a step too late. In a blink of an eye, that sword turned into a ray of white light, and flew right into Yu Yan’s forehead. Zhu Yao merely saw the after-images in the sky.

“Master!” Zhu Yao’s heart tightened, as she tugged onto her master. She felt as though her heart was about to burst out.

“Master. Master…” She once again felt that sense of fear and anxiety. That feeling as though the sky itself had  collapsed when she found out about little wimp’s death.

Nothing, nothing must happen to you! Yu Yan gently lowered his head, his face looked a little dazed. “Yu Yao…”

“How are you feeling? Are you hurting anywhere?” She checked his body in a fluster. The only thing left now was to pull his clothes apart and check if he’s injured under them?

“I’m fine.”

How could he possibly be fine? She clearly saw that sword turn into a flowing light and pierce right through his body.

“Yu Yao…” He stroked his disciple’s head, and pondered for a moment. He then pulled her into his embrace, feeling a little astonished that his disciple who had always been unafraid of even death itself, was actually trembling. “Trust your master, I’m fine.”

“…” Zhu Yao finally calmed down, and her senses began to return. “That, earlier…”

She turned around to take a look. The giant sword that was still floating in the air earlier had already disappeared. Even the rich amount of lightning spiritual energy in the air had disappeared without a trace.

Yu Yan frowned, as he looked at his own palm dazedly. A moment later, he spoke up with a hint of curiosity. “Yu Yao, your master’s cultivation, seemed to have recovered.”

“Ah?” What did he mean?

“I recovered my former cultivation.”

“Then you’re currently?”

“A Demigod.”

“…” That’s too quick!

“Not just that.” Yu Yan reached out his hand, and opened his palm in front of her. A white light flashed, and  suddenly,  a small sword enveloped in sparks of lightning appeared in his hand. Zhu Yao’s eyes suddenly widened. “This is…” Wasn’t this that sword which was a huge as a mountain? Why was it here? And it turned into such a miniature size. Even the word ‘bug’ had disappeared from its blade.

“I’m unclear of the reasons.” Yu Yan frowned, and explained. “Earlier, this object flew directly into my divine sense, and stayed within it.”

“Your divine sense, then isn’t that…”

Yu Yan nodded. “It had become my Life Artifact.”

“…” Weren’t it said that Life Artifacts had to be nourished in the divine sense when one reached the Azoth stage? Master, is it really alright to suddenly to take in a foreign sword? Will you suffer from indigestion, hey?

“My Spirit Vein has converted as well.”

Eh? “I recovered my former Lightning Spirit Vein.”

“Eh? Just like that?”

“Mn.” He nodded.

“…” -Flips table- Why did she had to suffer from such tormenting pain to convert her Spirit Vein, while her master could recover his cultivation with such ease?

Zhu Yao could sense all of the evil intentions that filled this world.

The amount of shocks she received today were one too many, Zhu Yao felt that it was about time she returned for a rest. However, she recalled that her master’s cultivation had been recovered and Sesame had returned. With two weapons of mass destruction by her side, no matter how incredible that Beast King was, they could bully him with numbers- ah pui, they would still have the advantage in numbers, so they would obtain a smooth victory.

She suddenly had the urge to find trouble in the demonic beasts’ territory, what to do? ┗|`o′|┛

“Yu Yao, I can’t return with you.”

“Why?” Zhu Yao was stunned. Kajima! Your disciple still need you to bully people!

Yu Yan sighed, as he stroked his stupid disciple’s head. “That sword, has recovered your master’s cultivation.”

“I know that!” Didn’t you say that earlier? “Isn’t that better?”

Yu Yan shook his head, revealing a look that seemed as though he was disappointed in his disciple’s intelligence. Reaching out his hand to carry his disciple, he planned to demonstrate it to her first-hand.

In a flash, the two of them had already left the underground ruins, and returned to the forest.

Zhu Yao could not even react at all. Just what was he trying to prove by doing this? The entire sky suddenly darkened, as layers of tribulation clouds instantly filled the entire sky.

“This is…”

“The Lightning Tribulation of Ascension.”

“Ah?” Why were they here?

“Yu… Yao, I recovered my cultivation.”

“I know that, you already said that thrice…” Wait a minute, he couldn’t have… “You recovered your cultivation as a High Deity!?”

“The laws of the Heavenly Dao is restraining my cultivation, so I’m presently a Demigod. But, I’m after all a High Deity. There’s an ancient formation based on the law of evasion within that mustard seed dimensional space earlier, so I wasn’t found out. If I were to head outside…”

He raised his head to look towards the sky. Zhu Yao followed his gaze and looked towards the clouds as well, only to see the sky turning pure white in an instant, as a bolt of tribulation lightning flashed in the sky.

Yu Yan released her. “I will be forced by the Heavenly Dao, and I will have to ascend into the Higher Realm.”

As expected, intense heavenly lightning bolts descended in Yu Yan’s direction. Carrying sky-filled might, with a boom…

They struck Zhu Yao!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Yu Yan: “…”

Zhu Yao who instantly turned charred black from the zap, puked out a mouthful of black smoke.

“Master, can I discuss something with you?” “… Mn.”

“When lightning strikes next time, don’t pull me over to spectate it, can you do that?”


Would it kill you to not troll your disciple!?

In order to prevent himself from ascending, her master had no choice but to stay behind in that mustard seed dimensional space where that God’s Artifact was stored. Zhu Yao had thought that once her master recovered his cultivation, she could walk around with her head held high. She didn’t expect that it was basically all for naught.

This setting where he had to ascend the moment if he were to head out, was simply beyond sad, alright? If she had known, she would have rather he stayed at the Azoth-stage!

After all that, she still had to clear the bug on her own. Her heart ached…

“Mistress, someone is coming.” Sesame nudged Zhu Yao.

Oh, right, she still had a beast.

“No, we have to find her.” A somewhat familiar voice sounded from afar.

Only to see five figures walking over from afar. Three men and two women, they were exactly Yi Ling’s bunch. However, other than the four people she recognized, there was a man who was foreign to her. Similarly, he was of the Azoth-stage. With a divinely handsome look, the might of someone in a high- standing position could be seen from between his brows, and presently, he was looking at Yi Ling with an infatuated look.

Did her harem grow again?

As expected of Mary Sue, pulling in rich handsome men from everywhere. They seemed to be still in conflict about something.

“Junior-martial sister Lin Xiang.” Qi Ping  stepped  forward and spoke to Lin Xiang. “It’s not that we are unwilling, but we have already searched for two days, yet we have yet to see her figure. Furthermore, the dungeon underground has a complicated terrain filled with mechanisms and traps. Searching any longer will just be a waste of time.”

“That’s right, senior-martial sister Lin.” Yi Ling gently said. “I’m also anxious about senior-martial sister Zhu’s disappearance, but… senior-martial brother Qi’s injuries are not completely healed yet. How can you just care only about your own wishes?”

“My own wishes?” Lin Xiang laughed out from  anger.  “Yi Ling, you must be blind, right? If not because she had lured away that demonic beast, do you think you people can still be standing here unscathed? Now that she has disappeared, you people are not even willing to search for her…”

“Senior-martial sister Lin…” Yi Ling’s eyes reddened, looking as though she was about to cry from being wronged. “I don’t mean it that way. It’s just that we have searched for long… Also, if she had told us earlier that it was a sixth-ranked demonic beast, we wouldn’t have…”

“What did you say?” Lin Xiang was instantly enraged. “Didn’t she tell us? You simply didn’t believe her. Furthermore, she saved you, saved all of us, yet you actually dare say such words. Where the hell is your conscience?”

“Senior-martial sister Lin…” Tears began to drip down from Yi Ling’s eyes.

The three men present on site instantly showed a heart-ached expression. “Enough, junior-martial sister Lin. This isn’t Ling’er’s fault either.” Lan Qi glared at Lin Xiang a little angrily.

Lin Xiang scanned her eyes at the three people, and snorted. “If you people aren’t going to search, I will search for her myself!”

So it was all to search for her!

Zhu Yao gave Lin Xiang a thumbs up. Such righteousness! It seemed like there weren’t just a morons and Mary Sue in this world. There were still people who possessed normal three views.

She was a little pleased. Just as she was planning to step forward, suddenly, Sesame who had been standing next to her, muttered.

“There’s actually a woman who possess such otherworldly beauty in this world.”

Zhu Yao tripped.

With a plop, she fell flat on the ground.

Chapter209: A Beast Fell

The hell, please spare me with this “otherworldly beauty” thing alright? She’s still a child.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao called out to him.

Sesame however did not react at all. He continued to look infatuatedly in Yi Ling’s direction, and as though he was bewitched by the devil, he subconsciously moved closer in that direction. This scene was completely similar to that moment when the fox Bai Yi first met Yi Ling.

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart sank for a moment.

The people there finally noticed the movements over on their side as well. Turning anxious, Zhu Yao immediately  kept Sesame in her divine sense.

“Mistress?” Sesame, who returned to his beast form, had a dazed look.

“Sesame, wake up.” Although Zhu Yao really wanted to chat about life with him, seeing that the few people there was already walking over, she could only cut her words short. “I will speak to you later.”

“Senior-martial sister Zhu.” The very first one to run towards her was Lin Xiang. After anxiously inspecting her body for a moment, her eyes gradually turned a little red. “It’s really you. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” She actually had a very good impression of Lin Xiang.

“That’s good… That’s good.” Lin Xiang finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Senior-martial sister Zhu, it’s really great that  you’re alright.” Yi Ling walked over as well, with that usual white flowery look of hers. “We searched for you for two days, I never expected that you would come out before us.” Behind these words, there seemed to be a slight dissatisfaction of her for leaving that dungeon without them.

Lin Xiang’s face instantly darkened. “Oh? So junior-martial sister was looking for me?” Zhu Yao smiled. “Then earlier, why did I hear that you people wanted to first return to the sect without me?”

Yi Ling’s expression paled. Evidently, she never thought that Zhu Yao had completely heard her own words earlier. For a moment, she felt a little complicated, as she turned and glanced at the few people behind her with a pleading look.

“It’s good that you’re safe.” Flower protector Lan Qi immediately followed up, though he was even more unhappy with Zhu Yao.

Especially that foreign-looking man at the side. Though he did not speak the entire time, the eyes he were looking at her with were filled with enmity.

Seeing Yi Ling at a disadvantage, Lin Xiang was evidently elated, as she intimately pulled Zhu Yao and said. “Senior- martial sister Zhu, what about that Risefire Beast? How did you escape? We went to the place you fell into, but we couldn’t find any trace of you.”

“That underground area is really huge. After falling into that place, even I have lost sight of that demonic beast.” Zhu Yao naturally couldn’t tell the truth, so she had no choice but to lie with a straight face. “I wandered around that place for two days before I was able to find the exit.”

Though Yi Ling and the group were a little suspicious, they could not find anything out of place either. After all, the terrain of that underground area was indeed incredibly complicated.

“Oh right, where’s Bai Yi?” She did not notice it earlier, but after taking a careful look, she realized there was someone missing among them.

When her words fell, the expressions of everyone present changed.

Especially Yi Ling, whose eyes turned teary, as though she was about to cry. She glanced at Zhu Yao with a blaming look. “Senior-martial sister Zhu, why couldn’t you have escaped earlier? Junior-martial brother Bai, he… in order to save you… is already… in that dungeon…”

Yi Ling grew even sadder as she spoke. Before she could even finish, she had already turned around and leaned onto the shoulder of that stranger, bawling out loud.

“What happened to him?” Zhu Yao frowned. She no longer cared about Yi Ling pushing all the hate onto her whenever and wherever.

“Junior-martial brother Bai triggered an unknown formation mechanism inside, and is now lost inside that place.” Lan Qi followed up on Yi Ling’s words, as he looked at Zhu Yao with a slight hint of reprimand. Then, he looked towards that stranger and said. “If not because Brother Mu Liu was proficient with formations, and brought us out, I’m afraid we would have still be trapped within.”

With an irritated look, Qi Ping added. “This is all because of you. If it wasn’t to look for you… Hmph!”

Yo, they were the ones who lost him, yet they wanted to throw the blame onto her as well.

“How can you put it that way…” Lin Xiang was instantly fired up. Just as she was about to say her piece, Zhu Yao pulled her. After sizing up the four people, she coldly smiled. “Then I really have to apologize. I shouldn’t have lured away that Risefire Beast in the beginning and then fall into that dungeon because of doing so! Don’t worry, if such a situation occurs again in the future, I will definitely watch all of you die!”


The expressions of the four people completely paled in an instant, and they could not find any words to refute either.

She had seen many ungrateful people, but this was still the first time she had seen people like them who were ungrateful to such a fresh extent.

Zhu Yao could not be bothered with these dullards. Turning around, she looked towards that man called Mu Liu. If her memories served her right, this was that demon king in Yi Ling’s harem! It’s no wonder the demonic aura in his body felt like it could leak out at any moment.

“This fellow daoist Mu, since you were able to bring everyone out of that dungeon, why didn’t you help junior-martial brother Bai while you were at it?” Mu Liu smiled, his brows faintly emitted out a bewitching air that could steal people’s hearts. Even Yi Ling, who was in his embrace, was in a trance as she looked at him.

“Fellow daoist Zhu, it’s not that I wasn’t willing. The terrain of that place is incredibly complicated, and I was unable to locate fellow daoist Bai’s position.” He fluently answered.

“Is that so?” Zhu Yao said, finding his words funny. “And I had thought that since you and Bai Yi are both of the fox demon race, even if you have several more tails, being of the same race, you should have some unique way of communicating with him, right?”

The smile on Mu Liu’s face instantly disappeared.

“Don’t throw such slanderous accusations at others!” Mu Liu did not speak, rather, it was follower Qi Ping who leapt out. “How can Brother Mu Liu possibly be a demon?”

This time, it was Zhu Yao who was shocked. They actually wasn’t aware that Mu Liu was a demon? Though human practitioners were coexisting harmoniously with demon practitioners, there would definitely still be suspicion for races other than their own. In the depths of everyone’s hearts, the two races were still unable to trust each other. This was also why Bai Yi had been unhappy ever since he entered Blue Parasol Sect.

Zhu Yao looked at the few people. “Are you people blind?” His body was completely covered with demonic aura, yet they did not realize anything?

“Big brother Mu, you…” Yi Ling raised her head and looked at him doubtfully as well.

Mu Liu finally could not contain the calmness on his face either, as his expression changed. After a while, he blatantly admitted it. “Fellow daoist Zhu, you have good eyes. You’re actually able to see through my true form with a glance.”

Sorry for her not being blind!

Only then did everyone’s face was filled with disbelief.

“But… That fellow daoist with the surname Bai, I’m truly unable to locate his whereabouts.” He said as he turned towards Yi Ling with a guilty look. “Ling’er, I’m sorry for not being able to save your junior-martial brother.”

“Big brother Mu, I understand.” Yi Ling looked at him with an understanding gaze. “It’s already really difficult for you to bring us out.”


The two of them looked at each other intimately, while the two men at the side felt an ache in their hearts.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Yao simply felt like looking for a corner to puke in.

If not because she knew of the scenario beforehand, she would have truly believed that Mu Liu was unable to locate him even if he had the heart to do so. However, this so-called dungeon underneath them was this nine-tailed fox’s nest in the first place. He had cultivated in this place for hundreds of years, so it was impossible for him to be unclear of the terrain.

In the beginning, because of that god weapon found underground, she had yet to link the ruins with the dungeon this demon king was living in.

However, after pondering things through, she had once activated a teleportation formation when she fell underground, and was then sent to that ancient ruins.

In other words, these ruins were actually split into two floors. The first floor was most likely the dungeon Yi Ling and the rest went into to look for her, while the other floor was where the god weapon was situated. Mu Liu had lived in the dungeon for so many years, and the formation mechanisms were all set by him himself, so he couldn’t have possibly been unaware of Bai Yi’s whereabouts. The only explanation left, was that he did it on purpose.

Nine-tailed foxes were kings among demons, and they were born with great pride. He could stand having other talented men by Yi Ling’s side, but he might not be able to stand a lower- classed individual of his own race.

。Though Zhu Yao was not interested in being involved in their love and hate relationships, she did not wish to have someone push the matter concerning Bai Yi onto her. “In other words, you really can’t locate Bai Yi?” Zhu Yao confirmed with him once again.

“I have the heart, but not the power to do so.” Mu Liu replied.

“No worries!” Zhu Yao chuckled. “I can!”

She immediately released her divine sense and probed into the dungeon, spreading it throughout the entire first floor of the underground area in an instant. At the same time, she poured out her might without suppressing it even the least bit.

The expressions of everyone present, other than Lin Xiang whom she had especially left out, turned miserably pale in an instant.

Cold sweat faintly emitted out of their foreheads, and  Yi Ling’s blood was gushing about even more so than the rest. If not for Mu Liu protecting her by his side, her meridians would have already been damaged. Qi Ping however was not fortunate, as he instantly puked out a mouthful of blood.

“Junior-martial brother Qi!” Lan Qi was startled. He looked towards Zhu Yao, and just when he was about to speak.

Zhu Yao was one step ahead of him, exclaiming out. “Found him!”

After casting out a hand seal, she raised her hand and shouted. “Heavenfall!”

Thunder rumbled, and then, thousands and hundreds of lightning bolts struck directly onto an empty piece of land dozen of meters away from them. In an instant, a deep crater was struck out.

Zhu Yao ignored the people who were already completely dumbfounded, as she flew straight towards that piece of land. Lowering her head, she saw a yellow furred fox which had shrunk itself into a ball and was hugging its own tail, several meters below her. With a wave of her sleeves, she instantly pulled him out with a mystic art.

Raising her finger, she tapped onto his furry forehead, forcefully reverting him back into his human form. Not even a moment later, a man dressed in dirt-yellow clothes appeared before her. It was no wonder this fox had a fetish for clothes, this set of yellow furred clothes… was truly uncomfortable to look at.

“Junior-martial brother Bai!” With an excited expression, Yi Ling charged forward to make her existence known.

“Senior-martial sister Yi!” Bai Yi was only startled for a moment, but he immediately sprinted happily towards Mary Sue for an embrace. His face was filled with joy from their reunion.

“It’s really great that you’re alright. You don’t even know how worried I was.”

“Senior-martial sister, I’m fine, I’m fine. For senior-martial sister, I will continue to hang on.”

“Junior-martial brother Bai…”

“Senior-martial sister Yi…” “Oh my lord…” Lin Xiang suddenly interrupted from the side. With a mocking look, she glanced at the two people, and coldly snorted. “I wonder who was bent on returning to the sect just earlier.”

Yi Ling’s expression paled, as she anxiously spoke to Bai Yi. “It’s not like that, junior-martial brother Bai. I just wanted to return to the sect to gather more people, that’s why…”

“I understand.” Bai Yi said with an unregretful look. “I knew that senior-martial sister would definitely save me.”

“The one who saved you wasn’t your senior-martial sister Yi!” Lin Xiang coldly snorted, and turned towards Zhu Yao.

The faces of the two people stiffened, and only then did they recall Zhu Yao was behind them.

Bai Yi’s expression carried a hint of guilt, as he respectfully bowed in front of Zhu Yao. “Many thanks to senior-martial sister Zhu for saving me.”

“It’s nothing  much,  I  guess?”  Zhu  Yao  glanced  at  the  two people back and forth, and said unceremoniously. “Though, I do deserve your thanks!”


Lin Xiang laughed as she hurriedly walked over. With a curious look, she asked. “Senior-martial sister Zhu… no, I have to call you senior-martial aunt Zhu now.” Other than people like Lan Qi who would lower their own statuses to pick up girls, normally, anyone with cultivation of Azoth and above had to be addressed as senior-martial uncles or aunts. “How did you suddenly form your Azoth Core? And you even learnt such an incredible mystic art?”

Everyone, Lan Qi and Mu Liu especially, looked towards her in an instant. One of them was at the elementary stages of Azoth, while the other was at the late stages, in this world, they were already considered as talents with extremely good aptitudes. However, they never expected that after just two days, Zhu Yao who was merely at the elementary stages of Foundation before, putting aside the fact that she had directly formed her Azoth Core, had even risen straight to an Azoth Paragon. Not to mention that strange heavenly bolts of lightning she summoned earlier. Mu Liu was a demon-kind, so he was extremely fearful of tribulation lightning. After that display of heavenly lightning bolts earlier, he was presently still a little shaken.

“I merely comprehended it while I was at the border of life and death in that dungeon.” Zhu Yao casually explained. “Since we have found Bai Yi, then let’s return.”

Lin Xiang knew that she was unwilling to speak about it any further, so she did not probe deeper either.

The few people thus began to rise into the skies on their swords with strange expressions.

Just after they took off, a rumbling sound suddenly reverberated. As though the entire forest was shaking from an earthquake, it began to cave inwards at a large scale. In an instant, mountains shook and the earth rumbled.

Something seemed to be rising from beneath the earth, as half of the entire forest began to rise off the ground. Countless rocks slid off, and many trees collapsed. The piece of land that rose into the air, like having its shell peeled off, revealed a towering palace. It rose even higher into the sky, and finally, it stopped and floated in mid-air.

“This is…” Everyone present was looking dazedly at the gigantic palace that had suddenly flown out of the ground. They were all dumbstruck.

A while later, sparks of lightning suddenly shone around the palace, and the sounds of thunder constantly rumbled in their ears. Not even a moment later, the lightning sparks actually gathered to form several gigantic spiritual swords that were as tall as mountains. Like guardians, they circled around the palace, forming a huge sword formation which was even faintly emitting out a pressure which could tense the hearts of people.

This formation was – the Five Elements Nine Rotations Heavenly Lightning Formation!

“Yu… Yao!” A familiar voice transmission, with still the same clear and light tone, suddenly rang in her heart. “No matter where your master is, you must remember this. I will always be protecting you.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips could not help but rise, her heart was filled with bliss. “I know.” “If you’re really unable to defeat your opponent…” That voice once again reverberated. “Then run back to your master’s side. Don’t court death.”

“…” Just how unconfident are you of your own disciple, hey!?

“Senior-martial sister Zhu…” Lan Qi looked towards Zhu Yao. “What do you think this is?”

“I don’t know either.” Zhu Yao acted oblivious. She couldn’t possibly say that her own son had made the underground ruins rise up to the sky, right? “Let’s first return to the sect before discussing about this.”

Everyone exchanged glances, and acknowledged that they should first return to the sect to report about this anomaly.

Thus, they sped back to Blue Parasol Sect.

Zhu Yao was concerned about Sesame’s matter, so she flew the fastest. She had a faint feeling that she seemed to have forgotten something? Yet, she couldn’t recall it at that moment. Forget it, I can think about it later.

In the ruins, a Risefire Beast which was still unaware that he had already risen into the sky, was presently staring at the six passageways with a serious look.

“Uuuu… Why hasn’t master’s mistress return to hold my paws? So anxious, so anxious.” It lowered its head and looked at its own nails. Then, it began to count them  one by one.  “She will return to hold my paw… She won’t return to  hold  my paw… She will return to hold my paw…”

“Sesame, just what happened to you?” The moment she returned to her own courtyard, Zhu Yao placed down a few isolation formations, dove into her own divine sense, and glared at the demonic beast who had returned to his original form. “I’m warning you. I don’t care who you set your eyes on, but that Mary Sue Yi Ling is off limits. You better wake up.”

“Who is Yi Ling?” Sesame tilted its beast head, with a twist of its body, he asked. “Mistress, why did you suddenly lock this beastie in your divine sense? I have been sealed for so long, and have only just managed to be released. I want to head out and have some fresh air.”

“Don’t think you can fool me! Earlier, you were still looking at her with such dazed eyes.” Zhu Yao ignored his attempt at acting cute, and instantly formed an image of Yi Ling within her divine sense. With a stern tone, she said. “Sesame, I understand your feelings of being a single beastie, but if you want to find a partner, you must find someone good.” You must have a lower limit.

“Her?” Sesame was startled, as he shook his beast head like a pellet drum. “I don’t like beasties with two legs. I only like four- legged beasties.”

“Then what happened to you earlier?” His eyes were clearly fixated at her.

“Earlier…” Sesame looked perplexed. As though he recalled something, he was suddenly thrown into a shock. “I… I don’t know either.” He then glanced at that image again, and his expression turned even more perplexed than before. His entire beast head was turning into a bun from all that frowning. “Her body… There seems… seems to be something on her body, and I unconsciously…” “What do you mean?” This answer seemed to have gone out of Zhu Yao’s expectations.

“Mistress, I’m unclear of the reason as well. Earlier, when I saw her, I suddenly felt the urge to approach her, just like…” Sesame frowned as he used his claw to scratch his head. After pondering for a long while, his eyes shone and said. “Just like that time when mistress released her dragon might.”

Chapter210: I Want To Bite Him!

Back then, Zhu Yao was able to release her dragon  might because she was a dragon in the first place. Not to mention, dragons belonged to the God Race, and their bloodline carried a suppressive effect towards demonic beasts. If Yi Ling had it as well, could it be that she was of the God Race as well?

Zhu Yao immediately denied this point. Sesame simply said that it was similar, and did not ascertain that it was the real dragon might. Furthermore, her bloodline suppression effect back then was akin to having demonic beasts carry the impulse to willingly serve her, while the reaction Sesame had when it saw Yi Ling was evidently a look of infatuation. Not to mention Bai Yi was the same as well. Assuming she was really of the God Race, then it should only be effective on demonic beasts. Bai Yi was merely a demon practitioner.

Most probably, Yi Ling simply had a unique physique which caused people to develop obsession towards her, something akin to seduction arts. However, it was clearly of a much higher tier than regular seduction arts. If one had to define this ability, that it could be understood as a powerful “hormones” amplifier.

Wait a minute! Could it be that this was her Mary Sue cheat? The men in her harem are all developing feelings for her uncontrollably because of this? The moment they enter on this moronic path they will be unable to turn back? After pondering for a moment, in the scenario, among the people that loved her, other than her master and senior-martial brothers who brought her up, the rest of them really looked as though they could never forget her face after having a glance at her among the crowd.

An unique physique like this is really “legendary”, isn’t it!? Is she really a regular practitioner? Or could it be that she possesses some sort of item that could bright about such an effect?

“Mistress, after I entered your divine sense, that feeling immediately disappeared.” Sesame weakly added.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Her divine sense carried the effect of isolating hormones?

She immediately let Sesame out. “Are you certain?”

Sesame turned small on his own, to the size of a plush toy, and strongly nodded its small head. “After mistress placed me into your divine sense, that feeling akin to being summoned disappeared.”

“Then, other than wanting to be close to her, do you feel anything else unnatural?” Zhu Yao asked.

Sesame thought in silence for a moment, and shook his head. “The time frame was too short, I didn’t feel anything.”

In other words, it was impossible to determine if Yi Ling was born with the Mary Sue effect, or she had borrowed an external object to cultivate into a Mary Sue. It seemed like she could only make a confirmation by allowing Sesame to meet her once more.

Sesame did not expect that this opportunity would come so quickly. Not even an hour after she returned to her house, the Sect Master had dispatched someone to invite her into the great hall.

The disciple who came to relay the message this time was unlike the ones before that only had eyes on their heads, as he respectfully addressed her as senior-martial aunt and guided her on the entire way to the great hall. Zhu Yao had Sesame tag along by having it conceal itself and and stand on her shoulder as a small demonic beast. On one end, it would be more convenient for Sesame to inspect Yi Ling, while on the other, Zhu Yao would be able to isolate him into her divine sense in time if it experienced any anomalies.

As for the reason why the Sect Master had called her up this time, she had actually already guessed it. Most probably, after seeing that she had formed her Azoth Core, he wanted to rope her in.

“Greetings to the three Sovereigns, Sect Master, and various elders.” Zhu Yao was halfway through her bow.

Blue Parasol Sect Master immediately stopped her, and courteously said. “Junior-martial sister Zhu, there’s no need for much courtesy.”

Ever since she arrived, the people in the hall were shocked. Hearing Yi Ling’s report, Zhu Yao comprehended the methods of forming her Azoth Core from a stroke of inspiration while she was at the borders of life and death. Initially, this was not a big deal, after all, comprehending after a stroke of inspiration was related to people’s luck. However, after looking at her now, they realized that her cultivation had already reached the Paragon stage of Azoth Core. Just what kind of inspired comprehension could allow someone to instantly rise from early stage Foundation to the Paragon stage of Azoth Core? The people there carried some suspicions in their hearts, but they did not display these feelings on their faces.

“Thank you, Sect Master.” Zhu Yao faced them upright. So what if they suspected her? Even if she chose not to talk about it, she believed that no one could do anything to her either.

The expressions of the crowd differed, and only Yue Ying, who was standing behind Sovereign Xuan Yin, was filled with smiles.

“Mother.” He called out, walked towards her on his own, and habitually tugged onto the corner of her robe.

He still had the same twelve, thirteen year old look. Zhu Yao stretched out her hand and stroked his head, as a form of greeting him.

Yue Ying smiled even deeper, and intentionally or unintentionally, his eyes swept past her shoulders. He then obediently stood next to her. Zhu Yao looked at her surroundings for a moment, and naturally, other than all of the higher echelons of Blue Parasol Sect being present, Yi Ling and the rest were here as well. Lin Xiang was also standing behind the Sect Master, sending her winks.

“I wonder what matter Sect Master has summoned me for?” Zhu Yao immediately went straight into the topic, the peripheral light from the corner of her eyes was however glancing towards Yi Ling, who was standing next to Xuan Xu. In an instant, she transmitted her voice. “Sesame, how is it? Do you see anything?”

However, responding her was merely threatening-like hisses.

The scales on Sesame’s body were all straightened, and his body was lowered. Glaring his teeth out, he went into an attacking posture. However, this was not directed at Yi Ling, but towards Yue Ying.

“Mistress, I really hate this person. Can I bite him? Can I bite him?”

“…” She  had  almost  forgotten  the  matter  where  Yue  Ying injured him. Yue Ying, you sure are a target of hate for many people. Even if you changed your character, Sesame still wants to bite you.

Zhu Yao looked at little Yue Ying sympathetically, while the latter responded her with a naive, and innocent smile.

“Enough, Sesame. It’s time for serious work.” He was after all her son, so she had to protect him a little.

“Congratulations junior-martial sister Zhu on forming your Azoth Core.” Blue Parasol Sect Master said with a harmonious smile. “Although junior-martial sister Zhu had encountered a sixth-ranked demonic beast, it’s a great fortune to receive such blessings after facing a disaster. As for the reason why we invited you here today, we wish to discuss the matter of elevating junior-martial sister into an elder.  Talismans, artifacts, pellets, and formations, I wonder which of these specializations are you more proficient in?”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and honestly replied. “I’m more proficient in refining artifacts.” To be more exact, she had learnt about formations, artifacts and talismans, and was more confident in refining artifacts. When her words well, a hint of something flashed past the Sect Master’s face.

“Hmph!” However, a cold snort sounded from the high seats above. Sovereign Xuan Xu glanced at her with a belittling look. “Ignorant lass, you dare talk about refining artifacts?”

Zhu Yao was startled, as she did not understand why he had suddenly activated his mocking mode.

Sect Master said with an awkward expression. “Junior- martial sister, why don’t you reconsider? Refining artifacts is…”

“Let her speak!” Xuan Xu interrupted the Sect Master’s words and looked at Zhu Yao with a cold expression. “I really want to know just what artificer rank can a mere Azoth practitioner achieve?”

Though he had asked earnestly, Zhu Yao still frowned and pondered for a moment. “Seventh ranked then…” She was actually tenth ranked, however, because of her Azoth Core cultivation, at the very most, she would only be able to refine a seventh ranked artifact. When these words were uttered, everyone present took a deep breath.

“Impossible!” Yi Ling suddenly exclaimed out, glaring at her with a furious look, as though she had something that could not be forgiven. “My master is only a sixth ranked artificer, how can you possible be seventh ranked?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. “And you’re blaming me for?”

“You…” Yi Ling was flustered.

“Alright, then let me witness how you’re going to refine a seventh ranked artifact!” Xuan Xu’s face was dark as well. His face was slapped by an Azoth practitioner among this crowd, even if he had cultivated for many years, he was still unable to swallow it in. “If you’re really able to refine a seventh ranked artifact, then I shall hand over this chamber lord position.”

Eh? What chamber lord position?

“Senior-martial uncle, please calm your anger.” The Sect Master immediately stepped in as a mediator, and faintly gave Zhu Yao a glance. “The techniques of refining artifacts had always been something senior-martial uncle Xuan Xu have been most proficient at, and the Sword Chamber had always been managed by senior-martial uncle in these few hundred years. Junior-martial sister Zhu, with your present cultivation, even if you have the qualification to hold the position of a chamber lord, it’s still best for senior-martial uncle to continue managing the Sword Chamber. Why don’t you choose something else?”

The hell! So they were not simply giving her the title of an elder. The Sect Master was allowing her to hold actual authority. A chamber lord could be said to be comparable to Ancient Hill Sect’s mountain lord. Say so earlier!

“I don’t want it!” Zhu Yao shook her head like a drum-shaped rattle. Just as Xuan Xu was about to explode again, she explained. “I’m saying that I don’t want to take up the position of any chamber lord, no matter if it’s the Sword Chamber or Pellet Chamber. I just want to quietly act like a beautiful young woman… ahem, quietly cultivation on my own. Sect Master, thank you for your goodwill.”

“There’s no need to speak any further.” Xuan Xu however did not let it go. He looked at her with belittling eyes, as though he simply did not believe that she could refine a seventh ranked artifact. “I keep to my words. If you are able to refine a seventh
 ranked artifact within a hundred years, I will let go of my position as a chamber lord at any time.”

Uh… Actually, there’s no need for such a long time, three days is enough.

Since Xuan Xu had said such words, the Sect Master was not in the position to say anything further either, and instead, could only divert away from the topic. “Junior-martial sister Zhu, I heard that in your mission ground, a strange phenomenon occurred. An ancient ruin suddenly appeared and rose halfway into the skies. Not to mention, many strange formations appeared as well?”

Here it was! She knew that he was going to ask about this.

“This matter has already garnered the attention of the various clans and sects. Many have inspected the place, yet they had not find an entrance to enter. It seems mystical treasures must lie within.” Sect Master swept his gaze at the various people present in the mission, and probed. “Among the few disciples that went there, only you have once delved deep into that underground lair. I wonder if you are aware of the situation within?” “I don’t know either.” She could not reveal that her master was living there, right? “However, when we entered, there wasn’t any so-called strange formations. Only after we left did those formations appear. It seemed someone has set them down. As for mystical treasures, that’s something I’m  even more so am unaware of. However, if we infiltrate it carelessly, I’m afraid that the mighty power who set down those formations will…” She purposely did not her finish  her sentence.

The faces of everyone present in the hall changed, as they began to deeply ponder about her words. From rumors, the formations surrounding the ruin were never before seen by anyone, and their might was immense. If there really was a mighty power within, then he would at least be a Nascent Soul practitioner. Enraging a Nascent Soul practitioner was really not a wise decision. It seemed like the matters of investigating the place must be temporarily halted for a moment.

The Sect Master temporarily put down these intentions, and understood that he would be unable to get any other information from Zhu Yao here. So, he did not make it difficult for her, and immediately released her.

Zhu Yao, who accidentally garnered hate from Xuan Xu again, quickly returned. She even pulled Yue Ying away while she was at it. Compared to Xuan Xu, Yue Ying’s master, Sovereign Xuan Yin, was much easier to talk to, as she allowed her to leave without saying a single word.

As for why she wanted to bring Yue Ying with her, she had her own plans. Because she suddenly recalled that Yi Ling’s Mary Sue cheat was all-encompassing, but it seemed to be completely ineffective on Yue Ying. Even if she took the initiative to express her goodwill to him, Yue Ying had never given her a good look.

Was it because his will was too strong, or was it because her cheat was even capable of automatically distinguishing non- adults?
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