My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 191-200

Chapter191: The Final Godbeast

“You’re here?” That man was still smiling especially warmly, as though he knew that she would appear.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. “Black Tortoise.”

He smiled even more kindly, as he stretched out his hand to wave her over. Zhu Yao simply felt a formless energy  pulling her towards him, and then, she landed on the gigantic tortoise head. “You should be calling me father.”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She felt that recently, cheap parents could be picked up from anywhere. “If you’re my father, then who’s my mother?”

His face stiffened, and then he helplessly shook his head, as though he couldn’t do anything about her. “You…  Haah.  My race has always been birthed by the heavens and nourished by the earth, so what mother is there to speak of?”

Then what face do you have to make me call you my dad!? It’s not like you’re Li Gang either. “I have a question!” Zhu Yao returned to her original form and released her own godly aura, transforming into phoenix flashing with lightning sparks. Raising one of her claws, she asked. “Why do I look like this?” Wasn’t a Black Tortoise supposed to be combination of a tortoise and a snake? For example, the thing beneath his feet had the shape of a turtle, while his human look was transformed into by the snake part of his body.

Black Tortoise smiled. He simply reached out a finger, and tapped on her forehead. Her mighty and tyrannical phoenix form earlier, in an instant, turned into a green-skinned tortoise.

“The phoenix is your illusory form. The form you have now is your true look.”

“…” Zhu Yao stretched her head to glance at the turtle shell, and instantly felt like crying. This dumb-looking body! I rather be a bird!

“It’s not easy for our race to be birthed, and furthermore, we’re naturally good at transforming. Only when we have truly matured will we draw out our true forms.” Black Tortoise lightly explained. As expected, not even a moment later, she regained her phoenix look. Zhu Yao immediately turned back into her human form.

“The first person you met during your birth must have been a phoenix, and thus led you to taking up an illusory phoenix form.”

Zhu Yao recalled that the first person she met when she broke out of her egg shell was indeed the Phoenix clan’s Little Sixth, and her lightning phoenix form must have been a result of her own sword intent. Fortunately, the thing she first saw was not a worm or anything strange.

“Second question.” Zhu Yao stretched out two fingers. “About the words found on the Revelation: ‘Nirvana and rebirth. Banishment and return. Everything will begin with a profound beginning. Everything will end with a profound end.’ What do they mean?”

Black Tortoise’s expression sank. After a while, he let out a deep sigh. “This is a rather long story. Do you know that other than this world which we reside in, there are many other unknown places outside of it?” “Of course!” Zhu Yao nodded, she came from the  Divine Realm after all. “The Three Thousand Worlds.”

Black Tortoise was startled for a moment, and his face was filled with astonishment. Right after, he looked relieved, and continued. “But these three thousand worlds were actually a single whole.”

“Ah?” She didn’t know about this.

The black tortoise waved his hand, and the surrounding white fog was slowly dyed with different colors. What surfaced were scenes of moving pictures, as though someone had suddenly displayed a 3D movie with special effects in front of her. Within the boundless world, various races which she had never seen before flashed past her eyes.

As the movie played, he described each scene one by one.

Zhu Yao listened for exactly half an hour, before she was finally able to understand the entire situation. It was simple. This was a tragedy brought upon by an approaching huge war. In that one single world, the ancient Gods were at the top of the pyramid. They reigned peacefully for many years, but suddenly, an opposition appeared one day – the Devils. Their abilities were comparable to the Gods, and their methods of doing things were extreme, frequently bringing about terrorist attacks.

The ancient Gods thus began suppressing them. But, the opposing party was like an undying cockroach, not only did they grow even more arrogant, their numbers grew as well. The ancient Gods sensed the impending crisis, and hence, the Gods and Devils began a full-on war.

However, at that point in time, the Devils had already gained sufficient might. Though the ancient Gods had obtained  the final victory, they had paid a miserably painful price. More than half of the Gods had fallen, while the Devils were merely sealed, and they continued to exist like timed bombs.

Because the strength of the Gods and Devils were too powerful, they brought about irreversible destruction to the world. The Heavenly Dao displayed its earthshaking fury, and the world began to collapse. The end of the world began, and the Gods had nowhere to return to.

At this crucial time, the Black Tortoise was born, and it even possessed a Godhead. Though his godly energy was not comparable to that of an ancient God’s, he had an astonishing transformation ability, and could transform into mountains, seas and rivers.

The Gods saw their ray of hope. They decided to gather half the godly energy of all the surviving ancient Gods, and with the Black Tortoise’s innate ability, create a world to accommodate the Gods who had been punished by the Heavenly Dao. However, the Black Tortoise’s Nascent Spirit had fallen into an endless slumber.

In order to beg the Heavenly Dao for its forgiveness, the Gods had even more so trapped the Devils, the source of all evil, within as well.

Hence, this world was referred to as the Banished Land by the Gods.

Ever since then, the Gods had been protecting the seal. However, this still did not stop the Gods from falling, until a single one remained.

Millions of years later, when the ancient Gods were about to be powerless in stopping the Devils, a crucial change appeared. The God races began to emerge. The dragons, phoenixes, and qilins, the three races consecutively awakened their Godheads. As though they were birthed to especially fight the Devils, their bloodlines carried the effects of suppressing Devils. Furthermore, they even had an innate sense of enmity against the Devils.

And, the collapsed world back then had turned into three thousand independent, small worlds.

Everything was  beginning  to  develop  in  a  good  direction.

The Black Tortoise woke up.

“Isn’t it better if you’re awake?” Actually, if Zhu Yao could say it, the most unlucky fellow was the Black Tortoise. The moment he was born, before he could do anything else, he had to create this world for the Gods, which thus lead  to  him  falling  into  a deep slumber right after. He did not get to experience anything at all. Now that he managed to wake up, why did he still carry such a saddened look?

Black Tortoise shook his head. “The godly energy of the Gods had allowed to create a world, and had also made me fall into an eternal slumber. My main body has already integrated with this world. This world is me. In the first place, I shouldn’t wake up for all eternity, but now that I’m awake, it can only mean…”

He reached out his hand to stroke her head, and lightly said. “Child, I’m going to die soon. This world is already reaching its end.”

“…” Zhu Yao felt a deep pain in the depths of her heart, as she fiercely widened her eyes. This was the first time she felt that the three letters ‘bug’ on the tortoise head were so piercing to the eyes. She finally knew what was going on with the bug this time. However, she had rather not know anything at all. This was evidently a dead end.

In the past, all she had done were to clear bugs. But this time, she had to save the world?

“Everything will begin with a profound beginning. Everything will end with a profound end. This world began because of me, so naturally, this world will end because of me as well.”

“Is there no other way to stop it?” Zhu Yao  really  never expected that she would truly witness the end of the world so soon. In the past, when she were fixing those bugs, she would see the scenes of the end of the world in her precognitive dreams, but never had it been so immersive like this one.

“If we’re talking about stopping it, there’s one.”  Black Tortoise lowered his head, and looked straight at her.

Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. “Me?”

“You’re a Black Tortoise as well. Your appearance, is an opportunity bestowed by the heavens to this world. But…”

“She can’t do it!” A cold male voice suddenly interrupted his words, and a white figure flashed before her eyes. Yue Gu suddenly appeared beside her. His face still had that bland expression, yet, it unexpectedly carried a hint of cold intent. He looked a little like her master now. “You have seen it for yourself back then. Her godly energy is simply insufficient to sustain this world. Even if she inherited your godly energy, it’s impossible.”

Black Tortoise’s expression grew even heavier. Yue Gu’s words were indeed true. However… “At the very least, she can sustain it for a period of time.”

“This will not stop the world from ending either.”

“But other than her, there’s no other way.”

“This shall be her own decision. You should respect her.”

“But she is also…”

“Black Tortoise.” Yue Gu said with a solemn voice.  “This world will be destroyed in the end.”

“…” Black Tortoise lowered his head, as though all of his energy had been sapped away. “However, I can’t just stand idly by and watch as…”

“Umm…” Watching the two people who had already sunk into an extreme conflict, Zhu Yao weakly raised her hand, and successfully drew their attention. “Third question.” Zhu Yao cleared her throat,  and  raised three fingers. “ Um. Since both of you understand that there’s already no saving this world, then why don’t you consider moving houses?”

Black Tortoise: “…” There’s actually this method as well?

Yue Gu: “…” Why didn’t I think of this?

The two people both had dumbfounded expressions, as though they couldn’t believe that a problem which was a dead end in the beginning, was solved with just these few words.

“That’s still impossible!” Black Tortoise suddenly frowned again. “According to my knowledge, several million years ago, the sky and earth split into three thousand worlds, yet not a single one of them was stable. Every single one of them could have collapsed at any moment.”

“You already said it yourself, several million years have passed. There might be worlds that have already stabilized?” Those worlds at the very least would be more stable than this one, alright? “Even if that’s the case.” Black Tortoise was still a little worried. “Presently, Yue Gu is the only remaining ancient God. A lone person’s strength is simply unable to open the World Crossing Heavenly Door.”

“What if I’m included?” Zhu Yao once again raised her hand.

“You’re saying…” Black Tortoise widened his eyes.

Zhu Yao nodded. “Since I won’t be able to sustain this world even if I inherit your godly energy, what about using the energy to open the World Crossing Heavenly Door?”


“This method is plausible.” Yue Gu looked towards Zhu Yao, yet, his expression sank. “But forcefully opening the World Crossing Door goes against the will of the Heavenly Dao. When that time comes, you will definitely suffer a rebound from the godly energy. You…”

“We can talk after we open it!” Zhu Yao waved her hands without a mind. Dying or what not, she was already used to it. There’s a possibility that she could even return to meet her master!

Under Zhu Yao’s persuasion, Yue Gu and the Black Tortoise had acknowledged her home moving plan. Actually, Zhu Yao was very confident in the plan this time. Since there was a bug in this world, that proved that there’s an opportunity to fix it. She did not dare to say that it had a hundred percent chance of success, but at the very least, there was hope of surviving.

But, the location to open the Heavenly Door was a little tricky. This entire world was formed by the Black Tortoise, and every inch of the world was a part of his body. However, the opening location had to be where his Dantian was located. The Dantian was where godly energy was being stored, and Zhu Yao could only inherit the Black Tortoise’s pure godly energy from there, in order to open the Heavenly Door.

But after asking about it, she found out that it was actually located near the Nether Abyss. For the Dantian to be situated at such a dangerous place, Zhu Yao could really get  drunk  right about now.

Left with no other choice, Zhu Yao could only followed Yue Gu towards the Nether Abyss. Recalling that Shao Bai was still over there, Zhu Yao had a faint feeling that things wouldn’t be as successful as she would want it to be.

“No need to worry.” Yue Gu stroked her head. “Your teacher will naturally prevent any Devils from approaching.”

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at his serious expression, and could not help but ask. “Teacher, since you long known that I’m a black tortoise, why didn’t you tell me?

Yue Gu’s hand paused for a moment, and a while later, he solemnly said. “Your teacher feels that… you should have the opportunity to choose your path.” No matter if she was the next cornerstone-like existence for the sky and earth, he wished that she could decide on her own.

“Then what if I really possessed the necessary ability to sustain the sky and earth, but am unwilling to fall into slumber?”

“I will respect your decision.” He unhesitatingly said.

“Why?” “Because…” Yue Gu slightly lowered his head, and forcefully stroked her head. “You’re my only disciple.”


A long while later…

“Yue Gu, you really look a little like my master now.”


My father is Li Gang: This was a meme that got quite popular due to a viral incident. In 2010, Hebei province of China, a drunk driver hit two university students, one died while the other suffered a fractured leg. When security guards went over to culprit, he shouted: “Sue me if you dare! My father is Li Gang!” Apparently, Li Gang was the deputy director of the local public security bureau. This incident became viral on the net, and made many people angry. In the end, the drunk driver was sentenced to six years of prison, and had to pay compensation to both families. For more detailed information about this case, you can visit this link here:

Chapter192: This World Is Doomed

Zhu Yao had thought that the mission this time would be very easy. It was just moving houses, right? However, after arriving at the Nether Abyss, she realized she was too naive.

Black Tortoise’s sudden awakening had intensified the abnormal movements in the world. Various places were affected, and the place which was affected the most, was the Devil Sealing Grounds. After the seal was broken before, the Devils once again broke out of the seal, and the Gods, who already had severe losses, were being pushed back. They had no choice but to retreat to the Nether Abyss, preventing the Devils from fusing with the devillic aura within.

The tragic degree of the scene they saw when Yue Gu and Zhu Yao arrived could no longer be described with mere words. The place was filled with Devils shrouded in black mist, and Gods battling while bathed in blood. The Gods had already been forced into a position where they could no longer retreat, while the number of Devils continued to increase, looking as though they could never be completely exterminated.

Yue Gu summoned countless of heavenly lightning bolts, and began to open up a bloody path for them to charge forward. “There’s no time left. Hurry and head into where the Black Tortoise’s Dantian resides.”

Zhu Yao nodded. Releasing her divine sense, she faintly sensed something was calling out to her on her right, and then, she flew straight in that direction. Only after arriving did she find out that it was a pool of water. It only had a size of a regular swimming pool, the water was not very deep, and the waterbed could be seen due to how clear it was.

The moment she walked into the place, the entire pool radiated a white glow, and faintly, flashes of lightning sparks could be seen. The godly energy was so concentrated, it looked as though it could solidify at any moment. This was the Black Tortoise’s godly energy! Zhu Yao was a little shocked. This was hundreds and thousands times more powerful that the amount she received when she was fixing the seal.

Time was running out. Zhu Yao hurriedly walked. Just as she was about to enter the center of the pool and receive the godly energy to open the World Crossing Heavenly Door, a  terrified voice suddenly reverberated from behind her.

“Little sister!” Shao Bai suddenly appeared at the side of the pool, and he was tensely watching her movements. “What are you doing?”

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. She knew that she would definitely encounter Shao Bai here. If she were to tell him that she’s here to swim, would he believe her?

“I’m going to open the World Crossing Heavenly Door.”

“World Crossing Heavenly Door!” Shao Bai blanked for a moment, and as though he thought of something, the color on his face faded away. A moment later, pulling the corners of his lips, he revealed the same warm smile he always had, and reached out his hand. “How can opening the World Crossing Heavenly Door be such a simple task? Little sister, be obedient! Why don’t you first come out of there?”

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, she decided to ignore his words. Turning around, she walked towards the center of the pool. Black Tortoise had already begun transferring his godly energy, how could she possibly leave now?

“Little sister!” Shao Bai shouted loudly, his voice was no longer as calm as before, rather, it was filled with panic and fear. Wanting to enter the pool to chase her, he took a few steps forward, only to be forced back by the countless lightning sparks in the water. “Do you know what you’re doing right now?”

“I do.” Zhu Yao sat in a meditative posture at the very center of the pool, and smiled towards him. “I’m saving all of you.”

“Why would we need you to save us?” Shao Bai was even more anxious now. After casting an art, he took a step into the pool with a great difficulty, and once again reached out his hand towards her. “Little sister, be obedient. Your second elder brother promised that no matter what happens, I will always protect you. Come out of there for now, alright?” His voice sank even more. When he was speaking the last few words, it even sounded as though he was begging her to stop.

Having such an elder brother who doted her own so much, Zhu Yao was a little moved. However, if the Heavenly Door was not opened, they would not be able to live on. So in the very end, she would be the one earning from doing so.

“Little sister, just take it as though second elder brother is begging you.” “…” Zhu Yao let out a sigh. She suddenly recalled the time when she was still an egg, the look Shao Bai had when he was willing to even use his blood to attack in order to protect her.
She was fortunate to have such an elder brother, however…

“Shao Bai, actually, I’m not a phoenix.” Zhu Yao gathered her godly energy, and created a faint image of her original form – a green-skinned tortoise with the shadow of a snake faintly encircling its body. “I’m a Black Tortoise, not your little sister.”

“You being my little sister is unrelated to what your race you are.” Shao Bai refuted, and still continued to persuade her. “Second elder brother doesn’t care what you are, as long as you don’t leave my side. So, be obedient… and come out, alright?”

Haah… Zhu Yao sighed, and lectured him with a smile. “You sis-con. I’m actually older than you. I merely stayed in my egg for a long time.”

“Then I shall change my way of addressing you.” Shao Bai was unexpectedly very easy to talk with. “As long as you come out, I will promise you anything.”

“Do you still not understand, Shao Bai?” Zhu Yao released her divine sense, and began to receive the ancient godly energy within the pool. “Black Tortoises have always been existences used as cornerstones for the sky and earth, and since I’m a Black Tortoise, I will naturally integrate into this world one day, falling into deep slumber. Right now, I’m merely using another method.”

“I don’t care about all that!” Shao Bai’s expression instantly changed, and a boundless, furious aura began to spread, withstanding the lightning suppression as he approached her a step at a time. “The only fact I know, is that you’re my little sister. If there’s really a need to save this world, you will never be the one to do it.”

Shao Bai was persistent in pulling her out, and a faint madness could be seen from within his eyes. As though he was a wild beast whose bottom line had been crossed, the warmth and gentleness he had before had completely turned into violence and madness.

However, how could lightning sparks formed by godly energy be so simple? In just a few moments, his body was already filled with injuries, yet, he still did not stop.

Zhu Yao was struck with terror as she watched on. “Don’t come over.” Zhu Yao was a little anxious. “This world isn’t going to last. As long as the Heavenly Door is opened, everyone can be saved.”

“Then, what about you?” He raised his head, and stared at her intensely.

“Uh…” She would naturally get disconnected. Could it be that he knew of the consequences of forcefully opening the Heavenly Door, and hence wanted to prevent her from doing so?

“If saving the world requires your life as the price,  then what’s the point in saving it?” The aura surrounding Shao Bai instantly changed, as it grew even wilder than before. Yet, the eyes he were looking at her with were filled with inexplicable sadness. The look he had now, was completely the same as that skinny, frail child she saw when they first met. “Little  sister, you clearly know that you’re the only remaining person your second elder brother has. If you disappear as well, even if everyone is saved, what’s the point?”

Zhu Yao’s heartstrings twitched. At this moment, she finally realized he had never walked out of that experience of being abandoned since the very beginning. No matter how warm of a smile he had on the surface, he was merely concealing it even deeper within himself. That was a scar that could break out at any moment, as long as his landmine was stepped on, then it could possibly explode. And she seemed to be that said landmine.

“I will be fine. I promise you.” She could resurrect, after all.

“You can’t promise that!” He had already arrived by her side, and pulled her into his tight embrace, as though he wanted to smother her. He buried his head next to her neck, and said with emphasis on every word. “You promised me. You promised that you wouldn’t abandon me.”

Zhu Yao felt as though she had returned to that dark, skyless place. A frail and skinny child was tightly hugging onto an egg, like he was hugging onto the only belief that was keeping him alive, refusing to let go.

Zhu Yao’s heartstrings pulled, and for a moment, she hated herself a little. Why had she not seen through Shao Bai’s abnormalities? She should have seen through it long ago. Although he looked like he was treating others warmly on the surface, other than her, he had always been keeping a distance from anyone else. He did not even have a intimate relationship with his mother Qian Yu either. Furthermore, because of the matter of her being born prematurely, he hated Little Sixth to the extreme.

He had always been the same child who treated her as the only person to depend on. The same child who maintained a sense of enmity towards the world. The same child who regarded her as his life.


Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. A white light flashed in her palms, pushing Shao Bai away. The lightning sparks in the pool instantly disappeared as well, though this time, countless lightning sparks seemed to be surrounding her body. An immense amount of godly energy she had never felt before seemed to be emitting out from her body.

She did not delay any further. Quickly making a few hand seals with her hands, she formed a formation, and slammed her palm downwards, instantly releasing all of her godly energy.

“No!” Shao Bai, who was blasted hundreds of meters away, shouted with a face filled with panic and fear. In an instant, a golden light shone brightly. Within an area of about ten meters around her, a heavenly pillar charged towards the skies, shattering directly across the skyline. For a moment, the entire skyline twisted. Countless of foreign illusory realms, like projections, appeared in the sky. There were dense forests, luxurious streets, and blessed lands filled with practitioners… Every single one of them represented a world out of the present three thousand worlds.

The Heavenly Door had opened…

The sounds of battle between the Gods and Devils paused in an instant, as everyone raised their heads to look at this mystical phenomenon.

Twisting her palms, Zhu Yao once again cast another mystic art. Within the pillar of light, several rays of golden light were formed, and they flew to the various Gods and living creatures. After the rays of golden light had caught them, turning into what looked like soap bubbles, they flew straight towards the opened Heavenly Door.

Zhu Yao’s godly energy was currently depleting at an extremely fast rate, and she could only barely sustain the Heavenly Door, as she tried her best to allow even more living creatures pass through the Heavenly Door. As to which world they would go after entering the Heavenly Door, it was no longer something she could predict.

“Little sister!” Shao Bai was also enclosed in those soap bubbles, smacking them as he wanted to get out. Presently, Zhu Yao had after all inherited the Black Tortoise’s ancient godly energy, so how could she possibly let him out? Instead, she circulated her mystic art, and had him float towards the Heavenly Door.

Watching as the Heavenly Door was closing in on him, Shao Bai’s eyes instantly turned bloodshot. He desperately struggled, and even disregarded his own injuries, as he struck the small bubbles, only to have half of the energy reflected back at himself. Zhu Yao grew anxious as she watched, and her actions slowed down quite a bit. This madman.

Zhu Yao sunk her thoughts, and planned to forcefully push him through.

Suddenly, within the bubbles, a red light shone. With a crackling sound, the bubbles shattered, and following after a cry that resounded through the clouds, a phoenix whose body was dyed completely in black rose into the skies, several streams of black water gently flowed around its body.

Zhu Yao was completely dumbstruck.

This was Shao Bai!?

Why did he suddenly change?

That black phoenix had only appeared for an instant. After Shao Bai broke through the bubbles, he regained his human form and flew over, most likely wanting to prevent her from sustaining the Heavenly Door. However, he was stopped by a white figure.

“Yue Gu!” Shao Bai’s expression was filled with cold intent. “You dare stop me?”

“This is my disciple’s own choice.”

Shao Bai’s fury felt as though it was about to take up a solid form, as he sent an attack straight towards him. “You can stand by and watch as she send herself to death, but I can’t!” He threw an icicle towards him. “I’m going to save her. Whoever blocks my path, shall die!”

Zhu Yao was only focusing on sustaining the Heavenly Door. Finally, all of the bubbles had passed through the Heavenly Door, and only two people remained in the sky, along with a sky filled with Devils.

For an instant, she even had the feeling to cuss at her own mom. Momma’s egg, is this really the time to fight among themselves? The two of them were dealing with the Devils while fighting among themselves like it was nobody’s business.

“Teacher, let him come over.” Zhu Yao retracted a strand of godly energy, and sent a voice transmission to Yue Gu in the sky. Shao Bai had already flew straight towards her.

“Little sister, hurry…”

Zhu Yao flung a wind mystic art towards him, taking the opportunity when he had yet to react, she pulled the spoilt child into the pillar of light. In times like this, she shouldn’t talk reason with him. Shock, fear, pain, disappointment, unwillingness, and various other emotions flashed past Shao Bai’s face, yet his figure had slowly disappeared into the pillar of light.

Only then did Zhu Yao cough out a mouthful of blood. As she had constantly released her godly energy, she felt that her entire body was about to crumble.

“Teacher, hurry and get in!” She couldn’t sustain it any longer.

Yue Gu did not respond. Instead, from afar, he reached out his hand towards her, and did a head-patting action. Turning his head, he looked towards the Devils which had already occupied the entire sky and earth. “I can’t leave.”

“Teacher!” Zhu Yao was anxious.

“I’m the final ancient God in this world. The Heavenly Dao will not allow me to leave.” Her teacher still had that same emotionless look, as though the matter he was discussing did not concern his life and death. Raising the corners of his lips, he suddenly sent her a very stunning smile. “Disciple, I will accompany you.” She suddenly sensed a familiar ripple of godly energy coming from Yue Gu’s direction. An immense amount of godly energy spread in all directions like fireworks. Wherever it went, the Devils that made contact with it would turn into ash.

Zhu Yao’s godly energy had already been depleted, and the Heavenly Door closed right after. The familiar darkness began its assault, and she suddenly recalled the mystic art that Yue Gu just invoked.

Devil Smiting Inscription. It was the only mystic art in the world that could exterminate Devils. Her teacher had said that he could only use it twice in his lifetime, and this was his second time.

In the last second before she closed her eyes, she could faintly hear his sigh.

“Haah, what a pity. Your teacher here has yet to ask for your real name…”

Chapter193: Version Rollback

Zhu Yao felt like she was falling, a sense of weightlessness where she would never touch the bottom. Her surroundings were pitch-black, as though she had fallen into an endless abyss. Her entire body was powerless, and she felt her body was empty to the point where she couldn’t even sense her own existence, let alone exert strength.

In her surroundings, it was as though whirring wind sounds were constantly echoing out, and a moment later, she seemed to faintly hear the sounds of thunder. The rolling  thunderous roars were extremely loud and vast.

“Shi’er, there’s still three more… I already told you that I will wait…” Foreign voices echoed, and they came in bits and pieces, making it hard to discern what was being said, yet, it felt as though the source of the voice was approaching closer.

“Hurry and wake up… You must… endure… The Higher Realm…”

That voice sounded extremely anxious, as though he seemed to be facing a difficult situation, as he constantly gave encouraging words. Zhu Yao however, felt that her consciousness was becoming blurry, and that sense of weightlessness grew even worse. Suddenly, as though she was suddenly restrained by something, that sense of weightlessness disappeared, and replacing it was a sense of  being  bound.  She was heavily entangled, unable to break free, and  she  found  it hard to breathe.

“The next one is coming very soon, hurry and wake up.” That anxious male voice finally sounded clear.

“Endure a little more, you just have to endure a little more.”

“You can do it, you hear me?”


Yet another thunder boomed, and the man’s voice had also sunk in that immensely loud thunder. A familiar energy suddenly poured into her body, and after Zhu Yao instinctively absorbed it, she realized that it was actually pure lightning spiritual energy. Following after the entrance of spiritual energy, she instantly found it easier to breathe. However, that sense of binding grew even heavier, and her consciousness grew even more blurry. Before she could even have the time to process her thoughts, the excited voice of that man resounded next to her ears.

“You’re finally awake. There’s still two more. Hurry and secure your Dantian, and concentrate your energy.”

“It’s the final one…”

“Great, you succeeded. I just knew you could do it.”

“Shi’er, let us ascend then…”

“It’s great that you’re alright!”


Zhu Yao felt it was strange. From the direction where the foreign voice was coming from, it was evidently being directed at her, yet he was clearly not speaking to her. What did he mean by ‘it’s great that you’re alright’? She clearly was in a big pickle,
 alright? Unfortunately, she did not even have the strength left to retort, as she once again sunk into unconsciousness.

When she opened her eyes again, she realized she was currently lying on a bed. It was a soft and comfortably carved huge bed, with light veils fluttering on the sides, looking as illusory as a dream. She was lying in an unsightly posture with her hands and legs spread apart, and lying next to her in a straight posture was a man. Zhu Yao simply felt her heart tremble, and her first reaction was to quickly inspect her own clothes. Realizing that other than it being a little messy, from her inner wear to outer garments, they were all properly worn. Only then did she heave a sigh of relief. Whew, my chastity and morals are still safe!

When she turned to look the side, a familiar face instantly imprinted in her eyes. In an instant, Zhu Yao wished that she could ruthlessly throw her morals down onto the ground.

“Master.” She had actually returned.

Mn. She wondered if she were to strip off her clothes now, would she still make it in time? Hearing her voice, the person next to her slightly opened his eyes. The pair of eyes that was usually filled with coldness, unexpected revealed a hint of fatigue. He simply swept his eyes at her, and responded. “Mn.”

“Master, what happened to you?” Why did his voice sound so weak? Could it be that she had done something beastly towards him last night? Zhu Yao instantly expanded the hole in her brain, and began thinking of various R-rated scenes. If she had really done something… “I will take responsibility.”

Yu Yan reached out his hand towards her head, and pulled his stupid disciple into his embrace with a slight amount of force. Leaning next to her ear, he gently said. “I’m fine. It’s good enough that you’re awake.”

Zhu Yao buried her head in his slightly cold chest and breathed his familiar scent, her hands unconsciously crawled up to the front of his chest, ready to make trouble. Who could come and stop her dangerous hands?


“Mn.” “If you’re like this, I will commit a crime soon.” Eat, or not to eat? That is the question.

“…” A certain master did not understand. He simply used his fingers to comb his disciple’s hair out of habit, the back of his ice-cold fingers glided past the side of her face. In an instant, an ambiguous feeling filled the entire room, and after her hair had been neatly draped at the back of her head, he finally gave a casual response. “Mn.”

“…” Ting. In an instant, she felt her wolf’s blood boiling, as though something was currently breaking out of a seal.

“What’s wrong?” Sensing her anomaly, Yu Yan frowned, and the hand he was hugging her with tensed a little, their two bodies stuck even closer. “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. “My… heart aches!” She was enduring so much, to the point where her heart, liver and spleen were hurting.

Yu Yan frowned even heavier, as he lowered her head to take a look at her chest, and subconsciously, she stripped her clothes off.

The hell! If she endured it any longer, then she’s his grandchild!

Zhu Yao flipped over, and instantly pressed him under her body. Sitting on his body, with one of her hands, she grabbed onto the collar of his clothes, and tyrannically pulled it with all her might…

It didn’t budge.

This is illogical! Again! Pull…

It still didn’t budge.


No matter how much strength she used, Yu Yan’s pure white robe did not even wrinkle. There’s actually clothes with such good quality in this world?
I don’t believe it!

Zhu Yao decided to use both of her hands to grab onto a side of his collar. As though she was in a tug-of-war, she used all the strength she had to pull in a single direction.

Several minutes later.

A certain master’s robe was still neatly worn on his body. Zhu Yao, whose strength was depleted, suffered an immense blow to her outlook of life, as though a basin of cold water had fell from the sky, drenching her heart completely cold.

What kind of shock could be compared to a forceful tyrant being stuck at the first step of pulling her target’s clothes off?

Even though she had been very successful in the past.

“Do you need help?” Yu Yan kindly recommended.

“…” Did she hear correctly!? Zhu Yao was startled, she simply couldn’t believe her own ears, the light in her eyes instantly returned from the ashes. “Can… Can you?”

Yu Yan directly sat up. Then, he carried and placed his stupid disciple next to him. With a calm look, he moved his hands to his waist, and pulled the waistband…

Zhu Yao fiercely widened her eyes as she looked at this scene which could be said to be a miracle. He leisurely removed the waistband, and pulled his outer garments down. That pure- white robe of his, slid down his shoulders… arms… and waist…

Zhu Yao spat out her saliva, and she wished she could wave a flag and let her inner heart roar out. A single word wildly scrambled in her mind. Strip! Strip! Strip! Strip!

Finally, the clothes, which she had spent several minutes trying to pull down, were stripped down by him, and only a thin layer of inner wear remained.

Yu Yan took the outer garments, turned to look at her unknowingly, and then approached her. His two hands brushed past the sides of her waist, forming a kabe-don posture. He gradually leaned closer… and closer… It’s basically a situation when someone is backed into a wall, and another person’s arms are sealing his/her exit. For example. There’s another (more hilarious) meme version called Cicada Block, English for Semi-don.

And then…

He put his outer garment on her.

“If you wanted this mystic robe, say so directly.”


Zhu Yao heard the sound of something shattering. That was her dead young maiden’s heart…

She really was stupid to the point of piercing through the sky, for believing that a certain someone could have been enlightened!

A certain master, however, stabbed her with another knife with a stern look. “I placed down a special defensive formation on this mystic robe, and regular people aren’t able to move it.”

Puaaah! A steel knife stabbed right into her heart.

“Though, the size might be a little big for you.”

Puaaah! She received an additional 1000 damage.

“If you sincerely like it, your master shall help change it to your size tomorrow.”

Puaaah! Her heart received long-lasting damage.

“I shall make some others for you while I’m at it as well. Mn… You seem to have grown a little fatter.”

Puaaah! Her HP was emptied!

She did not die! When Zhu Yao woke up on the second day, she realized she had actually returned to the Lightning Divine Hall.

And her current character was not her new version 8.0 either, but version 6.0. When Zhu Yao saw that face in the water mirror, she simply could not believe her own eyes. So this character even carried a rollback feature?

“I… Didn’t I die?” Zhu Yao turned to look at Yu Yan next to her.

“Yu Yao, you were unconscious for ten years.” Yu Yan sighed, his expression slightly sank. He reached out his hand to stroke her head. Fortunately, she woke up.

“Ten years?” Zhu Yao was startled. She had clearly spent several hundreds of years on the other side.

“Back then, you were too far away from Fluorescent Wind Sect. That seal was invoked, which damaged your divine sense, and ruptured your heart and organs, causing you to fall into a deep coma.” Yu Yan frowned. “Your master had to seal your vital meridians, in order to preserve your life.” “In other words, I’m still Yin Xin…” Zhu Yao touched her own face. She suddenly recalled back then when she had turned into an egg, an incident like this happened as well. When she woke up back then, she returned to the Fluorescent Wind Sect. Could it be that the Black Tortoise character in the other world was connected to Yin Xin? Her soul could be transferred interchangeably? And moving away from the Fluorescent WInd Sect was the key to activating the transfer. “Then since I’m currently in the Lightning Divine Hall, wouldn’t I..?”

“When you were heavily injured back then, the seal disappeared.” That was why he brought her back to the Lightning Divine Hall.

In other words, she could no longer return to that world. Zhu Yao felt a little stuffy in the depths of her heart, as she suddenly recalled Yue Gu, the person who looked exactly the same as her master. Although she had succeeded in opening the Heavenly Door, he was the only one she couldn’t save. And there was the matter concerning Shao Bai as well. She wondered just what had happened to him?

“Yu Yao…” Yu Yan’s expression sank. He took a step forward, and reached out his hand to brush away the hair in front of her forehead. “Your injuries have yet to heal completely, do not act rashly in the future.” Zhu Yao blanked, as she turned to look at him. “Aren’t I already fine?”

“Your injuries are a little strange…” Yu Yan deeply frowned, as he said with clenched fists. “Regular divine arts seemed to be completely ineffective on you. Your teacher was only able to preserve your vital meridians, and I have yet to find a way to heal you. You waking up was out of my predictions as well.”

But she was clearly alright, and her body looked fine. She wasn’t the least bit…

“Master, you sealed my sense of pain?” Not only that, only then did she realize her five senses seemed to be sluggish, and her body was unexpectedly heavy. This feeling was something she had never once experienced before.

Yu Yan’s fingers trembled for a moment. He pulled her into his embrace, and gently consoled her. “It’s alright.” He would definitely find a way to heal her injuries.

However, a feeling of discomfort surged within her. She felt that there was something strange about this. Theoretically speaking, whenever Realmspirit arranged a character for her, he would always be unexpectedly generous. It was impossible for such a case to happen. Yin Xin’s body might not be as simple as she believed it to be, however, she couldn’t figure out just which part of it was complex.

Suddenly, she recalled the reason she was injured. “Master, where’s Yue Ying?”

Yu Yan’s expression instantly sank, the cold aura emitted from his body uncontrollably spread in all directions.

Chapter194: Yue Ying, Let Us Have A Chat

On the third day she woke up, Zhu Yao evidently felt that her body was growing weaker, her body carried a sense of heaviness that could not be put into words, and she would sweat out profusely just from making slight movements. Occasionally, she would find it hard to breath as well. Her master had tried using divine energy to repair her damaged meridians, but it was ineffective. The moment the divine energy entered her body, it would automatically disperse, as though she was born immune to divine energy.

Her grandmaster and the Hall Master had inspected her as well, but they too were unable to do anything. Yu Yan’s expression grew even heavier. He was never someone who loved to talk in the first place, but presently, he was even quieter than before.

Zhu Yao was simply unable to figure out just what was the intention behind her return to this body. Could it be merely to have her die once more? She knew that she didn’t have much time left, and this body of hers could only last for at most a few more days. Death wasn’t something she was afraid of, after all, she could just switch to another character. The only thing she was worried about was another matter. “Master, I wish to see Yue Ying.”

This was a dark prison, within the pitch-black surroundings, the only source of light came from the boundless formation seals in the air, where rotating runes filled the entire place. Within the layers of formations, a black figure was currently bound and suspended. His two arms were spread open and stuck in an unmovable posture due to the layers of runes, and his head was lowered, making it impossible to make out his current expression.

When a ray of light suddenly flashed in the darkness, as though space was sliced apart, the shape of a door slowly opened, and a white figure slowly walked out from the other side.

That person, who had his head lowered the entire  time, finally looked up. Although his expression was pale to the point where not a single hint of redness could be seen, he did not look downcast and fatigued like an ordinary prisoner. He looked in the visitor’s direction, eyes narrowed. A sharp glint could be seen from within them, filled with disdain and arrogance.

“What happened to her?” His voice was low-spirited, yet carried a hint of coldness. The visitor did not reply, but simply frowned and inspected the prisoner.

In an instant, he was a little irritated, and his expression sunk even more. His words carried a threatening tone. “Don’t forget. If not to save her, why would I be here? You best hurry up. Otherwise… I don’t have much patience.”

The visitor still kept quiet.

“Why aren’t you answering?” He glanced at the other party, and as though he suddenly thought of something, his eyes fiercely widened. “Something happened to her?”


“Tell me!” The dark aura emitted from his body instantly spread in all directions, carrying a chilling atmosphere. The surrounding runes seemed to have been infected, as they began to destabilize and had signs of collapsing. “You promised that you would save her. If anything happens to her, I will definitely not forgive you.” The visitor frowned even deeper. Glancing at the person who had fallen into madness, the visitor finally let out a deep sigh. “Hah… Yue Ying.”

The figure, who looked as though was about to lose control, stiffened. The surrounding black aura instantly dispersed completely, as he looked at the person in front of him, stunned. “Big Sis… Yao.” His voice no longer carried the arrogance it had before.

Zhu Yao took down the talisman on her body, and her figure reverted back to Yin Xin’s look in a flash. “I had wanted to use a transformation talisman to test you. I never expected that you’re still like this. You haven’t reflected on your actions in the least.”

“Big Sis Yao.” His face was filled with anxiety, as he tried to explain. “I… I wasn’t…”

“Wasn’t what?” Zhu Yao interrupted his words.  “Wasn’t trying to vent your anger out on others, wasn’t trying to kill my master, is that it?”

“…” Yue Ying was at a loss of words, as he slowly lowered his head. A moment later, he muttered. “I only wanted to save Big Sis Yao.”



Zhu Yao’s head ached a little, as she said with a dispirited tone. “Yue Ying, do you actually know what you have done wrong?”

Yue Ying lowered his head even more, like a child who was being lectured by his parents, his fingers dug even deeper into his palms. “Big Sis Yao… doesn’t like Devils?”

“This is unrelated to you being a Devil. What I mind isn’t your identity as a Devil, but your method of doing things, and your thoughts.”

“…” Yue Ying was at a loss.

Zhu Yao sighed. “Why did you kill Xu Nuoyan?” “Because big sister doesn’t like him, so I don’t like  him either.” A hint of hostility flashed past Yue Ying’s brows.

“So you killed him just because you don’t like him? I have tons of people I don’t like, you know? Are you going to kill all of them?”

Yue Ying actually nodded honestly.

Zhu Yao was this close to sending a slap to his face, in order to beat him into correcting his distorted three views. “Then if there comes a day I don’t like you as well?”

Yue Ying suddenly widened his eyes, his expression was filled with fear and loss. “Big Sis Yao… I will be obedient. Please don’t dislike me, I will change.”

“Since you know that a change can be made, then why aren’t you giving others the opportunity to do so?” Zhu Yao ruthlessly continued.

“I…” “Yue Ying, be it Devils, deities, or even the practitioners in the Lower Realm, we’re all the same. We’re all just people.”

“No.” Yue Ying refuted. “Big sister is big sister,  you’re different from the rest.”

“What’s different?”


“Yue Ying, you can just judge a person’s life and death based on your own ideologies. If there comes a day when you don’t like me as well, will you kill me too?”

“No, I will never ever…” He anxiously tried to explain.

“You will!” Zhu Yao interrupted his words, and coldly pointed out the truth. “Twice!”

“…” His face instantly ashened. Zhu Yao however had no choice but to continue. “Yue Ying, you killed me twice, and personally too!”

As though he had just heard something terrifying, his body began to tremble.

“If it wasn’t because of my good luck, the one standing in front of you today would have most likely been a ghost.” Zhu Yao sighed. “Yue Ying, I have always treated you as my little brother, a part of my family. The bad things you have done are my responsibility as your older sister. It’s my fault for not teaching you well, so I won’t blame you for the past two times. I will just treat it as atonement for all the wrong things you have done, so big sister can forgive you.”

“Big sister…” His two eyes instantly brightened with hope.

“But you must remember.” Her tone instantly changed. “The lives and deaths of people can’t be judged by your own tastes. I don’t care if you’re a deity or a Devil, you best learn how to be a good person!”

“…” “Do you understand?”

“Mn.” He obediently nodded.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Actually, she did not have complete confidence in twisting back this child’s utterly distorted three views, but she had to at least try. So what if he was a Devil? Could it be that she had to kill him? Of course not. Even if Yue Ying wouldn’t resist, she wouldn’t lift a finger on him either.

She was just human, she had blood and flesh like just any ordinary human being. If one’s own child had done something wrong, that child could be beaten, lectured, or even be sent to jail to reform himself. However, never would the parents think of killing him.

“If I’m obedient, will Big Sis Yao not leave me?” Yue Ying raised his head, and looked at her with eyes of expectations.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. Crap, she actually forgotten that he still had mother complex. This problem…

“Yue Ying, you have grown up.” It’s time for you to be independent.

His expression sank, and in the next moment, a dark light flashed from his body. The matured young man earlier, had instantly turned into a little wimp of five to six years old. “Will this do?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “I don’t mean it that way.”

His face was instantly filled with loss. “Then what should I do so that Big Sis Yao will not abandon Yue Ying?”

“…” In reality, she was immediately about to abandon him once more. The expiry date of her current character was approaching very soon. “I will be back. Before that, you have to obediently stay here.”

“Big sister is going to leave?” Yue Ying was anxious, with merely a slight movement of his body, the surrounding runes shattered apart, as he flew straight towards her. Those concentrated layers of seals were like scraps of paper, completely unable to stop his advance.

Not even a moment later, a little figure that was merely at her waist height hugged onto her. Unlike the frail little figure when he was young, the current him was like a meaty little ball, as he said with tears in his eyes. “Big sister, don’t abandon Yue Ying.”

The hell, how cunning for him to act cute right now.

However, if this matter wasn’t dealt with properly, only heavens would know just what Yue Ying would do.

“Yue Ying, my injuries are not completely healed yet.”

His face paled, and his little head buried even deeper. “Then I will find someone else that can definitely heal big sister.”

“I won’t…” She had initially wanted to tell  him  that  she would be fine. However, a moment later, she changed her mind. Lowering her head, she looked at Yue Ying in front of her, and said with a sunken tone. “One must receive punishment for his wrongdoings! I have already told you big sister shoulders some responsibility for the things you did as well.”

As expected, she could feel the figure in his embrace stiffen for a moment.

“But I promise you, I will definitely come back.” She wanted to imprint a suggestion in his heart. A suggestion where whatever wrongdoings he do would come to bite her as retribution. She knew that doing it this way was a little despicable, as she was using his concern for her. However, she couldn’t think of any other way to prevent him from doing anything that she couldn’t predict during the period she was switching her characters.

In the end, Yue Ying promised her, and stayed in the seal until her return.

In the next few days, her body grew even weaker. The feeling of having exhausted her entire strength merely by walking a few steps, made her feel extremely dispirited. However, she still had yet to find the reason for her return to this character. She constantly recalled the scenario she saw in the precognitive dream. Presently, Xu Nuoyan was dead, and Mo Xianxian no longer had the dimensional space. Theoretically speaking, the bug should have already been dealt with, and Fluorescent Wind Sect would not be destroyed. It was impossible for those phoenixes to come to the Divine Realm as well.

Zhu Yao just couldn’t understand it. It looked like her body was nearing its end, but for some reasons, it felt as though there was some energy sustaining her, preventing her falling into that final step. Two days later, she no longer had the energy to even walk.

Her master carried her to the stone stool outside to get some sun. She leaned onto her master, and heard his heartbeats. She felt like doing a little something, but she did not have  the energy to move. The two of them were silent the entire time.

A despondent feeling surged from the depths of her heart. In the past, all of her characters had enjoyed quick deaths, so she had never experienced any emotions of fear or whatsoever. This time, watching her master’s expressions which grew even more solemn by the day, she suddenly felt a little afraid. Thoughts of what would she do if she couldn’t resurrect this time rose in her mind.

Chapter195: The Unexpected Truth

She even suddenly had the thoughts of dying early to get resurrected early. However, the sky suddenly brightened up, as though the entire sky was set ablaze, emitting out a strange red glow. The entire sky and earth was dyed in red hue. Zhu Yao faintly sensed that something was currently breaking through that skyline, and an important event was about to happen.

。Her master behind her however, had already flown towards the sky in a flash, instantly summoning bolts of heavenly lightning and attacking rightwards.

“Move!” A familiar voice reverberated from within the thunderous noise, and a moment later, a small black figure walked out. It was actually Yue Ying. Why did he come out? Didn’t he promise her that he would stay inside?

Although he only had the looks of a small child, the sinister cold aura emitted from his body was frightening. He coldly stared at Yu Yan in front of him. “I’m bringing her away, whoever blocks my path shall die!” Yue Ying must have gone back on his words again, and wanted to bring her away.

Yu Yan immediately summoned his divine sword and fought. His brows were greatly furrowed, and his every word felt as though it could freeze into ice. “She’s my disciple, what does that have to do with you?”

The devillic aura from his body instantly turned dense, his eyes were as crimson red as blood itself. On his bun-like little face, strange devilic scars began to spread. “You can stand by and watch as she dies, but I can’t!”

Zhu Yao was startled. Why did she feel that the scene before her eyes was so familiar? She raised her head to look at the fiery sky, and something seemed to be charging out from his mind.

Suddenly, a green light flashed from his body. When she raised her hand to take a look, on her once empty wrist, a bundle of green light was currently circling around her hand, like a bracelet of light.

This was…

Zhu Yao simply felt a ‘Ting!’ reverberating in her mind. The matters she couldn’t figure out earlier, were instantly cleared up. This was the bracelet made out of wood from the Parasol Tree which Shao Bai gifted her.

The parasol trees were the home of all phoenixes. To phoenixes, when there’s a parasol tree, then it’s a sign of home.

So this was the truth behind why the phoenixes came to the Divine Realm.

No wonder even though she was dragging a body that was already in such a state, she was still alive. No wonder her master was unable to heal her injuries. No wonder divine energy was ineffective on her. She had always thought that she was operating two characters at once in this resurrection of hers. In actual fact, from beginning till end, this had been  the  only single character she was operating.

She had always been that Black Tortoise, that green-skinned tortoise.

The sky was already growing even more fiery red, as though a bird enveloped in flames could break through the skies at any moment. Zhu Yao took down the bracelet from her wrist, and looked towards the two people who were still fighting in the sky. It was time for her to log off.


The white figure in the sky paused for a moment, as he looked towards the ground.

“Remember to come look for me!”

She waved her hand, and smiled towards him.

She then looked towards Yue Ying next to him, and frowned. “Yue Ying, you little bastard. Just you wait, this old lady will return to smack your buttocks till they bloom flowers!”

Zhu Yao forcefully clenched her hand into a fist, and the bracelet which was emitting a green glow shattered resoundingly. In an instant, she fell into complete darkness. At the same time, the redness in the sky disappeared without a trace. Congratulations, you died once again. Please make your choice:

[Chat] or [Chat] or [Chat]

Zhu Yao faced the familiar conversation window, and erected her middle finger, before casually selecting one of the options.

This time, without her shouting for him, Realmspirit’s  QQ chat window automatically popped out.

Realmspirit: Yo, dear friend, long time no see. You  have gotten skinnier again!

“You’re actually able to see how fat or skinny a soul is?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. He actually had the mood to make such a blatant lie.

Realmspirit: Uh…

“Enough with the crap. Explain. What’s going on with the character this time?” She simply wanted to confirm if her guess was correct.

Realmspirit: Actually, this was a character set. High quality, long shelf life, buy two get one free at a discounted price!

“Speak human.”

Realmspirit: Yin Xin was a Black Tortoise, they’re the same person.

As she had thought! The reason why she looked different was because of the Black Tortoise’s innate transformation ability, wasn’t it?

“There’s something I don’t really understand. When I became the Black Tortoise, Yin Xin was just unconscious. If both  of them were the same person, Yin Xin should have disappeared instead.”

Realmspirit: That’s because this time, you were first the Black Tortoise, before being Yin Xin. “What do you mean?”

Realmspirit: When that world was destroyed, you passed through the Heavenly Door and arrived at the Divine Realm, turning into Yin Xin.

“That’s impossible, I clearly first turned into Yin Xin…” Zhu Yao blanked for a moment, and suddenly thought of something. “A disruption in time?”

Realmspirit: Congratulations, you got the correct answer.

“So you’re saying that the character I should receive at first was supposed to be that Black Tortoise egg, in order to fix the bug in that world. Then, after passing through the Heavenly Door and landing myself in the Divine Realm, I turn into Yin Xin. However, because of the disruption in time, the time in- between overlapped? So the Black Tortoise and Yin Xin turned into two separate characters?”

Realmspirit: Full marks! Characters can exist at the same time, but the soul itself is one and unique, so… “So you had me shuffle between two characters?”

Realmspirit: Hoho, don’t mind the small details!

Small, your sister!

“Wait a minute, I don’t remember entering  the  Heavenly Door though?” Then why would she turn into Yin Xin?

Realmspirit: Initially, that was so. However, a small variable appeared in the middle of the situation.

In an instant, a video interface popped out, and the scenes being shown were the matters that happened right after she opened the Heavenly Door. Back then, she had already fainted, and the sky and earth were already beginning to collapse. The mountains toppled, and the earth fissured, as though it was a scene from a doomsday movie. Suddenly, from within those wreckage, the figure of a man appeared.

“Black Tortoise!” Zhu Yao exclaimed. Though, she was unsure of what the Black Tortoise did, as the Heavenly Door which had initially disappeared opened up once again. She watched Yue Gu and herself being enveloped by the same bubbles, and were then sent into the Heavenly Door.

Realmspirit: The Black Tortoise used the power of his Nascent Spirit to open the Heavenly Door, and sent your character’s and Yue Gu’s souls through the Heavenly Door. That was why you turned into Yin Xin.

The scene suddenly changed to that of another world. Within the video were two people, a man and woman, currently challenging the Ascension Lightning Tribulation. The man had already completed the tribulation, standing within the light of guidance.

However, the woman had evidently been zapped to the point where she only had a single breath left. The next heavenly lightning had already struck down, and at the same time, from within the heavenly light, a green bundle of light suddenly flew out, entering the heavenly lightning bolt as it chased straight after the woman who was tackling the tribulation. The green light then stopped in the position of the woman’s belly, while the tribulation lightning bolts were all absorbed by that green light as well. “That’s me!?” Zhu Yao looked on dumbfounded as she pointed at that bundle of green light. She suddenly recalled the foreign male shouts she heard when she woke up back then. Could it be… She looked carefully at the face of the woman who was tackling the tribulation. “Yin Shi!”

The Black Tortoise had sent her off to cross through worlds, and because of the disruption in time, she returned to the past. Accompanying one of the heavenly lightning bolts, she landed in Yin Shi’s body, and then arrived in the Divine Realm by being birthed as a deity? Yin Xin had been the Black Tortoise the entire time?

Then the reason why Yin Xin had been asleep ever since she was born, was because she had depleted all of her godly energy when she opened the Heavenly Door?

Realmspirit: Your character reincarnated into a deity-born individual, and her life was connected with Yin Shi’s, hence the reason why she couldn’t be a hundred kilometers away from her.

So the reason why she couldn’t leave was not because of Fluorescent Wind Sect, but her carefree mother Yin Shi? Then, the reason why she could head to the Lightning Divine Hall after that was because her body had long been broken to the point of no return. She could only sustain herself after being inflicted with the ‘confinement curse’, due to the support of the little bit of godly energy left within the bracelet made of the Parasol Tree’s wood.

“About the four phoenixes in my dream, they only appeared in the Divine Realm because of the bracelet Shao Bai gifted me, right?”

Realmspirit: That’s right, dear friend. The worlds they are sent to by the World Crossing Heavenly Door are supposed to be random, however, because you have the wood of the Parasol Tree on hand, the phoenixes would have been drawn to you by instincts. The Divine Realm is incapable of supporting the appearances of so many Gods at once, so the bug that you had to fix in the Divine Realm was that bracelet made of wood from the Parasol Tree~! Without the bracelet, the phoenixes would thus be sent to different worlds. Let me give you thirty two thumbs up!

“Then what happened to Shao Bai and Yue Gu?” Zhu Yao asked. Realmspirit: Even before entering the Heavenly Door, the Yue Gu that you knew has already… So even if he entered it, the only choice left for him was to be reincarnated. As for Shao Bai…

The video interface flashed once again, revealing a black phoenix attacking desperately at the golden heavenly light enveloping him, wanting to escape from it. However, his attacks were rebounded back by the golden light every single time. The black aura emitting from his body grew even thicker, and even his figure had turned blurry.

Zhu Yao frowned as she watched, her heart ached a little.

Realmspirit: The Heavenly Door is created by the light of the Heavenly Dao, no one in the Three Realms is capable of retaliating against it.

As expected, the golden light flourished, while Shao Bai’s figure was broken apart, divided into two, and submerged within the radiance.

Realmspirit: They were the only two who had reincarnated into other worlds after their Godheads fell. “Then where have they reincarnated to?”

Realmspirit: Uh… About that.

“I know even without you telling me.” Zhu Yao sighed, the things she weren’t able to understand before were all clear to her now. “Yue Gu is my master, while Shao Bai is Yue Ying, right?”

Realmspirit: (⊙o⊙)

“That way, it’s understandable why Yue Gu looked exactly the same as my master.” In the end, all she had been doing was preparing the prequel. “Shao Bai had already turned into a Devil when I opened the Heavenly Door, right? That’s why Yue Ying is presently a Devil.” This was also the reason why he liked to stick with her ever since the first time he saw her.

Realmspirit: Let me give you a thumbs up to your wits!

“Wits, your sister! The hell, this bug was too complicated. It even involved going back and forth past and present lives.” She felt tired from the bottom of her heart, alright? “Are you certain that I’m really fixing bugs here?”

Realmspirit: Aiyaya, aren’t you doing very well? And you even saved all of the Gods.

“Why do I feel like I’m being schemed by you?”

Realmspirit: Little Yao Yao, how can you think of people this way? w(?Д?)w

“Stop with the crap. Speak, who the hell are you?” He was even capable of controlling the past and present lives of the Gods, he was definitely not a simple individual. She felt that the more she found out, the more worried she was about Realmspirit’s identity. The bugs that she had fixed were in such high level situations, such as stopping the worlds from meeting their ends, and saving countless lives, however, she could never find the reason why Realmspirit had her do these things. So she could not help but feel worried that there might be an even larger conspiracy hiding behind the scenes.

Realmspirit: That’s something I will tell you in the future… “Don’t talk about the future or whatever, I want  to  know now. If you want me to work for you, at the very least, you have to show some sincerity. Otherwise, I’m going to on a strike. In any case, I don’t feel like returning to my former world anymore, so you can’t threaten me anymore with that.” After all, she was already a dead pig, and dead pigs weren’t afraid of being boiled in hot water.

Realmspirit: …

Realmspirit turned silent, seemingly considering this problem. After a while, a row of words appeared on the screen.

Realmspirit: How about this then. I promise that after you finish fixing the next bug, I will tell you everything, without a single detail being left out. But correspondingly, the difficulty of the next mission will increase. You might encounter trouble which you never had before. Arc 07

Chapter196: Permitted To Bring Family Members Along

The words spoken by Realmspirit this time were rather shocking, but. “Who knows if you’re speaking the truth.”

“I shall swear to the Heavenly Dao.” Suddenly, a male voice reverberated in the surroundings. Zhu Yao, who was used to speaking to herself, was startled.

“The hell, so you actually know how to speak.”

Realmspirit: Don’t you think that typing is a lot classier? I’m an artistic youth.

“Classier, your sister!” Alright  then,  at  the  very  least,  she found out that he was a man. He had already put it that way, and had swore to the Heavenly Dao as well, so she might as well believe him once more. Oaths made to the Heavenly Dao were supervised by the Heavenly Dao itself. If an oath was broken, as long as it’s within the Three Realms, no one could escape from the penalty imposed by the Heavenly Dao. “What’s the next mission?” Realmspirit: It’s a world that will soon collapse.

“…” It was very dangerous alright. Wait a minute. “So in other words, the bug is not in the Divine Realm?” The hell, then what about my master?

Realmspirit: I have considered the difficulty of this mission, so I shall permit you to bring along family members.

Now that’s better. But… How was she going to bring him?

Realmspirit: Seeing that we’re old friends, let me gift you an Achievement then.

“Achievement?” What’s that?

Realmspirit: Go on then, dear friend. A white hole, and  a white tomorrow awaits you!

“Wait a minute, speak clearly, hey!” Before Zhu Yao could even finish, her vision darkened. A loading bar appeared, and like a moving train, it filled up in a flash. She felt a very bad premonition.

When Zhu Yao once again regained her consciousness, she felt warm and comfortable all over her body. The fresh smell of nature was suffused in the air, and she could not help but take in a deep breath, before opening her eyes. The colour green was what filled her vision, however, all of the trees and plants were strangely short. At first glance, not a single one of them could reach her height.

Though, when a white beast tunneled out of the thicket, she realized that it wasn’t the trees that were small, rather, she had gotten much taller. Could it be that her character this time was a giant which was even taller than a tree? Oh no, she had rather become a dwarf instead!

Zhu Yao was growing all kinds of mad, when suddenly, she saw that little white beast walking towards her. Without being the least bit afraid, it stopped right below her feet.

It looked around. Turned its back towards her.

Raised one of its hind legs…

And a stream of warmth, carrying an unique smell, instantly sprayed all over her body.

The hell, this thing was actually peeing on her body! This old lady here is going to castrate it!

Zhu Yao trembled with anger, however, she realized that she couldn’t move. Even after using all of the strength in her body, she couldn’t move an inch. Though in her surroundings, a large amount of leaves fluttered down, scattering onto the ground.

Only then did she understand her current predicament.

She had turned into a tree.

…… The little white beast was finally done with its business. With its hind legs, it dug the ground a few times, raising a large amount of dirt and soil. After burying its crime evidence, it walked away with a swagger. Zhu Yao couldn’t even point her middle finger at it.

“There’s a new large tree here.” A sharp voice sounded. She simply heard a ‘ptong’, as a colorful bird landed on her head. And it was even excitedly jumping about between the branches, chirping out. “Such a large, beautiful tree. I like this tree.”

Hoho. Thank you! Being praised by a bird really did not give her any sense of accomplishment.

“The branches are beautiful, and the leaves are beautiful as well. I have never seen such a large, beautiful tree before.”

No matter how beautiful it is, it’s still a tree.

“Only such a beautiful tree is worthy of my feathers. I’m going to build a nest here.”

What? “Mn, time to first drill a hole.”


Before she could even stop it, that strange bird had already begun its mad pecking spree on her body. Zhu Yao received
+1000 damage!

“Eh, it can’t be pierced through.” That strange bird suddenly stopped, looked at the tree trunk that was as perfect as before, and tilted its head in confusion. Then, it began fiercely pecking again, yet not a single scar was left behind on the brown trunk. It once again tried a few more times to no avail, before it disappointingly flew away. As it flew, it turned its head back to look at her a few times.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief, as she felt that the warm flow of energy within her body had saved her. Earlier, when the bird was on a mad pecking spree, that warm flow of energy automatically gathered at the point which it was pecking at. It seemed like she was no ordinary tree. At the very least, she could be considered as a tree demon.

“Incredible.” A youthful, tender voice suddenly sounded. Zhu Yao was startled, as she anxiously looked at her surroundings. Another strange little animal couldn’t have appeared, right?

“Over here, over here. I’m down here.”

Lowering her head, she scanned her surroundings, and after staring for quite a long while, she realized the voice seemed to be coming from a small tree below.

This tree could talk?

When this little tree voiced out, it gave rise to several other responses as well.

“Big Tree That Suddenly Appeared, you’re so incredible. That bird can’t even bite through you.”

“That’s right, that’s right. There’s no other tree in this forest that’s capable of that, you know?”

“You will definitely be able to cultivate into a tree demon.” “I’m so envious. No wonder you could suddenly appear out of nowhere.”

“Big Tree That Suddenly Appeared, so incredible.”

Zhu Yao was stunned, it was as though the surrounding trees and plants had suddenly activated their speech functions, as they begun to discuss about her. She could even faintly feel that these little trees were looking at her with admiration.

Has this world activated its fantasy mode again?

And this wasn’t all. Zhu Yao suddenly felt something creeping upwards from her feet, startling her to the point where her entire body shook, and a large pile of leaves fluttered down once again.

“Big Tree That Suddenly Appeared… I… I just want to shake hands with you.” The little tree that was closest to her said shyly.

The root that stretched out from beneath the ground earlier, was its hand? That’s clearly a leg, alright? “Am I not allowed to?” The little tree trembled, her voice was filled with disappointment.

“Uhh…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and she felt as though she had shattered the heart of a youth. She had no choice but to bite the bullet, and replied. “You can.”

“Yay!” The root beneath it once again stretched out,  and thinly entangled her for a moment before releasing itself a while later. The little tree instantly turned bright green. “Big tree that suddenly appeared, you’re such a kind tree, we’re neighbors from now on. I’m called Three Inches Tall Tree.”

The hell was this Three Inches Tall Tree?

“Me, me too!” A tree not from from her shook as well. “I want to shake hands as well. I’m Five Inches Tall Tree.” The moment it voiced out, the surrounding trees began to introduce themselves one after another as well.

“Me too. I’m Ten Feet Tall Tree.”

“I’m White White Tree.” “I’m Green Green Tree.”

“I’m Tree With Three Branches.”

“I’m Tree At The Side.”


Zhu Yao: “…” Their names were given  without  much thoughts put into them, were their parents aware of this?

Countless thin roots began stretching out from beneath the soil, and Zhu Yao had no choice but to shake ‘legs’ with them one after another. Only then did the little trees retract them, satisfied.

“Big Tree That Suddenly Appeared, how did you cultivate into a demon?” The little tree asked.

“Uh…” It seemed like they had already helped gave her the name ‘Big Tree That Suddenly Appeared’. “Just take in spiritual energy.” She had sensed it earlier, and realized that this world did possess spiritual energy. In other words, she had once again returned to the Lower Realm.

“What’s spiritual energy?” The little trees shook their leaves one after another, expressing that they did not understand.

“It’s…” It’s spiritual energy, and that’s it! Just how was she going to explain this? “Once you sense it, you will understand.”

The little trees shook their leaves, confused. After Zhu Yao briefly told them the methods to take in spiritual energy into their bodies, to prevent them from endlessly drowning her in questions, she found an excuse to sleep, and no longer spoke up.

In the following n days, she lived while being submerged by thousands of strange and bizarre questions. She wondered if it was because she had turned into a tree, but presently, she could hear the voices of all animals and plants. Although the personality of each plant was different, every one of them, without a single exception, had blooming curiosity, and they would often ask her to the point where she would turn speechless.

Under the  pressure  of  this  place  where  it seemed  the  entire world would want to fuss her to no end, a never-before-seen determination to cultivate lit up in Zhu Yao’s heart, as she constantly absorbed the wood spiritual energy in the air.  She could feel the stream of warm energy within her body growing stronger and stronger.

She must definitely leave this place!

A month later, the flow of warm energy gathered into a river, filling her entire body.

Two months later, her branches became even sturdier.

Three months later, she cultivated out her divine sense.

Four months later, all of the spiritual energy suddenly poured into her branches, and she faintly sensed that a breakthrough was approaching.

Finally, five months later…

She bore two fruits. Why fruits!? -faints-

Shouldn’t it supposed to allow her to take up a human form? Why did two fruits grow out after so much spiritual energy had been poured!?

And, why did the two fruits turn out different – one black, and one white? Did she bear the Eight Trigrams?

Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to drag Realmspirit out and beat him into a pulp.

Just what kind of useless character is this? Could she have been transferred into the world of Farmville?

“Yu… Yao?” A familiar voice suddenly resounded, carrying a hint of doubt.

“Master!” Zhu Yao was startled, as she began to look all around. However, she couldn’t even locate his shadow.

“Raise your head.” Zhu Yao looked upwards, only to see a clear, blue sky.

“To the right.”

Zhu Yao adjusted her line of vision. There’s nothing on the right as well. When did her master start liking hide-and-seek?

She suddenly heard a light sigh. “Yu… Yao. I’m… on your body.”

“Ah?” What did he mean? Zhu Yao glanced at her own tree body, confused. Her eyes swept past the two fruits that had just grown out, and that white one seemed to have just nudged a little.

Horse-shit filled her entire mind.

It… It can’t be!?

“Master?” “… Mn.”

“Why did you turn into a fruit?” This was illogical.

“Do you still remember that bracelet which you shattered that day?” Yu Yan asked.

Naturally, she remembered that. That was the bracelet made of wood from the Parasol Tree.

“That bracelet contained a spatial mystic art, and it even carried a powerful binding ability.” Yu Yan slowly explained. “After you broke it, space shattered, and your master was drawn into it. After that, I appeared here.”

Spatial mystic art. She recalled back then the one Shao Bai gave her was used for storage…

The hell. So, shattering that bracelet would give rise to a disruption in time and space. Most probably due to her subconsciousness, her master was kept into her divine sense, and hence he managed to accompany her during this resurrection of hers. So this was what Realmspirit meant by she was permitted to bring family members along! Realmspirit, come out here. I guarantee I won’t beat you to death!

“Your divine sense is presently weak, I can’t converse with you for too long, remember… to be careful…” His voice turned weaker, and not long after, nothing else could be heard.

Zhu Yao called out a few times, but she didn’t receive any reply. Suddenly, she felt a little worried, as she was unsure if anything had happened to him.

She worriedly looked at her own branch…

Wait a minute.

If the white fruit was her master, then what was that black fruit?

“Big Sis Yao.”


Chapter197: Flunked

Because of a business trip, she brought along two of her family members. Business details: Unknown.

Ever since those two fruits made known of their existences that one time, they no longer voiced out again, as though everything that happened that day was just her imagination. Zhu Yao however worked even harder in her cultivation, in order to find an opportunity to help the two of them.

Zhu Yao suddenly thought of Sesame, as he had accompanied her through several resurrections as well. After heading to the Higher Realm, she allowed him to return to the demonic continent, and no longer summoned him. Now that there were two more human-shaped summon-able beasts, she really couldn’t get used to it.

All she hoped for, was that her resurrection wouldn’t impact her master or Yue Ying in any way. As Zhu Yao worried about this matter, she worked hard to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy.

Another few months passed, and she faintly sensed that she was on the verge of gaining the ability to transform. The spiritual energy within her was overflowing and her entire tree body felt light. Zhu Yao was excited. After being stuck in the same position for so long, she was finally able to move. For a moment, she was in high spirits! As she continued to absorb spiritual energy, she wondered just what kind of awesome pose she should take when she were to transform.

At the very least, she must appear with a domineering entrance.

Suddenly, someone walked over from within the forest. It was a man wearing a green robe, his facial features were clearly indistinguishable from a mob character’s. As he walked, he constantly let out deep sighs. He seemed to have gotten tired from walking, as he stopped beneath Zhu Yao’s feet, and sat down. Suddenly, as though he recalled some sad matters, taking a deep breath, he began to wail out while hugging onto her, his tears and snot flowing.

Zhu Yao, who was plastered with snot and tears out of nowhere : “…”

“Master, this disciple has let you down!” The one you’re letting down is me. My domineering and awesome image…

He however cried even harder than before, his tears and snot flew all over, and his sweat and saliva mixed. After that, he even pulled down one of her bright green leaves to wipe his face. Zhu Yao instantly felt her fury surging right up.

However, the man did not stop there. After flailing about for a while, he actually began to untie his waistband…

The hell, what is this idiot trying to do? She could put aside his uncivilized actions, but was he planning on doing a vile act right now? He already looked so much like a mob character, just what kind of face did he think he have to do such a thing, huh?

The man gritted his teeth, and said with a solemn voice. “Master, don’t worry. This disciple of yours will definitely not shame your school!”

You have already shamed him, hey. Stop rubbing your snot on my body, hey. I’m just a tree, please let me go. “I shall die right here, and ensures your name stays unsullied!”

What? He’s thinking of committing suicide?

The man gritted his teeth. Domineeringly, he pulled out his waistband. Taking one of its ends, looking unafraid of death, he swung it towards one of her branches, and had it looped over to the other side.

He’s, going, to, strangulate, himself!

The hell, and it was even on my body!

The man pulled the two ends and tied a dead knot. Then, he shouted out without any fear of death. “Master, please forgive this disciple for being unfilial.”

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart skip a beat.

She watched as the man grab onto the tied waistband with a saddened look, and with a forceful tip-toe… Shuaa!

His pants dropped…

Zhu Yao felt her eyes had taken 1000 damage.

The man seemed to have realized it as well. Strangling himself to death with an exposed buttocks did not seem to suit his present loyal image, and hence he released his hands from the waistband. Bending down, he pulled up his pants. Then after, with one hand grabbing onto the top of his pants, he grabbed onto the tied waistband with the other.

In order to prevent this world from being destroyed… Ah pui. In order to prevent her eyes from taking damage a second time, Zhu Yao silently raised her own tree branch.

Although she had yet to be capable of transforming, she had after all gathered spiritual energy for so many days, so things like moving her branch a little were still something she could do.

The man was unsuccessful after reaching out his hand to grab it several times, and had no choice but to try jumping. The moment he leapt, the pants in his hand once again proved the importance of gravity, as it began to slip. The man had  no choice but to bring down his other hand, and with both hands, grabbed onto the two corners of the top of the pants. Making a knot, and confirming that it wouldn’t drop again, he began to exert his energy to reach for the waistband in the air.

How could Zhu Yao allow things to go as he wished? The branch nudged. Purposefully making it look as though it was being blown by the wind, she shook the hanging waistband onto another branch.

Great. This time, he was completely unable to grab onto it.
TIme to celebrate!

The man looked at the waistband above his head, and was a little dumbfounded for a moment. After being stunned for a while, his eyes once again began to turn red and the corner of his lips trembled, looking as though another outbreak of a flood was about to happen.

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart skip a beat, sensing a bad premonition. “Wuaah…”

As expected, comparable to the unmendable flood of the Yellow River, the man’s tears constantly poured out.

“Heavens, could it be that I’m not even allowed to die?”

You can, just don’t die right in front of me!

“I, Fu Lukang, had been brilliant for my entire life, yet now, I have to suffer such humiliation. The heavens are truly not watching over me.”

I merely kept your waistband away from you, just how is that shaming you?

“I have let down my ancestors, let down my master’s school, and have even more so let down my master!”

That’s why, don’t add me to the list of people you’re letting down too. The man took a fierce breath, casually grabbed onto a green leaf, and aimed it straight at his tear-filled face…

Zhu Yao’s eyes greatly widened, and she felt fury surging from within her. With a nudge, she charged right towards his chest, and roared out loud. “Beast, let go of my leaf!”

The man was stunned, and simply felt his vision suddenly whitening out, as something was pulled away from his hand. Right after, the large tree in front of his eyes instantly disappeared, and what replaced it was a young girl dressed in a green robe who was staring at him with a cold gaze.

One second of silence passed.

“Ah—–!” A miserable cry instantly pierced through the skies.

He even shocked Zhu Yao who had just transformed.

The man however, was already acting like a headless housefly, squirming all around. “Demon—!! Master, master… Save me, save me… Ahh—!!” Zhu Yao: “…”

Losing his senses due to panic, he ruthlessly struck his head onto a small tree at the side, and then fell on his buttocks.

Three Inch Tall Tree, you have worked hard.

“Hey!” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she looked at the man who was already trembling with fear on the ground. “As a practitioner, why the hell are you afraid of a demon.”

“Who… Who told you practitioners aren’t afraid of demons?” The man weakly glanced at her. “Don’t… Don’t… Don’t eat me. I’m… not tasty.”

“Who would want to eat you?” If there was anyone who had the appetite to eat his tears and snot filled face, then she would give that person her proper respect.

“My master once said, de… demons eat people, other… other than plant-types. You… Which kind are you?” Didn’t he see her transform earlier?

“Tree demon.”

“Tree? You’re that tree earlier…” The man blanked for a moment. Raising his head, he realized the large tree earlier had disappeared. Glancing at her, he instantly heaved a long sigh of relief. “Say so earlier. So you’re a tree demon. And here I thought you wanted to eat me?”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. “Didn’t you want to die?”

“Oh right.” The man blanked, as though he just recalled his purpose of being here. Instantly, sadness filled him once again, and his tears began to flow. “Little tree demon, did you turn into a human to persuade me?”

“…” She just did not want him to plaster her face with his tears and snot.

“Haah. Little tree demon, you don’t have to persuade me, this Fu no longer has any ties to this world. Just let me scatter with the wind, and be freed… Ehhh! Little tree demon, where are you going?”

“…” Zhu Yao couldn’t care less, and instead, hastened her pace.

“Don’t go, finish hearing what I have to say!” The man pounced forward, and hugged onto her legs.

He actually even became dependent on her?

“Let go!”

“I’m already so miserable, do you still bear to leave me here like this?”

“I do.”

“…” The man blanked. “Didn’t they say that all plant demons are the purest and kindest? Little tree demon, how can you act in such a way?” “Let go!”

“I’m not letting go. Unless you finish hearing what I want to say.”

“…” Take a deep breath, don’t be angry. It’s such a nice weather we’re having today, it won’t be good to feel this irritated. Not good, not good. Fists, be obedient, go back.

She finally understood that this idiot didn’t actually want to die, he simply wanted to drag someone over to hear his complaints. Otherwise, why would a practitioner of all people use a rope to strangulate himself when it wasn’t a viable method to kill himself in the first place?

“Speak!” Otherwise, this old lady here will bash you up.

“I’m Fu Lukang, disciple of Dee Kline Sect…” The man sighed, and began to describe his sad history.

Fu Lukang’s original given name is Kuang Piao (况朴), which is a pun for the phrase with the same syllables: 哐瓢, meaning ‘flunk’. Similarly, the original name of the sect is Poluo (泊珞), which is a pun for the phrase with the same syllables: 破落, meaning ‘declining’.

This man was ‘Flunk’, while the sect he’s under was called ‘Decline’.

These names were a little too creative, weren’t they?

The origin of this matter was really simple. To summarize it into three words: He was dumped.

He was a chamber disciple of the sect master of a deity sect, and was engaged to the disciple of another sect’s master since young. This matter had long been decided, and their practitioner-pair ceremony would be held when he reach the Foundation level. In the end, when he finally managed to build his Foundation, and headed over to bring her back as his wife, the lady instead went back on her words. She had rather die than marry to him.

“You failed at love just once, as a man, do you have to cry in such an unsightly manner?” Don’t you feel ashamed? Zhu Yao scornfully took a step away. “You just don’t understand. If this marriage doesn’t go successful, Blue Parasol Sect will not dispatch their disciples to support our Dee Kline Sect. Then, during the next wave of beasts, we will decline into a third-rate deity sect.” He said with an ashened look. “Before my departure, my master had reminded me thrice to must make this marriage happen.”

“Oh…” So it was a marriage of benefits.

“And, this marriage was set by my grandmaster. My grandmaster once aided the Sect Master of Blue Parasol Sect, but who knew after grandmaster’s fall, they actually wouldn’t admit to oweing this favor.”

This was normal, right? Since it was a marriage of benefits, than the benefits would definitely come first. If there’s no benefits to be reaped, then they would naturally turn away.

He wiped his face, and sniffled. Suddenly, as though he thought of something, he said with a infatuated gaze. “Although that junior-martial sister Yi Ling has an appearance that looked like a sparkling bright pearl in the middle of the night sky, that could make the moon shun away from her, and flowers will feel embarrassed in front of her… But… I’m not marrying her just because of her appearance. Heheh.” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. You definitely must have caught sight of her because of her appearance, right?

“But… But… Putting aside the fact that she rejected my proposal, she actually called me ugly.” Tears welled up in his eyes. “Which part of me looks ugly? Just where? Where?”

So that’s the part you’re actually concerned about!?

Zhu Yao silently looked at him with narrow eyes, and jabbed him with another blow. “She wasn’t wrong.”

Fu Lukang blanked, and he fiercely widened his eyes. “Little tree demon… You… You actually think so as well. Then… I’m not going to live anymore…” He looked as though he wanted to seek death by banging his head into a tree.

“Go well, I won’t be sending you off!” Zhu Yao waved her hands.

“…” Fu Lukang stopped his feet. He couldn’t bash into a tree, nor couldn’t he not bash into one. In the end, he had to come up with an excuse for himself. “Everything will be over for me once I die, but if I don’t marry Ling’er, what will happen to the sect?”

“You can find another sect to make a marriage pact with.” Zhu Yao suggested.

“No way!” He stood right up, and looked at her with a stern look. “How can you say that? My heart for Ling’er is as clear as the sun and moon, and it will never waver. If there’s something to blame, then it’s that we are not fated for each other in this lifetime…”

Alright, she was concerned for nothing. Do whatever you want, I don’t care anymore.

Chapter198: He Hasn’t Bathed For Five Years

Zhu Yao couldn’t bother listening to his nonsense any longer. Taking the opportunity when Fu Lukang was submerged in his own sadness and self-pity, she hurriedly left the forest.

Realmspirit had said that the mission this time would be extremely difficult, and she had yet to make clear of the present situation earlier, so she must be even more so careful. Touching the pocket on her side, there were two round objects inside.

Zhu Yao carefully took them out, and they were two fruits – one white and one black, the exact two that had grown on her tree. After she took up a human form, they were transferred into her pockets.

“Master? Yue Ying?”

The two fruits still did not respond. Zhu Yao sighed, and decided to leave this place first.

As she walked out of the forest, a large manor suddenly appeared in her line of sight. The scarlet red gates were extremely imposing, and at the entrance, there were even two very domineering looking lions. Its surroundings were covered scarlet red walls, and a small pavilion could be seen inside. The land occupied by this manor was extremely vast, and it was impossible to see its edges at first glance. It could be seen how much power its owner held, and the only thing lacking was a large banner stating “I’m Very Rich” being hung on  the entrance.

Before Zhu Yao even approached it, she heard unscrupulous voices coming from her surroundings.

“Hurry, look! Yet another one.”

“So pitiful. The clothes of that girl from a few days ago are still in the well. The tree next to the well has told me several times that the soil there is even beginning to smell.”

“Haah, yet another one is going to be tricked.”

“This young lady looks rather decent. If she’s going to be eaten by that damn fox, it will really be a pity.” “That’s right, that’s right, she looks so affable. I like her.”

“Why don’t we give her a hint, and prevent her from entering the manor.”

“Alright, alright! Hurry, give her a hint.”

Hua laaa…

In that instant, Zhu Yao was showered with leaves.

She turned to look at the two large trees by the roadside, and the corner of her lips twitched. She silently shoved away the leaves on her head, decided to ignore them, and continued forward.

“Eh, she was looking at me earlier. So happy~”

“But she’s still walking in that direction. What do we do?”

“We must stop her. That damn fox will eat her.” “Hurry, we can’t let her continue forward.”


A tree root suddenly popped out from the flat surfaced road. Zhu Yao’s feet stopped. She was this close to falling onto the ground because of it.


She sighed, pretended that she hadn’t seen anything, and circled around it.

However, those two trees seemed like they were having a contest with her. With every step she took, the number of roots popping out beneath her feet increased.

If you don’t allow me to enter the manor, at the very least, you should let me walk, right? After all, she had to go in this direction if she wanted to exit the forest.

Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh, and had no choice but to turn and walk towards the two meddlesome trees. Then, she patted her hand onto the tree.

“I say… The large tree on the left, can you let me walk properly?”

“Eh!” That tree was startled for a moment, as he said with slight disbelief. “She… Is she talking to me?”

“Yes. You. I’m talking to you.” Zhu Yao nodded.

“Aaahhh!” The large tree once again shook and showered her with leaves. “Large Tree on the Right, did you hear that? She… S-S-She can actually hear us talk. And she even knows my name!?”

“Uh…” So  ‘Large  Tree  on  the  Left’  was  actually  its  name.
Were the naming style of all the trees in this world like this?

“Newcomer lady, I like you!” Large Tree on the Left happily shook. “I like you too.” Large Tree on the Right did not want to be outdone either, as it madly shook and showered its leaves over her head.

Stok shaking. Shake anymore and you will become bare.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, asking. “Why are you two blocking me?”

The two large trees blanked, and only after a while did they explain the circumstances. “That manor over there is formed by a fox. We have seen many, many ladies entering it, and they no longer came out after that. They must have been eaten by the fox.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Newcomer lady, do not enter it.
You will be eaten.”

So a fox was living inside, and it even took women as food. It seemed like it was a male fox.

“Do you know what’s the cultivation level of that fox?” She had only just gained her human form, so she was comparable to the standards of a Foundation-stage human practitioner. It was best if they did not come into conflict.

“What’s cultivation?” The two large trees shook their branches.

Great. It seemed like these two were trees that had never cultivated before.

“But we know of other things.” Seeing that she was disappointed, Large Tree on the Right hurriedly added.

“Mn, mn, mn.” Large Tree on the Left said as well. “I know it’s an ugly yellow fox.”

“That’s right. And it doesn’t like cleanliness, it often rolls about on the ground. Furthermore, it even likes to use its tongue to lick its own fur.”

“And it never bathes as well. It’s already been five years this manor has been here, but it’s never been washed.” “It never brushes it teeth as well, and has bad breath.”

“Whenever a lady enters the place, it actually has the guts to bite on the lady’s lips.”

The two large trees began to throw retorts back and forth for half an hour, and Zhu Yao could only stay dumbfounded while hearing them talk. In the first place, when a fox were to take up a human form, it’s beauty would always be something to be admired of. However, from their words, they made it sound as though it was the great king of dirt.

Zhu Yao silently lit a candle for that fox.

After thanking the two large trees, promised them that she was merely passing through and no thoughts to enter the manor in the first place, she was finally allowed passage by them. As she walked off, the two trees said their goodbyes while madly shaking their branches in her direction.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened, as she hurriedly walked to the path next to the manor. Just as she was planning on detouring around that manor and walking towards the south… The scarlet red gates which had been tightly shut the entire time, suddenly creaked open.

“Young lady, please halt. The sky is already turning dark, I believe you won’t be able to make it to the city by today. Why don’t you stay here for a night?”

A man stood at the side of the gates. His brows looked as though they had come out of a painting and his skin was as smooth as a child’s. Dressed in a white long robe, he held onto a fan in his hand, displaying a distinguished and proud look that could not be put into words. His eyes lightly narrowed, setting off a boundless bewitching intent which could hook onto people’s souls.

Looking at this man whose entire body could be described with the four words “I am very handsome”, the voices of those two trees earlier suddenly surfaced in Zhu Yao’s mind: “He hasn’t bathed for five years.”

In an instant, whatever warmth or charm had shattered completely.

“This lowly one is named Bai Yi, I wonder how I should address you, young lady?” In just a few steps, the man arrived in front of her and gave her a polite greeting, looking like a proper gentleman.

Zhu Yao instinctively took a step back, and that sentence madly shuffled through her mind. “He hasn’t bathed for five years. He hasn’t bathed for five years. He hasn’t bathed for five years…”

Bai Yi was startled for a moment, but after a while, a smile bloomed on his face. A flowing light seemed to have flashed past his eyes, revealing a charm that could not be put into words. “Young lady, there’s no need to be afraid. This is a side manor belonging to my family. Because I left in a haste, and am too unable to head back in time, I decided to stay here seeing that the sky is turning darker. Coincidentally, I saw young lady walking by. Seeing that our fates are connected, I decided to speak up and invite you in.”

He sounded so very sincere, just like a good person who was extending his helping hand to someone in need. However, she silently cast an art with her right hand.

“No need.” Zhu Yao shook her head. If her decision earlier was just to hurry and leave this place, not wanting to come into conflict with him, then after seeing the actual person herself, that decision of hers was firmly swallowed back into her stomach.

Fox demon, ninth level of the Essence stage.


“Young lady, the sky is quickly about to turn dark. It’s very dangerous for you to hit the roads alone.” Bai Yi continued to persuade her.

Zhu Yao simply did not want to continue wasting her time here, and immediately rolled her eyes at him.

“I like it this way.” It’s not something you should  be concerned with?

After that, she continued forward.

Bai Yi’s face, which was filled with smiles, stiffened for a moment, as though he had never expected she would reply this way. After a while, he regained his senses. He immediately chased after her, and blocked her path. “Young lady, the city is about twenty kilometers away from here. Furthermore, it’s a wasteland up ahead, home to many vile wolves. You must not be make such a rash decision.”

“Oh.” Circling around him, she continued forward.

Bai Yi once again stiffened for a moment, before grabbing onto Zhu Yao’s hand. “Young lady…”

“What is it?”

“…” For a moment, he couldn’t think of a reason, and several emotions flashed past his face. After a while, he released her hand, and took a deep breath. Opening up his fan, he slightly swayed it a few times, revealing an elegant look, and the light in his eyes swirled. “Young lady, encounters are bound by fate…”

As he said that, he approached her. In an instant, a strange scent suddenly suffused in the air, sweet to the point where it could cause one to turn drowsy. His two eyes stared straight at hers, as he gently reached out his hand to touch the side of her face. “Are you certain that you won’t stay behind… and have a nice chat with me?”

Zhu Yao casually raised her hand and pinched onto… a layer of skin on his paw, forcefully twisting it. The corner of her lips split open, as she gave him an especially brilliant smile. “You want to hit on me?”

What did she mean by ‘hit on her’? Bai Yi blanked, as he did not really understand her words. However, seeing that she was smiling so happily, he felt much more at ease in the depths of his heart, believing that his bewitching art had taken effect. He subconsciously ignored the bluish purple that was surfacing on his hand due to her pinching.

He smiled even deeper, and retracted his hand. Not knowing if it was on purpose or not, the clothes covering his shoulders suddenly slid down, revealing a half-covered white chest, filled with indescribable allure. His eyes slightly narrowed, and said with warm tone. “I wonder if young lady will grant me some face?”

Zhu Yao’s eyes instantly focused on his half-revealed chest.

He smiled even more gleefully. As expected, all women were like this.

He purposefully tugged his own clothes, revealing his chest even more. He even purposefully got close to her ears, and said enticingly. “Do you like it?”

Zhu Yao calmly raised her head to glance at him. She then calmly reached out her hand, calmly grabbing onto his half- covered collar, and then, calmly exerted force, fully revealing his chest with a swoosh.

With just those few abs, you dare present them before this old lady?

Zhu Yao incomparably swept her eyes at him, and purposefully stopped at a certain important part at the lower half of his body. She calmly raised her head, raised the corner of her lips, and unknowingly let out a sound. “Heh!”

Bai Yi faintly heard a crackling noise in the depths of her heart. Something that was named as “a man’s pride”, shattered into pieces at that moment. His face instantly turned as pale as snow, and suddenly leapt a step away. He subconsciously pressed on his important part, like a quail holding on its lower half.

“Ah! Y-Y-Y-Y-You…” His face instantly turned flush red, as he looked at her with a tensed expression.

“What about me?” Hmph. You dare to compete with me when it comes to morals? You’re still too young.

“I didn’t want to have anything to do with you in the first place, yet you just have to come out and seek a beating.” Zhu Yao slapped her hands together and cast an art, summoning two vines which slid straight towards him and gave him a harsh whipping. “With just those looks of yours, you actually dare to come out and sell your body.”

Zhu Yao whipped even faster. “This is what you get for blocking my path! This is what you get for competing morals with me! This is what you get for not bathing…”

Uh… She seemed to have mixed in something strange? “Great deity, great deity, forgive me.” Only then did Fox Bai Yi regain his wits, and realized he had encountered a practitioner. “This little demon won’t dare to do so anymore.”

Due to the suppression in levels, the fox demon did not have the least bit of power to retaliate, and had no other choice but to beg for forgiveness.

“Speak, just how many innocent girls have you harmed?”

“I… I did not!” The fox demon no longer had the elegant look he had before, as he cried out with snot coming from from its nose.

“Still dare to say you didn’t?” With a twist of her palm, Zhu Yao gave his buttocks another whip. “What’s going on with the clothes in your manor’s well?”

“How do you know about that?” The fox demon blanked, fiercely widening his eyes.

Zhu Yao prompted the vines to wrap him up. “Did you trick her into your manor to eat her, and then throw her clothes into the well?”

“Eat?” Bai Yi was startled for a moment, before he began to fiercely shake his head. “I did not, I did not… I’m innoncent, great deity! Human meat isn’t tasty in the first place, I only like to eat chicken meat. I have never eaten a single human before.”

“Still denying.” Zhu Yao stepped forward and kicked  him. “Not a single one of those young ladies that entered the manor had ever come out.”

Bai Yi cried even sadder than before. “That’s because they had all walked out from the back door! This manor of mine is too big, and leaving from the back door is much closer to the nearest city.”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao stiffened for a moment. This progression didn’t feel right. “Then why did you have to fool young ladies into your manor? Don’t tell me you’re just giving them shelter out of kindness, you even used a bewitching art on me earlier!”

“This…” Bai Yi’s face flushed, his entire face instantly turned as red as tomatoes. After a while, he muttered out. “That… That… Their clothes all look so beautiful. I have only just learnt how to transform… and the colour of my fur doesn’t look good either, so… so I wanted to change into more clothes, that’s why…”

“… You trick people into your manor, in order to steal their clothes!?” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. Just what  kind  of strange thought process did he have?

“I don’t have any choice either.” Bai Yi was this close to burying his head into the vines. “It’s… It’s their fault for being dressed so beautifully.” He weakly glanced at Zhu Yao. “You look really beautiful too!”

Zhu Yao felt a chill running down her spine. “These  are clothes for women!” As a man, your tastes are a little perverse, don’t you think!?

“I know how to alter them!” His eyes shifted downwards. “Look at this set I’m wearing, I altered it myself.”

“Uh…” Alright then, his skills were pretty good.

“I accidentally tore the clothes of that young lady back then, and it was simply impossible to fix it, that’s why I threw it into the well.” He said regretfully.

“…” Zhu Yao was already completely speechless at this fox for having such unique tastes.

In the end, Zhu Yao still let go of that stupid fox, and while she was at it, she had him tear down that manor as well. He was not allowed to do stupid things such as stealing people’s clothes ever again. If he wanted beautiful looking clothes, he could have gone to the city to buy them himself. He was just lucky that he hadn’t encounter a single practitioner all these years, otherwise, with that little bit of cultivation he had, he would have died as the cannon fodder he was.

After dealing with this matter, Zhu Yao followed her initial plan of first heading to the city to understand the basic situation of this world. Then, she would think of a way to have  her master and Yue Ying gain their human forms. However, she had only walked a few distances away, and she spotted an additional foxtail behind her.

Chapter199: Master, You’re So Cute

“Why are you following me?” Zhu Yao turned around and glared at that stupid fox who thought that he was concealing himself well by openly following her while holding onto a tree branch.

Bai Yi weakly glanced at her. “I… I want to go to the city as well. This is my first time heading out… May I go together with great deity?”

“What are you going to do there?” Zhu Yao looked at him with narrowed eyes, and then suddenly thought of something. “You can’t really be heading there to buy clothes, right?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” He strongly nodded.

Right, my ass! Zhu Yao glanced at him scornfully. “You don’t even bathe, so why do you need so many clothes?”

Bai Yi blanked for a moment, and his fur stood on ends the next instant, replying furiously. “I lick my fur frequently, alright!” “…” That’s even more disgusting, alright?  Even  though  he had already gained a human form, why did he still cling onto the way animals clean themselves?

Zhu Yao couldn’t care less, if he wanted to follow her, then so be it. Though, she was bitter about not possessing even a single flying mystic tool, otherwise, she wouldn’t have needed to walk. She walked for exactly a day and a night, before arriving at the small city at the break of dawn.

However, this was not a city of practitioners, but a city built by mortals. Residing inside were mortals who did not have any spiritual energy within them, and Zhu Yao was a little disappointed about it. Initially, she had wanted to at least deal with the problem of transportation tools, but her hopes were dashed into pieces.

Having no other options, she could only look for suitable materials and refine one herself.

Just as she turned towards the next street, a white figure suddenly charged out from the side. She turned her body out of reflex, and with a ‘pachi’, she fell onto the ground, and face-flat at that. Fortunately she dodged quickly, otherwise the person who fell would have been her.

“How can you be like this?” A teary face suddenly rose from the ground. In her crystal bright eyes, her tears shone. She was lightly biting his alluring red lower lip, and an unspeakable grievance could be seen from in between her brows. Anyone who saw her would feel like pampering her.

Zhu Yao simply felt that she heard a bang in her mind, as though countless fireworks had been shot out. She unconsciously held her breath, as she stared at her face with widened eyes, not daring to even blink for a moment.

It was really an re-enactment of a scene of ‘one who had searched for her for a thousand of times in the crowd, and when she was finally found, the startled bunch of herons flew away…’
Ah pui. In any case, what she meant was…

‘one who had searched… startled bunch of herons flew away…’: It’s something like those exaggerated scenes when the main characters meet their destined ones. Like Saekano’s Aki meeting Kato for the first time(?) for example. “There’s actually woman with such otherworldly beauty in this world.” The fox suddenly said out loud.

Zhu Yao was this close to spitting all over his face, however, she couldn’t help but agree.

Her beauty was truly otherworldly, even the three letters ‘bug’ on her face. It’s otherworldly to the point of being drunk, alright?

That’s right. The three letters ‘bug’ was clearly written on the face of the young lady on the ground!

Realmspirit had told her that the mission difficulty this time would increase, so ever since she logged onto this new character, she had been worrying about what the bug this time was. Would it be like last time, where she would only find out at the very end, she thought. However, she never expected that the bug would send itself to her so quickly.

“Junior-martial sister Yi Ling!” A blue-clothed man ran over with a worried face, and held the woman up. Yi Ling. This name sounded rather familiar.

“Do you know how to walk properly? Why did you push her down?”

“…” Zhu Yao was speechless. Was this person blind?

“Senior-martial brother Qi… Forget it.” The woman tugged onto the man, giving him a generous-looking face that looked as though she did not want to pursue this matter.

Yo. This blindness is even infectious.

The man sighed, and gently said. “Ling’er. You’re just too kind.”

“Senior-martial brother…” The woman nudged the man, and said with pouting lips. “I think that this big sister didn’t do it on purpose either, so let’s forget it.”

Zhu Yao: “…” Look! A real life green tea bitch.

The man helplessly shook his head. Then, he turned to glare at her. “Hurry and apologize to my junior-martial sister!”

“Eh?” Zhu Yao pointed at herself. “Me?”

“What? You pushed someone down, and don’t even have a word of apology for her?”

“Senior-martial brother, forget it.” The man shrunk to the back, and continued to tug on the corner of the man’s sleeves. She was clearly giving persuasive words, yet it lit up another fire above the man’s flames of fury.

“Don’t be afraid, I will seek justice for you.” After saying that, he glared at Zhu Yao with dagger-like eyes. “You…”

“Sorry.” Zhu Yao immediately replied.

“…” Her being so straightforward had instead stunned the two of them, as though a pent-up frustration that was about to burst out from the depths of one’s heart, suddenly could not find the exit to do so. Yet, he just couldn’t find another reason to be furious about, and in the end, he left after giving her a cold snort.

Zhu Yao frowned, though she did not really feel that she was that wronged. She had only just met the bug, and because she did not know the present situation, it wasn’t advisable for her to come into conflict with them. Furthermore, saying sorry wouldn’t make her lose anything.

Though the fox seemed to have an infatuated look as he looked in the direction the two people left in, he seemed to be at a loss.

This idiot can’t have fell in love with that green tea bitch on first sight, right? Were the intelligence of all foxes this bad?

“Great deity, I… I’m going off to buy new clothes.” He explained as he glanced at the direction the woman left in. Clearly, the drinker’s heart was not in the cup.

“Oh? You’re not going to follow me anymore?” His face stiffened for a moment, before he explained with a stutter. “We… We have already reached the city.”

As expected, one’s compassion for others is lost the moment one experiences love.

But that woman earlier…

Forget it, what did this have to do with Zhu Yao herself?

The most important matter right now which she had to attend to was…

She touched her pockets. When she was conversing earlier, she faintly felt the two fruits in her pocket nudge a little, and they were even turning a little warmer.

Zhu Yao was worried about her master and Yue Ying, and hence did not have the mind to speak with the fox any further either. Waving her hands, she parted ways with him.

Finding a  secluded  place,  she  summoned  a  straw  cottage, placed down n number of isolation formations at the front and back, before taking out the black and white fruits.

“Master?” Zhu Yao nudged the white fruit.


“Yue Ying?” She then nudged the black fruit.


Neither one of the two responded, though the fruits seemed to be getting hotter, and Zhu Yao could barely grasp hold of them. She then decided to summon a huge bowl and place the fruits into it. The surrounding spiritual energy suddenly  turned dense, as even more spiritual energy began gather towards her direction. Among them, wood spiritual energy made up a bigger portion of the mix.

Zhu Yao was a little confused, but not a moment later, those spiritual energy began to fly towards the two fruits, and were endlessly being absorbed by them. The two fruits then began to glow red and white. Why did she feel that this scene look a little familiar? As though she had just seen it recently…

The hell, wasn’t this the same situation when she took up her human form?

Her master and Yue Ying were about to transform!

Zhu Yao felt that this was a little mysterious.

Back then, she transformed within the forest. The wood spiritual energy within the forest was naturally very rich, however, being near the city, the wood spiritual energy here was scarce. After pondering for a moment, she set down a few spiritual energy gathering formations in order to prevent the two from suffering malnutrition.

The spiritual energy grew even more concentrated. Probably because the two of them of were transforming at the same time, the torrents of spiritual energy even began to shake the straw cottage. Zhu Yao had no other options but to cast defensive arts at the side. She watched on as the two bundles of light grow brighter. The entire cottage was enveloped by red and white lights, blinding to the point where one couldn’t bear to open their eyes. And then, two figures slowly appeared on the table.

First, they were tiny. Then, they slowly grew.

Ten centimeters. Twenty centimeters. Thirty centimeters…

Half a meter…

Suddenly, the light receded, and the cottage once again returned to normal. On the table were two tender-looking… little wimps.

Why kids!? -faints-

This was illogical!

“Master?” The child in white clothes on the left frowned, and responded. “Mn.”

“Yue Ying?”

The child in black clothes on the right smiled sweetly. “Big Sis Yao.”

Alright, it really was the two of them. Why did they turn into children? And… they were even so cute and plump. They were chubby like the babies in a new year’s portrait, making it hard to suppress the urge to hug them.

If not for…

Their buttocks being squeezed in the same bowl.

The large bowl which Zhu Yao summoned earlier to hold them, when they took up their human forms, evidently could not contain their entire physiques, and in the end, could only hold their two small buttocks. And the two of them seemed… to be stuck.

With a cold expression, Yu Yan emitted a cold aura while staying put. Yue Ying was presently holding onto the edges of the bowl, desperately trying to pull himself out of the bowl.

However, no matter how he tried, he was unable to escape from the bowl.

She suddenly recalled a line from a certain chocolate advertisement: ‘Couldn’t you have gotten a bigger bowl?’

Mn, if she knew that they were going to transform together next time, then she would definitely bring a larger bowl.

After Yue Ying’s long hours of fruitless effort, in the end, Yu Yan cast an art and tapped on the bowl, instantly shattering the bowl. The two people finally separated, gaining their freedom.

After making eye contact, both of them scornfully took a step back. “Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying reached out his chubby little paw towards her with a wronged look, and Zhu Yao’s face turned blood red from the cuteness. She could not help but stroke his head.

“Why did you two become like this?” This was too illogical.

“We have only just taken up a form, and do not have sufficient spiritual energy.” Yu Yan replied. “We can only transform into this state.”

Zhu Yao blanked. She inspected the two of them, and her eyes widened. “Your cultivation…” They were actually only at the mid Essence stage, even lower than hers.

“Big Sis Yao, no need to worry.” Yue Ying raised his head, and rubbed against her palm. “My cultivation still exists, just that my spiritual energy is insufficient. My present body simply cannot sustain it either. It will naturally recover as time passes, there’s no need to re-cultivate.”

“Really?” Zhu Yao looked at Yu Yan. “Mn.” Yu Yan nodded in agreement, his voice carried a hint of fatigue, and his eyelids unintentionally drooped.

Only then Zhu Yao heave a sigh of relief. She then realized his anomaly. “Master, what happened to you?”

“No matter.” Yu Yan shook his head. “I used an art earlier, and am merely tired.” It was indeed very difficult for him to cast an art in his present body. Just a small art was enough to extremely tire him, and his head uncontrollably drooped little by little.

Zhu Yao instantly turned muddle-headed from how cute he looked desperately keeping himself awake with his small figure. She could not help but reached her hands towards him. “Hurry and get into the bowl, ah pui… Hurry and come into my embrace.”


“Umm… You need to rest.” Come, little fellow. Let this auntie hug you. Yu Yan did not reply, though Yue Ying at the side seemed to have an opinion on this. His similar bun-like face frowned, as he reached out his small hands. “Big Sis Yao…” His expression looked as though he was requesting to be hugged and consoled.

Another arrow struck Zhu Yao’s heart.

This feeling where the entire world was filled with cuteness…

Was simply irresistible!

Just as she was about to change her target, suddenly, a white dumpling charged into her embrace at lightning speed, and hugged onto her neck.

A hint of red rose in the white dumpling’s face, but it quickly subsided right after. Using his cute voice, he sternly said. “Yu… Yao. Your master needs some rest, stand guard for me.”

After saying that, he turned to coldly glare at Yue Ying, before burying his head into her embrace and turned quiet. Zhu Yao “…” Such a childish act. Master, are you fighting to be spoilt?

But I like it.

“Guan Cheng, disciple of Blue Parasol Sect, pays a visit. I wonder if fellow daoist is willing to meet me.” A foreign male voice suddenly sounded from outside.

Zhu Yao frowned. She had long figured that her master’s and Yue Ying’s abnormal spiritual energy movements would definitely garner the attention of nearby practitioners, so she had used formations to conceal their presences and to make it look as though there were people building their Foundation here. Theoretically speaking, Foundation-stage practitioners were very commonly seen, even if it was sensed, most people would have ignored it. She never expected that there would still be people coming forward to meet them.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, before she walked out while hugging onto her own master who was pretending to sleep with one arm, and holding onto Yue Ying with the other.

When she  saw  the man  outside  who only  had  an Essence Paragon cultivation, she relaxed a little. However, when she glanced at the three people beside him, her eyes narrowed once again.

It sure was a small world.

“It’s you!” The expression of the man in the green robe stiffened, as he looked at her with a conflicted look. Even the face of the woman behind him paled a little.

That’s right, these two were the bug two-man team she encountered earlier on the street.

The other was actually the fox who had a woman clothes fetish.

“Hi, we meet again.” Zhu Yao blinked her eyes at the three people.

“Junior-martial brother Qi Ping, do you know this fellow daoist?” Guan Cheng turned to look at the two people. Qi Ping looked at her a little indignantly. “We have met once.”

Guan Cheng did not dwell into the matter any further, he instead took a step forward and gave Zhu Yao a bow of the same status. “Congratulations, fellow daoist, on building your Foundation.” Naturally, he believed that the abnormal movements in the spiritual energy earlier was her building her Foundation. “I wonder which school and sect fellow daoist is from?”

I have neither a school nor a sect.” Zhu Yao honestly replied.

A hint of easily distinguishable joy flashed past Guan Cheng’s eyes, and he became even more enthusiastic. “Then fellow daoist, are you interested in joining our Blue Parasol Sect? To be honest, this lowly one descended from the mountains this time to recruit disciples for our sect.” He persuaded with all his might, afraid that she wouldn’t agree. “I see that fellow daoist has extraordinary aptitude to build your Foundation with your own strength, you will definitely make great achievements in the future. My Blue Parasol Sect can be considered to be one of the top great sects as well. We have large amount of resources in the sect, which I believe can aid fellow daoist in your cultivation.”


“Our sect after all has three… Ah?” Only then did Guan Cheng realize what she had just said, and he was somewhat unable to believe his own ears. “Fellow… Fellow daoist, so you have agreed to join?”

“That’s right.”

“…” What happened to the promised rumors that all wandering practitioners have lofty personalities, and do not wish to be restrained?

“When are we leaving?” And here she was worried that she wouldn’t get the opportunity to make contact with the  bug. This sure was someone sending a pillow when one wanted to sleep.

Guan Cheng’s eyes instantly shone. “We will be choosing disciples in the city tomorrow. Fellow daoist can meet up with us in the city in the afternoon.” “Alright.” Zhu Yao nodded. After pondering for  a  moment, she pointed at the two family members in her hands. “Can I bring them along?”

“Of course, of course.” Guan Cheng nodded even faster than before. With his Essence Paragon cultivation, he naturally could see that the children in her hands were practitioners as well. “I wonder if these two are your…” disciples?

“Sons!” Zhu Yao said without a single fluster on her face.

“…” Guan Cheng was stunned. This young lady did not look that old, yet she already had a such a big child? And even two of them!

Yue Ying was startled for a moment, before nodding his head in concert, and shouted. “Mom!”

“Good boy.” As expected, he was quick on the uptake.

The white dumpling in her embrace however stiffened, and his little face instantly darkened. Guan Cheng said some courteous words before bringing the group away. The student with the bug even gave her a bow before they left, which earned the stink eye of the disciple named Qi Ping at the side.

As for that stinky fox, she did not know what happened between him and the two of them. From beginning till end, he had been looking at that bug with with affectionate eyes, his eyes did not shift to look at Zhu Yao even for a moment.

As expected, one’s compassion for others is lost the moment one experiences love!

Chapter200: The Punctually Sent Scenario

Zhu Yao felt that this world was really strange. Although this was also one of the worlds in the Lower Realm, it was clearly not the cultivation world she was in when she was first transported into place. She had asked around, and there wasn’t an Ancient Hill Sect in this world.

And, spirits which turn into demons were very common occurrences in this world. All of the living beings could cultivate into demons, and both demons and humans could cultivate into deities. However, she had yet to see a demonic beast. In the forest she woke up in, the place was rich with spiritual energy, so theoretically speaking it should have been a good resting area for demonic beasts. However, she did not encounter even half a demonic beast during her stay there.

Before Zhu Yao could even figure out this problem, a ‘ding’ sounded in front of her, and a conversation window popped out.

Your scenario has been sent! Please check!

[Receive] or [Court Death] Zhu Yao: …

When did the mode of sending scenarios change? And what’s with the ‘court death’ option at the end?

Zhu Yao sighed, before tapping on the button to receive it.
The screen changed, and a row of white words appeared.

With fiber optics, scenarios will never become a worry! Please leave good reviews, dear friend! Scenario currently being sent…


She thought she would immediately fall asleep after choosing the option, just like how she received the scenarios regarding the past bugs in her dreams. This time however, she was bright awake while sitting on the chair when a large amount of information suddenly appeared in her mind. And, they were all in words, without a single image. This feeling was similar to instantly finishing an entire series of light novels.

From the scenario given, she found out that… This was indeed the Lower Realm, but it was different from the cultivation world she was familiar with. The practitioners in this world were split into three types – humans, demons, and beastmen. The relationship between the three was very strange as well. Human and demon practitioners lived together, as many demon practitioners would join deity sects formed by human practitioners, after they had gained their human forms. They could be considered to be rather loving to each other.

Though, their relationship with the beastman practitioners was especially tense, simply to the point where they would slit each other’s throats. And the so-called beastman practitioners were referring to the demonic beasts of various ranks.

And the protagonist this time was the girly called Yi Ling whom she had met. If Zhu Yao were to use another name to describe the bug this time, then it could only be: Mary Sue! She’s too much of a Mary Sue! This Yi Ling was simply the female version of the first bug Xiao Yi, and she’s even of  a higher level.

Yi Ling was an orphan as well, but her life wasn’t the least bit harsh. Because she had good aptitude, she was taken by her master Sovereign Xuan Xu as his disciple since young, and was brought up like a treasured pearl. Adding that she was obedient since young and was a sweet talker, the senior-martial brothers in the sect loved and pampered her even more. They could not bear to have her suffer the least bit of hardships.

However, as she grew older, this form of unreserved pampering slowly changed in taste.

First, it was her master, whom she was together with day and night, that had a different thought about her. Thenafter was her senior-martial brothers of the same sect who grew to love her deeply as well. Even the sect masters of the other sects who made occasional visits loved her at first sight.

Her Mary Sue setting was incredibly powerful.

An entire three quarters of the scenario were various types of men loving and being infatuated with her. Simply put, as long as it’s a man, he would be attracted by her, and then deeply fall in love with her, no matter if he was a practitioner with immeasurable prospects, the sect master of the number one sect, the demon king, or a wandering practitioner. No matter how outstanding the men was, the moment they got to know her, they would fall under her pomegranate skirt, without a single exception. They would find her various cultivation resources no matter the costs, in order to have the beauty weep for them. It was the perfect Mary Sue drama. And Yi Ling was like any other Mary Sue protagonists, never ever did she reject or accept anyone. While she enjoyed the attention she was getting from the crowd of men, she continued to delay making her stand known. She even righteously expressed that every single one of them was important in her heart, and that she simply found it hard to decide and did not wish to harm anyone.

So… She conducted an n-play.

That’s right. She n-played… n-played… played…

And those men, whom any one of them you pick out would be a dragon among men, looked as though they had suddenly threw away their worldviews and intelligence, as they actually shamelessly… Accepted! It!

After a lengthy discussion, they decided that they would put ‘Mary Sue’ Yi Ling in the center as they persist in raising her cultivation, and had love as their main point of interest. They were determined to struggle with their lives to create a Mary Sue harmonious society.

If things had just ended like this, other than sighing at the unique thought processes the male leads and female lead had, Zhu Yao really wasn’t interested in intervening. In any case, they were willing to do so, so why bother?

If not for her provoking the Beast King later on.

The Beast King was the king of all beastmen.

That’s right, all the beasties in this world were actually organized and had a clear hierarchy, under a single ruler!

Because of an incident, Yi Ling saved the trapped King of Beasts. After being well taken care of, this Beast King was actually moved by her. And then, after acknowledging  their love for each other, Yi Ling successfully reined in this n+1th male lead, and he became a member of her gigantic harem.

It wasn’t a huge deal in the beginning, however, the key thing here was that, our dear Beast King was the only one with a normal thought process out of all the male leads. When he realized that his own woman still had a large crowd of other men beside him, he was enraged, and freaked out. The initial sweet love troupe instantly twisted into sadistic love. Of course, the love was directed at the female lead, while the ones suffering from his sadistic tendencies were the other men in her harem.

The Beast King captured her back, and then began to madly retaliate against the other men.

The female lead’s men were thus either dead, or injured. Yi Ling was naturally unwilling to see this continue, and hence argued with the Beast King, lecturing him for his ruthlessness and his pig-headedness. The Beast King was enraged by her attitude, and had even more confirmed that she was unwilling to let go of the other men. Thus, he wasn’t as soft as before when dealing with those men.

Only then did Yi Ling begin to feel afraid, and the feelings she had for the Beast King turned dull as well. In order to escape, she pretended to be nice to the Beast King, so as to ease the relationship between the two of them. Then, taking the opportunity when it was unprepared, she joined the remaining men and escaped.

When the Beast King realized this, he was completely enraged. He was a demonic beast in the first place. A demonic beast could only have a single companion in its lifetime, and it  would always be extremely possessive of its own companion. Yi Ling’s actions could be said to be an extreme betrayal in its eyes. The immense love he had for her back then, had now turned into immense hatred.

Hence, an inner demon was planted in his heart, and he was never able to walk out of it. And it was because of this hatred, his rage extended to all of the human practitioners, all humans had turned into his target of hatred. Gathering all of the demonic beasts, he brought upon the largest wave of beasts which one had never seen before, and attacked the territory governed by human practitioners. A massacre occurred, as they completely flattened the entire cultivation world.

The Beast King turned mad from being engulfed by his inner demon, even Yi Ling was unable to recognize him in the end, as he turned into a robot that only knew how to kill. After killing the final human practitioner, he then began to kill the demons as well.

Finally, he took his own life by exploding himself.

At that time, no matter was it humans, demons or beasts, not even a single living being was left in the world. To summarize the entire story into a single sentence, it would be: The immense consequences of a Mary Sue playing with feelings.

Understanding the cause and effects, Zhu Yao felt that this bug wasn’t as difficult as she had imagined it to be. Wasn’t the key to this story simply to stop the Beast King from loving Yi Ling? It wasn’t as difficult as Realmspirit had described in the least.

Zhu Yao felt a little glad for accepting Guan Cheng’s request to join Blue Parasol Sect. In this kind of situation, being close to the cast would allow her to better grasp the plot progression.

Although she did not agree with ‘Mary Sue’ Yi Ling’s actions, she wasn’t interested in caring about her attracting other peach blossoms. What she had to do was to only sever a single string of fate. The one which she would be courting death with.

In the end, Zhu Yao still told her master about this matter, and described to him about her plans. Yu Yan did not reject her proposal, though he added a single condition, and that was to have her quickly raise her own cultivation. His reason behind it was simple. If her plan to sever that string of fate were to go unsuccessful, then she had to suppress with force, and exterminate that Beast King.

It was basically… simple brutal force!

Yue Ying did not express his opinion. He simply tugged onto her sleeves, and gently said. “I will listen to whatever Big Sis Yao says.”

Ever since her reincarnation, he had been incredibly obedient, as though he had returned to the state when she first picked him up. As long as he could follow her, he would be satisfied. Even the questions regarding how she knew about all this, and the matters of how she could reincarnate infinitely, were never brought up. (Of course, she didn’t know how it worked either.)

This obedient and naive look, did indeed make him feel like an actual child. Compared to a certain master who had a cold expression all day like a little old fellow, he was much more professional.

Haah. It seemed like being a mother was not that easy.

The afternoon of the second day passed. With a slow motion with her left and right hands… Ah pui. With one chubby doll on each of her hands, they arrived in the city.

It was really easy to find the place where the Blue Parasol Sect was recruiting disciples. There was only a single area where spiritual energy was flowing in the entire city.

When they arrived, Guan Cheng was already waiting for them on a stage.

There was a large crowd surrounding the scene. Most of them were mortals who were here to watch the commotion, and they were looking at the people on the stage with worshipping gazes.

“Fellow daoist, you’re finally here.” Guan Cheng saw her in a glance, and bowed in her direction.

Zhu Yao instantly used a Wind Soaring Art to bring the two children up onto the stage.

There were eight people on the stage. Other than the bug two- man team and Bai Yi the fox, there were still two other disciples dressed like Guan Cheng. Behind them were two children who were about ten years old, and their faces were filled with excitement. It seemed like they were the disciples being recruited this time.

“I am ashamed to say this.” Guan Cheng stepped forward to make talk with her. “Yesterday we were in too much of a hurry, and had not managed to ask of fellow daoist’s name?”

“I’m Zhu Yao.” Zhu Yao tugged the two children by her side. “He’s called Yu Yan, and this one is Yue Ying.”

“So it’s fellow daoist Zhu. We will now head back to the sect.” Guan Cheng courteously smiled, and did not speak any further. Raising his hand, he threw out a jade gourd and cast an art, enlarging it by several hundred times, before guiding the three onto it. After walking for such a long time, she finally saw a transportation tool. It sure wasn’t easy.

Yi Ling and her follower Qi Ling came after them. Yi Ling gave her a courteous smile, while Qi Ping on the other hand still gave her that irritated look.

There were too many mentally retarded people here, and Zhu Yao couldn’t care less about them either. Though Bai Yi the fox was still looking infatuatedly at Yi Ling from the side. She couldn’t help but admit that her Mary Sue cheat was really incredible.

They flew for a total of six hours before arriving at their destination.

Unexpectedly, Blue Parasol Sect was different from the auspicious divine mountain floating in the skies which she was expecting. Other than being shrouded by fog and being a little rich in spiritual energy, it was just a normal mountain situated on the ground. It was the really the first time she had seen a deity sect that was so close to the earth itself.

Guan Cheng used a tablet to open the Great Mountain Barrier Formation, and brought them into the great hall on the mountain peak.

When they entered, there were already dozens of people standing around in the great hall. At the very front sat three people – two men and one woman, and they looked very youthful. There were several others seated below them at both sides as well. “Master.” The moment she landed, Yi Ling who was beside her, like a gust of wind, pounced towards the man at the center.

The man’s stern expression earlier, was instantly filled with love, as he tapped on her nose. “Crazy little brat, you finally bear to return?”

Yi Ling tenderly stomped her feet, and dragged her voice with pouting lips. “Master… I descended down the mountain this time for official matters.”

“Yes, yes, yes…” The man smiled even more  deeply.  “My Little Ling’er finally knows how to share the burdens of our sect.”

“Master, I missed you. Did you miss me?” After saying that, acting as though there wasn’t anyone next to them, she leaned towards the man’s embrace.

Zhu Yao could not help but shiver, and the hair on her entire body instantly stood on ends.

It seemed like this man was Sovereign Xuan Xu. Such unscrupulous show of affection, was he really still a man of great might? There were still other living people here, hey.

She silently turned to the right.

A certain miniature sized master was staring at the two people on the top seats with a stern expression, and after a while, he suddenly nodded. He turned to look towards his own disciple, and gave her an expression that he had understood.

Zhu Yao shivered.

Master, just what did you understand, hey? Can you not learn from this Mary Sue!?

“Master, Ling’er this time have brought back six  disciples with Spirit Veins, you know?” Yi Ling pointed in Zhu Yao’s direction, and said as she took the credit.

“Ling’er sure is amazing.” Xuan Xu praised, yet, his eyes did not even turn towards the center of the great hall, and simply continued to stare at Yi Ling. Zhu Yao frowned. Was she counted into the six as well? She was clearly invited by Guan Cheng. The way she stole his credit was a little too obvious, wasn’t it?

“Oh right, among them is a big sister who has already built her Foundation as a wandering practitioner.” Yi Ling suddenly pointed at her.

Xuan Xu finally turned his line of sight, and looked towards Zhu Yao in the center of the hall, a hint of satisfaction flashed past his eyes.

However, Yi Ling added. “Though big sister Zhu doesn’t really like me, Ling’er is still really happy to have found a person like her for the sect.”

Xuan Xu’s expression instantly turned cold.

The hell, she’s trying to  frame her, wasn’t she!? Never had Zhu Yao offended her, right?

“Begin the test of Spirit Veins then.” Xuan Xu’s voice turned rather cold, and with a wave of his hand, a floating crystal ball appeared in the center of the hall. With a warning intent, he looked towards Zhu Yao. “Let’s first begin with you.”

It seemed like this she had no choice but to swallow this injustice. Zhu Yao took a deep breath and contained herself, before pressing her hand onto the ball.

The entire crystal turned completely green.

Wood Heavenly Spiritual Vein. Her character this time was a tree demon, so possessing a Wood Spiritual Vein was rather normal. She believed that her master and Yue Ying would be the same as well.

“Hmph, she actually merely possess a single Spiritual Vein.” Follower Qi Ping coldly snorted, his face was filled with disdain and gloat. Even Guan Cheng’s face was filled with disappointment.

Zhu Yao was startled. Although the Wood Spiritual Vein could not be compared to the Lightning Spiritual Vein she possessed in the past, she still carried a Heavenly Spirit Vein. This was still considered poor? The requirements for this sect were a little too high, weren’t they? Could it be that the others all possessed mutated Spirit Veins or something?

“Next.” Xuan Xu no longer gave her another glance, as though she was no longer someone needed to be paid attention to.

The dozens of people who were standing around in the hall earlier then came forward for the test. In the end, a large number of them possessed Tri Spirit Veins or Duo Spirit Veins, and one who carried four Spirit Veins. After all the tests, her Spirit Vein was still the best though?

After a short while, all of the people in the hall had completed their tests, and only Yu Yan and Yue Ying was left.

Miniature sized Yu Yan took a step forward, tip-toed, and pressed his hand on the crystal ball. As expected, a similar green light appeared.

Qi Ping once again snorted coldly.

Zhu Yao frowned. She seemed to have faintly grasped hold of something. At this moment, Yue Ying stepped forward while pulling onto her hand, and then pressed his small hand on it. However, this time, it went against her predictions. The ball no longer carried a single green color, but five different colors – red, yellow, green, gold and blue.

Eh, why did Yue Ying still possess the five Spirit Veins he had before?

“All elemental Spirit Veins.” Xuan Xu suddenly stood up. Even everyone who were seated on their chairs were staring at Yue Ying with excited expressions.

“He actually possesses all five elemental Spirit Veins!”

“Just how many years has it been since a person with such aptitude last appeared?”

“He will definitely make great achievements! As expected, the heavens are protecting our Blue Parasol Sect!”

Zhu Yao: “…” Flips table! What happened to the promise of it being better if one had fewer Spirit Veins? When did the rules change? Was this ever declared on paper?
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