My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 181-190

Chapter181: Birds Seem To Like Bringing Me Back To Their Nests

Instead of getting eaten, she rather fall to death. Zhu Yao began to struggle with all her might. Yet, the large roc’s beak was as tight as an iron plier, only when they returned to the nest, did it place her at the center of the three little birds.

For a moment, Zhu Yao was a little anxious, as she waited for the three little birds to pounce on her and dismantle her corpse.

However, those three bald-head birds did not even spare her a glance, as they squeezed her to the side with despising attitudes, and pounced into the large roc’s embrace.

Was it because she had too little meat  on  her?  These  birds were quite picky.

With a swing of its wing, the large roc embraced the three bald-head birds under its wing. It then turned to look towards Zhu Yao, as though it was waiting for something? Its eyes were focused, and it even purposefully lowered its head, looking at her at her eye-level. Uh… What was it trying to do?

“Chi…” The large bird called out, as it looked at her with a tilted head, blinking its black grape-like eyes.

Zhu Yao stiffened. She must had gone blind, right? Why could she sense adoration coming from that bird’s eyes?

Seeing that she did not have any reaction, the large bird let out a pitiful cry. Using its head, it lightly stroked her a few times, as though it was comforting her.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a daring thought. This bird… couldn’t be treating her as one of its children, right?

She looked at her own bare chicken wings, and then, glanced at the three bald birds under the large roc’s wing. Alright, they did look rather similar.

The large bird did not idle for long. In less than ten minutes, it chased the three little fellows back into the nest, before it flapped its wings and flew off. The three little bald birds unwillingly walked back.

The first one pushed Zhu Yao as it walked by.

The second similarly pushed Zhu Yao as it walked by.

When the third one came by, she had already been pushed to the side of the nest.

Yo. The birds in this nest sure were discriminatory.

There wasn’t much interaction between the three little birds. After they meaninglessly cried out a few times, they began to sleep. The large bird came back in but a few moments, and there were even something dangling in its beak. It stopped above the nest, opened its mouth, and… four to five grey-colored, long- tailed rats came pouring down!

“Chi chi chi…” A riot suddenly occurred in the nest. The three little birds were evidently extremely excited, flapping their bare meaty wings, their eyes shone as they looked at the rats on the ground. Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. It couldn’t be feeding them these, right?

As expected, the large bird picked up the rats, and placed one of them down in front of every little bird, including her!

The three little birds had already begun to happily dig in. One of them used its claw as chopsticks to grab hold of the rat, while the rest swallowed them whole. Zhu Yao glanced at the spasming, bald grey rat, which evidently had yet to die, and her entire bird body felt uncomfortable all over. Master, this place is scary. Hurry and fetch your disciple back home.

“Chi, chi?” Seeing that she was not budging for a long time, mother bird once again pulled its head close to hers, and looked at her strangely. Using its beak, it nudged the rat, as though it was persuading her to hurry and eat her meal.

Zhu Yao: “…”

I don’t want to eat rats! And one that’s alive as well!

Mother bird nudged it a few times, yet, Zhu Yao still did not move. It then let out a cry, unknown if its out of sadness or confusement. And then, it turned its head, and then, picked up the remaining rat beneath its feet and placed it in front of her, once again nudging the two rats towards her.

As though it was saying: Fine, I will give you two. That’s enough, right? Hurry and eat!

Zhu Yao felt like crying. She wasn’t complaining about having a small portion!

The mother bird’s biased actions had evidently caught the attentions of the other little birds. The three bare bald birds which were eating just a moment ago, suddenly stopped, and looked in her direction one after another. Zhu Yao could sense her hate meter going up three times.

What should she do? Forget about eating it, just by looking was enough to make her feel disgusted. However, looking at the mother bird’s earnest eyes, she suddenly felt guilty. The light in Zhu Yao’s eyes swirled. Raising one of her meaty wings, she pointed to the mother bird’s back, and excitedly jumped a few times.

When all of the birds turned to look, she immediately grabbed a few tree branches and buried the rats. Then, with her head, she pushed them to the side, looking as though she had already eaten them.

When the four birds turned back their heads, she slowly raised her head, licking her beak.

Momma’s egg. Being a bird actually tested one’s acting skills as well. The life of a bird was really too difficult.

Zhu Yao thus began to live in this cramped nest. Mother bird would head off several times a day, and whenever it returned, the things it brought back would be different. Sometimes, it would be various types of herbs and fruits, while others would naturally be the various types of meat. Every single one of them was alive, without an exception.

It was still alright when fruits were brought back, as she could still eat them, though live meat was really something she couldn’t accept. Hence, she could only think of various ways to shift the mother bird’s attention, and then, had the rats, rabbits and other meats hidden.

After three days, there were already several meats being hidden underneath her feet. If this continued, it  would definitely be exposed. And, the weather seemed to be getting hotter, which meant that the meats would surely start to stink.

In order to prevent this situation from happening,  she thought of a plan. While the other birds were eating fruits, she grabbed a rat, and threw it to the little bird next to her. As expected, its eyes began to sparkle, excitedly shaking its meaty wings. However, it did not move, and instead glanced at her suspiciously. It looked as though it wanted to feast on it, but it was something that belonged to her, so it did not dare to move.

Zhu Yao reached out her claws, and pulled over the fruit that belonged to it, over to her side. I’m exchanging with you!

Only then did the little bird understand. It then pushed three more fruits over to her, before eating the rat with its mind at ease. In the following days, Zhu Yao continued her routine. First, she hid the meats, and then, when there were fruits, she took them out exchanged with the little bird for their fruits. As the days went by, even the little bird had gotten used to it. Whenever it was time to split the fruits, it would automatically pushed them to her.

Hence, three months later…

The little bird which had been sitting next to her had quickly grown fatter, revealing its figure which was three times the size of the other birds, it occupied almost half of the nest’s space. Looking at this, even Zhu Yao was feeling a little guilty, as she hesitated if she should change her target for exchanging food with.

The little birds had already grown out feathers, and was no longer looking bare like before. However, the feathers of the three birds all looked a little different from the rest. One was light grey, one was deep grey, while one was between grey and black. Only hers… was colored like a rainbow!

Zhu Yao grew feathers of various colors, and she looked especially attention-grabbing within this dark-type bird nest. The mother bird always looked doubtful whenever it saw her. As expected, they weren’t of the same species. Her feathers had exposed her.

Zhu Yao was not sure what she actually was. In the beginning, when she saw her seven colored feathers, her first thought was a phoenix. But, phoenixes all had feathered tails, while she did not have a single feather on hers, and her tail did not seem to be growing anymore either. Rather than saying she was a phoenix, she felt more like a… chicken!

She suddenly felt as though she had suffered a huge blow in her lifetime.

Today, the sky was clear, not a single cloud could be seen in several thousand miles. It was the day where mother bird was bring all the little birds out together.

Compared to their first meeting, the three little birds had grown considerably larger. All of their sizes had at least doubled. Other than little bird number three, its size being quadrupled. Of course, it was because Zhu Yao fed it. The only one which did not really grow at all, was Zhu Yao. Most likely because she had only eaten fruits. Though, her original size was already larger than a regular bird’s in the first place, so her thin body wasn’t really evident to the eyes. Only after leaving the nest did she find out that was actually such a large plains above the cliff. All of the little birds were very excited. Though they did not know how to fly, they would flap their wings over there, and then scratch the ground over here with their claws, playing merrily.

Until the mother bird let out a long cry, as it stopped at the side of the cliff. Only then did the three little birds unwillingly walked over, queuing themselves up. Zhu Yao was the last one.

“Cha…” Mother bird called out to the four little ones, as though it was telling them something. Though,  Zhu  Yao couldn’t understand.

Evidently, the other three understood.

The first one called out. “Cha…”

The second one called out twice. “Chacha…”

The third one called out thrice. “Chachacha…” The fourth one, Zhu Yao. “…”

The flow was disrupted. The four birds turned around one after another, their eyes gathered on her, all of them filled with condemnation and discontent.

Why aren’t you calling out!


Zhu Yao shrank her head, a bead of cold sweat dripped down. Looking at the four growing stern eyes, she had no choice but to let out a sound. “Chi…”

Little bird number three opened up one of its wings, and immediately slapped it on Zhu Yao’s head with a ‘she would not learn without being hit’ expression. Zhu Yao instantly felt she was seeing stars. So ruthless! What happened to the promised love between siblings?

It wasn’t because she didn’t want to call out, but rather, she simply couldn’t make that ‘cha’ sound. She did not know if it was because her structure was different from these birds, but even though they had all grown their feathers out, she could still only let out that ‘chi chi chi’ sound, while the rest had already learnt ‘cha cha cha’.

Of course, she was still unable to speak. Possibly because her species of ‘chicken’ simply couldn’t speak, or she could try calling out ‘wo wo’.

Zhu Yao had received her punishment, so mother bird was not going to continue making things difficult for her. Zhu Yao did not understand what it was chirping to them for, but after a while, grey little bird number one stepped forward, and stood next to mother bird.

Before the little birds could even react, mother bird suddenly opened its wings and pushed little bird number one, pushing it down the cliff.

Little bird number one could only make it in time to miserably cry out “cha”, before falling down. Zhu Yao was  stunned. Mother bird, what are you doing? Was this the same mother bird which would chirp miserably whenever its children skipped a meal? Why did the style suddenly change, hey? In the next moment, Zhu Yao understood mother bird’s intentions, because little bird number one hald already flew back on its own while flapping its wings. It was teaching them how to fly?

After little bird number one flew back, it was little bird number two’s turn. It learned pretty quick as well, as it flew back only a moment after it fell. Though fatty little bird number three spent twice the time compared to the other two, before it managed to fly back. Its body was simply too heavy, and the moment it landed on the cliff, it was already lying on  the ground tiringly.

Finally, it was Zhu Yao’s turn.

Mother bird chirped at her twice, hinting her to step forward.

Zhu Yao took a step back, and another step back.

And then, turned tail and ran.

Like hell she would jump off a cliff. If she was really a bird, then it would still be alright. But the key thing here was, she was evidently a chicken, a completely different species from the other birds. If she fell from such a height, she would definitely, surely die. I’m not doing it!

“Cha…” Mother bird flapped its wings and flew, landed right in front of Zhu Yao, blocking her path. She turned around, wanting to flee, only to be grabbed by the back from mother bird’s claw.

Its chirping voice grew larger, as though it was lecturing her for being disobedient.

It then grabbed her and flew back to the side of the cliff.

I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!

Zhu Yao flustered. Taking the moment opportunity when it released its grip, she once again fled with a trail of smoke behind her, running far, far away.

Her unwilling attitude had angered the group of birds. Three gusts of wind swept past, little birds number one, two and three stood in a line, blocking her, and chirped crazily at her for a moment, as though they were lecturing her regarding her stubborn attitude. One after another, they lowered their heads, and pushed her to the side of the cliff.

All of us ‘ate from the same nest’, why torment each other so cruelly!

Seeing the cliffside getting closer to her, even Zhu Yao’s heart was turning cold. I’m going to die, right? I will definitely fall to death, right?

Suddenly, a loud resounding cry sounded from the sky.

The four birds immediately stopped their movements, as though they had heard a terrifying sound, as they shivered one after another. Mother bird especially, stationed by the cliffside, had even knelt on the ground, shivering to the point where its feathers were falling off. Finally, as though it was unable to control the fear in the depths of its heart, it dug its head into the ground.

Uh… You’re an ostrich, is that it? Little birds number one to three were the same as well. Following after their mother’s footsteps, ‘shuaa shuaa shuaa’, their three bird heads dug into the soil as well.

Zhu Yao glanced at mother bird on the right, and  then, glanced at the three little birds on the left. Uh, should she be following the trend as well?

But the surface of this clifftop was hard. If she were to dig into it as it was, something would definitely go wrong with her head, right? But if she did not dig her head into it, would she be standing out from the group?


Zhu Yao cheated by digging a hole with her claws, and then, stuffed her head into the hole. And then, she added two layers of soil above her to make it look more believable. Yet, her eyes were still inspecting her surroundings. Just what was causing them to be this afraid?

In an instant, a large gust of wind blew, as something seemed to have landed not far away in front of them. In her line of sight, a pair of pure-white shoes appeared. She could not help but turn her head upwards to look, and what she saw was the figure of a man dressed in snow-white clothing. The moment she clearly saw his face, Zhu Yao unconsciously held her breath.

She had never known that someone could be this beautiful. As long as he stood still, everything in the world seemed to have turned into his backdrop. His long hair had extended to the ground, and a light hint of worry seemed to be present between his brows, while his lips carried a hint of joy.

Zhu Yao’s eyes widened. It’s a handsome man!

But, he still could not be compared to her master. Her master was exclusive.

“Little sister…” He suddenly called out, his voice was as gentle and warm as water, and she faintly felt that she heard of his voice somewhere once before.

It seemed like he was here looking for someone, then why was there the need for them to be afraid, huh?

The man looked straight at the group of birds, from his gentle eyes, he looked as though he could start crying. No wait, he really was crying!

He actually cried. Zhu Yao could not help but feel heartached. Though, it was understandable. He lost her sister, so it could be imagined how worried he was. It seemed like this sister of his was really worrisome.

Why did  she  feel  as  though  he  was  walking  over  to  her?
Ehhhh!? He’s really walking over to her, hey!

The man lowered his body, and stopped in front of Zhu Yao. His hands slid past her little wings, and as though he was pulling out a radish, with a poof, he pulled her out.

“Little sister.” His voice carried thirty percent joy,  and seventy percent sadness, as he looked at her chicken eyes attentively.

The hell. So she’s that worrisome little sister.

Realmspirit, this character has its own backstory again. You should have informed me about this beforehand, right? The handsome man carried her, gently brushing off the dirt on her feathers with his hand. As though he was afraid of hurting her, he was especially careful, as he brought her to his embrace, like he had received a precious treasure. “Let me bring you home.”

Zhu Yao blanked. Why were there so many birds which enjoy bringing her back home? Handsome man, who the hell are you?

The handsome man, however, had already begun to fly while carrying her. She could not help but turn her head around and look at the group of birds by the cliffside.

Alright, they were still buried unmoving within the soil. What happened to the promised love between siblings?

This man who was beautiful to the point… of having others especially wanting to disfigure him, brought her back to the large tree which she first saw.

Only then did Zhu Yao truly realize just how illogically large this tree was. Carrying her, the man flew for about ten minutes, yet, they were still unable to see the peak of the tree. Even the smallest branch was as thick as a football field. The further up they went, she could faintly see house-like structures on the tree, with various patterns, and colors of red, green and white. It’s just that all of them looked similar to fruits, with just windows and doors added to them.

This tree itself could already form a city.

The man flew for a long time, before arriving at his destination. He stopped at a gigantic hall, which should be the center of the tree. The hall, compared to the houses which she saw earlier, was hundred times larger, and a large plaza was even situated in front of the hall itself.

There were already several people standing there, as though they were awaiting their arrival.

The man finally stopped at the platform, and an auntie wearing a colorful gown, came welcoming them. Her face even looked a little familiar… This… Wasn’t this the Phoenix Clan’s auntie when she turned into an egg?

“Shao Bai, did you find her?” The auntie came forward. Shao Bai? Zhu Yao blanked, as she looked at the man who was hugging her. It can’t be!? This man who was beautiful to the point of angering the heavens, was that child who was skinny to the bones back then!

Please, do you mind if I ask what’s the secret to your growth!?
I beg you!

“Mn.” Shao Bai responded, as he shifted the hand which he was carrying Zhu Yao with, revealing an entire head.

“Let me see!” She took a step forward.

“Hi, auntie!” Zhu Yao wanted to greet her, yet, the voice she let out had merely turned into a single sound. “Chi…”


“As I thought…” Auntie did not mind  her  terrible  sounding voice in the slightest, as she excitedly reached out her hands towards Zhu Yao. Shao Bai however, lightly shifted his body to the side to evade her hands, while the auntie  was  left embarrassed with her hands stretched out in empty air. It seemed like little fellow Shao Bai’s relationship with auntie wasn’t really good.

Auntie coughed twice, before saying. “Is she alright?”

“Her aura is weak, her figure is skinny and small, and she’s unable to transform yet. Even flying is difficult for her.” His voice sank even lower. His final statement even carried a slight tremble, as he looked at Zhu Yao in his embrace, his eyes carried slight heartache and sadness. He gently stroked her slightly messy feathers.

“It’s fine as long as she’s back. Her body can be slowly nurtured back.” Auntie let out a long sigh, while a hint of something flashed past her eyes. She carefully asked. “Shao Bai. Little Seventh is back, then about Little Sixth…”

Before she could even finish, Shao Bai’s expression instantly turned cold, and even Zhu Yao could sense his cold aura. “She doesn’t even have her feathered tail.”

“…” Auntie seemed to be taken aback, as she looked as though she had taken in a deep breath out of shock. Her expression was especially complicated, and the eyes she was looking at Zhu Yao with actually carried a hint of pity.

The older version Shao Bai coldly snorted. Without turning his head around, he carried Zhu Yao and left, leaving the crowd of people in the plaza behind.

The hell happened? Did conversation break down?

The grown Shao Bai was unexpectedly a very gentle man, completely unlike the child who had experienced darkness when he was young.

Ever since Zhu Yao was brought back by him, every single small and huge matter of hers were dealt by his hands. Like a five-star nanny, not a single of the things like clothes, food and living necessities had not passed into his hands. He was nurturing her as though she was a child, and was even pampering her too. No matter how she made a fuss, he would still carry that warm and encompassing smile.

No matter how she looked at it, Zhu Yao could not relate to him as the small child who was left with merely bones back then. And fortunately, after experiencing that sort of incident, in these past two thousand years, he actually did not go haywire, and instead, had turned into a good, gentle and handsome youth.

That’s right! The character she had resurrected into this time, was that egg which she had strangely turned into when she fainted back then. And it had been two thousand years since that incident.

Little friend Shao Bai had incubated her for exactly two thousand years, and he had turned from a little phoenix to a large phoenix as well. All of the birds had thought that she was a dead egg. Yet, little friend Shao Bai was insistent and relentless, and finally, she hatched.

Little fellow, not bad, you have potential. It seemed like she had not wasted her efforts in bringing him out of that ghastly place while she was still an egg. After understanding the situation, Zhu Yao pleasingly patted on Shao Bai with her claw, but she accidentally used too much force, and with a ‘huaa’ sound, several striped holes opened up from his chest. Three long pieces of fabric fluttered in the air, revealing a faint ***** that was hidden behind them, and also two red… “indecent, do not look”.

Uh… Her control was off. Shao Bai still carried his good temper, and did not even lecture her at all. Placing her down on the bed, he then head to the back to change. Though, Zhu Yao showed a guilty look, and had wanted him to scold her a little.

From her recent reliable source of information, she seemed to be a phoenix. She was really pleased with this point, at the very least, she was not a chicken.

However, she was different from a regular phoenix. The feathers of other phoenixes were fiery red in color, while hers had the colors of a rainbow, spreading across her body. And, she did not have tailed feathers. Zhu Yao sticked her butt up, and glanced at the spot where the feathered tail was supposed to be, only to see a bare butt. She let out a long sigh.

“Don’t be sad, it will grow.” Shao Bai changed to an entirely blue robe, and walked out. Stroking her head consolingly, the eyes he was looking at her with were filled with exceptional grief. He carried her in his embrace, leaned his head onto her feathers, and said with a solemn voice. “I’m sorry, little sister. Second brother did not protect you well.”

Uh… The one with a naked butt is me, why are you being so sad for, hey? And, she did not have any opinions about being a chicken, so having less feathers did not bother her at all.

“Are you awake?” With a smile, auntie fluttered in like a chrysanthemum flower. Only after a few dozen days after Zhu Yao was brought back, did she finally know that this auntie, the patriarch of the Phoenix Clan, was called Xian Yu. “It seems you’re looking pretty well, Little Seven.”

“Chi…” Hello auntie. Zhu Yao flapped her wings, which was considered as her greetings to her.

Xian Yu smiled even more vibrantly, as she placed the plate of fruits in her hands on the table, and passed one of them over. “Little Seven, here. Eat a fruit.”

“Chi!” Thank you! Zhu Yao unceremoniously went over and bit into it. After eating it, she felt a hot aura surging within her body, stopping within her Dantian. For a moment, her entire body was filled with vigor. She understood a little why Shao Bai said she was weak back then. Phoenixes were of the God Race, and she was weak to the point of not possessing even a strand of godly energy.

“So obedient.” Auntie Xian Yu praised her, while carefully glancing at Shao Bai, who had a gentle expression, on the side. Acting as though she was not really mindful of it, she said. “I really wonder what’s going on with this world. I heard the cold at the extreme south is becoming even worse…”

Chapter182: Time Adjustment Device

Shao Bai’s hand, which was currently stroking Zhu Yao’s feathers, paused, the gentleness on his face dampened a little.

“Shao Bai, you should know, Little Sixth, that child…”

“None of my business.” Shao Bai suddenly interrupted her words, and he lightly glanced at Qian Yu. “His return, is  all based on the patriarch’s decision.”

“…” Qian Yu was speechless, the expressions on her face changed several times, and only a long while later did she chuckle. “Little Seventh has already returned home for such a long time, but have yet to see her sixth elder brother. Are you really not allowing her to see him?”

Shao Bai frowned, his face was filled with disapproval. Picking up the fruits, he fed them to Zhu Yao one at a time. He did not reply, as though he was giving a silent refusal. It felt as though the word ‘oppressive’ was floating in the air.

Zhu Yao silently swallowed the fruits, her head was filled with cold sweat. Hey, if you two are fighting, there’s no need to pull me into this as well, right? If you feed me anymore, I’m going to explode!

Also, who the hell is that Little Sixth? He actually angered the good tempered Shao Bai. Such talent!

Even after a long time, Qian Yu did not receive his answer, and was gradually turning a little disappointed. After a while, she sighed. “Forget it, then have Little Seventh have a look at her eighth little brother, he’s already here.”

This time, Shao Bai did not reject it.

A moment later, a tall man, with a muscular build, entered the door. Being carried in his arms was a child of about three to four years old, and as he walked, he heartily smiled and gave his greetings. “Hello, Little Seventh.”

“Hello, Little Third!” Zhu Yao faced the person who was said to be her third elder brother, and once again waved her wings. Unfortunately, she could only voice out: “Chi!”

“Mother, second elder brother.” Little Third nodded to the two people, and placed the little child in his arms next to Zhu Yao. “Hey Little Seventh, this is your eighth little brother.”

Only then did Zhu Yao begin to size this child up. He was also a boy as well, and his round little face looked very cute. Currently, he was looking entirely serious, and even after being placed on the bed, he did not speak a word. He simply sized up Zhu Yao, who was still in her bird form, with a serious look.

The parental relationships within the Phoenix Clan, was determined by the first person one saw after resurrection. And whenever a phoenix was being reborn, the clansmen would all sense it, which caused the relationships within the clan to be extremely complicated, and generally, most of them would have more than a single child. Just by the patriarch’s family alone, there were nine of them.

The child in front of her eyes, should be the  youngest phoenix.

After Little Third placed him down, he seemed to have some matters to discuss with Shao Bai and Qian Yu. After leaving behind a few words to the two of them, they went out. In the house, only Zhu Yao and the person who was said to be her eighth little brother, were left looking at each other. After a while, that child coldly snorted. “Tch.”

“…” She was being scorned, right?

“I don’t like you!” The little wimp rolled his eyes widely at her.

You think knowing how to roll your eyes is incredible? I even know how to do a cross-eye! She gathered her two pupils at the center, and stared back at him.

The little wimp’s little face frowned, as he began to scorn her even more. “You’re ugly!”

“…” A blade stabbed into her chest.

“You don’t even have a tail.”

“…” Uh, she simply had yet to grown one out.

“You actually still dare to run about with those naked buttocks.”

“…” Where did he see her run about? She clearly suppressed herself from doing so already.

“I don’t want to play with you.” He sized her up with a glance, and then added. “You naked buttocks person!”

Zhu Yao simply felt a few blades being penetrated straight into her heart. As expected, she hated little children the most. Every single one of them was the type where they wouldn’t learn without a beating.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Seeing that she wasn’t replying, the little wimp was furious.

“…” She had to be capable of speaking first, little bastard.

“Is it because you know you’re too ugly, that’s why you don’t dare to speak up?”

“…” “Mn, you’re aware of your ugliness, you can still be saved!”

The hell, you forced me.

Zhu Yao became furious. Her claw stretched towards the pouch at the side, grabbed onto a handful of golden melon seeds, and scattered them below the bed.

The little wimp’s eyes instantly widened, as he let out an excited “Chi!”. In an instant, he turned into a golden phoenix the size of a table, got down from the bed, and began picking up the melon seeds.

Zhu Yao coldly smiled. An idiot that could be settled with just a handful of melon seeds, how could he possibly have the qualifications to scorn her?

Wait a minute!

Why was she having a dispute with a little wimp?

Where did her logic and reason as a matured person go? Zhu Yao hugged her head with her wings, and sank into a deep self-reprimand state…

Looking at the little phoenix which was about done cleaning up the melon seeds on the ground, she could not help but casually grab another handful of them. Ah, is there anyone here who can stop this evil claw of mine?

Hence, when the three matured old phoenixes returned, what they saw was a scene of a “good elder sister and little brother relationship”. One of them was calmly sitting on the bed spreading melon seeds, while the other was excitedly picking up the melon seeds on the ground.

From that day on, Little Eighth no longer came to see her. An awe-inspiring godbeast phoenix, was fed like a chicken. Zhu Yao wondered, once he regained his senses, just what kind of shadow of a past would it leave behind during his childhood? However, Shao Bai did not blame her, and simply smiled with a face filled with warmth, as he once again prepared another two bags of melon seeds.

Mn, as expected of a good brother, great work. Her feathered tail had still yet to grow out, and her body did not grow either. She was beginning to feel that she wasn’t a phoenix, but rather, a close relative of a phoenix… a chicken. Every single time she saw that bare and naked back of hers, she would feel deep sadness. In the past, she wasn’t really concerned of it. After being called out in such a manner by Little Eighth, she no longer dared to leave the house with naked buttocks. Otherwise, she would feel that she was really lacking of morals.

As time went by, she was beginning to think of her master. Logically speaking, he couldn’t have possibly thrown her aside and not care about her. But after such a long time, not even his shadow could be seen. Actually, ever since she saw that huge tree, she was faintly beginning to guess that this place basically wasn’t the Divine Realm. The reason why her master had yet to find her, was most possibly because he couldn’t reach this place. They were simply not in the same realm.

Zhu Yao was a little saddened. This was once again another time, other than the time when her master ascended, where she and he were separated between different realms. And this time, she most probably wouldn’t be able to contact him.

This was the first time Zhu Yao did not even know what the actual bug was, which caused to feel like going on a strike. Even Realmspirit could have a vacation, why couldn’t she have time to properly make love, bastard!

During days without her master, time passed very slowly.


A conversation window suddenly appeared in front of her.

Dear, are you still frustrated about time moving too slow? Are you still sighing about the pain of cultivation? Have you ever felt hateful because of a painful experience during your past cultivation? Then leave it to the Time Adjustment Device. It allows you to gain the experience of passing ten thousand years in an instant, speedily achieving your target. Finishing one’s cultivation in a single minute is not a dream! Not a dream! Not a dream! An important catchphrase must be repeated thrice! This adjustment device is small and convenient, and can be carried everywhere with you. Once bound, it can be used for eternity, it’s new without any scars, and its design can be catered to all your various perverted requirements! If you use it now, you can even personally choose the amount of time to adjust, without the slightest of flaw. What are you waiting for? Hurry and raise your little claws, and make haste to click on ‘confirm’! Choose: [One Hundred Years] or  [One  Thousand  Years]  or [Ten Thousand Years] or [Random]

Where did this immoral advertisement pop out from? Do you believe I will head over to Consumers Association to launch a complaint on you!? And what’s this Time Adjustment Device? Does it allow me to adjust time? You watched too many sci-fi movies, didn’t you?


The ten second countdown for this selection shall begin. If user does not choose an option by the end of the countdown, the [Random] option will be selected.

7, 6, 5, 4…

The hell, this was forced purchase of goods! Recalling the [bi- gender] option back then, she hurriedly raised her wing and pressed on the [One Hundred Years] option, but even after pressing on it consecutively, there wasn’t any response. The countdown continued. Are you kidding me? She basically wasn’t able to choose at all.
It was evidently trolling her.

3, 2, 1.

Ting! Time allocated to make a choice is up, we will now proceed with the [Random] option. ps: These buttons make use of the most advanced fingerprint recognition technology, and can be used to recognize any form of fingerprints. pps: A friendly reminder, feathers cannot be recognized.

Zhu Yao lowered her head and looked at her own wings. Flips table! Realmspirit, you best get your ass here right now!

The screen in front of her flashed, and a screen similar to a lottery slot game suddenly appeared, and the five rows began to start spinning.

The first number that appeared was a ‘zero’. Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, she wouldn’t instantly skip through more than a ten thousand years.

The second number was similarly a ‘zero’. It seemed like at the very most, only more than hundred years would pass. Good, good.

The third  number  was  a  ‘four’.  Four  hundred  odd  years.
Alright, it was acceptable.

The fourth number was a “three”. Zhu Yao had a bad premonition.

The fifth number spun a few rounds, before stably stopping at the number ‘eight’.

(t/n: The syllables for number ‘438’ in chinese, sounds like 死三八, which means: dumb bitch. :D)

“…” Zhu Yao instantly felt like exacting revenge on society.

She took a deep breath. She thought for a moment, just what kind of method would allow her to vent off her anger a little bit better?

The hell! Dumb bitch, who the hell are you cussing at!? You’re playing me for a fool, right? If you have the guys, come out right now. I shall give you a free ticket back to your mother’s womb for deep reform.


The screen flashed, and the lottery slot disappeared. However, the scenery in her surroundings, began to start changing, as though she was walking through a revolving door. Similar to pressing the ‘fast forward’ button, different human figures passed by. The speed grew even faster, and not long after, she could only see the colors of flowing light.

This was time adjustment?

The flowing lights moved for about half a minute, before beginning to slow down. Gradually, she could see human figures. People she were familiar with, and people whom she were not familiar with, were walking in and out the house, and the person whose figure appeared the most was Shao Bai. It then finally stopped.

Four hundred and thirty-eight years passed by just like that? Regaining her senses, there were only Shao Bai and her in the room. He still looked the same as before, although there seemed to a hint of maturity added between his brows. Yet, he still carried a warm expression, coaxing her with a gentle voice. “Little sister, this is very simple. As long as you follow my instructions, you can immediately attain a human form.”

Attain a human form? Zhu Yao frowned. Suddenly, a large amount of memories flowed into her mind, and they were events that happened in these four hundred odd years. She actually spent four hundred odd years, and she was still a bird! The only difference was that she was now a little bigger than before, and her tail had still not grown out yet either. Although she knew that the lifespan of a god was limitless, it was growing a little too slow, wasn’t it?

“Be obedient. Haven’t you been wanting to change your feathers? After transforming into your human form, you will be able to change them then.” Shao Bai continued to coax her.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. What’s with this tone that sounded similar to coaxing a child? After thinking carefully for a moment, within those additional memories… Alright, during the past four hundred years, she had indeed led a very childish lifestyle. “Oh, can you repeat the method of transforming into a human again?” After crossing through time, the only thing she was happy about was that she could finally speak.

Seeing her open her mouth, Shao Bai heaved a sigh of relief. He then told her the method once again, and he even grabbed onto her claws to demonstrate the method of circulating godly energy as well.

Zhu Yao carefully sensed it, and realized that this method was similar to the way she transformed while she was a dragon back then. Looking at it this way, she was a little experienced with it, it seemed.

Hence, she hustled a few steps forward, arriving at a place that was a little wider. After taking a deep breath, she began circulating the already dense amount of energy within her body. In an instant, her entire bird body emitted out a red light, enveloping her entire being within, and slowly, she gained the look of a human figure.

After about an hour, that red light finally faded, revealing a girl wearing a rainbow-colored feathered dress. Zhu Yao moved her hands and legs, and the clothes followed her movements, as though it was flowing, looking really beautiful. “How is it?” Zhu Yao wasn’t able to see her own look, so she could only waved her hands at Shao Bai. “Do I look beautiful?”

“Mn, very beautiful.” Shao Bai’s smile looked like the warm sun on a winter day, nodding.

Zhu Yao was satisfied. The phoenix was the most beautiful bird in the world, so she believed her human form wouldn’t be that ugly. These clothes on her especially, should have been formed by her feathers. In the past, when her body was filled with feathers, she didn’t really feel it. But now that they had turned into her clothes, they looked unexpectedly beautiful.

Zhu Yao tugged onto the corner of her dress, and lowered her head and inspected it, looking very satisfied. She then turned her head around to look at her back.

Only to see between the rainbow-colored feathers, were two pieces of snow-white…


Mn, it’s definitely her seeing things. Hence, she closed her eyes, and opened them again…

A moment later.

“Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!” She let out a miserable cry that rang throughout the clouds.

Why was her back naked!? And it’s even at the position where her buttocks were. Were the clothes of the ancient era this trendy?

She suddenly recalled that she was lacking her feathered tail.

And she was even streaking with her buttocks bare the entire time!!!!

“Little sister!” Shao Bai was shocked from her sudden miserable cry, as he asked. “What’s wrong?” He heart-achingly put her in his embrace, and his line of sight naturally landed on…

“Release me!” Zhu Yao then realized this, and pushed him away, and her two hands were placed behind her back, onto the two naked cheeks, that were starting to feel chilly from the wind.

“Little sister…” In an instant, Shao Bai’s face turned bright red. Approaching her was wrong, and not approaching her was wrong too.

He saw it, right? He definitely saw it, right? Although she no longer had much morals left, streaking was something she really wouldn’t do. Don’t stop me. I want to die now.

“Ahem…” Shao Bai coughed a few times, forcefully calming himself down. Though, his face was still fiery hot, as he stretched out a hand, and chanted out a piece of white long cloth, passing it to her. “First, use this to cover it up! Your feathered tail has yet to grow out, so with your feathers transforming into clothes, it will  naturally…  ahem,  don’t worry. No one else saw it.”

Didn’t you see it?

Zhu Yao pulled the piece of cloth over, and then, circled it around her waist, making a total of three knots. Only after making sure it was deadly tight, did she then release her hands.

Shao Bai sized her up for a moment, and the redness on his face subsided. Recalling the look she had earlier while she was jumping around, and could not help turning around, his shoulders intensely trembled.

“If you want to laugh, then laugh!” Zhu Yao glared at him.

“Hahahahaha…” Shao Bai really began to unceremoniously laugh out loud, his hands pressing on his stomach.

She had simply forgotten that she had yet to grow out her feathered tail, yet he was laughing to that extent. He’s  not giving her face at all.

“Is it really that funny?” Zhu Yao suddenly felt her teeth itching, as she coldly snorted. “When your buttocks were naked, I saw them too.”

Shao Bai was startled. He stopped his laughter, and looked over to her. “Not just your naked buttocks, back then, with just your ragged cloth, I saw them all.” Zhu Yao gleefully said. “Although you were just a little wimp back then, but I guess it’s evened out now.”

“When I was a child?” Shao Bai’s eyes brightened for a moment, and a hint of something seemed to have flashed past his face. Very quickly, it disappeared again, and what replaced it was a hint of sadness. Sighing lightly, he then  said.  “Little sister, you’re making up nonsense. How could you possibly have seen how I looked when I was younger? You, after all, have spent two thousand years to hatch from your egg.”

“Who’s making up nonsense!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. In any case, it was something that had already happened before, so she wasn’t afraid of him knowing. “Back then, when  you were that young, I was still in my egg. Oh right, I even brought you out of that ghostly place.”

He suddenly widened his eyes, and his face was filled with disbelief. “You remembered!?”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. Shao Bai suddenly revealed a gentle smile, it was as though at that moment, a hundred flowers bloomed, and rays of light filled the entire sky.

Zhu Yao was an irregular in the Phoenix Clan. Phoenixes were able to transform the moment they were born, while she was the only phoenix in history who had to spend more than four hundred years before she could succeed in transforming into her human form. In regards this point, to someone like Zhu Yao who had always been reinforced by cheats, and completely did not have to waste any effort in cultivation, she was very depressed. There was this sour feeling of a school tyrant falling from grace…

And during her first transformation, her morals had already completely fallen off. She really did not hold any expectations on her looks and figure of her own human form. Until the moment she first saw her face in the mirror, she barely held her jaw in place from shock.

She wondered if Realmspirit had gathered all of her points of beauty during her several resurrections and added into the character this time. The reflection in the mirror, was simply too beautiful to the point of being impossible to look straight in the eyes in. Every single piece of her figure seemed to have been carefully crafted, an additional point would be too much, while if there was anything less, it would have been too lacking. It was beyond perfect.

Zhu Yao instantly felt that the morals she dropped in the afternoon earlier, had been picked right back up. She could not help but sigh at how the genes of phoenixes were simply too wonderful.

“Little sister, are you done?” Shao Bai opened the door and entered, his smile was filled with gentleness. “We should get going?”

“Where to?” Zhu Yao glanced at him, before immediately shifting her line of sight back to the mirror. Just why was she this beautiful?

“Naturally, to the Terrace of Revelations. What? You don’t want to go?” Shao Bai asked.

“I don’t want to!” Zhu Yao raised the mirror in her hands. “Right now, I just want to quietly marvel at my beauty.”

Shao Bai shook his head. Stepping forward, he took away the mirror in her hands, and grabbed onto her hand while he was at it. His smile turned even gentler. “Little sister, be  obedient. Once a Phoenix clansman attains his or her human form, he or she must definitely head to the Terrace of Revelations to receive an inheritance. This concerns the matter of your future, you can’t not go. And little sister, even without looking at  the mirror, you will still be the world’s most beautiful phoenix.”

With narrowed eyes, Zhu Yao glanced at his face which carried a five-star grade soft light effect, and then turned to look at herself in the mirror. In an instant, she felt she had dropped by a few levels. Haah! As expected, she really wanted to disfigure him!

“Inheritance?” Zhu Yao pondered. “Isn’t inheritance carried within one’s bloodline, and wouldn’t that mean one would have it once he or she is born?”

Shao Bai lightly tapped on her forehead. “Who told you inheritance is carried within the bloodline? No matter if it’s the Dragon or Phoenix race, or even the Qilin, if one had to receive the inheritance, he or she must head to the Terrace of Revelations, and commit to the Heavenly Dao.”

There’s actually a procedure like this. Her teacher did not teach her that.

“Back then, second elder brother did not bring you over, was because you were still too young, and I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to take in the power of the Heavenly Dao.” Shao Bai continued to explain. “Now that you’re capable of attaining a human form, naturally, this shouldn’t drag on any longer. As long as you receive the inheritance, the latent potential in your body will be stimulated. When that time comes, you will know your true attribute.”

“Attribute?” Zhu Yao latched onto this unknown term.

“Little sister, have you not realized that your original form is different from the rest of us?”

“My naked buttocks.”


A hint of awkwardness flashed past Shao Bai’s face for a moment. “I’m not talking about  that.  Although  phoenixes  are able to control fire the moment they are born, there is still another form of inherited attribute. It’s one of the five elements other than fire – metal, wood, water, and earth.”

“Oh…” I still don’t understand!” “Then  what’s  your attribute?”

Shao Bai smiled it off, and did not  continue  explaining. Pulling Zhu Yao, they left through the door, as though he was saying he would bring her there directly to make clear of it herself.

Zhu Yao did not express any objections, and followed him out of the door. Though, she faintly felt that the word ‘revelations’ sounded a little familiar, but she couldn’t recall where she had heard of it before.

She had thought that the Terrace of Revelations would be very far away, but Shao Bai simply brought her up the giant tree. They flew for more than an hour, and they reached the top of the gigantic tree, which was hidden behind layers of clouds. A white lotus, the size of three football fields, was floating above, colorful flowing lights were flashing above the petals, circling around with the lotus as their center. At the center of the lotus terrace, it was already filled with people, with a rough estimate of more than a hundred people. Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. The entire Phoenix Clan was here. Was this inheritance that important?

Shao Bai brought her along as they descended at the very center. Stepping up front was Qian Yu and three other familiar faces – four men, and three women. She flipped through her fast-forwarded four hundred years of memories, and only then realized they were all her own cheap brothers and sisters. Though, the man beside Little Eighth seemed to look a little foreign. He was about as tall as Shao Bai, but he did not look as white and clean as the rest. His skin was a healthy wheat color, making him feel a little more masculine than the rest. She suddenly had a feeling that she had seen him before somewhere.

Seeing her appearance, Little Eighth first came over. After four hundred odd years, he had already begun to grow from a little wimp, to a youth. “Naked buttocks, you’re here.”

Zhu Yao almost slipped, as she turned her head to glare at him. As expected, his mouth was as foul as before. Because of his curse, she hadn’t been able to grow her feathered tail. You’re the one with naked buttocks, your entire family have naked buttocks! Eh? His entire family seemed to include her as well!

“Hurry up, and receive the inheritance!” Little  Eighth however did not sense her resentment in the slightest, as he excitedly said. “Hurry and receive it, and let me see what kind of bird are you!”

Why did she feel like he was cussing at her?

“And just what kind of bird are you?”

Little Eighth pridefully raised his head, and patted his chest. “My attribute is ‘wood’, I’m a wood bird.”

“Oh…” Zhu Yao meaningly swept her eyes at him, and purposefully paused for a second. “So you have a wooden bird down there!”

Little Eighth: “…” Although he couldn’t understand, why did he feel that his seventh elder sister was cussing at him?

“Little Seventh.” Qian Yu walked over as well, and said with patting on Zhu Yao’s head, as she looked at her with a pleased look. “You’re finally able to attain a human form as well, your mother here can finally heave a sigh of relief.  Come,  you haven’t met your sixth elder brother before, he’s the one.” She pointed to that man with the wheat-colored skin at the side. “Your sixth elder brother made a special trip back in order to watch your inheritance.”

Zhu Yao turned to look at the man at the side, his smile was extremely awkward, yet, it carried an expression that she couldn’t understand, as though he was both a little agitated and guilty. The corner of his lips moved, and only a moment later, did he speak up. “Seventh little sister, I…”

“Alright, it’s about time.” Shao Bai suddenly stepped forward and interrupted his words, pulling Zhu Yao along. “Little sister, go on then!” His gaze, either intentionally or unintentionally, glanced at Little Sixth, as though he was giving him a faint warning.

Little Sixth’s bright eyes, instantly dimmed.

Zhu Yao seemed to be being pushed forward, and she was a little curious about Shao Bai’s attitude. She quickly flipped through her fast-forwarded memories, and only then did she recall who this sixth elder brother was. Speaking of which, he was even the first person she met when she resurrected this time. That’s right, it was that little wimp who directly pushed her onto the ground, and caused her to be born prematurely.

No wonder Shao Bai did not like him.

Chapter183: Far Ancient Highgod

At the center of the Tower of Revelations, there was a round- shaped platform, and over there, a formation-like diagram was engraved. The moment she stood on it, a white light glowed, as though she had activated some sort of mechanism. In front of her, what seemed to be three pieces of cubes formed by light curtains appeared, and patterns could be faintly seen on them. The first piece was a diagram of a dragon, the second piece was a diagram of a phoenix, while the third piece was a diagram of a qilin.

It seemed like every piece corresponded to each race.

Zhu Yao could not help but look at the empty space at the furthest right, a fourth piece of light curtain was  currently rising up at an extremely slow pace, though, it emerged with an ink-black color, as though it had ran out of batteries, looking dimmed and dark. The diagram on it could not be clearly distinguished either. Zhu Yao faintly sensed that it should be where the black tortoise’s position was.

“Little sister.” Shao Bai stood at the side of the second piece of light curtain, and waved his hands at her. “Come, place your hand inside, and it will be done.” “I can receive the inheritance just by reaching my hand inside?”

Shao Bai nodded. “That’s right, don’t be afraid.”

Zhu Yao never expected that the procedure would be this simple, as she reached her claw inside with speaking another word. All of the phoenixes present held their breaths, as they excitedly waited to see what second attribute would be triggered by the Phoenix clan’s first egg-born phoenix.

A few minutes later.

Nothing happened…

Mn, most probably, it still needed a bit more time.

Half an hour later.

Complete silence… It might have been because the method she reached her hand out was incorrect. So, she flipped her hand.

An hour later.

A cold wind blew.

Zhu Yao: …

“Second elder brother.”


“Am I really able to receive the inheritance like this?”

“… Yes.”

“I’m not a learned person, don’t lie to me.”

“…” Zhu Yao was still unable to clearly discern the current situation, yet, the venue was already thrown into a loud uproar. Various discussions of guesses and suspicions erupted.

“How… How is this possible?”

“She’s actually unable to receive the inheritance. Isn’t this too unbelievable?”

“That’s right, there actually wasn’t the least bit reaction from the inheritance stone.”

“Could she not be a phoenix?”

Even Patriarch Qian Yu was dumbfounded, as she took a few steps forward, and stared deeply at Zhu Yao. “How is this possible?” Hence, she pulled her hand, and placed it in the curtain of light once again, yet, there still wasn’t the least bit of reaction.

“This…” Could it be that an egg-born phoenix cannot receive the inheritance? The number of phoenix clansmen  wasn’t many, and it’s impossible to increase for all eternity. Hence, when she saw that a phoenix was born from the egg, she was that happy. But, if an egg-born phoenix cannot receive the inheritance, this meant that there would be a huge setback to their godly powers. In that case, what’s the point of having their numbers increase?

“Patriarch!” Finally, a clansman with an agitated expression stood out. “What’s going on? There’s completely no reaction from the inheritance stone. Isn’t she one of our clansmen? Patriarch, please give us an explanation, we can’t have other races be mixed within us.”

The moment his words fell, agreeing responses immediately came from the other clansmen. Their gazes which seemed especially gentle when they were looking at Zhu Yao earlier, instantly turned stern and sharp.

“This…” For a moment, Qian Yu was put in a bind. The God race had always been united, and the more united they were, the more discriminatory they were too. They valued their own clansmen, while they couldn’t stand other races. The rejecting voices in the venue grew louder, and they were gradually going out of control.

Zhu Yao was also shocked by this extreme development. Was not being a phoenix that serious? But her original form really did look like a bird. If she wasn’t a phoenix, that what was she?

“Everyone, settle down.” Qian Yu tried her best to explain. “Little Seventh’s original form is indeed of the feathered races.”

“Being one of the feathered races doesn’t mean she’s definitely a phoenix.” Someone in the crowd refuted.

“That’s right. She might not even be a God.”

“That’s right. She’s standing over there, yet, the other inheritance stones aren’t reacting either.”

“Chase her out!”

“That’s right, we can’t allow her to stay on this tree.”

“Chase out the irregularity!”

The phoenix clansmen grew even more agitated, and the eyes they were looking at Zhu Yao with, looked as though they were about spit out flames. Zhu Yao was speechless, for a moment, she felt like she had been transported into the “Angry Birds” game world. She was the pig that was about to be slammed into.

“Enough!” Seeing that the phoenixes were becoming even more agitated, an angry roar suddenly boomed, boundless pressure came crashing down on the crowd of birds. Shao Bai’s brows were heavily sunken, and his expression was ice-cold. Following after, a resounding phoenix cry rang, only to see a gigantic, sky blue colored, phoenix-shaped illusory image behind him. The illusory image was wavy and filled with watery light, seemingly formed by gathered water. However, it carried a forceful aura, sending chills to anyone that saw it. “No matter if she receives the inheritance or not, she’s still my seventh little sister, does anyone has any objections?”

His voice was as cold as ice, and the illusory image in the sky swept its eyes throughout the crowd. The venue was momentarily completely silent.

Even Zhu Yao was shocked by his tyrannical and cool actions. This was completely an outright threat. She never expected that Shao Bai, who was usually a soft bun, would look quite the part when he was angry. This guy… he can’t be a sis-con, right?

That’s a little incredible.

But, what kind of creature was her character this time? She could sense the energy within her body was exactly the same as the one she had while she was a dragon, and it was a lot stronger too. This should be the so-called godly energy. This proved that she should be of the God race. But why was the phoenix’s inheritance ineffective for her?

Zhu Yao turned and carefully inspected the three inheritance stones. The length and widths of the cubes were very standard, and other than the diagrams being different, they were all rather similar. Even the button at the side…

What the hell…

When and where did the button at the side pop out from?

Zhu Yao squatted down to take a careful look. There were even words on the button as well. “Phoenix Inheritance (False)” Zhu Yao looked to the side, and as expected, the rest of the inheritance stones had similar buttons as well, though the words on them were different. “Dragon Inheritance (False)” was written on the left one, while “Qilin Inheritance (False)” was written on the right one.

What’s the meaning of that ‘False’ word?

She looked at the Black Tortoise’s inheritance stone furthest away. It was already dark to the point where words couldn’t be seen clearly, so she wasn’t able to confirm if it had a similar ‘False’ button.

So earlier, she was operating it wrongly? Then, should she try pressing it?

No, no, no. Looking at her track record of miserable and immoral trolled experiences, this matter wasn’t that  simple. She definitely had to stop her hands from being itchy. It’s best that she maintained a safe distance away from them.

“Little sister, don’t be afraid, stand behind me.”  Shao  Bai, who vented off some steam earlier, worryingly pulled her, with the intentions to guard her. While Zhu Yao who was currently moving in the opposite direction, was unable to maintain her balance, and because of reaction forces, she fell straight to the back where the inheritance stones were.

She could faintly hear the ‘beep’ sound.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she raised her middle finger with an annoyed expression.

In an instant, the entire inheritance stone released a flaming red light, radiating throughout the entire Terrace of Revelations.

“The inheritance stone lighted up!” Little Eighth exclaimed. Everyone shockingly turned their heads around one after another. Though, their eyes were still dyed with suspicion.

“It finally lighted up.” Qian Yu heaved a long sigh of relief. “I just knew. I just knew that Little Seventh is a child of the Phoenix clan.”

Zhu Yao expressed that she was lazy to retort. “Shao Bai, hurry and come over. Don’t interrupt  Little Seventh while she’s receiving her inheritance.”

Shao Bai hesitated for a moment. He smiled at Zhu Yao, told her some encouraging words, before walking down.

At that moment, Zhu Yao felt something was plugging her heart. Can I go down as well? Why did she have a premonition of an incoming disaster?

The inheritance stone glowed even redder, and Zhu Yao faintly sensed that the godly energy within her body was beginning to expand wildly. This feeling was a little similar to the time when she was absorbing spiritual energy in the past, filling her entire body. Only when she was no longer able to contain it, did the red light retract and return to its former state. As though nothing had happened.

It’s done just like that?

“Why wasn’t there any phenomenon?” The crowd of phoenixes once again sounded their objections. “Could it be that she doesn’t have any latent potential?”

“As expected of an egg-born. She actually doesn’t have any latent potential to tap in.”

“A phoenix like this, is really an embarrassment.”

“Can an egg-born phoenix even be considered a phoenix?”

“In my opinion, an egg-born should be kicked out of the Phoenix Realm.”

Hey, hey, hey. Can you stop with the personal attacks? Be kicked out of the Phoenix Realm? What? Is this the entertainment industry!?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Although she knew that everyone would have some degree of xenophobia, this crowd of phoenixes was really too much. In the beginning, they were despising her for not being a phoenix, not after receiving the inheritance, they were suspecting her birth. She really wanted to slap all of their faces.

Zhu Yao clenched her teeth, and unconsciously tapped on the inheritance stone at the side. Just as she was able to walk away…

Suddenly, a loud boom sounded.

A heavenly lightning bolt descended from the skies, striking straight on her head, turning her completely charred black.

Zhu Yao spat out a mouthful of white smoke, and turned to glance at the inheritance stone. I just gave you a light tap, do you have to be this stingy?

Immediately after, a long cry resounded through the clouds. Zhu Yao reflexively raised her head to take a look, only to see a gigantic phoenix made out of lightning charging into the sea of clouds. In an instant, the colors of the wind and clouds changed, sand and stones flew into the air. The sky which was still brightened by the sun earlier, instantly turned as dark as night.

The sea of clouds tumbled, several rays of lightning light were currently stretching and rolling about boundlessly in the sky, as though they could strike at any moment.

“Lightning… Lightning attribute…” It was unknown who said these sudden words. The angry little birds which were still rowdy earlier, were instantly filled with disbelief and fear.

“This… This is impossible.”

“She actually possesses the lightning attribute…”

Zhu Yao looked at that familiar phoenix in the clouds. Wasn’t that her sword intent? When did it become so huge? She habitually raised her hand to circulate the energy within her body, calling out to her sword intent.

The lightning phoenix let out a long cry,  immediately charging downwards. While carrying a lightning radiance that filled the entire sky, it flew straight towards the Terrace of Revelations where they were located at, and then…

Lightning lights spread throughout all four directions, and crackling lightning sparks, instantly filled the entire Terrace of Revelations.

The smell of burnt birds faintly floated in the air.

Other than a ten feet circular radius from where she was standing, the place was filled charred human figures, and miserable cries.

“Aiya, my buttocks.”

“My feathers, my feathers are burnt off.”

“My pants…”

“So painful, why did these lightning bolts strike the buttocks specifically?”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Will an apology work in this situation? Hence, an well organized inheritance ceremony, first turned into Zhu Yao’s criticism conference, and then a face-slapping conference right after.

Zhu Yao, with the identity as the first Lightning Phoenix since the start of ancient history, slapped all of the phoenixes in their faces in a sparkling manner, and with the absolute odds from completely burning two-thirds of the clansmen’s feathers, became the nightmare of all phoenixes.

For a few consecutive months, among all of the phoenixes that see her, none of them wouldn’t hold their buttocks, clench their thighs, break into a small jog and flee. Furthermore, half of the clansmen had turned into neets, swearing that before their feathers grow out, they definitely wouldn’t leave their houses.

In regards to this, Zhu Yao expressed her deep regrets. Haah, if she had known… she would have burnt everyone’s feathers! After all, if everyone didn’t have them, then they would definitely get used to it.

Ah, as expected. She’s still too, too kind.

Because of her mistake, she had injured the phoenixes. Patriarch Qian Yu expressed that she still had to be punished, but it was met with intense objection by a particular sis-con. “It’s hard to control one’s first phenomenon in the first place, little sister has already done very well.” In any case, his feathers weren’t burnt.

Qian Yu was unable to refute in the slightest. Hence, she brought up the second problem – control. Zhu Yao’s true attribute had already been brought out, now, it all boiled down to how to control her own strength, and use it skillfully. The Phoenix clan had never birthed a phoenix with lightning attribute before, so no one knew how to control it. If her phenomenon were to lose control once again, the feathers of the phoenixes… would be in peril!

This was a problem that required solving. In the end, the entire family decided after a long discussion. Send her off to be taught under a teacher.

Since she was the only lightning phoenix, then naturally, she had to be taught by an awe-inspiring master.

Far Ancient Highgod of the extreme northern lands. Between the heaven and earth, he was the remaining God of the high ancient times, and had never appeared in the world for hundred thousand years. Legends of him still spread throughout the world. The more important factor was, he was the only God between heaven and earth who was proficient with the lightning arts.

When Zhu Yao heard that they were sending her to be taught under a teacher, she rejected the proposal in the beginning.

Mostly attributed to a huge rejection mentality. She had already turned fearful by the trolls of a certain master. She really wasn’t interested in starting a new game plus.

But… her objection was annulled.

This time, even her revolutionary comrade Shao Bai, was standing on the opposite camp, with the firm decision on sending her to the extreme northern lands.

What happened to the promised sis-con?

“Little sister, don’t worry. The Far Ancient Highgod  is  the God with the most profound cultivation between heaven and earth.” Shao Bai persuaded her with all his might. “

Oh.” Zhu Yao remained skeptical.

“He’s the only unfallen God of the ancient times, possessing strong mystical powers.”


“A few days ago, I had already sent a letter to him, he agreed to taking you as his disciple. And he will treat you very well.”


“I have known him for a very long time, and if he were to personally teach you, I can feel at ease as well.”


“And that place is very far away from the Devil Sealing Grounds, and is the safest place.” “Shao Bai!” Zhu Yao raised her head.


“If I successfully get taken in as his disciple, will the Phoenix clan receive a commission?”

“… No.”

“Then I’m not going.”

“Little sister, be obedient.”

“Don’t want to!” Zhu Yao blocked the door tightly. “I’m not a learned person, don’t lie to me.” Masters were all used to troll their disciples. She had experience.

“Second elder brother will often come and see you.”

Who wants to see you, you traitor! “I don’t want to be taken in as someone else’s disciple.” She already had a master, and he’s already more than enough.

“Little sister…” Shao Bai was a little helpless, his brows were already twisted into a lump. In the end, he still could not bear to lecture her. “Why don’t we first head over there and have a look? If you don’t like it there, you can return then?”

Zhu Yao gave him two words. “Ho ho.” Was he really treating her as a three-year-old? In the first place, she was already feeling rather fatigued and depressed by coming into this world alone. Now she even had to be taken in as someone else’s disciple? Not doing it. I’m definitely not doing it. If you force me anymore than this, this lady here will commit suicide, and log into Version 8.0.

Shao Bai had no other choice. He reached out his hand to stroke her messy hair, and his expression sank for a moment. Then, he lightly sighed. “Sorry.”

Zhu Yao blanked. What?

In the next instant, she simply felt something was directly inserted into her forehead, and with her vision darkening, she fainted. The hell. And here I even trusted you so much. You actually played dirty.

Just you wait.

Zhu Yao had always thought that the so-called extreme northern lands would definitely be an extremely cold place. Even if it wasn’t filled by glaciers, at the very least, there would be occasional fluttering snow. So when she was woken up by the heat, for a moment, she didn’t know where she was.

That was a tree, a regular tree, and she was currently lying within the tree’s shadow. There was even an immensely huge fruit on the tree, and it shaking a lot, looking as though it could fall at any moment…

The hell, that’s a durian!

Zhu Yao quickly leapt onto her feet and crawled away. With a boom, that shaky durian ruthlessly nailed into the ground next to her back. Zhu Yao patted her chest. She fortunately woke up in time, otherwise, her face would have been ruined. Just who would have such tastes to place her under a durian tree?

“You’re awake?” Suddenly, a slightly hoarse male voice sounded.

Zhu Yao searched her surroundings, however, she didn’t see a single human figure anywhere.

“Over here…”

Following the voice, she lowered her head, only to see the durian that just fell down earlier, was trying to pull itself out from the ground with all its might. Most probably because it was such a rough fall, after nudging for a long while, it still couldn’t get up. It then nodded its stem towards her. “Little lady, help… help me out a little.”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Why was there a creature such as a durian spirit exist in this world?

“Who are you?” “Me?” Hearing this question, the durian proudly puffed up its wolf fanged club-like body. “I’m a servant under the  Far Ancient Highgod, Durian Child.”

Far Ancient Highgod? Shao Bai really sent her here? Lowering her head, she glanced at that durian. “Earlier, you wanted to smash me?”

The durian was startled. Its greenish body earlier, revealed a hint of red. “Ahem… About that. I saw that you have been sleeping for quite a while, so I just wanted to wake you up.”

“Hoho.” Was smashing someone’s face its method of waking that person up? “Oh, thank you!”

“No problem!” He actually admitted it without any shame. “The Far Ancient Highgod is calling for you! He lives in the mountain peak, as long as you first pull… Ehhh!! Don’t leave yet! Pull me out first.”

Zhu Yao ignored his calls, and hurriedly left the durian tree. She’s the type of person who held grudges. Come bite me if you can! Along the way, she saw various fruit, vegetable, and herb spirits. They seemed to be extremely curious about her, as they watched her from afar. Though, none of them approached her, as they simply sized her up while discussing among themselves.

“Look, look. We have an additional bird here.”

“I heard she was sent here by the Phoenix clan, and will be taken in by the Highgod as his disciple?”

“Eh? The Highgod is taking in a disciple?”

“That’s right. And she’s even a female disciple.”

“So pitiful. I wonder how long she will last?”

“I wager seven days…”

“I wager three days…”

“I wager…” What was going on with the sudden development of a gambling scene? Was that Highgod really that scary? With a stomach full of suspicions, Zhu Yao walked to the peak, while thinking of ways to explain to that Highgod to have him send her back.

Zhu Yao had thought that in the place a Highgod reside in, forget about being grand and luxurious, at the very least, it shouldn’t be too shabby. However, she never expected that after climbing to the peak, what she saw was an empty plain grassfield. Forget about a house, there wasn’t even a single straw cottage.

At the center of the grass field, stood a man. Dressed in white, his long hair touched the ground, and he was standing straight with his back facing her. His figure looked a little familiar. His entire body faintly emitted out a gentle radiance, and looking from afar, it gave an awe-inspiring feeling. He must be the so- called Far Ancient Highgod Shao Bai had spoken of.

“Greetings to Far Ancient Highgod.” Zhu Yao lawfully bowed.

Yet, he didn’t have the slightest bit of reaction, his back was standing as straight as before. “This junior greets the Far Ancient Highgod!”

“…” Silent.

“Little Seventh of the Phoenix clan, greets the Far Ancient Highgod.”

“…” Complete silence.

Alright, it seemed he had resolved himself not to care about her, so Zhu Yao spoke bluntly. “Umm, actually, I don’t want to be taken in as your disciple.”


“I have a master, so… I’m sorry. I’m returning on my own now.”


“Far Ancient Highgod? Are you listening?” “…”

“Hi, Mister Far.”


“Umm, mister!”


“Hello, are you there?”

Zhu Yao sighed. Just as she was about to turn and leave, she suddenly heard a rhythmic set of breathing sounds…

“…” This guy is actually asleep. Then don’t blame me for waking you up.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Picking up a stone, she threw it towards him. Dong, bullseye!

That white figure finally moved, albeit sloppily, as he walked a few steps forward. The hand by his side raised, reaching out to the top of his head.

“Greetings to  Highgod!”  She  hurriedly  nodded  and  bowed.
Mn, she didn’t do anything earlier at all.

“You’re Little Seventh?” That person stroked his head, while turning around. “Shao Bai’s sister?”

“Yes, but I don’t wish to be be taken in…” Zhu Yao raised her head at the same time, but was suddenly stunned with widened eyes. “Master!”

Zhu Yao simply could not believe her own eyes. She had initially given up, but she never expected that he really came to ‘pick her up’. Sprinting towards him, she grabbed him by the hand, and for a moment, she had the impulse to cry. “Master, why are you here?”

He frowned, yet, he reached out his hand, and immediately pushed her a step away. “Since I have promised Shao Bai to take you in as my disciple, then the way you’re addressing me now, isn’t too outrageous.”

Zhu Yao blanked. This was the first time she was pushed away by him. After taking a careful look, she finally saw that something was strange. “Master, what happened to you?” Why did he suddenly seem to not recognize her? She could not help but reach out her hands and wave them in front of his eyes. “You haven’t lost your memories, right? Don’t frighten me!”

“Nonsensical!” His brows sunk even deeper, and they faintly carried slight irritation. “Since you have come under my tutelage, then you’re not allowed to be this unmannerly.”

“…” She wasn’t wrong, this was his face. But why did he look as though this was the first time he met her? “Are you my master or not?”

“Naturally, yes.”

“Yu Yan?” His expression sank. “My name is Yue Gu.”

Not master? How was that possible? This was clearly his face, and the aura he was emitting, was even completely similar to her master’s. Even the tone he was speaking with wasn’t the least bit off. “Master, when did you change your name? I’m Zhu Yao?”

“Zhu Yao?” Yue Gu blanked for a moment. His gaze lightly swept across her face, while he said with the same stern look. “Since you have come under my tutelage, then your past name naturally cannot be used. You shall be surnamed ‘Yue’,  and since you came from the south (Nan), then I shall bestow ‘Nan’ as your given name.”

Yue… Nan!

(t/n: 越南/Yue Nan: Chinese for Vietnam. *coughs*)

He changed her citizenship just like that. Was it really alright?

Zhu Yao took a step forward, and placed her hand on his shoulder. She had confirmed it. “Giving a name as nonsensical as this, you’re definitely my master alright.”

Chapter184: The First Art Of Disciple Trolling

Yue Gu turned his head and looked at the hand that she patted on his shoulder with. Frowning, he pushed it down. “I naturally am your master.” It seemed like she had to properly teach his disciple some manners. A white light gathered within his finger, and he tapped it on the center of her forehead. “Shao Bai had mentioned to me before that you lack of a clear goal, so I… Mn?” The strand of divine sense he gathered, was rebounded. “You already possess another imprint?”

“That’s right.” Wasn’t you the one who placed it? How could he forget even this as well?

“No matter.” Yue Gu said without the slightest of mind. “This imprint is rather weak, I shall aid you in dispersing it.”

“No way.” Zhu Yao flustered, as she took a step back.

“Since you have already been taken under my tutelage, naturally, you can’t carry someone else’s imprint.”

Zhu Yao  reached  out  her  hand  to  hold  her  forehead.  “No matter what, this imprint cannot disappear. Otherwise… I will fight you to death, do you believe me?” She hadn’t made clear of the situation yet, this was after all, the only imprint which her master recognize.

Yue Gu frowned. Seeing her unwilling look, he could only let it go. After sizing her up for a moment, he sighed. “Since that’s the case, then I will follow your will.”

Only then did Zhu Yao finally heave a sigh of relief.

“From what I heard from Shao Bai, not only were you egg- born, your original form is a lightning phoenix?”

“Seems so.” Actually, she wasn’t certain if she was actually a phoenix either.

Yue Gu’s frown grew even deeper, and his expression was heavily sunken. After a while, he said with a solemn voice. “In this world, every being has its own destiny, and beings of lightning are birthed to sweep the impurities of this world. Since you possess the lightning attribute, then you best resolve yourself well.” “Ah?” What did he mean?

However, he did not seem to have the intention to continue explaining, instead, he reached out his hand to stroke her head. “You will know in the future, for now, you can rest. From tomorrow onwards, I will teach you the Lightning Devil Restriction Arts.”

Zhu Yao nodded, though still a little puzzled. Just as she was about to turn and leave, she was halted by him again.

“Wait a minute.” Yue Gu sized her up once more, his line of sight landed on her forehead, frowning. With a twist of  his hand, a writing brush suddenly appeared. And then, he raised his brush, and drew something on her forehead. With a satisfied expression, he said. “Done, you can go now.”

In the beginning, Zhu Yao did not know what he had done. After she walked away, and summoned a water mirror to take a look, did she find an additional ‘Ling’ word written on her forehead, and no matter what she did, she couldn’t rub it off. She thought that Yue Gu was merely using it as a substitute because she did not allow him to leave his divine imprint. So, she didn’t mind it at first. Until, when she saw that the foreheads, claws, ears, and even the buttocks of all the creatures on the mountain had the same imprint, she suddenly had the impulse to beat him into a pulp. Flips table. Was he treating her as a pet? Stamping his mark whenever he found a new one? Yue Gu, come over here. Let’s talk about life!

Yue Gu wasn’t Yu Yan. This was the definite answer she found on the second day since she arrived in the extreme northern lands. Not only did he not have any impression of her, even when she told him about the matters surrounding the Jade Forest Peak and Lightning Divine Hall, he did not have any reaction at all. Yet, he did not seem to have lost his memories either.

But, for some reason, he kept giving her a sense of familiarity. Every word and action of his was similar to her master’s. Other than his personality being a little warmer than her  master’s, and not releasing a cold aura at every turn, she kept having a feeling that she was interacting with her own master.

“Have you memorized it?” Yue Gu said with a stern expression.

“Ah?” Zhu Yao blanked, earlier, she had been distracted the entire time. “What did you say?”

Yue Gu frowned, and his voice sank. “The Circulation Art which I demonstrated earlier.”

“Oh, I didn’t listen clearly.”

Yue Gu sighed, he had no choice but to continue teaching once again. Zhu Yao attentively looked at his actions, yet, the more she looked, the more he looked like Yu Yan. Every single action of his was unexpectedly familiar.

“This time, did you see clearly?” Yue Gu asked again.

“Ah?” Sorry, she was distracted again. “Uh… No.”

“Yue Nan!” Yue Gu’s brows sharpened, turning around, he walked straight towards her. “If you are this undisciplined, how will you be able to learn?”

“Uh…” “I know you feathered races think fondly of your homes, but since you have already come under my tutelage, you must settle your heart down.”


“Your talent isn’t bad, but unfortunately, you have too many miscellaneous thoughts.”


“Do not deny. Do you know your mistake?”



“I know my wrongs, but can you stop lecturing that tree?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Looking at Yue Gu who was facing that huge tree with a disciplinary look, she was a little speechless. Earlier, he was clearing walking towards her, why did he suddenly turn to another direction and head towards that huge tree?

“…” Yue Gu was startled, and a hint of red flashed past his face for a moment, before immediately reverting back to normal. Turning around, he said with a much sterner look. “Since you know your wrongs, then gather your concentration, and work hard. In the future, your teacher will only demonstrate the arts once, is that clear?”

“I understand.” Zhu Yao nodded, and continued with a darkened expression. “But teacher, you’re mistaking me for something else again. I’m on your right. The thing in front of you is a rock.” Why did he treat that rock and tree as her? Could it be…

“Teacher, it can’t be that your eyesight isn’t good, right?”

She swore that she definitely saw Yue Gu’s face stiffen for a moment. “Nonsensical, your teacher is merely taking responsibility for your cultivation. I shall demonstrate it once more, watch carefully.”

“Ou…” Zhu Yao nodded, she wondered if it was just her imagination. After all, as an ancient God, if he actually had bad eyesight, then it would be too unbelievable. However, the following few hours, had completely verified her guess.

Fifteen minutes later…

“Yue Nan, the principles behind Devil Restriction Arts, do not lie in strength, but in binds.”

“Teacher, can you face me while you’re talking? The one in front of you is a bunny.”


Half an hour later…

“Yue Nan, you must know that the Devil race are undying, similar to your race.”

“Teacher, I’m on your left. That’s a tree stump.”

“…” An hour later…

“Yue Nan, what you’re learning is an art of sealing, not an art of destruction.”

“Teacher, I’m on your left, that’s a bunch of weed.”


Four hours later…

“Yue Nan, the trick behind this art is…”

“Teacher…” Zhu Yao deeply sighed. “I’m behind you.”

“Ahem…” A certain teacher faked a cough, and maintained his stern expression. “Your teacher has never been good at recognizing people.”

No, no, no. This wasn’t a problem about recognizing people.
He’s evidently blind. Hence, six hours later…

“You have to practice this set of sealing arts often, understand?”

“Haah…” Zhu Yao grabbed onto the person in front of her, and forcefully pulled him to her direction. “Teacher, I’m here.”

A certain teacher’s calm expression, instantly collapsed. “Disciple. I think it’s best if this teacher helps you change your imprint!”

“Scram!” So the reason why you keep wanting to place your imprint on me, is just to make it easier to recognize me? You’re taking it too far now!

This was the first time Zhu Yao knew that there was a type of face-blindness that could not discern between time, location, people, and even objects. For example, her teacher. And most of the time in her first lesson, was spent on the numerous times correcting Yue Gu’s mistake in recognizing his target.

She had also begun to slowly understand just what sort of world this place was. Just as she had guessed, this world was not the Divine Realm, nor had she ever known  of  the  existence  of this world. In this place,  the  God  races  that  had  long disappeared in her world existed. Including the Devil race.

However, the Devils had been sealed by the ancient Gods in the deep abyss of the extreme southern lands, and that place was named the Devil Sealing Abyss. And the responsibility of the four God races was to safeguard that seal, and also reseal the Devils that occasionally escape from the seal.

Zhu Yao did not know why Realmspirit had brought her to this place. And back then when she was Yin Xin, Realmspirit had even especially made her appear in two characters simultaneously. Actually, with so many Gods that possessed overflowing martial powers, there basically wasn’t a need for her, right?

Zhu Yao’s face was filled with doubts. Just as she  was planning to close the door and have a rest, raising her head, she saw Yue Gu who was circling around her courtyard.

“Teacher?” It was late in the night. Was he here to advance their teacher-student relationship? Yue Gu was startled for a moment, and then, he walked straight towards the stone table in the  courtyard. Affectionately, he reached his hand to stroke the surface of the table. “Yue Nan, so you’re the one who lives here.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She left the door and pulled him back. “Teacher, I’m over here.” Just how blind are you!

Possibly because he had already been exposed numerous times, there wasn’t a hint of embarrassment left on his face. He lightly said. “And here I was wondering why a straw cottage would suddenly appear in this forest.”

“I built it yesterday.” Zhu Yao casually said. “Teacher, do you want to come in and have a seat?”

“Good idea!” Surely, Yue Gu walked in, and calmly looked at the furniture within the house, looking like a good master who cared about his disciple’s daily quality of life. After looking for a moment, he sat in front of the table. “The place you have here is pretty well made. How did you build this straw cottage?”

“It’s very simple, just a few incantations and formations will settle the job.” This was what her master taught her in the past.

Yue Gu nodded, and then asked her a few more questions, and if she had any troubles. He then tested her on everything that he had taught her in the day. Zhu Yao answered them one after another, and then, he once again supplemented his teachings with a few new information. Zhu Yao faintly felt that him being so talkative was a little strange, but when there was no longer anything to talk about, Yue Gu was still glued to his chair, with no intentions to leave.

“Teacher… Are you not going back?” Zhu Yao had no choice, but to start chasing him away.

Yue Gu lightly swept his eyes across… the chair next to him, and still with the same light tone, said. “The place you have here is pretty well made.”

“…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and probed him. “Teacher, you can’t be thinking of living here, right?”

“Since that’s the case…” Yue Gu nodded. “Your teacher shall take up your offer.” “Ah!?” What’s going on?

“I’m going to live here.”

“Aaahhh!!??” Are you kidding me? Where’s your morals? If her teacher were to live in this place… “Teacher… I only have a single bed?”

“There’s no worry, your teacher doesn’t despise it!”

But I do! Zhu Yao hugged her chest. Even if he had the same face, she still had her principles, alright? She’s born as her master’s, and she would die as her master’s!

“It’s getting late, it’s time to rest.”

“What?” She was completely dumbfounded. She never expected that her new teacher would actually be this open- minded. In her mind, various censored and blackened images popped up. Don’t force my hand!

With a calm look, Yue Gu walked towards her… And then, calmly picked her up…


He threw her out of the house.

“I will teach you new arts tomorrow. Have an early rest.”

And then, with a bang, he closed the door.

Zhu Yao: “…”

She simply felt like cussing her heart out right now. The hell, he actually did not mistake her for something else this time.

No wait, so he was especially here to steal her house?
Highgod, do the other Gods know of how shameless you are?

Was there the need to do so? It’s just a straw cottage. He, a mighty ancient God, actually snatched it away from his disciple. It wasn’t as though he didn’t have a place to stay, after all, he clearly…

Wait a minute!

That durian spirit seemed to have said that Yue Gu lived on this mountain peak. And other than a plain field of grass on the peak, there wasn’t any other structures to be seen.


Could it be that he simply did not know how to construct buildings, and hence, had been camping outdoors the entire time? She suddenly recalled that during the first time she met him, he seemed to be really… sleeping while standing on that field of grass.

Alright. For a Highgod to live like this, teacher, you sure are an embarrassment.

Chapter185: Second Art Of Disciple Trolling

Zhu Yao was taught in the extreme northern lands for exactly a month now, and she gradually understood why Shao Bai wanted to send her here. The mystic arts and seals for every attribute were different. She had thought that after receiving the godly energy from the inheritance back then, she would have received all of the inheritance of a God.

Only later on did she find out that, the godly energy had been in her body the entire time, and following the advancement in her arts, the energy within her body would be released little by little. This was a completely different concept from absorbing divine energy and spiritual energy in her past cultivations.

One was absorbing external energy for her own use, while it was completely different for the Gods. Their bodies had sufficient energy to begin with, so they simply had to guide it out. Just like a locked treasury, the inheritance ceremony at the Terrace of Revelations merely gave her a key to open it, while the arts were telling her how to use the key to open the lock.

And all Gods specialized in sealing arts. Sealing arts were rather similar to formations, but formations usually do not differentiate between targets, while sealing arts were types of arts that were made to be effective on a certain specific type of energy. Of course, without needing to guess, sealing arts were specific arts used to deal with Devils.

Zhu Yao was secretly a little joyful. With this, if she were to encounter a Devil in the future, she wouldn’t need to be afraid of being helpless. Hence, she was learning more attentively than anytime before. Adding that she had once studied formations on Jade Forest Peak in the past, and her master specialized in it the most, she was learning at a quick pace.

Now, she could execute a simple sealing art with just her power alone.

Today, she purposefully woke up in the early morning, waiting for Yue Gu to come to class. Ever since this unreliable Highgod stole her house, she had no choice but to construct another straw cottage on the mountain peak. And because this plain field was the only one in the entire mountain, every time they had to conduct a lesson, he would have to come a long way up to teach her. Waiting at the mountain peak, she felt  as though she had searched for a private tutor, and the teaching fee was coincidentally a straw cottage.

The moment she left the house, Yue Gu was already walking up from afar. Donned in an untainted and unwrinkled white robe, every single step he took was that calm and composed, as though he had cast away all worldly desires. His eyes were facing steadily forward, and his face was expressionless. This familiar look always made her think that she was looking at her master, causing her to have the impulse of charging towards him for a kiss… if his hair wasn’t entangled by weeds on the ground, of course.

Yue Gu stopped his feet with a clatter, and turned to look at his entangled hair, frowning. And then, he turned back and continued walking forward, as though he was trying to pull his hair out using brute force.

After taking two steps, it wasn’t successful.

Heaving a sigh, he had no choice but to use his hands to grab onto the end of his hair, and forcefully pull it.

But his hair seemed to have gotten stuck, as it kept tangling onto the weeds and branches, not letting go. His frown grew a little deeper again, as he turned around and fiercely stared at that bunch of weeds, as though he was planning to use his glare to kill his target, having it to let go of his hair. When Zhu Yao was hesitating if she should step forward to help, she saw a white flash within his palm, and then, he swung it towards the end of his hair. His long hair and weeds fluttered in the air, and in an instant, his hair, which was initially touching the ground, was shortened by two centimeters. He was finally able to escape. Then, he continued to walk towards her in a light and calm manner, as though the scene earlier completely did not happen at all.

Of course, it would have been perfect if his hair hadn’t been entangled a second time…

Zhu Yao let out a deep… deep sigh.

Why are all my masters this silly and cute?

She simply could not bear to watch it any longer. Walking forward, she saved his hair from peril. Otherwise, he might shave his entire head bald by the time he reached where she was.

“Done!” Zhu Yao threw the black hair she saved back beneath his feet. Yue Gu’s eyes widened a little at that moment. He turned to glance at that bunch of weeds, and then, glanced at his own completely intact hair. The eyes he were looking at her with were instantly glowing with a little bit of praise. “Not bad!”

Not bad, my ass!

I don’t want to be praised for something like this.

“Can’t you just tie up your hair?” In this entire month, every single day, he always had his hair dragging on the ground like this. Although his hair was smooth flowing as though it had been straightened before, a situation like this where his hair was entangled had already happened a few times. Would it kill you to tie it up!?

“Tie it up?” Yue Gu was startled for a moment, his brows then began to grow into a frown again, before saying. “That method is inconvenient.”

“Impossible!” At the very least, it’s better than him getting his hair entangled every now and then. You’re just lazy, aren’t you? Yue Gu sighed, as he formed a hand seal. A light breeze blew, and in an instant, his black hair retracted and began to whirl, making a simple tied hairstyle on his head. However, not even a second later, when Yue Gu’s hand was put down, the hairstyle which was fixated by his mystic art, began to collapse like a deflating balloon. His hair began to turn into a mess bit by bit, and finally, it turned into a “bird’s nest”.

Yue Gu turned to look at his own disciple, giving her a face: See, it can’t be tied, right?

Who told you to comb your hair with a mystic art! Zhu Yao held her forehead. “So you handled your hair problem like this in the past? When it gets entangled, you cut it away?”

“That’s not always the case. Usually, I will…” Yue Gu calmly glanced at his surroundings, and said in righteous manner. “I will first clear the weeds.”

“…” She finally knew why he was called an ancient God who did not frequently appear in the world. Because the God races were no longer capable of stopping him from acting his silly ways. “Follow me.” Zhu Yao felt that if she were to continue discussing any longer, she would be driven mad by this idiot with no life skills. Pulling him along, they walked towards the house. After pondering for a moment, she turned around to bundle his long hair up, to prevent it from being entangled again.

After arriving in the house, she had him seated on a chair. She then proceeded to help tie up his black hair on his head, and after seeing that she didn’t have any hairpins, she casually picked up a pair of chopsticks at the side. She then folded his hair into two sections, and fixed up a good hairstyle for him.

“Done!” She finally dealt with this eyesore of a hair.

Yue Gu blanked for a moment. Unaccustomed to it, he shook his head a little, yet, he realized that his hair was staying in place, and wasn’t falling off. His eyes instantly widened a little. Raising his head, he glanced at her. He immediately stood up, and then, once again forcefully shook his head out of doubt. His hairstyle was still as stable as Mount Tai.

Zhu Yao felt that his entire being suddenly glowed, as though he had suddenly found a whole new world, his eyes were widely opened. Turning around, it felt like he wanted to say something to her, but he suddenly recalled that he had his pride as her teacher. Faking a few coughs, he then forced himself with all his might to speak with a calm tone. “Mn, disciple, regarding this mystic art of yours, your teacher feels that it’s really great!”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Mystic art, eh? In times like this, you still want to act cool? I have long found out that your potential in life skills is zero.

Recalling that person currently residing in the Divine Realm who had maxed out all his life skills, she instantly gave Yue Gu another ruthless red cross in her heart.

Yue Gu, who had opened up to the new world of tied hairstyles, he felt like a bundle of energy the entire day, his mood index had unexpectedly risen greatly. Other than teaching even more diligently than before, he could not help but reach out to touch his own new hairstyle the entire day, though his face still looked as calm as before. But, his careful hand gestures, and that head of his which was raised about two centimeters higher than usual, had all proved that he was so refreshed that he was unable to stop his feelings of excitement.

In regards to this situation, please do not ask Zhu Yao, who was responsible for this, for her mood. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

Ever since that day, Zhu Yao had an additional alarm clock. Every day, when the sun had just risen, Yue Gu would appear timely in front of her doorstep, requesting her to activate his tied hairstyle mode. Initially, tying his hair wasn’t really that great big of a deal. But what’s with those ridiculous excuses every single time he looked for her?

“Disciple, your teacher is here to check on your arts. Let’s first start off with that mystic art used for tying hair.”

“Yue Nan, as the saying goes, one can gain new insights through reviewing old materials. Let’s first revise on that hair tying art.”

“Disciple, do you still remember that hair tying art? Your teacher fear that you might forget it.”

“LIttle Seventh, it’s been some time since you have come to the extreme northern lands, how are your studies? Are you doing well with the hair tying art?” Everytime she heard these, Zhu Yao felt like changing the comb in her hands to a pair of scissors, so she could cut away this extremely irritating hair of his and be done with it. And, he was even arriving earlier and earlier each day. Sometimes, before the sun had even risen, he was already standing outside knocking on the door.

She wanted to ignore him as well, and just had him continue knocking on the door. However, after knocking for a while, he would actually break into her home on his own. Even if she placed down formations and used isolation arts, in front of this ancient God whose martial prowess was beyond ordinary, they were all completely ineffective.

In the end, he actually even moved the straw cottage he stole to the mountain peak, and lived next to her, so that it would be convenient for him to have his hair done whenever he wanted.

The new hairstylist Zhu Yao simply wished to ask this: Can I start cussing now?

Zhu Yao really could not understand how someone could be devoid of living skills to this extent. He did not have a place to stay, he did not know how to comb his hair… Just how did he manage to live all these years? If not for his physique of a God, he would have died of hunger a long time ago, right?

Zhu Yao fried some fish while retorting about a certain teacher in her heart. Behind the mountain peak was a pond, which was something Zhu Yao noticed after three months of being here. And, there were fish of various colors actually being raised inside the pond. Every single one of them had a mass of about dozen kilograms, and they looked very beautiful. This led her to recall of the cotton carps she saw in the past.

Because cotton carps were fish that represented prosperity, she had often seen people raising them in the modern era, but, she had never eaten them before. Not to mention, they were frighteningly expensive. When she saw them over here, she could not help but have the thoughts of eating them.

After pulling two of them up and washed them off clean, she began rack one up and fry it. She watched as the body of the fish began to reveal a brownish color, and the aroma instantly suffused into the air. In the beginning, she didn’t feel that hungry, but now, she could no longer suppress the saliva coming out from her mouth.

Just as she was prepared to take it off the fire and eat, a light breeze suddenly swept past her. A white figure instantly appeared next to her, and she suddenly had a bad premonition.

The visitor stared tensely at the fried fish on the fire rack, and said with a heavy expression. “Disciple, why are you burnt?” A water mystic art was then poured onto it. “Haah, you must have misused your fire mystic arts. How are you?”

Zhu Yao, whose efforts were wasted: “…”

Silently pulling him to turn to her direction, she once again repeated the words she had most often used nowadays. “I’m over here!” Mother’s egg, how did he recognize that fried fish as me!? Also, have you ever seen a burnt phoenix before? “That’s the fish I’m frying.”

Zhu Yao let out a long sigh, and continued to light up the fire again, hoping that the fish could still be saved.

Yue Gu blanked for a moment, and then concentrated his line of sight onto her face, his expression did not carry even the slightest of embarrassment for mistaking his disciple for something else. “Fish? What’s the use for frying it?” “Of course, to eat it.” Zhu Yao casually replied.

Yue Gu stopped talking, and once again turned to stare at that fish, the type of stare where he seemed to be glaring it to death. As though he was studying a profound problem such as ‘this thing can actually be eaten?’

Zhu Yao flipped over the fish…

He stared.

Zhu Yao added some condiments on the fish…

He stared.

Zhu Yao finished with the frying, and summoned a plate to hold it…

He stared.

Zhu Yao picked up her chopsticks, and clipped the fish… He stared.

Zhu Yao…

Alright, she didn’t have the appetite to it any longer. Sighing, she passed the plate over to him. “Teacher, do you want some?” She even placed another pair of clean chopsticks on the plate. Take some then, she’s generous, after all.

And then, Yue Gu took the entire plate along with the fish…

Zhu Yao: “…”

“Are you planning to fry the other fish as well?” Yue Gu finished the entire fish with just two to three bites, and then, he glanced at the other unprocessed fish on the shore with sparkling eyes.

Can I rebel against my teacher now?

Chapter186: There’s Always That One Idiot Who Wants To Eat You

Ever since he found out that Zhu Yao had added skill points into her culinary skill, a certain teacher decided to improve his quality of life. When teaching Zhu Yao mystic arts, occasionally, he would bring various wild animals for meals, have her cook them, and then, finish them all by himself.

In order to have a certain someone understand the importance of sharing, she purposefully stopped working for two days. In the end, Yue Gu compromised on her having to cook two portions each time, which meant her workload had now doubled. Hence, this neet who had never left his home for several tens of thousands of years, began to walk throughout the mountains for hunting expeditions. Today, he brought a rabbit, tomorrow, he brought a chicken, and the day after…

“Little Mistress, save me!” Zhu Yao looked at the durian that was approaching her, and was speechless for a moment. What’s the meaning of bringing back a durian?

“Highgod… Highgod wants to eat me. Uuuuu….” The durian spirit cried to the point that tears were oozing out from its nose. He no longer had the proud and domineering look he showed when he was introducing himself back then. The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she looked at a certain calm-looking teacher. “You’re not thinking of having me grill this today, right?”

Yue Gu raised his head, and said with a serious look. “A living creature.”

“…” As expected, she shouldn’t have harbored any hope when it came to his common sense. “This can’t be grilled.”

“That’s right, that’s right. I can’t be grilled, can’t be grilled.” The durian spirit immediately responded in agreement, Yue Gu instantly revealed a face of disappointment.

Zhu Yao: “But… it can be eaten raw.”

Durian spirit: “…”

“Little Mistress, how can you be like this? Back then, it was I who guided your path.” The durian spirit cried even more than before, as he pounced towards her leg, and cried as he rubbed against it. Zhu Yao felt that her leg was dealt with 1000 damage.

Kicking him slightly away, she then gave a certain teacher an explanation, about the differences between plants and animals that had turned into spirits, and the range of food that were edible. Only then did Yue Gu dishearteningly let go of  the durian spirit.

Yue Gu’s mood was a little depressed, and it was all due to not being able to have a meal. Hence, he decided to teach his disciple a harder mystic art today.

“Devil Smiting Inscription.” Yue Gu said with a stern expression. “This is the only mystic art in the world that can be used to directly exterminate a Devil.”

“There’s actually a method to kill a Devil?” Wasn’t it said that Devils could only be sealed?

Yue Gu nodded. “The moment the Devil Smiting Inscription is evoked, it can completely disperse the devillic core of a Devil. However…” His expression sank. “Even if that’s the case, the Devil will simply turn into regular devillic aura, and as long as it encounters another Devil, it can then be made use of. In the ancient era, the Gods had once used this art to exterminate many Devils. However, the dispersed devillic aura had actually strengthened the remaining Devils even more, which thus led to the fall of many Gods.”

So that was the reason why he was the only remaining ancient God left.

“I will be teaching this mystic art to you, but unless it’s an absolute necessity, do not evoke it.” Yue Gu instructed with a heavy expression.

Zhu Yao nodded.

Only then did he give her the details about the mystic art, and also, guide her in the circulation method of her godly energy. Zhu Yao understood why he said not to use it unless absolutely necessary. This mystic art made use of all of the godly energy in one’s body, and suppress them into a single point before releasing them all in an instant. The moment this art was evoked, at the very least, one’s godly energy would not be able to recover for three days. It’s a method that’s used to kill enemies in exchange for a large rebound. “Have you memorized it?” Yue Gu asked.

“Mn, close.” In terms of theory, she had already completely understood it.

“Since that’s the case, I will demonstrate it once for you.” Yue Gu took a few steps forward, chanted the incantation, and a white light appeared on his palm. The light grew even brighter, to the point where even the surrounding scenery turned a little blurry and unclear. Then, the white light suddenly retracted, and gathered on his palm, forming a white-colored pearl. Yue Gu’s hand moved, and that white pearl soared towards the sky, immediately followed by a white circular flash of light. Like fireworks being released in the dark night, it flashed for an instant, as though there was some sort of energy being dispersed in all directions, and then, it finally disappeared into the horizon.

“Did you see it?” Yue Gu asked.

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Are you sure what you released earlier wasn’t fireworks? A strong mystic art like this should have made a larger commotion, right? Wouldn’t blowing up the sky a little be more suitable? “Since there’s no Devils in this place, the effects naturally are not that evident.”

“I see, so it’s like shooting blanks.”

“This mystic art must definitely not be casually used.” Yue Gu pondered for a moment, before continuing with  his instructions. “This mystic art uses quite the amount of mind energy, even out of my entire lifetime, I can only barely evoke it twice.”

“Twice?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and then, turned to look at his stern and serious expression. “Teacher, you used it once earlier.”

“Oh…” Yue Gu was startled for a moment, and only realized it after. “Then I can only use it once more.”

“…” A mystic art of this level, and you actually wasted it so casually. Is that really alright? Where’s your common sense?

Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to shout out loud, grab him by the collar, and shake him into his senses. “Little… Little Mistress.” The durian spirit that left earlier, unknowingly, crawled back. Standing far, far away, it  was hiding behind a tree, and was only stretching out its stalk, glancing weakly in her direction. If Zhu Yao had already retracted her divine sense, she really wouldn’t have noticed him.

“What is it?” She was just about to give Yue Gu some lessons on common sense, you know?

The durian spirit weakly looked at Yue Gu by Zhu Yao’s side, as though he was afraid he would eat him, and cautiously said. “Someone from the Phoenix clan came. He’s waiting at the foot of the mountain. I’m here to inform you of that.”

Phoenix clan? Could it be Shao Bai? Zhu Yao departed from Yue Gu, and flew after the durian spirit.

The moment she landed on the ground, she saw a sky-blue figure standing underneath that tall, durian tree. He had a portrait-like face, his expression carried a warm enveloping smile. Zhu Yao startled for a moment from this scene, as though the moment she opened her eyes, the view in front of her would disappear with the wind. “Little sister…” He lightly called out, his voice contained an indescribable warmth and lingering emotions.

“Shao Bai.” Zhu Yao walked over, throwing away those strange emotions.

He lightly flicked his finger on her forehead, and said, acting as though he was angry. “How haughty of you, you have to call me second elder brother.”

Zhu Yao raised her head, giving him a glare, as she began to flip through her past grudges. “What? You finally found the conscience to see me?” Back then, she could forget about him playing that dirty trick to send her here, but he even placed her under the durian tree as well. That was simply unbearable.

Yet, his smile grew even deeper, as he stared focusedly on her face, and gently said. “You’re still angry?”

“Hmph. Am I that petty?” She really was that petty, though.

“Alright, don’t be angry. It’s this  second  elder  brother’s fault.” He sure admitted his mistake pretty quickly, using a tone that felt like he was coaxing a child. “See, isn’t this second elder brother here to see you now?”

Who cares? Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. Don’t treat me like a child, alright? Even though she was clearly older than him by a margin. “Why didn’t you come straight to the mountain peak?” Wasn’t he familiar with Yue Gu?

Shao Bai was startled for a moment, before pointing to the durian tree, and said. “There’s a barrier within the mountains. Unless the Far Ancient Highgod disperses it, no one else will be able to enter.”

“Oh.” No wonder he had to place her down on the durian tree back then, so it was to wait for Yue Gu’s approval in letting her in. “Then, I will look for teacher to permit you to enter.”

“No need.” Shao Bai pulled onto her hand, and with a slight amount of force, brought her to his embrace, and gave a long sigh. “Second elder brother is just here to see you, I will be leaving soon.”

“…” Zhu Yao blanked, for a moment, she had forgotten to resist. Raising her head, she looked at his satisfied expression, a strange sensation suddenly sprouted in the depths of her heart.

“Seeing that you’re alright, second elder brother feels at ease now.” His expression was filled with an unregretful look. His hand gently stroked the hair behind her back, and his eyes carried emotions as deep as the sea. “You must behave well.”

“What happened to you?” Zhu Yao faintly felt that something had happened. After a careful look, Shao Bai’s face seemed to look a little pale, and a hint of fatigue could even be seen on his forehead.

Shao Bai’s hands paused for a moment. As he slightly released her a little, his smile grew a little deeper. “What can happen to me?”

Zhu Yao frowned. “Speak human.”

“Second elder brother just wishes to see you happy.”

“…” Zhu Yao did not speak, and simply stared at him. After a while, he finally admitted defeat, sighed, lowered his forehead in line with hers. “Little sister, you’re  just  too clever…”

Zhu Yao’s expression sank. For some unknown reasons, she did not want to hear these words.

“Second elder brother is going to safeguard the Nether Abyss at the extreme southern lands.” He looked as though he did not really mind it, yet, he deeply stared into her eyes.

“Nether Abyss?” Zhu Yao blanked for a moment. Why did this name sound so familiar? After pondering for a moment, she suddenly widened her eyes. “Isn’t that the place you were trapped in before?” Never would she forget the bony and scrawny look he had back then, hence she unconsciously remembered the name of that place. “Why are you  going there?”

Shao Bai simply gave a light smile, his expression unexpectedly carried a hint of satisfaction, as he rubbed his forehead against hers a few times. Zhu Yao shrank her head a little uncomfortably. “Recently, there has been frequent movements among the Devils, and the various clans have dispatched people over as support. The Nether Abyss is even more so in a chaotic state. So, the Patriarch has dispatched me to safeguard it.”

“Why the hell you?” To put it simply, that place should be the shadow of his childhood, right!? Was it really alright to dispatch him?

His expression sank, yet, his smile did not waver. “The Nether Abyss is different from the Devil Sealing Ground. What’s being sealed there is devillic aura. If any Devil were to enter that place, it will bring about a huge disaster. I’m… rather familiar with the place.”

Zhu Yao instantly felt as though she had been pierced by something. Him bringing up these past matters so nonchalantly had made her feel even more uncomfortable. She could not help but cover that smile of his, that suddenly turned a  little blinding, with her hands. “If you don’t want to go, then don’t go. Qian Yu won’t blame you either.”

Shao Bai was startled for a moment, and for a while, he didn’t regain his senses, as though he had never expected that she would persuade him to give up. After a while, he laughed out. This time, it wasn’t that watery warm smile he had earlier, but a true smile. As he laughed, he held her head, and said. “Little sister… Heh, little sister… my dear little sister…”

Zhu Yao frowned. What’s with that face of his that looked as though it was saying she was being immature?

“Going to the Nether Abyss was my own idea.”

Alright, it seemed she had given it too much thought.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.” His expression instantly turned much relaxed than earlier, and even that small hint of fatigue had disappeared without a trace. “Once I return safely from the Nether Abyss, second elder brother will come see you again.”

Zhu Yao nodded, then suddenly, she recalled  something. “Wait a minute.”

Chapter187: The Gradually Rising Bug

She took out a cotton fabric from her storage pouch, and laid it on a huge rock under the tree. Gathering her godly energy, she started drawing on it, pondering as she continued to draw. After a little while, she finished, and then passed it to over. “This is the formation that sent us out of the Nether Abyss back then, memorize it. If something happens… You can use it to again to get yourself out.” This was the exit diagram that was formed by the guidance of that annoying “Three Realms Navigation System” back then. Afterwards, she studied it  a little, and found out that it was similar to a formation used to shatter void and space. Although she was confident of Shao Bai, there’s no harm in being prepared.

Shao Bai held onto the piece of cotton fabric, his hands seemed to be trembling a little. “This…”

“Don’t ask me how I know of this formation.” Zhu Yao interrupted him. “In any case, I can’t clearly explain it. Hold onto it.”

Only then did Shao Bai keep it, treating it like a treasure, and gave her a heavy nod. Afterwards, he conversed with her a little while more, pushed a storage pouch into her hands, before leaving reluctantly.

Zhu Yao thought that he would give her some protection- related mystic tools, but after opening the pouch, she saw that it was filled with melon seeds, dried fruits, and various other snacks.

The hell, you’re really treating me as a child, huh!?

After Shao Bai left, Zhu Yao’s worry grew. She faintly felt that something was about to happen, and feelings of anxiety and worry came pouring in from nowhere, no matter what she did, she couldn’t calm herself down. This was the first time she felt such restlessness. She clearly knew that this was strange, but no matter what, she couldn’t calm herself down.

“No need to worry.” Even Yue Gu couldn’t bear to watch any longer. “Shao Bai is different from the other phoenixes. With his abilities, safeguarding the Nether Abyss is an easy feat.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Teacher, can you speak after placing the melon seed down?” There’s simply no persuasiveness behind your words if you’re nibbling on a melon seed while talking about such  serious matters, alright?

Yue Gu’s hands paused for a moment, and obediently placed the melon seed down. He then picked up the dried fruit at the side. “Shao Bai is the only God among the four races who had come back alive from that place, this is a feat that not even the Gods in the ancient era could accomplish. From this, it can be seen how powerful his abilities are.”

“…” Haah, she just knew that the things that were prepared for her by Shao Bai would all enter his stomach. “Teacher, even you have heard of the story of Shao Bai leaving the Nether Abyss when he was young? Can you tell me the specifics?”

Yue Gu dexterously swallowed one dried fruit, picked another one up, before he slowly said. “I only know that Shao Bai is the phoenix with the best talent in the Phoenix clan in the first place. Although he’s said to be a water phoenix, the weakest out of all attributes, his godly energy cannot be compared to by anyone in the four races. Two thousand odd years ago, a Devil escaped from the Devil Sealing Grounds, with the intention to rush into the Nether Abyss to absorb the devillic aura within. Coincidentally, the Phoenix Patriarch and Shao Bai passed by, and the Phoenix Patriarch resealed the Devil, while Shao Bai unfortunately fell into the Nether Abyss.”

Zhu Yao frowned. She felt that something was strange with this incident, but as to which part of it was strange, she couldn’t discern it. She simply felt that the matter wasn’t that simple.

“You sensed that something was wrong as well?” Yue Gu glanced at her, and suddenly added. “The Nether Abyss was forcefully opened by the Devil, and the seal in that place has a flaw. Once it’s opened, if there’s no new devillic aura entering it, it will not close.”

The depths of Zhu Yao’s heart trembled for a moment, and she suddenly had a terrifying conjecture.

“The Nether Abyss must be closed, but the Devil had already been sealed, there wasn’t any devillic aura present on site, so… It can only be substituted by godly energy of the same level.” Yue Gu’s expression sank, as he uttered word by word.

“…” So Shao Bai was abandoned just like that?

“Back then,  when  Shao  Bai  fell,  it’s  not  that  the  Phoenix Patriarch wasn’t able to save him, it’s that she couldn’t…”

Zhu Yao sank. She suddenly recalled back then at the Nether Abyss, Shao Bai was so skinny to the point where only bones remained, and these were the first words he spoke to her.

“Were you abandoned as well?”

She suddenly felt a tugging pain in her heart. She could imagine just what kind of emotions he had when he asked that question. What child as young as he was, could bear being personally abandoned by his own mother? Furthermore, they were Gods, who valued families more than anything.

No wonder she felt that Shao Bai’s relationship with Qian Yu had never been close, as though something was separating them. So this was the reason.

“Shao Bai had once entered the Nether Abyss, so naturally, he’s the most familiar with devillic aura.” Yue Gu continued. “Adding that he possesses powerful godly energy himself, if it’s him, then there’s absolutely no need for you to worry at all.” Though what he said was true, when she recalled at what price he had to pay for this familiarity, she would feel uncomfortable.

In the following days, she evidently felt that her restlessness was worsening. This emotion was really too strange, yet, no matter what, she just couldn’t calm herself down. She couldn’t bear to sit down, and seemingly all of the grass on the entire mountain peak was about to be trampled by her soon, yet, she just couldn’t stop that restless feeling.

This restlessness of unknown cause, lasted for exactly seven days, and even Yue Gu had the thought of sealing her in ice to cool her impulsiveness.

Zhu Yao suddenly exceptionally yearned of her own actual master. If he was here, he would definitely calmly help her in analyzing, and finding out the cause of the problem, unlike a certain glutton. Ever since he snatched away her storage pouch, he would nibble the things inside everyday, happily like a little hamster.

When comparing the two, Zhu Yao’s heart was so frustrated, she felt like beating this teacher to a pulp. Just when could she return to her master’s side? She really wanted to return… and make love!

The most depressing thing was, she had been here for such a long time, but she had yet to see even the  bug’s  shadow.  Just what was the point of being here?

Bug, if I call out to you, do you dare to reveal yourself?

This thought rose in the depths of her heart.

Suddenly, a thunderous boom sounded, the entire earth began to shake, slanting to a particular direction. In an instant, sand and rocks flew into the air. As though the earth crust was suddenly being lifted, the entire world was shaking, and it was beginning to fall to the left. Countless mountains began to collapse, and seawater began to intrude onto the land. Trees began to bend and be torn apart as well.

And in the distant sky, there were three gradually rising letters – ‘bug’.

The hell, did it have to be such a thriller? What’s with this scene which feels as though letters were typed onto the entire world itself? And why is the bug the three letters themselves? With such a large font, is it wanting to tell me that above the seas at the other side of the mountain, a loophole appeared in the sky?

It’s not like I’m Nuwa!

I can’t mend the heavens!

“He’s awake!” Yue Gu suddenly stood up with a solemn expression, he had even stopped nibbling on the melon seeds. Turning his head, he looked towards the direction of the three letters, picked up his own disciple, and flew towards that direction.

As they approached, Zhu Yao realized those three letters were increasing in size, as though they were about to fill up the entire sky. Zhu Yao felt that just when she was about to crash into it, Yue Gu finally stopped.

After staring intensely at the empty space in front of them for a moment, he solemnly said. “In the end, you still woke up?” Zhu Yao was confused, as she searched her surroundings. Yet, she completely did not know who he was conversing with.

Suddenly, the empty space in front of them shook for a few moments. Faintly, a half-translucent gigantic figure revealed itself. Like layers of mist dispersing, that figure became clearer and clearer. Finally, what being revealed was a gigantic… turtle head.

Such a large turtle head! It was a turtle head that occupied the entire sky, and the three letters ‘bug’ were clearly printed on the top of its head. Why is the bug a turtle!?

“Yue Gu.” A bold male voice sounded, resounding like drums and gongs being struck simultaneously. With just a few short words, she felt her energy and blood tumbling, her heart tearing, and even her divine sense felt like bursting apart. Just when she felt as though she couldn’t endure it any longer, a clear intent suddenly came from behind, and the turmoil within her body was finally suppressed.

Only then did Yue Gu slowly retract his hand.

Zhu Yao looked at him with gratitude, and she secretly felt a little complicated. She had to fix a bug as huge as this? Realmspirit, you sent me here just for laughs, right!?

An illusory figure suddenly appeared above the turtle head. It was an extremely quaint and refined man. His face was very foreign, and Zhu Yao was sure that she had  never  seen  him before. But for some unknown reasons,  the  moment  she  saw him, inspired feelings poured into her heart, and even the restlessness she felt in the past few days had disappeared without a trace.

This feeling came very strangely, as though she suddenly had the largest amount of good intentions for someone, and she was a little unable to resist wanting to step forward and hug him!

She was really about to go crazy!

The man first glanced in her direction, his eyes were filled with a hint of unclear emotions. After sizing her up for a few moments, he suddenly gave her an extremely amiable smile. He then turned to look at Yue Gu by her side, and sighed. “Haah, it seems you’re the only one left.”

Yue Gu raised his head, and focused his gaze at… the bird that flew past his right, and nodded.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened, pulled his head, and turned it towards the correct position. There really was no saving his face-blindness.

“You woke up prematurely.” Yue Gu was not conscious of mistaking him for someone else in the slightest, and questioned him with a stern look. “Is it done?”

The man’s expression sank, and shook his head. After a while, he solemnly said. “She’s not ready yet.”

“Then, are there countermeasures?”

“…” The man turned silent, the grey color of defeat surfaced on his face. Zhu Yao instantly had the impulse to charge right up and console him with a few words. “I’m afraid this is the will of the heavens.”

Zhu Yao’s brows were tightly knitted, and after a long while, he let out a long sigh. It was unknown if he did it on purpose or not, but he turned to give her a glance, and then, reached out to stroke her head.

“Is this destiny then?” Yue Gu looked forward, but he wasn’t looking at anything specifically, rather, he seemed to  have fallen into a daze. “But why… why have her make  this  trip then? Is there no hints from the Revelations either?”

The man shook his head. “It’s a banished land to begin with, I doubt there will be any other…”

Before he could finish his words, suddenly, the great earth once again shook, a vague heavenly sound rang from the distant skies, countless rays of light scattered, instantly casting colorful lights upon the great earth. Far away, a rainbow-colored light was charging straight towards the skies, forming a gigantic pillar of light.

“A Revelation!” The man exclaimed, as he excitedly looked towards Yue Gu.

“Let us head over there to take a look.” As he said that, he once again picked Zhu Yao up, and flew in that direction. Zhu Yao could not help but turn her head back to take a look. That man was still standing at his original position, a hint of relief could be seen on his expression. He simply watched them leave, watching them with a smile. Beside him was an empty realm, appearing especially lonely. She suddenly felt a little sorrowful, and especially wanted to head back to converse with him.

“Teacher, wait a minute, I have something I want to talk to him about.” Zhu Yao struggled, wanting to head back. She felt that person could definitely give her an answer in regards to the strange emotions she had these recent days. But Yue Gu did not seem to have heard her, as he flew away in a flash, grabbing her along.

The hell, Zhu Yao suddenly felt like cussing out at someone.

Chapter188: Seal Released

Yue Gu flew very quickly, and they were soon approaching the pillar of colorful light. The surrounding scenery however, grew even more familiar. Only when she saw that familiar huge tree, did Zhu Yao recall the place. Wasn’t this the place where the Phoenix Clan was living in?

However, the huge tree that penetrated through the clouds and touched the sky before, currently had already been bent and torn apart. Only half of the tree trunk still stood erect, while the air was concentrated with the sand and dust that swirled up from the collapse of the huge tree.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Yao and Yue Gu were both startled for a moment.

The Phoenix clan’s Parasol Tree, the Dragon clan’s Dragon Abyss, and the Qilin’s Sky Supporting Pillar, were unique existences in the world, divine structures birthed and nurtured by the heaven and earth. Theoretically speaking, a place like this, no matter how big a disaster were to happen, it would be impossible for a collapse to occur. However, right before their eyes, the Parasol Tree had fallen. Zhu Yao grew even more worried. Earlier, just what in the world was that earthquake? To actually bring about such an outcome…

“Let’s first head to the Terrace of Revelations.” Yue Gu frowned. After giving the half remaining Parasol Tree a glance, he flew straight towards the skies above. Above the sky, a gigantic pillar of colorful light was emitting out its radiance. And at the center of the pillar of light, was exactly the place which she had received her inheritance from – the Terrace of Revelations.

When they arrived, the Terrace of Revelations was already filled with the various Gods that had rushed over. Dragons, phoenixes, and qilins. Not a single one of them were missing. Without exceptions, every single one of them was looking at the pillar of light in the sky with astonished looks.

Bringing her with him, Yue Gu directly descended at the most center position.

The crowd was first startled, before giving their greetings one after another. “Greetings to the Highgod.” Even Patriarch Qian Yu was respectfully bowing towards him. Her gaze landed on Zhu Yao who was by his side, and her eyes instantly brightened a little. Zhu Yao waved her hand, as a way of greeting her. After a careful look, probably because it had only happened just recently, most of the Phoenix clansmen had arrived, but Shao Bai was still nowhere to be seen. It seemed he was still at the Nether Abyss.

“Highgod, a Revelation has suddenly appeared in this world. Do you know of the reason?” The Dragon Patriarch took a step forward and asked.

Yue Gu raised his head, and looked towards the pillar of colorful light. Yet, he did not answer his doubts, instead, he took a step forward, and stood at the center of the formation. “We will know after looking at it.”

A red glow once again lighted up within the formation. Four inheritance stones corresponding to the different races once again appeared at the sides of the pillar of light.

Just like before, the former three inheritance stones were still emitting light like a curtain of light, and the diagrams on them still remained the same. While the fourth inheritance stone was also… The hell. Why did words suddenly appear on it? And they were even neatly printed in a row…

“Press me, press me, press me, press me…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She weakly took a step back, and calmly continued to watch the pillar of light. Pressing it would definitely lead to bad outcomes. Only someone silly would press it.

Yue Gu suddenly raised his hand, and slammed onto that piece of black stone.

“…” What happened to the promised tacit understanding between a master and his disciple?

The moment he slapped onto it, the ink-black stone earlier, suddenly lighted up with a green glow. As though it had been activated, the black color completely disappeared. What’s mysterious was that there still wasn’t any diagram on it. The glow grew even brighter, and it finally gathered into a sphere. Like a projection, it struck straight towards the pillar of light in front of it. In an instant, rows of what seemed to be runes that were alive, slowly revealed themselves. Those were words in a language she had never seen before. They looked like the oracle bone scripts she once saw in a museum, but…

The hell, she was actually able to understand them.

Just like having a translator suddenly being installed in her brain, even though they looked foreign in her eyes, in her mind, the correct meaning of the words automatically appeared.

“Bearing the will of the lord, the Gods and Devils will arrive, the golden age of the Ancient Era will open, responsibility of the Three Realms will be taken, and an eternal sacred ground will be created.” Someone softly said the words written above.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. Earlier, she didn’t really feel it, but after it was said out loud, she suddenly recalled. Weren’t these the words Realmspirit told her before? Could this be the Revelation Realmspirit was talking about?

“Nirvana and rebirth. Banishment and  return.  Everything will begin with a profound beginning. Everything will end with a profound end.” That person continued. The latter few words sounded a little foreign. Zhu Yao, who had switched away from her occupation as a literature teacher, pondered. What does this mean?

“Highgod, what does these few words mean? Is it related to the unnatural movements earlier?” Someone expressed his doubts.

Knowing that she wasn’t the only one who was illiterate on site, Zhu Yao calmed down.

The Qilin Patriarch asked with a pleading look. “I wonder what the warning the Heavenly Dao have given us this time…”

Yue Gu frowned even deeper. Turning around, he swept his eyes at the three Patriarchs, and after awhile, he said with a solemn voice. “The will of the Revelations this time, is something I’m unable to interpret either.”

The three faces instantly turned a little pale, and they evidently looked a little anxious.

Qian Yu: “Then what’s the best course of action now? Even the Parasol Tree has fallen.”

Qilin Patriarch: “Yes, even the Sky Supporting Pillar has suffered heavy damages, it won’t last for long.”

Dragon Patriarch: “Our Dragon Abyss as well…”

“What’s supposed to come, will always come in the end.” Yue Gu suddenly added these words. “Everyone, it’s best to put safeguarding the Sealing Grounds as priority. In regards to the will of the Revelations, once I have interpreted it, I will inform your various clans.”

“Highgod’s words are right.” The three let out long sighs, before nodding one after another.

A fire phoenix suddenly flew over, charging straight towards the Terrace of Revelations. For unknown reasons, that fire phoenix came flying over in his original form, and when he descended, he did not take up his human form, but collapsed right onto the Terrace of Revelations.

In an instant, a rich smell of blood filled the entire Terrace of Revelations.

“Yu Ming!” Qian Yu recognized this phoenix from her clan, and took a few steps forward to aid him in returning to his human form. However, the blood on his body was still flowing like free money. “Why are you…”

“Patriarch.” He grabbed onto Qian Yu’s arm, completely ignoring his own injuries, and heavily panted. “The seal… The seal of the Devil Sealing Grounds has already been broken through…”

The faces of everyone present instantly changed.

Yue Gu was the first to react. Picking up Zhu Yao beside him, he galloped towards the southern direction, his speed was so quick, the scenery next to them turned into streaks of broken images.

Only after a few moments later did Zhu Yao finally regain her senses. He was heading towards the Devil Sealing Grounds at the extreme southern lands. Earlier, that phoenix said that the seal has been broken? Could it be the seal used to seal the Devils? Her heart instantly clenched. Does it have to be this violent? That place is where all the Devils between the heaven and earth are sealed in, if all of them were to be released, wouldn’t that be bad?

But why did her teacher bring her along? Although she did not mind fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Phoenix clan, she seemed to have trained in her mystic arts for only a few months. What’s the use of someone as half-baked as her? She was rather professional at holding people back though.

Teacher, are you in need of a cannon fodder?

Yue Gu simply had no time to care about his disciple’s frustrations, as he flew even faster. Zhu Yao had never experienced such terrifying speed. If Gods did not possess an innate godly radiance that protected their bodies, she would have long been pressed into a pie by the air pressure. Let’s not forget about the countless flashes of broken images in their surroundings.

She felt that she was a little motion sick. Urgh… I feel like vomiting.

Fifteen minutes later, Yue Gu finally stopped. Before Zhu Yao could suppress the disgusting feeling in her mouth, she was dumbfounded by the tragic scene in front of her eyes. Fresh blood flowed like river all over the place. No matter was it the sky, or the earth, the place was filled with the figures of various God races. Qilins, dragons, and phoenixes.

Every single one of them were already in their original forms, using all their might to attack the dancing darkness in front of them. There were even some whose godly energy had been depleted, and were unhesitatingly using their own bodies, directly making use of their God’s bloodline that had innate suppression effects against their opponents.

In front of them, within a boundlessly large curve-shaped curtain of light, countless of dark shadows wanted to charge over, only to be blocked by the curtain of light. Occasionally, they would reveal several terrifying distorted faces.

“Highgod!” Someone noticed Yue Gu who suddenly appeared, and exclaimed out. Expressions carrying hints of excitement and hope surfaced in this tragic-filled place.

“How’s the situation?” Yue Gu cast an art. The curtain of light that had formed cracks from the clashes with the Devils earlier, instantly restored to its former look. “The Devils have already broken through the first layer seal. The second layer seal doesn’t seem like it can sustain much longer either.”

Yue Gu frowned deeply. Looking at the realm in front of him that had already turned into complete darkness, he tightened the grip in his hands, and said with a stern look. “The seal must be restored. All of you, safeguard this place.”

After saying that, he charged right into the large base of the Devils, who were crazily crashing themselves into the curtain of light.

“Teacher…” Zhu Yao tapped on his shoulder.

Yue Gu turned around, he first had a surprised look, followed by a furious expression. “What are you doing here?”

“Didn’t you pull me in?” She did not even have the time to react, alright?

He was startled for a moment. Lowering his head, he looked at the two interlocked hands, and sank into silence for two seconds. “Mn, work hard.”

“…” ‘What the hell’ was written all over Zhu Yao’s face.

The moment they entered, she felt a sinister cold instantly enveloping her entire body. Anger began to surface in the depths of her heart out of nowhere, as though she had encountered her mortal enemy, and could not suppress the intentions to attack them. Was this a God’s instincts?

“Eh? There’s actually still more who dare come to court death?” A sharp, surprised voice suddenly sounded beside her ears, yet, she couldn’t find a physical body, and could only see a dancing black shadow.

“Such bravery. It seems we have to give a proper welcome.”

“Hohoho… How are we going to kill them?”

“Oh, it’s a phoenix? Why don’t we first pluck out all her feathers.” The hell! Zhu Yao instantly felt her violence meter surging right up. Raising her hand, she swept it in all directions, releasing countless of lightning lights, crackling without limits. This old lady here hates others bringing up the matter of her feathers the most.

“Lightning! She actually possesses the lightning attribute.”

An exclamation sounded from within the darkness, and it faintly carried a cry of misery.

Yue Gu did not idle as well. The moment the lightning lights appeared, with a twist of his hand, a golden light emitted out from his body, dispersing throughout the surroundings. The realm which was pitch-black earlier, was instantly brightened up by a golden radiance. Even that sinister cold feeling had dispersed quite a bit as well.

A distorted black shadow came attacking towards them, and with another twist of his hand, that black shadow instantly turned into black mist.

Only then did Yue Gu have the time to care about the disciple whom he accidentally brought in. “Since you have already entered, then accompany me in restoring the seal.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao blanked. “Me?”

Hoho, you must be joking. “Teacher, I don’t know how though?”

“Offering Seal Art. That’s the first layer seal.”

Offering Seal. An incantation, and the corresponding method of evoking it surfaced in her mind.

“Do you recall now?”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. “Yes, but…”

“Coincidentally, there’s two extreme points to the seal. I will head left, and you will head right. Go on then.”

“Ehhh…” Let her finish, hey. She knew the method, but that mystic art could only be cast on a squared meter area each time, at the very most, it could only seal a single Devil. The one in front of her eyes was evidently a mass production, she couldn’t handle something like that!

But, a certain figure had already disappeared in front of her.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Chapter189: Godly Energy Online Recharging Service

Since it had turned out like this, Zhu Yao had no choice but to bite the bullet. The boundary within was broad, and the further she went, the sinister cold air she felt grew denser. Possibly because of Yue Gu’s mystic art earlier, her line of sight was much clearer.

Zhu Yao cast a few defensive mystic arts on herself, and with her quickest speed, flew in the direction Yue Gu stated. Occasionally, there would be black shadows flying towards her, and she would unceremoniously guide lightning bolts towards them, dispersing them instantly. These were all Devils who had yet to completely escape from the seal, their abilities were not complete, so she was dealing with them rather comfortably.

In the beginning, she was a little worried that she couldn’t find the extreme point of the first layer seal. After entering the depths, she realized that she had put too much thought into it. That place was flashing with red light, and was covered with floating runes containing god’s might. It would be hard for it not be recognized as the seal’s extreme point.

She instantly descended at the very center, and the place was already turning rather dark. After approaching, she realized that the surroundings of the extreme point, there were already many gigantic corpses lying around. There were dragons, qilins, and even phoenixes. The ground filled with fresh blood even dyed the glow of the seal in red.

These Gods must had sacrificed themselves in order to protect the seal. Zhu Yao’s heart was tugged for a moment, as though something was obstructing it, causing her to feel depressed. Gritting her teeth, she suppressed her tumbling emotions and the fury that filled her heart, and began inspecting the extreme point of the seal.

The so-called extreme point of a seal, was actually similar to the core of a formation, providing the effects of enhancing the seal itself, yet, it’s also the weakest position of the entire seal. After inspecting it, she realized that the damage to this extreme point wasn’t huge, and had merely lost godly energy, which resulted in the discontinuation of its functions. As long as she provide some repairs, and insert sufficient godly energy, then it would be done.

Zhu Yao did not hesitate any further, and instantly repaired the defective parts. Then, she set down various types of defensive formations around her, before proceeding to stand at the center and cast hand seals, inserting godly energy to activate the seal. The moment she began, Zhu Yao regretted it. Initially, the Offering Seal Art did not require that much godly energy. However, she never expected that this seal’s extreme point would be this powerful. The moment she inserted her godly energy, like a pebble sinking into an ocean, she wasn’t even able to create a single wave.

But, she just couldn’t stop right now. If the insertion of godly energy were to be interrupted, the seal would immediately collapse.

I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!

Just which part of her did her teacher determine that she could succeed in this task?

What should she do now? Could it be that she had to wait for Yue Gu to finish restoring the seal on the other side, and then had him switch places with her? Would she able to last till then?

“Heheheh… Look what I found?”

A sinister cold male voice suddenly rang, and the surroundings instantly turned dimmer.

One word surfaced in Zhu Yao’s mind. Crap.

An illusory figure, darker than black, suddenly appeared five meters away from her. Yet, there were wisps of black mist circling his surroundings. Such a dense amount of devillic aura. Evidently, this Devil had completely escaped from the seal, and had even already restored a large half of his devillic energy.

“I never expected that there would be another living one here, and it’s even a phoenix.”

That male voice was filled with provocative intentions. Every sound he made seemed to carry a bone-piercing chill, drilling into her bones bit by bit. Zhu Yao’s body could not help but tremble. The anger meter in the depths of her heart was suddenly fully charged, and she could not control her thoughts of wanting to initiate an attack.

Zhu Yao knew that this was an instinct engraved in the bloodline of Gods, an instinct which would not stop till she killed or be killed by the Devil. However, currently, she could not move, and had no choice but to desperately suppress that urge, as she focused on activating the seal.

That black shadow instantly floated two steps closer, and slowly condensed a black ball. “Since you’re the only one left, why don’t I send you off?”

The moment his voice fell, that black devillic ball  flew towards her. Zhu Yao instinctively wanted to dodge, but she resisted it. The devillic ball was blocked by the formation a meter away from her, which she had prepared beforehand, and the ball instantly dispersed.

“Eh?” That Devil was a little astonished. “You sure have some capabilities, no wonder you’re able to live till now.” The black shadow instantly turned several times larger. A sinister wind swept past, and several hundreds of black icicles, endlessly and simultaneously, flew straight towards the defensive formation.

Although this formation of hers was effective, it wouldn’t be able to endure consecutive attacks like this. With a crackle, it collapsed like shattered glass. Just as the remaining icicles were about to fly towards her, countless of lightning sparks instantly turned into an arc, and protected Zhu Yao at its center. Fortunately, she had made secondary preparations, and had set down two formations.

“You actually possess the lightning attribute.” That Devil was startled for a moment, followed by a cold snort. “Let’s see how long you can last, shall we?”

The barrage of black icicles grew even more concentrated, as they flew straight towards the lightning sparks. The lightning formation which Zhu Yao had prepared, was a miniature version of the ‘Nine Revolutions Five Paths Lightning Formation’ that was placed outside the Lightning Divine Hall back then. Although she used her godly energy to place this down, raising its might, due to the lack of time, she did not make it as perfect as the one from Lightning Divine Hall, and let’s not forget that right outside was a Devil.

As expected, after a while, the Devil saw that it wouldn’t fall after a long barrage of attacks. He suddenly released a devillic aura that filled the sky, enshrouding her formation, as though he was trying to use the devillic aura to swallow lightning sparks.

No matter how strong her formation was, the amount of godly energy she supplied at the start was limited. Adding that she had purposely saved some energy to restore the seal, not even a moment later, the lightning sparks began to dim. And the sinister presence of the devillic aura had caused her God’s instinct to surge to the maximum limit. Her entire body was reacting strongly, and she had the impulse to exterminate him at every possible second, yet, she had no choice but to suppress it.

Watching as the lightning sparks slowly dispersed, the devillic aura instantly stretched out a long black thorn, piercing inwards.

It’s the end. She was about to become a hedgehog.

Just when that long black thorn was about to touch her, suddenly, purple flames descended from the skies, instantly burning the devillic aura completely. When Zhu Yao raised her head to take a look, in the not distant sky, a gigantic phoenix whose body was enveloped in flames was flying high above. The flames earlier were shot out by him.

After the large phoenix saved her, he then immediately flapped her wings in the direction of the Devil. In an instant, the surroundings of the Devil were also set ablaze with intense, purple flames. Zhu Yao heard a miserable cry, and that black shadow’s figure turned lighter in the flames.

“Little Seventh, are you alright?” A familiar male voice, carrying an anxious and perturbed tone, asked.

Zhu Yao blanked for a moment, and then widened her eyes. “Little Sixth?”

That phoenix instantly stopped three meters away from her, and said with a solemn voice. “You should be calling me sixth elder brother. Why are you here?”

“Teacher wants me to restore the seal.” Zhu Yao flipped through her fast-forwarded four hundred years of memories, and recalled that Little Sixth seemed to have spent his entire time guarding the extreme southern lands. They had only met once at the inheritance ceremony. She never expected that he would recognize her.

“Since that’s the case, I will guard you.” He fluttered  his wings, though he did not have the intention to return to his human form. In their surroundings, the same type of flames once again burned, and the devillic aura was instantly dispersed quite a bit. Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. With someone guarding her, then she could focus on inserting godly energy.

She did not know if it’s because the battle earlier had aroused the attention of the other Devils, or if it’s because they had sensed that someone was trying to restore the seal, more and more Devils were gathering in their direction. In the beginning, Little Sixth was still taking it rather easy. With the increase in number of enemies, he was slowly beginning to fall into a disadvantage.

Zhu Yao however, could only rush on her end. The most important thing was, the godly energy within her body was already running out, and there’s a faint feeling of it being emptied anytime soon. But there still wasn’t any reaction from the freaking seal’s extreme point. If this kept up, both of them would die.

A few minutes later, Little Sixth was not able to dodge an attack in time, and was struck by the Devils. One side of his wings instantly drooped down, and fresh blood gushed out.

With a bang, he fell onto a place not far away from her. “Little Sixth!”

He did not stop on the ground for too long, forcefully flapping his other wing, he instantly attacked the Devils in front with several of his feathers. “I’m fine.”

“You, leave this place…” And get my teacher over here.

“Little sister!” However, he suddenly interrupted his words. “Don’t worry, sixth elder brother will protect you well.” The flames in his entire body changed, turning into a sky-blue color. His voice however, sank a little. “And also… Little sister. I’m sorry.” After saying that, he charged towards the Devils.

“The hell!” Zhu Yao could not help but cuss out. I simply wanted you to call for reinforcements! Why is it so hard to communicate with the birds in this world?

And also, he was apologizing for that time while she was still in the egg shell, right? Because of his one push, it caused her to be born prematurely, and thus, she wasn’t able to grow out her feathered tail even till now. This old lady never blamed you for it, so why the hell are you being so desperate and apologizing!? This was not the time to act out of impulse, and Zhu Yao did not have the time to call him back for a talk either. She could only hurry and activate this seal, so that the two of them could be saved.

Zhu Yao desperately inserted godly energy inside, hoping that her godly energy would be sufficient in activating the seal. In the depths of her heart, she chanted over and over again. It must activate, it must activate…

She was already sensing that the godly energy within her body was close to being emptied, and when she could no longer release even a drop of godly energy, the seal still did not react.

Zhu Yao placed both of her hands on the center of the seal, and at that moment, she suddenly felt like crying. How could this happen? Just who the hell designed this extreme point? It’s definitely not logical at all? Could it that she was going to disconnect here and log into her new version?

She could not feel content about it!

If only she had a little more godly energy. Suddenly, she felt her body warming up. The godly energy that had been depleted earlier, surged greatly in an instant, endlessly appearing in her body.

Zhu Yao was completely stunned.

The heavens were suddenly treating her so well, and she couldn’t react at all.

Not having the time to think, while she inserted the godly energy that suddenly appeared into the seal, she carefully sensed the flow of the replenished godly energy. She then realized that this pool of godly energy that suddenly appeared was being sent from the bottom of her feet. This pool of godly energy was quaint and vigorous, and she evidently sensed that this energy did not belong to her, yet, it carried an intimacy which she couldn’t express in words.

Her own body was not doing anything, but the godly energy seemed to have its own will, endlessly pouring into her, and then, it quietly and obediently stayed within her body, before it was inserted into the seal under her guidance.

It can’t be!? Could it be that there’s an online recharging service for godly energy as well?

Zhu Yao felt that her brain wasn’t functioning really well.

With this pool of godly energy, in less than fifteen minutes, the seal was completely activated.

Gigantic engraved runes instantly appeared beneath her feet, and then, they stretched in all directions. They instantly covered all of the area within her line of sight, and wherever the runes went, the devillic aura would completely disperse away.

Until the runes had reached half of the realm,  converging with the similar-looking runes on the other side.

A gigantic formation instantly appeared in the sky, it was round in shape, and was split into black and white,  looking quite similar to the diagram of Tai Chi. That formation began to rotate at high speeds, and in her surroundings, various sharp and terrifying cries sounded. A gigantic black vortex appeared in mid-air, and within the vortex were all the Devils that had broken through the seal. They seemed to be trapped by the vortex, as they swirled upwards. Finally, they disappeared into the core of the formation in the sky.

In less than half a moment, a clear sky was restored, and the devillic aura had dispersed completely.

It was finally done! Sounds of applause should be heard right about now.

Chapter190: Approaching Irregularity

The seal of the Devil Sealing Grounds was restored, and the Devils had once again been sealed. However, this time, the losses made by the God race were miserably heavy. Among the clansmen who were sent by the various races to guard the place, eighty to ninety percent of them lost their lives, and only a small number of them survived. It must be known that those who were qualified to guard the sealing grounds, were clansmen who possessed extraordinary godly powers within their respective clans. This escape made by the Devils had greatly diminished the strength of the God races. If another one were to occur, they wouldn’t be this fortunate to have the seal restored again.

Zhu Yao had overexerted her godly energy. Though it was strangely replenished after that, it after all wasn’t her own godly energy. After the activation of the seal, the godly energy disappeared, and she was unconscious for two whole days. When she woke up, she realized she had returned to the straw cottage in the extreme northern lands.

Zhu Yao was a little worried about Little Sixth’s injuries, and had wanted to ask her teacher for a vacation leave. However, when she returned to the Parasol Tree to take a look, she still couldn’t find even Yue Gu’s shadow after searching all around the place. Was ‘occasional disappearance’ a prerequisite skill for every master?

Without any ideas in mind, she could only meditate and recuperate. When the sun began to set, she finally saw a figure flying back from the far skies. A moment later, he had already descended in front of her, and there was even another person standing next to him.

“Little sister.” The person who came back with him was Shao Bai. The moment he landed on the ground, he hastily walked towards her, his expression carried several hints of restlessness. “Why have you gotten up? How’s your body? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” He pulled her and began to carefully inspect her body.

Zhu Yao pressed down his hand. “Shao Bai, why have you come?”

Only then did he reveal a light smile, and his expression recovered that familiar warmth. Reaching out his hand, he helped her tidy up her hair. “I have already been here for two days. You’re injured, so why wouldn’t I come?” “I’m fine.” Zhu Yao gave him a relieved smile.  “Just  that  I have overused my godly energy, I will be fine in a few days.”

“Overused your godly energy?” Shao Bai’s expression paled, as he immediately pulled her hand and measured her pulse.

“Don’t worry, I have pretty much recovered.” She had already tested it herself when she woke up. More than half of her godly energy had been restored, at least fifty percent of her battery had been charged.

Shao Bai measured for a few moments, yet, his brows sunk even deeper, and his expression became even more complicated. The corner of his lips moved, as though he wanted to give her a small lecture, but in the end, he merely let out a sigh.

“Yue Nan.” Yue Gu walked over as well, his expression looked stern. With a serious look, he said. “You have done well for this incident.” With praising intentions, he raised his hand, and gently stroked the head in front of him. “Although you were a little slow, you still managed to restore the seal.”

Yue Gu did not praise people often, at the very least, this was the first time she saw him praising someone so directly ever since she went to the extreme northern lands. Zhu Yao was a little happy.

If his hand had not landed on Shao Bai’s head, the effect would have been better.

Zhu Yao evidently saw Shao Bai’s face, which was filled with a warm smile, stiffen for a moment. Silently passing Shao Bai an apologetic gaze, she pulled down a certain person’s evil paw. Sorry, he hasn’t taken his meds today.

“Have a good rest these few days, there’s no need to rush in learning your mystic arts.” Yue Gu gave her a few instructions, and then nodded towards Shao Bai. Then, he turned around and left, so that he wouldn’t interrupt these siblings catching up.

“Shao Bai. About the Phoenix clan…” Zhu Yao asked a little anxiously.

“Call me second elder brother.” Shao Bai flicked his finger on her forehead, before answering. “Don’t  worry,  it’s manageable.” “Then what about Little Sixth?” Recalling the prejudice Shao Bai had towards Little Sixth, she could not help but add a few words. “This time, when I was restoring the seal, I  was fortunate to have Little Sixth guard me, otherwise… He was injured because of me.”

As expected, his expression sank a little, though, at the very least, he did evidently frown like before as he stroked her head. “I know.” Taking a deep breath, his smile grew even warmer, as he moved away from the topic. “Second elder brother has brought you some things.” With a twist of his hand, he summoned a basket. “It’s everything that you like to eat.  If there isn’t enough, second elder brother will get more of them for you…”

Before he could even finish, a white figure flashed beside them. Yue Gu, who had yet to walk far away, had made an u- turn, and blew himself back like a gust of wind. He stared deeply at… the basket in Shao Bai’s hands.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Shao Bai: “…” Yue Gu: “You two can continue.” He’s just staring.


Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. This ancient glutton! Letting out a deep sigh, she took the basket off Shao Bai’s hands. A certain pair of eyes then instantly shifted to where her hands were. Zhu Yao could even feel that her fingertips were turning hot from his stares, and she had no choice but to pass it over to him.

A certain person took it with a satisfied look, and gave her a ‘good disciple’ gaze. Casually, he scooped up a dried fruit, and nibbled on it with a noble and glamorous look, while turning his head to look at Shao Bai’s hands, as though he was waiting for him to pull out something again. He no longer brought up any intentions of leaving.

Teacher, where’s your morals as an ancient God? She really wanted to severe their teacher and student relationship.

Under these intense stares, Zhu Yao simply could not make small talk with Shao Bai without being distracted, let alone removing the knot in her heart regarding Little Sixth. Shao Bai hastily left her a few words, and then headed off. Before he left, he passed her a wooden carved bracelet. “This is made by the wood of the Parasol Tree, and it can be used to suppress devillic aura. Remember to wear it at all times.” After saying that, he purposefully moved closer to her ear, and sent a voice transmission. “Don’t worry, second elder brother prepared another bag of them in the bracelet.”

After saying that, he even gave a meaningful glance at Yue Gu, and then reluctantly walked away. Zhu Yao was speechless. Just why did he think that she liked eating snacks?

Five days later, Zhu Yao’s godly energy had completely recovered, and there was a faint feeling of it increasing in capacity. Just as she was getting pumped up and planning to give everything she had, Yue Gu began to slack off. Not only did he not teach her any mystic arts, he neglected his duties, and brought her on hunting expeditions all around the mountain all day. As long as he spotted a living creature, he would catch it and request her to cook it.

“Teacher, that’s a grasshopper, it can’t be eaten.”

“Teacher, that’s a snake. It’s poisonous.” “Teacher, can you let that sparrow go? It’s not even as large as your palm yet.”

“Teacher, release that panda. You really can’t eat that.”

“Teacher, it’s true you can eat apples, but that one has already turned into a spirit. Can’t you see it crying?”

“Teacher…” Zhu Yao let out a deep sigh. Resigning to her fate, she took out the bag of snacks from the storage bracelet, and passed it to him with her two hands. I will be honest and turn this over to higher management, alright? So please, conduct your lessons.

Yue Gu was startled for a moment, before receiving it with a calm look. He took out a dried fruit, and finished it in two bites. “Disciple, from tomorrow onwards, why don’t you teach your teacher how to tie his hair?”

“Eh?” Was this for real? Wasn’t he unwilling to learn because he always had clumsy hands?

Why did he suddenly have a change of mind? Yue Gu closed the bag, and placed it back onto her hands. Suddenly, the corners of his lips curved up. “Your teacher suddenly wants to learn it.”

“…” What?

Yue Gu said with a stern look. “Your teacher has always not mind about things when it doesn’t concern his physical condition. But I can’t always have you help me.”

Zhu Yao looked at the bag of snacks on her hands, and then glanced at his smiling expression. She could not help but reach out to touch his forehead. Her teacher couldn’t possibly this normal.

“Teacher, you don’t have a fever, right?”


Three days later, Zhu Yao really felt that Yue Gu was having a fever. Not only did he not snatch her snacks out of nowhere, he even took the initiative to learn the various life skills. From hairstyling, to cooking, and to making various living necessities. And she had even recently learnt how to do make-up.

Although the hair he tied would mostly end up like a chicken’s nest, the dishes he cooked would all turn charred black, the various furniture would be missing an arm or a leg, and the things he sewed would all turn into torn cloth, he seemed to have suddenly understood the importance of life skills, as he was learning them especially seriously.

Furthermore, he was determined in not having her intervene, he had rather have a chicken’s nest on his head every day and have it shake everywhere. No matter what, he was insistent on doing it on his own. This sudden change in personality had made Zhu Yao suspect if his body had actually been taken over, if not for the same, calm “it’s not me who did it” expression he had no matter how many times he failed.

Zhu Yao thus spent every day watching him fail on various tasks, and of course, she had put aside the matter of learning mystic arts.

Just who was the master, and who was the disciple here?

This situation  lasted  for  a  month,  and  it  only  began  to improve when the three Patriarchs suddenly came to the extreme northern lands.

The three Patriarchs came this time to first ask about the matter regarding the Revelation that day. Back then, Yue Gu once promised that he would inform the various clans once he made a conclusion. The second matter, however, was a grave matter that was causing everyone to feel great fear and unease.

For some unknown reasons, ever since the incident where the Devils broke through the first layer seal of the Devil Sealing Grounds, not a single one of those Phoenix clansmen who died on the frontlines had yet to resurrect even till now. Initially, a phoenix whose lifespan was depleted would resurrect from the flames of Nirvana. However, a month had passed, yet not a single one of those phoenixes who passed away had summoned the Nirvana’s flames.

And not just that, even the children of the Dragon clan had encountered problems. The dragon eggs within the Dragon Mountain had long reached their dates of birth, yet, the little dragons within their eggs still had yet to break out from their shells. And the presences within were growing weaker each day, as though they could disappear at any moment. Although the qilins had always been given birth through the mothers’ wombs, and it was still unknown if there’s any birth crisis, seeing that two out of three God races had encountered problems, they could not help but feel flustered as well.

Yue Gu was the only remaining ancient God in the world. If there’s anyone who could give them answers for this strange phenomenon, it could only be him. Hence, after a lengthy discussion, the three Patriarchs decided to visit the extreme northern lands.

“Highgod, the bloodline of the God races cannot be severed. Without the protection of the God races, I’m afraid the Devils will no longer have any obstacles once they return to the world.” Qian Yu carried a heavy expression, her brows clearly showed her anxiety.

Unfortunately, even Yue Gu was unable to give them an answer. He simply raised his head and looked into the distant skies, letting out a light sigh. “Everything is dictated by the Heavenly Dao. Even we are powerless to resist it.”

The three Patriarchs could only return with disappointment on their faces. Seeing the three ashen figures, Zhu Yao faintly felt a little depressed. Generations of the three God races had guarded the seal for so many years, and in the end, they had to welcome the crisis of the end. No matter who it was, he or she wouldn’t be able to wrap their heads around it.

“Teacher, is there really no way?”

Yue Gu turned his head, and stared at her for a few moments. He then reached out his hand to stroke her head, and gently said. “There might be one, and there might not be one…”


Zhu Yao did not understand. However, in the following days, the situation seemed to have grown even worse. The earthshaking situation that happened before, occurred once again. It was as though the entire world was shaking. Back then during such a situation, the Parasol Tree fell, and the Devils even broke out from the seal.

This time, she still did not know what the consequences were, but evidently, they wouldn’t be too hopeful either. However, her teacher was not as anxious as before. Instead, he stayed in the extreme northern lands with a calm look, seriously practicing his messy life skills. And, he even became especially tolerant with her, as though his “disciple trolling” buff had been removed. Not only had he evidently improved from his studies, he was beginning to worry about her when it came to living necessities. He was becoming more like her actual master Yu Yan.

Zhu Yao felt that this was a little strange. She had an inkling that there was something wrong with his attitude, but she couldn’t put it into words.

But she was beginning to grow restless. It was impossible for the Devil Sealing Grounds to be completely intact, and she was worried about Little Sixth and Shao Bai. Thus, she  tried bringing up the topic of heading over there to take a look.

Yue Gu stared at her for a long while, to the point where she thought that he was going to object her decision.  However, what she got in reply was a heavy sigh. “Do you truly want to go?”

She nodded. Yue Gu turned solemn, and the eyes he was looking at her with was mixed with various emotions, which was hard to discern by others. Finally, he still reached out to stroke her head, and said these two words. “Go then.”

Zhu Yao’s mixed emotions miraculously calmed  down, though, even after flying out of the extreme northern lands, she still could not understand what’s the meaning behind the look in his eyes. Raising her head, she looked at the approaching skies, and for some reason, she suddenly recalled the man who was standing on top of that gigantic tortoise head. Her feet stopped, and then, she turned and headed in that direction.

She did not know why she wanted to head there either. But she faintly sensed that she would able to obtain the things she wanted over there.

As she approached that place, all the events that happened ever since she first came into this world suddenly appeared in her mind. When she broke out of the egg shell prematurely, the inheritance stones at the Terrace of Revelations, the earthshaking phenomenon, the gigantic ‘bug’ on the tortoise’s head, that strangely intimate-looking man, the words in the Revelation, and the pool of godly energy that suddenly came when she was restoring the seal… Her mind was in a mess, until the shadow of the gigantic tortoise gradually revealed itself before her eyes, along with the man who was still smiling warmly at her within the fog.

A ‘ding’ sound suddenly reverberated in her mind. All the dots had been connected. All of the things that she were confused about and did not understand, were instantly as clear as day.

Zhu Yao, who found out the truth, simply wanted to cuss out!

What the freaking hell!
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