My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 171-180

Chapter171: Introduction Cutscene

Zhu Yao returned to being Yin Xin, her Version 6.0 character, and the Gods still only existed in legends. Then, what was going on with the Dragons that filled the sky, carrying much sense of presence, and the Phoenix she saw back then? Were they all illusions? She suddenly felt as though she had finally managed to beat a boss, only to have the developers making an announcement of a rollback scheduled in a few minutes.

And she realized that she had an additional debuff on her body.

She had been restricted by a divine art which even uncle grandmaster had never seen before, preventing her from leaving a hundred miles away from Fluorescent Wind Sect.

As an experienced shut-in, she had no qualms about not leaving her house, but the main point was, she still had a quest to complete though? Since she had returned to being Yin Xin, then the bug before still had to be fixed. Initially, she had wanted to first clear up the misunderstanding between Mo Xianxian and Fluorescent Wind Sect. However, the scenario had never progressed in the direction she predicted since the very beginning. Fluorescent Wind Sect had already been rolled over much earlier than expected. Although not a single personnel had died, it was still similar to what Mo Xianxian would have done, and even worse than that.

Unexpectedly, she had been unconscious for three months, however, the four Phoenixes that would raze the Divine Realm to the ground had yet to appear. Did that mean she had not failed the quest yet, and the bug could still be fixed?

And she had suddenly turned into that egg. She clearly remembered every detail of that incident, yet now, it felt as though she simply had a dream, and when she woke up, the Gods had still not re-emerged yet. With a mind-burning development like this, she felt that her intelligence wasn’t enough at all.

In regards to these matters which she couldn’t understand, Zhu Yao decided… not to think about them.

After lying for three months, it’s about time for her to head out for some fresh air.

However, the moment she pushed on the door, she felt like she had been transported to another world again. With trembling fingers, she pointed at the patch of grass in front of her. “Master… What’s that unknown living  creature that looks like a white furball?”

“Rabbit.” Yu Yan still had that unchanging  expressionless look.

“That’s what green ball-like thing with wings on top of that tree?”

“Bird.” Yu Yan continued to answer.

“That colorful ball over there?”


“That brown round pillar-like thing over there?”


“Then what  about  that  pig  with  a  long  tail  over  at  the hillside?”

“That’s a horse!”

Stop joking around. That’s a horse? Was there any horse that would have a belly so fat that it could literally touch  the ground? Why was it in only three months, all of the animals had transformed? Sweeping a single glance around her surroundings, every single one was freshly and finely fat, limitlessly nearing the shape of a ball. Especially that celestial crane in the sky. Stop forcing yourself to fly. Aren’t your little wings tired? Being as round as you are, you’re about to fall already, hey.

Alright, it had already fallen down.

Yu Yan sighed, before explaining. “Teacher raised them.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao was startled. Her grandmaster raised them? Who could raise their animals to such an extent? His ancestors must had owned a pig farm, right? As she thought of this, a white figure flew over from the distant sky, and a moment later, he landed in front of them. That person was precisely the uncle who was filled with fatherly love.

Yu Yan nodded to him, and greeted. “Teacher.”

“Dad… Ah pui. Grandmaster.” Their temperament was too similar. It was all out of pure conditional reflex.

A large cloth bag was carried by her grandmaster’s shoulders, and his smile was still as kind and warm as before. Suddenly, with a swing, he placed the bag down and opened it. He then proceeded to taking out a celestial fruit, and handed it to Zhu Yao.

“For me?” Zhu Yao blanked.

Uncle grandmaster still did not speak, and simply smiled even more warmly.

Zhu Yao stared at that fresh and juicy celestial fruit, and then, turned to look at those unique “pig” shaped living creatures all around her. The corner of her lips twitched. She did not want to become as fresh and refined as them.

“Hoho… Thank you, grandmaster. But… it’s fine. I don’t like to eat fruits.”

Uncle grandmaster smiled, and then, once again, continued to pull out desserts, confectioneries, and various snacks… With large assortments of delicacies in his hand, one simply had to name it, and he would have it. With sparkling eyes, he passed them to her with intentions filled with love.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt her belly aching. Logically speaking, she was his junior, and she should humbly accept the things that her senior was giving her. And her master had said that her grandmaster had especially come out of the Lightning Divine Tower in order to treat her injuries. But… She weakly looked towards Yu Yan at the side. Master, save me. I don’t want to become a pig.

“Teacher…” Probably because Zhu Yao’s eyes were filled with too much bitterness, Yu Yan received her request for help. “Yu Yao currently has a divine physique, and had long abstained from food.” Uncle grandmaster was startled for a moment. After giving Zhu Yao another glance, he let out a long sigh. With an expression filled with regret, he gave up on feeding her, and reached out his hand to pat on her head. After organizing his bag well, he turned and happily walked to the rest of the animals.

“Master…” Was this really her grandmaster?

“Teacher simply likes to feed people food.” Yu Yan replied with a calm look. Turning his head, he looked towards the top of his disciple’s head, where his teacher had patted on, and his brows gradually furrowed.

It’s not that he likes to feed people food, but rather, he likes to feed pigs, right? I have a grandmaster that likes to feed others, what should I do?

“Teacher does not like to speak too much. If you don’t like to eat, you can simply refuse.” He could not help but reach out his hand to stroke his disciple’s head. Stroke, stroke, and stroke and stroke…

“Is that alright?” “No matter.”





“Can you not mess up my hair?” This habit of stroking someone else’s hair was a tradition that was passed down as well, right?


On the second day after Zhu Yao woke up, uncle grandmaster returned to the Lightning Divine Hall. In the first  place,  he came out simply to treat Zhu Yao’s injuries. Since she had already recovered, then naturally, he had to head back now that his mission was accomplished. On the day he left, those ball- shaped creatures in the yard were all very unhappy, as they came to send him off altogether, and had even chased after him for several hundred meters. Especially that plump celestial crane with its floppy wings, which fell down from the sky time and time again, only to pick itself back up and chase after him again and again. That scene where it sent him off eighteen miles away was simply too touching.

Zhu Yao waved the handkerchief in her hand. Grandmaster, you can be at ease. These fat animals which you have raised, I will definitely eat them all.

In the period of time she was unconscious, the reconstruction of Fluorescent Wind Sect had already been completed. This efficiency and speed, when Zhu Yao took a glimpse of it, had even gave her a shock. Other than a few charred and bent trees that could occasionally been found at the bottom of the mountain, traces of the place being burnt down once could no longer be seen.

Other than the place she lived in.

The place where she and her master lived in was a floating mountain above the Fluorescent Wind Sect’s main mountain, named Dawnfall Peak. Positioned at the very center of the divine pulse, it was the place with the densest divine energy, and was also the place she first awakened at. However, she clearly remembered that it was an exquisite and beautiful pagoda back then. Although it wasn’t big, at the very least, it could be considered as a luxurious villa. But, why did it turn into the current straw cottage? Could it be that the reconstruction of Fluorescent Wind Sect did not include Dawnfall Peak? At the very least, she was still the second generation of the rich, right!?

And it’s already been several days since she woke up, yet, not a single person from Fluorescent Wind Sect had come to look for her, including her cheap mother Yin Shi. What happened to the promise of being a precious daughter?

In response to her doubts, Yu Yan simply replied with two words. “Too noisy!”

“Ah?” What did he mean?

He did not reply, instead, with a gentle wave of his sleeves, a red glow lighted up in the boundaries surrounding Dawnfall Peak.

“A formation!?” Zhu Yao was startled. The corner of her lips twitched, and she said. “Master, you couldn’t have set an isolation formation on Dawnfall Peak, right?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan calmly nodded. He was completely unconscious of the fact that he had acted willfully on someone else’s land.

No wonder no one had come to see her.

“I want to meet my mother.” After all, she was her mother.
She had to at least tell that she was safe.

“You want me to dispel the formation?” Yu Yan strangely glanced at her.

Zhu Yao nodded. “This place is after all Fluorescent Wind Sect.” It wasn’t good to stop the owner from coming in, right?

“Yu Yao, by now, everyone knows that you’re a disciple of our Lightning Divine Hall. Hence, there hasn’t been people coming over. However, there are several letters left outside.”

Letters? Those paper cranes? “Aren’t they just letters? I can take a look at them later. Dispel the formation then.”

Yu Yan gave her another glance. Under Zhu Yao’s constant urging, he finally dispelled the formation.

Zhu Yao simply saw the surrounding red glow flash, and the sky felt as though a layer of its plastic film was peeled off, fading in all directions. In the sky, several black-colored dots with little wings instantly appeared. And then, the dots increased, and increased…

And then, they grew into a large mass. Zhu Yao simply felt a gigantic shadow flying towards her in an overbearing manner.

Those are paper cranes!? They must be locusts, right!?

Zhu Yao reflexively hugged her head, as the large crowd of locusts charged straight towards her. It looked as though she was about to be buried alive under the pile of letters.

Yu Yan cast a fire-based divine art, immediately burning the stacks of paper cranes, though, her face was now entirely covered in ash. Did it have to be that exaggerated? Did she know this many people in the first place?

Zhu Yao picked up the remnant of a piece of paper, and written on it were the few words ‘Junior-martial sister, are you safe’, while the rest of the letter could no longer be read. Just who wrote these?

“Junior-martial sister, have you fully recovered?” A man dressed in azure robes suddenly descended from the sky. He looked very young and handsome, and his bright eyes revealed clear signs of joy. “I heard from Sect Master that your injuries were very severe, and I have been very worried. It’s just that a barrier had been suddenly set down this Dawnfall Peak, so I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to see you.”

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment.

The man took a step forward, and said with sincere words. “I had thought that, if you still do not leave the mountain in a few more days, I will come see you even if I have to break into the mountain by force…”

“You…” Seeing that he was becoming even more excited, Zhu Yao could not help but interrupt him. “Who are you?”

The man’s excited expression stiffened. The corner of his lips twitched, and only a while later did he continue with a smile. “Junior-martial sister, do you not remember me? I’m Xu Nuoyan. Your senior-martial brother Xu.”

“Oh!” So it’s him. No wonder she felt he was a little familiar. So it’s the male protagonist from her precognitive dream. However, compared to that stern and bitter expression he had on the day of the lightning tribulation, there was a huge different with his current excited expression which looked as though he was on steroids. For a moment, she wasn’t able to recognize him at all.

“Junior-martial sister Yin, it’s great to see that you’re alright.” His eyes lightly sank while he looked straight at her, as though his mind was filled with thoughts about her.

Zhu Yao could not help but tremble from his concentrated gaze. Could this person have eaten the wrong medicine?

“… Fellow deity Xu!”  The  hair  on  her  shoulders  suddenly stood on ends, and she rubbed against them to suppress the chills. “I wonder how’s that lady Mo from back then?”

The glint in Xu Nuoyan’s eyes instantly dimmed, as though he had been struck with a heavy blow. “Junior-martial sister… The incident concerning that day, I have already clearly explained it to Sect Master. You must believe me, I do not have any relations with that person. I don’t know her at all! In this world, the only person I, Xu Nuoyan, wish to be practitioner-pair companions with, is you, junior-martial sister.”

“…” The hell. The male protagonist had a change of heart? Was there an event like this in this scenario? Don’t stray away from the script, hey!

“Practitioner-pair?” Yu Yan, who had been standing at  the side without making a single comment, suddenly coldly uttered these two words.

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart skip a beat, and that it had dropped into cave of ice.

“This is a misunderstanding!” Master, let me explain. This is merely an introduction cutscene!

Chapter172: Disciple, Let’s   

“High Deity.” Xu Nuoyan looked towards Yu Yan, and greeted him. “Junior-martial sister and I had already conducted a practitioner-pair ceremony, yet, it was disrupted by people with ill intentions. Causing junior-martial sister to have concerns is a fault on my part. From today on, I shall care for her with all my heart, and I hope that High Deity will feel rest assured to hand her over to me.”

Hand her over to him? Yu Yan’s expression instantly turned as dark as the deepest part of a pot, and then, looked towards his own disciple.

His every word was so cold, it felt as they could sprout out flowers of ice. “Practitioner-pair ceremony?”

“No!” Zhu Yao jumped out of fury. Clearly, it had already been canceled. Don’t say things that can cause misunderstandings, hey. “Who became practitioner-pair companions with him?”

“Junior-martial sister, are you blaming me?” Xu Nuoyan’s expression turned even sadder. “Don’t worry, from today on, I will definitely not allow anything sad to happen on you again.” “What does anything that you do have to do with me?” This person must had gone insane, right? Why did he come over here and say such misleading words? Wasn’t Mo Xianxian the person he loved? “I have already said it on that day. Our practitioner- pair ceremony was canceled, and for us to marry is impossible. It never happened on that day, and it will never happen in the future!”

“Junior-martial sister, I know you’re angry at me.” He gave a ‘do not act so angry’ look. “But, I will wait for the day when you think it through. Ever since the day Sect Master betrothed you to me, I, Nuoyan has already decided that you will be the only person in my life, and I will not allow you to suffer from the least bit of grievances. High Deity…” He suddenly turned towards Yu Yan again. Putting up a look expressing determination towards a senior, he raised his hand and vowed. “My heart towards junior-martial sister is clear under the sun and moon, if there’s the least bit of pretense, I’m willing to be struck by five lightning bolts to the head, willing…”


“Ah?” Xu Nuoyan blanked after halfway through his  vows, and for a moment, he couldn’t understand. “High Deity…” Boom boom boom!

Five clear heavenly lightning bolts, struck straight towards Xu Nuoyan’s head.

It’s really five lightning bolts straight to the head, huh.

“High Deity!” Xu Nuoyan exclaimed, while he hurriedly rose to the sky with his sword. He fled to the outskirts of Dawnfall Peak, and chasing relentlessly after his buttocks were five heavenly lightning bolts.

Only then did Yu Yan turn to look at his stupid disciple.

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart trembling for a moment. “Master, let me explain!” She really was unfamiliar with him.

Yu Yan’s expression however, turned even colder. Grabbing onto Zhu Yao, in a flash, they had already returned into the straw cottage.

When she  came  to  her  senses,  Zhu  Yao  had  already  been pressed onto the bed by someone.

“Practitioner-pair?” A certain master had gone completely insane. Zhu Yao was seemingly able to see flames of fury surging around his body. With emphasis on every word, it was as though he was voicing them out while gritting his teeth. “You? And, him?”

Zhu Yao was completely unable to move from the way he was pressing on her. The aura emitting from his body was filled with a cold intent, and their faces were even more so, extremely close. A tyrannical CEO-like attitude such as this, could this be the legendary… Bed bang? Her master was being furious out of envy, and he wanted to be forceful on her? Then after this, would some shameful acts occur?

Although the atmosphere was wrong…

I’m suddenly kind of looking forward to it, what to do? (╯3╰)

“Mn?” Seeing that she wasn’t replying, Yu Yan’s tone raised.

That’s right. This was it. This ecstatical ‘mn’! Tyrannical CEO Yu had taken over!

Out of excitement, Zhu Yao instantly hugged him back, and said with a serious look. “Come, do not pity me just because I’m a tender flower. I can take it!” Let’s do a little something that surpasses our relationship as master and disciple.

Where should we start? Stripping our clothes, or taking off our pants?

“…” CEO Yu instantly dispersed.

The fury that enveloped Yu Yan, after seeing his disciple’s expectant look, instantly vanished. In the end, it turned into a long sigh, and his heart squeezed for having a disciple that did not act accordingly to the situation.

With his body buried under her hair, he gently smelled the scent of her hair, calming down his unstable emotions. He had always treated matters coldly and quietly, and an impulsive emotion like this was a little foreign to him. However, when he thought that his only disciple was being taken away by someone else, he felt like zapping someone out of explosive rage. Although his disciple was stupid, she still belonged to him.

“Yu Wang…”

“Your sister’s Desire!” Can we please make love properly?

“Your master… does not like how that person looks at you.”

“…” Zhu Yao simply felt as though her heart was filled with warmth, so full it felt like something was wanting to pour out. After a long while, she replied. “Mn, I don’t like it either.” I only like how you’re looking at me.

Yu Yan was silent for a little while, yet, his embrace became even tighter, as though he was wanting to confirm something. All she could hear was his gentle breathing sounds.

After a long while…

“Yu Wang, let’s become practitioner-pair companions.” “Eh?”

What was ‘every cloud has a silver lining’? What was ‘past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village’? And what was ‘good and evil will always be rewarded’… Ah pui, the last one had strayed off. In any case, when she heard her master taking the initiative to bring up about the matter of practitioner-pair companions, ever since she had transported to this world, Zhu Yao felt that she had finally encountered something that was comforting to her soul. And when she thought about it, she was a little excited too!

Then, she began to ponder a little. As a girl, shouldn’t she be a little reserved, and passively reject his proposal a little? Then should she welcome the idea and reject it, or should she act ambiguously? Just what kind of expression should she make to perfectly express her little embarrassment?

So frustrating!

Just as she was still fighting with the imaginary people inside her mind, Yu Yan suddenly stood up, and pulled her into a sitting position. Zhu Yao stared with widened eyes. It couldn’t be, it’s only their first time, and they’re doing such a position!?

Yu Yan raised his finger and tapped on the center of her forehead. A technique used to guide and circulate divine energy was instantly added into her mind.

“What’s this?”

Yu Yan released her, and then, sat next to her cross-legged. With a serious look, he said. “This is the Practitioner-Pair Art. You simply have to guide out the divine energy at the same time as I, and then, circulate it according to the instructions.” Didn’t she want to be practitioner-pair companions with him all this time? He had fulfilled her wish.

“That’s all?” There’s no need to be completely naked, and there’s no need to harmonize the Yin and Yang?

Yu Yan nodded.

“The hell!” I have already taken off my pants, and you tell me this!? “Isn’t it said that Practitioner-Pair Art can only be done between husband and wife? Then, at the very least,  there should be a little procedure that should be done between the couple, right?” She was unwilling to accept this!

“…” Yu Yan blanked. He seemed to have thought  of something, as a hint of red flashed across his jade-colored face. His eyes wavered for a moment, before replying. “The practitioner-pair methods in the Divine Realm are different from the Lower Realm. There isn’t a need for it to be that complicated. As people who have gained divine physiques, naturally… cough… naturally, carnal lust is  of  least importance.”

“It’s important to me!”

“Ah?” Yu Yan blanked.

Zhu Yao stared straight at his face, and with emphasis on every word, she said. “I said, it’s important to me!” This lady here wants to be a carnivore!

“Non… Nonsense!” Yu Yan tried hard to furrow his brows. “You’re a practitioner. How can you be indulged with desires to this extent.” “Then I’m not going to cultivate anymore.” She pounced onto him, and reversed their positions from earlier.

As Yu Yan was inattentive for a moment, he collapsed onto the bed. “Yu Yao!”

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao instantly kissed his lips…


A fresh meat came on its own accord, and there’s no reason to let it go either. Without any reservations, Zhu Yao touched his robust body, and her hand went lower. Lower. And lower…

On that day, till the very last moment, Zhu Yao still did not get what she wanted. It was simply not because she did not try hard enough, rather, the enemy camp was too despicable. Force wasn’t able to hook up this tyrannical lord. And she was even fixed onto the same position for exactly four hours, listening to a lecture on moral education.

A certain master began the story from the first ever practitioner in history who obtained a divine physique, stretched the content to the allegiance towards various constructed cultivation sects, and then, to the importance of harmony within the Divine Realm. He then proceeded on to an extremely important subject regarding the continuity of deities, quoting from people from the days of new and old. His persuasiveness, his earnestness, and his decisiveness… had completely extinguished the little candle in Zhu Yao’s heart.

In the end, the conclusion that Zhu Yao came up with was: ‘I might as well have a little something going on Xu Nuoyan.’

“Yu Yao.” At the very end, he pulled her into his embrace. Mn, the type where she pulled up from the bottom of the bed. That’s right. She was kicked off the bed!

“There are too many mysteries within your body. Your master promises you that I will help you clearly investigate them. Once all of these matters are settled, when that time comes, no matter what you do… I will definitely not stop you.”

“No matter what I do?”

“Mn.” “You won’t kick me off the bed?”

“… Mn.”

Alright then, to obtain such a promise from him, Zhu Yao felt that she could still endure it a bit longer.

Hoho… When that time comes, will steamed or braised be better? Kuh… She still liked the original taste better.

“Xin’er? Xin’er!” Yin Shi nudged her own daughter who was evidently distracted.

“Ahem!” Zhu Yao cleared up her thoughts, and instantly retracted all of the pink bubbles from around her body. “Mother, what is it?”

She strangely looked at her own daughter. “Aren’t you the one who came to look for me? What happened? Could it be that your wounds have opened again? Where? Let your mother take a look…” Yin Shi instantly became anxious. “Oh, I’m fine!” Zhu Yao then brought up the main topic at hand. “Mother, today, other than telling you that I’m safe and sound, I want to ask you when did you know of this  Mo Xianxian person?”

Unexpectedly, when Yin Shi heard this unknown name, not only did she not reveal the slightest bit of disgust, she even blanked for a moment. With a strange look, she asked. “Mo Xianxian? Who is she? Is she a disciple of our sect?”

“Mother, you don’t know here?” Zhu Yao was startled. “She’s the person who claimed to be Xu Nuoyan’s wife on the day of the practitioner-pair ceremony.”

“So it’s her!” Only then did Yin Shi recall the matter. Glancing at her daughter, she sighed and said. “Haah, speaking of this matter, it really cannot be blamed on that child, Nuoyan. He had told me that he had never seen that lady before, let alone being practitioner-pair companions with her. I see that it’s just people with ill motives wanting to frame our name, and purposefully wanting to start a conflict. Currently, the  four great continents look peaceful on the outside, but we have been constantly moving behind the scenes. And adding that currently, only you and your mother, I, remained in Fluorescent Wind Sect, we’re naturally being targeted.” Yin Shi revealed a look of helplessness. “But Yin Xin, there’s no need for you to worry. Right now, you have admitted under the tutelage of Lightning Divine Hall, most likely, they will no longer dare to set their eyes on us. Although we have still not found out who was the person behind the incident on that day, Nuoyan is unrelated to this. So you mustn’t blame him.”

“Xu Nuoyan really don’t know that woman?”

“Of course.”

“Mother, you trust him that much?”

“That isn’t the case!” Yin Shi thought that she was having a child’s fit, thinking that her mother was pampering outsiders more than herself. So, she said with a little delight. “A disciple who have ascended from the same world as him, personally proved this matter. In the Lower Realm, he indeed did not have practitioner-pair companion.”

Zhu Yao frowned. Them being husband and wife or not, was something she knew very clearly. However, now he had even specially invited a witness to testify, just what was he planning? The guess that had been in the depths of her heart, was finally clear now.

Initially, she had thought that the hatred Mo Xianxian had for Fluorescent Wind Sect, was because of Yin Shi breaking up the pair of lovebirds.

However, when she turned into Yin Xin, and took  the initiative to cancel the marriage, Xu Nuoyan was actually ungrateful towards his former wife. And he had even appeared several times before Zhu Yao, having the intentions to repair the relationship between them. Now, he had even denied the relationship he once had with Mo Xianxian. This attitude which was completely different from the one she saw in her precognitive dream, made her suspect his motives and schemes for acting the way he was right now.

In the dream, Mo Xianxian hated Yin Shi. Not only was it because Yin Shi had injured her during the practitioner-pair ceremony, Yin Shi had even more so sent people to kill her multiple times, preventing her from having a single place to rest in the Divine Realm. However, when Zhu Yao looked at her cheap mother’s expression now, before the practitioner-pair ceremony back then, she basically did not know who Mo Xianxian was? Hence, it was impossible for her to be behind the incidents where Mo Xianxian were hunted down in the Divine Realm.

And the only person who knew she existed, was Xu Nuoyan who was having a different attitude from before.

She suddenly recalled that when Dog-Egg first made things difficult for Mo Xianxian, he had once said that he was guided by a Gold Deity. Xu Nuoyan’s cultivation, was coincidentally at the Gold Deity level!

The person who wanted to kill Mo Xianxian, was Xu Nuoyan himself!

Why did he want to kill her? In order to marry Yin Xin?

However… Why did he suddenly change his mind in the end, and reverted back to finding Mo Xianxian?

“Xin’er.” Seeing that she was having a frustrated look, Yin Shi pulled her hand, and patted on it. “I know you have just woken up, and do not have much contact with anyone. So, I can understand that you do not wish to be practitioner-pair companions with your senior-martial brother Xu. But, there’s no need for you to reject him so eagerly either. Nuoyan is a good child. After interacting with him for a long time, you will naturally know of it. A human heart can be seen after many days, after all.”

‘A human heart can be seen after many days.’ If he really was how she guessed him to be, then this person’s heart had been buried a little too deeply.

“Mother, you trust him that much?”

Yin Shi smiled, and said with a confident look. “He’s your father’s personal succeeding disciple. No matter how, he’s a family member who knows his roots.”

But this family member, would destroy Fluorescent Wind Sect in the end.

“Mother, there’s a matter I need to talk to  you about.”  Zhu Yao didn’t want to harm the innocent, but she did not want to stay passive and be beaten either. “Back then, when I left with my master, I once saw that Mo Xianxian along the way. Back then, she was being chased, and the chasers seemed to be precisely disciples from our Fluorescent Wind Sect.” “Chased? I didn’t…” Yin Shi blanked, and a moment later, a thought came into her mind. As a Sect Master, how couldn’t she not possess an extraordinary and shrewd mind? After pondering for a moment, she was about to come up with a connection. Although Mo Xianxian had caused a huge ruckus in Fluorescent Wind Sect, no matter how, she was still a disciple of Advent Cloud Hall, so Yin Shi wouldn’t have the final say in the matter, let alone using a despicable method like sending people to hunt her down.

But the people weren’t sent by her, then who could it be?

Yin Shi stood up with a solemn face, and walked back and forth in the center of the room.

“Xin’er, were you not mistaken? Those people who went to hunt her down, were they really disciples from my sect?”

“I’m not entirely sure either, it’s just that I seem to have seen a phoenix-like insignia on their sleeves.” These people were naturally all imaginary, however, Zhu Yao understood that Yin Shi would definitely investigate this matter.

Yin Shi took a deep breath, and her expression sank even deeper. A while later, she said. “Xin’er, return for now. Mother will deal with these matters.”

Zhu Yao nodded, and she obediently returned to Dawnfall Peak. The things she should tell her were already told. She did not wish to heavily rely on the precognitive dream she saw, only to lose her own judgment of the matter. Hence, she could not entirely rely on the scenes in the dream to predict Xu Nuoyan’s movements.

The truth should tell if he was innocent or not.

Chapter173: Please Restrain Yourself From Displaying Your Stupidity

Zhu Yao did not know how Yin Shi conducted her investigation, but after a few days, Xu Nuoyan suddenly went into isolation. Her cheap mother must had found something out, and hence suspicion towards Xu Nuoyan rose.

Zhu Yao felt at ease. As long as Yin Shi became wary, even if Xu Nuoyan’s old relationship with Mo Xianxian bloomed again in the end, it would no longer be easy for them to collapse Fluorescent Wind Sect.

Speaking of Xu Nuoyan, in the precognitive dream she had before, she had felt that he carried a sincere heart towards his own wife, even if he couldn’t be called a good person, at the very least, he was an affectionate person. However, ever since he denied his feelings for Mo Xianxian several times, and had even wanted Zhu Yao to marry him, in Zhu Yao’s heart, he had already turned into a complete trash from head to toe.

However, as long as he did not get the opportunity to make contact with Mo Xianxian, then, it would mean that Fluorescent Wind Sect’s crisis of being destroyed was eliminated. Zhu Yao had a dream. Ever since she began her cultivation journey, other than those precognitive ‘spoiler’ dreams, she rarely dreamt in her sleep. She seemed to have even forgotten how a true dream felt like.

Now, she felt that her entire body was immersed in a pool of warm water, yet, even though she had been in the water for a long time, she was not suffocating in the least. Instead, it was peaceful and tranquil, allowing her to feel especially at ease. In front of her eyes, varied colors fluttered about,  and occasionally, it was a green blur. Her consciousness was a little blurred, and it felt as though she couldn’t focus no matter what she did.

Faintly, she could hear shallow breathing sounds. They sounded a little familiar, but she wasn’t unable to discern who they belong to.

It seemed as though her entire body was floating in empty space, yet, unexpectedly, she felt especially at ease in the depths of her heart.

However, she didn’t know how long she had maintained this state, as a blurry and unclear green figure gradually appeared in her line of sight. It looked like a big mass of green, and light penetrated out from the slit between the green mass, hitting her body.

A moment later, the light began to greatly weaken, turning into scattered dots. That big mass of green began to grow darker as well, and in the end, it turned pure black. Just like that, the two colors constantly interchanged.

After a long period of time, she could actually hear a faint voice.

The voice was very gentle. In the beginning, she could only hear a few syllables, and the voice began to grow clearer as time went by. Yet, she was still unable whose voice it belonged to. She could faintly hear the words ‘lil’ sis’, repeating over and over again.

Zhu Yao silently thought to herself. Just whose unlucky child had gotten lost?

In the beginning, the voice was a little tender. Slowly after, it became a little sharp. After a period of sounding terrible and coarse, the voice turned calm and gentle. Every syllable sounded similar to a light breeze, and from hearing it… Zhu Yao felt like sleeping.

Uh… She seemed to be sleeping in the first place, right?

Alright, she was currently being transferred into a state of deep sleep.

Yet, the voice next to her ear suddenly became especially clear. The tone carried seventy percent gentleness, twenty percent anxiousness, and ten percent helplessness.

“Lil’ sis, why are you still not coming out?”


Zhu Yao suddenly opened her eyes, only to see a ray of snow- white flash, carrying a dense amount of killing intent, striking straight towards her.

The hell! Zhu Yao was instantly clearly awake. Rolling onto the ground, she dodged the attack. A deep arc-shaped groove was instantly created on the grassland.

That was a wind blade. If she had moved even a moment slower earlier, she would have been sliced into half by now.

A chill surfaced in the depths of Zhu Yao’s heart. Before she could even react, the next wave of attacks had already arrived. Spiritual swords, numbered in the high hundreds, were attacking straight towards her. Raising her hands to form seals, a defensive barrier was erected around her.

Only then did she have the luxury of time to look at  the person who launched a sneak attack against her. Up above, not far away from her, a human figure was currently standing on a sword. Dressed in a familiar black garb, the person seemed to have assimilated into the darkness of the night. Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, thinking that she was looking at the Devil who wanted to kill her before, however, after taking a closer look, she realized she was wrong. The person on the sword was clearly a woman, and her cultivation was merely at the Profound Deity level. A concealment art seemed to be hiding her face, and Zhu Yao was unable to see her facial features clearly. She simply had a feeling that the woman was currently staring at her with eyes filled with killing intent. Who’s this?

“Who are you?” I never saw you on-stage before,  is  there  a need to attack me the moment we meet?

The black-clothed person did not answer. Seeing that her spiritual swords had been dodged, she instantly summoned her divine sword, and came hacking towards Zhu Yao. The sword, clad in a white glow, was filled with heavy sword intent.

Zhu Yao immediately formed hand seals, summoning five heavenly lightning bolts which zapped towards her. Her figure however was extremely quick, dodging past them in merely a few moments. The sword slashed across, and although Zhu Yao had managed to avoid it, she felt a piercing pain from the sharpness of the sword aura. On the sword’s blade, countless spiritual swords were once again summoned, which then flew towards Zhu Yao from all directions.

The hell, she’s bullying me because I don’t have a weapon of my own, right? Zhu Yao frowned, as she immediately summoned out a ray of purple-colored lightning. However, this time, she did not throw it towards her opponent, instead, she reached out into the air and grabbed the purple-colored lightning bolt. With a swing of her hand, not only did it sweep away the spiritual swords in front of her like a whip, it was sent straight towards the black-clothed person.

The woman was caught unaware for a moment, as she seemed to have never expected that the lightning bolt could be used in such a way either. Hence, taking the hit, she was swept several meters away.

You dare to launch a sneak attack? Then I shall whip your buttocks.

Zhu Yao flew up and chased after her, and the lightning whip in her hands resoundingly sparked as she swung it about. Even Zhu Yao herself did not know why the lightning bolt which she had casually summoned out, actually possessed such incredible strength. The black-clothed person who was filled with an overbearing aura earlier, was now actually being whipped all around while being powerless to fight back.

Putting how she was constantly being pushed back aside, even her defensive barrier was unable to block even a single hit. After getting struck in the chest, she even made a ‘puah’ sound, puking out a mouthful of blood. Zhu Yao instantly used a restraining art, wrapping her up like a dumpling. For a moment, she was filled with confidence.

Your guts sure are big! Sending yourself up to my doorstep just to get some good whipping, now you know how strong I am?

“You, call me queen, ah pui…” Her style twisted. “Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?”

The black-clothed person stayed silent, however, she was still staring straight at her, and she was filled with hatred to the point where it could burst out at any moment.

Zhu Yao could not recall when she had pulled in so much hatred. With a wave of her hand, she removed the concealment art on her face, only to reveal a delicate and beautiful face.

“It’s you!” Mo Xianxian! Zhu Yao stared with widened eyes.
She didn’t expect it to be her of all people.

Mo Xianxian, however, did not try to hide her intents in the slightest, as she carried an expression that looked as though she could bite Zhu Yao at any moment. “You slut!”

“Thank you, you bitch!”

She was startled, as though she did not understand what a bitch was.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, took a step forward, and squatted next to her. “Is there something wrong with your brain? Why aren’t you sleeping this late in the night, and instead, came to Fluorescent Wind Sect to wake me up?”

Mo Xianxian snorted coldly as she turned her head to the side, as though she was disgusted just by looking at her. “You know the answer yourself.”

“I’m asking exactly because I don’t know the answer. You think everyone’s as bored as you are?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at her. “Just why in the world do you want to kill me?”

Mo Xianxian, however, became absolutely furious. “Slut, first you seduced my husband, then you hunted me down. Now, you’re not even letting my husband go, and you’re asking me why I want to kill you?”

“Wait a minute! Why do you still think that I was the one who seduced Xu Nuoyan?” Zhu Yao’s head ached a little. “Didn’t I tell you that I don’t even know him at all before this? And I never thought of marrying him either.” Where did your most basic judgmental ability go to?

“Hmph! Pretentious.”

“…” Your logic must have been eaten by dogs, right.

“If you don’t have any ill intentions, then, why did you send people to kill me?”

Zhu Yao blanked for a moment. There’s actually really people hunting her down? Could it be… The hell, that trash!

Seeing that she had turned silent, a hint of something flashed past Mo Xianxian’s eyes. “If you really have no intentions for my husband, then do you dare to confront him with me face to face?” “Fine, a confrontation it is.” This stubborn lady. If she did not allow her to personally witness his true personality, she really wouldn’t know what to call her.

Zhu Yao stood up. Just as she was about to pull her up, suddenly, she realized a red light shining brilliantly on the ground. A large blazing fire suddenly rose. She reflexively retreated, only to realize that her surroundings had already been heavily surrounded by flames. The flames were especially mysterious, blue could be seen mixed within the red flames, emitting out an intense heat. Even the surrounding flowers and grass had instantly withered.

“Hahahaha…” Mo Xianxian let out a complacent laugh, as she instantly escaped from her body’s restraints. Rising up, she jumped several meters away, with a face that looked as though she had succeeded in her treacherous plan. “I sure want to see how you’re going to escape from this.”

The hell. This bitch trapped her. If she had known, she would have placed a formation down long ago.

Zhu Yao looked a little blankly at the flames which had already completely surrounded her. For a moment, she began to regret a little. Why was she so incredibly bored, to the extent of coming to this secluded mountain? And, she had even unknowingly fell asleep. If this had been Dawnfall Peak, at the very least, her master was there.

The flames did not look simple. “What is this art?”

Mo Xianxian coldly laughed. “What? As the young mistress of Fluorescent Wind Sect, do you not recognize your own sect’s ultimate art, ‘Divine Nascent True Flames’?”

“No, I don’t.”

“…” She actually shamelessly admitted it. “The  ‘Divine Nascent True Flames’ can completely annihilate one’s divine nascent core, being the strongest flames in the world. Before your divine nascent core completely vanishes, and your divine sense completely scatters, it’s impossible for you to flee.”

“Is that so?” But why did she feel that these flames, were a little cute? Even the embers were looking a little strange. Hey, hey, hey, it seemed to have formed a heart shape!

Zhu Yao could not help but reach out her hand. “Hmph!” Mo Xianxian coldly glared at her. “These flames cannot be extinguished, so obediently accept your dea…”


Before she could even finish, she heard a sizzling sound. The flames which were still lively and spirited earlier, with a wave of Zhu Yao’s hand, were completely extinguished.

“Impossible!” That’s the Divine Nascent True Flame, flames that could not be extinguished even with water!

Zhu Yao looked a little blankly at her own hand. She seemed to have learnt some sort of incredible skill, and suddenly managed to control these flames.

“Burn!” With another wave of her hand, in an instant, the entire mountain peak was once again set ablaze with the red and blue flames, burning straight towards Mo Xianxian’s direction.

Mo Xianxian’s face instantly turned deathly pale, as she immediately controlled her sword and prepared to flee. The moment she flew up, she suddenly felt an overwhelming might pressing down on her. Before she could even react, she was knocked off her sword and fell into the flames.

“Master.” Zhu Yao waved her hand at the white figure which suddenly appeared in the sky. He sure came at the right time.

“What’s going on?” Yu Yan frowned, as he walked towards his stupid disciple.

“Nothing much. There’s a bitch with a low intelligence, who even came up to me to flaunt her stupidity.”


With a wave of her hand, Zhu Yao extinguished the flames in front of her, only to realize the area in front was completely empty. Where’s the bitch?

“Where is she?”

She clearly saw her falling over there though? Could she have escaped? Zhu Yao went forward and searched the vicinity, yet, she was unable to find even a strand of her hair. Even Mo Xianxian’s presence could no longer be felt.

“Yu Yao!” A hint of strangeness flashed past Yu Yan’s face. He suddenly bent down his waist to pick up an object, which he then handed over to Zhu Yao.

After clearly seeing what it was, Zhu Yao’s face instantly darkened.

Hoho. Hello, cheat artifact!

Chapter174: Spatial Mahjong Competition

Zhu Yao really never expected to see her former avatar so soon. That’s right, what her master picked up was that piece of divine jade with a dimensional space within it. Mo Xianxian’s biggest cheat. Other than missing half of its body, the rest looked exactly the same.

Returning to Dawnfall Peak, Yu Yan cast an art, encompassing the divine jade he picked up with a barrier-like isolation divine technique.

“What happened?” Yu Yan solemnly asked.

“I don’t know either.” Zhu Yao glanced at that piece of jade. “I don’t know which wrong train Mo Xianxian got onto, but she wanted to kill me no matter what.” Zhu Yao hence explained to her master everything about the bug this time, along with what she had seen from her precognitive dream.

“I think that she must have hidden herself in the dimensional space within the jade.” She must had thought that this was a foolproof plan, after all, in a huge fire like that, who would notice such a regular piece of jade? Even if it was seen, no one would think that there’s actually another universe within it. Unfortunately, out of anyone whom she could have entered the dimensional space in front of, she just had to do it in front of Zhu Yao. Should she be seen as unlucky, or even more unlucky?

“Master, is there any way to let her out?”

Yu Yan turned his head, and looked at her strangely.

“I want to talk to her.” Ultimately, Mo Xianxian was a pitiful person as well. She was once the pride of the heavens, revered by the people in the Lower Realm. With all of her might, she finally managed to ascend to the Higher Realm, all for the sake of finding her own husband, to pursue their former destinies. In the end, she found him, but the love had already disappeared.

However, on the day of the practitioner-pair ceremony, clearly, she had already completely given up on Xu Nuoyan, so why did her attitude change once again? Did someone tell her something? Or could it be that she was still unwilling to see things clearly, and hence, wanted to vent all of the wrongs and faults on Zhu Yao?

“Are you certain?” Yu Yan frowned. According to his ideology, an enemy must be eliminated, so as to avoid future troubles from occurring. Since that woman actually dared to make a move, then she should have the resolve to die.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. “Master, do you know a way?”

Yu Yan turned to look at the divine jade on the table, and only spoke after a while. “Back then, when I was inside, the void- shattering formation had already been completed to a large extent, if it’s activated from the outside…” Yu Yan hurriedly cast an art, and then, slashed his hand towards the void, causing a bright light to flash in mid-air.

Space twisted, and a white tear expanded towards the two sides. Faintly, the mountains and rivers on the other side could be seen.

Suddenly, a blue figure flew out. Zhu Yao was about to make a move to stop Mo Xianxian, however, she suddenly heard a furious roar.

“I’m going to kill you!” It was actually a male voice. Zhu Yao was startled. The hell, her master did not inform her that this passage was linked to Thailand though? Why did her gender change?

That person was dressed in a blue robe, and had a burly figure. His entire body was filled with rich muscles that could not even be covered by the robe he was wearing, and that face…

“Goudan!” Why was it him!?

“How do you know my name?” The man blanked, and even the sword he was striking towards her with had stopped for a moment, before he immediately regained his senses. “No, that’s not it! This daddy here will slice up the bastard for bullying little sis Xianxian!”

You think you alone have what it takes!? Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him, as she dodged to the side. With a swing towards his forehead, she sent a slap right towards it. In an instant, he was crawling on the ground. Then, she cast a binding art to fixate him onto where he was. “It’s been a few months since we last met, and your guts seemed to have fattened up, huh?”

With cultivation level lower than an Earth Deity,he actually dared to stand up for someone else. Just where did he get his confidence from?

“Release me!” Goudan fumed as he struggled for a few times. “If you have the guts, then fight me fair and square!”

“…” Didn’t he launch a sneak attack against her just earlier?

Zhu Yao’s head ached a little. How could she have forgotten that Goudan had binded that dimensional space back then as well? So, it was very normal for him to be able to enter the space, and this guy seemed to still harbor some feelings towards Mo Xianxian. But in that precognitive dream, he  basically wasn’t mentioned at all! Could it be that the timeline had already strayed off since the very beginning?

“You shameless soft egg, if you have the guts, then release me.” Goudan still continued to curse out.

Zhu Yao could not help but kick towards him. This lady here has yet to ask you about the benefits you obtained, and you dare to curse at me? “Why aren’t you cultivating in Advent Cloud Hall, but instead, hiding in the dimensional space? Where’s Mushmush?”
 “Hmph!” Goudan snorted very strongly. “Don’t think that just because you’re acting all familiar with me, I  will forgive  you. Let me tell you this. Bullying Xianxian is the same as bullying me! I will never forgive… Aiyaaaaa, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts… my ears, my ears!”

Zhu Yao pulled his ears, and and did various twists and turns. “Are you going to speak, or not?”

“I will speak, I will speak, I will speak…” Goudan submitted in a second. The moment Zhu Yao relaxed her fingers, he weakly glanced at Zhu Yao. “Let me get up first.”

Zhu Yao released the binding art on his body. “Speak, how did you get entangled with Mo Xianxian?”

Goudan rubbed his own arm, and his eyes rolled to the left and right. Glancing at Zhu Yao, a small arc was made at the corner of his lips, looking as though he was about to do something bad at any moment. As expected, immediately after, he pointed outside and loudly said. “Wow, there’s a tiger outside.”

Zhu Yao stood as still as a mountain. “Really, there’s a huge tiger outside.”

Zhu Yao did not make a single budge.

“I’m… I’m not lying. Take a look yourself.”

Zhu Yao continued to look at him.

“You must believe… believe me. I don’t lie.”

Zhu Yao stared ruthlessly at him.

“Look, another one came.”

“…” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened, as she let out a long sigh. “You dropped your purse.”

“Ah!” Goudan immediately lowered his head to look for his money pouch. Zhu Yao sent her slaps straight towards him, and his head was instantly filled with bulges. “If you want to lie, you must first pick up the skill properly, alright? Nonsense such as tigers appearing, is something a three-year-old wouldn’t believe even if you told him about it! You might as well say an UFO appeared.” When this guy was born, his intelligence must have been thrown away along with umbilical cord, right!?

“Stop, stop! Stop hitting, stop hitting…” Goudan dodged in an embarrassing manner. Like a mouse being beaten, he once again squatted back down onto the ground.

“Speak. When did you enter the dimensional space?”

“What does this have to do with you? That dimensional space was mine to begin with. As long as I wish for it, I can enter it at any moment.” Goudan’s shame seemed to have turned into anger, as he immediately picked up the sword on the ground, leapt a step back, and summoned a golden sword intent. The sword intent seemed to carry an imposing aura. “Hmph. You vile woman who bullies others, don’t think I”m afraid of you. In this world, other than the great deity inside that dimensional space in the past, who had since disappeared, I, Goudan, hasn’t feared anyone else. Die!” The great deity who disappeared? Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Turning her head, she looked towards a certain master who had been simply watching the show at the side the entire time, and pointed. “Are you referring to him?”

Goudan unconsciously turned his head, and his eyes suddenly widened. With a face that looked as though he was being struck by lightning, his hands shivered, and the golden sword intent which carried the condensation of his entire divine energy whizzed uncontrollably towards Zhu Yao.

Why was the great deity within the dimensional space here?
This wasn’t logical!

Yu Yan frowned. In the next moment, the immense pressure of a High Deity pressed towards Goudan. His sword intent shattered soundingly, while he was slammed heavily towards the ground as well, puking out three liters of blood. As expected, this great deity was an eternal nightmare in Goudan’s ‘arrow’ life.

Yu Yan was furious. This person sure had the guts to assault his disciple right in front of him. With a twist of his wrist, a heavenly lightning bolt was just about to strike towards Goudan. “Stop!” The air once again began to twist, and a pinkish figure descended from the sky. Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. Mo Xianxian finally decided to co-

Little bitch!? Why was it her?

And just where did she pop out from, hey?

Tao Manfeng blocked in front of Goudan, and though the sword in her hand was slightly trembling, she did not take even half a step back. She looked as though she was prepared for death.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Was today the day the conference for former jade’s dimension space owners supposed to happen? The number of former owners here were just about enough to form a mahjong table, you know?

“Lil sis Manfeng, hurry and leave!” Goudan pushed Tao Manfeng away, while his legs began to tremble. “You can’t beat this great deity.” He was really afraid. Recalling the time she first entered the dimensional space, he was zapped to the point he was between life and death by this great deity. That scene was simply comparable to the dark past of one’s childhood, a memory which he did not even dare to recall. If lil sis Mo Xianxian had not binded the dimensional space with her blood, and if he was not forcefully pulled into the dimensional space, he most probably would not have realized the secret behind the jade in his entire lifetime.

“Shut up!” Tao Manfeng glared at Goudan.  “Not  everyone here is as stupid as you.”

Mn, Zhu Yao agreed with these words of hers.

“High Deity!” Tao Manfeng bowed towards Yu Yan. “Goudan had only become a spirit not long ago, so he might make many offences in his various ways of conduct. I seek High Deity for your forgiveness.”

Yu Yan did not even spare her a glance, and simply continued to summon his heavenly lightning bolt, not to mention, that one single bolt had even split into two. Very evidently,  he wasn’t forgiving at all.

“High Deity!” Tao Manfeng flustered, and she had no choice but to light up a protective barrier to shield both her and Goudan. Zhu Yao was a little stunned while watching this scene. She knew absolutely clearly what kind of person Tao Manfeng was, yet, she actually stood up for someone she was unrelated to, and the other party was even Goudan. Th-This… This was a little too miraculous, wasn’t it?

For a moment, the thought of a drama regarding a triangle love relationship popped up in her mind. Mo Xianxian vs Goudan vs Tao Manfeng.

Why did she feel that the style of this drama would be so strange?

“Master, wait.” Zhu Yao had no choice but to shout ‘cut’. Yu Yan glanced at her, and was evidently not amused with his disciple’s softhearted actions. Zhu Yao took two steps forward, and pulled down the hands he were casting an art with. After pondering for a moment, she tightened her hands, and her fingers intertwined with his. She then chuckled. “Give me some face.”

Yu Yan frowned. Looking at his hands which was intertwined with his disciple’s, a sense of satisfaction strangely surged from the bottom of his heart. Mn. Allowing his disciple to rebel against him just once did not feel like something unacceptable. Hence, he turned his head, and could not be bothered any longer.

Just… He did not wish to let go of her hands.

Zhu Yao struggled for a few moments and was unable to escape from his grasp. She had no choice but to turn around to block their intertwined fingers from view. Haah, her  master was being petty again.

“Tell Mo Xianxian to come out, and I will let the both of you go.”

“No way.” Goudan fumed the moment he heard her words. “She’s already injured, what are you planning to do with her still?”

“There’s something that I wish to talk to her about.” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill her.”

“Hmph. I don’t believe you. I know you simply want to harm her.” Haah, look at that temper of his. With a wave of Zhu Yao’s hand, the jade on the table instantly flew into her hand. “If I wish to kill her, I wouldn’t do something so troublesome. I would have simply destroyed this piece of jade, why’s there the need to go round and round with you people?”

Goudan still carried that look of disbelief, though, Tao Manfeng nodded. “Fine, I will head in and speak to her.” After saying that, she raised her head and glanced at Yu Yan, before disappearing into the dimensional space.

A moment later, she appeared in the room, along with the injured Mo Xianxian.

Chapter175: The Trash Retreats

The rear mountain behind the main peak of Fluorescent Wind Sect was the place with the densest divine energy other than Dawnfall Peak. Living in the mountain were the few elite disciples accepted by the various hall masters of the sect.

Zhu Yao had arrived in the early morning, however, she did not head over to the sect master’s cave residence, but instead, went straight towards another cave residence in the middle. That place was filled with spiritual plants, and red flowers and lush green willow trees were arranged with particular elegance. The divine energy present were not far off from Dawnfall Peak either. Zhu Yao looked around as she walked, until she stopped in front of a large jade-green gate, only to realize a seal was placed on it.

“Yin Xin wishes to meet senior-martial brother Xu.” Zhu Yao shouted.

A moment later, the jade-green gate was opened. Before she could even enter, an azure-clothed man came forward. His face was colored with delight, as though he was very surprised from her visit. “Junior-martial sister Yin!?”

Zhu Yao smiled. “I have never visited senior-martial brother’s cave residence, and since I was passing by, I decided to swing by. I’m not bothering senior-martial brother, am I?”

“Of course not.” Xu Nuoyan gave a warm smile, and gently said. “For junior-martial sister to visit my place, it’s naturally something I can’t hope but wish for. Even if I’m currently in isolation training, it’s a must to welcome junior-martial sister.”

He sure know how to talk, instantly pointing out that he gave up on his isolation training, all for the sake to see her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the least bit guilty of it!

“Junior-martial sister, please.” Xu Nuoyan directed her to the living room, and personally poured her a cup of tea. “Junior- martial sister, why the sudden thought of seeing your senior- martial brother?”

Zhu Yao put down the tea-cup in her hands. “My mother had told me this, that senior-martial brother was my father’s personal succeeding disciple. Senior-martial brother have always been kind, and even has the best talent in the sect, so she wants me to learn from senior-martial brother.”

“Sect master has spoke too highly of me.” Xu Nuoyan said modestly, however, his gaze towards Zhu Yao had begun to drift, revealing an affectionate look. “For junior-martial sister Yin to be able to understand me, this senior-martial brother is already very satisfied.”

“In the past, Yin Xin had too many misunderstandings of senior-martial brother.” Zhu Yao followed his cue. “But, I have only just awoken. Everyone simply looks foreign to me, including you, senior-martial brother. That was why  my mother canceled the practitioner-pair ceremony in my will.”

“Xu Nuoyan’s expression sank. “I understand, junior-martial sister, I…”

“Furthermore.” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted his words. “On that day, when that Miss Mo made her speech, she confidently said that senior-martial brother was her husband, and that she was your legal wife. Although I, Yin Xin, do not possess a high level of cultivation, I’m still my mother’s daughter. No matter how one see it, I can’t possibly marry to a man who already has a wife.” “Junior-martial sister, you misunderstood me, I don’t ha…” Xu Nuoyan eagerly tried to explain like before.

“Oh right!” Zhu Yao once again interrupted his words. “On that day, she seemed to have pulled out your token of love as proof.” Zhu Yao immediately took out a hair pin. “I was curious back then, so I picked it up to have a look, and realized that the ‘Xian’ letter was even carved on it? Mother said that it looked rather similar to senior-martial brother’s handwriting.”

Xu Nuoyan’s face paled. He suddenly stood up, and said with a furious look. “That lady surnamed Xian is simply too crafty, for her to actually use such a method to frame me. It’s no wonder your misunderstanding of me is so deep. Junior-martial sister, I have never gifted anyone a hair pin, you must not listen to an evil person’s words.”

“You really do not recognize this hair pin?”

“I, Xu Nuoyan, swear to the heavens!” Xu Nuoyan said with a stern look.

“Ok.” Zhu Yao immediately kept the hair pin, and covertly moved her hand to her waist, pressing down on the piece of jade that was shaking faintly. “Just take it as though I was thinking too much.”

Only then did Xu Nuoyan’s emotions calmed down a little, and went back to take his seat. He then once again looked at her suffocating gaze. “Junior-martial sister, you do not understand senior-martial brother because you have only just awoken, I can understand… why you’re unwilling. Senior-martial brother will always wait for you.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She was feeling a little allergic from his sweet-talk. “Hoho, actually, there’s something I don’t understand. The number of times senior-martial brother and I have met can even be counted on one hand, so how can you…” If he were to say that he began to love her only after seeing her for a few times, she wouldn’t believe it even if she was beaten to death.

Xu Nuoyan’s expression sank, his face was even faintly carrying an indiscernible melancholy. “To you, it might have only been a few encounters, but to your senior-martial brother, it has already been a thousand year-long wait.”

Whaaat? Xu Nuoyan sighed. Her hair stood on ends from his intense gaze. “Junior-martial sister, you might not have known about this. A thousand years ago, on the very first day I was taken into the sect, master had brought me to Dawnfall Peak to see junior- martial sister. That was the first time I met you, and junior- martial sister, you might laugh at me for this, but I… ever since that day, you captured a place in my heart.”

“A thousand years ago?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched.

“Yes!” Xu Nuoyan, however, still kept that affectionate look. “Back then, I had only just ascended not too long ago.”

Zhu Yao turned silent. She had unconsciously wanted to look at the jade on her waist, however, she endured it. She could only borrow the action of sipping her tea, to press onto the jade that was about to leap out from her waist. When he said that it was when he only just ascended, it meant that it wasn’t too long from the time he left Mo Xianxian, right?

“So, junior-martial sister, you can choose to not believe me…” Xu Nuoyan, however, still continued  his  affectionate confession. “But please, do not my suspect my feelings for you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have sought for the sect master’s permission to marry you while you were still asleep.”

“Marrying me was your intention?” Zhu Yao grabbed onto this important point.

“Yes!” Xu Nuoyan heavily nodded, and said with a firm look. “Back then, junior-martial sister was still in a slumber state. Even if you were to sleep for all eternity, I wouldn’t have minded it. I merely wish to stay by your side for my entire life, junior-martial sister…”

The longer he spoke, the more agitated he became, and in front of her eyes, his claws were just about to reach towards her.

Zhu Yao, however, felt queasy in her stomach, as she immediately stood right up. “I forgot to turn off the gas. I will first take my leave.”

As expected, shameless people are unbeatable.

“Junior-martial sister…” Xu Nuoyan was taken  aback.  Why did she suddenly want to leave while they were still chatting along nice and well? And what did she mean by ‘turning off the gas’?

Zhu Yao pressed onto her waist, and hurriedly walked out. Just when she reached the entrance, she stopped. “Oh, right. I have forgotten to ask. Why did my mother want you to go into isolation training?”

Xu Nuoyan’s face stiffened, before he replied a moment later. “It was my fault. I was dissatisfied with being framed by that woman surnamed Mo, who brought about junior-martial sister’s misunderstanding of me. At my act of impulse, I sent a few men down to vent my anger. Because of this, the sect master was furious of me.”

He sent people to kill his wife, and even wanted to twist his words, saying that it was all for her sake. This was really too much.

Zhu Yao did not tardy any further, and flew straight back towards Dawnfall Peak. Pulling out the jade on her waist, a ray of white light flashed past, and a black-clothed woman appeared right in front of her.

“Did you hear all of that clearly just now?” Zhu Yao glanced at her. “Now, do you still think that I’m the cause?”

Mo Xianxian did not reply. Her delicate face had long lost that violent aura from yesterday. Instead, she seemed to be in slight state of trance. “Why? Why does he want to do this me? He clearly swore he would never hurt me…”

Seemingly unable to bear the blow, her legs gave way as she knelt onto the ground, and she began to cry out loud. “Even though I believed him, no matter how hard it was in the Divine Realm, I still believed in him.” She hugged her legs tightly, forming into a ball. Her tears flowed uncontrollably. “He sent me a message, saying that he couldn’t recognize me because of his troubles, and I believed him… And the moment I received the news that he was sent into isolation, I immediately rushed over. But… But… Why?”

Zhu Yao sighed as she knelt down next to her. This lady was so silly to the point where… she really wanted to lecture her to death. “After the practitioner-pair ceremony, he sent you a message?”

Mo Xianxian nodded while making a choking noise. No wonder. She had clearly severed herself from Xu Nuoyan back then, yet, she suddenly returned to kill her. Xu Nuoyan sure had his methods. While he was going circles around her in Fluorescent Wind Sect, he was holding onto Mo Xianxian at the side as well.

“You actually believe whatever he says, you deserved it.”

Mo Xianxian did not reply. A moment later, she choked out. “He’s… my husband.” How could she not believe his words?

“How long have you known him?”

“… A little more than ten thousand years.”

“You couldn’t even see through a person in ten thousand years.” Zhu Yao glanced at her. “Are you actually stupid?”

Mo Xianxian cried even more sadly.

“Stop crying!” Zhu Yao was a little irritated. Matters such as consoling someone, were not her specialty. “Isn’t it just a broken love? It’s not too late to wake up. There’s a large number of men in this world, waiting for you to tease!”

“…” Mo Xianxian did not respond. Instead, she tightly hugged her legs, slightly trembling as she cried, suppressing the feelings that she had already lost.

Zhu Yao wasn’t in the position to say anything else. After all, in a time like this, most probably, she was unable to take in anything. The only thing she could do was sit by her side, accompanying her. Who knew that her crying would be similar to the flood of the Yellow River, where she was unable to collect herself back the moment she started? Zhu Yao’s buttocks were already sore from sitting, yet, she was still not letting up.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to return to the house, take out Goudan, and throw him towards her. Don’t say that your boss isn’t helping you. Right now, her heart has just been broken from love. Hurry and take advantage of this opportunity.

“Little sis Xianxian, what’s wrong? Don’t cry.” As expected, Goudan was on the right track, as he anxiously began to circle around Mo Xianxian. “It’s easy to understand just by looking at her. She was fooled by a man.” Unknowingly, Tao Manfeng followed out of the house as well, snorting coldly. “I have already told you that man can’t be trusted. Only you would believe his ridiculous words. What did he say again? He had no choice? Those were all lies. There’s no need for you to console her either, she deserved it.”

Yo, her mocking mode was activated in full force, why did it sound like she was being sour? Zhu Yao turned to glance at Tao Manfeng. She was beginning to feel that there was something a little off about this lady.

Tao Manfeng was a little uncomfortable from her stare.
Giving another cold snort, she no longer spoke after that.

“Since this matter has been cleared up, then you people best hurry and leave Fluorescent Wind Sect.” Zhu Yao immediately passed down the eviction order. “In the future, do not come over to try to kill me out of no reason ever again.”

When these words fell, a hint of  awkwardness  flashed  past their faces.

“Here, catch this!” Zhu Yao threw the spatial jade towards Mo Xianxian.

“You…” Mo Xianxian was startled for a moment. She could not believe that Zhu Yao would actually return the spatial jade to her.

“I don’t want it.” Her master had said that half of the jade had already been destroyed, and it was no longer the one from before, it now possessed divine energy similar to that of the Lightning Divine Hall’s. Furthermore, that was her former character. To make it sound more nasty, that was her past corpse. There was no way she would want to have it by her side every single day. “When encountering such matters, rack your brains more. Stop being stupid.”

Mo Xianxian clasped onto the divine jade in her hands. After a while, she said. “Thank you!”

Zhu Yao waved her hands a little irritatingly, and chased the three people away. If she were to continue crying like this, she would soon drown. She was truly hoping that this lady would walk out from her former path, and stop being twiddled around in circles by that trash of a man.

Chapter176: Towards Cloudhold City

Zhu Yao turned around, and returned to the house. After a moment, she sensed that the three’s presences had already left Fluorescent Wind Sect.

“You shouldn’t have let them go.” Yu Yan frowned, as he greatly disapproved of her actions.

“It doesn’t matter.” Zhu Yao sat right onto the  bed.  “No matter how stupid Mo Xianxian is, after the incident today, she will no longer seek revenge on Fluorescent Wind Sect.”

“The dimensional space in that jade…”

“That piece of jade is merely a tool, a human’s heart is what’s truly dangerous.” Zhu Yao explained. “Mo Xianxian offended Fluorescent Wind Sect that day, and now, she had even been expelled from Advent Cloud Hall. Even if my mother does not pursue this matter, there’s no guarantee that someone else wouldn’t target her. That piece of jade is her life-saving celestial tool. If I were to take it away, most likely, she wouldn’t be able to survive. So why don’t I take this opportunity to earn a favor from her?” “…” Yu Yan did not speak any further, however, his frown deepened. When he recalled that piece of jade was initially his own disciple’s body, and it was now even in someone else’s hands, for some reasons, he felt a little displeased. As expected, that Goudan person, he should have been killed right from the start.

“Oh right, master.” Zhu Yao suddenly recalled something. “I feel a little strange, as though I’m suddenly able to control fire…”

Before she could even finish… poof!

The entire ceiling was suddenly lighted up by an intense fire, instantly burning the ceiling into a clean crisp, as ashes fell and covered her entire face.

“Just like that.” She pointed to the ceiling. She was suddenly more proficient in fire-based arts than lightning-based arts.

Yu Yan’s expression sank. It sure was rare to see fire-based arts being cast so quickly. “When did you realize this?” He silently cast a water-based art, extinguishing the fire. “Yesterday, when Mo Xianxian snuck up on me.” Initially, she had only thought that the flames had a certain degree of intimacy with her, and that it was unable to harm her in the slightest.

Yu Yan reached out his hand and cupped her wrist, inspecting her meridians. After sending in a strand of divine sense to investigate, he realized that his disciple was as normal as ever. He had always known that his disciple possessed heaven- bending affinity with lightning spiritual energy, so when did she become so affinate with fire as well?

“Your current body carries too many mysteries, your master do not know of the reason either.” Yu Yan released his hand, and then moved to stroke her head. “The Hall Master  has always possessed deep understanding in regards to many strange matters. Tomorrow, I will make a trip back to Lightning Divine Hall. While you’re here at the Fluorescent Wind Sect, do not take any rash actions.”

Zhu Yao put down his hand which was destroying her hairstyle, and she was startled when she heard his words. “Master, you’re leaving?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan took the opportunity to hold onto her hand. Learning from what she did before, their fingers intertwined. “While I’m not here, you must be extremely careful.”

“Ou.” Zhu Yao weakly responded. “Don’t worry, my mother’s here! Although my current body has yet to officially begin cultivating, but even with Mo Xianxian’s Profound Deity Paragon’s cultivation was unable to defeat me. There’s no problems, no worries.”

Yu Yan blanked for a moment, as though he suddenly thought of something. After sizing his disciple who was in front of him, a strange thought suddenly popped in his head. “Yu Yao, what’s your current level of cultivation?”

“Ah?” Why did he suddenly bring this up? “Aren’t I a middle- stage Profound Deity? Oh wait, I changed my character, and I have yet to begin cultivating. So I can’t even be considered an Earth Deity…” As she said that, she herself was startled as well. Earth Deity? Then why was she able to defeat Mo Xianxian?

Could it be…

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan’s voice deepened. “I can’t make clear of your level of cultivation.” When someone was unable to see through a person’s level of cultivation, there would be two likely scenarios. First, the person of interest did not possess any cultivation. Second, the level of cultivation of the person of interest was much higher than oneself, and hence, was unable to be seen through. She had always thought that she belonged to the first category, but earlier, she had clearly defeated Mo Xianxian, a Profound Deity, to the point where she was unable to fight back. So, Zhu Yao basically did not seem to be cultivation-less.

If she belonged to the second category…

Her master was already a High Deity, the highest level of cultivation which one could reach in the Divine Realm. Yet, he was unable to see through her own cultivation level. If that’s the case…

Her level of cultivation was higher than a High Deity?

This was simply unbelievable.

It’s not that she had never tested her own level of cultivation. Her master was a High Deity, and his divine sense could envelop a large half of the Divine Realm continent. However, her divine sense could only allow her to clearly see objects in a hundred kilometers radius. So how could her level be higher than his?

Wait a minute. A hundred kilometers. Her activity range seemed to be limited to a hundred meters as well. Could this be the reason?

Master returned to Lightning Divine Hall on the second day.
All of the questions could only be answered once he returns.

Zhu Yao spent most of her time staying in Dawnfall Peak, and occasionally, she would visit her cheap mother. Yin Shi, however, no longer brought up Xu Nuoyan. Most probably, she had already begun to guard against him. Zhu Yao did not mind helping her putting more eyedrops.

Xu Nuoyan possessed a deep scheming mind, and he contemplated a lot as well. Zhu Yao guessed that his final objective was to obtain Fluorescent Wind Sect. Although Mo Xianxian had already let go of him, it did not mean that he wouldn’t find another opportunity to make a reversal. Zhu Yao was uninterested in power-struggling affairs like this, but Yin Shi was after all, her mother, so naturally, she couldn’t  side with a stranger. The investigation on Xu Nuoyan conducted by her cheap mother did not end, though Zhu Yao wasn’t sure if she had confirmed that Xu Nuoyan’s words were all true. These days, even if she was the one who bring up the topic of Xu Nuoyan, her tone would always carry an unconcealed anger. Initially, even though he was the former Sect Master’s personal succeeding disciple, a large half of the sect affairs had to go through his hands. Currently, Yin Shi was slowly  retrieving such responsibilities. If not for the reputation of her cheap husband, who had already entered the Lightning Divine Tower, most probably, Yin Shi would have already expelled him from Fluorescent Wind Sect.

For a moment, Zhu Yao felt that the mission this time around was unexpectedly easy. Looking at it now, there’s no longer a need to fear that Fluorescent Wind Sect would be destroyed.

But, she suddenly recalled something. Just who was the bug this time?

No matter was it Mo Xianxian, or Xu Nuoyan, the word ‘bug’ did not seem to be present on their faces. In the beginning, she had thought that it was that piece of celestial jade. However, she had already looked over it clearly. The two letters ‘b’ and ‘u’ were indeed present on that remaining half piece of jade, but it definitely couldn’t be termed as a bug. Could it be that the loophole this time wasn’t physical?

Just when Zhu Yao was pondering about this, Xu  Nuoyan came to visit her himself. Even after a long while since they met, he was still the scumbag who carried the same elegant demeanor. He completely did not look dispirited from being pressured, and the gaze he was looking at her with was still giving her goosebumps.

“Junior-martial sister. Long time no see.”

“Hoho, fellow deity Xu.” Zhu Yao really did not want to deal with him.

“Junior-martial sister, why did you decide to call me ‘fellow deity’ again?” Xu Nuoyan did not look bothered in the slightest. “Back then, didn’t you already call me senior-martial brother? Why the sudden change?”

“It was my mother who reminded me. I have already admitted into the Lightning Divine Hall. So, I’m not a disciple of Fluorescent Wind Sect, naturally, we can’t refer to each other as martial brother and sister.” Back then, it was merely to get you talking. “I see.” Xu Nuoyan was unexpectedly conversational  this time. “Since that’s the case, then I won’t be courteous around junior-martial sister either. Why don’t I call you by your Daoist name, Yu Yao?”

Uh… This sure was hard to refute. “Fellow deity Xu, is there something you need from me?”

Xu Nuoyan did not mind her coldness in the slightest, as he grinned from ear to ear. “It’s nothing, I simply thought that you will definitely feel bored by staying on this Dawnfall Peak all day. Coincidentally, Sect Master has dispatched me to deal with a small affair in Cloudhold City a few tens of kilometers south from here, so I’m here to ask if you’re willing to go there together.”

“No need.” Only a ghost would go out with a scumbag like you. “It’s best if I stay here and cultivate.”

“Yu Yao sure is diligent.” Xu Nuoyan continued. “But,  you have only just awoken not too long ago, so you should be rather unfamiliar with everything in this world. Yet, you’re not even curious about the outside world, that sure is a rarity.” Zhu Yao’s heart clenched for a moment. She seemed to have really been performing a little too calmly. Though, in the beginning, she was not worried if the matter of her becoming Yin Xin was exposed, after all, she had confessed directly to her cheap mother. But, even if Yin Shi accepted her, it did not mean that someone else wouldn’t be suspicious.

This scumbag sure was scheming alright.

“That’s the closest and luxurious city from Fluorescent Wind Sect, it shouldn’t take that long to arrive.  And,  auspicious clouds seemed to be gathering there today, most probably, someone from the lower realm is ascending. It’s a rare opportunity, are you sure you’re not going?” Xu Nuoyan continued.

Fine then, if she were to really reject him, with a heart as scheming as his, he might really grow suspicious of her. And… She really was a little curious. As someone who had snuck into the heavens, she was rather interested in matters such as ascension.

In the end, Zhu Yao still accompanied him there. That Cloudhold City was only about fifty kilometers away from Fluorescent Wind Sect, so she wouldn’t possibly faint because of leaving too far from it like before.

Xu Nuoyan was heading there for a mission this time. He was going there to welcome the deity who was ascending to the higher realm, and to persuade him to join Fluorescent Wind Sect. For a Gold Deity to be dispatched for such matters, it could be seen how afraid Yin Shi was of him.

Before setting off, she went over to where Yin Shi was to let her know. Initially, she had wanted her cheap mother to stop her. In the beginning, Yin Shi was indeed a little unhappy, however, after Xu Nuoyan spoke a few words, she actually agreed to it. She had even joyfully contributed a celestial sword to be used as a transportation tool. Mother, am I actually your biological daughter?

With nothing else to refute, Zhu Yao could only resign herself to fate, and headed off.

Along the way however, Xu Nuoyan did not behave like before, where he would make use of every opportunity to make talk with her, and demonstrate his utmost faith. Other than the way he was looking at her, which was still causing her goosebumps, he did not bring up the matter about Mo Xianxian in the slightest. Even if she had the intention to bring it up, and wanted to throw some sarcastic remarks, with a good temper, he did not reply, and instead lightly chuckled.

Had this Xu Nuoyan changed his ways? Or had he been broken by Yin Shi?

With such an irregular Xu Nuoyan, Zhu Yao could not help but raise her guard. Only a ghost would know what kind of thoughts he had in his head, it would be best for her to be a little more careful.

They were flying at an extremely slow pace, as Zhu Yao was intentionally appearing as though she possessed a low level of cultivation. Xu Nuoyan coordinated with her speed throughout the entire journey. Flying at a position a step away from her, which was neither close nor far, he looked rather gentlemanly. It seemed that Mo Xianxian falling for him was not without reasons. At the very least, he did put in effort in the way he presented himself.

Just like that, they slowly flew for an hour. Just when they were about to reach their destination, she suddenly heard a familiar voice from below. “Return Rock Spirit to me, otherwise I will show you what I’m made of!”

Zhu Yao immediately stepped on the brakes, stopped mid-air, and looked down below.

Chapter177: Mushroom Rescue Operation

Wang Xuzhi!

No wait, it’s Mushroom.

There were three people in confrontation below. On one side was Mushroom, while the other were a set of familiar faces as well. It was Mo Xianxian who had nowhere to turn to, and the newly appointed flower guardian Goudan. Why were they fighting?

Mushroom held a sword in its hand as flames of fury surged, glaring ruthlessly at the two people in front of it.

“Brother Mushroom, you misunderstood. Boss isn’t with us. I have not seen boss for a long time.” Goudan explained with an anxious look.

“Lies!” Mushroom was enraged, its hair twitched for a moment before turning bright red, and it felt as though they were straightening up as well. “She’s clearly holding onto Rock Spirit in her hands. Just what did you do to her? Why did she turn back into her original form?”

“Original form?” Goudan turned to look at Mo  Xianxian’s hand, and what she was holding onto was exactly the piece of dimensional celestial jade. “This isn’t boss. Even though boss became a spirit from a jade, this piece… is a celestial jade without any spiritual consciousness. This isn’t her.”

“You’re lying!” Mushroom became even more enraged.  “I have slept with Rock Spirit for so long, how could I possibly mistake her original form with someone else’s!?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Who slept with you?

The hell, this mushroom was still unable to speak clearly and properly.

Goudan was still explaining with all his might, and had even have Mo Xianxian reach out her hand to have the mushroom take a look at it. “Look, evidently, this is only half piece of a full jade, how could it possibly be boss?”

Mushroom’s eyes widened. Grinding its teeth, it said. “You people sliced Rock Spirit into half!”

Goudan: “…”

Mo Xianxian: “…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Mushroom could no longer restrain itself, and immediately made a move. With its sword, it struck toward Mo Xianxian’s… hand. Naturally, Mo Xianxian wouldn’t allow herself  to  be sliced for nothing. In a flash, her figure had already retreated a few meters back. Summoning her celestial sword, she then stepped forward, and a fight broke out.

“Haah. Stop fighting, stop fighting. We’re all acquaintances.” Goudan was troubled on both ends.

Yet, the two people simply did not listen to him.

“Hmph. If you wanted to rob the celestial jade from me, just say it outright. Why the need to craft these lies about a rock spirit?” Mo Xianxian snorted. Evidently, she was treating this mushroom as a treasure-robbing murderer.

“Fine then, I will exact revenge for Rock Spirit today.” The mushroom’s expression turned cold, and it actually began casting a familiar celestial art. A ray of heavenly lightning fell from the sky, striking straight towards Mo Xianxian.

Not bad. After not seeing this mushroom for so long, not only had it elevated its cultivation, it had even learnt lightning celestial arts? Although its cultivation was a little lower than Mo Xianxian’s, it was not even the slightest bit disadvantage. Zhu Yao was a little pleased, and worried at the same time.

However, when Goudan, who was at the sidelines earlier, saw that the people were not listening to his persuasions, he actually joined the battle as well, and was even standing on Mo Xianxian’s side.

The hell, this hypocrite. As expected, he had nothing but thoughts of the opposite sex.

Zhu Yao was enraged. Her hands were itching to bash people up. “Yu Yao, you know these people?” Xu Nuoyan suddenly spoke up, as he asked with a calm look.

Zhu Yao turned her head, looking a little astonished. He was acting a little too calm, right? The one fighting below was his wife, you know. “That person over there is Miss Mo from the practitioner-pair ceremony.”

Xu Nuoyan blanked for a moment, yet, there wasn’t even the least bit of guilt on his face. “Oh, so that’s her! I always had bad memory in regards to unrelated people.”

Go on, continue with your lies! A few days ago, you were still looking anguished when you said that certain someone had framed you. But this time, you actually said you  can’t remember.

“That man however, looks rather familiar.” Xu Nuoyan suddenly changed his target. With narrowed eyes, he pointed at Mushroom by the side. “Yu Yao, do you recognize him?”

“We had a fateful encounter.” Zhu Yao suddenly recalled that back then, during the practitioner-pair ceremony, she seemed to have called out to Mushroom. She did not know what kind of intentions Xu Nuoyan had when he asked this question, but just when she wanted to head down to help, she was suddenly beginning to hesitate a little.

With his cunning, if Xu Nuoyan were to find out she’s not the true Yin Xin, she really wouldn’t know what could happen. Before, the reason she wasn’t afraid of people finding out her identity, was because she held no intentions to stay in Fluorescent Wind Sect. However, now that she had a range restriction curse on her, she was simply unable to leave.

With it being two against one, Mushroom was evidently barely able to hold on, as he was constantly being pushed back by Mo Xianxian.

Mushroom became anxious, and decided to turn directly back into his original form, into a gigantic red mushroom. That’s right, just like before, he would still turn red from anger.

“I’m going to crush the two of you!” Mushroom  loudly shouted out. Leaping with all his might, he rose into the air, before heavily pressing towards the two people.

As if such a simple and crude attack would work! Mo Xianxian and Goudan retreated to the sides, and easily escaped it. Right after, Mo Xianxian flew into the air, and sent a straight kick towards Mushroom, sending him dozens of meters away.

That kick was infused with divine energy, and hence, was a very heavy blow, sinking a large portion of his mushroom cap.

The hell! Zhu Yao could not bear it any longer. These two idiots actually dared to harm her Mushroom! Folding up her sleeves, she was prepared to strike.

However, Xu Nuoyan was a step faster than her. In a flash, his figure descended onto the ground. Immediately after, with a wave of his sleeves, six icicles were sent straight towards Mo Xianxian and Goudan.

The attack was both quick and instant, and even carried the might of a Gold Deity. The two people barely managed to dodge in time, and was this close to being penetrated by the icicles.

“It’s you!” Mo Xianxian grabbed onto her hand which was grazed by the icicles, ruthlessly staring at the newcomer, while Goudan simply fainted from the divine energy carried by the icicles. “Xu Nuoyan, you still dare to appear before me!” Xu Nuoyan did not reply, though, his pair of amorous eyes narrowed slightly. The coldness in his expression seemed as though he was looking at a stranger.

“You ungrateful asshole.” Mo Xianxian immediately activated her swearing mode. “Today will be the day I kill you, so as to wash away my humiliation!”

While saying that, she had already formed her own sword intent. It was actually a peach blossom with five petals, yet, every single petal could split off, bringing about unpredictable transformations, as they attacked straight at Xu Nuoyan.

Xu Nuoyan however, simply revealed a cold smile. Summoning his own flying sword, infused it  with  divine energy, and let out a single swing, disintegrating the flower petals.

“Miss Mo, this Xu do not know where I have offended you, to have you frame me time and time again.” His voice was neither pressing nor hurried, and his eyes on her were still as foreign and distant.

If she had not known of the background story, even Zhu Yao would have believed that he really did not have any relations to Mo Xianxian at all.

“Frame?” Mo Xianxian let out a desolate laugh. “We were husband and wife for over ten thousand years, and you dare say I framed you!?”

“You and I, are strangers.” Xu Nuoyan was unfazed, as though she really did not know the person in front of him.

Mo Xianxian’s body furiously trembled.

Xu Nuoyan frowned, and sighed. “Nevermind.  No  matter what your reason is, since you continue to make a ruckus within the territory of my Fluorescent Wind Sect time and time again, I can’t spare you.”

With a wave of his hand, he instantly summoned another three icicles.

“You’re going to kill me?” Mo Xianxian widened her  eyes. Even though she knew that he had long forgotten of their old ties, she never expected that he would personally take her life. Xu Nuoyan flicked his finger, and the three icicles charged towards Mo Xianxian, aiming at her vital spots.

Zhu Yao’s eyes widened. This bastard was actually willing to cut her down. Willing in her mind, three fireballs instantly flew downwards. She instantly cast a transformation art, descended from the skies, and landed in front of Mo Xianxian.

It seemed as though Mo Xianxian had yet to recover from that dense amount of killing intent earlier, as she looked blankly at Zhu Yao. “Senior?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Alright, she simply did not want Mo Xianxian to notice her being with Xu Nuoyan, which cause some misunderstandings. Thus, she wanted to change her look. Because of the desperate situation, she turned into her “Soi Sauz” look. But, she seemed to have forgotten that when she was a rock spirit, she had appeared in this form to save her once before. And she had even remembered that look.

“Let her go!” Zhu Yao looked towards Xu Nuoyan, and said with a solemn voice.

Xu Nuoyan, who still carried an indifferent expression earlier, revealed a slight smiling intent, and he unexpectedly gave a consenting nod. “Fine!” His expression slowly sank, and he once again looked at Mo Xianxian with that chilling gaze.

“Hurry and leave.” Zhu Yao turned around and urged her. Although she was a little angry that she injured Mushroom, if she did not stop him, Xu Nuoyan would really end her life there and then.

Only then did Mo Xianxian recover her senses. Carrying Goudan who had long since fainted at the side, she first gave Zhu Yao a thankful glance, before giving Xu Nuoyan behind her another ruthless glare. Her eyes were as sharp as blades, as though actual blades could materialize at any moment.

Unfortunately, Xu Nuoyan did not feel a single thing, not even sparing her a glance.

“Wait a minute, return Rock Spirit to me!”

Uh… Mushroom, stop fooling around!

Mushroom leapt up while enduring the pain. “You two killed Rock Spirit, I’m going to exact revenge for him!”

“You two, seems to have taken something you  shouldn’t have.” Xu Nuoyan suddenly spoke up, giving Mo Xianxian a meaningful glance.

Mo Xianxian gritted her teeth. In the end, she still threw the divine jade that was in her hand towards Mushroom, before flying off on her sword.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition. The hell,  Xu Nuoyan couldn’t have known of the secret of the dimensional space, right?

Xu Nuoyan however did not make a move, not sparing the piece of jade on the ground a glance. Though, Mushroom bounced to where the piece of jade was, bending down towards it in a blink of an eye, and his voice began to tremble. “Rock… Rock… Rock Spirit.”

The entire mushroom instantly turned deathly pale.

Lowering his head, the mushroom cap poked the half piece of jade on the ground.

“Rock Spirit… Rock Spirit… I came to save you, Rock Spirit.”

He poked it a few times. Seeing that there wasn’t a single response from the piece of jade, as though his mind finally collapsed, he bawled out loud.

“Waaah, Rock Spirit… Don’t die! Wake up… Waaaah…”

Mushroom cried out a fountain of tears. Under the mushroom cap, it looked as though it was raining, as water kept pouring onto the ground. Finally, the mushroom laid on the ground, and began to roll around.

This was the first time Zhu Yao experienced what was truly called a ‘river formed out of tears’, yet, she felt uncomfortably sour in the depths of her heart as well. Taking a few steps forward, she nudged at the mushroom which had already sunk in its own pool of tears. “Stop crying.” It’s not like I’m dead.

Mushroom did not bother about her at all, as his head leaned towards the piece of jade, and continued to cry as much as he wanted. “Rock Spirit… Rock Spirit…”

“I told you to stop crying already.” Because Xu Nuoyan was still present, she really did not want to admit her own identity. Hence, she could only persuade him with all she can. But Mushroom simply did not listen to her at all, as though a river could flow in reverse from his sadness.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and probed. “Stop crying already, Mushmush.” She quickly added in a signal. Cheer up already.

As expected, Mushroom blanked for a moment. He turned to glance at her. Zhu Yao back-faced Xu Nuoyan, as she desperately threw winks at Mushroom. It’s me, it’s me.

Mushroom then returned to look at the piece of jade on the ground. “Waaah, Guo’er… Please don’t die. Hurry up and look at Mushmush.”

“…” Alright, it was stupid of her to place hopes on this mushroom’s intellect.

Chapter178: The Minion Who Ascended Into The Higher Realm

Mushroom cried for exactly six hours. From a filling and plump mushroom, he turned into a dried-out mushroom from all that crying, as though all of the water content had flowed out from his body in the form of tears.

Zhu Yao’s buttocks were already aching from sitting beside him, and only then did he finally stop his wails. Zhu  Yao casually cast a few recovery spells on him, and he then reverted back to his human Wang Xuzhi look.

Picking up the half piece of jade on the ground, he looked as though he had lost his soul.

“Mushroom, where are you planning to go?” Zhu Yao could not help but ask.

Mushroom sniffled, kept the piece of jade, and then said. “I’m going to return to the forest, and plant Rock Spirit back into the soil. I want to see if he can grow back.”

“…” That’s a rock, not a mushroom. How could it possibly grow back? Wait a minute, he couldn’t possibly be thinking of burying that stone back into that pile of dirt, right?

“Thank you, for helping me retrieve Rock Spirit.” Mushroom nodded towards Zhu Yao and Xu Nuoyan. After such a long time since they met, he seemed to have learnt a few manners.

“Mushroom.” Zhu Yao could not help but call out to him. “Umm… Are you still going to seek trouble with those two people?” He best not act crazy, and seek them for revenge.

Mushroom’s expression instantly turned furious. “I’m going to exact revenge for Rock Spirit!”

As expected!

“From how I see it, the Rock Spirit in your hands shouldn’t have been killed by those two people earlier. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have carried this ‘corpse’ on them everywhere they went, right?” Zhu Yao emphasized on the word ‘corpse’.

Mushroom blanked for a moment, and his expression looked a little hesitant. “Then… Who killed Rock Spirit?” She killed herself!

“How would I know?” Even if she knew, she couldn’t tell you. Without her looking after him, with his low-level cultivation, and with how naively stupid he was, if he were to sillily send himself to death, how would she save him? “Why don’t you first return to the forest and plant it in the soil for now? It might really grow back. Once it wakes up, you can ask it yourself.”

“Oh.” Mushroom nodded. “That sounds like a good idea.”


Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She finally managed to divert his attention.

Mushroom’s expression looked better than before too, as he hurriedly bid her farewell, and flew towards the forest where the Lightning Divine Hall was on his flying sword.

“Is your mind at ease now?” Xu Nuoyan stepped up, and looked at her with a smile. “You sure treat that  mushroom well.” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Earlier, he did not make a single sound for the entire time, so she had unconsciously ignored his existence a little. He sure was patient to accompany her in her long wait.

“Let’s go to Cloudhold City then.” Zhu Yao summoned her celestial sword.

“Wait!” Xu Nuoyan however blocked her way. Reaching out his hand, he waved past her face, removing her disguise. She then returned to her former look. “Yu Yao looks better this way.”

Zhu Yao shivered. A strange feeling rose in the depths of her heart. At that moment, she suddenly felt that Xu Nuoyan was a little dangerous. She took a step back out of reflex, building a little distance between them.

Xu Nuoyan however did not continue to lean closer to her, as he flew on his flying sword alongside her.

This time, Zhu Yao did not dawdle like before, and instead, accelerated towards Cloudhold City. Cloudhold City was situated on a island, and at the very center of the island, a large pillar of light was piercing into the sky.

“The Heavenly Door is already opened. It seems like the ascending individual is about to arrive.” Xu Nuoyan said.

Only then did Zhu Yao realize that it was the  light  of guidance. Hence, she flew directly towards that pillar of light.

At the source of the light, was what seemed to be altar-like place situated at the center of the island. Light was currently emitting out from the circular formation at the center of the altar.

There were already several people standing in the surroundings. Looking at the insignia on their sleeves, they were all disciples of Fluorescent Wind Sect.

They directly landed at the center of the crowd.

“Senior-martial brother Xu.” Those disciples evidently recognized Xu Nuoyan, as they enthusiastically walked over to greet him. However, they were not that familiar with her, so they simply sized her up with a short glance, and paid no further attention to her.

Xu Nuoyan did not have any intentions to explain either, and asked. “Has the ascending individual arrived?”

The expressions of several disciples instantly paled. They exchanged glances between them, before one of them at the center stepped forward. “Senior-martial brother Xu, we are unsure of the cause, but the ascending individual has still not arrived in the higher realm.”

“How long has it been?” Xu Nuoyan frowned.

“It’s been about seven hours.” The disciple replied.

About seven hours? Zhu Yao was a little startled as well. The light of guidance would only appear in the lower realm when the ascending individual passes the ascension lightning tribulation, guiding the individual on the path of ascension. Since it had been about seven hours, it proved that the lightning tribulation had already ended for a long time, so why hasn’t the individual appear? “How much time left?” Xu Nuoyan looked towards the light of guidance, and asked.

“At the very most, the light of guidance will disappear in fifteen minutes.”

Xu Nuoyan sank into silence for a moment, before turning to look at Zhu Yao at the side. “Yu Yao, what do you think of this matter?”

“How would I know?” Zhu Yao blanked for a moment. What did this have to do with her?

“In my opinion, the ascending individual most likely don’t wish to ascend at all.” Xu Nuoyan found himself an excuse.

“How can that be possible!?” The disciple at the side could not help but refute. “Since that person has already brought upon the lightning tribulation, if he does not choose to ascend, he will not get another chance in the future. If he doesn’t ascend, without a divine body, he can only wait for his death when his lifespan expires in the lower realm. How can there exist a person who is willing to die, instead of choosing to ascend?” “Maybe… That person still has matters to attend to, or… someone he can’t let go of?” Xu Nuoyan looked towards Zhu Yao at the side, and his smile grew even deeper.

That expression again. Zhu Yao was getting goosebumps all over body again. She could only shift her gaze and continue to stare at the light of guidance.

The other disciple did not reply, and simply treated his words as a light joke. This light of guidance was a pathway which mortals must take to become deities. Only through the baptism from passing this light could one achieve an immortal body, attaining everlasting life. While the reason why practitioners in the lower realm seek the Dao, was exactly to obtain this goal. So could one easily give up on this opportunity?

The light was already growing weaker, and it seemed to be close to dispersing as well. The disciples of Fluorescent Wind Sect who were present were all a little confused.

Suddenly, the earth shook. A bright red light flashed on the formation where the light of guidance was being emitted from, spreading towards all directions. “Watch out!” Zhu Yao simply felt her waist tightening, and then, she was carried away from her original spot, flying towards the sky.

The ground was beginning to split apart inch by inch, and the earth collapsed into the cracks. The cracks began to grow, and several houses and trees had already collapsed as well. Zhu Yao widened her eyes, as she suddenly felt that this scene was a little familiar.

“The Heavenly Door is about to close.” A disciple exclaimed.

“Yet another one!” Someone responded.

“This is already the fifth one in recent years.”

“That’s right, more and more Heavenly Doors are closing for no apparent reason.”

“I never thought that the Heavenly Door so close to the sect would close as well.” Zhu Yao recalled it now. In her previous life, she seemed to have seen such a scene once before. Back then, the Heavenly Door of Lightning Spiritual World was closed, and now, another one here was closed. From the conversation of these disciples, the Heavenly Doors of various worlds were being closed. Was this normal?

“Yu Yao, are you alright?” Xu Nuoyan’s voice, which carried a hint of worry, sounded next to her.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and only then did she recall that she was still in his embrace. For a moment, she felt a little uncomfortable, as she immediately pushed him away, and floated on her own flying sword. “Thank you!”

It was as though Xu Nuoyan did not see her scornful look at all, as he smiled without a mind. “It’s fine as long as you’re alright.”

Zhu Yao felt a little uncomfortable again. His words sounded as though she was ungrateful.

Mn… It seemed to feel that way alright. More and more people were being forced to fly on their flying swords, and the cracks formed from the collapse were already quickly being submerged by the ocean water. A beautiful island was instantly cracked and split apart, and even the former look of the ascension altar could no longer be distinguished. The light of guidance emitting from it was growing weaker as well.

Just when the final strand of light disappeared, a  yellow figure suddenly flew out, and a complacent laugh sounded throughout the place.

“Hahahaha! The gods have not abandoned me!”

A person suddenly appeared in the sky. He was dressed entirely in yellow, and even his hair was yellow in color. A single word immediately surfaced in Zhu Yao’s mind. A minion!

He did not have a single flying tool beneath his feet, however, he had a large pair of wings growing on his back, yellow in color! With every single flap of his wings, a large gust would be brought about.

“A demonic immortal!” An unknown person exclaimed. “Why would a demonic immortal ascend from this place?”

“It’s no wonder he took such a long time to ascend.”

“What do we do? He seems to have come prepared.”

The crowd seemed to be in a fluster. A demonic immortal’s strength had always been tougher than deities in the first place. What’s even more important was that demonic immortals were tightly-knitted, and they had always treated ascended demonic immortals with extreme importance. Since this one had appeared here, there would definitely be a group of them coming to welcome him in a moment. Earlier, he had been delaying his arrival to the higher realm, most likely to wait for his companions to receive him.

“If you’re sensible enough, then hurry and scram. Do  not block this mighty one’s way.” The minion complacently glared at the crowd of deities. Just as he was thinking of flapping his wings and fly away, he unexpectedly turned around to give another glance, and his line of sight fell on Zhu Yao. His eyes fiercely widened, and brightly shone right after.

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart skip a beat, as she suddenly had a bad premonition.

As expected, that minion decided not to leave. In a flash, he appeared before her, and grabbed onto her arm. “Miss, why don’t we become friends?”

“…” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Sizing him up for a moment, she then pinched a layer of meat on his claw, and forcefully twisted it. “I’m sorry, I don’t become friends with… demonic beasts with poor tastes!” As expected, things like little animals were really hateful.

The minion painfully released his hand, yet, he wasn’t the least bit furious. The snowy shine in his eyes were like lit candles. “Don’t worry, if we can’t become friends, you can marry me. Let me bring you back to the demonic continent.”

After saying that, he seriously moved to pull Zhu Yao towards him.

Suddenly, an icicle was sent straight towards him. The figure of the minion flashed, and the icicle flew past Zhu Yao. “A mere beast dares to have such wishful thinking.” Xu Nuoyan took a step forward, and blocked Zhu Yao. His voice was as cold as ice.

“Where did you pop out from?” The minion was furious as well, as he ruthlessly glared at Xu Nuoyan. In an instant, the flaps of his wings became even more forceful. “I like that girly, so hand her over to me. Once the people receiving me arrives, I will let all of you here go, how about it?”

Zhu Yao was speechless. Even though she was referring him as a minion, his intelligence shouldn’t approach that of an actual one in the animated movie, right!?

Xu Nuoyan did not reply, instead, his smile grew even colder.

“Girly, girly!” The minion desperately waved his claws at her. “Return home with me.”


Just where did he get his confidence from? Although he was a demonic immortal, he had only just ascended. The people here were all Profound Immortals, alright? Instead of taking this opportunity to flee, he actually dared to threaten them.

Chapter179: Come Back Immediately After You Die

“Girly, how can you do this to me?” In an instant, the minion looked at her with teary eyes. “I’m genuinely sincere. I want to lay a nest full of eggs with you.”

“…” Who wants to lay eggs for you? Was there really not a single demonic beast in the world that had a regular state of mind? Leaving aside the past when she was a dragon, just what was the deal with this one?

This time, without needing Zhu Yao’s reply, Xu Nuoyan had already summoned dozens of icicles, jabbing towards him relentlessly. The demonic immortal flapped its wings and dodged them in an embarrassing manner, though, while dodging, he still shouted at Zhu Yao. “Girly, girly, look at me!”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened.

The minion dodged a few waves of icicles, and gradually, he was growing a little weaker. After all, he had only just ascended, and he had suffered a wave of tribulation lightning bolts in the lower realm. He did not have much divine energy left on him in the first place, otherwise, he wouldn’t have even needed to rely on his wings to fly.

Xu Nuoyan’s expression sank, as he once again summoned another wave of icicles. This time, however, there were more than a hundred of them.

“Hey, you over there that popped out of nowhere! You really want to make this mighty one furious, is that it!?” The minion was angered, and even that bunch of weed-like yellow hair were standing straight up. Flapping his wings with all his might, several hundred feathers flew out. Some turned into fireballs, while some turned into sharp blades, as they struck towards Xu Nuoyan.

“Hmph, you’re courting death!” Xu Nuoyan’s voice turned even colder. With a wave of his hand, those fireballs and sharp blades completely turned into ashes, and in a flash, he appeared right before the demonic immortal.

“You… How did you?” Before the demonic immortal could even react, in the next instant, he was already being grabbed by the neck, and he simply felt a cold intent suffusing throughout his body. This was…

“Senior-martial brother Xu.” A disciple behind anxiously called out. “The demonic immortals will soon arrive, right now, we can’t afford to have a conflict with them.”

Xu Nuoyan turned a deaf ear on his words, and his grip tightened instead. The minion’s face was already turning purplish black, as though he could pass out any second.

“Release him.” Zhu Yao’s voice was a little cold.

Xu Nuoyan was startled. His hand stiffened for a moment, however, he then gently released him.

The minion demonic immortal was still in shock as he hurriedly pulled a distance away from the crowd, and panted as he pressed on his chest. He glanced at Zhu Yao with a pitiful gaze, and then, looked towards Xu Nuoyan who was standing unmoving at his original spot. His figure trembled for  a moment, before he flapped his wings and flew  away unwillingly. “Yu Yao, he treated you in such a rude manner earlier…” Xu Nuoyan raised the smile he had before, though, there was now a hint of stiffness to it.

Zhu Yao simply looked at him, and did not utter  another word.

Though, a disciple at the side butted in. “Senior-martial Xu, fellow junior-martial sister, this place isn’t suitable to stay for long. It’s best if we hurry and leave.”

“You people can leave first, we will catch up.” Zhu  Yao replied. Her eyes were still fixated at Xu Nuoyan who was in front of her.

The disciple hesitated for a moment, but in the end, on his flying sword, he flew away with the rest of the people. Shortly, other than her and Xu Nuoyan who stayed behind, the place was cleared.

“I simply wanted to protect you.” Xu Nuoyan gently said. His tone carried a hint of concern. “…”

“He’s just a demonic beast.”


“If you don’t like it, I won’t kill him then.” In an instant, his expression was a little flustered, as though he wanted to explain something to her.


“Yu Yao. Are you… angry?”

Zhu Yao sighed deeply, and for a moment, she scorned her own intellect. Her mind really took too long to go online.

“Yue Ying!”

His expression instantly paled, and his hands lightly trembled for a few moments. After a while, he revealed a gentle smile, and let out an indistinguishable sigh. “Big Sis Yao, you’re still as smart as ever.”

When these words fell, his face twisted for a few moments, slowly turning into another, familiar yet foreign face. His face still carried that light and gentle smile.

It really was him! She had been feeling that Xu Nuoyan was a little strange today, yet Yue Ying never came into her mind. Only when he grabbed onto the minion earlier with  that familiar method, was she finally certain of herself.

Zhu Yao frowned. Looking at the person in front of her, she once again sighed. “Where’s Xu Nuoyan?”

Yue Ying’s smile grew a little deeper. Looking straight at her in the eye, unblinkingly, he said. “Didn’t Big Sis Yao dislike him?”

“You killed him.”

Yue Ying did not reply, and simply smiled at her. Zhu Yao suddenly felt as though she did not recognize the person in front of her. Just when did all this begin? That child which only had a stiff expression, actually learnt how to use smiles to conceal his own thoughts and emotions.

“Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying suddenly walked towards her, not on his flying sword, but walking on empty air. With every step, a black lotus would sprout beneath his foot, carrying dense amount of devillic aura.

He stopped at a foot distance away from her, and gently reached out his hands. Like when he was young, he hugged onto his waist, tightened to the point where there wasn’t a single gap. “Big Sis Yao, Yue Ying missed you so much. Missed you… so, so much…”

His voice was very gentle, carrying hints of familial love, as though he was a child who had found his parents. Zhu Yao unconsciously felt her heart softening, however, she had no choice but to stay firm, and asked. “Yue Ying, are you a Devil?”

She could feel the arms that circled around her stiffening for a moment, in the next instant, they tightened once again. Burying his head to the side of her neck, he then nudged a little. “I’m big sister’s Yue Ying, and forever will be.” “Yue Ying…” For a moment, Zhu Yao felt a deep sense of powerlessness. “You’re a Devil.” This time, it was no longer a question, but an affirmative answer.

His embrace tightened even more than before, as though he wanted to escape from something. “It’s not like that. I couldn’t find big sister. Big sis said so… You said you wanted me to wait for you, and you would immediately return. But I waited, and waited… I waited for so long, but you never came. So, Yue Ying had no choice but to look for you.”

Zhu Yao was startled. She faintly recalled that she seemed to have indeed said such words.

“The reason you were finding me, was to kill me to vent your anger?” It seemed like the person who killed her before, was indeed him.

“Of course not.” Yue Ying released her, and his face evidently showed some fluster, and an abundance of regret. “That time… I didn’t know. I didn’t that was you, Big Sis Yao. You changed your look, and Yue Ying wasn’t able to recognize you.”

“Back then, you clearly asked me if I was Yu Yan’s disciple.” “I… I thought that you were Sovereign Yu  Yan’s  new disciple.” Yue Ying lowered his head, and his words were filled with anxiety. “Hasn’t Big Sis Yao been very happy about being the only disciple of Jade Forest Peak? Big sister is one and unique, so even in the higher realm, even if he’s big sister’s master, he shouldn’t have any other disciples.” A hint  of tyranny flashed within his eyes.

Zhu Yao unconsciously took a step back.

Sensing her opposition, Yue Ying’s expression instantly collapsed, turning both anxious and flustered, as he stared right at her eyes. As though he was extremely afraid of the loathe revealed in her eyes, like the time he was a child, he anxiously tugged onto the corner of her clothes, and looked at her pitifully. “Big Sis Yao… Don’t be angry.”

“I’m indeed angry.”

“…” The colors in his eyes instantly dimmed, and the hands which he grabbing onto her sleeves were trembling slightly.

“But I’m more angry at myself.” In an instant, he raised his head, showing a confused expression.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. She really couldn’t blame him. She really wished that he was a pure and ruthless Devil who simply looked like Yue Ying, then she wouldn’t have such complicated feelings.

She did not have the rights to blame him either. The reason why he was here in the higher realm was her, and from his tone, he had to turn into a Devil to come into the higher realm. But the reason he did so, was to find her.

He grew in such a particular situation, and no one had expected his birth. Even if she entrusted him to little radish, with his Penta Spirit Veins aptitude, in that world where the strong ate the weak, and the strong was revered, it was imaginable how hard it was to survive there.

Hence, he saw her as his only person to depend on. Although she saved him, she had never spent any effort and thoughts to teach him. As the saying goes, a child is better unborn than untaught. Right now, she was having deep regrets. Back then, she was even able to bring up little radish all and well, so why did she not give Yue Ying the slightest bit of thoughts? Merely because he wasn’t a bug?

If she were to teach him now, was it not too late to do so?

“Yue Ying, I’m sorry.”

He instantly smiled. A smile that was so pure, there wasn’t a single hint of impurities within. “Yue Ying will never  ever blame Big Sis Yao.”

“Haah…” In an instant, Zhu Yao felt the guilt of destroying a good young man. What should she do now? Was he still able to turn back?

“Big sis.” He once again leaned towards her. His eyes were filled with reluctance, as though he had instantly found his pillar of support. “Please stop leaving Yue Ying, alright?”

“I want some peace and quiet for a moment.” She was suddenly unsure of how she should clear up this pile of mess. “I will not let Big Sis Yao leave again.” His voice instantly sank, and his tone was stubborn like that of an unreasonable child.

“Yue Ying, let me have some time to think, alright?”

“Because I’m a Devil, Big Sis Yao doesn’t want me anymore?”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Then, big sis wants to kill me?” His hands which were gripping onto her sleeves, instantly tightened. A black for emitted out from the palms of his hands, and the snow-white sleeves instantly turned into ashes.

“Yue Ying!” Zhu Yao was shocked.

Yet, he reached out his hands, and immediately pulled her into his embrace. The smile on his face grew even gentler, yet, Zhu Yao could feel that smile was carrying a hint of cold intent. “You can’t do that, Big Sis Yao. It wasn’t easy for me to find you. You can’t cast Yue Ying aside ever again.” “Yue Ying, let me go for now!” This child, just how did he turn crazy with just a few words? It’s been so many years, yet, not only wasn’t his mother complex cured, it actually worsened!

You’re ill, and you have to treated, hey!

His hands gripped even tighter, and Zhu Yao felt that her waist was about to break. “If I let go, big sis will cast me aside again.”

“Yue Ying.” Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little afraid. The devillic aura emitted out from his body was causing her a lot of discomfort, causing the divine energy in her body to automatically resist it on its own. Only then did she truly sense that he was a true Devil. She was barely able to hold on any longer, and was about to instinctively cast down a heavenly lightning bolt to strike him.

However… This was Yue Ying, the child she personally saved.

Yue Ying once again buried his head next to her neck. As though he had submerged himself into obsession, he chanted with a trembling voice. “Big Sis Yao, please don’t leave. Big Sis Yao, please don’t leave…” Zhu Yao was unable to push him away, and he  wasn’t listening to her either. For a moment, she did not know what to do.

“Hey, the two of you.” Suddenly, four figures appeared  in their surroundings. The four people were dressed oddly, malicious aura surrounded their bodies. “Where did the demonic immortal who ascended earlier go?”

Chapter180: Forced Disconnection Handyman

Zhu Yao blanked. Demonic immortal? Could it be that these four people were here to receive that minion?

“Hey, I’m asking you guys a question? Reply well, and I will spare your lives.” Seeing that they weren’t replying even after a long while, one of the red-haired demonic immortal evidently became a little irritated.

“Why are you being so courteous with them?” Another demonic immortal snorted coldly. “Deities aren’t anything good anyway, just kill them from the get-go.”

The other two smiled, as though they were feeling the same way. In an instant, several sword-lights filled the sky, flying straight towards the two of them.

Did they have to be this violent?

Before Zhu Yao could even react in time, an icy voice sounded next to her ear. “Noisy.” She suddenly had a bad premonition. In but a blink of an eye, the sword-lights that filled the entire sky shattered resoundingly, turning into falling colorful fluorescent lights similar to that of an aurora. While the demonic immortal that launched the attack, was currently pressing against his bloody chest. With a shocked expression, he fell straight down from the sky.

In just a few steps away from her, Yue Ying’s hand was currently holding onto a beating heart, and fresh red blood was currently trickling down his arm. Yet, it was as though he was thinking it wasn’t enough, his hands tightened. In an instant, the fresh red heart turned into shattered bits of meat, mixing with the fresh blood which stained his entire arm.

Everything happened too quickly. Before anyone present could even react, that arrogant demonic immortal earlier, had already lost his life.

“Do you guys want to steal Big Sis Yao from me as well?” He was smiling. However, that smile did not come from the depths of his heart at all, instead, it was filled with bone-piercing cold intent.

Only then did the other three return to their senses. Turning around, they planned to flee, but it was already too late. The three people were fixated in mid-air by a powerful pressure, preventing them from moving.

“It wasn’t easy for Yue Ying to find her, Yue Ying will not hand her over to you.” It was as though Yue Ying was going on a walk. With every single step, the pressure felt by the three people grew a little bit heavier. First, their hands and feet burst apart, and slowly, the ruptures spread towards the center of their bodies. Their entire bodies were in bloody states.

Zhu Yao instantly felt queasy, as she turned around and vomited. Yet, she could not help but loudly halted his actions. It felt as though Yue Ying was playing a torturous murder game.


Was this still that little Yue Ying of hers? He was simply a devil incarnate.

Yue Ying blanked, as he obediently stopped his advance. A moment later, he slowly turned around. In a flash, he returned to her side, and reached out his hands to hug her. Zhu Yao stared at that bloody red hand of his, suddenly recalling what he had done earlier, she took a few consecutive steps back.

“Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying looked at her blankly, his eyes were filled with loss. When he took a few more steps forward, Zhu Yao would take the same number of steps back.

His eyes were instantly dyed with frenzy, a black aura oozed out from his entire body, forcefully restraining Zhu Yao. “Don’t go, Big Sis Yao, you’re not allowed to leave. Don’t go… Don’t go…”

Zhu Yao tried to talk sense to him, but he was unable to regain his senses from within his frenzied emotions, as he carried Zhu Yao and immediately flew off after choosing a particular direction.

“Yue Ying!” Zhu Yao struggled for a few moments, but she was unable to escape in the slightest. Only then did she realize his abnormality was not simply because of him being a Devil. He was frighteningly paranoid, and he basically could not be persuaded. Seeing that she was moving further and further away from Fluorescent Wind Sect, a familiar sense of suffocation once again surfaced from within her heart, and she finally recalled. Crap, she couldn’t leave.

“Yue Ying, hurry and release me, hurry!” No matter what she said, he was turning a deaf ear to her, and was simply carrying her while flying at extreme speed.

The pain that felt as though her entire body was being teared apart broke out once again, and she seemed to hear the sounds of her organs being ruptured. “Yue… Ying.”

The hell. Yue Ying, you’re only here to force me to disconnect, right? The first time was like this, and the second time too.

Zhu Yao was already feeling her  consciousness  becoming blurry. The scenery she saw and heard last, was the sound of the wind blowing past, and the blood  in  her  mouth  she  did  not know if she had actually puked out.

This child! This old lady here will never forgive you for the rest of her life! Her surroundings were pitch black, and within her range of view was only that familiar loading bar.

She died again!

Damn child! You’re a forced disconnection handyman, aren’t you!? It happened during the first time, and now it’s the second time!

Zhu Yao sighed. She never expected that she would die feeling so wronged this time. And the bug that she fixed this time was strange too. The two main characters, under circumstances that she did not know of, had completely went off the main script.

The female lead Mo Xianxian’s dimensional space, was being planted in the soil by Mushroom, while the male lead was even more unfortunate, as he was turned into cannon fodder by Yue Ying.

What could be done to save this broken script?

Zhu Yao glanced at the pitch black space, and called out to Realmspirit a few times. However, there wasn’t any response. Suddenly, a row of white words appeared in mid-air.

“Realm Day Holidays, no matter if you have issues or not, do not interrupt!”

Realm Day? The hell is that? Is it something like  National Day? Can Realmspirit even take a long holiday break? Which company decided that?

No wonder that irritating conversation window wasn’t even appearing right now. Zhu Yao suddenly felt like smudging his entire face. That loading bar had already completed running, revealing the hundred percent figure. And then, her vision darkened.

When Zhu Yao woke up, she thought she was dreaming again. She saw a large mess of green, but this time, she was finally able to make clear of what they were. They were actually tree leaves. The leaves were extremely huge, and a single piece could seemingly cover a large portion of the sky. The leaves intertwined in layers, and wind could not be blown in due to how packed they were. Occasionally, there would be one or two strands of light seeping through. Zhu Yao moved a little, yet, she felt her surroundings were slippery, and there seemed to be something flowing and tumbling in front of her eyes. It was water! She fell into the water!?

Zhu Yao panicked for a moment, and she wanted to swim up, only to realize she was blocked by something transparent all around her. Other than turning around, she couldn’t do anything else. She panickingly struggled for fifteen  minutes, and only then did she realize something.

She could breathe.


She was worried for nothing!

Since her life was not in danger, she began to think about the problem of escape. Just how was going to leave this place? Just as she was pondering about this issue, a voice carrying a childish tone sounded. “Second brother.”

A fiery red figure floated over, it was a small boy. Looking about ten years old, he was wearing a robe of red, looking extremely festive. Though, his little face was frowning roundly, revealing an angry look. He was looking around his surroundings, as though he was searching for something, only to pass by her.

He searched the entire area, and the anger on his little face grew even heavier. Even Zhu Yao could feel his flames of rage.

“Second brother, you said you would come with me!” The little boy shouted, yet, there wasn’t a response from anywhere. His small fists tightened. Suddenly, he raised his head and ruthlessly glared at Zhu Yao. “It’s all your fault!”

“…” Was she being shot by a stray bullet right  now?  She didn’t say anything at all.

“It’s all because of you, second brother is ignoring me!”

Little fellow, you can’t resent society for being ugly.

The little boy’s eyes were round from glaring, and his little face was pouting, forming a bun-like shape. The rage emitting from his body felt as though it could turn into flames at any moment. Wait, no. It really turned into flames, hey. The boy was emitting flames from his entire body. Before Zhu Yao  could even be shocked by this spectacle, the little boy who seemed to have been buffed by a special area effect, came charging towards her like a bull. Raising his two hands, he forcefully pushed her. “I hate you the most!”

After pushing her, he turned around and ran.

The hell, what does your hate have to do with me!? You sound as though liking me will raise my ego or something.

This little wimp seemed small, but his strength was considerably big. Zhu Yao was pushed all the way to the back, and her heart was momentarily in a panic. Her head was not facing the ground, and from the corner of her eye, she could see the figure of the little wimp sadly sprinting away.

Just who should be the one being sad here, hey?


Zhu Yao heard something cracking. In front of her, a few lines of cracks suddenly appeared. And then, the sounds  ‘kachi, kachi’ followed, while the cracks opened even wider. The surrounding water instantly disappeared into the cracks, and fresh air seeped in.

Zhu Yao simply felt an oppressive feeling within her chest. Immediately after, she let out a fierce cough. The water seemed to have choked her lungs, making her feel extremely uncomfortable. Zhu Yao reflexively struggled for a few moments, and strangely realized that her range of movements had increased.

The cracks grew larger, and in the end, with a resounding shatter, Zhu Yao spread herself onto the ground.

She did not have a single strand of energy in her body, yet, she still happily raised her hand, only to see a sharp meaty object.

Where did such a huge chicken wing come from?

Shen then forcefully raised her arm, and only then did she realize something. The hell, this was her hand? When did her mutation happen? She then turned to look at her own legs.

What the? Where did these chicken claws come from?

She turned into a bird, and she was even a gigantic bird that had yet to grow any feathers. For a moment, she felt entirely uncomfortable.

Turning around, she saw a shattered eggshell on the ground. So the reason why she wasn’t able to move earlier was because she was still in the egg. From the looks of things, because the little wimp broke her egg shell, she was born prematurely?

No wonder she did not have the strength to even stand up, and her body was aching everywhere.

As expected, children were her nemeses.

Laying down for a while, Zhu Yao accumulated a little bit of strength, and then exerted herself, wanting to stand up. Suddenly, with a slip of her legs, she once again fell flop on the ground. And because there was water on the ground, she slipped a few meters away. And then, she felt empty air beneath her feet. Two words flashed past her mind – Oh shit!

What the hell, just where did this hole in the ground come from~~~~~~!

Zhu Yao fell in a straight line, going faster with each passing second, and then, a gigantic object appeared in her line of vision.

A tree! A very big tree!

Only then did she realize, she basically did not fall into a hole, but rather, she had fallen off a tree. The place she was staying at just now, was actually merely a branch of this gigantic tree.

The tree was extremely huge, and it seemed to have penetrated into the skies. The things she had passed through while falling, were all blooming white clouds.

At such a height, she would definitely turn into a meat pie, right!? Save this person!~

No wait, save this bird!~

Zhu Yao wanted to shout, only to realize there was something stuck in her throat, and she was unable to let out a single sound at all. She was faintly able to see the ground now. I’m doomed.

Suddenly, as her wings tightened, a gigantic wind swept past, and her falling momentum suddenly stopped. Raising her head, she saw a gigantic bird. It looked a little similar to an eagle, but it was several hundred times bigger than an ordinary one. Its wings were spread open, causing her to hold a misconception that it was covering the entire sun. It’s body was deep grey in color, a little similar to the large roc stated in legends.

The large roc picked her up by her chicken wings with its beak, and flew quickly through the skies. The surrounding scenery flashed past like blurred images, its speed was extraordinarily fast.

This bird couldn’t be thinking of eating her, right? Zhu Yao suddenly felt like crying. Don’t do this please. It’s already this exhilirating the moment I made my appearance. Is this really alright?

The large roc flew for about an hour, and finally, it stopped at the top of a cliff. A gigantic nest was settled at the top of the cliff, and there were three bald little birds nestled in there.

Could it be that this bird wasn’t going to eat her, but instead, had caught her to feed her to its little birds?
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