My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 161-170

Chapter161: Disciple’s Dead Again

“Sesame, head back now!” Zhu Yao’s heart turned cold, and for a moment, she even felt the urge to kill Sesame. “You best hurry and turn back, you hear me!?” That  person…  That person, wasn’t a deity at all, nor was he any sort of divine practitioner.

That pressure earlier, felt the same as the one she felt from Phantom back then.

He was a Devil!

“Sesame!” She must head back and notify her master.

“Msshtresh (Mistress)…” Sesame kept Zhu Yao by its mouth, however, it did not stop its feet. It simply mumbled out a reply. “I’m pwoteckting msshtresh (I’m protecting mistress).” After saying that, Zhu Yao was already drenched from his saliva.


Will it kill you to materialize to your human form and hold me? Why do you have to bite me? Zhu Yao sensed the evil intentions of the entire universe. It seemed like her master had long discussed this with Sesame in the dimensional space, hence the reason why it wasn’t listening to her. Zhu Yao had no choice but to view her divine sense region, unlock the seal of her divine sense, and guide out the divine energy from the dimensional space to materialize her human form by herself.

Tao Manfeng sensed the abnormal movements in the divine energy, and began to move about in the dimensional space. She had stayed inside for an entire day, and naturally knew that this world was a dead end with basically no exits. Although the dense amount of divine energy here had successfully allowed her to make a breakthrough into the Profound Deity level, there was completely no point if she couldn’t leave.

“Who are you? Where is this place!?”

Like hell Zhu Yao had the time to spend caring about this little bitch. She automatically ignored her shouts and screams, as she desperately guided out the divine energy from her divine sense region. A red glow emitted from the entire piece of jade.

“H-H-H-H-Hot…” As Sesame was caught off guard, its tongue was burnt, and had no choice but to spit Zhu Yao out. The red glow brightened, and a moment later, what appeared was a sword riding Zhu Yao… whose face was completely stained with saliva.

Her gaze swept towards Sesame was she turned around, and Sesame shrank its head in an instant.

“I will settle scores with you later!” Zhu Yao fiercely glared at this certain unreliable beast, and descended onto the ground. She did not stop the guiding of divine energy. The divine energy in her body constantly surged, immediately raising her cultivation from mid-stage Profound Deity, to late-stage, and then, to a Paragon.

That familiar pain once again came. However, this time, Zhu Yao did not have the time to care about these details. The speed of her taking in divine energy did not slow down, instead, it accelerated. The meridians in her entire body was about to explode from the expansion, and traces of blood began to faintly appear on her body, dyeing her white robe in red.

Zhu Yao did not dare to stop, and simply hoped.  Faster. Faster. She must notify her master. Even if she couldn’t be of help, at the very least, she couldn’t be a dead-weight. Hence, she had to raise her cultivation level. Finally, it was as though she could hear a ‘kling’ sound, which sounded as though something had broken. Large amount of divine energy quickly rushed into her body.

Golden Deity!

Zhu Yao sealed her divine sense region, and stood up. She couldn’t be bothered with her body filled with saliva and blood.

“Let us return.” Zhu Yao summoned her own divine sword, and rose into the sky. Just as she was about to head in the direction they came from, the space in front of her twisted, and in a blink of an eye, a familiar black figure appeared in front of her.

That Devil!

How was that possible?

“Where’s my master?” Zhu Yao’s heart twitched, for a moment, she was in a fluster. They had only left for a few moments, so how could her master possibly…? No, that’s impossible. “What did you do to my master?” He did not reply, and he simply looked at her with an expression that could freeze one’s heart. That familiar pressure once again assaulted her, but this time, she had prepared her defenses, and her divine sense was not harmed. Zhu Yao understood that she was not his match, and had no choice but to circulate all the divine energy in her body, to summon countless of lightning bolts.

However, his figure simply blurred, and Zhu Yao  had difficulty breathing in the next instant. A bone-piercing ice-cold hand was already grasping her by her neck. All the divine energy that she managed to circulate earlier, was instantly suppressed back into her body, as though the divine energy had been swallowed back.

She simply smelled a fishy smell in her mouth, and blood was endlessly flowing out from the corner of her lips.

“Mistress!” Anxious, Sesame pounced at him.  However, before it could even touch the corner of his clothes, it was blown away by a ray of black light, and it fell onto the ground with a loud boom. It struggled to climb onto its feet, however, it was instantly pressed onto the ground by pressure. Its wings were completely severed, and there were even tears at every inch of its bestial body, with blood flowing all over the ground. Sesame! Zhu Yao was getting impatient, however, she was completely unable to resist. Even though she was merely grabbed by the neck, her entire body wasn’t even able to move at all. This Devil was much stronger than that Phantom.

He simply raised her just like that, and there wasn’t any happiness or sadness to be seen on his expression. He didn’t continue applying more strength, nor did he release her. Even though they were currently so close, she was still unable to clearly see his face.

Until the moment when even she was about to think that she was going to be strangled to death like this, he suddenly spoke. Though, his voice was still as plain and toneless as before.

“You’re his disciple.”

Zhu Yao tried her best to struggle out her voice. The depths of her heart pained when she thought about her master whose current situation was unknown, and she was unable to suppress the panic in her heart at all. If anything happens to my master, this lady here will have the entire world hold a funeral for him. Suddenly, the sounds of roaring thunders came from afar, and even the sky had completely darkened. An enormously loud dragon roar sounded, and it looked as though a white lightning dragon was dancing among the thunderclouds.

It was the materialization of her master’s sword intent! He’s alright! Zhu Yao’s tensed nerves instantly relaxed.

Then was this person in front of her eyes a clone of that Devil?

He looked straight at her, and in an instant, that bone- piercing chill became stronger, as he once again asked. “You’re his disciple.”

He desperately forced herself to calm down. Don’t be anxious. His clone is already so strong, if he returns to his main body, then it will become more dangerous for master. She had to stall him, or eliminate him. However, her current cultivation was merely at the Golden Deity level, so what should she do to damage him?

“You’re his disciple.” He asked again. His voice was the same as before, so calm, to the point where there wasn’t even a single intonation, similar to a computer-generated voice of the modern era. She had no choice but to take a gamble. Zhu Yao unlocked her divine sense, and had even expanded it limitlessly. Expanding the entire dimensional space, she then compressed all of the divine energy into a small mass.

After finishing her preparations, she then began to struggle, and forced out a word. “Yes.”

The black-clothed man stopped for a moment. He tilted his head a little, as though he was confirming her answer. After a while, he replied. “Oh, then you must die.”

His grip suddenly tightened, as Zhu Yao felt as though she could hear her bones crackling. Her breathing was cut off, and her neck could be broken off in the very next moment.

Zhu Yao willed her thoughts, instantly releasing all of the compressed divine energy. Her entire body emitted out a white light.

“Self-destruct.” The black-clothed man realized  her intentions, yet, he completely did not bother to distance himself away at all, as though he completely did not mind her self- destruction in the slightest. Instead, his grip became even tighter.

Him not caring about it was her goal all along. Zhu Yao desperately expanded her divine energy, and began to circulate all of the divine energy in the entire dimensional space. Indeed, self-destructing her divine sense was completely unable to harm a Devil, but after all, she possessed a dimensional space, that was filled with divine energy, within her divine sense region. If the dimensional space was to self-destruct as well, then she simply wouldn’t believe that she couldn’t kill a clone.

The white glow on Zhu Yao’s body radiated magnificently, becoming brighter and brighter.

The Devil finally sensed the anomaly as well, as he released his devil aura to attack her divine sense. Zhu Yao was courting death in the first place, so how could she hold back? Instead, she instantly grabbed onto his hand, and prevented him from moving.

“You’re courting death!” There was finally a tone in  the Devil’s voice, it however, became much colder.

A ray of black light flashed in his hand, as though he was about to sever her neck, preventing her self-destruction. Zhu Yao’s divine energy however had already expanded completely, and this was the moment!

Willing her thoughts, just as half of her divine energy was already exploding forth.

“Pfft!” Under his forceful grip, her mouth opened and she spewed out blood, splattering it all over his face.

For a moment, it broke apart the devil aura concealing his face, revealing a hollow and emotionless face.

He was…

Zhu Yao fiercely widened her eyes, and was completely stunned!

“Yue Ying!”

When her words fell, on his hollow face, that pair of cold eyes instantly widened. In the next moment, everything was engulfed by that white light.

A familiar notification window once again appeared before her eyes.

Congratulations, you have once again died utterly, and completely. Please choose:

[Resurrect] or [Chat] or [Deliver Some Soy Sauce] or [Give a Thumbs Up to the Handsome, Godly and  Successful Realmspirit]

What was going on with these notification windows that were becoming even more shameless than before? Realmspirit, you have been surfing through too many tweets, haven’t you!?

With a darkened expression, Zhu Yao tapped on the second option, [Chat].

In the next moment, she once again arrived at that pitch-black and empty space. This time, without her yelling, Realmspirit’s QQ-chat window had already popped up by itself. Other than his QQ avatar being changed to the default male avatar, there wasn’t any other changes.

Realmspirit: Yo, courageous girl. Long time no see.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Taking a deep breath, she endured the urge to charge right forward and beat him to a pulp. “Realmspirit, what the hell is going on? Don’t you think you should be giving me an explanation?”

Realmspirit: Oya, what’s wrong girl? What’s there to be unhappy about? Tell me about it so that I can be happy about it!

“Can you even become even more irritable than this?” Zhu Yao glared at him. In the modern era back then, why didn’t she feel that this person was so irritable and shameless? He was a rather respectable person, so why did he lose a few screws from his brain after she was transported here? “I’m talking about Yue Ying. What happened to Yue Ying? Why is he in the Divine Realm? And he has even turned into a Devil?” She clearly remembered when Yue Ying got out from the glacier back then, he was a regular human child. Forget about being of the Devil Race, he didn’t even carry the slightest bit of devil aura. And although he possessed the Penta-Spirit Veins, he could still use spiritual energy to cultivate. He was an upright seedling with great prospects, a good serious and hardworking child. “Could it be… he’s possessed by that damn rabbit?” Did that Devil, which had entered the Rabbit Deity’s body, escape from that divine body and invade little Yue Ying’s body? Wouldn’t that Devil be a little too unbeatable then?

Realmspirit: That isn’t it, yo. Bunny-chan is still obediently staying in the Lower Realm, not wanting to ascend at all.

Realmspirit sent her a screenshot, and on the picture, a man, wearing a dark-green robe, was lying down on a mountain stack of carrots. Rolling on the ground, he carried an expression looking as though there wasn’t a single regret in his life.

Mn, that annoying face indeed belonged to that damn rabbit.

“Then what’s going on? Is that Yue Ying himself?”

Realmspirit: This… I don’t know either. But, the Devils will definitely resurface. This is the cycle of the Heavenly Dao, and it cannot be prevented. Just like how the Gods are already awakened as well. “Gods?” Zhu Yao blanked. “Are you talking about the Dragon race?” It couldn’t have been because of the time she turned into a dragon, right?

Realmspirit, it’s not just the Dragon race, girl. All four God- beasts will once again awaken.

“How do you know about that?” Zhu Yao looked suspiciously at the screen. She was becoming even more curious about Realmspirit’s identity. In regards to matters like this, people in the Divine Realm might not even know about them, right?

Realmspirit: Because it has long been written in the Revelation’s prophecy. ‘Bearing the will of the lord, the Gods and Devils will arrive, the golden age of the Ancient Era will open, responsibility of the Three Realms will be taken, and an eternal sacred ground will be created.’

Revelation? What the hell is that?

Chapter162: Late-Coming Scenario Benefit

Realmspirit: Regarding the Revelation, you will know about it in the future. You must trust me!

Trust my ass. When he said these words back then, he said he would give her a character that would be beloved by everyone. And what was the result?

Realmspirit: Actually, a small accident occurred this time. Because the loophole fixed was too big, it caused a short space- time turbulence, which lead to the appearance of a disorder in time. Hence, a momentary fissure occurred between the Three Realms.

“Fissure?” Zhu Yao suddenly recalled the scene in the city back then. In the beginning, she had thought that it was caused by the Devil, but it seemed like it wasn’t so. “You’re talking about the incident where spiritual energy entered the Divine Realm? Just what happened back there?”

Realmspirit: Girl, it was caused by the self-destruction of your body, yo. “I only self-destructed after!” The incident in the city clearly happened before that.

Realmspirit: Not this time, it’s the one before that.

“The one before that?” Zhu Yao was startled, as she widely opened her eyes in disbelief. “You’re talking about the time when I turned into a dragon and swallowed the World Destruction Talisman? That was clearly ages ago.” Wait a minute, a disorder in time! “You’re saying that the explosion of the World Destruction Talisman, had even influenced space- time?”

Realmspirit: Correct.

Zhu Yao gave a face. In other words, her resurrection this time basically didn’t happen a few years after, but had actually sent her a few years back. When Sesame said that it could sense her aura within that white light, it was because that spiritual energy originally belonged to her in the first place. At that time, she was swallowing the World Destruction Talisman in the Lower Realm. She suddenly had a strange sensation.

“At the very least, you should have greeted or notified me about it.” If she had known it would be so strenuous, then it would have been fine if she stopped others in the Higher Realm from taking away the World Destruction Talisman. After all, she remembered all too clearly, that talisman was a treasure belonging to her Lightning Divine Hall.

Realmspirit: There are matters that even I can’t predict, girl.

Zhu Yao turned silent. She had indeed been over-reliant on Realmspirit.

“Then who was the bug this time?” This time, she had been in the Divine Realm for such a long time, however, she had yet to see anyone with even half of the word ‘bug’ on his or her face. Logically speaking, Realmspirit wouldn’t have resurrected her in the Divine Realm for no apparent reason. “Why haven’t I seen even a single one?” Or did she miss out on something?

Realmspirit: The bug appeared a long time ago, yo.

“It appeared?” She carefully recalled for a moment. That’s impossible. Realmspirit: A picture will tell the truth.

After Realmspirit said this, a new window suddenly popped out on the screen, and it was actually a video interface. On the black interface, there was only a single ‘play’ button, and Zhu Yao habitually tapped on it. Two figures then appeared on the screen. One was her, while the other was that black-clothed man who was strangling her neck at that time.

This was the scene right before she died?

Her body was currently emitting out a white light. A moment later, it occupied the entire screen. She was self-destructing, but in the next moment, at the instant when the white light exploded forth, half of the light rays suddenly returned back into her body. That must have been the instantaneous delay when she realized it was Yue Ying. Hence, only half of her energy was ignited in the explosion.

However, this half of her entire divine energy was sufficient in exploding that Devil into smithereens. After the white light subsided, what could be seen was a charred forest, and that gigantic crater on the ground. Just as Zhu Yao was wondering why Realmspirit showed this scene to her, suddenly, an object in the sky flashed with reflective light. Something fell straight towards the crater that was blasted open.

When Zhu Yao took a closer look, she realized that it was a piece of jade which was broken in half. It was her original form. She had already died, yet, her original form was still existing? Was it because she did not completely ignite the dimensional space?

Before she could understand the situation, that half piece of jade suddenly emitted out a red glow, and a figure flew out from the jade. Wearing a green-colored long robe, fear and shock had yet to recede from her face.

Little bitch!

She actually came out?

Tao Manfeng looked around for a moment, and was frightened by the scene surrounding her. Lowering her head, she looked at the divine jade on the ground and hesitated for a moment. In the end, she still couldn’t help but pick it up, summoned her own weapon, and flew away. “What’s the meaning of this?” Zhu Yao did not understand why Realmspirit was showing her this.

Realmspirit, Continue watching, dear.

Zhu Yao turned back, and sternly stared at the screen. It was still showing Tao Manfeng who was flying away on her sword. Suddenly, the camera closed in, and was fixated on the divine jade in her hand.

“Mn. That’s my corpse. So?” Was he especially allowing her to pay tributes to her own departure?

Realmspirit: Look closely!

Realmspirit spoke again, and suddenly, an additional mouse pointer appeared on the screen, which moved towards her “corpse”. Then, it cropped the entire piece of jade, magnified it by several times, and the screen was instantly occupied entirely by the jade. The white jade-body, and carved surface. This was her familiar appearance.

Was there anything special to look at? Just when she was about to question him, that mouse pointer suddenly turned into a picture of a giant pencil. Following the carved shape of the jade, the pencil drew black lines on it. A moment later, the letters ‘b’ and ‘u’ appeared on the surface of the jade.

“Bu… bug!” Zhu Yao fiercely widened her eyes, as she pointed at herself with utter disbelief. “I’m the bug? You’re saying I was the bug this time?” Then wouldn’t it have been fine if  she simply resurrected? What was the point in running around so painstakingly? “You’re toying with me?”

Realmspirit: To be precise, it wasn’t you, but that piece of jade. Your existence was to merely allow the jade to possess a spiritual consciousness.

“You’re saying that dimensional space existed in the first place?”

Realm: Nods, nods.

“Then say so earlier! If I had known, I would have simply self- destructed right from the beginning. Was there even a need to do so many things?” Indeed, that dimensional space of hers was a heaven-bending existence with that dense amount of divine energy, and that spiritual spring which carried unknown effects. Even Tao Manfeng had instantly raised her cultivation to a Profound Deity by staying inside for merely a day. “And in the past, wouldn’t I always have those precognitive dreams? Why wasn’t there one this time?”

Realmspirit: I already said it before, it’s because of the disorder in time and space. Ahem, your resurrection was a little early, so… It had yet to reach the condition for the scenario to happen.

“So in other words, I worked for nothing? And, what’s with this condition for the scenario to happen? Are you treating this as a game? There’s actually hidden quests as well?”

Realmspirit: Don’t mind such details, yo.

“It would be stranger if I don’t mind, right!?” Roooar~~ “And, the dimensional space within the jade shouldn’t still exist, right?”

Realmspirit: Heheheh… “After this, it can’t be that I have to find the corpse back, right?”

Realmspirit: Hoho, the weather today is pretty good.

“…” You’re changing the subject a little too obviously, isn’t it?

“Whatever, where’s my master and Sesame? What happened to them?” Back then, she only thought about delaying that Devil’s clone. She was unsure if her master managed to escape after her self-destruction.

This time, Realmspirit did not delay. That video  interface once again popped out, and the screen showed that huge crater that was formed after her self-destruction again. Sesame was crawling at a place not far away from the crater, its entire body was in blood, and its chest was slightly fluctuating. It seemed like its injuries were very heavy. A moment later, a white figure descended from the sky.

“Master!” Zhu Yao could not help but shout out, while she heavily heaved a sigh of relief in the depths of her heart. He was alright. His robe was in a slight mess. Evidently, he had just experienced a ferocious battle. His expression however, was frighteningly solemn, as he tightly clenched his fists. Zhu Yao had never seen her master looking like this, as though he could do something frightening in the next moment. He stared straight at that crater for a few moments, and the emotions in his eyes were in slight chaos. A long while later, he gently closed his eyes, and when he opened them later, he had recovered his usual calm. Turning around, he glanced at Sesame who had already fainted on the ground.

With a wave of his hand, he kept it into the spiritual beast pouch. In a flash, his figure disappeared from the place.

Zhu Yao could not describe the feelings she currently had. Logically speaking, seeing that her master and Sesame were fine, she should have been happy about it. However, the expression her master had when he looked at that crater continued to replay in her mind. She could faintly feel  that there was a certain indescribable feeling surging from the depths of her heart. It was stifling, and she could  barely breathe.

Realmspirit: Girl, are you ready? Zhu Yao raised her head, and glanced at that shaking conversation window. Taking a deep breath, she shook away that strange emotion.

“What am I going to turn into this time? It can’t be that I won’t even be able to obtain a human form, right?”

Realmspirit: Don’t worry, girl. I promise that you will be very normal this time. Also, as a reward, I shall give you a benefit, yo.

“What benefit? You won’t be making a fool out of me, right?”

Realmspirit: After this, it’s time to see a mirac- Pui! It’s time to fix the bug. Go, courageous maiden!

“Wait a minute, give me a clear explanation first, hey.” She was really afraid of being fooled now.

However, Realmspirit’s conversation window had already disappeared with a ‘ting’ sound. That familiar loading bar appeared in front of her, but this time, it was as though the loading bar was connected to fiber optic cable, as it finished loading in an instant. She was instantly submerged in darkness.

The hell!

Uneasy, she was thinking of what in the world she would become next.

Suddenly, within the darkness, a string of red-colored words appeared.

Benefit is being issued…

So quickly?

Before Zhu Yao could even feel astonished, she fell into a familiar dreamscape. It was actually the extremely late precognitive dream.

This time wasn’t an exception, as she once again saw the life of a person. And that person was even someone she was familiar with. She was called – Mo Xianxian. The story was very normal in the beginning. Basically, it’s the daily life of a senior martial brother and a junior martial sister.

Mo Xianxian was a disciple with a mutated Wind Spirit Vein. Possessing extraordinary aptitude, she was fancied by her sect’s Demigod Sovereign, and was taken in as his personal succeeding disciple. While her senior martial brother Xu Nuoyan was the Sect Master’s eldest disciple, possessing the Metal and Fire Dual- Spirit Veins. Although he wasn’t a personal succeeding disciple, he was still someone who was highly regarded. Before Mo Xianxian entered the sect, he had already possessed the Azoth cultivation.

When Mo Xianxian entered the sect, she wasn’t even five yet. Hence, this senior martial brother began the loli nurturing route. Mo Xianxian was seemingly brought up by his hands. As time went by, love began to blossom. Along the way, things like making life-long promises were unavoidable, however, Mo Xianxian’s master did not accept their marriage proposal. Instead, what he had his eyes on, was a genius from another sect, who similarly possessed a mutated Ice Spirit Vein.

Hence, for the sake of love, this lady would rather die than obey, insisting that being with her senior martial brother was true love. In the middle, naturally, they had experienced necessary plot lines such as being runaways from home, and running off under moonlight. The lady’s master had no choice but to agree to them being together.

Though the two people had experienced many difficult trials, they had indeed lived very blissful and happy lives. Xu Nuoyan’s appearance was very handsome, and his cultivation was also higher than the people around his age. And not long after becoming practitioner-pair companions with Mo Xianxian, he had already nourished his Nascent Soul, hence, he attracted many female practitioners who fell for him. However, he had always treated Mo Xianxian as his only one, never abandoning her, and had even more so, treated her as his treasure. Even after that, when Mo Xianxian’s cultivation encountered a bottleneck, and had been remaining at the early stages of Nascent Soul with no sights of progress, intentions of scorn for her had never grown even the slightest bit. With that deep and unwavering love of theirs, even Zhu Yao could not help but wish to give them the “Model Couple” honorable certificate. If not for the ascension scenario later on… Arc 06

Chapter163: Version 6.0 That Comes With It’s Own Scenario

Xu Nuoyan, the senior martial brother, ascended. At the time of his ascension, he affectionately told Mo Xianxian that he hoped to see her ascend as soon as possible, so that the two of them could reunite in the heavens.

Mo Xianxian who had been stagnating at the Nascent Soul Paragon cultivation, under his motivation, and adding the insights she gained from the heavenly light of ascension, began to improve greatly in her cultivation, successfully making a breakthrough into a Demigod. In just thousand odd years, she ascended, and went to look for her husband to reunite with him.

Every little deity who had just newly ascended was the same, she became one of the most unremarkable people. She wholeheartedly wanted to look for her own husband, however, without any connections and background, it was hard for her to traverse the Divine Realm. The more important point was, after inquiring about him for a period of time, strangely, she was suddenly being chased after.

Zhu Yao was aware of the matters after this. In order to protect herself, she entered the Advent Cloud Hall. However, even if that was the case, not only did those schemes and sabotages not end, they had instead increased. She wanted to investigate the truth as well, but with her merely being an Earth Deity, how could she possibly find out anything?

Mo Xianxian wasn’t stupid, rather, she was extremely clever, as she understood that someone was targeting her. Hence, while she avoided these dangers, she desperately cultivated. Her days could be said to have passed by with soul-shaking fright. In the end, her hard work paid off. She broke through into a Profound Deity, was fancied by a Heavy Deity practitioner within the sect, and was then taken under his wing, becoming an elite disciple in Advent Cloud Hall.

She had also been inquiring about the identity of the mastermind, until the day when the Sect Master of Fluorescent Wind Sect was hosting his daughter’s practitioner-pair ceremony, and she followed her master over to give their blessings. She realized that the son-in-law of the Sect Master, was actually her husband whom she had been looking for all over.

No matter how many schemes and sabotages she suffered since she came to the Higher Realm, she had never felt as depressed as watching her lover’s unfaithfulness at that moment. Hence, under impulse, she unsheathed her sword and charged right at Xu Nuoyan who was dressed in new clothes, criticizing him for his unfaithfulness. At the same  time,  she took out the token of love the two of them shared back then, loudly questioning him.

Never did she expect that with this action of hers, not only was she unable to receive Xu Nuoyan’s response, she had completely angered Yin Shi, Sect Master of Fluorescent Wind Sect. She who wished to protect his daughter’s heart, made a move against her at that moment. Although she did not take Mo Xianxian’s life, she destroyed the foundation of her cultivation. Not only was her cultivation pushed back to the early stages of the Earth Deity level, it became harder for her to improve since then.

This wasn’t the most miserable part. Her Heavy Deity master, whom she had thought that was her pillar of support, in order to maintain peace with Fluorescent Wind Sect, actually expelled her directly from Advent Cloud Hall. In an instant, she turned into a street rat that was yelled on and beaten by everyone, as she had offended two great factions in the Divine Realm. She did not have a single place to live in the Divine Realm at all, and even more so, there were several wandering deities, in order to curry favors with Fluorescent Wind Sect, chasing and hunting her. Mo Xianxian, from the highest-grade genius chased after by many in the Lower Realm she once was, turned into someone who constantly lived in hiding. This kind of gap seemed to have driven her crazy, especially when it was all caused by the betrayal of her most beloved. Hatred filled her entire being.

However, her life was never meant to be taken. Once, when she was chased after by disciples of Fluorescent Wind Sect, she encountered a female deity. That female deity had initially wanted to take her life as well. Mo Xianxian desperately fled to a forbidden ground at the boundaries of the Divine Realm. At that place, divine arts could not be used, and she had instead, used brute force to kill that female deity, while her own chest had suffered heavy injuries as well, with no end to her bleeding. Her heart-blood then accidentally dripped onto a piece of divine jade on the female deity’s body.

In the next moment, she entered a foreign world. The divine energy there was dense, precious divine herbs and spiritual plants could be seen everywhere, and there, she found a spiritual spring as well. Not only could the water inside heal her wounds, it even restored the foundation which was damaged by the Sect Master of Fluorescent Wind Sect back then.

Mo Xianxian obtained a cheat like this, so naturally, her cultivation greatly rose. In just a few months, she recovered the Profound Deity cultivation she had before. However, she could only enter that dimensional space for six hours every day, otherwise, her cultivation would have risen even quicker.

She had initially wanted to find a place to hide, and only take her revenge after raising her cultivation. Yet, her whereabouts were still tracked down, and after a difficult battle, she was saved by an unfamiliar man. After reaching a safe location, did she finally realize that the person who saved her, was actually her former husband, Xu Nuoyan.

This caused Mo Xianxian to feel furious and grief, as she pulled out her sword and was about to make a move against him. However, Xu Nuoyan neither dodged nor avoided,  and took her attack head-on. With a resounding and sincere voice, he begged for her forgiveness, and told her the truth behind all of her misfortune.

Xu Nuoyan said that he basically did not love Yin Xin, the daughter of the Sect Master at all, and the person he loved was only Mo Xianxian herself. The reason why he was marrying her, was because he was forced to, and was helpless to prevent it. Back then, when he ascended to the Higher Realm, he joined Fluorescent Wind Sect. Due to his aptitude being higher than others, he was taken in as a chamber disciple by the former Sect Master, and was then nurtured in hundreds of aspects. However, he never expected that the reason why the former Sect Master treated him as such, was in order to find someone to depend on for his own daughter who possessed poor aptitudes. The former Sect Master’s cultivation was already at the High Deity level, and would have to enter the Lightning Divine Tower soon, however, his wife and daughter would still be staying in Fluorescent Wind Sect. The moment he were to enter the tower, it would definitely bring about several troubles for his wife and daughter, hence, he chose Xu Nuoyan.

Xu Nuoyan said that once he found out about everything, he had long declared to the former Sect Master that he already had a practitioner-pair companion. However, the Sect Master believed that it had been a long time since he ascended, and with Mo Xianxian’s mere cultivation of Nascent Soul at that time, her longevity should have already ended. So, marrying his daughter was not considered as treachery towards Mo Xianxian. In the beginning, Xu Nuoyan was determined on not obeying him, and had bitterly waited for Mo Xianxian for a thousand years.

After the former Sect Master entered the Lightning Divine Hall, the Sect Master’s wife took up the position. She told him that she had already sent people to investigate in the Lower Realm, the news she received was that Mo Xianxian had already fallen, and she had failed to ascend into a deity. Thus, she once again brought up the matter of allowing Xu Nuoyan to marry her own daughter. Helplessly, he agreed. However, he never expected that this was all a lie.

In actual fact, Mo Xianxian had already ascended, yet the mighty Sect Master of Fluorescent Wind Sect, his master’s wife, in order to conceal this truth from him, actually dispatched people to his former wife in the dark. The many misfortunes which Mo Xianxian had encountered after she came to the Higher Realm, were all her doings.

Only when Mo Xianxian appeared in front of him on that day, did he find out about everything. When he watched  Mo Xianxian being injured, he felt absolutely furious in his heart as well, and he wished that he could fight back in her place. However, he knew that with his current cultivation, he was basically not the Sect Master’s match, hence, he had no choice but to grit his teeth and endure it. As he made compromises to numb them from their anger, he secretly tracked Mo Xianxian’s whereabouts. Only when he were to gain the necessary strength, would he take his revenge.

After hearing his part of the story, Mo Xianxian calmed down as well. After carefully recalling the scene in Fluorescent Wind Sect back then, Xu Nuoyan seemed to have indeed been extremely shocked, and he wasn’t offensive nor did he retaliate when she criticized him. In the depths of her heart, she had already begun to believe him to a large extent.

Hence, with the two’s misunderstandings dispelled, Mo Xianxian now hated the mother and daughter of Fluorescent Wind Sect to the bones. Especially towards the woman called Yin Xin, Xu Nuoyan’s current wife.

The following plots, basically belonged to the cannonfodder’s counter-attack category, or the true wife’s rising plotlines. Borrowing the dimensional space hack, Mo Xianxian’s cultivation rose at an explosive rate. She still harbored suspicions for Xu Nuoyan, however, he had saved her while disregarding his life many times, and she thus slowly dispelled this knot in her heart. Together with Xu Nuoyan, they began to plan out their revenge against Yin Shi, the Sect Master of Fluorescent Wind Sect, and her daughter Yin Xin.

She had also borrowed a few of the divine herbs within the dimensional space to win several people’s hearts. In the end, in one of the demonic immortal’s infiltration incidents, they used the opportunity to slaughter their way through Fluorescent Wind Sect, cut apart the mother and daughter, and successfully took control of Fluorescent Wind Sect. Xu Nuoyan took up the position of the Sect Master of Fluorescent Wind Sect,  and openly married Mo Xianxian once again. Thus, the two lovers lived happily ever after.

Zhu Yao patiently watched the entire show, and she frowned. On the surface, it looked like a happy reunion ending, and there wasn’t anything bad about it. The two lovers experienced countless of hardships and managed to walk together again. The only thing she regretted was, the third-party who was hated to the bone by Mo Xianxian and tried to steal her husband, from the beginning to end, did not come up in the camera in the slightest.

That’s right. That heavyweight female antagonist,  that woman who had almost caused Mo Xianxian a lifetime of tragedy, in Mo Xianxian’s long lifetime of memories, actually did not appear on stage even once. Even her mother, Yin Shi, the Sect Master of Fluorescent Wind Sect, made two small appearances, while she, the true third-party, was not even shown at all.

In other words, Mo Xianxian had never seen how her love rival looked like? The most information she found out about her, was that Yin Xin’s aptitude in cultivation was the poorest with no precedents before her. And her physique was so weak, she had to rely on Fluorescent Wind Sect’s divine pulse to live. She had to always stay in the High Spiritual Peak located in the Fluorescent Wind Sect, and had never went out even once. Even when Mo Xianxian slaughtered her way into the sect, she had never went in to take a look even once, and simply destroyed her along with the High Spiritual Peak altogether.

She did not even have the opportunity to come on stage, just how much hatred did Mo Xianxian have for her?

Zhu Yao silently lit a candle for the female antagonist with the most lack of presence in history.

And in her mind, this created many questions about what seemed to be a perfect true wife’s counter-attack drama.

What’s more important was, in this one-sided huge war, she did not see where the bug was at all? Just what in the world was she supposed to do?

Just as she was thinking how strange it was, suddenly, the scene in front of her changed. Earlier, the Fluorescent Wind Sect which still carried a grandeur view, was suddenly surrounded by intense flames. Corpses filled the entire place, blood flowed like a river, and the entire Fluorescent Wind Sect was deadly silent. No, not just Fluorescent Wind Sect. Her field of vision slowly expanded, and she managed to look at the entire Divine Realm continent. Everywhere was razed in intense flames, with no end in sight. For a moment, Zhu Yao was a little unable to react. Just what kind of godly twist of events was this? Just what the hell happened in the middle, hey? Why did the Divine Realm become like this when she didn’t even see anything?

Suddenly, she heard a loud and long caw. When she raised her head to look, she saw four to five gigantic birds, with bodies clad in intense flames, flapping their wings in the sky. They seemed to be extremely furious, as the flames on their bodies became even more intense. With every flap of their wings, a large sea of flames would burn on the ground.

Zhu Yao blanked. These were… phoenixes!

In the next moment, her vision darkened, and she was once again submerged in darkness.

When she opened her eyes again, Zhu Yao felt that her entire body was stiff. Her first reaction was: Crap, Realmspirit must have given me some death-seeking character again. She laid on her initial position for a long while, as she inspected her surroundings. She realized that the place was a rather antique looking bedchamber. Looking at the colors and flower decorations, this seemed to be a woman’s bedchamber as well, and she was currently lying on a bed. She waited for a few moments, and when she was able to sense her own four limbs, she heaved a long sigh of relief. Great, great. At the very least, she was human this time.

She applied some force, and just as she was thinking of moving her numb fingers.

The door was suddenly opened with a creaking sound. The person who walked in was a little lady wearing a pink robe, and she was even carrying a basin of water in her hands.

“Hi.” ZHu Yao took the initiative to greet her. Probably because it had been a long time since she spoke, her voice sounded hoarse, and even she herself was shocked by it. “I say…”

Crash! The basin of water in the little lady’s hands fell on the ground, the water within splashed and flowed out. Her lips twitched, as she looked at her with an expression filled with shock, and her voice began to tremble. “Mi… Miss…” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she suddenly imagined herself to be a soul which had transported into a light novel based in the ancient era. The moment she opened her eyes, a servant was actually about to anxiously shout out that their miss had woken up.

As expected, that little lady dutifully charged out, and loudly shouted. “Miss is now alive!”

What did she mean by ‘miss is now alive?’ At the very least, follow the script, hey.

In the moment, she simply felt a blast of wind brushing past. In the room, another woman appeared. She looked like an actual deity, with her hair combed into a married woman’s bun. She seemed to look a little familiar.

With widened eyes, the woman looked straight at her, unblinkingly.

Zhu Yao’s hair all around her body was about to stand on end from her stares, hence, she had no choice but to awkwardly smile. “May I ask who you are?” The moment she spoke, that woman actually began to break into bead-like tears, with no end in sight.

Zhu Yao was frightened by this, with her hoarse throat, she persuaded her. “Umm… Don’t cry?”

Not only did that woman’s tears not stop, it instead began to flow out even more fiercely. Pouncing towards Zhu Yao, she clasped her tightly, and stuffed her into her own embrace.

Zhu Yao was instantly pressed against her two meat buns, and was barely able to breathe. Lady, if you think you’re having a hard time, there’s no need to suffocate me to death, right? Have to… breathe…

She suddenly made a ‘guaa’ sound, and cried out. “Yin Xin.
My Yin Xin. You’re finally awake.”


What did she call me? Say it again!

Chapter164: Please Let Me Appear On Stage

“Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Any pain? Any headaches?” The woman endlessly said comforting words, as she inspected Zhu Yao from head to toe.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao pressed her hand down. She had a faint guess of what was going on, and she could not help but ask. “Who are you?”

“I’m your mother.” Her tears were flowing even  more happily, as she stroked her face, and cried till she ran out of breath. “You’re my daughter, my precious daughter. Your mother, I, has yearned for so many years, and you’re finally awake.”

“Your name is?” Unwilling to give up, Zhu Yao asked.

“You have taken up my surname since young. My name is Yin Shi, and you’re called Yin Xin.”

And she’s exactly the cannon fodder villainess that did not even have the chance to appear on stage! Flips table. Why did the resurrection this time carry its own scenario as well!? For a moment, Zhu Yao felt her brain aching, she could not help but press on her own head.

This action, however, had frightened Yin Shi, causing her to even forget her tears. “Xin’er, what’s wrong? Is your head hurting? Come, don’t move. Let your mother here take a look.” As she said that, she gathered a strand of divine sense, and was about to enter Zhu Yao’s to inspect it. Zhu Yao instantly felt a strange sensation, as she slid her body to the side and dodged it.

“I’m fine.” Looking at her disappointed look, Zhu  Yao instantly felt a little anxious. This situation where she was in the scenario itself was something she had never encountered before. And, looking at the upcoming events she saw in her precognitive dream, this Yin Shi was not a simple character, so her being able to see through Zhu Yao’s thoughts would definitely be a matter of time. So, why not speak for herself now? “Listen to me, I’m actually not your daughter.”

Yin Shi blanked, and she looked at her dumbfoundedly.

Zhu Yao decided that she might as well expose everything now. “I basically don’t recognize you? I found myself here the moment I woke up. In regards to matters before this, I do not have a single clue either.”

Yin Shi did not reply, she simply looked straight at her for a moment. The tears which managed to stop earlier, began pouring out once again, as she muttered out. “Xin’er… My poor Xin’er.”

“Don’t misunderstand.” Zhu Yao anxiously  explained.  “I didn’t do anything to your daughter, and I have never seen her before. I was here the moment I woke up.” So, please absolutely do not think that I took over her body.

“I know…”

“It’s good that you kn… Eh?” Zhu Yao was startled, her eyes greatly widened. “You know!?” This was illogical, wasn’t it?

Though, with a heart-aching look, Yin Shi said.  “Xin’er.  I know that currently, you will not recognize me as your mother. But, it doesn’t matter. Mother will wait for you.”

“…” Was there a mistake with how she expressed it? She wasn’t trying to recognize her as her mother! “I’m really not you daughter.”

“Your mother understands. Your mother really understands.”

What do you understand, hey? Don’t look as though you know everything, alright?

Yin Shi once again stroked her head. “My daughter has such a hard life!”

“I’m really not…” I’m surrendering myself over here, hey.
Please be serious a little!

“You have been in a coma ever since you’re young, and have only just woken up. Your mother understands that you’re unable to accept everything in such a short time.” Yin Shi then began to start the hidden event all on her own.

“Coma?” Zhu Yao blanked, as she caught onto this key term.

Yin Shi nodded. “When I was pregnant with you back then, coincidentally, it was my time of ascension. Back then, your mother didn’t know of your existence, and had only found out after ascending to the Higher Realm. However, due the influence from the lightning tribulation, I was unable to sense your presence in my womb, and I didn’t expect that you would still be safely given birth to. But, ever since you were born, you have stayed in a coma. Your mother has yearned for so many years…” As she said all of these, she could not help but begin to cry again.

So that’s the case. It was no wonder she would accept the fact that Zhu Yao did not recognize her so easily. However, she was after all not Yin Xin. Even if she had been in a coma ever since, and had just woken up, it was impossible for her to actually act so natural, right? Zhu Yao felt that there was a need to explain this point.

Who would have known that this newly appointed cheap mother, didn’t actually mind at all, and had even put up a prideful look as she said. “As expected of my daughter, who is the only deity-born in the Divine Realm, to be so intelligent the moment she wakes up.”

That’s not the problem you should be mindful of, right!? Zhu Yao mentally collapsed. Hence, she spent an entire hour, used various types of worldviews and perspectives, explaining to her the truth about the impossibility of Zhu Yao being her daughter. However, no matter how she explained, Yin Shi simply looked at her with a teary smile from the start till the end. Her face was filled with the ‘as expected of my daughter, even after sleeping for so many years, she actually knows so many things’ look. Zhu Yao instantly felt a deep sense of powerlessness, and felt that she might as well self-destruct her character now.

“I’m called Zhu Yao, not your daughter Yin Xin.”

“Zhu Yao?” The cheap mother’s expression only then made a slight change. Her beautiful brows slightly furrowed, as she said with a worried look. “Xin’er, even if you don’t like your current name, your mother has no qualms about changing it. But, you can’t simply change the surname as well!”

“…” Who’s here wanting to change her surname?

“You must know, the Yin Family is a huge cultivation family in the Lower Realm, and in the Higher Realm, the Yin Family is even controlling a huge continent. Changing to another surname, would simply be a great disrespect to our ancestors.”

“I’m not…” “Back then, your mother here had discussed this matter with your father for a very long time, before we decided to have you take on my surname.”

“I say…”

“Haah, if you really wish to have the surname  ‘Zhu’,  then your mother here will think of a way, to have mine changed along with yours as well.”

“…” Is it really alright to spoil your daughter so much? Aren’t you afraid I might grow in a wrong direction?

“But the name ‘Yao’, is simply too terrible. Why  don’t  I change it for you? What about Zhu Xin?”


“And, Xin’er…”

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. Grabbing onto her hand, she completely gave up her resistance. “Mother, you’re my biological mother! I’m Yin Xin!” I shall admit it, alright?

Yin Shi’s eyes shone, and instantly hugged Zhu Yao.  Dear, your baby has woken up.

Zhu Yao felt like crying. Dear dad and mom in the modern era, I’m so sorry.

Zhu Yao didn’t know just how resilient the character setting Realmspirit had given her. Even if she wanted to expose herself, she was still taken as Yin Shi’s daughter. She suddenly recalled the time she first transported to this world, she had met a similar situation. She had clearly transported with her entire body intact, and before she came, there had never been such a person in the village before.

However, after she transported, everyone possessed memories of her, memories that had already been well set. No matter how she explained, no one believed her, instead, people believed that there were problems with her brain. Zhu Yao was becoming even more curious about Realmspirit’s identity. Just how much power must one possess to be capable of changing the memories of so many people at once? Currently, this Yin Xin’s situation was similar. The only difference was, at the Zhu Village, she was someone who suddenly popped out, while Yin Xin was a character who existed in the first place.

However, just where did the true Yin Xin head off to? According to the description in the precognitive dream, she shouldn’t have woken up till her death. However, even if that’s the case, Yin Xin was after all still an actual person. For her to occupy her body like this, gave a feeling of stealing someone else’s opportunity to live.

Zhu Yao shook her head. She decided that she would find an opportunity to question Realmspirit about Yin Xin’s whereabouts.

She carefully recalled the bug this time. Undoubtedly, it was a crime of murder brought about by a corpse (hers). Everything was caused by that dimensional space of hers. Mo Xianxian killed Tao Manfeng and obtained the dimensional space, then, she leveled up to take revenge against the Fluorescent Wind Sect.

However, at the end, why did the ancient god-beasts, the phoenixes, want to turn the entire Divine Realm into a sea of flames? She was unable to comprehend it. Realmspirit said that the Gods and Devils would resurface in the Three Realms, so it was very natural for those phoenixes to appear. If there would be a link between Mo Xianxian and the Divine Realm being destroyed, then that could only be the matter of taking revenge against the Fluorescent Wind Sect.

When Mo Xianxian destroyed the Fluorescent Wind Sect, she killed all disciples with the surname ‘Yin’. And, she had even destroyed a large half of the Fluorescent Wind Sect. Could it be that there was an item within the Fluorescent Wind Sect that was especially important to the phoenixes, and hence, she had angered them?

Just what was it? To have the God race be so mindful of it?

Zhu Yao could not understand. It seemed like she could only slowly find out from this day forth.

Right now, the thing she needed to understand was, how far the scenario had progressed.

“Mother.” Zhu Yao tugged onto Yin Shi, who  was  still perfectly expressing the deep importance of motherly and daughterly love, next to her. “Other than mother, do I have any other relatives in the Fluorescent Wind Sect? Like a martial brother?” Especially someone with the surname ‘Xu’.

“Of course you do.” Seeing that she was interested, naturally, Yin Shi did not hide anything. “The various Atrium Lords in the Fluorescent Wind Sect are all people from the Yin Family. Oh, you have a senior martial brother named Xu Nuoyan as well. He’s your father’s personal succeeding disciple… Ah! Look at me, forgetting about this matter because of my excitement.” Yin Shi blanked for a moment, as she looked at her daughter with a little guilt in her eyes. “Your father has betrothed you to him, and today is exactly the day of your practitioner-pair ceremony. Nuoyan is still waiting at the front hall for the procession!”

“What!?” Zhu Yao leapt out of the bed in an instant. The matter had already progressed to the start of the big war. Could it get even more worse that this?

“Xin’er, back then, you have always been in a coma. So…”

“I can’t marry him!” Zhu Yao pulled Yin Shi, and charged outside. “Let’s hurry there.” Hopefully, she could still make it in time to alter her fate as a cannon fodder villainess. She simply had to quietly watch as the male and female protagonists fight it

Yin Shi summoned her divine sword, as she  explained. “Xin’er, I know you have just woken up, so you’re definitely unwilling with such an arrangement. But, Nuoyan is a good child. You will know after interacting with him more.”

Good child? Zhu Yao looked at her helplessly. This good child of yours, would come back in the future to destroy your entire sect.

“Mother, you said it yourself, I’m already awake now. Since I’m awake, in regards to matters concerning myself, I will decide on them on my own.” She definitely could not marry Xu Nuoyan, no matter was she Yin Xin, or Zhu Yao.

“Xin’er…” Yin Shi still wanted to persuade her.

Zhu Yao, however, interrupted her. “You said that Xu Nuoyan is a good child, but your daughter has never seen him nor spoke to him before. When he has yet to understand anything about me, he can actually easily make the decision to marry me. To actually decide on an important matter of being practitioner- pair companions so casually, I don’t see how a person like that can have good intentions?”

“…” Yin Shi was speechless. Indeed, the Divine Realm could not be compared to the mortal realm, where the parents’ orders and matchmaking words could determine their children’s lifetime. Deities possessed endless lifespans, and a practitioner- pair companion would truly become a partner of an endless lifetime. Which pair wouldn’t familiarize with each other, acknowledge each other, before deciding to hold the practitioner-pair ceremony? This was not merely because of prudence towards cultivation, but also respect for their respective partners. Something like having their own daughter marrying off to someone else without meeting her partner even once, was rarely seen in the Divine Realm.

However, back then, her daughter had always been in a comatose state. After taking up the role of the Sect Master, she had been busy with the matters regarding the sect, and hence could not take care of her at every moment. Once, when she brought up this matter to Nuoyan, that child revealed an intention to help take care of her, hence, Yin Shi had  the thought of having the two of them become practitioner-pair companions from then on.

However, now, her daughter had already woken up, and no longer needed someone to take care of her. Having the two of them hold the practitioner-pair ceremony after this, was evidently inappropriate. Hence, she no longer hesitated, and brought her daughter to the great hall.

The moment Zhu Yao arrived at the entrance of the great hall, she suddenly heard the sounds of battle, and an extremely furious declaration from a woman.

“Since my husband is heartless, Xu Nuoyan, I, Mo Xianxian, will sever all connections with you from now on!”

Zhu Yao anxiously leapt down from the divine sword, charged into the great hall, and shouted. “Wait a minute! Let me appear on stage first!”

Chapter165: Can’t We Just Have A Nice Talk?

Zhu Yao was just about to raise her foot and enter the hall to explain, however, never did she expect that the great hall would have such a tall threshold. The moment she raised her foot, with a plop, she fell… Hence, the first shining appearance on stage which she had yearned for a long time, with a posture of lying flat on the ground, she had successfully pulled everyone’s attention.

Zhu Yao simply felt those blazing stares concentrating on her one after another.

The hall was instantly in complete silence.

This was definitely an accident. Zhu Yao embarrassingly crawled up, faked out a few coughs, and elegantly dusted off the dust on her clothes, as though the person who fell earlier wasn’t her. Everyone, please, forget about this imperfect introduction.

“Xin’er!” As though she was deliberating working against her, the cheap mother who came two steps late, with a heart-ached expression, pulled her over and inspected her from head to toe. “How are you? Are you hurt anywhere? Why did you run so quickly, child? You fell, right? Earlier, I reminded you not to be so impulsive. Did you hurt yourself?”

Zhu Yao simply felt blades with the words ‘she fell’ written on them, piercing straight into her heart one after another.

“Mother, can we not bring this up?” Can you please stop stabbing into a wounded heart?

Yin Shi inspected her from head to toe, before she was able to feel at ease, and only then did she recall the reason why she was here. Looking into the hall, her face instantly darkened, and her imposing aura as the Sect Master was instantly released at full force.

“What’s going on?” She looked straight at the center, where Mo Xianxian was holding onto her sword with a grieved expression, and her voice unconsciously carried great pressure. No matter who it was, when someone were to appear in their own home making a ruckus while holding onto a sword, they would all be a little unhappy, and today was even supposed to be her own daughter’s big wedding day.

Under Yin Shi’s pressure, Mo Xianxian evidently paled a little. Though she still held onto her sword tightly, she however, did not look towards the furious Yin Shi, but rather, she glared at Zhu Yao who was beside her. “You’re Yin Xin?”

Zhu Yao blanked for a moment, before she then habitually raised her hand and greeted her. “Hi, nice to meet you!” She did not expect that in the short amount of time she hadn’t seen her, Mo Xianxian no longer carried that frail look which she had when she first came to the Higher Realm. Most probably, her current unrestrained look was her true nature.

Initially, Zhu Yao wanted to leave a good impression for her, however, who would have thought that she didn’t have the slightest of intention to appreciate Zhu Yao, and instead, her expression was being filled with hatred. Holding onto her sword, she pointed it towards her. “Yin Xin. The grudge for today, I, Mo Xianxian, will definitely have you people pay dearly for it.”

What did she do, hey? She hadn’t even say anything yet?

Mo Xianxian evidently did not have the intention to explain. After saying that, she turned around, and flew out with her sword. Zhu Yao couldn’t allow her to leave like this without understanding a single thing. The next time she would see her, was when she would come back to slaughter the entire sect. Anxious, Zhu Yao could not help but shout at the only person in the hall that she knew, and was even the person closest to Mo Xianxian right now.

“Mushmush, stop her!”

“Ou!” The moment she said that, the white-clothed man at the side raised his hand, and quickly brought down Mo Xianxian who had already stood on the sword. Because it was at the spur of the moment, that sword had already flown out, while the person who was on the sword, fell onto the ground with a plop.

Consecutively, two people performed the act of falling onto the glossy floor of the great hall. Everyone present was in complete silence once again.

Especially the mushroom who made the move to stop her, looked even more doubtful. He looked at the foreign-looking woman at the entrance, and then, looked back at his own hand. Did he know this person? Earlier, just why did he listen to her instruction? Mo Xianxian who failed to leave, glared furiously at Zhu Yao. She seemed to have really been provoked, as she loudly condemned. “Slut!”

Suddenly being scolded for no reason, before Zhu Yao could even speak, Yu Shi next to her, however, could not endure it any longer.

“Impudent!” She no longer suppressed her high-level pressure, as she slammed it straight at Mo Xianxian. In an instant, she spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, as she was once again pressed onto the ground. “Is this how Advent Cloud Hall teaches their disciples?” Yu Shi turned and glared at the Atrium Lord who was leading the Advent Cloud Hall representatives.

That person was called Yun Hai, and he was exactly Mo Xianxian’s master. When Yin Shi questioned him, his face instantly revealed a slightly embarrassed expression. “It’s this lowly one who failed to teach his disciple well, and have allowed Sect Master Yin to see a laughing matter. This child will be dealt with under Sect Master Yin’s instruction.” After saying that, he glared at Mo Xianxian. “Twerp, hurry and apologize to Sect Master Yin and the young mistress.”

“I’m not wrong! Why do I have to apologize?” Mo Xianxian gritted her teeth as she raised her head.

“I say…” Zhu Yao waved her hands.

“A slut who seduces my husband, just what right does she have to make me apologize?”

“Shut up!” Yin Shi this time had really  snapped.  This daughter whom she had held in her hearts for so many years, she couldn’t even wait till she could pamper her, so how could she tolerate an outsider calling her a slut? “A mere Profound Deity disciple, actually dares to spout such audacious words!”


“So what if I dare to call her that?” Mo Xianxian still said as she gritted her teeth. “What? Seeing that I have exposed this matter, are you going to kill me to shut me up?”


“Fine, since you’re willing to court death, then I shall grant your wish!!”

“Can I…”

“If you want to kill me, then go ahead!”

You’re seeking death.”

“Stop!” A bolt of heavenly lightning directly descended from the sky. With a thunderous sound, it penetrated through the great hall’s ceiling, and the white lightning flash instantly lighted up the entire hall. She had been unable to find the opportunity to speak up, and as she watched as the scenario developing in the direction of the initial plotline, Zhu Yao had no choice but to charge out and cut them there and then. Out of reflex, she summoned the heavenly lightning bolt which she was most specialized in.

This time, not just Mo Xianxian and Yu Shi, even everyone present in the great hall was dumbfounded. They stared blankly at Yin Xin one after another. This girl actually knows lightning- based divine arts. Great, everyone’s attention was finally gathered on herself. Zhu Yao looked at her surroundings for a moment, before she took a deep breath and helplessly said. “Can’t we just have a nice talk?” It was initially such a simple matter. Was there a need to turn this into a bloodfest?

Mo Xianxian was frightened by that heavenly lightning bolt. She regained her senses after blanking out for a moment, yet, she still looked at her with a face filled with disdain and hatred. After giving a cold snort, she said. “I have nothing good to talk to you about.”

“You don’t have anything to say, but I do!” Zhu Yao glanced at her. “You said I seduced your husband, but I don’t know who is this husband you speak of?”

Mo Xianxian gave a cold laugh, as she turned to look at the audience in the hall. Evidently, she did not wish to answer her question.

Zhu Yao however, walked towards the man dressed in red marriage attire, who had not spoken a single word. Chuckling, she loudly said. “Hello, fellow deity. This is our first meeting, isn’t it? My name is Yin Xin! I wonder how I should address fellow deity?” Xu Nuoyan was stunned. Evidently, even he had not expected that she would ask in such a manner. However, due to the current situation, he had no choice but to give a reply. “Junior martial sister Yin, this one here is named Xu Nuoyan.”

When his words fell, everyone present took a deep breath one after another. No one would have thought that these two were holding the practitioner-pair ceremony, had only just met for the first time.

“That’s impossible!” Mo Xianxian exclaimed out as well, and her face was filled with disbelief. “How could this possibly be your first meeting?” They were the ones who clearly betrayed her.

“I have never met him nor spoken a word with him till today. Even this practitioner-pair ceremony, was set by my father and mother. So I’m completely unrelated to him.”

“Hmph, how would I know how you two hooked up?” She still could not believe her words.

“No matter if you believe it or not, this is the truth. My physique is weak since young, hence, I have never met any outsiders. This fact is known to everyone in the Fluorescent Wind Sect. You will know simply from inquiring about it.” Zhu Yao turned and looked towards Xu Nuoyan. My great Fluorescent Wind Sect hasn’t stoop so low to steal someone else’s husband. However, today, you have made a great mess in my Fluorescent Wind Sect, shaming our reputation, so this matter can’t just be settled like this. Since you said that you’re his true wife, naturally, I will not do matters like breaking your marriage apart. You two leave together then. Today’s practitioner-pair ceremony shall end here.” Oh my, such big news! Everyone, head back to your various homes to find your various mothers so that they can start various gossips. If you have a husband at your home, please pay attention to them!

“…” Mo Xianxian  blanked  for  a  moment,  as  though  she  did not expect that the matter today would actually be settled  so easily with just her words. Could it be that she would actually be so willing to hand over her newly-wedded husband? At this moment, she began to believe that the two people really did not know each other.

“Sect Master Yin, this matter…” A well-prepared practitioner- pair ceremony was actually canceled in just a whim, the audience that came to give their blessings were all unable to respond a little, as they looked towards Yin Shi one after another. “My daughter is right.” Yin Shi planned on doing this in the beginning, however, she was thrown into fury due to Mo Xianxian, and did not have the opportunity to say it. Earlier, she had been worrying about what excuse she could use, however, with this woman’s ruckus, she had instead provided her an excuse to use. “Since Nuoyan already had a former marriage, then the practitioner-pair ceremony shall be canceled here.”

Hearing her words, although everyone still had some doubts, they still accepted it. Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief as well. No matter what, she had to dispel the female protagonist’s hatred for her. As long as Yin Xin were to not marry Xu Nuoyan, everything could still be saved.

“This can’t do! Sect Master, you can’t be fooled by this person.” Unexpectedly, the one who stood out this time, was Xu Nuoyan who had been silent the entire time. He glanced at Mo Xianxian on the ground, and coldly said. “This disciple does not know this lady Mo, nor have I taken her as my wife.”

Yo, is a hidden event about to be unlocked?

“Husband…” Mo Xianxian widened her eyes, as she looked at Xu Nuoyan with a face of disbelief. “Sect Master!” Xu Nuoyan however, did not even spare her a glance, and turned towards Yin Shi. “You should know best of this disciple’s character. If I already had a former marriage at hand, how could I have concealed this from you? Someone must be making a ruckus on purpose.”

“This…” Yin Shi was a little hesitant, as she looked suspiciously towards Mo Xianxian.

“Lady Mo!” Xu Nuoyan turned around, and said with a righteous look. “I don’t know how I have offended you, to have you make create an act on my wedding day. I have never met you before, so how could have there been a marriage between us?”

Mo Xianxian simply could not believe such heartless words, would actually come out from the mouth of the person whom she had been deeply caring about. “Xu Nuoyan. Ever since we were in the Azoth-stage in the Lower Realm, we have been married as husband and wife. After developing our feelings for thousands of years, how can you treat me in such a way?”

“Nonsense!” Xu Nuoyan fiercely waved his sleeves, revealing an expression as though he was being ridiculed. “I have been obsessed with cultivation since young. I did not dare to slack off for even a moment, and during that period, I never held the intentions to have a practitioner-pair companion. So how could I possibly have a wife?”

“You…” Mo Xianxian simply felt a cold wind blowing ruthlessly into her heart. “Are you really going to be this heartless?”

The eyes Xu Nuoyan were looking at her with became even colder. “Lady, please behave yourself.”

Mo Xianxian simply felt her blood tumbling, and then, in the next moment, she spat out a mouthful of blood. She suddenly felt that the struggle which she had endured so many years was simply a joke. “Fine. Xu Nuoyan, in that case, the relationship between you and I, Mo Xianxian, shall be severed here and now.” This was the second time she said such words today. If during the first time, she had simply felt betrayed after realizing her husband was marrying another woman, then, this time, she had completely turned cold due to his heartlessness.

The longer Zhu Yao watched this, the more problems she felt were surfacing. Whether Xu Nuoyan was actually Mo Xianxian’s husband or not, was something she knew best. Originally, in her precognitive dream, he always carried deep feelings for Mo Xianxian from the beginning till the end, hence, she thought that as long both parties were to clear everything up, and reunite the two lovers, then the events after this would not occur. However, Xu Nuoyan suddenly fell out. Could it be that there were still some hidden intentions within?

“Sect Master, this person has destroyed this disciple’s reputation, and has many times offended you and junior- martial sister. Such audacity definitely cannot be forgiven.” Xu Nuoyan’s eyes sank, as he said with a righteous look.

Mo Xianxian, however, once again summoned her own divine sword. “Enough with the nonsense talk, I was simply blind in the past. Today, I will definitely get justice for myself.”

Xu Nuoyan’s expression sank as well. Summoning his own weapon, a cold light flashed in his eyes. “If I don’t teach you a lesson today, won’t it become a laughing stock for my Fluorescent Wind Sect?”

The two former husband and wife, were thus about to fight it out in the hall. Mo Xianxian had already raised her sword, and slashed it towards Xu Nuoyan. Just what in the world was going on?

“Stop!” Zhu Yao loudly shouted to stop them. “Why are you guys fighting again? Can’t we just have a nice talk?”

“Junior-martial sister.” Xu Nuoyan said with a worried look. “You have never left Fluorescent Wind Sect, so you do not know of the evil in people’s hearts. This woman has especially picked today to make a ruckus, it can be seen that she has an ulterior motive.”

“Xu Nuoyan, you yourself are the one being ungrateful, yet you’re saying that I have ill intentions? If we’re talking about a person’s heart, then the one with ulterior motives is you.”

Seeing that two of them were about to fight it out again, without even thinking, Zhu Yao directly summoned the heavenly lightning bolts. Following after the many thunderous sounds, the ceiling which only had a single hole broken through earlier, was now completely blown away.

The entire building was filled with the light of purple lightning flashes. This time, not only had they frightened the two people who were fighting, even the entire audience in the hall were all looking at her with different eyes.

“This is… Lightning Formation! She actually knows how to execute the Lightning Formation.”

“A divine art like this, the only possible reason is…”

“How is that possible? That place has never taken in any disciples from the Divine Realm, right?”

“Just who in the world is she?”

Uh… Zhu Yao’s expression stiffened. Earlier, she had just subconsciously struck a few more times. Her master had never told her that this was some sort of incredible divine art though?

“Junior-martial sister Yin, why do you know the divine arts of the Lightning Divine Hall?” Xu Nuoyan could not help but ask as well. “Uh… That’s a problem.” Why did they change the topic so quickly? Weren’t the two protagonists going to continue with their fight?

“Actually…” While Zhu Yao was bitterly thinking about how she was going to bluff her way through, as though responding to her, the sky began to roar out, emitting out several thunders, with each subsequent one becoming louder and louder. The entire skyline began to darken, and heavy tribulation clouds filled the sky. Heavy lightning pressure seemed to be coming from afar, causing a few of the people to have difficulty breathing due to the pressure.

Everyone’s expressions changed. They no longer bothered inquiring about her divine arts, as they went out and looked towards the sky one after another.

WIthin the heavy layers of clouds, lightning continuously flashed. The tumbling tribulation clouds seemed to have covered more than half of the entire Divine Realm’s sky. That lightning might was clearly several hundreds of miles away, however, it was shockingly dense, as though the lightning bolts concealing themselves within the tribulation clouds, could sweep across the entire continent in an instant. “Someone is facing a tribulation!” Someone exclaimed.

Everyone’s hearts instantly stiffened. A lightning tribulation that was as vast as this, could it be that the Divine Realm was about to have another High Deity?

Chapter166: The Jokester Sent By The Heavens

Zhu Yao had never seen a lightning tribulation that was as vast as this. Not only had the entire sky darkened, even the lightning flashes that were accidentally released from within the tribulation clouds, were carrying lightning might that was comparable to the ascension lightning tribulation.

The tribulation clouds brewed for about seven minutes, before releasing the first tribulation lightning bolt. When that lightning bolt appeared, a large white light instantly engulfed a large portion of the sky. That bolt of… No, it could no longer be considered as merely a ‘bolt’, it was already a large piece of lightning. It struck straight down, instantly lighting up the world which were originally in darkness. As though it had suddenly turned into daytime, the light was so piercing to the eyes, one could hardly open them. Not to mention the might of the Heavenly Dao contained with the tribulation lightning was causing everyone’s bodies to tremble entirely.

The many deities were already sitting on the ground to meditate one after another, as they began to comprehend the Heavenly Dao contained within.

The lightning bolts struck one after another. Although Zhu Yao had always specialized in lightning-based divine arts, this was still the first time she had ever seen heavenly lightning of such magnitude. If the tribulation lightning bolts did not just strike the person facing the tribulation, under such an incredible lightning might, she wondered how the Divine Realm would end up after getting struck by them?

She rejoiced in secret, as it was great that she was far away from the scene, allowing her to safely watch this mysterious and great natural spectacle. However, these lightning bolts were a little too thick, as though they were becoming thicker with each and every subsequent bolt. Earlier, it was still the size of a bucket, but now, it was becoming more like a tall tower. Eh… Why did she feel that lightning bolt was getting closer?

Hoho! This must definitely be her imagination…

My ass!

That tribulation lightning bolt, was actually striking closer and closer!

“What’s with this lightning might? Why is it approaching here?” The audience of deities realized this irregularity as well. “Not good, the tribulation lightning bolts are about to strike here.”

“What do we do?”

Earlier, they were still a hundred miles away, but now, they could already sniff a charred smell. The lightning flashes were approaching as well, as the most recent tribulation lightning had struck straight at the foot of the mountain where the Fluorescent Wind Sect was based at, instantly burning the entire forest into crisp. Within one’s entire field of vision was the eye-piercing white lightning flash.

“Run!” Zhu Yao loudly shouted, and only then did everyone react. One after another, those who flew on their swords, flew on their swords, while those who flew on their tools, flew on their tools, as they scattered in the direction opposite of the lightning tribulation. They were afraid that the next tribulation lightning bolt would strike their own heads. After all,  this wasn’t a joke. A lightning might at this level, even if it was a late-stage Heavy Deity, he might not be able to block the next bolt. One would just be waiting for death if he didn’t run.

Seemingly in a blink of an eye, the entire Fluorescent Wind Sect was completely emptied. Other than Zhu Yao.

Momma’s egg. She had only just woken up, so she did not even have a single flying sword. She was basically unable to fly.

Cheap mother, what happened to the promise of being the sect’s treasured pearl and precious baby? Come back here!

The lightning might of the lightning tribulation once again strengthened, as a terrifying aura instantly engulfed the entire sky above Fluorescent Wind Sect. The tribulation clouds tumbled, and the next tribulation lightning bolt looked as though it was about to strike. Zhu Yao anxiously ran about in circles. It couldn’t be, right? No one told her that the character she connected into this time would only last a single day!

Suddenly, a white figure, flew out from that charred forest. Zhu Yao simply felt her waist tightening, and was then instantly brought into a familiar embrace. Within the ice-cold aura was mixed with a slight scorch, the calm and refreshing atmosphere also contained a little bit of char as well.

“Barbeque! Ah, pui. Master!” Zhu Yao was seemingly able to recognize the person in front of her at first glance, however, he looked different from his usual calm demeanor. He was currently revealing a trace of fatigue, and even his hair was in a slight mess.

He seemed to be scrutinizing her in a hurry, as he probed. “Yu…”

Out of reflex, Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, as she hurriedly covered his mouth. Gritting her teeth, she was frustrated about the word he was about to say next earlier. “Yao!”

His tightly-knitted brows, gently slackened, and in an instant, his sunken expression had relaxed quite a bit as well. An impulse rose in the depths of his heart, as though there was something he had to do in order to suppress it. Hence, unhesitatingly, he lowered his head, and pressed against the pair of gentle lips in front of his eyes. In an instant, that strange impulse in the depths of his heart finally dissipated to a large extent.

Before Zhu Yao could even have the time to feel shock at this ten thousand year shut-in’s sudden enlightenment, Yu Yan simply gave a light peck on her lips, as he then proceeded to instruct her with a stern expression. “Later, stay a little further away from me, and you must not approach at any costs.” After saying that, with a push of his hand, Zhu Yao was instantly sent a few dozen meters away by a gentle breeze. And the next heavenly lightning bolt, at this very moment, descended down, speeding straight towards Yu Yan.

So the person facing the tribulation was her master!

“Stay there, nothing will happen!” Yu Yan instructed.

Zhu Yao nodded, as she had absolute confidence in her own master. As expected of her own master, he was already facing the lightning tribulation of a High Deity in such a short amount of time. Although he looked a little fatigued, she believed that her master was able to get through this.

The anxiety she had earlier because she was thrown aside without a flying divine artifact, was instantly swept away. Her master said that she would be fine, then she would definitely be…


A gigantic lightning bolt struck towards Yu Yan, and then, in the instant it landed on the ground, it twisted, striking straight onto Zhu Yao’s head.

It was as though she could hear the sound of her trust shattering apart.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan’s figure flashed, as he moved towards her.

Zhu Yao, who had already been zapped into black crisp, coughed out a mouthful of black smoke. With dead fish eyes, she looked towards a certain unreliable master, as she faintly threw out these two words. “You liar!” What happened to the promise of being fine? Master, your ‘making a fool out of your disciple’ attribute has leveled up again, right?

“…” Yu Yan did not understand either. Although he had long known of his disciple’s affinity towards lightning spiritual energy, had reached a heaven-bending level, he never expected that his own tribulation lightning would actually be guided to her as well? When he ascended back then, he did not see such a situation from her, though? And… other than her meridians being a little damaged, and her body turning a little charred, she actually did not have any severe injuries! Just as the next tribulation lightning bolt was about to fall, Yu Yan, however, did not push his disciple to a safe place this time. In any case, to her, it seemed as though there wouldn’t be anywhere safe. Hence, he could only hug his disciple tightly, set down a defensive art, and use his own cultivation to endure this heavenly lightning bolt alongside her.

However, the heavenly lightning bolts were striking even faster and fiercer, as though they were suddenly wanting to penetrating his defenses out of desperation. Each subsequent bolt was stronger than the one before, and even Yu Yan was beginning to find it a little hard to defend against them.

Zhu Yao was a little anxious as well. This was her first time seeing her own master having such a powerless moment. Even beads of sweat were showing on his forehead. It could be seen how strong this lightning tribulation was. She did not dare to move. She was lucky with the first bolt, however, she did not dare to say that she could endure a second heavenly lightning bolt. Right now, she could only pray that the lightning bolts would finish zapping as soon as possible. Fortunately, there could only be eighty-one tribulation lightning bolts, as she silently counted in her heart.

Seventy-eight, seventy-nine, eighty, eighty-one! Zhu Yao revealed a smile, as joy filled her heart. As expected, perseverance was…

Eighty-two, eighty-three, eighty-four…

The hell, what happened to the promised victory? All eighty- one heavenly lightning bolts had already descended! Why were there so many? And they were even striking even faster and harder. A concentrated lightning tribulation like this basically shouldn’t have sustained for so long.


The figure beside her who had been an unmoving mountain, suddenly let out a groan. The defensive art surrounding him shook for a moment as well. There were faint traces of it collapsing, and Zhu Yao simply felt an aching in her heart at that moment. “Master…”

Before she could even speak out her worries, the defensive art, under the tribulation lightning bolt with excessive output, had already shattered resoundingly. Yu Yan instantly embraced her tightly in his chest, and the next heavenly lightning bolt sped straight towards his back. Zhu Yao’s eyes greatly widened. Looking at the relentless tribulation lightning bolt in the sky, in an  instant,  flames  of fury filled her entire being, burning so much so that she had even forgotten everything. As though she was using every little bit of energy within her body, she loudly shouted. “Enough!”

As though it had heard her voice, the tribulation lightning bolt that was about to land on their bodies, suddenly stopped. Just like that, it abruptly stopped in mid-air, as though it was gigantic physically illogical lamp floating in the sky.

“Is there even an end to your zapping!?” The flames within Zhu Yao had already surged all the way into her head, and she no longer cared about it being a lightning tribulation or whatever. Her mind was filled with the impulse to vent off her anger. “What kind of hatred or grudge do you have against me, to zap me like this? All eighty-one heavenly lightning bolts had already descended, and you’re still zapping! Zap, zap, zap, zap your sister!”

In an instant, the sky was deadly silent, even the rumbling thunder earlier could no longer be heard.

Yu Yan: … (My disciple seemed to have done something incredible?) Zhu Yao: … (I seemed to have done something incredible.)

An instant later, the lightning bolt that stopped in mid-air, with a pzzh sound, as though the switch had been turned off, suddenly dispersed.


It… seriously ran off after her scolding? Did she obtain some sort of new skill?

Immediately after, a swoosh sound, similar to the sound of something being extinguished, could be heard. Even the constant strands of lightning streaming through the tribulation clouds, had instantly disappeared without a trace. Not even the slightest of lightning flash emitted out ever again.

And then, before the two people could even react.

Huaaa! Rain began to pour. The rain was very mysterious. Clearly, the tribulation clouds had covered the entire sky, yet, the rain only covered a three-step radius around the place where she and her master were standing on, as though it was raining on them on purpose.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Master… It can’t be crying, right?” It was crying because she scolded it?


Yu Yan did not reply, however, the rain above their heads began to pour even more fiercely. If it was just a huge rain earlier, then the amount of rainwater now could bring about a flood. The droplets of water could already be connected into straight lines.

Seriously? Did the tribulation clouds have such frail hearts?

Zhu Yao rubbed the rainwater off her face. She raised her head a little helplessly, and looked towards the tribulation clouds above her. “Stop crying!”

When her words fell, not only did the rain not stop, it instead increased in volume. That could no longer be called rain, but simply a pouring of water. “I already said to stop crying.”

The volume continued to increase… It seemed like before long, it could even sink the entire Fluorescent Wind Sect under a sea of water.

The hell, my explosive temper isn’t enough to persuade you, is that it!?

“You miscounted your zaps yourself, and you’re blaming on me, is that it? What kind of broken heavenly lightning bolts are you zapping then, huh?”

Before Zhu Yao could even finish, the tribulation clouds in the sky began to scatter. In less than fifteen minutes, it was already a clear sky above them, and the tribulation lightning had completely scattered… Except for the rain, no, the water- pouring tribulation cloud above their heads.

Yu Yan had already silently brought up a barrier to use as an umbrella. Zhu Yao raised her head, and looked at that terribly unhappy tribulation cloud. “What are you still staying around for?” The moment her voice fell, the water-pouring instantly stopped. Immediately after, that unhappy tribulation cloud, speedily floated off into the distant skies, and as it went off, it scattered rainwater all over the place. If one paid attention, one could hear wailing sounds coming from the direction where the cloud floated off.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened.

You must be a jokester sent down by the heavens, right!?

Yu Yan casually cast a Dirt-Removal Art, cleaning the two of them who had already turned into drenched chicken, as he looked at the person next to him with a complicated expression. What to do? My stupid disciple seems to have a physique that attracts strange occurrences.

Haah, being a master is such a difficult task!

Chapter167: Master Has Menopause Too

After sending that ridiculous tribulation cloud away, Zhu Yao realized a very serious problem. Fluorescent Wind Sect was destroyed. A former flourishing celestial mountain with blessed lands, had turned into scorched earth. Beautifully designed structures were destroyed and ruined, and a burnt smell permeated in the surrounding air. I’m sorry, cheap mother, I have prodigal habits.

The more important point was, she suddenly recalled the the ending in her precognitive dream. It seemed like due to Mo Xianxian and Xu Nuoyan destroying half of Fluorescent Wind Sect, it brought about the phoenixes, which then proceeded to raze the Divine Realm completely into the ground. However, she had now destroyed the Fluorescent Wind Sect much sooner than predicted.


She seemed to have smashed this event. I wonder if an apology works?

“Master…” Zhu Yao weakly turned around. “Let me ask you a very stern and serious question.” “Mn?” Yu Yan turned to face her.

“If… I’m saying if, alright? If we have to fight against God- beasts, more specifically, phoenixes, what’s the chances of victory?”

“Gods?” Yu Yan frowned. Although he did not know why his stupid disciple would ask something like this, he still replied sternly, and seriously. “No chances of victory.”

“…” Police officer, please, listen to my explanation.

“Xin’er!” Sect Master Yin Shi, who finally realized she had thrown aside something, had returned. While she was still on her sword, she had already pounced towards Zhu Yao.

At the moment she was about to come into contact with her, Yu Yan, while hugging his disciple, shifted, and in a flash, they had appeared a few dozen meters away. Yu Yan’s brows furrowed. Where did this human trafficker coming to steal his disciple pop out from? A moment later, a cold aura began to spread from his body. “Who are you?” Yin Shi was shocked at the other party’s level of cultivation. However, worrying about the safety of her own daughter, she coldly said. “Release her.”

The cold aura emitting from Yu Yan’s body became denser. He was not the type to have a good talk in the first place. Now, there’s actually someone else trying to steal his disciple away from him, this sure was a serious matter. With a wave of his hand, he was about to summon a bolt of heavenly lightning.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao leapt out in time, and hugged onto his hand which was about to cast an art. I’m  already unfortunate enough today, could the rest of you please stop making it worse? “She’s my mother.”

Yu Yan blanked. He looked at her a little strangely, then turned to look at Yin Shi, before turning to look right back at Zhu Yao. You have a mother?

Hey, hey ,hey! What’s with those eyes of yours? Who doesn’t have a mother of her own?

“Xin’er, come here quickly.” Yin Shi worriedly shouted out, and she began to feel even more worried in her heart. Looking at this situation, it seemed that the person who was facing the tribulation earlier was this man. “This person came to our Fluorescent Wind Sect to face his tribulation on purpose, bringing the tribulation lightning bolts along with him. Who knows what ulterior motives he may have?”

“Uh… Mother, this is a misunderstanding.” Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Looking at situation earlier, the tribulation lightning bolts seemed to be… as though… alright, they were definitely charging right for her. Her master was clearly chasing the tribulation lightning bolts from behind. Heaving a sigh, she nudged a little, motioning to her master to release her. Yu Yan tightly knitted his eyebrows, and only released her a while later.

Zhu Yao said as she walked over. “Mother, this is… my master whom I had just admitted under tutelage to.”

Just? Yu Yan turned his head, and the layer of frost on his face thickened a little.

Zhu Yao trembled. A unique situation calls for unique measures.

Yin Shi pulled her daughter over and inspected her from head to toe. Only then did she drop her guard a little. “Xin’er, how are you? Are you hurt anywhere? Child, why are you so muddle- headed? With such an intense lightning tribulation brewing over us, why did you still stay here?”

But she would have to be able to run away first, right? Why didn’t you give her a transportation tool to use then?

“Even if it’s admitting under a master’s tutelage, you have to discuss it with mother first, right?” Yin Shi had already guessed that he was definitely the master her daughter spoke of, who had protected her during the lightning tribulation, which resulted to her being unscathed. Hence, the anger she had earlier had dissipated, and she bowed towards Yu Yan. “Thank you, High Deity, for saving my daughter.”

Yu Yan did not reply, instead, he simply nodded. Seeing that she was still holding onto his own disciple without letting her go, his heart was filled with dissatisfaction. With his arms working faster than his brain, he instantly pulled his stupid disciple back to his side. Mn, satisfied!

Then, taking this opportunity, he sent a strand of divine sense towards her, allowing the mark on his disciple’s forehead to reveal itself. “A personal succeeding imprint!” Seeing the sudden appearance of the mark on her own daughter’s forehead, Yin Shi was startled. She had no objections to her daughter going under a master’s tutelage. After all, her daughter had only just woken up, and did not have any foundation. An additional High Deity as her was master could be considered as another form of guarantee. However, her daughter had never cultivated since young, and even if she possessed a divine body due to being deity-born, she was still not really sure of her aptitude. To accept her as his personal succeeding disciple just like that, wasn’t it too hasty? “I wonder which continent High Deity comes from, and how I should address you?”

Yu Yan tightly cupped onto his stupid disciple’s wrist. He recalled that when his disciple took the first tribulation lightning bolt earlier, her meridians were injured. Although it wasn’t very serious, he still inserted a strand of divine energy into her, wanting to restore her meridians. Hence, he answered a little unmindfully.

“Lightning Divine Hall, Yu Yan.”

“What?” This time, Yin Shi was really startled. “Lightning Divine Hall? Is… Is it that Lightning Divine Hall?” This time, Yu Yan finally placed his line of sight onto Yu Shi, and then, with the same extremely cold tone, he asked. “Are there two Lightning Divine Halls in this world?”

After saying that, he swept a glance at Zhu Yao. It was already enough for his disciple to be stupid, why was her mother too…

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Hey, hey, hey. What’s with that crooked expression of yours?

“So it’s actually a High Deity from Lightning Divine Hall.” Yin Shi was in absolute joy. Her own daughter had actually been admitted into the Lightning Divine Hall, wasn’t that a little too fantastical? Wasn’t it said that the disciples of Lightning Divine Hall had always been selected from the Lower Realm, and they had never taken in disciples from the Divine Realm?

In an instant, she felt as though her Fluorescent Wind Sect being destroyed was no longer a big deal. Wasn’t it just a few buildings? The disciples under her sect did not suffer any injuries, and they could always rebuild them in a blink of an eye. For her daughter to be able to enter the Lightning Divine Hall, it could be said to be heavenly fortune. “I am grateful that High Deity fancies my daughter. From today onwards, I hope that High Deity will take great care of my daughter.” “Mn.” She indeed needed to be taken care of greatly.

Zhu Yao: “…”

“From this point on, she will be my personal succeeding disciple.” Yu Yan said with a solemn voice. Since his disciple wanted to express that she was newly admitted, then he had no choice but to repeat the words he said back then when he first took her in. “Entering under my tutelage, you will succeed the Daoist name ‘Yu’. From this moment onwards, you will  be called Yu…”

With fast reflexes, Zhu Yao quickly covered his mouth, gritted her teeth and said. “Yao!”

Yu Yan pulled down her hand, and instantly, his expression sank a little.

What’s with that regretful look of yours? As I thought, the name “Desire” was something you came up with on purpose, right!?

“High Deity…” Naturally, Yin Shi saw that impolite action from her own daughter. For a moment, she was a little embarrassed. However, seeing that the person in question did not look as though he minded, for a moment, she did not know what she should say.

“Mother!” Zhu Yao took a step back, tidied up her clothes, and then, recalled the serious matter she had to take care of. “I have a very important question to ask. Is there any unique artifact within the Fluorescent Wind Sect?” If her guess was correct, there would definitely be something that the Phoenix race needed in Fluorescent Wind Sect.

“Unique artifact?” Yin Shi blanked, as she did not understand why her daughter would suddenly bring this up.

“That’s right, like for example… an object related to the God race?”

Yin Shi shook her head. “The God race has long been extinct. Currently, in the Three Realms, the shadows of the God race had long disappeared. And, when a God Artifact emerges, there will naturally be the occurrence of an abnormal phenomenon. If our sect possesses a God Artifact, how can it be possible for it to be unknown to everyone else? Why did you bring this up?” To save the world! Zhu Yao felt like crying. “I naturally have my own thoughts. Mother, can you think about it a little more? Is there really nothing at all? Especially if it’s… related to phoenixes.”

“Phoenixes?” Yin Shi pondered deeply for a moment, before answering. “The only thing our sect has that is related to phoenixes, is our sect’s insignia.” She pulled up her own sleeves, and pointed at the design printed on it. “Our Fluorescent Wind Sect’s insignia, is the outline of a phoenix.”

Zhu Yao pulled up her own sleeves to take a look. As she had said, her own clothes were embroidered with  a  simplified diagram of a phoenix as well.

Then what was the Phoenix race looking for? Zhu Yao was confused. As she pondered deeply about the large masses of questions in the depths of her heart, she was worried that the Phoenix race would slaughter their way towards the Divine Realm at any given moment.

Because the disciples that had scattered all over due to the lightning tribulation earlier had all flown back one after another. All of them gathered themselves at the center of the charred piece of land where the ruins of the former Fluorescent Wind Sect was. Yin Shi had already begun to instruct the disciples to clean the debris.

“This is the first time High Deity is paying a visit. However with the current situation… For our Fluorescent Wind Sect’s bad reception, I seek High Deity for your forgiveness.” Yin Shi courteously said.

“No matter.” Yu Yan completely lacked the self-consciousness that he was also one of the culprits behind this miserable state, as he calmly said. “I’m bringing her back to Lightning Divine Hall.”

“Ah?” Yin Shi was unable to react at all. She did not have the intention to chase him away at all.

Yu Yan, however, had already turned to look towards Zhu Yao who seemed to be thinking of something still, as he called out. “Yu Yao.”

“Ou.” Zhu Yao habitually reached out his hand.

Yu Yan lightly held onto it, and then, grabbed onto Zhu Yao as they flew into the air. Just as they were about to leave, a man dressed in wedding attire came flying towards them from the front.

“Junior-martial sister Xin’er.” Xu Nuoyan stopped in front of them with a worried expression, and looked at her from head to toe. “It’s great that you’re alright. I have been worried about you.”

Zhu Yao frowned. In an instant, a strange sensation rose from the depths of her heart. This Xu Nuoyan was a little too passionate towards her, right? They seemed to have only met for the second time.

“Mn… Fellow deity Xu.” Since she had already entered Lightning Divine Hall, naturally, she couldn’t address him as senior-martial brother.

“Junior-martial sister Xin’er…” The smile  on  Xu  Nuoyan’s face stiffened, and his eyes sank a little. Glancing at Yu Yan next to her, his face revealed a slightly heartbroken expression. “In regards to the matter earlier, does junior-martial sister not believe your senior-martial brother?” “Ah?” Zhu Yao blanked. What are you talking about?

Xu Nuoyan’s expression turned even more bitter than before, as he said with an anxious tone. “Junior-martial sister, listen to me. That person and I…”

“Move!” Before he could even finish, he was interrupted by Yu Yan’s cold voice. The eyes he were looking at his disciple with, he didn’t like them at all.

Hence, after his voice fell, the pressure of a High Deity came pressing down towards him. Xu Nuoyan’s figure flashed, as he instantly fell off from his divine sword, and landed straight into the charred land below. Due to the suppression in ranks, he even sank deep into the soil. Like a stamp pressing down on an inkpad, a perfect human structure was formed.

Zhu Yao: …

“Master, has your menopause arrived?”

“Mn?” A cold aura emitted from his body. “No… Nothing. Master, you’re heroic, domineering, a unifier of the continent spanning over a thousand generations.”

“…” She’s spouting nonsense again.

Yu Yan did not stay any longer. As he flew in the direction of the Lightning Divine Hall, he asked. “What’s the matter regarding the Phoenix race?”

And Zhu Yao was here waiting for him to ask about it! Just as she was about to tell him about the bug this time in order to have him help analyze this problem, an intense pain suddenly came from her chest. As though her organs were being ripped towards a particular direction by someone, she could not bear the pain at all, as she puked out a large mouthful of blood.

“Yu Yao?” Yu Yan stopped, as he was frightened by his disciple’s sudden situation.

The ripping sensation on Zhu Yao’s body felt even more intense, and her vision began to blur. Not to mention, the direction of this ripping seemed to be coming from… “Master… Return… Return to Fluorescent… Wind Sect…”

In the next moment, she had already completely submerged into darkness.

Chapter168: I’m An Egg

When Zhu Yao woke up, what she saw was complete darkness. The whistling of strong winds could be heard from all around, and it felt as though there was something blowing on her. With every blow, she felt there was something chilly infiltrating her, and her body would turn colder little by little.

What was this place? Logically speaking, her master wouldn’t have thrown her here all alone. She tried to stand up, only to realize she was basically unable to move. It was as though her entire body was restricted by something, wrapping her like a ball. The lighting was too dim, and she was completely unable to see her current situation. However, it was very evident that she was no longer in her previous body.

Could she have died again? And this was a new character? As she had thought, that character had an one-day usage limit, right!? However, why didn’t a resurrection notification window appear this time when she died? Had the student Realmspirit gotten bored of it?

She tried calling out to Realmspirit several times, wanting to understand her situation. However, she did not receive a single reply. Though, her eyes were beginning to adapt to the darkness, and she could now faintly discern a few things. For example, the thing’s that had been whistling all this time wasn’t wind, but a dense black fog, and it even carried an uncomfortable aura. She encountered this fog before… twice.

Devil’s miasma!

She was actually surrounded by Devil’s miasma. Theoretically speaking, the Devil’s miasma was energy wielded by the Devils, just like how deities make use of divine energy. Someone who did not belong to the Devil race, was basically unable to endure the Devil’s miasma, and would instead be eroded into ash. Why was she completely fine other than feeling a little chilly?

Zhu Yao stayed in these plains of darkness for a very long time. In the beginning, she was worried that she would encounter some Devils. However, a total of ten days had passed, other than the endless amount of Devil’s miasma surrounding her, not a single human figure could be seen. She could not help but begin to doubt if there was even a single living being here?

Until the eleventh day, she finally heard footsteps. Those footsteps were very light, however, in this place where there was nothing else could be heard but the whistling of the wind, it was especially clear. Joy filled Zhu Yao’s heart. Facing the direction where the sound was coming from, she… rolled towards it.

That’s right, she couldn’t walk, but she could roll. Furthermore, it was a smooth journey without any obstructions while she was rolling. Guruguru, she sped towards the footsteps. In the beginning, Zhu Yao was even a little rejoiced about this self-taught high-level rolling skill, but a  moment later, she realized, she couldn’t stop!

The place she was staying on earlier seemed to be a downhill, so, the moment she started rolling, she began to speed up and roll even further away. She was basically unable to stop at all. She struggled a little, yet, her actions were completely futile. The hell. It wasn’t like she was a ball, did she have to roll so joyously?

A moment later, her entire body shook. She seemed to have bumped into something, as she finally stopped rolling. A husky voice was then heard.


Who was he cursing at? Zhu Yao raised her head to look, only to see a bony little figure. That was a child. A child who was so skinny, his human shape could hardly be discerned. It seemed to be a long time since he had eaten anything, as all that was left of him was bones. His eyes looked hollow, and there wasn’t the least bit of meat left in his cheeks, from afar, his head looked like a skull. His entire body was so skinny, it looked no different from a skeleton. If he had not let out that voice of his earlier, even Zhu Yao would have suspected that he was a child skeleton model that was taken out by some experimental lab.

Zhu Yao instantly felt a little sour in her heart. She, who had lived in the modern era, had never seen a child that was as skinny as this. Even when she arrived in the cultivation world, among the mortals she saw occasionally, there wasn’t ever a child that was in the same condition as his. And it seemed as though he wasn’t even five years old.

“Egg…” The child once again said, as he looked straight at her. However, those eyes were especially cloudy, as though there wasn’t a single piece of his soul left in his body. His voice was also so soft, it scattered the moment the wind blew.

The child stood there blankly for a moment. Suddenly,  he bent his waist, and hugged her up with his arms. “Egg.” Only then did Zhu Yao realize that the egg he was speaking of, was actually her? She was actually an egg! Zhu Yao forcefully nodded her head to nudge about, and as expected, she bumped into a wall-like object. It was an egg shell! She was really an egg! It was no wonder she rolled so quickly.

Wait a minute… This child, couldn’t be thinking of eating her, right?

In an instant, Zhu Yao began to imagine the hundreds of various home-cooked egg meals. Seeing that the child was already that hungry, it might be possible that she would be eaten raw!

Don’t be like that, little friend. At least, tell me what kind of egg I am before eating me!

The child did not have much strength left in the first place. After hugging for a while, he became a little tired, as he sat on his buttocks. Zhu Yao then realized that her current height was about the same as his. After the child sat down, his two thin stick-like arms still continued to circle around her.

That little extremely skull-like head, tightly pressed against her egg-shell, and he did nothing else. He did not even have the slightest of intention to feast on a meal.

Mn, he’s not eating me. We can still be friends.

After a long while, when even Zhu Yao was about to think that he was sleeping, a soft mutter sounded. “Were you discarded as well?”

Discarded? This child was thrown down here by someone else?

With just a glance, it could be seen that this child wasn’t a Devil, and his entire body was emitting out a hint of refreshing aura. For him to appear in a place like this filled with Devil’s miasma, was it to serve a purpose of some sort? From his tone, it seemed that the person was even someone close to him.

Zhu Yao instantly felt sour in the depths of her heart, and she was just about to console him with some words. However, the child did not have the slightest of reaction, and simply stayed there unmoving while hugging onto her. Her voice seemed to be reflected by the firm eggshell. Just like that, as he hugged onto this egg which was bigger than he was, he sat for half a day.

Suddenly, the Devil’s miasma in the surroundings began to grow denser. Earlier, she could still clearly see her surroundings, but now, she couldn’t even clearly see the child that was an inch away from her. That sinister feeling began to grow, and even the thick egg shell could no longer block the needle-piercing chill.

The child seemed to have sensed it as well. His eyes which were filled with deathly silence earlier, were instantly dyed with rage. A brilliant red glow actually began to flash. “Scram!”

He desperately swung about his pair of little stick-like hands, waving away the Devil’s miasma that was encroaching the egg’s surroundings. He was acting so madly, it was as though he was trying to hide the egg from the miasma. “Scram. Don’t touch it. Scram…”

However, his actions and voice did not have the slightest of effect. Not only did the Devil’s miasma not scatter, it instead continued to grow. Zhu Yao’s entire egg-body was raised by the miasma, as though there was a large force pulling her away from the child’s embrace. The child began to act even more crazed. Seeing that the miasma was increasing in his surroundings, he suddenly opened his mouth widely, and bit on his own arm. His bite was extremely forceful, as though he had seriously gone crazy. In an instant, blood began to pour out. However, with a wave of his hands, he sprinkled his own blood onto Zhu Yao. On the places where his blood was sprinkled on, it was as though the miasma had met its weakness, as it instantly dispersed completely.

Zhu Yao once again landed into the child’s embrace. His two hands hugged onto the egg tightly, and as he gently stroked it, he whispered over and over again. “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid…” Though it was unknown if those words were to console her, or to console himself.

Pain grew in the depths of Zhu Yao’s heart. She had never expected that she would ever be protected by a little child, and not only was he someone she had just met, the child was so skinny, it looked as though he was at his last breath. Suddenly, she somehow understood how this child managed to live in this place filled with Devil’s miasma all by himself.

Actually, she knew in the depths of her heart, that the child was simply using the egg as a spiritual support, which was why he so desperately wanted to save her. Most probably, he had lived in this place for a very long time, and understood that he wouldn’t be able to live on, hence the lifelessness within his eyes. She was most probably the first being that could be considered alive that he had encountered here. Thus, he had unconsciously treated her as his one and only spiritual support. In times of despair, humans would always find a reason to continue living. She was this child’s reason to live right now.

In an instant, Zhu Yao’s heart began to ache. Just how young was he? He had such a small stature, and even this egg of hers, was much bulkier than him. If this was the modern era, he should be at the age where he was a pearl in the hands of his parents, and he could act recklessly without having the slightest of thoughts. She recalled what she was doing at his age. She was busy being mischievous, breaking her house’s roof, and even when eating, her parents would have to carry her and coax her. Yet, he had already tasted despair to the extent where he couldn’t find a single reason to live.

Zhu Yao began to think about what she should do. At the very least, she couldn’t watch this child die in front of her eyes. The light in the depths of his eyes were already becoming dimmer, and even the arms hugging her were beginning to slowly slacken. She believed that in just a few more days, he would never be able to open his eyes again.

What could she do? In a place as dark as this, she couldn’t even clearly see a few meters in, let alone leave this place. It’s so dark, it would be good if there’s some light.

As though it was to respond to her, she suddenly felt the egg shell heating up. The bit of coldness that was left from the infiltration of miasma earlier, instantly disappeared without a trace, and, the egg shell still continued to heat up. Scattered rays of light, suddenly spread out from within her body, and instantly, her entire egg-body brightened up, just like a… light bulb!

“Egg?” The child was stunned as well. Under Zhu Yao’s radiance, the surroundings began to light up, as though it was inserting a strand of life into this lifeless and lonely place. His initial hollow eyes, began to reveal a glint of light as well, and they were no longer as lifeless as before. As expected, light could give people hope.

Very good, this was the first step. It’s fine if he harbored hope. Zhu Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief, and the sense of violation she had in the depths of her heart when she turned into a light bulb disappeared as well. After this, it was to leave this damnable place. Zhu Yao then began to roll, escaping from the child’s embrace. “Where are you going?” The child became anxious, as he began to quickly run towards her in a fluster. In an instant, he hugged onto the egg again, as though he was afraid that she would throw him aside, as his eyes were filled with fear and anxiety.

He was unable to hear her, hence, Zhu Yao could only console him by nudging a little in his embrace, before rolling out a few steps once again, and then, she stopped. She then repeated this process!

“You want me to follow after you?” The child finally understood her intentions.

Zhu Yao circled around him, and then, chose a direction to continue rolling towards. This time, without her waiting for him, the child followed after her by himself.

There were entrances to every road. No matter what this place was, she had to try finding an exit.

However, an hour later, Zhu Yao despaired. No matter where she went, it would still be the same piece of darkness in front of her, as though the place was boundless and endless. There basically did not seem to be anywhere that resembled an exit. And, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of engravings that looked like a formation, nor was there any energy ripples of arts being cast. Just what in the world was this damnable place?

“Egg…” The child caught up to her. Seeing that she wasn’t moving anymore, he sat down, and continued to hug her.

No wonder the child was in such despair, and did not have the slightest of hope to struggle. Even if there was a map for this place, it was basically impossible to leave.


Suddenly, she heard a familiar sound.

Within the darkness in front of her eyes, a string of white words, bolded, enlarged and written in arial font, suddenly appeared.

“Ren Woxing of the Three Realms” Navigation System is glad to serve you! Please enter your destination. Zhu Yao: …

The full proverb (三天不打上房揭瓦) literally translates to ‘Not being caned for three days, and the  child  breaks  the  house’s roof’, which means a child  will  act  all  mischievous  if  not lectured often.

Ren Woxing (任我行) is character from the classic wuxia novel ‘The Smiling, Proud Wanderer’. His name literally means ‘I do as I please’.

Chapter169: A Bowl Of Egg Drop Soup

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Wasn’t this a little too sloppy? When she wanted hope, she started to emit light, and when she wanted a map, a navigation system popped out. And what’s with this Ren Woxing? Does that make me Invincible in the East?

Giving me whatever I want… Heavens, when did you start granting people whatever they desire?

Zhu Yao’s direction of thoughts changed. She wondered if she picked something else, would it be fulfilled as well? Hence, she instantly began to think of various necessities. Hamburgers, spicy gluten, stinky tofu, master…

A moment later.

Nothing happened…

Alright, as expected, she was too naive.

She once again looked at that empty destination box. After pondering for a moment, she said the word ‘exit’.

The string of words in the air flashed, and another line instantly popped out.

Beginning navigation, please wait…

Map is now loading…

10%… 20%… 30%… 40%…

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. It really was an actual navigation system.

90%… 100%…

“Ren Woxing of the Three Realms” Navigation System welcomes you! Navigation begins below.

Take ten steps forward. Flips table? What’s with this ‘ten steps’? Shouldn’t it be calculated with the metric system? And currently, she was an egg, she basically did not have legs, alright!? How would she know how far was ten steps!?

She really wanted to spit on this Navigation System’s face.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. She herself was incapable of walking, but the child could. She could guide where the child would walk.

Hence, she once again rolled forward. As expected, when the child saw that the egg wanted to move again, he instantly stood up.

This time, Zhu Yao did not roll at the front like  before, instead, she circled to the back of the child, and pushed him forward, while attentively counting the number of his steps. After he walked all ten steps, she then rolled in front of him, blocking his path.

A moment later, the navigation system’s hint instantly changed. Turn left, and walk five steps.

Once again, Zhu Yao immediately pushed the child to the direction stated and had him continue walking. Just like that, the journey later on could still be considered a success.

But there’s one thing she’s concerned with…

What with these hints being more and more irritating?

What’s ‘walk a forked road at the front’? What’s  ‘walk forward while making a wavy shape’? And what’s ‘walk forward while making a Z-shape?’

Then, what about making an S-shape, and then, a B-shape next, huh!?

Zhu Yao threw retorts over and over again, however, she had no choice but to continue walking according to the hints. She did not know just how long she walked in these irritating manners either, but she had felt dog-tired ages ago. Finally, the words ‘You have reached your destination’ appeared on the navigation system. Zhu Yao looked around for a moment. The surroundings were still completely dark, and basically nothing that could be called an exit had appeared.

The hell, what happened to the promised exit?

Thank you for using “Ren Woxing of the Three Realms” Navigation System. Goodbye! Please leave a good review!

Good review, your sister! Are you making fun of me!? Get back here!

The string of white words flashed, and then, as though it had been turned off, there were no longer any words popping out.

Fury boiled in Zhu Yao’s heart. Just as she was about to curse out, suddenly, a brilliant white light shone from the back, lighting up more than half of the entire dark sky. When Zhu Yao turned to take a look, on the ground that she and the child had walk passed, it was emitting out flashes of white light.

That’s… a formation! From the path they walked on earlier, a formation was actually formed! The light grew closer, and in an instant, it had already spread to their feet. The two of them were then enveloped by that white light.

“Egg!” The child anxiously shouted out.

In the next moment, the scenery in front of her eyes changed. She saw a cliff that blocked her entire vision, with a mix of black and red colors, it emitted out a dense charred smell.

What was this place?

Before Zhu Yao could even be stunned, she felt empty beneath her feet, and she began to fall straight down. Feeling a blazing hot air blowing from below, when she turned to take a look, what she was fiery red lava constantly burning and tumbling about. Occasionally, it would even emit out one or two bubbles.

This was actually a volcano, ,and  that  teleportation formation, had sent her right inside one! And right in the air at that! Momma’s egg. Freaking navigation system, can’t you be  a little more reliable!? Poor review! I’m giving an absolute zero star review!

If she were to fall down like this, it would be strange if she wouldn’t be cooked! Most likely, the next time this  volcano were to explode, what it would spurt out would not be lava, but egg drop soup!

Save me!

A sharp long caw sounded. Zhu Yao simply felt something clenching onto her egg shell, and the moment she was about to fall into the lava, she was grabbed by something else. No longer feeling the acceleration from free fall, she was brought flying upwards.

That was a bird, a bird enveloped in flames, and its tail was even covered with feathers of varied colors.

A Phoenix!

Zhu Yao was stunned. This Phoenix wasn’t huge, and did not seem to be like the four which she saw in her dream back then. This one was just a little larger than her egg-body. Its two claws were tightly grabbing onto Zhu Yao, and it seemed to be really struggling with its flight. It used a large amount of energy before it finally flew out of the volcano.

Only then did it place Zhu Yao on the ground. The fiery red bird emitted out a red light, instantly turning back into its human form. It was actually the child that had been with her. He was actually a Phoenix!

“Eh? How did a Phoenix Clan’s brat run out here?” Suddenly from behind, a man’s voice came, carrying a hint of doubt.

That person was youthful man, walking over with a smiling face. Even though he was walking on the volcano filled with ash, he was still filled with a luxurious demeanor.

The child was startled for a moment, before he could even rest, he instantly went over to tightly hug Zhu Yao, and raised his guard as he watched the man in the silk robe behind him.

Though, when that man watched his action, his  straight brows lightly furrowed. His initial face which carried a slight smiling intent, instantly turned stern. “What are you hugging?”

The child did not reply, and instead, anxiously retreated.

The man stared intensely at the egg in his hands, and the longer he looked, the more widened his eyes became. His face revealed a furious expression, and he said with a sharp voice. “Release that egg, and I will let you live.”

The child did not listen to him at all. Suddenly,  he transformed into his original form, and carrying Zhu Yao, he once again flew into the skies.

“Stop there!” The man broke into fury. In a flash, a gigantic azure Dragon rose from the ground, and came chasing after the little phoenix.

Emitting out a dragon roar, his voice instantly resounded through the clouds.

Zhu Yao and her little companion were both dumbfounded. A Dragon!

That man was actually a Dragon. What was going on? Having a Phoenix appear was surprising enough, but now, a Dragon came out as well. Were the Gods commonly seen around here?

This wasn’t the most shocking part. Following after his dragonic roar, suddenly, similar voices came from the surroundings, as though they were responding to his.  The entire heaven and earth were filled with the overwhelming roars. The child, was after all, still a little phoenix. Under the shock of those resounding dragon roars, he had long lost all his energy and begun to fall towards the ground.

Zhu Yao began to fall with him as well. However, what she saw was shining figures one after another, gathering here from all directions. After taking a careful look, they were actually Dragons of various sizes. There’s green, purple, and various other colors of dragons currently flying towards them.

Even among the layers of clouds above them, there were several gigantic dragon heads protruding out.

The hell, she couldn’t be seeing an illusion, right? Dragon, Dragon, Dragon…

Why were there so many Dragons?

That azure Dragon from the beginning, successfully caught onto the two of them who constantly descended. Hugging onto the egg-shaped Zhu Yao with one hand, he carried the child by his tattered collar on the other, as though he was trying to pull the child away from the egg. Yet, he still hugged onto Zhu Yao without letting go. The azure Dragon worked hard for a long while, yet, he was still unable to have him release his hands.

“Aojiang, what happened?” The dragons which had rushed over had all turned into their human forms, completely surrounding the two of them. Zhu Yao did a rough counting, and she realized there was actually about a hundred people.

“I saw this little one from the Phoenix Clan coming out from the Dragon Mountain, and in his hands, he was hugging…” Along with the child, he carried the egg, and raised it up for the rest of the dragons to see.

“This is…” All of the dragons were startled, and their eyes towards the child instantly carried immense fury. “What boldness. He actually dares to run to our Dragon Mountain to steal our eggs.”

“What’s the intent of the Phoenix Clan? Are they trying to start a war?”

“If it’s a war they want, then so be it. Don’t have them think that our clan is afraid of them.”

“To dare steal our children, we must definitely make them pay.”

“Right, right…”

The many Dragons began to shout out their condemnations. Zhu Yao then understood the situation. So  they  actually thought that this little Phoenix had stolen their child.

“Brat, just who sent you here?” Aojiang picked up the child and coldly interrogated. The child did not reply, yet, with all the strength remaining in his body, he struggled, yet  still hugged Zhu Yao without letting her go. Occasionally, he would even turn into his original form and desperately attack Aojiang. His pair of eyes were crimson red, looking as though he was crazed.

Zhu Yao’s heart ached from watching this. He had only just left the place that was filled with Devil’s miasma, and  this child’s state of mind had yet to recover, so naturally, he basically couldn’t hear their words. With just a slight stimulation, he would fall into a state of insanity. Currently, in the depths of his heart, he most likely only held onto a single intention, and that was to protect her well and prevent her from taking her away.

Aojiang then seemed to have cast some sort of art, as a set of glowing chains instantly bound the child. The more he struggled, the tighter the chains became. A moment later, there were no longer traces of redness on the child’s body.

The hell, are you still human!? Zhu Yao  was  instantly enraged. She simply felt unknown flames surging up from her chest, as though something was being released from the depths of her body. Her entire egg shell began to light up again, but this time, it was a red light instead of white.

Aojiang simply felt something burning in his embrace. Trembling, he released Zhu Yao, however, more than half of his silk robe had been completely burned off. The restraints on the child’s body instantly shattered as well.

Zhu Yao retracted the red light, and began rolling back into the child’s embrace. This time, he hugged her  even  more tightly, as all four of his limbs were now wrapping the egg shell. Mechanically, he chanted. “Egg… Egg… Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!”

“This…” Aojiang was dumbfounded. He had never seen a dragon egg that could emit light.

“There’s something strange about this matter.” Among the crowd of dragons, a slightly elderly man walked out.  “First, head over to the Dragon Mountain and check the number of the children there.”

Instantly, a dragon beside him changed into his original form, and flew into the volcano where Zhu Yao fell into earlier. A moment later, he flew back. “To reply Elder, there are no mistakes in the number of our children. There’s a total  of twelve of them, no more and no less!”

When these words fell, all of the dragons were stunned, and they all unconsciously turned to look at the child who was hugging onto the egg.

Then where did this egg come from?

“Elder, this…” Aojiang took a step forward.

That elderly man shook his head. With a stern expression, he looked at Zhu Yao, and his brows deeply furrowed. “I’m afraid… within this egg, it might not be a child of our Dragon clan.”

“How is that possible?” Aojiang instinctively refuted. There’s clearly a God’s aura within the egg, and among the God races, other then their Dragon clan, who else were born through eggs?

“Aojiang, invite Feng Xishan over. Have the Patriarch of the Phoenix clan personally make a trip here.”

“The Phoenix Clan? Why?”

His expression sank. “This egg is brought out by this Phoenix, so it’s naturally a matter concerning the Phoenix clan. Hurry and go.”

“Yes!” Only then did Aojiang change into his dragon form, and flew towards the sky.

Chapter170: Chicken Egg, Duck Egg, Century Egg

The so-called God races, referred to the four god-beasts Dragon, Phoenix, Qilin and Black Tortoise. Other than the Black Tortoise which was an existence acting as the cornerstone of the world, and had only appeared once at the world’s beginning, the other three God races had formed their own clans.  Among them, only the Dragons were given birth through eggs, and the Qilins were viviparous. As for Phoenixes…

Hoho, they did not give birth.

The reason why Phoenixes were called immortal birds, were because at the moment of their deaths, their bodies would turn into flames, and then, they would resurrect from the ashes. Hence, they basically would not have problems such as lack of population, after all, they couldn’t die. However, with every rebirth, the Phoenixes would lose their former memories, and revert back to chicks. The parent-child relationship among the Phoenixes, were determined by the first person they see right after their resurrection. In other words, it’s the so-called imprinting phenomenon.

When the Dragon clan informed the Phoenix clan, the Patriarch came over really quickly. Zhu Yao had thought that the person would be an uncle, but it turned out to be an auntie.

Unexpectedly, the auntie did not look at that shaky egg, but instead, instantly went to hug onto the bony child, and began to cry her lungs out. As she cried, she called out. “Shao’er, Shao’er…”

So it turned out that this child was actually her second son, Shaobai! Two years ago, he fell into the Nether Abyss, and never did she expect that he would reappear here.

Zhu Yao evidently sensed that there was something off with everyone’s expressions when the auntie spoke of the Nether Abyss, as they looked at the child in disbelief. As the auntie was able to find back her son, she was really happy. However, the child was evidently unappreciative of it. Under the giving her a single glance when she appeared, no matter what she said after that, he didn’t budge, and continued to hug onto Zhu  Yao tightly.

Only then did the auntie notice the egg. However, even after discussing with the Dragon clansmen, no one knew just what kind of egg was she. The Dragon clan felt that among the four great God races, only the Dragon race were hatched through eggs, so inside the egg, it should undoubtedly be a Dragon. However, the Dragon clan always had difficulties with giving birth, hence, they would always pay utmost attention to every single Dragon egg. And, with every production of a Dragon egg, an mystic phenomenon would definitely occur between the heavens and earth. In these recent ten thousand years or so, there had only been twelve of such mystic phenomenons. In other words, the number of eggs that should exist, should only be twelve. A situation where one was being left out was basically impossible.

The auntie of the Phoenix clan felt that this was a Phoenix egg. Although they had never laid eggs, that did not mean that, they wouldn’t be able to, right? If all Phoenixes had all relied on resurrecting from the ashes to live on, then, where did the first ever Phoenix in the world come from? Not to mention, among the bird-type creatures and clans in the world, didn’t all of them lay eggs?

Not only was this a Phoenix egg, there was a possibility that this was an opportunity bestowed to the Phoenix clan by the Heavenly Dao. An opportunity for them to procreate like the other races other than by resurrecting from the ashes.

And there was a portion of them who thought that this might be an egg of a Black Tortoise. Although no one had actually seen a Black Tortoise clansman, it was still one of the four God-beasts along with the other three. This sounded logical, and most probably, it’s an opportunity for the Black Tortoise to make a reappearance.

Everyone believed that their own words were logical. The God race had always found difficulty with procreation, every child was extremely precious to them. Hence, both parties wished that this egg which had suddenly appeared was their own clansman.

As for the Qilin…

In any case, they weren’t here right now, so there’s no need for them to be part of this. The two clans ignored them in a very understanding manner.

In the end, after a long discussion, investigation, and argument between the two Patriarchs, they came into an agreement. The decision would be made after it hatches. No matter was it a chicken egg, a duck egg, or a century egg, after looking at the child after it hatches, then it would be entirely clear. In regards to who would be in-charge of hatching the egg, the Dragon clan was unable to compete for it. Because at that point in time, they did not possess this skill. The eggs of the Dragon race had always been placed in the volcano, allowing them to hatch under the natural high temperatures. Because the hatching territory was specifically chosen by the Dragon clan, and each of their babies had its own settings targeting its needs, there were formations that increased the temperatures purposefully laid there.

Because the content within this egg was still unknown, this method evidently could not be used.

Hence, the egg-hatching work was handed to the Phoenix clan.

That’s right, auntie was planning to bring the egg home to hatch it.

When Zhu Yao imagined herself being sat on by a huge Phoenix’s buttocks every single day, she felt uncomfortable all over.

At the key moment, it was still her little friend Shaobai who made a critical impact. Because… He wouldn’t let go!

No matter who it was trying to persuade him, be it uncle, auntie, bros, oh, they were her little friend Shaobai’s father, mother, and big brothers of course, in the end, even when his little brother, who was said to be two hundred years younger than him, came, he still tightly hugged onto the egg without letting go.

Auntie had inspected her little friend Shaobai’s injuries while they were at the Dragon clan’s territory back then, and his injuries were very severe. His fundamental core was damaged, and the Devil’s miasma had already infiltrated his divine sense region. Logically speaking, in such a state, it would have been impossible for him to stay alive. Yet, her little friend Shaobai still pulled through. However, he still refused to being healed, as though other than the egg in his embrace, he couldn’t hear the voice of anyone else.

Zhu Yao sighed. Her little friend Shaobai’s wounds, were not just limited to his physical body. The injury to his heart was even more serious.

In the end, auntie had no choice but to treat his wounds while he was hugging the egg. After a few days of recuperation, hint of redness finally returned to her little friend Shaobai’s face. However, Zhu Yao simply felt even more tired as time went by. The egg shell which was still able to glow like a light bulb before, could no longer emit out even the slightest bit of light.

Even her consciousness was becoming a little blurred. Initially, she had only been worried about her little friend Shaobai’s injuries, and had been forcing herself to wait till his injuries were completely healed. However, nothing could stop her eyelids from becoming heavier and heavier.

Faintly, she heard auntie talking to her little friend Shaobai in a very flustered manner.

And then, Shaobai transformed into his original form. His figure, compared to the time at the volcano, was more beautiful than before, and even his rainbow colored tail was emitting out a gentle glow. Spreading out his pair of wings, he embraced Zhu Yao under his gigantic wings. It was as though her body was soaked in hot water, and she felt exceptionally warm.

She could no longer endure her sleepiness, and finally, she completely sank into darkness. When Zhu Yao opened her eyes, she saw a face beaming with smiles right above her head. That was a middle-aged uncle, and he was no more than a palm distance away from her. His expression was very gentle, just like a stream of water, causing people to unconsciously relax their guard.

Seeing that she had opened her eyes, the uncle’s smile grew even deeper.

She was a little dumbfounded, as she realized that she was no longer in that egg. Raising her hands, her sleeves were embroidered with the Phoenix insignia which was characteristic of the Fluorescent Wind Sect. Just what was going on?

“You are?” She had never seen the person in front of her before, however, she could sense the immense amount of goodwill coming from his body.

The uncle smiled. He did not reply, and instead, hinted her to reach out her hand.

Zhu Yao stretched out her accordingly. The uncle bluntly cupped her wrist and carefully inspected her pulse for a moment, before he satisfyingly nodded. Then, he reached out his hand towards her head, and gently patted on it with a loving expression.

As though he was quietly consoling her not to be afraid.

Look at his expression that was as benignant as that, Zhu Yao recalled a proverb. ‘A father’s love was comparable to a mountain.’

“Dad… Ah, pui! Senior, mind if I ask something? Where is this place?” Zhu Yao inspected the room for a moment. Other than a table and the bed she was lying on, there wasn’t any other furniture. This setup was rather familiar.

The uncle did not answer, instead, he suddenly passed over a cup of water.

Zhu Yao’s throat was dry in the first place, so she accepted it. “Thank you.”

Guruguru, she finished it with a few gulps. Just as she was about to continue with her questions. That guy once again passed her a fruit. That fruit was entirely red like an apple, yet, it emitted out a dense amount of divine energy, looking absolutely delicious.

Hence, she did not hesitate to receive it either. “Thanks.”

He still simply gave the gentle smile. The fruit was absolutely juicy, and the moment she bit into it, the taste gushed out.

The uncle then kindly passed her a piece of cloth.

“Uh… Thank you.” Zhu Yao simply took it, and she seemed to have only been saying this same line the entire time.

After finishing the fruit, he then passed a plate of dessert, which was more fragrant than the fruit.

Zhu Yao did not hold back and received it.

After that, were various preserved fruits, candied fruits, and sweets that she had never eaten before… When she regained her senses, she was already bloated.

Yet, the uncle still continued to feed her various types of delicacies. For every single dish she ate, his eyes would brighten a little more.

Only then did Zhu Yao recall something important.

Uncle, who are you?

“Are you awake?” A white figure suddenly appeared at the door.

“Master!” The person who entered was none other than Yu Yan. Her master finally thought of picking her disciple up? This time, he was so late! I’m giving you a poor review!

With quick steps, he walked over. Sitting by the bedside, he grabbed onto her hand and began to check on her pulse. It was unknown if it was an unconscious act, but the instant he sat down, he seemed to have pushed that uncle to the side, instantly squeezing him towards a corner. After checking for a while and confirming that there wasn’t any problems with his disciple, Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Turning around, he looked at the man with the same gentle smile, who had been squeezed to the other side of the bed.

Frowning, he said with extreme unwillingness. “Thank you, teacher.”

“Eh?” It can’t be!

So he wasn’t an uncle, nor was he her dad. He was actually her grandmaster. Shouldn’t her grandmaster be white-haired and more sage-like? For example, the look the Hall Master used for official purposes?

Was it really alright for him to be this lovable and cute?

The uncle stood up, and did not reply to Yu Yan either. He looked at the two people with the same face that was filled with smiles, and then, he reached out his hand to pat on Zhu Yao’s head. In a flash, his figure disappeared, leaving behind a pile of snacks. “Uh…” Was this person who was enthusiastic in feeding his juniors, really her grandmaster? It’s definitely because of a mistake with how she woke up, right?

“Your injuries were overly serious, and you were unconscious for three months.” Yu Yan gently said.

“Injuries?” Wasn’t she just asleep? She clearly remembered turning into an egg, and then, sleeping in someone’s embrace while waiting to be hatched. Just when was she injured?

Yu Yan frowned, before he gently said. “Back then, when we left. Your organs were unknowingly damaged, and your meridians were severed. Even your divine sense region was just about to collapse.”

“Wait a minute.” ‘When we left’? Where were they headed to? Zhu Yao was a little confused. Suddenly, she made a daring guess. “Where are we?”

“The place where you had me bring you. This is naturally Fluorescent Wind Sect.” Fluorescent Wind Sect?

“Your body seemed to have been cast with an unique binding art, forbidding you from leaving Fluorescent Wind Sect.” Yu Yan’s expression was a little sunken. Back then, when he brought his disciple away, her divine sense was an inch away from collapsing, injuries strangely appeared all around her body, and they were even worsening as time went by. However, the moment they returned to Fluorescent Wind Sect, this situation stopped.

Zhu Yao blanked, and she instantly summoned a water mirror. In the mirror, what reflected was a girl with the looks of a teenager, and was quite similar to a person she recognized.

Yin Xin. She actually turned back to her Version 6.0 Yin Xin!
Wasn’t she dead?
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