My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 151-160

Chapter151: Heading Towards Advent Cloud Hall

Momentarily, Mo Xianxian showed a face of disappointment. As expected, he was not going to help her? That’s true. Just how many people had simple backgrounds among those who deities who ascended? How could someone extend his kind hands because of a few words from her? It was already a rare event for him to save her life. She heaved a sigh, and just when she was about to give up…

Suddenly, a loud crash could be heard from the door.  A human figure was thrown into the room. He fell on the ground, and painfully rolled about.

Mo Xianxian was startled, and she then took a closer look. “It’s you!” It was actually that spiritual monster which molested her before. Back then, she was injured, and adding that she wanted to find out who was the person behind all this, she pretended to be captured by him. Who would have known that instead of luring out the mastermind, she was saved by a little Deity who passed by?

Why would senior know this person, and even bring him here? Could it be in order to help her? A slight bitter yet joyful intent flashed past Mo Xianxian’s eyes. It seemed like that senior was not completely heartless.

As expected, those who are capable of acting would usually supplement themselves with imaginative information in their own minds. When Zhu Yao went out, she simply realized that Goudan was sleeping by the door. Hence, she casually gave him a kick…

She had to admit, the cold and mighty expression package was really useful. Earlier, she was even wondering how she should make the female Deity speak about the information regarding the people chasing after her, so that she could deduce who the person that appeared in the Lightning Divine Hall was. She never expected that, without even uttering a single word, that woman would clearly inform her of the entire situation just like that.

It was no wonder her master often carried a cold expression, and it was no wonder the Hall Master would use such a cold and mighty business-like expression as well. Mn… Next time, let’s try tilting her face forty-five degrees towards the sky.

Right now, the most important matter at hand was to find the key figure You Ran, and find out just who he had offended, which caused his wife to be chased after by knifes the moment she ascended. However, if Mo Xianxian were to be brought along on their journey, putting aside the fact that Zhu Yao herself was merely an average Profound Deity who could be instantly killed off by an above average Gold Deity, that Dog-Egg couldn’t even be considered a deity. Bringing along these two people at the same time, forget about protecting them, she herself would be dragged into the mess as well.

Though, Zhu Yao really wondered how Mo Xianxian recognized her as someone reliable. Could it be from looking at her face? As expected, the cold and mighty mask was overpowered.

She had looked at the face she had after changing into a man. It was very familiar, because… it looked exactly the same as the past “Soi Sauz”. She felt that this little Realmspirit was just trying to save some trouble, and was lazy to make a completely new face for her. It was no wonder when Mo Xianxian saw her, she looked as though she was looking at a stranger. There wasn’t even the slightest of similarity between her male and female forms.

Just as Zhu Yao was worrying how she was going to protect Mo Xianxian, who knew that on the second day, she actually brought up the topic of disbanding on her own. “I have thought it through. I do not have any foundations in the Higher Realm. If there’s really someone who really wishes to put me in my deathbed, then, no matter where I run, it will be useless.” Mo Xianxian’s expression was exceptionally firm. She had long kept that gentle and frail expression of hers, as though she knew that it was useless against Zhu Yao. “So, I wish to first get accepted into the Advent Cloud Hall of the East, before looking for my husband again. With the protection of a Sect, even if the people in the dark wish to act against me, they would still be a little opposed to the idea.”

This was indeed a good plan. In the four continents of the Divine Realm, the Advent Cloud Hall of the East was the strongest.

“Thank you, senior, for your saving grace.” Mo Xianxian gave her a heavy and solid bow, yet, she no longer gave any comments of repaying Zhu Yao or whatsoever. “This little deity shall take her leave.”

Zhu Yao nodded. Thus, Mo Xianxian turned around, summoned her divine sword, and rose into the air.

Though, Goudan on the side, was looking at the beautiful woman gradually moving away with teary eyes. “Stop looking. Even if you look, she still won’t be yours.” Zhu Yao raised her hand, and gave a slap to his head. “That person is already married. Didn’t you hear that she’s going to find her own husband?” She really didn’t know how he heard “finding her own husband”, into “finding a practitioner-pair partner”.

“Boss…” With a pair of teary eyes that was about to pour out, Goudan sniffled. “I really like her.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Yo, you actually found true love from playing the ruffian?

“Forget it. Boss will introduce you to more beautiful girls in the future.”

“Really?” Goudan’s eyes shone.

“Of course.” Zhu Yao patted on her chest to guarantee it. “I guarantee that every single one of them is more beautiful than her.”

“There’s no need for that, my standards aren’t high.” Goudan scratched his head, and chuckled. “As long as… she’s a little prettier than boss, I’m fine with her.”

“The hell.” Zhu Yao sent him a kick. Just stay single till you’re dead.

A broken-hearted man would not listen to reasons. Ever since Mo Xianxian left, Goudan had been severely depressed, letting huge sighs in front of Zhu Yao every single day.

After taking a step, “Haah…”

After taking another step, “Haaaah…”

After continuing with another step, “Haaaaaaah…”


“Enough!” Zhu Yao was so irritated to the extent she wanted to flip a table. In the past, why didn’t she feel that other than being stupid, Goudan was so irritating as well? If it wasn’t because of the fact that she couldn’t be too far away from him, she definitely would have sent him to Mars. “Isn’t it just looking for Mo Xianxian? We will head out now, is that enough?” A broken-hearted man really couldn’t be reasoned with.

“Really?” After a jolt, Dog-Egg squatted in front of her, all that was missing was a woof.

With itchy hands, Zhu Yao sent a slap towards him. “So? Aren’t you going to lead the way?” She didn’t know which way it was to the Advent Cloud Hall.

“Alright.” Instantly, Goudan exited the door joyfully, and flew at the front.

Flying on her sword, Zhu Yao slowly followed behind. She had planned on following Mo Xianxian to Advent Cloud Hall in the first place. Her master and Sesame were still trapped in the dimensional space, if she could find the person who assaulted them at Lightning Divine Hall back then, then there was a possibility of getting them out sooner. Right now, all the clues were leading up to Mo Xianxian, so it was natural for Zhu Yao to follow after her.

However, she could not openly head over together, as it would be easily exposed then. After all, the enemy was hiding in the dark, while she was out in the open. It would be bad to beat the grass and frighten away the snake. Hence, she wanted to wait for a few days on purpose. However, Dog-Egg, this piggish teammate, was simply too irritating.

Fortunately, she warned him yesterday not to disclose the fact that she was the female Deity who saved Mo Xianxian in the forest back then. The two of them flew towards the east for exactly half a day, yet, they were still unable to see even the shadow of Advent Cloud Hall. Goudan however, suddenly made a turn, and instead flew towards the western direction.

“Didn’t you say the Advent Cloud Hall is in the east?” Why the sudden change in direction?

“Boss, it seems you’re unaware of this.” Goudan explained. “The Advent Cloud Hall controls the entire eastern continent, and their disciples are everywhere. If one wishes to enter the Sect, there’s a need to first register at the various provinces. After passing the tests could one then enter the Advent Cloud Hall.”

“You seem to know a lot, huh?” Zhu Yao looked at him with narrowed eyes. What happened to only gaining a human form just recently? “Heheh. Little sister Xianxian said she wanted to head to Advent Cloud Hall, so I have been inquiring about it in the Divine City.”

Yo, you’re even calling her by her given name now?

“I have even heard that these provinces are situated on lands where the heavenly doors open when the cultivators from the small worlds of the Lower Realm ascends. As long as they’re human practitioners who ascended into Deities, most of them will choose to enter the Advent Cloud Hall.”

So these provinces were all merely set-up to conveniently pull in talented people.

Goudan then gave her a few more basic knowledge about the Divine Realm. Only now did Zhu Yao know that other than the forces of the four different continents, there was the Scatter Alas Court, which was entirely created by wandering Deities who were unwilling to join any faction. This was also the reason why there were five groups of people representing the various factions back then at Lightning Divine Hall.

The Scatter Alas Court did not have much restrictions placed on their disciples. Seemingly every single one of them was left to their own devices, and people would only occasionally appear when there were important matters. They were like the wandering practitioners in the Lower Realm, however, the wandering practitioners in the Lower Realm completely did not belong to any organizations or regulations. The Scatter Alas Court simply had an additional binding force from a pledge.

And in the entire Divine Realm, other than the human practitioners who ascended from the Lower Realm, there were various spiritual monsters which awakened their spiritual consciousness. Like Goudan, and Mushmush.

Because the Divine Realm was filled with divine energy at every single corner, it was extremely easy for the objects of Divine Realm to be affected by the divine energy and awaken their spiritual consciousness. As long as they had awakened their spiritual consciousness, they would have the qualifications to cultivate. After a spiritual monster’s cultivation improved, they did not have to suffer the agony of the lightning tribulations. However, the cultivation of spiritual monsters was extremely difficult, and they require an extremely long span of time to do so.

Especially for most spiritual monsters, due to the pre- awakening of their spiritual consciousness, their wisdom and thought processes could not be compared to the human practitioners who had lived for several thousand years in the Lower Realm. Due to these deficiencies, even if their level of cultivation was raised astronomically, they still wouldn’t be a match for the human practitioners. It was extremely common for spiritual monsters to awaken their spiritual consciousness in the Higher Realm, and their numbers were usually double of the human practitioners. Hence, spiritual monsters were even less worth. Just like the pumpkin, watermelon, and sugarcane building that filled the Divine City which she saw earlier, actually, all of them were the true bodies of spiritual monsters which had long awakened their spiritual consciousness. When Zhu Yao recalled that she had actually once stayed in the stomach of a spiritual monster, she instantly felt a little uncomfortable.

All of the human practitioners and spiritual monsters in the Divine Realm reside on the four great continents, but there were still other places other than the four continents. Away from the continents, was the Spirit Virtual Continent. The amount of surface covered by that place was larger than the four great continents in overall size. The reason why that was place was even more unbelievable, was because it was the territory of demonic immortals.

The so-called demonic immortals, were demonic beasts of the Lower Realm which broke through into the tenth rank, underwent the lightning tribulation and ascended. The strength of demonic beasts were stronger than human practitioners in the first place, and to be capable of ascending in the Higher Realm, they would be even sturdier to a certain degree. Even the demonic immortals which had only just ascended to the Higher Realm, possessed might stronger than a Profound Deity.

The human practitioners and demonic beasts were in a state of endless opposition in the Lower Realm, and the situation wasn’t any better in the Higher Realm. However, the human practitioners possessed the upper hand in the Lower Realm, while in the Divine Realm, evidently, the might of the demonic immortals was stronger. Although the two were separated by land, there would occasionally be slight conflicts. With the addition of spiritual monsters, the human practitioners had the upper hand in numbers, but the demonic immortals had the upper hand in terms of strength.

Today, I will stab you. I will give you a slash tomorrow then.
Such conflicts continued endlessly.

Simply by walking through the city, Zhu Yao heard of several spiritual monsters and deities speaking about matters regarding the demonic immortals. Every single one of them was gnashing their teeth, and had expressions that looked as though they wanted to give them a thrashing so badly. However, without any exceptions, the divine practitioners were unable to gain any advantages over them.

It seemed like the relationship between the two sides were really bad.

However, all of them had the same enemy to fight against now, so why were the four great continents not working together to against it, and were instead fighting among themselves?

Zhu Yao, who were once a beast, curled her lips with thoughts of returning into the dimensional space to let out some fumes at the demonic immortal Sesame. You guys can stop challenging the divine practitioners now, in any case, just by them fighting among themselves, most probably, it would all end too.

The province Goudan chose was very lively. It was said that there were several heavenly doors from dozens of small worlds all congregated here. Hence, the streets were filled with people. They finally managed to arrive at the registration point, only to realize that the place was filled with various types of…

Vegetables! That’s right. There were radishes, cabbages, and even a green onion queuing in front of them at the registration point.

Zhu Yao did not even regain her senses for a long while. With a single glance, what filled her vision were various types of spiritual monsters. The only ones which kept their human forms were just Zhu Yao and Goudan. She suddenly had the feeling that she had been transported into the world of Plants vs Zombies. The two of them were zombies, and the ground was filled with plants. Would a pea be shot out from somewhere?

“Hey hey, little lady.” Someone patted on her shoulder. When Zhu Yao turned around to look, she saw a gigantic… peapod. Zhu Yao reflexively took a step back. It wouldn’t actually spew out peas at her, right?

Chapter152: Reunion Of Old Friends

The peapod pointed to the queue in front, and kindly reminded. “Hurry and return to your original form. That way, it will be more convenient for the great deities to undergo your registration.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao blanked. “No… No need.” She didn’t want to turn back into a jade.

Seeing that she was unwilling, the peapod did not continue to persuade her, and queued up behind her in a serious manner.

Goudan then explained at the side. A very large number of spiritual monsters wished to enter the Advent Cloud Hall, so, for the sake of convenient registration, everyone would return to their original forms to accelerate the registration process. In order to prevent confusion, the ones queuing here were basically all vegetables. There was even a zoo at the other side.

Zhu Yao turned her head around, through the half-open door, she looked at the other side. As he had said, it was a room filled with animals. Everything from chickens, ducks, cranes to rabbits could be found there. It seemed like, the Advent Cloud Hall was rather popular, seeing that so many people wished to enter it.

“Then what about human practitioners?” Zhu Yao could not help but ask.

“Why would human practitioners need to register? As long as they are willing, they can enter the sect.”

So that’s the case.

Zhu Yao and Goudan queued for exactly four hours, before their turns came. The one in-charge of registration was an Earth Deity, and evidently, he wasn’t really paying attention.

“Do you have a name?”

“Yes, great deity. I’m called Li Goudan.” Dog-Egg proudly answered.

The Earth Deity’s hand paused, and he even woke up from his drowsiness. He raised his head and swept a strange glance at Goudan. This name was really too… Zhu Yao silently looked away.

“What’s your original form?”

“Oh, I’m an arrow.”

That man once again gave him a strange look, and Dog-Egg once again raised his head proudly.

The corner of the Earth Deity’s lips twitched, as he recorded it on the deities’ list. Then, he looked towards Zhu Yao at the back.

“Next. Name?”

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. Since she’s concealing her identity, naturally, she shouldn’t reveal her Daoist name.

Seeing that she wasn’t speaking up, Goudan answered on his behalf. “I’m together with her. She’s Till Yo-“ Zhu Yao slammed him onto the table. Till your sister! You’re Till Your Throat Breaks!

“Hoho. I have the surname Zhu. Zhu… Po!” She simply did not want to use the word “Jade” in her name, and her original surname “Zhu” did not actually matter.

The Earth Deity looked at the two of  them  strangely. “Original form?”

“Uh… a jade.”

Only then did he sloppily record it down on the deities’ list.

Though, Goudan gave her several strange looks. Although he could sense that Zhu Yao wasn’t a human practitioner, he had never thought that she was actually a piece of jade. It was no wonder she dealt such painful hits.

After the two of them had successfully registered, they were brought into a room. In that room, there were only four spiritual monsters, and all of them were vegetables. After a closer look, there was that peapod from before. Other than him, there was a carrot, a garlic, and a cabbage. The moment the two of them arrived, they were brought out by someone. After countless turns, they actually arrived at a water- filled domain. In front of them was a boundless silver-colored ocean.

A few people were scattered by the ocean shore. After a closer look, they were a rabbit and a weasel. The Earth Deity who brought them over pulled out a paper boat. The  paper  boat quickly grew larger, and not a moment later,  it  turned  into  a huge boat which dozen people could sit on.

“Get on the boat.” The Earth Deity said to the animals and vegetables present. “The Advent Cloud Hall is past this water domain. As long as you reach the other end, your first entrance trial will be considered passed.”

Getting on the boat together? Zhu Yao blanked. Including those two animals? Wouldn’t something occur like this? Those several vegetables evidently became flustered, as they looked at each other.

Hey! That rabbit over there, can you restrain yourself? Can you stop drooling while looking at that carrot? “Great deity, are we really going to… get on the boat together with them? Are there any other…”

The Earth Deity who guided us, coldly glared at the vegetables. “What’s with all the nonsense? If you don’t want to go on the boat, you can opt out now.”

The vegetables instantly turned silent, and obediently went on the boat. Though, that rabbit’s eyes turned even redder. The only one which was calm was that weasel. He simply narrowed his eyes at the rabbit, before instantly retracting his gaze and raising its sharp mouth up high.

After getting on board the boat, everyone consciously returned to your human forms. Only then did Zhu Yao was able to clearly see the genders of these animals and vegetables. The peapod, garlic, and weasel were three youthful men, while the carrot and cabbage were two little ladies. Unexpectedly, the rabbit was actually a fatty, his stomach was so huge, it could even fit a swimming pool. His eyes were still staring at the carrot little lady, unblinkingly.

The atmosphere was especially tense. “Let’s get to know each other.” The peapod youth stood up, and said with a friendly expression. “I wonder how I should address everyone?”

With someone breaking the ice, the rest of the people heaved sighs of relief as well. The rabbit gulped down his saliva. “I’m Whitey.”

“Yellowy.” The weasel replied after.

The carrot said. “I’m Carroty.”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Whitey, Yellowy,  and Carroty. These names were given a little too sloppily, right? It’s as though the next one would be called Cabby.

“I’m called Cabby.” The cabbage little lady stood up.


Zhu Yao instantly felt stuffy in her heart. You guys gave yourselves such sloppy names, do your parents know about them?

In an instant, she felt that not only did these spiritual monsters not have high cultivation levels, their intelligence weren’t actually great either. She silently glanced at Dog-Egg at the side. Alright, this person’s name wasn’t really high-end either.

An instant later, the animals and vegetables had all said their names, and it was time for Zhu Yao’s and Goudan’s turns.

Goudan proudly slapped his chest, and said out loud. “I’m Li Goudan.”

The moment his voice fell, Zhu Yao instantly sensed that the gazes of all the spiritual monsters had concentrated on Goudan. This idiot, no matter how poor your name is, you shouldn’t just give up on yourself. Look, as expected, you’re being scorned now.

“Such a good name!”

Eh? In an instant, all of the vegetables and animals came gathering towards him, and looked at Goudan with worshiping gazes.

“Your name is actually made of three Chinese characters!”

“That’s right, just like those great deities. Brother Li, how did you come up with this name?”

“You even have a surname. Your cultivation level must be really high, right?”

Zhu Yao: “…” There’s something wrong  with  this  scene, right?

“Heheh, it’s just so-so!” Goudan scratched his head a little embarrassingly. “I received my name from boss.” He stretched out his finger, and pointed at Zhu Yao who had long been squeezed out of the crowd.

In an instant, all of their lines of sight turned towards Zhu Yao one after another. Zhu Yao revealed the name she just came up with. “Uh… I’m called Zhu Po.”

In a mere instant, the crowd’s sparkling eyes which were filled with expectations, were extinguished after a single sizzle.

“What, isn’t it just two Chinese characters as well!”

“And here I thought that her name would be much better.”

“That’s right. It should have four Chinese characters, right?”

How could the quality of names be determined by how many characters they had? Where did all of you learn your aesthetic standards from?

“Ah. I really wish to have such a beautiful name like Li Goudan!” The rabbit spirit said with an intoxicated look.

The crowd of vegetables and animals chimed in unison, as they continued to look at student Dog-Egg with worshiping gazes. Zhu Yao: “…”

Just how was this name beautiful?

Letting out a sigh, she decided to not care about these spiritual monsters which had irregular aesthetic sense. Zhu Yao turned around, and asked the Earth Deity who guided them and was standing at the shore. “Great deity, may I ask when can we depart?”

The guiding Earth Deity turned and glanced at her. As though he had seen through her Profound Deity cultivation, he did not belittle her like the rest of the spiritual monsters. “Fellow deity, there’s no need to rush. Your group is still missing one person. After everyone has arrived, we can depart.”

Missing one person? Just as she was clarify, she suddenly heard resounding boing sounds not far away from them. Even the earth itself was trembling.

“He’s here.” The Earth Deity said.

Not far away, a circular pillar-shaped object was currently running over one leap at a time. With every leap, large amount of dirt would be lifted into the air. After a closer look, that was actually a pure-white mushroom.

“Mushmush!” Zhu Yao could not help but shout out.

The mushroom blanked. Raising his mushroom cap, he looked towards the boat. After sizing her up for a moment, the mushroom cap tilted, and he called out. “Guo’er?”


What’s with this feeling of having a reunion after sixteen years?

As though he had confirmed her identity, the mushroom took a forceful breath, and leapt onto the boat.


The floor of the boat was penetrated with a smash. Everyone: …

“Guo’er? Guo’er, is it you? I had such a hard  time  finding you!” The mushroom nudged himself, and then, came pouncing towards her, as though he was so excited, he could only express it with a hug.

With speedy hand-eye coordination, Zhu Yao instantly stepped away. A hole was already made in the boat, if she was crushed under him, wouldn’t she become a piece of meatloaf? “Mushmush, why are you here?”

“In order to find you!” The mushroom looked at her with teary eyes. “You materialized your human form?” He sized Zhu Yao up in surprise, before satisfyingly nodding his mushroom cap. “Not bad. As expected of the jade spirit which had stayed with me. You have only materialized your human form a little later than me.”

“You can materialize your human form as well?” It had only been a few months since they last saw each other. Not bad.

“Of course.” The mushroom carried a prideful look. “My cultivation has improved by a huge amount. That’s right, where did you go? I searched the entire forest, yet, I was still unable to find you.”

“This… It’s a long story.”

“What’s with the two of you?” Just as Zhu Yao was about to explain, she was interrupted by the Earth Deity by the shore, whose expression had darkened. “By destroying the boat, do you guys not want to go to Advent Cloud Hall?”

Only then did Zhu Yao realize that this wasn’t the time to reminisce. After giving the mushroom a ‘we will talk about it later’ look, she turned around and apologized to that Earth Deity. “Great deity, please forgive us. Me and my friend were simply too excited over our grand reunion.”

“Even if you’re excited, you can’t just destroy the boat!” The Earth Deity still carried a fuming expression.

“I will fix the boat now.” Zhu Yao cast a restoration art, speedily restoring the smashed hole which Mushmush made. Not even a single scar could be seen from the damaged spot after the restoration. Only then did the person’s expression look a little better, though he still moved his lips a little. Or was he not speaking up in consideration of Zhu Yao’s Profound Deity cultivation?

He loudly shouted. “You people can depart now.”

The boat then automatically slid into the waters, traveling towards the boundless ocean.

The mushroom then came leaping towards her. Because of his huge figure, every single one of his bounce would cause the boat to tremble thrice. After bouncing for two to three times, he had successfully pulled in all of the hatred from the entire boat full of animals and vegetables.

“Jade spirit, let me tell you…” Yet, he was still unconscious of his surroundings, as his entire mushroom figure was filled with the excitement of being able to see her again.

“… Why don’t you first return to your  human  form.”  You have improved your cultivation, but don’t give up on your intelligence, hey. Can’t you see that rabbit is no longer looking at the carrot, but is now looking at you with drool on his lips? The mushroom blanked, revealing a look of extreme unwillingness. After hesitating for a moment, he said. “Alright then, I shall allow you to witness the heroism and might of my human form.”


The mushroom closed his eyes, and circulated the divine energy in his body. A white glow emitted from his body, enveloping the entire mushroom within it. His gigantic figure began to shrink as well, and gradually, he materialized a human-like figure. After a moment, the white glow slowly receded.

And the face that was revealed…

Zhu Yao simply felt a tremble in her heart, as she fiercely widened her eyes.

This is impossible!

The Chinese names of the vegetables and  animals  only  have two characters at most. Ex: Yellowy (黄黄-Huanghuang), etc. In Legend of the Condor Heroes, Guo’er and his aunt were separated for sixteen years at one point.

Chapter153: Who Bit My Buttocks?

Mushmush was a mushroom which followed by the rules really well. When he first opened his eyes, he was already in that forest. In the beginning, there were still many other mushrooms next to him, as they filled the piece of land under a huge tree. In the morning, he ate dew, and at night, he basked under the moonlight. His life could be considered to be very flavorful. Unfortunately, the other mushrooms did not know how to speak. He was the only one that was different. Hence, to a certain degree, this caused him to suspect himself if he had actually grown irregularly.

Then, the mushrooms under the tree were continuously eaten by other small animals, and he was the only one left. Hence, in his countless days of leisure, he then had an additional matter to frustrate about, and that was to not be eaten. Every night, before he slept, he would always have to chant out as such. It was unknown if it was actually effective, but as many years passed, countless batches of mushrooms were grown and eaten one after another next to him, yet, he was still the only one still planted there.

Until the day he was finally able to leave that piece of land, he then understood that he could speak. And it was because he had become a spirit, that those regular animals were basically unable to eat him. Knowing that he did not have an irregular growth, the mushroom was very happy. However, in the forest, he was still unable to find a person who he could talk to, which led him to feel very lonely.

Until one day, a piece of rock spirit fell onto his home. Finally, there was someone who he could converse with. The mushroom was very happy, as he spoke with the rock spirit all of the things he had accumulated for several thousand years. The rock spirit was a very good listener. No matter how long he spent talking, she would still patiently listen. Of course, this might be due to the fact that she was unable to move, but the mushroom felt that, other than drinking dew and basking  under  the moonlight, those were the most enjoyable moments in his life.

However, days like this did not last long. That female deity who feed on mushrooms appeared. Rock spirit told him that she was called little bitch, and had even helped him think of a plan to chase after that female deity. Unfortunately, this plan was seen through by that female deity called little bitch. The mushroom was really worried that he would be eaten, but he never ever did he expect that the little bitch’s target wasn’t him, but the rock spirit. So, what humans liked to eat were not mushrooms, but actually rocks. So frightening!

At the key moment, the little bitch was frightened away by the heavenly lightning bolts. He anxiously went to hide from the heavenly lightning bolts, yet, he had carelessly dropped the rock spirit. He had gone back to look for her several times, and had even flipped over the entire forest. Yet, he was still unable to find the rock spirit.

The forest without the rock spirit once again restored itself to its former look. Completely quiet. The mushroom had  lived days like this for several thousand years, but now, he suddenly felt that he was no longer able to bear it. He continued to look, but was unable to find the rock spirit even after several days. Hence, the mushroom felt that she was definitely brought away by that little bitch. Whenever he thought about this pitiful rock spirit being bitten on by that person one mouth at a time, the mushroom felt very guilty. Hence, he decided to set on  a journey to find the rock spirit.

He walked out of the forest, and went to many places. He understood a few things that he never knew in the past, and found out that actually, not all human practitioners eat rocks. Rock spirit is so unfortunate, I wonder if she’s still alive? He once again lit up his battle spirits, and went around inquiring news about little bitch and rock spirit. Then, he finally found that female deity. In order to obtain news regarding rock spirit, he had been tailing her. As he followed, he arrived at a place with many people queuing up. In order to prevent little bitch from discovering him, he mixed himself into the bunch of vegetable spirits. In the end, he was brought onto this boat. He finally found the rock spirit which had gone missing for a long time, and she had actually cultivated a human form. As expected of a spiritual monster which had stayed with him, she was that incredible. Happily, the mushroom changed into his human form as well.

However, rock spirit was dumbfounded. She stared at him for a long while without speaking a single word. Could it be that his looks was too handsome, causing the rock spirit to be dazzled? The mushroom felt that this was really possible. Hence, he patiently waited for several minutes, allowing the rock spirit to get used to it.

However, she still did not speak up, and the mushroom seemed to be unable to bear it any longer. Reaching out his hand, he nudged her. “Rock spirit? Rock spirit?”


“Rock spirit? Jade spirit? … Guo’er?”

Only then did she have a reaction. She once again swept her eyes at the man, and hesitantly spoke up. “You… Xuzhi?” “Ah?” The mushroom was startled for a moment. “Rock spirit, what’s wrong with you? I’m Mushmush.”

“Mush…” Zhu Yao blanked, yet, waves were already tumbling about in the depths of her heart. She then grabbed onto the person in front of her. “Mushroom, do you have another name? Like one with a surname?”

The mushroom lowered his head and pondered for a moment. “My surname is Mush?”

“I don’t mean it that way!” Zhu Yao became anxious. “I’m asking, do you remember me?”

Mushroom looked at her strangely. “Rock spirit, are you silly?
I came here to find you, so how can I not remember you?”

“I’m saying… Zhu Yao, your big sis Zhu  Yao.  And  little wimp… Do you remember how I called you as little wimp?”

Mushroom shook his head. Zhu Yao instantly felt her heart sank, and for a moment, a heart-piercing chilling intent surfaced. How was that possible? Clearly, this face was exactly the same. He’s clearly Wang Xuzhi, her little wimp. So how could he not remember?

“Trying recalling a little longer. Do you really not remember me? Ancient Hill Sect, Jade Forest Mountain, and… your father, Doctor Wang?”

“Rock spirit, are you alright?” Mush finally realized that she was behaving a little strange.

“Try recalling a little longer, please, try recalling a bit more, alright?” Realmspirit said that, she would be able to see Wang Xuzhi again. This face was clearly his, so how could he not remember?

“Rock spirit… Haah. Don’t be anxious. I will think, I will try recalling, alright?” With rock spirit acting so irregularly, mushroom was a little flustered. He then seriously began to try recalling.

Zhu Yao clenched her fists. It’s Wang Xuzhi, right? He returned, right? “Yu Yao, it’s not him.” Yu Yan’s voice resounded in her mind. Zhu Yao instantly felt a chill in her heart. “This mushroom has already cultivated for at least four thousand years.”

“But…” Subconsciously, Zhu Yao wanted to refute. “Realmspirit said that he will return. They clearly look exactly the same.”

“There are similarities in human looks, moreover, this is just a human materialization of a mushroom spirit.”

“However, no matter how similar they could be, how could it be possible for there not to be the slightest of difference?”

“Yu Yao!” However, Yu Yan’s voice became even calmer. “It’s not him. You… know it clearly as well.”


Zhu Yao turned silent. Indeed, she actually clearly knew that this mushroom wasn’t Wang Xuzhi. It had only been a thousand odd years since Wang Xuzhi left, and the timespan of the mushroom’s cultivation basically did not match. Even if they were the same person, how could he have memories of his past life?

In the very end, she was simply trying to lie to herself.

“Rock spirit, I pondered about it.” Mushroom looked over, and glanced at her a little hesitantly. “The places and people you spoke about, I really don’t recognize any of them.”

“Mn… I know.” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and rubbed her face. She was just forcing herself into a dead-end. The impact of Wang Xuzhi’s incident was simply too huge to her, and it had already left a scar in her heart. Hence, when she saw a similar- looking face, she would want to grab onto it tightly without letting it go. This was the knot in her heart. “Thank you, Mushmush.”

Realmspirit said that they would meet again, then, she simply had to wait for it to happen.

“What are you thanking me for? I said I will take care of you.” Mushroom patted on his own chest. “Stop acting so strangely and scary, alright? If you’re really unhappy, acting as though I recognize those people can be done as well…” “…” If he really was Wang Xuzhi, she wouldn’t even allow it.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and in an instant, the air of depression in her chest dispersed. “Oh right, mushroom, are you going to enter the Advent Cloud Hall as well?”

“Advent Cloud Hall?” Mushroom blanked for a  moment. “What kind of mushroom is that?”

“…” That isn’t a mushroom! Zhu Yao’s head began to ache. “If you’re not joining the Advent Cloud Hall, why did you queue up and register your name?”

“I found that little bitch, so, in order to save you, I joined the queue as well.” Mushroom sternly said. “Rock spirit, you were right. That little bitch isn’t a good person like you said. I have seen many human practitioners, but she’s the only one who eats rocks.”

What’s with this matter about eating rocks?

“Oh right, rock spirit, how did you escape? What happened to the little bitch who captured you?” “I wasn’t captured.” So, he had always thought that she was captured by that imposter female deity. “That day, I was… saved by someone else.”

“Oh, I see.” Mushroom nodded. “No wonder I was unable to find you. I must have missed you.”

Zhu Yao felt a little guilty. Logically speaking, they did not stay together for long, and had only met by chance. She never expected that this mushroom would leave the forest in order to save her. Back then, he wasn’t even willing to move away from the bottom of the tree.

Zhu Yao told the mushroom her plans of entering the Advent Cloud Hall. Initially, she wanted to persuade him to return to the forest, however, the mushroom might have nothing, but he was filled with the sense of loyalty. At that moment, he expressed that he would enter the Advent Cloud Hall together with her.

The boat drifted on the ocean-top for several days. Initially, Zhu Yao thought that they would definitely experience some wind and rain in this so-called entrance trial. At the very least, there should have been a small crisis to test everyone. However, a few days passed. The wind was as gentle and the waves were as calm as before. The boat was so stable, it did not even rock for a single moment.

Could this stage really be cleared just by getting across the ocean? Was this stage called the “Eight Immortals Crossing the Seas”?

Just as Zhu Yao was puzzled about this matter, there were finally movements on the quiet boat.

“Aiyo, who bit my buttocks?” The chatty mushroom who had been sitting next to her and talking to her, suddenly let out a cry. In an instant, he leapt up, and rubbed his own reddened buttocks.

Zhu Yao looked over, only to see a lump of meat squatting behind him. It was the fat rabbit spirit Whitey.

Currently, he was desperately holding onto his own mouth. As he wailed, he rolled around on the ground, and traces of blood could be seen flowing from his fingertips. “My teeth…”

“Stupid rabbit, what did you do?” The weasel spirit walked over, and pulled up the fatty from the ground.

The rabbit spirit held onto his lips, and did no reply. Instead, Mushroom said with a furious look. “He bit my buttocks earlier!”

The weasel lowered his head, and stared at the rabbit spirit. Only then did the rabbit spirit say hesitantly, as he held onto his still-bleeding lips. “I… I was hungry. Who knew that he would be this hard?” He simply did a single bite, and four of his teeth got knocked off. This thing definitely wasn’t a mushroom, but a rock, right?

“I already told you many times.” The weasel raised his hand, and slapped towards the fatty’s head. “You have already materialized a human form, yet, you’re still unable to restrain your natural instincts. Every time you see a vegetable, you pounce towards it.”

“I’m hungry…” The rabbit glanced at the weasel youth with teary eyes, yet, he was still pitifully dragged towards the mushroom to make an apology.

Zhu Yao felt like laughing as she watched on. That rabbit’s cultivation level wasn’t high, he seemed to have only materialized his human form only recently. Animals followed their instincts and were hard to teach in the first place, so after seeing a boat filled with vegetables, it was definitely hard to not have his heart stirred. Yet, even though there were many other choices, he just had to bite the mushroom.

She had seen the strength and sturdiness of the mushroom’s true body with her own eyes. With just a single leap, he could smash out a crater on the ground. So how would it be possible for the rabbit spirit to bite into him?

In an instant, Zhu Yao realized what this stage was actually testing on.

Reference to the Eight Immortals of Chinese Mythology.

Chapter154: Three Two Hundred Fifties

This stage was testing one’s nature, which was the reason why they placed the natural enemies – rabbit and vegetables, on the same boat. Weasels were predators of rabbits as well, but evidently, the weasel’s cultivation level was much higher than the rest, and he seemed to know the rabbit for several years. It seemed like as long as one spiritual monster went missing from this boat, the entire boat of applicants would fail.

After the rabbit was given a scolding by the weasel, he no longer stared at the mushroom with sparkling eyes. However, because of this ruckus, all of the vegetables on the boat unconsciously held onto their buttocks, and moved further away from the rabbit. Because of their favorable impression of his name earlier, everyone seemed to be moving closer towards Goudan, as though he was their leader.

“Rock spirit, don’t be afraid. If that rabbit comes over again, I… I will smash him to death!” The mushroom patted on his chest and guaranteed.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened.  Just  which  part  of  him  did you see, that makes you think rabbits eat rocks as well? The boat continued drifting for two days, before they could finally see the shore. That was a small island, and a lush forest was present on the island. A person was receiving them at the shore, and compared to the coldness of the staff member in charge of registration, this disciple who was receiving them was evidently much more enthusiastic, especially when he found out that not a single applicant was missing after clearing the boat.

“Fellow deities, congratulations on clearing the first trial. From here, as long as everyone makes past the forest at the front, and makes past the Divinity Leading Stairway, the second trial will be cleared.” He pointed towards the small pathway in the forest in front of them.

After taking a closer look, there was a small pathway made of stones within the forest, which stretched out into the depths of the forest with twists and turns. After Zhu Yao and the rest got down from the boat, they stepped into the pathway. This time, the rabbit and weasel was walking at the very front, Zhu Yao and Mushmush was in the middle, and Goudan was at the back, pulling the large group of vegetables.

Though, there wasn’t any branches or forks on their path. After walking for roughly an hour, suddenly, their  field  of vision opened up. The surrounding trees that were as tall as the sky disappeared, and they had arrived at a piece of grassland. At the very center of the grassland, there was a staircase directly leading towards the clouds. Most probably, that was the Divinity Leading Stairway which the person at the shore talked about. However, that flight of stairs was rather unique, as it was constructed by tiles of jade. There wasn’t any handrails by the side, and from afar, it looked like pieces of stone floors floating in the air in an orderly manner.

“It smells nice.” The carrot at the back suddenly said.

The garlic next to her nodded as well. “Yeah. There’s a very nice smell. It seems to be coming from the ground?”

“I smell it as well. There really is a fragrant smell.” The cabbage stepped forward, and looked towards the front.

Zhu Yao sniffed, but other than the smell of soil and plants, she could not smell anything fragrant from the air. However, the number of people who could smell the fragrance increased. The only ones who were as clueless as her, was Goudan and the two animal spirits. Even Mushmush had smelled that fragrance.

Zhu Yao faintly felt that something was amiss. Could it be that only vegetables could smell this fragrance? “There’s something underneath the ground over there.” The peapod pointed to the piece of land under the divine staircase, as he anxiously walked over. With both his hands and legs, he pulled out some of the unexpectedly flourishing weeds from the surroundings, and was stunned. “This… This is!”

Everyone walked closer to take a look, only to see that the soil there was different from the rest. It was blood-red in color, and as though it was alive, it shook about like ocean waves.

“It’s Living Soil, it’s definitely Living Soil.” The garlic said excitedly, and he jumped right into that ground with speaking another word. In an instant, he turned back into his true form – a greenish garlic, and in an instant, his garlic-body became even more crisp than before, as though he was absorbing a large amount of nutrition.

“It’s really Living Soil!” The little cabbage girl’s heart was stirred as well. Living Soil was the essence of world creation, a piece of land which the God of Creation used to create creatures. It was the perfect sacred ground in every vegetable’s heart. To spiritual monsters which were born and grown in soil, naturally, they were unable to resist the temptation of such grounds. “I want to live here as well.” Hence, she quickly turned into her original form as well, and planted herself in that red- colored ground. Zhu Yao faintly felt that the Living Soil here was a little strange. It was most likely set down by the Advent Cloud Hall on purpose, but the vegetables at the side still unhesitatingly drilled themselves into it.

Even the heart of the peapod which had been calm the entire time was stirred as well. A green glow emitted from his body, as though he wanted to return to his original form. Zhu Yao could not help but remind him. “Peashooter… Ah no, peapod, are you guys really not planning to go to the Advent Cloud Hall?”

The peapod blanked for a moment, and did not reply, instead, the garlic over there spoke up. “We have already found Living Soil, so why is there a need to go the Advent Cloud Hall?”

Only then did the peapod immediately return to his original form, and plant himself in the red soil along with the rest of the vegetables.

It seemed like the crowd of vegetables was destined to be eliminated. Actually, this trial had the same concept as the trial before. The trial before was to test if the animals were able to suppress their natural instincts, while this trial was to test if the vegetables were able to resist the temptation from the Living Soil. The nine-man team instantly lost four people just like that. Zhu Yao sighed. After all, each man has his own aspirations, and she could not forcefully pull them out as well. Hence, with the remaining people, she climbed the floating staircase.

Lowering her head, she looked towards the unmoving vegetables at the bottom. She wondered if it was her imagination, but although their original forms were becoming crispier, she could faintly feel that something was flowing out of their bodies.

“Master?” Zhu Yao transmitted her voice into her divine sense region. “That red piece of land over there, is it really Living Soil?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan gave an affirmative reply. “Living Soil  can indeed help the growth of plants and vegetables, but it’s only limited to plants and vegetables as well.”

“Ah? You’re saying…”

“They had long turned into spirits, so they had already detached themselves from being mere plants. If they were to stay in the Living Soil for a long period of time, they would simply return to being regular vegetation.”

Return to being regular vegetation? In other words, they would once again return to being normal vegetables? “Then, should we remind them?”

“Yu Yao, when one departs on the path of cultivation, the one thing that should be shunned upon is an unstable Dao-heart. They do not have the hearts to cultivate in the ways of the Dao in the first place, hence the reason why they were tempted by the Living Soil, and were willing to return to their original forms. Even if you forcefully pull them out today, as long as their former hearts do not waver, they will still once again return to this place in the future.”

“…” Zhu Yao once again glanced downwards, and sighed. Though, she was a little curious about the mushroom who did not have the slightest interest in the Living Soil. Could it be that due to his high cultivation level, he had already suppressed his natural instincts? “Mushmush, why didn’t  you  stay  with them?”

The mushroom tilted his head, and glanced downwards with a disgusted look. “It’s such a dirty place, why would I want to live there? How can that place be better than my home? The soil there is both tender and soft, and there’s even a huge tree sheltering it.”

Alright, he was a home-lover.

“Rock spirit, be at ease. Once you have completed your task, we will head back. I can let you stay at my home as well.” The mushroom patted his chest with a justified look. “I won’t despise you.”

“You can’t be talking about that crater, right?” She despised it, you know?

“That’s right!” The mushroom said with a serious expression. “It can’t be that you have forgotten about it, right? We slept there together before.”

“Who slept with you before?” Elaborate clearly, hey. Others will misunderstand, you know.

“Boss, you, you two…” As expected, Goudan, who had been quietly listening at the side, switched his gaze between the two of them back and forth, his expression was filled with shock. A moment later, as though he had accepted reality, with a respectful look, he bowed towards the mushroom, and called out in a well-disciplined manner. “Brother-in-law!”

The hell! Zhu Yao instantly kicked Goudan off the stairs. “Brother-in-law, your sister.” What are you randomly blurting out for?

Master, let me explain. Stop emitting out a cold aura in the divine sense region, I’m about to freeze to death.

The Divinity Leading Stairway was unexpectedly long. Zhu Yao faintly sensed that the stairs above were filled with divine energy, and the higher she climbed, the denser the divine energy. After climbing about five hundred steps, a heavy fog suddenly arose. The fog was especially thick, and even the rabbit and weasel which was a single step in front of them could no longer be seen.

It seemed like on this flight of stairs, not only were they testing divine energy, it was a trial of formations as well. That formation was just a regular bewildering formation, and was not extremely unique. People with slight knowledge of formations could easily see through it. However, spiritual monsters were not knowledgeable of them. Mushmush and Goudan were already drenched in sweat, and it was extremely difficult for them to take each subsequent step. Thus, Zhu Yao could only stop every now and then to wait for them, and she had to prevent them from getting lost in those bewildering formations as well.

Looking at the formations on this flight of stairs, there shouldn’t be an end to this Divinity Leading Stairway. The higher it was, the denser the divine energy, and the pressure would be even heavier as well. However, it was very simple to exit the formation. One just had to step out of the staircase. What Zhu Yao was concerned and unsure about, was which level they had to reach to be a considered a passing grade. Hence, she had no choice but to pull Mushmush and Goudan along, and have them climb as much as possible.

After reaching the two hundredth level, Mushmush and Goudan could no longer withstand the pressure, and they collapsed on the stairs, panting heavily. Zhu Yao had no choice but to have them meditate and take in divine energy while recovering their vitality. Once they regained their  strength, they continued to climb.

Thus, they continued to walk and stop like this as they progressed. Zhu Yao did not know how many days had passed, and she had even lost count of the number of steps they climbed. Though, from the time spent cultivating with these two people, she felt that her own cultivation had been raised to another stage as well. From an early-stage Profound Deity, she rose to the cultivation level of a mid-stage Profound Deity.

Mushmush and Goudan finally reached their limits, and could no longer take another step. Hence, they had no choice but to step out of the staircase together.

The scenery in front of them changed, and the thick fog instantly dispersed. A celestial sky and flourishing land appeared in front of their eyes. Floating pagodas filled the sky, and every single one of them was made of gold bricks and jade tiles, dazzling and blinding to the eyes. And those pagodas, other than the largest one at the center, were all floating in the surroundings. Occasionally, they would change their positions, as though they were moved by formations. At the bottom, there was a sea of clouds formed by layers of rainbow-colored auspicious clouds.

This was true heaven.

Zhu Yao silently lit a candle for the Lightning Divine Hall. She could not help but transmit her voice and ask. “Master, our Lightning Divine Hall, is actually really poor, right?” Yu Yan: “…”

“You people have passed.” This time, the one who received them in the sky was a late-stage Earth Deity. He looked at the three people with a satisfied glance. Initially, they simply had to climb two hundred levels to pass. It was rare to see spiritual monsters which would climb fifty more  levels. “Congratulations. You have climbed a total of two hundred and fifty divine levels, the highest achievement out of everyone here.”

Even the weasel, which had arrived ahead of them, glanced over and said in envy. “I have only climbed two hundred and thirty six levels, while you guys have actually climbed two hundred fifty. Incredible.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Why did she feel that this number was a little strange?

Though, Goudan, with a complacent and excited  look,  just had to add in from the side. “Boss, did you hear? We’re two hundred fifty. The three of us are two hundred fifties.”

Raising her hand, Zhu Yao gave him a ruthless slap to the head. You’re two hundred fifty. Your entire family is made of two hundred fifties.

Two Hundred Fifty(二百五) is actually an insult meaning “stupid person” or “simpleton”.

Chapter155: Entering Advent Cloud Hall

“After this, as long as you manage to arrive at the teleportation formation at the front, and be transferred to Domefair Hall, you will pass the third trial.” The deity  who came to guide us, pointed at the small hill that was floating in the air in front of us, and said.

The height of the small hill looked nothing more than a dozen meters, and the peak was a piece of flat land. Glowing inscriptions could be seen on it, which seemed to be a formation that had already been activated. However, from where they were standing, they seemed to be at a distance of several dozen meters from the floating hill, and large clouds were at  the center separating between the two lands. The two sides were both so high, it was basically impossible to clearly see the ground beneath them. If one were to make a careless mistake and slip off, most likely, there would be no chances of survival.

However, as ones which had turned into spirits, how many of them wouldn’t know flying techniques? Especially when it came to those spiritual monsters which became spirits from bird- related species, they would simply need a few flaps of their wings to reach the other side. This third trial was indeed a little too easy. “It’s fine as long as we cross over?” A mountain wolf spirit asked sternly. Everyone did not dare to believe that that the last trial would actually be this easy.

The deity receiving them nodded. “As long as you reach Domefair Hall, you will be official Advent Cloud Hall disciples.”

Only then did the spiritual monsters feel at ease. Several of them had begun to fly over with their activated transportation divine artifacts, or Cloud Riding Art. The moment they landed on the ground, they were enveloped by the white light within the formation, and their figures disappeared. Most likely, they had already been sent to that Domefair Hall. The path was smooth-sailing, without any irregularities to be seen.

With someone leading the way, the rest of the spiritual monsters began to fly over one after another as well.

“Boss, let us head over as well.” Goudan pointed to the formation at the front, and became a little anxious. “Almost everyone has left.”

Zhu Yao did not reply, instead, she looked downwards at the layers of clouds between the two lands. The corner of her lips could not help but twitched for a few moments, and her expression darkened.

Because, above those white clouds, a familiar set of words, written in a large Arial font, could be seen.

“Come on, step on me if you dare!”

What’s with this arrogant and annoying spoiler? Realmspirit, the cheat you gave me this time is a joke version, right?

For a moment, Zhu Yao felt her feet itching. Yet, seeing that she was not moving for a long time, the words flashed, and actually began to nudge and shuffle about.

“You don’t dare to step on me, right? Idiot!”

“Come on, why aren’t you stepping?”

“Step me, come and step me!” “If you don’t step on me, you’re a monkey.”

Aiya, look at this temper of hers. Raising her leg, Zhu Yao stepped towards the layers of white clouds. She did not summon her flying sword, nor did she cast any flying techniques.

“Boss! What are you doing?” Goudan was startled, as he reached out his hand to grab her out of shock. “You will fall… Eh?”

Before he could finish, he realized that Zhu Yao’s body had stopped in mid-air. Even though she was stepping on emptiness beneath her feet, her stability looked as though she was stepping on some sort of flat ground. And, she had even forcefully stomped a few times, yet, it did not look as though she was going to fall at any moment at all.

Goudan widened his eyes in an instant, and was in utter disbelief. “This, this is…” What kind of art was this?

“Rock spirit, wait for me!” Seeing that Zhu Yao had walked a far distance, the mushroom immediately followed after her. He stepped onto the boundaries that should have been just empty air, yet, just like Zhu Yao, he stably stopped in mid-air. There wasn’t even a single shaky movement made.

“Boss?” Not just Goudan, even the remaining few spiritual monsters were dumbfounded as well.

“Goudan, what are you spacing out for?” Zhu Yao waved her hands. “Just walk directly over, there’s an invisible bridge in- between.”

A bridge? Goudan blanked. Only then did he react, and reach out his foot to try stepping onto the edge of the land. When he realized that it was indeed not empty air, he instantly felt at ease, and immediately hurriedly followed after her.

Though, the deity who received them looked at the few people in the air with a satisfied expression. “I never expected that there would actually be spiritual monsters who could see through the profound secret to the sky here.”

The moment the remaining spiritual monsters heard this, what else were there not to understand? The test of the third trial was actually this hidden bridge, and when they realized this, one after another, they began to walk over as well. “Boss, how did you know there was a bridge suspended in the air?” Goudan looked at his own boss with a worshiping gaze. Clearly, many spiritual monsters before them had all flown over instead. “No one else seemed to have noticed it.”

“Hoho!” Zhu Yao let out a bitter laugh. “Because, I activated my hack-mode.”


“Hurry up, I’m going.” Zhu Yao did not explain, and directly stepped into the teleportation formation.

However this time, the teleportation formation did not activate immediately. It flashed a few white lights, the inscriptions on the ground began to change, and they slowly turned into a new teleportation formation. Right after, a red radiance flashed, along with the last few people who came walking together, they disappeared within the formation.

They were sent into a great hall, and there were already several people waiting within. After doing a short count, they numbered a little more than ten. However, they were not the spiritual monsters who had come before them, but rather, human practitioners. Every single one of them had the cultivation level of an Earth Deity, and most likely, they were deities who had just ascended. Mo Xianxian was among them as well.

“Eh, there’s actually so many spiritual monsters who are capable of seeing through the profound secret of the bridge of trials this time. Not bad.” A clear and mighty voice resounded, and it came from the front. However, that place was simply filled with mist, and basically not a single human figure could be seen. Most likely, that person had concealed himself.

Zhu Yao guessed that the person sitting at the top was the one in-charge of the selection for Advent Cloud Hall this time – the human resources manager.

“Rock spirit, there are so many divine practitioners here, so scary.” Mushmush worriedly tugged on Zhu Yao’s sleeves. “I wonder if they eat mushrooms and rocks?”

Zhu Yao rubbed her forehead. Dear mushroom, other than being worried of being eaten, could you please have some other worries? “Eh?” Mushmush was suddenly startled for a moment, as he pointed to a female deity not far from the front, and shouted out loud. “Little bitch!”

In an instant, all of the eyes in the hall swept towards them one after another, including the female deity who was wearing a green-colored dress.

The hell, it really was that little bitch who posed as her!

“You little spiritual monster, what nonsense are you spouting?” Tao Manfeng’s brows instantly straightened, as she furiously stared at the mushroom. No matter who it was, that person would still be furious when being pointed and scolded at. If not for the presence of various other deities, she would have long made a move. “I have never offended fellow deity, so why are you bad-mouthing me?”

Mushmush was frightened by her stare, and his imposing attitude instantly weakened. However, he did not forget to save his face, as he pulled Zhu Yao behind him, and softly said. “Rock spirit, don’t be afraid… I-I-I-I… I will take care of you.”

Then don’t tremble! Zhu Yao’s expression darkened, as she pushed the mushroom aside. Though the little bitch was detestable, this place wasn’t suitable for taking revenge. “This brother of mine has only just materialized his human form, so he does not know the rules. He has mistaken you for someone else, and I hope fellow deity will forgive him.” She had only seen Zhu Yao and the mushroom in their original forms, so she shouldn’t be able to recognize them.

As expected, she simply swept a cold glance at the two of them. Because of their present location, she simply snorted coldly and turned her line of sight away.

The place instantly recovered its former quiet and calm. A moment later, that mighty voice once again resounded.

“In the future, everyone here will be disciples of our Advent Cloud Hall, and be taken care of by our Advent Cloud. I hope everyone will work hard in your cultivation…”

That voice continuously spoke for exactly an hour, but all of those were simply officially scripted words. In general, it could be summarised as: We hope by being closely united, as an organization with our patriarch as the center, you can successfully push forward with our Advent Cloud’s unique cultivation career. Raise up the huge banner that carries the theory of raising one’s cultivation and the important mentality of “Ascending into Gods”, implement the concept of constant improvements to everyone, and improve the infrastructure of Advent Cloud Hall enterprise, in order to provide even larger contributions to Advent Cloud, the strongest and most peaceful society!

At the end, that leader who concealed his face, even shouted out a few words that were similar to: Today, you will be proud of Advent Hall, but tomorrow, Advent Hall will be proud of you! Using such a resounding slogan, he then ended this leadership session that lasted an entire hour.

Zhu Yao expressed that she had already given him a lot of face by not sleeping the session through. Yet, the entire hall of people had such excited and hot-blooded expressions, as though they could not wait to immediately shed their own blood and dedicate their entire lives to Advent Cloud Hall. This made her feel as though she had entered an MLM organization.

“Today, all of you shall first head down and rest. Tomorrow, there will be an entry selection match. I hope everyone will give their best.”

Eh? What? “Yes!” Everyone in the hall responded in unison, and bowed in unison. They then turned around and headed out one after another.

What entry selection match? She didn’t hear anything about it at all? Zhu Yao turned around and wanted to ask Goudan about it, however, she did not see his figure. After searching her surroundings, she saw that he was currently politely standing next to a white-clothed female deity. He actually went to hook up with Mo Xianxian so quickly, as expected, one would forget his friends when he’s attached!

Zhu Yao could only place her hopes on the mushroom next to her, yet, she saw him standing there unmovingly, and faint grunts could be heard. This guy actually slept while standing!

Forget it, she had no choice but to take one step at a time. Zhu Yao woke the mushroom up, and walked out of the great hall with the crowd. The moment she exited, a disciple passed her a jade tablet with a smile. When Zhu Yao took it and had a look at it, the two words “Alpha Two” were written on it. When she stuck it on her forehead, a map was printed in her mind. It was a route leading to a cave residence. It seemed like that would be the place she was staying for the day. “Rock spirit, why is mine different from yours?” The mushroom stretched out his own jade tablet, and the words “Charlie One” was written on it.

In the next moment, Goudan shouted out. “I’m Charlie Two, who’s Charlie One?”

It seemed like this cave residence was shared by two people, and both Mushmush and Goudan were coincidentally in the same room.

Zhu Yao pulled the mushroom over, and coincidentally, Mo Xianxian was actually Alpha One, and was in the same room as her.

“Boss, can I switch mine with yours?” Goudan said with an expectant look.

The mushroom immediately responded. “That’s great, that’s great! Rock spirit, I’m not used to sleeping with others, I like to sleep with you the most.”

“Scram!” Who  wants  to  sleep  with  you?  Do  not  say  such words that can cause misunderstandings, hey.

However, Mo Xianxian did not have any reaction. She simply glanced skeptically at her and Goudan, before turning around and summoning her flying sword. “Fellow deity Zhu, shall we head off together?”

Zhu Yao nodded. After waving her hands at Mushmush and Goudan, along with Mo Xianxian, she then headed off in the direction pointed out by the map.

The journey there was quiet.

A moment later, the two of them arrived at a lone little hill. On the hill, there was a small building with three storeys, and there was even a courtyard of considerable size at the front. Outside the courtyard, a defensive formation was placed down. They placed their jade tablets into the doorplates at the gate, and the formation automatically opened up.

Inside the courtyard, as though a formation that concentrated divine energy was set down, the divine energy within was evidently much denser than outside. Zhu Yao nodded towards Mo Xianxian, before heading to the right side of the building, where the door which had the words “Alpha Two” written was located.

“Fellow deity Zhu.” Just as she was about to head in, Mo Xianxian suddenly shouted out.

Zhu Yao turned around.

Mo Xianxian lowered her head, and her eyes flickered, as though she was hesitating about something. A moment later, she gave her a polite bow, and said. “Back then, outside Divine City, thank you for saving me, fellow deity Zhu.”

She finally said it. Zhu Yao was even beginning to think that she was going to continue acting as though she did not know her.

Chapter156: Being Chased Everywhere In Life

“It can’t be considered as saving you, fellow deity. Your cultivation level wasn’t sub-par, so it seemed that I had acted unnecessarily.” Zhu Yao said truthfully.

Mo Xianxian’s face stiffened, and for a moment, she was a little embarrassed. “Back then, I indeed have some urgent matters to attend to, so… I hope fellow deity will forgive me.” Though, these words of hers were extremely sincere, and even more so, she was determined to reconcile. It wasn’t good for Zhu Yao to continue being pretentious from here either. After all, back then, she sought trouble on her own, and Mo Xianxian did not force her to save her.

“Forget it. I never thought about it too much in the  first place.” At the very most, she was simply a little irritated for having her dimensional space bound.

“Thank you, fellow deity.” Mo Xianxian heaved a  sigh  of relief, and hesitantly asked. “I wonder what kind of relationship you have with that arrow spirit?”

Zhu Yao turned around, and looked at her with narrowed eyes. “You’re talking about Goudan?”

“Yes, back then, he…” No matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t understand how these two people came together.

“Don’t worry. Goudan never had the intention to capture you and make you his furnace, he truly likes you.” As a boss, there’s still a need for her to help build a sense of presence for her underling. “He has already repented, and will no longer do anything bad.”

A hint of a strange expression flashed past Mo Xianxian’s face, as she still did not have any good impressions of Goudan. However, out of consideration, she did not bring this topic up again. “Since that’s the case, during the entry selection match tomorrow, I hope to seek your care, fellow deity. This one here will give all she has, and I will not bring fellow deity down.”

“Entry selection match?” Zhu Yao blanked. “What entry selection match?”

“Fellow deity, did you not take note of it in the great hall earlier?” Mo Xianxian patiently explained. “In the tournament tomorrow, two people will form a group, and it’s based on the numbers on our jade tablets. Hence, the two of us will be in the same group.”

Zhu Yao recalled the ‘Alpha Two’ on the jade tablet. So it wasn’t used to just allocate their rooms, but also the groups for the tournament? No wonder she took the initiative to greet her, and did not fuss about the matters regarding Goudan as well. It was actually because of this. Indeed, being in the same group, if there was some sort of conflict between the two members, it would definitely be detrimental for the competition. Zhu Yao frowned. This sort of schemed apology which carried a certain goal made her feel very uncomfortable.

In an instant, she no longer had the mood for idle chatter. After exchanging some formal words, they returned to their respective lodgings. In regards to the tournament tomorrow, she wasn’t that worried. That competition could be considered a school entrance examination. Back then, she had even swept her eyes through the hall, and the cultivation levels of those disciples were all at the Earth Deity level, while she was the only Profound Deity. Hence, no matter how one could see it, she held the guaranteed advantage. What she was really worried about was…

“Master. Did you locate that person’s presence?” “No.”

As she thought!

Zhu Yao was a little disappointed. “Master, just when can you leave?”

Yu Yan was silent for a moment. “Spatial formations are considerably more complicated. It will take some time.”

“Can’t I have Goudan bring the two of you out?” Theoretically speaking, since Goudan was the owner of the dimensional space, he should be able to bring out the items within it.

“Even though he’s the owner of this space, I’m not an object which belongs to this dimensional space.” Yu Yan explained. “If I have to leave this dimensional space with him, I will require to sign a contract with him.”

“Then forget it.” It’s fine for master to be her own summoned beast. If he became someone else’s, then it would basically be unbearable. “There’s no need to rush.” Yu Yan said. “Even if that woman is not the person who infiltrated Lightning Divine Hall, she’s greatly connected with that person. It’s fine as long as we quietly watch for any changes. At most half a year, I will definitely complete the formation. Within this period of time, do not act rashly.”


Her master told her to quietly watch for changes, however, Zhu Yao never expected that change would come so quickly. On the second day at the competition venue.

Mo Xianxian and her opponents were two divine practitioners at the Earth Deity level. In the beginning, she was not really worried. However, the longer they fought, the stranger she felt. Although those two people did not use any incredible arts, the divine energy they possessed felt endless, and not a single moment of fatigue could be seen from them. Even if she attacked, they would easily dispel them.

Mo Xianxian was quickly about to reach her limit, as gradually, she began to lose focus. While Zhu Yao fought the two people, she had to split part of her attention to take care of her teammate, so evidently, they were about to be thrown into a disadvantageous position. At this moment, one of her opponents actually summoned a fire dragon, which directly assaulted her. Zhu Yao wanted to turn around to dodge it, however, she was then attacked by the other person with his sword. She took the hit head-on with her own sword, but suddenly, an incredible pressure came assaulting towards her, and she was barely able to hold onto her own sword.

This was the strength of an Earth Deity? You must be joking! How had she never known that one’s pressure could overwhelm practitioners of higher cultivation levels?

However, this Earth Deity evidently did not have  the intention to pester her. In a flash, his figure instantly appeared behind her. Zhu Yao looked back with a strange look, only to see the two of them attacking towards Mo Xianxian. One of them was casting out countless icicles, while the other was summoning a sword formation.

Overwhelmingly, they struck towards Mo Xianxian from all directions, and she was basically unable to dodge. If this was merely a competition, wasn’t such tactics a little much? They were clearly thinking of killing her. Zhu Yao wanted to turn around to save her, but it was already too late. They had already released their attacks. The icicles and spiritual swords, carrying imposing sharpness, blasted towards Mo Xianxian who was on the ground. Dust clouds instantly filled the area, and a hint of complacency surfaced on the faces of the two Earth Deities. But, a moment later, their expressions turned stern once again.

Lowering their heads, they looked towards Mo Xianxian’s position, only to see a faint formation light flashing around her body. Not the slightest of harm had been dealt to her body, and in her surroundings, faint specks of falling icicles and dispersing spiritual swords could be seen.

“Are you alright?” Zhu Yao landed next to Mo Xianxian.

“Mn.” Mo Xianxian nodded. “Thank you for your formation.”

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, she had secretly set down a formation next to the exhausted Mo Xianxian. Otherwise, under those attacks, she would have definitely died. Currently, the undispersed killing intent was still suffused in the air, the two of them were really trying to kill Mo Xianxian. However, the two of them were concealing it really well, to the point where other than Zhu Yao and Mo Xianxian, not a single one of the spectators were able to see through it. “Just who the hell have you offended?” Zhu Yao glanced at Mo Xianxian. Just why were there people trying to kill her everywhere she went?

Mo Xianxian naturally sensed that killing intent as well, as she clenched her fists tightly. “I do not know these two people.”

It’s even worse that she did not know them. This proved that behind these two people, there was still a large boss character. Their two Earth Deities were already so powerful, then the person behind them could only be much stronger as well.

“They are not Earth Deities.” Yu Yan’s words suddenly sounded in her mind. “They’re Gold Deities.”

The hell, then how was she going to beat them? So their cultivation levels were disguised as well. They actually went all the way to disguise themselves as Earth Deities to kill her. They’re actually spending quite a bit of effort, huh.

“What are we going to do?” Mo Xianxian was a little flustered. She dodged one of their attacks, but that did not mean that she could luckily dodge the rest as well. And this arena just had to have an isolation formation set down. They basically could not leave unless an outcome was decided.

The expressions of the two people turned even colder, as one of them lightly laughed. “Initially, we only planned on dealing with one person, but it looks like now…” He did not finish his words, instead, he looked towards Zhu Yao at the side with solemn eyes. Evidently, he now held killing intent towards her.

In an instant, Zhu Yao wanted to curse out vulgarities. Just what did she do to deserve this? Mo Xianxian, you’re actually playing a main tank role, who’s able to pull all the aggro everywhere you go, right? The main point was, Zhu Yao’s actually playing as an off-tank now.

“Just who in the world are you people?” Mo Xianxian loudly asked.

The two of them looked at each other, and their eyes became even colder than before. A faint cold laughter could even be heard. “There’s no need for you to know. In any case, it’s guaranteed that you people will not be able to leave here normally today.” They were destined to die here.

“Who says that we’re unable to leave?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at them. “Indeed, we’re not able to beat the two of you, but we’re still able to…” Zhu Yao kept the divine sword in her hands, raised her hands up high, and loudly roared. “I admit defeat!”

The moment these words came out, not just her two opponents, even Mo Xianxian beside her was dumbfounded. No one would have thought that she would actually be so “shameless” to admit defeat. Though, the main point was that the isolation formation had been dispelled in response.

“What, do you think I’m stupid? I clearly know that you two are targeting me, so why wouldn’t I admit defeat, and instead get beaten up by the two of you?”

Her words were so logical, they were actually unable to refute at all.

In an instant, the two of them hatefully gritted their teeth. It was initially a great opportunity for them, as they thought that they could openly eliminate Mo Xianxian. Who would have known that such an opportunity would be easily dispelled with a few words? And those two people who definitely should not have been able to walk out “normally”, were very “normally” walking off the stage in an open manner. The two people: …

“Fellow deity Zhu.” Mo Xianxian hurriedly caught up to Zhu Yao’s pace, and said in a serious tone. “Thank you.” Her expression was filled with appreciation, and this time, it did not carry any schemes like before, but instead, was filled with true sincerity. This match was clearly directed against her. Even though due to her forfeit, the two of them had lost the match, it had actually saved her life.

“I’m simply saving myself.” Zhu Yao waved  her  hands without a mind. Though, this lady sure was unlucky. No matter where she went, there would always be people present to kill her.

Mo Xianxian smiled, yet, her face was slightly dyed with a gloomy mood. “But from today onwards, I’m afraid this Advent Cloud Hall…” Those two people definitely wouldn’t let her go like this. Advent Cloud Hall wasn’t a place she could stay for long either.

“I don’t think that’s the case though.” Zhu Yao shook  her head. “Now that they have won the match today, they will definitely become the elite disciples of Advent Cloud Hall, so their identities naturally wouldn’t be that of an average person’s. It wouldn’t be easy for them to openly make a move against you.” Though, the bigger reason was because her master had said that the two of them possessed cultivation at the Gold Deity level. Though there were quite a number of Gold Deities in the Divine Realm, not a single one of them had not joined the various factions. Because the people present in this competition venue had low cultivation levels, they were unable to see through their disguise. However, there would always be people that could.

Once that time comes, naturally, the two people would definitely arouse the suspicion of the various conspirators and people at the higher management levels. Hence, the two of them basically wouldn’t stay in the Advent Cloud Hall for long.

Though, Mo Xianxian was still a little worried, and she felt uneasy for several consecutive days.

However, ever since that day, she had really not seen those two people again at Advent Cloud Hall, as though they had suddenly disappeared. Mo Xianxian was thus able to calm down, and began to feel even more grateful for Zhu Yao. Although Mo Xianxian had been staying in her own cave residence to cultivate, she was still very worried about her current plight where she was constantly being chased. Zhu Yao, however, had volunteered to help inquire about the origins of those two people. It seemed like this person was worth making friends with.

But in actuality!

Zhu Yao was simply trying to save her own master out from her divine sense region. Although those two people did not carry the aura of the person who infiltrated Lightning Divine Hall, they should be in cahoots with him. However, since they dared to come, they must have definitely done the necessary preparations to prevent their identities from being exposed. And, she was indeed unable to find out anything at all, as no one knew the two of them.

Chapter157: Geez, If You’re Ugly, Don’t Seek Revenge

However, even if they could conceal their identities, it was impossible to conceal their arts. Among the factions in the Divine Realm, the various sects or families would have their own unique set of arts. For example, Advent Cloud Hall specialized in sword techniques, and focused on paving their way to the Dao through their swords. Back then, those people were evidently more practiced with the five elemental arts, especially their fire-based arts, which were exceptionally incredible.

Hence, she went to inquire around the sect in regards to places which specialized in fire-based arts. The answers she received were very uniform. “Fluorescent Wind Sect of the North.”

Those two people came from the Fluorescent Wind Sect.

Zhu Yao guessed it correctly. That tournament back then was to select the elite disciples among them. The top three disciples who won the tournament, were all brought away in an orderly fashion. Most likely, they were already being taken note by the higher brass, and were given preferential treatment. As for those who lost, they would basically be left to grow on their own.

Mushmush and Goudan were also among the ones who were left to grow on their own, or to be exact, those spiritual monsters who attended the tournament that day were all left to fend for themselves. Most of them had yet to learn  official divine arts, so it was very natural for them to be defeated by divine practitioners. Mushmush and Goudan were basically defeated the moment they stepped on the stage. They did not suffer any serious injuries, and when they got up, they were still behaved like good happy-go-lucky spiritual monsters.

Every practitioner that was left on their own was given a few cultivation techniques for some divine arts. Every month, they could head over to the Consular Hall to receive medicinal pellets and divine stones, which could be considered as benefits for entering the sect. Though the amount evidently wasn’t much, it was still better compared to the other spiritual monsters.

Zhu Yao only found out later that most of the spiritual monsters who did not pass that invisible bridge, had been dispatched to the various halls to deal with the miscellaneous chores for Advent Cloud Hall. Basically, these people had all given up on raising their cultivation. This was a little similar to the concept of the Outer Sect and Inner Sect system of the various sects. By passing the bridge, one would enter the Inner Sect, while those who did not pass the bridge could only be taken in by the Outer Sect.

In these few days, Zhu Yao had been quietly staying put. With her current cultivation level, it was considered trash in Advent Cloud Hall. Her master’s formation was about to be completed. Once he completes it, she would then have more confidence in finding the mastermind behind all this.

In the recent days, Goudan had been coming over to her place every single day. Obviously, it wasn’t to look for her, but to look for that little sister Xianxian of his. Unfortunately, no matter how he pestered her, the girl wouldn’t even bat him an eye. She was wholeheartedly thinking about her own husband. Haah. Out of all things he could do, why did Goudan like to be a third- party? They were of different races, so how could they be in love? No happiness could be grown out of a relationship between a human and a spiritual monster, you know.

As expected, in less than a few minutes, Goudan was sent flying out of the courtyard by the girl Mo Xianxian, who could not bear it any longer. With a swoosh, he disappeared into the distance.

“The thirty-sixth time.” The mushroom gloatingly muttered out. Zhu Yao silently lit up the thirty-sixth candle in her heart. Pulling the mushroom along, they left the crime scene.

Initially, they had planned on strolling a few  rounds.  If they’re lucky, they would even be able to pick up Goudan. However, unexpectedly, they met a familiar person along the way.

“So you two are over here, this can sure be called wearing out iron shoes in fruitless searching, huh.” A green-clothed woman, bringing along two followers, walked over, and her smile was especially complacent.

The mushroom blanked for a moment, before blurting out. “Little bi-“

“Shut up.” The woman furiously interrupted the mushroom’s words. She then ruthlessly glared at the two of them. “As expected, you two did it on purpose that day!”

It was actually the little bitch who posed as her. Zhu Yao was a little startled. After sizing her up for a moment, she saw a dark red diagram embroidered on her sleeves. “You’re an elite disciple?” Only the clothes worn by elite disciples would have such a diagram. Zhu Yao did not expect that she was actually one of the top three in the tournament that day.

Tao Manfeng coldly laughed. Raising her head, she coldly glanced at the two of them. “That’s right. Following by  the rules, you two should be calling me senior martial sister.”

“Oh, senior martial sister.” The mushroom blanked for a moment, before he readily followed her advice and called out.

This time, it was Tao Manfeng who was dumbfounded, as though she had not expected that he would actually be this casual about it. Anger began to boil even more in her heart. “A mere spiritual monster like you, actually dares to humiliate me in front of such a large crowd. If I don’t teach you a lesson, you wouldn’t know your place.”

“Ah?” The mushroom gave a confused look, as he turned to look at Zhu Yao. “Rock spirit, what did I do?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. It’s because you didn’t do anything, that’s why she’s angry, alright? “Good, you two sure have guts. You actually dare to provoke me now?”

“Did we?” The mushroom continued to look at Zhu Yao.

“Nope!” Zhu Yao answered. She didn’t do anything at all.

Tao Manfeng’s fury surged. “You two scolded me right  in front of my face, and you’re saying that’s not a provocation?”

“How did we scold you?” The mushroom expressed that he was very innocent.

“You still want to deny it? Earlier, you were even about to call me… call me… bi…tch…”

The mushroom became even more confused. “But you are little bitch.” Wasn’t that her name? Rock spirit said so.

“Shut up!” Tao Manfeng was so furious, even her face had turned green. “You’re the little bitch, all of you are little bitches!” The mushroom argued back. “I’m clearly a little mushroom.
You can call me Mushmush.”


Zhu Yao silently looked away. Oh Mushmush, you sure have a mushy brain, huh. You can’t really have believed that her surname is little, and her name is bitch, right?

“Geez. Even though it’s your own name, yet, you don’t allow people to call out to you.” The mushroom stabbed  another blow.

Only then did Tao Manfeng finally understand his words. Gritting her teeth, she said. “My surname is Tao, I’m called Tao Manfeng! You best remember it.”

“Oh…” The mushroom revealed a face of sudden enlightenment. After sizing her up for a moment, he curled his lips and said. “So you changed your name, say that earlier.”

Pfft… Zhu Yao could faintly here the sound of Tao Manfeng puking out blood.

“You… You two…” Tao Manfeng wished that  she  could pounce over and tear that spiritual monster’s lips apart. She took a deep breath, and instructed the two followers behind her. “You two, help me keep a lookout.” She looked at the two of them with a hazy expression.

For a moment, Zhu Yao imagined a scenario where she was blocked at the door by students from a higher grade after school. Wasn’t it just calling her names? In regards to settling debts, this lady was simply too petty. Zhu Yao herself had yet to settle her own debts with her, you know?

Tao Manfeng coldly glared at them, and divine energy came surging from her body. In her palm, lightning sparks faintly flashed. “I vowed to myself, if there’s anyone who dares to humiliate me, I will never let even a single one of them off.”

She was going to start a fight? Zhu Yao was caught off-guard a little. She couldn’t have become muddle-headed from anger, right? Although she was currently an elite disciple, Zhu Yao’s cultivation level was still higher than hers. However, Tao Manfeng did not have the intention to pull back now. Raising her left hand which was flashing with lightning sparks, narrow yet powerful strands of lightning began to glow at the center of her palm.

“Imperial Lightning Art?” Yu Yan’s voice resounded in Zhu Yao’s mind, carrying a hint of suspicion. “Why does she know the techniques belonging to Lightning Divine Hall?”

“Weren’t you the one who gave her?” Zhu Yao really wanted to spray out a mouthful of salt soda water into her divine sense region. She was now able to slightly understand why Tao Manfeng dared to make a move. The Imperial Lightning Art was a divine art which belonged to Lightning Divine Hall, and regular divine arts could not be compared to it. Even if she were to challenge someone of a higher cultivation level, it wasn’t guaranteed that she would lose.

“Me?” Yu Yan blanked, and only a moment later did he respond. “Oh, it’s her.”

So you basically didn’t recognize her back then! Just how much of a face-blind are you? “Master, what do we do?” Although she learnt  lightning- based arts as well, she had yet to touch on the Imperial Lightning Art.

“No matter.” Yu Yan, however, was especially calm. “It’s fine if you simply stand there without moving.”

Ah? Don’t move? So she’s just going to wait till she’s struck by lightning?

Tao Manfeng’s art had already begun to materialize, and the lightning sparks on her palm became even denser. Suddenly, a long bolt of lightning was formed, soaring into the skies. It then came striking in the direction where she and Mushmush were.

“Now di-”

Zhu Yao was just about to construct a defensive barrier, when suddenly a water dragon came descending from the sky. It pounced directly towards the bolt of lightning, and  the lightning was instantly devoured after a slight sizzle. The stream of water however, continued to chase after the source of the lightning bolt, instantly drenching Tao Manfeng. Although the water dragon could block the lightning attack, it was unable to completely suppress it, hence the electrical current still existed. And all of this touched upon a certain physical phenomenon.

Water – is a conductor of electricity.

Hence, the water sprayed about, and the lightning sparks flashed, along with the drenched Tao Manfeng.

The student Tao Manfeng, dressed in a green robe, who was acting as an extremely proud elite disciple earlier, after being electrocuted from head to toe, instantly turned into a convulsing disciple. In the air, her unfinished  declaration earlier still continued to echo. “Now, die… ai… ai… ai…” When the electrical current flowed through, her entire body convulsed. With every convulsion, the tone of her ‘ai’ would change.

Hence, the entire place was filled with her various ever- changing tones of: Ai… ai… ai… ai… ai…

Zhu Yao: … Mushroom: …

Followers: …

Only when her entire body was charred black did her cry vanish, and she collapsed onto the pool of water head-first.

Several wisps of light smoke gradually rose…

Ah, she really could win just by standing there without moving. Student Tao Manfeng, I really don’t hate you in the slightest any longer.

“Senior martial sister!” The two followers were both shocked, as they looked anxiously at Tao Manfeng who had already fainted from the electrocution. Yet, not a single one of them dared to head over to lift her up, as there were still sparks flying in the pool of water!

Just as they were at a loss of what to do, a clear and extremely imposing, yet slightly familiar voice resounded from the sky. “Who was it here that was executing a lightning technique?” A white figure came flying over from afar. The person was a twenty-year-old looking youth with a heroic look. With tightly knitted brows, he looked at the water surface below which was flashing with lightning sparks.

Suddenly, Zhu Yao simply felt like heading back with her face covered. That person was actually Miao Lin, how could she have actually forgotten about him? Crap, crap, crap. This time, she was definitely going to be recognized.

“Greetings, senior martial brother.” The two followers instantly greeted Miao Lin.

“Mn.” Miao Lin sternly nodded. He swept a glance at the few people on-site, including Zhu Yao who was desperately lowering her head. “What happened?”

The two followers exchanged glances, and their eyes were filled with despair. “Senior martial brother, it’s… it’s the senior martial sister who just newly entered. She has some conflict with these two disciples, so out of impulse, she made her move against them.”

“She knows a lightning technique?” Miao Lin strangely glanced at the person who was still lying in the water like a corpse.

“Yes, senior martial sister is indeed someone who’s capable of lightning techniques among this new batch of disciples. And…” That disciple said with worshiping eyes. “Senior martial sister said that she even knows the Imperial Lightning Art as well.”

“Imperial Lightning?” Miao Lin frowned, before he coldly snorted. “In this realm, other than the Lightning Divine Hall, who would dare to claim that they know the Imperial Lightning Art? Ludicrous.” Miao Lin once again glanced at Tao Manfeng, and in an instant, a hint of wistful expression appeared on his face. “I’m someone who has personally witnessed the arts of Lightning Divine Hall.”

‘wearing out iron shoes in fruitless searching’: Putting in so much effort in a search, only to find them so easily.

Chapter158: Recognizes Blood, But Not The Owner’s

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Rather than witnessing one, you were struck by one, right!

“That’s true.” That disciple immediately flattered a few words. “Among us disciples, only senior martial brother have personally gone to Lightning Divine Hall.”

“Mn.” Miao Lin nodded complacently, and then with a complacent expression, he said. “I really wish I can once again witness Lightning Divine Hall’s arts.”

Zhu Yao: “…” Are you a masochist?

“I have already said this before, no lightning techniques are allowed to be executed in Advent Cloud Hall. Seeing that this junior martial sister has just entered the sect not too long ago, and has already suffered her punishment, I will leave this matter to rest. Disperse.”

“Yes, senior martial brother.” The two followers expressed their thanks together, however, they then looked at Tao Manfeng, who was lying in the pool of water, with difficult expressions.

Miao Lin frowned. After casting an art, the water on the ground once again condensed into a water dragon, and flew up. Only then did the two followers lift Tao Manfeng up and leave.

Pulling along the mushroom, Zhu Yao was just about to flee as well.

However, she heard Miao Lin’s suddenly  shouting  out. “Stop.”

In a flash, his figure had already blocked in front of Zhu Yao’s path. “This junior martial sister, have we met somewhere before?”

I’m doomed!

In front of her, Miao Lin had already reached out his hand. “Why are you constantly lowering your head?” Out of desperateness, Zhu Yao retracted all of the divine energy in her body, and poof, she returned to her original form.

A piece of snow-white jade instantly landed on Miao Lin’s palm, which he was unable to retract in time.

“Why did you return to your original form?”

“Senior martial brother… I’m your aficionado.”

“Aficionado? What’s that?” Miao Lin blanked.

“Aficionado. It means that I really like, and really worship you.” Zhu Yao immediately activated her bluffing mode. “This disciple has long heard of senior martial brother’s mighty name. Now that I finally managed to see the person himself, I got a little excited, and returned to my original form.”

Miao Lin was filled with smiles. As expected, he dropped his suspicions, and flipped the jade in his hand about. “You sure have good eyes. Cultivate well. In the future, you will have the same level of achievements as me.” Zhu Yao tried her best to express her own excitement. “Thank you senior martial brother. I will definitely work hard.”

“Mn.” Miao Lin passed the jade over to the mushroom at the side, and instructed. “There’s no need for the both of you to be afraid. Our Advent Cloud Hall isn’t a place without rules. If junior martial sister Tao comes to trouble you again, you can look for me.”

“Really, senior martial brother?”

“Of course.” Miao Lin nodded. Most probably because this was the first time he had a fan, the expression he was looking at the mushroom with had become gentler as well. “If you have any concerns, just look for me.”

“Yes, senior martial brother. Thank you, senior martial brother.”

“Mn. Go on then.”

Zhu Yao never expected that she could actually pass this off so easily, and she immediately urged the mushroom to bring her back. It seemed like she could not continue to stay in Advent Cloud Hall for long. There would come a day that someone could recognize her. She had already found her clue anyway, so right now, she just had to find the opportunity to rush over to Fluorescent Wind Sect as soon as possible.

The two of them traveled in an urgent manner, and the moment they returned to the lodging, they closed the  door. Only then did Zhu Yao heave a sigh of relief. She habitually circulated her divine energy so that she could return to her human form, only to realize that her body was completely empty. A hint of pain came from her Dantian, and she could not transform at all.

“The hell. What’s going on?” Zhu Yao’s jade-body instantly felt uncomfortable. “Master, I can’t return to my human form.”

“No need to worry. Earlier, when you forcefully returned to your original form, your withdrawal of divine energy was too rapid, which caused some damage to your Dantian.” Yu Yan gently said. “You simply have to stop circulating your divine energy temporarily, and it will be restored in a few days.”

“That gave me a fright. That’s good, that’s good.” So it was because she withdrew her divine energy too quickly, causing her to have a stitch.

“Rock spirit, who are you speaking to?” The mushroom curiously lowered his head.

“Uh…” She had forgotten that the mushroom was still here.

His familiar face suddenly closed in, and Zhu Yao simply felt a shiver in the depths of her heart, as a strange feeling surged. As she thought, she was still unable to get used to Mushmush’s human form, especially this little-wimp look-alike face of his.

“Nothing much. I was muttering to myself.”  Zhu  Yao chuckled.

“Oh.” The mushroom glanced at her and furrowed his brows, as though he wanted to ask something. After opening and closing his mouth a few times, he still changed the topic in the end. “You’re not going to revert to your human form?”

“Mn.” She however, did not conceal this matter from him. “I transformed a little too quickly earlier, so I can only restore my human form after a few days.” “Oh, then have a nice rest. I’m going to head back first.” The mushroom gave her a few words, before returning to his own cave residence. However, before he left, his expression was a little heavy, as he turned around to give her a few glances.

Did rock spirit have a master? Master… In the depths of his initially pure-white heart, an indescribable emotion suddenly surfaced. Why did he feel that this word sounded a little familiar?

Zhu Yao planned to head over to Fluorescent Wind Sect when she regained her human form. Currently, as a piece of jade which did not have any movement ability, the only thing she could do was – sleep. However, she never expected that there would actually be someone assaulting her at night.

That person suddenly appeared in her house. There wasn’t any ripples produced from divine arts, and furthermore, the door and windows were nicely shut. In a blink of an eye, the lodging simply gained an additional human figure. His figure was especially tall, and she could faintly see that he was a male practitioner. Even though the moonlight was especially bright within the house, she still couldn’t clearly see that person’s appearance. Just as Zhu Yao was about to speak, she was interrupted by Yu Yan.

“Yu Yao!” Carrying an anxious tone, her master’s voice resounded in her mind. “This person is the individual who infiltrated Lightning Divine Hall.”

Zhu Yao blanked, and  was  thrown  into  elation  a  moment later. She hurriedly  transmitted  her  voice.  “Then  does  that mean that as long we capture him, master can leave this dimensional space?” Various age-restricted bondage methods began to fill her mind.

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan’s voice was solemn. “This person’s cultivation level is higher than mine.”

“Uh…” Then how the hell was she going to play this? Fortunately, she did not speak out earlier, otherwise, she would have been the one trapped. “Then what do we do?”

“Do not make any noise. Wait and see.”

Zhu Yao withdrew from her inner view, and quietly continued to act like a piece of jade. The room was strangely quiet, and even the cicadas outside the window had stopped singing.

It was unknown for what purpose this person came here for either, as ever since his appearance, he had been standing inside the room without moving from his position. Even Zhu Yao was about to believe that the reason why he was here, was simply because he liked the floor he was stepping on. Finally, he moved. Turning his ahead, he swept his eyes around the room, as though he was searching for something. A moment later, she sensed a divine sense sweeping over.

At this moment, Zhu Yao rejoiced that she did not have a single strand of divine energy in her body, and had returned to her true form. Without any ripples of divine energy, even if someone else’s divine sense were to sweep pass her, she would still just be a regular piece of jade. That person definitely wouldn’t be able to discov-

Ehhhhhh? Why was he coming over?

That person retracted his divine sense, and walked straight towards the table. As though he had identified her, there wasn’t even a single trace of hesitation in his footsteps. Did she have to be this unfortunate!? In an instant, Zhu Yao felt that even her heart had popped out. What happened to the promise of being undiscovered?

A pair of cold lines of sight fell on her body. Even though he clearly did not do anything, Zhu Yao still felt a cold intent penetrating the depths of her heart, as though she was about to choke from his gaze. Just when Zhu Yao couldn’t bear it any longer and was about to speak out, he suddenly shifted his line of sight. In a flash, just as how he had appeared, his figure disappeared from the room.

What kind of situation was this?

Zhu Yao was completely lost. However, that terrifying feeling earlier still lingered in her heart. Just who the hell was that person?

A moment later, a slit of the door was suddenly pushed open by someone. A head sneakily came inspecting the room.

Little bitch!

It was actually Tao Manfeng who came to seek trouble with her during the day! Was today labeled as Nightwalk Day on the calendar? This was even a team night assault?

Tao Manfeng looked around for a moment, before she carefully pushed the door open and came in. She first quietly looked at the bed. As though she had confirmed that no one was in the room, her brows furrowed, as she searched around. Just as she was about to leave, she discovered Zhu Yao on the table, and in an instant, her eyes lighted up.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Divine jade!” Tao Manfeng picked up the piece of jade from the table with an excited look. After inspecting its front and back, she muttered. “As I thought, it’s the same piece.”

What was this little bitch trying to do? She couldn’t be planning to pose as her again, right?

Tao Manfeng, however, did not speak up again. Instead, she held onto Zhu Yao, and left through the door with a happy look. Her flying sword rose, and she directly flew out of Advent Cloud Hall. Just where was she bringing her to? She seemed to be really excited, as she looked at the piece of jade while flying. The other hand of hers was even constantly stroking the surface of the jade.

She stroked her to the point Zhu Yao was feeling as though all her hair were standing on ends. After restoring her human form, she was definitely going to take a bath. The type where she was going to vigorously rub every nook and cranny of her body.

She flew for exactly an entire night, and she only landed on the ground right after arriving at a small market. She then however entered a secluded courtyard, and only after setting down several layers of concealment and isolation formations outside, did she finally enter the house.

After looking around her surroundings, she then pulled out the jade with a serious look, and began to carefully inspect it. In order to prevent herself from being exposed, Zhu Yao did not let out a sound during the entire journey. Tao Manfeng clearly recognized her true form, but seeing her worriless expression, evidently, she did not know that Zhu Yao had already cultivated a human form.

Tao Manfeng flipped the jade back and forth, and stared at it for a long while. The more she looked, the deeper her brows furrowed. She then muttered to herself. “Could it be that this piece of jade is simply used to prove one’s identity as a Lightning Divine Hall disciple?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes in the depths of her heart. It seemed like she still couldn’t forget about the Lightning Divine Hall, huh.

“An item of the Lightning Divine Hall definitely isn’t that simple.” Tao Manfeng took a deep breath, and continued to inspect for a long while. First, she merely used her naked eyes to look, and then, she used her divine sense to sweep through it. Then, she even inserted a little of her divine energy.

“This is impossible.” Seeing the completely unresponsive divine jade, her expression became a little ugly. She then tried to use various other methods, such as bathing it in the water, burn it under a fire, and plant it under a soil. Even Zhu Yao was about to praise her for her dedication and perseverance. She silently rejoiced that she was currently a piece of rock. Otherwise, if this continued, even if she wouldn’t die, a layer of her skin would have been ripped off.

Tao Manfeng continued to toss about for an entire night, and throughout the entire thing, Zhu Yao was quietly acting dead. Finally, she gritted her teeth, condensed a spiritual sword, and then sliced it across her own finger. Suddenly, a large number of fresh blood pearls were produced, merrily flowing down her finger. She raised her bleeding finger, and pressed it on Zhu Yao.

Alright, she finally found the correct method. However, she was simply too late, as Zhu Yao had already been sprayed with someone else’s blood. No matter how much she were to drip her blood on…


Binding of Dimensional Space – Success!

The hell!

Just how much love did this dimensional space have to give? How could it be bound with just any random person with a single drop of blood, hey? This thing recognized blood, but not the owner’s. In an instant, Zhu Yao felt like she was going insane. “Master, what do we do?” This woman wasn’t as easy to hoodwink as Dog-Egg. “We definitely mustn’t allow her to enter the dimensional space.”

“She hasn’t come in.” Yu Yan said with a solemn voice.

Chapter159: Master Is Released

“Eh?” Zhu Yao withdrew from her inner view, and as her master had said, Tao Manfeng was still sitting in front of the table. However, the divine energy surrounding her body had suddenly become quite a bit denser, and it looked as though it was still becoming even denser as well. Even the divine energy that was initially within the room was beginning to stir.

Tao Manfeng sensed this anomaly, and her expression turned joyful. Picking up Zhu Yao, she then sat on the bed cross-legged, and began to absorb the divine energy.

“Yu Yao, there’s abnormal movements with the divine energy within the dimensional space.” Yu Yan’s voice rang in her mind.

Zhu Yao blanked, and only then did she realize that the sudden increase in divine energy in the building was actually coming from the dimensional space. She could actually guide out the divine energy from the dimensional space?

Tao Manfeng meditated for an entire day, before she was able to completely absorb the divine energy. Her cultivation level had increased from the initial early-stage Earth Deity level to the mid-stage Earth Deity level. At this moment, she stopped, and the abnormal movements with the divine energy in the dimensional space stopped as well.

“As expected, it’s a treasure.” Tao Manfeng picked up  the piece of divine jade, and her face was filled with excitement. This piece of divine jade could actually be used to raise cultivation levels. She once again inspected it back and forth, and suddenly, she released her divine sense, sending it into the jade.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. This sensation felt exactly the same when Goudan first entered the dimensional space. Just as she was thinking of what to do, that strand of divine sense was suddenly repelled back. Her piece of jade-body began to emit out a white glow, and currently, something seemed to be transferred out through her divine sense region.

Pew, pew, pew! After a few of such sounds, like beans being poured out, a few divine herbs came falling down from empty air, instantly filling up the entire floor. Some of them still even carried fresh soil with them.

“These are…” Tao Manfeng abruptly stood up, picked the divine herbs from the ground, and her eyes widened. “Divine Spiritual Grass, Imperial Wind Branch, Meridian Cutting Lotus…” She muttered out these names one  after  another,  and the more she spoke, the more dumbfounded her expression became, as though she couldn’t believe what she was looking at. “How… How is this possible?” These were all  extreme-grade divine herbs that had gone extinct a long time ago, and it was extremely hard to find one of each in the Divine Realm.

“Master?” What’s going on?

“They’re divine herbs from the dimensional space. A part of them had been transferred out.”

Transferred out? Just as Zhu Yao was stunned, the table within the building suddenly shook for a few moments, before disappearing in the next instant. Even Tao Manfeng was given a shock.

While in Zhu Yao’s dimensional space, a regular wooden table suddenly appeared.

“This is…” Why were items able to freely enter and exit the dimensional space? For a moment, Zhu Yao couldn’t really understand. Yu Yan frowned for a moment, before speaking up. “There’s a restriction to the items in this dimensional space. Whatever goes out, a part of it must be taken back in.”

“So those divine herbs were exchanged for a wooden table?” Wasn’t this a little too big of a deficit?

“It’s because this table was in a position closest to you, so it has been sent in.”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. Indeed, when Tao Manfeng was inspecting those divine herbs, the thing that was closest to her was this wooden table. “So, in other words, she can’t enter the dimensional space, but she’s capable of retrieving the items in the dimensional space?”

“Not quite.” Yu Yan looked at the position of that wooden table. “She used a blood contract to bind the dimensional space, but after all, it wasn’t her heart-blood. Hence, she can’t be considered as the owner of this dimensional space. The divine herbs that disappeared were all from the corner of the dimensional space, so I believe she’s only able to retrieve items from a particular position.” Zhu Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief. It was fortunate that she couldn’t enter.

Tao Manfeng seemed to have realized this point as well, as she consecutively tried it a few times. First, she used her divine sense to inspect the jade, and then, several stalks of divine herbs would appear in empty air inside the building. However, correspondingly, a few items would disappear from the building as well. And, they were all items that were closest to the jade.

“Master, I have a plan. You might be able to come out of the dimensional space in advance.”

After making clear of the basic method, Tao Manfeng left that small courtyard, and arrived in the market. Though, she was rather smart to not take out those stalks of divine herbs. Instead, she simply rented a cave residence, and began her isolation training. She repeatedly dripped her blood onto the jade, and then, guided out the dense divine energy.

Zhu Yao’s Dantian was pretty much restored, however, whenever she tried to restore her human form, the divine energy she guided out would be absorbed by Tao Manfeng, not even leaving the slightest bit within the jade. Hence, she was basically unable to materialize at all. Though, Zhu Yao wasn’t in a rush. She was waiting for an opportunity.

Tao Manfeng was in isolation for more than three months, and her cultivation instantly rose to that of an Earth Deity Paragon. With just a single step more, she would be able to make a breakthrough into the Profound Deity level. In regards to raising one’s level from one large realm to another, other than taking in divine energy, a certain degree of fortunate encounters was needed, so she stopped.

The moment she went out of isolation, she bought a large amount of miscellaneous items, and then, took out a pellet cauldron. She wanted to refine a Profound Energy Pellet, a divine pellet that was capable of allowing an Earth Deity to instantly reach the level of a late-stage Profound Deity, and it simply required a large number of Divine Spirit Grass. It was extremely difficult to find this herb in the Divine Realm, but right now, it wasn’t a problem.

Tao Manfeng took out the piece of jade, but this time, she did not insert her divine sense in a testing manner, instead, she instantly released half of her divine sense into the piece of jade. Even Zhu Yao could sense her own divine sense region being assaulted, causing a faint sense of pain to be felt. In an instant, the cave residence became as bright as day, as the piece of jade released an unprecedented eye-piercing white light. Tao Manfeng excitedly waited for the various divine herbs that would descend from the sky. She seemed to be able to see herself entering the Profound Deity Paragon level, and even the future Gold Deity, Heavy Deity, and High Deity levels. She could even see herself entering the Lightning Divine Tower, and ascending into a God.

As long as she had this piece of jade, she definitely could once again stand above all others, and cultivate to the peak.

She seemed to be unable to contain her own excitement, as no matter how eye-piercing the light was, she stared deep into it unblinkingly. When a shadow appeared within the white light, she could not help but take a step forward, and just when she was about to reach her hand towards it, suddenly, all of the light retracted in an instant.

There wasn’t any divine herbs or divine medicine in front of her eyes, only a man, wearing a snow-white robe, was looking at her with ice-cold eyes. Tao Manfeng was stunned, and was seemingly about to blurt  out.  “You’re…”  Suddenly,  in  a  flash, that figure once again disappeared from her eyes, and in front of her was a floor filled with many divine herbs that had long gone extinct in the Divine Realm. As expected, she was just imagining things earlier?

“Seal your divine sense region as quickly as possible.” Yu Yan condensed his divine energy, and tapped onto the piece of jade on the ground. While he forcefully turned Zhu Yao back into her human form, he instructed with a solemn voice.

Zhu Yao followed his instructions, and in the second before she sealed her divine sense region, she could faintly see Tao Manfeng sitting within a floor filled with divine herbs with an excited look on her face.

“Master, you’re out?” Zhu Yao pounced forward, and tightly hugged the person in front of her eyes. His chilling and familiar presence flooded her chest in an instant, and she suddenly felt that she could continue being as willful as she was now. “Masteeeer…”

“Mn.” Yu Yan lightly responded, as he reached out his hand to stroke his disciple’s head. This sense of contact which he had longed for, as expected, he could only be at ease while safeguarding his stupid disciple by his side. Hence, he forcefully stroked a few more times, and without realizing it, his fingertips slid past her warm lips. Unconsciously, he lowered his head, and just when he was about to press on it… “Mistress!” A round and chubby beast suddenly squeezed between them, and it sat right on top of his head. Reaching out its two front paws, it hooked onto his disciple’s shoulders. Using this opportunity, it flapped its wings, completely pushing away a certain master. “Mistress, mistress, I finally get to see you. I really miss you, you know. Oooou… This beastie wants to give birth to little beasties with you.”

“Sesame.” Zhu Yao blanked, as she carried it by its little wings. “Why are you out as well?”

“I turned into a small size and hid myself within that bad person.” Sesame waved its big tail, as it hanged onto Zhu Yao’s body. “Mistress, you don’t even care about me. It’s been such a long time, yet you’re not going to hug this beastie?”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. She tried to get Sesame off her body, but to no avail! Why were Sesame’s words becoming even more clingy? Back then, it was understandable since she was a dragon which possessed a bloodline that could suppress it, but now, she was just a piece of jade, there’s no need for it to worship her like this, right?

“Mistress, look, I became this thin became I missed you so much.” “Sesame! If you don’t get down from me, do you believe that I will make you even thinner?”

“Mistress, you’re so ruthless, so wicked, so nonsensical.”



Sesame still had some things to say, however, it suddenly felt his body becoming light. Its entire body was raised up by a large force, and then, with a bang, it was thrown out the door. Yu Yan waved his hands about, casually setting down another restriction on the door. As expected, he shouldn’t have agreed to his disciple’s idea of raising a pet back then. He wondered if it was still possible to throw it away now.

“Master…” Your throw was a little too ruthless, right? I can’t even see Sesame’s figure anymore.

Yu Yan glanced at his disciple, and his gaze landed at the two beast claw marks on her collar. His brows furrowed, and the cold aura from his body once again flooded out. Reaching out his hand, he cast a Dirt Removal Art, instantly removing those two marks without a trace.

However, his line of sight still stared at the exact same position, and it did not move for a long while, as though there was some sort of dirt that couldn’t be washed off.

“Mas… Master…” Zhu Yao’s heart trembled. If you look at me so intensely, I will not be able to hold myself back.

“Zhu Yao.”


“Strip your clothes.”

“Sure! Do you want it to be flawless white, or half concealed and half shown? Just say it, no need to be modest.”

“…” Ever since she found out that Tao Manfeng’s divine sense could be used to exchange for items within the dimensional space, Zhu Yao felt that this method could be used to bring her master out. Hence, she had been waiting for the moment when she was going to exchange for a large amount of items within the dimensional space. As expected, in order to make a breakthrough into the Profound Deity level, Tao Manfeng had decided to begin refining the Profound Energy Pellet. SInce the Profound Energy Pellet required a large amount of Divine Spirit Grass, she had her master move a large amount of Divine Spirit Grass to the corner of the dimensional space in advance. Tao Manfeng was unable to see the exact situation within the dimensional space. During her several tries of exchanging items, occasionally, there were times when all she would receive was Divine Spirit Grass. Naturally, she would believe that there was a large amount of Divine Spirit Grass within.

Hence, in order to refine the pellet, she went out to prepare a lot of items, as she planned on exchanging a large bulk of them at one go. Her master could then use this opportunity to come out, while bringing along Sesame with him. Though, Tao Manfeng was instead the one who was trapped within the dimensional space, which was something Zhu Yao had never expected.

Initially, she had thought that the ones entering would be the miscellaneous items Tao Manfeng had prepared. Who would have known that the dimensional space would directly absorb her into it? Such an unfortunate child. And, looking at her expression, she did not seem to be aware that she was trapped inside either. The reason why her master had Zhu Yao seal her divine sense region, was most likely in order to prevent her from realizing it.

Though, there was a single point she did not seem to understand. In the end, did Tao Manfeng know that Zhu Yao was actually this piece of jade? And on that day, why did Tao Manfeng enter her room?

“She isn’t aware of your true form, rather, she simply saw through the true form of that mushroom.” Yu Yan stroked her head, and explained with a solemn voice.

“You’re saying she was looking for Mushmush?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded. “She must have suspected him, hence the reason she tried to test him. On the day she stopped the two of you, most likely, it was simply to see the true form of that mushroom. Though the lightning glow in her palm back then looked frightening, it was simply an art used to inspect and reveal one’s true form. And it was directed at that mushroom spirit.” Was that the reason why her master said that she simply had to stand there without moving?

“She sure concealed herself very deeply.” And back then she was actually thinking that she was a little pitiful. That water dragon which Miao Lin cast back then was definitely the retribution she deserved, huh.

Chapter160: Sudden Change

“Let’s go.” Yu Yan released the restriction on the cave residence, summoned his flying sword, and pulled Zhu Yao to his side.

“Are we returning to Advent Cloud Hall?” Zhu Yao casually asked.

Yu Yan turned his head, and glanced at her. “We’re returning to Lightning Divine Hall.”

“Ah? But Goudan is still at Advent Cloud Hall, if I leave too far from him, won’t I turn… Eh?” Only then did Zhu Yao realize that, ever since her master aided her in materializing, she had been maintaining her human form. “What’s going on?”

Yu Yan stroked her head. “That female deity.”

“You’re referring to Tao Manfeng?” Zhu Yao widened  her eyes. She suddenly recalled that she was bound by her as well, and that person was even in her dimensional space. “In other words, I won’t have to be continuously tied to Goudan from now on?” “Mn.”

There was actually a benefit like this. As expected, that little bitch was a very unfortunate girl huh.

“Is it really fine to simply leave Goudan and Mushmush at Advent Cloud Hall?” Zhu Yao was a little worried. “That person who infiltrated Lightning Divine Hall might still be at Advent Cloud Hall. If…”

“His goal is us.” Yu Yan frowned. “Those two are spiritual monsters in the first place. Cultivating at Advent Cloud Hall is instead better for them.”

“But Mushmush, he…”

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan interrupted her words, and said with a solemn voice. “He’s not Wang Xuzhi.”


Zhu Yao sent the mushroom a paper crane, telling him that she was going back to the forest first, before following her master as they prepared to return to Lightning Divine Hall. This city was not exactly very far from Lightning Divine Hall. With the speed of her master’s flying sword, they would be able to return in at most an hour. However, before they could even leave, a change occurred.

Just as the flying sword rose, suddenly, the entire city trembled. All of the divine practitioners summoned their flying swords one after another, and in an instant later, cracks began to appear on the ground. As wide as a bottomless ravine, even the buildings that were nicely lined-up earlier collapsed one after another. A moment later, the entire city was swallowed by that ravine; the ground looked as though it had been cleanly sliced apart.

“Master, this is…” Even they, who were in the  sky,  could sense that momentary quake.

Yu Yan held onto Zhu Yao, and instantly pulled her to his side. “Follow me.” This quake came too abnormally, and even he did not sense any of it before it happened. Just who made these cracked ravines?

The number of deities in the sky began to increase. Most of the people in the city were divine practitioners cultivating in isolation. This sudden quake gave them no choice but to forcefully break from their isolation. There were even people who had been carelessly injured due to the rebound of divine energy.

“What’s going on?”

“Where did this ravine come from?”

“Is it an assault by the Demonic Immortals?”

More and more people began to express their doubts, and the sky was in a complete mess. Suddenly, within the expanding ravine, a figure flew out. He seemed to have suffered a serious injury, and even standing stably on his flying sword was a little difficult.

“It’s a disciple from the Advent Cloud Hall district.” Some people recognized him, and hurriedly went over to receive him, bringing him over to their sides. However, what they were met with was a blood-filled body, and even one of his arms was missing. And it seemed like even his Primal had suffered intense injuries. The people here possessed at least the cultivation of an Earth Deity, and even though the cracks were frightening, they weren’t capable of harming these people who had already turned into deities. Most of them had only been injured by their one divine energy rebound, yet, there wasn’t anyone else who was injured as heavily as he was.

“What happened?” The people crowded out, as evidently, he had encountered a huge matter.

“Heavenly Door… The Heavenly Door.” That person was even incapable of speaking clearly. With a frightened look, he continued. “The Heavenly Door of the Lightning Spiritual World… collapsed…”

When his words fell, everyone took in a chilling breath. The Heavenly Door was a definite path a person must cross when ascending from the Lower Realm to the Higher Realm. If the Heavenly Door were to collapse, that would mean the citizens of that world, would no longer be able to ascend.

“How is that possible?” Although the Heavenly Door was termed as a door, it did not have a physical form. What everyone could see was merely a guiding light. That light had never been extinguished since days of old, connecting from one world to another. Only people, who had experienced the ascension lightning tribulation, would appear within that light.

“It’s true!” That injured disciple said. “The guiding light of Lightning Spiritual World, suddenly disappeared.”

The entire crowd sank into silence, and their expressions varied. They could all faintly sense that a huge incident was about to occur.

“Master, what kind of place is the Lightning Spiritual World?” Zhu Yao turned her head.

Only to see the expression on Yu Yan’s face sinking heavier than ever compared to the past. Hearing her query, he turned, looked at her for a moment, and said. “Our cultivation world, is known as the Lightning Spiritual World.”

“What?” Zhu Yao fiercely widened her eyes. “You’re saying, the thing that was destroyed earlier, is our previous world’s path to ascending into a deity?”

Yu Yan nodded. As though he wanted to say something, his expression suddenly turned cold. Hugging onto Zhu Yao, with his flying sword, in a flash, he left the sky above the ravine where they were stationed at earlier.

From within that gigantic ravine, a white light suddenly emitted, charging straight towards the sky. The moment that rays of light appeared, a heavy pressure came assaulting over, instantly spreading towards every corner of the Divine Realm. Among the crowd of people who stopped in the sky earlier, some were unable to flee in time, and thus were engulfed within the white light.

Zhu Yao concentrated her senses, and she couldn’t dare to believe her own eyes. “Master, it’s spiritual pressure!” Those rays of light were actually spiritual energy. Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, the five elemental types of spiritual energy… no, even lightning, wind, and other types of mutated spiritual energy were mixed in them as well. What was going on? This was clearly the Divine Realm, and only divine energy should exist. Why would spiritual energy surge up, and at such density?

The rays of white light came quickly, and left as quickly as well. In less than fifteen minutes, the light began to fade, until it completely disappeared. And the people in the sky that were unable to escape in time earlier, were once again revealed. “My… cultivation rose.” Suddenly, a person exclaimed out, which instantly received several responses from others as well.

“My cultivation rose as well. That white light, instantly increased my cultivation by two levels.”

“Me too.”

“Me too!”

“Just what in the world was that white light?”

“That’s right, it’s actually able to instantly raise cultivation levels?”

“Just where in the world did it come from?”

Everyone looked at each other, and all of them could barely believe their own eyes. Every single person who was enveloped by that white light, suddenly had their cultivation raised. Did no one notice that was spiritual energy?


Yu Yan shook his head at her, and only then did Zhu Yao realize that it was not a good idea to disclose this matter. The reason why she was able to see that it was made of spiritual energy was because of her utterly perverse affinity towards spiritual energy. And anyone who ascended into the Higher Realm, would already have their spiritual veins cleansed by the lightning tribulation. So naturally, no one would be able to sense that it was made of spiritual energy. If everyone knew that spiritual energy would still be effective for  their cultivation, and in such a huge way, then most likely,  they would form groups and head towards the Lower Realm.

“Mistress.” Sesame suddenly popped out from the spiritual monster pouch, and with a dazed expression, it looked at the ravine where the white light was emitted from. “That white light earlier, has your aura.”

What did you say?

“Within that  white  light  earlier,  it  seems  like…  you  were there!”


“How’s that possible?” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded.  She clearly didn’t do anything, so how could she release that white light?

“I’m serious.” Sesame’s ears straightened, and began to look even more dazed. “I really sensed it.”


“Let’s return for now.” Yu Yan’s brows furrowed, as he immediately flew in the direction of Lightning Divine Hall with his flying sword. He flew extremely quickly, to the extent were the surrounding scenery had turned into lined blurs. The hand he was holding Zhu Yao onto had tightened as well, as his expression began to turn even more imposing.

“Master?” Zhu Yao could not help but feel anxious, as she faintly sensed that he must have discovered something. After carefully pondering for a moment, her heart sank. “Has that person discovered us?” To have her master become so tense, other than the person who infiltrated Lightning Divine Hall, there couldn’t be anyone else.

Yu Yan did not answer. He instead pressed Zhu Yao gently against his own chest, and guarded her by his side. Leaning towards her ear, he gently muttered. “Master’s here.”

“…” Zhu Yao could only tightly grip onto his sleeves. Her master had said that person’s cultivation level was higher than his. If a fight were to really happen, he did not have the confidence of absolute victory either. Suddenly, she began to regret not working hard in her cultivation, and currently, she had instead become a liability. “Master, why don’t…” In any case, she couldn’t actually die.

“Nonsense!” Knowing what she was about to say, Yu Yan’s voice instantly turned cold, and it was even faintly carrying suppressed anger. Habitually, he reached out his hand to stroke her head, and sighed. “Be obedient.”

“But… Is it possible to escape?”

Yu Yan  sank  into  silence  for  a  moment.  “Believe  in  your master. It’s definitely possible…”

“Really?” An ice-cold voice rang out, and Yu Yan suddenly stopped.

Not far away in front of them, a black figure stood still in mid- air. There wasn’t a sword beneath his feet, nor were there any divine artifacts. He was simply standing there on empty air, dressed entirely in black, and his pair of hands placed behind his back. He clearly did not emit out any pressure, however, they could still sense that person’s aura.

Lightly sweeping his gaze towards them, Zhu Yao once again felt that bone-piercing chill, as though her heart was about to freeze into ice.

“Sovereign Yu Yan?” He spat out these three words, however, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of emotions in his tone, as though there was completely no meaning in the words he just spoke.

Yu Yan did not reply, instead, he simply frowned.  After staring at the opposing party for a moment, she could feel the seriousness which he had never once displayed before. A moment later, he gently released Zhu Yao from his side.

“What are you trying to do?” Zhu Yao was instantly in a fluster, and she reflexively gripped onto his sleeves. “You’re trying to chase me away?”

“Be obedient!” However, he simply reached out his hand to pat on her head.

“The hell.” Zhu Yao was seemingly about to curse out. Did such a great self-sacrificial event really have to happen at this moment? If he couldn’t beat him one-on-one, then they could attack together. “Don’t even think about it, the one who should leave is you. Even after I die, I can still…”

Before allowing her to finish, without giving a warning, Yu Yan tapped on her forehead. Zhu Yao instantly felt the divine energy in her entire body dispersing, and she returned to a piece of jade the next moment.

“What the hell!”

Yu Yan forcefully threw her to the back, and solemnly said. “Sesame.”

Sesame leapt out from the spiritual beast pouch, and latched onto Zhu Yao, who Yu Yan threw out, with its mouth.

“Sesame, release me!”

Sesame, however, seemed as though it couldn’t hear her, as it continued to fly in the direction of Lightning Divine Hall. While that black-clothed man, as though he was completely unable to see her either, continued to stand at where he was, without making a move.

“Sesame!” You’re rebelling against me!? When was he ever so obedient to her master!?

Zhu Yao became furiously anxious, yet, she was getting further and further away. When she turned to look, she could only see two figures facing each other, in a sky filled with rays of lightning.

“Master!” Suddenly, that black figure, who had been looking at her as a useless object, turned to glance at the direction Zhu Yao left in.

At that moment, Zhu Yao simply felt a large force of pressure charging straight towards her divine sense. She felt as though her entire body was being torn apart by that pressure, and her divine sense was aching with incomparable pain. Even her jade- body was beginning to shatter.

This pressure was…
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