My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 141-150

Chapter141: Master’s IQ Has Logged Off

Zhu Yao felt that she was being played. In these few months, she had experienced the lives of a kitchen knife, brick, barbecue grills, shuttlecock, and other related objects. She was just about to cultivate into a jack-of-all-trades. If she had not been fixed by having divine energy inserted into her occasionally, she would have shattered a long time ago.

However, that sly fox did not have the slightest intention to help her gain a human form. She had not even seen the shadow of the Lightning Abyssal Spring herself. If this continued, forget about gaining a human form, she would be played to death first. In regards to the legend of the ultimate Lightning Abyssal Spring which could aid her in gaining her human form, simply with a twist, lick, dunk, just like ore- Ah pui! She was starting to doubt if it really existed.

Thus, the problem came. Excavation technology- Ah pui!

When she asked herself if it would be faster to die and resurrect, or cultivate a human form…

The answer she came up with was… Dying seemed to be a little easier. “Flip over!” A certain conscientious person used a pair of chopsticks to poke the rock which had already turned a little charred from the grilling.

Zhu Yao flipped over without saying a single  hateful comment. The intense flames under her seared with a sizzling sound, instantly burning her jade-body. While a certain culprit, was currently clamping onto a piece of raw meat, which he then threw onto the jade which was already boiling hot from the heat. In an instant, the aroma of the meat suffused into the air, while the oil flowed around Zhu Yao’s face. Craaack! It was as though she could heard cracking sounds. Crack then,  crack then. If the jade were to crack anymore, she could finally disconnect.

The man who was just about to place down the second piece of meat, momentarily paused his fingers. Glancing at the jade which was especially obedient today, his brows slightly furrowed for a moment. The intent to die actually  sprouted with this rock spirit.

“I say, Blossoming Jade.”

You’re Blossoming Jade. Your entire family is made of Blossoming Jades. “Haah, initially, I had planned on bringing you to  the Lightning Abyssal Spring today to have you gain your human form. But, seeing that these pieces of meat will not be grilled that quickly, I think it’s best if I postpone…”

“Today is fine!” Zhu Yao’s vigor was suddenly increased by a hundred times, and whatever thoughts of disconnecting she had before, had disappeared. So you were planning to bring me there today? Say that earlier.

“But grilling these pieces of meat…”

“No problem, I’m fine.” Wasn’t it just grilling meat? That’s nothing compared to gaining a human form! “Grill them, grill them! Grill a few more pieces. Do you want to add  some cumin?”

The man’s eyes narrowed, as a fine light flashed past his eyes. Without making a sound, he once again picked up a piece of raw meat, and covered Zhu Yao’s face.

The meat grilling operation this time continued for an entire day. In these few days, she had been occasionally inserted with divine energy, and she felt that she was actually developing into a diamond. Her cultivation had accumulated a little as well, at the very least, she was now able to flip her body.

However, she felt that she was given these abilities, all for the sake of a certain person’s convenience. For example, occasionally, he would ask her to flip herself. But, no matter how high her cultivation was, she wouldn’t be able to last an entire day under an intense fire, right? Although as a piece of jade, she could not sense any pain, those constant cracking sounds were something she could hear absolutely clearly.

She was going to disconnect. She’s definitely going to disconnect, right?

Just when Zhu Yao felt that she was unable to hold on any longer, the stack of meat was finally grilled to completion. Fortunately, that sly fox stayed true to his words, and carried her to the backyard. They arrived at the side of a pool which was the size of a well. The pool wasn’t huge, but strangely, the water was purple in color.

And she did not know if it was because he had found a little bit of conscience inside of him, he first healed up the cracks on Zhu Yao’s body. “Remember, you can only get out after ten days.”

“Mn, mn, mn, mn.” Zhu Yao hurriedly responded.

The man loosened his fingers, and with a ‘plop’, Zhu Yao fell into the purple-colored pool. Only at this moment did Zhu Yao understand why this pool was called the Lightning Abyssal Spring. The hell, what’s inside was not water at all, but lightning. Furthermore, the might and strength of each of these bolts were comparable to the heavenly lightning brought forth from ascension tribulation. The dense amount of lightning aura filled her surroundings, as the bolts constantly drilled into jade. She once again heard the crackling sounds, and this time, she was cracking even faster than before. Although she could not feel any pain as a piece of jade, she could not endure it if those lightning bolts came running into her divine sense  region, right?

If she had not made constant contact with lightning spiritual energy in the past, she would basically be unable to endure it. This matter of forcefully absorbing energy was even a little stronger than the spiritual energy turbulence in the past. Zhu Yao thus could only try her best to maintain the rate  of lightning energy which was suddenly pouring into her body, and guide the energy to circulate according to her will. On the first day, Zhu Yao finally controlled the lightning energy in her body.

On the second day, she could already circulate the lightning energy according to her will.

On the third day, her body had begun to stop cracking.

On the fourth day, she began to make progress with her cultivation, and also began to restore her body.

On the fifth day, from a piece of white jade, she turned emerald-green.

On the sixth day, she became an even brighter emerald.

On the seventh day, She had turned into a huge piece of diamond. Zhu Yao suddenly had the imagination of experiencing an hundred and eighty degrees turn in life, and turning into a rich tyrant.

On the eighth day, her body once again began to crack and change.

On the ninth day, her entire body was enveloped by a gentle aura, and she began to transform.

On the tenth day… A chat window appeared before her.

Zhu Yao stared at the window which suddenly appeared, and suddenly had the urge to give Realmspirit a rough beating.

Please set your character’s configuration:

[Female] (Already used) or [Male] (Already used) or [Baby] (Already used) or [Bi-gender] (Can be selected)

The hell, what’s with the ‘Bi-gender’ option at the end? And what’s with the ‘Already used’ next to the first three options? Didn’t that clearly mean that she had to choose the final ‘Bi- gender’ option? Instead of being turned into a demon, she would rather die. Realmspirit, come out here if you dare.

Character’s configuration selection countdown: 10. 9. 8. 7… Hey, hey,  hey,  what’s  with  the  sudden  countdown  timer?
Realmspirit, you’re clearly making a fool out of me.

3. 2. 1. Countdown ended. [Bi-gender] has been automatically selected. Character configuration in progress…

Flips table. Realmspirit, come out here! I guarantee I won’t beat you to death!

A white light flashed in front of her eyes, and Zhu Yao felt as though her vision had instantly turned wide. The scenery which she had thought was still incomparably huge four weeks ago, was currently shrinking little by little. And the shrinking out stopped when the scenery was as huge as it was in her memories.

A clear, gentle breeze blew past. Zhu Yao suddenly felt a slight chill. Only then did she realize that it wasn’t the scenery which shrank, rather, it was her who grew in size. The white aura on her body gradually dissipated. She had successfully gained a human form.

Zhu Yao’s first reaction, was to look downwards in  fear. Phew, it’s alright. There wasn’t anything strange growing below, and her breasts were still intact, though, just like before, they were still lacking in nutrients.

“You actually did it?” The sly fox suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and was currently standing at the other side of the courtyard. Still wearing that slight bewitching smile, he sized her up for a moment, and nodded. “Though it’s a little ugly, the qualifications aren’t bad.”

“Hoho… Thank you.” You’re ugly. Your entire family is ugly.

He walked straight towards her, and seemed to want to pull her up. Suddenly, a huge wind swept past, and a white figure cut in-between them. His cold expression seemed to be frozen solid, and currently, he was staring straight at the person sitting in the pool.

Zhu Yao suddenly had the urge to cry. Master, took you long enough to find me.

“Yu Wang?”

“Your sister’s Desire!” Your sister, your sister, your sister! Why did he remember the name ‘Yu Yao’ when he appeared before the little bitch, but when it came to her, he changed it back to Desire!?

However, Yu Yan heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that this time, she really was his disciple alright. Reaching out his hand, he said. “Follow me back.”

“I say, Little Yan Yan?” A certain person who was cut off earlier, rotated his eyes between the two of them back and forth, as his brows twitched. “Aren’t you going to explain?”

Yu Yan finally turned around to glance at the man, and responded with the same cold tone. “My disciple.”

The man’s expression stiffened, and then, sighed deeply. Clearly, she was the little rock spirit that he picked up, so how did she suddenly become his disciple? Why didn’t he recall any tradition of taking in demon spirits as disciples in the Lightning Divine Hall?

“I say…” However, Yu Yan completely did not have any intentions to explain, as he pulled his disciple up, and left these words. “Hall Master, Yu Yan shall take his leave.”

In an instant, his figure flashed, and in front of him, what’s left was an empty pool.


If you want to take someone away, at the very least, let me finish what I want to say. Where’s your most basic form of respect to the Hall Master?

Yu Yan brought his disciple back to his nest, and only then did his several days of frustration from losing his disciple finally calm down. After seeing her sitting in the Lightning Abyssal Spring, and the aura which still remained after the formation of a body, he could already make a rough guess why he would mistake that woman for her back then.

He stared at her completely foreign-looking face. What’s strange was, after looking for her a moment, her face was no longer a blurred view, rather, it had been directly engraved in the depths of his heart. Among the faces that showed up when he thought of his disciple in his mind, another one was instantly added in. For him to be capable of remembering her face, she was his own disciple alright.

Reaching out his hand to stroke her drenched head, but what he received in response was a pair of very well-concealed rolling eyes. Her eyes showed complete defiance, as though they were saying ‘Do not mess up my hairstyle.’ Yu Yan unhesitatingly pressed on her head, entangling her strands of hair, which were drenched in the first place, from his stroking.

Mn, that’s right. Even her reaction was spot on. She was definitely his disciple.

“Why were you in the Lightning Abyssal Spring?” Yu Yan began his first wave of questions.

Zhu Yao blanked, and instantly, a large wave of flames surged from her chest. “Isn’t it because you mistook that little bitch for me?”

Little bitch? What? Yu Yan blanked for a moment, and suddenly, he recalled that woman who posed as his disciple back then. His expression sank. “She possessed the aura of my divine sense on her body.” It was the divine sense which he had left on his disciple.

“She has it, so you recognized her as me? She had me by her waist, so of course she has the divine sense on her body.” The flames in Zhu Yao’s heart instantly surged up high. Clearly, she knew he wasn’t to blame for this incident, but she just couldn’t suppress her fury. Especially when she recalled when her master treated that woman the same way as her, and that woman’s coy expression, she really wished she could scratch her face.

Looking at his disciple who was gritting her teeth, and was seemingly extremely irritated, Yu Yan sighed. Casually, he cast a Dirt Removal Art on his disciple, and once again stroked her head. “This is your master’s mistake.” Although he did feel the incident was a little strange back then, that strand of divine sense he felt was indeed not fake. Even if that woman was not his own disciple, it was possible that she was related to his disciple in some way. Hence, he brought her back, and planned on clarifying things in the future.

Zhu Yao, however, instantly pulled down his hand, and with a forceful twist of her body, pushed her own master onto the bed behind him. “You think you’re fine just by admitting your mistake? It’s never that simple.” But, Yu Yan’s expression did not change. He simply looked blankly at his own disciple who was smiling  slyly,  as  though being pressed onto the bed by his own disciple was not really a big deal. Mn, in any case, it’s not the first time. He was used to it.

“Master, do you still remember what I said before you ascended? If you dare to fool around with flowers and tender grass, I will castrate you.”

Fool around with flowers and tender grass? Yu Yan blanked for a moment. Frowning, after a while, he replied with a serious look. “The Lightning Divine Hall is filled with  flowers  and grass, if I don’t make contact with them, it’s a little hard.” Especially grass, which he had stepped on quite a bit.

“…” The bundle of fury within Zhu Yao was instantly extinguished completely with a sizzling sound, and she felt as though an illusory voice could be heard.

Your master’s IQ has logged off.

Fooling around with flowers and tender grass: Basically, fooling around with women behind Zhu Yao’s back.

Chapter142: Great Great Grand Master

“That’s not what I mean!” Who would want you to literally fool around with flowers and tender grass!?

Then what did you mean? Yu Yan gave a clueless look.

Zhu Yao felt a little weary in her heart. “Alright, let’s not talk about this topic. Back then, I asked you a question. You said that you will tell me after I have ascended. You can tell me the answer now, right?” Do you like me or not?

“The question back then?” Yu Yan blanked. “You’re talking about… being practitioner-pair companions, is that correct?”

“Right. So, what’s your answer?” Zhu Yao stared intensely at his eyes, with an expression that looked as though she would eat him up if he rejected her.

Yu Yan’s expression, which was still ice-cold from habit earlier, grew slightly red. After a while, he replied. “In regards to this matter… We can talk about it after you have put on some clothes.” “…”

It was initially an interrogation with an intense atmosphere, but it was ended because of her naked body. Zhu Yao felt that even the morals of her next lifetime had been entirely spent. Yet, the person involved did not even have the slightest bit of reaction at all. After pulling out a large bundle of clothes, he even asked her with a calm look. “Do you want pink? White? Or pink and white?” Not only did they come with full sets of inner and outer wears, there were even aprons as well.

Zhu Yao really wanted to pound her fists onto the ground and cry out painfully. What happened to the promise that all men were animals who only think of their lower body? Why was one of them left out?

Because of this ruckus, Zhu Yao lost all of her intensity.

“You’re not allowed to change back into your former state.” Yu Yan pulled away the blanket, dug out the stupid disciple who was buried within and acting dead. Tapping on the core of the jade with the tip of his finger, a pure lightning energy was inserted, forcefully changing the jade back into her  human form. “You have only gained your human form not too long ago. There’s no benefit to your cultivation if you regularly return to your former state.”

Zhu Yao continued to act like a corpse. Her heart had suffered a huge blow, and she did not wish to get up at all.

“Be obedient.” Yu Yan stroked her head, as he glanced at his disciple who was emitting out a dispirited aura. His brows furrowed, as he instantly picked her up from within  the blanket. “Your master shall teach you the  cultivation technique.”

“Oh.” Zhu Yao responded, but she was still unable to garner even the slightest bit of enthusiasm.

It was rare to see his disciple as unenthusiastic as this. Yu Yan was at a slight loss. He faintly sensed that she became this dispirited due to the matters yesterday. Actually, it wasn’t because he did not want to answer her, but…

After hesitating for a moment, he clenched his fists. Then, taking the opportunity, he placed her in his embrace,  and slowly spoke. “Yu… Yao.” “Mn?” Zhu Yao curiously looked up at the certain enlightened person who suddenly took the initiative.

Yu Yan’s expression sank. Looking at the nearing pair of rose- colored lips, he unconsciously pressed towards it. The two lips connected, and unlike the puzzling and numbing feeling he felt before, he felt strangely hungry for more. He could not help but wish to taste it even more.

Zhu Yao was a little muddled. The scenario was developing too fast, and her brain basically could not keep up with the change. She simply felt that dazzling stars were in front of her eyes, as though countless fireworks were being endlessly released at the same time. That was when she felt it was a little hard to breathe…

“Wait… Wait a minute.” Zhu Yao quickly pushed away her master who was evidently still trapped in his lust. “Let me catch my breath.”

Only then did Yu Yan’s eyes looked a little clearer. Seeing his disciple’s lips which were evidently swollen red, the arms which he was embracing her with once again tightened, as he suppressed the urge to press his lips against hers again. After a moment that felt like eternity, he spoke. “Yu… Yao. You have only just gained your human form, and your cultivation level is too far from mine. I’m afraid you might not be able to endure the divine energy in my body, so we must not be anxious in regards to matters regarding us becoming practitioner-pair companions.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao felt a little giddy in her head, and for  a moment, she could not clearly understand what he meant.

However, a little embarrassed, Yu Yan released her. He tried his best to fixate his line of sight right below her forehead, as he did not dare to look at the place which he ravaged earlier. “If you really wish… Ahem, once you have raised your cultivation, naturally, we can do it then. Your master will wait for you.” After saying that, throwing her aside, he headed outside, and his tone had intentionally turned a little colder. “So, shouldn’t you be hurrying to practice the cultivation technique? I will wait for you at the peach blossom garden.”

After saying that, he had already stepped outside. With flying steps, he ran off, as though he was being chased by something behind him.

Zhu Yao: “…” What did he mean?

Only then did Zhu Yao recall what the words he said earlier. Her cultivation level was too poor because she had only just gained her human form, and thus, she could not endure the divine energy in his body? Why did she have to endure the divine energy in his body? He couldn’t have thought of something impure, right? Wait a minute. According to her master’s usual way of interpreting words, then practitioner-pair companions would mean…

Zhu Yao instantly recalled a certain island action film.

Master, come back. Let me explain!

After listening to Yu Yan’s teachings, Yu Yao finally had a certain degree of knowledge towards this new world. After ascending, one still had to cultivate. However, different  from the cultivation world, they would not have to absorb the corresponding spiritual energy to raise their cultivation level. Instead, they had to take in divine energy. However, divine energy was not differentiated by the five elements. Most probably, it was due to the ascension lightning tribulation which eliminated the restrictions of the Spirit Veins, allowing everyone to have the same exact starting point. All Deities who had ascended to the Higher Realm, after a series of cultivation, would still be categorized based on their cultivation level. The poorest was termed Earth Deity, and following after it are Profound Deity, Gold Deity, Heavy Deity, and High Deity respectively.

Her master’s cultivation level was currently at the early stages of Heavy Deity. That person who had made the best use out of her completely, and had helped her gain a human form, was actually a High Deity, who was even more incredible than her master. This point was something Zhu Yao was especially unable to accept. She felt that she was unable to return to the good times when she could stay reckless and arrogant because of her mighty master. Initially, she had thoughts of  frying  a certain someone, yet, the thoughts were shattered by a blow from reality.

“He’s the Hall Master of Lightning Divine Hall. Remember to stay far away from him.” Yu Yan heavily emphasized.

“What’s a Hall Master?” It sounded pretty incredible.

“Naturally, he’s the person who is in charge of the Lightning Divine Hall.” “What!?” The hell, that person was actually  a  manager. “Then, what’s he called?”

Yu Yan was startled, as a hint of confusion flashed past his face. Only after a moment later did he straightened up his expression. “You… can simply call him Hall Master.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Master, be honest. You basically did not remember his name, right?

“Remember, if you do not have any concerning matters, do not head to the Hall.” He’s a bad example for you.

“I understand.” She obviously wouldn’t head up there to seek abuse. With a single glance, it could be seen that demon wasn’t a good person. Furthermore, no matter how it was, he was still her master’s immediate superior, so it’s best for her to be a little modest. “Oh right, master. How many disciples do  our Lightning Divine Hall have?” She had to understand the leadership structure of the Lightning Divine Hall.

Yu Yan frowned, as he pondered for a moment. “Currently, including you… Three!” “Eh!?” She didn’t mishear, right? Master, don’t fool me. “Uh… Master, what you mean is, other than the two of us, in the entire Lightning Divine Hall, the only one left is the Hall Master?”


Mn, my ass. What happened to the promised ‘tall, large, and mighty’? What happened to the promised awesome and overpowered Sect? Furthermore, since there were clearly only three people, why was there a need to choose a Hall Master? Why did she feel this Sect was at the bottom of the barrel? Wait a minute, wasn’t it said that the people of the Lightning Divine Hall were largely comprised of ascended Jade Forest Mountain disciples? Then, other than master, there should still be a large number of old ancestors, right? Where were they?

As though he had sensed her doubts, Yu Yan pointed to the peak of the tall tower. “As long as it’s a disciple of the Lightning Divine Hall, after cultivating to a Heavy Deity, they will cultivate inside the tower. According to legends, a heavenly secret is sealed inside. If it’s comprehended, one can enter the Realm of Gods.”

“Realm of Gods? The God race?” Wasn’t it said that the Gods were all dead?

“The Realm of Gods and the God race are different. The Gods of the God race are of an ancient race.” Yu Yan  explained. “While the Gods of the Realm of Gods, are High Gods of the Heavenly Dao. No one has seen an actual High God. They are people who control the laws of the Heavenly Dao.”

Laws of the Heavenly Dao? They’re so incredible? Then, weren’t they the controllers of the Three Realms?

“Your Grandmaster is also within the tower.”

“Oh, I see.” And here she was wondering why there was only the three of them in this huge Lightning Divine Hall. “Then, what about that Hall Master? Didn’t you say after achieving the cultivation of a Heavy Deity, we will have to enter the tower?” That Hall Master was a High Deity, a level higher than a Heavy Deity, right?

“That’s why, Little Yan Yan should hurry and take over the position of Hall Master, so that I can enter the tower.” Before Yu Yan could answer in time, he was interrupted by a voice filled with seductiveness. After a rain of flower petals, the red- clothed man appeared within the peach blossom forest.

“Hall Master.” Yu Yan called out, however, his tone was freezing cold. Reflexively, he stuffed his disciple, who was by his side, behind him.

“Haah, Little Yan Yan, you’re still so cold, huh.” Yu Jin seemed to have gotten used to his attitude, as he turned his head and glanced at Zhu Yao who was hiding behind him. “I say, Blossoming Jade.”

“Your sister’s Blossoming Jade!” Zhu Yao, who now had someone who could support her, instantly became tougher. She had to firmly reject that name.

The great master Yu Yan, as expected, shifted a step to shield her, hiding his disciple even more thoroughly. With a justifying tone, he corrected. “She’s my personal succeeding disciple, Yu Wang!”

“Your sister’s Desire!” Being called Desire was even worse, all right? Zhu Yao instantly felt irritated. Such a casual naming sense like this, was this a tradition in the Sect? “Stop fooling around!” Yu Yan raised his hand, and once again stuffed his disciple towards his back. Then, he glanced towards the person on the other side. “What is it?” If there are matters, spit them out. If there’s nothing, scram.

“Hah~” Yu Jin let out a heavy sigh. “I say, Little Yan Yan, at the very least, I’m still your senior. Is it really wise for you to be this ruthless?”

“It’s wise.” Yu Yan nodded without a fluster on his face.

Yu Jin’s feet slipped, and he had almost fallen onto  the ground. This Yu Yan actually shamelessly admitted it.

“I will not take over the role of Hall Master.” Yu Yan once again stabbed with another blow.

Finally, Yu Jin could no longer maintain the smile on his face. “This is the order of the Hall Master, you dare to disobey it?”

Yet, the other party unhesitatingly replied. “I dare!” Towards his reply which did not leave the slightest room for negotiations, Yu Jin, however, completely did not look furious at all. Instead, he smiled even more enchantingly. “The role of the Hall Master, has been passed down from generation to generation in the first place. I have waited for a very long time, and it’s time for you take over as well.”

“My master never accepted it.” Yu Yan stabbed with another blow.

“Don’t remind me of that traitor.” Yu Jin seemed to have recalled something, as he finally became irritated. “I was after all, still his grandmaster. I can forget about him not obediently taking over the role of Hall Master, but he even silently entered the tower behind my back. Otherwise, why would I need to look for you?”

Historically, the disciples of the Lightning Divine Hall would all enter the Lightning Divine Tower to comprehend the laws of ascending to godhood. However, it was impossible to leave the huge Lightning Divine Hall unattended, hence, they would always leave one person to manage the place. This person would thus be the Hall Master. Initially, it had been well passed down generation by generation, yet, an irregularity occurred when it came into his hands. Firstly, a complication arose during his disciple’s ascension. He had no choice but to send him into the tower, in hopes that his own master could save his disciple. However, who would have known that after he placed his disciple into the tower, he would never come out?

And after that, his grand-disciple ascended as well. He was a very obedient disciple, and was usually very respectful towards him. Just as he was about to hand over the role of Hall Master to him, who would have figured that right after cultivating into a Heavy Deity, he had actually quietly ran into the tower himself, causing Yu Jin to simply yearned for nothing all these years.

And right after, it’s this Yu Yan. This person actually did not have any intentions to enter the tower, but even between life and death, he simply wouldn’t take over the position.

“In regards to being the Hall Master, it’s not up to you to decide.”

It’s best for you guys not to know.

Chapter143: Guest Of Lightning Divine Hall

Yu Yan did not reply, instead, with a twist of his palm,  a divine sword appeared in his hand.

Eh? What’s happening? Zhu Yao was a little confused.

Yet, Yu Jin seemed to have expected it. A smiling intent surfaced at the corner of his lips, as he summoned his divine sword as well.

In an instant, two shadows flashed, and their figures could no longer be seen.

In the layers of lightning clouds away from the Lightning Divine Hall, two figures were currently engaged in an intense battle. In an instant, rays of lightning greatly flashed, explosive thunders constantly roared, and there were even couple of lightning bolts flying towards the forest at the bottom.

Zhu Yao was a little speechless. Was it really alright to act like that? At the very least, they’re still members of the same Sect right? If her guess was correct, then that Hall Master should be the grandmaster of her grandmaster, right!? Master, are you trying to destroy the Sect? Seeing how they were used to it, and had already known to fly out of the radius of the Lightning Divine Hall, evidently, this was not the first time they had exchanged blows.

Zhu Yao finally realized who the Hall Master was fighting so flashily and loudly on the day he picked her up.

In the beginning, she was a little worried for her master. After all, the difference in cultivation level between the two of them was an entire stage. So, she anxiously stared at the two faraway figures, afraid that her master would be at a disadvantage. However, after looking for a while, nothing serious seemed to be happening, though her neck was beginning to ache from looking upwards. This battle of theirs lasted for an entire day. In the end, unconsciously, Zhu Yao slept while watching them. When she woke up, she found herself on the bed in her house. It seemed like after finishing his fight, her master casually brought her back into her house.

Ever since then, Yu Jin would often head down the mountain. Every single time, he only had a single goal, and that was to have Yu Yan take over the role of Hall Master. Threats, temptations, lies, he never ran out of tricks to do so. However, that certain person simply did not give in to any of them. In conclusion, as they were unable to see eye to eye, they would always end up fighting.

Zhu Yao, who was initially afraid and worried, became calm and easy-going at the end. Currently, when she saw the two of them fighting, she would simply continue with what she was doing. Occasionally, when she was bored, she would move a stool over to the courtyard, and sit there with her movie- watching mode activated. Mn, if only she could have some watermelon to bite on, that would be perfect.

“Little little grand disciple.” With a wavy smile, Yu Jin walked over.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Great great grandmaster.”

“Hoho, at least Blossom… Yu Yao understands the rules.” As he received Zhu Yao’s murderous gaze, Yu Jin had no choice but to swallow his earlier way of addressing her. Haah, as he thought, she was much cuter when she was just a piece of jade. “Why don’t you help me persuade your master to accept the position of Hall Master? After all, I did help you gain a human form. You couldn’t have forgotten about it, right?” “How could I forget?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched again. The days of her being used to grill meat, and supporting the bed’s leg. “I remember it. Very. Very. Clearly.”

Yu Jin blanked, as though he had recalled those matters back then as well. A hint of awkwardness flashed past his face, as he concealed himself with a few coughs. “Kuh kuh. Little Yu Yao, currently, your master isn’t in a hurry to enter the tower. Since he’s idling around, why don’t he accept this role? Furthermore, the identity of the one and only Hall Master of the Lightning Divine Hall is noble and mighty. Not a single person in  the entire Divine Realm can compare to the person holding this title. I’m actually willing to hand over a position like this to your master, isn’t that a great matter?”

“I have to thank you then.” If it’s really that good, then why don’t you continue to hold that position? “You can speak about this matter with my master directly.”

She finally understood why her master was not staying in the great palace at the peak of the mountain, and instead, was staying at the foot of this mountain. He was simply irritated by this Hall Master.

“Child, if your master is willing to listen to me, why would I look for you?”

“He wouldn’t listen to me either.” She was his disciple, not his master.

“He will, he will.” Yu Jin’s face was filled with joy, as he once again approached closer. “You’re his personal succeeding disciple, so naturally, he will listen to you.”

“But you’re his personal preceding great grandmaster as well.” If they had to compare authorities, his was much higher than hers.

“That’s different. Your master has not entered the Lightning Divine Tower for so many years, most definitely, it’s because he was waiting for you to ascend. Looking at this point, as his disciple, you are of great importance to him. Currently,  you have yet to officially begin cultivating, so naturally, he would have to spend time guiding you. In any case, since he’s not entering the tower for a while, wouldn’t taking up the position of Hall Master be killing two birds with one stone?” His face was filled with the ‘I’m doing it for your own good’ expression.

“I believe in master’s arrangements.” Seeing that she wasn’t budging, Yu Jin once again added. “Seeing that we have a relationship on the same bed, how can little little grand disciple be so heartless?”

Zhu Yao stood right up. “What same bed? The one lying on the bed was you. I was the one supporting the bed.”

“Don’t mind the small details.” Yu Jin smiled especially shamelessly. “Furthermore, your master’s Hall Master position will still be handed to you sooner or later. If your master accepts it now, you can prepare yourself sooner as…” He suddenly paused, as though he had thought of something. His eyes momentarily glowed, as he turned around and stared intensely at her. His smile became even more wavy.

“What are you planning?” Why was he smiling so strangely?

“Little little  grand  disciple…”  Yu  Jin  suddenly  approached very closely, and his pair of peach blossom eyes seemed to have narrowed into thin lines. “Do you wish to become the  Hall Master?”

“No, I don’t.” “Don’t worry, if you don’t wish to become one now, you can always change your mind!”


“Come, follow me to the hall. I will hand you the Hall Master Seal.” Yu Jin basically did not have the intentions of allowing her to choose, as he grabbed onto Zhu Yao, and flew straight towards the peak of the mountain.

In regards to such a forceful action, Zhu Yao had no choice but to summon the ultimate guardian beast.

“Master…” There’s a strange uncle here trying to steal your disciple.

A white light flashed, and a certain Hall Master was  once again cut off halfway towards the mountain peak. The two figures once again fought intensely. As the one and only remaining survivor, Zhu Yao immediately returned to her home and pulled out a stool. After finding a position with the best view, she began spectating. Mn, let’s have master make some spicy glutens next time. In this battle, they fought for exactly six hours. Compared to the previous shortest battle in these few months, it was even shorter by four hours. The reason why the battle ended prematurely, was because someone came during their fight. Wearing a blue-colored gown, that person flew on his sword, carrying a valiant aura.

Not just that, he was very polite as well. Following the rules, he stayed outside the Lightning Divine Hall, where the layers of lightning formations were. Then, with an imposing tone, he began to announce with a loud and clear voice.

“Emissary of Advent Cloud Hall from the East, requests an audience with Lightning Divine Hall… Aiya…”

Before he could even finish, he was unfortunately struck down from the skies of the Lightning Divine Hall by the stray bullets… no, stray lightning bolts thrown by the two people. In the skies, his loud, clear, and imposing voice continued to echo.

“Aiya… ya… ya… ya…” His voice continued to spread, and spread even further.

Not a moment later, Zhu Yao simply heard a loud boink. A very fresh charred corpse, which was emitting out a nice grilled scent, fell right in front of her.

Zhu Yao: …

Yu Jin: …

Yu Yan: …

“Kuh kuh…” Yu Jin finally stopped, and a  hint  of awkwardness flashed past his face. With a disguising tone, he said. “Little little grand disciple, this person seems to have come from the Advent Cloud Hall. I will have you deal with him then. When he wakes up, bring him over to the hall to have an audience with this Hall Master.” After saying that, he turned around, and flew away.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. You piece of responsibility avoiding bitch.

“Master.” Zhu Yao had no choice but to look towards Yu Yan with a pleading look. Yu Yan glanced at the charred corpse on the ground, casually pulled his own disciple towards the house, and left these two words. “Not dead.”

Only then did Zhu Yao heave a sigh of relief. But to leave him aside like this, was it really alright?

This incident had proved that the so-called Deities did indeed possess the physique of a cockroach. On the second day, that unmoving corpse with was completely charred black, woke up by himself. Not only was his injuries healed, even his clothes had been changed to a new set.

The little one respectfully bowed towards her, and his voice was still as clear as before. “Fellow Deity, might if I ask if this is the Lightning Divine Hall?”

“Uh… yes.” Zhu Yao responded. He couldn’t want to have her settle the score, right?

A hint of joy invaded the little one’s face. “Then, might if I ask why was I unconscious on the ground?” Here it comes. Zhu Yao pointed to the sky. “You were struck by the heavenly lightning bolts, so…” Everything was caused by that sly fox, it’s unrelated with her master.

“I see.” The little one raised his head, glanced at the lightning clouds that enveloped the surroundings, and said with praise. “As expected of the Lightning Divine Hall, the Mountain Barrier Formation is especially sophisticated. Even though I was standing outside the formation, I was still struck by it.”

Zhu Yao stared with widened eyes. He couldn’t be thinking that the lightning bolts that struck him were caused by the lightning formation outside, right? Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and said with a stern look. “Yes, you were injured by the formation.” Please look at my sincere eyes. “But, fortunately, it was not a serious matter. In the future, please be mindful not to casually approach it, dear.”

“Thank you for your reminder, fellow Deity.”


The little one gave her an extremely grateful smile, and only then did he recall of the matters he was here for. “I believe fellow Deity must be a disciple of the Lightning Divine Hall. This one is named Miao Lin, the emissary of the Advent Cloud Hall from the East. Under the instructions of our Patriarch, I have a matter which requires the audience of the Hall Master for. Might if I ask if fellow Deity could pass along this message.”

“So it’s Deity Miao Lin.” Zhu Yao replied with a courteous smile. “Hall Master has instructed me that once fellow Deity has woken up, I am to lead fellow Deity to meet with him directly.”

“The Hall Master has actually long known that I’m here?” Miao Lin’s eyes shone with a worshiping light. “As I thought, he possesses heavenly foresight.”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Young one, you’re too naïve.
The person who injured you was exactly that bitch.

“Then, I will have to trouble fellow Deity.”

Zhu Yao turned around, and waved her hands at the person sitting at the courtyard. “Master, I’m sending him to the hall at the peak. I will be back immediately.” Only then did Miao Lin realize that there was another person sitting at the courtyard not far away from them. When he looked over, he was secretly a little startled. That person was actually a Heavy Deity, and the imposing aura being emitted from his body was frightening.

Hearing his disciple’s words, Yu Yan frowned. Raising his head, he looked towards the man next to his disciple, stared intensely at him for a moment, before giving a light response. “Mn.” After pondering for a moment, he added. “Return early.” After saying that, he continued to stare at the person next to her.

Miao Lin, however, was drenched in cold sweat from his stare. Was it just his imagination? Why did he feel that this Heavy Deity seemed to have some sort of objection against him? He was clearly only here to pass a message, and had not offended him in any way, right?

Bringing along Miao Lin, Zhu Yao headed directly towards the hall at the mountain peak through the teleportation formation at the foot of the mountain. However, she did not see that Yu Jin anywhere. Zhu Yao could not just throw Miao Lin aside without tending to him either, so she had no choice but to wait with him. But, they sat for exactly four hours, yet, not even the shadow of the sly fox could be seen. “Deity Yu, I wonder if it’s because the Hall Master is busy with some matters, so…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Busy? When it came to that person, at this hour, he was most probably… sleeping!

“Deity Miao, please wait a moment. I will head inside to call him over.”

After informing him as such, Zhu Yao turned and headed towards the back of the hall. In an instant, she kicked open a certain door.

“Yo, little little grand disciple, why have you come? Have you thought it through, and changed your mind in becoming the Hall Master?” Yu Jin sat right up from the bed half-dressed, as he waved his hands at Zhu Yao, calling her over. “Come, come, come. Grandmaster here will cast the seal on you. It will be done very quickly, without the slightest bit of pain.”

Chapter144: Stagnating Cultivation

In an instant, Zhu Yao sensed that this was a bad idea, as she turned around and tried to flee. But, with a simple twist of his finger, Yu Jin rooted her to the ground. In a flash, he stood right in front of her.

“What are you trying to do, grand…” Zhu Yao wanted to shout out, however, with a gentle wave of his sleeves, she could no longer speak either.

Yu Jin gave a sly smile. The hell, this bastard was doing it on purpose. Her master did not agree to accepting the Hall Master position, so he changed his point of target to her. This savage beast.

“Don’t be afraid. I will simply be inserting a divine imprint. It won’t hurt at all.” A lightning glow flashed in his hand, and then, a strand of flashing red light tangled itself between his fingers.

It’s even stranger for such a strong might and pressure to not hurt, right!? It’s only been a few months since she entered the Lightning Divine Hall, and he’s handing over the role of Hall Master to her just like that? Did he have to play it this way? If she had known of this, she wouldn’t have brought Miao Lin over here.

Yu Jin raised the hand covered in lightning glow, stretched out two fingers, and tapped them on the center of Zhu Yao’s forehead, directly inserting the divine imprint into Zhu Yao’s body. Before he could even let go, a complication suddenly arose, as the divine imprint was instantly reflected back.

“Eh? You have another divine sense imprint in your body?” Yu Jin blanked, and his face was filled with disappointment. In an instant, as though he had recalled something, he sized Zhu Yao up for a moment. Then, he powerlessly said. “So you’re really Yu Yan’s personal succeeding disciple, huh?”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes back at him. Who else could she be?

“Haah, forget it!” Yu Jin heaved a long sigh, and removed the stationary spell on Zhu Yao. The Hall Master’s divine imprint was a divine sense-related imprint, and everyone could only possess a single type of divine sense imprint in their bodies. Initially, he had thought that his little little grand disciple was merely a rock spirit. Even if she was Yu Yan’s disciple, she would simply be a regular disciple, and would not have the personal succeeding disciple imprint on her. Who would have known… He had miscalculated. When this strand of  divine sense was planted, only the owner of the divine sense could remove it. In other words, unless Yu Yan came over to remove it, he shouldn’t even think about imprinting the Hall Master’s mark on Zhu Yao. Once again, he sized Zhu Yao up. “I say, little little grand disciple, why did your master take in a rock spirit as his personal succeeding disciple?” And before this,  she shouldn’t have gained her human form yet, right?

“That’s none of your business!” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “My master has great eyes for people, that’s why, among the sea of people, out of the millions of disciples, he chose…”

“This piece of rock.” Yu Jin continued in her stead.

“…” Can you not bring that up?

“Enough. Let’s head over to that Advent Cloud Hall’s emissary.” Yu Jin, who failed in his assassination, walked towards to the front of the hall with a disappointed look. Zhu Yao had no choice but to follow after him. Hmph, once I return, I will report this to master. Miao Lin, however, was waiting rather patiently in the great hall. When he sensed that people were approaching, he turned around. With a joyful look, he started walking towards the direction of the two people from afar. “Miao Lin of Advent Cloud Hall, greets High Deity Yu Jin.”

“Mn.” Yu Jin lightly responded. Compared to the previous happy and easy-going look, his current response was filled with unspeakable might and dominance. Even Zhu Yao could not hide her curiosity, and looked over.

Only to see a white figure walking past her. He stepped into the hall, and sat on the highest seat. White brows, white beard, and white clothes. Though he looked over seventy and beyond his prime, he was filled with unspeakable majesty, causing people to look up in awe.

This person… Who the heck is he?

“Hall Master.” Miao Lin, however, looked as  though everything was normal, as he respectfully reported to him. “The reason our Patriarch sent me over this time, is in regards to the name list of the Grand Mystic Assembly.” Zhu Yao blanked, and only then did she glance over to that foreign-looking old man at the center. No matter how dumb one was, he would still be able to see that the old man was Yu Jin. Why did he have to change himself to an old man? Was he bored?

Zhu Yao was unclear when Miao Lin left, but Yu Jin had not harassed the two of them for several days straight. Most probably, it was related to that Grand Mystic Assembly or whatever which Miao Lin brought up.

In regards to why Yu Jin wanted to transform into a white- haired old man, Zhu Yao had asked about this as well.

Yu Jin smiled especially complacently, and he replied with an exceptionally justifying tone. “If I don’t transform to  look  a little aged, how will I be able to express the imposing spirit of the Hall Master of Lightning Divine Hall?”

Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment. Indeed, with that old man look of his, it was rather intimidating.

“Furthermore.” Yu Jin added. “If I were to address others with my former appearance, I will definitely look much younger than the Master of Advent Cloud Hall. Then, how will I be able to scold him, and lead him by the nose with the identity as his elder?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. As expected, it being all about might and spirit was all a lie. You simply become old for the convenience of scolding others, right?

Yu Jin did not think it was shameful; instead, he was proud of it. “Haah, human nature is ugly. Hence, as the  Hall  Master, there will always be such uncomfortable days every year.”

“…” You’re treating the Hall Master as an auntie?

Since the annoying Hall Master had not been coming, Yu Yan began to attentively impart Zhu Yao with divine arts. As a jade spirit, which had even gained its human form with the aid of the Lightning Abyssal Spring, Zhu Yao’s foundation was not stable, hence, she had no choice but to start cultivating from scratch.

Her master said that the cultivation in the Higher Realm completely depended on divine energy. Cultivation was no longer separated by the five elements, and all living things with spiritual consciousness raise their cultivation level by absorbing divine energy.

Back then, Zhu Yao had a slight sense for absorbing divine energy, so, to her, it was not really a difficult task. However, after meditating for exactly a month, the divine energy in Zhu Yao’s body was still pitifully little. With her current cultivation level, she could not even be considered an Earth Deity.

In regards to the bug she needed to fix this time, even till now, she still did not know who it was. Zhu Yao was a little anxious, as she faintly sensed that the bug this time wasn’t that simple. After all, this place was the Divine Realm. Seeing that she was not making much progress with her cultivation, she was a little worried.

“Calm your inner heart, circulate the energy into your Zhoutian.” Looking at his disciple who was evidently out of sorts, Yu Yan spoke out to remind her.

“It’s still the same.” Zhu Yao instantly turned dispirited, as she let out a long sigh. “Master, why is my divine energy absorption rate so slow?” It had already been more than four months. Forget about making progress in her cultivation, instead, she felt that the divine energy in her body was becoming weaker.

Yu Yan frowned. He had naturally sensed the situation surrounding his disciple as well. It’s just that he did not know of the reason either. Theoretically speaking, his disciple’s aptitude was not considered poor. Looking at the speed of her human transformation, it was rather rare to see a spirit gaining its human form in the Lightning Abyssal Spring in just ten days. However, ever since she had gained her human form, her cultivation had stagnated. It was as though the divine energy in her body had reached a saturated state, so no matter how she was to absorb even more, the amount of divine energy would not be able to increase.

“Are there any irregularities in your Dantian?”

Zhu Yao carefully sensed for a moment, and shook her head. “None.” The amount of divine energy in Dantian was pitifully little.

Yu Yan inspected her pulse, and thoroughly checked the meridians in her body. Her meridians were wide and large, without the slightest bit of irregularity. Theoretically speaking, this should be the most perfect aptitude one could have. Then, what in the world was the reason? “Master, I wouldn’t be a jade spirit all my life, right?” In the Divine Realm, the number of figures at the Earth Deity level was the least as well. If this continued, she would simply be cannon fodder at every given moment! Let’s forget about fixing the bug as well.

Yu Yan pondered deeply for a moment, before grabbing onto her hand. “Let’s try again.” After saying that, he sent a strand of divine energy into her. Zhu Yao concentrated, and as usual, she guided that strand of energy into her Dantian. However, that strand of divine energy became weaker as it flowed. Before it could even enter her Dantian, it had completely dispersed.

“Master…” Just what the hell was going on?

“I have never seen such a situation either.” Divine energy that had already entered one’s body could actually disappear. It was really rarely seen. “For now, first practice in the various divine arts. After the Grand Mystic Assembly, I will bring you into the tower.”

“Tower?” Zhu Yao raised her head towards the Lightning Divine Tower, which was as tall as the sky, at the peak of the mountain. Yu Yan stroked her head. “When the time comes, we can ask my master if he had seen such a situation before.”

“Oh.” So he’s calling for reinforcements. Zhu Yao was silent for a moment, before she continued to ask. “What’s the Grand Mystic Assembly?” That unfortunate Miao Lin seemed to have come for this matter as well.

“The Grand Mystic Assembly is held once every ten thousand years. It’s the day to discuss who shall be selected to enter the tower.” Yu Yan explained.

“Enter the tower? Aren’t Lightning Divine Hall disciples the only ones able to enter the tower?”

Yu Yan shook his head. “There are four great continents in the Divine Realm. There are countless Deities, while the Lightning Divine Hall is the one and only path to godhood in the Divine Realm. So naturally, not only Lightning Divine Hall disciples are entitled to enter.” However, only the mark of the Lightning Divine Hall Master could activate the  Lightning Divine Tower. “Every ten thousand years, the Divine Realm will conduct a Grand Mystic Assembly. The High Deities of the four great continents will be qualified to enter the tower to face the trials of godhood.” “Wasn’t the cultivation of a Heavy Deity enough to enter the tower?”

“Countless savage beasts roam the tower, and it is filled with tribulation lightning bolts. Other than the disciples of Lightning Divine Hall who cultivate in the arts of lightning, it’s difficult for other people to sustain themselves. Disregarding the godhood trials, I’m afraid they might even fall in the lower ten floors. Hence, Lightning Divine Hall disciples can enter the tower as Heavy Deities, while others have to be High Deities.”

So that’s the case. “Why is there a need for a selection? Can’t they directly enter the tower after achieving the corresponding cultivation level?”

“Only five people can enter every time the tower is opened.”

“Only five?” No wonder. It seemed like this so-called Grand Mystic Assembly, was actually a one-time opportunity in the Divine Realm to rise to greater heights. “Then, after entering the tower, are we not able to return?”

“If it’s the lower ten floors, we will still be able to freely enter and exit the tower. After the tenth floor, there will no longer be opportunities to exit the tower. We will only be able to progress towards the Dao wholeheartedly. Either we turn into Gods, or we fall.”

“Deities can die as well?”

“Deities indeed possess longevity, but it’s not that we can’t die.” The number of Deities dying due to battles, personal feuds, cultivation, and treasure-hunting had long been countless.

Zhu Yao raised her head, looking towards the sky-piercing tower. “Then, are there really people who become Gods?”

Yu Yan was silent for a moment, before he slowly said. “It is unknown to everyone. People who have turned into Gods, have detached themselves from the six paths and are no longer influenced by the five elements. No one knows what a true God looks like.”

Zhu Yao momentarily felt a strange sensation surging from the depths of her heart. After heading above the tenth floor, people could no longer turn back. Could this completely unretreatable, and one-way path really turn one into a God? After becoming a Deity, one would already be bestowed with endless longevity in the first place, so why must they become Gods?

After understanding what the Grand Mystic Assembly was, the Lightning Divine Hall had evidently become bustling. Usually, other than her master and Hall Master, no other living beings could be seen. However, as though in a single night, a large number of disciples had appeared in the Lightning Divine Hall out of nowhere.

Men, women, young and old. There were so many of them, it would soon reach an uncountable number. Zhu Yao even suspected if she had actually resurrected and gone to a different map.

Though everyone’s clothes were different, every single of their sleeves were embroidered with a lightning cloud insignia. This insignia was embroidered on her clothes as well.

Just where did all these Lightning Divine Hall disciples pop out from? What happened to only having three people?

Zhu Yao was extremely puzzled, until one day, when she was practicing her divine arts, one of her lightning ball struck a blue-clothed disciple who was sweeping the floor then. That disciple was instantly set ablaze.

Zhu Yao was given a shock, as she hurriedly extinguished the flames. However, what she saw was a piece of burnt paper falling onto the ground. When she picked the paper up, she saw a single word was written on it.


Uh… The hell was with this sweeper thing?

“I say, little little grand disciple, do not play with lightning, alright? Wouldn’t it be bad if you struck someone?” Yu Jin suddenly popped out of nowhere as well. Taking the piece of paper off Zhu Yao’s hands, he reached out his hand to cast an art, and in an instant, the piece of paper once again turned back into the blue-clothed disciple earlier. Other than having a bundle of burnt hair, the rest of him had returned to normal. Without speaking a single word, he picked up the broom that fell onto the ground, and continued to sweep.

“…” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. Yu Jin, however, had already turned and left. As he walked, like scattering dollar notes, he threw pieces of talismans everywhere. And when those talismans landed on the ground, they turned into varied-looking disciples. As though they had received some sort of command, they turned around and went to work on their own tasks.

Talismans could actually be used this way as well? How did she not know about it?

Chapter145: Tower Sports Meet

The “Grand Mystic Assembly” had finally begun. In the early morning, Zhu Yao had already sensed many foreign presences in the surroundings of the Lightning Divine Hall. Initially, she had planned on continuing to stay and hide in her own home. However, she was forcefully dug out by Yu Jin’s forceful attitude, and was pulled to the great hall to help keep appearances.

The Lightning Divine Hall was referred to as the most mysterious organization in the Divine Realm, and no one knew exactly how many disciples were in it either. Furthermore, they did not easily head down the mountain, so, no one knew that there were actually only three people in the Lightning Divine Hall. While those paper-people that filled the mountain, were all made by Yu Jin to keep appearances as well. They were a type of talisman envoy, which possessed a little amount of spiritual consciousness. If not struck by lightning, they would not revert to their original forms, so they could not be seen through easily.

But, after all, the mountain gate only opened once every ten thousand years, and if only expressionless people were standing next to the one and only Hall Master’s side, no matter how real they were, it would still be possible to be seen through. Hence, Zhu Yao and her master were dragged along as reinforcements. The people from the various continents had all arrived early, and they had been waiting outside the lightning formation for a long time. The formation set outside the Lightning Divine Hall was the Nine Revolving Five Elemental Lightning Formation, and its might was limitless. Even if it’s a High Deity, he would not be able to enter unscathed from the outside. Usually, this formation gate was closed, and only Yu Jin and Yu Yan would occasionally open it for their battles.

After Yu Jin instructed a few words to the two people, he opened the formation gate.

The lightning clouds that surrounded the Lightning Divine Hall gradually scattered, revealing a large gathering of people outside. After a careful look, there were a total of five different groups of people bundling together up in the sky. Every single group was taking a distance from each other, and unexpectedly, there was no form of communication between them, let alone any forms of greeting for each other. It seemed like the relationships between these people, were not exactly really good. But… Wasn’t it said that there were only four continents? Why were there five groups?

Yu Jin once again activated his actor mode, and changed into his business look – The old man face. The Nine Revolving Five Elemental Lightning Formation had completely scattered, yet, not a single one of the five groups in the sky moved. They simply quietly floated in the air.

Yu Jin glanced at the pink-clothed disciple, which was formed by a talisman, standing at the side, and calmly said. “Come in.”

The pink-clothed disciple nodded. Then, she raised her head towards the sky, and shouted. “Calling upon Advent Cloud Hall from the East.”

Her voice was extremely loud, from how it echoed throughout the entire sky, it could be seen that it carried divine energy. In the sky, which was still quiet earlier, the group of people at the extreme right slowly flew towards the great hall. And here she was wondering what was wrong, so they were only allowed to enter when their names were called?

That group of people had about ten people, and they had uniform clothes and hair ornaments. Even their expressions were uniformly stern. Not to mention, in the crowd, there was even someone holding a flag-pole, and that flag was embroidered with a lifelike green dragon insignia.

Zhu Yao  suddenly  felt  that  this  was  similar  to  a  group  of players entering the venue of a sports competition. Unconsciously, opening introductions rang in her ears.

The ones walking towards us from the other side is the representative team of Advent Cloud Hall. The Advent Cloud Hall representative team is a well-trained team, and they are filled with great concentration. With imposing and uniform appearances, walking with powerful and sonorous steps, they carry the striking symbol of their team, the “Green Dragon”, high and proud. Their vigor and faith of absolute victory could be greatly felt from the all around the stadium. With  their vision of “Godhood Number One, Friendship is Shit”, they promote the spirit of “seeking to prevail over all others”, and they progress towards their goal of “Higher, Stronger, and Act Cooler”.

“Calling upon Vermillion Extent Peak from the South.”

Immediately following behind them is the representative team of Chu Extent Peak. The Chu Extent Peak representative team consists of the combination of athleticism and beauty. Using their own knowledge and hard work, in the stage of godhood, they demonstrated their tenacious spirit and youthful zeal. Currently, with neat steps, strong and healthy physiques, and fine spirits, they have proven their courage and strength to obtain absolute victory. “Calling upon Fluorescent Wind Sect of the North.”

Following after the call from the announcer, in an organized manner, the Fluorescent Wind Sect representative team is walking towards the competition venue. Both majestic and elegant, in that mere instant, it’s as though a tossed stone has raised a thousand ripples, with each ripple larger than the one before. Look, the representative team of the Fluorescent Wind Sect has arrived! With their well-ironed school uniform, and their supple footsteps, we can sense the unlimited amount of energy coming from them. We can see… hope!

“Calling upon Soaring Spell Hall from the West.”

Coming up next we have the representative team of Soaring Spell Hall from the West. Every single one of the members of Soaring Spell Hall is filled with confidence and determination to struggle on the stage with all their might, in order to display their best to obtain the right to godhood, and to display their best to act cool and strong. They are demonstrating their graceful demeanor, in order to gain even more glory for the Soaring Spell Hall. They strongly believe that with hard work, they can become Gods!

“Calling upon Scatter Alas Court.” Coming up last onto the stage is the Scatter Alas Court representative team. Scatter Alas Court… Alright, she couldn’t make up anything else.

After entering, in a mere moment, the great hall which was initially spacious and empty, was instantly filled with people. Yu Jin was still carrying that almighty-like expression. With his two hands behind his back, the corner of his eyes lightly swept through everyone on-site.

Unexpectedly, not a single person revealed the slightest hint of dissatisfaction.

Instead, those various Patriarchs, Sect Masters and Court Masters who came to enter the tower, neatly stepped forward, and respectfully greeted Yu Jin in a junior-like manner. “Greetings, Hall Master.”

Yu Jin still maintained that lofty posture of facing forty five degrees towards the sky, leaving the five people at an angle where they could see his nostrils. A moment later, he lightly responded. “Mn.” What’s acting cool? This, right here.

“Are there  any  changes  to  the  people  entering  the  tower among you?”

The five people glanced at each other, yet, none of them replied. A moment later, the Sect Master of Soaring Spell Hall stood up. “The five of us have already prepared ourselves to enter the tower, and there are no changes to the arrangement.”

Yu Jin swept a glance at the five leading figures, and did not say another word. Turning around, he headed towards the direction of the Lightning Divine Tower. “Those entering the tower, come. The rest shall stay.” After saying that, his figure flashed, and he disappeared from sight. He completely did not have any intentions to wait for the five people.

The five people however, seemed to have been used to it. They were not in a rush to chase after him, instead, they turned around and instructed their disciples behind them. They were after all the controllers of great lands. Since they had already decided to step into the path of godhood, they naturally would not return. Hence, the people they were instructing were naturally the successors who were taking over their positions.

Only the Sect Master of Fluorescent Wind Sect was different, as he instead, had walked towards a woman. And it was unclear what he said, but that woman’s face seemed to be stained with tears. It seemed like she was his practitioner-pair companion. Zhu Yao frowned, and was a little uncomfortable.  Was becoming a God so important that he could even throw aside his wife?

Zhu Yao did not watch the scene for too long. After all, he was only here today to help keep appearances for Yu Jin. After glancing for a few more moments, she was pulled towards the front of the Lightning Divine Tower by Yu Yan.

The white-haired Yu Jin, who was carrying a business-like expression, was already standing in front of the tower.

This was the first time Zhu Yao was seeing the Lightning Divine Tower in the truest sense. After approaching it, she found out that the tower was not just tall, but was illogically huge as well. With a single glance, the bottom of the tower had occupied more than half of the mountain peak. The entire structure was enveloped by a red lightning glow. It was unknown what its surface was made of. It was as pure-white as a jade, and occasionally, it would even emit out a rainbow-colored light. As though it was alive, when the lightning glow glided past, round ripples oscillated on the tower’s surface.

Raising her head, she looked at this mysterious tower, and suddenly, she felt a strange sensation. Her chest became a little stuffy, and even her breathing had turned unstable. She took a deep breath, trying to suppress that strange sensation, however, it instead turned even more serious.

The five people entering the tower finally arrived. The moment they descended onto the ground, they once again bowed towards Yu Jin. “Sorry to trouble Hall Master for the long wait. We can now enter the tower.”

Yu Jin however did not reply, he simply concentrated and circulated his divine energy. At the center of his forehead, three rhombus-shaped marks appeared. After forming a seal with a single hand, he constantly chanted a long incantation. The words he spoke seemed to have gained physical forms, as they flew towards the white-colored tower surface. Slowly, they formed a gigantic formation.

Yu Jin furrowed his brows, and a red lightning radiance shone in the palm of his hand. With a deep tone, he shouted. “Activate!”

The entire Lightning Divine Tower shook, and the Lightning Divine Tower was opened. Zhu Yao had thought that the so-called opening of the tower, was to activate a door on the tower surface. Who would have known that it would open from top to bottom? The place where the entire Lightning Divine Tower was connected to the ground neatly broke apart, and it floated towards the top, as though the entire structure was sliced. The body of the tower however, did not receive the slightest bit of influence.

This scene which had evidently defied the laws of gravity, had dumbfounded the earthling Zhu Yao. However, she felt the dull pain in her chest growing even more serious.

The white-colored tower, which had been opened, rose upwards. The place, where the opened space was, was simply filled with a smooth rainbow-colored radiance, yet, the scenery inside could not be seen in the slightest.

“Enter the tower then.” Yu Jin lightly said.

The eyes of the five people who had been waiting  instantly shone with a joyful  light.  They  once  again  bowed  towards  Yu Jin one after another, before flying towards the center of the smooth seven-colored radiance. And then, they were directly swallowed by the radiance. Ever since the opening of the tower, Zhu Yao felt an unbearable pressure, as though something was about to rush out from her body.

Puah! Zhu Yao, who had endured for a long while, finally could not contain it any longer, as she puked out a mouthful of bad blood.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan hurriedly held onto his disciple who was about to fall face-flat onto the ground. Earlier, she was still alright, what happened? Reaching out his hand, he sent a strand of divine energy into her for an inspection, however, Yu Yan’s brows furrowed even deeper. The divine energy in her body was currently dispersing at an extremely quick rate.

“What happened to little little grand disciple?” Yu Jin was shocked as well, as he no longer maintained his cold and cool act. “Bring her to the Lightning Abyssal Spring for now. I will come right after I close the Lightning Divine Tower.”

Yu Yan did not reply. With a turn of his body, he was already flying towards the Lightning Abyssal Spring.

The Lightning Abyssal Spring was positioned right at the back of the courtyard, and Yu Yan seemed to have arrived at his destination in the blink of an eye. Zhu Yao however, in this short span of a single breath, could no longer maintain her human form, and once again reverted back to a piece of white jade.

Yu Yan was just about to place Zhu Yao inside the purple pool, but suddenly, he sensed a strong might assaulting towards him. Turning around, he sent a bolt of heavenly lightning towards his back. After a loud boom, a black-colored light fog dispersed, yet, not a single person could be seen in the surroundings. Forget about the person who launched the sneak attack, not even the slightest wave of divine power could be sensed.

Who was it? Why did he suddenly attack him? Was it related to his disciple suddenly reverting to her original form? Yu Yan frowned, as he was unable to figure it out. To actually be able to suddenly approach him, while not being noticed by him, the attacker’s cultivation level was definitely higher than his. However, why did that earlier attack not carry even a hint of killing intent?

Yu Yan clenched his fist, as he looked towards his other hand which he had placed inside the pool. Zhu Yao was currently lying in his palm, and the dispersal of divine energy had finally stopped as well. The lightning energy of the Lightning Abyssal Spring was currently entering the jade. He believed that not long after, she would be able to regain her human form.

Yu Yan heaved a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to let go of the jade, and have her absorb the energy on her own, a strong absorption force suddenly exploded from within the pool. He hurriedly grabbed onto Zhu Yao who was in his hands, but, because he lost the opportunity to dodge, with a splash, he fell into the pool as well.

The pool shook for a moment, yet, at the bottom of the pool, a ray of black light flashed. Everything happened in a blink of an eye, and was too fast for anyone to react to. When Yu Jin rushed over after closing the Lightning Divine Tower, what’s left in the back of the courtyard was a pool which was still slightly swaying. Forget about his little little grand disciple, even Yu Yan had completely disappeared from sight.

Chapter146: Everyone’s Beloved Truth

When Zhu Yao woke up, she found herself on a beach. In front of her was a forest, while behind her was… Zhu Yao was unable to discern it either. Just what should the large amount of water behind her be called? With a single look, its end could not be seen, and it was as wide as an ocean. However, it was not blue, but instead, white. A large amount of flowery white-colored water, which was very striking to the eyes.

At the time she woke up, it was exactly the hour for high tide, as the water had already reached her body. Just when she was thinking of climbing up, she realized that she was basically unable to feel her limbs.

The hell, she turned into a piece of jade again. When she tried to circulate the divine energy in her body to change into her human form, she found out that she did not have the necessary divine energy needed at all. Forget about transforming into an entire human figure, she was unable to form a single arm either.

However, the water had already reached her body. Once another wave strikes, she would definitely be slammed onto the beach, causing her to shatter. Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, and had no choice but to circulate a portion of her divine energy outwards from the jade, forming a mini-sized set of limbs. Holding up her jade-body, before the next wave strikes, she sprinted wildly away while making “pata pata” noises.

Hence, on the white-colored beach, a piece of jade which had grown out legs, was currently running for its dear life.

Only when she had ran into the forest in a single breath, did she finally stop.

Phew, she did not get dragged into the waters. Zhu Yao heaved a long sigh of relief, and only then did she recall about what happened before. An anomaly seemed to have occurred when she saw the Lightning Divine Tower, and then, her master brought her to the Lightning Abyssal Spring.

But, why did she appear here? Where was her master? Zhu Yao looked around, but she was basically unable to see any human figure other than herself.

“Master, master…” Just as she was planning to force out the last strand of divine energy she had to look for him back at the beach, she suddenly heard her master’s familiar voice transmission. “Inner view!”

Ah? What did he mean?

Zhu Yao blanked for a moment. She looked around her surroundings, yet, she was unable to see her master’s figure though? Hence, she obediently retracted her divine energy, and took a look inside her own divine sense region.

Seemingly in a blink of an eye, Zhu Yao saw another piece of spacious land. There were mountains, rivers, and even more mystical flowers and plants of various types. The air especially, was filled with dense amount of lightning energy, which seemed as though could materialize at any given moment.

Yu Yan was currently standing above a piece of grassland, and squatting beside him, was a mystical beast which kept charging at him with its teeth bared.

She took a closer look. “Sesame!” That was actually Sesame, who had not appeared on-stage for a long time. Sesame blanked, as he bounced about a few times on the ground. He looked to the left, and then to the right, yet, even after searching for a while, he was unable to see Zhu Yao’s figure. “Mistress, wuuuu. Little beastie misses you. Where are you?”

Currently, Zhu Yao was just a strand of consciousness looking into her divine sense region, so naturally, she did not have a physical form. Sesame searched for a little while more, and when he was still unable to see Zhu Yao, he once again charged towards Yu Yan, roaring out. “Hey, where did you hide my mistress? Hurry and hand her over!”

Yu Yan did not even spare a glance at this stupid beast. With a twist of his palm, the furious Sesame was tightly suppressed onto the ground.

Sesame instantly reported with teary eyes. “Mistress. He bullied your little beastie again.”

Zhu Yao was too lazy to care about this stupid beast who had disappeared for a long time. “Master, just what is going on with this place?” Yu Yan slightly raised his head, and slowly said. “Yu Wang, this place is your divine sense region.”

This was her divine sense region? Stop joking around! Whose divine sense region would look like this?

“How is that possible?” Zhu Yao was not even in the mood to correct the way he addressed her, as she stare dumbfounded at this piece of spacious land. She had seen her divine sense region in the past as well. It was clearly a white empty realm back then, so when did such a huge forest grow without her knowing about it?

And it was even outrageously large. She could even sense that there was even a boundless ocean at the end of the forest. Did it have to be this fantastical?

“Master, just what is going on?” She had heard that tumors could grow in bodies, but she had never heard that skies and earth could grow in them as well.

“This should be a mustard seed dimensional space.” Yu Yan frowned. “The divine energy in this mustard seed dimensional space is at least a hundred times denser than outside, and even the Lightning Divine Hall cannot compare to it.”

“A mustard seed dimensional space? Growing in my divine sense region?” Why did she feel that this was a little frightening?

Yu Yan shook his head, and said with a solemn voice. “This dimensional space is mutually connected to you, yet, it does not possess the slightest bit of divine sense aura. It does not simply exist in your divine sense… it seems more like… this is your true body.” If his disciple did not have the personal succeeding disciple imprint in her, he wouldn’t have figured out that this was his disciple’s divine sense region.

“True body? Isn’t my true body a piece of jade…” Wait a minute. She suddenly recalled the words Realmspirit said before her resurrection. He guaranteed that her character this time would definitely be unprecedented. She would definitely be loved by everyone. Flowers would bloom when they see her, and cars will go boom when they drive pass her. No matter if they’re man or woman, old or young, they would be unable to escape from her charm, and treat her as treasure. They would never give her up, or leave her.

Never give her up, or leave her… a jade! Momma’s egg, she resurrected into a portable pocket dimension. Basically, it’s the protagonists’ essential divine artifact which often appeared in various light novels, a cheat which allowed the protagonists to grow various divine medicine and spiritual herbs.

“Master, this dimension couldn’t have a spiritual spring as well, right?”

Yu Yan blanked. He moved a step to the side, and as expected, there was a pool the size of a well behind him. “There’s indeed one, and the divine energy inside it is extremely dense.”

Flips table. Realmspirit, come out, I swear I won’t beat you to death!

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. And here she was wondering why she felt strange when Realmspirit was talking about her new character? Initially, she had thought that he was just slightly boasting her cheat, but that wasn’t it. She had turned actually turned into that cheat herself.

She really wanted to cry, you know? Clearly, she had the strongest cheat, but she was unable to use it herself, and she even had to be used by someone else!

“Then why is master here?” She could understand Sesame being inside. When she was in the Lower Realm, she placed him inside her divine sense. But how did her master enter?

“When I placed you in the Lightning Abyssal Spring, I was assaulted, and fell into the depths of the pool as well. The depths of the pool seem to possess a formation that could cut through space. When I regain consciousness, I’m already in here.”

Cut through space? Was that why she appeared on the beach, and not in the Lightning Divine Hall?

“Most probably, because of that spatial tearing formation, the dimension inside your body was sliced as well, and hence I appeared here.”

In other words, she had dragged down her master. “Then, can master leave this place?” Yu Yan shook his head. “This space seems to require a corresponding law, and it cannot be activated easily. It can’t be broken through from the inside as well.”

It was no wonder she couldn’t sense Sesame ever since her resurrection. She had thought that he did not ascend with her, so it was actually because he couldn’t leave.

“I’m sorry.” If it wasn’t for the sake of saving her, her master wouldn’t be trapped in here either.

“No matter.” Yu Yan, however, did not seem to mind in the slightest. Compared to being trapped here, having his disciple go missing was even more of a headache for him. At the very least, he could sense everything about his disciple while being here. With him personally watching her, her disciple wouldn’t be able to court death any longer.

“Then, what do we do now?” Why did she kind of feel like she now had an additional master-grade summoned beast?

“I do recall a little of that spatial tearing formation in the Lightning Abyssal Spring. Your master here will do his utmost to recreate that formation, and think of a way to leave this place.” Yu Yan said with a stern expression. “Before that, I will be staying in your body.”

In her body…

Mn. There’s something strange here.

“Alright!” But currently, this was the only way. “Then master, can I continue to cultivate? What if I’m still unable to take in divine energy?” Earlier, she had tried it before, and realized that her body was unable to take in even the slightest bit of divine energy.

Yu Yan looked strangely at her. “Since this is  your dimensional space, then the divine energy in this place, is naturally yours.”

“What master mean is…” She could freely use the extremely dense amount of divine energy in this dimensional space?

“Divine energy is different form objects, as they are not restricted by physical forms. You can naturally guide it outwards.” The reason why her cultivation stagnated before, was because the divine energy in this dimensional space was simply too dense. The divine energy she tried to absorb from the outside was instead too minuscule in amount, which caused it to disperse before being absorbed.

“In other words, I can use the divine energy here freely?” Then wouldn’t that mean she could endlessly use it without any consequences? Was it really that overpowered?

Yu Yan nodded decisively. It was that overpowered.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt as though she had struck a gigantic lottery. “Let me try.” She hurriedly retracted her inner view. She no longer circulated the divine energy in her body, instead, she changed to guiding out the energy out of her divine sense region. As expected, a gigantic amount of energy endlessly poured out from her divine sense region.

Similar to opening a floodgate, the divine energy continuously poured out without any restraints. Seemingly, in a blink of an eye, she recovered her human form. Not just that, even her cultivation was beginning to greatly rise.

After gaining her human form, her five senses were especially sensitive, and all the meridians in her body were enduring a gigantic amount of pain. As though she could hear a cracking sound, like a person who had not grown for too long, she suddenly grew fatter by ten kilograms, which stretched every corner of her body, causing her immense pain.

However, pain like this was something she had experienced several times in the Lower Realm. Adding that to raise one cultivation, the main factor was to refine one’s divine sense. However, such a huge dimensional space was being stored in her divine sense, so there was basically no need for her to refine it. Hence, she was completely able to stabilize her cultivation level easily.

Her cultivation directly rose from the first level of  Earth Deity, to the second level, to the third… all the way to the tenth level.

Her Dantian had already been fully stuffed by divine energy, yet, divine energy still constantly poured into it. Finally, as though there was some sort of cracking sound, the pressure on her entire body completely dispersed. Only then did Zhu Yao take a deep breath, and stop guiding out the divine energy from her divine sense region. Her cultivation level had successfully entered the early stages of Profound Deity. This refreshing feeling… she simply couldn’t dare to believe it.

“Master?” She habitually called out.

A familiar voice instantly resounded in her mind. “Leave this place for now.”

“Are we returning to the Lightning Divine Hall?”

Yu Yan was silent for  a  moment,  before  speaking  up.  “Since we are still unaware of who assaulted me, the Lightning Divine Hall will remain as a dangerous location. Not only are we  not going to return, even more so, you are  not  allowed  to  expose your identity as a disciple of Lightning Divine Hall.”

Zhu Yao nodded. True, there was a probability that the bad guy was waiting in the Lightning Divine Hall. In any case, she and her master had safely escaped, so why not run as far as possible? Casually casting a Dirt Removal Art on herself, she summoned her own divine sword, and flew towards the other direction of the forest. Zhu Yao flew extremely quickly, and while doing so, she removed Lightning Divine Hall’s insignia off her sleeves. After the sleeves had turned pink, similar to the rest of her clothes, a slight strange sensation suddenly flashed past the depths of her heart. She seemed to have forgotten something?

And currently, in the Lightning Divine Hall, the forgotten Yu Jin: …

The forest was not exactly huge, as Zhu Yao had only used about an hour to reach the edge of the forest. On the other side of the forest was a large piece of lush grassland. Above the grassland, the light from the sun shone, and several auspicious clouds gathered.

“There’s definitely a settlement in the front  direction.”  Yu Yan sent a voice transmission into her mind.

Zhu Yao was just about to accelerate and take a look for herself, only to suddenly hear a lewd laughter coming from the forest.

“For this Deity to fancy you, is a blessing formed by the countless of lives you have cultivated for. You simply have to listen to me obediently, yet you actually think of running. Let me see just where can you run off to?”

Zhu Yao paused her steps, and her expression darkened. She felt a déjà vu as a woman was being harassed. Why dill all these ruffians from the Three Realms use the exact same lines?

Chapter147: Release That Lady

At the corner of the forest, three men and a lone woman were in confrontation. The woman’s clothes were in a mess, she was panting heavily, and her eyes were filled with fear. This woman was an Earth Deity, but the divine energy on her body was not exactly condensed. Her footing was a little unstable, and one of her hands was holding onto her other shoulder. As her fingertips were faintly dyed in red, it seemed that she was injured as well.

The three men in front of her were surrounding her, and the man at the center should be the one leading the group. He carried a fierce-looking face, and there was even a long scar cutting across it.

“Come on, run. Why don’t you continue to run?” The man smiled complacently, but he had already forced the woman into a position where she could no longer retreat.

“You people… What are you planning to do?” The woman’s voice was already faintly carrying a tearful tone.

“What we’re planning to do?” That person gave an even more obscene smile, as he sized up the woman from head to toe. “Heheheheh, I have already told you in the city, that I will have you obediently become my practitioner-pair companion.”

“I don’t want to become your furnace!” The woman loudly rebuked. She experienced so much hardship in order to finally ascend and become a Deity. Even when she was in the Lower Realm, she had never stooped down to  such  a  level,  so  how could she endure such humiliation the moment she ascended?

“That’s not up to you to decide.” That man cast an art, sealing the woman’s movements, and instantly pulled her into his embrace. With a forceful tug of his hands, he ruthlessly tore a part of her mystic robe, revealing the snow-like skin within.

“Don’t be anxious. As long as you’re obedient, I will naturally treat you well.” The man smiled especially complacently. Even the two people at the side were simply smiling as they watched this scene, as though they had long gotten used to this.

“Release me, release me…” The woman struggled with all her might, and even her throat was turning hoarse from all the screaming.

Zhu Yao could not stand to watch this any further, as she instantly flew down, and shouted out loud. “Release that girl, let me do it!”

The three ruffians: …

Girl: …

Uh… Pui. That was out of habit.

“Kuh… I mean, hurry and release her.” As expected, when seeing such irregular events along the road, there’s a need to properly prepare her lines as well. “Bullying a maiden under broad daylight, you people are acting too outrageously, don’t you think?”

“Where did you pop out from? Such a busybody.” The leader did not feel even the slightest of fear, though, his anger had surged. “If you’re sensible, then go away for this great Deity. Otherwise, I will give you a good beating.”

“Save me!” Before Zhu Yao could even reply, the woman anxiously called out for help, and her tears were even beginning to pour out. “They want me to become a furnace, and when I was unwilling to do so, they… Fellow Deity, please save me?”

“Wrench.” The man scolded out, raised his hand, and gave her a slap. “This great Deity have thought highly of you, yet, you don’t know how to appreciate it. Come on, scream for help. Continue with your pleas. Even if you scream till your throat breaks, no one will come to save you.”

Zhu Yao was already bursting with flames of fury. Casting a wood elemental art, a long vine was formed. The long vine wrapped itself around the woman’s waist, and with a forceful pull, it pulled the woman away from the man.

“Hello. I’m Till Your Throat Breaks.” Zhu Yao took a step forward, and shielded the woman. I’m going to handle this meddlesome affair alright.

“You’re going to step in for her?” The man instantly furiously exploded, as killing intent emitted out from his body. “You best think carefully. If you offend us three brothers, there’s no need for you to think about peacefully going around these parts.”

Zhu Yao did not even feel like bothering with this  little ruffian. Turning around, she glanced at the woman whose clothes were in a mess. “Leave this place.”

The woman blanked. She hesitantly looked at her for a moment, before nodding. Summoning her own divine sword, she flew away. Even if she stayed behind, she would simply be deadweight for her.

“You’re courting death!” The man’s anger had reached its peak. Instantly, a gigantic ferocious aura exploded forth from his body. The aura was astonishingly dense, even the sky had instantly darkened. In a moment, a terrifyingly strong wind blew.

Zhu Yao was shocked as well. Earlier, she was unable to see through this person’s cultivation level, and thought that  he must had concealed it. Seeing this amount of force now, his cultivation should be above hers, he was either a Gold Deity, or even a Heavy Deity!

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, and tightly grasped the sword in her hands. Whatever, giving a trash like him a beating would just be light punishment for him. Taking a step back, that woman had already left anyway, if she couldn’t beat him, she could run as well. Furthermore, master had said that she could face him.

“Heheheh, little girl, are you afraid now?” The man seemed to look very complacent at the effect he had created. With belittling narrowed eyes, he looked at her. “If you admit your mistake now, and give me a hundred sounding kowtows, I can leave your life intact.”

“What’s with all these nonsense in a fight?” Raising her hand, she summoned a bolt of heavenly lighting, and struck it towards the position where he was standing on. At the same time, she flew up, and charged towards him with the intent to attack.

The man blanked, and his expression instantly paled. However, he did not take the bolt of heavenly lightning head- on, nor did he cast a defensive art. Instead, he swiftly rolled on the ground, leaving the radius of the lightning attack.

Zhu Yao, however, did not mind about his battle methods, because she had already flown right about the man. Aiming at the man who was still rolling on the ground, she forcefully kicked him…

And… She hit him. It was just a casual attack, but she actually kicked her mark!

The man groaned as he flew several meters away from the kick.

For a moment, Zhu Yao did not know if she should sigh in praise at her good luck, or if it was because he did not open his eyes. With a kick like that, even if it was a regular Earth Deity, he should still be able to dodge it easily, right? But her attack had actually landed its mark.

Zhu Yao frowned, and for a moment, a daring guess surfaced in the depths of her heart. Flying towards him, she continued with her attacks. And, the situation right after, had stemmed her guess. In every attack that she had thrown out, he did not have the intention to block any of them. No, to be exact, he was basically powerless to block them, let alone make a counter attack.

In an instant, in the entire field, only the screams of a man could be heard, as though they were the cries of a pig which was about to be killed.

This person, was simply… delightfully and refreshingly weak. The hell. His cultivation level was as low as this, yet he actually had the galls to become a ruffian?

She did not even need to use her sword, you know? Zhu Yao simply stabbed her sword into the ground, rolled up her sleeves, and concentrated on greeting that ugly face of his. Left hook punch. Right hook punch. Uppercut. Overhand. Vertical kick. Horizontal kick. She struck him with a stream of  various attacks.

“Ow, ow, ow… Stop hitting, stop…” The man covered his face with his two hands, yet, it wasn’t the slightest bit effective at all. His face quickly swelled up like a pig’s head. And even the hands which he used to try to block her attacks, had swelled up like a pig’s trotters as well.

“This is what you get for learning bad things. This is what you get for playing around with maidens. This is what you get for acting strong when you’re not…”

“Great Deity… I admit my mistake, please have mercy. I really admit my mistake… Ow, ow, ow… It… It hurts…”

Zhu Yao bashed him for exactly an hour. Only when she could no longer find anywhere she had not bashed on that pig-face of his, did she finally stop.

It’s been a long time since she bashed someone to her heart’s content. So refreshing! It was no wonder her master said that she could face him head-on.

Zhu Yao slapped her hands, picked up the sword by her side, and turned to stare at the other two men at the side.

The two trembled, and their faces instantly turned as pale as paper. Without any backbone, they knelt onto the ground, and, as a huge gift, prostrated in front of her. “Great Deity, spare our lives. We admit our mistakes as well, really!”

Zhu Yao kicked the pig-face on the ground. “Speak. Just what level of cultivation do you have? What’s with that aura earlier as well?” Although this person was unbelievably weak, that surging aura did indeed come from his body.

“I will speak, I will speak…” The man instantly pleaded for his life. With his swelled eyes that looked like light bulbs, he looked at sheepishly. As fear still lingered in his heart, he crawled back a little distance. “This little one, is an arrow spirit which has gained a human form after cultivating for seven thousand years in the mountains.”

“An Ero spirit?” Zhu Yao sized him up for a moment. “Mn, you indeed lack of morals.”

“It’s not that ‘ero’, it’s the ‘arrow’ that is used for shooting with a bow.” The man hurriedly explained, as he rubbed his purplish face. “My true body is an arrow which belonged to a High Deity of the Divine Realm. After the fall of the Deity, I fell deep into the mountains. Due to a great opportunity and coincidence, I awakened my spiritual consciousness, and I was then able to become a spirit.”

“Then what’s with that fierce aura of yours?”

“That’s because before the fall of my owner, he followed the Dao of Slaughter. All of his weapons possessed an immensely fierce aura.”

So that frighteningly fierce aura belonged to his former owner. Zhu Yao looked at him with narrowed eyes. “I say, you. You’re called ero, so why do you have to be so cheap as well? Can’t you just cultivate properly? Why the hell do you have to bully a lady? What kind of hatred or enmity do you have, that made you want to kidnap that lady as a furnace?”

“Great Deity…” That man no longer had the  fierce  and forceful look he had earlier. Raising his purplish face, he said aggrievedly. “I’m not entirely at fault either. On the streets, she loudly proclaimed that she wanted to look for a husband. This little one has been single till now, and she was even dressed that way either, so…”

“The hell.” Zhu Yao once again kicked him. “What does a person’s fashion style have to do with you? This isn’t a reason for you to be a greedy beast. Based on your logic, if a person carries money on the streets, then he should be robbed, so that person has to be blamed for being rich? If a person has a life, then he should be killed, since that person has to be blamed for reincarnating?”

“But…” The man was at a loss of words. Just as he was about to explain, she once again interrupted him.

“Furthermore!” Zhu Yao glared at him coldly, as she cracked her fists. “I disfigured your face, because you were born ugly. So you deserve a beating!” “Great deity, spare me! This little one admits his mistake, I will never dare to do it again.” The pig-faced arrow instantly submitted to her, bent onto the ground, and became even more honest. “This little spirit will definitely mend  his  ways, cultivate properly, and be a good arrow.”

“If you want to be ero, don’t do it on others, just do it on yourself!” Eh, something’s a little strange here?

“I have learnt my lesson, great Deity.”

“Scram then!”

“Thank you great Deity for the kindness to spare my life.” The pig-faced arrow then slowly crawled up. With a bun-like head, and a respectful look, he bent his waist. Suddenly, he twisted his wrist, pulled out something from his sleeves, and threw it towards her.

“Yu Yao!” Her master’s voice instantly rang in her ears.

Zhu Yao reflexively summoned a bolt of Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning. A bolt of purple-colored lightning struck directly onto the pig- face in front of her with a loud bang, even the talisman in his hand had disintegrated into dust. The pig-faced arrow’s Dantian instantly shattered. Puah. He spat out a mouthful of bad blood, splattering all on her Zhu Yao’s face.


The hell, this pig-face actually dared to launch a sneak attack on her! With her fist raised, she thought about pummeling him.

Suddenly, an immense red light emitted from her entire body. The light was so glaring, the two followers at the side even had to turn their heads away. Everywhere visible to the eyes was enveloped by the red light.

What’s going on?

Immediately after, she simply heard a ‘ting’ sound by  her ears. The divine energy in her entire body was currently dispersing at an extremely quick rate, and in the next instant, she reverted back to a piece of jade. Zhu Yao fell onto the ground, and within that flaming red light, she saw a row of large golden words.

“Binding of dimensional space: Success!”

The hell!

箭(Jiàn) – Arrow, has the same pronunciation as 贱(Jiàn) – Cheap and despicable. In regards to why I chose ‘Ero’, which means pervert, as the translation, I did not want to translate the pun literally, otherwise, the impact for you English viewers wouldn’t be there. Ero, though stems from Japanese, sounds the same as Arrow, and since it fits the context, I went along with it.

Chapter148: The Worst Inhuman Abuse

The charred arrow spirit which was struck by the heavenly lightning bolt and was still standing next to Zhu Yao earlier, simply saw a flash of red light in front of his eyes. In the next instant, he appeared in a foreign world.

The mountains were lush and the river streams were clear. Divine plants and herbs filled the land, and the divine energy was dense. Clearly, it would have been a treasured land for cultivation, if not for a man emitting out a cold aura, and a demonic beast baring its teeth, standing in front of him.

The arrow spirit’s legs shivered, as he instantly knelt on the ground out of fear of that person’s and beast’s aura. He was unable to see through that man’s level of cultivation, but he could clearly feel that killing intent which was impossible for him to resist against.

As expected, with a loud thunder, a bolt of heavenly lightning was struck directly towards him. As the arrow spirit had a metal elemental body in the first place, he possessed a little innate resistance against lightning, however, it would still be impossible to guard against bolts after bolts of lightning struck towards him. The arrow spirit felt that he was suffering the worst inhumane abuse he ever had since he gained his human form. Accompanied by rolling thunder, the lightning bolts struck him several times, directly beating him back into his original form, and he lost consciousness after that.

“Master?” Zhu Yao’s doubtful voice came from the sky. After looking into her divine sense region, she found out that the dimensional space had instantly shrunk by a great amount. The initially boundless sky and earth, had actually turned into the size of a farming family’s yard.

“Just what is going on?”

Yu Yan frowned. “Most probably, it’s because this place has recognized this person as its owner.”

“Owner recognition? That pig-faced arrow!?”

Yu Yan nodded. “A mustard seed dimensional space is a spiritual artifact as well, so naturally, it can be possessed by someone. However, I never expected that the method to activate this dimensional space, is actually through a blood contract. Only a drop of blood from the target is required.” Zhu Yao instantly recalled that her face was splattered with that pig-faced arrow’s blood. At that moment, she felt like crying. Who said that a good person would definitely have good fortune!? You best come out! Don’t even wish that you can walk straight again in your entire lifetime!

“Then, why did the dimensional space become so small?”

“Most probably, it’s because the cultivation of this spirit is too weak, hence, it is unable to completely use this dimensional space, which leads to such a situation.”

“Is there a way to dispel this?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Could it be, that I will have to be bound to this pig-faced arrow in the future!?”

Yu Yan did not reply, instead, he lowered his head and looked towards the half-broken arrow, which had reverted back to his original form, that he had already struck down. When he thought that such an arrow spirit was going to follow by his own disciple’s side in the future, for a moment, he felt that he should strike him a few more times.

When the arrow spirit woke up, he was no longer in that terrifying place. Even the injuries on his face had completely disappeared. As for the little lady who had beaten him into a pig face, was currently sitting not far away from him, looking at him with a smile.

“You’re awake?” The little lady patted on his shoulders, and her smile became even deeper.

The arrow spirit had yet to completely regain his senses, as he nodded his head blankly. “I… You?” Suddenly recalling the countless bolts of lightning that were aiming for his death, the arrow spirit trembled. Plop. He knelt down. “Great deity, spare my life. This little one will never dare to do it again.”

“What are you trembling for!?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. “If I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t have saved you, nor would I have restored your human form.”

The arrow spirit blanked. As though he understood the meaning of her words, he was momentarily incomparably moved. “Was great Deity the person who saved this little one?”

To be exact, it was her master. She was only in-charge of pulling him out. That’s right, only this arrow spirit could freely enter the dimensional space.

“That’s right, it was me. You’re intentionally… What are you crying for?”

The arrow spirit was so moved, his tears and snot had already begun to mix. That miserable look gave Zhu Yao a fright. “Great Deity still saved this little one in the end… Thank you, great Deity. Wuuu…”

Did he have to feel moved so randomly? Where’s the basic virtue of your job as a little ruffian? You look really frightening from crying in such a manner, you know?

“Wuuu. This little spirit is unable to repay great Deity for her kindness, I can only use my body to…”

“Stop there.” Don’t even think about it. “Forget about repayment. It’s fine as long as you don’t plot against me behind my back again.”

“Plot?” The arrow spirit blanked, as that ugly face twisted. “This little one has never plotted against great Deity though?”

“You’re denying it? Then what was the deal with  that talisman before?” If he hadn’t threw the talisman at her, she wouldn’t have summoned the heavenly lightning to strike him either. Furthermore, if that was the case, her face  wouldn’t have been sprayed completely by his blood, and she wouldn’t be bound to him.

“Talisman?” The arrow spirit blanked. In a moment, a degree of sincerity could clearly be seen from that extremely fierce face of his. “This little one simply wished to offer a treasure to great Deity earlier. That was a talisman treasure. Back then, when great Deity spared this little one’s life, this little one had wanted to offer the treasure to you. Who knew that great  Deity would…”

“You think I’m stupid?” Zhu Yao glared  at  him.  “That talisman was clearly an explosive talisman. When it’s opened, it will automatically explode. If I had not used my heavenly lightning to disperse it, I would have long been blown into smithereens.” “Explosive talisman? Impossible. That talisman treasure was clearly something a Gold Deity senior personally bestowed to me in order to aid my cultivation.” The arrow spirit was at a loss, and his face was filled with utter disbelief.

Zhu Yao frowned. It seemed like he really didn’t know that talisman treasure would explode. Recalling the position he was standing earlier, if that talisman were to have really ignited, he himself would have been dragged in as well.

“Why did that Gold Deity give you a talisman treasure?”

The arrow spirit was startled for a moment. Immediately after, he became a little embarrassed, as he chuckled a few times. “I heard that cultivation between practitioner-pair companions is quick, so I have been looking for a partner. That great Deity told me that I could find one within the city, and even gave me this talisman treasure. He said that if I managed to find my practitioner-pair companion, my cultivation speed can increase after using this talisman treasure.”

“So, you sincerely looked for that woman as your practitioner- pair companion, and not because you want to use her as your furnace?” “That’s right, that’s right.”

“That’s right, your sister!” Zhu Yao slapped towards his head. “Is there anyone who courts girls like you!? If you wanted to become practitioner-pair companions, speak to her properly, yet you behave like a ruffian.”

“Great Deity’s words are right.”

Looking at this perspective, it seemed that this arrow spirit was used by someone else. Clearly, that Gold Deity wanted to make use of him to kill that woman, and that talisman treasure was the weapon.

However, most probably, that Gold Deity never expected that this guy was just all show and no talk. Although his body was covered entirely in a fierce aura, his martial strength was practically zero. And she was just an innocent passer-by who got involved.

That woman’s cultivation as an Earth Deity was not even stable, so she had most likely just ascended not too long ago. So how did she form a grudge with that Gold Deity? “Are you still able to look for that Gold Deity?” The arrow spirit stroked the place where he was slapped on, and shook his head. “But I have only met him in the city yesterday. He’s most likely still there.”

“Let’s go. We’re going into the city.” Zhu Yao summoned her divine sword, pulled along the arrow spirit, and flew towards the city that was filled with countless lights.

“Great Deity Till, this little one met that Gold Deity at the south of the city.”

“Great Deity Till?” The hell was that?

“Isn’t great Deity’s name ‘Till Your Throat Breaks’?”

You’re ‘Till Your Throat Breaks’. Your entire family is made of ‘Till Your Throat Breaks’. “I’m surnamed Zhu.”


‘Ah’, your sister! “What are you called?” “This little one has only gained the human form not too long ago, and has yet to receive a name. Why don’t Till… Great Deity Zhu give me one?” He had long wanted to change his name, however, he simply did not know what was suitable for him.

“You’re both ero, and a spirit. It doesn’t sound good indeed. Alright! Let me give you one then.” Zhu Yao patted on her chest with a confident look. She specialized in giving names after all.

The eyes of the arrow spirit instantly glowed snowy-white. “Thank you, great Deity.”

“Mn…” Zhu Yao pondered. “With your fierce aura, the fact that you are formed from a weapon, and your true body is constructed by divine crystals, although you’re a little tattered, you’re still considered as a divine-ranked weapon. Then, why don’t we call you…”

“What is it?”

“Li Goudan(Dog-Egg)!”

“…” The arrow spirit’s face which was filled with expectations, instantly stiffened. “Great… Great Deity. I’m not a dog spirit.” Why did he have to be called Goudan? And where did the surname Li come from?

“Haah. Don’t mind such small details. Goudan is such a nice name. It’s both tyrannical and easy to live on, furthermore, it rolls off the tongue.”

“But…” Why did he feel something was strange somewhere?

“You have to know that, it’s very dangerous for little spirits like you to go around the Divine Realm. With a tyrannical- sounding name, it can raise your chances of survival, you know! You don’t have to be afraid of being beaten anymore.” A lowly name could raise a better person, after all.

“I see!” The arrow spirit revealed an expression of enlightenment. He heavily nodded, and looked at her excitedly. “Goudan thanks great Deity for bestowing this name, I will definitely work hard in my cultivation.”

“Mn, it seems little one has the potential to be taught well!” It was definitely because she was trying to find a sense of balance with the name “Blossoming Jade”, nor was it because she was trying to take revenge against him for suddenly binding her dimensional space.

For some unknown reasons, whenever she heard the name ‘Dog-Egg’, momentarily, she would feel that the entire world had become a lot fresher!

The two of them arrived at the city gate after a short flight. The city did not have any city walls, as its surroundings were seemingly protected by a circulating transparent layer of barrier-like formation. And, at the entrance, there was  a gigantic wooden plate floating in the air. On it, the city name was written.

It was two extremely simple words – Divine City.

Mn, it was actually quite appropriate.

There were not many guards at the city gate, and there was a huge number of Deities walking in and out. The moment they entered however, was a different place. There was a winter melon floating over here, a pumpkin floating over there, a corn floating on the left, and a watermelon floating on the right. It was just that those objects, were all incomparably huge, and was almost the size of a storied building. Only when she saw Deities moving in and out of those places, did she finally understand that they were really buildings.

The construction standards of the Divine Realm were rather advanced, huh. Zhu Yao felt that she had been transported into some sort of fantasy fruit world.

The student, arrow spirit Li Goudan, brought her directly towards the city south, and only stopped when they arrived at the winter melon structure. Why was the winter melon in the south, and not the pumpkin? And what was in the east? There’s nothing she could do if the plants grow in wrong places.

Li Goudan entered, and asked the owner of the building a few questions. As expected, that Gold Deity was no longer here, most probably to not expose his identity. After all, he already thought of making use of someone else to kill a person, so naturally, he wouldn’t stay and wait here to have someone settle the score with him.

They then directly went around the city to make inquiries, yet, no one else had seen that Gold Deity. Zhu Yao suspected that person most likely had changed his appearance as well. Seeing that she had taken an unnecessary loss this time, she could only admit that it was due to her misfortune.

After running around for a day, the sky had already turned dark. Zhu Yao decided to stay in the city for a night, as she rented a room in a structure that looked especially like a sugar cane. It had to be mentioned that the boss of this place sure planned it out pretty well. Since there were layers on a piece of sugar cane, every layer was thus a room.

That was a place similar to an inn, but these were not just regular rooms, but cave residences, filled with dense amount of divine energy, that were used for cultivation. One could make it a temporary residence, or cultivate in it for a long period of time.

She was staying in the fifth layer, while Goudan was staying in the floor below. Just when Zhu Yao was about to close the door and head in for a rest, the moment she raised her head, she actually saw a familiar figure in front of her.

Isn’t that person…

What a fateful coincidence! Li Goudan(李狗蛋): A Chinese internet lingo which refers to someone with a beautiful face, but muscular body.

A lowly name could raise a better person: There’s a Chinese saying that if you were to give your child a pet name, that child will work even harder in life.

Winter melon, in Chinese, is called 东瓜(Fruit from the East), while the pumpkin is called 南瓜(Fruit from the South). So she was commenting on how the pumpkin was situated in the east instead of the winter melon.

Chapter149: Unfortunate Female Deity

“Master, I seem to have found that female Deity who was bullied by Dog-Egg.” The red-clothed woman, who had just walked into the room opposite from hers, was indeed the person she saw in the forest earlier in the day.

“Mn, looking from her aura, it’s indeed her.”

“Then why is she still staying here?” Clearly, she knew that this city was Goudan’s territory. Wasn’t she afraid of him coming to settle the score? She actually returned here to court death?

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan’s voice was solemn. “That woman is not simple. There’s no need to interact with her too deeply.”

“Ah?” What did he mean?

Yu Yan did not explain, instead, he lightly said. “Her level of cultivation was higher than that arrow spirit in the first place.”

Zhu Yao blanked. Indeed, although that lady’s cultivation was merely at an unstable Earth Deity level, at the very least, she was still a human practitioner who had ascended to the Divine Realm. She clearly knew how hard it was to become a Deity from the Lower Realm, and not a single one of these ascended people had simple backgrounds. Though Goudan had gained a human form, he was still merely a pure spiritual monster. That fierce aura of his could scare people, but, after all, he did not possess actual strength, so he could not even be called an Earth Deity. Why would that woman be captured by Goudan? Furthermore, why was her cries so miserable back then, but she completely did not cast any arts to resist? Why?

“Could it be…” Zhu Yao frowned. “Dog-Egg really caught that female Deity’s eyes?” Could it be that she had unintentionally broken apart a good marriage?

Yu Yan: “…”

As expected, he shouldn’t harbor any hopes for his disciple’s intelligence. “That female Deity must have sensed that you’re nearby.”

Uh, so she was actually using her! The hell. Her acting skills were so good, did her parents know about it? Zhu Yao felt a squeeze in her heart. Initially, she had thought that she had done a good thing, but she never expected that the woman did not even need her help, and her dimensional space was even accidentally bound with someone else. This matter was simply…

Right now, the only thing she could do was to quickly think of a way to dispel the bind with Goudan. Zhu Yao closed her eyes, and began to guide divine energy out of her divine sense region to cultivate. Because it had already recognized an owner, her dimensional space was currently so small, it was hard to look straight in the eyes with. Though, the divine energy was still as dense as before. She tried her best to use the divine energy to refine her meridians, and time unconsciously passed just like that.

“Yu Yao!” Her master’s voice once again rang, and it faintly carried a degree of heaviness. “I sensed the aura of the person who attacked us before.”

Zhu Yao immediately stopped her cultivation, and opened her eyes. “The person who attacked us? At the Lightning Divine Hall?”

“Mn.” The heaviness in Yu Yan’s tone increased. “That person should be in the room directly opposite from ours.”

Directly opposite? That Oscar woman?

In an instant, Zhu Yao leapt up. Opening the door, she walked right out. As expected, she saw that a layer of sealing formation was added to the room at the opposite side.

“Be very careful.” Yu Yan instructed.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and once again returned to the room. Opening the window, she flew out, as she planned on circling around to the other side to take a look at the situation. However, the moment she lowered her head, she collided with the arrow spirit Dog-Egg that had similarly crawled out from the window.

“Boss!” Goudan’s expression was filled with a pleasant surprise.

What’s the deal with ‘boss’? “You heard the sounds of battle as well?”

“Mn, let’s go take a look!” Zhu Yao simply brought him over. Before they could even approach the room in time, suddenly, they heard a loud blast. Not far away from the front, a hole was blasted out from the wall. A figure instantly charged out from the dense layer of smoke, anxiously sprinting towards the night sky. Another figure was following close behind.

Without any hesitation, Zhu Yao chased after them.

“Boss, wait for me. Boss!” Goudan waved his hands about, yet, the person in front of his eyes had long disappeared from her original position. Hence, he could only accept his fate  and follow after her, hoping that he would not lose her along the way.

As she concealed herself, Zhu Yao chased after the two people. The one in front was the female Deity she met in the day, as for the one black figure at the back, though he seemed to be concealing himself on purpose, she sensed a familiar aura from him. She felt the same sensation she had when she was at the Lightning Divine Tower back then, as that dull pain once again surfaced in the depths of her heart. Why is the pain back? Just who in the world is that person? The two people flew extremely quickly. When it looked as though she was about to catch up to them, suddenly, her body felt light, and with a poof, she fell from the sky.

The hell, why did she revert to her original form again?

Why did she always have to disconnect at the most important times? And what’s with not giving any notifications about this?

Zhu Yao was both furious and anxious. She wanted to circulate the divine energy within her divine sense region in order to materialize again, however, she realized that her own divine sense seemed to be sealed, as she was basically unable to circulate divine energy at all. “Master…” She anxiously called out, yet, she did not get a reply at all. With a solemn heart, she looked into her divine sense region. Forget about a dimensional space, she couldn’t even see anything at all. She became flustered in the depths of her heart, as she continuously tried over, and over again, yet, she still received the same result. What was going on?

“Boss, boss…” From afar, Goudan’s voice could be heard.

Zhu Yao felt her body easing up. The divine energy that was sealed earlier, instantly returned to her body. In but an instant, she once again regained her human form.


“Mn.” The familiar voice once again returned in her mind.

Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to cry. At that moment, she had really thought that something had happened to her master in the dimensional space.

“Just what happened?”

“Earlier, your divine sense was sealed.” Yu Yan said with a solemn tone. “Because the owner of the dimensional space was too far away.”

“You’re talking about Dog-Egg?”

“Mn.” She couldn’t be too far away from Dog-Egg? Otherwise the dimensional space would automatically seal itself? And she would revert to her original form? The hell, what kind of dog- shit setting was this?

“Then doesn’t that mean that, I have to be stay by his side the entire time in the future?”

In the beginning, she had thought that the dimensional space recognizing an owner was just an issue regarding the dimensional space itself, allowing Goudan to freely use it. She never expected that this so-called binding, had really bound her along with him as well. From the looks of the situation earlier, giving an estimate, the distance between the two of them could not go beyond more than ten kilometers. This was simply too unbearable.

“Boss, I finally found you.” Student Li Goudan popped out from the forest, and looked at her with a happy face.

“Hoho.” Seeing his radiant and shining expression, Zhu Yao suddenly felt her hand itching.

“What… What is it? Boss?” This expression was kind of off, eh? Li Goudan shivered, as he weakly took a step back.

“Nothing much!” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. “I simply felt that you’re especially handsome all of a sudden. So heroic, so elegant, you’re so beautiful… I feel like disfiguring you!”

“Boss…” Goudan blushed, as he scratched his head in embarrassment. “These are all my inborn traits, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“The hell!” Raising her hand, Zhu Yao slapped towards his head. He actually admitted it so shamelessly. “Let’s go. We have to hurry and chase after them.”

To prevent him from flying too slow and becoming a deadweight, Zhu Yao simply dragged him onto her own sword. There were no longer the two people’s figures in the sky, even that female Deity had disappeared. She had no choice but to search for that aura earlier and chase after it.

Most probably she had delayed with her chase for too long, after flying for a period of time, the aura disappeared. Zhu Yao could not help but land onto the ground and search her surroundings. Yet, she was still unable to find anything. “Boss, what are you looking for?”

Zhu Yao turned her head around and glared at him. If not for you, how could this lady here lose sight of them? “Why are you calling me boss?”

When Li Goudan saw that she was finally asking about this, he said with an excited look. “Because great Deity is incredible. At our hometown, whoever’s incredible has to be called boss.”

“You want to become my underling?” Zhu Yao glanced at him from head to toe.

Goudan instantly stood with a straightened back, and said with much bootlicking intentions. “Heheh,  great  Deity,  I’m very useful.” He had long heard that other than forming a practitioner-pair, one could still raise his cultivation by seeking the guidance of someone incredible. Ever since Zhu Yao brought him into the city, he decided that he definitely had to tightly hug onto the bulky huge thigh of this great Deity. “You carry the kindness of saving me and bestowing me a name. Goudan has no other way to repay you, and simply hope that he could be your follower in the future. If you instruct me to go east, I will definitely not head west, so please take m-“ “Alright, I will take you in!”

“Eh?” Goudan was a little dumbfounded. “T-T-That…” That’s too casual, right? She agreed to it so easily?

“That’s what? Call me boss.” Earlier, she was still thinking about how to pull him over. However, he came to request it on his own. There’s no need for thanks. I’m just that easy going of a person.”

“Alright, boss. No problem, boss.” Li Goudan was still silently excited in his heart for successfully hugging onto such a huge thigh. “Boss, I…”

“Enough, there’s no need for words. Let us go!” Zhu Yao waved her hand without a mind, as she turned  around, planning to head back to the city.

“No, boss, I wish to say…”

“I don’t wish to hear!” “I’m saying…”


“Up in the sky!”

“Ah? Ow!” Before Zhu Yao could even turn around, she simply heard the sound of the wind. Her vision darkened, and with a ‘pata’ sound, something directly smashed onto her body, instantly slamming her onto the ground. She seemed to have heard the sound of bones cracking.

“Boss…” Goudan trembled from fright, as he hurriedly took a few steps back. “Earlier, I wanted to warn you to be careful…” He wanted to warn her, but her boss simply did not give him the chance to do so.

“Li. Gou. Dan!” She gritted her teeth. You little cannon after the horse. “Hurry and pull me out!”

“O-O-Ou…” Only then did Goudan run over, and push away the unidentified flying object on her body. Only after turning her head to take a look, did Zhu Yao find out that the thing that pressed on her body earlier, was actually a person. Yo! After a careful look, she was even a familiar person. She was the female Deity who was fleeing earlier.

Why was she here? And she seemed to be injured severely as well?

“Boss, it’s her!” Goudan revealed a curious expression which looked as though he had picked up a treasure, as he reached out his hand to support the female Deity. Zhu Yao simply slapped away his claw. “You’re still not giving up?”

Only then did he retract his claw aggrievedly. “I simply wanted to support her up.”

After a careful look, Zhu Yao realized that the female Deity was already unconscious. She then checked her meridian gates. Her meridians were in a mess, and her Dantian had shattered as well. As expected, she had a heavy injury. Most probably, she was injured by that black shadow who was chasing after her earlier. Just how did she escape? And she had even intentionally fallen right in front of them. She was actually so sure that they would save her? “Boss, so how is it, how is it?” Goudan came popping over with a worried look.

Alright then, with a fool like him here, they would actually save her alright.

Zhu Yao frowned, as she faintly sensed a discomfort in the depths of her heart. Although she was not someone who would not save a dying person, the feeling of being used and plotted to save someone was really irritating.

“Her injuries are very severe. Bring her back to the inn for now.”

Goudan nodded. Helping Zhu Yao on the other side, one on the left and the other on the right, the two of them raised her up. He glanced at the woman beside him. Though he wanted to reveal a shy smile, the scar on his face had simply influenced his demonstration, completely changing the shyness into complete obscenity. “Boss, do you think that… since I saved her life, after she wakes up, will she repay me with her b-“

“No way!” Zhu Yao said with emphasis on every word. “Absolutely. No. Way.”

Chapter150: Bi-Gender Type Character

“Oh…” Goudan instantly blanked. All of the old spirits in the forest clearly said that when one’s life was saved, he or she had to repay the kindness with their body. Liars, all of them!

Zhu Yao was too lazy to care about this deeply lonely arrow spirit. Raising her hand, she summoned her own divine sword, and especially materialized it to the size that could fit three people. “Let’s go.”

“Ou.” Goudan nodded, as he casually turned to glance at her. “Eh? Boss, why do I feel that you suddenly grew a little?”


“Really!” Goudan said with a serious expression. “Earlier, you were merely at my shoulder-level. But now, you’re right at my eye-level. Your legs seemed to have grown taller too, and your shoulders are a little wider…” Goudan looked at her from head to toe, and his face was filled with doubt. “Though this part seems to be smaller…” As he said that, one of his claws reached out for her chest. “You’re courting death!” Raising her hand, Zhu Yao threw a fried dumpling right to his face.

Goudan revealed a wronged look. “I’m serious, boss. Your face changed as well… As though you have changed… into a man, you know?”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Zhu Yao heavily patted on her own chest. “I’m a genuine wom-“


Zhu Yao’s words came to an abrupt halt.

No, no, no. It’s definitely a problem with the method she touched her own chest with.

Let’s try again.

She once again touched her own chest, yet, she still felt a vast flatland. This was illogical! Where did her little crystal dumplings go? Zhu Yao could not help but want to pull up her skirt.

“Boss?” Goudan called out, as he immediately called out to stop her from acting out such moral-collapsing behavior. “Did you drop something?”

Zhu Yao nodded, as she felt like crying. “Yes!” She dropped her morals.

“Wait a moment.” Zhu Yao pushed the woman into Goudan’s hands, as she sprinted towards the nearby unoccupied large tree, and set down an isolation formation. Not giving up, she pulled apart the top of her skirt…

Her eyes instantly suffered from irreparable damage.

Someone tell me, what’s with that additional snake-like thing between my legs!?

This was illogical!

Wait a minute… She recalled the notification window that appeared when she was first about to materialize a human form. That notification which only had the single body-type option available.

Bi-Gender type…

The hell. Could there actually be a network delay with this body-type option!?

Zhu Yao walked out with a soulless expression. In her mind, horse-shit kept springing out from the ten thousand horses that galloped past, which stepped on her fragile nerves one after another.

“Boss?” Goudan revealed a worried look. “Did you find the thing you dropped?”

Zhu Yao shook her head.

“Ah? Then what should we do?” Goudan became a little anxious as well. “Boss, just what are you missing?” Looking at her dejected look, it must have been a very incredible divine artifact. Zhu Yao gave him a smile that looked even uglier than crying. “No, I didn’t lose anything? I just found myself gaining an additional something.”

“Ah? Ah!?”

While carrying an incomparably solemn mood, Zhu Yao returned to the inn. No matter how she thought about it, she could not accept how she had suddenly turned into a man. Just how did she change?

Clearly, she had always been a woman till then. And she did not eat anything strange either, nor did she cast any strange divine art. The only exceptional point was that she was smacked by that female Deity.

Wait a minute, female Deity?

Speaking of which, ever since she gained her human form, she seemed to have only made contact with people of the male gender. Her master, the Hall Master, and Dog-Egg. That female Deity was the only exception. And she seemed to have only turned into a man when she crawled up after being smacked to the ground by her. Could that be the reason? She suddenly had a terrible assumption.

“Goudan, come over here.”

“Ah?” Goudan walked over with a doubtful look. Zhu Yao instantly grabbed onto his hand. “Boss! Y-Y-You…” Goudan instantly widened his eyes. “I sell my body, but not my skills!”

Don’t even think about it. “Scram!”

She then instantly kicked Goudan out of the room, as she anxiously looked at the changes to her body. As expected, her figure was currently changing slowly. Her height shrank, and her face became slightly convex. Even the abnormal thing between her legs had disappeared as well.

The hell. So her gender was set by the people by her side. If she were to make contact with a man, she would become a woman. If she were to make contact with a woman, then she would become a man? Wasn’t this a little too random? Was it really alright for the so-called Bi-Gender type be so random? “Boss!” Goudan was still slamming on the door in sadness, wanting to come in. “That woman’s injuries are very severe, I wish to save her. Please let me in.”

“Enough nonsense. I will treat this woman, set a defensive formation outside for me.”

When Zhu Yao said this, as expected, he stopped, and obediently meditated outside the door to form a defensive formation.

Looking at the female Deity who was lying on the bed, Zhu Yao momentarily felt uncomfortable. So the moment when she was smacked by her earlier, her second gender type was activated?

Zhu Yao expressed that she no longer had the energy to retort, as she accepted her fate and raised up the person on the bed. Sitting behind her, she circulated her divine energy, as she resigned herself to fate and began to treat her wounds. Haah. She couldn’t bear to see the woman die in front of her, after all.

As expected, the moment she made contact with her skin, a chemical reaction once again began to happen on her body, as she turned back into a male body.

Heheh… Realmspirit you second uncle. Your grandfather’s bi- gender!

The female Deity’s injuries were very severe. The person who chased after her must had harbored the thought to take her life, as he did not show any mercy in his methods. If she had not encountered them, she basically wouldn’t be able to last through the night. The person who injured her must have been that Gold Deity which Goudan mentioned. She really wondered just what kind of deep hatred that person had for this woman, to the point where he had to send her to her deathbed no matter what.

Zhu Yao could only circulate her divine energy to restore the woman’s injured meridians. Restoring meridians was a very delicate process which did not allow the slightest bit of carelessness, and the consumption of divine energy was astronomical. Fortunately, she had a dimensional space worth of divine energy which she could freely use.

While the Dantian was something she completely did not know how to restore. Fortunately, she had her all-purpose master with her. If she didn’t know, she could always ask. “Master, how do I restore someone’s Dantian? How much divine energy do I have to spend, and how should I circulate it?”

Yu Yan frowned. He had many opinions on her disciple’s stupid kindness. In any case, that person was not even her family, so what’s the use in saving her? Hence, he did not teach her wholeheartedly. He left out a bit of the techniques, and missed out on mentioning a little of the things she had to take note of.


“Oya, she puked out blood.”

“Oya, I can’t control the divine energy.”

“Oya, the flow of the divine energy reversed.”

“Oya… the Dantian shattered into smithereens.”

Zhu Yao spent exactly three days, before she barely managed to somehow fix that unfortunate female Deity’s Dantian, and she began to generate deep suspicion towards her own comprehensive ability. As expected, she was not suitable for cultivation, right?

Yu Yan: …

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and did the finishing touches. The treatment was pretty much done, and all that remained was to wait for her to wake up and nurture the healing process on her own. Zhu Yao got down from the bed, found a chair to sit on, and casually poured a cup of tea for herself.

When she had only a third of the cup, that female Deity had already slowly regained consciousness. As though she sensed Zhu Yao’s presence, she sat up shockingly. Tightly grabbing onto her own collar, she revealed a pitiful expression. It was as though she had some sort of heavenly grievances.

If it wasn’t known that this female Deity had an Oscar award, and that Zhu Yao herself was an authentic woman, it was really possible for others to suspect Zhu Yao for doing savage acts towards her.

This one here did not even tear your clothes off, so why the hell are you grabbing onto your collar?

When the female Deity saw that she did not have  any reaction, her flustered emotions retracted a little, and the color on her face slowly returned as well. After circulating the air within her, she realized that the injuries on her body had already recovered to a large extent. “Was it senior who saved this little one?”

Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes at her. She did not reply, and continued to drink her tea.

As though she had already received her confirmation, the female Deity hurriedly got down from the bed, and bowed towards her. “Thank you, senior, for your saving grace. This little one will definitely repay you in the future.”

Her master had said that the schemes in her mind were heavy, and that she should not involve herself with her too deeply. Look at this expression of hers. From her eyes, it looked as though she would really do anything to repay her. She really had the knack for acting. Zhu Yao silently gave her a thumbs up. You do know how to act, but I do too. She was the greatest at acting cold and mighty. “Senior?” Seeing that Zhu Yao still did not reply, the female Deity was a little anxious. She had thought that he would at least ask of her plight, yet, he did not even spare glance at her. This was the first time she had encountered such a cold man, it was as though other people’s affairs were not even the least bit related to him. Then why did he save her?

Zhu Yao continued to drink her tea, and even her eyes had shifted to where the window was. She did not have the slightest intention to care about her. Mn… Being cold and mighty was a tradition handed down in the Lightning Divine Hall.

The lady gritted her teeth. “This little one, is named Mo Xianxian, and has ascended from the White Spirit World. Senior, is it possible to inform this little Deity of your esteemed title? So that this one can repay you in the future.”

Zhu Yao finally turned her head around. Yet, she simply glanced at her coldly, not the slightest bit of emotions could be seen carried within her eyes.

Mo Xianxian was startled from his stare. His eyes were ruthlessly cold, yet, they were simply too penetrative, as though all kinds of schemes could not hidden under his eyes. Though, she was actually staring blankly into thin air.

The female Deity realized that she was the first one who lost her cool, as she had indeed raised a degree of cautiousness in her heart. Earlier, she had inspected that her own injuries  were mostly healed, and even her shattered Dantian was restored to a large extent. For someone to possess the power to restore a shattered Dantian in the Divine Realm was definitely  someone who held great power. If he could take her in, then she would be much safer in the Higher Realm.

But, how could someone like him easily agree to her request?
He must have long seen through her schemes.

Mo Xianxian gritted her teeth, and decided that she might as well fight for her chances. She instantly knelt down in front of Zhu Yao. “I humbly request senior to save this little Deity.”

Zhu Yao frowned, as she pinched on the now empty cup. She was hesitating whether she should have another cup.

Like spilling beans, she spoke out the entire story. “This little Deity ascended only a month ago. However, ever since the day I ascended, unknown people has been chasing and attempting to assassinate me. I have hovered between the boundaries of life and death several times, and this time, I was even seriously injured.”

Zhu Yao still did not speak, and simply silently turned the empty cup about.

“I know that this matter is indeed unrelated to senior, and that this little Deity is being audacious.”  Mo  Xianxian continued. “But, if there isn’t anyone to aid me, I will definitely be killed by people in the dark. Although this little Deity’s death isn’t worth pitying for, wouldn’t it be a waste of senior’s efforts in saving my life?”

Zhu Yao’s brows twitched.

Mo Xianxian clenched her fists, as she continued to plead. “This little Deity isn’t aware of the identities of the people chasing me, and I have yet to form any grudges with anyone either. It’s just… when this little Deity was in the Lower Realm, I have a practitioner-pair husband, and his name was You Ran. He had long ascended a thousand years before this little Deity. In these recent days, I have been going to several places to inquire about his present situation, but I have yet to find him. Instead, I have attracted several unknown enemies. So this little Deity guesses that the people who are chasing me, must have a grudge with my husband.”

So that’s the case. Zhu Yao put down the cup in her hands.

“Senior?” Mo Xianxian carefully inspected his expression.

However, he still did not speak up. Instead, he suddenly stood up, pulled the door open and walked out.

You have already said it all yourself, so what’s there left for her to talk about?

Another way of saying a big tight slap to the face.
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