My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 131-140

Chapter131: The Divine Residence Above The Sea

Recently, Yu Luo was very busy. She seemed to rarely return to Jade Forest Mountain, as she spent her entire time in the Main Mountain dealing with a few Sect matters. Zi Mo had already gone into life-death isolation. He only had a short amount of lifespan left, and if he did not make a breakthrough into a Demigod this time, he would most likely fall as a Nascent Soul practitioner. Most of the matters in Ancient Hill Sect had mostly been handed to the various Mountain Lords and Yu Luo.

Only Zhu Yao and Yue Ying remained in Jade  Forest Mountain. Zhu Yao was busy looking for Mu Meiyan as well, so she would often head out. Only Yue Ying was really staying on the Jade Forest Mountain. Yue Ying was a child who lacked a sense of presence, adding that he did not speak often, if not because he would often like to follow her by her side, Zhu Yao would have subconsciously forgotten about him. Though, he was very serious with his cultivation. It could be seen from how he was able to form his Azoth Core so quickly with his aptitude as a holder of the Penta-Spirit Veins.

Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little guilty towards him. Back then, she made the decision to bring him out. However, for so many years, he had basically been placed in someone else’s care. Even the matters related to his cultivation were taught by Yu Luo. She had basically not laid her hands in anything.

Turning around, she looked at Yue Ying who had been staring at her with a wooden expression. Though, his eyes were crystal clear. Other than her figure being printed in them, there was nothing else. Forget about resentment, it was as though it was enough for him to simply look at her like this.

Zhu Yao felt even worse than before, as she felt that she had really neglected her duty. Taking the opportunity that there was such a nice sky today, she thought of giving him some pointers in regards to his cultivation. Just when she was about to speak, suddenly, the earth shook. On the surface of the sea which was calm earlier, a pillar of light suddenly appeared, firing straight to the clouds. Auspicious signs surfaced everywhere, as the rainbow-colored light scattered down, filling the entire sky with colorful clouds. Rows of flowers around Ancient Hill Sect bloomed one after another, and in an instant, the scent of flowers suffused in the air.

“This is…” The hell was this?

“A unique artifact has surfaced in the sea.” Feng Yi flew over with her sword, hinted for Zhu Yao to follow her, before flying towards the pillar of light. Zhu Yao faintly sensed that this matter wasn’t that simple either. “Be obedient, stay here and wait for my return.”

After instructing Yue Ying, she flew her sword and chased after her. In but an instant, they had already flown close to the pillar of light. They were not the first ones to arrive, as a few people had already begun to crowd the nearby area. However, all of them were Demigod Sovereigns of the other Sects, and Qihan was one of them. Most probably, they had all sensed the unusual movements, and rushed over here.

That pillar of light was very huge, with an estimate of ten meters in diameter. It seemed to be formed completely by spiritual energy, and it was so dense, it looked as though it was about to solidify. Everyone did not move, and simply stared at it intensely. However, the onlookers began to increase, and seemingly all of them were practitioners above the Nascent Soul stage. When a unique artifact emerged, there would be a phenomenal sign produced by the heaven and earth. Adding that this sign was so obvious as well, it could be seen how valuable the treasures inside would be. There might even be Divine Tools.

A moment later, within the pillar of light, a long-shaped something suddenly rose, and everyone waited with bated breaths. Yet, they could not help but begin to size up the surrounding crowd. A treasure without a master, naturally belonged to the person who first lay his hands on it. There was never absolute peace in the cultivation world, let alone in front of personal benefits. The atmosphere instantly became a little tense.

A few days ago, due to the  re-emergence  of  the  Devil,  it created a scene where everyone was united in one go. Now that this trend was about to collapse, Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little powerless.

That pillar of light slowly faded, and the thing inside slowly revealed itself as well. Unexpectedly, it was not a Divine Pellet nor a Divine Tool, but a gigantic door. With an incomparably huge structure, its entire surface was purely white, and it looked extremely ancient.

And, red-colored words, the size of a  human  body,  were written at the very top of that door.

White Rabbit Divine Residence.

“It’s actually a residence of a Deity from the Higher Realm!” Someone exclaimed. In an instant, the entire crowd was completely excited. That was, after all, a Divine Residence, a residence which belonged to someone who had already ascended and turned into a Deity. Any random object inside would be Divine Tools that the Lower Realm could only dream of having.

Earlier, because of the fact that there was Demigods present, the people who felt that they did not have any hope of obtaining the treasure, instantly became excited. How could someone who was called a Deity only possess a single Divine Tool? As long as they were able to enter the place, then there would be hope of obtaining one. Many people had already unconsciously summoned their weapons, and took a stance as though they could prepare to fight at any moment.

“Sovereign, do you think there’s any link between this Divine Residence and that Devil?” In the end, there were still person who understood, and this understanding person was even someone familiar – Mountain Lord of Beast-Taming Mountain, Zi Dan. That’s right. It’s that pig-riding fatty.

His fat figure squeezed forward, and the two, man and pig, instantly pushed away several people. Rushing all the way in front of her, he asked respectfully. “There’s a possibility.” Zhu Yao answered ambiguously.

At that moment, the battle spirit of the crowd of people who were filled with eagerness earlier, instantly died down, as they looked at that door with fear.

How could there be such a coincidence? The Devil had only just emerged, and a Divine Residence from the Higher Realm appeared right after. There was definitely a need to get to the bottom of this.

“In regards to whether there’s a link or not, we will know once we break into it.” It was unknown who shouted that out, as suddenly, a gigantic ice shard attacked towards that white door. However, at the moment it struck the door, the ice shard disappeared, as though it had been devoured.

Before the crowd could even react in time, a ray of light flashed past from the door. The ice shard which had disappeared earlier, suddenly resurfaced and flew out. This time, however, it struck towards the direction where the ice shard was shot out from earlier.

One Nascent Soul practitioner could not dodge in time, and was struck head-on. If not because he was able to  put  up  a barrier at the very last moment, most probably, he would have already been penetrated by the ice shard.

“This door, has a Reflection Mystic Art placed on it.”

Everyone was stunned, as they began to try firing out a few attacks. Without an exception, all of them were shot back towards where they came from. Even Demigod Sovereigns had attacked as well, however, the door still did not have even the slightest trace of opening.

“Strange, clearly, there’s no energy wave being produced by a formation. So why?” The people present could not help but feel an itch in their hearts. Even though the treasure was right in front of them, they could not find the key to open the door.

“There seems to be some wordings on the door.” Someone reminded, and only then did everyone’s attacks stopped. One after another, they looked towards it, yet, there were only foggy clouds in their minds.

Several grids faintly began to surface on the door, and several wordings seemed to be written sporadically inside the grids. And these wordings, were all regular numbers. Zhu Yao’s face instantly stiffened, as she instantly sensed the malice of the entire world.

“T-T-This… This is!” Though, Zi Dan was the one who carried a shocked face, and even Feng Yi had widened her eyes.

“Daoist Zi Dan, do you recognize this?” Someone excitedly asked.

“This is an ancient mechanism.” Zi Dan gave it away in an instant.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened even more. That’s right. The ancient mechanism – Magical Squares. I dare you people to come and complete it.

“Daoist recognizes this formation!” That person continued excitedly. “Then, are you able to dispel it?”

Zi Dan shook his head, and took a deep breath. As though he recalled a sad past, he felt a little depressed. “Daoist Zi Dan, are you really unable to dispel it?”  That person thought that he wasn’t willing to do it instead, as he constantly urged him. “This matter is of grave importance. That Devil might be hiding inside.”

“It’s not that I’m unwilling. I really do not have the power to do so.” Zi Dan said. “This ancient mechanism is extremely complicated, and the method to dispel it has long been lost. I have once seen junior-martial brother Soi dispel it.”

Zhu Yao, who was previously Junior-martial  brother  Soi: Your sister’s complicated! Her current feelings were really complicated.

“I wonder where this junior-martial brother with  the surname Soi is? Are you able to call for him?”

The sadness being emitted out from Zi Dan became even more evident. Only after a moment later did he choke out. “That junior-martial of mine has long fallen a thousand years ago.”

That person went silent, and only a moment later did he let out a deep sigh. Even Feng Yi, who was at the side, seemed to have recalled some sad past events as well. With a dazed look, a moment later, she muttered to herself. “Brother Soi.”

Zhu Yao simply felt her legs go limp for a moment, and had almost fallen into the sea. Version 3.0 was definitely her dark history.

“Could it be that there really isn’t anyone capable of dispelling this formation?” Everyone present quietened down in an instant, as they revealed out slightly helpless looks.

“Umm…” Zhu Yao weakly raised her hand. “Why don’t I try?”

Instantly, dozens of eyes, concentrated on her one after another.

Even Feng Yi’s and Zi Dan’s eyes had instantly shone as well.

“You know how to dispel this!?” Feng Yi suddenly took a step forward, and looked straight at her. In her eyes, various emotions were flashing, circulating back and forth, as though something was about to light up. “You…” “My master has once taught me about it.” Zhu Yao took out the multi-purpose excuse.

As expected, in an instant, the light in Feng Yi’s eyes was extinguished immediately. However, everyone revealed understanding looks one after another.

Sovereign Yu Yan was after all, someone who had ascended. He had lived for more than ten thousand years, and his abilities were unfathomable. And, he specialized in formations, so knowing about ancient mechanisms like this was very normal as well.

The crowd of people who were still squeezing together earlier, instantly opened up an empty path, as they excitedly looked at Zhu Yao as she was dispelling the formation.

More than a hundred Nascent Soul practitioners, and adding a few Demigod practitioners, were staring at her while she was playing Magic Squares. This scene was simply too beautiful. She did not dare to look at all.

Zhu Yao embarrassingly walked over, and began her additions and subtractions starting from the ten-digit numbers. Currently, she was deeply regretting that she did not manage to teach Feng Yi the Magic Squares in time back then. This totally wasn’t something difficult, yet everyone was looking at  her with such revering eyes. The pressure on her was similar to a mountain pressing down on her, alright?

There wasn’t much difference between this Magic Square and the ones she dispelled before. It was just a little more complicated. However, even if it was more complicated, it wasn’t even a matter that would take her more than half an hour. Zhu Yao hesitated a little as she looked at the final grid. For a moment, she was a little uncertain if she wanted to open this door.

The appearance of this Divine Residence was indeed really strange. In the vicinity around this sea, other than Ancient Hill Sect, there are several other Deity Sects as well. If a Divine Residence was hidden here, theoretically speaking, someone should have found it after so many years. Why did it not emerge for so long, and only made a sudden appearance now?

Was that Devil really hiding inside? The Devil was also a remnant from the Ancient Era, so it knowing this Magic Square would be very normal too. However, with the Devil’s means, since it had already set down a Magic Square to prevent people from entering, why did it want to allow the Divine Residence to emerge as well? Wasn’t it simply seeking a beating?

“Sovereign?” Seeing that she had suddenly stopped moving, the people at the side anxiously reminded.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Forget it, counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir. She wouldn’t know  the outcome if she did not head in to take a look. Hence, she made her decision and wrote down the last formation character in the grid.

Zhu Yao hurriedly retreated a few steps back. The entire white door suddenly emitted out a red glow. The door which white was still snow-white earlier, was instantly enveloped completely with a red glow. At the slit of the once tightly shut door, a ray of green light emerged, and then, the door slowly opened.

The door gradually opened, and not even a moment later, the opened space was already enough to allow a single person to enter.

Suddenly, a black light fiercely surged from the surface of the sea, and poured straight towards the door, while carrying a familiar sharp howling, as though countless of ghosts were screaming at the same time. As everyone did not make any preparations beforehand, every single one of their souls shook, and they spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. The sky instantly darkened.

“Devil… The Devil Race…”

Furthermore, some of their Nascent Souls were even close to being shaken out of their body.

“Heheheh. I really have to thank you people for helping me open this Divine Residence.” A sinister and cold female voice resounded.

Chapter132: A Retarded Final Battle


Qihan was the first person to recognize the red figure who suddenly appeared right next to the door. Her entire body was encircled by devil aura, as though her entire being was enveloped in black miasma. Her former gentle and frail look turned dark and sinister, as expected, one’s looks came from one’s heart. In just a short few months, her cultivation had already raised from the early stages of Demigod, to a Demigod Paragon… No, there were faint traces that she had gone beyond that.

“You vile creature! Where’s Hanxin? Where did you kidnap Hanxin off to?” Qihan questioned with an expression filled with anger.

“Hanxin?” Mu Meiyan glanced at him,  and  a  wrathful  intent that filled the entire sky exploded out, even the devil aura surrounding her had begun to swirl as well. With a sudden cold laugh, she gently waved her hand. A pile of black  miasma appeared next to her, and  inside,  a  human  figure  could  be faintly seen. As the miasma receded, a  girl  whose  entire  body was stained in blood was hanged in mid-air. She had seemingly turned into a blood-covered person, as her entire body was completely dyed in red, and there were even some strange inscriptions engraved on her arms.

Zhu Yao had once seen those inscriptions as well. It was the same chain that Xiao Yi used to bind her soul in the past. This scene was unexpectedly familiar, so familiar that she felt it was drawing her back to that exact moment. Her heart sank, and for a moment, she had a little difficulty breathing.

“Release her!” Seeing his precious disciple being tortured in such a way, Qihan’s eyes instantly turned crimson red. He immediately summoned his Sword Intent, and struck towards Mu Meiyan.

Mu Meiyan laughed out coldly, and simply waved her hand. A fierce windstorm instantly blew, and the Sword Intent which carried Qihan’s Demigod might, was instantly dispersed by her, while dozens of wind blades struck towards Qihan.

As his Sword Intent was dispersed, he suffered a spiritual energy rebound. Unable to dodge in time, Qihan was struck head-on by the wind blades, and blood began to flow out like a tap from his body. “I’m not even done playing yet? So how could I release her?” Mu Meiyan smiled even more complacently, and her finger moved. Several hundreds of small sparks instantly struck onto Yue Hanxin’s body, and Yue Hanxin who was merely barely holding onto her consciousness earlier, instantly cried out miserably. The more miserable her cry was, the happier Mu Meiyan became. Her eyes were filled with a venomous intent. “What all of you bestowed to me, I will have all of you taste it a million times in return! No one shall even think of escaping.”

“Hanxin…” Qihan’s expression was filled with worry. He struggled to get up, however, he did not have the strength to do so. In front of his eyes, Mu Meiyan was once again about to make a move.

Taking this opportunity, Zhu Yao activated  the  enhanced light saber in her hands, and struck towards Mu Meiyan.

Mu Meiyan had long prepared for this moment. In a flash, her body dodged the attack. “Hmph, you’re estimating  your abilities. With the strength you people possess now, even if it’s a sneak attack, you will still be unable to beat me.”

“Who told you I wanted to launch a sneak attack on you in the first place?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. Don’t think you’re all that, alright?

Mu Meiyan blanked, and only then did she react to what was actually going on. When she turned her head around, the black devil aura that was chaining Yue Hanxin, had already been struck open. Yue Hanxin, whose body was completely covered in blood, was then held onto by Feng Yi who was already waiting down below. Her target was not Mu Meiyan in the first place. She simply wanted to save the person that was held captive.

“You’re  courting  death!”  Mu  Meiyan  turned  absolutely furious, and her face became even more sinister. In an instant, the pressure from her entire  body  was  released.  The  moment the Ascension-stage  comparable  pressure  was  released, everyone present was unable to stand stably. Some Nascent Soul practitioners had even almost fallen off their swords. This was the absolute suppression between the difference in cultivation levels, no one could resist it.

Excluding Zhu Yao!

“Why are you fine?” Mu Meiyan stared at Zhu Yao who was right at the center, looking as though nothing had happened. “Uh…” She didn’t know as well. Ever since she reached the Demigod-stage, she had never been suppressed by anyone’s pressure. Those who had higher cultivation than her would not easily offend her, and those with lower cultivation couldn’t possibly suppress her in the first place. Hence, she had never noticed that other’s pressure was ineffective against her. Could it be due to her Version 4.0’s Dragon body? Because they were different versions, they weren’t compatible?

After Mu Meiyan was startled for a moment, she instantly reacted. Summoning out her own sword, she charged over. Zhu Yao pulled out the hilt of the mirror, circulated her spiritual energy, instantly turning it to a sword filled with  lightning glow, and took her head-on.

What’s strange was, Mu Meiyan wasn’t that amazing as she had thought? Initially, she had thought that with Mu Meiyan’s current Demigod Paragon cultivation, she definitely would not have any chance of victory. However, the more she fought, the more weak points she found. There were even several times Mu Meiyan’s spiritual sword was about to land in her hands, yet, every single time, Zhu Yao would be blocked by the black devil aura surrounding her. And then, it would unleash a  counter that was ten times stronger in force.

When she had managed to slice apart the devil aura with her mirror, she was hindered by Mu Meiyan’s five elemental mystic arts.

Zhu Yao began to feel that something was off. Not only was Mu Meiyan being strange, even the devil aura on her body was strange as well. It did not seem to be as dense as that shadow before. Just what was off about this?

Zhu Yao once again circulated her spiritual energy, and attacked, yet, she was once again countered back by that surrounding devil aura with an even stronger force for the nth time. Zhu Yao shifted her body to dodge Mu Meiyan’s incoming black wind blade, retreated ten feet back, and stared at that face of hers which had already turned sinisterly twisted.


The hell, she finally understood what was off. Her face was too clean. Zhu Yao was actually able to see every detail of her face. The three letters ‘BUG’ that should have been written on your face had instead, disappeared. Currently, she was no longer that bug.

In other words, that Devil was not on her body. Zhu Yao instantly understood something, and turned to look at the opened huge door of that Divine Residence, only to see the last ray of black light, which was rising from the depths of the seas, disappearing into the other side of the door.

“You finally realized it.” Mu Meiyan laughed out coldly. “But it’s already too late. Phantom has already obtained the body remains of that Deity. He will immediately be reborn, and all of you will die!”

The hell! This woman was actually here to buy time. This Divine Residence was actually holding the body remains of the Deity from the Higher Realm. Her master had said that  the Devil had already suffered a severe injury, and it was basically impossible for it to undergo another body-takeover. However, if there wasn’t a need to even take over the body, a readily available physical body went without saying. The soul would only depart from a regular body after the death of the physical body itself, hence, there was no choice but to take over the body by force. However, a Deity was different. The body of a Deity would not corrode or decompose, even if the former owner had died, it could still bear another soul.

Just which unlucky Deity was it? Dying was fine, but why did he have to leave his body intact? And putting aside that it had left his body intact, why the hell did he have to throw it down to the Lower Realm as well? Just what kind of hatred did it have with this world?

Seeing that everything had gone according to plan,  Mu Meiyan began to laugh out wildly. On the other side of the white door, a green light suddenly shone. The snow-white door slowly began to crack inch by inch. Suddenly, a ray of green light flew out from inside, and that door finally shattered resoundingly, falling into the seas.

An additional white-robed man appeared in the sky. He was sitting within the green light, and there were still remnants of black light entering the man’s body. The black light was Devil’s true body.

“Hahahahaha…” Mu Meiyan looked as though she had finally gained what she wished for, as she laughed out exceptionally arrogantly. “Phantom has succeeded. Every single one of you, don’t even think of trying to escape.”

“You idiot.” Zhu Yao could not help but condemn that Mu Meiyan who was still unable to see the full picture. “We can’t escape, true. But do you think he will let you go as well? You will be next on his list.” “What nonsense are you spouting?” Mu Meiyan ruthlessly glared at her. “Why would Phantom possibly…”

Before she could even finish, suddenly, the devil aura surrounding her body began to surge, leaving her body and flying straight towards the man within the green light.

“My cultivation…” Following after the disappearance  of  the devil aura, Mu Meiyan’s cultivation began to regress at a speed visible to the naked eyes. From a Demigod Paragon, to a middle- stage Demigod, to an early-stage Demigod, and had even begun to fall back into Nascent Soul. “No… Impossible, how could this happen?”

Flustered, Mu Meiyan looked at her own pair of hands, trying to contain the devil aura. However, she could only grab onto empty air, and intense fear surfaced on her face. “No… Impossible. Phantom promised me to help exact my revenge, help raise my cultivation, and turn me into someone strong.”

“He’s a Devil!” Zhu Yao smiled coldly. There was actually someone who believed that a Devil would keep his promise. Her cultivation originated from the Devil, and now that he had found a better body, naturally, he would not waste even a single trace of devil aura on her body. Mu Meiyan was still grunting, exhausting all her strength to maintain her own cultivation, however, she was still unable to stop her cultivation from constantly regressing, from Nascent Soul to Azoth. In the end, it finally stopped at  Foundation, which should be her own cultivation level. However, her own complexion was beginning to speedily turn from a youthful maiden, into a white-haired old grandma. For a mere Foundation disciple, her lifespan was indeed too long.

Everyone who was suppressed by the pressure had begun to recover at this moment as well, however, no one moved at all. Mu Meiyan, who was in front of their eyes, was no longer worth them making a move on. The one who was truly threatening them was that Devil who had successfully obtained a new body, and was currently merging with it.

“We can’t allow him to resurrect.” Feng Yi said solemnly, as she was the first person to charge out. However, before she could even approach him, she was forced back by that green light. The green light faintly emitted out the might of a Deity from the Higher Realm. As practitioners of the Lower Realm, they were basically unable to approach him.

The surrounding devil aura was just about to be completely absorbed by the body, yet, everyone could only watch on powerlessly. In the beginning, this was all just a sinister plot. That so- called Divine Residence had most likely been found by that Devil a long time ago, and he had even known what was inside. It simply did not have any method of entering the place. Hence, it exposed the Divine Residence, making it look as though a unique artifact had emerged. All this was in order to have someone else dispel the seal, so that that Devil called ‘Phantom’ could obtain the divine body.

And, she was truly able to release the seal. This time, she really had the thought of chopping her head off. Why did her hands have to be so meddlesome!?

Everyone’s face could not help but carry ashen expressions.
Could it be that there really was no way to save them?

Suddenly, a heavenly radiance sliced through the skies and shone down. The sound of a bell resounded, and the sky which was covered by dark clouds earlier, suddenly scattered completely. As though the Heaven’s Door was opened in an instant, petals began to scatter throughout the sky all of a sudden, as two profound figures slowly walked out of the heavenly radiance.

“They… They’re Deities of the Higher Realm?” Everyone was instantly a little exhilarated.

In the next moment, a pressure that belonged to a higher being, enveloped the entire surface of the sea in an instant. With a suppressive force that was hundreds of levels stronger than Mu Meiyan’s earlier, the Dantian of the Nascent Soul practitioners present instantly shattered, their cultivation was completely destroyed, and they fell into the sea. Even the several Demigod practitioners were unable to resist it.

Other than Zhu Yao!

Just like that time when she was unable to feel Mu Meiyan’s pressure, she was unable to feel a single thing from these two people either.

“Oh? There’s actually someone who is able to block against a Gold Deity’s spiritual pressure.” A doubtful male voice sounded. Zhu Yao was unable to see the looks of the people in the heavenly radiance clearly, however, she was able to discern that it came from the man on the left. These two were really people from the Higher Realm!?

“She sure is a pretty good seedling. It’s a pity that she no longer has an opportunity to head into the Higher Realm.”

Zhu Yao expanded her barrier, trying her best to protect even more people within her barrier, in order to reduce the effects of their pressure. However, the pain that everyone was feeling wasn’t lifted that much. The hell, could it be that these two people weren’t here to help them deal with the Devil? What’s the deal with suddenly making a move on them?

“Let’s get down to actual business then!” The other Deity spoke, and his voice was even colder than the other Deity. He suddenly stretched out his hand, and waved towards the green ball of light at the side. A ray of light flew out, forming into a shape of a cage, which enclosed the green ball. In an instant, the body’s speed of absorbing the devil aura slowed down.

While that Deity who was the first to speak up earlier, looked towards the crowd of people, his gaze landed on Yue Hanxin who was being held by Qihan.

“Is she the one?”

“It should be. She’s the only one who possesses the mark.” The other person replied. That Deity once again waved his hand, and Qihan simply felt his hands were empty, as in the next instant, Yue Hanxin had already arrived in front of the two people.

“How did she end up like this?” The Deity on the left frowned.

“It’s natural, seeing that she had reincarnated in the Lower Realm several times.” The other person sighed. “This has nothing to do with us. We only have to bring her back and hand her over to his majesty.”

Chapter133: The So-Called ‘Deity’

“Who… in the world are you people?” Zi Dan looked towards the two people and asked.

One of the Deities lightly glanced to this side, and Zi Dan simply felt the pressure on his body had once again increased a little.

“Hmph.” That person coldly snorted, and looked at the surrounding crowd with a disdainful look. “As mere  ants, what’s the use even if I tell you?”

“Two honorable Deities, were you sent down here by Emperor Qi?” Qihan suddenly stood out from the crowd, and bowed towards the two people.

(t/n: The ‘Qi’ from Emperor Qi is different from the ‘Qi’ in Qihan.)

Only then did the Deity on the left shift his line of sight over. Lightly raising his brows, he said. “You’re someone of the Yue Family?” Qihan was startled for a moment, before replying. “I’m not someone from the Yue Family. However, the Yue family had met a crisis. Before the family head of the Yue Family died, he handed Hanxin to me. In these past years, as Hanxin’s master, I was safeguarding her in place of the Yue Family.”

“Master? Someone like you is worthy?” The  Deity’s expression turned cold.

Qihan hurriedly explained. “It’s just a title. This lowly one doesn’t dare to be Concubine Yue’s master.”

Only then did that person’s expression turn a little better. He sized Qihan up for a moment, and then, suddenly gave an eloquent smile. “Well, you’re clever, at the very least. Fine then! To a certain extent, you have some merits in protecting the mistress. We will bring you up to the Higher Realm later, and inform his majesty.”

Excitement instantly flashed past Qihan’s face, as he hurriedly expressed his gratitude. The moment that person raised his hand, the pressure falling on Qihan completely disappeared. He then flew his sword next to the two people, and stood obediently by their side. In regards to this sight, everyone was shocked. They had never expected that Yue Hanxin of Celestial Indus Sect was actually someone from the Higher Realm as well. Zhu Yao however, had faintly guessed it. Back then, during that precognitive dream, Yue Hanxin was indeed the resurrection of a female Deity. Though, she had never expected that she was the concubine of that Emperor Qi or whatever. It was no wonder that in Mu Meiyan’s former life, even though Yue Hanxin had so many men following her, she stayed ambiguous throughout. In the end, she did not even choose a single person, and instead, ascended. So she actually had an owner in the first place. And, Qihan seemed to know all about this as well. It was no wonder that back then, her treatment towards Yue Hanxin was so different.

“Since we have found the person, then…” The Deity on the left turned his head over. He coldly swept his eyes at the people present, and said with a smile. “It’s also time, to begin cleansing this world.”

“What do you mean?” Everyone’s face instantly paled.

That man took out a purple gold talisman. “The Devil cannot be resurrected. If he re-emerges, the Three Realms will be destroyed. We have received orders to help purify and renew this world.” When these words fell, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Purify and renew this world, what honorable Deity is meaning to say is… You’re going to kill all of the living beings in this world?” Although they had guessed that these two people were not here to help, they had never expected that, the goal of these two people wasn’t actually to exterminate the Devil, but to exterminate the world.

“Then what will happen to us? What will happen to the people if this world?”

“Why? In order to seal the Devil, why do we have to die?”

“That’s right, what did we do wrong? To have us killed in the process as well.”

“Aren’t you two Deities from the Higher Realm? Aren’t you two here to save us?”

“Shut up!” That person’s eyes sharpened, and an even larger pressure came pressing down. Those few people who spoke up to argue earlier, instantly puked out fresh blood from the pressure, and their cultivation regressed as well. “Save you? That sure is hilarious. Why do we have to save you? Wasn’t the Devil released by your own hands? You people have brought this upon yourselves.”

His manner of speaking was definitely arrogant, however, it had dumbfounded everyone present. A bone-piercing chill rose from the depths of their hearts. Earlier, they even believed that they could see hope, yet, in an instant, they had once again fallen into deeper despair.

That Deity’s expression turned even colder, as though the ‘world extermination’ he spoke of, was a task as simple as flipping a page of a book. “This is to prevent the Devil from re- emerging in the world, a great cause that takes all lives of the Three Realms into consideration. If you want to blame someone, then blame yourselves for being unlucky. Among the three thousand worlds, this Devil just had to choose your world to re-emerge.”

A reason like this was simply unbelievable. Who would have thought that the so-called Deities, those Deities that lived high above, Deities that they could only hope to chase after, were actually life-taking savages. In an instant, everyone became incomparably furious. “You people should feel honored to die under this World Purification Sacred Talisman, an artifact from the Lightning Divine Hall.” That honorable Deity threw the purple gold talisman in his hands, up towards the sky. In an instant, a purple-colored radiance began to fill up the entire sky. “To die for the sake of preventing the Devil from re-emerging, in a way, it can be said that you people will die worthy deaths.”

“Honorable Deities, nice story you came up with.” This time, Zhu Yao had really gotten furious. This lady has risked my life to fix this bug, and patch up this loophole, all in order to save this world. Where did these two idiots pop out from? You’re going to go destroy all of my hard work with a single word? What right do you have to do that!?

“I dare ask, in regards to the existence of this world, when has the Higher Realm ever held the right to decide it?” In regards to the endless cycle of reincarnation of the lives in this world, it had always belonged to the Heavenly Dao. When has the Higher Realm begun to possess the strength to bypass the Heavenly Dao?” You’re going to destroy it just by your words alone? Have you asked the owner of the world yet?

“Impudent child, like you know anything.” That Deity frowned. “Hmph. If not because you stupid mortals have awakened this Devil, how would this crisis even happen?” “We?” Zhu Yao replied with another question. “I dare ask, honorable Deity, is this Devil really awakened by the people of the Lower Realm?”

That person’s expression changed. Glaring at her, he said. “What do you know?”

Zhu Yao smiled coldly. “The Devil Race has been sealed by the God Race during the Ancient Era. The place where the Devils are sealed at, is located in the depths of the Devil Realm. As mere practitioners from the Lower Realm, no matter how strong we are, we will never have the ability to cross realms. I dare ask then, honorable Deity, just how did this Devil release the seal, and just how did it arrive at this Lower Realm?”

“This… How would I know that!?” A hint of fluster flashed past his face.

Zhu Yao, however, continued. “If honorable Deity doesn’t know, then the “Concubine Yue”, who is in your honorable Deity’s hands, should be clearly aware of these events, right?”

“Presumptuous.” That person loudly roared, as he sent an even larger pressure towards Zhu Yao. Unfortunately, she was immune to it, and her figure did not even move the slightest bit. “How is this possible?” This was pressure that he had released with all his strength, yet, she actually wasn’t affected in the slightest.

“What’s the rush, honorable Deity? Let me make a further guess.” Zhu Yao continued. “I believe that it was this precious Concubine Yue of yours, who have released something that shouldn’t be released, and hence, she was sentenced to the Lower Realm for punishment. And the Devil she had summoned, had followed after her, escaping to the Lower Realm as well.” In that precognitive dream back then, other than stating that Yue Hanxin was once a Deity, it had even stated that her former incarnation had once sealed a Heavenly Devil. All this while, she couldn’t understand why that Devil was called the Heavenly Devil? However, after meeting these two people from the Higher Realm today, she understood it completely. This so-called Heavenly Devil, didn’t  it  simply mean that it was a Devil who came from the heavens? Basically, she did not seal the Heavenly Devil, rather, she released the Devil.

“Honorable Deity, your logic sure has been greatly honed. Putting aside the fact that the Higher Realm had quietly released a Devil to the Lower Realm, now, you are even using this as an excuse to exterminate the world. And you have even said that we will die worthy deaths. Could this be the style of how the Deities from the Higher Realm work?”

“You!” Now that the truth had been exposed, the so-called honorable Deity’s face could no longer maintain the calmness that belonged to the high and mighty. He ruthlessly glared at Zhu Yao, and this sinister look of his, did not like a Deity in the slightest at all.

“So what if it’s true?” However, the other honorable Deity at the side, who had not been speaking much, finally spoke out. With sharp, cold eyes, he looked towards her. “You’re nothing but a mere ant, yet you still arrogantly wish to argue with the heavens. Even if the Devil did come from the Higher Realm, what can you ants do anything to stop us from exterminating the world today?”

“Heh…” Zhu Yao laughed out of anger. “We’re ants, but you people are worse than ants. Don’t use the lives of the Three Realms as an excuse. People like you disregard lives, only think of your own benefits, and do not have the slightest bit of compassion in their hearts. Even though you have made the mistake on your own, you aren’t repentant in the least. And, you even want to bring down the entire Lower Realm with you, so what’s the difference between you and the Devil then? You people aren’t worthy of being Deities.” When these words fell, everyone present was influenced as well, as they begun to curse out at the top of their lungs one after another.

“Presumptuous.” That person knitted his brows  tightly. Seeing that the place was about to go out of control, he said with a cold voice. “A mere Demigod practitioner dares to spout out such arrogant words. Whether we’re Deities or not, how could it be judged by you people? If you want to blame, then blame your own selves for being too weak. You people basically do not have the right to resist.”

“If the Higher realm is filled with people like you who aren’t able to distinguish right or wrong, selfish and only think  of their own benefits, then I rather not become a Deity forever.”

An unknown flame of anger burst out of her chest, and she no longer cared if the people in front of her were honorable Deities or whatever. In an instant, she expanded her aura entirely, summoned her Sword Intent, and attacked towards one of the Deities. A ‘ting’ sound rang in her mind, as though something had been activated, everything became clear in an instant.

“Hmph.” That person basically did not put her resistance in his eyes. With a wave of his hand, aiming at her Sword Intent, he once again released his pressure as a Gold Deity. However, he realized it was reflected back. Not just her, the pressure that was falling onto the rest of the people earlier,  had  disappeared  as well.

Everyone who could not resist in the slightest earlier, had all regained their composure as well.

“This is?”

“What did you do?” The expression of that Deity turned cold, as he stared towards Zhu Yao at the center.

Zhu Yao blanked as well. She simply recalled that she released something at the fit of anger earlier?

After carefully sensing it, it was actually the Dragon’s might?

So the Dragon’s might had such a benefit as well, being able to dispel the pressure which belonged to the level of a Higher Realm’s Deity. After taking a closer look, not only was the pressure gone, the rain of petals caused by the two people descending to the Lower Realm, had disappeared completely without a trace as well. Even the heavenly light enveloping their bodies were beginning to shake as well.

“In any case, we’re going to die anyway. Might as well fight them to the death!”

It was unclear who shouted that out, as a lone human figure charged out. The rest of the people first blanked for a moment, and an instant later, they summoned out their weapons one after another as well, and charged out without any regards to their lives.

“Hmph. You people are overestimating your abilities.” That honorable Deity coldly snorted. Evidently, he did not put these practitioners from the Lower Realm in his eyes, as he formed a hand seal with a single hand. In an instant, a gigantic formation was completed in the sky. Blazing fire balls endlessly appeared from the formation, striking towards the crowd.

The flames were extremely hot, the moment a bit of the flames made contact with the bodies, the entire corpse disintegrated without a trace. Even after entering the sea, the flames did not extinguish. In an instant, a sea of flames burned. One person after another fell into the depths of the sea. The difference in strength was too large, they were basically not their match at all. However, they were after all, just two people. As an army of ants was able to kill an elephant, there would be a moment where the two people would not be able to hold out.

Slight irritation began to surface on their expressions, however, because they still had to protect the unconscious Yue Hanxin in their hands, and the heavily wounded Qihan, there would always be a slight inconvenience. And, the people present were even fighting without any regards to their lives. Furthermore, there were a few people who chose to self- destruct to attack them. Even with their divine bodies, they had no choice but to retreat. And, the activation of the World Purification Sacred Talisman would still take another fifteen minutes. If they did not return to the Higher Realm now, they would be dragged in as well.

The heavenly radiance from the Higher Realm used to guide them, was already becoming dimmer. If they did not return now, it would completely disappear. The two of them looked at each other in the eyes, and then, released attacks with their full strength to both the left and the right. The people surrounding them were blown away, and taking this opportunity, they flew towards the end of the heavenly radiance, while bringing along Yue Hanxin and Qihan. Just as they were about to enter the heavenly gate, suddenly, a loud roar sounded. Like a curtain covering the sky, a green light came pouring towards the heavenly gate, instantly dispersing the heavenly radiance completely.

Ka. Ka. The sounds of something cracking could be heard.

“Not good. The Devil has re-emerged earlier than expected.” The expressions of the two people instantly turned as white as snow.

Chapter134: Your Sister’s A Devil

The two people had never expected that the Five Elemental Heavenly Lightning they especially requested from the Lightning Divine Hall, was unable to completely stop the Devil from resurrecting. And, it was even at the moment when the World Purification Saint Talisman had yet to completely activate. The most important thing was, that strange green light had even dispersed the heavenly radiance of ascension.

When the heavenly radiance disappeared, the two honorable Deities who came from the Higher Realm received a backlash from the Heavenly Dao, as they puked out blood one after another. And, their cultivation which was still unclear earlier, had begun to regress at an astonishing speed. From the cultivation of a Gold Deity, their cultivation fell into the Demigod-stage, and they were still regressing from there. The heavenly gate had instantly closed as well. This was the Heavenly Dao. Although it was unknown how they opened the heavenly gate and kept their cultivation when they descended into the Lower Realm, this world did not allow people from the Higher Realm in the first place. Hence, as long as the heavenly radiance of ascension disappeared, the Heavenly Dao would naturally revert them back to the cultivation that was suitable for this world.

“Heheheheh…” A sinister laughter sounded. The white- clothed man who was still quietly sitting within the green light earlier, had stood up. The green light had already begun to slowly recede. A pair of crimson red eyes flashed with a cold light, and the prison of light which enclosed his vicinity, stopping him from absorbing the devil aura earlier, was currently shattering bit by bit. His long hair fluttered in the wind, and although his eyes were crimson red, the aura being emitted out from his body was astonishingly cold, as he carried a sinister smile on his face.

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched. Without even thinking, she turned around and summoned her Sword Intent. Circulating all of the spiritual energy in her body, she attacked him with all her might.

That man, however, simply slightly raised the corner of his lips, and his entire being became even darker than before. Stretching out a single hand, with a simple flick of his finger, that lightning phoenix Sword Intent which Zhu Yao had poured all her spiritual energy into, was dispersed.

Zhu Yao could no longer bring out even the least bit of spiritual energy from her body. If Sesame had not caught her in time, she would have already fallen into the sea. She had never felt so powerless before, and in the depths of her heart, a word surfaced – Crap. That Devil called Phantom smiled even more sinisterly. In a flash, he appeared three steps away from her. Zhu Yao had already made the preparations to die. As expected, he shot out his feet, and pounced towards her. With his leg, he kicked Sesame away, and then…

Hugged her thigh…


“Lord~~~~~” A voice which carried a slight vibrato sounded. Phantom knelt on his knees in front of her, and began to crazily rub against her leg. “Lord, this little bunny really likes you.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Sesame: “…”

Everyone: “…”

“Lord, lord… Do you like little bunny?” Rub, rub, rub. Your sister’s a bunny! Just what kind of godly development was this!? Who could explain this situation for me, hey?

“You… You… You…” Zhu Yao could not find any words to say for a moment. “Aren’t you Phantom? Aren’t you one  of  the Devil Race?” Hey, stop playing already. At such a tense moment, what’s with the occurrence of such an unexpected drama?

The man, who was currently hugging her thigh with all his might, blanked for a moment. Raising his head, with a pair of eyes that was sparkling with starlight, he looked at her with an excited expression. “Lord, you know this little bunny’s name? Little bunny is so happy!”

Your sister’s happy! Just what the hell was this thing?

“Sovereign?” The rest of the people were all carrying dumbfounded expressions. After glancing at Zhu Yao, they then glanced at that lunatic man who was rubbing her thigh. “You… He… Just what is…”

“I don’t know either!” Zhu Yao suddenly had the urge to jump into the sea and commit suicide. Looking at the Devil beneath her who had evidently read the wrong script, she really wanted to blind her eyes on her own.

Wait a minute. This scenario somehow felt a little familiar. In this world, those who would call her lord without even questioning anything, seemed to only be…

“Your body’s a demonic beast?”

Phantom nodded. Then, he once again called out. “Lord~~”

“Then, what’s your main body?”

Phantom blanked for a moment, before showing her a smile. His body lighted up, and in an instant, a gigantic rabbit in front of Zhu Yao. It was so big, it was just about to reach the top of the sky. In a blink of an eye, the rabbit once again disappeared, reverting back to the white-clothed man. He continued to hug her thigh, and as he rubbed against it, with a satisfied expression, he called out. “Meow~”

Your sister meows. Be a proper rabbit, hey. Why did a good and healthy Devil suddenly turn into a rabbit? Why was a good and healthy divine body a demonic beast? What happened to the promised White Rabbt Divine Residence?

Wait a minute. That Divine Residence seemed to have come from a distant era, so the Deity must have fallen many years ago. Hence, having some missing letters in the name plate could be understood as well. Then… White Rabbt… White  Rabbt… The hell, it’s White Rabbit. A single letter had fallen off. This was a Rabbit Deity’s Divine Residence, so it’s understandable for the main body to be a rabbit. Hence, Devil = Rabbit Deity = Demonic Beast. And, she was a Dragon, thus – Bloodline suppression.


She had to say, this Rabbit Deity had perfectly made a fool out of this Devil.

“Lord, let this little bunny become your contracted beast, alright?”

“No!” As  a  big  man,  you’re  calling  yourself  a  little  bunny.
Don’t you find it embarrassing? “Lord~” Its vibrato continued.

“Shut up!”

She could sense the evil intentions of the entire world. Tell me, just how overpowered is the suppression of the Dragon Race’s bloodline?

“You… Could it be you’re a Devil as well!?” One of the honourable Deities who was still extremely overbearing earlier, pointed at Zhu Yao with a fearful expression. That  Devil actually called her lord. To have a Deity refer someone as his lord, that person could only be the Lord of Devils of the Devil Realm. Could it be that the Devil Race had all re-emerged? “She’s a Devil as well. Quick… Quick, kill her. Why are you people still not making a move!?”

The honorable Deity who had regressed into a late-stage Nascent Soul practitioner, had long been suppressed by the remaining people. However, he still did not give up and tried to overturn the situation. Unfortunately, no one batted him  an eye.

Their actions of exterminating the world earlier had already angered everyone, and that purple gold talisman was not stopping either, so who would listen to him?

Zhu Yao simply replied him with this: “Hoho.”

Don’t open the hole in your brain too wide, young man!

“Junior-martial Yu, what is this Devil…?” Feng Yi looked at her with a confused expression.

“I don’t understand either.” Zhu Yao replied honestly. “But, I can ascertain that, he will no longer cause any harm to this world.”

“…” Feng Yi still looked confused.

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked towards the purple gold talisman in the sky, which was still constantly dispersing itself. Her brows knitted deeply. A talisman that could destroy the world…

“Phantom!” Zhu Yao pulled up the “former” Devil who was still kneeling and hugging onto her thigh. Stretching her hand, she pointed at her core, and said with emphasis on every word. “As the name of your lord, I command you. From today onwards, your soul is not allowed to leave this body, nor are you allowed to harm the lives of anyone else, until the collapse of the Three Realms and re-descent of chaos.”

A ray of golden light was shot into the center of his forehead. Phantom blanked, and only a moment later did he take a step back, and gave her a deep bow. “This subordinate obeys.”

Using her blood essence as a guide, she placed down a blood contract, which all demonic beasts were unable to retaliate against. Since the Dragon’s bloodline could suppress the Devil’s natural personality, then, with this order, he wouldn’t be able to disobey it as long as he was still alive.

Although the Devil had been settled with, if that talisman, which was exterminating the world, did not stop, the world would still end. However, how possibly could a talisman, which had already been activated, be stopped before its completion? Zhu Yao took a deep breath. She had no choice but to take a gamble.

With her head raised, she looked towards the talisman. “Sesame.”

Circulating her own aura, Zhu Yao instantly transformed into her dragon form, while Sesame had returned to her divine sense region at the same time as well.

At that moment when her true form was revealed, everyone was dumbfounded. With expressions of disbelief, they looked towards the body of the dragon which was huge enough to connect the sky and earth. If earlier, there were still suspecting her identity, then at this moment, all doubts had been dispelled.

“Dra… Dra…” The two suppressed honorable Deities were even more dumbfounded. They had never expected that, not only the woman who they were still suspecting earlier, wasn’t a Devil, she was actually his arch-nemesis as stated in the legends
– a God!

The entire world had completely turned purple. The world- exterminating talisman had been completely activated. A fierce gale blew, and debris flew into the air. A golden light shone at the center of the talisman, as some sort of a great and strong energy was being poured out from the inside. Just as it was about to explode in all four directions, Zhu Yao had already flown her tough dragon body above the talisman. “Omnom!” And she swallowed it up in an instant.

Naturally, she was unable to digest it. However, at the very least, she was a dragon. Even if she did not receive an inheritance from any of the God Race, her body was still as tough as the original’s. But, in the end, it was a power capable of exterminating a world, no matter how tough her body was, it was impossible to completely resist it. Hence, she could only stare as the talisman exploded inside her body. She could only look on as her own blood and flesh scattered, the leaked energy waves spread throughout the four directions, and a volume of water in the sea instantly disappeared, spreading outwards in a circular shape. Everything only stopped when all of the water in the sea had been swept empty by the energy waves.

And then, she once again saw that low-down chat window.

“Congratulations. You have cleared four stages. Please choose the following options: [Resurrect] or [Resurrect] or [Resurrect].”

Flips table.

Is there any meaning in showing three identical options? Is there any meaning at all? Furious, she felt like bashing someone up. Zhu Yao took a deep breath. Glancing to the side, although the entire sea had completely dried up, at the very least, she had stopped the world-exterminating talisman from destroying the world. Hence, she casually tapped on [Resurrect].

The view in front of her instantly darkened. She had once again returned to that completely dark world where only a single loading bar remained.

Her heart suddenly twitched for a moment, as though something that had been covered up all this while, was lifted out. For a moment, she felt as though it was a little hard to breathe.

Looking at that loading bar which was just about to reach its last stretch, Zhu Yao took a deep breath.

“Realmspirit, I know you’re there. Come out for a moment, let us talk about life.”

The loading bar paused, and stopped at the 99% position. As though the ‘pause’ key had been pressed on, her surroundings were unnaturally quiet. “Stop hiding already. I know it’s you, so you best come out now!”

A moment later, that loading bar flashed, and instantly disappeared. Then, in the boundless black world, the sound of a bell suddenly rang, and a window popped out.

A QQ Chat Window.

Realmspirit: Hey dear. Long time no see, dear. Did you miss me, dear?

Zhu Yao suddenly had the urge to curse out.

Realmspirit: Dear, is there anything you need from me? If there’s anything you want to know, just ask away, don’t hold back, dear.

“Dear your sister! Who the hell are you?” Realmspirit: I’m your good friend Realmspirit. I have always been with you, dear.

Always been with me? I have always been with the god of death you mean, right? Every single time, she would only be able to see these strange chat windows during her deaths. If she hadn’t roared out this time, had he planned on not showing himself? “Why did you bring me here? And have me fix these stupid bugs?”

Realmspirit went silent for a moment. That QQ chat window that was flowing in the air then popped out a sentence after a series of beeps.

Realmspirit: You promised me, right? To help me fix my bugs.
Since we’re friends, we have to help each other out!

“Your sister needs help! Is there anyone else who asks for help like this? Just how many times have this lady died, huh? Just what is your purpose?”

Realmspirit: I simply want you to help me out, really. You have seen it for yourself as well, this world is really filled with many problems. “Bro, I’m just a game programmer. It’s possible to have me come up with some gaming scripts, but to have me save a world, and a cultivation world to boot, I really can’t handle it, hey.”

Realmspirit: But, you’re doing really well though.

“Well my ass. Just how many lives have I spent? If this continues, I will soon fall apart.”

Realmspirit: Then… Do you want to return to your former world?

Zhu Yao: “…” Arc 05

Chapter135: Everyone’s Beloved 5.0

Return back to her former world? Of course she wanted to return. Her parents, her friends, and everything that she was more familiar with were there. Initially, she couldn’t wait to return to that place, but when that moment truly arrived, she suddenly hesitated.

“You’re really able to send me back?”

Realmspirit: Nope.

Then why the hell did you ask!? She had almost begun to frustrate about her decision.

Realmspirit: It’s not possible now, but in the future, it might be possible.

What did he mean? A change in taste?

Just as she was about to ask, Zhu Yao suddenly saw the chat window vibrating for a moment. And then, on the right of the window, an ‘A document has been sent to you.’ section appeared. The document was labeled ‘Welcome Back Gift Package’. Below it, there were four options: [Receive], [Preview], [Save As], [Cancel].

Did it have to be so professional? Just how much endorsement fee did the Penguin Group pay you?

Realmspirit: I’m not lying to you. I have already made all the preparations needed for your return, it’s just that currently, I’m unable to send you back.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, before tapping on the additional [Preview] button. In an instant, another screen appeared next to her. A block of ice, the size of an average adult, was shown on the visuals of the screen. And inside that block of ice, a woman was sealed inside.

“Isn’t that me?” The woman who was sealed in ice, actually looked exactly the same as her original look.

Realmspirit: Your body was destroyed, so I prepared a new one for you. Of course, as a gift package, I removed some minor problems from the original body. For example, breast hyperplasia, irregular periods, acne… “Shut up!” Just how many problems did her former body have?

Realmspirit: Whatever the case, when you return, you will definitely feel extremely wonderful!

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. Calm down, calm down. “Tell me honestly. Just what are you planning? Who are you? Why do you want me to fix these bugs?”

He suddenly turned silent. For a long while, there weren’t any new words popping up on the chat window. Just as she was about to think that he would be staying silent for the entire time, finally, the next sentence popped up.

Realmspirit: I can’t say it now. But, in the future, you will naturally understand everything.

Isn’t that bullcrap?

“Then will I get to meet you in the future? And I’m speaking about the true you.” Even if she had known him in the modern era for several years, they had never met face-to-face. Her master had said that the person capable of resurrecting her endlessly, was most probably a powerful expert in the Higher Realm. But, till now, she still did not know even the slightest thing about him.

Realmspirit: Yes, you will.

“Then how many more bugs do I have to fix?”

Realmspirit, however, did not give a direct answer.

Realmspirit: There’s a limit to these bugs. The more bugs you fix, the more power I will be able to recover. And, you will be closer to getting home.

Seeing his tone, most probably there wasn’t merely just one or two more. However, it’s great that there was a definite number. She was really afraid that these matters would continue without end.

“Then, are you able to tell me what I will turn into in my next version?” First it was a baby, and then, a man. In her previous one, she wasn’t even human. “Seeing that we can be considered to be good friends, can you give me a better character?”

Realmspirit: Of course, no problem. I guarantee that  your next character will definitely be unprecedented. You will definitely be loved by everyone. Flowers will bloom when they see you, and cars will go boom when they drive pass you. No matter if they’re man or woman, old or young, they will be unable to escape from your charm, and treat you as treasure. They will never give you up, or leave you.

“For real?” Why did that sound so much like Mary Sue?

Realmspirit: You have to trust me, dear friend.

Trust my ass. It was because she trusted him by mistake, which caused her to arrive at this freaking place. She died, only to die again. When she got back up, she died again. And after dying, she continued to die once more.

“Fine, hurry and send me to the next stage then.” Seeing how tightly sealed this person’s lips were, must probably, she wouldn’t be able to receive any results even she were to continue with her questions. Zhu Yao reached out her hand, and canceled that ‘Welcome Back Gift Package’ send request. Realmspirit: Have a pleasant trip.

He sent a ‘goodbye’ expression, and in the next instant, the loading screen once again appeared. Just as it was about to reach the halfway mark, Zhu Yao finally could not endure it any longer, and asked.

“Realmspirit, Wang Xuzhi… Is he fine?”

The chat window was silent for a moment. Just as the loading bar was about to finish, finally, a picture was displayed on the chat window. It was a screenshot.

In the screenshot was a foreign-looking man. She had never seen him before, but she knew that he was Wang Xuzhi. He was currently wearing a wedding garment, looking at the other woman, whose head was covered, with a smile. Looking at this, it seemed to be a wedding ceremony.

Zhu Yao gently let out a sigh of relief. The moment she entered this space, she recalled everything. Her feelings which had been heavy the entire time, could finally relax a little. “That’s good. I really wish, that I can see him again.”

With a ‘Ting’ sound, that loading bar finally finished. Zhu Yao instantly felt a ray of light enveloping her entire being.

And inside the black space where Zhu Yao’s figure was no longer there, two final words popped up in the chat window.

Realmspirit: You will.

The moment Zhu Yao woke up, she saw a blue sky. It was so blue, there wasn’t even a single bit of impurity, and not even a single cloud could be seen. Whoever seeing this definitely wouldn’t be able to help but sigh at how great the weather was. There’s definitely a need to stretch her lazy waist…

The hell!?

Why wasn’t she able to move?

No matter how her brain willed herself to get up, she was still lying on the ground, not being able to move a single inch. She wanted to call for help, only to realize that she was unable to let out her voice either. Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t have become a cripple, right?

But, even if she was crippled, why was she unable to move her head either? She couldn’t sense a single thing from her entire body.

What happened to the absolutely unprecedented character that’s beloved by everyone? Zhu Yao suddenly had the urge to pull Realmspirit out and give him a thorough bashing.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything right now, except stare at the unchanging azure-colored sky.

And then…

It rained.

And it was even a huge downpour. However, she, who had completely no senses at all, could not even feel the water or dampness. The rain poured for more than an hour, and after it stopped, a flood actually happened.

Zhu Yao felt as though the entire world was shaking, and only then did she guess that she was currently being washed away by the water stream. A huge amount of water filled her entire vision, and she understood that she was currently moving about while sinking.

What’s strange was, she did not have the slightest feeling of suffocation. However, the water did not rise for too long either, as after a few minutes, the trembling caused by being washed away finally stopped. The rain stopped as well, and she once again saw that blue and cloudless sky.

Zhu Yao felt that she had to ponder about her life a little.

Unfortunately, before she could finish pondering, a doubtful female voice was suddenly heard.

“Eh? What’s that?”

Fast approaching footsteps could be heard. In the next moment, in her line of vision, a giant appeared. In her point of view, that giant was as tall as the sky, and was even female. Zhu Yao was so frightened, her heart was about to jump out.

No matter who it was, if they were to suddenly see someone’s eyes which were even bigger than their own heads appear in front of them, they would definitely be  frightened. Furthermore, this giant had clearly already spotted her.

Zhu Yao’s first reaction was to run.


Momma’s egg. Run my ass. She was basically unable to move at all. Even in a crisis like this, she realized that she still had no sensation of her own body at all.

She could only stare blankly at that giant, as that giant reached out her gigantic hand, and grabbed her up.

She sized Zhu Yao up for a moment. “So dirty!” That face which was as huge as a basketball court, revealed a disgusted frown. And then, raising her other hand, she reached out to fiercely rub Zhu Yao’s face.

The hell. Was she using her as a washboard?

Zhu Yao suddenly felt like crying, however, no matter how much she retorted in the depths of her head, she was still unable to let out a single sound. Only when that female giant was satisfied, did she finally stop the rubbing. Zhu Yao felt that she was a little fortunate that she could not feel anything right now. Otherwise, with that female giant’s method of rubbing, a layer of her skin would have definitely been peeled off.

“After rubbing it clean, it looks rather  chic.”  That  female giant muttered to herself, as she grabbed Zhu Yao and placed her close to her basketball court-sized face, as though she wanted to take a closer look.

Those water well-sized eyes could already reflect her entire body. That square-ish, clear, snow-white…

The hell!

The moment she saw her own reflection in the female giant’s eyes, Zhu Yao finally understood why she couldn’t move.

Unknowingly, she suddenly recalled the first words she said at that moment when she saw her master after he descended upon the Lower Realm.

“Oh hero, do you still need something to hang by your thigh?”

Back then, she only said that because simply wanted to hug his thigh. However, never did she expect that…

She would really turn into an accessory that could hang by his thigh!

And it was even a piece of rectangular, clear-white jade, without the slightest scar on it.

Flips table!

Realmspirit, come out! I guarantee I won’t bash you to death! Zhu Yao suddenly comprehended what the biggest evil intentions of the world were.

“Eh? Why do I feel that this jade is a little darker  than before?” With a doubtful expression, the woman held onto the pendant which she had unexpectedly picked up, and flipped it about. “It’s clearly a divine jade, so why is its divine aura so weak?”

That’s right, I’m just an inferior product, hurry and shatter me apart, so that I can continue with version 6.0. Zhu Yao silently chanted.

“Ah, whatever.” With an unmindful expression, the woman stuffed the jade pendant next to her waist. “It’s also a form of fate for me to have picked it up. It might have its uses in the future.”

Don’t! Don’t hesitate to shatter me, please.

Unfortunately, the woman could not hear the pleas in Zhu Yao’s heart. Patting the side of her waist with a peace of mind, she confirmed that it was placed nicely. Only then did she turn around, and was just about to leave this place. Only then did Zhu Yao was able to see clearly that the place she was laying on earlier, was merely a small ditch that wasn’t even the size of two hands.

After picking up a divine jade, the woman was evidently really happy, as even her footsteps were a little lighter than before. However, after walking for a few moments, her face suddenly paled. As though she had realized something, she hurriedly raised her head to look towards the sky.

In the next instant, a white figure suddenly appeared three steps away from her. That person was a man. His exceptionally handsome face was a little cold. Although he had retracted it, his entire body still carried a trace of a higher being’s aura, and his pair of especially clear eyes was staring straight at the woman in front of him.


Zhu Yao was so excited, she even felt like pouncing towards him. Unfortunately, she couldn’t even move the slightest bit.

The woman did not move, as she raised her guard while looking at the person who was suddenly blocking her way. Carelessly, her line of sight fell on that unique  inscription drawn on his sleeves, and her eyes instantly widened. That mark was…

“Yu… Yao.” Yu Yan called out, his voice was still without any warmth. Zhu Yao however, could faintly hear the rising fluctuation in his tone. “You’re finally here.”

Master. Zhu Yao suddenly had an urge to cry.

However, she suddenly heard a response from a female voice. “That’s right.”

In the next moment, that woman who picked her up, took a step forward and stood next to Yu Yan. While the master whom she cared deeply about, was currently reaching out his hand, and placing it on that woman’s head.

The hell, you little bitch!

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Chapter136: Ill Intentions

Hello everyone, she’s Zhu Yao. Currently… she’s a piece of divine jade. To put it in common terms, she’s a piece of rock.

On the first day she became a divine jade, she was picked up by an unknown woman, and then… she lost her master.

In regards to such an extremely tragic and painful experience, she simply wanted to say three words: ‘that little bitch’

Seeing this woman, with a gentle and embarrassed  face, standing on her master’s divine sword  as  they  were  heading back to his residence, Zhu Yao felt like charging right  up  to scratch her face at every given moment.

The main factor was, her master actually believed her.

Although Zhu Yao had always known that her master was missing some screws in his brain, did his intelligence have to fall apart at such a key moment?

“Master, what is this place?” The woman asked as she pointed to the front not far from them. That was a boundary enveloped in lightning clouds, and rays of purple-colored lightning bolts continuously flashed. From afar, one could feel the monstrous and imposing atmosphere, deterring people from approaching it.

“The Lightning Divine Hall.” Yu Yan turned and glanced at this disciple who had evidently turned a lot cautious than before. His brows furrowed. Could it be that after losing her memories, her personality would change as well? “Since you have already arrived in the Divine Realm, you will naturally live with me in the Lightning Divine Hall in the future.”

“Master is a disciple of the Lightning Divine Hall?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded.

A hint of excitement flashed past the woman’s eyes in an instant, however, she then hurriedly concealed it. With a clueless look, she asked. “I wonder what kind of place is this Lightning Divine Hall?”

Thinking that his disciple had only ascended to the Higher Realm not too long ago, and most likely was unclear of the situation here, Yu Yan explained. “The Lightning Divine Hall is a place which governs the rules and punishments of the Divine Realm.”

Rules and punishments? Then wasn’t it a place similar to a court? Zhu Yao glanced at her master. Her master was actually a judge in the Higher Realm. She couldn’t see him as one though?

“I see.” The woman’s eyes shone even brighter than before. A moment later, she said. “I wonder what other people are there in this Lightning Divine Hall? Is it really fine for master to bring me there like this?”

Yu Yan, who was just about to raise his hand to disperse the lightning clouds, paused for a moment. Turning around, he looked strangely at the person behind him who looked a little anxious. His stupid disciple was actually able to begin to think about such problems as well. Could it be that memory loss was capable of raising one’s intelligence as well?

“There’s no need for you to worry about that.” Looking strangely at this bright-minded disciple, he was unable to get used to it a little. With a wave of his hand, the thundering lightning clouds in front of them instantly dispersed to two sides. The two people entered with their flying sword, and not even a moment later, the sky which was pitch-black earlier, instantly turned into a boundless blue sky, revealing a floating celestial mountain at the back. At the peak of the celestial mountain, protruding out of it was a tower that pierced towards the sky. The tower was so huge, its top could not be seen at all, as though it was connected to the sky itself. And, on the celestial mountain, the place was filled with a sea of flowers. With a gust of wind, the sky-filled petals dispersed and danced about. As they flew their sword across, it was as though they were stepping on the sea of flowers.

This was the Lightning Divine Hall. It’s a little beautiful, wasn’t it?

Zhu Yao looked at this view which was as beautiful as a scenery in a game, and did not regain her senses for a long while.

Until the moment they landed in a peach blossom forest at the foot of the mountain.

“We’ve arrived.” Yu Yan pointed at the straw cottage at the depths of the peach blossom forest. “You will live there from today onwards.”

The woman blanked. Looking at that small broken house, she then raised her head and looked towards that majestic palace at the top of the mountain. Her expression instantly changed, and only a moment later did she speak up. “Master, are we not going to the mountain peak?”

Yu Yan frowned, as though he had recalled some unhappy matters, he replied with that same light tone. “No need. Have an early rest today.”

After saying that, he turned around, and walked towards the other straw cottage.

The woman’s expression paled. The depths of her heart tightened, as she grabbed onto his sleeves. “Master?”

The hell. Zhu Yao instantly flared up. Little  bitch,  release your claws! This man is mine! Mine!

Yu Yan turned his head around skeptically. The woman’s expression revealed a moment of fluster. “This disciple… feels a little… anxious… after arriving at a foreign place.”

Yu Yan became even more astonished. His disciple actually had times when she was afraid and anxious as well? Habitually, he raised his hand to stroke his head. Seeing her rarely obedient, lowered head, a slight bizarre feeling welled up in his heart.

“Be obedient. Master is here.”

“Mn.” The woman nodded. She tightly gripped onto  the corner of his clothes, however, an evident slight blush could be seen on her face.

Watching what looked like an affectionate and loving scene, Zhu Yao was so furious, she even began to feel hurt on the inside.

Master, your disciple is right here. Why are you staring at her face? Look a little lower! Look at the bottom half of her body! (Eh? Something sounds strange about this? )

Unfortunately, no matter how irritated she felt, the outstanding citizen Master Yu Yan, still dutifully sent that woman back to the small straw cottage, before turning to leave. Before going off, he even kindly closed the door.

Only when she could no longer hear Yu Yan’s footsteps, did that woman instantly retract her obedient and gentle expression. Instead, she revealed an expression mixed with excitement and a hint of anxiousness.

“The Lightning Divine Hall, I never expected that I would actually be able to come to the Lightning Divine Hall.” With an excited expression, she took several deep breaths, as though she was trying to suppress the happiness in her heart with all her might. After sitting on the chair in the building for a moment, her expression slowly calmed down. The corner of her lips gently rose, making a smile filled with slyness. “Yu Yao, is it?”

Yu Yan felt that his disciple who resurrected this time was a little strange, however, he was unable to discern what was strange about her. His disciple had lost her memories, though, this wasn’t the first time it had happened. He recalled  that when his disciple returned last time, she had forgotten a part of her memories as well, and that were matters regarding Wang Xuzhi. However, this time, she had even forgotten  all  about him. This basically wasn’t a huge problem. Since she had forgotten, then forget it. He just had to safeguard her a little more from today onwards.

But faintly, he simply felt that there was something amiss, a violating sense that he was unable to put into words. Clearly, he could feel the strand of divine sense that he planted, on her body. However, when he was facing her, he somehow had a feeling that the person in front of him wasn’t his disciple.

“Master?” A gentle call came from outside the door.

With a twist of Yu Yan’s palm, the restriction on the house was removed, and the door automatically opened.

The disciple that he had only picked up today, was currently standing outside the door. Seeing his nod, she then slowly walked in. Cupping her fist, she bowed towards him. “Yu Yao greets master.”

“Mn.” Yu Yan responded, however, he  unconsciously frowned. That violating sense returned again. The woman raised her head, revealing an obedient and respectful look. “I wonder what matters master has called this disciple for?”

Yu Yan pondered deeply for a moment. Taking two steps forward, he took out a jade tablet and passed it over. “This is our Lightning Divine Hall’s Imperial Lightning Art. Since you have already arrived in the Higher Realm, it’s also time for you to begin learning the Arts of the Higher Realm.”

“Imperial Lightning Art!” She seemed to have been startled for a moment, as her eyes widened a little, and the fists by her side instantly tightened. However, there wasn’t any change in her expression. A moment later, with a serious look, she received it. “This disciple obeys.”

Yu Yan, however, was a little dumbfounded. In the past when she was learning Arts, she would always have to ask for details back and forth. Although they were all dumb questions that were of common sense, she would still have to make sense them before giving him a nod. There were very few instances that she would agree to it so easily. This time, she did not ask nor did she speak up about it, but instead, she seemed to look a little excited? When had she become so motivated? In Yu Yan’s heart, he could not help but feel a little strange. “Practice well. If there anything you’re uncertain of, you can come ask your master.” Her expression instantly turned serious once again. “Thank you, master. This disciple will definitely learn it with all my might.”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded, and habitually reached out his hand, as he was thinking of stroking her head. However, what he got in response was an obedient and respectful expression from her. Unconsciously, his hand floated above her head, and for a long while, he could not press his hand downwards. In the end, he still retracted his hand back.

Even the words that he was planning to pacify her with earlier, were unable to escape from his mouth.

“Leave then.”

“Yes, this disciple shall depart.” She once again bowed, before turning around and exiting the door. She had even casually helped him with closing the door.

Yu Yan’s frown, however, began to grow deeper.

The woman  walked  extremely  quickly,  carrying  a  hint  of anxiousness. Close to the end, she seemed to have broken into a light jog, as she returned to her own cottage and closed the door. After thinking for a moment, she set down a layer of restriction within the house, before sitting cross-legged on the bed.

Opening her already damp palms, she took out that piece of jade tablet, and could not help but tremble a little. She could no longer conceal the excitement on her face, as she broke out into a smile. “The Imperial Lightning Art! It’s actually the Imperial Lightning Art!”

Even Zhu Yao could sense how excited she was. Could the reason the woman disguised herself as her was to enter the Lightning Divine Hall to learn the Arts here?

The woman anxiously pressed the jade tablet that she just received onto the center of her forehead, and inspected it.

“Eh? Why are there only first level Arts?” Her expression changed, revealing a hint of dissatisfaction. A moment later, she regained her usual look, and began to cultivate in a trance state.

And Zhu Yao, who was stuffed next to her waist, had begun to ponder about her present situation as well.

It seemed like this woman who popped out of god knows where, was planning to disguise herself as her till to the end. And the reason why her master had mistaken that woman was her, was most likely because she was on her body. After all, even she couldn’t have expected that she would turn into a piece of jade.

In order to expose her scheme, she simply had to leave her body. Fortunately, the woman had yet to realize this point, and that woman did not place her into a storage space either. By simply casually placing Zhu Yao next to her waist, it gave Zhu Yao the opportunity to escape.

But, here came the problem. She could not move, nor could she talk. So what should she do?

The woman had completely entered a trance state, as the dense divine energy in the surroundings was currently approaching her. Unquestionably, she had resurrected into the Higher Realm this time. Although she did not know why there was a need to cultivate in the Higher Realm as well, compared to the cultivation world, the divine energy that was being absorbed by this woman, was clearly something different from the spiritual energy in the Lower Realm. It was even denser, and the energy was even purer.

Zhu Yao suddenly thought, was she able to cultivate as well? In this world, as long as it’s an object which had gained a spiritual consciousness, it could cultivate and become a Daemon. Although its cultivation speed was not comparable to a human practitioner, and its body was not as strong as a demonic beast, it’s not impossible for it to gain the ability to walk and talk.

With a single glance, it could be seen that this person who had disguised herself as her held bad intentions. No matter what, Zhu Yao had to expose her. She had to immediately begin cultivating now. Zhu Yao was instantly filled with  fighting spirit, but in the next instant, it was discharged out cleanly, and completely.

Forget about cultivation, she basically could not sense any spiritual energy at all.

In the beginning, she tried going according to the most basic method of guiding spiritual energy into her body, however, she then realized that there wasn’t a single trace of any spiritual energy in the air at all, so there wasn’t even a need to distinguish between the five different types of spiritual energy. So what was she going to do now?

Wait a minute.

She looked at the woman next to her. Could it be that, to cultivate in the Higher Realm, she could only absorb divine energy? Zhu Yao pondered deeply for a moment, before beginning to sense divine energy with all her might. As expected, the surroundings were filled with a dense amount of energy. She tried to bring them in with all her might, however, there wasn’t even a hint of reaction coming from the divine energy in the surroundings, so forget about entering her body.

The hell, are you guys looking down on jades!?

Could it be that it was destined for her to simply quietly act as the divine jade she was? Until the day someone were to come to break her apart before she could make a comeback?

Not giving up, she tried again and again. When the moon had reached the top of the sky, she was still unable to sense the slightest hint of divine energy. For the first time, Zhu Yao felt a little depressed, and felt that her future was worrisome.

Suddenly, a warm feeling instantly filled her entire body, as though it had entered the core of this piece of jade of hers.

Eh, this is…

Chapter137: Truth Exposed

Zhu Yao attentively sensed for a moment, only to realize that the warm flow of energy earlier had disappeared in a blink of an eye. However, she had clearly sensed that her entire jade had lit up, but no matter how she continued to guide the energy into her body, she could no longer have that sort of feeling.

Just as Zhu Yao was pondering about it, that disappeared warm flow once again appeared. And, it was gradually seeping into her from the top half of her jade-body. Furthermore, even if she did not circulate the technique, that warm flow would still gather into her jade-body on its own. After a careful look, Zhu Yao realize that the upper half of her body was being enveloped by a silver light, and, that silver light was shining onto her from outside the window. It was moonlight!

She could actually absorb moonlight to cultivate!? In other words, she did not have to continue being an accessory. That’s great.

Zhu Yao momentarily heaved a sigh of relief. Although currently, she still did not understand the basic cultivation technique, this moonlight was evidently beneficial to her. Hence, she silently guided even more of this warm flow into her jade-body. This speed, however, was clearly too slow. Even when the sun had once again risen, the warm flow of energy in her body was still too miniscule to take notice of.

That woman seemed to have the intention to go into isolation, as she still had yet to wake up from her trance state. The divine energy within her body was becoming denser as well.

Naturally, Zhu Yao would love it if she stayed in her trance state. As long as she did not wake up, whenever night were to come, she would be able to absorb more moonlight to cultivate. Even if she was unable to cultivate to the point of forming a body, it would be fine as long as she was able to talk.

Unfortunately, the time at night was after all, limited. Although she had already worked very hard in her cultivation, even after three months had passed, she was still unable to speak. At the very most, from a piece of white-colored jade, she had grown even whiter.

Zhu Yao was a little anxious. This woman who was disguising as her, would most probably come out of isolation in another month. When that time comes, she basically wouldn’t have such an opportunity to cultivate secretly behind her again.  And, there would come a day that the woman would realize the jade was the reason her master had mistakenly recognized her. Her speed of absorbing moonlight was simply too slow. She had to find an even better method to increase her speed of absorbing moonlight. However, she basically did not know the basic technique of this form of cultivation. The technique she used to take in spiritual energy in the past was completely ineffective as well. Just what ways were there to allow moonlight to guide itself into her jade-body?

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled the method she used to form her Azoth Core back then. Back then, her speed of absorbing spiritual energy was much faster than before, and naturally, she used the concept of centrifugal and centripetal forces. Then, could she use the same method to circulate the moonlight energy she had already absorbed in a high speed rotation, in order to spur even more energy to enter her body?

Zhu Yao tried to circulate the warm flow of energy that she had guided in for the past three months. Although the amount of energy was merely a strand, it was exceptionally obedient. She simply had to will it, and that warm flow of energy began to circulate in the jade on its own. The core of the jade gradually lit up, and as expected, as the speed of circulation increased, the amount of the warm flow of energy entering the jade increased as well.

Zhu Yao suppressed her excitement, and carefully added the newly entered energy into the little spiral of energy that was currently circulating around. The mass of the warm flow of energy began to grow, becoming even denser than before, and the spot of light at the core of the jade began to gradually expand as well.

As the amount of moonlight being absorbed increased, Zhu Yao, however, did not continue to grow whiter as a jade, but instead, began to faintly become transparent. She could even faintly sense the scenery that was blocked due to the woman’s clothes. It felt similar to the time she cultivated her divine sense out back then.

Half a month later, she had completely turned into a rock that was as clear as crystal. As the amount of suppressed energy in the jade increased, her cultivation speed grew even faster. To the point where not only could she absorb moonlight, she was now faintly able to absorb a portion of divine energy.

This was a good sign. Usually, she was only able to cultivate with moonlight, so she could only sleep in the day. Now that she was able to absorb divine energy, she would be able to continue cultivating in the day as well. However, she was still unable to move, nor could she talk. Every time, when she wanted to let out her voice, it felt as though it was stuck. And, after absorbing divine energy, her jade-body was no longer transparent as well, instead, she was slowly dyed green in colour. She looked more like a piece of emerald now.

From a white jade, into a crystal, and then, into an emerald. Zhu Yao felt that one day, she would be able to evolve into a diamond.

A month later, the woman finally woke up from her trance state. Like how Zhu Yao had turned from a white jade into an emerald, the divine energy within the woman had  become much denser than before. In the past, before she started cultivating, she was unable to discern it. But currently, she was able to sense that the might on this woman’s body, and undoubtedly, the woman’s cultivation had risen. Though, she was unable to discern it in detail.

The woman took a deep breath, tidied up the clothes that she had not touched on for more than four months, and cast an incantation to clean herself up. Her expression carried a slight amount of complacency. Raising her hands, she cupped them, and instantly, a sparkling lightning glow could be seen between her palms. As though she was very satisfied with her own cultivation, the woman revealed a complacent smile. Picking up the cultivation jade tablet Yu Yan passed to her, she left the house. It was about time for her to receive the second level of the Divine Art. The woman was walking very anxiously. With light steps, she headed straight for the straw cottage at the front.

Zhu Yao knew that her opportunity had come. Aiming at the piece of grassland, she circulated all of the energy in her body, and aimed downwards with all her might. She simply felt as though her entire body was loosened, as her jade-body nudged upwards, and shook herself out of the woman’s waistband. Then, she fell onto the grassland at the side.

As Zhu Yao had consumed all of her energy, she once again reverted back to a white jade. However, in regards to the woman, she basically did not feel anything at all. Even if she discovered it, she would simply think that the piece of jade loosened and fell off. Adding that the mind was completely set on finding someone, she basically did not realize that the jade on her waist had already fallen off.

And, the place Zhu Yao chose was even a piece of grassland which was close to a cliff. Hence, she basically did not let out any sounds. The woman walked straight forward, and completely did not realize Zhu Yao’s small movements at all.

Only when she had walked far away did Zhu Yao finally heave a deep sigh of relief. She succeeded. But she was about to collapse.

She had consumed all the energy she had accumulated for four months in an instant. This feeling was even more tiring than completely depleting her spiritual energy back then. Zhu Yao’s initial green body, had once again turned flowery white.

It seemed like she had to continue cultivating. As long as she was not on that woman’s body, her master should be able to clearly see the truth. If he was still going to mistake that woman for her, then Zhu Yao would definitely bite him to death.

Right now, she did not have the slightest bit of energy. It seemed like her only choice was to wait for the moon to appear. She would once again cultivate for a period of time, and when she gains the ability to move, she would then look for her master, or have that certain person find her himself.

Mn. But, she prayed that the grassland wasn’t too deep, to the point where moonlight would not be able to reach her.

As she looked towards the sky with resentment, suddenly, she realized something completely red was currently descending from the sky. Was it a petal? After all, peach blossoms were planted everywhere around here.

However, that red object grew even bigger, and only then did Zhu Yao realize that he was actually a person, who was simply dressed completely in red. He flew here with empty hands, and did not fly with the use of a weapon or tool at all. As though he was taking a stroll, he walked down from the sky, step by step. With every step he took, a large number of petals automatically gathered beneath his feet. Just like that, he came walking down while stepping on these petals.

That’s right, a him. That person was a man. With such an exaggerated entrance, he was actually a man. The moment she took a close look at his face, Zhu Yao was really thrown into a shock. A beauty. One that would make the moon hide away and embarrass the prettiest of flowers. Phrases such as a work of art, would not even be sufficient to describe his stunning look. Every corner of his face felt as though had achieved heavenly perfection. He was so beautiful, it was a little hard to breathe. She could not help but say this, but as a stone, even she was astonished.

Although he was dressed entirely in red, not only did his slightly wide robes not carry the slightest of a maiden-like atmosphere, he gave people a refined feeling. Zhu Yao felt as though this person was a little familiar, as she wondered where she had met him before. That inhumanly beautiful man walked straight towards her direction, and in a moment, the surrounding fluttering petals seemed to have paved a road of flowers, bringing about a slight gust of wind in an instant.

That man then casually stepped down, and…

Gave Zhu Yao a kick.

Zhu Yao simply felt as though a strand of divine energy had rushed into her body, and with a “swoosh”… She fell down the cliff.

“Your sister!”

The man blanked, as he looked at his surroundings. Did he hear a voice earlier?

Must be his imagination! Tao Manfeng was an Earth Deity who had just ascended not too long ago. She ascended to the Higher Realm from a small spiritual world. In the past, she could still be considered to be a mighty expert in the Lower Realm. Carrying the aptitude of a mutated Wind Spirit Vein, she had always been someone who was looked upon by many practitioners. However, she had never expected that after ascending to the Higher Realm, she, who had been high and mighty all this while, had become so mediocre.

The Higher Realm gathered practitioners who ascended from various small worlds, so in the beginning, who wouldn’t be dragons among men? And, the competition between experts would only become even more intense. Adding that her small spiritual world was just another small world, which couldn’t produce one person who could ascend into the Higher Realm once every few ten thousand years, she basically did not have someone to back her up in the Divine Realm.

With no guidance, and with no one to back her up, from a high and mighty expert, she became a lowly piece of dirt. Although she now possessed an immortal divine body, she was still being suppressed everywhere she went, and she could only live in the Higher Realm by wagging her tail between her legs. She had thought that she would be stay low like this forever, until the heavens dropped her a large biscuit. She encountered a disciple of the Lightning Divine Hall, and this person, had actually mistaken her for his own disciple. Tao Manfeng was both joyous and afraid. The Lightning Divine Hall was the most reputable place in the entire Divine Realm.

In the legends, it was stated that the Lightning Divine Hall possessed all of the lightning under the heavens, carrying the ability which could control all of the heavenly lightning in the world. A mysterious and unclear place. Just how many disciples were there inside? And who was the person managing the Divine Hall? No one knew the answer. Only when it was a huge matter concerning the danger of the three realms would they occasionally make an appearance to deal with it.

Even the Great Emperors of the Four Lands feared them. Undoubtedly, a place like that was somewhere no one would dare to offend in the entire Divine Realm.

Tao Manfeng was excited. She knew that his was her opportunity, hence, she unhesitantly disguised herself as that disciple called Yu Yao, and had even lied that she encountered an accident during her ascension, which resulted to a loss of memories.

And that Yu Yan had indeed brought her to the Lightning Divine Hall as well. Unexpectedly, he did not enter the Main Hall, but was instead living at the foot of the mountain. She guessed that this person was most probably not an elite disciple in the Lightning Divine Hall. However, it wasn’t a problem. As long as she could form some relations with the Lightning Divine Hall, in the future, it could be considered her strongest backing in the Divine Realm.

The most important thing was, this person actually knew the Imperial Lightning Art. In the legends, it was stated it was a Divine Art capable of controlling heavenly lightning. Tao Manfeng became even excited, and was unable to calm down at all. This was a Divine Art that was said to be only available to disciples of the Lightning Divine Hall. If she were to master it, just who in this world could bully her?

Hence, she unhesitantly went into isolation, as she was afraid that person would take back the incantation for the Art on a whim. After diligently spending more than four months, she finally broke through the first level. Then, she did not waste any efforts, and headed straight for that cheap master for the incantation for the next level.

Unfortunately, she was unable to find the figure of  that person in his room. After pondering for a moment, she turned around, and walked towards that peach blossom forest. Finally, she saw that white figure in the depths of the peach blossom forest. Growing excited in her heart, her head was currently filled with the need for the next level of the incantation, as she anxiously sprinted towards where he was.


Before she could even call out, suddenly, a ray of formidable energy instantly sent her flying out. For a moment, her meridians stirred, and she puked out a mouthful of blood. Even the cultivation that she had raised in the past four months had instantly been dispersed by half.

“Who are you?” A cold voice instantly smashed into her head, which completely drained away all of her excitement.

Chapter138: Mushroom Special Ops

Tao Manfeng’s expression instantly paled, for a moment, she did not dare to believe her own ears. She had a guilty conscience about this whole matter in the first place, and when he asked this way, she had almost exposed herself. “Master, it’s your disciple.”

Yu Yan frowned, evidently, he was very unsatisfied with her answer. The cold aura he was emitting out surrounded his body, yet, he still probed once more. “Yu Wang?”

Tao Manfeng blanked, could it be that this person still had other disciples? Hence, enduring her severe injuries, she deliberated with her answer. “Master, this disciple is Yu Yao.”

Wrong answer!

Yu Yan could no longer suppress the cold aura surrounding his body, as he began to increasingly spread it outwards. Tao Manfeng had wanted to give even more explanations, however, as though the entire sky collapsed, she simply felt an even stronger pressure than before assaulting towards her. Before she could even block in time, her Dantian had already begun to hurt, and her cultivation dispersed greatly. Forget about the efforts she put in the last four months, even half of her initial cultivation had been lost.

Just like that, Tao Manfeng spat out a mouthful of bad blood. She tried to explain with all her might. How could she simply throw away such a good opportunity all of a sudden? However, Yu Yan completely did not give her an opportunity to breathe. Just by forming hand-seals with a single hand, a bolt of Nine Heavenly Lightning was already formed.

In an instant, Tao Manfeng no longer held the intention to explain. If she were struck by the Nine Heavenly Lightning, how would her life still be intact? She immediately cast a defensive Divine Art, swiftly summoned her flying sword, and prepared to flee.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast she was, she could not be faster than that bolt of Heavenly Lightning. A purple-colored lightning bolt was struck straight towards her, and with a loud thundering boom, the lightning bolt then turned into nothingness along with that fleeing figure.

“An illusion? She fled?” Yu Yan’s brows furrowed  tightly. Right after, he no longer cared about this person who had the huge guts to break into the Lightning Divine Hall and had even disguised as his disciple. It was really rare to see such a stupid Earth Deity. This will definitely be a bad example for my disciple. Mn. She must definitely not be allowed up the mountain.

And, in regards to Tao Manfeng who was suddenly chased out of Lightning Divine Hall, she was currently being struck all around by the surrounding Heavenly Lightning Formation of Lightning Divine Hall. Her sufferings were indescribable. No matter how she thought about it, she could not figure out why would Yu Yan, who was still alright four months ago, suddenly change and not recognize her? Could it be that she was discovered? But clearly, she did not do anything at all. Back then, everything was still alright, why was it as though he was suddenly enlightened? And even wanted to kill her?

While she was completely puzzled, on the other side, Yu Yan who headed over to visit his disciple stared at the empty straw cottage, and was a little dumbfounded. Spreading out his divine sense, he searched the entire mountain, yet, he was unable to find even a trace of his disciple. His initial ice-cold expression had turned even colder. He seemed to have… lost his disciple again.

In Yu Yan’s eyes, the number of faces of people he could remember was actually not many. One, was his master. One was the Sect Master of Ancient Hill Sect, Zi Mo. And the other one was his own disciple. For the first two people, he simply had to think of their names, and the corresponding faces would naturally surface in his mind. Only his own worrisome disciple was different. It wasn’t because he was unable to remember it, rather, the moment he thought of her name, the number of different faces that would surface in his mind… was four.

As for the rest of the people, even if he were to hear of their names, they would simply be a bunch of blurs in his mind. The only differences were whether there were huge dots, or small dots.

That’s right, he was face-blind. In regards to unimportant people, he had never wasted his time to remember their faces, while the face of his stupid disciple, was the face he had spent the most time of his life to remember. Yet, she just had to be the most worrisome one as well, as her looks constantly changed. Fortunately, she held a strand of his divine sense in her body. With the help of his divine sense, as long as she was standing in front of him, he would remember her look in an instant.

However, the situation this time was a little different. Yu Yan blankly stood in front of his disciple’s small straw cottage. No matter he tried to think, he couldn’t recall just what  the disciple, he had picked up four months ago, look like? Hence, Tao Manfeng’s tragedy was not because her scheme was exposed, rather, Yu Yan basically did not recognize the person he sent flying, was the person he picked up four months ago!

A moment of silence!

The disciple Zhu Yao who was currently a jade, because of an unexpected catastrophe, she was kicked off the  Lightning Divine Hall, falling into a dense forest. However,  because  of this, she unlocked her talking skill. Towards this situation, Zhu Yao who received a blessing from a crisis simply wished to say two words.

The hell!

Zhu Yao’s face was facing the ground, and an entire half of her jade-body was dug into the soil. Only a small part of her green- colored emerald body was exposed.

“Eh? A new mushroom?” Suddenly, a curious voice could be heard from beside her. Zhu Yao habitually rebutted. “I’m not… Oh  god,  a mushroom!”

Such a huge mushroom! Zhu Yao lost her composure out of shock when a flowery-white mushroom that was as tall as a tree suddenly appeared in front of her. Why was there such a huge mushroom in this world!? This was illogical!

“You can talk?” That mushroom revealed an excited expression. Like a mushroom monster in a game, it bounced towards her. “Where did you come from, mushroom  spirit? Why are you planted in my home?”

“Home?” Zhu Yao blanked for a moment. She glanced at the place she was at, other than the soil being a little soft, she really couldn’t see how this could be called a home. Could this piece of soil be where this mushroom is living on?

“I’m not a mushroom spirit.” Zhu Yao felt that she had to explain. “I’m… a rock.”

“Oh, you’re a rock spirit.” The mushroom revealed an understanding expression. “…” Uh.

“True.” Before Zhu Yao could explain, the mushroom made its own guess. “Rocks like to stay underground as well, it’s no wonder you will fancy my home. The soil quality there is soft, and well fertilized. Anyone will fancy it.”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. How did he come to the conclusion that she had actually fancied this pile of dirt? “It’s not that I want to take over your home. It’s just that because I was thrown down here by someone, I coincidentally fell down on this spot, and I’m unable to move.”

“What? You dare to despise my home?” The mushroom, however, suddenly became enraged. A good white mushroom instantly turned bright red.

“…” Where did such logic come from? But what could she do about being an unmovable rock? With just a single glance, it could be known that this mushroom had cultivated for many years, so she couldn’t accord to offend him. “Great Deity, you have misunderstood. It’s not that I dislike it, it’s just that I feel guilty for taking Great Deity’s residence.” Only then did the mushroom satisfyingly reverted back to its former white. Sizing her up for a moment, he then said a little complacently. “How did you know I have already become a Deity?”

“Great Deity, you’re filled with divine energy, and you also possess such a… stalwart body.” Zhu Yao began to lick his boots with a straight face. “With just a single glance, it can be seen that you have cultivated for many years.”

“That’s right…” The mushroom was satisfied, feeling all comfortable from her praises. “You sure are a rock spirit with great eyes. I will not fuss about you being planted in my home then.”

“Many thanks, Great Deity.” Even if he were to fuss over it, she couldn’t come out either.

The mushroom bounced towards her, and at the end, stuffed himself in the soil next to her, splattering her entire face will dirt. “It’s been a long time since I talk to someone. In this forest, other than those vicious divine beasts, there’s only those plants without spiritual consciousness. Seeing that you can be considered smart for a rock spirit, tag along with me in the future then.” Zhu Yao endured her urge to paste dirt on his entire face, took a deep breath, and said. “I wonder how long Great Deity has cultivated for?” Since they were both spirits, probably, he could give her some cultivation pointers. She might even be able to cultivate into human body quicker.

When she brought this up, the mushroom’s expression became even more divine. “I have already cultivated for thirty thousand years. I can escape the earth, and move at will. How’s that? Awesome, right?”

“…” She had clearly only cultivated for four months to gain the ability to talk, and he needed thirty thousand years to walk!? Just where the hell did you get the confidence  that you’re so incredible from? “I wonder what  cultivation technique Great Deity used?”

“Cultivation technique?” The mushroom blanked. “What’s that?”

Alright. There was no point in her asking. She shouldn’t have expected any good cultivation techniques from this mushroom which could only bounce about after cultivating for thirty thousand years. “Don’t worry, rock spirit. Although your cultivation isn’t as high as mine, I won’t despise you.”

I despise you though!

“Things like cultivation, you just have to bask under the moonlight to obtain it. Although it’s impossible for you to chase after me, it’s still possible to surpass other mushrooms.”

She did not want to surpass mushrooms in the slightest. It had actually gained its cultivation level just by basking under the moonlight, without cultivating in any sort of techniques? Just how did it manage to safely grow to such a size?

“Hoho… Many thanks, Great Deity.”

“And stop calling me Great Deity, there’s no need for such distinctions. Just call me Mushie (Gu Gu).”

Aunt (Gu Gu)?

“Hello, I’m Guo’er.” “Guo’er? Such a strange name.”

How’s that any stranger than yours!? He really believed it, hey.

“The sky is darkening. The dark clouds today are too dense, it seems there won’t be moonlight today. It’s very dangerous at night, alright? Have an early rest.” The mushroom suggested with goodwill, and glanced to look at her. “Do you want me to cover you with some soil?” After saying that, it bounced, splattering the surrounding soil. Zhu Yao simply watched as a thick amount of soil came crashing down on her, as though the sky itself was falling, covering her completely. “Mn, you will be safe now.”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Safe my ass. She couldn’t even see anything, you know?

Zhu Yao felt like crying. Just as she was about to express a few words of resistance, that mushroom tilted its head, and even his mushroom cap had retracted by half a size, as a snoring sound could be heard. Wasn’t that too quick!? Zhu Yao felt a little helpless. There was indeed no moonlight today, hence, she could only sleep. Taking a deep breath, just as she was about to enter the land of dreams, she heard the sleep talk coming from the mushroom.

“Do not get eaten tomorrow, do not get eaten tomorrow, do not get eaten tomorrow…”

For a moment, Zhu Yao was worried of her future.

Although this mushroom was a little unreliable, he was still rather good towards Zhu Yao. In the morning he would bring her everywhere to gather dew, and at night, he would bury her back into the soil. Only in nights with moonlight, would he dig her out to have her bask under it. Probably because it had really not found a talking partner for a long time, he treated this talking rock as though it had stumbled upon a treasure, as he would not forget to bring her along wherever he went, and he was so talkative that she couldn’t help but want to take him out.

Although he could move, in the end, he was still a mushroom which had yet to cultivate a human body, and when he wanted to walk, he had to bounce. And, his body just had to be extremely big, as with a single bounce, a large crater would be smashed out of the ground. Also, not to mention, as he was something which did not have any hands, he thought of a plan, and had her placed on top of its cap.

But, his mushroom head was round. Hence, whenever he bounced, she would go “swoosh”, and fall of his head. Hence, he could only return and pick her back up, continue to bounce forward, and then, “swoosh”, she slid off once again.

This process thus repeated over and over. Zhu Yao felt that before long, her Version 6.0 should be up and running very soon.

The mushroom thus bounced and picked her up over and over. A few days passed, and he had actually found a sense of balance, as Zhu Yao no longer slid down his head.

Her cultivation still did not make much progress, and her absorption of moonlight was extremely slow. After ten days, she still had yet to recover even a tenth of the energy she had in four months.

Zhu Yao’s route to cultivation was far and out of sight. Yet, when she accompanied the mushroom to gather dew this time, she even encountered a familiar person – the little bitch who impersonated her. Aunt and Guo’er are references to Legend  of  the  Condor Heroes, a widely popular chinese martial art novel, which was later made into several TV shows and comics.

Chapter139: Do I Have To Be This Unlucky?

That woman seemed to be injured, as she had fainted on the ground. Her breathing was extremely weak, and looked as though she was on her last breath. Looking at this, Zhu Yao really felt like giving her a kick.

But this person was sure a little capable. Although she was injured, the absorption of divine energy into her body did not stop, as though she was instinctively using divine energy to restore the damaged meridians in her body.

This was not a good sign.

“What kind of mushroom is this?” The mushroom curiously circled around the woman several times. “It looks really strange, a lot stranger than a rock spirit.”

“This is not a mushroom.” Zhu Yao corrected. In his  eyes, were everything in the world mushrooms? “She’s a divine practitioner.”

“Divine? Has she cultivated into a Deity as well?” The mushroom was a little exhilarated.

“Mn.” Wasn’t this the Divine Realm? Everyone should be Deities, right?

The mushroom once again sized up the unconscious woman on the ground, only to reveal a despised look. “She looks really ugly. She has varied colors on her, and isn’t as good looking as me in the slightest.”

What varied colors? What she’s wearing are clothes, alright? For a human to be despised by a mushroom, Zhu Yao was speechless.

“It’s best that we hurry and leave.” Zhu Yao urged. Although she did not know why this person had fallen all the way down here, she couldn’t guarantee that the woman wouldn’t be enlightened after seeing her jade-body when she woke up. As an unmovable jade, and a mushroom which possessed the combat power of zero, they were definitely not her opponents. “This is not a good person.”

“Why? Has she bullied you before?” The mushroom blanked, as his sense of justice instantly exploded forth. His entire mushroom body turned hot-red. “Don’t be afraid. Once she wakes up, I will avenge you.”

“You can’t beat her.” As a mushroom which had yet to learn a Divine Art and cultivate a human form, just where did you get your confidence from?

“Nonsense!” The mushroom was momentarily anxious, as he heavily bounced. “I’m the only mushroom in this forest which had become a Deity. There isn’t a single mushroom capable of beating me. How could this newly arrived and ugly mushroom beat me?”

She had already told him that the woman wasn’t a mushroom.
Zhu Yao was a little speechless.

The mushroom however, had already sat next to the woman, and made up his mind not to leave.

Yo, just by giving him some praises, he actually really believed he was almighty. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment,  and suddenly thought of a plan. “The great Mushroom Deity is obviously unbeatable, and isn’t afraid of small Deities. It’s just…” Zhu Yao purposely used a worried tone.

As expected, the mushroom curiously turned his head around.

“It’s just that I heard this divine practitioner has always been a crafty schemer. And she has a very bad habit as well.”

“What habit?”

“She especially likes to eat mushrooms. And, the more handsome and whiter the mushrooms, the more she loves them. Furthermore, she’s the type to eat them raw.”

The mushroom trembled, and with a slight nudge, he pulled himself out from the soil. Bouncing back a few steps,  he fearfully stared at the person on the ground. “She actually eats mushrooms. As expected, she’s really sinister.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Someone like her isn’t worthy of making the great Deity act.” “Right, right.” The mushroom nodded consecutively, as though it was trying to hide something. “Hmph, then I will let her off for now. Let’s go home.”

After saying that, he turned around, and sprinted madly to the direction they came from.

Zhu Yao glanced back and forth in the direction of where the unconscious woman was. They weren’t too far away, so she suddenly changed her mind. “Wait a minute.”

“What are we still waiting for?” The mushroom seemed to have been really frightened. “We will be eaten.”

“She’s too close to the place we live at. After she wakes up, she will still be able to find us.” Furthermore, when they ventured here earlier, they had long unconsciously opened up a small path. When the time came, that little bitch would only have to follow to path to find them.

“Then what should we do?” The mushroom was a little flustered. He had lived for so many years, and what he was most afraid of was being eaten. “Are we moving?” But he had lived there for several tens of thousands of years. That patch of soil was the best residence to him.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. Glancing at the hole in the ground which the mushroom had bounced out from, she suddenly had an idea.

Three days later, the heavily injured Tao Manfeng finally woke up.

Only to realize she was in a deep hole. The crater was several meters deep, approximately the depth of four times her height. Around the crater, there basically weren’t any places of support, adding that her injuries were overly severe, and was struck by the heavenly lightning as well, neither was she able to cast the Flying Sword Art, nor did she have the strength to crawl out of there.

She pondered for a moment, and decided to meditate to restore a little of her divine energy. Her current position should be the bottom of the Lightning Divine Hall. That Yu Yan was merciless with his attacks, it wasn’t certain that he wouldn’t chase after her, and she didn’t know how long she had been unconscious for. If she was discovered, when that time came, even if she wished to flee, she wouldn’t be able to. When she thought of this, Tao Manfeng felt extremely aggrieved. She had believed that her act was completely flawless, so how was she suddenly recognized? The first time Yu Yan appeared before her, his expression showed that he evidently had no impression of her looks either. Even when she said that she had lost her memories, he had simply blanked for a moment before accepting it.

Everything was utterly strange, as though everything began when she picked up that useless divine jade.

Tao Manfeng’s expression changed, as she hurriedly reached out her hand to touch the side of her waist. However, she realized there was but an empty space. That piece of divine jade disappeared? She searched around for a moment, and discovered that there wasn’t a trace of the jade anywhere. When did she drop it? She actually did not know about it happening? Could that piece of jade be the reason?

In an instant, the fog in her heart dispersed by quite a bit. No matter what, she had to first hurry and leave this crater in order to find that piece of jade.

Tao Manfeng calmed her heart, and began to meditate, as she recovered her divine energy with all her might. Her injuries were too severe, if she did not rest for three to five years, it would be impossible for her to recover. However, if it was to simply leave this hole, she didn’t need that much divine energy.

Three days later, Tao Manfeng finally accumulated a strand of divine energy. Casting the Soaring Art, she flew out of the hole.

Raising her head, she looked at the dark sky, and the Lightning Divine Hall which was being surrounded by bolts of tribulation lightning in the distance. Taking a deep breath, just as she planned to turn around and leave, after taking two steps, she stepped onto empty air.

Boink! She fell into another deep hole.

Tao Manfeng: “…”

She was a little spaced out for a moment. Why would there be another hole at the side!? Enduring the pain from her wounds which had once again opened up, she crawled up. When she was thinking of casting the Soaring Art once more, she realized her Dantian had already been emptied. Hence, she could only accept her fate and began to accumulate the next wave of divine energy. In another three days, Tao Manfeng finally came out of the second hole. Glancing at the two deep hole that were lined up together, she could only accept that she was unlucky. Turning around, she walked towards the opposite direction, only to step on empty air again, and fell into the third hole. Boink!

Tao Manfeng felt uncomfortable all around now.

And another three days passed…

She fell into the fourth hole.

Only when she was squatting in the depths of the fifth hole, did she faintly realize that things were a little amiss, as though someone was making fun of her on purpose. She was sure that the ground outside was filled with hole, however, there basically wasn’t any presences of other Deities nearby.

This time, she was a little more cautious. Three days later, she did not simply cast the Soaring Art again, instead, she began to seriously tend to her injuries. Only after the fifteenth day did she fly out with her sword. After looking at the five deep hole on the ground, without lingering any further, she flew towards the southeastern direction.

Only when not a single movement could be heard, under a human-sized pile of dirt that was next to a huge tree not far away, a mushroom cap popped out.

“She’s gone?” The mushroom searched around for a moment. After realizing that not a single human figure was in sight, he then leapt out. “Great, she’s really gone. That mushroom-eating human is finally gone. We’re safe now.”

The mushroom excitedly bounced about several times, shaking the large tree at the side, which caused its leaves to scatter onto the ground. Then, he seemed to have recalled something. Bouncing back to the side of the tree, the mushroom let out a white light, and then, forcefully plunged back into the pile of dirt earlier. Tilting his body, it dug out a piece of white jade.

“Rock spirit, you’re right. This method has indeed made her leave on her own. As expected of my subordinate, my smarts have rubbed into you.” The mushroom revealed a complacent look, and he did not forget to praise himself a little.

Zhu Yao did not refute, and allowed him to become high on his own. She had the mushroom create those holes on purpose. There weren’t just five, but dozens of holes were dug out near them, every two steps she were to take, there would be one of them. That little bitch had evidently been injured by someone. After waking up, even if she did not fall into the holes, after discovering that there were several holes nearby, no matter how, she would still unconsciously think that there was someone plotting against her. Then, after recalling the person who injured her, her first reaction would be to hurry and leave this dangerous place.

“Rock spirit, let’s go bask in the moonlight.” The mushroom was especially excited. In these few days, in order to prevent the woman from noticing them, they had not been able to move around for a few days. They were afraid that their movements would be too big, which would then be discovered by her. Now that the crisis had been averted, and it was even a night with a full moon, the mushroom naturally brought this up.

“Alright!” Moonlight was able to aid her in her cultivation, Zhu Yao would naturally not reject his proposal. Hence, with Zhu Yao on top of his cap, he bounced out of the canopy of trees, and arrived on a spacious ground. Basking under the moonlight, just as they were about to absorb the moonlight essence, a woman voice suddenly sounded from the sky.

“And here I was wondering who it was. It was actually a mushroom demon.” Tao Manfeng who left earlier,  had returned, and she stared coldly at the gigantic mushroom below. “A small little demon that was cultivated from a mere mushroom, actually dares to play tricks in front of this Deity.”

The mushroom was given a fright, as his entire mushroom body began to turn pale. “Save me, I’m going to be eaten.” Making an about-turn, he bounced back to the tree, and like an ostrich, he stuffed his head into the pile of soil he had hid in earlier.”

Zhu Yao was thus flung out, instantly flying and crashing into the tree bark. At the end, she dropped into the pile of dirt. The hell, he was even boasting about how incredible he was earlier, why did it suddenly act like an ostrich now? Where’s your pride as a mushroom, huh?

“Jade!” The woman’s eyes glowed, evidently, she had spotted Zhu Yao. “You’re actually here.”

With a look of joyful surprise, she was about to fly her sword over to pick Zhu Yao up. Zhu Yao even held the intention to die now. She just knew that the mushroom wasn’t reliable.

Just as she was about to once again land in the woman’s hands, a change suddenly occurred at this moment.

Bolts of heavenly lightning descended from the sky. As though cannon balls were being shot, accompanied by loud thunders, they came smashing down onto the ground. The light of lightning filled the entire mountain forest for a moment. The surroundings were filled with heart-shattering might, and the thundering noises felt as though they were celebrating the coming of a new year.

And in the sky, two unclear figures were currently engaged in intense combat. The two of them were fighting above with spells and arts, and the range of the shockwaves of their duel was a little too large.

Tao Manfeng panicked as she hid from the lightning bolts that were flashing in the surroundings. Glancing at the jade that was under the tree not far away from her, she gritted her teeth, as she still flew off on her sword in the end.

After she left, the heavenly thunders boomed even louder. Furthermore, there was even a bolt of lightning which came crashing straight down onto the large tree where Zhu Yao and the mushroom was.

Do I have to be this unlucky!?

Chapter140: I’m A Leg Supporting Expert

A bolt of white-colored lightning instantly split the three- storey high tree into half, and a charred smell floated in the surroundings.

“Ah, the tree is falling. Rock spirit, let us hurry and run.” The mushroom bounced out several meters away out of fright, and then, turning his body around, he madly sprinted towards the depth of the forest. “Run, run, run…”

“Wait a minute, I haven’t…” Before Zhu  Yao  could  even finish, the mushroom had already entered the forest, without turning back.

Why the hell are you running, this lady here isn’t on top of you! He couldn’t have not realized that I fell off his cap, right? Couldn’t you have checked your goods before driving off!?

“Mushie, wait a minute. Mushie…” What happened to the promise of covering for her?

Unfortunately, no matter how Zhu Yao shouted, that mushroom whose soul had already been completely frightened off, like a warrior who was determined not to look back, disappeared not long after. He was completely unaware that his goods had fallen off long ago.

As though his mind and body was perfectly coordinated at that moment, he madly sprinted off several kilometers with a single breath.

“Rock spirit, don’t be afraid, lightning often strikes in this forest. It’s fine as long as we hide for a while.”

“There’s a mountain cave at the front, lightning bolts are basically unable to enter there.”

“Rock spirit, grab on tightly. We’re almost there.”

“Rock spirit? Rock spirit?”

The mushroom shouted for a long while, yet, he did not hear a single reply. In the beginning, he had thought that she was simply utterly frightened, and only after arriving at the mountain cave did he realize that the jade that should have been hiding on his head, had disappeared. When did she fall of? How did he not know about it!?

Zhu Yao, who had fallen off, could sense the evil intentions of the entire world. She had enough of days like this where she was unable to move. Come, lightning! Strike me to death, thank you!

Unfortunately, the lightning bolts that filled the sky struck everywhere else, causing the entire forest to turn into a pile of ash. Even when the thunders began to decrease, not a single lightning bolt had struck her.

Zhu Yao hated that she couldn’t point a middle finger at the two people fighting up in the sky.

“The hell.”

“Eh?” A doubtful voice could be heard from the side. Zhu Yao sensed a dense flowery scent, and in the next instant, she was picked up by someone. Then, she directly faced a pair of completely bewitching peach-blossom eyes. A few words instantly surfaced in Zhu Yao’s mind:  Yet another little bitch.

“You can talk?” The person’s voice was absolutely mesmerizing, and the person’s looks were even more heavenly. When Zhu Yao saw the person’s face for the first time, she wished that she could… scratch his face. That’s right. She held a grudge for this person, because he was the pompous man who kicked her off the cliff the other day.

“A jade cultivating into a spirit, that sure is rare.” The man flipped the jade about a few times, and his brows furrowed. His expression was filled with indescribable sexiness and charm. “Though it’s a little dirty.”

With a flick of his finger, Zhu Yao who was covered with a layer of dirt, instantly had her snow-white look restored. As though he was satisfied, the red-clothed man then flew up in the air. However, he did not borrow the use of any mystic tools, as he flew straight towards the Lightning Divine Hall, which was enveloped entirely by lightning bolts in the sky.

Zhu Yao was brought to a beautiful celestial palace, and every corner of the place as though it was carved wholeheartedly by the finest of smiths. The furniture inside were even more exquisite, and could blind a poor person’s eyes. The floor itself was even paved with jade, and the ceiling was carved with a layer of pink flower petals. It was as though, at every moment, the entire place was saying: ‘I’m rich. I’m very rich. I’m exceptionally rich!’

The man brought her to a place which looked like a bedchamber, casually flung her onto the table, before he turned around and entered the inner chamber.

When he came out, he had already changed into another set of purple robes. Purple was a color that was extremely hard to wield, yet, unexpectedly, it was especially fitting for him. His looks were initially astonishing in the first place, while adding the purple clothes had exerted his charm to the extreme.

“Little rock, what are you called?” The man poked the jade on the table, and curiously asked.

Zhu Yao did not talk, as she firmly decided to act dead. She held a grudge for this person, so she definitely wouldn’t answer him.

“You’re not talking?” The man laughed especially enchantingly. “Since I picked you up, in the future, I will be your owner. If you don’t listen to your owner’s orders, you will be punished, you know.”

Tch, he was making it sound as though she had sold off her body. Why wouldn’t she ignore him? Zhu Yao continued to act dead.

The man continued to poke the jade. “Stop acting, I know you have already turned into a spirit, and have gained a spiritual consciousness.”

Zhu Yao still did not reply. I’m just a rock which doesn’t know how to speak. Come bite me then.

He smiled even more deeply. Slightly narrowing his eyes, he suddenly straightened the jade up, pinched his fingers on both sides, and then, turned it strongly.

In an instant, Zhu Yao felt as though she was a gyroscope, as she began to spin on the table. She felt that the sky and earth were spinning, as all she could see were spirals in her eyes. If it was a human, that person would have already puked out a long time ago. So evil! He actually used this method.

“You’re still not talking? Then I will continue spinning.”

Fine, you’re ruthless. Zhu Yao could not help but destroy her own hard work. As she silently pointed a middle finger towards him in her heart, she let out her voice. “The hell!”

“The man smiled even more slyly, as Zhu Yao felt as though she was looking at fox.

“Since you have already been picked up by me, then your former name is no longer important. Henceforth, you shall be called… Rock then!”

“That name is a little casually given, don’t you think!?” Were names given out so casually?

“You don’t like it? Then why don’t we change it?” The man narrowed his eyes.

“Of course I do-“ Wait minute, she now had a name, so why was there a need to change it? This couldn’t do. She had already felt tragic over a name once before, even if she was beaten to death, she wouldn’t want another person to give her a name again. And this name was a little casually given. She was a rock, so she was given the name Rock? Why wouldn’t he call her Blossoming Jade then?

“Blossoming Jade then.”


What just happened?

“Alright, Blossoming Jade. In the future, you can call me owner, or lord.”

“What?” What happened, eh? Why was she suddenly named Blossoming Jade, hey?

“It’s getting late.” The man glanced at the sky outside with a calm face. “It’s time to sleep.” What sleep? As a mighty Deity, don’t you feel embarrassed for needing to sleep? Give me an explanation, hey.

“With Blossoming Jade here today, I’m finally able to have a peaceful sleep.”

What? What did his sleep have to do with her? The amount of information pouring into her was a little too large. She was just a piece of pure rock.

The man, however, ignored her. Grabbing Zhu Yao, he walked straight towards the bed.

“What are you planning to do?” Beast, she was just a piece of rock. One could kill a rock, but you shouldn’t shame it!

The man did not reply, and simply stopped before the bed. And then, bending his waist, he raised the bed with one hand, and then, stuffed Zhu Yao under the leg of the bed with the other.

Zhu Yao felt a large weight pressing down on her, and seemed as though she could a jade cracking sound. While the culprit had already calmly climbed onto the bed, and dozed off.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Momma’s egg. He came from such a long distance away to pick her up, in order to have her act as a leg support. It was actually only for the purpose of acting as a leg support! Then why did he have to give her the damnable name of Blossoming Jade!?

I’m going to curse you, hope you have nightmares. You will have seven nightmares a week, and every nightmare will last twenty four hours!

Ever since that day, Zhu Yao had honorably changed into a piece of rock specialized in leg support.

No matter was it the bed’s leg, the table’s leg, or the wardrobe’s leg, as long as that man felt that the places were a little unstable, he would take Zhu Yao out and have her support them. She was basically a rock that would be moved whenever and wherever she was needed in this celestial palace. “Eh? Why has it cracked?” The man took Zhu Yao out of the table’s leg, and looked at her under the light. As expected, a thin crack line was discovered.

Zhu Yao silently rolled her eyes. She was pressed under tables, chairs, and wardrobes every day, it would  be  strange  if  she hadn’t cracked yet. She was just a piece of jade, was he thinking that she was metallic? Now he was even trying to use  her  to smack open a walnut, this was simply too unbearable!

Glancing at the walnut in his hand that had yet to be opened, and then, looking at the jade which was evidently about to crack, the man was a little hesitant. In the end, he seemed to have found back his conscience, and kindly cast an art. Zhu Yao simply felt a dense amount of divine energy pouring into her body. Not only had the scar on the jade disappeared, even her white body had instantly turned emerald green. She even felt much better than back then when she had cultivated for four months.

“What happened?” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded.

“I gifted you a little cultivation, to prevent you from cracking too quickly.” He was actually this kind? Zhu Yao was suspicious. If he really wanted to help her, why didn’t he instantly help her cultivate into a human form?

“I say, Blossoming Jade.”

Your sister’s Blossoming Jade!

“In regards to  cultivation,  what  matters  is  progressive training. There are many cases where objects gain spiritual consciousness in this Divine Realm, and usually, they  are  only able to gain a human form after cultivating for many tens of thousands of years.” The man’s  tone  suddenly  turned  stern. “How can you simply make use  of  the  method  of  having someone else supply cultivation into you?” After saying that, he even gave a ‘you are so naïve’ look.

Then is there any other way to cultivate into a human form?
Or is it a must to cultivate for countless of years?

“There is.” His eyes slightly narrowed, and his smile became even more sly. “Behind my home, there’s the Lightning Abyssal Spring, which was birthed and nurtured by the heavens and earth themselves. Objects that have gained spiritual consciousness, simply have to bathe in it for several days to gain a human form.”

The hell, it’s so convenient!? Why didn’t you tell me earlier!?

“If you’re obedient, then I can consider…”

“Lord, please call me whenever, without any restraints.” In a mere second, Zhu Yao started to lick his boots, and said as she shed tears of blood. “No matter if it’s supporting the table’s leg, the bed’s leg, the wardrobe’s leg, or even the corner of the wall, it’s all fine. Just leave it to me. I will definitely be firm and useful, convenient and nimble, beautiful and dignified. Even if you use me as a support to increase the height of a pair of high heeled shoes, it’s no problem at all. I’m an expert at being a leg support.”

Increase the height of a pair of high heeled shoes? What’s that? The man was silent for a moment, as a light flashed in his eyes. Picking up the walnut on the table, he said with a difficult expression. “This walnut…”

“Use me to smack it then!” Zhu Yao instantly answered. “Do not be courteous. Smack it with all your strength. I can handle it.”

The man’s eyes narrowed, picked up Zhu Yao with any hesitation, and smacked open the walnut with a ‘boink’.

In Zhu Yao’s mind, she was filled the thoughts of cultivating a human form. She wouldn’t even mind if he smack a few more times, and then throw her into that whatever Lightning Abyssal Spring. To actually be able to gain a human form in just a couple of days, that’s simply too incredible!

Only when he had successfully smacked open the final walnut, did Zhu Yao realize that something was amiss.

She glanced at the red-clothed man. “How did you know what I was thinking in my mind?” She clearly did not speak out about the matters of gaining a human form, so how did he guess it? If she was human, she could understand that it would be possible to see through inspecting the changes in her expression. But currently, she was a piece of jade, so how was inspecting her expressions possible?

“Oh.” The man calmly threw the nut into his mouth, and said with his eyes curved. “Because I know the Mind-Reading Technique.”

The hell. Then, wouldn’t that mean her former thoughts were seen through by him!? This sly fox! She really wanted to scratch his face.

Calm down, calm down. The sky was so beautiful, yet she’s this cranky. Not good, not good.

Everything was for the sake of gaining a human form!

Hence, in order to gain a human form, bearing the thought of puking out blood, Zhu Yao walked on a path of no return. And this lord whom she still did not know what he was called till today, had seemingly made the best use of this piece of suffering jade to an irritable extent.

“Blossoming Jade, help me support the bed’s leg.”

“Blossoming Jade, help me support the table’s leg.”

“Blossoming Jade, help me grill this meat.” “Blossoming Jade, help me apply pressure on the core of this formation.”

“Blossoming Jade… I’m so bored. Be a shuttlecock, and let me have some fun kicking you.”

Flips table! He’s actually happily fooling around with me now!?
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