My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 121-130

Chapter121: There’s No Engagement

“Sovereign Zhu Yao.” Wu Song frowned, as  he  finally regained his senses from the shock he received from the start. Although he was still pressed onto the ground, he struggled out a reply. “Yan’er’s name is Mu Meiyan, and is the eldest disciple of Azure Melancholy Sect, which Azureflight Sect was formerly known as. Back then, she was chased after by heretic practitioners, and finally managed to return to the Sect after a narrow escape from death. She’s not the person from Celestial Indus Sect you mentioned.”

“Is that so?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed. Earlier, when she heard Wu Song call her Yan’er, she had already guessed that Mu Meiyan did not use the former identity of the girl she had taken over. However, she never expected that she was actually expelled from the Celestial Indus Sect. It seemed like in these thousand years, her battle with Yue Hanxin had been really intense, huh. And, she was even in a disadvantageous position. “In regards to whether it’s true or false, why don’t we invite the Sect Master of Celestial Indus Sect over? We will know the truth then. I think that our Ancient Hill Sect still hold enough reputation to invite him over.”

As expected, Mu Meiyan’s expression instantly paled. A glow flashed in her eyes, as she immediately interrupted. “There’s no need.” “Yan’er?” Even Wu Song had guessed that this could be true, and his face was filled with disbelief.

Mu Meiyan gritted her teeth. Naturally, she herself was very clear of who she actually was. However, currently, her body was indeed Rulu’s. This was a fact which she could not deny.

Taking a deep breath, she kept all of her emotions, turned her head and glanced at Wu Song. In an instant, tears began to fall, and her face was filled with endless innocence and sadness. “Big brother Wu Song, I’m sorry. In the past, I’m indeed called Rulu. But, I have never done anything like what the rumors have said. I was framed for them. Please believe me. Little sister Meiyan and I have known each other since we were young, and we’re as close as real sisters. You have all mistaken me as her… I… I simply wanted to do something for the deceased Meiyan as well, so I have never denied it. For so many years, have I ever done anything to upset you?”

Her words were very skilfully crafted. Firstly, she overthrew the rumors of her being a traitor of Celestial Indus Sect. And, in the past, Azure Melancholy Sect and Celestial Indus Sect were indeed related to a certain degree. She knowing Mu Meiyan, the former eldest disciple of Azure Melancholy Sect, was thus something she could use. Then, she expressed that she was actually doing good deeds for her good sister’s sake. Hence, she had gained a complete upper hand in terms of sentiments and virtue.

As expected, the moment she said those words, Wu Song’s heart immediately softened. With a pained face, he looked towards her.

The hell, this green tea bitch.

Wanting to make a turn-over? That would still depend if Zhu Yao was willing to give her the chance. Although she had that almighty shadow as her cheat, currently, Zhu Yao did not see the appearance of the shadow. She could guarantee that shadow was currently not here. It had most probably suffered heavy injuries from the scroll and was unable to reveal itself. Hence, Mu Meiyan had been in such a terrible state in these few years, and was even chased out of Celestial Indus Sect. However, Zhu Yao had never expected that she would hook onto Wu Song.

Recalling the entanglement between Wu Song and Mu Meiyan in her dreams, Zhu Yao felt completely frustrated. Could it be that it was impossible to alter the scenario? Even without her saving him in the past, could it be that Wu Song would still come to love Mu Meiyan? “Big brother Wu Song, please believe me.” Mu Meiyan was still trying to garner Wu Song’s trust with all her might. She was no longer compatible with Yue Hanxin, and currently, only Azureflight was her safest haven. She definitely could not let it go.

Glancing at Zhu Yao at the side, she could not help  but secretly hate her in the depths of her heart. She had long known that this person was her biggest obstacle, hence she attacked Zhu Yao preemptively. She had sent the “Phantom” to kill her, however, she never expected her to be this hard to kill.

“Yan’er…” Actually, Wu Song’s heart  had  already  softened. He would definitely even break decorum with Ancient Hill Sect for her. It could be seen that he was really sincere towards her. “I believe you. Of course I believe you. Don’t worry, I will definitely protect you.”

When his words fell, the faces of the few Radishes at the back instantly darkened a little, and they even secretly cast awkward expressions at Zhu Yao. Let’s first put aside the question of whether her words were true, just by her identity as a traitor of Celestial Indus Sect alone would bring about a huge trouble for Azureflight Sect. Azureflight Sect possessed a Great Mountain Barrier Formation protected by countless high-ranked demonic beasts. Currently, it’s being titled the strongest Great Mountain Barrier Formation of the cultivation world. They were not afraid of other Sects assaulting them, however, there would still be a degree of influence to their reputation.

Recalling that Great Mountain Barrier Formation, the Radishes present could not help but glance at Zhu Yao. No one else knew, but they knew it all too clearly. That exact formation was something she had laid down herself.

“Sovereign.” Wu Song pulled Rulu to her feet. Although Zhu Yao had already retracted her pressure, he was still feeling a little guilty towards this Sovereign. Though, he did not think there was anything wrong with choosing his true love. “The reason why we’re here today, is to simply cancel my engagement with Miss Yu Luo. I’m indeed the one at fault, so I will do my utmost to provide compensation for her.” Wu Song took out a storage pouch, and handed it to Yu Luo. “I believe these can compensate you a little.”

“Compensation?” Yu Luo was already trembling. With a pained expression, she looked at his face. “Wu Song, what are you treating me as?”

“Yu Luo…” Wu Song’s hand trembled. He did not have the intention to shame her, but his action had essentially revealed this point. After all, Yu Luo had stayed by his side for so many years, so he would still harbor some feelings for her. Looking at her saddened expression, his heart could not help but start to ache as well.

“Big brother Wu.” Mu Meiyan called out.

Only then did Wu Song resolve himself, and place the storage pouch at the side. “No matter what, our engagement shall end here.”

“Engagement? When has my disciple ever had an engagement with you?” Zhu Yao could not help but speak up, and laugh coldly.

Wu Song blanked, as though he did not know why she would ask such a question?

“Sect Master Wu. You have never come to my Jade Forest Mountain for her hand in marriage, so when did this matter about an engagement come from?”

“I… asked Sect Master Zi Mo…” Zhu Yao interrupted instantly. “Yu Luo is my personal succeeding disciple. In regards to the rules of the cultivation world, as a Sect Master, you shouldn’t be unaware of it, right?”

“I…” Wu Song’s words were stuck in his throat. Indeed, according to the rules of the cultivation world, since Yu Luo was her personal succeeding disciple, thus she should have the last say in everything in the first place, especially when it came to a great matter like practitioner-pair companionship.

“Since you have never come to ask for her hand in marriage, and I have never agreed to it, where does this talk about canceling an engagement come from?” He was the one who cheated on Yu Luo, yet he still wanted her to shoulder a part of the blame? How could there be such a favorable situation in the world? “Could it be that Sect Master Wu wishes to act out a complete scenario of asking her hand in marriage now and canceling the engagement right after? Heh! Sect Master Wu, from the way you’re trying to play a fool out of me in such a willful manner, what kind of place do you take my Jade Forest Mountain for?”

“I… I didn’t mean it that way?” Wu Song started to become anxious. “Sover…” Mu Meiyan seemed as though she wanted to say something.

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao, however, instantly attacked her with her pressure. “Who do you think you are? Do you think you have a say here?”

A trace of blood had already appeared from the corner of Mu Meiyan’s lips from her attack. Although Wu Song was worried, he did not say anything about it, and simply tried to explain with everything he could think of. “Sovereign, you did not return for so many years. I simply thought…”

“I don’t care what you think.” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted his words. Picking up that storage pouch from the table, with a frown, she tossed it back. “Take away your belongings. I don’t agree to this engagement. The successor of Jade Forest Mountain cannot be afforded by just anyone.”

“…” Wu Song thus had a flea in his ear. Initially, he had come to cancel his engagement, yet, the entire situation had been overturned by Zhu Yao, causing his proposal to be rejected instead. He was thus hugely embarrassed for nothing, and for a moment, his expression was ugly to see as well. But in the end, the person in front of him was his benefactor. And he had indeed done something dishonorable while she wasn’t here. Hence, he did not rebut her. Instead, he simply bowed depressingly and turned to leave.

As for Radish Number One to Four, they gave Zhu Yao a huge bow as well. Though, their feelings were still rather complicated. Although Wu Song was already the Sect Master, and was recognized by them as well, Zhu Yao was after all, still the founder of Azureflight. Back then when she was missing, the situation was still manageable. However, now that she had suddenly appeared again, their standing had instantly turned awkward.

“Halt.” Right before they left, they were once again stopped by Zhu Yao.

Wu Song and the rest paused their steps, and turned their heads around.

“There’s a matter I wish to consult the Sect Master of Azureflight Sect.” She purposefully emphasized the two words ‘Sect Master’, and with a tone which could not be determined if she was joking or not, she spoke. “I wonder if this esteemed Sect has any plans of changing its name to Azure Melancholy Sect?” When these words fell, not only Wu Song’s, even the faces of the few Little Radishes at the side, had turned a little ugly.

Earlier, Wu Song had explicitly said that she was saved because Mu Meiyan was the eldest disciple of the former Sect Master. And after finding out her true identity, once again, with the identity of the friend of the former eldest disciple, he continued to cover for her. However, he had forgotten a single point. Right now, they were a part of Azureflight Sect, and not the former Azure Melancholy Sect.

So how could his excuse possibly work?

In regards to the fact that Mu Meiyan was the eldest disciple of Azure Melancholy Sect, actually, Zhu Yao had already faintly guessed it. In the past, she did not especially recall that precognitive dream of hers, after all, ever since she had taken Yu Luo as her disciple, the entire scenario had already been distanced away from the original timeline.

And, back then when she saved those eighty-two little radishes, she simply felt that the name ‘Azure Melancholy Sect’ sounded a little familiar. However, she had never expected that Azure Melancholy Sect was actually the resurrected female antagonist’s former home, which was exterminated in her past life. She only recalled this matter all of a sudden when she saw Mu Meiyan by Wu Song’s side.

In the female antagonist’s previous life, her home was exterminated, and thus, she sought refuge in Celestial Indus Sect, and was taken under Qi Han’s tutelage. And when she resurrected, and returned to the past, because of the laws of time and space, two people with the same soul could not exist in the same timeline. Hence, in this timeline, she had actually died while escaping.

While she, who had already cultivated to Nascent Soul in her past life, thus gained the opportunity to take over and possess someone else.

In actuality, back when she saved those little radishes, she had wondered why there were only low-grade disciples whose Spirit Veins were only so-so among them, while there wasn’t even a single elite disciple to be seen.

When she looked at it now, she realized it wasn’t because this small Sect had no elite disciples, rather, all those elite disciples, including Mu Meiyan, had already escaped long before. The little radishes she had saved were actually just sacrifices for the Sect, and they were simply waiting for their deaths in the seal. Back then, she had thought that this Sect was rather humane, but looking at them now, they were sure as selfish as ever.

Most probably because that shadow had suffered heavy injuries in the scroll, in these thousand years, it did not provide her that much aid, and hence, she was forced to leave Celestial Indus Sect. Most probably, she had simply followed her memories, and wanted to return to the former destroyed Azure Melancholy Sect, only to find out that her own Sect still existed.

And the reason why Mu Meiyan stayed, was because the current Azureflight possessed the Great Mountain Barrier Formation maintained those several high-ranked demonic beasts, which could protect her from being discovered by Celestial Indus Sect. Hence, she stayed in the Sect using her former identity, Mu Meiyan.

Actually, if she had simply stayed in Azureflight Sect, Zhu Yao wouldn’t have said anything about it. After all, that place was once her home. However, she shouldn’t ever have messed with the relationship between Wu Song and Yu Luo.

Chapter122: I’m Going Into Isolation Now

Zhu Yao felt that she had stimulated them enough, hence, she pulled Yu Luo from the side, and stepped out of the great hall first. After taking a few steps, she once again turned around, and added.

“Oh right, congratulations Sect Master Wu, for finding your true love. Although she had already lost her virginity, I believe you won’t mind it, right?”

When these words fell, Mu Meiyan’s expression instantly paled as well.

Zhu Yao however, flew back to Jade Forest Mountain in  a good mood. Actually, the matter about Mu Meiyan losing her virginity, was something she had merely guessed. After all, in her dream, she had never given up on hooking up with Yue Hanxin’s men, and would use every method available to do so. Now that a thousand years had already past, Zhu Yao simply would not believe that she had maintained herself as a virgin.

And as expected, she guessed it right. In the cultivation world, practitioner-pair companionship was treated really seriously. As long as it’s not a matter which could only be solved with death, a woman’s virginity would usually be given to her practitioner-pair companion. Those with irregular relationships, would all be taken as furnaces. Hence, when Wu Song wanted to cancel this engagement, it would definitely bring about a huge influence onto Yu Yao. This was also the reason why Zhu Yao used her identity as the personal succeeding master, to deny this marriage, and change the entire situation into where Yu Yao was the one who did not want him and rejected his proposal.

And at that time, Zi Mo was present as well. He was absolutely pleased, and had even spread out embellished news about this matter.

And Wu Song was even a Sect Master now. Although she did not know how he had surpassed her authority and taken up the position, high positions would always come with misgivings.

Furthermore, he had always thought it was true love between them, yet, her body had long been given to someone else. She really wondered now that Mu Meiyan was no longer his benefactor in this timeline, nor was she the moonlight in his heart, just how far could their so-called true love go? Of course, they could simply suspect that Zhu Yao had casually made a nonsensical remark, as no one was able to determine if a person still held onto his or her virginity with just a glance. But, she was after all someone who came from the Jade Forest Mountain. Jade Forest Mountain was a place that no one in the cultivation world could understand in the first place. Even if what she said was false, the masses would still believe that it’s true. Furthermore, the expression Mu Meiyan showed back then could only be true, and not false.

Mu Meiyan had always believed that her own plight was all caused by the Mary Sue, Yue Hanxin. However, although Yue Hanxin was very hesitant with her own feelings, and constantly left feelings of love everywhere, at the very least, her body was pure and well. She simply got flirted on, and nothing absolute had actually happened. Between a man and a woman, if one was willing to hit, while the other was willing to get hit on, what did that have to concern a passer-by like her? If Mu Meiyan did not harbor such huge amount of jealousy in her past life, she would not have landed herself in such an ending as well.

“Thank you, master.” Yu Luo moved the corner of her lips, as though she was trying to smile. However, she was completely unable to smile at all.

“What are you thanking me for?” Zhu Yao turned her head and glanced at her.

Yu Luo lowered her head. “Thank you, master, for stepping forward to protect this disciple’s reputation.”

“Haah.” Zhu Yao understood that right now, she was feeling miserable. Hence, she could only step forward to hug her, and stroke her head, just like the time when she was young. “Little radish, it’s hard to find a three-legged toad, but a man with two legs can be found anywhere.”

Yu Luo looked at her, and mist once again rose in her eyes. “But… I can’t put it down. I really don’t understand how the feelings we have developed for so many years, isn’t able to beat their mere few years of knowing each other?”

“Why can’t you be a little more optimistic? He’s able to give up on the feelings the both of you have developed for so many years, so naturally, he’s able to give up on other feelings as well. You simply came to understand this truth much earlier than you should have.”

Yu Luo turned silent. Recalling that Mu Meiyan, her eyes sunk a little. “Why did he have to save that person?” “Yu Luo.” Zhu Yao’s expression turned stern, and said with a low voice. “You think that woman is the cause of everything?”

“But all this happened after she came.”

“Even if it wasn’t her, it might be someone else as well. Yu Luo, if a dog wishes to bite someone, it’s not something that can be decided by the roughness or length of the leash tied to it. One that bites, will always bite. One that doesn’t bite, even if you don’t tie it with a leash, will simply wag its tail when it sees people. Do you understand?”

“…” Yu Luo’s face was completely at a loss. “But back then, we…”

“When you buy a dog, you won’t know if this dog will bite people or not after it grows up, right?” So ultimately, Zhu Yao had mistakenly brought back a dog, and had even allowed it to stroll to where Yu Luo was.

Yu Luo turned silent, as though she had understood her words. The stiff and hateful expression on her face, slowly faded away. “Yu Luo.” Zhu Yao patted on her head. “Master knows you’re feeling miserable, but this is the truth. No matter how much you think about it, there’s nothing you can do about it. In regards to a few matters, it’s not because you didn’t do them well, rather, it’s because you did too well, which caused you to lose what you could be proud of. So why should you feel sad and hurt for a person who had trampled on your pride?”


“Actually, feelings are like investments.” Zhu Yao continued to enlighten her. “Once you invested, and found out that you’re still not receiving any returns, it’s not because the market wasn’t good. Rather, it’s because the target you have invested in was simply not worth it. However, right now, there’s still time for you to recover your finances, so why don’t you try choosing someone else?”

“What are investments?” Yu Luo blanked.

“Uhh…” She had habitually used the set of words she would always use to console her best friend. “Mn. I’m saying that this person called Wu Song basically isn’t someone worthy of your love. There’s a huge queue of good men out there waiting for you to choose. So, stop hanging onto a single tree, and start trying to hang on other trees.”

“Master…” Seeing how her master was developing her persuasion towards a joking direction, Yu Luo’s expression finally looked better than before. She could not help but mutter out. “Which master would allow her own disciple to go hang herself?”

It’s just a metaphor, geez. “In any case, women must treat themselves better, do you understand?”

Yu Luo’s expression sank, before she nodded a few moments later. “Mn. Master, I will try my best to… forget him.”

“Good girl!” As expected, she was now on track. “Oh right, why is your cultivation merely at the late stages of Azoth?”

Theoretically speaking, since even those little radishes were already at the Nascent Soul stages, with her own disciple’s Heavenly Spirit Vein, no matter the case, she should have reached the Nascent Soul stages, or even better. Putting aside the Demigod stage, at the very least, she should have been at the late stages of Nascent Soul, similar to Wu Song. Yu Luo’s expression paled, and a moment later, she carefully answered. “Initially, I had already nourished my Nascent Soul. However, because, back then when Wu Song saved Mu Meiyan, he had suffered heavy injuries. In order to save him, I…”

“You couldn’t have given him your virginity, right?” Zhu Yao fiercely stood up. The hell, that trash.

“No, no, I didn’t.” Yu Luo hurriedly explain. “Back then, I had used all of the spiritual energy in my body, however, because someone interrupted me when I finished the treatment, my meridians were twisted, and my cultivation suffered a blow.” When she was circulating her energy back, Mu Meiyan suddenly barged in, which thus caused her to… However, she did not bring this matter up, as she was afraid her master would get angry.

Zhu Yao’s brows were already close to becoming vertical from frowning, and at every given second, she had the impulse to castrate someone. Could it be that all men who approached Mu Meiyan, would possess some hidden trash personality? Even after Little Radish saved him, he actually still had the gall to cheat on her. What a bastard.

If she had known of this, back then, she wouldn’t have saved him. Zhu Yao felt frustrated. Ever since she came out of that scroll, things had been spiraling out of control, heading back to the ending she had seen in her dreams, and in great strides at that. Yet, she had completely no idea how to stop it at all.

Suddenly, she recalled something.

“You people are still in touch with Chen Ning.” Zhu Yao’s words were decisive. In the storage pouch which Wu Song had taken out back then as the so-called compensation, she had swept her divine sense into it. She realized there were some scrolls of Mystic Arts which were very familiar. They were exactly the things she had seen in the fifth floor of Chen Ning’s Qiwu Pavilion.

Oh right, that strange scroll was also something she had taken from Chen Ning. In an instant, another name had been added into the list of people she wanted to castrate.

“Sovereign Chen Ning?” Yu Luo blanked. “Currently, Chen Ning is already Azureflight Sect’s Demigod Sovereign.”

“What?” Why did that second-rate beast join into the mix as well? Zhu Yao was a little unclear of the situation as well. “Back then when master went missing, Sovereign Chen Ning insisted that he would not leave, and said that he wanted to wait for your return. Hence, he had been staying inside the Sect, and in these years, he had been giving guidance in various areas as well.”

Zhu Yao frowned. She had wondered how Azureflight Sect managed to rise so quickly, so he was the reason behind that. Chen Ning was a tenth-ranked beast, which was comparable to a late-stage Demigod Sovereign. Based on his prestige alone, it had already raised Azureflight to great heights. Not to mention, Chen Ning was rich. Behind him, he possessed an entire Qiwu Pavilion, which basically monopolized half of the entire practitioners’ market. It’s simply impossible for Azureflight to not attract attention of this scale.

The main point was that this rich person, was someone she herself had brought. As expected, death would not come if one did not seek it.

“Little radish…” Unfortunately, she was running out of time. Although she was furious at Wu Song, she knew that right now, there wasn’t time for her to care about this piece of mess. Just as she was about to tell Yu Luo of her isolation plan, she was suddenly tugged by someone. Once again, Yue Ying had popped out of nowhere. His body was a little dirty, and his face was still as expressionless as ever. Opening his mouth, he called out. “Sis… Yao.”

“…” I already told you not to call me Sis Yao, I’m a good person! At that instant, Zhu Yao felt that something was definitely wrong with her brain when she wanted to teach Yue Ying how to pronounce her name back then.

“Can’t… Find. Yao… Don’t go.” Yue Ying choppily said a few words.

However, Zhu Yao understood. So the reason why he became like this, was because he had been searching for her? As she had thought, this child had a mother complex, right? She casually cast a Dirt Removal Art on him, and persuaded him a little. Then, she gave Yu Luo a few instructions, told her about her plans for isolation, and passed Yue Ying over to her as well. Right after, she returned to the depth of that cold river.

Ever since Wu Song took the Sect Master position, this was the first time he felt so frustrated. When he returned to the Sect, he found out that the news of him being rejected after trying to marry the Jade Forest Mountain’s Sovereign Zhu Yao’s disciple, had already been spread to the entire cultivation world.

In the beginning, he did not really mind. After all, he was a man. Although it did not really sound good hearing that he was rejected, it was not considered a huge matter. Also, it was indeed his fault for being unfaithful to Yu Luo.

However, right after, he did not know why, but the Celestial Indus Sect had come looking for him, and they wanted him to hand Rulu, the traitor of their Sect, over. Only then did Wu Song felt that things had become a little serious. Azureflight Sect had been developing at a rapid pace in these recent years, however, ultimately, they were still a Sect that had just been newly established, and did not have much insurance.

Celestial Indus Sect however, was a Deity Sect which had been passed down for millions of years. In the recent years, they had even gained another Demigod Sovereign. No matter how one see it, Azureflight Sect wasn’t a Sect that they could make enemies with. And the person who came, was even acting in the name of Sovereign Qi Han.

He said that the Sect-mate Rulu had harmed in the past, was exactly Sovereign Qi Han’s disciple. Wu Song had suspected this as well, but Rulu simply cried very sadly, and said that she was framed. As the daughter of the Sect Master, for what reason would she harm a junior-martial sister from the same Sect as her?

Chapter123: Azureflight’s Price

Wu Song’s heart once again softened in an instant. After all, she was his woman, no matter what, he had to protect her. Hence, he chose to believe her. Unconsciously, he ignored the fact that she had already lost her virginity. As though he was trying to escape from the truth, he was unwilling to think about it.

Hence, he closed the Sect’s doors, and rejected responding to them. In any case, Azureflight Sect had such an incredible Great Mountain Barrier Formation. Even if that Demigod Sovereign were to actually make a move himself, Wu Song did not have to worry at all. Furthermore, inside their Sect, they still had the late-stage Demigod, Chen Ning.

Even though those Nascent Soul Elders, who had grown up with him, had complaints regarding this issue, he decided to ignore them. He guaranteed time and time again that he would definitely protect Azureflight Sect well, and that there wouldn’t be any problems at all.

The fact that Sovereign Zhu Yao had already returned, after discussing with his fell Nascent Soul martial brothers and sisters, they decided to first put it aside. Although lawfully, she was the actual Sect Master, she had after all disappeared for so many years. The big and small matters regarding the Sect, had always been managed by Wu Song all these years. It was also him who had pulled Azureflight to such heights, taking a step at a time. In all the disciples’ hearts, Wu Song was the true leader of the Sect, while Zhu Yao was merely their benefactor who had saved their lives back then. Although his actions now had some selfish motives in them, he was not afraid that Zhu Yao would suddenly arrive at Azureflight Sect in order to vent off steam for her own disciple and chase him down from his Sect Master’s position.

Because this Sect Master position he took up, was perfectly justified in the first place. Back then when Zhu Yao disappeared, and there wasn’t anyone leading the crowd in the Sect, everyone agreed to his decision of taking up the Sect Master’s position. And he had always been doing great till now, while everyone had also gotten used to the way he managed things.

However, he had completely never expected that, Zhu Yao basically did not have the intention to take away his Sect Master’s position at all.

On the seventh day after he returned to the Sect, Elder Sesame came. He openly appeared in the great hall, and in front of all of the disciples, he took out the Sect Master’s tablet. That was the Sect Master’s tablet of the former Azure Melancholy Sect. “Mistress told me to return this to the true Sect Master of Azure Melancholy Sect.”

When his words fell, the faces of the eighty or so martial brothers and sisters of back then, instantly darkened. Perplexed emotions surfaced on their expressions, yet, they could not find any words to rebut him with. They were the Azureflight Sect, yet, that was indeed the Sect Master’s tablet of Azure Melancholy Sect, as the two words ‘Azure Melancholy’ were clearly written on it.

For a moment, Wu Song could not decide to take it or not.

Sesame, however, did not bother, and simply placed it on the table at the side. With that same indifferent expression, he said. “Mistress said that back then, she had simply passed by here, and saved all of you while she was at it. It was just a small effort from her part, so there’s no need for thanks. Naturally, there’s no need for any repayment either.”

Everyone’s faces darkened even more, yet, they were especially embarrassed as well. Clearly, he said those words all so easily, yet, those words faintly caused them to feel how ungrateful they were, and that especially applied to the few Elders who had visited Ancient Hill Sect earlier. Yet, everything he had said were all true, and they could not refute at all.

“Since the item has already returned to its actual owner,” Sesame swept a glance at the people present, “from this moment on, we no longer owe each other anything.”

Sesame waved his hand, and walked out of the great hall in huge strides. Suddenly, a pressure that was comparable to that of a late-stage Demigod’s, instantly engulfed the entire Azureflight Sect. Wu Song and everyone present were all stunned. Although that pressure was not pressing their bodies, it was truly striking them with fear.

They had long known that Sesame was Zhu Yao’s demonic beast. However, what he had always displayed on the surface was merely the cultivation of a Nascent Soul practitioner. Hence, everyone had always believed that he was merely a seventh or eighth ranked demonic beast which had the natural ability to transform. Never did they expect that he was actually tenth-ranked, which was comparable to a late-stage Demigod!

Just as everyone present was still stunned, Sesame used his spiritual energy, and sent his voice to every corner of Azureflight Sect. “Mistress hereby orders, the Sect Master’s tablet has been returned to this Sect on this day, and our intertwined fate ends here. From this day on, we no longer have any relations to this Sect.”

Wu Song simply felt his heart clenching, as he suddenly had a bad premonition. Suddenly, from the base of the mountain, the roars of demonic beasts could be heard one after another. As though they were responding to Sesame, roars after roars resounded through the skies.

All of the disciples that were currently practicing in the square, stopped one after another, and their faces showed that they did not know what was going on. They were unclear as to where these roars were coming from. These disciples who had only entered the Sect did not know, however, those eighty-three people who had been here the entire time knew exactly what they were. Those demonic beasts were the ones who were guarding every entrance and the core of Azureflight Sect’s Mountain Barrier Formation.

They had always been prideful of their Azureflight Sect’s impenetrable Great Mountain Barrier Formation. Even when those heretic practitioners who had attacked them a few hundred years ago found out that they were Azure Melancholy Sect in the past, and had come to find trouble with them, they were blocked by this sturdy formation, and were killed by the demonic beasts’ fangs. Hence, because of this incident, the Great Mountain Barrier Formation of Azureflight Sect had surpassed Ancient Hill Sect’s in reputation, and was now known as the number one Great Mountain Barrier Formation in the cultivation world.

However, they had all forgotten that Azureflight Sect’s formation, was laid down exactly by that person from Ancient Hill Sect’s Jade Forest Mountain.

A hint of panic began to flash in everyone’s faces.

Sesame, however, seemed to have suddenly recalled something, as he said in an especially provocative manner. “Oh, right. Is that bastard with the surname Chen still here? Don’t forget to tell him that, I’m mistress’s only, true, and purest beastie which had been personally recognized by mistress. Have him scram as far as he can. If he dares to approach my mistress, I will break his chicken claws! Hmph!”

After leaving behind a heavy snort, in a flash, his figure disappeared from sight.

At the moment he disappeared, another white figure suddenly appeared where Sesame was standing on earlier. His initial elegant-looking face revealed a hint of anxiousness, as he began to search all around. “Why did I smell the scent of that greedy beast Sesame? Where’s Lord? Did Lord return? Lord… I’m just a lonely beastie with no one to rely on! Please take me in!”

After saying that, his figure flashed, and he had already went to chase after Sesame.

While those demonic beast roars which were still deafening to the ears earlier, began to slowly die down, and then, they completely disappeared. Not even a single sound could be heard from them any longer, and even their presences had disappeared along with them. Wu Song’s heart, had begun to slowly turn cold as well.

In the following days, Azureflight Sect had become very busy. After losing the guardian demonic beasts, the Great Mountain Barrier Formation was basically nothing to speak of, and Celestial Indus Sect openly walked into the place. And their only Demigod practitioner, was not in the Sect as well. Although Wu Song did possess late-stage Nascent Soul cultivation, in terms of overall strength, they were after all still incomparable to Celestial Indus Sect which had two Demigod Sovereigns.

No matter if there was really true love between Wu Song and Mu Meiyan, right now, they had no choice but to hand her over. They even had to take responsibility for the actions of closing them outside the gates earlier. Thus, privately, they compensated them with a few spiritual herbs and mystic tools.

However, when it was really the time to hand her over, Mu Meiyan disappeared. Wu Song was completely dumbfounded. Thus, the complaints towards him had grown even more.

Although on the surface, Rulu was expelled out from the Sect, in actual fact, she escaped back then. Otherwise, Celestial Indus Sect wouldn’t have come to ask for her, and deal with her while they were at it. However, she was not stupid either. She had long guessed that Wu Song was beginning to waver. Although she hated it, she still had to endure it within herself.

The phantom, her biggest cheat, had yet to wake up. If she were to get caught now, she would no longer ever have the chance to turn the tables in the future. The reason why she had stayed in Azureflight, was in order to wait for the opportunity to make her comeback. However, evidently, this place was no longer a safe place for her, so it would have been strange for her not to leave.

Only then did Wu Song finally begin to doubt if the Yan’er he had placed in his heart all this time, had actually treated him sincerely in return as well. Suddenly, he recalled Zhu Yao’s words about her virginity being lost. In the past, he had purposely ignored this matter, and had even find excuses for her in his mind. Most probably, she was forced to do so, he thought. However, looking at it now, he was a complete joke. He began to reminisce about Yu Luo. The two of them had been together for nearly a thousand years, yet, she had always been the one who thought of him the most, and to save him, she had even damaged her cultivation.

However, he…

Because they were unable to hand the person over, Azureflight Sect had no choice but to pay even more physical items as price. Seemingly a large half of their resources had been moved away. Initially, they were not important in his eyes, because behind Azureflight Sect, the entire Qiwu Pavilion was backing them up. In these years, he had never been frustrated over the lack of various resources. Because they had Chen Ning who came to their doorsteps on his own, and wouldn’t leave even in his death.

However, he had forgotten. The reason why Chen Ning stayed behind back then, was because – he was waiting for his lord. And his lord, however, was Sovereign Zhu Yao, who had announced that she no longer had any ties with  Azureflight Sect.

He did not know why he referred to Zhu Yao as lord, but with Zhu Yao’s withdrawal, Azureflight Sect had indeed lost this god of wealth whom they needed to have.

Azureflight Sect, in just but an instant, was now short of money. Wu Song, who only had to concentrate on  training while heavenly ingredients and treasure fall into the palms of his hand in the past, had to begin worrying about the problem of the Sect’s livelihood.

The most terrible thing was, he realized that his own cultivation could no longer improve. Not just him, but the small group of martial brothers and sisters who had followed him all the way to the cultivation of Nascent Soul, was unable to improve their cultivation for a long time now. After inquiring, he found out that the cultivation of the eighty-three people whom he had trained with together back then, were all in the same situation.

Although their weakest member had already reached the Azoth-stage, all of them, with no exceptions, were no longer able to make any breakthroughs. Theoretically speaking, for Tetra-Spirit Veins and Penta-Spirit Veins holders like them, it was already considered a heavenly miracle for them to form their Azoth Cores. However, back then when Zhu Yao passed them this cultivation method, she had clearly said  that,  it wasn’t impossible for them to gain the opportunity to understand the Great Dao, and ascend into deities.

He knew that Zhu Yao wouldn’t lie to them. It was definitely because the cultivation method had yet to be perfected, or there was a need to alter some of the aspects within it. Back then when she created this cultivation method, didn’t she have to help them make adjustments to it often?

However, currently, he no longer had a reason to once again seek her teachings.

Only then did Wu Song realize that, because of his own selfish motives, he had made an irreparable mistake.

However, everything was all too late. Azureflight, just like its rise, with unbelievable speed, began to plummet down.

Of course, Zhu Yao who was currently practicing a particular life-skill with all her might, had no time to mind about such things.

Zhu Yao’s goal was to create the strongest weapon in the cultivation world. However, in regards to a handicraft like refining weapons, although she knew about it, it was still the first time she had personally tried her hands on it. In actuality, all of the life-skills were merely separated into three stages – Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Of course, this was obvious, but basically, the ranks  of refining weapons went like this. If one was capable of refining first to third ranked mystic tools, then that practitioner would be an Elementary Weapon Refiner. If one was capable of refining fourth to seventh ranked mystic tools, then that practitioner would be an Intermediate Weapon Refiner. If one was capable of refining eighth ranked mystic tools and higher, including Extreme ranked mystic tools, then that practitioner would be an Advanced Weapon Refiner.

Very evidently, Yu Yan was an expert standing at the very summit of the pyramid. Back then, that fan which was her very first weapon, was a third level Extreme-ranked mystic tool. And inside her master’s storage ring, there was a huge pile of mystic tools and treasures. Zhu Yao had asked him about it before, and her master’s reply was this. Back in the days, he was bored, so he created them every now and then, and when he had nowhere to place them, he simply stuffed them inside the ring.

In regards to a certain person who had always treated these items as treasures, when she found out this truth, actual tears fell from her eyes.

Chapter124: Jade Forest Refiners Are Good

So her own master basically did not think that these items were of any use, and they were merely trash he had nowhere to place after refining them. Then why did he leave them with her back then!? Master, come out. Let us have a good talk about life.

“I have placed several weapon refining materials inside the ring. They should be enough to support you till you manage to raise your weapon refining skill to a high-grade.” Yu Yan cut in with a light tone.

Only then did Zhu Yao recall that there seemed to be huge stack of items that were smeared in black at the corner of the ring. Back then, she had thought that they were something useless, and had planned on throwing them away sometime later. So they were actually materials her master had left for her.

Actually, she couldn’t be blamed for this either. Who would even notice those authentic charcoal-like materials after seeing that pile of golden and shiny high-ranked Mystic Tools? While the rest were all rubbish that yet to be cleared. Zhu Yao’s felt her heart squeezing.

“Master, is there anything else you haven’t told me? Can you list them all in one go?”

The white figure above the jade pendant blanked, before he spoke up a moment later. “Other than weapon refinement materials, at the side, there are also talisman papers used to create Talismans, formation flags used to set up Formations, and first to eighth ranked demonic beast eggs that had yet to be incubated. However, since you already have a demonic beast, most likely, you have no need for all these.”

“…” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded for a moment. Did her master want to raise her as a master of everything? There was too much information to process, and she needed to cool down for a moment.

Though, Yu Yan still carried that calm look. As a qualified master, naturally, he would not keep everything he knew to himself. He obviously had to teach all of the handicrafts  he knew to his own disciple.

Mn… It was definitely not because he was too bored while waiting for sixteen thousand years, hence he collected these things to play with. It definitely wasn’t.

“Formations, Beast Training, Talismans, and Weapon Refinement, you have taken up these four skills, but what about Pellet Refinement?” Zhu Yao suddenly realized this problem.

“There’s no need for you to learn the path of Pellet Refinement.” Yu Yan frowned. He was still rejecting things related to pellets and medicine.

“Why?” This was a question that Zhu Yao had wanted to ask for a long time. Her Master seemed to especially hated pellets. In the past, he kept emphasizing that they were unbeneficial for her cultivation, but now that she thought about it, when everyone else cultivated while eating pellets, they seemed to be fine though? Why was it that she would be affected negatively by them?

Yu Yan’s expression turned even colder, and she he did not reply for a long while. Just as Zhu Yao was about to believe that he wouldn’t answer her, he suddenly said with a cold tone. “When I was forming my Azoth Core…” “Ah?” Was he about to tell a story?

“I once met a female practitioner.”

Zhu Yao’s expression instantly turned ugly, and a hundred retorts immediately surfaced in the depths of her heart. Who was this vile woman he was referring to?

“She was a Pellet Master.” Yu Yan frowned deeper, and his face was filled with irritation. “She told me that she could bestow me with an Azoth Formation Pellet, which could aid me in forming my Azoth Core. Her condition was…”

“What was it?” Zhu Yao’s heart instantly lifted.

Yu Yan’s expression had already turned cold to the point that shards of ice were about to fall. He bit his lips, as though he had recalled something difficult and shameful. Even in Zhu Yao’s mind, a great action film between a man and woman was about to take place. Only then did he finally speak up. “Her condition was… to have me hold her hand.”

“Hah? Just that?” She didn’t mishear it, right? Or was it not in a literal sense?

Yu Yan turned his head around to look at her, his expression was clearly stating ‘Wasn’t that more than enough?’

The hell. I have already prepared my scissors, and in the end, you’re actually telling me that the relationship between you two was pure?

Zhu Yao instantly felt like lighting a candle for that female practitioner. “Will holding her hand kill you?”

“No.” Yu Yan honestly replied. “But it’s very dirty?”

“Which part of it was dirty?” Her master was a cleanliness freak? How did she not know about it?

“When she climbed the mountain, her shoes were stained with dirt.”

“…” What’s even the slightest bit of relation between holding a hand and shoes? It’s not like she was telling him to hold her legs. “I have dirt on my shoes every day.” I’m sorry, I dirtied you for so many years.

“You’re different.” Yu Yan replied confidently. “You’re my disciple.”

“Well, thank you for that!” This reason did not make her happy in the slightest.

“No problem.”

The hell, I dare you to speak another word! Do you believe that I will impale you!?

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and only then did she barely accept such a ridiculous reason. “And just because of this, you have never eaten pellets?”

“Something that is refined by an unclean person, will naturally be unclean as well.” Yu Yan gave an  ‘isn’t  that obvious’ look, and then, heavily admonished her once again. “You can’t eat them either.” “…” Dear god, let me kneel in front of you. Those Food Safety Organizations should have hired you, that way, their checks would have been absolutely well done.

In regards to the conversation about pellets, it had temporarily come to a halt. Zhu Yao was afraid that if they continued to talk, she would once again have the urge to beat her master to a pulp. Taking out the smelting furnace, she then threw the low-grade profound iron into it.

And she had only found out today that under the cold lake, there was another teleportation formation, which could be used to transfer her to an underground lava pit of a deep sea volcano. Not to mention that this lava pit was even located above a spiritual pulse, causing the flames to infinitely approach the purity of Nine Heavenly Flames. By refining mystic tools here, more of their impurities could be driven out, raising the grade of the products.

Zhu Yao’s first attempt at refining, was undoubtedly a failure. Because the temperature was too high, when she threw a huge piece of profound iron, the size of her face, into the furnace, bubbles were not even released as it melted at that very instant.

Zhu Yao: … “You have to envelop it with spiritual energy before smelting it.” Yu Yao reminded her at the side.

Only then did Zhu Yao continue to pick out another piece, use fire spiritual energy to envelop the profound iron, and slowly move it into the furnace. The result this time was a little better, as although the profound iron had still immediately melted, at the very least, a piece of hot red slug remained. However, with such a small piece, with its amount, it could be used to craft a rather spiritual… sewing needle.

Zhu Yao did not give up. And hence, she tried for a third, fourth, and fifth time…

Just as she was about to finish half of these low-grade profound iron materials, she had slowly managed to find a certain sense to it. And every time she used a different amount of spiritual energy, the results of her smelting would be different. When she first begun, she used fire spiritual energy. After that, she tried using metal spiritual energy, and evidently, the effects were much better than fire spiritual energy. And, the angle of where she smelted the iron, and the positions where the spiritual energy enveloped the iron, were different as well.

After grasping all these, she then began to learn smithing. Inside the lava cave, there were readily available tools which were left by her master. Firstly, she had to hammer the iron into its approximate shape, though, naturally, the most important point was to remove the impurities within. This was purely physical work, and with every single hammering action, it had to be carried with spiritual energy. Zhu Yao was a Demigod, so she was filled with spiritual energy even if she had nothing else to offer, hence, this step was not exactly difficult for her.

Yu Yan would occasionally appear as well, and every now and then, he would give pointers.

However, most of his comments were…

“There’s no need to hammer this any longer. It has already turned into scraps.”

“This has turned into scraps as well.”

“This will still turn into scraps.”

“Do you want to lie down for a while?” Where’s the basic level of trust between master and disciple? Are you here to teach me about refining weapons, or are you here to undermine my efforts?

And he even said those words with a serious face, causing her self-confidence to crumble bit by bit.

Zhu Yao decided to head out to have some fresh air. After all, she indeed did not feel comfortable staying next to a volcano every day.

However, she had never expected that, Yue Ying would be waiting for her next to the lake. When he saw her appearance, he was evidently really happy, and his eyes had even  shone  a little. However, his face still looked as expressionless as before.

Zhu Yao could not stop her itchy hands, and began pinching his stiff cheeks. Strongly pulling the two sides, a hand-made smile finally surfaced on his face. “Yue Ying, were you obedient?”

Yue Ying felt a little pain from the pinching, however, he did not struggle, and simply nodded towards her. After pondering for a moment, he then added. “Yes.” Only then did Zhu Yao satisfyingly released her hands.

“Master.” Yu Yao had sensed that she had come out as well, as she flew over with her sword. “Are you done with your isolation training?”

“No. I’m only out here to breathe some fresh air. I will be going back in a moment.” When Zhu Yao finished, Yu Yao and Yue Ying were evidently a little disappointed. Yue Ying even lowered her head, approached two steps closer, and reached out his hands to hug her thigh.

“Yue Ying grew taller!” Zhu Yao compared for a moment, and suddenly realized that little Yue Ying had already reached her waist-height. In the past, he was clearly as tall as her thighs.

“It’s already been five years, so naturally, he has grown taller.
And he’s grown up as well.” Yu Yao explained with a smile.

Zhu Yao was a little startled. She did not expect that five years would have passed after heading off to strike some iron. The difficulty was much higher than delivering soy sauce. Pleased, she stroked Yue Ying’s little head. Then, she looked towards Yu Yao in front of her, and casually asked. “What about you?” Yu Yao blanked, and only a moment later did she understand what her master was referring to. With a gentle smile, her face was filled with a relief. “I have already thought it through a long time ago. It’s all in the past now. As someone who is cultivating into a deity, how can I be trapped in matters of the past for so long?”

It was great she had thought it through. Zhu Yao raised her thumb up and praised her. “As expected of my disciple.”

Yu Yao shook her head with a smile. Suddenly, as though she had recalled of something again, she said while mimicking Zhu Yao’s tone. “Furthermore, Azureflight Sect’s current state is most likely… as master has predicted. Knowing that he’s not doing well, I feel relieved.”

“Uh…” When had she ever said such words? Clearly, what she said was taking the opportunity he’s sick, take his lif- Ah, pui! It was “If he’s doing well, and you’re doing well, then everything is all good.”

Actually, in regards to Azureflight’s current situation, she could somehow guess it. Back then, when she returned that tablet, she had already decided not to care about them any longer. The team cultivation method that she came up with back then was indeed not full-proof. Although their cultivation could be raised by working together, there’s a very huge problem, and that’s dependency. Everyone had gotten used to depending on their team members, and they had unconsciously put aside the things that they themselves did not specialize in.

Initially, her plan was to have them solidify their Foundation, before she would once again randomize their team groupings, in order to prevent this limitation from occurring. However, before she could do that, the matter regarding Wu Song happened.

Actually, she had thought that the matter regarding Wu Song was unrelated with the other little radishes. If she, as the founder of Azureflight Sect, still existed in the rest of the little radishes’ hearts, they would have definitely come to ask her about this matter.

However, she had placed that communication talisman on her for so many days, and out of the eighty-three little radishes, not even one of them had tried to contact her.

This had somehow disappointed her a little. Most likely, they no longer needed a guide like her, and that was why she returned that tablet. However, in regards to Sesame dispersing all of the guardian demonic beasts, and luring Chen Ning away, up till  this moment, Zhu Yao was still completely unaware of it. This was all something that the beastie Sesame had plotted alone. Hence, when she came out for fresh air this time, Sesame did not dare to appear before her, as he was afraid of exposing himself.

Chapter125: Grasping The Trick Sure Feels Good

Zhu Yao did not idle outside for too long. After instructing Yu Luo to teach Yue Ying about cultivation, she once  again returned to that lava cave, and began her repetitive daily life of hammering iron. Initially, she had thought that forging was a simple matter, especially for a Demigod like her. However, in actual fact, she realized that it basically wasn’t at all.  The forging work for Mystic Tools did not simply involved knocking and hammering the materials with spiritual energy. The first batch of half-finished products she forged, was basically a pile of scraps.

Only a single one still maintained a hint of spiritual energy, however, at the very most, it could only be used to chase away ghosts or something similar. If she wanted to use it to defend against enemies, it would basically be taken as a joke. Zhu Yao was a little depressed. Clearly, she had hammered it with much more force than anyone else, but in the end, she was worse off than everyone else.

If she were to compare weapon refinement to education, then currently, at the very most, she was at the standard of a kindergartner. “Master, why does this happen?” Clearly, she had worked so hard already.

“Every material has its own elemental characteristics. Mystic Tools are the same as well.” Yu Yan lightly explained. “The materials have a limit to the amount of spiritual energy they can take as well.”

“You’re saying, there’s a need to use spiritual energy of the same element, in order to forge out an actual Mystic Tool?”

“Yes, and no.” Yu Yan continued. “The key lies in what kind of Mystic Tool you wish to refine it to be.”

In other words, if it was a Mystic Tool used for flight, then there’s a need to have sufficient amount of wind spiritual energy. If it’s a water elemental Mystic Tool, then there’s a need for water spiritual energy.

“I understand now.”

Zhu Yao once again began to smelt another piece of profound iron. This time, she did not forge it the way she had done before in the past. Instead of smacking and beating it haphazardly, she simply gathered a hint of wind spiritual energy. With every hammering action, she had it seep into the Mystic Tool. However, the strange thing was, although the wind spiritual energy had already been transferred, the amount absorbed by the iron was becoming smaller and smaller.

Zhu Yao guessed that it was related to the rate of spiritual energy absorption this piece of iron possessed, hence, for her next strike, she reduced her spiritual energy output. As expected, the amount of spiritual energy absorbed this time and previously was exactly the same.

For this particular forging attempt, Zhu Yao had spent four to five times more than her previous attempts. And in the middle of the forging, she had even returned to smelting it for a few more times.

Picking up the shaped iron that had been completely forged, Zhu Yao could sense that it was filled with wind spiritual energy. Zhu Yao could finally head into the next step, and that’s engraving formations. Formations were her strong suit. A Mystic Tool used for flight, would naturally need a formation used for flight. This time, Zhu Yao wasn’t greedy, and simply engraved a single formation into it. In an instant, the spiritual energy that was still surrounding that sword-shaped iron earlier, instantly retracted, and was sealed tightly in the formation. The surrounding wind spiritual energy in the air as well, now faintly carried a hint of fondness to the sword.

The final step was polishing it, and Zhu Yao did not take it lightly either. By following the orbit of the formation in order to prevent the leak of spiritual energy, she slowly polished a smooth blade.

Finally, her first weapon had taken shape.

Zhu Yao was a little excited. After all, this was her first successfully crafted weapon. Although it was the most basic flying sword, she still happily showed it to her master.

Yu Yan slightly narrowed his eyes, swept a huge glance at that sword, and in the end, muttered out. “First-ranked.  Low- grade.”

“…” Zhu Yao’s glass heart shattered and fell onto the ground. What happened to the promise of cultivating your disciple’s self-confidence? Forget about it being a first-ranked Mystic Tool, it was after all, a Flight Mystic Tool. As Mystic Tools were already capable of flight with just being first-ranked, she did not have that high of an expectation in the first place. However, for it to be low- grade…

The hell, she simply did not believe that she was unable to refine a high-grade Mystic Tool.

Zhu Yao once again immersed herself into crazily leveling up her life skill. Since she had already grasped the correct refining method, the success rates for her next forges had evidently increased. When she could finally forge a second-ranked medium-grade Mystic Tool out of this low-grade profound iron, she gave on this material, and proceeded to using materials of a higher grade.

Hence, she spent her days knocking and hammering like that. Zhu Yao believed that after being familiar with this handicraft, she had found a few tricks to it. And if she were to engrave formations now, she could finally engrave two formations into the Mystic Tool at the same time.

After an unknown length of time, when she was finally able to refine an Ice Stone, into a fifth-ranked Mystic Tool, in one attempt, she suddenly realized that every time she were to insert spiritual energy into the material, it would actually dwell inside as strands. And with every strike of her hammer, the number of strands would increase. When she had forged the material into a usable state, she realized that those strands had yet to fill even half of the entire material.

This was a surprise. Could it be that by filling up the strands, the amount of spiritual energy the Mystic Tool could harbor would reach its limit? With this thought in mind, Zhu Yao did not stop forging, and instead, continued to insert spiritual energy into the material, allowing the spiritual energy inside to slowly accumulate.

The translucent figure floating above the pendant sensed his disciple’s anomaly. Glancing at her familiar back, the corner of his lips slightly moved. She had finally comprehended it. As expected of his… Mn, what was that?

Zhu Yao excitedly filled the entire piece of iron with spiritual energy, believing that she would definitely be able to forge an unbelievable Mystic Tool this time. But, she failed.

The material was ruined. Because she realized that, because it was completely filled with spiritual energy, there wasn’t a single space left for her to engrave her formations! And she even thought of the polishing process at the very end. If she were to accidentally chip off a certain piece of the material, the spiritual energy inside would disperse completely from that small crack.

She had only thought of inserting more spiritual energy into the material in order to raise the Mystic Tool’s rank and grade, and had actually forgotten about these situations. Orz.

No matter how much spiritual energy was put in, without formations to guide them, then it would simply be a piece of scrap metal. Zhu Yao’s heart squeezed.

With a slightly aching heart, she gave up on this Ice Stone which was filled spiritual energy. She then once again took out a similar material, and continued to practice.

This time, she did not simply think of inserting spiritual energy, instead, she began to arrange the strands. She drove the spiritual energy towards the two sides, and left a place in the center in order to engrave her formation. Although the spiritual energy was less than the previous one, she had actually spent even more time than before. Inserting spiritual energy was a huge process in the first place, and furthermore, she had to now think of ways to arrange the strands after inserting them.

This was the first time Zhu Yao felt a little powerless, as she had to spend huge amount of effort to arrange the spiritual energy strands. When it came to engraving the formation, it was a much simpler process. However, when it was time to polish it into its actual form, it was another huge problem. No matter how careful she was, there was still a small crack in the end, which caused the spiritual energy to instantly disperse completely.

Zhu Yao felt her heart ached.

Finally, after more than ten failures, she made a successful product. Although it was only a fourth-ranked Mystic Tool, it was a high-grade product. As expected, hard work would be rewarded. In her future products, most probably, she would be able to make one with an extreme-grade.

Just as she was about to work even harder, she realized that the Ice Stones, the material she had been using, were depleted. Hence, she could only use another material of the same grade, the Black Ores, to replace them. However, while she was forging, she realized a huge problem. Those strands which represented spiritual energy could not be seen.

Flips table. Then how was she going to continue practicing?

Zhu Yao once again picked out various materials to test them out. Other than the Ice Stones, there really wasn’t any spiritual energy strands in the materials.

Zhu Yao was a little dumbfounded. After taking a few deep breaths, she was finally able to calm down, and began to think of the reason. Theoretically speaking, these materials used to make Mystic Tools, were all capable of taking in spiritual energy. Just what made the Ice Stone different from the rest? After pondering for a moment, other than its color, there really wasn’t anything else which was different.

Color? Could the reason be because that white was much more transparent than the rest of the colors, and hence she was able to see the strands clearer than the rest? Hoho, don’t joke around.

Zhu Yao didn’t believe it. If that’s the case, that would mean that she was unable to see through this rock with her naked eyes, while her divine sense would be… The hell, her divine sense was really able to see them.

Did the reason have to be so coarse and simple?

Zhu Yao, who was even unbelievably anxious earlier, was momentarily a little speechless. She silently picked up her hammer, released her divine sense, and continued to arrange the strands.

To forge Mystic Tools of higher ranks and grades, more spiritual energy would be required, and so, the time spent would be even more as well. Initially, Zhu Yao had thought that with the Demigod-stage cultivation as her foundation, inserting spiritual energy like this would basically be a small matter. That was until she felt a huge drain in her spiritual energy for the very first time, and in her hands, was merely a half-completed sixth-ranked Mystic Tool.

Only then did she realize, this life skill that  she  hadn’t thought was important all this while, could be so energy consuming. She had no choice but to meditate in order to recover her spiritual energy.

And situations like this happened even more after this incident. When she was finally able to forge an eighth-ranked Mystic Tool, she had already depleted all of the spiritual energy in her body twice. She finally understood why everyone had to go into isolation when they wanted to refine pellets and weapons. In situations like this where spiritual energy would be completely drained out of them, if they were to head out and hang around in that condition, then they would basically be targets that could be instantly killed off.

“Master, there aren’t any supplies left.” Zhu Yao glanced into the storage ring. The huge pile of materials inside had already been completely depleted by her. However, she had only managed to refine an eighth-ranked Mystic Tool, and it was even a low-grade.

Yu Yan frowned, before he slowly said a moment later. “You can smelt the Mystic Tools inside.”

“The Mystic Tools inside…” Zhu Yao glanced into the ring on her hand, and suddenly widened her eyes. “Master, you can’t be referring to the pile that you have completely refined, right?”

Nods! Zhu Yao suddenly felt like flipping a table. Those were all above eighth-ranked, and most of them were even tenth-ranked Mystic Tools and treasures. And you want me to smelt all of them just like that? You spendthrift.

Yu Yan, however, kept a calm face. Those things,  were initially materials in the first place. They were all refined while he was bored and had nothing to do. Having them revert back to materials was a natural thing to do.

“Do you really want to smelt them?”


Ouch! Her heart ached. She couldn’t even bear to throw away that first-ranked flying sword. Master, why are you such a tycoon?

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. It was a must for her to continue raising her weapon refinement skill, but if she were to smelt these high ranked Mystic Tools…

After hesitating for a long while, with trembling hands, Zhu Yao picked out a few of them which were of rather low quality, and began to smelt them. As she smelted them, blood was flowing from her eyes in place of tears. Because she had dwelled into the art of weapon refinement for so long, she could understand how precious these Mystic Tools were.

Let’s first put aside the materials, the intricacy of the formations engraved on them, was completely not much simpler than the sect’s Great Mountain Formation Barrier, which she could not comprehend no matter how much time she spent analyzing it. Formations that completely combined offense and defense of five different elements, and some of them even had the storage functionality within them. They were perfect Mystic Tools that could both attack and defend.

Ouch. Her heart ached so much.

Most probably because of the guilt of destroying an extreme- grade Mystic Tool, Zhu Yao paid even more attention in her forging process later on. Although she still made products that were comparable to medium-grade, at the very least, not a single failure had appeared yet.

She was already capable of engraving dozens of different formations onto one Mystic Tool. The Mystic Tool she could now refine, had broken through to the ninth rank as well.

When she had expended quite a number of Mystic Tools in the ring, she could finally refine a tenth-ranked Mystic Tool. Though, it was still a low-grade.

Zhu Yao finally felt that it was time to stop, and get down to business, as she spoke out her initial thoughts of this matter.

“Master, I wish to make a unique Mystic Tool. I require a special reflective material, what do you think is the most suitable?”

Chapter126: Numerous Sects Coming Together To Bully

When Zhu Yao officially came out of isolation, a hundred years had already passed.

As she walked out of the cold lake, she saw an unfamiliar man, who was wearing black clothes, standing there. He was very tall, though his face looked really delicate, his expression was a little stiff. She did not know if it was caused by that shadow, but currently, she instinctively disliked people dressed in black clothes. Although he was merely a practitioner at the Azoth- stage, Zhu Yao still unconsciously let out a frown.

Since the very beginning, the Jade Forest Mountain had never allowed any outsiders to enter. Those who occasionally came to visit could only be messengers sent by Zi Mo to look for her. However, what he was wearing was not the clothes of Ancient Hill Sect. Could it be that in the hundred years she was in isolation, the Sect had changed its school uniform?

“Who are you?”

That man seemed to be stunned for a moment. His eyes which were sparkling earlier, suddenly darkened quite a bit, however, he still walked straight towards her.

Zhu Yao frowned. She was a little dissatisfied at his silent actions. However, seeing that he completely did not harbor any evil intentions, she did not chase him away.

The man simply walked towards a position that was merely half a step away from her, before stopping.

“I say…” Aren’t you a little close? Even if you’re tall, there’s no need to be such a show-off, right?

Before she could even finish speaking, however, he reached his hands, and hugged her outright. He hugged her so tight, she could feel his heart pumping.

Zhu Yao was instantly dumbfounded. Were all the youths nowadays so open-minded? Probably because she was overly shocked, Zhu Yao had completely forgotten to resist.

That man however, became even more outrageous. Slightly lowering his body, his face gently rubbed against her hair, and his expression looked as though he was indulging in the moment, as his warm breath swept across her cheeks.

Zhu Yao, who had spent her entire lifetime teasing her ice- cold master, was being teased by someone else for the very first time. Her face suddenly felt hot, and she did not know if it was due to shock or embarrassment. However, an instant later, it cooled down once again, and it was even by a chilling cold which could penetrate one’s heart.

Master, let me explain!

A bone-piercing chill instantly dispersed from her hand, immediately spreading across her entire body. Zhu Yao shivered from the cold, as she reflexively pushed away the man in front of her. As she was anxious, her push even carried a slight amount of spiritual energy.

“W-W-W-Who… Who are you?” Zhu Yao tightened her hand which was about to turn frozen stiff. What she was holding onto was the pendant which could be used to communicate with her master. Earlier, when she came up, for a moment, she could not bear to place it into the ring, hence, she was currently holding onto it in her hand. However, who would have thought the moment she came up, she would encounter such an event. In an instant, she felt as though she was kidnapped as a prostitute and was pushed onto the bed.

The man took a few steps back from her push, and he seemed to have been injured as well, as there were stains of blood at the corner of his lips. However, he still firmly stared at her, and she was flustered at how deep his gaze was, as though in his eyes, only her lone figure was left in this entire world.

He paused for a moment, before he once again walked over towards her.

“The hell, what are you up to again?” Zhu Yao felt as though the chill that finally managed to disappear in her hand, began to spread once again. Neither one of these two people was someone she couldn’t worry about.

Zhu Yao revealed a cautious expression, however, this time, the man did not pounce on her again. Stopping a step away from her, with lightning speed… he tugged onto the corner of her clothes.

“…” Why did this action seem to look a little familiar? “Yao.” The man let out a sound, and the sound was as crisp as the flowing spring water.

“Ah?” What did he mean?

The man’s expression turned slightly stern. Looking at her with even more concentration, he once again called out. “Yao.”

“What do you want?”



“Sis. Yao. (Prostitute)”

“Your sister!” The hell, she finally found out who this person was. “Yue Ying?”

The man’s eyes instantly looked as though they were shining, as he nodded his head. Zhu Yao sized up Yue Ying who had already grown a head taller than her. For a moment, she did not dare to believe that this person was that skinny, bony-figured little radish back then. He grew up to be quite muscular, just what did he eat to grow up in such a way? Faintly in her heart, she was a little unable to accept it.

Then, she thought for a moment. After all, it had already been a hundred years. If it was a mortal, most probably, he had already reincarnated. He had only grown a little taller, so it was rather understandable.

“Not bad, little twerp! You actually formed your Azoth Core so quickly.” After recognizing the person in front of her, Zhu Yao’s anxiousness completely dispersed, and she activated her extremely familiar mode. She hooked her arm over  his shoulder, and planned on discussing with him a big problem regarding the harmonious and stable development of human beings. “Let me discuss something with you!”

Yue Ying still did not like to talk very much, as he simply looked at her.

“I’m Zhu Yao, in the future, can you stop calling me Sis Yao? Call me, Sis Zhu, or will it kill you to add one more word, and call me Sis Zhu Yao!?” She already had enough with having a master who constantly called her Desire, so why should the title of a prostitute appear now as well? Stop making her suspect her own parents’ taste in names, hey!

Yue Ying was frightened by her sudden outburst of anger for a moment. Only an instant later did he moved the corner of his lips with great difficulty, and voiced out the words. “Sis Zh… Yao.”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao raised her palm and struck his head. This bad child was definitely doing it on purpose.

Yue Ying, however, did not feel annoyed, and  simply stretched out his hand to stroke his hurting head. The expression he was using to look at her became even more serious.

“Where’s Yu Luo?” Zhu Yao casually asked. Pulling Yue Ying’s hand down, she checked his pulse in order to inspect his injuries, and healed him while she was at it. Earlier, when she did not recognize him, the push that she unconsciously did, had still injured him to a slight extent. Yue Ying’s line of sight shifted from her face to his own hand which was being grabbed by her, and replied her stiffly. “Great Hall.”

“Great Hall? The Main Mountain?” What was she doing over there?

Yue Ying nodded.

Zhu Yao frowned, and faintly felt that something had happened. She heightened her senses, and indeed, in the direction of the Great Hall, there were many unfamiliar presences, and faintly, those presences were extremely powerful.

“What happened?”

Yue Ying did not know either.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, and decided to head over there to take a look. Just when she flew up with her sword, she realized that another figure popped out right beside her. “Why are you following me?” Zhu Yao stared at Yue Ying.


“No.” She could sense that the Great Hall was filled with Nascent Soul practitioners. It seemed that the Nascent Soul practitioners of the entire Sect were already there. Usually, in such situations, they would only gather when a huge problem had occurred in the Sect. “It’s not safe over there. Be obedient, and stay here.”

Yue Ying frowned, however, he did not obediently turn around. Instead, he flew his sword closer to her, and reached out his hand to tug the corner of her clothes.

Zhu Yao: …

It had already been a hundred years, yet this child’s mother complex hadn’t been cured? Then what’s the use of growing so tall for?

Zhu Yao sighed, and didn’t care anymore, as she flew straight towards the Great Hall located in the Main Mountain. Her appearance had evidently calmed the people in the hall, while Zi Mo stood up with a joyful look. “Martial  aunt,  you came out of your isolation?”

Yu Luo was standing right beside Zi Mo, and happily greeted her as well. “Master.” Zhu Yao knew why she was here now. She had already restored her Nascent Soul cultivation.

“Mn.” After taking a closer look, she realized there were many people in the hall. Not only were the Sect’s Nascent Soul Reverends present, even Feng Yi and the other Demigod Sovereign were present as well. It was simply a gathering of elites. Zhu Yao firstly greeted the Demigod Sovereigns, before she brought Yue Ying along and sat straight at the upper seat.

After sweeping her gaze around the hall, she realized that there were even more Nascent Soul Reverends from the other Sects. Seemingly, all of the Nascent Soul practitioners from the various Sects and Clans had gathered, and it was a sight even more spectacular than the Inter-Sect Tournament. And, there were even some familiar faces. Wu Song, along with some other Nascent Soul radishes, was currently sitting on the bottom seats not far away.

However, his expression had long lost the energy it had when he came to cancel the engagement back then. An air of depression could be faintly sensed between his brows, most probably, it was due to the fatigue from the matters regarding his Sect in the recent years. His eyes however, had been staring at Yu Luo, who was behind Zi Mo, as he carried a complicated expression.

Though, Yu Luo simply carried a magnanimous look, and did not even notice him at all. Zhu Yao sighed in her heart. It seemed like she had completely put this matter to rest.

“Reverend Zi Mo, I feel that what Celestial Indus Sect Elder said is correct. In the first place, the Inter-Sect Tournament is merely a means to have the various Sects stay in contact, and form closer bonds.” A tall and skinny man stood up. “In the past, when your esteemed Sect hosted the events, it had merely been agreed upon by everyone as well.”

“That’s right.” Another Nascent Soul male practitioner responded. “We have never decided that it always has to be Ancient Hill Sect that host the event, right? Since Ancient Hill Sect is able to host the event, then naturally, other Sects are able to host the event as well.”

“That’s correct.” Another person stood up. “Celestial Indus Sect is also a large Deity Sect, and isn’t worse off than Ancient Hill Sect. Hosting it there is the same as well.”

So it was regarding the matter of where the Inter-Sect Tournament should be held. Zhu Yao frowned. In the  past, every Inter-Sect Tournament had been hosted in Ancient Hill Sect, and it had already become an established practice. Although there wasn’t an actual benefit to Ancient Hill Sect for hosting this event, in regards to Deity Sects which often cherished their reputation, this was a huge matter that could raise the Sect’s prestige. This was also one of the reasons why Ancient Hill Sect was referred to as the number one Sect in the cultivation world.

If this responsibility was suddenly passed to another Sect, wouldn’t it be a direct slap to the face?

“This statement isn’t right.” As expected, Zi Mo  wouldn’t agree to it. “In the past Inter-Sect Tournaments, they  had always been hosted by my Sect, and I believe everyone is very clear of this fact. Although my Sect has tired ourselves for so many years, putting aside the merits and the hard work involved, I believe everyone has already gotten used to it. To suddenly be unwilling to have our Sect host the tournament, is this because I did not provide adequate amount of care and attention?” As expected of Zi Mo who had been the Sect Master for so many years, his words were filled with hidden obstructive remarks. When translated into human words, he was basically saying: ‘I have worked hard to provide everyone with good food and drinks for so many years. I have spent money, mobilized my own forces, and tired myself out, yet, I have never taken a single fee. Even putting these aside, you people actually dare to look away and not recognize my efforts.’

As expected, the moment he said these words, the expressions of the few people who spoke up earlier turned a little ugly.

“Sect Master Mo.” The Celestial Indus Sect Master could no longer stay seated, and stood up. “Ancient Hill Sect has naturally taken up a tiring and tremendous job for hosting the Inter-Sect Tournament for so many years. In the past, the other Sects have the heart, but not the power to host it. However, currently, my Sect has the power to host it, so I simply wish to take up the responsibility, and it’s also to simply share this burden with Ancient Hill Sect.” When translated to human words: ‘It’s been too much work for you to host it alone, I can help you, you know.’

Zi Mo said with a smiled. “I have received Celestial Indus Sect’s good intentions. However, ever since ten thousand years ago, my Ancient Hill Sect have never evaded the matter regarding the Inter-Sect Tournament. And, I believe that I will be able to handle this job skillfully even in the future tournaments to come.” In human words: ‘There’s no need for you to worry, we can handle it.’

After the Celestial Indus Sect Master was countered, his expression instantly turned ugly as well. Initially, when he had gathered so many Sects to speak of this matter, it was to give Ancient Hill Sect some face. Who would have thought that this Zi Mo would have such a water-tight tongue, and it now looked as though they were here to make a fuss.

Chapter127: Mu Meiyan’s Challenge

The entire situation had entered a stalemate.

“There’s no need to talk any further.” Suddenly, a disdainful and prideful female voice resounded in the Great Hall, and Demigod-stage might was carried in her tone. At the very center of the Great Hall, a black arc appeared, which slowly expanded into a full circle. This was a space distorting Mystic Art which could only be used by Demigods, and everyone present was thrown into a shock.

A moment later, a human figure stepped out from inside. “Whoever’s stronger will get the say in the matter.”

These words sounded especially arrogant, yet, the thoughts of rebutting this idea were unable to take root due to the Demigod’s might carried within the speech. Even Zi Mo himself was unable to refute, and was simply tightening the grip of his fists.

Three people walked out of the distorted space one after another, and the three of them were even familiar faces. The first to come out, was a woman dressed in fiery-red clothes, whose lips carried a cold smile, and the three letters ‘BUG’ on her face were so dark and bolded, it looked as though the word was printed on her face. Mu Meiyan!

Even Zhu Yao was a little astonished. A hundred years ago, she was only a middle-stage Nascent Soul practitioner, but now, she was actually a Demigod. The aura she sensed from her body was comparable to hers, and it seemed to be faintly suppressing hers as well. Zhu Yao stared at that shadow behind her which had already fused with her body. Compared to before, it was even denser than before, and it was emitting a dark aura that sent chills to the spine. In the past, she didn’t know what it was. However, because she had recently learnt the skill of weapon refining, she was now especially sensitive to auras. In an instant, she recognized that it was actually the Aura of Extreme Yin.

Other than her, no one else could see that shadow, yet, she did not know why, but she could sense that the shadow had been staring straight at her, as though something ice-cold was crawling up from beneath her feet. Zhu Yao intentionally ignored that shadow like the rest of the people, however, that feeling of being watched became even deeper than before.

“The two Sovereigns have arrived.” However, the Sect Master of Celestial Indus Sect looked very delighted, and greeted them. “Sovereign Qihan, Sovereign… Rulu, Junior-martial sister Hanxin.” He greeted every one of them, however, when he saw Mu Meiyan, he paused for a moment, and a hint  of awkwardness flashed past his face. After all, the Sovereign in front of him was previously his own daughter, and had even been personally expelled out of the Sect by him in the past. However, who would have thought that she would breakthrough into the Demigod-stage a hundred years later, and had even returned to Celestial Indus Sect without harboring past grudges.

By looking at the Celestial Indus Sect Master’s expression, Zhu Yao could guess parts of the situation. No Sect would reject a Demigod-stage practitioner, even if there was some sort of grudge between them in the past. The reason why Mu Meiyan had been hiding in the past few years, was probably because the shadow had yet to recover back then. Now that the shadow’s abilities were flourishing much more than before, naturally, she would borrow the strength of her cheat to raise herself to the Demigod-stage. It was no wonder she had changed from her past gentle and weak personality, and become so arrogant. Most probably, this was her true nature.

The matters had become even harder to manage now.

“Yan’er?” Wu Song stood up, and looked towards Mu Meiyan at the center with a face of disbelief. His expression changed, revealing a complicated look.

However, Mu Meiyan simply turned her head and glanced at him with scornful eyes. After a cold snort, she seemed to have done something, as blood began to trickle down the corner of Wu Song’s lips, his expression paled, and he began to cough as he sat right back down.

Zhu Yao frowned. As expected, she had always been simply using Wu Song. However, Wu Song deserved it as well.

Turning her head, she looked towards Yue Hanxin who was following behind Qihan, and could not help but  sigh.  The female protagonist and female antagonist were as expected, natural enemies. Although she really wanted to see the fight between Mary Sue and Green Tea Bitch, looking at how the shadow was acting, it definitely wouldn’t let her go.

Like all Mary Sues’ settings, Yue Hanxin had an astonishingly beautiful face. For a moment, Zhu Yao could not recognize her as that skinny and frail child back then. However, her delicate face seemed to look a little languished. It seemed that when Mu Meiyan rose to a Demigod, she had often sought trouble with her. Zhu Yao then could not help but turn to look at Yue Ying. He, however, had a calm face, and his eyes did not even move in the slightest. He had been looking at her while lowering his head the entire time.

Aren’t you heading over to meet your family? She’s your elder or younger sister, you know?

Mn. After thinking for a moment, Zhu Yao realized a problem.
Between Yue Hanxin and Yue Ying, which one was older?

“In the cultivation world, the strong are always revered.” Mu Meiyan swept her eyes past Zi Mo, and instantly locked onto Zhu Yao. The corner of her lips revealed a hint of a cold smile. “In the past, isn’t the Ancient Hill Sect known as the number one Deity Sect by possessing three Demigod Sovereigns? Now that my Celestial Indus Sect possesses three Demigod Sovereigns as well, it’s time for a different Sect to take the number one seat, right?”

Zi Mo’s expression instantly darkened. What did she mean by ‘known as’? In regards to his Ancient Hill Sect’s strength, was there a further need to boast about it?

“This Sovereign.” Zi Mo forced a smile back. “This so-called number one Deity Sect, is merely a title. My Sect has been created many years ago, and this title, is merely a nickname that the various Daoists, who think highly of us, have given us. My Sect is named Ancient Hill, and we have never had the intentions to change it, so naturally, we will not take this mere title for ourselves.” Although his words sounded modest, in actual fact, he was making hidden remarks at Celestial Indus Sect. When translated to human words: ‘What number one Deity Sect? It’s simply a title that has been pushed to us by others, why would we bother wanting it? Yet, you’re treating it like a treasure, and you’re even shamelessly coming to steal it.’

Although Mu Meiyan had lived two lives, in terms of the use of speech, how could she compete against a Sect Master who had lived in the world for several thousand years, and was capable of turning matters of human affairs into scriptures? After being countered speechless in an instant, her widened pair of eyes stared straight at Zi Mo.

Uncontrollably, the pressure from her might was pressed straight towards Zi Mo.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to act, there was actually someone who was a step faster. Another much stronger pressure was sent right back at her. “Celestial Indus Sect sure has huge guts.” The person who acted was unexpectedly Ancient Hill Sect’s Sovereign Dan Wu, who did not have much sense of presence this entire time. In the past, in general meetings, even if he were to show up, he had never spoken. He was so low-profile, it caused people to unconsciously forget his presence. However, the moment he acted this time, he had clearly demonstrated his strength as a late-stage Demigod.

Even Mu Meiyan’s expression changed as well. Although Celestial Indus Sect claimed to have three Demigod-stage practitioners, Qihan and Mu Meiyan were both merely Demigods who had broken through not too long ago. While the other Sovereign that had yet to make his appearance, was merely a middle-stage Demigod as well.

Only then did the Celestial Indus Sect feel a little afraid. The joy from suddenly gaining two Sovereigns in his Sect had gotten way over his head, as he had forgotten that Demigod Sovereigns of Ancient Hill Sect had all broken through into the Demigod- stage a very long time ago. Although Sovereign Zhu Yao, who had the weakest cultivation out of the three, was an early-stage Demigod, she came from Jade Forest Mountain!

He could not help but put a bold face and step out to ease the tension. He explained to everyone that his Sect’s Sovereign was just acting on a moment’s impulse, and did not have intentions to start a war.

However, Sovereign Dan Mu did not reply, and simply closed his eyes once again, as though he was completely uninterested in this entire issue.

Mu Meiyan felt that she had indeed acted too impulsively as well. She was too aware of that feeling of being absolutely lowly and frail. So, when she had grown stronger, in her heart, she could no longer control the urge to act willfully, and she no longer wanted to be suppressed by anyone else. Hence, she dropped her guard a little.

“Today, we’re discussing about the matters of the Inter-Sect Tournament that will occur a year later.” Qihan coldly reminded. Although he was a little frustrated about Rulu’s impulsive actions, after taking her cultivation level in mind, he endured it. Though, he was becoming even more unhappy with this Sect Master’s daughter. In the past, he still had some form of pity for her, after all, she was a Water Heavenly Spirit Vein holder in the past. However, ever since her Spirit Vein mutated, it felt as though her personality had changed. She became craftier, and had often acted against his own disciple. “Sect Master Mo.” Mu Meiyan restored her calm, and a hint of fine light flashed past her eyes. She then said with a smile. “In actuality, the Inter-Sect Tournament is a big matter for the various Sects, and is related to everyone present. Since the problem of the hosting location is difficult to solve, why not simply ask everyone here for their opinions, and have everyone decide where they wish the Inter-Sect Tournament be held at?”

This move of hers was ruthless enough. Since the other Sects earnestly wish for the two Sects to be in conflict with each other, they would naturally express their agreement one after another.

And, several of them had already agreed beforehand that they would want to go to Celestial Indus Sect.

However, there were some Sects who shouted that they wanted other Sects to host it as well. What’s even more outrageous was that some even wanted a rotation system.

Are you treating this as the Olympics? Zhu Yao silently retorted.

The various  Sects  continuously  argued.  Initially,  it  was  a competition between Celestial Indus Sect and Ancient Hill Sect. In the end, the other Sects wanted a piece of it as well, and hence, a huge pile of Sect candidates suddenly popped out. Every single one of them argued that they should host the event in their own Sects.

After arguing for a long while, there still wasn’t a resolution to the matter. Zhu Yao was barely about to control herself from suggesting that they should just fight it out outside.

“Then let’s battle it out, in Best-Of-Three matches. Winner takes all.” Someone suddenly roared out.

Eh, they’re really going to fight?

The final conclusion had arrived. In the end, the one with the strongest fist would have the final say. Every Sect would send out three representatives, and whoever was to win, would have the say in the matter.

Zhu Yao fell on her knees due this extremely simple conclusion which took them an entire day of arguing to arrive at. If you wanted to fight in the first place, then why did you spend so much time flapping your gums, huh? You people might as well take this opportunity to finish the Inter-Sect Tournament too.

In but a few moments, everyone had already prepared their representatives, and the people participating were actually all Nascent Soul practitioners.

However, when it came to Celestial Indus Sect selecting their representatives, Mu Meiyan stood up. With a smile which actually did not look like one, she looked towards Zhu Yao in the upper seats. “Since everyone is so excited, why don’t I accompany everyone as well? Sovereign Zhu Yao, are you willing to face me in a battle?”


Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Wasn’t her main mission today simply to put her face out here?

Seeing that she did not have any reaction, Mu Meiyan smiled even more complacently. Zhu Yao understood that although the person she hated the most was Yue Hanxin, ever since she was stopped from devouring Yu Yao, it had been a stifling thorn in Mu Meiyan’s heart. However, Zhu Yao had never expected that she would actually dare to fight her openly.

When this challenge was issued by Mu Meiyan, the entire place instantly quietened down, and a moment later, excitement could be faintly felt from the people present. This was after all, a battle between Demigod-stage practitioners. A sight that was rarely seen.

“What? Sovereign, are you afraid?”

“Mn, I’m afraid.”

“…” Mu Meiyan blanked, as though she never expected that Zhu Yao would answer this way. For a moment, she did not know how to follow up, as Zhu Yao actually shamelessly admitted it.

“We Demigods have strength capable of moving mountains and overturning seas, and we’re currently situated at my Ancient Hill Sect.” Zhu Yao explained lightly, and even rolled her eyes while she was at it. What she meant was: ‘Just by fighting a single battle, there would be such huge losses. Are you stupid?’

Everyone present: “…”

It actually sounded logical. Demigod-stage practitioners had never acted casually, and their overly impressive strength was the reason. If they were to fight, the mess created could never be cleared.

Hence, the eyes that were looking at Mu Meiyan, had turned into ones that were looking at someone who would disregard others’ lives just for her own selfish desires.

Mu Meiyan trembled in anger, yet, she was unable to refute her explanation. Hence, she could only ruthlessly reply. “We can move away from Ancient Hill Sect, and fight above the ocean.” This way, they wouldn’t implicate others, right?

“Not going.”

“You!” “Aren’t there people next to the ocean too?” She once again rolled her eyes.

“…” If they were to fight above the ocean, the ocean water would bring about huge waves. Tsunamis would definitely form, which would definitely bring upon disasters for the people by the shore.

Zhu Yao decided to add another bucket of oil into the fire. “Haah, we’re once mortals too.”

As humans, we must never forget out roots, yo.

Hence, everyone’s eyes on Mu Meiyan had become even more ill-looking, as though she was a great evil who was about to kill a large number of residents by the shore.

Mu Meiyan took a few deep breaths, before she was able to endure the anger in her heart. She then said with a cold smile. “In the very end, aren’t you just afraid of fighting against me? No worries. It’s not like I definitely have to fight with you. As long as you’re willing to admit defeat, then we can just put this battle aside.”

Chapter128: If I Were To Call You ‘BUG’, Will You Respond?

Her words were simply too arrogant. Firstly, she condemned Zhu Yao for retreating from a battle, now, she wanted her to take up the name of a loser as well?

The expressions of the people of Ancient Hill Sect, as expected, turned ugly.

Haah, this terrible temper of hers. Initially, she did not want to slap her in the face this quickly. However, since the other party was so eager to put her face forward, then Zhu Yao had no choice but to give her a sound one.

“Sovereign… Rulu, was it?” Zhu Yao chuckled. “Do you really want to fight against me that much?”

“Hmph.” Mu Meiyan snorted coldly. “Cut the crap, are you going to take the challenge? Or are you afraid of losing?”

“It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a win or loss. However, with just a single battle between us, it will harm countless of lives, and build up countless of karma. Don’t you think it’s a little over the top?”

“In this world, the strong eats the weak in the first place. If those mortals wish to curse, then they can only curse themselves for not being strong enough.”

“But, ants struggle to live despite their size. Who here hasn’t started out as a mortal?”

“Ants will forever be ants. Even if they’re able to somehow save their own lives, they’re still frail to the point where they will die with a single pinch.” Her eyes turned cold, as though she seemed to have recalled something. The more she spoke, the more agitated she became. That feeling of powerlessness and being unable to retaliate, she understood it the most. Hence, it became the reason why she chased after strength after her resurrection.

The expressions of everyone present, however, began to turn ugly. Although everyone knew that what she had just said was true, and that this was the current state of the  cultivation world, even if they accepted these in their hearts, it was different from saying them out in the open. After all, they had established themselves in upright Deity Sects, and had high and mighty titles to mask themselves. Matters like casually killing a bunch of mortals, although some of them had done such acts, it would be impossible for them to say them out so triumphantly. After all, they were not heretic practitioners.

Zhu Yao saw that things had heated up just about right. “I heard that Sovereign Rulu had only stepped into the Demigod- stage recently.”

“So what?” Mu Meiyan coldly responded. Could it be that she was thinking that she did not have the ability to challenge her?

“Nothing much.” Zhu Yao continued with a smile. “I simply recalled something all of a sudden. A hundred years ago, when you accompanied the Sect Master of Azureflight Sect over to my Sect to ask for my disciple’s hand in marriage, we have encountered once before. Back then, you still possessed a kind heart, and had even spoke up for Sect Master Wu. I wonder if Sovereign still remembers that incident?”

The news of the incident where the Sect Master of Azureflight Sect was rejected had been spread around all these years. As expected, a hint of awkwardness flashed past Wu Song’s face. Everyone however, did not expect that this person was present back then as well. Everyone was actually really clear about the matters of Rulu being a traitor of Celestial Indus Sect, and fleeing to Azureflight Sect. However, because she was currently a Demigod Sovereign, no one dared to bring this up.

However, this fact was brought up so openly by Zhu Yao. As expected, Mu Meiyan’s expression turned a little ugly, however, she did not break out into a fit. She simply snorted coldly and kept quiet. After all, currently, no one would dare to mock her. However, with this action of hers, it had instead made everyone to think that it was a silent consent.

Zhu Yao, however, let out a long sigh. “Haaah… Time sure has passed really quickly. In a blink of an eye, it has already been a hundred years. Back then, when I last saw you, you were still at the middle stages of Nascent Soul.”

When these words were first heard, they did not sound really important. However, after a careful thought, it was filled with many suspicious points. Middle stages of Nascent Soul? A hundred years ago? Was that a joke?

“What’s your point?” As expected, Mu Meiyan had thought of that as well, as she ruthlessly stared at Zhu Yao.

“Nothing much. In a mere hundred years, you broke through into the Demigod-stage from the middle stages of Nascent Soul. Sovereign, you sure have great talent.”

In an instant, everyone’s eyes looked towards Rulu one after another. How could that be possible? No matter how heaven- bending one’s talent was, from the middle stages of Nascent Soul to Demigod, it would still take at least a few hundred, or even a few thousand years. Even Sovereign Yu Yan who possessed the Lightning Spirit Vein back then, was only able to break through into the Demigod-stage after cultivating for a thousand years.

In a mere hundred years? That’s not logical at all.

She either had an extremely heaven-bending cultivating technique, or a heaven-bending Artifact. The entire Great Hall was instantly thrown into an uproar. A speed like this, had no doubt shocked everyone.

Excluding Zi Mo, whose face was of complete calm.

He silently glanced at his own little martial aunt. Uh… Little martial aunt, are you sure you have the right to talk about others? Haven’t you yourself suddenly broken through into the Demigod-stage after disappearing for two hundred years? And, he did not comment on it at all, you know. Everyone else had thought that Yu Yan had taken in three disciples. Fortunately, only he knew that this disciple of his ancestral-martial uncle, was the original one.

Only then did Mu Meiyan realize that her arrogance had gone way over her head, and had brought in the coveting eyes of others. Those pairs of either probing or suspicious eyes, faintly caused her to feel a little uneasy.

“For Sovereign to have cultivated so quickly, you must have a miraculous encounter.” Zhu Yao however, added another bucket of oil into the fire.

“So what?” Mu Meiyan’s expression turned colder, as she released her own Demigod-stage pressure, wanting to stun everyone present that were still discussing about her matters.

Zhu Yao, however, as though she was opposing her, released her own pressure and blocked it.

“Just what are you planning?” Even if Mu Meiyan was dumb, she would still know that Zhu Yao had some plans of her own. “I simply suspect if there really exists such a miraculous encounter in this world.” Zhu Yao said, with emphasis on every word. “Just what kind of miraculous encounter, could allow a person’s cultivation to instantly rise to the Demigod-stage? And for her personality to change so greatly, turning into someone so ruthless, who has no regards to others’ lives…”

When these words were spoken, everyone was dumbfounded. The only thing Zhu Yao had left out now, was ‘body takeover.’ Everyone could not help but recall that moment earlier when she wanted to make a move against Zhu Yao no matter what. Adding her current cultivation level, in their hearts, that belief had already begun to take root. Even her own father, the Sect Master of Celestial Indus Sect, had begun to ponder deeply as well.

“You’re making up nonsense.” Mu Meiyan was instantly in a fluster. In the first place, it was true that she had taken over this body, however, it did not happen after she was a Nascent Soul practitioner, but when Rulu had yet to basically enter the path of cultivation. “Zhu Yao, don’t think I’m afraid of killing you!”

Her expression sharpened, and her Demigod-stage pressure suddenly grew several times stronger. Zhu Yao herself was not afraid of these pressures, however, the awful thing was, that shadow that was latched behind her body seemed to be angered as well, as it pounced straight towards her.

Zhu Yao’s figure turned, and moved towards the entrance of the Great Hall in a flash, arriving at the empty plaza.

“My words had hit right on mark, is that  why  Sovereign wants to kill me now?”

The moment she heard these words, as expected, Mu Meiyan, whose fury had already gone over her head, chased after her. Zhu Yao smiled, and there she was afraid that she wouldn’t step out.

She stood at a position not far from Zhu Yao, and looked at her with a cold smile, as though she was looking at a dead corpse. The shadow behind her had become much denser as well. That soft, yet sinister laughter, once again resounded.

The depths of Zhu Yao’s heart even began to feel a little cold as well, as she tightly gripped onto the thing in her hand. In actuality, her legs had already turned jelly from the anxiousness. However, she was afraid that she was unable to solve this issue, so she had no choice but to go all out. She had simply brought the matters, which she had already decided on, a little ahead of schedule.

That shadow had already charged towards her, while Zhu Yao could only fly to the back to dodge.

As everyone else could not see the shadow, they could only see Mu Meiyan standing stationary at her spot, while Zhu Yao was fleeing really haggardly, as though Zhu Yao was fleeing from her shocking aura.

Mu Meiyan snorted coldly. She had overestimated her abilities, Mu Meiyan thought. Couldn’t she see the Phantom? Let’s play with her then.

Zhu Yao was chased with nowhere to retreat. Initially, she had thought that if she were to encounter the shadow, she would definitely receive some injuries. She had already prepared herself to attack it with the expense of her own well- being. However, she wondered if it was because of its overconfidence, the shadow seemed to be fooling around with her the entire time. It had only chased after her, and did not really move to attack her, as though it was cat teasing a mouse. Zhu Yao could not help but praise it for its generosity. As expected, it’s really much happier when having a  moron around. Though it’s fun to play cat and mouse, if what the cat caught were to suddenly turn into a tiger, how would the cat react, she wondered?

Zhu Yao looked at the rather far distance between her and Mu Meiyan. The distance was about right, and the time had come.

The shadow leisurely forced Zhu Yao into a corner, and just when it was thinking of ending her, Zhu Yao suddenly held onto an object, raised it in her hands, and shone it at the shadow.

Suddenly, a ray of golden light directly passed through its body, and its dense black figure, was instantly dispersed. However, that ray of golden light had directly struck towards Mu Meiyan at the back as well, as it swept past her body.

Mu Meiyan simply felt a severe pain surging up, as though something important was being directly separated from her. The spiritual energy in her body, as though a hole had opened up, was flowing out at extreme speed, as she cried out miserably with an absolutely shrill voice.

However, an even louder miserable cry sounded from behind her. As though all of the ghosts in hell were crying out at the same time, an ear-trembling sound resounded through the clouds, which had even shaken the entire Ancient Hill Sect.

Behind Mu Meiyan, a large amount of dense smoke began to rise, forming a terrifying skull-head in the sky. From its mouth, it was emitting out that miserable voice from earlier, as its shape twisted and distorted painfully in the air. The sky which was initially bright and sunny, suddenly turned completely dark. All of the mysterious flowers and herbs in Ancient Hill Sect wilted in an instant.

The hearts of everyone present stirred from that voice, and they spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, as though their organs had shattered.

“What… What is this?” Someone exclaimed. Yet, no one gave him an answer.

Putting aside the Nascent Soul Reverends present, even the Demigod-stage practitioners, had never seen such a terrifying sight. Just by the smoky existence in the air caused them to feel completely powerless.

“Hey, help me already.” Zhu Yao endured the severe pain in her chest, and once again raised the mirror of light in  her hands. Circulating all of the spiritual energy in her body, she continuously shot towards the wailing skull-head in the air. Feng Yi and Dan Mu were the first to react, as they summoned their own Sword Intents one after another, and attacked towards the air.

However, other than the ray of light Zhu Yao’s mirror emitted out earlier, the other attacks struck out by the two of them were completely ineffective, as though they had simply  sliced through empty air.

That shadow however, hurriedly retracted itself, and once again returned into Mu Meiyan’s body. Mu Meiyan who had fainted on the ground earlier, suddenly stood up with a hint of red glow in her eyes. An enormous energy, assaulted everyone present at a wide scale.

While everyone was busy resisting against the energy, Mu Meiyan had already disappeared from sight.

The place was dead silent. Not a single one of them had yet to recover their senses from that terrifying sight earlier. Not a single one of them spoke. “Earlier… Just what was that?” The Sect Master of Celestial Indus Sect was completely lifeless.

“Could it be…”

“Devil Race.” Dan Mu muttered out these two words, which caused everyone present to tremble in the depths of their hearts. However, not one of them could find another existence to refute him. In this world, the only ones with strength capable of completely diminishing one’s will to retaliate, and even capable of causing all life to instantly lose their vitality, were the Devil Race.

The place had become even more silent than before. No one would have thought that the Devil Race would once again appear in the world. Especially in this world where the God Race had all gone extinct.

“Hanxin… Hanxin is gone.” Qihan suddenly realized that his disciple who had been behind him all this time, had disappeared along with Mu Meiyan as well.

He did not dare to think any further than that.

Chapter129: The Sharpest Weapon In The World

With such a tyrannical ruckus caused by the shadow, everyone present was completely stunned, and that included Zhu Yao herself. She was barely able to hold onto the weapon in her hands as well. Thump. Thump. Her heart beat wildly, as she finally began to feel afraid.

Actually, ever since her master descended upon the Lower Realm to find her, she had a faint guess that the shadow wasn’t that simple. Even if it wasn’t a Deity of the Higher Realm, it was still definitely an overpowered mighty power.  However,  no matter how she racked her brains, she wouldn’t  have  guessed that it would be one of the legendary Devil Race.

Zhu Yao instantly felt like crying, and had the impulse to close down her store to go on a strike. Momma’s egg. That’s a Devil, you know! A race, which spread death all around their surroundings, that had only existed in the Ancient Era of legends and had fought against the God Race to the death! If they were to fight against it with just their physical  mortal body, they would either be courting death, or was tired of living in the first place! They were basically not on the same level, alright? Could it be because she had accidentally activated the route of a God Race, which led to the appearance of a Devil to balance everything out?

Momma’s egg. Other than having a dragon’s body, she basically did not possess this so-called power of a God Race, alright? She did not even receive the most basic form of inheritance from a dragon, otherwise, how would she simply possess the cultivation of a Demigod?

“Sovereign. In your opinion, what do you think we should do?” Probably because the scene earlier was too frightening, one Nascent Soul practitioner turned around, and looked towards Zhu Yao who was still standing still at where she was.

The moment his words fell, everyone, who was still deep in shock at the fact that the Devil Race had once again appeared in the world earlier, as though they had only regained their senses at that moment, turned to look towards her one after another. That’s right, earlier, Sovereign Zhu Yao was the only person who was able to go against the Devil. They still had hope.

Zhu Yao felt a chill from the staring eyes, which were filled with the piteous cry for food- ah pui, which were filled with hope, and reflexively took a step back. If she were to say that she didn’t know what to do as well, would she be beaten to death?

“Everyone, do not panic.” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and suppressed her fear. “I see that the Devil has yet to mature. At the very least, it has yet to completely resurrect, otherwise, it wouldn’t have to borrow a practitioner’s body. Furthermore, I have just forcefully tried to expel it from its host, so it has definitely injured it gravely. In light of this, we can only take the opportunity while its energy has yet to recover, to completely exterminate it.” In any case, they had to take its life while its sick- ah, no, that’s not it. It’s to chase after it while they still had the upper hand.

When everyone heard this, their eyes which were filled with despair earlier, finally had a hint of light. She’s right, the outcome of that battle earlier, was indeed a victory.

“This matter is of great urgency.” Zhu Yao instructed with a stern expression. “We must definitely find that Devil before its energy is fully recovered. Otherwise, the outcome will be severe.”

Everyone’s expression became serious. In the face of a great matter that concerned the survival of the cultivation world, the various Clans and Sects demonstrated unprecedented unity. Every one of them began to chip in by sending out all of their disciples, to undergo a large-scale search operation, excluding Celestial Indus Sect and Azureflight Sect.

As the culprits for hiding a Devil, although they were actually victims as well, they had completely lost everyone’s trust. In an instant, these two Sects received everyone’s hostility.

It was initially an emperor abdication drama, however, because of the re-appearance of the Devil Race, it turned into a multi-racial warring campaign. And Ancient Hill Sect,  which was initially being forced to give up the right to host the Inter- Sect Tournament, was once again logically standing at the unshakable leading position. Most likely, no one would have ever thought of this dramatic turn in events.

As for the news regarding the re-appearance of the Devil Race, under Zhu Yao’s behest, it was spread throughout the entire cultivation world extremely quickly. Seemingly every single practitioner, and even the heretic practitioners, had begun to spontaneously search for the traces of the Devil. Mu Meiyan’s name had resounded through the entire cultivation world.

That’s right. Not Rulu, but Mu Meiyan. When Rulu was expelled from Celestial Indus Sect, she had changed her name to Mu Meiyan when she fled to Azureflight Sect. Hence, everyone believed that Mu Meiyan was this Devil’s real name.

Zhu Yao had believed that with so many people involved in the search, she would be able to obtain news regarding Mu Meiyan before long. However, never did she expect that even after three months had passed, forget about Mu Meiyan, there wasn’t even any news on Yue Hanxin whom she had swiped away.

Seemingly every plausible lead that was made known to her, she would immediately rush over. However, there wasn’t even a single trace of the Devil’s hair. Mu Meiyan and Yue Hanxin, this pair who loved to kill each other, seemed as though they had dissipated from the world, completely disappearing into thin air.

Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little anxious.

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan sighed. This stupid disciple in front of him, had already repeated walked back and forth more than a hundred times, and even he was about to get a headache from it. His disciple, who was usually like a firecracker, was currently unexpectedly quiet. He had already appeared for such a long time, yet, she did not even have the slightest of reaction. Mn, he wasn’t happy at all.

“Master?” Zhu Yao seemed to have only realized that a figure had suddenly popped out from the jade pendant. After being startled for a moment, she once again frowned, and continued to walk back and forth. “I have something that I can’t figure out.”

“What is it?”

“Just where did that Devil pop out from?” Just how did it appear? And how did Mu Meiyan obtain him? Ever since she saw the resurrected Mu Meiyan for the first time, it had been by her side. Then evidently, that shadow had existed since the very beginning, and it might even be possible that Mu Meiyan’s resurrection and body-takeover were all the doings of the Devil. Otherwise, when she was trying to take over Little Radish, how did Mu Meiyan’s soul appear directly in Little Radish’s divine sense region without being sensed by anyone else? And, that black hole, which she escaped into after the takeover failed, was very strange as well. It did not seem to be any sort of Mystic Arts. That Devil definitely wasn’t simply linked with Mu Meiyan just by a blood contract alone. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have used all of its strength to help Mu Meiyan. The Devil Race did not have any human morals to speak of, after all. For it to do something like this, it definitely had some sort of purpose, or had made an agreement with Mu Meiyan.

Then, could she make a guess that, ever since the beginning, Mu Meiyan wasn’t actually some sort of bug, the real bug was actually the Devil inside her body? Probably, ever since the beginning, her methods were incorrect. What she should defend against was actually that Devil, and not Mu Meiyan.

Yu Yan slightly frowned, and a moment later, replied. “The Devil Race are born to kill, and existed in the world all this while. However… during the Ancient Era, all of them had been sealed by the God Race.”

“There aren’t any which escaped?”

“If there was, why would there be the current cultivation world?”

“So Master means…” Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. “That thing isn’t an actual Devil.”

Yu Yan frowned, and shook his head. “Yes, and no.”

“Ah?” What do you mean? Can you speak human words?

“Have you realized the irregularity of that Devil?” Yu Yan continued.

“Irregularity?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Does being irregularly powerful count?”

“Yu Yan swept a scornful look at her, sighed, and gave an ‘as expected, she’s stupid’ expression. “Other than that, when the others attacked that Devil, were they effective?”

“Effective? What effectiveness? The rest basically did not manage to land a hit…” Zhu Yao stopped there, and suddenly widened her eyes. “It doesn’t have a physical form?”

Yu Yan lightly nodded. His disciple’s stupidity seemed to be salvable. “The physical body of that Devil had already been destroyed?” Zhu Yao instantly became a little excited. Every living being in this world contained a soul, and only a physical body could harbor a soul. No matter was it a demonic beast, or a human, they were both the same. Other than the Reincarnation Path which could temporarily accommodate souls, all souls which had lost their physical bodies could not last more than seven days in the living world. After seven days, the souls would dissipate away.

“But… That Devil clearly could separate from Mu Meiyan’s body.” Back then when she was at Azureflight Sect, that shadow had cone alone, and Mu Meiyan was not in the vicinity. “And that Devil had clearly existed before Mu Meiyan attempted a body-takeover.” When Rulu was being devoured, that Devil could have completely accomplished it itself, so why did it have to bring along Mu Meiyan? And, they were so lovey-dovey like family, coexisting for such a long time. It was basically illogical. Even if a Devil’s soul could dwell in anything… Wait a minute, anything? Could it be… “That Devil isn’t  possessing  Rulu’s body, but is actually dwelling in Mu Meiyan’s soul?”

Yu Yan deeply frowned, and nodded. That was indeed a possibility.

In an instant, Zhu Yao was a little speechless. That Devil sure was unlucky. It could have found anything to dwell into, but it just had to find a soul to dwell in. It was no wonder it would help her with the take-over, and act as her guardian the entire time.

“This Devil… Is it stupid?” Zhu Yao could only explain it this way.

“Most probably, when its former body was being destroyed, it basically could not find any suitable physical body. Hence, it could only dwell into the soul of a human practitioner, whose physical body had similarly died.”

Zhu Yao wiped her sweat. Why did a soul have to make things difficult for another soul?

No, wait. They were already family who loved each other.

Zhu Yao took out the mirror-like Mystic Tool she had refined on her own, and muttered. “In other words, what I struck back then, was not the link between a blood contract, but the link between their two souls?” “Mn.”

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. She had a bad premonition.

“In other words, that strike had instead helped it, allowing that Devil to gain the ability to enter another physical body.”


“Crap.” Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to chop off her hand. Look at what you did for being overly eager!

“But…” Yu Yan continued. “That strike of yours had injured the soul. Injuries done to a soul cannot be restored by anyone. Even if the Devil tries to do a body-takeover again, it might not succeed.”

“In other words, temporarily, it won’t be looking for a new physical body?”

“Mn.” Phew… That scared the hell out of her. Why couldn’t say everything in one go?

Yu Yan looked towards the Mystic Tool in her hands as well. This was a part which he couldn’t figure out completely as well. Theoretically speaking, souls were enigmatic objects, while his disciple was actually able to cut it apart. He was a little suspicious as to what Mystic Tool his own disciple had managed to refine.

Zhu Yao’s line of sight landed on her the Mystic Tool in her hands as well. Truthfully speaking, she herself was shocked, alright? Back then, she only thought of refining the sharpest weapon ever, while the mirror in her hands was indeed a genuine tenth-ranked Mystic Tool.


Zhu Yao grabbed onto the handle of the mirror, and twisted it. In an instant, the face of the mirror and the handle  were separated. The Mystic Tool which was emitting spiritual energy all around earlier, was suddenly split into two extremes. The handle’s spiritual energy was even denser than before.  The regular tenth-ranked Mystic Tool earlier,  was  currently  filled with the aura an extreme-grade Mystic Tool. While the other half, the face of the mirror, had instantly lost its luster, turning into a regular copper mirror. It couldn’t even be considered as a Mystic Tool.

However, what actually harmed the Devil, was not the tenth- ranked extreme grade handle, but this regular copper mirror.

“Just what kind of object did you refine?” When his disciple was refining, Yu Yan had watched the entire process. Yet, he was still completely unable to figure it out. Clearly, it was a very normal object.

Zhu Yao smiled. “Back then, I simply thought of making the sharpest thing. But, after thinking about it, that thing has always been by my side.”

“Not the Profound Deep Metal?” That was the most special piece among the materials he had left for his disciple. If it was used carefully, it could even be used to create a Divine Tool.

Zhu Yao shook her head. Pointing to the sky, she said. “It’s light!”

Chapter130: What Does That Have To Do With Me?

That’s right, Zhu Yao, as the number one fan of Star Wars, created a light saber. And, within it, she added a combination of formations and five elemental mystic arts, creating an enhanced version. Before, all she had been thinking about was how she could separate the shadow from Mu Meiyan’s body. Then, she thought of the modern plasma cutting technology. After all, what could be more effective than plasma lasers?

However, who would have thought that she managed to land a lucky hit, as that shadow was actually a Devil. The Devils were a race birthed from darkness, and light was the only weapon that could suppress them, let alone lasers that had been enhanced by her.

Zhu Yao tried to explain the theory behind lasers to her master, however, unfortunately, the generation gap between people of two different worlds were simply too deep to fill up. The more she tried to explain, the more things began to develop in a strange direction.

Until Yu Luo came to look for her. “Master, someone wishes to seek your audience…” Little Radish’s voice was a little strange, and carried a hint of hesitation as well.

Zhu Yao threw a glance at her own master, until his figure slowly disappeared. After keeping the jade pendant on the table, she then opened the door with a wave of her hand. “Come in.”

Yu Luo walked in with a complicated expression, and a man was following behind her. Wearing a light blue long robe, his handsome complexion seemed to be carrying a little hesitation, and looked a little dispirited as well. He was actually Wu Song whom they had seen not too long ago. Zhu Yao suddenly understood Yu Luo’s abnormal behaviour.

“Greetings to Sovereign.” Wu Song gave Zhu Yao a customary bow, and was being even more respectful than any moment in the past.

Zhu Yao’s brows twitched. There was an indescribable feeling in her heart. Other than Yu Luo, Wu Song could be considered to be the child she paid the most attention to, yet, he was also the person whom she was the most disappointed with. “I wonder what matters Sect Master Wu has come to my Jade Forest Mountain for?” Wu Song blanked, and instantly, his expression paled a little. He could naturally hear the sarcasm carried in the words “Sect Master”. However, recalling the current plight of Azureflight, he had no choice but to grit his teeth, and continued. “This disciple is here to invite Sect Master to return to the mountain.”

“Return to the mountain?” Zhu Yao laughed.  “Return  to which mountain?”

Wu Song became even more ashamed to the point that he wished he could die, however, once again, he had no choice but to shamelessly finish his words. “Azureflight is currently being excluded and suppressed by the rest of the Sects. All of the disciples in the Sect are in fear for their own lives. I’m here to request Sect Mountain to return to take control of the overall situation.”

Zhu Yao suddenly felt that it was a little laughable. Just where did he get the confidence that she would follow him back to clear up the mess of his broken stall? Back then, when she just returned, Azureflight was like the Sun in the sky, and he did not request for her return. Now that he was unable to hold on any longer, he finally thought of her. He really treated her as though she actually owed them in their previous lives. “I have long since returned the Sect Master Tablet to your esteemed Sect. Currently, I do not have hold any relations with Azureflight. What’s there to discuss about returning?”

Seeing that she completely did not have the slightest intention to let go, Wu Song became a little anxious. “As long as Sovereign returns, this disciple is willing to let go of the Sect Master’s position.”

“Let go?” This time, Zhu Yao really laughed. “Wu Song, do you think I actually want it?”

Wu Song’s face instantly paled, as though he had never thought that she would answer this way. After mumbling for a long while, he finally managed to voice out some words. “Sovereign, Azureflight was established with your own hands. Everyone has always respected you. Could it be that you are willing to see the Sect destroyed?”

“Yep.” Zhu Yao nodded unhesitantly.

Wu Song was instantly dumbfounded. Zhu Yao stood up and walked around. Flames of anger suddenly surged from within her heart. “Sect Master Wu was even willing to have my one and only disciple chased out of Azureflight, and had her land in the hands of a heretic practitioner. So why won’t I be able to bear it as well?”

“Heretic practitioner?” Wu Song blanked, as he looked at Yu Yao at the side with an astonished expression. “What heretic practitioner?”

“Could it be that Sect Master Wu was unaware that there have always been heretic practitioners loitering around the vicinity of Azureflight Sect? Or was it… You clearly knew about it, yet, you still chased Yu Yao out of Azureflight?”

Even a sandman had temper of its own, let alone her. When she handed Yu Luo over to her that day, just what did he promised? But, in the end, what was the outcome? If back then, she did not sense that mountain cave, and if she were to leave from that scroll any later than that, she did not want to imagine what would happen…

When she recalled that scene back then, she had the urge to smack him to the point where his mum would not even be able to recognize him. “No, I did not!” Wu Song anxiously explained. Back  then, when he faced Yu Luo, and expressed that the person he loved was actually Yan’er, it wasn’t that he did not expect her to be sad. However, he had never expected that she would return to the Ancient Hill Sect on her own. Could it be that, during that time, she encountered a heretic practitioner? “This matter… I really didn’t know about it.”

“Then, you don’t know that Yu Luo has a Heavenly Water Spirit Vein either?”

Wu Song instantly became silent.

What did the Heavenly Water Spirit Vein meant? Was he dumb, or was grass simply growing in his brain? To think he would let her go off alone. Back then, the reason why she allowed Yu Luo to head over to Azureflight Sect, was simply to have someone protect her when she was not around. However, she never expected that, the place where she thought was the absolute safest, would be the place where she would be wounded so deeply as well.

Wu Song lowered his head, and was nearly about to sink in the guilt that filled his heart, to the point where he did not even have the courage to raised his head to look at her. But, when he recalled the current plight which Azureflight was in, he had no choice but to continue begging. “This matter is a mistake made by me alone. But, Sovereign, please do not be angry at the rest of the Sect members. Currently, Azureflight is being excluded by the rest of the Sects, and often, several heretic practitioners, who do not harbor any good intentions, would come harass us. Adding that the Great Mountain Barrier Formation had been withdrawn, the Sect disciples have lost their protection, and would often result in injuries. Everyone in the Sect are all people without any homes to return to. Sovereign, please, for the sake of our past relationship, provide us some assistance.”

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and looked towards Yu Luo. “Little Radish, what do you say?” She was the one who brought him here, and the one who was wounded the deepest was her as well. She did not know what kind of thoughts Yu Luo had as well. As the saying goes, one only learns from one mistakes. She did not wish for Yu Luo to experience everything all over again. If she still could not forget about Wu Song, then there’s nothing Zhu Yao could say about it either.

Yu Luo stayed silent for a moment, and when she raised her head, her expression was unexpectedly clear. “Master, Yu Luo can inform of this matter to the Sect Master of Ancient Hill Sect. If Sect Master Wu is willing, his disciples can be taken into our Ancient Hill Sect.” “What?” Wu Song was a little dumbfounded, as though he never thought that Yu Luo would make such a suggestion. Being taken into the Ancient Hill Sect, that was equal to the disappearance of Azureflight Sect from the world. What’s the difference between this and the extermination of the Sect then?

Zhu Yao could not help but feel like laughing, and the depths of her heart finally calmed down. It seemed like Yu Luo really did not have thoughts about Wu Song any longer.  This proposal, however, was really ruthless as well. Without even breaking a single sweat, they would be able to receive so many elite disciples. As expected of that old man Zi Mo’s daughter, they were both sly and crafty.

“Yu Luo, do you really want to exterminate Azureflight Sect?” Wu Song seemed as though he wanted to plead, however, he was interrupted by Yu Luo.

“Sect Master Wu, both you and I know that this is the best method. Currently, among the various Sects, other than our Ancient Hill Sect, who would dare to take in your esteemed Sect’s disciples?”

Wu Song was speechless. Indeed, because of his relationship with Mu Meiyan, currently, the various Sects were shunning from Azureflight due to intense fear. If they were to dare accept the disciples of their Sect, they were afraid that another Devil would mix in. And only Ancient Hill Sect which had exposed the Devil’s plot, had the power to take them in.

Wu Song revealed a helpless look, and did not respond to Yu Luo’s suggestion in a positive manner. However, they  knew that, he would agree sooner or later. The foundation of Azureflight Sect was frail in the first place. When she established the Sect back then, she had brought up that they should try their best to stay low. They sure were brilliant. Putting aside the fact that they had taken the limelight while they had yet to hold a stable footing, they had even openly welcomed Mu Meiyan to the Sect, admitting that they  were once Azure Melancholy Sect. No matter the reason why Azure Melancholy Sect was exterminated back then, now that they had realized that so many remnants were still alive, how could those heretic practitioners let them go? Furthermore, they were in such a frail state currently.

“Sesame.” She suddenly recalled something.

“Mistress, did you call for me?” Sesame cheap voice resounded. “Mistress, did you miss little beastie?” Zhu Yao swept a glance at Sesame who popped his head out of the back of tree. “What are you standing so far away for?”

“Heheh.” Seasme laughed. Of course it’s because he was afraid of being hit. When Wu Song came to look for her, he knew that his mistress would definitely find out it was all his  doing. Hence, hiding a little further away was much safer. Mn. He was a very clever beastie.

“Let me ask you. Were you the one who dismantled the Great Mountain Barrier Formation?”

Sesame scratched the trunk of the tree in front of him, and said with an innocent expression. “Beastie only wished to vent off some steam for Little Radish.”

“Then, what about Chen Ning?”

“That really has nothing to do with me, he’s the one who wanted to leave. I didn’t even see his face.” Although he had chased Sesame for quite a while, in the end, Sesame managed to throw him off. Mn. He was definitely a very clear beastie. Zhu Yao’s face darkened. It was no wonder Wu Song would seek for help so anxiously. The front door was open, and their backyard was even burning. It would be strange for Azureflight Sect to even hold on. Although she was a little frustrated that Sesame took action on his own accord, but, it was something they deserved. If one did not court death, death would not come after all. They themselves were the ones who brought Mu Meiyan into the Sect.

“Haah. Forget it. Help me get Chen Ning over here.”

“Mistress…” Sesame’s voice instantly turned completely dejected, and his face revealed a pitiful look, as though he was miserably abandoned.

“Now, immediately!” Zhu Yao did not bother about his thoughts. Seeing that he still did not move after several urges, she said. “If you don’t go, I’ll go.”

“This little beastie is going right now.” Only then did  his figure disappeared with a swoosh. Are you kidding me? How could I allow other demonic beasts to stay alone with mistress? I’m her actual contracted beastie. Sesame moved very quickly, well, it was because Chen Ning had been loitering nearby Ancient Hill Sect all this while as well. But, because of the Ancient Hill Sect’s Great Mountain Barrier Formation, he could not enter. In but an instant, Chen Ning had been brought into the Jade Forest Mountain.

“Lord…” Chen Ning called out, as he stared straight at Zhu Yao. He was still white-clothed and elegant-looking, as he cupped his fist and gave her a proper bow. “This subordinate greets lord.”

Just by this action of his, he was behaving much better than that cheap Sesame, however, his eyes were blazing hot, as though it was about to light up a fire. Momma’s egg, why the hell are you drooling!?

“Kuh kuh…” Zhu Yao faked out a cough. No matter who it was, if that person were to be looked at by this fanatic’s eyes, that person would definitely feel uncomfortable as well. She really could not understand just how strong the Dragon Race’s bloodline’s suppression ability was. “Chen Ning, there’s something I wish to seek your help for.”

“This subordinate will definitely do it even if it results to my death.” Chen Ning immediately expressed his loyalty. “It’s not that serious.” Zhu Yao suddenly felt a  slight headache. “I simply wish for you to produce a bunch of Mystic Tools as fast as possible.”

Zhu Yao’s idea was very simple. Since the Devil Race’s weakness was light, then she just have to make a few more light sabers. That way, even if that shadow were to appear again, she wouldn’t have to challenge it on her own. However, with just her refining the weapons alone, it was definitely  wasn’t realistic. Chen Ning was a merchant, so he definitely had a bunch of smithing resources in his hands. He was the most suitable person to look for. And, as a merchant, she believed that he had his own ways of keeping confidentiality. This way, she could also prevent technology that did not belong to this world from leaking out.

Of course, he was not going to do all this work for nothing. After dealing with this Devil bug, he could retrieve all these weapons back, and it would be up to his decision on how to deal with them in the future.

Chen Ning was a very reliable worker. In just a span of few days, he had already made a bunch of them. Although their strength were weaker than the one in her hands, it was already considerably good. She then distributed these weapons to the various Sects. Their efficiency in searching for the Devil had, as expected, increased quite a bit. At the very least, less unreliable news were heard.

A month later, however, an expected event suddenly occurred.
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