My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 111-120

Chapter111: Lord, What A Fateful Coincidence

With the participation of so many high-ranked demonic beasts, after working hard for exactly six hours, the sky was already bright, and the forest’s entire riverbank had disappeared.

At that moment, Zhu Yao felt a sense of relief. This  river water had a strong corrosive ability towards spiritual items such as mystic tools. They would basically lose their effects with just a slight contact from the water, and it was also the reason why there was a magic seal here.

Currently, without the river bank, when the piece of jade fell, it would instantly be destroyed, and it would be impossible for Mu Meiyan to possess those celestial tools.

The mission was accomplished, hence, Zhu Yao had everyone return to their own homes. Although the demonic beasts all looked reluctant, they did not dare to disobey her orders. Hence, they scattered apart, while turning their heads around with every step they take, except for that tenth-ranked demonic beast named Chen Ning. From the river enlarging operation earlier, it could be seen that Chen Ning was the strongest out of the bunch. Although the demonic beasts might not submit to his reign, they did not dare to easily offend him either.

He said that he did not live in this forest, and when he found out the direction she was heading to, he said that he was heading towards that direction as well. As thick-skinned as he was, he followed after her. And, he just had to have helped her out earlier, so at that moment, Zhu Yao could not bear to reject him, hence, she could only allow him to tag along.

“Lord, I actually possess a little bit of your bloodline. Look at my claw, doesn’t it look the same as yours?” As Chen Ning said that, he stretched out a gigantic chicken claw towards her.

The hell, in what way are they similar? Your chicken claw is only three-toed, I’m a dragon with five-toed claws, alright? Zhu Yao’s face was dark as black ink. Turning her head around, she glared at him, and with a chilling tone, she said. “Wouldn’t we look more alike if you turn into a human?”

When Chen Ning heard this, as though he had only just realized this, he immediately returned to that elegant white gentleman-look. Directing a brilliant smile at her, he even intentionally stretch out his front claw. Wait, no, it was currently his right hand. He waved it to the right, and then, to the left. He even stole a glance at her hand, and with his hands holding onto his face, he giggled. “Lord has hands. I have hands. Such a fateful coincidence.”

Your sister has a fateful coincidence!

Zhu Yao held in her impulse to scratch him to death.
Summoning her own flying sword, she began to fly.

Like a certified stalker, Chen Ning immediately flew up as well. He was a demonic beast, hence, he did not need to borrow a mystic tool to fly. In the first place, Zhu Yao did not need one either, however, she was already used to it after doing so for so many years.

Chen Ning silently looked at her, to only see him mutter out something, and summon out a flying sword as well. He then stepped onto it. Seeing that Zhu Yao did not look over to him, he once again looked at her. Only to see that three-feet long jade sword he was stepping on give off a brilliant glow, and it suddenly changed its shape. Its current appearance was exactly the same as the sword Zhu Yao was stepping on. And, he even straightened his back, and adopted the exact same flying posture as hers.

Enough already. Zhu Yao was this close to spitting out blood at his face. Was there a need to learn from her to this extent? Why don’t you transform into a human that looks exactly the same as me too? Huh?

Zhu Yao felt a little furious. She needed to calm down!

Ignoring Chen Ning’s idol-chasing actions, she focused on flying her sword, and increased its speed to its maximum. Chen Ning read the atmosphere, and shut up as well. Along the way, they did not make any conversations. An hour later, when she was about to fly out of the forest, Chen Ning suddenly spoke up.

“Eh, there’s actually a mortal down below.”

Zhu Yao was startled. She could indeed sense someone’s presence down below, however, there was still quite a distance between them, and there seemed to be still third-ranked demonic beasts around, carrying a faint scent of blood.

That person did not possess the aura of spiritual energy, so, he should be a mortal. However, this place was the Demonic Beast Forest, why would there be a mortal who had no regards to his life?

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and in the end, she could not simply watch the person die. Turning around, she flew towards the place.

From afar, she could see three little third-ranked demonic beasts surrounding something. Just as she was about to summon a bolt of lightning to frighten the demonic beasts away…

She saw that small figure lying on a pool of blood, and her heart trembled for a moment. What the freaking hell, why was it him!?

Zhu Yao was instantly furious. Her Demigod’s might instantly suppressed towards the three demonic beasts, which immediately pressed the demonic beasts onto the ground.

“Yue Yin!”  Wasn’t  he  still  sleeping  in  Celestial  Indus  Sect?
Was he here in this forest, hey? As though he had heard her voice, the bloody boy who was still lying on the ground unmoving earlier, suddenly moved, and raised his head. See that moment when she flew down, his eyes which were filled with loneliness and death earlier, instantly brightened up.

He actually began to crawl towards her. Zhu Yao landed beside him, and just when she was about to carry him up for an inspection, he actually moved earlier than her, and grabbed onto the corner of her robe. He grabbed onto it tightly, as though no matter what happened, he would definitely not release it.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little sour in her heart. She quickly cast an incantation to stop his blood from flowing out, and hugged him in her embrace.

His injuries were severe, as though there were wounds all around his body. Several of the bones on his leg were even broken. She really wondered how this child managed to hold on.

Zhu Yao was a little anxious. His presence was very weak, although she had already stop his bleeding, she did not know how long he could last. If she wanted to cure his injuries, she had to go through his meridians. He carried no cultivation himself, hence, he was unable to protect his own heartpulse. She was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold on during the treatment. Yet, she just had to not carry any medicine on her.

“Lord, do you require pellets?” Chen Ning suddenly popped out, and looked at her with an expectant gaze.

“You have some?” Zhu Yao turned back strangely.

“Mn.” Chen Ning nodded forcefully, and he began to report a string of names. “I have in my hands, the low-grade Blood- Stopping Pellet, middle-grade Blood-Stopping Pellet, high-grade Blood-Stopping Pellet. Also, the three grades of Energy-Raising Pellet, Body-Strengthening Pill, Foundation Pellet, Azoth Pellet, Nascent Soul Pellet. I have various types, and I should have whatever you ask for. Their prices are not substantial, and I guarantee a fair trade. And as long as it’s a low-grade pellet, there’s a deal of getting a free pellet for every two pellets bought. Their total price is only… Uh, Lord, do  you  want some?” Chen Ning instantly changed his words.

“I don’t have Spirit Stones.” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened.
She had everything but money. Chen Ning’s expression instantly reddened, and looked at her embarrassingly. He then weakly answered. “It’s merely a few pellets, if Lord wants them, why would this subordinate take your Spirit Stones for them?” Wasn’t he used to saying that line of his earlier?

“Then hand me a high-grade Blood-Stopping Pellet.” Zhu Yao said.

At that moment, Chen Ning happily retrieved a small bottle from the pouch beside him, and handed it to her.

Zhu Yao poured out a pellet which was emitting a faint red light. As he had said, it was a high-grade Blood-Stopping Pellet. She then passed the remaining ones to Chen Ning, and said. “I will return you the Spirit Stones in the future.”

Chen Ning’s expression instantly sank. A loose tongue had killed the beast. He clearly only wanted to curry favors with the Lord.

Zhu Yao fed Yue Yin a Blood-Stopping Pellet, and then, circulated her spiritual energy to aid in activating the medicinal effects, and protect his heartpulse. Only then did she finally remove the Blood-Stopping Art which she had cast earlier.

Initially, she had wanted to carry him in a sitting posture, in order to tend to his injuries. Yet, Yue Yin nestled in her embrace, and no matter what she did, he refused to get up. He did not move, nor did he say anything. He simply stared straight at her unblinkingly, as though he was afraid that she would once again leave him behind.

Zhu Yao’s heart ached. She reassured him that she would definitely not leave, and then, simply allowed him to grab onto her sleeves, before allowing him to sit right up.

Zhu Yao closed her eyes, circulated her body’s spiritual energy, and summoned her own Sword Intent. In an instant, a phoenix flew out from his body. Its boy was covered with lightning sparks, as though it was formed by lightning itself. An instant later, the lightning sparks slowly turned blue, changing into the color of water. And, it had became very gentle, and completely did not carry the slightest bit of its aggressive nature before. It did not fly up to the high skies, instead, it spread open its gigantic wings, and covered the child in front of it with its feathered wings.

And the wounds on Yue Yin’s body slowly began to heal. In the beginning, Chen Ning was frightened by that large bird, and his body could not help but tremble slightly. A phoenix… That was an ancient Godbeast, just like a dragon. As a demonic beast, he instinctively feared and revered it.

However… Wasn’t Lord of the dragon race? Why was the Sword Intent she cultivated in, a phoenix?

Chen Ning could not figure out at all, and in the end, he concluded as such. As expected of Lord! So incredible! She is worthy of my reverence! I really want to hug her thighs!

Zhu Yao spent an entire day and night to fully heal the little twerp’s meridians and wounds. After he was healed, his first movement to crawl two steps forward, and hug her neck. After leaning against her chest, he no longer moved.

Zhu Yao was a little speechless.

His clothes were already torn to a terrible state, and after the fresh blood that had stained in clothes dried, the patches of blood looked extremely glaring. Zhu Yao sighed, and then cast a Dirt-Removal Art on him, before she felt better. After pondering for a moment, she once again took out a few sets of smaller clothes from her ring. Those were clothes that her master had made for her when she was version 2.0. After that, when she grew up, she wondered why her master had still kept them in the storage ring. She could not bear to throw them away either. Although they were female wear, it would still be much better than wearing a ragged cloth.

She then wasted a huge amount of effort to teach Yue Yin how to wear his new set of clothes. This time, however, he was very obedient, and no longer hugged her without releasing her. Though, during the entire dressing up process, he still grabbed tightly onto the corner of her robe.

Zhu Yao looked at that set of torn clothes in her hands, which was the uniform that all Celestial Indus Sect disciples wore, and frowned. She could guess that when the little twerp woke up and could not see her, he came chasing after her, and arrived at this forest.

She had used the Deep Sleep incantation, and this place was the mountain foot of the Celestial Indus Sect. It could be deduced that, at the very earliest, he came crawling down the mountain in the early morning of the second day. Logically speaking, with the vast number of Celestial Indus Sect disciples, there should have been people who saw a powerless little baby running out. Even if no one had seen him, after the incident had happened, they should have definitely looked for him.

However, she had sat here for an entire day and night, yet, she did not see a single disciple that was looking for him. There wasn’t even a single reaction from the Celestial Indus Sect. This could only mean that, they basically never came out searching, or, they basically did not care about a disciple such as him.

She suddenly recalled the expression the Celestial Indus Sect Master had when he saw Yue Yin’s Penta-Spirit Veins during the Spiritual Vein Test. Especially when he saw Yue Hanxin’s Heavenly Spirit Vein, the change in expression was especially obvious. It must have been he never had any sort of expectations for this child right from the beginning, right?

But, even if that was the case, a child had disappeared just like that, right? Forget about the fact that  he  had  just  been  born, with basically no knowledge of the world, if they were regular people, they should have looked for him a little, right?

The uncaring attitude which Celestial Indus Sect possessed, was something Zhu Yao, as a person who was transported here from the modern era, completely could not agree with.

After pondering for a moment, she decided to bring the child back to Azureflight Sect. At the very least, there would be a bunch of little radishes that were around his size, and they could get along together.

Zhu Yao summoned her flying sword, while the child was like a little tail, as he continued to tightly grab onto the corner of her robe at the back. Unknown if it was because he had succeeded in learning it while he was climbing down the mountain last night, he already knew how to walk. Although his posture was a little strange, and would still tilt a little, he was able to stand very stably.

Zhu Yao silently made a decision, that she would definitely correct his method of walking.

Chapter112: A Money-Making Expert Beast

Because there was a little radish on the sword, Zhu Yao’s flying speed evidently slowed down. Her current speed, which was even slower than the speed of the celestial ark she rode earlier, could be compared to a turtle’s crawl.

And, she had even changed her direction at the spur of the moment, as she planned on first heading to Azureflight to enroll the little radish to school.

Chen Ning, the shameless beast, once again wanted to use the reason of ‘it’s along the way’, and pester her.

However, not long after they left the forest, they bumped into a person.

It was an Azoth-stage deity practitioner!

Chen Ning seemed to recognize him. Looking at him  from afar, his brows began to furrow, and his expression turned aggressive. “Milord.” That person hugged his fist and bowed towards Chen Ning. He didn’t even bat an eye at Zhu Yao beside him, and a faint sense of pride could be faintly seen from his face. “The Treasure Inspection Conference this year has been prepared. Milord, are you going to head immediately to Treasureview Island?”

“Not going.” Chen Ning coldly replied with these two words.

That person seemed to not have expected Chen Ning to give such a reply, and was momentarily dumbfounded. He only regained his senses a moment later, and persuaded. “Milord, you have always been the one who personally oversees the Treasure Inspection Conference of the previous years. Many different types of people will be attending, if milord isn’t going to be there, I’m afraid that the Treasure Inspection Conference this time will turn chaotic, and it would be impossible to continue hosting it”

“Then, don’t host it.”

That Azoth-stage practitioner stiffened, as though he did not dare to believe his own ears. With a stunned look, he stared at Chen Ning, that every inch of his expression looked as though it was shouting out as such. Milord, what happened to you? What happened, milord? That has always been your most loved activity.

“Enough, if there’s nothing else, hurry and leave.” Chen Ning looked as though he chasing away a fly, as he swatted his hands at him.

That person was completely dumbfounded, and no matter how he thought about it, he could not come to a conclusion. How did milord become like this just after a single stroll out of his territory? He couldn’t have been taken over, right?

“What’s this Treasure Inspection Conference?” Zhu Yao could not help but ask.

Chen Ning smiled towards her, and said without a mind. “It’s nothing. It’s just a place that sells some small items.”

“A commercial meeting, is it?” Zhu Yao asked. She had been in this world for such a long time, yet, she never had the chance to have a nice stroll.

“This isn’t  a  regular  commercial  meeting.”  Seeing  that  she was confused, the Azoth-stage practitioner could not help but raise his head, and say with a prideful look. “It’s an auction that is only hosted once every hundred years by our Qiwu Pavilion. Everything that goes onto the auction will be rarely seen treasures. Rare herbs, various types of high-grade Mystic Tools, and even scrolls of ancient Mystic Arts could be obtained as long as you have the Spirit Stones.”

“Oh.” So it was an auction, and it seemed to be really high- class as well. Zhu Yao turned to look towards Chen Ning. “Since you have matters to attend to, then go. There’s no need to send me off.”

When he heard this, Chen Ning’s face, instantly sank to the deepest pits. Earlier, she still did not have a reason to shoo him away at all. Turning his head, he glared at the culprit,  and layers of killing intent emitted out continuously.

That Azoth-stage human practitioner was instantly covered with cold sweat. He was simply speaking the truth, just which words of his caused him to step on a landmine? Only then did he turn to look at the two people at the side who were currently looking at his lord.

It could be seen with a single glance that the child was a mortal. The girl at the side however, he actually couldn’t see through her cultivation, and from the looks of it, she must be at least a Nascent Soul practitioner. Seeing how his lord was treating her with such importance, could she be a Demigod?

At that moment, he seemed to have come into realization. It seemed that his lord wished for the other party to stay. Bringing out his persuasive heart, he hurriedly began to remedy the situation. “The Treasure Inspection Conference is very lively. Fellow Daoist, why don’t we head over together to take a look?”

“I have matters to attend to.” Although she was a  little curious, it was very inconvenient for her to bring along a little radish.

“The main branch of the Qiwu Pavilion is right in front, it won’t take much of your time.” He continued with his persuasion. “After all, there’s many treasures that are being showcased. Not only are there unique treasures, there’s abundance of records of ancient Mystic Arts.”

“Records of ancient Mystic Arts?” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. She suddenly recalled that strange shadow behind Mu Meiyan. “That’s right, inside the Record Hall of Qiwu Pavilion, there’s various records of ancient Mystic Arts. It contains the most complete collection of records in the entire cultivation world.”

Mu Meiyan’s and Yue Hanxin’s separation war, would officially start a hundred years later. Right now, both parties were in the training phase, accumulating their strength, where they would occasionally have verbal conflicts.

Regarding these, Zhu Yao would not intervene at all. She couldn’t possibly run a thousand miles to stop them from arguing, right? Also, Zhu Yao had already sufficiently dealt with the preparations she needed to do. Hence, in this hundred years, for a moment, she had no idea what to do with it.

Why not investigate that shadow which had been giving her pretty bad vibes?

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, and looked towards Chen Ning at the side, whose face was filled with expectations.

“The information that whatever Record Hall holds, is it really that complete?” Chen Ning hurriedly nodded with all his might. “As long as it exist in this world, the Record Hall will have a record of it. The top floor especially, has several Mystic Arts and ancient texts that had yet to be exposed to the world.”

“Except for milord, isn’t the top floor a place that no one else can enter?” That Azoth-stage practitioner suddenly muttered out.

Chen Ning instantly turned around and gave him a  glare. Once again, in an instant, he shut his trap. Milord today is so scary. At that moment, he became even more curious of the identity of the person next to him.

“Let’s go then.” Zhu Yao finally nodded, and flew towards the direction where the Azoth-stage practitioner came from.

“Lord, wait for me.” Chen Ning immediately followed after her happily.

As for the Azoth-stage practitioner behind them, he was stunned by how Chen Ning addressed her. Lord? When had there ever been another ‘lord’ above him? He had been the manager of the Qiwu Pavilion for so many years, how could he not have known about it? Wasn’t the Qiwu Pavilion founded by milord?

The manager felt that his brain was going haywire.

A tenth-ranked demonic beast could transform, and the lifespan of a demonic beast had always been longer than a human practitioner’s. However, it was hard for a demonic beast to ascend, hence, many demonic beasts, before their lifespan ended, would not easily ascend to the eleventh rank.

Because the eleventh rank meant that they would have entered the ascension-stage, and it was uncertain when the ascension lightning tribulation would come descending down at them. If their ascension succeeded, then all was well. However, if their ascension failed, their souls would dissipate from the lightning strikes.

However, the lifespan of a tenth-ranked demonic beast was simply too long. One would naturally feel bored from living in a forest for a period of time that was far too long. Chen Ning was one of those demonic beasts who was bored as hell.

When he rose to the tenth-rank, he transformed and began mingling with the humans. He even had a very good business mindset, and he opened up a shop in the city of human practitioners. Because he was high-ranked demonic beast, he could basically randomly pick up the spiritual herbs, spiritual medicine, or unique treasures in the forest. The other demonic beasts did not dare to have the slightest of objections either.

Hence, naturally, his business became bigger and bigger. In a short ten thousand years, the Qiwu Pavilion turned into the cultivation world’s largest trading center.

When Zhu Yao arrived at the so-called Qiwu Pavilion, she was given quite a fright. At the very most, she had thought that it would be similar to a large-scaled supermarket, only to find out that the Qiwu Pavilion was actually being referred to an entire street.

There were countless of shops selling talismans, mystic tools, spiritual herbs, and spiritual pellets on the street.

Zhu Yao silently looked at Chen Ning, and instantly had a feeling as though she was looking at a head of a conglomerate.

This entire street had been taken by him! And from hearing what that Azoth-stage human practitioner meant, this was simply the main branch. In the other practitioner’s cities, there were other branches as well.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little itchy all over.

Chen Ning, as a beast, you’re so successful. Have you ever considered how humans feel?

The so-called Record Hall was a five-floored building among them. The space taken up by it was not huge, and looking from afar, it looked just like an ancient tower. After entering, she realized that there was another dimensional space inside, and it looked twice bigger than how it looked outside. The place was filled with shelves, and every shelf had their own small compartments, and above them were jade tablets stating ‘Records’.

Chen Ning enthusiastically introduced every floor. The first floor was mostly filled with various miscellaneous records, the entry-level basics for life skills such as talisman and tool creation, and the various Mystic Arts that could be learnt by practitioners from the Essence-stage to Foundation-stage. On the second and third floor, the Mystic Arts that could be learnt by Foundation-stage and Azoth-stage practitioners were located here, including the records of intermediate-grade life skills as well. The fourth floor was thus the high-leveled sector where only Nascent Soul practitioners could gain entry to.

Hence, the first floor was basically crowded with a sea of people, the second and third floors only had a few customers, while the fourth floor was especially quiet. Most probably, a customer or two would only appear once in a few years.

As for the fifth floor, it was Chen Ning’s private floor. The Azoth-stage manager that came to accommodate them said that no one had ever entered it before.

While currently, Chen Ning was however forcefully inviting Zhu Yao to head to that floor.

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him, and instantly headed down to the first floor. She had to find information regarding that black shadow, not some sort of incredible Mystic Art. Usually, when one had reached the realm of a Demigod, the Mystic Arts that should have been known had all been learnt, so naturally, she wouldn’t be appreciate them. Also, she had yet to finish reading the records that her own master had left for her, alright? Seeing the dense packs of jade tablets, Zhu Yao really rejoiced the fact that there would be something so useful in this world, such as the divine sense, and there was no need for her to investigate one book at a time. Sweeping her divine sense over, she was basically able to know the rough information engraved in every single one of the jade tablets.

Zhu Yao walked up and down the first floor, and looked especially for those information that were related to rumors and records of unique creatures, yet, she still was unable to find the information she was looking for.

Hence, she could only head up to the second floor. The second floor was even more simple. Other than Mystic Arts, there were only formulas.

After an hour later, she had basically swept across the first to fourth floors once, yet, she had yet to find a single piece of information regarding that shadow.

“Lord, why don’t we head to the fifth floor to take a look?” Chen Ning once again suggested enthusiastically. “The  fifth floor is made of a collection of lost Mystic Arts that I have gathered. And, there’s many ancient and tattered texts, along with confidential information. There’s definitely only one copy of each, and outsiders do not know about them.”

Zhu Yao frowned, as she faintly felt that he was a little unreliable. The information of the things here decreased as one went up the floors, especially the fourth floor, where there were only a few dozen Jade Tablets in total. It could be imagined just how few the things there are on the fifth floor.

“Lord, since you’re already here, why not head over to look?”

“Let’s take a look then.” In any case, she was already here.

Only then did Chen Ning happily lead the way. The fifth floor could be said to be much smaller than the floors beneath it, as it was basically just a small study room. What’s different was, rather than Jade Tablets like the floors below, books or scrolls were placed here instead.

Though, the books were slightly yellowish. Although they all carried a protective formation, they seemed to have come from an era far in the past.

“Every single one of the books here has been gathered here through sheer hard efforts.” Chen Ning said with a gleeful expression, and ostentatiously, he began to introduce them. “Every single one of these books has their own story, and most of them are brought out from ancient ruins that had already disappeared. They have been lost for a long time, so they’re very precious.”

Qiwu or 齐物: in Taoism, it’s referred to ‘equality of all things’.

Chapter113: World Singularity Record

Zhu Yao curiously picked up a blue-colored leather book, and written on it was these dynamic words 《World Singularity Record》. Zhu Yao’s eyes shone, and hurriedly opened it. ‘Shuaaa.’ What revealed itself was a vivid diagram of a human body, and her face instantly darkened.

“Are you certain?”

“Of course.” Chen Ning became even more gleeful as he touched the leather of those books. “These are all treasures among treasures.”

“This book as well?” Zhu Yao waved the 《World Singularity Record》 about.

Momma’s egg. Do you think this old lady here isn’t able to see that it’s a porno after changing into a different character?

Chen Ning was startled. The gleeful expression he had before, instantly exploded into a ripe tomato. “That… That book… I didn’t place it  there.”  Chen  Ning swiped away the book in her hands, and tried to cover up for himself. “Who… Who placed this here? That person simply lack of morals! Such shameful texts! This is too outrageous!’

How outrageous is it? If you dare, don’t embrace it so tightly! Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. She then turned her head around and continued to look at the other books.

Shen then spotted a pitch-black scroll. A part of the written words were completely blurred, and she could faintly see the word ‘Chronology’.

“What’s this?” Zhu Yao curiously picked it up. The book and scrolls here were mostly white or blue colored, only this particular scroll was black.

Chen Ning patted the 《World Singularity Record》 on his chest. After confirming that he had placed it well and nicely, he then looked at the scroll in her hands. “That scroll is a chronicle written by the Ancients. It doesn’t really have any use, as it’s simply a record of the events that happened long ago. Though, that scroll is made of Tinkling Jade Thread, so it’s very precious.” Zhu Yao opened the scroll, only to realize that what was recorded was not ancient words, but various pictures. From carefully inspecting it, a part of it was made up of celestial mountains and lands of blessings,  though,  there  are  various types as well. There  were  never-seen-before  demonic  beasts, and there were demonic beasts which were as  large  as mountains, while there were ones that were as small as worms as well. Most of them had strange  and  unique  figures.  The further one read, the  uglier  the  demonic  beasts  became.  Zhu Yao harbored the thought of ‘just how  ugly  could  the  last  one be’, and continued reading, only to realize that the last one was stained black by a huge patch of ink.

The hell, this feeling where the ending was in sight, only to realize that the author had ragequit, was simply too frustrating!

At that moment, Zhu Yao was even in the mood to tear this scroll apart! Unfortunately, the scroll was too hard, and seemed to be reinforced by some formations as well, as it could not even be torn.

Zhu Yao felt a knot in the depth of her heart, when suddenly, the corner of her robe was tugged.

When she lowered her head to look, Yue Yin who had been obediently following by her side, was slowly nodding up and down. It seemed like he was tired.

Zhu Yao squatted down, and spread open her arms in front of him.

Yue Yin paused for a moment. His little face was still as emotionless as ever, yet, he reacted extremely quickly. Taking a big step to the front, he hugged onto her neck.

Zhu Yao then hugged him up, and stroked his little head. “Sleep then.”

Only then did the little figure relax, and calmly went into deep sleep.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh. This child, Yue Yin, was a little too obedient. He was not neither noisy nor talkative. Sometimes, when he became quiet, his existence could even be subconsciously forgotten.

“Lord, do you wish to look at these as well?” Chen Ning suddenly popped in, hugging a large pile of ancient scrolls and books in his hands with a flattering expression. “These are all my precious collection.

Zhu Yao glanced at the big bulk that he was holding in front of his chest. In regards to his precious collection, she really did not have that much an interest in them.

“No need, I have to go now.”

Chen Ning’s expression instantly sank, and he looked at her with a disappointed look. “Do you really not wish to take even a single one?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and had no choice but to pick up that black scroll out of goodwill.

“Then, I will take this?”

Chen Ning’s eyes instantly shone, and hurriedly nodded.

“I still have matters to attend to, so I will be  leaving.”  It wasn’t good for a demonic beast to be too enthusiastic. Zhu Yao hugged Yue Yin tightly, and left Qiwu Pavilion. Flying on her sword, she flew towards Azureflight.

A few minutes later.

“Why are you following me?” Zhu Yao looked at the figure behind her, and her head began to ache.

Chen Ning resoundingly replied. “This subordinate pledges his life to serve Lord!”

Serve your sister! This old lady doesn’t want a follower at all.
Honestly, you imprinted onto me, haven’t you?

Zhu Yao really didn’t know just how effective was the so- called dragon bloodline towards demonic beasts. Why was it that, as long as she released her dragon’s aura, she would be chased by such demonic beasts that would pester her to no end? He wouldn’t go away after a beating, nor would he move from being scolded.

No matter how horrible her words were, he would still reply with a smile. “As long as lord wills it!” Then, roll on the ground!

And in the end, he really went to roll on the ground, before he continued to follow her.

Zhu Yao no longer had any ideas, hence, she could only allow Chen Ning to follow her all the way back to Azureflight.

In just a few short years, Azureflight had already adopted a whole new look. The ruined grounds that had been razed and destroyed by the heretic practitioners back then, had already changed into a different sight. Although the traces of repairs could still be seen everywhere, the place was filled with vitality.

Unsure if it was because Sesame had sensed her presence, when Zhu Yao arrived on the mountain peak, all eighty three little radishes, including Yu Yao and Sesame, had already stood neatly on the plaza in front of the main hall, waiting for her arrival.

“Greetings to Sect Master.” A resounding and collective voice rang, as all of them bowed towards her together. “Good boys and girls.” Zhu Yao waved her hand.

She then began to size up the crowd of little radishes. No, they could no longer be called little radishes. Evidently, every single of them had grown by a single head, and the youngest among them was already ten years old.

“Master.” Yu Yao was undoubtedly the happiest, as she hurriedly walked over.

Only to be intersected along the way. A white figure flashed, and he pounced straight towards Zhu Yao. “Mistress, meow~~”

Zhu Yao stepped to the side.

Bam! Sesame’s face made contact with the ground.

However, without a mind, he crawled up, and hugged her leg. “Mistress, little beastie really missed you.”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao wanted to pull out her leg with all her might, however, no matter what she did, she was unable to. The hell, Sesame. Do you have to be this shameless every single time you appear!?

Just when Zhu Yao was about to adopt a more forceful approach, Yue Yin, who was in her arms, suddenly woke up, as he rubbed his eyes.

His legs moved, as though he wanted to get down. Hence, Zhu Yao instinctively released her hand.

And thus, with his little feet, he stepped straight on Sesame’s face.

Sesame instantly released his hands, and began to cry at the corner, while holding onto his face which was printed with two footmarks.

Good job! Zhu Yao gave little Yue Yin a thumbs up. However, he simply looked blankly at her, before he spontaneously pulled onto the corner of her robe.

“Master, these two people are?” Yu Yao looked at the two people behind her, and simply ignored Sesame’s shameless action. That’s right, she was already used to it.

“I will speak of this matter later.” Zhu Yao greeted the little radishes, and at the same time, began to examine their homework.

Probably because she was present this time, the little radishes worked especially hard in their practice matches. In actual fact, Zhu Yao’s trip to Celestial Indus Sect this time, did not even make up a total of ten days. Including Wu Song, among them, there were already five people who had built their Foundation. And, there were even ten who were at the tenth level of Essence. It seemed like, in less than two years, a half of the little radishes here would have built their Foundation.

It seemed like the method of training in a group was really doable. Not only was it effective in actual battles, it was extremely good in raising one’s cultivation level as well. Although everyone had differences in their cultivation speed, the difference among those in the same team was not significant.

After Zhu Yao was done examining their homework, she casually pointed out a few amendments, and the sky had already begun to darken. Thus, she scattered everyone, and had Wu Song and Yu Luo enter the Main Hall.

She gave Yue Yin and Chen Ning some simple introductions. She didn’t expose Chen Ning’s identity as a demonic beast, and simply brought up his matters as a merchant. However, naturally, this matter could not be hidden from Sesame. After all, Sesame himself was a demonic beast, and had long seen through his real identity with a single glance. Adding that he was a tenth-ranked demonic beast as well, all the more did he see him as an eyesore.

Ever since they were at the plaza earlier, the two of them had been staring at each other for a long time. Zhu Yao could even faintly see the sparks that were flying between their eyes, though there basically wasn’t any gay feelings going on.

Zhu Yao sighed. Compared to that pair, Wu Song and Yu Luo could be said to have feelings that had lasted for a long time. Especially the eye contacts they made every once in awhile, where one of them would gaze at the other lovingly while the other would look on shyly, could basically blind the eyes of a single loner.

Zhu Yao, who was that single loner, silently lowered her head and looked at Yue Yin who had already fallen asleep in her embrace. Alright then, she could barely be considered as one of a pair.

I really miss master!

“You two should be tired as well, go on then.” Stop harming this single loner whose crush was in a different place. “Yu Luo, pack up, we will be returning to Ancient Hill Sect tomorrow.”

Yu Luo was startled. The reddened face she had earlier instantly paled a little.

Wu Song exchanged glances with her, before stepping out. “Sect Master, this disciple still has some uncertainties with his cultivation, and require senior-martial sister to provide more pointers. If possible…”

“If possible?” Zhu Yao chuckled. “If possible what?”

Wu Song seemed to be a little afraid of looking at her expression, and only stutter out a moment later. “If possible… Have her… Have her stay here for a few more days, so as to guide… this disci-, no, the disciples.” Zhu Yao looked at him. Oh? Trying to take my disciple away from me? How can it be this easy? “Azureflight had only been established recently, and there are many matters to attend to. I only have this one precious disciple of mine, how can I bear to have her stay here to suffer?”

“Master, I’m not afraid of suffering.” Yu Luo hurriedly expressed.

“I will take good care of senior-martial sister.” Wu Song immediately spoke up as well.

“How are you going to take care of her? And for how long?” Zhu Yao continued with her questions.

“Naturally, the longer senior-martial sister is willing to stay, the longer I will take care of her.”

“Never to betray her?”

“Naturally!” “Good!” Zhu Yao patted heavily on his shoulders. “I will then hand my disciple to you then. I’m watching you, alright? Oh, right. You best prepare a bigger dowry.”

“…” Wu Song was startled, only a moment later did he understand what she meant. Instantly, his face flushed. He slowly looked towards Yu Yao, and after seeing that her face was even redder than his, he revealed a silly smile.

“Master…” Yu Yao acted as though as she was furious, and glared towards her.

Yo, you actually became embarrassed  at  a  time  like  this?  If you have the ability, don’t laugh.

“I’m only speaking the truth. The person Wu Song wishes to marry is the daughter of the Ancient Hill Sect Master, you know? He must show some sincerity, right?”

“Master!” The little radish erupted.

“Alright, we can speak of this matter again in the future.” Zhu Yao curled her lips. She must still give Wu Song some time to save up money, right? She wondered just how Zi Mo would react if he were to know of this piece of news. Thinking about this, she really looked forward to it!

After that, she instructed them on the Sect’s matters that would accumulate in these upcoming days, before having them head out to arrange a residence for Chen Ning.

“Sesame, stay behind!”

Chapter114: Changing Maps To Fight Mobs

As he was about to turn around, Sesame’s eyes shone, and they were filled with suspicious tears. “Mistress, I just knew, that you still love me.”

“… On second thought, you can go as well.”

“Meoow~” Sesame had already hugged her thigh with an excited expression. After being kicked away, he still came forward to hug it again. Only when he no longer see the three people who left, did he cry out. “Mistress, how can you be so ruthless, and so unfair… How can you keep other beasts other than Sesame?”

“Who did I keep?”

“Eh? Didn’t you take in that tenth-ranked beast?”

I took in your sister. How could he expressed it in the way such that she had taken in a mistress? “Then, Mistress, why did you bring him back?”

Zhu Yao actually had her own plans for bringing Chen Ning here. It was not easy to raise a Sect, especially for someone like her who was especially affluent, yet, penniless. Although Chen Ning was a demonic beast, he was after all, rich. Building a good relationship to pull in some sponsorship, was a pretty good choice as well.

So, ultimately, the reason was. “Because we’re poor!”

Sesame: “…”

“Get up, I have some matters to ask you about.” This thigh- hugging habit of his, just when could he get rid of it?

Zhu Yao firstly cast a Deep Sleep incantation on Yue Yin, before casting a shielding formation on the Main Hall with hand seals.

“Sesame, do you know what kind of Mystic Arts, of Mystic Tools, can exist as a shadow?” She wasn’t even able to find a single clue regarding that shadow in Qiwu Pavilion. Most probably, even if she returned to Ancient Hill Sect, it would be impossible for her to obtain results with her investigation. Although Sesame was a demonic beast, after all, he came down from the Higher Realm, so the things he knew were more profound than most.

“Shadow?” Sesame was startled for a moment. “What kind of shadow?”

“It’s able to latch on a human’s body, and on first glance, it looks similar to a ghost.” Zhu recalled the look of that shadow. “Though, it does not have the features of a ghost, it’s  as though… it’s a human shadow, and has a figure corresponding to that of a human’s.”

Sesame sensed the seriousness in her words, and pondered with his head lowered. “I have never heard of a shadow with those features, and I have never heard of any existence of such Mystic Arts. A regular long-term active Mystic Art usually prioritizes latency, if it has a materialized form, then  that Mystic Art is considered an irregularity.”

“What if the user is unable to see it?” That shadow often crawled up to Mu Meiyan’s ears, and seemed to be conversing with her. However, usually, when one spoke, it was a human’s instinctive behavior to turn to look at the party who was speaking. However, Mu Meiyan did not.

It seemed like even Mu Meiyan herself was unable to see that black shadow. Other people did not have any sort of reaction either, except her.

“Is it possible for it to be related to a possession-type Mystic Art? And that shadow is extremely vigilant. It’s even able to easily sense a Demigod. That shadow seems to be emitting… a power that makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Theoretically speaking, back then, she was already that cautious. Even late-stage Demigods would not have been able to sense her, yet, that shadow managed to realize her. And, she suffered injuries just by its single glance.

“…” Sesame suddenly widened his eyes, and his expression was a little pale. “In that case, unless it had already ascended…”

Zhu Yao was startled. “You’re saying, someone had descended onto the Lower Realm?” Sesame nodded, just when he was about to add on.

Suddenly, a stream of wind swept past, and Zhu Yao felt a chill running down her spine. Reflexively, she instantly summoned a defensive barrier, however, she was forced back by a few dozen meters by a gigantic force.

Zhu Yao simply felt a rumbling in her chest. A strong smell of blood surged up, and she only managed to suppress it down after using all her might.

A strange laughter suddenly sounded within the room. It felt sinister and dark, and even the temperature had instantly dropped quite a bit.

“Who is it?”

Sesame instantly reverted to his original form, and at that moment, he filled half of the entire half. Yet, no matter what he did, he could not find the source of that sudden outburst of force.

He was unable to see it, however, Zhu Yao could. A person was currently standing right at the center of the hall.

No, that couldn’t be considered as a human, rather, it was just a shadow. That shadow was like a water wave, shaking about. Yet, the aura emitted by its surroundings was  especially chilling. Even though she was separated so far away from it, she could still faintly sense a chilling intent that was currently piercing into her bones.

This was definitely that shadow that had been following Mu Meiyan around. But, why did it make an appearance here? And, the moment it came, it went straight for the kill.

Sesame was still tumbling randomly around the hall, as though he was trying to find his target of attack.

That shadow slightly tilted its head upwards. Although Zhu Yao was unable to see its expression, she was still able to sense that it was definitely carrying a mocking expression.

Zhu Yao did not hesitate in the slightest, and instantly summoned her own Sword Intent. Circulating all of  the spiritual energy in her body, she charged straight towards the shadow in the center of the hall. The lightning Phoenix that was summoned, carried the might of a Demigod, and it flew speedily over.

She was unable to discern the strength of this shadow, so, she could only hope for a one-hit kill.

The entire hall instantly tilted. The path that the Phoenix had taken, slashed out a huge rift, as the Phoenix instantly penetrated through that shadow.

Zhu Yao, however, was stunned. She did not experience even the slightest of feedback that signified that she had struck accurately. That shadow… did not have a physical form!

What was going on?

“Hohohoho…” That strange laughter, once  again  sounded out. At the place where the shadow disappeared earlier, a black substance was currently being gathered, instantly restoring the figure of the black shadow.

The hell, just what the hell is this? Before Zhu Yao could even recall her Sword Intent, with a gentle wave of its body, that shadow had actually appeared right in front of her.

Zhu Yao could only once again bring up a defensive barrier, however, she was unable to completely block its attack. And then, because she even had Yue Yin in her arms, she could only turn her body around to protect Yue Yin, and was struck right in the back by the shadow.

The True Qi in her Dantian was instantly scattered, and it could no longer be gathered together.

Yue Yin woke up at this moment as well. As though he had sensed the current situation, his little face was filled with horror. His little hands touched Zhu Yao’s pale face. “Ah… Ah~” He still did not know how to talk.


Sesame reacted as well. After guessing the opponent’s position, he immediately attacked a few inches away from Zhu Yao, only to be immediately sent flying away with a wave of the shadow’s hand. The shadow still emitted out that strange chilling laughter. As though it was curious, it stretched forward, and sized Zhu Yao up. “As I thought, you can see me,  can’t  you?  Heheheheh… Then I can’t let you live.”

Zhu Yao wanted to get up, however, because her Dantian was shattered, she could not even gather the slightest bit of her mystical powers, and could only watch on as that shadow raised its hand.

Zhu Yao even felt like cursing out now. The hell. Just what sort of enmity do we have? Why did you have to kill her just because she was able to see you?

No longer able to suppress the rumbling blood in her chest, she spat out a huge mouthful of blood.

Momma’s egg, even if I have to renew myself to version 5.0, this old lady here still wants to spit on you in the face before I disconnect.

Zhu Yao had believed that this she would definitely not survive after taking this one hit. She was not afraid of death, she was just uncertain if the shadow was here especially to kill her, or this matter would implicate the rest of the Azureflight disciples as well. If the eighty odd little radishes were to be hurt because of this matter, she would not be able to feel at ease for her entire lifetime.

Just when that shadow closed in, inch by inch, and at that moment when it was about to make contact with her. Suddenly, a glaring golden light emitted out from her chest, forcing the shadow back a few steps.

“What is that?” That shadow seemed to be frightened.

Yet, that light became even brighter, and instantly enveloped the entire collapsing hall. Even that shadow was engulfed by the light as well. Zhu Yao could not help but close her eyes from the eye-piercing light, but for an instant, she lowered her head and squinted her eyes at that thing that was shining in chest.

It was that black scroll she received from Chen Ning!

Under the radiance of the strong light, Zhu Yao had to shut her eyes, and she only recovered after a good while. Slowly, she opened her eyes.

Only to realize, that they had actually changed maps, and arrived at a foreign place.

This seemed to be the depths of a mountain, as there were many humongous trees that shot through the clouds, which she had never seen before.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao looked around, only to realize he was currently lying somewhere not far from her. He was currently adapting to the light, and slowly, he stood up.

“A teleportation formation, is that it?” A cold and sinister voice rang.

The hell, it’s that shadow again. Why does it appear everywhere?

“You can’t escape, you must die today!” That shadow once again floated over. The few parts of its body that had been scattered from the rays of light earlier, were currently being regenerated at a slow pace. As though it was taking in the spiritual energy from the surroundings, its body became firmer as time went by. Raising one of its hands, a faint purple light gathered in the palm of its hand.

Sesame flipped up, and leapt over as well. Although he was unable to see the shadow, with such an obvious killing intent, he could still make a rough estimate of its position.

Zhu Yao could sense the pressure being emitted out by the purple light, and she had completely no strength to resist it at all. Even after changing maps, she still couldn’t escape the fate of being killed, was that it? If she had known, she would have sent Yue Yin away.

For the first time, Zhu Yao felt that her speed of cultivation was too slow, to the point where she had completely no strength to resist.

Just when that purple light was about to strike her, suddenly, a sharp and shrilling noise rang in their ears. That noise was extremely loud, as though it could penetrate their eardrums. Zhu Yao’s ears trembled from the loud noise.

A snake-shaped demonic beast suddenly popped out of nowhere. Opening its huge mouth filled with sharp razor-like teeth, it bit towards that shadow. Its speed was extremely quick, to the point where it was impossible to be caught.

The shadow seemed to not have expected that a demonic beast would be present in this place. It hurriedly dodged a few meters away, but a part of its body was still scattered by that demonic beast. The purple light in the shadow’s hand was incidentally thrown to that snake.

Before that purple light could even land on the snake-shaped demonic beast, that demonic beast suddenly opened its mouth wide, and swallowed that ball of light which had looked pretty incredible.

And then… it burped.

Zhu Yao and her little companions were all dumbfounded.

Even that shadow was stunned, as though the words “this is impossible” had appeared on its face.

The hell, just what kind of demonic beast was this!? Roooar~~

The snake beast once again emitted out a long cry. As though it had gotten addicted to eating that purple, it began to chase after the shadow attack it. The shadow thus could only continue to dodge, as its Mystic Arts seemed to be completely ineffective against that demonic beast.

It continued to be chased up and down, and all over the place. Zhu Yao silently felt that, it was time for her to retreat for a moment.

Carrying Yue Yin, just when she plan on leaving, suddenly, she once again heard another loud roar.

Suddenly, another demonic beast came flying from the sky. This demonic beast was terrifyingly huge, and that wing it had was actually nothing but a piece of thick white skeletal bone, yet, it was still able to fly stably. Most probably, it was attracted here by the noises of the battle, as it charged straight towards the direction of the snake beast and the shadow.

The battle that unfolded, could be said to be blazingly catastrophic. Zhu Yao and the two others, the pond fish that were affected, could only dodge the gigantic trees they brought down, and the flying stones that scattered about from their battle.

Chapter115: The Great Escape

But that wasn’t the end of them. After luring in a second one, naturally, there would also be a third, fourth and fifth. Various types of demonic beasts came gathering over from every direction. Staring at the shadow as though it was a lump of meat, they began to throw waves after waves of attacks. Some of them attacked the shadow, while some began to slaughter each other.

Zhu Yao suddenly imagined as though demonic beasts were raiding a city. She had never seen a single one of these demonic beasts before, and she was able to guarantee that not a single person in the entire cultivation world had ever seen such demonic beasts before. Not to mention, she was unable to discern just what ranks the demonic beasts possessed. Although they clearly did not possess a single hint of any tyrannical aura, their strength was a little terrifying.

If any one of these were to descend into the cultivation world, it would simply become an existence which could kill anything with a single blow.

Even something as strong as that shadow, was clearly unable to beat a crowd of such demonic beasts. Dodging seemed to become tough for it as well, as its figure was becoming fainter from all the chewing. Yet, more and more demonic beasts continued to flood in.

In the beginning, Zhu Yao was hiding, and finding places to flee to with all her might. Yet, no matter how she retreated, she was still unable to leave the battlefield. When she finally managed to leave far enough, she bumped face-to-face with a demonic beast that had just been lured over.

That beast was as sturdy as a mountain. Its entire body was covered with boulders, and seemed to be a stone-beast. Its pair of glowing red eyes was currently staring right at her.

At that moment, Zhu Yao had a bad premonition.

Even that shadow was unable to beat these demonic beasts, she would definitely be trash in this situation.

“Mistress, hurry, hurry, release your aura.” Turning around, Sesame reminded.

Oh right, she was of the Dragon Race, demonic beasts instinctively feared her. Zhu Yao did not hesitate. Supressing the intense pain in her chest, she released her dragon’s aura with all her might, and even expanded it to her limit.

In an instant, the place seemed to have quietened down for a moment. Not even a single noise could be heard. Even the demonic beasts which were fighting in a heated battle with the shadow at the other side, had strangely stopped as well. Zhu Yao simply felt a chill running down her spine, as though she had just heard a congratulatory firecracker going off.

There’s something off… with this reaction.


Resounding roars encompassed the heaven and earth. The demonic beasts which were crowding around the shadow earlier, suddenly switched their target, and came attacking towards her.

The hell, what happened to the promised suppression of bloodlines!

Zhu Yao leapt onto Sesame’s back, and shouted loudly. “Run!” What happened to the most basic form of trust between humans and beasts?

Release your sister’s dragon’s might, dammit.

With a flap of his wings, like a curving arrow, Sesame flew up with all his might. Broken images filled the surroundings.

The crowd of demonic beasts reacted as well, as they let out various roaring sounds. Throwing aside the shadow which they were fighting over earlier, they began to chase after Zhu Yao like silly ducks.

Taking this opportunity, the shadow’s figure flashed, and instantly disappeared like mist.

“Mistress, what are we going to do?” Sesame was about to cry. Just what the hell were these beasts behind them? He had been a beast for such a long time, yet, he had never seen beasts which looked like them. And their abilities were absolutely perverse.

“Continue flying, use all of your spiritual energy.” Zhu Yao replied. Placing Yue Ying by her side, she then began to adjust herself. The blow from the shadow simply came too suddenly, and she did not prepare any defences beforehand. Her Dantian had already been completely shattered, and the spiritual energy in her body was moving about haphazardly inside. Though several meridians in her body had already been ruptured, she still tried to guide the spiritual energy out of her body. However, it was completely ineffective, and it instead worsened her injuries. As though it could not be contained, blood continuously flowed out from the corner of her lips.

“Mistress, they’re about to catch up.” The ranks of the demonic beasts behind him were evidently much higher than his, and being caught up was a problem that was bound to happen.

“Keep at it for a while more.” In times like this, she could only make a desperate struggle. Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, and retracted her aura. Using all of her willpower to envelop the spiritual energy in her body, she tried to form a formation.

As expected, it was slightly effective, as not even a moment later, a red formation was formed beneath her.

Her Dantian had shattered, and adding that she had lost control of her spiritual energy, Zhu Yao’s body was basically in spasm from the pain. She could feel her own meridians being ruptured open inch by inch from the haphazard spiritual energy, yet, she did not stop. The moment she were to stop, they would completely lose their lease of life, and would be swallowed alive by the demonic beasts behind them.

Even though it was a mere instant, it felt as long as an entire century.

Finally, the formation was completed.

While a flying bone-beast had already caught up, and with its mouth opened wide, it pounced towards them.

Gathering spiritual energy within her index finger, she wrote an inscription on the formation. Then, with a single hand, she pressed onto the inscription. “Void, activate!”

In an instant, a black hole seemed to have appeared from the formation itself. It instantly swallowed the beast and the two people into it, and disappeared in the air. While that bone-beast had crunched onto empty air, and as it furiously moved about its wings, it let out a howling roar. What Zhu Yao cast was a Void Teleportation Formation. With a teleportation formation as a support, she cut through the void in space. It could instantly send the user a thousand kilometers away, and because it was a single-use formation, the gate would close the instant the teleportation was complete.

This teleportation formation, however, had a certain amount of backlash. If it was in the past, she basically wouldn’t mind about such a small backlash. But right now, she was injured in the first place, yet, she still forcefully activated the formation. That backlash instantly amplified by numerous times, and she felt as though her organs had been sliced apart. Like an opened tap, she puked out several mouthful of blood. Even her divine sense had begun to ache with a piercing pain.

“Ah… Ah…” Yue Ying crawled next to her, and anxiously tugged onto the corner of her clothes.

“Mistress…” Sesame returned to his human form as well, as he squatted down and held onto her.

Zhu Yao took in many deep breaths, before she was able to regain her senses. Reaching out her hand, she stroked Yue Ying’s head, and gave him a consoling gaze. “Where are we right now?”

Sesame inspected their surroundings. “I can no longer feel the presence of those demonic beasts. Most probably, we have been sent somewhere very far away.”

“Sesame, about those… demonic beasts, do you recognize them?”

Sesame shook his head. “Sesame has never seen such demonic beasts, and had never heard of them either. Just what in the world is this place?”

Even she wanted to know what this place was. Why were they here the moment that golden light shone? Oh right, she seemed to have noticed that the light was emitted from that black scroll earlier.

Zhu Yao subconsciously touched her chest, only to realize that the scroll had long disappeared without a trace.

Could it be… “We seemed to have entered the world of that picture scroll.” Chen Ning had once said that it was a scroll which came from the Ancient Era, and the demonic beasts drawn there had all went extinct very far in the past. In the beginning, she had even thought that the scroll was similar to a regular encyclopaedia about animals, just that it was an ancient version. However, evidently, that scroll had only shone after her blood stained it. They were then transferred into it.

In that case, that basically wasn’t an encyclopaedia, but most likely, a sealed scroll. And those demonic beasts were exactly the ones which had been sealed into this world.

Zhu Yao then gave Sesame a rough explanation about the scroll.

“Seems like the seal of this scroll is extremely strong.” Earlier, that formation of hers was capable of cutting through the void in space, yet, they were currently still in this world. It seemed like shattering the void in space was not a viable method to return to their former world either.

Sesame frowned as well. “Then how are we going to leave this place?” Zhu Yao lowered her head and pondered. Suddenly, she recalled the black inked smudge that was close to the end of the scroll. “Let’s head to the deepest part of this world. We might have another strand of hope to survive.”

“I will start moving right now.” This place was simply too dangerous. Any one of the demonic beasts here was able to swallow them up whole.

Sesame nodded, and returned to his former shape. After hiding his own presence, he signaled Zhu Yao and Yue Ying to climb up.

At the moment he was about to fly, suddenly, a shrilling roar which could make one’s hair to stand sounded.

The hell, it’s coming again!

Chasing behind them was a huge bird which was enveloped entirely in black flames. It’s figure was extremely big. Sesame’s true form could already be considered to be humongous, yet, this bird was actually more than ten times his size. With a glance, it looked as though it was about to cover half of the entire sky. And the noise that bird made was very unique. Every single voice it let out felt as though countless of sharp knives were piercing straight towards her. Even Zhu Yao herself was barely able to hold on, and she could only seal Yue Ying’s five senses, preventing him from receiving any injuries from its quaking roars.

The bird wasn’t exactly flying very quickly, but because its figure was too huge, with a flap of its wings, it could bring about a huge turbulence in the air. Although they were running at the front, they would still be affected by the airflow, causing their speed to decrease.

“Sesame, use your spiritual energy to envelop your surroundings, it will prevent you from being affected by the airflow.”

When Sesame heard this, he immediately acted accordingly. As expected, after isolating the airflow in the surroundings, he was no longer affected by the gigantic bird. His speed was much faster than before, as he moved further and further away from the gigantic bird. The demonic beast seemed to have realized this point as well, as its roar became even more anxious.

Suddenly, it opened that large mouth it had, only to see a flash of lightning inside it. A mass of white-colored lightning began to grow within its mouth.

“It’s lightning…” Sesame became anxious as well. Who would have thought that this bird was actually lightning-attributed? Other than lightning beasts, there are actually lightning- attributed demonic beasts in this world. This was illogical.

Demonic beasts were innately weak against lightning. No matter how tough Sesame’s body was, he would still be unable to block against a lightning attack from this demonic beast which was ranked higher than him. Even his voice had begun to tremble.

That bird had already spat out that ball of lightning, and it was shot right towards them.


In this intense situation, Zhu Yao could only immediately take on her dragon form, and hook onto Sesame with her tail. Then, with her fastest speed, she desperately flew up. This was definitely a subconscious action of hers, yet, Zhu Yao did not expect that her dragon form was actually capable of flying this fast.

In a blink of an eye, she had already thrown the huge bird off.

When there’s gains, there would naturally be losses. After restoring to her dragon form, her dragon’s aura could no longer be concealed, as it arrogantly announced her existence.

Hence… All of the demonic beasts felt it.

And thus… The number of demonic beasts chasing after them increased.

Momma’s egg!

“Sesame, protect Yue Ying well.” Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Right now, she could only desperately flee. Hopefully, before she was caught up, she could fly out of this place in time.

This was Zhu Yao’s first time flying with her dragon form, and she could feel an indescribable invigorating feeling rising in her body. It was something that came along with her bloodline, and even her injuries seemed to have soothed a little. Her speed gradually increased, and only broken images could be seen from the surrounding scenery.

It was as though she was born to fly in the clouds. Not knowing how long it had been, the constant roars behind her seemed to have begun to decrease.

Zhu Yao felt a little excited in the depths of her heart. It was actually this effective? It seemed like not long later, she would be able to escape from those crowd of demonic beasts.

As expected, as long as one persevered, there will always be a way…

My ass!

Zhu Yao stopped at the side of a pitched black screen. She instantly had the impulse to ruthlessly slam God onto the ground.

Chapter116: Hello, Master

Momma’s egg. She finally understood why those crowd of demonic beasts did not come chasing after them. There basically wasn’t an exit here at all.

This scenery which was pitch-black from top to bottom, was not something which she had only seen for the first time either. This was clearly the “Severed Lands”. It was the place where she was forcefully resurrected at “Tasyoluk” back then.

In other words, this place was at the end of this particular world.

Her heart squeezed!

“Mistress?” Sesame was dumbfounded as well.

Zhu Yao sighed deeply. “Let’s return for now.” They had no choice but to find another exit.

With the feelings of wanting to cry, Zhu Yao turned around and flew to the direction she came from. However, she suddenly felt an immense pressure assaulting them, and the three of them were instantly pressed downwards from the sky.

“The hell!”

Zhu Yao had only managed to curse out that particular line, before she was deeply pressed against the ground. And that black screen which was behaving quietly earlier, as though it had suddenly opened its huge mouth, began to move over at a crazy speed. All objects that came in contact with it, were swallowed by the black screen, and they then disappeared into the darkness.

The trees, the ground, and even the air, were currently disappearing bit by bit.

The three of them were basically unable to avoid in time. They were simply too close to it, and the pressure was simply too powerful. They were unable to resist at all. This could not be described as pressure produced merely by might itself. The Severed Lands were the ends of worlds. They were composed of the Heavenly Laws, and as long as one was in this place, that person will definitely experience its suppression. The black screen was just about to stretch towards the tip of her tail. Sesame was puking out blood from the pressure, and Yue Ying had already fainted.

This could not go on. She was able to keep Sesame in her divine sense, however, Yue Ying was human, and was merely a five year old child as well. The reason why he was here, was because of her. If he were to be swallowed by the darkness, he would definitely die.

He had just arrived into this world, and did not know anything. She had yet to even teach him how to speak either. He was as blank as a piece of paper, so how could he just die here like this?

Zhu Yao gripped her claws, and once again reverted into her human form. She was not clear if it was because her size had reduced, the pressure she felt instantly decreased by a huge margin.

However, she was still unable to stand up, and could only crawl over slowly, to carry Yue Ying who was on the ground.

“Sesame… Revert to your human form.” Sesame was startled for a moment, before he reverted to that baby-faced youth, and sat next to her.

The black screen had already begun to crawl onto her body. Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Right now, there was nothing else she could do, but struggle with all her might.

In an instant, she released all of her divine sense, forming a translucent light ward. The light ward enveloped the three of them, and kept them safe inside.

That black screen had already swallowed them entirely, and she could feel the pain of her own divine sense being torn apart. It felt as though her own soul was hurting, and she could collapse at any moment. However, no matter how painful and how unbearable she felt, she did not dare to dismiss the light ward.

In her heart, she could only silently tell herself. I can’t give up. I can’t give up.

The pain grew and deepened. Slowly, she began to feel numb, and even her consciousness was beginning to blur. Not knowing how long had past, she sank into the depths of chaos.

Zhu Yao smelled the scent of flowers. The clear and  light smell was especially refreshing. She instantly opened her eyes, only to realize that she was currently lying on a simple wooden bed. This looked like a small house, and the bed was the only furniture in it. Her body was covered with a light silver- coloured veil.

Touching it with her hand, it felt as gentle and slippery as water.

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded for two seconds. She looked down at the new shining new clothes she was wearing, and it was actually tender pink in colour. It looked a little familiar. It had already been many years since she last wore clothes of this colour.

She sighed deeply, yet, she didn’t feel any discomfort. Spiritual energy even seemed to be faintly stored in her Dantian.

Zhu Yao got out of the bed, and walked out of the house. She discovered that a boundless peach blossom garden was right in front of her. So the scent she smelled earlier was from the peach blossoms.

Coinciding with the blossoming season, her eyes were filled with the pink of peaches. And when the wind blew, the sky was enveloped with pink flower petals.

Zhu Yao could not help but walk into that peach forest. When she had only walked a few steps into the place, a figure appeared.

With his straight back facing her, his clothes were as white as snow, and not a single speck of dirt could be seen. One of his hands was placed on his back, and with slender fingers and long nails, it looked like a fine jade, which made her feel like playing with it.

As though he had sensed the movements behind him, he slowly turned around. The face that entered her view was as though it was a perfect piece of heavenly art. Every feature of his face was carefully drawn. It would be over-the-top with another stroke, and something would feel out of place with a missing stroke. His expression was clear and light, and his lips were thin. Even if he did not say a single word, people would still feel they had to dedicate everything they had to him.

This was the first time Zhu Yao found out that someone could be as beautiful as this.

Her heart began to beat furiously, and she could not control the slight rise in the corner of her lips. She must make conversation with a perfect-looking man like this.

“Oh hero, do you still need someone to hold onto your thigh?”

The man slightly frowned, and as his expression turned a little cold, he spoke sternly. “Speak clearly!”

“I want to hug your thigh.”

He was startled for a moment, and seemed to hesitate for a moment. And then, he slowly… stretched out his leg. Come, hug it!

Zhu Yao: “…” Alright, there’s only ever a single person who was this cute and silly in this world. He was definitely her master alright.


Only then did Yu Yan’s expression soothed a little, as he responded lightly. “Mn.”

Glancing at the distance of about five steps between the two of them, as though he had confirmed that she was not going to come any closer, he walked over on his own.

A gentle breeze blew, causing the fluttering peach blossom petals to descend one after another. Seeing that person who was walking over in the midst of the falling petals, his beauty was breath-taking, and it seemed as though a deity had descended upon the Lower Realm.

Alright, a deity had indeed descended upon the Lower Realm.

When Zhu Yao regained her senses, she had already been embraced in Yu Yan’s arms. She once again smelled  that familiar clear and cool scent, and only right then did she finally believed everything that had just happened.

Reaching out her hands, she hugged him back. “Am I actually seeing you again?”


Yu Yan’s response for simple. He pulled her even closer to her, to the point where his disciple was completely in his embrace. That piece of emptiness in the depths of his heart that he had ever since his ascension, was finally completely covered up.

The two of them did not speak, and simply hugged each other quietly.


Zhu Yao’s arms had gotten sore.

Mn. Although it was indeed very romantic to have reunion in a peach blossom forest, she was unable to bear standing there for a few hours, alright? And whenever she moved, her master was like an overprotective mother hen, as he instantly pressed her back into his embrace.



“It has already been eight hours.”


“If we’re going to continue hugging like this, my arms will break.”

Yu Yan lowered his head, and looked at her with a nonsensical look. “You possess Demigod-stage cultivation.”

A Demigod’s arms would still feel sore, alright!?

“Alright then.” Zhu Yao sighed. “Although I have the time, other than hugging, can’t you do something else?” Yu Yan was startled for a moment. As though he thought of something, a hint of blush flashed past his face. His ears began to redden at an unnatural speed, and his eyes brightened up by a few degrees. And then, he slowly lowered his head.

Oh oh oh… Zhu Yao was a little excited. The ten thousand year wooden log had finally been enlightened.

As expected, once again, Yu Yan focused on her lips, and forcefully smooched it at lightning speed. After the kissing, as though he wanted to taste it once more, he pursed his lips.

And then, Zhu Yao’s teeth fell.


– Flips table – Who the hell would kiss while using spiritual energy?

This lady here wants to break up with you!

At the moment she woke up, Zhu Yao really felt that she had logged into Version 5. According to her usual resurrection trend, her cultivation had most probably been raised by another stage. And after the Demigod-stage was naturally Ascension. Adding that she had woken up in such a peach blossom garden, it really suited the settings of a realm of deities as well.

Unfortunately, a certain master had mercilessly struck a blow to her self-confidence.

“This time, I descended upon the Lower Realm.”

What? Master, you don’t have to console me. In any case, I’m already used to dying. I can handle it.

Recalling the after-effects of resurrection, Zhu Yao circulated her own spiritual energy. She realized, although it wasn’t really abundant, there was still spiritual energy present. She didn’t die!

“Then, where’s Sesame and Yue Ying?”

Yu Yan frowned, as though he wasn’t really happy that she was anxious about others. He glanced at the straw cottage at the other side. Zhu Yao used her divine sense to inspect the place, and as expected, Sesame and Yue Ying were currently lying on the bed inside the house, and they seemed to have entered a deep slumber. She instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Master, how did you find me?”

Yu Yan took out a black scroll, and lightly explained. “You have my divine imprint on you. After I descended upon the lower realm, I realized you were sealed in this item, so I casually pulled you out.” The seal of that scroll was extremely strong, and he even used a bit of effort to pull her out of there. However, he had never expected that he would see her in a state where she was merely left with a single breath.

Initially, he had believed that with her cultivation as a Demigod, no one in the lower realm would be able to harm her. Hence, he was able to ascend with a peace of mind. However, this stupid disciple of his, would court death whenever he was not looking. He felt that he needed to watch her even more closely.

“The reason I came down this time, is to bring you to the Higher Realm.” Yu Yan spoke out his plans. “Eh?” Zhu Yao was startled. “But I’m merely at the early levels of Demigod…” Was it possible for her to ascend now?”

“You’re aware that you’re still a Demigod?” Yu Yan’s eyes narrowed, and gave out a scornful look. “Initially, I had thought that with your potential, at the very most, you would only require two thousand years to ascend. Yet, even after more than a thousand years have passed, you’re still at the early levels of Demigod.” He had been worrying up in the heavens, and had bitterly waited for such a long time, as he was afraid that this stupid disciple of his had done something stupid again. As a last resort, he came down to the Lower Realm, only to find out that she basically had no intentions to ascend at all.

“Wait a minute!” Chotto matte. “A thousand years? How is that possible?” Her Mathematics wasn’t taught incorrectly, right? Clearly, it had only been about twenty years, or thirty years at most, since her master’s ascension. So where did the concept of a thousand years come from?

“One thousand, three hundred and seventy six years.” Five months, and three days. He had already kindly took out the hours and minutes.

For a moment, Zhu Yao was in a mess. Theoretically speaking, even if she suffered heavy injuries, she wouldn’t need that much time to recover. Unless…

Zhu Yao lowered her head and looked towards the scroll in Yu Yan’s hands. Unless the flow of time in that scroll, was different compared to the outside.

“Master, are you able to identify what kind of seal is placed on the scroll?”

Chapter117: Goodbye, Master

Yu Yan glanced at the scroll in his hands, and only replied a moment later. “The seal on this scroll, comes from an era long past. Even I am only able to faintly understand that this is an incantation used to seal demonic beasts. It’s similar to a mustard seed dimension, yet, it contains a hint of the laws of rebirth…” As though he had just thought of something, Yu Yan paused for a moment, and turned to look at his disciple.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt as though a group of horses had suddenly galloped past her mind, leaving trails of horse-shit behind. “That’s right, I stayed inside for a day, but when I came out, a thousand years had already passed.” In that scroll, the flow of time was actually a difference of about a thousand years.

Zhu Yao then explained to Yu Yan what happened inside.

Yu Yan frowned, and his expression became pretty stern. “If that’s the case, this scroll must have been created by an Ancient Race. What’s sealed inside are most probably untamed exotic beasts, which are rumoured to be enemies of the Ancient Race, and possess comparable strength.”

It was no wonder the demonic beasts had persistently attacked her after she released her dragon’s aura. It was actually due to an old hatred.

“Then what are we going to do with it?” With how dangerous this scroll was, the moment one of them were to released, a Godzilla destroying New York scenario would  definitely happen.

“There’s no need for you to worry.” Yu Yan said. “There’s a self-destruction incantation within the scroll in the first place. Adding that it’s been such a long time, the demonic beasts inside no longer exist. Most probably, the reason why the flow of time inside is different, is to weaken the vigilance of those demonic beasts. Most probably, they themselves are unaware that they’re being trapped inside the scroll.”

So that’s the use of that moving ‘Severed  Lands’.  The thoughts of those Ancient Ones sure were extensive and profound.

At that moment, Zhu Yao once again recalled about that shadow. According to Sesame’s guess, that person should have come from the Higher Realm. And since her master had descended from above, he should have a clearer image regarding this issue. After Yu Yan finished hearing her explanation, his expression, however, instantly sank. After a long while, he slowly spoke. “The shadow you’re speaking of, most probably did not originate from the Higher Realm.”

“It’s not? Then what exactly is it?” For a being which possessed such terrifying strength, other than someone who had come from the Higher Realm, she really couldn’t think of anyone else.

“Yu… Yao.” Yu Yan suddenly heaved a long sigh, and stroked her head. “I can only tell you this. There are some matters that you do not have to step into too deeply. This World will soon undergo a great tribulation. The reason I descended into the Lower Realm, is to fetch you up.”

“Great tribulation? What great tribulation?”

“…” Yu Yan went silent for a moment. Even if he were to be involved in those matters, he would still be powerless to do anything. In his lifetime, he only had this one disciple of his. No matter what, he couldn’t simply sit by and watch. Hence, even if he had to lose a part of his cultivation, he still forcefully descended upon the Lower Realm, and wanted to bring her back safely. “Be obedient, and come with me.” The longer Zhu Yao listened, the messier her heart was. Hearing her master’s tone, that whatever great tribulation was definitely unordinary, and there was a huge possibility that it’s related to the bug.

“Just what is happening? Is it something that can only be avoided by going to the Higher Realm?”

Yu Yan still kept a solemn expression, and simply looked directly at her.

“You can’t say it, is that it?” Zhu Yao clenched her hands. “I’m not heading up.”

Yu Yan’s expression sank. “Stop with the nonsense!”

“I do not wish to be a runaway troop.” She had already known about the bug. If there really was a great tribulation or whatever, then let it come.

She had been in this world for so many years. Although she still had attachments to her former world, the knot on this side was growing tighter as well. Sesame. Little radish. Zi Mo. Zi Dan. Feng Yi. Ancient Hill Sect. And the Azureflight Sect which she had established with her very own hands. Actually, she had long treated these people as her own family. However, now that she was clearly aware of a dangerous problem, if she were to flee on her own, would she still be human?

Zhu Yao smiled. “In any case, I can’t die. The person you have to least worry about is me.”

After her death, she could still hold expectations for her next resurrection. But what about the others? Even if she really was unable to stop the bug, she still had to warn those people, right?

“Yu Yao. You should know that the path of cultivation had always been like this.” Yu Yan sighed. “The Great Dao is merciless, and the path of cultivation is a heaven-defying matter in the first place. I’m very aware of your personality, but you’re unable to save everyone. The strong eats the weak, this has always been the rule of this world. The strong will be revered, and what happens to the rest are merely part of their fortune and fate. You will definitely be harmed by your own kindness one day.”

Had she not already forked out too big of a price for not enduring in specific moments? Using the example of Xiao Yi back then, clearly she could have chopped off the root of the problem at the very beginning, yet, because of her kind thoughts, she had forgiven him several times. In the end, however, she brought such an ending to herself. Although she had forgotten about that incident, she would one day remember it. On that day, her cry was filled with such sadness, and her regrets were so intense. He really could not bear to see her walk on the same path once again.

“Master, you people have always spoken about how the Great Dao is merciless, and how the heavenly laws are unnatural. However, who has ever actually seen these so-called heavenly laws?” She knew of all these logics. Ever since she came into this world, the phrase she had heard the most was ‘the strong will be revered’. “Had anyone actually asked the heavens, and obtain an exact answer? In this world, the weak is eaten by the strong. If you don’t wish to be killed, you have to take the initiative to kill instead. Just who came up with this ideology and told everyone? Was it the so-called heavens?”

Zhu Yao lightly smiled. “No, that’s not it. The heavens had never told the people to be merciless, to pursue authority, and to be brutal. Yet, everyone seems to have taken it as the norm. If you’re not strong, you will be beaten. Killing, and being killed. These things are happening every day. It will be fine as long as you’re strong. It’s fine as long as you have  sufficient capabilities. As long you’re strong enough, killing a weakling doesn’t seem to be a big matter at all. Hence, everyone will be tangled by hatred and vengeance. They fight against each other. They kill, loot their treasures, and rob off their resources. Are these really correct? In order to become strong, people will use every underhanded means possible, even to the extent of destroying their humanity.”

Xiao Yi would be a fine example. He clearly possessed peak- level qualifications, and had a heaven-defying fortune. Even if he were to cultivate using regular methods, he could have completely relied on his own strength to achieve the Great Dao and ascend. Yet, he simply could not be satisfied. If he had something good, he would wish to have something better. Hence, when he had the Metal Spirit, he even wanted the Water Spirit, and the Wood Spirit. And, without even clearing up the truth of the matter, he laid his hands on her. He did not even take into the account of the kindness she had displayed from the numerous times she saved him. No, in the depths of his heart, the word ‘kindness’ no longer existed. Only the obsession of becoming strong remained.

“I don’t understand. Could it be that in order to achieve the Great Dao, there’s a need to compete like this? With such a cultivation method, just what will remain in the end?” Zhu Yao frowned. “Is the Great Dao which is achieved through suspicions, plots, and slaughters, really the truth behind the heavenly laws?” Yu Yan turned silent. He had never thought of these questions before. Ever since he stepped into the path of cultivation, the ideology of the strong eating the weak had been deeply carved into the depths of his heart. His qualifications were excellent, although there were some obstacles along the way, he had never thought that there were problems with them. Because, this was how this world was, and he had never suspected the makings of this world.

But… His disciple did.

“Everyone kept talking about cultivation, cultivation,  and even more about comprehending the laws to become deities. These are dreams that everyone wish to fulfil. Shouldn’t the word ‘Deity’, be every practitioner’s most beautiful dream? Then according to human nature, it should be the most perfect and gentlest part of one’s heart. However, in the current cultivation world, I can’t even see a single hint of such a beautiful view. Everyone says that the road of cultivation is a path reeked with blood, but has anyone questioned if the end of this bloody path is really perfect?”

“What’s a Deity? And what’s the Dao? The strong eats the weak, the dissidents are removed. Is this really the only path to become Deities?” Zhu Yao sighed. She had long wanted to say these words, and they’re also the questions she had never been able to understand. “Everyone believes that absolute strength is the actual Dao. But, I believe that it’s merely the darkest part of a human nature, as what I see are merely greed, selfishness, cruelty, and brutality. How can all these fit the word ‘Deity’? Is there anyone who still remembers that in human nature, there exist the most basic forms of kindness, selflessness, forgiveness, and devotion? Are these not important at all?”

“Master, are we cultivating to become Deities, or are we cultivating to become Devils?”

When her words fell, suddenly, a clear spiritual sound came from the sky. That sound felt as though it was a bell which came from the nine heavens, it sounded so very far, yet, it seemed to be ringing from the side of her ear as well. Zhu Yao felt a wave of comfortable energy flowing into her body, cleansing the discomfort within her body.

For a moment, a bright light spanning an endless distance shone, as though an extreme radiance had filled the entire sky, faint glitters of light then scattered down from the heavens. The glitters seemed as though they contained some unique form of energy, as the moment they touched the ground, flowers began to bloom, and withered trees were given life once again. The muddy ground they were standing on earlier, had already turned into a sea of flowers. “This is…” Could she have accidentally activated a special effect?

“A Heaven-Earth anomaly.” Yu Yan however, deeply frowned. “With such an anomaly, it’s definitely a warning brought by the heavenly laws. It seems that day isn’t far away.”

And what day is that?

“Are you really not heading up with me?” Yu Yan once again asked.

Zhu Yao clenched her fists, and heavily shook her head.

This was the first time she was resisting her master’s will in the truest sense. She was a little guilty. She could see that her master had went through a lot to descend upon the Lower Realm to fetch her, and even his cultivation had dropped back to a Demigod.

However, Zhu Yao did not feel there was anything wrong with her decision. Actually, in her own world, the term ‘Deity’ had always existed as well. In the very beginning, it merely came from rumours. The concept of it was very vague, and hence the reason they termed these rumours as myths. For example, in certain myths, some esteemed monks or Dao Priests, would achieve deityhood by accumulating great merits.

However, in her mind, those so-called people who had attained deityhood, were all people who were great and kind. They were all people who had, in their eras, or in legends, done several good things, and accumulating merits were the standard for becoming deities. And regarding the Deities stated in myths and legends, they were all individuals who took responsibility for the fate of the world, and what they spread were filled with positive energy. However, she had never heard of any one of them who had killed a lot of people or stole a large number of treasures to become a Deity.

Hence the reason why she began to grow suspicious of this world. And from Sesame’s and Master’s words, it seemed as though after ascending into the Higher Realm, the ideology of strength being everything would not budge even the slightest bit either. Then it’s the same no matter where she would go.

“Hah…” Yu Yan heaved a long sigh, a hint of fatigue revealed on his face. His lips moved, as though he still wanted to say something. However, in the end, he reached out his hand to stroke her head. His expression became even more solemn, and after hesitating for a moment, he still could not help but step forward and embrace her in his arms.

A pillar of extreme white light descended from the skies, and instantly enveloped his body. This was the light of guidance. In the first place, he had forcefully descended upon the Lower Realm, so the time he could stay was limited. And currently, he had ran out of time.

“No matter what you think, do not slack off on your cultivation. Master… will wait for you.”

Chapter118: Uncontrollable Scenarios

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded heavily. This time, without needing him to steal a kiss from her, she moved closer and directly smooched on his lips, while hugging him tightly. Until the moment his figure began to become fainter, he left these words. “If you have any matters, call for me.” In the end, he disappeared in the pillar of light.

Zhu Yao stood still on the ground. There was an additional object in her hands, and it was even the jade pendant she was especially familiar with. Zhu Yao could not help but lift the corner of her lips. Raising her head, she looked towards the sky which had once again recovered its calm. Only after a long while did she slowly lowered her head.

Walking back into her own house, she felt a little chilly. After pulling over that light veil on the bed which covered her body earlier, she suddenly realized something, and began to regret.

The hell, there was such a good opportunity earlier, and she actually missed it just like that! She finally managed to see her master, so shouldn’t she have taken the opportunity to push him down? She actually only remembered and spent her time talking about truths, yet, she had forgotten the most important issue! Master, come back!

After staying in the peach blossom garden for exactly seven days, Sesame finally woke up. A month later, Yue Ying woke up as well. Back then at the Severed Lands, the three of them had all suffered injuries. She was the one with the most severe injuries, but due to her master’s nursing, she had already completely recovered from them.

In this month, instead of idling around, she had been working hard in her cultivation. She could faintly sense that the current situation was definitely not optimistic, and even her master had descended upon the Lower Realm to warn her. Thus, it could be seen that in the thousand years she was trapped in the scroll, many things had happened in the world. Although she was a Demigod, in the hands of that shadow, she was  basically nothing to speak of. If she did not continue to cultivate, forget about protecting the people next to her, protecting herself might be a problem itself.

Not only that, Mu Meiyan’s and Yue Hanxin’s cataclysmic war was definitely beginning to heat up.

After hesitating for a moment, she still decided to first return to Ancient Hill Sect, in order to inform Zi Mo the matters regarding the shadow, and have him make preparations. After all, Ancient Hill Sect was the number one sect in the cultivation world. Also, adding the fact that she had stopped Mu Meiyan from devouring little radish in the divine sense region back then, she was definitely being resented, and be plotted against by Mu Meiyan.

Since she had already decided, Zhu Yao did not stay any longer. After having Sesame enter her divine sense, she then carried Yue Ying, and flew into the direction of Ancient Hill Sect. She was eager to know the current situation, hence, the speed of her flying sword was naturally faster than before.

However, when she was passing by a ravine, she sensed a stir in her divine sense. Zhu Yao blanked for a moment, before she turned and looked towards one of the caves below. She felt as though something there was calling for her.

Yet, she was rushing back to Jade Forest Mountain, and did not want to have any delays. Just as she was about to fly pass, she pondered for a moment. She then still turned around and flew towards the cave.

After that, she could not help but feel fortunate for turning around. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to avoid a tragedy from happening.

That was a very simple mountain cave. Outside the cave, there wasn’t any presence of spiritual energy being gathered. However, the moment she stepped into it, the cave was filled with the aura of a heretic practitioner.

A wretched man, wearing a green-coloured robe, was currently half-kneeling on the ground. The lower part of his clothes had already been removed, and the disgusting object in between his thighs was revealed. And under him, he was currently pressing onto a white-clothed female practitioner who was evidently heavily wounded. And that face of hers…

It was little radish!

Zhu Yao instantly felt as though flames of boundless of anger had surged in the depths of her heart. With a wave of her hand, a wind blade which carried a dense spiritual energy was swung towards that heretic practitioner, and it instantly pressed that heretic practitioner onto the wall. Lightning sparks gathered in her hand, and she struck it straight towards his Dantian, Blood Sea, and his Primal Soul, instantly crippling his Nascent Soul cultivation. The man grunted, and spat out a huge amount of blood. Yet, he was directly pressed onto the ground by the pressure of her might, and was unable to move at all.

“Little radish.” Zhu Yao walked towards her disciple whose clothes were already in a mess, and even her hands could not help but start to tremble. Fortunate… How fortunate… How fortunate that she managed to make it in time. How fortunate that she did not simply fly pass the place.

Yu Luo’s consciousness seemed to be a little blurry. Slowly turning her head, she looked at Zhu Yao, and whispered. “Mas… ter?”

In the next instant, she fainted.

Zhu Yao’s heart ached, and then, felt a little afraid.  She handed Yue Ying who was in her embrace to Sesame, and then, hurriedly helped her fix her dressing. Only after she had worn the clothes properly, did she carry her unconscious disciple, and turn her head to glance at the heretic practitioner on the ground.

With a swipe of her fingers, she instantly seized his crime tools, and shattered his Spirit Vein. No matter how high his cultivation was, someone like him would be nothing more than a rapist.

When Yu Luo woke up, she was on her own bed. It was not that soft one which she had slept in for nearly a thousand years, but that plain and simple wooden bed. She had returned?

For a moment, Yu Luo felt a little absentminded, yet, a heart- piercing pain suddenly came from the depths of her heart. The things that had happened in the past few years, were like a dream. Even she did not dare to believe that it had ended just like that, and in such a way as well.

Her expression suddenly changed. That heretic practitioner…

She hurriedly checked her own body, only to realize that there wasn’t any anomaly. And right before she fainted, she seemed to have seen…


Yu Luo suddenly sat up, and charged right out of the room. In the courtyard, a woman was currently enjoying a cup of tea. Her pink-coloured gown, was so clean, there wasn’t even a speck of dust on it. Yet, her long hair was loosely draped over her shoulders. She loved cleanliness, and used the Dirt Removal Art more than anyone. However, she did not like to maintain her own hair, and the hairstyle she had every time was something a half-dead person would have.

When Yu Luo was young, whenever that person had to leave, she would have to use sweets to coax her, so that Yu Luo could do her hair for her. And she was a greedy one, yet, she hated to use the Body Purity Art. Hence, Yu Luo had to use her own spiritual energy to cultivate various vegetables and  fruits,  in order to trick her that she had made various delicious dishes for her.

The most important thing was. She was very protective. Whenever Yu Luo was bullied, she was actually more anxious than herself. She would think of ways in order to bully those people back.

But… Someone like her, actually disappeared all of a sudden.
And it was even for a thousand years.

“Mas… ter…” She was a little afraid. What if she wasn’t? Zhu Yao turned her head. A long arc pulled open from the corner of her lips, and she waved her hands to greet her. “Yo, little radish is awake.”

The image in front of Yu Luo suddenly blurred, as though the burden that had been accumulating in the depths of her heart, had instantly found an exit to be vented out. Tears uncontrollably flowed out of her eyes.

This however, gave Zhu Yao a fright. “What’s wrong  with you? What are you crying for?”

Yet, no matter what Yu Luo did, she could not stop them at all. More and more tears began to pour out. She could no longer hold it in, and with loud cry, she pounced over, and hugged her master. Her cry was heart-shattering, and even the sun and moon had lost their radiance.

“It’s fine now, it’s fine now. Don’t cry, don’t cry.” At that moment, even Zhu Yao was a little frantic. Could it be that the blow from encountering that heretic practitioner was too big for her?

“Master… Master… Master…” Yu Luo however began to cry even more agitatedly, as she shouted her name with a teary voice. “Why did you… return so late…”

“Uh… Something happened.” Haah, who would have thought a thousand years would pass by in a flash? Zhu Yao patted on her back, and tried to calm her emotions down. This  little radish of hers, ever since she was young, she had never cried this sadly before. Even when she was looked down upon due to her Spirit Vein back then, she had never acted this way. In the end, little radish was a child she brought up, her heart ached from seeing her this way.

From the moment Yu Luo started crying, she only managed to stop exactly six hours later.

In the end, even Yue Ying who had been standing by the side, was a little tired from standing. Most probably, after bringing him around for so many days, he had now gained a little awareness of his own. He climbed onto her thighs on his own, and squeezed away Yu Luo who was hugging onto her without letting go.

Only then did Yu Luo finally stop her flooding tears. Seeing that she had finally calmed down for a moment, Zhu Yao poured her a cup of spiritual tea, and asked. “Just what has happened? Why are you all alone? Where’s Wu Song? Isn’t he with you?”

The moment her words fell, Yu Luo’s expression which was still at ease earlier, instantly paled. Even the tea cup she was holding in her hands began to tremble.

Zhu Yao faintly sensed a bad premonition. “What’s wrong? Did something happen to him? Or did Azureflight encounter a problem?”

“N… No.” Yu Luo drank the tea, yet, her expression looked even more terrible than before. “Azureflight is doing  well, He’s… doing well as well.”

Zhu Yao’s expression sank, and looked straight at little radish. “He failed you.” Her words were decisive.

Yu Luo’s hand shook, and the tea cup instantly fell onto the table. The spiritual tea which was filled with spiritual energy, began to flow across the table. With a frantic expression, she wiped the table, and said. “I… I wasn’t intentional. Master, don’t feel offended. I will hurry… and wipe it clean.”

“Yu Luo!” An unknown flame began to surge within Zhu Yao’s chest, as she pulled up her disciple, whose face was as pale as a piece of paper. “I shall accompany you. Castrate him.”

Recently, Zhu Yao was a little frustrated. With a difference of a thousand years, when she returned, she realized everything had completely changed. Many things had begun to stray from the former course. Little radish and Wu Song for example. If it was in the past, even she was beaten to death, she wouldn’t have believed that Wu Song would be a faithless person. Back then, when the two of them were together, she could see that Wu Song was sincere towards Yu Luo. However, no matter how deep the feelings were, most probably, they could not stand the erosion of time. To her, it felt as though it had only been yesterday when she handed Yu Luo to Wu Song, yet, the next day, he actually cast her away like a pair of shoes. This was why she was so furious, and wanted to settle scores with him.

However, Yu Luo did not allow it. And because of this matter, she even knelt in front of Zhu Yao, to seek her forgiveness. Only then did she recall that although it had only been a few days for her, to the rest of them, a thousand years had already passed. Haah, but could she forgive her? Clearly, she was not in the wrong in any way. At this moment, she regretted that she had taught Yu Luo too well. She did not even have the slightest bit of resentment, let alone hateful intents.

However, the thing she regretted the most, was to have so easily accepted their feelings back then, and she had even encouraged them.

“Since I no longer have a place in his heart, even if I insist, what’s the point?” Yu Luo lightly said these words. Clearly, in her depths of heart, she who forever was a little girl, in actuality, had already experienced the vicissitudes of life.

For a moment, even Zhu Yao was clueless on what to do. Regarding relationship matters, only the ones who experienced them themselves knew best, outsiders were basically unable to step in. Ultimately, just why was she such an idiot back then?

“Haah…” Zhu Yao heaved out a long sigh, and her mood was a little down. Taking out the jade pendant her master had left her with, she lightly called. “Master.”

Chapter119: Why Are You Scolding People?

The jade pendant emitted out a faint white glow. A moment later, as though a projected image was formed, a small-sized white figure appeared above the jade pendant. With that habitual cold-looking face of his, he looked at his disciple who was feebly lying on the table. He could not help but reach out his hand to stroke her head, yet, what he could touch was merely empty air. His voice unconsciously softened a little.

“What is it?”

Zhu Yao curled her lips. “Disciple’s heart is broken.”

Yu Yan blanked. His softened expression earlier, suddenly became stern, and was even faintly emitting out a cold aura. A broken heart? When had she ever been attached to someone else?

Hence, his cold aura… filled the surroundings.

Zhu Yao’s hand trembled. Did he have to suddenly become this frightening? “I’m talking about my disciple. My disciple! That little girl you helped me take in back then. Your grand disciple.”

Yu Yan paused for a moment, and his cold aura instantly dispersed completely. With a disinterested  attitude,  he responded. “Mn.” Grand disciple  or  whatever,  did  not  seem  to be related to him.

“Initially, I saved a child. Seeing that he and Yu Luo mutually liked each other, I handed her to him.” Zhu Yao recalled the matter back then, and faintly began to feel that she was a little too rash. Initially, she had thought that there would be another time to watch over their relationship, but she had never expected that after this indulgence of hers, a thousand years would pass. “But now, that child had actually begun to like another woman.” According to little radish’s description, that third-party was even saved by Wu Song himself.

Yu Yan frowned. “Since he was already in a relationship, why would he like another woman?” This was a little absurd to him.

“He said that he merely sees Yu Luo as his sister.” After his so- called true love appeared. “Excuses.” Yu Yan coldly said.

Zhu Yao could not help but leak out a bitter laugh. She had never expected that her master, who was initially a person without much EQ, would be able to see that the person in question had merely used an excuse to cover up his change of heart. Yet, her own disciple was unable to see it clearly herself.

“What do you think we should do?”

Yu Yan lightly spoke. “Castrate him!”

Kuh kuh kuh… Zhu Yao choked from his words. With a dumbfounded expression, she looked at that certain person with a ‘naturally’ face. Master, what did you say? What happened to your icy and cool image?

Uh… Fine then. As expected, they were master and disciple alright. “But… This is after all Yu Luo’s matter.”

“Beat him up to the point he’s unable to tend to himself in life.” “……”

“Take away his virginity.”


Master, tell me. Where did you learn these things from, hey?
Return me my icy, cool and pure master!

Yet, he simply turned his head slowly, and glanced at her. His eyes were basically saying: Didn’t you threaten me the same way as well?

She was guilty alright!

Zhu Yao covered up with a few coughs, and only then did she finally regain her reason in front of her master who had already turned completely handsome to her. “Actually, I wish to have master teach me about refining weapons.” Initially, she  had only wanted to complain to her master about the bitterness she was feeling, but who would have known that they would drift from the main topic so quickly? It’s still best to go back to the main situation at hand. “Weapon refinement?” Yu Yan frowned. “Right now, you should be raising your cultivation in order to ascend as fast as possible.”

“I’m still young, after all.” Zhu Yao chuckled. Unknowingly, she had once again found herself going back to that earlier argument. However, she then recalled that shadow. “Master, didn’t you say that the reason why that shadow is accompanying Mu Meiyan, is due to the blood contract which it had sighed with her?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan nodded. “The blood contract coexists with the former owner. While the five elemental arts may be capable of bringing it harm to a certain degree, most of it will be affected on the host. Likely, that person had definitely tampered with the host, and before he disperses, he will exterminate everything that’s able to harm him. Hence, for now he’s unable to separate himself from the host’s body.”

“Then what about forcefully separating them from the outside?”

Yu Yan blanked, as though he was shocked by her thoughts. A moment later, he replied. “Although separating from the exterior looks possible, with the mystic tools of this world, even a mystic tool created by the sharpest Profound Glacier Metal might not be able to bring out any effects. While divine tools are…”

“Master, I wish to try.” She had already decided. Mu Meiyan’s biggest cheat was that shadow of hers, and it was also the key to her turning into a bug. So what if she was reincarnated? What reincarnated was her soul, and not her abilities. Zhu Yao simply couldn’t believe that Yue Hanxin who won her completely in her past life, would not be able to suppress her.

She had once thought of using the method her master had spoken of to quickly raise her cultivation. After all, she was basically unable to block against even a single attack from that shadow, hence, she had no choice but to raise her abilities, in order to have a chance of going against it. However, no matter how much she was to cultivate, she did not have the confidence of possessing the strength to defeat it before her ascension. Also, according to the information revealed by her master, even the people from the Higher Realm, would feel a certain degree of fear towards that shadow. So how could she believe that she would be able to possess strength that was much stronger than a Deity of the Higher Realm, merely from harsh training done in a short period of time?

Since she was unable to defeat it head-on, then she could only do it with some intelligent tricks.

Just as she was about to tell Yu Yan her plans, the door was suddenly pushed open. A blue figure instantly came leaping through the door, and pounced into Zhu Yao’s embrace.

“Yue Ying?” Zhu Yao looked at the little boy who had already tightly hugged onto her, and was a little speechless. With a wave of her hand, she kept her master’s jade pendant back into her storage ring.

Only then did Yu Yao came rushing over, a hint of embarrassment flashed past her face. “Master, Yue Ying, he… wanted to find you no matter what. I couldn’t stop him at all.”

Zhu Yao heaved a long sigh, and her head momentarily ached. This little boy couldn’t have a mother complex, right?  Ever since they returned, he had been sticking next to her, and he wouldn’t leave even for a mere moment.

“It’s fine. Yu Yao, go and practice your arts. I will have a talk with him.” It wouldn’t do for it to like this. She was about to head into isolation to learn about weapon refinement. One could not afford to be distracted while refining. And, in order to create a single mystic tool, it’s common to stay isolated for one or two years. So how would she have the time to look after him at every given moment?

Bending her waist, she hugged Yue Ying up, and placed him on the wooden bed next to her. Then, she grabbed a chair over, and sat in front of him.

“Yue Ying, I have something that I need to tell you.”

Yet, Yue Ying looked as though he hadn’t heard her. Waving his hands about, he wanted to pounce into her embrace, yet, he did not make a single sound.

Only then did Zhu Yao recall that he had yet to learn how to speak. So how was she going to communicate with him, hey?

“Yue. Ying!” Zhu Yao straightened him up, and pointed to his small chest. She decided that it was best to first begin by teaching him how to speak.

He tilted his head, and his little face was still as expressionless. Evidently, he had yet to understand. Alright then. Zhu Yao’s face darkened, and she turned her hand to point at herself. “My name is  Zhu…  Yao.  Zhiwuuu Yauu. Zhu… Yao.”

Yue Ying was still as blank as ever, while his lips twitched. As though he had finally understood something, he let out a “Yawu” a moment later.

Probably because it’s been a long time before he started to speak, his voice was especially hoarse. If she did not hear him carefully, it would have simply been too unclear to make out what he was saying.

Him being willing to speak, was already considered a huge surprise. After all, she was forced to bring him to experience so many gruesome events, she was really afraid that he had developed autism because of them.

“Zhu… Yao. Zhu Yao.” Zhu Yao had no choice but to repeat it over and over to teach him.

“Yawu…” “Yao. Yauuu, Yao!”

“Yawu… Yao.”

“That’s right, it’s Yao.” Zhu Yao kissed him out of excitement. Taking this opportunity to teach him even more, she once again pointed at him. “Yue. Ying. Yooou eehh. Inngg. Yue Ying.”

This time however, Yue Ying did not reply, as though he did not feel anything from his own name at all. Zhu Yao was a little anxious, as she once again pointed at herself.

“Zhu Yao.”

“… Yao.”

And then, pointed at him. “Yue Ying.”

“…” Silence.

Do you really not like your own name at all? Zhu Yao had no choice, and could only start teaching from the basics. “My name is Zhu Yao. I’m older than you, so you have to call me big sis.”

“… Yao.” He still only knew how to say that one word.

“Say, big sis.” Zhu Yao still kept her finger pointed at herself. “Big… sis.”

Yue Ying frowned, and only a moment later did the corner of his lips twitch. “Zis…”

“Sis!” Zhu Yao once again corrected him, and slowed down her words. “Big. Sis.”

“Sis.” He finally spoke with the correct pronunciation, though his tone was still a little strange.

Though, Zhu Yao was already very satisfied. In just a short moment, he had learnt two words. Hence, she decided to help him consolidate what he had learnt. “Follow what I say. Big sis Zhu Yao.” “……”

“Big. Sis. Zhu. Yao.”

Yue Ying this time was really agitated. The corner of his lips twitched for a couple of times, before he slowly spit out two words. “Sis… Yao.”


– flips table – Who are you scolding?

You’re a prostitute! Your entire family is made up of prostitutes!

After not speaking for so long, how could he scold someone the moment he spoke? Zhu Yao suddenly had the thought of wanting to move a boulder and smash it on her own leg. And… it hurt a little as well.

It’s been two days since Zhu Yao returned. Yu Luo looked pretty happy on the exterior, however, sad creases could be occasionally seen in between her brows. Zhu Yao knew that she had yet to walk out of her failed relationship with Wu Song, so Zhu Yao could only occasionally pass the mission of taking care of Yue Ying to her. This way, she could have her think of something else, and not have her constantly wallow herself in depression.

Today, Zhu Yao decided to bring her over to Zi Mo’s. After all, they were little radish’s parents, and they could perhaps provide her with some guidance.

Although, to her, Zi Mo was a friend she had not seen for merely a few days, but in actual fact, it had already been more than a thousand years. Zi Mo still had that old man look, but the spiritual energy being emitted from his body, was not as condensed as before.

As she looked, Zhu Yao’s heart squeezed. She could sense that he did not have much time left. The lifespan of a Nascent Soul practitioner was limited, however, because Zi Mo had spent too much of his time on the matters regarding the Sect, he had not been breaking through into a Demigod.

Zhu Yao looked at the reunited family of three. Their faces were filled with joy, however, she felt a little bitterness in her heart. Though, Zi Mo seemed to especially happy that she had returned. “Little martial aunt, you’re finally back. Ancient Hill Sect finally has three Demigod Sovereigns again.”

“Three?” Shouldn’t it be four?

Zi Mo revealed a regretful expression, and sighed. He explained. “Little martial aunt doesn’t know of this, but two hundred years ago, Sovereign Yi Ran fell after attempting the Lightning Tribulations of Ascension. And coincidentally, you were missing…” Zi Mo did not continue, however, his thoughts did not have to be conveyed with words. The reason why Ancient Hill Sect held its current standing as the number one Sect in the cultivation world, was largely due to the four Demigod Sovereigns present in the Sect. However, when four of them had suddenly halved, it was indeed a pretty big blow in regards to the Ancient Hill Sect.

Recalling Yi Ran, Zhu Yao did not have too big of an impression of him. She simply remembered that he was a very kind middle-aged man. When he appeared, he would usually sit on his jade lotus. She did not really have an overly deep relationship, yet, she never expected that in a blink of eye, he had already fallen. Compared to him, Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little shameful. As the Demigod Sovereign of Ancient Hill Sect, she had merely carried the title, and had yet to really do anything for the Sect at all.

“Little martial aunt, I wonder what plans you have from now on?” Zi Mo asked.

“I plan to go into isolation for a period of time.” From now on, if she did not need to leave the Ancient Hill Sect, then it’s best for her to stay here as much as possible.

As expected, Zi Mo revealed a hint of joy. “Naturally, it’s great that little martial aunt is able to stay within the Sect. According to reports, Celestial Indus Sect currently has two Demigod Sovereigns as well, and was tied to our Sect. Now that little martial aunt has returned, naturally, there isn’t a need to worry.”

Celestial Indus Sect? Wasn’t that the Sect Mu Meiyan was in? It seemed like things went according with the scenario, and Qi Han had broken through into a Demigod.

Just as Zhu Yao was planning to hear the details, a disciple suddenly came in to make a report. The Sect Master and disciples of Azureflight Sect wish to seek an audience.

Azureflight Sect’s… Sect Master? What kind of joke was this?

Sis Yao or Yao Jie, in Chinese, often refers to prostitutes in the ancient times.

Chapter120: Wu Song Cancelling His Engagement

“Hahahaha… So it’s Wu Song.” Zi Mo however, was exceptionally happy.

Zhu Yao was completely dumbfounded, and suddenly had a bad premonition.

“This Azureflight Sect is a new Deity Sect established seven hundred years ago.” Seeing that she was staring blankly in the air, Zi Mo thought that she simply did not recognize the Sect, and hurriedly explained. “Although this Sect had only been established not long ago, and their numbers are small, they are considerably powerful. Especially in the previous time when ‘Tasyoluk’ Secret Realm was opened, the eighty disciples that their Sect entered with, obtained a huge amount of resources, and they actually returned without making a single loss. From then on, they gained reputation in the cultivation world. Not to mention, since a few hundred years ago there would always be a disciple of theirs among the top three in the Inter-Sect Tournaments.”

Zi Mo sighed at how the times were changing. Zhu Yao blanked. Turning her head, she looked towards Yu Luo at the side, and saw her slow nod. Because this Azureflight Sect, was exactly the radish farm she established, and the person arriving was Wu Song! However, when did he become Sect Master? How did her, the expired Sect Master, not know of this?

“Little martial aunt, why don’t you head over to have a look with me?” Zi Mo gave an excited expression, yet after pondering for a moment, he said with a slight apologetic tone. “You have left for more than a thousand years, little martial aunt, so you aren’t aware of this. Nine hundred years ago, this Sect Master Wu Song asked for my daughter’s hand in marriage. I see that he is a material that can be sculpted, and is sincere to my daughter, so I accepted their engagement on my own discretion, and inform little martial aunt in the future once you return.” Although he was Yu Luo’s father, in the cultivation world, ever since the ancient times, what being practiced was the master- disciple inheritance, and it was taught that a master’s command was above everything else. Especially when it came to a lifelong decision such as choosing a practitioner-pair companion, usually, the disciple’s direct master’s approval was needed.

Zhu Yao looked towards Yu Luo’s pained expression, and her own face instantly darkened a little. Only then did she know of Yu Luo’s engagement with Yu Luo. Yet, he actually cheated on her so brazenly. For a moment, she was a little furious at how really blind she was back then.

“Alright, I will go with you.” She really wanted to see, how a span of a thousand years had turned Wu Song into an ungrateful wolf.

Yu Luo’s expression paled, yet she still nodded and followed after them.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, before deciding to cast a Cloaking Art, in order to conceal her own figure. Although Zi Mo felt it was a little strange, after thinking for a while, he figured that she wanted to test his own son-in-law, so he did not make any objections.

They sat at the great hall for a little while, before a group of people mightily walked into the place. Leading at the front was Wu Song as expected. He seemed to be much taller than before, his legs had lost a little of their tenderness, and looked a little more firm. Surrounding him, the flow of condensed spiritual energy could be sensed. That spiritual energy was different from normal as well, and it could be faintly sensed that there was something mixed within it. Zhu Yao was able to see it clearly, and simply felt it was uncoordinated. After taking a closer look, she realized he had actually reached the late stages of Nascent Soul.

Following behind him was a familiar group of people as well. They were exactly Radish Number One, Two, Three and Four. They had all grown up. In the past, she had felt that the radishes all looked pretty much the same. After taking a look now however, she felt every one of them had their own unique traits, and all of their cultivation level was at the early stages of Nascent Soul.

Zhu Yao looked to the side. Her line of sight fell at the woman who was half a step behind Wu Song, and was closely leaning against him. After having a good look at her face, Zhu Yao instantly felt as though she had swallowed a fly.

Why was the bug, Mu Meiyan, here!?

“Greetings, Reverend Zi Mo.” Wu Song bowed with his hands clasped.

“My dear son-in-law, there’s no need for formalities.” Zi Mo chuckled as he stepped forward with a joyful face. Earlier, Yu Luo did not have the chance to inform Zi Mo that a problem had surfaced in their relationship. “We’re all family. Come, come. Sit down.”

Awkwardness flashed past Wu Song’s face, and even the faces of the people behind him revealed hints of guilt. Turning his head, he glanced towards Yu Luo who was standing next to Zi Mo, and said with a low voice. “Yu Luo…”

Yu Luo frowned, and turned her head away.

Wu Song sighed, pulled the woman behind him, and sat at the side. This action of protecting another woman raised the dissatisfaction in Zi Mo’s heart, yet, he still forcefully suppressed the suspicion in the depths of his heart. “Wu Song, I wonder why you’re here in Ancient Hill Sect today?”

Wu Song looked even more hard-pressed than before, and for a moment, he did not know how he should express himself. Mu Meiyan who was next to him  however,  tugged  him.  Only  then did Wu Song turn his head to give her a smile, and resolved himself. “The reason why this one  is  here  today…  is  to  cancel the engagement with esteemed Sect’s Yu Luo.”

“What?” This time, Zi Mo was really stunned, as he looked at him with a face of disbelief. “This… Is there some kind of misunderstanding?”

Wu Song’s face turned uglier than before, and he once again looked towards Mu Meiyan who was next to him. “Sect Master Zi Mo, back then, I wasn’t mature enough. I mistook sibling love for actual love, and ended up delaying Miss Yu Luo. Fortunately, I was enlightened in time, I beg for your forgiveness.”

Zi Mo’s face instantly turned as dark as the bottom of a wok. Clenching his fists, large flames of anger surged from within him, causing him to wish that he could give this boy a smack down at this very instant. Enlightened? What did he treat his own daughter as? Some sort of demonic obstacle in his heart? And Yu Luo had to wait till his mind was clear? Did he understand how important a woman’s marriage was? If he were to cancel the engagement today, just how much big of an influence it would be for Yu Luo, had he ever thought of that?

Although the various Sects were not informed of their engagement, the fact that Yu Luo had been staying in Azureflight Sect for all these years, was something known to the entire cultivation world. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what kind of relationship the two people had. “Sect Master Wu.” Zi Mo took a deep breath, and only then did he finally stabilize his anger which was close to exploding. “Back then when you came to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage, this was not what you said. You sincerely swore that you would take good care of my daughter, and would never let her down. Only then did I hand my daughter to you. Yet, in a blink of an eye, you actually went back on your words. Who do you think I, Zi Mo, am? Is my daughter someone you can simply ruin like this?”

“I don’t mean it that way?” Wu Song was a little anxious. In the first place, he was in the wrong for this particular matter, and no matter how he beautified his words, he would simply be giving excuses.

“You don’t mean it that way? Then what do you actually mean?” Zi Mo snorted. His piercing gaze looked towards the gentle and frail woman at the side, and a pressure of might was instantly released. “I see that it’s this succubus here who’s causing trouble.”

Although Mu Meiyan had the cultivation of a Nascent Soul, in the end, she was still at the middle stages. For a moment, she was unable to bear the pressure released by a late-stage Nascent Soul practitioner, and retreated a few steps back. Wu Song’s heart instantly ached. Grabbing onto her hand, he dispelled the discomfort within her, and at that instant, he felt a little furious as well. “Sect Master Zi Mo, what’s the meaning of this? This matter does not concern Yan’er, so why the need to act against her?”

“Hmph.” Zi Mo snorted, and simply continued to release his pressure. You’re anxious to that extent, and you say that she’s unrelated to this matter? Who would believe that?

Mu Meiyan, who was at the side, took the opportunity  to move into Wu Song’s arms. A hint of something flashed past her eyes, however, it then instantly changed into a pitiful expression. Then, suddenly, she turned her head towards Yu Luo was at the back. “Big sister Yu Luo, it’s all my fault. I beg of you to not make things difficult for big brother Wu. I know I shouldn’t have taken big brother Wu from you, but… but things like feelings can’t be forced. Big brother Wu had always treated you like an elder sister, and had taken care of you for so many years. Are you really going to be that ruthless, and bring us down to our graves?”

She sounded so genuine and sincere, and that expression of hers as well, looked as though she was being bullied and was not willing to fight back. Yet, from her words, she was criticizing Yu Luo for being ungrateful. Right from the start, he never had feelings for you, yet, you’re still latching onto Wu Song without letting him go. Even Zhu could not help but praise her for her high-level acting skills.

As expected, Yu Luo instantly paled from her words, and was so flustered, she took a few steps back.

Wu Song’s expression became even more pained, and he stared at Yu Luo with slight hatred. “Yu Luo, on that day, I have already made it very clear. Yan’er is the only person in my heart. Why are you still acting this way?”

There was no longer even a trace of redness on Yu Luo’s face. Clearly, she hadn’t done a single thing, yet, she was forcefully labeled as the villain by the two of them. She could not help but bite her lips, and just as she was about to explain something, she was interrupted by Mu Meiyan. “Big brother Wu, don’t blame big sister Yu Luo. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.”

“Yan’er.” Wu Song became even more furious, and he ruthlessly glared at Yu Luo. “Yu Luo, I really didn’t think that, you’re actually such a person.”

Yu Luo’s paled expression instantly turned terribly white, and despair was what’s left on her face. A clear and cold voice, however, suddenly resounded.

“Tell me. What kind of a person is she?”

Instantly, a Demigod-stage pressure assaulted with an overwhelming force. Along with Wu Song, the two of  them were ruthlessly pressed onto the ground.

Zhu Yao released her Cloaking Art, and slowly, her figure was revealed.

The show had run for quite a white now, it’s time to bring an end to this drama.

Zhu Yaoo walked over with slow steps. As she completely ignored Wu Song’s expression which looked as though he had seen a ghost, she interrogated, with emphasis on every single word. “Wu Song. Tell me. What kind of person is my Yu Luo?” That little radish, who would cover for him even though she felt aggrieved, had always been sincere towards him, yet, she was being treated by him in such a manner. She really wanted to know, just what kind of ungrateful wolf had he turn into in a span of a thousand years. “So… Sovereign!” Wu Song completely did not think that she would appear here. Clearly, she had disappeared for a thousand years, and even he had thought that she had fallen a long time ago. How could she suddenly appear here, and at the very moment when he was here to cancel the engagement?

He could not help but recall that scene at Azureflight, when Zhu Yao handed Yu Luo to him.

At that moment, Wu Song did not know what to say. In the depths of his heart, he carried a certain degree of guilt towards Yu Luo in the first place. Earlier, it was simply a moment of anger on his part, and after seeing her and recalling the matters back then, he became even more guilty.

Though, at the side, Radish Number One to Four’s faces were filled with utter disbelief. Opening their mouths, they looked as though they wanted to call out something. However, they then hurriedly glanced towards Wu Song in front of them, and closed their mouths one after another.

“It’s you!” Though, Mu Meiyan lost her calm, and exclaimed out. The reason why Zhu Yao suddenly disappeared was something she clearly knew of, even though no one else knew about it. A hint of fluster was evidently displayed on her face. “How can you possibly be here?”

“Why can’t this Sovereign be here?” Zhu Yao replied with a laugh. “Though, it sure has been a long time, esteemed lady Ru, the precious daughter of Celestial Indus Sect Master.”

When her words fell, Mu Meiyan’s expression instantly paled. Everyone present looked towards Mu Meiyan on the ground with shocked faces, and all of them were filled with disbelief.

“The precious daughter of Celestial Indus Sect Master? How is that possible?” Radish Number Two regained his senses from Zhu Yao’s appearance, and muttered. “Isn’t she eldest martial sister’s friend?”

“I heard that Rulu of Celestial Indus Sect had been expelled from the Sect a long time ago.”

“That’s right. I heard it was because she killed someone from the same Sect.”
DONASI VIA TRAKTEER Bagi para cianpwe yang mau donasi untuk biaya operasional Cerita Silat IndoMandarin dipersilahkan klik tombol hati merah disamping :)

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