My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 11-20

Chapter11: Master’s New Skill

The little fatty’s actual intentions were exposed in front of everyone, yet, he became even more complacent. “I have already reached the first level of Essence, while you lot have yet to start cultivating at all. Naturally, I should be the first one in queue.”

Everything was clear now. It was actually a case brought about by the matters regarding the queueing for identity jade tablets. Zhu Yao was about to step forward, but, her sleeves was suddenly tugged. She was stopped by the white-clothed disciple beside her, and he was exactly the disciple who brought the little turnips to receive their tablets. Little Wang seemed to refer to him as senior-martial brother Qin.

“This junior-martial sister, it’s best not to step into matters like this.” The disciple surnamed Qin gave her an eye, pointed to that little fatty, and said with a low voice. “He’s the son of the first disciple of the Weapon-Refining Mountain. He possesses the Water and Wood Duo Spirit Veins, and is destined to enter the Inner Sect. It’s best to step aside, and prevent yourself from getting into trouble.”

So it’s actually a matter of status, huh. It’s no wonder no one is intervening. Just that, is it really alright to not teach him a lesson after he just beat up someone? They’re kids, after all. As she thought of this, the Little Wang over there had already finished dealing with the matter, by settling the queue order according to height, with the shortest standing at the front. It was evident that Little Wang was held in high esteem among this bunch of kids, as the little turnips seemed to have taken him as their leader figure.

In the end, little fatty was queued second from the back, and as Wang Xuzhi was the tallest, he was queued right at the back. Although the little fatty was a little unsatisfied, he did not directly express it out.

“Hey, hey, wife, you stand here.” After Wang Xuzhi got into his position, he pointed to his back, and beckoned Zhu Yao to come over.

He succeeded in causing the corner of her lips to twitch. Looking at the surrounding strange eyes directed at her, she suddenly had the impulse to pinch him to death. Wang Xuzhi looked at her unmoving figure, thinking that she  was unsatisfied with being right at the back, he gritted his teeth, painfully took a step back, and pointed to the now open position in front of him. “If not, I can permit you to stand in front of me as well!” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened even more. However, seeing his serious expression, she had no choice but to walk over. She then scooped Little Wang up, and strongly spanked his buttocks a few times.

Little Wang took in deep breaths due to the pain, yet, strangely, he did not yell out. He looked at Zhu Yao with a mysterious expression, and then slowly turned his head to the side.

Hey, hey, what is a youngster like you blushing red for?

Not understanding the spoiled brat’s thoughts, she decided to ignore it, however, she suddenly felt being bumped by someone. Looking forward, standing in front of her was little fatty, and coincidentally, the child who was beat up, was queued just right in front of him. Little fatty took the opportunity when no one was looking, and with a squeeze of his buttocks, he successfully squeezed into the third position from the back. He even turned his head back and made a face at the kid behind him.

That child called Xiao Yi, did not get a good footing, and almost fell again. Barely holding up, he looked at the little fatty in front of him with a face filled with hatred. Tightly gripping the tiny fists in front of him, he lightly muttered out something. His voice was soft, it was not loud enough for anyone else to hear, but, Zhu Yao, who was standing right behind him, was able to hear him very clearly.

“One day, I will have everyone in this world crawl beneath my feet.”

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a familiar yet strange feeling. She was unable to describe what it was, she simply felt something was wrong. When she looked at the child in front of her carefully, she finally recognized him. Was he not the little beggar with Duo Spirit Veins back at the city? Back then, his calmness and seriousness which were different compared to the rest of the children were even highly evaluated by Li Lin. Zhu Yao wondered which master would he be taken in by?

But why did she feel strange when she was looking at him?
Just what was wrong with him?

Zhu Yao sank deep into her thoughts, however, no matter how much she thought of the matter, she was unable to find a single reason. Her thoughts were then interrupted by the manager, who respectfully handed her tablet onto her hands. She then simply explained a few things to Little Wang, telling him she was under a different master from him, and would often come over to see him. As he gave her a “you’re not going to do your wifely duties again” expression, following the manager, Zhu Yao returned to Jade Forest Mountain.

The life of cultivating was extremely dull. Ever since the morning her master taught her how to take in spiritual energy into her body, he had never appeared again. Just where did he go? Zhu Yao tried to sense spiritual energy in the house for an entire day, and was finally unable to sit still any longer. If she was going to continue sitting like this, forget about spiritual energy, she was about to starve to death.

Zhu Yao had searched the entire house, yet, she did not find anything that was edible. She had even searched her master’s house as well, forget about food, even he had disappeared. At how things were going, she was definitely going to starve to death. Master could not have forgotten that she needed to eat, right?

She looked at the lush forest of trees at the base of the mountain, and considered relying on herself to look for food. But, someone like her who could even forget to pour water into the electronic rice cooker, even if she were to go out for a hunt, she would not be able to cook, right? Furthermore, she did not have any hunting skills either.

Master… Hurry and come home, your disciple is about to starve to death.

Hence, when a certain master returned from his closed-door meditation three days later, he once again obtained another collapsed body in front of his house. Yu Yan frowned. Did his disciple perhaps possess an eccentric personality, and like to lie on the ground at random moments?

Silently casting the Dirt Removal Art on his disciple, and also inserting some spiritual energy inside her body, the fallen body on the ground finally got up.

Seeing Yu Yan, Zhu Yao could not help but burst into tears, and she instantly hugged onto his legs. “Master!”

Yu Yan stiffened. He was really not used to being hugged like this. However, when he thought that the one hugging onto his leg was the disciple he had finally longed for, he suppressed his feelings of flinging her away. His little disciple seemed to like him quite a lot, she was actually this moved after leaving for only a few days. “You’re finally back, I was about to starve to death.” Zhu Yao began her accusations while she was still in tears. If not for that final line that still lied in her heart, she would have already went to bite on the tree barks. As someone who had never starved since young, she was really not used to it. “I want to eat!”

Yu Yan instantly rejected her request. “As a practitioner, one must not savor on food. There are too many impurities in the food of the mortal realm which will easily influence your cultivation.”

“But Master, if I don’t eat now, I will really starve to death!” How the hell was she going to cultivate if she died?

Yu Yan was startled, only now did he recall that his disciple had yet to even learn how to take in spiritual energy into her body. It seemed like… it would not do if she did not eat. Yu Yan went into a moment of silence, and looked at his crying disciple who was clinging onto his leg, his face was filled with melancholy, as though it was saying “Why is my disciple so weak?” He sighed, and then, his figure disappeared in a flash. Zhu Yao was left alone on the grass field, and a gentle breeze blew past her. So hungry…

Just when she thought that  her  master  had  decided  not  to care about her any longer, in a blur,  her  master  who  had  just left, returned with a big bag of stuffs. With a shake of his hand, a large number of fresh cabbages, carrots and other vegetables fell out. So he went to look for food for her, but… how was she going to eat them raw?

Just as she was skeptical about this, her master picked up a carrot and a few other vegetables, opened the kitchen’s door, pulled up his sleeves and began to cook.

Zhu Yao stared blankly at the white-clothed man. With a hand holding onto the carrot, and with a knife on the other, he began to slice the vegetables, making ‘dong dong dong’ sounds on the chopping board. He was actually performing this daily life scene with such overflowing divinity. Master, when did you put skill points into your life skills?

Chapter12: Network Delaying Auntie

In less than ten minutes, on the stone table in front of the thatched cottage, five dishes comprising of four plates of vegetables and a bowl of soup, were neatly placed. Their aroma floated in the air. And, throughout the entire process, Zhu Yao’s mouth was wide open, and had yet to recover from that state, as she looked at that certain non-deity-like person in front of her.

“Eat!” Yu Yan indifferently said a single word. Sitting right across her, he passed her a bowl of white rice, and signaled her to start eating.

Zhu Yao mechanically took the bowl, a bunch of exclamation marks were still crazily scrolling through her mind. “Master, you know how to cook?”

Yu Yan passed her a pair of chopsticks, paused for a moment, and then said. “Your grandmaster once taught me.”

Oh, so it’s a skill inheritance. Silently, she began eating. After finishing three bowls of rice, she was finally full, and she put down her bowl and chopsticks. I’m stuffed. She felt as though she was resurrected from the dead. Throughout the entire process, Yu Yan simply sat across her, watching her eat. When she finally placed down her chopsticks, he began to clear the bowls and plates on the table. Before Zhu Yao could even stop him, he had already finished cleaning them in the kitchen. Along the way, he even took the rest of the vegetables piled up outside the doorway and placed them neatly in the kitchen.

Zhu Yao simply looked on with sparkling eyes, and had almost wanted to write the two words “Virtuous House-husband” on her master’s forehead.

Her master was actually capable of doing anything!

Yu Yan looked at Zhu Yao’s expression, and knew that she had yet to take in any spiritual energy. Yet, he did not press her, and simply gave her some encouraging words, telling her not to rush her cultivation and things like that. The more Zhu Yao heard those words, the more moved she was. She felt that she had really struck a pot of gold, as she actually encountered a master with such all-round capabilities.

Her will to cultivate was filled with even more vigor, and she confidently returned to the house to sense spiritual energy. Unfortunately, even though she had the motivation, reality was cruel. Zhu Yao meditated for an entire night, although she did not fall asleep this time around, she still could not feel a hint of spiritual energy. Looking at the sun which had already risen, Zhu Yao felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

The last time she went out, she had already found out that, the little turnips who had followed her to the sect, had all sensed spiritual energy, hence, they were able to receive their identity jade tablets. Because, things like jade tablets, can only be opened after inserting spiritual energy into them. And that little fatty, had even cultivated to the first level of Essence. As for Little Wang, he had even reached the second level of Essence. This was also why the rest of the little turnips treated him as their leader. As for Zhu Yao, she did not even possess the ability to open her own identity tablet.

So embarrassing. Where’s the promised cheat of a Lightning Spirit Vein holder?

Zhu Yao let out a long sigh. She felt that she had to find her master next door and talked to him about life, so as to console her broken heart. Just when she got up, a familiar flow of warmth rushed out from her lower body. As though thousands of horses were galloping across her, it was aggressive and endless. Zhu Yao’s expression paled, and felt like crying. Before she could even greet her auntie she had not seen for a long time, an excruciating pain came from her lower abdomen, robbing her consciousness. Momma’s egg, why the hell does it hurt so much!

She had always have a bad defect, her period would always hurt, and it was even the very excruciating type. Every month, in the few days before her auntie arrived, she would always make sure not to take any cold drinks, and only then could she calmly let it past. As long as she took in a sip of cold water, she would have to definitely be sent to the hospital and be jabbed with painkillers.

But, in the couple of months after she arrived at this world, her auntie mysteriously disappeared. She had even slightly rejoiced about it once, thinking that there might not be such a cruel creature such as an auntie in this world. How would she have known that she was simply unacclimatized to this world, which caused a network delay? A few months worth of aunties were just waiting for her!

Including the entire night of cold breeze she endured when she climbed the mountain a few days ago, it seemed like the excruciating pain she was suffering this time around, would not end anytime soon. A while later, Zhu Yao had already curled up into a ball due to the pain, yet, she was still unable to lighten the sense of pain. And, the bed had also been stained with countless red dots of blood. And just when she felt she was about die from the pain, the door banged open. A white figure appeared in front of her bed.

On his cold expression, his two brows deeply creased, he looked strangely at her rolling figure, and Yu Yan was really startled by the smell of blood suddenly permeating into the air. “You’re wounded?” Who was it? Who dared to harm  my disciple who was under my supervision?

“Master!” Zhu Yao silently pulled over her blanket to cover her two legs. There was nothing more embarrassing than having her period seen.

“Who wounded you?” Yu Yan reached out his hand, grabbed her wrist, and started to check her pulse. A large amount of blood loss, it seemed like she was injured very severely.

“No… It’s not that!” Zhu Yao embarrassingly pulled her hand back. He could not have not noticed it was just her  period, right? “Master, take your leave first. I will be fine in just a moment. Oh right, if it’s not inconvenient for you, do you mind boiling me a bowl of brown sugar water?”

Brown sugar water? What’s that? Yu Yan was entirely clueless. Looking at her hesitant expression, he could not help but guess that, did she perhaps have a reason for not telling him? Or did the person who harmed her threatened her with something? A certain master was enraged. There was actually someone in this world capable of threatening his disciple.

“You do not have to be afraid, tell master what’s the matter. I will personally help you do justice.”

“…” How the hell was she going to explain about her auntie? “Master, I’m really alright?”

Yu Yan frowned even deeper. Seeing that she was determined to not voice out about it, he had no choice but to take the next best option. “Let your master see your wound.”

“Eh!?” Are you serious? I don’t have a wound though?

However, Yu Yan had already pulled her blanket away, and looked over to her legs. Because of that earlier action, her auntie’s blood splurged out even more, and in just a moment later, streams of blood had already flowed down her thighs, staining her entire pants. In Yu Yan’s eyes however, her injuries seemed to have worsened, because the smell of fresh blood was even more dense that before. He reached out his hand to take off his disciple’s pants, wanting to investigate her wound.

Zhu Yao suddenly reacted, pressing on his hand, her entire face had already paled from his attempted action.

“Master, I’m really alright. This is normal.”

Yu Yan still had the same serious expression as he looked at her. With reproachful eyes, he pulled her hand away. “You’re injured to this extent, how is this normal? Release my hand, let your master have a look.”

“No!” Zhu Yao was so frightened, she even forgot about the pain. She instantly leaped up, and hid to the corner of the bed. Ever since she was young, this was the first time her pants was being righteously stripped off by someone, who the hell could be calm about it?

Yu Yan’s face momentarily darkened. His expression which did not possess any warmth in the first place, had turned even colder. “Come over here!”

Zhu Yao shook her head furiously. If she were to go over, her chastity and virginity would disappear, alright!?

Yu Yan waved his hand, and Zhu Yao simply felt her body stiffening. As though she had lost control of her body, she flew to the front, and landed nicely in Yu Yan’s embrace. With a simple pull, Zhu Yao’s pants were pulled down, revealing a white **** which was stained red with blood.

Zhu Yao simply felt a chill on her lower body, and momentarily, embarrassment, awkwardness, astonishment, humiliation, different types of feelings burst out from her heart. A shriek which she could not suppress rang throughout the clouds, and then, out of reflex, with her right hand, she gave a tight slap into the face of the person beside her.

“Ah—————— ****!”

‘Auntie’: A chinese internet slang for a girl’s period. As to how this term came about… ahem, it seems they derived it from English. From what I understand, it went like this: When a girl hits puberty, she will have to wait until it comes every month. Unti sounds like Auntie. Hence, female netizens would always say ‘My auntie has come.’ when their period arrives. Yeah, chinese people are weird. There are funny variations as to how the term came about as well. If you guys are interested, I will post them up when I have the time.

‘Momma’s egg’: Another variation of ‘what the hell’ or any other curses. I could have simply changed it to one of the English variations, but I decided to keep it this way, ’cause of some wordplays in the future.

Chapter13: Master Has Good Skills

Sovereign Yu Yan, as the person who was titled number one in the cultivation world, it had been many thousands of years since he last suffered injuries, to be precise, it had been many thousands of years since someone ever dared to act against him. People who dared to act against him, had either been turned into bones, or had already ascended. However, he was smacked once again just yesterday morning. And this person who dared to act against him, was the precious disciple he had waited for ten thousand years. With a ‘pa’ sound, a strong and solid slap landed on his left cheek. His face was fine, but his disciple’s hand reddened.

Yu Yan completely could not understand. He simply wanted to look at his idiot disciple’s wound, why did she have such a large reaction? Not only did she not allow him to look, she even acted against him? Truth to be told, he was a little frightened by his disciple’s piercing scream. Thus, he had no choice but to take the next best option, leaving behind a few medicine that could stop her bleeding.

He had to think clearly, just what was wrong with  his disciple? Although he had always known that his disciple was not very bright, this was still the first time she had such a violent reaction. And the word she clearly shouted, “****”, was that referring to him? Ever since he was young, he had lived in the Jade Forest Mountain, the number of people he had contact with was very limited. Although he had often went for training in the outside world when he was young, it had been a long time since then, and most of time was spent staying in the Jade  Forest Mountain, waiting for a Lightning Spirit Vein  disciple  to appear. So, the things he knew about the outside world were rather limited. Just what was the meaning of “****”? His master had never taught that to him before!

So as to protect his prestige as her master, and to clearly understand the reason for his disciple’s odd behavior, the Sovereign Yu Yan who had holed himself up for more than ten thousand years had decided to make a visit to the mortal realm.

With the spirit to learn, he underwent a field investigation. (Of course, he used the Invisibility Art) After spending an entire day flying around the world, he finally understood that his disciple was actually not injured, but was a natural phenomenon that only occurred to women. The mortal realm termed it “period”.

Yu Yan heaved a sigh of relief, he was finally able to settle down. It’s good that she’s not injured. However, a new problem surfaced again. Why did his disciple not allow him to  look? Since it was a natural phenomenon, why did she have to hide it? Was it because she was afraid of being scolded? But he had never scolded her a single word before. No matter how hard he thought, Yu Yan was unable to understand his disciple’s thoughts. In the end, he could only deemed it as, his disciple was really an idiot. ( – – )

After he had understood a few precautions, Yu Yan left the mortal realm, and returned with extreme haste. The moment he entered the room, when he smelled the stifling dense smell of blood, Yu Yan frowned even deeper. He simply cast a wind-type mystic art, and the smell of the blood lightened.

And that idiotic disciple of his, had already fainted on the bed, which was completely stained with blood. Yu Yan closed in, and used the Dirt Removal Art to remove the bloodstains her body and the bed. Then, he raised her up from the bed, and fed her with a bottle of Blood-Raising Essence Building potion. Seeing that her twisted brows had loosened a little, he was finally relieved. He placed her nicely on the bed, and then, covered her with her blanket.

Looking at her, he was still not able to settle down. He took out the Millennium Ice Silk from the storage pouch he kept with him, transformed it into a blanket, and covered it nicely over his disciple. After confirming that she would not catch a cold, he waved his hand, lighting up the candle-lights. Then, he silently took out another white fabric that was glowing with a faint light, and a pair of scissors.

When Zhu Yao woke up, she momentarily thought that the days she spent living in the cultivation world was just a nightmare. Because, she felt like she had returned home. The thing in front of her looked like the wooden square table she had used for many years in her house, under the table were four metal-plated stools, and her thrifty mother was currently sewing while sitting on the stool.

Eh, wait a minute. When did her mom become a man? And she was even wearing a weird white robe.

“Mas… Master!” She finally recognized the person who was currently sewing in front of her. For a moment, she was unable to control herself, and her jaw was once again in danger of dropping.

The hands of the person in front of her paused, and then, he calmly looked at her. “You’re awake.”

Then, his fingers moved. After smoothly tying a knot, he bit off the head of the string. His movements were crisp and precise, he was even more skilled than her own mom by a couple of levels.

“Master… You… You…” Oh my god. What did  she  just witness? Her master was actually capable of needlework! Master, please tell me, just which skill have you not added skill points into!?

Yu Yan did not seem to have noticed her astonishment. After calmly keeping the sewing kit into his storage pouch, and clearing up the dozens of rectangular-shaped fabrics he had finished sewing, he walked over. Reaching out his hand to check Zhu Yao’s pulse, he asked. “Is your body feeling better?”

“Ye… Yes!” Zhu Yao was still in a state of shock. Only after his hint, did she realize that the auntie which had caused her to faint due to the pain, had already eased by a good amount, however, it was still in a state of turbulence. She unconsciously retreated a little.

However, this time, Yu Yan did not mind her movements, and passed her all the sewed products in his hands.

Zhu Yao  curiously  took  them.  The  fabrics  were  soft  and smooth, the texture were really great, and they were unbelievably light. With just a glance, she knew they were not ordinary products. And, his work was really precise. Even though there were stitches everywhere, she was completely unable to find any spaces between the heads of the strings. Evidently, he was skilled with his handicraft.

“What is this fabric?” It looked extremely expensive.

“Southern Sea Sharkman Rawsilk.” Yu Yan answered without any mind. “Your master only has this fabric material on hand. Make use of it first. If you don’t like it, I will help you look for some better ones tomorrow.”

“For me? What is it for?” Zhu Yao stretched the fabric. It’s so small, is it a handkerchief?

Yu Yan once again gave her a ‘why is my disciple such an idiot’ expression, and said in a resounding voice. “Sanitary pads.”

Zhu Yao’s hands trembled, and she almost fell off the bed. Sanitary pads!

Auntie pads!

The reason why he sat on the stool and sewed for such a long time, was to make her auntie pads!!!!!

Yu Yan completely did not realize his disciple was close to turning into a stone, and patiently continued to explain.

“Don’t worry, I have done my research. A woman’s period lasts for at most five to six days. These are enough to last you for this entire month. If it’s still not enough, I will make more for you then.”

“In times like this, women will be fatigued and physically weak. Regarding the matters about your cultivation, there’s no need to rush.”

“If there’s any other inconvenience, you’re permitted to tell your master directly. I will not scold you.” “The brown sugar water you spoke of, I will boil some for you tomorrow.”

“Have a good rest for today, your master will come see you again tomorrow.”

After saying all that neatly and orderly, he stood up and left.

As for the certain person whose hands were stuffed with auntie pads, she was still in a stoned state. She did not regain her senses for a long while, and her heart was so confused, it was as though she had been struck by a hurricane.

Is… Is Master really alright?

There’s something wrong with my master’s brain, what do I do? Emergency, someone, please help!

Yu Yan had never been a master before, this was his first time. When he broke through into the Azoth-stage, his master had already ascended. It had been far too long since then, and the memories of his interaction with his master had long been unclear and foggy. Hence, he had completely no experience in bringing up disciples, and was a pure first-timer. Adding that his disciple was a little stupid, he was even more worried.

Thus, he decided to gain experience from his grand-martial nephew, who had plenty of experience in bringing up disciples.

Hence, when Ancient Hill Sect Master, Reverend Zi Mo, had finished managing the day’s worth of heavy paperwork regarding the sect, and was about to take a nap, he was startled awake by the sudden appearance of Sovereign Yu Yan in his room. The number of times this person left the Jade Forest Mountain in these ten thousand years could be counted clearly with just ten fingers. Yet, this person actually visited his room personally. Is he going to give me some pointers? Reverend Zi Mo was excited. Just when he was about to express his respect to this ancestral-martial uncle of his, this ancestral-martial uncle threw him an odd question.

“How do you make brown sugar water?”

What? Brown sugar water? Is that some sort of new Mystic Art?

Chapter14: The Sect Master’s Headache

“The thing ancestral-martial uncle is speaking of, is it… a type of Mystic Art?”


“Food? Is it an unknown heavenly treasure?”

“No.” Yu Yan frowned. Unless he has never heard of  it  as well? “It’s a type of drink usually given to people who are experiencing a loss of blood.”

The corner of Zi Mo’s lips twitched. “Is  ancestral-martial uncle referring to water that is boiled after the brown sugar has dissolved in it?”

Yu Yan pondered for a moment, and nodded. So it can be done with just dissolving the brown sugar in boiled water. “Do you have brown sugar here?”

“N… No.” Zi Mo coughed a few times, and finally regained his senses. Just why was his ancestral-martial uncle looking for this this late in the night? “But, if ancestral-martial uncle urgently needs it, this disciple can send down a request, and I will have it sent to ancestral-martial uncle tomorrow.”

“Mn.” Yu Yan still had the same cold expression on his face, slightly nodding his head, he agreed to his suggestion. Satisfied, he turned to leave. After taking a few steps out, he suddenly thought of something, and once again turned his head back. He then asked with a serious expression. “Say, during a woman’s period, other than drinking brown sugar water, is there anything else that needs to be taken note of?”

“Ah!?” Zi Mo’s legs jerked, and he almost fell onto the ground. He… He did not mishear, right? A woman’s period!? “Ancestral… ancestral… martial… uncle, why… why are you asking about this?”

“You don’t know either?” Yu Yan squinted his eyes, lightly looking into Zi Mo’s eyes. His facial expression did not change, however, his expression evidently showed his disdain. So much for having so many disciples under you.

Zi Mo simply felt cold sweat dripping down from his forehead. Biting the bullet, he replied. “This… this disciple did not really conduct a deep research about it. However… I heard that during that period of time, women will experience a huge loss of blood, they cannot be overly exhausted. and they cannot come in contact with anything cold.”

Yu Yan nodded, and silently took note of it. After pondering for a moment, he continued with his stern and serious interrogation. “Then, what material is best for sanitary pads?” When his disciple received the rawsilk sanitary pads, her expression was strange, she should have been unsatisfied with the material used.

“……” Was his ancestral-martial uncle’s body  taken  over? Why did he have to ask a man like him, about a woman’s private matters? “This… This disciple thinks that, it should be a fabric material with good… water absorption characteristic. For example, Fresh Camlet and the like.”

“Fresh Camlet?” Yu Yan was startled. That seemed to be made out of silk spit out from a type of low-grade spirit silkworm. He really did not have any on hand, hence, he turned his head and silently stared at Zi Mo, who had been wiping his cold sweat off the entire time.

“……” Zi Mo trembled from the stare. Without a choice, he took out his storage pouch, and silently pulled out a bunch of white fabric. “This disciple has a few pieces of them, if ancestral-martial uncle do not mind, you can freely choose…”

“Mn!” Yu Yan nodded, and before Zi Mo could even finish, with a wave of his hand, all of the fabric material were kept into his own storage ring, leaving none behind.

Zi Mo, who was still holding onto the storage pouch: “……”

I didn’t say I was giving them all to you, right? Ancestral- martial uncle, don’t you think you’re a little too bold? Rubbing his hands with a pained heart, he did not have the nerve to get them back.

“Ancestral-martial uncle, the reason why you’re asking about all this is?” If someone were to tell Zi Mo that this person who had cultivated for more than ten thousand years suddenly had interests in the matters of a woman, even if he was beaten to death, he would not believe it.

Yu Yan answered without a care. “My disciple is on her period. I’m taking care of her.” Oh, so it’s about his newly accepted disciple.

Wait a minute! Is there a need for him to take care of something like this?

“Ancestral… ancestral-martial uncle, junior-martial aunt… is a woman!”

Yu Yan gave him a chilled glance. Isn’t that obvious?

Zi Mo’s heart cramped, he hesitated how he was going to have ancestral-martial uncle understand the difference between a man and a woman. “This disciple is trying to say, if you’re this worried about junior-martial aunt… is… is she alright?”

Yu Yan frowned, and replied. “She fainted.”


“It’s just blood loss, nothing to worry about.” He had already fed her the medicine, and even cast on her a Mystic Art that relieved pain. He was rather confident in his own Mystic Arts. “……” He was not referring to that. “Ancestral-martial uncle, do you happen to know, what periods… ahem, mean to women?”

Yu Yan swept his sleeves without a care. He had gotten the things he needed, it was about time he left.

Zi Mo continued. “In the mortal realm, when a girl reaches eleven or twelve years old, or even earlier, they will have… ahem. This means that they have reached adulthood, and they can…” marry.

“Have an early rest.” Before he could finish, unable to  wait any longer, Yu Yan’s figure flashed, disappearing without a trace.

Zi Mo, who was about to get to the main point: “……”

Rubbing his own storage pouch, his heart ached even more.

The reason why ancestral-martial uncle came here late in the night, was just to take away his Fresh Camlet? Although Fresh Camlet could not be said to be a very precious fabric material, it was not something a regular person could afford to wear. And, due to its strong water absorption characteristic, and defensive capability, usually, people would use it to refine water-type weapons. Using a fabric material like that for sanitary pads, was really too unthinkable. The most important issue was, ancestral-martial uncle took all of his stock, and did not even leave a single small piece for him.

Zi Mo painfully sighed. What could he do about it? That person was his ancestral-martial uncle, after all. He could do nothing but to just let it go. Just when he was depressed, on his bed, he actually saw a piece of white fabric material which was emitting a soft glow, as though the moonlight was shining upon it. It should be something ancestral-martial uncle left for him. Zi Mo picked it up to take a look, and was so shocked, even his hands began to tremble.

This… This… This… This is Rawsilk! The Rawsilk which were produced from Southern Sea Sharkmen could be said to be a rare treasure in the world, and could be used to refine defensive spiritual treasures of a high grade. Their value corresponded to the aggressiveness of the Sharkmen. Sharkmen were born naturally as eighth-grade beasts, which were equal to Azoth- stage of human practitioners, and usually, they move in groups, people would not easily dare to offend them. A Sharkman would only produce a single piece of Rawsilk in its entire life, and it would treat the Rawsilk as its life. In other words, to obtain a single piece, one must possess the resolve to face a Sharkman to its death.

And currently, he had that one piece in his hands. Zi Mo chuckled as he touched the piece of Rawsilk. The depression he had earlier from losing his Fresh Camlet was instantly replaced by a large amount of satisfaction. He would not mind sending ancestral-martial uncle another few hundred pieces of them.

But, the moment he thought of what he had used this fabric material for, an unsettling feeling began to surface again.

Wait a minute, the reason why ancestral-martial uncle left this Rawsilk, was to exchange it for the Fresh Camlet which he did not have, in other words, he only had Rawsilk on hand before this. Then the material he used for the sanitary pads before this was…

Zi Mo momentarily felt uncomfortable all around his body.

As Zi Mo sank into deep frustration, Yu Yan had already returned to Jade Forest Mountain, preparing to sew the sanitary pads throughout the night. He looked towards the direction of his disciple. It was completely dark in the house, it seemed she had already fallen asleep. Hesitating for a moment, with a heart full of worry, he opened the door.

This disciple of his was really too weak, the main point was that her mind was not really that bright. She was hurting that much during the day, yet, she was still unwilling to tell him the reason, not only was she weak, she was stupid as well. If he were to not tighten his watch over her, he was really worried that she might one day die of stupidity.

Inside the house, Zhu Yao was already asleep. Yu Yan stretched his hand out and checked her pulse. Her pulse was much stronger and steadier than it was in the morning, it seemed she would not feel that much pain after this. Heaving a sigh of relief, he once again looked at his silly disciple who had rolled herself in the blanket.

Suddenly, he recalled Zi Mo’s words. He said that during this special period of time, women must not catch a cold. After pondering for a moment, he silently took out a blanket and covered it over her. A mortal catches a cold easily, right?

He looked at her again, and was still feeling a little worried. Not sure if a blanket was enough, he once again took out another blanket and covered it over her. He glanced at her again, and was still feeling slightly worried. Yu Yan was not a stingy person, hence, he took out a third blanket.

He peeked at her again, taking out a fourth…


Thus, on the sixth morning Zhu Yao was taken in as a disciple, she was woken up from the heat!

Chapter15: Reunion With Little Wang

Looking at the ten blankets stacking on top of her body, which were restraining her from moving, Zhu Yao felt extremely uncomfortable. Not just that, unclear of when it began, her master was standing next to her, and with his hands, he was calmly raising up the eleventh blanket, looking as though he was about to press it onto her.

“Master…” Zhu Yao was a little disheartened, was this Master’s newly invented method of waking her up? I have to say, you win.

“Mn!” Yu Yan indifferently responded. Without leaving  a trace, he kept the eleventh blanket, and from his calm and collected expression, it looked as though he was not the person who had kept watch of his disciple by her bedside throughout the night. “How’s your body?” As he said that, his hand had already reached out to her wrist to check on her pulse.

Zhu Yao, who was questioned about her auntie in the early morning, instantly blushed completely red. But, seeing the serious expression of the person who questioned her, she mustered up her courage and replied. “Much better.” As though she wanted to prove that she was indeed healthy, she tried to get up. After confirming that there were no abnormalities in her pulse, Yu Yan was finally at ease. Retracting his hand back, he told her to rest more, and not to get up in such a hurry. Looking at the sky which had already turned bright, he recalled his disciple’s request to drink brown sugar water yesterday. He turned, and headed towards the kitchen.

“Master, wait a minute!” Just when he turned his body, the disciple behind him pulled onto his sleeves. He turned his head back and saw his stupid disciple’s face which looked as though she was about to cry, as she pitifully said. “Do you mind pulling me out? I’m being pressed on by the blankets, I can’t get out by myself at all.”


Five days later, Zhu Yao’s auntie went away on schedule. During the five days, she was definitely living in pure misery. Forget about her master who spent his entire time sewing and making her sanitary pads, Jade Forest Mountain, which was usually quiet and serene, suddenly became lively. Every day, there would be waves after waves of disciples heading up the mountain for the purpose of sending them brown sugar supplies. Before leaving, they would always give her curious looks. She felt as though the entire sect knew that her auntie was here. A bowl of brown sugar water would also appear on the table for every meal as well. After drinking so much, currently, she would even feel nausea just from the sight of water. After all, the bowls of brown sugar water were made by her master, there was nothing else she could do but to bite the bullet, and drink them all down. Hence, the moment her auntie left, she clearly, bluntly, and firmly expressed that she no longer need them. Only then did her master finally stop his “poison-feeding” actions.

Because of this incident, Zhu Yao was deeply concerned about her cultivation life after this. This master of hers, looking at him from all aspects, she had to say, she was not unsatisfied with him. Handsome, high cultivation level, high status, and he even added skill points in every possible life skill. The main point was, he was extremely good to her, his disciple. The only flaw was… he was lacking in a bit of common sense.

That’s right, common sense. Just like this incident, if not for his extremely sincere behavior, she would have really believed that he had a hole in his brain.

She really wondered just how he did he manage to survive for so many years. It seemed like she had to give him reminders from time to time in the future, after all, she was someone that had experienced the lives of two different worlds. With someone who was like a bunch of worries as her master, it seemed like it was not possible for her to live her life quietly as a female practitioner.

Heaving a long sigh, Zhu Yao, who had holed up for another half a month after the auntie incident, decided to head down the mountain to relieve her boredom. Catching a disciple who had just passed by, she had him bring her to the Main Mountain. She had decided to take a look at Little Wang.

After all, both of them could be considered to come from the same hometown, and she was the one who brought him here as well. Naturally, she felt responsible for him, and from their last encounter, the little fellow was evidently worried about her as well. Although he was young, he already had the undertaking to be a real man. Occasionally, a sense of pride would somehow rise within her.

After making some inquiries along the way, she found out that batch of disciples had already finished their sect-entry lectures, and had been allocated to the various Mountains. “This senior-martial brother, I wonder if you have heard of a certain child named Wang Xuzhi, and the place he had been allocated to?” Zhu Yao continued her inquiries.

“Wang Xuzhi!” The eyes of disciple who was questioned momentarily sparkled, and his slightly irritated attitude earlier turned extremely enthusiastic. “Are you asking about the Sect Master’s newly accepted chamber disciple? The one with the Fire Heavenly Spirit Vein?”

Zhu Yao nodded. Although she did not really know if Little Wang was taken in as the Sect Master’s disciple, if that person possessed the Fire Heavenly Spirit Vein, then it should be him.

“Mind if I ask, you’re…”

“I’m his big sister.” Zhu Yao casually came up with a reason. So as to not have someone else call her ancestor, along the way, she did not reveal her identity.

Unexpectedly, the moment the disciple heard this, his attitude towards her became much more respectful. “Junior-martial brother Wang had been taken in by the Sect Master, currently, he should be in the Sword Mountain. If junior-martial sister do not mind, this disciple here can bring you there.”

Naturally, Zhu Yao was happy to have someone lead  her there, and thus, she followed him to the  Sword  Mountain. When she reached, she realized the Sword Mountain was not that far from the Jade Forest Mountain, as it was just floating right under the Jade Forest Mountain. And, there were teleportation formations between the various Mountains, so there was not exactly a need to fly between them.

That disciple brought Zhu Yao to one teleportation formation after another, and finally, they teleported to a small courtyard. Within the courtyard, with just a single glance, Zhu Yao was able to spot Little Wang, who was currently swinging a sword that was much longer than himself.

Zhu Yao bade goodbye to the person who brought her here, and thanked him, before entering the courtyard. The moment she stepped into the courtyard, Wang Xuzhi saw her. A large surprise flashed across his little face which was drenched in sweat. He sprinted towards her right after keeping his sword, and he shouted loudly as he ran.

“Wife!” Zhu Yao raised her fist and sent a knock onto his small head, a big bun grew on his head. “What nonsense are you shouting? You have no manners at all.”

“It’s not nonsense!” With a pitiful expression, Little Wang rubbed his painful head. Unsatisfied, he refuted back. “My father once told me, a woman treats her husband as her sky, so, I’m bigger than you.”

Just why could he not put that matter to rest? Zhu Yao could not help but forcefully pinch his round cheeks. “It seems a little child like you haven’t been taught well, why is having a wife on your mind every single day? Who would become your wife anyway!”

“Of course, it’s you.” Wang Xuzhi said seriously. “A real man must be upright, and keep to his words. I once said I will marry you, so I will definitely marry you. I won’t despise you. And, I’m already ten years old, I’m no longer a child!”

Aiya, you’re rather stubborn, aren’t you? “Was  that something your father taught you as well?”

Wang Xuzhi shook his head. “My master taught me that.” Zhu Yao felt it was funny, and stroked his head. “Then, did your master teach you this? As someone cultivating to becoming a deity, you must abstain from normal pleasures of life and deny material satisfaction, so you cannot have thoughts of finding love. You’re destined to not have a wife in your entire life!”

Wang Xuzhi shook his head, as though he had thought of something regarding what she just said, he frowned. “But… Master has a wife, big senior-martial brother has a wife too, and senior-martial brother Shushu has a wife as well!”

Uh… Alright, her version of education seemed to be incorrect.

“Ahem… I heard the Sect Master has taken you in as his disciple.” Zhu Yao changed the topic of discussion.

The moment she brought up the matter of his master, Little Wang instantly had a prideful look, and haughtily raised his head up. “I’m a chamber disciple, you know.”

Chapter16: Emergency

“Chamber disciple?” Earlier, it seemed like she had heard that term from the person who lead her here as well. However, she was not exactly sure of the specifics.

Seeing that she did not understand, Little Wang, with a serious expression, began to explain to her. “I heard from eldest senior-martial brother that, only chamber disciples are taught mystic arts personally by master. The rest of the Inner Sect disciples are taught by my senior-martial brothers.”

There’s actually a system like this! But, it was understandable. There were so many disciples in the Ancient Hill Sect, other than the talentless Outer Sect disciples, the rest were allocated to the Six Mountains. The number of disciples that belonged under each Mountain Lord were at least in the high thousands, and at most, above ten thousand. If all of them were to  be taught by the Mountain Lord alone, he or she would be tired to death. If we put it that way, the high status of a  chamber disciple went without saying.

“Not bad, little wimp, you’re sure doing well.” Zhu  Yao praised him as she stroked his little head. Little Wang became even more complacent. Giving her a “I will be the one protecting you in the future” expression, he raised his head up high like a little prideful rooster. As he dodged her hand, he continued to flaunt proudly. “Let me tell you this. I’m already at the third level of Essence. Even big senior-martial brother was not as fast me. Tell me, aren’t I really awesome?”

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re awesome. You’re the most awesome little kid ever.” As she thought, he was still a kid. How could she reject his little eyes which were begging for attention and praise? At the very least, she was the one who brought him here, and she suddenly had the feeling as though she had a son who had just grown up.

Wang Xuzhi became a little embarrassed from her praises, his little face blushed as he scratched his head. “Then, what about you? What level are you at right now?”

Zhu Yao became silent, and the corner of lips twitched a little. Recalling that she had already spent almost a month at the Jade Forest Mountain, forget about stepping into  the  Essence-stage, she still did not know what the hell spiritual energy was! The absorption of spiritual energy into one’s body  her  master  told her about, she was unable to sense it at all. Unless she had really aged, and could no longer compare herself to the little turnips at all? A deep sense of powerlessness momentarily filled her entire body, and she could not help but let out a long sigh.

Wang Xuzhi felt the change in her mood, and his sparkling eyes were momentarily dyed with worry. Pulling her hand, he hesitantly spoke out. “You… Don’t be depressed. Even if you haven’t enter the Essence-stage, it’s not really a big deal. Hao Kai who came along with us just managed to sense spiritual energy as well.”

Guh. Comparing her with a little wimp, was he really trying to console her? Zhu Yao felt her mood worsening.

Seeing that she was not livening up at all, Wang Xuzhi scratched his head irritatedly, walked about in circles, and continued. “In any… In any case, you will definitely be really awesome really soon. If you really can’t enter the Essence-stage, then… then, I… I will support you!”


Hearing a  little  turnip  say  that  he  would  support  her  so decisively, this was the first time it ever happened in the twenty odd years of Zhu Yao’s life. Although this little wimp had always insisted that she was his wife due to the butt-spanking incident, she had always treated it as a joke. Earlier, she intentionally acted depressed, and simply wanted to tease him. However, she did not expect he would say that he would support her with such a serious expression. Zhu Yao could not help but laugh at his serious little face.

“Don’t you laugh. I’m serious. Don’t you believe me?” Seeing her laughing even more loudly, Wang Xuzhi anxiously stomped his feet.

Zhu Yao squatted down, instantly pulled the flustered little turnip into her embrace, and stroked his little head. This little wimp, sure likes to make me laugh, and make me feel moved as well. In response to his words, she nodded heavily. “I do, I do believe you. Then I will wait for you to grow up and support me, alright?”

Little Wang snorted heavily, and finally quietened down, obediently allowed her to hug him.

“Little junior-martial brother.” From nearby, someone that looked about fifteen to sixteen years old walked over. With a face full of smiles, he looked extremely friendly. Looking at the people in the courtyard, a hint of suspicion floated in his mind, however, he walked in without pausing a single step.

“Senior-martial brother Du.” Wang Xuzhi forcefully squeezed himself out of Zhu Yao’s embrace, and he looked at  the incoming person with a surprised expression. It seemed like this person was also one of the Sect Master’s chamber disciples.

“Little junior-martial brother, this junior-martial sister is?” The person who came in gave Zhu Yao a light glance.

“This is my w…” Seeing Little Wang who was about to blurt that out once again, with her nimble hands, she quickly covered his mouth. This loud-mouth little wimp, she did not wish to have a legend about her having a may-december relationship spreading around the entire sect the next day.

“Hoho, I’m his big sister. Blood-related!”

“So you’re his elder sister.” The man politely smiled. He sized her up, and realized he was unable to see through her cultivation level. In situations like this where he was unable to see one’s cultivation level, either she had not learn how to take in spiritual energy, or, her cultivation level was much higher than himself. However, looking at her age, she must have admitted into the sect for a long time, so, he determined it was the latter.

“My name is Du Yuanchen, a disciple under Reverend Zi Mo.
Mind if I ask, which Reverend is senior-martial sister under?”

“I’m called Zhu Yao, I’m a… disciple from the Talisman Mountain.” So as to prevent people from calling her ancestor, she made a small lie.

Du Yuanchen nodded, and no longer continued questioning her. He turned and said to Wang Xuzhi. “Little junior-martial brother, it’s almost time. Let’s go look for master together.”

Wang Xuzhi was startled for a moment. He had to look for his master, but, it’s been a long time since had seen Zhu Yao, so he was a little reluctant. Thus, he looked at Zhu Yao with a difficult expression.

“Go on. It’s also about time for me to return. Let’s head out together.” Only then was Wang Xuzhi satisfied, and followed behind Du Yuanchen. Occasionally, he would sneak a peak at Zhu Yao behind him, as though he was afraid he might lose her. They would also occasionally start up some idle chatter along the way, and Du Yuanchen would timely interject into their conversations as well.

From their conversation, Zhu Yao found out that there were extremely small number of chamber disciples in every Mountain, and only people with especially good talents, would be taken in by the Mountain Lords as chamber disciples. For example, under the Sect Master, Reverend Zi Mo, he currently only had five chamber disciples. Du Yuanchen was the fourth disciple, he entered under him fifteen years ago, and currently, he was at the level of an Essence Paragon. Little Wang was obviously the youngest disciple. Looking at Du Yuanchen, he seemed to extremely like this little junior-martial brother of his. With his protection, Zhu Yao was able to slightly feel at ease.

Along the way, she had encountered many Sword Mountain disciples bowing to the two people one after another. It seemed like the status of a chamber disciple was extremely high in the sect. And Du Yuanchen and Little Wang seemed to have gotten used to it, as they simply walked on while looking steadily forward. Little Wang, who had a mind of a child, was even more cocky. He held extreme respect to his own master, and along the way, he kept instilling into her his thoughts of his master being “extremely awesome”, and his master being “number one in the world”.

Zhu yao curled her lips, she could not bear to shatter his passion to chase after his idol. She wondered what kind of expression he would make if he knew that his master had to call her martial-aunt.

“So, like I was saying, your master must be terribly bad, that’s why you’re still not as awesome as me!” As though he had finally found a very legitimate reason, Wang Xuzhi said to her very sincerely. “Why don’t you have my master take you in as his disciple as well? Master really dotes on me, so he will definitely accept you.”

Little Wang felt as though his words sounded more and more reasonable, and with his small hands, he pulled Zhu Yao over to his master’s cave residence.

Zhu Yao was about to stop him, when suddenly, a loud bang sounded. In front of her, a black figure flashed past, and with a ‘pa’ sound, it fell right in front of them, staining the ground with a pool of blood.

A flying corpse out of nowhere!? What the hell!?

Chapter17: The Damn Fatty That Fell From The Sky

The person on the ground was no longer breathing, fresh blood was flowing out from his head, and not even a moment later, the ground was stained with a shocking amount of blood. Zhu Yao had lived for twenty eight years, yet, this was the first time she had ever seen such a gruesome sight. And, the person within the pool of blood was a child of only about ten years old.

“Little fatty Zhao!” Little Wang immediately recognized the person on the ground, and exclaimed. Only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses, and with her hands, she covered Wang Xuzhi’s eyes. Little wimp struggled for few moments, and then, he stuffed his head into her embrace, no longer making any sound. It seemed like he was frightened quite a bit.

Zhu Yao was afraid as well, and she recalled the person on the ground was the little fatty she saw when she was receiving her identity jade tablet. She did not expect that, in just a single month, he would lie unconscious on the ground in front of her. She carelessly raised her head, and she actually saw another kid standing about ten steps away. He was a familiar face as well, the little beggar Xiao Yi with the Duo Spirit Veins. Currently, he was panting loudly as he stared at the unconscious little fatty Zhao on the ground with widened eyes. His white robe was already terribly torn, and his body was filled with numerous wounds which blood were still oozing out from. His eyes were still filled with hostility, and the main point was the longsword in his hands, as there were still wet bloodstains on the sword. It went without saying what he just did.

The commotion drew the attention of many people, and numerous disciples had already began to approach and form a circle around the scene.

“What audacity, you actually dare to harm your brother of the same sect.” Du Yuanchen was the very first to react. With a single leap, he arrived before Xiao Yi, and kicked away the longsword in his hands. Summoning his own flying sword, he restrained him, turned to face the disciples who were running towards them, and instructed. “Hurry and notify master.”

Xiao Yi did not resist, or most probably, he no longer had the strength to resist, and was easily squashed onto the ground by Du Yuanchen. However, in his clear eyes, unyieldingness still shone within them.

More and more disciples crowded over, and began to softly discuss about the scene in front of them. Appearing in a scene like this, Zhu Yao was a little confused as well. She simply covered Wang Xuzhi’s eyes tightly, not allowing him to see the gruesome sight.

“What’s with this commotion!” A loud and clear voice sounded, and it seemed to have come from the sky. A white figure flew over from the Main Hall, and that person was the Sect Master of Ancient Hill Sect, Zi Mo. The scene which were still noisy earlier, instantly quietened down.

Zi Mo’s gaze swept across little fatty Zhao on the floor, and his expression turned cold. Squatting down, he checked his body. Then, with a wave of his hand, he cast an art, and instantly, a curtain of light enveloped the bloody person on the ground. His head which was still bleeding earlier, instantly stopped, and his wounds were closing at a speed unclear to the naked eyes. After the curtain of light dissipated, Zi Mo fed him a pellet. A moment later, the little kid once again regained his breathing, and then, he turned to question the people in the vicinity.

“His cultivation has been crippled, who was the one who dealt such a deadly hand?” Zi Mo knew this little kid who  was injured. He was the son of Yuan Xiu, the first disciple under Reverend Zi Yuan, the Lord of Weapon Mountain. He had heard that his talent was pretty good, so how was he injured to this extent? “Replying to master.” Du Yuanchen forcefully pulled up the person beside him. “It’s him.”

Zi Mo looked at Du Yuanchen, and then, his eyes landed on the little kid in his hands. His expression momentarily turned utterly cold. “What happened?”

Du Yuanchen bowed towards Zi Mo, and continued. “Little junior-martial brother, junior-martial sister Zhu and I passed by earlier, and coincidentally saw him dealing a heavy blow to junior-martial brother Zhao.”

Zi Mo turned, looked towards Zhu Yao who was currently hugging Wang Xuzhi, and was momentarily stunned. Little martial-aunt, why are you here!? Unless… Out of reflex, Zi Mo tightly held onto his own storage pouch, glanced at his surroundings, and only when he realized that person, whose body constantly emitted a chilling air, was not here, did he finally heave a sigh of relief. Fortunately, ancestral-martial uncle isn’t here.

After covering up his earlier actions with a cough, he instructed to one of the disciples beside him. “Head over to Weapon-Refining Mountain and notify Reverend Zi Yuan and Yuan Xiu. Have them make a trip to the Main Hall.” After giving a glance to Du Yuanchen, he hesitantly peeked at Zhu Yao. “The four of you… Follow me to the Main Hall.”

After saying that, he carried the little fatty, and headed to the Main Mountain using a flying sword. As one of the witnesses to the incident, Zhu Yao had no choice but to follow after Du Yuanchen and the little kid called Xiao Yi, and headed to the Main Mountain together using the teleportation formations.

Only after reaching the entrance of the Main Hall, did Zhu Yao think of releasing her hands from Little Wang’s eyes. It was rare for Little Wang to not throw a tantrum, most probably, he was truly frightened by that earlier scene. His eyes lacked the luster of high spirits back in the courtyard, and his little hands unconsciously grabbed onto the corner of her sleeves.

Zhu Yao’s heart softened from the sight of this. The scene earlier even frightened an adult like her, let alone a little kid like him. Stroking his little head, she said. “Don’t be afraid, big sister is here!”

Wang Xuzhi was startled for a moment. Raising his head, he looked at her. Only a moment later did he nod his head, and immediately after, he shook it. Zhu Yao sighed, and then, pulling his hand, they entered the Main Hall.

Inside the Main Hall, other than Zi Mo, there were two other people. One of them looked rather aged, and his entire body was emitting out an unyielding aura. He should be the Weapon Mountain Lord Zi Yuan. As for the other person  standing behind him, he must be the father of that little fatty Zhao, Zhao Yuanxiu. However, little fatty was not in sight, most probably, he had already been sent away for his wounds to be tended to.

Du Yuanchen who had arrived before Zhu Yao had already explained to them about what happened earlier. As for Xiao Yi, some sort of mystic arts seemed to have been cast on him, as he was restrained by glowing ropes at the side.

Zi Mo’s expression seemed to be a little heavy. His frown was deep, and no matter how much he pondered, he was not exactly sure of how to deal with the matter.

“At such a young age, not only did he disregard the sect’s rules, his attacks are even heavy and ruthless. Punishment must be dealt.” Zhao Yuanxiu was already unable to control himself, his two eyes stared ruthlessly at the restrained little kid. “Sect Master martial-uncle, please uphold justice for my son.” Zi Mo raised his hand, signaling him to not rush the matter. Taking a few steps forward, he looked towards Xiao Yi, whose body was filled with wounds, and asked. “Speak, why did you deal such a heavy hand?”

With a body filled with wounds, Little Xiao Yi looked at him stubbornly, and replied with emphasis on every single word. “He. Deserved. It!”

Yuan Xiu flared up at that very moment, and rushed over. “Even now, you still do not repent on your actions. What do you take the sect’s rules for?”

Xiao Yi simply snorted coldly, and rebutted. “And when did your son ever take the sect’s rules seriously? Bullying brothers and sisters of the same sect, using his status to oppress people, I simply took the heavens’ place to punish him by beating him up. I only regret that my blows were too light.”

“You!” Yuanxiu was about to act against him due to anger, however, he was stopped by his own master, Zi Yuan.

Zi Yuan simply looked coldly at the boy on the ground, and turned to speak to Zi Mo. “Senior-martial brother, the current matter has already been made clear. Our sect has rules in place, I hope senior-martial brother can deal with this matter fairly.”

“Junior-martial brother Zi Yuan, how do you think we should deal with this matter?” Zi Mo asked.

Zi Yuan stroked his white beard, although he looked like he did not really mind, his words were filled cold intentions. “According to the sect’s rules, he should be expelled from the sect after having his cultivation crippled, and his Spirit Veins removed.”

The moment those words fell, everyone in the Main Hall was startled. Lying on the ground, Xiao Yi’s expression was filled with a certain degree of despair, he tightly gripped his pair of small hands, and a hint of blood oozed out from his fists. However, he still gritted his teeth, and did not make any sound.

Zi Mo frowned ever deeper. Crippling his cultivation was still considerable, however, the moment his Spirit Veins were removed, he would never be able to cultivate again. This disciple called Xiao Yi was a rather good seedling, it would be a pity to destroy him as such, however, he was unable to not give face to his junior-martial brother. For a moment, he was in a dilemma. He glanced at the surroundings, and then, the moment his eyes landed on the person holding onto his little disciple at the entrance, his eyes momentarily shone. Following the rules, he bowed towards the person at the entrance, and spoke with a respectful tone. “I wonder if little martial aunt has any wise opinion on this matter.”

Eh? What the hell?

For a moment, Zhu Yao felt as though she had been struck by a ball.

Chapter18: The Three Collapsed Views

[Three Views: Worldview, View towards life, and Values]

The six pair of eyes in the Main Hall uniformly swept towards her. Especially Little Wang, he was revealing an expression of utter disbelief, and with a swipe of his little hand, he pulled it out from her grasp. The word “liar” were evidently written on his pair of teary widened eyes.

Hey hey hey, this little wimp sure was not appreciative. She had already told him that she belonged to the Jade Forest Mountain, he was the one that did not realize the meaning behind that. You can’t blame the customer if you’re unfamiliar with the business, you know.

“Greetings to senior-martial aunt!”

“Greetings to grand-martial aunt!”

Although Zi Yuan and Zhao Yuanxiu were a little unwilling, according to seniority, hers was still higher than theirs, so, to maintain their faces, there’s still a need for them to greet her. With an awkward smile, Zhu Yao waved her hand, and had them lift their heads. Out of reflex, she tried to grab onto Wang Xuzhi’s hand, however, he nimbly dodged away. His small face pouted angrily, and he stared at her with widened eyes which were implying “you tricked me”.

This little wimp, why is he throwing another tantrum?

“Yuanchen, Xuzhi, the two of you, leave for now.”  Zi  Mo timely solved the problem, and had Yuanchen leave with Little Wang, who was still silently staring daggers at her. Taking a few steps closer to her, even though Zi Mo had an affable smile on his face, he back-faced the other two people, and gave her a meaningful look. “Little martial aunt, by coincidence, you were on-site earlier, hence, your opinion over this matter will be most highly valued. I wonder how little martial aunt thinks we should deal with this matter?”

Zhu Yao trembled. Like hell she knew how they should deal with the matter! Was it really alright to pass a ball like this to her?

“Hoho… My master is calling me for lunch!” Just when she was planning to flee, the door behind  her closed with a creak. Zhu Yao ruthlessly stared at the old man Zi Mo. You sly old fox, this is evidently a matter that would offend the other party, and you actually passed the ball to me.

Zi Mo simply gave her an even more friendly smile, and looked as though he was eager to listen to his martial aunt’s teachings.

Zhu Yao let out a long sigh. She had no choice but to bite the bullet now. Squatting in front of Little Xiao Yi, she looked at the little kid whose body was still bleeding profusely, and could not help but frown. “You people, release him for now.” He was still a child, after all.

Although Zhao Yuanxiu was a little unsatisfied, he still waved his hand, and dispelled the Restraining Art on Xiao Yi’s body.

Xiao Yi took a slow breath, however, he still sat on the floor, and was on high alert towards the people around him.

She already had a certain amount of understanding about the conflict between Xiao Yi and little fatty back when she was receiving her identity jade tablet. This started off as a quarrel between two kids, yet, it escalated into an incident which almost caused a life to be lost. Was cultivation the cause of all this? There was a saying that went like this: ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’ However, in a world like this, the more power one possesses, the bigger one’s temper, every single person would act against someone else whenever he or she see fit to.

“Xiao Yi, why do you want to kill little fatty Zhao?” That’s right, it’s kill. Back then, if Sect Master did not appear, little fatty might have really died.

With a cold expression, Xiao Yi still strongly insisted. “He deserves to be killed.”

“Why?” Zhu Yao continued to ask.

Gritting his teeth, he seemed to have recalled something that he really hated. “Ever since he was admitted into the sect, he had always been bullying Ling Long. And because Ling Long never fuss about it, his actions became more severe as time went by. Recently, he pushed Ling Long into a cold pool, causing her to be severely ill, and her life is now at stake. Yet, even after all that, little fatty Zhao took away the medicine needed to save her. I have told this to the senior-martial brother who was in- charge of management, but…” He snorted coldly, and looked towards the nearby Zhao Yuanxiu. “Because little fatty Zhao was the son of the first disciple of Weapon-Refining Mountain, they had always ignored these incidents and simply treated them as though they never happened.”

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. The one he called Ling Long should be the little girl that was with him the other day.

“And because of this, you want to kill little fatty Zhao?”

Xiao Yi nodded, and a faint killing intent surfaced in his eyes.

“Then have you ever thought of this? Even if you kill little fatty Zhao, you won’t be able to save Ling Long, and, because of that, you will be carrying the death of someone on your shoulders.”

Xiao Yi went silent for a moment, before continuing. “Even if that’s the case, I will still avenge her.”

“So you think that killing little fatty Zhao, is correct?” He continued to nod.

Zhu Yao felt a little powerless. She could not figure out why a ten-year-old kid would have such an extreme way of thinking. He treated slaughter as a matter of fact, and believed dying to kill someone else was also a method to solve problems. This little kid’s three views were evidently screwed up.

“Have you ever thought of the consequences if you kill someone?”

“The people I kill, are people who deserve to die!” Xiao Yi’s voice instantly rose.

Zhu Yao frowned even deeper. “Who deserves to die, and who doesn’t, how do you determine them? People that treat you well do not deserve to die, while people that treat you bad deserve to? Little fellow, you’re not the only person in this world, and the world does not revolve around you. No one has the right to determine the life and death of someone else. You told me little fatty Zhao bullied you, and caused Ling Long to fall severely ill, these are indeed his wrongdoings. However, by killing him, you’re using an even bigger wrongdoing to repay him. Do you think that’s the correct way of doing things?” Xiao Yi no longer said anything. He simply gritted his teeth, and stubbornly lowered his head.

Zhu Yao knew it was impossible to talk through to him in such a short time as well. When she first saw him, she knew he was a little beggar, and most probably, he never had any parents by his side since he was very young, thus, the three views centering around himself were formed. And, the mindset of him being always in the right had already sunk deep into his bones. It was basically not something that could be changed in such a short time.

“It’s a fact that Xiao Yi heavily injured little fatty Zhao, and he should take responsibility for his own actions.” Zhu Yao stood up, and looked towards Zi Mo.

Zhao Yuanxiu, who was standing at the side, had an expression of delight. “Grand-martial aunt, your investigation was conducted splendidly.”

“But!” Zhu Yao continued. “The cause of this incident was due to little fatty Zhao’s acts of bullying, so he should take responsibility for his actions as well.” Zhao Yuanxiu’s expression instantly sank, however, Zhu Yao did not give him the opportunity to speak up, and continued. “And you!” Zhu Yao looked towards Yuanxiu. “As little  fatty  Zhao’s father, you did not guide him correctly, and simply allowed him to bully his own brothers and sisters of the same sect, thus, causing this calamity to happen. As the saying goes, failure to educate one’s child is the fault of the father. If you have found out about his conflict with his brothers and sisters of the same sect earlier, and dissuade him of his actions, this incident would not have happened. So, you’re also to be blamed for your failure to educate your child.” A child’s three views were enlightened by his or her parents. If we were to say that Xiao Yi’s extreme three views was due to the environment he grown up in, then little fatty Zhao’s atrociousness was caused by his father.

Zhao Yuanxiu’s expression instantly darkened. The corner of his lips moved, yet he did directly refute her, and simply brought his hands together and replied. “This disciple thanks grand-martial aunt for her teachings.” However, he still ruthlessly glared at the little kid on the floor with the corner of his eyes.

“Alright, I’m not exactly clear of the sect’s rules. So, Sect Master Zi Mo, take charge of their punishments.” Zhu Yao stretched her waist, and signaled Zi Mo who had been quietly standing at the side to deal with the matter.

Zi Mo instantly smiled like an old daisy, with a respectful attitude, he began to bootlick her. “As expected, little martial aunt is wise. With such an analysis, the incident was instantly cleared up.”

Zhu Yao rolled his eyes at him. Hmph, bastard, you wanted me to say that all along, didn’t you? Do you really think I don’t understand the thoughts of a sly old fox like you? Unfortunately for her, after the Medicine Mountain, she had now offended Weapon-Refining Mountain as well. She totally had it easy.

Chapter19: Chinese Good Girl Friend

“Kuh kuh kuh…” Zi Mo lightly coughed a few times, everyone’s attention once again gathered onto him, and he gave his verdict with a serious expression. “Xiao Yi, you heavily injured one of your brothers of the same sect, I will now punish you by crippling your cultivation, and you will be expelled from the Inner Sect. You shall have to begin your training from scratch, and I hope, this time, you will cultivate properly and diligently.” After saying that, with a wave of his hand, a ray of light landed heavily onto Xiao Yi’s body. He, who was forcing himself to sit up earlier, instantly collapsed onto the ground. Most probably, his cultivation had been crippled.

“Yuanxiu, the way you educated your son was improper. You will now have to take good care of Ling Long, the girl who was pushed into the cold pool by little fatty Zhao. That will be your punishment. If anything were to happen to her again, you will be held responsible.”

“This disciple obeys.”

“As for little fatty Zhao, he has caused harm to others as well. I shall issue my verdict once he recover from his injuries.” Zi Mo stroked his beard, With a wave of his hand, he called two disciples to enter the hall. “This matter shall conclude here. Everyone, return to your own duties. Bring Xiao Yi to the Outer Sect.”

The two disciples obeyed his instructions. Carrying Xiao Yi who was on the ground, they walked towards the entrance of the hall. When they passed Zhu Yao by, Xiao Yi suddenly raised his head, and glanced at her coldly.

Zhu Yao’s heart suddenly froze. This little wimp could not be hating on her right? The hell, you best be clear about this. Earlier, I was the one who gave face to this old man Zi Mo, and saved you.

With a heavy heart, she returned to Jade Forest Mountain, and Zhu Yao felt deeply saddened. She had only admitted into the sect for about a month, yet, she had already offended the two great Mountain Lords of Medicine Mountain and Weapon- Refining Mountain. Her life was simply too “wonderful”, and was afraid of being beaten up by people when she headed out in the future. Hence, she decided to seriously become a NEET after this, and prevent herself from heading out too often.

Speaking of which, she and that little kid called Xiao Yi were rather fated, as she encountered him every single time she headed out. And the strange feeling she had towards him, was becoming deeper with every single encounter. She did not know how to describe the feeling. It was neither hate nor love, it was simply a strange feeling that she was incapable of describing.

And adding the warped three views he had, she could not come to like him at all. Especially, the expression he gave her right before he left caused her hair to stand on end. She could not help but get goosebumps, as she could hardly believe eyes like that would appear on a boy whose age was only ten.

“You’re back?” A cold voice successfully pulled Zhu Yao back from her thoughts.

Yu Yan was standing next to the stone table in front of the courtyard. A plate of vegetables, emitting out a delicious aroma, was in his hands, as he looked at the person who just returned. The thoughts of being a wedded husband, instantly rushed into Zhu Yao’s mind.

“Darling… Wait, no. Master.” Zhu Yao, who loved to eat, instantly swept away her low spirits, and hurriedly ran over. So master was really waiting for her to eat lunch.

Yu Yan did not reply. He simply looked at his idiot disciple who had already begun eating, silently sighed, and sat across her.

Like a fierce wind blowing leaves off a tree, Zhu Yao quickly swept through the plates, and she even burped after finishing them. Looking at her master who had already begun to clear the plates and chopsticks, she felt being taken in by a master who was capable of simply everything was definitely her biggest blessing ever since she started cultivating. PS : If not for his usual crazy antics.

But, her cultivation was simply…

“Master…” A sense of guilt suddenly rose within her heart.

Yu Yan stopped his movements, and lightly looked at her.

“Umm…” For a moment, Zhu Yao did not know what to say. Feeling a little uncomfortable, she tugged onto the corner of her own clothes. “Even till now, I have yet to sense any spiritual energy, so…” Have you ever regretted taking me as your disciple? Yu Yan’s brows curled. Casting an art with his hands, the plates and chopsticks on the table automatically flew into the kitchen. He once again sat down across her, and signaled her to continue.

Zhu Yao, in that instant, felt even  more  embarrassed. “Ahem… I’m saying, it might be possible… it might be that I’m really unsuitable for cultivating into a deity.” When she went down the mountain this time, she found out that even the kid with the least talent had learnt to take in spiritual energy, while she was still unable to sense any spiritual energy. It would be a lie to say that she was not affected by it.

In the beginning, she was seriously forced into admitting him as her master, however, humans have feelings, after all. After living with him for so many days, how could she feel unmoved when Yu Yan was sincerely taking care of her? She could not treat him as her elder, but, he was still qualifiable as a friend, as a brother, ahem… as a girl friend.

She understood how eager he was to have a disciple. She had heard from the disciples’ private discussions, that her master could have ascended very long ago. However, because he had yet to take in a satisfiable disciple, he had been suppressing his cultivation level, and was unwilling to ascend. But she… “Why don’t you, find another disciple?” She felt guilty for holding him up.

Yu Yan was slightly startled, with his eyebrows tightly knitted together, he was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he reached out his hand to touch her forehead, and his expression turned even more odd. She’s not having a fever.

“… Master, I’m serious.” Zhu Yao pushed away his hand. She was being different for once, could you not give her some face, and be serious about it?

Yu Yan heaved a long sigh, and immediately gave her a ‘why is my disciple so stupid’ expression. Then, with a serious look, he began to instruct her. “In the future, do not head down the mountain as often, to prevent yourself from learning bad things.” She had only left the mountain for a few hours, and she became even more stupid. Yu Yan believed it made a lot of sense, and had hardened his determination to teach her in a closed environment, so that she would not be influenced by others.

Zhu Yao: “……” “From now on, until you build your Foundation, you’re not allowed to head down the mountain!” Yu Yan sternly ordered.

“Master!” She was being confined just like that.

Yu Yan’s expression turned even colder, it seemed there was no room open for discussion. “You admitted into the sect later than most, unlike a child, your mind is unable to focus on a single objective and put everything, and think deeply, into that one objective. Hence, it’s normal for you to have a late start compared to others, you do not have to pay it too much mind. In this period of time, you only have to stay away from distractions, and concentrate on cultivating, you will be able to comprehend in due time. Cultivation is something that goes against the laws of nature in the first place, it’s not a matter you can be overly anxious about.”

“But what if I will never be able to comprehend it?”

“Then you will continue to cultivate.” Yu Yan  firmly  said. “You do not have to worry. Even if you’re incapable of everything, master will still protect you.”

“……” So he had never thought of giving up on her. Damn it, what’s with this feeling of wanting to cry? Master, you always divert away from common sense, why do you have to say such emotional statements now? Bastard! Zhu Yao rubbed her eyes fiercely, and she only stopped after her eyes turned red.

“Umm… Master, earlier, when I headed down the mountain, I seemed to have cause some trouble.” Zhu Yao decided to be entirely honest. Her master was really powerful, however, if people were to really beat her up someday, at the very least, he would know who to look for. “I seemed to have offended someone.”

Yu Yan looked at her skeptically.

Hence, as a preventive measure, she clearly explained the entire incident that happened earlier. Hmph. The old man Zi Mo dared to make use of her? Then, obviously, she would dare to inform on him behind his back.

“Although I was simply following the  Sect  Master’s intentions, to forgive the child. But, Reverend Zi Yuan will definitely have a grudge towards me due to this incident, so…”

Yu Yan frowned, and went into deep thoughts for a moment. Just when she thought her powerful master would slap his chest and say he would have her back, Yu Yan then raised his head, looked at her firmly, and spoke.

“Who is this Zi Yuan?”

Unable to control herself for a moment, Zhu Yao fell off her chair.

‘Medicine Mountain’, it seemed the author changed the term used here. ‘Pellet Mountain’ will now be known as ‘Medicine Mountain’.

Chapter20: Master’s Telling You To Come Back Home For Dinner

Because of this talk, Zhu Yao understood that her master not only lack common sense, he was face blind as well! Who wouldn’t be able to remember the name of a Mountain Lord after living for more than ten thousand years? With such a personality, Zhu Yao reckoned he had already offended every single person that he could have offended, and when compared to him, Zhu Yao was really more kind-hearted and pure. Hence, Zhu Yao felt completely at ease.

But, Yu Yan was a man of his words. When he told her he would not allow her to head down the mountain, in a blink of an eye, the teleportation formation was removed. Without a formation to send her out, and since she did not know how to use a flying sword either, Zhu Yao began to forcefully accept his education in this closed environment. Yu Yan had also begun to stare at her while she cultivated every single hour of the day, but even if he did so, Zhu Yao was still unable to sense a hint of the spiritual energy he spoke of, as though she was born naturally as a spiritual energy insulator.

Her master had told her that, she admitted into the sect later than most, unlike a child, her mind was unable to focus on a single objective, so, it was hard for her to remove distractions, and concentrate on cultivating. If she were to translate it into human words, ‘she has grown old, and she thinks too much.’ When Zhu Yao realized this truth, tears began to fall.

It was not her fault for being old. At the very least, she was still not in her thirties, and when compared to the hundreds and thousands of people in this cultivation world, she would still be considered as an infant, you know.

After being confined for three months, she, who achieved nothing, felt deeply saddened.

Suddenly, a ‘dong dong dong’ knocking sound came from the window. Zhu Yao was momentarily puzzled, just who was it? In this Jade Forest Mountain, other than her and her master, there were no one else. And, master had never knocked on the door.

Opening the window, what’s outside was not a human figure, but a delicate paper crane. Flapping its small wings, it stopped before her. It seemed like the knocking sound on her window earlier was due to its pecking. This was the first time Zhu Yao had ever seen such a mystic art, and curiously, she reached out her hand. The paper crane obediently landed on her palm, and instantly, it turned into a written strip of paper. It seemed like this mystic art was used to send letters.

Zhu Yao picked up the letter. The words on it were a little childish, they were crooked, and were not uniform in size, from the looks of it, it seemed to have been written by a child. And, this was written on the letter.

“Ugly wife, you liar! Senior-martial brother told me to call you grand-martial aunt, but I will never admit it, hmph!” Zhu Yao instantly realized the person who wrote this letter, and momentarily, her hands were itching to spank a certain little kid, whose surname was Wang, in the buttocks. When did her name turn from nothing but just ‘hey’, to ‘wife’, and then, ‘ugly wife’?

When she carefully read it again, she actually realized there was something else added in at the corner as well. If she had not looked at it carefully, she would not have found it at all. Putting the letter closer to her eyes, and only after staring it for a while did she recognize the words written there. “Thank you, for back then!”

She heaved a deep sigh. Was he thanking her for consoling him back then? Zhu Yao shook her head. The way this awkward spoiled brat conveyed his thanks was really strange as well.

If three months were not enough to prove a person was talentless in a certain field, then, five years would probably be conclusive enough. Within this five years, no matter how Zhu Yao diligently tried to sense spiritual energy, she still could not feel a hint of it, perfectly explaining the profound meaning behind the word ‘loser’. Even she had begun to suspect that it was due to a problem to her world-crossing method. Just why was this happening to her?

Could it be due to the difference in her constitution as a person of two worlds, which was causing her inability to cultivate? But, this world’s Mystic Arts and medicine were able to work on her perfectly.

Standing on the mountain peak, Zhu Yao looked at the endless stream of clouds in front of her, and silently grieved.  From Little Wang’s letters, which were becoming more neatly and properly written, she found out that, since a year ago, Wang Xuzhi had cultivated to the tenth level of Essence, and this speed, out of all of the disciples, was the fastest. Reverend Zi Mo even took him in personally as his personal succeeding disciple. Zhu Yao was happy for him, but, as for herself, all she had was a gigantic sense of powerlessness which was about to completely squash her entire being down. Haah, just what was the meaning behind her coming into this world? It’s an emergency, someone, please, tell me.

“Quack, quack. Your master’s telling you to come back home for dinner, your master’s telling you to come back home for dinner!” The cries of a crane interrupted her thoughts of self- pity, and Zhu Yao raised her head skywards, looking towards the celestial crane whose voice sounded extremely like a duck.

When she received Wang Xuzhi’s paper crane five years ago, just for a moment of fun, she went to consult her master about this method of sending letters. However, he misunderstood, and thought she liked this method of sending letters. Hence, a certain master immediately emulated it, however, he felt a paper crane was a little low-class, and was not suitable for his high-class, and cold image.

Thus, he used an actual crane.

…… “Your master is telling you to come back home for dinner. Quack, quack. Your master is telling you to come back home for dinner. Quack!”

“Are you a celestial crane or a duck?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at the crane which only knew how to repeat a single sentence, turned around, and quickly walked back. If she did not head back, she believed that stupid crane would continue to cry out.

Placing down the plate on his hands, Yu Yan looked at his disciple who was lightly jogging back from afar, and sat down satisfyingly. After Zhu Yao gave him a greeting, he watched her as she began to stuff big mouthfuls of food into her mouth, before speaking up indifferently. “I will be leaving the mountain for a period of time tomorrow.”

Zhu Yao was startled, and she looked straight towards him. This ten-thousand-year hikikomori is actually going to step out of his house? “Master, where will you be going?”

“In a few days, it will be the Inter-Sect Tournament that occurs once every hundred years. Every single sect and clan in the world, will be gathering at the Ancient Hill Sect.” The Inter-Sect Tournament was the most important event in the cultivation world. Ancient Hill Sect was referred to as the cultivation world’s number one sect, and every Inter-Sect Tournament was hosted by Ancient Hill Sect.

“Is Master going to participate in the tournament as well?” Zhu Yao was a little excited. Truthfully, after being here for so many years, she had seen how her master’s cooking figure, her master’s sewing figure, but she had never seen how he looks like when he fights. “Who are you going to fight with? Can master beat him?”

Yu Yan’s brows furrowed, he really could not hold himself back from knocking his stupid disciple in the head. “Many and various people from all over the world will be coming. To prevent devils and monsters from taking the opportunity to mix into the crowd, I have to reinforce the Great Mountain Barrier Formation.” His stupid disciple did not even bother to think that, practitioners who were above the Nascent Soul level of cultivation, had powers capable of moving mountains and splitting seas, and they would not easily battle one another, let alone him.

“Oh.” So he was only heading to reinforce a formation, and here I thought I could see master in action. “Then, who are the participants in the tournament?” “Every sect will choose three representatives each for the Essence, Foundation, and Azoth categories, and every one of them will fight for the top three positions.”

Zhu Yao’s eyes glinted, no longer bothering to eat, she picked out a chair that was closest to her master and sat right on it. “Master, will it be really lively on that day? May I…”

“No!” Before Zhu Yao could even finish, her words were forced back by Yu Yan, and he dealt another blow to her. “Unless you build your Foundation.”

“Master…” Zhu Yao dragged the last syllable, and pitifully looked at the person in front of her. Wanting her to make a breakthrough into Foundation was definitely an impossible fantasy, she had already been confined for five years without making a single progress.

Yu Yan continued to ignore her.

Zhu Yao felt even more depressed. Master, you’re heartless, shameless and vexatious. The person in front of her simply kept the plates and chopsticks, and without even looking back, he headed into the kitchen to wash them.

Zhu Yao laid on the table in defeat, and looked at the empty table. Wait a minute. “Master, I’m not done eating!”
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