My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101: Which Sect Has The Best Cultivation Techniques?

“Which Sect are all of you from? Why were all of you being hunted down by heretic practitioners?” Zhu Yao asked.

The children inside, looked at each other. A moment later, the girl, who was the oldest, and possessed the highest level of cultivation among them, stood out. As though she had already confirmed that she was not working with those heretic practitioners earlier, she gave a junior greeting.

“Thank you senior for saving us. We’re the disciples of Azure Melancholy Sect. I have entered the Sect for only ten years. Today, a large wave of heretic practitioners suddenly attacked out Deity Sect. It was Sect Master and and senior-martial uncles who brought everyone here to hide. As to why they attacked us, we have no idea either.”

Zhu Yao frowned. It’s understandable that these children did not know the reasons.

“The heretic practitioners outside are already gone, but…” Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she still decided to tell them. “Other the lot of you, there’s no other survivors. I think your masters must already be deceased as well.”

The moment her words fell, there were already faint cries coming from inside.

“It’s the Sect Master Token.” Suddenly, a disciple pointed to the jade tablet in her hand, and said excitedly.

The rest of the people realized it as well. The eyes of the little radishes that were saddened earlier, instantly glowed.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition.

“The Sect Master Token is in her hands.”

“Then she is…”

“It’s definitely her. Otherwise, how was she able to open the formation outside?”

“This disciple pays respect to Sect Master!” The eldest child suddenly knelt down in front of her. The moment she knelt down, it was as though she had started a domino chain, as the crowd of little radishes began to kneel down as well. They then shouted out in unison.

“This disciple pays respect to Sect Master!”

The hell, how could they decide on that so casually!?

“All of you misunderstood.” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. She was just a passerby, how did she become their Sect Master? “This tablet, was handed to me by someone in your sect when I was at the backyard earlier. It’s used to save all of you, and not used to pass down the Sect Master position or anything.”

“The Sect Master Tablet is only passed down to the succeeding Sect Master.” That child looked at her excitedly. “Since the Sect Master has personally passed it to you, then you’re our new Sect Master.”

The other little radishes nodded in response as well. With sparkling eyes, they looked at her with faces filled with expectations. Zhu Yao’s words of rejecting them were instantly blocked off. The hell, were these little radishes really not trying to drag her down as well?

“Enough. We can speak of this matter in the future.” She had to think of some skilful rejections. The disciple she had at home was already worrisome enough, if she were to raise an entire Sect as well, wouldn’t she be courting death?

There was a need to clear up the pile of corpses at the front. Zhu Yao pointed to a few of the bigger children to follow her, while leaving the rest at the same spot.

Zhu Yao had Wu Song stayed there as well, so that he could take care of those little children whose ages were similar to his. After that, he brought the few disciples out.

The moment those children came out, they were stunned by the various demonic beasts crawling and kneeling on the ground. Some of them were a little afraid and hid to the back. However, seeing that those demonic beasts did not attack people, and instead, were extremely respectful towards them, they became more courageous as well. However, when they walked towards that crater of blood, they were still paled from shock. Some of them had even cried and puked at the side.

Zhu Yao knew this would happen as well, so she did not have the smaller children come.

After waiting for these children to recover, she instructed them to bring a few demonic beasts each, had them gather all the corpses in the Sect, and move had them move the corpses into the crater.

Those were demonic beasts without masters, so their beast instincts had yet to be removed. However, with her presence suppressing them, they did not dare to harm those children. Obediently, they followed after the children to look for corpses.

Sesame was also kicked out by her to help out as well, and it could manage those demonic beasts while it was at it.

By working separately, their movements were rather quick, in a few moments, all of the corpses had been moved over. Zhu Yao cast an Art, and instantly lit a huge fire in front of the crafter of blood. She then chanted the Rebirth Incantation, only to see beads of light, within the flames, floating towards the sky.

The scene was shockingly dazzling, yet, there was only a sorrowful dead silence beneath the flames.

Zhu Yao sighed, and stroked the head of the nearest child.

What she lit up were Spiritual Flames, and it burnt extremely quickly. A moment later, the entire crater of blood was only left with a layer of black ash. Zhu Yao then cast another Earth-type Mystic Art, forming a gigantic tomb.

“I don’t know the names of your martial seniors. I shall have all of you engrave these graves by yourselves.”

The few fifteen to sixteen year old children turned to looked at her, and then, they nodded in unison.

And, they replied in unison. “Yes, Sect Master.”

Uh… I already said I’m not their Sect Master, this bunch of kids are really…

Zhu Yao had initially thought of having these children climb down the mountain. After all, they had only came onto this mountain not too long ago, so they should still have relatives in the mortal realm. Returning home, was much better than staying in a Deity Sect which had lost its protection.

However, only after she asked did she find out that, all these children were actually orphans!

Momma’s egg, she was completely wrapped into this now.

“Sect Master, Sect Master, the engraving of the graves of our seniors is done.”

“Sect Master, Sect Master, the Hidden Records Pavilion has already been cleaned up.”

“Sect Master, Sect Master, the Pellet Pavilion and Sword Pavilion have been cleared up as well.” “Sect Master, Sect Master…”

Your sister’s the Sect Master. *flips table*

Zhu Yao was spent by this bunch of sparkling and energetic little radishes for an entire day. How was she able to gain the position of Sect Master just by simply passing this mountain by? And the position was even bundled with a basket of little radishes.

Zhu Yao deeply felt that, she was going to be defeated by little radishes for her entire lifetime. In the past, it was still alright when she only had Yu Luo, and she could still endure it when Wu Song came later on. However, why did a huge wave of them come at once this time?

Was this Plants vs Zombies? A bunch of little radishes were coming to assault her.

Zhu Yao deeply sighed, as she powerlessly waved her hands. “First, bring me over to the Pellet Pavilion to have a look.”

“Yes, Sect  Master!”  Little  Radish  Number  One  replied,  and then, she joyfully leaded the way.

The so-called Pellet Pavilion, naturally, was where the pellets and medicine were stored. Zhu Yao needed to find out just how much of them was still stored in this Sect.

However, when she arrived at that place, Zhu Yao’s expression darkened, and the corner of her lips twitched. Such a small room, which was only about ten square meters large, was the Pellet Pavilion? Stop joking already. As expected, a Sect like this, the earlier it closes, the better.

When Zhu Yao entered, she became even more outraged. Although there were many pellets and medicine neatly placed in there, all of them were simply regular pellets and medicine used in the cultivation realm. They did not even possess the most simplest of Foundation Pellets in here. Only after she asked, did she find out that Foundation Pellets were actually very precious pellets in their Sect, and they were all kept by the Sect Master himself.

She should celebrate the fact that what they had the most were Food-Abstaining Pellets. At the very least, these bunch of little radishes did not need to starve, right? Life looked completely bleak…

Next, when she arrived at  the  Sword  Pavilion,  her  desire  to cry was bigger than before. This was a place where mystic weapons and mystic tools were stored. There were also quite many tools stored here as well, though, all of them were merely first-ranked and second-ranked mystic  tools.  It  was  already great if they could be used to fly, let alone be used for defending against enemies.

She suddenly understood why this Sect could be annihilated so easily by the heretic practitioners. It was because they were simply too poor!

Zhu Yao deeply sighed, and felt like crying.

“Let’s go to the Hidden Records Pavilion then.” If it’s poor, then it’s poor, however, please don’t tell me there’s a problem with their cultivation techniques and Mystic Arts as well.

“Sect Master, the records in the Hidden Records  Pavilion, have already been moved out to sun-dry by eldest senior-martial brother and the rest. Right now, you can see them at the plaza outside the front hall.” Little radish said. “Eldest senior-martial brother?” Who’s that. Wasn’t that girl the biggest among the little radishes?

“It’s Eldest senior-martial brother Wu Song.” Little Radish Number One replied naively.

Wu Song? Wasn’t he the male partner little wimp she brought along? When did he become their senior-marital brother? Speak clearly, hey.

Wait a minute, she said they were sun-drying them? Weren’t all records, that record techniques of cultivation, engraved on unique jade tablets using spiritual energy? Why did they need to move them out to sun-dry them?

Only when she arrived at the front hall did she understand why. Because those records of cultivation techniques, were literally written records, those types which were written on white paper and with black ink. And naturally, she was able to guess why they did not use jade tablets. It’s because they were poor!

Just how poor was this Sect, hey!? However, she realized that Wu Song had pretty good leading capabilities. he was steadily leading a dozen few little radishes to sun-dry the records on the plaza. The way he separated the workload was very precise, and in an unhurried manner as well. She really wonder how he managed to mingle with this crowd of little radishes so well with just a single day. Everyone could faintly feel that he had the potential to lead. Of course, she might have played a part in this as well.

However, the smiles of children were unable to fool anyone. Those little radishes really trusted him from the bottom of their hearts.

Zhu Yao suddenly had an idea. She had actually  been worrying that he may go on the wrong path. Initially, she had thought of bringing him into Ancient Hill Sect, and had him grow in a Deity Sect from young. This way, he would more or less lean towards the righteous faction. However, back then, Xiao Yi had grown up in a Deity Sect as well. In the end, he still went on the wrong path. She was unable to guarantee that he would be like that Xiao Yi.

The most effective method of stopping a person from going astray, was none other than nurturing his sense of responsibility. Especially someone like him, who had always been rejected by his little companions. In the depth of his heart, what he wished the most was to have someone rely on him, and have someone to accompany him. Then why not allow him to continue staying here?

As the saying went. ‘Every Sect would have an eldest senior- martial brother who was morally upright, knowledgeable, strong, beautiful, and hardworking.’

Wu Song. You shall stay here and develop yourself as an upright, knowledge, strong, beautiful and hardworking eldest senior-martial brother then.

“Sect Master.” The busy little radishes suddenly stopped, and greeted her in unison.

“Sovereign.” Wu Song joyfully called out as well.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. At that moment, she gained the confidence to set up a Deity Sect. It would only be a little more work, right? She had the storage ring her master had left her, it was enough to raise a Sect properly.

She called a few of the bigger radishes and Wu Song over, and prepared to discuss about future matters. Firstly, she had to change the name of the Sect. This bunch of radishes were too young. If they were to use their former name, there was a possibility that those heretic practitioners would come raiding them again. If that time were to come, and she wasn’t present, this bunch of radishes would simply lose their lives.

On the other hand, if they were to change their name, even if they were discovered by other people, those people would simply think that it was simply a newly established Deity Sect. In any case, a celestial mountain like this, had never been empty for too long. It was a regular occurrence for practitioners to take hold of it and establish a Sect.

She had thought that this point of hers would bring about the radishes’ rejection. After all, by changing the name, it would no longer be the Sect of the past. However, she had evidently underestimated the little radishes’ endurance. In regards to her words, the words of their new Sect Master, they completely obeyed her unconditionally.

“Then, Sect Master. What should our Sect be called?” Little Radish Number n asked.

“Mn…” Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. “We must give it a rather resounding name. Why don’t we call it… Eastmount Azureflight?”

Which Sect had the best cultivation techniques? Head over to Eastmount Azureflight. Was there anything else that could be more domineering than this? Hahaha, she really was a genius.

“But, Sect Master. Our celestial mountain is located in the south, so why is it called Eastmount?” Little Radish No. One brought out her question.

Uh… That’s true. Adding a geographical name did sound a little instigating.

“Then we will use the latter word, and call it Azureflight!” Zhu Yao gave the final world, and the little radishes cheered in unison.

Hence, Azureflight was officially established. Currently, in the entire sect, including the Sect Master, there was a total of eighty-three people.

Such a wonderful occasion. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Chapter102: Theory Of Cultivation Coordination

“Wu Song, come over here.” Zhu Yao waved her hands to signal Wu Song over, and he obediently walked over to her. Zhu Yao continued to wear her cold and prideful mask, and sternly said. “From this day onward, all of you will be the first disciples of Azureflight. Wu Song will be your eldest senior-martial brother.”

A hint of joy appeared on all of the little radishes’  faces. Giving ‘that’s really the case’ looks, they called out together. “Eldest senior-martial brother.”

“Sovereign?” Wu Song raised his head a little hesitantly, and looked at her.

Zhu Yao continued. “Most probably, I won’t have the time to take care of all of you. In the future, Azureflight Sect will be left to you. You must take good care of your junior-martial brothers and sisters, understand?”

Wu Song tightened his hands, and only after a moment, did he heavily nod and answer. “Yes, Sect Master.” “Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded satisfyingly. It seemed like his sense of responsibility was already being slowly formed. It was a good sign.

Zhu Yao had the rest of the little radishes leave, and had Wu Song stay behind. Then, she took out the crystal for testing Spirit Veins she found at the Sword Pavilion earlier, and signaled him to press his hand on it.

In that ball, three types of color – gold, red and yellow, appeared. As expected, he possessed the Metal, Fire and Earth Tri Spirit Veins which she had seen in her dreams.

Wu Song looked at her a little strangely.

“You possess the Metal, Fire and Earth Tri Spirit Veins, although it’s not really good, it’s not bad either.” Zhu Yao explained. “Right now, you’re the eldest senior-martial brother of this Sect, so naturally, you have to cultivate. I don’t wish for you to have too big of an achievement with your cultivation, however, you have to guarantee that you will able to protect those children, and manage Azureflight Sect well. Are you able to do it?” Wu Song pondered for a moment, and then, nodded fiercely.

Only then did Zhu Yao pull out an empty jade tablet. Shen then held it on the palm of her hand, engraved a few Metal, Fire and Earth types of Mystic Arts into it, and then passed it over to him. She instructed him that after he managed to learn how to take in spiritual energy, he could start practicing the Mystic Arts inside.

She even casually engraved some Weapon Refining methods, which her master had left with her, as well. His Spirit Veins were the most suitable in refining weapons. As long he worked hard, he might be able to become a Master Weapon Refinist. Then, she began to tell him in detail how he should go about taking in spiritual energy.

Following how her master had taught her before, she circulated her spiritual energy within his body once, before allowing him to return and comprehend it on his own.

Wu Song, however, sure had comprehended it really quickly. On the early morning of the second day, she realized he had already reached the first level of Essence. Most probably because of the sense of responsibility she applied on him, he was really diligent in his training. Zhu Yao spent an entire half a month before she finished straightening out the big and small matters in Azureflight Sect. She did her best to restore the usual activities of the Sect, and had the little radishes perform their respective duties aside from their training. At the very least, they would not starve to death.

She engraved all of those Mystic Arts, that were written on the wet records, onto jade tablets. While she was doing so, she altered some of the details inside, and added remarks that could help them understand the Arts easier. Most of these cultivation techniques were still rather decent.

Those demonic beasts that were transferred over by the formation, were stationed down the mountain due to her arrangements. Every entrance of the Mountain Barrier Formation was being safeguarded by them. Although these demonic beasts were not taken in as spiritual beasts, they still did not dare to go against her words. On the contrary, they were a little eager and excited.

As expected, the identity as one of the dragon race was really useful.

Naturally, the Zhu Yao altered the Mountain Barrier Formation. It was no longer a formation used for merely concealment, instead, it now possessed an actual defensive capability. At the very least, when the formation was in effect, without a Mountain Entry Tablet, practitioners whose level of cultivation were below the Demigod-stage were basically unable to enter.

After finishing all of the work, Zhu Yao once again took out a few Mystic Tools her master had left with her. After making her choices, other than two fifth-ranked mystic tools, the rest were all mystic tools ranked eight and above. Unless they reached the Nascent Soul stage, they were basically unable to use them.

As expected, there was nothing she could do even when she had too many treasures. Hence, she could only do her best to engrave more instructions such as weapon refining methods and formation theories. However, in regards to creating talismans and taming beasts, she had only managed to leave down a few of them. And in regards to refining pellets… Sorry, her master had never liked to use pellets and medicine, so he had never taught her either.

So, this last jade tablet she had left was empty.

Fortunately, there were initially simple pellet refining methods in the Sect, for example, the method to refine Food Abstaining Pellets. At least, the little radishes would not have to starve to death.

Zhu Yao spent a total of three months before she managed to handle all the matters appropriately. Even without her, no one would be able to easily lay a hand on this piece of land. Wu Song had reached the third level of Essence as well. And, the first Sect rule she established was, they were not allowed to head down the mountain before building their Foundation.

Hence, Zhu Yao left Sesame and a Communication Talisman at the Sect, before rushing back to Jade Forest Mountain.

Although Sesame was not willing to accompany the crowd of little radishes, and had acted like a spoilt child, rolling on the ground while asking her to take it along with her, it was still ruthlessly rejected by her. Other than having it to casually give pointers to the little radishes’ cultivation, she needed to rely on its tenth-ranked demonic beast’s might to instill fear at those low-ranked demonic beasts that were guarding the mountain, in order to prevent anything from happening while she was not around. It would be bad if a disaster were brought into their doorsteps.

“Master, how is it?” Yu Luo retracted the hand she used to cast the Arts, and looked at Zhu Yao with an excited expression. This trip Zhu Yao took lasted for half a year, and Yu Luo’s realm had already stabilized three months ago. Seeing that she had yet to return, she thus trained her Ice-type Mystic Arts for three months. Now, her casting speed was no less slower than an actual Ice Spirit Vein holder.

Zhu Yao nodded. What she was worried about was another matter. “Little radish, you will turn fifteen next month, right?”

“Yes.” Yu Luo was a little curious, as her master actually remembered her own birthday. Truthfully speaking, to practitioners, time was no longer an important term, especially dates like birthdays, which would happen every year. Such dates did not mean much, and if her master had not brought it up, she might have forgotten about it.

“Only five years, huh.” Zhu Yao muttered. Five years later, it would be the day when her body would get taken over, as shown in her dreams. “After this, I’m will be teaching you sword techniques. You must gain sufficient achievements in the sword within five years, and it would be best if you’re able to comprehend Sword Intent.”

“Sword Intent!” Yu Luo was startled for a moment. “Isn’t that something that can only be comprehended after one has formed her Azoth Core?”

“There’s no absolutes in this world.” Who determined so? Didn’t Xiao Yi comprehend it when he was at the Foundation- stage as well? Although he did possess a cheat.

“Why the rush?” Yu Luo sensed that her master seemed to be rushing for time. Back then, she had her immediately build her Foundation, and now, she wanted her to comprehend Sword Intent. Were the requirements for all Jade Forest Mountain disciples this high?

Zhu Yao looked at her, and then, sternly said. “I want you to participate in the Great Inter-Sect Tournament that will happen five years later. And you must take the number one spot in the Foundation group!”

Yu Luo suddenly widened her eyes. Number one? But she had just built her Foundation, and it might not even be possible for her to reach the intermediate levels within five years. Furthermore, the practitioners who participate in the tournament were mostly Foundation Paragons. “Master, I…” “You just have to give me a simple answer. Can you do it, or not?”

Yu Luo gritted her teeth. The Great Inter-Sect Tournament was a martial arts meeting which was participated by Sects from the entire cultivation realm. If she were to take the number one spot, she could indeed become famous throughout the realm in a single night. Because of that Spirit Vein test she had when she was young, everyone knew that there was a Water Spirit Vein furnace in Ancient Hill Sect, who had always been kept under the tutelage of a Demigod Sovereign. If she could obtain the number one spot with her Water Spirit Vein, at least, there would no longer be anyone who dared to look down on her.

She took a deep breath. As though she had made a firm decision, she nodded fiercely. “I can do it!”

“Good.” Zhu Yao nodded. She really was afraid that Yu Luo wouldn’t dare to leave, and instead, hide in Jade Forest Mountain her entire life. If that was the case, she wouldn’t be able to grow up forever. “Tomorrow, I will begin teaching you sword techniques. You must work hard.”

“Yes, Master.” Speaking of sword techniques, although Zhu Yao used the sword as well, when compared to her master, she was basically trash. However, her master had never taught her any official moves or Sword Arts either. He simply sparred with her constantly.

Truthfully speaking, her master’s method was very simple. ‘Practice makes perfect.’ Only through actual battles, would she know what kind of sword attacks would be the most suitable. In actual fact, there were no definite moves in sword techniques.

So, there was only a single method she was using to teach little radish. She simply gave her a direct thrashing.

Seeing her falling down time and time again from her attacks, and crawling back up again to seek more beatings, Zhu Yao felt a little… happy. Hahaha. As expected, becoming a master really makes one perverse.

Little radish was a good child with great morals. Although this was related to her education which started from young, with her current daring and courageous personality, she would definitely not stray off from her current path. For five entire years, Zhu Yao passed her time by immersing herself in the joy of beating up her disciple.

In regards to the excavator– ah pui. In regards to the matters of Azureflight Sect, when she returned, she had already informed Zi Mo of the Sect annihilation incident. Naturally, she did not bring up the matters regarding the little radishes who had fortunately survived. Zi Mo’s expression was very ugly, and most probably, he was trying to figure out what the heretic practitioners were trying to achieve by suddenly annihilating a second-rate Deity Sect, which wasn’t exactly that famous.

Regarding the matters after that, Zhu Yao did not continue to bother. After all, this involved the entire cultivation realm, it’s best to have the Sect Master handle such brain-wrecking matters.

Wu Song had often contacted as well, informing her of the large and small affairs which had happened in the Sect. Speaking of this point, she really had to thank Zi Mo. Back then, he had forced a large pile of documents regarding the Sect’s affairs to her, which thus allowed her to understand many of the inner workings of a Sect. Hence, she had perfect control over the management of Azureflight Sect. However, those eighty two little radishes did not really have good potentials for cultivation. Most of the disciples were made up of Tetra Spirit Veins holders and Penta Spirit Veins holders. The number of Tri Spirit Veins holders like Wu Song was extremely few, let alone Duo Spirit Veins and Heavenly Spirit Veins holders.

This was extremely disadvantageous for the growth of the Sect, because, no matter how desperate they train, most probably, not many of them would be able to reach the Nascent Soul stage.

However, Zhu Yao did not believe that was so. In the modern era, the strength of a group, did not rely on a single person, or a few selected individuals. It was all depended on the coordination within the group. Since it was unbeatable with a single person, then head over with an entire part- ahem… an entire group. Having multiple Spirit Veins had their own benefits, at least, they would be able to coordinate really well in a group battle.

Zhu Yao had Wu Song pay heavy attention to the specialty of each disciple, and then, had them raised by focusing on each of their specialty. Water and Wood specialized in healing, so by having those with these Spirit Veins specialize in Water and Wood Mystic Arts, they could become members in charge of healing in the rear. Fire and Metal specialized in offense, by having those with these Spirit Veins specialize in Fire and Metal Mystic Arts, they could become the main attackers. Earth specialized in defense, and by having those with this Spirit Vein specialize in Earth Mystic Arts, they could become the main defenders.

She could have everyone form up in small groups, and have them coordinate and act together regularly. Similar to a party in games, there’s tanks, there’s healers, and there’s DPSes. Would they still have to be afraid of not being able to defeat a boss?

Even if they did not allow them to head the mountain on their own, there were still many demonic beasts on the mountain. Casually pulling one or two of them for a spar in order to practice their coordination, was plausible as well.

Zhu Yao told this method to Wu Song, and had him pay attention to their distributions, at the very least, there must be more than five people in a small group. Naturally, it was not really effective in the beginning. However, if given time, the coordination between the team members would slowly solidify, and their strength would be shocking.

Chapter103: A Single Woman In A Doubles

Hence, Zhu Yao handed over these matters to Wu Song without any worries. Though, occasionally, when he had problems in regard to formations and Mystic Arts, he would consult her.

Zhu Yao began to feel that there were many Mystic Arts in this world which could be merged with the knowledge of modern era, and the unleashed might was very stunning. There were many similarities between the two worlds. This world simply used Divine Arts to explain things, while that world of hers believed all these were Science.

Five years passed in a blink of an eye. Yu Luo’s cultivation had already reached the middle levels of Foundation, and the day of the Inter-Sect Tournament had finally arrived.

Zhu Yao was actually a little anxious. Because, in a few days, the rebirthing female protagonist was about to step onto this grand stage.

Zhu Yao only pulled her disciple to the site on the very day of the final match. There wasn’t any difference between this Great Inter-Sect Tournament and the previous one, even the three Sovereigns had arrived neatly at the scene.

As always, one of them was sitting on a mythic bird, one was sitting on a white tiger, while the other was sitting on a jade lotus.

Only she herself… had flown her sword there.

Uh… Had she accidentally fell by a level? However, if she were to use those mystic tools which her master had left her, she was afraid that it might give a huge blow to their confidence.

Among the three Sovereigns, she was not all that  familiar with the other two, and they had only nodded at her in acknowledgment.

Only Feng Yi turned her head to look at her. At that moment, Zhu Yao even thought that she had seen through something, and her legs had almost turned jelly. Fortunately, Feng Yi did not make any other movements. Most probably, that persuasion she did at that moonlit night had taken effect, and she was now treated as a friend of hers. Most likely, Zi Mo did not expect that she would come, and when he saw Yu Luo behind her, he became even more stunned.

“Little martial aunt, what are you…” Zi Mo stood up, anxiousness filled his entire face. Why did she bring his daughter out for? There’s so many outsiders today, what  if some incidents were to occur?

Zhu Yao realized that all the seats were already taken, hence, she sat straight onto Zi Mo’s seat. I’m sorry, stealing his seat was a Jade Forest tradition. I can’t help it.

Yu Luo gave Zi Mo a greeting, and then, stood right behind her.

Zi Mo was so anxious, fumes were about to rise from his head. However, there was nothing else he could do, and could only suppress the suspicion in his heart.

Little martial aunt must have her own reasons for bringing his daughter out here… right? He was really worried for his precious daughter. On the ring, the Essence final match was ongoing. She still remembered back then when she first came here to watch, her master was still by her side. And there were… many other people, whom she couldn’t remember too clearly.

Back then, she felt as though everyone on the ring was very incredible. However, when  she  looked  at  them  now,  she  felt that they were all really average. She could even easily  see through their weaknesses.

Just as she was feeling bored, suddenly, a resounding notice entered her ears.

“Elder of Azureflight Sect, along with the disciples of my Sect, has arrived!”


Zhu Yao suddenly lost her composure, and had almost fell off the chair.

Azureflight Sect? It can’t be! Everyone present was a little doubtful as well. The final matches of the Great Inter-Sect Tournament were already ongoing, why was there still a Sect coming in at this juncture? It’s too late, wasn’t it?

Zi Mo, was after all, the host. Although he was a  little doubtful, he still turned around to welcome them.

A group of five people came flying over from afar. The one at the very front, was a very young man. He looked as though he was only fifteen or sixteen years old, and was a little baby-faced. His plump cheeks, made people feel like pinching them, yet, his cultivation was at the Nascent Soul Paragon stage.

Behind him were three boys and one girl, and they looked to be around fifteen to sixteen years old. All of their cultivation were at the elementary levels of Foundation.

When they flew over, Zhu Yao had already recognized them. Weren’t the four people at the back, Wu Song, Radish Number Two, Radish Number Three, and Radish Number Four?

However, just when did the Azureflight Sect ever have an Elder at the Nascent Soul stage? Wasn’t that place supposed to be a field of little radishes? When did an old radish pop out? And she didn’t even know about it?

That old radish did some polite talk with Zi Mo, suddenly, his eyes shone, and he charged right towards her.

First, he bowed towards her, and then, he looked at her with an excited expression. “Isn’t this Sovereign Zhu Yao?  I  have long heard of your great name, and being able to meet you today is extremely fortunate of me.”

Zhu Yao reflexively leaned to the back, as she looked at this baby-faced old radish who acted all familiar with her.

Who the hell are you?

“Mistress, mistress, Sesame missed you so much.” Just when she was having her suspicions, she heard a familiar voice being transmitted over. Sesame?

After looking around for a moment, she did not see any figure of a beast anywhere. “Mistress. Here, here.”

Zhu Yao looked forward, only to see that old radish blinking his eyes rapidly. Suddenly, she understood.

She then transmitted her voice over. “Sesame?”

“Mn, mn, mn, mn. I’m mistress’ little beastie, Sesame.” The old radish continued to blink.

“The hell, when did you have a human form as well?” Why didn’t she know about it before?

“Little beastie is tenth-ranked, naturally I’m able to transform. Mistress, I miss you so much.”

With an excited look, the old radish widened his eyes at her, looking as though he could pounce towards her and rub against her in the next moment.

“Scram!” Zhu Yao coldly replied. His face instantly sank. “Dear Elder, how should I address you?” Zi Mo timely interjected.

“My surname’s Sei.” Sesame replied with a teary look.

Zi Mo was startled for a moment. Just earlier, he was still looking all brilliant and sunny, what happened to him now? This Elder ‘Sei’ sure was fickle.

“Elder Sei, have you brought your disciples here to participate in the Great Inter-Sect Tournament?” Zi Mo had never heard of the Azureflight Sect, and guessed that they should have come from a certain small Deity Sect. He politely asked. “Although all Deity Sects are eligible to participate, the tournament has already entered the final matches. If esteemed Sect wishes to participate, I’m afraid you will have to wait till the next tournament.”

“We’re not here to participate.” Sesame replied haughtily.

“…” Then why the hell are you here for? The corner of Zi Mo’s lips twitched. “Then Elder, you’re…?” “Obviously, we’re here to look…” Sesame looked at Zhu Yao. After receiving a glare in return, he weakly changed his replied. “We’re here to look around.”

“Hoho… Elder sure is humorous.” If he wasn’t a guest, Zi Mo really wouldn’t wish to be polite with this Elder who seemed to have some loose screws in his brain. After instructing a disciple to arrange a seat for him, he no longer bothered about him.

However, this Elder seemed to be really interested with the Demigod Sovereigns, and had even especially moved his chair right beside martial aunt Zhu Yao. With an excited expression, he seemed to really wish to converse with her.

Zi Mo was a little speechless. In the cultivation  realm, strength was mattered most, and worshiping the strong seemed to be a natural instinct in everyone’s bones. However, a shameless Elder like this who acted in such an obvious manner, was very rarely seen. Looking at that excited face of his, which seemed as though he was about to start drooling, he’s simply… too shameless!

But why were the four disciples he brought along standing so bluntly over there as well? This was a grandstand for Nascent Soul practitioners, you know. Did the Sect rules of Azureflight Sect allow such behaviour?

Zhu Yao began to feel a slight headache as well. Although it could be said that she had no choice but to harvest a bunch of little radishes, after all, she herself was still a member of the Jade Forest Mountain, which belonged to Ancient Hill Sect. Relying on his cultivation as a Demigod, it was not that she could not establish a new Sect. However, if she did so, she would have to leave Ancient Hill Sect. This was also the reason why she had never told Zi Mo about Azureflight.

If he had known of this issue, he definitely wouldn’t dare to chase her out of the Sect, but, he would definitely take that bunch of little radishes into Ancient Hill. However, with just the potentials the bunch of radishes possessed, most likely, they would all be arranged to the Outer Sect, and she would be unable to take care of them all either. In that case, it would be less restraining for her if she were to establish her own Sect instead.

However, this Sesame was a pig-head. She had been hiding these matters from everyone, yet, he actually brought them out for a blind stroll, and openly at that. Zhu Yao was so furious, her teeth began to hurt, yet, she couldn’t express it out. “Mistress, are you happy from seeing Sesame? Are you glad? Aren’t you really surprised?” Zhu Yao’s expression turned cold, and Sesame began to transmit his voice over desperately.

“Mistress, there’s already four people who built their Foundation in the Sect. Isn’t Sesame very dependable?”

“Mistress, you’re thinking of rewarding little beastie, right?”

“Mistress, have you thought of wanting to hug me?”

Zhu Yao felt as though her blood vessels on her head had popped out. “Shut your mouth!”


“Say another word, and I will castrate you!”


Her mind was finally quiet. Zhu Yao rubbed her swelled-up forehead, glanced over to Wu Song at the side, and transmitted her voice. “Why are all of you here in Ancient Hill Sect?”

Wu Song was startled for a moment. After looking around, he then realized it was Zhu Yao who was transmitting her voice. His eyes shone, and replied in his mind. “Elder Sesame said that, we have already built our Foundation, so we should come out and experience the outside world. Hence…”

As expected, it was that second-rate who instigated this.

“In the future, do not blindly listen to Sesame’s commands. He’s after all, a demonic beast. Although he possesses a high rank, in regards to human affairs, he still lacks experience.”

Wu Song nodded, expressing that he had remembered her words.

Zhu Yao then found out a few matters regarding the Sect. He, Radish Number Two, Three and Four, had all recently  built their Foundation. Building their Foundation within five years, among Tri and Tetra Spirit Veins Holders, this speed was already pretty extraordinary. And, according to the groups Zhu Yao had arranged them in, these four people all belonged to the same group, while the other member, Radish Number One, was in the process of building her Foundation as well. Zhu Yao was a little stunned. This was an unexpected creation. Back then, the reason why she arranged them into groups, was to have them practice and coordinate their attacks against enemies. She never expected that their levels of cultivation would rise together as well.

She then asked about the situations regarding the cultivation of the other groups of little radishes, and realized that the situations within each of their own groups were similar as well. The levels of cultivation among members of the same group were all really close. This wasn’t actually an occasional phenomenon. Zhu Yao felt that there was a need to personally witness their cultivation circumstances now.

“Master, the next match will be the finals for the Foundation practitioners.” Yu Luo suddenly sounded out.

Zhu Yao sternly looked. As she had said, the competition for the Essence group had already ended, and two Foundation Paragons were currently flying onto the ring.

“Oh, go on then!” Zhu Yao waved her hand. “But, I didn’t hear my name.” Yu Luo’s expression was a little anxious.

“Oh.” Zhu Yao came into sudden realization. “I didn’t register your name for you.”

“What?” Yu Luo was a little stunned. What happened to the promise of allowing her to participate?

“Just head directly onto the ring!” Zhu Yao said without a mind. Registering or whatever, was really troublesome, you know!

“But, there’s already two people on the ring?”

“Then fight both of them, go! Round the both of them up!”

“…” Yu Luo was silent for a moment. Looking at the ring, as though she had decided something, she replied resoundingly. “Yes!”

After saying that, she immediately flew towards the ring. Zhu Yao nodded satisfyingly. Her disciple had to be this cool, dazzling and tyrannical. Wasn’t the title of champion simply all about defeating the strongest person?

The two finalists looked at the female practitioner who suddenly appeared in the middle, and was momentarily stunned. What kind of situation was this? What happened to the promised final match? Why were there three people?

Chapter104: Little Radish Is Transforming

“Senior-martial aunt Yu Luo!” Incidentally, one  of  the finalists was a disciple of Ancient Hill Sect, and he recognized her. “Why are you..?”

Yu Luo did not answer. She simply swept her eyes at the two of them, and coldly said. “Make your moves!”

The two of them were startled, and were completely at a loss. Could it be that the structure of this final match had changed into a free-for-all between three people? Why didn’t they know about it?

Zi Mo seemed to have been stunned the moment he saw Yu Luo flying towards the stage. With an anxious face, he stood up. “Yu Luo!” What was his precious daughter doing?

Just when he was about to scold her and have her return, suddenly, he felt a pressure of someone’s might, which forced him back into his seat. Zi Mo turned back to  look.  “Little martial aunt!” Why was she stopping him? Zhu Yao did not even bother to gaze at him, nor did she give him an explanation. She simply looked sternly onto the ring, as though the person who cast the pressure on him was not her.

What was little martial aunt trying to do? Although his own daughter was at the Foundation-stage as well, how could her trash Water Spirit Vein compete against the two disciples on the ring? And her opponents were even Foundation Paragons.

At that moment, Zi Mo felt anxious and itchy all around his chest, yet, he simply couldn’t move at all.

“Senior-martial aunt Yu Luo must have entered by mistake.” As a disciple of Ancient Hill Sect, he was still informed of this senior-martial aunt with a trash Spirit Vein, hence, he did not think that she had the strength to participate in  the tournament. “It’s best that you head down the ring for now.”

Yu Luo’s expression turned cold, and she did not bother to have some idle chatter with them either. She instantly did a hand seal, which immediately released a sky of ice and a field of snow.

Ice began to form at an extremely quick pace, and ice pillars, like metal nail, popped out from the ground one after another. Separating into two batches, they grew straight towards the two people.

The two people were stunned. That ice-casting speed was so quick, it did not give them sufficient time to cast a defensive barrier at all. Hence, they could only fly into the air with their swords.

“Senior-martial aunt Yu Luo!” That disciple of Ancient Hill Sect especially, had an expression of complete disbelief. Was this really the Water Spirit Vein? It must be a joke, right? This casting speed had basically caught up to that of a mutated Ice Spirit Vein holder, alright?

While he was still doubtful, Yu Luo suddenly leapt into the air, and with her sword wielded in her hand, she slashed towards him. He no longer had time to be shocked. Keeping the belittling thoughts he once had, he summoned out his spiritual sword and began to seriously fight against her.

The other disciple, seeing that she had went to attack someone else, had a small amount of time to catch his breath, and descended downwards. Just when he was about to retaliate, he instantly felt something was off when he stepped on the ground. The caster was no longer there, theoretically speaking, the Mystic Art should had stopped as well. Yet, the ice on the ground was still spreading slowly. Furthermore, the moment he landed on the ground, one of his legs was already frozen.

That person was startled, and he immediately swung his sword to slice the ice. Bringing his leg which was still encapsulated in ice, he once again flew up. When he took a closer look…

That Freezing Ice Art, actually shaped itself into a gigantic formation, which had spread all over the entire ring, and it was continuously being active. As long as anyone were to land on the ground, that person would be frozen solid in an instant.

In just a short span of ten seconds, she actually had the entire ground in the palm of her hand.

Keeping the bewilderment in the depth of his heart, he instantly became serious. Earlier, he had thought that this female practitioner was a little arrogant. Looking at her now, since she dared to compete against the two of them alone, she must have the ability to do so. And that disciple of Ancient Hill Sect, was dumbfounded by Yu Luo’s pervasive sword techniques. Every single strike of hers, was as though she was making desperate attempts to attack him, and looked like random slashes and stabs with no rhyme or reason. Yet, he was completely powerless against every single one of them, and gradually, even parrying was becoming a little difficult for him.

Such brutal sword techniques! She was definitely not the trash senior-martial aunt Yu Luo as stated in the rumors!

Taking a deep breath, he circulated all of the spiritual energy in his body, and pushed Yu Luo away with all his might. Due to the suppression between a Foundation Paragon and the middle levels of Foundation, Yu Luo could not help but be forced back several tens of meters back. The disciple became joyful in his heart. Taking the opportunity of the open space after forcing her back, he summoned countless of spiritual swords, and shot them towards Yu Luo.

Yu Luo had lost her initiative, and was no longer able to make any further approaches, hence, she could only be forced back. And, she was even forced right back towards the ground.

A chance! The eyes of the other disciple shone. He instantly circulated his spiritual energy, and unleashed a Fire-type Mystic Art – Prairie of Flames. The huge fire blazed across the ice surface, and instantly turned the ring into a sea of flames. While the ice surface earlier, was heated by the huge flames as well, as it instantly turned into water vapor, revealing the initial ground surface.

As for the disciple who was currently controlling the spiritual swords, he hurriedly adjusted the direction of the spiritual swords as well, and they flew straight towards Yu Luo’s direction.

Yu Luo had no choice but to bring up her defensive barrier, to block against the surrounding sea of flames and the descending spiritual swords with all her might. The entire situation on the ring instantly flipped, Yu Luo completely did not have any spare strength left to retaliate, and it was just a matter of time before her defensive barrier would be broken through.

The eyes of the two disciples both revealed a joyous color. Yet, they silently expressed their pity towards this girl who dared to fight the both of them alone. Her abilities were indeed pretty good, but regretfully, she had still overestimated herself a little. How could a level-skipping challenge be so easy? And she was even fighting the two of them at the same time. From the air, the two of them descended onto the ground, and looked towards Yu Luo’s direction. Yet, they did not break off the hand seals, instead, they increased the output of their spiritual energy, in order to break through her defensive barrier as soon as possible. Their victory was already without a doubt. They had already won.

Yu Luo looked as though she was barely able to hold on, as one of knees had went down onto the ground. Glancing at the two complacent people, she suddenly revealed a smile.

Just when the two had yet to realize anything, she had already slammed one of her palms onto the ground, and said. “Freeze, activate!”

In an instant, a large amount of ice appeared at the places where the two of them were standing. The ice enveloped the bodies of the two people, and instantly froze the two of them into gigantic statues of ice. And, they were still maintaining their hand-sealing postures they were in before.

She won!

The entire audience was silent. The conclusion was initially a certain victory for the other side, how did the situation reverse in an instant?

Forget about the two finalists who had yet to regain their senses, even those Nascent Soul practitioners present, did not even think such a conclusion would occur. Among these people, most of them were present during Yu Luo’s Spirit Vein test back then, so naturally, they knew of the little girl present on the ring. She was that Water Spirit Vein furnace back then.

So, compared to anyone else, they were simply unwilling to believe what they just saw with their very own eyes. What happened to the fact that the trash Spirit Vein holders could only become furnaces? Back then was definitely a mis-test, right? This lady was actually an Ice Spirit Vein holder, right? Forget about the fact that it was a level-skipping match, she even won when she was up against two of them?

“Great work!” Undoubtedly, Zi Mo was the happiest one, and he had even almost charged right out to give his precious daughter a smooch. He really wanted to see if anyone else would dare to belittle his own daughter, and if any little bastard would dare to court death by asking for her hand in marriage.

Zi Mo barely managed to suppress his own excited feelings, and remembered to turn back and give Zhu Yao his thanks. He naturally knew that his own daughter was able to attain her achievements today, was definitely due to his martial aunt’s teachings. Back then, he had always felt that his martial aunt was nonsensical, and loved to talk back at him. But when he looked at it now, she must have planned all of these a long time ago. “Thank you, martial aunt. For guiding my daughter.”

So touching. As expected, they were family that loved one another.

Zhu Yao gave him a scornful look. Little sugarcoat, earlier, when I was stopped you, you must have been scolding me in your heart. Now you know I was doing it all for her. Hmph. I’m going to ignore you.

Zhu Yao turned her head back, and continued to prideful and cold.

Zi Mo was given the cold shoulder, however, he did not mind, and happily returned to his seat.

However, those words of his, had reminded everyone present. They recalled that Water Spirit Vein holder was Sovereign Zhu Yao’s disciple, and was under the Jade Forest Mountain. No wonder she was such a monster. As expected, Jade Forest Mountain was a place specialized in producing monsters, and could not be judged by common sense.

However, earlier, how did that Yu Luo instantly cast another formation, and freeze the two finalists?

Only Zhu Yao knew the answer to this question.

The hell, little radish basically did not place down a second formation, alright! That stupid disciple, believed that  the formation would be broken by melting the ice. However, when water encountered fire, it would simply turn into water vapor, and if the temperature were to fall, it could naturally become ice again. That formation, had never disappeared in the first place, alright?

What little radish did, was simply freezing up the water again.

As expected, knowledge could change one’s fate. The reason those two finalists lost, was because they lacked a Physics teacher. While the audience was still figuring out what happened, Feng Yi, who had been sitting on her mythic bird the entire time, looked towards the leftovers of the formation. With some thoughts in mind, she then glanced at Zhu Yao who sitting in front, and then, she instantly returned to her mountain-top flower look.

Ho, as expected, it was because her yearning was over- excessive!

“Victory goes to Yu Luo of Jade Forest Mountain!” The referee at the side of the ring loudly announced.

Yu Luo raised her head, looked towards her master at the grandstand above, and revealed the most brilliant smile she ever had in twenty years. Master, this disciple did it.

In the next instant, however, she collapsed, while a hint of that smile still remained on her lips.

Zhu Yao simply felt a trembling in her heart,  and momentarily had a bad premonition. The referee simply thought that she had fainted over due to spiritual energy depletion, hence ,he did not bother about her, and first saved those two disciples who were still trapped in ice.

Yet, he simply saw a flash of white light. Sovereign Zhu Yao who was still at the grandstand earlier, suddenly appeared on the ring, with Yu Luo in her hands. Just as the  referee  was about to exclaim out due to the deep bonds between master and disciple, he heard that Sovereign mutter out loudly.

“The hell!”

Looking at the ‘BUG’ letters that were becoming darker and darker on Yu Luo’s face, Zhu Yao even began to feel like cursing out. Momma’s egg, why the hell was it happening now? Wasn’t the night tomorrow the promised day?

Why was it beginning now?

No, she definitely could not allow that female antagonist to succeed in her body-takeover. She had raised up a ripe and red little radish, and she could not allow her to turn into a black radish. Zhu Yao carried Yu Luo who had already fainted, and flew up into the air. She casually picked up Zi Mo, who  was  still thinking how incredible his own daughter was, from the grandstand as well. And with her quickest speed, she returned to Jade Forest Mountain.

“Little… Little martial aunt?” Zi Mo had no clue what was happening. Why did she suddenly capture him? Looking at how she was placing his daughter on the bed with an anxious expression, Zi Mo heaved a sigh of relief, and said.  “Martial aunt, don’t worry. My daughter is only tired, she simply has to rest for a moment…”

“Her body is being taken over.” Zhu Yao coldly said.

“What?” Zi Mo’s expression paled, and instantly, his voice trembled slightly. “How is that possible? I don’t sense any other Nascent Soul presence anywhere.”

If one wanted to take over someone’s body, one had to first cultivate to the Nascent Soul stage. Otherwise, it would be basically impossible for that person’s soul to freely leave one’s body. Zhu Yao coldly stared at him. Just how was he acting like a father?

Zi Mo was a little flustered as well. Looking seriously at his own daughter’s state, it was indeed a little abnormal. It seemed like her aura was becoming weaker. Could it be a Nascent Soul practitioner was really devouring her soul?

“What… What should we do?”

If I knew, why would I bother bringing you here?

Zhu Yao stared at him. An outsider was basically unable to do anything in situations like this. A body-takeover, or soul- devouring, ultimately, was a contest between two souls. Souls were enigmatic things, and outsiders were basically unable to do anything, other than watching who had the strongest will to live between them.

Chapter105: A BUG Can Call For A Transfer

This was also why Zhu Yao had been desperately altering the Water Mystic Arts for so many years, in order to instill the idea of being strong into little radish, and eliminate the sense of inferiority she had towards her own Water Spirit Vein. And, she even allowed her to participate in the Inter-Sect Tournament, in order to build her own self-confidence.

However, she never expected that the female antagonist would choose this moment to take over her body. Little radish had just experienced a great battle, her spiritual energy and mental fortitude was at her weakest moment. Clearly, the time revealed to her in her dream was tomorrow night. This foretelling was basically inaccurate, hey.

“Junior-martial nephew Zi Mo, you’re her father, your weight in her heart isn’t light, call out to her! Most probably, once she hears your voice, it might give her some strength.”

Right now, they could only treat a dead horse as though it was alive. She recalled that in the modern era, there were many patients, who turned into vegetables due to various reasons, reacting to their relatives’ summons. Their calls were able to wake their subconsciousness, and there were even cases where the patients began to slowly recover because of this. Probably, this method, was useful in the cultivation realm as well!

When Zi Mo heard this, he immediately began to call out to his daughter, and say various encouraging words.

As he continued to talk, the sun began to set.

Zhu Yao anxiously looked at Yu Yao’s reaction, however, what she was but the BUG letters on her face continuing to darken, reaching to the degree of clarity when she first saw those dark letters on Xiao Yi’s face. At the pace this was progressing at, before daybreak, Yu Luo’s soul would be devoured completely and cleanly.

Could it be that the female antagonist’s resurrection could not be altered?

The hell. This old lady here simply won’t believe it. Just on what basis, should the little radish she had been raising with her own two hands, be taken over by a black radish?

“Help me set a protection field.” Zhu Yao pulled Zi Mo away, pulled up Yu Luo who was lying on the bed, and sat cross-legged behind her. “I’m going to enter her divine sense to take a look.”

“Martial aunt, the divine sense region isn’t a trivial matter. Furthermore, my daughter is currently unconscious. If  you were to forcefully break into it, I’m afraid that martial-aunt will be injured as well.”

“I can’t be bothered about such things now.” Radish  was going to die really soon, so she had no choice but to take the risk. Zhu Yao closed her eyes, separated a hint of own divine sense, and from Yu Luo’s spirit, she invaded within.

As expected. The moment she made contact with her divine sense, she was blocked by a large force. Zhu Yao concentrated and desperately penetrated herself inside. Finally, a small crack was made, and she entered the inner depths of divine sense.

The moment she entered, she was dumbfounded by the scene inside. What was supposed to be a clear and pure divine sense, had already been dyed in grey, and there were two masses of particles, one white, and one black, at the very top.

Only a  small  part  remained  of  the  white  mass,  while  that black mass was currently swallowing that white mass, bit by bit. Whenever it swallowed a small part, that black mass of air would becoming stronger and bigger correspondingly, and the space of the divine sense would grow dimmer little by little as well.

“The hell. Bitch!” Zhu Yao could not help but curse out at that mass of black cloud, which meant that little radish’s white mass was left with but a few more bites.

“Little radish, you best listen carefully. If you were to get motherf**king eaten by someone else, you will no longer be my disciple.”

That white mass which was still being obediently getting eaten earlier seemed to have jerked for a moment, and a doubtful voice sounded. “Master?”

“Since you know it’s me, you best wake up.” Zhu Yao shouted loudly. “The things that this old lady had taught you for twenty years, just where did all of them go? You’re actually so willing to get eaten by someone else?”

The white mass’ pause became even more evident, and even its action of being swallowed had stopped as well.

“Little radish. So, you worked hard for so many years, desperately practiced your Mystic Arts every day, was all for the sake of giving your body to this deceased soul that came from an unknown origin?”

“Naturally… not.”

“They why aren’t you resisting?”


“Do you still remember what you told me when I first taught you Ice Mystic Arts?”

“… I want to become strong.”

“And then?”

“Prove that I’m not trash.” “Have you given up? Or were you simply lying to master?”

“Of course not!” Little radish’s voice suddenly became firm, and even that small little mass, had instantly brightened up by quite a bit.

Zhu Yao smiled. So she finally had the will to fight. “Then, prove to your master. Don’t lose to this mass of soul that came from god-knows-where. You’re Zhu Yao’s only disciple. The people of my Jade Forest Mountain, are always the ones bullying people, there’s a never a turn for others to bully us!”

“Yes!” Yu Yao responded resoundingly. In an instant, as though that white mass had been lighted up, it released a glaring white light. As though that light was contagious, it spread towards the deep darkness.

The black mass seemed to have realized the former owner’s resistance, and began to devour quicker than before. For a moment, the two sides were in a stalemate, demonstrating a trend of being evenly matched.

Zhu Yao thus had to ignite another flame. “Little radish, if you lose today, don’t you ever call yourself a disciple of my Jade Forest Mountain.”

As she had thought, that white mass seemed to have gained a sudden burst of strength, forcing the black mass straight back, and had even began to devour it instead. “Ahmmu” After giving her opponent a huge bite, just when she was about to continue devouring, suddenly, a black hole appeared above the black mass. The half of the black mass, that was left  after  being bitten, hid itself there, and instantly disappeared without a trace.

The hell, it was no wonder she did not sense the appearance of a Nascent Soul aura. She had actually appeared directly in little radish’s divine sense.

“Master…” Little radish finally opened her eyes, and seemed to be extremely tired, with only a single breath left.

“It’s fine now, rest!” Zhu Yao laid her down, and stroked her head. After giving her a relieved expression, she finally fell into deep sleep.

Zhu Yao once again took a look at the person on the bed. The BUG letters on her face had already completely disappeared. It seemed like her cultivation plan this time was considered as a success.

After giving a Zi Mo a glance, the two of them then retreated from the room.

“Thank you, martial aunt, for saving her.” Zi Mo gave her a deep bow, and at that moment, did he finally heave a deep sigh of relief. He then wiped away the cold sweat on his head, and the corners of his moist eyes. “Earlier, I was starting to think that my daughter would really… All is well, all is well. Both my daughter and martial aunt are alright.”


Just when Zi Mo was about to continue, Zhu Yao, however, suddenly spat a mouthful of blood onto his face.

“Martial aunt!” ” (⊙o⊙)…

The hell, as she had thought, masters were all big liars. What happened to the promised that the separation of divine sense was a prerequisite skill for Demigods? Clearly, back then when her master separated his, he managed it simply and properly. But why was the rebound so huge when it was her turn?

It hurts like hell!

The aftermath of Zhu Yao’s first time in separating her divine sense, made her lie on her bed for three entire days. When she woke up, the first person she saw, was actually worried-looking Feng Yi.

As Zhu Yao did not pay attention, she had almost fell off her bed.

“Senior-martial sister… Feng Yi, why are you here?” The hell. She couldn’t have seen through something, right? Zhu Yao was a little anxious for a moment. Her initial foggy consciousness instantly cleared up more than a half.

What responded her was Feng Yi’s calm expression, as she turned back and said. “She’s fine now.”

Only then did Zhu Yao see Zi Mo who was standing behind her. He gave Zhu Yao an explanation of what happened. So, it seemed she had fainted right after she puked blood that day. Naturally, Zi Mo was unclear of her situation, hence, he had no choice but to bring her over directly to the Beast-Taming Mountain, and had Feng Yi, who was similarly a Demigod-stage practitioner, take a look at her.

However, she was fortunate. Other than losing a bit of spiritual energy, everything else about her was normal.

However, little radish had yet to wake up. Most probably because of the body take-over, her soul, after all, had taken quite a bit of damage. Hence, she required a period of time to restore it.

Zhu Yao did not expect that a simple separation of her divine sense would have such a huge consumption on her part. Back then, when her master sneakily followed her to Tasyoluk, she basically did not see any sort of bad reaction though? As expected, comparisons would really make people furious.

Zi Mo had planned on chatting with her regarding Yu Luo’s condition. However, a disciple suddenly walked over, and said an Elder from Celestial Indus Sect wished for an audience, as he had something to discuss. However, what’s strange was, the person this Elder wished to seek an audience with, was actually not Zi Mo, but her.

“Celestial Indus Sect?” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment.
Why was this name so familiar?

“Celestial Indus Sect is south of Ancient Hill Sect, and is a Deity Sect second only to ours.” Zi Mo explained. “The disciples of this Sect are usually proficient in music, and specialize in using music to bring down their enemies. I wonder how martial-aunt came to know this Elder?”

“I don’t know her though!” She simply felt the three words “Celestial Indus Sect” were a little familiar, and that was it.

Zi Mo was startled as well. Since they did not know each other, why did the Elder wish to see her personally?

Harboring such suspicions, the two of them bade farewell to Feng Yi, and headed to the side hall of the Main Mountain. Zi Mo first called for a cup of tea for her, before allowing a disciple to bring that Elder into the hall.

The person  who  came  in  was  a  youth  who  looked  about twenty years old. Looking at his demeanor, and the the spiritual energy around him, he should be a Nascent Soul Paragon who had cultivated for more than a few thousand years. A practitioner’s age could not be seen through their looks, as Nascent Soul practitioners were all capable of altering their own exterior looks. After all, not everyone was like Zi Mo, who liked to make himself look like an old man.

“Qi Han of Celestial Indus Sect greets the Sovereign.” That person greeted while reporting his name.

Only the did Zhu Yao recall why Celestial Indus Sect sounded so familiar. Wasn’t this Qi Han the master of that female antagonist Mu Meiyan, whom she saw in her dream? However, in her dream, he had already broken through into a Demigod, while currently, he was merely at the Nascent Soul stage.

She had just helped little radish chase away his disciple who intended to devour her own disciple’s soul, why did her master come knocking on her doorsteps so quickly? Zhu Yao gave a perfunctory nod. She felt that she needed to suppress her astonishment, so she picked up the cup of tea from the table and took a fierce gulp.

However, Qi Han did not mind it too much. He simply moved aside and hinted the disciple behind him to step forward. “Rulu, why haven’t you greeted the Sovereign yet!?”

That disciple immediately stepped forward. “This disciple greets the Sovereign.”

Hugging her fist, she gave a deep and respectful bow towards Zhu Yao, with her body bent forward by a standard ninety degrees. After pausing for a moment, she then raised her head, and revealed – a face with the word ‘BUG’ written on it.


Zhu Yao’s mouthful of tea, directed splattered onto her entire face.

A proper flowery young girl, was instantly sprayed with tea leaves that covered her entire face.

At that moment, only a crow’s cawing could be heard within the hall… Qi Han: ….

Disciple: ….

Zhu Yao: …

“Martial aunt, you…” Zi Mo was embarrassed as well. Even if he was killed, he wouldn’t have thought that his martial aunt would do something like that. Even if she did not like his disciple, she shouldn’t have expressed it out in front of the Elder himself, right? How was he going to clean up the mess now?

“Ho, hoho, hohoho…” Zhu Yao chuckled a few times. As she desperately suppressed her thoughts of wanting to retort, she began to weasel her way out. “Uh… I see this little lady here, has an astonishing figure, a cultivation genius who is rarely… seen in a hundred years. Because of a moment of surprise, I… spewed. Hoho, I made all of you witness something embarrassing.”

Chapter106: This World Where We Have To Look At Faces

Did it have to be this intense? She had just saved little radish earlier, so why did another bug appear yet again? Could it be that these things could even spawn at random places and at random times?

Zi Mo silently gave her a scornful eye. Who in the  world would believe such words?

“Sovereign, are your words true?” Qi Han’s eyes suddenly shone, and his face was filled with sparkles.

The hell, someone really believed them.

“As expected, Sovereign is really capable.” With a joyful look, Qi Han began to butter her up. “To tell you the truth, this girl is the daughter of my Celestial Indus Sect Master, her name is Huan Rulu. Similar to Sovereign’s disciple, she’s a Heavenly Water Spirit Vein holder.”

What? When did the Heavenly Water Spirit Vein have such a high supply? The two fellows, Zi Mo and Zhu Yao, were  both dumbfounded, as they stared right at the female disciple.

That girl, however, did not have the slightest hint of distress, and openly allowed the two of them to inspect her. Mn, it would have been best if they were not staring at her face which was filled with tea leaves.

Zhu Yao faintly felt her expression was a little strange. Normally, if a girl was being stared at like this, no matter how calm the girl would be, she would still be a little anxious. Yet, this girl looked as though she was used to it, let alone having any sense of inferiority. If not for the three-lettered word ‘bug’ which was clearly shaking around on her face, Zhu Yao would have really believed that she was an upright and good radish.

Wait a moment, why was there another symbol on her face? Why the hell was there another bracket below the word ‘BUG’, and what’s the meaning behind the word ‘Rebirth’ that’s inside the brackets?

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled that black mass which had escaped from little radish’s divine sense. Could it be… Yesterday, that female antagonist did not manage to devour little radish, so she devoured this girl’s body instead?

The hell. Was this person’s soul inside a telephone? This soul could actually call for a transfer to another body!

So tired. She felt as though she won’t be able to love anything anymore.

“Sovereign Zhu Yao.” With an expression filled with hope, Qi Han said. “Since Sovereign was able to see through Rulu with a single glance, that proves that you have an affinity with her. I wonder if you have any thoughts of taking her under your tutelage.”

“None!” Zhu Yao instantly recovered her cold and prideful mask. He must be joking. Looking at that string of deep black letters on her face, she knew, this radish was already too black to be saved. Why would she still dare to place the radish by her side?

Qi Han was startled for a moment, as though, he had never thought that she would actually reject it so completely. “Then, earlier, why did Sovereign…”

“I said that on a whim, and you took me seriously?”

Qi Han: “…”

Then did you spit out your tea on a whim as well?

Qi Han felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Zi Mo went forward and patted on him on the  shoulder, giving him an understanding look. Brother, you  now understand my pain, right? Everyone who comes from Jade Forest Mountain are like that.

“Sovereign, there’s many misunderstandings towards the Water Spirit Vein in this world, only your  Mystic  Arts…”  Qi Han still did not want to give up.

Zhu Yao, however, immediately interrupted his words. “She’s not a Water Spirit Vein holder anyway.” “Even if she isn’t… What?” Qi Han was startled. Not a Water Spirit Vein holder? What did she mean?

Zi Mo, however, reacted first, as he instantly summoned out a crystal ball used for testing Spirit Veins, and looked towards the female disciple Qi Han brought along.

That disciple, however, did not avoid it, and immediately placed her hand on the crystal ball. After a moment, only a white fog rose inside the ball, and then, pieces of snowflakes began to fly about.

“Heavenly Ice Spirit Vein!” Zi Mo widened his eyes. This was an exceptionally great potential!

Zi Mo’s expression turned cold, as he looked resentfully towards Qi Han at the side. And there he was planning to help persuade his martial aunt earlier, as he had believed that she suffered the same plight as his own daughter. Where’s the promised Water Spirit Vein? Are you making a fool out of me?

Qi Han was a little embarrassed as well, however, he was mostly surprised. “Rulu, you’re…” “This is what I wanted to tell you this morning.” Rulu’s face was covered by an apologetic expression. “My Spirit Vein mutated, but senior-martial uncle, you simply went away too quickly. So, I didn’t have the opportunity to tell you…”

“Haah. Child.” In the end, she was still his senior-martial brother’s daughter, so Qi Han did not feel right to criticize her too much either.

“I beg senior-martial uncle for your forgiveness.” Rulu once again apologized.

However, that apology of hers did not look sincere. In her gentle eyes, a strange luster flashed past, and it was clearly seen by Zhu Yao, who was at the side.

As she had thought, the person here, was that rebirthed female antagonist, Mu Meiyan, right?

Qi Han once again deeply apologized to the two people, and had finally stopped discussing about having Rulu being taken in as Zhu Yao’s disciple. What a joke. The Ice Spirit Vein was a mutated Heavenly Spirit Vein, a potential like this could hardly be seen in ten thousand years in the entire cultivation realm, so how would he possibly hand her over to someone else? Back then, he simply watched Yu Luo’s match, and thought that the Jade Forest Mountain had some sort of special methods in training the Water Spirit Vein. Hence he casually pushed her to enter the Ancient Hill Sect, in order to seek for her protection. So now, naturally, there was no longer a need to be afraid.

Naturally, Zi Mo would not really fuss with him. He was able to feel it from the heart. He had a daughter with a Water Spirit Vein as well after all, so he could understand their hearts, which constantly thought about their own daughters.

“I wonder what matters Reverend is here for today?” Zi Mo finally got to the question at hand.

Qi Han frowned, as though he had recalled of  some difficulties. He carefully glanced at Zhu Yao, before speaking out. “It’s like this. A daughter of my old friend, had suffered grave injuries due to a wicked plot against her family, and her divine sense had been injured. I sealed her in ice, and then, have been nursing her with spiritual energy. However, currently, her aura is becoming weaker and weaker. I heard from rumors that the Sovereign of Jade Forest Mountain is knowledgeable about divine sense, hence, I wish to invite Sovereign out of the mountain, and have a look at her.” When these words fell, Zhu Yao didn’t really have any sort of reaction, Zi Mo, however, was the first to frown. It was normal for Sects belonging to the good faction to help each other with small matters. If he had brought that person in question over, Zi Mo wouldn’t simply sit idly by as well. However, hearing the meaning behind these words, he actually wanted her to rush over to look at her illness, wasn’t he looking down on her a little too much?

Seeing that Zi Mo’s expression was a little ugly, Qi Han hurriedly explained. “That disciple of mine, is gravely injured. Currently, she’s residing in a block of ice, and cannot  be casually moved. Hence, I’m shamelessly here to beg Sovereign to head there with me.”

Qi Han turned to look at Zhu Yao whose face was cold as ice, and for a moment, he was unable to determine if this Sovereign, who didn’t act logically, would accept his request.

“Sure!” Zhu Yao nodded without a mind. She was even frustrating about not having the chance to understand that new bug just earlier. “But, this matter will have to wait till my disciple wakes up.”

Qi Han’s expression turned joyful, and he hurriedly gave his thanks. Zi Mo then politely added in a few words, before sending them off.

Zhu Yao could feel the excited feelings Qi Han had when he left, and even his footsteps were brisk. However, that girl called Rulu, no, she should be called Mu Meiyan now, she seemed to be obediently following behind Qi Han, yet, her eyes were staring straight at his back.

Those eyes of hers made Zhu Yao felt extremely puzzled. Hate? It didn’t look like it. Love? It didn’t look like it either. As though too many emotions were entangled with, which made her thoughts impenetrable.

Zhu Yao understood the anger and hatred she had from the terrible death she experienced in her past life, yet, Zhu Yao simply could not understand why she had to take over someone else’s body and harm people, in order to achieve her revenge. That was why she had stopped little radish from being devoured by her, with all her might. But who would have known that, when she was unable to devour on this side, in a blink of an eye, she found another victim.

All of her efforts for so many years, had all gone to waste. After running an entire circle, she once again returned to the starting point. The three letters on face were so obvious, it was impossible to ignore them. This was proof that, even without Wu Song’s Demon Physique, she would still be that fuse which could bring about the end of the world.

Zhu Yao once again looked at that girl, and was suddenly stunned.

Were her eyes blurry? Why did she feel as though there was a black shadow currently sticking tightly onto her?

When Zhu Yao took another closer look, it wasn’t there anymore. What was going on?

Only after she walked further away from the side hall, did Mu Meiyan finally turned her head back to take a look. A hint of darkness flashed past her initial innocent-looking face.

She silently transmitted her voice to the depth of her heart. “That Sovereign, is the person who was in the divine sense region back then. She couldn’t have…” “Don’t worry, that’s definitely impossible.” An extremely enchanting voice sounded from the depth of her heart. “How could a mere Demigod be able to realize it with a single glance? And she would never have expected that we would dare to appear right in front of her so openly, and so quickly.”

“However, if we don’t eliminate this person, what if she’s able to notice something?”

“Heheh, don’t be anxious. I don’t think she has the capability either.”

As for this certain person who definitely had the capability, and had long seen through everything, she had stepped into her disciple’s room, appearing glamorously onto the stage.

“Little radish, I’m back.”

The two close figures at the side of the bed, instantly separated. Especially that man who was sitting at the bedside, as he stood up with a very anxious expression. He then began to explain with flustered movements. “Sect, Sect Master, I… I-I… It’s Elder Sesame who brought me here to look for you…”

What should she say? As long as it’s a scandal, it would always be exposed?

Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes. She did not say anything, and simply stared coldly at Wu Song, who was currently holding onto an empty cup.

“I… I…” Under her forceful gaze, Wu Song weakly lowered his head. His entire face was blushed red, and after a moment, he finally squeezed out. “I’m going to call Elder Sesame over.” As though he was flying, he sprinted out of the room.

Hey, I haven’t said anything, you know.

Hence, Zhu Yao once again turned her head, and started at her disciple who was currently leaning against the wall.

“There’s nothing between the two of us!” Yu Luo loudly said. Zhu Yao silently tilted her head. “Did I say anything?”

Yu Luo’s face was entirely red, and stubbornly said. “In… In any case, it’s not what you think?”

“What do I think?” Zhu Yao laughed.

“Master!” Yu Luo was filled with embarrassment, as she looked at Zhu Yao resentfully.

Zhu Yao could only heave a long sigh. “Haah. In the end, a daughter cannot be kept for long!”

“I’m your disciple.”

“A disciple cannot be kept for long!”

“You…” Yu Luo angrily pulled her blanket, turned her head around, and no longer cared about her.

Zhu Yao once again sighed. “Keeping a disciple for too long will only form hatred, huh~”


“I know. I’m leaving now.”

Zhu Yao quickly left. If she were to tease anymore than that, her disciple would throw a tantrum. Hmph, if she was unable to get anything out of little radish, there’s still Wu Song, right?

Ohohohohoho. Finding out gossips or whatever, she had bountiful experience with it.

After a series of intimidation, coercion, and threats, Wu Song honestly told her the process of the crime. Actually, because Zhu Yao suddenly carried little radish and left after the final match on that day, and along the way, had even pulled away the Sect Master of Ancient Hill Sect, who was the host of the big event, they were worried that something might have happened. Hence, they waited in the Ancient Hill Sect for news.

In the end, this wait dragged on for an entire day, yet, she did not appear, nor did she respond to the voice transmissions. Hence, he pulled Elder Sesame, and had it guide him to the mountain. Sesame was her contracted beast, and would not be obstructed by the formation in Jade Forest Mountain, so naturally, they were able to enter.

However, in the end, they did not see her, instead, they saw Yu Luo who was sleeping soundlessly on the bed. Wu Song’s heart softened. He thus decided to take care of Yu Luo, while waiting for her return.

Chapter107: The Strange Shadow

Wu Song said with a righteous tone, yet, whenever he brought Yu Luo up, his eyes would sparkle, it would be really strange for Zhu Yao to not notice the thing going between them.

It seemed like these two people, after going back and forth, caught each other’s eyes. They thought of developing feelings beyond that of just friends, however, they did not wish to be caught red-handed by her.

“Don’t worry, big sister isn’t someone who’s not that open- minded.” Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. Speaking of which, in that dream, Wu Song had a love at first sight with Yu Luo as well. Then, his heart was dead set on her, and it was exactly because of her, he went on the demonic path. Although back then, the soul inside Yu Luo’s body was already different, the body was still the same, after all.

Wait a minute! Could it be, the one that Wu Song liked was not Mu Meiyan, the person herself, rather, he liked Yu Luo’s face?

The hell! As expected, this was a society where looks were important! But this was good as well. At least, with little radish, this good little disciple of hers, here, Wu Song would not lean himself to the demonic side.

“Sect… Sect Master, there’s really nothing  going  on,  with Miss Yu Luo…” Wu Song weakly defended himself.

Zhu Yao glanced at him. “If there’s nothing going on now, something can still go on the future, right?”

“Ah! Ah?”

“What do you mean by ‘ah’?” Zhu Yao stared at him, and silently recalled a certain someone who had already ascended. Are you trying to learn from a certain someone, by fleeing right after finishing a meal? Like hell I will let you! “Tomorrow, you shall bring along Yu Luo, and return to Azureflight with her.”

“Ah?” Wasn’t that too quick?

Zhu Yao raised her hand and patted on his head. “I have to leave for a period of time. Yu Luo’s injuries have yet to recover completely, with Sesame around, I will not have to worry. And, her Arts are taught by me, after heading to Azureflight, she can give you guys some points as well.”

Wu Song’s expression sank, and he only nodded a moment later.

Qi Han of Celestial Indus Sect was really someone who did not cut corners. In the early morning of the second day, Zhu Yao had Yu Luo, Sesame and the rest be sent to Azureflight. Naturally, she only told Zi Mo that Yu Luo was heading down the mountains to gain experience, and had looked for some people she was familiar with. Then, right after  returning  to Jade Forest Mountain, she received Qi Han’s mail.

Following the message’s instructions, Zhu Yao went down the mountain, however, she then saw a celestial ark stopping above the plaza of the Main Mountain. The ark looked as though it had been carved out from jade, and it looked especially pleasant. Spiritual energy circled around the ark, and with clouds shrouding it, one would know that it wasn’t an ordinary boat with just a single look. Although its grade was much lower than the ones left behind by her master, it won in terms of exterior beauty, and one wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed sitting on it.

Zhu Yao silently threw a glance to Zi Mo who came to send her. Look at this person’s transportation tool. Compared to the leaves or whatever, it’s basically gazillion times better, alright?

Evidently, Zi Mo did not notice the big problems with his citizens’ quality of life, as he was still standing on the plaza, waving his hands to bade her goodbye with all her might.

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes, and walked back to the cabin.

Only after she entered the cabin did she find out that it was actually another space within it, as though another small world had been paved out. When she opened the cabin door, it was actually a garden. At the center the garden was a pond, and one could faintly see red and white fish swimming separately and freely in the pond.

Qi Han guided her to a small courtyard, and had her sit by a stone table in the courtyard. There was actually a two-floored house behind the courtyard as well. In an instant, Zhu Yao felt this ark was simply too mystical, and suddenly had an urge to take out those mystic tools her master had left for her and try them all out.

Qi Han glanced at Rulu behind him. Then, she went into the house behind, and came out with a teapot in her hands.

Zhu Yao was paying a lot of her attention at Rulu whose soul had changed in the first place. Though, Mu Meiyan was  a natural actor, as whenever Zhu Yao had made contact with her, she would only see that feeling of excitement a junior would feel when she saw an expert. There was not even a single flaw in her disguise.

“To trouble Sovereign for this matter, this Qi Han expresses his utmost gratitude.” Qi Han, however, gave his sincere thanks.

“For Reverend to care about this Sect disciple of yours to this extent, could she be your personal succeeding disciple?” Zhu Yao intentionally asked. As expected, at the side, Mu Meiyan’s expression sank a little. Evidently, she was very bothered by this question as well.

“That’s not the case.” Qi Han answered.

“Oh, then is she a chamber disciple?” “That’s… not it either.”

“Then that sure is strange.” Usually, when a Sect’s Nascent Soul Elder took in disciples, most of them were actually merely name-bearing disciples, and would be taught by other specialists in the Sect. Only chamber disciples and personal succeeding disciples, would be taught Mystic Arts personally by them. Logically speaking, he wouldn’t come from miles away to look for her and owe her a favor, all for the sake a regular name- bearing disciple, right?

“Truthfully speaking, although she’s a daughter of my old friend, before I found her, I did not know of her.” Qi  Han seemed to have recalled some past events, as he took a deep breath, before continuing. “Even the matter of taking her as my disciple, was a decision I made on a whim as well.”

“Oh?” Zhu Yao was a little startled. There’s actually someone who’s so proactive in taking in disciples?

“However, that old friend of mine and I have got along for many years. This girl is her only descendant, and now that she has passed away, I shall certainly take care of her daughter.” Qi Han said this with an especially saddened tone, and there seemed to be something intractable concentrated in his eyes. Zhu Yao felt he was hiding something. But, after all, it was other people’s matters, so it wouldn’t be pleasant for her to get to the very bottom of the matter either. Hence, she gracefully closed her mouth.

When she turned her head, she suddenly bumped into Mu Meiyan, who was lowering her head with a depressed expression at the side. And then, Zhu Yao’s eyes instantly widened.

The hell, so back then, her vision wasn’t blurry at all. There was really a shadow behind her, and looking at its shape, it even looked like the figure of a man. Currently, that shadow was crawling on her shoulder. It leaned its head next to the side of her ear, as though it was whispering something.

A scene like this was as though a ghost had been seen in bright daylight, which freaked Zhu Yao out. She had even almost thrown that cup of tea towards it. A resentful ghost taking innocent lives, which she had watched in movies long ago? This terrifying scenario where a ghost was possessing a body had totally appeared in front of her.

Fortunately, Qi Han voiced out in the nick of time, following Zhu Yao’s gaze, he looked towards Mu Meiyan who was in a daze at the back. “Ru Lu!”

Mu Meiyan was startled for a moment, as though she had regained her senses from her own thoughts.

“Why are you still standing there? Hurry and pour a cup of tea for the Sovereign.” Qi Han thought she was dissatisfied with the attitude of the people from the Sect, and hurriedly reminded her.

Only then did Mu Meiyan walk over, and pour tea into the cup in her hands to the brim. The shadow on her shoulder moved for a moment. Leisurely, it turned its head over, as though it was looking at Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao’s hand trembled, and cold sweat instantly ran down her face. Though, that shadow’s gaze did not pause on her for too long, as it soon turned its head back, and slowly dissipated.

Zhu Yao had to gulp down a huge mouthful of tea before she could calm down. Mamamia, just what the hell is that?

She once again glanced at Qi Han who did not seem to have noticed anything. Other people couldn’t see it?

When they arrived at Celestial Indus Sect, it was  already noon. Although the celestial ark was beautiful, its speed was simply too freaking slow. Initially, if the two of them had flown over while riding on their swords, a journey like this could have been completed within four hours. Yet, they had actually flown for an entire day.

The person who came to welcome them was the Sect Master of Celestial Indus Sect, who looked like a middle-aged man in his forties. As expected, becoming an old man or whatever, was just Zi Mo’s personal hobby.

After flying for such a long time, Zhu Yao did not really have the intention to be courteous with that many people. Wearing her cold and prideful mask, she casually nodded. Qi Han was tactful as well, as he hurriedly arranged for a disciple to bring her over to rest in a guestroom, and planned to bring her over to his so-called disciple tomorrow.

Recalling that shadow clinging behind Mu Meiyan, Zhu Yao simply felt a cold intent was leaking out from the depths of her heart, and she was unsure of why that was so. Since there were deity practitioners in this world, naturally, there would be things like ghosts. However, she was absolutely sure that shadow was not definitely not a ghost. Ghosts were dark beings, and because deity practitioners carry spiritual energy in their bodies, ghosts were unable to approach them. And the aura being faintly emitted out by the shadow, made her feel a little timid.

Just what the hell was that? Why was it with Mu Meiyan? And looking at it, it seemed to be very familiar with Mu Meiyan, and did not seem that it would hurt her.

Zhu Yao felt that shadow was definitely related to Mu Meiyan’s rebirth and her sudden appearance in little radish’s divine sense. And, it was definitely the key to eliminating this bug.

After pondering for a moment, Zhu Yao released her divine sense, and carefully hid her own aura. The entire Celestial Indus Sect was instantly within her vision.

Currently, Mu Meiyan was using the body of the Sect Master’s daughter, and the place she was living in was on another mountain not far away from her own. Currently, she should be training, as she was sitting cross- legged on the bed. Right now, she was merely at the second level of Essence, so it was exactly the time she needed to raise her cultivation. Zhu Yao recalled that in her dreams, after her rebirth, her cultivation rose very quickly. In just mere two hundred years, she had already nourished her Nascent Soul.

Even a ghost wouldn’t believe she did not have a special method in her hands.

As expected, the ice spiritual energy that was initially uniformly entering her body, suddenly increased rapidly in speed. As though they were being attracted, they endlessly poured into her body.

As though she was unable to bear the surging amount of spiritual energy, cold sweat leaked out from her forehead. Her aura became unstable as well, yet, she still did not stop taking in the spiritual energy.

An hour later, her expression slowly smoothened, and the spiritual energy that were entering her body had calmed down as well. She then took in spiritual energy for a few more moments before finally stopping. Her cultivation had reached the third level of Essence. Mu Meiyan opened her eyes, and took a deep breath, and only then did a smile surface from the corner of her lips. Her former pitiful-look, for a moment, looked a little seductive and dark.

“Thank you.” She suddenly said.

A black shadow then faintly surfaced behind her.  That shadow seemed to have merged together with her, as it wrapped about her body. Its upper half laid on top of her shoulder. Turning its head, it was incidentally near the side of her ear, and seemed to be telling her something.

Unfortunately, Zhu Yao was completely unable to hear it. She speculated that shadow was transmitting its voice directly.

A moment later, Mu Meiyan revealed a happy smile. “I understand, I will definitely change the ending this time.”

She then paused for a moment again, as though it was replying to the shadow.

After a moment, she said again. “But tomorrow… I have to rush there before then.” She became silent for a moment, then suddenly, her expression turned a little hideous, as she balled up her fists tightly. “Mn. At the very most, in a hundred years, I have to form my Azoth Core. That thing, she shall never ever think of obtaining it.”

What thing? Say clearly, hey. Zhu Yao  frowned.  Just  when she was thinking of hearing more carefully, suddenly, that shadow that was laying on Mu Meiyan’s shoulder, seemed to have sensed something, as it suddenly turned its head over. She simply felt a cold intent driving down to the depths of her heart. Before she could retract her divine sense completely, she was struck ferociously by a force of energy.

She simply felt a pain in her chest, and puked out a mouthful of blood. Her divine sense faintly ached.

In an instant, she was terrified. If she had not retreated in time, it wouldn’t have been as simple as puking out blood. She could have died right there and then.

Chapter108: The Twins Within The Ice

The hell, just what the hell was that? Ever since she became a Demigod, it had been a long time since she was injured. Yet, right now, because of just a single glance by that shadow, her divine sense was actually damaged.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath to gather her calm, and she finally felt better after a few moments. This time, she no longer dared to peek. That shadow was evidently Mu Meiyan’s  ultimate cheat. It was too heaven-bending, wasn’t it?  Fortunately, earlier, she had intentionally her aura, otherwise, she would have been exposed.

Zhu Yao took an entire night to completely heal herself. On the early morning of the second day, Qi Han came looking for her.

When he came, Qi Han said it very clearly, that he had invited her to save his own disciple. Zhu Yao was also faintly making guesses as well. She wondered if that person was actually Yue Hanxin, who was also the Mu Meiyan’s main target of attack in the upcoming world war after her rebirth.

Qi Han spoke with her courteously for a while, before bringing her to the rear mountain of Celestial Indus Sect. Compared to the all-year spring season in Ancient Hill Sect, the flaming heat at the front of Celestial Indus Sect was a little over the top, while the rear of the mountain was actually a piece of glacier. Zhu Yao, as someone who believed in Science, was basically unable to understand this scenery.

Qi Han brought her to the topmost place above the glacier. There was actually a gigantic lake there, and what’s strange was that the lake was not frozen, but of course, it wasn’t a hot spring either.

A giant iceberg was floating above the lake surface, and something could be faintly seen circulating inside. It looked colorful, and very beautiful.

However, Qi Han simply stopped at the lakeside. Just as when Zhu Yao was feeling puzzled, he pointed to the iceberg in midair.

“The one frozen inside, is my disciple.”

Zhu Yao was a little startled. Using her divine sense to inspect it, she realized there really was a presence of a live human being inside. However, it was very small and weak, it would be impossible to sense if she had not looked carefully. The most important thing was, the person was completely formless inside.

Zhu Yao silently cast a suspicious glance at him. This is considered human as well? Are you kidding me?

Only then did Qi Han sigh deeply, and he answered without a rush. “Actually, my disciple has yet to be born.”

Eh? Mind speaking the human language!?

“My old friend fell into a crisis. When I rushed over, him and his wife had already been gravely injured.” Qi Han’s expression sank. “With my old friend’s last breath, he retrieved the infant that was still alive from his wife’s womb, and used a type of ancient Mystic Art to seal the infant inside this iceberg. He then had me place it in this place, so as to give the child form with the aid of formations. It had already been five years since then.”

The hell, such a thing was possible? This was more advanced than modern technology, hey. They did not even need a surrogacy arrangement. Zhu Yao was dumbfounded at this entire world. She had only heard of plants that could grow without soil, but she never expected that humans could too.

Zhu Yao silently felt as though there were traces of her three views collapsing.

“However, at the moment when everything was supposed to bear fruit…” Qi Han frowned, and simply stared at that gigantic iceberg.” However, the infant has yet to be born, and the child’s presence is instead, becoming weaker. Right now, the infant’s presence could no longer be sensed at all, thus, I invited Sovereign to help investigate this matter.”

Zhu Yao gave a face behind his back. In the end, she was pulled here to deliver a child. She was trained in technology, not gynecology, hey.

Zhu Yao suppressed the impulse to shout out in the depth of her heart, and looked at that iceberg once again. Qi Han said he was completely unable to sense any presence, however, she was sure that there was indeed a living person in there. The presence was simply very weak and small.

After flying  up  in  the  air  and  giving  that  iceberg  a  closer inspection, she found out that the formation was indeed very intricate. It was like an automatic supply unit, endlessly, and constantly inserting nourishment into the iceberg.

Among them, there was a large amount of ice spiritual energy currently inserting into the iceberg.

As Qi Han had said, there were no problems with this formation at all? Though it did kind of ruin her three views. However, theoretically speaking, there shouldn’t be any problems.

But why was the infant’s presence becoming weaker?

Did you add a defensive formation to this formation?” Zhu Yao asked. Could it be that the infant was being blocked and could not come out?

Qi Han nodded. “However, this defensive formation, is only able to block attacks from the outside. If there’s any movements inside the iceberg itself, it can naturally break free from the formation.” Zhu Yao sank into silence, and for a moment, she could not understand what was wrong. Even if she used her divine sense to inspect the interior, she was only able to catch a few hints of uncertainties, and a strand of a weak presence. Forget about a formed infant, she was not even able to sense a physical body.

Heaving a sigh, just when Zhu Yao was planning on giving up, she suddenly saw a red spot of light entering the ice, which instantly disappeared without a trace the next moment.

That was fire spiritual energy! Could it be…

“You said that this infant has been growing for five years?” Zhu Yao turned and asked.

Qi Han nodded. “Yes, the infant should have taken form after ten months, yet, the child still have not been born, even though the child’s still alive. From beginning till now, it’s been five years.”

“The hell!” Zhu Yao cursed. She found out the reason. “Follow me!” Zhu Yao pulled Qi Han over, and then, according to several direction positions on the lake, she had him set down a different type of formation on each of them, though, all of them were the same spiritual energy guiding formations. The only difference were the type of spiritual energy each formation was drawing in.

When the spiritual energy guiding formations for Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, five different elements, were completed, Zhu Yao had Qi Han activate the formations with her. The surrounding five types of spiritual energy thus began to be drawn into the center of the lake.

Zhu Yao then added a spiritual energy convergence formation at the top of the iceberg. She was unable to determine what kind of Spiritual Vein the child inside possessed, so she did not dare to use formations that were too powerful in strength. Hence, the convergence of spiritual energy were at a very slow pace as well.

The first to be drawn in was fire spiritual energy. As expected, that red spot of light, entered the iceberg right after making contact. And, that presence that could only be barely sensed earlier, suddenly strengthened. Qi Han sensed it as well, and he stared with eyes wide open. “Sovereign, this… What is going on?”

He never expected that, after thinking of countless ways, a few spiritual energy guiding formations could have actually solve the problem.

Zhu Yao sighed, and simply gave a bland reply. “The child inside is not an Ice Spirit Vein holder.”

Actually, the reason why the infant had yet to be born was very simple. This spiritual infant had always grown by being fed with spiritual energy, hence, during the child’s birth, the child would naturally require the nourishment from spiritual energy. However, the child’s Spirit Vein was different, while  this iceberg was filled with only ice spiritual energy. Before it had taken form, it was still alright, however, after taking form, the infant’s Spirit Vein would have formed as well. If the infant did not possess the Ice Spirit Vein, naturally, the infant would be unable to take in ice spiritual energy. And as the rest of the spiritual energy particles were pitifully low in number and scarce, naturally, the infant’s presence would weaken.

Earlier, she saw a spot of fire spiritual energy being absorbed into the iceberg, so the person inside, at the very least, possessed the Fire Spirit Vein. However, she was simply afraid that the infant did not just possess the Fire Spirit Vein, hence, she set down all five spiritual energy guiding formations.

After hearing her explanation, Qi Han finally understood as well, and a smile had already begun to surface on his face. At the same time while he was controlling the formations, he stared tightly at the iceberg in the center, so that he could strip apart the corresponding formation at the very moment he realize that there was an incompatible spiritual energy.

After the fire spiritual energy, metal spiritual energy had begun to gather as well. Like the fire spiritual energy particles, the metal spiritual energy particles went inside the moment they made contact with the iceberg.

Metal and Fire Duo-Spirit Veins? Joy appeared on Qi Han’s face. This was an extremely great potential.

However, the next moment, wood spiritual energy entered the iceberg as well.

Could it be that the child possessed the Metal, Fire and Wood Tri-Spirit Veins? Mn, it was still acceptable. However, immediately after, earth and water spiritual energy completely, and without restraints, were absorbed into the iceberg as well. Qi Han’s expression became a little ugly.

He was almost unable to regain his senses. Could it be that his disciple who had yet to be born, actually possessed the trash Penta-Spirit Veins? This blow was simply too big.

After painstakingly waiting for five years, he was back at where he started.

In her heart, Zhu Yao silently lit a candle for this master who had been taken advantage as well. Look at you, see what happened after you take a disciple in such a hurry? Tragic, right? However, after recalling that her own Azureflight Sect had a bunch of little radishes with Penta-Spirit Veins, her feelings instantly balanced out again.

However, in her dream, she clearly remembered that Yue Hanxin, similar to Mu Meiyan, possessed the mutated Ice Spirit Vein as well. Could it be that the person inside was not the Mary Sue Yue Hanxin? Or could it be that because Mu Meiyan did not succeed in taking over little radish, it had brought about a butterfly effect? However, in her dream, the first time Yue Hanxin stepped into the stage, was as a ten-year-old girl, who had been brought up to the mountain by Qi Han himself. There wasn’t even this part where she was sealed in ice as a spiritual infant. If Qi Han himself had not called the person inside the iceberg his disciple, she would not have thought that the spiritual infant inside the iceberg was Yue Hanxin.

Zhu Yao really couldn’t understand, and she could only sense the presence that was getting stronger in the core of the iceberg.

After finding out that the infant could take in all five spiritual energy, Qi Han strengthened the spiritual energy guiding formation. The surrounding spiritual energy was endlessly pouring inside, and the presence inside became firmer as well.

‘Kachak.’ Six hours later, finally, a breaking sound could be heard from the iceberg.

Zhu Yao instantly stopped the spiritual energy guiding formations below, and, along with Qi Han, they stared at the iceberg above that was already beginning to break apart. Crack lines began to grow inch by inch on the gigantic iceberg, and not even a moment later, it was completely filled with cracks. A shattered piece of ice, that was about the size of a palm, fell from above. At that moment, as though they had received a signal or some sort, the rest of the pieces of ice began to fall one after another as well.

While inside that iceberg, which she could only blurrily sense earlier, as though a door had been opened, she could already completely see the figures inside clearly.

However… The hell, why were there two!?

As the iceberg completely fell, the two little figures inside followed after as they fell straight down. That was a pair of twins, one male and one female. Their figures however, were not weak little infants, but children of about five years of age.

Qi Han flew up, instantly grabbed onto the girl, and looked dumbfoundedly at her while she was in his embrace.

The hell, there’s still another one?

Zhu Yao simply felt like cursing out. At this moment, what the hell was he being in a daze for!? Without a choice, Zhu Yao could only fly over as well. At the moment the boy was about to fall right into the waters, she fished him up, and returned to the lakeside.

It was unclear if it was because he had been sealed in the iceberg, but the child’s body was entirely wet, with his eyes closed. His figure, however, was extremely small and frail, and his skin could basically be seen to be merely wrapping his bones. If she had not known he had been sealed in ice for five years, just by his bony figure, she would have definitely believed he was not even three years old.

Zhu Yao cast a Dirt Removal Art on him. After pondering for a moment, she once again took out a set of clothes from her ring, and covered him with it.

When Qi Han returned, he incidentally saw it, and he looked as though he had only just recalled that he had to give his disciple clothes as well. Hence, he retrieved a pink-colored set of clothes. Most probably, he had long prepared it for her.

“Sovereign.” Qi Han looked at the child in her embrace, and a hint of guilt surfaced on his face, as though he was a little regretful for not catching him earlier. “Back then, when my old friend sealed the infant, the child was already seven months in. I have investigated as well, and there was only a single female infant. However, I really never expected that there were actually two.”

Chapter109: Strange Little Radish

Zhu Yao glanced at him, for some reasons, she did not really believe his explanation. Earlier, she had seen it absolutely clearly. When he caught the girl, from that glint of light that flashed past his eyes at that instant, he looked as though he had caught an absolutely big pleasant surprise, and completely did not have the intention to care about the other child.

Zhu Yao felt that he was definitely hiding some matters, however, these were all unrelated to her.

“Wuu…” Suddenly, the girl in his embrace moved. Slowly opening her eyes, she looked a little curiously at Qi Han who was hugging her, and let out a few “ah ah’ sounds.

“You can’t talk?” Qi Han asked.

Towards this nonsensical question, Zhu Yao immediately rolled her eyes at him. Obviously, why don’t you try talking when you’re just born!

Yet, Qi Han seemed to be in a very good mood, as he stroked the girl’s head. “No worries, I will be your master in the future. Your name is Yue Hanxin.”

It really was her!

Most probably, Yue Hanxin really possessed the female protagonist cheat. She suddenly revealed a cute and obedient smile towards Qi Han, responding with “mn mn ah ah” sounds.

Qi Han looked as though he was moved by her, and smiled with her as well. His face was filled entirely with smiles.

“Ahem!” Zhu Yao could not help but interrupt this scene which demonstrated the deep bonds between master and disciple.

Qi Han was startled for a moment, and only then did he recall that there was another brother who had been born as well. With slightly apologetic eyes, he looked towards Zhu Yao.  “He’s called Yue Yin then.”

Even Zhu Yao had sensed the difference in treatment. And the more he did it, the weirder she felt. However… This seemed to be unrelated to her, wasn’t it?

With quick hands, she stuffed the child in her hands into Qi Han’s embrace. This is your merchandise, please receive it.

Qi Han did not seem to have expected she would change her mood so quickly, and he barely managed to catch him. As he was standing unstably, he even took a few steps back.

Suddenly, he recalled something, and hurriedly called out to Zhu Yao. “Sovereign, I have to once again request you to help look at these two children if they have suffered any form of injuries.”

Zhu Yao turned around and gave a glance. Truthfully speaking, if not for that bug Mu Meiyan, she really did not wish to step into this puddle of dirty water. This person called Qi Han looked pretty good at the start, however, he really didn’t know how to bring up disciples.

She knew simply from the attitudes he had shown to the two children. With just a single glance, he was biased towards Yue Hanxin. Although she couldn’t deny that there might be other reasons for that, his actions were a little too obvious. It was no wonder Mu Meiyan, the side character then, had bred such a twisted and extreme personality after her rebirth. As a master, forget about acting fairly, his bias was so evident, he did not realize it himself.

“I once again request this of Sovereign.” Most probably he realized that Zhu Yao’s expression wasn’t looking good, Qi Han became a little anxious. When a spiritual infant was sealed, he knew that this Art had the possibility of influencing the child’s divine sense. Hence the reason he was requesting this of Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, before walking back. She inspected the wrist of a child, but the hand she grabbed onto was the boy’s.

She had her divine sense enter his body for an inspection. Other than finding out that he was a little too weak and frail than normal, his meridians were are working fine. She then focused and entered his divine sense region as well.

Although the child was a spiritual infant, he, after all, did not officially began to cultivate. Adding that he was unconscious, and did not have any awareness, she was basically not obstructed in the slightest when she entered it. The child’s divine sense region was extremely small. Although there were no hints of it being damaged, it was extremely weak and unstable, as though it could collapse with just a slight use of force.

Zhu Yao carefully retreated, and just when she was about to explain to Qi Han…

Qi Han interrupted her first. “Why don’t you look at Hanxin’s as well?” As he said that, he motioned the little girl to reach out her hand. Seeing that she did not understand, he even personally rolled up her sleeves.

Zhu Yao: “…”

I dare you to be even more obvious with your bias.

“No need.” Zhu Yao coldly glanced at him. Suddenly, she became a little worried of the little boy’s fate, as she could faintly imagine the surfacing of a new bug. However, most probably, he wouldn’t be as lucky as Mu Meiyan, who had the opportunity to be reborn. “His divine sense region did not suffer any injuries, it’s simply a little unstable. It’s fine to simply nurse him more often. That little girl was birthed along with him, so she should be in the same situation.”

When Qi Han heard her words, he knew that she no longer held the intention to do another inspection, hence he retracted his hands a little disappointingly. Yet, he secretly decided that he would look at his disciple himself when they got back.

“Since the matter has already been settled, I will be returning.” Zhu Yao no longer wished to speak with this failed educator. Just when she turned and was about to leave, suddenly, she felt a tug at the corner of her robe. She was being pulled by a someone.

When she turned her head back to look, she coincidentally met with a pair of eyes which was as black as the dark night. The little boy seemed to have woken up. His eyes were widened, and were looking straight at her. With one of his hands, he was grabbing onto the corner of her robes ever so tightly.

“Yue Yin, do not be so impudent.” When Qi Han saw this scene, he reflexively lectured him. Compared to Yue Hanxin, his attitude towards him was completely different. “Hurry and release the Sovereign.”

The little boy looked as though he did not hear him. He continued to stare blankly at her, and the hand which he was grabbing onto the corner of her robe with, instead, tightened by a little bit more.

Even Zhu Yao was beginning to feel strange. Why was he grabbing onto her? Could it be parental imprinting? However, at the moment he woke up, the person who was carrying him was evidently Qi Han.

“Release me.” Zhu Yao carried her cold and prideful mask, and lightly said.

Yet, the little boy still did not have any response. He did not move, nor did he release her.

“Yue Yin!” Qi Han became a little furious, as though he was very frustrated at the impolite actions of this extra disciple who popped out, he forcefully reached out his hand to pull away the little boy’s hand. Zhu Yao’s expression changed, and she could not help but add. “I say, Qi Han. Seeing how I helped you, for my sake, you should have someone else take this boy as his or her disciple.” His life will be ruined if he stays with you.

Qi Han was startled, as though he did not understand why she would say this.

Zhu Yao, however, was already tired of explaining. Turning, she continued to walk forward. However, after not even taking ten steps, she was once again tugged by someone.

Seeing that she was leaving, even the boy did not know where he gained the strength from, as he suddenly escaped out of Qi Han’s hands. Although he did not know how to walk,  he crawled over at amazing speed, and once again grabbed onto the corner of her robe.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Little radish, what are you planning to do?

Qi Han, who was behind him, furiously shouted his name. Unfortunately, Yue Yin however had completely no response at all. That’s true, he was just born earlier, how the hell would he know that was his name? The little radish simply grabbed onto the corner of her robe, and struggled with all his might to raise his head to look at her. His expression was still as blank as before, and in his black pupils, only her figure was reflected cleanly in them.

Zhu Yao sighed. She began to seriously suspect if someone had actually cast on her a ‘Luring Little Radishes’ buff. Why the hell did all little radishes like to pounce onto her?

Accepting her fate, she bent her waist and carried Yue Yin up. Whatever. She had to head over to the front mountain anyway, since it was along the way, she could bring him there.

She once again looked towards this strange child. She stared straight his pair of eyes, pointed to his little chest, and said with emphasis on every single word. “You’re called Yue Yin.”

The little boy did not have any response, and continued to stare at her without blinking, as though he was completely unable to hear any sound or noise. At that moment, Zhu Yao was a little worried. This child wasn’t mentally handicapped, right? His brain couldn’t have not developed properly due to the lack of nutrients after being sealed in the ice for so many years, right?

Right now, she really wanted to give him a CT scan.

Right after that bunch of little radishes in Azureflight, Zhu Yao once again found herself being pestered by another little radish. On that day, when she carried little radish Yue Yin back to the front mountain of Celestial Indus Sect, that little radish who kept hugging onto her neck, actually wouldn’t let her go. It was as though he had decided that he was going to rely on her.

No matter how much she coaxed and bribed, he never came down. Zhu Yao’s neck even turned red from all his clasping. And yet, she simply could not circulate her spiritual energy, or use her Arts to forcefully pull him down.

After all, he was child who still did not know how to talk, while she herself was a Demigod. If she acted against a little child, it would be the most embarrassing and shameful act ever.

However, hugging a child for too long would be embarrassing too, you know? The Celestial Indus Sect Master was covered in cold sweat from her stare, and even Qi Han wore an apologetic face. Only Mu Meiyan, who had turned into Rulu, was solemnly staring at the girl in Qi Han’s hands, and she did her utmost best to glance at the ruckus that was going on the other side.

She had scolded. She had coaxed. And she had even spoke logically to him. Yet, the little radish still hung onto her neck, like an unmovable mountain. In the end, everyone present had no choice but to suggest Zhu Yao to stay over for the night. Most probably, when the boy got tired, he would naturally release his hand.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. She looked at Mu Meiyan’s face which was covered with a ‘BUG’, and could only accept their proposal.

Yue Yin did not know how to talk, and he was still walking unstably. When Zhu Yao returned to the guestroom, she tried to coax him to come down. Yet, he simply tilted his head, nestled against her neck without even making a sound, and no longer bothered listening to her.

Zhu Yao powerlessly looked at him, while she was making crazy retorts in the depth of her heart. Normally speaking, when she was in the modern era, she basically wasn’t someone who was welcomed by children. Just what the hell was going on with the current situation where waves after waves of little radishes were pouncing onto her now?

Did she cross into Plants and Zombies, and the endless mode, no less?

Right now, it was already evening. Usually, children would have slept by then, however, the child on her was an exception. He still looked as spirited as ever. She even intentionally laid with him for four hours, yet, he did not seem to have the intention to sleep at all.

Only when it was deep in the night, did she realize that the child in her hands was still making, relatively, the same noise. She only had to move slightly, and the hands on the neck would reflexively tighten.

Zhu Yao sighed. She had no choice but to cast a Deep Sleep incantation on him, before she was able to pull him off her body. Mn. There’s no outsiders here right now anyway, no one saw her make a move. Zhu Yao placed the little radish on the bed, only to realize that there weren’t any blankets on the bed. Most probably, because she was a Demigod, they did not prepare blankets for this guestroom.

Zhu Yao thus could only retrieve a Sharkman’s rawsilk from the ring and covered him with it, before getting up.

In the depths of her heart, she did pity this child a little. Earlier, when Qi Han returned to the front mountain, he tested the Spirit Veins of the two children. That Yue Hanxin, similar to the dream, possessed the expected Ice Spirit Vein, while Yue Yin possessed the Penta-Spirit Veins.

This was simply a difference between heaven and earth. Most certainly, even if Qi Han had the intention to take him as his disciple, it’s impossible for him to keep the child by his side. Most of the Penta-Spirit Veins holders were Outer Sect disciples.

Back then, very likely, when he was sealed in the ice, it was also due to his Spirit Veins which prevented them from being born. Recalling that dream of hers, there wasn’t an existence of this child in the dream at all. Most probably, he might have frozen to death in the iceberg.

Chapter110: A Beast Responds With A Single Call

After looking at the child again, Zhu Yao retreated from the room. Actually, the main reason why she was here, was because of Yue Hanxin. Theoretically, the birth of that bug was due to the conflict between her and Mu Meiyan. Both parties were responsible, hence, at first, she had thought that Yue Hanxin was a bug as well. Fortunately, Yue Hanxin’s face was very clean, and there wasn’t a single letter on it.

In other words, she only had to focus on defending against Mu Meiyan. Initially, she had wanted to shamelessly stay for a few more days, as, it would have been best to deal with the root of the problem. However, after seeing that shadow behind her, she changed her mind.

That strike on that night, she felt that she was unable to hold on at all.

But, just what the hell was that shadow behind her?

It would have been great if her master was still around, and she would be able to ask him about it. Currently, she had no choice but to beat around the bush and ask Zi Mo. Zhu Yao summoned her flying sword. After pondering for a moment, she still took out a talisman, and turned it into a voice- transmitting paper crane. It contained her instructions to have Qi Han take good care of the children, and that she would be leaving. Only then did she leave the place with her flying sword.

The Celestial Indus Sect was at the corner of a forest, and this forest was even the territory of demonic beasts. The deeper she went, the more demonic beasts there were. And at the core of the forest, was the Demonic Realm. According to legends, it was a place where only demonic beasts lived.

No humans had ever went there, because there was a Realm River at the center. The Realm River was a sort of magic seal, which prevented all deity practitioners from exerting even the tiniest bit of spiritual power. The same went for demonic beasts as well. However, humans simply could not compare to the demonic beasts’ huge size. In terms of advantages, they were stronger than humans, and were capable of squashing a few humans simply by sitting down. Hence, seemingly no practitioners would head over there to court death.

Initially, Zhu Yao had wanted to return to Ancient Hill Sect, and she must definitely pass by this small forest along the way. However, just after flying over, she suddenly changed her mind. Because she recalled a scenario, which was related to that magic seal.

Hence, she turned around and flew towards the depths of the forest. After Mu Meiyan was reborn, the reason she was able to go against Yue Hanxin, other than the Wu Song who  had trained in the devillic ways, there was another huge force that helped her. It was that deity who had fell into a crisis. Even though he was unable to stand the Heavenly Laws, and had fallen, the celestial tools and celestial pellets were a huge help to her.

Those were all items that belonged to the Higher Realm, and their destructive powers were beyond astonishing. The mystic tool called Mythfire, that destroyed Ancient Hill Sect back then, was able to release out black flames, which could not be extinguished with just Mystic Arts. Naturally, the flames spread with the help of the wind, and after blazing for a single day, not even a single disciple was left alive in Ancient Hill Sect. Even the surface of the ocean had sank by quite a bit.

While Mu Meiyan, who had possessed little radish, believed that this action of hers was just, as she beautifully claimed that it was to exact revenge for the former owner of her body. Completely destroying her home, that’s not exacting revenge, but repaying kindness with hatred, right?

This was also one of the reasons why Zhu Yao would even risk her life to prevent her from devouring little radish.

This forest was very large. Even when she flew with all her might, she had to spend two hours to reach the borders of the core area. From afar, she could see a huge silver-colored river appear before her eyes. Before Zhu Yao could even sigh at how magnificent and imposing it looked…

She instantly fell from the sky.

The hell, she had forgotten that there was a magic seal here.

Suppressing the dullness in her the depths of her heart, her body instantly became very heavy. It’s been many years since she felt this way. Zhu Yao thus could only accept her fate and take a fews steps back. Just by moving a little, the pressure on her body instantly relaxed, and her energy once again returned to her body. Such a mystical place.

Zhu Yao glanced at the river bank in front, as huge piles of branches and leaves were pushed to the riverside. She could vaguely see that there were even bones of some demonic beasts. She remembered that when Mu Meiyan was at the Azoth-stage, she arrived at the side of this river. On that day, a piece of jade fell from the sky, and inside that jade contained the deceased soul of the deity who fell into crisis.

Initially, she had thought of setting  down  Afterlife formations. When that jade fell, the formations would instantly send the deity into reincarnation. Naturally, he would no longer have the opportunity to gift the celestial tools and celestial pellets.

But this river was so humongous, only a ghost would know where the piece of jade would land.

Zhu Yao felt deeply saddened.

Just when she did not know what to do, suddenly, a ‘rooooar~~’┗|`o′|┛came from a demonic beast behind her. With a pair of bloodshot eyes, it stared intensely at her, while it continued to drool from his mouth, as though it was looking at something delicious.

It was actually a ninth-ranked demonic beast.

It’s strength was comparable to her, who was at the elementary levels of a Demigod.

Of course, theoretically, that’s true.

In actual fact, Zhu Yao simply had to release her aura.

That demonic beast let out a meow, as though it had been frightened, it laid on the ground, trembling. And it seemed to have been choked by its own drool, as it looked as though it wanted to cough, yet, did not dare to. Its long tail desperately slapped onto its own chest.


Were all demonic beasts so stupid? Zhu Yao silently recalled a certain second-rate. Alright, they were all as stupid.

Currently, she did not have the mood to care about this dumb demonic beast, and simply stared at the plain river bank in front, thinking of how she could destroy the cheat of the female antagonist forever. For a moment, she had forgotten to retract back her dragon’s aura.

When she regained her senses, a bulk of demonic beasts, squeezed together and sat behind her. When Zhu Yao suddenly turned her head around, she was given a shock. She had even thought that something went wrong with the way she turned her head.

Where did this group of demonic beasts pop out from?

A elegant-looking white-clothed man walked out of the crowd of demonic beasts, and with a respectful attitude, he deeply bowed towards her. “Lord, what instructions do you have for calling us here?”

“Who called you!?” Even Zhu Yao herself was shocked, alright? That man’s face suddenly reddened, as though he was looking at her a little embarrassingly, before he spoke up. “We have sensed Lord’s presence, so… I wonder what instructions the Lord have for us? Your subordinates will definitely do  it without hesitation.”

The man’s pair of eyes shone, revealing an excited expression that was completely similar to Sesame’s, as though it was high on drugs. Even the crowd of demonic beasts behind him were the same. Although they were crawling on the ground, submissively and respectfully, their eyes were all staring straight and intensely at her. With sparkles and colorful luster, you know?

Lord, look at me, look at me!

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and her face darkened. At that instant, the depths of her heart were filled with retorts, yet, she did not know where to speak up from. The hell with ‘without hesitation’!?

“Lord…” Seeing that she wasn’t saying anything, the man suddenly knelt down, and his entire figure was even about to lean onto the ground. With an excited expression, he spoke. “This little one is named Chen Ning, and have no one to rely on since young. Lord, please take in this little one to serve you by your side.”

When these words fell, all of the surrounding beastly eyes shifted with a ‘shuaa’ sound, and they all stared at him, all of them carried expressions as though they hated they could not strangle him to death right now. Such a shameless little one, he actually dared to say such disrespectful words. However, why didn’t they think of it?

All of them grinded their teeth…

Chen Ning turned around, looked at the crowd of demonic beasts with narrow eyes, and gave them a provocative smile. This one has already said it, if you have the guts, come and bite me. Lord, look at me once more.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she looked at that person who was attached to the ground. Are you trying to fool ghosts? Find me a demonic beast which had someone to rely on!

Heaving a sigh, only now did she guess that this person who called himself Chen Ning, was at least a tenth-ranked demonic beast who had transformed himself. Zhu Yao retracted her aura, and waved towards to the black mass of demonic beasts. “All of you, return to where you come from. I don’t have anything to request of all of you.”

When these words fell, Zhu Yao instantly felt the depressed atmosphere around her, and their sadness and frustration. Only after a moment did the beasts unwillingly began to crawl up. Taking their time with their steps, it looked as though they were waiting for her to change her mind.

Most probably because this place was close to the Demon Realm, the demonic beasts in this forest were mostly big and strong. Just by this crowd alone, there were about eight tenth- ranked demonic beasts, and the weakest was an eighth-ranked. Other than the human-transformed Chen Ning, all of them were beastly figures with great height, and when they moved, it felt as though mountains were moving.

And she really couldn’t figure out how they managed to sneak up behind her.

Zhu Yao sighed. Looking at the riverbank in front of her, she suddenly had an idea. Since the jade fell on this riverbank, then what if there wasn’t a riverbank? “Wait a minute!”

The moment Zhu Yao called out, the demonic beasts which were in the process of scattering apart, instantly crawled back. Their eyes were instantly much brighter than before.

“Lord, what instructions do you have?” Chen Ning had even leaned onto her, and looked as though he hated that he could not hug her thigh at that very instant. After being  coldly glanced at by her, it then obediently took a few steps back, before kneeling onto the ground once again.

“…” Uh… There’s no need to be this disciplined, right?

“I do indeed have a matter to trouble all of you.”

When her words fell, a series of responses immediately came from below.

“Lord, please tell us.”

“Lord, give us your instructions.” “Even if we have to die, we will do it without any hesitation.”


Zhu Yao’s expression darkened as she looked at this crowd of overly enthusiastic demonic beasts. Although she knew that the reason why they saw her as their Lord was because of the suppressive ability of her dragon bloodline, she still could not relax in the depths of her heart. After all, she once had the experience of almost being bitten by a demonic beast to death.

“It’s nothing much. I simply think that this river is too narrow…” Zhu Yao activated her ‘spouting lies with widened eyes’ mode. “Ahem… Such a beautiful river, yet, it has such an ugly river bank. I think that it’s actually affecting the beauty as a whole. Hence, I wish to dig the riverbank a little deeper, and expand the river a little.”

The moment she said that, even Zhu Yao felt that this reason was absolutely bullshit. And that place was where the magic seal was, even she did not dare to enter it herself, let alone this crowd of demonic beasts. It would be strange for people to accept her request, right? “I see, Lord, what you said makes so much sense.”

“I have long seen this riverbank as an eyesore.”

“That’s right, it’s ugly as hell. It basically isn’t worthy of being called a riverbank.”

“It’s so ugly, it worsens all of our mood! Dig it away!”

“Right, dig it away!”

Zhu Yao: “…”

The hell, all of you actually believed it. What happened to the promised integrity? And the three views? Just because you people aren’t humans, it doesn’t mean you can simply abandon them, hey.

Zhu Yao almost could not hold onto her drooping jaw. That crowd of demonic beast actually walked towards the riverbank on their own accords, and began to dig the sand. And, every single one of them looked as though they harbored intense hatred for the riverbank, as all of them were digging furiously with all of their might.

Even that Chen Ning had leapt over. When it landed on the ground, it had turned into a giant demonic beast with four claws. Stretching its two front claws, it began to dig with all its might.

In an instant, sand and dirt filled the air, and the riverbank which was completely quiet, with no presence of anyone earlier, was now filled with beastly figures.

“Umm… Don’t dig it too deeply. It just has to be leveled with the river floor.” Zhu Yao could not help but remind them.

Right after, were the series of roaring responses.

Currently, Zhu Yao’s feelings were hard to describe.
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