My Disciple Died Yet Again Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1: A Peasant Woman, a River, and a Little Field

Zhu Yao felt she had crossed over into another world, and it all happened without warning. Just a moment ago, she was still chatting with her friend on the computer, discussing about the loophole in the new online game her company developed. In the next instant, she was already inside this thatched house, while still holding onto the white mouse.

For a full ten minutes, she did not react at all. She looked at the mouse in her hands, and subconsciously looked for the CPU and the monitor which suddenly disappeared. However, she could do nothing but stare at the worn-out table in front of her. What computer? What monitor? She could not even find her freaking keyboard.

“Stinky brat, why are you still sitting around here for?” Someone pushed open the door, and a hand came hitting towards her. She subconsciously dodged, the mouse that was in her hands was slapped away. It then rolled onto the floor and disappeared without a trace.

Zhu Yao then raised her head and looked at the person beside her. She was a very skinny woman, the creases on her forehead was deep, and the deep-colored clothes she wore was greyed out, as though the color faded after being washed many times. Her entire body was emitting out a ‘I’m a peasant woman’ atmosphere. The main factor was the ancient-styled clothes she was wearing.

“Who are you?”

The woman instantly flared up. “Who am I? Have you become muddled from sleeping too much!? I’m your mother! Hurry up and boil some water, the sun is already shining so bright it’s burning my buttocks, and you’re still lazing around in the house! Do you want to get smacked?”

The woman’s first strike missed, but with her other hand, she picked Zhu Yao up, and pulled her out of the room without giving any explanations.

Zhu Yao felt that she had to explain to her, unfortunately, she could not find the opportunity, and when she returned to her senses, she had already been thrown into the kitchen.

Looking at the firewood which was stacked up to half the height of the wall, and the clay furnace, Zhu Yao felt that there was definitely a problem with her world-crossing method. She was still wearing her own pyjamas, with not a single change. This proved that she crossed over with her own body, then how did that mother of hers appear? Even though she crossed over with her body, it used the setting of a soul crossover. Was this really alright? The most important thing was, she did not even know how to start a fire, let alone boil water!

Although she knew crossing over was like buying groceries recently, a very trending phenomenon, she never expected there would come a turn for her. She’s nothing but a technology geek, after all.

Because she was interested in computers ever since she was young, after graduating, she had been working in jobs related to developing games. With a bunch of single friends, they came together and developed a game. The game <<Deity Royal>> which they created became one of the hottest games in the country, and as the game matured, safeguarding the game became her main job in her company.

Investigating the loopholes and bugs that existed in the game, coming up with fixes, etc. She was one of those legendary GMs. There’s not even a single benefit to having a person like her crossing over, is there? Just which bastard made me cross over into another world? Come out! I promise I won’t beat you to death! Three months went by in a flash, Zhu Yao had crossed over into this world for three months now, and she had gotten a better understanding of the situation around her. The place she was living in was a small village, and because most of the people living in the village had the surname ‘Zhu’, it was called Zhu Village. Her name was also Zhu Yao, and the middle-aged woman back then was her mother. She was one of the widows in the village, and according to what she found out, the mother and daughter had relied on each other for decades.

She had once tried to explain her origin to this mother-in- name of hers with hand-drawn pictures. Unfortunately, she did not believe it, and Zhu Yao was even forced to visit  Doctor Wang near the village entrance, saying she needed a few jabs.

Looking at the kind-looking middle-aged doctor stroking his beard as he took out dozens of needles with the thickness of a thumb, Zhu Yao instantly threw aside her integrity,  hugged onto her ‘mother’, and bursted out crying. “Mother! You’re my biological mother!”

“Your mind is finally clear now? Don’t ever spout such nonsense again.” With a pained look, ‘mother’ wiped away Zhu Yao’s tears, and did not forget to give Doctor Wang a word of praise. “Doctor Wang is really a genius doctor. The moment your needles came out, my daughter instantly recovered.” “You flatter me!” Doctor Wang laughed really proudly, as he spun the needle in his hand. “Mrs. Zhu, you’re too courteous. As insurance, allow me to jab Yao-er two more times, to prevent relapses.”

“…” Your sister will relapse.

In short, Zhu Yao threw her past away, and from then on, she never dared to bring up the topic about her crossing from another world, and lived peacefully in the Zhu Village as an old missy! That’s right, she’s an old missy. When she crossed over, she was twenty-eight, and in this world, not being married even at the age of twenty-eight, she was extremely old for a missy.

As to why she did not marry, her ‘mother’ never brought it up, and Zhu Yao had it easy. She was extremely afraid that a husband would somehow appear out of nowhere, and if that were to happen, even if Doctor Wang were to stab her with a wooden club, she would not care less.

“Yao-er, you’re heading off to wash your laundry?” As she was about to head to the riverside, she met Doctor Wang along the way, and he was giving her a smile like a sunflower, which smelled like chrysanthemum. “Un… Uncle Wang!” Zhu Yao instinctively took a step back, afraid that he would pull out a needle from somewhere.

She blocked her chest with the wooden basket filled with clothes. “Mother said the sun is good today, so she wants me to wash the beddings.”

“Is that so!” Doctor Wang laughed, and then sighed. “What a diligent girl. If not for…” He paused mid-way through his sentence, and as though he had brought up something he should not have, he looked at her a little apologetically.

“Is there something you need of me, Uncle Wang?” Seeing his hesitant look, Zhu Yao had no choice but to take the initiative.

Doctor Wang smiled apologetically, and pushed the little boy next to him. “It’s like this. I heard there’s deities coming to the city to select disciples, and everyone is allowed to try it out. I wanted to have my child test his luck, but my wife just happened to be ill, and I can’t leave, so…”

Zhu Yao looked at the boy he was holding onto. He looked about seven or eight years old, and had a pretty delicate-looking and tender little face. Currently, his cheeks were inflated, and he was looking at her with pouted lips, which made Zhu Yao feel like pinching him.

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at Doctor Wang. They evidently did not look alike at all.

“Uncle Wang, you want me to bring him over in your stead?” Uncle Wang nodded, and became even more embarrassed. “I know this might interrupt your work, but these deities only come once every ten years. Although the number of people they select each time never amount to more than a handful, there is still a possibility. If one were to be selected, that person can become a deity, after all.”

Becoming a deity? Zhu Yao had always been allergic to these unscientific things, as though she was able to faintly smell the scent of frauds.

But after all, she and Doctor Wang both lived in the same village, and it’s not like she was able to return back to her own world any time soon. And since both of them frequently met each other, it’s not a problem to help out from time to time. Hence, without saying another word, she accepted his request. After Doctor Wang gave her plenty of thanks, he took over her basket, saying that he would return them in her stead, and pushed the kid, who was evidently angry, to her. Then, he left happily.

After he walked a couple of distance away, the little boy suddenly flung her hands away, and with a pout, he looked at her with contempt. “Let me tell you this, even if you help me, I will not marry you.”

Zhu Yao was startled, and was momentarily amused. She could not help but pinch his pink and tender cheeks. “You little wimp, you’re not even that old yet, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“I’m not speaking nonsense!” The little boy dodged her hands, and rubbed his aching cheeks. “I have already heard all about it. No one in the village dares to marry you, so you’re not married even at the age of twenty-eight. All men must stay away from you, otherwise, if they were to be depended by you, their lives will be ruined.”

No matter how desperate she was, she would not lay her hands on a kid, right? “Tell me clearly. How will I ruin their lives?” The little wimp became even more haughty. “You can’t give birth to any kids, whoever marries you will have their lineage cut off, you will obviously ruin their lives.”

Infertility! Zhu Yao was stunned by this shocking revelation. That’s impossible. Even though she was a technogeek, she would still go for check-ups every year. How would she not know about being infertile? Even if God planned on rationalizing how a twenty-eight year old unmarried woman could cross over to this world, he should not have the need to do it this badly, right?

“I’m the only son of my family, I will not marry you, so give up!” The little wimp placed his  hands  on  his  hips,  and  once again emphasized with a serious tone.

“Ay! What haughty attitude is this!” As expected of a spoiled brat, three days without a beating, and a child will scale the roof to strip the tiles! He’s basically asking for a beating! Rolling up her sleeves, she scooped up the little wimp with a single arm, and with her other hand, she gave his buttocks a sound smacking. “This is what you get for having no manners! This is what you get for spouting nonsense! This is what you get for calling me infertile! You’re infertile! Your entire family’s infertile!” The little wimp finally knew of fear, and desperately began to struggle. But, he was but a child of seven or eight years old, how could he compare to Zhu Yao, who was a twenty-eight-year-old adult (unmarried)? A dozen of slaps came smacking down, the little wimp’s snow-white buttocks had already puffed up and turned bright red.

He had also began to cry out loud after his initial struggle, and finally, he gave up on resisting as well. Come on, cry out loud, cry louder. Doctor Wang had already walked pretty far away anyway, even if you were to cry your lungs out, no one would come and save you. Wakakakakakaka… kuh… There seems to be something wrong with this scene?

Only after about half an hour, did Zhu Yao finally release the boy, whose face had already been utterly tear-ridden. She looked at him as he wiped off his tears while he pulled up his pants. The feeling of teaching a spoiled brat a lesson, is simply incomparably refreshing.

“I will let this one time slide, if you were to show such an impolite behavior one more time, I will…” Zhu Yao dragged out her warning, satisfyingly looked at the trembling spoiled brat, and laughed even more happily. “I will make sure you won’t be able get off your bed, understand?” Eh? This line sounds a little strange? Ah, I don’t care anymore. “Let’s go. We’re going to the city. Make sure to follow me!”

Zhu Yao took the lead as she walked over to the main road. After walking a distance of about five steps, the spoiled brat then limped after her, and it looked as though a kettle could be hooked onto that pouted lips of his.

This title came from a saying. In the ancient days, a girl’s dream is to become a peasant woman, live by the river, and have a small little field.

‘Your sister will relapse’ – basically, it’s like how people say ‘Your momma’s fat’.

‘Smile like a sunflower, which smelled like chrysanthemum’ – Basically, there’s hidden intentions hidden beneath his smile.

‘Three days without a beating, and a child will scale the roof to strip the tiles.’ – A chinese idiom, it means, a child will cause mischief if not properly watched over.

Chapter2: The Deities’ Disciple Selection

Probably because of the so-called deities’ disciple selection, along the way, Zhu Yao encountered several people holding onto their kids, as they rushed to the city. They all looked really excited, and their topics of discussion were all about the deities’ descent and the disciple selection. Zhu Yao silently praised the frauds’ appeal, they’re actually able to gain the deep trust of this many people.

Zhu Village was actually not that far from the city, in just an hour on foot, they had arrived at the city gates. Because there were too many people entering the city, she had no choice but to hold onto the little wimp’s hand, to prevent losing him from her sight. The little wimp, however, did not resist, he only instinctively tug his hands a little, and after that,  quietly allowed Zhu Yao to pull him along. It’s just that he still had that huge frown on his little face.

They finally arrived at that disciple selection venue, only to find the place already packed with a large number of people. In the center of the crowd, a huge stage was erected, and on top of it, were four men. Every single one of them wore a clean set of white clothes, and on the corner of clothes, cloud-like symbols were embroidered, which gave a very divine feeling. Unexpectedly, the four of them were very young, and they were more bearable to look at than the white-bearded old men in her imagination.

Zhu Yao silently gave them a praise in her heart. She did not expect these frauds to be so professional. Just by looking at the uniform set of clothes, she understood that these people were definitely part of an organization, and there were standard rules set in place. Just by this ostentation alone, it was inevitable that there would be this many people who would be fooled to take part and observe.

A long queue of people were at the right of the tall stage. Although there were both men and women in the crowd, every single adult was holding onto one or two children, and their age ranged from those who had only just began to learn how to walk, to those who were half an adult’s height. But most of them were children who did not look more than ten years old. Zhu Yao guessed that was the registration queue. Although she was not entirely interested in this obvious fraud activity, she still had to complete Uncle Wang’s request. In any case, she was not the one being scammed, so, she did not hesitate and stood at the end of the queue.

This time around, little wimp was really obedient, and followed after her to the end of the queue. Earlier, he still had that huge frown on his small face, but now, it was replaced with a face filled with high expectations, and he would occasionally stretch out his little head to look at the front of the queue. After all, kids would always be curious when it came to new things.

Not long after, among the four people on the stage, a middle- aged man stood up, took a few steps forward, and cleared his throat. “Everyone, every decade, there will be a day when our Ancient Hill Sect will take in disciples, and that day is today. There’s no restriction in gender, nor in birthright. May the participants please proceed forward to take the test.”

This guy sure was direct. Zhu Yao thought that he would not miss out on a long drawn-out speech, but she did not expect he would immediately start the selection after only saying a few words. This caused Zhu Yao to even grow a little curious. Just what kind of arrogant fraud organization is this?

“First person!” The middle-age man called out, and the woman, who was standing right in front of the queue, held onto a little child on each hand, and walked forward. On the stage, a younger white-clothed deity waved his hand, and a round crystal ball suddenly appeared at the center of the stage. The people on stage exclaimed at the sight of this.

There was not the slightest of change in the youth’s expression, as he coldly said to the two children on the stage, “Place your hand on it!”

The two children took a step back out of fright, and finally, the children’s mother, pushed the two of them from  their backs. “What’s there to be afraid of? If you’re selected, you two will instantly rise into prominence. Hurry, go!”

Only then did the two children put their small hands onto the clear round ball, but unfortunately, the ball did not show any sort of change.

The white-clothed middle-aged man shook his head. “No Spirit Veins, next.”

The woman sighed, and she momentarily had a slight face of disappointment. However, she did not argue, and held onto both her son and daughter as they walked down the stage.

Zhu Yao, however, was a little dazed. This scene… Why did it look so familiar? Hey, isn’t this the commonly seen disciple selection scenario in Xianxia novels? In every introduction of Xianxia stories, the scenario of testing one’s Spirit Veins would always appear! She had always thought that she had crossed over into a peasant life novel, and would only be able to live as a peasant woman for the rest of her life. But looking at the current situation, did she happen to enter the Xianxia route? But… Zhu Yao looked at herself, and then, once again looked at the little turnips queueing in front of her. Kuh… Did she not crossed over a little too late? Only to begin cultivating at the age of twenty-eight, even if she were to climb, she would not be able to climb faster than these bunch of little turnips, right!?

It was only the first time she had ever crossed over, and Zhu Yao had already begun to feel absolutely disheartened.

“Hey, hey…” Zhu Yao felt a slight tug on her hand, and when she turned to look, she realized the little wimp beside her had been pulling her.

“What is it?” You should not interrupt a woman who was currently dejected over her own beauty.

The little wimp pointed to the stage right in front. “Hurry and go, it’s almost our turn.”

Only did Zhu Yao realized that a large empty space appeared right in front of them, as she hurriedly brought little wimp over to close the gap. The test for Spirit Veins progressed really quickly, but unfortunately, not many children had Spirit Veins. “No Spirit Veins, next.” That middle-aged man had also been repeating this over and over. A large number of children went up, but only three to four children were left on the stage, and all of them were either Tetra or Penta Spirit Veins holders. Looking at the expressions of the four deities on the stage, she doubted they were really good Spirit Veins as well.


A kid who was entirely covered in dirt climbed up. He looked extremely weak and frail, as though he would fall with a gentle breeze of the wind. His clothes were even utterly torn and ragged, there was not a single complete patch of cloth anywhere, and he was not accompanied by any adults. Evidently, he was a little beggar. The people below could not help but pinch their noses, as though they were a little disgusted from the smell.

However, the four men on the stage did not show any change in their expressions, as though they did not even notice the boy’s ragged look. They had cultivated for many years, and had never made fun of others because of their looks. One might be living in poverty now, but who would know for sure that he would not rise into prominence the next day? The middle-aged man pointed at the round ball on the stage. “Place your hands on it!”

Although the kid was dirty, he did not mind the gazes from everyone else, as he walked straight towards the center and placed his hand on the ball. The ball which was clear and transparent earlier, slowly revealed a green light. As the green light was about to fill the entire ball, another ray of golden light flashed, which filled the rest of the ball.

“Metal and Wood Duo Spirit Veins!” The three youths sitting behind suddenly stood up at the same time, and their blank expressions earlier had instantly changed. They looked at that poverty-stricken boy with faces of joy.

“I did not expect to encounter a disciple with Duo Spirit Veins this year!” The four men nodded at the same time, and even their tone had become extremely courteous. Someone with Duo Spirit Veins was definitely able to be enter the inner sect. “This little junior, please first head over to the side and have some rest. After the end of the test today, you will return to the sect with us.”

The little beggar nodded. Strangely, his little face did  not show any joyful expression like the four men. He simply obediently stood beside the rest of the children who stayed, and his expression looked as though he had known the outcome before he came for the test.

Zhu Yao glanced at the calm-looking little beggar, and momentarily felt a little strange. She could not describe it in words, and simply felt there was something wrong about him.

“We’re up next!” The little wimp beside him was completely unable to sense the change in Zhu Yao’s mood, and simply pulled her hand with an excited expression.


“It’s our turn!” The little wimp pulled her along as he sprinted excitedly up the stage. Without even the slightest hint of nervousness, he instantly placed his hand on the round ball.

Zhu Yao lowered her head and looked at the little wimp beside her, and then, he once again looked over to the little beggar on the stage. She finally understood, the less Spirit Veins one had, the better one was. But a Duo Spirit Veins holder was already this amazing, just what would their reaction be if someone had only a single Spirit Vein? While having this thought in mind, suddenly, she heard a large uproar coming from her surroundings. Even the four white-clothed deities, who were standing far away earlier, suddenly closed in tightly around them, and they looked disbelievingly at little wimp, who was beside her.

“Heavenly… Heavenly Spirit Vein!” The middle-aged man actually stuttered, as he snatched the child away from her hand, as though he was about to carry him up. “He’s actually a Fire Heavenly Spirit Vein holder!”

“Hey, hey, hey. What are you doing?” Zhu Yao became really anxious, and no longer cared whether they were actually real deities or not, as they actually tried to snatch a child away from her. If she were to lose this little wimp, Doctor Wang would definitely stab her to death when she returned! She forcefully took little wimp back from the white-clothed man. Human traffickers, get away from him!

Little wimp seemed to be a little frightened as well, as he hid his head in her chest.

The four of them finally regained their senses. When they saw Zhu Yao’s protective figure, the middle-aged man stood forward, cleared his throat and said, “Miss, you have misunderstood. We were simply too agitated after seeing a talent that would only appear once every thousand years. What your child possess is the Heavenly Spirit Vein, and it only appears once in a million.”

It must be known that, let alone Ancient Hill Sect, even the entire cultivation realm had not seen a person who possessed the Heavenly Spirit Vein for thousands of years. The moment this child returns with them, he will definitely become one of the elders’ direct disciple. How could they not be agitated?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, she momentarily felt an immense blow, which was capable of pushing her to the ground and prevent her from getting up, coming from the two words ‘your child’. Did she really look like someone who could have such big child? She thought of the age when women would give birth in ancient times. Alright, she did indeed look like it.

“He’s not my child!” This point was something she had to make clear of.

The middle-aged man was startled. He sized Zhu Yao up from head to toe, and his brows began to slightly crease. Hey, hey, hey! What’s with that expression as though you’re looking at a human trafficker? “I was requested by his parents to bring him here in their stead.” You’re the human trafficker, you bastard!

The middle-aged man finally nodded out of realization, but he still held a hint of suspicion. “With a Spiritual Vein this extraordinary, he will definitely experience great success in the future. We will be staying here for another day, so there is still enough time for him to say his farewells to his parents.”

How would she be sure that he would not be sold if she were to leave him here? No, she had to hurry and bring little wimp back home.

“Deity, are you saying, I have been selected?” At the key moment, little wimp actually came out of hiding. When he saw the four men nodding their heads, he instantly got out of Zhu Yao’s embrace, and before she could even react, he had already happily stood at the center of the row of selected children. As he ran, he happily chimed, “This is great!”

This traitor! Zhu Yao’s face slowly darkened. However, it was a good thing that they were going to stay for another day. After this, she would simply return little wimp to Doctor Wang, and it would no longer be something she had to care about.

Left without any other options, she simply followed after little wimp and took a few steps back. Seeing the excited little wimp chatting with the rest of the children, she silently sighed.

“You don’t have be this sad!” Little wimp seemed to have felt her depression, as he suddenly approached her, and pulled her hand. “Don’t worry, earlier, I asked the four uncles. They said I’m allowed to bring someone back to the sect. So, I have forced myself to bring you along!”

Zhu Yao was startled. She suspiciously looked at the child who was only half her height. This little wimp wanted to bring her along to the sect? When did he become so thoughtful?

Chapter3: Curiosity Kills The Cat

However, under her gaze, little wimp’s face slowly reddened, stuttering, “In… In any case, you have touched… touched me. My dad said, a man must be upright, so… I will take responsibility. Along our way here, I have already decided that, if I happen to get selected, I will definitely bring you along!”

Zhu Yao was even more mystified. This little wimp couldn’t be referring to… her smacking his buttocks, right? Because she touched his buttocks, he decided that he had to take responsibility? For a moment, Zhu Yao was at a loss of words. Little wimp, at such a young age, you actually have such a large hole in your brain. Does your parents know about it?

“In… In any case, I will definitely not throw you aside!” Little wimp stamped his feet, and he began to look even more awkward.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt like teasing him a little. “Then, what will you do if you did not get selected?”

The little wimp startled for a moment. Scratching his head, his small lips evidently began to pout unhappily, as though he was a little discontented with her distrustful attitude. He snorted, “If I had not been selected, I would still take responsibility. Once I grow up, I will definitely marry you.” Before Zhu Yao could even feel moved, he raised his head, looked at her, and added another line, “As my concubine!”

Bloody hell! I really feel like beating him up so badly, to the point his mother won’t be able to recognize him! As though little wimp knew that she would get angry, he turned around, sprinted off and squeezed into the bunch of kids on the stage. He even turned back and made a face at her.

Zhu Yao clenched her fists, and endured. Little wimp, just you wait. After this, I guarantee I won’t beat you to death. Taking a few deep breaths, she calmed her emotions down. Looking down to the stage below, the queue did not look like it would be decreasing any time soon, as there were even more people joining in. However, the number of children staying on the stage, were still not as many.

Including little wimp, there were still not even ten of them. It seemed like children who possess Spirit Veins were extremely small in number, giving a rough estimate, not even one in a hundred possess one. And, among them, children with Tetra and Penta Spirit Veins made up a larger number. Looking at the floating ball at the side, Zhu Yao could not help but grow a little curious. Not only could it float by itself, it was able to change in color. Earlier, when little beggar touched it, it was green and gold in color, while it turned red when little wimp touched it. She wondered what color it would be if she were to touch it.

Out of curiosity, she stretched out a single finger, and poked it. In an instant, multiple colors began to spiral within the ball. Green, blue, gold, orange, and red. Five different  colors instantly filled the entire ball.

“Penta Spirit Veins.” The middle-aged man in-charge of the test, noticed her small movement, but was not angry at all. There would always be parents who could not contain their curiosity, and wanted to test for their own Spirit Veins as well. He had already grown accustomed to it. And this person was the lady who brought the talented boy with the Heavenly Spirit Vein, naturally, he would not fuss about it. She even possessed Spirit Veins as well, but unfortunately, it was the worst Penta Spirit Veins, and she was already at such an old age, even if she were to start cultivating now, her prospects of becoming a deity were hopeless.

Hearing “Penta Spirit Veins” from him, Zhu Yao sighed. She was after all, someone who crossed over from another world. She thought that she would possess some overly exaggerated, heaven-bending Spirit Vein, but it was actually the worst Penta Spirit Veins. It seemed like the peasant life was still the most suitable route for her to take. But God sure was petty. Why did he not give her a Spirit Vein that’s a tad bit special!?

Zhu Yao was a little disappointed. Just as she was about to retract her finger, suddenly, the ball which was already filled with five different colors began to stir. The five colors mixed about, a small little flash of lightning suddenly appeared, and it began to spread to the entire ball. Suddenly, with a ‘pata’ sound, the clear ball shattered on the floor.


Zhu Yao was still in the position where she had her finger stretched out, and she froze on the spot. This… She could not have been the one who broke it, right!? That… Even though, earlier, nothing happened when such a large number  of children placed their hands on it, why did it break when she gave it a simple poke?

“I… Will everything be fine if I apologize?” Raising her head weakly, she looked at the four white-clothed men. However, none of them answered, and they were simply looking at her with dumbfounded expressions. Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to turn tail and run. They were not going to make her pay, right!? She’s nothing but a peasant woman! Could she pay it off with a river and a field?

“It… It wasn’t intentional!” Whatever the case, let’s try admitting her mistake first.

“You… You’re…” The middle-aged man, still with that dumbfounded expression, stretched out his hand shakily and pointed at her.

Zhu Yao weakly took a step back. She was about to cry out of fright, you know? “I don’t have any money on me!”

“What we just saw… Was it actually…?” Another white- clothed man took a step forward, staring straight at Zhu Yao. Great, even if she wanted to run now, it was too late.

“There’s no doubt about it!” White-clothed man number three came around her as well, and was much calmer than the two before him. “We have to contact the sect about this immediately!” White- clothed man number four, who was also the youngest out of the four, sized her up seriously. “This issue is of the utmost importance, we must immediately return to the sect.”

“Yes, senior-martial uncle Li.” The three of them responded together.

Currently Zhu Yao did not have the mood to care about why the youngest-looking man had the highest seniority among them. Because, she was about to be kidnapped by these four men.

The youngest out of them, who was referred to as senior- martial uncle Li, summoned an item with a wave of his hand, and suddenly, a gigantic piece of leaf appeared. Stably stopping in mid-air, the other three men then did some hand seals. The children on the stage who were selected earlier, along with her, suddenly felt light on their feet, and they flew towards that piece of leaf.

When she regained her senses, she was already standing on the leaf. Hey, hey, what happened to staying for another day? Uh… They were not actually thinking of kidnapping her back to the sect and have her questioned for her crimes, right!?

“Wait a minute… I can explain.” It really wasn’t intentional, you can’t blame the user for the product’s poor quality, you know?

Unfortunately, the four men completely ignored her, as though they were anxious to report her back to the sect. With a wave of their hands, a transparent barrier-like thing enveloped her and the children’s surroundings. Then, the four  men walked to the very front of the leaf, manipulated their arts, and flew the leaf towards the skies. They completely did not give Zhu Yao the opportunity to explain.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Sitting at the center of the seven to eight little turnips, she had a really bad feeling about what’s coming next.

As she thought, the surrounding little turnips were staring at her in annoyance. Hey hey, you, the kid with the big buttocks, you don’t have to look at me with such a hateful expression, do you? “You broke the deity’s treasure! You’re a bad person.” A little girl with twintails was the first to condemn her.

“Uh… Big sister didn’t do it intentionally!”

“You did a bad thing, and you still don’t admit  it.  As  I thought, you’re a bad person.” Another little boy spoke up and denounced her.

What the hell, what does this have to do with you!

Seeing someone taking the initiative, the other children moved closer as well, and began to criticize her without pause. Zhu Yao suddenly felt a slight headache. Please, she was not sure of what happened herself, why were you little wimps getting so agitated for?

“We will pay for it, you lot are not allowed to bully her! Whoever bullies her, I will beat that person up!” At the critical moment, little wimp Wang suddenly appeared, blocking right in front of her. He even raised his small fists in a threatening manner. Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little moved. At least you’re conscientious, as I thought, I didn’t help you for nothing. “She will be my concubine in the future, so if anyone were to bully her, it will the same as bullying me!”

Damn it, I really feel like beating him into a pulp!

As though they were frightened by little wimp Wang, the other little turnips no longer surrounded her.

“I told you I will definitely take responsibility!” Seeing everyone dispersing, with a prideful look, little wimp said to her.

Zhu Yao simply looked towards his small face, and began pinching his cheeks. Emphasizing on every single word, she hatefully said, “Then I really have to. Thank. You. My. Little. Husband. Wang.”

Little wimp struggled to break free, weakly took two steps back and moved away from her demonic claws. With an inconvenienced look, he rubbed his small face. “I have a name! I’m called Wang Xuzhi! We… We’re not married yet, you can’t… you can’t call me that!”

After saying that, with a flushed face, he ran. Yo,  you  actually  know  how  it’s like  to  be embarrassed?
Speechless, Zhu Yao simply shook her head.

Chapter4: Entering The Mountain Sect

Looking at the four men who were concentrating on controlling the flying leaf in front, she instantly grew anxious again. Just what the hell did these people want with her? Was that round ball really that important? In the cultivation world, were these objects used to test Spirit Veins not everywhere? Even if it’s destroyed, there should not be a need to arrest her and send her for questioning, right!?

Imagining how she, as a pure and innocent person, was about to go into debt in an instant, and was probably going to spend the next half of her life paying back her debt, she began to feel extremely terrible. Mom… I want to go home.

Just as Zhu Yao was feeling restless, the scenery in front of her suddenly changed. Earlier, while she was flying in the air, she could only see an endless sea of white clouds. However, in the next instant, as though the curtains had been pulled open, the clouds scattered, and a mountain range could be seen floating in the air. Like thin silver ribbons, streams of water flowed down from the peak of the mountains, falling into the ocean beneath.

Zhu Yao was instantly dumbfounded by this game-like background scenery in front of her. She did not expect that, in reality, she would actually be able to see such a scenery.

The leaf they were sitting on, flew towards the the largest mountain within the mountain range. Stopping a few hundred feet before the mountain, Senior-martial uncle Li, the youngest looking youth out of the four, took out a wooden tablet, and threw it into the air. Then, in the space surrounding the mountain, a layer of plastic firm-like substance tore open, and a crack big enough for the leaf to pass through revealed itself. After passing through, it automatically closed itself, and could no longer be seen. Zhu Yao guessed that it should be something similar to a great formation used to protect the mountain range.

Only after entering, could she see the big and small residences in the floating mountain range. And, the place they were heading to, was exactly the plaza in front of the largest residence.

Finally, she was able to step on solid ground, but, she realized there were already a sea of little turnips standing around in the plaza. When she looked carefully, there were more than a hundred of them. They were separated into clusters, and four white-robed men stood in front of each cluster. Zhu Yao instantly understood that these were the children who were selected from various other cities. After senior-martial uncle Li landed, he gave a simple greeting to the rest of his companions. She was unsure of what he said to the rest of them, but, not long after, all the white-robed people at the plaza, without any exception, looked straight towards her.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt immense pressure, and intentionally tried to hide behind the crowd. However, the people present were all turnips who were merely half her size, there’s no place for her to hide even if she wanted to, unless she were to pile up two turnips over each other. She turned and looked towards her little friend Wang Xuzhi, who had a small and thin body, and started pondering the feasibility of this idea.

And as though he felt her intentions, he quickly plunged into the crowd, and distanced himself far away from her.

Little wimp! You unfaithful brat!

“Senior-martial uncle Li, this is a matter of utmost importance. There’s no matter if we disregard the rules in this case, let’s hurry inside and inform the Sect Master.” The white- robed people seemed to have finally come up with something, as a female disciple suggested while she pointed to the hall, and then, she turned back and gave Zhu Yao a weird glance. The white-robed man named Li seemed to have accepted her proposal. He gave Zhu Yao a glance as well, then, he turned and quickly entered the hall.

Zhu Yao became even more anxious. Why did she feel like this issue was turning out to be more serious than she initially imagined it to be? Was it too late to run? Even though there’s an ocean beneath her, she knew how to swim…

“I’m Chen Ying, a disciple of the Glory Hall of Sword Mountain. Junior-martial sister, I wonder how I should address you?” The woman who was speaking with senior-martial uncle Li earlier, walked over, and asked with a light smile.

See, here they come. They have begun the questioning. “My name’s Zhu Yao! Umm… Ms. Chen, that thing about the crystal ball, I really didn’t do it intentionally!” Girl, you must believe me!

Chen Ying actually gave an even gentler smile. “Since  you have entered the Ancient Hill Sect, we belong to the same sect, so it’s fine if you call me senior-martial sister. Junior-martial sister, don’t worry. About this issue regarding the sect, Sect Master will give his judgment soon.” “Ah, I still have to see the Sect Master?” He will  not  be making her stay behind and work to pay off her debts, right?

Chen Ying nodded. “According to the sect’s rules,  initially, new disciples must first spend one month at the Commandment Hall to learn our sect’s laws. Then, they will be taken in as disciples by the various Mountain Lords, and their talents will then be fostered. However, junior-martial sister’s situation is a little special, so there’s a need to first inform Sect Master, and have him make a decision.”

Special… Especially bad, right? They’re actually claiming debts the moment I step into the sect.

Chen Ying talked about some other things as well, but unfortunately, Zhu Yao’s mind was filled with thoughts regarding the broken ball, and completely could not absorb what she was telling her. The female disciple seemed to have realized Zhu Yao was distracted as well, and simply stopped talking. Not long after, Senior-martial uncle Li,  who  had entered the hall earlier, came out.

“An order from the Sect Master, he wants you to enter the hall.” Senior-martial uncle Li told her. Zhu Yao took in a deep breath. In any case, I have to pay sooner or later, let’s just go then. She gritted her teeth and followed after him.

“Umm… Senior-martial uncle Li, is the Sect Master really angry?” She had to make mental preparations.

He turned and glanced at her. Towards her question, he no longer had the high-class cold look like earlier, rather, he answered really gently. “Our Sect Master has a gentle temperament. How can he be angry?”

“Oh.” It’s good that he wasn’t angry, there was still hope for discussion then.

Only after they entered the hall did she realize that there were actually six people seated inside. Five people were seated at the bottom, while a single person was seated at the middle floor, he must be the so-called Sect Master. He looked around forty years of age, and had a smile on his face. Just as senior-martial uncle Li had said, he did indeed look like a very gentle person.

“This lady is…” Seeing Zhu Yao entering the hall, the Sect Master turned to look towards senior-uncle Li who brought her in.

“To answer Sect Master, it’s indeed her!”

When he heard his reply, the Sect Master’s expression became even more surprised. He sized Zhu Yao up from head to toe, and then asked. “She… Why is she so…”

“Old?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She was momentarily unhappy. You should be glad I’m not even despising you. What right do you have to call me old? “Uncle, I’m twenty-eight this year, thank you!” Did you  not  know asking a lady’s age was taboo?

The Sect Master was startled for a moment, as though he did not expect that she would talk back to him. And, as though he realized his question was indeed a little inappropriate, he coughed, and with a wave of his hand, a ball, which looked similar to the crystal ball she broke, suddenly appeared in the center of the hall. However, the ball was much bigger, and clearer, than the previous one.

“Miss, place your hand on the ball.” Zhu Yao’s eyes suddenly widened. She looked at the ball in front of her, and silently took a step back. She had a phobia for balls.

“Umm… Earlier, I accidentally broke one. I’m afraid…” She weakly stretched out her finger. “So… I think it’s best if I don’t place my hand onto it.”

“No worries! Just place your hand onto it!” Sect Master thought that she was afraid, so he gave her an encouraging smile. “Don’t be afraid, I will guarantee that no harm will be done to you.”

“You won’t blame me if it breaks?” It seemed like they had a big stock of them. Then why did they bring her here?

“Naturally, I won’t blame you.”

“Then, the one I broke in the city earlier?”

“I won’t blame you for that either!” “Say that earlier!” They actually made her heart pound wildly for the entire journey. So they were not trying to make her pay for the crystal ball. Zhu Yao instantly placed her hand on the ball. As long as they were not going to make her pay, forget about a single hand, if they wanted her to hug it, she would do it too.

The moment her hand touched the crystal ball, streaks of lightning once again instantly filled the entire ball. In less than five seconds, like the previous ball, it shattered.

“She really is!” Sect Master uncle suddenly stood up, and he was already showing a very excited expression. He turned and looked towards senior-martial uncle Li below. “Hurry! Go to Jade Forest Mountain! Inform Ancestral Grandmaster of this matter!”


Only after senior-martial uncle Li had left the hall, did the Sect Master finally calm down his excitement. His face, which was initially already gentle, became even more kind and pleasant when he looked towards Zhu Yao. “What’s your name?” “What’s your name, uncle?” Knowing that she did not need to pay for her debts, Zhu Yao momentarily felt much better, and blurted out.

A certain uncle: “…”

“What audacity!” A red-clothed lady, who was seated at the bottom, yelled, and looked at Zhu Yao with a criticizing look. “Do you not know of the person who’s currently sitting in front of you?”

“I don’t know?” If she knew, why would she have asked?

“You…” The red-clothed lady became furious. “With such arrogance, how can you become successful? Currently, you’re still nothing but a mere mortal, but if you were to make achievements with your cultivation in the future, won’t you be capable of offending your master and destroying the reputation of our ancestors? Senior-martial brother, I think there’s still a need for further discussion regarding this matter.”

“Junior-martial sister, do not be impatient.” Sect Master waved his hand and said. “You know that someone with a potential like this is hard to come by as well. In these ten thousand years, there has only been one.”

The red-robed lady, was still unsatisfied. “Even if that’s the case, this woman’s age is already way past her prime. Even with such great potential, I’m afraid it will be hard for her to form her Azoth Core before her lifespan is spent. By then, aren’t we simply flogging a dead horse?”

“Junior-martial sister, this…”

“Hey, hey, hey! When you guys are talking, can you please think about the person in question?” Zhu Yao could not help but raise her hand. When talking bad about someone, who would say it in front of the person in question? Were they testing the limits of her patience, or were they testing their guts?

Chapter5: Bro, Who Are You?

The red-clothed lady became even more furious. “What audacity! You did something wrong, yet you still do not attempt to amend your mistakes. You actually made the same mistake of cutting into someone’s conversation twice. Did your mother not teach you the word ‘etiquette’?”

Yo! Such bad temper! Do you think you’re the only one who knows how to scold someone’s mom!?

“Then where did your mom learn her etiquettes from? Before talking about others, has she ever looked at herself in a pool of her own piss?” Balls. I have never gotten this angry ever since I was born.

“You…” She began to flare up.

“This red-clothed miss.” Zhu Yao did not give her the opportunity to talk back. “If interrupting someone’s conversation, is considered to be a lack of etiquette, then, earlier, when you interrupted my question to the Sect Master, doesn’t that mean you lack of etiquette as well? As strangers, asking each other’s names is a usual thing to do, yet you suddenly cut in and scolded me for being audacious? I was curious, so I simply asked. How was that audacious? Then, may I ask, where did your etiquette go?”

The face of the red-clothed lady turned green. “You… As a disciple who has yet to officially enter the sect, you actually directly asked for our Sect Master’s name. If that’s not audacious, what is?”

“He was the one who first asked for my name. Before asking for someone’s name, one should introduce himself first, isn’t that proper manners? And you have already said it yourself. I’m a disciple who has not officially entered the sect, and since I have yet to join your sect, I’m still not one of your disciples. I’m just a third party, someone that’s completely unrelated to you people. What does he being a Sect Master has to do with me? Why can I not directly ask him of his identity?”

“You… What fallacy!”

“You’re calling my words a fallacy when you don’t have the ability to rebut them. When you’re able to rebut my words, you call me audacious. May I ask, miss, how did your mom teach you about ‘etiquette’?” “You… You…”

“Allow me to give you a piece of advice, miss. Do not take yourself too seriously. Not all people will simply go along with you. Do you think everyone in this world is your mom!?”

“Impudent!” The red-clothed lady seemed to have flown into rage. Summoning a ball of flames with her hand, she then threw it at her.

Zhu Yao, this is what they call turning someone’s feelings of shame, into anger. A fight is about to break out, yo.

“Junior-martial sister!” At the key moment, the Sect Master uncle intervened. Summoning a flow of water, it extinguished the ball of flames. “Do not be rash.”

The red-clothed lady took in a few deep breaths, and finally calmed down. However, she was still staring daggers at Zhu Yao, looking as though she could pounce at her and eat her at any moment.

Only then did Zhu Yao feel a little afraid. The hell, how could she forget that this was a Xianxia world? These people were all existences capable of killing her with a snap of their fingers. But how could she scold her mom the moment she started talking to her? In which child’s heart, is his or her parents not a taboo? Furthermore, she was someone who had crossed into another world, and she might not be able to see them for the rest of her life. And that lady just had to cross the line, so why would she not bite her to death!?

“Little miss, you have to calm your emotions as well. I believe you’re able to guess that your potential is unordinary as well.” The Sect Master began to act as the middleman. “If you enter our sect, you will have to give your utmost to train yourself. Are you willing?”

“Not willing!”

“Kuh kuh kuh…” The Sect Master almost choked himself. “What.. What did you say?” With her potential, she would definitely enter the Jade Forest Mountain. Everyone in the entire cultivation world would rack their brains for every method possible to be a part of that place. Even though her current age was indeed a little over the prime, with that person’s capabilities, there should be completely no problems in having her to reach Azoth before her lifespan ends. “Do you know that, the place you’re about to go, is Jade Forest Mountain?”

“I don’t want to know!” What did it have to do with her?


Zhu Yao courteously gave the uncle a pair of rolling eyes. “Do you think I’m dumb? I have offended this junior-martial sister of yours today, if I were to really join your sect, wouldn’t she be able to torture me to death!?”

The Sect Master uncle’s face distorted a little. Although what this miss said was not impossible… Did she not put it out too bluntly? He glanced at his junior-martial sister, whose face was already pale and dark. Was it really alright to say such words out loud? Was it really alright?

“Kuh kuh, do you really not want to cultivate as a deity? This is a great opportunity, you know!”

“I don’t want to!” “Uh…”

“So, let’s just leave it at that…” Zhu Yao shrugged, and said. “I will go back to where I came from. Bye bye!”

“Wait… Wait a minute!”

Before the Sect Master could stop her, Zhu Yao had already happily begun to run out of the hall. This lady, why did she not follow the standard procedure?

Suddenly, a fierce gale blew, and a white-clothed man suddenly appeared at the entrance. Before Zhu Yao could even see him clearly, she smashed head on with him.

And then… A bun grew. Flames of anger welled up inside her.

“Do you not open your eyes when you walk!? Move away!”

“…” The entire hall was instantly filled with silence. Only a moment later, did the man who had collided with her, slowly take a step to the side.

Only after that did Zhu Yao go out of the entrance. Before walking away, she did not forget to give him a pair of rolling eyes. So what if you have muscles? Hmph!

“Ancestral Grandmaster, that miss has the Lightning Spirit Vein!” The Sect Master called out immediately.

When the man at the entrance heard this, he instantly grabbed onto the person who just left. Zhu Yao was walking really hastily, so, when she was suddenly pulled, naturally, she once again collided with the man. Hence… another bun grew.

Zhu Yao stroked the two bumps which suddenly grew on her head, raised her head, and looked at the man, who had a cold look. “I say, bro… Do you have something against me?”

The man was startled for a moment, and then, he replied with absolute seriousness. “None!”

“If you don’t, they why did you pull my yarn for!?” Are you picking a fight!?

The man lowered his head and pondered for a moment. And then, he replied with even more seriousness. “I did not pull any yarn. What I pulled was your hand.”


Take a deep breath… Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. The sky looks so wonderful today, it’s not good to be angry like this!

“I will just treat it as my bad luck. I have to trouble you to move away by going around there. Don’t block my path, alright? Thanks!”

The man frowned, and rejected her request decisively. “Can’t do.”

“Just what the hell are you planning?” So, causing her to have two big lumps on her head was not enough, he was planning to add a few more lumps? “Kneel! Accept me as your master!”

“Let me kneel to your sister instead!” Who said she was going to be his disciple?

The man frowned even more deeply, and still said with the same cold tone. “I’m the one who will be your master, I don’t have a sister!”

“……” Bro, you win. Just which planet did you come from? I can’t communicate with you at all.

Chapter6: Admitting Into The Jade Forest

“Greetings to Ancestral Grandmaster!” The Sect Master uncle and the rest came over as well, and gave a very respectful bow to the man at the entrance. Looking at Zhu Yao,  he  then continued. “Ancestral Grandmaster, are you planning to take this woman as your disciple?” He initially thought that, given this woman’s age, he would at most take her into the Peak as a inner sect disciple. He did not expect he would directly take her as a disciple.

The man calmly looked at the group of people, and corrected him. “Personal succeeding disciple.”


The red-clothed lady had a face of disbelief, took a step forward, and said. “Ancestral Grandmaster, even if she’s a rare holder of the Lightning Spirit Vein, you can only take in one personal succeeding disciple… Given her age… isn’t it a little inappropriate?”

The man turned and looked towards the red-clothed lady, with a face that was still as cold as ever, he sounded out skeptically, “What does this have to do with you?”


The red-clothed lady was at a loss of words, the only thing she could do was to shift her gaze, staring fiercely at Zhu Yao who was beside him. She did not even do anything, and was simply standing there the entire time, so why the hell was she staring at her? For a moment, she suddenly had the feeling that she was in a mental hospital the entire time.

“Admit me as your master!” The certain ice caveman adjusted his muzzle aim, and continued to fire at Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao’s expression silently darkened. “Umm… I say, bro, why don’t we take some time to discuss about this? Why do I have to definitely admit you as my master?”

“Because you’re a Lightning Spirit Vein holder!” The cold- looking caveman said coldly.

“Oh!” Zhu Yao nodded. “May I ask, is there a rule or law that states that, as a Lightning Spirit Vein holder, I have to definitely admit you as my master?”

The ice caveman frowned even deeper, but he still truthfully shook his head.

“Then where did your mom get the confidence that, I will definitely admit you as my master?” Do you believe I will spit a mouthful of cola onto your entire face?

This cold-looking caveman seemed to have been troubled by this question, and only after a long while did he slowly voice out. “Only my Jade Forest Mountain, possesses the Mystic Arts Lightning Spirit Vein holders train in, so you definitely have to admit under my guidance.” He lowered his head, and looked directly into her eyes. “What does this have to do with my mother having any confidence in this matter?”

“…” Take a deep breath, one must not bite someone in a harmonious society. “Why do I have to definitely train in these Arts?”

He said naturally. “If you want to become a deity, then you have to learn this set of Arts.” “Hohoho!” Zhu Yao pulled her hand back, and laughed coldly. “I’m sorry, I don’t wish to become a deity. Thank you. Bye!”

The ice caveman seemed to have been shocked by her way of thinking, as he stood rooted to the ground, totally stunned. Hence, Zhu Yao took this opportunity to happily sneak away. Unfortunately, not even two minutes later, the ice caveman suddenly came chasing after her again. It was not because she was not doing her best, rather, her opponent was simply too strong. Although Zhu Yao ran, as though he was the wind, the ice caveman instantly caught up to her. Without speaking anything else, the moment he grabbed onto her, he flew towards the skies, and headed towards the mountain with the tallest peak.

Zhu Yao simply saw blurred images in front of her, and her head once again struck onto the ice caveman, naturally… she received a third lump!

The hell!

When she regained her senses, she was already standing on a green plains, and the ice caveman was even standing right in front of her. “Admit me as your master.”

“Brother Ice, can you please change your lines?”

The ice caveman paused for a moment, and said, “I’m taking you as my disciple!”

“…” Is there a difference?

“My surname is Yu, not Ice.”


“My given name is Yan. Since you’re now under my guidance, you will naturally have to use my surname as well. I bestow you the name… Wang.”

“Your sister’s ‘Desire’!” Who told you to bestow me a name? I simply do not want to become a deity.

“You’re ‘Yu Wang’. I told you before, I don’t have a sister.” “…” The hell, I never thought that it would be so difficult to communicate in Mandarin. Zhu Yao began to cry in her heart. “Bro, I beg you, please, let me go. I really don’t wish to become a deity. Please allow me to scram back home!”

Yu Yan was startled for a moment, before answering with the same icy tone. “I’m taking you as my disciple, not as my sister. You should be calling me master, not brother.”

“…” Where’s the nearest cliff!? Please, tell me!

Yu Wang /玉旺, sounds exactly the same as 欲望, which means ‘desire’ in English.

Side note: In Wuxia/Xianxia, masters have the tendency to bestow new names to their disciples, and the disciples will use their masters’ surname as well. The master’s name 玉言, if directly translated into English, is Jade Word, while the name he bestowed to Zhu Yao, 玉旺, is Jade Prosper.

Chapter7: Don’t Look For Trouble, And Trouble Will Not Come

Yu Yan really could not understand this disciple he just took in. Since she possessed the innate Lightning Spirit Vein, she was already destined to have the potential to ascend. Even though she was a little old, it was not really a big problem. As people who cultivate into deities, their bodies were merely vessels. Although the younger you were, the more successful you would be in cultivating, he was confident that, with his knowledge as the lord of Jade Forest Mountain, he would definitely be able to help her form her Azoth Core before her lifespan ends. Then, once she gained the ability to shapeshift, there would no longer be a problem regarding her age.

His Jade Forest Mountain had been passed down for many hundred thousand years, yet, the disciples who had entered it were minuscule in number. However, more than half of these successors had already ascended into the world of deities. The main reason was that they only took in disciples with Lightning Spirit Vein, and the Lightning Spirit Vein was the most mystical Spirit Vein in this entire world. As long as you’re someone who were cultivating to become a deity, you would have to progress through a total of six stages – Essence, Foundation, Azoth, Nascent Soul, Demigod, and Ascension. In every stage, they were further categorized into eleven levels. The first to fifth levels were known as the elementary-stage, the sixth to ninth were known as the intermediate-stage, the tenth level as the advanced-stage, and there was the Paragon, these four small stages. In the Azoth-stage and the two stages below, whenever one were to breakthrough into the next stage, that person will definitely draw in lightning strikes. A small breakthrough will draw in weak lightning strikes, while a large breakthrough will draw in extremely powerful lightning strikes. The Heavenly Lightning was made up of the cleanest and purest lightning spiritual energy in this world, and was capable of destroying all life forms in the world. So, when the lightning strikes were drawn in, the practitioner could only endure them by drawing out all of the energy inside his body to defend against them.

But, even if one was able to endure all of these lightning strikes, there is still the nine types of tribulations one must go through when he or she attempts to ascend. The strength possessed by each one of the eighty one Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning, is tens of thousands times stronger than the strength of a regular lightning strike. In this world, many highly capable practitioners fell under the power of the Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning, and even some Demigods who had reached the limits of their lifespan, did not dare to pit themselves against the Purple Extreme Heavenly Lightning. Other than Lightning Spirit Vein holders!

Lightning Spirit Vein holders had the innate ability which allowed them to naturally absorb lightning spiritual energy. Hence, the tribulations, to them, were basically not life- threatening challenges, but simply a way to take in a large amount of spiritual energy. With such a heaven-bending Spirit Vein, even if they did not want to ascend, they had no choice but to do so.

But, this type of Spirit Vein is extremely rarely seen. The last time a Lightning Spirit Vein holder appeared, was sixteen thousand years ago, and that person was Yu Yan.

He was taken in as a disciple at three years old, and reached the Essence Paragon stage at five years old. When he was ten, he became a Foundation-stage practitioner. At twenty, he formed his Azoth Core, and he reached the Nascent Soul stage in a hundred years. In a thousand years, he became a Demigod, and reached the Demigod Paragon-stage in just six thousand years, becoming number one in the cultivation world. There’s a need to say that he became a legend of the cultivation world due to his frightening cultivation speed. But a legend like this, just happened to remain as a Demigod for exactly ten thousand years. It was not because he was incapable of ascending, rather, it was because, in these ten thousand years, he actually did not manage to find a single Lightning Spirit Vein disciple. And in the entire cultivation world, only the Jade Forest Mountain of Ancient Hill Sect, possessed the cultivation method for Lightning Spirit Vein holders. If he were to ascend, there will no longer be any successors to his line. Hence, even though he had long possessed the body of a deity, he continued to stay in the lower realm, so as to wait for someone capable of succeeding him.

And that successor finally appeared, but, she actually seemed to be really unwilling. Even when he bestowed her a name, she revealed a very strange expression, and she only had the thought of returning to the mortal realm in mind. Was she telling him that his Jade Forest Mountain, the one and only capital of the deity cultivation realm, could not compare to the filthy lands of the mortal realm?

Yu Yan, was really unhappy.

“Please, I really don’t wish to become a deity. Please let me go, and allow me to happily roll my way out of here!” Zhu Yao was about to cry. She did not want to be called Desire.

Yu Yan lightly frowned. An idea came into his mind. He chanted an incantation, and Zhu Yao, who was still trying to persuade him earlier, was now kneeling on the ground with a light thud.

“What are you planning to do!” Zhu Yao was shocked. He was not trying to kill her due to anger, right? Just when she was thinking of getting up, she was no longer in control of her body. Facing the ice caveman, she kowtowed in front of him three times. Before she could even react, Yu Yan extended out two of his fingers, and lightly tapped on her forehead. She simply felt a chilling energy infiltrating into her mind. A moment later, a warm feeling welled up inside her entire body, and, on her forehead, a flower-like marking surfaced.

“From today on, you are my personal succeeding disciple, this imprint is the proof that I have accepted you as my disciple. Tomorrow morning, arrive at the top of the Jade Forest Mountain. I will personally pass down the cultivating techniques to you.” After saying that, his figure flashed, and Zhu Yao could no longer see his figure in front of her.

Raising her hand, she touched her forehead which still had a slight icy chill. Zhu Yao felt like crying. You can’t forcefully buy me like that.

Zhu Yao who was forced to cultivate, was very unhappy as well.

She let out a huge sigh. It seemed like talking sense to him would not work, the two of them were basically on different wavelengths. She looked at her surroundings, and when she could only see a long stretch of lush grassland, and a range of mountains, she felt like crying even more. Where is this? At least point me a direction… Is it really alright to disappear this irresponsibly?

I wonder how’s little wimp coming along? When she thought that she had initially planned on doing a good deed, and in the end, seemed to have dug a grave for herself instead, she felt that it was really difficult doing good deeds in this day and age. It seemed like she had no choice but to walk on the route of becoming a deity now.

But the current problem was… Where did she have to go?

Earlier, the ice caveman told her to find him at the top of the Jade Forest Mountain. Zhu Yao glanced at the mountain peak which had pierced through the clouds in front of her, and momentarily went crazy. The hell! This mountain looked exactly the same as Mount Everest! You must be kidding me, right?

At this moment, Zhu Yao finally understood what the idiom ’do not look for trouble, and trouble will not come’, really meant. She really regretted rejecting the ice caveman’s request to take her in as his disciple earlier. If she had not done so, he would not have forcefully purchased her out of anger, and even more so, he would not have thrown her onto this barren land and have her fend for herself.

She was simply taken in as a disciple, that’s all. She did not really make a loss. And seeing the attitude those people at the hall had towards him earlier, this master of hers was definitely someone of extremely high caliber. With someone like him backing her up, it was not really a bad thing. Even if she offended that red-clothed lady earlier, she probably wouldn’t dare to cause her any trouble. But, if she had returned to the mortal realm, she might have found ways to torture her. He’s evidently her savior who descended from the heavens!

After thinking this through, Zhu Yao’s resentment towards this wonderful master of hers completely disappeared in an instant, rather, a feeling of gratitude surged inside her, and she even gained the motivation to climb the mountain.

But this gratitude completely disappeared when she reached the base of the mountain. No matter how far she climbed, she felt as though she could not reach the top no matter how long she took. The hell, she finally understood why that ice caveman told her to find him in the next morning. Because, she spent an entire day and night climbing the mountain. Only when the sun had risen right up to the top on the second day, did she finally reach the top of the mountain. Dog-tired, she collapsed onto the ground, and could no longer move a single limb.

As for the certain master, who sat in his room for the entire night, anxiously waiting for his disciple to report, when he finally thought of personally investigating why she had yet to arrive, he opened the door, and saw a body lying straight on the floor in front of his house. A body covered entirely in dirt, her hair was in a mess, and on her pale face, there was spots of purple, as though they were traces of her smacking into something.

If he had not been able to sense the anger that was still emitting out from her body, he would have really thought that this Lightning Spirit Vein disciple of his, whom he finally managed to obtain, was gone just like that.

Chapter8: Jade Forest Mountain Peak

In just a single night, how did she tire herself so much? Yu Yan frowned, and did a few seals with his hands. Zhu Yao, who was tired to point of being incapable of moving earlier, suddenly felt a surge of warm energy filling her entire body. The fatigue within her body disappeared in a single sweep, and even her ragged breathing earlier had calmed down. So this is Mystic Art? How mysterious.

Looking at his new disciple finally getting up, Yu Yan was finally relieved. He looked at her from head to toe, and suddenly thought of something. Unless…

“You climbed this mountain by foot?”

Zhu Yao pouted her lips. “How else?” She did not know how to fly, after all.

Yu Yan looked at her strangely. “Why did you not use the teleportation formation?” Unless, she did it to train herself, and to also demonstrate her determination to becoming a deity? With this thought in mind, Yu Yan’s expression was momentarily much better, and was a little satisfied with this disciple who would usually speak nonsensical things. This disciple, even though she did not seem to be very bright, she was rather hard-working.

A certain hard-working disciple: “……” In her mind, she was already flipping an unlimited number of tables. What the hell! If there’s a teleportation formation, say so from the start!

After taking in many deep breaths, Zhu Yao finally suppressed her urge to scratch his face. As he was her superior, she had no choice but to take a step back, and furthermore, he was her future pillar of support.

“Master, your disciple greets you.” Zhu Yao lowered her body, and gave him a proper bow.

“Mn!” Yu Yan nodded, his heart was momentarily filled with large amount of satisfaction. It’s been more than ten thousand years, and he finally had a disciple of his own. Before his master ascended, he had constantly reminded Yu Yan to find a successor to the Jade Forest, and Yu Yan finally did not let him down.

Unconsciously, his disciple in front of him was  becoming more pleasing to his eyes, and he had the urge to rush over and hug her. He sized Zhu Yao up a little. If she had been a little younger, it would have been better. Haah! Why did she not become my disciple a little sooner? Many thoughts spiraled in Yu Yan’s mind, but his face was still as icy cold and expressionless as ever.

With a wave of his hand, Zhu Yao’s clothes which was dirty beyond hope earlier, was restored to its former look in an instant. Even those old stains which she could not washed off in the past had disappeared.

“Amazing.” Zhu Yao curiously pulled her clean clothes. A strong laundry detergent? Becoming a deity was actually this much fun. “Master, are you going to teach me this Mystic Art?” With this, she would no longer need to wash her clothes in the future. It would be so convenient for her.

“The Dirt Removing Art is only an entry-level Mystic  Art. Once you learn how to absorb spiritual energy, you will naturally know how to use it.” Yu Yan said lightly. “You have just arrived, first familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Spiritual energy will be the most abundant in the early morning, so I will only teach you how to absorb spiritual energy into your body tomorrow morning.” Zhu Yao nodded. She would be staying here for a long time anyway, even though she was curious about cultivation, it was not something she had to rush for.

“Follow me.” Yu Yan passed by his disciple in front of him, and walked towards the direction she came from.

We’re beginning with the familiarization already? Zhu Yao raised her spirits up, and hurriedly followed after him. Along the way, she worked hard to memorize the surrounding places, so as to prevent herself from losing her way in the future.

The Jade Forest Mountain was very quiet in the afternoon. Occasionally, there would be chirping and cricketing, but there were mostly just trees around. Not long later, Zhu Yao gave up on memorizing. She could not possibly memorize how all the trees look like, right? Hence, she simply followed behind him obediently.

Yu Yan was not a person of many words, she knew simply by looking at his cold-looking face. And since Zhu Yao was not really comfortable with talking to people she did not know, the two of them did not have a single conversation throughout the walk. After four hours, Zhu Yao was finally unable to take it any longer. “Master, are we not there yet?” If they were going to keep walking any longer, the sky would turn dark.

Yu Yan turned back and looked at her. “It’s right in front, we’re almost there.”

Zhu Yao did not say anything else. Yet another two hours passed, even if it’s a downhill walk, her legs were already about to give way. However, the person in front of her, still did not have the intention of stopping at all. Didn’t you say we were almost there? Her mind was filled with suspicions, but  she could only grit her teeth, and simply swept her gaze across her surroundings.

Eh, why does that slanted tree look a little familiar? And that piece of stone that looked like a turtle looks rather familiar too. I even think I have seen that monkey with the red buttocks from somewhere as well.

“We’re here!”

The person in front of her stopped and Zhu Yao took a look at her surroundings. The hell, was this not the base of the mountain she was at yesterday? Master took her on a walk for the entire afternoon, just to return to this place? She looked really good climbing the mountain, so he wanted her to climb it again? Master, you can’t play your disciple for a fool like this.

“Master…” She felt like crying.

Yu Yao looked at her pitiful expression. Why did she give him such a face for? His disciple was being stupid again, it seemed. Calmly deciding to ignore her, he pointed to a patch of grass three meters to his right. “That’s the teleportation formation. You cannot simply enter within the Jade Forest Mountain using a flying sword. Through this formation, you’re able to reach the peak of the mountain.”

Ah, so the reason why he brought her on this trip, was to show this formation to her. Zhu Yao looked at the patch of lush grass. There doesn’t seem to be anything different about it though.

Under Yu Yan’s signal, she followed after him towards the place he pointed to, and stood there. A flash of light suddenly appeared under her feet, a circular formation lighted up, and inside the formation, a few symbols were faintly moving. Immediately after, the white light became even brighter, the scenery before her changed, and she was already standing on the mountain peak. What a mystical formation.

Zhu Yao became really interested. She circled around the formation that was still emitting a faint light a few times, yet, she still could not understand the theory of how it worked. As she thought, becoming a deity was a luxurious and majestic path.

“This formation can be used to transfer both ways. You can also use it send yourself down the mountain.” Seeing that his disciple was interested in the formation, Yu Yan took the initiative to explain.

“Really!?” Zhu Yao became a little excited, and hurried into the formation. Just as he said, the light once again  grew brighter, and with a whoosh, she once again stood at the side of the formation at the base of the mountain. She stood on the formation again, and with another whoosh, she once again returned to the mountain peak. Zhu Yao playfully jumped in and out of the formation a couple of times, and could not help but admire the wonders of mystic arts. If she were to compare them, cars and airplanes were basically so much weaker compared to this formation. Eh, wait a minute! She turned to look at her master, whose face was still as cold as ever. “Since this formation can teleport both ways, then why did master bring me on a walk for the entire afternoon earlier?”

Yu Yan was startled by her stare, and seemed to have realized this problem as well. Slightly turning his head away, he avoided the question. “Have an earlier rest today. Tomorrow, I  will teach you how to absorb spiritual energy into your body.”

After saying that, he turned around and entered the house, closing the door as he went in. He was definitely influenced by his disciple’s stupidity, it was definitely not because he did not think of using the formation to head down the mountain.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Does master have a skill called, ‘Play your disciple for a fool’?

At a loss of words, she looked at the thatched cottage in front of her. That’s right, a thatched cottage. This crazily  cool- looking master of hers, was actually living in a thatched house, and it was the only thatched cottage on the entire mountain peak. Everywhere else was just barren land. In that case, there was a problem. Hole-digging technique… Ah, pui! Where was she going to rest tonight? Master, did you forget something?

After silently inspecting the terrain for a long while, she determined that there were no other place on the mountain peak she could stay for the night. Thus, Zhu Yao had no choice but to knock on the thatched house’s door.

Just after three light knocks, with a creak, the door automatically opened. The interior of the house was relatively simple, other than a bed, there was nothing else inside. And her master was currently meditating on the bed.

“What is it?”

“Master, where do I stay tonight?” Zhu Yao asked honestly.

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. Only then did he realize that his disciple was still a mortal, and unlike practitioners, it was impossible for her to casually pick out a cave and cultivate inside. It was an oversight on his part. ’Pui!’ : Zhu Yao spitting because she said something wrong.

Chapter9: Gold Nest, Silver Nest, Dog’s Nest

Getting up, along with his disciple, he walked out. He looked at the position of his own thatched cottage, and then, from the storage pouch he took out from within his clothes, he took out an item. Throwing it onto the ground, a refined three-story building, shining with golden brilliance, appeared next to the thatched cottage, dying the entire night sky with sparkles and a magical atmosphere.

“Mas… Master.” Zhu Yao pointed her trembling finger at the building that was capable of blinding one’s eyes. “Living… in a house like this, isn’t really a good idea, right?”

“You don’t like it?” Yu Yan raised an eyebrow. He obtained this house from a toad spirit that have cultivated for a thousand years. Back then, when he took it away, although he personally did not like it, when he looked at the toad spirit’s regretful eyes, he concluded that it was still something pretty good, so he believed his little disciple would like it.

Yu Yan lowered his head, continued searching through his storage pouch, and casually threw out another item. This time, it was a courtyard made out of jade. Under the moonlight shine, it emitted out a faint silver light, and from outside, the luxurious designs and furniture inside the building could be vaguely seen.

Zhu Yao could not help but to use her hand to support her jaw, which was about to fall off. It seemed like… she had been taken in as a disciple by an unbelievable tycoon. She looked at the golden building on the left, then, she looked at the jade building on right, and then, she looked at the  dirt-filled thatched cottage at the center.

“Pick out whichever you like, and just live in it.” Yu Yan said indifferently.

Zhu Yao looked blankly at her own master, as though she saw him turning into a river god, and with a golden house  on  one hand, and a silver house on the other,  asking  her,  “Oh, courageous girl, the house you threw, was it this golden house, or this silver house?”

Zhu Yao swallowed her saliva, and deeply suppressed the vanity in her heart. That Aesop’s fable had taught her that, to be human, it’s necessary to keep to a low profile. Since her master was living in a thatched cottage, no matter how it looked, it would be inappropriate for his disciple to live in either the golden or silver house. “Master… I think it’s fine if you give me a house that’s similar to yours.”

Yu Yan tilted his head, gave his disciple a strange look, and sighed, revealing an ‘as I thought, my disciple is really an idiot’ expression. With a wave of his hand, the two buildings were retrieved. And then, with some unknown arts, a thatched cottage was being built at a speed visible to the naked eye on the ground.

Not even a moment later, a thatched house that looked exactly the same was built. Zhu Yao thanked her master, and entered her own house. She found out that, the interior was exactly the same as her master’s, other than a wooden bed and a blanket, there was nothing else.

After being fatigued for two days and one night, Zhu Yao did not really care anymore, and simply lied on the bed and entered her dreamland.

The next day, Zhu Yao woke up really early. It was not that she was diligent, rather, the bed in her room was simply too hard. She momentarily regretted rejecting those two exquisite houses back then. As I thought, one should not try to put up a front, and take the offer when one has to. Opening the door, Zhu Yao realized her master was already waiting outside for her. His eyes swept past her deep and heavy bags under her eyes, lightly frowned, and signaled her to sit on the empty ground in front of him.

She was going to start cultivating just like that? Zhu Yao raised her spirits, immediately ran over, and sat cross-legged in front of her master.

“Today, I shall teach you how to take in spiritual energy into your body.” With a single finger, Zhu Yao tapped on Zhu Yao’s forehead. “Close your eyes!”

Zhu Yao obediently closed her eyes, and simply felt a familiar flow of energy entering from her forehead, and then, the energy slowly flowed within her entire body. After that, it converged at her cinnabar, causing her entire body to feel warm, and she felt fresh and spirited.

“This is the method to circulate the spiritual energy inside your body. Remember this method. When you’re able to sense the spiritual energy around you, you can use this method to take in spiritual energy.” Seeing that she had comprehended, Yu Yan retracted his hand. “Then, how can I sense spiritual energy?” Zhu Yao asked.

“That will depend on your own comprehension ability.” Yu Yan said indifferently. Spiritual energy was the world’s biggest uncertainty. Everyone had their own comprehension of it, and everyone looked at it differently. There were people who are capable of sensing in an instant, and there were people who were unable to feel a hint of spiritual energy in their entire lives. As her master, he could only guide her, and was unable to sense it for her. “Close your eyes. Clear your mind of all thoughts. Use your heart to feel it, and you will naturally be able to sense it.”

Zhu Yao once again closed her eyes, and slowly removed all thoughts from her mind. However, she was merely submerging herself into darkness. Ten minutes later, forget about feeling spiritual energy, she simply felt like sleeping.

And her master simply gave her an advice not to be anxious, and left, leaving her to silently meditate by herself.

However, she meditated from morning till noon, and still did not produce any results. During the process, she had almost fell asleep several times, and other than her body feeling sore, she could not feel anything else. Zhu Yao could not sit still any longer, and decided to take a stroll and get some fresh air before continuing.

Just when she used the formation to teleport herself down the mountain, she saw a person riding on a flying sword as he flew over from afar. Wearing the sect’s white robe, he seemed to be a male disciple in his twenties, and he even looked a little familiar.

When he saw Zhu Yao on the ground, he politely gave her a smile, only then did Zhu Yao recalled who he was.

“Senior-martial uncle Li?” Was he not the youth who brought them to the sect?

The youth stopped in front of her, and was a little startled, before giving her a greeting. “This disciple isn’t worthy of being referred to as senior-martial uncle. Grand-martial aunt, please refrain from referring me that way, and simply call me by my Daoist title, Li Lin.”

“Ah?” Did those little turnips not addressed him that way? Seeing that she was skeptical, Li Lin continued. “Sovereign Yu Yan has the highest seniority in our sect, and even Sect Master has to address him as Ancestral-martial uncle. You’re Sovereign Yu Yan’s disciple, so, according to seniority, this disciple should be addressing you as Grand-martial aunt.”

So her status was actually this amazing, Zhu Yao suddenly felt as though she had used a cheat.

She immediately asked Li Lin a few questions, and found out about some inside details.

The sect that she had admitted in was called Ancient Hill Sect. It was the most famous sect in the cultivation world, and was the sect which had the most disciples as well. In the sect, they had three Demigod-stage elders, and dozens of Azoth-stage disciples. The sect was separated into two portions, the Inner and Outer Sect, and the Inner Sect was further divided into six mountains, Beast-Taming Mountain, Sword  Mountain, Talisman Mountain, Weapon-Refining Mountain, Medicine Mountain, and Jade Forest Mountain which she currently resided in. Every mountain had their own specialty, for example, the Sword Mountain specialized in using swords, and the Talisman Mountain specialized in using talismans, etcetera. There were not less than ten thousand disciples in each Mountain. Among them, the Sword Mountain had the most disciples, and undoubtedly, it was the strongest out of the six. In Sword Mountain, all the disciples cultivated in the way of the sword, and the Lord of Sword Mountain was also the Sect Master of Ancient Hill Sect, Reverend Zi Mo. He was the one who tested her Spirit Vein the other day at the great hall. Every Mountain Lord was at least at the Nascent Soul level of cultivation, and thinking back, the other people who were seated at the hall back then, were definitely the other Mountain Lords.

And the lady whom she had offended then, was the Lord of Medicine Mountain, Reverend Hong Chou. The Medicine Mountain specialized in refining divine medicine, and the Mountain Lord was even a Ninth-Grade Pellet Refining Master, rarely seen in the cultivation world. As people who cultivate into deities, it was hard to avoid borrowing the use of pellets to aid in one’s cultivation. Hence, many practitioners would seek help from the Pellet Mountain, which also meant  that,  not many people would easily offend a Pellet Master, let alone one at the ninth-grade. But, she just had to have offended one!

When she realized this truth, tears began to flow down from Zhu Yao’s eyes.

Reference to the Aesop’s Fable – The Woodman. Basically, it’s the name he uses as a deity practitioner.

Chapter10: Meeting The Little Turnip Again

The reason why Li Lin came up to the mountain this time, was to look for Zhu Yao, have her undergo the sect’s entry procedures, and receive her own identity jade tablet. Every new disciple of the Ancient Hill Sect had to undergo lectures about the sect for a month, something that was similar to an induction programme. Then, the various Mountains would select a couple of people with good potentials as Inner Sect disciples. Those who were not selected, would enter the Outer Sect, and only after they built their Foundation, would they enter the Inner Sect. However, these people might not be taken in as disciples by the Mountain Lord. Initially, Zhu Yao had to undergo the same process as well, but, her Spirit Vein was too unique. Hence, she did not have to undergo the same process, and was immediately taken in as a disciple, a personal succeeding disciple at that.

Li Lin looked at the divine imprint, which could only belong to personal succeeding disciples, on Zhu Yao’s forehead, and could not help but feel envious in his heart. Usually, practitioners would only have a single personal succeeding disciple, and unless the disciple were to die, there would be no other successors. However, how could he blame her for being a Lightning Spirit Vein holder? As Zhu Yao did not know how to use a flying sword, Li Lin had no choice but to take out that giant piece of leaf he used back then, and carried her to the Main Mountain.

“Grand-martial aunt, please, this way.” Li Lin guided Zhu Yao into the hall, his manner was so respectful, she was starting to feel a little embarrassed.

“It’s fine if you just call me Zhu Yao.” It kind of felt strange being called grand-martial uncle by someone of about the same age.

Li Lin simply smiled, he did not reject it, nor did he dare to directly accept her request, and simply said a few words to someone who seemed to be the manager of this hall. The expression of that aged uncle instantly tensed up. He wobbly walked over to her, gave her a huge bow, and called out, “Ancestral Grand-martial aunt!”

Zhu Yao: “……”

“Grand-martial aunt, you do not need to care about it too much. In the cultivation world, one’s superiority is dependant on one’s level of cultivation. Since you’re Sovereign Yu Yan’s disciple, this sort of situation will be a usual occurrence in the future.” Li Lin gave some consoling words and guided her to a chair at the side. He then had the uncle leave to do his own work, and continued to explain to her. “Jade Forest Mountain’s identity jade tablet will require some time to finish, so I have to humbly ask Grand-martial aunt to wait here for a short moment.”

Zhu Yao nodded. Sitting on the chair, she curiously looked at her surroundings. This place should be a junction specialized in dealing with matters regarding the sect, and there were not many people. Occasionally, there would be one or two people charging towards Li Lin to greet him, and then, they  would head to the place at the center similar to a counter. Sometimes, they would take out something, hand it over to the person at the counter, and leave after that.

“This is the place where missions are managed in our sect.” Seeing that she was interested, Li Lin pointed to the tablets hanged around the room, and explained. “Our sect frequently issue out missions, and, as long as you have the ability, you can accept them. After you have completed your mission, you can receive contribution points from the sect, and use them to exchange for goods.”

So it’s an exchange market. Zhu Yao had a sudden realization, and once again, saw people entering the place and charging towards Li Lin, greeting him. There were people calling him senior martial-uncle, and there were people calling him ancestral senior martial-uncle. After they finished greeting him, they would also curiously look at Zhu Yao who was beside him, but they did not inquire about her.

It was good that Li Lin did not explain her identity to those people, otherwise, she would have to look at a bunch of people, both young and old, calling her ancestor. She simply would not be able to accept it. But Li Lin’s status seems to be pretty high as well. I wonder which Reverend his master is. It would be best if he’s not from the Pellet Mountain. As someone who is blacklisted, I can’t happily play around with people from the Pellet Mountain. (--)!

“Senior-martial uncle Li!” While she was in her own thoughts, someone suddenly charged over. His steps were a little hasty, and seemed to have been rushing throughout his entire journey. He glanced at Zhu Yao, and then, whispered a few words into Li Lin’s ear. Li Lin who was still gentle and calm earlier, became heavily tensed.

“Grand-martial aunt, a small matter seemed to have came up at the Sword Mountain, if possible…” “Go, I will wait here.” Zhu Yao waved her hand.

Li Lin hesitated for a moment, called out to a disciple in the hall, and only after telling him to have the manager send her back after the tablet was finished, did he finally bring along the youth, who just entered, and leave.

Zhu Yao waited for about half an hour, and the manager had yet to appear. It seemed like it indeed require a long time to finish her identity jade tablet. Just when she was about to take a stroll, the moment she went out of the entrance, a bunch of familiar little turnips came walking over. Especially that little wimp with the round face who was walking right at the front with a lowered head, was he not Doctor Wang’s son?

“It’s you!” The little kid Wang Xuzhi saw Zhu Yao as well, momentarily, his eyes sparkled, and he charged straight over like a cannonball. Zhu Yao spread out her arms and was planning to embrace him, however, at the critical moment, the little turnip actually stepped on the brakes. Glaring at her, he pursed his lips, and began to furiously lecture her. “Where did you run off to? I… I looked for you everywhere. Let me tell you this, if you’re lost, I… I won’t come looking for you, alright!? Hmph!” Uh… Why is this kid’s words so contradictory? First, you said you looked for me everywhere, and then later, you said you’re not going to look for me. Zhu Yao awkwardly put down her empty arms, and stroked Little Wang’s head. Looks like little wimp is rather worried about me, huh.

Looking at his inflated little face that was about to burst out of anger, and his eyes that looked like it could tear up at any moment, Zhu Yao’s heart momentarily softened. Squatting down, she rubbed his cute little cheeks. “What are you crying for? Look, didn’t I come back? Were you so worried about me?”

Wang Xuzhi startled for a moment, and then, in an instant, like a lighted up firecracker, he huffed. “Who’s worried about you? If not for the fact that you’re going to be married to me in the future, I wouldn’t care the least bit about you! My dad once told me, you suddenly disappearing like that, is called a wife not doing her duty.”

Zhu Yao’s hands stopped, and then, began to pinch his cheeks. Your sister’s not doing her wifely duties! As I thought, he’s a spoiled brat, a day without a beating and he will scale the roof to strip the tiles.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…” Little wimp kept trying to pull her hands off, but unfortunately, he did not succeed.

Only after Zhu Yao was satisfied with her pinching, did she release her hands from his reddened little cheeks. Pointing to the little turnips queueing in front of the counter behind him, she asked. “What are you guys doing here?”

Little Wang placed his two hands on his little cheeks, rubbed them, and said with an irritated expression. “Senior-martial brother Qin brought us here to receive our identity jade tablets.”

He pointed to the youth who was currently leading the group of children.

So they’re here to receive their identity jade tablets as well. Zhu Yao was about to ask about what they did for the last two days, but she suddenly saw a commotion among the little turnips. A familiar-looking little turnip was pushed onto the ground.

While a little kid which was a little fat was currently sitting on the little turnip’s body, waving his fists about, another little girl was actually crying at the side. The other little kids simply looked on anxiously, none of them took a step forward to stop them. Even the youth who had brought them here, simply looked away, as though it was not his problem.

“What are you guys doing!” Before Zhu Yao could make clear of the situation, Little Wang beside her had already called out to them, and had successfully stopped the little fatty who was giving the kid on the floor a beating.

Little Wang angrily walked over, pointed at the little fatty, and asked. “Little fatty Zhao, why did you beat him?”

The little fatty looked a little unsatisfied, but he still got up from the little kid who he beat up. He pointed at the little kid on the ground who was already completely stained with dirt, and said. “This kid dared to cut into my queue. I was  simply teaching him a lesson!”

“No… It’s not like that…” The little girl who was crying hurriedly shook her head. “Little fatty said he wanted to be the first to receive his identity jade tablet, and stopped me from receiving mine. Big brother Xiao Yi stood out to help me.”
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