Let Me Tease You Chapter 51-59

Chapter 51

[Banana : This Banana finally finish reading the novel sans the extra~! (0w0)/ It IS a HE story so I hope you guys can be rest assured and continue reading with a peaceful mind yo~!]

“What happened?”

Ye Junchi was somewhat sensitive, instantly realized that JiYuan stiffened. He reached out to embrace the youth into his arms, but didn’t expect JiYuan would shrink back a bit and immediately avoided him. Both of them froze. Ye Junchi frowned and went closer to JiYuan, his voice was gentle, “Baby, what happened? Are you angry with me?”

All JiYuan could think of was that pair of bloody red tyrannical eyes. After a moment of silent, he took the initiative to get closer to Ye Junchi and reached out to press on his(YJC) forehead. He released a bit of spiritual power to inspect his(YJC) body.

Ye Junchi was surprised but he didn’t refuse; relaxed-ly let JiYuan checked him. Only after JiYuan frowned and retracted his hand, that he went to hug him(JY) with a smile, “What did you find out?”

Shaking his head, JiYuan looked at Ye Junchi’s pair of gentle eyes again for a moment; a bit confused.

Could it be an illusion just now?

But being looked at by that kind of frosty eyes for a second, the goosebumps at his back were standing up. That kind of unfamiliar gaze was not something Ye Junchi would have, unless in his body … lived another soul?

This idea was like a cold bucket of water pouring onto his head, JiYuan shivered. He hesitated for a moment, then shook his head, “It’s nothing… just had a nightmare.”

Pausing, he stared at Ye Junchi and said with a tone that implied something else, “I dreamed that you have turned into another person.”

Ye Junchi smiled, he placed his lower jaw on top of JiYuan’s soft hair. His voice was calm, “No one in this world could occupy my body so easily. Rest assured, I will not let Yuqiu succeed.”

Despite some worry, JiYuan nodded and obediently leaned into Ye Junchi’s embrace. Closing back his eyes, he poked System in his heart, “Big bro’s eyes just now, did you see it?”

System trembled, “Saw it, scary.”

In his heart, JiYuan was thinking ‘a bunch of data like you, what’s there to be afraid of’ but still casually comforted it a few times. Then he continued, “Is Big bro getting taken over by Yuqiu?”

“How could that be?” System confidently said, “If Yuqiu could control Big bro, he won’t have to spend so much effort in a roundabout way, but…”


“That gaze just now was really scary, you need to pay attention to that point. Although you might not be too happy to hear this but your Big bro is not really any good person, under the influence of the demon ruler.”

JiYuan agreed, but he was not too concerned about it.

Ye Junchi liked him whole-heartedly, this point JiYuan still has the ability to distinguish it. The demon ruler wanted to raise a freak but Ye Junchi didn’t went down the road that he(DR) wanted him to go. The road of his(YJC) growth was lonely and cruel, when he has someone that he cared about, he couldn’t help keeping that person in the palm of his hand and carefully cared for him.

JiYuan also want to treat Ye Junchi that good as well, but he was helpless from the restriction on his body, so he could only choose to place an unconditional trust on Ye Junchi.

He closed his eyes and was thinking absentmindedly when Ye Junchi suddenly bit his ear lobe, whispered, “Ah Yuan, let me see the bracelet.”

JiYuan opened his hazy eyes and pulled open his sleeve to let Ye Junchi see that bracelet. When he has yet to decide whether to stay in this world, JiYuan always wanted to take off the bracelet, but who knew that the bracelet was like it grew from his hand; it won’t come off however he pulled at it. If Ye Junchi didn’t mention it, he would have forgotten about the bracelet.

Ye Junchi looked at the thin and pale wrist being circled by a bracelet with a deep blue bead, he couldn’t contain the love in his heart and placed a kiss at his(JY) wrist. His eyes were deep, “This bead has my blood dripped in it.”

JiYuan doesn’t understand what he wanted to say, so he listened on quietly.

Ye Junchi stroke the bead which was exuding a slight warmth because JiYuan has been wearing it, his intention unknown, “So the bead can deflect ghost and protect you from it, plus it could recognize me.”

JiYuan’s heart felt cold, he has yet to figure out the meaning in Ye Junchi’s words and his glowing light pink cheeks were pinched. Ye Junchi couldn’t stop doing it, he laughed while pinching, “Sleeping for so long, are you hungry?”

JiYuan won’t get hungry (anymore), just that he still keep the habit of eating. Since he(YJC) mentioned it, he(JY) really felt a bit hungry and nodded.

Seeing JiYuan staring at him with a wide opened eyes and nodded; an indifferent but obedient look, Ye Junchi couldn’t help patting JiYuan’s hips.

“I said it before, don’t stare at me like that. I can’t help wanting to eat you.”

‘Somewhere’ on his body was still throbbing, JiYuan shrunk a bit and pushed away with strength; causing Ye Junchi to fell off the bed.

Ye Junchi skillfully flipped his body and stood up. He patted JiYuan’s head with bed hair and said, “Wait for me a bit.”

JiYuan uttered a sound of acknowledgement and watched him left the room. Then he looked down at the bracelet which he never took notice of.

The dark blue bead has turned white.

JiYuan was stunned, “What happened ah, System?”

System stupidly said, “I don’t know either ah, ask Big bro later? Big bro is so rich, he won’t gift you a fake ba?”

JiYuan stupidly shook his head, hearing the second half of System’s words, he felt like he was ‘living off a rich man’.

JiYuan sadly thought, “If I go back (to original world), I am also a rich man ah…”

“You are wealthy, so?” System seemed to be able to guess what he was thinking, coldly said, “Anyway, you are not going back. Your company and properties are not yours.”

With a look of anticipation, JiYuan said, “I am thinking if Big bro and I can go back together, I would be able to keep him (like a mistress)….”

System : “…wake up, the Qing dynasty is already dead.” Baby, your ambition is really big. [T/N : No idea what it means. Does Qing Dynasty has a custom of keeping male consort?]

When Ye Junchi returned, JiYuan was still monitoring that bracelet which has suddenly changed color. Hearing footsteps, he glanced up to see Ye Junchi walking into the room holding a tray of food. Just as he wanted to ask what wrong with his bracelet, he casually looked at his wrist and his eyes instantly opened wide.

The short moment after Ye Junchi came back, the bracelet actually changed back to dark blue.

His words instantly stopped at his lips, in his heart JiYuan vaguely understood something. He silently crawled down from the bed. Because he overdone the ‘exercise’ and also laid on the bed for some time, his legs became soft and nearly kneel directly onto the ground.

Ye Junchi went to support him in a flash, smiled and kissed his cheek with an apology, “Sorry, I did it too much. Are you still uncomfortable?”

JiYuan said with a black face, “You can experience it for yourself, if you want.”

Ye Junchi’s face not changing color as he replied, “Doing this kind of thing(seme-ing) is very tiring. Ah Yuan should just enjoy it under my body, the tiring part should just leave to me.”

“Really?” JiYuan coldly said, “I see you looked quite comfortable.”

Ye Junchi hugged JiYuan and sat down beside the table, letting him(JY) sat down on his thigh. He(YJC) pushed away some stray hairs and kissed the side of JiYuan’s neck, squinted, “It’s very comfortable to do it with Ah Yuan.” Pausing, he added, “Feeling in ecstasy, doesn’t want to stop.”

His face turning red, JiYuan restlessly shifted his butt, unceremoniously rubbed the ‘human body mat’ below him. Rubbing for a while, his body suddenly stiffened. Ye Junchi’s breath was somewhat heavy, “Don’t move around.”

JiYuan felt a stiff thing under his butt and started shivering, not daring to move randomly.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Junchi turned JiYuan’s body to make him sit sideways on his(YJC) lap. He took the bamboo chopsticks and picked up some food, wanting to feed JiYuan.

JiYuan’s face became redder, “… let me down, I can eat it on my own.”

Ye Junchi smiled, “I never feed Ah Yuan food before. Just take it as fulfilling my wish, alright?”

Towards his gentle eyes full of pampering, JiYuan choked a bit. He really couldn’t make himself say anything to reject him, he decided to to give up and nodded. Ye Junchi leisurely fed him food, after a long while JiYuan pursed his lips and said, “I’m thirsty.”

Ye Junchi placed down the bamboo chopsticks and held up a bowl of soup. JiYuan thought he(YJC) wanted to feed him the soup too so he diligently opened his mouth. He didn’t expect Ye Junchi to drink the soup himself, his gaze full of laughter, then pinched his(JY) chin and kissed him.

JiYuan drunk the soup with much difficulty, and his eyes were blurring. After finishing the soup, that agile tongue came to tangle with his tongue and was tasting his(JY) flavor little by little.

Waiting until they finished kissing, the two of them were breathing erratically.

Feeling a restless thing under his butt became even harder, JiYuan quickly jumped out of the embrace and gnashed his teeth, “You can’t.”

Ye Junchi’s eyes were shining brightly, “One time.”

“Not even once!” JiYuan clenched his teeth, “Do serious business!” But ‘serious business’ was a bit difficult to do as both of them need to wait for actions from Yun Cheng before going to Qian Liao Peak, who know what would be the outcome if they randomly rushed to the peak.

Originally one doesn’t have to think so much, but once he started to worry, he wouldn’t be able to help protecting the ones he cared about and also protect himself too; teaching own face not to show sadness as the one they cared for would be sad as well.

Ye Junchi and JiYuan were the same.

Just as Ye Junchi wanted to go over and molest JiYuan, a knocking sound suddenly came from outside the window.

Something hit the barrier that Ye Junchi has set up.

Ye Junchi frowned, he doesn’t look very happy as he opened the window.
Immediately he saw a sound transfer talisman flying around the barrier.

He reached out to take the message, and listened to the content. Ye Junchi couldn’t help frowning like something has happened.

JiYuan walked over, not afraid of death, “What happened?”

“Need to save an old acquaintance.” Ye Junchi rubbed the top of his(JY) head, his tone was low, “Asked you not to randomly move but you still did it. Solve the fire that you have caused yourself. I will continue with you after we come back, don’t think that you can escape.”

JiYuan swallowed the questions he wanted to ask about ‘old acquaintance’ and turned silent for a moment. Then he trembled and said, “…. painful.”

The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up with a hint of evil, “Then, use other place.”

JiYuan was still pondering in grief whether this ‘other place’ mean somewhere at a certain height, Ye Junchi has pulled him into his arms and flew out of the inn on Gui Chi. Here was just a small town at the border of South Lake, so in just the blink of an eye, both people were already out of the town.

In the winter, daytime turned dark earlier and the night has already taken over. The sound of wind was blowing could be heard everywhere. After a heavy snowfall, all 4 corners of the area were covered in white, so pure that it hurts the eye.

After a while, JiYuan saw the ‘old acquaintance’.

Above the vast plane of white, a young girl shrouded in fiery red clothes was flying on sword, her goal was obvious. Following behind were 10 cultivators in black robe, continuously attacking the girl.

JiYuan supported his own forehead, “How come she is here?”

Ye Junchi smiled, “Ask her yourself later. Ah Yuan, for those cultivators who carried the aura of a demon, what do you think if I killed them?”

“Just kill ba,” JiYuan lightly said.

To be able to blatantly pursue someone to the border of South Lake, it can only be Jiang Xuesong’s people. And carrying the aura of a demon, it must be people sent by Yuqiu to Jiang Xuesong to do stuff. Just that the stuff that Yuqiu wanted Jiang Xuesong to do, it is certainly not to chase-kill a little maiden. It was very possible that Jiang Xuesong has secretly sent these demon cultivators out, but he would never thought that these people would be so blatant with their mission.

Jiang Xuesong would definitely never make this kind of matter public even if you kill him.

Seeing that Jiang Miao Miao couldn’t resist the attacks, Ye Junchi kneaded JiYuan’s waist, and Gui Chi flew out from their feet at the same time. The body of the sword trembled and transformed into 10 swords, and stabbed towards the demons without hesitation. JiYuan squinted, quietly probed the swords that Gui Chi has transformed and was stunned to find out that all of them has a real body.

Ye Junchi naturally was able to see his little trick, and laughed like a big- tailed wolf, “This is my exclusive secret skill. Ah Yuan, do you want to learn it?”

JiYuan nodded with both eyes flashing brightly.

Ye Junchi’s face was solemn and serious, “As long as you ‘satisfy’ me later, I will teach you.”

JiYuan : “…” Goddamned smelly rogue.

But lowering down his head to see those demons who were unable to withstand a single blow under Ye Junchi’s swords and have fallen on the ground, this played-down skill was quite a powerful killing technique and it make him really excited. After a moment of internal struggle, JiYuan nodded his head.

Being chased all the way by killers, Jiang Miao Miao was covered in cold sweat. She only raised her head to look up at Ye Junchi, then fainted dead away.

The author has something to say: Jiang Miao Miao woke up and saw JiYuan, asked in a concerned voice, “How come your mouth is swollen?” JY : … ate sugar cane. JMM : ??? Sugar cane??? Ye Junchi lightly laughed without saying anything.


Chapter 52

Mmm, sugar cane

JiYuan got to learn that sword technique as he wished, the price was swollen lips for a few days. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
What makes people feel sadder was someone surnamed Ye said he wanted to help him(JY) practice the technique which was an excuse to grope his body. If not careful and ignited some passion, then he(JY) won’t be able to keep on practicing and have to go to ‘exercise’. After finishing the ‘exercise’, his cheeks would be pinched and that someone’s hoarse voice would say, “You tempted me.”

JiYuan supported his own waist, and sadly said, “I seemed to be making loss in this business transaction.”

System sympathetically said, “A huge loss indeed.”

Jiang Miao Miao was in coma for a few days. Finally waking up, she was still absent-minded, accidentally knocked down the cup when she wanted to drink water.

Just then, JiYuan heard the sound, he quickly pushed the door and went into the room; meeting gaze with Jiang Miao Miao for a while. He was able to ask Jiang Miao Miao what happened when she threw a few glances at him and asked in a concerned tone, “Why is your mouth swollen?”

JiYuan : “….” Although Jiang Miao Miao was a bit ignorant, but she has kind of an amazing intuition towards some things. Frowning, she asked, “That demon bullied you?”

JiYuan heard the sound of not-fast-not-slow footsteps from behind, he was silent for a while then calmly said, “Ate sugar cane.”

Jiang Miao Miao uttered an ‘Oh’, then continued being ignorant.

Coincidentally Ye Junchi heard JiYuan’s words, he nearly laughed out loud. Sticking himself to his(JY) back and caressed the youth’s slim waist, he whispered in an ambiguous tone, “Was that big sugar cane tasty? If it’s good, then do you still want to eat it tonig… mhmm.”
… can you not say yellow(lewd) words in front of a little maiden?! JiYuan timely covered his(YJC) mouth and nodded towards Jiang Miao
Miao, “How is your body?” “Nothing serious.”
Jiang Miao Miao turned sober from her absentminded state and grinned, “Have to thank demon lord daren for his spiritual defensive device, else I wouldn’t be able to escape from South Lake and have to go see my father. But the device is broken, demon lord daren wouldn’t mind it, right?”

Not sure if Ye Junchi was smiling or not, “I mind.”

Jiang Miao Miao : “…”

But she quickly came back to her senses. Looking at JiYuan being held like a treasure in his arms, she bared her teeth(in a smile) and revealed cute tiger teeth, “I am Ah Yuan’s biaojie. You have already married my family’s Ah Yuan, still mind these kind of thing?”

The word ‘Marry’ delighted the demon lord daren, he caressed JiYuan’s hair and nodded with a very happy feeling, generously said, “That’s true.” JiYuan’s mood became more complicated. Seeing both people doesn’t seem to be stopping their casual talk, JiYuan quickly broke into the conversation and asked Jiang Miao Miao, “Why did you came to South Lake?”

“Hard to explain in a few words.”

Jiang Miao Miao became silent. Then she sighed, she couldn’t pretend like her usual relaxed and easy demeanor, her face was showing a heavy color.

“What happened?”

Jiang Miao Miao said in deep voice, “Ye Junchi, you are right. I took Jiang Xuesong too lightly. I thought after releasing those scandals, if it couldn’t take Jiang Xuesong down, at least it will ruin his reputation. Then he would dare to be frivolous.”

In his heart, JiYuan thought ‘It’s not that you took lightly of Jiang Xuesong, just that you don’t know who is behind him’.

Jiang Miao Miao recounted some of her recent experiences in low voice.

After JiYuan and Ye Junchi returned back to demon realm, all the rumors flying around were : 1. Demon Ye went to Jiang family’s secret ground to start a massacre 2. Zhao family Head desperately blocked the attacks but was rendered unconscious by his black tricks 3. In the end, everyone worked together as one and drove the demon out from the secret grounds

These words have raised other bunch of questions, not need to ask if it’s reliable or not, just the words ‘Zhao family Head in Jiang family’s secret grounds’ were enough to get people thinking.

However, the cultivators who questioned these words were not much; faint voices were soon covered. Anyone else questioned the words again, they would be coldly rebutted with, “Helping to speak for the demon, are you befuddled by the demon?” Faint voices also disappeared without a trace. More and more hot- blooded cultivators called for justice against the demon, eventually it became a truth for them. The fake opinions in the public became bigger and bigger, Jiang Miao Miao afraid that she won’t be able to bring down Jiang Xuesong if she was late even by one step so she ignored Ye Junchi’s warning, and spread the scandals in advance. She thought Jiang Xuesong and the person behind him would ‘refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases’ and temporarily cease action. Just that although Jiang Xuesong’s reputation suffered a great damage, it didn’t cause a big storm. It has been pressed down by Yuqiu.

Jiang Xuesong naturally won’t obediently suffer in silence, and immediately sent people to investigate. Upon finding out the perpetrator, he was scarily firm and sent out assassins without hesitation; not letting go even of his own sister and niece.

Jiang Miao Miao and her mother have been hiding in the house of her father’s old friend. When the people from the Jiang family came, they killed and burned everything. Her father’s old friend was killed in order to protect them, and in order to protect her mother, Jiang Miao Miao lured away the pursuers after properly hidden her mother in a safe place.

Because he was influenced by the environment of his childhood, JiYuan doesn’t care much for familial ties. So he doesn’t feel anything from the story, just felt that Jiang Miao Miao was pitiful. The same case for Ye Junchi too. He lost all his loved ones in the happiest moment in his childhood, towards familial feeling he always felt some kind of regret and desire. Upon hearing the story, he sneered and his gaze became a few degrees colder, “Meaningless slaughter.”

The corner of Jiang Miao Miao’s eyes was red, but she put up a relaxed smile again and shrugged, “On my way to escape, I heard of your news. I guessed that you guys will come to South Lake so I took a bet and escaped to South Lake.”

Ye Junchi smiled, but there was no smiling intent in his eyes, “You should really thank Yun Cheng.” If not for Yun Cheng blocking them and telling them the whole story, they would have taken a detour. Then, Jiang Miao Miao arriving at South Lake would be more isolated and helpless.

Having saying until here, Jiang Miao Miao became sleepy again. She ran for half a month, clenching her teeth and not stopping for rest and sleep. Plus she was seriously injured, if not for Ye Junchi’s pills were rare elixir, she would have been in a coma for at least 10 to 15 days.

JiYuan felt a bit distressed for this little girl. Seeing that she was so sleepy that her tears were coming out and showing a tired face, his hoarse voice couldn’t help but softened a bit, “Anything else still have us here, you rest first ba.”

Jiang Miao Miao was never a polite person, so she revealed a big smile and fell asleep.

Ye Junchi and JiYuan looked at each other, then gently left the room and returned to their own room. Inside the room, Ye Junchi caught JiYuan into his arms and kissed him. With a hint of jealousy, he said, “Ah Yuan treat others gentler than to me.”

JiYuan pushed him away and sat down to pour a cup of tea for himself.
He sipped the tea and lightly said, “You are not a girl.”

Ye Junchi smiled and sat on the opposite side of JiYuan. He took his(JY) cup away, and licked at the place when his(JY) lips have touched then drank the tea, “Speaking of this…”

He asked with a not-smiling-smile, “When will Ah Yuan be willing to honor the promise?”

JiYuan was surprised.

System : “Forgot about the time in the Jiang family’s secret grounds, the matter you mentioned when you asked Big bro to save JiShen?” JiYuan instantly recalled that matter, his face turned green and uncertain. After a long while, he said with difficulties, “… I’ll tell you again after we returned to the demon realm.”

Ye Junchi smiled, pleased with himself.

The next morning, Jiang Miao Miao finally woke up sober and refreshed. She wanted to get down from the bed to stretch her bones and muscles. But she almost kneel directly on the ground so she gave up.

Ye Junchi also received a sound transfer talisman from Yun Cheng, saying that he managed to persuade some people including a few highly respected elders in the Alliance and has set up a small cultivator team heading towards South Lake.

Both people originally decided to do nothing while waiting for Yun Cheng to arrive but they didn’t expect that something would happen at night.

It was in the middle of the night. JiYuan was exhausted from being tossed around, softly leaned and slept inside Ye Junchi’s arms. His 5 senses were a lot more sensitive after he possessed spiritual powers, so he vaguely heard something breaking the silence in the air, somewhere not very far from the inn. This little town was a remote town, so it doesn’t have much cultivators in it. Even if there were cultivators, they were just travelers who don’t even have a decent spiritual sword, let alone having the strength to fly on sword.

JiYuan opened his hazy eyes but was pressed back by Ye Junchi before he manage to get up. A gentle kiss fell at the back of his ear, his(YJC) low and magnetic voice was really nice to hear, “Sleep ba, it’s nothing. I’ll deal with it.”

JiYuan thought for a moment, then refused Ye Junchi’s good intention. Eagerness and excitement were flashing in his light-colored eyes, “I want to try.”

Ye Junchi was startled, “No.” Frowning, JiYuan said, “I already have the ability to protect myself.”

“Before you manage to protect yourself, I will protect you.” Ye Junchi’s eyes were deep, “But Ah Yuan, when you are able to protect yourself, I still want to protect you. I… am very worried about you.”

Suffering from such a long period of time, he finally caught that person(JY) in his hands. Should something goes wrong, Ye Junchi couldn’t guarantee he could control himself.

“You can’t always keep me like a child.”

JiYuan hesitated a bit and hugged his(YJC) waist, “How about you watch at a side? I won’t get into trouble.”

Ye Junchi frowned. After a long time of internal struggling, he helplessly nodded, “Alright.”

His(JY) eyes slightly curved up, he leaned forward and kissed the space between his(YJC) eyebrows. Then he ‘gululu’ rolled down from the bed and put up his robe. When he turned around again, Ye Junchi was already ready and waiting by the side. Seeing him(YJC) staring meaningfully at him, JiYuan’s head felt numb, “what do you want to do?”

“Nothing.” Ye Junchi lazily gave Gui Chi to him, “A few small fry, don’t be nervous.”

JiYuan took a deep breath, and took Gui Chi with a nod. Just then, the sound of something breaking the air has approached nearer the window. He carried Gui Chi and was surprised to find out that he seemed to be able to completely master the sword.

Gui Chi belonged to Ye Junchi, and spiritual swords could recognize their owner. Other people could use the sword but it won’t feel easy to use. A question was stuck in his throat and swallowed back down, it was not the time to ask questions now. Two people pushed open the window and flew out on Gui Chi. Just then, they come across a dozen of cultivators secretly coming over in black robe. Ye Junchi could feel that these people were demons. In his heart, he sneered at Yuqiu that he indeed doesn’t trust in the human cultivators to finish the job. Blinking, he harmlessly smiled, “Good evening.”

The dozen of demons on the other side looked at each other in dismay, their legs were trembling.

Even demons were afraid of death. Facing Ye Junchi who could cross between Heaven and earth in seconds, it caused them to have instinctive fear. However, when they saw Ye Junchi folded his hand and slowly backed away to a side, and the person preparing for battle was a young man who looked like he is too weak to stand up to the wind, they glanced at each other and felt hopeful1.

JiYuan really wanted to act like Big bro, flipping his sleeves like downplaying his strength, then Gui Chi would fly over and split into a dozen copies, piercing down all of the demons. But reality was always cruel.

A dozen of powerful demons was not something normal people could overcome, only talents like Ye Junchi could crush them like ants. All JiYuan could do was evade all those attacks from the demons; turning and twisting here and there in the air, he don’t even have the chance to fight back.

Accidentally meeting Ye Junchi’s eyes, JiYuan could see the worry in his eyes and shook his(JY) head at him. He couldn’t just have a body full of spiritual power and yet doesn’t know how to use it, so actual combat was the best way.

After some time of ‘you chase me, I evade you’ situation, JiYuan’s body slowly relaxed. He could adapt to the rhythm of the battle now, and he was calmer when he dodged the attacks. JiYuan found the chance to attack and swung Gui Chi, the sharp blade ruthlessly slashed out. A demon couldn’t dodge in time and his hand was directly cut down. JiYuan was indifferent, he lightly sucked in a breath of faint blood smell and backed away. The demons suffered a loss, so their attacks became fiercer and their actions was more and more impatient.

On the other hand, JiYuan became calmer. When he finally got the chance, he turned his hand and pointed Gui Chi out. Both of his hand formed a hand sign, he muttered some incantations under his breath. Gui Chi swept out with a swishing sound and transformed into 10 identical swords, quickly pierced out.

Everything was over.

JiYuan breathed in and out in gasps and his bright eyes met with Ye Junchi’s gaze. Bumping against that pair of quiet and gentle eyes, his(JY) breath stuck at his throat and he keep feeling his face was feeling hot. Seeing him(YJC) walking mid-air towards him, JiYuan then stammered, “What are you looking at?”

“Looking at you.”

Ye Junchi cupped his(JY) face up, his(YJC) eyes seemed to be flowing with fragments of stars, “Baby is really powerful, even I have to beg for mercy.”

Even though JiYuan knew Ye Junchi has always pampered him with praises, JiYuan still couldn’t stop his lips from curving up. He glanced at Gui Chi that was turning around here and there in the air like a child frolicking around, “… I remember you asked me this before, whether I know the meaning if a demon gave his sword to another person. I want to know, can you tell me?”

“My sword will recognize you as the owner.”

Ye Junchi bowed down to kiss his lips, “It means you are mine, and I am yours.”

The author has something to say: YJC : I am yours. JY : …doesn’t have the ability to eat you, scram! ——– _(:з」∠)_ (:з」∠)_ :з」∠)_ з」∠)_ 」∠)_ ∠)_ )_ _ Your author has disappeared.


Chapter 53

JiYuan whose mind has blanked out from the warm and gentle words, was kidnapped by Ye Junchi onto the bed again. When JiYuan woke up the next day, his body was so sore that he started to doubt life. He turned to look at his side and found out that the culprit has ran away.

Being forced to drop the line for the whole night, System was silent for while after it connected the line again, “… looking at your expression right now, I felt that it was not easy for you to be so strict and firm to refuse Big bro before.”

“Right ah.” JiYuan kneaded his waist, seemed to be not blushing, “Fortunately JiSi is here, else after I finished my revenge back there, I might….”

Pausing, he didn’t finish the sentence.

System also didn’t let him finish his words, in its heart it said ‘80% confirmed you will suicide after taking your revenge’. Is it worth the trouble? Fortunately he decided to stay back.

JiYuan closed his eyes and didn’t speak, slowly kneaded his waist. He was randomly thinking in fragments when he received a few small daily tasks in his taskbar. Just as he wanted to crawl down from the bed to do the tasks, Ye Junchi pushed open the door.

Ye Junchi leaned at the door while looking at him. When he(YJC) smiled, it was as if even his eyebrows were shrouded in morning shimmering light; gentle and nice to see. JiYuan already knew Ye Junchi’s appearance was nice to look at. At first, he felt that his(YJC) appearance was not of his taste. But later on, he(YJC) started to look better in his eyes and his own heartbeat quickened out of his control. Sitting blankly on the bed, JiYuan stared at Ye Junchi for a while. Then he saw the corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up to an evil grin and said, “Ah Yuan stared so long at me, are you inviting me?”

JiYuan lightly hmph-ed and turned his head away.

Ye Junchi then walked over to sit down beside him. He took a robe and handed it to him(JY).

JiYuan obediently raised his hands and lifted his legs when Ye Junchi asked for it. His thick inky hair was messily draped on his shoulder. They scattered when he bowed down his head, and revealed a section of pale like lotus and soft moist neck. His(JY) neck was covered in dense kiss marks.

It looked nice to touch, but in reality it actually felt good to touch.

Ye Junchi pressed down his hyperactive and uncontrollable thoughts, continued to seriously help JiYuan put on his clothes. When he need him(JY) to lift up the sleeves, JiYuan raised his hands. The inner shirt which was not put on properly slipped off and his soft white belly appeared once again in plain view. Lean and beautiful, Ye Junchi was the only one who knew that soul-hooking taste.

His eyes were hot with passion. After helping JiYuan with his clothes, Ye Junchi proceed to wait on JiYuan for his washing (face); doesn’t even think anything was wrong with that. JiYuan was accustomed to his pampering, doesn’t think anything was wrong either for a dignified demon lord ranking top 3 in the demon realm, to take care of him.

The atmosphere between the two was very warm and natural. JiYuan blinked, and asked System while Ye Junchi was squatting down to help him put on his shoes, “Can I kiss Ye Junchi?”

System being forced-fed dog food until its whole system turned bad, impatiently replied, “You are not kissing me, why are you reporting it to me?”

The corner of JiYuan’s lips revealed a small smile. Seeing that Ye Junchi has raised his head, JiYuan bent down and kissed on his lips. Then he quickly retreated. Looking at his own shoes, he was a bit embarrassed, “I have my own feet and hands, why are you treating me like a child?”

Ye Junchi coldly smiled with pettiness, “No ah, in front of this old me, Baby you are not even a stalk of ‘tender grass’1.”

JiYuan blankly asked, “Then what am I?” “Grass seed.”
Ye Junchi calmly finished his words, then stretched out a bright red tongue to lick his own lips. He pressed him(JY) back on the bed. his gaze was deep, “Baby, if you want to kiss me, it won’t do if you did it so superficial like ‘a dragonfly touches the water lightly’. Let me teach you how you should do it next time.”

JiYuan opened his mouth in cooperation, letting his(YJC) mouth and tongue approach closer, tangled with his own tongue and sucked.

The feeling of kissing was extremely wonderful, like heat flow passing through all his limbs; warm and comfortable. Both of them were carrying a taste of each other, like they will always be inseparable.

Threads of silver could be seen when two pairs of lips separated. Ye Junchi looked at the obedient youth underneath his body, and couldn’t suppress the love in his heart. He couldn’t help bowing down to kiss his lips and ambiguously said, “I like you very much, very like, very very like….”

“Me too.”

JiYuan softly answered after blanking out for a moment. He patted his(YJC) back, felt like Big bro at the moment was like an old child.

System : “If Big bro know what you are thinking now, you will definitely cry.” “He won’t hit me what.”

System’s tone was weird, “Didn’t he hit you every night? Pa pa pa, don’t you feel painful ah?”

JiYuan : “… you are really yellow(lewd).”

Both people being ‘greasy’ for not long, then someone knocked on the door.

Ye Junchi combed JiYuan’s hair while uttering a sound of acknowledgement. JiYuan thought it was Jiang Miao Miao at the door who might be looking for them for something. But when he raised his head to see, it unexpectedly was the Luo Xiuyi they met not very long ago.

JiYuan turned his head sideways to glance at Ye Junchi, he keep feeling that his(YJC) expression was a bit weird. In fact, Ye Junchi still have his usual gentle smile, just that his gaze was complex. There were hints of reluctant to part, a bit difficult to speculate.

Seeing this pair in front of him, Luo Xiuyi curled his lips and asked,
“Summoning me from so far away for what?” “Yuqiu sent people over last night.”
After so many days of practice, Ye Junchi was able to skillfully comb JiYuan’s hair. Tying his hair with the hairband, he(YJC) bowed down with satisfaction and kissed JiYuan. Then he continued, “He already know about South Lake, being in hesitation I would become more passive.”

JiYuan frowned when he heard that.

Someone surnamed Ye paid careful attention to the words himself used. When two of them would be going, he would use ‘We’. But when he(YJC) is going alone, he would change it to ‘I’. Both of them have reached an agreement before they left demon realm that they would face Yuqiu and the demon ruler whose current status was unknown together. Perhaps there would be countless cultivators and demons, cold arrows and big arrays. Ye Junchi won’t forget about him like this. Unless….
JiYuan’s heart sank. Right then, he heard Ye Junchi said, “This place is already unsafe. Perhaps I can say the whole human realm right not is not very safe for Ah Yuan and Jiang Miao Miao. I asked you to come, is to let you to take them…”

“Ye Junchi.”

JiYuan coldly opened his mouth and interrupted his words, icily looking at him, “You want Luo Xiuyi to take me and Jiang Miao Miao back?”

Ye Junchi’s fingers gently caressed his waist. He nodded after a long while and frankly said, “It’s too dangerous, I cannot bear to let you face the risk with me. Rest assured, I will rescue your father, and also JiShen and JiChen.”

JiYuan was expressionless, “I am not weak.”

Ye Junchi used a gentle and patient but irrefutable gaze to look at him. JiYuan unconsciously pinched the dagger by his waist tighter, “You saw it last night, I won’t drag you behind.”

“I’m not worried about that…” Ye Junchi lightly sighed, “Ah Yuan, I have been regretting taking you along to face dangers. I actually wanted to send you back to the demon realm last night, but I am still reluctant… be obedient, I will be back soon.”

These words sounded like a death flag no matter how one hears it.

JiYuan felt some panic in his heart, and suddenly felt his body was prickling all over. He came to understand after being startled for a moment, some emotional ripples seemed to appear in his pale-colored eyes. Clenching his teeth, he fiercely said, “You are worried about me, but I am even more worried about you. No matter what, I will come back here from demon realm even if I have to crawl! You…” His lips were pressed down by Ye Junchi’s finger.

Staring at the angry youth in front of him, Ye Junchi’s eyes were shining ever so brightly. Just as he wanted to open his mouth to say something, he heard the Luo Xiuyi who was watching a free show at a side coldly said, “Are you two enough of it? Ye Junchi, you just take little beauty along with you. Looking at your half-dying expression when you are just leaving him for a few days, can you really concentrate for battle at Qian Liao peak after little beauty went back? Little beauty, you also don’t get angry. What’s there to be angry about at a good battle?”

Ye Junchi bowed down to look at JiYuan, then JiYuan’s fist came flying to beat at his chest. Following that, JiYuan’s head came to rest on his chest. His voice was small, seemed to contain hints of pleading, “Let me go with you.”

Pausing, Ye Junchi held JiYuan inside his arms. His face was calm and in deep thoughts for a long time, then finally nodded, “Alright, Ah Yuan. You accompany me this time, I will accompany you for a lifetime.”

JiYuan wanted to cry and laugh at the same time, “I am supposed to go to Qian Liao peak to rescue my father, JiChen and JiShen. This is not an obligation imposed on you.”

Soft lights flowed in Ye Junchi’s eyes, his tone was gentle, “Who asked me to be your man.”

Luo Xiuyi finally couldn’t take the eye-prickling scene anymore, and shoved open the door in anger. He went to Jiang Miao Miao’s room, glanced at her with a dark complexion and directly carried her away on his shoulder.

JiYuan heard Jiang Miao Miao’s high-pitched scream, was at loss for a moment, “What happened, what happened?”

Ye Junchi calmly said, “Luo Xiuyi carried Jiang Miao Miao away on his shoulder.” JiYuan : “…” A good Luo Xiuyi was angered by them to this extent.


The Yun residence is located on Qian Liao peak of Wan Nan mountain in South Lake.

This place was originally where spiritual power would gather. But because in the ancient times, humans and demons battled several times in this place, every inch of the land was soaked with the blood of the two races. Buried under the ground were their ancestor’s broken bones, and drifting here were countless unwilling and restless souls. And so, a place where spiritual powers converged was suppressed by this large amount of Yin qi. [T/N : Yin as in Yin Yang] Until the courageous Yun family decided to build their immortal residence in this place, and used its residence to place a restrictive array plus an enormous Spiritual Gathering array, they managed to contain that terrible Yin qi.

Yuqiu’s intention was to destroy the Yun family’s restrictive array and release all the Yin qi, recall the demon ruler’s soul and take over Ye Junchi’s body. Even if he failed the latter two aims, releasing all the Yin qi was still a terrifying matter.

The Yun family being in the mountain for a few hundreds of years, the area was safe and sound. Hence, the neighboring areas have flourished and a few huge cities and random mushrooming small towns were built. Once the Yin qi were released, all these nearby places would be finished.

Ye Junchi has been tortured by the demon ruler since young with inhumane methods. So his capacity for feeling was quite small, he doesn’t have any extra sympathy for these lives; it was fine as long as he could rescue people related to JiYuan and kill the Yuqiu who always threatened him.

JiYuan also knew that he(YJC) doesn’t have any reasons to sympathize with these people but if he(YJ) has to watch nearly a million of people die from having Yin qi forcing into their bodies, he(JY) can’t do it. Ye Junchi could see what was on his(JY) mind, he kissed him(YJ) with a smile and praised, “My wife is so kind.”

Being called ‘wife’ by Ye Junchi, JiYuan’s eyebrows twitched, he only able to spit out a sentence after a long while, “I am not any good people.”

“Neither am I.”

Ye Junchi smiled, “I am a big bad person, you are a small bad person.
Putting us together is just right. Wifey, we are a perfect match ah.”

JiYuan was not sure whether to laugh or cry. Seeing that Wan Nan mountain was getting closer, he turned his head around wanting to say a word or two to disperse the tension, but he found out a glint of bloody red quickly flashed through Ye Junchi’s eyes.

Even though it was just an instant, JiYuan’s body still slightly stiffened. He reacted quickly and stroke his own wrist in silent; quietly watched Ye Junchi. He waited until Ye Junchi’s usual gentle and peaceful gaze returned, then stretched out a hand to touch his(YJC) cold cheek; lightly uttered an ‘En’.

The author has something to say: JY : Wait a minute, why use a stalk of
grass to describe me… YJC slightly smiled. ———— _(:з」∠)_ Ready to start Boss battle, nervously spread sugar, secretly added some glass shards, good stimulation.



Chapter 54

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Very soon, they arrived at the space above Wan Nan Mountain. Wan Nan Mountain was covered with a flight-restriction array so sword flight will expend more spiritual powers. In order to meet the enemy head-on, both people do not intent to waste their spiritual powers like this. They roughly estimated a bit, and descended on a fog covered mountain top. Unexpectedly, there were no countless assassins waiting like JiYuan had imagined in the vicinity of Wan Nan mountain, nor there were overwhelming amount of cultivators waving flags around.

All 4 corners of the surroundings were scarily quiet, just mists drifting along the wind.

Wan Nan Mountain was warm like spring season all year round, even when snow was falling everywhere, the mountain still have birds singing and flowers blooming; seemed to be not affected by the outside world. In front of their eyes were a vast of vibrant green color, and yet they couldn’t hear any birds chirping or water flowing, it was really strange.

JiYuan and Ye Junchi looked at each other, then Ye Junchi directly handed Gui Chi over to JiYuan, “For self-defense.”

JiYuan pushed it back, “You need it more than me.” Ye Junchi helplessly pinched his(JY) cheek. Feeling the smooth white and tender skin under his hand, he(YJC) couldn’t help but pinched a bit more, “Be obedient, keep it.”

JiYuan pushed the sword right back into his(YJC) arms, then pointed at the dagger at his own waist, the calm face no longer speaking. Ye Junchi could only take Gui Chi back, and lightly examined the mountain road surrounded by a strange environment.

Both of them have never been to Wan Nan Mountain before. Wan Nan Mountain has 9 peaks, the Yun residence was built on the largest peak, Qian Liao peak plus two more nearest peak. Qian Liao peak was situated among the 9 peaks but they doesn’t know which peak were they on at the moment.

JiYuan was kind of scared of such place with dead silence, as if the whole world has turned into a graveyard leaving behind just him and Ye Junchi. He couldn’t help sticking nearer to Ye Junchi. When he smelled his(YJC) fragrance, he became more at ease. Although he was still a bit scared, JiYuan has prepared himself to move out when needed. He was here to give Ye Junchi a hand, not to drag him behind. If something came out and scared him until his legs turned soft, and Ye Junchi has to come back to protect him, then it would go against his(JY) original intention.

Two people walked side by side up a lonely mountain road, they could only hear the sound of each other’s light breathing and footsteps. After a long while, Ye Junchi’s footsteps suddenly paused.

JiYuan also found out that something was not right, “The fog seems to be getting thicker.”

The fog was casually drifting around when they first descended on the mountain, but not long after they arrived, the fog actually thickened to the point they couldn’t see anything outside 3 zhang (around 10 meters).

Ye Junchi frowned, feeling uneasy all of a sudden. He grabbed JiYuan’s hand and interlocked both of their fingers together. His tone was heavy, “You must not get separated from me.” JiYuan cautiously nodded. In this kind of dangerous place, he doesn’t want to leave 3 zhang (around 10 meter) from Ye Junchi at all.

Soon, the fog was so thick that they couldn’t see anything at all. JiYuan couldn’t see Ye Junchi, so he could only quietly called out, “Ye Junchi.”

Hearing a steady ‘En’ from the other side, he(JY) couldn’t help tightening his clutch on Ye Junchi’s fingers. When one couldn’t see, the sense of hearing and touch would became more sensitive. The warm palm keep transmitting a warmth that gave one a peace of mind, JiYuan instantly felt that the roads ahead were not so scary.

At least he has Ye Junchi to accompany him.

He pondered for a moment, then said, “System, can you see the views ahead?”

They don’t know how many cliffs this mountain has and both of them can’t see anything. In case they took the wrong step and fell off the mountain, although they won’t fall to their death but it was already horrifying enough. The most important thing was they don’t know how many people Yuqiu has sent over to ambush them in the fog. They were out in the open while the enemies were in the dark, the situation was worrying.

System looked, and helplessly said, “Can’t see anything, that’s why I hate this kind of fantasy/mysterious world…”

JiYuan looked down at System, “Useless.”

System was angered, “At least I can see slightly better than both of you!
You…” System’s tone suddenly changed, “Be careful!”

Just as the voice faded, JiYuan grabbed Ye Junchi without any hesitation and rolled away to the side. A ‘whoosh’ sound could be heard from the place they were standing on just now, not sure what it was.

Ye Junchi turned his hand and pulled the youth into his arms, then slapped his palm down on the ground. A sound of someone groaning could be heard, a rich bloody smell came following that. The smell seemed to have occupied the air. When his breath ran out, JiYuan could smell those disgusting smell. His heart was pumping rapidly, after confirming that he himself was not injured, JiYuan quickly asked Ye Junchi, “How are you?”

“Rest assured, I’m all right.” Ye Junchi rubbed his(JY) head and smiled,
“Ah Yuan, you saved me.”

JiYuan thanked System in his heart. System was just about to modestly be proud of itself but suddenly cried out a ‘Wah!’ and said, “A lot of people have come!”

No need for System to say it, JiYuan and Ye Junchi could also hear light footsteps in the midst of the fog. Ye Junchi put JiYuan protectively behind his(YJC) back and whispered, “Follow closely to me.”

Right after that, he(YJC) pulled out that Gui Chi which was not used much lately. Gui Chi was obviously very excited, even glowing with spiritual light in the midst of the fog, couldn’t wait for Ye Junchi to use it.

Just then, the sound of footsteps has gotten nearer. Ye Junchi controlled the sword and swept out, vague ‘puchi’ sound was heard. JiYuan was quite nervous, he pulled out his dagger and vigilantly observed the front, guarding Ye Junchi’s back for him. The fog in front abruptly thinned out and soon revealed a small part of the scenery. JiYuan raised his head to see, his expression greatly changed.

Lying on the ground was a youth, he(JY) could only tell that youth still has a breath left from his slightly heaving chest. The youth’s robe was torn, and was covered in blood; even his face was covered in blood. Seemed to feel something, the youth turned his head and his lifeless eyes met with JiYuan’s eyes. JiYuan’s head felt numb, he felt a chill from the top of his head instantly swept down all over his body.

Is JiShen!

His appearance like this was almost exactly to JiSi under the wheel that time. The scene etched deeply in his soul felt like someone suddenly used blood to redraw it in real life, struck JiYuan hard almost causing him to scream out. JiYuan subconsciously ran towards the youth, but he has only ran a few steps away when System anxiously said, “JiYuan! Don’t go there! That is just illusion!”


JiYuan shuddered, he hesitantly glanced back that very realistic scene. Clenching his teeth, he retreated back to Ye Junchi. He was very clear that the things in front of his eyes were very deceptive, System’s sight would definitely be more reliable than him.

The sound of sword clanging behind him has stopped, JiYuan no longer turn back to see that scene that makes his heart frantic. Wiping some non- existing cold sweat from his forehead, JiYuan put away his dagger and stretched out his hand to touch Ye Junchi’s hand, “Finished your battle yet?”

What his(JY) hand has touched was a frozen cold palm.

JiYuan opened his eyes widely at once. His blood which has just recovered some warmth felt like it froze once again. Not waiting for him(JY) to take back his hand, the person in front of him grabbed hold of him.

Icy cold voice sounded, “What do you think?”

JiYuan was not able to react and his sight suddenly darkened, his consciousness fell into a silence.

Stabbing Gui Chi into the chest of the final surrounding enemy, Ye Junchi retraced his hand and gently shook away some blood from Gui Chi. He caressed Gui Chi’s body like a praise before returning it into the sheath. Thinking that JiYuan has been very quiet the whole time, Ye Junchi was worried if he(JY) was scared. Just as he turned around about to ask about it, Ye Junchi found out that he couldn’t smell that familiar light fragrance anymore. Ye Junchi’s expression instantly changed, “Ah Yuan?” The surrounding area was empty, no reply could be heard. ‘***
“What is in the surrounding?” “A piece of darkness.”
“… anything else other than darkness?” “There is also the person beside you.”
JiYuan couldn’t help darkened his face, “I heard Systems are normally a ‘gold finger'(cheat) but you are not even an ‘iron finger’!”

System replied with firm and conviction, “Because the cheats have been overused1, we have received complaints from a lot of worlds. That’s why Headquarter changed us to information based assist-type System. No point blaming me.”

JiYuan took a breath and ignored System. Just now he saw that the situation was not right, the person standing in front of him was not someone he could deal with, so he acted accordingly to the flow and pretended to faint when the person hit the back of his neck. Right now he only know that he has been brought to a secret cave or room. He doesn’t know where exactly was he nor where was Ye Junchi. At this point, he could only continue acting for a temporary period. The one who knew of his ability was only Ye Junchi and those dozen of demons who died on the snow that night, so when the situation reached a critical point, he could catch the enemy off guard.

The person who caught him also thought that he doesn’t have any cultivation, so that person just casually threw him on the ground somewhere and went to busy himself with his own matters. After a long while, JiYuan heard the footsteps getting further away and System confirmed it twice, only then he dared to open his eyes. It was indeed a secret room, and empty one too. There was only a huge bronze mirror in the middle of the room and also some boards that JiYuan couldn’t understand. That person didn’t even use a rope to tie him(JY), JiYuan get up and asked System, “Who was that just now? Yuqiu?”

System : “Should be, he has Yuqiu’s aura on his body but it was not Yun Wuxiu’s face…. maybe he used some face-changing skills to revert to his original appearance. So arrogant, he thought South Lake and the Alliance are already contained within his grasp? To be so excited to change back to own appearance so quickly.”

JiYuan shook his head, although he didn’t get knocked out, his neck still hurts from being chopped at. Rubbing his neck, JiYuan asked System to pay attention to the surrounding and alert him if someone is coming Then he walked towards that bronze mirror.

The first thing he saw was Ye Junchi.

He(YJC) wandered inside the thick fog and raised his sword to finish some assassins from time to time. His face was cold and pale, his eyes looked anxious and even revealed horrifying killing intent.

System : “Big bro most probably is looking for you everywhere… hey, I know where did these fog came from.”

“Stop talking in fragments, what should I do now?”

“Yuqiu activated an array and gathered all the fog in the mountain on that peak. You just have to break the array and the fog will scatter.”

JiYuan frowned, “I don’t know how to break an array… should I go out first to look for Ye Junchi?”

“The fog is so thick, you won’t be able to do anything when you go out there. You might even get mistaken as an attacker and get stabbed by Big bro. I’ll help you to look for the ‘eye’ of the array ba, this secret room is not affected by the array.” System paused, then quickly said, “Go and lie down! Yuqiu is back!”

JiYuan immediately laid down with the same posture just now. Just after that, sound of footsteps could be heard, and this time there was another person’s footsteps. JiYuan carefully opened his eyes slightly, and only saw two pairs of feet and the hem of their robe. He waited for a moment and heard someone opened his mouth to say something, just that it was not the Yuqiu who kidnapped him but another quite familiar voice.

“Who are you? Where is my (sworn) brother?!”

Zhao Buchen? Yuqiu actually let him wake up?

JiYuan quietly raised his gaze but was found out by Yuqiu. Yuqiu turned his head and glanced at JiYuan, at this moment JiYuan finally saw Yuqiu’s real face. His eyes were deep, and he has an aquiline nose. His long eyebrows looked cold and gloomy, and was full of killing intent. But when he(YQ) turned to look at Zhao Buchen, his gaze became slightly gentle.

“I am your (sworn) brother.”

Although Yuqiu’s voice was cold, it was devoid of killing intent, “Do you think if the real Yun Wuxiu is here, he will indulge you and let you impatiently expand the Zhao family’s influence? And tolerate your unbridled conducts?”

Zhao Buchen silently trembled, “Who are you actually?!” “You don’t have to know.”
“Where is my sister?! And also where is Yun Cheng?!”

Yuqiu laughed, but his expression didn’t soften and became even colder from the smile, “You should thank your sister. If not for her begging me, I will not let go of you and Yun Cheng.”

After a pause, he no longer bother with Zhao Buchen and walked to JiYuan’s side. Giving him(JY) a kick, his voice was indifferent, “Since you are awake, then you should say something, Miss Ji.” The author has something to say: YJC : Wifey!!! Wi-fe-y!!! Do you see my wifey?! My wifey!!!


Chapter 55

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This kick was aimed right at the middle of his chest, JiYuan felt like his 5 viscera were flipping over from it. His sight blurred and he pursed his lips tightly so not to let the blood in his mouth to flow out. He sadly howled at System, “Very painful.”

System was distressed, “Baby, it doesn’t hurt ah (comforting manner), Big bro will be coming soon.”

Ever since he came into this world, JiYuan was almost always protected and cared in Ye Junchi’s arms like a treasure. He only endured some bitter moments for a few times. System who was still in the state of mimicking human emotions felt very distressed.

JiYuan’s eyes were swimming in tears, “How am I still a girl? Are they blind?”

System continued comforting with a pained heart, “The opponents are blind, don’t be angry. Wait until Big bro arrived and hit them to death so to take revenge on your behalf.” Feeling satisfied, JiYuan nodded and slowly climbed up. He wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips, his pale-colored eyes not showing any emotions as he stared at Yuqiu with a calm and cold face.

Zhao Buchen didn’t notice it earlier, but now that he saw JiYuan, he blinked at him(JY) and his expression suddenly changed. The corner of his eyes could be seen twitched and full of killing intent.

JiYuan doesn’t think he himself could go against two people, moreover both of them were masters. He quietly swallowed his blood, the fishy sweetness of blood went down his throat. When he opened his mouth to talk, one could smell a hint of blood in it, “Seemed like Zhao family Head still doesn’t know what this mister(YQ) has done.”

Yuqiu : “He can’t do anything even if he knew.”

Yuqiu doesn’t seem to be afraid of JiYuan knowing the truth. He stared at JiYuan with a frown, then stretched out a hand to grab his(JY) shoulder; a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes. He originally thought Ye Junchi did something to change JiYuan’s gender, but …

He pondered for a moment then sneered, “No wonder those trashes couldn’t find you guys.”

They were searching according to the description of one man and one woman, it would be strange if they really could find them.

Finding out JiYuan was actually a man, he couldn’t help thinking back about all the loving gestures Ye Junchi has done for JiYuan. His gaze fell onto the ambiguous mark by his(JY) neck, his mind involuntarily imagined Ye Junchi and this youth in front of him writhing together naked in bed. Stomach feeling a sudden churn, and yet he only revealed slight contempt and disgust on his face. Taking a step backwards, he coldly said, “So disgusting.”

[T/N : All these he/him and the author didn’t help, so this Banana doesn’t know if all these ‘he’ above is Yuqiu or Zhao Buchen. But I think most probably is Yuqiu since both of them are conversing.] JiYuan was still feeling dizzy so he doesn’t care, still maintaining a cold and calm face.

Yuqiu frowned and stared at JiYuan, “How do you manage to hook Ye Junchi?”

Although he knew it was not good to anger Yuqiu, JiYuan still couldn’t help replying with hints of ridicule, “Even if you knew, you still won’t be able to hook him, demon lord Yuqiu.”

The first part of the sentence let Yuqiu’s expression turned ugly, while the last 3 words powerfully changed the color of Zhao Buchen’s face. Although demon lord Yuqiu has disappeared without a trace for years, his insidious means and strange powers have always cast a shadow over the hearts of the human cultivators. During those warring days between the demons and the humans, Yuqiu has repeatedly taken over the mortal bodies of the important figures in the cultivation world, and almost cause the human side to lose. But this person was very cunning and hard to guard against, so no one was able to catch him.

The Zhao family also had a few powerful figures who was killed by Yuqiu.

Zhao Buchen really didn’t expect that the sworn brother he was been calling ‘Big brother’ for years was actually the notorious Yuqiu, his head felt a bit light. But he was still a family Head, so he managed to get a grip on himself very quickly. Seeing that Yuqiu has raised his hand wanting to slap JiYuan, he(ZBC) immediately called out to stop him.

Yuqiu paused for a bit, unexpectedly retracted his hand.

Zhao Buchen although looked fierce on his face, but if one was to carefully look, his facial features were actually refined that he could cause other people to stagger. He looked quite similar to his own sister, about 60- 70% similarities.

Yuqiu looked at his(ZBC) face, he(YQ) really couldn’t bear to raise his hand. Him lurking inside the Alliance for so many years acting like Yun Wuxiu, he has also acted as a husband and a father. Zhao Buchen’s sister was someone with a pure heart and spirit, gentle but not weak. She was also in perfect harmony with her husband and very much in love. Even Yuqiu who was always gloomy and deceitful fell in front of her, he couldn’t not admit that he has fallen for her. That’s why he treated the Zhao family with faintly discernible tolerance and also couldn’t harm Yun Cheng.

Before he started his attacks, Yuqiu locked her in a secret room because he was afraid of her coming out and cause trouble; making his work harder. Moreover, her cultivation was low, he afraid that she will get injured in the middle of the turmoil.

Yuqiu’s gaze lightly swept over Zhao Buchen who was deeply angered, hid his hands in his sleeve and took a step backwards. Then he glanced at the mirror where Ye Junchi was seen marching forward in the middle of the thick fog, the corner of his(YQ) lips revealed a ridicule laugh. What can Zhao Buchen do even if he knew the truth? When the demon ruler regained the hold of the world, in front of this absolute power, Zhao Buchen can only surrender.

Thinking of the demon ruler, Yuqiu’s cold eyes burned with some fire. He stared at Ye Junchi in the mirror with appreciation, ignoring JiYuan and Zhao Buchen at his side.

Zhao Buchen glanced at Yuqiu, then clenched his teeth and stared at JiYuan like he couldn’t wait to pounce and bite JiYuan to death, “What did you said just now?! Who? Yuqiu? Do you know who you are talking about?!”

JiYuan lightly replied, “How about you ask him?”

No need to ask. Zhao Buchen knew.
Yuqiu doesn’t put that in mind, he doesn’t care if his identity was exposed or not. All he wanted to do was summon the soul of the demon ruler and let him enjoy Ye Junchi’s body. Although the Zhao family was very arrogant, they really hated the demons. If not for the sake of revenge, he(ZBC) would have fought with Jiang Xuesong without hesitation the moment he found out he(JXS) colluded with the demons. In the few previous big wars, the Zhao family has suffered quite a loss. According to the Zhao family’s short-tempered behavior, it was considered very good that they didn’t rush out to bite the demons when both races signed the peace treaty.

Zhao Buchen couldn’t help gripping his own fists and his blue veins popped out on his skin, gloomy with uncertainties.

JiYuan saw him(ZBC) looking like he really doesn’t know the truth, he(JY) pondered for a while and used a straightforward tone to explain what Yuqiu want to do. When he reached the part where Yuqiu controlled Yun Cheng and stabbed ZhaoYang, JiYuan paused and quietly swallowed Yun Cheng’s name from the explanation.

Zhao Buchen didn’t react like JiYuan had imagined him to be, like shaking his head and roared “It’s impossible!”. His(ZBC) expression was scarily calm instead. After being in silent for a long time, cold light flashed in his eyes, “Do you dare to swear that all the things you said are real?”

JiYuan quietly stretched out a hand and swore on his words.

Zhao Buchen painfully closed his eyes, “… my child’s body, still in ChengYang mountain?”

JiYuan nodded to express ‘Yes’, but shook his head in his heart.

No matter it was the Yun family or the Zhao family, they were just being dragged into the mess by Yuqiu without any reason. Just that the Zhao family acted arrogantly and did too much dirty works. ZhaoYang deserved his ending, death cannot wipe out his crimes. JiYuan really can’t muster any compassion/pity for them, the most unfortunate one was still the Yun family.

Zhao Buchen was silent for a moment, then instantly pulled out a sword by his waist and stabbed towards Yuqiu’s back. Seemed to have a pair of eyes on his back, Yuqiu used two fingers to pinch the sword. When he turned around, he actually turned back to Yun Wuxiu’s appearance.

Startled, Zhao Buchen couldn’t help but shouted, “Big brother!”

Yuqiu slowly said, “Second brother, do you want to kill me? Want to kill me who protected you for years?”

“Big brother…” Internal struggles were shown on Zhao Buchen’s face.

This felt like someone who originally lived inside a beautiful dream of a glass world, then suddenly all the glasses were broken to pieces. Not only the beautiful dream shattered, the broken glasses slashed his body full of bloody wounds. The more Zhao Buchen showed a calm expression, the more turbulence he felt in his heart. He even felt like he was going to suffocate to death in this myriads of feeling.

A light flashed in JiYuan’s eyes and he pulled out his dagger with a swish, ruthlessly stabbed Yuqiu. JiYuan’s body constitution was quite special, even when he could finally start cultivating and accumulated a huge amount of spiritual power within his body, other people would not be aware of it. Fortunately, Yuqiu really didn’t notice and JiYuan was able to pierce his(YQ) skin until his blood splattered everywhere. Yuqiu covered his chest and backed a few steps away, his face showed a disbelief expression. Stunned, Yuqiu couldn’t react in time to fight back.

JiYuan coldly looked at Zhao Buchen, “He is not your Big brother.”

The place he(JY) stabbed was left chest, never knew Yun Wuxiu’s heart was not located at the left side. Taking the advantage while Yuqiu was still stunned, JiYuan turned his hand and took out some ‘Sky Thunder1‘ that Ye Junchi has given him a few days ago. He was about to blow open the wall to escape, when System suddenly said, “The ‘eye’ of the array is the board next to the mirror!”

JiYuan’s hand paused, then threw the ‘Sky Thunder’ without hesitation towards the board behind Yuqiu. Yuqiu thought JiYuan was trying to use those ‘Sky Thunder’ to blew him(YQ) apart, so he coldly laughed with scorn.

But because he(JY) was injured, he doesn’t dare to move much, just pulled Zhao Buchen up and hide further away by the side. Until a ‘BANG!’ was heard, Yuqiu then remembered something and his expression instantly changed. However, smokes were billowing inside the secret room so he couldn’t see the surrounding clearly, he could only activate a wind skill with a gloomy face. Waiting until the smoke in front of him gradually disappeared, the board on the floor was already gone. Even the bronze mirror was blown apart, leaving a crater on the floor.

JiYuan originally wanted to take the opportunity to escape while it was chaotic but he has underestimated the power of the ‘Sky Thunder’ and was forcefully thrown into a corner at the wall. His chest throbbed with pain, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Crawling up in a daze, he immediately poked System, “How was it?”

System : “The array is broken, the sky outside has cleared up. Your family’s Big bro is powerfully massacring enemies outside, so majestic.”

JiYuan heaved a sigh of relief, but the breath has yet to clear out, he suddenly felt a pain in his chest. Yuqiu was stepping on his chest, he(JY) nearly fainted from the pain.

Yuqiu’s complexion was dark, “Brat, are you looking for death?”

JiYuan felt a bit bitter in his heart. How come when he became a bit powerful, he would come across even powerful people? The script is not right ah, he should be training in sequence, starting with small monsters ah.

Yuqiu’s feet pressed down with more and more force, JiYuan even felt like his chest would collapse from that. Being directly stomped to death, and Big bro will only see his dead body when he arrived…

JiYuan’s blurred consciousness immediately became sober, the dagger was gripped in his hand but he couldn’t muster enough energy to swing it. Just as he wanted to grit his teeth and prepare to use all the spiritual power in his body to break away from Yuqiu, he(JY) was surprised to see Zhao Buchen revealed a somewhat distorted smile all of a sudden. Immediately after that, JiYuan saw a sword pierced cleanly through Yuqiu’s chest.

Yuqiu bowed down to see the sword in the middle of his body, his face turned white. On the verge of collapse, his(YQ) legs gave out. JiYuan swiftly crawled up, aiming his dagger down at Yuqiu but was blocked by Zhao Buchen.

“Spare you a life,” Zhao Buchen coldly said, “Scram.”

JiYuan wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips, “Zhao Family Head, this is Yuqiu.”

Zhao Buchen : “I will make the decision whether he will die or live.”

Zhao Buchen’s face twitched, he pursed his lips then said with a quiet voice, “He couldn’t achieve his purpose. You and Ye Junchi should scram back (to demon realm), I will tell the truth to the world. The people from Ji family is at the secret room beside the main hall in Qian Liao peak, you….”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Suddenly clutching his chest and laughing out loud, Yuqiu acted like he has gone mad. He pulled out the sword stuck in his chest and used another hand to raise Zhao Buchen(in the air). He stopped laughing and said in deep voice, “You thought you killed me? Both of you thought you could control my life and death? Ridiculous!”

Following that, he used the blood-soaked sword and abruptly stabbed Zhao Buchen without hesitation. Zhao Bucheng groaned and fell onto the ground powerlessly.

JiYuan watched the whole scene and shuddered. He stared as the injuries on Yuqiu’s body slowly healed until not the slightest scar could be seen. Yuqiu tilted his head and looked at JiYuan, he pulled out that bloody sword and revealed a smile, “Your turn.” The author has something to say: YJC : On the second day dropped out of line with wifey, missed wifey. ‘—— Listened to the lecture as it delayed from ending… Teacher really talked too much… That… Villain… Usually die from talking too much…. ah….


Chapter 56

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JiYuan was not stupid, of course he will run if he couldn’t win.

He barely dodged the incoming sword, and his gaze swept over Zhao Buchen whose current status (alive or dead) was unknown. With a hesitating tone he asked, “System, Zhao Buchen… is he dead?”

“No.” System quickly scanned over him and said, “Just couldn’t move temporarily.”

JiYuan stopped being distracted and repeatedly retreated with his dagger in his hand. Until he has backed up to the wall and no longer have any escape routes, JiYuan took a deep breath and threw out all the self-defense items that Ye Junchi gave him with all his might. All sorts of things could be found inside these items, instantly an endless sound of ‘PING PING PONG PONG’ could be heard. Yuqiu was forced to retreat a few steps by those things, and his face became colder.

“It seems that you are quite important to Ye Junchi.”

Yuqiu swept his sword to block some arrows shooting over from a side. Staring at JiYuan who was safely encased in a golden shield array, he no longer attack in a hurry but the words came out from his mouth cause people who heard it couldn’t help but shuddered. “If I peeled off your skin and used it to make a chess piece, then sent to him as a present, his expression will definitely be very interesting.”

JiYuan felt his back chilled while being stared strangely by him(YQ), he used all his effort to hold back the feeling of fried nerves and ridiculed back, “You only know how to use dirty tricks to fight Ye Junchi?”

Yuqiu sneered upon hearing that, his face revealed disdain, “Dirty tricks? Humph, that year when Ye Junchi plotted to kill His Grace, didn’t he used dirty tricks as well?! What is ‘facing enemy at the front’? What is ‘fighting fair’? All of this are just a layer of bright skin that the human cultivators covered themselves in disguise. Why do you think our demon race’s rulers were repeatedly defeated? It’s because of the venomous tricks that the human cultivators used.”

JiYuan was surprised for a moment.

He has indeed heard that a few demon rulers has fallen in South Lake. This matter has also became a beautiful tale that whenever someone talked about South Lake, they will praise the place as the ‘Holy land where demon perished’.

Yuqiu doesn’t have much patience. Just now JiYuan threw a few ‘Sky Thunder’ and sound of the explosion shook the earth. This place was not very far from the peak where Ye Junchi was, so if he(YQ) don’t quickly solve the current situation, it would be very troublesome when Ye Junchi arrived.

Just as he wanted to act on it, he saw JiYuan revealed a strange smile,
“Yuqiu, do you know of one (famous) phrase?”

Yuqiu was surprised, he subconsciously asked, “What phrase?” “Villains (usually) die from too many words.”
As JiYuan finished his words, his(JY) body actually disappeared right in front of him(YQ). Yuqiu’s pupil shrank, he immediately reminded of the time in the Soul Lock array (chapter 42) when JiYuan suddenly disappear and reappeared behind Zhao Buchen’s back. He nearly swung out his sword to protect his own back but he couldn’t hear any sound.

What happened?

Couldn’t be JiYuan only used some method just to escape (and not to attack him)?

Hesitated for a moment, he took a glance at his surroundings. Then, the corner of his eyes caught a flash of silver.

However, it was still too late.

JiYuan’s figure flashed and appeared in front of Yuqiu, ruthlessly sliced his(YQ) neck.

This dagger Ye Junchi gave JiYuan could cut hairs just by touching it, what more Yuqiu was currently in a mere mortal form. Almost immediately, blood splattered from the wound. Yuqiu swayed for a moment, and covered his neck with his eyes wide opened. He keep gasping but couldn’t say anything.

Seeing that he(YQ) was still not dead, JiYuan could feel a chill in his heart.

How come this person is like a cockroach, not dying however you hit it?

Lightly flipped backwards onto the ground, JiYuan raised his head and coldly stared at Yuqiu, “Still not dying despite your throat was cut? Seems like I have to pierce your heart this time to get it done.”

JiYuan said that but he didn’t dare to use the same trick anymore. Not only did that trick consumed a great amount of spiritual power, it also put a heavy load on his body. Moreover, he was losing blood. Yuqiu was not stupid, so his(YQ) defense will certainly become more stringent.

What to do? Can he(JY) escape before Yuqiu make his move? A sheen of sweat covered JiYuan’s forehead.

His current spiritual power were almost 80% gone. As for Yuqiu, other than some external injuries, he almost didn’t suffer much damage.

If Yuqiu found out that he is currently ‘an arrow at the end of its flight’ (spent all energies) …

JiYuan forced himself to calm down, but his body was unable to live up to expectation and unconsciously gave a light tremble. What kind of eyesight Yuqiu had, he(YQ) immediately saw the tremble. After laughing ‘hehehe’ a few times, a strange noise was emitted from his mouth.

“That really surprised me. The rumored waste Miss Ji is actually a man, and possessed a high level of cultivation. Ye Junchi acquired such a treasure, if he lost it once again, he certainly won’t feel good. How about you take a guess if he would immediately go out of control once he saw your dead body…?”

Yuqiu took a step closer to JiYuan with every word he said out.

JiYuan was not afraid, his expression was cold, “System, tell me the method for cultivators to self-explode.”

System was shocked, “Baby, don’t ah. You want to fight a life and death struggle with Yuqiu here, but when Big bro arrived, how do you want him to face this ah…”

JiYuan frowned, “Rather than being sent right in front to him(YJC) as a dead body with peeled skin and picked nerves, it is much more better to die together with Yuqiu here. This is the best option from the worst outcome, you tell me.”

Just as he finished saying that (to System), Yuqiu has arrived in front of him. Using a bloody finger, he pinched his(JY) lower jaw up, “Why not escaping anymore? Struggling like an ant is also quite fun…” His(YQ) words were not finish and JiYuan has fiercely stabbed the dagger into his(YQ) right chest.

JiYuan sneered, “You really talked too much.”

Although his(JY) expression didn’t change, his heart was feeling a chill.
Yuqiu’s heart was not on the right side either!

Could it be he doesn’t have a heart? Can he still be considered a human?
No, Yun Wuxiu’s body being occupied by Yuqiu for years, so taking Yuqiu’s means of doing things in account, it was not difficult to modify Yun Wuxiu’s body into such a state. But… that was too weird. Could it be Yuqiu doesn’t have a weakness, and won’t die?

“Then die ba.”

Yuqiu’s hand lowered onto JiYuan’s slender neck, slowly tightened.

JiYuan closed his eyes. Just as he was about to follow System’s instructions on how to self-destruct, a loud ‘BOOM’ was heard beside his ear. Immediately after that, the grip on his throat loosened and his waist was tightly hugged. The strength was very big, as if the other person wanted to press him(JY) into his body.

Immediately stopping the ‘Reverse’ (self-destruct) skill, JiYuan turned around with surprise and happiness. Sure enough, he saw the ever familiar face. Just that, that familiar face at the moment was stained with blood. A hint of disturbing scarlet was floating in the bright and black eyes, soaked with tyrannical killing intention.

JiYuan subconsciously shuddered. This was not the normal Ye Junchi.
The normal Ye Junchi at this kind of moment would be concerned if he(JY) was scared, and would softly tease or comfort him instead of using such terrifying gaze to death-stare the Yuqiu who was collapsed by the side of the wall.

He(JY) was still stunned but Ye Junchi has already acted.

He(YJC) swung Gui Chi, piercing into Yuqiu’s body, one stab after another. Blood were pouring out from the wounds, the bloody scene was chilling causing people to shudder. Even JiYuan couldn’t stand it and shifted his line of sight. He shifted his body with much difficulties inside Ye Junchi’s arms and hugged his(YJC) waist, whispering, “You are finally here at last.”

Hearing JiYuan’s voice, Ye Junchi’s crazy actions were then paused, seemed like he has calmed down from his tyrannical fury. His eyes have also returned back to its usual warm black color.

Taking a glance at the Yuqiu who looked like chopped meat, he calmly retrieved Gui Chi and tightly clung to JiYuan with a slightly trembling body. The corner of his eyes was red, “Almost … I almost lost you.”

JiYuan almost couldn’t breathe from being hugged too hard but he still tried his best to return the hug. Kissing his(YJC) lower jaw, JiYuan said, “I’m fine now, Yuqiu… is already dead, rest assured.”

Ye Junchi bowed down and buried his face at JiYuan’s neck. He took a deep breath and completely woke up, “Ah Yuan, did you get scared?”

To be honest, JiYuan was really scared. His face was a little bit pale,
“Let’s leave this place first.”

Ye Junchi nodded and carried JiYuan in a princess-carry. They were about to leave when JiYuan said, “Wait a minute.”

Ye Junchi lowered his gaze to look at him.

Reaching out to grope inside his(YJC) clothes a bit, he(JY) then fished out a bottle of medicine. He glanced at Zhao Buchen who was lying on the floor, then threw the medicine beside his(ZBC) head. After that, JiYuan stretched his hands to encircle Ye Junchi’s neck. He rubbed Ye Junchi’s chest with a feeling of attachment/regret of parting and said, “Let’s go.”

JiYuan almost blew up himself a moment ago, so he was scared out of his wits now, couldn’t wait to hold Ye Junchi tightly and not letting go forever.

Ye Junchi also threw a glance at Zhao Buchen but he didn’t ask any questions, and left through the big hole he came in earlier with JiYuan in his arms.

The sky outside was becoming dark and the lingering fog has disappeared. JiYuan’s gaze swept around the surrounding and found a small house.

JiYuan has some doubts and asked, “The people from Yun family?” “Should be all in Qian Liao peak, under house arrest.”
JiYuan lightly replied with an ‘En’, and leaned against Ye Junchi’s chest.
After a long while, he whispered, “I missed you so much.”

Ye Junchi didn’t say anything. After separating for half of the day, he was worried and anxious. It was fortunate that he managed to arrive at the last minute. Endless turmoil was surging in his heart, all he wanted to do now was to confirm that JiYuan was still alive, still in his arms and never leave his side.

JiYuan was still muddled when Ye Junchi pushed him down into the grasses, “We… let us go to Qian Liao peak to rescue people first ba.”

“Yuqiu is dead now.” Ye Junchi bowed down to suck on his(JY) lips and murmured, “I was so worried about you…”

JiYuan’s mind was stretched taut previously and only loosened a bit when Ye Junchi came. So, at this moment he also wanted to vent a bit. No longer refusing, JiYuan stretched out his hands to hold Ye Junchi, taking the initiative to send his own body to Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi used his own body expressed his concerns for JiYuan. The sky has completely turned dark after they finished ❤ ❤ , JiYuan’s disordered thoughts then started to regroup. He let Ye Junchi cleaned his body, while telling him(YJC) about all his encounters, omitting the part where he was about to blew himself up.

Ye Junchi touched his(JY) face with a painful feeling in his heart. Kissing his(JY) red swollen lips, “I’m sorry, I didn’t protect you properly.”

JiYuan shook his head, “It is me who was careless, all has passed now.”

Has … passed?

When JiYuan said that, he felt hesitant. He has tried hurting Yuqiu at 3 crucial vital points but Yuqiu didn’t die. Did he really died, just by ruining his flesh body?

It is indeed great if Yuqiu really died, but JiYuan keep feeling that something not right in his heart. He hesitantly looked at Ye Junchi and got a warm kiss in return. Ye Junchi smiled with a low voice, “Baby looking at me like this, do you still want it?”

His face turning red, JiYuan instantly shook his head, “They are being locked inside a side room in the Qian Liao peak. Let’s go there, Yun Cheng has arrived to Wan Nan mountain too.”

Ye Junchi agreed to follow JiYuan’s decision. After helping him(JY) fastened his belt, Ye Junchi couldn’t help touching down the smooth slender waistline. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Too thin, need to feed more.”

JiYuan glared at him, “Later when I get fat, you will be disgusted with me.”

Ye Junchi laughed and kissed the top of his hair, “I won’t. As the saying goes, ‘kill after fattened up’. So fattening up Ah Yuan, naturally have to eat you well.”

JiYuan couldn’t help getting red in his face, and pushed at Ye Junchi, but was pulled into his arms again. Flying up to the sky on Gui Chi, they flew straight toward the main peak on the Qian Liao peak.

JiYuan comfortably leaned in his(YJC) arms, but involuntarily started to ponder about Yuqiu. He has yet to figure out anything, then he suddenly heard System’s serious voice, “JiYuan, Big bro seemed a bit unusual.”

The author has something to say: Melon seed Ji is tired, Hamster Ye held tightly and not letting go, only going to sleep upon returning to his little nest.

#BigBroIsWeird ?

Chapter 57

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…. unusual?

JiYuan froze for a moment, but didn’t refute it. Ye Junchi’s behavior was indeed a bit strange.

“I also don’t know where actually went wrong.” System who was advocating science has been deeply entangled in this world (starting to rely on instinct?)said, “Anyway… you should watch out ah.”

JiYuan silently acknowledged it and threw a glance at Ye Junchi. He(JY) quietly pulled at his own sleeve to reveal the bracelet at his wrist, the bead at the bracelet was blue in color. He observed it before, whenever he left Ye Junchi’s side, the bead on the bracelet would turn white. Now that the bead is blue in color … Ye Junchi was still Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi didn’t miss JiYuan’s little movements. He bowed down to JiYuan’s pale white neck and pecked on it, smilingly asked, “What are you looking at?”

Pausing, JiYuan turned around and showed his own wrist to him(YJC). Secretly observing Ye Junchi’s expression, he said, “This is a gift from you.”

“Do you like it?” Locking eyes with Ye Junchi for a short moment, JiYuan could only see gentleness and patience from that pair of deep moist black eyes, and slowly nodded.

Ye Junchi saw him turned around, and gently stroke his(JY) black hairs.
Then, something frightening suddenly flashed through those eyes.

System silently shuddered, it wanted to alert JiYuan but after a careful observation, it doesn’t see any malicious feeling from Ye Junchi.

Maybe it just … saw it wrongly?

The Yun family’s immortal residence on the Qian Liao peak was a dazzling sight, but this magnificent architecture was completely defeated today. On the peak was a large main hall. It was usually used by the Alliance to discuss important matters, normal people couldn’t casually go into it. That main hall right now was heavily guarded. From the outside, it was not possible to check the situation inside but one doesn’t need to ask to know that all the Yun family members were locked inside; probably in a panic and surprised state too.

Under a tacit agreement, JiYuan and Ye Junchi ignored the main hall and walked towards the side hall. Both of the people doesn’t have a good reputation. If they rushed inside to save people, one afraid that when they came out, those people might just pull out a knife to a face-to-face battle. Yun Cheng would be arriving soon anyway, it would be better for him(YC) to rescue them himself.

The day has sunk into the evening, the side hall was shrouded in dead silence. JiYuan and Ye Junchi rounded the empty and cold side hall a few times, and found out a secret tunnel. When they opened the entrance for the secret tunnel, JiYuan received two news notification.

[Congratulations for completing the rescue mission, value 400 has been added to the tasks completion count.]

[Congratulations for completing the mission to find out the truth with demon lord Ye Junchi, value 400 has been added to the tasks completion count.]

Two surprises came one after another, JiYuan’s previous boring and strange mood immediately flew away. He checked the taskbar; another 800 and he would be able to free himself. JiYuan couldn’t help but revealed a vivid smile.

From Ye Junchi’s eyes, it looked like JiYuan’s long-awaited wish came true, and revealed a joyful smile from being able to finally rescue his father and brothers. Ye Junchi felt itchy in his heart, he wanted to kiss JiYuan and he was also a bit jealous. Raising up his head to look at the 3 unconscious people being tied up in the secret room, he casually waved Gui Chi and the iron chain broke into pieces.

JiYuan walked in quick steps towards the 3 people and checked the condition of their bodies, an unspeakable complex feeling suddenly burst in his heart. Yun Cheng indeed didn’t lie, he really instructed people in secret to take care of the 3 of them. Although they looked kind of pale, they unexpectedly didn’t suffer any external injuries. His eyes swept over the face of an unfamiliar middle-aged man. Holding back the urge to check JiShen’s situation, he(JY) carefully checked JiXuan’s pulse, sighing in his heart.

The owner of the body couldn’t bear the grievances and took poison to his death, him(JY) being the ‘turtledove occupying the magpie’s nest’ has rescued JiXuan, JiYuan could consider himself finished paying his gratitude. In the future, except from secretly taking care of JiShen, he won’t have to have anything to do with the Ji family anymore.

Thinking until this part, JiYuan was a bit absent-minded. Is this really the end?
He(JY) originally thought there would be a deadly and unpredictable battle but he never expect Yuqiu would be killed by Ye Junchi just like that. Yuqiu this shrewd person and his meticulously planned actions, actually died like that… JiYuan’s eyelid couldn’t help twitching, he had a restless feeling. While he was staring blankly, JiXuan has woken up. A pair of black eyes without focus, it started to regain some spirit after a long while. Staring blankly at JiYuan, he(JX) didn’t say anything. JiYuan’s heart thumped with a sense of discomfort, he pondered for a moment before calling out in a small voice, “Father?”

JiXuan frowned and lightly asked, “Yuan er, why are you here?”

Although his loved one (parent) has always been by his side since childhood, JiYuan has never experience any familial affection. So, seeing JiXuan’s attitude, he(JY) actually didn’t think anything was wrong and naturally replied, “To rescue you.”

Looking at this strange interaction between the father and son, Ye Junchi frowned. A waft of a rare fragrance lightly drifted to his(YJC) nose and he started feeling dizzy. Those bottled up emotions in his chest nearly burst out from constraint, he paused and lightly breathed in. Ye Junchi really wanted to immediately leave this dark room that let people feel depressed but when he saw JiYuan, he silently held back. His gaze slowly swept over these two brothers, JiChen and JiShen at a side. Then he thought of the importance that JiYuan placed on JiShen, so he walked over to check JiShen’s condition. Out of the corner of his eyes, he suddenly noticed that JiXuan was not quite right.

The him(YJC) 10 years ago has received help from JiYuan and JiXuan, although it was not quite effective but it was tantamount to ‘sending coal in winter’ so he had a bit of an impression on JiXuan. It was definitely not this middle-aged men with a cold face and eyes hiding a chill in it. Immediately, Ye Junchi erected a barrier to cover those two brothers. Gui Chi responded according to his will and instantly blocked in front of JiYuan. The next moment, JiXuan who was asking JiYuan some questions with a cold voice abruptly pulled out a dagger and stabbed towards JiYuan. Gui Chi managed to block just in time and the dagger hit its body, a crisp ‘Dang!’ sounded in the room.

JiYuan doesn’t manage to react in time and was pulled by Ye Junchi into his arms. Stunned, he(JY) called out, “Father?” JiXuan’s cheeks could be seen slightly twitching, “Don’t call me father!
You are not my son!”

A sheen of cold sweat covered JiYuan’s forehead.

System exclaimed an ‘Oh’ before saying, “Already told you not to be so unrestrained, see ba, got exposed.”

JiYuan really wanted to cry, “I already maintained 100% of the original body’s personality ah. Their father and son ties is so great that a glance could find me out, how is it my fault?”

JiXuan was still breathing heavily, and was looking at Ye Junchi who was guarding JiYuan tightly. His eyes were already red, “My son will never collude with the demons to harm humans!”

Wait a minute, JiXuan was angry because he thought the original body was really colluding with the demons?

His heart which has leaped to his throat fell back into place. Just as JiYuan wanted to open his mouth to explain, Ye Junchi coldly asked, “Yuqiu, how long do you still want to act?”

‘JiXuan’ paused, he actually didn’t refute Ye Junchi and started laughing in a low voice. His laughter became shrill and JiYuan felt his own scalp turning numb, he subconsciously shrunk inside Ye Junchi’s arms.

Goddamned his mother this pervert still haven’t die! Why his life is even harder than cockroaches?! “You didn’t expect this right?”
After laughing for a while, Yuqiu put away his smile and coldly looked at Ye Junchi, “Ye Junchi, you can be considered sending yourself to my door.”

Ye Junchi looked at him with indifference, “Didn’t expect you has actually cultivated to this extent. It seems that if I can’t find out your original body, I can’t completely kill you. However, as long as I burn down this whole Wan Nan Mountain, I would definitely find it.”

JiYuan turned to his side to look at Ye Junchi. Seeing that his expression doesn’t seem to be joking, he reminded in a whisper, “… burning down Wan Nan Mountain, the Yin qi will leak out.”

Moreover, Wan Nan Mountain still have all members of the Yun family. If Ye Junchi harmed so many life just to destroy Yuqiu, that would be too…

Ye Junchi paused, the hand holding JiYuan tightened and his smile was a bit treacherous, “So what if it leaked out? These mortals don’t know how to do anything other than spread some unwarranted rumors, doesn’t matter if I killed one or one hundred…”

JiYuan sucked in a breath of cool air, “Ye Junchi!”

Startled, his eyes which was displaying hints of craziness has calmed down. Ye Junchi trembled and hugged JiYuan tightly, hoarsely said, “Sorry, I scared you. I was just rambling.”


Whenever Yuqiu saw Ye Junchi, he(YQ) would be strangely excited. With a loud laugh, “Are you really rambling? Ye Junchi, you couldn’t control yourself much longer right? Wait until you relapsed, you will become a crazy person who would kill anyone you see. Why don’t you quickly release JiYuan, I afraid you will kill him if you are not careful. You…”

His voice has yet to settle when Gui Chi ruthlessly stabbed towards him.

JiYuan understood that JiXuan at this moment was just being controlled by Yuqiu. This one stab, afraid Yuqiu would not be harmed, and the one harmed was JiXuan. He quickly pulled at Ye Junchi. Seeing that Gui Chi has stopped, he turned around to look at Ye Junchi, his(JY) heart was inexplicably flustered. What happened to Ye Junchi? He(YJC) was usually calm and collected, how could he get provoked by Yuqiu’s random words?

Ye Junchi covered his(JY) eyes and said in a low voice, “Don’t look at me.”

Yuqiu was still not stopping by the side, “Couldn’t control yourself much longer ba, wait until His Grace return…”

“Scram.” Ye Junchi coldly interrupted him, but JiYuan could feel his(YJC) body trembled.

After laughing for a while, he(YQ) actually took the initiative to let go of JiXuan. JiXuan’s head tilted and he fainted.

Ye Junchi took several deep breaths, a layer of restless bloody red was floating on his pair of eyes like he has qi deviation1. Carrying JiYuan, he left the secret room in large strides. JiYuan subconsciously returned his hug and whispered, “My father, JiShen, JiChen…”

Ye Junchi kept silent.

System’s voice was trembling, “Rest assured, Yun Cheng has arrived to the foot of Wan Nan Mountain. He will protect them properly when he come over… right now you should stop talking to avoid stimulating Big bro, he looked very scary at the moment.”

No matter what JiYuan said, System declined to broadcast the current situation of Ye Junchi to him. JiYuan could only let Ye Junchi covers his eyes, not knowing where he(YJC) was heading. Not long after that, a dozen or more groups of demons came to attack.

Thick bloody smell keep wafting to his nose, JiYuan finally couldn’t resist and pulled away Ye Junchi’s hand. When he raised his head to look at Ye Junchi, he immediately lost his voice.

This person who was holding him was like a stranger who was wearing Ye Junchi’s skin. His face was expressionless and his eyes were red with violence. His body was soaked with blood, just like a God of Death. The hints of red carrying killing intent which occasionally flashed through Ye Junchi’s eyes have completely broken out at this moment.

JiYuan subconsciously glanced at his bracelet. The blue color shone clear and limpid, there was no doubt that this person in front of him was Ye Junchi.

It was dark at all 4 corners of the area, and the ground was littered with dead demon bodies. JiYuan’s eyes quickly swept over all sorts of strange body parts. Holding back the urge to vomit, he examined himself once again. His lips moved but he couldn’t say anything as his throat was dry.

… Ye Junchi was covered in blood, but he didn’t let even a single drop of blood to stain his(JY) hair and clothes. He keep staring at him(JY), his tyrannical gaze could cause chills in people’s heart.

JiYuan felt numb from being stared by him, he felt like he would be torn apart and eaten into his(YJC) stomach any time. Restraining the fear in his heart, JiYuan tried his best to soften his own voice, “What is it? Are you injured? Put me down ba, I can walk by myself.”

Ye Junchi was silent for a while, his blood-soaked fingers slowly slid down onto JiYuan’s neck, slightly increasing force. The neck underneath his hand was much more slender compared to a lot of other men. Warm and tender, pressing closer could let one feel the beating of his heart. As long as he exerts some force, this person in his arms would die.

Ye Junchi’s expression was indifferent, “JiYuan, where do you want to go?”

JiYuan cautiously hugged him, “I’m not going anywhere, what happened to you?”

“…” A twisted smile appeared at the corner of Ye Junchi’s mouth, “You are lying.” The suffocating feeling swept over him, and it was too late for JiYuan to think what kind of development was this inexplicable progress doing, his mind started to feel faint.

System was shouting ‘AH AH AH’, its cold electronic tone was kind of irritating, “I knew it, I just knew it! I already say it earlier that Big bro was not any good people! JiYuan, the dagger is by your waist quickly attack ah you are dying!!”

JiYuan didn’t respond. His eyes were blurry, he could only summon all his energy to raise his hand, and gently stroke Ye Junchi’s face.

“If you want to kill me…” Remember to toss my body as far as you can, in case you wake up… then it woulddn’t be good.

His(JY) sight keep flickering to darkness. Just as JiYuan thought he would be strangled to death by Ye Junchi, he(YJC) suddenly stopped his hand. Bowing down his head, Ye Junchi sucked on JiYuan’s lips.

JiYuan who was nearly suffocated to death now desperately tried to breath in oxygen. His brain was throbbing with endless pain, and tears were brimming in his eyes. When he finally came back to his senses, his lips were already rudely bitten and was bleeding. Then he was pushed against a tree, his back was rubbing against the rough bark; painful and sore. A hand came groping inside. JiYuan felt like his mind was swelling and dizzy, but he still has some consciousness left. He still know where they were at currently, that Yuqiu was still alive and they were surrounded by dead bodies.

JiYuan pressed on Ye Junchi’s hand, his eyes were pleading, “Don’t!”

Ye Junchi seemed to have lost all his reasons, he doesn’t care of JiYuan’s struggles and looked like he felt his(JY) struggle was a bit bothersome. He pulled out a bundle of Immortal Binding rope and tied both of JiYuan’s hands above his head. Then he pressed JiYuan against the tree, flipping over his(JY) robe and lifted one of his(JY) legs to rest on his(YJC) shoulder.

JiYuan’s face has turned pale, “Ye Junchi? Are you mad?!” And System went offline at this critical time, JiYuan really wanted to cry. He almost couldn’t breathe when he(YJC) entered him without any preparations, his tears didn’t behave2 and flowed down. Ye Junchi was still hugging him, whispering things, his voice was in fragments. JiYuan tried his best to listen for a while, the more he listened, the more he was scared.

Yeqiu said that he(YJC) would become a mad man who would kill anyone he saw. And now, Ye Junchi’s consciousness has indeed turned completely chaotic. He seemed to be only remembering the time when JiYuan said he would leave him.

JiYuan doesn’t have any time to ponder, as hints of blood flowed down his throat and he fainted not long after that.

The author has something to say: YQ : UnexpectedRight.jpg JY : … oh, I expected it. YJC who was out of control didn’t say anything and threw Gui Chi at Yuqiu.   


Chapter 58

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When JiYuan woke up, no one was beside him.

His whole body was painfully sore like he was ran over by big boulders, even his fingers couldn’t be lifted up. Lying stiffly for a long while, he then slowly regained his senses. His eyes turned around, checking out his surroundings. In the middle when they were doing it, Ye Junchi carried him and left that corpse-littered area. Right now, he was lying on some grasses, his body was covered with a blood-stained robe. Not far from him, the sound of water flowing in a creek could be heard.

“System … where’s Ye Junchi?”

“Gone.” System who has just reconnected on line was blank as well.

JiYuan thought for a while, then sat up with much difficulties. He couldn’t help gasping in pain and taking a breath of cold air, asked System with a tremble, “Am I dead?” System was feeling a bit distressed, “My dear, you are still alive. How are you feeling now?”

Tears instantly fell down, it was too painful, “Feeling a life worse than death…”

His whole lower body was sticky, the smell of blood mixed with the smell of their xx lightly reached his nose. JiYuan doesn’t dare at all to see how his lower body looked like right now. Clenching his teeth, he supported himself on the small tree at the side and tried his best to stand up. Suddenly, he felt something flowing down from his inner thigh.

JiYuan : “…” God his mother no matter what kind of crazy Ye Junchi was having, this time when they returned back, he(YJC) will have to quietly be a monk for several years ba. If he(YJC) dared to touch him, he will ask System to broadcast ‘root cutting’ show directly to him(JY).

[T/N : Snip snip]

The creek was just beside him. JiYuan walked a few steps but fell down again, he nearly crawled his way to the creek. Pulling open his robe, JiYuan turned over and rolled himself into the water. The icy cold stream water make JiYuan shudder, and he completely woke up.

“System, what actually happened? What happened to Ye Junchi?”

After System dropped off line, it went back to headquarter to apply for an access to some information, and was made clear of some things. Looking at JiYuan’s miserable appearance, it sighed again with an almost unintelligible sound, “… Ye Junchi was raised up by the demon ruler.”
Strictly speaking, it was not considered ‘raised’ but was ‘tortured’. JiYuan has always been curious, for Ye Junchi to follow such a cruel,
inhumane, blood-thirsty demon ruler, and also suffered a body full of wounds, how come he could still act like a normal person and not get crazy. System then answered, “The evil energy in Ye Junchi’s body is very heavy. Because other than being affected by the demon ruler, him practicing that demonic skill also played a role. You heard of that demonic skill before, people will get mad from practicing it and turn bloodthirsty. In the end, one will become completely crazy and turned into a devil who will only kill.”

JiYuan’s heart sank.

“Ye Junchi has been suppressing this evil and murderous energy, didn’t you noticed that sometimes when he gets angry, his eyes were very scary…?”

System paused, its voice became smaller, “I remember one thing… that time in the Thousand Sword array, Big bro was injured by a black needle. But I didn’t check for toxicity and didn’t notice. After that, Big bro often became abnormal, it must be that black needle causing trouble.”

“What you mean is … Ye Junchi right now has lost himself, and became a maniac who only know how to kill?”

System : “Don’t be sad…”

JiYuan sat inside the creek without any expression, and used the cold water to wipe his face. Taking a deep breath, he was so calm that it was scary, “What is Yuqiu’s purpose of doing this?”

JiYuan was not asking System, but was self-asking self-answering. Immediately he followed with the answer, “He wanted Ye Junchi to lose himself, then call upon the soul of the demon ruler, making it easier for him(DR) to take over Ye Junchi.”

System was in silence.

JiYuan didn’t speak anymore. After soaking in the water for a while, he ran spiritual power through his own body. Waiting until his body no longer feeling extremely sore, he crawled out from the water. From the ring Ye Junchi gifted to him, he took out a set of clothing and slowly put it on. Like he has been thinking for a long time, JiYuan continued, “But it has been so long now, and the Yin qi has not leak out. Yuqiu doesn’t plan to break apart the Yun family’s big array that was suppressing the Yin qi? It seems to be like that, he seemed to care for a ‘someone’ in the Yun family, and that person must have been pleading him in tears many times. He got softhearted.”

System uttered an ‘En’ then said, “Is Yun Cheng’s mother. However, Yuqiu could still summon a soul without breaking the big array, now that Ye Junchi…”

Only at this moment JiYuan started to have waves in his emotions. He closed his eyes and tightly clenched his teeth. After a long while, he said in a hoarse voice, “So Ye Junchi right now, is not necessarily the Ye Junchi I know.”

System comforted him with a few more words, but seeing that he was indifferent, it also knew it couldn’t give much comfort. So it could only say a sentence ‘You have to believe in Big bro’, then became silent.

Seeing that the day has turned to noon, JiYuan rested by the creek for a short moment and started limping out from the woods.

System afraid that he would get lost, so it observed the situation for a while and said, “Yun Cheng and his people has reached the top of the Qian Liao peak. Currently they are fighting with a bunch of demons, you should head east.”

JiYuan changed his direction according to System’s instruction. Although his body was not feeling well, but he was still a cultivator after all. He affixed two ‘Light body’ talisman on his body and his speed became a whole lot faster. It was just a while, and JiYuan has returned to the area nearby the main hall in Qian Liao peak. He didn’t immediately close in, but hid behind a large tree to observe the situation.

The scene he saw caused his pupils to shrink. The front area in front of the Qian Liao peak was a large practice field. At this moment, it was full of people. The people standing the nearest to him was some demons and human cultivators while those who stood right at the foremost front turned out to be Yuqiu in the appearance of Yun Wuxiu, Jiang Xuesong was unexpectedly inside too.

It seemed that Yuqiu’s previous body that was destroyed was someone else’s.

Jiang Xuesong showed up once again, could it be he thought Yuqiu has won so he couldn’t wait to show his face?

JiYuan was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and no longer thinking of the matter. His gaze turned and saw JiChen with JiShen. Seeing that they have woken up safe and sound, he was slightly relieved. When he raised his eyes again, he saw Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi was sporting a look of indifference on his face and holding on Gui Chi. He seemed to have felt JiYuan’s gaze on him, and immediately turned around towards JiYuan’s hiding place. Following that, he revealed a gentle smile and strode towards JiYuan.

As a famous and dignified demon lord, no matter if he was really being framed or not, and whichever side of the camp he was standing in, every single of his moves were closely followed by all of the demons and cultivators in the scene. Now that he started moving, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but turned towards the direction he was heading.

The corner of Yuqiu’s lips revealed a deep grim smile. Staring at Ye Junchi, a weird fire and reverence could be seen in his(YQ) eyes. Other than Yun Cheng, no one noticed the peculiarities of Yuqiu.

Although Ye Junchi looked like he just took two steps forward, but he instantly reached JiYuan’s side. JiYuan’s body turned stiff and he was pulled into Ye Junchi’s arms. Ye Junchi intimately rubbed the top of his(JY) hair like usual, his voice was lazy and warm, “Ah Yuan, turns out you are here. Where did you go last night? I cannot find you, it really worried me.” JiYuan’s hand was being pressed by him(YJC) so he couldn’t reach out to see his bracelet but he could intuitively feel the unfamiliarity from the person who was holding him. He lowered down his eyes to see ‘Ye Junchi’s’ hand has casually moved near to his(JY) neck. JiYuan went silent for a moment and make himself open his mouth, “Sorry, I cause you to worry.”

“Yuqiu is still alive.”

Ye Junchi pulled him and slowly walked back. Being strangely stared by all of the cultivators in the scene, JiYuan couldn’t help frowning. He knew how he looked like right now, swollen lip and the skin of his lips were broken. On his earlobe was teeth marks, and even his cheek was heavily bitten on. Anyone with a working mind will know in a glance what he has went through. But Ye Junchi’s steps were unhurried, like he doesn’t mind the traces of wounds on his(JY) body.

JiYuan pursed his lips, he sneered in his heart and his hand involuntarily stretched out to pull Ye Junchi’s hand. It was different from the warm and dry palm he usually felt, this hand was extremely cold as if the owner of the hand has just climbed out from Hell. Being touched for JiYuan, this hand subconsciously shrunk away before went to hold his(JY) hand with large strength.

Both of them returned to Yun Cheng’s side, JiShen pulled JiChen and ran to them. With a surprised and happy tone, he(JS) asked, “Are you alright? It’s good if you are fine, uncle is at the back. Do you want to go and see?”

JiChen on the contrary was much more calm and reserved. His gaze was the usual gentle and warm, “Ah Yuan, thank you.”

JiYuan nodded. After a moment of hesitation, he said, “It will be chaotic later, I’m sorry to ask you but could you please bring my father back to the Ji family now?”

As he said that, he casually glanced at the bead which has turned white. The last thread of hope was gone in his heart, JiYuan felt like someone splashed a bucket of cold water on him and he nearly shuddered from the cold.

Seeing JiShen nodded, JiYuan glanced sideways at Ye Junchi and felt a bit baffled. It won’t be just chaotic later on. If… Ye Junchi couldn’t wake up, it won’t be just South Lake, the whole cultivation world would be thrown into chaos.

“System…” JiYuan asked in a small voice, “What should I do?”

If System has a body, it should be wiping cold sweat too, “No other way, Ye Junchi couldn’t wake up anymore.”

What rubbish to ‘wake up with love’, he was already lucky that Ye Junchi didn’t kill him last night. His(YJC) consciousness has fallen, the one controlling him was … the demon ruler.

Noticing JiYuan’s gaze, Ye Junchi turned sideways and met his(JY) eyes.
His(YJC) tone was gentle, “What is it?”

JiYuan opened his mouth, and shook his head.

The demon ruler doesn’t seem to know that he(JY) was aware (of what happened).

After a long moment of standstill, Yuqiu suddenly said with cold voice, “Why still haven’t attack? Yun Cheng, facing with this ‘face’, you couldn’t bear to act?”

Yun Cheng’s eyes abruptly widened, “Father!”

Yuqiu didn’t respond, his body shook and lowly spat out a curse. When he raised his eyes, he looked gloomier, “It seems that a war is inevitable today.”

A cultivator beside Yun Cheng furiously shouted, “Demon! Get out from the Leader’s body and we will spare you!” “So it was you who did all that, and here I was wondering why Leader daren had such a big change with his temperament in recent years…”

“Fellow cultivator Ye is here, so your deathbed struggle is useless. You should just get your hands tied and wait to be captured, so to prevent demons and humans starting a war again!”

“Demons are really demons…”

JiYuan sensitively noted that the blood red color in Ye Junchi’s eyes became darker with every words these cultivators said. If he(YJC) couldn’t be stopped, afraid everyone here today will not be spared…

JiYuan clenched his teeth, and pulled on Ye Junchi’s sleeve. This person occupying Ye Junchi here obviously doesn’t have an adequate patience and love that the original one had. When he turned around, he(JY) can already see some impatience on his face, “What is it?”

“We promised to go back to the demon realm together.” JiYuan slowly said.

Demon ruler impatiently nodded, he was very annoyed inside. Earlier when he noticed JiYuan, he just want to go over to grab him out. The result was the moment he got closer to the youth, his body subconsciously acted ahead and pulled the youth into his arms, intimately rubbing his(JY) hair.

It was really unexpected that Ye Junchi would have a person with such importance.

When he(DR) woke up, he was quite surprised. After all, under his ‘careful molding/teaching’, Ye Junchi had a cold face like artic snow all year round; a face without expression and desire, without sadness nor happiness. Ye Junchi was a perfect creation personally trained by his hand, and was in line with all his imagination. Powerful, beautiful, indifferent, every single of his movement carried a killing intent.

Just that, this creation doesn’t quite meet his requirements now. Giving JiYuan a smile, the demon ruler has retracted his impatience and said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, you will be able to go back very soon.”

Anyone who are familiar with the demon ruler, the moment they saw this smile they would tremble with fear. That year before the demon ruler went mad, he would still know how to smile. The gentler his smile, the more miserable that person will die.

JiYuan felt a chill ran down his back from that smile. Looking through that pair of eyes contaminated with slight color of blood, he(JY) saw at the bottom of his(DR) eyes – killng intent.

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Chapter 59

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JiYuan became silent for a moment, but he still couldn’t help asking System again, “What should I do?”

System didn’t say anything for a long time, until the human cultivators at their side finished cursing and scolding, then proceeded to raise their sleeves to start a battle, it calmly said, “You can kill him, or let him kill you. The 1st option can stop the demon ruler, while the 2nd option can wake Ye Junchi up.”

JiYuan had a burst of vicious cold.

What should he do if he killed Ye Junchi?

What should Ye Junchi do if he(YJC) killed him?

Ain’t this the most evil plot usually presented in the movies? If you don’t die, I will die. If I’m dead, when you wake up, life is worse than death… he(JY) darkened his face, “2333, are you saying the truth?”

“It’s fake.” System laughed with a ‘hehehe’ and said, “Don’t be anxious and relax, already asked you to believe in Big bro. It’s already so long now, don’t you feel anything strange?”

JiYuan’s pair of eyes slightly brightened, “In the rumors, the demon ruler will do whatever he wanted to do and will not beat around the bush. Now that he occupied Ye Junchi’s body, he should directly go to Yuqiu’s camp and start massacring the human cultivators. But right until now, he still didn’t do anything …”

As he thought of that, JiYuan walked over and held Ye Junchi’s hand, inwardly thinking in his heart.

Demon ruler frowned. Just as he wanted to shrug off JiYuan, a familiar numbing sensation swept over him, and his consciousness suddenly blurred.

JiYuan’s eyes were wide opened when he saw Ye Junchi revealed a familiar gentle smile. Kissing his(JY) slender white fingers, “Ah Yuan not angry with me ba?”

Behind them, a few low coughing sound from the cultivators could be heard. A strange fiery gaze almost burned a hole through his(JY) back. Seeing that Ye Junchi suddenly changed his expression, JiYuan who knew how thick Ye Junchi’s ‘face’ was stiffened. He knew what he(YJC) was saying. Ignoring the eyes of the public behind him, he expressionlessly said, “Angry.”

Ye Junchi’s smile shook. It was too late to say anything, he just looked away at the cliff far from them, then returned to his cold face.

The demon ruler regained the control of the body had his eyes opened wide. What’s happening? Ye Junchi actually is afraid of this human cultivator in front of him? He thought it was unbelievable but whenever he wanted to act against JiYuan, the body will immediately be uncontrollable.

Wait a bit more ba. Before long, this body will be completely his.

The demon ruler shifted his gaze with a cold face, and met eyes with Yuqiu from far away.

JiYuan couldn’t help but shook his head. Ye Junchi was really… it was not easy for him to be sober for a short moment, but the first thing he wanted to ask was if he(JY) was angry or not. Not sure how is he now… JiYuan was feeling worried in his heart but he didn’t say it out. Seeing that the cultivators has started to sword flight with a fighting spirit, he knew that a melee will happen immediately. He turned sideways to look at Yun Cheng, and strode towards him in large steps.

Towards JiYuan, Yun Cheng has always held a guilty conscience. Seeing him walking over, his icy expression turned softer, “Miss Ji, you…”

JiYuan : “Thank you, Mister Ji.” [T/N : As in call me Mister Ji thank you very much.]

Yun Cheng followed suit and changed his address, “Mister Ji. You… who hurt you?” Pausing, he scratched his head and continued, “With Senior Ye following you, you shouldn’t have any problem…”

JiYuan : “…”

What a shock, Yun Cheng was actually so innocent and couldn’t see what kind of marks was on his body.

JiYuan felt that he better not defile Yun Cheng’s pure and beautiful world, and shook his head. He reminded, “Yuqiu’s magic is very strange. He seemed to be able to shift body to another person at any time, you must be careful.”

Yun Cheng nodded.

After a moment of hesitation, JiYuan decided to add a bit more, “Although he is using your father’s appearance, you need to remember to be calm. Don’t get confused.”

Yun Cheng could be considered the leader for the cultivators in the scene right now. If he is dead, these cultivators would be affected at some point. Facing those powerful demons, they would certainly die.

Furthermore, Yun Cheng was a very pitiful person…

He(YC) didn’t thought too much, so when he found out something wrong with Yun Wuxiu, it was too late. There were only a few trustable people left around him, and each progress was made with great difficulties. His mother was put under house arrest while his father was not conscious. And sometimes he(YC) would be controlled to do some bad things. He(YC) was in a predicament, the situation was dangerous and abnormal.

Fortunately, his temper was soft on the outside while hard on the inside, persisted with clenched teeth, and keep looking for the chance to counter- attack. But this was a bumpy road, he couldn’t seek warmth from other people and when he suffered bitterness, no one knew about it. Having JiYuan giving him a few words of concern, he(YC) couldn’t help reaching out and hugged JiYuan. He gratefully replied, “Mister Ji, after removing the demons, this small one will definitely clean Senior Ye and your good name. Let…”

His words was not finished, but he felt like he was being stared by something very terrifying. It was much scarier than furious beast and poisonous snakes, like it would rush forward and tear him(YC) to bits at the next moment.

Yun Cheng felt cold all over his body. He thought it was Yuqiu who was staring at him, but when he raise his head to see, it was Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi hugged his own hand with a cold face, and stood not very far away from them. His eyes glared with deadliness at his(YC) hand on JiYuan’s waist, his own fingers vaguely caressed Gui Chi’s body.

Yun Cheng has a head full of cold sweat, he quickly retracted his hand and let go of JiYuan. With a dry laugh, he said, “Senior Ye liked Mister Ji very much indeed.”

Yun Cheng : That jealousy was not only scary, but also a bit fierce. A moment later to retract back my hands, I afraid this pair of hands would be chopped down.

In JiYuan’s heart, he understood perfectly (with YC) and wanted to sympathetically pat Yun Cheng’s shoulder. But he was afraid that Ye Junchi would rush over and ‘remove’ Yun Cheng’s arm, so he(JY) could only nodded his head, then slowly walked back to Ye Junchi’s side. He was really puzzled in his heart, “System, Ye Junchi woke up again just now and ‘ate vinegar'(jealous) of Yun Cheng?”

System gave an ‘En’ and added a sentence, “A gaze like he wanted to kill someone.”

“… he usually don’t get jealous to such extent.”

Pausing, a ‘light bulb’ suddenly lighted up in JiYuan’s mind. Like a thunder just struck him, “What the Hell! I am very scared. System, quickly tell me how many consciousness right now is inside Big bro’s body?”

System : “You found out quite fast, there are 3.”

1 demon ruler, and 2 Ye Junchi. One of the Ye Junchi is the one that has gone crazy.

JiYuan : “…”

The demon ruler felt that JiYuan’s gaze was a bit strange, “What is it?”

JiYuan answered with an answer that doesn’t match the question, solemnly said, “I will make you get better.”

Finished saying that, he lead Ye Junchi towards the edge of the Qian Lian peak. His eyes met with the latter’s doubtful eyes, JiYuan revealed a rare, pure and light smile, “You hated the humans, and hated the demons too. This is the battle between both sides and it’s none of our business, so we should just watch by the side ba.”

As he said that, JiYuan asked in his heart, “System, is the demon ruler a straight guy?”

Hearing an affirmative reply from System, JiYuan lightly smiled in his heart ‘See me disgust you to death’ and continued his words, “Moreover, didn’t you get worried until you couldn’t sleep? If we don’t participate, then I won’t get hurt, and you won’t be so distressed.”

Demon ruler : “…” The Hell is this? He(DR) only slept for more than 10 years, why did the world changed altogether when he came back?

System : “Hey, OOC…”

JiYuan was expressionless, “Critical period, shut up.”

System pondered for a moment. Thinking on how pitiful the host was, it could only silently pressed down the OOR charge and watched the fun from the side.

When Ye Junchi found himself being struck by the black needle, he should have guessed that he would lose control and later on let the demon ruler take advantage of this weakness. Since he dared to take JiYuan to Wan Nan Mountain, he must have some kind of confidence that he would be able to completely break away from the demon ruler. System which was completely equipped with scientific knowledge but was useless in fantasy world, shed two lines of electronic tears (T_T). Feeling that even its role to assist was gone, everything will have to listen to Big bro now.

Both people came to the edge of the cliff, and the demon lord looked like he was unwilling to take a step nearer.

Countless of cultivators were buried under the Qian Liao peak. Even with the Yun family’s big array restraining it, one would still feel a hint of extreme coldness upon approaching nearer. If one is not careful and accidentally fell down, one would even have the opportunity to mingle with countless restless souls of the dead demons and human cultivators, ‘friendly mingle’ that is. Other than that, if one doesn’t have strong enough cultivation, or one’s soul has some weakness in it, then it would be even more exciting. One will get caught by countless of grudging and restless spirits, basically you won’t come up again once you fell in.

JiYuan noticed the demon ruler’s reaction and determined that Ye Junchi was hinting of the cliff just now to him. Just as they reached the edge of the cliff, the other side started fighting. Whenever cultivators started fighting, the effects have always been big/massive. When a talisman or a 5-element1 skill thrown out to the fray, there would be loud rumbling sounds. The effect for melee attacks was even more incredible. A human cultivator has just sword flight and chopped down a few demons, he then get sneak-attacked from behind by another demon; his head was directly snapped off. Just as that demon wanted to taste the cultivator’s blood, a blasting talisman flew right at it and pasted at its head. ‘BOOM’ and the demon lost half of its head.

Feeling uncomfortable from looking at those scenes, JiYuan turned away, no longer watching. He held tightly at Ye Junchi’s hand while continue prying secrets from System’s mouth, “Shouldn’t the demon ruler like Yin qi instead? Why is he so afraid of getting nearer to the bottom of the peak? If I died, don’t dream of getting your bonus.”

The threat at the last part was effective, System hesitated for a while before saying, “Originally, I shouldn’t tell you this… ai, fine fine. Already broken so many rules, one more wouldn’t kill. Yuqiu didn’t rely on the Yin qi at the bottom of the peak to summon his soul. Moreover, the demon ruler’s soul has been drifting for more than 10 years so it was not whole. Souls that were not whole are very scared of getting close to Yin qi, even demon ruler couldn’t get close for too long.”

“Then what will happen if one get close?”

“Will be dragged out of the body and get consigned to eternal damnation.”

So Ye Junchi was trying to use this idea.

JiYuan lightly breathed in and nodded. When he looked at the demon ruler again, his(JY) gaze has changed.

The demon ruler frowned, “Ah Yuan, why are you looking at me like that?”

JiYuan : “It’s been a while since you last called me Baby.” Demon ruler : “…” The most perfect creation he has trained out, what the Hell had he experienced?

If wasn’t for the restriction from System, JiYuan really wanted to act out his most passionate acting, “Junchi, I want to tell you something.”

“… what?”

JiYuan slowly circled his(YJC) waist, his face was cold and his voice was light, “You jump, I jump.”

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