Let Me Tease You Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41

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A chapter in the queue is for XY, will get it out as soon as I can (0w0)/ JiYuan’s ear became hot.

Ye Junchi’s treatment towards him was too warm and gentle. Before this, JiYuan was afraid that he(JY) would be addicted so he blindly escaped. A lot of (sweet) words spoken usually just went through his ears without being processed. Now, JiYuan felt that listening to those words makes him feel warm in his heart, and he really wanted to take the initiative to hug Ye Junchi.

System coldly warned, “According to the original character, he will not take the initiative to get intimate even if he liked someone. You still haven’t finish all the tasks so the OOC restrictions still exist.”

JiYuan uttered an ‘Oh’ without expression, the fingers of his hand resting at his back unconsciously flexed. Although he didn’t get a response, he didn’t get shot down by a frosty face either. Ye Junchi was happy and worried at the same time, “Baby, you
…. what did you figured out?”

Couldn’t be he has decided to run away, so compromising in the meantime?

JiYuan didn’t rush to answer that, and asked System a question first.

“How much tasks left?”

These days, there were still a lot of trivial daily tasks continued to appear in his taskbar. JiYuan gave an estimation, he already had a figure in his heart. As expected, System replied, “You have completed 341 tasks, still 1992 tasks to go. Please keep up the good work.”

…ah, there are still so much tasks to complete before I could take the initiative to hug hug demon lord daren.

JiYuan sighed in his heart, then turned sideways to look at Ye Junchi.
Seeing him(YJC) frowning, he lightly said, “Don’t frown.”

Ye Junchi was stunned.

Locking gazes with Ye Junchi, JiYuan slowly said, “Wait until you tell me about yourself, and I will tell you what I have figured out. Ye Junchi, you…. wait a bit more for me.”

A moment of silence, Ye Junchi rested his head at JiYuan’s neck. His eyes were closed and the corner of his lips was slightly curved up.

“Alright, as long as you can give me an answer, I will wait for you.”

It was rare for the atmosphere to be warm and harmonious, Ye Junchi sat down on the grass while hugging JiYuan, greedily sniffing the light fragrance from his(JY) body. His(YJC) hands were not being polite and were pinching JiYuan’s waist. In a distressed tone, Ye Junchi said, “Too skinny, should get a bit fatter.” “I’m not a pig.”

JiYuan slapped away his(YJC) hand, but his wrist was grabbed. Before he managed to react, both of his hands were caught and pressed above his head. His whole body was pressed down on the ground, and the person above him raised his chin up. With a smile, Ye Junchi said, “It would be great if you are a pig, because I’m still waiting to eat you.”1

As he said that, his hand slowly stretched to secure the back of JiYuan’s head. He kissed on JiYuan’s lips in a probing manner (to check how JY reacts), then said in a low voice, “Ah Yuan, I am very happy. It seems that you no longer avoid me…”

Their bodies were stuck tightly to each other. JiYuan’s breathing was getting rapid, he stiffened his body and not daring to move in case the friction caused ‘a gun to misfire’. He let Ye Junchi lightly pecked on him as he pondered ‘what kind of story development is this’ in his mind. But then he saw Ye Junchi’s gaze became deeper, his(YJC) breathing becoming unstable, and ‘something’ seemed to be poking at his(JY) lower abdomen….

JiYuan swallowed, and said in a quiet voice, “I’m hungry.”

As soon as the words came out from his mouth, JiYuan realized that saying ‘hungry’ in this kind of situation was not very smart, so hurriedly went to backup himself with, “Should start cooking the fish.”

“Let you go again this once.”

Ye Junchi’s breath was hot, he bowed down to rub his own cheek against JiYuan’s face. With a light chuckle and a sentence ‘Really wanted to open you up and immediately devour you’, he then stood up and went to prepare the fishes he caught earlier.

After Ye Junchi has left, JiYuan carefully got up and released a breath,
“Aiya, System. That was dangerous ah.”

System : “You are hard too?” JiYuan : “…”

System ‘tsk-ed’, “As expected, men are the kind of animal that used their lower body to think.”

“How is that connected to your words?”

JiYuan was annoyed, and continued, “Moreover, two young and vigorous people acting in the heat of the moment, what’s the problem in reacting from being rubbed together?”

“Young people?” System sneered, “Do you know how old is your demon lord?”

JiYuan : “…” He really didn’t know.

JiYuan’s sexual desire has always been low. After he arrived to this world, he almost stayed beside Ye Junchi every day. Hence, afraid of being found out, he doesn’t dare to relieve himself with his hand. JiYuan only managed to calm his body down after lying back down on the ground for a long time. His ‘body’ problem has calmed down, JiYuan assuredly got up from the ground. Ye Junchi has already prepped the fishes and roasting it, at this point he(YJC) has already disrobed, seemed to be getting ready to go into the water.

Turning towards him, JiYuan asked with some doubts, “…. you want to bath?”

Ye Junchi openly turned his body around and calmly pointed at his lower body, “If I don’t go to calm myself down, are you going to help me relieve it?”

“… please bath a moment longer.” JiYuan was embarrassed.

Ye Junchi didn’t take off all his clothes, he went into the water with his underpants on. Turning his head sideways, he saw JiYuan staring intently at the fish cooking by the fire. He felt that was funny in his mind, then he heard JiYuan’s voice, “Ye Junchi, I want to ask you a question.” What kind of question for him to be so serious? Ye Junchi : “Ask ba.”
“How old are you?” “…”
Ignoring the fact that his soul was almost 30 years old, JiYuan seriously and solemnly said his age without face turning red or heart beating fast (not feeling shameless), “I am 17 years old this year.”

Ye Junchi : “…” “En?”
Ye Junchi was silent for a long time, then replied with much difficulties,
“…. let me think for a bit.”

But no words were heard from Ye Junchi after that.

System was speculating, “Big bro should be having a depression caused by the age gap right now….”

JiYuan doesn’t really care how old Ye Junchi was, but he felt very funny watching the back of Ye Junchi’s silent figure. Pursing his lips, he tried his best to contain his smile and whispered, “I don’t mind.”

A sound of water splashing sounded, Ye Junchi abruptly turned his head,
“Ah Yuan, what do you mean by that sentence just now?”

JiYuan declined to comment. Seeing that the roasting fish was almost done, he took it down and blew on it, then ate in small bites.

Ever since Big bro Ye picked up a small and weak mortal with him, he was afraid that the mortal would not be accustomed to eat outside food. Thus, he(YJC) would bring some condiments with him all the time. Whenever he roasted any game or wild animal, he would coat it one by one, so it was flavorful to eat. Being a vegetarian for a few months, JiYuan now gets teary whenever he gets to eat meat. He no longer cared about Ye Junchi or what he was doing.

The fish was just half-finished, and he was pulled into someone’s arms. Just finished bathing in the cold river, the person behind JiYuan was still carrying a breath of cold air with him.

Ye Junchi pinched his(JY) earlobe, “Ah Yuan, what did you said just now?”

JiYuan turned around, and calmly stuffed the half-eaten fish into his(YJC) mouth. Picking up another fish, JiYuan continued to eat slowly.

Ye Junchi blinked a few times. After pondering for a moment, he no longer asked about the matter, just comfortably hugged the person in his embrace. He bit on the fish a few times at the area that JiYuan has bitten before, enjoying this moment of tranquility.

For Ye Junchi, the secret ground was not dangerous at all. He relied on his own strength and could come and go as he wished. What dangerous was those who hid in the dark, not sure when those enemies would rush out and bite them.

After they finished eating the fish, both people stared at each other for a short moment. Just as JiYuan wanted to talk about some serious matters, he was forced down onto the ground by Ye Junchi. Frowning, he wanted to kick him away but then he felt his neck was lightly licked, “Don’t move, someone is here.”

His body stiffened, after JiYuan understood what happened, he relaxed his body, no longer resisting.

“I’m sorry, I was too rough in the past.”

Ye Junchi gently whispered before carefully bit on JiYuan’s neck.

The sensation was not the same as the excruciating pain from previous bites. Not only it was not painful this time, there was also a soft, indescribable itchy feeling coming from the place he was bitten. JiYuan looked at a side with scrunched up eyebrows, controlling himself not to groan out loud.

Afraid that JiYuan would feel painful, Ye Junchi loosened his teeth as fast as he could, then carefully licked away the blood left on JiYuan’s neck. He raised his head to flash a smile at him(JY), “I sensed murderous intent, afraid that the other party doesn’t have any good intention. Stick closer to me later.”

JiYuan was absentmindedly staring at the pair of lips stained with bright red blood, adding a subtle flirty feeling to Ye Junchi’s smile; JiYuan subconsciously nodded.

The moment after both people stood up, the trees in front of them moved a bit, and a person slowly walked out.

It was someone they have not seen for a long time, the Head of the Zhao family, Zhao Buchen.

Ye Junchi was lazy to put on the face mask to continue acting, so he looked on with great interest towards Zhao Buchen, who stood 3 zhang (around 10 meter) in front of them with a face full of murderous intent. His lips curved up, and his smile was cold and thin. There was not much smiles in his eyes, “I heard the Zhao and Jiang family are arch-enemies. Didn’t expect to see the the Zhao family Head inside the Jiang family’s secret grounds. Truly a sight for one to see.”

Zhao Buchen coldly looked at him, “Things like you can also be called human?”

[T/N : ZBC was catching the word ‘human/person’ in YJC’s sentence, a word play in the insult game. Moving on.]

“You are right. Rather than being a base and malicious human, it’s fine being a demon.” The blue veins on Zhao Buchen’s forehead jumped up, he gnashed his teeth and gave Ye Junchi a death stare. His hand was on the hilt of his sword, but he didn’t manage to pull the sword out as his hand was pressed down.

The person who suddenly appeared was Jiang Xuesong. There were no longer refined smiles on his face. Jiang Xuesong’s eyes coldly swept over Ye Junchi and said, “You are not his opponent, you will only get killed if you rushed forward in impulse.”

Zhao Buchen was an arrogant and prideful person, so being pointed out bluntly by Jiang Xuesong, he almost burst out in rage but still get held down by Jiang Xuesong.

Jiang Xuesong smiled but his eyes were not laughing, “If you want to die, at least don’t die in the vicinity of JinHe. Lest the people from the cultivation world thought I have harmed you. Now that you have seen the people you wanted, where is the item I requested?”

Zhao Buchen threw a glance at him with a cold face. He took out a small wooden box from his storage ring without a word, and threw it at Jiang Xuesong.

Catching the box, Jiang Xuesong opened it to look inside and frowned. “You divided the thing into 3 parts, right? Where is the other one?” “Kill him, and I’ll give you the rest.”
“Zhao family Head is really vengeful.”

Jiang Xuesong smiled, and put away the wooden box. He turned around and looked at Ye Junchi, his gaze was as if he was looking at a dead man, “Demon lord daren, it’s an honor to meet you at last.”

Ye Junchi indifferently looked at him without a word.

Daring to aim at him(YJC), they should be clear with his(YJC) strength. Otherwise, they won’t go through such a big round to lead him into their territory. Since Jiang Xuesong appeared in front of him, he(JXS) must have prepared for something that could guarantee his(JXS) life. JiYuan was following beside him(YJC) so he(YJC) couldn’t rush indiscriminately into action. Ye Junchi turned his hand to receive Gui Chi from JiYuan, holding the spiritual sword that has not been completely blossomed with brilliance for a long time.

Jiang Xuesong didn’t show the slightest fear, but smiled instead; his expression was strange.

“Demon lord daren is indeed a rare genius. Even in the demon realm, you are a unique figure. Otherwise, you won’t be able to practice that set of demonic skills so fast.”

The feeling of his words was a bit strange, Zhao Buchen frowned in contemplation while Ye Junchi was still smiling faintly. But his(YJC) eyes became a few points colder.

“Just that, there is a fatal flaw in using an incompatible body to learn such an overbearing demonic skills.”

As Jiang Xuesong continued talking, he seemed increasingly excited.
He(JXS) gave a loud laugh, “So today, Ye Junchi, you are dead meat!”

Upon his last word, his tone abruptly turned severe. Following that, a black blur figure sudden flashed. JiYuan was being pressed by Ye Junchi into his arms, he could only rely on System to check out how the attacker looked like.

It was someone completely covered by a black robe, the stature or appearance of that person couldn’t be seen. That person’s body seemed to be shrouded in wisps of black demonic qi. In the person’s hand was a sword, and the body of the sword was completely black.

Ye Junchi’s face instantly became icy. His voice was one that JiYuan has never heard before, it was a solidified killing intent. Word by word, Ye Junchi spat out, “As expected, it was you.” The author has something to say: JY : How old/big are you actually? YJC
: How big am I? Wifey, aren’t you most clear about it? JY : … YJC : Do you want to feel it properly tonight? JY : … damm smelly rogue.


Chapter 42

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That person laughed in a low tone, his voice was hoarse, not answering anything. He wielded the black sword and fiercely stabbed towards JiYuan. Ye Junchi frowned, and Gui Chi flew sideways to block that strike. Following that, Ye Junchi raised his head up and kicked out at the man. The black-robed person doesn’t dare to accept it head-on so the person flipped his body backwards and went back to Jiang Xuesong’s side.

Jiang Xuesong whispered a few words to the black-robed person. His expression seemed to be in between a little fear and respect.

JiYuan didn’t have the time to look, and was released onto the ground by Ye Junchi.

“This person is a bit tricky…” (T/N : to handle)

Ye Junchi strokes JiYuan’s hair, his gaze was a bit complex.

Gui Chi was unsheathed 3 inches from its sheath, and Ye Junchi conveniently brushed his own finger at the blade. His finger stained with blood, he quickly drew a magic circle beside JiYuan, then bundled JiYuan in it.

“You…” JiYuan opened his mouth, not sure what to say.

Last time when Ye Junchi was facing some hundreds of cultivators, he still managed to carry him(JY) and calmly walked away from within the midst of the cultivators. This time he(YJC) wasn’t that calm, and Jiang Xuesong seemed to mention something like Ye Junchi’s weakness.

“Be good and stay inside the magic circle, nobody would be able to hurt you.”

Ye Junchi’s finger slowly shifted to JiYuan’s cheek, and he smiled,
“What is it? Are you scared?”

JiYuan was silent for a while, then reached out to hold Ye Junchi’s hand. Ignoring that his heart was thick with anxiety, he whispered, “If you die today, I will leave.”

Ye Junchi was stunned, his intuition told him that JiYuan’s ‘will leave’ was not what he thought as leaving to somewhere else. His heart tightened, Ye Junchi bowed down his head and lightly kissed at JiYuan’s forehead, “Then unfortunately for you, don’t even think you would be able to leave ever.”

When the black-robed person finished talking with Jiang Xuesong, he leisurely walked over with the black sword. The person’s voice was raspy, and his original voice was unable to be heard, “Finished exchanging last words?”

Ye Junchi caressed JiYuan’s hair, then turned around to look at the incoming person with a face full of frost, “Why the need to hide yourself, and also hijacking a junior’s body to come here?”

“I’m not like you.”

That person quickly activated a skill, and the black sword in hand shook.
It spontaneously flew up and rushed towards Ye Junchi. After a few months, Ye Junchi finally once again pulled out Gui Chi completely from its sheath. The pure and clear glow from body of the sword formed a sharp contrast against the black sword. When Gui Chi flew out, it looked like a moving glow of the moonlight. Two blades clashed against each other, issuing crisp ‘Ping! Pang!’ sounds. Up in the air, two spiritual swords were hitting each other while down on the ground, two people also started attacking each other.

Both people’s spiritual power exuded faint blood-red color, keep exploding upon collision, causing the earth on the ground to fly and scattered 3 meters away. The surrounding trees and flowers were completely ruined, sands and stones were flying around, and the sky turned darker.

That person laughed out loud, “Truly amusing, for a demon to be actually wielding a spiritual sword meant to eliminate evil.”

Ye Junchi sneered, his attacks were ruthlessly and mercilessly. His expression was indifferent, “It came to my hand in order to eliminate beings like you.”

JiYuan’s heart jumped to his throat.

System comforted after observing the situation, “Don’t worry, that black-robed person cannot beat Big bro. He has been contained by Big bro from the start.”

JiYuan : “That is my Big bro, how can I not worry?”

System being forced-fed imaginary ‘dog food’ uttered a curse sound,

[T/N : For those who doesn’t understand the meaning for dog food, please continue reading this. I found someone explaining the dog food in a funny way online (source) XD

Dog = Single dog(people) Showing PDA in front of single dog(people) = Dog abuse Abused dog could only silently eat its dog food = Being fed dog food]

Observing for a moment, JiYuan found out that the black-robed person was indeed hard pressed in the fight. Feeling relieved, he sat down cross- legged. After a moment of thoughts, he suddenly felt out of sorts.

If couldn’t win, why bother coming out? Just to say big empty words?
Jiang Xuesong and the person behind him were that bored and idle?

Right! Jiang Xuesong!

Ever since Ye Junchi started fighting with the black-robed person, JiYuan no longer pay attention to the other side where Jiang Xuesong and Zhao Buchen was at. Now that he thought of them, his heart suddenly thumped. Those two were not weak, if they cooperated to join the fight, they could give Ye Junchi some serious trouble. But it has been quite a while, they still haven’t give a hand, why?

He abruptly turned towards the place where Jiang Xuesong and Zhao Buchen was standing earlier, just in time to see Jiang Zuesong fished out a small flag from his sleeve.1

Seemed to feel JiYuan’s gaze on him, Jiang Xuesong lightly looked over. His gaze met with JiYuan’s for a moment, then he(JXS) smiled and mouthed a sentence.

“It’s time.”

JiYuan opened his eyes widely, his body instantly turned cold. Not caring if he OOC-ed or not, he shouted out in a loud voice, “Ye Junchi! Leave this place!”

The two people who was fighting paused at the same time. Ye Junchi didn’t look back, but the black-robed person moved instead. He pointed the black sword at JiYuan with provocation.

In a trance, JiYuan seemed to see a pattern of a small floating cloud at the hilt of the sword. It looked familiar but he couldn’t remember where he saw it before at the moment.

Ye Junchi kicked away that black-robed person, and looked at JiYuan. Not waiting for him(JY) to say anything, his gaze fell onto the small flag in Jiang Xuesong’s hand. It was a blood-red flag, and it seemed to be really dyed using blood; separated by such long distance between them but one could still smell a bloody scent that makes people nauseous. Ye Junchi’s pupil shrunk, he wanted to leave the area immediately but the person in black robe grabbed him tightly, exerting all efforts to keep him tightly in place.

Jiang Xuesong took the opportunity to wave the flag in his hand. Instantly, the sky turned turbulent; ‘wind blowing and clouds moving’. The sky was originally dark, now quickly shrouded with numerous black clouds. Even the surroundings seemed like it were covered in the color of blood; a never-ending scene in one glance. Low whispers could be heard from all four corners of the area, as if restless souls were crying. Desolate, it makes one felt terrified.

JiYuan gnashed his teeth.

This black-robed person was actually here to buy time!

What is this? Magic array? What the Hell Jiang Xuesong was trying to do?!

Very soon, JiYuan gets to know what the Hell Jiang Xuesong was trying to do.

Ye Junchi whose movements were originally agile and sensitive, in a split second between the Heaven and earth, his body slowed down, resulting him to receive a direct palm strike from the black-robed person right into his stomach. Following that, he(YJC) was kicked and flung off miles away. Gui Chi at the sky has gradually became dim. Shaking for a moment, it fell onto the ground with a Bang!. The person in black robe flicked away the blood from his blood-stained hand, and laughed in a strange manner. JiYuan’s breathing stopped for a moment. In his eyes, the scene where JiSi died in front of him in his previous lifetime suddenly flashed through. In order to block a few gunshots for him(JY), JiSi pushed him away and was hit straight-on by a car then flung far away by the impact. Ye Junchi’s fallen figure at this moment coincidentally matched with JiSi.

JiYuan’s heart abruptly became painful, and his body were trembling. He really wanted to disregard everything and rush forward but Ye Junchi slowly propped himself up to a sitting position, then threw a sideways stern glance at him. Pausing, JiYuan looked at Ye Junchi with a frown but Ye Junchi broke away from the eye contact. Not caring that his stomach was bleeding from a hole in it, he rubbed away the blood from his lips and lightly said, “So you are using this method, it seems that you are not here to kill me.”

The black-robed person laughed with creepy sound, “No, I am going to kill you. But you cannot die now. You are familiar with this array right? 13 years ago, you used this array to trap His Grace…. humph, His Grace treating you generously and trained you with all his heart to become the next demon ruler, it was all in vain. An ingrate who bit the hands that feeds2 could only go that far.”

His face was pale white but Ye Junchi still calmly asked, “The array has been modified?”


The black-robed person was not in a hurry, slowly explained, “The Soul Lock array can suppress you and His Grace’s cultivated demonic power. But for not-human-not-demon things like you, upon entering the array, you won’t have even the slightest trace of spiritual power.”

“This is the so-called fatal weakness you mentioned?”

Ye Junchi looked at Jiang Xuesong, a faint irony smile appeared on his(YJC) face. Jiang Xuesong frowned, he was feeling uncomfortable from being stared by Ye Junchi.

At a side, Zhao Buchen was completely clueless, “What happened? Jiang Xuesong, you are using an array from the demon race? That person is also a demon? You actually colluded with the demons?!”

Jiang Xuesong shot an impatient cold glare at him, “Shut up. If not for daren’s order, you would have been dead earlier on. This demon(YJC) right now doesn’t have the slightest spiritual power, you can vent however you want. Just make sure he still have the last breath.”

Zhao Buchen frowned, but seeing his arch enemy fallen on the ground from the black-robed person’s kick, he disregard Jiang Xuesong’s malicious talk and quickly walked to Ye Junchi’s side with his blood boiling.

That black-robed person cooperated, cupping his fist and retreated with an expression waiting to watch good show.

“Ye Junchi, your day has come.”

His face was showing a trace of grin, Zhao Buchen ruthlessly stepped onto Ye Junchi’s injured area, and heavily grounded his feet on it.

Ye Junchi frowned, his face became paler and the corner of his lips was overflowed by blood.

The corner of JiYuan’s eyes has already became red, his voice was trembling, “System… how is he?”

System checked for a moment, “His ribs are broken, and there is a gaping hole at his abdomen.”

Seeing that Zhao Buchen wanted to continue, JiYuan finally couldn’t stand it anymore and ran out from the magic circle Ye Junchi has drawn for him. He has yet to reach Ye Junchi, when that person with black robe leaped to stand in front of him, lightly asked, “Where do this little brother want to go?” From his chest came a burst of tear-like pain, JiYuan almost lose consciousness from the pain. Until he fell down onto the ground with a Thump, his consciousness slowly recovered. Struggling to breathe, he coughed out a mouthful of blood, “… the Hell, what happened?”

System explained with sympathy, “You have been kicked and flown away from the impact. But that person with black robe spared some strength with that kick, otherwise you would have died from internal rupture.”

JiYuan raised his head to look at Zhao Buchen no far away from him. Zhao Buchen was laughing in madness, his(ZBC) eyes were scarlet red with anger and hatred. JiYuan doesn’t dare to see how Ye Junchi fare right now. Closing his eyes to take a deep breath, he struggled to get up. Then, he found that Gui Chi was beside him.

That black-robed person… ?

JiYuan was only stunned for a second, he raised Gui Chi and gathered the few remaining spiritual power inside him, chanting the spell that System has recently taught him.

After that person with black robe returned to Zhao Buchen’s side, his/her gaze has been paying attention to JiYuan. Didn’t expect that a moment later, his/her figure would disappear from JiYuan’s line of sight, couldn’t be found everywhere.

He turned to see Jiang Xuesong, a slight sound of wind sounded beside his ear. No time to think what happened, his sword has been stretched out was blocked behind the location of Zhao Buchen’s heart. Immediately, a friction sound between two weapons could be heart.

JiYuan suddenly appeared behind Zhao Buchen, his strike was fierce and ruthless, almost spending all of his spiritual power. Gui Chi slipped from the block by the black sword and stabbed at Zhao Buchen’s back.

[T/N : If the sequence of actions looked confusing, just note that JiYuan fell on the ground when Gui Chi fell down earlier. Then JY chanted something using all his remaining spiritual power. The spell lead JY to rush towards ZBC to stab him at the heart. But that black-robed person was quick too, because he has been paying attention to JY. The sound of wind was caused by the black sword zooming over to block the stab.]

Feeling painful, Zhao Buchen wanted to use his spiritual power to blast JiYuan away but his body abruptly turned numb and couldn’t move.

JiYuan retrieved his sword without any expression. Not even looking at the black-robe person, he half-knelt on the ground, and carefully gathered Ye Junchi in his arms. Then he coldly said, “I have coated the sword with highly toxic poison. If not given antidote within 1 incense time (around 15 mins), Zhao Buchen will die without a doubt. Jiang Xuesong, you don’t want the troubles caused by Zhao Buchen dying in your territory, right?”

Jiang Xuesong had a stupefied expression on his face, but upon hearing JiYuan’s words, he coldly laughed and said, “You should worry that if Zhao Buchen died, people in the cultivation world will know that it was Ye Junchi who was bloodthirsty and ruthlessly killed the Zhao family Head who was pursuing him.”

Having said that, he didn’t dare to let Zhao Buchen die either so he quickly ran to Zhao Buchen’s side. Meeting gaze with that black-robed person, he clenched his teeth and fished out a dazzling gold colored pill and stuffed it into Zhao Buchen’s mouth. Ye Junchi and JiYuan were inside the array anyway, so as long as the array was not broken, Ye Junchi couldn’t use any spiritual power. As for the remaining JiYuan, he was very easy to take out.

JiYuan doesn’t have time to think about what they were thinking or doing. He shakily held Ye Junchi, doesn’t dare to look at the various big and small injuries on his body and lightly called out, “Ye Junchi?”

Ye Junchi’s eyes were closed, and his face was a pale as snow. He seemed to be falling into semi-coma when he heard that familiar voice. Barely opening his eyes, his gaze contained a trace of reproach, “… asked you to stay inside the magic circle.” Meeting Ye Junchi’s eyes, JiYuan couldn’t say the words he wanted to say. His eyes couldn’t help feeling hot, he almost cried.

Ye Junchi wanted to raise his hand to wipe his(JY) tears, but helplessly found out that his arm was broken by Zhao Buchen. He could only softly coaxed, “Don’t cry, baby. I couldn’t hug you now.”

This was the first time that powerful and calm Ye Junchi to be in such a sorry state.

It was extremely difficult to bear for JiYuan’s heart, he opened his mouth and in a shaking voice, “Don’t die.”

Ye Junchi stared at him for a moment. Not giving a positive answer, he weakly smiled, “Suddenly remembered, it’s been a while since you last smiled. Baby, smile for me… ai, don’t cry. It’s alright if you don’t want to smile, don’t cry….”3

JiYuan’s tears were practically at the verge of falling down. Ye Junchi speaking those words with a weak look, as if …. he was stating his dying wish. He quietly bowed his head, his forehead touching Ye Junchi’s forehead, spoke in a hoarse voice, “Get better, and I’ll smile for you.”

Ye Junchi’s eyes became bright for a second, then immediately dimmed down, covering a wisp of craftiness. His voice was still weak, “You promised.”

JiYuan buried his head into Ye Junchi’s nape, all his breaths contained the smell of blood, and silently nodded.

On the other side, Jiang Xuesong finally burst into irritation, “What happened?! Boy, what poison did you coated on the sword?!”

JiYuan turned around and looked at him with sarcasm. How could he carry some toxic poison everywhere he goes? It was just his own blood. But according to Luo Xiuyi’s speculation, a trace of blood was not enough to make someone into his ‘tripod furnace’, what a pity. After some time of meditation, Zhao Buchen finally forced JiYuan’s blood out of him, looking at JiYuan with an awe-inspiring gaze.

Not raising his head, JiYuan asked, “Zhao Buchen, don’t you want to know the real identity of this black-robed person?”

JiYuan didn’t wait for Zhao Buchen to reply, and coldly said, “You should be very familiar with Yun Cheng.”

His expression immediately changed, Zhao Buchen looked at the black- robed person beside him in disbelief.

The author has something to say: YJC : (:з」∠) although body felt very painful, but being hugged by wifey, I don’t feel pain anymore. Being hugged by wifey is comfortable, wifey’s embrace is warm and fragrant… JY couldn’t stand it anymore : Shut up!


Chapter 43

That black-robed person didn’t move and stood still, just that the hand holding the sword involuntarily tightened.

Zhao Buchen’s gaze was complex, he stepped forward wanting to peer into that person’s face but the latter lightly evaded. Needless to say, whether he evaded or openly let Zhao Buchen check, the black-robed person has exposed his hidden face. Zhao Buchen’s expression instantly turned ugly.

JiYuan pursed his bloodless lips, and continued, “As the son of the Alliance’s leader, how could he use demonic skills? And also became so close with the Jiang family’s Head?”

Leaning comfortably inside JiYuan’s arms, Ye Junchi smiled and chimed in, “It was said that the Eldest son of the Yun family is filial and modest. Ah Yuan, do you think this is ordered by the Alliance leader daren?”

“Hard to say.”

Feeling a bit funny in his heart, JiYuan gently patted at Ye Junchi’s back and softly said, “You are hurt, don’t speak.”

Ye Junchi noticed that there were traces of blood on his(JY) collar and frowned, “Did they hurt you?”

He was so dizzy and disoriented just now from being kicked and punched in anger by Zhao Buchen. He almost fainted too, so he doesn’t have the energy at all to pay attention at JiYuan’s side.

“No, those are your blood.” JiYuan shook his head without his face changing color, and raised his head again. His gaze was quiet and cold, “Why don’t Zhao family Head think about it? As a dignified Head of the Jiang family, who would he take orders from someone else? And why does he wanted to leave Ye Junchi a sliver of life? Yun …”

“Shut up!”

Zhao Buchen ferociously cut off JiYuan’s words, and walked quickly to stand in front of the black-robed person. With one pull, he pulled open the hood covering the person’s head. The moment he saw clearly whose face was under the hood, Zhao Buchen’s breathing could be clearly seen became rapid. He gnashed his teeth in disbelief, “Cheng-er? You … you!”

[T/N : For anyone who forgot about it, ‘-er’ is an endearment term.]

Yun Cheng’s face was calm, and he coldly glanced at JiYuan. Just as he(YC) was about to open his mouth, a sudden ear-splitting sound of ‘HONG!’ sounded from somewhere not far from them. The whole area within the array violently shook, even the weeping sound from the surrounding ghost was lowered down.

JiYuan was stunned by a sudden force busting a hole in the array barrier. He has yet to understand what was going on, and the scenery in front of his eyes became blurred. Someone has grabbed him and Ye Junchi, and rushed out from the Soul Lock array through the hole. He absentmindedly turned his head to see and saw Luo Xiuyi, someone he had not seen for a long time.

Facing the rushing cold wind, Luo Xiuyi’s long sleeves fluttered rapidly in the air. His slender eyebrow raised up, and Luo Xiuyi lightly poked at JiYuan’s forehead. Smilingly said, “You guys ah, really know how to give me troubles.”

JiYuan wanted to explain that it was trouble that came up to their doorstep, and not that they were in a hurry to look for trouble. But he didn’t expect the moment he opened his mouth, he spat out a mouthful of blood. Immediately following that, he coughed a few more mouthfuls of blood then only he breathed out like he was relieved, and fainted straight away.


JiYuan dreamed of JiSi again.

In an empty gray space, the youth sat down with his back facing JiYuan. His back was thin, as he was looking up at the endless sky. JiYuan was silent for a bit, then slowly walked to his side. He gave a sideways glance at JiSi, this was the youth’s most energetic look at his 15-16 years old time. His cheeks was still possessing the innocence of childhood.

JiSi was closing his eyes, his handsome face was full with smiles. Seemed to hear JiYuan coming, he turned his head and smiled at him(JY), “Brother dreamed of me again. This time I don’t look scary ba?”

“You have always been good.”

JiYuan also smiled, looking a bit blank at his face.

JiSi : “I think I had a dream too. Dreamed of myself inside another person, and saw brother. Although brother’s appearance was different from before, I still could differentiate in a glance.”

JiYuan replied in a small voice, “That is not a dream.” “Brother… you have someone you like?”

JiSi leaned onto his(JY) shoulder and sighed, “That’s nice…”

JiYuan felt tart in his mouth, “I’m sorry, JiSi.”

“No need to say sorry. Brother didn’t do anything wrong. Also, Brother don’t have to take revenge on my behalf, I’m very good…” JiSi’s voice was getting lower and lower until JiYuan couldn’t hear what he was saying in the end. A slight pain was throbbing at his chest, although it was not obvious, it was enough to make one sober.

JiYuan opened his eyes. He was being hugged inside someone’s arms and a faint nice smell of rosin lingered at his nose. There was a few strands of hair that fell on his face. He turned his face a bit to the side, then felt a slight itch. A hand was half-circling his waist, while his head was resting on an arm. His whole body was leaning onto the person beside him, even his legs were being pressed down. This person usually doesn’t show any display of feeling, but after falling asleep, he inadvertently revealed his possessiveness… it was quite big (feeling of possessiveness).

JiYuan looked up and saw Ye Junchi’s pale face. Unconsciously, he stretched out his hand to touch his(YJC) face, but his hand was caught.

Ye Junchi opened his eyes, there was a faint smile in his gaze, “Awake now? Still feeling painful?”

“Not painful anymore.”

“If you want to touch me, then tell me about it directly. Don’t always take the advantage to do it when I’m asleep.”

As Ye Junchi said that, he licked JiYuan’s fingers. His bright red tongue against JiYuan’s pale white fingers, it actually set off a lewd feeling.

JiYuan blushed and his heartbeat quickened. In his heart, he scolded himself for not able to hold back, and took back his hand.

Ye Junchi doesn’t mind, he pinched JiYuan’s cheek and said in a lower tone, “Didn’t I told you to stay inside the circle? Why are you getting impulsive? If they really wanted to kill me, they would have acted earlier and expose my location.”

Having said that, Ye Junchi frowned and took JiYuan’s hand to press against his(YJC) own left chest. There seemed to a bit of resentment and blame in his tone, “My heart felt painful.” (from seeing you getting hurt) Without any expression, JiYuan said, “My chest is painful, you are pressing at me.”

Ye Junchi pulled open his(JY) collar, “How about I help you rub?”

Not sure wanted to laugh or cry, JiYuan pushed him away. But when he recalled those distressing injuries on Ye Junchi’s body, his movement became stiff; afraid to add more hurt onto the injuries.

JiYuan : “How… are you now?”

“Still good, not dead yet. I have endured even more serious injuries than these before.”

The person in his arms was warm and fluffy, Ye Junchi couldn’t help using his lower jaw to rest on the top of his(JY) head.

Once again, JiYuan suspected that Ye Junchi has lineage from the cat family1. Then he thought of Luo Xiuyi who suddenly appeared and saved both of them, instantly sat up straight and asked, “Where is this place? And Luo Xiuyi?”

“This is naturally my palace. I sent a message to him before we went into the secret grounds, he arrived quite fast.”

Ye Junchi tugged him back into his arms, “Don’t worry about those things now, you must recuperate properly first.”

JiYuan helplessly said, “The one who need to recuperate is you.”

Ye Junchi looked at him(JY), a gentle feeling bubbled inside his(YJC) quiet eyes, “Will you stay and take care of me?”

Pausing, JiYuan nodded.

“You promised me that you will smile at me.”

JiYuan blinked, and poked System, “Don’t play dead. Can I smile?” System : “The original body is someone very committed to promises.”

JiYuan felt relieved, but then he heard System said, “You have maintained face paralysis for almost 6 months, do you still know how to smile?”

JiYuan : “…”

After a few seconds of silence, JiYuan desperately said, “System, quickly save me! I don’t know how to smile anymore!”

System expressed its sympathy and rejected JiYuan’s plead.

JiYuan could only looked at Ye Junchi, unskillfully pulled up the corner of his mouth, “I… I don’t know how to smile.”

The youth curved up his lips in an inexperienced way, even the corner of his eyes followed suit to bend a bit. The moisture in that pair of light colored eyes was glittering, causing Ye Junchi to feel itchy in his heart.

Being stared at by hot, passionate eyes, JiYuan felt like his cheek was burning. He awkwardly turned away, “… am I strange?”

“No, very cute.”

Ye Junchi raised his(JY) chin up, and looked at the white jade cheeks of the youth in his arms dyed in red. He couldn’t help wanting to get more intimate, and still remember to ask, “Ah Yuan, can I kiss you?”


The sound coming from outside the door has destroyed the warm atmosphere between the two people, and Ye Junchi’s face turned black. He only have enough time to cover JiYuan with the quilt, as the door was pushed open at the next moment. Luo Xiuyi walked into the room, bringing the cold air from outside with him. Looking at the youth being wrapped up like a protected treasure in Ye Junchi’s arms, Luo Xiuyi couldn’t help laughing out loud. “I say you have Red Phoenix star’s movement3, in the end it really came true? Don’t wrap him up like this, be careful this little beauty might get suffocated. Tsk tsk, being so mushy the moment both of you woke up. Are you not afraid of being icky?”

Ye Junchi’s expression was flat, “Widower like you won’t understand.”

Luo Xiuyi’s body was trembling from anger, “You!”

Ye Junchi gave a cold laugh, then turned to open the quilt and pulled the blank JiYuan to his body. Kissing his cheek, he asked with a gentle expression in his eyes, “Baby, hungry yet? Put on some clothes and go eat something.”

Luo Xiuyi’s eyes were soon going to get cross-eyed, “You!!!”

Indifferent, Ye Junchi said, “Alright, you should withdraw a bit.”

“Ha? To withdraw for what? A man without (big)chest and (perky)ass, what’s there to see? Who haven’t seen a man’s body before? What you have, I also have.”

The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up, he looked like he wanted to smile but didn’t.

“I don’t care if you watched someone else or not. This is my people, you cannot see, go out.”

Luo Xiuyi went out with a (imaginary)mouthful of blood.

JiYuan wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. He crawled up and started wearing the clothes he found. Then he looked at Ye Junchi. After a moment of hesitation, he went over and whispered, “Can.”

Ye Junchi was startled. Afterwards, he started to understand what JiYuan has just said. His eyes flashed with smiles, and he reached out one hand to hook behind JiYuan’s head, kissing at the red lips he has been coveting for a very long time. On the outside, Luo Xiuyi heard vague noises coming out from inside the room, and his face became darker.

As they finished kissing, Ye Junchi rubbed JiYuan’s hair and whispered,
“Quickly go ba, and eat a bit more. Too thin, it’s hard to hug.” JiYuan couldn’t control himself and rolled eyes at him. “Remember what you said, you will tell me about yourself.”
Nodding, Ye Junchi watched JiYuan leave the room. Some time later, he saw Luo Xiuyi dodgily entered the room. He frowned and asked, “What are you dawdling for?”

“Vomiting, you guys are really icky/greasy.”

Luo Xiuyi sat down by the bedside. The area between his handsome eyebrows contained implicit smiles, “Really fell in love?”

Ye Junchi uttered an ‘En’ sound. There were a few moments of gentleness in his gaze.

“You almost have no contact with humans at all, so falling in love is normal. Plus, little beauty is quite interesting…”

Luo Xiuyi paused, “On the other hand, I need to congratulate you. Apparently, apart from suppressing your cultivation, little beauty’s blood can also suppress those toxic poison in your body. It could be considered as a blessing in disguise. You should be able to feel it ba, when you were in the Soul Lock array.”

Seeing Ye Junchi with a face saying ‘decline to comment’, Luo Xiuyi smiled and no longer continue on the topic. He turned to stare at Ye Junchi’s eyes, “You and I know each other since young, and I also know about the pain you suffered from the demon ruler. I have always felt strange why His Grace raised you like a dog, then suddenly declared that you are his son to the demon realm and vigorously cultivated you. Last night, I figured out some things. You tell me first, how exactly did His Grace died?”

The light was dim in Ye Junchi’s eyes, that it gave Luo Xiuyi a chill down his back. His(YJC) voice was calm like he was stating the weather, “I killed him.”

Luo Xiuyi seemed relieved, “Alright. No wonder Yuqiu looked everywhere like a mad dog to kill you. He disappeared for so many years, is he also killed by you?”

“Almost succeeded.”

“I’ll ask you the last question…” Luo Xiuyi took a deep breath, “Are you a demon?”

Ye Junchi suddenly laughed instead, his smile was gentle but there was no smile in his eyes, “Don’t you already know it?”

The author has something to say: LXY : … Ye Junchi and dogs cannot enter demon realm. YJC sneered : You don’t want to go back to demon realm too?

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Chapter 44

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When JiYuan returned from a slow stroll, the angry Luo Xiuyi has left.

Ye Junchi was half-leaning at the bedside, looking out at the window. Not sure what he was thinking, there was an absent-minded look on his face. He didn’t notice even when JiYuan came to stand beside the bed.

Between the two of them, Ye Junchi has always be the one who took first step to initiate contact, while JiYuan constantly retreats and escapes. When JiYuan returned to his senses, he always found himself agreeing to something with Ye Junchi. JiYuan felt bewildered when he faced Ye Junchi, and doesn’t know what to do.

JiYuan hesitated for a moment, he has yet to start speaking when Ye Junchi turned his head and looked at him(JY) with a bright and gentle gaze, “Ah Yuan, I forgot to say it just now. Thank you for defending me.”

But how many times have you defended me?

JiYuan secretly asked in his heart, then shook his head, “How is your injury?” “Hmm, Zhao Buchen was a bit ruthless. Broken hand has been connected, but it is too inconvenient.”

Ye Junchi smiled and looked at him, “Ah Yuan, are you willing to help me apply medicine?”

Hesitated a bit, JiYuan nodded. He turned sideways and saw the ointment that Luo Xiuyi put by the bedside. He took it and smiled at Ye Junchi, his tone was calm, “You also need me to undress you?”

Ye Junchi sighed with disappointment and took off his clothes by himself, revealing a tight and pretty upper body. His muscles were not exaggerated, and the tactile sensation was comfortable. His skin color was not snow white pale like JiYuan who stayed indoors all year long. JiYuan still remember how good it felt the last time he sneakily touched Ye Junchi everywhere. Trying hard to control himself not to touch or look anywhere out of the line, he sat down beside the bed and inspected the injuries on Ye Junchi’s body.

Those big and small injuries on his body were not much of a hindrance, they have even begun to slowly heal. The problem was the relatively large hole that caused people to feel horrified at Ye Junchi’s lower abdomen.

JiYuan felt unbearable to look at the injury, he carefully took a dollop of the ointment and started applying with trembling hand. However, his hand was caught by Ye Junchi. His tone was gentle and pampering as always, “If you are afraid, then don’t force it. I’ll do it myself.”

JiYuan shook his head, he keep taking note of Ye Junchi’s expression as he applied the ointment. JiYuan had an erection from tending to Ye Junchi1, so the room felt warm. Being stared so intently by Ye Junchi, sweat started to gather at JiYuan’s forehead. He couldn’t stop feeling that someone surnamed Ye was breathing heavier as the time pass.

System gave a ‘tsk’, “A man and a man2 alone in a room together. One even half naked, it’s easy to get ‘fired up’ ah.” JiYuan indifferently uttered an ‘Oh’, “So? You want to spectate a bit more?”

System : “…” Little rascal, you have changed.

JiYuan was not prepared ‘to accidentally shoot a gun while polishing it’3, while Ye Junchi was injured. His gaze slid past Ye Junchi’s smooth and firm skin, lightly asked, “Can the wound be completely healed?”

Ye Junchi gave an ‘En’, then his hand lifted up a lock of his(JY) hair to sniff with his nose. , he(YJC) slowly placed it in his mouth and lightly bit on it. Smiling faintly, he said, “Ah Yuan taste so nice.”


JiYuan exerted efforts to maintain his calm. Ignoring his boiling hot ears, he asked another question, “Then why didn’t the injuries at your back heal completely?”

Ye Junchi’s teasing actions paused. He saw that JiYuan has almost finished applying the medicine, he reached out and pulled JiYuan to the bed. Momentarily surprised, JiYuan only has enough time to kick off his shoes before he was pressed into Ye Junchi’s embrace. He struggled a bit out of reflex, he couldn’t see Ye Junchi’s expression. All he could hear was that low voice with smiles in it saying, “Shhh, story time. Don’t struggle, or my wound would reopen.”

The last sentence was indeed useful, JiYuan immediately stopped moving upon hearing that.

Ye Junchi became quiet for a while, he seemed to be organizing his thoughts. Caressing the hair of the person in his arms, he said in a small voice, “It happened when I was 6 years old.”

6 years old little Ye Junchi, he was born to a small cultivation family which has been in a decline state for many years. Not soon after he was born, he displayed some amazing innate talent. The whole Ye family proceed to treat this newborn child as their precious one and raised him with extreme doting. But they didn’t pampered him blindly as the family was expecting him to make a name for the family when he grew up. Little Ye Junchi could be considered living a life of luxury, and was a little spoiled. But he deeply loved his parents and uncles, so nobody would really blame him seriously if he did something wrong.

That accident happened on his 6th birthday.

Numerous unknown evil cultivators wearing black robe broke into the Ye House, and blatantly grabbed Ye Junchi away. Little Ye Junchi desperately struggled inside the arms of a cultivator. When he turned back to look, he only saw torrents of fire.

His happy family was destroyed in one night, Ye Junchi was brought into a temple and locked together with a group of equally panicked children. They were beaten and scolded at will, there was even some mental cultivators who would pick children with fair and pretty appearances to touch, knead and grope. If not for the cultivators who seemed to have some restrictions imposed on them, one afraid they would do things even more animal.

Ye Junchi at that time could only hastily hid in the corner and smeared his face with dust/ash. He was more mature and clever than his peers, and desperately tried looking for opportunities to escape. When he was about to succeed, he would get caught back and beaten up. There were times he almost get beaten to death.

After living a few months in the underground of the temple, they were blindfolded and sent to another Hell, the real Hell.

Ye Junchi has never thought that there would be such horrifying ‘people’ existed in this world, no, it was ‘demons’. He heard rumors of demons being ruthless and cruel before, but he did not expect there would be demons even more terrifying than rumored.

At the main hall of the palace, a young man with an indifferent expression inspect the group of trembling children like he was checking livestock. Suddenly, seemingly to found something interesting, he went to a child and asked with a tone appearing to be warm, “What is your name?”

The child was shaking like a leaf, he said his name between sobs and sniffles. In his eyes was a hint of expectation, seemingly to hope that this gentle-looking man would let him go back home.

The man frowned instead, “There is no redeeming quality in the name or appearance.”

As soon as he finished his word, he directly hauled the child up and threw him into a pool beside him.

Ye Junchi doesn’t know what was inside the pool at first, until he was almost thrown into it one time. What he saw inside the pool was endless amount of poisonous insects struggling to climb out of the pool. Densely packed, they looked like they could rush out and bite off his flesh and blood any time.

The demon ruler actually caught them to be his ‘Blood jars’. When he gets out of control (from practicing the demonic skill), he would grab a few children over and suck them dry of their blood.

They were shrouded in fear in every waking moment. They were kept inside a prison, and someone would come every day to monitor them to practice/meditate. But if ‘someone’ is to make those monitoring demons even a bit of dislike, or the demon ruler was in bad mood, then that ‘someone’ will be in bad luck.

There were a lot of them being beaten to death. Also were those who starved to death, froze to death, and died from sickness. Those still young and delicate children couldn’t adapt to the harsh environment of the demon realm. Ye Junchi was locked at the corner of the prison, silently grinding the stone he secretly picked up, trying to make the stones sharper.

It was impossible for him to kill that man with a status high above the ground. The stones were for himself, to slash open his own throat before he gets starved to death, froze to death, beaten to death or sucked dry of his blood to death.

That day soon arrived. Ye Junchi and a few children were brought to the demon ruler’s sleeping chamber. The few children at the front were caught, then no sooner later were thrown to a side like garbage. When it was Ye Junchi’s turn, he closed his eyes and abruptly stabbed towards his own throat with a sharp stone. He didn’t die, the demon ruler waved away that stone and grabbed his neck with a light smile. His(DR) voice was faint, “Want to die?”

Ye Junchi could only pray for the demon to exert a bit more strength with his grip, and directly crush his throat.

But the demon ruler released his(DR) hand instead, and looked at him with great interest, “Someone pointed you out(before). You almost escaped back then at Mingxu Temple? Body and bones4 are not bad.”

Ye Junchi pursed his lips tightly, not speaking.

“What is your name? How old?”

Ye Junchi kept his silence. In the end, he was sent back to the prison that day. Seeing him came back safely without problem, everyone was extremely surprised, including those few demon guards. After a long time, Ye Junchi was brought out of the cell; no need to be locked inside that dark and humid cell, and no need to worry of being starved to death anymore. He doesn’t know what the demon ruler really wanted to do, but he understood no sooner later.

The demon ruler thought he was interesting so he(DR) wanted to raise him as a dog. When he(DR) was happy, he would teach Ye Junchi a few skills with pleasant countenance. When he was not happy, he would force Ye Junchi on the ground and ruthlessly whipped him, or he would feed him(YJC) with some poisonous insects or plants. Watching the young child being subjected to an extreme pain, howling with tears and rolled all over the ground, the demon ruler who was sitting on the high seat laughed with unspeakable pleasure. In the end, the demon ruler became more and more excessive. It seems that beating up Ye Junchi has become a pleasure, covering his already scar- ridden back with more and more different weapon’s injury scar.

Having said until that part, Ye Junchi paused and the corner of his lips slightly raised up, “I survived, so I locked him in the array that would suppress his demonic power. After using all my efforts to beat him down, I returned every each of these scars back to him.”

Feeling the fingers which were holding onto his(YJC) clothes gripping harder and harder, and his arms were a bit wet, Ye Junchi’s voice became a bit hoarse. He caressed the top of JiYuan’s head, and murmured, “It’s alright, Baby. It happened a long time ago. These scars won’t disappear but it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Responding to his words were moments of silent. Later, JiYuan’s voice with some nasal sound asked, “What happened next?”

JiYuan’s memory drifted back to a scene happened long time ago. He recalled back when he added something to the nuptial wine, Ye Junchi lightly smiled and not in the least concerned, saying that he grew up tasting hundreds of poison.

He really didn’t expect Ye Junchi would have such a dark and terrifying past.

Ye Junchi’s body unconsciously trembled a bit, he slowly said, “… he found out that I could practice demonic skills.”

The demon ruler was never someone who follows the rules. People from the cultivation world said humans couldn’t practice demonic skills as it was too overbearing. Delicate body will not be able to bear it and would cause the practitioner to burst open, then die. The demon ruler experimented it with a few human child. After all of them failed, he cast his gaze onto the reticent little dog following behind him. Ye Junchi’s body was unexpectedly compatible with both human and demon’s spiritual power. That caused the demon ruler to be very excited. He begun using all sorts of skills to torment Ye Junchi. Sometimes Ye Junchi wondered if the demon ruler was tired of him and wanted to kill him(YJC). But whenever he was one step away from dying, he(DR) would mercifully let go.

Without a shred of dignity, living all days in fear and pain and yet was unable to die, the only thing that supported Ye Junchi through these scarring years and not becoming crazy was revenge.

He didn’t conceal his killing intent toward the demon ruler but the demon ruler doesn’t care either. He(DR) would even pat his(YJC) head like he was comforting a puppy, and laughed out loud, “Little thing, try your best to grow up and kill me ah.”

The demon ruler belittled Ye Junchi, he didn’t think such a child who lived under his shadow and struggled on whilst at death’s door would be of any threats towards him.

Ye Junchi clenched his teeth, and slowly grew up bearing the pain no ordinary people could withstand.

The demon race advocated the principle that whoever could defeat another party, the loser would have to obey the winner. Ye Junchi’s cultivation got higher and higher, eventually earning himself a place in the palace. He even chanced across a spiritual sword by accident.

He was full of confidence, and planned for almost a year. Finally, he took action at the time when the demon ruler was at his weakest point, after coming out from madness(result from practicing demonic skill) state. When Gui Chi was about to pierce into the demon ruler’s chest, Ye Junchi was kicked into the pool of poisonous insects by the demon ruler.

The demon ruler’s stance was slow on the top, and he looked down at Ye Junchi, “Not bad, to be able to do things at this level at such age. It seems that you are worthy to be raised. Just right, as the demons in the demon realm are all useless.”

Gui Chi expelled all those poisonous insects, and Ye Junchi collapsed down on the cold ground. Seeing the demon ruler with laughter in his face, he felt like all the blood in his body has turned cold. He doesn’t have anything in his possession, even the spiritual sword in his arms was deliberately arranged by the demon ruler to let him pick up.

The author has something to say: YJC : Materialistic society, only the warm and fragrant wifey has a bit warmth. HY : … you are becoming more and more mental…


Chapter 45

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The later part of the story was much more simpler.

Failing once didn’t extinguish the young boy Ye Junchi’s urge for revenge. The demon ruler still felt that he was an amusing thing, then slowly found out that his talent was really unusual. Eventually, the idea to cultivate him(YJC) gradually came to his(DR) mind.

Ye Junchi’s growth was as if he grew up soaking in venom. Every step he took was hard and painful. If he have even the slightest thought to slack off, then he would be beaten onto the ground; being thrown into the furnace by the demon ruler who has lost interest or pushed down into the pool of poisonous insects. Not even his soul could get relief. That moment when he personally murdered the demon ruler under his sword, Ye Junchi felt like he has just woken up from a heavy and old nightmare. Heavily injured, Ye Junchi fled to the human realm, but he couldn’t find his own home anymore.

He doesn’t have anything.

He doesn’t have any place to go except the demon realm. JiYuan stayed absent-minded for a very long time.
He has always felt that the reason why System chose him was to let him get salvation from this world, and Ye Junchi was his salvation. He never expect that he would be Ye Junchi’s salvation too.

“… story has reached the end.” Ye Junchi’s voice was low.

The person in his arms was extremely warm, Ye Junchi couldn’t help tightening his hug. Very fond of this point of warmness, “Ah Yuan, are you willing to give me a kiss? Consider it a late comfort for me?”

JiYuan absentmindedly rubbed away the tears that unconsciously formed at his eyes with Ye Junchi’s clothes. He raised his head wanting to say something, and yet couldn’t do so because of a restriction, so he could only closed his eyes and pecked at his(YJC) lower jaw.

His lower jaw being rubbed by a pair of soft and warm lips, Ye Junchi felt a bit itchy in his heart. The hand that was resting at JiYuan’s waist stroke JiYuan for a moment, while the other quietly untied his(JY) belt. Doing that while using conversation to attract his(JY) attention — Ye Junchi has figured out how JiYuan’s mind works. [T/N : Cannot multi-task
:v ]

“Ah Yuan, I probably know who is the person behind the scenes.”

As expected, JiYuan immediately lifted up his pair of shiny eyes a bit wet with tears to look at him. The corner of his eyes was a bit red, a natural and pure clean charm. Ye Junchi silently pondered, the food already arrived to his mouth, so not eating would be a waste. His smile became even warmer and he continued, “I have sent people to investigate South Lake. There are two ways we can choose.”

Seeing him smiling like a big-tailed wolf, JiYuan silently shuddered. He didn’t notice that his belt has been untied. The situation was increasingly dangerous, but his train of thoughts was following down the topic.

“One, we’ll marched 100,000 of demon soldiers directly towards north, and trample South Lake to the ground, rescuing father-in-law daren out.”

JiYuan : “…”

System : “I told you that Big bro has this mind, ain’t I’m right, Ji Daji?” [T/N : System put the surname Ji in front of the name Daji]

JiYuan ignored System, and asked with an indifferent face, “The other way?”

Following the first option would definitely cause a war between the human and demon realm, without a doubt. It was not easy for the grudges at both realms to be finally pacified for hundreds of years, so whoever caused another war between the human and demons would be eternally sinners, condemned by history forever. JiYuan refused to be the fuse that sparked off the war between two realms, this task was too heavy for him to bear. He doesn’t want to leave a name in the history which he would be described in details for being the roots of troubles, and to be criticized by future generations.

‘Cruel tyrant Ye’ doesn’t know that, he just placed a kiss on JiYuan’s forehead, then said with smiles, “This method is much more simpler, and those people couldn’t ‘fire arrows at us in the back’.”

Pausing, he continued, “The other way is we go back to the human realm and continue searching for clues, then seize those people by their tails. Although Yun Cheng was being controlled, he seems to retain some senses of his own, we could use that point.” But this time back, how the furious Jiang Xuesong and the rest of the people would act was not necessarily predictable.

“What actually do they want from you?”

Ye Junchi absentmindedly smiled, and pointed at himself, “What they want is me. I heard it some time ago that the Zhao family has a special ‘Soul Summon Skill’. Only the family Head can study and practice it. Their motive is to get that skill from the Zhao family, but then they couldn’t bear to kill me, and lure me to South Lake…”

“… they wanted to summon the demon ruler’s soul to occupy your body?”

Ye Junchi’s eyes were cold, “En. I have practiced that set of demonic skills, just like the demon ruler. And I have human spiritual powers to restraint the evil nature of the skill. Hence, using my body to resurrect the demon ruler is the most ideal way.”

A light bulb lighted in JiYuan’s mind, “That man was Yuqiu?”

“Ah Yuan is really smart.” Ye Junchi stroked JiYuan’s hair like a praise, and sneered, “That man is really worthy of being called the demon ruler’s most loyal dog. Back then, I accidentally let him run away… didn’t expect him to hide and sneak around to make these little tricks.”

JiYuan silently digested the information for a while, then after a few words of discussion with System, he asked the final question in his heart, “Why must it be South Lake?”

“South Lake is the battlefield of the ancient wars. Thousands of soul of the deceased linger around there, the Yin energy is extremely heavy. It can be described as the place with the heaviest Yin energy between both realms. The Yun family’s immortal residence should be over there, in order to make use of the array to suppress the Yin energy. Those Yin energies are very harmful to normal people and cultivators with lacking spiritual powers. On the other hand, it is the best place to summon soul. Moreover … there were a few generations of demon ruler battled there before, and they were murdered by the human cultivators.”

Ye Junchi’s tone was faint, “Yuqiu should have done all necessary preparations, and is waiting for the resurrection of the demon ruler. Then they will take over South Lake, washing away their shame and at the same time, mercilessly give those cultivators a slap in the face.”

Human cultivators have lived too comfortably in these few hundreds of years, that they probably have forgotten that for the demons, in addition of having frightening level of cultivation, they are also very insidious and cunning.

JiYuan suddenly felt uneasy, “Yun Cheng was controlled… and the Immortal Swords assembly suddenly changed location, doesn’t that means Yuqiu is…”

“Don’t worry.”

Ye Junchi released a breath, his expression became gentler, “Human cultivators are not that stupid, and it’s not easy to provoke them either. Even if Yuqiu really managed to sit on that position, he still couldn’t sit on it peacefully.”

Nodded, JiYuan leaned into Ye Junchi’s arms, lightly pondering about the entire process of the development. He didn’t notice that the stare from someone was getting more and more burning. Until he came back to his senses and realized what happened, his own clothes has been loosened. One pull and everything fell off, revealing most of his white chest, two ‘red beans’ appeared in Ye Junchi’s line of sight with shyness.

System shouted a ‘Indecent picture, I’m dropping the line’ and then, there were no sounds anymore. Although his(JY) ‘dragon’ was buried under the quilt, but because his chest was suddenly exposed to the air, JiYuan still shivered. The next moment, he was pressed down by Ye Junchi.

JiYuan’s face was flushed, “Don’t! Go Down!” Ye Junchi blinked, his gaze revealed a bit of surprised then he started admiring the youth’s long missed beautiful body. Pressing down JiYuan’s hands, Ye Junchi lowered down his head and experimenting-ly bit lightly on the bright red peaks on his(JY) chest. His voice contained smile, “Asking me to go down? Ah Yuan want to be on top? I heard being on the top as the first time will be very painful.”

JiYuan : “… we can’t, your body is injured.”

There was a dreadful bloody hole at Ye Junchi’s lower abdomen. When doing those indecent exercises, the lower abdomen need to use force. He doesn’t want when two people were passionately doing it, it suddenly turned into a bloody battlefield. At that time, if Ye Junchi doesn’t wilt, his will.

Ye Junchi was crowding-in to JiYuan’s legs, half-kneeling between his thighs. He looked down at his own injury, instantly felt depressed. This hit from Yuqiu was not any ordinary injury. Even if it was himself, he also couldn’t heal in such a short period of time. He doesn’t mind if the wound really reopened later, but it was not good to frighten JiYuan.

Letting the duck already at his mouth to fly away?

Ye Junchi lowered his gaze and looked at JiYuan, whose body looked very delicious underneath his body. Gently raising his eyebrow, Ye Junchi leaned down and hugged JiYuan, his(YJC) lower body pressed down on him(JY) with a not-heavy-not-light pressure. With a thick husky voice, “I don’t care. Letting you go so many times, I can’t take it anymore.”

JiYuan originally thought to keep a spirit of righteousness and bravely refused him, but he doesn’t expect that his little brother would get excited with a mere friction; raising its head and made an intimate contact with Ye Junchi’s little brother.

Ye Junchi couldn’t help laughing out, “Baby, it seems that you want it too.” Embarrassed, JiYuan couldn’t keep with the righteousness spirit, went to talk about reason, “You are still injured.”

“No hindrance.”

“There will be a lot of blood if the wound really reopened.” “It’s okay.”
“… I’m afraid.”

Ye Junchi tilted his head and bit on JiYuan’s neck, his breath was scorching hot, “Then, what you say we should do now?”

JiYuan became silent for a moment, “You go and soak in cold water?”

Ye Junchi gnashed his teeth, “En? Baby, what did you said?”

JiYuan wanted to laugh and cry, he howled for a few minutes in his heart but didn’t hear System’s reply. Taking a deep breath, he said in a quiet voice, “I’ll help you relieve it with my hands.”

Although the proposed method deviated from the one his heart was looking forward the most, but having JiYuan agreeing to it could be considered a progress. The corner of his lips lifted up, and Ye Junchi lazily left a few ambiguous marks on the white chest underneath his body. As he felt JiYuan’s trembling touch down there, he sighed with a comfortable feeling.

JiYuan deeply thought, it was fortunate that System has considerately went offline. Otherwise, even if it was not considered OOC, being watched as he do this kind of thing was not an ordinary type of embarrassment.

Just as he was in deep thought, his thing was also being held. JiYuan’s face stiffened, then he felt his lips being kissed. Ye Junchi’s eyebrows were completely filled with joy, the joy of having his wish fulfilled, “My repayment back to you.”

‘*** Because Ye Junchi was injured, and the situation at the human realm was unknown, they temporarily couldn’t go out to the human realm to mix in the chaos. So JiYuan and Ye Junchi recuperated inside this fairly familiar palace for time being, just that JiYuan has moved from the original courtyard to demon lord daren’s room.

JiYuan pondered for a few days, then went to ask Ye Junchi if this palace is that palace.

Ye Junchi touched his(JY) head and smiled, “That palace has been burnt down by me, this palace is our home.”

The guards and maids inside the palace fully reflected how high their inner quality was, as no one revealed even a hint of surprised from seeing the original cold beauty became a young handsome man. As JiYuan wandered around the palace in boredom, he came across a few of Ye Junchi’s generals.

These demons were subordinates cultivated by Ye Junchi himself for a very long time. They gave a lot of support during the coup 13 years ago, and they earned their own merits in flattening that filthy MingXu Temple. JiYuan felt a rather favorable impression towards them, and these demons don’t have that much of a prejudice towards human too; they still can chat one or two things with JiYuan. Or they could be said as too idle and bored for years, and often gathered in a corner of the palace to drink and chatter. So when they saw a unfamiliar face breaking this idleness, they happily pull him into their talk about the great achievements of their past.

The fact that Ye Junchi brought back a young man to the palace, and also let the youth to stay inside his own bedroom was not spread out. Those generals thought that His Lord was just bringing back a small plaything to play, so they were quite sympathetic towards JiYuan, “Little brother, don’t be afraid. Our lord is actually quite a good person.”

Ye Junchi has always treated his subordinates in a cold and strict manner, he really didn’t particularly reveal how he was a ‘good’ person to them. These few generals of his racked their brains but couldn’t think of any other good words, so they could only blurt out a sentence in red face, “Our lord…. has good face!”

JiYuan : “…” Ye Junchi, the only impression you can give to your subordinates was just this one point?

Those idle generals quickly moved on from the current topic to the next, and winked, “Little brother, have you done it with His Lord?”

JiYuan was expressionless : “…” I heard that most demons are quite straightforward, that is quite true.

Seeing that there were no expression on JiYuan’s face, one of the generals nodded with a face of understanding. He sneakily pushed a rectangular box to JiYuan’s hand, “Keep it ba, you will need it tonight.”

JiYuan weighed the box in his hand, he doesn’t know what was inside the box as the content has quite some weight. Wanting to laugh and cry, JiYuan handed the box over, “No need, many thanks to the general’s good intention.”

That general solemnly pushed back the box and said, “Our lord has a bad habit. He won’t let go once he get his hands on the things he wanted, he won’t let go either if the thing still haven’t fall into his hands. Little brother, you can no longer go back, so you need to consider for your own future here.”

In his heart, JiYuan was thinking if the general has packed a boxful of potent spring medicine(aphrodisiacs) inside. He was about the refuse when someone abruptly stuck to his back. His waist was also being circled by someone. A touch of rosin smell wafted over, as the top of his head was being lightly rubbed.

“It’s a gesture of their kindness. My little beauty, take it ba.”

The author has something to say: YJC : Ngnn, wifey, faster … ah… gentler… hurts…. JY : Your mother, just putting on ointment don’t make like it going on bed! Banana : Lol, so solemn. What do you think is inside the box? :3 No spoiler please ah. I won’t reply to your guesses as answering means spoiler but feel free to guess XD You will know the answer in the next chapter.

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Chapter 46

[Banana : Before you guys continue reading, please make sure no one is behind/beside you. I put the picture of ‘that item inside the box’ here so I don’t want passerby to see your screen and get shocked :v ]

Those few generals saw Ye Junchi and shivered. All of them knelt down with a clatter, and guiltily greeted in a small voice, “… My Lord.”

Ye Junchi slowly nodded, his fingers were lightly kneading JiYuan’s waist. He threw a glance at the box, and said with a smiling-yet-not-smiling smile, “Not bad.”

JiYuan’s brow scrunched up a bit, his intuition told him that this ‘Not bad’ from Ye Junchi was a ‘Bad’ for him. So after pondering for a while, he still decided to return the box.

Ye Junchi seemed to figure out his intention, and mischievously pinched his waist. The pinch was not light nor heavy, and yet it make his limbs turned soft. JiYuan immediately pursed his lips to hold back a groan.

Due to his body was still injured and his lust was not satiated, the demon lord daren recently indulged in tormenting(the fun type) JiYuan. JiYuan doesn’t want to be petty with a wounded person, but Ye Junchi happily ‘give an inch take a mile’ because he(YJC) was not admonished for his behavior. Except the ‘final’ step to do that ‘something’, basically they have done everything that needed to be done and also that doesn’t need to be done. In the end, JiYuan hugged the box and took it back to their room with Ye Junchi.

In a position that JiYuan couldn’t see, Ye Junchi shot a look of praise to that general and nodded his head. That general revealed a simple and honest smile back to him.

System who was observing the whole thing, felt a little sympathetic towards this silly child. How did he get his hand on these ‘black-hearted’1 goods?

Not long after they returned to their room and sat down, Luo Xiuyi dropped by.

Demon lord Luo and Ye Junchi has an amicable friendship, so no one stopped him from entering the palace. Luo Xiuyi with a serious expression, walked all the way right to the front of Ye Junchi’s room without obstruction, and he pushed open the door without hesitation — to see JiYuan being swindled and coaxed into sitting on Ye Junchi and was in the middle of kissing. His expression instantly turned from serious to gloomy black, the expression that says ‘you despicable pair of couple!’.

JiYuan finally found a benefit of having facial paralysis. For example, you can avoid looking embarrassed.

He coldly climbed down from Ye Junchi’s legs, and prepared to look for a place to loiter; waiting until Luo Xiuyi and Ye Junchi finished talking to return. On the other hand, he can diffuse some heat away from his face and ears. But unexpectedly, Luo Xiuyi looked at him and said, “Little beauty, the reason I came today is to look for you.”

His peripheral vision saw that Ye Junchi’s face became vigilant, Luo Xiuyi clenched his teeth and said, “Excuse me, I like soft and fragrant girls, not men. Get a grip, Ye Junchi.”

Ye Junchi gave an ‘Oh’ and nodded, pressing Gui Chi back. With a calm voice, “My JiYuan is also soft and fragrant to hug.” JiYuan gave him(YJC) a kick, then tidied up his own clothes and sat down, “Is there anything you need from me?”

“I presume that you already understood Ye Junchi’s body condition.”

JiYuan paused, then nodded.

The poison that the demon ruler fed Ye Junchi was too much. Although he(YJC) managed to force the poison into one of his acupuncture points and sealed it there, but in the end it was still deposited there in the body for many years. If the poison continued to be sealed, it won’t be purified. One day would come when it finally have an outbreak in the body. At that time, thousands of poison and toxic would attack, even with Ye Junchi’s cultivation, he won’t be able to suppress it; a risk like a time-bomb.

Out of expectation, this exotic body constitution of JiYuan’s could completely suppress and even purify those poisons.

Luo Xiuyi glanced at Ye Junchi and slowly said, “To meet you can be considered one of the lucky things in Ye Junchi’s life.”

Ye Junchi walked slowly to JiYuan’s side, then hugged that thin body into his arms. His eyes was gentle and quiet, “Naturally.”

“You are going to wait until your injury healed, then go back to the human realm ba?”

Luo Xiuyi self-serviced and poured himself a cup of tea. He lightly sipped the tea, not even raising his head and said, “I know a bit of the situation in the human realm. I heard that the Zhao family Head suddenly fell unconscious. On the other hand, many old scandals of the Jiang family Head suddenly came up in the open. This two arch enemies turned silent, people were clamoring that it was something done by you and this person inside your arms. If you and little beauty go back to the human realm, afraid that your situation would be worse than before.”

“So?” Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows.

As long as it was not thousands of cultivators attacking at the same time, he was confident he would be able to escape and even single-handedly handle them.

Unfortunately, the cultivators in the human realm has their own different thought. It was such a rare chance to have them gathered in thousands and work together to do one thing without fearing their own life and death. Even if one could gather thousands of cultivators together, but without a reliable leader who could unify their hearts, they will be a pile of loose sand and collapsing at the first blow. But then though they were quite incompetent, they could still work together in the face of a strong demon invasion; like twisting yarn into a strong rope, working together to resist foreign enemies. That phenomenon really puzzled the demon race.

“Little beauty’s blood in your body cannot stay anymore. Critical moments won’t give you enough time to bite little beauty a few mouthful of blood and biting is still painful. Moreover, what if both of you are separated? One has his spiritual power suppressed, the other has low cultivation. Even if you guys want to die, don’t die in such a sorry state ah. So… it’s time to transfer cultivation to little beauty.”

Luo Xiuyi blinked, his smile was strange, “Other than that, you still need to clean your body from those poisons. No matter how much I think of it, intercourse is the only way that can kill two birds with one stone.”

… why is it I felt like the whole world is advising us to go to bed.

JiYuan went silent for a moment, then asked with a frown, “If he transfer his cultivation to me… will his own cultivation get damaged?”

Luo Xiuyi lightly smiled, “Little beauty is quite concerned about you — don’t worry, the ‘double cultivation'(intercourse) is conducive for the progress of cultivation. This bastard’s cultivation not only wouldn’t regress, it will improve a few more points tremendously. Though your constitution at the beginning was really giving people trouble and make people unhappy, it is in fact a constitution that is beneficial to others and yourself. But this constitution is rare to start with. Once appeared, one could be directly easily strangled to death2, so not many people really know about these information.”

Pausing, he(LXY) took something out and gave it to Ye Junchi. He meaningfully looked at JiYuan, while his words were meant for Ye Junchi, “It has been quite some time now. Your injury should be almost completely healed. If little beauty still is being shy and refused, you should let him eat this. I just refined some good things.”

JiYuan : “….” Spring…. spring medicine? Giving this thing to Ye Junchi right in front of his face?!

Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows, and met JiYuan’s eyes for a moment. Seeing his eyes with surprise and grievance, Ye Junchi refused Luo Xiuyi’s good intention with a feeling wanting to laugh and cry.

“I don’t need this, you should use it for yourself.”

Luo Xiuyi lightly chuckled, didn’t say anything. After giving a few glances at JiYuan, he(LXY) finally couldn’t hold back his words and said, “… little beauty looked weak and fragile. Ye Junchi, you this animal need to remember to do it lightly ah. If you broke him, the one who will cry in the end is still you.”

Ye Junchi impatiently kicked him out of the palace. The room felt empty all of a sudden.

The windows were still open, so the cold wind blew into the room from outside. JiYuan and Ye Junchi was sitting facing each other in silent. Being stared intently by his hot gaze, JiYuan shivered and felt like the hot air was clashing with cold air.

“Very cold?”

Ye Junchi reached out to touch his cheek, then turned around to close the windows. JiYuan blushed and his heartbeat quickened. Although he knew he would go to bed with Ye Junchi sooner or later, he still couldn’t help feeling afraid at this moment. … these few days, they have bared their hearts and body many times. According to what JiYuan personally estimated using his hand, the size of Ye Junchi’s precious thing was not something a mortal can easily accommodate.

He has just quietly stepped backwards two steps, then he heard Ye Junchi’s gentle voice sounded from behind, “Baby, where are you going?”

As that was being said, his ear was licked. JiYuan’s body trembled, his own voice couldn’t help became smaller, “Your injury….”

“Almost healed, didn’t you see it last night?”

JiYuan blushed and closed his eyes, not saying anything.

Not taking any of his excuses, Ye Junchi stroked JiYuan’s waist. His hot breaths blew into his(JY) ear, “Ah Yuan, can I…. ?”
JiYuan helplessly opened his mouth and said, “You…. be gentle.” “Before that, how about you look at what my good subordinate has
given you?”

Ye Junchi carried him and sat on the bed. Handing over the box, his voice almost a whisper, “Open and see.”

JiYuan keep feeling that something was not right. After a moment of silence, he reached out and opened the box. In the box laid items with different sizes, thickness and length, almost 10 … jade … sticks?

System stifled a laugh, “…. Jade rods. Give me a second, I’ll pass the information to you.”

3 seconds later, JiYuan’s expression became strange and complex. Yes, people. Jade dildos ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ye Junchi doesn’t have to look at the box to know what was inside. He secretly glanced at JiYuan and carved that delightful(for YJC) expression in his mind. His voice was really husky and hoarse, “Mhhmm, for your first time, does Ah Yuan want to use it?”

JiYuan slapped the cover back to the box like it was on fire, furiously wanted these things to be destroyed on the spot. He then turned around to glare at Ye Junchi with a black face, “If you dare to use these things, then you can live pleasuring yourself with it forever.”

He doesn’t dislike making love with the person he liked, but to use toys…. no need for that. There was one time in his original world, he went to search for a few danmei ‘meat text’ to read when he was bored. After reading it, he could even feel his chrysanthemum lightly throbbed with pain and his heart shivered with chill.

Hmmm, it seems some time is still needed to accept these.

Ye Junchi doesn’t force JiYuan, he put away the box of jade rods with a smile. Following that, he carried JiYuan and turned around, gently putting him down on the bed. Pressing down on JiYuan, he interlocked their fingers together. His gaze was gentle like a pool of spring water, so deep one would drown in it. His voice was like reading a poem out loud; deep and elegant.

“Ah Yuan, I like you. I will only want you alone in this lifetime.”

JiYuan called out in his heart a few times, confirming that System was indeed offline. So as he locked eyes with Ye Junchi, he revealed a faint smile.

The corner of the youth’s bright red lips curved up slightly, and his eyes were slightly narrowed. His original appearance was a clean and handsome look, but when he smiled, it was warm and gentle like the sun.

JiYuan : “Then I will give myself to you for time being.” “For time being?” “I’ll see how you would do later.”

Ye Junchi stared at him, “I won’t let you down.”

The muslin curtain fell down, and the bed was shaking from the movements within. Moonlights were hanging by the window, and sparse stars scattered in the sky. Within this silent surrounding, vague breathless groans could be heard coming out faintly from the room. 3

At a corner somewhere in the palace, a few generals were drinking while chatting, “Say, do you think His Lord will have any use for those toys?”

“Don’t know.”

One of the generals touched his own chin and laughed, “Maybe, he really can make use of it? His Lord followed behind that little brother every day, his eyes are going to turn green soon.”

“Really didn’t expect His Lord would like a man…”

“Why do you looked like you are feeling a bit sorry? Couldn’t be you like His Lord?”

“Pffft.” That general nearly choke on his drink, “I still want to live for a few thousands of years.”


When JiYuan woke up, the sky has already turned bright. However, he doesn’t have to ask to know that this was certainly the morning of the third day4. His whole body was so painful that even his fingers couldn’t move. He felt like he couldn’t feel his lower body, and could only lay on the bed. Without any expressions on his face, he pondered when did he lost his consciousness.

Not sure how many years has the demon lord daren held back, and now all the ‘fire’ were completely let loose on him. JiYuan could only remember that the sky was already bright when he fainted, Ye Junchi was holding him and whispering something in a low voice. Come to think about it, he seemed to be saying…

Wait until we rescued father-in-law daren, we will get married in the demon realm.

He was still in deep thoughts when he heard System’s cold voice,
“Awake ah, nice or not?”

JiYuan’s eyes became empty, “Oh, I think I have become paralyzed. Is there any wheelchairs in this world?”

System : “…”

System : “Can you feel the surging spiritual power inside your body?”

Surprised for a moment, JiYuan closed his eyes. Indeed, he could feel a surge of spiritual power rushing through the spiritual veins in his body. The spiritual power made a full circle in his veins, making his whole body comfortable. Seemed like even the body’s soreness have reduced a lot.

“Congratulations, for you can finally be ‘Tiger Ji’. Do you need me to teach you a few skills?”

JiYuan smiled, “No need, my man will teach me.”

System : “…” Finally can understand how Luo Xiuyi feels.

Talking a few rounds of nonsense with System, JiYuan was suddenly aware of someone getting closer to him and his body stiffened. The moment he smelled the familiar fragrance of rosin, his body became relaxed once more. Then, he felt his forehead was hot, following by his nose, cheek and finally the hot feeling fell onto his lips. Under the quilt, a hand has also reached in to stroke his smooth and creamy skin without restraint. JiYuan exerted effort to maintain his calm, continue closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep.

After going through all those crazy lovemaking sessions, he really… don’t know what kind of expression he could use, when he opened his eyes and sees Ye Junchi.

That hand kneaded his chest for some time. Seeing that he didn’t respond, the hand slowly slipped downwards. Waiting until the hand went past his belly and heading towards his dangerous zone, JiYuan suddenly reached out to grab that hand — immediately caused his affected body to move. The pain was so much, tears were pooling in his eyes.

JiYuan grudgingly opened his eyes, using his pair of hazy eyes still wet with tears to meet Ye Junchi’s quiet eyes which were containing smiles.

“Finally willing to open your eyes.”

“… don’t mess around, I am very tired.”

JiYuan awkwardly turned his head around. Ye Junchi readily accepted the words and turned his own body so that he could face JiYuan. Reaching out to touch his cheeks, his gentle and soft voice said, “Be nice, I won’t move you anymore now. Why are you crying again?”


His mind suddenly recalled back when he was doing some ‘exercises’ with him(YJC), he couldn’t help it and cried for mercy. The result was the person on top of him didn’t stop but became even more excited and bullied/teased him into more vigorous scenes. JiYuan’s cheeks turned boiling hot, he doesn’t dare to look at Ye Junchi. His voice was hoarse when he opened his mouth, “Where did you go?”

“I was just outside, Luo Xiuyi came to ask for the result.”

Ye Junchi opened the quilt and his gaze swept over JiYuan’s body. When he saw his(JY) body was completely covered by the traces he left behind, the smile in his lips became deeper. He then laid down on the bed and clung at JiYuan, “Baby, you worked hard. Sleep a bit more.”

JiYuan has just woken up, so he doesn’t feel that sleepy. But being coaxed by Ye Junchi in a soft voice, he felt that his eyes were becoming warm and heavier. He vaguely muttered something, then peacefully leaned into Ye Junchi’s arms and fell asleep.

The author has something to say: What is the most delicious thing that you ever eaten? JY : Ah, there are a lot. But coming to this world, I think it’s good as long as it’s meat… YJC (without hesitation) : My wifey!


Chapter 47

[Banana : In case anyone has forgotten, YangNing is where the Ji family and Zhao family located, just that one is on the mountain while the other in the town.]

YangNing has already been covered in heavy snow, like being wrapped in silver. The mountainous terrains were heavily covered, like silver snakes dancing in the mountain; there was no end to it. In this winter where everywhere were covered in ice, don’t say common people, even cultivators couldn’t bear to leave their house.

The taverns inside this little town were full with customers. There were common folks, as well as cultivators in the tavern but most of them would sit with their own community. After all, in the eyes of the arrogant cultivators, it was already a great honor for common people that they sat inside the same tavern. If they sat together, they afraid those common people would get their life span shortened.1

Unfortunately, most common people shared the same view with those kind of cultivators. They were extremely afraid of cultivators.

Sitting in the middle of the tavern was a few young cultivators from a small clan. Proudly glancing at the common folks around the tavern, they started discussing in low voices on the recent strange and interesting happenings in the cultivation world.

Listening to them for a long time and still haven’t heard of his own name, the youth sitting at the corner of the tavern used the cover of his cup to poke the floating tea stems in boredom. The contrast of the pitch black tea cup has make the youth’s white slender fingers looked particularly nice. The man beside him couldn’t help it and reached out to hold his fingers. The man brought the fingers to his lips and kissed on it. Meeting that light gaze, he smiled and said, “Your fingers are so cold, I’ll help you warm it up.”

You are lying with your eyes opened wide.

JiYuan was expressionless, but he doesn’t mind the man being intimate with him in the public.

Ye Junchi proceed, being ‘given an inch and took a mile’. He leaned into JiYuan and sniffed at his hair. Parting the loose hair scattered at his(JY) neck, Ye Junchi looked at the marks at his nape and said with some regret, “It became lighter.”

He(YJC) blinked, a trace of something dangerous flashed in his eyes,
“How about I work hard tonight and make those marks deeper?”

JiYuan maintained his expressionless face, “What did you promised me?”

Sighing, Ye Junchi looked at the youth where he could only ‘see but not touch’, he felt kind of depressed in his heart. When he finally get to eat JiYuan a few days ago, he accidentally did it a bit too much. JiYuan laid on the bed for a whole day as the result, forced him(YJC) to make promise with clenched teeth that he(YJC) won’t touch him again within a month.

After listening for a while, those few young cultivators still didn’t mention anything worthwhile. JiYuan frowned and said, “Let us change location ba.”

Ye Junchi nodded. Just as he wanted to get up, a little handsome cultivator from that table suddenly said, “Oh yeah, the Zhao family Head still haven’t wake up. I heard the Alliance Head daren has sent out a lot of people to search for miracle medicine. Martial brother Zhen, doesn’t your family has a miracle medicine handed down from generation to generation? How about using that to try? If you managed to wake the Zhao family Head up, then your family will have a big backing in the future.”

“Don’t speak nonsense.”

That ‘Brother Zhen’ berated him, then helplessly said, “My family’s ancestral medicine couldn’t be considered as anything. One doesn’t know how much of these things are collecting dust inside the warehouse of both Yun and Zhao family. Furthermore, the Zhao family Head was harmed by that demon Ye Junchi. How many cultivators in the human realm can help him?”

“Yes yes yes…“ That little cultivator smiled in embarrassment, “But talking about Ye Junchi, I heard the chaos at JinHe’s Jiang family was also done by him?”

“That is not necessarily true.”

That ‘Brother Zhen’ pondered for a moment, “The scandals of the Jiang family Head written in those letter, every each of them has eyewitnesses. I think the Jiang family Head did something bad to someone and caused that someone to do this as revenge. Really hard to believe that the rumored gentleman Jiang family Head was actually such a person.”

“Didn’t they said the Jiang family Head has transactions with the demons, and also kidnapped talented children to send to demon realm? I say, this matter certainly has connection with the demon Ye. Maybe the Jiang family Head is actually transacting with the demon Ye. Really couldn’t imagine what kind of hardship awaits those children…”

A girl said it with concerns in her voice, secretly glanced at Brother Zhen.

Brother Zhen’s expression was solemn as usual, lightly said, “Before the truth come to light, don’t recklessly jump into the conclusion. 3 years ago when Ye Junchi started a slaughter in the MingXu Temple, everyone thought he was bloodthirsty. Didn’t some also said that MingXu Temple was corrupted, aiding and abetting wicked deeds; resulting a massacre on them?”

“That kind of evil demon…”

“Except from massacring MingXu Temple and murdered ZhaoYang, I don’t think I heard of Ye Junchi doing anything else.”

Another girl at the side opened her mouth, “I think it’s strange. There are so many untraceable proof, why did he(YJC) get sentenced to a crime just like that? Moreover, ZhaoYang that kind of good-for-nothing, killing him is just….”

Brother Zhen frowned, “Martial sister Lin.”

Sister Lin knew that she spoke out of line, immediately shut up.

That young girl curled her lips, “What good thing would come from the demon race.”

“Right, plus the entire cultivation community is chasing that demon. Many entrance between the human and demon realms are guarded by numerous seniors. That devil probably knew his sins are deep so doesn’t dare to appear.”

That little cultivator immediately matched up.

After a while, the group switched to another topic to talk about. JiYuan listening at a side couldn’t help wanting to laugh. He threw a few more glances at Brother Zhen and Sister Lin, and then his eyes were covered. JiYuan pursed his lips, but didn’t pull away the hand of someone surnamed Ye. Wondering if he(YJC) was eating vinegar(jealous) of that social influencer2, he lightly said, “People are saying something good about you.”

This was the first time he came across a human cultivator who would say something good about Ye Junchi. Ye Junchi didn’t object, he doesn’t care how other people thought of him. Else, he won’t bring his demon armies to level MingXu Temple to the ground with a revengeful intention 3 years ago. Not a word of explanation, he burned that filthy place down and returned home.

Recalling back of something that JiYuan said before, he became a bit worried. He pinched his(JY) cheeks and said in a low voice, “You are not allowed to glance at other people a few more times. Male is out of the question.”

Pausing, he added one more sentence, “Female is also out of question.”

JiYuan don’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I am already together with you, why are you still worried of woman?”

Ye Junchi released his hand, his gaze was a bit resentful, “When you rejected me last time, you said you liked woman and would want to get a wife and have children later.”

JiYuan : “…”

What is this? ‘Hitting his own leg with a stone’? ‘Chickens come home to roost’?

Locking gaze with Ye Junchi for a short moment, he helplessly said, “I was lying to you.”

Hearing that, Ye Junchi became happy and smiled joyfully.

The topic going on at the other table suddenly turned its focus back to JiYuan and Ye Junchi, so JiYuan quickly listened carefully.

“… oh right, the Alliance Head daren seemed to have arrived at YangNing yesterday.”

“YangNing? Isn’t the Zhao family Head in South Lake now?” “Not to the Zhao House, but to Ji House…” Sister Lin paused, pressing her voice lower and said, “I heard it is to catch people, that pair of brothers who have good relationship with JiYuan. One of them is also the top 10 finalist in the Immortal Sword assembly…”

“I heard this before!”

A young girl interrupted her words, “It seems that if JiYuan and demon Ye still doesn’t show their face there, they will kill them? Alliance Head daren was also helpless from being forced.”

Martial brother Zhen sighed, “No matter what, capturing people as a threat is detrimental to the Alliance’s reputation. I heard that many Elders in the Alliance were persuading Alliance Head daren to release those three.”

… JiShen and JiChen?!

JiSi’s blood-stained face flashed through JiYuan’s mind. His(JY) expression immediately changed, and he quickly stood up.

Ye Junchi naturally knew that he(JY) put heavy importance on those cousins. Seeing someone looked over at their side, Ye Junchi put down the money for their tea on the table and pulled JiYuan to leave the tavern.

Outside the tavern, heavy snow was blowing and the surrounding was chilly. Rows of ice were condensed into the shape of hooks under the eaves of the houses, as if they are blades of sharp knife hanging upside down.

JiYuan’s expression was a bit ugly.

He instantly understood what Yun Wuxiu was intending — he(YWX) knew that JiShen was very important for him(JY), and he(YJ) was very important for Ye Junchi.
Yun Wuxiu… no, Yuqiu was forcing them to South Lake to save people. His hand was covered by a warm hand, JiYuan helplessly looked at Ye
Junchi. After knowing about the danger at South Lake, JiYuan doesn’t want Ye Junchi to take any risk at all. But he couldn’t put JiSi aside and ignore him.

Similarly, Ye Junchi wouldn’t disregard him(JY) either, and he will not be able to hide from Ye Junchi to go to South Lake alone. If they want to go, they will go together. Otherwise, both of them won’t go.

Yuqiu won’t wait obediently for them to finish searching for evidence. The most likely situation could happen was Yuqiu running out of patience and directly kill off JiChen and JiShen.

It was chaotic inside JiYuan’s mind. At this moment, he suddenly found himself very selfish and shameless. When Yuqiu first captured only the original body’s father, JiYuan just felt that going to South Lake was for the sake of fulfilling the task, and taking the opportunity to return a favor for the original body, so it was not that urgent. But wait until the person being captured was someone he cared about, he couldn’t help wishing he could appear in South Lake at the next moment.

“Ah Yuan, don’t worry.”

Ye Junchi’s voice was calm, “Yuqiu won’t act for a while. I’m guessing that he has been secretly trying to practice that demonic skills but it was not successful. That’s why there was not much children being harmed. He need my body to complete his plan, so don’t worry. He won’t act now.”

JiYuan’s eyes met his quiet eyes, and strangely became calmer. Pausing a bit, he(JY) nodded.

Calmed down, he quietly let Ye Junchi led him by his hand. In his heart, he poked System and told it his thoughts earlier. He asked in a daze, “System, am I too selfish?”

System calmly said, “If you rushed to save people the moment you heard JiXuan(father) being captured, and stepped onto the trap people set for you, then that would be stupid and pitiful. Don’t think too much, no one is perfect. Coming so suddenly into this world, there’s nothing wrong in treating strangers with a cold demeanor. You are JiYuan(your world), not JiYuan(this world).”

JiYuan thought for a while, and was a bit touched.

“System, how could I never know that you are actually so good?
Recently you … are more and more humane.” “This…”
System continued, “To tell you the truth, helping the host to fulfill the task is one way to get the bonus. Another way is to experience the emotions of human, and cultivate self-personality. I hoped you will stay back in this world because I have chosen the second option. If someone is selfish, that would be me.”

JiYuan doesn’t feel anything wrong with that. After teasing System with a few words, he returned back to his sense and met Ye Junchi’s worried eyes.

“What is it? I’ve called you a few times but you didn’t respond.”

Ye Junchi rubbed the top of his(JY) head, “You are that worried about them? How about we rush to South Lake today? It’s not a bad idea to reveal Yuqiu’s true face in the Alliance’s territory.”

JiYuan shook his head, “I’m worried about you.”

His(YJC) breath stilled, the gaze in Ye Junchi’s eyes was extremely gentle. Seeing that there was no one around, he bowed down and kissed his(JY) lips. His voice carrying a smile, “Rest assured, nothing will happen to me. Searching everywhere for evidences is indeed too slow. Let us search for evidence while we walk to South Lake.”

JiYuan thought for a moment, then nodded.

Both people found an inn to rest their feet. Since they have done the most intimate thing already, JiYuan doesn’t mind Ye Junchi secretly went to ask for only one room. The moment they stepped into the room, JiYuan who was still in deep thought was pressed against the door by Ye Junchi.

Raising his eyes to look at Ye Junchi, “What are you doing?”

Ye Junchi moved his hand to press lightly at JiYuan’s flat belly, and licked his earlobe. His tone was low, seemed to have some regret in it, “Baby still not pregnant yet, we clearly have done it so many times already.”3

JiYuan’s face immediately turned red. He pushed Ye Junchi away and said, “Don’t mess around.”

“I won’t do anything.”

Ye Junchi blinked, his hand explored underneath his(JY) robe, “Since cannot eat, can I touch a bit?”

Being stared by Ye Junchi’s eyes turning green, JiYuan shivered, “…”

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Chapter 48

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People usually yearned for more after tasting the forbidden fruit1, and JiYuan was no abstinent monk. Just that he was ‘tossed’ around a bit too much last time, that he has lingering fear in his heart. He was at loss from being bugged by Ye Junchi, so JiYuan acquiesced with his(YJC) actions.

Demon lord daren has always been someone who don’t hold back, he ate JiYuan through and through without speaking much. Afterwards, acting as if he was taking things very seriously, Ye Junchi kissed JiYuan’s lower abdomen and smiled ‘like fox having an affair’, “I’m so hardworking already, JiYuan need to work hard too ah.”

Can’t find kiss-on-stomach picture _(;3/ (artist unknown, please tell me) JiYuan expressionlessly kicked him out of the bed.

YangNing was not far from South Lake. If one took a shortcut, it would take only 7-8 days on foot. Two people was a bit paranoid, so they deliberately bypassed the nearest mountain road and headed towards the vicinity of the Zhao residence.

JiYuan who now has spiritual power to protect his body wouldn’t feel cold, but Ye Junchi was afraid that he will freeze so he got JiYuan a carriage; not sure where he got it from. With a light grunt, he stuffed JiYuan into the carriage and he personally went to the front to be the coachman.

JiYuan was a bit depressed, “System, what is Big bro doin’?”

System : “Pampering wife.”

JiYuan : “….”

Sitting inside the carriage, JiYuan took a deep breath. He ignore his boiling hot ears and forced himself to think of the serious matter in hand. His fingers unconsciously caressed Gui Chi’s body, then JiYuan heard System asking in doubts, “How come Big bro still doesn’t take back his sword? You can already assume some responsibility now.”

“…. because the sword was given by the demon ruler, Big bro doesn’t want to hold it.”

Whenever JiYuan thought of the demon ruler, his whole body would feel uncomfortable and his heart would be uneasy. Staring at Gui Chi for a short moment, he lightly asked, “Say System, is the demon ruler really ‘body dead, cultivation scattered'(dead for good) 13 years ago?”

System : “Baby, your thoughts are very dangerous ah. Believe in Big bro, he(DR) is definitely dead. Otherwise, Yuqiu won’t keep sneaking around all these years.”

JiYuan thought a bit and agreed. No longer harassing System, JiYuan turned around to open the curtain and sat down beside Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi stretched out one hand and enveloped JiYuan inside his arms. He thought for a moment, then smiled, “We should just ride the horse ba.”

JiYuan turned his head to look at him.

“I want to keep JiYuan in my arms all the time.” Ye Junchi’s eyes were shining brightly. JiYuan silently poked him. Towards Ye Junchi’s eyes filled with expectation, he said, “Jiang Xuesong’s scandals being spread out, is done by Jiang Miao Miao?”

Ye Junchi was a little bit disappointed, but he still continued the conversation, “Who else other than her? But… for Yuqiu not killing Zhao Buchen to push the blame on us, that was actually surprising.”

Touching his own chin, JiYuan said, “He got soft-hearted?”

“Not possible, that person…” Ye Junchi clearly recalled something, cold light flashed in his eyes. He shook his head and didn’t speak anymore.

Upon arriving nearby ChengYang mountain (the mountain Zhao residence is on), the sky has already turned dark. Both people originally wanted to check out the situation at the Zhao residence but didn’t expect that there would be an unforeseen event when they got closer to the mountain.

A few hundreds of cultivators were waiting in the area.

Those cultivators were armed to the teeth, and their faces were solemn. Snow covered all four corners of the area, giving out a chilly and dreary killing intent.

JiYuan lightly hissed. Looking at the cultivators at the opposite side, he felt like they were at a trial site for apostates, and Ye Junchi and him were the apostate.

Where did these people came from? Why are they waiting here? Couldn’t be Yuqiu has predicted that they will come to ChengYang mountain, so he specially informed some cultivators over… but only hundreds of cultivators won’t be able to murder Ye Junchi.

He frowned in deep thought, then a young cultivator walked out from the opposite side. His face was gloomy, and the body of his sword flashed with blue light. It was the temporary substitute for the position of family Head, ZhaoHe. “It seems that it won’t be easy for us to leave.”

Ye Junchi’s eyes were frosty, “Want to make me start killing people?”

Up until now, Ye Junchi has never raise his hand and kill any innocent cultivators. If those hundreds of cultivators decided to disregard everything and rushed forward today, it will cause a bloodbath no matter what. Then, that would give Yuqiu a good excuse to raise a crusade against Ye Junchi.

There might be chances that in order to eradicate the enemy, he(YQ) would lead the Alliance’s cultivators to start a war against the demon realm.

Yuqiu, this person was cold-blooded to the extreme. He seemed to have no other feelings other than loyalty to the demon ruler. If the human and demon realm started a war and suffered damages, he would be sitting by the side reaping the fisherman’s benefit.

JiYuan paused, “Then don’t do anything tonight.”

“No, Baby you don’t do anything. Wait until you reached South Lake, then give them a surprise.”

Two people chatted in low voices, and stood very close to each other. A blue vein jumped on ZhaoHe’s forehead, he was not someone with good temper to start with. His younger brother died an unnatural death while his father was unconscious and not waking up. His depression and hostility was enough to make him mad.

He coldly spat, “A pair of adulterous couple.”

Ye Junchi looked over with a chill, “You want to change another sword again?”

At first, ZhaoHe stared blankly. Then, he recalled back at the Jiang residence where his sword broke into pieces without reason, and his expression changed to extreme anger, “You with surname Ye! You killed my brother, destroyed his body, and then harmed my father. What kind of resentment do you actually have with our Zhao family?!” “No resentment whatsoever.”

Ye Junchi calmly replied with that sentence, and caused ZhaoHe to get startled. Apparently he didn’t expect Ye Junchi to be so bold and confident. In his heart, Ye Junchi was a heinous devil who mercilessly killed people like scything flax. With him(YJC) replying with such an answer, it caused his breath to stuck in his chest, choked and unable to say anything.

A cultivator at a side sneered, “Demon is indeed demon, kill indiscriminately is their nature. Even when there is no resentment in between, they still couldn’t bear to see other people living well. Ye Junchi, you never expect that we would be waiting here ba? You have done a lot of evil deeds, today we will disregard life and death to act on behalf of Heaven and execute you!”

Ye Junchi felt that it was funny, “Human has always been like this? A few hundreds of people surrounded one person, won’t the Heaven be embarrassed?”

That cultivator’s expression stiffened.

This ‘No need to talk about righteous with the demon, brothers. Let us all attack’ – For thousands of years, ‘Sea of human’ tactic has always been a fine tradition within the Alliance. Everyone has a tacit understanding of this. When it’s time to attack, everyone will attack together, when it’s time to run, everyone will scatter to all 4 corners. Because ‘destroy evil and eliminate foreign force’ has always meant killing on the spot and has never taken personal opinion in consideration. Everyone has a tacit mutual understanding, to ignore the fact that using ‘majority to attack minority’ was not in line with the Alliance’s principle.

But being pointed out that flaw doesn’t really matter, as immediately there were other cultivators angrily shouted out, “What’s the use in talking about righteous with a demon like you?! How many dirty things have you done, how many people have you killed?! We only know back in the olden day that the demon ruler is treacherous and blood-thirsty, didn’t expect there is still a thing which the Heaven and earth couldn’t tolerate like you.” ZhaoHe’s expression was deep, “Everyone, why do you still need to say that much to him? Erect the ‘Thousand Swords Array’. Today in ChengYang Mountain, I want to use the demon’s blood to wash away all the shame that my Zhao family has suffered, and avenge for my brother and father.”

He paused, then meaningfully glanced around at the cultivators.

“Don’t think that my Zhao family has weakened after my father went into a coma, a sick tiger is still a tiger. Dare to insult our Zhao family, you have to pay the price with your blood.”

Listening by the side for a long time, JiYuan couldn’t help it and pulled at Ye Junchi’s sleeve. Seeing him turned his head around, JiYuan whispered, “… the people from the Alliance has always been so long-winded?”

“They are in fear.”

There were smiles in Ye Junchi’s eyes, “When facing a stronger enemy, they have to say words like these to encourage other people and also boost own courage. Otherwise, they won’t be able to even raise their swords. Then how would they be able to ‘destroy evil and eliminate foreign force’ on behalf of Heaven? 3 years ago when I led the demon armies to leave, they were too petrified to the point that they could only stamp their feet in anger and shout out curses. No one dared to take a step forward.”

Both people didn’t do anything to lower down their voice, and the cultivation of the people on the opposite side was not weak either, so they naturally heard what was said. Their face turned black, they no longer say anything and immediately start setting an array.

These people were already prepared, so the moment the order was out, they instantly acted. They didn’t wait to let JiYuan see how this so-called ‘Thousand Swords Array’ was set up, as both people were then enveloped in golden lights.

In between of those golden lights, there were spiritual swords hidden in all directions. Just waiting for the person carrying the array flag to issue the order, and the swords would rush towards the two people inside.

Ye Junchi frowned but still looked doesn’t care about the array. He caressed JiYuan’s hair and gently said, “Though the array is called Thousand Swords but there are no thousand swords used. Just that it’s hard to distinguish which one is real and which one is fake.”

JiYuan tilted his head to look at him, “You know the way to break the array?”

Ye Junchi shook his head with a smile. JiYuan : “…” So bold and confident ah.
But Big bro has always been stable and reliable, JiYuan knew he would certainly has a way to break the array. So he was not worried, and was quite eager even.

System asked in a not-cold-no-hot tone, “Have you learned the skills taught to you?”

JiYuan nodded with a ‘doesn’t matter’ manner. System became silent, not saying anything.
There seemed to be people whispering outside the array. JiYuan tilted his head to listen for a moment, then Ye Junchi suddenly leaned in and kissed his lips, “Baby, give me Gui Chi.”

JiYuan handed Big bro the sword.

Ye Junchi didn’t reach out to take the sword. He glanced at the golden lights in front of him, his sharp gaze locked onto a black seam in the midst of the golden light. Without hesitation, he pulled out Gui Chi and suddenly waved it.

A ‘kacha’ sounded, like something was broken. The sound of something cracking became louder, and the golden lights were covered in cracks. JiYuan heard ZhaoHe coldly humph-ed, then the golden lights shimmered brightly; those cracks have disappeared altogether. Following that, sounds of sword vibrating could be heard like they were in the middle of a wasp’s nest. JiYuan was unable to withstand the sound properly, and tried to seal his hearing sense with spiritual power, but was pulled into Ye Junchi’s arms and hugged tightly. The top of his head was being rubbed from habit, and a low voice whispered, “Ah Yuan, hold tightly onto me.”

JiYuan subconsciously hugged his(YJC) waist tightly. The next moment, he could hear countless ‘zooming/whistling’ sound. Thousands of sharp weapons split the air and rushed towards them. His head was being pressed by Ye Junchi into his arms, so he can’t see what kind of a terrifying scene it could be. He poked System to ask for a live broadcast, but System replied, “Don’t want.”

“… why?”

“I have Trypophobia2(fear of concentrated holes).”

… ain’t you just some strings of data?!!

JiYuan softly cursed out a few words in his heart. He couldn’t break away from Ye Junchi’s hold either, so he could only take a deep breath and listened to his(YJC) steady heartbeat, forcing himself to calm down.

Ye Junchi seemed to be able to easily distinguish which sword was real and which was fake. Wielding Gui Chi, his gait was unhurried. He even has some idle moment to bow down his head to kiss the top of JiYuan’s head, and sighed, “Baby, you are really cute.”

Waiting until the ‘Ding! Ding! Clang! Clang!’ sound ceased, a long time has passed.

The light in Ye Junchi’s eyes was cold. Just as he wanted to turn his hand to wield his sword to break the array, he was caught off guard as a few needles came flying towards him. He wanted to raise his hand to block but his intuition told him that it was fake so his action was slowed down. One of the needle struck him at his wrist. It was real?

Ye Junchi’s pupil shrunk. He slowly reached out and looked at his wrist. When he saw a black spot on his wrist, Ye Junchi frowned and tried using spiritual power to force that black spot out.

The black needle was successfully forced out, and his wrist doesn’t seemed to be in any discomfort but Ye Junchi keep feeling uneasy in his heart. After a moment of silent, he stroke JiYuan’s hair. His voice still contained a slight smile, “Alright Baby, it’s over.”

JiYuan separated from him after hearing that, then looked at him with a frown, “Did you get hurt?”

Ye Junchi replied without changing expression, “How could I? It’s simple matter.”

As he said that, he stabbed out with Gui Chi.

A ‘Kacha’ sound was heard again but for a moment, the golden lights broke into pieces and revealed those cultivators who hid behind the array and their fearful expression.

ZhaoHe’s face was pale. He unbelievably stared at Ye Junchi and his lips were trembling, but he couldn’t say anything.

Ye Junchi held onto JiYuan’s waist, and smiled, “Interesting.”

Pausing, he glanced at them, his tone was calm, “I don’t have any grievance and resentment towards the Zhao family, I won’t do those things. Rather than locking targets onto me, it would be better to carefully trace back the clues. You don’t even have evidence, what rights do you have to say ‘destroy evil and eliminate foreign force’?”

After he finished his words, he turned away and left with JiYuan. All the cultivators silently watched them leave, fear caused them to be rooted on the spot. JiYuan was relieved. Ye Junchi and him slowly left the vicinity of ChengYang mountain. Unexpectedly, they have yet to leave further away, and another person stood in front of them, blocking their path.

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Chapter 49

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They have not seen each other in less than a month, but this person’s complexion has become a lot more gloomy and haggard. Yet, he still maintained a gentle smile on his lips and nodded at the two people.

JiYuan was a bit surprised. Yun Cheng?
The hatred between them and this brother here was not small. He was not, Ye Junchi also was not any ‘easy and nice’ people so how could Yun Cheng dare to block their path?

“As expected, ZhaoHe was not able to stop both of you.”

Yun Cheng covered his mouth to cough a few times, his smile looked more real.

Ye Junchi coldly said, “So you rushed here to die (at my hand)?” Yun Cheng shook his head, “This small one came to cooperate with you two.”

His(YJC) lips curved up but he was not smiling, didn’t reply.

There was really no one else in the surrounding area, and Yun Cheng indeed came alone. He should be very clear that if Ye Junchi wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as pie. Daring to appear even when knowing that, he has some guts in him.

Yun Cheng saw that they didn’t refuse, his eyes became bright, “It’s not convenient to speak here, is it alright to change the location to somewhere else?”

“Say what you want to say here.”

Ye Junchi lightly said, “I didn’t kill you because you have some mercy that time and didn’t use full force in that kick on JiYuan. But that doesn’t mean that I will have the patience to listen to your nonsense.”

Last time in the Soul Lock array, JiYuan ran out from the spiritual protective barrier that Ye Junchi has erected for him. He was kicked-fly- away by Yuqiu at the chest, but only suffered minor injuries. Yuqiu has always been ruthless, so the fact that he didn’t shatter JiYuan’s internal organs, Yun Cheng most probably did something at the critical moment.

Yun Cheng felt a bit helpless, he has so many things to say but he doesn’t know where to start. After a moment of silent, he said, “I know you didn’t kill ZhaoYang and Uncle’s coma has nothing to do with you. Jiang Xuesong invited the trouble on his own – can we talk about it?”

“You are being controlled ba.” Ye Junchi squinted, unmoved, “I don’t want like as I hear you talk, you suddenly stab a sword over or you suddenly died from body bursting apart. , a rumor will come out in the cultivation world the next day saying I killed the eldest young master of the Yun family.”

“That person will not kill me…” As Yun Cheng said it, the corner of his eyes reddened, “My father… my father still have his consciousness. He became sober once recently, right now he is trying his best to suppress that person. I can guarantee I won’t turn xx.”

Pausing, he took off his own sword and handed it to Ye Junchi, together with a rope shining with bright golden color, “This is Immortal Binding rope. You can tie me up and hear me talk.”

Both JiYuan and Ye Junchi glanced at each other.

Yun Cheng was very sincere, they had intended to get closer to Yun Cheng to get more information, and to learn the ins and outs of the case. Now that the man has sent himself to their doorstep, although it might be a feint, they might as well hear him out. Both people have made a decision in their heart, but Ye Junchi bowed his head. Acting as though there were nobody else present, he kissed the space between JiYuan’s eyebrows and smiled, “Baby, want to listen to his words?”

JiYuan was silent, once again locked gaze with Ye Junchi. He has yet to figure out what kind of unmentionable news that pair of smiling eyes was trying to convey, he heard System interpreted it, “Big bro said everything will follow his wife’s decision.”

JiYuan : “…”

Although Yun Cheng was controlled by Yuqiu from time to time, his consciousness was sober. Naturally it means he knew what Yuqiu has done. Upon hearing Ye Junchi’s words, he nervously looked at JiYuan for fear that he would open his mouth to refuse.

JiYuan quietly glanced at Ye Junchi, then nodded at Yun Cheng.

Yun Cheng released his breath, and led the two people into the woods beside them.

It was not known where the woods will lead them to. Current season was winter, and all the leaves has fallen down from the trees leaving bare branches behind. Coincidentally, the moon was out tonight. The cold moonlight shone down, numerous barren branches stretched out inside the dark forest, like a ghostly claw. When the cold wind blew, the branches would occasionally shook. Abrupt eerie movement, it gave an indescribable spookiness.

Both people followed behind Yun Cheng in a not-far-not-near distance. All 4 corners were deathly still, Ye Junchi still remembered that JiYuan was afraid of ghosts and reached out to hold his(JY) hands. He absentmindedly stroke the palm of JiYuan’s hand with his little finger and seemed to remember something, whispered, “Ah Yuan still haven’t tell me. Why did you suddenly changed your mind?”

JiYuan felt an itch in his heart from Ye Junchi’s action, so he doesn’t have any free time to thought about ghosts. Plus it was a demon lord daren who was beside him, and in his(YJ) arms was spiritual sword Gui Chi. There would not be any monsters and ghosts that ‘doesn’t grow eyes’ to come forward and hand over their head.

He tried to retrieve his hand back from Ye Junchi’s grip but couldn’t. So he exerted all his strength and pinched that mischievous finger, and coldly asked, “You want to know the reason that much?”

After thinking for a while, he(YJC) smiled, “Not really, it’s enough as long as you are willing to accompany me.”

“Because…” (T/N : The reason was… )

JiYuan pursed his lips, his line of sight fell onto the ground, “I want to stay with you.”

Ye Junchi’s footsteps could be clearly seen lagging for a moment. Following that, he heard JiYuan lightly said, “I want you to stay with me too, I…. like you too.”

His(YJC) gaze was deep, he threw a glance at Yun Cheng who was diligently showing the way, then reached out to tilt up JiYuan’s chin. Even if the night was hazy with mist, he still could clearly see that the clean and handsome face revealed a touch of redness, seemed a bit shy. Bowing down his head, Ye Junchi licked at JiYuan’s earlobe and sighed, “I really want to immediately strip you naked, press you down on the bed and do you until sunrise.”

Irrelevant to the story but super nice~

JiYuan felt like the place being licked was throbbing with a burst of boiling hot sensation, like a weak electric current flowed past. His face was completely red, “Shut up!”

He poked System, “System, Scoundrel Ye molested me again!”

System : “Screw that, you don’t care about me anymore. Stop showing PDA in front me of, AI also has its own dignity.”

‘Give an inch take a mile’, Scoundrel Ye took JiYuan’s earlobe in his mouth and sucked, “Ah Yuan’s expression is so cute, it makes me want to do ‘that’ even more.”

Because he(JY) has a sudden influx of spiritual power, he could also see things clearly in the dark. With a turn of head, he could clearly see a familiar dangerous light in Ye Junchi’s eyes. Knowing that someone surnamed Ye has always did everything regardless of how people see him in their eyes, he(JY) paused. Very quickly, he rushed forward to peck at Ye Junchi’s lips. Not waiting for him to react, JiYuan whispered ‘Don’t mess around’ then pushed him away, and strode forward in quick steps.

It was very rare for JiYuan to take the initiative to kiss him, Ye Junchi stood rooted on the same spot and savored the feeling. Then, he licked his own lips and strode forward, smilingly circled his hand at JiYuan’s waist.

The interaction between the two was completely based on their high level of cultivation, incredibly silent. Even when speaking, they could press down their volume to the point only two of them could hear it. Yun Cheng was carrying worries in his heart, his body in a whirlpool of emotion so he didn’t notice. The one who should be worrying was those two who was so sickly sweet and keep providing System with dog food. System sighed, “I don’t know if I did something wrong, but I feel like I want to go on strike.”

JiYuan’s turn to comfort it, “Baby, condolence.”

System : “…” Really a little bastard.

Walking for a long time, Yun Cheng finally stopped behind a giant tree. Turning back to look at Ye Junchi and JiYuan, he took the lead and walked into it – that tree was actually an illusion. Yun Cheng’s figure disappeared without a trace in the tree.

According to Ye Junchi’s usual style, even if there are numerous hidden and dangerous traps, he would just smile and directly went in. But seeing JiYuan at his side, he recalled back the black needles that flew into the Thousand Sword array and his steps stopped. Urging JiYuan to hold onto Gui Chi properly, he erected a barrier then only he went into the tree.

The scenery in front of their eyes changed, and became an old secret tunnel. Yun Cheng stood at a side holding a torch, he only smiled when he saw both people finally came in. In a low voice, “This is a secret tunnel underneath ChengYang mountain. Not many people know about this, it was ZhaoYang who brought me here, and he was killed nearby here…”

He looked a bit sorrowful, Ye Junchi coldly looked at him and asked,
“What do you want to do by taking us here?”

Yun Cheng hesitated for a while, “Come with me.”

They were already here, so there was no harm going a bit further. In his face, Ye Junchi looked indifferent, but his fingers indistinctly swept past Gui Chi’s hilt. Should Yun Cheng do anything out of the norm, he would not bind him with the Immortal Binding rope but instantly take his(YC) life instead. It doesn’t matter if his name got blacker, he must guarantee JiYuan’s safety.

There were a lot of branches inside the secret tunnel, it seemed to be leading to different parts of the mountain. Yun Cheng seemed to be very familiar with this place, turning left and right here and there. Soon, they arrived in front of a secret door. Yun Cheng raised his hand and pushed open the door.

Ye Junchi raised his eyes to look, and saw that there was a coffin inside the narrow dark room.

A guess passed through his heart, Ye Junchi walked into the room after glancing at Yun Cheng. Lowering his head, sure enough a dead pale young man who looked quite similar with ZhaoHe laid inside the coffin.

Out of habit, JiYuan’s goosebumps stood up. He retrieved back his line of sight after a glance or two, lightly asking, “This is ZhaoYang?”

Yun Cheng slowly went to the side of the coffin, his gaze was complex, and nodded his head.

ZhaoYang’s body was not stolen by Yuqiu?

JiYuan originally thought after his body was stolen, he(ZY) would be burnt into ash, or thrown into a random burial ground for dogs to gnaw on it. Didn’t expect it would be still in ChengYang mountain.

Yun Cheng slowly said, “Before you come to ChengYang mountain, Uncle sent a card to invite my father to come… the body, was stolen by the me under the control of that person. It was done right before you arrived to ChengYang mountain. I saw you two at the Zhao family’s burial ground, just that there were too many people at the place that time. You two shouldn’t have noticed me.”

“The corpse unexpectedly still here.”

Raising his eyebrows, Ye Junchi touched the top of JiYuan’s head as a gesture of comforting. After a moment of observation, Ye Junchi leaned over and opened ZhaoYang’s robe.

The rumor said ZhaoYang died a miserable death, but when Ye Junchi pulled open his robe, there was only one sword injury on his heart. It was a fatal hit.

He calmly turned the body over, and glanced at the size of the wound. In his heart, a conclusion was formed, Ye Junchi smiled and looked at Yun Cheng, “So that’s how it is.”
Yun Cheng’s face became pale white, his gaze was dodging away, “I….” “ZhaoYang seemed to trust you a lot.” Ye Junchi slowly said, “Even
dare to show his back at you, your relationship is very good?”

Yun Chen’s throat choked out, “… very good.”

“I think until the point of death, he still won’t understand why his own Biaoge(older male cousin) would give him a stab from the back.”

“Don’t say anymore…” Yun Cheng’s complexion became more and more pale, not even dare to glance into the coffin.

“ZhaoYang is a ‘wine sack/food bag’1 and extremely lusty. Your relationship shouldn’t be as good as you implied, but ZhaoYang should be truly treating you well.”

Ye Junchi took out a handkerchief and carefully wiped his hand, then he went back to hold JiYuan again. Mercilessly, he said, “Keeping his body so secretly here, you are feeling guilty that he was good to you, or guilty because of his trust in you?”

“I… I was forced to do that!”

The corner of Yun Cheng’s eyes became red, and his voice was trembling, “That person controlled my body! I never knew it… never knew, until he controlled me to kill ZhaoYang…”

The secret buried in his heart was like poison, unable to get it out; he could only rage in his heart. Although due to the relationship of both families, he had to pretend to be good with ZhaoYang, but he has always been disgusted with ZhaoYang2. Until the moment ZhaoYang dies and suddenly turned his head around, staring at him in disbelief. That pair of blood-shot eyes tormented Yun Cheng day and night. He wanted to bring the truth to the world, but was controlled tightly by that person. He could only rely on the farce as it grew bigger, following behind as he ‘push the wave and add to the billows’.

Ye Junchi sneered, “You just wanted to say these?”

Yun Cheng paused, he said with reddened eye, “My father’s body is being occupied by him, already … can’t take it anymore. Very soon, that person would completely occupied my father’s body. I will not allow my father with bright prospects to be destroyed in the hand of that person. What you want to know, I will tell you. As long as you beat him, and then… I will personally kill him.”

The author has something to say: YJC : Just want to sleep with the Lord until dawn. JY : … oh, if I’m at the top, then can satisfy you. And then, JiYuan really stayed on top for the whole night. The next day he cried like a 200 pound child. YJC (smile) : I am very satisfied.


Chapter 50

A big chaos in the demon realm 13 years ago, was personally lead by Ye Junchi.

Enduring silently for so many years, even the demon ruler was surprised by the turn of events the moment it erupted. Other than that, the demon realm being stepped by the demon ruler under the soles of his feet and wantonly abused for years, even if they have lighter emotion capacity, they would still have an extreme hatred towards him(DR).

In order to eradicate this grave disease, the whole demon realm acted together whether directly from the front or secretly from the back; doesn’t care if it’s enemy or comrades, just cutting down anyone they came across. It was reported a lot of arch enemies have been secretly done in that day.

Ye Junchi set up an array, and fought fiercely with the demon ruler who has his strength diminished for several days and nights. Only then he finally was able to chop the demon ruler down under his sword, but he(YJC) was also seriously injured.

Yuqiu rushed over upon hearing the news and fought with Ye Junchi. He(YQ) almost died under his sword, and retreated with a sorry and heavily injured figure. Following that, he sent subordinates to pursue Ye Junchi. Those demons didn’t stop chasing him until they reached the human realm.

To be able to kill the demon ruler was something to celebrate, but the demon ruler was not that easy to kill. Ye Junchi stayed in the human realm for several years to recuperate before returning to the demon realm. After cleaning up some bad blood, he let his subordinates to call him as a demon lord as they wanted.

Yuqiu went missing, some people said he was dead while other said he was scared and doesn’t dare to appear again. Their opinions differed, but no one would think that Yuqiu has followed Ye Junchi to the human realm, and have a lucky stroke to come across Yun Wuxiu who was injured from battling with his enemies. Yuqiu’s battle strength was not the best, as his skillful area was at the spiritual part. Encountering a somewhat weak Yun Wuxiu, he immediately abandoned his own broken body and unceremoniously invaded Yun Wuxiu’s body.

Yun Wuxiu naturally won’t let himself to be so easily controlled by Yuqiu. Just that after both people fought a spiritual battle, he couldn’t feel Yuqiu’s presence anymore and thought he destroyed him(YQ). He didn’t expect that Yuqiu would be hiding in the depth of his spirit, and took control while he was not paying attention.

The former was conscious.

3 people left the dark room where the coffin was at, then found a fairly empty place to sit down.

Ye Junchi looked at JiYuan, and sat closer to him. He picked up a lock of soft black hair to play, not saying anything.

JiYuan let him do whatever, and tilted his head to listen. He looked at Yun Cheng in sympathy.

Such a sudden and unexpected disaster. The Yun family didn’t do anything at all but was tangled by a restless Yuqiu and completely dragged down into the water(trouble/mess).

Yun Cheng’s complexion was dark, “No one found out something was wrong with him, and I also don’t know what kind of deeds he has done before I found him suspicious. The first time when I found him not right was 3 years ago when you came to human realm and massacred Mingxu Temple. My father is a decent and righteous person, abhor evils as deadly foes. It’s fine already that he indulged Uncle’s family to act ostentatiously, but when he heard of the massacre at Mingxu Temple, he actually… smiled.”

That moment when Yun Cheng saw his father revealed a smile, he instantly felt a chill rushing from the sole of his feet to his heart. That smile, was like a poisonous snake finally catching its prey after waiting for a long time, even his gaze was an unconcealed cold cruelty.

Soon, all sorts of rumors regarding Ye Junchi started to spread out and the dirty things done by Mingxu Temple was suppressed; the flow of rumors was one-sided. As for who added fuel to the fire and caused trouble, it was very obvious.

Ye Junchi gave a sound of acknowledgement, “I was wondering since when I started like to eat baby’s meat.”

JiYuan threw him a glance and said in a not-salty-not-light tone, “I heard that the demon lord daren ‘eat’ both men and women. Fooling around with hundreds of female at night, then pleasured himself with countless catamites during the day. After intercourse, they will get killed. Enjoying debauchery with happiness.”

Even the stalls by the streets has drawings for sale regarding this bloody and lewd rumors. Thanks to System, JiYuan was fortunate to be able to read a few for free. He expressionlessly read about his own man fooling around with other people, although the drawing only depicted a stranger with the name Ye Junchi; even the face was completely wrong.

Ye Junchi was stunned. He was not angry instead, rubbed the top of JiYuan’s head with a smile, “Jealous?”

He closed in at JiYuan’s ear, his voice was low and magnetic, “Don’t worry, Baby. My baby will forever be you alone.”

JiYuan’s ears turned red, he pretended he didn’t hear that and pushed away his(YJC) head. Turning away, he met with Yun Cheng’s weird gaze, and his(JY) ears became even redder and hotter. Yun Cheng ligthly coughed, “Didn’t expect… in order to let Miss Ji stay at your side, demon lord would cast spells to change her gender.”

God his mother is Miss Ji!

JiYuan wanted to explain and imply that he carried ‘something’ between his legs to start with, but was caught back by Ye Junchi into his arms. Making a ruckus for a few times, he looked like a little kitten throwing tantrums in Ye Junchi’s eyes.

Ye Junchi hugged his little kitten tightly, smoothed his hair in a comforting gesture, then nodded, “You can continue.”

Yun Cheng paused, continued saying everything that he knew.

Finding out that his father was not right, Yun Cheng felt horror in his heart. He tried testing him many times but no results. In an overall assessment, Yun Cheng was still young. Although he has the rank as the eldest young master in the Yun family, he doesn’t have must prestige, so not much people believed in him. Hence, even though his father has changed, he was helpless to do anything.

At that time, he still didn’t know that Yun Wuxiu’s body has been taken over, just thought that his father has changed. Yun Wuxiu became more and more indulging towards the Zhao family, and there were more and more people from the Yun family assigned in the Alliance.

Everything broke out 6 months ago from the death of ZhaoYang.

Yuqiu found the opportunity and couldn’t wait to immediately act on it. He never wish to kill Ye Junchi (head-on), he only wished to lure Ye Junchi to South Lake. It was not good for him to follow Zhao Buchen to appear in JinHe so he sent Yun Cheng this small puppet.

Finishing his words, Yun Cheng has a guess in his heart. After a moment of silence, he still lightly asked, “I don’t know who is this person, want to do what, why he did these, and why he spare my Uncle’s life… Senior Ye, can you tell this small one?” Ye Junchi lightly said, “I don’t know why he spared Zhao Buchen but you should have heard of the name Yuqiu.”

Yun Cheng’s pupil shrunk, his hands unconsciously clenched at the corner of his clothes.

“Yuqiu is a loyal dog, he wants to resurrect the demon ruler.”

Ye Junchi looked at him with an unsmiling smile, “It’s just right at the heart of the Alliance, South Lake. What’s underneath the Qian Liao Peak, you should know better than me. If he succeeded, then the war this time human realm will suffer a crushing defeat.”

Yun Cheng’s lips turned pale, but his complexion slowly changed to show his perseverance, even his gaze looked decisive.

“The human realm doesn’t lack skilled people, inside the Alliance also contained a sober generation. As long as Senior Ye could give me some help, I would be able to go and tell them the truth, then evict Yuqiu out of South Lake.”
Ye Junchi was indifferent, “I don’t necessary need to help you in this.” “Senior Ye’s reputation is in a mess, even if Yuqiu get uncovered, the
people in this world still won’t believe you. But Senior Ye doesn’t want to let the world know about the truth, and clear your name?”

Yun Cheng said it but seeing Ye Junchi looking like he doesn’t care, he choked a bit. Turning his head, he looked at the obedient JiYuan being hugged in his embrace like a treasure. He asked in a deep voice, “Even if you don’t care, you don’t want to clean Miss Ji’s name from accusation?”

JiYuan couldn’t help but opened his mouth to correct, “Mister Ji.”

Yun Cheng was stunned, “Miss Ji…”

JiYuan’s face was a bit black, “Mister Ji.”

Yun Cheng could only follow to call, “Mister Ji.” [T/N : The chinese word was actually 公⼦/Gongzi but there’s no 1- word equivalent in English … except Gentleman which doesn’t sound
much correct. So I change it to Mister so you can understand the minor humor in it immediately – Miss/Mister :v ]

Ye Junchi looked sideways at JiYuan who was looking quite angry, his(YJC) feeling was abnormally good. Poking at JiYuan’s cheek, he laughed in a low tone, “Be obedient, don’t be angry. It’s fine if I know you are a Mister.”

JiYuan was still feeling depressed.

“I really care for Ah Yuan.”

Finished teasing JiYuan, Ye Junchi retrieved the slight smile on his face as he raised his head. His voice was indifferent, “But what do you have to gain my trust? You coming to find me was because you have no any other ways. The Yun family is being controlled by Yuqiu, the people in the Alliance are not unified at heart and the Zhao family is a group without a head. Eldest young master Yun, what value do you have?”

Yun Cheng opened his mouth but was unable to say anything. Just like what Ye Junchi said, he has been forced to desperation.

The atmosphere became stiff, and Yun Cheng’s body stiffened as well. There was a few times he wanted to say something, but upon meeting Ye Junchi’s icy gaze, he swallowed it back.

After a long time, Yun Cheng pursed his lips and said in a quiet voice, “Then, I ask Senior Ye to return my spiritual sword back to this small one.”

JiYuan saw that his(YC) gaze was dim, he(JY) carefully pondered for a bit and raised a question, “My father is safe and sound in South Lake, are you protecting him?”

“… Mister Ji is innocent, being involved inside this storm. The one who killed ZhaoYang is me, so I cannot watch with folded arms.” JiYuan nodded, then carefully sneaked a peek at Ye Junchi. Seeing him lightly smiling and not speaking, JiYuan continued, “What do you want him to help you?”

“Yuqiu spent a lot of energy to occupy my father’s spiritual body. When he took over my body, his control over my father weakens…not long ago when he keep controlling me, my father managed to get sober for a short moment. Now he urgently suppressed my father’s body, he couldn’t control me. I want to ask for Senior Ye’s help to cut off his control over me.”

Ye Junchi thoughtfully looked at him.

Hearing JiYuan voiced out, he(YJC) has already changed his mind. If they really want to cooperate together, it’s fine to give a hand to Yun Cheng. After all, no one wants to get stabbed by a cold blade of a sword at the critical moment.

“Then, I’ll give you a hand.” Ye Junchi slowly said, “You’d better not let me down.”


3 people parted way in the vicinity of ChengYang mountain.

At the light of daybreak, heavy snow blew in the sky. The snowfall blurred the image of distant roads, one doesn’t know how would the road ahead looked like. Will it be stable, will there be traps or will one be able to safely settle everything?

Ye Junchi and JiYuan whispered at each other’s ear for a while, and decided to go to South Lake. Since the entire process of development has been made clear, they don’t have to deliberately take a detour and should go directly to it.

Although JiYuan possessed spiritual power now and learned a few skills, he still felt sleepy after staying up a whole night. Quietly yawned, his eyes were a bit fogged with sleepiness. His red lips slightly opened and vaguely exposed a tiny bit of his vivid red tongue. His whole pale white handsome face have only that point of color in its palette.

This appearance looked very similar to his(JY) about-to-cry look when they ‘did’ it. Ye Junchi’s gaze turned deep and his heart became soft. He supported the youth in his arms while taking a kiss from that red lips that looked like it was tempting him. He turned around and got the carriage back from no-one-know-where, then carried JiYuan into the carriage.

JiYuan squinted, he was too sleepy to say anything so he just closed his eyes and prepared to sleep. He didn’t expect that a heavy body would suddenly weighed down on him. JiYuan pushed at the person pressing down on him and whispered, “What are you doing? Go and drive the carriage, don’t delay the journey.”

Ye Junchi lightly chuckled, “It’s alright, flying on Gui Chi will only need 2 shichen (4 hours).”

JiYuan : “…” So the reason to specially get a carriage was to do this ‘not suitable for children’ kind of exercise?

After a moment of silent, JiYuan very understandingly asked, “How old are you actually?”

How long have you been holding back/abstaining ….

Ye Junchi paused, he narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, not saying anything.

JiYuan held back his laugh, “Very old?”

Ye Junchi gave a cold laugh and reached out to pull open his(JY) robe. He then bowed down and bit on that delicate white neck, lightly said, “Old? Even if I’m old, I still can make you cry out.”

Because he accidentally angered Ye Junchi, when JiYuan woke up it was already afternoon. He was being hugged inside Ye Junchi’s embrace, his body was felt sore and an unspeakable place at his lower body was still throbbing with pain.

JiYuan inexplicably reminisced of his first time. Because it was to transfer spiritual power, he only felt hints of pain at first and the later part was not painful at all.

Unlike now……

He rubbed his sore waist, and crawled up to look around the environment; found that he was already inside his room at the inn.

Ye Junchi seemed to sleep very deeply, not responding even when he(JY) has woken up. JiYuan looked at his(YJC) sleeping face, but found out that he was not sleeping peacefully. He(YJC) was frowning, there seemed to be black gaseous substance gathering at the area between his eyebrows.

Shocked, JiYuan wanted to wake Ye Junchi up but he suddenly opened his eyes.

JiYuan’s body stiffened.

Not sure if it was an illusion or something else, but JiYuan keep feeling that the split instant Ye Junchi opened his eyes, his eyes was bloody red and full of killing intent. But when he(JY) came back to his sense (from the shock), he saw that the pair of quiet eyes was filled with a mild smile, and his voice was magnetic and gentle as usual, “Ah Yuan is peeping at me just now?”

JiYuan stared at him, couldn’t say anything for a long while. He could only try his best to ignore the strange feeling in his heart and stiffly nodded.

The author has something to say: YJC : Feeling sad, wifey felt that I’m too old. So…. how old ARE you?

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