Let Me Tease You Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31

Ye Junchi became silent for a moment, gently speaking through clenched teeth, “Sometimes, I really wanted to catch you and lock you back at home.”1

System laughed with an unknown overtone, “Imprisoned, tied up, ‘little black house'”

JiYuan : “System, you are really a system with heavy taste.”

Ye Junchi poured two cups of wine with a black face. Pushing one in front of JiYuan, he lifted his own cup and took a sip, then returned to gaze at the moon outside the window. The moonlight was clear and cold, shining on his handsome smart face. It caused JiYuan’s heart to skip a beat, he lifted his cup in confusion and drank a mouthful.

The wine was specially prepared by the innkeeper, it was mild and mellow. It was not spicy when he drank it, just felt warm. The aftertaste stayed quite long in his mouth. For someone who died from alcohol poisoning, JiYuan still has a psychological trauma from it so he didn’t dare to drink much. After taking a sip or two, he put down his cup. He softly asked, after some deliberation, “The matter I mentioned just now, it seems that you know something.”

Ye Junchi downed his wine in one gulp, and gave JiYuan a slant glance. Some kind of unknown boiling light was flashing in those quiet eyes. Pursing his lips, he waved at JiYuan, “Come here.” JiYuan carefully walked forward two steps, but was caught by Ye Junchi and dragged into his arms. Just as he wanted the struggle, the injured area at his back was covered by a warm hand. JiYuan’s head was resting at Ye Junchi’s chest, he could feel the slight vibration when he(YJC) spoke.

“Don’t move, I’m checking your injuries.”

JiYuan was a bit embarrassed, “Just light injuries, let me go ba.”

Ye Junchi didn’t speak, just carefully inspecting his injuries. Then whispered, “If you want to get rid of me, don’t let yourself get hurt. I have asked Luo Xiuyi, I can give you some spiritual power. So tonight, I will give some to you.”

Surprised, JiYuan vaguely remembered Luo Xiuyi said that aside from intercourse, any other methods would harm Ye Junchi’s body…. JiYuan’s face was red hot, his voice faintly trembled, “…. no need.”

It doesn’t matter if he has spiritual power or not. After they found the murderer, he would leave to a place far away from Ye Junchi and quietly complete his tasks. Not caring about anything, and finally leave the world. This is better for everyone.

“Which direction did your thoughts went to?” Ye Junchi smiling-but- no-smiling said, “If you wanted to use ‘that’ method, it’s also okay. I am looking forward to it.”

JiYuan : “… shut up.” Pervert.

The word ‘Pervert’ just appeared in his mind, when his clothes were torn open with a tearing sound. The sudden attack of cold air caused JiYuan to shiver, he almost jumped up.

“What are you trying to do?!”

Ye Junchi held him back, and took out some medicine. Using one hand, he hugged the struggling person tightly in his arms, while the other hand helped to smear the medicine on the injured area. His mouth not sparing the chance to say, “I really would like to do ‘something’. Unfortunately, Ah Yuan doesn’t allow me. Rest assured, without your permission, I won’t go until that step.”

Meaning other than ‘home base’ (going all the way), he(YJC) could anything else? JiYuan felt a chill down his back from his own wit, and struggled even vigorously.

“How did you get the bruises on your wrists?”

Pausing, JiYuan hesitated for a long time, but still mentioned JiSan in the end.

A chill flashed through Ye Junchi’s eyes. He coldly laughed once, then hugged the disheveled JiYuan even tighter. Resting his lower jaw on JiYuan’s head, he said in a low voice, “Want to snatch you away? He doesn’t know the limit of his own ability. Ah Yuan, can I kill him?”

JiYuan frowned, didn’t answer his question but asked one question instead, “You went to the brothel today?”

Ye Junchi blanked, “Just as you wished, I went.”

“Embraced any ladies there?” Both of them stuck to each other so close, JiYuan could smell an overly sweet smell of rouge and makeup.

Ye Junchi looked happy and laughed, “Have embraced.” “How do you feel?”
“Very soft.”

JiYuan : “The feeling is different from hugging me?” “… not the same.” Ye Junchi suddenly has a bad feeling.
Indeed, JiYuan raised his head and looked at him without expression, “Now you got it clear ba? Ye Junchi, I am not a woman. Those women are who you should like. Let go of me, I’m tired.” It could be clearly felt that the hand by his waist suddenly tightened.
JiYuan was scared stiff, “System, did I said anything wrong?”

System coldly replied, “Nothing you said is correct.”

Ye Junchi’s face turned black, his eyes heavily locked gaze with JiYuan for a moment. Suddenly, he raised the wine bottle and gulped down a few mouthful of wine. Immediately, he looked down and pinched JiYuan’s lower jaw before covering his lips with his own.

JiYuan was caught off guard so he swallowed a gulp of wine, nearly choking on it. His teeth(as the door) was completely defenseless, causing his wet mouth to be instantly besieged. The other person’s hot lips and tongue plundered and conquered ruthlessly without mercy, the tip of his(YJC) tongue wrapping around his(JY) tongue was hardly retreating.

The mellow and rich smell of wine and the faint smell of rosin engulfed his sense of smell, and his lips and tongue were forcefully sucked on. JiYuan begun to feel dizzy. He has no experience in this area to start with, so being continuous kissed on for such long period, his body turned soft. Powerlessly leaned inside Ye Junchi’s arms, he only has enough energy to gasp for breath.

Ye Junchi’s fingers massaged JiYuan’s lips, coldly asked, “Understand now?”

This kind of action brought a xx feel to JiYuan for no reason. He was a bit stunned, blankly staring at Ye Junchi, his wet eyes were reflecting lights and lips were slightly swollen and moist, “… what?”

Ye Junchi’s head prickled all over, and his throat tightened. Taking a deep breath to suppress the impulse of his body, he stared directly into JiYuan’s eyes and said, “I like you. I like you as yourself, and not because you used to dress as a female and misunderstood anything. You underestimated me, Ah Yuan.”

This was the first time Ye Junchi openly confessed to him, JiYuan was at a loss being stared at, not knowing what to do. He turned his head away but was forced by Ye Junchi to face back at him(YJC).

Two person stared at each for a short moment, then Ye Junchi suddenly fished out a bracelet from within his clothes. Bowing down his head, he tied the bracelet to JiYuan’s wrist. JiYuan wanted to escape but he heard Ye Junchi’s light voice saying, “Escape and I’ll kiss you again.” (1 escape = 1 kiss)

JiYuan : “…” Big bro, what happened to you?!

The bracelet was made up of a few dark blue beads which the material was unable to be recognized. It exuded faint blue light, reflecting the youth’s fine white wrist, looking exceptionally nice.

Ye Junchi nodded with satisfaction, and stroke JiYuan’s hair, “You are not allowed to take it off.”

JiYuan silently nodded.

“Angry?” Ye Junchi raised his head with both hands, “You are just like a turtle, just a little poke and you will shrink into your shell. If I don’t take initiative, how could I make you to fall in love with me?”

“… nn?” JiYuan became stunned once more.

The curve of Ye Junchi’s lips contained a smile, “I won’t believe in your nonsense. Didn’t you say that you don’t hate me? Then, I’ll strive to make you like me.”

JiYuan moved his lips with difficulty, but looking at Ye Junchi’s glittering eyes, he couldn’t bear to say any unfeeling words.

JiYuan was despaired, “System, what to do?”

System : “Friendly reminder – if the host chose to stay in this world, then after all tasks are completed, the OOC restriction would be automatically lifted.”

“Who want this friendly reminder of yours?!” JiYuan struggled internally for a bit when suddenly, a face full of blood emerged in his mind. The young man who died years ago in his memory silently looked at him, clearly looked like he has a lot of things to say and yet, didn’t manage to say any when he died. He was called JiSi, in order to block two shots, was then hit by a car until his body was crushed.

JiYuan silently shivered. The one he owed the most was JiSi, and the reason he(JY) continued living on was also to take revenge for him. Once more strengthening his will to return (to his world), JiYuan calmed down and lightly said, “Then, afraid you will be disappointed.”

Frowning, Ye Junchi picked JiYuan up and carried him to the side of the bed. In a low voice, “Ah Yuan, you acting like this is really annoying. In the future, you will return to me on the bed.2”

JiYuan was indifferent, “Really?”

Ye Junchi felt that himself in this lifetime, most of his anger and also tolerance were all given to JiYuan. Feeling helpless, he went to bed and sat cross-legged. He held JiYuan’s hand in his hand, and whispered, “Prepare to start ba.” (transferring of spiritual power, fyi before anyone get high/hopeful)

JiYuan frowned, “Luo Xiuyi also said this method will be harmful to your body.”

“Heart hurting on my behalf?” Ye Junchi smiled, “But you won’t let me touch, I don’t have any other option.”

JiYuan gently withdrew his hands, “So, don’t give me your spiritual power. Use those blood pills to suppress it, and wait until you found the murderer. Then, you can go back to your palace and slowly refine it.”

Ye Junchi gripped his fist until his fingers became pale white. His face darkened, “What do you mean?”

“We will part ways after the murderer is found.” JiYuan fearlessly looked back at Ye Junchi but in his heart, he was shaking like a leaf. Still shaking, he asked System if he would be strangled to death.

If System has a face, it would be sporting a black face too, “You are really dedicated, even when refusing Ye Junchi, you managed not to OOC. Rest assured, that person is now spoiling you. He hold you in his hands, keep you in his heart. If you are to stab him a few times with a knife, he wouldn’t really get angry with you.”

JiYuan became silent, he couldn’t even laugh at that, “System, don’t say it like that ah. It will be hard for me …”

“Can’t you give up your revenge?”

“Cannot.” JiYuan finished his words in a resolute and decisive manner, then looked at Ye Junchi. Seeing him with a terrible expression, he(JY) tactfully changed the topic, “Oh yeah, what happened to that kid?”

Ye Junchi quietly stared at him, then spoke without thinking much, “There is one cultivation method in the demon realm, it needs the blood from human child with good cultivation aptitude. These kids are called ‘Blood jars’. This cultivation method is too crooked, it could easily cause the practitioner to lose their mind and become mad. Generally, no one would practice this method… the demon ruler who passed away 13 years away was practicing this method. Long time ago, there existed organization which specialized in capturing children who could be ‘Blood jars’. They cooperate with the demon ruler, every year they would send hundreds of children to the demon realm.”

JiYuan went silent for a moment, “… then those children?”

[T/N : Some mildly disturbing description in paragraph ahead, if you are eating then come back later.]

Ye Junchi lightly said, “Those who was sucked dry of their essence and blood were dead. There are also those who were abused to death, starved to death, poisoned to death, died from sickness, died from cold weather… all those were kids from the age of 5 to 8 years old. In places like the demon realm, it’s easy to die. The bodies of these dead children would be used by the demon ruler to refine medicine or feed to poisonous insects. The xx (rejects) from the refining process would be forced onto the remaining children to eat it.”

JiYuan didn’t expect the rumored insane and cruel demon ruler would be so insane and cruel. Thinking that Ye Junchi is his son, he really think he(YJC) was incredible. Although Ye Junchi was indifferent most of the time, he was not bloodthirsty nor cruel. People who bathed in blood all the time would be contaminated with a hostile aura which couldn’t be wash away in their whole lifetime, but Ye Junchi doesn’t have it. Growing up in an environment with such a father, Ye Junchi actually didn’t turn crooked, that was something worth celebrating.

But System felt something was wrong when it heard it, “… why did I felt like Big bro explained the matter like he experienced it before?”

JiYuan sucked in a breath of cold air, a chill ran through his body, “Don’t speak nonsense.”

System went to comfort him, “I just casually said it, don’t mind me.”

Maybe because JiYuan’s gaze was too strange, Ye Junchi paused for a bit and revealed a weird smile, “Rest assured, I have not been abused by him and I didn’t learn his crooked ways either. Haven’t you always wondered why I massacred MingXu Temple 3 years ago?”

“That organization is MingXu Temple?” JiYuan was once again shocked by the impact.


Ye Junchi was silent for a while, his slender fingers lightly caressed JiYuan’s cheek.

“Those who deserved to die are dead and those who didn’t, they don’t need to know the truth. Earlier today, I went to a brothel and found out some information. I heard someone said in recent years, children within JinHe area would often went missing. The Jiang family had sent so many cultivators out there but still couldn’t find them. I was skeptical that time, sure enough…”

His tone was icy, “These people, all of them deserved to die.”

Looking at his expression, JiYuan suddenly felt a doubt that System’s words were true. The hate in Ye Junchi’s eyes were too obvious, if only hating his father for his crooked ways, it won’t be this extreme ba?

The two of them went silent for a long time, then Ye Junchi pressed onto JiYuan’s nape, and whispered, “Alright, don’t talk about these anymore. I will handle it. Close your eyes, I will give you the spiritual power.”

JiYuan opened his mouth to refuse but his lips was blocked. Smiles were floating in Ye Junchi’s eyes, “Same as before, refuse once and I will kiss you once.”

The author has something to say: YJC : ●v● being shameless is better, can kiss kiss hug hug hold high high wifey~ JY : …System, quickly come and see this freak


Chapter 32

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Entering autumn, JinHe started to get more rain. Last night, it rained the entire night, then it started to drizzle again in the morning. The Immortal Swords assembly has erected a barrier in the air to cover the venue from rain. One could raise their head see rain splashing in mid-air then slowly flowed down.

JiYuan picked the lot for his tenth opponent. He looked up to see the gloomy sky and walked down from the stone stage.

There were two lines of sight sticking to his body, so JiYuan indifferently raised his head to see. He happened to meet eyes with JiSan. JiSan stared intently at him, there seemed to be fire flashing in his(JS) eyes. JiYuan was horrified by his stare, but just when he wanted to turn away, his eyes were being covered.

Ye Junchi sighed, “I still wanted to kill him.”

JiYuan uncomfortably pulled away Ye Junchi’s hand. Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows, then pulled him(JY) into his arms. Facing his(JY) puzzled eyes, he(YJC) bowed down and kissed his forehead. With a calm expression, “Nothing, just want to kiss you.” Raising his head, JiYuan looked at his(YJC) pale and weak face. His lips moved but he still didn’t say anything, lowering down his head and turned away to go.

Just as he wanted to keep up with JiYuan, Ye Junchi seemed to think of something. He looked back at to meet JiSan’s eyes, and his thin lips curled up to reveal a provocative smile.

JiSan’s eyes burned with fire, he was so angry that his chest felt some pain. Lowly spitting a grunt, he heard his father asking beside him, “What are you looking at?”

JiSan immediately retrieved his line of sight, then nonchalantly wiped away the blood from his sword, “It’s nothing.”

JiWen deeply stared at the direction where JiYuan has left, lightly said,
“That casual cultivator is very interesting.”

Lowering his head, JiSan didn’t say anything. Then he heard JiWen lightly said, “That little kid JiShen actually managed to hold on until now, really not tactful. Tomorrow is the last session of the Immortal Sword assembly. If you happened to fight against him, no need to give mercy.”

“En.” JiSan coldly looked at JiChen who was sitting on the other far side. He was leaning on the stone steps, his eyelashes hung low and his face was pale, like he would disappear the next moment. Nobody know what caused this sickness ever since JiChen was young. All they knew was it is getting more and more serious. If there were no accidents, he probably could live only until the end of this year.

The Jiang family’s secret ground was a very mysterious place. He heard that there were a lot of exotic plant, herbs and spiritual medicines. JiShen came to participate because he was aiming for the secret grounds.

Dying sooner or later, what’s the use of doing such meaningless work?

JiSan sneered inside his heart. He saw that JiShen was injured and jumped down from the stone stage. JiShen wiped away the blood at his mouth, tidied up his clothing then only he walked quickly towards JiChen. JiShen looked at JiChen and frowned, he shook JiChen to wake him up then said something to him with a nonchalant face. JiChen rubbed his own forehead, and revealed a look of worry. JiShen shook his head, and from the shape of his mouth, he should be saying, “Small problem, didn’t get injured.”

Show off.

This scene was a bit annoying for no reason. The dismal breeding at bottom of his heart gradually expanded. JiSan turned around his head to look, JiYuan’s figure has already disappeared.


“System, I have a headache ah.”

As JiYuan walked ahead, the gaze(YJC) behind him seemed to be able to penetrate through his robe and onto his skin, hot and persistent.

System : “Man, you already couldn’t escape from the palm of my hand.”

JiYuan : “…” Your mother, not again.

System : “The person provoked by yourself, you have to bear with it even if you need to lie down.”

JiYuan replied with meaningful and heartfelt words, “You are becoming more and more ‘yellow'(indecent). Help me out here, I still don’t believe Ye Junchi will like me. He will wake up from this sooner or later. He is not the same as me, I’m a gay dude…”

“How do you know he is not the same as you?”

JiYuan was speechless.

Reaching to a corner, JiYuan looked around to make sure nobody was around, then he turned around to face Ye Junchi, “Where is that child?” “I looked all over the Jiang residence but still couldn’t find him. It has been so long, I’m afraid he is already gone.”

Ye Junchi leaned against a pillar, the heel of his feet tapped against the ground. His eyes swept over the area around them absentmindedly, his tone was calm, “And Jiang Xuesong still haven’t show up until now. Last time I was separated by a wall when he speak so I couldn’t be sure if it was him or someone else who practiced that method.”

JiYuan thought for a moment, “… someone else? Could it be the person who secretly framed us?”

Ye Junchi was quite enjoyed with his ‘us’ word, he squinted and said, “Perhaps it is. Recently I have a guess, it should be other people who put the golden silkworm into ZhaoYang’s coffin. The purpose is to lead us to the Jiang residence and find out about this fox tail of Jiang Xuesong.”

After all, Jiang Xuesong won’t be so stupid to think a few golden silkworms could finish off the demon lord. This kind of trick which has a very high chance to leave traces is not very clever. But the corpse should be stolen by him or the person behind him.

Who was this person so eager to expose Jiang Xuesong?

Ye Junchi could see the doubts in JiYuan’s eyes. He already has a guess in his mind, but he still need to take care of something so he couldn’t tell JiYuan about it. He quietly leaned a few steps nearer to JiYuan, and while he(JY) didn’t notice it, enclosed him inside a small corner. Then he said, “Perhaps stealing the body is not only to prevent us from checking the wounds but also to prevent the people from the Zhao family. I heard that zhaoYang’s dead body was quite wretched. It was found by someone else at the foot of ChengYang Mountain. Zhao Buchen almost couldn’t breathe from hearing the news, so Yun Wuxiu was the one who prepared the body (to put in coffin).”

What would be on the dead body? Those people were afraid that Ye Junchi would find out something? Or Zhao Buchen would find out something? Thinking for a while, JiYuan couldn’t think of anything. He sighed, and said to System with a bit of disdain, “Why are you so useless? Not giving any hints at all.”

System : “The headquarter only gave me the basic information of this world ah, what can I do? I am also very despaired ah.”

JiYuan couldn’t help but frowned. The original body has a very handsome face, looking more delicate even when frowning. Looking like he encountered some kind of worrisome matter, the space between his eyebrows was scrunched in worry, making other people felt headache.

Ye Junchi couldn’t help reaching out to smooth the frowning area, and whispered, “Don’t frown, my heart will hurt. Leave everything to me, it’s fine if you just wait for me.”

Turning away from his hand, JiYuan lightly said, “You never seem to ask for my opinion whenever you nonchalantly touched me.”

Ye Junchi smiled, “So next time, I’ll ask for your opinion?”

JiYuan plainly looked at him.

Ye Junchi asked with a smile, “Ah Yuan, can I kiss you?” [T/N : Please do.]

The word ‘Cannot’ has yet to get out from his mouth, the back of JiYuan’s head was already being held down. Ye Junchi just gently pecked on his lips, and breathed into the light fragrance. Smiling ever so brightly, “I have asked you.”

Feeling resentful, JiYuan used Gui Chi’s hilt to abruptly jab at Ye Junchi’s lower abdomen. His smile suddenly disappeared, Ye Junchi clutched at his lower abdomen and bent down. He was standing unsteadily, his breathing was trembling and forceful, like he couldn’t breathe. JiYuan didn’t expect the demon lord would be so fragile, and quickly put Gui Chi away. He hesitated for a moment but didn’t went over to help him up, just backed away two steps and said, “You shouldn’t have given me your spiritual power last night.”

Seeing him hiding far away, Ye Junchi was a bit helpless. He forced himself to straighten his back like nothing had happened, “Nothing serious, just now I’m fooling you. Little heartless thing, not even coming to help me up.”

JiYuan couldn’t differentiate whether Ye Junchi was putting on an act or really in pain.

System : “It is definitely real. Big bro must be feeling wronged from being jabbed at his lower abdomen, quickly go over and kiss kiss hug hug to comfort him.”

JiYuan coldly said, “It was not your ‘chrysanthemum’ being targeted so you can say whatever.”

System went silent for a moment, then replied in a small voice, “I don’t have ‘chrysanthemum’… ” 1

Their dialogue ended with System’s word in dividing the species. JiYuan looked at Ye Junchi, the question in his mouth was swallowed down. He lowered down his eyes, his tone was calm, “Tomorrow is the last day of the Immortal Swords assembly. The top ten cultivator could enter the secret grounds of the Jiang residence. Will you be following along?”

“I will follow you wherever you go.” Ye Junchi’s deep eyes were flashing like there are many stars flowing in it. Pieces of light gently flashing, “How could I not worry if you are alone?”

His heart felt like he was suddenly hit, causing JiYuan who had been alone since young – with the exception of JiSi staying by his side for a few years – to be in a trance for a while. One thought pierced into his mind like a thunder, but was forcefully ejected by him. He seemed to be in a panic and avoided Ye Junchi’s line of sight. He doesn’t know what his heart felt, feeling bitter in his mouth. How could you be able to follow me to everywhere?

He will leave this world, at that time he will return being a dandy and rich second gen who was in a drunken stupor, hiding in the dark and waiting for opportunity to topple the Ji family. As for Ye Junchi… he could only be the demon lord of this world. After he left this world, Ye Junchi would be able to forget about him after some time…

Thinking about this, JiYuan couldn’t help to ask System, “After I left, what will happen to this body?”

“The original soul has already went to reincarnate. Then after you left, naturally it will turned into an empty shell, commonly known as dead body. It will start to rot after a while and disappear.”

“… couldn’t you find another soul to stay?”

System scoffed, “What kind of game do you think this is? At that time, Big bro most probably could only hug your dead body and cry. I say you are not determined to leave, are your heart not moved by Ye Junchi? What are you asking these questions for?”

JiYuan paused, then slowly uttered a heavy ‘Oh’, not even turning back to look at Ye Junchi this time. In his heart, he has secretly decided no matter what, he would leave Ye Junchi right after they found the murderer. Although Ye Junchi’s feeling towards him might not be necessarily deep, but seeing him(JY) suddenly not breathing, he(YJC) probably can’t take it well…

System sighed, “You are really cruel.”

JiYuan declined to comment.

In the blink of an eye, the next day has arrived. The Immortal Swords assembly this year has changed from being hosted by the Alliance to the Jiang family instead. Some families and clans who had some rift between them afraid that the Jiang family would manipulate under-the-table so they didn’t send any people to participate at all. Hence, the quality of the participants for this year Immortal Swords assembly was much worse compared to previous year. The top ten was decided to battle through lottery method. From these few days of screening, there were only 20 people left on the stone stage.

JiYuan roughly glanced over the participants and found several familiar faces. From the Ji family, there were JiSan and JiShen. The other side stood Yun Cheng and ZhaoHe, while beside him was the scum who rejected Jiang Miao Miao, Sun Shiyu.

Noticing JiYuan’s gaze sizing up himself, Sun Shiyu gently smiled (towards JY), his appearance like a modest gentleman.

JiYuan felt his tooth aching from that, he rather face a real villain than smiling with a hypocrite. But if the lottery he drew was to face Sun Shiyu, then he would consider beating him up on behalf of Jiang Miao Miao… Talking about Jiang Miao Miao, JiYuan came to notice that he has not seen her for a long time.

Today’s battle has attracted a lot of attention, the Jiang family Head who hasn’t appear for so many days was seen bringing along his madam and his beloved daughter on the stone stage. JiYuan only spared a few glances at that direction, then suddenly felt a cold breath of air climbing up his back. He turned to look, and saw JiSan grinning at him, his laugh was creepy. He(JS) mouthed a few words, when JiYuan finished reading it, he couldn’t help but frowned. JiSan said, “Today, the demon would die without a doubt.”

A burst of fear gripped his heart, he subconsciously looked around. Ye Junchi came along and was hiding in a corner, looking at him. He(JY) doesn’t know why but his heart had a disturbed premonition from seeing the words JiSan mouthed. He wanted to find Ye Junchi and ask him to leave the ground immediately.

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Chapter 33

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After turning a whole round and still didn’t see Ye Junchi, JiYuan’s heart sunk a bit. He inattentively listen to Jiang Xuesong giving those standard stage opening talk, and fished out a wooden stick (lottery to pick who is his opponent). When he looked at the name on the wooden stick, JiYuan couldn’t help calling out a word ‘Lucky!’ in his heart.

He actually got Sun Shiyu for his first battle.

Forcefully pressed down the strong feeling of unease in his heart, JiYuan patted Gui Chi, quietly said a sentence, “It’s fine as long as you don’t take his life.”

Gui Chi’s sword body shook, seemingly to understand what he said and looked kind of excited.

After 20 people has finished picking their lot, they will start battling it out. For the 10 people who lost the battle, they could randomly challenge a winner. If they won against the winner, they could participate in the final round to determine the Top 10. JiYuan was very confident with Gui Chi, he doesn’t worry at all of whatever tricks one would use in the battle later.

[T/N : Now that ’20 people picking lots’ kinda confused me. If 10 loser could still battle to participate after losing, then what about the 10 winners of their first battle? ^^;; Guessed the author is too lazy to describe the whole process.]

System : “Big bro, safe.”

Carrying the sword up the stone stage, JiYuan asked in a slow tone, “Since ‘Big bro, safe’, then no matter what tricks JiSan had up his sleeves, he(YJC) shouldn’t have any problem ba.”

“That might not be absolutely correct, Big bro is also human ah…”

Sun Shiyu also went up the stage. The Sun family doesn’t practice cultivation with swords, he used a jade flute as his weapon in battles. One blow could snap metals and stones, it could also shatter lungs and organs.

JiYuan carefully mobilized some spiritual powers to block his own ears, then let Gui Chi control his body to rush forward, swiping a slash towards the jade flute by Sun Shiyu’s lips.

Sun Shiyu has yet to start blowing at the flute, he was already forced back 3 steps. Gui Chi was ‘not overlooking, nor sparing’ and attacked fervently. Movement natural like flowing water, Gui Chi ruthlessly struck out sideways. Sun Shiyu flipped his hand to fish out a talisman but it has yet to show its effect, the sword has already split it into two. Seeing the sword in JiYuan’s hand was extremely sharp, Sun Shiyu doesn’t want any part of himself to get into contact with Gui Chi, not even one thread or one hair; he could only continue to retreat backwards. His handsome face looked aggrieved, he lightly chuckled as he let go of his jade flute and said, “Little brother is so aggressive and pressuring, isn’t that not very good?”

JiYuan has his hearing blocked earlier so he only can see him talking. In his heart, he thought it must not be anything good, so he let Gui Chi directed himself to stab forward at Sun Shiyu’s face. Sun Shiyu dangerously turned away and evaded it, but the sword qi from the sharp blade still managed to cut off a lock of his hair. On his face was a shallow line of injury. JiangXin from another high stage screamed out an ‘Ah!’, subconsciously turned to face her father and said, “Father!”

Jiang Xuesong waved his hand, his expression was calm and quiet. His deep eyes were following JiYuan who was in the middle of the stage. To be exact, his gaze was on the sword in his hand. Yesterday someone reported an interesting news to him, he really did not ‘expect it to be so easy’1 – He already received that thing from the Zhao family, it would be more than perfect to have it accompanied with a godly sharp blade.

JiYuan was not aware of the spying from the higher stage. His body has inherited the sword stances that the original body had secretly learned. The original body didn’t give up the chances to cultivate from the start, he would secretly go and learn some random stances to practice. Along the way, he came to create a set of stances by himself.

That night when Ye Junchi poured some spiritual power into him, his body instinctively was able to use the sword stances on the day. His sword- wielding skills were a bit more tidy and refined now, he was also not afraid if anyone would discover where his moves came from.

In the end, it was still sword controlling the person instead of person controlling the sword. No matter how good it was, it still couldn’t be compared with real cultivator with some experience under his belt. JiYuan’s skills could win against normal people, but against the young master Sun Shiyu from a big clan, he(JY) soon revealed some weakness.

Sun Shiyu grasped the opportunity and escaped the attack area of JiYuan’s sword. A sword is a short arms, even though it could produce sword qi to supplement the length, it still couldn’t attack far. Unlike sound, there was no place sound couldn’t penetrate, attacking opponent like an invisible sword.

He(SSY) placed the jade flute at his lips, and blew out a note of desolated whimper. As JiYuan paused, his movement turned sluggish. If wasn’t for Gui Chi blocking right in front of him, he maybe unable to move a single step at all. JiYuan was a bit surprised, “Didn’t I blocked my hearing?”

“There’s no place sound couldn’t go. You are just blocking your hearing so that you couldn’t hear, it doesn’t mean that sound suddenly disappeared.”

System wanted to give him a lecture right from the start, so its voice was cold with a bit of contempt, “Isn’t you right now the same as ‘covering one’s ears whilst stealing a bell’2?”

JiYuan went silent for a moment, then uttered an ‘Oh’, “I can’t move now, what to do? Roll over like a flipped car?”

System : “Big bro put so much effort into your body, how could you so easily…”

System has yet to finish its words, and Sun Shiyu has rushed up to JiYuan. Flipping his hand to pull out the sword from the side of his waist, Sun Shiyu slashed at JiYuan with a murderous killing intent –

JiYuan suddenly opened his eyes wide and round.

He watched Sun Shiyu’s matches once or twice before these few days. In order to preserve his image as a gentlemen, he never use that sword by his waist, just using his jade flute to defeat the opponents. How could he suddenly wanted to kill him(JY) with such heavy killing intent?

Could it be Gui Chi forced him too much and caused him to lose face, now his anger got into his brain?

Countless thoughts ran past JiYuan’s mind. Just as the blade approaching his face, a thought jumped in his mind. JiYuan couldn’t bother with other people(SSY), his lips moved and said in the tiniest voice, a word ‘Stop’.

Afraid that Ye Junchi doesn’t listen, he repeated his word again with his teeth clenched.

The black-clothed man who was hiding in the midst of the crowd paused. He reacted after a second, and retrieved back his finger in pinching position, ready to take action. The worry in his eyes slowly faded, returning back to the usual coldness.

Shu Shiyu was being instructed to do that, the purpose was to force him(YJC) to act. People who could instruct Sun Shiyu at the moment was only that old man on the higher stone stage.

He still has some patience and didn’t do anything, instead Jiang Xuesong couldn’t bear it anymore and started probing?

No, this old fox Jiang Xuesong has been hiding for so many years, he shouldn’t be that impatient. It should be the person behind him that couldn’t bear to wait. To be so urgently tried to let him(YJC) expose himself in front of thousands of cultivators, resulting him to besieged to death – why?

Seeing Sun Shiyu really didn’t proceed further, Ye Junchi lowered his eyes. He looked at his slightly pale palms and slowly gripped it, sneering with a ‘wu’ sound.

JiYuan’s heart was racing, as he stared at the sharp silver blade stopping 1-inch away from his eyes. Cold light was condensed at the edge of the sharp blade, if it was any nearer, he would be blinded.

A strange pain throbbed in his eyes, JiYuan held back the urge to close his eyes, then coldly looked at Sun Shiyu.

Sun Shiyu stared blankly, he smiled after a moment of hesitation, “Little brother, admit defeat ba. You have no power to reverse the situation anymore.”


JiYuan has just calmly uttered a word, and the stiff sword by his side suddenly moved, flicking away the sword in Sun Shiyu’s hand. Then, it went to attack his arm. Sun Shiyu’s response was extremely fast, he was able to move his jade flute on the path to block Gui Chi almost at the next moment. But he did not expect that Gui Chi only shook a bit and didn’t wait and care for his next move, it went for his neck and tightly sticking to it. JiYuan easily carried the sword in his hand, he doesn’t looked like he was suppressed by his(SSY) temperament earlier.

The flowing black pupils blinked, and the youth’s voice was faint, repeating the words Sun Shiyu has said earlier, “Young master Sun, admit defeat ba. You have no power to reverse the situation anymore.”

Sun Shiyu’s expression was stunned, he only showed a mild smile after stiffening for a long time, “My skills are not as good, this one admit defeat.”

Calmly putting back Gui Chi, JiYuan turned around and proceed to get down the stage, but was called back by Sun Shiyu.

“Little brother, can you tell this one what is the name of your sword?
It’s so spiritual, it shouldn’t be any nameless sword ba.”

JiYuan turned back with an indifferent expression, “Young master Sun doesn’t know ‘outside a mountain is another mountain’3? My sword, coincidentally, is called Wuming (Nameless).”

Upon getting down from the stage, JiYuan went to sit down and rest at a place without any people nearby, secretly heaved a sigh. He looked back at the higher stage, couldn’t help but frowned. He keep thinking about the reason Jiang Xuesong suddenly let Sun Shiyu take action and the reason why he was so anxious to expose him and Ye Junchi. He could vaguely guessed that the person hidden in the dark who wasted so much effort to frame and shift the blame to Ye Junchi, should be seeking something from Ye Junchi’s body. Plus, they still couldn’t find where Ye Junchi has hidden ‘that thing’ or they still couldn’t steal it away. ‘That thing’ that they coveted must be something very important, they won’t let Ye Junchi besieged by thousands of cultivators without careful consideration.

After all, under the influence of mob anger, those who really wanted to kill Ye Junchi probably won’t leave him(YJC) a complete body. Other than that, someone would ‘fish in troubled water’ in the middle of the chaos and secretly sneak out something. For Jiang Xuesong to show such a hand today, JiYuan afraid he must have heard some kind of news, and also from his impatience too.

Those news …

JiYuan secretly gritted his teeth.

Truly didn’t expect JiSan would actually went to see Jiang Xuesong. The Ji family and the Jiang family was just empty relatives / relatives by name, and no much people really remember that. To be honest, Jiang Xuesong could be regarded as the original body’s uncle. The Jiang family treated the Ji family with coldness and indifference, fancy that arrogant and proud JiSan was willing to put down the enmity and report news to Jiang Xuesong.

Just as he was thinking deeply, someone suddenly stuck close to him from behind. Warm fingers went to the space between his eyebrows and gently rubbed, “Didn’t I say not to frown? It will hurt my heart.”

This kind of sappy words were obviously nauseating, and yet Ye Junchi could say it so very naturally. JiYuan rubbed away the goosebumps from his arms, and pulled away Ye Junchi’s hand, “Looking for me?”

“En”, Ye Junchi smiled, “Didn’t see you for a short while, kinda missed you. Let me kiss a bit?”

With a zoom, JiYuan jumped back 1 zhang (3.33 meter), just like a frightened rabbit. Ye Junchi couldn’t help but laughed.

“Just teasing you, don’t be afraid.”

JiYuan was just a bit relaxed when Ye Junchi opened his mouth again to say, “But me saying that ‘I missed you’ and ‘I want to kiss you’ is real…”

JiYuan : “… Mother. System, I really want to hit someone ah.”

System : “Go ahead, your little power towards Ye Junchi was not painful nor itchy. Once you attack, it would be just like ‘throwing oneself towards somebody’.” “Not painful nor itchy? I hit him twice already, and each time he looked like he wanted to die?”

“If I have a body myself, and ruthlessly hit your belly twice, I guarantee you would wanted to die also.”

“Oh, so Ye Junchi really is not from the demon race?”

“Yes… ah ‘spit* , the demon lord is domineering and formidable, how could he not from the demon race?”

JiYuan : “Hehe.”

Seeing him suddenly became silent, Ye Junchi couldn’t help going over and pinch his cheek, “What is it? Angry? I still haven’t kiss you, why are you angry? Really, I’m used to you…”

JiYuan suddenly raised his head, and coldly asked, “Ye Junchi, are you from the demon race?”

Ye Junchi was surprised, then smiled, “How could I not be? If I am not a demon, how could I dominate the realm and become a demon lord? Ah Yuan, what are you thinking about all day long?”

Seemingly not wanting to listen to JiYuan’s answer, he continue to speak on, “Just now that moment with Sun Shiyu, it really scared me until my blood turned cold… how do you know that I wanted to act?”

JiYuan lightly replied, “I know you are looking at me.”

Ever since JiYuan accidentally suffered a slight injury from the battle with JiShen, Ye Junchi has been following him. Whenever there were chances JiYuan could be injured, he would secretly do something to JiYuan’s opponent. This kind of sneaky tricks, the demon lord did it very smoothly. But as the number increased, no matter how stupid JiYuan was, he would find that his opponents always suddenly falling down at the critical moment was no coincidence. Ye Junchi with a look of seriousness said, “Whether you like it or not, the you right now is too easy to be hurt. I just wanted to completely protect you. Wait until you become strong, then I won’t do that anymore.”

JiYuan lowered down his eyes, “Don’t say these kind of words.”

The corners of Ye Junchi’s lips were contained smiles. He leaned against JiYuan, half-circling him and sniffed his fragrance between his hairs. Ye Junchi squinted his eyes in enjoyment, “What is it, do you like me a little bit now?”

“You think too much.”

JiYuan was expressionless, “Don’t change the subject, and answer me.
The demon ruler is your father? You are really a demon?”

Ye Junchi moved away his line of sight, there was a complex feeling swirling in his eyes. Like snow silently falling suddenly set off with a storm, like it must scratch the ground until it’s worn and battered. The secret he kept in his heart for so many years, he never tell anyone about it. At this moment, he suddenly have the urge to tell JiYuan.

If he could get some sympathy from JiYuan, that’s great. But if JiYuan was unmoving and felt nothing, that’s fine too. He hid it for so long, he just wanted to talk about it. But, came along a burst of light footsteps and a calm voice sounded, “You really make me work hard to find you.”

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Chapter 34

Suddenly there is a long time not see Jiang Miao Miao.

Ji Yuan Yi Zheng, looked up to see Jiang Miaomiao, always feel that the child’s face look strange, eyes dodge, dare not look at him, like guilty conscience.

Ye Jun hesitated to swallow almost out of the throat, then let go of the memorial, the lips with a consistent skin and laughter does not laugh: “finally came out, settled you Niangqin?

Jiang Miaomiao adjusted for a while, but also to restore the past refreshing and generous, but still did not dare to see Ji Yuan, nodded and said: “My uncle ruthless, it will not take into account what brother and sister friendship, He knew that my mother was not guilty, but when he was not aware of it, he had to prepare.

Jiang Miaoxiao do what? Even if Jiang Xuesong know Jiang Miao Miao in the investigation of him, should not be furious to sit his own sister, right?

Jiangmao looked at the face of awe-inspiring, Ji Yuan thought moment, the heart suddenly gushed a strange guess. He did not hold back, a faint opening: “You already know Jiang home of the wrong?

Jiang Miao Miao side too far, did not answer, only gently said: “I’m sorry.

Sure enough so. The hearts of vaguely guess come true, Ji Yuan could not help but sighed, it did not think Jiang Miao Miao than he thought but also intelligent.

The next do not Ji Yuan more speculation, Jiang Miao Miao directly generous to say: “when the uncle … … Jiang Xuesong my father’s body back, my mother will know who the murderer. Become very strange, it seems that there is nothing to tell the secret, was my father accidentally met, my father came back with my mother said, I think he is my father under the murderous, because my father know his secret. ”

Ye Junchang silently pulled the hand of Ji Yuan, wide sleeves will be two of the hand cage, he can unbridled kneading that slender fingers, and then severely pinch a.

Pain came, Ye Jun smile but a lot of real: “what secret?”

“I do not know, my mother did not tell me.” Jiang Miao Miao was his smile a burst of cold, carefully back a few steps, shook his head, “these years he is more and more strange, sometimes lead some strange children Come back, the next day the children are gone, I think certainly no good thing, but he has absolute authority in the Jiang family, no one dare to disobedience, no one dares to say gossip. My mother tried to contact him with a few times, back Told me that ‘the uncle had changed, and he forgot who he was.’ ”

“So, in order to avenge, you have been waiting for the opportunity, just I appeared, you find a big head?” Ye Jun late touched his chin, thoughtfully looked Jiang Miao Miao.

This girl is really bold, orphans and widows of the two female flow of the generation, even dare to count to his head.

Ye Jun said too straightforward, even if the practice of Jiang Miao Miao over the years to face the wall comparable to the walls, but also some embarrassed, embarrassed scratched his head: “… … This is not a long time heard the name of the monster, we are not intentional … ” Ye Jun hesitantly Qi Yan, nodded and said: “ah, is deliberately calculated good.

Jiang Miaomiao more embarrassed: “In short I and my mother is not malicious … … I heard you and Ah Yuan after the incident, I found Jiang Xuesong concern for this matter is too high, but fortunately he and my mother too contempt, nothing I watched him with a little ghost bird, and found that he had a night with a man with a black robe, and the little soul was clever and came back with your name, and I guess that , Maybe someone is blaming you, and he and those who are involved. So … … ”

“You put gold silk in the tomb of Zhao Yang.”

Jiang Miao Miao’s head fast down to the chest.

If only pit Ye Jun late a person, she will not have any guilt, plus Ji Yuan is not the same. When she had met Chichu childhood, it was sympathetic that she was born without her mother, and looked lonely and lonely.

Think of people are so miserable, framed home can not be back, she also use people, even if Ji Yuan did not show anger or disappointment, she still felt uncomfortable.

Ye Jun late like laughing smiles: “nothing, have to thank you for us to pull out this clue .I am just some curiosity, how do you steal a gold silk of Jinsong Song, and sneak into Zhao home into the?

“… … because it is not Jiang Xuesong’s silkworm.” Jiang Miaomiao took a deep breath, and looked up, bright eyes staring at Ye Jun late, calm authentic, “I and my mother refining, I did not Dive into Zhao, as long as holding the female insects, in a certain distance, I can order the silkworm snail into the climb to the tomb of Zhao Yang … … but I did not expect the body of Zhao Yang were taken away. There will be no peace in the day.

With Jiang Miaomiao voice down, looked quietly, autumn wind Joseph, blowing leaves shake off, Ji Yuan also followed by unconscious flick. Jiang Miaomiao words in the amount of information is too large, he had to digest digestion. Not digested, the head did not bias about Ye Jun late suddenly back hand, took off his coat to his body.

Ji Yuan is indeed a bit cold, but Ye Jun late this kind of sister’s considerate acceptance of incompetence, in particular, there is a real sister presence. He silently reach out to want to go back to the robes, Ye Jun late to see him, eyes smiling, tone serious: “Aaki remember it, refused once, I
… …”

“Shut up.” Ji Yuan face expressionlessly stretched the exudes of the rosy robe, ignoring Jiang Miao Miao looked over the strange eyes, bow to continue to digest the information.

A long while, he exclaimed: “system, sister’s power really can not be ignored … …”

System incomparable praise: “Jiang Miao Miao really smart, guess you and the big brother will go to check the body, put the silkworm in advance, I guess you want to be the news of the south is her … … you are not encounter that time, should be She in order to confirm that you in the end there is no south of Jin River waiting there.Have my cousin, two mothers in order to revenge will help you so much … … ”

Ji Yuan Min lips meditation, according to this, the Sword Conference location suddenly changed to Jin River may also have a strange … … can immediately determine Jiang Xuesong is those people, and the target means clear.

These thousands of monks gathered, should not be used to destroy these monks Ye Jun late, but coercion him … … after all, thousands of monks, even if Ye Jun late too much.

Jiang Miaomiao some uncomfortable, hesitantly look to Ji Yuan, Mouzhong with apology: “… … I’m sorry, I did not mean.

Ji Yuan shook his head. And its strange Jiang Miao Miao calculated the two of them, it would be better to thank Jiang Miao Miao’s deliberate move, or he and the big brother do not know when to catch the hidden in the darkness framed their tail.

Ye Jun late pondering a bit, nodded, lightly: “So you do not run out asylum, but also come back to do? Jiang Xuesong has doubted you, you dare to come back, is to tell me and Ah it?

“I am leading you to Jin River here.” Jiang Miao Miao face a Su, “I should be responsible in the end. Listen to me, do not let Ah Yuan continue to participate in the Legend Assembly, too dangerous, Jiang Xuesong sure and framed you Of the people concerned, into the secret to be sure how to deal with A Yuan. These years I am selling foolishly selling silly, he did not care about me, I took the opportunity to collect some of the things he did desperate, ready to send him Out, when he will do things by these monks a piece of Pa out, you can also be killed … … ”

Heard here, Ji Yuan heart could not help shaking his head.

Jiang Miao Miao thought too simple, and Jiang Xuesong and that really is that person, which may be so easy to break off Jiang Xuesong, but also follow the melon caught behind the master … … down there may be changed into a street Miao Miao Miao, he and Ye Jun late fame of the faint also on a floor.

Besides the big brother is to follow the meaning of Jiang Xuesong urn to catch turtle, fled escape is not good.

Heard Ye Jun late rejected, Jiang Miaomiao a did not hold back, blurted out and said: “A mouth injury you do not feel bad?

Unilateral basal things suddenly pierced, Ji Yuan facelessly turned around.

Jiang Miao Miao, you really see all the terrible woman … …

Ye Jun Chi Yi Leng, then smiled will Ji Yuan to the arms of a pull, did not shy pro-pro kiss his hair, calmly: “I will not let Ah Yuan injured. If you really want to help, it is better to tell We are some of the things that come to you, and those things about Jiang Xuesong will not spread out first, and so on.

Jiang Miaomiao bitten his teeth: “This is the best time! Thousands of monks gathered here, a pass out, Jiang Xuesong will be ruined!”

“You sure you master those things can break Jiang Xuesong?” Ye Jun late voice suddenly cold down, “Even if you really let Jiang Xuesong ruined, and then how? Hidden behind the man should not mind This tail, and even will add fuel to the flames, all the dirty water to Jiang Xuesong who poured your big hatred have reported, A Yuan it?

His voice is clearly not severe, even calm and cold, Jiang Miao Miao has heard a tight heart, back hair, and Ye Jun late quiet lonely eyes on a pair, vaguely see hidden in the bottom of the eye Feng Hostility, she was trance in front of the rumors of the sunny uncertain, frenzied horror magic king.

Ye Jun in the face of Ji Yuan are too much in front of the gentle condolences, such as fear of revealing their minions to scare him, over time, let Jiang Miaoxiao forget who he is.

Jiang Miao Miao stiff for a moment, ashamed to bow his head: “I can not confirm … … sorry, I am so anxious.

Ten years of waiting, seeing the hatred is about to report, and sometimes excited to lose the ability to judge normal.

Ye Jun late faint nod, regardless of the arms of the struggle, the big cat like rub rub Ji Yuan black hair, which received the momentum of forced people, let the Ji Yuan.

“You can report, I and Ah Yuan with those who kneel can also clear, go back to take care of your mother, temporarily do not come out, Jiang Xuesong can jump for some time.” He slowly finished, looked up Look at the sky, “almost time to go back, A Yuan, go.”

Ji Yuan looked back at the helpless Yu Yu Miao Miao, thinking this time the original owner to do what reaction will not go wrong, think about it, said: “for my aunt to say hello.

Jiang Miaomiao surprised a moment, a long while before reaction, surprised and madly nodded.

Ji Yuan this follow Ye Jun late to go to the side of Shitai.

The two are cherished, did not speak until the vaguely heard the brave voice, Ye Jun late to hold the memorial, from behind clinging to him, whispered: “I can not appear, but I have been with you It ‘s time for me to be here, and I’ll tell you about my business, okay?

Ji Yuan moved the lips, almost to say a “good”, and bite the bite of the words, silently to deal with.

Ye Jun late: “Ah Yuan, you are really ruthless. Ji Yuan cold face: “Oh.”
Behind the long sigh came: “You are particularly warm holding, I have not experienced so many years of warmth … … Ah Yuan, how do you want me to do it?

Ji Yuan burst of scalp tingling, eager to be aware of their own absolutely can not respond, but can not indulge in Ye Jun late section of the gentle section.
He was silent for a moment, cold channel: “I want you to let me. 


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Chapter 35

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The air felt like it was frozen in mid-air.

JiYuan felt regretful, thinking that he said too much and a bit mean. But thinking deeper of it, he felt like he was not wrong. Pursing his lips, JiYuan lowered his eyes and reached out to break away from Ye Junchi’s hold at his waist.

Ye Junchi paused. Not only he didn’t leave JiYuan, his hold at his(JY) waist was tightened even more.

“What if I don’t let go?”

JiYuan repeated his words in a low voice, “Let go.”

Ye Junchi wordlessly turned JiYuan’s face towards himself and stared for a moment. Confirming that JiYuan’s eyes remained ‘wave-less’ (no emotion), he couldn’t help but heaved a long sigh, “Little heartless thing…”

As JiYuan calmly looked at Ye Junchi’s face when he sighed, a thread of pain appeared in his(JY) heart. He constrained his breathing tightly and forced himself to exhale slowly, maintaining his usual cold and calm expression. But his hands inside his sleeves slowly tightened into a gripped fist.

It should be like this, Ye Junchi should come to his sense immediately, and take back those feelings that he shouldn’t have at the first place. Then he(JY) won’t have to say words that hurt both other people and himself anymore. He(JY) could peacefully finish all his tasks and go back to where he came from. As for Ye Junchi, he could continue being the carefree demon lord. How nice it would be. Strangers meeting by chance, merry meet merry part1.

JiYuan was blankly thinking if he would come to think of Ye Junchi when he returned back to his own world, when his lips was ruthlessly bitten onto. Surprised, JiYuan immediately came back to his sense and saw Ye Junchi staring at him, evilly and ruthlessly said, “How could you be colder than a demon? It is not easy for me to find someone who could make my heart beats, don’t even dream for me to let go.”

It has been quite a while since the demon lord daren last displayed a fierce expression at JiYuan, as he(YJC) usually would show a frosty expression when he was angered. So awkward-looking. For Ye Junchi who didn’t practice the expression of an almighty demon lord for so long, then purposely revealed a fierce and ruthless expression out of the blue, he(YJC) actually looked unexpectedly … cute instead. [T/N : XD ]

JiYuan thoughtlessly hahaha-ed, “System, why didn’t I realize before this? Ye Junchi feels like a big cat ah ha ha ha ha ha.”

System followed his action and hahaha-ed, then coldly said, “You nitwit.”

Ye Junchi was hugging JiYuan, but he still felt empty. He keep feeling that JiYuan would slip away whenever he didn’t pay attention to somewhere out of the scope of his ability.

This kind of feeling was the easiest one to cause panic. When Ye Junchi recalled again that JiYuan said they will part ways after they found the murderer, even if he is the Big bro, he couldn’t help preventing the trace of panic for surfacing. Looking at JiYuan with a frown, he suddenly really wanted to disregard whether the time is right or not, and instantly make the youth in front of him as one of his own, bring back to his palace to raise, and not let anyone to see him(JY) at all.

Keenly aware of something dangerous in Ye Junchi’s eyes, JiYuan felt a prickling sensation in his heart. With a flourishing sweep, he placed Gui Chi between both of them. He lowered his eyes and whispered, “I should go back.”

“Doesn’t dare to face me?”

Ye Junchi pinched his(JY) earlobe for a moment then moved his hands away. He pinched his(JY) lower jaw and said in a deep voice, “Ah Yuan, you know that I’m not any good person. The time you give me is not much, and the time I gave you is also not much. You want to part ways with me? It’s not possible, but once I reached the bottom of my tolerance, I may not take account of your feelings anymore.”

Feeling a bit headache, JiYuan said, “I…”

His words have yet to come out but were strongly pressed back. The feeling of lips pressing together was warm and comfortable. JiYuan didn’t even want to push Ye Junchi away, he just stared at him with wide-opened eyes. The feelings of his(JY) lips and teeth being looted, bit and sucked were exceptionally clear.

Ye Junchi couldn’t help reaching out to cover his(JY) eyes. After a long while, he said with a hoarse voice, “You said you don’t hate me. I treated you like this, would you hate me?”

Tilting his head to the side, his eyes were misted with tears, JiYuan pondered for a long time but he still honestly replied, “No.”

The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up, he chuckled loudly and said,
“I’ll let you go today, but I won’t do the same next time.” JiYuan returned back to silence.

Temporarily leaving Ye Junchi’s side, JiYuan returned back to the stone stage alone. He came back right on time as the 10 matches has just ended. The cultivators who lost their battles were constantly sweeping glances at the 10 winners. They probably were thinking who among the 10 winners looked like ‘soft persimmon’, easier for picking.

Surprisingly, Sun Shiyu actually gave up his chance and left the matches. Sprinkling smiles at the audience, he went back to the higher stage to accompany his ‘beloved’ wife after winning the hearts of a bunch of female cultivators.

JiYuan looked at the higher stage and smiled. What a sight of a young couple with the picture of ‘appearing as united, but divided at heart’. He chuckled lightly in his heart, then turned around to see the rest of the winning cultivators. Yun Cheng and ZhaoHe indeed was here, and surprisingly, JiShen and JiSan as well.

Although JiShen’s talent was good, his age was too young. He lacked experience and not crafty enough, plus he doesn’t think much of battle plans. Last time he won against JiYuan was also because Gui Chi listened to JiYuan’s instruction to give a handicap. JiYuan didn’t expect JiShen would be able to last all the way to the end.

JiShen doesn’t care about the probing stares from all around him, he maintained his stance playing with a dagger in hand. His lips were carrying a smile, while his body was taut from tension like a guarded leopard. There was nothing wrong with him(JS), and yet JiYuan couldn’t help taking a few more glances at him, keep feeling something strange.

System : “He suffered a heavy internal injury. 80% confirmed if you are to push him now, he will collapse. He is just putting up a front for those defeated cultivators. Such a silly child, for the sake of his brother, could throw away life…”

JiYuan was frightened from what he heard, “Very serious?” “Although he is not dying yet but he is also not very far from death. If he don’t hurry up to heal himself, I’m afraid he would become a waste by the time the Immortal Swords assembly ended.”

System thought for a moment, “But if he don’t try so desperately, JiChen would die by the end of the year.”

JiYuan couldn’t help but lightly frowned, he couldn’t ignore the JiChen who looked alike with JiSi. In his previous life, he has to watch JiSi dying miserably in front of him, now he has to see the person with the same face again in this life dying from sickness?

System could guess what was on JiYuan’s mind, continued to speak, “It’s not that you cannot give them a hand. The reason why JiShen persevered to go to the secret grounds because there is a type of spiritual herb called ‘Wuwei Grass'(Tasteless Grass). It is said to be able to cure all kinds of diseases, extend lifespan and also repair cultivation. Although it was not those legendary whatnot which could revive the dead and grow back muscles and bones, it is absolutely a rare item.”

“The Jiang family allows other people to take those items?”

JiYuan was a bit stunned, no matter how you see Jiang Xuesong, he doesn’t seemed to be any kind of magnanimous person, warm-hearted helper or selfless model citizen.

“Naturally not allowed, but then the Jiang family doesn’t have any other way. From very long time ago, the secret grounds are separated to outer ground and inner ground. The Jiang family was just lucky to chance upon the secret ground and monopolized it, but they only studied the outer ground as the inner ground is very dangerous, they doesn’t dare to enter blindly. That ‘Tasteless Grass’ is located in the depth of the secret ground.”

“… Can Big Bro not do anything about this?” “Cannot.” JiYuan was despaired, “But I just offended him…”

System : “Then use your body as the repayment ba, Ye Shangyuan.”

Ye Shangyuan? Why mention Ye Shangyuan again?

JiYuan was stunned, his reflex arc could be said has just returned after rounding the cultivation world 3 times, and he finally reacted. Instantly, his face turned black.

[T/N : Author just wanted to use a roundabout way to say JY is dense.]

Ye Junchi, never knew you are such a Ye Junchi.

Anger is to be felt, and things are to be done. JiYuan was angry but it was just for a moment, then he was ready to do serious business. Because JiShen doesn’t look like he could persevere any much longer, his face gradually became pale.

“System, I am going to do serious things here. Don’t punish me with OOC ah.”

“Whatchu trying to do?”

JiYuan didn’t answer, he lowered his head and lightly coughed twice, immediately attracted those cultivators who were looking to ‘pick persimmons'(picking weakling to fight).

System instantly understood what happened, it considered a little bit and felt that this is not breaking the rules so it quietly watched JiYuan’s acting.

Noticing that himself(JY) has ‘accidentally’ attracted some attention, JiYuan lightly frowned and his hands unconsciously crossed at his chest. But he couldn’t help coughing a few more times, his breathing was weak and messy.

Right on that moment, a cultivator was already standing up and walked towards him, “Fellow Ye, hope to exchange teachings with you.” (T/N : Standard polite form to ask someone to fight with you.) And so, JiYuan weakly coughed while kicking that cultivator down the stage.

After that match, JiYuan revealed an even weaker appearance, clearly showing a powerless look. The Immortal Swords assembly never restricted that one couldn’t repeatedly challenge one person, so from within the bunch of defeated cultivators who only have the aim to win in their mind, another one immediately walked out(to challenge JY).

And once again, JiYuan kicked the cultivator down the stage after giving him a round of beating.

Thinking for a moment, JiYuan afraid that he would scare off those remaining cultivators so he ruthlessly bit down on his own tongue. The original body was fear of pain, his tears almost gushed out from his eyes but at least he managed to bite out some blood. Following that, a line of exceptionally beautiful red blood flowed down from the corner of his lips.

Even when he knew that JiYuan was not in trouble, the Ye Junchi who secretly observing in the dark almost couldn’t control himself, wanting to just rush up the stage and grab away the person(JY) on the stage.

JiSan’s expression darkened right away, and sneered, “Fellow cultivators are really ‘bullying the weak and fearing the strong’.”

ZhaoHe, the person who has been hostile with him(JiSan) sneered back, “The family which produced a prostitute who colluded with the demon race, still have the guts to speak out with righteousness?”

Both people cursed out each other regardless the skin of their face(dignity) in front of so many people. When their eyes met, there were killing intents contained in them.

JiYuan who was ‘getting shot even when lying down’ : “…”

But also thanks to JiSan’s words, the rest of the cultivators were too embarrassed to pick on the ‘soft-looking’ JiYuan and JiShen anymore. JiShen almost couldn’t hold back himself to spit out a mouthful of blood but when he saw his brother(JC) down the stone stage, he immediately swallowed down his blood. He told himself in his heart that the sin JiChen suffered was for his sake, so he would rather die than let JiChen die. Meditated for a while, JiShen calmed down his breathing. He recognized the person who seemed to have inadvertently helped him was JiYuan who he fought against before. He felt surprised in his heart but still gratefully nodded his head at JiYuan.

JiYuan saw his(JiShen) face was so pale that it was scary, really wanted to persuade him not to enter the secret grounds but he doesn’t know how to say it to him. After all, aside from his identity as ‘JiYuan’, he has no other rights to ask JiShen to give up. However, he couldn’t disregard Ye Junchi and freely expose his own identity to other people.

He could only rely on Big bro…. Ai, Big bro.
JiYuan lowered his gaze, reached out his hand to wipe away the blood from the corner of his lips. Then he unconsciously touched his own lips that was a bit swollen from being kissed(earlier), his gaze was slightly gloomy.

In the end, none of those defeated cultivators managed to win a match with the winners. JiSan whose plan has failed, has been sporting a gloomy face the whole time. It was Yun Cheng who seemed strange, he(YC) didn’t even spare a glance at JiYuan from the beginning until the end. But he should know JiYuan, because he was the one who pushed JiYuan up the stone stage (earlier).

However, that ignoring attitude of Yun Cheng doesn’t looked like he was acting at all – he(YC) was indeed doesn’t know JiYuan. Or should say, he(YC) has never met JiYuan before.

JiYuan has a guess in his heart, he only has to wait until Yun Cheng becomes strange again to confirm it. Jiang Xuesong went down from the higher stage, and loudly gave a standard talk of ‘young heroes have emerged’ to close the ceremony. Then, he let everyone (the winners) to stay in the Jiang residence to nurture their health back from the fights for 3 days. 3 days later they will all enter the secret grounds, regardless dead or alive.

The Immortal Swords assembly has finally ended. Comparing to the assembly from last year, this year’s assembly was quite a failure. But for some people, it was extremely satisfactory.

When JiYuan walked into the guest room that was prepared for him, the first thing he did was to check the entire room for anything suspicious.

System : “Jiang Xuesong’s intention is to let you and Ye Junchi enter the secret grounds, so to ‘easier to catch prey in a trap’. These 3 days should be quite calm and peaceful. He won’t do anything, don’t be worry.”

JiYuan thought of it to be as such, the tension in his heart loosened. He turned around to look and when he saw the person sitting beside the table, he was not very surprised. Walking over, he sat down for a while. The words he wanted to say has yet to come out when he got abruptly cut off.

“You have something need my help?”

Ye Junchi poured himself a cup of cold tea, carefully looking at the jade- colored tea, but he didn’t drink it, just covering the cup with a cover. His head was not even turned as he continued, “Is it related to your little ‘Biaodi’ or ‘Biaoge’? Last time you pleaded me to give them a hand and save them, what about this time?”

[T/N : Biaodi (Younger male cousin) / Biaoge (Elder male cousin)]

They were neither relatives nor friends, JiYuan who couldn’t produce any substantial benefits for Ye Junchi was a bit embarrassed. He only whispered in a low voice regarding JiChen’s sickness and also JiShen’s condition.

Ye Junchi slightly considered it, then nodded and said, “Alright.” That means he agreed?

JiYuan was thinking that it was unbelievable, hesitatingly said, “The depths of the Jiang family’s secret ground is very dangerous…”

Ye Junchi reached out to hold JiYuan’s hand, and lightly kissed the tips of his fingers. His gaze was deep as he said, “Ah Yuan, I have never liked anyone and also don’t know how to treat someone nicely. So, I will do everything within my power, including agreeing to all your requests – don’t use that kind of eyes to look at me. Asking me to let you go is unreasonable, how could I promise you?”

The corner of JiYuan’s lips was twitching, and the sense of helplessness was rushing up in him. He doesn’t dare to meet Ye Junchi’s eyes, and shifted his gaze, lightly asking, “How do you want me to repay you?”

Having making mental preparations to get answers like ‘Give me a kiss’ or ‘Accompany me to sleep’ from Ye Junchi, JiYuan took a deep breath. Then, he heard him(YJC) slowly said, “Accompany me for life ba, Ah Yuan.”

The author has something to say: YJC : I’m not any good people. JY : Oh. YJC : But I’m wiling to be a good person just to you. JY : …. ??? Caught off guard from the love words???


Chapter 36

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A lifetime?

JiYuan was stunned, he could clearly feel his heart was moved. His lips slightly opened and closed, and calmly said, “A lifetime is too long. Ye Junchi, you still haven’t figure out everything clearly.”

“I am very clear.”

Ye Junchi’s gaze was burning, “Ah Yuan, what are you actually thinking? Can you tell me?”

Remaining silent for a few moments, JiYuan shook his head and said, “Sorry, I can’t do it. The matter about the Jiang family’s secret grounds… you don’t have to intervene.”

He(JY) didn’t even know what kind of traps those people had prepared, asking Ye Junchi to take risks in the secret ground was not very good. This request of his was really lacking in consideration. Not borrowing Ye Junchi’s power, then it should be fine to borrow Gui Chi instead ba.

JiYuan slightly pondered, in his previous life, the one he owed the most to was JiSi. He also caused JiSi to lose his life, so in this current life, he(JY) mustn’t repeat the same mistake. Ye Junchi has done enough for him. In harsher words, his(YJC) reputation was originally bad enough. Even though he was forcefully made a scapegoat, the cultivators in the human realm couldn’t really do anything to him(YJC). If wasn’t to investigate the murderer and went to the Zhao residence, he wouldn’t be issued a K.O.S order.

Distracted by his own thinking for a while, JiYuan then felt his cheek was being pinched. He looked up to see Ye Junchi still smiling at him, just that this smile was a bit dim, “It’s alright, it’s alright if you couldn’t accept me at the moment. I still can wait. Stop thinking about other things. Hmmm, except giving yourself to me, I don’t want other kinds of repayment. Although the Jiang family’s secret grounds are dangerous, it couldn’t do anything to me. Just…”

Looking at the clearly distinct white and black colors in JiYuan’s eyes, Ye Junchi has always felt that, under that frosty cold shell laid a shackled soul painfully struggling. His(YJC) voice couldn’t help but softened a bit and said, “The pills that Luo Xiuyi refined has left only one. If any important matter happened, then your neck need to suffer a bit.”

No matter what was the reason, biting at the neck has always given him(JY) a passionate/lewd feeling. JiYuan hesitated for a moment, “…. you can only bite the neck?”

“Of course not.”

Ye Junchi tilted his head to a side, smilingly placed a kiss on JiYuan’s nape.

“Because I want to eat you, but I can’t eat. So I can only barely make do with biting your neck.” JiYuan felt that his neck has turned numb from Ye Junchi’s kiss. He jumped up in a rush and get far far away from Ye Junchi. His(JY) face stiffened for a while, then replied in a low voice, “As you wished.”

In the blink of an eye, 3 days has passed. The 10 winners of the Immortal Swords assembly gathered in the main hall of the Jiang residence. The season was deep in autumn, and the ground was covered with fallen leaves. When the wind blows, rustling sound could be heard, giving the atmosphere an inexplicable lifeless feeling.

Jiang Xuesong crossed his arms, his gaze wandered around the 10 young men in front of him. When it fell on JiYuan’s body, he paused before opening his mouth and said, “The Jiang family has yet to be able to conquer the secret grounds completely. You still could roam around the outer ground, but the inner ground is very dangerous. The secret grounds being opened today, it will be closed again after half a month. The treasures are valuable but your life is even more important. Gentlemen, please take care of yourselves.”

ZhaoHe secretly curled his lips, his face was cold not saying anything while the others nodded their head to express agreement.

JiYuan didn’t pay any attention to what Jiang Xuesong has said because all his attention was focused onto his own waist.

This morning, he was still thinking how Ye Junchi could sneak into the secret grounds without anyone finding out. Who knew when he was changing clothes, Ye Junchi stood behind him and stared at his back for a long time. He(YJC) came nearer and held onto his(JY) waist, then stopped moving. JiYuan thought demon lord daren wanted to act rogue-ish (pervert) early in the morning, but the fact was he(YJC) has turned into a slender little snake. Sliding into his robe, Ye Junchi went to encircle his waist and refused to budge since.

Towards these soft-bodied and cold-blooded animals, JiYuan doesn’t have much fear but he was certainly disgusted by it. Immediately his whole body became stunned and stiff like an ice sculpture. It was until Ye Junchi slowly slithered to the front to face him, and JiYuan saw him looking like a cute little snake, that the conflict inside JiYuan’s heart slowly disappeared. Then, the little snake seized the opportunity to stretch out a little tongue and licked at JiYuan’s lips, before slithered back quickly to his waist.

System ‘Hurhurhur’ laughed, though the electronic sound kinda make the laugh wave-less (no high/low tone) and even sounded a bit cold, “Big bro being a scoundrel is not something you could stop. How about it, retaliate ‘a tooth for a tooth’?”

JiYuan calmly asked, “Being kissed by a snake, so I need to kiss back to gain the upper hand?”

System : “…”

The cold little snake has turned warm from being covered by his clothes, JiYuan also doesn’t dare to tie his belt too tightly. He afraid that Big bro would get suffocated and not happy, then went ‘somewhere else’ to roll around.

After Jiang Xuesong ‘blahblahblah-ed’ for some time, he(JXS) then brought a few people with him to personally escort the winners to the entrance of the secret grounds. His behavior was like the rumor, the kind- hearted and generous Jiang family Head. If not already knew his true face, even JiYuan who used to see pretentious false appearances would be blinded by this act.

At the entrance of the secret grounds, Jiang Xuesong once again reminded the winners with long-winded talk. JiYuan listened to it for a moment, then summed up what the Jiang family Head has said as, ‘Unity and Friendship’, ‘Helping each other’ and ‘Make progress together’. He(JY) felt for a moment that the Jiang family Head has great potential to become a teacher in his original world.

The secret grounds were the ‘urn’ set by Jiang Xuesong and the person hidden behind him in the dark. Now the other side(JXS+X) was trying to ‘lure them into the trap’, while JiYuan and Ye Junchi were trying to ‘get into the urn to catch turtle’. Would they(JXS+X) be successful in their calculations or would they(JY+YJC) be successful instead in finding out the mastermind behind by ‘following the vine to the melon’? The result was not something they could predict at the moment.

[T/N : Lol, the author is trying to kill me by inserting long-winded idioms in each section separated by commas. The summary for the paragraph above is the bad people is trying to set JiYuan and Ye Junchi up in a trap, believing that they are not aware they are being set-up. While JiYuan and Ye Junchi knew about the trap and get into it anyway, to find out who was instructing the family Head. Who will succeed? Nobody knows :v]

JiYuan glanced at the JiShen who was still putting up a strong front, thinking if he(JY) should knock him out later and hide him in a safe place.

A few people has other people they were familiar with to accompany them, and there were some who was alone. After pausing for a moment, they all walked into the secret ground.

JiYuan followed behind JiShen, and the moment he stepped into the secret ground, the world in front of him instantly changed. On the outside, it was cloudy with bleak autumn wind blowing around but inside the secret ground, it was bright spring weather with singing birds and fragrant flowers. There was no other people around, JiYuan froze for a while, then understood that it seemed like the Jiang family has activated some spell mechanism and all 10 people has been sent to different places.

JiYuan was a bit distressed, “JiShen won’t die right?”

To be honest, character-wise, JiShen would be more similar to JiSi. Sunny and cheerful, tough and stubborn. When protecting their important person, they would act like an angry cheetah ready to pounce forward to bite the enemy to death, or perish together with them. He(JY) was a bit reluctant to let JiShen die.

System has locked target onto JiShen earlier, it observed for a while and said, “Rest assured, he is with JiSan right now.”

JiSan? That mental brother, no matter how mental he was, he wouldn’t do anything to his cousin ba? After all, this was the Ji family from this world and not the Ji family from his original world which only seek nothing but profit.

A bit relieved, JiYuan reached out to poke the little snake at his waist,
“Ye Junchi, you should….”

His voice abruptly stopped.

JiYuan became silent for a while. Looking at the scenery in front of him that seemed to be peaceful and quiet, it actually was hidden with murderous intents1. Shivering, “System, I seem to have lost Big bro…”

System : “… don’t be afraid, you have Gui Chi. Common monsters and spirits wouldn’t dare to come close to you. Moreover, you have some cultivation now.”

JiYuan cried up a storm, “Anti-demons and ghosts, but not anti-human ah!”

Jiang Xuesong and the person behind him wouldn’t be thinking for a mere secret grounds to finish Ye Junchi. Although he(JY) has Gui Chi in hand, but Gui Chi doesn’t belong to him after all. Plus JiYuan know nothing about sword skills, if he come across a real master, then that master would really finish him(JY).
System : “Don’t be afraid, I’ll search for some sword skills for you.” “Can temporary cramming be any use? ….. System, say if I get finished
here before Big bro found me, what would happen to Big bro?”

“I can only sincerely suggest.” System was calm, “If you really need to die, please die far far away. Do no let Ye Junchi see your dead body. He is really not any good people. This person likes you so much that it’s already difficult to suppress. If he suddenly sees your dead body, it’s not surprising at all that he will start a bloodbath.” JiYuan became silent a bit, whispered in a low voice, “Use proper words, why mention ‘ghost’ all of a sudden?”

[T/N : It is a random expression words inside System’s words, doesn’t really mean real ghosts but JY picked up the word anyway :v]

Squatting down for some time, JiYuan noticed that there were some rustling sound of movement behind himself. He lifted his feet wanted to go, but slowly retracted back his footsteps and looked down on the soil in front of him. The area he was standing on seemed to be covered with trees, it was a piece of a forest anywhere he looked. The surrounding was teaming with leaves, branches and big trees. Floating in the air was the fragrance of grass and a faint smell of soil was mixed in it. But when one carefully sniffed, a light hint of rancid smell could be detected.

JiYuan picked up a stone without any expression, and threw it onto the ground somewhere nearby, about 3 steps away from himself. The stone immediately sunk into the ground without a sound. He then leaned over to pick up a few more stones and threw it at different directions on the ground. Some of the stones sunk into the ground, while some made a ‘thud’ sound, then rolled on the ground with a ‘gululu'(rolling) sound.

System was stunned, “Swamp? Not right ah, if it is a swamp, I should be able to detect it and warn you….”

Pausing a bit, System tsk-ed, “I know now, this secret ground is really dangerous. Pray that Big bro will hurry up and find you. I’ll take back my words earlier. Gui Chi could only protect you against demons and spirits that could move, and not this kind of lifeless bizarre abnormalities. Be more careful, the moment you stepped onto the wrong ground, you will dragged inside and eaten until not even bones are left.”

This thing(ground) is also a monster?

JiYuan felt chilly in his heart, secretly felt moved by his own vigilance. , he leaned over again and picked up all the stones at his surrounding and hugged it in his arms. He threw the stones to check the ground while walking forward, System also carefully probed(with its sensor). Not sure how long has the time passed, JiYuan was covered in sweat with his ‘pick stone, throw stone’ actions. System was finally relieved and said, “Alright, you can leave the area now.”

JiYuan still threw out the last few stones in his arms, confirming that there were no mistakes, then he dared to step out. He has just went into this place and it was so tiring, no need to talk what will happen in inner ground.

System keenly pointed out a fact, “That is because you are too weak of a chicken. If the situation is changed to Big bro, he would absolutely walk like normal grounds, because that thing won’t be dare to eat him even if offered.”

Vigilantly carried Gui Chi while walking, JiYuan replied, “You already said I’m the weak chicken and that is Big bro, how can we be the same?”

Pausing, JiYuan was worried.

“I am more worried about Ye Junchi if my blood in him suddenly becomes chaotic, and if he ate the last pill and couldn’t find me….”

That consequence was too horrible to contemplate.

“Don’t think nonsense, Big bro will find you quickly soon.”

System gave a comfort word, then didn’t say anything anymore, and let JiYuan to focus on checking his surroundings.

JiYuan shook his head. After walking for a long time, he became tired so he went to get some rest under a tree. He supported his forehead, he was a bit exhausted. Whenever he thought of the possibility that Ye Junchi could be in trouble, he felt all the blood in his body turned cold, even breathing became a little difficult. The more he thought of it, the more he felt he owned Ye Junchi. He was the one who gave his blood to Ye Junchi to drink. He was also the one who carelessly involved Ye Junchi into this crisis…. if something happened to Ye Junchi… It was clearly not cold inside the secret ground, and yet JiYuan trembled as if a bucket of cold water was poured on him.

Seeing him at a loss, System didn’t say anything.

In the end, for which option to take, the right to choose is in JiYuan’s hands. It could predict what will happen if JiYuan choose to return to his original world. From the compassion it achieved from imitating human emotions, System really wanted JiYuan to think clearly. It wanted JiYuan to peacefully stay and live well in this world.

Being quiet for some time, JiYuan was still being absent-minded. Then, suddenly he heard System’s urgent voice, “Someone is coming… be careful, behind!”

Goosebumps raised up behind his back, JiYuan wanted to immediately jump up but didn’t expect that his body was completely immobile. Looking down, he only found out that unknown to him, both his hands and feet were wrapped around by some small flexible tree roots, even Gui Chi was tightly bound. He tried to use spiritual power to shake away these roots, but it doesn’t have any effects. On the contrary, he seemed to have angered the roots and the grip became tighter.

Sudden pain throbbed from his skin being cut into, JiYuan lightly cried out. He then turned around to look behind him, and found the normal- looking tree earlier could now vaguely be differentiate out its eyes, nose and mouth features. It was extremely ugly, and also extremely horrifying.

JiYuan wanted to cry, “… System!!!”

System was despaired, “Fxck, why is this whole place so bizarre? Gui Chi and I couldn’t detect this kind of threat ah… you don’t move around ah, 80% confirmed that this big tree thinks that you looked good, very suitable to be its nutrient.”

“You shut up.”

JiYuan desperately looked at Gui Chi and trembled. Brother Chi (Gui Chi), put some effort on it. Quickly unsheathe yourself ba.

Gui Chi shook a bit, the spiritual power of a sword was quite limited. Without any strong spiritual power to support, it couldn’t break away from these root wrapping around it like cocoon.

More roots were wrapping around his body, and it was becoming more and more tight. JiYuan almost couldn’t breathe. However, just as his eyes began to see black, he suddenly heard some footsteps. Then his body was loosened from the grip, those roots were neatly chopped off by someone.

Ye Junchi?

He took a deep breath, and raised his head with some excitement. When he saw the youth with the lights behind his back, 4 words abruptly emerged from his heart.

冤.家.路.窄 – ‘Meeting enemy on narrow roads’ It was actually Yun Cheng.
The author has something to say: YJC : Although I am offline temporarily, but my love towards wifey won’t go offline… JY : ….

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Chapter 37

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“Ye Shangyuan?”

Yun Cheng to look at the Gui, holding a long sword, the face with hesitation color, obviously do not understand the first ten leaves of the General Assembly how someone will be a mere tree demon entangled.

Gui the root of the body to pick up the roots, by the way will be lost the demon force of the roots of the late rescued, the heart silently said sorry.

Hold tight to late, Gui Heart also steadfast a lot, frown upward with Yun Cheng looking at a moment, hanging eyes: “temporary carelessness.” ”

Yun Cheng is really the slightest impression on him, this person obviously not long ago also put his pit to the stone stage of the General Assembly, smile between all seem to know his identity, is full of threats, this just how long, and changed again a kind.

Yun Cheng is not much doubt, he smiled, toward Gui outstretched hand:
“Yedaoyu, densely sinister, as the action?” ” Gui face expressionless: “No need.” ”
Being bluntly rejected, Yun Cheng did not care much. Originally is a casual invitation, after all, in this place, the most unreliable is the people, especially the stranger. He nodded his head and was about to leave with a sudden pain in his brain.

The mind is like being forced into what, the pain is severe, the cloud body flash, almost fell to the ground.

Gui quickly climb up, vigilant stare at Yun Cheng, see the face struggling Yun Cheng laugh, a moment like a person, staring at his eyes as if hidden in thin thick needles, at any time can tie over.

“Little brother is unwilling to walk with me, but angry at my last rudeness?” ”


Gui dignified way: “System, cloud commitment is not …”

The system listens quietly to Gui’s ideas. Gui way: “Schizophrenia?” ”
System: “Baby, this is in a world of repair fairy.” ” “He’ll be a man for a while.
The system is unbearable: “You don’t think he was controlled by someone?” ”

Gui silently smiled: “Finally from your mouth to pry something out.” ” System: “…” Little bunny.
The little bunny tried to smooth the smile, and looked at Yun Cheng coldly. Yun Cheng slightly crooked head: “But little brother this is not smooth hit the top 10, but also entered the river home Middi Mody, in the next is just a push you just.” ”

Gui still silent. Yun Cheng give people feel very dangerous, but did not reveal the murderous, the basis to protect him late is whether there is murderous. No murderous, Representative Yun Cheng not want to kill him … Or the man who controls Yun Cheng doesn’t want to kill him.

So what’s the approach to him?

A flash in the brain, Gui’s face is more cold, directly turned to go, but the hand was Yun Cheng pull live. He pinched Gui’s fingers with levity, and smiled and laughed: “Little brother’s fingers can be really soft, no wonder

No wonder what?

Gui did not think much, backhand out of the waist of the dagger to Yun Cheng’s shoulder to tie.

Yun Cheng not to avoid, the shoulder by the sharp dagger into the ground, the scarlet blood in a moment crawling over the shoulders. Gui hand also stained with blood, silence for a moment, lift MOU see Yun Cheng smile Strange.

“Tie also stabbed, not angry, then together.” ”

Gui can not help but frown, cloud bear backhand pinch his wrist, there is a strange force into the body, the psychic force completely cannot mobilize.

Obviously, by force he is absolutely Yun Cheng. It is too late to feel murderous, and will not trigger some kind of Ye Jun late. Yun Cheng behind the person who knows who he is, but also to do so, in addition to his arrest as hostage threat Ye Jun late, Gui really can’t think of any other reasons.

Have already caused a lot of trouble to Ye Jun late, still want to become a complete burden harm Ye Jun late?

Gui’s Adam’s apple moved, eyes coldly stare at Yun Cheng, a while, light way: “Can.” ” The dense field seems to be in addition to the woods or woods, all the woods are quiet and peaceful, but there is a strange senran, everywhere to kill.

Gui silently heel behind Yun Cheng one day, under the gripped, have to admit, if not Yun Cheng, he want to live safely, indeed too difficult.

Close to dusk, two people found a pool, lake water tranquil limpid, one eye can look at the end, only a few fish in the inside leisurely swim.

Yun Cheng looked down at the water for a while, side head 暼 eyes good rabbit like Gui, Heart suddenly a move, hand to rub Gui hair.

Gui A gust of creepy, almost immediately pulled out the dagger, repeatedly back a few steps, warily stared at him: “What do you want to do?” ”

Cloud to PIE, did not answer, will be a wide sleeve, pull out the sword to the water thorn, there is a fish was singled out water thrown to the ground, do not place flop swing.

“It’s here tonight, will you, brother Ye, eat fish?” ”

Gui squat in the side of silent, the confused hair reason, heart complained a few sound.

The system sneer at: “The leaf big guy rubs you to rub joyfully, did not see you to say a word.” ”

“…… This person is not the same. ” “Oh, hate and like?” ”
Gui muttered: “Nonsense, two of them are annoying.” ” System way: “How can I not find you are very proud of?” ” Gui hehe. Cloud Cheng uneasy kind, he baked fish certainly also uneasy kind, Gui is thinking, to the last only in the Yun Cheng of the warm invitation to chew two, sit aside and rest.

Originally just want to close the eyes repose, did not think just closed the eye not long, Gui dream.

The reason to know is to sleep, or because the system and chat chatter with the chatter, the surrounding environment is also a change, everywhere is dark, as if into the eternal night.

Gui was the first time so clearly aware that he was asleep in the dream, frowning, is thinking how to get rid of dreams, the eyes suddenly bright, there is a vague figure appeared.

It was a somewhat broken figure, Gui squint, then froze.

…… That is the figure he will never forget.

The person slowly turned around, the face is a bright sunshine smile, the left head is flat down some, the whole face is somewhat distorted, red blood crept up his face, body also as if in the blood soaked, beads drop to the ground.

Gui feet cold, the brain blank, looking at this some horror of the picture, in the mind but singular don’t feel afraid, only the overwhelming pain guilt.

Guis crooked Head, Softly way: … Brother? ” Gui closed his eyes in agony.
Guis voice hoarse, gas-like vague unclear: “Brother, why don’t you believe me?” ”

He learned that some people also harm Gui, overnight back to Guijia told Gui, get is Gui cold question: “How do you know someone is the key to me?” How do I know you’re not the one who hit me? ” That day Gui to go to the wedding, and this half of the half-brother and the younger brother more say a word, on … Never had the chance to speak to him again.

The heart acuteness pain up, Gui moment feel oneself may want to suffocate in the dream to die, he covered the eye, teeth open eyes. Guis has dragged the broken deep into his body before, the MOU is the natural innocence clear, he stretched out the blood of the fingers, slowly close to Gui, but in the face of Gui, trembling a bit, and take back.

The teenager died in the eternal 19-year-old, the tattered face looked under a few childish, he muttered: Forget my brother don’t like me near … Brother Don’t be angry, I leave immediately, don’t hate me …

Gui almost shed tears, he chatter: “Sorry …”

Guis a little dazed: “Why should my brother apologize?” ”

Gui forward, hesitated for a moment, carefully Jiang arms into the bosom. Guis died for so many years, he had not once dreamed, sometimes he was thinking whether with hate for him to die, otherwise how never dream.

Guis winked and took a long time to realize the way: “I forgot, I am dead …” Brother, is this your dream? ”

He rubbed against the Gui collar, whispered: “I am sorry, I know you are afraid of ghosts … Am I scary? ”

“…… No. “Gui Heart afflictive want to burst into tears, hold back, sinking channel,” harm your people will go down to you buried, Guis, I will go down with you. ”

Guis Leng Leng, jerked head: “Don’t!” ” Not what?
Gui is to ask, ears suddenly sounded low call, the voice constantly ringing, he can only see Guis lips moved, but did not hear what he said. moment, Gui eyes a flower, hear the system cold and hurried voice:
“Gui?” Gui? Wake Up! ”

Gui hit a Cold War and opened his eyes. The fire was blazing with fireworks.
Gui in the eyes of some moist, dazed for a moment, only to find himself is lying on the ground, wearing an outer robe.

“Hiss, system, how am I?” ”

The system is relieved: “Just your soul suddenly unstable, almost from this body stripped out, do not mess ah, your soul has not been recognized by the world, without permission to leave the body, will be the rule of the world directly destroyed.” ”

Gui heard the eyebrows tremble: “How did I suddenly fall asleep?” ”

“It’s a problem for the fish you eat,” Yun Cheng said. “The system thought for a while,” Fortunately you only eat two mouth, fish under a kind of medicine, it is to let people fall asleep, but your soul and this body is not a complete bottom of the fit, eat more your soul will be directly away from the body. ”

Gui shivered: “The little tart is killing me!” ”

System calm tunnel: “While now escape, Yun Cheng thought you sleep dead, rest assured to leave to the nearby river to bathe.” ”

Well? Isn’t there a puddle in here? ”

System way: “Inside all is eats the human fish, the pond bottom is the bone, Baiseng is born.” ”

Gui also really did not carefully look at the bottom of the lake, heard the system, thought he ate the fish, almost dry vomit up.

No wonder Yun Cheng didn’t move that fish, it’s a dog. Gui afflictive for a while, pull opencloud commitment of the outer robe into the pool of a throw, put forward to find a way, take a deep breath stride past.

At night, the woods are dead, and occasionally there is a sound, like something in the ear breathing, Gui creepy, hold tight to late, feet some shiver, the thought of Yun Cheng that strange tone and smile, or a hard heart to trot up.

I do not know how long, Gui suddenly feel the nape of a hair, as if by something, he was almost conditioned to a faint, heard the head of a strange beast roar.

Gui swallowed saliva, slowly raised his head, can’t help scold the sound
“lying trough.”

The head is actually a big spider.

Dark, four eyes green, legs with sharp barbed. If this thing comes through, it’s not cool.

Gui did not hesitate to run, did not run a few steps, was something suddenly dragged down to the ground.

The system says, “Honey, spiders spin.” ” Gui: Shut Up! ”
Gui face blankly lying on the ground, limbs are entangled in silk, slowly dragged back.

The spider actually has a face, at this time with a smile, staring at Gui hissing low roar.

Gui looked at two eyes, desperate to close his eyes, anyway, four weeks also no one, he simply whispered: “Can I have a good look?” It’s too ugly

The system does not utter a word. The spider seems to understand Gui words, spider legs Move, jerked to Gui head.

The system suddenly opened: “Baby, open your eyes!” ”

Gui a Leng, immediately opened his eyes, see a scary spider leg to himself.

Gui furious: “System you fxck …”

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Chapter 38

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His sensitive earlobe was suddenly bitten, JiYuan felt a burst of soreness straight down to his back. He almost turned jelly soft and start falling backwards into the arms of the person behind him, but he managed to quickly grab onto the hand circling at his waist.

His heart was beating very fast and his breathing was disordered. JiYuan blankly raised his head to look and saw the big spider which was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws earlier, now collapsed on the ground with all 8 legs scattered around its body. The ground was covered with green oily liquids. That big spider seemed to have just finished a big meal not very long ago, so being opened apart at this moment, some unknown substances still continued to flow out….

System ‘took the credit for someone’s achievement’ and said, “See that?! Your man is super handsome!”

JiYuan : “I see your grandfather.”

“… I don’t have a grandfather.” System spoke in a small voice. Taking another glance at that pool of liquid, JiYuan felt his own stomach churning. He frowned in discomfort, then his eyes were covered by a large hand. Following that movement, the large hand pushed his head backwards into the embrace behind him.

“Don’t look. It’s disgusting.”

JiYuan pulled a face and said, “…then why you still deal such a heavy blow?”

“I’m worried about you.”

The low and magnetic voice sounded beside his ear, people couldn’t help but relaxed their mind from hearing that voice.

“Were you afraid?”

JiYuan lied with eyes wide open and said, “Not afraid.” After a moment of hesitation, he pulled Ye Junchi’s hand away from his head and turned around to look at him.

Ye Junchi was taller than him, so he need to look up. His gaze swept up from his(YJC) delicate lower jaw to his pair of profound eyes. Both people stared at each other for a short moment, then JiYuan softly asked, “Did you get hurt anywhere?”

“I should be the one to ask you this question.”

Ye Junchi smiled. Looking at JiYuan’s bright eyes when he(JY) raised his head to look at him(YJC), Ye Junchi couldn’t help bowing down and bit on JiYuan’s lips. His voice was hoarse, “I want to kiss you, don’t tempt me.”

JiYuan was expressionless, “…” You already kissed, why still ‘throw the black pot over’ (putting the blame on him)? Ye Junchi, kudos for you.

“What are we talking just now? En … how could I get hurt?”

Ye Junchi intimately pinched JiYuan’s cheek, lights were shining brightly like stars in his eyes. Ye Junchi : “How about you? Are you okay? I was sent to the depth of the secret ground when we crossed over. And I grabbed that spiritual herb that you wanted along the way. It took a bit of effort, so I just managed to come here now.”

As he said that, Ye Junchi sighed. He bowed down and buried his head at the side of JiYuan’s neck, rubbing against it.

“You really scared me, fortunately you are alright…”

JiYuan was feeling itchy from being rubbed, he reached out to push away Ye Junchi’s head and asked, “Tasteless Grass, you found it?”

Demon lord daren really… wherever he goes, he acted like there’s no one around him. [T/N : PDA]

Ye Junchi nodded with smiles, “Any rewards?”

Accustomed to JiYuan’s cold treatment, Ye Junchi really doesn’t have any expectations towards getting any rewards. He was just casually asking. As he straightened his back wanting to stand up properly, his collar was suddenly grabbed. He has yet to react on it and JiYuan already pulled it downwards, a pair of soft lips were firmly stuck together.

Ye Junchi was stunned, revealing an expression of surprise and disbelief.

Seeing that JiYuan didn’t proceed any further, he(YJC) took over the kiss to ‘feed himself to the fullest’. He pressed firmly behind JiYuan’s head and wildly kissed him.

It was a bit chaotic in JiYuan’s mind. His mind being stretched taut by tension for nearly 1 day and 1 night, plus he even dreamt of JiSi, JiYuan felt really exhausted. System doesn’t have any opinions of him being intimate with Ye Junchi anyway, so he reached out circle his hand at Ye Junchi’s neck. The other of his hand reached out to cover Ye Junchi’s eyes.

He doesn’t want Ye Junchi to see his face covered in tears. No matter it’s human or animal, most of them craved for warm things(affection) all the same. In this 2 lifetime of his, he has only 1 JiSi and 1 Ye Junchi who really treats him nicely.

Of all the choices he can choose from, the one he chose was to leave Ye Junchi, and go back to the world where JiSi was already dead. No matter how he think about it, he still feel sad.

Having so many things to think about in his mind, JiYuan has unconsciously leaned into Ye Junchi’s arms and fell asleep.

Ye Junchi caressed his hair. He took a look at the depth of the dark forest, then carefully picked up JiYuan to search for a place to rest.

JiYuan rested well inside Ye Junchi’s arms, he slept the whole night without any dreams. When he woke up, the sky was already bright. He opened his eyes in confusion. Raising his head and saw Ye Junchi’s face, he then recalled what has happened yesterday. Instantly, he wanted to get up but was pressed back into the embrace by Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi didn’t open his eyes, his voice was lazy, “Don’t move, I’m sleepy.”

“… I’m not sleepy.” “I want to sleep.”
“I don’t want to sleep.”

With a little aggrieved feeling, Ye Junchi kissed the top of JiYuan’s head,
“Baby, accompany me to sleep for a while.”

Goosebumps stood up from being called ‘Baby’ by Ye Junchi, JiYuan stayed silent for a bit before saying, “I’m hungry.”

Ye Junchi opened his eyes, and helplessly sighed. He let go of the warm JiYuan in his arms and stood up, “Wait here, I’ll go and see if there are any game/wild animal nearby.” He has just taken 2 steps forward, Ye Junchi turned back and returned again. He bent down and carried the JiYuan who was preparing to tidy up his own wrinkled appearance in a princess-carry. Towards JiYuan’s stunned gaze, he felt delightful, “I’m worried to leave you here alone.”

JiYuan was indifferent, “Then don’t you feel awkward, carrying a man and walking here and there?”

“What is so awkward about it? You are someone I liked.”

Ye Junchi answered it as it was a matter of course, “Besides, I said it before that I will carry you and won’t let go. Carry you while walking, carry you while eating, carry you while bathing….”

JiYuan interrupted him, “Stop that.”

Ye Junchi’s skills were still flexible as usual, even while carrying JiYuan. When he saw some small animal fit for eating, he violently gave them a kick. The small animals immediately fell down onto the ground, and was carried away by the Gui Chi which came flying down right after.

So easily acquired a source of food, Ye Junchi finally looked down onto the youth who shrunk himself inside his arms.

“Ah Yuan, you don’t let me say it. Is it because you afraid you will fall in love with me?”

Pausing a bit, his voice was containing smiles asked, “Or you have fallen for me?”

System : “Baby, have you fallen in love with the demon lord?”

JiYuan ignored System with a black face. After some internal struggling, he saw that Ye Junchi wanted to speak again, immediately blurted out, “I need to leave in the future.”

“Leave?” Ye Junchi thought over it a few times in low voice, his face gradually turned cold, “Ah Yuan, I said it before that one of my bottom lines is that you don’t leave. Did I treated you badly? Why do you keep thinking of leaving me?”

Ye Junchi said those words after they returned to the place they rested last night. He let go of JiYuan then turned his back at him(JY), and proceed to silently handle the small, weird-looking animal he has caught just now.

JiYuan stiffly sat down beside him, and hesitated for a while. He could only explain as much as he can, “I’m not ‘leaving you’ … I’m just ‘leaving’.”

JiYuan coldly gave a sound of acknowledgement.

System speculated what was turning inside Ye Junchi’s mind with excitement, “Big bro must be thinking now whether to go back and lock you in a gold room or silver room, whether to tie you up with a beast’s tendon or lock with iron lock…”

JiYuan shuddered without any expression. He doesn’t dare to think much of Ye Junchi, and desperately shifted his train of thought, trying to think about Jiang Xuesong and the person controlling behind him. The Jiang family couldn’t fully control the secret grounds. At most, they were only familiar with the outer ground. So if they wanted to take any action, they would choose to act at the outer ground.

Concerning to Ye Junchi being sent to the depth of the secret ground, it shouldn’t be one of Jiang Xuesong’s work. It seemed that the Jiang family was not very thorough with their knowledge of the outer ground. At the very least, they couldn’t master the mechanism to determine the entrances to the secret grounds. So, even though both Ye Junchi and him have entered the secret ground for more than a day, they still don’t see any actions being carried out against them. There is a high possibility that those people were in the middle of preparing some small tricks.

The person behind Jiang Xuesong, what actually does he/she wanted from Ye Junchi? JiYuan didn’t notice that his thoughts wandered back to Ye Junchi again. His gaze also shifted from looking at afar to staring at Ye Junchi’s back. He stared unblinkingly at that wide shoulders and narrow waist, and his thoughts wandered again. Until Ye Junchi turned around to look at him, JiYuan abruptly wakened up; horrified by the fact that everything on his mind were about Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi’s gaze was serene and his voice was calm, “Do you know that in the demon realm, if you stared at a demon, it means you want to ‘go to bed’ with him/her? You stared so intently at me, to refuse would be impolite.”

Terrified, JiYuan immediately turned away. Then he heard a faint chuckle from behind.

It was close to noon after they satisfied their hunger. Ye Junchi casually put Gui Chi into JiYuan’s arms and said, “You want to look for your biaodi, right?”

Nodding, JiYuan looked down at Gui Chi. Ever since he came to this world, Gui Chi has never stay long enough at Ye Junchi’s side. He touched the hilt with a little distress, and handed Gui Chi back, “This is your sword.”

“Ah Yuan, do you know what it means for a demon to hand their sword to another person?”1

Ye Junchi didn’t take back his sword, just asking a question with a serious expression. Seeing JiYuan revealed a blank stare, he shook his head and said, “Keep it ba, I don’t need it now. Let Gui Chi follow you, it can also help out with unexpected situations.”

JiYuan recalled back when Gui Chi was bounded by the tree roots, and also being wrapped by the webbing from the big spider that night. After a moment of silence, he asked with some difficulties, “… can I take off the scabbard?” “No. Gui Chi is too sharp, without the scabbard to restrain it, it will hurt you.”

The JiYuan who was being given ‘little princess’s treatment’ is having a complicated mood, “….”

It was not difficult to find JiShen, because he has System as the radar. Before this, JiYuan doesn’t dare to move around due to him being afraid that he would randomly die inside the secret ground, in the mouth of some bizarre creatures before he found JiShen. Now that Ye Junchi was here, everything became easier. And so, someone surnamed Ji for the first time in his life, utilized his ‘fox exploits the tiger’s might’2 ability. Resting his hand behind his back, JiYuan walked with swag at the front while ‘tiger’ Ye diligently followed behind.

Ye Junchi stared at the youth’s slender back with smiles in his eyes. His gaze was full of affection and indulgence. Whenever he spotted something wrong nearby, he would casually flipped his finger to stop those creatures from making troubles; they would retreat and scattered.

JiYuan was feeling melancholic, “When can I be as mighty as the Big bro ah?”

System comforted him, “You are now very mighty. Look, you just scared off two wolf demons.”

JiYuan was still feeling down, “I mean by myself.” “Oh, I see.”
System became silent, then calmly pointed out a ‘bright road’, “‘Do’ it with Big bro ba. Luo Xiuyi said it before, intercourse is the best way to transfer cultivation to you.”

“… forget it.”

JiYuan sadly walked in front. Ye Junchi doesn’t understand why JiYuan suddenly became low spirited, went forward to hug his delicate waist. Muttering a low ‘Need to feed more’, he smiled and asked, “Baby, what happened?”

System keep calling him ‘Baby’ at first, and now even Ye Junchi called him ‘Baby’. JiYuan felt like he had an enormous hatred against the word ‘Baby’. He coldly said, “Don’t call me ‘Baby’.”


“…can you call my name once?” “That sounds distant.”
Given an inch, want a mile, Ye Junchi proceed to pull the youth into his arms. He squinted his eyes comfortably, really wanted to grab JiYuan just like this and keep him inside his palace.

JiYuan glanced sideways at Ye Junchi who was looking quite happy, he(JY) couldn’t bear to spit out a word ‘We are not familiar’.

[T/N : As in what JY said very early in the novel, we are not familiar with each other so don’t touch me :v ]

It was very rare that JiYuan didn’t coldly shoot him down and cause him to choke back with sadness. Ye Junchi was simply over the moon. He bowed down to peck at JiYuan’s cheek, his gaze was completely gentle, “What my palace lacks is just you alone. You are my most precious, naturally need to call ‘Baby’.”

JiYuan lowered down his head, his expression was showing despair, “… System, quickly help me. I couldn’t control myself anymore!”

System coldly replied, “Very good. Continue to ‘couldn’t control yourself’.”

JiYuan gnashed his teeth in anger. Just as he arranged his words properly in his mind, to harshly criticize System for not attending properly to its duties, System’s voice became serious all of a sudden. “JiShen in trouble! Hurry up to his side!”

The author has something to say: YJC : Have you fallen for me yet? JY (calm face) : En, I have fallen for you. YJC : …. wifey, you want to be not able to get down from bed for 3 days ba ●v●



Chapter 39

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JiYuan abruptly turned around, and coincidentally walked into Ye Junchi’s arms.

Even Ye Junchi was stunned from this sudden act of ‘throwing oneself into someone’s arms’. His eyes was filled with happiness and worries at the same time.

[T/N : Happiness from getting hugged, worries in case it’s a misunderstanding]

“What happened?”

JiYuan held back for a moment, he doesn’t know how to explain why he inexplicably knew that JiShen was in deep danger all of a sudden. Ye Junchi blinked, and very understandingly asked, “Need my help?”

Hesitating a little bit, JiYuan nodded.

“Just say it ba, but …. I have a small request.”

Laughing gently, Ye Junchi bowed down and whispered something at JiYuan’s ear. The tip of JiYuan’s ears turned red, the speed of the changes was almost visible to naked eyes. Terrified, JiYuan said, “System!”

System : “Hey, it’s useless even if you called me ‘Father’.” “…”
“Agree first ei, Big bro didn’t ask you to do that right now anyway.”

“You won’t punish me with OOC?” JiYuan carefully asked, and what he received from System was a sneer.

“Who was the one that gave me a long talk with big words, which sums up as human can always change? Since JiYuan’s personality has changed, there’s nothing to punish OOC with.”

Not waiting for JiYuan to burst into happiness, System coldly continued, “But the changes must be done slowly. All the things you have done still fall within a feasible range, if you dared to act out of the ordinary, you will still be punished with OOC.”

JiYuan instantly felt that System is a little angel, and agreed in haste. , he pursed his lips towards Ye Junchi, who has the expression of smiling yet not smiling in his eyes. Nodding slowly, he(JY) replied, “Alright.”1

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Ye Junchi rubbed JiYuan’s hair. After asking and confirming the intended location, Ye Junchi took JiYuan with him on sword flight.

Generally, people would be careful in places with unknown danger, so they won’t use sword flight as it could easily expose their own location and there was not much feeling of security up in the air. But this unspoken practice of the cultivation world was useless when it comes to Ye Junchi.

JiYuan couldn’t help but sighed, “Couldn’t be Big bro is the most powerful being in both realms?” System took a look at the basic data of this world, and seriously replied,
“One of the very best.”

JiYuan never expect that Ye Junchi would be such a mighty figure. After the feeling of surprise, he felt a strange feeling of dissatisfaction, “One of the very best? Big bro is not ‘The best’? Who else can be included in this ‘Very best’?”

“The other being is also from the demon realm, another demon lord called Yuqiu. He is the most loyal and capable subordinate of the demon ruler. He only appeared once after the demon ruler died. After that, no one ever saw him anymore. I cannot confirm if this person is really one of the very best because Big bro has never fight with him before.”

Acknowledging with an ‘Oh’, JiYuan became silent again and stared at the arm gently hugging his waist for a while. He whispered, “System… say, if I choose to stay here, will JiSi blame me?”

“You finally come round?”

JiYuan closed his eyes, not talking.

Whenever he was idle, he would keep recalling back the dream and wondered what Jisi actually said at the last moment. Just now, he mimicked a few times the shape of his(JS) mouth and found out that JiSi was saying ‘Don’t take revenge’.

This conclusion has scared him to break out in cold sweat all over his body.

In the end, was this really JiSi coming into his dream to ask him not to get revenge? Or his stance wavered, using JiSi’s name to convince himself?

The few years after JiSi died, JiYuan was living in pain, regret and guilt. He lived in the dark side of the world, grappling with himself in the darkness of the night and just staggered along while living. JiSi was a bright light in his life. But he was fearful and suspicious, afraid that the light was just drawing him towards the fire and burn himself to death (like moth drawn to fire).

After that light was extinguished, he almost attempted suicide. But he forced himself to live on, repeatedly instilled the idea of revenge in his mind.

Perhaps it was not JiSi who needs a revenge on his behalf but just JiYuan wanted to do it because his own spirit was too fragile. He needs a purpose to support his will to live on. JiYuan doesn’t know if he really gave up going back, would what was left in him be a muddled him with a collapsed will?

[T/N : Meaning JY has been using revenge as the fuel to continue living. If he stopped thinking about getting revenge, will he collapse because there’s no purpose in life anymore?]

What Ye Junchi liked about him?

If Ye Junchi knew underneath this body was a soul riddled with gaping wounds, would he still say he liked him?

JiYuan massaged his temple from the headache, forcing himself not to think about it anymore.

System whispered, “Thought it over yet?”

JiYuan paused, and lightly answered, “Unless JiSi is still alive.”

System sighed.

Ye Junchi’s sword flight was extremely fast, in just half an incense time (around 7 mins) they have arrived at the location pointed out by System. As he landed on the ground, JiYuan’s feet have yet to stand firmly and Ye Junchi already carried him up.

Ye Junchi nodded a smile at him, and his(YJC) feet mercilessly stomped on the ground. ‘PENG! PENG! PENG!’ sound was constantly ringing. Including the area JiYuan was just standing on, there were a dozen more places where the ground has exploded. After the dust have settled, the ground was covered in large patch of blood, flowing out in a gush.

JiYuan carefully looked at the scene, and painfully turned away. It was just like a purgatory.

But with a glance just now, he could see a few monkey-like creatures lying in the pits that were bleeding out on the ground.

Ye Junchi comforted JiYuan and caressed his hair. He raised his legs and started walking, avoiding the bloody area. When he reached a clean ground, he let JiYuan down and said, “These are a type of goblin. The demon realm also have this kind of thing. Luo Xiuyi called them ‘Earth monkey’2. These things lived in the soil and they will drag people into the soil, burying them alive and eat them after they died from suffocation.”

JiYuan shivered from hearing that, “Then… where is JiShen?”

No answering, Ye Junchi walked pass several trees and saw JiSan who just killed an Earth monkey with much struggles.

Earth monkeys doesn’t looked any powerful, but they were quite a headache for people who stumbled into their territory. They monopolized the ground and their numbers were large. Moreover, not much people dared to sword flight inside the secret ground. So the Jiang family pioneer team suffered a big loss when they first came over.

JiSan were gasping for breath, and the rim of his eyes was red. His whole body was bloody too. When he heard the sound of footsteps, he looked up with a darkened gaze.

JiYuan disliked to see that kind of gaze the most. Frowning, he pretended not to see JiSan and looked up to ask, “JiShen is…. mhmm?”

Ye Junchi rested his hand on JiYuan’s waist, then heavily kissed him on his lips. His eyebrows and the corner of his eyes were beaming with childish pride. Smiling happily, he replied, “Underneath our feet.”3 JiYuan doesn’t have time to chitchat with him, “…. quickly save him!” “Still not dead, don’t worry.”
Ye Junchi leisurely tapped the ground with the tip of his toes. The next moment, the soil automatically moved, and rapidly opened up. Then, seemingly to detect something else, Ye Junchi stomped the ground once again. Just like the situation earlier, the ground exploded and blood pooled into several patches on the ground. The smell of blood immediately permeated the air, causing people to feel nauseous.

Covering his nose, JiYuan stared into the depth of the pit, which has collapsed 1 zhang (3.33m) into the ground in the blink of an eye, unable to take his eyes off. Following that, his earlobe was pinched and Ye Junchi smiled, “The smell is bad, right? Come into my arms and you won’t smell it anymore.”

JiYuan rolled his eyes at Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi was stunned. This was the first time JiYuan showed him such expression and attitude. He felt joy in his heart instead of anger. , he wanted to open his mouth to speak, but was covered by JiYuan’s hand.

JiYuan said without any expression, “Be a bit quiet.”

Blinking, Ye Junchi stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked at JiYuan’s palm. He could feel JiYuan’s hand shook, and nearly burst out into laughter. But still, he obediently quieted down.

Being ignored the whole time, JiSan’s face nearly become green. But because there were ghosts(guilt) in his heart, he hesitated to look at ‘that youth with brilliant cultivation’ who was now half-exposed from the pit, not daring to go over there. Just now they accidentally entered the territory of these Earth monkeys, they originally could leave the area quickly but he(JiSan) suddenly remember the words from his father – JiShen and JiChen, this two brothers knew too much. They should just die, together with the secrets they have.

JiShen was dragged by the Earth monkeys into the soil because he was trying to save him(JiSan).

In the end, JiShen was just a normal youth with blood flowing inside his heart, with a young innocence and kindness. Although he knew JiSan was not any good people, and their relationship was not good either, but seeing him in danger, JiShen’s first reaction was still rushing forward to save him regardless his own wounds.

JiSan actually had the opportunity to save JiShen earlier, but when he thought of his father’s words, he didn’t move (to help) anymore.

Soon, JiShen appeared in front of JiYuan’s line of sight. The youth’s breathing was already very weak, and his body was full of mottled blood and wounds. It looked like a few anxious Earth monkeys wanted to taste their prey in advance and took a few bites.

Horrified, JiYuan bent over wanting to pull Jishen up but was pushed away by Ye Junchi. He(YJC) personally jumped into the pit and carried JiShen out. Looking at JiShen’s pale face, he fished out a small jade bottle. Then he poured out a pill and stuffed it into Jishen’s mouth. Smiling at JiYuan, Ye Junchi comforted, “It’s alright now. Let’s leave here first, the smell of blood is too thick. You can’t stand it.”

JiYuan carefully stretched out his finger to test JiShen’s breathing. He released a sigh and nodded. Just as they were about to leave, JiSan’s voice sounded from behind, “Stop right there!”

Frowning, JiYuan coldly asked, “Yes?”

JiSan glanced at Ye Junchi, then looked at JiYuan. Whenever these two get together, they always give out a very harmonious and gentle atmosphere, truly dazzling.

“Ah Yuan, don’t continue to follow him!” Afraid that JiYuan won’t give him(JiSan) an opportunity to speak, JiSan spoke the fastest he could. Staring at Ye Junchi’s back, he fiercely said with animosity filling his eyes, “This demon will be murdered inside this secret ground. If you stay around him, you will be implicated! As long as you come back, the Jiang family will return you your innocence (clean his name) and protect us….”


Upon hearing that, Ye Junchi turned his head around. Giving out a gentle smile, his gaze was calm and icy.

“I really like to see, which cultivator in the human realm can murder me.”

Finished talking, he(YJC) used one hand to carry JiShen at his shoulder, while the other hand pulled JiYuan along, and leisurely left the area.

JiSan’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot. He gnashed his teeth and angrily punched a tree, the anger in his heart was sky high. He also knew that he shouldn’t stay any longer at the current area. So, he turned around and looked at the direction where Ye Junchi and JiYuan has left, then walked away at the opposite direction with feeling of unwillingness.

Ye Junchi brought JiYuan to stop beside a small creek and placed JiShen down. He(YJC) checked JiShen’s pulse and poured out another pill to stuff inside his mouth. Looking up, Ye Junchi saw JiYuan’s eyes revealed a faint worry and concern. He(YJC) wanted to pinch his cheek but remembered his own hands were stained with mud so he slowly took back his hands. With a calm tone, he said, “Don’t worry, I said he won’t die so he won’t die.”

After a moment of silence, JiYuan muffled a question, “… would you really be fine?”

Ye Junchi’s words have always been reliable, so JiYuan was not very worried about JiShen. But he felt ominous when he thought of the words JiSan said with red-rimmed eyes. Immediately understood that JiYuan was worried about him, Ye Junchi’s smile became even deeper. Looking at JiYuan’s bright eyes, he really wanted to get closer to him. His voice turned softer, “I will. I’m still waiting to marry you, how can I die in this kind of place?”

Pausing, he tilted his head, “Wait… Baby, we are already married.” “That doesn’t count.”
Ye Junchi gave a sound of acknowledgement, and wasn’t concerned. His eyes stared passionately at JiYuan for some time, before getting up to the creek to clean up.

Taking a deep breath, JiYuan waited until his erratic heartbeat slowed down then walked to the side of JiShen. Seeing his messy hairs was stained with blood and was sticking to his cheek, he(JY) doesn’t know why he felt kind of distressed. He stretched out his hand, was about to tidy up those messy hairs, JiShen suddenly opened his eye.

Those deep black eyes stared at him(JY), JiShen opened his mouth and a hasty hoarse voice sounded, “Brother…”

JiYuan felt like he was struck by lightning.

The normal JiShen will not call him ‘Brother’, plus JiShen also couldn’t recognize that he was JiYuan. On the other hand, JiShen has never call JiChen ‘Brother’ either.

The gaze and tone of the youth at this moment, was extremely similar to JiSi who used to follow behind him and calling him ‘Brother’ over and over in the past.

He was absentmindedly thinking when he heard JiShen lightly said,
“Brother, I missed you so much…”

The author has something to say: YJC : Wifey, are you proud that I’m so powerful? JY : Oh, go and sweep the floor. YJC : Alright, wifey. Shock! One of the mightiest being between two realms Demon lord daren was actually at the beck and call of a mysterious man, the truth turned out to be
… …

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Chapter 40

[Translator : You know what makes me happy? I’ll tell you what, it makes me happy when I see some chapters properly scheduled for incoming release in my WordPress post list XDXD I didn’t translate anything at all yesterday~~ XD The idleness kinda makes me happy XD Welp, back to translating yo, let’s head to the end of this novel at the speed of light~~ (0w0)7 ]

Goosebumps raised up all over JiYuan.

He stared unbelievably at JiShen who was smiling weakly, doesn’t know what to say from the impact of the shock. He only came back to his senses after a long time. Abruptly grasping JiShen’s shoulder, the words he wanted to say were about to come out but JiShen frowned before fainting away.

JiYuan could only swallow back his words. Blankly staring at JiShen’s face, he doesn’t know what kind of emotions he was feeling now. Underneath the fright was utmost joy. He felt like he falling down into a cliff but was pulled back by someone at the last moment. The danger of falling into an abyss and the feelings of his life hanging on a thread, he really couldn’t differentiate between reality and illusion at the moment.

After Ye Junchi cleaned his hands, he caught a few fishes while he was at it. When he came back, he saw JiYuan absentmindedly holding onto JiShen’s hand and was sitting beside him(JS). Leaning over, Ye Junchi rubbed JiYuan’s hair and asked, “What is it? I just gave him the medicine, he will be alright after he wakes up. Don’t worry.” JiYuan’s mind returned to the present, and he retrieved his hand like he was frightened. Seeing that Ye Junchi has caught some fishes, he stood up unstably and said, “I’ll go to pick some firewood…”

“You go? I’m afraid something else will pick you up instead.”

Ye Junchi teased with a sentence, but frowned when he found that JiYuan seemed to be out of it, “What happened? You don’t look very good.”

Shaking his head, JiYuan threw a glance at JiShen then stared at Ye Junchi for some time. Following that, he opened his mouth and lightly said, “…. I just, feel a bit surreal.”

“Where did you found not real?”

Ye Junchi smiled. He didn’t mind not getting a response, he just lightly kissed the corner of JiYuan’s lips. Erected a barrier and left Gui Chi behind, Ye Junchi turned around to the woods to find firewood.

JiYuan released a long breath, still feeling his own blood boiling.

“System… did you see that?” “Saw it.”
System’s tone was solemn, “While you were zoning out just now, I applied from the headquarter for some basic information of this world.”

“What’s going on…. that was JiSi just now right?! It’s JiSi!”

“JiYuan, you believe that humans have soul and would reincarnate, right?”

System continued, “In fact, there are a lot of things that cannot be explained with science. Science and those mysterious forces do exist and are coexisting.”

“What do you mean?” “I mean, JiShen is JiSi. After JiSi passed away, he reincarnated into this world.”

“This world? This world is … not fake?” [T/N : Lol]

Having said that, JiYuan quietly sat down to hug his knees, looked a bit dazed. From the first day he came into this world, he thought everything in this world was fake.

System was surprised.

“Who told you it was fake? There are tens and thousands of worlds out there, here is a world parallel to your world. Cultivation world like this is not just one. Sometimes, the world that you imagined can come true. I have a colleague which is a role-playing experience system, which is also known to you as Novel Transmigration System. It has also silently matched a pair of martial elder and younger brothers… they are real. Ye Junchi is real, you are real too.”

[T/N : Lol, transmigrating into novel? Matched a pair of martial brothers? I’m sure the author was just stating some general example XD But ‘Mob Character Rehabilitation‘ comes to mind XD]

JiYuan was silent, not talking.

It was extremely chaotic in his mind now. He didn’t expect that the JiSi he keep thinking for days and nights would appear in this world. Moreover, this child has once again sacrificed himself for the sake of his brother(JiChen).

Two lifetimes but he still couldn’t change his fate, really a … silly child.

His eyes became inexplicably hot, he has an urge to cry, “System, you mean JiSi is alive in this world…”

System : “Tsk, if not for Big Bro, 80% confirmed he would be dead by now.” Pausing, System asked, “Do you still want to go back and take revenge?”

“JiSi is right here. Rather than going back to the world where JiSi is gone and Big bro is not there for revenge, how about staying here? You can also take care of him(JS).”

“I keep feeling that it’s not very real…”

JiYuan forcefully suppressed the flow of a bizarre excitement from all over his body. After murmuring a few words, his gaze became stern, “Did you controlled JiShen to trick me?!”

“You really looked too highly of me. As a system, I have no power to intervene the world from the given tasks, I could only watch the scene unfold from the side. Moreover, aren’t you familiar with Jisi’s gaze and tone?”

System persuaded patiently, and gave a lengthy speech. Seeing that the confusion in JiYuan’s eyes has scattered, it knew he has make a decision so it didn’t continue to speak any longer.

System is a set of data, it could mimic the feelings and working style of the person it has chosen. And the person System picked was Ye Junchi.

[T/N : Meaning, System was being calm and analytical because it mimicked YJC’s style of acting/thinking.]

Just as he finished chattering with System, Ye Junchi came back. Sitting on the ground, JiYuan turned his head around to look at Ye Junchi. As if this was the first time they met, JiYuan seriously looked Ye Junchi over, from head to toe.

In all fairness, Ye Junchi’s appearance was extremely outstanding. His stature was tall and slender, his looks were handsome and smart. That pair of peach blossom eyes should be full of tender feelings, and yet it was filled with gloomy and cold lights most of the time. Apart from that, he(YJC) was clearly mesmerizing when those thin lips curved up, but it caused people to have cold sweat all over their back instead.

But this person was always gentle and patient towards him(JY). Though sometimes he(YJC) was furious, he would return to normal after a while. At this moment, he(YJC) was crossing his arms and walking out from the woods in a speed neither too fast nor too slow. His black robe was quiet and neat. When the glow from the sunset fell on his handsome side profile, his appearance was very beautiful like a painting scroll from the Imperial court. Behind him were dry firewood jumping one by one, a steady stream of woods from the forest automatically jumped into a pile themselves.

JiYuan couldn’t help wanting to laugh, and immediately pursed his lips. Looking at Ye Junchi lazily making his ways towards him, his heartbeat slightly accelerated.

“Baby, are you looking at me?”

Ye Junchi walked closer towards JiYuan with smiles on his face. JiYuan paused, not answering, just looking at those dry firewood behind his(YJC) back that seemed to have sprung up to life.

“A small trick made by Luo Xiuyi.”

Ye Junchi sat down beside him and laughed, “Isn’t he living alone in the mountains? That man actually lived a life of luxury since young so he doesn’t want to do small chores by himself. He put a lot of efforts to study for a long time before finally created some small tricks like this. Even flaunted it in front of me.”

JiYuan sneered1 in his heart.

He pensively looked forward. Colors were flowing in the small river. The forest, birds and stones wearing a dress of red (light from sunset), everything was quiet and wonderful. JiYuan has always thought that he would be leaving this world sooner or later, so the things he could remember in his mind was not much. As he has never pay any attention to his surrounding, his mood has became quite complex now that he looked carefully.

Ye Junchi uttered a ‘hmm’ sound and asked, “Ah Yuan, what has happened? Why do I keep getting the feeling that you have changed, within this short period when I turned my back at you?”

Before this, he(JY) has always given other people a lukewarm feeling, a feeling that he was seeming neither close nor distant, as if he could disappear any moment. But now, the feeling he gave out was a steady and stable feeling, giving people a confirmation that he really existed.

JiYuan lightly replied, “Just figured out some things… what, is it not good that I’ve changed?”

“No.” Ye Junchi quietly said, “Very good…. can I hug you?”

His words were yet to finish, Ye Junchi has already had his arms around JiYuan and hugged him. He kissed the top of JiYuan’s head, his eyes were gentle, “I feel like I’m a step closer to you now. Then, how is it? Do you like me a bit more today?”

Looking up to meet his gaze, JiYuan’s own gaze were flashing. Just as he wanted to muster some courage to respond, a faint voice from the youth suddenly came from behind, “Much apologies for the disturbance, I have woken up.”

JiYuan almost jumped up from the scare, instantly wilted. Then he remembered that the person behind him was JiSi, he quickly turned around to look. Not sure when, JiSi who was looking half-dead has sat up, just that his wounds were yet to heal. After a few times of struggles but still couldn’t stand up, the youth frowned in distress.

Seeing the eyes of the little beauty in his arms were flashing, Ye Junchi felt like a small crack has finally opened up a bit (in JY’s defenses) and thought he could hear some results. But being abruptly interrupted by JiShen, his(YJC) face instantly turned black, and he looked unkindly at JiShen. Big Bro’s eyes has always cause one to be fearful, so JiYuan indifferently stretched out a hand to block Ye Junchi’s eyes. He(JY) locked gaze with JiShen for a moment, then slowly asked, “Do you still remember me?”

JiShen scratched his own head, “Remember. You saved me again ah, Ye Shangyuan.”

For JiYuan who has just comprehended the meaning behind the name ‘Ye Shangyuan’, he ‘mentally’ fell down, then coldly threw a glare towards that someone surnamed Ye who was laughing silently at a side. JiYuan once again observed JiShen, and confirmed that JiShen’s impression towards him was just the ‘Ye Shangyuan’ from the Immortal Swords assembly. In his heart, he couldn’t tell if he should rejoice or feel disappointed.

“Don’t get excited, this is a normal occurrence.”

System comforted, “JiSi has already reincarnated, so he won’t be able to remember the things from his past life. Just now he suddenly woke up and remembered you, that’s because he was dying. His soul was hanging in a thread and almost left the body, causing him to remember his past life.”

That means unless JiShen gets his life endangered again, he won’t be able to see JiSi anymore? JiYuan didn’t expect it would be like that. After pondering it for a moment, he decided it was time to let go. JiSi couldn’t remember him anymore, that was a good thing too. As long as he lived well as Jishen, then he(JY) won’t miss him that much.

Although it was not good to treat a person as another person, JiYuan has already made mental preparations to treat JiShen like JiSi. He made the decision very quickly in his mind so as he looked down at JiShen, his gaze was quite gentle, “You are still injured, where do you want to go?”

JiShen pursed his lips, and his gaze was firm, “I have something that I need to do. If I can go back alive, I will certainly give my gratitude in the future.”

“Are you going to find Tasteless grass?” “How do you know about it?”

JiShen was a bit surprised, he couldn’t help giving a few more glances at JiYuan; inexplicably felt that the more he looked at JiYuan, the more familiar and pleasing he thought. So he didn’t think anything else and directly answered, “My brother’s body couldn’t stand it any longer, need the Tasteless grass to save his life.”

“Coincidentally, I…”

JiYuan paused. He turned around to look at Ye Junchi, not sure how to address him in front of JiShen.

Ye Junchi felt extremely depressed to see JiYuan treating JiShen with such gentle attitude. So when he heard JiYuan’s words, he calmly took over the conversation and replied, “I am his husband2. Coincidentally, I passed by and picked up some Tasteless grass. I have no use for it, so just take it if you want ba.”

As he finished his words, he took a jade box out from his storage ring, then threw it at JiShen without any concern.

JiShen quickly caught it. He opened the jade box and carefully checked the few stalks of jade white spiritual herbs. He also carefully sniffed the smell, then his pair of eyes turned bright. When JiShen entered the secret grounds, he brought with him a ‘Do or Die’ determination. He always felt that if JiChen died, his life would be meaningless. JiShen didn’t expect his luck would be so good, to have picked up such a big advantage.

JiShen was not someone who like to take advantages of someone else. But Tasteless grass was very important, he doesn’t want to cause JiChen his life just because of his own principle.

When Ye Junchi, who claimed to be JiYuan’s husband saw that JiYuan didn’t oppose, his heart secretly felt comfortable. His emotions also turned better, the corner of his lips curved up and even the gaze he directed at JiShen was softer, “Keep it ba, you need it urgently, I don’t.” JiShen clenched his teeth as he stored away the jade box. Following the motion, he bent his knee to kneel down in front of JiYuan and Ye Junchi. His ‘long of speech of gratitude’ has not even started, and he was forced to stand with by a strange force.

JiYuan threw a side glance at Ye Junchi, and took back his own hands that was going to pull JiShen up.

Ye Junchi cupped his fist as an indication for JiShen to leave, his mouth was curved up but he was not smiling.

JiYuan helplessly shook his head, he was used to Ye Junchi’s childish jealousy. Looking at JiShen who doesn’t seemed to plan to sit down and rest, he frowned and asked, “Where do you want to go again?”

JiShen’s gaze was serious, “I want to leave the secret grounds in advance… my brother’s body is extremely weak. To drag another day means to shorten a day of his life. There’s no time to lose, I need to rush back now.”


“En, then you should leave quickly.” Ye Junchi cut off JiYuan’s words and pressed him into his embrace. Laughing in a low tone, Ye Junchi used one hand to encircle JiYuan’s waist, in case he struggled. The other hand stretched out and lightly poked at JiShen’s forehead.

A faint black light flashed, and JiShen gave a low hiss. Then he(JS) stared with his eye opened wide, as he felt a surging spiritual power that he never had before pouring into his body.

Ye Junchi lightly said, “Lend some spiritual power to you. It’s enough for you to reach the exit of the secret grounds and rush back home. If you encountered any trouble along the way, you should be able to resolve it quickly.”

Touching his own forehead, JiShen pursed his lips and deeply stared at Ye Junchi and JiYuan. He didn’t say anything else, just turned around and ran. This kind of ‘lending spiritual power’ technique, only the demon race knew it. He had a moment of enlightenment and understood everything.

Ye Junchi doesn’t mind being exposed of his identity by a small trick. He cupped JiYuan’s face upwards and smiled, “Angry?”

JiYuan shook his head. Since Ye Junchi could lend some spiritual power to JiShen, he felt more at ease. Because the secret grounds were filled with danger, he felt more assured for JiShen to leave earlier.

“You are so nice to him.”

Ye Junchi muttered in a low voice, then bit down on JiYuan’s lower lip with some anger and dissatisfaction.

Feeling pain, JiYuan gave him a kick. JiYuan’s body trembled from locking gaze with his(YJC) deep and passionate eyes. Even his voice was a bit shaky, “… Ye Junchi, you are really a scourge.”

Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows and smiled, “En, I am a scourge. Do you want to keep/take charge of me, so that I don’t harm other people? I just want to ‘scourge’ you alone.”

The author has something to say: YJC : (:з」∠) what actually should I do to send myself to wifey’s bed, ai, worrying. JY : …. don’t say it in front of me, thank you.

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