Let Me Tease You Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21

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JiYuan : “…” Big brother, you are so upright that people couldn’t help but moved to tears.

Staring blankly at Ye Junchi, the signal bomb in Jiang Miao Miao’s hand fell on to the ground with a ‘pa ta’ sound. After a long moment of silence, she slowly asked, “You are Ye Junchi?”

Ye Junchi nodded.

Jiang Miao Miao laughed out loud, her red eyes caused by previous sad moments were flashing with (laughing) tears. Smiling out of breath, she rolled from the ground to a sitting position, “You said you are Ye Junchi? Ha ha ha ha ha ha you, have you not heard of the origin of Ye Junchi’s name?”

Rumors said Ye Junchi is a dark and gloomy person with a twisted character. He is a bloodthirsty murderer who kills people like scything flax. As for this person in front of her, he looked tall and handsome, his temperament was warm and gentle. So it was worlds apart for him to claim as such.1

Jiang Miao Miao laughed until she get hiccups, but JiYuan shivered. Towards Ye Junchi with cold indifferent eyes, he thought this big Biaojie really have unprecedented guts, to have neither predecessors nor successors, one of a kind (referring to her guts).

Finishing getting worried about Jiang Miao Miao, JiYuan started worrying for himself.

“Wo kao (Goddamn), System I was nearly scared to death. He directly fished out the golden silkworm from my clothes…. I almost kneel down (to beg for forgiveness). Don’t tell me he remembered that night ba?”

System : “Maybe not.”

“Don’t use the word ‘maybe’ ah, it makes me feel very guilty.”

System : “Probably?”

“You should stop talking…”

The guilty JiYuan doesn’t dare to speak, he just silently shrunk himself at the side. When Jiang Miao Miao finished laughing, she suddenly took a few steps forward. Reaching out to raise JiYuan’s chin, she said, “Moreover, although this child looked quite similar to my little aunt, the cousin I have is a Biaomei, not Biaodi.”

[T/N : Raise your hand if you remember what I informed about the female/male cousin titles :3 It’s okay if you forgot, let me refresh your brain. Biaomei = Younger female cousin / Biaodi = Younger male cousin]

JiYuan silently slapped away her hand and took a step backwards. Sorry, big Biaojie. It’s really Biaodi, not Biaomei.
Jiang Miao Miao doesn’t mind it, she tidied up her messy hair and threw a glance at Ye Junchi. “You said this silkworm was taken out from that cheap thing ZhaoYang’s coffin? Means someone deliberately put it in? Why? And how does this relate to saving my Biaomei?”

Ye Junchi doesn’t mind being laughed at upon revealing his identity, he casually pinched the silkworm, readily following the conversation, “Because the man was not killed by Ye Junchi. He and JiYuan wanted to find the killer. There is a sword injury on the body that matched Ye Junchi’s sword Gui Chi. They wanted to investigate the sword mark on the body but was a step too late. The corpse was stolen and replaced with golden silkworm.”

“You mean the corpse was not stolen by Ye Junchi?”

Hearing that, Ye Junchi was a bit unhappy, “Is his corpse that cute?”

Jiang Miao Miao : “….” She was a bit speechless ah.

Struggling internally for a while, Jiang Miao Miao said, “Word says Ye Junchi destroyed the corpse…”

Ye Junchi became even more unhappy, “If he really wanted to destroy the body, why make it so clean? Wouldn’t thousands of knives cut be better?”

Jiang Miao Miao choked on her words again. That’s right, Ye Junchi was described as demon and monster in the rumor. He has a love for torture so if he really wanted to destroy the body, there are plenty of cruel methods to use. Disappearing the body into thin airs is nothing, that really don’t match up to the rumors. But then, those enthusiastic cultivators wouldn’t pay any attention to this little detail. Being choked on her words twice, Jiang Miao Miao no longer dally in this matter, “So?”

“So, the reason someone put the silkworm in the coffin, was not to secretly ambush Ye Junchi and JiYuan, but to lead them to JinHe and push the blame onto the Jiang family.” Jiang Miao Miao became silent for a while, “Why do I feel like you are talking like you are Ye Junchi?”

Ye Junchi kindly smiled, “Miss Jiang, I am Ye Junchi.”

Rushing towards him and baring her teeth, Jiang Miao Miao revealed two little canine tooth, “Stop trying to cheat this Great aunt. Listening to your words, it seemed logical so I’ll believe you this once. Leave the silkworm with me, I will check it out.”

“Have to trouble you.” Ye Junchi nodded, then said, “It should be easy for you Miss Jiang to know where are we staying. So, this one will quietly wait for your news.”

“You are not afraid that I won’t help you after taking the silkworm?”

Ye Junchi : “Not afraid.” “Why?”
“You are genuine and sincere when you said you want to save JiYuan.”

Caressing the youth’s hair beside him, he was about to turn away when he suddenly remembered something.

“Oh right, Miss Jiang. Just now accidentally heard your mutterings… the one you told me before, was that the Eldest Young master Sun?”

JiYuan’s heart gave a thump. Straight man is really a straight man, doesn’t even consider the girl’s sensitive pain from being abandoned by a trash man; just straightforwardly mentioning it.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Miao Miao seemed to have let the matter down after crying it out, nodding her head in a ‘doesn’t matter’ way.

“Have let you seen the laughable scene, it’s actually not any complicated matter. Sun Shiyu originally has a leg disease and have to sit on a wheelchair all the time. When I was young, I went over to the Jiang* residence and blindly fell in love at the first sight with him. Thinking this person wearing an attire of white and sitting on the wheelchair, his laugh was gentle and elegant, and his pose felt like those lover boys described in novels.”

[T/N : Think it’s a typo, it should be she went to Sun residence instead of Jiang.]

“All these years, I kept looking for ways to cure his legs. When I found it, I went to the Sun family with my Tangjie – oh, it’s that JiangXin by the way. I was afraid the people from Sun family wouldn’t let me treat him so I lied and cheated him out from his house, knocked him out and started the treatment. Tiring me for three whole day and nights, I fainted after completing the treatment.”

[T/N : ‘Tang’ means the family from the father side, ‘Biao’ means from the mother side. So Tangjie means elder female cousin from the father side]

Having said until this part, the expression on Jiang Miao Miao’s face became cold.

“Then, the plot went just like his goddamned grandmother (random curses) stories from those storytellers. I fainted, and JiangXin stayed at his bedside. He woke up to see JiangXin and thought she was the one who helped cured his legs. Then she also smiled sheepishly and admitted it, saying that she fear what she did is unallowed in Sun family so could only come up with this strategy…. this Great aunt really wanted to strangle that JiangXin to death! ‘spit Sun Shiyu really have no eyes, blindly wanted to marry that black-hearted lotus. Couldn’t stop him, see how he regret it later!”

JiYuan : “… System, I felt a bit distressed for this little miss.”

System : “It just means that Young master Sun have no luck.”

Ye Junchi went silent for a short moment then said, “I can help you let Young master Sun find out the truth.” Jiang Miao Miao was surprised, but she waved her hands saying, “No need, for such sad memories, it’ll be fine once I let it go. If he changed his mind upon knowing the truth, I would be disgusted instead.”

Smiling warmly, Ye Junchi said, “So what even if he changed his mind? Your Tangjie is already married to him, ‘the timber has already been turned into a boat'(what done is done). Don’t you want to see what would happen to this husband and wife when the truth is uncovered, Miss Jiang?”

These few days, Jiang Miao Miao was exhausted in both her spirit and energy. She went to tell the truth to Sun Shiyu countless times but the man rather die than believe in her words. She doesn’t know how many times she has cried over this matter. Jiang Miao Miao was not that selfless, although she had let go of her affection, she didn’t let much of her hatred go. Hearing Ye Junchi’s words, her eyes suddenly shone brightly – to let Sun Shiyu be disgusted with JiangXin, so that he could only ‘hold up his nose’ and spend his life with JiangXin, wouldn’t that be ‘beautiful’?

She immediately agreed. Throwing the golden silkworm in her hand up in the air, she grinned and said, “As soon as this matter settled, I will be waiting for your good news.”

The onlooker JiYuan who witnessed a wicked deal being completed, shivered. Little miss was also not any good characters ah….

After both people reached an agreement, Ye Junchi carried JiYuan and turned to leave. Leaping out from the small courtyard, JiYuan frowned, “Stop carrying me.”

JiYuan’s stature was not too high and not too short, but when he stood side by side with Ye Junchi, their height difference was particularly evident. So, being carried here and there in this manner hurt a bit of his self-esteem.

Ye Junchi threw a glance at him, his lips curved up slightly with an unknown meaning, “Alright.” JiYuan just sighed in relief, when Ye Junchi’s hand suddenly reached down to wrap around his waist, the other hooked behind his knees, easily picking up the youth in a princess-carry.

JiYuan was expressionless, “….”

Ye Junchi : “How about this then?”

“… just carry me like you previously did ba.”

Laughing, Ye Junchi said, “You want me to release you after entering my embrace? In your dreams.”

Then, he simply carried JiYuan up and down between the exquisite loft and corridors of the Jiang residence.

Displaying a dark face, JiYuan said, “Keep holding like this forever if you have the ability.” 2

Ye Junchi doesn’t mind.

“Okay ah, you are not heavy anyway. I will hold you when I walk, hold you when I eat, hold you when I bath, hold you when I sleep, no problem.”

JiYuan was despaired, “System, how to solve this?”

System was also despaired, “Why are you so free to challenge his face (shamelessness) and strength?”

The season has entered autumn, the sky turned dark earlier than usual. Tarrying for a long time, the night has already arrived, and there were stars sparsely scattered in the sky and also a soon-to-be full moon. Not far from them were noises from bamboo pipe string instruments and a big drinking party. It should be that main hall that the newly-wed would be spending the night in the Jiang residence. Tomorrow, they will be leaving to Ping Guang3 after a tea ceremony with the Jiang family. Then, they would celebrate it some more at the Sun residence. Ye Junchi complied with his promise, holding JiYuan all the way to the courtyard that the Jiang family has prepared for the newly-wed. He carried ‘Little Ji’ and snuck into the room that was heavily surrounded by the guards. The bride of today’s limelight was sitting straight in the bridal chamber. At first glance, she looked rather gentle and pleasant. Ye Junchi stood silently in front of her, his voice not salty yet not light, “Eldest Miss Jiang.”

JiangXin was shocked, subconsciously pulled away her head veil and saw stranger carrying a man in front of her. She was stunned, her surprise was bigger than her fear. Then only her fear started materializing – she couldn’t move. Even her voice was very light, like she was whispering secret messages, “Who are you?!”

The youth in Ye Junchi’s was being held tightly, so at this kind of moment, JiYuan could only bury his face into his(YJC) chest, close his eyes and watch the live broadcast given by System.

Ye Junchi : “Who am I is not important. But Eldest Miss Jiang, do you know that if you took someone’s thing, sooner or later you will have to return it back?”

JiangXin’s expression changed, “Jiang Miao Miao sent you? What does she want to do?” She thought for a moment, then from the warm and delicate face, floated a trace of sneer, “She still haven’t given up? Making a move on me will only cause Shiyu to be even more disgusted of her.”

“So Eldest Miss Jiang has no intention to repent?”

JiangXin couldn’t stop sneering, “Since when that bitch learned to find an adviser as a go-between? I don’t care who you are or what methods are you using, if you don’t want to offend the Jiang family, immediately scram and I can pretend you never came here before.”

The second person after JiSan, who dared to ask Ye Junchi to scram has appeared. JiYuan silently applauded in his heart. Very good, compared to Jiang Miao Miao who acted with passion as if she was much pampered, this one in front was the real deal who was really pampered since young. But Jiang Miao Miao deliberately showed it while this one pasted a layer of gentle and grace on her body.

Ye Junchi laughed, he didn’t say anything, just stared into JiangXin’s eyes. A pair of deep and profound cold eyes, seemed to have abruptly turned bewitching. The dark eyes felt like it became a small whirlpool, causing people to unable to shift away their gaze. JiangXin’s cultivation was not bad, but she still couldn’t resist these bewitching eyes. Locking gaze with Ye Junchi for a three-breath time, her face suddenly became at a loss.

His voice was low, it was gentle and lingering like a lover’s whisper. That magnetic voice cause people’s legs to go soft, “JiangXin, all the things you have done, all the lies you have told, tell that to Sun Shiyu, let him share your happiness, how about it?”

JiangXin slowly nodded. This little trick from the demons, a nod could already be considered signing a contract.

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JiYuan : No! 

System : 
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Chapter 22

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JiXuan (Father) – JiYuan (son, MC) JiWen (Second Uncle) – JiSan (cousin) ,
??? (Third uncle) – JiChen (cousin) , JiShen (cousin)

After settling with JiangXin, Ye Junchi slowly toured around the area back to the main hall holding JiYuan.

Upon passing through a cloister, they unexpectedly bumped into the people from Ji family, of all people. JiYuan was feeling scared, no daring to lift up his head to see but Ye Junchi stopped on his track and gave a light sound of recognition.

The people from Ji family at the moment were only the younger generation, that means it was only JiSan, JiChen and JiShen; with JiSan as the lead. They seemed to be in a confrontation with two young men standing on the other side. One of the young men was dressed in luxury, his posture was slow. Looking at people from the Ji family, his eyes were full of hatred. His sleeves were embroidered with a small and exquisite sword pattern, it was the Zhao family’s pattern. The other person could be considered moderate, his face was handsome with grace and tolerance. But there was no family pattern on his sleeve so it was not known which family he came from.

JiSan’s face was scarily dark, he gnashed his teeth and gave the Zhao people a death glare. If wasn’t for him being pulled back by other people, one would afraid he already pounced forward and bit down a few times.

“ZhaoHe, don’t be so arrogant, ‘get an inch, want a foot’!”

Someone from the Zhao family actually came here? Ain’t the Jiang and Zhao family arch-enemies? This question from JiYuan only emerged for a short moment, as he immediately understood. Even in his previous life, no matter how much he hated someone, he would still send someone over on his behalf at necessary time, to save face. Not sure how these people from Ji and Zhao family happened to meet, even if the Ji family have more people, they are still insufficient in front of the Zhao people. He doesn’t worry about JiSan, but quite concerned about the frowning and coughing JiChen at the side. Ye Junchi stood at a side behind a fake mountain, listening to the commotion at ease.

“Get an inch, want a foot?” ZhaoHe gripped his fist, coldly glaring at JiSan. “Who are you saying ‘get an inch, want a foot’? I am starting to doubt that you are comrades with that prostitute. She colluded with the demon race to kill my younger brother, even dug his grave out, destroying his soul. Everyone also wanted to get rid of this thorn in the flesh, what are you doing harboring him? Do you think my Zhao family and the Alliance is easy to bully?”

JiSan’s face became green and then white. The Ji family was just a not- big-not-small family in this vast community of cultivation. To be frank, they couldn’t afford to provoke the Zhao family, moreover the Alliance. Even if the Ji family suddenly disappeared, considering the power of the major families in the cultivation world, not much people would be saying anything at all. JiWen (the 2nd uncle) doesn’t wanted to be enemies with the Zhao family from the start, he just wanted to quickly resolve the grudges between the two families. That was why he immediately captured JiYuan without a word – it doesn’t matter for a JiYuan to die, as long as there are lesser trouble, who cares what actually was the truth? So the moment they come upon the Eldest Young master ZhaoHe in the Jiang residence, JiWen’s first reaction was to let the youngsters of the similar age to accompany ZhaoHe. ZhaoHe hated the people from the Ji family, so he won’t be polite and ordered the Ji youngsters all over the place. JiSan was an arrogant person to start with, so how could he bear it?

Until JiChen suddenly fell sick and ZhaoHe pushed him onto the ground, JiShen (the younger brother) couldn’t take it anymore and rushed up to throw his fist, JiSan for the first time stood at the same line with his cousins and chose to confront ZhaoHe. The rest of the Ji people (those that JiYuan couldn’t recognize) was keeping a stomach full of anger, seeing that JiSan has stepped forward, they silently stood behind him and not inform JiWen (the uncle).

JiYuan silently listened for a while and understood what happened, suddenly felt a bit dumbfounded. Never knew that he(JY) got dragged into talks again and JiSan actually still came forward to defend his reputation. He(JY) seemed to vaguely understood what System meant by German orthopedic now!

Ye Junchi smiled like he was not smiling, went to ask beside JiYuan’s ear, “Ah Yuan, are they your cousins?”

The big brother got unhappy for no reason…. JiYuan expression was icy, and said, “Unfamiliar.”

Ye Junchi suddenly laughed out loud, “Let us go then, they seemed to ready for a fight. That Zhao Young master has equipped many good things on his body, and there is a fellow with unknown background beside him. The Ji people couldn’t go against them, so there are nothing good to see.”

Indeed, the sound of conflict was getting intense, the air was filled with the smell of volatile gunpowder (figuratively), and painful cough sound was mixed in the commotion several times. JiYuan paused, and heard JiShen reproaching in a low voice, “Your body condition is not good, why did you insisted to follow? I won’t carry you back with you so sick like this.”

“Worried in case you cause any trouble due to impulse.”

JiChen’s voice was mild and warm, his coughing caused his voice to be hoarse. His voice lightly brushing over people’s heart, people couldn’t help but calmed down. JiShen paused and muttered a few words. His eyes were turning here and there, in his mind he was thinking where to hide JiChen if they really started to fight.

ZhaoHe coldly glanced at the brothers who were having good brotherly feelings. Thinking of the ZhaoYang who was without a complete body and bones, the anger in his chest were rumbling to the point it almost burst out.

Although ZhaoYang was a bastard, but he(ZY) was someone he grew up together with. They have deep feelings between them brothers. ZhaoYang has bad tempers but he was always gentle with him. He(ZY) always thought of him and did everything for his sake, who knew in the blink of an eye, his younger brother was gone.

[T/N : No, ZY is a bastard and nothing can change that. You tell how good he is to his victims and see how they reply. ZY deserved to die without complete corpse, and destroyed soul.]

ZhaoHe sneered, “It seems that you want to be enemies with the Zhao family – we are originally enemies, I really don’t want to be courteous with you!”

The man beside him who has been smiling but not talking, watching the commotion, finally opened his mouth, “Brother Zhao, don’t be impulsive. Here is Jiang residence.”

“So what if here is the Jiang residence? Yun Cheng, don’t stop me. A small Ji family, dared to climb all over people’s head. If not taught a lesson, they would really think they are some big shot!” [T/N : So the other dude is called Yun Cheng, that means he is someone from the Yun family, one of the major 4 families.]

His words just ended and ZhaoHe abruptly stiffened, taking out his sword and stabbed it towards JiSan. His stance was fierce and merciless. Faint dark sword tip was obviously coated with poison, it wouldn’t be any good news if touched, even with just the skin.

JiSan sneered too, and pulled out his sword. Just as he was about to accept the challenge, he did not expect that sword(ZH) would suddenly change direction to the JiChen beside him. JiSan could have stopped the sword, but at this point, he hesitated a little – though the Ji family was not big, but their family branches was quite scattered. Between the Old First, Second and Third (their fathers), only the ‘Lao Da’ (old first) and ‘Lao San’ (old third) has good relationship, while treating the ‘Lao Er’ (old second) like enemy. JiWen was not some good-natured senior, the impressions he imparted on JiSan in the normal days cause him to be unable to feel any kindness for these cousins.

Just a moment of hesitation, the sword has already been hurled over.

JiChen was ridden with illness and his cultivation was not high. JiShen’s cultivation was excellent, but he has yet to acquire a sword for his own due to young age. Seing that poisonous sword approaching, his expression abruptly changed, immediately pulled JiChen to evade to the side. This scene became even more prickling to the eyes, ZhaoHe continued brandishing his sword.

The two brothers were battered and exhausted, being chased by the sword. JiShen was unarmed and defenseless, he doesn’t dare to fight against that poisonous sword (with his bare hands), so they could only keep evading.

Ye Junchi indifferently glanced over, ready to take JiYuan away from these people. But after he took two steps, his lapel was grabbed. His footsteps paused, looking down with smiles, he asked, “What is it?” JiYuan tensely pursed his lips, saying “Help me … save JiChen and his younger brother, it’s the two person ZhaoHe is chasing…”

Although JiYuan doesn’t have much feelings toward his family, but he still would ‘return favor’ from being helped previously. Plus he have good brotherly relationship with JiChen. Asking Ye Junchi for help this time … shouldn’t be OOC ba?

Indeed, System did not say anything.

The youth’s expression looked quite nervous, dispelling a bit of his icy color. His eyelashes drooped down and covered the light-colored eyes. That handsome face was snow white, his soft and red lips were particularly eye- catching.

“Save them?” Ye Junchi smiled with an unknown reason, “Don’t you hate the people from Ji family?”

“That doesn’t include them… JiChen tried to save me once.”

JiYuan subconsciously bit his lip. Ye Junchi usually do things according to his moods. Promising to help him to look for the murderer was because he have his reason. For now, it was very uncertain if he would lend a helping hand.

“Hmm, I can agree to save them.”

Ye Junchi’s eyes fell on his lips, the luscious red lips and pearly white teeth was very distinct, only he knows how soft and sweet are those lips from this person currently in his embrace. He smiled even deeper, his words slowly drawn out, “Let me kiss you once, then I’ll help them.”

“….” What?

JiYuan stupidly asked, “System, did I heard it wrongly?”

System : “You can use your body to experience.” As soon as Ye Junchi finished his words, he straightaway acted. Not waiting for JiYuan’s answer, he bowed his head and bit his(JY) lips.

System cheerfully said, “Bent over! He bent over! You have succeeded!”1

JiYuan : “….”

The kiss was brief and short. Ye Junchi just tasted a bit, his head didn’t turn, just his fingers moved.

While back at that side, JiChen and JiShen has been forced to a corner. JiShen’s eyes were red, blocking in front of JiChen, he viciously stared at ZhaoHe, like a desperate solitary wolf.

ZhaoHe sneered, but as he was about to swing his sword, a crisp sound ‘ka cha’ was heard from that faint blue sword. He froze for a moment, then turned to look, only to find out that the body of his sword suddenly filled with numerous small cracks. In a short period of a breath, the sword silently shattered into small pieces and fell onto the ground. ZhaoHe’s expression underwent a big change.

His sword was made by a long famous swordsmith, even his father need to spend some effort to break the sword. Now it suddenly shattered, could it be there are experts watching the scene in secret? Since the person on the other side could shatter his sword just like this, that means killing him(ZH) would be as easy as pie. Continuing to find troubles with the Ji family was clearly not a good idea. ZhaoHe’s calm face gave a glance at JiShen, he just felt even more disgusted with the Ji people. He coldly said, “Count yourself lucky, Brother Yun, let’s go.”

Seeing ZhaoHe left with that man, JiChen and JiShen felt relieved at the same time. Just now, ZhaoHe was obviously has the intent to kill. When it really comes, JiShen could only use his life to gamble, he was not necessarily could win.

JiYuan also felt relieved. Knowing that JiChen is safe was good, he didn’t turn back to see, just looked up at Ye Junchi and said, “Let’s go.” This ‘granting whatever is asked for’ …. really not matching to the identity as a demon.

Back to the inn, JiYuan was wondering when Ye Junchi would let him down. Unexpectedly, Ye Junchi flamboyantly walked into the inn holding him. Towards the female innkeeper’s astonished gaze, Ye Junchi said without changing his expression, “So cruel, insisting that I must hold him.”

JiYuan: “…” Your conscience won’t hurt?

Ye Junchi bowed his head down, smiling at him, clearly answering ‘No’. After requesting for hot bathing water, Ye Junchi continued holding him up the stairs. He kicked open the door and went into his room.

JiYuan gradually felt uneasy. Big brother said ‘I will hold you when I walk, hold you when I eat, hold you when I bath, hold you when I sleep’
…. he couldn’t be serious ba?!

System : “Congratulations, it seems that you are going to live like a princess from now on.”

“Please shut up, thank you.”

Up until someone came up to send the hot water, Ye Junchi still wouldn’t let JiYuan down, just like he promised. JiYuan’s eyes were brimming with tears, he finally understood. Ye Junchi was serious, he was really going to hold him all the time when he said he would. God his mother, ‘words carry enormous weight’2 was not meant to be used on matter like this!

The author has something to say: YJC : …don’t care anymore about what glamor it’s all fake fake fake ha ha ha ha ha I want to speak!!! My wifey is soft to hug and fragrant want to hug forever not letting go ah!!! JY : … System, here is a freak…


Chapter 23

[T/N : Heard of the phrase ‘man and women shouldn’t have direct contact/男⼥授受不親’? It’s the modesty phrase the ancient chinese often use :3 ]

JiYuan tried his attempt for the final struggle, “….shouldn’t have direct contact with each other.”

Ye Junchi idly answered, “You are not a woman.”

“I am not a woman, so why are you being so intimate with me?”

Hugging and kissing, and way over level of consideration and care. Just because of the binding of his blood and also the minor act of his not-really- lifesaving years ago?

Ye Junchi was a bit surprised being asked by JiYuan. …. ah, right. Why was I so ambiguously intimate, considerate and caring towards him? In the past, he would just do what he felt like doing, never to think of why he did it.

Both of them stared at each other for a moment, then Ye Junchi’s hold loosened. The person he had held for half the day suddenly left his arms, he abruptly felt an emptiness and a sense of loss.

[T/N : ‘narrates While YJC is being melancholic, here’s what happened from JY’s POV] JiYuan was caught off guard, and his bottom landed on the floor. His tears nearly came out from the pain, he cursed a few times in his heart. He stood without a sound and prepared to return to his own room. His butt was really hurting so JiYuan’s steps were slow. Then, he heard the sound of clothes rustling followed by the sound of water splashing. Just as his hand touched the door, a lazy voice came from behind, “Come here.”

JiYuan doesn’t intend to pay heed to Ye Junchi, that fall nearly split his butt to 4 parts, the grievances in his heart make him want to hit someone. But when his hand pulled the door, it doesn’t budge.

Ye Junchi lightly said, “If you don’t come over, don’t dream of leaving this room tonight.”

Felt like this scene is kind of familiar ah…. JiYuan doesn’t believe in jinx, and pulled at the door with all his might. Suddenly, the taskbar refreshed : [Leave Ye Junchi’s room (0/1). Tips : Time limit 1 sichen (2 hours)]

JiYuan looked blankly at the taskbar, some of his faded memories became fresh again in his mind. Succumbing to the task, JiYuan could only dejectedly obey. He went around the partition screen and happened to see Ye Junchi’s back.

He leisurely leaned against the side of the bathing barrel. Upon hearing footsteps, Ye Junchi’s lips unconsciously raised up but his voice still indifferent, “Give me a backrub.”

Bored, JiYuan silently took the wet cloth at the side, and brushed away Ye Junchi’s long scattered hair off his back. However, the moment the hair was brushed away, JiYuan was shocked.

Ye Junchi’s back was densely crisscrossed with hideous scars. It seemed to be old injuries from the past. Looking at it, JiYuan felt his heart tightened while System gave him some lesson, “The deepest scar is stab wound, and next to that is a sword injury. As for this series of scars over here, it seems to be from getting bitten by something. That side is from a whip, and also
….” JiYuan listened to the list until his heart trembled. Quickly interrupting System’s little lesson, his hand involuntarily shook as he wiped Ye Junchi’s back with extremely light touch. Although all those scars were old injuries, he still felt that he must wipe lightly or otherwise Ye Junchi will get hurt.

What actually happened? Ain’t Ye Junchi the dignified demon ruler’s only son? Who dares to abuse him like that? Couldn’t be when the demon ruler died 13 years ago, Ye Junchi was betrayed and get caught, then tortured?

His breathing was a bit quick, Ye Junchi naturally could feel the changes of the person behind him. After a moment of silent, he(YJC) suddenly turned and grabbed his(JY) wrist.


“… not afraid.”

JiYuan would like to ask him how he gotten those scars but he was not in the position to ask. So he abruptly stifled back those words, his eyes hanging down.

Suddenly smiled, Ye Junchi said, “Let’s not talk about that then. Ah Yuan, explain to me first. Why is the silkworm be in your hands?”

JiYuan : “…” Why you still remember that damned thing?

JiYuan calmly lied, “Didn’t you lost it somewhere? I saw it and picked it up. It looked kinda cute so I kept it.” [T/N : Lol, the crappiest lie ever.]

System : “Baby, can you put more efforts in your lie?”

Ye Junchi, smiling yet not smiling, “Cute?” His other hand came out from the water and covered both his(JY) eyes, “That day, if I didn’t react quickly and get them out from your eyes, you would have long blinded. Still think they are cute?” [T/N : Them/它们?]
…. couldn’t continue from those words. Throwing the wet cloth away to quit, JiYuan turned around wanted to leave. But Ye Junchi was holding onto his wrist, a gentle pull and JiYuan returned to the barrel with a bump. It seemed that Ye Junchi doesn’t intend to let him go easily today. Wet fingers slowly massaged the petal of his lips, Ye Junchi lightly said, “In this journey, we could only trust each other. I also wanted to trust you but Ah Yuan, what are you trying to do by stealing the golden silkworm?”

JiYuan felt a bout of headache.

The golden silkworm was an important clue and he stole it. Ain’t that looked like he was helping those evil people hiding in the dark? Big brother is suspicious of him?

Ye Junchi spoke in low voice, his lower jaw getting nearer to JiYuan’s shoulder. One turn from his head and he would be able to bite on his(JY) fragile neck. Staring at the youth’s exposed snow white soft neck, his gaze deepened. But his tone was still not fast and not slow, “Our decision to travel northwards to JinHe, who revealed it out?”

JiYuan was without a doubt, the biggest suspect.

JiYuan’s throat felt dry, all the things he did was to fulfill the given tasks. He didn’t consider much when he did all those requested actions, he just doing it to leave this world anyway. Now that Ye Junchi suddenly asked about it, he really doesn’t know how to explain.

The atmosphere in the room was a bit nerve-wrecking. The water vapor from the hot bathing water continuously rose up, blurring their line of sight. After a long moment of silence, JiYuan heard himself asking, “What benefits can I get from betraying you?”

“Benefits? It was quite plenty.”

Ye Junchi laughed gently, his tone was not sad nor cold, “The biggest benefit is to be able to kill me, exterminating evil on behalf of the cultivation world.” Shivering, JiYuan said, “System, please tolerate a bit what I am going to say and do now. If I don’t burst into some explanations for him, there is a very good chance I’ll be thrown into the sea to feed fishes.”

System was sympathetic for him, “Alright, but Ye Junchi is not easy to be fooled. He tolerated you for a long time, tonight it’s probably because his ‘great aunt’ suddenly visited. So he doesn’t want to continue tolerating you….do not worry, I still haven’t forgotten the rebirth incantation I recited for you.”

Bastard, scram!

[T/N : Alright, non-chinese should be curious what is the meaning of
‘great aunt’. The chinese word is or ⼤姨妈, which is a slang for
menstruation. So System is saying YJC has sudden hormone imbalance from menstruation, and became emotionally unstable. It’s kinda felt like a jab at us girls. ? ]
JiYuan was furious, then he felt something cold at his neck – the hand Ye Junchi used to massage his lips has shifted location, and down to clasp at his neck. His heart felt a chill as well, Ye Junchi really does things according to his mood. When he was being considerate, he would be like a gentle lover. But when he flipped over, he could be a poisonous snake which would fatally attack anytime.

Stiffened for some moment, JiYuan whispered, “I was forced to steal the golden silkworm, as for the reason I temporarily couldn’t tell you. But I didn’t throw or destroy the silkworm, did I? I stayed beside you all day and night, there are none of those secret messages on my body, and I have no cultivation. Every move I made is under your watch, how could I exchange information and secret messages? Do you not believe in your own eyes?”

Not hearing any response from Ye Junchi, JiYuan could only speed up his speech, “And I never thought of killing you. You doesn’t treat me badly, and you are not the brutal and scary demon lord as rumored. I do not bite the hand that feeds. You are actually …. quite nice.” Ye Junchi remained silent.

After a while, he(YJC) loosened his hands from JiYuan’s neck, and roughly turned his(JY) body to face him. He locked gaze with the youth’s pair of light and clear eyes, as transparent as glass, as if he could see the soul that interest him hidden deep in the body. The corner of his lips swiftly curved, he slowly said, “En, I understand. It’s not you.”

JiYuan felt relieved, then his lips suddenly felt something soft.

His eyes opened wide, and saw the pair of eyes in a close proximity with his, seemed to contain a bit of smiles, rippling with a touch of gentleness. Pressing onto his lips and lightly moved, the agile tongue stretched out and patiently traced the contours of his lips. Then, not to be refused, the tongue delved deep into his mouth, sucking and licking. Plundering and taking over his mouth, the sensation lingered in his bones, JiYuan almost suffocated by the kiss.

His train of thoughts before this was interrupted by this kiss. JiYuan’s brain has become a mush, and he muddle headedly let Ye Junchi to ‘take whatever he want’. It was until Ye Junchi reluctantly separated with him that JiYuan could finally take some deep breaths. His eyes were blurred, both his legs were soft, he felt like he almost drowned in the kiss.

Ye Junchi seemed to be thinking something, stared at him and asked,
“Feel good?”

JiYuan was busy taking deep breaths that he couldn’t speak.

Ye Junchi turned his eyes a bit and laughed, “Anyway, I felt very good.
Maybe I have fallen for you, little thing.”

JiYuan felt that his laugh was too evil, and there was no sincerity in his words. So he(JY) didn’t put those words in heart at the first place, he just secretly rolled his eyes and wanted to leave. But then, he heard Ye Junchi repeated that sentence in a low voice again, “…. maybe I liked you.”

System : “Oho…” Suddenly alerted, JiYuan said, “Stop! I know what you want to say! Firstly, Ye Junchi wouldn’t like me and he is a straight guy. Secondly, I am someone who would be leaving….”

System coldly rebutted, “Which straight man would hold another man and gnawed with gentleness in a romantic atmosphere?”

JiYuan replied confidently like it was expected as a matter of course, “Ye Junchi ah.”

“…..” System carefully observed JiYuan, and found that he was sincerely saying that. It couldn’t help feeling pity in its heart …. so dense, no wonder he was still a virgin in his previous life even though he roamed the street (wasting money) for years! ‘sigh

After exchanging banters with System, JiYuan returned to his senses and found Ye Junchi staring at him with burning eyes. His gaze was so scalding that JiYuan wanted to dunk his(YJC) head into the bathing barrel. But taking the gap of their strength into account, he doesn’t dare to act on it. He just silently retreated two steps, “Anything else? If not, I’ll return to my room to sleep.”

Ye Junchi raised his hand and grasped JiYuan’s hand. Staring into that cold handsome face, he(YJC) wanted to see if there are any trace of the emotions that he wanted, to appear on it. After a long while, he rubbed his own forehead with a feeling of defeat. Sighing, he asked, “Sleep here with me tonight? I did say I am going to hold you all the time.”

JiYuan coldly asked, “Are you a freak?”

“You have yet to see me being freaky”, Ye Junchi smiled, “Really not considering to sleep with me? Alright …. then wanna see your Tangjie’s long awaited wedding night?”

The moment he heard that, JiYuan quietly went over to him.

Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows, “The water has gone cold, you want to just let me stay in this cold water to accompany you watching the scene?”1

JiYuan subconsciously nodded.

Pausing for a moment, Ye Junchi bitterly pulled JiYuan over and kissed him again. At the same time, he climbed out of the barrel without any cover.

JiYuan quietly checked out the ‘water beauty’. Wide shoulders, narrow waist, perky butt, long legs, all were being taken in in one glance. He has touched most of the places anyway, it would be a waste not to look.

Ye Junchi leisurely turned around, then blinked, “What are you blanking out for? Come and dry my body.”

From the surface, he looked like he was resisting the idea but inside, JiYuan was cheering as he walked to Ye Junchi’s side. He took a dry towel and slowly wiped this perfect body in front of him. Watching the beads of water rolling down his naked chest, then slide past a pair of ‘red beans’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ
͡°), he(JY) couldn’t help but secretly swallowed a few times.
… to a gay man like him, such a physical temptation was like a normal man facing the legendary display of Feng XiaoLian’s jade body.

[T/N : Reading the wiki HERE, I have no idea why idiot JiYuan used this example. I would rather he used Daji, the fox spirit since we all know how pretty Daji supposed to be.]

Finished wiping the top part, JiYuan slowly wiped downwards. When his gaze flickered to glance down at the ‘place that shouldn’t be described’, his eyebrows couldn’t help twitching, “….you should really go back to soak in some cold water in the barrel, and calm yourself down.”

The author has something to say: YJC : …. feeling so aggrieved ah I let wifey to confess but wifey ignored me QAQ Wifey, I know my wrongs, I’ll give you the roasted meat to eat… JY : Hehe

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Chapter 24

[Translator : I finally have some free time to read the raw so I started with some chapters. Usually when I speed-read a novel, it means copying the entire thing and have the online translator read it to me. Because reading by myself takes time :v The usual voice from the online translator was a 30 to 40-ish man. All of a sudden, the voice changed to a 60-ish old man who speaks slowly. FXCK! WHAT THE HELL?! That scared the heebie jeebies crap out of me ;3 Do you still remember that this Banana is as timid as JiYuan?]

Ye Junchi’s gaze was scorching hot, still staring at JiYuan like he wanted to tear him open and swallow him into his stomach. His voice was a bit hoarse, “Won’t you personally help me to ‘calm down’?”

Hearing that, JiYuan felt his back was tingling. He took out the dagger from his sleeve and lightly said, “Help you to cut it off?”


Once again, Ye Junchi sighed with disappointment. He turned and start putting on his clothes.

Still maintaining vigilance, JiYuan held onto the dagger and sat down at a side, watching him putting on his clothes.

That slender and perfect body was facing him(JY) with the back view. Those scars at the back were covered by Ye Junchi’s long hair, occasionally exposing a hint of heart-shocking view. When he bent over, that slender waist was even more eye-catching. The itch was intolerable in JiYuan’s heart, his face felt a bit feverish, “I…am I getting a nosebleed?”

System : “Soon.” “What?”
“I said, no matter you are getting a nosebleed or not, the time limit for the task is coming soon.”

JiYuan : “…”

Really a bad System, not trying to comfort him at all. He was trying to endure a great temptation here, alright?!

Ye Junchi tied his belt with slow movements. Then, he gave his wet hair a backward flip, revealed a handsome and elegant facial features. In the hazy lighting from the candlelight, he seemed to be basked in a layer of warm glow. At that moment, JiYuan was unable to take his eyes away from him(YJC).

Noticing his stare, Ye Junchi’s mood became better. The corner of his lips curved up and his raspy voice became milder, “The demon race has many interesting tricks. I’ll show you a new one today.”

Unable to take his eyes off, JiYuan stared steadily at him. Ye Junchi couldn’t help but reached out to give JiYuan a pinch at his fair white cheek, helplessly saying, “Don’t stare at me like that.”


Ye Junchi’s smile became more evil, his tone sounded true but fake at the same time, “I would be unable to keep myself from ‘eating’ you.” Pausing a bit, he(YJC) then muttered under his breath, “Even if ‘eaten’, it doesn’t matter ba, we are married anyway…”

JiYuan’s scalp felt little prickly, he immediately changed the topic, “Are you taking me back to sneak into the Jiang residence?” Rubbing his(JY) head, Ye Junchi lightly chuckled and replied, “Soon.” Then, he drew a small circle on his palm. Beads of blood floated up non- stop into the air like pearls, then it slowly opened up and took form similar to a standing mirror as tall as a normal human.

A hint of blood smell permeated the air, and JiYuan was almost frightened to tears by that.

“Goddamit! System, Ye Junchi is not ghost, right?! So scary AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH!”

[T/N : I guess that amount of blood is kinda scary for someone so timid.]

“what kind of ghost have you seen that would get ‘hard’?”

JiYuan : “… pervert, shut up.”

The circular mirror floated in the air for a moment, then stood still. Ye Junchi reached out his fingers to give the mirror a rap. His fingers under the contrast of the bloody red mirror, looked even more like a white jade carving; so stunning that it rendered people speechless.

JiYuan’s gaze was once again captured, he couldn’t help but scolded himself a few times in his heart. He was walking a completely different direction from his loose, playboy, old father. His father was busy planting ‘seeds’ while his own personality was cold. He has no interest even when seeing a hot, sexy woman stripped naked and standing in front of him. Later, he came to understand his sexual orientation, but then he was not interested with the men around him. Probably because he was disgusted with his father leaving love everywhere, he was in a predicament. But he was trying hard to restrain himself. If he couldn’t find the person he liked, he wouldn’t go to taste the forbidden fruit and indulge in sexual pleasure.

The one who has the most intimate contact with him, with the exception of ‘Miss Right Hand’1, it should be Ye Junchi. These past few years of fooling around after he quit from the inheritance struggle, he had only smiled from a distance watching his fellow friends indulged in booze and sex, while he himself only drink alcohol. Men or women who stripped naked and tried to climb onto his bed was too much to count, but this was his first time getting mesmerized by someone’s body and action.

Truly ‘god damm it’.

JiYuan secretly sighed, then saw images starting to reflect on the circular mirror. There were two person standing in the middle of the mirror, and the images gradually cleared up, even the sound sounded near like it was right beside the ear.

“…. JiangXin, what actually have you ‘not’ lie to me?!”

The moment he heard this, JiYuan immediately perked up to watch the drama.

JiangXin’s mind was clearly awake now, she was aware that she had said something to Sun Shiyu. Her face went abruptly pale white, and her lips was trembling, “No… Shiyu, listen to me. It’s not like that, I was bewitched. I didn’t do it! I didn’t do that kind of thing!”

Sun Shiyu’s warm expression took in the whole scene, his lower jaw tightened and his eyes were raging.

“Yes, you didn’t do it! You didn’t help me cure my legs!”

Her whole body was trembling, JiangXin used all her effort to maintain the usual gentle side of hers. She mournfully looked at Sun Shiyu, “It’s me, Shiyu. How could you forget my kindness to you? I have cured your legs, how could you questioned me?”

She was actually same as Jiang Miao Miao, falling in love with Sun Shiyu at the first sight. Just that she hesitated a bit when she heard that he has a leg disease. JiangXin didn’t tell anyone that she liked him, because she felt disgraceful (for liking someone disabled). She is the daughter of the Jiang family’s Head, her future husband must be at least a match of the same status, someone with outstanding talent and able-bodied. A disabled like Sun Shiyu…. impossible. That few days when Jiang Miao Miao was treating Sun Shiyu’s legs, her heart has been struggling. Sun Shiyu was the eldest Young master of the Sun family, and his talent was also good. With the exception of his immobile legs, other aspects of him were in line with her standards. Since his legs would be getting better….

Then, this excellent Young master should be hers.

She stolen Jiang Miao Miao’s thing like it was expected as a matter of course. Seeing her(JMM) causing discord between Sun and Jiang family, she was in fact, feeling proud and arrogant in her heart. Jiang Miao Miao was forever speaking in a straight and rigid manner (not flexible), and her temper was not good, so how could Sun Shiyu believe her?

Sun Shiyu’s face darkened, “I have always believed in you, and thought Jiang Miao Miao was lying, thinking that she looked repulsive….”

Now that he thought of it, he recounted the girl’s bright eyes that was filled with anger and grievances, he felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Ye Junchi turned his head to gaze at the serious-looking youth for a moment, then he quietly walked to him and stretched out his arms to pull him into his arms, his hands rested on his(JY) shoulders. Immediately, JiYuan threw a slap out.

Ye Junchi was not angry, and was smiling instead. The power in JiYuan’s slap was nothing, he(YJC) was not in pain or itchy. But that moment their skin touched, Ye Junchi felt that the youth’s palm was delicate and smooth. His heart felt an itch, he wanted to catch that hand back to fiddle and play with it.

But …. the time was not right yet for now. [T/N : Awww..]

Ye Junchi blinked, his gaze was still resting on JiYuan’s cold, handsome, side profile. In a leisurely tone, he said, “Sure enough, he regretted. Humans ah….”

JiYuan was feeling uncomfortable, being stared so intently by him. He put all his effort to maintain his frosty face, lightly said, “The one he wanted to marry all along was JiangXin.”

If Sun Shiyu knew from the start that Jiang Miao Miao was the one who cured his legs, afraid he would only send gifts over as a gratitude. After all, Jiang Miao Miao was not the daughter from the Jiang family’s Head, and he was the Eldest son of the Sun family’s Head. The one most suitable for marriage was JiangXin.

His regret at the moment, was probably just angry being cheated by JiangXin, plus a bit of guilty and shame towards Jiang Miao Miao’s feeling.

Ye Junchi was a bit stunned, he reached out to tidy JiYuan’s hair, and softly laughed, “Thought you were being treated like a girl (previously)? How could you see the big picture so clearly? Can’t you just put some imagination in it?”

“I am a man.”

JiYuan coldly gave him a look, then turned away to continue watching the drama.

In the mirror, JiangXin quibbled a few more sentences. Sun Shiyu was not an idiot, the intolerance between his eyebrows gets deeper and deeper. In the end, his tone became completely cold, devoid of warmth, “JiangXin, if you really cured me, then how did you do it? Where did you found the method? Where is the prescription?”

JiangXin was suddenly at a loss for words, Jiang Miao Miao did not tell her these.

Seeing that she was unable to answer, Sun Shiyu sneered. With one grab, he pulled off his wedding robe and threw it onto the ground, then turned to leave. JiangXin became increasingly panic, her tone sounded sharp, “Sun Shiyu! Are you going to find Jiang Miao Miao? Don’t forget that you and I have already completed the wedding ceremony!”

Sun Shiyu paused. JiangXin was happy when she saw that this method was working, continued saying, “The Jiang family and Sun family has tied the knot, what are you trying to do? Want to cancel our marriage and marry Jiang Miao Miao? You think the Jiang family could be played around by you like this?! Want to get ‘mutual divorce’ with me? Don’t even dream about it in this lifetime!”

Sun Shiyu was silent for a long time. He turned around, his cold eyes met with JiangXin’s eyes that were revealing hints of joy, he couldn’t help shivering.

Then the man’s light voice could be heard saying, “JiangXin, I have always felt that Jiang Miao Miao was rude, arrogant and unreasonable. Why is it only now that I feel she is actually cutely straightforward? Unlike you, your appearance and heart is so malicious, it makes people felt nauseous.”

Finished his words, he turned and pushed the door open without hesitation, leaving JiangXin alone, her face keep changing back and forth in the shade of white and green.

“He want to look for Jiang Miao Miao?” JiYuan frowned.

Logically speaking, JiYuan couldn’t see how Sun Shiyu come to like JiangXin, what more towards Jiang Miao Miao. Sun Shiyu probably wanted to compensate Jiang Miao Miao out of self-esteem and guilt. As JiangXin said, after their marriage, whatever happened between them will no longer concern only two of them but between both of the family instead.

The round mirror gradually dispersed, and the beads of blood dissipated in the air.

Ye Junchi looked indifferent, “Probably 8/9 out of 10. Unfortunately, I only gave some blood worms to that little girl, so we couldn’t see how Jiang Miao Miao would treat Sun Shiyu.”

Pausing a bit, he smiled and pinched JiYuan’s cheek, “Ah Yuan, what do you think Jiang Miao Miao will do?” JiYuan let him(YJC) rub/knead his cheeks, lightly replied, “Start cursing a blue streak, sneer with indifference, reward him with a kick.”

Although it was impossible to do exactly like he said, it should be around there. JiYuan probably couldn’t imagine that Jiang Miao Miao was someone who dares to do whatever she wanted to do.

The excitement just ended, JiYuan then remembered his task. He quickly look for System to ask about the time. System coldly said, “Are you happy watching the drama? Still remember the task ah? Let me give you a countdown, 60, 59, 58 …”

The room quieted down, Ye Junchi looked at the youth sitting uprightly at the side. His gaze was on his(JY) long and black lashes, straight nose and soft red lips; sweeping past by them one by one. Understanding that his own mind couldn’t stop being a bit restless, he asked again, “Really don’t want to sleep with me? The weather has become cooler, don’t you feel cold sleeping alone?”

JiYuan was scared witless by System’s countdown. He looked indifferently at Ye Junchi, then turned to rush out from the room.

Ye Junchi went silent for a while. He went downstairs to request for people to clean up the bathing barrel. When he came up, he passed by JiYuan’s room. His feet was a bit reluctant to leave. All his life, he has never stopped for anyone. He originally thought him being good to JiYuan was because of guilt and a trace of distant and faint feeling of gratitude, plus he(JY) is needed to fix his cultivation.

Now, he became aware that JiYuan was not the same (previously), all of those (feelings) … were not the same anymore.

His toes involuntarily turned towards the door(JY’s) but he held them back. Thinking about how the youth was fearful of ‘certain things’ back in the Zhao family’s ancestral graves and also in the small forest, his eyes flashed brightly. Smiling mischievously, he knocked on the door and said, “Just now at the lobby, the innkeeper said the inn is haunted sometimes. Are you sure you don’t want to come over? My arms are very warm.” JiYuan resolutely and decisively threw out one word, “Scram.”

The author has something to say: JY sharpening knife : Help you cut it down? YJC : … do you still want a good sex life? JY : What you have, I also have. I can give you. Then JiYuan was [BEEP] a thousand times.

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Chapter 25

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Sleeping deep into the night, JiYuan suddenly shivered. He was woken up by a vague sound of water dripping, he still shivered even though he was covered with a thick quilt.

The surrounding was strangely quiet. Not sure where it came from, a gust of eerie wind blew over. JiYuan was just sitting up when the wind blew, goosebumps raised on his arms and he couldn’t help but gently sucked in a breath of cold air. Nothing couldn’t be seen clearly in the dark, JiYuan randomly thought of the time before he went to bed when Ye Junchi passed by his room, and the seemed-fake-and-true words he said.

… really haunted?

JiYuan’s teeth chattered, “Sy sy sy sy System ah ah ah ah should be no ghost ba? Even if there is, I’m staying next to Ye Junchi. The sword Gui Chi, those kind of thing shouldn’t appear ba…”

System went silent for a moment, thinking that some things are better off untold, calmly said, “Logically, your bed is separated too far from Ye Junchi’s bed. Gui Chi couldn’t prevent ghosts from scaring you.”

JiYuan wanted to cry. He could only use the quilt to cover his whole body, then carefully looked around the room, visibly trembling. He absentmindedly recalled back the time when he was young and locked in a haunted house. Every corner also seemed to be emitting a scary atmosphere, as if all sorts of strange and evil spirits would jump out at any moments. There seemed to be eyes from all directions in the room, staring at him. They used voices that he couldn’t hear to playfully size him up…. JiYuan could even feel a cold breath in close proximity. Then, there was something ‘unclean’ stretching slowly below his bed, checking out how to attack him in one fell swoop.

JiYuan’s body froze, his throat tightened, “System, what to do? I can’t sleep, I would be scared to death.”

“Go to Ye Junchi’s room. Both of you are men anyway, it’s nothing to sleep together.”

“… I’m gay ah.”

“What can a weak chicken like you do to him?”

JiYuan : “…” Sounds about right.

JiYuan went silent for a while, then said, “Still can’t.”

System was a bit headache, “Baby, what now? Ye Junchi won’t do anything to you.”

“… I don’t dare to get out of the bed.” JiYuan said in a small voice, after holding back for a moment.

System : “… what a baby.”

Still shivering, JiYuan continued to burrow into his quilt. He felt like there were eyes staring at him no matter where he looked at. Scowling miserably, he pleaded, “System, please help me. You don’t want to see me being scared to death here, right? I didn’t OOC and also didn’t finish the tasks, under this circumstances you couldn’t get the bonus, right?” System thought for a moment, sighed, “Alright, I’ll help you run out of the room.”

JiYuan emitted some crying sound, “You are so nice, if you are a man, I’ll will marry you.”

System was silent, not replying him.

Not a moment later, JiYuan felt his body automatically moved and sat up, wrapping himself tightly with the quilt. Then his body quickly got out of the bed, ran to the door and pushed it open. The moment he was out of the room, the control of his body returned.

It was already midnight, the corridor in the inn was shrouded in darkness. Tonight the stars was not much, logically the moonlight should be bright but it was enveloped tightly within dark clouds, giving off a ghostly atmosphere. JiYuan moved his arms a bit, then walked in quick steps towards Ye Junchi’s room. His gaze accidentally swept over at the end of the corridor, he seemed to see two dark green lights.

…something over there was peeping at him!

His scalp felt numb, JiYuan even skipped the part to knock at the door, quickly push at it – it actually opened. Rushing into the room, he closed the door with a ‘Peng!’. His heartbeat rapidly sprinted, his body was trembling and he was completely soaked in cold sweat. Both of JiYuan’s legs were shaking, “System! Did I just saw a ghost?!”

System thought later you might see a lot more ghosts until someone have his wishes fulfilled, opened its mouth to comfort JiYuan, “Don’t be afraid, Ye Junchi is here. No demons or ghosts will dare to come close to you.”

JiYuan wrapped himself tightly in his quilt, and groped his way to the side of the bed.

He camouflaged himself for so many years after all (pretending he was not scared), so even if he was scared witless, he still retain a bit of his thinking ability a moment later. Getting into Ye Junchi’s room, he was starting to feel little doubts.

… let’s not say how Ye Junchi was not aware of ghosts and spirits causing trouble, but he was so loud when he rushed into his room, Ye Junchi didn’t notice? He frowned, an unlikely idea passed through his heart. JiYuan ignored it and simply reached out and touched the bed, instantly cold sweat started running down again.

Ye Junchi was not there.

“System Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah I’m gonna die!!”

System maintained its calm, saying, “First, close your mouth. If Ye Junchi saw you like this, I wouldn’t be able to not punish you OOC.”

The moment JiYuan heard that, he immediately shut up. His eyes were swimming in tears, “Then where is he?”

“Behind you.”

The room abruptly basked in the warm candlelight, dispersing the chill and darkness. Just as JiYuan tried to turn around, his whole body plus the quilt was pulled into an embrace. Smelling the familiar smell of rosin, JiYuan’s speeding heart started to calm down.

“Personally sending yourself right to my door?”

The person hugging him lightly chuckled, and his voice was low and magnetic causing JiYuan’s ear to become feverish hot. His righteous rebuttal has yet to be said, and he was half-pushed half-hugged onto the bed. He ‘gu ru ru’ rolled across the bed, then was ‘gu ru ru’ pulled back by Ye Junchi into his arms. [T/N : Those are sound of rolling actions]

Ye Junchi : “Are you afraid?”

Even when separated by the quilt, Ye Junchi could feel him(JY) trembling. Thinking about the fear that deeply seeped into his soul, JiYuan couldn’t ignore his conscience and say ‘Not afraid’, so he changed the topic, “Where did you go just now?”

“There was some movements outside, so I went out to see.”

Seeing how badly he(JY) shook, Ye Junchi felt some regret. Heart aching, he hugged JiYuan even tighter.

JiYuan didn’t push him away either. His scare was not light, so naturally he won’t push away this embrace which gave him a peace of mind. The doubts in his heart disappeared and he nodded, lightly said, “… I … I am a bit cold.”

“Told you that my arms are very warm. Sleep with me ba, I won’t do anything to you.”

Ye Junchi blinked and loosened his hold of JiYuan. He attempted to open JiYuan’s little quilt, wanting to truly hug him in his arms(sans quilt).

JiYuan put some efforts to tighten his hold on the quilt. Firmly upholding the belief ‘Nobody could separate me from my little quilt’, he stubbornly stared at Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi silently looked at JiYuan, both of them staring at each other for a moment.

So cute, want to give a kiss.

This person(JY) was usually cold and frosty, like a layer of fake shell. Only by his teasing and provocation could make him reveal his real side. One day, he would be able to make JiYuan no longer looking at him with a cold face. Ye Junchi touched his own chin, full of confidence.

No longer pulling at JiYuan’s quilt, he grabbed both human and quilt into his arms, whispered, “Sleep ba, I’m here.”

Experiencing such a shock, his mind was tightly wound and tense. Originally he thought he won’t be able to sleep tonight, but who knew upon entering Ye Junchi’s arms, he gradually relaxed and fell asleep after a moment.

Ye Junchi lightly opened JiYuan’s quilt and took the person out from the bundle. He looked down at the youth’s fair cheeks with transparent pink tinge, thinking something. As if he was making a promise to someone, he said, “Just one kiss”.

He bowed down and pecked the youth’s smooth forehead. A moment of silent, then Ye Junchi make a solemn vow again, “Just one more.”

This time, he bowed down his head towards the bright, red lips that he had desired passionately for a long time. One kiss came after another, rubbing and kneading for a long time. Seeing that the lips were a bit swollen, Ye Junchi finally satisfied and put the person in his arms down. He carefully covered him with the quilt, then got up to the door.

Outside in the darkness, a bunch of ghosts and spirits trembling. They squatted in a corner, looked up with reverence towards the tall slender man who just opened the door. Quite different from when he was facing JiYuan, the gentleness and perverseness was not visible. Ye Junchi waved his hand to disperse the greeting. His expression was like ice and his gaze was chilly. The invisible pressure caused the bunch of ghosts not dare to look at him.

Ye Junchi’s voice was faint, “A bit too over, he keep shaking from the scare.”

The bunch of ghosts trembled even harder.

But Ye Junchi suddenly smiled, “But well done, you can leave.”

The little spirits sighed in relief, they left after expressing their thanks and a few ‘kowtows’ (knocking head on the ground). After they left the premise, the previously gloomy inn turned warmer and brighter. Even the dark clouds which engulfed the moonlight have scattered. The moonlight shone brightly down on the earth, like a layer of holy light. System who was silently listening at a corner tsk-ed, “No next time? So considerate!”

Quietly closing the door, Ye Junchi returned to the side of the bed and gently got on it. Then he put the sleeping person into his arms.

Sure enough, (one) need to be scared to behave. ‘***
Sleeping on the same bed with another person for the first time, JiYuan’s mood was quite complicated. Especially he found out after waking up that both his hands and feet were wrapped around another person. His face was glued to the person’s chest and his so-called ‘morning wood’ appeared like usual.

He ran away under Ye Junchi’s smiling yet not smiling gaze.

Afterwards, JiYuan deliberately avoided Ye Junchi for a long time. Ye Junchi worried that he(JY) won’t be able to sleep at night, specially brought Gui Chi for him to carry by his side.

Hugging Gui Chi, JiYuan heaved a long sigh.

System couldn’t stand it, couldn’t help but asked, “I thought you don’t hate getting along with Ye Junchi?”

JiYuan weakly replied, “Don’t hate doesn’t mean I like ah.” “I see you quite liked it what.”
“… no matter I like it or not, I better stay away a bit further from him.”

System calmly stating the truth, “Your heart is moved?” [T/N : As in ‘do you feel touched?’ or something similar. Man, that’s hard.]

“Huh, how could it be?” JiYuan expressionless said that sentence, then felt like self-deception is not good, irritably mussed his own hair and said, “Alright, a bit. But what would that do? I am someone who would be leaving…”

“Going back for what? Fight for the inheritance with your bunch of half brothers and sisters?”

“That’s very tiring.”

“Going back to fool around?”

JiYuan touched his chin, “Yeah, I kinda missed my drinking buddies.”

Not easily fooled, System tsk-ed and said, “You are getting better in telling lies. You wanted to go back and get revenge for your little brother ba?”

JiYuan gave a ‘tsk’ too and said, “Your words are increasing more and more.”

JiYuan nested inside the quilt and bantered with System. As the sky turned dark, there was a sudden knock at the door. Gui Chi trembled slightly with agitation in his arms. Feeling calm in his heart, JiYuan hesitated for a short moment then went to open the door.

Ye Junchi stood with lights behind his back, his stature seemed to be more slender and elegant. When he saw JiYuan, he smiled and said, “Not avoiding from me anymore?”

“I didn’t avoid you.”

Feeling guilty, JiYuan was afraid to look at him.

Ye Junchi rested one of his hands at the edge of the door. After staring at JiYuan for a long time, he suddenly bowed his head and placed a kiss on the top of his(JY) head. Then, he sensitively aware that JiYuan was shaking. Frowning, he pinched JiYuan’s jaw and forced him to raise his head. When Ye Junchi saw that there was no disgust on that clean and handsome face, his mind relaxed a bit. With a gentle tone, “Come on, there are news from Jiang Miao Miao.”

Over past few days, there are more and more cultivators going over so the Jiang family decided to just open up an area in their residence for the cultivators to stay over. Where there are a lot of people, no matter common folks or cultivators, there will be disputes. The Immortal Sword assembly will begin in a few days time, but undercurrent conflict has started some time ago.

Jiang Miao Miao was waiting at the back door of the Jiang residence. Diverting the guards away, she sat down on the gate threshold; her face was a bit emotional. Seeing Ye Junchi and JiYuan coming from a distance, she immediately stood up. She went over with quick steps, her gaze was sharp, “Where did you get this silkworm?!”

“From ZhaoYang’s coffin.” Ye Junchi replied in his usual not-fast-not- slow speed.

Jiang Miao Miao turned quiet for a while, her expression increasingly ugly, “Who are you?”

The author has something to say: Hamster Ye looked at the poor little Melon Seed wrapping itself like a dumpling staring at him : … Inner heart : Wifey is so cute so cute so cute how could he be so cute really want to kiss once! No! Kissing only once no longer satisfy me want to eat up! What is image? Is it more important than wifey?


[Translator : Alright, just a heads-up here. Things are going to be on the serious side from now on, this story was mainly about investigating a murder case after all ;D As for the sexy time, I am still reading the raw and looking for it]

Chapter 26

[Translator : This chapter will be split into 3 parts due to its big word count of 10k words. Please bear with me (> . <)/ … And on the other hand, I noticed a small surge of viewer coming from Facebook, can anyone tell me which part of fb did you come from? :3 ]

Ye Junchi tilted his head with a smile, “I have said who I am before, but you don’t believe. Then, who am I?”

Her expression abruptly ashen. She turned to look at JiYuan, her gaze was flickering back and forth. Then she slowly said, “Who you are has nothing to do with me. That boy over there, is he good to you? I see you with ‘thin skin and tender meat’, you should come to this Great aunt here if you are not living well.”

JiYuan looked at her in surprise.

Jiang Miao Miao should have guessed their true identity, why not say it out instead of turning such a big round to ask if he needed help? Could it be she was afraid that Ye Junchi would fly into a rage out of humiliation, and start a massacre?

He thought for a moment, the person beside him was obviously looking at him with a hot and anticipating gaze. In his heart, JiYuan felt it was a bit funny. He nodded to Jiang Miao Miao and said, “Many thanks for your kind intention, no need. He treats me well.”

“Really…,” Jiang Miao Miao’s eyes looked even more complicated, “… alright then, he could protect you… the Jiang and Ji family …. forget it, you have to treat him well!”

The last part was directed to Ye Junchi, and her tone was very bad. But Ye Junchi was in a good mood so he uttered a sound of acceptance. JiYuan listened to the exchange until his forehead was full of black lines (like this o[-_-ll]o ) , “Are they marrying me off?”

“Yup, indeed marrying you off. The elder, Jiang Miao Miao is assured by Ye Junchi and is giving you to him. No doubt on that.” System was laughing ‘he he he’, “Not bad, Jiang Miao Miao. All of the sudden, the demon lord has become her younger brother’s wife… ah no, younger brother’s husband.”

JiYuan’s face darkened, “Shut up!”

After he came back to his sense in reality, Jiang Miao Miao and Ye Junchi was already in a discussion.

Ye Junchi threw a glance at JiYuan, he didn’t ask about the silkworm but instead asked of another matter, “Sun Shiyu went to look for you a few days ago?”

Jiang Miao Miao was surprised for a moment, then uttered a sneer, “Right ah, he was almost dead drunk when he came to find me. So late in the night, he didn’t go to his beautiful bride but ran to my door to see me. What kind of idiocy is that? Can this Great aunt be seen whenever he wanted to see? Even dared to burst in!”

JiYuan involuntarily swallowed.

Crossing her arms with a ‘hmph!’, she looked at JiYuan, then turned to look at Ye Junchi. She seemed to understand something, so her previous dark expression gradually changed, and her tone was calmer.

“Should be something you have done ba. After that bastard burst into my place, he started to spit nonsense like what guilty, what he already married JiangXin, and in the future if we have fate, he will disown her and marry again, so and so …. I ‘pei’ (spit)! What kind of person he thought this Great aunt is?!”

With Great aunt looking so angry, it seemed that Sun Shiyu didn’t manage to get a good discussion.

JiYuan who was concerned that Jiang Miao Miao would get soft-hearted, was relieved in his heart. Then he heard Jiang Miao Miao continued, “The more I listened, the angrier I get. So, taking advantages of his drunken state, I tied him up and gave him a beating. The ‘not the face’ type1. I know I am a bit impulsive, but god his mother what kind of person is this? I must be blind in the past to have fallen for him! If not for me remembering those hard works during the treatment, and doesn’t want to waste my efforts, I would have taken back those legs (cripple him) that night!”

JiYuan : “…” Never knew Sun Shiyu could be so recklessly inviting death, and Jiang Miao Miao actually was sturdy to this extent.

Jiang Miao Miao ranted until she became vexed, then finally said, “Both of them being together is also a good thing. Mutually disgusted with each other, the worse their days are together, the happier I get. Now that they left to Ping Guang, they will come back for the Immortal Sword Assembly. Fine! Then, I would have to see both of them disgusting people again.”

Ye Junchi lightly said, “It’s good that you don’t feel regret.”

Waving her hands, Jiang Miao Miao face turned solemn, changing the topic, “You said you went to dig the grave because you wanted to inspect ZhaoYang’s body, and this silkworm flew out from his coffin. Someone placed it there to break the trails of your clue and even attempted to harm you. After that, wanted to drag the Jiang family into the water – ”

Ye Junchi who has erected a barrier to isolate their voices, nodded.

The day was getting late, the harsh (evening) sunlight shone over Jiang Miao Miao’s face. Half of her face was red while the other part was white, giving off a bit of treacherous feeling.

JiYuan’s heart coldly gave a jump.

“Do you know who is the owner of this golden silkworm?”

Jiang Miao Miao took out the silkworm.

When golden silkworm dies, or it heard the order from its mother bug, it will automatically dissipate. Although Ye Junchi has already used his strong spiritual power to force the body to stay intact, he couldn’t prevent it from dissipating.

Now this silkworm is in an almost transparent state, it seemed like it could dissipate at any time.

Jiang Miao Miao’s mood looked a little unstable. If she use some spiritual power to pinch the silkworm, it will definitely turn into dust and scattered in the air.

It seemed that the owner of the silkworm has quite a background. That means it is even more necessary to preserve the silkworm. Otherwise, how to confront the suspect when it’s time? Not having any evidence would only let everyone think that he has instructed Ye Junchi to dig out ZhaoYang’s grave, and also destroyed his body.

JiYuan’s brow slightly scrunched up involuntarily, but the next moment, his shoulders were held by a warm hand. The temperature from that hand seemed to penetrate through clothes, and reached his skin.

He felt like the place where he was touched has been burned by fire, and yet gradually let him calm down. JiYuan turned to look at Ye Junchi and saw that he was not anxious or slow, just calm and unruffled. The stability in his heart increased a bit more.

With one hand on JiYun’s shoulder, Ye Junchi said in a calm tone, “Your family’s Head?”

Jiang Miao Miao’s eyes squinted, “Correct, is my eldest maternal uncle.”

Rumors said the Head of the Jiang family has calm and warm temperament, and quite loyal too. His name across the 4 major families was quite good. Jiang Miao Miao lost her father when she was young, and the Jiang family treated her and her widowed mother quite good. So, she was full of respect and admiration towards her uncle.

Before she find out the true face of JiangXin, she was totally devoted to her(JX) without asking for any returns.

“Are you suspecting me?”

Ye Junchi didn’t even lift up his eyes, his gaze was calm and cold. He has always treated outsiders as such, for him to curve his lips to a smiling-yet-not-smiling smile, it was considered not bad. Not many people ever see his heartfelt smile before.

Jiang Miao Miao didn’t admit her doubts with confidence, instead she became quiet. Quietly standing for a moment, she pursed her lips. She threw the translucent silkworm to Ye Junchi, and tiredly rubbed her forehead, “Do you know how people describe me in the Jiang family?”

That day, Ye Junchi didn’t miss out any gossips, his expression doesn’t change as he said, “Arrogant, willful, bossy and domineering.”

Jiang Miao Miao gave a cold laugh.

“If I don’t act like that, I’m afraid I would be married off to a random family as soon as they can. In the past, my father and mother were in love with each other, but my father is just a casual cultivator. His cultivation was quite high but he couldn’t go against a big shot like the Jiang family.

In the end, he married into the family, even my surname took after my mother’s family. Ever since my father entered the Jiang family, he has done so many things for the family. But when I was 4 years old, he suddenly died. My maternal uncle was the one who brought his body back.

He said they came across my father’s old archenemy outside and that person is very powerful. My father died when he was covering for my uncle. I am a bit mature for my age, I don’t believe that my father could be killed so easily. I sneaked away while everyone is not aware, and took a look at the injuries on my father’s body – it’s very obvious that he died from being stabbed from behind!”

The more she said, the darker her complexion gets. She was very different from her usual bright-like-flame look.

“I became even more determined with my idea. My father has always been cautious, he wouldn’t leave his back unguarded. The person who stabbed him to death from behind must be someone he trusted.”

Jiang Miao Miao slowly explained, “These few years I have been acting crazily, using the excuse of searching the cure for Sun Shiyu, and found a lot of my father’s old friends. They said although my father was a casual cultivators, he was a good man. Never to make enemies with other people … that moment, I began to suspect my uncle.”

She just did not expect that the person she has respected since young was truly a problematic person.

JiYuan was dumbstruck from listening the story.

Jiang Miao Miao truly is an extraordinary person….

Originally JiYuan thought she was a ‘Chuunibyou‘ love-minded maiden, then he found that she was actually clear-minded and sturdy. Right now, he found out that she is absolutely not stupid – other people thought that she was crazy about Sun Shiyu, that’s why she roamed the corners of the world to look for cure. No one could think that she would have other purposes.

JiYuan suddenly aware that Jiang Miao Miao actually do like Sun Shiyu in the past, but it was not in an overly level – all the things she has done, part of it was to find the truth of her father’s death while the other part was for self-preservation of her life.

Jiang Miao Miao is a very intelligent girl.

After Jiang Miao Miao finished her words, they were surrounded by silence for a long time. In the end, Ye Junchi was the one who broke the silence and asked, “The thing you wanted to tell me are these?”

“You can help me, and also help yourself.” Jiang Miao Miao’s eyes were flashing brightly. “The Immortal Swords assembly will be starting 3 days later. During the opening, uncle will be showing his golden silkworm for a moment. At that time, you will know.”

“Sounds easy.”

Ye Junchi lightly commented, but didn’t say anything else. Calmly nodded, he turned and took JiYuan with him back to the inn.

The feud between the Zhao and Jiang family, the silkworm maybe belonged to the Jiang family… the suspicions on that family was very high. Just that the party that was hidden in the dark definitely won’t be just him alone.

Recently the city was quite lively, the streets were still bustling with activities even though the autumn wind was blowing and the day was getting darker. Peddlers carrying their products in baskets shouted out in soft south accent.

On their way back, Ye Junchi bought a stick of ‘Tanghulu’ (candied fruit) for JiYuan.

[T/N : Here’s the WIKI for Tanghulu]

Eating tanghulu with both bulging cheek pouches in the public is obviously a serious OOC offence, so JiYuan solemnly took the candied fruit back to the inn.

Ye Junchi leisurely followed JiYuan from behind, he was looking forward to see JiYuan opening his bright red and moist lips, biting on the red hawthorns one by one. Then stuffed his little mouth full with the fruit, and his cheek pouches swelled up. It would be quite fun to poke at it …

After he finished eating the candy, his lips would be coated with sticky sugar. The youth should be using his ruby red tongue to slowly lick it off …

Just imagining it a bit, Ye Junchi already couldn’t take it. He followed JiYuan into his room while thinking if he could personally help JiYuan to lick off those sugar coating his lips.

JiYuan’s footsteps paused, his face was expressionless, “You have something with me?”

Ye Junchi nodded with a light smile.

Seeing him(YJC) with some inexplicable excitement in his eyes, JiYuan silently shuddered. It couldn’t be anything good. Deliberated for a while, he lightly said, “You can choose to stay in this room, or I leave the room.”

Ye Junchi showed a hurt expression on his face, he has yet to start sweet-talking himself into JiYuan’s room when a voice-message talisman suddenly flew in from the outside. His fun being interrupted, so Ye Junchi pinched the talisman with a bit of dissatisfaction. Then he paused, upon learning the content of the message, he frowned.

“What happened?”

Ye Junchi raised his head to look at him, “Something problematic seemed to happen at Jiang Miao Miao side – I will go and check it out. You stay inside the inn and bring Gui Chi with you, don’t go anywhere else.”

Nodding, JiYuan subconsciously asked, “Your pills?2”

“Still have some.” Ye Junchi couldn’t help but laughed, “Are you worried about me? Then, let me take a bite? It has been a long time since I last tasted you.”

His voice was low and soft, plus it was slightly hoarse. It sounded very ambiguous, causing the whole sentence to take a meaning from an entirely different direction.

JiYuan’s ears turned red from those words, he clenched his teeth and said, “Go out quickly and get back early, scram!”

As someone who never ill-treated himself, Ye Junchi dipped down to place a kiss on JiYuan’s lips. Then smiled and turned away, like a cat who just stole a fish.

JiYuan watched as his(YJC) slender and tall figure disappeared from his line of sight, his heart beats like a drum. JiYuan slowly lowered down his head, couldn’t stop his face from turning red, his heart from beating fast. It took a long while before he could calm down his chaotic heartbeat. Just as JiYuan wanted to take a bite from the tanghulu to calm down, he inadvertently raised his head –

Not sure when, there was an extra person beside him.

A chill rushed up from his sole of his feet to his heart. JiYuan’s scalp prickled and he shivered, nearly jumped up. System immediately consoled him, “He has a shadow, is human. Don’t be afraid.”

JiYuan tightened his spirit as usual, then turned towards the sudden intruder with preparation.

Admittedly if it was a ghost, it would be scary. But if it was a human, it would probably be worse – because sometimes human are even more terrible than ghosts; him being so scared of ghosts, was no thanks to his half-brothers and sisters. Moreover, this person quietly sneaked into the room, that won’t give any good feeling to JiYuan. ‘He who comes uninvited (secretly) is surely ill-intentioned’.

JiYuan maintained his calm on the surface, coldly asked, “Who are you? What do you want?”

That person looked left and right, seemed to be very interested of the things in the room. He then turned around, the gaze in his brown eyes was soft. He looked at JiYuan with full interest. His(JY) face was obviously an alert expression of a modest nobleman, and yet there was an unclear gloom abruptly appeared in the middle of his eyebrows.

JiYuan was getting WTF in his heart, “System, why didn’t you alert me of him?! If he is coming to kill me, I would have died a hundred times now!”

System : “WTF, I am shocked by him too, alright?! He suddenly appeared, I just found out too! Next time, I won’t accept assignments from these worlds with supernatural powers!”

JiYuan continued WTF-ing, “Next time please be more alert ah ah ah really scared me!”

“Baby, even if I alerted you, please don’t forget that you are a weak chicken. If you deserved to die, you will still die.”

JiYuan : “At least let me prepare myself mentally before dying ah.”

System : “…”

JiYuan actually recognized this person who suddenly appeared in front of him. That day when the younger generations of Zhao and Ji clashed in a conflict, he was watching by the side with cold eyes, the one ZhaoHe called as ‘Yun Cheng’.

There are a lot of people with the surname ‘Yun’, but to be able to be called as sworn brothers with ZhaoHe, afraid there was only the family from South Lake.

Such rotten luck, to get involved with the son of the Alliance’s leader.

A sheen of cold sweat covered JiYuan’s forehead.

Being swept left and right by Yun Cheng’s interested gaze, JiYuan almost lost his control and break into a run. Must not be impulsive… it would be better not to run. If he started running, Yun Cheng would definitely attack. But the odd thing was why would this person come and look for him? And how did he managed to find him(JY)? Is it possible that he(YC) found out both his and Ye Junchi’s identity?

Then again, a large portion of people in the world doesn’t recognize his face and Ye Junchi was wearing a mask. The ‘wanted notice’ that the cultivators have been shouting in a frenzy, has the line ‘one male and one female’ as one of the requirements, that alone was way off the truth.

Unless… Jiang Miao Miao betrayed them.

This thought caused JiYuan to feel absolutely horrified. Just now Ye Junchi was called out to the Jiang residence via voice message talisman, and now this Yun Cheng appeared in his room, that really let people’s imagination roam wild.

Yun Cheng leisurely stared at JiYuan for a long time, then with a seemingly gentle smile, “Little brother, are you here to join the Immortal Sword assembly?”

Not able to understand clearly what Yun Cheng actually wanted to do, JiYuan could only randomly nodded. He was still vigilantly staring at him(YC), praying for Ye Junchi to quickly come back.

Yun Cheng : “What a coincidence, same here. I’m a casual cultivator from Ping Guang, what about you?”

JiYuan looked at him coldly, not saying a word.

“Just now passing by this inn, I detected an auspicious aura1 flowing from it. Thinking that there is an elite or genius staying inside, I couldn’t help but went upstairs to check it out. It’s this one’s fault for being offensive.”

Yun Cheng spun nonsense without changing his expression, then sized up JiYuan in a glance, “This one couldn’t see how high or low level of your cultivation, it seems that the auspicious aura was emitted from this young brother’s body.”

JiYuan was indifferent, “…”

Hu hu, if he haven’t meet Yun Cheng before, and knew that he was talking nonsense starting from the part where he claimed as a casual cultivator, JiYuan would believe in his words. As for the depth of his(JY) cultivation, he(YC) could even see it (whether it’s high or low) even though JiYuan has none to start with. My dear friend, you are also a special person, one in a million. Your ability to make something out from nothing is very strong, incredible.

JiYuan suddenly suspected that Yun Cheng doesn’t know who he is actually, so he(JY) just have to pretend properly until Ye Junchi returns.

Yun Cheng’s gaze was odd, “Little brother should be a casual cultivator ba? Since both of us are the same, how about going together to the Immortal Sword assembly, at Jiang residence 3 days later ?”

Throwing a glance at him, JiYuan thought in his heart ‘Wait until Ye Junchi come back, then you’re doomed, still trying to dupe someone?’ but he still opened his mouth and lightly said, “Alright.”

Yun Cheng patted his shoulder. When he retrieved his hand, he looked a bit unconvinced and astounded. JiYuan looked at him quietly, knowing what he was thinking, he(JY) sneered in his heart; suddenly thinking that the pre-set gender as a lady with big ‘bird’ was not so annoying anymore. Yun Cheng should be suspecting him but after he came over to test him, and found out that he(JY) is truly a man, he begun to have some doubts. Outsiders knew the original body as a girl, with the exception of those few people who already knew, no one should be thinking to the direction of ‘male dressing as female’.

Secretly feeling relieved, JiYuan stood up to see the visitor out, but his leg accidentally knocked down Gui Chi which was reclining by the side of a stool. Gui Chi was quite substantial, and was casually wrapped with a strip of cloth. When it fell onto the ground, it issued a dull sound, and a portion of the black hilt was revealed. Yun Cheng turned towards the sound to see, and JiYuan’s heart nearly leaped into his throat. He quickly picked up the sword and opened the door, not turning back as he leave, and went into Ye Junchi’s room.

Yun Cheng who was watching JiYuan leaving, sneered. Just as he wanted to follow, his body violently trembled all of a sudden. His shaking hand supported his forehead, and his expression was at a loss. Those dark clouds gathering at the space between his eyebrows dissolved like water ripples. As if wiping some water mist off glazed tiles, the youth’s beautiful and clean face resurfaced bit by bit. His expression back to normal, Yun Cheng froze for a moment. Then, he seemed to aware of what happened just now, his expression changed tremendously. He furiously roared a sentence ‘Get out!’, his whole body was slightly trembling.

Separated by a room, JiYuan furrowed in to the quilt, even buried his head inside.

Living in the inn for a long period, the quilt was full of a light rosin fragrance from Ye Junchi’s body. At this moment, his(JY)body was shrouded within this smell. It felt like snuggled inside ‘someone’s arms’, giving him an unmeasurable amount of peace. His rapidly beating heart caused by Yun Cheng’s abrupt appearance gradually calmed down, JiYuan wiped away his cold sweats and asked, “System, what do Yun Cheng want to do?”

“I’m guessing he got the wind from somewhere which said that you are JiYuan. Although you are originally JiYuan, but he was not sure if you are JiYuan…”

“…break it off here, don’t say this one, say the bottom half.”

“Under the circumstance of uncertainty, Yun Cheng didn’t inform ZhaoHe about this but came to you alone. He was lucky to have avoided Ye Junchi. Then he found out that you ‘have a stick’ and hesitated. He will probably stay near you and observe for a few days.”

“Then, Ye Junchi?”

“Looks like he(YC) doesn’t know someone was here with you, to push people into the fire pit like this …”

System thought for a while and said, “Speaking of which, there is a casual cultivator previously who came to provoke you. He went missing by Ye Junchi? His sister almost cause trouble with you too, but was scared away by Ye Junchi… I guessed maybe those several casual cultivators saw that you looked similar to the painting of JiYuan. They are not sure but they wanted revenge, so they arranged for Ye Junchi to go away, then mentioned you in front of Yun Cheng.”

“… it seemed probable if you think hard about it.”

System proudly replied, “I know right.”

“Then, what is Yun Chen doing now?”

“He is …” System looked over for a bit, its voice was a bit weird, “Is he also a freak? You don’t go and provoke him … he is exerting his spiritual power to beat his own abdomen, seemed to want to spit out something, currently vomiting blood.”

JiYuan tried to imagine the scene, felt some vicious chill.

Listening to System analyzing the situation, JiYuan became slightly relaxed.

He wrapped himself with the quilt and leaned against the bed, idly chatting with System about everything that happened today. Not sure when, he started to doze off but all of a sudden, he was woken up by System, “It’s already in the middle of the night, Ye Junchi still haven’t come back!”

JiYuan woke up with a quiver.

The spot beside him on the bed was empty, and the moon has risen up to the middle of the sky. Could it be Ye Junchi encountered some troubles? With Ye Junchi’s level of cultivation, there shouldn’t be any trouble ah.

JiYuan was fairly calm earlier, but the more he thought about it, the more panicked he gets. Especially when he thought about the smile Ye Junchi showed him, after he kissed him. That panic abruptly turned into cold water, pouring all over him causing him to feel freezing inside out.

“System, Ye Junchi.. will he, will he … ”

Couldn’t be that Ye Junchi was found out when he went over to there, and gets surrounded by thousands of cultivators … in trouble? After all, ‘two fists couldn’t win against four hands’. Even if he has the ability to pierce the sky, facing so many cultivators at once, there could be only one possibility…

His throat became dry, JiYuan couldn’t bring himself to say that word.

“Relax, Ye Junchi won’t be so easily get knocked down. Maybe he just got delayed by someone.”

System comforted with a sentence, then pondered for a moment, “You should be careful, Yun Cheng’s movements are kinda weird. I’m afraid he would harm you.”

Not having Ye Junchi beside … was really inconvenient.

JiYuan shivered. Under the moonlight, he gathered his courage and went down from the bed. He went to the table to light up the oil lamp and saw the tanghulu at the side of the table. JiYuan hesitated for a moment, but didn’t eat the candy. The weather was cold anyway, so it won’t melt that easily in a short while. Just wait until Ye Junchi come back… then decide ba (what to do with it).

With the lights from the oil lamp to accompany him, JiYuan buried himself back into the quilt. He stared at the flickering light, was at a loss for a while. Feeling low, “System …”

“Hmm? What is it? Are you afraid? Do you want me to tell you some stories?”

“It’s nothing …”

JiYuan tightened his hold on the quilt, only exposing a pair of light-colored eyes. His eyes reflecting the light on the table, looking like there were flames in his eyes. System patiently waited for him to open up slowly.

Everyone have their own old story, that they have been reluctant to tell other people. Then when they wanted to say it out, they couldn’t find the words to speak at that moment. JiYuan thought for a long time, then slowly opened his mouth.

“It was just like now when I was young. My mother didn’t give birth smoothly to me so she treated me very coldly. She is a strong woman, and was disappointed with my loose father so they got divorced. She didn’t take me with her – I have a miserable time from the start, always sitting along in the room. When I couldn’t sleep and doesn’t want to turn on the lights, I would lit a candle. Then I would cover myself with the quilt and stared at the candle slowly burning. When the candle burned until it left only the bottom wax, I would be able to fall asleep.”

Countless lonely nights, he could only watch silently as the candle slowly burned.

Like the candle, he burned away the excess of his mental power and energy, and when it melted to the end he was left with a condensate loneliness.

System was a bit stunned, it wanted to say something but doesn’t know what to say.

Artificial intelligence could mimic human feelings, but it couldn’t understand.

It only knows JiYuan at this moment should be feeling bad, it would be fine if someone could accompany him, and Ye Junchi would be the best choice.

“… later, someone came to accompany me. That was my half-younger brother, just that I didn’t believe in him.”

JiYuan paused, his tone was calm and gentle.

“Actually, I couldn’t quite remember his face anymore, but I still remember he was a very sunny child… System, you are right. I just wanted to return to my own world, and continue acting like a ‘sick cat’2. When the opportunity comes, I will seize the neck of those heartless people, and die together with them.”

After he finished his words, his expression has become colder and even looked a bit numb.

For the first time, System doesn’t know what to say.

JiYuan doesn’t need System to say anything either. After staring at the lamp light for a moment, he rubbed his forehead and sighed. He breathed in the fragrance that calmed his heart, and fell asleep.


The situation is a bit grim.

There was no news from Ye Junchi after he left, he still didn’t come back after a whole night. JiYuan was restless, especially when that Yun Cheng with some weird behaviors tried to get him in a conversation.

After a session of heartfelt talk, JiYuan resumed his lively self. He watched with a cold face as Yun Cheng leave the room after finished talking all by himself (because JY didn’t reply). He quickly shut the door and leaped back onto the bed. Once he hit the bed, he hugged Ye Junchi’s quilt and tearfully called out, “Big bro, ah, big bro.”

System : “Do you know you looked very similar to ‘Amah Rock’?” [WIKI]

JiYuan thought for a while, then changed his tone to a melancholic one, “Big bro ah…”

“Stop howling already, you sounded like a young wife guarding an empty chamber. Nothing will happen to your big bro, relax.”

JiYuan replied with grief, “He won’t, but I will ah!”

“…” Can’t refute that.

Three days passed by in a flash as JiYuan and System were ‘deeply worried and sick at heart’ for Ye Junchi and he was still not back. The Immortal Sword assembly has officially started.

Yun Cheng smilingly looked for JiYuan to attend the assembly together, but JiYuan declined a few times. Seeing him so firm with his invitation, he(JY) afraid if he still refuse the invite, he would be directly grabbed and sent to the venue instead.

JiYuan was feeling helpless, he afraid that Ye Junchi would come back after he went out to the assembly. He could only secretly leave a letter, putting it under the tanghulu. Then, taking Gui Chi and that dagger with him, he went with Yun Cheng to the assembly.

The main road was quite crowded. Being pushed here and there by the crowd, JiYuan missed the Demon lord Daren1 even more and more –

That someone surnamed Ye has tall and slender stature, so it was extremely easy to shield him(JY) from the crowd. Unlike now, his feet has being stepped onto a few times, not sure whose poisonous feet was that.

Just as he was being pushed until feeling dizzy and confused, Yun Cheng who was beside him raised an eyebrow. Seemed to be unable to watch anymore, he stretched out his hand to pull JiYuan into his arms, shielding him. With a faint smile, he said, “Little brother is really strange, would rather carry your sword than getting on it to sword flight.”

If he could do that, would he still be here?! (JiYuan sarcastic retort)

In his heart, JiYuan secretly roasted Yun Cheng for a while, his mind and body were rejecting Yun Cheng’s embrace. Quietly pushing him away, his face was still calm without waves, and he pursed his lips, not speaking.

Yun Cheng also doesn’t mind, he sighed like he was a bit sad, “Little brother is really cold. The total of words you have spoken to me in these few days was not more than ten words. The longest sentence was when we first met and you asked me who I am.”

JiYuan indifferently uttered an ‘Oh’. Maybe because of his cold attitude towards Yun Cheng (he is 80% sure), Yun Cheng no longer try to speak with him.

The Immortal Swords assembly was not far from the Jiang residence. On that many times enlarged practice field which boasted an extremely large area, a rough glance could see that accommodating ten thousands of people was not an impossible task.

The venue of the assembly looked like a stadium that JiYuan has seen before. In the middle of the venue was a lot of raised platforms, and the surrounding area was stone steps for Spectators to sit down and watch.2

JiYuan himself doesn’t have any cultivation, and he was used to the sight of Ye Junchi’s power. He has no interest in the fighting stances of these cultivators, so he glanced over once and stopped looking at them.

In order to regulate the level of the participants, the casual cultivators won’t be going against the cultivators from prestigious families and clans right from the start. The venue was separated to two parts (lower levels fight first), and the rules of the competition were also simpler and crude. A person would go up the stage, and as long as he/she could win over 10 challengers, he/she would be eligible to participate in the main event.

There were a lot of cultivators who came to the venue, but most of them came to watch the fun. Yun Cheng brought JiYuan to squeeze through the throng of people to the casual cultivators’ part (the lower level stage area), and sat down at the most front line of seats. He(YC) supported his chin with his hand and looked at the casual cultivators fighting with flashy ‘ping ping pang pang’ (sound effect) on the stage. A flash of undetected contempt flitted across his eyes.

“Little brother, when will you be prepared to go up there?”

Pausing, JiYuan turned sideways to glance at Yun Cheng. There were ‘no ripples or waves’ (no emotion) in his light-colored eyes, just like a mirror. Yun Cheng was a bit stunned by his gaze, he felt like he could see his own shadow from that pair of translucent, light-colored eyes. For a moment, he doesn’t know how to start the conversation again.

Seeing that Yun Cheng stopped trying to stir things up, JiYuan turned back to the front. He carefully clutched to Gui Chi, silently praying for Ye Junchi to return to the inn as soon as possible, then come here quickly after reading the note he left on the table.

On the stages, casual cultivators were fighting intensely with various fighting methods. They probably used to fight in the wild so they started the battles with heavy hits. Very quickly, blood started to appear. JiYuan only gave the stages a few glances before shifting away his line of sight.

System gave a ‘tsk’ and asked, “That terrified?”

“… I am a gentleman, not used to killing scenes.”

System uttered a ‘qi’. [T/N : A softer version of Tsk 😛 ]

Yun Cheng was just sitting normally for a while, then his body shook. He pressed at his forehead and lowered his head, his forehead was wet with cold sweat. If someone paid attention, they would certainly find a wisp of black cloud over his face. Yun Cheng clenched his jaw, his expression was quite ferocious. His face showing a painful struggling expression for a long while, then Yun Cheng gradually calmed down. His brown eyes looked empty for a second, before his normal look was restored.

Slowly leaning towards JiYuan, his tone carried a smile, “Who are you waiting for? The person who was with you?”

JiYuan’s pupil shrank.

“Don’t wait anymore, he is dead.” Yun Cheng gently laughed, an undisguised malice was shown on his face, “Killed by Jiang Miao Miao -”

A struck of lighting thundered inside JiYuan’s mind. He abruptly stood up and stared at Yun Cheng in surprise, the hand shrunk inside his sleeves couldn’t stop trembling. Although Yun Cheng looked a little bit strange, he looked quite modest overall. Using such strange tone to speak suddenly, is he exposing his true face, or … what?

He(JY) moved his lips to speak but his legs suddenly felt like being controlled, abruptly walked himself up to a fighting stage. JiYuan was feeling a bit blurred, he turned around to look at Yun Cheng and saw him clasping his fist; his eyebrows were thick with gloom, the smile on his lips seemed mocking. In a flash, he has uncontrollably stood on a stage. The moment he reached the stage, a cultivator was already stabbing a sword towards JiYuan. The cultivator was shrouded in black robe, but it can be vaguely seen that she is a slender woman.

JiYuan did not pay attention to what was happening around him, he just absentmindedly asked System, “System, Yun Cheng said Ye Junchi has … died?”

System unhesitatingly replied, “Nonsense! Don’t trust him, trust your man.”

“I trust your mother … ah!”

Just as the sword came very close to his face, JiYuan immediately came back to reality. Knowing that he himself is a weak chicken, and that anyone also could casually poke him to death, JiYuan tried to dodge the tip of the sword when he heard a ‘Dang!’ sound. Gui Chi which was wrapped very tightly with a cloth flew out from his back, steadily blocked the sword.

System was relieved, “Towards you, Big bro really took a lot of trouble. Giving you his own sword, and let such a spiritual sword to protect you. Are you really not considering marriage? If you get married (to YJC), I could get some bonus, it’s the best of three worlds ah…”

When her stab was blocked, the cultivator thrust another stab, each moves were ruthless with killing intent. JiYuan practiced ‘Sanda’ before, so his moves at lowering down his chest, dodging then stood up were quite agile. But his hand that was holding Gui Chi, uncontrollably lifted up and slashed down.

[T/N : Wiki HERE]

He spat out, “pei Marry your grandfather! If you want a marriage, then you marry. After I left this world, you can take this body and play all you want yourself.”

“The thing the other person liked was not your body, what’s the use of your empty shell?”

“…. Ha?” JiYuan’s footsteps paused, “What did you said? Like? Ye Junchi liked me? Ha ha ha ha ha System I am fighting now don’t crack a joke with me now.”

System : “You are having a guilty conscience now.”

JiYuan silently ignored its words. The casual cultivator on the other hand became more agitated when none of her attacks actually hit him. Her attacks became increasingly ruthless, though her stances turned a bit chaotic. They ran a few rounds on the stage, the spectators keep boo-ing and jeering. Taking advantage of an opening from the stance, Gui Chi controlled JiYuan’s attack and ruthless struck out. Looking from the posture, it was aiming to kill.

Surprised, JiYuan used his whole body strength to pull back the uncontrollable sword. Gui Chi was like a willful child, after getting into a stalemate with JiYuan for a short moment, it aggrievedly gave way. But at the same time, JiYuan was pulling backwards with force so he caught unprepared and heavily fell down onto the ground. The pain was so intense, he sucked in a cold breath …

The casual cultivator who just got back her life didn’t stop attacking, but immediately uttered a ‘Ha!’ sound, and stabbed towards the JiYuan who was lying on the ground without any defense. JiYuan didn’t expect that this Miss would be returning good will with hatred, he gently hissed, then subconsciously raised Gui Chi to block the attack. Then ‘RIIIIP’, a sound of cloth tearing could be heard –

The cloth used to wrap all over Gui Chi was ripped.

Gui Chi’s name stayed in the Top 10 Magic Weapon chart in the cultivation world. Even though most people never seen the real thing before, it was quite possible that half of the people in the assembly today who could recognize it in one glance.

JiYuan’s heart thumped, he immediately retrieved the sword back into his arms, rolling to a side in a sorry manner. The sword stabbed deep into the stage’s stone floor. If not for Gui Chi first blocked a portion of the attack, this sword would fiercely pierce through JiYuan’s body. JiYuan couldn’t help frowning, “This Miss, do you have any grudges with me?”

The casual cultivator slowly pulled out her sword from the ground. With a sneer, she flipped open the hood of her black robe, revealing a face that still could be considered beautiful and cute.

… a bit familiar.

Then, it means this is really a enemy?! From the Ji family?

JiYuan was still stupidly stunned, when he heard System’s voice, “Indeed, it’s those few casual cultivators from last time! This is some ‘good’ they have done. This little girl was directing her attack on your sword just now. It seems that she wanted to see the appearance of your sword underneath the layer of cloth. The motive has been identified.”

As soon as System mentioned it, JiYuan started to recall. This person in front seemed to be sister of the dude who Ye Junchi has gotten rid of… no wonder, each attack was fiercely and fatal. JiYuan was a bit helpless, he doesn’t wanted to hit a woman, plus a common mortal like him couldn’t really go against a cultivator.

The cloth covering Gui Chi was torn almost to shreds. Later when the girl attack again, and the cloth flies away, the thousands of cultivators present in the assembly would find out that he is holding the demon lord’s sword…

That would be a big news.

When JiYuan thought of the consequences of exposing Gui Chi, he shivered. Tightly clinging to Gui Chi, he said in a low voice, “I admit defeat.”

According to the rules of the assembly, if one side admitted defeat, the other side will not be able to attack again. JiYuan nodded to the girl who was looking ashen. Even though his hair and robe was in a sorry mess, his temperament was cold and quiet as usual. Just when JiYuan almost walked to the side of the stone stage, a hint of confusion flashed through the woman’s eyes. She called out in a high-pitched voice, “You….”

JiYuan turned back to look at her quietly.

The woman blankly looked at JiYuan for a moment, then her expression sharpened. She screamed shrilly, “Slut! Return my big brother’s life!”

As soon as she finished her words, she struck out with any further talking towards the unprepared JiYuan. The moment this sword struck its mark, JiYuan would be pierced and immediately take his last breath.

System sighed, “Don’t be sad, I still remember the reincarnation chants. The first verse is ná mó ē mí duō pó yè, dǎ tā jiā duō yè, dǎ dì yè tā, ē mí lì dū pó pí…” [CN WIKI]

JiYuan heard it until he get a headache, “Shut the fxck up!”

System : “… why didn’t you ask if you should say it?”

JiYuan coldly replied, “Because I need to say it.”

[T/N : For those who don’t understand or couldn’t remember, whenever JiYuan wanted to say the F-word, he usually say ‘I have an F-word not sure if I should say it’ :v But JiYuan really wanted to say the F-word this time XD]

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, JiYuan only have time to converse a few seconds with System. The sword’s killing intent was really forceful, so except from tightly clinging to Gui Chi, he couldn’t even move his footsteps. JiYuan unconsciously opened his eyes widely.

He doesn’t want to die.

His body was trembling a bit. In his eyes, the incoming sword was enlarged numerous times, it felt like an overwhelming sword covering the skies. In trance, JiYuan seemed to notice that the hilt of this high quality sword, there was a small cloud pattern. The next moment, it was all darkness in front of his eyes.

JiYuan’s voice was shaking, “System, why can’t I feel any pain? Am I dead?”

System went silent for a moment, then said, “Didn’t die, what a pity. You only see a piece of darkness, right? That is because someone covered your eyes…”

In the midst of the sudden fear, his 5 senses went on strike but now that they have returned, JiYuan took a deep breath and realized that his eyes were covered by a warm palm. When the sense of sight was blocked, the sense of smell would became much more sensitive. His nose unconsciously twitched, he smell a hint of light and nice smell of rosin. JiYuan paused, he tugged away the hand covering his eyes. That hand was quite accommodating, it left his eyes and turned to clasp at his waist instead.

He(JY) doesn’t care about that and looked up. Then he found out that the man behind him has only lifted a long, slender finger. The finger pointed emptily in the air, suspending that sword which was condensated with spiritual power in mid-air.

A lock of long and soft black hairs hung softly from the man’s head over JiYuan’s face and neck. The itch could be felt deep in his heart. They were standing too close, so much that JiYuan felt like he could hear the sound of that strong heartbeat of that man. JiYuan stood blankly, his lips unconsciously trembled. His nose felt acidic and tingly, the rim of his eyes abruptly reddened.

The man behind him coldly humphed. His finger pointed again and brought the sword down and crushing it on the ground. It scared the female cultivator to turn pale white. The man slowly opened his mouth, in that magnetic elegant voice which usually calm and carrying smiles in it, there was a thread of thick killing intent, “You dared to touch him?”\

Chapter 27

Although JiYuan couldn’t see Ye Junchi’s expression, he could deduced from the look of the female cultivator on the other side that the killing intent in Ye Junchi’s tone was true.

He has no doubt that Ye Junchi would kill her at the next moment.

The female cultivator was looking very pale in her face. Her body stiffly rooted on the ground where she stood, seemed to be unable to lift up even her fingers, her eyes reflecting the terror deep in her soul. Women’s intuition has always been exceptionally accurate, she was aware that this masked man who suddenly appeared could take her life with just a wave of his finger.

Ye Junchi’s gaze was frosty, he retrieved his slender finger and slowly caressed JiYuan’s cheek which was injured with small cuts. He asked in a waveless voice, “Does it hurt?”

His heartbeat was beating quickly due to his whole body being shrouded inside the familiar light rosin smell, JiYuan was speechless from the stress and tension. He shook his head, and paused for a while. Then, blankly replied in a hoarse voice, “Doesn’t hurt.”

There was no expression on Ye Junchi’s face when he said, “But I’m hurt.”

As soon as Ye Junchi finished his words, a fragment from the broken sword flew up from the ground and zoomed towards the female cultivator in a speed of light. She stared with wide eyes, her mouth opened not sure to call for help or curse and scold. Immediately, two red lines appeared on her white cheeks. The red lines spread out, like two blood centipedes suddenly exploded on her face. Her unsaid words turned into a shrill scream, the sharp voice piercing the spectators’ eardrums, so painful it hurts. The spectators who were watching the fun shivered at the same time, they felt a chill rushing down their back.

JiYuan frowned, then his eyes were covered again.

“If you are scared, then close your eyes.”

Ye Junchi’s voice turned soft and gentle.

Looking at the darkness in front of his eyes, JiYuan blinked a few times. His long lashes swept up and down at Ye Junchi’s palm. Ye Junchi couldn’t help but pinched his waist, and whispered in a low voice, “Stop making trouble, I’m taking revenge on your behalf.”

JiYuan swallowed, “Wait, don’t kill her.”

Ye Junchi : “The idiom ‘to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex’ is not meant for woman like her.”

Pulling away his hand, JiYuan looked at the woman who was screaming painfully but couldn’t move her own body. In his heart, he was feeling calm, not the slightest mercy appeared. He is not some ‘silly white sweety’ (naive people), and he is not a Father (priest) either. How could he be merciful to people who single-mindedly wanted to kill him? There was too many people around, JiYuan hesitated for a moment before reaching out to pull at Ye Junchi’s collar. Ye Junchi followed the gesture and bowed down, reaching down to place a kiss on JiYuan’s head along the way. His gaze was unpredictable, “Told you not to run around, what are you doing here?”

“I was wrong.”

JiYuan quickly admitted his wrong, then went to whisper quickly what he guessed of the current situation at Ye Junchi’s ear. Yun Cheng suddenly coming to the inn to look for him, it should be the work of those casual cultivators. Then he(YC) still haven’t make sure if he is really JiYuan before pulling him to the assembly and pushing him into the fire pit the next. Plus the challenger onstage was actually that female cultivator –

Yun Cheng’s attitude was also weird, there must be something wrong with him. This female cultivator might have some link to him(YC), so she is a bit useful. It would be better to let her keep her life a bit longer. Moreover, killing someone in front of so many people would inevitably get themselves marked. What both of them needed right now was not high- profile actions but low-key identities.

Actually before JiYuan started speaking, Ye Junchi has erected a voice barrier around them but seeing the youth who rarely take any initiative coming over to him, his heart was moved so he decided not to tell him about the barrier. The youth had gotten a bit too close to him so his soft and warm lips accidentally touch his(YJC) ear. His warm breaths lingered around his(YJC) ear’s auricle, unlike the person himself(JY) who looked cold and icy.

Ye Junchi felt like a lot of ants were crawling in his heart, the tiny itchiness spreading out all over his heart. His hand unconsciously stroke JiYuan’s thin waist. He only came back to his senses after JiYuan finished talking. Nodding his head, he whispered, “I also gotten some information… Ah Yuan, don’t ask first and listen to me. We need to get to the top 10 rank in the assembly.”

Stunned, JiYuan obediently behaved and didn’t ask anything but just said,
“Then, you go ahead. Don’t be so heavy with your attack.”

Ye Junchi exposed a smiling-but-not-smiling expression, “Who said I’m going to do it? It’s you.”

JiYuan : “…” System, Big bro’s brain has gone bad. Ye Junchi : “You will win.”
JiYuan : “…” Fxck. Ye Junchi was staring at JiYuan’s face for any changes of expression, and discovered some vivid changes. He almost laugh out loud, and yet his(YJC) expression was becoming even more serious, “I cannot use my skills, it would be easily found out that it is demonic skills. Rest assured, Gui Chi will support you with its power.”

As soon as he finished his words, Ye Junchi reached out to hold JiYuan’s hand which was holding Gui Chi. JiYuan looked down out of reflex, and saw that Gui Chi has changed appearance in the blink of an eye. Big bro already done with the preparations, JiYuan could only helplessly nod his head. Their conversation ended so Ye Junchi removed the sound barrier. He tilted his head towards the judge who has been watching the commotion by the side, his straight lips slightly bent, “Ge-xia (Sire)1, so who won just now?”

Being smiled at by Ye Junchi, the judge felt a sudden burst of coldness. In his heart, he was whining ‘Is you ah’ but seeing him(YJC) ‘intentionally or otherwise’ looking at the youth in his arms, the judge quickly pointed at JiYuan and said, “Him! He won!”

The moment these two people met, they intimately talked and embraced each other. One glance at the taller one will know that he was not someone to mess with. In the Immortal Sword assemblies, the casual cultivators were always not taken seriously so things like violating the rule happened all the time. The Alliance as the host also ‘close one eye’, and the judge doesn’t want to offend someone with higher cultivation for no reason.

Ye Junchi nodded with satisfaction, he rubbed JiYuan’s hair with a smile in his eyes, “Counting on you then, Ah Yuan.”

Bitterly being forced, JiYuan went to System and complained, “System, Big bro pushed me into a pit.”

“This is Big bro’s love towards you.” “I don’t want.”
System coldly said, “Did anyone asked if you want it or not?” JiYuan decided to ignore System this ‘unscrupulous accomplice’ of Ye Junchi. He turned his gaze to the spectator area, Yun Cheng was indeed gone. The female cultivator has fainted from the pain and was carried down by other people. The stone stage was cold and desolate, there was only JiYuan standing muddle-headedly on it. Waiting for some time, still no one went up to challenge JiYuan. He awkwardly glance at the spectators and happened to meet Ye Junchi’s eyes. He(YJC) was under the stone stage, reclining by a tree while watching him. He(JY) could vaguely see that under the mask, in Ye Junchi’s eyes was calm and indulging, seemed gentle.

Darned heartbeat! It started to accelerate again. JiYuan immediately retrieved his gaze and turned his body away. He took a deep breath, but still keep feeling embarrassed. Fortunately, someone finally jumped onto the stage this time. He carefully looked at Ye Junchi who was at the spectator area, then said in a loud voice, “This Brother(polite form), this one won’t hurt this person from your family. Please be magnanimous and not get involved, so not to break the rules.”

Ye Junchi indifferently nodded.

Just now when JiYuan was being chased all over the stage by that mediocre female cultivator, anyone with eyes also could see what happened. So one would naturally think as long as the masked man down the stage doesn’t get involved, the JiYuan on the stage would be an easy picking.

JiYuan felt kind of nervous, it was not because of the cultivator in front of him who just pulled out a sword, but because of the hot, unbridled gaze from behind him. That gaze surrounded him, not allowing him to flee.

System gave a ‘tsk’ and said, “Man, you have succeeded in capturing my attention.”

JiYuan : “…”

System continued, “Man, you cannot escape.”

JiYuan : “…” “Man, you…” “Shut up!”2
Gui Chi seemed to sense JiYuan’s little fury, it controlled JiYuan’s hand which was holding the hilt and ruthlessly beat up that ‘eager to challenge’ cultivator. That morning, JiYuan won 10 matches as expected, and received a jade token which enables him to formally participate in the Immortal Swords assembly. He casually created a name to fill into the list, then followed Ye Junchi to return to the inn. The assembly will officially began tomorrow, JiYuan blindly followed behind Ye Junchi while playing with the jade token, keep feeling that Ye Junchi was a bit strange for rushing over to make him fill in the pseudonym ‘Ye ShangYuan’3.

System emitted strange ‘Hurhurhur’ laughter.

JiYuan felt that System has completely broken. The once icy cold System, seemed to have been infected with virus, now running full speed towards the OOC highway.

It rained during the afternoon, and the sky was gray from the drizzle. With the cold winds and rain sweeping past, no much people can be seen on the street; most of them has went back to their house for shelter.

JiYuan was a man after all, fighting with other people using real weapons could still provoke a bit of blood lust in him. His mood was soaring, but when this excitement almost reached his mouth (to shout out in joy or something), it was pressed down by one cold ‘OOC’ word by System. He was feeling at loss here and there. Restraining his excitement, he thought for a moment and whispered to Ye Junchi, “How’s Jiang Miao Miao? Where did you go these 3 days?”

Ye Junchi didn’t even raise his eyes, just reaching out and knocked on top of JiYuan’s head.

“Little thing with no conscience, the first question from your mouth is actually for someone else.” Pausing, he said, “That day after Jiang Miao Miao finished talking with us, she found out that she was being followed. The person who was following her is also smart, knowing that he himself has been found out, he immediately wanted to kill her to erase proof. The weird thing is that night the night guards didn’t went to her side. She doesn’t want to cause trouble for her mother, so she send message to me asking for help as she leads that person away.”

JiYuan’s heart coldly thumped.

To be able to act without restraint in the Jiang residence, not much people could do it. JiYuan could almost instantly determine who was that person.

“When I went there to save her, we encountered some problem and accidentally fell into a secret entrance in the Jiang residence.” Ye Junchi paused a bit, then continued, “It was a bit tricky inside the secret passage, and it was not good for me to break open the entrance flashily. But then, we found out that this secret passage covered the whole underground area of the Jiang residence. Connecting to everywhere, Jiang Miao Miao and I happened to hear something interesting by chance.”

It was obvious that Ye Junchi doesn’t intend to tell him what he heard, so JiYuan nodded and didn’t ask any further; he(JY) has always been tactful. And the problem that Ye Junchi encountered when he went to save Jiang Miao Miao….. he(JY) doesn’t have to guess as it definitely must be his blood rioting inside him. Plus within the half-a-cup-of-tea period after he ate the pills, they must have not met any good things.

Finished telling his side of experiences for these few days, Ye Junchi threw a glance at JiYuan, “Explain to me, who is this Yun Cheng you told me about? Where did this ‘little white face’ (pretty boy) came from?”

“… we have seen him before.”

JiYuan felt like Ye Junchi was acting like an aggrieved husband who is suspecting his wife to have an extramarital affair. He secretly pinched himself, destroying this strange idea which came out from nowhere. Then, he roughly explained who Yun Cheng was to Ye Junchi. Ye Junchi thoughtfully nodded.

After they returned back to the inn, JiYuan pushed open the door wanting to go into his own room. Suddenly, he thought of something and turned around to see Ye Junchi still standing behind him. He touched the small cuts on his own face, then asked with doubt, “Are you hurt?”
Ye Junchi was surprised, he couldn’t help laughing out, “How could I?” “Then where did you said you’re hurt (earlier)?” JiYuan’s face was
expressionless, egg pain? (Egg = Balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Get it?)
Ye Junchi’s gaze fell onto JiYuan’s face. That white jade-like face has a few cuts, it was scratched by the energy of the spiritual sword when JiYuan was struggling with the female cultivator. His eyes were deep, Ye Junchi bowed down his head and pulled away JiYuan’s hand, seriously and carefully kissed those small wounds.
JiYuan’s scalp felt prickly, seemed like all the blood in his body rushed to his face. He almost bit his own tongue, “What are you doing?!”

Pursing his lips, Ye Junchi took his(JY) hand and pressed it against his own chest, his voice was deep, “My heart hurts.”

The author has something to say: YJC : Heart feeling painful on behalf of wifey, kiss kiss hug hug hold high high. JY : … freak, go away. System quietly passed by : Ye Shangyuan.


[Translator : I was so used to System being inside the story that I felt funny (like ‘Yeah hor’) whenever I remember that Ye Junchi sees JiYuan as one person. Like how pitiful he must have looked like when he got dragged away by Yun Cheng and battle on the stage ALONE, but we see JiYuan as he is accompanied by System :0 ]

Chapter 28

BA BA BA BA! (0w0)/ Many thanks to Joanne (brought forward), Izzy and Maria (w)/ Appreciate your kind treat~~ I hope you will enjoy this chapter ~

[Translator @19/08/17 : Well, I must say online dramas are better than TV drama. Who need TV anyway? ^^;; I thought we bunch of fujoshis and fudanshis are better people :0 Long story short, if anyone ‘suddenly’ posted the latest chapter of this novel (just an example, didn’t happen to me) saying that he/she is a fan and decided to give y’all a new POV (and compete with my likes and comments), I’m gonna kick him/her down the stairs. :v 
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JiYuan : “…” Why did he felt like he was being teased?

This thought went a lap in his gradually feverish mind, until it heated up. JiYuan has always been fast to either accept/reject something, so he immediately kicked this idea out of his mind. Remained calm and collected, he pulled back his hand but when he couldn’t, he only looked at Ye Junchi and said, “Demon lord should be tired ba, should go and rest.” Not expecting to receive this reaction, Ye Junchi became silent for a moment, then said, “Are you avoiding me?”

His palm was being forcefully pushed against that person’s chest. He seemed to be able to feel the slightly rapid heartbeat of the person in front of him.

JiYuan lightly said, “Demon lord treated me very well, why would I avoid?”

Ye Junchi frowned, “You are trying to avoid me, why?”

This development is a bit not right ah…

JiYuan secretly swallowed his saliva, using his almost zero relationship experience, he speedily thought of what to do so not to offend the Big bro and tactfully avoid to answer. It should be because he was in female clothing before this, it can be understandable that Big bro has an error of judgment. He was still deep in thoughts, Ye Junchi’s gaze keep flickering at him for a while, before walking forward and pulled him into his arms.

Touching the real thing and smelling the pure and serene fragrance, Ye Junchi couldn’t help but rested his chin on top of JiYuan’s soft hair. He was surprised to find his dead still heart (not literally) fluctuates even more. The worries that had been floating in his heart these 3 days slowly disappeared.

“You had me worried to death for you.”

Ye Junchi finished his words in low voice, thinking about JiYuan’s attitude in indifferently trying to escape, he felt a bit funny and a bit good mood. Ruthlessly taking a bite at JiYuan’s earlobe, his voice sounded hoarse, “Really unable to tell good from bad.”

This inn has always been very cold and desolate, JiYuan and Ye Junchi were the only long-staying guests on the second floor. At this time, the originally gloomy weather has turned dark, all four corners of the surrounding fell into darkness. The surrounding was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. JiYuan closed his eyes, and could clearly hear Ye Junchi’s light and shallow breathing.

The scene was too easy to be seen as ambiguous. System : “The thunder from the sky cause a fire.” JiYuan : “The pagoda subduing System.”
System : “…”

[T/N : Alright, time for a random internet slang lesson. The original
sentence is this 天雷勾地⽕, – The thunder from the sky
cause a fire, the pagoda subduing river demon. The author just has to make me research this sigh Just a disclaimer, I might not get it correct but let us just ignore that ya. The first part of the phrase is rumored to be talking about the relationship between male and female or even homo. The desire between two people is too intense that it burst into fire of passion. The second part of the phrase is rumored to be talking about ‘organs’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ °) . Like ‘pagoda’ equal to men’s part ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) a while river demon supposed to be the female V-part. So pagoda subdue demon river
… need I say more? Anyway, JiYuan changed the keyword from river demon to System just to shut it up. Just like someone laughed at you with ‘curiosity killed the cat’, you can retort with ‘but satisfaction brought it back’ :v Sorry, explanation too long ? Now go up and re-read it .]

Swiftly dealt with System but he couldn’t deal with Ye Junchi. JiYuan felt a bit headache, he doesn’t know how to push Ye Junchi away. After thinking for some time, he tried his hardest to maintain a cold tone, “Many thanks for the demon lord’s concern. Can you tell me why we need to participate in the Immortal Swords assembly?”

Quickly changing the topic is always the right thing to do, JiYuan secretly praised himself for his wittiness.

System laughed with a ‘he he’ sound. Ye Junchi was helpless, he could only let him go. Walking into the room, he snapped his finger and the candle was lit. Minding his own business, Ye Junchi sat by the table and self-served himself a cup of cold tea, drinking it to calm down.

JiYuan dragged himself slowly to the table and sat down. He vigilantly stared at Ye Junchi, to prevent him from suddenly taking any actions.

Ye Junchi finished half of his tea, some of his irritation has calmed down. Taking off that funny and naive rabbit mask, his peach blossom eyes squinted. Under the candlelight, those black eyes looked like a type of precious gem. He revealed a smiling-but-not-smiling expression and said, “I told you before, don’t stare so intently at me. I won’t be able to restrain myself.”

“…” Goddamned pervert.

JiYuan went to complain with System out of habit, but didn’t expect System to coldly laughed and said, “The earlier he tops you, the better.” [T/N : Yes]

Goddamned bad System.

The JiYuan who suddenly lost System and Big bro (‘s sanity :v) helplessly slumped on the table. He turned around to see the tanghulu which has been abandoned for a few days and couldn’t be eaten anymore. Reaching out, he quickly took the tanghulu and prepared to throw it away somewhere but his hand was abruptly pressed down.

The gaze in Ye Junchi’s eyes was a bit complicated, “Don’t eat, just throw it away ba.”

JiYuan : “Oh.”

Ye Junchi : “Be obedient, that cannot be eaten anymore.”

JiYuan was flabbergasted, “… I’m not eating.” Really. The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up, “I’ll buy another one for you tomorrow.”

Pausing for a bit, he went to pinch JiYuan’s long and slender fingers, proceeding to play with it. He squinted, his mood was quite good and his tone became lighter

“You need to know, the Zhao family is very close with the Yun family. Zhao Buchen even married off his own sister to Yun Wuxiu. Yun Cheng is Zhao Buchen’s nephew.”

JiYuan was attracted by the content of Ye Junchi’s words so he was not concerned about his fingers being kneaded at the moment. He pondered for a while, “The relationship between the Zhao and Jiang family is not good. Although the Yun family is not in a good relationship with the Jiang family due to their ties with the Zhaos, but it wouldn’t be bad enough to call them arch enemies. What do you want to say?”

“Something unexpected.”

As Ye Junchi said that, he became bolder and kissed JiYuan’s slender fingers in his hand. The youth immediately pulled back his own hand like he was electrocuted. Shyness and anger rose in the pair of light-colored eyes, even his ears were turning red.

He(JY) looked like an angered rabbit, making Ye Junchi silently feeling happy in his heart but he looked seriously on the outside, “Arguably, the Jiang and the Zhao is like fire and water. It is already a shocking thing that Zhao Buchen would willingly send his own eldest son to attend the wedding reception. But what more shocking is that Zhao Buchen himself has come too.”

Whenever JiYuan started to think about a matter (seriously), he will not pay attention to other matters. So, being shocked by such a news, he was stunned for a moment then a light bulb lighted up in his mind, “You mean, the interesting thing that you and Jiang Miao Miao heard in the secret passage, could it be Zhao Buchen came uninvited to the Jiang residence? And he even ‘shook hands, talk properly’ with the Jiang family Head, having a secret discussion?”

Ye Junchi didn’t answer the question directly, just pinched JiYuan’s cheek and asked, “What kind of reward do you want?”

That’s it. JiYuan was getting annoyed to anger from Ye Junchi’s constant pinching, he frowned and coldly answered, “Let me pinch you back.”

Ye Junchi covered his nose, he couldn’t contain the smile in his eyes, “En? Where do you want to pinch? You want to pinch me while I’m stark naked or fully clothed? You can pinch anywhere on my body, last time you…”

He(YJC) seemed to remember something, and immediately shut up.

This person in front of him was smiling so annoyingly bright. JiYuan didn’t notice the last sentence, he gnashed his teeth and thought ‘Would you believe it if I said I want to pinch your ‘little brother’?’ without expression in his mind. This kind of thought, JiYuan could only entertain it in his mind as the cowardly him naturally wouldn’t dare to do it. He wanted to reach out to pinch (maybe YJC cheek) but one frosty ‘OOC’ from System, he could only hold back his anger and icily said, “Return to serious talk.”

Ye Junchi was obviously disappointed, but he still went back to the previous discussion.

“Just now what did Ah Yuan said again? ‘Shook hands, talk properly’? Naturally, it’s impossible. It is already an amazing thing that they didn’t attack each other the moment they met. When Jiang Miao Miao and I went over there, they have almost finished talking, I just heard a few sentences…”

It was already midnight when Ye Junchi left his room. JiYuan coldly rejected his request to sleep together, and closed his door with a ‘Peng!’ sound. Lying down on his bed, JiYuan burrowed into his quilt with a slightly warm Gui Chi, his brain quickly organized what Ye Junchi has said earlier. Zhao Buchen actually coming to JinHe secretly, and also secretly talking to the Jiang family Head who was completely incompatible with him.

The Jiang family Head indeed has ordered people to follow Jiang Miao Miao, and Jiang Miao Miao should know about it too. That was why when they met that day, she didn’t mention both of their names. But then the news of Ye Junchi and him going northwards to JinHe was not blocked (from the public). Zhao Buchen seemed to be coming to JinHe to do a transaction, letting the Jiang family this local tyrant to look for them.

After all, no matter how arrogant is the Zhao family, they couldn’t ignore the distance and send out the cultivators from their family to do carpet search. Even if they are willing to do that, the Jiang family aren’t. ‘Strong dragon doesn’t repress the local snake’1, the quickest way to look for people in JinHe was still the Jiang family being the most reliable option. … 80% probability it was really because of the matter happened at his ancestral grave site that angered Zhao Buchen until he became muddleheaded; to ask for help from his arch enemy. Or he came to offer a deal, using something that the Jiang family coveted as the payment to use the Jiang family’s people.

Ye Junchi wanted JiYuan to get into the Top 10 rank because the top 10 winners could enter the Jiang family’s secret ground. That place was where the Jiang family refined their golden silkworms, there would be a few mother silkworms which includes the family Head’s silkworm.

To make sure what was wrong with the Jiang family head, going into the secret grounds is a good option. More importantly … the Jiang family Head seemed to have guessed both of their identity, afraid that it could be a trap. Sending Yun Cheng out to investigate should be Zhao Buchen’s intention. But by getting into the trap as intended by the Jiang family Head, they might be able to catch the tails of those who were hidden in the dark.

System added some explanation after thinking for a moment, “Actually, the relationship between both Jiang and Zhao family was not so bad a few hundred years ago, you can even say they have a good relationship too. Just that when they went to war with the demon race, the Jiang family Head made some mistakes and caused the death of the Zhao family Head plus another important figure from the Zhao. Thus, both families broke apart until they became like fire and water with each other.”

“Anyway, they are still being fire and water with each other now.” JiYuan touched his own chin, “But it’s so hard on me ah, to also have to be responsible for beating and killing…”

System ridiculed, “You thought it’s only you? If wasn’t for Gui Chi, you would have died under the hand of that female cultivator long time ago.”

JiYuan was surprised, he immediately jumped up, “If you didn’t say it, I would have forgotten!”

As he just used up his brain power to fend off Ye Junchi and also discussed some serious matters, he completely forgotten about the female cultivator. ‘A long night is fraught with dreams — undue delay may bring trouble’, things might change from the delay so JiYuan hastily jumped out of bed and ran out of his room barefooted. As he reached out his hand to knock on Ye Junchi’s door, he thought if he should ask which lake did he sunk the hapless wretched cultivator by the way –

Ye Junchi didn’t lock his door.

Big bro really … doesn’t afraid of night attacks?

Speechless, JiYuan pushed the door open and entered the room, “Ye Junchi, there’s one more thing.”

There was no sound in the room, did he(YJC) went out again?

JiYuan walked past the folding screen, to see Ye Junchi sleeping on the bed and breathing evenly, seemed to be in deep sleep. From this point of view, this person’s face looked smart and straight. His eyelashes were long, quite seductive. JiYuan’s face blackened, he stride towards the bed and reached out to push him(YJC) a bit, “Ye Junchi?”

He made so much movements, Ye Junchi couldn’t be still sleeping from that. Yet, Ye Junchi didn’t move throughout the process. JiYuan’s heart thumped, an absurd idea emerged from his heart – is Ye Junchi dead? His scalp felt numb, but he couldn’t afford to be scare so he quickly stretched out his hand to probe Ye Junchi’s breath. His fingers were just touched by a warm breathing, when it was caught and held.

His cold fingers being covered by warm hands caused JiYuan to be surprised. His ‘whatchu doing?’ has yet to be spoken out and suddenly his view spun in front of his eyes. When he was able to see clearly again, he has been pressed down on the bed. Ye Junchi was full of smiles leaning onto his body.

His face was so close, almost could touch JiYuan’s face, and a dangerous glint flashed in his eyes, “Night attack?”

JiYuan’s heart was beating fast from fright, he doesn’t even dare to move.
Shivering, “…. I just came to say something.”

Ye Junchi ignored him, one of his(YJC) hands was still holding his hand, quite warm.

Seemed to think of something, Ye Junchi got up and pinched JiYuan’s bare feet. Frowning, he asked, “Why didn’t you wear your shoes?”

JiYuan gave him a kick with some embarrassment. Just as he gotten up, his feet were covered by Ye Junchi’s hands. His(YJC) expression looked serious, and he didn’t even raise his head when he said, “What do you want to say, just say it ba. But at this kind of hour, other than to say you want to sleep with me, other thing else will not let me be too happy (I will get mad).”

JiYuan was expressionless, “Where is that female cultivator?” Ye Junchi : “The blood worm that I planted in her is dead.” “Then, the person herself?”
“Dead too, most probably because Yun Cheng felt she was of no use so he killed her.” JiYuan lightly sucked in a breath and shook his head. Thinking for a moment, he carefully asked, “… Do you know about the older brother of that female cultivator?”

Ye Junchi gave him a glance with a smiling-but-not-smiling expression,
“Ah Yuan, does my body feels good to touch?”

JiYuan was despaired, “System, your ‘probably’ is indeed fake, you fake System.”

System : “What can I do? I am despaired too ah.”

The author has something to say: YJC : Want to pinch where? Upper part has been pinched already, should pinch lower part ba? JY : … (desperate face) YJC : Or you let me touch you back? JiYuan expressed that he doesn’t want to speak anymore and flung him away together with a tied-up fake System.


Chapter 29

Ye Junchi was still smiling, but his smile caused JiYuan’s scalp to prickle all over his head. His voice was also gentle and magnetic, “Ah Yuan?”

JiYuan : “….” Big bro, I was wrong.

Slowly pinching the feet in his hands, Ye Junchi let go after checking that it weren’t cold anymore. Just as he let go, he raised his body and went back to press JiYuan on the bed, lightly said, “That night you were looking for the silkworm? Why didn’t you asked from me directly? Really not following rules, fortunately I have good mental/determination power.”

That night, he(YJC) just kissed JiYuan until he was satisfied, considered himself collected some interest.

JiYuan’s ears turned red from being stared with an unconcealed boiling gaze, and shifted away his eyes uncomfortably. He was simply crying without tears, really wanted to chop off his own hand which had groped everywhere on Ye Junchi’s body that day. Originally, he was being so unrestrained because he thought Ye Junchi was drunk, so no matter how OOC-ed he acted, it was up to him. Plus recently System became more and more generous. For small details, it would ‘close one eye, open one eye’. But… if Ye Junchi was awake, touching here and there means the OOC offense wouldn’t be any small case.

The more he thought about it, the more flustered JiYuan became. Forcing himself not to think any further about what he did that night, he asked System with rapidly pumping heart, “Am I(my soul) going to be destroyed?” System became silent for a moment, “… You won’t. This is a mistake on my part, forgot to check if Ye Junchi is awake and didn’t issue warning, disregard it ba.” Pausing, System’s tone was cold, “Just this once.”

JiYuan instantly felt that System is the world’s loveliest non-biological living thing, and immediately accepted the pardon. When he came back to his senses, he has to face the dilemma in front of him again.

Ye Junchi almost pressed his whole body on top of him. His(YJC) knee, not sure if intentional or unintentional, forced open his(JY) legs and placed his other leg in between. One of his(YJC) hands was stuck to his(JY) waist, massaging and kneading, while the other hand pinched his chin. Light smell of rosin fully enveloped his sense of smell, and their breathing was mixed together. Ye Junchi’s long hair scattered on him was wound together with his own. Chest was pressing another chest, both heartbeats were accelerating as if they were answering a question in their soul.

JiYuan was a bit dazzled.

ly, he was thinking why Ye Junchi would so harmlessly laid on the bed and let him grope wherever, turns out he was pretending to be drunk … so when he came over to settle that casual cultivator, then hugged him(JY), kissing him, biting him, was he crazy from being drunk?

Giving this a thought, JiYuan immediately affirmed this guess with a clap from a mental clapperboard. He blinked, and locked gaze with that very near pair of beautiful eyes for a moment. Seeing that the gaze was turning more and more dangerous, he immediately tried to struggle to get down from the bed. But Ye Junchi suddenly bowed down his head, his voice was hoarse, “Close your eyes.”

JiYuan subconsciously closed his eyes.

Right after he closed his eyes, he was lightly kissed. A light murmur was heard beside his ear, “Your eyelashes are very long…”

Cannot let this continue! JiYuan felt half of his body was numb, his long lashes shook and he lightly breathed in, suddenly gathered all the strength in his body and punched at Ye Junchi’s unprotected lower abdomen.

Demon race’s body has always been tough like magic weapons and not like human race, which was easy to get hurt. Especially a demon at Ye Junchi’s level, normal magic weapon couldn’t hurt his body at all. So with JiYuan punching out with all his might, it was reasonable to say Ye Junchi should not be feeling any pain or itchiness, and could even continue to lightly flirts.

He didn’t expect Ye Junchi to give a muffled grunt, and fell directly onto him.

Ye Junchi lightly sucked in a breath of cold air, his teeth was slightly clenched. His body tightened for a moment, then his breathing started to ease up. Gnashing his teeth, he said, “I said that you have no conscience, and truly you don’t. You actually have the heart to strike out.”

JiYuan felt a bit muddled when he saw Ye Junchi was frowning from the pain, and forehead covered with cold sweat. He doesn’t know if Ye Junchi was acting or was in pain for real. Hesitated for a moment, he still decided to seize the opportunity and pushed him(YJC) away. Jumping out from the bed, he wanted to run back to his room but his hand was caught.

Ye Junchi snappily ordered, “Put on some shoes before leaving.”

His(YJC) hand was no longer as warm as earlier, it was a bit cold. JiYuan unconsciously squeezed his(YJC) fingers, and blankly asked, “… really that hurt?”

Ye Junchi’s face was pale white, “What do you think?”

JiYuan asked System(for permission), then carefully sat back on the bedside, “Let me see.”

Could it be the fact that demon race’s body is tough was a wild boast from the human race? Ye Junchi lowered his eyes, and suddenly laughed. With one pull, he dragged JiYuan into his arms and covered both of them with the quilt, “Don’t play anymore, tomorrow you still need to go to the assembly and fight a few rounds, sleep ba.”

It was indeed fake.

Didn’t expect that him coming over to say a few things would develop into this situation. JiYuan struggled in depression and Ye Junchi hugged even tighter. He rested his chin on top of JiYuan’s head, deliberately lowered down his tone, “Do you still want a good rest? Move again and we will ‘move together’ the whole night together.”

JiYuan tactfully became silent.

Beside his ears was System’s gloating laughter, JiYuan expressionlessly continued to think how did the situation develop into this.

System : “Nearly bent.”

JiYuan couldn’t even turn his body, he just pointed a middle finger at System in his heart.

“Everything is a misunderstanding, how could a demon race like Ye Junchi will take a liking at me? He is just under the illusion that I am a woman, and that night was because he had some alcohol.”

[T/N : MC keep thinking that the ML doesn’t like himself, anyone come to your mind? Hint : BXX ]

System : “You are explaining it to me, or explaining it to yourself?”

JiYuan declined to comment, muttering a ‘I am someone who will go back’, then rest assuredly closed his eyes and soon fell asleep. These few days without Ye Junchi here, he guarded against fire, guarded against theft and guarded against Yun Cheng. Not a day relaxed, so he was dead tired from earlier on. System really wanted to drag out this lad ‘who pretend not to know’ and beat him up one round.

[T/N : Tsk, our long-awaited hot kiss didn’t come. Let me satisfy y’all with this random kiss from a manga I found from Google Image.]


The next morning, JiYuan awoke in a daze from his sleep and saw a half- naked chest. When he saw Ye Junchi leaning on the bed and staring at him, he was spooked out of his mind and nearly rolled down the bed, breaking down at System with a ‘Ah ah ah’.

“System, did I sleep with Ye Junchi?!”

System : “… you’re lucky he didn’t sleep with you.”

JiYuan became silent, he decided to disregard it. His dull eyes met with Ye Junchi’s for a moment, and he finally awakened from a muddle-headed state. He make a cold expression and prepared to get out of bed.

Ye Junchi maintained his posture and blinked, his eyebrows containing laughter, “Aiyo, Daren is really heartless. After a night of ‘happy time’, you woke up and pretended not to recognize me.”

Throwing a glance at that naked chest, JiYuan swallowed and doesn’t dare to look anymore. Ye Junchi was obviously not his type, but recently he found him(YJC) more and more pleasing to the eye… he must never let Ye Junchi find out this change of his body. Quickly covering himself with his robe wanting to get out of bed, he was caught at the back of his collar again by Ye Junchi, “Wear my shoes back to your room, send it back to me later.”

JiYuan was a bit depressed, he muffled a sound of acknowledgement then wore the shoes in a somewhat panic and ran back to his room. After he closed the door of his own room, he heaved a long relief, a fear lingered in his heart, “System, being gentle and considerate is a scary weapon.” System has the same feeling, “Correct ah, correct ah. If you take the initiative to go to him a few more times, 80% confirmed that you would be swallowed whole, eaten cleanly.”

JiYuan scoffed, “How could that be? Ye Junchi wouldn’t feel anything when he hugged and kissed me. If really ‘shoot accidentally while polishing a gun’ (accidentally proceed after kissing), then when he sees a man’s body, 80% confirmed that Ye Junchi would be scared wei. I already said it’s a misunderstanding … hiss how come my lips are so painful?”

System was silent, not saying anything.

JiYuan puzzledly went to the bronze mirror to take a look, his lips seemed to be very red and swollen.

JiYuan : “… ah, how can there still be mosquitoes in autumn?”

System coldly said, “Continue acting ba.”

Pretending to see nothing wrong, JiYuan tidied up himself and returned the shoes. Right then, the innkeeper sent people to deliver food up to them. The little waiter weirdly stared at JiYuan’s face for a while, then left with a strange smile.

JiYuan begun to consider if he need to get a mask for himself to wear too.

Ye Junchi make some giggling sound beside him. He casually caressed a lock of JiYuan’s hair and said, “The people from the Ji family will join the Immortal Swords assembly and you will run into acquaintances. This pair of eyes is too conspicuous … close your eyes, I’ll mask it for you.”

With eyes opened wide and round, JiYuan stared at him with vigilance. Ye Junchi couldn’t help but poked his face, “… I won’t do anything else.”

But seeing him still staring with vigilance, Ye Junchi sighed again and said, “Really.”

Ye Junchi looked so sincere, so JiYuan decided to spare him a bit of the most basic trust between people, half believing half doubting and closed his eyes.

The youth’s long lashes slightly trembled, as if he might open his eyes any moment. His somewhat red and swollen lips slightly pursed. Just now he ate a few mouthful of porridge, that wet and soft lips looked glistening. Ye Junchi’s heart gave a thump, he reached out to cover JiYuan’s eyes and lightly pecked on his lips. Before he(JY) managed to start flaring out, he said, “Don’t move, do you still want your eyes?”

There was indeed no basic trust between people. JiYuan secretly gnashed his teeth.
When Ye Junchi put down his hand, the color of JiYuan’s eye has changed. From light-colored to glossy black, just like black pearls soaked in water, gentle and bright. Just a change of eye color, his(JY) whole person’s disposition has undergone tremendous changes. If not for his stiff face, that handsome face could even be called ‘mild and well-behaved’.

Even if the people from the Ji family come close to observe, they will only feel that the ‘JiYuan’ in their impression looked a bit like him.

Supporting his own chin, Ye Junchi observed JiYuan for a moment and smiled, “As expected, you looked even better.”

JiYuan doesn’t care what changes occurred in his eyes, he secretly decided to treat Ye Junchi words in the future as ‘wind beside the ears’ (words one no need to pay attention). This habit of ‘will be uncomfortable if didn’t tease within 3 sentences’ is too scary.

[T/N : Meaning, YJC must tease JY at least once every 3 sentences in their conversation or else YJC will feel uncomfortable :v that is what JY thought of YJC]

On their way to the assembly, Ye Junchi actually remembered the tanghulu and bought a stick. He gave it to JiYuan with a face full of smiles, “To wish you victory in a single move.” JiYuan shook his head, didn’t take the tanghulu. Deliberated for a while, he whispered, “I have Gui Chi with me. Demon lord, you should walk around in JinHe these few days. I heard JinHe has a lot of beauties, if someone caught your eyes then your demon palace won’t be so empty anymore.”

Stopping in his steps, Ye Junchi lightly said, “Beauties? Who could be more beautiful than Ah Yuan?” Pausing, he asked indifferently, “Could it be Ah Yuan like those so-called beauties?”


JiYuan’s face was calm, continued, “How many men out there who doesn’t like beauties? After settling all these troublesome matters, I will certainly get a wife and have kids.”

Every word he spoke, Ye Junchi’s face would get colder by a point. When he finished his last sentence, even System couldn’t help sounding out, “Baby, if you say anymore, Ye Junchi will get enraged.”

JiYuan paid no attention, “… so you should really look around. Maybe you will really run into someone you like. Don’t worry, I won’t exposed your identity.”

Ye Junchi sneered.

JiYuan quietly hugged Gui Chi tightly.

Ye Junchi’s temper was a bit haughty and arrogant to start with. With JiYuan so heartlessly threw those words to turn his back at him, he(YJC) coldly stared at him for a while. He(YJC) whispered ‘As you wished’, then turned around and walked away. The long street was bustling with people coming and going, so not long after, his figure disappeared in the crowd.

JiYuan turned around to look for a while, then he slowly walked towards the assembly site.

System : “You are too much.” Just as JiYuan wanted to say something, System used a cold mechanical voice filled with cadence of feelings to say, “You are heartless, you are cold, you are unreasonable.”

JiYuan : “…”

System returned to normal and said, “Ye Junchi probably starts to have the urge to strangle you to death.”

Smiling, JiYuan said, “Well, I’m still here right? Isn’t it a good idea to take advantage of the time now and nip the feeling in the bud as he still hasn’t consider himself to really like me? I said I liked women, he shouldn’t be like that with me again.”

“What kind of good man are you taking him as? If you provoked him, he might forcibly bind and imprison you. Then you can only cry.”

JiYuan still doesn’t care.

The screening for the Immortal Swords assembly from yesterday has almost finished. Those who obtained the qualification to formally participate still left a few hundreds of them. Most of them were casual cultivators, the smaller part was made up of the young cultivators from prestigious families and renowned clans. The early stage for the assembly was done through lottery to decide the opponents. It was still using the format of ’10 consecutive wins to proceed to next round’. People who lost could continue taking turns to fight, or challenge people who won to get the qualification to proceed to the next round. From now on, the casual cultivators are very likely to encounter those cultivators with strong backing so most of them was a bit nervous. After all, whether from their magic weapons or cultivation techniques, they couldn’t compete with those cultivators, it would be very easy for them to suffer losses.

JiYuan’s memory was quite good, and he was flexible too. After observing a few fights, he combined those with his Sanda stance, and wielded Gui Chi with good posture and style. At least one wouldn’t be able to easily find out that it was the sword controlling the human, not the human controlling the sword. Easily winning a few games, JiYuan encountered his first trouble.

Seeing the opponent wielding a sword and got onto the stage, who was actually JiShen with an eager expression, JiYuan’s face darkened.

“System, do you think I should lose or win?”

System was still sulking, its tone was frosty, “Whatever you want, Ye Shangyuan.”

The author has something to say: YJC : …. angry, don’t want to speak.
JY : (:з」∠)


Chapter 30

[Translator : If anyone got themselves confused with the similar names between the Ji males, I made a random family chart for you guys ? And also to jolt some memories in case you forgotten~]

The pure and naive youth has an expression of blankness. He doesn’t understand why System called out his pseudonym with a heavy tone. Shaking his head, he decided to just ignore it and refocused his attention back to JiShen. Although he doesn’t have much deep connection with this pair of brothers (JiShen & JiChen), but because JiShen looked 60%-70% similar to that person from the depth of his memory, he couldn’t bear to attack at all.

He has been afraid to recall the voice of that brother, so he was really shocked when he met JiChen (in the dungeon). Facing JiShen’s somewhat similar face was also extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention both the brothers didn’t treat him badly, and those two have deep brotherly feeling; it makes JiYuan want to protect them when he looked at JiChen and JiShen.

Thinking for a moment, JiYuan poked System, “Can sword be counted as a person?”

System : “Are you a sword?”

JiYuan : “…” Why did he felt like he was being scolded?

He was depressed for a bit, then raised Gui Chi up. Doesn’t care if the sword was spiritual enough to understand human speech, said in a small voice, “Don’t hurt that child on the other side. Let’s lose this round and fight from the bottom again later.”

Gui Chi shook and buzzed, almost left his hand, like a dissatisfied child.

JiYuan quickly appeased it, “You want to fight, right? If we lost this round, you can fight even more rounds. Isn’t that a good thing?”

After a moment of silent, Gui Chi seemed to agree with him. It lowered down its body and happily shook in JiYuan’s hand.

In the eyes of the outsiders, JiYuan was expressionlessly staring at the sword in his hand with concentration, seemed to be contemplating a very profound problem. JiShen waited for a while but JiYuan still didn’t move, he frowned and loudly said, “What are you muttering over there? I’ll sneak-attack if you are still in a daze ah.”

… truly a honest-to-God child, sneaking attack the enemy still would inform it first.

JiYuan was between laughter and tears in his heart. Just as he wanted to raise his sword and start attacking, he was suddenly aware of a burning gaze observing him. Pausing, he looked up and his gaze swept over JiShen, and saw JiChen with JiSan below the stone stage.

The one staring so intently at him was JiSan.

Those familiar eyes were fanatical and contained prejudice. JiYuan has goosebumps raised up from being stared by him, a layer of uneasiness hovered in his heart. JiSan shouldn’t be able to see through his current appearance…at most, his face should only looked somewhat similar only. JiYuan comforted himself in his heart a few times, no longer thinking much and ignored JiSan’s gaze. He patted Gui Chi, deftly rose and rushed forward, striking towards JiShen’s shoulder.

A crafty light twinkled in JiShen’s eyes. He turned and evaded JiYuan’s attack. As both of them passed by each other, he turned his hand and fished out a talisman, sticking it at JiYuan’s back. JiYuan was stunned. The casual cultivators he encountered these few days were poor and impoverished people so things like talisman was rarely used. Most of them were using attacks from those martial arts novels, he has forgotten the existence of such things. He was still in a daze when he heard a ‘BANG’ sound from his back. An immense pain instantly spread from his back throughout his whole body. JiYuan sucked in a breath of cold air, and swayed for a while before kneeling on the ground.

JiShen was just trying to interfere with JiYuan’s move, he didn’t expect to injure him to kneel. Momentarily stunned, “You you you … why didn’t you used spiritual power to protect your body?”

JiYuan : “…”

JiYuan cried pitifully at System, “What did this bear-like child pasted on me? Am I wasted?”

“It is just some ordinary blasting talisman. Gui Chi blocked a bit of it, no problem.”

System checked his body for a moment, then coldly humph-ed, “Because you angered Big bro away. If he was here, such situation won’t happen.”

The moment he heard Ye Junchi’s name, JiYuan immediately calmed down and smiled, “This is nothing, I have decided to lose anyway.”

Suffering a slight injury, when JiYuan raised up his sword again, it was visibly much slower. Facing JiShen who was flexible and quick, JiYuan was soon beaten to retreat and lost this round.

Cultivators who lost a match must battle with other defeated cultivators to be eligible to continue. JiYuan who originally almost ended his battles and could leave in the afternoon, left the venue only at twilight after repeatedly battling here and there. A few casual cultivators came over, probing with a few words for JiYuan’s martial origins (who is his teacher/where did he learnt it from), but they were blocked by JiYuan’s not- salty-but-not-light words. Seeing that they still wanted to keep up with him, JiYuan avoided his usual route and went into a small alley. After he followed System’s direction and easily get rid of those cultivators who didn’t want to give up, he was already very deep in the alleys. What JinHe city has a lot was dark alleys. At this time, it was already late and all four corners was surrounded by darkness. Wherever he looked at was dark, JiYuan shivered a few times, subconsciously gripped the corner of his clothes tightly.

“System ah…” “What?”
“…can you recite some Buddhist chants or list down the socialism’s core values whatnots? I am scared …”

It was very dark everywhere, not sure what was hidden within. JiYuan’s legs were trembling.

System felt a bit soft-hearted seeing him so terrified, “Alright, wait for me to check what kind of chants can prevent ghosts… something is coming! Quickly run!”

The last sentence was so sudden, all the fine hairs on JiYuan’s body stood up from the scare. His legs betrayed his will and turned soft. Taking a deep breath, he mustered the strength to ran backwards. Who knew he has yet to run a few steps, he hit a wall of muscles.

A creepy laughter was sounded, “Ah Yuan, why are you running?”

This time, JiYuan really raised his hackles. Fuck, a freak!

JiSan seized the opportunity to pinch JiYuan’s wrist, his eyes fiercely stared at his(JY) face, “Don’t think of running away and return with me. I can recognize you no matter how you changed yourself… since you are here, Ye Junchi is also here? Is it that man with a mask? That’s great, there are thousands of cultivators here. Everything will be resolved if he is killed, I will bring you away…” JiYuan went silent for a moment, lightly said, “Mister, who are you? Even if you wanted to know the identity of my teacher, you don’t have to speak nonsense for it.”

“Stop acting! Even if you turned into ash, I still could recognize you!”

In his heart, JiYuan was shivering. His inner mind was near to the brink of collapse.

How big was grudge between the original body and this person?!

System ‘tsk-ed’, “German orthopedic, tsk tsk tsk, true love ah, so powerful.”

Blue veins popped up on JiYuan’s temples, “Shut up… wait a minute, don’t shut up first. Why didn’t Gui Chi alerted me?”

“Gui Chi will only move when someone come to you with killing intent.”

System sighed, “See, Big bro is not here and now you encountered a bunch of troubles.”

JiSan was still muttering with himself like a mental he is. JiYuan pretended he didn’t hear the last sentence from System, and carefully observed JiSan. He found out from his(JS) gaze that he was not as confident as he said he was. JiYuan’s heart gave a thump, and he coldly said, “You must have recognized the wrong person. Just now you said Ye Junchi? Didn’t that demon took the witch from the Ji family and wreak havoc everywhere? How does that relate to me?”

A burst of gloomy wind blowing over them, JiYuan silently shuddered. His wrist was so painful being tightly pinched by JiSan, it felt like it will snap.

JiSan gnashed his teeth, “JiYuan, stop acting!”

JiYuan’s face became colder, “If you want to battle with me, then just let it be. What is the meaning of you humiliating a dignified man like me as a woman? Are you people from the Ji family? Do all people from the Ji family act like you?”

JiSan was stunned.

He just saw the face that he yearned day and night, then immediately followed regardless of anything. What kind of attire or what gender, he didn’t notice those at all. He barely woke up from his crazed mind, only to find the youth in front of him was greatly differed from the maiden he missed.

Got it wrong?

This idea only flashed in his mind for a second, then he sneered, “That devil has so many abilities. I won’t be surprised no matter how he changed your appearance. Ah Yuan, you must go with me today…”

His words have yet to finish, and Gui Chi flew out from JiYuan’s arms, its hilt ruthlessly hit JiSan’s wrist. Human can still feel pain, so when he(JS) subconsciously loosened his hand, JiYuan immediately escaped from the grip. Then making a decent hand gesture looking like a real thing (real martial art), he casually pointed a finger to JiSan. Gui Chi emitted a vibrating sound, abruptly xx JiSan’s shoulder.

Bright red blood quickly spread and covered JiSan’s shoulder, dripping on the ground.

JiSan has a look of astonishment on his face.

JiYuan was a waste, couldn’t cultivate not to mention controlling swords. The flaws in one’s physique, even if Ye Junchi’s abilities could reach the sky, he still wouldn’t be able to supplement JiYuan’s weakness.

He(JS) was a bit at a loss at the moment, disregarding the pain on his shoulder, he stared at JiYuan with his eyes rimmed in red. After a long moment, he said with a trembling voice, “I will make you confess … (sooner or later)” [T/N : German ort-]

JiYuan expressionlessly gave him a glance, the idea to ‘kill him to cover mouth’ flashed past like a thunderbolt. But when he thought to act on it, he couldn’t do it – no matter what, JiSan has never do anything to harm him. He(JY) is someone who could clearly separate between grace and grudge. On the other hand, JiSan couldn’t do anything even if he suspected him as JiYuan, because JiYuan was known to the world as a woman. He doesn’t mind to be forced to take off his clothes for those cultivators to see, if the situation requires it.

Wordlessly went to retrieve Gui Chi, JiYuan carried great courage with him and headed into the dark alleys. He followed System’s instructions to go here and there, passing various twist and turn until his legs were a bit sore from the walk. It was when the moon is high on the sky that he managed to get back to the inn.

The moon in the sky was as round as a jade plate, JiYuan froze for a moment as he just thought of one thing, “…System, today is the Mid- Autumn Festival?”

System : “Right ah, such a good day. In order to help you finish the tasks, I couldn’t go back for gathering at home. Quickly complete the tasks ah, or OOC ba, I missed home…”

JiYuan held back for a while, but still couldn’t help darkening his face,
“Are you not made out of data?”

System : “Correct oh, if you didn’t mention it I would have forgotten. Recently, I imitated too much of human’s emotion and accidentally delved too into it. The emotions of human are truly interesting.”

Decided to ignore System which was clearly showing a sign of collapse (breaking down), JiYuan walked into the inn to see the female innkeeper was still at the counter. He went over to order a plate of moon cakes and a bottle of good wine. Just as he wanted to turn away, the female innkeeper asked, “This guest, what happened to your eyes?” JiYuan calmly fooled, “Got poisoned previously and my eyes were almost blinded. Was healed recently so my eyes were restored.”

This reason sounded reasonable so the innkeeper nodded. Noticing his slightly sorry appearance and Gui Chi in his arms, she couldn’t help opening her mouth again to ask, “This guest went to participate in the Immortal Swords assembly?”

She asked about this assembly again and again ever since they first arrived. Even if JiYuan wanted to deliberately ignore it, he couldn’t ignore her anymore. He asked with some doubts, “Innkeeper seemed to care a lot of this assembly?”

The female innkeeper clenched her teeth, hints of sadness were flowing inside her eyes. Like she has just grabbed at life-saving straws, her voice trembled a bit, “This small female here has a child with my deceased husband. Last year I took him to JinHe to visit relatives. He was too naughty, ran into the crowd … and he never appear again.”

JiYuan nodded with a serious expression on his face. He didn’t expect that this young innkeeper was actually married and had a child. Not to mention her husband died young, now she even lost her son … quite pitiful.

“I have searched the whole city of JinHe but still couldn’t find him. Originally, I have given up hope thinking he might be kidnapped by beggars or he fell into that small river…”

The corner of the innkeeper’s eyes was wet, “But my cousin told me that he coincidentally saw my son in the Jiang residence, and was even together with the Jiang family Head… The Jiang family is a residence for immortals (cultivators), my son being looked up upon by immortals, his future would be very successful. I’m only a mortal, couldn’t enter the Jiang residence. I know he won’t get into any troubles, but I missed him so much … this guest, you are an immortal. Could you help me a bit? Could you help me search for my son in the Jiang residence? I really missed him so much…” As she continued talking, she covered her mouth and sobbed. JiYuan felt something was not quite right as he listened on. The Jiang family Head was no benevolent type of person, how could he accept a mortal child and keep him by his side for no random reason? Plus he never heard of the Jiang family Head to start accepting disciples or accepted any before. This matter is certainly not as good as what the female innkeeper thought it was.

Although he has some speculations in his heart, JiYuan didn’t say it out. He asked for her son’s name, age and some idenfication features. Nodding to express his acknowledgement, he then carried the bottle of wine and plate of food upstairs.

JiYuan hesitated a bit when he passed by Ye Junchi’s room.

“System, is it alright if I go to look for Ye Junchi now?”

System whispered, “If even you doesn’t want to go in, you need to talk to him regarding the innkeeper’s matter. Also need to remind him to pay attention to JiSan. Business matter and personal affair must be separated clearly.”

JiYuan thought about it and agreed. But he doesn’t have free hands at the moment, he wanted to call Ye Junchi’s name but afraid ‘the walls have ears’, he doesn’t know what to do. In a conflict for a short while, JiYuan felt discouraged and thought of going back to his own room first, when the door opened.

Ye Junchi was clothed in black, his eyes were lowered and he was leaning against the door, his slender legs crossing at the bottom. His voice was indifferent, “Looking for me?”

It has been a long time since Ye Junchi last looked at him like this, he abruptly felt some sorrow and grief. But when he realized that this was what he wanted to be, he calmed down. Ignoring the faint uncomfortable feeling in his heart, he nodded and hesitatingly asked, “Can I talk inside?”

Ye Junchi didn’t reply, he only turned back into his room. JiYuan quickly followed him into the room. He put the moon cakes and wine down onto the table, then bowed his head to sort out his thoughts. Suddenly, he felt a burning gaze sticking on his body. He looked up, but only saw Ye Junchi indifferently tilted his head to look at the moon outside the window.

He doesn’t know why but he really doesn’t want to tell Ye Junchi regarding JiSan. He thought for a while and felt that it wasn’t any big deal so he simply skipped the whole matter. He only briefly said the matter about the female innkeeper.

Ye Junchi seemed to recall something as his face suddenly darkened, his eyes were emitting chill, “As expected…”

JiYuan saw Ye Junchi looking like he wanted to kill someone, immediately wanted to leave for fear of being affected, but was called back by Ye Junchi, “What with the injury on your body?”

JiYuan froze for a moment, and recalled the injury from the talisman JiShen stuck at his back during the day. He shook his head, “Just minor injury…”

Ye Junchi was silent for a while, then lightly asked, “Then what about the bruises on your wrist? Is this what you said by not getting into trouble? Ah Yuan, even when you are hurt, you still not willing for me to follow beside with you?”

His tone was clearly flat and ordinary, and yet JiYuan felt uncomfortable in his heart when he heard it. He opened his mouth but quickly tightened his lips, not saying anything.

Still not getting any replies, Ye Junchi heaved a long sigh. He put away his indifferent expression, and helplessly rubbed his forehead, “Today is Mid-Autumn Festival. You already brought wine with you, no matter how much you hated me, you won’t refuse to drink a cup with me right?”

JiYuan’s eyes darkened, he retrieved back the foot in the midst of going out and sat down at the opposite of Ye Junchi. In a low voice, “I do not hate you.”

Both of Ye Junchi’s eyes flashed.

JiYuan doesn’t dare to look directly at his bright eyes, he looked slightly at a side and lightly said, “But I do not like you.”

The author has something to say: YJC : …. QAQ so sad, still don’t want to speak….

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