Let Me Tease You Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11

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Anyway, after JiYuan arrived to this world for more than half a month later, he finally succeeded; leaving behind the pre-set gender as a girl with big ‘bird’ and transformed into a genuine, hot-blooded man with big ‘bird’.

Taking off the long dress, he put on a lilac-colored, narrow sleeves satin robe. His entire persona felt like it changed to a whole new person. His stature was tall and straight, the most prominent feature on his fair and smooth face was his bright red lips. The light color of his eyes were thin and cold, as if wherever his gaze has fallen onto would condense into ice. Without the pretentious, soft feminine aura, this androgynous face was even more elegant; there was a clean feeling of being washed with snow and ice.

Ye Junchi touched his chin, his eyes fixated on the youth’s face for a moment, then nonchalantly shifted away. Reaching out and rubbing his(JY) hair, he said, “There is a strange thing on the wound on ZhaoYang’s body. Let’s go and see, while the body has yet to rot.”

JiYuan thought about it for a moment, “…. isn’t he already buried?”

Ye Junchi said with an air of inevitable and right, “Just prying his coffin open, it’s nothing big.” Speechless, JiYuan quietly followed Ye Junchi to go to YangNing. In order to keep abreast of information, Ye Junchi found a small town on the way and went to inquire about the news.

It was similar to what JiYuan has imagined. That day when the escort team returned back to the Ji family, JiSan recounted the news of JiYuan being rescued as it is. The night JiYuan was caught in Ji family, they sent a ‘voice transmission over a thousand miles’ to inform the Zhao family. Now that the said person(JY) was not in here, they couldn’t bear to provoke the Zhao family, so they pushed all the responsibilities on JiYuan and Ye Junchi.

The original semi-true and false rumor, ‘The eldest Miss from Ji family has illicit relationship with demon lord Ye Junchi and murdered the Young master from Zhao family’ has become true to life. Many people were getting restless at these times. They couldn’t kill Ye Junchi, so killing JiYuan instead could also raise their fame to the world. Plus, they could also give a good impression to the Zhao family. Everyone in the tea house discussing this matter, each and every one of them has righteous indignation on their face.

“I heard that the Ji family guards who were secretly escorting that whore (to South Lake), only one make it back to the Ji family. Tsk tsk tsk, demon race is indeed bloodthirsty and brutal.”

“Miss Ji is also making people sigh, I heard that she looked very beautiful and rarely appear in front of people. Whenever she did, many of the young master’s soul would be hooked by her… ai, why would such nice woman went to the dark side?”

“A dozen of people…. that demon really have it in him to kill all of them.”

“That was nothing, have you forgotten about the case of Chonghe’s Mingxu Temple three years ago? That demon led a troop of demon soldiers and wiped the whole temple clean of 200 plus people. There were so many blood spilled that it overflowed the door’s threshold. It was said that everyone died miserably… not sure what kind of hatred they had between them. Demon race is really cold-blooded.”

Upon hearing those words, JiYuan couldn’t help but turned around to look at Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi’s lips curved a bit as if he was smiling, but not really smiling. He looked down at the cup in his hands, like he did not hear those discussions about him. After a long while, he lifted up the cup and sipped a bit of the tea.

JiYuan frowned, in his heart he knew that rumors were like a snowball. At first, it’s very small but as the rumor getting passed around and people adding ‘oil and vinegar’ along, it would be like rolling down a snowy land; the more it rolled, the bigger it gets, covering the tiny bit of truth in it. He subconsciously felt that Ye Junchi wouldn’t do such a brutal thing and wanted to ask about it. But he does not know how to ask conspicuously and not in an abrupt manner. Hesitated for a long while, he didn’t manage to say out the words he has arranged in his mind because of a sound beside him.

“…. I heard that that demon is the son of the demon ruler. His father is a heinous big demon, how could his son not be one?”

What?! Ye Junchi is the demon ruler’s son?!

JiYuan’s thoughts were even more chaotic. These few days, System disregard his opinions and forced him to read on ‘the general knowledge of this world’ for one sichen (two hours) every day. He could only painfully memorized it mechanically. But he does remembered some things, for example, the demon ruler these people were talking about. It was said that this ruler was a cold-blooded, cruel, bloodthirsty and ruthless to a freaky level demon race. When he was holding the position of the ruler, the hostility aura of the demon race was very heavy. The demon realm was in a state of pressured atmosphere and everyone felt very insecure. Whenever the talk about the ruler came up, the color on their faces changed. The ruler’s freakiness was off the chart. It could be just someone’s appearance that he felt like an eye-sore, that person would be thrown into the furnace and get refined alive. Never knew that Ye Junchi would actually be a son of such terrible man…..

System quickly comforted the JiYuan who trembled a bit, “Don’t be afraid. If Ye Junchi is really as mental as his father, you would have died so long ago.”

…. System’s way of comforting people always left him feeling so complicated.

JiYuan raised eyes to look at Ye Junchi again. Not sure how does these words ‘son of the demon ruler’ touched his(YJC) nerve, his face tightened. Then, he got up and walked away. JiYuan took big steps to chase Ye Junchi, pursing his lips in silence.

Ye Junchi seemed to know what was on his mind. When they were out of the tea house; using one hand, Ye Junchi grabbed the youth whose figure was slim and weak towards his front, to prevent those people on the road who ‘doesn’t have eyes’ from bumping into him(JY). Then, he slowly opened his mouth to say, “Really the mouth of glib tongues, no effort is needed to open the mouth and talk. Mingxu Temple has only a total of a hundred plus people, even if I were to kill all of them, I couldn’t kill a sum of two hundred headcount.”

Seeing JiYuan raised his thin eyebrows, his(YJC) voice was faint, “I just killed those who deserved it.”

JiYuan really wanted to ask how could a Taoist priest deserved to be killed, but when his peripheral vision saw Ye Junchi’s icy expression, he felt horrified and doesn’t dare to ask anymore.

“What else do you want to know?” “…. demon ruler is your father?”
The two of them gradually walked out from the bustling street. Their surrounding was quiet, not many people passing by. Ye Junchi’s gaze looked faraway, his expression getting colder, “En.” JiYuan swallowed, not daring to say anything.

The youth’s silent look was very much like a white porcelain doll, though it was icy cold but it strangely provoked a feeling of fondness. Ye Junchi quickly recovered from the shadow of his unpleasant past memories. He casually pinched JiYuan’s snow white ear lobe and felt slightly better. He then carried him(JY) and flew up on the sword.

YangNing has a lot of mountains, and the Zhao family’s residence was located in YangNing’s highest mountain, ChengYang mountain. In these recent years, the Zhao family was very close to the leaders of the alliance of practitioners. Some of them were sworn siblings and some of them were tied in marriage, putting some pressure onto the other 3 families. So even if people from Zhao family acted ruthlessly and arrogantly, not much people dare to come out pointing fingers at them, for the fear of not able to see the sun rising on the next day.

System babbled away to JiYuan about social science.

“That is quite normal, the alliance was originally formed to resist the invasion of the demon race hundreds of years ago, and their status naturally were high. But there are no movements from the demon race in this few hundred years so the alliance gradually deteriorated. By being involved with the matters of hundreds of families, they became the invisible big boss of the cultivation world. The Zhao family has always been a large family, now that they are close to the leaders of the alliance, it would be strange if they are not arrogant.”

JiYuan gave an ‘Oh’, then quietly stood straighter. Sword flight was indeed very cool, the only downside was he need to stick close to Ye Junchi. Although this man was not as brutal as his father but he was not a good person either. When JiYuan thought about the massacre of Mingxu daoist, his goosebumps raised up. The consequence was his earlobe was pinched, the voice behind him gently said, “One more step forward, and you would be able to fly away with the wind.”

Traveling in a high altitude plus motion sickness, JiYuan considered his words for a moment. He really doesn’t want to be blown to stupidity so he carefully retreated back. Not getting any OOC reminders from System gave him a slight relief.

Soon, they reached ChengYang mountain.

ChengYang mountain was shaped like a pyramid, as the top of the point was surrounded all over. Even if other people erected their residence in the mountains, they would allow commoners to operate and move around at the foot of the mountain. But the Zhao family actually make the whole mountain as their own territory. All four corners of the mountain were guarded by magical beast. The foot of the mountain was covered with magic arrays while the top of the mountain were protected by barriers; it was a completely airtight protection. Except the leaders of the alliance, if other people would like to pay a visit, they would have to hand in a card a few days in advance. If their identity was not high enough, then they could only drink a cup of cold tea at the foot of the mountain.

The people from Zhao family went to South Lake a few days ago when they received ‘voice transmission’ from the Ji family saying that the culprit has been caught. They didn’t expect that JiYuan would be taken away in the middle of the journey. Not in a good mood, the people from Zhao family didn’t immediately return to their residence but stopped over at the territory of the alliance of practitioners instead; nursing a grievance with their sworn brothers.

JiYuan quietly listened to System telling about the formation and magic arrays of ChengYang mountain. Looking up to the almost towering mountain, reaching through the clouds, JiYuan have a thought that the Zhao family wouldn’t have any qualms to ‘send a lightning bolt’ down to split Ji family apart anytime.

Acting so high and mighty, the Zhao family’s style was so arrogant. Doesn’t they worried about falling down from the high seat one day, crushed on the ground? But… such a tight defense, how to slip into people’s ancestral grave site to pry the coffin?

Ye Junchi calmly gave JiYuan two options : “Do you want us to fight our way into the ancestral site or secretly sneak in?” JiYuan raised his head to look at him without any expression, “….” System, this person in front of me is even more arrogant than the Zhao family ah.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Ye Junchi said, “Fight our way into it?”

“…. sneak in ba.”

JiYuan saw that he has a face of seriousness and didn’t seemed to be joking. Fearing that Ye Junchi would really want to fight their way into the territory, he rubbed his forehead and helplessly voiced out his choice.

Ye Junchi looked at the pure and cold, taciturn youth who couldn’t help opening his mouth after being teased by him, and have a helpless look on his face. That makes him happy and he smiled while caressing JiYuan’s soft black hair. The latter tried to avoid the touch and retreated, narrowly falling off Gui Chi.

Ye Junchi reached out to fish him back and smiled, “Be a bit obedient.” As they approached the barrier, he pondered for a moment. He took the advantage that the patrol team has yet to pass by, and picked a black token out from the storage ring, gently pressing it on the barrier. A faint black smoke started to permeate the air. The barrier that commoners couldn’t usually see gradually emerged with ripples. Like a stone thrown onto a calm lake, layers of ripples waved out.

Ye Junchi stuffed JiYuan into his arms, then leaned down and deftly entered the hole he make into ChengYang mountain. His actions were skilled and agile, leaving JiYuan stupefied.

Outside the barrier, the weather was burning hot but upon entering the barrier, it turned into a comfortable temperature. The Zhao’s family ancestral burial site were situated within the residence’s ground and would have guards patrolling from time to time. Along their way to the top of the mountain, they keep getting into close calls with the patrol teams. JiYuan was feeling on the edge for fear of being found out. There was contempt in System’s voice, “What are you afraid of? You have a ‘big brother’ beside you who usually come and go wherever he want. Now, even the big brother is accompanying you to sneak around, you have to question his strength?”

JiYuan : “I am just doubting the efficiency of Luo Xiuyi’s pills. In case something really happened and the pills don’t work, in the end I would be the one in bad luck, okay?”

System : “…. You are really farsighted.”

But System was right. With Ye Junchi here, it was indeed easy to slip into the burial site, no wonder the task requested him to team up with Ye Junchi. However, upon reaching the ancestral graves and found ZhaoYang’s tomb, Ye Junchi said one sentence that totally destroyed the good impression he just had of him(YJC).

Pointing at the seemingly new grave that has just been repaired, Ye Junchi raised his chin towards JiYuan, the corner of his lips was carrying a hint of smile, “Dig ba.”

JiYuan : “…”

System was a bit puzzled, “What is it?”

JiYuan went silent for a moment, then started trembling without expressions, “I am afraid of ghosts.”

The author has something to say: Hamster Ye : You are afraid of ghost? Ji Melon Seed : …. not afraid! Hamster Ye silently summoned demons and monsters to scare that tight-lipped Melon Seed, a moment later… JiYuan
was scared to death. Hamster Ye : …. Wife QAQ!!! Oho, overdone it.

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Chapter 12

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System recalled back its memory to when JiYuan escaped from the demon palace to the back mountain; his terrified-to-the-max expression. Then, it turned back to look at the JiYuan who was shivering like a little chicky, and promptly went speechless.

After a long while, System said, “Weren’t you a good socialist youth who bathed in the glory of materialism?”

JiYuan : “Shut up, thank you.”

His heart was shaking like a leaf, but he dedicatedly maintained his usual iciness. His pale eyes turned towards Ye Junchi, as if he was silently condemning him(YJC).

But Ye Junchi was very sensitive and aware of what was happening, “Are you afraid?”

JiYuan pursed his lips and bowed his head.

A rare genuine smile flashed through Ye Junchi’s eyes. He casually patted the tombstone and said, “It’s just a dead person and was not done in by you, what are you afraid of?”

Expressionless, JiYuan asked, “Digging his grave, don’t you afraid you would dream (nightmare) of him at night?” He(JY) heard that people who died from violence has a heavy aura of grievances, after death they would become evil spirits. This world is so mysterious, there could be really ghosts existed here….

“So what if I dreamt of him?” Ye Junchi was a bit surprised, “Could he win over me?”

JiYuan was choked and became speechless, “….” Very good.

Then, Ye Junchi discovered a hint from JiYuan’s words. Looking oddly at JiYuan for a moment, he laughed out loud with a roar.

“You….you, couldn’t be you are afraid of ghosts?”

JiYuan stiffened his face and maintained the indifferent expression. Listening to Ye Junchi’s laughter spreading over the deathly stillness of the cemetery, he really wanted to go and beat him(JYC) up. Just when he started to worry if the dignified demon lord would laugh himself to death, Ye Junchi finally ended his frenzy of laughter. He rubbed JiYuan’s hair and said with a gentle voice, “Go and dig ba.”

God his mother throwing this sentence to me after laughing for the whole damned day?!

JiYuan glared at Ye Junchi. The pair of very light-colored eyes were stained with rare emotions, became darker in color and contained anger. The youth’s white handsome face was like a small deer. Staring at people in such manner, there were no power in it but making people feel that it was cute instead.

Cute things are meant to be bullied.

That was Ye Junchi’s principle – so he returned a smile back to JiYuan, “What, I just promised to help you investigate the murderer. But I didn’t say I would take charge of the whole thing all by myself, are you planning to do nothing at the side?”

… JiYuan weakly vexed in the wrong. After a moment of silent confrontation, JiYuan bowed his head and silently moved to the newly buried grave. As his finger just touched the ground, like being electrocuted by lightning, he immediately shrunk back like he was unhinged, his fingertips couldn’t help trembling. Suddenly, characters from countless horror movies came out to perform a play in his mind, their ferocious faces looked horrifying. His innate fear caused him to stiffly half-kneeling in front of the grave. Even his body started to feel cold, he couldn’t force his hands down onto the grave no matter what.

Seeming him in such a terrified state, System sighed, “Do you want me to help you?”

JiYuan’s eyes were swimming in tears, “Yes!”

System : “Close your eyes.”

JiYuan immediately closed his eyes. Then, what emerged in front of his eyes were red color as the background, the socialism core values.

System : “Just look at them, and move your hands. Don’t be afraid!”

JiYuan : “I have an F-word that I must say it out.”

Relying on himself was better than relying on System. JiYuan bit on his teeth and mustered the effort to overcome the overwhelming fear in his heart. Just when he started to move his hands, his hands were pulled by a warm hand.

Faint smell of rosin lingered at his nose, and JiYuan opened his eyes with a stunned look. Turning around, he doesn’t know since when Ye Junchi stood behind him. At this moment, Ye Junchi was bending his waist and holding his hand. His head was at his(JY) neck, the warm breaths sprayed on JiYuan, causing him to feel a bit itchy. The man behind him has an expression not sure if to laugh or not to laugh, “Useless little thing, I’ll do it.”

[T/N : squeal Ehem, no. I’m not writing this to squeal. Just wanna give a note that the raw say ‘ 没⽤的⼩东⻄ ’ which doesn’t sound that insulting as in English.]

In JiYuan’s heart, he gave Ye Junchi 3 sticks of incense, silently broke away from his hand to stand at the side.

Ye Junchi’s movements were neat, efficiently dug open the grave, revealing a coffin. The golden thread Chinese cedar coffin in the grave exuded a touch of aroma, it dispersed a tiny bit of fear from JiYuan.

Dawdling in his steps to stand beside Ye Junchi, JiYuan looked at the finely carved pattern on the cover of the coffin, he couldn’t help swallowing.

“System, do you think the body inside has already rotted….?”

System gave a tut, “How could that be? Guaranteed as fresh as the live one.”

…that would be much more terrifying ah!

Ye Junchi reached out and slowly pushed the cover of the coffin. But he has just opened a small gap and peeked inside, his expression slightly changed. Pushing back the cover onto the coffin, he shouted, “Step back!”

JiYuan immediately retreated but it was too late.

The moment a gap appeared at the coffin, an unknown gold-colored thing flew out. Seemingly to aware that Ye Junchi was not someone to mess with, it ‘avoid the strong, attack the weak’ rushed towards JiYuan. Although JiYuan has retreated as fast as he can, the golden thing managed to rush into his eyes. That moment of piercing pain felt like his eyes were being gouged out alive. JiYuan tightly clenched his teeth, but a cry of pain still leaked out. Tears were flowing from the pain, his mind was blank and he almost lose his consciousness.

After a long while, JiYuan slowly recovered. Enduring the pain, he hastened to poke System, “Am I blind now? What is the thing just now?” System : “A golden silkworm… it flies too fast. Try opening your eyes?”

JiYuan tried to open his eyes, but his tears were muddling his sight. Even if he could forcibly open for a tiny bit, he couldn’t see anything. His head was spinning to the point that he couldn’t distinguish directions. Then, his back abruptly leaned onto a solid chest and faint smell of rosin wafted over, giving an illusion of warm gentleness. His pair of painful eyes were covered with a warm hand, Ye Junchi’s voice sounded beside his ear.

“Sorry, it was due to my carelessness. Didn’t expect them to put traps inside the coffin.”

JiYuan wanted to say ‘It’s alright’ but unexpectedly cried out in pain the moment he opened his mouth. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to curl up into a ball inside the coffin.

Ye Junchi’s hand was warm and dry, the heat from his hand was slowly transferred into his eyes, expelling those troublesome silkworm away.1 The pain gradually disappeared so JiYuan tried to open his eyes. His eyelashes couldn’t help fluttering and the hand covering his eyes paused for a moment. Then, the hand pressed down without any gentleness in it.

JiYuan : “…. ?”

Ye Junchi said with a just and forceful conviction, “Itchy!”

JiYuan swatted away his hand with an indifferent face. Slowly opening his eyes, his line of sight was still a bit blurred. JiYuan blinked and drops of tear fell down. The person behind him released him, smiling smugly, “Indeed someone has been raised as a maiden for more than ten years. Even the temper is just like a little girl, shedding tears whenever something happened.”

…why was it my fault that the original body is scared of pain?

The pain caused the corner of his eyes to turn red and tears were falling down like beads from time to time. JiYuan lifted his sleeves to wipe away the tears, but a clean handkerchief appeared in front of him just in time. His eyes followed the slender fingers holding the handkerchief back to its owner, silently staring at him.

Ye Junchi gathered his eyebrows with a bit impatience, “Take it and wipe your tears, crying like that.”

After a moment of silence, JiYuan took the handkerchief and wiped his eyes. His gaze casually swept over to the coffin which has been re-opened and abruptly froze. A chill crept into his heart. Slightly shivering, JiYuan asked in a hoarse voice, “ZhaoYang’s body?”

Please don’t tell me that this person stored it away because it’s fun.

Ye Junchi shrugged, “As you can see, inside this coffin was only a few insects, no corpse.”

People on the other side must be afraid that they would come to check the body, so they secretly put away the body in advance and also left a small ‘gift’.

JiYuan dried his tears but he was embarrassed to give back a wet handkerchief. Then, he glanced back at the empty coffin. With a puzzled tone, he asked, “What are those people actually trying to do?”

The corpse was gone, and there were no ways to check the sword wounds. That means the trail of their clue was broken. Couldn’t be Ye Junchi need to bring in demon troops to South Lake? Just to save his father? That sounded too bizarre. If they really did it, then a story about ‘angrily going against the monarch for the sake of the beauty’ featuring Ye Sangui and Ji Yuanyuan would be spread around in the next generations.

[T/N : Oh noes, JY is referencing other weird stuff again T^T This time, it’s a story about someone called Wu Sangui and Chen Yuanyuan that gave birth to this saying ‘冲冠⼀怒为红颜’. If you know chinese, you can check HERE. If you don’t, just be like me, ignore that and read it as
that :v] System coldly pointed out the error, “It should be the story of King ‘Ye’ Zhou and ‘Ji’ Daji, the reputation is smellier.”

[T/N : Many thanks to System who used an example that existed in the english Wikipedia. ;D For Daji’s story, please click HERE.]

JiYuan : “…. only you have so much to say.”

Ye Junchi seemed to be thinking of something and stared at the coffin for a moment. He opened his mouth, was about to speak but suddenly frowned. With one hand, he pulled JiYuan into his arms and flew up with his sword. The next moment, a dozens of swords abruptly appeared at the ground they were standing on earlier. Each sword was deeply embedded into the ground. One could imagine if Ye Junchi was a step late, JiYuan would be nailed down onto the ground.

Footsteps came from all sides and JiYuan’s gaze swept over, his eyebrows couldn’t help but twitched. …. surrounding them were, monks dressed like xx, priests dressed in robes, practitioners holding spiritual swords. A rough glance, there were at least one or two hundred people.

There were not just people from the Zhao family! Ye Junchi suddenly sneered.

Those people stared at Ye Junchi floating in the air. In their eyes were restrained fear, not daring to rush in indiscriminately. After a long while, the practitioners wearing the robe from Zhao family slowly parted and two middle-aged men walked out from the group.

The man on the left was wearing a robe from the Zhao family. His eyes were slender, the light from his eyes was like a poisonous snake, giving people an uncomfortable feeling.

The man on the right wore an azure long gown. His face was elegant and warm. When meeting people, there would be a three-point smile on his face, giving good impression to other people. System : “The one on the left is family Head of the Zhao family, Zhao BuChen. The one on the right is his sworn brother. Coming from one of the four major families, the family Head of the Yun family, who is also the chief of the alliance, Yun WuXiu.”

Taking note of the faces of the aforementioned men, JiYuan didn’t express any comments.

Zhao BuChen’s gaze when he looked at them was too scary. If Ye Junchi’s gaze when he was angry could be described as a cold sword silently unsheathed in a dark night, then this family Head over there could be described as a poisonous snake staring intently, couldn’t wait to rush in and ruthlessly take a bite. But Zhao BuChen didn’t say anything, he just scarily swept his gaze back and forth from JiYuan to Ye Junchi.

He could restrain his temper but it doesn’t mean the others could do the same. After a long while of silence, a Daoist priest suddenly jumped out. Pointing at Ye Junchi, he shouted at a slew of curse.

“Demon! You massacre my Mingxu temple three years ago. Since then, you holed up in the demon realm, not daring to come forward. So, today you finally dared to come out and die!”

His words just finished but there were people at his side who shouted out and continued the scolding. Every one present at the scene seemed to have an absolutely irreconcilable enmity with Ye Junchi. That stunned both Ye Junchi and JiYuan for a moment, both of them were a bit confused.

At loss, JiYuan looked at Ye Junchi : …. why does it feels like you started feuds with all kinds of people around the world?

Ye Junchi returned the look in a daze : How do I know?
The author has something to say: Then ‘what’, let’s go (:з」∠) 

#ChapterSoHardICried Lil bit on the major 4 families of the cultivation world and their family Head Zhao family   – Zhao BuChen Yun family   – Yun WuXiu Jiang family – ??? ??? family – ???

Chapter 13

[Translator : Alright, thanks to our reader phyrigia here, I googled about ‘jincan’ and found out that the golden silkworm doesn’t necessarily need to be in worm form. Copying from this page HERE , the poisonous insect (named as Gu) was made by sealing several venomous creatures (e.g., centipede, snake, scorpion) inside a closed container where they kill and devour one another. The survivor would accumulate all those toxin in its body and could transform into different animals: snakes, worms, earthworms, frogs, dogs or pigs. So in our story here, it took shape as a worm. And it flies :v WIKI 1 ]

The tone of the surrounding people was quite loud and fierce. Yelling for some time, their voice started to gradually weakened when they saw Ye Junchi with a ‘not my problem’ expression on his face. They subconsciously looked towards Zhao BuChen.

Zhao BuChen finally speak out, he has been suppressing his anger so not to lose control of himself. His face was twitching when he spoke, his voice was hoarse.

“Demon! What kind of deep-rooted enmity you have with my son? You killed my son and now, even came to disrespect his place of eternal sleep. Are you not afraid of retribution?!”

Those with eyes could see that the coffin was empty, they couldn’t help but sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Zhao… family Head Zhao, it seems that your son’s body is not inside.” Zhao BuChen stared blankly. The moment he saw the coffin being dug out, he was so angry that he almost lose his consciousness. He doesn’t dare to look into the coffin but now that he heard those words, he peeked into the coffin of his little son. When he saw that the coffin was empty, his eyes suddenly turned black and the calmness he barely maintained in front of his sworn brother abruptly broke apart. He rushed out with his sword, his expression was extremely violent, “YE JUNCHI!”

As the head of a clan, his cultivation was naturally not weak. Immediately, a freezing cold sword was stabbed forward, the blade was glowing with faint blue light. It was heard that people from Zhao family has the tendency to coat their sword with poison so their ancestor passed down a warning; not to easily unsheathe their sword. Else, someone would die once the sword is unsheathed.

Zhao family in recent years was getting more and more insolent. The number of times they unsheathed their swords has increased, so did the numbers of dead people. Most of people dared to be angry but doesn’t dare to utter a word about it, they could only swallow the anger down. Even for those who intended to take revenge, they couldn’t resist against this huge monster located on top of ChengYang mountain.

The poison coated on Zhao BuChen’s sword was the most fatal type, even breaking just the skin would be a serious matter.

Ye Junchi pressed JiYuan’s head into his arms, then jumped backwards and kicked Gui Chi out. The black long sword quietly rushed out to clash with the sword in Zhao BuChen’s hand. With a sound ‘Ding!’, both swords were propelled backwards with a burst of energy. Zhao BuChen could only resist for a period of 3-breaths, then was shot down by Gui Chi with a bang.

Some of the people sucked in cold breaths.

How high was Zhao BuChen’s cultivation? It was obvious to all of them. But even Zhao BuChen couldn’t hold a few rounds against Ye Junchi. So, among two hundreds of them, who could stop him from starting a slaughter? Yun WuXiu reacted to catch Zhao BuChen. Frowning, he asked a few times if he was okay. His gaze when he raised his head to look at Ye Junchi was a bit cold. He slowly said, “The human realm has not been in war with the demon realm for hundreds of years. It was the demon lord who started a massacre first, at Mingxu temple. This time, you took the life of the Zhao family’s young master, even breaking into his grave and snatched his body away. ‘Giving an inch and you’ll take a mile’, could it be you think that we humans doesn’t have any talented fighters and doesn’t dare to open war with you?”

Ye Junchi didn’t respond to what Yun WuXiu had said. His feet were suspended in mid-air, and there was a three-point smile on his face; not sure if it was ridicule or something else. He called Gui Chi back and toyed with the hilt of the sword with one hand. Then, he lazily looked at all four corners of the area. Wherever his gaze stopped at, the people at that location couldn’t help taking a step backwards.

Although JiYuan was still pressed at Ye Junchi’s chest, he has System to deliver live broadcast of the situation to him. Upon seeing the scene, he sincerely exclaimed, “Now I know how the legendary demon looks like.” (YJC being the bad kind of evil)

System : “Handsome?”

JiYuan thought for a moment, “Not as handsome as me.”

System : “…” Yeah, sure.

After a long while, Ye Junchi retrieved his roaming gaze. His head lowered down at the youth who was being pressed at his chest, he only saw his(JY) soft black hair. For no reason at all, he felt that the youth staying obediently in his embrace was kinda cute. He caressed his hair like a small pet, and said in a tone not salty yet not light, “What Mingxu temple did, Alliance’s Chief daren couldn’t be in the dark about it. I will say one sentence here, ZhaoYang was not killed by me. The body was already gone when we arrived.” When Zhao BuChen heard that, he laughed in anger, “Then, it means my son climbed out by himself?!”

Ye Junchi raised his eyebrow, “Your abode is so easy to sneak into, how hard is it to steal a corpse?”

The gaze in Zhao BuChen’s eye was like he wanted to rush forward and bite Ye Junchi to death. Yun WuXiu held onto his shoulder, the corner of his eyes were cold, “What does the demon lord mean by that?”

“Hmm,” Ye Junchi seriously thought about it and said, “Someone imitated me and killed ZhaoYang. They stole the corpse because they were afraid I would investigate and reveal them.”

He said it so seriously and yet, all of the people present looked at him with a strange look. JiYuan studied the look thrown by these people and interpreted, “They were saying, god your mother are you playing with me?”

System said with a pleased tone, “Full marks.”

Ye Junchi also knew that no one would believe his words so he casually raised eyebrows and said, “Don’t believe me? Then I have nothing to say.” Finishing his words, he turned to leave.

Those people present at the scene were people who heard about the news of Ye Junchi’s appearance at Zhao family’s residence in advance. Some were the Daoist priests from the perished Mingxu temple while some were family members or clan leaders of murdered victims, which they ‘guessed’ were killed by Ye Junchi. Their status or cultivation was not low. Even though they felt scared from Ye Junchi’s moves just now, they couldn’t just let Ye Junchi swaggered away from the scene.

Hearing movement from behind him, Ye Junchi raised his heroic eyebrow. He fished out the bloody red pills that Luo Xiuyi has refined for him from his bosom. He took a sniff from the pills which were still carrying a slight hint of blood. His gaze containing a smile fell onto the side of JiYuan’s neck. “It doesn’t look as tasty as you, let me take a bite?” [T/N : Yes, please.]

JiYuan raised his head with an indifferent look, there were no emotions in the light-colored eyes. His hand reached out to take a pill and stuffed it directly into Ye Junchi’s mouth.

Acting like JiYuan just took an initiative to feed him the medicine, Ye Junchi smiled and said ‘Many thanks’ in a low voice. Then immediately, he turned around and swept out with his sword. Gloomy dark ray was emitted from the tip of the sword and a sword qi the shape of a waning moon flew out, clashing with the attacks by the spiritual swords and magic weapons from behind.

[T/N : Picture of sword qi HERE ]

A dozen of men activated sword flight at the same time, naturally Ye Junchi’s sword qi couldn’t block that much. The sword qi struggled for a moment then suddenly burst with a ‘Peng!’.

A cloud of black mist started to fill the sky, silently swallowed those magic weapons. The people down on the ground couldn’t feel their link with the magic weapon anymore; their expression started to change.

Ye Junchi held JiYuan with one hand, the other hand wielding his sword; evading the people who was attacking from behind. Looking at JiYuan in his arms, he really wanted to pinch his earlobe but unfortunately, no free hand.

Ye Junchi : “Afraid?”

JiYuan looked back at him with a pair of cold and calm eyes, not a trace of fear in it.

System : “Stop shaking. I say, no one here can beat him.” “Where did you get this ‘fan’s confidence’ from?” System : “Your man.” “Scram.”

Ye Junchi keep dodging the attacks, even when he returned the attacks, it was just a flick of sword. The saturated fog was trapping the magic weapons; it has been hundreds of round but it couldn’t find the way out.

The cultivators who originally planned to go all out to a bloody battle was stunned instead. Most of them have never seen Ye Junchi before. The only evil things they heard of Ye Junchi was the massacre at Mingxu temple three years ago. That massacre was the one that make people so fearful of Ye Junchi, but listening to what he had said just now…. it seemed to have a hidden situation? They were at a loss for some time. Why was this demon rumored to be ruthless, who killed without blinking, so merciful with his attacks?

Just as the crowd was wavering a bit, Ye Junchi immediately dodged three black nails flying directly at them. Looking at Zhao BuChen, the tip of his sword pointed at the graves below them. His tone was plain, “Family Head Zhao, your ancestors has been buried in this piece of ground for hundreds of years. Wouldn’t they be so bored that they need to come up for a breath of fresh air?”

[T/N : Translation for YJC’s flowery words – You sneak-attacked me?
Do you want me to dig up all your ancestor’s grave?]

Zhao BuChen’s expression changed. Just now he was rejoicing at the fact that Ye Junchi only stayed in the air, and would not cause any disaster on the ground, he didn’t expect that Ye Junchi would use it to threaten him. A fierce fire was burning in his heart, he cursed out loudly, “Despicable!”

Yun WuXiu’s expression was also ugly, he tried to suppress his mood and be as calm as possible, “Ye Junchi, the debt between the living should be resolved with the living. Why would you involve people’s ancestral graves? Today, as long as you return my nephew’s corpse, we will let you leave.”

Surprised, Ye Junchi said, “What, couldn’t be you are thinking if you doesn’t let me leave, I wouldn’t be able to leave?” Yun WuXiu was momentarily speechless.

Ye Junchi retrieved his smile, and coldly said, “Or do you want me to repeat my words just now?”

Most people at the scene had their magic weapons trapped by the cloud of black mist. As for the minority, they were being cautious and doesn’t dare to take action. Whoever had their gaze contacted Ye Junchi’s eyes couldn’t help getting cold sweat in their heart.

This world is just like this. As long as the strength is strong enough, one person bearing one sword could go against a hundred of people and still win. No one could be the enemy, no one would dare to go against him. JiYuan was acting abnormal so System said, “You shouldn’t look down on those people down there. The main problem here is the location. Here is Zhao family’s ancestral burial site, who would dare to use their full strength to fight? In case someone accidentally split open people’s ancestor old bones, how could that person leave ChengYang mountain vertically?”

[T/N : Vertically means standing up while horizontally means lying down. Lying down means dead. Get it?]

JiYuan was expressionless, “Who was the one praising Ye Junchi just now?”

System acted serious and fair, its mechanical tone has a particular cold overtone, “I am an objective AI.”

Say anything you want.

In the end, Ye Junchi left ChengYang mountain without a single harm on him. The demon lord strut into their territory and left with a swagger. The Zhao family has been embarrassed in front of numerous practitioners and clans, at the same time they carried an infinite resentment. After all, the grave of their little son has been dug out. They could be considered to have good self-control by not vomiting blood right at the moment. After an hour Ye Junchi and JiYuan left ChengYang mountain, the Alliance issued a Soul Destroying Order* on Ye Junchi and JiYuan – that means people who was named in the order would be a wanted person to be killed by the entire cultivation world in the human realm.

[T/N : For us modern people, we call this K.O.S – Kill On Sight ? Don’t know what it is? Click HERE . I learned this term from YuWo’s Half Prince novel~ XDXD]

Originally, people who wanted to kill Ye Junchi was numerous. Now that the K.O.S order has been issued, even those retired fame monks came out from their mountains (confinement).

JiYuan doesn’t know about this shit, in his heart he was happily talking nonsense with System.

After they left ChengYang mountain, Ye Junchi hasn’t been talking. When the day gradually turned darker, they found a place to settle down. Then he said, “We will go towards south.” JiYuan puzzledly looked at him. Ye Junchi put his hand out in front of JiYuan and opened his slender white fingers. In his palm was actually a dead, rigid silkworm.

“This is called Golden silkworm. It was refined* by a clan in JinHe. These silkworm’s action are very fast, its body contain high toxicity and it could drill into a human body. When it was first introduced, many clans and martial artists tried their hand to imitate one. They nearly refined out a fake-genuine silkworm but the genuine silkworm has an unobvious black line on its body.”

Ye Junchi slowly opened his mouth, his expression was smiling and yet, his eyes were cold, “Going to investigate.” (answering JY puzzled look earlier)

A clue is a clue. JiYuan blinked and nodded, seeing that there was a black line on the dead silkworm’s body. As he nodded, he thought to ask, “Which family?”

“Jiang family at JinHe.” The author has something to say: Alright, stop playing with that stalk, how about we take a break… ( ˙- ˙ ) JinHe Jiang family …. Jinjiang … I really didn’t mean it… I only noticed this coincidence after finished writing it….

[Translator : No idea why YJC said the silkworms were ‘refined’, it’s not like they have DNA manipulation lab but this is a world of cultivation. So, let’s push all the blame on mystical power and end the question~ XD [edit] Maybe the word ‘refined’ means trapping various poisonous insects together, now that I googled the info at the top]


Chapter 14

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JinHe is a place with the element of water. According to what System helped JiYuan to convert, JinHe is almost similar to Jiangnan (China) from his original world.

YangNing was located too far away from JinHe, JiYuan’s body couldn’t tolerate standing all day long in sword flight. Fortunately, Ye Junchi was not in a hurry and JiYuan was not in a panic either, so they discussed a bit about the transportation plan. Tonight they would be resting inside this forest, then tomorrow they would travel further away from ChengYang mountain first before considering to either buy a horse or rent a boat.

Finding dry woods was not difficult in the summer. Ye Junchi casually started a campfire, then leisurely leaned against a tree, his hands folded at the back of his head. Throwing a glance at JiYuan, he lazily said, “Go find something to eat.”

JiYuan eyed the dark forest, he felt like there were demons and ghosts looking at their direction with ill intentions. Suddenly feeling terrified, he inched a bit nearer towards Ye Junchi without batting an eyelid. His gaze lowered down, looking at the fire; pretending not to hear what was said just now.

Ye Junchi laughed, “I forgot that you are afraid of ghosts, really like a little girl.”

JiYuan maintained the last bit of stubbornness in him and gnashed his teeth, “…. I’m not afraid.”

“Oh.” Ye Junchi nodded and closed his eyes. His long lashes cast a touch of shadow on his face. Looking like he was very tired, Ye Junchi said, “Then, go ahead ba. I’m a bit hungry after a battle.”

JiYuan : “….”

System : “Thanks for your trouble.”

The owner of the body was not afraid of ghost, System was quite tolerating with him already. JiYuan could only ‘bite the bullet’ and stood up. He picked up a burning stick from the campfire, hesitatingly moved towards the forest. Ye Junchi who was leaning against the tree, looking like he fell asleep suddenly said, “Bring Gui Chi along.”

Stunned, JiYuan turned around to look at him. Ye Junchi’s eyes were closed and he was breathing evenly. His thin lips were lightly pursed, as if he never said anything. Just that, it was unknown how Gui Chi which was originally nestled in his arms, has somehow slid at JiYuan’s feet.

JiYuan was horrified, “I, I, I, I didn’t hear that wrongly?”

System : “You, you, you, you didn’t hear it wrongly.”

Overwhelmed by this favor from a superior, JiYuan silently picked up Gui Chi. With this sword that could suppress demons and ghosts by his side, he was not afraid anymore. While he was thinking of what could be eaten in the forest, he said to System, “I am shocked!”

“What?” “Although Ye Junchi make fun of me sometimes, his personality was better than what I thought.”

System : “Then, marry him ba.”

I was just commenting about it, no need so serious ba. JiYuan was angered, he ignored that System who looked cold but actually not serious at all.

System waited for a while but didn’t receive any reply, so it gave a dry cough and earnestly said, “Baby, you should rejoice a bit here. For normal people, if they were to be tortured by your blood and need to act as a furnace for you, it would be already great if they don’t ‘bring you down to a mutual destruction’ or ‘beat you to half-paralysis’. Plus, Ye Junchi only harmlessly teased you. He treated you well, probably because of one, he needs your blood. Two, maybe related to what Luo Xiuyi said about Red Phoenix star and Happiness star. As for three….”

JiYuan silently perked his ears.

System : “Hahahaha, I can’t tell you now.”

JiYuan went silent for a moment, then abruptly said, “If you guys are sick, what need to be done?”

“AI couldn’t get sick.” System was a baffled.

“No, you are sick, have to eat medicine.” JiYuan continued icily, “Brain damage.”

System : “….” Little brat’s guts are getting bigger and bigger.

System has just mentioned little brat (⼩兔崽⼦/Little rabbit), and JiYuan glimpsed a small rabbit. He quickly pounced at it – but came up empty, and
got a mouthful of mud. Beside his ears was System’s merciless ridicule. JiYuan wiped his face and rolled his eyes. Subconsciously rubbing his own chest, he was sad to find out that he had already changed to men clothing, no longer storing any fruits to eat. He sadly squatted on the ground. After a while, he was ready to get up again to find food, but was swiftly being pressed down by a palm. A chill traveled from his back to his mind. JiYuan’s scalp became numb, his hackles raised up.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah System what what I thought Gui Chi wards evil what is touching my head ah ah ah ah ah ah I am going to die ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”1

System was even more nervous than him, “You, calm down!”

JiYuan : “Ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

System really wanted to follow him and ‘ah ah ah’ together as well, after a moment of silence, it said, “Maybe because you still haven’t return after a long while, your owner has come to pick you up.”

Not a moment after System’s cold voice faded, JiYuan heard the familiar voice behind him.

“You didn’t come back after so long, I thought you were eaten – why are you shaking?”

It was rare that JiYuan doesn’t collapse at these kind of moment, and he also maintained his coldness. When he heard the voice, he stiffly turned back to look at the tall, slender man behind him. Clenching his teeth to restore his calm, and waited until his body stopped trembling, he then hoarsely said, “Cold.”

Ye Junchi’s unfathomable eyes stared at the youth like white jade for a moment. Faintly smiling, not asking any further, he said, “Come on, let’s go back.”

JiYuan took the chance when Ye Junchi turned around to walk, to pat his calf then stiffly followed from behind. He said to System in an aggrieved voice, “I was about to cry from the fear.”

“…. why are your guts so small?”

JiYuan was feeling even more wronged. “I was not sensible when I was a child. Gotten myself deceived by a few half brothers and sisters to enter a haunted house. I stayed there alone for 3 days. Even when I was rescued, I was scolded a round by them. The psychological shadow covered a huge area in my heart so I grew up fearing these things.”

Pausing, he then added bitterly, “But those people just like to hold onto people’s weakness. Knowing that I have psychological shadow on these, they often watched horror movies during family gatherings. I couldn’t display timidness but I was scared to death, still I have to maintain the smile on my face….hmm, have to thank them. If not for so much training from them, even if I usually doesn’t OOC, I could have collapsed from the scare just now.”

Upon hearing that, System went silent for a moment and said, “Sorry.”

JiYuan was at a loss.

System : “Just now, I did found out that Ye Junchi was silently approaching, I didn’t inform you.”

JiYuan : “….”

Back to the campfire, JiYuan was surprised to see there was an unknown creature already roasting by the fire. The fat, tender meat was flowing with oil as it roasted. There was a sheen of shiny oil on the golden-colored meat, the smell of meat was filling the air. Not living up to expectation (as a cold beauty), JiYuan swallowed his saliva. But thinking that the original body was a vegetarian, he suddenly became heartbroken.

Ye Junchi flipped the grill that he casually assembled just now, looking like he was concentrating on the roasted meat. But at the corner of his eyes, he was watching JiYuan. Seeing the usual cold expression on the youth’s face, he(YJC) was a bit disappointed in his heart. It was really difficult to see any expression from that pair of light-colored eyes. As they get along these few days, he was sensitively aware that even though JiYuan looked indifferent as usual in the past, his character seemed to change a lot and became more interesting too. Unfortunately, the youth rarely reveal any inkling of his feeling.

JiYuan doesn’t know that he was being stared intently at. He was still thanking those unkind half brothers and sisters for giving him the skill to be able to stay quiet no matter in what situation.

After roasting for a while, Ye Junchi took the meat out from the grill and tore a small piece of meat to JiYuan. His tone was faint, “I know you are a vegetarian. But in this desolate mountain range, there are no wild fruits nearby so bear with it ba.”

JiYuan’s pair of eyes were swimming in tears. His hands trembled as he accept the roasted meat. With a devout feeling of commemoration, he bit on the meat in small bites.

This kind of ‘bear with it’, please come every day. (T ^ T)

Witnessing JiYuan’s hands trembling, his expression slightly at loss and him eating in small bites seemingly hard to swallow, this series of actions has caused Ye Junchi to misunderstood. He thought for a moment, and took back the small portion of meat from JiYuan. Seeing the youth’s tear-rimmed eyes looking at him, a rare feeling of pity appeared in his heart.

ZhaoYang liked to abduct various types of beauties, not discriminating on gender, as long as he could satisfy his maniac appetite. When he became tired of it, the fate of the beauty would be very miserable – if lucky, he/she would be given to his men. If unlucky, he/she would be thrown into his courtyard. Then, he would call upon his bunch of unruly friends, and start a gngbng. In the end, no one could survive that.

[T/N : Sorry for the interruption. I kinda censored the offensive word there so for those who are using a translator to read, just note that it’s an offensive word. And ZhaoYang totally deserved death more painful than ‘death by dismemberment by 5 horses’.]

Knowing that ZhaoYang took JiYuan, Ye Junchi immediately rushed to save him. After they returned to the palace, his mind was thinking back and forth. He felt that he has already shown his face (at the human realm), plus he already brought the person back with him. Might as well marry ‘her’ since as the demon lord’s people, no one would dared to touch. Staying inside the demon palace was absolutely the safest choice. Just that he doesn’t expect that ZhaoYang would die – JiYuan was very innocent, no matter what, he(JY) was the one being implicated. Ye Junchi immediately agreed to help out was because, other than some additional factors, he understood why JiYuan was so unlucky.

JiYuan ate half of the meat in tears, he keep sighing to System about how fragrant the meat was and how much he couldn’t bear to finish it. He didn’t expect that Ye Junchi would take it back. At once, he became stupidly stunned, and had an urge to hit someone.

Ye Junchi suddenly sighed.

JiYuan abruptly stiffened with nervousness. Then he saw a rare gentleness in the pool of ice inside Ye Junchi’s eye, his voice seemed to contain some sympathy, “If you couldn’t finish it, then don’t eat it. Sleep ba.”

JiYuan slightly opened his eyes, “….”

Big brother, you seemed to have misunderstood something???

System stifled a smile, “The original body couldn’t stand greasy meat, condolence to you ba.”

JiYuan’s heart died like burnt ash.

He took a last look at the roasted meat in Ye Junchi’s hand with resentment, then silently picked away some of the leaves on the ground, and laid down sideways.

How wronged ah, even tears were about to come out….. If the ‘gang of scoundrels’ friends from his original world were to know about this, they would most probably laughed themselves to death…. JiYuan’s eyes were swimming in tears, he was so aggrieved that he couldn’t sleep; quietly shrunk his body into a small ball. After a long while, his body suddenly felt a slight weight. He lowered his eyes to see a black robe, something he was familiar with these few days. The man’s figure was much taller and bigger than him, so his robe could be used as a quilt. A hint of rosin was lingering at his nose, making people feel at ease.

JiYuan was a bit stunned, then his hair was being rubbed. In a low magnetic tone, Ye Junchi’s voice sounded beside his ear, “Sleep, I’ll keep night vigil.”

The author has something to say: Happy Lantern Festival~ ending a
sweet chapter (:з 」∠) =w= A little explanation about why little demon wanted to marry the original body after saving ‘her'[yes, correct. Hamster Ye being nice and thoughtful is sweet ( ˙-˙ ) ] Ehehe, I saw that there are
some cute readers pointed out on ‘personality problem’ =w= rest assured, Hamster lord will find out Melon seed’s personality. Melon seed would also find out the loophole and express himself, System is a soft-hearted cute system ●v●

#SomehowThinkItMightBeFunToHaveAStoryAboutJiYuanInTheModernW orld 

Chapter 15

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To go down to JinHe from YangNing, it would be more convenient to take the water route.

The cultivation in this world was different than what JiYuan read in some cultivation novels, like you can fly to wherever you want to go. Moreover…. It was said that the world’s most valuable head at the moment was Ye Junchi, it must be his. Nowadays, there were a lot of cultivators passing by, be it up on the sky or down on the ground. Some were in groups while some were solo travelers. In the air, there was no cover so if they used sword flight, it would be easier to bump into those cultivators.

JiYuan was thinking seriously how did he became ‘cruel and unscrupulous’, ‘fickle’, ‘poisonous heart’ and ‘utterly heartless’.

[T/N : Idioms used in the above sentence , , 毒蝎
, 丧尽天良 . :v By chance if anyone got confused, JY was labelled
with the descriptions above by other people when his name was issued the
K.O.S order.]

Ye Junchi gave him some rare words of comfort, although it doesn’t sound right at all. He said, “Try to adapt, you will get used to it.” JiYuan expressed that he doesn’t want to adapt nor get used to it. Two people traveled far away from ChengYang mountain, and found a port. So, they consulted the boatman regarding buying a boat. JiYuan silently watched Ye Junchi bargained with an ordinary person and felt that the spectacle was too horrible to endure. As a dignified demon lord, the figure who would cause people to be terror-stricken at his name, actually casually chewing a stalk of grass not sure where he got it and was cutting prices with a human.

JiYuan : “… System, I found out that I don’t understand Ye Junchi.”

System : “Don’t panic.”

JiYuan blinked and heard System said, “I don’t quite understand him too.”

JiYuan : “….”

Eventually, Ye Junchi won with his smart mouth and succeeded in buying a small boat at the lowest price. When the boatman received his payment, he couldn’t help saying, “Looking at your clothing, you should be some young master from a rich family. Comparing to us, how could you spend so… ?”

He was really giving them some faces for not finishing the sentence. Ye Junchi smiled, the word ‘Interesting’ from his thought didn’t leave his mouth. At the corner of his eyes, he saw JiYuan holding his forehead while shaking his head. His(YJC) face turned slightly solemn and said, “We were driven out of the house.” Ye Junchi said it like it was really the truth.

JiYuan’s mouth twitched, in his heart he said, ‘as long as you are happy’. Unexpectedly, Ye Junchi turned around and looked at him, then faintly sighed, “Our family couldn’t accept us.” [T/N : Lol]

Earlier on, the boatman was already curious about the handsome youth who stood by the side with a calm and cold expression. So the moment he heard that, he immediately understood and meaningfully uttered an “Oh”. Noticing that the boatman has turned over to look at him with a strange gaze, JiYuan expressionlessly looked at Ye Junchi.


He was really ‘tricking’ anyone he came across.

Ye Junchi liked to tease JiYuan until he show a flicker of emotions. Like cracking a small gap in the cold mask, and taking a glimpse of an interesting soul. He was also quite surprised with himself for taking an interest in JiYuan, plus he enjoyed it and never get tired with his actions.

Because JiYuan does not ‘fast’ (no cultivation), they went to buy some dry food after purchasing a boat. Just as they passed by a stall selling masks, Ye Junchi casually glanced over. Suddenly, he reached out and picked a mask with ‘heavy colors’ and put it at his face. He smiled and asked, “How was it?”

At the same time, a few Daoist priests dressed in robe walked past them in a hurry, their face were gloomy. They looked like they were looking for something, their gaze were flying all over the place. Their hand was on their waist, holding onto the hilt of their sword; vigilant yet nervous.

JiYuan looked on as they walked further away. Retrieving his gaze back to the mask, thick and heavy in colors, he doesn’t think much and faintly uttered a word “Ugly”. Then from the mask stall, he picked up a mask carved into an image of a white rabbit, maliciously handed it over to Ye Junchi. Ye Junchi glanced at the slightly childish mask but unexpectedly didn’t say anything. As the result, he paid for the mask and took JiYuan back to the port.

Following behind him, JiYuan silently rubbed his chest, felt that the days without having fruits to boost calmness were very difficult. Towards him, Ye Junchi was treating him with a weird tolerating behavior. It was not because of his blood, nor the whatever stars. He was 80% sure the reason must be the third one that System had refrained from telling him as a teaser. Ye Junchi jumped onto the little boat and cut off the rope tying the boat to the port, letting it to begin drifting on the river. There was a river between YangNing and JinHe. Going downstream would need about half a month to reach, and they doesn’t have to control the direction.

Ye Junchi leaned at the side of the boat, his slender long legs curled up, ‘bearing with the size of the boat’. He squinted his eyes, enjoying the cool breeze blowing upon nightfall, along the surface of the river. After a long while, he said, “What do you want to ask?”

There were too much doubts in JiYuan’s heart. Seeing that he took the initiative to ask, JiYuan considered for a while and asked one question that Ye Junchi would answer.

“Those Daoist priests?”

“The cultivation sect issued a K.O.S order on our name, I’m afraid that anyone would want to kill us now.”

Holding his own chin, his tone was relaxed that not a slightest fear of the
K.O.S order could be heard, “As for you ah, not much people could recognize you. Unlike me, someone recognized me when we were buying dry food earlier. Just that he doesn’t dare to voice it out and secretly informed other people.”

“You have a deep enmity with the Daoist priests?”

Ye Junchi paused, inside the quiet and deep black eyes, there was a rare wave of emotion. Like blowing away the dust that covered the memories, and finding out that it was not what you want underneath the dust. He uttered a vague sound and said, “Mingxu temple has a good reputation, and their status was high too.”

Getting along together for some time now, JiYuan found out that Ye Junchi was not as bloodthirsty, or a mental killer as rumored. He really couldn’t understand what Mingxu temple did to provoke his wrath. The question was hanging at his mouth but when JiYuan glimpsed that Ye Junchi was having the same icy expression like last time, he swallowed it down.

After some quiet moments, he asked, “Why save me?”

He was asking about the time when he was being forced-marry by ZhaoYang.

From the social science classes System taught him, he knew what kind of a person ZhaoYang was. No one within a hundred families wouldn’t know. He heard that those young masters from elite sects and families, who were quite obsessed with original JiYuan wanted to help out when they heard about the forced marriage. But they were pressed down – first, they couldn’t afford to provoke the Zhao family. Second, even if they could afford it, it was not worth the oppression to save a good-looking but useless ‘vase’.

Ye Junchi smiled, “I was wondering when you would ask about this.”

He stared at JiYuan’s elegant face and said, “I told you this before that 13 years ago, the demon realm was in a chaos. The demon ruler was being sneak-attacked and died on the spot, his soul fled away and scattered. As the heir to the demon ruler, those ambitious people naturally would not let me go. The ‘roots’ must be completely eliminated…. I fled to the human realm. When I was at my last breath, I met a little girl.”

JiYuan could vaguely guessed something.

“A little young child, who looked cold and apathetic, not afraid even when looking at me who was splattered with blood…”

Ye Junchi’s tone was faint, “At that time, you were too young so you won’t be able to remember it now. I saw you turned around and ran, thought you wouldn’t come back. Didn’t expect you to bring your father with you, although the medicine used on me was not useful….”

It was not being the life-saver, but the slight warmth when ‘sending charcoal in snowy weather’1 had let Ye Junchi to reminisce it until now. JiYuan choked with feeling for a moment, then emotionally said to System,
“The death of the owner of this body was really not worth it….”

System sighed, “It’s all fate, he did not survive. It was your fate too, for you to come to this world. Don’t think so much and do your best in completing the tasks.”

JiYuan gave an “Oh”, then sat down at the side of the boat, quietly eating some dry food and fantasizing it as the roasted meat he didn’t get to eat last night.

Seeing him that quiet was a bit too much so System asked, “What are you thinking?”

Swallowing the dry food, JiYuan faintly answered, “Thinking about when I can go back and continue eating, drinking and enjoying my life.”

System looked at the progress bar of the tasks and lightly smiled,

JiYuan almost choked on his food, “… shut up, thank you.”

Going downstream for a few days, the weather has been calm. Upon reaching sunset, the ‘late summer, early autumn’ wind was a bit bitter and the weak chicken JiYuan shivered. As he was preparing to retreat into the boat’s hold2 so that he could listen to System telling him stories, he suddenly heard a scream ‘AH’ not far from them. JiYuan immediately turned around to look.

Not far from them was a boat. There was a person flopping in the water, while another person was being stepped onto at the side of the boat, painfully wailing something.

Robbery, murder, arson, blackmail, a series of similar words flew across his mind. JiYuan stared at the scene and found out that the one stepping on another person at the side of the boat was actually a young maiden. Wearing an attire of bustling red, she has one leg raised up and stepping on a man. In her hand was a vine whip. Seemed to detect JiYuan’s gaze, she raised her head.

It was an elegant, touching face. Her raised, slender eyebrows were slightly knitted while her delicate white little face was covered with wrath. Her pair of big eyes harshly looked over, a pampered aura was floating over even though they were not near.

System uttered an ‘Oho’ sound.

Although JiYuan was a ‘gay dude’, but that doesn’t prevent him from appreciating beauty. He silently looked over the maiden then suddenly remembered one thing, he quickly looked at Ye Junchi. Ye Junchi has put the rabbit mask on. The shadow cast over his gloomy eyes in the mask make his gaze even gloomier. The mask only covered half of the face, exposing a pair of pleasant red lips and a delicate jade jaw.

… just that the rabbit mask itself was spoiling the beautiful scenery.

As the little boat get closer to the young maiden, she swept over with a glance. She stopped for a moment at JiYuan’s face, her eyebrows raised up in confusion. Then, she kicked the man underneath her feet into the river. Her voice was like silver bells, “A bunch of lowlifes, dared to touch this great aunt!”

[T/N : She said but she was not that old. Remember what I said
that chinese people like to call themselves older to express superiority? Psst, it was when JY announced that he was a virgin :v ]

The two person who was pushed down into the river burst into tears, they keep shivering while calling out ‘Great Aunt’. The girl coldly said, “Not leaving yet?”

Both men could only start swimming in the cold river. The moment they saw JiYuan, their eyes shone bright and they quickly swam over them.

“These two young masters, young masters please, we ask for your kindness… ” The girl’s angry eyes were wide open, her whip flew over with a strike. Both boats were separated by 1 zhang (3.3m) and yet, the girl’s whip strike accurately on the men, their screams echoed. The corner of the maiden’s eyes was raised up, she denounced, “These two things who murder for money, actually dared to board a boat?!”

JiYuan squatted beside Ye Junchi, watching the show. Upon reaching this scene, he asked in a small voice, “Cultivators?”

Ye Junchi nodded.

JiYuan afraid that this girl would recognize Ye Junchi so he became quiet, not saying anything and wished the boat to just pass by silently. Never knew that the young maiden would looked at them after she settled those men, “Hey there, do you know JiYuan?”

JiYuan’s hand shook. When he changed to men’s clothing, he looked very different from when he wore women’s clothing. Only people who were familiar with him could recognize him, how did this girl get it right on the point the moment she opened her mouth?

Ye Junchi also turned around to look.

The girl frowned, “I’m asking you question, why are you not answering? Are you guys from YangNing? Have you seen JiYuan and Ye Junchi?”

JiYuan was about to deny it when Ye Junchi quietly replied, “Seen them.
What, you wanted to kill JiYuan too?”

The girl’s big eyes got even bigger, “Bollocks! This great aunt is going to save ‘her’ from the hands of that demon!”

[T/N : The author used ‘him/他’ (masculine form) instead of ‘her/她’ (feminine form). Should be a typo. I’m changing it to ‘she’.]

“…” What? Ye Junchi was stunned for a moment, then readily following the flow, “Oh? Save ‘her’? You are JiYuan’s … who?” JiYuan was asking System about the same thing. The girl and System opened their mouth at the same time.

“Her Biaojie.”3 “Your Biaojie.”
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JiYuan : What did you said?! Do you know how hard was it to suppress my constant outburst?!

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JiYuan : … System : … JiYuan : … freak.

Chapter 16

[Translator : Reading comments from y’all is really refreshing. I never thought to suspect Biaojie as any evil character even when I read the raw. I wondered if it was because System didn’t react anything out of the norm or Biaojie looked heroic? ? ]

… where did this big Biaojie came from?

JiYuan was a bit muddled, then he heard Ye Junchi beside him said in a low voice, a hint of smile was heard from his magnetic voice, “We still haven’t reach JinHe but we already bumped into someone from the Jiang family.”

System timely reminded, “Your mother is from the Jiang family, have you forgotten it already?”

The info of the kinship which has been thrown to the back of his mind resurfaced. JiYuan was a bit surprised, looking at the elegant, moving maiden at the opposite boat.

“I thought everyone is screaming for my death at the moment? How come this big Biaojie wanted to … save me?”

“Who knows?”

JiYuan could only maintain his pre-set personality and kept quiet, wordlessly watching Ye Junchi conversed with the maiden.

“Everyone wanted to kill him, and yet you wanted to save him. Just because he is your Biao (cousin)…” Ye Junchi paused, then glanced back to the quiet and well-behaved youth sitting beside him. He reached out and rubbed a few strands of hair, said with a smile, “… mei (younger sister)?”

[T/N : I swear to God, this chinese word ‘him (他)/her (她)’ is getting me crazy. Because it only ‘visible’ in written form and not the spoken form, the pronunciation for both words is the same ‘ta’. YJC is obviously using ‘him’ when he was referring to JY but … sigh

Do I correct it or not? :v But it’s not like it’s incorrect, but …

On the other hand, for your info, ‘Biao’ means cousin while the next word means the gender/age ranking. Like Biaoge (older male cousin), Biaodi (younger male cousin), Biaojie (older female cousin, Biaomei (younger female cousin).]


The young girl raised her head, “She is my little aunt’s daughter, how could she collude with the demon race? Furthermore, that ZhaoYang deserved to die long time ago. I really wanted to take look at that demon Ye Junchi.”

…. right in front of you ah. JiYuan was a bit helpless.
The girl’s eyes were clear and bright. Although she looked at people with a proud gaze, like a pampered princess, it did not cause any disgust. Also, the scene where she take care of the bad guys really impressed JiYuan. Such a girl like this, it was obvious with a glance that she grew up under the care of her family and doesn’t know the sinister side of people’s heart. Otherwise, she wouldn’t explain everything to Ye Junchi just like this…. Ye Junchi’s attitude was a bit strange, couldn’t be he has some devious thoughts?

As JiYuan was pondering about it, Ye Junchi has exchanged a few more words with the young maiden. Then, the subject was abruptly changed. He said, “You are looking for Ye Junchi and JiYuan? I heard that they heading southwards to JinHe.”

The girl’s eyes were wide opened.

“What?! It was not easy for me to run out……forget it, forget it.”

Stomping her feet, she looked back to see the floorboard of the boat being flooded with water. With a gentle jump, she landed on JiYuan’s boat.

“You are looking for them too right? Let’s go together.”

The girl pointed at the boat on the verge of collapsing, “Those two men chipped the bottom of the boat and wanted to rob me of my possessions but was chased away by me.”

The boat was bought by Ye Junchi so it was not JiYuan’s place to speak out. Even according to the pre-set personality, he still would not speak out so he could only silently prayed that the young girl would find another boat and stay further away from Ye Junchi. Although this person(YJC) was not as bad as he thought, but he is certainly not a good person.

The lips that were not covered by the mask curved up slightly, “Of course you can.”

JiYuan gave him a glance, but couldn’t see any emotions from that pair of serene and deep eyes. Trembling, he looked for System, “System, I think Ye Junchi is very scary. I have involuntarily started shaking….”

System went silent for a few seconds and calmly said, “You are cold.”

Oh… the night breeze blowing along the river surface, really quite cold.

JiYuan who was being corrected by System pursed his lips, without a word he turned towards the hold of the boat. But he has yet to take two steps when he was pulled back by that girl.

“Ai, my name is Jiang Miao Miao, what is your name? You looked like my little aunt. It has been 10 years since I last saw my biaomei (younger female cousin). She should look a bit similar like you.”

JiYuan’s eyes flashed.

System : “Jiang Miao Miao is suspecting that you are JiYuan. She is checking you out to see if you are a girl disguising as a young man….ah spit, you are really JiYuan to start with. Just that you has been a male disguising as a girl, so she misunderstood and thought you disguised yourself as male….”

JiYuan : “Halt! I know what are you trying to express!”

As a cultivator, it was quite easy to investigate someone’s gender with some deliberate efforts. Jiang Miao Miao was a bit startled, then stared at JiYuan with a look of doubt. JiYuan coldly retrieved his hand and said, “Please mind your behavior.”

Once he finished his words, he turned away and directly entered the hold of the boat. The original body doesn’t have any deep feelings towards the people from the Ji family, let alone the Jiang family that he had not contacted for more than 10 years. For this Biaojie who suddenly jumped out and said that she wanted to save him, naturally he wouldn’t give any good expression to her.

System praised, “Your acting is getting better.”

JiYuan sat down at a corner and took out some dry food to eat. He rolled his eyes while munching, “Why is it I felt like you are scolding me?”

Vague voices of Jiang Miao Miao and Ye Junchi could be heard coming from outside. JiYuan perked his ears to listen for a while, he couldn’t help sighing at the power of Ye Junchi’s conning skills. When that man laughed, it was quite gentle. At first glance, he looked refined and cultured. Jiang Miao Miao seemed to ‘eat’ this kind of act, she chatted with Ye Junchi for an hour. Quite a lot of information was gleaned from that. Jiang Miao Miao most probably wouldn’t think, no matter what, that the Biaomei she wanted to save was sitting in the hold of the boat, while the demon lord Ye Junchi that she wanted to see and kill was sitting properly in front of her. JiYuan sighed, he felt a strange sense of shame. System : “Getting soft-hearted?”
JiYuan resolutely asked, “Would Ye Junchi harm Jiang Miao Miao?” “No.”
Chewing the last bits of the dry food, JiYuan patted the crumble from his hand and wiped the corner of his mouth, “Then, just let Ye Junchi handle it.”

That was what supposed to be said…. But JiYuan was feeling a bit bitter.
Due to the special identity of both people, they couldn’t expose themselves so they could only fool Jiang Miao Miao with a relationship as a servant and master. But a servant like JiYuan who maintained a solemn and unsmiling face, someone who went to sleep after a meal…. it was not a decent behavior of a servant. So, to act realistically, he could only shivered in the cold air while pouring tea for Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi was perfectly composed, enjoying the benefits as a master. Jiang Miao Miao has bad tempers and yet, she could chat properly with
Ye Junchi. They were chatting happily at the side, JiYuan could only squat at the bow of the boat and sighed deeply. He lamented at the fishes he couldn’t see in the river, “Jiang Miao Miao wouldn’t fall for Ye Junchi, right? Didn’t those novels were written like this? A dignified daughter from an aristocratic family fell in love with an evil villain. They were scorned by the world and were even being chased by killers. Then, at the last breath, gave birth to a son who became the Protagonist….”

System : “…. are you sure you are not talking about yourself?”

JiYuan was furious and ignored System. Not sure what Jiang Miao Miao was thinking over there, her face suddenly revealed some loneliness. The spirited little face was covered in depression, “The story you said just now reminds me of a person….”

Ye Junchi’s back was facing JiYuan so he doesn’t know what kind of expression he(YJC) has on his face. He seemed very patient to listen to the little girl’s dissatisfaction, ears perked up, “Oh?”

“That person….” Jiang Miao Miao hesitated for a while, “is quite similar to you. Refined in manner, warm like jade…”

JiYuan was standing at the bow of the boat, the moment he heard the words ‘warm like jade’, he almost stumble. Just then, the boat suddenly swayed. He didn’t manage to stabilize his body, so he fell face-down. The word ‘FML’ in his heart hasn’t leave his mouth, when he was abruptly held tightly at his waist.

Ye Junchi was obviously sitting with his back to JiYuan. As if he grew a pair of eyes at his back, the moment JiYuan’s body swayed, he immediately went over and pulled him(JY) back.

JiYuan’s heart slightly tightened, he didn’t even respond even though Ye Junchi had him in his arms. In an unknown panicked state, he went to ridicule the word ‘warm like jade’ to System and complained how much it frightened him. Then, a low and warm voice sounded beside his ear, “So careless, go into the hold.”

[T/N : I really wanted to write the word ‘cabin’ instead of ‘hold’ but due to the author never describe the boat and I have no idea how big/small it is, I don’t think they actually have a ‘cabin’ :v ]

JiYuan turned stiff for a moment, then shook off his(YJC) hands, went into the hold without turning back his head.

System uttered an “Oho”, then said, “Your ears are red.”

JiYuan rubbed his earlobes, a bit depressed as he buried his face in his hands, “That was really embarrassing, I am a dude.” On the outside, the voice of Jiang Miao Miao and Ye Junchi sounded again. It seemed that their topic was about JiYuan. JiYuan shrunk himself smaller before lifting his head up. Looking blankly with an indifferent face for a long while, he ruthlessly destroyed the little bit of thoughts that emerged in his heart just now.

This boat was really unrestrained, what is it shaking about for? There are no waves.

Fortunately, Ye Junchi doesn’t intend to drift on the river for half a month. After a few days on board, he finally *picked up the JiYuan who has been ignored at a side, and nodded at Jiang Miao Miao, “We still have something to do, will go first. I’ll gift this boat to you.”

[T/N : Picked up / – to pick up (from the ground with one’s
hands) - purposely letting you guys know so you could mentally picture it.]

Jiang Miao Miao doesn't mind it either, she felt that Ye Junchi's style of conversation was out of the ordinary and it quite suited her taste. Before they parted, she even felt a bit sad, "When you reached JinHe, you could go to the Jiang residence to find me. Just report up my name and no one would dare to stop you."

Pausing for a moment, she smiled brightly and said, "Just, don't be scared by my look at home."

Ye Junchi expressed his agreement, then casually brought out a spiritual sword, leaving with JiYuan on a sword flight.

Half-leaning into Ye Junchi's arms, he has done it numerous times so he doesn't find anything wrong with it. Just that after a moment of silence, he opened his mouth to ask, "What did you found out from her?"

"Just asked a bit about the silkworms."

Ye Junchi's lowered gaze rested on the pale white earlobe, half-hidden under the soft black hair, he really wanted to reach out and touch it. His hand acted to his heart's desire and pinched the soft earlobe. His feelings turned a bit better, even his tone was lighter.

"But, it is a bit pitiful. She is still young and her cultivation is shallow. Her level is not yet the level to refine silkworm so she couldn't answer my questions. Don't worry, since she is not feeling malicious towards you, I won't do anything to her."

JiYuan resentfully swatted his hand away, he looked back with a frown and a layer of frost formed in his eyes, "If that so, why did you talked so much with her?"

It would be bad if the little maiden fell for this scourge.1

Being coldly stared at, Ye Junchi shown surprise all over his face. Thinking for a long while, laughter suddenly flashed through his eyes. He pinched JiYuan's jaw and asked, "Jealous?"

JiYuan was expressionless, "Let go."

The touch of smile deepened in his eyes, Ye Junchi lowered his head and gave a peck on JiYuan's forehead. JiYuan just felt numbness straight down to his bones. Pale with fright, he said to System, "Goddamnit, System! He molested me again!"

System (figuratively) rolled up its sleeves for battle and said, "Attack!"

Then, JiYuan really served a punch at Ye Junchi's lower abdomen.

For Ye Junchi, this one punch wouldn't hurt or itch, but it was enough to astonish him.

System didn't think he would really throw out a punch, it stunned for a moment, "OOC….."

JiYuan retrieved his hand, "No, this is what you instigated me to do."

System : "…" "You asked me to hit him, it was not what I wanted to do." "…."
"So, it's not OOC."

System : "… your win."

Ye Junchi's laughter was muffled, "I was just forming a good impression with her. That way, we don't have to be sneaking around in JinHe. Just vent out what other dissatisfaction that you have, this is much more lovelier."

In his heart, JiYuan was thinking if not for the fear of OOC, he would have started a fight long time ago. He turned away in silence, the thought in his heart just now has taken roots. On their way to JinHe, JiYuan keep thinking about OOC's standards.

The standard for OOC should be doing things or saying things that do not meet the original body's character….. But since he is acting as the owner of the body, he could be consider as equal with the owner. People originally could slowly change their personality. If he steadily changed the character bit by bit ….it shouldn't be forbidden?

JiYuan quickly asked System about it and gotten a silent response. Since System was being silent, it goes without saying what the answer was. He suddenly felt good but then he heard System said, "I have just discussed with the higher-ups; think that having 2 long-term tasks crowding the progress bar is not very good. So we slightly changed the rules and let you receive multiple tasks at the same time."

Right after System's cold mechanical voice stopped, the task panel in front of JiYuan refreshed. A new task suddenly jumped out under 2 gray tasks.

‘Ask Ye Junchi for the golden silkworm (0/1)’ 

Chapter 17

JiYuan was silent for a moment, “That is too much now.”

Why did this task seemed to be testing him by pushing him towards OOC?! How to ask Ye Junchi for the silkworm ah?! ‘Big brother, I am a bit curious towards that thing that nearly blinded me, could you let me take a look?!’ Ignoring that silkworm for so many days, it would be too strange if he is to suddenly ask for it.

JiYuan felt like his heart was being scratched by thousands of claws. Even until they arrived in the vicinity of JinHe, and Ye Junchi stopped outside the city where the Jiang family was stationed in, he still could not bring himself to talk about it.

Ye Junchi’s plan was to wait until Jiang Miao Miao returned back to the Jiang family to go and find her. So, they have to rest in an inn for these few days while waiting. JiYuan doesn’t mind and just let him decide everything. When they entered the city, his eyes couldn’t help looking all over the place.

JinHe was really similar to the Jiangnan from his original world. The continuous dreamy scenery, green tiles and blue bricks (yes, 绿⽡⻘砖), and the everflowing water. The weather gradually entering autumn has
raised a light shower of rain. Just like accidentally wetting an ink painting, the blurred effect gave the scenery a hazy feel. The light rain annoyingly hung around, but doesn’t cause people to feel cold. The people on the street were holding up bamboo-boned umbrella, the rain felt like silky soft and sweet, like a mouthful of wine with a right temperature…. wait wait! JiYuan’s eyes were flashing, he was busy enjoying the scenery in his heart. Then, his head suddenly felt a pressure. Stunned, he turned around to look at Ye Junchi, not understanding why did Ye Junchi took off his own outer robe in the public and covered it over his(JY) head.

Ye Junchi’s stature was tall and slender, his bearing was calm. Him taking off his outer robe doesn’t make people feel anything wrong, instead it expressed a romantic characteristic on him, the young ladies passing by couldn’t stop looking back. On his face was a look of leisure, Ye Junchi rubbed on JiYuan’s robe-covered hair and said, “You are so delicate, what if you caught a cold from the rain?”

After a moment of silence, JiYuan tartly replied, “…I’m not that weak.”

Really, at least not as delicate as a little maiden. But Ye Junchi was quite thoughtful….then again, what with his attitude treating him as a girl? It was not easy for him to change back to men clothing, how come he still get treated as a girl?

“You always have been indifferent, and ignoring people or things in the surrounding. Just now you keep looking here and there, are you getting spirited?”

When JiYuan heard that, he felt a bit nervous. The owner of the body had rarely taken a few steps outside his small courtyard, ever since he was young. Then he transmigrated to this body, but he almost spent all the days rushing here and there, not a chance to enjoy any scenery. Just now, he was a bit absent-minded because the surroundings were similar to his world, not sure if this counted as OOC.

System calmly said, “Just like what you thought, the owner of the body has been kept inside a small yard ever since he was young. Although he looked indifferent on the surface, he was actually very curious of the outside world. There are nothing wrong with your movements just now, don’t worry.”

Extremely touched, JiYuan uttered a word “Thanks” to System, then turned to meet Ye Junchi’s pair of profound eyes. He paused a bit and lightly replied, “No.”

Ye Junchi didn’t continue to ask. After walking for some time on the long street, they finally found a deserted little inn. The waiter’s voice was slow and soft, with a bit of laziness in it. The innkeeper was actually a young woman. The moment she saw both of them, she sounded an ‘Aiya’ and instructed people to boil water and prepare tea. Looking back, she asked, “How many rooms do this guest needed?”

In his heart, JiYuan felt a bit of tension for fear of Ye Junchi would said one in a slip of the tongue. Luckily, Ye Junchi still have some integrity. He smilingly handed the money, nodding, “Two rooms.”

The female innkeeper took two room tags and handed it to Ye Junchi. Her gaze was focused on the ‘soaked wet but yet still calm, who doesn’t feel the slightest embarrassment of his sorry figure’ Ye Junchi. Although he was wearing a ridiculous rabbit mask, his exposed lips and jaw still could let people imagine how handsome the face was behind the mask. This charming and handsome face, his aura was not ordinary, he shouldn’t be any ordinary person. She bit her lips, then called out to the Ye Junchi who was about to go up the stairs.

“This guest….are you an immortal being from the cultivation sect?”

Ye Junchi looked back at her, not saying anything.

“These few days, there are quite a number of immortal beings coming into Jinhe. I heard that the cultivation sect is having an Immortal Swords Assembly?”

Ye Junchi and JiYuan went on their journey in a hurried pace for these few days, they have no idea what was the situation of the current happenings. Seeing the female innkeeper asking cautiously, his(YJC) eyes squinted and he smiled, “We are just passing by so we don’t know about this matter. Have to trouble innkeeper to send up two set of clean robes to our rooms.” The female innkeeper doesn’t believe it but she couldn’t make him to confess anything, so she could only helplessly look on as Ye Junchi carried JiYuan up the stairs.

When JiYuan entered his room, the hot water has already been prepared. After a comfortable bath and changing into a set of clean clothing, he discussed with System.

“Say, if I took down Ye Junchi and grabbed the golden silkworm from him, does it count as task completed?”

System : “….It counts.”

JiYuan happily readied himself to go downstairs, when System coldly said, “Are you sure you can take him down?”

JiYuan paid no attention to that, “I can’t, but wine can ah. Luckily, Mid- Autumn Festival is coming soon, I could thank him for his efforts during these days and buy him a good wine. The original body’s character has this ‘repaying help with gratitude’. Nothing wrong with that, right?”

System thought about it for a moment, felt that there was nothing wrong with it. A moment of silent later, it asked, “You have money?”

JiYuan’s relaxed and happy footsteps paused for a bit, then continued dwelling in his happiness as he went downstairs, “I don’t, but Ye Junchi have ah.”

System : “….” Spending people’s money to buy wine so that he could take out the person, that’s JiYuan for you.

Downstairs, a few people were sitting in the foyer. System alerted him in a whisper that they are cultivators. JiYuan gave a glance, not wanting to get into any troubles. Although his appearance after he changed back to men clothing was a big difference from his female appearance, who knows if someone could see through his disguise? Fortunately the female innkeeper was at the desk so he walked over and knocked on the counter, lightly said, “Later please send up a few jars of strong alcoholic drink to the room.” The female innkeeper nodded, she glanced at the youth a few time. Just now, he was covered by the black robe so his appearance and stature was unable to be seen. Now that he has changed his clothes, his youthful snow white handsome face was exposed. His light-colored eyes were like glacier, his lips were a captivating red color and looked tender like petals. His stature was slim and tall, looking quite spiritual. Her heart thumped and she smiled, asking, “The gentleman just now is this guest’s .. ?”

JiYuan really wanted to answer ‘My house’s donkey’1. After being silent for a short moment, he answered, “Senior brother.”

“Are both of you immortal beings? And coming here to join the Immortal Swords Assembly?”

The female innkeeper was not giving up yet, she lowered down her voice, eagerly looking at JiYuan. JiYuan was a bit surprised by the dedication, he shook his head, ready to go back upstairs. Unexpectedly, he was stopped by a few people nearby, “That little brother over there, are you participating in the Immortal Swords Assembly too?”

JiYuan turned around without any expression, “System, I need some social science lesson.”

“Didn’t you read a few cultivation novels before? It’s almost the same. An assembly that only be held once every four years, all clans and families would send some people over to participate. People with weak cultivation level also can participate. If they are lucky, some high-leveled faction might take fancy on them and accept them under their wings. In the past, the assemblies were always presided by the Alliance and held at South Lake…. not sure what happened this time, they came all the way here and it is still months away from the assembly date.”

His luck was that bad? Just barely arrived at JinHe and stumbled upon a horde of cultivators? If they get found out, this much of cultivators might band together and attack. Not sure if Ye Junchi would be able to escape successfully with him in tow. JiYuan trembled in his heart. Shaking his head at the few cultivators, he turned to head upstairs. System suddenly smiled evilly, “Do you know what did those people said when you went upstairs? They probably are some weak cultivators who used to stay in the wilderness, so they could not understand your attitude.”

JiYuan knew it definitely would not be a good thing, so he cruelly rejected System’s request to repeat the words of those men. But System ignored his resistance and replayed the scene in his mind. JiYuan now found out that System actually has a recording function.

“… not sure which family’s pampered little young master was that, look at his arrogant attitude, tsk.”
“Didn’t you see his icy cold face? Still went ahead to make a move.” “Looking at his body without any spiritual power flowing within, he
should be just a mortal (common folk).”

“Mortal? That’s great, you guys don’t allow me to go to a brothel, then should let me ‘hit on some wild game’ ba? Looking at that pretty boy with a whiff of cold and strong spirit, I really wanted to ‘open him up’ and see how he looked like, crying for mercy under my body….”

JiYuan : “….” Open.Your.Friggin.Godfather

This feeling of being inexplicably targeted was really unsettling. JiYuan pondered for a while and figured those cultivators wouldn’t really run over to harass him. Sitting quietly inside his room for some time, a servant came to deliver the requested jars of strong alcoholic drinks. JiYuan picked up two jars and walked to Ye Junchi’s room but then, he found out that something was wrong when he reached his(YJC) room. Both of his hands were occupied, how to open the door? Don’t say he has to kick the door open to go in? When he was about to put down the jars, the door opened with a creak.

Ye Junchi leaned at the door. His clothes were loosely worn and his hair was casually tied. On that handsome face was an expression of laziness, it was quite a feast for the eyes. Gay dude JiYuan silently swallowed his saliva. He maintained a cold face and said, “Treat you some alcohol.”

On Ye Junchi’s face, there was a smile that doesn’t seem like a smile,
“Spending my money to buy me a drink?”

“….” The courage that JiYuan painstakingly mustered was gone. He turned to leave, “Fine.”

Then, he(JY) was tugged backwards by his collar into the room.

There were two jars of alcohol and two cups on the table. The wine was the color of clear jade, and the fragrant was very strong. JiYuan who died from alcohol poisoning, looked down at his murderer, his expression was very complex.

After pouring a few cups and drinking it by himself, Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows when he saw that JiYuan was not moving.

“You said you bought me a drink, just to see me drinking it alone?”

JiYuan’s line of sight left his murderer, his tone was calm, “Yes.”

He answered so calmly that even Ye Junchi couldn’t help but choked on his wine. He smiled and shook his head, gulping down one more cup. His gaze was quite dark.

“The Immortal Swords Assembly seemed to be held in JinHe this time, all kinds of cultivators have arrived at this city. Hmm, we came to JinHe by chasing the only clue of the murder. Then came along this stampede of cultivators, such luck…”

“Coincidence?” JiYuan frowned, he looked a bit puzzled. It might be too much to say this is a coincidence.

“And I heard that the Jiang family is going to organize an auspicious ceremony soon. So when the invited parties from all sorts of clans and sect come to attend the event, bad or good people are mixed in; the Jiang family is bound to be strict with their surveillance. I’m afraid it won’t be easy for us to move around when we go to the Jiang family.”

…. all these news, none of them were good news.

Feeling a bit depressed, JiYuan subconsciously raised his cup and took a sip. The spicy wine ran down his throat down to his stomach, felt like a fire has been lit all the way down. Immediately, his face turned red and warm. JiYuan quickly put down his cup, not daring to drink anymore. His face was the color of peaches, but his half-lidded eyes were still holding a cold light of calmness. Probably because he drunk some wine, his lip was glittering, like he had some rouge on it.

Ye Junchi stared at the youth for a moment. A strange thought abruptly flashed through his mind. He paused a bit, then he downed another cup of wine with a smile.

Seeing that two jars of wine has been emptied, and Ye Junchi finally collapsed, JiYuan went to support him to his bed. Thinking for a moment, he reached out with his trembling hands, towards Ye Junchi’s chest. His fingers came in contact with a smooth and tight skin. Out of reflex, JiYuan wanted to retract his hand but was captured before he managed to do so. Ye Junchi opened his blurry eyes, seemingly smiling but not really smiling, “Little beauty, what are you doing?”

JiYuan completely blanked out (from the nerve), then he heard System calmly said, “He is drunk now, doesn’t have much consciousness. So, taking advantage of the moment, stun him!2”

Without a moment of hesitation, JiYuan took the porcelain pillow and conked Ye Junchi at his head. Ye Junchi gave a grunt and fell down, but his hand was still tightly wrapped at JiYuan’s wrist.

System : “…. Baby, you are really obedient.”

The author has something to say: YJC (full of expectation) : Wifey got me knocked unconscious what he want to do is it forceful climb up is it bondage so excited quickly come quickly come I have prepared myself! JY
: ….mdzzzz


Chapter 18

JiYuan has a weakness. That is when he gets agitated, he is very likely to immediately do what others tell him to do. For example, listening to System’s words and knocked out Ye Junchi with a porcelain pillow….

He only managed to react after that person fainted. JiYuan burst into tears, “I just listened to your order, that doesn’t count as OOC ba?”

System : “… I won’t count you as OOC, you should think about how to explain this to Ye Junchi when he wakes up.”

The grateful feeling in JiYuan was so full, it was incapable of further increase, “You are a good system.”

‘Arrow that was shot couldn’t turn back/What done is done’, JiYuan lowered his gaze onto the man who seemed to be frowning a bit in his sleep. Towards the Ye Junchi who doesn’t looked like he was sleeping deeply, JiYuan reached out to molest touch all over his body. The body under his hand was slender and flexible. Smooth and tight skin, not frail at all. Muscles were not exaggerated, absolute perfection. As JiYuan continued his ‘touching’, he muttered under his breath, “One….two….three….five….eight… System! He has eight abdominal muscles!” [T/N: Did this Banana told you about her love for abs? ❤ ]
System coldly asked, "Are you here to take advantages or complete the task?"

"Why not both?" JiYuan said in a small voice, his hands dishonestly crept back to Ye Junchi's abdomen, any lower he would reach the ‘restricted area’. His fingers paused, the shred of dignity left in him had him retracted his hand. He thickened his face and stated the conclusion, “The silkworm doesn’t seem to be on his body.”

“You only come to this conclusion after groping all over people’s body?”

“Not whole body.” His cheeks were red but JiYuan pretended to be calm, “Other conclusions? His abdominal muscles are very strong and firm. Feels great to touch.”

System : “….” Goddamned gay dude.

Since the silkworm was not on his body, it must be in the clothes he worn before this. JiYuan turned around and looked at the other side of the bed, there were some clothes that has been dried off. Then he looked at his right hand (the one being grabbed by YJC). He struggled all he could but he just couldn’t free his hand. A thin layer of sweat gathered at his forehead. Angered, JiYuan simply opened his mouth and bit on Ye Junchi’s hand.

Probably because he was bitten by something while in the midst of his sleep, Ye Junchi loosened his grip. JiYuan immediately retracted his hand, then walked to the other side of the bed and patted the clothes. After a while, he found that golden silkworm.

System’s voice sounded beside his ear, and JiYuan acted accordingly and put the silkworm into his clothes, at the chest area. No longer chatting with System in his mind, he looked back at Ye Junchi and whispered, “Nice body.”
It was not considered as OOC, as long as no one can see it anyway. JiYuan fixed Ye Junchi’s front lapel and covered him with a quilt. He(JY)
felt guilty as a thief so he quickly left the room and headed towards his own room. Just as he pushed open the door of his room, beside his ear came System’s rapid and tense warning, “Be careful! Someone’s here!” The candle that he lighted before leaving his room earlier seemed to have burned out, and the room was shrouded in the dark. JiYuan’s heart tightened, he quickly retreated but his arm was suddenly pulled back into the room with a strong force; forcing him against the wall.

JiYuan was feeling very dizzy, “System, I have always been a low-key person. Now where did this debt collector came from… the cultivators who wanted to kill me? Not right ah, even if our identities were exposed, those cultivators should be slashing down right away when they saw both of us.”

System calmly said, “It’s the one who wanted to ‘intimately’ chat with you.”

JiYuan : “…” Goddamn! He really came!

Of all the chances, he just had to come when Ye Junchi was drunk…or should JiYuan say ‘was knocked out by a porcelain pillow’.

JiYuan was painfully brainstorming when he felt someone moved in closer to him. That person was smiling darkly, “Little beauty, why did you went out so long? It makes me anxious waiting for you.”

After he said that, he pinched JiYuan’s chin to kiss him but JiYuan quickly blocked with his hand. His palm was kissed instead with a pair of lips, a nauseating feeling of being kissed by a sticky and greasy organism rippled from JiYuan. Goosebumps raised up, JiYuan clenched his teeth and his knee ruthlessly shot upwards. The man pressing on him gave a painful groan and the hand holding him loosened. JiYuan immediately lowered his body and make a run to the door. He has yet to get two steps away when he was grabbed and held back by his waist. The man caught a whiff of the youth’s light fragrance, he couldn’t help sniffing with all his might for more, grinning as he did.

“The people that this Great me wanted, never had one who could successfully escaped. What are you getting proud for, as a mere mortal? Tonight I’ll let you get a taste of my power….” The fuck who are you?!

JiYuan already felt like vomiting. The man behind him keep kissing his neck while he talked. The feeling the man gave was completely different from when Ye Junchi did it. Now he could only feel goosebumps all over his body, he rather get beaten to death than having this man touch even the tip of his fingers. But of course, the person behind JiYuan wouldn’t give JiYuan any opportunity to refuse. He lit the candle on the table and flung JiYuan onto the bed. The man’s fairly handsome face seemed darkly evil.

[T/N : Halt! Sorry to break the mood here but this banana felt the need to ask since the author kinda half-broken the mood already. All the while I thought this evil man is a middle-aged uncle with an ugly face. Not sure why the author decide to ‘beautify’ every character he/she created. Everyone seemed handsome in this story, don’t you think? I remember the author wrote JiSan was kinda handsome. Then sickly JiChen too, and also JiShen. Man… Wanna know how this pervert looked like to me? HERE]

JiYuan retreated and shrunk backwards on the bed, coldly gave the man a stare.

Not sure what did he do to anger the man, he gave a swipe and clawed open JiYuan’s robe. Then, scolded out in a string of curses, “Just a mere mortal! After a hundred years, you will be nothing but a bag of white bones! What gives you the right to act haughty like a young master from a spiritual family?! Disgusting face! You are treating us weak cultivators like stray dogs!”

At the current moment, all JiYuan could move was only his hands. So he went ahead and gave the man a slap. That weak cultivator abruptly evaded. Just as he was trying to strangle JiYuan, his eyes suddenly swept over the golden silkworm by JiYuan’s chest. Bells were ringing in his mind, he quickly picked up the silkworm. The man was actually well-informed about things in the cultivation world, and knew how to differentiate between a real and fake silkworm. He held it against the candlelight, and promptly turned pale white like paper. “You…what is your relationship with the Jiang family?!”

JiYuan expressionless tidied up his robe. He opened his mouth, was about to explain and scare off this person, a gust of ill wind burst in and extinguished the candlelight. The moon in the sky was covered by dark clouds, throwing the room into darkness. The man with weak cultivation had his nerve tightly strung. He pinched the silkworm and asked again while trembling, “What is your relationship with the Jiang family?!”

JiYuan has yet to open his mouth to intimidate him, and an indifferent voice sounded out at the bedside, “Why don’t you go and ask the Jiang family?”

JiYuan shivered. The weak cultivator’s voice has disappeared in the midst of the darkness. Sitting silently in the dark for a moment, a faint smell of rosin mixed with a hint of wine suddenly wafted over. JiYuan only has enough time to block with his hand, the same place in his palm was kissed again. Just that this time, the soft and moist lips did not cause him to feel disgusted. He knew who is this man in the dark, but he doesn’t know if he woke up from being knocked on his head or just sobered up. His mouth felt a bit bitter, then he felt the sensation of a soft slippery tongue gently sweeping at his palm.

JiYuan was stunned, subconsciously blurted out the word, “That person just now also kissed my palm.”

Dead silence.

The air seemed to have solidified.

JiYuan shivered, and edged backwards. He really wanted to give himself a slap in the face.

JiYuan of course, couldn’t hide. He was just edging away a little bit and got himself pressed down on the bed. Light kisses were peppered on him, starting from his neck. The kisses slowly advanced upwards until at the end, the lips carrying hints of alcohol covered his own lips.

JiYuan began to think if Ye Junchi was sober and came to take revenge right now.

The kisses this time was not like those few fleeting kisses they had previously. His lips were strongly sucked at for a moment, then a flexible tongue started probing into his mouth. JiYuan was unable to resist. He gave up minding it and asked System, “Do I ‘lie down’ now?”

System answered back wittily, “Do you want to ‘lie down’?”

JiYuan : “…” To tell the truth, he doesn’t resent being intimate with Ye Junchi. [T/N : Then please lie down ( ͡° ͜ʖ °) ]
Fortunately, his lips were only ‘invaded and occupied’ for a short while. The man with long arms and legs fell down, grabbing JiYuan into his embrace and quietly asleep. JiYuan would like to get up and see where did the weak cultivator who proclaimed himself ‘a man of his words’ went to. But he really couldn’t get out from the embrace so he gave up struggling and started to think how to explain himself when Ye Junchi wakes up later. Not sure if Ye Junchi’s embrace was too warm and reliable or something else, he was just pondering for a little while, then his eyelids fell shut tightly.

When he opened his eyes again, the sky has already became bright. He was the only person in the bed and his gaze was dull for a while. Recalling what happened last night, he abruptly jumped up from the bed. He didn’t expect he would see Ye Junchi the moment he climbed down from the bed. Ye Junchi was sitting by the table and was holding a cup of hot tea, looking down at something with a serious expression. JiYuan’s heart was pumping hard, he was scared witless. From the inside, he was cautious but on the outside, he looked cold and calm, asking, “Why are you in my room?”

Just let what happened yesterday pass off as a ‘spring dream/wet dream’ and disappear. Ye Junchi raised his gaze and looked at JiYuan. Not sure if JiYuan misinterpreted it, he saw a hint of scorching hot and complex emotion in the gaze. Then, the gaze turned into the usual indifferent look, “I seemed to be drunk last night. Maybe accidentally went into your room.”

JiYuan continued to be careful, “You don’t remember anything from last night?”

It was hard to imagine how painful it is, for a straight man to recall himself nibbling another man in his drunken stupor.

Ye Junchi shook his head, then puzzledly rubbed his forehead,
“Forehead is a bit painful…. did I hit anything?”

JiYuan replied at once, following the flow of the conversation, “You hit the pillar beside the bed.”

Not seeing the weak cultivator from yesterday, he hesitatingly asked,
“No other people in the room?”

Ye Junchi’s tone contained a smile, “If ‘you’ counted as one.”

….Fine, not sure if that person was released or buried alive, but looking as Ye Junchi like this, 80% he won’t answer the question. JiYuan fixed his robe and washed his face. Suddenly he felt his lips were a bit painful, like being repeatedly sucked, grinded and rubbed by someone.

He lightly hissed, “System… did Ye Junchi kissed that strongly last night?”

System’s voice was freezing cold, “The one he kissed was me?”

Feeling wronged, JiYuan doesn’t dare to ask anymore. When he finished washing up, breakfast has already been sent into the room.

Ye Junchi sat by the table holding a bowl of porridge. He idly and gently blew on the porridge. Waiting for JiYuan to finish dawdling about and sit on the chair, he moved the porridge with an optimum temperature before JiYuan. There were hints of smile in his eyes, watching JiYuan eat the porridge.

After a long while, Ye Junchi suddenly said, “The golden silkworm is gone.”

JiYuan almost spit out the porridge in his mouth.

“Maybe it dropped out somewhere.”

Ye Junchi supported his chin with both hands, giving off a look of ‘doesn’t matter’ and said, “It’s a month before the Immortal Swords Assembly starts, while the Jiang family’s auspicious ceremony will start in a few days. Let’s go join in the fun when the time comes.”

JiYuan quietly ate the porridge, not saying anything.

Ye Junchi : “Ah Yuan, do you think someone is trying to frame the Jiang family? Or Jiang family is actually not any good thing?”

The golden silkworm was extremely precious. Jiang family’s people who could refine and use it, there was only a handful of them. And each silkworm could recognize their owner and only listen to him/her. If they can find who is the owner of the silkworms placed as an ambush in ZhaoYang’s coffin, then maybe they could unravel a bit of the mystery.

In his heart, JiYuan understood what Ye Junchi meant. He frowned and thought for a moment, then shook his head, “Can’t simply jump to a conclusion.”

Although he doesn’t know what is Jiang family’s style (how they roll), but Jiang Miao Miao was there so JiYuan’s current impression towards the Jiang family was not bad. Soon, the day of Jiang family’s happy event has arrived. Before they go out, Ye Junchi took out a small, finely-made dagger and handed it to JiYuan.

“This is the same as your dagger, could cut iron like mud. Keep it.” “…. return that one to me.” JiYuan vaguely remembered that dagger which ‘perished before accomplishing its task’.

Ye Junchi’s eyes flashed, the corner of his lips lightly curved up, “Not giving.”

Pausing for a bit, he reached out to tidy JiYuan’s stray hairs, “Be obedient.”

The author has something to say: YJC os : How can you return love token, wifey be obedient


Chapter 19

[Translator : Looking at the 30+ titles in my reading list that were updated with new chapters, I am a bit reluctant to read them. Because I couldn’t remember the name/plot/place/time after not reading them in a while. That somehow brings me to this question, do you need me to copy- paste the last paragraph of the previous chapter to refresh your mind? I mean doing this for every chapter onward, or it’s fine as it is?]

JiYuan was fuming on their way to the Jiang family’s residence.

“System! Don’t you think Ye Junchi is treating me like he is ‘raising’ a pet?!”

System : “No need to ‘think’, you are a pet.”

JiYuan threw a chilly glare at Ye Junchi.

Inexplicably confused by the cold glare, the innocent Ye Junchi was at a loss. He doesn’t know what he did to have provoked JiYuan. Reaching out his hand and rubbed JiYuan’s head, he said, “Later, follow closely to me.”

JiYuan nodded, then he suddenly remembered that Ye Junchi didn’t say what event was the Jiang family’s happy event. Ye Junchi seemed to know what he wanted to ask, continued speaking, “The marriage between the Jiang family and the family of Sun.”

The head of the Alliance is the family head of the Yun family. They have a close relationship with the Zhao family, be it sworn siblings or marriage ties. If the Jiang and Sun family doesn’t take some measures to gather some allies, sooner or later, they won’t be able to stand on their ‘unsteady feet’. The marriage between the family of Sun and Jiang, naturally the extravagance was great. Plus the soon to be start Immortal Swords Assembly was also going to be held in JinHe, so the amount of cultivators going in and out was numerous.

Today, the eldest young master from Sun family will be marrying the eldest miss of the Jiang family. The Jiang family opened up their main gate, as long as you are a cultivator, you could participate in the reception. Even common folks could join in the festivities by eating and drinking the food and wine that was arranged outside the residence. The long street was bustling with people, they were all people going to join in the fun of the happy event. Even on the sky, shadows were flying past from time to time (implying sword flight).

JiYuan was pushed left and right by the crowds, finally Ye Junchi pulled him into his embrace to protect him. He(JY) looked up and saw the man wearing the naive rabbit mask, asked helplessly, “Can’t we use sword flight?”

Ye Junchi who was circling the youth’s slender waist in his arms solemnly answered, “Can’t, would be easily exposed.”

JiYuan couldn’t refute that, he could only try his best to maintain his icy expression, implying that he is a ‘snow lotus from high mountains’. His head was almost touching Ye Junchi’s neck. If he lifted up his eyes, he would be able to see a beautiful Adam’s apple in close proximity. If he looked down, he would be able to vaguely see a glorious scene through the slightly opened collar….a few days ago, he touched ‘them’ a few times, even if he can’t see anything, he at least knew the tactile sensation felt good.

JiYuan silently blushed, “System, I’m so shy ah.”

System tsk-ed and asked, “That night you were groping so happily, how come I didn’t see you being shy?”

“It’s not the same….” System thought for a moment, and coldly said, “Oh, innocent little virgin?”

JiYuan was expressionless, “Scram.”

Quite different from the Zhao family who owned a whole mountain, Jiang family’s residence was a palace built by the previous dynasty. A glance could see pavilions and building surrounded by dreamy scenery and flowing water. At the center of the residence was a very high tower. It was heard to be named as ZhaiXing tower (Star-plucking tower), it was the tallest building in this Jiang family’s immortal residence.

Today, countless cultivators came for the reception. There were casual cultivators, and also people from large and small clans. Jiang family sent a dozen of cultivators at the front reception area, at the same time they could prevent anyone from making trouble.

Ye Junchi was half-hugging JiYuan, quietly mixed into a group of cultivators walking slowly into the main hall which acted as a reception hall for today. The main hall was a space of a wide square. There are cultivators everywhere, some sitting down while some standing up, chatting. This kind of gathering was a very suitable time to chit-chat. At the corner further away, there are some cultivators quarreling until their neck turned red. Their anger hit the point where they started fighting, but then people from the Jiang family came and separated them.

Ye Junchi retrieved his gaze and smiled. He said in a low voice, “Among the four major families, the Sun family is the weakest. Even now tied with a marriage relationship, the reception was done at the female’s family side. The Sun family most probably won’t be that happy today.”

JiYuan’s gaze was wondering around, suddenly he paused.

“What happened?”

JiYuan pursed his lips, “…. Ji family.” The Ji family brought a dozen of people to the reception, but JiYuan only recognized four of them. The first one was the Second Uncle who would silence anyone he doesn’t like, then there was the mental cousin, JiSan. Other than that, there were the other two cousin, JiChen and JiShen.

Still remembering System’s weird nickname until now, this word ‘orthopedic’ still could strongly cause JiYuan to shiver.

Ye Junchi followed his line of sight and looked, then he gently raised his eyebrows, “I can still remember them tying you up, sending you to South Lake without a word, to offer their apology to the Zhao family.”

JiYuan lightly said, “How the Ji family treated me is how I will treat the Ji family.”

It doesn’t matter even if they acted like strangers, since the original body doesn’t have much feelings for family relationships, the only small bit of good feelings he(ancient JY) had was towards his father. As for him(modern JY), he was just an outsider who appeared halfway into this story.

Pausing for a bit, a burst of doubt suddenly appeared in JiYuan’s heart. The original body’s father was held by the people from the Alliance at South Lake. How come in this kind of situation where everyone are shouting for their death, the Alliance didn’t push his father out to threaten him?

Was it because the Alliance has conceited dignity and too high of a sense of justice, doesn’t want to use such low method like threat? Or was it because he(JY) looked too cold-blooded, doesn’t care about familial ties and couldn’t be threatened? Or they felt that Ye Junchi wouldn’t risk a massacre for his ‘confidante’? Or …. the people of the Alliance are currently waiting for him and Ye Junchi to look for them at the South Lake?

JiYuan told System about his doubts and System became silent for a while, then said, “You thought too much. You are colluding with demon to kill people, it is very likely you will abandon your father. Using your father to threaten you, it would be very embarrassing if you did not respond. They most probably doesn’t think much of your father but they couldn’t let him go or they wouldn’t be able to explain to the Zhao family. But killing your father is not good either so better lock him away at the moment.”

JiYuan uttered an ‘Oh’ and barely accepted the statement, though in his heart he was still feeling a bit uncomfortable.

The wedding has yet to officially started but the atmosphere was already fiery. Ye Junchi touched his chin and looked around the red silk lanterns hanging on top. The event was bustling with noise and excitement.

Ye Junchi said in deep thought, “So there are so much particular details to be taken into consideration…”

JiYuan was expressionless, this big brother most probably was thinking about the wedding back in the palace. Hope he doesn’t get excited by this Jiang family’s wedding ceremony…. It would be hard to deal with it if he grabbed him back to the palace and redo the ceremony. System was a bit puzzled, “I thought you quite like him?”

JiYuan rolled his eyes.

“Who told you that I liked him? He is just a straight man with some wiring in his brain gone wrong. And me, I would be leaving soon… wait a minute. System, why is it I felt like you have been attempting to get me OOC or let me feel reluctant to leave?”

“Ah ha ha ha, imagination. It is just your imagination….”

System weakly exhaled, then after a moment, it explained in a whisper.

“Actually, we don’t get paid from helping the host to complete the tasks and monitor for OOC. But if the host OOC-ed, we will get bonuses….”

JiYuan : “Oh, then so sorry. You probably won’t be able to get your bonus.”

System humph-ed, too wronged to speak. Whenever JiYuan exchanged bantering with System, his face on the outside was a look of expressionless contemplation. As he came back to his senses, he realized there was a few cultivators in front of him. Giving them a glance, he knew something was up. It was the group of casual cultivators he encountered in the inn a few days ago… the pervert from the group came to force himself on him. Not sure if Ye Junchi buried him alive or sunk him in a lake, he was not in the group.

He could recognize the other party in a glance, naturally the other party also could recognize him in a glance. A female from the group walked up to JiYuan in two three steps, glaring with her eyes wide opened, “It’s you! Where is my big brother?! What did you do with him?!”

[T/N : I’m surprised she could ask that question in the public like “My big brother went to molest/rxpe you and didn’t come back. Where is he now?!” :v My dear, he has been thrown into the ocean to feed shark :v 

JiYuan looked at her with a stunned expression. A middle-aged man immediately stepped forward to hold down the female cultivator and said, “Excuse me, little brother. We have met before, do you remember us?”

JiYuan silently looked at him. The middle-aged man looked at Ye Junchi, against his pair of quiet eyes hidden under the mask, his mind felt cold. Visibly shivering, he clenched his teeth and said, “Little brother, a few days ago one…. of our people saw that you looked familiar, and went to look for you at night. Then he never appear again. We searched the whole city of JinHe but couldn’t find him, do you know where is he?”

Underneath which soil as a fertilizer? Or in which lake feeding fishes?
JiYuan thought in his heart, he shook his head, “Didn’t see him.”

The middle-aged man gave a smile, inexplicably doesn’t dare to provoke these two person. He could only pull back the female cultivator but he didn’t expect the girl would break free from him. Pointing at JiYuan, she loudly accused in a loud, wronged voice, “Big brother Hu! My brother went disappear because he went to look for him. Who knows this ‘little white face’ (pretty young man) is actually a fox spirit1, and ate my big brother?! You need to avenge my big brother!”

Her voice was sharp, causing the cultivators nearby to look over. Even the people from Ji family not far away turned to look at them. Goosebumps raised up, afraid to be recognized by the Ji people, JiYuan leaned a bit onto Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi reached out to raise JiYuan’s chin. His lips curved to a smile,
“Fox spirit?”

JiYuan coldly looked at him. The latter casually pinched his cheek, “How can there be such an indifferent fox?”

He didn’t raise his head, only slightly narrowed his eyes, his tone indifferent, “Don’t provoke him.”

A few of the casual cultivators felt a chill at the same time. The man in front of them was gentle and calm, his lips carrying a smile and he looked good-natured. Yet, it let them felt like they were being eyed by something terrifying. Even the female cultivator who was making a ruckus earlier, involuntarily trembled, unable to say anything.

This trouble came quickly, and left quickly too. JiYuan was relieved, he shifted to the side but then, his shoulders were being pressed. A low magnetic voice seemed to sound beside his ear, “Even ‘killing the donkey after unloading’ is not that fast2.”

JiYuan was feeling a bit guilty, silently ‘putting a lid on his(YJC) head’3,
“If you didn’t kill that person, I wouldn’t have this trouble to start with.”

Ye Junchi’s smile unchanged, “What person?”

JiYuan : “…. nothing”

Almost slipped out, cannot let Ye Junchi remember what happened that night…. “You ah….” Ye Junchi shook his head, inadvertently turned around and met JiSan’s confused line of sight. Remembering JiSan’s mad obsessive eyes when he looked at JiYuan, his(YJC) heart suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. So Ye Junchi reached out to pull JiYuan into his arms. Towards the youth’s frown and puzzled expression, he calmly explained, “Too many people here, afraid you will get lost. It’s safer to stay near to me.”

JiYuan coldly slapped away Ye Junchi’s hand at his waist. Not long after, the wedding begins.

A huge beast swiftly flown over from the sky, stably pulling a wedding sedan chair. An uproar burst out from the crowd. Then, from the other side of the sky, a flash of sword light beamed, and someone came over in sword flight. The man stopped in front of the sedan chair is youth, looking warm like jade. His gaze was gentle and affectionate. He reached out and knocked gently on the sedan chair. Holding the outstretched hand of the bride, he supported her out from the sedan chair. The bride was dazzling with longing, her lips were full of happiness smiles. A match made in Heaven, a happily married couple.

JiYuan unintentionally blurted out, “To be able to get married to the person you like, the marriage between Sun and Jiang could be considered the best of both worlds.”

Ye Junchi looked down and gave him a look, not saying anything.

System gave a ‘tsk’ and said, “Hint of OOC, you really want to give me that bonus?”

JiYuan calmly said, “I am JiYuan. After getting to know Ye Junchi, my character slowly changed. I would say stuff I never said before, would do thing I never did before. This is a normal behavior.”

System : “…”

JiYuan was trying hard to change System’s fixed thinking of the original body’s character, suddenly he heard a burst of exclamation cries. Even Ye Junchi was surprised and uttered a ‘Hmmm?’. JiYuan quickly looked up, the corner of his eyes couldn’t help twitching.

Not sure when there was an extra person up in the air, holding a sword and pointing it at the groom.

Jiang Miao Miao?

The author has something to say: YJC os : Ah, that damm freak is staring at my wifey again ‘pressed into embrace don’t get taken by other people. Wifey doesn’t want to marry me , was it because the wedding is not grand enough?

#WhatDoYouThinkHappened ? 

Alright, here’s the 4 major families again :

Zhao – Zhao BuChen Yun – Yun WuXiu Jiang – ??? Sun – ???

Chapter 20

[Translator : One of our reader Pijon has donated to me to overcome the incoming paywall chapters (;w;)/ Many thanks ya~! I don’t have to worry about it anymore. This Banana is very moved _(;3/ ]

JiYuan couldn’t hear the conversation between those three people up in the air, he could only stare blankly at Jiang Miao Miao who was displaying an unfamiliar expression. How come they only parted for a few days and Jiang Miao Miao looked like she has completely changed to another person?

Standing in mid-air, she was no longer the beautiful and moving, though reckless but straightforward girl. But became – an arrogant girl with her eyebrows filled with hostility and jealousy. Was Jiang Miao Miao possessed?

Ye Junchi looked at the mid-air confrontation between three people, his brow slightly raised up, seemed to be surprised then pondered for a moment, and lastly seemed to understand something. At this moment, Jiang Miao Miao suddenly struck out with her sword to stab at the bride. The groom immediately picked up the bride and flipped backwards to avoid the sword. That gentle and warm face gradually turned to anger.

The people down on the ground were watching the scene with relish. Discussion were flying around, then someone laughed and said, “Is it not the infamous Second Miss Jiang? This Second Miss is known to be pampered, disagreeable and shrewd. I heard she like the Eldest Young Master from the Sun family but he doesn’t like her… tsk tsk, I knew she would come and cause trouble today.” “Look, people from the Jiang and Sun family has gone up!”

“I would like to see more of this liveliness, but the Second Miss was taken away. Pity, he he he. It’s rare for us to see such lively scene between the 4 major families.”

“Wasn’t there a lively scene from the Zhao family not long ago? Not only ZhaoYang was killed, his grave was dug out by the demon. That day when they heard Ye Junchi would be going to the Zhao residence, many practitioners from all sorts of clans and families rushed there. Fortunately they managed to meet that person… I heard that demon slaughtered indiscriminately at the Zhao territory. He was terribly arrogant, and finally the Zhao family has to shamefully let him escape.”

“I say, that ZhaoYang actually deserved to die. The Zhao family has done too much things in recent years. Rubbing their spirits is beneficial for everyone, that demon can be considered has done a good deed. But demon is still a demon, not afraid of being cursed. After killing someone, even went to dig out the grave and destroyed the bones. Really not afraid the Heaven would open up and send thunderbolts to split him to death.”

“… still not a good thing!”

Jiang Miao Miao has being forcefully taken away by the people from Jiang family. JiYuan couldn’t hear the dispute up on the air but the discussion down on the ground didn’t escape him. He didn’t expect that in a few sentences, the whole thing went back to talk about Ye Junchi. When he heard the word ‘slaughter’, he almost doubted that he heard it wrongly, subconsciously turned around to look at the few cultivators who discussed the matter until their spits were flying everywhere.

Ye Junchi calmly directed his(JY) face back to him, “‘Repeated rumor becomes a fact’, I’m used to it.” [T/N : Like squishing his face to face him
? ]

Really don’t know if this ‘used to it’ was just sad or ridiculous. JiYuan pursed his lips, his heart was feeling a little uncomfortable. Even though he really wanted to jump over to the bunch of cultivators there and shake the water off their brains, he couldn’t do that. Changing of character was a slow process, it must be done step by step and the changes mustn’t be too exaggerated. Else, System would really be getting a generous bonus.

The mid-air farce ended and the wedding continued. Ye Junchi became lazy to continue celebrating the festivities, so he pulled JiYuan out from the crowd. He walked away in large steps, disregarding the directions. Upon reaching an empty place without any other people, he then let go of his grip from JiYuan.

“There are only 5 people in the Jiang family who could refine these golden silkworms. The refining process is something like black magic, there will be a mother insect staying in the Jiang residence. The mother and child insects have similar odors so let’s go and check one by one.”

JiYuan became quiet for a moment, “… you remember the smell of that golden silkworm?”

Ye Junchi : “I naturally can’t remember.”

JiYuan hesitated, he was considering if he should tell a small lie then fish out the golden silkworm from between the clothing by his chest. All of a sudden, Ye Junchi bent down and his nose was very close to JiYuan’s chest. He gently inhaled – the cool and light fragrance from the youth’s body could get people drunk. Squinting his eyes, Ye Junchi pressed down his impulse to kiss JiYuan. He stood up straight and poked his(JY) cheek, smiling without any reasons, “Alright, I remembered.”

JiYuan was so frightened by his smile,the fine hairs of his body shrunk down. His heart beating quickly, “Goddamned! System, do you think he knew about me stealing the silkworm? I’m so scared!”

“Don’t be afraid, maybe he will think that you picked it up somewhere.”

“…how high is the percentage of your ‘maybe’?” “Probably…,” System hesitated for a moment, “50%?” “What is the probability is your ‘probably’ then?” System : “Ask again and I’ll punish you as OOC-ed.”
Power-abusing dog! System is really ‘awesome’ ah! JiYuan silently sulked, not asking anymore. System is really ‘awesome’.

Ye Junchi brought JiYuan with him, roaming aimlessly inside the Jiang residence. In case they encountered any patrol guards or barrier enchantments, with Ye Junchi here, all of these could be easily avoided. If not for System explaining stuff to him from time to time, JiYuan would have thought this is that demon’s backyard. He believed that if Ye Junchi doesn’t have him in tow, he(YJC) would be able to move around even easier.

JiYuan swallowed, “I understand it now. In order to be a great demon, first you need super great strength.”

System : “Nonsense.”

JiYuan : “Second, need a lot of ‘black powder’ (anti-fans) and water army (people paid to spam online), to continue exaggerate the influence1.”

System : “You are really a sensible person. Baby, you have a lot of black powder and water army now. So we’ll just have to wait until you have super strength, then you can also become a great demon.”

“….ugh,” JiYuan frowned, “Why can other people transmigrate to become positive figures, being sought over by countless people, and can protect world’s peace? And I get screamed for my death, escape to all over the place? As for my meals and lodging, ‘food not filling the stomach’, ‘be without a fixed residence’, ‘wander about in a desperate plight’…” [T/N : JY is spamming idioms in his complaint.] System indifferently said, “Oh, your language teacher had taught you well.”

The ‘great’ demon who was carrying JiYuan suddenly frowned, he turned around and leaped into a small courtyard. From his clothes, he fished out a porcelain bottle. Pouring out some blood-red pills, he threw it into his mouth. His action was smooth, executing everything in one breath.

The pills refined by Luo Xiuyi was good, the only downside from eating the pills was he needed probably the time of half a cup of tea (2-3 minutes) for his spiritual power to calm down. JiYuan’s blood has not been causing much trouble recently, but every time it did, it make Ye Junchi felt terribly bad. He silently endured the pain, his eyes coldly looked at well-behaved youth sitting beside him. If it was other people who caused him such distress, he would have long strangled that person to death. Unfortunately, this person was the person who once let him feel a trace of rare warmth. He doesn’t want to destroy the memories of that slight warmth.

Cold sweat trickled down along his temples, and Ye Junchi clenched his teeth. Just as he was about to tease JiYuan to alleviate the pain that was pulsing inside every single nerve in his body, his sensitive 5 senses played their role. He picked up JiYuan and hide under a large tree not far away from them.

Suddenly, some footsteps and sound of conversation could be heard from the small courtyard. This courtyard was secluded and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, plus the Jiang family’s patrol team just passed by. Here was suitable to start a murder, arson, or destroying some important evidence. But it was also suitable to say something that is inconvenient to be said in front of outsiders.

“Jiang Miao Miao, what exactly do you want to do?”

This was a voice of a man which contained fury, seemed to be gnashing teeth and yet, have to endure it.

“Hmph,” the girl’s crisp voice sounded like a wind chime gently swaying in the wind, but the words came out from her mouth was not as nice, “Sun Shiyu, I have told you that JiangXin is not a good thing. But you still want to marry her, it seems that you are not any good thing either.”

JiYuan lightly raised his eyebrows.

A cold reply sounded from the man, “If JiangXin is not a good thing, then you Second Miss Jiang is demon-like degenerate! Since I am not a good thing, then please leave me and Ah Xin as far as possible, the farther the better!”

The moment his words ended, the man looked like he was extremely furious, flapped his sleeves and left.

System : “It seems that your Biaojie and the pair of newly-wed has a touching love-hate relationship ah…”

Not sure if Jiang Miao Miao has left the area or not, JiYuan squatted beside Ye Junchi, not saying anything. He turned a bit to the side, then heard the girl’s suppressed cries. She cursed while crying, “Ungrateful bastard! This Great aunt cured your leg’s disease, you don’t show any gratitude, fine! But to even recognize the wrong person, shameful! Ungrateful bastard….”

After listening to that for a while, JiYuan turned his head to Ye Junchi to ask what they should do now. Upon turning to the side, he realized that they were actually very near to each other. If he moved an inch forward, his lips will touch Ye Junchi’s lips. Ye Junchi put his arms around him(JY) without a word, his quiet eyes were deep and bottomless; preventing JiYuan from deciphering any emotions from his eyes.

…. this distance is too dangerous.

JiYuan silently retreated, but accidentally hit his head against a dried up branch beside him, making a tiny noise. Though Jiang Miao Miao was crying, she was very alert. Immediately throwing out her sword, “Who?!” Ye Junchi winked at JiYuan. JiYuan thought Ye Junchi was going to carry him and immediately flee from the small courtyard. Who knew he(YJC) simply mussed his(JY) hair then swayed around to the front of the tree. Lightly smiling, “Miss Jiang, long time no see.”

Jiang Miao Miao’s eyes were red like a rabbit’s. Seeing the person in front of her, she quickly wiped her tears and asked in surprise, “It’s you … why are you here?”

“To come uninvited, I have troubled you.” Ye Junchi then pulled the youth to stand in front of him and uttered an ‘oh’, “Outside there is too boring, so I brought my little servant to ‘play’ a bit here.”

JiYuan’s hair was messy, his robe was a bit disordered and his face was half-leaning into Ye Junchi’s embrace. This looked ambiguous no matter how she see it.

The number of practitioners who liked men was too many to count, they came from various clans and families too. Jiang Miao Miao was just too stunned to react, she never expect that this man who looked modest and with etiquette would be so …. impatient.

Ye Junchi doesn’t care how Jiang Miao Miao thought of him, he simply smiled then slowly fixed JiYuan’s soft messy black hair.

“Those words just now, we will pretend we didn’t hear that. Miss Jiang, we will leave first.”

“Wait!” Jiang Miao Miao coldly said, “Although I can be easily cheated, but I am not stupid. This place is already the inner section of the Jiang residence which prohibits outsiders from entering. You infiltrated the Jiang residence, what do you want to do actually?”

Nervous, JiYuan tightly gripped Ye Junchi’s sleeves.

Little girl, we can act a bit stupid, can you not ask further? If you messed with the demon lord, you might not have good ending. The casual cultivator a few days ago, I still don’t know where he had become an ‘offering’. Ye Junchi was silent for a moment before asking, “Do you want to rescue your Biaomei?”

Inexplicably mentioning something out of topic, Jiang Miao Miao blanked out for a moment then nodded without hesitation.

Ye Junchi smiled like not smiling, squinted at JiYuan. Then he reached into his(JY) clothes and took out the golden silkworm. He opened his hand at Jiang Miao Miao, “Can you find the owner of this silkworm?”

As a member of the Jiang family, Jiang Miao Miao could tell in a glance that it was a genuine golden silkworm. The silkworm from the Jiang family never leak to the outside world, and they would disappear upon death. This silkworm was obviously forced to retain its body by some spiritual power. It goes without saying who is this person.

“Where did you get it?”

Jiang Miao Miao became even more vigilant, her hand silently grabbed a signal bomb behind her back.

“Inside ZhaoYang’s grave.”

“I heard about it, there were around 200 people at the Zhao family’s ancestral site. All they saw was an empty coffin, it’s impossible for them not to find this inside, unless….”

Jiang Miao Miao’s expression suddenly changed, her hand shook and nearly released the signal bomb, but she regained control. Unbelievably staring at the man in front of her who seemed gentle and elegant for a while, she turned to look at the cold-looking youth standing beside him.
Ye Junchi’s eyes were deep, his tone was calm, “En, I am Ye Junchi.” The author has something to say: YJC : … I remained silent today 

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