Heavenly Farmer Chapter 93-100

Chapter 93-Immortal Hive

The immortal hive was merely fist size, hemispherical in shape and the bottom was flat, its whole body seemed like an ordinary wood with a turquoise color and had a strange texture on the surface layer.

The entire immortal hive seemed like one whole entity, there were no traces at all.

Ye Xiaochen was aware that this device could not be opened.

However, if he wants to open this device, then he has to use specials means.

This immortal hive was different from the immortal sprinkler, it can be classified as a dedicated article, must need to refine to recognize as owner.

Ye Xiaochen was not a practitioner, he could not use the method of the practitioner to refine it, he could only use the lowest blood sacrifice method.

He cut his finger with a dagger and dripped a drop of blood onto the immortal hive

While he was holding the immortal hive, he used his spiritual talent.

The method of blood sacrifice could not be used easily, there must be a talent like his spiritual talent to use blood as the medium to communicate with the immortal hive, as to trigger the recognition mechanism.

Suddenly, the drop of blood penetrated into the immortal hive.

All of a sudden, Ye Xiaochen with his spiritual talent sensed a strange fluctuation from the immortal hive, accompanied by his thoughts movement, a hole appeared on the top the immortal hive.

Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief, he finally finished the blood sacrifice method, although it seemed simple, it was not easy.

He looked inside the immortal hive, the interior space was round, and looked like a spherical crystal silver.

He quickly took the boiler out and put the pollinating bee larvae into the immortal hive.

Currently, the pollinating bee larvae were not small like before, it resembled like a growing silkworm, white and fat.

At the tail of the larvae, a faintly discernible gold line was radiating from the tail towards the head, currently, its length was roughly one third.

Once the gold line extends towards the head, then it represents that the pollinating bee larvae has matured and would enter into the pupa stage.

The pollinating bee larvae was moving inside the immortal hive.

Ye Xiaochen does not need to touch the larvae, as long as he was using the immortal hive, he can communicate with the larvae through the spiritual talent.

Have to say, this immortal hive was really very magical.

From the consciousness of the larvae, he could sense that larvae was very happy and really liked the immortal hive.

This device was specially made for insects, living in this container, the growth rate will rapidly increase.

Ye Xiaochen immediately poured some concocted honey liquid in the device, through just thought he closed the hole of the immortal hive.

Although the hole was closed, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t need to worry about pollinating bee larvae suffocating.

“Haha, I have this immortal hive, in future, it will be really convenient.”

Ye Xiaochen held the fist-size immortal device, in future it will be convenient to carry, and even if it was taken out, it will not be too conspicuous.

Next, Ye Xiaochen prepared for planting the immortal seeds again. This time, he bought immortal medicinal liquid and will put the immortal seeds he bought into this immortal medicinal liquid solution to soak and catalyze.

As his thoughts moved, a small jade bottle with a long neck and thin mouth appeared in the palm of his hand.

The jade bottle was white and has a silky texture.

Able to accommodate the immortal medicinal liquid, this jade bottle itself was somewhat extraordinary.

He removed the stopper and a strange smell started emanating from the bottle.
According to the instructions given in immortal medicinal liquid, every time to use the immortal medicinal liquid, he only needs to use a few drops at once.

He was very cautious, if he pours too much, it will be wasteful.

Fifty immortal yuan per bottle!

Soon, a drop of immortal medicinal liquid came out from the mouth of the bottle.

“Hey? This long neck and thin mouth of the bottle is unexpectedly capable to restrict the flowing speed of liquid?”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help being surprised.

Even if he turns the jade bottle upside down, only a drop of liquid would flow out every second.

He poured three drops of immortal medicinal liquid into the immortal spring water, then quickly closed the mouth, put it into the storage space and took out all the immortal seeds.

Two bags of immortal carrots, two bags of immortal radish, thirty immortal red beans, thirty immortal yellow beans.

Totally it was one hundred immortal yuan.

An immortal land could be bought.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath and did not put all the immortal seeds into the boiler, he left himself with a small number of immortal seeds to plant directly, so that he could get some difference.

As a Shennong, he naturally needs to have his own thinking and research, so that he can make progress.

“It will take twelve hours of  soaking to activate the potential of the seed.”

Ye Xiaochen’s face showed a color of expectation.

Do not know what changes will happen by soaking the plant seeds into the immortal medicinal liquid?

Suddenly, in his heart there was a thought, if ordinary seeds were soaked with the immortal medicinal liquid, do not know what changes will happen?

At night.

Ye Xiaochen was lying on his bamboo bed in the immortal land. He was using Wechat and chatting with Wang Xinyi.

Now the two people almost chat about everything and do not hold back on anything.

In the Wechat, Wang Xinyi was very relaxed and sometimes would even make jokes.

“I am sleeping.”

Wang Xinyi sent a message.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the time, it really passed by fast, it was almost ten ‘o’clock.

Wang Xinyi has a regular schedule. She will sleep before ten in the night and would get up at six in the morning.

In the chat, she persuaded Ye Xiaochen to sleep early and not to stay awake late every day which was bad for the body.

Ye Xiaochen naturally agreed on it.

However, following it was another matter.

Even staying late had no effect on him, previously it used to be very hard. Now he eats farm vegetables every day, breathes fresh air from the farm, so his body health has been good.

He was about to turn off WeChat. Suddenly, he remembered of the day he added Li Tingting WeChat.

These days, because he was too busy, he did not have time to contact Li Tingting.

However, he has never forgotten about the pendant.

“Li Tingting, are you sleeping?”

Ye Xiaochen sent a message to her.

However, he estimated that Li Tingting was very likely to be sleeping.

For a beautiful girl, staying up late was the biggest enemy of their beautiful face.

In Shashi, a high-end apartment building, Li Tingting was sitting in her study table and was flipping through a thick book.

After watching it for a long time, she seems a little tired, she stretched her lazy waist and picked up the cup next to her and took a sip.

Then she took off her black frame glasses, put two elbows on the table and did some eye exercise with both hands.

Suddenly, on the phone, a sound came.

Lin Tingting had been doing the eye exercise, she closed her eyes for a while. Then she opened her eyes, got up and went towards the window and looked at the night view of the city.

After standing for some time her eyes felt comfortable, then she went back to her table and picked up the mobile phone.

“Hey? It’s him.”

These days, she had been waiting for the message of Ye Xiaochen, however, she did not expect Ye Xiaochen to forget about her and there was no movement at all. It really made her complain for a long time.

However, in her mind, the shadow of Ye Xiaochen was always lingering.

Chapter 94-Hope

Hmph, you should have sent me a message earlier, I won’t reply.”

Li Tingting was about to reply, but then she exposed a crafty smile.

It was strange, she originally has an indifferent nature.

Don’t know how many wealthy young masters and official’s son tried to pursue her, however, she would not even say a fake word to them, very few could create a favorable impression on her.

She met Ye Xiaochen, a boy who looks ordinary and not so handsome but has left a deep impression in her heart.

Perhaps, in the Special plant research institute,when Ye Xiaochen faced the top botanist of the world and showed his amazing talent, it left an impression her.

For a long time, she thought Ye Xiaochen would continue sending the message to her, but she found that there was no movement in Ye Xiaochen’s WeChat.

“This is not fun, send another one. I will immediately reply it.”

Li Tinting became a little anxious.

She quickly sent a reply to the previous message, “I didn’t go to sleep yet, I just didn’t see the message, what is the matter?”

After she finished, she felt satisfied, she felt that this showed her cold style.

However, Ye Xiaochen’s WeChat did not show any movement.

“He is not sleeping, is he?”

Li Tingting bit her lip, she was a little angry, an adult man sleeping so early, do not know that staying late is the biggest habit of young people?

No matter what she thought, there was no movement in Ye Xiaochen’s WeChat.

She would like to send another message, but she doesn’t want to make Ye Xaicohen feel that she was too impatient.

Feeling sullen, Li Tinting couldn’t continue to read.

Until the early hours of the morning, there was no movement in WeChat.

Being helpless, Li Tingting in a bad mood went to bed.


After sending the message, Ye Xiaochen saw that Li Tingting didn’t reply and thought she was asleep.

He looked at the time, it was still early, so he took out the Shennong introduction guide for reading.

On the top of his head, a light bulb was glowing.

So he could see things clearly.

“Shennong System introduction guide is really very profound. What I have seen so far is just a small part of it.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his stiff neck.

He has been reading a book for a long time.

Whenever he was free, he would read this book, there was so much wonderful knowledge in this book which could not be found on earth.

Any knowledge from this book, if put on earth, then he was afraid that it would produce a groundbreaking sensation.
Unfortunately, he can only swallow it and forcibly remember.
It was just the foundation, but it was already extensive and profound.

He drank the watermelon juice, it felt cool, refreshing and very comfortable.

The second batch of watermelon has matured from the old watermelon vine on the farm.

These watermelons were big, plump, good in appearance and were very tasty.

He has not used any pesticide since the beginning.

Not only for watermelons, but he also has never used pesticide since he got Shennong system.

It has to do with his insect resistance ability.

He looked at the phone. It was early morning and he continued to read.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen suddenly straightened up and watched a line of sentence on the Shennong System introduction guide

“Wind immortal grass, yellow grade seventh order plant, has the magical effect of strengthening and repairing ear organ, can be used as refining material for…..”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the paragraph, his face was full of surprise.

“Great, Finally found a kind of immortal plant which can repair the function of the ear, there is hope in curing Xinyi.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes sparkled.

He has always wanted to cure Wang Xinyi’s problem. He once checked it in the Store, there was a Dan in regards to this.

However, such medicine Dans were expensive and most importantly it was inedible for ordinary mortals.
Moreover, from these medicine Dans, the immortal qi could not be eliminated.
The medicine Dans were different from the immortal plants. Its potency and immortal qi have been thoroughly integrated producing an unspeakable magical effect.

Once the immortal qi was removed, the power of medicine would dissipate and the Dan would immediately become waste.

Only immortal plants could be used after removing the spirit.

Now, the immortal plant which could treat the ear disease has been found.

In addition, the spirit can also be removed.

This was double happiness!

His thoughts quickly moved, he opened the Shennong System and put his all concentration in the store.

His phone vibrated.

Ye Xiaochen did not pay attention to it at all, he was currently searching for  Wind immortal grass in the store.

“There is indeed Wind immortal grass in the store. “

Ye Xiaochen really found the existence of  Wind immortal grass.

However, this price, he simply could not afford it, this Wind immortal grass was yellow grade seventh order immortal plant, it was not defective, but should be at least lower grade product.

A lower grade Wind immortal grass, it would at least cost two hundred immortal yuan.

As for the middle grade, and top grade Wind immortal grass, it would be simply very expensive.

Ye Xiaochen could not help but laugh bitterly.

He now only has more than twenty immortal yuan, and couldn’t afford to buy until his immortal beans have matured and sold it.

However, as a result of it, the impact on the development of his farm would be too great.

This was more than two hundred immortal yuan!

It would be enough to buy two immortal lands.

“Right, there should be Wind immortal grass seed, can’t I grow it by myself?”

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen thought of something and his eyes lit up.

Perhaps, the Wind immortal grass he would planting would come out as a defective product, but the defective immortal plant was still an immortal plant!

The effect would surely work.

On the contrary, the Wind immortal grass is a higher grade, then if the immortal qi was not completely removed then it would be harmful to the mortals.

He couldn’t take the risk

It’s better to be reliable, even if the defective wind immortal grass was not that good, then he could still buy the lower grade wind immortal grass from the store.

Thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief.

Immediately, he searched for the Wind immortal grass seeds in the store.

Indeed as expected.

This yellow grade seventh order Wind immortal grass seeds price was not cheap.

Yellow grade second order immortal beans, one seed cost one immortal Yuan.

This Wind immortal grass seed, one seed cost around 12 immortal yuan.

“This is too expensive.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but curse.

Because this Wind immortal grass and immortal beans were not same, immortal beans could bear lots of immortals bean pods, but this Wind immortal grass could grow only into an immortal plant.

Defective Wind immortal grass price should be eight or nine immortal yuan.

If he didn’t have divine talent, then he would be losing money by planting.

Only, Ye Xiaochen, a Shennong having the divine talent could get a higher price, barely able to get the return and have little profit.

“It seems higher the grade of the plant, the greater the risk of planting.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly had enlightenment.

At the end of the day, the defective product was not qualified, it was strange to get profit from it.

If it wasn’t for Ye Xiaochen planted immortal plants has the divine ability bonus, he couldn’t sell anything at all.

Chapter 95-Immortal Grass

“Let’s first try buying one.”

Ye Xiaochen did not hesitate, and directly bought one seed of the wind immortal grass.

The seed was small, not much bigger than the sesame seed, and its whole body was black.

He looked again at the method of planting the wind immortal grass.

“Wind immortal grass belongs to the water attribute immortal plants, fortunately, this kind of immortal grass has Spirit transformation Characteristic, even if it does not have water attribute environment, it could still grow, but the growing speed will be very slow.”

After looking carefully at the seed, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but breath a sigh of relief.

Ten millions of immortal plants, each of them have different characteristics.

Like immortal carrots, immortal radish, all belong to non-attribute immortal plants, as long as there was immortal soil, it could be planted.

Immortal beans were divided into many types according to the different attribute; like immortal yellow bean belongs to soil attribute, immortal red bean belongs to fire attribute. They require a specific environment for growth.

The immortal red beans could only grow in the fire environment, otherwise, it won’t take root and grow at all.

This kind of immortal plant which requires the help of external environments attribute belongs to non-transformation immortal plant types.

What was Spirit transformation? It was to have the ability to automatically convert non-attribute immortal qi into their own attribute immortal qi.

Like the Fusang tree, it belongs to this kind.

The wind immortal tree also belongs to this kind.

Because of this, the value of Spirit transformation was higher than the non-transformation type.

As for the non-attribute immortal plants, they belong to the lowest kind of immortal plants.

Like immortal carrots, immortal radish, in addition, to take it as food, there was almost no other use for them.

Thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen put the wind immortal grass seed into the boiler and let it soak in the immortal medicinal liquid.

After finishing all this, he took a sigh of relief, then he picked the Shennong system introduction guide and started to read it again, wanting to get more information about the wind immortal grass.

Only with more detail could he be able to cultivate it better.

This concerns with whether he can treat Wang Xinyi’s ear problem or not, he cannot be careless in this matter.

He looked at it for a long time

Ye Xiaochen yawned and suddenly felt sleepy. He picked up the phone and saw that it was already 1:00 am.

“Hey, there is notification in the WeChat?”

He was surprised, he opened the WeChat and saw it was from Li Tingting.

Looking at the time, it has already been more than two hours.
He couldn’t help but wryly smile, he didn’t expect to notice. He guessed that the other side has already fallen asleep, and now sending WeChat would be meaningless.

However, he still sent a reply, he said that he was busy and did not see information, he was sorry about it and so on.

The next morning Li Tingting woke up and saw there was a message from Ye Xiaochen, she couldn’t help lightly snort, he let her wait for so long time, so she was very resentful for it.

“I’ll let you wait first.”

Li Tingting decided to revenge and did not rush to reply.

She would wait for Ye Xaicohen to text her again.

Ye Xiaochen naturally does not know about Li Tingting’s thought. After getting up in the morning, he forgot about sending a message to Li Tingting.

He was busy with picking up vegetables and fruits and Delivering it to Yang market, then on the way, he went to Wang Xinyi.

It was afternoon when he got back to the farm.

He had lunch at Wang Shusheng’s villa again.

However, Wang Shuisheng was not at home, Wang Xinyi personally cooked for him. Ye Xiaochen was in happiness!

At home, he was still thinking about the scene in Wang Shuisheng’s villa, two people sitting face to face and eating ….

The only regret was the food cooked by Wang Xinyi was really bad, in rice, there was more water and was almost like porridge.
As for the vegetables, there was too much salt in it.
Anyway, it was still great for a girl who has never cooked before.

At least she was willing to cook for him.

That was enough.

In the afternoon, Ye Xiaochen was busy with planting all the immortal radish seeds and immortal bean seeds in the immortal land.

Like the previous time, he did the same thing, he put green manure for some seed, fertilizers for some seed and nothing for some seeds.

Because every time there were lots of radish leaves and immortal bean sprouts were left, it was best for making green manure.

The previous planting experience has shown that the effect of green manure on this immortal plants was very good.

When Ye Xiaochen was planting, he left a small piece of the area of immortal land free, especially to use it for planting the wind immortal grass.

As the wind immortal grass also has the seizing property, the other immortal plants need to be far from it.

Fortunately, now Ye Xiaochen has five immortal lands, his choice was very large.

Not easy!

Looking at the things he had accumulated for the past few months, he felt a sense of pride.

He looked at the twenty-six seedlings of immortal beans planted in the other side.

They were already full of bean pods.

Nevertheless, the difference could be seen, the immortal beans bought from the store looked better.

The seeds of the immortal yellow beans have deteriorated after planting, with yield decreased by at least a quarter and the bean pods were also less.

So he still has to buy the seeds from the store. Unless he improves the seeds from his own planting, otherwise, it was not worth it.

However, this was a long time process. If he always relies on the store, then he wouldn’t be able to live up to Shennong name.

One day he has to become self-sufficient.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang up, he took out to look. It was from Li Jiaren.

He remembered about the things he talked with Li Jiaren last time.

After being very busy, he forgot about it.

Obviously, Li Jiaren has asked how he thinks about it.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen felt that working with them was not a bad thing.

However, the division of interest was important.

He has little experience in business, and naturally, he was not an opponent of Li Jiaren. He said he would consider, but in fact, it was also his strategy. As long as he does not agree, they won’t be able to carry out their plans.

In this way, the initiative was in his hands.

Of Course, it was necessary to talk to them about it once.

Ye Xaicohen immediately pressed the answer button and had a lot of talk about cooperation with Li Jiaren.

“Brother Li, let’s talk about it in two days.”

Li Jiaren listened to Ye Xiaochen talks and was surprised. He immediately said, ”Great, brother Ye, I will inform others, the time is set for tomorrow, as for the venue, it will be Lin’s private restaurant.”


Ye Xiaochen didn’t say much.

The two chatted for a while and then hung the phone.

Ye Xiaochen shook his head, not knowing what would happen at tomorrow’s meeting.

He was a bit nervous. He was not very good at business.

However, there is always a first time.

As he was thinking, he suddenly remembered a crucial thing.

He had not yet contacted Li Tingting.

Contacting with Li Tingting cannot be dragged, he should make some progress.

Immediately, he sent a message.

Chapter 96-Chat

In Shashi City, China cultural relic research library.

Li Tingting was looking for a book in the bookshelf.

Suddenly, her mobile vibrated. She took it out, quickly entered the password in one hand and opened WeChat.

Seeing it was from Ye Xiaocehn, her mouth corners slightly rose up, she softly snorted “After a long time replying in WeChat, forget it. This young lady is very generous, I will forgive you this time.”

She has no thought of giving cold treatment to Ye Xiaochen, if the other side disappears, then she would die of depression.

She was heartbroken, in order to wait for the reply in WeChat.

“Yes, what is the matter?”

With her back against the bookshelf, she quickly sent the text message.

On the other side, Ye Xiaochen saw Li Tingting’s message and immediately replied, “Am I disturbing you?”

“You say the matter, this young lady is very busy…”

Li Tingting typed the message and was about to send, but suddenly she shook her head and hurriedly delete the line and retyped, “No, I was tired from reading and wanted to take a break. What are you doing? ”

“I have just finished planting the vegetables.”

Ye Xiaochen replied.

“Planting vegetables? Are there fields where you live?”

Li Tingting was very surprised.

She has been living in the city from an early age, so she doesn’t know much about the situation in the countryside, even after studying archaeology and often following his grandfather around different archaeological sites.

“Of course. I’m in the countryside and there are lots of lands. Currently, I am running a farm..”

When Ye Xiaochen saw Li Tingting’s reply, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, you are running a farm? Aren’t you a botanist? Why are you planting vegetables and not doing research?”

Li Tingting was very curious about Ye Xiaochen.

So young and has a high achievement in the field of botany.

It was not something which could be only achieved through talent. It also requires lots of hard work.

This was true for every expert in the industry.

Just take the example of herself, her family background was good, her grandfather was a senior archaeologist and she was very interested in this field. She majored in archaeology and now after graduation, she was doing archaeological research with her grandfather.

Despite her superior archaeological environment, she still has so much to learn
“Who said I am a botanist? My main business is farming. I am a farmer”

Ye Xiaochen replied.


Li Tingting couldn’t help laughing.

The two people gradually began to chat.

“You’re lying, a general undergraduate course student, did not do graduation in any botany related field and relying on farming became a self-taught genius, you are deceiving whom!”

When Li Tingting saw Ye Xiaochen’s message, she thought Ye Xiaochen was fooling her.

“Well, I will tell you the truth. I was the top scorer in the southern science college entrance examination, then I went to Peking University. Afterward went to Cambridge University and studied in the branch of agricultural sciences as a postgraduate student… ”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, immediately his fingers started typing and soon he sent a large paragraph of text.
In the library, Li Tingting couldn’t help but cover her mouth to suppress her laughter. She didn’t believe it. This was obviously made up.

“You continue to brag.”

Li Tingting send the message.

“Look at you, I said so much you didn’t believe, in that case, whatever I say you will not believe, what do you want me to say?”

Ye Xiaochen helplessly replied.

“Do not say that, by the way, I heard from my grandfather that Academician Yang and other experts are going to visit you and have an exchange in the field of botany. Have you received any news from them?”

Li Tingting changed the subject.

Able to make so many top botanical experts take initiative to ask for advice, such treatment is unique in the world.

If it was found out that Academician Yang and others went down for inspection, just to see a young man and ask for his advice, then I am afraid that it would shock the whole world.

When she thinks of this scene, there was a kind of impulse to go over and look at the man who has left such a deep influence in her heart. How many top botanist would come to the door for his advice and talk together and joke?

Unfortunately, she was in the field of archaeology, and the field of the plant was totally different and not related to each other!

In her heart, there was some helplessness. If she had chosen a plant field at the beginning?

Perhaps, she could have openly found him.

“No. They didn’t tell me anything.”

Ye Xiaochen replied.

Academician Yang and others were coming for him, he felt helplessness.

They were coming with so big fanfare to find him, won’t this put him on fire?

Can’t you guys keep a low profile?

It was now widely known that the top botanical experts  were coming to visit, do not know how many people would be acting once they hear the news

At this time, if Academician Yang and others come to find him, could he be able to maintain low key?


Their first chat was over, Li Tingting sent a message that she was busy with something.

Ye Xiaochen wanted to ask about the pendant, but he thought it was better to stabilize first.


Jing County.

This meeting was held for only one purpose, that was to strive for the experts’ group to come to Jing county and inspect their agricultural construction.

This was a great opportunity to promote Jing County.

Jing County was not an agricultural county, but on the agricultural machinery, it was considered leading among other cities.

Now Jing County was doing wide publicity advertisements and wrote slogans to create a strong agricultural machinery county.

The Yang City belongs to the prefecture-level city of the province, under its jurisdiction there was three districts, two small cities, and two counties.

On the economic strength, the Jing county was not that outstanding.

Therefore, it was not easy to bring the group of experts in the county for inspection.

Although the county government had already sent the first team, now the competition was too fierce.

Each county and city were showing their special talents.

Finally, after the decision, the deputy county head personally led the team to Yang city to launch out a series of operational activities.

Those who followed the team not only contained the people from government department but also were some leading figures in other fields.

For example, the boss of the industrial and commercial sector, the chairman of the private school; in a word as long as there were people with some power, even if it had nothing to do with botany, wanted to squeeze in.

In this way, a spectacular team went to Yang city.

And such team was not only in the Jing county but was also in other counties and cities of the Yang city.


The expert group composed of Academician and other top botanist were still inspecting the Xiang city.

They were suffering, as the Xiang city head had taken great pains to retain them for a few days.

Academician Yang and others were absent-minded, their hearts were already on the Yang city.

The welcoming team of Yang city had already arrived.

Xiang city in order to retain the experts’ group tried various measure and prevented the working team of the Yang city to contact the expert group, just like anti-spy.

Wherever the working team of Yang city went, there would be someone of Xiang city’s to closely supervise them. The Xiang city’s government also kept the experts schedule highly confidential. It was just like cat and mouse.

It was very difficult to prevent the working group of Yang city to meet experts group.

Moreover, the expert group also wanted to leave early.

In this way, the Yang city’ team and experts group meeting were inevitable.

Very quickly, the experts’ group made a decision and immediately followed Yang City team and headed for the yang city.

The Xiang city’s people were very angry, they couldn’t wait to expel this yang city’s working group.

Especially, there were many companies and institutions who spent a great amount of money to obtain the quota for preliminary inspection, but because of the working team, the experts did not come.

The bosses of these company and institution were literally vomiting blood.

Of course, they couldn’t pin their anger on the experts’ group and they didn’t have the guts to do so!

They hated Yang city!

In this way, the hatred between the Yang city and the Xiang city hatred was so confusing that was forged because of experts groups inspection.

Chapter 97- Party

South province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co. Ltd.
After the period of reorganization, the company was stabilized.
The woman surnamed Ling who was originally sent from the Head office had been officially appointed as the general manager of the company.
The previous general manager He Haomin was sent to another branch as Deputy general manager, with no power.
As for Zhao Hui, he was transferred back to head office, for other reasons.
After Ling Jinxu held the position of General manager, she carried out drastic reforms, readjusted the various department’s post. She made swift and decisive action.
The huge company has gradually turned into a part of her,
At this moment, in the conference room, many executives were gathered to discuss the countermeasures.
Since Academician Yang and many other top botanists have come to Shashi city, Lin Jinxiu saw it as an opportunity and used all her relations in hoping to invite Academician Yang others in their company for inspection.
This was a good advertising opportunity, especially after the previous seed credibility crisis, the company seems to be getting further and further away from going public.
Ling Jinxiu has an amazing ability, as she was able to calm down the seed credibility crisis.
And because of this, Ling Jinxiu was able to lay the foundation that controlled the company’s authority thoroughly.
She thought that Academician Yang and other experts would stay in Shashi city for a little longer time.
But they left Shashi city and also formed a group of experts to go to prefecture-level cities to carry out inspection.
This made Ling Jinxiu and other people very anxious.
Unfortunately, they missed the expert group.
However, Ling JinXiu did not give up.
As long as the experts’ group didn’t leave the prefecture, there was still hope.
So, Ling Jinxiu sent the public relations team to follow the route of the experts. They tried every means to get in touch with them
But so far, there was no result.
As they had no contact with the experts’ group.
Besides, even if they contacted them, she was afraid that the experts would ignore them.
Although the South province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co. Ltd was relatively a large agricultural company, it was still considered ordinary in the country.
If it was the head office, perhaps the expert group might have paid a little attention to them. After all, the head office was linked to the central enterprise.
“Now that the expert group has arrived in Yang city, judging from the route of experts group, if they fail now, the chances in future will be very slim.”
Said the newly appointed executive.
“I know, that’s why I have invited an expert from the head office who is now coming here. He used to be Academician Yang’s favorite student. Maybe he can help us.”
Ling Jinxiu suddenly said.
The people present on the scene were very surprised, they had never thought the Ling Jinxiu who was quiet, unexpectedly made such a move.
Since the expert has a teacher-student relationship with Academician Yang, it was natural that he would have a better chance of success if he tries to speak with him.
“No matter whether the company succeeds or not, during this period of time, we must maintain a calm and quiet atmosphere. I do not want the previous event to affect the mood of everyone. So, I have set a small goal, that is to make sure that the company goes public next year.”
Ling Jinxiu was beautiful, but her face was slightly cold. When she speaks, it has a strong aura.
The people present on the scene looked at each other with astonishment.
They almost gave up the idea of the company going public for a few years. But did not expect Ling to mention it again and the time has given was very short.
Was it possible?
However, in the face of Ling’s momentum, they nodded immediately.
“Mr.Li, did your research department found out how the principle of salt solution works?”
Li Jinxiu looked at Li Quan who was sitting beside her.
In the major reform of company, Li Quan did not get impacted instead he received greater attention.
Li Quan was ashamed and said, “Manager Ling, I still haven’t’ figured it out.”
“Well, in that case, contact Ye Xiaochen again.”
Li Jinxiu didn’t say much after that.
“Miss Ling, maybe it’s not necessary. I think that Ye Xiaochen might have found it by accident. Otherwise, how could he withstand such a huge temptation at his age?”
One of the executives hesitated for a moment and said.
“I know, but I will have to give it a try. If we are not clear with the principle of salt solution, won’t it become a joke?”
Ling Jinxiu said.
She was naturally aware of this, she had already investigated Ye Xiaochen’s past, he did his undergraduate in an Agricultural University, and didn’t even do the graduation. If he was self-taught, then it would be more strange.
The more advanced knowledge, it’s hard to cope up with only self-study, there must be a mentor to guide.
She doesn’t believe that Ye Xiaochen has the capability to find the principle of solution.
She was more convinced that Ye Xiaochen found it by accident.
However, one thing was certain that Ye Xiaochen’s method played a decisive role in resolving the company’s crisis.
Otherwise, it would not be easy for her to resolve this crisis.
Because of this, she was willing to try again, even though knowing Ye Xiaochen might have unintentionally discovered it.
The dinner party was in Lin’s Private Kitchen.
Today Lin’s private kitchen was closed for business.
Only Ye Xiaochen and others were allowed.
Master Lin was still personally cooking.
When Ye Xaicohen reached, there were already many people who arrived. In addition to Liu Fusheng, Li Jianren, Xu Jia, He Lei there were several older chefs invited by Master Lin.
All of them have amazing cooking skills, and they have opened private restaurants in Yang city.
The old cooks were surprised to see how young Ye Xiaochen was.
They have all used the premium quality vegetables provided by Ye Xiaochen and naturally know that such vegetables couldn’t be grown in the ordinary farm.
Especially in the recent batch of vegetables, they didn’t detect any composition of pesticide.
Ye Xiaochen greeted them.
“Brother Ye, there is one more person whom you know is coming. You won’t have any objection right?”
Liu Fusheng suddenly smiled.
“Brother Fu is joking since it is cooperation, what need of opinion? now it is in the discussion stage.”
Ye Xiaochen laughed.
He has always been grateful to Liu Fusheng, if it was not for his words, right now he might have been facing a different situation.
If I hadn’t sent the vegetables to Chang Xu’s restaurant, he might not have been able to save Xubao on that day and meet Wang Shuisheng. As for Wang Xinyi, he would certainly not know about her.
Without this matter, he would not know Zhang Keqin nor would he get to treat the bonsai tree, nor would he get the chance to go to Shashi city and cure that Fusang tree.
Sometimes life is very wonderful, an unintentional move could change so many people’s lives.
There was no doubt that this period of Ye Xiaochen’s life experience was closely related to Liu Fusheng’s help at the start.
When the person Liu Fusheng told came, Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised, it was Chang Xu.
“Brother Ye, you didn’t expect I would come, right? How can I not join this party”
Chang Xu smiled and said.
He was well informed that Ye Xiaochen and Liu Fusheng wanted to work together to set up a chain of vegetarian restaurant.
He was little affected.
He was already relying on Ye Xiaochen to provide the quality vegetables and now more on the pickled vegetable.
There were so many people who have a good relationship with Ye Xiaochen.
If such an opportunity was missed, he would absolutely regret it.

Chapter 98-Plan

Chang Xu’s relation with Liu Fusheng had nothing to do with others.

Originally, Li Jiaren and others were not happy; increasing even one person would decrease the profit of them.

However, Liu Fusheng told them about Chang Xu.

They got to know that Ye Xiaochen has unexpectedly cooperated with Chang xu’s restaurant, which also includes Pickled vegetables. It was clear that they could not ignore Chang Xu.

Finally, they chose to compromise and agreed to let Chang Xu participate in the project.

However, they have now agreed in advance that absolutely no one could join anymore, otherwise, they will jointly resist.

All of this was done without Ye Xiaochen’s knowledge.

Although Ye XiaoChen doesn’t care about it, they couldn’t ignore him in no matter what decision they make.

He was the provider of the premium quality vegetables and the key figure in opening the vegetarian restaurant chain.

The group was talking and laughing but they didn’t mention opening chain restaurant and talked about other things.

Soon, they talked about the recent uproar of a group of experts who came to Yang city for inspection.

“Hey, this group of experts is really worthy of their name, I heard that in order to get an opportunity for experts inspection, infighting is going on, everywhere is chaos and mess!”

Chang Xu said.

“I also heard about that, it is not a surprise. Generally, the weight of the expert group is not that high, it is only because of Academician Yang who is a member of the Chinese Academy sciences and a top botanist. The others in the group were also top experts. ”

Li Jiaren nodded and said.

“Don’t know if this expert group would come to our Jing county?”

Liu Fusheng said.

“ The hope is very slim, currently, the competition is too fierce, we have three districts in the Yang city, two counties. In the Sha city, they only went to two districts and the city.”

He lei said.

“I heard that the county has sent a special public relation team and also heard that the county head is leading the team?”

Xu Jiao suddenly said.

“Your County has no advantage, there is no special agricultural base. As for our Yang city, there are two large-scale farms.”

Chang Xu said.

He was a native of Yang city.

Originally, after he opened the restaurant, he had already contacted the local farm in the Yang city, but due to Liu Fusheng’s relationship, he switched to cooperate with Ye Xiaochen.

However, he thought that it was the smartest choice he has ever made.
“Who said we don’t have? There is brother Ye’s farm, which farm is comparable to it? no matter how much large they are, can they grow the premium quality vegetables?”

Li Jiaren said with wide eyes.

“Yes, with the strength of Ye’s farm,  even all the farm in the southern province cannot match with it.”

He Lei also responded.

Chang Xu was dumbfounded, he couldn’t say that Ye Xiaochen’s farm vegetables were nice, but they have no fame so it was in vain.

However, he can’t say that.

After all, Ye Xiaochen was present here.

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, he wanted to say that the experts’ group were coming to find this brother.

“Well. let’s not talk about it, it is none of our business. Let the government worry about it.”

Xu Jiao smiled and said.

“Look, master Lin has finished preparing the dishes.”

Sure enough, the door was pushed open, master Lin and other chefs came in.
The dishes were made with the joint effort of them.

They have created the vegetarian dishes.

The room was full of delicious food aroma, and everyone’s mouth was watering.

The aroma of the dish was too rich and has unique original vegetables smell.

They were all made with the Xianquan vegetables.

In a large table, people sat, they began to drink wine, eat vegetables and were chatting.

There was an endless stream of praises.

They couldn’t’ help it. It was too delicious.

Chang Xu also ate the dish, he evaluated his own chefs with master Lin, he released a heavy sigh in his heart, the master Lin was too strong.

Soon, the plate of pickled vegetables was served.

“So delicious!”

Although it was not the first time, they still thought that pickled vegetables were the most delicious food in the world.

“These pickled vegetables are amazing.”

“Brother Ye, I really admire you, the planted vegetables is so good and now even pickled vegetable is top class craft!”

“It is also Brother Y who is so godly that we such blessings in our mouth!”


Even Master Lin and others were admiring unceasingly, in front of the pickled vegetables, their cooking skill was really nothing.

Listening to other peoples praise, Ye Xiaochen blushed.
They do not know that the craft of making pickled vegetables was depended on the use of pickled vegetable jar!

After having food and wine, they finally got down to business.

Ye XIaochen found a situation, among these people, Li Jiaren seems to have become the leader.

Even Xu Jiao, He Lei and Liu Fusheng don’t seem to have a problem with it.

He couldn’t help but think of a  thing once Liu Fusheng had mentioned, it was that the Li Jiaren had connections with the deputy head of the county government.

This deputy head was recently elevated to the position and holds real power.

There was someone to help from the government.

Liu Fusheng and others were able to run the large scale industries, if there was no government support, it would be very difficult and would encounter lots of trouble.

His Cousin Chen hao just relying on his father-in-law being the health bureau deputy director was able to rise up, let alone a deputy head of county with real power. The status and power were certainly higher.

“Brother Ye, this time we made a plan, check it and say what needs to be modified.”

Li Jiaren took out a file and directly gave it to Ye Xiaochen.

Obviously, they have been already prepared.

They have discussed things in private.

Currently this party, in fact, was a negotiation between them and Ye Xiaochen on the division of interests.

Ye Xiaochen nodded and took out a stack of paper from the files.

The rules and regulations were clearly defined.

Ye Xiaochen got a clear picture at a glance.

This was not something an average person can make.it must need a lot of hard work.

In this plan, all participant in the name of shareholders to participate in the establishment of the chain restaurant.

The distribution of fund varies.

This thing reflects the strength; the strong background, strong connections, strong capital gets more shares.

Among them, Li Jiaren was undoubtedly the most dominant.

Ye Xiaochen was concerned about the distribution of his rights.

However, after looking, Ye Xiaochen slightly frowned.

Opposite to Ye Xiaochen, Li Jiaren was observing Ye Xiaochen carefully.

In this plan, Ye Xiaochen takes 35% stake in the restaurant chain by providing a stake in his farm.

Master Lin and several other chefs get 15% for their cooking.

As for Li Jiaren and other people, with the funds, they became a shareholder and hold the remaining 50% shares.

Among them, Li Jiaren had the most share, he got 20% share for contributing 10 million yuan.

Liu Fusheng contributed 4 million yuan, got  8% share, Chang Xu contributed 5 million accounting for 10%, Xu Jiao contributed 3 million yuan account for 6%, He Lei contributed 3 million accounting for 6 %.

Undoubtedly the division of ownership seems reasonable and was extremely advantageous to Ye Xiaochen who holds the most share.

However, Ye Xiaochen was not satisfied with the farm being included in shares, which was equivalent to a whole farm having incorporated into the company.

Ye Xiaochen cannot tolerate this.

His farm doesn’t only have ordinary premium quality vegetables, but also has Xian Quan vegetables and also had Immortal land!

Once the far was included in share, even Li Jiaren has the right to intervene in the farm management

The farm was his foundation and absolutely couldn’t be touched.

Chapter 99-Spirit Transformation

In this Dinner party, the discussion didn’t come to an end.

Ye Xiaochen did not agree to put the farm as an investment and was only willing to use technology for the shares.

Li Jiaren and others had difficulty in understanding.

In their view, by putting the farm in shares, they could use funds to expand the scale of the farm.

With the current farm’s scale, it would be difficult to meet the demand of a chain restaurant in the future.

Their main concern was that without the farm being included in the share, the chain restaurant would become unstable.

Without the farm as the foundation, could this flagship vegetarian restaurant live up to its name?

If suddenly Ye Xiaochen quits and stops providing the vegetables, then the restaurant would get closed in minutes.

What will they do then?

Naturally, now the situation has reached a deadlock.

The atmosphere was friendly and there was no contradiction.

There was no hurry to cooperate for the business.


In a tea house.

Li Jiaren, Xu Jiao, He Lei, Liu Fusheng were gathered.

“Old Li, what to do now? If Ye Xiaochen doesn’t agree nothing can be done.”

He Lei said while frowning.

“I didn’t expect Ye Xiaochen to have such huge reaction. It seems that we have underestimated him.”

Li Jiaren shook his head and said.

“Otherwise, should we go according to YE Xaicohen’s idea?”

Liu Fusheng hesitated and said.

“No, we can’t be passive.”

Li Jiaren shook his head.

“We cannot force him.”

Liu Fusheng said.

“Certainly, we can’t force him. We will cooperate in the future and we should always try to gain greater profit when we do business. Anyway, let’s not be in a hurry, and take things slowly.”

Li Jiaren’s eyes flashed.

In his opinion, the only way for Ye Xiaochen’s premium vegetables plan to realize was to rely on vegetarian chain restaurant. Otherwise, if he depends on other channels, it would be very slow and might not be successful.

He believes that Ye Xiaochen will be in a hurry, as everyday postponing was equivalent to losing a large sum of money.

The others didn’t say anything.

One may prosper or perish.


Ye Xiaochen returned to his farm.

He was not in a hurry to start the vegetarian chain restaurant since there was still time left until the vegetable sales agreement expires.

Even if he doesn’t renew the contract, he could make a small fortune by selling the pickled vegetables.
For him, the most important things were plants in the immortal land.

He was very clear about this.

There was enough money.

He took the immortal beehive from the storage space, his thought moved and using the Spiritual talent he could sense the pollination bee larvae very clearly.

The golden line was very close to the head.

It won’t take long for the larvae to become a pupa.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath. He was looking forward to the day when the pollination bee would fully mature.

He put the immortal beehive back and walked into the immortal land.

The wind immortal grass had been soaked for more than 12 hours and was ready for sowing.

Ye Xiaochen looked carefully at the seed, there were some changes in the appearance, it became shinier. It looked like a black gem.
There seems to be a strange light glowing inside the seed.
The consciousness of the seed has been thoroughly awakened, showing a strong fluctuation of rooting and germinating.

After soaking the seeds, the consciousness has become perfect, the growth would be fast and would have a great impact on the future Yield and quality.

Immediately, he put the seed into an already dug hole.

It was filled with the green manure.

A miraculous scene happened.

When the seed was just put into the immortal soil, the skin of the seed split open and a green thing bloomed, it was a tender bud and along with it the jade-like white roots also stretched out.

Ye Xiaochen was shocked.

Wasn’t this change too big?

The previously planted immortal radish and immortal carrots didn’t have this big change!

Although the seeds after soaking became more lustrous, they did not immediately germinate after entering into the immortal soil.

“It is really a spirit transformation plant, very magical.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly understood the reason and was deeply surprised.

Spirit transformation plants seed has really extraordinary characteristics. They could quickly absorb the immortal qi of the immortal soil and turn it into the seeds natural qi. This spirit transformation plant could quickly catalyze the development of the plant and thus forming this magical phenomenon of rapid rooting and germination.

The Non-spirit transformation immortal plants don’t have such a phenomenon.

Seeing this, Ye Xiaochen carefully sprinkled the finely shredded immortal soil on the top wind immortal grass seedling.

He poured some immortal spring water.

He attached more importance to this plant than any other immortal plant.

Only the Fusang tree could match its value.

Currently, the Fusang tree also changed a lot, the bud has become bigger and when you get close it, a heat wave could be felt.

“After this batch of immortal beans gets matures, I will sell it and buy another immortal land, then put it into the separate shed and transplant the Fusang tree along with immortal red beans.”

Ye Xiaochen slightly thought and had a new idea.

Now there was only a bud in Fusang tree, but after a long time, this fire wave would become more and more serious, it would definitely raise the temperature of the whole greenhouse and would certainly impact on the growth of other immortal plants.

He looked at the seeds which he planted yesterday, they have already started sprouting.

The immortal red bean was special, its bud was bright red like blood.

This immortal red beans fire like properties was already visible from the bud.

Seeing all the immortal seeds germinate smoothly, Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied.

After the soaking of immortal seeds, the germination efficiency has become higher.

The buds were more superior.

There has been such remarkable improvement from the seedlings that it was believable once they grow up and mature, the progress would certainly increase.

He went towards the immortal yellow bean.

There were twenty-six in total.

It was full of golden bean pods, it looks like after a day or two it would be ready for harvest.

These immortal beans were divided into two groups, among which 14 immortal seedlings were tall and extremely lush and have many immortal bean pods on it. At least one plant contains 70 to 80 bean pods, which was more than the previous one.

The other twelve looks shorter, their color was also not that bright, the number of bean pods was also less, the color was yellow and did not have the golden color feeling.

Ye Xiaochen shook his head, he released a sigh. The second generation seeds he produced was far inferior to the first generation seeds produced by the store.

Chapter 100-Win

Yang City, the city government office.

“Director Cai, I really want to request you for this. If the matter can succeed, our Jing County would be really thankful to you for this….”

Jin Bingqiu, the mayor of the Jing county who came with his team to Yang city, was requesting this bald man, he has white skin and was wearing glasses, he seemed to be middle-aged and looked very gentle.

This person was Cai Yang, the director of the municipal government office and current mayors confidants.

In the beginning, Jin Bingqiu and Director Cai studied in the same political school. The relation between them was good. This time main target of their public relation team was this Director Cai.

“The Jing County mayor, it is not that I don’t want to help you, but I really can’t help you. In truth, the number of places in quota has been decided, and it would be quickly sent to the hands of the experts’ group. ”

Director Cai smiled bitterly.

During this time, he doesn’t know how many people had come to him.

Although he was mayors confidants and was a powerful official, he didn’t have any decision making powers this time.

The number of places was decided by the Municipal standard committee unless they go to the member of the committee directly, it was difficult to change.

Even if they meet, other members of the standing committee were required to give permission, which involves too many compromises, transactions, and power struggles.

“How can this happen?”

The Jing county deputy mayor was dispirited.

He had gone to a higher rank person before, but he couldn’t meet him.

“Director Cai, can I ask how many places are there for quota?”

Jing county deputy mayor asked in declining tone.

“Eight, of which five are mandatory and three are the reserve.”

Director thought about it a little and said.

“So less?”

The deputy mayor was astonished.

In this huge Yang City, only eight places were there for investigation and among them, three were the reserve, that was to say it was normal for experts not to go.

Previously in Xiang city, the experts’ group didn’t visit several reserve quota and was taken over by the working team of Yang city

After leaving the city government building, Jin Bingqiu called back to the county and said about the situation.

The county leaders were bitter.

However, they still asked Jing county mayor to try everything he could, and see if there was still a chance.

Jin Bingqiu smiled bitterly, now even the inspection quota was fixed, what hope could they still have?

He was not able to even see the faces of the city’s major leaders.

He could only find Director Cai, though he was high ranking, it was still useless

What else could he do now?


Currently, in Yang city Jinhuang Hotel.

This was a state-controlled five-star hotel and one of the five-star hotels in Yang City.

Originally, the hotel’s duty was to receive government guest.
After the internal reform of the hotel, it has been opened to the public. However, there were some special floors which were not opened to the public and would be used internally.

The group of experts was staying in the Jinhuang hotels top-class suite.

In a conference room.

Li Hu, the executive deputy mayor of Yang city was submitting the list of places for inspection to the experts.

In general, the group would hardly say anything on the arrangement of Yang city’s inspection route.

Whether it was in Xiang city or town, Dean Yang of the City would make the arrangement, and they would follow according to the arrangements done.

Of course, they also have made the requirement to keep the number of inspection places less.

Five Regular and three reserve seat.

They would certainly go to the Regular quota places, and for reserve quota, it would depend on their mood and time.

In this regard, the municipal community would naturally not say anything about it.
After all, they were going to places not only for inspection but also to give some advice and hold some meeting.

It would take half a day.

Thus, it would take two-three days for the five regular quota places inspection to get completed, and taking account of reserve quota, it would take longer.

Previously, the Xian City was annoyed by the Yang city’s behavior as because of them the expert’s group stayed less than the three days.

“Academician Yang, Professor He, Dr. James,… Do you have any suggestion to be made for this list?”

The deputy mayor asked politely.

He knew that the experts’ group would normally not revise their arrangements.

The list was decided after the discussion with Standing committee.

On the list, there was not only the name of the inspection place, but also its detailed introduction was written.

“Mayor Li, just forget about this Xinhong Fertilizer Co. Ltd”

Academician took the list, looked at it and suddenly said.

There was no place for the Jing County.

What was their purpose? Was it not to find Ye Xiaochen?

Ye Xiaochen was in Jing county if they do not go to Jing County, how could they get the opportunity to see him?

Won’t this become a joke?

Mayor Li was slightly surprised, does the experts’ group want to revise the list?

He was shocked, this Xinhong Fertilizer Co. Ltd was a very powerful company in the city and one of the biggest taxpayer. Moreover, it had a very good relationship with one of the major leaders of the city.
Otherwise, how could this Xinhong Fertilizer Co. Ltd get the regular quota?
And now according to Academician Yang, the quota must be removed.

He suddenly felt that the experts were not so easy to fool!

The changing of the spot would cause too much trouble.

“Well, Academician Yang, how about transferring the Xinhong to reserve quota and select one of the reserve quotas as changing it to regular quota?”

“No need, our group has already made the decision, this last regular quota gives it to Jing County.”

Academician Yang shook his head and said.

His tone was certain.

Mayor Li was dumbfounded.

Jing County?

Obviously, he knows that Jing County has sent public relation team, but no one has taken it seriously and directly ignored the Jing County.

However, now the experts’ group directly chose Jing County.

Was there any heavenly character that contacted directly to the experts’ group?

How could this happen? As far as he knew, during this period, the experts’ group had very little contact with the outside world.

He couldn’t figure out what was the situation, he wanted to break his head.

Since the experts’ group has decided, he couldn’t go against them. After all this experts group inspection was a matter of public welfare.

“The Jing County has really good luck!”

Deputy Mayor Li thought to himself.

He decided to go back and investigate.

He always felt that the matter was not so simple.


Everywhere, the Jing County mayor hit the wall, after becoming hopeless, he was ready to let the public relation team go back.

Suddenly Director Cai called him.

“Old Jin, I have great news for you.”

Director Cai said in a strange tone.

He was currently wondering how this Jing county quietly made relations with experts’ group and got the regular quota

Even when the quota was already fixed.

When Director Cai heard the news, he was stunned.

So he immediately informed the Jing county mayor and wants to know the details from his mouth.

But, how could the Jing county mayor know about it, he was stunned after hearing.

Did the Jing county win the lottery?

How could this happen? Jing county mayor had only his team, and they did not send anyone. Besides, it was also of no use how many people they sent.

Director Cai wouldn’t be joking with him, would he?

Impossible, the people of Director Cai’s level won’t say anything out of thin air.

After he thought of it, his face finally showed the look of excitement and hurriedly asked about the situation.

Director Cai heard the tone of Jing county mayor and immediately understood that Jing county mayor also had no idea about it.

Immediately he told about how the experts’ group modified the quota, canceled the qualification of Xinhong company and directly added the Jing county.

Jin Bingqiu was stunned on the spot, was it so easy to get quota?

After the two finished the call, Jin immediately called the county and it created a sensation in the county.

No one had the idea other than the experts’ group.

How did the Jing county win the quota? Was there some unknown person…
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