Heavenly Farmer Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81-Plan

Shashi district, Mount Yuelu.

In a unique courtyard.

In addition to old YE and Master Peng, there was also an old man with a fat body. His hair was messy and seemed like it hasn’t been washed for a long time.

Beside the old man, there was tall girl with black rimmed glasses and had an intellectual temperament.

“Old Li, your Tingting should be almost 25, did you find a husband for her?”

Old Ye smiled and looked at the girl beside the old fat man.

“You don’t need to pay attention to my granddaughter.  The virtue of your family kid is not suitable for my Tingting.”

The old fat man smilingly said.

He was a traditional person and doesn’t like that kind of abstract superfluous things.


Old Ye shook his head and said, “Ah, unexpectedly, my Ye family’s five-generation sole line of descendant raised such a bastard.”

“Haha actually, little Ye Jin  is also good, didn’t you see how famous he is.”

Suddenly, Master Peng said while laughing.

“What’s good in being a star, even a small businessman is better than being a star!”

Old Ye angrily said.

That boy’s temper and with his moral character being stubborn and determined, even ten cattle would not be able to bring him back.

“Grandpa Ye, now the times are different. There’s nothing wrong about being a star, I have a lot of friends who are Jin brother’s fan.”

The girl with black framed eyes, Li Tingting suddenly said.

“Then are you also a fan of my little Jin, what is your impression of him?”

Old Ye with shining eyes hurriedly asked her.

He still hadn’t given up on the idea of making her his granddaughter-in-law.

This girl was not only polite but her cultural accomplishment was also good, that kind of gentle and intellectual temperament, it was an absolute best choice to make her Ye family’s daughter-in-law.

“I always regard Jin brother as only a brother.”

Li Tingting lightly smiled and said.

Old Ye was choked and couldn’t say the following words.

“All right, old Ye, don’t have ideas on my Tingting. I heard that your white wax bonsai tree has been cured?”

The old fat man asked suddenly.

“Why are you asking that?”

Old Ye became vigilant.

For a long time, old Li’s attention has been on his white wax bonsai tree

“Are you worried that I might steal your White wax bonsai tree?hmph, now even if you throw that at me I won’t care. Can white wax bonsai be compared with the precious thousand years old ancient Fusang tree?”

Li Yang scoffed.

“ Fusang? I heard that many domestic and abroad experts are at their wit’s end. It is estimated that it will die in a short time.”

Old Ye laughed.

Of course, he knows about the Ancient Fusang’s matter.

“I heard that at the beginning no one was able to cure your white wax bonsai tree, then who cured it?”

Li Yang hurriedly asked.

“Why, do you think that person can revitalize thousand-year-old Fusang tree, don’t think too much.”

Old Ye said with a laugh.

Although Ye Xiaochen’s level was good, this matter was entirely a different thing, the difference between white wax bonsai tree and ancient Fusang tree was too much, the Fusang tree being alive was already a miracle, and to revitalize it, was it nor comparable to bringing the dead back?

“Always need to try best.”

Li Yang said with a wry smile.

“Ok, I’ll tell you his phone number, and you can call him.”

Old Ye nodded.

Soon he told him Zhang Keqin’s number.

As he doesn’t have Ye Xiaochen’s number, he could only give Zhang Keqinq’s contact number.

“Great, then I’ll take my leave.”

Li Yang said.

“Well, didn’t you say that you wanted to play a game of chess with me?”

Old Ye hurriedly asked.

“Did I? Next time.”

Li Yang doesn’t want to play chess with old Ye, this old man’s chess was too bad.

When old Ye saw Li Yang and his granddaughter leave, his face turned green. He said to Peng, “old Peng, play with me”

“You should take your medicine.”

Master Peng indifferently said.

Old Ye lost his temper.


The meal has been finished a long time ago, still, they haven’t left.

Ye Xioachen’s parent had already left the table.

Ye Xiaochen and several other sitting on the table were drinking wine and chatting.

As for the large tables of dishes, it was already finished.

“Brother Ye, there is need to tell you something!”

Li Jianren suddenly opened his mouth and said.

Other people also sat upright and looked serious.

“What’ the matter?”

Ye Xiaochen had already noticed something, whether it was Li Jiaren, master Lin or others, they hadn’t come together for just a simple meal.

There should some other purpose.

“Brother Ye, I think it is too wasteful to sell your vegetables at such a low price, so we discussed and thought of a plan, do you think it is ok?”

Li Jianren smilingly said.

“What plan?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

Li Jiaren runs a furniture factory, Xu Jiao runs a jewelry store, He Lei deals with coal mines and Liu Fusheng has a supermarket.

As for Master Lin, he was a cook.

“We thought of running a chain of vegetarian restaurants that specializes in selling the dishes made from the quality vegetables that are grown on your farm.”

Under Ye Xiaochen’s curious eyes, Li Jiaren finally said his main purpose.

“Does master Lin also thinks it is feasible?”

Ye Xiaochen did not reply directly but looked at master Lin.

He was no longer the former Ye Xiaochen and has matured a lot, in this world there doesn’t exist any reason for love and for revenge, there exist only benefits.

Just like last time when Liu Fusheng took him to dinner and introduced him to Li Jianren and others.

It was mainly because of his relationship with Wang Shuisheng.

Last time, Li Jianren gave him a favor, he was afraid there was some bigger picture.

Now, Ye Xiaochen finally knows.

It seems not only Li Jianren and others, but master Lin was also involved in it.

However, when he thought about it, it was hard to open chain restaurant without a top chef like LIn.

“Yes, only in this way can your quality vegetables become famous and can hope to become a real brand.”

Master Lin nodded and said.

The reason why he agreed to cooperate with Li Jiaren was not to pursue benefits, but he was too curious about Ye Xiaochen’s immortal spring vegetables.

If he could cook with such vegetables, he could definitely improve his cooking.

“Brother Ye, you have quality vegetables, we have money, master Lin has cooking skills, together it is absolutely a perfect match.”

Li Jiaren said with burning eyes.

Although he runs a furniture factory, who told he couldn’t enter the food industry?

This was a good opportunity.

His ambition was very big, naturally, he also has the grasp of the situation.

“If you really want to open a  chain restaurant, I think master Lin is not enough by himself?”

“This you don’t have to worry, I have contacted with several my old mates, their cooking level is same as mine, you should know that they admire your quality vegetables and would definitely take part in.”

Master Lin said.

Ye XIaochen sighed in his heart, they really came with preparation!

However, Li Jiaren’s plans also made him a bit excited.

If we could make this chain restaurant to work, we could make a lot of money.

But, how the distribution of benefits would be divided?

“Brother Ye, although we have planned well, the final decision is in your hands. If you do not cooperate, then even if we have a comprehensive plan, there is no meaning. This time we just wanted to say to you. If you consider it a good plan, let’s’ discuss together in detail, ok?”

Li Jiaren was tactful and didn’t immediately let Ye Xiaochen made a decision.

This was not a small matter.

There were many things that need to be decided, especially division of interest, which was the most important thing.

If it was not decided before, then there would be many conflicts in the future.

As the saying goes, partnership in business is not reliable.

Chapter 82-Vitality

Li Jiaren and others have left.

Ye Xiaochen also returned to his farm, but he was full of worries and was hesitant about the cooperation.

He knows that in a matter related to business the partnership is very difficult to last for a long time.

In the end, it would result in a split or it even could turn into enemies.

Really a struggle!

Ye Xiaochen looked at pollination bee larvae, it was motionless in the honey water, it has become several times larger than the time it was born, it looked white and chubby.

Good, Ye Xiaochen placed the glass bowl back in the storage space.

He once again took a round of the farm; in the immortal land with the potential guidance method, he communicated with the immortal plants.

When his spirit was tired, then he stopped.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the three immortal lands, seeing the immortal plants growing, on his face he could not help revealing the color of satisfaction.

This was the capital he was depending on.

Breathing the fresh air, he looked at the empty greenhouse, touching his chin, he pondered if it could be reused.

The air in the immortal greenhouse was obviously much richer than the outside.

If he could grow some common flowers and vegetables in this greenhouse, then even if it was not as good as immortal spring vegetables, it would be much better than the other farm vegetables.

Really waste!

Ye XIaochen thought, if he could make a shelf in the big shed and form a multi-story platform, then he could plant flowers in the flower pots.

Just as he was thinking, his phone rang.

He took it out and looked at it, he found that it was professor Zhang.

For quite some time, they haven’t contacted with each other.

After all it was the start of new term, professor Zhang was a lecturer in the Nanjing University, naturally, he would be busy.

“Professor Zhang, was the pickle I sent last time taste good?”

Ye Xiaochen pressed the answer button and said while laughing.

“Well, these days I have been busy, so didn’t have time to eat the pickles.”

Zhang Keqin seemed little stunned before he replied.

Some time ago, Ye Xiaochen suddenly had sent him pickled saying it was very delicious. He received the pickles, but as he bought he forgot about it.

If Ye Xiaochen hadn’t mentioned today, then he would have completely forgotten that Ye Xiaochen had sent him pickled vegetables to eat.

Of course, he doesn’t feel that the pickled vegetable would be too delicious, no matter how delicious it was, it was still a pickled vegetable.

Beside as botanist, he felt that it would be better to eat fewer things like pickled vegetables.

When Ye Xiaochen heard professor Zhang’s answer, he was stunned and couldn’t help but reveal a wry smile.

“Ye Xiaochen, are you free?”

Zhang Keqin didn’t say anything more about pickles and directly asked.

“These days I am little free. Professor Zhang, what is the matter?”

Ye Xiaochen knew from professor Zhang’s call that there should be something.

“Mawangdui’s newly excavated tomb contains thousands year old ancient tree and it is still alive. Have you heard of it?”

Professor Zhang said.

“Everyday on the news I have been hearing. What happened?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“This ancient tree is still alive, to be honest, I feel little strange, but after scientific appraisal, it has been proved that it is indeed alive. However, after the opening of the tomb, the vitality is rapidly exhausting, so the government wants to extend its life and drag for a certain period of time, so to have a higher value of research.”

Zhang Keqin continued, “Ye Xiaochen, I do not know if the plant promoting growth agent could be used on it? It is just that I haven’t been able to study the effect and principle of plant promoting growth, so can you come and see it?”


Ye Xiaochen immediately understood, originally asking himself to cure, ah!

He wanted to ask if there was any payment?”

However, he has thin skin and didn’t directly asked.

“Professor Zhang, since this thousand-year-old tree is dying, I am afraid it is difficult to save.afterall it mostly on the verge of death.”

Ye Xiaochen said after a moment of deliberation.

He was really not sure.

After being in the tomb for thousands of years, it was too difficult to save.

Moreover, he knows that the plant promoting growth agent could delay the aging, however, this effect has a limit.
As the thousand years, old tree was aging, the power of its aging was too strong, and would require a stronger effect than the plant promoting growth agent.

Moreover, it’s decaying faster after the thousand years old tree came into contact with the outside air. The death of ancient tree had already begun, the mere vitality was retained due to the special circumstances.

Now that certain conditions have been destroyed, it was hard to preserve its life.

To save the thousand-year-old wood, first, need to retain its only remaining vitality.

This vitality, in the Shennong introduction Guide, was called source vitality.

Just like a person who has been seriously injured, almost to the point of death, but once he was brought back to life, he would be alive and vigorous

That was because his roots were still alive.

Once terminally ill, there would be a loss of source vitality even if Hua Tuo was alive, he wouldn’t be able to save that person.

(T/n: Hua Tuo, famous doctor at the end of Han Dynasty)

Plant promoting growth agent could only replenish normal vitality, but not the source vitality.

“Hello, Mr.Ye, I am director Li Yang from Southern provincial institute of cultural archaeology relics, I really hope Mr.Ye can come over here, whether it can be cured, just try. After all this ancient Fusang tree might be the last one in the earth…”

Suddenly, the voice coming out of the phone changed to a different person, there was vicissitudes and sadness of life as if regretting over the old tree.

Li Yang was curious at the moment, the voice of Ye Xiaochen from the phone appeared very young.

After what Zhang Keqin said about Ye Xiaochen, he thought he would some be somewhat old, otherwise, how could he have such profound attainments and developed medicine to slow down the aging of plants?

He was not certain whether Ye Xiaochen could cure the ancient Fusang, but Zhang KeQin admires that person, so he had to try.

Zhang Keqin himself was a famous botanist.

This time it was invited all the famous botanist in the world, there were also some who were standing at the top of botany field.

Li Yang was undoubtedly a cautious person, as long as there was a slight glimmer of hope, he could not miss.

“So, it was director Li, may I ask how long this ancient wood could survive?”

Ye Xiaochen was silent for a moment. He didn’t want to go, but Li yang’s words had touched him.

This ancient tree, which was closed in a tomb for thousands of years was indeed precious!

In particular when Li Yang mentioned Fusang.

He couldn’t but recall there was a record on Fusang tree in the Shennong introduction guide.

If what Li yang call this Fusang tree was the same as mentioned in the Shennong introduction Guide, then the value of tree would be very important.

Soon, he made his decision.

Chapter 83-3 days

“One week at most or maybe less than that.”

Li Yang quickly said.

Since the other side was asking this then he might do something.

“Well, I will need to prepare somethings. So, I will come in three days.”

Ye Xiaochen said after a moment of deliberation.

“Mr.Ye, I request you.”

Li Yang’s tone was very low

“I’ll do my best.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

After hanging off the phone, he rubbed his eyebrows, he had used the potential guidance technique, the consumption of spirit was too big and after taking the phone call, he felt his head heavy.

He went towards the bamboo bed and sat down on the bed.

He took out Shennong System Introduction Guide and began to read it.

Finally, he saw the page where the ancient Fusang tree was mentioned.

Fuang Shenmu, level 9 fire grade earth immortal plant, three-legged golden crow bird’s habitat, its whole body is considered a treasure….

There was a very simple introduction.

Of course, the appearance of Fusang was also there in the introduction.

He had looked online about the thousand-year-old tree found in the tomb, although it was bare and there were no leaves, it was similar to the description given by the Shennong System Introduction Guide, especially the curved shapes.

“It seems that even if the thousand year Fusang tree was not true Fusang tree, there should be some connection to it.”

Ye Xiaochen softly said to himself.

This is the land where there doesn’t exist any qi, so certainly there could not exist such a heavenly immortal plant.

“How should I save the tree?”

Ye Xiaochen began to worry.

If you say yes, then you must do your best.

Moreover, if the tree was really related to the true Fusang tree, then its value would be incomparable.

Anyway, he needs to try his best.

“The first thing I need to do is to stabilize the source vitality of the tree. As long as it is stable, then other methods can be used.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a long time and finally came up with a way.

However, he felt too tired, and immediately rubbed his eyebrows, without thinking anything further he went to sleep.

It was almost four ‘o’clock in the afternoon when he woke up.

When he thought he had only three days, he had to hurry.

Third night.

Ye Xiaochen was nervously watching the situation in the boiler.

In order to collect enough medicine, he spent a lot of effort and even used his connections these three days.

Of course, he also spent money.

It was more expensive than the plant growth agent which he made last time.

He felt that he would suffer too much if he did not ask for the treatment fee this time.

Minutes were passing by.

The night was silent.

Ye Xiaochen did not dare to relax.

If it fails, then these three days of hard work would be lost.

Suddenly, a faint fragrance was coming out of the boiler.
Ye Xiaochen had a keen nose and after smelling it there a fine mist on his eyes.
The strange fragrance became clearer with the passing time.

Currently, inside the boiler, a pot of dark purple liquid was boiling

“If that Fusang tree has really some connections with the original Fusang, then this medicine should work.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Fusang Shenmu was very important earth grade immortal plant and it could not be compared with Yellow grades immortal plants like immortal carrots and radish.

In fact, in the Shennong introduction system, there was another division of immortal plant.

Every plant on the earth is a common mortal plant.

Spiritual plants such as yellow grade, black grade were classified into the ranks of spiritual plants.

Only the earth grade, heaven grade plants could be considered as true immortal plants.

As the time passed, the liquid in the boiler completely turned black, there was not even a hint of purple.

And the strange fragrance also reached its peak, then suddenly it disappeared and was replaced with a pungent odor.

Ye Xiaochen immediately turned off the gas.

Yawning, he took out his cell phone and looked at the time, it was four o’clock in the morning.

These days he has worn himself out.

He had to deliver goods, take care of the farm and also needed to find the ingredients to make the medicine.

He has slept not more three hours a day.

Fortunately, sleeping in the immortal land could quickly restore his physical strength, otherwise, he would really tire himself out.

He left the boiler and quickly went to the immortal field to sleep.

When the alarm rang, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes.

It was seven o’clock in the morning.

He hurriedly went back to the tin shed and opened the lid of the boiler.

The liquid inside the boiler had already cooled down.

The black liquid emitted a strange odor, not like before

It was more pungent.

Ye Xiaochen smiled, “It seems that my concocting ability is good”

He took out a glass bottle and poured the liquid into it.

“If this medicine can’t cure the Fusang tree, then there is no other method.”

Ye Xiaochen murmured.

Of course, it wasn’t that this liquid could absolutely cure the Fusang tree.

The Fusang tree must have the ability to absorb this liquid.

If it loses its ability to absorb, then it won’t matter even if you give it more liquid.

It was like a person who is hungry, but has lost the digestion function in the stomach, and couldn’t digest the food.

This requires someone to activate the absorption capacity of the Fusang tree.

Also, it was related to the consciousness of the Fusang tree.

Generally speaking, the source vitality of Fusang tree was lost, which means that the tree’s consciousness was almost dispersed.

It would not be an easy task to awaken the tree’s consciousness.

Of course, this specific situation still could wait unit Ye Xiachens sees the scene.

He looked at the clock. It was still early morning.

After delivering the vegetables, Ye Xiaochen drove towards Shashi city

Before he went, he had made a phone call to Zhang Keqin.


Shashi City, Special Pant Research Institute.

It was placed which mainly studies all kind of endangered plants, many of which are rare, that could hardly be seen in the outside world.

Soon after the discovery of the Fusang tree, it was quickly transplanted into the area, with the highest standard of the treatment.

Currently, the country and even the world’s famous botanist were here.

Zhang Keqin was also here.

At his level and fame, he was definitely at the bottom.

When he received the call from Ye Xiaochen, he immediately informed Li Yang.

Although he was in the special plant research institute, he could not bring anyone casually.

Li Yang was not at the special plant research institute, but his identity was extraordinary, as he was the first to discover the Fusang tree.

Therefore, only Li Yang could bring Ye Xiaochen in.

“What?, Mr. Ye is here. Well, I’ll go and bring him myself”

Li Yang still paid great attention to Ye Xiaochen and immediately put down his research work.

Although he was an archaeologist, among the things from the excavated tomb, what he was most interested was in the ancient Fusang tree.

Chapter 84-Temperature decrease

Ye Xiaochen met Li Yang and his granddaughter Li Tingting at the entrance of Special Plant Research Institute.

Ye Xiaochen took one more look at Li Tingting, this girl was really very beautiful and the black-framed glasses had added an intellectual temperament on her.

All of a sudden his face changed, and there was a happiness in his eyes which was hard to conceal.

Because he found that a red light gas was continuously flowing out from his trousers pocket and was heading towards Li Tingting’s direction.

Fortunately, the reddish gas was very inconspicuous and added with the presence of sunlight, no one could perceive it.

After possessing the Shennong system and awakening the Shennong talent, Ye Xiaochen’s five senses had become extremely sensitive, because of which his eyes could see the light red immortal qi.

The Plume of red gas eventually converged towards Li Tingting’s slender white neck.

There was a dull yellow wooden pendant on her neck, it looked very old and was not shiny, probably it was some kind of talisman.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes couldn’t help but stare at the wooden pendant, his heart was in ecstasy, there should be spiritual substance in the wooden pendant, otherwise, it was impossible to attract the immortal red qi.

Li Tingting was uncomfortable with Ye Xiaochen staring at her. She frowned and felt that Ye Xiaochen was a little impolite.

However, she was a good person, so she didn’t say anything.

Ye Xiaochen also knew that staring at a beautiful like that was very impolite and hurriedly withdrew his gaze.

However, he kept thinking about the wooden pendant. He didn’t know how to get it?

Should I try buying it?

According to his guess, it was a bit difficult. This wooden pendant doesn’t look precious and beautiful. However, since the girl was wearing it, then there must be some symbolic meaning to it.

For a while, Ye Xiaochen’s heart was swaying with possible consideration of gains and losses.

Li Yang was observing Ye Xiaochen.

Although he knew that Ye Xiaochen was very young, he was still surprised after seeing him.

He was not just young but was simply too young.

Perhaps in the past months due to breathing the immortal qi of the farm and eating farm vegetables, Ye Xiaochen’s body’s spiritual temperament has become much better.

Even if he dresses ordinarily, it still gives people a bright feeling.

When Li Yang saw Ye Xiaochen staring at his granddaughter, he couldn’t help laughing. He was really a young man.

“Mr.YE, it must be really troublesome to come here.”

Li Yang shook Ye Xiaochen’s hand politely.

Though Ye Xiaochen was young, he did not have any contempt.

He also introduced his granddaughter.

Because of the first impression, Li Tingting gave a cold response.

Ye Xiaochen was young and also rudely stared at her? she was wondering if Ye Xiaochen was a swindler?

So many top experts and professors couldn’t cure Ancient Fusang Tree, so, how can this Ye Xiaochen be able to save it.

And, she considered the Ye Xiaochen’s surprise eyes when he discovered the spiritual substance as lecherous eyes on her.

If Ye Xiaochen knew, he would vomit blood.

“It is not a trouble, Director Li, can you take me to see the Fusang tree?”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Li Yang nodded and immediately took Ye Xiaochen inside the Special Plant Research Institute.

“Well, I’ will like to see what you are capable of.”
Li Tingting looked Ye Xiaochen back with a frowned expression.
Once you have a bad impression, you would always dislike that person.

The Special Plant Research Institute looks inconspicuous from outside, but from inside it was different, the place was filled with greenery

Finally, the three people reached a large courtyard and in front of them was a large glass house.

The whole glass building looked different.

It was completely enclosed, a variety of pipelines were installed, from a look it could be said there should be artificial environment inside, where only some plants could grow.

Through the glass, Ye Xiaochen could clearly see that there was a strange tree, whose trunk was curved like snakes, it stood in the center and around it were a dozen of people were standing and seemed to be discussing something.

When Ye Xiaochen saw the strange tree, his eyes flashed, from the appearance the ancient Fusang tree seems to have died completely.

“President Jiang, this is Mr.Ye Xiaochen, I will be taking him to see the tree.”

Li Yang and YEeXiaochen walked towards the two storey building near the glass house and met a middle-aged man.

Jiang Ping, the president of the Special Plant Research Institute.

The director Jiang from appearance looked affable and clean just like a scholar.

“Professor Li, first you go  to the isolation room and put on your protective clothing.”

Jiang Ping looked at Ye Xiaochen with a smile on his face, but in his eyes, he felt a sense of distrust.

Obviously, he didn’t take Ye Xiaochen seriously.

So many well-known experts in the country and abroad couldn’t do anything, he does not believe that such a young man could do anything.

He was the director of the Special Plant Research Institute but was not from botany background. His main work was administrative management, naturally, he was tactful and did not reveal his feelings.
The trio changed to white protective suits and also had oxygen cylinders with them.

The protective clothing was mainly designed to prevent people from bringing foreign elements such as bacterias.

Oxygen cylinders were used to supply oxygen to the people who will be entering the glass house, as this glass house simulated the closed air of the tomb

Because of this, they were able to try to preserve the vitality of the Fusang tree, otherwise, if natural air was used then the Fusang tree would have died completely.

Three of them entered the glass house.

The people inside saw Ye Xiaochen and other two coming in, but they didn’t pay much attention to them and continued discussing something.

Zhang Keqin was also inside, when he saw Ye Xiaochen coming in, he rushed to greet him.

“Brother Ye, you have come.”

Zhang Keqin said with a smile.

“Professor Zhang.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded in response and went straight towards the Fusang tree.

The Fusang tree gave a sense of vicissitudes of history.

YE Xiaochen gently touched the trunk of the Fusang tree, unexpectedly it gave a warm feeling.

“This Fusang tree is very strange and very warm, but its temperature has decreased more than two-degree Celsius than it was in the tomb and its temperature keeps continuously falling.”

Zhang Keqin saw Ye Xiaochen creating a different face and hurriedly said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, but did not speak, he was channeling his spirit to communicate with the consciousness of the tree.

Li Tingting from the side was seeing at Ye Xiaochen’s actions. In her heart, she felt that Ye Xiaochen does not have the ability.

He did not even look at Fusang data, and was directly touching, what could be found with touching?

After a while, Ye Xiaochen took back his hand and took a deep breath.

Fusang tree’s consciousness was so weak and messy and seemed that it could disappear completely at any moment.

If this goes on, then Fusang tree won’t even last three days.

“Professor Zhang, can I look at the monitoring data of Fusang tree?”

Ye Xiaochen asked professor Zhang.


Professor Zhang immediately gave a laptop to Ye Xiaochen.

On the laptop, all the details of the data recorded during this short period of observation were there.

After Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at it, he pondered for a long time, Zhang Keqin seemed nervous, does Ye Xiaochen also not have any method?

In his opinion, if even Ye Xiaochen didn’t have any solution, then there was no way to save the Fusang tree.

So far, the well-known experts from the country and abroad have discussed many methods, but they were of no use.

They have started giving up on it.

Chapter 85-Questioning

“Pretentious. I guess he can’t even read them.”

Li Tingting saw Ye Xiaochen’s action and muttered in her heart.

“Director Li, before I can cure it, there are some things you must arrange.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly handed the laptop back to Zhang Keqin, then looked at Li Yang and said.

He had given a lot of thought just now. In the present situation, only Li yang could carry out his request.

This Fusang tree was unordinary and in this Special Plant Research Institute which was a government research organization, there were things which he couldn’t be able to do.

“What is the matter? You say it, I will certainly try to comply with it.”

Li Yang asked hastily.

Currently, from Ye Xiaochen’s body he felt a very unique temperament, and unexpectedly this temperament gave him a certain kind of confidence.

Perhaps, Ye Xiaochen really has the way.

“Prepare some oil, oil that can be burned, but it should not have high volatility.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“What will you do with the oil?”

Li Yang was surprised.

“It will be useful.”

Ye Xiaochen said lightly.

“Well, I’ll bring it now.”

In Li Yang’s heart there were more doubts, but he just nodded and hurriedly went out.

“What are you going to do with the oil?”

Li Tinting thought that Ye Xiaochen after looking at the data would pretend to study and say something like he couldn’t be able to cure it and then would find some excuses to leave.

However, currently, this Ye Xiaochen was asking for oil?

Was he going to treat the Fusang tree with oil?

He must be kidding.

Li Tingting was wondering what Ye Xiaochen will do with the oil.

Outside, Jiang Ping heard Li Yang needs oil and also was going to take it inside the glass house, so, he couldn’t help but interfere.

“This is not good, Director Li, this is too dangerous. If something happens to Fusang tree, then I can’t afford to take such responsibility.”

Jiang Ping hurriedly said.

“President Jiang, if an accident happens, I will take all the responsibility.”

Li Yang said seriously.

“Well, all right.”

Jiang Ping saw Li Yang’s serious appearance, he was helpless and agreed with him. If he doesn’t give him face, then he would seem too selfish.

Soon a bucket of unopened cooking oil was carried into the glass house by Li Yang.

“What is happening?”

“Director Li, why did you bring cooking oil inside?”

Asked an old man who was wearing a Chinese tunic suit, holding a walking stick in his one hand and was limping.
The old man was tall, bald with little grey hair and had some disability in his leg.
“Haha, Academician Yang, this is my invited plant expert Mr. Ye Xiaochen, he said he needs to use oil for the process of treating the Fusang tree.”

This Academician Yang’s identity was not simple, he was the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) and also was the vice president of Chinese Agricultural science Academy, his main field was botany and he could be considered the most respected in the field of botany inside the country.

There was also some legends about this man, during middle-aged years, in order to find the endangered plants, he often would alone go into dangerous primitive forests.

His leg was bitten by a Siberian tiger, however, he had a good luck, as at that time he was rescued by a hunter, otherwise, there would be no Academician Yang.

This time for the matter of Fusang tree, he was also got invited.


Academician Yang took a glance at Ye Xiaochen, he did not have any impression of him, he could not think when in the country such a young plant expert appeared?

However, his manners were steady, he did not take advantage of his own seniority and surprisingly asked: ”Mr.Ye I would like to consult you, how are you going to use the oil?”

“Originally, it is Academician Yang, I don’t dare to consult. In fact, this oil is mainly going to be used for warming the Fusang tree.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Just now, Zhang Keqin gave him the name of more than 20 experts present here in low voice, all were the super experts in the field of botany.

He was just a nobody and naturally did not show any contempt.

“Warming up?”

Academician Yang was stunned.

When others listened, they were also dumbfounded,

Immediately someone laughed, warming the Fusang tree with oil.

Was it due to the temperature of tree declining? It is a tree, not a human!
Moreover, currently it was winter season and the temperature in the glasshouse was very suitable.

Besides, even if you want to warm up, there was no need to use oil, it could be done by adjusting the temperature control system in the glass house.

Immediately, they directly considered Ye Xiaochen as a swindler who did not know anything.

A few foreign experts didn’t understand Mandarin,but there were translators for them, so when they heard the oil was going to be used for warming the tree they were stunned.


Li Tingting couldn’t control her laughter.

She suddenly felt that this Ye Xiaochen had come to perform a farce.

Using oil to warming the wood? It might happen only in skits.

She was absolutely sure that this Ye Xiaochen didn’t know anything.

A swindler.

Li Yang was also dumbfounded?


Was he going to ignite the oil?

He couldn’t help but look at Zhang Keqin, he wanted to ask whether Ye Xiaochen really had the ability?

You didn’t find a swindler, did you?

That would make him lose his face.

Zhang Keqin was also stunned, but he quickly responded and did not diminish his trust in Ye Xiaochen.

The previous time, Ye Xiaochen cured the white wax bonsai tree, and with his plant promoting growth agent and the uniques idea in the field of botany led him to have a blind trust on Ye Xiaochen.

He gave Li Yang immediately a determined look.

Li Yang did not have any confidence, but he knows no matter what, he has to preserve.

Maybe this young man could create miracles.

He refused to abandon hope.

“Mr. Ye, what should  do I next?”

Li Yang coughed and asked in a positive tone.

Ye Xiaochen saw surrounding people commenting on him, but he did not care about them. However, he was surprised by Li Yang’s actions.

The other side should obviously question him, but currently, he was believing in him.


Li Tingting pulled Li Yang’s arm.

Li Yang knew what his granddaughter was implying, but he shook his head and told her not to speak.

Li Tingting couldn’t help but pout, she didn’t how his grandfather was believing on this Swindler Ye Xiaochen.

“Give me a basin.”

Ye Xiaochen saw the actions between Li Yang and Li Tingting and sighed in his heart, it seems that this beauty also considers him a swindler.

However, he didn’t care much about it, otherwise, he would be wasting his breath.

Quickly a basin was delivered.

Ye Xiaochen under lots of questioning eyes opened the oil bucket and poured about two liters of oil into the basin.

The oil was golden yellow and gave off a special fragrance.

Ye Xiaochen brought a small bottle filled with a black liquid which he had made and poured around 100ml into the oil.

The liquid gave off an irritating smell

Many people on the scene could not bear it, even when they were wearing the oxygen mask.

They were very curious about the black liquid.

What was that thing?

Chapter 86-Subverting

“Ye Xiaochen, what is this liquid?”

Zhang Keqin was near him, he looked at the dark liquid and was trying to suppress the pungent smell.

“This is one of the solutions I prepared. It is called Strong primary root cultivating liquid, mainly used for stabilizing the source vitality of the Fusang tree.”

Ye Xiaocen said.

Zhang Keqin’s eyes brightened, he had seen the magical effect of the plant promoting growth agent.

So, his curiosity about the dark black liquid grew stronger.


Li Tinting scoffed, that black liquid must be something messy thing.

The name was really good.

However, just don’t know Strong primary root cultivating liquid would have any effect?

Academician Yang and other famous botanists from the country and abroad were watching with curiosity.

Was that pungent black liquid really that magical?

Quickly, the golden cooking oil in the small pot turned into dark gold color, after putting the Strong primary root cultivating liquid into it.

Ye Xiaochen took a brush, dipped in the oil and was about the put the brush on the trunk of the Fusang tree.

“What are you doing?”

When Academician Yang saw what Ye Xiaochen was going to do, he quickly stepped forward and stopped him.

Was he going to apply the oil to warm the tree?

“Obviously, brushing the tree with oil, otherwise how will I warm it up?”

Ye Xiaochen respected this old expert, so he immediately explained.

“No, how can you do it? This Fusang tree is already exhausted and it can’t stand more interferences.”

Academician Yang did not understand Ye Xiaochen’s method.

With Academician Yang taking the lead, other experts also voiced their disagreement with Ye Xiaochen’s method.

“Director Li, we really can’t allow this, if Fusang tree because of the human factor completely dies, we won’t be able to afford this responsibility!”

The President of the Special Plant Research Institute Jiang Ping also came in, and hurriedly tried to persuade Li Yang

The human factor he was pointing out was brushing Fusang tree with oil.

Perhaps the Fusang tree would really die, but because of the human factor, there will be lots of problems.

He was the president of the institute and won’t’ be able to break away from the responsibility.

“Academician Yang, if we don’t do this, will Fusang tree survive?”

Li Yang didn’t know he could fully believe Ye Xiaochen, but if he stops him now, then Fusang Tree would really have no hope.

Academician Yang was dumbfounded.

There was no way!

“Even if Fusang tree dies, at least its body will be safe. Now if oil is applied to it, then it can’t be washed with just water, it will require other things which will definitely damage the body of the tree.”

A middle-aged man said.

“Yes, even if the dead, its body is still priceless. If it is destroyed, it will be a loss!”

“It is true that this Fusang tree is the world’s treasure, and should not suffer any damage.”

“You can’t do it.”


Other botanists also raised their voice.

They don’t believe in Ye Xiaochen, it was better to let tree completely die, then let the tree get destroyed.

Nearby Zhang Keqin was anxious.

He absolutely believes in YE Xiaochen.

However, in this case, everyone is more powerful than him, he is just a professor of Southern Province university, his words are of little value here.

Li Yang began to hesitate.

As for Jiang Ping, he was naturally on the side of the majority.

“Do you think if Fusang tree dies you will be able to preserve it?”

Ye Xiaochen looked from the sidelines coldly.

Now the situation has become one-sided and even the previously determined Li Yang was also hesitating.

He sighed in his heart, if it wasn’t for this Fusang tree was precious and perhaps was only one in the world, he would rather do nothing and wouldn’t offend so many people.
If once it dies, it would absolutely a great a loss.
He was just a nobody and it wouldn’t do any good going against this many experts.

“Does Mr. Ye Xiaochen think that we don’t have the ability to preserve the Fusang tree?”

Academician Yang was little displeased by Ye Xaiochen’s tone of speech.

They can’t save the Fusang tree, but he absolutely doesn’t believe that they wouldn’t be able to preserve the body of the tree.

“Fusang Tree, rumor is that  it is heaven and earth’s strange tree, in myth it is said to be resting place of Divine Golden Crow, naturally is resistant to high temperature, and grows on field of origin fire,this tree has strange characteristic, once temperature decreases, during the moment of death, it would decay rapidly and turn to nothingness and any means of preservation will be useless”

Ye Xiaochen did not care about Academician Yang’s displeasure and spoke slowly.

Li Yang’s eyes lit up as he listened. He had looked at a lot of data on Fusang tree, in the ancient tomb’s record, there was similar mention of things which Ye Xiaochen said.

There was no method of preserving the tree

It was a myth, after all.

“Is it true?”

Li Tinting muttered to herself.

She’s an archaeologist.

She has been exposed to strange things which could not be explained by science.

This Fusang tree survived for close to thousand years in the closed tomb and was still alive.

That itself was a miracle.

This Fusang tree was emitting out the temperature higher than an average tree.

All kinds of incredible things tell the extraordinary of the Fusang tree.

At this moment there was a crack on all the previous doubts on Ye Xiaochen, she became unsure.

She could not help but look at Ye Xiaochen for an explanation.

“Do you mean that once it dies it will turn into dust? Impossible, absolutely impossible.”

Academician Yang was stunned and then said with a deep voice.

The decaying of the matter is a long-term process and could never be completed in a short time.

Would the Fusang tree vaporize in a sealed space free of bacteria?

“Yeah, this is impossible.”

“I thought he really has a method, but he doesn’t even know the fundamental changes of material.”

“Even if we burn with fire, it will take a long time before it turns into ashes. ”


All the people present in the situation we’re talking about it, they didn’t’ believe at him.

In their eyes, any change in the matter has a principle which could be explained by science.

A tree completely decaying and turning into ash. Does it make sense?


Absolutely impossible.

What Ye Xiaochen said was in opposition of science.

To deny science was to deny what they have learned in the past and deny what they know about the world.

This was subverting modern science.

Chapter 87-Oiling

“I know that you don’t believe me, but it doesn’t matter, you can just rub your fingers on the surface of the Fusang tree, and check it. By the way, don’t wear gloves, just use your naked hands.”

Ye Xiaochen saw the expression of the experts present on the scene and smilingly said.

It was not surprising that they don’t believe in what he has said, as it totally goes against the logic of plant science.

There is a theory that in an absolutely sealed vacuum, which is free from any external interference, matter can in a state of immortal.

If the sealing process in glasshouse was done well, even if it was a common tree, it would not be a problem for it to stay same like that for hundred or two hundred years.

Unfortunately, that’s only for the common tree.

Was this Fusang tree common?

Not at all.

What makes this strange tree extraordinary was that there were strange phenomena that could overturn the existing view of science.

It was a miracle that this strange tree was able to survive in a closed tomb for thousands of years, if it was replaced by a common tree, it would have decayed long ago.

“Then I will try.”

Naturally, Academician Yang does not believe in Ye Xiaochen, he was a botanist and has the most solid view of science, according to him everything could be explained by science.

Immediately, he walked near the Fusang tree, took off his gloves and touched the trunk of the tree with his hands.

The surface was delicate and warm just like a precious jade.

After touching, he withdrew his finger and suddenly found there was some grayish color on his fingers.

He clearly remembered that when he touched the Fusang tree without the gloves, there was nothing on his fingers, it was very clean.

He quickly touched the tree with his other hand with gloves and took it back, it was very clean.

“What is this?”

There was a hint of horror on the face of Academician YAng.

It was very weird, why hand wearing gloves did not get the gray color?

“How is this possible?”

“Very Strange!”

“How is the difference so big?”

“What is this grayish thing? It feels a bit like ash..”

“It is really ash.”

Everyone on the scene was very surprised when they tried it themselves.

The result was the same as Academician Yang.

“Mr. Ye Xiaochen, do you know the reason?”

Academician Yang was very surprised, he looked ta Ye Xiaochen and asked.

Everyone else also was looking at Ye Xiaochen.

Currently, they were very confused.

Li Tingting also tried, she carefully observes the grayish substance, she was almost certain this substance was ash which remains behind after burning.


Without burning the Fusang tree, how can ash form on the surface of it?

“Yes. The grayish substance you have seen on your fingers are the ashes left by the burning wood. Why there is Ash? Actually, it is very simple, it is caused due to the temperature difference. The temperature of the human body is above 36 degree Celsius, but the Fusang tree’s temperature has dropped below 30 degrees, contacting with the human body on the surface created a temperature difference, if the temperature of the Fusang tree was higher than the human body, it would not have been problematic, however, currently, its temperature is lower than the human body temperature, contacting with it has increased the decay rate and forming an ash on your fingers. Once its temperature decrease to a certain point, the entire tree will decay and turn into ash.”

Ye Xiaochen spoke.

Everyone on the scene were stunned.

What Ye Xiaochen said was very shocking.

Does there exist such a magical tree in the world?

“Do you mean that if we decrease the temperature in the glasshouse it will stop decay?”

Someone asked.

Unconsciously, these people have been captured with Ye Xiaochen’s words and have begun to think in accordance with Ye Xaioche’s thought process.

“In theory, it works.The problem is that the outside temperature is lowered, the temperature decrease of Fusang tree cannot be saved, because the Fusang tree has no ability to preserve the temperature, and temperature flows from high to low. And when the Fusang tree temperature drops to a critical value, the decay process is unstoppable”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

“What if the room temperature is kept the same as the temperature of the wood?”

Zhang Keqin hurriedly asked.

“It cannot happen, the dissipation of temperature of Fusang tree is irreversible. If it is decreased, it will never increase again, so temperature balance is impossible to form.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

The temperature of the Fusang tree was not as simple as just warming up. Unless you can warm it up and at the same time stabilize its lost source vitality. Otherwise, the temperature of the Fusang tree would continue to decrease. In the process of decreasing temperature, the temperature difference with the outside world is formed and the decay process will happen.

“So how will you warm up the Fusang tree? By using this mixture of black liquid and cooking oil?“
Academician Yang thoughtfully looked at the liquid mixture and asked.
Perhaps,the cooking oil after mixing with the black liquid will have special effects and when applied it will raise the temperature of the Fusang tree.

It wasn’t just him, but others also were thinking in the same direction.

“Of Course, this is the only method. Is there any objection from Academician YAng?”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and asked.

“All right, all though we do not know what you are saying is true or not, but we have just verified some things, there is some truth in it. Instead of letting the Fusang tree die and decay, it will be better to try it.”

Academician Yang sighed and finally said.

After Academician Yang said this, naturally no one opened their mouth.

Jiang Ping took a sigh of relief after he heard Academician agreeing. If there was a problem, he will not be alone.

Li Tingting’s eyes were different.

She had almost been conquered by the strange theory of Ye Xiaochen.

As for the bad impression, she has already forgotten about it.

She had only one thought now, how Ye Xiaochen would cure Fusang tree.

She was really looking forward to it.

“Thanks, Academician Yang for understanding.”

Ye Xiaochen took a deep sigh of relief and nodded. Without hesitation, he picked up the brush and started to brush the tree with oil.

The oil, after adding the black liquid became dense and when applied on the tree it formed a thick liquid.

Quickly from bottom to till his height, he smeared the tree.

Ye Xiaochen also asked for a ladder and then meticulously started brushing the branches of Fusang tree with oil.

It took more than an hour, and the entire tree was covered with oil. There was the only a small amount of oil was left in the basin.

Ye Xiaochen directly poured the oil around the bottom of the Fusang tree and eventually, the soft soil was also fully soaked.

There was a strange smell in the air.

Those present on the scene were becoming more and more curious.

When the last drop of the oil from the basin was poured off, Ye Xiaochen put the basin in a side and took a deep breath.

It was a delicate job.

Seeing the whole Fusang tree covered in oil, he couldn’t help but nod with satisfaction, then he said to Li Yang: “Director Li, do you have a lighter?”

“Ah, what?”

Li Yang felt that he heard wrong and asked again hurriedly.

“Lighter, lighter for smoking”

Ye Xiaochen saw Li YAng’s expression, he shrugged his shoulders and repeated again.

“ A Lighter?”

Li Yang was dumbfounded.

Academician Yang was stunned.

Li Tingting’s eyes were glaring at him

Everyone in the room was shocked.

Pouring oil?

A lighter?

If both linked together …

Was he?

This was crazy.

This Fusang tree, was he going to burn it?

It is not made of metal but of solid wood.

Once lit, won’t it burn to ashes?


Those who had previously thought Ye Xiaochen was a mysterious and very talented person, had only one thought at the moment.


Setting the wood on the fire, only Madman could think of it!

Chapter 88-Burning

“Does Mr. Ye Xiaochen wants to lit this oil smeared tree with a cigarette lighter?”

Li Yang couldn’t help asking.

Burning the Fusang tree, would it really work?

Won’t the whole the will burn down and turn to dust?

It was a crazy idea.

Fusang tree was a national treasure.

Once it was burned, who would take the responsibility?

If it was decaying naturally, nothing could be done about it, but now Ye Xiaochen wants to burn the Fusang tree.

A sane person would definitely not agree.

“If I am not going to lit, what will I do with lighter and oil?”

Ye Xiaochen saw the expressions of the crowd, he could not help but smile and said: ”In fact, you don’t’ have to worry about it, the fire will not burn the Fusang tree”

“It’s a tree, not aa iron”

Academician Yang’s face almost burning with anger

Other people don’t know whether they should laugh or cry.

Li Tingting suddenly felt, should she really believe in Ye Xiaochen?

“Mr. Li, you decide. If you don’t want me to lit the tree, I will leave now.i have spent a lot of money on this medicine. You have to compensate me for that.”

Ye Xiaochen shrugged his shoulders.

Igniting the Fusang tree could be considered really frightening.

It was a pity he couldn’t get a piece of Fusang tree.

If Li Yang was really unwilling, then he as no choice.

This Fusang tree was a national treasure. He can’t grab it, as he still doesn’t have such ability.

Li Yang was hesitating.

His heart was in turmoil.

He really wanted to save the Fusang tree!

However, if he let Ye  Xiaochen do his work, won’t Fusang tree would burn to ashes?

Won’t he become a national criminal?

“Ye Xiaochen, can you guarantee it?”

Li Yang suddenly looked at Ye Xiaochen and asked in a serious voice

Li Tingting was really surprised and looked at her grandfather. She knows his personality.

After the Mawangdui tomb excavation, only Grandfather insisted that this Li Cang’s tomb was not the original tomb.

Who believed him at that time?

Finally, Grandfather studied archaeology alone for more than a decade before finally excavating the real tomb.

She wanted to stop her grandfather, after all, it was a too big risk.

However, when she wanted to open her mouth, she couldn’t open and looked at Ye Xiaochen with a strange feeling that she should believe him once.

“Guarantee. Well, I can give you a guarantee, the question is whether are you ready to believe in me or not.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Ye Xiaochen, I have to remind you that this Fusang tree is a national treasure.if it burns to ashes, you will be held responsible. Of Course, including me, this is not something you can afford.”

Li Yang said in a serious tone.

This was not a small matter.

It was something that was related to the future.

For this Fusang tree, even the central government attaches importance to it.

Otherwise, how could top Chinese botanist like Academician come here in person?
“Director Li, are you really going to believe him?”
Academician Yang said with a frown. He was puzzled.

This method obviously does not conform to scientific common sense, he wondered why Li Yang was agreeing?

“For us archaeologist, the value of the antiques is not in itself, but the past and history it carries. If we do not study it, it is just a dead object, then what will be the value of  the antique?”

Li Yang was emotional and said, “If as Mr.Ye Xiaochen Said, the dead tree would decay into ashes, then I would rather try and bear the blame. I will give anything for the chance of the tree’s survival.”

“All right, since director Li has agreed, I will also agree. if there really happen an accident, we will take the blame together.”

After hearing Li Yang’s words, Academician Yang was in awe.

Li Yang was made in the pursuit of researching cultural relics.

Academician Yang was as crazy as for plants.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be having today’s achievement.

In that case, why not take the gamble?

If he wins the bet, they could keep the unique Fusang tree?

If they lost the bet?

Who cares.

The other people on the scene were silent.

Of course, they were not going to stop them.

As even Li Yang and Academician YAng have agreed, it would be useless to stop.

Jiang Ping looked at Li Yang and Academician Yang, he wanted to say something, but he didn’t open his mouth.

“I am also willing to bear the responsibility.”

Zhang Keqin suddenly opened his mouth and said.

He really believes in Ye Xiaochen’s ability.

“I also agree.”

Li Tingting summoned the courage inside her and said.

She was feeling that Ye Xiaochen could really cure the Fusang tree.

It was really a strange intuition.

“You guys?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised, he did not expect that Li Yang would have such courage.

He would rather lose his future and reputation instead of not trying it.
What surprised him more was the decisive response of Academician Yang.
It seems that he really underestimated these old-timers.

He was suddenly touched by their feeling.

“Thanks for your trust. I will not let it down.”

Ye Xiaochen’s face became serious.

Now, he was burdened with a heavy responsibility of not only saving Fusang tree but also Li Yang’s trust.

Soon, president Jiang Ping went out and brought the lighter inside the glasshouse.


Ye took a deep breath and took the lighter. Under the eyes of the crowd, he walked under the Fusang tree.

Even if he has 100 percent success, he was still under the pressure.


The fire didn’t come out.

“President Jiang, please fill the glasshouse with oxygen.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head looked at President Jiang Ping.

Everyone’s heart was in stop, waiting for YE Xiaochen to lit the oil.

Suddenly when they heard Ye Xiaochen word it was like coming out of the dream.

The oxygen concentration in the glasshouse was too low to even lit a lighter, let alone igniting the Fusang tree.


Without any hesitation, Jiang Ping ran out of the glasshouse again.

After some time, Ye Xiaochen took off his oxygen mask.

He took a breath, there was no difference from outside.

When other saw him, they also took off their oxygen mask.


Finally, flame came out from lighter.

Ye Xiaochen first lit a piece of paper and put it under the Fusang tree.

Quickly, the thick oil on Fusang tree started igniting.

In the blink of the eye, the fire rose and covered the whole tree.

The flame was very strange, it was in purple color.

The people in the room were very tensed.

Li Yang and Academician Yang’s eyes with concentration were staring at Fusang tree.

It was related to their future reputation.

Although, when they made the decision they were determined, in fact, they were very nervous.

The oil on the Fusang tree was burning without a sound and was covered with the purple flame.

After a few minutes, the purple flame faded away.

It was not going to continue to burn?

Many people were shocked.

The fire was very big, though it was caused due to oil, the wood should have still been burning.

However, currently, the tree was not burning?

What does it mean?

It means that that Fusang tree was really not afraid of fire!

What was more strange they found some changes in the Fusang tree. Before, the reddish color on it was very bleak, but now it was red like a burning copper.

They were surprised.

This Fusang tree was really amazing.

Li Yang, Academician Yang, Zhang keqin, and Li Tingting were secretly relieved, they knew that their bet was right.

Immediately, they were pleasantly surprised.

What does it mean?

It means that Ye Xiaochen’s method was effective.

In any case, the Fusang tree didn’t burn as Ye Xiaochen said.

“Mr. Ye Xiaochen, what should we do next?”

There was a change in Director Li’s tone, there was a vague expectation in it.

Everyone was looking at him.

Without saying any word, Ye Xiaochen walked towards the Fusang tree and gently touched it.

Other people’s face quickly changed, the Fusang tree was just ignited, the temperature should be very high. Wouldn’t the human get burned?

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t feel anything.

He closed his eyes.

Released his spirit.

Tried to communicate with Fusang tree’s awareness.

Chapter 89-Reviving

“Well, the consciousness of the Fusang tree has been re-aggregated.”

Through his spiritual talent, Ye Xiaochen was able to keenly capture Fusang tree’s state of consciousness.

Though it was still weak, it was not like before; a candle in a windstorm, messy and loose, having the risk get extinguished at any moment.

It was obvious that his approach had worked.

He used edible oil with the strong primary root cultivating liquid and fire to stabilize the source vitality and reunited the consciousness of the Fusang tree.

Actually, the principle was very simple.

The Fusang tree was far inferior to real Fusang tree, but it was still comparable to yellow grade spirit plant.

Its essence belongs to fire spirit wood, the fire would not damage it, and would absorb it.

The fire contained the  strong primary root cultivating liquid, which was absorbed by the Fusang tree along with fire

Originally, the Fusang tree had lost its vitality and its consciousness was scattered, so there was no way it could actively absorb the liquid.

Ye Xiaochen could only think of this method.

Now, it seems that the effect was very good.

Currently, its vitality was stable and its consciousness was regathered, which was equivalent to letting Fusang tree regain its life.

The Fusang tree was alive.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. He poured the 100 ml of liquid from the glass bottle into the basin.

“Mr.Ye, let me help you.”

Jiang Ping rushed towards him to help.

There was not much change in the Fusang tree, it did not die from the fire, perhaps Fusang tree really has a chance to come back to life.

After he spoke, he took the oil bottle and was going to pour it into the basin.

“You don’t have to pour oil, just bring some water.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly stopped him.

“Okay. ”

Jiang Ping soon bought a large bucket of pure water.

Ye Xiaochen poured some pure water into the basin and diluted it with strong primary root cultivating liquid solution, and then slowly poured along the Fusang tree trunk.

Fusang tree has regained its life and has restored the ability to absorb, so, there was no need to burn it again.

After all, burning strong primary root cultivating liquid would cause some impact.

After finishing it, Ye Xiaochen clapped his hand and said to Jiang Ping, “Director Jiang, every day, you need to use 100 ml of this medicine with water and pour it on the Fusang tree.”

“Mr. YE, is that all?”

Asked Jiang Ping.

“There’s no more problem. It’s just a matter of time before the Fusang tree will recover fully.“

Ye Xiaochen said.

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded, that’s all?

No way, right?

There were many people who couldn’t believe it, they immediately began to test Fusang tree with some advanced types of equipment.

“Oh my god! Instead of Fusang tree vitality decreasing, it has more than doubled, and it’s slowly increasing. ”

After some careful testing, someone exclaimed.

It was amazing.

The dying Fusang tree was saved by Ye Xiaochen using some incredible means.

Li Yang, Academician Yang and others looked at Ye Xiaochen with eyes containing respect.

His method was really amazing.

All the people present on the scene were capable people, and when they meet someone with stronger abilities, they would naturally admire them.

Li Tingting hands were over her mouth, her beautiful eyes were watching Ye Xiaochen, in her heart, there was inexplicable respect.
“Well, well, Mr. Ye Xiaochen, thank you so much. Thank you for saving the rare and precious tree for the country.”

Li Yang excitedly said.

He felt that the decision he made was the most sensible decision of his life.

“Mr.Ye, may I ask, what kind of principle did you use to cure this Fusang tree?”

Academician Yang asked with great curiosity.

As an expert who has spent most of his life in the field of botany, he saw today a very different approach.

Others people also were curious about it.

Ye Xiaochen was very respectful towards the elders like Academician Yang.

Just now, if he and Director li wouldn’t have agreed, he would not have any hope to save the tree.

“Actually, to speak it is quite complex but also simple…”

Ye Xiaochen was willing to answer Academician Yang’s question and immediately said the principle of treatment.

“I had not imagined that there can be such divine tree that innately likes the fire and will not be burned by fire, it can even absorb the fire. It is really amazing.”

Academician Yang suddenly had a realization.

No wonder, they could not cure the tree. First of all, they did not even fully understand the characteristics of the tree, so how cold they cure it.

Academician Yang continued,

“In fact, even if we know the characteristics of the tree, it would be difficult to treat without that liquid of Mr.Ye Xiaochen”

Ye Xiaochen used the oil with strong primary root cultivating liquid.

It was this strong primary root cultivating liquid that stabilized the source vitality of the Fusang tree.

“It is true, if there was no strong primary root cultivating liquid for the stability of the vitality, there would have been no hope for the treatment of the Fusang tree.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

The material that might have needed to make this liquid should be precious and naturally, we will not let Mr. Ye spend money.”

President Jiang Ping quickly said from the side.

Ye Xiaochen was pleased with President Jiang Ping’s words, he has worked hard, he couldn’t return empty handed, right?

Academician Yang and other plant experts present here were mostly concerned about the preparation method of the liquid.

However, this magical potion was definitely priceless. Their hearts were itching to ask, but they didn’t act rashly.

Their minds were concentrating on the big bottle of strong primary root cultivating liquid.

If they could get some liquid to study, maybe they could solve the mystery of the drug.

Now, the science was very advanced, as long as they could find out the composition, would they be still afraid that research won’t come out?

Ye Xiaochen was aware of the thoughts in their mind, but he did not say anything. Anyway, even if they get the medicine, it will be very difficult to prepare it.

Ye Xiaochen had one more thing to do.

“President Jiang Ping, I want to take a small branch of this Fusang tree, I don’t know if it is possible?”

Ye Xiaochen finally said the biggest purpose of his trip.

If he doesn’t get the money, it doesn’t matter, but this Fusang tree branch, he must get it.

President Jiang Ping was hesitating, this was not his property but was of the nation.

“Haha, Mr. Ye, you saved this Fusang tree, so as long as you don’t hurt it, it’s ok to take a branch.”

Director Li Yang directly said.

“Yes, this Fusang tree’s treatment entirely depended on the Mr.Ye. This request is nothing”

Academician Yang also nodded.

Even Academician and Li Yang agreed. So, what could more Jian Ping say? He also agreed immediately.

Other presents on the scene also were showing interest. If they could get a branch of Fusang tree, they could do research on it.

“Thank You.”

Ye Xiaochen’s faced showed a smile, he thought he would need to speak more, but didn’t expect Li Yang to help him.

Immediately, he climbed the ladder and carefully looked at the branches.

There were so many branches of Fusang tree.

However, this branches couldn’t be taken carelessly.

According to the characteristic of the Fusang tree, once the branch was broken, the branch’s vitality would dissipate and it would turn into ash.

Such things must be stored in a special container.

Ye Xiaochen was not a monk, nor does he have any special container.

Chapter 90-Branch

Ye Xiaochen cleverly chose the branch belonging to the main trunk which was about half a foot long.

The vitality of the branches growing near the trunk was stronger than the branches that were far from it.

If he cuts from the main trunk, then the chances of survival would be higher.

Yes, the main reason Ye Xiaochen wants to get a branch of Fusang tree was to do plant propagation by cutting.

He couldn’t get this Fusang tree, so he could only go for the branches.

As long as it could be cut alive, it was completely possible for him to grow the Fusang tree into the original Fusang tree, surpassing the parent of the Fusang tree.

He has Shennong talent, he has immortal land and has the immortal spring water. He has much better-cultivating environment than this Special Plant Research Institute.

Of course, the premise was he could cut the branch alive. Otherwise, everything would be empty words.

Ye Xiaochen the used brush to smear the strong primary root cultivating liquid on the branch he selected. Using this medicine the branch’s vitality would be locked and would not lose its vitality quickly.

At the time of cutting the branch, he used his spirit talent to communicate with the Fusang tree consciousness, so the loss of branch would not cause too much damage to the consciousness.

Most importantly, he must preserve a sense of the tree’s consciousness in the branch at the time of cutting.

After the branch was broken, the reason why it was difficult to keep the branch alive because the consciousness contained in the branch would not be enough to take a shape.

Like a body without a soul, even if the body was strong, it would die.

Some plants in the botanical world could exploit the process of cutting because of their particularity in the consciousness, which could preserve a silk of formed consciousness in the cutting part.

The Consciousness of Fusang tree was extraordinary, it was inseparable, once forced to break, it was basically difficult to do Cutting.

Ye Xiaochen used his spirit talent, so it became possible to do the cutting.

Soon, a branch was quickly separated from the main trunk of the Fusang tree by Ye Xiaochen.

He immediately used the strong primary root cultivating liquid on the broken part of the branch, to seal its vitality.

He was able to sense a trace of consciousness in the branch, and under the guidance of his spirit, it gradually took shape and began to play a leading role in absorption and repair of the branches, it was slowly absorbing the liquid and was repairing itself

As long as there was this strong primary root cultivating liquid, this branch would not die.

After Ye Xiaochen cut the branch, he carefully wrapped it.

Some people were silently remembering Ye Xiaochen’s method of taking the branch.

After leaving the glass house, Ye Xiaochen talked a few words with Academician Yang, Li Yang, and others.

He hoped to keep the low key profile about the treatment of Fusang tree. It was better to say Academician Yang cured the Fusang tree.

He was afraid of trouble.

He wanted to conceal himself.

After Academician Yang and others listened, they became silent for a moment and shook their heads to refuse.

What kinds of characters were they? Almost all of the people were standing at the peak in the field of botany, they have their own pride and would never take others credits.

This was a matter of principle.

They couldn’t’ cure Fusang tree, it was not a problem as their ability was limited.

It was absolutely impossible to take some else credit as their own.

Even if Ye Xiaochen request’s them, they would never agree.
They were sighing in their hearts, such a big credit, Ye Xiaochen said he doesn’t want, if it was changed to other people, they would be hoping to widely publicize to greatly increase their reputation.

Their favorable impression on Ye Xiaochen increased more.

In the end, Ye Xiaochen was helpless, he retreated and asked that they would not say who cure the tree, just say a mysterious expert came and cured the Fusang tree.

Academician Yang directly agreed.

Then Ye Xiaochen said he would be going back and deal with the branch.

He left the special plant research institute.

Although Academician Yang and others wanted to strongly retain him, to talk and exchange about knowledge of botany, however, the matter with the branch of the Fusang tree has been delayed, the possibility of survival would be reduced. So Ye Xiaochen did not talk much with them.

When he was leaving, President Jiang Ping took out a paper envelope and gave it to him, saying it was the result of hard work he had done to cure the Fusang tree.

Ye Xiaochen received it without any hesitation, he knew that he deserved it.

Li Yang and Li Tingting also followed him

“Mr.Ye, thank you very much.”

Li Yang looked at YE Xiaochen in the vehicle and said.

“Director Li, I am obligated to save the country’s treasure.”

Ye Xiaochen solemnly said.

Suddenly, he looked at Li Tingting, he hesitated and asked, ”Li Tingting, can I add your Wechat?”

He couldn’t directly ask Li Tingting about the pendant.

This matter was important and it must be taken slowly.

After adding Li Tinting’s WeChat, he would slowly chat and become familiar, then he could ask about the pendant.

However, in the eyes of Li Yang and Li Tingting, it had a different meaning.

Li Tingting’s cheeks blushed.

Ye Xiaochen showed amazing botanical attainments in the Special Plant Research Institute, which impressed many top botanists and made Li Tingting admire him.

Now, Ye Xiaochen was asking for her WeChat, and in the previous meeting, Ye Xiaochen stared at her. Did he fall in love with her at first sight?

She lowered her head, nodded slightly and said, “Okay my WeChat is….”

She told Ye Xiaochen her  WeChat ID.

Ye Xiaochen saw Li Tingting’s shy appearance, in his heart, he didn’t feel good, he felt dizzy, I do not have this idea!

However, he does not know what to say, he quickly added Li Tingting’s  WeChat id.

As for other things, he would talk about it later.

Li Yang looked from the side, he couldn’t help but reveal a smile, Male and female love is human nature, he was a very sensible person.

Moreover, he really appreciated Ye Xiaochen.

At such a young age, he has such amazing achievement in the field of botany, and in the coming time, he will surely make a place in the field of international botany.

If there was some development between Ye Xiaochen and his granddaughter, it could be considered good.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen added Li Tingting’s  WeChat ID and then left two people, driving his truck back home.

Halfway through the road, he opened the paper envelope and looked inside it. There was a lot of cash in it.

Two hundred thousand!

He has to say, Jiang Ping was a quite interesting person.

After returning to the farm, Ye Xiaochen immediately took out the branch of Fusang tree and directly placed it into the special boiler, he injected some immortal spring water and then transferred some of the strong primary root cultivating liquid.

He still has some liquid in his hand.

He also communicated with his spirit and felt that the branch’s consciousness has stabilized and its vitality was also gradually enhanced, so he could not help but take a sigh of relief.

There should not be any problem on Fusang tree’s branch surviving.

It seems that the branch has not absorbed any true spirit for a long time and has become extremely thirsty for the liquid. At the speed visible to the naked eye, the color of the Fusang tree branch has undergone significant changes.

It even began to molt and started to expose a dark golden color.

The most peculiar thing was from the end of the branch, red golden color roots began to grow.

In less than two days, the not only root was formed but even a green golden bud was born.

By this time, its growth rate has started to slow down.

Ye Xiaochen has realized that previously the Fusang branch was too empty.

Now it has absorbed enough medicinal power of the liquid and spirit of the immortal spring water, making functions of the branch perfect.

The Fusang tree branch would grow smoothly.

“Now I can finally plant it.”

Ye Xiaochen thought he would need to do the cutting process, but now this branch has a root and bud, which already has satisfied the conditions for planting.

However, where should I plant it?

Immortal land?

Planting the Fusang tree in immortal land was not a small matter. He was afraid the nutrient and the immortal air absorption it requires could not be compared with the general immortal plant.

At least half piece of immortal land must require to be able to satisfy the growth of Fusang tree.

“Well, fortunately on the third immortal land I acquired previous time, I planted only twenty-six immortal beans, there is still half a land is free.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly made up his mind.

First, plant the Fusang tree in the immortal land.

Later, when he has more immortal land, he could assign one whole piece of immortal land as an independent growth place for Fusang tree.

The roots of Fusang tree were strong and covers a wide range.

If other immortal plants were planted near it, it would have an impact on yield and quality.moreover, the Fusang tree belongs to the fire department, the impact would be even greater.

There were exceptions to it, if Ye Xiaochen plants fire department plants near the Fusang tree, then it would have benefits instead of damage.

The immortal beans that Ye Xiaochen chose were only yellow immortal beans contains soil property. Now that he has Fusang tree, he could plant red immortal bean containing fire property.

Unfortunately, he does not have enough immortal yuan and could only wait for time being.

immediately, Ye Xiaochen transferred the perfect Fusang tree to the immortal land.

Currently, the Fusang tree was an only half foot high, its whole body was a dark golden color and looked unique.

After transplanting, Ye Xiaochen communicated with the Fusang tree consciousness using his spirit. He felt that the consciousness became very active and seemed to grow well in the immortal land, there was a feeling of joy in it.

“Sure enough, Fusang tree is a kind of immortal plant.only when it grows on immortal soil, it’s worth will come out. ”

Ye Xaiochen’s heart was silent.

With the Fusang tree, he could grow the red immortal beans.

He couldn’t help but look at other two fields where immortal carrots and immortal radish was about to mature.

Soon, he would have lots of immortal yuan.

He was looking forward to it with great anticipation.
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