Heavenly Farmer Chapter 71-80

Chapter 71-Searching for bee

Chen Hao returned to his home.

He was in a good mood today, as a big problem has finally been solved.

It turned out that storefront floor of his supermarket was Li Jiaren’s property.

This year the contract was going to expire.

Li Jiaren gave him an early notice to make him ready for moving the supermarket.

This made him worry.

Currently, the position of the supermarket was good and business was also going well. Once, he moves out, then he has to find a new place.

First, not to talk about trouble, there would be also a serious effect on his business. It should be known that after many years of operation he has already formed a large number of old customers. Once he moves and if the distance was far, it would be equivalent to starting from scratch.

The location might not necessarily be good.

In order to rent this place, he has spent on a lot of relations and even used in father-in-law’s contact.

However, this time Li Jiaren was unwilling to not rent again and insisted that he should move his supermarket.

Even the father-in-law’s relation was useless.

Actually, he knows the reason, it was father-in-law being retired.

As the saying goes official field in person to walk the cold tea.(Tn: It is confusing, but the meaning here is after you retire you lose the power.)

When a person is in the seat, many people would fawn over him and when he was not there nobody would care even if bird shits unless that person is of high level.

His father-in-law was just an only a deputy director of health bureau, nothing more than a section level official.

“How did it go? Did Li Jiaren accept?”

Li Yan saw her husband come back and immediately asked him.

Although his father had some connections, he has retired, he has lost the power.

From Li Jiaren’s change of mind to not renew the contract it could be seen.

“It’s done.”

Chen Hao showed a relaxed smile, “Wife, you have no idea whom I met today?”

“Really? Very good. I already said, even though my father has retired he still has some respect.”

Li Yan was so surprised that she couldn’t help but laugh.

She thought it was her father’s credit.

Chen Hao’s face froze, he shook his head and said, “Wife, today this matter was successful only due to Xiaochen.”

“What? Xiaochen?”

Li Yan couldn’t respond.

“I met cousin at logistic center, he unexpectedly met with Li Jiaren, and it seems that their relationship was good, Li Jiaren saw that I and Xiaochen were cousins. So, he immediately agreed.”

“You mean it was due to Ye Xiaochen? It’s impossible.How can he help you? How can he know Li Jiaren?”

Li Yan cried and revealed an incredible color on her face.

In her eyes, Ye Xiaochen was a poor boy and couldn’t enter her eyes.

How could such a despised poor relative help her family so much?

Impossible, absolutely impossible, this Li Jiaren should have agreed only due to father’s sake.

Yes, it should be.

As a proud woman, Li Yan was incredibly stubborn, once she decided the thing, it was difficult to change her mind.

It was impossible her to believe that Ye Xiaochen, the poor cousin, she despised has helped them.

Chen Hao sighed in his heart, he knew his wife’s character and didn’t say anything further.

He thought something.

He read a novel, the protagonist of the novel was looked down by many people and he said a resounding powerful line:30 Year Hedong,30 Year Hexi, do not bully the young poor.

(Tn:”30 Years Hedong,30 Years Hexi”, it is a folk saying. The metaphor is a change of ups and down of a person is fickle, and sometimes it changes to the opposite. It is difficult to predict.)

Perhaps, now Ye Xiaochen was the portrayal of the protagonist.


Ye XIaochen did not know that because of a chance encounter with Li Jiaren, he had indirectly helped Chen Hao solve a big problem. If he knew then he would be speechless.

He was looking for the tools that could be helpful for the bee colony.
He went to a nearby bamboo drove and chopped off a long bamboo with a wood knife.

It was tender, then next he cut open the bamboo and torn down a big white thin layer from the bamboo tube.

After it was done, Ye Xiaochen rode off on his motorbike.

In the motorcycle, he attached a conical bamboo hat.

There were very fewer flowers that would bloom in this season, so it was much harder to find the bees than during spring and summer.

This was too difficult for Ye Xiaochen.

He came to the foot of a mountain, there were quite a wide fields, now, the rice was ripe, golden and beautiful.

In distance a large mountain could be seen, even exposed rocks, where it used to be an open stone field.

On the other side, there was a site of the small coal mine

There were rows of houses at the foot of the mountain.

Ye Xiaochen knew there were people here who plant osmanthus tree, and it was this tree’s flowering period.

He stopped the motorcycle and sure enough, he smelled the sweet scent of osmanthus.

The osmanthus flowers were white on the outside and yellow inside, it was mixed with green leaves of the tree and appeared like stars.

Osmanthus flower might not be the best beautiful flower, but this flower’s aroma is most fragrant and rich, it gives a relaxed and refreshing feeling.

There were a lot of bees on it.

Ye Xiaochen went towards a small sweet-scented osmanthus tree with a few bees on it.

He tore a piece of the rectangular bamboo layer, tied it with a thin silk thread and formed a ring.

Waiting for some moment, a bee flew up to him.

Ye Xiaochen gently stroked the osmanthus tree and used his spirit ability to communicate with osmanthus tree consciousness.

At this moment, his whole body seems to have become one with osmanthus tree.

He was tree and tree was him.

The bee flew in front of him and seems to unaware of it.

Suddenly, the little bee flew towards his arms.


Ye Xiaochen was slightly stunned, but he was still using spirit ability, he even sensed the small bee’s consciousness.

Compare to osmanthus tree the small bees’ consciousness was definitely more lively.

From the consciousness of bees, Ye Xiaochen got some simple information, it was not like plant’s consciousness, small bee’s consciousness was much clear.

Now, for example, the small bee’s consciousness was full of joy as it had great harvest today.

It had found the flower of osmanthus tree and was able to collect pollen which could be taken back to the beehive.

Ye Xiaochen lamented in his heart that his spirit ability was not strong enough, otherwise, he could directly communicate with small bee’s consciousness and directly ask it the direction of the beehive.

With the communication of consciousness, the small bee was little less dangerous to him and gave a sense of intimacy.

Ye Xiaochen took the opportunity to gently tie the thread ring around small bee’s waist.

After finishing it, Ye Xiaochen passed on the consciousness of small bee to return to its hive.

This kind of information transmission method was like general hypnotism.The small bee accepted it and flew directly up.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly took the tools and followed it.

The small bee did not fly fast, after flying at a distance, it would fly back to Ye Xiaochen, circle him and then fly out.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen very relaxedly followed the small bee.

In his heat, Ye XIaochen sighed, this spirit talent was really powerful!

If this talent was little stronger, he would be able to directly control bee’s consciousness.

Chapter 72-Purification

Ye Xiaochen used his Spirit talent to follow the direction of the small bee and headed up towards the mountain.

Fortunately, the small bee would return from time to time, otherwise, it would be not easy to track down the small bee.

This was also the difficulty of searching bees.

Even the most experience Bee hunter would often return empty-handed.

Bee hunters would usually place a trap in a certain location and lure colonies of the bee to settle in.

Ye Xiaochen has Spirit talent, but if this field was not troublesome, then the bee hunting would have become easier.

Looking at the surrounding scenery, all the way he followed the small bee. After 10 minutes later, at a distance not far from stone mine, the small bee suddenly hovered in the air.

Ye Xiaochen knew that the hive was nearby.

After flying in circles, the small bee suddenly advanced towards the right side of massive piles of stone beside a tree and flew.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly followed it and saw that the small bee landed on a dead branch and then crawled along the branches into the gap exposed between roots and small stone crack.

“Damn, why is it in this kind of place?”

Ye Xiaochen was little annoyed.

To get to the place where bee colony was, it would be very troublesome.

Stones, tree roots were the obstacles!

To really dig, it would be a huge work.

“Yes, I have the Immortal hoe. When there is the Immortal hoe, what were roots and stone?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of the artifact he had in his hand.

Immediately, he took out the Immortal hoe from the storage space and began to dig.

In order to not hurt the beehive, he was digging very carefully and began clean the things from the side.

Again the strong stone, in front of the Immortal hoe, it was much not harder than tofu and the root wasn’t a problem at all.

Pieces of stones were dug out, and roots were cleared away.

It took him more than half an hour.

Finally, the beehive appeared in front Ye Xiaochen’s vision.

If it wasn’t for the Immortal hoe was too heavy, it wouldn’t take this long time.

Ye Xiaochen prepared the conical bamboo hat and hanged in just above the beehive and then used the withered dog tails grass to gently drive away the swarm of bees.


Many bees flew up and assembled inside the conical bamboo hat.

The number of bees in the conical hat was increasing more and more, and the bees in the hive were slowly decreasing

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen noticed a bee much larger than the normal bees.

Queen Bee!

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up and immediately reached out his hand.

At the same time, he used his Spirit talent.

Usually to catch a Queen with hands was a skilled job, it was easy to get attacked by the swarm of bees.

He has the Spirit talent that could reduce the hostility of the bees.

When his hands touched the Queen Bee, he immediately sensed the consciousness of the queen bee.

When gently took the Queen Bee and put it in his palm, the queen bee did not struggle.

When the queen was put in an artificially made hive, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He took the conical bamboo hat and shook the bees into the artificial beehive.
Ye Xiaochen covered lid, opened the nest and from the original hive dispersed the remaining bees from the original beehive.

Instead of going back to the original hive, the bees followed the scent of the queen bee and entered the artificial hive.

By the time all the bees were dispersed, the hive was completely exposed to the Ye Xiaochen.

There was plenty honey in it.

After all, it was beginning of the autumn, the honey bees must prepare food for the winter.

Using the fruit knife, he cut off the pieces of the nest and put them in a clean plastic bag.

By the time he reached home, it was already four’ o’clock in the afternoon.

He first dealt with the spleen of the nest and cut off the parts with honey.

As the for the rest, it will be used as a nest and would be placed in the beehive.

Due to necessary of very pure honey, he adopted this static method, the honey from the spleen would automatically flow down and settle.

This would ensure that honey does not have too many impurities.

With this static method, Ye Xiaochen wanted the bee colony to settle down in it.

His farm had so many vegetables that would need colonies of bees, and these were all quality vegetables, the nectar that would be collected from these vegetables would be certainly remarkable.
This would continue to provide the honey for the pollination bees.
The honey obtained from the static method would still need to purify and the pure honey that was obtained would be not much.

He prepared time to collect more bees.

For several days, Ye Xiaochen spent a lot of time looking for the colonies of bees.

Good harvest.

He got five bees colony.

During these time, he also dealt with several orders from his online shop.

It might be that the word of pickled vegetables was spreading from the mouth of those old customers.So, now the business of online store was getting better and better, every day there would few orders.

The orders were less, but the prices were expensive.

One order was more than 400 yuan, one day’s shop income was one thousand or two thousand yuan.

This was pure profit, there was not much cost after all the raw material was his own, and the production of pickled vegetables does not cost any effort.

In this way, it was no problem to earn more than 40,000 yuan a month on the income of pickled vegetables.

The farm.

The five bee hives were lined up in a shed.

From time to time, bees would fly by, they were very busy.

The honey obtained was roughly three jin(1 jin=500g).

Now, in the tin house.

Ye Xiaochen was refining honey.

Under normal circumstances, honey could not be purified at all, at most some impurities could be reduced.

For Ye Xiaochen, it was not a big difficulty.

In the boiler, it was filled with light yellow honey, it looked extremely clear and there was faint scent was emitting out from it.

Below, the stove has been lit, and the blue flame was making the above patterns lit up.

Honey was becoming warm.

Honey should not be heated more than 50-degree Celsius, otherwise, all its nutrients would be destroyed.

Ye Xiaochen controlled the temperature of the honey and kept it warm.

He took out a glass bottle, poured the powder and weighted it to the precision of milligrams.

He poured the white powder in the honey and stirred it up with a soon.

With the speed of the naked eye, the honey color became much lighter, and a white milky dense dense liquid started appearing at the bottom.

After a while, the color of the honey completely disappeared leaving behind a kind of light yellow water.

There was no sticky feeling of honey in it.

Instead, on the spoon, there was milky liquid, like gelatinous, and even if ti was pulled into along threads it did not break.

Ye Xiaochen seeing this finally revealed a smile.

Soon, he separated the milky liquid from the yellow liquid water.

The milky liquid soon turned into crystal, like a rock sugar.

Ye Xioachen took the white crystals and measured the weight, it was not more than 140 grams.

“It’s not easy.”

Ye Xiaochen seeing so little purified honey, he sighed.

It was not easy to feed the pollination bee egg.

The other materials were also ready.

He cleaned the boiler and began to prepare.

Chapter 73- Ye Ying

After two hours, a batch of silver white substance was concocted by Ye Xiaochen.

The substance was not crystal solid but was a powder. Gently pinching it would turn into a fine powder.

It was like milk powder, but it was silver and shiny.

It was giving a mellow and rich fragrance of honey and was extremely unique.

“Well, the nutritive value of this immortal spring honey powder, compared to general milk powder is thousand times better.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

It was a pity that it was not edible for mortals. After all, in this immortal spring water was added. After the preparation process and refining, the immortal qi has been integrated into the honey powder.

Unfortunately, the quantity of powder was not much, it was mostly around 300 grams.

He took a clean glass bottle, then poured the immortal spring honey powder in and sealed it.

After storing the glass bottle, Ye Xiaochen took out the special sprinkler.

As the boiler was needed to prepare the honey powder, he put the special liquid that is used for nurturing the pollination bee egg in the special sprinkler.

There was no other method, there were not many instruments that could hold the water of immortal spring, except the special boiler and special sprinkler.

In other containers, it was easy for immortal qi in the liquid to get dispersed, which would affect the nurturing process of pollination bee eggs.

After putting back the cultivated medium liquid and pollination bee egg in the clean boiler, Ye Xiaochen felt satisfied.

Now, the breeding process of pollination bee egg was very normal, the blood veins in the egg were increasing more and more.

This represents that embryo of the egg was gradually forming.

Those blood veins were the channels through which the embryo of the egg would absorb nutrients. The more blood veins, the stronger the nutritional requirement of the embryo.

After the pollination bee was born, these blood veins would gradually dry up.

In the course of embryo forming, if on this blood veins any unusual change happens, then it means there some was a problem in embryo formation of pollination egg.

He kept the boiler in the storage space.Ye Xiaochen lied on a bamboo bed, took out his cell phone and started to process the shop’s orders.

These two days, there were more orders, and due to the preparation of immortal spring honey powder and also the distribution of vegetables, he was so busy that he did not have time to deal with orders.

Now the preparation of the immortal honey powder was finished, so he started processing the orders.

He looked at it, there were 12 orders.

All requesting for three packages.

Of course, there were lots of messages, in the hope that shop owner Ye Xiaochen could allow them to buy few more package.

Ye Xiaochen was a very principled person, he would never give more package.

Though he has lots of pickled vegetables, he won’t break the rule, this was for the long-term plan.

There was a limit to the speed at which magical pickle jar could make pickles. only one jar of pickled vegetable could be made one day and in one jar it could fill up seventy to eighty packets of pickled vegetable.

It also includes dozens of the package of free pickled vegetable. In one pack, there was only one bean, one cucumber, and one chili.

That was to say in one day he wouldn’t be able to sell more than 30 customers.

In fact, this was already quite a lot.If all were sold out he could earn more than 10,000 Yuan.

It was easy to earn more than 300,00 a month.

Now, Ye Xiaochen was more confident in the sales of pickled vegetables.

He hated that he couldn’t make more pickled vegetables.

Although magical pickle jar was available in the Store, its price was not cheap!

At least, he doesn’t have that much free money to buy it now.


The following day, after Ye Xiaochen finished delivering the vegetables, he drove towards Yangshi railway station with his vehicle.

Today, younger sister Ye Ying was coming back from Shashi.

Ye Ying was a sophomore at Southern province university in Shashi, she did not return home during summer vacation and instead, chose to find a job in Shashi city to support the family.

It was not until today that she resigned job. She was going to stay at home for few days, after all, there was not much time before the college would start.

About 10:30, a group of passengers emerged from the exit of the station.

According to the time, younger sister Ye Ying’s trains should have arrived.

His eyes stared at the crowd and soon he saw a youthful figure, with a ponytail, carrying a backpack, a plastic bag in one hand and in another pulling a suitcase.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly went to meet her.

“Little Ying”

“Elder brother.”

Ye Ying when saw Ye Xiaochen, she immediately revealed a happy smile.

Ye Xiaochen helped her to carry her suitcase and backpack.

“Brother, I can carry it, it’s not heavy.”

Ye Ying smiled.

“You should be tired after working in the summer?”

Ye Xiaochen saw that his younger sister has lost weight and immediately he felt little heartache.

Ye Ying was not kind of school flower type, but still, her looks were pretty, she was like pretty daughter in a humble family type.

“How can it be? It was relaxing. Brother, l heard from mom that now your farm is in a very good condition?”

Ye Ying started chattering with Ye Xiaochen.

“Oh, it’s not bad, you can see when you return..”

The two sibling walked along and chatted.

In the parking lot.

“Brother, this vehicle you bought is quite new!”

Ye Ying curiously like a baby circled around the truck.

“It is a second-hand vehicle, get inside, just wait for the money then the brother will buy a private car.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“A used vehicle is also a vehicle.I still don’t have my own car.”

But Ye Ying was very happy.

Usually, she would ride on someone’s vehicle to home, but this time it was different.y

Sitting in your own vehicle was different.

By the time they reached home, mother had already cooked a big meal.

“Well, it smells good. I haven’t eaten mother’s food for a long time.”

Ye Ying put the backpack in aside and picked up a chopstick.

“It’s delicious, mother. How did you make so much progress? ”

“I am very happy to eat it.”


Ye Ying while eating talked continuously without stopping.

“Little Ying, eat this pickled vegetable.”

Ye Xiaochen served a plate of pickled vegetables.

When Ye Xiaochen brought the pickled vegetables, her saliva was already flowing out.

As its fragrance was too rich and seductive.

The other dishes on the table were fragrant, but they were covered up by the smell of pickled vegetable.

“What kind of pickled vegetable is this? it smells good?”

Ye Ying sniffed and an intoxication color was exposed on her face.

“Haha, this was made by your brother. After careful development, these super pickled vegetables were ready.”

Ye Xiaochen said ith proud.

“ Then I’ll take a bite.”

Ye Ying immediately took a red pepper.

This girl likes to eat spicy food.

“Wow, it really delicious.”

Ye Ying quickly ate the hot red chili, it was full of aroma, the sour and sweet taste was enough to make any people infatuate.

She had never imagined that a chili would taste this good.

Then, she ate pickled beans, pickled cucumber, pickled radish, pickled carrot and so on.

Every one of the taste was very memorable.

Finally, the plate of pickled vegetables was finished, unexpectedly it was all eaten by Ye Ying.

“Brother, I want to eat more.”

Ye Ying looked at Ye Xiaochen.

Chapter 74- Shopping

After younger sister Ye Ying returned, Ye Xiaochen’s pickled vegetable consumption speed increased, but at the same time, he also got an effective helper.

Ye Ying was a good worker.

In the past, when she was at home, she was able to transplant rice seedlings, harvest rice, and dig vegetables.

She was very diligent, and she doesn’t need to be told by Ye Xiaochen to do anything.

Pulling weeds, loosening soil, picking vegetables, watering and so on, Ye Xiaochen’s work suddenly became easier.

Of course, Ye Xiaochen gave a special order to her to not look after the two fields in the greenhouse, where immortal land was located.

With the help of his sister, Ye Xiaochen became more relaxed and had more time to do other things.

For example, to see Wang Xinyi.

The relation between two people increased quickly, but still, they did not break the last layer, they have a tacit understanding between them.

No one spoke.

There were concerns in Wang Xinyi’s heart. After all, she has a disability, she was deaf and mute.

So, Ye Xiaochen hoped to cure Wang Xinyi first.

He knew that Wang Xinyi was very concerned about her physical disability and only by curing would he be able to remove her psychological inferiority.

He did not want his feelings for her to become alternate kind of pity for Wang Xinyi.

Ye Xiaochen was always taking care of Wang Xinyi’s sensitive mind.

It may have been that Ye XIaochen has been too many times in and out of Wang Villa, so Ye Xiaochen felt there was some subtle change in Wang Shuisheng’s attitude towards him.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether this was good or bad.

Today, when Ye Xiaochen went for delivering vegetables, he also brought his sister Ye Ying with him.

He was going to take her to the mall and buy some new clothes for her.

After all, Ye Ying’s college was about to start. All the clothes she was wearing was old and the colors and had been washed out.Ye Ying rarely buys any new clothes.

Ye Ying never says anything. She also sent the money earned from her summer vacation job.

For this sensible sister, Ye Xiaochen loved her from his heart.

Tian Hong Shopping mall.

It was a famous department store in Yang Shi city, there were supermarkets, cloth stores etc.

However, the price here was not cheap.

“Elder brother, Why did we come here? I heard there is an underground commercial pedestrian street in Yang Shi city. The clothes there are cheap and even can also bargain.”

The younger sister pulled Ye Xiaochen and said.

She rarely comes to this kind of place, she had once accompanied her classmates and had come here, when she saw the prices on the clothes, she was shocked. There were very few clothes which were below one thousand yuan, even if it was underwear, it was few hundreds of yuan.

In her opinion, instead of spending that much money here it was better to go to an ordinary clothing store and spend the same money, which could buy several sets of clothes, the style would be not bad and it was beautiful also.

Even so, she was reluctant to buy.

This times summer job, she was a guide in shopping mall, the women clothes there were very fashionable, they were around one or two hundred yuan.

She was interested in a summer dress, but it was more than 300 hundred yuan, so she didn’t buy it.
As a shopping guide, she could buy it at cost price and could save 80 or 90 yuan, but she still did n’t buy it.

“Little Ying, it’s alright. Today, your brother is going to buy some pretty clothes for you.”

Ye Xiaochen walked in with her.

“But it’s expensive.”

Ye Ying said in a low voice.

“Expensive is good, and moreover it is not much expensive. You don’t try to save your brother’s money, do you know how much your brother makes in one month”

Ye Xiaochen chuckled.

“How much is it? Could it be around ten thousand yuan?”

Ye Ying curiously asked.

She often listened to the mother that brother’s farm condition was good and was getting very good income.

In her eyes, the monthly income of ten thousand yuan was already an incredible sum.

In the past, mother and father worked hard for a  year, did small labor in farming and was able to earn 20-30 thousand yuan. They supplied the money for a study of brother and sister, so they could not save much.

In recent months, mother and father hadn’t gone for small jobs and instead, were helping the elder brother with his farm.
The last time she came, father had white hair and lots of wrinkles on his face, mother was always nagging.

However, when this time she returned, she saw that her parents seemed to have become young, their mental state was very good and always had warm smiles on their face.

The changes in the family were very big.

She also heard from the mother that this year they were going to build a new house.

That would cost lots of money.

It seems that her elder brother was really making lots of money from the farm.

She was genuinely happy for her brother.

“Oh, Little Ying, what’s this monthly ten thousand? Now Your elder brother has at least this much number in every month.”

Ye Xiaochen showed five fingers.

He still said a small part, now alone form the sales of vegetables he was earning 60,000-70,000 and from pickled vegetables, he could earn easily thirty to forty thousand.

In other words, it was easy to earn 100,000 yuan.

“So much?”

Ye Ying’s face was full of surprise.

Was it too much?

In a month to be able to earn 50,000 yuan was too big, no wonder there were so many big changes in the family, to make so much money and there was no change, then it would be strange.

The mother this time didn’t take the summer job’s money and said to take it herself and use it when the college starts.
“So now, brother can buy you some pretty clothes, I can afford them. When we have the money, we shouldn’t save too much, we should buy things, wear little better. I hope you to wear pretty dresses.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Even after Ye Xiaochen said, Ye Ying’s money-saving character didn’t change, every time when she sees favorite clothes, she would get scared off by seeing the price.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t care much about it. He packed the clothes and directly swiped the card.

Ye Ying’s face revealed a tangled expression.

Even if she was distressed about dress costing so much, she was still little happy buying her favorite dress.

“Let’s go and buy shoes.”

When they passed by a shoe store, Ye Xiaochen stopped there.

“Brother, forget it. I already have shoes to wear.”

Ye Ying Hurriedly said.

The two people were carrying bags of clothes in their hands.

The money spent on the clothes was more than five to six thousand yuan.

There were summer, autumn, and even winter clothes.

It was needed to know that she had worked for more than a month during summer and was able to earn less than three thousand yuan.

“If you don’t buy shoes, then when you wear new clothes, how can you match with them?”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said.

He glanced at cheap sandal at the foot of his sister and shook his head.

Now, it was beginning of autumn, although the weather was still hot, it won’t take time for it cool down, sandal could not be worn for a long time.

When the two came out of shoe store, there were an additional three bags in their hand; a pair of sandals, a pair of sports shoes and a pair of boots.

It cost around two thousand yuan.

Ye Ying in her was silently calculating the cost, which was more than seven thousand yuan.

When they finally came out of the store, they were not able to not hold any more bags.

Hats, scarves, backpack, purses and so on, he even bought an apple phone and laptop for Ye Ying.

In addition, Ye Xiaochen went to old and middle-aged sections store to buy his father and mother some clothes.

As a result, it cost YE Xiaochen more than 30,000 yuan in total.

“How nice.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt that spending so much money wantonly was fun.

No wonder so many people liked to go shopping.

Currently, his monthly income was around 100,000 yuan, so, he could bear spending this much money.

Ye Xiaochen looked at his sister’s tangled expression and couldn’t help but laugh,  “We came here to shop, why are you upset?”

“Elder brother, we have spent so much money, the mother will scold us to death.”

Ye Ying said while pouting.


Ye Xiaochen also felt it was right, if the mother gets to know that they had spent so much money to buy clothes, then it was estimated that for a short time, she would not stop her nagging.

“Sister, then later we will cut off all the price tag on the clothes, and we will say that these clothes we bought only for one hundred or two hundred Yuan. Mother doesn’t know the real price, so she will not say anything.”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes and quickly thought of the idea.

“What if the mother gets to know? She will kill us!”

Ye Ying couldn’t help but laugh.

“Heaven knows, you know and I know. As long as we don’t say, how can mother know?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Immediately, the sibling in vehicle dealt with price tags and drove towards the home.

Chapter 75- Reason

After returning home, the siblings got off the vehicle with lots of shopping bags.

“Ah, you bought so many things?”

When mother saw so many bags, she couldn’t help but ask, “How much money did you spend?”

“Mom, it’s very cheap. There was a mall which was doing a promotional activity and gave huge discounts, so we bought some things. The quality is good and many people were grabbing the offer.”

“Mother, I bought this leather coat for you. Try it.”

“Now, the weather is too hot, by making me wear this, are you not afraid to heat me to death.?”

Mother looked at the leather coat, it was giving a strong atmosphere, at first glance, she knew that this was of very good quality and she immediately fell in love with it.

“How much did it cost?”

Though she was happy, she still asked the price.

“It’s’ very cheap, only one hundred yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen directly lied to her.

In fact, the leather coat cost him more than two thousand yuan, it was one of the most expensive clothes.

“Well, it feels very comfortable and the quality is also good. Son, when it was this cheap, why didn’t you buy some more?”

Mother liked the coat very much and said.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, he didn’t know what to say. If she gets to know the price of this coat, she would beat him to death, so how could he dare to buy more?

After watching several other clothes, she was satisfied and said, “Son, the clothes you bought is really good. However, you bought so many things, even if each was hundred, it would add up thousands of yuan, and you also bought such an expensive mobile phone for Ying Ying, she is a student, is there need to buy such good phone?”

Mother started to nag.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but feel glad of his decision. If he had not cut the price and would have kept as it was, then she would certainly wouldn’t stop her tongue lashing for a long time.

In the afternoon, Ye Xiaochen went to town and sent dozens of couriers, which were yesterday’s and today’s order.

Since a few days ago, the order of the pickled vegetable has risen sharply and his sales have boomed. In a short period of time, he sold more than a hundred orders.

Ye Xiaochen wondered, even if the words spread from mouth to mouth, there should be a limit.

Fortunately, he has been accumulating the pickles for a long time, there would not appear out of stock condition. After sending the courier, he became busy again.

Luckily, his sister was there to help him.


Sheng-Cheng,  a foreign trade company.

Early morning, the company’s boss Hu Haibo was sitting in his office.

One by one, employees came in and almost everyone brought a small package with them.

Waiting until the time of work starts, there were already dozens of packages had been piled up in front of him.

“Haha, this method is really good.”

Hu Haibo opened a package and took out a small plastic pressure bag in which Ye’s super pickled vegetable king was written.

He opened the small package and took out a bean with the help of a toothpick.

And ate it.

The rich fragrance spread in his office cabin.

Hu Haibo was enjoying himself.

This was not the first time he had eaten the pickled vegetables, he ate it when the department head of the company secretly gave him two bags.

At that time, he was not satisfied. Was it not just some pickled vegetable?
However, after he took a bite, he wasn’t able to stop himself.
The most exciting thing for him was, his anorexia which he was suffering from a long time seems to have greatly improved by the stimulus of the pickled vegetable.

During meals, he was able to eat full three bowls of rice and didn’t get any disgusting feeling.

These days, he was still pondering on the strange taste of the pickled vegetable.

His anorexia seems to be getting better.

Although from the department head he was able to know the site of pickled vegetables, he could only buy three packages in a month. And unfortunately, he had eaten one single package in a day.

There wasn’t enough to eat!

If there were no pickles then his anorexia will slowly appear again.

Then he had an idea and figured out a way, he made his staff to buy the pickled vegetables.

Although one user could buy only three packages.

However, how many people could he make them buy it?

With hundreds of employees under his command and each person buying three packages, it was enough to satisfy his demands.

Money was not a problem for him, he has tens of millions.

So that’s how today’s’ scene happened.

If Ye Xiaochen gets to know the reason of sudden surge of his pickled vegetables, then he would definitely be stunned.

After eating one packet pickled vegetables, Hu Haibo took a long breath and suddenly felt very hungry.

He quickly ordered food.


The September first.

It was the day of college reopening.

Last two days, the temperature has dropped sharply and everyone wore long sleeve shirts and trousers

Early in the morning, Ye Xiaochen dropped his sister Ye Ying at Jinxian north station, also known as the high-speed rail station

He made early bookings of High-speed Rail tickets.

Even if she travels today, by the high-speed rail she could still easily catch up with registration time.

Ye Xiaochen watched his sister dragging the baggage to the ticket counter and gradually disappearing the crowd. He returned to his vehicle.

Food Cube

Ye Xiaochen and Chang Xu settled the payment of last month and discussed the issue of vegetable prices.

Now that it was autumn, the vegetable prices were starting to rise.

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen also must need to adjust his vegetable price.

After the matter was settled, Chang Xu ordered a cup of green tea.

“Brother Ye, I want to talk to you about something.”

Chang Xu suddenly said.

“Brother Chang, what do you want to say?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“You also have seen it, recently opposite of my Food Cube restaurant a high-end restaurant has been constructed. The chef inside is not ordinary and has taken my customers. If it was not for your quality of vegetables is good, then I am afraid I would have to drop my business.”

Chang Xu said while lighting a cigarette.

YE Xiaochen nodded, he naturally knew about it and recently the business of the Food Cube was little less, which could be clearly seen from the number of cars in the parking lot of the hotel.

The new restaurant opposite of Food cube is very good, be it in scale or class.

Now, even Chang Xu has said the chef in that restaurant was not ordinary. So, it could be imagined that chef’s craft should be very good.

The restaurant decoration just adds the value, but it’s chef that decides the business of the restaurant.

How tasty the food was, only diners could understand.

If it was tasty, then the business would run well.

Even if it was not in a luxury location, through the word of mouth, the business could still become popular.

Lin’s Private Kitchen was a good example.

“To be honest, on the chef’s side, what I can ask is already the limit and the gap is very hard to make it up.so I can only start with other things.”

Chang Xu Sai, “Brother Ye, I think the pickled vegetable you gave me last time can be a very good appetizer.if my restaurant can give this pickled vegetable, then the business will not reduce but it will become more popular, so…”

“I hope brother Ye can cooperate on this matter, and provide me the pickled vegetables. I will certainly not let you suffer in terms of price.”

Chang Xu’s eyes sparkled.

He felt that only through pickled vegetables would he be able to achieve his victory.

Chapter 76- Win-Win

Hearing Chang Xu’s idea, Ye Xiachen thought for a while and then asked him, “Bother Chang, may I ask you whether are you going to use pickled vegetables as free service or paid?”

This was very important.

After all the production of pickled vegetables was not large.

“Of course, it is for free. In each restaurant, the pickled vegetable is just for an appetizer and are provided free of charge. If my restaurants pickled vegetable is more delicious than other restaurants then it can give diners a better impression and attraction.”

Chang Xu replied.

Generally, a restaurant could attract diners through the main course and specialties.

If there was no special dish there would be no competitive power and for diners, if there was no special dish, then why would they eat here and why they would not go to another store?”

It was hard to cultivate customer loyalty of special dishes.

There was no doubt that the pickled vegetable, an appetizer, could not become a specialty that could enhance customers loyalty.

However, Ye Xiaochen’s pickled vegetable was unordinary. After eating them, he became obsessed with it and would always miss its incredible flavor.

It was impossible to eat any other pickled vegetable.

He believes that as long as Food Cube could give such appetizer, then he would be able to get huge loyal diners.

The main course and special dish were not good as competitor’s one, but the pickled vegetable was enough to rival it.

“Brother Chang, then can I ask, what is the normal price of dishes in one table?”

Ye Xiaocen asked another question.

“Few less than 200-300 yuan, often there can be thousand yuan.”

Chang Xu doesn’t know why Xiaochen was asking these question, does it have any relation with pickled vegetable being for free?

However, even if the pickled vegetable was expensive, it couldn’t be too much, right?”

Unfortunately, he took things for granted.

“That is to say, at one table to reach thousand is a rare case. If the normal table cost is between 300- 500 yuan, then I am afraid the pickled vegetable as an appetizer will not work.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said.


Chang Xu asked as he was little puzzled.

“Brother Chang, I will show you something.”

Ye Xiaochen took his phone and opened Taobao and pointed at his online store and handed it to Chang Xu.

Chang Xu with doubts took the cell phone and curiously saw it. He wanted to know what was on the phone.

Waiting until he read, his face first showed shocked and then dumbfounded expression. Finally, with an astonished expression, he looked at Ye Xiaochen, for a very long time he was unable to say anything.

“ Why, how can it be so expensive?”

Chang Xu bitterly asked.

“Brother Chang, you have also tasted the pickled vegetable, the reason it is expensive is not only due to its taste but the most important thing was due to raw material, production process, and the time requirement, so that’s why the output is not high and because of this on the online store I have limited each user to be able to buy only three package per month.”

Ye Xiaochen continued, “If this pickled vegetable is used as an appetizer for customers, then in a plate of pickled vegetable, the amount cannot be kept less,at least it would need half pack, one package is 188 yuan, so one plate of pickled vegetable can cost more than one hundred yuan.”

“I see.”

Chang Xu thought for a moment and understood.

If this delicious pickled vegetable was easy to make then he would be surprised.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen was providing vegetables to his restaurant, his vegetables could be said as high-quality vegetables, the taste was very great.

Even when his restaurant’s chef skill was weaker than other, he was able to compete through the quality of vegetables.

However, the restaurant’s main specialty was mostly meat.

Which caused an awkward situation for the Food Cube.
“Brother Ye, currently, I am really in a difficult situation. How do you  think if I buy the pickled vegetable at the highest price given in shop, 288 yuan and you do not put any limit on the purchase?”

Chang Xu gritting his teeth made the decision and immediately said.

This price was undoubtedly very expensive.

However, the production of this pickled vegetable was limited and even on the online shop, there was a limited quantity. If he gives a low price and asks for unlimited supply, then Ye Xiaochen would fall into an embarrassing situation.

He just offered the highest price.

In this way, if Ye Xiaochen provides him with pickled vegetable then Ye Xiaochen would earn more than online store sales.in that the first package was free, the second package was 188 yuan, his offer would make Ye Xiaochen earn more than hundred.

The reason he gave such a high price because he was helpless.

Moreover, he was confident that the pickled vegetable would become his game changer.

After hearing Chang Xu offering such a high price, Ye Xiaochen was shocked and immediately decided to sell. Why wouldn’t he sell?

Selling to Chang Xu would be more stable and it would increase its popularity easily.

Immediately, he promised.

He would supply Food Cube at price of 258 yuan and without any limitation.

The reason he decreased 30 yuan because this price was really affordable.

On the internet, Ye Xiaochen planned to cancel the free package, and set price as the first package 188 yuan, the second package as 288 yuan and third package as 588 yuan.

In the future, he would raise the price again according to the condition.

The price of 258 yuan was really not much expensive.

Of course, the so-called unlimited would be decided upon seeing the restaurant ordering situation.

For example, if there were ten pickled vegetables sold today, then he would provide ten- fifteen pickled vegetable.

In a word, there would not be an oversupply.

The production of pickled vegetable of magical pickle jar was limited and it was also impossible for YE XIaochen to give up on the online store sales.

However, an increase in the supply of his pickled vegetable was enough to boost Ye Xiaochen’s income in a short period of time.

It was a win-win situation.

Whether it was Ye Xiaochen or Chang Xy, they believe that this pickled vegetable would become the stabilizing force of Food Cube.

As Ye Xiaochen needed to go to other places for delivery and settlement, he didn’t stay for a much longer time. He gave ten packs of pickled vegetable Chang Xu and drove away.

Chang Xu also didn’t stay idle, he immediately called several chefs from the kitchen.

The head chef of the Food Cube was Kang Sifu, he was fat and had a loud voice.

“What? You are saying you want to add pickled vegetable in the menu, how can it be done? The pickled vegetable is just an appetizer. How could it qualify to enter the ranks of the main course? No, absolutely not.”

When he heard Chang Xu’s proposal, he immediately shook his head.

Pickled vegetable on the main menu?

Was it a joke?

If it was known by other chefs, won’t they will laugh at him?

The menu was not only the face of the restaurant but also was the face of the chef.

He couldn’t afford to lose it.

“Old Kang, you first better taste this pickled vegetables.”

Chang Xu knew it would be impossible to persuade the Stubborn chef.

Although he was the boss, he knows that in that the kitchen he has to rely on the chef.

He seldom interferes.

Chapter 77- Popularity

“What kind of pickled vegetables is this? Its packaging is too bad.”

Kang Sifu looked at the pickled vegetable in Chang Xu’s hand and revealed a disdain expression on his face.

Even if the pickled vegetables was good, it was still a pickled vegetable.

In the gourmet world, the pickled vegetable was a low-grade appetizer and a skilled chef simply won’t bother with it.

When Chang Xu opened the package, an indescribable smell came out, and immediately few of chef’s facial expression completely changed and revealed a trace of doubt.

The smell of a woman.

By through smell, it was also possible to identify dishes.

Color and flavor.

Color could make dish pleasing to people’s eye, it could make them relaxed and happy.

The flavor could stimulate people’s taste bud and increase their appetite.

If even one thing lacks, then dish would suffer.

Now only through smell, the greatness of the dish could be seen.

Kang Sifu’s expression remained unchanged, but his throat was moving, and there was a flicker of curiosity in the depth of his eyes.

He was stimulated by the aroma of the pickled vegetable.

He felt his appetite and taste bud were activated at the moment.

As a senior chef who has been cooking for decades, there were very few dishes that could give him this feeling.

After Chang Xu opened the package completely, he placed it on the table. He picked a box of toothpicks and kept beside it.

Kang Sifu thought for a while, then took a toothpick and picked out a cucumber from the package.

He immediately didn’t eat it, but first looked at it, next smelled, then carefully observed it. As a master chef, there was naturally a unique method of tasting.

From the color point of view, the person who made this pickled vegetable has reached the acme of perfection at this point.

Unless the pickled vegetable was dyed, it was very difficult to make the preserved vegetable color unchanged.

From his eye, he could see that the cucumber was bright, natural and pure, there was no feeling of tampering.

From the smell, he could interfere that there was no additive.

This was very rare.

Only seeing the color of the pickled vegetable, he sighed in his heart and felt ashamed.

He took a deep breath as if seeing to inhale the aroma of the pickled vegetable.

When he put the cucumber in his mouth, he could not help but close his eyes. He felt an indescribable taste as if the taste bud in his tongue were suddenly bursting, giving a very bright and rich taste of the world.

Everyone looked at Kang Sifu.

Chang Xu was very nervous, although he knows that the pickled vegetable was delicious, he was not as good as the professional chef in evaluating dishes.

Kang Sifu then ate a piece of beans and chili.

He chewed slowly and after a long time, he looked at Chang Xu and sighed, “ Who made this pickled vegetable?”

“Old Kang, can we keep it.”

Chang Xu didn’t answer but asked the question.

“Certainly, there is no problem, this just not a general pickled vegetable but a real dish, that has reached the peak. I am inferior to it”

Kang Sifu’s face revealed a touch of divine brilliance, and there was extreme admiration on his face.
For a chef who has encountered a chef with greater culinary skills, there would be more admiration than jealousy.

When he heard Kang Sifu’s words, he breathed a sigh of relief.

On the same day, an additional item was added to the Food Cube’s menu.

Ye’s king pickled vegetable.

Price: 88 Yuan per plate.

Of course, the amount in the plate was not much, it was only one-third of the package.

Therefore, a package of pickled vegetable was divided into three plates and was worth 264 yuan. The purchase price was 258 yuan.

That was equivalent to making six yuan per package.

Moreover, one more condition was added, each table could order only one plate.

On the same day, some old diners saw a new item in the main course of the menu and felt wondered especially when they saw pickled vegetable as the main course and its price was not cheap.

Some were curious and ordered a plate.

When they saw a small plate with one cucumber, beans, and red chili, they felt it was not worth the price.

It was only after eating that they changed their minds and became a big fan of Ye’s pickled vegetable.

Chang Xu denied all the request of diners requesting an extra plate, saying that the number of pickled vegetables was limited and he could only supply one plate per table.
In order to eat one more plate of pickled vegetables, the local tyrants ordered another table of dishes.

So, in this way, from word of mouth and promotion of Food Cube, Ye’s pickled vegetable had attracted many customers.

Within just a few days, the number of visitors in the Food Cube soared.

They came to Food Cube in order to eat the pickled vegetable.

Chang XU was greatly surprised but also sighed unceasingly.

The pickled vegetable was more powerful than he had imagined!


Ye Xiaochen was not surprised by the fact that the pickled vegetable on the main menu of Food Cube had attracted so many customers.

This dish had gone beyond the scope of ordinary pickled vegetable and had become really a main dish.

Currently, the consumption pickled vegetables in Food Cube has surpassed online store sale.

Now, the stable sales in the online shop have basically reached from dozens to 20 packages per day.

The Food Cube’s consumption has soared to more than 40 pack a day.

If he didn’t have the pickled vegetables in the stock, then he was afraid that the production pickled vegetables would not be able to keep up with the sales.

Seeing there was no other way, Ye Xiaochen had to add one more rule in the online shop, limiting the sale to 30 packages a day.

As for whether those customers were dissatisfied, Ye Xiaochen didn’t bother about it.

According to the sales of  pickled vegetable, Ye Xiaochen could receive 10,000 yuan per day this month and this was only a conservative estimation

The farm’s income was not worth comparing with it.

However, Instead of relaxing, Ye Xiaochen invested his energy more on the farm.

After all, his roots were the farm.

The pickled vegetable was just a side product which came from the farm.

With the development of the farm, there would be more and more products like pickled vegetable which would increase his profits.

Ye Xiaochen came out of the immortal land and looked tired.

The potential guidance method was really too tiring for his soul.

However, every day, he takes his time to do this.

He went back to the house and recorded the experience in his notebook.

After a long time, he kneaded his brows and closed the notebook.

He sat on the bed and was about to go to sleep when he suddenly felt some movement in the boiler.

He looked through the glass in the boiler.

The small pollination bee egg has been completely covered with blood vein and had become like a blood-colored egg.

“It seems that it won’t take long before the egg will hatch.”

Ye Xiaochen calculated the time.

Due to his cultivating medium liquid was too low, the time of hatching of pollination bee was longer than normal.

Fortunately, in the process of cultivating, nothing unexpected happened and the pollination egg be was normal, which saved him from fear and worry.

Just as he was thinking something, suddenly, he observed that the motionless be egg seemed to move.

The air bubble, which often pops out once in while, has not appeared.

No air bubble means there were three possibilities; one, the nutrient in the cultivating medium liquid was insufficient, second was that egg was in a critical situation of hatching.

The third was the egg was in bad condition.

Looking at the present situation, the color of cultivating medium liquid was still deep and he had just changed it yesterday.

At the same time, he saw that the egg was normal and nothing bad seemed to happen to it.

Most importantly, he saw the egg move.

Yeah, it just moved.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly had a surprised expression on his face as he saw the egg move again.

The pollination bee egg has reached the critical situation of hatching.

The larvae have matured.

Chapter 78-Ancient Tree


Ye Xiaochen was very surprised, and without hesitation, he quickly opened the lid. He put his hand into it and took out the blood-colored bee egg.

He used his Spirit talent and began to communicate with the consciousness of the pollination bee egg.

During the communication with the pollination bee egg’s consciousness, Ye Xiaochen felt the pollination bee larvae breaking out from the shell.

The shaking of the egg became more and more frequent.

After half an hour, the eggshell finally broke and tiny, milky white larvae crawled out of it.

So small.

The larvae crawled in the palm of Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen could feel the affection of love towards him. Apparently, due to his efforts of activating the bee’s consciousness, it formed a strange and intimate connection between him and larvae.


While Ye Xiaochen was communicating with larvae, he could sense the message ‘hungry’ transmitted by larvae.

He hurriedly put the larvae in a clean glass jar, then took out the immortal spring honey powder which he had prepared last time. He picked it up with a spoon and put it into the glass bowl, then took out some water from immortal spring and mixed it with the honey powder.

Soon, more than 10mm of liquid was prepared.

He took the larvae and directly placed it in the honey water.

He was not worried that the larvae would drown.

In the Shennong system introduction guide, the cultivation of pollination bee was given like this.

Sure enough, after the larvae entered the honey water, it seems happy, the little guy was swimming carefreely in the honey water.

Really, it’s a magical pollination bee.

It could swim.

If it was an ordinary bee larva, then it would drown.

The larvae swam for a while and seemed to be enjoying. Then, it began to eat, and at a rate visible to naked eye, he could see the original slender body of larvae was expanding like a balloon.

Finally, the larvae became twice its original size.

The larvae stopped eating and sank into the honey water. It did not move and seemed to be sleeping.

Ye Xiaochen did not worry and covered the glass bowl, then he put the glass bowl in his storage space.

Over the next few days, the pollination bee larvae ate, slept and woke up to eat; just like a newborn baby.

The body of the larvae was also growing day by day. The milky body was chubby and was very lovable.

Ye Xiaochen every day would communicate with it to cultivate the feelings.


Shashi, Eastern outskirts, Mawangdui archeology site.

There was a roar and a long closed door was opened, revealing a tomb that had been buried in the earth for thousands of years.

Leading into the ancient tomb was Li Yang, the director of Southern province institute of cultural and archaeology relic.

At the time of Mawangdui three grave exploration, he had participated in it.

However, after years of careful study, he came to the conclusion that the three tomb that as excavated, Li Cang’s tomb was fake, only to disguise the real tomb.

That’s why these years he had been searching for the location of the real tomb.

His hard work has paid off, he finally found the tomb of Li Cang and was able to successfully open it.

When the people of archaeology team entered the ancient tomb, they were shocked by the inside scene.

In the middle of the tomb, there was a huge coffin.

At the top of the tomb, there were ten huge bright pearls which were excluding dim light and it illuminated the entire tomb.

The most remarkable thing was near the side of the coffin, there was a strange tree with nine curves and 18 bends

The strange tree was about four to five meter high, there was only trunk and branches and had no leaves.

“Heaven! This is ancient Fusang tree.”

Li Yang rushed towards the tree and looked at the coffin beside him.He was overjoyed to see the ancient tree.

“Grandpa, can this world really have ancient Fusang tree?”

Li Wang was excited and circling around the tree he was murmuring something.

Beside him was a girl with black frame glasses, she had a wise and intellectual temperament.
“I spent more than ten years on those ‘T’ silk painting kind of banners and was able to solve the mystery of the tomb. I never believed that there could  be ancient Fusang tree in this world, but it exists and was same as given in the description.”

Li Yang stretched out his hand and reached for the delicate branch of the strange tree.

The girl was curiously staring.

The even more surprising thing was, after some investigation by researchers, they were shocked to find that the strange Fusang tree was still alive.


It was still alive.

In the tomb, in absence of air, it was still alive after thousands of years.

It was a miracle.

When the news of thousand-year-old ancient tree of ancient tomb emerged, it became a global sensation.


At home.

At dinner, on the old-fashioned Changhong color tv news was playing.

“My audience friends, behind me is the tomb of Li Cang that has just been unearthed. Yesterday, after repeated confirmation from experts it has been confirmed that tree is alive. However, it has arrived at the end of its life, along with excavation of tomb, the changes in the air has made this thousand-year-old tree depletion of life faster, currently, southern provincial institute of cultural archaeology relics has sent out invitation to botanists all around the world and hopes to save this rare ancient tree……”

On the news, a woman reporter was reporting.

“Gee, it can’t be true. In a secluded tomb, a tree to be able to live for thousand years. Isn’t it a miracle?”

The mother exclaimed.

“This is news. There is still the possibility of being false.”

Father ate a pickled radish and said while chewing it.

Ye Xiaochen was also somewhat surprised, it was not rare for a tree to be able to live for thousands of years.

However, it was a miracle to survive in a closed tomb.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but feel little curious.

Of course, he was just curious, as, for other ideas, he didn’t think about it.

After dinner, Ye XIaochen went to his farm. After a round of patrol, he returned to his tin shed and chatted with Wang Xinyi on WeChat.

“Ye Xiaochen, I want to visit your farm.”

Suddenly, Wang Xinyi sent a message, it made Ye Xiaochen slightly surprised, then immediately he felt ecstasy.

In his daily chat with Wang Xinyi, he would always talk about the things of farms.

Due to this Wang Xinyi also became interested in the farm.

However, unlike today, she had never taken initiative.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen had long wanted to invite her for fun.

“Well, how about tomorrow?”

Ye Xiaochen quickly sent the reply.


Wang Xinyi soon sent the message.

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

How should I entertain Wang Xinyi tomorrow?

He was also a little bit worried if mother and father get to know Wang Xinyi was deaf and mute, what would they think?

In fact, he has actively not invited Wang Xinyi to his farm, because he was worried about this.

Although the two has not discussed girlfriend and boyfriend relation, in the eyes of the elders, since Wang Xinyi came to his home, the meaning would be different.

The Wang Xinyi’s family was good, there was a rich brother. However, her physical defect was enough to let them produce some different ideas.

He knew his mother’s character, it was straightforward. If there were words to say, she would never hide and makes expressions on her face.

If the mother makes facial expressions, what idea Wang Xinyi would have?

“No, shouldn’t let Wang Xinyi come home tomorrow. Just let her stay on the farm.”

“ This is even worse if Wang Xinyi knows she would think I am looking down on her.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and directly abandoned the idea.

After thinking, YE Xiaochen has decided to talk to his mother and father first, he needs to take preventive measures first, so as to avoid tomorrow to things go out of the basket.

Chapter 79- Mitten Crabs

“Mother, Father, I want to tell you something.”

The next morning while eating breakfast, Ye Xiaochen suddenly put down the chopsticks and said.

“What’s the matter?”

Mother looked at Ye Xiaochen.

With her understanding of her son, if he was hesitating means something must be not good.

“Well, today, a friend is coming to have fun.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Man or woman?”

Mother hurriedly asked.

“Well, woman.”

Ye Xiaochen saw her mother’s eagerness and smiled bitterly.

Recently several times mother had mentioned about blind dates, but he would put off by saying various reasons.

“Really woman, then quickly bring her to see, I and your father would warmly welcome her.”

Mother suddenly said with energy

“Well, mother, it’s not what you think.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a bitter smile.

“What is that look, I can tell you that when speaking about the girlfriend, you should not be sloppy, you should talk seriously about this. ”

Mother’s face was serious.

“You see mother, that my friend has a little problem.”

YE Xiaochen quickly said.


Mother was surprised.

“Mother, I just wanted to say to you in advance so that you don’t any other thoughts.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

“What thoughts will we have? But, how old is your friend? The problem with ears was congenital or acquired?”

Mother likes to go to the bottom of the things.

“Mother, You can’t ask these things, okay?”

Ye Xiaochen loudly said.

“Well, all right.”

Mother also felt that asking this questions was not good and immediately endured the curiosity in her heart.

Ye Xiaochen talked with two elders about things they need to pay attention.

“Son, be assured. We will make your friend happy.”

Mother promised.

It was settled.

After delivering all the fruits and vegetables, he went straight towards Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

Wang Shuisheng was at home today.

“Xinyi, go and relax to your heart.”

“Xiaochen, pay attention to safety.”

“Come back early, and don’t be late.”

Wang Shuisheng when first heard that Wang Xinyi wanted to go to Ye Xaicohen’s farm for fun, he was surprised, then he reasonably agreed and carefully told Ye Xiaochen the things he needed to pay attention.

Ye Xiaochen naturally nodded.

Xibao also shouted to go, but Chu Qingqing didn’t let him. After all, Ye Xiaochen needs to take care of Wang Xinyi, plus if there was Xibao, then she was afraid of mishap.

Looking at Uncle Ye and aunt Xinyi in the vehicle, Xinbao sulked and tears were flowing from his eyes.
Soon, the vehicle started and left the parking space of the villa.
Wang Shuisheng looked at the departing vehicle and his eyes reflected some thoughts

Chu Qingqing was calming Xibao.

Back in the hall.

Xibao smiling was playing with his toys.

Chu Qingqing and Wang Shuisheng were talking.

“Husband, don’t you think the relationship between Wang Xinyi and Ye Xiaochen  is little unusual?”

Chu Qingqing suddenly said.

“I know.”

Wang Shuisheng said while nodding his head.

“Then, are we going to just look?”

Chu Qingqing seems to point out something.

“Wife, what do you think of Ye Xiaochen.”

Wang Shuisheng didn’t answer directly but asked her.

“Pretty good, honest, steady and there is no boasting like normal young people.”

Chu Qingqing said after thinking.

“Is there any flaw?”

Wang Shuisheng asked.

“There is no flaw, maybe the family condition is not good(poor).”

Chu Qingqing shook her head and said.

Although she was a smart woman, she still had problems like ordinary women, while seeking marriage partner to pay attention to men’s family financial environment.

“Haha, when you married me, I was also a poor boy.”

Wang Shuisheng suddenly laughed.

“Can an average person compare with you? If I wasn’t attracted to your hard work who would have married you?”

Chu Qingqing looked at Wang Shuisheng.

She has accompanied Wang Shuisheng from the time when he was poor, to work hard and able to have current wealth, naturally she had a deep understanding of her husband’s capability.

“Anyway, I am quite satisfied with Ye Xiaochen. First, let’s just observe, these years I have never seen Xinyi being close to other people.”

Wang Shuisheng sighed.

Chu Qingqing said nothing, she already knew her husband’s thoughts.


The car was galloping along the country cement road.

There were nine bends in the roads, which shuttled between the mountains and rivers. The roadside sceneries were uncomparable to city sceneries.

Wang Xinyi rarely goes to outside world.

The country landscape made her feel like it was a picture scroll, on her face, there was a bright smile.

After crossing cement bridge and few more minutes of travel, they arrived at Ye Xiaochen’s home.

The vehicle advance near the grounds of the house.

Mother and father were already waiting.

When they saw a girl stepping out of the vehicle, they were stunned.

As beautiful as a fairy.

The goddess in the painting.

Better than stars on tv.

She was really beautiful, especially her quiet and distant temperament, which made people have a pleasant feeling.

In their heart they sighed with emotion, such a pretty girl had an ear problem, truly nature toys with humans!

Wang Xinyi saw two elderly people.

She immediately knew that it was Ye Xiaochen’s parents.

As she couldn’t speak, she could only make gesture from her hands

“Mother and father, Wang Xinyi is greeting you.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

The two people returned to their sense and hurriedly greeted her.

Ye Xiaochen became the interpreter and helped three people to communicate with each other.

In fact, there  was no need for Ye Xiaochen to warn his mother and father when they both saw such a beautiful girl was deaf and mute, they felt sorry for her

At home they didn’t sit for a long time, Ye Xiaochen took wang Xinyi to his farm.

On the farm, Wang Xinyi seemed to have changed to a different person, she became lively, moving around, looking here and there, feeling things with the touch

Yee Xiaochen followed her and took pictured from her mobile phone.

It was noon and time for lunch.

“Xinyi, eat more.”

The mother from time to time would give her vegetable dishes.

Although Wang Xinyi couldn’t hear, she could feel the care from Ye Xaiochen’s mother. When she was young, her mother would also serve her the vegetables.

This meal, she ate with comfort

When Ye Xiaochen sent her back, her whole person seemed to have relaxed a lot.

Wang Shuisheng was glad to see his sister’s appearance.

As an elder brother, he had provided Wang Xinyi with all best materials in life, but it was still difficult to fill certain emotional aspects.

“Ye Xiaochen, go after dinner. Today, I got some big mitten crabs”

Ye Xiaochen after thinking nodded.

In fact, he was very interested in mitten crabs

It was delicacy he had heard but never tasted it.

It was this crabs season.

Mitten crabs were expensive.

Yangcheng lakes mitten crabs were the most famous.

The bigger the crab, the more expensive it was.

Moreover, it was not possible to always able to buy real Yangcheng Mitten Crabs

When Chu Qingqing finished preparing the dinner, Ye Xiaochen could finally see the true Yangcheng lake Mitten Crabs.

He couldn’t help but suck air, really big.

Each one should be at least more than 5 Tael( equal to 50 grams)

The Yangcheng lake Mitten crabs that were circulated in the market could each reach 4 taels, which was considered very good. The main reason was large crabs before going to market would be bought by rich and powerful without outsiders knowing

Such a big one should be at least 400-500 yuan.

Ye Xiaochen sighed with emotion, such a Mitten crab was comparable to his pickled vegetables.

Ye Xiaochen ate 5 crabs.

So, more than 2000 yuan has entered into his belly.

It was him alone, but adding everyone’s Mitten crab, it was more than ten thousand yuan.

Just before leaving, Chu Qinqing gave ten Mitten crabs to Ye Xiaochen, saying that his parents should have the taste.

Chapter 80-Gap

Today was a sunny day.

The summer has already passed, so even if it was sunny, it wasn’t hot.

On the open field, accompanied by the breeze, the golden rice was moving like waves.

The harvesting time of rice has arrived.

Two harvester machine were harvesting rice in the paddy field.

Now farming has become easier than before, the difficulty of harvesting has become easy, as long as you pay a certain fee, you could use harvester to harvest the crops, which was convenient and quick.

Previous years, it still required manpower to harvest and was time-consuming.

Now, a dozen of acres of rice paddies could be harvested in one day by two harvesters.

Ye Xiaochen has planted five acres of rice.

Currently, harvesting was going in Ye Xiaochen’s field.

When the harvester machine made a thunderous sound, Ye Xiaochen immediately took the plastic bag and connected it with the outlet of the machine and then with a crashing sound, soon the plastic bag was filled with rice.

Ye Xiaochen quickly removed the plastic bag and his father carried another plastic bag.

After the rice field was harvested, Ye Xiaochen drove the vehicle carrying the rice bags. Then removed the bags, poured the rice grains in the floor and spread it,  then left it to bask under the sun.

That’s it, it would take the half morning for the work to be done.

However, in the afternoon, Ye Xiaochen also had to help sister-in-law hui with transporting millets.

It was not after four ‘o’clock afternoon that Ye Xiaochen finally returned to farm with a tired body.

He directly moved the bamboo bed where the immortal field was located.

Don’t’ know how long he had slept, then he was woken up by a phone call. He felt all his tiredness had been swept away and felt relaxed.

It was Li Jiaren ’s phone call.

“Brother Ye, did I disturb you?”

From the phone, Li Jiaren’s voice came.

“Just went to sleep, and was woken up you call, brother Li, why did you call?”

Ye Xiaochen said while laughing.

“Haha, you are still sleeping at this time. I presume you didn’t have a good sleep at night. As a brother, I will send you a good bed so that you can sleep comfortably.”

Li Jiaren laughed.

He has a furniture company. So it was natural, he could send a good bed.

“Today was harvesting rice, so was very tired. Brother Li, are you coming tomorrow?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Of course, we have already said.”

Li Jiaren continues,” Oh, by the way, Master Lin said he would also come together. Hey, when the time comes how about we let Master Lin Cook?”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

The previous time, he delivered vegetables to Master Lin, he had also given two packages of pickled vegetables.

After Master Lin ate it, he was very surprised.

It was not the taste of pickled vegetable which surprised him, but the ingredients from which it was made.

As a top chef, he was able to distinguish the quality of the vegetable, these vegetables were better than the premium quality vegetables.

It was just amazing

Master Lin wanted to buy the vegetables but Ye Xiaochen politely declined because these vegetables were very rare.

For the time being immortal spring vegetables was not for sale, most of it would be used to make the pickles.
The following day, after Ye Xiaochen finished distributing vegetables and returned to the home, Li Jiaren and other people had arrived.

Master Lin was also with them.

Ye Xiaochen took them for a tour of his farm.

“Ye Xiaochen, your farm seems different from previous time.”

Master Lin gently breathed the fresh air of the farm, and his rosy face revealed a  look of ecstasy.

He had never seen such fresh air.

This was really a good place.

Perhaps, only in this place, the quality vegetables could be grown.

One region of soil and water could also produce unusual vegetables.

“Ye Xiaochen, where did you plant the immortal spring vegetables that you mentioned last time?”

Master Lin curiously asked.

“Haha, Master Lin, can you find it?”

YE Xiaochen slightly smiled.

“I’ll try.”

Master Lin said.

It didn’t take a long time for master Lin to find an immortal spring spinach.

“This spinach, whether it’s appearance, skin or tastes, is obviously much better than others, how is this possible?”

Master Lin said in surprise.

It was difficult to grow two different kinds of vegetables in the same field.

In Master Lin eyes, Ye Xiaochen had become an extraordinary person.
Finally, master Lin picked some immortal spring vegetables for today’s lunch.
When he came here, he said that he was in charge of today’s meal.

Master Lin initiated to cook made Li Jiaren and others surprised.

For master Lin, this was a cherished opportunity.

Because he had never cooked these immortal spring vegetables.

This time’s ingredient was only immortal spring vegetables, there was no meat or anything with it.

With his cooking, he made a variety of flavor and color of dishes, the strong aroma made people drool.

“It’s delicious.”

“I’ve never tasted anything this good.”

“This life, to able to eat such delicious food, I don’t have any regrets.”

“Haha, I used to eat meat at every meal, but this time, I suddenly feel that eating vegetarian is also good.”

“Unfortunately, we can’t eat this food every day!”

Li Jairen, Liu Fusheng, He Lei and other people were eating without any stop and could hear them only praising the dish.

Mother and father also were eating non-stop.

Although they have eaten immortal spring vegetables, under master Lin’s culinary techniques, almost all the immortal spring vegetables taste were brought to the extreme.

“Master Lin, why are you frowning.”

Xu Jiao suddenly asked.

All the people in the scene were eating nonstop and had almost swallowed their tongue.

Only master Lin, was eating slowly, thinking something and frowning.

“Ah, I found that my cooking technique stills need to be improved!”

Master Lin said with a sigh.

“No, this is the pinnacle of cooking, if you progress more won’t you become a kitchen God?”

Xu Jiao laughed.

“Do you think the dishes I cooked are better than pickled vegetables?”

Master Lin looked at Xu Jiao, pointed at the empty plate and seriously asked.


Xu Jiao was slightly stunned and slightly recalled the taste, suddenly she felt there was the only taste of pickled vegetables on her mind, which was just unforgettable.

Others also revealed a trace of contemplation.

“Compared with the pickled vegetables, the dishes I made are far from perfect. The same ingredient but the gap is big.”

Master Lin looked at YE Xiaochen and said with a sigh.

For him who has pursued cooking for a lifetime, this was a kind of motivation, but there was also a kind of frustration.

When he thought that he had reached the limit, he found there were people beyond him and this gap let him have a sense of despair.

Xu Jiao and other unceasingly curiously looked at Ye Xiaochen because the pickled vegetable was Ye Xiaochen’s dish.

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, what could I do, I didn’t make the pickled vegetables.

It was made by magical pickle jar!
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