Heavenly Farmer Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61-Blow

Sheep City, Longting District.

Fang Yuan was leaning on the sofa, holding the mobile phone, he opened the QQ.

On the big screen LCD TV, a soap opera was playing.

His mother and father were watching with full of interest.

Fang Yuan entered a QQ group.

This was the university group.

Everyone was college mates.

However, there were only a few active members, most of the students rarely chat.

Fang Yuan was one of the active members of the group.

He was also one of the admins of the group.

“Admire, really a man among man, I am very angry, brothers today I have been defeated and met with a critical hit!.”

(TN: here critical hit is referring to psychological)

He directly sends @whole members.

“OH, fatty Fang, you are the winner of the life, holding the iron rice bowl(Secure employment) and eating nations grain, still you are saying you have been hit, so how can we live?”

“Fatty Fang, say exactly what kind of sorrow can hit you?”

“Don’t listen to him, he must be showing off again.”

“Oh, by the way, fatty Fang, last time didn’t you say there was something wrong with sales of seed, did you get expelled?”

(TN: ShuangKAi: which actually refers to stripping of position in party membership or government job.i just used “expelled”)

“Haha, I was not only expelled but also interrogated.”

(TN: Shuanggui: it means integration of big person or person in high level)

“For fatty Fang level, to have such treatment, ah really envy!”


The original silent group, suddenly became lively, a lot of members were chatting, and there was a lot of messages popping up.

“Haha, you don’t have any idea what has happened, even if I say you won’t believe it.”

Fang Yuan was very satisfied seeing so many people messaging.

“What is it, brother?My time is very precious.”

“Right!Not like you, to be able to eat, drink and be merry.Brother needs to do bitter work, tomorrow morning need to go and do the job.”

“Stop teasing and say quickly.”

Messages in the group were not stopping.

“Do you remember Ye Xiaochen?”

Fang Yuan sent the message with a smile.

“Well?Who is ye Xiaochen?”

“Hey, feels familiar?”

“Hey, isn’t he was my roommate?fatty, what this has to do with Ye Xiaochen?This guy hardly comes in the group, don’t know where he has died.”

“Ah, it is him, if you had not mentioned, I would have almost forgotten him.”
“Fatty Fang, did you see Ye Xiaochen?Currently, what is he doing?”


Fang Yuan was satisfied, Seeing the rising appetite of the university students, with a smile, he immediately typed:”You can never imagine, Ye Xiaochen is now a farmer!”

“Didn’t I hear he was a salesman?”

“That is ancient history.I heard that he had resigned long ago, and didn’t have any news of him since then.”

“What is the relationship with Ye Xiaochen being farmer and you getting hit?”

A lot of people were curious.

Ye Xiaochen had a very low presence in the class unless someone mentions his name, it was difficult to think of a person like Ye Xiaochen.

“Of course, there is a relationship, this time I was in trouble, and the seeds of the global company were flawed, guess who solved the problem?”

Fang Yuan was smiling.

It suddenly daws to him that in university Ye Xoachen was unknown and very introverted, now it seems this was definitely to keep a low profile!

Low profile, then how could his botanical knowledge be so high?

Indeed, made a mistake!

“It can’t be Ye Xiaochen?”

“Haha, Ye Xiaochen is a vegetable farmer, he was unlikely to plant the defective seed you are talking?”

“Did Ye Xiaochen solve the defect?”

“No, fatty, didn’t you say that defect of the seeds couldn’t be solved at all, even the top university at the global company couldn’t do nothing?”

“It is impossible, fatty’ message is certainly not simple, he should be using Ye Xiaochen  to connect to another clue…”


Almost no one believed that Ye Xiaochen could solve the problem that so many researchers were unable to solve.

“Ha-ha, you all are thinking wrong, it was Ye Xiaochen who solved the defect of the seeds, and the more explosive thing is, do you know what was the reaction of the global company after knowing?”

Fang Yuan was very proud.

Many messages came.

“Haha- the researchers of the global company were still not able to find the out the principle of Ye Xiaochen’s method, you say, is it not strange?”

Fang Yuan immediately sent another message.

“It can’t be?”

“Was Ye Xiaochen so awesome?”

“Oh my god, is our class going to have a big person?”

“I say fatty, aren’t you making up a story?”

“I don’t believe it”


“You can’t believe that global company had personally sent a senior staff to hire Ye Xiaochen as a special adviser, I was there, do you know what kind of treatment global company offered?”

Fang Yuan moved his body and tried to make his body comfortable.

“A million Yuan per year, a high-end apartment, a luxury car, everybody, now, do you feel like to prostrate?”

Fang Yuan sent the message.

“Oh my god, how can it be?”

“It can’t be true!”

“ I dropped my glasses!”

“ I am on my knees.”

“Damn, a million, enough for 10 years.”

“My life goal is to buy a flat and ordinary car!”

“No, I have received biggest blow!”


The speed of messaging in the group increased crazily, and even some people who seldom message was showing up.

In an apartment in Sha city, Wang Yuandong was also looking at the group’s message.

He was also an active member of the group, he often appears in the group chat, and feels happy when others flatter him,

However, this time, he was not happy.

Ye Xiaochen was able to treat white wax bonsai tree, this matter might be genuine.

With his relations, he will able to find out soon about truth.

He was not feeling well!

Why Ye Xiaochen was in limelight again, and that was with college mates?”

At this time, Fang Yuan sent another message.

“Haha, you have no idea.Unexpectedly, Ye Xiaochen rejected the special treatment offered by the global company.Ah! Do you know what I felt?I wanted to shoot him, why, why did he say no?This was million Yuan, if it was me, I would have accepted immediately and would not think even for a second.”

“He refused?”

Wang Yuandong was slightly stunned.

Even with the recent sales of vegetables, he was far from being rich.

A million yuan was definitely a huge salary for Ye Xiaochen.

How could he refuse, and why did he refuse?

Not only wang Yuandong, but many people in the group were unable to believe, a million yuan a year, how many years will it take to earn that much?

There was also a high-end apartment and luxury car, that was too much.

Ye Xiaochen refused.

Why don’t you want to live?

Chapter 62-Brother Jie

For continuously three days there was no movement in the shop.

Through Awesome Seller platform, he could see the number of visitors, it was basically in single digit.

Ye Xiaochen comforted his heart, all things at the beginning were difficult, fragrant wine fears no dark alley ((idiom) /quality goods need no advertising), one day someone would find the delicious pickled vegetables, and it would definitely become popular.

A week had passed, and there was still no business.

Well, someone did send message him, but it was a fraud agent.

As for the real customers, there was none.

During this period, Ye Xiaochen made several batches of pickled vegetables.

However, seeing the current situation, he felt that his confidence was fading away.

At last, he suspended the production of pickled vegetables.

Although the online pickled vegetable sales have failed, the neighbors, friend’s and relatives of Ye Xiaochen were full of praise for it.

Ye Xiaochen had been eating pickled vegetables every day, so there was no way it couldn’t be known to the surrounding people.

Ye Xiaochen was not stingy and sent some to every family.

Today, Ye Xiaochen poured Immortal spring water and then began to use potential guidance method to communicate with Immortal yellow beans.

The bean plant was full of bean pod and was beginning to turn yellow.

It was not ordinary yellow, but a kind of especially good looking golden yellow.

Even though it was about to be harvested, Ye Xiaochen still everyday used potential guidance method on the three Immortal yellow beans plants.

Also don’t know if because of potential guidance method the three Immortal yellow beans were full of bean pods, once it was harvested, the quality would certainly be not bad.

He was looking forward to it.

Suddenly, his mobile phone began ringing, he took it out.It was Jie’s phone.

Ye Jie was elder aunt’s youngest son.

Elder uncle died early, Ye Jie and his siblings were raised by the elder aunt.

“Jie, how did you have time to call me today?”

Ye Jie was in Shin city and had opened an advertising studio, the business was going very well.

His wife was a careful and strict budget woman. Currently, they already bought a house and ordinary car.

In Ye Xiaochen’s generation, Ye Jie was considered to be well.

“Don’t tell me, there was no time to contact you, I heard your farm is doing good.”

Ye Jie laughed.

“Well, it is on the right track.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Good work Xiaochen, uncle and aunt can now ease off little.”

Ye Jie said.

“That’s natural”

Ye Xiaochen replied.

Ye Jie was good to his family, and every time during the new year he would send give money to his parents.

“Xiaochen,  I heard aunt saying that you have made very good pickled vegetables?”

Ye Jie suddenly asked him.


Ye Xiaochen now understood why Ye Jie had called him, it was originally for the pickled vegetables.

It seems that news of his pickled vegetables has reached to Ye Jie, immediately laughing he said, “Yes. if you want to eat? I can send some.”

Since Ye Jie has asked about it, he must have wanted it.
“By the way, I also heard that you are selling your pickled vegetables online, I have some friends and I will definitely recommend it.”

Ye Jie said.

“That would be great.”

Ye Xiaochen was naturally pleased.

Over the next few days, Ye Xiaochen did not have any sale of pickled vegetables in the online shop, but several of his cousins had called him.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t refuse them, so he has sent some packets to them.

He couldn’t help but feel that he did not earn money, but has made a loss!

In the morning, Ye Xiaochen went to Wang Shuisheng villa.

Obviously, he had talked with Wang Xinyi in advance.

He also chose the opportunity when Wang Shuisheng and other were out.

To be honest, he doesn’t want to often meet with Wang Xinyi, if it was known by Wang Shuisheng, they might get some other ideas.

So, he has tried to meet Wang Xinyi as little as possible, and most of the time he chats with her on WeChat.

Wang Xinyi saw Ye Xiaochen arriving, on her elegant face a heartfelt smile was revealed.

With the deepening of the contact, the young hearts has also become closer.

Those two have developed a tacit understanding.

Chatting on WeChat also had become very natural.Wang Xinyi in chat also scolds him, it was no longer simple replies, sometimes she would take initiative to chat with him.

Perhaps, Wang Xinyi has closed herself for too long, and in being in relationship Ye Xiaochen her heart’s protective barrier has melted.

“Wang Xinyi, look, what I have brought for you.”

He has made great progress in the sign language, and it was not a problem for him to communicate with Wang Xinyi.

Since previous time eating his pickled vegetables, she also had become a loyal fan of Ye’s pickled vegetables.

Wang Xinyi with a small toothpick stabbed a small piece of cucumber and ate with relish.Ye Xiaochen looked at her.

Wang Xinyi was eating very elegantly, her every move was filled with a sense of spirit.

“Is it delicious?”

Ye Xiaochen asked by making a sign.

Wang Xinyi slightly nodded.

“If it gets finished, ask me.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Just then, a loud young voice came, ”Auntie, auntie, I am back, I am back.”

It was Xibao.

When Xibao saw Ye Xiaochen, he hurriedly fluttered towards him and got closer, “Uncle Ye, why are you here?”

Quickly, Xibao’s eyes were fixed on the packet of the pickled vegetables which lying near Wang Xinyi.

His mouth was watering.

The pickled vegetable had very rich and attractive fragrance.

“Aunt, I want to eat.”

XIbao said while using a sign.

However, she shook her head and mode some sign, saying that children should not eat pickled vegetables, it would be bad for stomach and teeth.

Xibao looked in a pitiful way at Ye Xiaochen, it seemed he was pleading to Ye Xiaochen.

“Eat only one piece, ok?”

Ye Xiaochen was not able to stand the innocent eyes of the child and immediately said.

Xibao repeatedly nodded.

Finally, Xibao ate a small piece of pickled cucumber.

He almost swallowed his tongue and kept licking his fingers, then he looked pitifully at pickled vegetables.

However, Wang Xinyi did not give him any more and took the pickled vegetables.

As Wang Shuisheng and his wife came back, he ate lunch with them before leaving.

Of course, Ye Xiaochen also left few packets of pickled vegetables.

Wang Shuisheng and Zhu Qingqing were full of praise for Ye Xiaochen’s pickled vegetable.

This was greatest pickled vegetables, they had not eaten anything like it, they usually order a dish of pickled vegetable in the high-class restaurants, but they were nowhere near as good as this.

As for the little guy Xibao, with his mothers help he ate few more pickles.

Wang Shuisheng unceasingly complained.

When he finished eating a plate of pickled vegetable, he still wanted more.

He was almost tempted to open another bag of pickled vegetables.

Chapter 63-Free


From the cell phone, a clear notification sound came.

This was from Taobao message.

Ye Xiaochen was busy and didn’t care about it; it was probably a fraud or from an advertisement.

At this moment, he was calculating the Immortal carrots seedling height.

On a nearby notepad, there was a lot of densely written data, they were about plants in the Immortal land.

There was also another notebook, in which there was data on the cultivation of ordinary vegetables and fruits.

“It looks like the effect of fertilizer is not small.”

After Ye Xiaochen finished measuring, he carefully compared the data.

Obviously, the Immortal carrots with fertilizer were better than carrots without it.

As for general fertilizers, it was better than nothing, it has little benefit.

This indirectly shows that even the common fertilizer has a very weak effect on the Immortal plants.

Ye Xiaochen was also comparing the current Immortal plants to previous ones, this was better than the previous two batch.

He also estimated that his talents were slowly growing.

For example, his divine talent was 0.79, once it reaches one, it would reveal its effect.

Other talents were definitely more than 1.

In the evening.

Ye Xiaochen was finally little free and had time to look at his cell phone.

He habitually opens Taobao.

There was a message.

“Your pickled vegetable packaging is too bad, pictures are too bright, it is not even worth seven Yuan. Five Yuan, I’ll buy the pack and help you increase your sale.”

Seeing the message, Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Damn, he actually wants to lower the price?

Seven Yuan, that was the price of delivery!

The delivery charges were not cheap, this was not a city, but a remote town, the delivery charge would be at least 10 Yuan.

In other words, he would be making a loss by delivering.

“Okay, you order. I’ll change the payment amount for you.”

Ye Xiaochen was angry.

He must make the man regret buying his pickled vegetables.

Don’t know if the person was online or not, he replied quickly.

“Well? I suddenly think that five Yuan is also expensive, what about three Yuan?”

Ye Xiaochen almost vomited the blood seeing the reply.

Damn, could you become more shameless?


Be patient.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, and then replied, “Ok, as you are the first customer, I‘ll give you the biggest discount.”

In Hei province, an old-fashioned residential building.

Lin Qiang wearing a sleeveless shirt, holding the cigarette, opened Taobao in his computer, he saw the message from the seller.

“My god, he accepted?”

He was bored, so he was browsing shops in Taobao and then came across a strange shop.

The shop was very shabby, the shop owner was obviously lazy and doesn’t know any decoration.

The picture of the product was also messy.

The even more outrageous thing was the price of the pickled vegetables, the first packet was free, the second packet was unexpectedly 188 Yuan, the third packet was even more outrageous.

And each customer could only buy three packs a month.
Damn, in your broken shop, there were so many restrictions.

As it turns out, the sale of the shop was zero.

“Dude, as I am your first client, why don’t you just give me the package without charges? As long as it’s delicious, I promise to advertise it.”

When Lin Qiang saw the shop owners attitude, he couldn’t help but laugh.He decided to keep teasing the lovely shop owner.

On the other side, Ye Xiaochen was already grinding his teeth, he wished to block him directly.

However, when he thought of letting him go.

It would be very annoying, and immediately replied, “Okay, sent me your address, and I’ll send you the package.”

He doesn’t believe that after getting the package, he would resist purchasing the second and third package.


“Oh my god, the shop owner is really mad.”

Lin Qiang decided to send the address.

But it was not his.

It was his best friend’s.

He feared that shop owner would send something messy to deceive him.

As a result, the knife would fall on his best friend.


Next morning, Ye Xiaochen sent a small package of pickled vegetables to the customer whose name was Honest Bandit.

Damn, the delivery charges were expensive, it was asking 15 Yuan.
Ye Xiaochen in his heart was cursing unceasingly if he won’t be earning back from him, then his surname would not be Ye.

Just when he stepped out of courier place, he received a call from brother Jie.

“Xiaochen, your pickled vegetables are really delicious, my friends after eating have also said it was delicious, right, what is the name of your shop?”

Ye Jie’s voice came from the phone.

“Brother Jie, I’ll just mail you some packages,”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Once enough for eating for free, you are also doing business.Moreover, my friend also wants to purchase.”

Ye Jie said while laughing.

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, he couldn’t directly say his pickled vegetables were expensive.

For those unfamiliar customers, he could use love to buy or not buy attitude, but he couldn’t do that with his relatives.

What would happen, if brother Jie saw the ridiculous high rice in the shop?

Ye Xiaochen was felt awkward. He would rather send some more packets of pickled vegetables.

After much pondering, Ye Xiaochen sent the online store address to Brother Jie

In Shanghai, a high residential building.

Ye Jie was having some drinks with his friends.

The table was full of different vegetables.

However, one plate was empty.

In the air, there was also a strange smell, which was making the people drool.

“Old Jie, did you ask for the URL?”

Nearby, there was a one person from the look you could say he was a foodie.The big fatty asked him

The same was true for others.

They were all conquered by the delicious taste of the pickled vegetables.

“Yes, I will share it on WeChat right now.”

Ye Jie said with a smile.

Quickly, he shared the address with others.

They immediately opened Taobao shop

“Oh my god, is there a mistake?”

The big fatty cried out.

Others were also stunned.

“One pack 188 Yuan?”

Ye Jie was also gasping for breath.

In an ordinary shop, a packet of pickled vegetables would be less than few Yuan.

“The first packet is free, the second packet is 188 Yuan and the third package is 288 Yuan, each month a user can only have three packets”

Another man with strong build read the introduction

The hall soon became quiet.

“However, you can say it is expensive, but I think it’s reasonable.Have you ever eaten anything so good?”

“No, don’t say pickled vegetables, even if I have tasted other delicious food, I feel that compared to this pickled vegetables, they are worth nothing!”

The big fatty said suddenly.

“Well, listening to you.I also think 188 Yuan a pack is still very affordable.”

“Yes, it’s my first time I have ever eaten anything like this, don’t say 188 Yuan, even if it is 288,388 Yuan, I will buy it.”

“I also can’t help it, I must buy three packs.”

Rest others were also thinking, those top delicious dishes, in those top restaurants, which one doesn’t cost hundreds to thousands?

There was nothing like this pickled vegetable.

Soon, there were few people who ordered on the spot.

Even Ye Jie was not an exception to it, though he could have gotten it from Xiaochen.

However, this expensive pickled vegetables after eating for free once and then asking again it would seem greedy.

Besides, with his current income, it was no problem to buy few packets of pickled vegetables in a month.

Chapter 64-Orders

While driving back to home, Ye Xiaochen heard the notification sound of Taobao on phone for continuously.

He was surprised, he stopped the vehicle to the side of the road and looked at his phone.

“Why there are so many orders?”

Ye Xiaochen was stunned.

There was totally seven orders, and all were for three packages.

One package was seven yuan, adding the second package it would be 195, then totally three packages would be 483 Yuan.

Currently, there were seven orders, that means 3,381 yuan.

Ye Xiaochen was curious that how suddenly he got seven orders and that too all at the same time.

He suddenly thought of Ye Jie, he had called him and asked to send the online address.

Now, it appears that it was likely Ye Jie’s and his friend had visited his online store.

Thinking till here, he suddenly accepted all the orders, and sure enough, there was a customer with the same mailing address of Ye Jie.

“Haha, elder brother Jie is really kind!”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but laugh.

He turned back and returned to the town, from the storage space he took out twenty-five packets of pickled vegetables.

For these frank and straightforward customers, Ye Xiaochen has also rarely shown his generosity, all the pickled vegetables were in large packages.

Only the free packages were small.

The reason why he took out twenty packages was naturally to send four packages to brother Jie.

Thanks to brother Jie, his business has started this quickly.

After sending the seven express delivery, Ye Xiaochen felt a sense of achievement, it was good if he could have this many orders every day.

Of course, he could only imagine it for the time being.

Unless his pickled vegetable reputation spreads around, if not it would be impossible in short time to have this good orders.

For the following several days, there was not even a single order.

However, there were more frequent visitors than before, and he had seven sales, so there was a little energy in him.

Ye Xiaochen was not anxious, with the previous seven orders, he felt that if it should come it would come, there was no need to rush.

He focused his attention on the three Immortal Yellow Bean plants.

Because the Immortal Yellow Beans were now matured.

The sign of maturity was  Beans pod turning completely golden and appearance of a crack in the edge of Bean pods.

“Hey, finally can pick the Beans.”

Ye Xiaochen picked up a vegetable basket, a pair of scissors, and one by one started to cut the Beans pods from the Bean plants.

His action was very careful.

There was a serious expression on his face.

He was afraid of hurting the Beans in the Bean pods.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen cut off a total one hundred and seventy-eight Beans pods and put them in the basket.
The baskets were shining as if the Bean pods were forged with gold.

Immortal Beans this were Immortal Beans!

The next step was to peel off the shell and take out the Beans from the inside.

The process was not simple, and it was not easy to open, it was very easy to hurt the Beans in the process.

There was a very special method to remove the Beans.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t have any supernatural powers and couldn’t use the special method, so he could only use the clumsiest method.

He took out the boiler, put it on the gas stove, poured all the bean pods into it, and then filled it with a bucket of the Immortal spring water.

He covered the lid and lighted the fire.

The fire was very small, after all, he could not cook completely the beans.

He was so nervous that he could not turn his eyes away from the stove, he feared that the water would become too hot and hurt the Beans.

After few minutes, you could see the Bean pods getting split and showing golden Beans inside it.

The Beans were round, big, sparkling and translucent and extremely out of ordinary.

After that, the Immortal Beans started falling from the Bean pods.

When Ye Xiaochen saw this, he immediately turned off the stove and then scooped out the Immortal Beans pods and Immortal Beans.
He spent a lot of time to pick out all the Immortal Yellow Beans.
He counted, there was a total of  573 Immortal Yellow Beans.

Looking at those golden Beans Ye Xiaochen was very happy and excited.

It was not easy!

For the sake of these treasures, he had been tired for a long time.

“I don’t’ know, what will be this Immortal Beans price?”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

However, before that, he decided to take out an Immortal Bean and appraise its quality.

He took out a dagger and began to cut the Beans.

It was not easy to cut such a small Bean.

Also, the Beans were very hard!

He had almost cut his finger.

Finally, the Bean was split into two pieces.

The cross-section was clearly visible, and two round lines could be seen.

“Ha ha, really two round line, and they are very clear.”

Ye Xiaochen was pleasantly surprised.

Last time, in the Immortal Carrots, though there were two round lines, it was not clear and blurred.This represents that his planting technique has improved since last time.

This was not a surprise, this period of time he had studied potential guiding method.

“I wonder, what will be its price?”

Ye Xiaochen was looking forward to it.

He just looked a moment ago, after harvesting Immortal Beans, he had earned three experience points.

since the Immortal Bean was a Yellow second order immortal plant, the basic experience value for the first was two points, but because of the two round lines, he was awarded an extra experience point.

It wasn’t easy, finally, there were six experience points.

Ye Xiaochen was most concerned about the price of the Immortal Bean, he immediately contacted the store and went to consignment.

“Ding! Because Yellow Immortal plant belongs to low-level Immortal Plant, a minimum of 500 Beans is required to sell. Do you want to put on consignment?”

The system prompt came.

“Five hundred?”

Ye Xiaochen slightly frowned.

He had 573 Yellow Immortal Bean, he had cut off one, which means that if he sells 500 of them, then he would be left with seventy-two Immortal Yellow Beans on his hands.

Unlike Immortal carrots, the harvested Beans could still be used for planting, but because of genetic factors, the yield and quality would be reduced to a certain extent.

“Well, let’s sell five hundred first?”

Ye Xiaochen decided to leave seventy-two Immortal Yellow Beans with him, which he could use them later for planting.

Immediately, he agreed.

At once, 500 Immortal Yellow Beans disappeared from the storage space.

“Ding, now carrying on the commodity appraisal, please wait a moment…”

The system prompt came.

Not long after that, the appraisal result came out, Ye Xiaochen began to look at the appraisal, he was slightly surprised and immediately revealed an expression of joy.

The value of immortal yellow Beans was much higher than he thought.

No.1 Immortal Yellow Bean, Yellow level second order Immortal plant, commodity appearance 2.27, texture,2.25, nutrition,2.21, Immortal line 2.28, defective product, with additional divinity 0.80, additional spirit 1.19, price 24 spirit yuan.

“Why there is additional spirit thing?”

Ye Xiaochen was amazed, his own spirit talent was +1.

Could this talent has been added to the Immortal Yellow Beans?

Moreover, the added divinity has risen from 0.79 to 0.8, that means his divinity has increased.

As spirit was 1.19, does this means his spirit talent has reached this value?

He became more and more curious about his Shennong talent.

After calculation, there was a total of 500 pieces of Immortal Beans, so the total value was 120 Immortal yuan and 67 spirit yuan.

Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied by the price.

It was just three pieces of Yellow Immortal Beans. If you convert it into immortal carrots seed, then it would need a half package.

Although the growth cycle of Immortal Yellow Beans was longer, there was a significant advantage over the Immortal Carrots that was the demand of Immortal land.

The Immortal Bean tree occupies the Immortal land, in which several Immortal Carrots could be grown.

However, the values of Immortal Beans was more than that of dozen of Immortal carrots.

In both cases, the benefit of growing Immortal Beans was greater.

While Ye Xiaochen was thinking, suddenly a prompt sound came,

“Ding, the commodity has been completely sold, the settlement has been transferred to your account.”

Ye Xiaochen was slightly stunned, so fast?

He did not even have the time t see who bought his Immortal Yellow Beans.

A series of messages appeared inside his mind.

All were… from Immortal friends.

Chapter 65-Auction

“The Goddess of the moon has sent you a message.”

“Daoist Fei Xiang has sent you a message.”

“Taishang Laozi has sent you a message.”

“Guang Cheng has sent you a message.”

“Daoist Huanglong has sent you a message.”


Ye Xiaochen was stunned looking at the series of messages, how did suddenly so many Gods were sending messages to him?

He quickly looked at the messages one by one.

“Ye Xiaochen, if you still have Immortal Yellow Beans.No, I want all.”

Since he has been in contact with the Goddess of the moon, he habitually read the Goddess of the moon’s message first.

Ye Xiaochen immediately understood that the Goddess of the moon already knows he has put the Immortal Yellow Beans for sale in the store.

In other words, it was probably the Goddess of the moon who has purchased his Immortal Yellow Beans.

However, he didn’t immediately respond to her, he looked at other’s messages.

Without exception, all of them has asked about Immortal Yellow Beans, stating that they want to buy.

“Why are Immortal Yellow Beans so popular?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

In the beginning, when he had just harvested the Immortal carrots, he gave messages to all the Gods, but only the Goddess of the moon replied.

It appears that to Gods the Immortal Yellow Bean was much more important than the Immortal carrots.

It was no wonder that these Immortal Yellow Beans possess the divine and Spirit characteristic.

Why was Immortal Yellow Bean with Spirit characteristics important than the Immortal carrots?

Ye Xiaochen already knows about this.

It was this Spirit characteristic that made the Immortal Yellow Bean unusual, it was no longer a common Immortal seed. It could not only be used for just eating but also as a raw material for all kinds food ingredients, furthermore, there was one more important use ‘Beans cast soldiers’ technique, this was a compulsory material.

‘Beans cast soldiers’, it was not that the Immortal Beans would turn into soldiers.

Rather, using the Spirit characteristic of the Immortal Beans, to summon ghost phantom, and attach them to the Beans, to turn it into good controlled yin soldiers.

According to the introductory guide of Shennong system, the celestial troop in the heavens were not composed of Immortals but was similar to Beans cast soldier techniques Yin soldiers.

Only through special method, this Yin soldier could eliminate the ghost characteristics demon qi, to reverse Yin And Yang, which could make them exist for a long period of time, and ultimately becoming the celestial soldiers that guard Heaven.

Therefore, the best use of the Immortal Beans was to refine it into a celestial soldier.

It was a pity that the current Jade army in the heaven was refined from former Shennong’s top rate Immortal Bean.

Since the absence of Shennong, the number of soldiers had only decreased and never increased.

The reason for that was while refining Immortal Beans, it must contain divinity talent. And the Immortal Beans with divinity talent, only Shennong could grow.

Of course, though Ye Xiaochen’s Immortal Yellow Beans possess divinity, they were far enough from making a celestial soldier, the quality of the Immortal Bean was too low, it was a defective product.

Only the medium product or higher Immortal Beans could be used for a celestial soldier.
As far as for heaven, it would use top or best quality Immortal Beans.

Ye Xiaochen looked at store transaction again.

“Hey, unexpectedly there was more than one?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised to discover that five hundred Immortal Yellow Beans have been purchased by a dozen of Gods.

“What should I do?”

Ye Xiaochen was in dilemma. Whom should he sell the remaining seventy-two Immortal Beans?

They were Gods, he couldn’t afford to offend them.

However, there were only seventy Immortal Beans, couldn’t he keep them in his hands?

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s eyes flickered, soon he got the solution.He immediately used the function of Shennong system to create a discussion group in the column of friends.

The discussion group was same like in penguin.

After creating the discussion group, he pulled all the Gods who had messaged him into the discussion group.

He was going to hold an auction for the Immortal Beans.

No one would get offended, if they want to buy Immortal Bean, they could as long as they bid the high price.

Ye Xiaochen praised his wisdom.

In Discussion group.

“Hello, everyone, I am Ye Xiaochen, I thank you very much for liking the Immortal Yellow Beans I have planted. I have an only small number of Immortal Yellow Beans and there are too many people, so it is difficult to choose. Therefore, I opened discussion group, to hold an auction for the rest of the 60 Yellow Immortal Beans.”

Ye Xiaochen gave a direct speech in the group.

He has only mentioned sixty Immortal Yellow Beans, rest 12 he was going to try and plant them to see how big the difference would be from the seeds purchased at the store?

“Haha, Ye Xiaochen, your idea is good, so what’s the rule for auction?”

Taishang Laozi said.

His attitude was warm.

Ye Xiaochen was happy in his heart, this Taishang Laozi from the journey to the west was a good old man, and was one the third moral incarnation of Taizun, in heavens, he was respected very much.

If there was Taishang Laozi then other Gods would also agree.
Sure enough, all other Gods also agreed with Ye Xiaochen.

“This is what I have thought, 60 Immortal Yellow Beans would be split into ten batches, each will consist six seeds, each batch’s starting bid price will be two Immortal Yuan, each increase may not be less than a Spiritual Yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen said the bidding rules.

He was looking forward to it in his heart, these Gods were definitely rich, they would certainly not lack Immortal Yuan, perhaps this auction would make the Immortal Yellow Bean reach high prices.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen thought too much.

These Gods were shrewd, how could they not see through Ye Xiaochen’s mind?

In the first batch of the auction, although the competition was very fierce, the price was increased by only one Spirit Yuan, the final price was two Immortal Yuan sixty Spiritual Yuan.

Who says Gods were generous and lavish?

Have you seen such sting Gods, who compete for one or two Spiritual Yuan?

Although the bidding price was higher than that of store’s

Ye Xiaochen was just not happy!

The second batch of Immortal Yellow Beans transaction price was two Immortal Yuan seventy Spiritual Yuan.

The third batch of Immortal Yellow Yuan was sold for two Immortal Yuan 80 Spiritual Yuan.

The fourth batch of Immortal Yellow Yuan sold for two Immortal Yuan 90 Spiritual Yuan.


The tenth batch of Immortal Yuan was sold at the highest price, three Immortal Yuan 50 Spiritual Yuan.

In the end, Ye Xiaochen’s total income was 31 Immortal Yuan and 20 Spiritual Yuan.

After the auction ended, the Gods have sent messages to Ye Xiaochen, when there would be Immortal Yellow Beans or other implanted products, he must inform them and they would certainly pay the high price for it.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, paying a high price to buy, you Gods have been competing half day for few Immortal Yuans, do you still have the demeanor of Gods?

He started checking his personal account information.

Before the Immortal Beans have been sold in the store, money has been transferred to account with deducted sales commission fee, altogether he got 123 Immortal Yuan and 19 Spiritual Yuan.

From auction, he got 31 Immortal Yuan and 20 Spiritual Yuan, there was no need to deduct the fee.

In addition, he had 34 Spiritual Yuan in the account.

So adding it up, he now has 154 Immortal Yuan and 73 Spiritual Yuan.

So much, Immortal Yuan, he could buy an Immortal Land again.

Buy it, must buy it.

The more Immortal land, more Immortal plants and once harvested there would be more Immortal Yuan, which was a virtuous cycle.

Though spending in the store would raise consumption quota, he won’t be able to get the so-called lottery, the Immortal Yuan would go to waste.

Ye Xiaochen was calm and did not go to the store to consume.

As long as there was enough Immortal land, his income would be higher, and there would be more capital to go to the store for shopping.

Chapter 66-Bee Egg

Ye Xiaochen did not hesitate to buy a piece of Immortal land.

One hundred Immortal Yuan was gone.

He was left with fifty-four Immortal Yuan and seventy-three Spirit Yuan.

Next, it was time to spend on Store.

Ye Xiaochen opened the Store and found something.

For a long time, he had been thinking about buying it and hadn’t made up his mind to because of the shortage of funds.

Pollination Bee eggs.

The price was not expensive, it was just 40 Immortal Yuan.

If it could be cultivated, then it would be very useful.

Like ordinary plants, Immortal plants also produce fruits that needed to be pollinated.

Ordinary plants were usually pollinated by winds or insects.

The Immortal plants were different.

The flying insect in this world would not get close to Immortal plants, let alone pollinate them.

There was very less effect by only using the natural wind.

Even on large farms, artificial pollination was often used to increase the yields.

Naturally, the pollination of Immortal plants was totally depended on Ye Xiaochen.

It was a skilled work or to replace it was a hard work, endurance work, to pollinate each one of the Immortal plants, the workload was not small.

Fortunately, Ye Xiaochen could still barely do artificial pollination by himself, but it would not be same once there was more Immortal land.

Now, Ye Xiaochen had little bit Immortal Yuan on his hand, so he was thinking of buying the Pollination Bees.

Adult Pollination Bee price was very expensive and must need to have special slavery technique to control them.

Ye Xiaochen was not even a monk, so naturally, he couldn’t control it.

He could only consider Pollination Bee eggs, through their own efforts it could be cultivated, and even if he was not a monk, he could control it.

It was just the success rate, the Pollination Bee eggs do not have hundred percent breeding success, there might appear a breeding failure.

Once it fails, then 40 Immortal Yuan would go to waste.

In the process of nurturing, many conditions were needed.

However, Ye Xiaochen clenched his teeth and still decided to buy. As long it was cultivated successfully, the Pollination Bee would definitely increase his production.

He could also save a lot of time.

Most importantly, Pollination Bee has certain amount attack power, it was equivalent to having a potential weapon on Ye Xiaochen’s side.

With various thoughts, he decided to buy this Pollination Bee eggs.

Moreover, he was confident that he could successfully cultivate this Pollination Bee egg.

Quickly, he spent forty Immortal Yuan.

Ye Xiaochen still has fourteen Immortal Yuan and 73 Spirit Yuan.

Because he has bought Immortal land, he must also need to buy Immortal plant seeds.

Ye Xiaochen bought 14 Immortal yellow beans seeds.

The reason he didn’t buy carrots seeds was, the income of Immortal beans was much higher than that of carrots.

Immortal beans were more popular.

Immortal carrots were only needed by the goddess of the moon, if there were more carrots, then he might not necessarily able to sell everything.

There was no concern like this for Immortal beans.

He already had 12 Immortal yellow beans seed, so now, Ye Xiaochen had 26 Immortal seeds.

After buying the Immortal land, Ye Xiaochen immediately didn’t set up the Immortal land, but took out a transparent wax ball of size like dragon’s eye from the storage space, inside, a green bean size egg insect could be seen.
The first step of nurturing the pollination egg Bee was to awaken the egg’s consciousness.

This was very important, it was what determines the success or failure of next steps.

Ye Xiaochen like a baby held it, after admiring it for a while with a serious expression returned the wax ball into the storage space.

He must be prepared enough to formally awaken the egg’s consciousness, now it was not urgent, he could not be anxious.

Ye Xiaochen sighed and then began to set up the Immortal land.

The next thing was to dig fields.

Put fertilizers, seeds, water with the Immortal spring water.

As previously using the green manure for carrot seedlings and beans seedling, the piled of green manure was not enough, so he could not use the green manure, and could only use ordinary fertilizer.

After everything was done, Ye Xiaochen began to prepare for the cultivation of Pollination Bee egg.


Hei Province, Ha City.

In one of the residential building, Wang Pinghui received a call from Shen Tong express.

“Strange, recently I didn’t buy anything online?”

Wang Pinghui was little puzzled.

Still, he ran downstairs and saw outside the building an express courier vehicle, a young man was waiting for him.

“You are Wang Pinghui, this is your parcel, sign here.”

The courier man took out a small parcel, tore it off and handed the pen to Wang Pinghui.

Wang Pinghui was surprised, but still, he signed on the package.

Returned back to home; looking at the small parcel, he became more curious.

“ Is it due to last  time I wrote a bad comment in online shopping, the shopkeeper has sent a knife to me?”

Wang Pinghui thought.

“ It is not correct.It says something about Ye’s super pickled vegetable, and address is the southern province, it is fishy.”

Wang Pinghui shook his head.

He was sure that he could not have bought anything like pickled vegetables.

As he doesn’t like to eat pickled vegetables.

“I’d like to see what it is”

Wang Pinghui doesn’t believe in evil Spirits, he tore the parcel.

Soon a small packet of pickled vegetables appeared in front of him.

“Damn, this packaging is so simple and the ridiculous thing is, it is too little”

After looking at it, Wang Pinghui rolled his eyes.

Ye’s super pickled vegetables, it was super garbage pickled vegetables!

A cucumber, a bean, and a chili.

Damn, even the messy pickled vegetables, should have some weight, right?

And he even doubted if it was a pickled vegetable.

Was this red chili just freshly pickled off from the plant?

The beans were also green.

The cucumber flesh was white and green, there was no trace of marination.

“Damn, this is unlikely the fresh pickled vegetables, right?isn’t this shop owner extreme cheater?”

Wang Pinghui was completely speechless.

He has seen shameless shopkeepers, but he had never seen so shameless shopkeeper.

Even if he didn’t buy the pickled vegetables, it was still delivered to his doorstep, he still felt that the shopkeeper was shameless.

He wanted to throw it in the thrash, but unconsciously he opened the pressure line.

Then at that moment, an unspeakable fragrance emanated from the bag.

Wang Pinghui’s body shivered, and saliva in his mouth was immediately flowing out. He swallowed his saliva few times, then stared at three pickles vegetable bag.

“God, how is it so fragrant?”

Wang Pinghui’s eyes were staring at it.

He wondered if he had a smell problem or it was just illusion.

His nose reached near the mouth of the bag, and he took a deep breath. Suddenly, he felt as if he had inhaled something, and was flying like a fairy.

“Damn, even if it is poisonous, I will eat this pickled vegetable.”

Wang Pinghui couldn’t help it anymore, he squeezed a pickled bean from the bag with fingers and ate it.

“Too delicious,”

“Oh my god, am I really eating a pickled vegetable?”

“Delicious, so delicious, damn, today I picked up a bargain!”

Wang Pinghui didn’t know how to describe his inner excitement.

The food that he had eaten before this was nothing compared to this pickled vegetable.

“Well? No”

Wang Pinghui after eating last pickled chili, he looked at the empty bag, he was directly dumbfounded.

He finally drank the pickled juices in the bag, and licked it, he was so depressed that he threw the bag aside.

“There is no mistake, there was only three, there is no extra!”

Wang Pinghui’s eyes were red and he couldn’t help but shout.

Chapter 67-Poisonous Oath

Now, Wang Pinghui was feeling restless and irritation, He felt like he was about to get a “massage” and once he took off his pants the girl would suddenly say her “great aunt” was coming.(it means about periods coming)

He picked up the parcel that he had just threw in the Trashcan.

Due to his rough handling of the package, the delivery information was only partially readable.

“ Ye’s something pickled vegetable king.”

Wang Pinghui tried to recognize for a long time but still was not able to spell out.

As for the phone number, there was also defect.

There was also no means to call and inquire

“God, how did it happen?”

Wang Pingui felt his world was dark, if there was no pickled vegetable to eat, then how would he live?

“No, must find out, it was sent from a Taobao shop, I just need to search this shop.”

Wang Pinghui thought and quickly made the decision

He immediately logged in Taobao and tried to search information on pickled vegetables.

He searched for the keyword pickled vegetable king.

Seeing the whole page about the pickled vegetable king, he was dumbfounded, it seems that he needs to identify one by one.

In fact, it was not that difficult to recognize such simple packaging, it was estimated that general shops would not use.

Now in Taobao, who wouldn’t use meticulously processed images?

This was shop front skill.


“This is not”

“This is absolutely not, such exquisite packaging, how can it be true pickled vegetable king?”

“Simplicity is king.”


Wang Pinghui’s eyes looked dry, he doesn’t know how many pages he had turned over by now.

He was desperate.

Just as he was about to give up, he suddenly saw a simple and familiar picture of the packaging.

“Ye’s super pickled vegetable king.”

Wang Pinghui almost burst into tears.

He was hundred percent sure that this was the Sho[.

Absolutely not wrong.

He opened it immediately.

What a simple shop!

This was his first feeling.

There was nothing.

Just a few words of instruction.

As for sales, there was only seven.

No evaluation.

If it weren’t for the picture that this shop showed, he would have wondered if it was a real shop.

“Price? So expensive?”

After looking at the price, he was stunned.

The first package as long as the courier charges were paid, it was free, the second package price rose to 188 Yuan, as for the third package, it was more outrageous,288 Yuan.

Damn, was this made of gold?

There only three packages, that’s all?

Wang Pinghui almost wanted to stop buying it.

However, just from the aftertaste, his saliva was flowing out again.

“Buy it”

With a hard heart, he immediately placed the order.

He directly ordered three packages.

Four hundred and eighty-three Yuan was gone.


When Ye Xiaochen received the order, he was buying ingredient in a large Chinese pharmacy store in Sheep city.

He was going to make one kind of fluid, to grow the Pollination Bee egg.

All were valuable herbs.

It cost him more than ten thousand Yuan.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but sigh, it was an only initial investment and he had already spent so much, he hopes to succeed, otherwise, it would be like drawing water from a bamboo basket!

Carrying out things from the pharmacy, Ye Xiaochen returned to his vehicle, parked in a roadside parking lot, and turned on his cell phone.

“Hey, another order?”

Ye Xiaochen was amazed.

He felt that address was a little bit similar.

“Haha, originally it was that guy!”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Hehe, I already gave you a package for free, now you still want one more for free.Really dreaming, don’t think you can get by changing Taobao account.”

Ye Xiaochen would certainly not let other party’s wish to be fulfilled.

Rules were rules.

His pickled vegetables were made from the magical pickle jar, water from the Immortal spring and Immortal spring vegetables, it was extremely unordinary.

He also thought that current price was low.

However, it doesn’t matter, as long as it becomes famous, he could immediately raise the price.

He immediately sent the message to the man.

“Hello, because you have been already given a package for free, you cannot continue to enjoy the discount. You can only buy two bags this month.”

On the other side when Wang Pinghui saw the message from the shop owner, he was surprised. When did he buy? Was it not a mistake?

Instantly, he sent his reply.

“What! Is this guy saying he didn’t buy my pickled vegetables? Joke, this guy is not admitting it”

Ye Xiaochen sneered.

He has a bad impression of this guy.

The free package, you want to take advantage of it, there was no such good thing in the world.

“Hello, we previously had a private conversation, so I sent a free package without delivery charges.”

Ye Xiaochen sent the message.

“I really didn’t buy it, and I haven’t eaten pickled vegetable before. I’m very surprised that I didn’t buy any pickled vegetables. Why would you sent a pickled vegetable package to me.”

Wang Pinghui felt very wrong.

“Hmph, unexpectedly denying, there is a moral problem in him”

Ye Xiaochen would naturally not believe it.

“I have the chat record, and I will send you the screenshot.”

Ye Xiaochen felt that he had to give evidence to force this guy speechless.

Immediately, he sent a screenshot of chat to him

When Wang Pinghui saw the chat record sent by the shop owner, he was slightly stunned, Honest Bandit?How was this net name so familiar?

Wasn’t this his friend Lin Qiang’s net name?

Whether, it was in QQ, WeChat, or Tabao, he uses the same name.

He understood it must be Lin Qiang, that guy bought a packet of pickled vegetables from this shop, but address, recipient name, and mobile number filled his.

“Haha Lin Qiang, oh Lin Qiang, if you get to know this pickled vegetable is so delicious, you would definitely regret it”

Wang Pinghui suddenly felt obliged to thank Lin Qiang.

Otherwise, he might not have been able to eat such delicious pickled vegetable!

“Boss, I finally understand, the last time the person you chatted with was not me, but a close friend of mine, who fulfilled my….”

Wang Pinghui hurriedly explained.

Ye Xiaochen seeing the reply was little surprised, there was such a thing?

“Are you sure?”

He asked.

“I promise. I promise you if I have deceived you then heaven will split and I will be dead.”

Wang Pinghui began to make the oath.

He couldn’t help it.if there was one less package, then he would cry to death. Who let the pickled vegetable so delicious, and this poisonous oath was better than greedy death.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, even doing poisonous oath, what is this person!

“Ok, I’ll believe you once.”

Ye Xiaochen replied.

“Boss, thank you very much.”

Wang Pinghui was pleasantly surprised.

At last, he could eat one more package.

After chatting, Wang Pinghui wants to call Lin Qiang and ask him why he had written his information in online shopping.

However, he shook his head and immediately rejected the decision.

“Hey, I want to know what kind of look he would give when he gets to know what he has done?it will be nice”

Wang Pinghui’s eyes flashed, suddenly he had an idea.

Chapter 68-Nurturing

Another customer, Ye Xiaochen felt that he was one step forward to making fortune with pickled vegetables.

After returning back to the farm, Ye Xiaochen became very busy.

He took out the special boiler, processed all kinds of medicinal material that he bought and then categorized and stored in a glass bottle.

The labels were attached to all bottle.

“Well, now just need to make the solution.”

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, now he would need to weigh the raw material correctly and start to compound.

The water from immortal spring, this was standard.

Thanks to experience with plant promoting growth agent, this time it was more easy for him to handle.

He put variety kind of materials in the boiler, frequently, he also checks the changes in the furnace.

The temperature was very high in the room, even if there was Air Conditioner in the room, it was difficult to dissipate the heat.

Ye Xiaochen was sweating profusely, but he did not wipe his sweat, his eyes were constantly staring at the boiler.

In this way, more than an hour passed.

The liquid inside the furnace became black, like gel of amber, it was very thick and gave a pungent smell.By the time the gelatinous matter was cooled, it completely turned into a solid.

Ye Xiaochen took out the gelatinous matter from the boiler

It was not sticky but was very flexible.

“Well, according to the texture, color, appearance, and smell, it should be perfect.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded, he took a sigh of relief and finally revealed a smile on his face.

Then from the solidified gelatinous matter, he cut a small piece, taking its weight and removing little, he put the piece of gelatinous matter in the boiler again, he took precise three liters of immortal spring water and injected into it.

Soon, the gelatinous matter melted and the water became dark blue.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly took the Pollination Bee egg wax ball, then carefully peeled the top wax, it revealed a white egg which was the same size as a green bean.

He took a deep breath and then put the Bee in egg in a small porcelain bowl. Clenching his teeth, he picked up the dagger and made a cut on his right ring finger, he squeezed out three drops of blood and dripped on the Bee egg.

The ring finger was connected to the heart.

So the blood from the ring finger was blood from the heart.

Three drops of blood covered the white Bee egg.

Ye Xiaochen was watching it with nervousness.

Suddenly, there was a small bubble in the blood.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes became bright, he knew that the Pollination Bee egg was very sensitive to the blood, he must first need to stimulate the Bee egg with blood from the heart and arouse its consciousness.

The most important thing was to awaken the Bee egg’s consciousness through the blood from the heart, and when the egg was nurtured, Pollination Bee would firmly remember his smell of the blood.

Later Ye Xiaochen would be able to rely on this blood connection to control the purpose of the Pollination Bee.

For an ordinary human, it was difficult to estimate, but Ye Xiaochen was a Shennong, he was born with a high spirit, with blood connection and using spirit force he could communicate with the consciousness of the egg.

After a minute, the color of three blood drops dimmed a lot.
Ye Xiaochen knew that the Bee egg’s consciousness was in the process of awakening and was absorbing the ingredients of the blood.

When there was no more formation of bubbles, Ye Xiaochen poured some water of immortal spring into the bowl and cleaned the egg.

Soon, he picked up the egg.

The Bee egg was slightly different from the beginning, on it, there were few wisps of blood, it was like it had absorbed Ye Xiaochen’s blood.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen carefully placed the egg in the prepared solution.

Not long after, a small green bean size bubble released from the position of the Bee egg.

Then, every few seconds, a bubble started to emerge.

Apparently, the Bee egg has started to absorb the nutrients from the solution.


Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief and covered the lid.

The next step was to wait.

It was still unknown how long the egg would take to develop, according to the normal method, it should be up to three or five days.

However, Ye Xiaochen was not a monk, with just through ordinary means this might take longer time.

And there was also the success rate.

Ye Xiaochen must be extremely cautious and must not make any mistake.

He put the boiler into storage and every once in a while, he looks at the color the solution.
If the color of the solution becomes too light, then it must be replaced with a new nutrient solution, otherwise, there would be a shortage of nutrient.

Just like fetal development, if it was not able to take proper nutrients, then consequences could not be imagined.

The Bee egg was more sensitive to the nutrient requirement.

A slight interruption in the supply of nutrient could lead to irreversible effect.

Over the next few days, Ye Xiaochen had been paying close attention to the nurturing process of the Bee egg.

The business of the shop was still lukewarm, although there were several orders, it was from the introduction of the first batch of old customers.

After eating the pickled vegetables, those old customers became a loyal fan of Ye Xiaochen’s pickled vegetables.

They also took the initiative to make an evaluation in the online shop, the ye’s pickled vegetable was heavenly, nothing could compare it and no one would be able to surpass its unique delicious taste.

All in all, Ye XIaochen felt a little corny.

If it was not for the comment model, in which only after verified purchase an evaluation could be given, many people visiting the shop would scoff and think it shop boasting itself.

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t care about it; it was not like he made customers write such appraise.

According to promise, Wang Pinghui received three packets of pickled vegetables by post.

With an evil smile, he immediately called his friends and gang of scoundrels for a get-together.

Amon them Lin Qiang was also there.

The place of dinner was his home.

The dishes were directly delivered from a nearby restaurant.

There were several boxes of Beer.

The gang of people gather together, it was lively.

“Old Hui, how are you willing to give a treat today?”

Lin Qiang with a smile asked.

“Hey, I recently tasted a rare kind of delicacy and thought of celebrating happiness with the crowd, I immediately thought of you to share this wonderful delicacy.”

Wang Pinghui said in a mysterious tone.

“Go, what delicious! I have already been tired of these dishes.”

Another man with a bare upper body and dragon tattoo on his arm laughingly said.

“Haha, you don’t believe me, just you wait!”

Wang Pinghui mysteriously looked at Lin Qiang and then walked into the kitchen.

Lin Qiang felt Wang Pinghui was strange, especially his look, there was something. Was it possible that Wang Pinghui got to know he filled up his information in delivery address and now he was preparing to take revenge on him?

That’s right, that shop owner unlikely did send the genuine pickled vegetable?

No, No, No, the shop owner might have sent a knife.

Soon, Wang Pinghui quickly came out with a small plate.

As he walked out, an unspeakable fragrance was drifting all over the hall.

The people, who were still bragging, suddenly quiet down, there was the only sound of inhalation, the pair of eyes were falling on to the plate that Wang Pinghui had bought.

Chapter 69-Heartache

The dish was put on the table.

After Lin Qiang and other people saw what was in the dish, they were directly dumbfounded.

Seven slices of cucumber.

Each slice of the cucumber was as thin as cicada’s wings.

“This, this is what you call the peerless delicacy?”

Wang Jiang rolled his eyes.

Although the aroma was really tempting, he didn’t think it was coming from this seven slices of cucumber.

“Old Hui, are you trying to entertain us with this cucumber?”

“Granted that it is cucumber, there should many pieces. Why there are so few pieces?”

“However, what is this smell, it’s so sweet and I feel my mouth watering.”

“Yes, I wasn’t hungry before, but now I feel like I can eat a whole pot of rice.”

Everyone was saying something.

“Hehe, what I meant by delicious delicacy was this cucumber.However, it was not a common cucumber, but should be called super pickled cucumber.”

Wang Pinghui said in a mysterious tone.

“Pickled cucumber?I say old hHui, do you think that we have not eaten pickled cucumber?In my family jar, there is enough to make you full.”

The young man with a dragon tattoo on his farm laughingly said.

“Oh, don’t you smell the aroma? Gee, have you ever smelled such sweet smell before? This smell is coming from the pickled cucumber.”

Wang Pinghui shook his head and smiled, then he stretched out chopsticks and picked a slice of cucumber and smelled it.His face revealed drunken feeling, then next moment he gently put into his mouth and chewed it.

An unspeakable taste filled his whole mouth, which was magnified by his taste buds.

Wang Pinghui’s face expression revealed intoxication look

“Damn, seeing your expression, as if you took some powder, do you need to be so exaggerating?”

(Tl: I think here powder might refer to drugs)

Lin Qiang couldn’t help but say.

“ No, no, no, it is one thousand times more wonderful than powder, ah, if you don’t want to eat it, don’t eat. You do not know, in order to treat you with such delicious pickled cucumber, how much psychologically I have struggled!”

Wang Pinghui narrowed his eyes and said.

“Well? “

Others were stunned.

“Then I’ll try.”

The young man with a dragon tattoo on his arm felt more and more hungry, he picked up a slice of the cucumber and put in in front of his nose, just from the smell his saliva was flowing out.

He didn’t think much and directly put it in his mouth.

There was an expression of horror on his face.

“How, is it not good?”

Other people asked.

“I ate too fast.”

The youth swallowed his saliva, he really ate too fast, when that unspeakable taste just broke out, he swallowed it down.

It was very memorable.

His eyes shone and he immediately looked at other slices of the cucumber in the plate.

Just as he was trying to reach it with his chopstick, other people had already reacted and stretched out their pair of chopsticks, in the blink of an eye, the plate completely became empty.


The young man directly burst out in the foul language and then stared at Wang Pinghui. ”Old do you have any more? Quickly take it out, your father do you want to be extremely greedy ?”

“No, really this was the last.”

Wang Pinghui said and shrugged his shoulders.

It just arrived yesterday and he has lots in his hands, however, he would be slowly enjoying it later.

After all, in one month he could only buy three packs!

At this moment, others were eating the slices of cucumber, and their facial expression was not much different from the young man with a tattoo on his arm.
“Oh my god, what is this pickled cucumber! it is so delicious.”
“ Ah, after eating so delicious pickle, can I eat other dishes in the future?”

“Yes, now my mouth is full of pickled cucumber taste, I guess in future I will not have any appetite for other things.”

“Old Hui, where did you get this pickle?”

“Quickly, Tell me.”

Lin Qiang and other people with hot eyes looked at Wang Pinghui and hurriedly asked.

“How would I know it, you should ask Qianzi about it.”

When he saw that the people had taken his bait, he immediately said in a flat tone.

“Ask Qiangzi?”

The other people were amazed.What was the connection between this delicious pickle and Lin Qiang?

“Why ask me?I don’t know anything about it”

Lin Qiang’s head was filled with fog.

“Haha, Qianzi, just a few days ago I received a courier package, even when I didn’t buy anything from the net, inside it was the pickled vegetables.”

Wang Pinghu looked at Lin Qiang and laughed.

Lin Qiang was dumbfounded, he seemed to the thought of something and hurriedly asked, ” you mean, someone sent you this pickled vegetable through the post?”

“Yes, ah, I really don’t know which kind person has mailed this delicious pickled vegetable to me? Ah, it was really delicious.”

Wang Pinghui said with a face that would need a spanking

Lin Qiang’s eyes became red and he shouted with all of his strength, “What kind person! This was mailed to me, old Hui, return my pickled vegetable.”

He already understood that the super expensive pickle vegetable shop had really sent the pickled vegetable and it was very delicious.

He wanted to vomit the blood for writing old Hui’s address.

Just from the thought of the pickled vegetable which originally belonged to him was eaten by Wang Pinghui, he felt like the sky was collapsing.

Other became curious.

Under their inquiry, Wang Pinghui told the story.

“Haha, Qiangzi, you call this karma! By the way, old Hui, quickly say the shop address, I also want to buy few packages, this pickled vegetable is really good.”

Others became excited.

Since it was an online shop, it means it could be bought.

They also felt very happy to eat such delicious pickled vegetable.

Waiting until they looked at the information of the shop, they felt like to vomit blood, the price of the pickled vegetable was too expensive.

If they were not getting one pack for free, they might have been reluctant.

“Old Hui, the pack you got, return it to me.”

Lin Qiang was regretting because he lost a chance to get the free pack.

Three packs a month.

He had already ordered a packet for free, that means, he could only purchase two pack.

“ That can’t do”

Wang Pinghui flatly refused.

“ You ate the pack which I bought.”

Lin Qiang was anxious.

“That delivery was for me!”

Wang Pinghui saw Lin Qiang’s eyes become red, he felt it enjoyable.

“Brother Hui, can I buy it with money?”

Wang pInghui saw that Lin Qiang was not retreating and immediately said.

“No, no not at all.”

Wang Pinghui smirked.

After seeing this Lin Qiang didn’t dare to say anymore.

Lin Qiang knew there was no hope, he could only cry. Using the mobile phone, he opened Taobao and then ordered two packs.

He got heartache whenever he thought of the pickle vegetable pack he had missed.

Chapter 70-Food

Jing County.

Tengda logistic center.

Ye Xiaochen came here to pick up the goods. Last time, he had ordered a batch of greenhouse thermal insulation from Taobao, and it has finally arrived today.

It was full 2600 square meters, the quantity was quite big, Ye Xiaochen fully loaded the sheets in his vehicle.

Just when Ye Xiaochen was getting inside the vehicle, he heard a voice behind him, “Elder brother Ye.”

Ye Xiaochen turned back and saw Li Jiaren.

Last time, with Li Jiaren and others he had gone to Lin’s private kitchen for eating. Li Jiaren runs a furniture store in the city and his assets were over ten million yuan.

Since the previous meal, the two had become familiar with each other and, several times Ye Xiaochen would send him his farm vegetables.

The relationship between them was good.

“So, it is brother Ren.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the person next to Li Jiaren, unexpectedly it was his cousin Chen Hao.

Chen Hao looked at Ye Xiaochen with astonishment.

How does Xiaochen know Li Jianren?

“Well, cousin, how are you?”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly greeted him.

Chen hao’s face was little stiff, but he quickly replied with a smile,  “Xiaochen, what are you doing here?”

“I bought some goods in online and came here to receive it.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Haha, elder brother Ye, I did not think that you and Chen boss were cousins?”

Lin Jianren quickly recognized their relation.

Ye Xiaochen nodded,”Yes, my mother and my cousin’s mother are sisters.”

“Ha ha, so, it is our own people.”

Lin Jianren with a smile on his serious face said to Chen Hao, “Chen boss, I promise you to the things what you said.”

Chen Hao was first stunned, then he immediately became happy, he looked at Ye Xiaochen with very grateful eyes, Lin Jianren accepted only due to Ye XIaochen.

Otherwise, how could he promise so easily?He had tried to find Li Jiaren for several times, but the other person’s attitude was always ambiguous.

His heart grew more and more surprised, how could Xiaochen and Li Jiaren know each other, and also their relationship was not shallow.

He was pleasantly surprised in his heart, but he felt more and more sorry towards Ye Xiaochen.

Till now he was feeling difficult to let go of last times matter and felt that he owed Ye Xiaochen.

It was just there was a tigress and he couldn’t help it.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t understand what was going between Li Jiaren and Chen Hao.

However, he was not a fool, he could see that his cousin had an important favor to ask Li Jiaren, and Li Jiaren did not promise him before, but suddenly seeing him, he gave him a face.

Chatting for a while, Li Jiaren suddenly said to Ye Xiaochen, “Elder brother Ye, when you are free to let’s go to Lin’s private kitchen?It will be my treat.”

Ye XIaochen blushed with shame, how could he not know Li Jiaren’s intention, still he could not all the time fancy to go and order in Lin’s private kitchen.

Not only Li Jianren but Liu Fusheng, Xiu Jiao also encouraged to go to Lin’s Private Kitchen.

However, Ye Xiaochen thought it was too expensive.

Although they said they would give the treat, Ye Xiaochen was also a person with self-respect, he couldn’t always eat and drink for free.

“Brother Ren, otherwise, you come to the home, my mother is a good cook and will make sure it will be a great food.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

He would serve them with immortal spring vegetables and super pickled vegetables, so it wouldn’t let them down.


Li Jiaren was surprised, “Okay, say the time, we will come together to your house.”

Chen Hao couldn’t say even one word in between their conversation.
Chen Hao saw that his usual introverted cousin was speaking naturally.With Li Jiaren like such people, he was relaxed and calm. Suddenly, more he thought, more he felt there was a big change in his cousin, he was little unfamiliar to him.

“Brother Ren, cousin, I won’t bother you, I am leaving first.”

After chatting for a while, Ye Xiaochen said his goodbyes to the two people and entered the vehicle.

“Brother Ye, I’ll call you afterward.”

When Ye Xiaochen was leaving with the vehicle, Li Jiaren didn’t forget to remind him.

“No problem.”

Ye Xiaochen waved his hands and drove away from the logistics center.


Returning to the farm, Ye Xiaochen alone put all the insulation sheets into the tin house.

There were more than 100 rolls, he spent several hours, and was too tired to do anything.

After settling everything, Ye Xiaochen just wants to sit down and rest.

He looked at his cell phone and found that there were several orders.

“Well, that honest bandit has also ordered?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

He smiled, it seemed that this guy also got to know deliciousness of the pickled vegetables, and was willing to buy it.

This guy in order to prank his best friend, filled his best friend’s pot mailing address, don’t know if he was regretting it now?”

After processing the orders, he did not go to deliver goods today.

He was very tired.

He switched on the air conditioner, lied down on the bed and messaged to Wang Xinyi through WeChat.

Wang Xinyi quickly replied.

Seeing the Wang Xinyi’s reply there was sweet feeling in his heart.

This feeling was very wonderful, obviously, this was just a simple chat, the feeling was making him look forward, it was especially warm and good.

Although the two people didn’t completely break the layer, there was no gap in between them, they were chatting in a relaxed manner.

Wang Xinyi also takes initiative and often sends messages, although they were about old topics, it was a lot of fun to talk about it.

After chatting for a while, Ye Xiaochen put down his phone and took out Shennong system introductory guide.

“Now, the incubation of the pollination bee egg has entered a critical moment and if nurtures, then necessary food needs to be prepared for the baby bee.”

Ye Xiaochen said to himself.

The food of young bee could not be casually done, he must specially prepare it.

Originally, the best food for the young bee was provided by the pollination bee colony itself, which was the most comprehensive and was of the best quality.

It was impossible to find such food in the mortal world.

Ye Xiaochen could only make on his own.

Immortal spring water was a must.

The baby bee only eats honey, so honey was also necessary.

Just the nutrition of honey of the earth was certainly inferior heaven and there was no immortal qi in it.

Therefore, he must add some other things in it.

“The honey should be a pure honey, it can’t be impure, otherwise, it is difficult to make food, the honey that is bought in the market are mixed with sugar water.”

Ye Xiaochen was in confusion.

Although some bee farms claim that honey could be taken on the scene, in fact, this honey is made in advance with honey like sugar, and then stir with honey spleen and put them into the hive.

As Long as someone comes to buy it, they would take out that.

So, going to bee farm and buying honey won’t work.

“It seems that I can look honey only by myself.”

Although autumn has already passed which was the best season to harvest honey, he could still be able to find bee colony.

This season’ majority of vegetation blooming period has along finished.

The bees have already prepared honey for winter, so now bees should be having plenty of honey.
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