Heavenly Farmer Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51-Sale

One hundred Immortal carrots, the total price was 100 Immortal Yuan and 9467 Spirit Yuan.

According to exchange ratio,100 Spirit Yuan equals to one Immortal Yuan.

Then that was 194.67 Immortal Yuan.

So, the average price one Immortal carrot was 1.95 Yuan.

Compared with the price of two Immortal Yuan per carrot gave by Goddess of the moon, Ye Xiaochen made a loss of five Immortal Yuan.

Five Immortal Yuan!

Ye Xiaochen felt pain in his chest.

You could buy half package of Immortal carrot seeds or five Immortal beans!

But it was worth, as long as he could continuously improve the quality, and afterward, in the store, he could still get greater profits.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’ face became stiff, he seemed to have thought of something.

“No, something seems to be missing?”

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his forehead and frowned.

He hurriedly glanced over System’s records.

Finally, he found a thing in the record which made him depressed.

“Damn, this store is too ”Cruel”!”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart pained and wanted to vomit blood.

Because….The Store would charge commission fees on the sale.

The sale fees’ was five percent of the total price.

194.67 Immortal Yuan multiplied by five percent, how much was it?

Ye Xiaochen did some calculation in his mind.

He couldn’t help but touch his chest.

It was paining.

9.73 Immortal Yuan.

Damn, the store would deduct 9.73 Immortal Yuan.

Before he lost five Immortal Yuan, that was to say, from his one hundred Immortal carrots, he lost close to a total of fifteen Immortal Yuan.

If he had regret medicine, then it was estimated that Ye Xiaochen would not put carrots for sale in the store.

Suddenly, system prompt sound came to his mind, a friend had sent a message.

Ye Xiaochen thought in his mind, it must the Goddess of the moon.

Since the Immortal carrots haven’t sold from the store, he temporarily didn’t have any Immortal Yuan.

This was also the disadvantage of sale in the store unless it was sold, he wouldn’t know when he might get the money.

“Ye Xiaochen, did you put your planted Immortal carrots for sale in the store?”

Ye Xiaochen was little surprised by seeing the message of the Goddess of the moon.

How did she know?

Then he thought, the Goddess of the moon was also Immortal, she might have figured out.

“Yes, Goddess of the moon, but I still have a batch of Immortal carrots with me.”

Ye Xiaochen knew he won’t be able to deceive Goddess of the moon, so he honestly replied.

“Ah! It was really you.That’s good, you give rest of it to me.”

The Goddess of the moon replied.

When Ye Xiaochen saw that Goddess of the moon didn’t blame him, he took a sigh of relief.Then, he traded rest of the 49 Immortal carrots to the Goddess of the moon.

Immediately he got 98 Immortal Yuan.

“Ye Xiaochen, afterward remember to inform me first if you put something for sale in the store.”

The Goddess of the moon sent another message.

“Okay, Goddess of the moon”

Ye Xiaochen was not clear what Goddess of the moon meant.

He waited for a while, but the Goddess of the moon did not send any further messages.
At the same time, the sound of the system came “Ding, the sale of the goods has been completed, the settlement has been transferred to your account.”

So soon?

Ye Xiaochen was startled and hurriedly checked the details of the transaction from the store.

“Wah, Goddess of the moon bought all my Immortal carrots”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

No wonder Goddess of the moon didn’t say anything to him.

Ye Xiaochen opened his personal information.

Name: Ye Xiaochen.
Occupation:Shennon(Level 1)
Talent: Spirit+1,Yield+1,Quality+1,Acceleration+1,disease resistance+1,insect resistance,variation +1,strength+1,anti- toxic constitution +1.
Immortal Yuan:283 Immortal Yuan 34 Spiritual Yuan.

“Ah, only three experience point.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.Thinking of more 97 points of experience to upgrade, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.There was still a long way to go!

He wasn’t surprised to get two experience points, it was just one extra than the previous time.

About the origin of experience value, Ye Xiaochen didn’t know anything about it.
Yellow order first level plant, as long as it was harvested, you could get few experience point.

In the next crop harvest, if there was some progress, he could get extra experience points.

This time his carrots had two Immortal line, which was a progress, so he got one extra experience point.

As for other grades of Immortal plants had different experience value calculation method.

It should be noted that Shennong System requires different Immortal plants to be planted unless it was species planted for the first time, you wouldn’t be able to get experience.

Such as Immortal carrots, at least require 50 strains

If it was less than fifty, then there wouldn’t be any experience point.

For, yellow Immortal Beans, it needs ten strains.

Previously he had planted four staring, and also pulled out one.after harvesting it, he could still get experience point, but next time it would be little or he might not get any experience points.

“It is time to spend”

Ye Xiaochen no longer thought about experience values and started to ponder in his heart.

Immortal land, Immortal spring, Immortal fertilizer, Immortal plants seeds.

These four things were very urgent.

Immortal fertilizer, he carefully read the price in the store, and it was really expensive.

The low-level Immortal fertilizer’s main effect was to increase the land fertility which would make Immortal plants absorbs more nutrients, thus increasing the production and promotes the plant growth.

It was similar to Ye Xiaochen’s +1 acceleration talent.

Of course, the effect was not comparable to acceleration talent.

And Immortal fertilizer had too many limitations, so even the advanced Immortal fertilizer would have little effects.

Immortal fertilizer increases Immortal plant’s taste, nutrition, Immortal line and Yield, but it affects the quality.

After all, it was just speeding up.

Before Xiaochen was worried if his acceleration talent had any similar shortcomings, but after studying carefully, he found out that his acceleration talent was absolutely harmless.

Ye Xiaochen guessed that this was due to him being Shennong.

Were it not for this reason, then what was the difference between Shennong and ordinary Immortal plant?

Ye Xiaochen pondered again and finally chose to not purchase Immortal fertilizer.

He had made some compost from Immortal carrots leaves, he could use it.

Using compost as Immortal fertilizer should have some effects.

Save where it could be saved.

As for Immortal spring, it was a definite thing to buy.

If there was no Immortal spring, then there could easily occur a reduction in quality of implantation.

Especially for Immortal plants having seizing characteristic needs Immortal spring.

Immortal land should also need to be expanded.

Buying Immortal plants seeds was also indispensable.

After repeatedly thinking, he finally made his decision.

A piece of Immortal land, one Immortal spring, a package of Immortal carrot seeds, a package of Immortal radish seeds and 33 yellow Immortal beans.

The Immortal white radish-like Immortal carrots were same in price and quality.

He also bought a special sprinkler in store for Immortal spring.

According to the introduction of immortal spring, after the water was taken out from the immortal spring, the immortal qi would slowly start to disperse from it.

The main reason for this was because the immortal qi was only attached to the spring and was not fully integrated with it.

Only a special sprinkler could save the immortal qi for a long time.

This special sprinkler was not cheap, it was thirty immortal Yuan.

The total became two hundred and eighty-three immortal Yuan.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen was left with only thirty-four spirit Yuan.

“I am broke again”

Ye Xiaochen unceasingly sighed.

However, he was looking forward to the purchase.

Especially the immortal spring.

“Ding!congratulation! on your purchase of more than hundred immortal Yuan, you got an opportunity to draw special lottery from the store, whether do you want to draw lottery?”

Suddenly, system sound came into his mind.

Chapter 52-lottery

According to the introduction of Immortal spring, after the water was taken out from the Immortal spring, the Immortal qi would slowly start to disperse from it.

The main reason for this was because the Immortal qi was only attached to the spring and was not fully integrated with it.

Only a special sprinkler could save the Immortal qi for a long time.

This special sprinkler was not cheap, it was thirty Immortal Yuan.

The total became two hundred and eighty-three Immortal Yuan.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen was left with only thirty-four spirit Yuan.

“I am broke again.”

Ye Xiaochen unceasingly sighed.

However, he was looking forward to the purchase.

Especially the Immortal spring.

“Ding!Congratulation! On your purchase of more than hundred Immortal Yuan, you got an opportunity to draw special lottery from the store, whether do you want to draw lottery?”

Suddenly, system sound came into his mind.


“What? There is an opportunity to draw lottery?”

Ye Xiaochen was little shocked, but then he immediately became pleased.

This was a great thing!

In his mind, he started calculating, he indeed has shopped for more than 100 Immortal Yuan.

The farm building, like Immortal land and Immortal spring, were not related to store, so consumption of Immortal Yuan was not included in the store.

Last time, he had bought a package of Immortal carrot seeds, a special boiler, and three yellow Immortal beans.The total was 48 Immortal Yuan.

This time, he bought two packages of Immortal radish seeds, 33 Yellow Immortal beans, and a special sprinkler, which cost him 83 Immortal Yuan.

In this way, he had spent total 131 Immortal Yuan, which was more than 100 Immortal Yuan.

“I didn’t think that there will be a special lottery.It is a surprise.”

Ye Xiaochen was curious, he doesn’t know what good rewards he could draw from the store?

He guessed that like general supermarket lotteries there could be some good things, but there was also the chance of having only things like basic detergents.

He hopes the store was not bad

“Draw!How can’t I draw!Again there will not be like this chance to get system store’s objects.”

Ye Xiaochen was very excited, he shouted in his heart and rubbed his hands.

Soon, in his mind, a huge wheel appeared, it was similar to like lottery turntable.

There were 365 sectors.

These sectors were very small, some only had line size width.

Whenever Ye Xiaochen looks at any sector, the information automatically comes into his mind.

“Each sector represents an item, the wider the sector more it is easier to draw and naturally has the lowest value, while the narrow sector has the highest value and is very hard to draw.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly learned.

Most of the things were related to farm or had indirect relations, some were directly related to Immortal Yuan.

For example, there was the sector with full 100 Immortal Yuan, but the sector width was very narrow, it was almost like a line.

Ye Xiaochen’s attraction was drawn to the line size sectors.

“Plant Tactic, the basic, the method of practicing Qigong technique and can absorb the power of the plants.”

Ye Xiaochen stared at it and started to breathe heavily.

Unexpectedly it was a method of practicing cultivation.

Moreover, this was using the power of plants.

Ye Xiaochen possessed the Shennong system and has activated the Shennong talent, it could be said that he was natural plant practitioner, so this method was very suitable for him.

Although this was only the basic, it was very suitable for him to practice.

But, could I get it?

Ye Xiaochen started to calculate the gains and loss.

No one knows if there would be again lottery system and even if there was then it might not be the turntable lottery.
The Plant Tactic could be bought in the Store, but it was very expensive, it would cost him up to a thousand of Immortal Yuan, which Ye Xiaochen couldn’t afford now.

There was another line size sector, it was a piece of the instrument and was called as Cloud Cover.It could form strange clouds and provide full vitality of Immortal rain and the growth of the vegetation would be very powerful.

Unfortunately, it was an instrument, and to use it, he should be a cultivator.

The cloud cover instrument has very little attraction for the current Ye Xiaochen.

There were also some good things, like an Immortal egg, Immortal worm, this Immortal worm was similar to the earthworm.It has a similar effect like earthworms, but it was more powerful, they could loosen up the Immortal soil, and could also enhance the fertility of the soil.

So, in this way, Ye Xiaochen would not need to work hard to dig the Immortal soil.

The Immortal egg was not valuable.

The biggest attraction Ye Xiaochen was Plant Tactics.

As for the rest, they were some normal things.

At the end of the day, this lottery was same as supermarket lottery.

Of course, even the most common thing in the lottery for current Ye Xiaochen has still very practical use.

It was a pity that he could only draw one.

Fortunately, there was no blank space, otherwise, if he drew the blank space, then he would cry.

It has to be said, the store this point was to be loved.
Taking a deep breath, Ye Xiaochen silently prayed hoping to be able to get something practical.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen thoughts moved, he clicked on the wheel button.Suddenly, the big wheel started to rotate at a high speed.

After rotating for more than a minute, the speed of wheel gradually slowed down.

His heart was hanging when the pointer moved past the sectors.

“God, I hope it is Plant Tactic.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes were fixed on the handle.

He was disappointed when the pointer crossed the Plant Tactic sector.

From the speed of the wheel, he was afraid that position won’t come again.

That was to say, he has missed the Plant Tactic.

When the pointer stopped, Ye Xiaochen took a breath, he felt helpless.

Sure enough, his luck was not strong!

The width of the sector was not small, although it was also not the widest, it could be estimated to be in top 20.

“Ding!Congratulations on getting the Magical Pickle Jar.”

When Ye Xiaochen heard the system sound, he was shocked.

“Damn, What use is this for me!”

Ye Xiaochen was speechless.

What would he do with magical pickle bar, should he make cabbage pickles?

Don’t joke.

With a thought, he took out the Magical Pickle Jar from the storage space.

It was no different than a regular pickle jar.

The one difference was there was some strange texture on the surface of the jar.

“Magical Pickle Jar; a special tool, put the raw material into it and it would change to delicious pickles”

(Note: if you use normal water and materials which does not contain any Immortal qi, then you must first inject qi or put Immortal qi stone in the Magical Pickle Jar)

“Damn!need to use Immortal plants to make pickles, and can’t eat them, then what’s the use?It’s a total waste!”

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed after reading the introduction.

He shook his head and stored the Magical Pickle Jar in storage space.

The vegetables in his farm do not contain any Immortal qi.

Of course, he had Immortal spring which he had bought and it was ready to use.

However, the water of Immortal spring was very precious, and the quantity was not high.It would be a waste to use it for making pickled vegetables.

Bad product.

Ye Xiaochen made the evaluation of the Magical Pickle Jar.

“I don’t know if afterward the store would give another chance for the lottery?”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

He was having great resentment at getting this useless thing.

The thought that he had missed the Plant Tactic would want to make his heart vomit.

“Ding!Special tip.As long as the cumulative consumption of the store reaches 1000 Immortal Yuan,10,000 Immortal Yuan,1 million Immortal Yuan,10 million Immortal Yuan,100 million Immortal Yuan, there will be an opportunity to get the lottery. Besides, if the amount of spending per year reches5000,50,000,500,000,s million,50 million, then there will be an additional chance to receive the lottery”

Suddenly, System stereotypical voice came.

The Shennong system actually, replied to Ye Xiaochen’s question.

“There’s really lottery!”

Ye Xiaochen got excited.

Although the lottery was limited, it was better than nothing.

“With my current spending capacity, it was easy to spend thousand Immortal Yuan this year.As for 5000, I don’t know when I can do it.that is to say, I have at least one lottery this year.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Immortal spring, Immortal land and etc couldn’t be bought through the store, so it would not get added in-store consumption.

These were the major part of his Immortal Yuan consumptions.

Immediately, he shifted his attention away from the lottery and opened the far.

Two icons in the column were suddenly lit up.

An Immortal field and an Immortal spring.

“Well, let’s first put the Immortal spring.”

With a thought, he immediately moved the Immortal spring to real-time farm location.

Chapter 53-Immortal Spring

There was a prerequisite for the placement of Immortal Spring, that was there must exist a drilled well.

Actually, this was a cover-up.

If a well suddenly comes out from thin air, then he was afraid that everyone would have doubts.

Quickly, Ye Xiaochen moved the Immortal Spring icon to the farm map, and when the Immortal Spring icon coincided with the well in the farm it changed to green color.

Green, it represents the Immortal Spring could be placed there.

He moved his thoughts and then the Immortal Spring icon was placed.

Suddenly, in the map of the farm, some changes happened to the well.

On top of the wellhead, a cement-like lid suddenly appeared and a water outlet was attached to the lid.

It was a live map, but things could be seen clearly.

Ye Xiaochen wasn’t surprised by the fact that Shennong System could remodel the well.

Immediately, he went to the location of the Immortal Spring.

It was same as shown on the live map.

In the position of the water outlet, there was a platform where the special sprinkler could be placed.

He touched his chin and immediately took out the special sprinkler.

The special sprinkler was not much different from your usual pesticide sprayer, but it looked more sophisticated.There were a thin outlet nozzle and water injection port, which would perfectly connect to the Immortal Spring water outlet.

There was a button to switch on the sprinkler, as long as he presses the button then water from the Immortal Spring would eject.

On the top of the sprinklers surface, there were some strange textures, which was not a decoration but was special immortal lines.

“Unfortunately, currently he cannot take water from the Immortal Spring.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

Immortal Spring was different from ordinary well, it was not readily available anytime.

It has lots of restrictions, generally, it takes six hours to accumulate a barrel of Immortal Water.

Moreover, the water from the Immortal Spring would not flow out and could be stored.

Will it happen because of water being full and high pressure the water from the Immortal Spring will flow out?There was no need to worry about it, even if he never takes the water out.

That’s how good the Immortal Spring was.

Now there were only two pieces of the first level Immortal Land, so one Immortal Spring should be able to meet the needs.

If there was more Immortal Land, then it certainly could not do it.

Either he needs to add an Immortal Spring or he might need to upgrade the first level Immortal Spring to second level Immortal Spring, which would then improve the quality of Immortal Spring and the quantity of water would also increase.

Ye Xiaochen looked for a few minutes, then he lost the interest. After all, currently there was no Immortal Water, and it would take quite a while to see it.

Now it was time place another level one Immortal Land.

It didn’t take much time for Ye Xiaochen to place the second piece of Immortal Land on the land, it was connected with the borders of the previous Immortal Land.

Now, in the two Immortal Lands, there was nothing except three immortal yellow beans, so the implantation was necessary.

Now there was even an Immortal Spring, so he couldn’t let the Immortal Land be idle.

Immediately, he took out the immortal hoe and began to work.

It was a laborious task to dug two Immortal Lands

After having lunch, he continued to dig the Immortal Lands till four o’ clock afternoon and completely dug up the two Immortal Lands.

Even if the Immortal Land was not hot and he could recover quickly, Ye Xiaochen still felt very tired.

He was satisfied with his results.

Next day, Ye Xiaochen again dug Immortal Lands for second processing, he broke the immortal clod and dug small pits.

One pack of immortal carrot seed and one pack of immortal white radish seed, which was totally 200 seeds.

Then 33 seeds of Yellow Immortal Beans.

So, altogether 233 pits were dug up.

The pits for immortal carrots were very close to each other.

There was no need to worry about the immortal qi because of Immortal Spring, so as long as the nutrients were guaranteed it was good, the green compost was also ready for the use.
The immortal white radishes and Yellow Immortal Beans seeds must need good spacing, it shouldn’t be too close and at the same time, it shouldn’t  be too far, as it would waste the space.

Especially, the Yellow Immortal Beans have spirit seizing characteristics.

Ye Xiaochen arrived at the corner of the shed where the compost was placed.

The shed was not torn, but a Tin house was built nearby it.

The compost was still there.

“Well, the strange smell is richer.”

Ye Xiaochen untied the junk pan of the top and saw the piles of compost covered by thin layer of immortal soil.

It was a dark green substance and emitted a very strange smell.

It was both fragrant and pungent.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen shoveled the dark green substance into the prepared plastic barrel.

It was a load of full two barrel, he directly carried it to the Immortal Land and began to use as fertilizer in small pits.

However, Ye Xiaochen only put green compost in some pits, in some pits he used urea compound fertilizer, in some he used both and is some pit he didn’t use any.

He did mainly to make comparisons.

After he finished, he recorded everything in his notebook.

One hundred immortal radish pits and ten Yellow Immortal Beans, only green compost.

Fifty carrots and ten Yellow Immortal Beans pits, only urea compound fertilizer.

Twenty-five carrots and ten Yellow Immortal Beansss pits, both green compost and urea fertilizer.

There were twenty-five carrot pits and three immortal beans in which nothing was used.

When he filled all the pits then only did he start putting immortal seed.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t buy immortal liquid, otherwise, first this seed would be covered in liquid for some time which will be able to stimulate the potential of immortal species completely, and then the production and quality could be improved for future.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed with emotion.

Unfortunately, the collection of bottles were expensive, even the cheapest bottle would cost 50 immortal Yuan.

He had thought about it before, but after thinking, he gave up on it.

There was no need to hurry and he doesn’t have any problems also, so he needed to buy the most important things.

Ye Xiaochen went towards the direction of Immortal Spring.

It has been more than 10 hours since the Immortal Spring has been placed. Under normal circumstances, the Immortal Spring should have accumulated two barrels of Immortal Water.

Now, it was time to water the seeds.

Since it should be watered, then it should get watered by the water of Immortal Spring.

Ye Xiaochen was very much looking forward to it, do not know how does the Immortal Water look like?

Arrived at Immortal Spring.

Ye Xiaochen took out the special sprinkler, place it on the platform, then connected the sprinkler to the water outlet pipe.

Immediately, from the transparent tube, a clear water gushed into the sprinkler.

It was not much different from normal well water.

However, Ye Xiaochen knows that this water contains very strong spirit.

“Well, in this way, there is no need to use carrot leaves to extract the immortal qi, it is possible to separate the immortal qi from the water.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Although, this waste a wastage of Immortal Water, it was more convenient.

Those immortal plants leaves would not go waste and could be used as raw material for the compost.

Chapter 54-Delicious

After the sprinkler by more than half a barrel, Ye Xiaochen closed the water outlet of the spring.

He carried the special sprinkler on his back and went towards the direction of Immortal Land.

When he reached the Immortal Land, he pressed the on button on the sprinkler head.

Suddenly, a thin stream of water jet forming mist fell on the top of Immortal Land.

In an instant, a hazy mist pervaded the whole greenhouse.

Walking in the Immortal Land, Ye Xiaochen felt the whole greenhouse becoming cool and refreshing, the air contained a steam which couldn’t be expressed in words, the breathing became more comfortable.

Although most of the spring water has been absorbed by the Immortal Land, there were some Immortal Qi mixed with water mist which was permeated in the air of the greenhouse.

Ye Xiaochen knows that the human body could absorb a tiny amount of Immortal Qi. As long as it does not exceed the limit of the human body, it would be harmless and beneficial to the body.

It was like drinking alcohol, if it was taken in moderate then it would have health benefits.

Once you start drinking extremely, then it would cause harm to the body.

In this type of space that was sending out the small amount of Immortal Qi, the human body could become comfortable.

The longtime breathing could definitely make the human body healthy and strong.Not to say the extension of life, even immortality could be possible.

“Don’t know if ordinary plants can absorb Immortal Qi?”

Ye Xiaochen wondered in his heart.

He had experimented, to extract the Immortal Qi from the vegetables of ordinary greenhouse shed.

These vegetable taste, quality, yield, and growth speed has been improved, though it was related to Ye Xiaochen’s talent, the role of Immortal Land couldn’t be ignored.

After all, there was the chance of small amounts of Immortal Qi getting escaped from Immortal Land and being absorbed by nearby vegetables.

However, the result disappointed him.

There was no trace of Immortal Qi from the greenhouse vegetables.

Perhaps, the Immortal Qi was so less that even extraction method didn’t work

Ye Xiaochen wondered if he waters the vegetables with Immortal Spring’s water would it give better effect?

He had also thought of planting ordinary vegetables in the Immortal Land, but because of the quality of the

Immortal soil, ordinary vegetables wouldn’t survive at all.

Just like how plants couldn’t be grown on rocks.

The Immortal Land was similar to rock for ordinary vegetables, so how could the plants grow which was stronger than steel?

With such an idea, Ye Xiaochen could no longer hold back.

After pouring the water of Immortal Spring on all the Immortal plants, he left a small portion of water and poured it on a small patch of carrot seedlings.

This carrot seedling was a quick food vegetable and have short growth cycle, so this could be used for verifying the experiment.

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen visited the farm.

When he came to the little patch of carrots seedlings that he had water with the water of Immortal Spring, he was shocked; he found that these carrots seedling were significantly much better than others.

Other carrot seedlings would at least take 4-5 days to be picked, but these were already ready for eating.

Moreover, these carrots seedlings were green and much brighter. In the morning sunlight, it emitted a halo.

“Oh my god!does this water is really working?”

Ye Xiaochen could almost judge that the changes in the carrot seedlings were related to water from Immortal Spring.

“Don’t know how this carrot will taste?”

Ye Xiaochen was very curious about it.

To be honest, he felt bad that those immortals carrots he couldn’t eat.Those things were eaten by deities, so it should definitely taste good.

Now, these carrot seedlings have clearly absorbed the Immortal Qi and produced very big changes, though there were not true Immortal plants, they still have some characteristics of it.
Immediately, he pulled out a big carrot, and then returned home.
“Temporary cannot cook it directly, first need to check if it can .”

Ye Xiaochen was very cautious.

He was afraid that Immortal Qi in the carrot seedlings would be very high.

Suddenly, he looked at a group of chickens who were searching for food, his thoughts moved, he immediately got their attention and hurriedly threw some small pieces of carrots seedlings towards chicken.

He didn’t care if it would kill the chicken, it was still better than poisoning human.

The flock of chickens came running and fought with each other for food.

“They ate it!”

Ye Xiaochen was looking forward to eating it.

Previously, he had done a similar experiment, he had thrown some small pieces of Immortal carrots towards chicken and they did not even look at it.

It seemed that chickens were as sensitive to Immortal Qi as the two dogs.

Soon, the small pieces of carrots were eaten by chickens.

After they finished eating, they stared at the big carrot seedlings in Ye Xaicohen’s hand.

“Oh my god!”

Ye Xiaochen saw the chickens malicious intentions and rushed back home.

All the chickens swarmed towards him.


Ye Xiaochen shut the door in time, and the chicken stopped, they again went back to search for food.

Ye Xiaochen watched them for a long time, he saw that there was not even a bit of reaction in chickens.Immediately, he was relieved, he felt that there should be no problems.

He immediately went to the kitchen and asked his mother to make breakfast.

In the countryside, the three meals a day was very important, so the breakfast was very important.
The breakfast was ready.

A fragrance drifted in the whole house,

“Well, what delicious food is today?”

Father just got back to home from outside and smelled the fragrance.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t wait to sit at the table, with chopsticks he picked up a handful of carrot seedlings. Although it was cooked, there was no loss of green color.

He put it in his mouth, he chewed it gently, it was fresh and crisp, full of fragrance, and a sense of inexpressible wonderful feeling came, it was just like kind of floating like fairy

“This should be the taste of qi in the carrots plants.”

Ye Xiaochen’s five senses were very sharp, from the taste, he had immediately perceived the change.

With his Shennong talent even if he cannot be a farmer, it would not be a problem to become a top gourmet.

“Well, the carrots are indeed delicious, why today it is like this?”

After the morning work, the father became hungry, smelling the delicious fragrance, he directly sat down to eat.

Mother felt little weird. Wasn’t this the usual carrot?Though it was delicious, there was no need to say it was very delicious.

When she tasted it, her eye immediately became big.

This was very delicious, it was too good.

She had never eaten such delicious vegetable.

It was the ultimate delicacy.

She became curious, did her cooking progressed again?

No, it was same!

Suddenly, the three chopsticks in the family started to fight for the plate of carrot seedling, they did not touch any other vegetable.

Other vegetable ingredients were from the farm, and their tastes were also good.

However, it was just that it couldn’t be compared be with the carrot which was irrigated by the water of Immortal Spring.

By the time the plate of carrots seedlings were eaten, all three members were still lost in the taste.

Suddenly, father poured rest of the soup into his bowl.

“How could you do old man?”

Mother glared at the father.

Father didn’t seem to hear, squinting his eyes he enjoyed himself.

Seeing this, Ye Xiaochen eyes became bright.

He got more confidence in his high-quality vegetable plan.

This kind of vegetable could not be compared with the high-quality vegetables, there doesn’t exist high-quality vegetables which could be better than this.

Chapter 55-Feeling

Fang Yuan has been recently very annoyed and busy, he has been very tired that he has lost one big circle weight, he has been so much busy that he couldn’t even have time to accompany his girlfriend.

“Fang Yuan, at that time I listened to you and bought this broccoli seeds, now you have to help me inquire and say when the global company will pay for my damages.”

Fang Yuan was accompanying a middle-aged man with a shrewd face.

This person was one of his relatives, who also has set up a greenhouse vegetable.

“You take a look, all these big ten sheds consist only of broccoli, if I can’t get compensation, then I have to pay for all this cost.”

The middle-aged person’s whole face was in pain.

If it wasn’t for Fang Yuan was his distant nephew, he would not have got discount at the time of purchasing seeds.And, now, he was ready to jump and cursing at him.

Of course, he was speaking in a moderate tone, he was hoping that Fang Yuan could help him get the compensation money as soon as possible.

“Uncle An, you can rest assure, believe me, I will certainly not let you suffer.The matter of compensation has already been discussed by above, it is estimated that very soon the plan will be in motion.”

Fang Yuan said in a comforting tone.

Actually, he also doesn’t have any confidence, how much the compensation will be and when will it be given, there was too many stuff.

“However, Uncle An, why haven’t you pulled out your broccoli?”

Fang Yuan looked at the greenhouse shed full of broccoli sprouts, he wasn’t clear how many yellow leaves there could be.

If the roots were dug, then it could be found that the root system was a bit rotten.

It was estimated that in few days the whole plant would die.

“I deliberately didn’t pull out, if the global company shamelessly backs out, then with this as evidence, they won’t be able to back off.”

The middle-aged Uncle An said.

Fang Yuan doesn’t know what to say, he came today with the task to persuade farmers to pull out the broccoli.

Now, all the news media were sniffing like a shark, everywhere, they were looking for new reports, and there have been some media that has disclosed the problems of broccoli seeds.

The farmers were not fools, and not many people were willing to pull out the broccoli sprouts, all of them were hoping if any cure be could found out for this broccoli.

Naturally, Uncle An was also having a similar idea, he was afraid if he pulls out the seeds, then the global company would try to play some trick.

The situation hasn’t occurred, but the farmers were shrewd.

“Well, Fang Yuan, you say, is there really no method for curing this broccoli?”

Uncle An was little unwilling.

Even if he gets the compensation, it could mostly cover seed cost, but there were labor cost and other things, and certainly, it would not be sufficient to make up for the loss.


Fang Yuan wanted to say there was no method, but suddenly in his mind, the method said by Ye Xiaochen popped out.

Why don’t I try it?

Whether or not it’s a good idea, let’s just try it.

Fang Yuan clenched his teeth, and then said to his uncle “Uncle, there is actually a method, but I don’t know if it will work.”

“What method?”

Uncle An’s eyes lit up, he hurriedly asked him.

Now, he was just like a drowning person who suddenly caught a straw. He saw a glimmer of hope and was willing to give it a try, he wouldn’t let this chance pass by.

Immediately, Fang Yuan said the original words Ye Xiaochen said to him.
Uncle An didn’t think too much, he excitedly went to prepare the things.
Although Fang Yuan doesn’t have any assurance, he has helped his uncle and then began to work.

Back at the farm, Ye Xiaochen was watering all the vegetables and fruits.

He has installed an irrigation system on the farm, the water pipes were buried underground, each connecting with a greenhouse.

However, there was no automatic control in the sprinkler, so Ye Xiaochen has to use the hose that was connected with hose taps, and then water the vegetables.

As for Immortal land, the water of Immortal spring along with special sprinkler was used to water it.

This time also, Ye Xiaochen kept a small portion of Immortal spring water, however instead of pouring it only on carrots, he has poured them on several vegetables.

Since the water from the Immortal spring was limited, he has only used a small portion to water the vegetables.

In the morning.

When Ye Xiaochen finished delivering the vegetables, he drove straight to Wang Shuisheng villa.

It has been a while.

In the past, he mainly came to give plant promoting growth agent to Wang Xinyi.

The plant promoting growth agent he has last time has been used up.

Wang Shuisheng, his wife, and son were not there, only Wang Xinyi and the nanny was there in the villa.

Ye Xiaochen directly went to the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives.

Wang Xinyi was dressed in white and was pure and fresh like water.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt that on Wang Xinyi’s cold face there was a touch of brilliance.

The cold and indifference that rejects people seem to have reduced a lot.

There was two writing slate for communication, Ye Xiaochen occasionally adds some dumb gestures in it.

During this time, he has also spent some thoughts on learning the sign language.

The simple communication was no problem for him, but for a little more complex communication, he has to use the slate.

“Wang Xinyi, do you stay every day at home?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

Wang Xinyi saw Ye Xiaochen’s writing and nodded gently for the answer.

“Don’t you like to go out?”

Ye Xiaochen continued to write on the slate.

Wang Xinyi little hesitated.

However, Ye Xiaochen from her eyes could see a little desire that was yearning outside world

Wang Xinyi bit her lip, there was a sad look on her face, then wrote on the slate “Even the bustling lively scene is same for me.”

Ye Xiaochen from her answer got a lonely and melancholy feeling.

He knows that on surface Wang Xinyi appears calm, but deep inside, she has a strong desire to be like a normal person.

He doesn’t know what to say.

Modern medicine was developed, but some diseases were there which doesn’t have any cure.

With the money Wang Shuisheng has, if there was any cure for Wang Xinyi, then he would have already tried it.

“No.I have Shennong system. Maybe later a cure can be found for Wang Xinyi.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly got hope.

“Wang Xinyi, do you believe me?” he looked at Wang Xinyi and then wrote on the slate.

Wang Xinyi first looked at the slate, then looked at Ye Xiaochen’s eyes, the eyes revealed a thought, then she nodded.

Seeing this, Ye Xiaochen’s heart was pleased, since Wang Xinyi said that she believes in him, then she certainly wasn’t lying.

Wang Xinyi like a girl with a autism, if says she believes in a person, then it was the truth she will not lie, she only believes in the people she really trusts.

“I will cure you Wang Xinyi, just like I have cured your two plants.”

Ye Xiaochen’s face became firm and looked like he made a vow, and then wrote the words on the slate with intense faith.

Wang Xinyi was shocked.

He long eyelashes slight trembled, and her eyes became little wet.

Although she couldn’t hear and speak, her heart was slightly sensitive, she could feel Ye Xiaochen’s heartfelt oath.

Unconsciously, her insecurities and loneliness suddenly seem to have found a safe harbor, so she couldn’t help feel closer to him.

Suddenly there was a faint blush on her warm cheek.

Seeing her look, Ye Xiaochen’s heart skipped a beat.

Wang Xinyi also noticed Ye Xiaochen’s eye, she couldn’t help but drop her head down, then she wrote two characters on the slate, “Thank You”.

When Ye Xiaochen drove away, his mood was very pleasant, the smile on his face couldn’t be stopped.

He could feel that Wang Xinyi has changed very much and has become closer to him.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but always think of Wang Xinyi.

It was like there was something in Wang Xinyi which was attracting him.

Maybe this was the beginning of love, the feeling of first love.

For a single dog who has never been in love, it was like a broken embankment which couldn’t be blocked.

Chapter 56-Hot Sauce

Back at home, Ye Xiaochen saw that his mother was chopping red hot pepper.

All of the red hot peppers were bright, big, fresh and had a good appearance.

Naturally, these peppers were from his farms.

This pepper was sweeter than the ordinary pepper and no longer had the pure spicy taste.

Chop chop chop…..

As the mother was moving her hands up and down, the two kitchen knives were also rhythmically were moving up and down, and the hot peppers were gradually chopped to pieces.

Ye Xiaochen knew that his mother was making hot sauce.

This was a local specialty, and almost every household makes this hot sauce.

It’s hot, sweet and delicious.It could be eaten directly or as an ingredient in a dish, and sword beans also could be put in the hot sauce.

Because the hot sauce needed to be exposed to sunlight, it was generally made during summer.

Every year mother makes a big jar of it.

When he was a child, while eating meals, he must have a chill sauce.

This year the weather in summer was not good, although the temperature was high, there was also too much rain, so the hot sauce had to be delayed a little bit than usual.

“By the way, don’t know if adding the hot pepper which has been watered with Immortal spring water would taste better?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly had an idea.

Because some vegetables were watered with Immortal spring water, they were not sold.

This was Immortal spring vegetable, how could it be sold cheaply.

However, there were a lot of Immortal spring vegetables, and his family couldn’t finish everything, so he has sent some to their neighbors and friends.Before when he went to Wang Shuisheng villa, he gave them some Immortal spring Vegetables.

Thinking till here, he hurried back to his farm and picked some fresh Immortal spring hot pepper

Immortal spring Vegetables, which was the name of the vegetables which he watered them with water of Immortal spring, and were different from other vegetables.

Quickly, he picked a big basket of immoral spring hot peppers.

“What are you going to do with this many hot peppers?

His mother was confused.

“Mother, can you give me a little sauce embryo?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

The main material of the sauce was wheat, glutinous rice, a little salt, in which the wheat was needed to be cooked and fermented, and then was exposed to the sun for more than a week and forms sauce embryo.

“What are you going to with it?”

Mother asked.

“Of course it is to make hot sauce.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Your aging mother, I am making it, go to side and don’t talk nonsense”

His mother scolded.

“I don’t care. I am going to take some.”

Ye Xiaochen naturally wouldn’t give up like that.

He took out a clean jar and took some sauce embryo from his mother’s jar.

His mother didn’t know to laugh or cry.

”I just have little, don’t waste it.”

She couldn’t help it and could only let Ye Xiaochen fool around.

After taking the sauce embryo, Ye Xiaochen began to wash the fresh picked hot pepper, then chopped the hot pepper like his mother has chopped.
Chopping the hot pepper was not an easy job, not to say the pungent smell, you have to hold kitchen knife properly and after chopping need to be put in boiling water to cook.

When the chili was finely chopped, Ye Xiaochen put the chill into the jar and mixed with sauce embryo.

Looking at the red pepper sauce, Ye Xiaochen was very satisfied.

“Mother, I’ll give you this hot sauce”

Ye Xiaochen’s purpose was just to make hot sauce with Immortal spring hot pepper, which would taste little better.As for the hot sauce, it requires very patience, as it will not be ready in two or three days, but will take 10 days to half a month.

Let the mother handle it, and he doesn’t have to worry about anything, then he would be able t see the finished product.

His mother was speechless


Sheep city agricultural technology promotion station

Fangyuan was looking at the documents and was writing reports.

He had been very busy during this period of time.

Suddenly, the phone in the desk drawer vibrated.

He picked up the phone and saw that his uncle was calling him and answered immediately.

“What?the broccolis seems to show the sign of improvement?”

He was shocked and then asked in an anxious voice.

“Yes, the broccoli’s seems to have become more energetic, and the water loss is also obviously less.”

Uncle An said from the other end of the phone.

“Uncle An, it is the third day I suppose?”

Fang Yuan’s eyes lit up and there was unspeakable excitement in his heat.

If Uncle An was telling the truth, then…. Ye Xiaochen’d method was really working!
“Yes, in fact, the broccoli’s condition improved yesterday, but I was not sure.Today, the results are very clear.Fang Yuan, do you want to come and see?”

Uncle An said.

“Okay, I’m coming right now.”

Fang Yuan couldn’t calm down, his heart seemed to fly.

He didn’t go there alone, but also took a tech guy from the promotion station.

When the two men arrived, they looked closely at the broccoli and concluded that the situation of broccoli was actually improving.

Of course, it was not that the broccolis were completely perfect, certainly, there would be some impact like a decrease in yield and quality.

For uncle An, the loss was greatly reduced.

For Fang Yuan, this was the solution to the problem of broccolis defect.

Fang Yuan was not able to stop himself, he immediately called Ye Xiaochen, and told him everything.

Ye Xiaochen answered in lazy voice, “I know”

“Damn, Ye Xiaochen, Are you not surprised?”

Fang Yuan said loudly.

“What surprise! I had already expected it.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Fang Yuan was speechless as if his throat had been stuck.

“Xiaochen, I really thank you for this time, please forgive for not believing you at first.You wait, after all these things are finished, I would  take you to eat a meal of your choice.”

Fang Yuan heroically said

He knew that this time he had the opportunity to turn back things and even has the chance of rising.

“All right, that’s what you promised.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

They chatted for a while before hanging up the phone.

Fan Yuan immediately rushed back to the unit and directly reported the situation to the station.The station leader attached a great importance to this, organized experts to see and finally, they got the same result.

This time Fang Yuan has become the hero of the station.


Southern province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co. Ltd.

Just now, from the Sheep city agricultural technology promotion station, they got the news from the company executive and immediately convened a meeting.

It was not the general manager He Haomin who presided over the meeting, but a person surname Ling sent from the main office.

A very serious woman, her age was not big and probably was in her 20’s, but she was very dry and cold.

“Sheep city agricultural technology promotion station solution method is very important.Minister Li, your research team must immediately carry out the experiment to verify the effectiveness of this method.In addition, sent the research team to the farmers to conduct field research and communicate this method to various promotion agents, be sure to make them cooperate and let all the farmers facing problems to use this method.”

The female surname Ling was beautiful, but her temperament was cold, sharp, and a bit fierce.

Without asking anyone’s opinions, she made the direct decision.

“Ms. Ling, are we not going to wait to verify the result of the method?”

He Haomin’s was little cautious, so he couldn’t help but speak.

“No, the situation is very bad, can’t wait for the confirmation.This is the best strategy.”

The woman surnamed Ling flatly rejected the point.

He Haomin couldn’t say anything, and others were even more afraid of talking.

Zhao Hui never opened his mouth during this time, his face depressed and bit lonely.

The management of the head office hasn’t come yet, but it was almost certain that he was going to get transferred.As for the increase in payment, he shouldn’t even think about it.

It was still good to keep his position.

Although he has a backer in the main office, this time he has created a very big trouble.

“There is one more thing, that is to contact the person who found the method as soon as possible.”

The woman surname ling said again.

If this method was effective, then the person who has found out the method must have a deep attainment in the plant research.

If like that person could be brought into the company, then it would greatly enhance company’s research and development capabilities.

Chapter 57-Online Shopping

Immortal field, in the shed.
Ye Xiaochen was lying in the bamboo chair with his eyes closed, it seemed like he was sleeping.

There was an air conditioner in the tin house, which could provide cooling for a long time, but the air blowing from it was unpleasant and was not naturally cool like in the Immortal field.

So, he prefers to stay in the Immortal field.

Ye Xiaochen felt that he was like the two dogs, reluctant to leave the scope of Immortal field.

Now, the seeds of Immortal carrots and Immortal Yellow has taken root and sprouted.

As for the old three yellow Immortal beans, they have covered bean pods, they looked quite plump.

He has spent some time counting the number of bean pods.The best Immortal Yellow bean plant had was 68 bean pods

The leat one had more than 40, and adding up all it was about 160 bean pods, if taken three beans in one bean pods then it would be more than five hundred beans.

Wouldn’t it be five hundred Immortal Yuan if one bean was one Immortal Yuan?

However, Ye Xiaochen knew that it would not be the case, the quality of beans bought from the Store was very good, and planted Immortal yellow beans and couldn’t be compared with it.

“Even if it buys ten Immortal beans for an Immortal Yuan, I can get around sixty Immortal Yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen thought about it and felt that the margin was still very large.

He was looking forward to it.

Earning Immortal Yuan takes times.

“It’s already mid-August, and even if I make 80,000 Yuan a month, I will probably won’t have more than 400,000 Yuan on the hands before the New Year, and that is still if I spend as low as possible.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

The speed of making money was still too slow.

In fact, his current income for an average person was incredibly horrible, even a white collar elite’s monthly income would be 30,000, which was very high.

If he had just started the farm, then his dream would be to earn tens of thousands Yuan a month and be satisfied.

But now, as his income was getting higher and higher, it was harder to satisfy.

Humans were like this, there was no end to the desire.

“Moreover, now it is beginning of autumn, next will be fall and then it will be winter, there will be a big impact on the planting of vegetables, and it is going to take a lot of money to transform the sheds.”

Ye Xiaochen knows that the temperature would be too low in the winter, which would have a great influence on the sheds vegetables.Currently, the sheds were not perfect enough and they do not have heat insulation function.

It was best to use the heating equipment such as a heater, air conditioner, and radiator.

It was just that these heating devices were very expensive, Ye Xiaochen simply does not have the condition to buy now.

This method was simply abandoned.

Ye Xiaochen was ready to use the traditional method of insulation, such as installing high powered bulbs in the shed.

Certainly, the electricity consumption would not be low, but compared with buying thermal insulation devices, it was more economical.

In addition to, he was preparing to order a batch of insulation sheets from the internet, so when there was snowy weather, the sheet could be covered on the shed, which will maintain the temperature and prevent it from falling too low.

Even this heat insulation method, the cost would not be low.

Ye Xiaochen took phone opened Taobao and began to search the heat insulators.

There was lots of information.

The quality of layers was not in line.

Ye Xiaochen chose the shops with large purchases and good reviews.

Of course, there was no absolute assurance on the quality, nowadays there were too many false things, it was hard to tell it was real or sham, simply making people unable to make sense at what they were looking at.
It was just the people were that way, the sales were more, then assurance of quality was bigger, even if suffers loss, it would continue.

Ye Xiaochen was just a layman and he couldn’t escape from this idea.

“These store sales are good, let’s look at it.”

Ye Xiaochen entered the online store.

Heat insulators were mainly bought based on the area that was per square meter some cost.

The sheet was three-four meters long, and five-six meter wide, the price range was from eight to thirteen yan.

Ye Xiaochen’s shed was not particularly standard, it was four meters wide and fifteen meters long, the area was about sixty square meters.

The area of the roof would not be this much, after all the roof was in a curved shape, so the area would be around 100 square meters.

If he calculates for more than twenty big sheds, then he was going need to more than two thousand insulation sheets.

At this rate, even the thinnest would be close to 20,000.

The good one will be not less than 30,000

Ye Xiaochen felt again himself very poor.

However, he couldn’t do anything about it

He contacted the shop and hoped there could be a reduction in price.

After repeated bargaining, the price was finally determined at  7.50 Yuan per meter, he bought more than 2500 four layered insulation sheets the shop also offered one hundred six layers of insulation sheet, it would send things by mail.
On the spot, Ye Xiaochen paid the bill through Alipay.

It was eighteen thousand and seven hundred Yuan.

He mainly bought four layers, because the area was in the southern province, the temperature rarely drops below 0 degrees, even if it falls, it would be minus two or three degrees and it won’t be for long.

It wasn’t for air having humidity, there was no need for insulation sheets, he could just use something cheaper.

Seeing the remaining balance after the large cut, Ye Xiaochen felt painful.

“Damn, I want to make more and more money”

Ye Xiaochen cried out in his heart.

He began to think, what was the best method to make money?

The premium product vegetable method was currently not available, and would not happen in a short time,

Even if the contract expires, it was impossible to raise the price directly.

There was always a process.

There was no reason to directly raise the price, even if they give  face because of Wang Shuisheng, they won’t even pay any attention towards Ye Xiaochen

At that time, he was afraid that another problem would occur.

Unless….the vegetables he grew became very famous and the route of premium product vegetables was opened up, then even abandoning the usual distribution channel would be a logical step.

“It is really troublesome”

Ye Xiaochen sighed with emotion.

“Perhaps, I can start something else”

Ye Xiaochen began to think in diverse.

Suddenly, he hit his forehead, damn last time he treated old peng’s white wax bonsai tree, he could have taken treatment fee.

It was normal to charge hundreds of thousand for treating expensive plants.

Forget it.The past was past.

Also, Ye Xiaochen has thin skin and was embarrassed to ask for it.

“By the way, didn’t I get a magical pickle jar?If I use the Immortal spring vegetables and Immortal spring water to make pickles, then can it be used for selling?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly got an idea.

The Immortal spring vegetables were very delicious, and making pickle using the magical pickle jar, certainly wouldn’t taste bad.

This was equivalent to processing vegetables.

“Well, let’s just try it first, and see how pickles from the magical pickle jar taste.”

Ye Xiaochen soon made the decision.

Because of being watered by the water of Immortal spring, the Immortal spring vegetables already contain some amount of Immortal QI, and it was safe to eat, making a pickle from this was best.

Besides, he was still having the water of Immortal spring

In order to earn money, those planted Immortal plants could be taken slow.

Making big and big money.

Ye Xiaochen was such a common person.

Chapter 58-Rejection

Let’s just do it.

Ye Xiaochen turned around and began to pick some Immortal spring beans, Immortal spring cucumber, Immortal spring chili.

First’ let’s start with these three.

After picking, he washed it and dried it by putting under the sun.


In front of Immortal spring.

Ye Xiaochen took out the Magical Pickle Jar.

Opened the lid of the Magical Pickle Jar.

It was so clean that it didn’t require to wash.

Ye Xiaochen then connected the water outlet pipe and put it in the jar, then started to release the water.

The Magical Pickle Jar has a special effect, that was, it would not let Immortal Qi dissipate from the water.

Waiting until the water of the Immortal spring in the jar had been filled half, Ye Xiaochen threw some dried beans, cucumber, and chilies into the water.

And then added two packets of salts.

Originally, it was best when used the Immortal salt, however, mortals couldn’t be able to eat Immortal salt, so he could only use common salt.

After setting up everything, Ye Xiaochen closed the lid of the jar.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen saw that all the lines on the Magical Pickle Jar lit up.

“It is really magical.”

Ye Xiaochen was amazed.

The function of the magical jar automatically activates after closing the lid.

To work, Magical Pickle Jar must have the Immortal Qi.

The Qi from the Immortal spring water and Immortal spring vegetables were the energy that drives the Magical Pickle Jar.

“According to the instructions, the Magical Pickle Jar can turn raw material into a pickle in 24 hours.”

Ye Xiaochen was looking forward to it.

Just when he was thinking something, his cell phone rang.He checked the phone, it was from Fang Yuan.

“Ye Xiaochen. I’ll tell you a good news.”

The sound of Fag Yuan came from the phone.

“What is the good news? Tell me.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“The global seed company would like to see you and wants to thank you for solving the problem of the company.”

Fang Yuan said.

“Fang Yuan, is there any benefits?”

Ye Xiaochen was startled and then curiously asked.

He suddenly remembered that he had solved such a big problem for the global seed company, shouldn’t he collect money?

Although he just did this just to help Fang Yuan, it was two different things!

Currently, he was short of money!

“The benefits? Well it should be, probably…are you free?If you are, then I will come with someone directly.”

Fang Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Okay, when you get here, call me”

Ye Xiaochen thought for awhile, he still has to give Fang Yuan face, and the other party was ready to come to his door, so he could not refuse it.


Taiping Town.The tea house where the last time entertained professor Zhang.

Ye Xiaochen saw the people from the global company.

Two women and three men.

The first woman was probably in her thirties, she had black eyes and was wearing professional dress. She looked smart and capable.

Quickly, Ye Xiaochen got to know the woman’s name Su Yuan, she was the head of public relation department in the global company.
The other four were Su Yuan’s assistant, the rest were the technical staff of the global company.

After giving a polite greeting, Su Yuan curiously asked, “Mr.Ye, have to say an embarrassing thing, we are not afraid of you to laugh at us.So, far none of our professional researchers have figured out the principle of Mr.Ye’s salt water method .”

The salt water method deemed simple, but its principle of action was not clear.

This shows the astonishing level of Ye Xiaochen.

The global company has lots of senior researchers and lot of them were expert level professors, and still, it was laughable that they were not able to understand the salt water principle.

“Haha, miss Su, actually I also found this method by chance, and I am also not clear about its principle.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Nonsense, the principle was not only complex, it has astonishing value, it couldn’t be casually said out!

Su Yuan was smart, she naturally did not believe what Ye Xiaochen said.

This was obviously a secret.

However, this was normal.Knowledge was money.

“Mr.Ye really liked to joke, if this could be casually found out by chance, then our global company could find it.If Mr. Ye is willing, we hope to hire you as a special technology adviser, the annual salary will be 1 million yuan, with a premium apartment and a luxury car.”

Su Yuan smiled and threw a huge temptation.

There was a sound of swallowing saliva, Ye Xiaochen looked past and saw Fang Yuan, his eyes were in disbelief.

It was no wonder that only a top technical staff would have this treatment!

Ye Xiaochen also securely gulped, this temptation was not ordinary, if it was before, he would have hundred percent agreed on it.

However, the problem was, he was now tied with Shennong system!

His foundation was the farm, and if he leaves the farm, he would be unworthy of being a Shennong.

After a difficult decision, Ye Xiaochen politely refused.

Su Yuan’s was surprised, such a generous treatment could not move Ye Xiaochen?

Such treatment only a selected few people have in the global company and all of them were company’s treasure.

Fang Yuan couldn’t help but ask, “Xiaochen, you are unable to leave your farm?why?”

“ I am very used to freedom, and if I eat company’s food I will be uncomfortable and then I will resign.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

In fact, he doesn’t want to work in a company at all, just go home and be a farmer, if there was no Shennong system, now he would still be worried about the sales of the vegetables.

Fang Yuan was speechless.

“We respect Mr.Ye’s choice, but the door of the company will always be open to Mr.Ye.”

Su Yuan was little disappointed.

However, she knows, that Ye Xiaochen like such capable man would be resolute and would not give up on the farm.

“Ha-ha, if such a day come, I will certainly join.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a faint smile.

He felt he was doing good.

“In order to thanks, Mr.Ye’ contribution to our global company.Our global company, from now on is willing to provide all seeds for Mr.Ye Xiacohen’s farm, as long as the seeds are in promotion store of a global company, you can get seeds any time.”

Su Yuan stood up.

Ye Xiaochen was slightly surprised, damn, what will I do with seeds, the seeds are worth how much, I want cash!

However, he has just now installed force, he couldn’t directly ask for money, so he kept indifference on his face.

However, his heart was depressed.

Alas, the thin skin people were in loss!

Forget it, let it seeds, in a long-term would be able to save a small money on seeds.

“Xiaochen, how can you be so silly?Can you earn a million from you farm if you work hard for a year?”

After Su Yuan and other people left tea house, Fang Yuan whispered to Ye Xiaochen.

“Who says I can’t?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at Fang Yuan and laughed.

“You are awesome.”

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, he felt as if he was getting to know Ye Xiaochen for the first time, and couldn’t see through him.

Chapter 59-Pickled Vegetables

In the Immortal field.

Ye Xiaochen squatted in front of an Immortal yellow bean plant and touched the leaves gently with his fingers.

His Spirit was communicating with the consciousness of Immortal yellow bean plant.

Today, in the introductory guide of Shennong system, he read a very special potential guidance method.

Through communication of consciousness, the targeted plant consciousness could release their inner potential.

The benefits were very large, it could increase production, improve quality and other things.

In fact, there was a similar method in the modern planting, such as music for flowers.

Obviously, this approach was the only superficial use of potential guidance method.

The real utilization was guiding the plant consciousness.

“This kind of consciousness guidance is really wonderful!”

Ye Xiaochen opened eyes, his eyes lit up, and a look of wonder appeared on his face.

The potential guidance method was aimless but has a unique pattern.

Different kinds of guidance have the different impact.

You need to use the kind of guidance to get the kind of results you need.

It could be an increase in production, improvement of quality, even you could change the kind of taste, appearance, shape, individual size and so on, it all could be achieved.

Of course, this kind of potential guidance still has lots of limitations, it could increase the advantage but was not possible to reverse the law.

For example, if the vegetable was sweet, you couldn’t change it to hot or bitter.

Equally, you won’t be able to change the cold attribute to hot attribute.

Acid couldn’t turn to alkaline.

Each attribute has its own essential characteristics.

What Ye Xiaochen could do was to use guidance to magnify some of their beneficial effects and reduce the harmful ones.

“The potential guidance method is really good, I can use this method to make certain improvement in normal vegetables.”

Ye Xiaochen thought farther.

The potential guidance method was not only useful for Immortal plants, it could also be useful for common plants of the earth.

Of course, he was currently not a practitioner, but with the Spirit talent +1 he could still forcefully use it, at most it would have weak influence.

Just communicating with the three Immortal yellow beans plants made Ye Xiaochen feel too much Spirit loss, he felt somewhat tired.

He rubbed his brows and closed his eyes for a while, after doing that he felt better.

Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief.

In any case, with this potential guidance method, he was more confident that later on, he would be able to grow more high-quality Immortal vegetables.

Ye Xiaochen was too tired, he took out the bamboo bed and rested.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know how long he slept until he was awakened by the phone ringing.

When he opened his eyes, the sky was dark.

It was evening.

He answered the phone, it was his mother, she asked him to come back for dinner.

He sat up and stretched.He had a good sleep.

He felt as if he had recovered all of his Spirits.

Every time, after using the Spirit talent, once he recovers he feels to have some extra Spirit, he suspects that after each use of Spirit talent, his Spirit was gradually increasing.

At Home.

The mother has made a wonderful dinner.

“There is a salami again!”

Ye Xiaochen saw a dish of pickled fish, and immediately his lit up, the saliva was coming out from his mouth.

This was his favorite dish.

Ever since the home fish pond has been covered, the fish has become a regular dish at home

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen thought of the pickle that he had made with the Magical Pickle Jar.More than 24 hours had been passed, now it should be ready.
Immediately, he got up, went to the kitchen an took a big bowl, a pair of chopsticks, and then ran out of the house.

“Xiaochen, where are you going?Why are you not eating?”

His mother came out and asked.

“I’ll come quickly.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

After arriving at the farm, Ye Xiaochen took out the Magical Pickle Jar from the storage space.

The big Magical Pickle Jar did not shine anymore and was like an ordinary jar.

Apparently, the pickles were ready.

“I want to see how magical is this Magical Pickle Jar.”

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his hand and removed the lid of the Magical Pickle Jar.

When the lid was removed an unspeakable fragrance emitted from the jar.

Ye Xiaochen smelled the fragrance and couldn’t help close his eyes, a kind of indescribable joy and pleasure came.

Immediately, he felt that his taste buds on his tongue awoke, and the saliva was flowing down from his mouth.

“It smells really good!”

Ye Xiaochen eyes lit up.

No matter how the pickles were, with just from its smell, it should be not bad.

He swallowed his saliva, and hurriedly put his chopstick in the jar.

Quickly, he caught a dripping green bean.

The beans were more brightly colored before marinating.

Ye Xiaochen could smell a unique aroma coming out from the beans.

He gulped his saliva down, and then took a bite of the bean.

Dry and crisp.

This was the first feeling Ye Xiaochen got.

Sweet and fresh.

This was Ye Xiaochen’s second feeling.

A sense of sour fragrance.

This was Ye Xiaochen’s third feeling.

Ascending to Immortal.

This was Ye Xiaochen’s fourth feeling.

It was not only in beans but was also infused with chili, cucumbers, and it was really a delicious combination.

If you cook purely from Immortal spring vegetables then it could get 80 points.

Then this pickles could be said to be 99 points.

It was the ultimate dish.

“It’s really delicious.Oh my god!How could there be so delicious pickles in the world?”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but eat the whole piece of bean.

When he finished eating he felt like all of his pores were opened up, and felt as if was about to fly.

He then tasted cucumber, chili, each of them gave a different feeling.

“Haha my precious Magical Pickle Jar, I love you.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but laugh and high the jar.

He suddenly felt that it was not bad to draw the Magical Pickle Jar from the lottery.

With it, he would be able to enjoy most wonderful delicacy in the world.

Above all, he felt like he had found a big business opportunity.

Brothers, you could buy pickled vegetables!

What?do you think it’s low to buy pickle vegetables?

No, it was not that the pickles grade was low, but the pickles made by others were rubbish.

What was called real pickle, this was the real pickle.

He wanted to let the whole world know what was the real pickle.

In the future, his pickles would become the matchless king pickle.

Ye Xiaochen shouted in his heart.

He believed that as long as someone tastes this pickles, he would never forget it.

Since the premium vegetable product was not yet ready for time being, let’s start by selling the super pickled vegetables.

Chapter 60-Online Shop

After taking out a large bowl of pickled vegetables, Ye Xiaochen put the Magical Pickle Jar back in the storage space, and then hurriedly ran towards home.

He has been drooling all the way to home.

He couldn’t help it. The fragrance was too strong.

Hui Sao’s Home.

“Why did you cook chicken again?”

Ye Weilong said to Hui while frowning.

He was very picky about meat, he only eats beef and doesn’t like to eat pork, chicken, fish or mutton.

His whole body was as thin as a vine.

Hui Sao was about to say something.

Suddenly, a figure ran past outside the house, followed by the two people smelled an indescribable fragrance.

“What smell is this?”

Ye Weilong sniffed and felt that his saliva was quickly flowing out from his mouth.

The meal which was originally unappetizing suddenly gave birth to an intense hunger feeling.

“Yes, why is it so fragrant?”

Hui Sao was also surprised.

“Just now, didn’t the figure seemed like of Ye Xiaochen?”

He stood up and went out to look, but could only see the back of Ye Xiaochen, however, the fragrance has become more and more distinct.

He couldn’t control.

Ye Weilong felt very hungry, and immediately under the astonished eyes of Hui Sao began to eat quickly.

Even the chicken that he normally doesn’t like to eat, unexpectedly he wolfed it down all.

However, Hui Sao didn’t think too much, because she also suddenly felt very hungry.


“What is this good smell?”

Ye Xiaochen just returned home with pickled vegetables, his father’s nose was very strong, he just sniffed and was surprised to see the dish on Ye Xiaochen’s hand.

“Beans, chilies, and cucumbers?”

The mother also smelled.

She saw several vegetables in the bowl, it looked like as if they were raw and did not have any traces of being marinated.

Neither of them could tell that it was a pickle.

It was just the smell of the pickled vegetables that surprised them.

“Hey, father, mother, there is a good thing. This is the special super pickled vegetables.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“I’ll’’ try one.”

Father was a foodie, he couldn’t help himself and immediately using his hand took out a chili.

The chili was red and looked raw.

Father with a little hesitation took a bite.

The juice from the gaps in chili gave richer scent.

The house was full of incense.

“Good, good…”

Father couldn’t continue to speak and wolfed down.

When he finished eating a chili, he had intoxicated look on his face.

Mother also couldn’t help but take a bite.

“How is it?”


“It is very delicious.”

“Son, do you have more?”

“Son, how did you made this pickled vegetables?”

“Yes, it doesn’t look like a pickle.”

“I didn’t expect this to be so good.”


After mother and father finished eating, their face was showing expression of wanting more and looked at Ye Xiaochen.

The large bowl of pickled vegetables, Ye Xiaochen didn’t even eat, because he had already eaten some on the farm.
Although he wanted to eat very much, he swallowed his saliva and endured, this was still pickled vegetables, it couldn’t be eaten too much.

“Mother, father. No.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

“Boy, you must be having it. Don’t hide it”

Father didn’t believe him.

“Father, even if I have, you can’t eat everything at once, this is pickled vegetables, eating too much may cause you diarrhea.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Well, that’s true, but how did you make it? It’s too good. Did you use improved vegetables?”

Father asked him.

The improved vegetable he was referring to was naturally Immortal spring vegetables.

Ye Xiaochen made an excuse that he got a special improved seed through a friend, so those vegetable were this tasty.

His father believed him.

“Old lady, you quickly use the improved vegetable and make some pickled vegetables, this boy technique he couldn’t be able to make so delicious pickled vegetables, yours will certainly taste better.”

Father quickly said to the mother.

“That is for sure. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

His mother was confident.

Speaking of pickled vegetables, she has decades of experience in making it, which was more than her novice son got.

Ye Xiaochen was laughing inside his heart, your son was not good enough, but he has the weapon Magical Pickle Jar!
Since the pickled vegetables were so delicious and coupled with cheating artifact the Magical Pickle Jar which could make it in one day, the pickled vegetables would work as a way to fortune.

How should he sell this pickled vegetables?

Go to the street and let the pedestrian taste it for free?

That was a good idea.

But then this method would reduce the class!

Unless if there was a storefront.

Also, he doesn’t have time, should he invite someone?

Forget it. Opening a shop requires money and also need to pay a salary for the person.

In the early stage, it would take time to promote pickled vegetables.

The most important thing was he couldn’t produce too much pickle if the shop was opened, perhaps he would not be able to meet the demand.

And how about the price?

Such delicious pickled vegetables should not be sold for a low price.

Should he set a high price?

Then, maybe nobody would want to buy it.

“It is out of the question, the price must be high. After all, the pickled vegetable production is slow, and to earn a lot of fortune, it will depend on the pricing. My super delicious pickled vegetables are delicious, as long as someone has tasted it, then even if the price is higher, they will certainly buy, on earth, there are many rich people.”

After much deliberation, Ye Xiaochen finally made a decision.

As for the method of sales, he chose to open a shop in Taobao.

Originally, opening the micro shop was the best.

However, the micro shop needs a variety of management and promotions.

Taobao shops were different, after opening store, even if he doesn’t manage it would not be a problem.

After some preparation and spending three days of time, he opened his shop in Taobao.

The name of the shop was Ye’s super pickled vegetables.

During this three days of time, in addition to opening shop in Taobao, he also packed some pickled vegetables.

He had an initial sales promotion plan, it was very simple, as long as delivery charges were paid, he would send a free packet of pickled vegetable.

Of course, there was the only little amount of pickled vegetables, one bean, one cucumber and one chill.

Every pack was same

It couldn’t be said Ye Xiaochen was stingy, as this pickled vegetable was really too precious.

Ye Xiaochen made 100 packages of free pickled vegetables, he used a kind of pressure line bag.

There was label on it and it was written “Ye’s pickled vegetables”

It was very simple.

He wanted to have better packaging, but the condition was limited.

After opening the shop, he quickly uploaded the videos and wrote product descriptions.

As for the store decoration, he was too lazy about it.

It was troublesome.

He doesn’t want to take time in doing it.

Finally, the price was set, Ye Xiaochen made the first package for free, as long as delivery charges were paid a pack of pickled vegetables would be delivered.

As for the second package, there was more amount of pickled vegetables and price was 180 Yuan, and the third package was for 28,800yuan, in a month there was a limit of only three packages.

Ye Xiaochen was very confident of his pickles sales plan.

As long as someone buys it, then after eating it, they would be tempted buy it a second time, third time.

After everything was completed, he waited for the customer to order it.
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