Heavenly Farmer Chapter 311-316 (End)

Chapter 311 – How long can I live?

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen smiled, “Even if it is the tombstone for me, at least currently I am not dead.”

“When I become immortal and gain thousands of years, what would matter even if someone erects a tombstone for me.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

He soon got rid of the previous thought.

Looking outside, it was almost dawn.

He put on his clothes and began to work on the farm.

Although he was now a cultivator, he still likes to sleep every day.

In his opinion, sleep was an essential part of life, which could provide deep rest for the body and mind.

Just cultivating all the time would have an impact on the progress of cultivation.

It was necessary to cultivate and relax.

Now the farm was very large, the immortal lands were laid out in perfect order.

Ye Xiaochen also has even opened up ordinary fields to the cultivation of ordinary plants.

Of course, even the ordinary plants were extraordinary.

There were a lot of super plants Ye Xiaochen cultivated on the farm.

When Ye Xiaochen finished taking care of the whole farm’s immortal plants, the day had started.

The others came out.

After breakfast, Ye Xiaochen gathered them all together and began to explain some knowledge of planting.

Now, they were in the way of planting and could be regarded as official immortal planters, and were able enough to take charge.

Of course, this was inseparable from Ye Xiaochen’s cultivation.

This was also the strength of Shennong. Not only in planting, but training immortal planters was also easier.

After the lecture, Ye Xiaochen began to arrange the work for the day.

Then he directly went to Thunder Wind valley in the cultivation world and continued to cultivate demon plants.

Time passed quickly, and half a month passed.

During this period, Wang Xinyi announced her retirement from the music industry, so she had more time to accompany Ye Xiaochen.

Learning Wang Xinyi’s retirement, countless fans were sad. Major entertainment media posted that this was a huge loss to the entertainment industry.

No matter what the outside world said, it didn’t have any influence on Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi.

Preparations for the wedding were also in intense progress, but Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi seemed to just feel ordinary.

Ye Xiaochen now only feels that he has a girlfriend.

It was really nice to be able to stay together for a long time.

Different from the calm of the secular world, the storms were surging in the cultivation world.

After the attack by the missiles and nuclear bomb, many sects were destroyed. However, the inner strength of the cultivation world was still there. The sects untied and launched retaliatory attacks on Chinese bases.

In one of the attacks, more than 20 Nascent soul cultivators were mobilized. This kind of line up was luxurious and terrifying to the extreme.

It was definitely going earth shattering-battle.

The Chinese base was extremely well built, and it could be said it has become a real war fortress.

Many air defense weapons were deployed.

However, this attack of the cultivation world almost breached the base.

At that time, Ye Xiaochen was watching the war from a distance.

More than 20 Nascent soul cultivators and hundreds of Golden core cultivators, this was definitely a force that could destroy a country.

One by one, barriers, watchtowers, and air defense positions were removed by the cultivators.

They almost reached the core area.

However, the allied forces of the cultivation world also suffered a great deal. Countless rockets, anti-aircraft guns, missiles, and all kinds of machine guns were used, creating a net of death. The earth of a hundred miles was turned over.

It was precisely because of the Chinese military’s long range attacks the cultivators suffered. Although the cultivators could also launch long-range attacks, it was still limited to a certain distance.

For example, Nascent soul cultivators could cast a spell tens of kilometers away, but the modern weapons could easily surpass it.

Due to this, the cultivation army was unable to get close; getting close was also a big danger.

Although their strong attacks almost broke through the defensive line of fire, the cultivation world also suffered heavy losses. Even a few Nascent Soul cultivators fell and many golden core cultivators.

After the war, a truce was called between the two sides.

It couldn’t be helped, the loss on both sides was too great.

The Chinese base was full of holes, heavy casualties, and had losses of large equipment.

Fortunately, a huge experimental underground base has been built to preserve the large equipment like the particle accelerator.

After watching the war, Ye Xiaochen sighed. Although the cultivation world was powerful, modern military strength was not inferior!

Especially in positional warfare, perhaps the modern military has more advantages.

Of course, once the army was dispersed, they would be much less powerful in the face of the high-end combat power of the cultivation world.

Ye Xiaochen estimates that the upcoming battle between the cultivators and the secular military would be a protracted war.

Moreover, he could see the Chinese officials’ plan. They were going to eat step by step.

At night.

The dream came again.

It has been going on for half a month.

During this time, Ye Xiaochen became very tired.

Naturally, due to his current cultivation, he could still hold up and would not be as depressed as he was before.

It was still the same valley.

Same tombs.

The same old man.

It repeated every day.

However, today, Ye Xiacohen finally noticed that the old man’s movement had made some progress.

On the tombstone of the empty tomb, the characters were finally carved out.

Tomb of Sixth generation Shennong Yao Chen.


Who is Yaochen?

I’m not Yaochen?

He immediately seemed to think of something and suddenly understood.

Yaochen… if you add the day character to the side, it becomes Xiaochen.

(TN: 尧辰 -Yao Chen 日-day, if you add the ‘day’ character beside ‘Yao’ character, it will become Xiao i.e, 晓晨-Xiaochen)

In other words, it was still me.

Just, why did the old man not write my true name and wrote Yao Chen?

After carving the tombstone, the old man suddenly took out a ruler and measured it against Ye Xiaochen.

“What, what are you doing?”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help asking.

“Of course I am measuring your height so that I can make a custom-made coffin for you.”

The old man gave an obvious look.

Ye Xiaochen’s head was full of black lines, I haven’t died yet!

He forced himself to stop punching the old man in the face, and then asked, “old man my name is Ye Xiaochen, not Yaochen. You wrote the wrong name.”

“Wrong? It’s impossible, you are Yaochen.”

The old man said firmly.

Ye Xiaochen was confused.

“Old man, you are saying I am Yaochen, then why did I die?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

The old man looked at ey Xiaochen and said, “As long as you live, you will obviously die one day. If you don’t die now it doesn’t mean you won’t die in the future. Even if you are an immortal saint, one day you will die.”

Ye Xiaochen was shocked.

“Old man, How long do you think I can live?”

Ye Xiacohen hurriedly asked a question again.

“How do I know when you’ll die?. I cannot decide, I am not the Yama king, even the king Yama cannot decide your life and death.”

The old man looked at Ye Xiaochen strangely, shook his head then turned and walked away

Chapter 312 – A long sleep

Ye Xiaochen did not know what to say.

It turned out I guessed wrong.

Strange, it has been so long, why did this dream not end?

Ye Xiaochen found that he was still in the valley after the old man had left.

And he discovered that he couldn’t go out of the valley.

In his dream, he could only walk within the valley, but he could not know what was beyond the valley.

“What is going on? It’s been a long time. Why haven’t I woken up yet?

Suddenly Ye Xiaochen felt a little anxious.

Because he doesn’t know how long it has been in reality?

If he couldn’t wake up then it would become a problem.

Moreover, after the old man left, he never came back.

Ye Xiaochen was alone in the valley.

“What hell is going on here?”

Ye Xiaochen grew more and more anxious.

Ultimately, he started feeling abnormal.

If changed to a different person, it would be difficult for him to stay sane.


Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help roaring.

He doesn’t know how long he has been here. There was nothing to compare with.

What is the situation in reality? What will happen when the family sees that I can’t wake up?

He has to hurry!

In this way, he experienced unimaginable suffering for an unknown time. After a long time, Ye Xiaochen’s heart finally calmed down.

It was like a pool of deep water, there were no waves.

He relaxed. Anyway, no matter how anxious he was, he couldn’t do anything.

He began to sort out the countless Shennong knowledge in his mind.

Gradually, Ye Xiaochen became deeply immersed in it.

He suddenly found that he was still relatively at a superficial level in the Shennogn’s way, and he had not thoroughly studied.

Now, in this isolated place, he could finally calm down and do a thorough study.


In the heavenly land farm.

Ye Xiaochen hadn’t woken up from the sleep, which made Lian Yuzhu and others worry.

His parents and Wang Xinyi also came, but they couldn’t help in any way.

They could only accompany Ye Xiaochen every day.

For such a long time, Ye Xiaochen has never appeared again in public, which made all parties extremely concerned.

The family announced that Ye Xiaochen was studying a difficult planting problem.

As the wedding time was getting closer and closer, the Wang and the Ye family could only jointly declare that the wedding was postponed.

All this kind of situation made many people pay attention and discuss it.

“Xiaochen, what happened to you?”

In a room, Wang Xinyi sat beside the bed and held Ye Xiaochen’s hand. Her face was full of sadness.

“You said that we are going to get married.”

“But now you’ve been sleeping for such a long time. How can you lie to me?”

“Xiaochen, I really want to be your bride.”

“You should know that I’ve been waiting for this thing for a long time.”

“Xiaochen, I really regret it. If I knew it before I would have not become a singer or star and would have married you earlier.”

“Xiaochen wake up!”

Tears rolled down from Wang Xinyi’s eyes.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t move, as if he had become a doll


Outside the door, When Ye Xiaochen’s mother heard Wang Xinyi’s words, tears couldn’t help but fall down from her eyes.

The situation of her son made her very worried.

She was afraid that her son would never be able to wake up.

Father squatted on the side. He sighed and groaned, he didn’t know what to do.

Lian Yuzhu and others seem to have lost their backbone.


In the valley of dreams.

Ye Xiaochen has been staying here for an unknown amount of time.

Anyway, he has stopped caring about the time and has been completely immersed in understanding the knowledge

Many of his past doubts have now been solved, and what he didn’t consider before has become more profound.

All kinds of feelings emerged.

“So it is like this. Good, good, as long as the level of immortal land was enough, I will be able to plant heaven grade inferior quality immortal plants.”

Ye Xiaochen’s face brightened with joy.

It was just a theoretical insight, but it gave him much more confidence.

It has been a long time.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen seemed to hear something.

He couldn’t help opening his eyes.

The old man who had left for a long time came back.

He even brought a dark coffin.

Damn, it looked very real.

Putting the coffin beside the empty tomb, the old man suddenly looked at Ye Xiaochen and said in a surprised tone, “Why are you still here?”


Ye Xiaochen was stunned, the next moment, he just felt a shock and seemed to have a sense of awakening.

His vision went dark, and suddenly he woke up.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and saw Wang Xinyi was in tears.

She was haggard, her eyes were swollen and red.

“Xinyi, why are you crying?”

Ye Xiaochen asked softly.

Wang Xinyi was stunned for a moment and then became ecstatic, “Xiaochen, you, you have finally woken up. It’s great, I have been very worried.”

“I’m fine.”

Ye Xiaochen gently hugged Wang Xinyi and comforted her softly.

He estimated that his long sleep must have worried them to death.

“Xinyi, for how long did I sleep?”

Ye Xiaochen asked hurriedly.

“You have been lying nearly for half a month.”

Wang Xinyi wiped her tears and smiled.

“What! Nearly half a month, then our wedding…”

Ye Xiaochen was shocked.

“It’s the day after tomorrow, but we will postpone it for a while.”

Wang Xinyi said.

“What postpone? Let’s not delay. I have already woken up, the day after tomorrow the wedding will be held.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said.

Wang Xinyi nodded, her heart felt sweet.

She was also eager to become Ye Xiaochen’s bride.

Ye Xiaochen’s waking up news was known by everyone and they became excited.

Mother and father were happy.

These days, they have been worried too much.

Lian Yuzhu and others also were relieved. Since Ye Xiaochen woke up, they don’t have to worry about anything.

As for the reason why he was in the coma for a long time, he just said that he had entered a deep meditation and couldn’t break from it and that there was no other problem.

Everyone felt relieved.

Next, Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi left the heavenly land farm and announced that the wedding would be held as planned.

With the appearance of Ye Xiaochen, many rumors were immediately broken.

It should be known that Ye Xiaochen hasn’t appeared for half a month, the impact was still very big, especially those who have cooperated with Ye Xiaochen.

For the next two days, the preparations for the wedding were in full swing.

It was halted for half a month and was almost stopped, so they had to rush up.

In the blink of an eye, the October 1st arrived.

Today was Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi’s wedding day.

Chapter 313 – A song at Wedding

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi’s wedding was going to be held in Yang city’s Immortal Spring Restaurant.

Yang city’s Immortal Spring Restaurant was closed to the public three days ahead of schedule, and the whole venue has been well decorated.

The day before the wedding, the immortal spring restaurant began to entertain guests who came to attend the wedding.

The wedding ceremony was mainly carried out in a combination of Chinese and Western culture.

The atmosphere was very lively.

However, the security was very tight.

The Yang city government has specially mobilized police for protection.

It couldn’t be helped, both Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi were public figures.

Especially Wang Xinyi, she has too many fans. It was said that many fans have come from all over the world.

Therefore, the number of people attending the wedding ceremony increased a little. From Wang Xinyi’s loyal fans, a dozen fans were selected to attend the wedding.

However, it didn’t stop the enthusiasm of other fans.

When the scene at the wedding was in high tide, Fang Yuan created a disturbance.

“Ye Xiaochen, Wang Xinyi, How about you guys sing a love song together?”

Fang Yuan stood up and said loudly.




Wang Xinyi’s fans also stood up and shouted.

Many others also responded.

“You all know that Xinyi sings very well and I sing very badly. Do you guys want me to become a laughing stock?”

Ye Xiaochen wore a custom-made western-style suit, which made him look handsome and energetic.

“Yes, that’s what we want. Ye Xiaochen. Do you dare?”

Fang Yuan laughed.

Many of the other guests joined in, and in such an occasion they were naturally willing to coax.

“Who says I dare not? Xinyi will sing, and how about I play the flute?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at Wang Xinyi and said with a smile.

“I don’t care whether you play the flute or sing. Anyway, we just want to hear the bride’s singing. As for your groom, you can be on the side.”

Fang Yuan said with a smile.

“Oh, it looks like I have to show my ability.”

Li Mengyao, Wang Ling, and others were also there.

When they heard ey Xiaochen was going to play the flute, their eyes shone with excitement.

This was a rare opportunity!

They haven’t had this chance since hearing Ye Xiaochen play the flute a few years ago.

Soon, a flute was brought. Ye Xiaochen sat and Whie Wang Xinyi picked up the microphone.

A lot of people were looking forward to it.

After all, Wang Xinyi was an international singing superstar.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi looked at each other, they had very tacit cooperation.

Suddenly, a clear flute sounded.

Many people were shocked, they were immediately attracted by the sound of the flute and got immersed in it.

After a while, Wang Xinyi finally started singing.

This was an unprecedented new song, telling about their love.

This was created by Wang Xinyi and Ye Xiaochen. The combination of flute sound and singing could be described as shocking and has the power to touch the soul.

After the song, the whole audience was silent.

Everyone was still immersed in the singing and sound of the flute, they were unable to extrude themselves.

After a long time, a burst of applause rang.

Everyone’s face was excited because the flute and the song were so beautiful.

On this day, the song of Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi was uploaded to Wang Xinyi’s personal music homepage.

Immediately, it caused a sensation among the countless fans and innumerous people listened with infatuation.

“Oh my god! It’s so nice. The song is beautiful and the flute is also beautiful.”

“I have already heard it dozens of times, and I still can’t get tired of it!”

“I sincerely wish Wang Xinyi and Ye Xiaochen happiness.”

“Now I know that Ye Xiaochen is not only a top botanist but also has musical attainments. That flute sound couldn’t be described with words.”

“I can feel that the song and the flute have the power to touch the soul. After I listen to it, I feel very warm.”

“Yes, I was very lost these days, but after listening to their song, it felt like I was reborn.”


Due to the appearance of this song, Wang XInyi’s fan base completely exploded.

For a time, the whole Internet was filled with shadows of this song.

A lot of people listened to it.

Although Wang Xinyi has retired, her fans haven’t decreased, instead, it increased sharply.



At home.

The family was having dinner.

Ye Xiaochen, his parents, Wang Xinyi, sister Ye Ying, brother-in-law Guo Moyun and nephew Guo Jingqi.

“Brother, I didn’t expect your flute skills to be so good. It’s a perfect match with my sister-in-law.”

Ye Ying talked about the song at the wedding.

“Of course.”

Ye Xiaochen proudly said, “Didn’t you see it on the internet. Without my cooperation, it won’t be so good.”

“Well don’t show off. I think this is all XInyi’s credit, her voice is really nice.”

Mother’s heart was already taken by the daughter-in-law.

She gave Wang Xinyi a bowl of food and said, “Xinyi, eat more.”

“Brother Chen, sister-in-law, where are you going to spend your honeymoon?”

Guo Moyun asked curiously.

“Yes, I recommend you to go to the Maldives, the place is really good.”

Ye Ying said.

The couple got married two years ago and spent their honeymoon there.

“Haha, we have a destination. Don’t worry about it.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

After eating dinner and watching tv for a while, Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi went back to their new house.

The new house was decorated with great festivity.

Ye Xiaochen never looked forward to any day like today, because he could finally eat Wnag Xinyi.

He could not help marvel at his own perseverance and he couldn’t bear it anymore.

Wang Xinyi blushed and seemed to think of things that would happen next.

“Wife, shall we bath together?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly picked up Wang Xinyi.

“This is not good.”

Wang Xinyi said softly.

“What is not good? I think it is very suitable.”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t give Wang Xinyi a chance to oppose, and holding her went to the bathroom.


The next morning Ye Xiaochen woke up, he wanted to hug Wang Xinyi for a while sleeping but found that Wang Xinyi had already woken up.

Today the weather was good, and Wang Xinyi was talking with his mother.

“Why did you wake up so early?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

Last night was crazy, and Wang Xinyi was still able to get up early, he has to say that the cultivators have a strong constitution!


Wang Xinyi said with a smile.

For several days, Wang Xinyi and Ye Xiaochen followed customs and went to Wang Xinyi’s home and relatives, after that the two were ready to go on a honeymoon.

As for the location, it was all over the world.

They were going to have a nice trip.

Anyway, they have the heavenly land farm, so they could come back at any time, which was very convenient.

Chapter 314 – Ways to upgrade Immortal land

For half a month Ye Xiaochen traveled to different places all over the world.

They have gone to all the famous places.

Mt.Everest, Changbai Mountains, Inner Mongolia prairie, Hawaii, Bermuda, Australia, Arctic ocean, Antarctica, and many other famous places.

In the end, Ye Xiaochen took Wang Xinyi to the cultivation world.

Due to the current turmoil in the cultivation world, most places were danger zones, so Ye Xiaochen just walked around the mortal cities.

Wang Xinyi was naturally surprised when she understood the current situation of the Cultivation world.

Cultivation world.

Wuyu city.

This was a city located south of the Eastern Dao region, as it was far away from the Chinese base, this city has not been affected and was still very peaceful.

It was said this city was established by a Golden core expert named Master Wuyu. It was once a barren land with many fierce beasts. Later, Master Wuyu came here and established the Wuyu city.

In addition, the Wuyu faction dominates these regions.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi were dressed like the people of the cultivation world and looked like children of a rich family.

In the restaurant, Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi were eating.

The food of this world was very different from that of the earth.

“Have you heard that on the eastern border extraterrestrial demons seemed to have emerged? They are very terrible and many sects have suffered due to them.”

“What’s more, I heard that top sect like the Shushan sword sects were destroyed.”

“Are they so terrible? What should we do?”

“These extraterrestrial demons seem to possess terrible weapons. I really don’t know where they came from. Alas, it seems that there will be chaos again.”

“Yes, the world has just become a little stable, but now this kind of thing has happened.”

“I believe the Kunlun holy land will not stand by and just watch. It will certainly lead the experts of various sects to kill and repel these extraterrestrial demons.”


In the restaurant, someone began to talk about it.

Obviously, the extraterrestrial demons they were talking about were undoubtedly the people of the Chinese base.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi just listened.

“Xiaochen, why do they want to attack the cultivation world, can’t we live together peacefully?”

Wang Xinyi said in sound transmission

“For resources, for land, for space, for too many things.”

Ye Xiaochen replied.

On earth itself, the competition between countries was extremely cruel, let alone the two different worlds.

Maybe for the people in the cultivation world, the secular world was a barren place with no aura, and won’t be interested in that world, but for the secular regime, it was different.

They were developing technology, industry, and modern weapons, all of which require space and resources to develop.

Wang Xinyi just nodded. She didn’t understand much about these things, she just hoped there would be fewer disputes in the world and it could become more peaceful.

They didn’t stay in the cultivation world for too long, Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi returned to the heavenly land farm.

In the following days, Wang Xinyi focused on cultivating, striving to reach the Golden core as soon as possible.

And Ye Xiaochen also began to focus again on immortal plants and demon plants.

“Currently, the immortal land is only at level 5, and it would take too long to upgrade to level 6.”

Ye Xiaochen stood on the farm.

The higher the level of immortal plants, the greater the requirements of immortal land.

From level 1 to level 2, 100 points of experience were required. From level 2 to level 3, 1000 points of experience were required. From level 3 to level 4, 10,000 points of experience were required. And from level 4 to level 5, 100,000 points of experience were required.

Over the years, the immortal land has been upgraded to level 5.

After all, he was now planting too many immortal plants and earned a lot of immortal yuans, so the experience accumulated fast enough.

The problem was, the experience required to upgrade was getting scarier and scarier.

Upgrading from level 5 to level 6 requires one million experience points, and till now he only accumulated half a million experience points, at this rate, it would take him a year or two to complete the experience points.

Of course, the experience given by advanced immortal plants was very high, but their time span was too long.

Therefore, relying on the system to upgrade immortal land was a conventional approach.

“Maybe I can improve the immortal land by myself.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

Improving immortal land was not an easy thing, it wasn’t like improving normal fields.

Even in ancient times, when the scientific and technological level was low, there were still ways to improve the soil.

However, it was very difficult to upgrade the immortal land.

It might not have been difficult for Ye Xiaochen to upgrade from level 1 to 2, but the difficulty goes up directly from level 5 to level 6.

The difference between immortal land and the ordinary field was that the immortal land contains the immortal spirit qi. In addition, the nutrients, minerals, and other things were also different.

The most basic thing was the immortal spirit qi.

Higher the immortal land, the more rich and more pure immortal spirit it contains.

There was a limit to the amount of qi in the soil.

The reason why there were different levels of immortal land was that the immortal lands have some peculiar characteristics.

For example, the first and second level immortal land was very ordinary, but when they reach the third level, the soil particles would have a kind of immortals pattern structure. It was this structure that could refine the immortal spirit qi and store higher grade immortal spirit qi.

As for the level four and level five immortal land, the immortal pattern structure was the same, but the sixth level immortal land was a higher layer, and the immortal pattern structure would contain the mystery of immortal formation.

In fact, among a large amount of Shennong knowledge Ye Xiaochen acquired, there was also the mention of the arrangement of immortal formation in the immortal soil.

Through the arrangement of special immortal formation, the immortal lands could be gradually improved, and let the mystery of immortal formation blend into the immortal soil.

“I guess I can try it.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

To arrange the immortal formation, one must study the formation methods.

Although Shennong specialized in planting, he also dabbled in other fields.

However, it was just dabbling, if he really wanted to arrange it, his level was insufficient to do so.

Therefore Ye Xiaochen must rely on the power of other immortals.

After consideration, Ye Xiaochen immediately began to contact the immortals.

He wanted to know which immortal was best in formation.

After asking, he found that the Three Xiao empress’s formation was very good.

(TN: Empress San xiao(Three Xiao empress) is the collective name of immortal Yunxiao, immortal Qiongxiao, and immortal Bixiao)

It should be known that the Three Xiao empress inherited knowledge from the Tongtian leader, so the level of formation was needless to say about it.

During the Conferment battle of gods, they set up nine bent yellow river formations. In this formation, the immortal cultivation was suppressed, it had the ability to make immortal lose the spirit, immortal soul, decrease immortal qi. The immortal who entered into it would become just like a mortal.

It could be seen that this was an excellent formation.

Ye Xiaochen estimated that if he wanted Three Xiao empresses to set up the formation, it would cost a lot.

However, he had only this option.

Soon, he got into contact with Three Xiao empresses.

“Ye Xiaochen, the formation you want is not difficult, but the arrangement is more complex and requires a lot of materials.”

Three Xiao empress replied.

“How much immortal yuan does the empress need?”

Ye Xiaochen asked hurriedly.

“We don’t need immortal yuan, we will provide you the formation disk. However, we have a condition. We hope that after you come to the immortal world, you can cultivate the Sanxiao divine plant.”

Three Xiao empress said.

“No problem.”

Although he doesn’t know why the Three Xiao empress didn’t want immortal yuan, he quickly agreed.

Anyway, it was a future matter.

As for what was Sanxiao divine plant, he didn’t inquire.

Chapter 315 – New plan

Three Xiao empress’s efficiency was very high. A few days later, they handed a perfect formation disk to Ye Xiaochen. This formation disk was equivalent to the motherboard of the computer and belonged to the core of the immortal formation.

In addition to the formation disk, a lot of formation base materials were required.

These things were needed to be prepared by Ye Xiaochen.

In addition, Three Xiao empresses also gave a complete operational manual of the immortal formation.

When Ye Xiaochen opened the store to buy things he needed, he couldn’t help being surprised. These auxiliary materials alone added up to more than then million immortal yuan.

The formation disk cost was more in the store, without tens of millions of immortal yuan, it couldn’t be bought.

It couldn’t be helped, to upgrade the immortal land from level 5 to level 6, the requirement of formation level was too high.

It seems that he got a big favor from the Three Xiao empress.

Due to the shortage of immortal yuan, Ye Xiaochen had to wait for a few days and then held an auction to raise the immortal yuan to buy materials he needed.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen began to arrange the immortal formation on the farm.

As this immortal formation was very large, it took Ye Xiaochen several days to arrange it. Other people also helped him.

After finishing, Ye Xiaochen put a piece of immortal stone on the formation disk and activated it.


An invisible force suddenly came out of the formation disk and radiated in all directions.

Immediately, all the formation bases were activated, connected, and finally transformed into a complete immortal formation.

As it was a high-level immortal formation, the immortal spirit qi of the heavenly land couldn’t fulfill its demand. Therefore, to run this immortal formation, he must use immortal stone.

That was a very big expense.

Fortunately, the output of immortal plants was high enough and the quality was good. Otherwise, Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t be able to support it.

After the activation of the immortal formation, Ye Xiaochen spent most of his time in the immortal lands and studied the changes of the immortal soil.

Since the arrangement of the immortal formation was not enough, other means must be used. Such as buying a large amount of immortal fertilizer, then sprinkling it through special means, and then casting a fattening spell.

All in all, the upgrade of immortal land was a very complicated and time-consuming matter.

In this way, more than half a month has passed.

The immortal land finally showed some sign of upgrading.

At the same time, the cultivation of demon plants in Thunder wind Valley has been greatly improved. However, there was still some distance from reaching the golden core level.

And the collision of secular forces and cultivators of the immortal world was still in deadlock.

Now the Chinese forces have occupied a large area and built numerous solid defensive circles.

The cultivation world would often carry out small-scale attacks, killing and injuring each other.

However, at this point, the advantages of science and technology were revealed.

Cultivating a Qi refining cultivator takes more than ten years and the golden core could take decades or even a hundred years.

Modern armies, on the other hand, could be trained in batches in a short period, because modern armies are mainly concerned with logistics and armaments. As long as there was a continuous supply of armaments, the number of troops could be increased continuously.

It could be said that, in the long run, the cultivation world’s fighting ability would become weaker and weaker.

The Chinese government based on this consideration, step by step, was gradually encroaching.

In the following days, Ye Xiaochen lived in seclusion and only occasionally went to the research institute.

In addition, he delivered the radiation-resistant super plants needed by the military.

Today, Ye Xiaochen had just fallen asleep, and all of a sudden, he entered that dream again.

Six tombstones stood in the valley.

Only one of the tombs was empty.

The old man was still here.

“There you are.”

He took initiative to greet.

“Hello, senior.”

Ye Xiaochen does not know the origin of the old man, but he knew that he must be extraordinary.

“Are you satisfied with the tombstone and coffin?”

The old man’s words almost made Ye Xiacohen fight him.

Damn, asking me about my coffin and tomb, how old am I?

Moreover, I am still a cultivator. I am going to be an immortal, showing me a tomb and coffin, aren’t you cursing me to die early?

“Ahem, senior, forget it. I haven’t asked your name?”

Ye Xiaochen gave a dry cough and then changed the subject.

“My name is taboo. Haha, I’ve already forgotten it. You can call me the Nameless tomb maker.”

The old man laughed and said.

“Are all these tombs built by the senior?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

“Obviously, in fact, I have not only built tombs of your Shennongs but also of other gods. Let me tell you, each tomb of gods has its own characteristics. The Shennong is born to deal with plants and vegetation, so this tomb must be….”

The old man started talking and didn’t stop at all.

“Well, Senior, may I ask why I am here?”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help interrupting the old man.

“What’s so strange about it? It means that you’ll soon be going through an awakening. Well, young man, I’d like to remind you, it’s difficult to become immortal and it’s more difficult to become a god. God has to go through the divine catastrophe. To be honest, I don’t want to build another god tomb by myself!”

The old man gave Ye Xiaochen a look, said a few inexplicable words, and then turned away.

Ye Xiaochen froze on the spot.

A long time passed, then Ye Xiaochen suddenly woke up.

“What did the old man mean?”

Ye Xiaochen murmured to himself.

It was already dawn.

Ye Xiaochen saw there was no one around him and immediately put on his clothes.

A month later.

In heavenly land farm.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the light purple light on the immortal land and revealed a smile.

The immortal land finally upgraded from level 5 to level 6.

Of course, the cost was enormous.

In order to continuously provide energy to the immortal formation, there was a huge consumption of immortal stone.

He basically used all the short-term immortal yuan income on the immortal stone and time acceleration.

Now the time acceleration has reached 18 fold.

A month, in reality, was equivalent to more than a year on the farm.

However, Ye Xiacohen didn’t stop the immortal formation, because he would continue upgrading the immortal land.

Of course, to upgrade from level 6 to level 7, some changes were required in the immortal formation.

In the twinkling of an eye, a year passed, but nearly 20 years passed in the heavenly land farm.

The cultivation of demon plants has been finally completed.

He could now cultivate the Golden core demon plant.

However, it was too expensive.

In order to grow a golden core demon plant, Ye Xiaochen must use an immortal stone.

And at the moment, the situation in the cultivation world was changing very fast. In the past year, several battles happened, and the Chinese base was almost destroyed.

However, the Chinese side was also very strong, in the last battle, they actually launched a nuclear bomb, due to which the cultivation world lost more than 10 Nascent soul cultivators.

The terrible nuclear radiation in the cultivation world, formed death zones one by one.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised by the Chinese side’s great actions.

According to the inside information, the Chinese officials have made a new plan to occupy the cultivation world, which was to launch a nuclear war, eliminate all the cultivation forces and then govern.

After all, China has purification grass to eliminate nuclear radiation and radiation-resistant super plants.

It was based on these two points that the Chinese side was full of confidence.

Using the nuclear bomb to clear forces, in ten years they could take the cultivation world for themselves.

He has to say, this plan is very feasible.

It was just the thing….

However, Ye Xiaochen knew that in the face of the huge interest, this was nothing.

(Tn: I checked different sites containing raw and it was mentioned 18 in this chapter and 35 in chapter 304, I think the author has made a mistake or I guess Ye Xiaochen has slowed down the time.)

Chapter 316 – Ascension(Final)

The year 2028 was destined to be an extraordinary year.

Shennong Business Alliance completely monopolized the global agricultural and plant industry.

More than 99% of the world’s agricultural seeds were provided by Shennong Business Alliance.

More than 88% of various kinds of flowers and ornamental plants were provided by Shennong Business Alliance.

Shennong Business Alliance provides more than 90 percent of different kinds of medicinal materials.

The Shennong Business Alliance provides all kinds of super plants to the world, playing an unparalleled role in the agricultural industry.

The transformation project of the Sahara Desert in Africa was undertaken by Shennong Business Alliance, and in five years they have transformed it completely. It has turned from a desolate desert with a harsh environment into a green grassland.

The development of the Shennong Business Alliance was naturally resisted by countries led By the United States and European Union.

Even the sanctions were imposed on it again and again, but even after that Shennong Business Alliance achieved a stunning victory in the economical war and agricultural war.

Of course, no matter how strong a business alliance was, it was impossible to compete with the whole European Union and the United States.

However, China has opened up a new phase in the cultivation world. With the use of nuclear bombs, the forces of the cultivation world have been almost driven out of the Eastern Dao Domain and they completely occupied this boundless land.

This boundless land was equivalent to that of the Asian continent, enriching too much China.

In this way, with the help of the vast resources of the Eastern Dao Domain, China’s comprehensive strength rapidly improved.

In particular, the various super plant projects that Ye Xiaochen cooperated with the military made the level of military equipment rise sharply.

The reason why the military was able to gain the upper hand in the confrontation with the cultivation world was due to the super plants developed by Ye Xiaochen.

In this way, in just a short period of ten years, China’s strength soared and became qualified to challenge the hegemony of the United States.

The reason why the Shennong Business Alliance could achieve victory was that it was supported by China.

Even in the end, the United States issued a war threat.

For a long time, the Chinese government, which was known for its weakness, showed a tougher attitude.

A world war almost broke out.

However, this time, the World got to see the real strength of China.

A fleet of 15 aircraft carriers.

It scared the whole word.

The world only knew that China had two aircraft carriers.

When did it become fifteen?

It should be known that the United States only has 12 aircraft carriers!

It was not so simple to build an aircraft carrier fleet. Whether it could be made or not made was not important, what was more important was whether the country could support it. The capital required for each aircraft carrier was too big.

Even the number one country Like United States could only afford 12, otherwise, it would have a shortage of funds.

Who would have thought that China could have built a fleet of 15 aircraft carriers silently?

They couldn’t figure out when did China become so rich?

Of course, it became rich!

It has a huge new colony in the Easter Dao domain of the Cultivation world, which was the size of Asia. It has a vast amount of resources that were continuously supplying resources to China.

This was why China was so confident!

Even if there was a real-world war, with the Cultivation world becoming a logistic resources base, China has the courage to fight the whole world.

Not even afraid of nuclear war.

It was these kinds of actions that didn’t hesitate to have a world war, scared the United States and the European Union. In this way, the Shennong Business Alliance completed its rules over the agricultural and planting industry.

Food was fundamental.

It was with the advantage of the agricultural and planting industry that China’s position in the world has risen sharply, and now China was listed as a superpower that was on an equal footing with the United States.

Over the years, Ye Xiaochen’s farm has grown bigger and bigger, and more immortal plants were grown.

Now the farm’s acceleration time was 55 fold.

Ten years passed in the real world, but more than 400 years have passed in the heavenly land farm.

The immortal land has been upgraded to level 9.

Now the yellow grade and black grade plants reached the best grade quality, and the earth grade plant could reach the top-grade quality.

Only the heaven grade plants, because of their long maturity time, temporarily were not easy to improve.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen’s cultivation has already reached the peak of Nascent soul and was one step away from reaching the higher realm and ascending to the immortal world.

In the immortal world, it was called “False immortal”, which could also be called “Earth immortal”, “Human immortal” or “half-immortal”

Of course, this kind of cultivation was absolutely at the bottom of the immortal world.

However, Ye Xiaochen was Shennong, with this identity, it was enough to let him have a high status in the immortal world.

As for Lian Yuzhu and others, all without exception entered Nascent Soul cultivation

Only Wang Xinyi, his parents, and his sister were still in the Golden core stage.

It couldn’t be helped, their aptitude was very low.

To reach the golden core, Ye Xiachen had to provide a lot of resources.

Heavenly Land Farm.

The whole world was very big and world rules have become perfect.

Over the years, Ye Xiaochen has made several trips to the immortal world.

Since the time his cultivation reached the Nascent Soul realm, the consumption of immortal yuan required dropped to the lowest. The main reason was that he was not an ordinary Nascent soul cultivator and could be compared equally to false immortal.

Also, the dream which he used to get until a year ago, never appeared again.

He knew that this was because he had basically absorbed all the knowledge left by the five generations of Shennong.

Now he has become a qualified Shennong.

“DingDing, Congratulations on completing the main task-Earth Shennong. Reward:100 million immortal yuan, qualification to ascend the immortal realm. True immortal realm, Rank in the immortal class”

Just as Ye Xiacohen accompanied Wang Xinyi to walk around the farm, suddenly, the sound of Shennong system notification came.

Ye Xiaochen paused slightly.

“Xiaochen, what happened?”

Wang Xinyi asked curiously.

“Xinyi, I don’t think we can say on the earth for too long”

Ye Xiaochen took a long breath and said.

“What’s the matter?”

Wang Xinyi didn’t understand completely.

“I’m afraid, I am going to ascend to the immortal world.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Ah? Then we…”

Wang Xinyi asked hurriedly.

“Don’t worry, I will certainly take you to the immortal world with me.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

He has an independent secret world, which was enough to bring people into the immortal world.

There is an idiom when a man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven, in fact, it was true.

“Time is a bit tight. I must arrange things.”

Ye Xiaochen said in a deep voice.

He did not know this time after leaving the earth to the immortal world, whether would he have a chance to come back?

Besides, he felt that something big must be waiting for him after he goes to the immortal world.

In this way, in the following days, Ye Xiaochen began to comprehensively deal with secular affairs.

He has too many things to deal with.

Various kinds of relationships.

For example, Wang Shuisheng and his family had embarked on the road of cultivation, it was not a problem to enter Golden core with his resources.

However, the Wang family made it clear that they wanted to stay on Earth.

His sister and Guo Moyun also expressed their desire to stay on the earth.

As for mother and Father, they were hesitant, because if they go to the immortal world with their son, they might not be able to see their daughter in the future.

However, if they stay on earth it might be difficult to see their son.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether it was appropriate to take his parents to the immortal world?

Because he doesn’t know what the future holds?

Maybe it was safer for his parents to stay on earth.

Although there were clouds of war on earth, their cultivation was at the golden core stage, so they could basically avoid danger.

Moreover, the huge network of contacts left by Ye Xiaochen was enough to keep them safe.

Even if the world war did happen, they would not be easily affected.

Besides, Ye Xiaochen going to the immortal world doesn’t mean he would lose contact with the earth.

He believed that there should be ways to return to earth.

In addition to his family, he also had arrangements for the entire Ye family.

Today’s Ye family in ten years has developed into a family with huge influence in the world.

With the support of Ye Xiaochen, they have developed various industries.

Therefore, things must be properly arranged before leaving.

Then there was also the issue of handling the inheritance of his own major industries.

All in all, it took more than half a month for Ye Xiaochen to deal with matters thoroughly.

Of course, everything was handled very quietly, after all, his ascension to the cultivation world couldn’t be leaked out.

At most, people would think that he has retired.

Although this caused some stir, it was not a big deal.

In recent years, Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi have kept a low profile, lived in seclusion, and rarely appeared in public.

Like this, the time for Ye Xiaochen’s ascension to the immortal world was getting closer and closer.

On this day, at the original farm in Yufeng village.

A villa has been built here.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi lived here.

At the moment, all the people who knew about ascension were here.

“Son, Mother really wants to go with you, but unfortunately…”

Mother’s eyes were full of tears.

She didn’t know what to say.

Perhaps it was hard to leave one’s homeland.

“Mother don’t say like that. Besides, I’m just going to the immortal world and can come back later. When I’m done with things in the immortal world, I may be able to take you.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Brother.” Ye Ying’s eyes were also moist.

Next to her was a tall handsome young man. He was Ye Ying’s son Guo Xialong, and there was also a beautiful girl named Guo Xiayun.

“Now, don’t cry. It’s not like we won’t be seeing each other any more.”

Ye Xiaochen also had the sadness of parting in his heart, but he endured it.

On the other side, Wang Xinyi was talking to Wang Shuisheng and his family.

Xibao has already grown into a tall and handsome man.

“Brother Wang, I’m leaving home in your care.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

He knew that Wang Shuisheng would be the backbone in the future.

If Wang Shusiheng was not there, he wouldn’t be at ease.

“Don’t worry, as long as I’m here. There will be no problem.”

Wang Shuisheng understood his brother-in-law’s thought and immediately nodded his head.

He also knew that the pressure on him will be very great in the future. Without Ye Xiaochen’s support, there would certainly be many problems.

“Well, with brother Wang’s words, I feel relieved.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

He looked at all the people present and sighed in his heart. He didn’t know how long it would take before he could see them again.

“Take care!”

Ye Xiaochen gently said two words, then took Wang Xinyi’s hand and disappeared.

Mother couldn’t hold any longer and burst out crying.

Others also had tears in their eyes.

In Heavenly land farm.

Lian Yuzhu and others saw Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi coming in.

There were a lot of people here.

Hundreds of years passed in the heavenly land farm, Lian Yuzhu; they now have even children and grandchildren, which adds up to dozens of people.

This was because it was very difficult for cultivators to bear children and could injure the root. Otherwise, it was estimated that the population would be larger.

After all, it wasn’t a problem to have a few generations after hundreds of years.

“Well, now we are going to ascend to the immortal world. Do any of you want to stay?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

The worldly things were too attractive to the people.

Not all of them were here, and some of them didn’t come because they had decided not to go to the immortal world.

No one answered.

“All right.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

Immediately he sat down.

Everyone sat around Ye Xiaochen.

With Ye Xiaochen’s thought, he accepted the reward.

Instantly, the whole heavenly land was wrapped in a strange golden light.

At the same time, Ye Xiaochen’s breath rose rapidly.

The breath leaked out and attached to the people around him.

Their breath also started rising rapidly

Actually, this was Ye Xiaochen’s reward for completing the main task.

His cultivation would be promoted from the peak of Nascent soul to the true immortal realm.

This was equivalent to crossing two realms.

Originally, without thousands of years of cultivation, it was difficult to cross.

However, now he has crossed in just a short period.

Naturally, others also benefited greatly.

Soon, many people broke through.

Yes; it was from golden core to Nascent soul, and from Nascent soul to the false immortal realm.

Ye Xiacohen was progressing rapidly, he reached the false immortal realm and was still progressing.

Because the reward was True Immortal.

Wang Xinyi who was beside Ye Xiaochen was undoubtedly the one who got the most benefit

As Ye Xiaochen was holding her hand.

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen finally reached the true immortal realm.

Wang Xinyi reached the peak of the false immortal realm and was only one step away from the true immortal realm.

Many people also reached the peak of the false immortal realm and the worst was the peak of the Nascent Soul realm.

It has to be said the benefits they got were too great.

Such cultivation could save thousands of years.

With the completion of Ye Xiaochen’s breakthrough, suddenly, a strange token appeared out of thin air and suspended above Ye Xiacohen’s head.

This was the ascension token.

At the same time, a strange throne emerged from the void.

That was naturally the immortal position.

Only when you get such an immortal position, could you be regarded as having an identity in the immortal world, and not a wild immortal.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen pulled Wang Xinyi, taking the stride he sat on the throne.


Ye Xiaochen gently said, suddenly the ascension token turned into a ray of light and spread out.

If you look outside the heavenly land, you will find that the whole heavenly land began to shrink as if turning into a grain, it then suddenly shook off the constraint of this space and even this plane, and headed towards a higher world.

Above the earth, a strange meteor shot across the sky from Jing county in Southern Province and disappeared.

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