Heavenly Farmer Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31-Physique

“Ah!Doesn’t he look like Xiaochen?”

Chen Hao saw the back of Ye Xiaochen entering the toilet,he felt it somewhat familiar

and couldn’t help but be surprised.

“You are seeing the things.How can he have the chance to come here and eat?”

Li Yan’s mouth sank and said with disdain tone.

In the Jingxian county,all who are qualified to come here have high prestige,basically only through an acquaintance you have the chance to come here,otherwise even if you are rich,you might not be able to order a meal.

She does not believe that Ye Xiaochen a small vegetable grower can have the chance to come here and eat.

“Maybe only the back little bit resembled like him”

Chen Hao shook his head,he also doesn’t believe that figure can be of Ye Xiaochen.After all,this is Lin’s Private kitchen,even for him to have opportunity to eat is due to his relationship with father-in law.

Immediately,two people entered in another room.

After a while, Ye Xiaochen came out of the washroom.

Perhaps soaking the face in water has slightly reduced the drunkenness,now he felt himself becoming sober.When he thought of drinking again,his stomach became uncomfortable.He shook his head and entered in the room.

“Here he comes”

“Let’s drink without wasting any time”
Zhao Peng stood up and urged

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath,he took the glass and touched with others glass.He narrowed his eyes,suppressed the pungent smell of wine and poured into his mouth.

Others had long finished their glass,but it took a good while before he finished his glass of wine.


Zhao Peng once again poured wine for everyone.

Have to say, Liu Fusheng is a master veteran in the battle of wines,even after drinking few glasses of wine,he felt nothing.

Two glass,three glass,four glass…

Ye Xiaochen wanted to cry,why is he not drunk and still sober?

What more depressing thing is that the more he drinks the more sober he becomes.The dizzy feeling is still reducing.

It is already the seventh cup.

Now even Liu Fusheng eyes was slightly confused….

“Brother Ye,you told us that you do not drink, look now you are exposed.This wine holding capacity, even I at your age was far worse compared to you”

Zhao Peng curiously looked at Ye Xiaochen.

“I really don’t drink”

Ye Xiaochen wanted to cry but there was no tears.

Don’t say about drinking beer,now even after drinking 7 glass of wine,unexpectedly he is still not drunk.Damn!

“Brother Ye, I did not believe that anything like deeply hidden,so this what it is!”

Hei Lei rolled his tongue.

Xu Jiao’s face was bright red,smilingly she said:”little Lei,from what I see that you are not even comparable to Ye Xiaochen in wine capacity.!”

“Who said that!Then let’s drink,brother I haven’t drunk enough”

Hei Lei directly from the box took out six bottles of five grain wine, opened the lid and one after another put on top of table and said in heroic way: ”One bottle for each person,if someone is  still not drunk even after drinking this bottle then I will admire that person”

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded.

Damn!This is extremely bad!

He saw everyone taking a bottle , Ye Xiaochen was helpless,why is he still not drunk?

Thump bang..

After Ye Xiaochen drank one bottle of five grain wine,he was surprised to find that Hei Lei and few others were lying on table and talking nonsense,especially zhao peng was lying on the ground

Ye Xiaochen was stunned and dumbfounded,he looked at the bottle he was holding in his hand,…. Why am I not drunk?

Did he drink fake wine?

However,brother Fu and other are completely drunk,it cannot be falsified

Is it because of the physical constitution that he is not drunk?
He thought of his natural Shennong talent,Anti poisonous physique+1, does this the Anti poisonous physique also has resistance to alcohol?

However,he saw the whole place was in a mess.

He doesn’t know what to do

Most importantly,he remembered Hei Lei saying that whoever wins will to pay the bill,so doesn’t this mean that I need to pay the bill?

This kind of private dining,from look can say it is expensive,who knows how much the bill will be?

Damn!It’s a big loss.

Ye Xiaochen bitterly smiled in his heart,he stood up to go and checkout.suddenly, beside lying Fusheng direct sat up.

“Brother Fu?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

“Ye Xiaochen,your alcohol capacity,i also admire”

Liu Fusheng was not drunk,he looked at Ye Xiaochen and with a smile gave thumbs up.

“Brother Fu,you are not drunk”

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I am different”

Liu Fusheng blinked his eyes:”before I opened supermarket, I used to perform magic tricks”

Performing magic?

Ye Xiaochen suddenly understood,it seems that Liu Fusheng faked his drink.After all, for a magic performer to switch drinks is really very simple.

“This is my secret.You mustn’t tell them and the bill i will pay it, you do not reveal to them”

Liu Fusheng said.

If other people get know he cheats during drinking then they will overturn the heavens.

Ye Xiaochen wanted to say something,but Liu Fusheng already stood up and went out.

At the end, Liu Fusheng paid more than 20,000.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t not help but shocked,this is too expensive.

Before he had planned to pay his own bill,but he didn’t have any money.

A rich man’s life is really luxurious.

Back in the room, Liu Fusheng asked the waiter to help him send Zhao Peng nearby family hotel.

After everything was finished,two people went downstairs and headed towards the car park.


In another room

Chen Hao was making a phone call standing in the balcony.

Suddenly,from the corner of his eyes,he saw a familiar figure going downstairs.


Chen Hao hurriedly looked down,although it is night,the car park was bright and were able to see things clearly.Indeed, it was Ye Xiaochen,he was coming out from the building where he was in.

He suddenly remembered the figure whose back was like Ye Xiaochen,now seeing Ye Xiaochen going downstair,he immediately linked the both incidents.

He can be hundred percent sure that the previous figure he saw was of Ye Xiaochen.

But,how did he show up in this private dining restaurant?

At this time Li Yan came to balcony,”hubby, I have been calling you for such a long time, all the dishes has been arrived”

“Wife, you look”

Chen Hao pointed below.

Li yan looked down and immediately her face revealed a touch of astonishment. “It is Ye Xiaochen, how come he is here?”

“Before didn’t I say that I saw his back.”

Chen Hao said.

“Do you think that he has the qualifications to come here and eat?”

Li Yan was still not convinced” is he not just a vegetable grower?maybe he is here to deliver the vegetables to the Lin’s Private Kitchen.”

“Even if it is to deliver vegetables,how can he get contact with Lin’s Private Kitchen?

Chen Hao asked in surprise.

Lin’s Private kitchen chef Lin is very picky about food,unless it is high quality vegetables, it will not enter into his eyes.

Is it possible tha Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables are of that quality?

Li Yan thinks this is unlikely, for a while she couldn’t think the reason why Ye Xiaochen will appear here.

At this time, another figure appeared in their field of vision.The white chef attire was still not taken off and it looked like as if it he was in hurry,he followed the two people from behind.

“Is he master Lin?”

Both Li yan and Chen Hao recognized it.

Then the more shocking thing happened,do not know what did master Lin said to Ye Xiaochen,quickly the three people entered inside the black mercedes-benz.The car drove out from car park and vanished in the night.

Did master Lin just leave?

The rhythm is not right,we have eaten halfway through .

In accordance with normal practice, shouldn’t master Lin come in and ask the opinion of diners?

Hell,how could master Lin leave at this hour?

With doubts,Chen Hao and Li Yan returned to their room.

Chapter 32-Honest

Both Ye Xiaochen and Liu Fusheng did not expect that when Master Lin became aware of their departure, he would actually follow them personally. He said that he really cannot wait and want to go to Ye Xiaochen’s farm to look at his planted vegetables and fruits.

Originally, Ye Xiaochen wanted to say it is very late and it would be better to go tomorrow, but seeing the enthusiasm of Master Lin, he was not able to say those words.

Master Lin is very talkative, especially when it comes to food, he has unique insights and ideas.

“Ye Xiaochen, to speak, your kind of vegetables may not be perfect in terms of appearance, but the appearance is just one of the aspect, as the saying goes, ‘A material without its spirit’; colored and failed, is not a good vegetable.Now the environment pollution is too big, uses of different kinds of pesticides and other fertilizers have caused very big spiritual damage to the vegetables and fruits.The vegetables and fruits in order to adapt to the environment have gone through internal changes and in the process lost its authentic taste, in your planted vegetables I have felt that authentic taste.”

Master Lin spoke the essential point, he smilingly asked, “I don’t know, how were you able to keep the authentic taste of vegetables?”When Ye Xiaochen listened to Master Lin’s words, he deeply thought about it.

Although Master Lin did not explicitly mention about plant’s consciousness, but he has started to touch it.The plant’s consciousness would be adapted to the changes in the external environment.In fact, it involves the seven abnormal problems in variations.

The car arrived at Taiping town.

“Brother Ye, tonight you have drunk too many alcohols, you do not take the motorcycle.I will drop you and Master Lin”

Liu Fusheng said.

“Brother Fu, do you see me as a person who has drunken lots of alcohol?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile

Liu Fusheng could only helplessly shake his head, he admires very much Ye Xiaochen’s alcohol holding capacity.

Even after drinking so much of alcohol, there was no effect on him.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t cheat like him; by changing the wine with water.In fact, if he really drinks few cups of alcohol then with his alcohol drinking capacity he will surely be drunk on the spot.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen carried Master Lin on his bike and headed for Yunfeng village

By the time they reached the farm, it was more than seven o’clock in the evening.

Ye Xiaochen switched on all the lights around the farm.

“Didn’t expect that your farm will be so big?”

Master Lin was astonished.

He thought that it would be impossible to grow like that authentic vegetable in big scale.

It isn’t that there are no authentic vegetables, but they are rare, especially the supplies.Moreover, the scale is small and require very harsh conditions for planting.

To grow authentic vegetables of this scale, the cost will surely be not low!

No wonder Master Lin was surprised.

He has been to special farms where every vegetable is carefully taken care, any kind of individual contact is strictly prohibited.

“It’s not very big”

Ye Xiaochen did not understand the meaning of Master Lin.

His farm is not big, it can only be considered a small farm.In the big farm, it is common to have several hundreds of greenhouse.

The big farm has land of thousands of acres area.

If the farm reaches that level, then it could not be handled by three or five people.

He’s been in confusion where should he expand farm or not?

After all his farm has secret “immortal land”.If he really invites some people then after some time, it will always reveal some clues.

And the farm cannot be expanded without inviting people.

But Master Lin’s appearance, let him find a different answer, why not try for premium product route?

If his grown vegetables are sold more than ten times the normal price or even hundred times, will he still be afraid of not able to make money?

Master lin is his best opportunity to take the premium product route.

Regarding Ye Xiaochen’s answer, Master Lin will only consider it as modest.

Next, Master Lin went in and out of the greenhouse.

He looked at different kind of fruits and vegetables.

“Well, this cucumber looks good, whether it is the size of length or degree of tenderness, it is very moderate and the taste is also better than last time.the color is unique and spirit is also good.Even if I have gone to several farm suppliers, like this kind of cucumber cannot be cultivated.”

Master Lin randomly picked a cucumber, he did not wash it and ate it.

He gave high praise.

He even tasted other types of vegetables, although it is not cooked, but from the raw taste, he could get more clear and delicate taste of the vegetables itself, which are not covered by different types of ingredients.

After watching all fruits and vegetables, Master Lin could only sigh.

He had previously thought that Ye Xiaochen farm will have only small part of fine quality vegetables, but now it seems that he has underestimated this young man.

A farm full of fine quality vegetables, he really wonders how this young man was able to cultivate it?

From the conditions of the farm, it looks common, there is not much difference from the ordinary farm greenhouse, but in such a crude condition he was able to cultivate the fine quality of vegetables.

Now, Master Lin is more and more curious about Ye Xiaochen.

“Ye Xiaochen, your grown vegetables are better than I imagined, you decide the price. these are the list of vegetables  which I require every day”

Master Lin did not hesitate and directly made the decision, he handed over the list which he has already prepared.

Ye Xiaochen took the list and glanced at it, adding all the vegetables and fruits it would be around 100 kg.

He pondered for a bit, then took out the pen and wrote the prices on the list.

After finishing he handed over the list to Master Lin.

When Master Lin saw the price on the list, he was extremely surprised, it is not because the price Ye Xiaochen wrote is too high, but it was too low.

“Ye Xiaochen, didn’t I say that I will buy your vegetables more than ten times the original price, but you…”

Master Lin thought it was incredible

How could such fine quality of vegetables be sold at such low price?

“Master Lin, it is not that I don’t want sell in high price, but I can’t-do it not now”

Ye Xiaochen said the truth with a bitter smile.

He is selling the vegetables at the normal price because there is a reason, now his vegetables are mainly supplied to Sheep city supermarket and restaurant, the prices are not high.

So, for a short period of time, until the contract ends, he can’t raise the price unilaterally.

Now the price of vegetables is not high, it is necessary to treat others as equal and he can’t discriminate against others.Although if he raises the price, Master Lin will certainly agree with it.

But, he can’t-do this.

He is an honest kind of character, he does not like to scheme.

Moreover, he has other thoughts, his premium vegetable plans require the assistance of Master Lin.

Therefore he is showing goodwill towards Master Lin.

When Master Lin listened to Ye Xiaochen’s explanation, he was slightly surprised.he certainly knew that Ye Xiaochen would be having different sales channels and possible the price may not be high.

He didn’t care about buying at a high price as he thinks it’s worth it.

But he didn’t expect Ye Xiaochen to be an honest man.

Suddenly, his heart was moved, and the impression of Ye Xiaochen become better.now it is rare to meet such honest young man,

In his heart there was thought, he couldn’t let such young man get buried in planting fine quality vegetables.

Perhaps, he can help him.

Chapter 33-Spirit cut-off

“Ye Xiaochen, the vegetables you have planted are very good, it can absolutely be included in the ranks of fine quality vegetables.But, I think that your current sales model is not good, it has completely buried your planter’s talent, I suggest you to directly take premium product route”

Master Lin pondered for a moment and then said.

“Master Lin, I do have such an idea, but don’t have any method”

Ye Xiaochen gave a bitter smile, but in his heart he was happy.He had the idea to ask about this, but now Master Lin himself has mentioned about this topic, it suddenly let him understand that Master Lin also wants to help him.

With the guidance of senior, he will surely able to take fewer detours.

“Actually I can give you a little advice about this, now the domestic market is giving more and more attention to the fine quality vegetables and it is no longer synonym with word special supply, it has started enter into the high-end consumer market and appears in the Premium Quality Vegetable Exhibition.As long as you can get into the Premium Quality Vegetable Exhibition and get the recognition from the high-end consumer, then your reputation will incredibly increase and you wouldn’t have to worry about the problem of sales.”

Master Lin said.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up, he has no information about this, if Master Lin hadn’t spoken about this, he would not know there was a thing like Premium Quality Vegetable Exhibition.

If he can go to this premium quality vegetable exhibition and promote his planted vegetables, then the effect will certainly be good.

“Master Lin, do I have the opportunity to attend this fine quality vegetable exhibition?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“I’m afraid you can’t-do it now, for a seller to participate in the premium quality vegetable exhibition they should need to have a ticket; usually only large farms, special farms can get tickets or need to get recommended by vegetable research unit of a certain rank.”

Master Lin shook his head and said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, since it is premium quality vegetable exhibition there should be a threshold, otherwise, any seller can enter, then it would become similar to vegetable market.

Now, he is thinking, what way can he get the entry ticket?

Should he look for Wang Shuisheng?

He is sheep city’s richest person, but he may not have any contacts in this line, and Ye Xiaochen doesn’t want to trouble his family.

Master Lin saw Ye Xiaochen’s awkwardness,he immediately said “In fact, Premium Quality Vegetable Exhibition is just one channel for easier success, but there are other ways too. I am a chef and also know a lot of other chefs, your grown vegetables will definitely satisfy them, if there is opportunity, I will help you recommend”

“Master Lin, I am really thankful to you”

On Ye Xiaochen’s face, there was an expression of happiness, Master Lin’s cooking is strong and the chef he knows certainly will not be of ordinary rank.

“Ha-ha,it is easy for me.Moreover, you have solved a very big problem for me, in our Sheep city,there is almost no fine grade of vegetable farm, there are special farms, but it is difficult to find the fine grade vegetables,now you are supplying me fine grade vegetables,it can be considered a big advantage for me”

Master Lin said with a smile.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen picked the fruits and vegetable that Master Lin requires and loaded into the truck, with Master Lin he directly returned to Lin’s private kitchen”


Back to the farm

After washing himself, Ye Xiaochen was lying on the bed and was chatting with wang Xinyi for some time through WeChat.

Wang Xinyi doesn’t write much, she more looks at what Ye Xiaochen is sending, she occasionally replies with “Ah, good” and other simple phrases.
Ye Xiaochen gradually got some understanding of Wang Xinyi, she is a lonely girl who has sealed up her heart.

If it was not for Ye Xiaochen helping her cure tuberose, it would be difficult to open her heart.

Even so, Ye Xiaochen could feel there is a vague defense in her heart.

This defense is not intentional, but it is the manifestation of inner feeling for fear of getting hurt.

“I am going to sleep”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the last message of Wang Xinyi in WeChat.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, he kept the mobile beside and picked up the Shennong System Introduction Guide.

“Spirit cut-off, removes the immortal Qi of immortal plant without causing any destruction to the immortal plant itself and preserving the inherent nutritional elements”
Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen saw a new knowledge, and couldn’t help but slightly surprised, then instantly his face revealed the color of ecstasy.

“This is great, so there was a way”

He took a deep breath and felt very happy.

If he can grasp this Spirit cut-off method then, won’t he be able to eat the planted immortal carrot?

The reason why immortal plants are inedible because there exist immortal Qi inside it which is tantamount to poison for the mortals, the body would not be able to bear it.

After removing the immortal Qi from it, the nutritional elements in it will certainly can’t be compared with the common vegetables.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at it.

After a length of time of reading, he finally lifted his head and rubbed his eyes, his face revealed expression of tired.

“Ah, Spirit cut-off  is really difficult, and to completely remove the immortal Qi is almost impossible, can only reduce the proportion of immortal Qi in it”

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath and slightly frowned.

He still doesn’t know what harm will immortal Qi cause if mortal consumes it?

“But I should to try”

Ye Xiaochen’s eye showed the color of determination.

If it can be successful then the benefits will be very big.

In Shennong System Introduction Guide, there are some good methods to cut off immortal Qi, but over 99% of them are not suitable for the present situation.

“Spirit cut-off, one of the simplest methods, is to heating up at high temperature, once the temperature reaches a certain limit then the immortal Qi will become unstable and will gradually separate from the immortal plant forming a gaseous immortal Qi”

Ye Xiaochen thought aloud.

This method is not at all suitable, although the immortal Qi will get separated, but it is estimated the immortal plant’s nutrients will be destroyed.

“There is a more practical way that is to use a Spirit cut-off material as medium”

Ye Xiaochen’s goal is the second method.

Spirit cut-off material

The immortal Qi absorption force is different in different materials.

The lesser the absorption force the more difficult is to do Spirit cut-off.

Spirit cut-off material is the medium is specially used to deal with removing immortal Qi.it has a strong attraction towards the immortal Qi and in certain circumstances, it automatically separates immortal Qi from the immortal plant.

Ye Xiaochen needs to find such material.

“Do not know if there is any Spirit cut-off material on the earth?

He was unsure.

After all, earth is the realm of mortals, it is normal if there is no Spirit cut-off material.

To find Spirit cut-off material from thousands of substance is like to find a needle in the haystack.

Fortunately, there are shortcuts to find Spirit cut-off material.

The Spirit cut-off material has particular characteristics, that is it creates a void special phenomenon.

Because Spirit cut-off material has great absorption towards the immortal Qi, so as long as Spirit cut-off material physically exist the place surrounding to the material will lose all its Qi and gets absorbed by the Spirit cut-off material.thus a large area becomes a land of no Qi.

“However, there is no immortal Qi on the earth, and definitely will not be able to find this void phenomenon, until I create the phenomenon by myself”

Ye Xiaochen was thinking in his mind.

He’s got some ideas.

Chapter 34-Seperation

Outside Wang family’s villa.

Wang Yuandong got off from a silver BMW car.He was feeling very good and was whistling, he opened the trunk and took out two flower pots from it.

In the pot, there were two seedlings of tuberose.

He is a considerate man, these days he saw aunt Wang Xinyi has been depressed and her figure has become more haggard.

So, he asked the people around for reason, and finally, he purchased two rare varieties of tuberose seedlings, he is confident that this two tuberose seedlings will certainly make aunt happy.

“Yuandong, what is this for?”

Zhu Qingqing saw nephew Wang Yuandong coming and even was carrying two flower pots with him, she couldn’t help but curiously asked.

“I bought this two tuberose especially for aunt”

Wang Yuandong hurriedly said.

“Yuandong, you might as well take it back, your aunt doesn’t need it now”

Zhu Qingqing didn’t know about this nephews plot, she couldn’t help but smilingly say.

“Not needed?Aunt, i heard that aunt Wang Xinyi has become more thin and pale,although this two strains of tuberose are not particularly expensive, it  might help solve her hearts knot, perhaps after seeing this two seedlings of tuberose, her attention will be diverted.”

Wang Yuandong asked with doubt.

“I guess you still don’t know, your aunt’s both tuberose has blossomed again” Zhu Qinqing couldn’t hold her laugh.

“Blossomed?how can this be possible?”

Wang Yuandong was not able to believe at all.

Even his graduate teacher Zhang Keqin who is a famous professor and great botanist at the Central South University said that there were no means to help.

“Ha-ha, if I hadn’t seen it personally, I also would not able to believe it either.The reason why tuberose was cured and even blossomed once again is that  of your university classmate Ye Xiaochen.”

Zhu Qingqing said with a smile.

Wang Yuandong mind was confused,what?that country bumpkin Ye Xiaochen cured aunt’s two strains of tuberous?

How is this possible?

In his heart, Ye Xiaoachen is nothing more but a country bumpkin who is trying to climb the status with the help of favor he showed to the family.How could he even have the capability to cure those two strains of tuberose which already has entered the stage of decline?

This is completely impossible!

“After you look at it, you will believe”

Zhu Qinqing said, she knew that Wang Yuandong did not believe her.

Carrying his two flowerpots Wang Yuandong hurriedly rushed towards the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives.

He was stunned when he saw those two strains of tuberose full of buds.

Are these two tuberoses really blooming again?

After some time he calmed down and accepted the reality, then after asking from Zhu Qingqing he got to know that Ye Xiaochen prepared some special medical potion, and using it he cured this two strains of tuberose.

“Plant promoting growth agent?”

Wang Yuandong became curious about this magical potion.

He does not think that Ye Xiaochen could actually prepare it, he might have gotten it from somewhere else.

“This boy was lucky enough to get such a good thing, if I study the formulae of this potion?”

Wang Yuandong could see more use of this potion

His graduate subject is about plant cultivation, he knew the preciousness of this potion, if this is real, then this potion is absolutely priceless.

“This is absolutely a big opportunity that has knocked my door, if I can study this potion thoroughly then I will certainly have a great achievement in the field of botany, and more importantly if this formula is used in mass production then there will be amazing business opportunities “

Wang Yuandong’s heart was excited.

In the market, there is absolutely no such thing that can delay the aging of plans and promote the growth of plants.

Once he can find out the formulae of this potion, then all this astonishing achievement will completely fall on him.

“I must need to get the potion first”

Wang Yuandong’s eyes gleamed, he turned back and returned to Wang Xinyi’s courtyard.

Not long after that, holding a small bottle of plant promoting growth agent he walked out, he made some excuse and asked Wang Xinyi the potion.
Wang Xinyi was simple, she did not have any suspicion and gave a small bottle to him directly.

“This is the plant promoting growth agent, is it really amazing?”

Returning back to the car, Wang Yuandong looked at the small glass bottle, the liquid looked like green amber and was clear, he couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes.


In the farm shed.

“There is a characteristic of immortal qi, that is when it reaches a certain temperature it sublimates into the gaseous state.”

Ye Xiaochen took out the boiler which he previously used for preparing the plant promoting growth agent.

He was preparing to separate immortal qi.

He chopped an immortal carrot into pieces and put it inside the boiler.

This immortal carrot is the only one left after the previous transaction with the goddess of the moon, as it was cut by him he didn’t trade, from then it has been in the storage space.

Now it’s finally time to use it.

He ignited the gas and suddenly the lines on the boiler’ shell started shining.

The temperature in the container was increasing, with the help of the glass, he was able to see the carrot fragments inside the container drying at the speed visible to naked eyes.

After a few minutes later, all the carrot fragments turned completely into a deep red powder.

At this point, Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath and closed the outlet of the boiler.

In this way, the boiler has become similar to a super pressure cooker.

According to pressure settings, he can easily control the temperature of boiler effectively.

Has to say, the special boiler he bought from the store is completely multipurpose.

The temperature was steadily rising.

Ye Xiaochen could see that the scarlet red powder inside the container has started to change.

This represents the material structure of immortal carrot which is beginning to get destroyed at high temperature.

After ten minutes later, the pressure in the boiler has reached a very terrible point, if he didn’t know that the boiler was purchased from the Store and the quality is absolutely good, he might have worried about the explosion of the boiler.

At this moment, the scarlet red powder inside boiler turned faint yellow, then orange next turned to pale black and finally it became a lump of black coke.

“In accordance with normal conditions, all the moisture in the boiler has been drained, now remaining should be some residue and gaseous immortal qi.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered while touching his chin.

Of course, he was completely not sure if immortal qi has really been separated.

He took out a vacuum flask which he purchased from the internet and then connected the vacuum flask to the air outlet pipe of the boiler.

As he pressed the release button, all the air from container sprayed out and entered into the vacuum flask from the outlet.

Of course, the release button has control over exhaustion speed rate, otherwise, because of too much high pressure, it will lead to separation of the flask from the outlet.

In the mouth of the pipe there is a net to block the residue powder, so the residue will not get ejected with the gas.

When all the pressure in the boiler was released, Ye Xiaochen closed the vacuum flask.

He opened the boiler and immediately burning smell was emanating from it.

However, there was not even a trace of damage inside the boiler, need to say this boiler is really made of good quality.

Next, he must examine the gas in the vacuum flask. Whether it contains immortal qi or not.

He took a deep breath.

He was feeling a little nervous.

Chapter 35-Digging well

Detecting the presence of immortal qi is not complex, a color test can be used for the detection.

Immortal Qi is sensitive to cinnabar when immortal Qi and cinnabar is mixed and heated, then the color of immortal Qi turns red.

Furthermore, cinnabar has a strong attraction towards Immortal Qi, so that’s why in spiritual world they use the same kind of principle but they instead use a cinnabar talisman.

Of course, the absorption strength of cinnabar is far less than of Spirit Cut-Off material.

Cinnabar is also known as, vermillion, red dan, mercury sulfide.It is not difficult to buy, it could be easily bought in some pharmacies

Ye Xiaochen took out a glass bottle containing scarlet powder.

He opened the cap of the bottle, poured some powder into the boiler and connected vacuum flask with the inlet.

After injecting some gas from the vacuum flask, he heated it…Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at changes in the boiler.

He slowly increased the temperature inside the container.

After a few minutes later, Ye Xiaochen finally found that space of boiler seemed to be covered with red fog.

As time went on, the red fog gradually strengthened and eventually it turned into blood red color,

It looked very strange when it was rolling inside the boiler.

“Good, really good, the Immortal qi was separated”

Ye Xiaochen was delighted when he watched the scene.

He no longer hesitated, took out red immortal qi from the boiler and again infused some transparent immortal qi, in this way he repeatedly used cinnabar to dye immortal qi.

Finally, all the immortal qi were dyed red color.

With this colored immortal qi, it will become much easier to search for the spirit cut-off material.

After all, if there is color, he will able to see the flow immortal qi clearly, and if there is spirit cut-off material near the surrounding, he can follow the flow of direction of red fog and search for it.

Though this is still like finding a needle in the haystack, he must try his best.

After all the immortal qi was dyed red, Ye Xiaochen removed the vacuum flask and pressed the release button, immediately all the red fog came out.

After the red mist was ejected, it remained uniform and didn’t scatter.

Ye Xiaochen shook his head when he watched this scene.It means there is not Spirit Cut-Off material nearby, otherwise, even if it is a hundred meters apart, the red immortal qi will be absorbed by it.

In Shennong System Introductory guide, Spirit Cut-Off material rank evaluation, the low-quality Spirit Cut-Off material can form the void scope of 100 meters.

As for High-quality Spirit Cut-Off material, it has a huge void scope.

The time passed by quickly and in twinkling of an eye, the time arrived for sowing seeds of vegetables and plants.

“Xiaochen, did you not spray herbicide last time?why are the weeds still growing? Did you buy a medicine?”

“I bought from that shop, it should not be fake”

“That’s weird”

Ye Xiaochen and his family started removing weeds.

The weed grown in the field must be cleared away one by one.

Now it was too late to use herbicide.

Ye Xiaochen also found a strange phenomenon, in the field where vegetables are grown, it was very clean, there was not even a single weed.

Is weed growing fast because of the immortal field?Then why are they only growing in vacant lands?

Or is it related to his Shennong talent?

As long as he plants vegetables in a land, then weeds won’t grow on that land.

Under the influence of Shennong talent, the planted vegetables and fruits nutrient absorption strength is stronger than that of weeds.So weeds are unable to absorb any nutrients and are in disadvantage.Hence they are not able to grow.
Of course, there can be other reason, so temporarily Ye Xiaochen didn’t jump to conclusion.

But he can do an experiment.

For example, he could intentionally leave a weed unpulled and sow a vegetable seed near it.

At last, if only the vegetable seedling survives and weed gets eliminated, then the problem could be explained.

Ye Xiaochen and his family got exhausted in order to remove so many weeds.

After a few days of busy work, all the vegetable seedling were transplanted completely.

Ye Xiaochen also had to distribute vegetables every day, using the time during delivery of vegetable, he would stroll the surrounding place to detect the Spirit Cut-Off material.

Although he didn’t find any Spirit Cut-Off material, Ye Xiaochen was not discouraged.

If it was too easy to find, then it would be very simple


Shashi, Central South University laboratory building.

Although it was the time of holiday, the place was still busy.

In one of the lab, Wang Yuandong was anxiously doing different kinds of experiments.The laboratory devices are very high-tech, the general graduate student first needs to apply before doing any kind of experiments.
Wang Yuandong has been in the lab for several days.

“How could it be possible that this plant promoting growth agents compositions could not be analyzed, the materials don’t even exist in the current system.Impossible! It should be that my database is inadequate ”

His hair was messy, eyes were red and dark circles were present around it, he looked like as if he hasn’t slept several days.

In order to study the formulae of plant promoting growth agent, he has neglected his sleep and food, almost all of the time he had been staying in the laboratory.

However he was greatly disappointed, he wasn’t even able to identify the ingredients of the potion.

Let alone find the formulae.

He knows that his level is limited.

But he didn’t have any plan to reveal about the plant promoting growth agent, He insists to research by himself.

Now, it looks like it won’t work.

And also he could no longer use the lab, the reason he was able to use and even stay in the lab for so long is that of his mentor Zhang Keqin’s help.

“Well, I need to find another way”

His red eyes showed unwillingness and determination.


Somethings have been delayed because of recent rush to transplant vegetable seedlings and search for spirit cut-off material.

Like for example, the present shed which is used for resting and sleeping is too crude.

Since he has little extra money in his hand, he definitely can’t allow to poorly treat himself.The conditions of the house must be improved.

Another is to drill a well in the farm.

Although there is a pond nearby farm which does not lack water, but a well is necessary.Later when exchanging immortal yuan with immortal spring there must require a well as the foundation.

Immortal spring does not emerge out from thin air, the Shennong system transforms the water well into immortal spring.

It is also same with an immortal land, there should be a plot of land.

In the future, there is also a need to build warehouse, fence and other things.There is no need to build the fence, he can use the existing barbed wire, but warehouse must be constructed.

Next few days, Ye Xiaochen became busier.

Regarding the construction of the well on the farm, his father didn’t understand but he didn’t say anything.

Originally Ye Xiaochen intended to invite some people for digging well, but his father said digging well is a simple job if one can’t even dig his own family well then he is not a man.

Finally, both son and father decided to do together, they borrowed a full set of tools for the construction of the well and became busy.

As for the matter of construction of the shed, Ye Xiaochen has chosen iron shed, which is simple, practical and easy to build.As long as they buy sheets of metal, they can directly build it.

As for the issue of heat during summer, he can install air conditioner to solve that.

The father and son worked day and night, it was tiring!

The location of shed well was next to shed, there was a tarpaulin to shield from sun

The temperature has been too high recently, it was too hot.

Now the well has been dug three meters deep and walls of it has been filled with concrete.

Because they did not reach the groundwater level, they must continue to dig.

Ye Xiaochen was shirtless and was only wearing shorts.Then taking out special hoe he started to dig the soil.

The well was so hot that Ye Xiaochen was sweating profusely.


While digging down, suddenly Ye Xiaochen’s hand shook, needless to say, he has already reached bedrock level.

This represents there is a rock layer below.

This mountain has many rocks, so it was normal to reach the rock layer this fast.

Generally, while digging a well when you reach rock layer, you just need to use explosives.

It is not easy to get explosives.

But Ye Xiaochen was not worried.

He has an immortal hoe.

So who needs explosives?

Chapter 36-Intention

Ye Xiaochen looked at the entrance of the well, he didn’t see the figure of his father.Immediately, with a thought, he took out the immortal hoe from the storage space.

The immortal hoe has a drawback, that is, it is too heavy.

And in this narrow hole, it was more difficult to use.

The good thing was, the tenacious stone was just like a tofu for the immortal hoe.He dug out some blocks and put it in the dustpan.

After filling the dustpan, Ye Xiaochen was tired.

He tied the rope to the dustpan and called his father.


The head of his father appeared near the entrance of the well, with the help of wooden pulley he began to pull the dustpan up.

Not long after that, father’s voice came from the top, ”Xiaochen, how can there be stones?Did you forcefully dig with the hoe? it will only damage the hoe.”

“Father, you can rest assured, it will not get damaged”

Ye Xiaochen said.

After a short rest, he continued to dig.

Despite the advantages of the immortal hoe, the speed of digging well has slowed down.It was mainly because the immortal hoe was too heavy.

The efficiency has decreased.

Previously, he could dig one meter deep in one day, but now because of stones, it is taking two-three days to dig one meter deep.


Central South University, laboratory building.

Zhang Keqin and Wang Yuandong looked at the small test tube which contained little remains of plant promoting growth agent.After days of experimental research, the consumption of plant promoting growth agent was not small.

“No doubt, this is a new kind of material, but unfortunately, to have more thorough understanding of its characteristic and structure, we need to have more plant promoting growth agent.The most important thing is that the precision of our lab devices cannot meet  the requirements.”

Zhang Keqin did not have his past scholarly temperament, he looked like a mad researcher.His eyes were red and fanaticism on his face which couldn’t be described.

“Yuandong, can you get some more of potion?”

He suddenly looked at Wang Yuandong and asked hastily.

“Teacher, we can get only limited quantity from my aunt, unless we look for Ye Xiaochen.But, if he knows we are researching his potion, it would become troublesome.”

Wang Yuandong said.

“This is an issue”

Zhang Keqin knows that now the protection of intellectual property right is very strict.No matter how Ye Xiaochen got the plant promoting growth agent, their secret research is itself a violation of professional ethics.

“What if we buy all the intellectual property right of the plant promoting growth agent?”

He narrowed his eyes slightly and suddenly said.

“Well That’s one way, but teacher, I am afraid that the value of the plant promoting growth agent will not be small”

Wang Yuandaong’s eyes brightened but hesitatingly said.

“Because of its high value that we must buy it.If it can be studied thoroughly, then it doesn’t matter how much we get money, just the agent itself contains pharmacological knowledge of plant kingdom which will be an unimaginable advancement in the field of medicine”

Zhang Keqin said while suppressing his trembling voice.

The ability to delay the aging of the plant is a great breakthrough in the field of life, the effect will not only in the field of plants but also for animals and it could also have an effect on the human beings.

Longevity, which is the pursuit going on for countless years in the human history.

If there is a medicine that can delay the aging of human, then it is equivalent to have reached the point of longevity.

Although in the Southern Province, he is quite a well-known expert in the field of plant, but in the country, he can be considered ordinary, and in the world, it can only be said to be a relentless name.

Because of this plant promoting growth agent, Zhang Keqin saw himself becoming famous and standing above thousands of people, a great opportunity to leave his mark for generations to come.

This was the biggest dream of his life.

He was absolutely unwilling to miss it.


At dusk.

Ye Xiaochen was very tired, he went back home, took off his dirty clothes and had a bath in cold water.He felt better after the bath.

Now the well has been dug around 4 meters deep, the water has started to emerge, but it is only in small amounts.He needs to dig more one or two meter deep to reach the groundwater level.
According to his current speed, it might take more one or two weeks for the well to be properly constructed.After all, the deeper he digs, the harder it becomes to dig and coupled with the frequent withdrawal of water, it is wasting more time.

Ye Xiaochen was about to go to dinner just then he received an unfamiliar phone call.

When he heard a slightly familiar voice calling himself as Wang Yuandong, he was stunned.

Strange, he and Wang Yuandong didn’t exchange contacts, then how can he call me?

“Ye Xiaochen, do you have some time tomorrow?I have very important matter to talk with you.”

Wang Yuandong said.

“What’s matter?Say it on the phone.Nowadays I am very busy.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t understand why Wang Yuandong was looking for him.

Wang Yuandong is an arrogant kind of person who looks down upon his poor classmate, that’s why Ye Xiaochen doesn’t want to get in touch with him.

“My teacher is interested in your plant promoting growth agent.do you any intention to sell the formulae?”

Wang Yuandong said after a moment of silence.

Originally, it was not convenient to say this on the phone, but there was no other reason to make an appointment with Ye Xiaochen.

Wang Yuandong thought over and over again, then he said.

“Plant promoting growth agent?”

Ye Xiaochen was shocked.How did Wang Yuandong come to know about it?”

He has never thought of selling this formula.This is priceless, it can’t be sold.

In fact, when he took out the medicine to treat tuberose, there was a risk of medicine getting leaking out, which would cause him unnecessary trouble.

But he couldn’t bear to see Wang Xinyi being sad and decided to use it.

He does not know how did Wang Yuandong get to know about it?Is Wang Shuisheng behind him?

This is not a malicious speculation, but a normal thought.Wang Shuisheng is a businessman, it is impossible not to see the value of plant promoting growth agent.

Although he has saved his son’s life, but sometimes in the face of profit, kindness is nothing, capital is always ruthless.

“I am sorry, I am not going to sell the plant promoting growth agent.”

Ye Xiaochen said bluntly.

He didn’t create any excuses like he doesn’t have formulae or another thing, the opposite party is not a fool, they will definitely not believe it.

“Ye Xiaochen, don’t say it like that, let’s discuss, I believe that the price will definitely satisfy you.It’s absolutely more worth than your farm”

Wang Yuandong did not back down even after Ye Xiaochen’s refusal.

“Ha-ha, you can’t afford the price”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

He was unaware of the potential price of plant promoting growth agent.

On the other side when Wang Yuandong heard Ye Xiaochen’s laughter, he knew that the deal was closed.

After the phone was hung up, Wang Yuandong looked at Zhang Keqin.While frowning he said ”Teacher, purchasing the formulae will not work, unless we use extreme means”

There was a chill in his eyes.

“Yuandong, we cannot act rashly”

Zhang Keqin saw crooked thoughts of his student and immediately warned him.

He just simply wanted to study the potion, as for taking it by force, he didn’t have such thoughts.

He was afraid that Wang Yuandong will also drag him in it.

“Teacher, are we just going to give up?

Wang Yuandong was unwilling.

“Of course not”

Zhang Keqin shook his head ”To handle the matter properly, you should think first.Do you think you can use those kinds of means?”

Wang Yuandong went silent.He knew that he was little bit reckless

“You should know where Ye Xiaochen lives.let’s go and talk to him tomorrow.”

Zhang Keqin said.

“Ok teacher”

Wang Yuandong nodded his head, it is not a problem to find Ye Xiaochen’s address.

Chapter 37-Similar

Farm, Immortal land.

Ye Xiaochen lying on a bamboo bed was using his mobile phone.

The Immortal land was very cool, and the air was exceptionally fresh.

No matter how much tired he is, after sleeping here for one-two hours he becomes energetic again.

“Wang Xinyi, can I Ask you something?”

Ye Xiaochen was chatting with Wang Xinyi on WeChat.

After these days of chat, Wang Xinyi’s heart was not closed like before, it has opened up and occasionally she says her heart’s matters.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen also has started to chat casually with her, it was not like before where he needed to think repeatedly before typing any sentence for the fear that it might be inappropriate.

“What is it?”

Wang Xinyi’s reply came.

“The plant promoting growth agent which I gave you, did you give it to someone else?”

Ye Xiaochen hesitated for a moment, but still sent the message.

After sending it he regretted, he thought that he might have asked too directly and Wang Xinyi could get different ideas.

Immediately he prepared another message.

“Yes. My nephew asked it, I didn’t think much at that time and gave him a small bottle of it.Is there any problem?”

“It’s okay, let me know if you don’t have enough.I’ll bring it to you”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly deleted his previous message and sent a new one.

He has basically determined that it was Wang Yuandong own evil intention and Wang Shuisheng was not involved in it.

He felt relieved when thought about it.

He doesn’t want to create any gap between himself and Wang Shuisheng.

After chatting for awhile, Wang Xinyi said she was going to sleep, thus the chat was stopped.

Ye Xiaochen turned off his chat.Resting his head on both his hands, he started to think how to deal with Wang Yuandong.

Since the other side knows the value of plant the promoting growth agent, they will certainly not give up.

“I guess, the best option is to patent the plant promoting growth agent, so all the intellectual property rights will be in my hands, and then I don’t have to worry about Wang Yuandong using crooked methods.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

This was the best solution.

Next morning, Ye Xiaochen started to dig the well.Suddenly, his father’s voice came from above.

“Xiaochen, your phone is ringing”

“Father, whose is it?”

Ye Xiaochen looked up and asked loudly.

“There is no name, but the number is from Shashi”

His father said.

“From Shashi?”

Ye Xiaochen immediately understood that it was Wang Yuandong’s number because yesterday also Wang Yunadong’s number was from Shashi.

“I don’t know.Don’t lift it”

Ye Xiaochen continued “It is definitely a prank call”

He was too lazy to pay attention towards Wang Yuandong.The call was surely for the matter of plant promoting growth agent which couldn’t be avoided.

He continued to dig.

The hard stones were just like tofu in front of the immortal hoe.

“Xiaochen, the phone call is coming again.I don’t think it is a prank call.You come up and answer it.” his father shouted.

“Damn!they really are persistent”

Ye Xiaochen was helpless, with the help of his father he climbed up.

The phone which just stopped ringing a moment back started to ring again.It was Wang Yuandong.
Ye Xiaochen picked the phone and said “Hey, Wang Yuandong, right now I am very busy”

“Ye Xiaochen, I and my teacher has arrived at Taiping town, where is your house?”

Wang Yuandon’s voice came from the phone.

Ye Xiaochen was completely speechless, they already have arrived at his door.They are really determined!

All right.

Since they have come near his door, he can’t ignore them any longer.He would like to see what Wang Yuandong and Zhang Keqin wants.

Ye Xiaochen told to Wang Yuandong to wait at the Taiping town for him.After finishing the call, he told to his father that he  is going out.

After going back home, he took a motorcycle and headed straight towards Taiping town.

At the intersection of town’s road, Ye Xiaochen saw Wang Yuandong’s car.It was a white Porsche.

Wang Yuandong and his teacher Zhang Keqin were there waiting for him.

Previous time at Wang Shuisheng’s home, Zhang Keqin acted like an expert,but now he was acting very kind towards Ye Xiaochen.

“Professor Zhang, it is not convenient to talk here.There is a tea house nearby let’s go and talk there.”

Ye Xiaochen also didn’t want to speak rudely.

However, he wasn’t yet ready to bring Zhang Keqin and Wang Yuandong at his home.

When they reached the tea house, they asked for a room then they sat down there.

Zhang Keqin couldn’t resist, he directly went to the subject, he talked about the mysterious abilities of plant promoting growth agent, which contains great knowledge of pharmacological and plants, and has an incomparable role in natural science and medicines.

At this moment, Zhang Keqin did not behave like a scholar but was more like a religious fanatic.With full of enthusiasm, he was non stop talking.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t say anything, he just listened.

“Ye Xiaochen, my teacher is an expert on plants.If you give him the plant promoting agent for research he will surely achieve great achievement.Isn’t it better than letting it go waste?”

“Oh, Wang Yuandong, why do you think that the potion will be a waste in my hands?”

Ye Xiaochen was little annoyed with Wang Yuandong’s tone, however, he gave an indifferent smile.

“Ye Xiaochen, it is not that I look down on you.To make such potion the person must have the extremely profound knowledge, it cannot be done unilaterally, must integrate the systematic professional knowledge.”

Wang Yuandong sneered.

Although in university Ye Xiaochen’s achievement was good, he did not pursue higher studies.is it possible with self-study?

Wang Yuandong believes it is insufficient.

“Wang Yuandong, don’t talk nonsense”

Zhang Keqing hastily scolded Wang Yuandong, he didn’t want to get in bad side of Ye Xiaochen.

“Mr.Ye, don’t mind the words of my student.Actually, before I came  here I had similar thoughts, but after seeing Mr.Ye personally, I can say that this plant promoting growth agent was produced by you”

When he looked at Ye Xiaochen, he always felt that he has some indescribable kind of temperament.

Previous time at Wang Shuisheng’s house, he did not feel anything from Ye Xiaochen, but now, it is different.

As if like seeing same kin, Ye Xiaochen has the same temperament as a researcher.

Wang Yuandong was astonished, it was difficult to understand with teacher’s disposition, how could he flatter Ye Xiaochen?

“Ha-ha, professor Zhang you’re overestimating me.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but laugh.

To speak truly, after obtaining Shennong system, he has read much knowledge contained in Shennong introductory guide and combined with the original knowledge of the study of plants, he verified, absorbed and merged, so his professional accomplishment is not bad, even in some aspects, he has surpassed the general experts.

There is a very strange phenomenon, his understanding and learning ability seems to increase, especially when it comes to plants as if he got some kind of enlightenment.

As a botanist and a famous professor, Zhang Keqin has the feeling of meeting with similar kind of people.

Chapter 38-Communication

“Mr.Ye, actually I planned to buy the formulae of plant promoting growth agent mainly because I was interested.I really wanted to study it in depth.But, now, it seems unlikely.However, I hope that you can share some of your insights on botany, especially on the principle of slowing the aging of plants.I sincerely ask Mr.Ye to give the advice”

Zhang Keqin said.He thinks that Ye Xiaochen is a hidden expert and does not want to reveal himself.Naturally, he didn’t want to give up.

From his tone, it could be considered that he regarded Ye Xiaochen as a person with equal footing as him.

At the same time, Wang Yuandong who was sitting beside was startled, he did not know why his teacher was behaving in this manner towards Ye Xiaochen.He believes that Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have such profound knowledge.

Ye Xiaochen felt a headache from Zhang Keqin’s perseverance.

Such expert researchers are usually stubborn, otherwise, it would be difficult to have achievement in their professional fields.

“Professor Zhang, let me ask you a question.”

Ye Xiaochen said after a moment of thought.

“Please, Mr.Ye”

Zhang Keqin Said.When he saw Ye Xiaochen has softened his tone, his heart was immediately filled with happiness.

“Do you think plants have consciousness?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Consciousness of plants?”

Zhang Keqin was little surprised, he apparently didn’t expect Ye Xiaochen would ask such metaphysical question.It was same as asking view of science about the soul.

“How can plants have consciousness?Don’t you know the definition of consciousness?”Let me give you, according to the modern psychology the consciousness is divided into two parts: one is P-consciousness and other is A-consciousness.The P-consciousness concept determines that consciousness is the general psychological phenomenon that gives the reality, it is simply the raw experience of a person which manifest with the combination of knowledge, emotion, and meaning. The A-consciousness concept refers to people’s awareness and attention to outside world and themselves”

Wang Yuandong could not see his teacher giving so much attention to Ye Xiaochen, he couldn’t help but say in a sarcastic tone.

It is true that now the current definition of consciousness mainly refers to the being who has wisdom.The animals don’t come under this definition let alone plants.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Wang Yuandong, he didn’t say anything, just gave a smile.

The current society’s definition of consciousness is too limited which is even affecting the development of natural sciences.

Can you imagine about an intelligent immortal beast that can speak, thinks like a human and even has formed its own racial civilization?

Can you imagine of an ancient immortal tree that has lived for countless years which can walk on earth and spread wisdom and civilization?

Can you imagine of a rock that can breed immortal embryo which can control natural forces and has superior wisdom?

You might not see it on earth, but it is possible in the strange world beyond earth.
When Ye Xiaochen saw those records from Shennong introductory system he was shocked.The current humanity is just a bird in the cage, they simply wouldn’t be able to imagine the greatness and vastness of the outside world.

“Mr.Ye, i really don’t know anything about the plant’s consciousness.”

Zhang Keqin said.

It was not that he was ignorant, it was just the research and study of modern science in the field of life was only limited to the physical level.

Just like when a person falls sick, they could only check for various symptoms of the physical body.

There is still one way through which consciousness could be found, that is using modern psychology which could find person’s inner world and explore deeper mysteries, but it has the various limitation, so it could be only considered superficial.

“Well, in my opinion, the definition of consciousness according to botany is insufficient and that’s why it difficult to have great progress”

After taking a sip of tea, Ye Xiaochen said.

Wang Yuandong almost sprayed tea out due to laugh, he felt that at now Ye Xiaochen was just pretending to be an expert.

Zhang Keqin thought something for a moment, then he said: “I ask Mr.Ye to please enlighten me”
Ye Xiaochen saw Zhank Keqin behaving just like an obedient student.He secretly sighed in his heart, it seems that he need show his skill, otherwise it would be very difficult to handle.

“Let’s take an example, now humans get the disease, some are related to physical body and other spiritual.Some physical disease is also related to spiritual, so during treatment must follow different methods.Plants are also same if the plant is without consciousness it only needed to be cultivated according to the research-based situation.But, once the plant has consciousness, it becomes more complicated.There are many problems which can not be explained by current science…”

Ye Xiaochen began the discussion.

But who would have thought, he would not stop once he started talking.

All along this time, he has been studying on his own, he felt alone.Now, there is plant expert in front of him which is a good opportunity for him.

Zhang Keqin was not able to fully digest all the novel ideas of Ye Xiaochen, but it felt refreshing.so he couldn’t help but get interested.

Wang Yuandong couldn’t hold anymore and said “Ye Xiaochen before saying this thing you have to make sure that plant consciousness exist”

Zhang Keqin was little dissatisfied with Wang Yuandong’s interruption, he glared at him.

However, he also was having doubts about the problem of plant’s consciousness

“I can’t confirm”

Ye Xiaochen shrugged his shoulders

Unless someone has same psychic talent as him or is a practitioner who can read thoughts, it is not possible to determine the existence of plants consciousness.

Of course, modern science might also detect the existence of plant consciousness.

But presently it was not possible.

Ye Xiaochen was helpless, he could clearly determine the existence of plants, but  doesn’ have any substantial evidence to  produce

“What you have just said can only be considered an assumption, there is no scientific evidence to back it, it can only be said as pseudoscience” Wang Yuandong sneered.


Ye Xiaochen didn’t say anything, he was too lazy to deal with him.Wang Yuandong thinks that he has found the flaw, but he is just a frog in the well.

Zhang Keqin was pondering about the possibility Ye Xiaochen mentioned.

To not able to confirm the existence of plant consciousness doesn’t mean that the plant consciousness does not exist.It is just may be the modern science technology has not reached that level.

It is just like several hundred years ago, humans know that they won’t be able to go in space.

But now?

So, as a botanist, he always had a perception, that is bold hypothesis should carefully be observed.

Moreover, from various views of Ye Xiaochen, he was able to determine that Ye Xiaochen’s expertise in botany was not weak, instead, it was very deep.Though Ye Xiaochen didn’t do any systematic and comprehensive study, so it is a little bit messy but some questions essence he pointed out perfectly conforms to his appetite.

He even thought that Ye Xiaochen might really have found a way to prove the existence of plants consciousness.

But was actually remaining silent and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Chapter 39-Warning

Zhang Keqin left with Wang Yuandong, and never mentioned again about purchasing the formulae of plant promoting growth agent.

However, Ye Xiaochen was kind enough to give him a small bottle of plant promoting growth agent.

Ye Xiaochen did not worry about Zhang Keqin like real academic experts.

Only Wang Yuandong was problematic, Ye Xiaochen was not sure what mischief will he do on his back.

When he left, his whole face was unreconciled and it could be seen that he still had not given up on the formulae of plant promoting growth agent.

Ye Xiaochen had just arrived at home when he got a call from Wang Shuisheng.

“Brother Ye, nowadays are you very busy?”

“Recently I have been busy, but I can’t be busier than big boss Wang!”

Ye Xiaochen made a joke.

“Ha-ha, actually, I have been traveling abroad with your sister-in-law.Oh, by the way, my nephew took some plant promoting growth agent from my sister for research. but, I guess that he has evil intentions about the formulae.I will warn him well and won’t let him give you trouble”

After chatting some irrelevant words, Wang Shuisheng shifted the topic.

Ye Xiaochen was startled, Why was Wang Shusiheng’s saying this?

However, he was also a smart man, when he thought about it, he immediately realized.Wang Shuisheng was indirectly saying that he was not responsible for the action Wang Yuandong did.

It seems that after last night’s message, Wang Xinyi told the matter to Wang Shuisheng.

Wang Shuisheng called him to clear the misunderstanding.

“Brother Wang, today Wang Yuandong came with professor Zhang.”

After pondering for some time, Ye Xiaochen decided to talk about today’s matter.

“Did this fellow really act unreasonably?”

Wang Shuisheng’s tone contained a hint of anger.

“Haha, brother Wang you can relax, professor Zhang is quite a good person.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Of course, the underlying meaning of the sentence meant that Wang Yuandong was a troublesome person.

Wang Shuisheng naturally understood the meaning.After chatting with Ye Xiaochen, he hung up the phone and called Wang Yuandong.

In his heart Wang Yuandong wanted to spit blood, he did not even got a single benefit but also was reprimanded by his uncle.

Although he was reluctant, he could only put away the little thoughts after getting warned by his uncle.He was very afraid of his uncle.


Since the last meeting, Ye Xiaochen and Zhang Keqin had established a relationship.Whenever Zhang Keqin has time,  he would discuss some academic issues through Wechat.

Ye Xiaochen did not undergo any systematic study, he has only some basic knowledge which he mastered in university, so his knowledge was half-baked.

He started learning various knowledge in Shennong introductory guide.to absorb thoroughly, he compared each knowledge one by one with current knowledge system and finally established a common bridge between the two knowledge system.

It was best to have an expert like Zhang Keqin to talk about it.

Zhang Keqin would also sometime send information to Ye Xiaochen for him to examine.

This information was hard to get even in universities network and libraries.

Even to a graduate student, he may not teach these things.

Ye Xiaochen knew the reason why Zhang Keqin was so generous and enthusiastic, it was because he wanted to know the secret of plants consciousness.

In several conversations, Zhang Keqin has frequently mentioned of topic about plant consciousness.
Regarding this, Ye Xiaochen just pretended not to now.

Time silently passed away

The well was ready.

It was seven-meter deep. The groundwater was very abundant, the water was sweet and clear.

After working hard for a long time, he could only say that it was not easy.

Originally his somewhat thin body has started to grow some muscles.

It was the start of August and also was time for settlement.

This month’s income was not less than the previous month, in fact, it was more than the previous month’s profit.

Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied with the profit.

His mother and father also became happy, last few months, he had been worried about the problem of sale.

Now, finally, there was no issue of sale.He has also earned more money than he expected.Naturally, he was happy.

If you have money, you can become courageous.

This saying was really true.

Ye Xiaochen felt that recently he has been full of confidence.

It was the time of noon, he was eating meals at his home.

“Xiaochen, don’t misuse these two months of money, save this money.It can be helpful during your marriage”

His Mother said at the dining table.

“Mother, why are saying like this kind of things?I am in no hurry for marriage.I think the house has become very old, we should rebuild it this year”

Ye Xiaochen said while eating.

“But if you build a house what would happen to your marriage?”

Mother hesitatingly said.

“You’re a woman with no vision, before taking a wife there must need to have a new house. I think what Ye Xiaochen said is correct, this house needs to be reconstructed”

Ye Xiaochen’s father stood with him in this matter.

His mother slightly considered, and she felt that it was correct.So, she also agreed to build a new house this year.

When Ye Xiaochen saw his mother agreeing with him, he was slightly relaxed.The reason why he mentioned about the construction of the new house was that he wanted to improve the living environment.

But if he wants to talk about this matter with his mother and father, he must need to have some reason.

When new house would finish constructed, his mother and father would push him to go for a blind date.There were still few months before that could happen.

Of course, the main thing was now to make money.

Last month he earned more than 30,000 yuan and this month he earned nearly 70,000 yuan.So in total, he has nearly hundred thousand yuan.

However, there was still a long distance before he could build a new house.

Currently, building materials were expensive and labor was more expensive.For a three-story or two-story house, it would cost more than 2-3 million yuan.

The houses built in Taiping town are nearly 4-5 million yuan

However, Ye Xiaochen was fully confident in earning money.

Now the farm was getting more and more sales, making money was not hard as it used to be before.

Of course, to make more money, he needed to work more hard.

Ye Xiaochen went to the farm and took a good tour of it.

The newly transplanted seedlings were growing well.

Even the defective broccoli’s were growing well.

Suddenly, his phone started to ring.It was professor Zhang’s phone number.

“Brother Ye, there is a problem I wanted to consult about”

Professor Zhang’s voice came from the phone.

“Ha-ha, professor Zhang, what guidance can I give to you.You are just flattering me”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

During these days of communication, Zhang Keqin has become a good friend of him.

“I m telling the truth, this matter can only be explained by you”

Professor Zhang was not a person who flatters, he directly went to the topic.

It turns out that recently professor Zhang picked a work.He tried to help cure a very expensive bonsai tree.It had been seen by many experts and they couldn’t find any cure for it.

Professor Zhang thought Ye Xiaochen’s plant promoting growth would show some miraculous effects.

But no one had thought instead of curing it would make it worse.

He was immediately dumbfounded.

Chapter 40-Problem

After Ye Xiaochen listened to professor Zhang’s words, he immediately realized that professor Zhang had a superstitious and wrong understanding of the effectiveness of the plant promoting growth agent.

It was true that the plant promoting growth agent could slow down the rate of aging of plant and promote its vitality.Therefore the plants could maintain their stable condition.

But plant promoting growth agent was not universal medicine, many symptoms might look similar but they are very different.

If it was not used for correct symptoms, the plant promoting growth agent might not work, and even could produce opposite results.

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t know on what kind of bonsai tree professor Zhang used the medicine, so he was unable to judge it.

Soon, professor Zhang sent a few clear pictures of the tree in WeChat.

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have much knowledge about the bonsai tree.

In the pictures, the shape of the tree was exquisite, beautifully intertwined, small beautiful and dense green leaves were shaped in excellent symmetry and the white trunk showed its bright lusters.

Even a layman like Ye Xiaochen could see that the bonsai tree was authentic eastern.

In few photos, the bonsai tree had some changes, like the tip of the leaves turned yellow.If it was one or two it was okay, but the whole leaves of the tree became like that.

The yellow color on such leaves looked very unusual.

This was a sign of illness.

Moreover, the white trunk did not have its previous luster, instead, it became grey and gave a dark feeling.

The whole tree looked as it had lost it spirt, and has entered into the aging period.

After studying the pictures, Ye Xiaochen was unable to get to any conclusions.He called professor Zhang, and asked what bonsai tree species was it?

“Brother Ye, this tree is white wax bonsai, it is also known for its long life, it has a history of more than 300 years and is very precious.”

Professor Zhang was little surprised that Ye Xiaocen actually doesn’t  know the species of the bonsai tree.

Ye Xiaochen only knows this species was not ordinary, there was only few osmanthus white wax tree, it was also known as living fossil or shield of bonsai.

Moreover, the growth of white wax was slow and its life was long, which could reach about 2000 years.

As it was a bonsai, it was natural to not allow it grow up like a tree, therefore through trimming and using some special methods, the size of it could be maintained.Like this plants are very precious, and usually after long periods of cultivation, it would attain perfect density.

But after wars, many similar kinds of bonsai trees were lost.

The so-called bonsai trees in modern society were just recently bred.

It could be said that in bonsai tree, we don’t only have to look at appearance but also at the age of the tree.The older the tree is, the more precious it is.It was said that there were some species of bonsai tree which lived until thousand years and considered priceless.
This white wax bonsai tree has 300 hundred years of history.Ye Xiaochen was not surprised. Professor Zhang’s work certainly does not involve ordinary families.

Previous time professor Zhang went to Wang Shuisheng’s home for the tuberose

“Professor Zhang, from this sense, the tree is far away from aging.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Yes, but on this species, there appeared signs of aging, like the white trunk turned to grey, generally only during aging it happens, plus there were other suspected symptoms.So, I just thought to use plant promoting growth,thinking that maybe its antiaging effect would help in delaying the aging,but who would have thought that after using  yellow leaves would start appearing,first it was only at the tip, but now this has started to spread, perhaps in a few days the whole leaves will get affected and then the tree will get destroyed.”

Professor Zhang said.

Not only he did not cure the tree but also made it worse.

He was under a lot of pressure.

After all, it was not a trivial matter for the owner of this tree.

Although he didn’t say anything to the owner of the tree, he was still worried.

“Professor Zhang from the photos I am unable to judge anything.I need to check the scene, so, is it ok with you?”

Ye Xiaochen said after some thought.

“That would be great.”

Professor Zhang said in a happy tone.

He had great hope on Ye Xiaochen.

During this period of communication, he became more and more assured that plant promoting growth agent was configured by Ye Xiaochen.

After hanging the phone, Professor Zhang sent him the address.

Ye Xiaochen took his truck and directly went to Taiping town, from there he took Jingxian county highway.

After two hours, he saw the professor, Zhang.

And, of course, Wang Yuandong was also with him.

After seeing Ye Xiaochen, Wang Yuandong’s mouth sank, he naturally knows the reason why Ye Xiaochen was here, but he doesn’t believe that Ye Xiaochen could cure the white wax bonsai tree.

He even felt that if it was not for Ye Xiaochen’s plant promoting growth agent the situation would not be had become awkward.

If they were not able to cure it, they could just quit.

However, the problem was the white wax situation became worse, now they could not quit and the owner also won’t leave it alone.

Whenever he imagined the bonsai plant’s master, his heart trembles.

Ye Xiaochen stopped his vehicle and got into Wang Yuandong’s car.

In the car, professor Zhang told situation of white wax bonsai and also its owner’s identity, he wanted Ye Xiaochen to pay attention to this point.

Ye Xiaochen immediately understood why Professor Zhang was anxious about curing the bonsai plant.It turns out that he mishandled the person’s treasure!

Damn, he was dragging me also in this water.

If he was not able to cure the white wax bonsai, he would be facing the wrath of the big man, wouldn’t it be a disaster?

However, he also thought that the things had gone to this extent because of his plant promoting growth agent.

What a nuisance!

When Professor Zhang looked at Ye Xiaochen face, he felt embarrassed.After all, in this matter, there was no involvement of Ye Xiaochen.

But he doesn’t have any means.

Moreover, he really feels that Ye Xiaochen might have some way.

Only Wang Yuandong was sneering repeatedly in his heart, if he has fear, it was better to say it now.

Ye Xiaochen hesitated for a moment, he was also feeling worried.

Since things have gotten to this point, he could only try.

He doesn’t believe that Shennong System would not be having any solution for this problem.

When Professor Zhang saw that Ye Xiaochen didn’t reply anything, his heart was relieved.

He was afraid that Ye Xiaochen would directly quit.

“Pretend!keep pretending!”

Wang Yuandong doesn’t believe that Ye Xiaochen would always be able to show off.

He would be waiting till Ye Xiaochen goes there and find himself unable to have any means to solve.
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