Heavenly Farmer Chapter 301-310

Chapter 301 – Instrument

At a hotel in Jing county.

“Director Chen, we have temporarily lost contact with Jiang Feng.”

Said a middle-aged man with a grim look.

Chen Ao was expressionless “Haven’t they already captured him? We must bring him here before Ye Xiaochen senses anything.”

Suddenly, the middle-aged man answered a phone call, and immediately his face changed: “Director Chen,  a traffic accident occurred in the suburb of Jing county. The license plate number is of our people.”

“What? what about the child?”

Chen Ao hurriedly asked.

“The child is fine, but others have died.”

Said the middle-aged man.

“Damn, how can this happen? Quickly deal with it, we must not let the people find any relation with us.”

Chen Ao said.

“Director Chen, do you want to bring the child from the traffic police?”

The middle-aged man hesitated.

“Humph, how can it be possible? Isn’t it snatching people openly?”Chen ao snorted, “Hmph, truly you guys can’t accomplish anything but are ready to spoil things. Let’s leave the matter.”


Half an hour later.

Ye Xiaochen went to traffic police to take Lu Fenglai.

This little guy was being teased by some policewomen.

It looked like this little guy was quite popular.

Seeing that the little fellow was alright, Ye Xiaochen felt relieved.

From traffic police, Ye Xiaochen learned that it was the work of human traffickers who specialize in kidnapping children.

Human traffickers?

Ye Xiaochen’s didn’t believe the story.

He took the Lu Fenglai from the traffic police team.

“Fenglai, what the hell is going on?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at his bent down head, he understood that Lu Fenglai had made a mistake and asked in a cold tone.

“I went out of kindergarten to play, and accidentally met those people. After that, I didn’t know anything that happened. When I woke up, I was in the car…”

The little fellow coherently told the whole story.

He even repeated what other people in the car had said.

“Hmph, indeed as expected. They actually targeted me, they have acted recklessly.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes became cold.

He had already known through some channels that the country had set up a Supernatural Management Bureau and a special research laboratory to study on cultivators.

And that Chen Ao held one of the important posts.

However, Ye Xiaochen was a little confused about one matter. Why did the other party kidnap Lu Fenglai?

“Since the car was going to Jing County, and the other party has settled the matter with Jing county’s public security department, turning this case into an ordinary human trafficking incident, the other party should still be in Jing County.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes narrowed. Suddenly, he took out more than a dozen immortal beans and gently threw them out.

Immediately, like a mirage, the beans disappeared.

Now Ye Xiaochen has refined out dozens of bean soldiers. With his current cultivation, there was no discomfort in controlling them.

Ye Xiaochen has refined Qi refining stage bean soldiers. It was not difficult for them to find a specific person from such a large county.

As long as Chen Ao was in Jing county, with his cultivator breath, he would not be able to escape bean soldiers’ search.

At the moment.

On a wide road leading to the countryside, a few black Audis were driving out.

“Director, are we leaving just like this?”

The middle-aged man asked.

“Currently,  we can’t touch him at all. Originally, I wanted to take the child back to the base, but now we can’t do it. We have already alerted the snake.”

Chen Ao shook his head and said.

Suddenly, he seemed to sense something, and immediately his face changed greatly when he looked out of the window.

Because he saw on the top right side of the car a shadow following.

He was a full-fledged cultivator who could see the illusory ghosts.

However, from the shadow, he did not feel the gloomy and cold breath of the ghost. Instead, he felt it was like a shadow.

Besides, it was impossible for ghosts to come out during the daytime.

All of a sudden, the shadow grinned at Chen Ao.

Chen Ao’s face became ugly.

He was about to speak but immediately, the shadow made a sudden leap and disappeared into the driver’s body.

The driver was so shocked that he stopped the car in the middle of the road.

Fortunately, there was no car behind, otherwise, it would have been dangerous to stop so suddenly on the road.

The driver turned back with an eerie smile.

“Who is the senior? Please, don’t play tricks.”

Chen Ao’s body was overflowing with the aura.

“Why did you kidnap that child?”

The driver suddenly spoke.

Chen Ao was fine, but the middle-aged man in the car was a little scared.

“Are you Ye Xiacohen?”

Chen Ao said.

Currently, the supernatural Management Bureau has mastered a lot of information, and it was almost certain that Ye Xiaochen was a cultivator.

However, the most puzzling thing was why he could cultivate even when he didn’t come out from the cultivation world.

There was no aura in the secular world, so it was impossible to cultivate.

Yet Ye Xiaochen was able to cultivate vegetables containing aura, and even this aura was of high grade.

He suspected that Ye Xiaochen was hiding a huge secret.

That’s why they’ve been secretly investigating him.

“Tell me, why did you try to kidnap that child? Otherwise, you won’t leave the Jing county alive.”

The driver made strange noises.

Chen Ao was shocked because he found that he was actually surrounded by more than a dozen shadows.

“Ye Xiaochen, I am an official of the State Department. Do you still want to kill me?”

Chen Ao said sternly.

“Haha, I am not killing with my own hands.”

The driver gave a strange laugh.

“Wait, I will say it, but will you let us go after I say the reason?”

Chen Ao hurriedly said.

“It will depend on my mood.”

Said the driver.

“In that case. I might as well not say it.”

Chen Ao clenched his teeth and said.

“Hehe, do you think it’s okay if you don’t say it?”

The driver gave out a strange laugh.

All of a sudden, an invisible will descended on the car, including Chen Ao and the people inside. They seemed to have lost their self.

“Speak, what’s going on?”

A faint thought rang out.

“Through a large number of experiments on cultivators, the Supernatural Management Bureau has developed an instrument that could detect a spiritual aura. Using the super soldier program that the military has stopped studying, we found that as long as the spirit body is able to withstand the power of nuclear radiation, it can perfectly turn into a super-soldier. The stronger the spirit was, the stronger the super-soldier would be. Therefore, our supernatural management has been looking for the spirit body to bring back to the laboratory for training. We chose the child because the spirit of his body was too strong. If he could be transformed into a super-soldier, he could achieve s-class super soldier level which was comparable to a Qi training stage…..”

Chen Ao unconsciously disclosed everything.

The reason why he came to Jing county in person this time was specifically for that child.

At the moment, another place in Jing county, Ye Xiaochen through bean soldiers learned what Chen Ao said,  and was a little surprised.

This Supernatural Management Bureau was able to come up with research results so quickly that they developed an instrument for finding the spirit body.

The reason he could find talent was due to his talent eye.

Now it seemed that this instrument was better and other talents could be found.

Chapter 302 – Passage

Ye Xiaochen released Chen Ao and others free.

Of course, he didn’t let him go without any measures. He has already applied a secret technique on Chen Ao and others, at the same time he erased the relevant memories.

With Ye Xiaochen’s current cultivation and coupled with the knowledge obtained from two consecutive stages of dreaming, it was not difficult to achieve these.

Ye Xiaochen took Lu Fenglai back to the farm.

After learning about the situation, Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongcheng were frightened. If their son had been taken away, it would be very difficult to get him back.

“Well, in the future it won’t happen this kind of thing. You can enter and leave the heavenly land farm, as long as you don’t make too much public appearance.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

He has planted a secret technique in Chen Ao’s subconscious so that he won’t be troubling Ye Xiaochen and his people.

Moreover, using this secret technique, Ye Xiaochen could secretly control Chen Ao and grasp the details of the Supernatural Management Bureau and their laboratories.

In this way, he could obtain information at any time.

“I didn’t expect that using the current technology to study the method of cultivating, they got some results. So quickly they developed an instrument to detect spirits. It seems that they will be making more achievements in the future.”

Ye Xiaochen thought to himself.

Moreover, the super soldiers they have cultivated were extraordinary.

In the past, it was because the failure rate was too high for producing super soldiers in batches, this project had been put on hold.

However now, with the addition of Chen Ao, and using other cultivators as the experimental body, they developed the instrument to find the spirit body and even found that only the spirit body could make a super-soldier.

In this way, they only need to use the spirit detector to find the spirit body, and they would be able to continuously create super soldiers.

“It seems that I still underestimate the power of current science and technology. I don’t know what will happen in the future. Maybe it is possible to develop an energy that can replace aura and let people cultivate.”

Ye Xiaochen thought to himself.

Of course, this doesn’t have anything to do with him for the time being.

His main job was still farming.

He estimated that shortly his experience would rise from level 3 to level 4.

At that time, he would be able to buy a level 4 immortal land and plant more advanced immortal plants.

Moreover, it was not impossible for ordinary yellow grade plants to grow into high-quality plants.

Like this, another month has passed.

Today, Ye Xiaochen finally accumulated enough upgrade experience, and so the Shennong system began to upgrade to level 4.

Soon, three days passed.

When Ye Xiaochen heard that the system was upgraded, he quickly opened the Shennong system.

He suddenly found that the Shennong system had added a new function.

At level 1, there were four categories: Character, farm, friends, and store.

When upgrading to level 2, a Task system was added

Upgrading to level 3, a Heavenly land farm was added.

Now upgraded to level 4, the seventh function was added, called passage.


What was this?

Ye Xiaochen quickly checked the information about the passage and was surprised by it.

Because this was a passage to the immortal world.

This means that through this passage Ye Xiaochen could enter the immortal world.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes widened.

However, he soon found that it was not easy to enter the immortal passage, because it needed to consume Xianyuan.

How could a mortal enter the immortal world easily?

Even if Ye Xiaochen was a cultivator, for the immortal world, he was still a mortal.

If a mortal entered the immortal world, that person would be crushed into powder by the power of the immortal world.

However, with this immortal passage, it was different, he could spend the immortal yuan, get the protection, and be unaffected by the power of the immortal world.

Of course, the consumption of immortal yuan would be huge.

Every second spent would, at least, cost a hundred immortal yuan.

“It seems that the higher the Shennong system level was upgraded, the greater the consumption of the immortal yuan would be!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

Whether it was to adjust the time flow rate in the heavenly land or going through the passage to enter the immortal world, a lot of immortal yuan was required.

Although his immortal yuan income was extremely terrible, the consumption was also huge.

“Well, let’s check out the immortal world.”

Ye Xiaochen saw that he has more than one million immortal yuan in his account and felt that he could use it for a short time.

Immediately, his thoughts moved, and he used the function of the immortal world, suddenly a light penetrated the void and fell on the heavenly land.

As soon as this force appeared, people in the heavenly land immediately felt a sense of oppression.

They all came out and saw Ye Xiaochen was wrapped in a column of light. His body was rising as if clouds were rising to heaven.

Lian Yuzhu and others were stunned.

“Oh heavens, is the boss going to ascend to the immortal world?”

“It seems like it. This breath is too terrible, it’s definitely the breath of the immortal world.”

“I didn’t think that the boss could really enter and exit the immortal world.”

Suddenly, a small figure flew out, Lian Yuzhu and others couldn’t stop it.

The little guy entered into the beam of light and slowly rose.

At the same time, Ye Xiaochen found that the consumption of immortal yuan doubled.

Ye Xiaochen looked down and found it was Lu Fenglai. He almost fainted. What are you doing here? Every second you stay in the immortal world costs 100 immortal yuan. If one more person is added, it will consume an additional 100 immortal yuan per second. Won’t I lose too much?

However, Lu Fenglai joined, so he couldn’t stop it.

Once the immortal passage was opened, it would last for half an hour.

That is to say, if you use it one, you would be spending more than a hundred thousand immortal yuan.

This time there were two people in the passage, so the cost increased to 300000 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen and Lu Feng completely flew out of the heavenly land and entered into a strange passage.

Immortal world.

On the boundless sea.

Suddenly, a vortex appeared, followed by two figures coming out.

It was Ye Xiaochen and Lu Fenglai.

They were suspended in the air.

Ye Xiaochen took a gentle breath and immediately felt the rich immortal spirit qi.

It was a hundred times stronger than the heavenly land farm.

Most importantly, the immortal spirit qi was purer here!

Just a small breath, gave him a sense of fullness.

However, at the moment, Lu Fenglai’s body issued the sound of an explosion. A virtual shadow emerged and bloomed out, it gradually became apparent, and turned out to be a plant shadow.

This was the sign of the immortal planting tactic breaking from foundation to Qi refining stage.

Ye Xiaochen was stunned, just entered the immortal land, and broke through so fast?

After a while, Lu Fenglai said with a pleasant surprise. “Master, I have reached the Qi refining stage.”

“Do you know this breakthrough came at the cost of more than 100000 immortal yuan?”

Ye Xiaochen glared at Lu Fenglai.

With so many immortal yuan, he could create dozens of Qi Refining stage cultivators.

Forget it, I’m too lazy to tell him. Who lets him be a child?

He looked around and immediately saw a huge island at a distance, and instantly with Lu Fenglia went towards the island.

He must hurry up!

He only has half an hour.

He could’ve stayed longer, but he couldn’t bear to!

It would cost a lot of money.

Soon, the two people landed on the island.

He saw the ground and his eyes turned red. Damn, this is immortal soil. Although it looked like the level one immortal soil, it was still the immortal soil

And those plants, grass, were all the immortal plants!

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t wait to move it back to the secular world.

And even the sea was different, it was immortal seawater!

Chapter 303 – The Immortal World

Although all these things were worthless to the immortals, it was full of treasures to the mortal world!

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t take it back.

As he had no storage space bag.

“Had I known before, I would have bought a storage space.”

Ye Xiaochen regretted it.

Suddenly, he thought, doesn’t the Shennong system have its own storage grid? I do not know if it would work?

Moreover, this storage grid was very special, as long as it was the same kind of material, it could store unlimitedly.

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen directly flew towards the sea and opened the storage grid of the Shennong system. Immediately, in a large quantity, the immortal sea water enters the storage grid.

Ye Xiaochen saw that the amount of seawater in the storage grid was increasing at an amazing speed, and immediately a smile appeared on his face.

Because of the special nature of the immortal spring water, the immortal spirit would evaporate into the air, so for a long time, he couldn’t plant immortal plants with water properties.

Now that he has seawater, maybe it could solve this problem.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen continuously collected seawater for half an hour.

While Lu Fenglai sat on the coast and was absorbing the immortal spirit qi, his cultivation was improving at an amazing speed.

Even if Ye Xiaochen did not deliberately cultivate, his cultivation was still improving.

The Shennong tactic ran silently.

Like this, half an hour passed, and Ye Xiaochen saw that more than 300000 immortal yuan had been consumed.

He was very distressed!

However, when he saw so much immortal seawater, he wanted more… like this, a few more minutes passed.

No, we can’t stay any longer.

It’s too expensive.

If he were alone, it would have been fine to stay longer. Now that there was an extra person, he would lose too much.

Ye Xiaochen clenched his teeth, and immediately cut off the supply of immortal yuan. Suddenly, a suction shrouded the two people.

The next moment, the two were sucked into a space-time tunnel.

At the same time, in the Heavenly land farm, Lian Yuzhu and others were waiting.

After waiting for more than half an hour, they saw two shadows come down from the passage. When descended, the light column dissipated.

Lian Yuzhu and others sensed the breath of Lu Fenglai and were stunned.

Because the breath of this little guy was no less than them.

How was that possible? Half an hour ago, the little guy was just a perfect foundation construction stage cultivator.

How could he suddenly break through to the Qi refining stage and even reach a higher level?

Lian Yuzhu depressedly said, “Boss, why didn’t you take us? I’ll be able to reach the peak of the Qi refining stage. It would be fine for just a small amount of time!”

“Do you know for just this small amount of cultivation time how much immortal yuan I spent? It was nearly 200000 immortal yuan. It is enough to make you break through and reach the Golden core.”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes.

This little guy was so naughty that he has learned to pit his master.

When Lian Yuzhu and others learned about the matter, they felt envious.

Immortal world!

The boss and the little guy went to the immortal world, it would have been exciting.

However, they all know that they couldn’t think about it for the time being.

Going there and staying half an hour would cost more than 100000 yuan.

This is ridiculous.

Even they felt sorry for the boss!

“Fenglai, don’t make trouble in the future, otherwise I’ll spank you.”

Lu Dongcheng started to discipline his son.

“Lu Dongcheng, I couldn’t beat you before, so I could only let you hit my ass. Now, do you still think you are my opponent?”

Lu Fenglai wiped his nose and disdainfully said.

“Oh, this little guy’s wings have grown hard, you dare to call me by name. Today I will make your ass swollen.”

Lu Dongcheng lost his face, he immediately took out a feather duster and ran after Lu Fenglai.

However, Lu Fenglai’s cultivation was not lower than him, he even entered the immortal world and was baptized by the strong immortal spirit qi, transforming his body invisible.

Moreover, Lu Fenglai had earth grade talent.

Naturally speaking, under the same cultivation realm, Lu Fenglai was a bit more powerful.

Of course, Lu Fenglai dared to call his father’s name, but he did not dare to fight against him. He immediately ran around the farm.

Father and son, one chasing and one running….

After a long time, Lu Dongcheng was out of breath, and his qi had decreased.

On the contrary, Fenglai didn’t feel anything at all, and from time to time he would make faces at Lu Dongcheng. Lu Dongcheng’s face became black.

“Haha, Lu Dongcheng, it seems that in the future you can’t educate him.”

Tu Baiyuan gloated.

“Tu Baiyuan, when your daughter is born, you should be careful.”

Lu Dongcheng snorted coldly.

“You don’t have to worry about it. My daughter will be a very clever child after she is born.”

Tu Baiyuan said proudly.

Du Yueqiu has also been pregnant. Since the time flow of heavenly land has reached eight times, it has been several months now.

Ye Xiaochen was too lazy to stop their quarrel and was wondering how to deal with the immortal seawater in the storage grid.

Finally, he decided to dig a big pond in the open space of the heavenly land farm.

Anyway, the area of the heavenly land farm was not small.

Digging a pond, naturally, Ye Xiaochen didn’t do it personally, he has a lot of bean soldiers.

With the help of bean soldiers, in less than an hour, a pond of half-acre radius and five to four-meter depth was dug.

The whole pond was pressed tightly so that no water could seep through and get lost.

Ye Xiaochen opened the storage grid, immediately a stream of water came out and poured into the pond.

Lian Yuzhu and others have already arrived. They were curious to see the water that Ye Xiaochen had brought.

It lasted more than half an hour and the pond became full.

There was still some more left in the storage grid.

“Wow, what a rich immortal spirit qi!”

Lian Yuzhu and others sensed the rich immortal spirit qi in the water and their eyes shined.

Because this immortal spirit qi was different from the five-element immortal bead, the qi was of a higher level and purer.

They couldn’t hold themselves from taking a sip of the water and the next moment they spat it out because it was too salty.

Ye Xiaochen began to wonder what kind of immortal plants he could plant.

He opened the store and looked at it.

Cold Aromatic bone Lotus seed, black grade ninth level.

This immortal plant was very peculiar, the lotus roots looked just like a human bone, it was as white as jade, even in the puppet field, the root of Cold bone lotus was used as a puppet’s skeleton to refine it into an immortal puppet.

After considering, Ye Xiaochen chose this immortal plant seed.

Using his own powers, he catalyzed the seed and distributed them evenly in the pond.

“The pond has immortal plants, so I can raise some fish”

Ye Xiaochen pondered in the heart.

Unfortunately, there were no fish to buy in the store.

As for ordinary fishes, they were unlikely to survive in the immortal seawater.

It couldn’t be helped, there was a big difference between breeding and planting. He was a Shennong mainly involved in vegetation.

Chapter 304 – Demon plants

2016 was destined to be an extraordinary year.

Super rice has officially replaced hybrid rice as the most widely planted crop in the southern province.

This year, the province’s rice production more than doubled compared with the previous year.

Several other super crops were already being harvested in the southern province.

Other provinces also began to seek cooperation, allowing the super plants to go out of the southern province, and growing nationwide.

In 2017, the planted area of super rice accounted for more than 80 percent of the country’s rice area.

This year, super rice was officially imported out of the country, was grown on the African continent, changing the problem of food shortage in Africa.

Thanks to its super rice foreign policy, China’s influence in Africa has increased greatly.

In the next two years, super plants, led by super rice, were sold around the world, earning a lot of foreign exchange for China.

Naturally, Shennong Business Commerce, with Yang city Plant Consciousness research institute as its core, has obtained huge economic benefits.

Shennong Business Alliance was a business alliance led by Earth Shennong Group, supplemented by other eight related groups. Now it has become the country’s premier super business alliance and also has great importance in the international arena.

Ye Xiaochen, through a lot of research results, became successful and influential.

Within two years, he became an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Yang city Plant Consciousness research institute.

Compared to three years ago, Ye Xiaochen has undergone tremendous changes.

His temperament became as gentle as jade, and his eyes were full of the light of wisdom.

In these past three years,  he experienced several more dreams, and his knowledge of Shennong was increasing at an astonishing rate.

However, he grew more and more confused, because what he saw in the dream was getting more and more complicated.

He didn’t know what it meant.

In addition, his cultivation has successfully broken through to the Golden Core and was still Heavenly Land Golden Core.

As long as he closed his eyes, he could sense the Golden core in his dantian, which was in full brilliance, but in the brilliance, a huge space was hidden.

The heavenly land farm was in that space.

The current heavenly land farm has already undergone the earthshaking change.

The area was hundreds of times larger than it was three years ago.

The plant spirit has completely turned into an entity, supporting the whole heavenly land.

Ye Xiaochen was now able to plant yellow grade top-grade quality immortal plants, and middle-grade quality black grade immortal plants.

Only in the earth grade immortal plant, there was no progress.

It couldn’t be helped, the growth time of the earth grade immortal plant was thousands of years.

The reason he was able to plant an earth grade immortal plant was because of the time acceleration in the heavenly land farm.

Currently, the time acceleration of the heavenly land farm had reached an astonishing 35 times.

It has been nearly three years in the outside world, but it has been sixty to seventy years in this heavenly land farm.

In other words, Ye Xiaochen was now in his 40s or 50s.

This was calculating his stay in the outside world and some part of time inside the heavenly land farm.

As for Lian Yuzhu and others, they stayed in the heavenly land farm every day.

After such a long time, they have already reached the golden core stage.

As for Lu Fenglai, he had already grown up and reached the golden core stage.

However, he was a restless person, often would run to the secular world,  a disaster for many girls.

Of course, during these years, Liain Yuzhu and Lu Dongcheng, Du Yueqiu, and Tu Baiyuan had few more children. There were now five boys and four girls, not including Lu Fenglai.

This was still because each child would take two to three years to be born. Otherwise, they would have surely been able to produce more.

The children they gave birth to were all Earth grade level.

Ye Xiaochen now also has let his parents start cultivating.

The parents were shocked when they learned Ye Xiacohen was a cultivator.

They naturally were willing to cultivate.

However, Ye Xiaochen knew that his parent’s aptitude was too poor. There were no spirit roots at all.

Therefore, he spent a large amount of immortal yuan to buy an elixir for them, so that they could have spirit roots. Of course, it was only at yellow grade, but it could at least let them start cultivating.

During this period, they often entered the heavenly land farm.

Of course, in order to let them adapt, Ye Xiaochen divided a small area in the farm and set a different time flow rate.

The consumption of immortal yuans increased due to this.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t care, he has financial resources now.

At present, his casual immortal yuan income was in the millions.

In the heavenly land farm, the two elders with twice the time rate cultivated for several years, and barely entered the Qi refining stage.

Ye Xiaochen was not worried, he was a Shennong. Even if his parent’s aptitude was not enough, he could use resources to increase their cultivation realm.

In addition, Ye Xiaochen also gradually led people in the research institute who had the planting talent to the path of cultivation one by one.

As a result, these people have now become Ye Xiaochen’s loyal members.

They were thrilled to know that by cultivating, they could live longer.

They knew that only by following Ye Xiaochen firmly could they go further along this road.

Although they have not entered the Heavenly land for cultivation, they had planting talent. With the cultivation resources provided by Ye Xiaochen, their speed of cultivation was not slower than that of his parents.

At this time, Ji Yuting came in.

In the three years, Ji Yuting also had gone through great changes.

Now Ji Yuting was excluding a fairy aura.

This was the result of her cultivation, plus she was top beauty, and now she looked even more beautiful.

“Teacher, there are some changes in the latest Demon plants, which seem to be getting out of control?”

Ji Yuting took out a document and put it in front of Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen picked up the file, looked over it, and said “Well, it’s normal, It’s still under control. When the time comes, I’ll revise the data.”

This batch of Demon plants was extraordinary, this was Ye Xiaochen’s biggest research project in the past three years.

Of course, this research project was not known to anyone other than the core members of the institute, because this plant Ye Xiaochen developed based on the concept of plants vs zombies.

He called these super plants as Demon plants.

It was not difficult to cultivate but was difficult to control.

Various problems emerged one after another.

However, now it was basically within the controllable range. As long as they could solve some problems, they should be able to cultivate controllable and stable Demon plants.

Once the Demon plants were cultivated successfully, he would not take them out outside and keep them as his bottom card.

With these Demon plants, he could easily create a large army of plant monsters.

Recently, he got surprising news from Chen Ao that the Supernatural Management Bureau has located the cultivation world. They used a large particle accelerator to temporarily open the channel to enter the cultivation world.

Even the country has been secretly preparing to invade the cultivation world.

Therefore, in these circumstances, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t be unprepared.

Chapter 305 – In advance

In fact, Ye Xiaochen was aware of the actions taken by the country.

Now he was working on several military projects,

First, the super protein plant which is used to increase the defense has not only passed the physical kinetic energy defense test, but even the energy defense has been repeatedly tested. And even laser weapons were used to test it.

Ye Xiaochen has seen the laser weapon, they have been reduced to the level of individual weapons, showing the improvement of laser weapons.

Moreover, in terms of power, when the laser weapon was adjusted to the maximum power, it was almost comparable to the attack power of the peak Qi refining stage.

This was just a portable single laser weapon.

According to Ye Xiaochen’s understanding, the large laser weapons of the military might give a threat to the Golden Core cultivator.

The laser weapons were only one aspect, there were other destructive weapons like electromagnetic weapons, thermal weapons, and nuclear weapons. If the country really invaded the Cultivation world, the consequences would be really unpredictable.

In addition, there was the purification grass project, which the military also joined and hoped to improve the efficacy of purification grass.

Ye Xiaochen speculated that the Country’s intention was that when they would invade the Cultivation world,  and once nuclear weapons were used, the purification grass could be used to eliminate the effect of nuclear radiation as quickly as possible.

With the power of nuclear weapons, it was afraid that even the Cultivators of the Nascent soul realm might not be able to contend with it!

Once the purification grass was available, the Country would have little scruples on using nuclear weapons.

Ye Xiaochen sighed whether he had made a mistake by cultivating the purification grass?

Of course, he also knew that even if there was no purification grass, the country would not stop its invasion of the cultivation world.

After all, a new world was too tempting for the country.

If what Chen Ao said was true that it was a world with an area no smaller than the surface area of the earth. Then, if it was occupied, how terrifying would China’s strength become?

He was afraid that it would surpass the US and dominate the world.

It was just that he didn’t think it would be easy.

The cultivation world has existed for countless years, there would be countless strong cultivators.

In this regard, Ye Xiaochen was not too optimistic that a secular country could really conquer the Cultivation world.

Perhaps neither side would win.

Of course, Ye Xiaochen didn’t bother to pay too much attention to the Country’s matters. If things go wrong, he would take his family and friends to the heavenly land farm, so that no one could affect him.

Therefore, now he was invincible.

The third cooperation project with the military was on the super fuel plants.

Fuel grade, to a large extent, determines the industrial level.

From ancient firewood to charcoal and then to the present oil and gas, if energy wasn’t able to keep up, the development of industrial technology would be impossible.

Although nuclear energy has been developing for decades, it still could not be miniaturized, like using the nuclear reactor to a car or plane.

It was used in the submarines and the aircraft carriers, but the technical requirements were very high and could not achieve absolute safety use.

Moreover, nuclear power itself was an unsafe and potentially dangerous source of energy.

Therefore, this would restrict the development of industrial technology in the future.

If they could find a new type of energy, which was pollution-free,  and has high energy value, it would certainly form a strong driving force for modern industrial technology.

Ye Xiaochen’s super fuel plant was similar to rapeseed, but the fuel produced was a thousand times higher than the current top jet fuel.

Naturally, this super fuel needs a specific type of engine to be able to withstand it.

In the previous experiments, the engine matching problem has been solved.

In fact, according to Ye Xiaochen, the engine, material, and other aspects have been improved, but the shortage of fuel has limited the development.

Ye Xiaochen predicted that the super fuel plants would be first used by the military.

And then there’s the super rubber plant,  the extracted rubber was much stronger than the existing rubber.

After Ji Yuting left, Ye Xiaochen made a phone call to Wang Xinyi.

Now Wang Xinyi has already been a top singer in China and was well-known internationally.

Ye Xiaochen also taught her to cultivate.

He thought that she didn’t have any talent for cultivation or her cultivation talent might not be that good. Unexpectedly, she made rapid progress in the cultivation.

Ye Xiaochen felt that she has a good cultivation talent.

She was now at the Qi refining stage.

Ye Xiaochen also has taught Wang Xinyi some special skills in the song, so that her songs could contain a kind of shocking and penetrating power.

Therefore in just a few years, she has become popular all over the country and abroad, her accumulated popularity was unimaginable.

Whether man or woman, young or old, they were fans of her.

Even in the music industry, she was regarded as the greatest musician of all time.

For Wang Xinyi’s protection, Ye Xiaochen spared no effort and had arranged several strong bean soldiers on her side, all of them were at the Golden Core Realm.

Therefore even though Wang Xinyi was currently touring on the African continent, he was not worried about her safety at all.

After talking with Wang Xinyi for a long time, Ye Xiaochen hung up the phone.

He was about to get up and leave the office, but suddenly, he closed his eyes for a moment.

After a while, he opened his eyes and there was a look of surprise in him.

“I did not expect the country would take action so quickly, they are ready to open the way to the cultivation world.”

Ye Xiaochen slightly frowned.

He had secretly taken control of Chen Ao and placed him as a chess piece in the supernatural management bureau.

Currently, Chen Ao has a very high position in the Supernatural Management Bureau and would serve as a senior guide in invading the cultivation world.

Naturally, Chen Ao knows a lot of confidential information.

“Looks like I have to get prepared.”

Once the gateway to the immortal world was opened, the consequences would be hard to predict.


Three days later.


Inside a huge underground base.

A giant particle accelerator was already in operation.

Countless experts and researchers were busy.

The particle accelerator was powered by a large nuclear reactor.


At the terminal of the particle accelerator, there was a huge portal-like structure, which was the entrance to the passage of the immortal world.

Once this portal was opened, the military forces could enter from here.

In this huge underground base, the military has already gathered a powerful force.

All kinds of top technology weapons were gathered.

Individual laser weapons, mecha, aircraft, etc.

It was like a set of sci-fi movies.

For this day, the military has been waiting for two years.

The reason why these powerful individual weapons could be used lies in the super fuel plants cultivated by Ye Xiaochen.

The emergence of this super fuel made a major upgrade of military weapons.

Due to time constraints, the number of armed forces was not large.

The reason why the space channel was opened in advance of time was mainly that the secret agent who has been lurking in the cultivation world has sent a message, the cultivation world has become aware of the secular government’s actions.

Chapter 306 – The Cultivation world

This invading army has a very strong weapon, a guided rocket launcher.

It was equipped with powerful missiles and even nuclear missiles.

According to the invasion army’s plan, once they enter the cultivation world, they would launch a long-range attack on the several major cultivation sects.

They have already arranged some chess pieces in secret a long time ago!


An invisible wave spread throughout the base, the huge particle accelerator was in full operation.

On the huge portal construction, an electric light like thing appeared.

In the end, the portal was completely covered with a light current.

“Increase energy output by thirty percentage.”

“Particle acceleration is complete!”

“Particles jump into the field of four dimensions…”

“Positioning the space.”

“Increase energy output by fifty percent.”


A lot of orders were issued, and countless people were working in an orderly manner.

The curtain of light on the huge portal changed and began to twist and spin.

The accelerating particles were about to break through space and penetrate into the four-dimensional field beyond three dimensions.

This was the field that the great powers of the world have studied for a long time without success.

Finally, a vortex gradually formed, becoming deeper and deeper, and finally, it completely turned into a huge black hole.

It seemed to devour everything.

“The signal is connected.”

“The space passage is stable.”

“The particles are stable.”


All kinds of data were put together and finally, it was concluded that the space channel had been stabilized and was ready to transmit personnel and equipment.

With the headquarters command, immediately, fully armed mecha first entered.

There were as many as a thousand, they were three to four meters high humanoid armor, carrying the most advanced laser and electromagnetic weapons.

These mechas were coated with the most advanced super dense protein.

One by one the mecha rushed into the vortex and in an instant, those mecha instantly decomposed into particles rose to four-dimensional space, and then appeared in the cultivation world.

In the Cultivation world, there was no such transmission device, but through the positioning instrument, the target could be accurately transmitted through.

The next moment, figures appeared out of thin air, and these humanoid armors began to spread in all directions, creating a defense.

Next large equipment, tanks, armored vehicles, heavy guns, and other things were transmitted.

There were also army trucks loaded with all kinds of large equipment.

A large number of researchers also came.

The place they had chosen was a vast and unpopulated area, with no inhabitants for thousands of miles.

Mainly because it was a desert region.

Within just a few hours, the tens of miles area had become a huge military base, and countless defensive weapons had been laid out.

Armed helicopters were also on the patrol.

Engineers have begun assembling small rocket launchers to launch small satellites into the world.

On the other side, a huge particle accelerator, a nuclear reactor, and other facilities were being built

Everything was already prepared, it just needed to be assembled here.

Under normal circumstances, it could take three or five months.

However, it was completed quickly.

Three days later.

With the exception of a few large types of equipment, the others have been basically completed.

And, every moment, a huge amount of material was being delivered.

At present, in a certain area, missile towers have been set up.

Various data optimization, coordinate positioning, and other things were being carried out.

The whole base was busy.

Meanwhile, an expedition team and patrol force have been sent out to explore the distribution of mineral resources in the surrounding area.

After all, if they want to consolidate and develop in this world in the future, they certainly couldn’t rely on the materials from the earth, but on the materials from this world.

Mineral mining, metallurgy, and other types of equipment will continue to be transmitted here.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

All kinds of resources were being discovered one after another, and the world’s resources were far more abundant than they had expected.

This has excited the top Chinese officials.

At present, in the distant holy land of Kunlun.

Many Nascent soul cultivators were gathered together.

“I’ve been feeling a little restless these days.”

“Me too. It always feels like something big is going to happen.”

“By the way, some time ago, didn’t you say that you caught a strange man, and after a soul search you got some information, was the person someone from the secular world?

“Well, it’s true.”

“Does our uneasiness have something to do with it?”

“It’s impossible. Even we can’t enter the secular world. How can the secular world have the ability to enter our cultivation world? I think it’s just a coincidence the person entered.”

“This can also be true. Although the two worlds are separated, there are always gaps, and the positions of these gaps are not fixed and they keep on changing.”

“Either way, we old folks are feeling a little uneasy. Something big must be happening.”

“Yes, since the last plan of immortal seed the immortal world has not done anything, and I don’t know what is the purpose?”

“Well let’s send a batch of people to patrol the various regions.”

“That’s the only option.”

Shortly, many Nascent soul cultivators issued orders to their sects.

All of sudden, the top sects of the Eastern Dao domain sent their disciples to inspect the places.

Naturally, those small and medium-sized sects also got the wind about it.


Heavenly land farm.

Ye Xiaochen sat cross-legged.

Behind him, a huge plant stood.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and revealed a smile

“Chen Ao has brought the Heavenly land token into the cultivation world. From now on, I can enter the cultivation world at will.”

Ye Xiaochen murmured to himself.

He could use the heavenly land farm to enter and leave the secular and cultivation world at any time.

He was naturally curious about the collision between the secular army and the cultivators of the cultivation world.

In a mountain forest dozens of miles away from the Chinese military base.

A figure appeared out of thin air.

It was Ye Xiaochen.

Chen Ao had already sent someone to put the heavenly land token here.

He did not put away the token and instead flew out straight.

He felt that the aura of this world was rich, but the quality was too far away from the immortal world.

It was like firewood was burning here and the nuclear power in the immortal world.

That much difference was there.

For Ye Xiaochen, who was used to cultivating the immortal spirit qi, he felt a little uncomfortable breathing such a low-level aura. As if from a place with fresh air, he came to a heavily polluted place.

Ye Xiaochen had already changed his clothes according to the cultivation world.

He looked like a wild cultivator.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen flew hundreds of miles and finally arrived at a big city.

This big city was like that of ancient cities shown in the Tv series.

The streets were full of men and women in ancient clothes.

However, a lot of people here were carrying knives, swords, and other weapons.

In the cultivation world, there were also secular countries. People with no spiritual roots usually practice martial arts.

So there were a lot of warriors.

The cultivator was above average people and was called a celestial being.

The people of this world aimed to be a celestial being.

Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts moved and immediately he sensed that the highest cultivator in this city was just a Qi refining cultivator. There were no more than 20 people with the foundation construction base, and the rest were warriors and civilians.

According to the information Ye Xiaochen got from Lian Yuzhu, the whole cultivation world was divided into Eastern Dao Domain, Wester Divine Domain, Southern Wizard Domain, Northern Monster Domain, and Central Evil domain.

The Western Domain was dominated by White race people focusing on Shinto.

The Southern Wizard domain was dominated by the black race, practicing various wizard techniques.

In the Northern Demon Domain, animals could cultivate into Demon, it was filled with different kinds of Demons running amok, and some evil sects of humans also were mixed with them.

And the Central Evil Domain was the most powerful one, occupied by ghosts and evil spirits.

The reason ghosts and evil spirits could occupy the Central domain was due to a Millennium-year-old ghost, and strength was comparable to the False immortal realm, above the Nascent Soul realm.

This millennial old ghost could already fly to the underworld, but he was still in the cultivation world using unknown means.

It should be known that if you reach the top, you would be excluded by the rules of the world.

Due to millennial ghost existence, Central Evil Domain became the most powerful one.

After Ye Xiaochen entered the cultivation world, he didn’t check out the local conditions and customs of this world.

He wanted to go to a remote place and cultivate demon plants. The demon plants were dangerous things, which couldn’t be cultivated in the earth nor in the heavenly land. In the heavenly land, the area was limited, and he wanted to plant more immortal plants.

Therefore, he could only cultivate in the cultivation world.

The area of the cultivation world was not smaller than that of the secular world.

However, the population of the cultivation world was far less than that of the secular world.

Although the aura was abundant in the cultivation world, it was a dangerous place. Various powerful beasts and demons run amok.

The destruction of villages and towns could occur at any time combined with the disaster of war, the death rate here was very high.

It should be known, this was the world of cultivators. Martial artists, cultivators were rampant. A word of disagreement could kill people.

The only good thing in this world was there was no food shortage and there were fewer diseases.

As a result, most of the world’s population was concentrated around cities, and a large area of land was barren.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen wanted to find a deserted place to cultivate demon plants

Ye Xiaochen got the map of the surrounding area of the city.

It was labeled with all sorts of dangerous places.

Ye Xiaochen was hoping to find such a dangerous forbidden place so that no other people would disturb him

Chapter 307 – Long-range attacks

After careful study, Ye Xiaochen chose Thunder wind valley.

This valley was actually quite large, and situated in a huge basin.

In the thunder wind valley, strong thunder and wind blow all year round.

In addition, the vegetation there was barren, and the resources were very poor.

There was no cultivation sect nearby it.

Such a kind of place was most suitable for Ye Xiaochen.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen left the city, went straight to Thunder wind valley.

After flying for hundreds of kilometers, he finally reached Thunder wind valley. Along the way, he met with some spirit beast and demonic beast, However, when facing Ye Xiaochen, who had the Golden Core cultivation, these beasts fled far away.

The Golden core cultivation realm was also regarded as the high-level combat power in this cultivation world.

Ye Xiaochen carefully examined the situation of the thunder wind valley. He found that there was indeed a strong wind, lightning, and thunder in the valley and the environment was extremely strange.

Every now and then lightning strikes.

The ground was scorched, the vegetation was very scarce.

“Haha, in such a place, as long as some lightning towers were installed, it should be able to resolve the lightning.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

He instantly went back to the Heavenly land farm, and then to buy materials for building lightning towers.

When Ye Xiaochen returned to the thunder wind valley, he came with others.

Lina Yuzhu and others felt happy when they returned to the cultivation world.

Although they liked their present life and environment, they still missed their hometown, which was the palace they lived in for decades.

When they left this world they were still at the foundation construction stage and had no hope of increment.

However, now in a few years, they have become a golden core cultivator.

In their sect, they would be considered elder level.

Unfortunately, they can’t go back now.

With so many skilled workers, efficiency was very high.

Soon, towers were erected on higher grounds.

Perhaps for ordinary people, it would be very dangerous to build the towers in such a place with dense lightning.

However, all the people present were at the Golden Core Realm, it was not a problem for them.

When the lightning towers were arranged, all the lightning was attracted by it and no longer affected the lower ground.

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction.

This was the power of science.

If it were cultivators, they wouldn’t have any solution to this problem.

Next, Ye Xiaochen took out a large number of demon plant seeds, evenly sprinkled them on the ground, and then used the art of growth.

As he performed, streaks of light spread out over the large area.

The art of growth was far compared to what it was during the foundation construction stage.

Suddenly, in the naked eye speed, these demon plants began to take root, germinate, and then grew up rapidly.

As this world has a rich aura, the growth rate was very fast.

These plants have different abilities.

For example, the red bean shooter was a variant of immortal red beans, which releases fireballs.

Of course, its attack frequency has time.

Every once in a while, it would absorb aura from surrounding and condense it into fire energy. After brewing it in the bean shell, it could erupt at any time.

At most, it could store three to five fireballs.

As for the power, it was probably at the level of the Qi refining stage.

As to cultivating higher level demonic plants, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t do it for the time being.

Even so, it was already astonishing.

Ye Xiaochen could cultivate a sea of demon plants whose attack would be overwhelming.

In addition, Ye Xiaochen has cultivated large-scale demon trees, like the Dandelion monster tree.

This was the combination of dandelion and immortal vine.

These plants were very big like a huge tree.

After breaking away from the branches, these dandelion’s flights could be controlled, their speed was fast and once it reached the destination, they would fall and produce terrible power like a bomb.

Most importantly, all demon plants have the ability to move.

Unlike ordinary plants, they won’t be in a fixed position.

There were many other demon plants, with extremely strange abilities.

This was what Ye Xiaochen has been cultivating in recent years.

Over the next few days, Ye Xiaochen planted demon plants in the Thunder wind valley.

Of course, he didn’t plant too many, Not to mention the limited space, but it was also disadvantageous for demon plants.

Because they were not perfect yet.

Therefore, during this period, he was perfecting it.

At the same time, he has been paying attention to China’s base in the cultivation world.

According to the news from Chen Ao, the cultivation world might have discovered the existence of foreign bases, and some cultivators seem to have appeared in the base periphery.

There were even conflicts.

One day, Ye Xiaochen was cultivating a demon plant. Suddenly, he seemed to sense something and suddenly looked to the west.

He saw a large patch of light rising into the sky.

He was shocked and rushed through the heavenly land to the place where he appeared last time.

A shocking sight appeared, hundreds of intercontinental missiles had been launched and were flying in several directions.

Ye Xiaochen suspected that it was not impossible for the missiles to have a nuclear bomb.

“I didn’t expect the officials to really do it. They attacked with long-range missiles.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

He doesn’t know how the cultivation world would respond to it?

In fact, these missiles were not short or medium ranged ones but high ranged. Their flight trajectory was high. They first enter their high altitude, and then it will fall from the sky on to the strike range.

In this way, the possibility of being intercepted was minimized.

Intercontinental missiles were almost impossible to intercept.

He shook his head. Once the war started, there was no turning back.

I don’t know how it will end?

Ye Xiaochen returned to Thunder wind Valley and continued to cultivate demon plants.

The Shushan sword sect was the closest major sect to the Chinese base.

This was one of the big sects in the Eastern Dao domain, and there were quite a few Nascent Soul cultivators in the sect.

There were as many as dozens of Golden core experts.

It could be said as their flourishing period.

Although foreign invaders have entered the Cultivation world, there was still no change in the Shushan sword sect.

Suddenly, a Nascent Soul cultivator, who was sitting at the gate of the Shushan sword sect, seemed to feel something. He suddenly raised his head and looked up. His spiritual knowledge spread out and covered a large area.

Some cultivators of the golden core stage have sensed something.

However at this moment, the nascent soul cultivator’s spiritual knowledge fully ascended to the height of ten thousand meters, and he still did not sense anything.

This height was already the limit.

If the ground was covered, it was enough to cover tens of kilometers.

However, the high altitude was different, it has a very strong magnetic pole force, which has a great influence on spiritual knowledge.

“What’s the matter? Why am I feeling so uneasy?”

The nascent soul cultivator talked to himself.

Although he was just an initial nascent soul cultivator, at his level, he already had the power of intuition.

By contrast, those golden Core had much worse intuition.

After probing for a long time, he still didn’t feel anything, but the feeling of terror grew stronger and stronger.

Chapter 308 – Nuclear bomb

“What’s the matter?”

The Nascent soul cultivator of the Shushan sword sect murmured to himself.

“My spirit knowledge is unable to find the source of danger?”

The terror in his heart was growing stronger.

This was definitely not an illusion, but a genuine intuition.

Only when you reach the level of Nascent soul, could you have this feeling.

“It won’t work, I must inform the people in the secret world.”

The Nascent soul master decided to discuss with the sect in the secret world.

A sect like the Shushan sword sect naturally has a secret world.

That was a Holy land(Heavenly land).

(Tn: For Ye Xiaochen’s holy land(secret world) I kept heavenly land and for other, it will be a secret world)

It was a small world attached to the cultivation world. If you do not grasp the spatial coordinates of the small world, you won’t be able to enter it.

It could be said that even if the gate of the Shushan Sword sect was destroyed and all the disciples were dead, the Taoism tradition of the Shushan Sword sect would not be broken as long as the secret world was still there.

In the Eastern Dao Domain, there were only a few sects who were in possession of the secret world. These sects have a very long history. It was because of the existence of the secret world that they prospered for a long time.

However, the sects who don’t have a secret world, even if their strength was strong, without the secret world their ability to fight disaster was too inferior.

Due to this, once a secret world was discovered, there would be a very cruel fight for it, because a secret world would certainly create a sect that would last forever.

Just as the Nascent Soul cultivator was about to withdraw his spiritual knowledge and enter the secret world, his face suddenly changed, because, in his sense, dozens of dark shadows appeared.

These shadows were moving too fast.

As these shadows were falling, it created friction with the atmosphere forming a terrible flame, which shot down towards the mountain of the Shushan sword sect.

The face of the Nascent soul cultivator changed greatly.

At that speed, he wouldn’t even be able to intercept.

Due to the speed and the sheer volume of the object, the kinetic energy generated was extremely terrifying.

Not to mention dozens, even if one fell on the Shushan sword sect, he was afraid it could cause huge destruction.

“Heavens!, what is that? A meteorite?”

Nascent soul cultivator roared in his heart.

If it was really a meteorite, then it would be even more terrible.

Almost instantaneously Nascent soul cultivator hurriedly transmitted his thoughts to the high-level of Sect.

For a moment the whole sect was in chaos and many people flew up.

They were all Cultivators at the golden core stage. There were also some Qi refining stage cultivators who were using flying magic weapons.

They began to set up and start the Sect formation.

There was no guarantee that the formation would be able to withstand dozens of meteorite attacks.

Originally, the best way was to evacuate the sect.

However, it was too late.

Because dozens of meteorites have already reached an altitude of 10,000 meters.

It would take only ten seconds to reach that speed.

Now they could only do their best to maintain the sect formation.

Instantly, above the whole Shushan sword sect, a light shield appeared.

At the same time, ten thousands of flying swords formed a sword river and circled around the Shushan sect.

This was Shushan sword sect’s most formidable spell, a ten thousand sword battle.

It belonged to the most powerful attack formation.

The defensive and offensive formations were just finished when dozens of shadows appeared above.

Like a meteor, with a long tail of flame.

It was bright and gorgeous.

Many disciples of the Shushan sword sect looked up.


It was getting closer and closer!

With the command of the Nascent soul cultivator, the whole formation of swords suddenly started.

The rolling sword river soared into the sky like a giant dragon.

It went towards the flaming shadow.

Soong, the giant dragon collided with the fiery shadow.


A terrible force burst out and formed terrible hot airwaves, which radiated in every direction. Almost instantly, many of the flying swords were engulfed in flames, many of them melted directly, and the whole dragon seemed to have broken a section.

Next, another meteor came down.

Boom Boom Boom….

One after another, more than a dozen meteors bombarded the sword river.

The sword river disintegrated in a short time.

At the same time, there were loopholes in the sword river’s attack. A meteor passed through the sword’s interception and fell on the light shield.

One, two three…

Boom boom boom….

The whole shield shook violently, and terrible energy raged, exploding out.

Many of the Shushan sword sect disciples hiding under the formations were defeated miserably.

Because these attacks were so terrible.

The destructive level of power was almost equivalent to a Nascent Soul cultivator.

“This, this is not a meteorite?”

The Nascent Soul cultivator was stunned and his expression became serious.

As the power of these meteorites was more terrible than he thought.

Not only does it have the terrifying kinetic energy of the fall, but also could explode, and the force of the explosion was even more terrifying.

“Not good.”

The Nascent soul cultivator estimated, if the subsequent meteors were this terrifying then he was afraid the whole formation would have difficulty in resisting and once those meteors fall down.

He might be fine.

Even the golden core cultivators could survive, at most they would suffer from serious injuries, but those disciples in the Qi refining stage and the foundation construction stage would die absolutely.


More and more meteors began falling.

The whole sword dragon was completely disintegrated.

It has to be said that the attack power of those meteors was too terrible. There were so many of them, nearly a hundred. And the sword dragons could intercept nearly half, which was already good.

The rest of the meteors hit the light shield.

The whole shield shook violently.

Even the earth trembled.

Cracks began to form on the formation.


Finally, the whole formation was cracked.

With a few more meteors falling, the light shield completely collapsed.

The whole Shushan sword sect was completely exposed.

The Nascent soul cultivator saw there only dozens of meteors left.

He then shouted, “All the Golden core cultivators, follow me and intercept these meteors.”

There was no formation, but they were still there.

If they could stop them in the air, it was possible to save most of the disciples.

As for those disciples in the Qi refining and foundation construction stage, they have all gone underground and arranged various defenses to resist the final bombardment.

Poof poof Poof…

Streaks of light rose into the air.

This was the attack of Nascent soul master and Golden Core cultivators.

Bright and dazzling!

Dense, like a big net, blocked a few.

Boom! Boom!

The explosion happened and a terrible shockwave spread, making the below Golden core cultivator’s bodies shake and some even spouted blood.

As they attacked with the magic weapons, if the magic weapon were damaged, it would also damage them.

However, they couldn’t stop.

All kinds of attacks were unleashed.

One after another the meteors were intercepted.

Finally, only one was left.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Although many people were seriously injured, they survived.

As for the last meteor, it would surely be intercepted.

All the cultivators gathered their strength and bombarded the last meteor.


In the mid-air, the missile exploded, and a most terrifying scene appeared, as if the sun had fallen, a mass of light ten thousand times brighter than the sun bloomed.

Blowing out the sky and earth.

A mushroom cloud of flame rose and submerged the whole sky.

This one’s power was several times more than the previous meteors.

Because this was a nuclear bomb!

Chapter 309 – Wedding date

Feeling the terrible power of the nuclear bomb, the Nascent Soul cultivator’s face suddenly changed, he had no time to warn others.

Because he knew that he was in danger.

He activated the most powerful defense weapons on his body, it formed a golden light that covered him. At the same time, many talismans were activated, and the whole body was fortified with more than dozens of defensive forces.

Other Golden core cultivators also deployed their defense to the extreme.

The next thing they could do was only watch the terrible meteor explode.

The whole sky was submerged.

The temperature in the core was horrible.

It covered dozens of kilometers.


It was like the extermination of the world!

The most terrifying weapon in the history of the earth was now released in the cultivation world creating a scene of destruction.

It took tens of seconds before the terrible threat of a nuclear explosion faded away.

The whole sky was covered with thick dark clouds, it was so strong that it couldn’t disperse.

That was the radiation fog after the nuclear explosion.

The entire ground has been completely leveled.

This was because the bomb exploded in midair. If it had exploded on the ground, it would have left a huge crater.

At this moment, the whole Shushan sword sect completely disappeared.

Along with it many disciples also disappeared.

Few of the Qi refining and foundation construction disciples survived the nuclear explosion because they were underground, but even if they hid deep enough, they couldn’t escape the terrible nuclear radiation.

Most of the golden cultivators couldn’t hold, they immediately died and became a mass of coke.

The various defensive weapons on their bodies were shattered to pieces.

The Nascent soul cultivator fared slightly better.

However, his defense was completely destroyed.

Moreover, his body was exposed to the most direct radiation.

He saw the trace of death.

He looked around blankly for a long time, then he came back to his senses and let out a piercing howl, “Who is it? Who is it?”

The whole Shushan sword sect was completely destroyed. If it was not for the existence of the secret holy world, this blow was enough to wipe out the Shushan Sword sect completely!

Unfortunately, no one came back to him.

Only there were few groaning voices, that were still alive Golden core cultivators.


This incident happened not only in the Shushan Sword sect but also in several other big sects.

These sects were successively attacked by a rain of missiles from the Chinese military.

The terrible rain of missiles poured down upon the great sects, and though the experts of these sects used the formation and tried their best to resist, unfortunately, the attack power of the rain of missiles was too terrible, especially the nuclear bombs.

Almost all the major sects were wiped out. The most unfortunate was the Maoshan sect who were not good at defense, even one of the nascent soul cultivators fell, the disciples of the sect completely died.

It could be said that under such a blow, the whole cultivation world suffered a heavy loss.

Of course, it was just a heavy loss, and it did not shake the root completely.

After all, these big sects have their secret world.

At the moment, in the thunder wind valley, Ye Xiaochen vaguely sensed the shaking of the earth.

He moved and soared into the air, and vaguely in the distant place saw a terrible light blooming, like the sun.

His heart shivered, “It looks like the nukes have been really used.”

It was not a surprise, if you know that in the cultivation world has such super powerful forces like Golden core cultivators and even the Nascent Soul cultivators, the first thought of any commander was to use nuclear bombs to eliminate these high-end combat forces.

“However, the real power of these sects is in the secret world, even if the sect mountain is destroyed, it is still unable to shake their foundation, and instead they will suffer the crazy revenge of these sects.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

He knew that after this wave of missile attacks, the hatred between the cultivation world and the secular world would never be resolved.

Just killing a few people would create irreconcilable adversaries, let alone destroying the sect monastery.

However, since the military dares to attack, it must have been well prepared.

He knew that a modern army would never go unprepared for war, especially such a war where it grasped the key opportunity.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t bother about this.

His most important task was to cultivate demon plants.

If he could cultivate a golden core level demon plant army, then it was enough to protect himself.


Kunlun Holy Land.

Suddenly, the ten nascent soul cultivators seem to have sensed something.

They all have reached the peak Nascent soul cultivation and were one step away from the breakthrough.

The reason why they stayed in the Kunlun Holy Land was to seek opportunities for breakthroughs.

In general, after entering the Kunlun Holy land, few nascent soul cultivators would be willing to leave.

“I suddenly feel uneasy.”

“Yeah, me too. What’s going on?”

“These days, I’ve been feeling restless. I always feel like something big is going to happen.”


Several nascent soul cultivators gathered together, all frowned.

Suddenly, they seemed to sense something and immediately looked up into the sky.

They saw streaks of meteors falling from the sky.

“What is that?”

The ten nascent soul cultivators were surprised.

Kunlun Holy Land was a peculiar place, and not a secret world.

Rather it was located in the cultivation world, but this was the place closest to the immortal world.

It was said that a long time ago, the Eastern Dao domain and Western Divine Domain had a war, they occupied almost all the Entire Dao domain. Finally, the allied forces of cultivators retreated to Kunlun holy land and survived the disaster. At last, with the participation of the immortal world, the western divine domain was driven out.

Boom boom…

The terrifying meteors bombarded the Kunlun sphere.

Yes, the sphere.

The whole Kunlun land was protected by the sphere.

There was no longer a defensive formation.

The whole sphere has been integrated with the entire Kunlun mountains. With the support of the mountain and river spirit, the power of the sphere has reached an amazing level.

The whole sphere just shook a little.

More and more meteors came crashing down and exploded wildly.

As the explosion grew stronger the vibration in the sphere grew stronger and stronger.

Many Nascent soul cultivators in Kunlun holy land were shocked.

The power could be seen from the ability to shake the sphere.

In this way, wave after wave of meteors bombarded, and the sphere became a little dimmer.

Suddenly, another huge meteor fell from the sky and hit the sphere with great force.

It was impossible to describe the terror of this meteor. Even if more than 100 previous meteors were combined, the power was not even 1% compared to this meteor.

As the sun-like light bloomed, the whole boundary greatly shook, the shaking became more and more intense until the whole land shook.

In the face of such a terrible attack, those nascent soul cultivators were all extremely horrified.

Because this kind of attack almost surpassed the nascent soul level.

If they were inside the explosion, they would have fallen.

It lasted for dozens of seconds before the terrible explosion subsided.

The sphere has dimmed a lot, but it still did not break.

However, many nascent soul cultivators gasped…

What the hell was this? It was so powerful?


At the moment, in the Chinese military base.

Lots of computers were running, and there were all kinds of data showing on the huge screen. This was being fed back from the satellites launched in the sky.

“What? Kunlun’s sphere was not broken?”

The commander-in-chief of this invasion of the cultivation world was a middle-aged man, who was as majestic as Mount Tai and wore a perfectly straight military uniform.

“This nuclear bomb was more than ten times powerful than other nuclear bombs. How could it not destroy the Kunlun Sphere?”

“This is unimaginable, sure enough, the cultivators have unfathomable methods.”

“Yes, such a bomb was enough to wipe out a big city.”


The faces of other high-level people on the scene became dignified.

They knew what it meant.

It meant that once the people of the cultivation world hid in the Kunlun holy land, they would become a great threat.

The reason why they launched missiles was to annihilate the high-end forces of cultivators ahead of time.

So far, the effect was good.

At least several sects were destroyed.


Ye Xiaochen paid close attention to the situation of the cultivation world every day.

As for the secular world, he would often go to research institutes and Earth Shennong farms.

Naturally, the cultivation of immortal plants in the heavenly land farm was a top priority.

No news was leaked in the secular world about it.

Obviously, the official wanted to invade the cultivation world, so they concealed everything.

It was not a surprise, because once the news was leaked, the impact would be too great. The big countries like the United States, Russia, would never sit on the sidelines and would try to get involved.

Today, Ye Xiaochen was in the research institute.

Suddenly, the representative of the military, Chu Xiong, came to Ye Xiaochen.

“Academician Ye, can you develop a plant material that could resist nuclear radiation? ”

Chu Xiong directly said his purpose.

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile: “Of course, it is not a problem, but it will take some time.”

He knew the purpose of the military was to use it in the cultivation world.

“Academician Ye, the relevant research funds would soon be allocated.”

Chu Xiong smiled, he knew that with Ye Xiaochen’s reply, there would be no problem.

“Well, okay.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

In every cooperation with the military, research funds were never lacking, and they were very abundant.

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen’s profit margin was very high, in every project cooperation, Ye Xiaochen basically earned tens of millions.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen also knows that the reason why the military allocated so much money was mainly to win over himself.

Since the military was willing to do this, Ye Xiaochen would not refuse.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen had already developed the radiation-resistant super plant.

However, he was definitely not going to deliver it soon.

After seeing Chu Xiong off, Ye Xiaochen went to Wang Shuisheng’s home.

Wang Xinyi was back today.


The villa was ablaze with lights.

“Xiaochen, when are you and Xinyi going to get married?”

Chu Qingqing suddenly asked.

“Yes, we can be relieved when you guys get married.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

In fact, the marriage between two people had been discussed long ago, but because Wang Xinyi’s career was just at its peak, they temporarily put it down.

“Whenever Xinyi wants, I’ll be happy.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Xinyi, I think you should have a good rest for a while.”

Wang Shuisheng looked at his sister and said.

“Haha, this time after I came back, I have already made the decision, I am preparing to retire temporarily for a while.”

Wang Xinyi’s temperament changed from the past.

There was a great charm in her smile.

“This is nice. I have already chosen a good date, and it will be on October 1st. Only one month away, which should be enough for the preparation.”

Wang Shuisheng waved his hand and directly decided.

Wang Xinyi and Ye Xiaochen looked at each other with knowing smiles.

Chapter 310 – Tombstone for me?

Back at home, Ye Xiaochen was discussing with his parents about the marriage.

“That’s good. I’ve wanted grandchildren for a long time.”

Mother said happily.

Now his mother was ten years younger and very radiant.

It was still covered up, otherwise, she would look much younger.

It couldn’t be helped, cultivating makes people younger.

Both of them were already at the Qi refining stage, their body functions were no longer middle-aged or old, but were 100 times stronger than young people.

The two elders would go to the heavenly land every day to cultivate, but they would still spend a lot of time in reality.

“When is the date set?”

Father asked hurriedly.

Ye Xiaochen has discussed the date with Wang Shuisheng.

“October 1st, it is a very good day, but it is only just a month away, we need to make good preparations.”

Father nodded.

“Yes, Xiaochen is not an ordinary person. There must be a lot of people coming to attend the wedding. You should send invitation cards to those people, and must arrange things properly.”

Mother also nodded.

Ye Xiaochen was a little distressed about sending the invitation, after all, this was not a small matter.

He must need to send it to his relatives.

However, he has too many connections.

In business, Politics, Research, education… there were just too many.

If they were all invited, what would the scene be like?

Therefore it was definitely not possible to invite them all.

It has to be selective.

In the next few days, Ye Xiaochen started working on the wedding invitations.

After much deliberation, Ye Xiaochen finally put together a list of about 240 people.

Looking at the new list, Ye Xiaochen finally breathed a sigh of relief, it was not easy!

The ways of the world were sometimes harder than scientific research.

Now that it was done, he felt relaxed.

At the same time, the news that Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi were about to get married soon became a hot topic.

Both Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi were famous.

Wang Xinyi, in particular, was now an international superstar, with 80 million fans.

Once married, the sensation it would cause was hard to describe.

All of a sudden, online media, newspapers, focused on this story.

And the discussion became more intense.

In the research institute.

The researchers congratulated Ye Xiaochen.

There was only one person with a pale and melancholy face.

Naturally, it was Ji Yuting.

She liked Ye Xiaochen, it was very obvious and even the whole institute knew this.

Seeing Ji Yuting’s sad eyes, Ye Xiaochen’s face did not change, it looked as if he didn’t notice.

He was not a passionate man, but rather a devoted one.

Over the years, he had been in contact with too many beautiful women, but all along, in his heart, there was only Wang Xinyi.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen could only ignore Ji Yuting’s feelings, otherwise, it would be hurting each other.

He believed that Ji Yuting would surely find her own happiness in the future.


In the heavenly land farm.

An auction was in progress.

Ye Xiaochen has no need to intervene, the people under him have been able to deal with it.

“Ye Xiaochen. Prepare well. It is not long before you will enter the imperial court.”

After the auction finished, the Jade Emperor suddenly said this sentence to Ye Xiaochen.

What happened?

Ye Xiaochen was a little stunned.

“You don’t need to ask the reason, you’ll find out in due time.”

The Jade Emperor patted Ye Xiaochen on the shoulder, then turned and left the heavenly land.

Looking at the disappearing immortal projections, Ye Xiaochen was still in a daze.

The Jade Emperor’s words made him very confused, what is the reason?

But I don’t seem far away from completing the main task.

Therefore, I would inevitably ascend to the immortal world.

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

To tell the truth, he felt the earth was very good, if he went to the immortal world, he wouldn’t be able to adapt to it.

“It seems that I have to get ready.”

Ye Xiaochen knew that the Jade Emperor would never talk nonsense.

There must be something important going to happen.

Moreover, the previous dream had made him more and more doubtful.

That night, Ye Xiaochen got another dream.

It was the same valley.

Five nameless tombs and one empty tomb.

It was weird.

Suddenly, YE Xiaochen heard the sound of coughing, followed by, he saw a bent old man, tottering, he was too old to walk and looked like he would lie in a coffin at any time.

With every step he took, he coughed violently.

All of sudden, Ye Xiaochen found that the old man arrived before the tombstone, he actually was carrying a rasp and other tools in his hands and knocked it on the tomb.

What is he doing?

Is the engraving name on the tombstone?

Soon, the sound of knocking began.

Under the old man’s rasp, words began to appear on the tombstone.

Tomb of First-generation Shennong Lishan.

With the appearance of the name, the whole tombstone suddenly burst out with a startling light.

Originally, the very ordinary tombstone produced an indescribable breath, as if it seemed like a treasure.

After the old man finished carving on the first tombstone, he moved on to the second and continued carving.

Tomb of Second Generation Shennong, Kuqi.

Then came the third tombstone.

Tomb of third-generation Shennong, Yaoxi.

On the fourth tombstone, words gradually appeared.

Tomb of the fourth generation Shennong Jinyu

After that, it was the fifth tombstone.

Tomb of fifth-generation Shennong Huagu.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the names on the five tombstones, slightly stunned, the five generations of Shennong?

Unexpectedly, they were the tombs of five generations of Shennong.

And whose tomb was the empty one without a tombstone?

Sixth generation Shennong?

Was he the sixth generation Shennong?

At the thought of this, Ye Xiaochen shivered.

Suddenly, he saw the old man remove a stone from the side and unexpectedly put it in front of the empty tomb.

He then cut the irregular stone and made it like the other tombstones.

“Old man, what are you doing?”

Ye Xiaochen controlled the palpitations of the heart and asked.

The old man didn’t look back but clearly heard Ye Xiaochen’s voice, “don’t you see it? I’m erecting a tombstone.”

“For whom?”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help asking.

“Hehe, of course, it’s for you.”

The old man suddenly turned and smiled.

Ye Xiaochen felt unprecedented creepiness from this smile and stepped backward in fear.

The next moment, his vision went dark, when he opened his eyes, he found himself sleeping in his bed.

It was that nightmare!

The nightmare came again.

Unlike the previous time, this time was very clear, and he clearly remembered what happened inside.

“For me, a tombstone for me?”

Ye Xiaochen murmured to himself
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