Heavenly Farmer Chapter 291-300

Chapter 291 – Semi immortal grass

After emptying the shells, the roar of the machine gun stopped.

Ye Xiaochen and Chu Xiong went to check the state of the mannequin.

Compared with the previous submachine gunfire the vest was still undamaged, but the marks were more obvious.

After checking the sensor data, Ch Xiong smiled with relief.

“Great, the bullets have been weakened, and damage to the human body is within the safety range.”

What does this show?

It shows that as long as you put the whole body armor, even in the face of machine-gun fire, you can be safe, at most you feel some pain.

“Mr.Ye, this super plant you cultivated is really of great value. I thank you on behalf of the whole military.”

Chu Xiong said with excitement.

“Senior Colonel, this is my duty.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

The two men talked about a few more things, and Ye Xiaochen left the military base.

However, Chu Xiong went to a conference room and began to report the experiment data to the leaders.

On a huge screen, military giants were sitting in different conference rooms.

This was a video conference.

All the major leaders of the military areas, as well as the armed police administration, the general administration of equipment, and the military commission giants were present…..

This was a very important meeting.

Chu Xiong reported the actual situation of the experiment briefly and then sent the relevant data.

Immediately, it caused all the attendees shock.

Shortly, these big men began to compete for the future share of the armament. After all, once the bulletproof suit was produced, the quantity would certainly not be too much. Naturally, they all wanted to be the first to equip this kind of bulletproof vest.

Chu XIoang saw these big men’s confrontation and was just expressionless. Until a military commission tycoon opened his mouth, the fight didn’t stop.

“What are you guys fighting for? Once this bulletproof suit is produced, the special forces of various units should be equipped with it first.”

The number of special forces was small, so everyone could have their share of distribution.

Moreover, the special forces were the ones with the highest risk operations.

As a matter of fact, the probability of ordinary troops going to the battlefield for a mission was very low.

After all, in the current international situation, the possibility of large-scale war was very low, while the local conflicts were frequent, special forces were the first choice.

“Gentlemen, this super adhesive can not only be used as a bulletproof bodysuit, but it could be also useful in the coating on armored vehicles as well.”

Ch Xiong suddenly said.

These big men’s eyes brightened.

After all, the suit was better, but it was used less.

Armored vehicles were the important frontier of armament.

A small armored vehicle almost encompasses a large industrial system, it also determines the level of the country’s military level.

“I have carefully studied it. The structure of this adhesive is very special. It could absorb the physical and mechanical kinetic energy with high efficiency, which could reach up to 90% or more. If it is used to coat on armored vehicles, this adhesive could greatly protect the armor…”

Chu Xiong began to talk eloquently.

He even talked about the use of super protein plants in aviation.

“Very good. If we can really raise the level of the armored vehicle to a higher level, it will be of great honor to our country!”

A senior military official was very pleased.

“Now, let’s discuss what rank is most appropriate for Professor Ye Xiaochen?”

The military chief suddenly said.

Everyone’s face became serious, the ranks of non-professional soldiers were generally given with great responsibility.

“How about Lieutenant commander?”

Someone suggested.

“The rank is too low. At least senior colonel, even with his credit it is possible to give him a major general.”

“Yes, if it was just the bulletproof vest, the lieutenant commander could be given. But if it is used in armored vehicles, it’s a big credit, at least senior colonel should be given, showing how much the military attaches importance to him.”

The military chief nodded.

“In my opinion. Let’s hold on until the coating on the armored vehicle is successful.”

Someone else suggested.

In this way, after a lot of discussions, the final decision was to hold on to the conferment of military ranks.


Ye Xiaochen, obviously, didn’t know about the military’s discussion, even if he did, he wouldn’t care.

After all, the rank was just a mere name for him.

His foundation was always in planting.

Why could he have such status and importance? wasn’t it due to his planting skill?

Why were the immortals polite to him? Wasn’t it also due to planting skill?

So at the end of the day, to increase his own weight, all he had to do was improve the level of planting.

As time went on, the strange dream’s influence on him faded, and he no longer thought about it.

His Shennong talent has improved a lot, so he put all his energy into planting.

Especially on the cultivation of immortal plants.

He has two goals, to upgrade Yellow grade immortal plants from a lower grade to medium grade and black grade immortal plants from inferior grade to lower grade.

As for the cultivation of ordinary grass into immortal plants, he has a complete idea of it.

After that dream, he got many knowledge inheritances, and his planting skill has improved a lot.

Many problems could be solved in just a short time.


In the Heavenly land farm.

With Ye Xiaochen’s skill of the art of growth, it was easy to grow the plants.

The breath of grass has completely stabilized.


Ye Xiaochen’s eyes glinted, his fingers danced, one after another light flowed out.

Although it was still the art of growth, under his changes it has produced various effects.

Each of the skills was not immutable and has extremely complicated variations.

Some people could only grasp the basics, but some could easily change it.

And Ye Xiaochen, who has mastered advanced planting knowledge, coupled with the Shennong talent, it turned even more powerful. All kinds of changes emerged in an endless stream.

Shortly, the grass began to blossom and bear seeds.

Ye Xiaochen’s finger moved, a grain of mature seeds fell into his palm.

His eyes narrowed, he didn’t soak the seed and directly used the art of growth.

He was so skillful that he didn’t require seed promoting liquid.

Soon, the seed took root and grew quickly.

Strangely enough, the young grass was full of vitality and contained the immortal spirit qi.

This grass was quite different from the one he cultivated before as if it had been immortalized.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes twinkled, and the information of the young grass emerged.

There was a faint smile on his face.

This green grass has been transformed into immortal grass, although it belongs to the lowest grade, even hasn’t entered the yellow grade, but it was still a great breakthrough.

“Next, with repeated breeding, it’s enough to slowly turn the grass into a yellow grade level one grass”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes sparkled.

Chapter 292 -Treatment

In the research institute.

Ye Xiaochen just came out of the experimental area when Zhang Keqin suddenly came to him, “Director, tomorrow is old Ye’s 70th  birthday party, this is the invitation.”

There was a trace of envy in his voice.

It should be known that those who could be invited to the birthday party were not ordinary people.

Even though he was a famous botanist, and worked in the Yang city plant consciousness institute. If he wanted to attend the old Ye’s birthday, he was still not qualified.

Ye Xiaochen took the invitation letter from Zhang Keqin’s hand, nodded, and said: “Well, I will attend the party.”

The old Ye was naturally the old man whom he helped save the bonsai plant.

At first, he didn’t know the identity of the other side, but he knew some time ago, the old man was an official who retired from the position of secretary of the provincial party committee.

Moreover, this Ye was also the capital’s top political power family Bai’s son-in-law. The Bai family was one of the central giants and their influence was extremely amazing.

With such a background, old Ye could be called a Master of the sky!

The next day, Ye Xiaochen drove straight to Shahsi city.

This birthday party was held in the old Ye’s villa.

Old Ye’s idea was not to do it grandly.

However, he hasn’t been well lately, and his children were worried about him, so they were throwing a big birthday party for his 70th birthday.

Of course, even if it was grand, the guests were not many, in addition to their own people, there were some old friends and former subordinates.

When Ye Xiaochen arrived, he found that there were not many people. In addition to the Ye family, there were only a little more than 20 people who had been invited.

He saw Zhang Sheng, secretary of the provincial party committee.

Just over half a month ago, Zhang Sheng officially assumed the position of secretary of the provincial party committee.

“Xiaochen, you are also here?”

Zhang Sheng was surprised to see Ye Xiaochen.

Old Ye didn’t invite many people except for some old friends, close colleagues, and subordinates.

The reason he was able to attend the birthday party was that he has been promoted by the old Ye.

“Secretary Zhang, I’ll go first and wish birthday to Mr.Ye.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Zhang Sheng nodded.

When Ye Xiaochen entered the room, he saw old Ye lying on the sofa.

Compared with last year, he looked much older.

“Mr.Ye, I wish you a happy birthday, may your happiness be as intense as the East Sea, and Live as long as the Zhongnan Mountains!”

Ye Xiaochen saw several old men talking with Mr.Ye at the scene, he estimated they were his old friends, and immediately came over to wish him.

“Haha, boy Ye, I thought you wouldn’t come to my birthday party. Oh right, you’re now a professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a top botanist. I can’t call you boy Ye. I should call you little Ye.”

Seeing Ye Xiaochen, originally listless, Ye suddenly sat up.

“Mr.Ye, I don’t mind whatever you call me.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Ah, I’m old now and lost a little sight. I didn’t expect that you would achieve this much. Little Ye, sit down.”

Mr.Ye sighed.

The other old men looked at Ye Xiaochen and were surprised.

Of course, they have all heard of Ye Xiaochen’s fame.

With spirit, old Ye introduced several people to Ye Xiaochen, including his colleagues and friends in other fields.

Ye Xiaochen greeted them one by one.

“Mr.Ye, I remembered last year you were still strong and healthy?”

Ye Xiaochen saw Ye’s grave face and asked.

“Being old, there are many problems. Half a year ago had a cerebral hemorrhage attack, and almost left the world.”

Old Ye shook his head and sighed.

Fortunately, the emergency treatment was done, otherwise, even if he could survive, it was afraid that he would suffer from memory loss and other symptoms.

Even then, he couldn’t move a part of his body.

“Mr.Ye, would you let me check your pulse?”

Ye Xiaochen saw old Ye’s appearance and immediately said.

“Oh, little Ye, do you also have medical skills?”

“I know a little bit of medical skills.”

“Good, I’ll let you check.”

Old Ye laughed and said.

Dean Ping, who was sitting beside me, was surprised.

He was an experienced old doctor, he was proficient in both traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.

It was he who rescued old Ye in time from danger.

Ye Xiaochen gently pressed Mr.Ye’s pulse, and a trace aura invaded.

Originally, he did not know anything about medical skills, but after that dream, he also got some medical knowledge.

Only then did he get to know that Shennong was not only proficient in planting, but also in herbal medicine and pharmacology.

“Mr.Ye, I have basically grasped your condition. I have a prescription, when combined with acupuncture, at least have 90% confidence to solve your issue. “

Ye Xiaochen let go of his hand and said.

In fact, his direct use of acupuncture combined with Shennong’s aura was enough to cure old Ye.

However, he didn’t dare to do it in a magical way.

Only when acupuncture combined with the prescription, it would look normal.

President Peng showed a surprised look, with modern medical technologies, it was almost impossible to cure cerebral hemorrhage and could only be improved, after all, the brain blood vessels and nerves systems were too complex.

Moreover, Ye was very old.

Now that Ye Xiaochen said that he was 90% confident to solve, it was too incredible.

Old Ye was stunned for a moment, then he said in a surprise, “Little Ye, are you joking with me?”

“Mr.Ye, I am not Joking. Although my medical skills are not as good as my plant research skills, it is still fine. I just don’t know if Mr.Ye believes me?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.


Of course, he did.

When you say, who doesn’t believe?

Who doesn’t know that your plant research could be regarded as a legend!

Since you said your medical skills are fine, then it should be definitely a high level.

“Haha, little Ye, this old man is getting old, you can give it a try. No matter what the result is, I won’t have any complaints.”

Old Ye laughed.

Soon old Ye’s laughter attracted a middle-aged man who was similar to old Ye. Ye Tiancheng, old Ye’s eldest son, and was currently the mayor of a prefecture-level city.

When he got to know that Ye Xiaochen could cure his father’s illness, he was overjoyed.

He had blind faith in Ye Xiaochen’s medical skills.

Why was that?

Because Ye Xiaochen’s planting research was extremely amazing!

If Ye Xiaochen knew that all of them believe in his medical skills because of this reason, he would have been upset.

Shortly, Ye Xiaochen wrote out a prescription on a paper.

Dean Peng, watched closely, afraid of missing even a word.

When Ye Xiaochen finished writing, Dean Peng began to analyze in his mind.

After a while, his eyes lit up, because he felt that this prescription was extraordinary and could definitely have a great effect on the treatment of cerebral hemorrhage.

At this moment, he almost believed that Ye Xiaochen had the ability to cure old Ye.

Although the medicinal materials on the prescription were relatively expensive, with the power of Ye’s family, it was easy to get.

On the same day of the birthday party, all the medicinal herbs were gathered.

Ye Xiaochen was ready to give old Ye acupuncture and medicine that same night.

Chapter 293 – Clear Soup

The guests at Ye’s villa have already dispersed.

Only some of Ye’s closest family members were present.

Everyone was waiting.

For they knew that the old man would be cured.

The old man was the pillar of the Ye family.

The reason why the Ye family could develop so well was all due to the old man’s connection.

Especially the relationship with the Bai family in the capital city needs the old man.

Currently, in the courtyard behind the villa.

“The bronze stove is barely viable. Now, open it up a little.”

Ye Xiaochen stood in front of a delicate bronze censer.

Charcoal was being used.

Dean Peng helped Ye Xiaochen, according to the requirement of Ye Xiaochen, one by one dealt with the medicinal materials.

Ye Xiaochen baked several kinds of medicinal materials processed by Dean Peng in the bronze censer.

His handling skills were very special, many of which Dean Peng has never seen.

If it wasn’t for the importance of the concoction, he would have directly asked.

After more than half an hour, Ye Xiaochen processed all the medicinal material again, then began to boil the medicine.

The same kind of processed herbs was put at different times, and the heat was adjusted. Some require a strong flame, some small flame, some medium flame, and sometimes even need to put cold water… The whole process of boiling medicine was too complicated.

Dean Peng felt incredible.

He knew that the pharmacology and drug properties of the medicine were changeable, and even there were regulations on when to drink them. Otherwise, it might not cure it but might aggravate the disease.

In this way, the potion has been fully simmered for more than an hour. A bowl of pure yellow amber-like liquid was formed.

Dean Peng saw the bowl of medicine and was a little absent-minded, immediately his lips began to tremble.

“This, this is the most top-quality clear soup in decoction.”

No wonder he was shocked.

There were techniques and standards for decoction.

The worst potion was turbid.

The good potion would have almost no dregs and was refreshing.

As for top-level decoction, it was just like a clear bowl of soup. Although colored, it was transparent and clear, you could see the bottom of the bowl.

This decoction technique could be called art!

The clear soup not only represents the absence of dregs but also represents the perfect combination of medicinal properties.

“Give this bowl of medicine.”

Ye Xiaochen gave a light smile.

The art of clear soup was easy for him.

Dean Peng was thoroughly impressed by Ye Xiaochen.

From the soup alone, he could see that Ye Xiaochen’s medical skills would never be bad.

He was now more confident in Ye Xiaochen’s treatment.

Soon, under the expectant gaze of many people, Ye Xiaochen and Dean Peng entered the room.

Old Ye was surprised to see the decoction Dean Peng brought.

“Old Peng, you have made great progress in decoction, you even made the clear soup.”

Old Ye said with a smile.

“I didn’t prepare the decoction, it was made by Xiaochen.”

Dean Peng shook his head and said.

Old Ye was completely shocked.

“Mr.Ye, after taking this bowl of medicine, lie on your back.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Don’t I need to take off my clothes?”

Old Ye asked.

After all, in acupuncture, you need to find the points.

“That’s not necessary.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

He has spiritual knowledge and it makes no difference whether there he takes off his clothes or not.

Dean Peng and old Ye were sur[prised again.

Even the top acupuncturist couldn’t do it without taking clothes.

When the decoction was cooled to a suitable temperature, Dean ping picked it up and made old Ye drink it.

After drinking, Dean PEng helped, old Ye lie down.

Ye Xiaochen opened an acupuncture box, revealing gold needles inside.

It was as thin as hair.

Ye Xiaochen gently pinched one of them, touched it with his finger, and attached qi to it. With a flick of his finger, the gold needle disappeared between old Ye’s eyebrows.

How could you do that?

What kind of needle technique is it?

However, there was no change in the old Ye, as if there seems to be no needle between his eyebrows.

Ye Xiaochen again picked up another golden needle and one by one attached it with qi and inserted it into old Ye’s acupoints.

Each golden needle’s position, depth was extremely precise.

Dean Peng looked nervously and didn’t dare to make any sound.

Old Ye seems to have no reaction, his eyes were closed, but his steady breathing showed that everything was normal.

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his palms. Then just like playing the piano, he quickly used his ten fingers to hold the golden needles.

This is the knowledge that he absorbed after his dream, an acupuncture technique called the ten-finger acupuncture technique.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t need to touch his fingers at all. He could use the spirit to control it, but that would be too magical.

Shortly, old Ye had a reaction.

His skin began to turn slightly red.

It lasted more than a minute, and suddenly, from some pores, dark black beads of blood oozed out.

Especially on the eyebrow line, drops of dark blood have been condensed out.

Dean Peng was shocked.

He didn’t know what technique Ye Xiaochen used.

Ye Xiaochen’s ten fingers were getting faster and faster. Finally, Dean Peng wasn’t even able to see the movements of his fingers, it was dazzling.

At the moment, old Ye was feeling something.

He felt that an invisible force was moving through his body, when it reached his brain, it immediately made him feel that his brain became heavy, and suddenly then felt cool.

After some time, old Ye fell asleep.

Ye Xiaochen has sensed that the bowl of medicine that old Ye drank has been completely absorbed with the golden needle technique, and its efficacy has begun to play out.

He took a deep breath, his hands quickly grasped, and quickly pulled out the golden needles.

As soon as he pulled out all the golden needles, old Ye woke up, feeling that his head had become clearer than ever and no longer felt heavy.

Most importantly, the right half of the body, which was completely numb, actually had some sensations.

His face lit up.

“Old Ye, how are you feeling?“

Dean Peng asked hurriedly.

“I feel good, better than I’ve ever felt… My head is totally relaxed, and my right body there is little sensations.”

Old Ye said.

Dena Peng was totally shocked.

A bowl of decoction and acupuncture made old Ye sense something on the right side of his body?

The heaviness of the brain also disappeared.

This is too amazing.

“Old Ye, if you want to get cured completely, you need to take medicine four times and acupuncture four times. Once a week will suffice..”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Chapter 294 – Three years of pregnancy

With the warm thanks of Ye’s family, Ye Xiaochen left the Ye villa.

As it was too late, Ye Xiaochen had to stay in the hotel.

Although he could use the Heavenly land to go back easily.

However, he would not use it easily. After all, his identity was sensitive and he could easily attract attention.

Moreover, he wanted to go to Guo Moyun’s company tomorrow.

Speaking of which, Ye Xiaochen has never been there since the establishment of the company.

Besides, he hasn’t seen his sister in a while.

The next morning.

Ye Xiaochen drove to Guo Moyun’s company, the company name was called Yunye Games.

In an office building, they rented a floor.

Now there were dozens of employees.

Ye Xiaochen casually looked at it, then took his sister and Guo Moyun to the immortal spring restaurant for lunch.

Immortal spring restaurant, in addition to Jing county, Yang city, Shashi city, has been opened in five new places: Tan city, Zhushi city, Xiangshi city, and Shaoshi city.

That is to say, currently, the immortal spring restaurant has eight branches.

Nowadays, immortal spring restaurants earn more than ten million yuan a month for Ye Xiaochen, in a year it was easy to make 100 million yuan.

Now the company was planning to expand into other provinces.

After this period of tempering, Guo Moyun looked a lot more mature.

Of course, he became more restrained in the presence of Ye Xiaochen.

He couldn’t help it!

After understanding Ye Xiaochen’s present achievements, he admired more and more of the ability of his future brother-in-law.

Ye Ying became more like an urban beauty and her dressing has changed a lot.

“Brother Ye, there is something I want to ask your opinion about.”

After hesitating for a long time, Guo Moyun suddenly said.

“If it’s about engagement, I don’t have any problem with it, but you still have to ask my parents. This new year, you can meet the parents first.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

Guo Moyun nodded hurriedly.

He discussed it with Ye Ying and decided to engage early and get married right after graduation.

A week passed.

Ye Xiaochen went to Shashi city again and gave old Ye treatment.

Old Ye’s condition has greatly improved. He could walk slowly with the help of support.

Ye Xiaochen’s planting has also made great progress. All the yellow grade immortal plants have broken through smoothly to middle-grade quality, and while the black grade immortal plants have reached the lower grade quality.

The achievements of the two goals not only represent the progress of Ye Xiaochen’s planting ability but also represent the improvement of his ability to earn immortal yuan.

At the last auction, Ye Xiaochen earned more than 2 million immortal yuan.

In the Heavenly land farm.

Ye Xiaochen sat cross-legged and was breathing a trace of pure immortal qi into the body.


Suddenly, the barriers inside Ye Xiaochen’s body seemed to have been broken, and strange virtual shadows emerged. It was a strange plant as if it were a combination of several immortal plants, but there was no disharmony.

As soon as the shadow appeared, it quickly solidified, and in the blink of an eye, a huge plant seemed to take root in the Heavenly land, and crazily extracted the immortal spirit qi.

This movement, naturally, alerted the four people.

They saw ye Xiaochen’s cultivation movement and were dumbstruck. What was this thing?

“Haha, I have finally reached the peak of the Qi refining stage. The plant spirit is rooted in the cave. After refining the whole plant spirit and heavenly land into the golden core, the heavenly land would become the golden core.”

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and revealed a smile.

Shennong tactic was not an ordinary technique.

It was a divine skill.

The biggest characteristic is the unusual method of refining the golden core, it is based on the combination of the heavenly land and golden core.

When the time comes, the Golden core would become Heavenly land and Heavenly land would be Golden core.

Ye Xiaochen’s golden core could borrow power from heavenly land, which was far more powerful than the ordinary golden core.

Generally speaking, the immortal cultivator who wants to open a heavenly land, must reach the level of false immortal.

However, Ye Xiaochen could achieve the Golden core stage.

Of course, because Ye Xiaochen has such a Heavenly land farm, otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to do it.

“However, in order to make the Heavenly land into a golden core, it is necessary to let the plant spirit mingle thoroughly with it, removing any difference.”

Ye Xiaochen felt that the plant spirit was gradually combined with the heavenly land, this combined plant spirit has formed a strange communication with the immortal plants of the immortal lands.

“I think I could give it a try to do five times the acceleration.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes shined.

Since Ye Xiaochen earned more and more immortal yuan, he has accelerated time from twice, to trice and then four times, now he would be trying five times.

Every time the time was accelerated, there would be a huge adaptation period.

“Ah, boss, why did you speed up the time again? Do you not want people to live?”

When Ye Xiaochen accelerated the time, Lian Yuzhu felt dizzy.

They were just recently getting used to the four times the speed!

“Ah, this is hard.”

Du Yueqiu sighed.

Although the benefits of time acceleration were very obvious, the problem was that they would feel dizzy, which was really uncomfortable.

“Just get used to it.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“I’m fine, but I am worried about the baby in my stomach.”

Lian Yuzhu said.

“Well, the fetus is still normal.”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and said.

“Still normal? It’s been more than two years since I got pregnant, and the baby hasn’t been born yet. It‘s all caused by the acceleration of time.”

Lian Yuzhu touched the stomach and depressedly said.

Normally, in the tenth month, the baby should have been born, but this baby was still in the stomach.

“Last time, I asked Lao-tze to look at you. He said it was normal. And also said, in the acceleration time, the more the baby stayed in the mother’s stomach, the more outstanding it would be in the future.”

Ye Xiaochen said, “so you have to hold on for a while!”

In fact, he also felt it quite strange, it has been more than three years, and the baby hasn’t been born.

Wasn’t it similar to Nezha?

“Ah, my life has become hard. It’s all because of you…”

Lian Yuzhu glared at Lu Dongcheng.

Lu Dongcheng wanted to say that it was you who took initiative.

Of course, he didn’t dare to say it, otherwise, he would not have a good life in the future.

Ye Xiaochen went to a field dedicated to his experiment and continued to plant semi-finished immortal plants.

Recently, he has spent some time every day cultivating semi-finished immortal plants.

Now the grass was getting closer and closer to being a real immortal plant.

He didn’t care about the reward for completing the task, it was only ten thousand yuan, so he didn’t care much about it.

However, it would be considered a milestone.

Once successful, it means that he has mastered the art of cultivating normal plants into immortal plants.

Chapter 295 – Neon Fruit Tree

Time passed by.

Again the time of spring festival arrived.

Ye Xiaochen gave himself a few days off to spend some time with his family during the spring festival.

His sister also returned.

Guo Moyun also came home.

Originally, he was worried about what the parents would say, but he didn’t expect that after seeing Guo Moyun, they immediately liked him, and treated him very well.

Wang Xinyi would also come to visit a few times, his family already knew that Wang Xinyi was now a famous singer.

After the busy New year’s greetings, Ye Xiaochen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

For him, the spring festival was the busiest time.

As soon as the new year was over, he devoted himself to planting.

However, unexpectedly, the dream came back.

Compared with the last time, it was a little different. The valley was the same but there were no graves.

All he remembered was there were humble thatched houses in the valley.

That was all, he could not remember anything else.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen got tortured again for more than a month before he recovered.

Just like the last time, after the dream finished, a new knowledge emerged.

Moreover, all his Shennong talent has increased a little, and his inheritance has become +2.

“What’s going on? Why is my talent growing so fast?”

Ye Xiaochen was puzzled.

All along, his talent had been growing very slowly, but after dreaming, it has grown too fast.

He suspected that it had something to do with the dream.

It was just, what was the dream?

Ye Xiaochen was very puzzled.


Immortal Realm, Heaven.

A meeting of immortals was underway.

“Lao-tze, what’s going on? Didn’t we agree to let Shennong grow up slowly in the secular world? Why did the Shennong valley suddenly open?”

The jade emperor asked.

“Your Majesty, I have no idea. Shennong valley opened on its own, some incidents should have happened. Not long ago, Taoist ancestors told me that there would be a great change in Heaven and Earth, and the Gods are about to return to their places.”

Lao-Tze said.

“What! A great change in heaven and earth, the gods will return?”

The Jade emperor’s face changed dramatically.

All the immortal presents were also shocked.

This matter was not a joke.

Thinking of the conferment battle of god, wasn’t it for God to return to their position?

It was just in the conferment battle of gods all were false gods

How could God be conferred casually?

This is a very different kind of existence from immortals.

They have a strong talent in one aspect. Even if they don’t cultivate, their talent could grow rapidly and eventually become the top existence.

However, the immortals need to cultivate.

“Therefore, I guess that besides Shennong, other gods will continue to be born.”

Sais Lao-Tze.

God was too important for the world.

As god represents a part of the rules of the world.

Shennong, for example, belongs to the God of planting. He was in charge of all vegetation, planting, pharmacology, medicine, and growth of things.

Without Shennong, ordinary immortal planters would never be able to touch the core mystery.

Similarly, there were gods in other aspects.

After the Demon war, the ancient world collapsed into three boundaries. Now, there were not many true Gods in Heaven and earth, and many were replaced with false gods.

All the immortals present on the scene became solemn.

If it was true, then there would be a great change.

It should be known that every true god was earth Shaking irreplaceable existence.

They may not be necessarily strong in fighting, but in their field, they were absolutely invincible.


In the research institute.

All the researchers marveled looking at the amazing plant Ye Xiaochen had cultivated.

It was a tree as tall as an orange.

This tree bears a kind of wonderful fruit, which could illuminate.

Especially in the dark, the fruit emits light like a led.

Moreover, fruits give off different colors.

Therefore, this fruit tree was named Neon fruit tree.

The neon fruit absorbs light during the day and releases it at night, it was similar to a luminous pearl.

Naturally, these fruits were edible.

Not only the fruits but even the leaves and bark have the same luminous effect.

“Director, this neon fruit tree is very beautiful, I think it will definitely become popular.”

One of the researchers said.

The others nodded.

They couldn’t imagine how the miraculous fruit tree was cultivated.

Ye Xiaochen smiled, this was just made during his free time.

In fact, in the past two months,, he has created a number of new super plants, all of which have great economic benefits.

After he absorbed the new knowledge, his planting skills have increased.

He has a deeper understanding of planting, and he could grow plants whatever he wanted.

It was a great feeling.

It was like an artist who could create whatever he wanted.

Any of his work, if put outside, was of unimaginable value. Those super plants have made great contributions to the country, not to mention each of them has great value and could obtain unimaginable economic benefits.

Let’s take this Neon fruit tree as an example, it could be used as the lightning plant on the street, as long as the number of Neon fruit trees were enough, it would not be inferior to those street lamps.

Moreover, the neon fruit tree has a long life, unlike the streetlamps, which break down and must be repaired frequently.

As long as the neon fruit tree was planted and taken care of, they could glow at night all year round.

Even in the rainy weather, neon fruit trees could absorb the light, as long as there is little light.

The effect was even more efficient than those solar street lamps.

Recently, Ye Xiaochen became addicted to studying super plants. Last time, he saw Wang Shuisheng’s son playing plant vs zombie, then he suddenly thought, if it was possible to grow plants like in the game?

For example, pea shooter, could he cultivate a plant that could shoot bullets?

Of course, it was just an idea, and he hasn’t been realized it. After all, it was relatively difficult.

Besides, the risks were huge. If these plants were cultivated, how to control them would become a problem?

Moreover, these plants could only be classified as military plants, and certainly couldn’t be used for civilian use.

Just as he was thinking, his cell phone rang.

He picked up to take a look, and it turned out to be Ling Jinxiu.

Although occasionally she would contact, it was not frequent. The last time they met during the new year, Ling Jinxiu personally came to pay him new year’s greetings.

“Hello, Ms.Ling, how do you have time to call me today?”

“Mr.Ye, there is a big problem this time. I hope you can help me.”

Ling Jinxiu did not beat around the bush and directly went to the main topic.

“Well, tell me first, what is the problem?”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Speaking of it, he hasn’t helped the other party since he accepted the car, he felt a little embarrassed.

“Well, two years ago, our company spent a lot of money to cultivate a new kind of corn. It became successful just a few months ago, but it hasn’t been listed yet. When it would come across the super corn cultivated by Mr.ye, our company would lose a lot. Therefore, I would like to ask, if our company could act as your agent for the super corn you cultivated?”

Ling Jinxiu said.

It has to be said that in recent years, the universal group has suffered a lot. Originally, it planned to launch new corn seeds, and prepared to make it public, but who would have thought that Ye Xiaochen would release super corn.

Facts have proved that all the super plants cultivated by Ye Xiaochen have shined brightly.

Although the super corn hasn’t come out yet, many farmers were waiting for it.

Naturally, Universal’s new corn seed will definitely lose money.

It couldn’t be helped, every time Ye Xiaochen cultivated a new super plant, companies in that field usually would go bankrupt.

This was just in the plant industry. Those who didn’t board the Yang city plant consciousness carrier, will fall behind and sink.

That’s why Ye Xiaochen’s super plants were in high demand.

Although Universal company also participated in the cooperation, it was only able to eat some soup.

It was the Earth Shennong and other big companies that got real food.

“Ms. Ling, Dahe corporation is in charge of the super corn. It has already been decided. I’m really sorry. “

Ye Xiaochen said.

Ling Jinxu sighed, although she guessed it, she was having some hopes.

“Mr.Ye, it’s alright. Sorry, for bothering you.”

Ling Jinxiu’s heart was bitter.

“Ms.Ling, how about this? I have a new super plant. Maybe your Universal company could become the supplier.”

Ye Xiaochen thought for a while and said.

Anyway, giving the neon fruit tree could be considered returning Ling Jinxiu’s favor.

“Ah? Really, thank you so much.”

Ling Jinxiu didn’t expect to get such unexpected happiness, she was very surprised and didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay. The specific plant, when you will come here you will find out.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

After a few more words, they hung up.

Unexpectedly in the afternoon, Ling Jinxiu brought people from Shashi.

She couldn’t help but hurry!

As soon as she received the news, she immediately arranged everything and brought people over.

When she learned the function of the neon fruit tree, her eyes immediately lit up, and could almost see the huge market of neon fruit trees.

Moreover, it was unique.

Unlike the corn, where there are too many varieties.

Even the super corn may not be able to completely dominate the market.

However, the neon fruit tree was different, there was only one, no competitors.

At the moment, Ling Jinxiu, on behalf of Universal company, signed an agreement with the Yang city plant consciousness research institute, to officially become the supplier of neon fruit trees.

After that, Ling Jinxiu was relieved completely.

She knew that the company had finally stabilized. No, it was an opportunity to fly.

Chapter 296 – Blood marrow Flower

Southern province Agricultural university. In a large classroom.

The classroom was overcrowded.

The seats inside were full.

An elective course was going on here today.

No elective course has been this popular, at least not in the Southern Province Agricultural University.

“Here comes professor Ye.”

It was not the first time for Ye Xiaochen to teach the subject of plant consciousness in the Agricultural University.

In every class, there would be a lot of students who would attend the course, and there were even the students who actually didn’t opt for the elective course.

When Ye Xiaochen lectures, he likes to do experiments. It was these magical experiments that students liked to see very much.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen found that the atmosphere was a little different.

In the front row seat, there was a girl wearing a mask.

Wearing a mask in the class?

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but take a look at her.

He found that the girl was pale, gaunt, and thin.

He quickly linked the girl to her past self.

As long as the student attended his class, he basically remembers them all. After all, at his level, he has a photographic memory.

This girl didn’t show up in a few previous classes.

He also didn’t pay attention, after all, there are often students who would not come to class.

After finishing the class, Ye Xiaochen was about to leave, then suddenly, a boy next to the girl approached him.

“Professor Ye.”

“What can I do for you, student?”

“Professor Ye, it’s like this. Yeung Wing has been ill and she couldn’t come to a few classes. She has been going through treatment all this time. She likes your class, recently she just had chemotherapy and was very weak, but she insisted on coming to class this time. Because she doesn’t know if there would be a chance next time, so she hopes that you give an autograph on this book.”

The boy took out a book.

Plant consciousness.

This book was recently written and published by Ye Xiaochen.

Most of the students who come to the elective course have one.

Naturally, they bought it on their own initiative.

Ye Xiaochen was slightly surprised chemotherapy? Then it should be no ordinary illness. He took the book and looked at the girl, from her puffy eyes, he saw a kind of expectation.

He went over to the girl with the book.

At the same time, his spiritual knowledge entered into the girl’s body, and soon, he found out the girl’s illness.

It was related to bone marrow.

It should be commonly a type of leukemia.

Obviously, traditional Chinese medicine and Westen medicine have a different judgment of pathological conditions.

However, since Ye Xiaochen got the knowledge of the medical skill, he has studied it well in combination with modern medicine.

“Wang Manqing, Li Lizhu, you two help Yeung Wing to my office.”

Ye Xiaochen said to the two girls next to the sick girl.

Yeung Wing and others were stunned for a comment, but seeing Ye Xiaochen leaving with the book, they quickly got up and helped Yeung Wing to follow.

Ye Xiaochen’s office was not far away.

This was specially arranged for him by the school.

It was bright, spacious, and decorated in a nice style, even the principal’s office wasn’t of this level.

Yeung Wing reached the office with the support of two other girls.

“You two, go out first.”

Ye Xiaochen said to Wang Manqing and Li Lizhu.

They were confused, but they respected Ye Xiaochen and immediately left.

Only Ye Xiaochen and the restless Yeung Wing were left in the office.

“Student Yeung Wing, you are suffering from leukemia, right?”

Ye Xiaochen asked softly.


Yeung Wing nodded her head, with a pair of dejected eyes.

This disease was very difficult to treat, even if it could be cured, a lot of money was required, especially for bone marrow, it was very difficult to get.

“I have something here that should improve your condition.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly took out a delicate porcelain bottle.

Inside were strange seeds.

These were blood marrow flower seeds.

It was a yellow grade sixth level immortal plant.

The blood marrow flower has one of the effects, that is, to change blood and wash the marrow.

And the seeds have the same effect, if not better.

Yeung Wing was stunned.

“Remember, this should be chewed, and not swallowed. Take once a day, in addition, after taking it, during defecation, it will be red, which is very normal, so don’t worry about it.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

He saw that Yeung Wing hasn’t recovered herself and immediately said, “student Yeung Wing, you can be rest assured, the teacher won’t harm you.”

Yeung Wing just reacted and immediately nodded: “teacher, I know.”

“And don’t tell anyone else. This is my Wechat Id, if you have any other reaction, you can tell me.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Yeung Wing nodded and put the porcelain bottle in her pocket.

Ye Xiaochen signed his name on the book and left a sentence. He gave it back to Yeung Wing, then he called other students in and asked them to help Yeung Wing go back.

After Yeung Wing and others left, Ye Xiaochen sat in his chair, lost in his thought.

He suddenly realized that perhaps the future direction of super plants should be shifted from the cash crops to other directions, like the super plants that could treat serious and incurable diseases.

Like the blood marrow flower, even if it was not refined into dan, it has an amazing effect on serious blood diseases.

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t use immortal plants for normal use. After all, it was a sixth level yellow grade immortal plant, and its value was not low. The world has many patients in this field, with millions of people, so ye Xiaochen couldn’t sell so many plants.

The only way to solve this was to create a super plant that performs the same function as the blood marrow flower.

It doesn’t matter if it was less effective, as long as it works.

This could be regarded as a little contribution to those people who were suffering from a deep disease.

Ye Xiaochen has memories of this aspect. A few years ago, his uncle died of a terminal illness.

When his uncle died, he suffered a lot, his whole body had just become skin and bone.

If… I got the Shennong system earlier, maybe my uncle wouldn’t have suffered so much.

Uncle was a teacher for him, he was very good to him. Even if it has been several years since his uncle died, Ye Xiaochen’s memory of his uncle was still very deep,

Shaking his head, Ye Xiacohen began to think.

What kind of plant could be used as a base plant?

If the base was not suitable, cultivating it would be very difficult.

“The closest thing to the blood marrow flower on the planet today, in terms of appearance and medicinal properties, is safflower.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly went through his memories and made a choice.

Of course, this was only a preliminary idea. As for the real decision, he must need to have a thorough understanding of safflower and master all its properties, before he could create the corresponding cultivation plan.

After leaving university, Ye Xaiochen went to a shop to buy some safflower seeds.

At his current planting level, it took less than 10 minutes to make the seed grow to a mature plant.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen in the planting process understood the performance of safflower.

Soon, Ye Xiacohen got a satisfactory result.

The safflower was completely feasible.


Meanwhile, Yeung Wing was taken home by her family.

The next day, she would return to the hospital to fight the disease.

Sitting on the bed, she looked at the ceiling and was lost in the thought.

She doesn’t know how long she could stay in this world?

Really good memories!

Those people, those things, those experiences, she saw them clearly, but she felt these things were leaving slowly.

Suddenly, she thought of the thing professor Ye gave today.

A ray of hope rose in her heart.

Perhaps, what professor Ye gave her might cure her disease.

Professor Ye himself was a miracle. How many super plants has he created?

Maybe professor Ye has developed a cure for leukemia.

Thinking of this, she took out the porcelain bottle and poured out a seed.

Yes, it looked like a seed. It was dark blue and was a little strange.

Trusting professor Ye, she gritted her teeth, poured a cup of warm water, and then put the seed into her mouth and chewed it gently.

It’s hard!

It took a hard bite to break the seed.


Yeung Wing felt the whole mouth bitter, it was much more bitter than those traditional Chinese medicines.

It was so bitter that her stomach began to react.

The bitterness was too strong.

She chewed for more than ten minutes and almost swallowed it many times.

Finally, she felt that there was nothing left in her mouth, so she quickly drank the warm water.


She drank the warm water, but her mouth was still bitter.

She felt that her tears were welling up.

She laid in the bed and it took her a long time to feel better.

Suddenly, she became slightly stunned, she was surprised to find that she did not feel tired and weak.

It felt like there was a lot of mental and physical strength in her.

She tried to get out of bed and take a walk.

Her eyes suddenly lit up.

She felt much better now, and the weakness seems to have dissipated a lot.

“Can this seed really cure my disease?”

On Yeung Wing’s delicate face, a look of joy appeared.

Hope suddenly dawned on her.

The hope of getting cured.

Originally, she was supposed to go to the hospital tomorrow, but she decided to wait a few days to check.

Her family unable to persuade could only agree.

In this way, Yeung Wing at home, every day ate a blood marrow flower seed and her condition got better day by day.

Even on the original pale and bloodless face, there was a touch of blush.

If people didn’t know about Yeung Wing’s condition, they wouldn’t have thought she was ill.

The family also felt strange about this.

Yeung Wing knew this was the result of the seed.

What professor Ye gave her really worked!

All of a sudden, she was looking forward to tomorrow’s hospital check up. Do not know what changes will be there?

After all, when she goes to the hospital tomorrow, according to the procedure, they would do a comprehensive examination before deciding the treatment plan.

Chapter 297 – Born

Yaxian hospital, inpatient department.

Yeung Wing and her family were waiting for the results of the examination.

Suddenly, several doctors came in, led by a gray-haired old doctor. He was Wang Binglong, Director of the hematology department.

The others were attending doctors.

Yeung Wing’s father quickly stood up.

“Yeung Wing’s examination result has come out. It is very strange, her condition has greatly improved. I would like to ask if she was going through some other treatment while she was at home?”

Director Wang Binglong asked.

He had looked at Yeung Wing’s examination report and was shocked when he compared it with the previous ones.

The last report was less than a week old.

He had been doing a conservative treatment before and only did chemotherapy when the condition deteriorated.

He knew that some patients who do not respond to conventional treatments, like to find the home remedy, and other treatment methods.

Now there was a significant improvement in Yeung Wing’s body, which was very abnormal.

“What? Director Wang, our Yeung is getting better?”

Yeung Wing’s parents were excited.

Their daughter’s illness was a pain in their heart, they didn’t know what to do?

“Yes, the indicators have dropped a lot.”

Wang Binglong nodded.

When Yeung Wing heard this, she was dazzled. Immediately, her body trembled a little and thought of the possibility that professor Ye’s seeds really worked.

It worked!

Yeung Wing covered her mouth, her eyes aware already wet.

Because she saw life.

“There were no other treatments, just only those medicines were used.”

Yeung Wing’s father said.

“Tell me what Yeung Wing has been eating recently, be more specific…”

Wang Binglong asked patiently.

If they could find out, it would be of great significance.

Only Yeung Wing knew it was all due to the seeds.

She wanted to say it, but when she thought of professor Ye’s order, she didn’t say anything.

Wang Binglong asked for a long time, but he didn’t find anything and left in disappointment.

Of course, before leaving, he said that the chemotherapy would be delayed and they would first observe the situation.

On the same day, Yeung Wing was discharged from the hospital.


Ye Xiaochen received a WeChat message from Yeung Wing, and she told that her condition has greatly improved.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help smiling, it was not surprising, and he told her that she must continue eating those seeds.

Heavenlyland farm.

Ye Xiaochen was sitting under a huge plant spirit.

The plant spirit was enormous, rooted in the heavenly land with thick branches and leaves.

Ye Xiaochen closed his eyes, the whole person seems to be integrated with the heavenly land.

Suddenly, Lu Dongcheng came in a hurry.

“Boss, Xiaoyu is going to give birth”

Lu Dongcheng said anxiously.

“Birth, finally in labor?”

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and revealed the color of surprise.

He quickly got up and wanted to see.

Ye Xiaochen just ran to his house, then suddenly stopped, shook his head, and said, “your wife is going to give birth, what will I do going inside?”

“What then? Who will deliver the baby!”

Lu Dongcheng said anxiously.


Ye Xiaochen said in a flat tone.

“I can’t”

Lu Dongcheng was sweating.

“Xiaoyue, why don’t you go in?”

Ye Xiaochen saw Du Yueqiu coming.

“I won’t, and besides having a baby is terrible. I don’t want to see it.”

Due Yueqiu shook head like a rattle-drum.

Black lines appeared on Ye Xiaochen’s face.

“Lu Dongcheng, I’m dying of pain. Where did you go? Ah, it’s killing me, Lu Dongcheng, you son of …?”

All of a sudden, the painful roar of Lian Yuzhu came out.

Lu Dongcheng shivered and hurriedly rushed in.

“Ah, let it go, it hurts…”

Soon, Lu Dongcheng’s scream came.

Du Yueqiu’s face was very pale, “giving birth to a child is so terrible?”

Next, there was no sound of Lian Yuzhu. Instead, Lu Dongcheng’s scream kept coming out. It was so miserable that when Ye Xiaochen and Tu Baiyuan heard they got chills.

Then suddenly, the sound of a baby’s cry came.

“Born, finally born.”

Hearing the cry, Du Yueqiu burst into laughter and rushed in.

Not before long Du Yueqiu came out with a naked baby in her arms.

The baby was still crying.

“Xiaoyue, why didn’t you cover the baby? The baby will catch a cold.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said.

“Oh, oh, I forgot.”

Du Yueqiu went into the room with the baby and came out again. The little baby was wrapped in a red fluffy cloak.

“Wow, look, the baby is so cute.”

Du Yueqiu teased the little guy.

The little guy chuckled.

“Let me see if it’s a boy or girl?”

Tu Baiyuan stepped forward and said.

He lifted the cloak and revealed the… poof, a stream of water hit Tu Baiyuan’s face.

Tu Baiyuan’s face became rigid.

“It’s alright. This is the baby’s urine. And still first urine. I think you’ll have good luck in the future.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Haha, the little guy is very lovely. Tu Baiyuan, how about we also have a child?”

Du Yueqiu excitedly said.

Tu Baiyuan happily said, “Good, you finally accepted. ”

“Humph! Lian Yuzhu can give birth, so I Du Yueqiu can also do.”

Du Yueqiu made a face of not being afraid of death and firmly said.

The baby that was in the womb for three years was really different. He could turn over in three days, sit in five days, crawl in a week, and was able to walk within a month.

Moreover, at half a month old, the little guy could already call father, mother, uncle, and other simple names.

This was referred to with the time in heavenly land, in the outside, it was still less than a week.

Ye Xiaochen sighed, a genius has been born!

He thought, when he would have children he would let Wang Xinyi come to the heavenly land farm to give birth. Maybe a genius could be born.

During this period, Ye Xiaochen cultivated the safflower very smoothly, and the drug effect has basically stabilized.

What he was trying to do was to make it more effective. After all, it’s effect was far worse than the blood marrow flower.

After all, it was an ordinary plant, no matter what, it certainly couldn’t be compared to the blood marrow flower.

So he was looking for an adjuvant that could match safflower to stimulate its properties.

And it was starting to look promising.

Earth Shennong company office.

“What! You are saying the safflower and snake-needle grass can be used to treat blood disease?”

Wang Shuisheng heard Ye Xiaochen’s introduction, he was amazed.

These were the medicinal plants’ Ye Xiaochen cultivated to treat certain diseases.

“Xiaochen, if you can really treat blood diseases, then it will be very significant.”

Wang Shuisheng took a deep breath.

This was a great blessing for millions of patients with a blood disease.

“Therefore, I plan to set up a pharmaceutical company under the Earth Shennong company.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Well, we can make medicine from safflower and snake-needle grass, but we can go a step further and set up private hospitals to treat these kinds of diseases.”

Wang Shuisheng said.

“Well, that’s good. But the cost of treatment must be affordable for ordinary families, they must not be impoverished due to illness.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

He knew that brother Wang was a businessman. Sometimes, he considers the problem mainly from the aspect of interests.

“Haha, Xiaochen, you can rest assured. I understand this.”

Wang Shuisheng knew what Ye Xiaochen meant.

His mother died due to a kind of blood disease. At that time, his family was very poor and had no money for treatment. He could only watch his mother suffer from torture and die.

After the two men discussed it, they began to make preparations.

It’s been a month.

In the heavenly land farm.

Ye Xiaochen was cultivating. Suddenly, a figure came flying and landed on the plant spirit, like a monkey it directly climbed.

Ye Xiaochen seemed to feel something. He looked up and saw the little guy laughing. Only half a year old, and was very naughty.

This boy was wearing a dudou and looked like a two-year-old child.

This young guy hasn’t cultivated but was born with magical nature. Since he was born, he has been living in a place full of immortal spirit qi and could be said to be born with an innate spirit.

Since they welcomed this little guy, there has been no peace on the farm.

Every day was chaotic.

Chapter 298 – Revealing identity

Provincial people’s hospital.

Accompanied by her family, Yeung Wing came to the hospital for a physical examination.

“The body is completely normal and all the data is good.”

Deputy director of hematology department said.


Yeung Wing’s family showed their excitement.

For more than a month, they had been doing tests at frequent intervals, and each time it was getting better and better. Yesterday, when the doctor announced that Yeung Wing had miraculously recovered, they were worried and came here to check again.

They received the same response.

The family of three was so excited that they hugged each other.

They felt it was a gift from god.

Only Yeung Wing knew that it was professor Ye who gave her seeds that cured her illness.

“Thank you, professor Ye.”

Yeung Wing said secretly.

If it wasn’t for professor Ye, she would have been still lying in a hospital bed, receiving the painful treatment, with no future.

It could be said that professor Ye has given her a new life.

Back at home, Yaxian hospital hematology director Wang Binglong called saying that he would make a detailed home visit.

Actually, it was not the first time that Director Wang Binglong came here. He has been here before but hasn’t found any issue.

He knew the treatment Yeung Wing took from beginning to end, now that Yeung Wing has miraculously recovered, however, he doesn’t think this is a miracle, there must be other reasons.

There was no disease that could be cured without a reason.

Therefore, he felt that he must have neglected something.

If they could find out the real cause, it would definitely be a major discovery.

The next day, Director Wang Binglong led a group of experts composed of director-level doctors of various departments to visit Yeung Wing’s home.

They collected the most detailed data on What Yeung Wing’s family ate, drank, and used without any omission.

Everything they touched was checked.

“What is this?”

One of the experts picked up a porcelain bottle.

He found it in Yeung Wing’s mother’s room.

There was no way, no matter how well Yeung Wing tried to hide, she couldn’t do it thoroughly.

Of course, no one thought that it was the seeds in the porcelain bottle that cured her.

“I took these from my daughter. She is a student of Agricultural university and likes to plant.”

Yeung Wing’s mother said hurriedly.

The doctor poured out the seed from the porcelain bottle, there were only three seeds left.

“Huh? Why are there so few? I remembered the last time there was still more than half a bottle.”

Yeung Wing’s mother was surprised.

Several other doctors looked at it, for them, any detail would not be missed, after all, it was very important.

“What kind of seeds is this?”

Wang Binglong looked at the seeds carefully and asked curiously.

Yeung Wing was dumbfounded. How could she know what kind of seeds this? It was given to her by Ye Xiaochen. She doesn’t know anything about it.

Wang Binglong immediately found out that Yeung Wing had not told the truth, immediately there was a shock in his heart and he hurriedly said, “Yeung Wing, you should know this. There are too many people suffering from this disease. It is not known how much pain they have to go through. Even some children before coming to this world, suffer because of this disease….”

His words shocked Yeung Wing because she has experienced this personally.

If it hadn’t been for professor Ye’s seeds, she would have been one of those people.

I have recovered, but how can I be so selfish?

Perhaps professor Ye won’t blame me if I say it.

After a moment of silence, Yeung Wing finally made a decision, “the reason I got cured, was actually because I ate these seeds.”

Wang Binglong and others were shocked.

Yeung Wing finally told the truth.

Everyone with fiery eyes looked at the seeds, this was the magical medicine to treat leukemia!

Yeung Wing’s illness was very serious, but in that short period of a month, she got miraculously healed.

“Yeung Wing, where did you get it?”

Wang Binglong held back the excitement in his heart and asked hurriedly.

It was amazing that such a small seed could cure a terminal disease.


Yeung Wing hesitated.

After all, this was about professor ye.

Wang Binglong looked eagerly at Yeung Wing.

“Yeung, please tell.”

Yeung Wing’s mother urged.

Yeung Wing gritted her teeth, nodded, and said, “it was given to me by professor Ye.”

“Professor Ye? Which professor Ye?”

Wang Binglong asked in surprise.

There were too many professors all over the country. There were also many professors in this Southern province.

“Professor Ye Xiaochen, a Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute. He is also a visiting professor at our agricultural university.”

Yeung Wing finally gave out the name.

“What? Professor Ye Xiaochen?”

Wang Binglong and others were shocked.

Ye Xiaochen’s was so famous, so obviously they know him.

“I see, so it is like this. It seems that professor Ye has cultivated another super plant, and it will soon be used as medicine for treating leukemia.”

Wang Binglong excitedly said.

If any other person had developed a plant that could treat leukemia, they would doubt it, but it was different in Ye Xiaochen’s case. He has developed many super plants and all of them achieved great success.

It could be said that super plants cultivated by Ye Xiaochen were priceless.

On the same day, after leaving Yeung Wing’s home, Director Wang Binglong directly went to Yang city.

He was going to see professor Ye Xiaochen.

He was a person who loved his doctor career. Although he knew that the cultivation of super plants that could treat leukemia would have a great impact on those specialists, he doesn’t care. He cared more about whether the patients could be cured completely.

Ye Xiaochen was doing research in the institute, and suddenly he found that someone came looking for him.

“What? Dr. Wang Binglong, director of Yanxian hospital hematology department?”

When Ye Xiaochen heard Ji Yuting’s words, he immediately understood what was the matter. If he didn’t guess wrong, Yeung Wing should have revealed the things.

At this time, on Ye Xiaochen’s Wechat a message came. He picked it up and looked at it, it was sent by Yeung Wing.

“Professor ye, I thought a lot and decided to sell you. I Have told the truth to others, you won’t blame me, would you?”

Seeing Yeung Wing’s message, Ye Xiacohen couldn’t help smiling.

“It’s all right. I’m about to launch the medicine anyway. Maybe, you can advertise for us.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly replied.

Soong, Yeung Wing sent a message again, “then I’m relieved. I can do it anytime.”

“Okay, I’ll get back to you later.”

After Ye Xiaochen sent this message, he got up and left the office to receive director Wang Binglong.


In the reception room, Ye Xiaochen met director Wang Binglong.

He was a balding old man with a righteous face.

This was Ye Xiaochen’s first impression.

He was quite accurate in judging people.

After the two exchanged greetings and shook hands, Wang Binglong explained his intention.

“Director Wang, I have indeed cultivated a super plant that could treat leukemia, however, the effect is not as strong as the previous one, because the seeds I gave Yeung Wing are the mother seeds and cannot be planted on a large scale.”

Ye Xiaochen said truthfully.

“Professor Ye, how effective is this for the treatment of leukemia?”

Wang Binglong asked hurriedly.

“If you use the mother seeds, it would take about a month or more to heal. If you use the normal seeds, then it may take three to five months. The treatment result is absolutely effective.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“That’s great, Professor Ye. When will this super plant launch in the market?”

Wang Binglong was very excited.

Although it would take three to five-month of continuous treatment, it was a hundred percent recovered and there were no adverse side effects or painful reactions.

“On a large scale, it would probably take a month or so, but on the small scale it could be done now.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Mr. Ye, can I order a batch for our hospital?”

Wang Binglong said with great anticipation.

“I’m afraid it is not possible, because our Earth Shennong company is preparing to establish a specialized hospital, which would be using it in the near future. Director Wang, I wonder if you are interested in taking the post of president of this specialized hospital?”

Ye Xiaochen directly invited him.

If you can hire such a person like that as president, the benefits will be very great.


Wang Binglong hesitated.

He was almost certain that if the super plant really had such miraculous effect, then as long as the specialized hospitals under the Earth Shennong company were established, the hematology department in the hospitals across the country would be completely out of business.

“Director Wang, this is a rare opportunity.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Wang Binglong clenched his teeth and said, “All right, I can promise. However, Professor Ye, I hope that the price of this medicine will not be too high. It is very difficult for the families of the sick.”

“Director Wang, you can rest assured of this. Our aim is to treat every patient with all our ability, and would never let any patient’s family be impoverished due to illness.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and said.

On Wang Binglong’s face finally, there was excitement.

He knew that with the status of Professor Ye Xiaochen, he would certainly not deceive.

In this way, the director of the Yang city Earth Shennong blood specialist hospital, which is under construction was decided

When Wang Submitted his resignation to the Yaxian Hospital, many people were surprised.

It should be known that Yaxian Hospital is a famous hospital in the southern province and Wang Binglong who served as the director of the hematology branch, had a special status.

His resignation was nothing less than an earthquake.

When he revealed that he would be joining a private hospital in a prefecture-level city that was under construction, many people persuaded him.

However, Wang Binglong had decided already.

A week later, the Yang city Earth Shennong blood specialist hospital officially opened for business.

Professor Wang Binglong used his connections with patients to bring business to the hospital immediately.

Of course, those patients were puzzled by such a simple treatment method.

However, they trusted director Wang, and so the patients accepted the treatment.

In less than a week, the result of the treatment effect came out, which brought relief to many patients.

Half a month later, all the patient’s illnesses eased a lot, and even some seriously ill patients who were judged to have a few months to live recovered very well.

All the patients were overjoyed and saw the hope of life.

At this time, Yang city Earth Shennong blood specialist hospital officially began to publicize itself.

As the large-scale planting of snake-needle grass and safflower achieved the first bumper harvest, a lot of medicines were made, it went through clinical trials, and quickly got approved.

As Ye Xiaochen cultivated a plant that could treat leukemia, the Government naturally attached importance to it and gave the green light for it.

And when the promotion began, the city provincial television and other new media covered it in their report.

At that moment, the whole province exploded with the news.

Professor Ye Xiaochen developed a special medicine for treating leukemia, and it has 100% recovery

In the tv news report, there was an interview video with Yeung Wing.

There were also many other interview clips with the patients who got treated.

All kinds of evidence have been put forward which stood against the investigation and test.

Countless people became excited since even this incurable disease like leukemia could be cured, so there was hope for other kinds of an incurable diseases?

The illness was a heavy topic that countless people avoid. Maybe you don’t have it now, it might be because you are young, it might not be found out now, but once it appears, it could bring unimaginable serious consequences. Many happy families suffered because of this.

Therefore, many people became happy when they saw such a difficult disease being conquered.

Moreover, it was Ye Xiaochen who cultivated special medicine!

Who doesn’t know that Professor Ye Xiaochen could be called a miracle maker, and has cultivated many kinds of super plants?

As a result, many people had a blind trust in Ye Xiaochen.

They think it should be true.

This was the influence of Ye Xiaochen.

With the news broadcast, many patients flocked to the Yang city, to the Yang city Earth Shennong blood specialist hospital.

As there were too many people, the online reservation was implemented.

Moreover, when you make an appointment, you must write down the details of the illness and body condition.

This was done by the hospital, in order to give priority to patients with life-threatening conditions.

The treatment process was very simple, just look at the case, check the various examination data, and then prescribe the medicine.

The process of the examination was directly eliminated.

The hospital would have made a lot of money if they conducted the examination and tests again.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t want that.

There were only medicines. Mainly according to the course of treatment, after half a month the situation would be checked again.

The course of medication was not expensive, it was about a thousand yuan, and patients could fully afford it.

If the illness was cured within three to five-month, it would just cost a few thousand yuan.

Compared with the conventional treatment costing hundreds of thousands of yuan, just a few thousand yuan was very cheap.

Chapter 299 – Pressure

Shashi city, in a certain district.

Li Ping looked at her son lying on the bed and was deeply distressed.

Three years ago, her son, who was still in kindergarten, was suffering from a high fever. Later, he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. After several months of treatment, he got a little better. But who would have thought that this year, he would relapse, with a more fierce degree. The hospital issued a critical notice unless immediately a bone marrow transplantation was done, it would be hard to survive. However, in order to treat her son, she was already in debt, and was impossible to support costs.

In desperation, she had no choice but to let her son get a conservative treatment at home, which was equivalent to giving up completely. However, some time ago. The advertisement of Yang city Earth Shennong blood specialist hospital gave her hope because this hospital was founded by a top botanist, professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

That’s why, with a last glimmer of hope, she took her son and made an appointment.

She didn’t expect that the treatment process was so simple, and a course of medicine cost only 1000 yuan which was very cheap.

In this way, Li Ping began to give her son medication. For several days, there was no reaction, but one to two days ago he showed a significant change because he slept much more quietly than before. Previously, he would always say it was painful.

“Mom, I’m hungry.”

Li Ping was in her thought when suddenly she heard his son calling her.

She was shocked to see her son sitting on his own.

Her eyes opened wide in disbelief and immediately happiness emerged in her heat. As her son was so sick, she had to support him to make him sit or stand.

Now her son was sitting up by himself, It’s unbelievable.

“Good, good, mother, now will just get you a bowl of porridge.”

Li Ping stood up and excitedly said.

“I don’t want to eat porridge anymore. I want meat, eggs, and drumsticks.”

Her son said.

“Okay, mom will make it now.”

Li Ping was very happy since he was ill he didn’t like to eat anything and would eat just a little porridge.

Now he even wants to eat meat, eggs, and drumsticks, did his body condition greatly improve?

The thought of it just made her more excited.

She believed that the magical medicine Professor Ye cultivated has begun to work.

His son ate a big bowl, and his appetite was better than ever.

In the next few days, her son’s condition improved greatly, and his appetite became better and better, which made Li Ping very happy. Her husband just came back from the construction site, seeing his son actually walking, he was surprised unceasingly.

Immediately, the couple discussed and took their son to the hospital for examination.

The results came out, their son’s condition improved, which made the couple extremely excited. They finally saw the hope of their son getting cured. Once upon a time, they had completely lost hope and thought that they could only watch their son die in the hospital bed. This huge turnaround made two people full of hope for the future.

The couple called the doctor of Yang city Earth Shennong blood specialist hospital and explained the situation. Wang Binglong, the president of the hospital, told them that they must give medication to the child on time.

Li Ping and her husband were not the first to call Wang Binglong to give good news. He received dozens of similar calls every day.

He was happy for these patients.

With the publicity and success stories spread by patients, the news that Yang city Earth Shennong blood specialist hospital could cure leukemia spread widely. More and more patients heard about it, and even patients from other provinces went to the hospital.

A few months later, the patients cured cases increased, 10 cases, 100 cases, 1000 cases. When this news was gradually known to the people, not only the province but the country and even the whole world were boiling.

Many medical institutions were studying this miracle drug for leukemia.

These medical institutions have been greatly affected, if they could not develop the medicine with the same efficacy, they might go bankrupt.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen’s cultivated medicines were not so easy to crack.

There were few medical institutions that released new medicine, saying that it has extremely high curative effects on the related disease. However, compared with the Yang city Earth Shennong blood specialist hospital, the difference was too far. No medicine was able to cure 100 percent.

This alone made the Shennong hospital the first choice for patients.

A top pharmaceutical company.

This company was famous for producing blood specific medicines.  Since Shennong Hospital became capable of curing blood diseases, their performance has plummeted and they were now struggling.

At the moment, in a conference room, an important meeting was in progress.

“You all should know what’s going on, and if we don’t change, we’re all going to suffer.”

Said a balding middle-aged man with a gloomy face.

“Mr. Yao, we have joined hands with several peers. We can put pressure on Shennong to sell medicines to us and to raise the price of medicine. Only a few thousand yuan could cure leukemia. How can such a good thing happen? The Earth Shennong hospital is completely disrupting the market.”

One of the senior officials said.

Others also raised their voices.

“This is inevitable. No matter how strong Earth Shennong hospital is, would they dare to fight against the whole industry?”

The bald man Yao laughed.

In this way, a plan to suppress Earth Shennong began.

At Wang Shuiheng’s home.

“Xiaochen, what is your opinion on this matter?”

Wang Shuisheng asked in a deep voice.

Although he had expected this possibility, he was still a bit caught off guard. The pressure was too much.

As this was the power of the whole industry!

It not only included China but also abroad.

Although Wang Shuisheng has experienced many battles, he was still under great pressure when he faced this situation!

“Brother Wang, other things are okay. Only this treatment cost can not be compromised.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Wang Shuisheng gave a wry smile.

Those people didn’t only want the distribution rights of medicines, but also the right to determine the price of the medicine. And the more outrageous demand was that the treatment of leukemia must be paired with their special medicines.

This was hijacking the market because the special medicines themselves were harmful to the patient’s body.

Moreover, the cost would be increased hundreds of times.

It would be strange that Ye Xiaochen would not get angry with such strict requirements.


It was a complete fallout!

All of a sudden, a large number of posts on Shennong appeared on the internet, and some media also made negative reports on it. Anyway, there was no factual basis, it was all speculation and gossip.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care, there were plenty of success stories which were enough.

As for seeking trouble in other aspects, Ye Xiaochen wasn’t afraid of going against the tide. His network of contacts he has established in the southern province has already been extremely strong.

Moreover, there was the news from the military that he would be rewarded with the rank of major general as a reward for his outstanding contributions to the national defense and security!

Although the presence of negative rumors had some impact, it didn’t affect the hospital business at all.

Because for patients, when there was no way, they would even try if there was a little hope. Not to mention, there were so many examples, which gave a lot of people great hopes!

For months, the Earth Shennong stood firm.

Finally, the pharmaceutical industry panicked.

They have used all the means at their disposal, but it was of no use.

Chapter 300 – The Little guy is Missing

Heavenelyland farm.

Ye Xiaochen sat cross-legged, using the breathing he swallowed a huge amount of immortal spirit qi.

His cultivation was growing every moment.

His plant spirit has integrated with the Heavenlyland.

Now he felt as if he had become the heavenly land and the heavenly land became him.

“Whew, it’s time to accelerate again.”

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes.

He felt that even the seven times acceleration had no effect on him.

Some time ago, he continuously increased the time flow rate by twice and reached six times the time flow rate.

Moreover, he believed that Lian Yuzhu and others should have adapted by now.

Eight times the flow rate!


A figure came flying and soon reached his side. It was a child of seven to eight years old and looked very pretty.

This figure was of course Lu Fenglai, the son of Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongcheng.

“Master, have you increased the speed of time again?”

Asked the little guy hurriedly.

“Yes, Feng. How do you feel?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile.

Such a cute, clever and extraordinary guy, Ye Xiaochen simply accepted him as his disciple. Moreover, he has a high talent, his plant talent reached earth grade seventh level.

Much higher than his parents.

Ye Xiaochen estimated that the reason why he had such a high planting talent was not only because his parents had high talent, but also due to the fact he was born on the heavenly land farm. The aura here was the immortal spirit qi, which was far comparable to the cultivation world.

Moreover, it took him three years to be born, which probably contributed to promoting his talent.

Recently, he learned that Du Yueqiu was also pregnant.

He was looking forward to it. and wondered whether they could give birth to a child as talented as Lu Fenglai.

Ye Xiaochen even has been encouraging Lian Yuzhu and Lu DongCheng to have a few more.

“I don’t feel satisfied. It is better to speed up more.”

Lu Fenglai said.

“Haha, your parents won’t be able to stand it.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Their adaptability is too bad, even a child like me can bear it.”

Lu Fenglai said.

“Master, will you take me out to play?”

Lu Fenglai said to Ye Xiaochen.

“Well, at your age you should be going to school.”

Ye Xiaochen took a look at Lu Fenglai. Although he was only half a year old according to real-time, he was almost five years old in the heavenly land farm.

Moreover, he grew much faster than ordinary children, so he looked like a six or seven-year-old child.

His intelligence was also much better than his peers.

Moreover, he has already constructed the foundation.

This little guy has such a high planting talent. Naturally, cultivation would be quick.

This was the result of Ye Xiaochen suppressing him. Otherwise, he would have been in the Qi refining stage.

It’s just that Ye Xiaochen was worried about letting him go to school. After all, he was a child, but he was not an ordinary child. A child who has mastered the power of the perfect foundation construction stage, even those top martialists won’t be a match to him.

“Fenglai, I can take you out to school, but you must have to follow three rules”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Master, tell me, Fenglai will certainly obey.”

Lu Fenglai was like a little adult.

“First, you can’t use your cultivation powers in front of others.”

“Second, you must listen to the class carefully.”

“Third, you must listen to the teacher.”

“If you can promise me these three things, I will allow you to go, but if you violate any of them, I would have to bring you back here.”

Ye Xiaochen said seriously.

“Master, don’t worry. I will be obedient. I know that I am different from other children. I will study hard, listen to the teacher, and make good relations with my classmates. I will never do mischievous things and won’t use the power of cultivation in front of others.”

Lu Fenglai hurriedly and loudly said.

Ye Xiaochen saw Lu Fenglai’s serious appearance, and could not help smiling.

Of course, now he said these things, but it was not known if he would change his mind after going to school.

Early September.

After two months of summer vacation, schools and universities began to open, and students returned to school.

His sister only stayed home for a few days.

Moreover, not long ago, Ye Ying and Guo Moyun got engaged, but they didn’t have much to celebrate, so they only invited their family, even then, there were more than a dozen of tables.

Guo Moyun’s parents and several relatives had come.

As for the wedding, it was agreed that it would be held in the next summer vacation after both of them had graduated.

Little Lu Fenglai was sent to the kindergarten in the town.

The little guy behaved obediently.

However, after a week, it was not the case.

One day, when Ye Xiaochen was in the research institute he suddenly received a call from the kindergarten saying that Lu Fenglai had disappeared.

Ye Xiaochen was not worried about the safety of the little guy but was afraid that he might cause some trouble.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen drove directly to Taiping town.

Ye Xiaochen had planted a tracking talisman on Lu Fenglai, so he was not afraid of Lu Fenglai getting lost.

Finally, he found the guy in an internet cafe. He was actually looking at others playing games.

“Fenglai, why did you disobey?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Uncle Ye, going to school is boring. It’s too easy, and I’ll go crazy if I stay any longer.”

Lu Fenglai said gloomily.

“However, I think it’s very interesting to play games at Internet cafes. Uncle Ye, please let me play.”

Lu Fenglai said with bright eyes

“No, children can’t play games.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Then, how can he play?”

Lu Fenglai pointed to a child who was not much older than him.

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded.

“Please, just let me play.”

Lu fenglai said.

“Okay, okay.”

Ye Xiaochen had no choice but to agree and let him play for an hour.

Eventually, Ye Xiaochen simply rented a house in the town, pulled up the Internet cable, and bought a computer. He asked Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongcheng to take care of Lu Fenglai. Anyway, it should not be a problem to stay in the town.

Every day after school, the little guy would play on the computer for two hours in the rented room before returning to the farm with his parents.

Suddenly, one day, Ye Xiaochen again received a call from Kindergarten.

Lu Fenglai has disappeared again.

Ye Xiaochen was very surprised when he returned to the town, he didn’t feel the breath of the talisman.

There were only two possibilities: one was that Lu Fenglai had left the town, and the other was Lu Fenglai’s tracking talisman had been covered up.

The second possibility was almost impossible, only a Qi refining stage expert could mask the talisman.

However, currently in the secular world, except for Ye Xiaochen and few people, there was no Qi refining stage cultivator.

Ye Xiaochen’s face darkened.

With Lu Fenglai’s cultivation, ordinary people couldn’t take him away. Lu Fenglai was not an ordinary child and was very smart.

Unless abnormal means were used.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiaochen was a little worried. I don’t know how Lu Fenglai is now?

As the tracking talisman was too far away, it was very troublesome to sense.

Ye Xiaochen immediately took out a talisman, crumpled it which suddenly turned into a strange light.

His finger moved, and the light flashed out, forming an invisible halo, radiating in all directions.

“Plants show the way!”

Ye Xiaochen closed his eyes, the whole town was in his sensing range, at the same time, the plants in his sensing range bloomed out halo, and vaguely, you could see those plants and grass swaying….

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s eyes flashed and he looked in a direction.

He quickly got into his car and followed in that direction.


A black business car was driving on the national highway.

There were several men in the car.

“Eh? How is this child moving?”

A man suddenly said.

“Xiaolin, how can it be possible? This is an enhanced anesthetic, not to mention a child, even a grown man would be knocked out for three to five hours. For a child, at least more than 10 hours”

A man said while laughing.

“It is true, you see, he moved again.”

The man said.

The others looked over, and sure enough, they saw the child moving.

The boy woke up rubbing his eyes and stared blankly.

“Who are you guys?”

Lu Fenglai only remembered that he was bored and was ready to slip out of the kindergarten to play.

But, unexpectedly he met a car. Then someone in the car said something to him and he didn’t know anything after that.

His eyes immediately flashed and understood the situation he was in.

Some bad guy has knocked himself out.

Master said that if I was in danger from bad people, I could use it.

Lu Fenglai immediately asked, “What do you guys want?”

“Haha, this little guy is special. He woke up so quickly and is able to stay calm.”

One man said with a smile.

“Didn’t the captain say that this child has a breath of cultivator? Maybe he is also a cultivator!”

Another man said.

Suddenly, few men seemed to notice something and their faces changed.

Yes, cultivator.

This child was also a cultivator!

No wonder he woke up so soon.

Fortunately, he was a child, otherwise, they’d be in a little trouble.

As the people from the Supernatural Management Bureau, they have seen the power of cultivators, their personal combat was something that they couldn’t resist.

“You are correct. I am a cultivator, and you bad guys are seeking death by attacking a cultivator.”

Lu Fenglai wasn’t like a child at all but was like a normal adult.

Suddenly, he moved, jumped on his feet and his fist exploded out, with a cloud of light coalescing over it.


A terrible light burst out, and the glass of the whole car broke.


The car suddenly lost control and crashed into a nearby big tree.

At the same time, a figure came out of the window.

It was Lu Fenglai who came out.
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