Heavenly Farmer Chapter 281-290

Chapter 281 – The Flute

At the live concert.

A large number of fans waved light sticks from time to time and sang at top of their lungs with the rhythm of Li Mengyao, who was singing on stage.

The atmosphere was very strong!

Only on such an occasion could you feel the real impact of the song.

All the emotions were brought together and created a wonderful resonance.

When Ye Xiaochen heard it, he was very surprised. No wonder famous singers often hold concerts. Making money was secondary, the most important thing was to consolidate the loyalty of fans.

In such an atmosphere, all the fans’ worship and recognition of the singer would reach a peak.

Wang Xinyi and Chu Qingqing were both into Li Mengyao’s singing. Like other fans, they all sang loudly.

Only Wang Shuisheng seems to have no music factor, therefore he was not able to adapt to such an occasion.

Coupled with his smoking habit, he slipped out slyly.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care about it.

The concert lasted for several hours.

Ye Xiaochen listened to it with great interest.

Of course, such an atmosphere and appeal was not enough to let him thoroughly immerse himself.

The concert was finally over.

“Hey, where is old wang?”

Chu Qingqing found that her husband had disappeared.

“Brother Wang has gone out for a long time.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Several people followed the crowd and went out of the concert site.

In the parking place, they just saw Wang Shuisheng talking on the phone.

“Is it finally over?”

Wang Shuisheng hung up the phone and asked with a smile.

“Just watching a concert has made you feel anxious. You see Xiaochen, he has been with us all time.”

Chu Qingqing glared at Wang Shuisheng.

Because it was too late, Wang Shusiheng and others worried about Ye Xiaochen driving back home, and asked him to stay.

Ye Xiaochen also agreed.

Early the next morning, he and Wang Shuisheng went to Earth Shennong farm, to eliminate some planting problems

Now the Earth Shennong farm has been developed into a large-scale comprehensive planting farm, covering an area of more than 2,000 hectares.

In addition, there were plans to reach the planting area of 10,000 hectares within two years.

The Earth Shennong company has already made profits. Ye Xiaochen estimated that in less than a year, the profit level of it won’t be inferior to the immortal spring restaurant.

All the products planted by Shennong farm were sold to high-end markets and belonged to the top-quality product.

Some of it has even been shipped abroad.

To have such amazing results in just more than half a year, Wang Shusiheng has absolutely worked with great pains.

Of course, the improved plant that Ye Xiaochen has developed deserves the most credit.


At an upscale hotel in Shashi city.

In one of the luxurious business suites, Li Mengyao was lying on the bed. Although it was more than 10 a.m, she didn’t get up.

Yesterday’s concert made her too tired.

The physical exhaustion was so big that it couldn’t be recovered from one night’s sleep.

She was listening to flute music from a website.

The sound of the flute was not clear, but it was fascinating to hear.

When Li Mengyao heard it for the first time, She was shocked. She didn’t expect that the flute could be played so well.

Most importantly, this flute music has a strong appeal that goes deep into the soul.

Moreover, listening to flute music greatly relaxes her mind and makes her feel happy.

So after every performance, she would listen to this flute music.

The music finished.

Li Mengyao wanted more.

“I wish I could hear the flute music live. How wonderful would that be?”

Li Mengyao muttered to herself.

She knew that this was an extravagant hope. Although she searched for the flutist on the internet, there was no news.

“Mengyao, we have made an appointment with Miss Ling. Today we will be going with the music score to see her.”

Qin Jie said.

“I know.”

The main reason they came to Yang city was to find the famous gold medalist Chinese poet Wang Ling. She was recently preparing to release a record, but the title song has not been finished, so she wanted to ask teacher Ling for help.

With Wang Ling’s status in the field of lyrics, she has seldom helped people writing lyrics.

That is to say, the top queen like Li Mengyao has the ability to invite Wang Ling.

After washing and eating some food, Li Mengyao, accompanied by her agent and bodyguard headed for Wang Ling’s residence.

Wang Ling lived in a luxurious villa.

This was her latest purchase.

“Miss Ling, this is my request and idea, what do you think?”

Li Mengyao said with a smile.

“The idea is very good, and is suitable for your singing.”

Wang Ling was a beautiful woman in her mid-thirties. She was gentle, virtuous, and had a soft temperament.

Her husband was Xu Lang, a middle-aged man with golden eyes.

He was a famous pianist in China.

Xu Lang, Wang Ling’s husband, made tea for Li Mengyao. After greeting, he went out. Obviously, he knew that his wife and Li Mengyao would be discussing lyrics.

Just as Wang Ling was about to start writing, suddenly flute music sounded from a distance.

Although it was very light, it was very tantalizing, people couldn’t help listening to it.

Wang Ling immediately put down her pen and ran upstairs.

Xu Lang also came out of the piano room and followed her.

Hearing the sound of the flute, Li Mengyao was slightly stunned and her face revealed a surprise color, she also immediately followed them.

Her agent Qin Jie saw the scene and hurriedly followed.

In this way, the four people soon reached the top floor of the villa.

Suddenly, faint flute music became a lot clearer.

The four people listening were intoxicated.

After a long time, the flute music disappeared, and people gradually became awake from their stupor.

“This is really wonderful. I don’t know how long I’ve to wait to hear it again.”

Wang Ling wanted more.

“Yes, this is the third time I’ve heard since we moved in.”

Xu Lang was still immersed.

The couple came to visit Yang city once. They overheard the flute music and completely fell in love with it. They spent a lot of money to buy a villa here.

For this reason, for more than a month they spent most of their time in the villa, just to be able to hear the flute music again.

“Miss Ling, do you know where the flutist lives?“

Li Mengyao’s face became excited.

She didn’t expect that without any effort she could find the flutist.

Judging from the sound of the flute, he must be in this villa community area.

“I don’t know, I couldn’t tell the direction. Moreover, after the flute has been played, we all have been so immersed in the flute that we can’t extricate ourselves and then can’t identify the direction it came from.”

Wang Ling shook her head and said bitterly.

If they knew who the flutist was, why would they spend their whole time here?

“I am content if the flutist could play it just once in a while.”

Xu Lang said.

Li Mengyao was slightly distracted. It felt her heart was scratched by the cat’s paw, she always wanted to know the man who played this flute.

Chapter 282 – Plead

At Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

Ye Xiaochen was playing flute in Wang Xinyi’s courtyard.

After finishing the song, Ye Xiaochen put down his flute.

“It’s very nice to hear. I can never get tired of hearing the sound of the flute!”

Wang Xinyi showed a sweet smile.

“If you like it, I’ll play it for you every day.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Let’s go for a walk.”

Wang Xinyi chuckled.

Ye Xiaochen nodded. Two people holding hands went out of the villa and walked around.

The environment of the villa community was very good, there were beautiful sceneries, the singing of birds, and the fragrance of flowers.

“Xiaochen, I have made up my mind I want to be a singer, a singer like Li Mengyao.”

Wang Xinyi suddenly said.

“Well, I will support you.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

He knew Wang Xinyi’s dream. Once upon a time, hearing the sound was an extravagant hope for her, not to mention music.

Ever since she got her listening ability back, she has been totally hooked on the music.

She spends a lot of time studying music every day.

For this, Wang Shuisheng also invited a professional music teacher for her.

However, the music teacher told Ye Xiaochen that Wang XInyi’s hearing has not completely recovered, although there was a hearing aid which could make her hear a sound like a normal person, the sound she heard was not pure. Which would interfere with Wang Xinyi’s understanding of music.

However, Ye Xiaochen supports all of Wang Xinyi’s decisions.

He knew that the girl had lost so much, and now she finally had a chance to start all over again. Although it was full of difficulties, she would firmly go on.

Anyway, you have to try.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen already has an idea, he must support her dream to create the best conditions for her.

While they were talking, several people came from the opposite side.

“Li Mengyao?”

Wang Xinyi pointed towards the opposite woman wearing the sunglasses and suddenly said in a surprised voice.

Li Mengyao didn’t think that even after wearing sunglasses and a hat she would get recognized.

They had come out to find the flutist.

However, this villa community was too big. They couldn’t identify the direction.

They just hoped to meet the person playing the flute.

“Li Mengyao, I love listening to your songs, can you give me your autograph?”

Wang Xinyi trotted past.

Ye Xiaochen slightly smiled, the influence of the star was really big.


Li Mengyao seemed very kind. She stopped, then took the pen from her agent Qin Jie and wrote her name on Wang Xinyi’s white shirt.

“Xiaochen, hurry up, you also take Li Mengyao’s autograph.”

Wang Xinyi hurriedly waved to Ye Xiaochen

Ye Xiaochen had no choice but to walk over.

Li Mengyao saw that Ye Xiaochen was not too excited about getting her signature, but she didn’t care.

She still very seriously signed a name on Ye Xiaochen’s clothes.

“Thank You.”

Wang Xinyi quickly thanked her.

“You’re welcome.”

Li Mengyao nodded and smiled.

She was about to leave with Wang Ling and others when suddenly, she seemed to think of something and asked, “Excuse me, Did you hear the flute music?”

In fact. She just casually asked. After all, Wang Ling and Xu Lang had already asked these questions to others without any result. Because the people were just like them, they were so absorbed in listening that they all forgot the direction flute sound came from.

“Flute music?”

Wang Xinyi was slightly stunned, then said, “ if there are no other people, then it should be Ye Xiaochen playing it.”

Li Mengyao was very surprised, she came to a place and found the flute music, she casually asked the person and actually found the owner. There was no need to work hard at all!

Wang Ling and Xu Lang were also very surprised, they rushed forward and asked, “Who is Ye Xiaochen?”

“He is my boyfriend.”

Wang Xinyi hugged Ye Xiaochen’s arm and said proudly.

Several fiery eyes fell on Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen felt the look they gave was terrible.

However, he soon realized that these people must have heard his flute music and came looking for him.

Sure enough, in the following conversation, Ye Xiaochen learned that Besides Li Mengayao, the other two were also famous figures in the music industry.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he learned that Wang Ling and Xu Lang specially bought a villa in this villa community to listen to his flute and even waited every day to listen to the flute.

He didn’t expect that he had loyal listeners, and they were die-hard!

Of course, Li Megnayao, Wang Ling, Xu lang, Qin Jie were more shocked. They didn’t expect that the young man with a good temperament, was a top famous botanist.

Although the music industry and plant industry do not match each other, Ye Xiaochen’s fame couldn’t be contained.

Moreover, from the perspective of status, Ye Xiaochen as the associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Science and Director of Yang city plant consciousness institute has much greater weight!

The four people immediately became respectful towards Ye Xiaochen.

“Professor Ye, can you play it again? I know it’s a rude request, but it just, really…”

Xu Lang couldn’t help saying.

There was a tone of pleading in his voice.

For a musician who was committed to the music career, there was nothing more exciting than hearing a piece of music that couldn’t be forgotten,

Wang Ling and Li Mengyao were also looking forward to hearing it.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know what to say.

“Xiaochen, you play it again.”

Wang Xinyi pulled Ye Xiaochen’s arm and said.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Wang Xinyi, he then immediately nodded and said, “Okay.”

Xu Lang and others became happy.

Finally, the group went to Wang Xinyi’s home, because the bamboo flute was placed there.

Chu Qingqing saw her favorite singer Li Mengyao had unexpectedly come to her home, she naturally became happy and hurriedly entertained them.

When she heard that Li Mengyao and others came to listen to Ye Xiaochen’s flute music, she immediately said with a smile, “Xiaochen’s flute music is really good. I’m never tired of hearing it.”

Soon, the group came into the courtyard.

Ye Xiaochen picked up the bamboo flute, under the gaze of the people, he played it gently.

The soft and ethereal sound of the flute spread.

All of a sudden, everyone got immersed in it.

Chapter 283 – Talent Show

After the music was finished, it took some time for the group to break away from the mood.


The crowd heaved a sigh of relief.

“This song should belong to heaven, rarely can it be heard in this world. The ancients have not deceived me.”

Xu Lang gave out such feelings.

“Mr.Ye, I don’t know what this tune is called?”

Li Mengyao asked hurriedly.

She finally listened to the music live, she thought that she would be satisfied, but she didn’t expect that her heart’s scratching became more and it was difficult to extricate oneself from it.

“Song of plants.”

Ye Xiaochen said calmly.

“Song of plants, What song of plants!”

Wang Ling murmured to herself.

Other than this she didn’t know what word she could use to describe the song.

She was out of words.

After talking about music for a while, Ye Xiaochen finally mentioned Wang Xinyi’s situation, saying that she loves music, and hopes to enter the music industry.

Xu Lang and the other three were smart people, they immediately understood Ye Xiaochen’s meaning.

Li Mengyao was a little hesitant, after all, Wang Xinyi once suffered from ear disease, although it got cured, it would still have a great impact.

Suddenly, she saw her agent Qin blinking at herself. The two people have already cooperated to the point of mutual understanding, she naturally understood sister Qin’s meaning.

“Miss Wang, the road of music is very difficult. Can you really stick to it?”

Li Mengyao looked at Wang Xinyi and seemed to see her own shadow in her.

In the beginning, she stuttered a little, but when she met a good teacher, she finally overcame this difficulty.

She didn’t know how much effort and hard work she has put in to have today’s achievement.

“Yes, I can.”

Wang Xinyi hurriedly nodded.

She knew that this was her opportunity. If she was led by the master of music, it would be a lot easier and less tricky than starting out on her own.

In this way, Wang Xinyi formally became a student of Li Mengyao.

It was a rare opportunity for Wang Xinyi to have such a queen as a teacher.

They went outside the villa.

In the car.

“Sister Qin, why did you make me accept Wang Xinyi?”

Li Mengyao asked her.

Qin Jie always disliked trouble, so why did she let her accept Wang Xinyi?

“There are three reasons. First, though Wang Xinyi has little ear defect, her voice is very good. This is a good condition. As long as she could work hard enough, the future success will certainly not be too bad. Second, naturally, it was because of Ye Xiaochen. If we can get his friendship and favor, it will be very beneficial for our future development. And, Third is that his music score, if we can get the copyright and adapt it into a song, I think it will be a great breakthrough in your music career.”

Qin Jie said.

Li Mengyao didn’t expect sister Qin would think all of this in such a short period of time.

“That music score is a very strange piece. In terms of composition, it seems ordinary. So why does it have such a strange feeling after playing?”

Li Mengyao suddenly said.

At her music level, she could write down the score as soon as she listened to it.

“This is also my question, perhaps Ye Xiaochen has some special skills.”

Sister Qin said.

Li Mengyao was lost in thought.


In the courtyard.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Wang Xinyi’s happy appearance and smiled.

After Wang Shuisheng came back, he got to know that his sister would be following Li Mengyao on the road of music. He was silent for a moment and then nodded, which was his acquiescence.

In fact, he doesn’t want his sister to take the path of a singer, this was very hard and he was afraid that she would suffer a lot of pain.

However, he knew his sister’s character, she seemed weak but has a strong heart, once decided it was difficult to change.

Besides, his sister finally got something to do she liked.

Three days later.

Li Mengyao was leaving Yang city.

Wang Xinyi packed up things and followed her.

Ye Xiaochen went to see her off that day.

It would be difficult to meet for a while, but now there was a video chat and phone call, so it was fine.

Of course, before leaving, Ye XIaochen gave Wang Xinyi a necklace.

He bought it from the store and has magic functions, there was even a defense function that would get triggered automatically.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen left a heavenly land seal on the necklace, he could use this seal to teleport at any time, which was very convenient.

Ye Xiaochen devoted himself to research, planting immortal plants, and cultivating the Shennong tactic.

Over the next two months, Ye Xiaochen cultivated super dust-eliminator trees, super duckweed, and super soybean.

Among them, the super duckweed was especially suitable for purifying water quality. Its breeding speed was super fast, has super purification ability, and strong adaptability.

As for the super soybean, they were designed to resist genetically modified soybean production.

The success of one project after another in such a short period of time naturally attracted top management’s attention.

Not long ago, Ye Xiaochen’s professor title was approved.

Also, the magical effects of super drought-resistant grass, super dust-eliminator tree, and super duckweed gradually became known abroad, and many delegations from various countries often visited to see it.

The result, of course, was that Ye Xiaochen has become famous in other countries.

Some countries hope to get these super plants.

Especially several African countries which were suffering from the desert, now that China has developed the super drought-resistant grass that could change the desert environment, they were ecstatic.

If they could use the super drought-resistant grass to turn a large number of deserts in Africa into normal land, the benefit would be too great.

The Chinese Government has used the super plants to carry out the diplomatic strategy and has achieved a lot.

And Ye Xiaochen, as a researcher of super plants, naturally got the most credit.

Someone from the Chinese Academy of Science has disclosed to Ye Xiaochen that he might be able to get an Academician title by next year.

Originally, to go from associate professor to Professor and to Academician takes decades.

Ye Xiaochen’s achievement was so great that even if any of the achievement is taken, it would be enough to earn him great honor.

Not to mention he had made several achievements.

During this period, Ye Xiaochen also traveled abroad for a period of time. Mainly participating in various academic conferences, meeting foreign expert groups, conducting academic exchanges, and spreading the discipline of plant consciousness.

All in all, he was very busy during this period.

Wang Xinyi was also very busy, she was busy learning different kinds of music knowledge.

The two spoke almost every day.

She said a lot of things, like, Li Mengyao would often give her some specific training, which was very hard and tiring. Sometimes, she could hardly stick to it.

Ye Xiaochen would comfort and encourage her.

Wang Xinyi’s progress was really great, and her efforts were giving results.

Ye Xiaochen was also happy for her.

This day, Wang Xinyi suddenly called him and said that she was going to participate in a singing talent show.

Li Mengyao arranged it for her.

Ye Xiaochen could tell that she was very excited and nervous.

This was the first time for her to take part in the show and show the world her singing.

Chapter 284 – First Kiss

On the day of singing, Ye Xiaochen went to the contest place.

This was a large talent show held by Zhejiang Province Tv station, and it was not the first time for them.

As one of the top five Tv stations in China, Zhejiang Province Tv station was very strong.

Naturally, the show was also extremely popular.

The audience range was wide, and many singers made a hit here.

“Xinyi, don’t be nervous, I believe in your strength.”

When she was about to participate in the blind election of mentors, Ye Xiaochen saw that Wang Xinyi seemed very nervous. He immediately held her hand and gently said.

Wang Xinyi nodded, she took a deep breath and went in.

Although Ye Xiaochen didn’t go in, using his spiritual knowledge he could sense the inside situation.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing because he saw Li Mengyao.

Li Mengyao was one of the four mentors on the show.

The other three mentors were also famous singers in China.

Ye Xiaochen immediately put his heart down, since Li Mengyao let Wang Xinyi participate in this program, it shows that she has a certain understanding and grasp of Wang Xinyi’s strength.

No before long, Ye Xiaochen heard Wang XInyi’s singing.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up, he knew that she had made great progress.

In the past, he didn’t feel the change when listening to her singing through video chat. However, now he could feel the change when he heard her singing live.

Ye Xiaochen was very pleased, Wang XInyi’s hard work didn’t go to waste.

Soon, the first mentor turned around. It was not Li Mengyao, but another mentor named Zhang Jun, who is very famous and could be said to be the leading figure in the Mainland China Music industry.

After a short while, the second mentor turned around.

And then there’s third.

Li Mengyao was the last person to turn around. She had a smile on her face because she felt that Wang Xinyi has sung pretty well today, except for a few details, which was enough to see her potential.

All the four mentors turned around, which was relatively rare in blind selection.

Next, it was up to the participant to choose mentos.

Naturally, Wang Xinyi chose Li Mengyao.

The other three mentors were a little disappointed, after all, they saw Wang XInyi’s potential. If she was trained well, there would be a great improvement.

Ye Xiaochen showed a smile. He knew that he didn’t need to worry about the next things, Wang Xinyi has successfully taken the first step.

Wang Xinyi was very happy when she came out of the blind selection round. She even took the initiative toyKiss Ye Xiaochen.

However, when she finished kissing, she blushed.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t miss the opportunity and immediately took advantage of it.

Haha, finally got the first kiss.

Even after returning to the farm, Ye Xiaochen was still thinking about the scene.

“Boss, why are you laughing foolishly so much?”

In the heavenly land, Lian Yuzhu came over and couldn’t help but curiously ask.


Ye Xiaochen just reacted, then kneaded his face, “was I laughing foolishly?”

“To say, you were drowned in laughter, boss, did you take the first kiss of lady boss?”

Lian Yuzhu sat down and said with a smile.

“Ah, how do you know?”

Ye Xiaochen subconsciously asked, but he immediately responded and asked, “why are you asking?”

“Heehee, I can see it at a glance. Women, I understand the most. If your boss works harder now, it won’t be long before you can get into bed.”

Lian Yuzhu said with a smile.

Ye Xiaochen glared at her.

“What do you want to ask, Yuzhu?”

“Boss, I need to say something to you, I, I think I’m pregnant.”

Lian Yuzhu said with a little embarrassment.

All of sudden, Ye Xiaochen froze, then with wide eyes, “What? Are you pregnant? Damn, whose child is it?”

Lian Yuzhu kneaded and said, “it should be Lu Dongcheng’s”

“How is this? I feel dizzy, won’t it be Tu Biayuan..”

Ye Xiaochen almost fainted.

“No, No it is not a slip of tongue. I’m a clean hearted person. Besides, Du Yueqiu and Tu Baiyuan are into each other.”

Lian Yuzhu quickly said.

“Well, you guys are fast.”

Ye Xiaochen could only sigh.

It was really fast.

It has been only a few months.

However, come to think of it, they stayed in the heavenly land for months.

Lonely Man and Lonely women, Dry wood and Fire, it was not strange to have an accident.

It was just he didn’t expect that the two people who quarrel all the time would come together.

Ye Xiaochen knew Lu Dongcheng’s wooden board character, he estimated that Lian Yuzhu should be the one who had taken initiative.

“Well, you’re pregnant, that is a good thing. What do you want to tell me?”

“Boss, according to the rules of our cultivation world, people who are not married, having children is not good. So we wanted to…”

Lain Yuzhu said.

“Well, it’s fine. I’ll host it for you.”

Ye Xiaochen directly agreed.

“Thank you, Boss.”

Lian Yuzhu quickly thanked him.

“This is a small matter. By the way, can you ask Du Yueqiu and Tu Baiyaun whether they are with each other? This would save trouble.”

Ye Xiaochen thought for a while and said.


Not before long, Tu Baiyuan came excitedly.

“Boss, are you really going to officiate our wedding?”

Tu Biayuan asked.

“Anyway, instead of one pair it would be two. Are you sure you want to do it?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Yes, I am. Boss, I want to thank you. First, for saving my life. Second, I met the person I like. Now you are holding a wedding ceremony for us. You are my second parent!”

Tu Baiyuan excitedly said.

“I’m not that old, am I?”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Since the four have agreed to get married, Ye Xiaochen began to make preparations for them.

Of course, it was just a ceremony and was not complicated. Anyway, their family member, relatives are in the cultivation world, so it was impossible for them to attend their wedding.

Therefore the wedding was held in the Heavenly Land and prepared some necessary things. So according to customs of the cultivation world the ceremony was conducted.

After the wedding ceremony, the Four went to Jing county civil affairs Bureau to get a marriage certificate.

After all, they were going to live in the secular world.

Looking at the happiness of the four people, Ye Xiaochen was also looking forward in his heart. Do not know when I and Wang Xinyi can be together?

He wondered whether he should propose once Wang Xinyi’s career took off.

Chapter 285 – Immortals also like earthly food

In the Heavenly land farm.

Ye Xiaochen was doing an experiment, he was planting ordinary grass seeds.

After several months of research and experiments, Ye Xiaochen has broken through some difficult problems and gradually mastered some rules.

However, there was still the big problem of turning normal grass into an immortal plant.

Ye Xiaochen put a seed in the pit, pointed his finger, and a ray of light entered. Gradually, the seed took root, germinated, and grew out of the covered soil.

He took a deep breath, his eyes narrowed, his fingers danced and threads of light came out from it.

Even with Ye Xiaochen’s current cultivation, there was some difficulty.

Because he was performing the plant Formation.

With the plant formation technique, Ye Xiaochen suddenly pressed into the void, and immediately a group of light particles covered the grass.

It looked like a strange light mask.

“Ha, the spirit casting formation could enhance the spirit of the plant, enhance the plant consciousness of the plant, and gradually let the plants transform themselves. However, this formation doesn’t last for a long time, and its side effects are too large, it easily stimulates potential but also hurts the plants.”

Ye Xiaochen murmured to himself.

This is called spirit casting plant formation. Ye Xiaochen purchased this from the store, it was a page of the Shennong generation Manual.

There were several other pages he wanted to buy, but for the time being, he doesn’t have enough immortal yuan.

These advanced planting knowledge and immortal methods were of great benefit to Ye Xiaochens’ cultivation.

Now, Ye Xiaochen was able to grow all the yellow grade immortal plants of lower grade quality.

As for the Black grade immortal plants, he planted only two kinds. Compared with yellow grade immortal plants, it was more difficult to grow. First of all, the requirement of immortal land, which should be at least level 3.

The third level of immortal land cost ten thousand immortal yuan.

In order to complete the upgrading of the second level immortal land to third-level immortal land, Ye Xiaochen has almost exhausted all his immortal yuan.

Due to this, he didn’t have enough immortal yuan to buy other pages of the Shennong manual.

However, another auction would be held in a few days, which should bring hundreds of thousands of immortal yuan.

After a while, the light gradually disappeared, and there were changes in the growth of grass. The whole plant seems to give off a faint light.

It was clear that the grass was absorbing immortal qi.

His thoughts moved, and immediately communicated with the spirit of the grass, everything was clear.

At this moment, the grass seems to have the function of immortal plants, continuously absorbing the immortal qi and nutrients from the immortal land.

More than that, within the grass a strange rune was flickering, it looked one with the plant and was supporting the stability of the grass.

Otherwise, with the violent and tyrannical immortal qi, it would have destroyed the grass long ago.

It lasted for a long time, and the whole grass became more and more alive.

There were no changes in growth.

All of sudden, the grass trembled, followed by strange textures appeared on the leaves, and in the blink of an eye, the whole plant completely withered.

When Ye Xiaochen saw this, he didn’t feel surprised. It was not easy to support for such a long time.

In the final analysis, the grass survived till now due to the plant formation, but he doesn’t have the means to stabilize this power in the plant for the time being.

It would be a big step for him if he could turn it into a plant’s internal function.

Three days later.

The auction began.

As early as the day before, Ye Xiaochen let others prepare for it.

Because the auction would be held directly in the immortal land.

The immortal could descend into the heavenly land through projection.

This was not the first time.

Lian Yuzhu and others were also accustomed to it.

Of course, the first time the auction was held, they were all shocked.

Hundreds of immortals descended, and each one’s breath was too strong to describe.

Even if it was just a projection, it was an invisible existence for the cultivators of earth.

Of course, it was Ye Xiaochen’s heavenly land, Ye Xiaochen was the supreme power, and even the immortal projections must follow his rules here.

Therefore the immortals were very peaceful.

After the four got to know they were the immortals from the immortal world, they became more and more curious about the background of their boss. Ye Xiaochen.

Oh heavens, it was very incredible to be able to trade with immortals.

Moreover, those immortals were polite to the boss.

They realized that working with the boss was a godsend opportunity!

Perhaps, as the boss said, they all have hopes to ascend to the immortal world.

Due to this, Lian Yuzhu and others became more diligent and hardworking. Their morale and motivation were high.

At the moment, in a corner of the heavenly land, a huge platform and many chairs were placed.

These chairs were naturally brought in from the outside world.

With the arrival of immortal projections, the seats were soon filled.

The four of them began to offer mortal food to the immortals.

Although these immortals eat immortal fruits and elixirs, they were still quite fond of the earthly food.

For example, coffee, different kinds of sweets, ice cream, etc.

“Ye Xiaochen, this time I will take a box of ice cream with me. ”

Monkey King, held the ice cream cone and while licking said.

“Please don’t worry, it’s already prepared.”

“Ye Xiaochen where’s my coffee? I want that Nestle one. That one tastes good.”

“I want to eat chocolates. Haha, Zhu Bajie, this chocolate shouldn’t be made from your descendant, right? ”

Erlangshen laughed at Zhu Bajie.

(TN: Zhu Bajie, a character in Journey to the West, with pig-like characteristics. Here Erlangshen means if chocolate was made from his descendant, ie pigs )

“Erlangshen, don’t you have any knowledge? Do you not know how the chocolate is made? I’ll teach you some science!”

Zhu Bajie gave tit for tat.

The scene was quite messy, of course, most of the immortals were still peaceful.

Shortly, Lian Yuzhu noted down the things required by the immortals.

Naturally, they have to pay immortal yuan.

One cone ice-cream, 18 immortal yuan.

One chocolate,12 immortal yuan.

A pack of Nestle coffee, 9 immortal yuan.

A pack of pie, 58 immortal yuan.

A packet of spicy sticks, 15 immortal yuan

One packet of instant noodles, 20 immortal yuan.

The prices were not low.

As for giving it as a present? He won’t, when he asks a question they charge immortal yuan for it

Of course, the immortals were not short of this.

So every time, Ye Xiaochen could earn extra thousands of immortal yuan.

After all the mess was sorted out, the auction finally began.

There were employees under him, so Ye Xiaochen naturally doesn’t need to auction on the stage in person.

Today’s auction was held by Tu Baiyuan. This guy’s eloquence and tactfulness increased the atmosphere of the auction.

At least Ye Xiaochen thought he was not as good as him.

Chapter 286 – The Immortal snacks

The auction was finally over.

The projections of the immortals have left.

The heavenly land farm finally quieted down.

However, the auction venue was full of trash such as snack papers, candy wrappers, and other things.

Lian Yuzhu was cleaning them.

Ye Xiaochen was looking at the account that has increased by hundreds of thousands of immortal yuan and was thinking of what to buy next.

“Boss, I have a great idea.”

Suddenly, Tu Baiyuan ran over.

“What a great idea?”

Ye Xiaoachen looked at Tu Baiyuan.

“Boss, don’t the immortal like to eat earthly food?”

Tu Baiyuan said.

“Yes, so what’s the matter?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Why do they like to eat? What they liked to eat was not the earthly products, because compared with the materials of immortal land, these earthly materials are far worse. What they like to eat is a novelty, a feature, a taste that the immortal world doesn’t have.”

Tu Biayuan began a long speech.

“A pack of spicy sticks is junk food for ordinary people, eating too much is not good for their health, but still some people like to eat it. The reason, it has a unique taste, it is also because of this that the immortals immediately liked it. They are immortals. Even if they take toxins, it would have no effect on them, so they eat it as long as it is delicious. So, boss, if you use immortal beans to make spicy sticks, which was equivalent to the processing of raw materials, then the value is totally different. I think the spicy sticks processed with immortal beans should be thousands of times more delicious than the ordinary one, then taking account of taste, value, and nutrition…”

Tu Baiyuan began to talk more and more.

Ye Xiaochen listened to him dumbfoundedly. This guy really has talent!

Letting him do planting was wrong to him, he should do business!

“Well said, continue.”

Ye Xiaochen patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him.

Tu Baiyuan became more and more energetic. He immediately gushed up, all kinds of wonderful ideas, which really made Ye Xiaochen ashamed.

He felt like he was the person of the cultivation world, and Tu Baiyuan was of the secular world.

As the saying goes, talented people could shine everywhere.

Tu Baiyuan said all his ideas.

Ye Xiaochen thought about it and decided to follow Tu Baiyuan’s suggestions.

Those who do only farming earn less because most of the money is earned by the people who do the processing.

As a modern man, I didn’t even think of it.

Ah, compared with others, the gap is big.

It seems that he could only engage in planting, as for doing business, it’s not my cup of tea!

“Good, Good. your salary has doubled from now on.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Tu Baiyuan was pleasantly surprised.

In the following period, Ye Xiaochen started the immortal plant processing.

After careful consideration, and combined with the feedback from the immortals, he chose several products.

In addition, he decided to do selective planting.

For example, Spicy sticks.

It was made by processing immortal beans, besides, he also planted the immortal peppers, as for other ingredients, he naturally bought it.

In addition, he also processed ice cream, fruit jams, and other small things.

Ye Xiaochen purchased several types of machinery and equipment for processing and placed them in the heavenly land farm.

As for the lack of electricity?

It doesn’t matter. He could buy a diesel generator!

For a period of time, the noise in the heavenly land was very serious.

However, in order to make money, he didn’t care about it. Wasn’t there a saying, in order to make money, some things could be sacrificed.

In the twinkling of an eye, another month passed.

During this period, Wang Xinyi’s music career has been relatively stable. She has entered the third stage of the mentor competition. As long as she could be in the top four, she would have an opportunity to participate in the finale.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t disturb her, after all, she needed to put all her energy into the competition.

As long as she could participate in the finale, the road of music will become easy for her.

After a period of research, recipe modulation, experiment, and other things, several fresh immortal snacks were made.

These snacks were really good!

Compared with this, those earthly snacks were far from satisfactory.

In another auction, Ye Xiaochen immediately made the immortal snacks appear on stage.

The price was very high.

Since it was not the immortal plant materials, Ye Xiaochen has at least doubled the cost.

After those immortals ate the snacks, they became crazy for it.

To be on the safe side, he had not made many snacks.

However, seeing that the immortal liked it so much, Ye Xiaochen became excited and decided to produce more snacks next time.

According to the statistics, just from the immortal snack, he earned more than 100,000 immortal yuan, and in fact, the cost to produce was only twenty to thirty thousand immortal yuan.

It was a big profit.

Ye Xiaochen’s income exceeded 800,000 immortal yuan.

For this reason, Ye Xiaochen gave a bonus to Lian Yuzhu and others, Tu Baiyuan got a double bonus, which attracted the envy of Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongcheng.

In the following auctions, Ye Xiaochen’s earnings rose higher and higher, eventually exceeding one million immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen used these immortal yuans to buy more third-level immortal lands. At the same time, he also bought many pages of Shennong Manuals.

With the support of this advanced planting knowledge and technology, Ye Xiaochen’s planting level improved at an amazing speed.

The planting level of the four people was also rising.

Of course, this is even true for their cultivation.

In the outside world, the impact brought by the super rice on the rice planting industry has gradually appeared.

Due to the success of super rice in several large farms, the yield was extremely amazing. Under the promotion of the government department, it began to get popularized in the whole province on a large scale.

Several other super plants were also doing good.

For example, the super drought-resistant grass has shown amazing effects. In just a few months, it has improved the thousands of kilometers of desert land, turning it into a green meadow.

These super drought-resistant grass reproduced at an incredible rate, each day spreading in the desert land.

Naturally, the super drought-resistant grass also has a certain impact on the surrounding vegetation, but under the special measures, the growth of the super drought-resistant grass has been restrained.

The super dust-eliminator tree has begun to grow in some of the smoggiest places.

One of the characteristics of the super dust-eliminator was that it grows very fast, it just took two to three months to grow very big.

The effect of it was pretty good.

As for the super duckweed, it was particularly effective in purifying the polluted waters.

During this period, Ye Xiaochen cultivated several new super plants.

Chapter 287 – Medicine to improve sound.

Northern Province.

Shennongjia forest area, at a secret base.

It used to be a military base before, but afterward, it was turned into a scientific research institution to study the natural environment of forest areas.

Recently, that scientific research institution was removed, and it became the base of the newly established Supernatural Management Bureau and human cultivation research center.

Although this department has only been recently established, great importance and power have been attached to it, and recently several military forces were assigned to it.

“Director, it has been confirmed that there is an aura in the materials used by the immortal spring restaurant.”

In the lab, an old man dressed in a white lab coat said to Chen Ao.

“Haha, sure enough, behind this immortal spring restaurant there should be a cultivator, so what are you guys waiting for? Director Liao, we should immediately arrest the cultivator behind this restaurant.”

Chen Ao looked excited.

“Director Chen, I’m afraid it can’t be done.”

Director Liao was a middle-aged man. He frowned and shook his head.


Chen Ao asked.

“This immortal spring restaurant is not so simple. It was founded by Ye Xiaochen, a top botanist who has developed the new discipline of plant consciousness. If the ingredients really contain aura, I am afraid that it has something to do with Professor Ye. The problem is, professor Ye is absolutely impossible to be a person from the cultivation world because according to the time when you came out of the cultivation world, Professor Ye has already become famous. He has also developed Purification grass that could absorb nuclear radiation. Therefore, I don’t think professor Ye has anything to do with cultivators. It’s more likely that professor Ye through his research found out aura and used it.”

Director Liao shook his head and said.

Although he was not a member of the scientific research community, he admires those scientists, because it was these people who changed the world.

For example, Ye Xiaochen’s researched purification grass could solve the problem of nuclear radiation, which was a great achievement.

Moreover, according to his investigation, Professor Ye has cultivated super drought-resistant grass that could change the desert’s environment, super duckweed that could purify polluted waters, and super dust-eliminators that could absorb smog. As for the super rice, super soya beans, super rapeseeds, they were the achievements that have made great contributions to the country and people’s livelihood.

Such a great botanist could be called a national treasure.

This was not the person the Supernatural Management Bureau dares to make a move on. Even if the central tycoon wants to make a move on Ye Xiaochen, they should consider the impact.

Chen Ao frowned.

In fact, he also read Ye Xiaochen’s information.

It was just he doesn’t think it is normal.

However, Director Liao was also right. They can’t act rashly on the top scientist who is famous all over the world, they have to take steps and do it slowly.

He knew that if he wanted to survive in the secular world, rise high, and achieve his goal, he had to change his thinking and consider the problem in a secular means.

“Director Liao, How about we don’t make major movements and monitor secretly? If professor Ye has found a way to develop aura, then it would be a good thing for our Supernatural Management Bureau.”

Chen Ao said.

“Well, that’s okay.”

Director Liao thought for a while and found it reasonable.


Zhejiang province Tv music program, the finale was about to begin.

In the previous mentor battle, Wang Xinyi entered the top four.

Compared with the previous competition, this year’s finals would be most critical. It would be the first time for Wang Xinyi to face the test on such a big stage.

This was her chance to show off her musical talent.

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen came to see.

In a luxurious suite at an upscale hotel.

Wang Xinyi was discussing the choices of songs with Li Mengyao.

This was important.

After a long discussion, the song was finally decided.

Next, Wang Xinyi adjusted her state, in order to participate in the finale with the best state.

Li Mengyao left, after all, she has other students to guide.

Wang Xinyi was focused on the song.

Ye Xiaochen watched quietly for a long time, when Wang Xinyi stopped for tea, she found Ye Xiaochen was there.

“How is it going?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Just good”

Wang Xinyi smiled.

“Are you nervous?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Of course, others have good strength.”

Wang Xinyi said.

“That’s true.”

The people who could reach the present level have strong strength, they have gone through tempering.

It was safe to say that anyone who could play in the finale would have a good career ahead of them.

For example, currently, several music companies wanted to sign with Wang Xinyi.

However, Wang Xinyi didn’t sign. According to Li Mengyao, these were all small companies, the real big companies haven’t made any move yet. Only in the finale, it was possible to get the favor of these big companies.

Ye Xiaoche saw Wang Xinyi’s dignified appearance, his heart moved and immediately said, “Xinyi, recently I have made medicine that can adjust your voice to the best state, do you want to try it?‘


Wang Xinyi replied without any thinking.

“You trust me so much”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“If I don’t trust you, who can I trust?”

Wang Xinyi looked at Ye Xiaochen.

“I liked what you said.”

Ye Xiaochen took out a small glass bottle, which contained bright red liquid.

The plug was pulled open, and it gave a faint fragrance of a rose.

“It smells good!”

Wang Xinyi took the bottle and poured the contents directly into her mouth.

Ye Xiaochen stared at wang Xinyi

“How do you feel?”

He hurriedly asked.

“Well, my throat feels a little itchy. It’s cool…”

Wang Xinyi said.

“It feels comfortable. I used my voice a little too much, but now it feels good. It is like I’ve recovered completely.”

However, Ye Xiaochen found a bigger change. Wang Xinyi’s voice seemed to become more clean and fresh, just like a broadcast device without noise, it sounded particularly refreshing.

He finally smiled.

This was the issue of sound quality.

Such a high-quality singing voice would give a high-definition feeling.

It was just like a person speaking, clearly and vaguely, it would produce two different feelings.

“Xinyi, try singing a song now.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Wang Xinyi nodded, she also detected subtle changes in her voice.

Soon, she began to sing.

Ye Xiaochen smiled, indeed it improved a lot.

At this time, Li Mengyao suddenly pushed the door open and heard Wang Xinyi’s song. She was slightly stunned and showed a color of surprise on her face.

Chapter 288 – Opening a music company

When Wang Xinyi finished singing the song, Li Mengyao came over and said in a surprised tone, “Xinyi, how did your voice become so clear? It’s really good. There are almost no flaws. The level seems higher, as long as you keep such a level, it won’t be a problem for you getting even the first place.”

She was really shocked.

A person’s voice could be trained, especially like Wang Xinyi. It was just for a long time, Wang Xinyi’s voice seemed to have reached the limit, it was difficult to go further.

Therefore, she was regretful, because just a little bit of gap might cause Wang Xinyi not to make it into the ranks of top singers.

However, now Wang Xinyi’s voice seemed to have awakened completely. She has made for that small gap and has become perfect.

In the future, Wang Xinyi as long as explore her singing skills and emotions, then becoming the top singer would be just a matter of time.

That’s why she was shocked.

Wang Xinyi didn’t expect Li Mengyao to give her such a high evaluation, then she took a look at Ye Xiaochen.

Ye XIaochen winked at her, about the potion it shouldn’t be revealed.

Wang Xinyi understood Ye Xiaochen’s meaning, and immediately said, “I don’t know what happened. I suddenly find it has become like this.”

“Hehe, this is called enlightenment, it means that your voice has reached true perfection.”

Li Mengyao said with a smile.

Originally she had been a little worried, but now she was completely relieved.

“Haha, it is because Miss Li has taught well.”

Ye Xaiochen complimented her.

“Mr.Ye, don’t say that. If it wasn’t for Xinyi’s hard work, I couldn’t have taught her properly. Haha, to be honest, even I couldn’t imagine that Xinyi persisted. After all, she has encountered difficulties that I have never experienced.”

Li Mengyao said.

She was not saying this casually, but from the bottom of her heart.

Wang Xinyi was the most hard-working student she has ever met.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Waag Xinyi’s eyes and felt a little distressed. From Li Mengyao’s words, he could see how much pain Wang Xinyi has suffered before to have current achievement.

In the next two days, Wang Xinyi entered the relaxation period, so Ye Xiaochen took her out for a little walk.

The day of the annual finals arrived.

Ye Xiaochen already got the tickets and got a good seat.

One by one, the students sang, their strength was very high, even Ye Xiaochen was very surprised. There are a lot of talents!

However, he was very confident in Wang Xinyi.

“Haha, when I can break out the use of plants spirit song, and apply it to common singing methods, it will be able to make Xinyi reach an unprecedented height in the music field. Since she has chosen this path, I will give her my full support.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

For him, he could give everything for his loved one, whether it was his family or the person he likes.

Finally, it was Wang Xinyi’s turn.

As soon as she appeared, she was welcomed with a lot of cheers.

Currently, Wang Xinyi has many fans who liked her.

Wang Xinyi sang “Dream”, a classic song that was once sung by her mentor Li Mengyao.

Under Wang Xinyi’s singing, this song showed a fresh feeling again, that kind of clean, fresh sound, made many people infatuated.

And When Wang Xinyi’s tone became high, the whole audience stood up and sang along with Wang Xinyi.

This was true even for many who supported other participants.

This song sung by Wang Xinyi gave a unique charm.

“Mengyao, your student has improved, it isn’t like last time.”

“Yes, you have picked gold.”

“It seems that my opponent has met its match.”

“How do I feel that Wang Xinyi has sung this song better? Mengyao, don’t you think so?”

Hearing the envy of other instructors, Li Mengyao just smiled and didn’t say anything.

When the song was over, the audience was in shock and the applause continued.

Next, Wang Xinyi became the champion of the finals.

In fact, Wang Xinyi sang the following song at a high level and won the championship.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Wang Xinyi on stage, he suddenly felt that now Wang Xinyi was the most dazzling person.

Although he knew that the entertainment industry has many dark places, it doesn’t matter, because he would protect her.

At last, the finals finished.

After this contest, Wang Xinyi’s popularity skyrocketed, it could be seen from her Weibo account. In just one day, her fan base grew from 500k to 3 million and it was still growing rapidly.

In the guest room.

“Mr.Ye, these are some big music companies that have invited Xinyi.”

Li Mengyao pulled out a list.

“Miss Li, which of these music companies has the best reputation?”

Ye Xiaochen knew that cooperation with a music company was a must, otherwise, it was difficult to obtain relevant resources.

“Mr.Ye, as you know, the entertainment industry is like this. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, only strength.”

Li Mengyao said after being silent for a moment.

“Well, I Know that.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and suddenly said, “Miss Li, if I cooperate with you to invest in a music company, what do you think? You don’t have to worry about money.”

Li Mengyao was slightly stunned, and then the heart suddenly began to race.

She naturally understood what Ye Xiaochen meant, she didn’t worry about Ye Xiaochen not having money, and not to mention, Wang Xinyi’s brother was the richest man in Yang city. Well, that was before, but the richest man in Yang city was equal to those large music companies.

However, now the Earth Shennong company has been developed into an unimaginable behemoth.

The company’s main shareholders were Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi’s brother Wang Shuisheng.

Were they short of money?

Certainly not.

With her personal contacts in the entertainment industry plus the financial resources of Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shusiehng and their relations with officials, it would be absolutely amazing.

It could be imagined that the newly established music company could compete in the present entertainment industry.

After thinking of this, Li Mengyao’s heart became excited.

Although she was the queen, she was destined to be unable to sing songs for a lifetime. Investing in the music industry would be her future development direction.

If there was an opportunity now, how could she not grasp it?

Chapter 289 – Strange Dream

On the same day, Ye Xiaochen told Wang Shuisheng about opening a music company, and Wang Shuisheng immediately agreed.

Wang Shuisheng certainly knows how the entertainment industry was.

He knew his sister was too innocent.

The best way to protect his sister was to start a music company.

Immediately, Wang Shuisheng and Ye Xiaochen discussed, they invested initially 100 million yuan to set up the company.

At present, Earth Shennong company’s ability to earn was extremely amazing, especially in the cultivation of precious medicinal materials, it has occupied a large part of the market share.

Therefore, it was not a problem for them to spend several million yuan to set up a music company.

After this matter was resolved, Ye Xiaochen focused on planting.

At the research institute.

Ye Xiaochen put down his pen and answered a phone call.

The phone call was from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Yang.

“Xiaochen, have you offended someone?”

Academician Yang said.

“Eh? Offended? No.”

Ye Xiaochen was thinking, he knew that Academician Yang won’t say it lightly.

“The President has asked me to tell you that someone has been secretly investigating your situation.”

Academician Yang after a moment of silence.


Ye Xiaochen asked.

“It is said to be that newly established department called the Supernatural Management Bureau. It’s not clear what exactly they are doing.”

Academician Yang said.

“Oh, Mr.Yang, thank you for reminding me. Also, give my greetings to the president.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

He had a vague guess, it should be the hidden trouble left by the last incident.

The Supernatural Management Bureau was a newly established department, and probably has something to do with Chen Ao.

Now that Chen Ao was investigating him, he must have found something.

Lian Yuzhu and others seldom go out, so the possibility of exposure was very low.

The biggest probability was the immortal spring restaurant, after all, it uses spirit cut-off immortal plant products. After all, the aura couldn’t be completely removed, so it contains a very faint trace of aura. If it was a cultivator like Chen Ao, he must be able to detect it.

“Haha, even if the Supernatural Management Bureau is investigating me, it will depend whether they have the power to make a move on me.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

With a huge network of relations, connections, and interest groups, not to mention in the huge southern province, even in the country the power was strong.

It could be said that he was the core figure of this giant power. Even if the central giants want to make a move on him, it would depend on whether they have the determination or not to do it.

After all, the stakes would be too high.

It was just a newly established department, he was not afraid at all.

If he was really forced, then he would take his family and hide in the Heavenly Land. What could they do?

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen has been recently working with the military. He has too many cards at his disposal.

After chatting with Academician Yang, Ye Xiaochen hung up and entered the special laboratory.

It was heavily guarded with armed police carrying guns.

The institute has already moved into the military base, with a large area. This special experimental area was a joint project area with the military.

Those who could cooperate with the military were naturally involved in military affairs.

Generally speaking, how could planting be related to military affairs?

That’s where Ye Xiaochen’s latest researched super protein plant came in.

In fact, the super protein plant was a variation of a fruit tree. The fruit tree that could be eaten has been changed into a characteristic of a glue-like property turning it into non-edible.

A piece of adhesive paper with a thickness of only one millimeter could actually resist a bullet with high kinetic energy. The most shocking thing was that this adhesive paper could not only resist bullets but also could dissolve a great degree of kinetic energy.

Todays’ bulletproof vest was worse than it.

When the military got to know about the super protein plant, it immediately aroused their interest, followed by in-depth cooperation.

Imagine, if this super protein plant could be planted on a large scale, and then the materials made from it were given to the army, how many soldier lives could be saved?

So far, small-scale farming has been done under experimental conditions.

As long as the final verification of the experiment could be carried out, it could be put into production.

The military leaders have promised that as long as the super plant is successfully cultivated and put in large scale production, Ye Xiaochen, the cultivator of the plant would be given a military rank.

In fact, this situation was common, some projects and institutions involved in military research and development have been granted civilian rank.

Although it doesn’t have any power, it was equivalent to an additional layer of protection and background.

It was not until evening that Ye Xiaochen returned home.

Mother and Father were watching T.V. Seeing Ye Xiaochen coming back, mother asked, “did you have dinner?”

“Yes, you guys watch TV. I’ll be going back to my room and taking a rest.”

Ye Xiaochen was a little tired. After all, he used the aura to produce those super plants.

Back in the room, Ye Xiaochen went to Heavenly land farm first. Then after coming out, he took a bath, laid down, and fell asleep.

At night.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly opened his eyes, he looked around, showing a color of doubt. He was not in his room but in a strange valley.

How come I’m here?

Oh, is it a dream?

A possibility occurred to him.

However, the dream was very real and he couldn’t wake up.

Originally, at his level, it was impossible to have a dream, because dreams are the unconscious activity that occurs without the control of the spirit and consciousness.

In general, the development of spiritual knowledge was enough to control this unconscious spiritual consciousness.

In other words, dreams could be controlled.

However, now he was dreaming and he couldn’t stop it.

It was weird.

As Ye Xiaochen walked through the valley, he found nameless tombs without any words on them.

Very weird!

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen found that besides the five tombs, there was a pit.

“Is this the pit for the sixth tomb?”

Ye Xiaochen was speechless.

How did he get this weird dream?

He looked around the valley, except for five tombs and a pit, there was nothing.

It wasn’t known how long it had been, but Ye Xiaochen felt so tired that he fell asleep in the pit unconsciously.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and found that he was already on the bed and had woken up, it was morning outside.

“My head hurts!”

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his eyebrows, and felt like he hadn’t slept the whole night, and felt more tired than yesterday.

It was something he never felt after becoming a cultivator.

Moreover, the scene in the dream became very vague. What was in the valley?

He couldn’t remember anything.

Chapter 290 – Super bulletproof suit

Today, Ye Xiaochen felt very tired.

When he went to the research institute, even Ji Yuting asked why his face looked so bad?

Fortunately, Ye Xiaochen had no dream when he went to the bed that night, otherwise, he would have collapsed.

However, one night’s sleep didn’t seem enough for him to recover.

It took several days for Ye Xiaochen to feel as though he has recovered fully.

However, to his surprise, the damned dream appeared again.

When Ye Xiaochen woke up, he felt as if he hadn’t slept for ten days and night.

His Mother also noticed something was wrong with him and asked if he was sick.


I am a cultivator. How could I fall sick?

After a few days of no dream, when Ye Xiaochen almost recovered, he knew that he would be dreaming again.

In this way, this process lasted for more than a month.

Ye Xiaochen’s research efficiency has been greatly reduced.

Even the others saw the problem.

In the heavenly land farm.

“Boss, what’s going on with you?”

When Lian Yuzhu saw Ye Xiaochen yawning, she couldn’t help asking.

If it was a day or two, it was fine, but this was every day!

She wondered how a powerful cultivator could become like this?

Even if you don’t go to sleep for ten nights, that shouldn’t be a problem.

“Nothing. It’s just I didn’t sleep well.”

Ye Xiaochen yawned and waved his hand

He looked around the heavenly land, but he was not interested.

He really wanted to sleep right now.

However, he had developed a phobia of sleeping and dreaming.

Especially after recovering, he was afraid of sleeping and kept it like that for a long time. However, who would have thought, just even casually taking a nap would make him dream again.

He researched a lot, but he didn’t find out any reason behind it.

The only gain was, his impression in the dream seems to become a little deeper.

Besides the valley, there seemed to be tombs.

As for what kind of tombs it was, Ye Xiaochen was still not sure.

Shashi city.

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The name by combining Wang Xinyi’s xin, and Ye Xiaochen’s chen.

“Xiaochen, you have lost a lot of weight.”

Wang Xinyi distressedly looked at tired Ye XIaochen.

“It’s nothing, it’s mainly because I’ve been very busy with the research lately.”

Ye Xiaochen casually found a reason, he couldn’t say that it was because of the dream.

“Xiaochen, don’t work too much, you should take some rest!”

Wang Xinyi was very sorry, during this period she has been very busy with her music career and has been a little neglecting Ye Xiaochen.

“Don’t worry, it’ll soon finish.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

He stood up with a strong spirit and accompanied Wang Xinyi for a walk.

However, Wang Xinyi saw Ye Xiaochen repeatedly yawning, and forced him to take a rest.

In this way, more than a week passed.

He studied the symptoms of dreaming without any result.

Ye Xiaochen was depressed, in the end, how could he stop?

Today, Ye Xiaochen was suddenly shocked to find that his Shennong talents have changed.

Spirit+3, Yield +3, Quality +3, Acceleration +3, Divinity +3…

All talents reached +3 level.

He even awakened a new talent: inheritance +1.


What kind of talent was this?

What has he inherited?

Ye Xiaochen was in a fog.

In the next few days, he noticed that he didn’t dream anymore.

However… every time he goes to sleep, he would get some strange planting knowledge.

It could be said that the knowledge he acquired from the Shennong system introduction guide was the most basic knowledge.

The Shennong manual he bought from the store, contained independent planting knowledge or related techniques but was not systematic.

However, the knowledge that now came up in his head made up for his former shortage.

“Does the inheritance +1 talent means that I can inherit Shennong’s Higher knowledge out of nowhere?”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart stirred.

All of a sudden, he thought of the dream that tortured him earlier. Perhaps, it was preparation for awakening the inheritance talent.

It may have been that he was not up to the standard before, so his talent improved through the dream, which was why in such a short time, all his other talents reached +3.

Unfortunately, till present, Ye Xiaocen didn’t clearly remember what the tombs in his dreams were?

It was still very fuzzy.

However, he had the feeling that he would dream again, but he didn’t know when.

In the following days.

Ye Xiaochen finally returned to normal, the whole person became energetic again, which let many people take a sigh of relief.

It was just that having nightmares for such a long time has delayed a lot of his things.

For example, the yield and quality of the immortal plants have declined, and the estimated economic loss was about 2-3 million immortal yuan.

He couldn’t help it, because he didn’t have the energy to take care of it, and naturally, it made a great impact on the growth of the immortal plants.

Then there were the researches in the institute that was in stagnation.

It nearly made the military and several other partners were very worried.

When they say Ye Xiachen finally recovered, they were relieved.

Sure enough, in the following period, Ye Xiaochen put in great enthusiasm and one by one solved the problems.

In a flash, another month passed.

In the military administrative area of Shashi city.

An experiment was under the process.

Ye Xiaochen was also present.

A mannequin was dressed in a gray-brown suit.

A few dozen meters away, a soldier with a submachine gun was shooting at the mannequin.

He finished the cartridge before he stopped.

Ye Xiaochen walked over with a middle-aged man in military uniform.

Except for some marks, there was no damage to the suit on the mannequin.

When the suit was taken off, the model was just slightly deformed.

“Bring the data.”

The middle-aged man took a tablet, suddenly on the screen a mannequin appeared, and all kidneys of data appeared.

The mannequin has a variety of sensors inside it, which could record the keenest impact made by the bullet.

This would allow them to measure the loss of kinetic energy of the bullet by the bulletproof vest.

“Well, it’s great. The experiment is perfect!”

This middle-aged man in the military uniform was a researcher in a special Armament research institute of second military regions, his rank was senior colonel, and was called Chu Xiong.

This time he was responsible for cooperating with Ye Xiaochen’s research work.

“Try the machine gun.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the data and was not surprised.

Chu Xiong quickly nodded, and soon a new mannequin and new light machine gun were moved up. After the soldier scanned, they fired at the model.

Ye Xiaochen saw the ejected fire flash and secretly marveled, this was the strength of the modern firepower.

Although he was now a cultivator of Qi refining stage and has Dragon and Tiger dual immortal pattern, he still doesn’t know he could resist this strong shooting.

And even if he could resist, he was afraid it wouldn’t last long.

After all, the extremely strong bullets could be continuously shot by the machine gun, unlike the rifles, which could be only fired one shot at a time.
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